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Empire of Gold

Empire of Gold 04

Title: 황금의 제국 / Empire of Gold
Chinese Title: 黃金帝國
Also Known as: The Golden Empire
Genre: Political, Thriller, Melodrama, Action, Family
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-July-01 to 2013-Sep-17
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


The series is a multi-generational saga that covers a twenty-year span from 1990 to 2010, and follows one chaebol family as it arises out of the ruins of the 1990s IMF financial crisis that wreaked so much havoc on the Korean economy, and becomes the top conglomerate in the nation. Three people become locked in a power struggle for control of this chaebol empire.


Main Cast

Go Soo as Jang Tae Joo
Lee Yo Won as Choi Seo Yoon
Son Hyun Joo as Choi Min Jae
Ryu Seung Soo as Cha Pil Doo
Jang Shin Young as Yoon Seo Shi

Supporting Cast

Lee Hyun Jin as Choi Sung Jae
Yoon Seung Ah as Jang Hee Joo
Kim Kang Hyun as Na Choon Ho

Sung Jin Group

Park Geun Hyung as Choi Dong Sung
Jung Han Yong as Choi Dong Jin
Kim Mi Sook as Han Jung Hee
Uhm Hyo Sup as Choi Won Jae
Go Eun Mi as Park Eun Jung
Shin Dong Mi as Choi Jung Yoon
Jung Wook as Son Dong Hwi
Kim Hyung Kyu as Choi Yong Jae

People around Jang Tae Joo

Nam Il woo as Jang Bong Ho
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Tae Joo’s mother
Kim Jung Hak as Shin Jong Ho


Choi Yong Min as Park Jin Tae
Park Ji Il as Kang Ho Yun
Jin Seo Yun as Jung Yoo Jin
Kwon Tae Won as Jung Byung Gook
Lee Won Jae as Kim Kwang Se
Lee Il Hwa as Im Yoon Hee (Choi Min Jae’s wife)
Go In Bum as president – downtown landlord
Park Min Soo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Hyun Jik
Producers: Kim Jin Geun, Lee Young Joon
Director: Jo Nam Kook
Screenwriter: Park Kyung Soo


2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Lee Yo Won (Empire of Gold)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Mid-Length Series) – Lee Yo Won (Empire of Gold)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-07-01 1 8.0 (18th) 9.7 (13th) 8.5 9.2 (18th)
2013-07-02 2 8.2 (19th) 9.7 (17th) 9.0 (17th) 9.9 (14th)
2013-07-08 3 7.5 8.2 9.3 10.0 (20th)
2013-07-09 4 8.1 (19th) 9.2 (16th) 9.2 (15th) 10.2 (13th)
2013-07-15 5 8.2 10.3 (14th) 9.5 (17th) 11.4 (9th)
2013-07-16 6 8.7 (16th) 10.2 (15th) 9.7 (15th) 11.5 (10th)
2013-07-22 7 9.7 (16th) 11.8 (8th) 10.1 (13th) 10.8 (14th)
2013-07-23 8 9.4 (16th) 11.5 (9th) 10.7 (11th) 11.9 (9th)
2013-07-29 9 9.5 (13th) 10.0 (12th) 10.4 (9th) 11.4 (8th)
2013-07-30 10 10.1 (13th) 11.2 (11th) 10.2 (13th) 12.0 (4th)
2013-08-05 11 10.3 (12th) 12.4 (6th) 9.8 (14th) 10.9 (8th)
2013-08-06 12 10.5 (9th) 13.6 (6th) 11.0 (7th) 12.3 (6th)
2013-08-12 13 8.8 (12th) 10.3 (11th) 10.0 (9th) 11.9 (6th)
2013-08-13 14 10.8 (8th) 13.6 (5th) 11.2 (5th) 13.2 (4th)
2013-08-19 15 8.8 (17th) 11.3 (8th) 10.7 (9th) 12.5 (6th)
2013-08-20 16 10.3 (7th) 12.9 (6th) 11.7 (6th) 13.8 (4th)
2013-08-26 17 8.5 (16th) 11.0 (7th) 11.2 (6th) 12.9 (5th)
2013-08-27 18 8.5 (17th) 11.0 (8th) 11.4 (6th) 13.3 (5th)
2013-09-02 19 7.8 (20th) 9.8 (9th) 11.4 (7th) 13.7 (5th)
2013-09-03 20 6.8 (19th) 8.2 (17th) 10.6 (7th) 13.1 (5th)
2013-09-09 21 7.4 8.2 10.8 (7th) 12.3 (5th)
2013-09-10 22 7.4 (20th) 8.4 (18th) 11.2 (9th) 13.0 (7th)
2013-09-16 23 7.7 9.6 (16th) 10.3 (8th) 12.6 (5th)
2013-09-17 24 8.1 (17th) 9.7 (13th) 9.7 (11th) 11.2 (8th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : emerald Says:

    im happy that lee yoo won was the love interest… im hoping for good drama this time…

  2. 2 : Park jun sung Says:

    After this drama end on september, its will replaced by drama “desperate of housewife korean version”. The cast is ji jin hee ahjusi

  3. 3 : cio Says:

    woow cant wait for this drama

  4. 4 : bblve07 Says:

    just like giant!

  5. 5 : taraJJ Says:

    another chaebol empire story… again…
    can’t wait for lee yo won and go soo pairing.. seriusly go soo need to takes rom-com drama for his next project bcoz his last drama with han ye seul “will it snow at christmast” really makes me stress-out..

  6. 6 : MintyStar Says:

    i dont like the female lead

  7. 7 : KDadiktus Says:

    i surely watch this…

  8. 8 : Mia Says:

    Le pitch ressemble beaucoup à Breaking Bad …

  9. 9 : Mia Says:

    “i dont like the female lead”

    who ????? Lee Yo Won ??? o_O

    Now way…. Deokman is amazing…

    watch “Queen seon deok” ….

  10. 10 : julie Says:

    goo so oppa……..
    must watch 🙂

  11. 11 : julie Says:

    go soo oppa
    must watch 🙂

  12. 12 : uniqueshop4u Says:

    Welcome back to the dramaland, Go Soo oppa!!! 🙂

  13. 13 : Adhe Talla Says:

    What did u say?
    U don’t like lee yo won eonni. OMG, i suppose u’d better watch her dramas n movies. U will amaze because of her acting. Seriously!

  14. 14 : mona Says:

    lee yo won ssi is back 😀

  15. 15 : eny Says:

    I’m not really like LYW acting but I’m really love her drama Queen Seundeok n Bad Love. Most of cast are the same cast with the Chaser which I like, so I’ll try to watch this drama to decided

  16. 16 : eeegaah Says:

    Lee Yo Won has an unique charm, she’s sexy in her own way ! 😀

  17. 17 : Nee Agashi Says:

    I Love the cast ^^

  18. 18 : Yujin Says:

    Great!Go soo is coming back at last…! i’m waiting for this drama!

  19. 19 : joy Says:

    Aawww…. LEE YOWON…. MY SUPERSTAR!!!! Can’t wait for July to come.

  20. 20 : diah Says:

    oh my god go soo oppa and lee yo won onnie my favorite and great couple Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  21. 21 : Che Says:

    Bakalan sepaneng nggak ya kalau nonton ini ?


    Lee Yoo Won …. Go Soo …

    Omoooooo………..great couple !

  22. 22 : hny Says:

    wait for this one….miss yoo won acting …and thanks god the actor is Go Soo …start account the day …13…!!!

  23. 23 : hny Says:

    @tara ..nice to see u here . BTw …whats wrong with ‘will it snow at christmast ‘…coz I planning to watch it ;))

  24. 24 : cutie Says:

    at last Go Soo … Can’t wait for this ..looking forward .. like him since in “Green rose” Cheer ~ 🙂

  25. 25 : taraJJ Says:

    yuuhuu my sista.. nice to see you too in this board..
    will it snow at christmas? its nice story actualy, with winter setting like twtwb 🙂 but its too melo for me.. but bcoz of that drama I got the chance knowing two young hot actor who played the younger version of goo so, dan tak lain tak bukan kim so hyun.. and another is song joongki maen jd kakak han ye seol wkt muda..I realy love the story when they were still young, so touching…

  26. 26 : taraJJ Says:

    haha kyknya bakal ‘sepaneng’ deh tp dg bintang2 kyk go soo and lee yo won… rela banget 😉

  27. 27 : eny Says:

    I only know go soo in green rose, i like that drama, i’ll give this drama chance

  28. 28 : Vinodshetty Says:

    Which is the best love movie in korean….?

  29. 29 : putri Says:

    finally, another Go Soo’s drama comes! it’s been long time since his last drama ‘Will It Snow at Christmas’

    hope this one will be one of good dramas.

  30. 30 : lolas Says:

    LEE YO WON OMG I LOVE HER IN 49 DAYS!!!! IM IN LOVE!! <3 i will watch every of your dramas!!!!

  31. 31 : hny Jo Says:

    @tara…ohh I see. n what abt the ending?..my guess is more pain n sad!

  32. 32 : Adhe Talla Says:

    I’m eagerly waiting for this drama.
    LYW & GS fighting!

  33. 33 : taraJJ Says:

    endingnya gantung getu.. I didnt know if they end up together or not, or maybe I lil bit forget abt the ending cz I watched “will it snow at christmas” in 2010… all I can remember is masa remajanya coz ada kim so hyun and song joongki in that drama… short but memorable to me 😉 love their acting too… but go soo acting is also great too

  34. 34 : Nanas Says:

    Lee Yo Won. . I cant believe it. . I will see u in dramaland again x)

  35. 35 : Nanas Says:

    I hope this drama will not wasting ur talent like HD T^T

  36. 36 : Nanas Says:

    I’m little disappointed with Lee Yo Won’s character in Horse Doctor. I wish her character in empire of gold is stronger than HD.

  37. 37 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    I can’t wait for this kdrama. The trailer looks good.

  38. 38 : tigerb Says:

    from the synopsis, i don’t think there’s anything unique with the plot, it’s usually the twists and turns that would differentiate this with similar dramas; but i’d watch this just to see if ‘the chaser’ guy would be as good as he was in the last series

  39. 39 : mangali Says:

    love u go soo oppa n lee yo won <3

  40. 40 : Adhe Talla Says:

    Well, it airs this night

  41. 41 : Anna Says:

    Ep 1 (Pilot Episode) Preview..

  42. 42 : Nanas Says:

    Hwaaa. . I cant wait for eng sub ! ! !

  43. 43 : Ttuk Says:

    Why he had to be bad guy? Our Go Soo can’t play a bad guy, look here, he stuttered his lines.

