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Empress Ki

Empress Ki 05

Title: 기황후 / Empress Ki
Chinese Title: 奇皇后
Previously Known as: 화투 / Hwatu (Battle of Flowers)
Genre: Historical, Politic, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 51
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-28 to 2014-April-29
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama is about the loves and battles of Empress Ki (Ha Ji Won) from Goryeo who exercises her influence in the Yuan Dynasty.


Main Cast

Ha Ji Won as Ki Seung Nyang (later Empress Ki)
Hyun Seung Min as Seung Nyang (young)
Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yoo (later King Choong Hye of Goryeo)
Ahn Do Gyu as Wang Yoo (young)
Ji Chang Wook as Ta Hwan (later Emperor Huizong of Yuan)

People who assist Empress Ki in Goryeo

Lee Won Jong as Dok Man
Choi Moo Sung as Park Bool Hwa
Cha Kwang Soo as Go Yong Bo
Lee Moon Shik as Bang Shin Woo
Kwon Oh Joong as Choi Moo Song
Yoon Yong Hyun as Jum Bak Yi

Enemies who confront Empress Ki

Cha Do Jin as Tab Ja Hae
Jun Gook Hwan as Yeon Chul
Jung Woong In as Uhm Byung Soo
Kim Jung Hyun as Dang Ki Se
Baek Jin Hee as Princess Dana Shiri
Lee Jae Yong as Wang Go

Empress Ki’s Rival

Kim Young Ho as Baek Ahn
Jin Yi Han as Tal Tal
Kim Suh Hyung as Empress Dowager


Yoon Ah Jung as Princess Yeon Hwa
Kim Myung Gook as Jang Soon Yong
Jo Woo Jin as Wang Go’s solider
Yoo In Young as Yeon Bi Soo
Ryu Hyun Kyung as Princess Kyung Hwa
Shin Seung Hwan as Ggoi Bo
Han Hye Rin as Lady Park
Seo Yi Sook as Court Lady Seo
Lee Eung Kyung as Court Lady Noh
Song Kyung Chul as Mak Saeng
Kim Moo Young (김무영) as Na Moo
Oh Kwang Rok as Heuk Soo
Jo Jae Yoon as Gol Ta
Kim Hyung Bum as Jo Cham
Im Joo Eun as Bayan Khutugh
Lee Ji Hyun as Hong Dan
Kim Jin Woo as Prince Ayu Shiridara
Choi Hyun as Palla Chubmokah (Ta Hwan’s cousin)
Park Ha Na as Woo Hee
Kim Jin Sung as Ma Ha
Jung Sung Yoon as Gook soo
Seol Woo Hyung as Prince Maha


Kim Myung Soo as Ki Ja Oh
Kwon Tae Won as former king of Goryeo (Wang Yoo’s father)
Kim Ye Ryung as Lady Lee
Shim Yi Young as fortune teller
Jun Se Hyun as Oh Jae In
Park Hae Mi as black magician
Park Sun Woo

Production Credits

Production Company: Lee Kim Production and Company
Chief Producers: Joo Sung Woo
Directors: Han Hee, Lee Sung Joon
Screenwriters: Jang Young Chul, Jung Kyung Soon


– 2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress (Baek Jin Hee)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Awards – Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year – Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Writer of the Year – Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon (Empress Ki)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actress Award: Baek Jin Hee (Empress Ki)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Special Production): Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: : Top Excellence Actor (Special Production): Joo Jin Mo (Empress Ki)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang – Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-10-28 1 10.1 (13th) 12.3 (8th) 11.1 (9th) 13.3 (4th)
2013-10-29 2 12.0 (6th) 14.6 (4th) 13.6 (4th) 15.8 (4th)
2013-11-04 3 11.7 (11th) 14.9 (4th) 12.8 (6th) 14.5 (5th)
2013-11-05 4 12.7 (6th) 15.4 (4th) 14.5 (4th) 16.6 (3rd)
2013-11-11 5 14.0 (5th) 17.3 (4th) 14.5 (5th) 16.1 (4th)
2013-11-12 6 14.6 (4th) 18.6 (4th) 16.3 (4th) 18.7 (3rd)
2013-11-18 7 15.2 (4th) 18.4 (4th) 15.5 (5th) 17.6 (3rd)
2013-11-19 8 16.5 (4th) 20.1 (3rd) 16.9 (4th) 18.6 (3rd)
2013-11-25 9 15.4 (4th) 19.1 (4th) 17.2 (4th) 19.5 (3rd)
2013-11-26 10 16.2 (4th) 19.5 (3rd) 18.1 (3rd) 19.6 (3rd)
2013-12-02 11 17.7 (4th) 20.8 (3rd) 17.8 (5th) 20.5 (2nd)
2013-12-03 12 18.4 (4th) 21.7 (3rd) 19.0 (4th) 21.0 (3rd)
2013-12-09 13 19.1 (4th) 23.6 (2nd) 20.2 (3rd) 23.5 (2nd)
2013-12-10 14 18.4 (4th) 23.3 (1st) 19.5 (3rd) 21.9 (2nd)
2013-12-16 15 17.7 (4th) 21.7 (4th) 18.8 (4th) 21.5 (3rd)
2013-12-17 16 18.1 (4th) 21.9 (2nd) 18.8 (3rd) 21.4 (3rd)
2013-12-23 17 17.3 (4th) 20.5 (2nd) 17.3 (4th) 20.1 (2nd)
2013-12-24 18 17.3 (3rd) 20.5 (2nd) 17.5 (3rd) 19.9 (2nd)
2014-01-06 19 17.0 (3rd) 21.8 (2nd) 17.9 (3rd) 20.4 (3rd)
2014-01-07 20 18.5 (3rd) 23.8 (2nd) 19.1 (3rd) 21.3 (2nd)
2014-01-13 21 18.2 (3rd) 23.7 (2nd) 19.6 (3rd) 22.9 (2nd)
2014-01-14 22 19.0 (3rd) 23.9 (2nd) 20.3 (3rd) 22.1 (2nd)
2014-01-20 23 19.5 (3rd) 23.6 (2nd) 20.8 (3rd) 23.6 (2nd)
2014-01-21 24 20.7 (3rd) 24.7 (2nd) 22.6 (2nd) 26.2 (2nd)
2014-01-27 25 21.4 (3rd) 27.0 (2nd) 22.8 (2nd) 26.8 (1st)
2014-01-28 26 22.0 (2nd) 26.3 (2nd) 24.9 (2nd) 28.6 (1st)
2014-02-03 27 24.2 (2nd) 29.8 (1st) 23.9 (2nd) 27.7 (1st)
2014-02-04 28 24.0 (2nd) 29.3 (1st) 25.3 (2nd) 29.1 (1st)
2014-02-10 29 20.8 (2nd) 25.3 (1st) 22.7 (2nd) 25.3 (1st)
2014-02-17 30 25.3 (2nd) 30.9 (1st) 26.5 (2nd) 29.6 (1st)
2014-02-18 31 25.6 (2nd) 30.9 (1st) 26.6 (1st) 29.4 (1st)
2014-02-24 32 24.4 (2nd) 31.0 (1st) 25.3 (2nd) 28.8 (1st)
2014-02-25 33 27.9 (2nd) 33.6 (1st) 28.6 (1st) 31.3 (1st)
2014-03-03 34 26.1 (2nd) 32.4 (1st) 26.2 (2nd) 29.7 (1st)
2014-03-04 35 26.5 (2nd) 32.3 (1st) 28.3 (1st) 31.4 (1st)
2014-03-10 36 26.0 (2nd) 31.4 (1st) 26.9 (2nd) 30.8 (1st)
2014-03-11 37 27.1 (2nd) 32.4 (1st) 29.2 (1st) 32.4 (1st)
2014-03-17 38 25.6 (2nd) 30.7 (1st) 27.7 (2nd) 31.3 (1st)
2014-03-18 39 25.0 (2nd) 29.3 (1st) 26.5 (2nd) 29.7 (1st)
2014-03-24 40 22.4 (2nd) 27.5 (2nd) 24.4 (2nd) 27.9 (2nd)
2014-03-25 41 24.0 (2nd) 29.8 (1st) 26.0 (2nd) 28.8 (1st)
2014-03-31 42 23.5 (2nd) 27.2 (2nd) 25.0 (2nd) 28.8 (1st)
2014-04-01 43 24.1 (2nd) 27.4 (2nd) 25.0 (2nd) 27.9 (1st)
2014-04-07 44 23.9 (3rd) 27.8 (2nd) 24.3 (2nd) 27.2 (1st)
2014-04-08 45 23.5 (2nd) 28.7 (2nd) 25.5 (2nd) 28.7 (1st)
2014-04-14 46 23.9 (2nd) 28.0 (2nd) 25.3 (2nd) 28.3 (1st)
2014-04-15 47 23.8 (2nd) 28.9 (1st) 26.1 (2nd) 28.8 (1st)
2014-04-21 48 22.7 (2nd) 25.6 (2nd) 22.9 (2nd) 24.9 (1st)
2014-04-22 49 23.9 (2nd) 27.2 (2nd) 26.6 (2nd) 29.4 (1st)
2014-04-28 50 25.7 (2nd) 30.6 (1st) 26.2 (2nd) 28.7 (1st)
2014-04-29 51 28.3 (2nd) 33.9 (1st) 28.7 (2nd) 31.7 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– Episode 30 was originally scheduled to air on 2014-Feb-11 but delay to 2014-Feb-17 due to the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Empress Ki Poster1 Empress Ki Poster2 Empress Ki Poster3

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  1. 1 : LoveDRAAAMA Says:

    HA JI WON IS BACK!!!!!!!! OMG I MISSED HER….I’m looking forward for this hopefully she’ll do another great performance. It’s been awhile since she has done a Historical drama. Good luck team! :DDD

  2. 2 : cutie Says:

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    Yay!!! She’s back. I’m hoping this drama will involve some hardcore action because its was she does best. I can’t wait.

  4. 4 : angelamiles Says:

    yes, Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are back…i really love this actor and actress i hope the story of this series is good and has a happy ending…

  5. 5 : taraJJ Says:

    Yayyy.. finally Ji Chang Wook.. but second role again 🙁 .. I hope his character isn’t as bad as on Five Fingers.. I like saeguk drama but +50 eps just too long for me 🙁

  6. 6 : nice guy Says:


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    i love ji chang wook so much i wand him to be the hero and i am looking forward this drama fightingggggggggggggggggggg ji chang wook

  8. 8 : Mary Says:

    OMG, Ha Ji Won is Back!!!!!!! I am so excited 😀 Even though it’s 50 episodes, I am so going to watch this drama!!!!! Welcome back Ha Ji Won, I missed you 🙂

  9. 9 : raqzie Says:

    I love their poster! looking forward on this sageuk drama. Im hoping for ji won and chang wook couple in end of this drama. 🙂

  10. 10 : joerene Says:

    will surely watch this! excited much!

  11. 11 : rus Says:

    welcome back unni Ha ji woon…i miss you..i am looking forward on this drama…figthing…good luck

  12. 12 : july Says:

    If they don’t mess history, ha ji woon (empress ki) will married with ji chang wook (emperor yuan) eventhough ji changwook is second lead role in here

  13. 13 : kumon Says:

    yaaaay! ‘ve been waiting for this. 12 days to go! Ha Ji Won fighting!

  14. 14 : kumon Says:

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  21. 21 : iin Says:

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    Wow ! Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo !
    50 episodes, phew !
    I hope it’s a good story.

  24. 24 : beng Says:

    I miss Ha Ji Won. I’m excited to watch this drama online here in the Philippines. My ultimate girl CRUSH!!! One of the best actress in Korea.

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    ji chang wook… o my GOd.. hope you are the main hero her together with ha ji won.. a happy ending one maybe

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    can’t wait!!! I trust Ha Ji Won so I think this drama won’t disappoint.

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  54. 54 : ina Says:

    HJW&LSJ, HJW&KDW, HJW&JKS, HJW&JSW, HJW&HB, HJW&JJM…………which will be true?

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    Been waiting for this!!! so excited

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    wow..long episode…wil check it.

  57. 57 : kumon Says:

    few hours to go! good luck empress ki!

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    @53 ina
    LOL I don’t want to dissapointed you, but JJM is married man

  60. 60 : marika Says:

    @54 ina I think HJW+HB is true.At least I got that impression from comments in yt.I hope that makes you happy because her male lead now is a married man ,so for sure do not ship that couple.8 )

  61. 61 : jury Says:

    Wow, the pilot episode is impressed me with the beautiful costumes & props. And HJW acting is superb and JJM is also nailed it but his character makes me remember with his role in Frozen Flower as King Goryeo.btw when I saw HJW & JJM scene together makes me remember scene of King (JJM) & Honglim (Jo insung) in FF especially when they play gayageum LOL

  62. 62 : ina Says:

    @marika: yes in FF. hahahahahaha

  63. 63 : eny Says:

    waiting for the sub

  64. 64 : limaj Says:


  65. 65 : Amanda Says:

    love to watch historical drama! long episode….and 2 ep per week…need to wait till 20ep then start watching. Impatient to wait for the ep to release so slow. Empress KI…fight for a good rating!!

  66. 66 : anonymous Says:

    Not too bad for the first episode rating.Hoping it will get better rating.I love HJW. She’s a very good actress.She has very expressive eyes.She does not have to speak because her eyes say it all. Fighting.

  67. 67 : kumon Says:

    the first episode was awesome! I recommend you to try and watch episode and see for yourself! Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, and Ji Chang Wook, truly have awesome acting talents. HJW’s eye expression sealed the deal. This is gonna be an awesome drama.

  68. 68 : kumon Says:

    @jury Are you sure JJM’s a married man? I searched it in google but it wasn’t the case. hehe

  69. 69 : kumon Says:

    So guys, which couple are you shipping for the drama? JJM-HJW or JCW-HJW? hehe

  70. 70 : ekalestari Says:

    jcw hjw coupels

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    can you help me? what site can i watch this drama bcoz viki is not available in our place

  72. 72 : jury Says:

    @68 kumon
    LOL it turned out it just a rumour hehe

  73. 73 : Joyce Says:

    Where to watch ep1&2? There’s no video added in Empress Ki page @Viki 🙁

  74. 74 : eny Says:

    I can’t find the sub in gooddrama n drama.net either

  75. 75 : machi Says:

    where i can watch this? please help!

  76. 76 : Joyce Says:


    Yes there’s no Empress Ki w/ eng sub in any sites 🙁

  77. 77 : Joyce Says:

    Just done watching ep1…gr8 ep!

  78. 78 : wonnie Says:

    congrats ha ji won for the good ratings! definitely a must see drama. another great drama coming from ha ji won!

  79. 79 : kumon Says:

    download episode 1 vid (via torrent): http://www.hallyunow.com/2013/10/torrent-empress-ki-episode-1-2.html

    episode 1 subtitle: http://subscene.com/subtitles/empress-ki-ki-hwanghoo-qi-empress-hwatu-battle-of-flowers/english/810309

  80. 80 : kumon Says:

    watch it guys! It’s worth the watch. English subs for episode 2 will probably be released tomorrow.

  81. 81 : eny Says:

    episode 1 is good,the story is fast, there are some funny moment, already love wang yo charracter, not typical crown prince in korean drama

  82. 82 : Noona Says:

    good rate, good rate, love it

  83. 83 : OK OK OK Says:

    SARANG HAE 🙂 🙂

  84. 84 : haruhi28 Says:

    omg!!! very impressive ratings 🙂

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    Ater watching ep 1 & 2, I must say : VERY NICE & EXCITING DRAMA !!!!!!!!!

  86. 86 : anna Says:

    ha ji won is really pretty here…i like it a lot…

  87. 87 : janit Says:

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  88. 88 : janit Says:

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    hi ji chang wook best actor series empress ki best series

  90. 90 : RACHID Says:


  91. 91 : ching Says:

    i love ha ji won from philippines must pared again to hun bin

  92. 92 : ching Says:

    everyone must its amust see from the start of empress ki it worth watching another award waiting for ha ji won versatile actres

  93. 93 : emmanuel Says:

    Can you guys believe this, I fell in love with this drama in th e first 15 mins of the drama.I bet my life on this drama ia really great.

  94. 94 : emmanuel Says:

    Finally mbc has brought a good drama.

  95. 95 : eny Says:

    I’m addicted to this drama, last time i get really addicted when i watch gaksital n now empress ki,i hope it’s not draggy in the end because this drama is really long, just hope it’s not like dong yi which make me bore in the middle.
    So far the most memorable saeguk for me is Queen Seundeok, I hope it’s gonna be as good as Queen Seundeok

  96. 96 : ching Says:

    wellprobably its more interesting than dongyi but in fairness dongyi is also good but ha ji won is the best when were talking about acting superb actress ha ji won

  97. 97 : Amethyst Says:

    I don’t get the high ratings. I thought jt was stupid. Ha Ji Won ALWAYS acts as a tomboy. It’s become something very common.

  98. 98 : usa-mary Says:

    Nudge are you on here watching this period drama?

  99. 99 : sue Says:

    @97 Anethyst

    Your comment that she always act a tomboy clearly shows you have hardly watched her dramas/movie. It simply reflects your ignorance and that’s ok. By saying the high rating is stupid, you are implying that all who follow this drama (which constitutes the high rating) are stupid! Do you know what you are talking?

  100. 100 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 1 caught my eye not bad so far. Love period dramas and movies, not bad.

  101. 101 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-100: HJW’s coronation costumes are absolutely beautiful!

  102. 102 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sue-99: I agree! I like the roles HJW chooses. Some of the characters she portrays don’t depict a tomboyish beginning. IMHO, every girl has a little bit of tomboy in her. That is, unless she was raised like the few who wore dresses all the time, not allowed to get dirty, and couldn’t run, jump and play outside with the other neighborhood children. What a pity!

    HJW’s portrayal as the boy SN is for survival. When someone discovers that she’s not a boy, but a girl, it will still be called survival. Only, this time as a young woman during that era. I have the utmost respect for the character NS at this point.

  103. 103 : usa-mary Says:

    @102: Last sentence should read…SN at this point, not NS.

  104. 104 : usa-mary Says:

    NS aka THE JACKAL is recruiting sons of slaves. Training them as her entourage to transport salt, etc. for the Emperor. Then, using the money to buy back female siblings of her entourage who have been sold into concubine slavery. You go girl!

  105. 105 : usa-mary Says:

    @104: The Jackal’s entourage aka cubs! Love it!

  106. 106 : usa-mary Says:

    Ummm…did the Prince forget that he’s not in A Frozen Flower?!

  107. 107 : gg Says:

    It must be a good new drama, but it’s preferable to wait until april, so I can watch quietly all episodes.

  108. 108 : Joyce Says:

    It’s been quite long since I’ve waited this kind of historical drama after Queen Seon Duk,this is by far my most fav among the rest KDs that are airing now,next is Secret.I’m so excited to know the reaction of Joo Jin Mo once he discover that Ha Ji Won is a girl:)and of course HJW will surely be surprise that the guy she once met was the crown prince and now the King of Koryo :)guess the next ep is a bit of funny cos of Ji Chang Wook!

  109. 109 : eny Says:

    because i like JJM charracter here, I’m interested to see his movie musa the warior n i like it, good movie

  110. 110 : Joyce Says:


    I’ve watched that movie Musa long time ago but I don’t remember him in Musa…cos I only remember Musa of Jung Woo Sung.

    My most fav drama of Joo Jin Mo was Queen Of The Game with Lee Bo Young, so far QOTH is my most fave love and revenge story in KDs cos I even purchased the original copy @yesasia before:)and I also like his movie 200pounds Beauty with Kim Ah Jung where I first saw him 🙂

  111. 111 : Sharon Says:

    Just finished watching ep 2 and my taste buds has been heighten. Ha Ji Wong has started out with a great performance her character the Jackal is quite convincing as a man. I want to see if she will surpass her previous work.

    Joo Jin Mo: there is something about him that makes him attractive he is not the cutest guy around, but he oozes masculinity. This is also seen in his character Wang Yoo who has me cheering for him already.

    Ji Chang Wook: I was quite surprise to see him here and his character portrays a coward which is quite unusual for him, because he always seems to play a conniving character in other dramas. He acts the part of Ta Hwan the coward to the “T”. I am also looking forward to see where he takes Ta Hwan.

    The two ep so far has left my mouth watering for more. Hope the excitement continues throughout all 50 ep.

  112. 112 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, the dress was to die for.(in my elegant voice)

  113. 113 : eny Says:

    i like him in musa, all charracter in musa is strong, i even like yoo hae jin charracter too even he’s supporting role, actually i just knew him in 1n2d,i think there’s no charracter that shining more than other in musa like other movie.
    i first saw JJM in 200 ponds of beauty but i couldn’t finish that movie n not really like his charracter, his charracter not really special, but of course the acting is good but i like him in queen of the game

  114. 114 : eny Says:

    i saw him in frozen flower too but haven’t finish it yet due to shocking scene, that’s my first experience see that kind of scene in koream movie, eventhought i’m not shock anymore because there’s scene like that in many korean movie, but i still don’t know if i have finish it or not

  115. 115 : Jyenie Says:

    @eny 114
    Yes, Korean movies and KD can be very different and totally opposite from each other.

    Just watched ep 1, I like the chemistry between the otp, the premise, the pace so far. The quality of the drama should be assured by the two veteran actors–Ha Ji Won and Joo Ji Moo. Ha Ji Won still looks so youthful at the age of 35.

  116. 116 : Joyce Says:

    I’ve watched some parts of Frozen Flowers but I don’t like his character there,him being a gay so I stopped watching it.I’m not really a big fan of any Kmovie cos I am more addicted in KDs.

    Have you tried watching Bicheonmu?it’s sageuk with 14eps…but I don’t get to watch it..but I loved JJM in Queen Of The Game I dunno how many times I’ve watched it,I can hardly remember lol

    I’m waiting for ep3 with sub!

  117. 117 : Sharon Says:

    I think you guys should continue watching Frozen Flowers. The story was excellent and the acting too. I loved that movie .

  118. 118 : Sharon Says:

    Another unimaginable, MH stepmom kill JH.

  119. 119 : Sharon Says:

    Nooo, the most unimaginable tubby mommy killed JH. Darn she doesn’t have a car, ok she sat on her. Just kidding!! It was good when I first thought about it…

  120. 120 : Sharon Says:

    Sorry guys, wrong post 118 & 119.

  121. 121 : just_saying Says:

    @sharon. Your ‘secretholic’ has taken its toll. You’ve started to see all threads as ‘Secret’ thread. You need to check in to a ‘Secret’ rehab (LOL). I need to check in as well coz I can’t get it out of my head esp after watching preview of ep13.

  122. 122 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! The girls are HERE! Where’s dinaz? Hopefully, she’ll join us!

    @Sharon-111: There is something about JJM for sure!

    I tell you. The women during that era was some evil and conniving witches amongst the royals. Wanting their sons to rule, even if they’re 2nd or 3rd in line for the throne, and will do just about anything to make it happen. Crazy!

  123. 123 : Sharon Says:

    I want to be his frozen flowers.

  124. 124 : Sharon Says:

    They all were crazy from the King to the peasant.

  125. 125 : usa-mary Says:

    @Joyce-116: There’s some kmovies out there that will curl the hair on your head and straighten it back out again. The kdramas have a way of portraying deviant behavior in a modest, classy (if I may) way with symbolisms that won’t mess with your mind too much. While the kmovies reveals the real deal. Vivid, hardcore corruption. Cities with litter and barf all over the place, and all sorts of 2-legged deviant behavior, almost without any human boundaries. Now, that I’m aware of that the difference between kdramas and kmovies are like day and night, I’m more selective and protect my virgin eyes.

  126. 126 : Sharon Says:

    you are right. Shhhhh..

  127. 127 : Sharon Says:

    @usa-mary 125
    Yes it’s worlds apart, but I like some of it.

  128. 128 : ak Says:

    Empress Ki is awesome. Great action scene by Ha Ji Won. Never a dull moment. I am dying to see who will find out first that SN is a she.

  129. 129 : Sharon Says:

    The OST is quite good. I love how it has a modern vibe, but go so great with the period drama. Great job musical director. I guess they also wanted to attract younger audience, so far they have my ticket and I am waiting for the ride.

  130. 130 : Joyce Says:


    Yes, I agree with you.KDs are quite disparate from Kmovies that’s why I like KDs way better.Aside from that,I enjoyed watching KDs cos it’s more longer unlike in Kmovies sometimes I feel like I wanted more from the movie, especially, if I like the story and the characters but it’s just too short.

  131. 131 : Joyce Says:

    I’m still waiting for the download links of ep3&4 in dramaheaven before I can watch 🙁 I love to watch this drama in HDcopy :)This is the only drama I spent time downloading among the ones that are airing now after ‘The Master’s Sun’.

  132. 132 : joan Says:

    oh!i cant wait the scene where seun yang will reveal her true identity..

  133. 133 : Tjen, Sari Says:

    I hope for the happy ending, not a sad ending… 🙂

  134. 134 : Mikey Says:

    This drama is not boring just like other historical dramas.keep it up!

  135. 135 : hny Jo Says:

    more interesting drama on monday-tuesday…I likes three of them…cute king, fighting EK!!