  44. 44 : Kpopmystars » Empire of Gold [Korean Drama2013] 1-2 Says:

    […] Jang Tae Joo (Go Soo) is the man who will build up his so-called empire of gold from nothing and raises his little sister on his own after their father dies. He fall in love with Choi Seo Yoon (Lee Yo Won), an chaebol heiress. But his biggest rival is her cousin Choi Min Jae (Son Hyun Joo).–Koreandrama.org […]

  45. 45 : Sharon Says:

    Did he just slap the s%#t out of her?? Ep 1

  46. 46 : Tira Says:

    This is another interesting drama with Go Soo. Love to watch more GoSoo dramas in the future.

    Can’t wait for next episode!

  47. 47 : mangali Says:

    cant wait to watch tiz drama…caz i love them both to max <3

  48. 48 : myhero Says:

    wowww…finally we will see Go Soo in another new drama. He sooo…goooood in Green Rose. I really admire his acting since that movie. I bet so many people can’t wait for his new coming movie.He’s not only good looking guy but he really good in acting. Lol i still remember in running man epsd HAHA look up close at him in person and admired with his handsome face.Actually Go Soo is the main reason i will watch this movie..he just perfect !

  49. 49 : micaela Says:

    another,, Lee Yo Won masterpiece,,, YESSSS!!!!!!!

  50. 50 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 1-2
    all happened here…are same with reality in world…hmmm waiting for the romance ;))

  51. 51 : Juliane04 Says:

    Why too late uploading?

  52. 52 : Sharon Says:

    I have watch both ep and quite impress by Goo Soo acting. He brings life to his character by embracing the role of Tae Joo.
    The story so far is good looking forward to ep 4

  53. 53 : Sharon Says:

    He got the billion won and open the noodle shop. What more do you need!! Don’t be greedy Tae Joo!!! Don’t get caught out!!

  54. 54 : Sharon Says:

    I really like this drama. It’s speaks on manipulation, greed, family rivalry, power struggle, lies, deceit, strength, weakness, love of money, lack of money, love, hate, jealousy, and self actualization.
    This drama reminded me a little of the Godfather with other ingredients thrown in. Go Soo acting is on point and you can tell he has experience under his belt. Lee Yo Won she has that poker face that one is unable to tell what she thinks, or feels.
    So far a good drama, lets see where it takes me!!

  55. 55 : hny Jo Says:

    I’m still enjoy the plot…waiting for next eps.

  56. 56 : mangali Says:

    nomu nomu chuwa

  57. 57 : Ttuk Says:

    It’s piss weak when our hero takes on violent thugs and a multi-billion dollar corporation who will stop at nothing to get what they want while leaving his own family members vulnerable.

    Even the old cops and mobster TV shows that we were all weaned on, taught us if you go against mobsters and where the stakes are billions of dollars, you take measures to shield your family.

    Our hero, supposedly intelligent neglects this fundamental instinct. What is wrong with him or should I direct the question at the writer of this show? Well writer-nim?

  58. 58 : Sharon Says:

    At that time he was blinded by anger and did not think rationally about the effect his action would have on everyone around him!!
    I think he is becoming the very thing he hated.

  59. 59 : aaron Says:

    watch this episode. EMPIRE OF GOLD EPISODE 5 ENG SUB : http://goo.gl/zZjJ4

  60. 60 : Adhe Talla Says:

    I just wonder one thing of this drama. When will tae joo n seo yoon fall in love for sure? Can’t wait for it. I love LYW eonni in this drama. Her acting is superb as well as GS oppa.

  61. 61 : Nguyễn Tú Nguyên Says:

    Lee Yo Won trong phim này diễn xuất rất tuyệt vời không những vậy những bộ trang phục cô ấy mặt không những đẹp mà còn rất sang trọng lại có thể khoe được đôi chân dài và thon thả nữa chứ

  62. 62 : moko-chan Says:

    Go Soo :Q___

  63. 63 : sylvia Says:

    this is too heavy for me.

  64. 64 : juliane04 Says:

    waiting for the leads to meet again and fall in love soon

  65. 65 : Jyenie Says:

    I have watched up to episode 2. I like the pace of this drama, very interesting, and Go Soo and Lee yo won are great in it.

  66. 66 : Delisah Says:

    Empire of gold ep.8 english sub

    click this link to watch ^_^ : http://ow.ly/nh3nv

    Thank’s 😀

  67. 67 : Sharon Says:

    The mother is a b***h how can you stay with a man for so long just to take revenge?? Supposed she died before him. Waste of time!!
    The mother want SY to tell the other siblings about the fathers condition so they can fight amount themselfs so she can swoop in and take the company away while no ones looking!!! Smart.

  68. 68 : Sharon Says:

    This is getting sooo good!!!

  69. 69 : eny Says:

    the three main lead will stab each other, there’s no real friend here

  70. 70 : Sharon Says:

    True, no real friends!! That why I like it, It’s raw. The show let you know that when it comes to money, power and ego there are no friends!!!! It’s like they are all playing a game and will stop at nothing to win even if people’s lives are at stake.

  71. 71 : jing Says:

    i’m addicted to it!!Lee Yo Won is my favorite since seondeok days!

  72. 72 : Jyenie Says:

    There are no angels here at all, almost everybody can be bought with money. The three leads are like the big time gamblers in the casino, only the casino is thereal world!

  73. 73 : Sharon Says:

    You are her too!!! Good. How ya been???
    I like this a lot!!
    They use people like chips at the poker table.
    It’s a really good story, but I think TS is going to loose big time.
    Guess who has the poker face? SY. She can be ruthless if she has to.
    WJ has some deep psychological problem. This drama has drama!

  74. 74 : Nudge Says:

    46mins 40secs into Ep#9 I want to kill the guy who picked the horrible stock soundtrack that was trampling over the actors lines. Seriously, are they even awake during post production?

  75. 75 : Nudge Says:

    #67 @Sharon you made a good point there about the wife’s long wait to take revenge.

    Conjures up images of predators and snipers who lay await for the opportune time to strike. In her case however the facial expression never betrayed the vengeful heart until the moment she attacked. What a sinister piece of work she is.

  76. 76 : Sharon Says:

    @Nudge 75
    I haven’t watch ep 9 and 10 as yet , but you are correct she laid dormant until he has like 3 hrs to live. Yeah, sinister to the 1000th level. I am soo sorry for her son he has such conflicting emotions because he loves SA and the father. I think he is going to be the moms Hercules-heel.

  77. 77 : Jyenie Says:

    Hi Sharon, nice to see you here too:) I made a detour to Jdorama for a month,and also watched some old korean dramas including Green Rose. Now I am back to catch up with the current/recent showing KD i.e Cruel city, EOG, Who Are You, IHYV….I actually find myself enjoy marathoning the dramas more than chasing them weeks after weeks.

  78. 78 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    Good to hear all is well!
    I am enjoying this drama I like the characters they are too much. I am waiting for LNH drama in October, usa-mary is on I hear Your Voice I have not heard from fan. Enjoy you hiatus till we all come together in the fall.

  79. 79 : Sharon Says:

    Just watched ep 9 & 10 and it’s really deep! With a family like that you don’t need enemies. Everyone has different motives no matter how insignificant. These insignificant motives that derive from insecurities, greed, self esteem, pride and loyalty can ruin and empire of gold. Leaving every one empty handed at the gambling table, only to let a player on the sidelines reap the harvest due to the discontention among the players.

    Over all, so far a good story. The Key players like Go Soo and Lee Yo Won has shown there immense talent in the way they portray their character.
    However, it might not be an easy watch for some in the beginning due to the physical altercation between characters in this story, in the beginning of the episode. As the story progresses it becomes a game of wits and the survival of the fittest.

  80. 80 : K_Viewer Says:

    —Spoil Alert—

    Just finished watching ep. 11 & 12. I’m pleasantly surprised by the screen writer’s knowledge in the financial world. A bit disappointed that the ratings didn’t pick up as much as it deserved. For me, this drama deserved a lot of good praises.

    *Spoiler* It is not a marriage proposal between CSY & JTJ. It is a BUSINESS proposition! Love the way both leads leveraged everything they got to get what they want. These are not nice people! But, to survive in their man-eat-man world, I guess that’s they way they have to be.

  81. 81 : Nudge Says:


  82. 82 : Nudge Says:

    Mi Soo’s character violates something in the natural order. Her character’s countenance is that of a loving, nurturing mother, yet under concealment she is hacking away at the throat of a child (Seo Yoon) who is entrusted into her care.

    It’s very disturbing. I question why the network would blur images of partial nudity or blur the blade used in a homicide scene, yet allow something like this. If the young were to watch the drama, this particular thing is morally damaging to one who has yet to develop the intellectual capacity to process it.

    If I was a 12 year old after seeing that, I’d be looking at my own mother in whole different light. The mind tends to be unruly and wild at that age.

  83. 83 : Sharon Says:

    @ K-Viewer
    I was thinking the same thing that this drama does not receive the recognition it deserve. It a well written drama and a lot of research was done within the financial sector , so it could be as detailed.

    I believe TS will go for the marriage and that’s the beginning of the end for him. Because there is nothing worst than a woman scorn!!!

  84. 84 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think a 12 year old would be interested in this drama. The language would make them bored, so I don’t worry about that. This drama is for the mature with some sort of intellectual capacity to understand the game of chance.

  85. 85 : tera Says:

    Well, when I’m 12 years old, I watch a worse character than Mi sook and I didn’t feel a thing towards my loving mother….

    Btw, I agree with sharon, this story has a very complicated plot with heavy usage of financial and business confrontations. It won’t interest the kids….

  86. 86 : eny Says:

    this kind of story isn’t everybody like, i’m not surprise with the rating. The same thing when i watch shark

  87. 87 : Jyenie Says:

    On episode 11 & 12 now, I absolutely love how they try to outsmart each other, I especially like Go Soo’s witty smile.

  88. 88 : OK OK OK Says:



  89. 89 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah, they are seething else. Do you know who surprise me the most? Eun Jung! I thought she would have SY’s back, but greed get in the way. I wonder if its greed, or is it because she is soo mad at SY for not talking to her about plot to take over the company. Her father begged her to stay by SY side, but she refuse. Why I am surprise of her action is because I thought she really liked SY. I guess when it comes to money there is no friends.

    I believe TJ is going to marry SY though that would be a mistake on his part ,because SS will not let him off the hook!

  90. 90 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks!! Boy if this story is nothing else complication is the word!!!

  91. 91 : Sharon Says:

    The end of ep 12 shock the hell out of me!!! To go that far, damn!!!

  92. 92 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, Good Doctor is great!!! I think you guys will like it. I finished ep 1&2 and I will see it through the end.

  93. 93 : juliane04 Says:

    where can we find the prev.13 on ds drama

  94. 94 : Sharon Says:

    Question pleaseeeeee? If you are handcuffed how in the hell are you going to strangle yourself? You mean to tell me the cops and detective can’t figure that out!!!!

  95. 95 : Sharon Says:

    Wrong tread I was looking for Two weeks!

  96. 96 : eny Says:

    @ Sharon
    I think we have the same taste: Shark, Empire of Gold n Good doctor
    The rating is improve, this drama is number 2 now behind good doctor

  97. 97 : Juliane04 Says:

    Gogogo…for Seo goon and tae joo.dont like Seoul hee

  98. 98 : tera Says:

    Why? I like Seol Hee. But she’s not the main character in this story. I like how she tackle the difficult time by chatting. seems like tae joo like her too though it doesn’t extend to love. He tried to protect her before by asking her to withdraw from the company….But it’s pity tae joo cannot grasp her feeling well. His ambition is far greater than love….

    However my favourite character here is seo yeon. Her expressionless face is priceless. Lee yeo won really impress me.

  99. 99 : Sharon Says:

    You are right! I guess we do share interest in the same dramas. Hehehe!
    I am also watching Two Weeks and its not bad at all. This way I am never bored waiting anxiously for the next ep because I have so much to watch!

  100. 100 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah, I would like for SH and TJ to be together, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Number one TJ is too ambitious and number two he is not in love with SH. He has a deep connection with her, but not love.

    TJ Ambition is Soo strong that I feel he is going to marry SY, because what he wants most of all is to be like her dad. Will there be a love triangle between TJ, SY and SH? I think so. Maybe that’s how TJ empire of gold will begin to crumble.

  101. 101 : mikay Says:

    i still like seo yoon for tae joo not to seul hee,even how her charm works in this drama.

  102. 102 : tera Says:

    Spoiler alert!!
    I finish watching ep 14 although i don’t understand a word. I watch it raw. I’ll watch with sub later. I’m excited to know how it will end. He love seol hee, so how can he loves seo yeon?? I really hope he end up with seo yeon, but i felt pity for seol hee. Seems like the love b/w her and tae joo is real……she sacrifice everything for tae joo…..

    I hope the writer don’t make it so complicated, but the love line is real and exciting. Usually, we’ll see things from lead point of view, so we end up supporting the lead. But at this point, the writer covered it well from seol hee point of view….so i don’t feel much regret(maybe a little bit) if tae joo really end up with her. I ship tae joo and seo yeon though( although i feel guilty towards seol hee-i can’t imagine having the guy we love so much marrying others)

    Seo yeon deserve better. I don’t know how she survive all the indirect assault from both the step mother and her siblings. Her sibling are such the airhead-eds bunch. I’m sure, the group will be long gone if it was being left to them. Choi dong sung really brought up seo yeon well. Well, she’s his favourite daughter after all.

    Happy to see her team up with tae joo. Seems like, the worlds move according to their calculations. Really wish that tae joo has no feeling for seol hee, and he didn’t accidentally do that to kim se gwang. They will be the best couple in their world.

    However, i’m sure it won’t be long before the table is turned again. But before that I hope seo yeon and tae joo will views each other differently….in love maybe…

  103. 103 : Kdramaholic Says:

    @mikay-101, hehe just accept it!! To be honest, if I were Tae Joo, then I’d definitely be all over Seo Shi. She’s the complete package, body & face. Especially those smexy lips when she talks :P. Also you can’t deny the fact she was sacrificing her youthful life to follow Tae Joo for 7 years!!

  104. 104 : Nanas Says:

    I’m so curious how sw-nim make a story line between TJ and SY.
    We all know TJ has a feeling for SH. +_+

    poor SY. She married with man who love other woman T.T

  105. 105 : Carmen Says:

    Maybe TJ will fall in love with SY, even that he used to love SH, I do not think he really love her if he does he will not make her take the blame for what he did That is not love, he is taking advantage of her love for him, and like his mother said she were suposed to stop him, but she did not he became crazy about money…he does play good but there is a limit…he have not find out that limit I hope the SY will work with him and they love and forget about the power of money…just time will tell

  106. 106 : Kimmie Says:

    Everything TJ did was to save SH. If he was in prison, he could not protect her. He needed to marry SY to get more power and, most importantly, to force her to protect him and SH from prosecution. Done and done…..SY will eventually learn that TJ intended to ‘abandon her at the alter’ to be with SH. But will it really matter since she got what she wanted (the $1B)? …..SH also got what she wanted. She knew that once she slept with Rep.Kim to protect TJ, their future together was over. (He warned her that if she was ever hurt by him, he couldn’t take the guilt.) ….. All bets are off when SY and TJ fall for each other. Will SH’s love turn to hate? Who will she team up with to avenge her lost love?

  107. 107 : Johnpi Says:

    Well TJ freaked out when he knew that SH was together with that guy. Maybe because of his anger and the reason for everything that happened he got mad that he could’t protect the girl he loved and had her sacrifice. Maybe all he is focusing on now is gettin revenge on those guys even though it means letting her go to jail instead of him. Anyway it is getting interesting…

  108. 108 : phelipe Says:

    Watch online, Empire of Gold episode 13 and 14 [English sub and Raw]

    Click this link to watch : http://goo.gl/ynwDZr

    Enjoy this 🙂

  109. 109 : Hikari Says:

    I guess TJ doesnt know about feeling of love. Haha

    Even in critical situation, why should he blame SH for his crime?
    Ugh! Poor SH. .

    I really really dont know what exactly TJ feeling for SH.
    SH called TJ with “uri Tae Jo”
    but TJ called SH with “uri sunbae”
    why TJ not called SH with “uri Seol Hee”?
    I’m so curious why XD

  110. 110 : Sharon Says:

    I love this drama!!! Each ep have me glued to my seat!

    Would I love a man that much to be intimate with another to keep him from jail and to top it off go to jail for his murder. Hellllllllllllll no!!!

    TJ do love SH, but because she violate Every men’s rule and that is dont let any other man sample their sweet box and congressman Kim did.

    TJ is very resourceful he would have found a way out! SH should have got on that plane, but now she will be going to jail.
    That kiss says to me if you love me take the rap!

    Go So acting was on point, not disappointed at all.

  111. 111 : Sharon Says:

    I think TJ know what love is. I really felt that he did love SH and still do, but he is a business man he does not wear his feelings on his sleeve. Therefore, TJ shows love by giving and SH I believe was his first love.

    SY is also all business, will this B-deal progress to love??
    Will TJ forget about SH???
    Will SH forget about TJ???

    I can’t stand the step mother!!

  112. 112 : Nudge Says:

    Seol Hee’s sacrifice for Tae Joo was total. I don’t think a good man can ever forget such a love nor can he be truly with another woman within the same lifetime.

  113. 113 : Nudge Says:

    correction: “be truly ” “truly be”

  114. 114 : tera Says:

    that’s what i say….i agree with you, how can the writer want to make TJ fall in love with SY if SH sacrify her life for TJ……It is not fair for SH and I think it should be impossible for TJ to be with SY after all SH done for him…Be it love of conscience i think he’ll choose SH in the end…
    poor SY i like her so much….

  115. 115 : Hikari Says:

    Me too. I love SY so much. .
    I’m really sad for her T.T

  116. 116 : Sharon Says:

    TJ will never give 100% of himself to SY. I think he might grow to like her after he peels of the poker face facade and see the real SY.

  117. 117 : Sharon Says:

    What kind of Kids are o they!!! The woman is not to be trusted and because of greed they would kick their sister out and keep the snake.
    When did SY brother start to listen to his wife!!

  118. 118 : Sharon Says:

    Just finished ep 14. This drama is excellent,it’s not getting the recognition it deserves.

    If SY and TJ stick together they would be a power house!

    My question is will TJ eventually develop feelings for SY!

  119. 119 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I like both SY and SH but as of now I hope TJ ends up with SH – her sacrifice is just so big that it would be a shame if she didn’t end up with her love. I don’t think SY would ever be able to sacrifice everything for TJ as SH has just done.

  120. 120 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think TJ will end up with SY though since they are already married 🙂 – also according to the synopsis he will love SY which allude to an ending with TJ and SY together.

  121. 121 : eny Says:

    May be TJ will in love with SY but end up choosing SH after all she has done for him, sad for the three of them

  122. 122 : Nudge Says:

    Son Hyun Joo (Choi Min Jae) in “Running Man” dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt. Without the suit he a lot looked younger. 🙂

  123. 123 : Nudge Says:

    blah.. I meant to say “he looked a lot younger”

    The last few episodes been like a tug of war between the two sides in the fight to see who will take over the company. Mmm.. like Running Man. 🙂

    It’s exciting!

  124. 124 : Nudge Says:

    #120 @xxxzxxx

    If that be the case then it is going to be interesting viewing, just to see the transformation between the two.

    I look forward to that.

  125. 125 : Nudge Says:

    To be sure. I much rather he ends up with Seol Hee, but I am open to another possibility. It might have to mean Seol Hee dies or some yet to be revealed truth surfaces which changes everything.

    The thick plottens!

  126. 126 : Nudge Says:

    Greetings btw @xxxzxxx. Good to see you here. 🙂

  127. 127 : lauren2b2 Says:

    i love this drama, intelligent, gripping exciting leaves you breathless. no black and white characters all in shades of grey.

  128. 128 : Sharon Says:

    You are Soo right!! The writer hit this one out of the park!

  129. 129 : Sharon Says:

    Sorry ment 2b2

  130. 130 : xxxzxxx Says:

    Greetings to you too – it’s good to see you too here ;).

  131. 131 : eny Says:

    I like grey charracter, it’s more realistic, I don’t like drama that describe the hero/heroine is angel n the villain is devil

  132. 132 : fan Says:

    @Sharon Hi ! I found you 🙂
    Nice to read you’re comment ! you make me want to watch this drama, I have to find time and courage, right now I want to watch only light and funny ones.

  133. 133 : Sharon Says:

    Wow!! Is that you!!! Hey, Jyenie is on this thread too.
    How is your summer!! We are waiting for LMH in the fall. It’s great hearing from you.

    I think you should try this drama I think you will like it!!

  134. 134 : SUZY Says:

    need a little love @ romance on this drama specially to TJ @SY PLEEASEE!

  135. 135 : tera Says:

    hmm…when the writer going to establish the love line b/w TJ and SY?
    I’m waiting for that particular time since the description of the drama say that TJ will fall in love with SY. but what’s this love line b’w TJ and SH?

  136. 136 : fan Says:

    Busy Busy my summer !
    Sure I hope it’ll be good. Right now I’m watching only 2 dramas “Master’s sun” and “Who are You” and started “Thank you”. After I finish the latter, I’ll start this one.