  136. 136 : sue Says:

    Such a fantastic drama. Just watched Ep 3. This is a really action-packed and interesting episode. I watch Empress bcos of HJW ssi. She may not be the most beautiful actress out there but she is such a versatile actress. Theres no word to describe how I admire her acting and personality. The remaining main casts are also giving a very stellar performance.

  137. 137 : eny Says:

    I never watch bicheonmo,i don’t know it’s good or not
    I like Kdrama more than movie , I don’t see much movie either

    the scene SN-TH is funny n SN-WY is lovely, like it

  138. 138 : maja Says:

    OMG this has 50 episodes i hope i can get a happy ending or else i’d be wasting my time… im watching this because of joo jin mo, i just love him.. i hope they end up together ha ji won and joo jin mo ,,,, i watched jumong because of the good reviews but when i was in episode 9 before i get hooked any further (this was a good drama actually) i decided to go fast forward and watched the ending,,, and the lead couple separated … not a good ending for me..so i stopped watching at episode 9. i hope empress ki will have a happy ending … i suck as a kdrama fan… but i really love happy endings

  139. 139 : charlotte Says:

    yeah right this is the best and not boring historical drama ever
    fighting Empress Ki!!

  140. 140 : just_saying Says:

    Sigh … this story is kind of bittersweet. I wish SN ends up with WY coz he is so mature and as an emperor, he is very charismatic. Plus, SN and WY is so perfect for each other. But we know that SN will end up with TH. He’s the emperor after all and SN is the empress. As at ep 3, I dislike TH becoz he is so childish so hopefully we’ll see the changes SOON. Can’t wait.

    And to the drama cast, very good job. I dislike a KDrama that has more than 20 episodes coz it tends to be very boring in the beginning but this one, I can’t wait for each episodes. Just hope I wouldn’t get tooooo… addicted coz if I do, I’ll be in trouble coz the drama ends April next year.

    Any chance to have 4 episodes per week? To whom should I send the request? LOL …

  141. 141 : deepsy Says:

    great drama

  142. 142 : anonymous Says:

    So far this drama is not boring. It has all the right combinations[intrigue,romance,comedy].All the actors are performing very well.The Yuan prince is quite good.Hope the ratings will still move up.Love HJW.

  143. 143 : bblve Says:

    i really cnt wait 2 wtch ths drama, i thnk the last hdrma i wtched was queen se0n deok, bec0z im n0t familiar with the actors so im n0t totally eager to watch the hstorical drama.. Oh its the m0on that embraces the sun, sungkyunkwan scndal, the princesses man but i dont thnk its hstrical ryt? Haha but i love it.

  144. 144 : Sarang.Gen Says:

    This drama is awesome…. I got hooked from Episode 1! I can’t wait for the show to develop… has a good mixture of intrigue, melo, comedy and last but not least romance!

  145. 145 : emmanuel Says:

    This drama has made my monday and tuesday so great.

  146. 146 : Joyce Says:

    I super duper love this drama!each ep is exciting just too bad the subbing is too slow 🙁

    I can’t wait for ep4!

  147. 147 : Jyenie Says:

    Wow, two emperors are falling for her! I can’t wait to see how JJM falls for her while he is oblivious that she is a female. He might think he is a gay himself.

  148. 148 : Joyce Says:

    KDs that I’m watchin’ and patiently waiting for each ep~

    *Empress Ki(Historical)~I super love it~great acting from Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo,Ji Chang Wook and all the cast!a drama with a bunch of great actors!!!And some scenes reminds me of Queen Seon Duk:) Empress Ki is by far,a great sageuk of 2013!hope it won’t drag later!
    *Secret (Melodrama)~very engaging & exciting.I love the storytelling!Tear-jerker!3 more eps left….
    *Golden Rainbow (Family)~the first 2 eps were great.!I can’t help but cried alot from ep1 and 2!I love the child’s scenes! so far so good~Hope Jung Il Woo and Uee can move me as well,just like their child’s counterpart!Actually,this drama is a mixture of “Pick The Stars” and “May Queen”!
    *The Heirs(School) ~the story is not really that striking enuf to make me fall deeply inluv with the storyline,but I do love some of the chars,esp Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk and Minhyuk 🙂

  149. 149 : cio Says:

    tnx to this wonderful drama..hope the ratings will shoot to first place!!
    brilliant writer…. worth watching

  150. 150 : Sharon Says:

    I think the rating will go up after Secret. I am happy that I will be able to watch this drama, it will calm me down after Secret. I haven’t watched ep 3 & 4 as yet.

  151. 151 : Noevita Says:

    I watched ep 1-4,so far so good this drama is good. Hope until the end the story wiil be going great. I like there is comedy in this drama. After I watched ep 4,I many laughing to watch that…☺☺

  152. 152 : cattus mulier Says:

    This drama is number 1 in Monday-Tuesday timeslot in drama ratings…this competes with Suspicious Housekeeper and Marry Him If You Dare not Secret.

  153. 153 : hny Jo Says:

    WAHAHA…LOL..JI CHANG WOOK..never look at you before. .but here ur acting impressive. .I like Jo Ji Mo and watch almost all his drama n movies, no doubt for his skills. ..but for this drama..I always wait for SY n TH scene. Mianhe Jo Ji Mo oppa…u always in top 5 ;))

    Han Ji won..4 thumb..♡♥

    I THINK my eyes ready for 50 episiode…fighting EK!!

  154. 154 : eka lestari Says:

    this drama reel power and the best i like empress ki

  155. 155 : OK OK OK Says:

    I just love to see the 2 kings jealous & falling in love with Ha Ji Won 🙂

  156. 156 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-127: Who’s a coward? You’re not referring to me are you?

    Re kmovies. There are some that I like and some I don’t like. Some were absolutely great. Then there were the others. Honestly, I believe some of the writers weren’t in their right minds from taking psychedelic drugs when they wrote the storylines to some of the movies I watched, and I’m not talking about litter or barf on the street either. Some were so strange, that there was absolutely no logical basis or foundation to them, at all. Yes, I choose to be selective about what I put before my eyes. Every visual production someone is paid to produce is not entertainment to me.

  157. 157 : Sharon Says:

    Well, I can understand about been selective. If you have taken the leap and are satisfied that’s fine.
    You are right about that! I saw one the other day and said to myself is it me?
    Been selective

  158. 158 : rose Says:

    it’s a superb drama..
    I love and I like every episodes..
    aja aja aja
    empress ki
    aja aja aja
    <3 <3 <3

  159. 159 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-157: Some surprise the viewers midway or near the end. So, I thoroughly understood when you commented how you questioning yourself. Been there myself.

  160. 160 : usa-mary Says:

    Empress Ki…FIGHTING!

  161. 161 : Sharon Says:

    I have not watched ep 3& 4 as yet, will watch later.

  162. 162 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-161: Girlfriend, I’m on episode 3 now. It’s really good.

  163. 163 : Sharon Says:

    Bravo!!!! Ji Chang Wook for your portrayal of the cowardly prince. He has taken over the character of Ta Hawn and make him memorable.

  164. 164 : Sharon Says:

    I am glad that there is a bond developing between Ta Hawan and Seung Nyang. I can see them marrying, there are no pretense between them they can interact freely with one another. While with the WY she is stiff and formal.
    I detect a little jealously from WY.
    WY: I have had my fill, why does my inside burn. That’s a very good question. Could it be that you are loosing your best friend and feel a bit jealous.
    I see that TH is willing to give up his life; the coward has heart. San gives him the courage he needs to survive these two men can’t do without her she is their life line.
    SN gives one courage, while she gives the other strength

    Great story and actors!!!

  165. 165 : eny Says:

    @hny Jo
    you’re in love with JCW in this drama, I’m the opposite i really love JJM in this drama n make me search his other project, I watch his drama Queen of the Game before, I know he’s good but not really love like this charracter.I just watch his movie Musa,liar n the Invincible, good movie I like it n finally finishing his movie Frozen Fower, which i watch halfway before

  166. 166 : eny Says:

    this is crazy , yesterday i’m crying so much watch The Invincible but today I laugh so much watch liar,one more actor that coud make me make me laught n cry

  167. 167 : just_saying Says:

    @sharon & usa-mary, you know what’ll/who’ll be good for this drama? Drac should be in. I’m sure he is already around in this period. LOL.

    As Sharon said, at least this drama will keep us calm after Secret.

  168. 168 : usa-mary Says:

    Seung Nyang is the bomb! Once she’s discovered, she won’t get to do the fun stuff like shoot baby arrows and ride horses anymore. Men and their warped thinking during that era.

    Wang Yoo looks good in anything he wears. That man could strap on just a barrel and still be…Caliente!

    Ta Hwan is the funniest, tantrum throwing brat (headed for the throne) that I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t know what it is about horse riding during this era, but the men look so sexy riding horses.

  169. 169 : usa-mary Says:

    @just_saying-167: CALM!!! The martial art scenes alone keep me on my toes. Okay, I will admit that its a different hyped up feeling. Between The Goddess of Marriage and Secret…I, personally, need to relax from cringing so much after those two dramas.

    If Dracula was around, he would be bi partisan. He’d bite folks on both sides.

  170. 170 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-164: She may be stiff and formal with Wang Yoo, but that’s who she’s attracted to.

    The opening coronation in episode 1 is between her and TH, but her tears are for WY who was sent away. She obviously had no say in the matter. Back then, it was either be a concubine or die. No other choices were afforded women. Being a woman back then was pure, inconceivable HELL!

  171. 171 : Sharon Says:

    WY body is saying ONE!! Yes, whatever he wears is fine with me even if he wears nothing!!!
    Sure, she is attracted to WY and he to her, but the playful and relaxing relationship she has with TH is perfect for a marriage.

  172. 172 : Sharon Says:

    I need the calm after the storm and this drama does it for me so far.

  173. 173 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-171: He’s too immature for her, right now. But, the writer may show them being compatible later. It’s amazing what a stroke of a pen can do for a character.

    Right now, she’s more protected in her male soldier disguise which, of course, is not intended to last forever. But, its on when she’s in female concubine array that we’ll see what he’s made of. All the evil royal heffas with authority are going to come out of the woodwork at her, and she’ll definitely need a strong, rational man to protect her. I haven’t looked into the outcome historically yet, but until I do, hopefully, TH can pull it off (protective wise). I’d really like to see her tossing some of those evel wenches around like she did when fighting the men, but…oh well…not during that era.

  174. 174 : Sharon Says:

    Exactly, with the stroke of a pen TH can become Superman. Haha..
    The boat scene is where I saw potential for TH when he displayed some sort of bravery to protect himself and SN. He has potential.
    SN on the other hand is brave enough for them both. With her resilience and strength it’s unimaginable in those day that a woman could possess such ability. Who runs the world? GIRLS!!

  175. 175 : hny Jo Says:

    @eny…wahahaha…JJM is one of my favorite actor, Fashion 70’s is the first time I saw him…he can act well for any role , I Like him in A Love n Musa warrior but who makes me remenmer him all the time when he play ‘frozen flower’ … :))

    JCW..I search his drama but I think this is the only one I watch for now ;))

  176. 176 : uma Says:


  177. 177 : eny Says:

    @hny Jo
    I never saw JCW drama before, but i heard he’s musical actor, I think most musical actor is good in acting
    I have habit when i really like the charracter in drama n the actor/actress success to portray it ,i will see his/her filmografi to find good movie/drama

  178. 178 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-174: Some women just don’t realize the power they have and some that do, have a tendency to manipulate and abuse it (without monitoring themselves), like during Empress Ki or Qi’s era. They smile, talk soft, and walk gracefully in the King or Emperor’s presence, while plotting behind his back for her son’s right to the throne, etc. Scandalous!

  179. 179 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah!! You are right. Some woman out there make me ashamed to be a woman. We are our worst enemy. I read where women exploit other women for monetary gain etc, etc.. Women Runs the world, only if we would just believe that,

  180. 180 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-179: Though I understand what you’re saying, I won’t allow myself to feel ashamed to be a woman because of their issues. I represent me, and they represent themselves. Even if they’re acting like one of those reality show, @itchy housewives, that’s them. That’s one reason I prefer to work with men. I tried my best to be fair and not compare the difference between the two. But, to date, from my own experiences, I’ve only worked with 3 female managers who were overall the BEST female managers I’ve ever encountered in the workplace. They didn’t act like they were PMSing for 30 days out of a 31 day month by going cray cray on folks, but were kind, communicative, professional, and fair. I learnt a lot from them. Wish there were more women like them.

  181. 181 : sue Says:

    Just wondering how they work out the overall ranking. EK is ranked 5th for Ep 5. Curious to know what are the dramas/programmes that are ranked 1st to 4th. Any way to find out?

  182. 182 : jury Says:

    @181 sue
    The ranking drama yesterday
    1. Melody of Love (KBS1)
    2. KBS news 9 (KBS1)
    3. Princess Aurora (MBC)
    4. Ruby’s Ring (KBS2)

    Except no. 2, they are daily drama which broadcast on 8 PM

  183. 183 : sue Says:

    Jury @ 182

    Thanks. Didn’t know that its also in competition with programmes outside the 10 pm timeslot.

  184. 184 : Mikey Says:

    That was fun watching this drama.looking forward for more interesting and remarkable scenes.fighting!,!!

  185. 185 : hny Jo Says:

    huffsss..eps 5 still not upload yet at my favorite site…it’s already 1.40 pm..can’t wait ;((

  186. 186 : hny Jo Says:

    @eny…so do me , sometimes :))

  187. 187 : hny Jo Says:

    finally can watch ep.5…it’s really good writer nim, the way u make TH step by step recognized SY as she…so funny n romantic ;))
    can’t wait for eps 6

  188. 188 : Mikey Says:

    To hny- you can watch to korean drama.com w/ no subs yet.but if u want you try to watch on this site

  189. 189 : InHae Says:

    this is seriously the best drama I’m watching right now!
    I’m qatching heirs, secret , the suspicious housekeeper , unemployed romance , marry him if you dare , golden rainbow , medical top team:)

  190. 190 : InHae Says:


  191. 191 : InHae Says:

    the actors are just greattttt! specially ha ji won & ji chang wook:))totally shipping them<3

  192. 192 : yokki Says:

    I love it, I’m looking forward to follow-up

  193. 193 : ling ling Says:

    so glad to watch hajiwon again.

  194. 194 : anonymous Says:

    What a great drama.Hoping they could keep it up including the rating.Great performance from all the actors and actrsses especially the leading actors.Fighting HJW.

  195. 195 : hny Jo Says:

    @Mikey thanks for the info, I rather watch w no sub than waiting too long ;))

    I watch episode 6..goshhhhhh why that evil man who realize first that SY is she, arrrrrgggggggg..but it become thrilling next week ..this drama make me addicted ;))

  196. 196 : eny Says:

    what i hate about watching this drama is waiting the sub,,,,,,,watching the spoiler without sub make me more impatient

  197. 197 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 6

    Wow, more and more people know that Ki Seung Nyang – HJW is a female.

    Otoke, Dang Ki Se has “smell” out that Nyang is a female and is going to take advantage of her.

    Wow, Nyang is going to dress into a woman in Ep 7. Beautiful lady…. 🙂

  198. 198 : just_saying Says:

    The drama is getting more interesting esp now that TH character is developing. He looks cute in ep 5 when he was asked to go into the box with rotten fish oil.

    Haven’t seen ep 6 because its not available in my region yet but the preview shows that TH betrays SN. Is he back to being a coward again? I hope he has good reasons for it.

  199. 199 : katy Says:

    very good drama .
    Ki if she stayed in Korea , she can not marry to noble , always as concubine , a slave …..never could change her status .
    Ki was able to be Empress even in Yuan , she could help Korea in better way

  200. 200 : pema Says:

    Hi guys can u please help me out where i could find this drama online?? Desperate to watch this drama…thanks lol

  201. 201 : magsie Says:

    you can watch kdrama at dramastyle, dramacrazy and epdrama.

  202. 202 : charlotte Says:

    this is the first addicting sageuk drama that ive ever watch

  203. 203 : eny Says:

    I could understand TH betrayal to survive but I think after his betrayal it will be impossible for Sunhyang to love him, may be he could forgive him one day but for love i doubt it could happen

  204. 204 : Carmen Says:

    OK after Secret end this will be my best preffered drama now!, then King’s Family, Gold Rainbow, The Heirs, Passionate Love,King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang …this is so far…yes and I watch them weekly….love Korean dramas since 2003….

  205. 205 : just_saying Says:

    yay!!! WY knows SN’s a girl in the next episode. And I think it’s gonna be the same with TH also. Let the drama begin.

    @eny203. I agree with you. The betrayal by TH is too much for SN to handle. But after a while when she realizes the reason behind it, she’ll give him a chance. But I don’t think she will truly love TH. She marries him to protect Koryo and to protect the real man she love – WY.

  206. 206 : pema Says:

    Thank you magsie but it seems like its not working in our country. If u dnt mind can u please attach me a website so that i could directly watch the drama..thanks 😀

  207. 207 : katy Says:

    good drama ,
    young Khan is very good , listening to wise advisers .
    idiot is the one acting heroic without knowing the results.

    I like this drama because all leads are equally beautiful ,
    Ki , Khan Emperor , Mongol Empress , Goryeo King

  208. 208 : Sharon Says:

    TH is a trip!! I laugh every time he opens his mouth, as a matter of fact every time he is on screen. Did he hung like that all night??!! Hahaha.. TH: are you going to kill some yummys. No! The yummy is going to kill you.

    The trill of the hunt keep me glued to my seat, I would not jump from that cliff. I am darn scared of heights, just the camera shot from above made my stomach turn imagine TH’s . Is that water deep enough from afar it look questionable to me. Wait a darn picking minute, they jump to the other side!!!! So, no water? I worried for nothing. Hold up!! They jumped into the water ???!!!! I spoke too soon.

    They found out SN is a woman! TH is a coward, but when the going gets tough he becomes mighty mouse. Haha.

    Ep5 was really, really good. Enjoyed every second if the episode!!

  209. 209 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I am sooo in love with the OST!!!! Wicked!!

  210. 210 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ta Hwan is so innocent. He saw Nyang having the cloth ties around her chest when she is checking her wounds n ask himself : He is a man, why “he” do that? Ha ha 🙂

  211. 211 : Sharon Says:

    Just watched ep 6 and am sooo happy. Can’t wait for do ep 7 & 8 and I can see from the preview that it’s going to Rock!!
    Isn’t WY fineeeeee!! I love how he handles his sword. LOVE IT!!!

  212. 212 : happy Says:

    the plot is flowing smoothly…i really like it…

  213. 213 : Sharon Says:

    Love the OST!!

  214. 214 : eny Says:

    me too, i like the way he hold his sword, may be because i never see something like that

  215. 215 : Bunny Says:

    I love this drama so far!!! After a very dry year I am so excited to see a good drama. I can hardly wait for Mon and Tues to come along! I hope the show stays awesome!

  216. 216 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 210

    oops Sorry, I remembered wrongly.
    It should be Nyang fell asleep after hugging Ta Hwan to give him some warm. TW waked up and saw Nyang only clad with her cloth around her chest…… & his heart beat very fast. He stills thinks Nyang is a man…. 🙂

  217. 217 : Sharon Says:

    I love his manly stance and commanding presence. That sword was huge, but he handled it with grace and finesse. eny, I have never seen one like that either.

  218. 218 : just_saying Says:

    Ep 7 preview: The way WY protects SN at the tent is so beautiful. TH better starts to man up to compete with WY. So it wouldn’t be too depressing that SN marries him in the end. We can’t change history after all.

  219. 219 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 218 just_saying

    I agree with you. Whoever Nyang Marries, I don’t mind becoz TH has his cuteness in his own ways.

    He has flexible characters – this type of person can go survive and goes very far ………. to become a KING 🙂

  220. 220 : OK OK OK Says:

    Another interesting K drama is KING’S FAMILY = WANG’S FAMILY. MODERN K DRAMA. acted by Lee Tae Ran 🙂

  221. 221 : Sharon Says:

    One thing I can say for TH as much as he is a coward he is very smart. I know he will play his card right to have SN back. I have to give JCW props for his acting skills he portrays TH’s character as if he was himself.

    How does Dangkisi know by SN scent that he is a she?? It’s like he has this animal instinct that can differentiate sex. Well he does act like an animal anyway.

  222. 222 : juliane04 Says:

    cant wait for tomorrow ep. and waiting for many days for subtitles.wake up MBC MANAGEMENT viewers are waiting for english translation so badly.

  223. 223 : eka lestari Says:

    pls like this drama empress ki debak

  224. 224 : JUST-ME Says:

    I was pissed-off when Togon betrayed the people of Goryeo especially the king, the general, & sungyang who risked their lives at all cost just to keep him alive. I am looking forward for his KARMA.

  225. 225 : cio Says:

    watch it and no regrets…

  226. 226 : cio Says:

    @ sharon
    agree with great ost.
    having a last song syndrome

  227. 227 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-221: A sniffing hound dog can always sniff out a female’s pheromones.

  228. 228 : Sharon Says:

    TH had to betray them. If he did not, all of Goryeo would have gone up in flames and El Temur would kill him and take the Yuan Throne. Although it seems like that now, but the end justify the means.

  229. 229 : Sharon Says:

    I love the ost. It was done by 4Men Thorn Love. I listen to it in my car, cooking and cleaning. I love how it has a up beat yet the lyrics is so sad. The new one by Wax is not bad either it’s called Love Wind, it has a slow tempo.

  230. 230 : Sharon Says:

    Everyone has there individual pheromones, but damn!!! Can you just leave a lady and her scent alone. You animal!!! Haha..

  231. 231 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-230: He has some keen senses. He must be in heat…while watching her hair cling to her neck and the side of her face from sweating. On top of that. He said that SN is prettier than most women he knows. Who has he been messing around with…the bow wow’s of Yuan? Who let the dogs out! Who let the dogs out…woof…woof…woof! LOL

  232. 232 : Sharon Says:

    Damn!! So there must be some not so cute women in Yuan!! No wonder they go to Goryeo and take the women. Maybe there women look like men. Oh! So, that’s why he knew SM was a woman. Haha..

  233. 233 : juliane04 Says:

    base on the episode 8 preview,does TUGON had the feelings of EL TIMUR daugthter?

  234. 234 : usa-mary Says:

    Wow! Ki Se was all up in SN’s neck…sniffing so hard. Like an anteater for ants. What was he trying to do…sniff pass her sweat from pulling the emperor and being on the road without bathing for a few days, until he found the female scent.

    Men like Ki Se always want to tame somebody. Can’t have a va-jay-jay around them without wanting to conquer, rule it and its owner. Without a doubt, he’ll want SN to do some twerking.

    I looked up Empress Ki’s (Qi, actually) history in wiki-pedia. Most of the royals endings during those eras were either sad, bad or mysterious.

  235. 235 : OK OK OK Says:


    Nyang is now in Yuan Dynasty Palace and chosen as a maid by the eunuch Dok Man even Dang Ki Se has told him to send Nyang out of palace so that he can pick her up .

    Ha ha, how dare those maids bully Nyang – love to see how Nyang retaliate.

    Really excited how TH reacts if he sees Nyang dress as a woman. Will he find out in ep 8, I don’t think so soon…….

    So excited for ep 8 🙂 🙂

  236. 236 : eka lestari Says:

    episode 8 the best ha ji won acting power

  237. 237 : andy Says:

    i love this drama. i love Ha ji Won, she is the best of the best

  238. 238 : Sharon Says:

    Why do I feel like the triangle love between TH, SN and WY is like “What Happen In Bali”?? Not the tragic ending, but about the two men that she loved and found out who she loved most in the end.

  239. 239 : hnyJo Says:

    eps 8 … wahhhhh they met in the final scene … so frustrating have to wait until next week ……..arrgggg Dana siri, bitchy girl …u must watch the time TH kiss SY..hope ur eyes pop out !!! ;))

  240. 240 : magsie Says:


    Try this site http://www.gooddrama.net/

  241. 241 : magsie Says:

    To PEMA:

    try these sites also



  242. 242 : OK OK OK Says:

    239 hnyJo

    I have watched Ep 8 and knew that TH have more scenes with Nyang. But the preview does not have TH kissing Nyang. Only saw TH ask Nyang to stand straight – while she is against a wall or something??? ha ha 🙂

    So excited for Ep 9 & 10

    TH will be more brave with Nyang supports & protection !!! ha ha.

  243. 243 : hein Says:

    I love this drama. This is TOO GOOD!!!!!! ^_^

  244. 244 : hein Says:

    2013 MBC Drama Awards(29-12-2013): Daseang award (Grand prize) , Top excellence actress award & Viewers popularity award – Ha Ji Won, Top excellence actor award – Joo Jin Mo, Excellence actor award – Ji Chang Wook. Yes or no? I don’t know. This drama is too good!!! Successful!!! viewers rating – 20%, 30%, 40% . She is very good acting. She is the best of the best. ^_^

  245. 245 : Koy Says:

    Wow!!!! I love this drama. she is good acting.

  246. 246 : San Says:

    This drama is too good!!! her young brother is a good actor.