  137. 137 : Sharon Says:

    You will really like it!! It’s not the same old same old. There is no villain and no hero everyone is a little of both. I really love the writer Park Kyung Soo. EOG is a well written Drama. He is very talented, the characters are well written and the actors does a excellent job in portraying the character. This drama has a loth of depth, kudos to writer Park Kyung Soo.

    Some say Master’s Sun is not that good. I heard Who Are You is not bad, they say to watch it during the day because its scary. I started to watch it but got caught up in the dramas I am watching, but will continue when LLS is finished.
    I just came back from vacation had a really good time the thing about vacation you have to take a vacation after your vacation. Hahaha.
    Good hearing from you, stay in touch!!

  138. 138 : SUsan Says:

    uncle said,they didnt eat rice but they are fighting to eat money-so true!!!

  139. 139 : xxxzxxx Says:


    What is LLS?.

  140. 140 : Mary Dearie Says:

    I love this drama!!! When can we see Jang Tae Joo and Choi Seo Yoon???

  141. 141 : Sharon Says:

    @xxxzxxx 139
    Oh! That’s Lee Soon Shin. Sorry @fan not LLS.

  142. 142 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I actually did think you meant Lee Soon Shin but it didn’t add up so I got confused 🙂

  143. 143 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 137

    LOL ! You’re right ! a vacation to travel and another one to rest from travelling.

    I’m enjoying Master’s sun a lot, it’s funny and I like the leads, some say is the same as the greatest love, of course it’s written by the same writers Hong sisters, but it’s different. Give it a try.

  144. 144 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 141

    I dropped it, no time to watch it and I found it too draggy.

  145. 145 : Sharon Says:

    Which one is draggy, “Who Are You” ?

    Ep 15 was the bomb, the games these people play are scrupulous.
    I really believe that SY should not have played that card, because now I thing she is going to have an enemy. SJ was giving her all his shares and she put him in jail, I hope it does not come back and bite her in the ass.

    I think SY genuinely missed TJ when he was being interrogate, she finally shook his hand in the celebration of their marriage. Will she fall in love with TJ, or will TJ succumb to SY? What will happen to SH if TJ falls for SY? So many questions, so little time.

    Right now I am torn between SY and SH. I want him to be with SH because of her loyalty, but she had sex with Mr. Kim although to protect TJ. I want TJ to be with SY, because they would become the most powerful couple and they have chemistry. I could see it when he ask her if she missed him. They would be hot together.

    Now, TJ is getting more greedy and that us not a good sign. does his plans really include SH for his future, or is it jus a show, so that there is no way he would be incriminated in the future for the murder of Mr Kim.
    I really don’t think this is going to end well for TJ. Like my grandmother use to say, ” a greedy puppy will get choked”.

  146. 146 : Kdramaholic Says:

    ep16 was so good, every party said they will win became the losers at the end. This keeps exciting every new episode

  147. 147 : fannie Says:

    i like this drama a lot. no wonder the ratings went up. just when you feel that it would go TJ’s and SY’s way, the protagonist will have another card n their sleeve. it’s exciting and it makes you anticipate the coming episodes.i think the writer has done so much research with the corporate world. even if it’s only fiction, it feels like it is happening in real life, with corrupt gov’t officials, greedy relatives and in laws,backstabbing assistants,loyal secretaries,evil step mother and the likes.i wish that the love story of SY and TJ will start on the coming episodes, so that the story will not just tackle the bad side of people but make them be good person because of love, and maybe the people around them will not just think of money, power and greed but also love, loyalty, generosity, forgiveness, and family.

  148. 148 : Sharon Says:

    I think this might end like Queen Seondeok Where SY falls in love with TJ, but give him up in the end for the sake of the company.

    Has anyone notice, but Go Soo is fineee. Damn, Tae Joo is attractive and his masculine, powerful, strong way of handling business and people around him is a turn on!! Oppa! Haha!

  149. 149 : Jyenie Says:

    Who do you prefer? SSH oppa or Go Soo oppa? 😉

    I hope TJ will fall for SY as it will be more exciting to see how they join force to manipulate the corporate world! On the other hand, I feel TJ has treated SH as his office spouse only, he doesn’t have any romantic feeling for her. He actually was ready to give the fund to CMJ and join SH in Philippine if she didn’t do something stupid like sleeping with the untrustworthy Mr.Kim. She should have listened to TJ and gone to Philippine, a different move can really affect one’s destiny.

  150. 150 : Sharon Says:

    Just finished ep 16. That was an excellent move Min Jae made he backed everyone in a corner, so they would fold there hands. However, I think Tae Joo has something up his sleeve a hidden card he and Pill Doo created.

    Min Jae has too much disdain in him, so rational thinking is not on his side therefore, he will never keep the prize even if he wins. Because he is driven by anger, hate and entitlement not for the good of The Empire of Gold.
    One thing he has not learned about Tae Joo you cannot underestimate, or overestimate him, because he always slide through the middle, that’s a poor mans strategy what they have not comprehended yet.

    Seo Yoon, strategy is her fathers game book and if she follows it correctly she will win, but she also has to remember what her father told her. She cannot be nice she has to be bad to conquer.
    What was puzzling to me is when Seo Yoon told the Director that its hard to figure TJ out because they are under the same roof. Wouldn’t that be the best time to assess a person? I think feelings are getting involve for SY, but she better be careful because that’s the card TJ will play to get her trust.

    Wow!! Wicked drama, love it!!!

  151. 151 : Sharon Says:

    I like Go Soo, but Tae Joo could get it. Hahaha!! I don’t know how Go Soo character is in real life, but Tae Joo character is powerful, manly, Smart plus a beautiful smile. That gets me every time. It would definitely be Tae Joo.
    I hope he falls for SY too, but TJ is loyal. There is going to be some problems!!

  152. 152 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 145

    It’s “Lee sun shin the best” I dropped it.

    Still have 3 episodes to watch of “thank you” and I’ll start this one, I’ll try to catch you.

  153. 153 : Sharon Says:

    @everyone is pissed off about that drama. I still watch because I have invested too much time. I watch for the baker he is so funny!

    You have to catch up on this drama, it’s sooo intense. One thing I must say its well written. When you start let me know!!

  154. 154 : Sharon Says:

    Sorry it’s @fan

  155. 155 : Jyenie Says:

    Bravo, they managed to fool me too on ep 15!

  156. 156 : Jyenie Says:

    Eventhough I hope TJ will fall for SY but after hearing what he declared to SH in the interrogating room, I agree with Sharon that it ain’t easy 🙁

  157. 157 : Sharon Says:

    They did not TRY to fool me in ep 15, THEY DID!!!!
    I was like wow, SH really knows how TJ , because Choon Ho could not get to her in time. But TJ left no stone unturned. Damn! TJ is good. You can’t help but fall for a man like that.
    Jyenie, SY is going to be shaken, by TJ.

  158. 158 : Sharon Says:

    How TJ thinks

  159. 159 : eny Says:

    this is unpredictable, this story is original, the rating is rise up

    I didn’t interested to watch a drama because of similarity in story n they say i’m bias to some actor n don’t wanna see good project from other actor because i hate him, even if it’s good if I already know the basic story what for i watch it (Sorry this is unrelated to this drama………just speak up my frustation)

  160. 160 : Juliane04 Says:

    Just released the new soundtrack by 4men-love love love

  161. 161 : Sharon Says:

    Don’t take it to heart, they are very passionate about him. I think they are both great actors in duffrent ways and I love them both the same. Don’t stop watching because of that, it’s a great story. Keep you head up, ok!

  162. 162 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, originality it had a hundred time over!! I love this drama Soo much. This is my kind of drama.

  163. 163 : Sharon Says:

    Fan, usa-mary and I are also on master’s Sun . You have to com join us, it’s not bad at all. It’s your type, comedy, mystery and romance. I laugh a lot just watching this drama. There is a surprise in ep 3!!!

    EOG, is the best!!

  164. 164 : jing Says:

    i cant w8 to see how love could hinder their greediness!TJ and SY, let’s see who would fall inlove first..

  165. 165 : jing Says:

    as addicted as i’am in this drama, i want to be synchronize simultaneously broadcasting in korea, pls. give me a site????tnks!

  166. 166 : rory Says:

    I guess that’s the problem, u keep saying I don’t like to watch the so called “SIMILARITY DRAMAS” as u said in many threads that I believe most of them feel hot, fed-up & pissed off. who cares, which drama u like, predictable or not or because of actor/actress but I think u should stop saying the “SIMILAR COMMENTS” on other threads too! I know ur preferences n even know who’s ur favors but I respect that so let them enjoy it too unless u watched that drama and critics based on acting or storyline then it’s fine for me. I don’t watch some dramas too even though got good reviews/ratings but i’m not going to say I will pass this drama because the genre is same with bla bla bla drama or because I don’t like this actor..Because it’s useless n will spoil their moods.

    I saw ur comments about Yoochun n his dramas [which I love & respect his talents] in this site n DB quite often, saying u don’t watch IMY because didn’t trust the male lead acting melo n even said YSH gonna steal the spotlight before it’s airing, skip SKKS because of the same genre, watched MR because of LDH..But I don’t care and will not gonna bash u back coz it’s childish things even tho I don’t understand what’s ur intentions exactly by saying that but I will just ignore that..Just IGNORE! Simple as that coz those comments were not useful at all since me, some directors, drama critics, juries trust his talents even Director Bong Joon Ho[I’m sure u know him well] dare to cast him in his latest movie. The point is, let’s respect other interests coz i’m sure u also have ur favorite’s actors/actresses which is u will watch their pieces no matter what genre rite..
    sorry for the long rant..peace^^

  167. 167 : Jyenie Says:




  168. 168 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @153 – Sharon.
    Why are everyone pissed off at that drama? I thought about watching it because I heard a lot of good about it but I don’t want to watch it if it’s just going to piss me off.

  169. 169 : Fitri Says:

    Sung Jae do cares about SH. He is always be her side although his mother tries to influence him ignoring SH. Does he have another feeling to SH ? Is it love?? I really love how Sung Jae stand at good attention to SH. How romantic it is. If only Tae Joo has same attention as Sung Jae.

  170. 170 : Sharon Says:

    Hahaha! No, some viewers are very passionate about the lead actor, while others are not as passionate and it cause a little misunderstanding.
    Over all, it’s a good story that keeps you on the edge of you seat, try it.

  171. 171 : Jing Says:

    Tnks so much jyenie!! Owe u much!

  172. 172 : Jyenie Says:

    The relationship of TJ and SY is really driving me crazy! After the release of SH, I can smell something sour in the air! I do hope SH will sacrifice herself for TJ again I.e. leave TJ, so TJ and SY can be together.