  247. 247 : hnyJo Says:

    Hi @OK OK OK

    haha..yup rite , I know that..is just I hopping that a kiss scene between TH and SY will come soon and hope that Dana siri watch that kis..hehhe

  248. 248 : hnyJo Says:

    this is the first drama that I’m ready to watch til 50 eps but so hopeless to wait the eng sub every time !! No site ready with eng sub for this drama faster…wondering why ??????????????? I must wait almost a week for eng sub ;((

  249. 249 : defineme Says:

    Wow, the best scene was where TH finally meets SY. i watched that like three times. 50 eps? bring it on, i am totally in. With or without the subs.

  250. 250 : spring roll Says:

    this drama is full of great actors, actress and story is good too

  251. 251 : annabella Says:

    Yes I also have to wait for the eng sub :(( havent watched ep 7 yet ahhhhh so frustrating :(( hope the eng subtitle will be out soon pleassseeee! I wonder why for Empress ki it takes a while for the subtitle to be released as compared to other Kdramas which have eng subs released the next day after it airs in Korea. 🙁 aigoo.

  252. 252 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 248 hnyJo & friends here 🙂


    No boring moment.
    Its a modern family drama and it got high ratings.
    I didn’t know its so nice until my friend told me. Bc the poster didn’t attracts me. HA HA


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG9XZBmHQ5Y (with eng & chinese sub) – adjust the caption on the low right screen corner

  253. 253 : juliane04 Says:


  254. 254 : Sharon Says:

    Look punk you don’t know who I am?? Who are you? SLAPP!! You still don’t know?? Who are you? SLAPP!! SLAPP !! Hahaha.. Funny!

    Isn’t Tanasili crude! Love her!

    Dangkise is falling in love?!!! Never underestimate a woman.

    I think SN have feelings for TH.

    What’s up with room leader? Everyone wants to rule the world.

    I really enjoy every minute of ep 7.
    Ep8 here I come!!

  255. 255 : usa-mary Says:

    That’s right SN! That’s exactly how you deal with the maids. Got their own internal mafia ring going on. That’s right…take them out 1 by 1. Usually, they get the ring leader first to set the tone, but that’s okay, too. They don’t mess with you…it won’t be any… Make it clear to those heffas, that if they try to hit or hurt you, they’ll draw back a nub.

  256. 256 : usa-mary Says:

    This period drama excels above its epitome of excellence! The chemistry is superior, the costumes are excellent, and the production is extraordinary!

    Ha Ji Won is one of SK’s best actresses and my most favorite. After watching her act in WHIB, I’ve tried to watch everything she’s been in from dramas to movies. That is, if I can find it online.

    At first, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to categorize TH in my thought process.
    For right now, he’s kind of funny, bratty (in a humorous way-to throw his enemies off guard), and he’s no fool. Now, episode 9 is really going to be interesting after he sees SN, as a the maid who attended to the concubine who was prepped for him to spend the night with. Things are surely going to change.

    I see many familiar faces in this drama, and I must admit that its a pleasant sight.

  257. 257 : OK OK OK Says:

    @250 spring roll

    Go watch King’s family – u will love it 🙂
    Cheer up

  258. 258 : Sharon Says:

    You are soo right, Empress Ki excels and exceeds beyond my expectation. I love it!! The actors, director, costume, makeup and I could go on and on and on about how good they are. Glad it’s 50 ep and I hope the story continue to out do my expectations.

  259. 259 : Sharon Says:

    Jung Woong In, is doing an excellent job as the villain in this drama his portal of Byung Soo is commendable. I enjoyed his character in “I Hear Your Voice” which got him an award.
    Byung Soo, mannerisms when he realized that SN was actually a woman made me laugh. I must say that the cast has been utilized to the max.
    I thought that after Secret I would just watch mediocre drama until a good one surface, but I must admit I Empress Ki got my nose wide open.

  260. 260 : anonymous Says:

    GO to dramastyle[hulu mbc] Has the english subtitle for episodes 7 and 8.HJW is really a great actress.Hope the drama does not lag and the ratings go up.

  261. 261 : Sharon Says:

    Guys!!! I have a dilemma, I don’t know who I really want SN to give her heart to.
    I love Choong Hye ( king of Goryeo) and his bravery, loyalty, masculinity, handsome, sexy, fighter, defender, smart, strong and the way he handles his sword.
    Then we have Emperor Huizong (Yuan) and I like him a lot too. Although he is cowardly, bratty, cute, sexy, childish, selfish and lazy.
    However, they both have a special place in my heart and I would like to see SN with both of them. Why can’t a woman have many husband?
    So, am I team Choong Hye, or team Huizong. It’s hard for me to decide,I love Choong Hye, I think he looks good with SN, but SN will also look good with Huizong.
    I know who she will marry, but who will her heart belongs to. I know who my heart would belong to?

  262. 262 : usa-mary Says:

    All I can say is… I’m going to get me a hanbok, a fan, and play Tina Turner’s Private Dancer while I perform for Choong Hye! Raise my hair baby! 😀

  263. 263 : Sharon Says:

    Girllll, don’t I know it!! I want him to be my private dancer and do what I want him to do.

  264. 264 : Joyce Says:

    I can’t wait for next week eps!can’t wait for Ta Hwan to dicover that Seungnyang is a girl,a very beautiful girl that will surely rock his world just like what happened to Dang Ke Si he was speechless seeing how beautiful Seungnyang is!hehe!

    This is by far the best drama among the other dramas that are airing in Korea…great storyline,great acting from all the cast and as always I do love the costumes in sageuk!I just love sageuk so much:)

  265. 265 : annabella Says:

    I wonder if Tanqishi’s feeling for Sungnyang will have any significance in the show. Like when he felt pity for Sungyang when she was tired from being dragged along with the tributes and when he offered to feed her when wang ko made her starve. Maybe he’ll start to get serious about her and who knows maybe a situation will come up where his feelings saves sungnyang? :p oh i dont know~

  266. 266 : Andy Says:

    261 Sharon, I agree with you, Ha! Ha! I love Ha Ji Won, I love her chemistry with everyone including me !!!
    Empress Ki! The best drama of this year!!!

  267. 267 : Sharon Says:

    WY look so good with his hair down yummy, yummy.

  268. 268 : eka lestari Says:

    pls like this drama

  269. 269 : ling ling Says:

    Unni i cant watch your drama this week >< its so sad. hope your drama will be hits and popular..

  270. 270 : swift Says:

    As always Ha Ji Won’s drama is very entertaining

  271. 271 : Jyenie Says:

    This drama is really good-eh! The romance is getting intense, who will Seung Nyang fall for? I think Ta Hwan is very cute 😉 I can really feel the chemistry between them as my heart flutters at their scenes together 🙂 Oh my my! He is so amused to see her in his palace and as a woman! On ep 9 preview, he is so busy following her around, full of curiosity and interest 🙂

  272. 272 : Sharon Says:

    Funny!! Hahaha..

  273. 273 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon…WATCH OUT NOW! 😀

  274. 274 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon: I’m going to check out Pretty Boy. Drama Fever alerted me about it. Hope it meets my standards. I Hear Your Voice and The Master’s Sun are the best, in my opinion for their genre. Also, Lie To Me was very good.

  275. 275 : Sharon Says:

    His long flowing black hair and manly stance make me have chills multiplying.

  276. 276 : Sharon Says:

    You won’t be disappointed! I like Pretty Boy so far.

  277. 277 : Sharon Says:

    Pretty Man!!!

  278. 278 : Sharon Says:

    Guys!! If you are looking for a drama that’s light and refreshing try Bel Ami/Beautiful Man. I gave it a try not expecting anything, but I was pleasantly surprise of how much I enjoyed it. KBS2 I think has another hit on their hands for Wed/Thur after Secret. Try it guys you will like it!!!

  279. 279 : sheena Says:

    so excited with the next episode.. oh gosh it’s making me crazy..

  280. 280 : eny Says:

    you make me curiose about pretty man, i thought we have many similarity taste in drama because i often see you give comment in the drama that i watch, may be i’ll check it. I only watch Unemployed romance in rom-com genre now

  281. 281 : eny Says:

    empress ki story in the palace reminds me of Jang ok jung,the bully. jealousy of the king woman n the queen mother except the fact that empress ki wanna kill the emperor, the laundry hanging in the ep 9 preview also familiar, not sure where i saw it Jang ok jung or chuno
    I like wang yo story even without SN in it, this kind of story usually only can be seen in movie, mostly drama is just about romance, but i still really like this drama wanna see their love story too

  282. 282 : just_saying Says:

    ep 7 & 8 – Not disappointing. WY knows that SN is a girl and the two of them are so lovely.
    At the same time, TH at the palace is also interesting. When he said he’ll give DS all she wants, flowers, own maids etc, I thought how ‘weak’ can TH be? But when she left, he said to take all the flowers from DS place coz she loved it … that’s the TH that is worthy to be SN husband.
    ep 9 – I just hope TH won’t be too stupid to realize that the servant is actually SN. Like the time he saw SN chest bandage – and didn’t even suspect that SN could be a girl.

  283. 283 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-275: STOP IT, Girl…and you know it! LOL With his broad chest and that little swag in his walk. He knows that he looked so fine in his matte silver armor with the tassels. My compliments to the wardrobe designers. Truth be told, he looks good in anything to me.

    A funny scene was when SN was protecting TH in the tent, and he had gestured to SN to undo his clothing so he could relieve himself. I wondered if he paid attention to SN’s behavior during that time, because only Eunuch’s did things like that without making faces. What made it even worse, she stood right in front of him, with her back to him. I would have been on the other side of the tent, humming to myself. LOL

    Or another funny scene, this one was when SN was with WY when he ripped her pants apart to check out the wound on her leg. She slapped him…LOL! He was already surprised from being hit. Yet, I wonder if he was more startled or confused from being slapped…wondering what kind of person is this to slap him, even if he is incognito. Because its not common for men to slap each other, if at all. Punch with fists or pushed away by a hand or by both hands…definitely…slap, no way. LOL

  284. 284 : Sharon Says:

    Yes!! We have similarity in many dramas, so I wouldn’t kid you about Bel Ami. I have watched both ep 1 & 2 and love it. It makes me laugh and cry in just two ep!!!! Go for it!!

  285. 285 : usa-mary Says:

    I watched a little bit of Pretty Man and its not for me. Though, I will admit that the lead actress is funny, but overall…I’m just not impressed with the storyline, the guy’s looks, demeanor, or long hair…so, I’ll skip this one. Thanks anyway for suggesting it.

  286. 286 : Sharon Says:

    @just _saying
    I think he will know it’s her . I think that’s why they let him see her bandage up to remember that yes I did see them boobs!! As much as TH is a coward he is not stupid.

  287. 287 : Sharon Says:

    No problem!! To each his own!!

  288. 288 : Sharon Says:

    @usa-mary 283
    Funny!! Hahaha!!! I want to run my fingers through his hair!!

  289. 289 : silver Says:

    Ive started on EK solely bcos of Ha Ji Won. The drama so far has been fantastic – the main OTPs and the supporting casts are excellent so is the storyline. Hope this will be sustained till Ep 50.

    Im not sure if i’m the only one here to feel that the JCW has overacted at times. No doubt, he is supposed to be cute and playful for survival sake but I feel that the funny part comes not from his acting but rather from the way the character is scripted. JJM on the other hand though has less screen time and acted less dramatic up to Ep 8 has given a steady and more realistic delivery to his character as a King.

  290. 290 : KimchiBunny Says:

    The best drama of the year!!!! I can barely wait for then next episodes to come out each week!! The actors are all doing great as well as the writer/s. Really pleased to have such a great drama after a very disappointing year. There were only two others that I enjoyed, and not half as much as I enjoy Empress Ki!

  291. 291 : Joyce Says:

    I can’t wait for tonight ep!I love Seungnyang to be with the King but I also love her to be with the Emperor,ottoke?that only means that HJW is truly a great actress cos she always has great chemistry with her leading men!Just like in What Happened in Bali she got chemistry with So Ji Sub & Jo In Sung!

  292. 292 : eny Says:

    I never ship any couple in drama, i’m more into charracter n main lead doesn’t have to end up together as long as the story make sense

  293. 293 : Amanda Says:

    Its really interesting to watch “Empress Ki”! Love HJW & two main actors…but, need to wait 2 ep per week…expecting ep 9 to be out asap.
    And also, their sword fighting skills getting better & improved!

  294. 294 : Kaung Says:

    I am a big fun of actress Ha Ji Won. This drama is too good!!! HJW is the best of the best. Good job! Fighting!!! viewer rating- 20%.. 30%..40%… 🙂

  295. 295 : dramafreak Says:

    nice…just started yesterday and now i have completed 8 episodes…..super nice! addicted!! episode 9…i am waiting for u…..shouldn’t watch it 1st until all episodes are released….such a torturing moment for me now… =(

  296. 296 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-288: Run your fingers through his hair? Girlfriend, when my fingers start, they won’t stop roaming! LOL

  297. 297 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahahaha !!! I know what you feel!!

  298. 298 : ina Says:

    miss HJW, this only my advice dont angry with me. its may be unnie looking for husband than job. birth a baby n happily ever after.
    sorry sorry for all, just my opinion. everyone have a choose. peace………

  299. 299 : OK OK OK Says:


    Aigooo, TH still don’t know the maid is Nyang even seeing face to face & talk to her.
    So funny, TH ask Nyang does she know an oppa look like her & she says NO.
    TH says to maid Nyang : HE looks prettier than u even he is a man. Haha.
    TH is very cute. 🙂
    Trying to impress maid Nyang with his lousy shooting skills.
    I guess the mask warrior who attack JJMo camp is a female.
    Ending – Nyang fainted onto TH arms. A set of nice tea pot & cup smashed. So wasted. So sad, to be continue 🙁
    Their acting so gd, can shed tears naturally at the RIGHT time 🙂

  300. 300 : mylo Says:

    Good drama so far. Keep up da good work ha ji won and joo jin mo!

  301. 301 : hny Jo Says:

    Ohhh…miss someone that’s we love is very very hard SY si…but fainted in to cute TH arms is very very lucky ;)) mau juga donkkkkkk

    I enjoy this historical drama. ..I wonder who is the leader of turkeys…I guess he is a women..maybe she is the one who will be. ..princess Yeon Hwa!!???

    Can’t wait to see the battle off DS and SY ..in boxing. .ha ha ha /dreaming!

  302. 302 : OK OK OK Says:

    Wow, this team will celebrate Christmas, New Year, Winter, Chinese New Year, viewing of Cherry Blossoms together. he he he 🙂

  303. 303 : Angelica Says:

    so sad coz empress ki is not updated upload where’s is ep9 why is still not there i cant wait to watch it w/ eng sub….. upload it now pls thanks

  304. 304 : Angelica Says:

    so sad coz empress ki is not updated upload where’s is ep9 why is still not there i cant wait to watch it w/ eng sub….. upload it now pls thanks……..
    i really like this drama ha ji won is really good actress

  305. 305 : hein Says:

    Wow! Two more days for episode 10& 11! This drama is most watched! The casts of Empress Ki, FIGHTING!!! This drama got high rating!!!!I really like this drama Ha Ji Won is really good actress. This drama is TOO GOOD!!! This drama is very very luck. Good job! 😉 😀 🙂

  306. 306 : sousou Says:

    I am a fan so far so good 🙂

  307. 307 : Mikey Says:

    Right now Sen yung is in love with the king but maybe on the later part of the drama for sure she become an empress and possibly develop her feelings to the emperor and know the good side of him.

  308. 308 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep 9 SN fails to murder TH. TH is so blind but so cute, he can’t even recognise SN. LOL. I think his cuteness and the romance between him and SN will keep me watching a 50-episode drama in a breeze 🙂
    I heard that ep 10 is very nice but I will wait until the sub is out.

  309. 309 : lover Says:

    I hope this drama will be good and better because of the actress HJW. Fighting HJW 🙂

  310. 310 : Mikey Says:

    The rating is getting higher bcoz of some light romance between SY @ TW at the same time the story is getting more interesting

  311. 311 : eny Says:

    they built WY charracter in half episode, it’s surprise me, actually i though HJW charracter will be really dominan because the title n the synopsis is about empress ki just like her previous drama Hwang Jin yi where the two lead role doesn’t really big.
    The minimum interaction WY-SN is reasonable this is 50 ep drama n they make their love story grow slowly from respect n loyalty to love, this is non typical love story i like that
    The only problem is the sub take really long compare to another drama

  312. 312 : eny Says:

    side effect of addicted to one drama is hard to see another drama,why another drama seem really bad now

  313. 313 : TheOne Says:

    Angelica, ep9 is uploaded with eng subs on http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/empress-ki

  314. 314 : ling ling Says:

    i feel seem with others. this drama so interesting.

  315. 315 : hny Jo Says:

    Ep 10
    He find out at last scene. …finally!! This episode so touch my heart. ..how TH memorized SY in front of her/SY…hmmm can’t wait for the sub*-*
    DS orders SY to do ‘something’ to TH after test her!..hmmm..guess to make him sleep w her. .arrrrggg
    Get more interesting next week…ooohhhhh jebal!! more faster to upload this drama all u guy’s who have site http://www.watch online. ….tq ;))

  316. 316 : just_saying Says:

    Just finished ep9.
    @Sharon 286. I was right. TH did not recognize SN. I knew he’s gonna ask whether SN has a brother. And I can’t wait to comment about it when I watched the first few minutes of ep 9. LOL. But I guess that’s what makes the drama so addicting. Thank god Empress Ki is on air.

    WY looks so good in a ‘uniform’. And yes, the Turks general is a woman and she’ll fall for WY and that’s another side story for this drama. Good storyline.

    When SN and WY met at the bridge (though it’s just a dream), they look good together.

    WY: SN, I miss you. I miss you so much.

  317. 317 : Sharon Says:

    I said he will recognize her meaning later on. It will come to him that the boy was a girl because of boobs recognition. I guess we misunderstood each other’s comment.
    I haven’t watched the ep yet. Pissed off at MBC not giving contract to Viki or Drama fever, so the subs would be fast. Will watch both ep tomorrow.

  318. 318 : Hein Says:

    I really like this drama. This drama is too good!!! Fighting!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  319. 319 : Tony Says:

    20%….. 30%…… 40%…. high viewers rating!!!! 🙂

  320. 320 : Jyenie Says:

    Hey you guys should watch the BTS of this drama, they are so cute and hilarious 😀

  321. 321 : berastia_tjerita Says:

    I like Ha jiwon unnie, I like SN with TW, but TW must become strong and good men for her. TW so cute and they’re match together.
    Please update engsub for eps 10. Plesee .
    I love Empress ki yeyyy yeyyy, fightingg .

  322. 322 : Sharon Says:


  323. 323 : eka lestari Says:

    i love seungnyang i miss ha ji won i like empress ki faiting

  324. 324 : dramafreak Says:

    i love this drama! so addictive…just like coffee….TH is funny but stupid sometimes…how could he not knw Nyang is the lady….lol….well just a drama…the most important thing is the storyline and acting…. really interesting…can’t get my eyes over it!

  325. 325 : gabby Says:

    I am so happy this drama has like fifty episodes. It’s my favorite drama right now which means I will be kept away from boredom for a while.

  326. 326 : happy Says:

    it’s getting interesting….i can see every part in this drama is moving and improving…wang yoo,seung nyang and ta hwan….slowly but clear and conclusive…

  327. 327 : sung2906 Says:

    going crazy with this drama just bcause of curious, who will win SungNyang’s love in the end? well, up till now, SN and TH couple is so cuteee.. but seeing SN cry at first episode make me confuse..

  328. 328 : eileen534 Says:

    I think the story has not moving at ep 9 & 10, the excitement and curiousity ends when SN can not kill TH. The story has been dragged, thou we see character depth and clearly personality of these epi. it moves fast from ep 1-8 and suddenly very slow makes me frustrated.

    Interesting to know how SN palace life will go since she can’t kill TH. TH should have become more mature and cruel so he can get rid of the chancellor. WY may make the honour diminishing the Turks, but I dont think he will so soon back to the palace and meet SN. But sure that have to be time to develop their love story before SN married TH.

    History said SN not directly become Empress, maybe it is she who eliminate Tanashili. History also said Empress Ki is not the good guy, so it’s still interesting to see how will they do with SN character.

    A notes to everyone who want to keep the curiousity, do not read the history (wikipedia already can tell you all), just watch and let it works. I am a little sad coz the history tells me what will happened next.

  329. 329 : hnyJo Says:

    Yup ..i guess the story here will be rolling to the opposite at the end..but still this is the only one interesting drama we have till the end of this year..so, I’ll keep my ‘curiosity !!
    have nice weekend all fren here :))

  330. 330 : psj Says:


    Credits: muchadoboutlove (a.k.a the blog creator). Thanks

  331. 331 : just_saying Says:

    @eileen534. No objection from me – it does kind of moving slower from episode 9. I mean TH should have known that the servant is SN but instead, they dragged it on till ep 10?

    @hnyJo329. No objection from me as well. This is one of ‘the only’ interesting drama left till the end of the year. Other than Reply 1994, I’ve got nothing. Sad to say that I’ve dropped The Heir as well. Even Dracky can’t make me watch it. But I do miss him a lot. Regardless, long live Dracky.

  332. 332 : Mikey Says:

    No idea where can I watch ep.10 w/ eng subs.going crazy about this

  333. 333 : tintin Says:

    where can i watch episode 10 with english sub?

  334. 334 : sil Says:

    #332 Mickey, #333 tintin
    Do look up the comment section at gooddrama.net Empress Ki. Some kind souls have given some alternative eng sub links there for ep 10.

  335. 335 : sil Says:

    Agree with #328 Eileen534.
    As EK production has emphasised right from the start that it is FICTIONAL there is really no point to refer to wiki every now to compare the historical aspect of this drama. As so many have said, enjoy EK just as a drama and not necessarily a historical drama.

  336. 336 : eileen534 Says:

    @just_saying, @hnyJo, @sil
    I also dropped The Heirs after watching the teaser. but the rating now is really good. Till epi10, no doubt it is the best drama till end of this year, maybe the rating didnt get higher because people do not like to watch saegeuk, but mostly about China Dynasty.

    Ep 11 will be much better if TH revealed that SN is SN and their love story.

    thetalkingcupboard.wordpress.com make a very good recap for EK, I read it before watch it.
    I watch in chinese sub, dunno where to find it in eng sub.

    this is a fictional history, but the people I read it wikipedia also appeared in this drama, so I think the drama storyline should not very far from the history.

    Fyi, I searched at google to know about the wrong custome, and I found it. TH head crown at the wallpaper and the first screen (TH and SN married) is belong to Qin Shi Wang (qin dynasty), Yuan dynasty dont wear like that.

  337. 337 : mariana Says:

    Finally! It’s hapenned ! Ep 10 Sub.engl.

  338. 338 : berastia_tjerita Says:

    Oh, can’t wait for eps 11 tomorrow, although must be waiting eng sub.
    Fighting team eng sub empress ki. please update soon.

  339. 339 : OK OK OK Says:

    TDy, sunday morning, I wake up so early in the morning 7am. On my HP & so excited to watch Empress Ki ep11. Couldn’t find & ask how come tdy they update so late 🙂

    Aigooo, Empress Ki screen time is every mon & tues.
    I keep thinking its a sat & sun drama. Soooo LOVE this drama 🙂

  340. 340 : eka lestari Says:

    i like empress ki so powerfull drama

  341. 341 : Sharon Says:

    Empress Dowager is no joke! She warped Lady Park like a dead body to smuggle her into TH’s room. Dowager is a force to be reckon with, she doesn’t want him to be El Temur’s puppy, just hers. Hahaha..

    It must be hard to sleep with someone that you have no feelings for, just for the sake of duty. Imagine, someone touching you like an old, ugly, fat Emperor yuck, double yuck!!! No wonder murder and mayhem are a part of the palace everyday life.

    I am pissed!!! How in hell can WY not be able to kick BS ass??!!! WY, is a well trained, he has been training from childhood I don’t understand how he could loose, Poor WY. Awwwwww he is thinking of SN and he won’t be defeated. Come on WY you can do it!!! Wait a picking Minuite didn’t he say they should fight till death. What’s up with the yield to??!!!! Lead in the stick! Off with his head!!

    The princess is too dumb. How are you going to leave your husband alone thinking, so highly of your self and believe he will come running to you because of your looks. Looks are overrated, especially with Dowager on the loose.

    TH:Watch this, admire my greatness! BONG!! Hahahahaha….

    WY look sooooo good!!! SN was imagining WY, while watching the emperor shooting arrows. WY look clean and handsome and that smile he gave ever soo slightly, beautiful, beautiful!!!!

    WY: It’s been too long. Me: yes, it has. Too long!
    SN: chounaa
    Me: Yes, it has been a long time, Too long as a matter of fact.

    Ep 9 was very good. I don’t find it slow, I feel like it’s the story is progressing at the proper pace. The writer had to show the transition from SN hatred to her tolerance of TH, so the steps taken as been on point.

  342. 342 : happy Says:

    same here…i find it that way…how she controls herself…we know it’s not easy…

  343. 343 : Hein Says:

    I love this drama. This drama is too good!!! viewers ratings 20%……30%….40%….. 🙂 . To viewers, please look for Empress Ki. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  344. 344 : Carmen Says:

    Thank you 337.mariana Says: December 1st, 2013 at 9:01 pm
    Finally! It’s hapenned ! Ep 10 Sub.engl.
    Yes Thanks Mariana for posting that link and I did see episode 10, thank to you, because the other web were not having this episode I did enjoy and now hopping to see episode 11-12….I DO LOVE THIS DRAMA

  345. 345 : jazz Says:

    i enjoyed ep. 11 it was amazzing,so entertaining and breathtaking.at last TH knew SENYUNG is a girl.BUT still waiting for eng subs

  346. 346 : honey Says:

    the king is a great shooter,he hits the flag in one strike!ohh boy..

  347. 347 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness!! Ep10 is action packed with WY fighting the Turks. Batolu is a woman with the energy of SN. Hmmmm..

    I thought SN was going to wipe the shin off his face Hahaha..

    After that request that TH made I felt so sad for him. TH:Give me courage. Be SN for me. Help me. Wow!! I feel a tear coming on.

    TN is such a cruel person, like father like daughter. To kill a pregnant woman is just plain cruelty.

    TH finally has a clue and I do mean finally!!

    Ep 10 kept me glued. Two snaps up.

  348. 348 : OK OK OK Says:

    End of ep 11, enunch relate to TH who Nyang is after investigation.
    TH is so angry with Nyang for not revealing who she is. Hehehe 🙂

  349. 349 : Joyce Says:

    Just done watching EP11 with subbed!the empress and Dang Ki Se really shared the same blood cos theyre both evil lol

  350. 350 : Joyce Says:

    Just done watching EP11 with subbed!the empress and Dang Ki Se really shared the same bloodline cos theyre both evil lol and TH’s imagination if SN wears girls clothes was a bit funny!I dropped other dramas and only watch Empress Ki!

  351. 351 : anonymous Says:

    Episode 12 ias another cliffhanger.OMG I couldn’t wait for Monday to come.I feel really sad for the young Emperor.He’s in the middle in the tug of war between the prime minister and empress dowager.

  352. 352 : Torri Says:

    The one thing that I find very interesting. And the reason I love this show is how great ha ji won plays her roll as love interest for both men she is able to creat that on screene chemistry with both men in such away that as a viewer u can’t seem to make up your mind who should win her over she is great in this show so far this the best I have seen of her I don’t know the really story of empress ki but I really wish she had married the her king stead of what I saw a the begging of the show, making know she ends up with weak sily funning king all the same will keep watching ha ji won fiighting !!!!!!!!!!!

  353. 353 : Annabella Says:

    @Joyce, Where do you watch empress ki? Do you stream online or download? Im also very eager to watch Ep 11 🙁

  354. 354 : Star Says:

    Wow! High viewers rating!!! I love this Empress Ki. I love Han Ji Won. Good job!!! FIGHTING!!! ^_^ 🙂

  355. 355 : hnyJo Says:

    ep. 12

    really love this drama…i can’t stop smiling while see TH…his cute imagination about SY everytime he ask her to do something and SY always do the opposite…cute scene ;))

    but so sad for TH ..to be a doll for prime minister , also depressed between the two queen, hope SY can help him to be more confidence as emperor !
    now TH already knew the maid n SY is one and feel so sad coz SY missed the Goryeo King,not him..uuuhuy
    …on other scene , WY already met the turkey’s leader ‘Batula”…hmmm what gonna happen then…!!
    can’t wait for monday again…I’m always impress with Han Ji won and Jo Ji Mo acting and now Ji Chang wook , three of them build a good chemistry to each…fighting EK!!

    to all who want watch without eng sub..can watch it in Epdrama.com or http://WWW.toudo.com/search it in dailymotion….happy watching :))

  356. 356 : ogrenji Says:

    looove this drama,the only thing frustrating about this drama are waiting for the subs,and have to watch it raw first because i can’t wait too long -________-

  357. 357 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 12 – Ji chang wook very cute 🙂

  358. 358 : Joyce Says:

    @Annabella #353

    I watched EP11 and EP12 @darksmurfsub

    Here’s the link :


    Enjoy watching!

  359. 359 : mariana Says:


  360. 360 : Annabella Says:


    Thank u!! Much love

  361. 361 : koneko-su Says:

    ha ji won is impressive and very good actress, everytime i watch her i love her even more <3 i love this drama very match sorry for the king of georyo but i'm more in love with the young emperor ^^ <3 FIGHTING!!!

  362. 362 : mariana Says:

    Have a nice time!

  363. 363 : Sharon Says:

    Ok, guys, ep 11 and 12 was very good!!
    WY is soo sexy at the Turkish front. He is a master strategist. He wants to be with SN so badly that he can taste it.
    It’s sad that TH can’t even read!! What the hell was his butler doing!! ED, she did not see to it that TH went to school!!! Sad, sad, sad.
    I enjoyed the eps, looking forward to Monday.

  364. 364 : anonymous Says:

    At one time,viewers were complaining that the pace of this drama is too fast ,now that is in a slow pace,you can hear complains.What do you guys want?So far I’m enjoying EK a lot whether fast or slow pace.

  365. 365 : eny Says:

    i guess we can’t please everybody
    some people boring with war part but i love it more than the palace scene which i can see easily in many sageuk
    but so far i really like this dama n doesn’t skip any part

    JJM doesn’t need many word to convey his emotion, i guess he become one of my favorite actor now beside Kim sung soo n Joo won

  366. 366 : Sharon Says:

    @eny @ anonymous
    I love JJM and he foes not need words to convey his feelings they just spew out in his body language.( screaming like a fan girl) I love this drama. The war scenes were great and so were the palace scene. Pay no mind to what people say it all about YOU..
    I am glad WY is finally going to find his true love SN and SN is trying to get out of the palace to find WY. I don’t think TH is going to let her go. Can’t wait for next eps.

  367. 367 : IWDINA Says:

    @ogrenji #356

    I always watched raw on next day after airing too, while waiting Eng Sub
    Can’t wait too long..

    Because of this drama I watched “Secret Garden” again..
    Love HJW & JCW

  368. 368 : Joyce Says:

    Yoo In Young is so pretty as General Batolu…guess she will fall inlove with King Wang Yoo?Would love to see her wears a woman dress,for sure everyone will be shock to see how beautiful Batolu is lol!

  369. 369 : Luca k Says:

    Hello k-drama people! Check out my friend’s blog called thatssodrama. it’s a wordpress blog that will become a proper website soon. please do like them on facebook as well.

  370. 370 : just_saying Says:

    Can’t find the time to watch EK for the last three episodes esp when the Eng subs are a bit slow for this drama. Wonder why?

    Anyway, in which ep will TH knows that SY is really SY? I am truly looking fwd to this part – that’s y I was so frustrated that TH didn’t realize it the first time when TH met SN in the palace. I want to know how TH will react – abt betraying her and whether he will finally starts being brave. (ya,ya, I know, I can’t expect it to be revealed too soon because there’s about 40 episodes to go).

    Sigh… That’s the thing with a 50 episodes drama. I need to be really patient about it.

  371. 371 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice drama n wonderful n fighting

  372. 372 : Sharon Says:

    It was revealed in ep 11 and 12. I won’t give you the details, so that you can enjoy it for yourself.

  373. 373 : eny Says:

    you’re right JJM looks sexy in turkish front with long hair plus unshaven face….but i like his look the most in the coronation day, may be i’m old man fans ???????

  374. 374 : Sharon Says:

    JJM look good on, in, out, beside, between, under me, anything!!

    WY is not old!!! He is gorgeous, sexy, manly, strong, smart,etc.

  375. 375 : ling ling Says:

    OMG. Never watch its soo sad. hajiwon cle er and good actress ever.

  376. 376 : soel Says:

    really wanted to wait and watch after 40 eps but i started to watch cos of the comments and i loooved it!!…HJW is so great ,loved her in secret garden and thats my favorite drama of all times.but am wondering if she ends up with the emperor though he is silly and all that,i just loved him from the 1st ep.WY is great too but we have many dramas where they other guy so rocked and had gud chemistry but never worked.she is like a remedy to the emperor.

  377. 377 : ogrenji Says:

    @eny JJM is my new favorite too after joo won and so ji sub ;”) and agree with @sharon,JJM looks great in any tipe of any hair or facial hair 😀 i think he’s one of the sexiest actor in korea 😀

  378. 378 : just_saying Says:

    Just finished ep 10 and 11. I’m happy again now that TH knows SY is SY. But a bit mad at TH for ‘being mad’ at SY because she doesn’t admit to him that she’s SY. SY has the rights to be mad at him after his betrayal. But lets see what happens in ep 12.

    And WY looks so good in battle. TH better starts getting his act together. Yes, he looks cute with his quirky ways but he looks better when he acts matured. And I can’t wait to see him embrace the emperor’s role coz he’ll be the bomb by then.

  379. 379 : Sharon Says:

    You said it girl!!! He is sexy and manly. I can’t wait until he return for SN.

  380. 380 : Sharon Says:

    @just_ saying
    TH, I don’t think will become mature. At the coronation in ep 1 TH was quite upset with WY and told him he would have been dead if it was not for SN and he also began to shout when WY walked away. I love her do you understand!! Do you!!! I don’t see this as a mature act, but all is fair in love and war.

  381. 381 : Joomla Says:

    Hoho I like it…I had watched on Boomi TV Streaming http://www.boomitv.net/2013/11/mbc-hd-korea-streaming.html

  382. 382 : mariana Says:

    I really love this drama, I think will be a strong candidate for the best drama 2014. For me Ji Chang Wook acting remarcable, it’s so expressive in all the situations. In fact, all the team is remarcable. Good luck, Empress ki!

  383. 383 : hny Jo Says:

    Just more love this drama…;))

  384. 384 : eny Says:

    @ogrenji n sharon
    agree about sexy n manly
    JJM n Kim sung soo is korean actor that i think not really handsome, but somehow sexy, manly n charming, it’s more attractive than handsome face fpr me

  385. 385 : Sharon Says:


  386. 386 : sil Says:

    There are so much talk about JCW’s acting but I am not really impressed. His comical scenes borders on slapstick. I cant help but compare him with Lee Seung Gi whose character in the King 2 Hearts was almost similar to JCW’s in EK before he became king. LSG executed his role as a spoilt prince, a jerk, asshole so well that we were in stiches just looking at his straight face. No need to have to slapstick to make the scene funny.

    For those who have not watched the King 2 Hearts I would recommend you to do so, just for the first 3 episodes perhaps to see what I mean.

    Having said that, I really enjoy this drama on the whole. HA JI WON is the reason I stay on. My wish for the remaining episodes is that it does not just focus on the romance of the 3 leads. It should pay attention to the complete storyline about the rise of Empress Ki to power, how she managed to survive as an Empress in a foreign land. Afterall, this drama is all about Empress Ki.

  387. 387 : eny Says:

    i watch few ep of King 2heart but I didn’t like it, there’s nothing that keep me interested to watch that drama n LSG acting didn’t impress me too, for me he’s just average, i see him in Brilian legacy n few ep of his drama with Shin min ah
    For JCW i only see him in empress ki so far he’s good in this drama but i don’t know his other drama,i can’t give good comment about his acting overall honestly i haven’t really impress too, but sorry i think he’s better than LSG

  388. 388 : Andy Says:

    I like both, LSG was very good in K2H and JCW I like him in Warrior Baek Dong Soo and in this drama he’s better. And of course I love Ha Ji Won !!!For me this drama is the best sageuk for this year

  389. 389 : mariana Says:

    Hello! Have a nice time!
    Thanks, drama.net!

  390. 390 : eny Says:

    the writer is really detail writing the love story.
    I remember the first Tanasiri scene, she talk to his father about his ideal man, something that come in my mind that time is “your ideal type is more like WY than TH” then ep 14 just proove it
    WY-SN love story which move gradually is really realistic, i feel the same thing before

  391. 391 : Carmen Says:

    …question so Ki Seung Nyang—will desapire after she is the Empress KI???????

  392. 392 : mariana Says:

    Here ep 14 eng.subbed

  393. 393 : hny Jo Says:

    I can’t choose between WY n TH here…sexy handsome vs cute handsome, in my eyes they have their own place, but if JJM in front of me I’ll kiss that sexy lip ;))

    JCW in empress ki not remain me to LSG in king2 heart. …so different! !

    Hmmm…SY desapire !! Still 36 eps to go ..maybe it happen in the end..

  394. 394 : happy Says:

    i’ve never watched JCW’s drama before…but here he’s really good…me too i can’t choose either….each of them has their own risk to get through…i enjoy this story very much…

  395. 395 : rory Says:

    I only watching this for 5 eps so far..I can’t tell this is the best sageuk for me..Not because I already watched same genre like this, i have no problem watching same genre/storyline but there’s some some scenes looks so ridiculous that I always found in sageuks..a bit disappointed since I thought it will different especially after reading good comments here but I will continue this since I eagerly to know about Nyang’s story and as usual HJW’s acting never disappoints me…and also WY & TH’s character brings laughter in this drama..love it!makes this drama more beautiful & interesting to watch but so far i’m not shipping with anyone..Actually it’s rare for me to care about loveliness so let’s wait and see..happy watching 😀 😀 😀

  396. 396 : eka lestari Says:

    empress ki the best drama i like

  397. 397 : god Says:

    This is amazing drama in this year.Incredible!! Ha ji won is a amazing actress in korea,right? I love her and the two of actor of Empress ki. how long ???

  398. 398 : just_saying Says:

    @sharon 380. Now that you mention it, maybe TH will never be mature and it’s kind of sad. Because he is competing against WY which is very manly/strong. SN deserves someone who can protect her and vice versa.

    Sigh… TH looks so good when he is serious and at that time I was thinking ‘Ok, TH deserves SN’. But then, when he acts silly, sigh… SN is too ‘strong’ for him and that makes me wish that somehow the history changes and she ends up with WY.

  399. 399 : daile Says:

    I love this drama and the cast…am always looking 4ward for the next episode…I salute to all the cast…

  400. 400 : Sharon Says:

    So, in the ep 16 preview TH is going to kiss SN !! They got drunk, noooooooo!
    The soccer game was too cute between TH team and WY’s team. WY saw TH laying in SN lap as she clean his ear. WY seems jealous, please don’t misunderstand WY, TH comand her to do it so you could see and get jealous.

  401. 401 : eny Says:

    i hope he’s not gonna stole kiss when she’s drunk,
    SN-WY love story gonna be sad,i read somebody comment that JJM n the director said that in press conference

  402. 402 : hny Jo Says:

    Hufffffsss….so tiring, anyone here got same trouble when u try open any webb…even open google, koreandrama.org, YTB also the webb for watch online……its so difficult lately…there’s so many think out like mobogine n else and at the end it will said no connection. .error..bla2…it happens in my computer and my mobile phone. WHAT VIRUS THIS [email protected]@…arrrrrggg …miss Empress ki so much !!

  403. 403 : juliane04 Says:

    waiting for that stolen kiss!

  404. 404 : love13 Says:

    the back to back scene between senyung and tugon was so emotional @ romantic.i really feel their sadness.omg! the king saw them!

  405. 405 : hny Jo Says:

    Finally can watch this

    No kiss….just sad romantic moment…between them…

  406. 406 : yino Says:

    empress ki 15 with eng sub has come http://ow.ly/rRZWB ….. can’t wait till 16 have sub too ^_^

  407. 407 : Jolene Says:

    HJW is always my favourite actress. She can play her role well. The series is attractive, though the emperor is timid and incapable, he is helpless and KSY is the bedtime comfort for him. She’s witty, calm and courageous.

  408. 408 : katy Says:

    I like the Emperor more than the King ,
    too much hatred , personal feeling interfering with country affairs ,
    Royals never care their people , all they care Power .

    Yuan was so bad why they were so strong at one time , the King was so smart why he could not save his country .
    This is the different mentality between Korean , Chinese and Japanese Drama . In Japanese drama , the weaker , the incompetent ones were
    always losers .

  409. 409 : eny Says:

    one nation is strong or not it’s not only because of the leader, many thing affected, may be that country is rich so the can built strong army with good weapon but for poor country they have to take care of their food first

  410. 410 : defineme Says:

    okay, i know WY is hot and all that, but i enjoy seeing TH. He is so timid and cute. Not afraid to show SY that he loves her. I kinda smile whenever I see his scenes.

  411. 411 : Sharon Says:

    I know they are going to part ways. SN is going to marry TH, but I heard there is suppose to be a love child between SN and WY. Don’t know how true!!

  412. 412 : Sharon Says:

    I like them both they are totally opposite of each other!!! Remember, when Yuan took over Goryeo WY look like he was maybe 10/12 years old, so he had no power to do anything. Why don’t TH try and do something to save his throne from ET??

  413. 413 : Charlie Says:

    I live this drama. Nicely written and nicely presented. I love all the leading actors – good and bad characters. Especially, Ji Chang Woo, I love his acting. He portraits the weak emperor well. Way to go.

  414. 414 : Charlie Says:

    From last few episodes, it seems that WY is more attracted to the empress, as a man to a woman, than to SN. SN may be just his aching spot, but not a woman to him.

  415. 415 : Sharon Says:

    Are you sure you are watching Empress Ki!!! WY and SN are madly in love with each other, but due to circumstances it’s hard for them to be together. WY is trying to protect SN so he pushes her away and SN is trying to protect him. WY pushes her away because if SN is caught he and TH can’t save her.
    WY is not interested in TN she has been eying him since he came to the palace. Watch the drama over again.

  416. 416 : eny Says:

    I don’t know which scene that make you think WY attracted to the empress, it’s so clear that the empress which had crush on WY but he ignore her

  417. 417 : Star Says:

    This drama is TOO GOOD!!! She is good acting. 20%…….30%…….. 🙂 😉 😀

  418. 418 : berastia Says:

    Hahahaaa, i like the rating high, why not number 1 ♥
    i like SN n TH, ha ji won and ji chang wook have a lot chemistry , the emperor too cute.
    and i realize WY handsome too, in eps 15-16. 😀

    i think you mean is TN feel interest to WY right?
    but WY love SN, adore her. Iam curious how TN not be empress anymore later (hope u understand my mean, iam not good enough in english)

    I cant wait for next eps, waiting for the battle.
    SN ♥ TH

    fightingggg Ha jiwon unnie, sarangheyo♥♥

  419. 419 : Kleizal Says:

    Eventhow that WY and SN have a childhood memories and same from goryeo..but i still love SN with TH the emperor..in terms of chemistry TH SN is more good and sweet..coz they have different character and dependant each other..love sometimes doesnt means that they will married..and that is this drama about i hope..love triangle SN WY TH..SN love both but different emotion..she love WY bcoz adore him since she still kids..and with TH bcoz they have same emotion lost their father and need someone to be beside them..

  420. 420 : Kleizal Says:

    I cant wait new episode tomorrow..time pls fly faster!!! Haha.. And i hope the rating will go 1st..

  421. 421 : eka lestari Says:

    i hope episode 17 18 the ranting 30% 40% because empress ki amazing drama

  422. 422 : soel Says:

    i totally agree with u.i love her with the emperor.he looks and acts fragile but he is so sweet and i see her smile much more with him than she does with WY.i loved the last scene in ep 16,beautiful!.

  423. 423 : ilanaru Says:

    I also hope that the ratings will reach 40% and more Amen!!!!

  424. 424 : aneli sarmiento Says:

    i really look forward to a happy ending of this historical drama because I noticed that some historical dramas i’ve watched they all end up in tragedy. with 50 episodes, i really hope that i will not be disappointed with its ending. i really like ha ji won’s acting. she’s so impressive. i am a fan of hers.

  425. 425 : hnyJo Says:

    they are so cute…WY SN TH in last scene, maybe in SN heart said: I wish can split my body for you two :))

  426. 426 : yino Says:

    eps 17 & 18 here http://ow.ly/s2Mbl still raw but still awesome

  427. 427 : yino Says:

    yaaay finally ep 17 with eng sub come http://ow.ly/s33wH

  428. 428 : mariana Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  429. 429 : bigeye46 Says:

    oh my god 2 guy fighting over ki but still cute bec both guy so jealous easily

  430. 430 : eny Says:

    ep 17 is really interesting intense n funny
    Queen dowager is smart n TN is back to herself, over confidence n funny, it’s cute,
    TH is show off to SN is funny too
    As always WY is smart, it’s romantic when he said to SN, ‘don’t call yourself lowly servant in my face” n the ending is really funny
    wait for the sub of ep 18….

  431. 431 : eka lestari Says:

    but the ranting i m so sad

  432. 432 : eny Says:

    the rating is up-down a bit is normal, in this weekend is holiday many people go out, doesn’t stay at home watching tv

  433. 433 : ching Says:

    all i know is when it comes to acting no one can beat ha ji won coz she belongs to class a meaning a versatile actress of all time i mean look and watch empress ki another award winning performance op ha ji won

  434. 434 : Jolene Says:

    The drama is so good that makes me look forward to the next episode. Hurray to HJW, she’s marvelous. The end of ep.17 is attractive since two men wanted to hold Ha’s hand. The plot is always twisted and captures audience’s attention at all times. Thanks for the good drama.

  435. 435 : charlotte Says:

    Wow interesting episode I smile while watching this episode im excited to watch the next ep.

  436. 436 : mariana Says:


    Have a nice day!

  437. 437 : ling ling Says:

    so unprediceble…

  438. 438 : ching Says:

    always captivating twist of the story and it so good watching it go……..go ….go ha ji won your the best when it comes to acting ability

  439. 439 : Charmaine Says:

    I just love Joo Jin Mo, his acting his voice, so handsome, I hope he ends up with sueng yang. I’m enjoying the plot.

  440. 440 : ling ling Says:

    love this drama so much

  441. 441 : soel Says:

    aigoo,i love this drama so so much and ma favorite the emperor..he is soo cute n funny.he is weak there is no doubt but watchin him grow will be very interesting.

  442. 442 : swift Says:

    love the show
    every episode interesting
    but sad with the ending (as seen in ep1) she will end up with the yuan emperor, the goryeo king have to leave without her, sob…sob….
    anyway, for now, just enjoy watching how the writer unfolds the stoy with the evil schemes within the royal court and the clever plots by the goryeo king

  443. 443 : rory Says:

    2013 MBC Drama Awards winners..

    Female Newcomer Award : Baek Jin Hee
    Writer Award : Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon
    PD Award : Ha Ji Won
    Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki) : Ha Ji Won
    Male Excellence Award for Special Project Drama : Ji Chang Wook
    Male High Excellence Award for Special Project Drama : Joo Jin Mo
    Daesang/Grand Award : Ha Ji Won )

    just wow..Congrats Empress Ki especially HJW for winning Daesang Award..

  444. 444 : rory Says:

    2013 MBC Drama Awards full result : http://www.soompi.com/2013/12/30/live-updates-winners-of-the-2013-mbc-drama-awards/#.UsGVkfQW1x3

  445. 445 : ling ling Says:

    cukkae unnie hjw

  446. 446 : ling ling Says:

    cukkae unnie hjw
    congrat for your good job

  447. 447 : Sharon Says:

    Congratulations HJW, for a splendid performance in Empress Ki.🎉
    Congratulations JJM and JCW for your hard work. ✨🎉
    Empress Ki and Gu Family Book stole the show.✨💖

  448. 448 : Juliane04 Says:

    Congrats! Well done!

  449. 449 : hny Jo Says:

    Wow…congratulations for them…so this monday EK not airing…hmmm miss them ;))

    Holiday time…I wanna say happy new year for all fren here, see u 2014…love u All..♡♥♡

  450. 450 : Sharon Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2014!!

  451. 451 : Nyang Says:

    any watcher at here know if Ep.19 have been aired ?..cause i cannot found it even on raw…

  452. 452 : hny Jo Says:

    @Nyang….it’s not airing yet..look episode rating..ep 19 will air next monday..6th January.

  453. 453 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, EP 19 will air on January 6th and Ep 20 on the 7th due to the MBC award show. However the preview for ep 19 is out!!

  454. 454 : Juana love Says:

    Am waitin

  455. 455 : ching Says:

    see what im talking about the actress herself its absolutely award winning acting for ha ji won im proud of you you always superb in anything when it takes into acting so happy about meaning its worth watching it so please watch empress ki
    thanks to all who are watching it no regrets at all

  456. 456 : ling ling Says:

    So glad for all the actor.. so good.
    And also the writter… its nice story..

  457. 457 : julian Says:

    The story is good,

  458. 458 : Andy Says:

    Congratulation Ha Ji Won, Baek Jin Hee, Joo Jin Mo, Ji Chang Wook and the Writers for MBC awards. Empres Ki is a very good drama. Thank you for yours hard work.

  459. 459 : juliane04 Says:

    see you tommorow empress ki!

  460. 460 : natzkie Says:

    congrats to empress ki team!
    congrats to ha ji won!
    congrats to ji chang wook!
    congrats to joo jin mo!

    more power!!!!!!

  461. 461 : yino Says:

    empress ki 19 in raw http://ow.ly/sj6MF

  462. 462 : love14 Says:

    i didnt feel ANY chemistry bet.king @ SN

  463. 463 : momon Says:

    and there it is . that love-child plot .. so frustating >.<

  464. 464 : berastia Says:

    Huhuhuhu, i need TaNyang moment

  465. 465 : ling ling Says:

    and still corious about tringel love between them…

  466. 466 : ling ling Says:

    where can i watch eps 19?? can anyone tell me??