  173. 173 : okey-dokey Says:

    wow, the differnece betwen agb and tmns nielses is huge

  174. 174 : okey-dokey Says:

    i meant “agb nielsen and tnms”*

  175. 175 : Sharon Says:

    Ok, just watched ep 17 and I love this drama more and more!! I feel as if the game has past gambling to an outright war. The question is what sort of casualties will each side have.

    If SY feed SJ to the dogs again will she now create a new enemy? Will SY forgive her again , or will he side with his mother and take the Company?
    I have a feeling that SY and his mother are working together, but that just a feeling I have.

    MJ’s father try to warn him by saying, been there done that and in the scheme of life it’s not worth the casualties.

    Ep 17 was about the assembly of the troops before the war begins. Where will SY place SJ?

  176. 176 : Sharon Says:

    Watched ep 18 SH please run as far as you can from TJ, he will never leave the game and he has grown fond of SY.
    Why didn’t SY just tell TJ about the shares that SJ bought? Right now TJ is very angry at SY because he felt she betrayed him.

    Wow!! I guess I was wrong about SJ, I hope he survives jail.

    Now, SY is going to take SH from TJ. I can understand how she feels, she lost the only person that made her happy and contented just like how TJ says SH made him feel. I guess SY is going to give him a tasted of his medicine.

    Let the games begin!!

  177. 177 : Jing Says:

    Its not a battle of prestige anymore,obviously SY will be on top, the question is, how will she make seolhee leaves TJ? ….maybe the saying is true…the more you hate, the more you love, coz thats what SY feels toward TJ at this rate. Hope my insight is true, however, this drama makes me spin, theres too much possibilities,,cant w8 to watch next! Ahh theyre kiliing me!

  178. 178 : hny Jo Says:

    hufffsss…. tired watch this battle..!!
    I like what Min Jae’s father said..just hoping min jae is the one who will makes this familly battle end !!
    …what everyone want !! is see the person in front of them shed his tears…
    so.. I hope the romance story will come soon next week…btw TJ n Yoon Seo Shi has good love story but I don’t think they match….
    hmmm still wait to .. TJ fall to SY….!!!!

    still keep watch this drama….for SY n TJ ;))

  179. 179 : Sharon Says:

    “The good ones cannot handle the world. The heartless are the winners and the most brazen will take everything.” Jang Tae Joo
    Wow!! Tae Joo really know how to sum his opponents. This is the BEST drama of 2013. Excellent script and great actors.

    I am like magnet to steel , I can’t get enough of this drama.. I love it!!
    Ooh, Tae Joo look soooooo fine and that SMILE according to SH.

    How will SY take SH from TJ?? Will she seduce TJ and make SH jealous enough to leave TJ. I don’t know!

    Any ideas out there?

  180. 180 : Sharon Says:

    SY quoted Erick Formm “love is not a matter of partner it’s a matter of capability.” Meaning, it’s not because I love someone because they are them I love them because I am capable of loving…. Then she flash back to SH and TJ at Eden and said to SJ, I guess I don’t have that kind of capability.
    This tells me that SY is in love with TJ not because of who he is, but because she is able to love. However, the flash back tells me that she is not going to let herself love TJ, she is going to fight it, but you can’t fight love.

    I finally realized how she plans to separate SH and TJ. SY plans to keep him by her side by not letting him ever gain the company and TJ is going to fight till the end to get it. SH will get fed up because she want TJ to get out of the game and let them live happily away from the cut throat world.

  181. 181 : Bella Says:

    I was waiting waiting for romance between tj n sh but untill now its not happenning waaaaaaaaa ???

  182. 182 : Bella Says:

    I mean *SY

  183. 183 : irenehwang Says:

    thank god .. it is sy, cant imagine the romance between tj and sh. waiting patiently for the romance between tj and sy to kick in, only 6 episodes to go. writer nim, what takes you so long for the romance???

  184. 184 : Juliane04 Says:

    Who will win to conquer Tae joo’s affection?…is it seol hee or Seo yoon

  185. 185 : billy Says:

    Hey, to those who have started watching this drama….is it good? Im sort of scared to even start. Funny, but some korean dramas give too much unbearable heartaches even to viewers like me. Is it just me? Am i the only one feeling this? What the heck, but a good drama gets me asking for more. So, I really need to screen well to protect my heart too…

  186. 186 : Sharon Says:

    It’s very goo. The story is tight and the actors splendid.. Give it a try.

  187. 187 : jing Says:

    way back epi 7,when SY offered TJ helped against min jae, i think she’s falling there,otherwise,what she care about TJ?she barely smile, but she did infront of TJ.it just that TJ is coldhearted sonofagun!!!or TJ intentionally remove sungjae in SY life coz he’s jealous??.that means he cared nd falling too!!the ending is near, it still makes me guess wild!

  188. 188 : Jyenie Says:

    You can tell from the interaction between TJ and SY that they have already fallen for each other whether they like it or not! Duh!

  189. 189 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, they are in love with each other, but both are denying it. I wish sometime SY could let go of the poker face and smile more. SJ does make her happy.
    Do you think TJ knew about SJ prior to SY request to set up sung Jin Card as a holding company. I also believe he wanted to get SY jealous by having her sit back down on the chair when SY came to Eden.

  190. 190 : Sharon Says:

    I was wondering that too! Did he know about the shares that SJ bought and decide to get SJ away from SY, so she’ll only have him TJ to depend on. That’s why now SH is her game plan.

    Is it jealousy, or a strategy? It could be both right.

  191. 191 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t want it to end!!!!

  192. 192 : Jyenie Says:

    I am very sure they have feeling for each other but I can’t tell what is up in TJ’s sleeve. I also hope it’s a strategy as well as jealousy. Is he still sticking with his master plan to see the tears of SY and MJ for losing Son Jin Group? However, he might also see the tears of himself for hurting SY. There are only 6 episodes more to answer all our questions and speculations!

  193. 193 : Sharon Says:

    SY is no Saint the way she handle the situation with TJ and the holding company was sooo foul. I think if she had sat down and talked to TJ about SJ situation he would have at least find a way to help. Instead she went against their plan and TJ played the card he was dealt. Now there is no trust.

    Will there be a real romance between TJ and SY I don’t think so. Although they may fall in love, but it won’t last. Business take pressidenc for both.

  194. 194 : tera Says:

    I agree…
    They are not capable to love each other coz they are so similar with each other…
    There may be some feeling between them, but not love….
    friendship maybe or some sort of dependent coz they work with each other for so long….
    Ah…i don’t know…I’m tired of waiting for TJ and SY fall in lve with each other.
    And it isn’t fair for Seol hee who sacrifice everything for TJ…….

  195. 195 : Sharon Says:

    SY vowed to let TJ feel what she felt from loosing SJ. That’s why SH should run as far away from TJ because he will never leave the company until he has 100%. SH should move on with her life and marry CH a least her mom love him.
    Saw preview of ep 19 and it seems that SY went to SH about TJ and SH ask TJ to leave sY’s house. It will be an interesting couple of ep until finish.

  196. 196 : fan Says:


    What a pity ! I’ve watched only 3 episodes, I don’t think I can catch you. Really a good story.

  197. 197 : Sharon Says:

    Damn! There is Soo much to talk about in this drama. I need a talking buddy for this drama! Just ep 3!!

  198. 198 : Jyenie Says:

    Too much to catch up my dear 🙂

  199. 199 : Adhe Talla Says:

    Jang Tae Joo nappeun! Just go to hell!
    Sung Jae , never leave ur noona, please. She needs u. She will do anything to safe u, release u from prison. U both, take care. Lovely siblings!

  200. 200 : fan Says:

    @ Sharon & Jyenie

    I don’t understand something. Sung Jae visited a grave, his father grave !?
    He’s the son of whom ? he’s not SY brother ? I’m watching ep. 5 right now.

  201. 201 : fan Says:

    SJ is Chung Ma owner’s son, so SY is his sister after their parents marriage.

  202. 202 : fan Says:

    vengeance vengeance ! Everybody seeks revenge !

  203. 203 : Sharon Says:

    All vengeance baby!!! Isn’t it epic!! What ep are you now???

  204. 204 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, that’s his bio dad grave.
    His father were partner with SY and MJ dad, but he died after the building collapse. MJ dad killed him, because he was going to make SY dad take the fall.

  205. 205 : Sharon Says:

    SMILE 🙂

  206. 206 : fan Says:

    I started ep. 6 now. 😀

    You were right about the characters, when you think that one is hateful, the moment after you’re not hating him anymore, but they’re all pitiful ! they lost the meaningful while running for money and power !

  207. 207 : Sharon Says:

    This writer is really good!!! He did not stay on the surface he went in deep with his characters. It’s a well written script/drama.

    They all have a story as to why they do what they do, while not admitting to the fact that it’s the love of power.

  208. 208 : Sharon Says:

    SY brother WH is like the dumbest guy ever. Can anyone be that dumb!! Because of his jealousy for SY he would rather ruin the business than work with his sister to make it stronger.

  209. 209 : Nudge Says:

    Wow! A true wicked-witch to the end.

    I’ve always wondered why those who hold to vengeance never see how it destroys themselves. After-all karma, (cause and effect) is the results of the good and/or bad actions one does towards others. And I wonder why the point is hardly ever made in a drama, and when they do its usually weak as piss. Karma is not religious doctrine. It is the law of “cause and effect”.

    So our wicked witch is unaware of the karmic reaction (pain & suffering) she’s to bring to the one she says she loves — her own son.

    It would make for a more interesting story arc if we were treated to the intricacies of how she lost her way.

    The reasons given didn’t sit right with me. A different woman in the same situation might have chosen another path — one without vengeance. In our witch’s case, she would have lost her moral compass long before the event she attributes to as the justification for her vengeance. What were they? And wouldn’t morality have been a worthy subject to explorer amidst the corrupting influence of wealth and power?

  210. 210 : Sharon Says:

    She is just a power hungry witch!!! She uses her first husbands death as a vehicle as to why she has so much hatred for the Choi family when it’s all about greed and power. She coveted the chairmans seat, not for her first husband, or even for her son but for herself. HJH is a snake crawling on its belly.

  211. 211 : vee Says:

    this drama has only 4 episodes left. Does the screen writer give the story to happy ending? I hope so…
    but when i was watching episode 19, it was too complicated with the problem that hadn’t been solved yet.
    if the writer doesn’t give result for the problem in episode, i will swear to stop watching this drama

  212. 212 : torri Says:

    Choi Seo Yoon i loveeeeee this girl she makes me think , she is smart ,a fighter and true daughter to her dead dad, like in the drama Tae Joo always says you either put all in or loss all and i am betting all in for her that she will win this fight, the one difference between her and the rest of the character is she is not greedy, she wants to protect what is hers and she is a thinker , at ep 19 i saw again how smart this girl is she asked her self why she was so willing to lose the once chance she had to win over her cousin to proctect her baby brother why and like Tae Joo said Yoon Seo Shi is to him like her baby brother is to her and if that is the case then the same way she was willing to make a move to protect her baby brother ,then Tae Joo will be making a move soon too and just like her predicted he decided to make a move just so he can be with Yoon Seo Shi soon enough and that is when i knew that Choi Seo Yoon is wining this fight one way or the other and i cant wait like she said to see Tae Joo share some tears too ,to me he lost his was along time again and i thinks its only fair that he is send back to roots to remember

  213. 213 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t agree torri. I don’t think SY is better than anyone else – she’s selfish and greedy as well. SY does not care who she hurts as long as it’s for her own cause and she had always planned to only use TJ and then throw him away again when she was done. You just have to look at how she made one of the people TJ trusted most betray him for money in the earlier episodes after which TJ told her he would take her most beloved away also as revenge (in episode 4).

  214. 214 : tera Says:

    ep 4 is a long time ago and she’s still immature in that episode, but nobody’s better than anybody in this story, it’s just which character we’d like better. Everyone has their own flaws and goodness. However i do like seo yeon because if i’m her, i’d be off to other country long time ago like she plan earlier and live the live she want. I’ll leave the group and whatever problems it has to her greedy siblings and let them taste their own medicine. If all of them united in the earlier episodes all of this won’t happen. Min jae and tae joo won’t get in the ways…
    I don’t understand why tae joo want the group. He can create another group with eden to compete with sung jin group. Why trying so hard to steal other people company when you can build your own. He’s just greedy and want an easy way to have an empire of his own.
    All of them are victim to their own ambitions except seo yeon who was trapped by her father’s will.
    I really hope seo yeon will have a very good life ahead, meet a guy she loves and lives a happy lives.
    As for tJ, he should go on w his life with SH. I started to hate him although i know why he did what he did.

  215. 215 : Sharon Says:

    Just finished watching ep 19 and I am not dissatisfied at all!!! Now, HJH finally got her come upping. Karma is a bitch!! She left the house the same way she came with nada. As dysfunctional as the chairman family is at least he had family HJH has no one, so she will live a pitiful existence until she hit the dirt. Sad, sad, sad.

    TJ dreamt he lost both his shoe, I guess he is going to loose everything SH, Eden, SY, SG Group and himself. At least, SH only dreamt of loosing one shoe.

    SJ looked Soo white, don’t they get sun in prison? I thought for a moment I was watching Master’s Sun. Haha!

    I don’t hate any of the characters in this drama you just can’t except for the mother of course. No one is a saint here neither SY or TJ. The difference between SY and TJ is the strategy they use to get what they want. SY was a bit greedy to want laughter at the the dinner table and the company, SY lost the laughter SJ. TJ will also lose his laughter SH. They are both pretty smart people SY and TJ they are the only ones that can kill each other. Will they?

  216. 216 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “Why trying so hard to steal other people company when you can build your own. He’s just greedy and want an easy way to have an empire of his own.”

    I would’t exactly consider this the easy way???? It does not look so easy to me and he has to sacrifice a lot. The immature excuse is just a bad excuse which I can’t take seriously and it also reminds me of how people loved to defend MD in ‘When a Man Loves’ saying she was just immature… The point is just that SY is not more of a victim than TJ. They have both done wrong things.

  217. 217 : xxxzxxx Says:

    Also I just want to add that TJ is not STEALING anything – when he and SY got married he payed a lot of money and with that got some rights to the company. It’s not stealing…

  218. 218 : Sharon Says:

    I think you are correct, neither is better than the other when it comes to getting what they want. Like SY said the only reason she wanted to save SH so badly is to save herself and the same goes for TJ. SY knows that SH is TJ’s sanity just like SJ was hers….. SY will never let TJ have the company, or SH.

  219. 219 : Sharon Says:

    Sorry not SH, but SJ.

  220. 220 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 20 was excellent cant wait for next week!!
    TJ better apply his own saying to himself. You can’t have both laughter and the company.
    The family come together to oust the boy from the ghetto.
    Wow!!! Power is like an addictive drug you can’t have enough.

  221. 221 : Adhe Talla Says:

    Lee Yo Won eonni, u are the best.
    Choi seo yoon will own the golden empire a.k.a Sungjin group. Trust me. Because she’s the one n only worth heiress in Choi family.

  222. 222 : jiigii Says:

    synopsis said “TJ fall in love with Choi Seo Yoon ” up to ep 20 I can’t feel a bit that TJ fall for SY, rather feel SY fall for TJ.

    Soon to the end, what I don’t want the end to be is tragedy; either TJ or SY die, but more likely TJ .

  223. 223 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think SY and TJ would never survive as a couple in real life – at least not lead a happy life. They are both too ambitious and greedy. I think it’s impossible with two such personalities to live happily together. They would both want to be in charge and have the last word.
    I think two meek people can work out living together. I think one very meek and one very dominating person can work out together but I don’t think two very dominating (self centered/ambitious) people can lead a happy life together. This is why SY and TJ should not end up together but TJ with SH instead.

  224. 224 : Sharon Says:

    I think SY has grown on TJaah. I don’t think TJ loves SH at all, he is very loyal and a man of his word.
    I believe they can make it together as husband and wife. They are both very smart and quite ambitious, but both backgrounds are like day and night. TJ is more of a realist while SY is more of a philosophist, so I believe they would make a great couple.

    TJ asking for a divorce in front of SUfamily was humiliating to say the least.
    I think he believes if he can get away from the family as fast as he could it would be hard for SY to take the company back. Pity, he did not bank on the family sticking together. Even MJ said that He and SY can continue fighting for the company after they get rid if the outsider meaning TJ.

    The stare down between SY and TJ was classic. SY cold stare says, no you did not go there, ok now we’re going to see who run shit TJ aaaa.

  225. 225 : Torri Says:

    Guys you all seem to forget one important thing about TJ this guy killed somebody and got away with it and not only that ,the woman he seem to claim he love takes the fall for him and for what ?so he can go get a company that was built by someone else ,, like one of you said he can still build his own company if he really wanted to and leave the live he wants with the women he claims he loves but no !!! The guy just can’t stop his greed after ep 20 I completely do not like him in anyway and he is using his death father as an excuse for his greed as to why he wants to seat in the chairman seat .I don’t think his father is very proud of him with blood in his hands so TJ to me is greed and I can’t wait to see him loss it all and if my thinking is right he would loss the girl he claims he love too because a man like that will only cause u pain at the end because of his greed , now that the family palms to fight him I wish he is send back to woods where he comes from

  226. 226 : Sharon Says:

    Remember he dreamt he lost both shoe, so that tells me he is going to loose everything.
    Tae Joo taste power and was unable to let it go. Yes, he could build Eden and live comfortably with SH, but Eden is nothing compare to Sung Jin Group. Sung Jin Group can Stan to loose millions and they basically runs the country.
    TJ having tasted and immersed in this type of unbelievable power for nine years and find it hard to let it go. I do believe in the beginning it was about his father then it became about him and having that kind of power.
    I don’t hate TJ because I would have to hate everyone and no one is perfect in this drama, its just that they use different methods to accomplish their golds. TJ take a gamble on himself and won many times, but this time I think he should have taken his winnings and run.

  227. 227 : Kdramaholic Says:

    @Torri-225, you got some good points but you forget that it was self-defense of reflex on TJ part, he isn’t some bloodthirsty gangster that kills people on the whim. Also, I have no pity for the corrupted bastard he killed who ruined both SY and his life.

  228. 228 : AMANAH Says:


  229. 229 : nadjs Says:

    i was so dissapointed with the flow of the story…were expecting of a thrilling love story..but how come it will end soon but still they did not fall inlove???

  230. 230 : Jyenie Says:

    Lee Yo Won’s husband and Go Soo’s wife are very pleased that there is lack of skinship in this drama. We have been fooled until now, don’t expect any romance in any dramas from this writer from now on.

  231. 231 : hny Jo Says:

    4 eps left…just make’s them all die writernim…their life is so miserable !!

  232. 232 : bblve07 Says:

    erase in my list to watch, i thought go so and lee yo won are love team in ds drama.

  233. 233 : Sharon Says:

    Just the way the story was heading I knew there were no romance scene. This writer is not a romance writer, not that he could not write one but I don’t see him as the lovey dovey kissy poo type. Park Kyung Soo writing tackles the problem, the emotion and human nature, not the sexual expression unless his story deems it absolutely necessary.

  234. 234 : Jyenie Says:

    Tsk tsk tsk. Don’t you think this drama is a bit dry without some romance for the otps? All work and no play makes EOG a dull drama 😉 Anyway I am glad that the Choi siblings are united for once for keeping the empire within the Choi family.

  235. 235 : Sharon Says:

    Hahaha! That’s why TJ is so angry because he is not getting any. Imagine, living with someone for nine years sleeping in the same room and you can’t brake off a pice of that kit kat bar! I am sorry, but if I was SY I would take TJ like I am taking Sung Jin Group from HJH.

    Finally WH uncle shout some sense in his petty little head. I guess blood is ticker than mud. Now they are going to trow the trash out.

  236. 236 : torri Says:

    @ sharon
    haahhaha like you comment about the “smile ” lets see how TJ is going smile now, i liked the part about taking the trash out and fighting only within the family honestly i think i have watch that part 5 times now and you are also right when u said he should have taken his winnings and run but hey the guy just could not , and when you look at his girl face when he took her to the office to show her what will belong to them she to me did not look to happy or existed i think the look she had on was more of who is this man or where did my TJ go to i want to see is TJ cry like SY said she will make him cry that i want to see , i think the moment he killed that guy and left his girl take the fall i stop liking his character because to me that was his turning point where he lost all his moral code just for the sake of money, and hey who says he cant do it again no excuse for taking any ones live no matter how bad the person ,SO OUR TJ LETS SEE YOU “SMILE”

  237. 237 : Sharon Says:

    I feel real bad for Tae Joaa, he went in with the right intentions and lost his way. I do hope when he falls someone is there to pick him up, like Phil Doo.
    As greedy as TJ is he was giving and kind to all the people who worked for him, so that tells me he is not naturally greedy. TJ is just caught out and up in the moment. I guess he needs the hurricane to have him grounded again.

    Yes, SH was like could some one please let the real TJ in, because I don’t know who the hell this is!! Even PD was looking at TJ like he was crazy when he spoke about divorcing SY. They all think he is going crazy!