  467. 467 : ling ling Says:

    where can i watch eps 19?? anyone can tell me??

  468. 468 : Juliane04 Says:

    You can watch in koreandrama.com w/ no English subtitle.after few days u can watch it again in gooddrama .net w/ English sub.

  469. 469 : Carmen Says:

    OMG Did the old mean men(the one that kill the emperor father)Jun Gook Hwan, did he fake his dead???? and I saw a part where Ha Ji Won is in bed with Joo Jin Mo…..OMG OMG OMG

  470. 470 : hny Jo Says:

    still watching this and still disappointed for eng sub…..must wait loooong !!

  471. 471 : Melia Says:

    I feel sad for the Emperor. His love means nothing to SUngyang. She’s too wounded to fall for him. I don’t really like Wang Yu. He looks pathetic to me. Playing tricks like that.

  472. 472 : mariana Says:

    hey guys, i have good news for you!

  473. 473 : nelly Says:

    I think maybe she’s starting to feel something for the emperor too.. When the king asked to marry her in ep 20 she hesitated a bit at first and we were shown parts of sung yang memories with the emperor… I don’t know, I like Ji Chang Wook best so I root for the emperor 😛 but in the other hand his character is very childish. Maybe if he grow up a bit it will be better and I would be guilt free 🙂

  474. 474 : fan Says:

    It’s getting more and more interesting ! I love the way the Emperor is starting to really use his brain !

    It seems that the translators are not that interested in this drama it took them too much time to sub it, YHCFTS was subbed first even it was released in Wednesday, I’m really thankful that they did it !

  475. 475 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, he is using his brain now that he is in a bind. He has to think on how to get SN back and he is using any means necessary and his plot to kill WY, by switching the poison on ET, so that WY would be blamed for it was good thinking. I think he needed that kick in the pass.
    WY and SN kissed and they spend the night together was lovely.

  476. 476 : Sharon Says:

    SN is head over heels in love with WY. SN thought of TH because she knows he is attached to her. The part she remembered was when he told her that when he first broke out of his shell the first person he saw was her. She is everything to him and she doesn’t want to totally abandon him.

  477. 477 : Charlie Says:

    In the end, SY will Be the empress Ki, not Korean wang bi.
    In those olden days, can the emperor still accept SY as she had slept with WY?
    I can wait to see how the story will develop.

  478. 478 : Sharon Says:

    TH is soo desperate for SN he will take her anyway. What if SN gets pregnant for WY??

  479. 479 : eny Says:

    agree with you sharon, SN remember TH after WY proposing her, because SN can feel TH sincerity to her n she feels sorry for him because when he accept WY it means TH will get hurt, she’s woman after all of course she’ll touched by TH love but doesn’t mean he love him back at least till ep 20

  480. 480 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 475

    he’s becoming more brave and that what love do, he’s changing and becoming tougher, sure in the end he’ll be the winner and she’ll be the Empress, though I hope that the writers won’t depict him as mean becoming despicable Emperor with their zealous patriotism.

  481. 481 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 478

    Pregnant from WY??? The Emperor will accept his rival’s child ?! Or SN will hide from the Emperor that she’s pregnant ?!
    It’ll be too much ! I won’t like it !

  482. 482 : Sharon Says:

    There may be a love child plot. TH will accept SN even if she have twins. The first ep shows that SN is crying for WY while marrying TH. She will always love WY. What cause the separation between her and WY?

  483. 483 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks. Lot of SN-TH shippers can’t accept the love between WY and SN.

  484. 484 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 482

    SN and WY will loose each other for the sake of their country, or because TH starting to use his intelligence and his power to separate them in the end he’ll succeed.

  485. 485 : Sharon Says:

    That is what I think. I think he is going to use any means necessary to get SN back. Even if he has to go on the dark side to do it. I find his action a bit attractive, I love bad boys. Hahaha!

  486. 486 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, it could also be both. Country and TH the cause of the break up. In ep1 TH sounded so guilty when he claimed on the top of his voice to WY that he deserve her not him and that she is everything to him. So, I believe TH did something bad to change SN and WY’s relationship.

  487. 487 : ching Says:

    the story behind it thats we have to wait and watch its getting more and more interesting the acting of the main character is beyond expectations bravo you deserve it all of you but here in the philippines we are waiting for another tv drama that ha ji won and hyun bin will re unite is this possible for the filipino fans we are cordially waiting thank you very much

  488. 488 : ching Says:

    there must have another secret garden likewise again the team up of ha ji won and hyun bin please

  489. 489 : Pete Says:

    Lets hope the 2 brilliant artistes be united finally. JJM had hinted that Wang Yu would protect SN till the end of the drama in the recent MBS awards ceremony…Cheers! SN marrying TH is a plot…Hehe and the PD will definitely make the 2 lead artistes be together ❤*””* Happy time onwards.
    Btw, I hate to see SN crying 🙁

  490. 490 : fan Says:


    TH was raised weak maybe because of the prime minister and I’m sure the Empress Dowager has something to do with it too, her child was going to become the Emperor but he died so TH inherited the throne. Poor TH, he needed something like SN’s love to make him courageous and wanting to master his life and become a real Emperor.

    I’m wondering about WY, they don’t show us if he has a wife or a concubine, I don’t think he’s single, it’s illogical, I’m sure they’re doing it in purpose.

  491. 491 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan
    I think he is going to get married to a princess, but like what @Pete said he will protect her to the end. I hope they get back together after TH’s death
    And she disappear.

  492. 492 : momon Says:

    that underwater sceneeeeeeee ! uggggggggh <3 <3 <3

  493. 493 : Charlie Says:

    If SN bearing WY’s child and marrying TH, it wouldn’t be right. It would be a shame to the Yuan Dynasty (Mongolean or Chinese). I don’t think the story should be developed that way. That would be an insult.

  494. 494 : yino Says:

    what ever sunnyang do peang still love her and protect her … really good episode tense but still awesome … anyone want to watch raw come here http://ow.ly/sxmpf

  495. 495 : msmelchidec Says:

    the drama is very long to be aired, the drama start DEcember and End APril, even if your soooooo excited it gets me bored and tiresome

  496. 496 : Sharon Says:

    It’s a drama it’s not real!!!! Why would two country be offended by someone’s fictional story.

  497. 497 : Sharon Says:

    TH was giving her CPR it’s not a real kiss. She was underwater and almost drowned.

  498. 498 : eny Says:

    If SN bearing WY child n marring TH, may be the reason is revenge or to save WY, SN will be cruel but i’m excited to see SN move to darkside, I think three of them will live in sadness. it’s sageuk not rom-com everything could happen

  499. 499 : Melia Says:

    The plot is getting heated up. I’m anticipating more from the Emperor. I really can feel the deep love of Emperor towards Seungyang. How I wish they will have a good ending.

  500. 500 : ilanaru Says:

    Not like some of you I’m actually very happy that it’s a long series …
    And no one should be offended it is after all a story and not based on the real story’ Am I wrong?
    I love the series, very interesting and fun.
    Well I admire HA JI WON she is amazing!!!
    she is the reason I started watching Korean series

  501. 501 : Sharon Says:

    Soo true! Anything could happen. I can’t wait for her to become dark.

  502. 502 : Charlie Says:

    In the bath tub scene, under the rose pedals, the air exchange scene , is very beautiful.

  503. 503 : Charlie Says:

    Oh, oh. SN is pregnant.

  504. 504 : Charlie Says:

    Have to wait another week to find out what will happen to SN and her baby.
    Very intense. Nicely written and acted.

  505. 505 : ching Says:

    charlie as what yousaid its hard to wait for another week ,very intence not only nicely written its so nice in the bath no romance scene but even in every move of the emperor always giving sn a warm love within so romantic

  506. 506 : ching Says:

    i love every episode of it so nice to watch please watch it people

  507. 507 : mariana Says:

    Hello, http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/empress-ki-episode-21

  508. 508 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 21
    So what for Baek Ahn n Tal Tal change the poisson!!, if the result, almost same with WY give to El timor/regent…..the regent stil a life ;((

    it’s so impressive the way TW saved SY life…. that’s’ bath tub kiss’ is beautiful…arrrgggg to bad, she’s already pregnant with WY….mmmmmh but I guess she will lost her child…it’s destiny! So, triangle love still continue…..

  509. 509 : koy Says:

    Wow!!! High viewers rating!!! This drama is TOO GOOD!!! She is very good acting. 20%….30%…. TOP VIEWERS RATING !!! I like this EMPRESS KI. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  510. 510 : kaung Says:

    Very very very good!!!!!! 🙂

  511. 511 : diana Says:

    To all shipper of SN & TW.. lets cheers for this two ok..i really hope that SN will realize ASAP that the one she love THE MOST is TW n not WY. In my opinion she only idolize WY because he help her escape when she was a child n she blinded by her hatred to what TW has done in past (her father death)..

    Actually this drama IS based on true story. If you read the history u cant help yourself but feel empathy to the emperor …n based on what i read about them i can imagine how much he love her.

  512. 512 : NinahFox Says:

    Can’t wait next weeks episodes, what will happen to SN and her baby.

  513. 513 : fan Says:

    After watching these last episodes raw, I think the Empress after killing the pregnant concubine, will fake a pregnancy, SN will loose her child.

    @Sharon 491

    I see that you’re for SN-WY to be together, I don’t really like this couple, I wasn’t touch by their love I don’t know why !
    I find Emperor love for SN and Dang Ki Se attraction to her more exciting. The first cute and ingenuous and the second brutal and more bestial if I can say it (A hunter after his prey).
    I like the story because it’s thrilling full of schemes.

  514. 514 : A GIRL Says:

    Ijust want to say.. Deabak!!!!
    Top AND bEST. Always make me corious…

  515. 515 : berastia Says:

    i agree with u, i think the most SN love is TH, but she not realize it.. Awww, TaNyang feel ♥♥

  516. 516 : Charlie Says:

    To be honest, i like the scenes with SN and the emperor the most. Without their love story, the drama would be a little boring. Way to go. Love the drama.

  517. 517 : katy Says:

    totally agree with Charlie ,
    honestly , i only watch the scenes with SA & Emperor ,
    without those scenes i would quit this drama .

  518. 518 : mariana Says:


  519. 519 : eny Says:

    I think most youngster like TH-SN because the cuteness but for adult mostly will like WY-SN because of their love is more mature. Love in young age mostly simple, happy n fun but mostly it’s fake n not last long in reality when we grow up love is not as simple when we are young, many thing affected when you gonna spend your life with that person

  520. 520 : Sharon Says:

    Where is everyone!!
    Ok I love the story sooo much it ache. Yes !! I love SN and WY as a couple , but I don’t do ships. Because you loose the depth of the story and the story is about SN Empress Ki.
    Dankisi is a trip, he is like so in love. He told her if he can’t have her he rather kill her. That’s too much love for my taste. Now TH? TH has become a little mature after ET gave SN to WY and I find his determination to get her back sexy.
    I felt soo bad for Lady Noh, she was like the closest thing to a mother SN had. How could TN have Lady Park killed at 9 months pregnant and then you saw her praying to Buddah. I was like WTF!
    SN is in labor the question is who is going to take her baby away??

  521. 521 : katy Says:

    SN likely will have miscarriage , she got morning sickness , she is about 2-3 months
    in her pregnancy

  522. 522 : docmarlyn Says:

    I think the baby will be brought to the empress and she will pretend to be the mother of the baby.

  523. 523 : docmarlyn Says:

    It is because she is pretending to be pregnant. And it so happen, SN is in early labor.

  524. 524 : docmarlyn Says:

    The palace doctors are amazing! They can diagnose a woman that is pregnant and infertile right away. hahaha…

  525. 525 : diana Says:


    glad that we are in the same page..hehe.. TaNyang is the best.
    if we go back n watch the past episode we almost can feel the relax atmosfera between SN & TW but when SN together with WY, its so serious.. i really dont like love like that.. so much stress..

    And of coz i’m still hoping …even tho i know it unlikely..that SN child is TW.. the timing for me is not right..in the last episode dokman said SN was 3-4 month n at that time LP was 5 month.. SN & WY just together rite.. so it make me wonder maybe SN & TW did end up together when SN drunk n sleep in his chambers..maybe SN seduce him first n of coz TW give himself to her..hehe…ahh i love to imagine that.. who knows right, may be this time that scenario writers same page with me too..

  526. 526 : Jake P Says:

    Great Drama. Watch it

  527. 527 : rory Says:

    I know this is based on historical true story but I am so clueless and know nothing bout their historical [even my own country historical I don’t really remember-LOL!] so I’m still shocked the way they killed Lady Pak..same goes to her escort ladies..just too cruel to watch!
    About the shipping things, I don’t really care about that..LOL!

  528. 528 : Sharon Says:

    SN is about 8 months pregnant.

  529. 529 : rory Says:

    SN is about 8 months pregnant? seriously?

  530. 530 : Sharon Says:

    Yes! SN is about 8 month. Remember in ep 22 DM said he felt the slippery pulse and she was about 4 months pregnant. After which, DM told her they have a plan that she could leave with lady Park in 4 months because Lady Park is going to have her baby at the temple where ED is. So the time as ce now where Lady Park is leaving for the temple, so she is 9 months and SN is 8 months. It was a bit confusing at first, but it seems like a lot if time laps took place.

  531. 531 : auser Says:

    best historical drama everrrr. totally shipping sn & th

  532. 532 : diana Says:

    Thats what I said..the timing is so confusing..maybe the writers dont know mathematic right…LOL.

    ♥♥♥ still hoping SN child is TW.

  533. 533 : fan Says:


    Maybe SN baby will be taken by the Empress who’s faking pregnancy, that’s why SN will try everything to get him back and give up to be with WY and marry the Emperor.

  534. 534 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, the writers are kinda confusing us, but I try to watch without bias so I can understand the whole story. Sorry to burst your bubble , but the child is WY’s SN is not the type to sleep with two men. She loves WY and that’s who she gave her body, heart and love.

  535. 535 : Sharon Says:

    I feel that way too. My question is how? Did BS saw her in the cave? In the preview for ep 23 SN was jumping off a clif. WY was told that SN is dead and he wants revenge. TH heard SN is dead and want to kill himself. TN has a baby, how, I don’t know. I can’t wait for Monday!!!!!

  536. 536 : Vlad Says:

    What is the name of this song ?


    Please leave a comment or pm me in youtube.

    Thank you.

  537. 537 : eny Says:

    i’m don’t think that the last scene in ep 22 is SN giving birth, i though she just endure the pain n hold to not make a noise so no one could find her, I’m surpise that many people think she’s giving birth
    I’m not sure now may be i’m wrong

    I love Mon-tue drama, Empress ki n Could we love?

  538. 538 : nelly Says:

    I think that hoping that the child SN is having is emperor’s is a pipe dream, I very nice one, but a pipe dream nevertheless. This because it wouldn’t be fair to anyone, especially because it would mean that the emperor raped SN, (she never let him kiss her, not once) and frankly is horrible.
    I also saw the preview of the 23th episode, and I think that it hints that the child the empress is holding may be lady Park’s (there is a scene where Yeon Chul asks if he (someone, I suppose the emperor) knows about the child returning to the palace/news about lady park.)
    I hope it is so, for him to be SN it would create a lot of angst and a very difficult situation. It was said that the child may be a weapon for the emperor to control SN, but if I remember correctly, it’s the kings life that SN saved, not someone else..

  539. 539 : berastia Says:

    Today is a monday, lalalalaa

  540. 540 : anonymous Says:

    I like WY and SN at the beginning but when the baby emperor came I started liking TH and SN because their scenes together are so romantic even though SN is trying very hard not to like TH.Now when I see WY and SN together -it just feel like that SN is holding back-don’t know what it is but she is very reserved even their goodbye scene something seems to be wrong.Of course I’m watching it because of HJW. I like JJM but JCW took me by surprise.I have seen some of his drama but in EK he seems to shine brighter.

  541. 541 : lenny Says:

    ha ji won acting wasn’t that great, half the time, she tried to act cute…sigh..sorry but that’s a fact.

  542. 542 : ilanaru Says:

    I wonder what exactly wasn’t your satisfaction in her acting?!
    HA JI WON is among the few actresses in Korea that deserves to be called an actress!
    I find her professional, talented actress , lovely person and suits her definitely play Cutie 🙂
    If the acting in ep’ 23 was not a good one I wonder what you calling a good
    I do not agree with you .

  543. 543 : idc Says:

    i like WY and SN, because in the beginning, it is the little WY who cares the little SN….remember ep. 1?

    i do not like SN to end up with TH, though I read in the internet that they will end up together….hmmmmpppp …i do not like

  544. 544 : leehyekyung Says:

    I can’t wait to watch it. still waiting it to finish.

  545. 545 : Carmen Says:

    I just want to find out if the baby is the one SN just had, and if so how did it got into the hands of the empress…OMG OMG OMG…..

  546. 546 : sue Says:

    [email protected], its good to substantiate a statement like this with something solid instead of making random comments. What is so bad for being cute if that is her real personality. Its so much better than some who put up a airy fairy front, even if they are beautiful as goddess and you don’t know what lies behind that public persona.

    Coming back to EK, I agree with Koala on her comments on TH. I would have enjoyed the character of TH more if has been played by Jang Guen Suk. Need not say more how I view the current TH.

  547. 547 : hny Jo Says:

    I’m confused abt SN pregnancy too….impossible she only have 1 months gap to lady park pregnancy !!?

  548. 548 : A GIRL Says:

    the rating is 26!!!! deabak guys

  549. 549 : A GIRL Says:

    everyday i just wait and wait for d next episode..
    hajown make me crazy for watch this drama

  550. 550 : A GIRL Says:

    and always happy for watch every scene she had. WY or Th i think both of them love her. So its romantic story ever

  551. 551 : hny Jo Says:

    Yup….even the pregnancy story little weird but still love the romantic story. .TH n WY..oooo I can feel ur sadness *-*

  552. 552 : segacraze Says:

    love hajiwon so much…
    im on SN ang WY ship..hihihi.

  553. 553 : segacraze Says:

    Sung Nyang and Wang Yu….

  554. 554 : eny Says:

    so sad….but i know from the start that this drama gonna be sad

  555. 555 : lenny Says:

    ilanaru, do u shed tears in those sad scene that she acted in this drama? she wasn’t able to portray that kind of emotion. neither was she able to make the audience laugh when its supposed to be funny. compared to historical drama like jumong, queen sheondok..just to name a few, this drama wasn’t that great at all. this is my prerogative..don’t mean to offend.

  556. 556 : Candy Says:

    the most stupid in this drama that destroy its so-far value is the pregnancy period of 3 women -Feeling like the screenwriter/producer looked down his audience from making fun out of this kind of fool.

  557. 557 : juliane Says:

    if the pregnancy gap of SN and lady pak were proximately close then the father of the baby is the emperor.just my opinion

  558. 558 : A GIRL Says:

    Candy, you disappointed. Making a history film is MORE and MORE DIFFICULT,, then JUST TALK … They had try very hard.

  559. 559 : eny Says:

    pregnancy gap between lady park n seunyang is flaw in this drama but it’s only small portion of the whole story that make me still love this drama, the whole story n good acting still make me wanna watch this drama,it’s not just drama about romance like many out there, doesn’t matter who end up with who even if it became tragic drama, so far i still like it

  560. 560 : eny Says:

    pregnancy gap between lady park n seunyang is flaw in this drama but it’s only small portion of the whole story that make me still love this drama, the whole story n good acting still make me wanna watch this drama,it’s not just drama about romance like many out there, doesn’t matter who end up with who even if it became tragic drama, so far i still like it

    Wy fate will be like Do hyun fate in could we love sparate from lover n his unknown child

  561. 561 : mariana Says:

    Have a good day (or night)!

  562. 562 : mariana Says:

    Thank you drama.net, you are the best!

  563. 563 : soel Says:

    she ends up with the emperor right??i hope she really falls in love with him.maybe something happened so she broke up with the other guy.the emperor is great and his sadness on hearing her death was so sincere..i like that pair.his acting is great..their scenes are my favorite!.

  564. 564 : ausery Says:

    I love taltal and his uncle baek ahn <3333333333333333

  565. 565 : Juliane04 Says:

    Senyung and ta Hwan

  566. 566 : Mary Says:

    Expecting romance of SN @ emperor on the next episode

  567. 567 : sue Says:

    Now that SN is returning back to the palace, I hope the writer does not portrayed her in any way directly or indirectly as a tea-serving lady again for the Emperor. So many episodes of screen time have been wasted on HJW’s talent, showing her attending to someone’s whims and fancy. One or two episodes could have already conveyed that message that she was a maid.
    As the drama is about Empress Ki and not about Emperor Huizong or WY, Im expecting more focus on SN’s journey, emphasis here is journey, to become Empress. The journey should include how she interacts with ALL the critical characters (that includes ET, ED, Empress, enuchs, palace maids) and the schemes she worked out to move up. Afterall, her love line is not the core of this drama. To focus excessively on those scenes can be quite a put-off.

  568. 568 : hny Jo Says:

    yup..I hope next eps it’s fokus abt how SN ‘stand’ in palace n how she will faces TH’s feeling to her :))

    TH reaction when he saw SN… ooooo I feel want to jump!!! yes,..screammming plz !! until Empress Dowager knows who is..makes u speak again ;))

    I never guess that Baek Ahn n tal tal, the one who help SN…I like they acting too, my Daughter love Tal Tal so much 😉

    TOP EK !!

  569. 569 : bigeye46 Says:

    baek ahn and tal tal are helping sn and i think sn want try her revenge own way and she should rid el temur first then empress..but nice drama and cant wait next esp..i praise baek ahn n tal tal good actor

  570. 570 : soel Says:

    geez,does Tal Tal lyk SN too???he is one damn cute guy!!

  571. 571 : Maha Says:

    this drama is one of the best korean drama i watched!
    I don’t like the historical drama but this drama was AMAZING!
    a mixture of love, action, comedy all at one episode. It doesn’t make me feel boring at all.
    I’m waiting for the rest of the episode to be published. so excited!
    SN& EMPROR <3<3x

  572. 572 : Riel Says:

    I don’t like that WY couldn’t wait til he married Ki to have relations. Back in the day they didn’t have a lot of methods for birth control. He really couldn’t wait to do thought by her and wait for the wedding night. I’m definitely for the emperor because I’m always on the side of the under dog and if my man thought i was dead i would want some extreme devastation from him like the emperor.
    With every story you need development and if WY and SY were to be together then where is the plot? I hope viewers don’t make the mistake of living a WY and SY relationship when it’s obvious from episode 1 and the title that it isn’t going to happen.
    WY is cool but I’d rather SY get with the emperor or Tal tal. WY needsa shower since he didn’t think it was necessary to treat SY likea lady and i heard that his character was actually a rapist and that the emperor loved her like crazy even after she died in history but it was really confusing so don’t quote me.
    I love this drama 🙂

  573. 573 : Jake P Says:

    Love the drama. Would recommend it to other fans of historical dramas. The actors are doing great in portraying their parts. I only hope less crying parts for Lee Moon Shik’s role as Bang Sun Woo. He is a great actor though but, I personally think he cries too much.

  574. 574 : hasan Says:

    آه الدراما جمممميله بشكل لايصدق احداث حلقه 23جدا حزينه
    متحمس جدا للحلقه القادمه وشكرا لكم

  575. 575 : V Morrison Says:

    Great drama! Great actors: Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo and Ji Jang Wook, keep up with the good works.

  576. 576 : Jamil Says:

    I know that Ha Ji Won will end up with Joo Jin Mo because of the first episode but I sooooooooo want SN to be with WY . There love is true . Yes , although the emperor’s love maybe greater , but SN and WY was always meant to be . I feel there’s going to be a sad ending for me 🙁

  577. 577 : julia Says:

    i like the hug moment of senyung and Ta hwan:)))

  578. 578 : anonymous Says:

    EXcept for the time line with pregnancy, this is a great drama.It has everything.I like SY and WY but SY and TH story seems to show better chemistry and more fun.It was really a surprise to me that I would ship SN and TH over SN and WY since I love SN and WY at the beginning.Now the story should focus on SN on how she became an empress of Yuan.

  579. 579 : chowchie Says:

    i love this drama…so much :))))

  580. 580 : chowchie Says:

    every episode is exciting 🙂 SY and TH are so cute together <3

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    by history , Empress Ki was virgin when she met the Emperor ,
    not stupid in love , having kid with the King .

    this was the journey of smart girl from Goryeo , was forced to be
    consort to Emperor , instead of crying for her fate , she used her brain
    to gain her power ,then she could help her country , but unfortunately ,
    due to her greed for power she lost Emperor favor later .There was nothing to
    do with Goryeo King at all .

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  594. 594 : Dlcne Says:

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    Admin nim

    Why 11 Feb – ep30 have to delay to 17 Feb ?
    So disappointed 🙁

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    (@OK OK OK from admin: Episode 30 was originally scheduled to air on 2014-Feb-11 but delay to 2014-Feb-17 due to the 2014 Winter Olympics.)

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  634. 634 : estrenosdorama.com Says:


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    Best Dramas 2014: 1. You Who Came From the Stars, 2. Empress Ki

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  653. 653 : Sarah Says:

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  654. 654 : tigerb Says:

    @reindeer song: no offense to the subbers who do their best to help us get entertained with the korean dramas, and i sincerely thank them for their efforts. maybe you and i speak the ‘same’ english version, so to speak, and the subbers have different ones. i think it’s because most of them, if not all, don’t have english as their mother tongue, and maybe they have to consult a dictionary or something for translation purposes. these are just my thoughts. i, too, had difficulty when i first watched korean dramas, but have learned to just bear with what i read, after all i always had the choice of continuing watching them or not. i will not be offended if someone posts here that i should learn the korean language!

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    please let it be love, please, please,please!!!

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  666. 666 : sue Says:

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  667. 667 : hny Jo Says:

    eps 34
    omg, SY pregnant again from TH…it’s wonderfull ,TanaSili do magic way to SY…next eps more interesting…fighting EK!!

  668. 668 : evelyn Says:


  669. 669 : a boy Says:

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  671. 671 : yeonkkoch Says:

    I don’t like this anymore.. how can she have another baby aside from Wang Yoo. If at the end Wang Yoo and Seung Yang will be together again then Seung Yang lost her virtue already because she make love to another guy. I don’t like this anymore.. haissssttt.. why is such thing happen.. Wang Yoo from the start had much suffering and until the end he will have.. I would rather see him be a martyr than being together with Seung Yang because of SY having another baby to another man.. I dont like it.. wont watch anymore.. T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T

  672. 672 : Andy Says:

    WY is the main culprit for he lost SN ..
    He left her alone in Yuan
    He dit not concerned about her 7 months ..when she went through hard times….Is this love???
    WY once heard that she is dead he not even looking for her body or try to find what really heppened !!!
    He simply accepted that she was dead and he was married for his own sake and for his throne???!!!
    AND SN pushed TH aside long time but when she thought WY betrayed her, she decided to accept TH.
    Also to have much power in the palace she MUST have a child with the emperor
    This is the destiny of both SN and WY!
    I love this drama…is soooo goood….I love HJW, JJM, JCW they are very good actors
    Empress Ki fighting!!!!

  673. 673 : ilanaru Says:

    exciting and interesting drama!!!
    Love HA JI WO!!!! and the actors beside her
    Hate the disgusting comments….
    It is important to remember that this is a series and not the exactly true story …
    Just enjoy watching….!

  674. 674 : hny Jo Says:

    Wahhhhh….the baby is born…and looks like his father TH…he so worry wait his child born…so cute moments :))
    El timur getting insane. …and the story about Maha will reveal .BTW both SY’s son look like their father’s face…handsome:))

  675. 675 : Ok OK Ok Says:

    Jin Yi Han ssi

    I like you very much in Empress Ki
    Handsome, Cool & Smart 🙂


  676. 676 : Charmaine Says:

    Omo omo Tansiri Empress is just so jealous to the point where she has cursed her own family instead of Empress Ki, really getting more exciting, shes almost worked out that the crown prince Maha is actually her son. wahhhh.

  677. 677 : tigerb Says:

    just want to say that the actor playing the role of the regent, the el temur guy, is really good! i can hate him because he is evil, and he can be pitiful when he acted deranged. guess he is a veteran actor. good show!

  678. 678 : eny Says:

    WY isn’t the one who fault losing SY, he did ask her to go with him butshe choose to stay because of blood vow, he have matter to resolves in goryoe doesn’t mean he didn’t concern, in that era it’s hard to find the body which fall in the cliff n it’s in another country which far from goryoe
    i thinks the big mistake in their reelationshp is her decision to revenge to become yuan concubine, it’s more her emotional decision after the pain she throught, yes she’s human

  679. 679 : S biscoglia Says:

    Where are you watching this drama? I can’t find it on Viki or dramafever

  680. 680 : bigeye46 Says:

    wow nice drama cant wait next week..ep36 to 37.

  681. 681 : a boy Says:

    you can watch d drama in Good drama or Dramafire.com

  682. 682 : Park Seo hee Says:

    This drama is so good. I highly recommend it to viewers out there. Although it’s a long drama, every episode builds intensity within this drama and that’s what makes it worth watching. Ha Ji won and all the other characters are doing a great job!!! Looking forward to the next 2 episodes 🙂

  683. 683 : hny Jo Says:

    Actress Im Joo Eun will be joining MBC’s “Empress Ki” as a new female antagonist.


    According to several broadcast officials on March 6, Im Joo Eun will make her first appearance on the show in mid-March. She is playing the role of Bayan Khutugh, based on the empress of the same name from the Yuan Dynasty, and will become the next empress in the drama, unseating Empress Tanashiri (Baek Jin Hee).

    Bayan Khutugh (Im Joo Eun) stands against royal concubine Ki Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won) in a manner different from the ferocious Tanashiri, and will develop a different structure of conflict, both with Ki Seung Nyang and Tanashiri. Entering “Empress Ki” mid-run as the new female antagonist, Im Joo Eun’s character has a lot of weight on her shoulders, and it will be interesting to see how things play out, and how things change.

    Currently in the drama, Empress Tanashiri is in danger of everyone finding out that the prince is not her son, her biggest pitfall yet, and with the upcoming appearance of Im Joo Eun’s character, this just might be Tanashiri’s ultimate downfall.

  684. 684 : hny Jo Says:

    I just hoping that the story not only focus abaut the battle of that three women…coz I still want the story abt Maha reveal..and also how el timur, tanqisil down n want see Byon Soo that ashole die..n still want to see uli SY and the emperor TH lovey dovey scene ♡♥ ;))

  685. 685 : jane Says:

    hey, people should learn to just enjoy dramas without too much criticisms! It’s meant to entertain you and not be what you want(you are not the writer).
    For the person that said he won’t watch anymore because Ek got pregnant for the emperor, don’t watch then. That’s just childish. He did not know that was her father he accused, besides he was still a very immature prince.
    Empress ki is better with the emperor…. She can restore Goryeo to an independent nation from her top position in Yuan, and at the same time be with the man she’s supposed to be with. Yes, she’s better with the Emperor- she gives him courage and strength, and with him together, they can rule the nation with fairness.
    The script writer should not try to get Empress ki to go back to wang Yu, it will make the whole story look like child’s play. They are two strong people that should use their strengths in different places- they must not be together.
    At the ending, empress ki should live happily with the emperor along with her child for him or children, while her child for Wang Yu could go live with his father wang yu and become the crown prince of goryeo. That is how it should be IMO.

  686. 686 : jojo Says:

    keren dramax..:)

  687. 687 : eny Says:

    it’s true some people like that, they say the drama bad because it didn’t end up like what they want
    I like empress ki story because the story is not typical it doesn’t matter who gonna be with SN, I’ m more interested with charracter. I like Wang yo n Tanashiri charracter they are really interesting charracter to me.

  688. 688 : eny Says:

    I don’t think this drama gonna get happy ending n sending maha to Wang yo i guess it’s impossible this is matter of emperror pride means yuan pride too, maha existance can not known to public, it will be harm to SN

  689. 689 : OK OK OK Says:

    This is base on true history. So U can’t change whatever u like 🙂

  690. 690 : a boy Says:

    hope this drama reach 30 % .. Aminnn…

  691. 691 : Charmaine Says:

    @ Jane – 685, Whilst i agree with you for the most parts of your comment you could also remember that this is a forum for all viewers to state their comments for the drama’s they are watching, although you don’t agree with some of the comments on here, it’s everyone’s right to state how they feel and what they want to say, warts and all, as it is also their opinion, don’t take it too personal, just saying this is also my opinion, Happy viewing…

  692. 692 : Sharon Says:

    I got a good drama for you while you wait for EK. It’s God’s Gift- 14 Days. It’s the bomb!!! Check it out!

  693. 693 : a boy Says:

    i just want to watch EK.. Not interest with another drama.

  694. 694 : eny Says:

    thank you, yes i’m gonna check it i heard it’s good

  695. 695 : moonflower Says:

    Hi guys, I just wished they would release more episodes more often in a week. two episodes, and then waiting for english sub to arrive is killing me each week.

  696. 696 : Sarah Says:

    New rival empress ki will come :O omg i hate it …

  697. 697 : kaylie Says:

    I’m gonna cryyyy, there’s only 14 episodes left:( although I can get tired of some dramas at the 6th or 5th episode, but this drama, I will never ever ever get tired of it!! I wanna watch it my whole life:(

  698. 698 : snow flower Says:

    I can bear the fact that there’s gonna be a new rival to my SY but please don’t turn baek ahn into a villain…

  699. 699 : maryspary Says:

    I wish there would be some funny scenes w/SY & TH, I missed their old dayys

  700. 700 : maryspary Says:

    oh gosh I cant wait till tmw’s episode

  701. 701 : eny Says:

    i’m impatient to see SY reaction after find out what that WY always help her

  702. 702 : hny Jo Says:

    yups!!…used baek Ahn as the villain to start the war, I hope this strategy success coz now it’s the time for el timur n fam go down, also uhm byong soo…arrrrrgggghhhh I hate him alot!! hehehe he success to play criminal face since played in ICHYV ;))

    chamm, the fact about Maha,,,it’s hard to reveal but at least SY and people around WY knows about Maha.

    can TH n Fren ;)) win against el timur politic, tonight? so curious

  703. 703 : julia Says:

    youll not get bored to ds drama bcoz every eps. is definitely interesting and intertaining to the viewers.50eps. is not a big deal for me.

  704. 704 : a boy Says:

    Everyday coriouse… Empress ki make me cant watch another drama… Ufth…

  705. 705 : Gie Says:

    Me too. Experiencing not watching any drama at this time because I was so hook to empress ki all actors are great in their acting specially the the 3 lead role Th, SN & Wy. Love them all. Great acting, great writers , directors and staff. More power EK.

  706. 706 : hny Jo Says:

    eps 37
    Ohhhh MG…it’s dramatic executions to el timur n fam…I’m satisfied abt how el timur regent end, el timur left his last word that makes Empress Dowager think abt SY …the worse possibilities if SY become empress..that’s why next would come new rival to SY and I think it’s Empress Dowager idea.
    but When ?… that’s criminal uhm byong soo will hanging in the street..why he still alive ….arrrgghhhh

  707. 707 : a boy Says:

    So its mean Empress Dowager become Sungnyang Enemy right??

  708. 708 : hny Jo Says:

    hi @ a boy…yup I guess so, by support another new comer lady(Yuan women) in the palace that would makes SY not comfortable,especially her relationship with TH …but dunno if she knows about Maha, not TH son.. it’s 50-50 ..I guess ;))

  709. 709 : bigeye46 Says:

    wow so nice..good acting on all actress and actor thumb up

  710. 710 : walex Says:

    who du u tink SY will marry

  711. 711 : walex Says:

    who du u tink SY will marry is it HT OR WY

  712. 712 : walex Says:


  713. 713 : a boy Says:

    Sungnyang love TH. She dont have feel for wangyu couz his fatal action. Remember eps 1. Wangyu become Devil in the end. But SN forgive him. So D most perfect couple is hajiwon n ji chang wook.. ohh so happy look they together.. Sweetest Couple.

  714. 714 : hanaku Says:

    I like ET prophecy. So after the war, all of them will be against SN. All they be doing now will be to eliminate SN in the palace. They are just using each other for that throne. Anyway, whatever be I know that SN will become the Empress. My worry now will be who in the palace will be her allies, since the Empress Dowager and Baek Ahn for sure will be against her now. Will it be the eunuchs since they are from Goeryo?

    I think at the end its either SN will end with WY or none at all. I am pretty sure she will not end up with TW. I finally accepted that none of WY or TW, she will end up with. At ep 1 she has given up her love for her ambitions to bring Goeryo honor.

  715. 715 : katrina Says:

    ok so, I’ve just read about empress ki in wiki and it’s sooo not what I hoped to happen and I regret reading what’s gonna happen, I hope the writers write it beautifully.


  716. 716 : tigerb Says:

    i don’t think the writing of the drama is true to form of historical facts. i read about empress ki at wikipedia and it did not give full details. if anyone can suggest me a title of a book in english on her biography, i would appreciate that very much.

  717. 717 : a boy Says:

    hajiwon said on interview section.. Wangyu is Fictif caracter..
    Adding for Dramatic and interest d viewer.. Actualy he is not real from d history..

  718. 718 : a boy Says:

    hajiwon said on interview section.. Wangyu is Fictif caracter..
    Adding for Dramatic and interest d viewer.. Actualy he is not real from d history..
    So sungnyang and tahwan is real couple hhe…i hope soo..

  719. 719 : a boy Says:

    Hope d rating increase more 30% for next eps.. and episode when d new rival came to d palace.. wuihhh.. will more excited for watch empress ki.. hajiwon unnie.. fighting!!”

  720. 720 : a boy Says:

    fighting hajiwonn!!

  721. 721 : a boy Says:

    what happend??

  722. 722 : julia Says:

    new cast of empress ki was from the Heirs drama-a tutor teacher,girlfriend of kim tan older brother.IN JOO EUN

  723. 723 : Erny Says:


  724. 724 : bigeye46 Says:

    i wonder next week is good or bad and i hope ha ji won not change unless reason..i cant wait watch esp next week

  725. 725 : Gie Says:

    Me too. Can’t wait for the next episode. Fighting empress ki! Be the number 1 all the time. God bless everyone.

  726. 726 : ldh Says:

    Baek Jin Hee very good !!!! I like Baek Jin Hee (Fighting)

  727. 727 : a boy Says:

    Ll d cast role is excellent… And ofcourse uri jiwonnie.. d empress ki… d lead actress.. D hollywood Star soon.

  728. 728 : a boy Says:

    All d cast role is excellent… And ofcourse uri jiwonnie.. d empress ki… d lead actress.. D hollywood Star soon.

  729. 729 : a boy Says:

    d new rival has come.. she and ki sungnyang will make a good chemistry as enemy. D true game will came. So d rating reach 30% hhe… Fighting jiwon unnie…

  730. 730 : hny Jo Says:

    bye2 tana sili…you doing great acting!!….writer nim when uhm byong soo will hang too…..i’m not comfort if he stil around..hahahah ;))

    the new comer lady..so fast become an Empress and makes her battle with SY…hmmm but I think it must not become a big rock to SY if TH feeling just cross to SY …it will become trouble if that’s lady, get TH attentions, so I guess SY must more make ‘lovey dovey tactic’ to keep TH feeling ;))
    coz she doesnt have support from Empress Dowager , Baek Han, and Tal Tal anymore in the palace…. so she only have ‘ my cute Ta Hwan”….hehehheheheyyy !

  731. 731 : Pam Says:

    Korean actress / actor are under influenced of cosmetic intervention too much ,
    most of them having no expression at all !
    sorry to say this .

  732. 732 : hanaku Says:

    Even though Seung Yang loss Baek Ahn and Taltal Seung Yang has still Wang Yoo. See even came to Wang Yoo to asked for help cause she knows that he can help her. I think that Goeryo people are more wise and capable compared for those that are from Yuan and Mogul. I think that Taltal’s heart is on Seung Yang making her as an Empress as well cause he knows how much Seung Yang contributed to it. He even said to his uncle Baek Ahn. Anyway we don’t have to worry about it since we all know that Seung Yang would really become the Empress. What will happen to her sons and Wang Yoo, and Goeryo. This is what I am looking forward since I think they have the greatest battle since from the start.

  733. 733 : ching Says:

    of course the son of wang yu will be the next emperor without knowing of them all thats why sunyang is not insisting of his child to be the the next emperor

  734. 734 : juliaNE04 Says:

    waiting for eng subs to come

  735. 735 : OK OK OK Says:

    Handsome Tal Tal (Jin Yi Han) is in love with Ki Seung Nyang 🙂
    I like him, who always helps Nyang 🙂

  736. 736 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 39
    The new 2nd Empress is a very cunning & VERY wicked lady.
    She fools everybody by acting “gentle”. She tries to poison Nyang’s son but fails. Hehehe 🙂

  737. 737 : kmi808 Says:

    still waiting for eng sub to come ep 38 ,39 . ugh cant wait .hope the Emperor didnt have a change of heart for SY otherwise I will stop watching this drama right that minute …..

  738. 738 : hny Jo Says:

    This is what I don’t like from ‘kingdom story’.. when mother doing much in love relationship from their kids…:(( anoying

  739. 739 : hny Jo Says:

    In last eps.39…who sing the last song…the voice sound familiar in my ear ;))..

  740. 740 : hny Jo Says:

    is the new empress is Tal Tal sister ?!…. she call taltal ‘Oraboni…but I think tal tal still secreatly support SY…hehehe,greatlah
    ehemmmm..i’m glad that’s SY little bit jeoleusssss abt TH firts night with new lady…#signal for his love;))
    btw whose sing the last song of ep 39..?the voice is so familiar….

  741. 741 : OK OK OK Says:

    Don’t worry. Emperor did not change his heart for Nyang.
    He is still madly in love towards Nyang 🙂

  742. 742 : OK OK OK Says:

    The new wicked empress is not Tal Tal sister. They only knew each from same village when young. Not related in blood.,that’s why Tal Tal know how cruel & wicked she is. 🙂

  743. 743 : a boy Says:

    d next ost is ji chang wook song

  744. 744 : Charmaine Says:

    This drama is just brilliant, definately five star rating, the intricate plot lines are just fab, nyang knows that the prince Maha is her son and that’s her ace against empress dowager who has now turned against her as she fears Nyang’s influence over people and the emperor, I could write an essay about the script so far it’s that good, the new empress will give Nyang a run for her money so to speak, but she does not have Nyang’s class….more episodes please quickly…..

  745. 745 : charlotte Says:

    Continue this amazing historical korean drama… yes.

    There will be special episode. Hahaha
    Im learning through the strategies of everyone here…. so amazing ..

  746. 746 : reindeer song Says:

    In the end Bahan will betray SY, refusing to help put her son on the throne. TT will leave him because he became El Temur the second with greed. That’s the history.

  747. 747 : reindeer song Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention another comment made, regarding the costumes, someone said they were too true to the real Yuan traditional garb. Asian has to realize this is their culture too, you are all one of the same just different countries landed upon. The maruder Ghingis Khan.

  748. 748 : chowchie Says:

    thumbs up to all the casts…one of my favorite kdrama :))

  749. 749 : eny Says:

    tanashiri death is really interesting ,she’s doing bad thing but she still has good thing in her that makes me cry in her scene,interested villain
    Curiose what will happen to Maha ,he’s pitifull
    I really wanna know SN true feelling what i see is she’s actually still have love for WY

  750. 750 : reindeer song Says:

    Off Topic! By the way Bayan is a fabulous singer, he has one of the best voices in Korea.

  751. 751 : charlotte Says:

    My gosh! My wholebody got goosebumps! While watching this Empress Ki! Ep.38!
    oh…, wang yun and seung nyang finally get back to each other…. uh… 🙂 what a nice episode Empress Ki! Fighting to all of the staff! Fighting!

  752. 752 : OK OK OK Says:

    Qi Empress – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qi_Empress

  753. 753 : bigeye46 Says:

    wah ha ji won changed so fast help them out for revenge..oh my god..maybe ha ja won going leave yuan..place..fighting

  754. 754 : mercy fernandez Says:

    Otoki., I feel inlove for the emperor lol! Lady ki must be jelous for the new empress…the emperor really love sun nyang, I hope sunnyang feel the same way to the emperor…oh, I wish they will be together up to the end

  755. 755 : mercy fernandez Says:

    Episode 38 and 39 is very intense, omo omo., I can’t help but fall inlove with the emperor,JI CHANG WOOK is WARRIOR BAEK DONG SOO, this 2011 drama is really a good one for ji chang wook, THE BEST SWORDMAN IN JOSEON ERA! Watch iy guys, you will difinitly fall for him!!!

  756. 756 : Sarah Says:

    The rating down

  757. 757 : isha Says:

    This is the best episode so far

  758. 758 : isha Says:

    40 is the best episode ever i was screaming when she pierced tangishi”s eyes yeahhhh the should be 1st when is wrong with the ratings scale

  759. 759 : Honey Says:

    Nothing beats the rating of empress ki

  760. 760 : hny Jo Says:

    episode 41… what all the Gold will bring this story become…. after SY have that…Empress Dowager eyes..blink blink see the gold :))

  761. 761 : SOSAD Says:

    please writer dont let TH and SY grew apart , if so I think I will stop watching this drama ……. praying …..

  762. 762 : berastia Says:

    If Tanyang separated, the rating go down definitely !!!

  763. 763 : isha Says:

    Ok i know she is smart but where is this going wasnt this supposed to be her secret stash or is she showing the dowager look at this b i am rich ? If so can they not take it from her? I am anxiously awaiting 42 and 43 for this. Also isnt this just 50 episodes well what is happening have her put that old ass empress in check NOW

  764. 764 : Kathleen Says:

    Why Express KI showing the Gold? Want to know what will happen to her ? Now I am so excited hope can see ep42 preview

  765. 765 : reindeer song Says:

    Has SN found out that Maha is her son? Has Wang Yu been told that Maha is his son? The mean spirited Empress is dead, what the deal?

  766. 766 : she Says:

    pls extend this drama to 100 episode……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  767. 767 : she Says:

    i like this drama very much one of the best drama i ever watch ………..111

  768. 768 : reindeer song Says:

    Please I’m anxious ANSWER somebody???!!!!!

  769. 769 : reindeer song Says:

    ************Please I’m anxious ANSWER somebody???!!!!!

  770. 770 : Lily Says:

    Well, I don’t know what to say about this illogical breakpoint of the storyline in the end of ep41. I hope that the scriptwriter will offer a solution, which won’t insult our intelligence, because how they manage to empty the treasure’s chamber seems surrealistic only seeing the number of coffers show up behind the imperial eyes and it’s only half of treasure as WY told lady Ki. Give me a break, but whole 41ep is pretty much surrealistic and this make me doubt about the quality of the storyline next 10 episode till end.

  771. 771 : eny Says:

    I think SN show the gold because there’s no other way Tal tal know it, emperor see ir n everyone beside them is already suspicious, I think SN gonna make an excuse that doesn’t harm her or minimalize the punishment than she got caught
    @ reindeer
    SN hasn’t found out about maha so does WY, the empress die because she kill pregnant concubine n all her servant
    agree about gold transport is a bit weird but i think it didn’t affect so much in the whole story

  772. 772 : eny Says:

    I’m hoping SY make confession about her real feeling to WY, i know they can’t be together again but at least she told him why she choose to revenge as concubine than wait for WY, i don’t wanna see her show her feeling after WY die
    I have feeling that WY will die in the end

  773. 773 : bigeye46 Says:

    oh my god..not happen to empress ki and hope the new empress is died this way..

  774. 774 : reindeer song Says:

    Historically this new Empress diesd at 41 years of age. WY, should not die, the emperor is the one.

  775. 775 : SOSAD Says:

    what ? , the Emperor gonna die in the end NOOOOO……..:(((((

  776. 776 : amel Says:

    Love this drama a lot!! Awesome drama in 2014! I love Empress ki and Emergency couple!
    I actually like WY with SN, but I think if it ends up with TH, it’s okay. Those guys actually love her sincerely.
    Hoping this drama will be more interesting every episode!!!!!!!

  777. 777 : juliaNE04 Says:

    emperor will not die in this drama maybe wang yu

  778. 778 : hanaku Says:

    I think Wang Yoo wont die.. who will be the next king on Goeryo? I bet it will be the TH since he has two descendants yet..

  779. 779 : kdrama love Says:

    I wish TH and SN together, I’m sorry but WY, pls leave SN… TH and SN look good together!!! WY just die in the end, pls… this will people keep watching!!!!

  780. 780 : Wamuiru Says:

    i absolutely love this Drama. I was sad that Wan Yu and Lady Ki did not make it , but it seems to have worked out thus far with her and TH. I am salivating for the day that Lady Ki realizes that the first prince is her son Star. This plot keeps me on my toes. Especially when I see Wan Yu Bonding with his son ( unknown Son) OMG!!!!!! i love this show.

  781. 781 : evelyn Says:


  782. 782 : Empress Ki freak Says:

    OMG, i wish that SN and WY are together. How could it possible be that she choice TH. I wish she regret it, and im really excited to see what happens with Maha, and WY!!!!!! I cant wait, the drama is taking my breath away!

  783. 783 : evelyn Says:


  784. 784 : a boy Says:

    fighting my empresss..

  785. 785 : dramalady Says:

    I only wish SN can be with WY at the end. They are true lovers while TH is only the arrangement of fate.
    JJM is handsome and manly.

  786. 786 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am so sad for Tal Tal. He is poison by his assasin on 10 Jan 1356 at age 42. Huhuhuhu 🙁

  787. 787 : mercy fernandez Says:

    Ji chang wook and Ha ji won are perfect couple, love the chemistry eventhough ja ji won is a bit older than ji chang wook just like the drama The King 2 Hearts as lee seung gee as the male lead….BY THE WAY, JI CHANG WOOK CAN REALLY SING!!! THE OST OF EMPRESS KI, TO THE BUTTERFLY WAS SUNG BY THE EMPEROR TO LADY KI!!! Love them.

  788. 788 : hanaku Says:

    I’m sorry to say that the movie is getting boring and going nowhere.. at first i really like the story but on later part they are just dragging the story with many unnecessary fillers.. this is just my opinion.. 🙂

  789. 789 : emily Says:

    The rating is dropping. Who’s the competitor?