    After the storm is over I hope TJ can still, SMILE!

  238. 238 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t understand how you can call TJ’s fathers death ‘just an excuse’. It’s pretty evident the way he spoke about the incident to SH and how he had the flashback that it’s not just an excuse but really about something more than just greed. The way he explained how MJ (and SY and her father) killed his father.

    “Who was it? The person who ordered a crackdown with a phone call.”
    “The one who took away my father’s life with one phone call and didn’t get any punishment for it”
    “It was Choi Min Jae.”
    “And Choi Seo Yoon was standing next to him.”
    “And behind her was that man. *points at SY’s father*”
    “I kept the promise I made with father”
    “[Flashback] Tae Joo, you have to win. In this world where I have never won… Tae Joo, try win at least once.”

    This is more about revenge than anything else but it’s not just about revenge. It’s about the poor man winning at least once. It’s always the rich people who gets away with doing all kinds of business crimes and the poor man just has to suck it up and become the loser. TJ made a promise to his father to not end up like that – but to become a winner.

    I have to admit that I’ve always cheered for TJ – but after the entire family went against him I’m cheering for him even more. It has nothing to with TJ being more noble than anyone else (though I do think he would treat his employees better than anyone else since he has been at the other end himself unlike the Choi family who were born rich). They have all done bad things but I’m cheering for him because I don’t like how SY has been looking down on him calling him a ghetto boy. I find it funny how she and some people in here thinks that he’s less entitled to the chairman seat than her – even calling it stealing. It’s never stealing since TJ does own most shares as a single person than anyone else in the company. I find it even more amazing how people are blaming TJ for taking the easy road – how is this the easy road?. I don’t think SY had it easy because she surely did not but compared to TJ then I think she’s had it more easy than him and he has worked more to get to where he is than she has. SY had to fight the family to get to where she is but TJ had to fight not only her family (and her) but also his own poor background.
    The fact that she thinks he does not deserve to be chairman just because he’s from a poor family is what makes me want to see him as the winner in the end.

    I don’t think TJ will win though – I hope but I don’t think it will happen. I’ve only seen one drama who dared not to change the lead male from an ambitious person to someone who’d give it all up for love and that’s ‘Brain’.
    I just hope this drama will not take the easy road and kill off TJ – it’s too easy of an ending to ever be satisfying.

  239. 239 : xxxzxxx Says:

    It’s pretty evident the way he spoke about the incident to SH and how he had the flashback that it’s not just an excuse but really about something more than just greed. –> TJ could have just taken the money and run for it but he didn’t because it’s not only about money and greed – it’s about being above the people who killed his father and the only way to do that is to become the owner of that EXACT company who killed his father.

  240. 240 : Nara Says:

    This drama annoying. Tired to watch.

  241. 241 : juliane04 Says:


  242. 242 : billy Says:

    thanks for the tips….i was already about to start watching….or maybe not.

  243. 243 : hny Jo Says:

    yeahhh..hope so @juliane04, actually the story already good..battle between all of them not monoton…so fast not makes me bored..but it will be looks ‘human life’ if there’s a love put in there… ;))… how can interact with handsome man n beautiful women without…feel ” OOO…AAA”” each other….except they are robot, hehhehe

  244. 244 : owmayji Says:

    sad and frustrating…..the end is near, and yet, the fighting seems not to end.TJ is greedy beyond explanation. i’m hating him. On the other hand, i’m loving SY, though seems like an underdog, the fate agreed with her,she looks sad and in pain, but still fighting. where’s the love people???

  245. 245 : John k Says:

    The writer who wrote this drama should and will be blacklisted for life. He just sealed his fate. No one will hire him again to write a drama,he should find another career because this is not for him.

  246. 246 : Sharon Says:

    As a matter of fact , Park Kyung Soo is an excellent writer.not because there is no romance between SY and TJ that means he writes badly.
    The romance is not between the leads, the romance is between them and power!!!!!!

  247. 247 : Juliane04 Says:

    The description of the story doesn’t work in this drama….that’s ridiculous!

  248. 248 : owmayji Says:

    agreed!the synopsis tells otherwise as where the story goes,frustrating,not funny anymore.

  249. 249 : linlin (chinese) Says:

    from Singapore. Currently watching on Channel One (starhub pay Tv, Singapore). watch till the part :One of the politicians was accidentally stabbed by Tae Joo. After watching this episode, I think I don’t really like this character Tae Joo. It seemed like his own survival is the most important.

  250. 250 : hny Jo Says:

    hmmm he want to survive in SungJin Group and family..while he think ppl there are like animal..and TJ want to be the king in that forest…Oooo

    but writer nim…in forest ..animal do have a romance ..also have love…but in this drama u makes humans more worse than animal…OMG..!! I didnt think there’s any romance here between them who in this battle, (see all of them makes ‘a pocker face” since morning to night…Olala )and it will be til the end…too bad .. this family drama can be the great one in this year if the story more ‘human’ …

    wow… I guess I’m disappointed…. so,to much talk ;))

  251. 251 : Sharon Says:

    The synopsis has been wrong before. I remember WAML synopsis was totally incorrect. Whoever is writing the synopsis for the dramas should get it confirmed more than once.

  252. 252 : maknaee Says:


    yeah you’re right.

  253. 253 : owmayji Says:

    my judgement is correct, all ends comes bad, they only good at the beginning, all korean drama are.

  254. 254 : Juliane04 Says:

    Won jae sent to prison and the last person will go to jail s tae joo,I think

  255. 255 : Jless Says:

    -first 4 episodes were boring ,
    -later espisodes were very very good :-,
    -the last 4 episodes seem to be like the first 4, boring + ….

  256. 256 : Kdramaholic Says:

    lol, you all can hate TJ as much as you want but you can’t deny how fearless and talent he is. TJ’s a daredevil who fights against anything. He’s the poor man who had nothing and came to this far. What amuses me more is while the whole Choi family and SY treats him like a worm, but every time TJ repeats that he’s certainly getting divorced and moving out, then they all have their expression and glare at him lol

  257. 257 : hny Jo Says:

    of coz Go Soo acting is one of the best in korea , we not deny that…lol

  258. 258 : Hikari Says:

    Hhhh. . This isn’t a romance drama. Haha

  259. 259 : Lila Says:

    I have a huge sympathy for TJ, alone against this Choi gang, which believe about themselves as royalty and call TJ a ghetto boy. The only difference is the fact that the Chois are the beneficiaries of fortune, instead TJ is a fortune maker. I don’t know what fate will consider the scriptwriter for him, because often I don’t understand the Korean morality, but no matter what will be in the end, TJ is my hero.

  260. 260 : emmanuel Says:

    They add should have made this a romance drama.

  261. 261 : tigerb Says:

    a lot of people exist and survive in this world without romantic love. in this series there is love between friends in TJ’s group, and there is filial love and hatred, which is akin to love, in the choi family. and really, what is importantly depicted in this series is about an empire, so the bulk of the drama is about business!

  262. 262 : Hikari Says:

    Who was wrote the synopsis? ?
    The synopsis was so different with the story.
    “he (Tae Joo) fall in love with Seo Yoon” ?
    In the fact, Tae Joo doesn’t have any feel like that for Seo Yoon. lol

  263. 263 : Sharon Says:

    I feel like I am watching a horror movie and TJ has become more possessed with the revenge Demond. I can understand how TJ feels and his quest, but it will destroy him. Not only is he taking revenge for his father, but he is also taking revenge for himself. His feelings of inferiority has driven him to take all and to prove to himself that he is worthy. Though SY reminds him every day of his inferior birth and he is nothing but a piece of trash from the ghetto to rattle him because she knows he hates that part of himself the most. TJ does not realized that the constant reminder of his background is leading him closer to the edge of the Cliff in the guise of revenge.

  264. 264 : Kdramaholic Says:

    lol poor TJ, the madness will end his dream. Oh well it’s the reality, one can’t fight the rich with money. I hope the writer-nim will give him a peaceful ending at least 😀

  265. 265 : Sharon Says:

    Wow!! Just finished ep 22 and I am totally disappointed in TJ.
    I respected TJ’s ambition, his ability to read people as well as been very smart. However, I also pity him and his inability to overcome his inferiority complex.
    TJ has become the rich chaebol that he despise just to win! I am sorry that TJ did not realized earlier that he had won. All he had to do was to cash in his chips and go, he could have lived happily with SH anywhere he wishees. Instead he worked as hard as his father did and may end up with nothing just like his dad.
    Gambling is a disease, when you win you just want more and when you loose you still want more. Is this the end for TJ, or will he be able to rear his head again and SMILE.

  266. 266 : Bella Says:

    Hayz! I got frustrated frustrated frustrated with this drama!

  267. 267 : Bella Says:

    How can they right the synopsis ?????????????????? Can somebody explain? Pls… I really can get it why the synopsis is different fom the story hayzzz

  268. 268 : tera Says:

    i really hope SY wil do it this time and gain total control over the company like choi dong sung…
    She’ll be even scarier than her father….
    I don’t understand why tae joo enters the fight at the first place…
    It’s exciting really but taking other’s property isn’t in my forte….
    I hate people doing just that…
    Why must he get sung jin group although he can build his own company….
    With his skills EDEN can grows better to rivals sung jin group…..
    He completely gone crazy wih all the ambition to gain over sung jin group…
    hope seo yeon will successfully put the people at the place they suppose to be….
    it won’t end well for tae joo, so many stains is in his hands….

  269. 269 : Juliane04 Says:

    More hrs. To go…

  270. 270 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t understand how this simple fact can be so hard to understand. TJ is not STEALING Sung Jin group – he bought himself the rights for SJ group. I think it’s a lie if you tell me you’ve never bought something someone else has created – just look at your own room and see what of all those things you’ve created yourself and what you’ve bought. TJ bought shares in Sung Jin group therefore he has a right for the company just as much as SY or anyone else with a lot of shares – it’s very simple actually.
    If you still don’t understand why he entered the fight in the first place you should try watching some of the earlier episodes or just watch the episode in which TJ say this.

    “Who was it? The person who ordered a crackdown with a phone call.”
    “The one who took away my father’s life with one phone call and didn’t get any punishment for it”
    “It was Choi Min Jae.”
    “And Choi Seo Yoon was standing next to him.”
    “And behind her was that man. *points at SY’s father*”
    “I kept the promise I made with father”
    “[Flashback] Tae Joo, you have to win. In this world where I have never won… Tae Joo, try win at least once.”

    This is more about revenge than anything else but it’s not just about revenge. It’s about the poor man winning at least once. It’s always the rich people who gets away with doing all kinds of business crimes and the poor man just has to suck it up and become the loser. TJ made a promise to his father to not end up like that – but to become a winner.