  790. 790 : hny Jo Says:

    hahaha..keep silent to protect Maha, now it’s become backfire for WY n SY…I guess we will see SY n WY also TW more suffer inside .

    now I hope WY would fall to Yeon Bi soo, she is nice for long time ;))

  791. 791 : tigerb Says:

    ‘the full sun’ and ‘god’s gift’ are not doing very well in ratings. i think the rating drop is not much to be concerned about since the series is well on its way to finality. i wish the broadcast is everyday instead of 2 episodes each week.

  792. 792 : a boy Says:

    no problem.. negative thinking make it worse.. however people said.. its ok.. i still admired hajiwon .. the role model of actress in korea.. ganbatte My Empress. Keep healty..

  793. 793 : moonflower Says:

    still love Empress Ki episodes. still so frustrating to wait for english sub to come out. I commend all other actors such as the Empress Dowager, Empresses, Bayan, Tal Tal and others. Their performances are so convincing. Everyone of them have put their heart mind and soul into their acting. It shows in every part of each of their individual performances. Credit to the director also. Mighty fine work!

  794. 794 : a boy Says:

    You can wacth it with eng sub in “Empress ki House” in Facebook..
    It much help you..

  795. 795 : a boy Says:

    the best seaguk dram ever.. thank hajiwon.. you made it so great..

  796. 796 : eny Says:

    i still really love empress ki untill today, this is the most addicting sageuk for me, number 2 is Queen Seundeok. I watch this drama because of the story, the story is great even WY is my favorite charracter here n he didn’t end up with SN i still love this drama

  797. 797 : eny Says:

    ep 43 is intense n many sad moment of maha n WY

  798. 798 : bigeye46 Says:

    maha is so poor thing and angry w emperor..cant wait next week 44 to 45 ep

  799. 799 : reindeer song Says:

    Maha, will be the one to find out he is WY son, he will make arrangement to revenge his Mum and one of WY minions will tell him you cannot kill your father. (sound pausible right).

  800. 800 : evelyn Says:


  801. 801 : Sarah Says:

    The eps 43 make me frustration .., arrrggh :3

  802. 802 : Lungu Says:

    Tot timpu astept cu sufletul lagura serialul acesta care se traduce, multumesc!!!

  803. 803 : tigerb Says:

    in this series, if the emperor yuan is a coward it is because he was not properly brought up from childhood.

  804. 804 : dramalady Says:

    I think the King is the true love of SN. He is mature and thoughtful while the Emperor is childish and weak. Both actors are good though. A good drama to be recommended.

  805. 805 : Carmen Says:


  806. 806 : hny Jo Says:

    when will tanqisil n the gank died!!!…. ep.44…. speechless, so sad for them all.

  807. 807 : dian Says:

    it’s is true that the episode will be extended to 51? i think at the end of this drama will be when the time empress ki leave the empire, according to the history, she left without trace after her son Prince Ayu become emperor.

  808. 808 : Carmen Says:

    For the shots I have been able to see, I think the best for Empress Ki, is to left the Emperor, if you have seen it from start she is always giving giving giving, but no one appreciate all she has done, and she needs to be Happy, from the biggining that Emperor was weak, what can she expect from him he will always be a puppet of some one….that is the way he is. Too bad for her she did try…but he did nothing for her…now is too late to make her Empress….and by the way where is the other one?

  809. 809 : Sarah Says:

    Wangyu die ? Why ? :'(

  810. 810 : honey Says:

    its to early for him to die.

  811. 811 : hny Jo Says:


    I still like TH with SY… i understand his feel to SY, SY the only one person he want to close, but there is with so many cruel ppl who want destroy his trust to SY…I still like their act 🙂

    yeaahhh..finally SY know who is Maha…and WY not die..he safe in Yoon Bi Soo arms ;))

    the new queen is borring character !

  812. 812 : Gr-'/@95 Says:

    Love,love,this drama and the actors,can hardly wait for episode 45. Keep up the good dramas, fighting !!!

  813. 813 : sheshe Says:

    im dying to watch it again. I stop watching at ep 35 because i hate waiting & watching, watching & waiting it every week. i will just continue watching after they the final episode

  814. 814 : favour Says:

    Am 4rm nigeria bt we’re stil waitin 4 season 5…..dis movie 2 me,is 1 of a kind.I luv nyang nd wang yoo,i wnt dem 2 end up 2geda cos dey luv each oda right 4rm d startin point of dis film….i also luv d emperor bt he is 2 jealous nd childish bt i dnt blame him cos dats d role he ws given…jst cnt wait 2 c who nyang wil end up wit…..bt dis movie got complicated afta nyang slept wit d emperor nd gave him a child bt stil yet wang yoo didnt misbehave……keep on d good work mr.producer…..FIGHTING!!!

  815. 815 : miss A Says:

    this drama brought me different emotions, mind you guys im still in epi23 long way to go compared to most of u,,i wanted to stop watching it but i end up watching the next epi..i hate it cause its full of tragedy, man’s wickedness and evry evil they may think, and it makes me sad and torn for SY,and i keep on asking what must she have done wrong to deserve that…… though i love this drama, i really do, cause the’re great actors,and somehow im attached to it…but i dont want to be part of their misery and in my condition,its not good,it affects me too much.that only means this is a great work of entertainment.. .oh right there’s their romance but just for moment and another tragedy again, well i guess and hope SY will end up happy with her true love(WY) for this is what she deserves.. this is just for me and mine alone.
    Fighting Sungnyang!!

  816. 816 : eny Says:

    I rewatch early episode, it’s really interesting how WY in ep 1 change gradually after one incident to another incident n become wise king

  817. 817 : hny Jo Says:

    Ep 46

    I’m glad that new empress lady..is down, after she fail to try kill Maha n framed SY ;))
    Also empress dowager who being collapse after hear Maha is fake. ..haha haha. .SY win for now.
    but so sad coz Yeon bi soo die to safe WY from tanqisil..she die in WY arms with
    happiness 😉
    TH always dream abt SY kill him coz he ordered to kill WY…ooow feel sad 4 u!

    Last moment WY knew that Maha is his son…omo!! Next episodes coming soon plz…:))

  818. 818 : lee yeaon Says:

    this movie was wow am waiting for the new empress to go on her knee is just a green snake i thought she will be different but was disapointing just wanna see her down fall and i cant wait to see lady ki become the empress

  819. 819 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 47

    I thought Maha would be the king of Goryeo later, but he died young..so sad…and that’s TH servant /Gol Ta is “Daebak Leader” who always use mask…ooooo dunno in whose side he is ?!

    I guess next episode is only a battle of Goryeo ppl n TH ppl…the crisis between SY n TH relationship…hmmm u guy who like SY N WY together, will be happy ;))

  820. 820 : eny Says:

    so sad maha, it’s ironic how SY take care of the emperor n his son suffer physically n emotionally alone without someone that he love, i’m a bit mad to SY when he told maha is abandon child just after he get hurt from, I want her to cry n regret it.

    @hny jo
    I don’t want WY love her anymore
    I want SY regreting her choice

  821. 821 : Carmen Says:

    eny, if she said that she is his mother, Maha’s live will be in more danger, I think she did the best for him—and the best was to take him out of the Palace, because sooner or later they all going to find out that he was her kid after all!!!

  822. 822 : eny Says:

    of course she shouldn’t say she is his mother, i think she doesn’t have to reveal he’s not TN son, just keep the secret n live in the palace n try to get closer to her to minimalize dowager influence to him. Maha is lonely kids in the palace sending him out to the palace is more misserable for him esp after just get hurt n haven’t fully recover she reveal his identity, i know her intention is to protect him but i think it’s bad decision

  823. 823 : Obafemi Says:

    What happened to the king of Goryeo? did he survive the border and was he able to marry nyang??

  824. 824 : ching Says:

    its only two weeks to go i wish that the ending is a happy ending not sad one i hope

  825. 825 : ching Says:

    i ove this drama so much thats why im always waiting for this weekly ep. until the end .thanks for the good drama but hoping you can make another drama withha ji won and hyun bin we like him to be partner of ha ji won so much chemistry to both of them.

  826. 826 : sonia Says:

    WY and maha r pitiful. Wat kind of subject will kip their king in d dark wy deserves to know d truth. TH is slfish n he’s fill wit jealousy. TH thinks he’s d only one suffering he doesn’t knw dat WY is going tru hell. SY had two kids for both king Unbelievable!!! I’m disappointed. I hope d writer knows wat he’s doing. WY fighting!!!

  827. 827 : sonia Says:

    WY cannot die after all he’s been tru. Impossible!! Poor maha.

  828. 828 : mercy fernandez Says:

    I think sunyang dissapeared at the end without a trace…maybe tal tal and sun nyang run away..haha, tal tal is awesome after all!

  829. 829 : mercy fernandez Says:

    But I’m hoping that lady ki and emperor tah wan will be together up to the end! Love them both!

  830. 830 : julia Says:

    maha died,might be the way OF SY @ WY will not meant to be in the end.

  831. 831 : Sarah Says:

    Bad story . I really hate the story of 48 and 49 maybe the next episode . Why the writer is? :'( . Hate.

  832. 832 : Sarah Says:

    I think all of character on this drama will die 🙁

  833. 833 : a boy Says:

    just like another historical drama.. Queen sendok .. i think empress ki will be sad ending.. hhe.. its ok .. there is Happy there is Sad.

  834. 834 : Jenica raam Says:

    @sarah : im agree with you :3 . Hate it.

  835. 835 : Jenica raam Says:

    @aboy : yess , like queen seondok 🙁

  836. 836 : julia Says:

    omg TALTAL KILLED HIS UNCLE .what a painful episode.

  837. 837 : Rysa Says:

    Hate the drama so much !!!!!

  838. 838 : Rysa Says:

    Not recomended drama !!! 🙁

  839. 839 : ching Says:

    oh i love taltal so much his coolness and yet he choose to kill his uncle bayan for his wrong doings oh i love this drama so much its about yhe good and the evil fight to the end

  840. 840 : ching Says:

    superb story bravo tal tal

  841. 841 : ching Says:

    tal tal must recieve an award for his acting ability .

  842. 842 : Carl Says:

    I was dissapointed about episode yesterday 🙁 . But im sure sunyang will be the winner 🙂

  843. 843 : hny Jo Says:

    hahahhah…the story of episode 48 is sad..but the effect of this episode for the viewer makes me loLL..hhehheh read all the comment this week …funny! ;))

  844. 844 : Anne Says:

    I think the writer is sleepy . You must sleep well sir with full time 🙂

  845. 845 : julia Says:

    the writer is sleepy and had a nightmare the same as the emperor did in the drama.hahah!!!

  846. 846 : hanaku Says:

    hahahaha… lol.. yeah.. the writer should sleep full time cause maybe after filming an almost 50 episodes he lack sleep.. hehehe 🙂 they are not doing any justice with the drama now.. at first it was so nice but shekkksss… at the end.. 🙂

  847. 847 : gogogaga Says:

    every episode there must be one person that dies.. at least just keep baek ahn</3

  848. 848 : honey Says:

    episode 49 is good compared to yesterday ep.Ta hwan knew about maha s origin.

  849. 849 : HANNah Says:

    i love the [email protected] when the emperor reminiscing their past with SY together.

  850. 850 : hny Jo Says:


    triangle love is always enjoyable to watch..is exciting moments when tanqisil attack TH n SY then WY come to save them..OOOWW tanqisil give terrible secret about SY son in his last word to TH…after all his love was blooming again to SY….dag dig dug deehh ;))

    oh ya, tal tal cry in front of SY when she will undergo punishment coz baek han death….wahhh so sweet moments !! I think it’s love quadrangle already, not triangle only hehehhe, I want to see tal tal in his future drama ;))

  851. 851 : Mercy Caballero Says:


  852. 852 : hendry Says:

    how story is episode 51???

  853. 853 : a boy Says:

    Omg…. cant wait for d ending…. But sad couse of it will end.

  854. 854 : berastia Says:

    I already miss tanyang couple. Next week will be the end of empress ki T.T

  855. 855 : kdrama freak Says:

    jcw n hjw have chemistry, keep it up. it will be good for them to pair in modern drama. any script???

  856. 856 : Carmen Says:

    All I will ask is for another good drama and to be History one I love those…

  857. 857 : fallonle Says:

    it will be nice if empress ki leaves with Tal Tal.it look like she also care for him.they are cute together.

  858. 858 : mummybee Says:

    er… I thought that the relationship Empress Ki and Tal Tal is that of teacher and Student or a mentor/mentee.

    She respects him for being a good strategist, foresight and knowledge.

    He has humbly acknowledged that the “student” has overtaken the teacher.

    They are good sparring partners… I don’t see any more than that.

  859. 859 : hein Says:

    I love Empress Ki drama. I love Ha Ji Won. Good Luck!!!!!!! Fighting!!!!! viewers rating – HIGH!!!! This drama is TOO GOOD!!! ^_^ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  860. 860 : bigeye46 Says:

    so nice drama but i cant wait for end drama and dun tell me the end so happy yet end sad memory..

  861. 861 : a boy Says:

    Noooo… I dont believe this drama will end… Ohh… No wayyy….

  862. 862 : BUNnY Says:


  863. 863 : BUNnY Says:

    i mean april 30 date of airing “THE NEW LEAF”

  864. 864 : kostrad Says:

    are the story like the opening before flashback?? hehehe
    i thinks sun nyang better back to wangyu gong hehehe,

  865. 865 : reindeer song Says:

    Do you think Tal Ta will die? The true story he was poisoned. Ki will disappear to Wang Yu maybe??!

  866. 866 : zainab Says:

    I dont want dis drama 2 end i luv it bt wot i dont understand z wen tal tal started developin feelings for lady ki wil sumone care 2 explain

  867. 867 : ching Says:

    Tal tal had a great respect towards sunyang for her braveness and loyalty at the same time he was earning a secretly and great love for her. I love this drama so much awards awards awards for this drama

  868. 868 : eny Says:

    i just read about baeksang nomination n i get really dissappointed because i heard they only nominate HJW in most popular actress n BJH in beat new actress, i’m suspicious it’s about history distortion issue, just like last year i’m dissapointed about bridal mask didn’t get nomination on the main category n just give joo won nomination in most popular actor becaus of political isssue. I think they didn’t dare to include drama with sensitif theme n the main actor/actress in the main category.
    Actually i’m already predict this will happen eventhough because some flaw this drama i thought it will fail as best drama i feel sad for the cast. I think JJM deserve daesang for his acting

  869. 869 : eny Says:

    the ending really make me nervouse, is it gonna be epic like Queen seoundeok ending????i’m addicted to this drama since the first epsode i hope the ending won’t be dissappointed

  870. 870 : kimchilee Says:

    I am disappointed too that Ji Chang Wook was not nominated. His acting here as the Emperor was superb. He was able to portray a strong emperor one minute and the next, a cowardly weak side of him. More character in terms of action and facial expression. Of course, Ha Ji Won’s acting tops all of them. 🙂

  871. 871 : eny Says:

    ep 50 feels like final episode, cry…………

  872. 872 : Mheg Says:

    What happened in episode 50…can you please tell me….

  873. 873 : Mheg Says:

    MBC for historical drama,,,and SBS for romance and comedy….high 5…

  874. 874 : BUNnY Says:

    is it true that HJW gonna in the last eisode?

  875. 875 : Carmen Says:

    I know that th will kill wy this is all I know

  876. 876 : Dic's Says:

    ep 50
    feel so sad….. cos wang yu die……
    last 1 episode, tonight, how the story will end… i hope not dissapointed……

  877. 877 : hny Jo Says:


    OUWW…. Otoke, it’s so dramatic ending..for their love story. .huffffs

    last of the last hope ..Uhm Byong Soo must die…kill him SY !!

    Based of the true story. ..SY n TH together is must ;))

  878. 878 : Sara Says:

    Where can I watch episode 50?

  879. 879 : Mheg Says:

    Wang yu will die? I hate it,,,dont like to watched episode 50 and 51….I would love if wang yu ang sugnyang will be back together…

  880. 880 : Mheg Says:

    Most korean dramas had sad ending,,,,hope happy ending in empress ki,,joo jin moo and hajiwon…love you both..

  881. 881 : eny Says:

    eventhought it’s sad n my favorit charracter WY die n final ep preview doesn’t seem so attractive for final episode i still wanna see the last episode, I already predict WY will die but i thought it gonna be in the last episode

  882. 882 : Zeedagold Says:

    Sum1 plz tel mi wot happened in episode 50

  883. 883 : Carmen Says:

    I did start from the begining, and notice that all EmpressKi suffering was from the wrong desition from WangYu–it was all his fault for all her suffering, 1st let those ladies escape for them to find Dead, then when hi was happy with Sean…he left her prenant and all to go to his kingdon, why he leaft her?…then from there every time he try to help her he end up not doing the right job…at the end he find Dead…..and I do not know what will happend to her…..all her fam die….OMG all she has is her son now….

  884. 884 : rairamegumi Says:

    the emperor is also die…everyone died…

  885. 885 : Mheg Says:

    Sad ending,,,koreanwriter dont believe in happy ending,,,I hate it..always died in the final episode.Hope they will think something unexpected ending..not always died..

  886. 886 : Soni Says:

    Ohh wow ep 51 worse ending ever
    !! Writers didn’t do there job
    For once let historic drama b a good ending
    Don’t get me wrong I loved this show
    But I knew writers will do something like that
    So I stopes watching around ep 40
    Too bad this show could have had a big ending like the all drama was wonderful .. Waist of ending 👎

  887. 887 : Zarina Says:

    What an ending ! Boooozzz
    Damn they killed this show for me
    The writers were great until they killed the all show !!
    Bad ending !!!! Film it again !!

  888. 888 : Michele Says:

    What an ending!!! After all of those 51 episodes of watching, we get what? The death of every single character!!!!! Another version of Hamlet. This is terrible. I have always respected a writers view of how to end a drama, but this, I just can’t get over how terrible the ending was. Very disappointed.

  889. 889 : NinahFox Says:

    ep 50
    feel so sad.. cos Wang yu die..

    Ep 51 was sad too, should not have to end this way all died, it should have been a happy ending as in many other dramas. I was hoping for happy ending for Empress Ki and Emperor(Ta Hwan). worst ending ever. I watched every episode and liked but this last episode was so bad. ’cause everyone died one by one.

  890. 890 : Alyc Says:

    Sad ending . All character die 🙁 and i think the writer also die. 🙁

  891. 891 : Lysha Says:

    As i know, only “Dong Yi” that had happy ending…

  892. 892 : pcast Says:

    terrible ending for a such good drama! I don’t know why the writers messed the ending that way. So sad.

  893. 893 : hny Jo Says:

    so sad ending ,but it must ending like that coz it’s true story 😉

    anyway I’m stil love this saeguk drama ever..the 1st 51 episode drama ..I ever watch online,tq..bye2 !

  894. 894 : hny Jo Says:

    Ta Hwan….I’m gonna miss u…die peace in SY arms,saranghamnida ..na do 😉

  895. 895 : azsa Says:

    Wang Yoo & Ta Hwan were gone… aaahhh Tal Tal also died :(

  896. 896 : tigerb Says:

    haven’t watched the last 2 episodes yet, but reading the comments before mine, seemed like everyone did not like the ending and blamed the writers. shouldn’t everyone die even if it just a drama?

  897. 897 : princess Says:

    Why does korea dramas always hv tragic n sad endings…. Plz korea writers buckle up or maybe go back 2 d classr00m….stop gvn us tragic endings,dnt let us loose interest esp we addicted kd fans I’ve refused 2 watch any series beside kd….really I hv made up my mind not to get t00 emotionally attached 2 any of my fav character anytime I’m watchn kd. I stopped watchn Ek cuz WY n SN r not 2gether(waitn 4 d last episodes thinkn probably they will end up together n readn d c0mments here WY had 2 die…it really broke my heart,we all know itz a true story.d writers could hv modify it in a way dat will suit d viewers. 🙁

  898. 898 : maja Says:

    i stopped watching this at episode 5…. i knew this would have a sad ending and i dont want to waste my time on dramas with sad ending… sad because i love wang yu and empress ki

  899. 899 : Carmen Says:

    Another history drama that have a really good end was –The Moon That Embraces the Sun—Dong yi—as for me I like this end…it is history and has to tell what happend years decades ago…..it is always another Emperor or King that will continue with the history…and War….that in reallity still going on!!!

  900. 900 : BUNnY Says:

    omg im waiting my time here until ep 49,writer is here to disappoint not to intertain us.i will not watch d last 2 ep.comments are enough 4 me.GOODLUCK WRITER FOR ANOTHER KILLING DRAMA…

  901. 901 : kimchilee Says:

    TAL TAL DIED???? EVERYONE DIED EVEN SY??? WHYYYYY? Writer should die too.. after all the exciting episodes, all died like Princess Ja Myung Go drama.. all died.. eaargghh..wasting all our efforts to watch this long drama.. now I dont want to complete watching it..

  902. 902 : kenshi Says:

    shame that many good characters had to die. As for the ending goes, well, not all stories have happy ending, its about the journey.

  903. 903 : hny Jo Says:

    SY not die..it’s sad ending but it also memorable ending for good, I suggest to keep watching til end guy’s. ..me too like hap end for every drama I watch, but this one it’s fine. ..coz from began it’s talk abt the journey of SY to become an Empress..how she becomes emperor after TH died..Although she most lost all she loves. So nothing wrong with the writer ;))

  904. 904 : Mercy Caballero Says:

    Aww! Another queen seondok tradegy! How sad reading all the comments for the last 2 episode of empress ki….otoki?

  905. 905 : tigerb Says:

    a very good production, loosely based on the life of an empress, it is well written, with an excellent cast, made me look forward to continuing episodes each week. I’ve read a lot of comments complaining of the sad ending that most of the characters died. there’s an end to everything, i wonder how it really ended for the empress, after all her son rose to the throne. i’ve watched most of the cast in previous dramas, but I am most impressed with the actor who played the young inept emperor as he acted a wide range of emotions than the rest, and delivered very well, should watch his previous work. my congratulations to everyone involved in such an outstanding production! cheers!!!

  906. 906 : Emma Says:

    It’s the only drama I didn’t get tired of at all, so I can easily say it’s my favourite korean drama, I’ll never forget it! The ending is so sad, but I loved it, I trully trully loved it and still do. Right now I’m still crying after seeing the ending and it’s been already 10 minutes, I just can’t stop. I wish TH hadn’t died and I still hoped so even though I saw that’s what happened in history. It’s so hard to find such a great drama and it’s gonna time awhile until i find something as good as Empress Ki, although I doubt it!

  907. 907 : bigeye46 Says:

    wah but sad ending what a pity both emperor died..

  908. 908 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Very good drama, great cast, good writers, professional team! Thank you.

  909. 909 : jacky Says:

    aaay, ji chang wook died, even tal tal died sad ending ! well thats what the story goes! i remember queen seondok, “Bidam” died too! Thak you MBC for giving us another good drama!

  910. 910 : zeedagold Says:

    y did al d characters hav 2 die GOSH i hate it

  911. 911 : Zarina Says:

    Bad ending ever !!! Learn from the moon that embraces the sun !! Now that’s an ending pepole want to see ! Learn from that dear writer !! I can’t believe that someone killed is own show wow
    Empress ik was my fav drama … Not any more ! Sorry but no matter what history was .. This show was based on empress ik but not all was the same facets .. Writer should have made it uniq for is .. But instead he choose not to make us happy .. He choose the eazy way out !! too bad
    This one could have been a winer !!
    Ep 50-51 👎👎👎👎👎done !

  912. 912 : Sara Says:

    Your so right !
    Bad ending just kill this show for me
    51 ep gone to waiste .. ( was my fav drama ) actores were wonderfull
    Writer 👎👎😡 learn from the moon that embraces the sun!
    Empress ik should have ended diffrent .. U wasn’t brave enough to make a change … Too bad .. I was waiting for the end .. But not anymore …
    Didn’t even bother to watch it .. Ep 51 … 😢

  913. 913 : Eti Says:

    Ending sucked ! What a waist
    Actors were amazing !
    I thought the writing was good .. The last 10 ep the writer lost is magic I think …oh well … This ending will go on the recorded .. Writers block writen .. Lol .. Oh well writers can make mistakes as well .. Maybe he will do better next time .. Live and learn

  914. 914 : Ester Says:

    Ending sucked !!
    Show was good
    But now I can’t think of this show in the way it ended
    Was stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do the ending again plz!!!
    Writer damn !!

  915. 915 : fallonle Says:

    i like the ending,because it hard to dislike the two kings .i like sungyang to be with wangyu.but i also want her to be with yuan king.just because how muck they love her.the end is okay just how you look at it.not all historial drama have good ending you know.over all i lkie the ending.

  916. 916 : Ester Says:

    Ending has too be bold ! Not like a safe getaway writer choose here .. For me all I see writer didn’t want to choose a side .. Dislike this ending I can’t agree .. 50 ep for noting at the end .. Sorry it’s knowing how to finish something that also countes …

  917. 917 : Kleizal Says:

    i will miss this drama…complete perfect historical romance drama…so sad but this is real life…not all are good..miss SY, TH and WY also Tal Tal…Miss empress ki T_T

  918. 918 : Arabian fan Says:

    waw the ending it was good but it would be fabulous if the writer live poor ta-hwan go to the trip :'( he deserve to be happy
    i watch this drama due to the 4men ost and i fall love with Ji Chang Wook
    i can’t wait for his next drama

  919. 919 : mariana Says:

    What a great drama! Congratulations for all the actors and also for the entire team! You have done a wonderful work! Ji Chang Wook it was the big revelation for me! BRAVO for all of you and good luck in the future!

  920. 920 : Miss Says:

    Tal Tal died. T.T I’ll miss him. I like him in this drama.

  921. 921 : xervr Says:

    Baeksang snob Empress Ki this year! Ouch! Poor Ha Ji Won. 2 straight years she was ignored by Baeksang for her superb performances in this drama and King 2 Hearts!

  922. 922 : KDCraze Says:

    I actually like the ending. With the ending, the writer choose to follow the history after all. Loved this drama, all the casts and the costumes are great. I loved Ji Chang Wook acting for potraying Emperor. Talented actor.

  923. 923 : eny Says:

    i don’t really like the ending it’s not because of sad ending, the ideal ending for this genre should be surprising n give strong impression, i’m actually think that SY gonna be cruel to his enemy n rule yuan country like the description of this drama at first, ep 51 seem rush n not so thrilling, i think ep 50 feels more like the final episode. But this is still my most favorit sageuk along with Queen seundeok. I think Queen Seundeok final still the best

  924. 924 : reindeer song Says:

    Princess, you ask why? Look at the Korean Monarch thrughout history, did any of them have a happy life? Brother kill brother, father kill family they all killed each other for power and greed.Look at the history Goyurgoe, Baeke, Silla,Manchuria/Mongolia!? then the dynasties Goryeo Dynasty, Josen Dynasty, then put in place Balhae, khitan all these kill in the name of helping their people. Just a few did any good deeds, but stil they were all murders and warmongers i.e. Taejong evil. Okay two great king came out of all that quagmire was King Gwangeato and King Sejong, that it. So looking at this drama it just follow in line, the only thing is the writers are doing the killing.

  925. 925 : mercy fernandez Says:

    GOOD JOB FOR JI CHANG WOOK AS AN ACTOR FOR A KING IN.YUAN.AND I FALL FOR HIM WHEN HE SING THE OST “TO THE BUTTERFLY” love his voice….I love the ending sungnyang truely loves tah wan.

  926. 926 : Godswill Says:

    all these u guys re talkin abt, dats not my problem 4 now happy ending or not i love d drama nd dats it but i really want 2 know is WHO IS D LEADER OF EAGLS HOUSE

  927. 927 : dost Says:

    emang klo ha ji won klo udh main drama ampuunnnn yaa dpt bgt… pas nntn endingnya –” haduuuuhhhh

  928. 928 : lisa Says:

    ceritanya bagus bgtt…tapi endingnya gajebo…

  929. 929 : iin Says:

    before watch EK, i doubt cause llong long ep. but after watch the superb acting of HJW, i enjoy this.

  930. 930 : Hur chang oak Says:

    empress ki soap opera is one of tedhe most exciting drama i ever watched
    which means the actorss so well talented and practical to the drama. and so as the actors are more like mongolians appearance.

  931. 931 : Softa Says:

    I am from Mongolia & I like Dang Ki Se (Tengis).

  932. 932 : luna Says:

    General tal tal i love you…….very handsome and smart……exellence…..

  933. 933 : Susan Says:

    Did everyone see “Nortcape” advertisement on YouTube? Its about seun nyang and ta hwang reincarnation, very lovely, at least they will together after long time

  934. 934 : msmelchidec Says:

    Great drama. . . all actor and actresses are superb. By the way what happen too Maha. ?

  935. 935 : Heartheart Says:

    Ohmygosh this looks like a really great drama..i hope this get aired in The Philippines. I want to watch this. GMA please buy this!

  936. 936 : rhaye Says:

    @heartheart yap nakuha na ng GMA 7 yan

  937. 937 : Heartheart Says:

    YEEEEEEEY! Oh my gosh! My heart is leaping with joy! GMA is really wise when it comes to buying of rights of Korean Drama series! This will become a hit in the Philippines for sure! :)))

  938. 938 : EK Says:

    Just finished last ep..so sad. great show but sad ending..too many people died.
    Well, i love it, going to watch it again..that last scene brought back a lot of fun memory for the beginning of the drama..when all thought that Ki was a man…
    Thanks for the excellent drama!

  939. 939 : Alice Johnson Says:

    I love this drama but all I want to know is who is the head of eagle house I have thought of everyone I could and it is driving me nuts.

  940. 940 : liel29 Says:

    this is really good..a combination of seon dok and dong yi..every episode wont make you feel sleepy..ha ji won is really great in action themes…

  941. 941 : Pikachu3113 Says:

    I love this Korean drama! It’s soooo good plz give it a try you won’t regret watching it! I ship nyang and wang yu! This drama is awesome so glad I found it 🙂

  942. 942 : EK Says:

    to Alice Johnson, the leader is Ggoi Bo – King’s closest personal secretary, evil bad guy 🙁

  943. 943 : KLover Says:

    Soo excited to watch this in the Phils!

  944. 944 : haryor Says:

    really love Dis drama every episode is thrilling. really love nyang acting,really love her stare she is such a great actress

  945. 945 : Tungaa Says:

    I am Mongolian person. Энэ кино үнэхээр их таалагдсан шүү. Ta Huan and Nyang хос үнэхээр хөөрхөн хосууд шүү. Даанч төгсгөл нь жоохон онцгүй төгсчлөө. Ихэнх хүмүүс нь үхээд муухай юмаа. Ta Huan-г амьд үлдээсэн бол гоё төгсөхгүй юу.

  946. 946 : Alice Johnson Says:

    To ek thanks for info

  947. 947 : choo annlyn Says:

    just love this drama to the fullest,all those sleepless nights and tired mornings are all worth it.The sadness is part of what makes this drama great..love it 🙂

  948. 948 : Alice Johnson Says:

    Empress ki has turned out to be in my top five list of my favorite dramas it has earned a place with dong yi and kangchi.

  949. 949 : tasya Says:

    Best of best drama. Must watch. U’ll never stop. Ha ji won is my 1’st favorit actress. She’s very charatered.

  950. 950 : cutebabe Says:

    I really love this film…I love wang yu acting and Nyang it’s very lovely…Tai Tai I love but I dnt like the way everybody die @the end, they are not suppose to die. But it’s a lovely film a must watch for every one

  951. 951 : apple Says:

    napansin ku lng kapag ang main cast ay c ha ji won sa gma xa pag lee min ho,jang keun suk,abs cla,hmmn

  952. 952 : ONARIK Says:


  953. 953 : SIMONA Says:

    This drama is my favorite!

  954. 954 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Good drama. I read the short biography of Empress Ki, at first I’m quite disappointed, but the writer gave justice to the story. Two thumbs up to all the staff and crew.

  955. 955 : rroxan Says:

    I think This DRama was listed to top 8 korean drama.And soon to be no.1 in 2014!!! JI WON is on “Secret Garden” no.1 in 2011.Love Yah!!

  956. 956 : blessavina Says:

    I really love this movie its ecouraging,sad and funny but I wish tal tal and emperor didn’t die you guys are really great and emotional I like that (*thumbs up*) if I have the chance to meet u guys(korea) I will be very happy korea hmmmm u guys are (wow)

  957. 957 : hufflepuff Says:

    when I was already enjoying watching episode 41 of empress ki, electricity went off..seriously?!! #BatelecProblems

  958. 958 : lishin Says:

    super super ganda ng story

  959. 959 : pacute Says:

    hello,ha ji won …sana mapalabas dito sa philippines ang palabas mo,kasi ang ganda ng istorya

  960. 960 : hi Says:

    galingan mo ha ji won dapat manalo ka,makapasok sa top 8 poll closed…the best story ever seen…and the ratings nice…congratulations…best actress..i will vote this drama this year to become number one1

  961. 961 : iheartoppa Says:

    i love ha ji won….., empress ki is so amazing!!!!

  962. 962 : [email protected] Says:

    ha ji won is a great actress.
    no pretentions
    uses her talents not her looks.

    seriously, can’t even compare to hollywood actresses nowadays
    Ji Chang Wook i never notice u before..but i notice u now…hihihi

  963. 963 : ki Says:

    the best drama of the year 2014………..

  964. 964 : lee Says:

    congratulation..best actress..Ji won

  965. 965 : LemonHoney Says:

    I love this drama to the max! One of the best I ever watched so far. Great storyline, something to look forward every episode. Great directors, great casts, great props n’ clothings. It is immensely emotional, action packed with plots that excites, sacrificial n’ protective love, ambitions, revenge, power that turns into obsession, greed that blinded talented men into fools, deep loyalty that,s unshakable against all odds, seriously everything is so well done that the story became alive, n still lingers in my heart n’ mind after watching. Thanks for all the hard work into making this production great, keep it up!!

  966. 966 : dramalover Says:

    This is a crap drama, too long winded, too many unrealistic scenes and plots stories. Worse, it has black magic which makes me laughing my ass out. It has some boring episodes which made me stop watching at times. The whole drama has no sense of ancient chinese culture and customs at all. Bad director and bad stories. Made in 2014 but it seems made in 90s because it is lack of realism. Only good is the actress and actor are good looking. This drama keeps concentrate on pointing the looks of their stars and not the quality. So sorry, i go after drama quality and not actress/actors glamorous. It was an excitement when I found this drama but after watching, it is a disappointment, I give only 2 star out of 5 star.

  967. 967 : avi Says:

    Para sa akin Mas maganda pa rin ang JUMONG main cast Song Il Gook as Jumong maraming state of the war kaysa Empress Ki main cast Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yoo (later King Choong Hye of Goryeo)
    – Ahn Do Gyu as Wang Yoo (young)…

  968. 968 : bblve07 Says:

    wow i love this drama, i cant sleep thinking what will happen in the nxt episode…

  969. 969 : mi Says:

    maganda ang istorya..pati casts nito super galing umarte..maganda ang rating,may award pa,nakakakilig ,Historical, Politic, Romance, Melodrama
    Episodes: 51 panalo the best talaga.para sakin ito ang number 1 panalo super super ganda, kilala,popular ang cast ,super kilig talaga.kakaiba ang title bagay sa story nito.ang alam ko mananalo ito ,makakapasok ito sa top 8 poll closed this year.at naantig ako sa story talagang super super ganda todo kilig to the max.i enjoyed watching this drama. to all cast fight oh!!!

  970. 970 : ly Says:

    hello to the cast..ang galing nyo talaga,super the best kayo para sa akin.maganda ang istorya tamang tama ang tema,the best….

  971. 971 : j Says:

    wow!nice rating ,nice story the best.
    super ganda talaga ng story.
    magagalimg ang mga artista dito sa palabas na ito.
    interesting,so many awards.
    the best drama ever.
    i like Ji Won so much because super galing niya very talented.
    best actress…congratulations..
    fight oh!!

  972. 972 : lishin Says:

    i know makaka pasok ito sa top 8 list of 2014 this year.
    maganda ang kwento,wala akong nakitang nakakabagot na part.
    lahat talaga pinaghandaan ng mga directors,writers and all cast nito.
    wala silang sinayang na panahon para dito,ginawa nila ang best nila.
    at sana naman ipasok nyo ito sa top 8 list ng 2014 because super nice story,many awards,the best cast,directors,writers super galing.
    success!!!fight oh!!!

  973. 973 : pacute Says:

    ipapalabas daw ito sa phil.hindi na ko makapaghintay…
    super ganda ng story,may kilig factor pa..

  974. 974 : rian Says:

    nice rating kahit mahaba ang episodes atleast the ratings and story are the best..success!congratulations!

  975. 975 : Bisola Says:

    Watching it ryt now and it waz more dan interesting!

  976. 976 : korean addict Says:

    waaaaaaal im so loving dis drama its awsum jus d sad ending (y)

  977. 977 : enachemonica Says:

    Am aminat acest serial sa-l vad. Acum regret ca nu l-am vizionat mai devreme/ Este extraordinar.Regie, scenografie.,Actorii sunt magnifici.Comparativ cu iubitul din stele EMPRESS KI ESTE NUMARUL UNU.O kdrama ce imi v-a ramine in suslet.NOTA 10 CU FELICITARI,

  978. 978 : Sura Says:

    Too sad to watch, yet too good to miss.

  979. 979 : kez Says:

    omo!omo!omo! chang wook did justice to this drama. it is definitely a not to miss drama for all those that have high expectations. it has not been a disappointment thank you crew members and cast. thumbs up!!!!
    looking for more of you works guys.

  980. 980 : ewn Says:

    number1 drama this year.
    thumbs up!

  981. 981 : Bisola Says:

    Keep it up joo jin moo..u act real

  982. 982 : panshin Says:

    finally ipapalabas na rin ito dito sa lugar namin.yes

  983. 983 : bblve07 Says:

    luv this drama a hundted times, now its my no.1 historical drama ever, i cant moveon on another drama, i always think about my cute emperor taihwan, nyang, wangyu and my handsome tal tal… i love so many scences here…

  984. 984 : bblve07 Says:

    my favorite scences are 1. baby emeror ablution momemt, 2.shadow play, 3. when TH went to SN to stop her for going 2 WY, 4. hunting time 5.when TH went to SN to the temple aftr sending her 5. and all Tal tal and SN moment haha….

  985. 985 : Bisola Says:

    I watch d movie bcos of joo jin mo

  986. 986 : Deesar Says:

    I’m just at ep 35. don’t know why, i have teary eyes every time watching Wang Yoo. He’s a smart King but a loser in many things. Ta Hwan just the opposite, a weak emperor but lucky in many ways. I’m into Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang. But the title of this drama already told us who is the life partner for SN, must be the emperor…

  987. 987 : WangNyang♡ Says:

    This drama got me totally. Never been this insane over a drama after Queen Seon Deok. Tried many dramas but no avail, maybe im stuck with historical dramas or women as rulers. Sadly no matter how much i love it, fancy has to end since the ending wasn’t that satisfying. I beg for more but somehow it failed me though. But it was unforgettable. Its 4/5. Shouldve been 5 if only its a happy ending and Tal Tal & almost all of the characters didnt die. I wish the ending was changed but who am i kidding it’s done already. Hope to change some manners of korean regarding endings when it comes to dramas. /sigh/ Its only the ending that dissatisfied me though. And i know that i am not alone with this thinking. (sorry for the rush of this comment)

  988. 988 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    I would say kudos to this great korean drama

  989. 989 : Su SST Says:

    love this movie.. in some episode, can’t help to cry. love JJM & HJW <3

  990. 990 : ja.ni.ne Says:

    this is one of the best korean drama ive ever watched .
    every episode makes me hooked with the story and its twist. .
    since the beginning i thought that wang yu and seung nyang have a great chemistry as lovers, i hoped that they end up together at the end of the story. .but just like the otjer historical dramas, its the other way around ang it makes me sad. .
    but anyways, its a recommended drama

  991. 991 : Cathy Paraiso Says:

    This is the best Historical Korean Drama I’ve ever watched…
    I’m so addicted to watch it over and over again…..
    I really Love the way they act,specially Ji Chang Wook….
    Really LOVE the way he smile…love his beutiful eyes…He is really a great and amazing actor…
    Keep it up guys!Hope to see the cast here in Philippines…

  992. 992 : uggie Says:

    Really love for this drama…. story, the cast Ji Chang Wook, Ha Ji Won and all of i like…….

  993. 993 : Frank Jude Says:

    What is it with korean dramas and sad endings especially historical ones, I’m a sucker for happy ending so with this trend it seem I will just return to american tv shows which tend not to break heart as I watch dramas to be entertained, not to be left scratching my head my the producers just can’t end a great tv show with a superb conclusion

  994. 994 : Frank Jude Says:

    What is it with korean dramas and sad endings especially historical ones, I’m a sucker for happy ending so with this trend it seem I will just return to american tv shows which tend not to break heart as I watch dramas to be entertained, not to be left scratching my head why the producers just can’t end a great tv show with a superb conclusion

  995. 995 : Ekalestari Says:

    Pls vote drama empress ki

  996. 996 : dhi kra Says:

    As much I luv this drama as much I hate da end that’s break my heart when I remember my little Ta Hwan dead 😞 even that really gorgeous acting and da luv story between them so real .my oopa ji Chang wook I can’t wait to see u in Healer fighting 😍😘😘

  997. 997 : valerie Says:

    i really like to watch koreanNovels especially the empress Ki. i spent three days just to watch the whole episode but sad to say the ending is really heart breaking….

  998. 998 : WangYuLover Says:

    I really love this drama. I can’t move on , I always talk about empress ki . I love WangNyang couple . But sad to say that WangYu is dead . I cant forget the line of wang yu ” dead or alive I’ll always protect her ” argh i just love Wang yu . #JooJinMo <3

  999. 999 : mmlinma Says:

    I wasn’t expecting much since so much was shot at the same place as Queen SD. surely it could not be as good as QSD. Boy, was I surprised! this is a very different story well told.

    even though I laugh about costume design(asymmetrical court lady’s uniform). imagining Mongols/Chinese speaking Korean cracked me up!
    there are many things they took liberty inventing. but the kudos go to script writer. what a story! it’s a tragedy that was almost poetic.

  1000. 1000 : berastia Says:

    Best drama ever !!!!

  1001. 1001 : berastia Says:

    Wow, 1000 comment 😀
    I miss tanyang so much and i confused why empress ki not include at a final voting of best drama 2014 in this site. ㅠㅠ

  1002. 1002 : fanofkdrama Says:

    I watched this because of ji chang wook. Then I got hooked by this drama and all of the palace intrigues. But I only liked the yuan part and sadly I was not really interested in the goryeo part of this drama including wang yu although joo jin mo acted as wang yu in an amazing way. I am not saying it because my love for ji chang wook but according to me, I really for the yuan part and of course for tahwan and seungnyang. I could their electrifying chemistry. If only the writer didnt write tahwan into a crazy emperor for the last episodes and gave me more sweet and romantic scenes between my ta-nyang, it would be my favorite sageuk so far

  1003. 1003 : Sirichan K? Says:

    I skim on this series and watched only Ji Chang Wook scences.

  1004. 1004 : rachel Says:

    i love all the characters here! they are so good especially Ji Chang Wook, this movie hook my mind every minutes, hours and day because it make me cried a lot especially in the ending it was very good drama i hope there will be a next darama seems like this perfect. empress ki is very popular in here philippines.

  1005. 1005 : ilovekpop Says:

    Love,love,love dis drama.

    I always watch dis evry nyt here in ‘d philippines!!
    Love all d characters.

  1006. 1006 : Juliet Says:

    My all time favorite korean drama. In fact i am watching this for the nth time already. Everything is good in this drama-story, acting, cast, setting, costumes-EVERYTHING. Ji chang wook should have won a best actor award here for portraying his role PERFECTLY!. This is a highly recommended korean drama!!!

  1007. 1007 : ery chris Says:

    Is someone can tell me about the ending? Is it happy or sad ending? If it is happy ending, i will give it a chance to watch.. but no for sad ending.


    DRAMA EMPRESS KI the story very sad, all episod daebaklah ha ji won your eyes very beuatylah…:)

  1009. 1009 : DramFan Says:

    AMAZING!! The most romantic unconditional love story I have seen.

    When this drama is airing I wanted to watch it because of Ha Ji Won, but streaming 51 episodes online kept me watching this drama. But then I watched Healer. And really fell fo Ji Chang Wook. Because of him and Ha ji Won I started watching this.

    And I found this drama really AMAZING!!

  1010. 1010 : DramFan Says:

    What a love the Emperor and the Empress Ki shared. Even though the Emperor lived a short life he’s lucky enough to found the love of his life and to witness an unconditional love.
    And they share an amazing chemistry.

    For my suprise at the end the person I like the most is Tal Tal. A man with wisdom and brave. I love him soo much.

    I feel bad for Wang Yoo. He’s a good person but no luck at all. I really didn’t root for him and Nyang. Joo Jin Mo is a handsome actor but I didn’t like him in this drama.

    I always rooted for Nyang and the Emperor. They have the electrifying chemistry.

    Thank you every one for the wonderful drama!! 🙂 🙂

  1011. 1011 : sahel Says:

    I started to watch this drama because ji Chang wook

  1012. 1012 : sahel Says:

    Veryyyyyyyyyyyyy good drama I enjoid so much of watching this drama

  1013. 1013 : Nina Says:

    Paling kesel kalo udh liat film… trus ending nya mati..

  1014. 1014 : Kayle Says:

    I REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA !! I idolized empress Ki ’cause she’s so brave .. I wish every woman be like her ,, never surrending in every challenge in life .. And Ha Ji Won, she’s a great actress ,, her acting is so AMAZING !!
    -Philippines <3 Empress Ki

  1015. 1015 : Kelly Says:

    I sooo love Ha Ji Won in this drama! Out of all the actors in the show, she’s the one who’s most spot on in terms of acting. She indeed is the Kdrama queen, besting the drama world since 2003 (Damo).

  1016. 1016 : jerry Says:

    The first time I watch this korean drama, i just thought it’s going to be boring but, as I continue to follow watching every episode i love them all. There should be a continuation after the death of the emperor since empress ki became the empress for a short period of time and then ending came. I want to see empress ki seeing and governing the entire Yuan empire. I love the scriptwriter and all the casts except El Timor. Very nice story. I really loved it. So much stories to learn. More power korean actors and actresses specially to Empress Ki.

  1017. 1017 : jerry Says:

    For those who don’t appreciate the story you better watch cinderella of the ancient time. If you think you are good at making dramas better than empress ki, do it by yourself and prove to us. If not, shut up and watch. Okay. Love you Empress Ki.

  1018. 1018 : LeeDaHae Says:

    I thought historical or sageuk drama will makes me bored till death., but after watching first episode and watching another episodes until the final..the drama really impressive. i got hooked. Empress ki..daebak

  1019. 1019 : LeeDaHae Says:

    Bravo to ji chang wook, HJW and Joo jin moo…all of you are the best.

  1020. 1020 : LeeDaHae Says:

    The first historical drama that’s won my heart! A miracle 🙂

  1021. 1021 : OK OK OK Says:

    super love this drama when i first watched in 2013.
    All actors actresses acted very well. Will repeat again if got the time…. 😛

  1022. 1022 : minmin Says:

    Really enjoyed this drama. Ah, ji chang wook! So good looking. In the drama, he was so cute as the wimpy prince. His childish antics brought much laughter and he was fantastic in portraying the character – from wimpy prince to a troubled emperor in his later years. Ha Ji Won played her character very well. The cast was really good. Bravo. The only thing I didn’t like was the way the series ended. It felt rushed and it feels like there is no closure especially watching such a long series (51 episodes) only to have the ending done this way. I don’t mind the sad ending since it is a true story BUT I feel the producers owe it to the loyal fans who watched through all the 51 series with a proper ending. Will definitely re-watch it again.

  1023. 1023 : KSY_Rimah Says:

    ==>REAL TALK==<Just saying ,diz drama at first was so good that it will capture ur heart to watch it tell the very end…yea!am talking bout the ending..just have few words 4 the ending though,NOT WORTH TO WATCH THE ENDING !

  1024. 1024 : Empress Ki - gudang sempak | gudang sempak Says:

    […] Empress Ki […]

  1025. 1025 : tri sudaryati Says:

    Love you Tal Tal. You are not only handsome but smart, wise and charming.
    All I want is You.

  1026. 1026 : Salifu Zulifawu Says:

    empress ki is one of the leading Korean movie in Ghana. I enjoyed watching it, I like the braveness shown by lady ki she really played a vital role in the movie. it was very sad when wang yu died. the death of Tal Tal was really heart touching.

  1027. 1027 : Sinopsis Drama Empress Ki Says:

    watched only Ji Chang Wook scences…

  1028. 1028 : Drama Empress Ki Says:

    empress ki is very popular in here philippines…

  1029. 1029 : Sarah Says:

    I really love this series. LOVE you Ha Ji Won, would love to see you in Nigeria.

  1030. 1030 : Ayushiridara Says:

    The best historical drama ever…
    Jun ji moo and ha ji won were the best..
    For me the best part is whatever happens to their fate, they still have each other..
    When Seungnyang have to be lady ki then be empress ki by staying with emperor of yuan.. But her heart always with wang yoo.. And even have a son with him.. They love each other till ends.. Thanks to the writters, at least giving love to ji chang wook character, at last 2 episodes.. For the whole 49episodes, Seungnyang just hate tahwan, and love wang yoo.. Hehehehe

  1031. 1031 : Quantum nurse Says:

    Please remake “Everlasting Empire”. I would encourage you to have Miss Ha Ji Won and also Mr. Kim Ji Han/Jin Yi Han plays as Lee In-mong, the royal Kyujanggak librarian. Mr. Kim Ji Han looks wonderful in “Empress Ki” as Tal Tal, the warrior scholar. He always looks mature, scholarly and dignified as a historical scholar/warrior in epic historical saga such as “Empress Ki”. Miss Ha Ji Won and Mr. Kim Ji Han have a wonderful on-screen chemistry in “Empress Ki”.

    Thank you so much for reading my comment. stay well.

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