  271. 271 : xxxzxxx Says:

    This is about winning and nothing more. TJ will do anything to win now – even go against his own moral codes.

    It’s kind of sad that SY and her father drove MJ to push the button in episode 1 when they tried to remove him from the company and now SY is doing the exact same thing to TJ. It’s the Choi family who has created the monster TJ has become.
    SY and her father is and were two dictators who think only they have the rights to decide Sung Jin groups fate even though they are not the only share-holders of the company and if someone does not agree with them they do everything they can to get rid of them. I think their specialty is to threat people who do not agree with them.
    They claim to care about the company but in reality they only care to keep the company in the name of Choi – even when the person with most shares is not a Choi – no matter the cost.

  272. 272 : nancy Says:

    its not somebody or anybody who created tae joo as monster but he created himself as one.everybody said that he is smart or whatever but sad to say to much greediness can put him down and probably go to jail soon.

  273. 273 : jazz Says:

    2 episodes more to go…we’ll see the downfall of tae joo.who will catch him,is it seo yoon or seul hee?

  274. 274 : Juliane04 Says:


  275. 275 : vee Says:

    hemm…. are there 2 additional episode more? to give romantic scenes between two main character.

  276. 276 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think TJ will win today – the simple reason is that we’ve seen already seen MJ and SY on the throne of SJ group already. I think it’ll end with TJ on the throne in the end because of that.

  277. 277 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think anyone will win, It will go back to being the same old thing. The fight and the struggle to get and keep SJG.
    The one who might get the group is SJ and become as diabolical as his mom. Now that would be a twist!

  278. 278 : Sharon Says:

    Romantic scene?? Where?? In this drama?? Never!!

  279. 279 : xxxzxxx Says:

    the simple reason is that we’ve already seen MJ and SY on the throne of SJ group.**** <— I had a few too many "already"s in the post 😛

  280. 280 : Jiigii Says:

    Heartless city did have heart, but this drama is an utmost heartlessness. The writer is so cruel till the end, not a glimpse of romantic scence TJ + SY. SY got the empire all alone. Tragic ending as expected!

  281. 281 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I’ve seen episode 24 raw and I’m disappointed with the ending. We never got to see TJ on top of SJ group once but that’s not why the ending disappointed me. I liked how SY ended up lonely after driving everyone away – but I hated the fact that they decided to pan back to TJ and show he had jumped into the water. It would have been perfect if they had ended it after panning past the boat coming towards TJ and like that leave the ending open to what would happen to TJ.
    I didn’t understand what was said though – so maybe the ending is better than what I got out of it watching it raw.

  282. 282 : Nudge Says:

    TJ can’t win because he had killed someone.

    But whoever wins the seat of power isn’t going to find happiness there. I think that is the point the drama was attempting to get across.

    The elder knew and begged his son Min Jae to not go towards the mirage. To let it go. He did everything to convince his enamoured-by-all-that-glitters-is-gold son that it is all an illusion.

    As for TJ, his downfall really began when he killed the politician. It is because when he killed a man he had stepped over the threshold that separates life with hope and hell.

    The ending is appropriate.

  283. 283 : xxxzxxx Says:

    The killing was mostly self-defense. It was not the killing but rather the fact that SH took the time in jail – that did the outcome.
    If this drama had to end based on morals then none of the main characters deserved to be on top of SJ group – they all did bad stuff. TJ was not any worse than SY and MJ.

  284. 284 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think it’s the killing of congress man Kim that would cause TJ to not win, because it was not an intentional killing.
    TJ cause himself not to win. TJ did not want to get out from the eye of the storm, he became quite accustomed to the life style and enjoyed the power that came with it, so it was too difficult for him to let it go. TJ uses his fathers plight as a crutch for his insatiable appetite for power. Which took him over like a possessed soul.
    TJ could have kept his winnings if he did not have that one little Achilles heel that SY uses repeatedly to break him down and that is his inferiority complex. As big as TJ was he felt he was not good enough.

  285. 285 : Sharon Says:

    TJ was weak to his low status. Therefore, he felt that he was less of a man and not deserve to be where he was. So, he try’s very hard to win the game, but this game was a game of chance, smarts, mind games, and wit.
    However, his down fall was SY’s mind game she studied him and capture his weakness and uses it against him.
    He became blinded by winning, because he did not want to push that cart EVER!!

  286. 286 : Lila Says:

    I make a bow to the brilliant actors. Their performing is outstanding. Congratulations.

    I make a bow to the scriptwriter. The script was a masterpiece. Congratulations. Thank you that you depicted an open end for TJ’s fate.
    He is my hero, a hamletian one.
    The end was fair of my point of view.

    Thank you all for such great drama.

  287. 287 : Jyenie Says:

    I salute you for staying with this drama until the end 🙂 Call me shallow as I dropped this drama after ep 20 when I finally accepted the fact that there will be no romance at all, just totally lost interest.

  288. 288 : tigerb Says:

    so many wanted to be on top, the climb is difficult, many could not reach the peak. still, the greedy people aspire to reach the summit, by hook or by crook, knowing the place is good for only one. different degrees and reasons of greed for the different aspirants, but did not get them anywhere. many failed, and the one who made it was not happy either. so, why pursue? i wouldn’t want to be part of the choi family, nor work for any of them. so many korean sayings and analogies, lessons to be learned. i like the cast, they delivered very well. it’s a good watch, but not for those who are looking for romance, as there is none here!

  289. 289 : tigerb Says:

    i think that the synopsis was changed after many complaints that there is no romance in this drama, therefore, now i stand corrected to my first comment then that this series was nothing much different from the others i’ve watched. my reason for watching was to see if the guy who played min jae is really that good, and yes he is, and so did tae joo and seo yoon players. this drama is different in that there is no romance, there is love but beaten by the greed of the characters in this series except for 1 or 2 people, after all money is power in business. i can understand the ratings as it can be boring when you have to listen (in my case to read the subs) what is being said to understand the story and just watching the facial expressions and not much action. the scenes were limited to the offices and the dining room. still, it is a very good watch.

  290. 290 : Sharon Says:

    Wow!! What can I say, I respect TJ for trying to atone for his sins. 🎉👏 it seems as if everyone looses, there’s no winner in the end. How sad.
    I believe TJ is going to be rescued by the boat. I hope he is alive and there is a season two where he and SY start a real relationship.

  291. 291 : Sharon Says:

    I genuinely love this drama. The writing was superb the actors take there characters seriously and gave us EOG. I don’t think TJ is dead I think he is rescued by the boat!
    It’s not always about romance!

  292. 292 : Jayson Dr Says:

    Wow… that ending. A lot of the comments here complain about lack of romance in this series but hey we can find romance in almost every series out there so I appreciate this drama even without romance. It’s a breath of fresh air, don’t you think? Having watched the ending of Dexter and the finale of Empire of Gold at the same day… makes me say there’s some similarity in the ending though it was cut a little earlier in EOG. Kudos to everyone behind this series, such a masterpiece!!! Loved the script and all.

  293. 293 : Hanover Says:

    Sorry, I’m only @ ep 12. Takes a lot of energy to follow the story – and that’s killing the drama. I guess it’s always that corrupt to succeed in business – corporate business that is.

  294. 294 : Hanover Says:

    If not for LeeYW, I would have stopped watching right here.

  295. 295 : Nacho B Says:

    If you’re looking for romance or a happy ending, you’ll find neither here. With that said, I’m comfortable in saying that Empire of Gold is one of the finest drama series I’ve ever seen.

    I couldn’t count the number of plot twists there were, and unlike most dramas, all of them seemed reasonable and believable, completely in character with the person involved.

    I also can’t remember how many times I said to myself, “wow, I don’t see any way out of that”, but for every move, there was a counter-move, and until the very end, I didn’t know who was going to “win”.

    Perhaps prevail would be a better description of Seo Yoon alone in her now empty family home. I was completely satisfied with how the drama ended. Both Tae Joo and Min Jae were motivated by greed and lust for power, while Seo Yoon wanted only to preserve and protect what her father had built. I’m completely sympathetic and supportive of what she did and why she did it.

    Speaking of her, Lee Yo Won gets more impressive in every role I see her in. To my mind, she’s always been good at tragic characters, but she was impressive and believable at “powerful” in EoG.

    I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to mention Empire of Gold and masterpiece in the same sentence.

  296. 296 : winnie Says:

    I love Go soo in all his previous dramas, his character in empire of Gold is so different as he portrayed an ambitious man hiding in pretext of wanting to bring justice to his father’s death. it is evil of him to ask sol hee to cover up for his crime, although he tried to atone and protected her eventually, it could have been better if he stop his greed and retire with her in the Philippines. I pity soe yoon, she has a family but somebody that is not even a real brother was the only one that stood with her. there are scenes I think that she started to like TAe joo but it was overshadowed by Tae Joo’s greed.

  297. 297 : colleen rose Says:

    I’m hooked on Go Soo…a very handsome and incredibly talented actor….but….couldn’t the writer have given us at least one
    love scene between he and his wife? I mean, really, how could she have resisted him…warts and all?

    P L E A S E give us more….of this amazing drama.

  298. 298 : joy Says:

    I was really impressed with LEE YOWON here. Another awesome performance after 49 Days.

    This drama is a masterpiece.

  299. 299 : toh quan ming Says:

    I like lee yo won’s korean drama calls empire of gold because of 24 episodes. She acts very well, i like her acting in every of her dramas that i watch through tv like 49 days and horse doctor.Anyway i wish her all her best for her next korean drama that she is going to act, hopefully she will win her best actress in the korea award ceremony.

  300. 300 : thlathawnglian Says:

    so really good the movie

  301. 301 : kdrama freak Says:

    I enjoy the drama but not the ending. I supposed there is no better ending for TJ considering he has killed, eventhough not intentional. Hope to see more Goo Soo drama, he looks so good after shed off weights.

  302. 302 : DramaCritic Says:

    One of the best drama I’ve seen so far, very much recommended, Le Yo Won is at her best and Go Soo is also good

  303. 303 : silhoutte Says:

    I was hoping for a happy ending before I watch this as I like Go Soo in Green Rose.

  304. 304 : camille Says:

    I liked the main actress. I liked her character and how she played it. She was very captivating. A very good actress.

  305. 305 : Remake-ul “Criminal minds” de la tvN va avea premiera in aceasta seara - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] “Mrs. Cop 2” (SBS, 2016),”Signal” (tvN, 2016), “3 Days” (SBS, 2014), “Empire of Gold” (SBS, 2013), “The Chaser” (SBS, 2012), “The True Colors” (KBS2, 2012), “Take Care Of Us, […]

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