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Emergency Man and Woman

Emergency Man and Woman 01

Title: 응급남녀 / Emergency Man and Woman
Chinese Title: 急诊男女
Also Known as: Emergency Couple
Genre: Medical, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-24 to 2014-April-05
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:40


A romantic comedy about a couple who married during medical school but due to their clashing personalities divorced soon afterwards. They are reunited years later as interns at a hospital. Will love strike again for the two?

Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) had a good life as a dietitian when she met medical school student Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk). Chang Min comes from a wealthy family full of doctors who where against their marriage but the two decided to get married anyway. He gave up his medical internship to work as a pharmaceutical salesman. Their marriage isn’t a happy one and they decided to get a divorce since his family kept looking down on Jin Hee and even Chang Min started to change. After their divorce, Both of them graduated from medical school and works as an intern. One day, they meet in the emergency room for a hospital where they both have their medical internship.


Main Cast

Song Ji Hyo as Oh Jin Hee (intern)
Choi Jin Hyuk as Oh Chang Min (intern)
Lee Pil Mo as Gook Chun Soo (chief of Department of Emergency Medicine)
Choi Yeo Jin as Shim Ji Hye (assistant professor of surgery)
Clara as Han Ah Reum (intern)

Hospital Staff

Yoon Jong Hoon as Im Yong Kyu (intern)
Im Hyun Sung as Park Sang Hyuk (intern)
Chun Min Hee as Lee Young Ae (Sang Hyuk’s wife)
Choi Bum Ho as Go Joong Hoon (chief of Department of Emergency)
Park Sung Geun as Ahn Young Pil (surgeon)
Heo Jae Ho as Jang Dae Il (3rd year resident)
Kwon Min as Kim Min Ki (1st year resident)
Kim Hyun Sook as Choi Mi Jung (head nurse of emergency room)
Lee Sun Ah as Heo Young Ji (nurse of emergency room)
Choi Yoo Ra as Son Ye Seul (nurse of emergency room)

People around Oh Jin Hee

Lee Mi Young as Jo Yang Ja (Jin Hee’s mother)
Jun Soo Jin as Oh Jin Ae (Jin Hee’s younger sister)
Park Doo Shik as Kim Gwang Soo (Jin Ae’s husband)
Kim Choo Wol as Shin Ae

People around Oh Chang Min

Park Joon Geum as Yoon Sung Sook (Chang Min’s mother)
Kang Shin Il as Oh Tae Seok (Chang Min’s father)
Park Ji Il as Yoon Sung Gil (Chang Min’s uncle)


Yoon Joo Sang as priest (ep 1)
Lee Han Wie as Jun Hyung Suk (ep 1)
Jun Soo Kyung as hospital director (ep 1)
Yoon Bong Gil as drunk patient with gun (ep 2)
Jung Joo Ri as Oh Chang Min’s blind date woman (ep 3)
Kang Gary (강개리) as substitute driver (ep 6)
Dick Punks as indie band (ep 6)
Narsha as female patient (ep 19)
Kim Kang Hyun as male patient (ep 19)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Chan Ho
Producer: Yoon Hyun Ki
Director: Kim Chul Kyu
Screenwriter: Choi Yoon Jung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-01-24 1 2.4
2014-01-25 2 2.7
2014-01-31 3 1.6
2014-02-01 4 2.8
2014-02-07 5 3.4
2014-02-08 6 3.3
2014-02-14 7 3.6
2014-02-21 8 3.7
2014-02-22 9 3.6
2014-02-28 10 3.4
2014-03-01 11 4.1
2014-03-07 12 4.0
2014-03-08 13 4.1
2014-03-14 14 4.2
2014-03-15 15 4.1
2014-03-21 16 4.0
2014-03-22 17 5.0
2014-03-28 18 4.1
2014-03-29 19 4.8
2014-04-04 20 4.9
2014-04-05 21 5.0

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III

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  1. 1 : jesissca Says:

    Double JH,,Hope will be interesting drama,,,

  2. 2 : cuity17 Says:

    CJH… Finally you r as a lead actor now after ok daddys girl….., hope this drama will b great…, love ur voice n eyes…. :D. I will keep stay tuned on this thread to know how s this drama going well or not … Ha..ha…lol. 😀

  3. 3 : puji Says:

    New Couple ” Ji – Jin ” or ” Jin – Ji ”
    Can’t Wait… !!!

  4. 4 : htayapril Says:

    I am glad Choi Jin Hyuk is as a male lead and wishing this drama will be hit

  5. 5 : taraJJ Says:

    finally the trailer is come out.. it look funny but too short.. love this couple already I hope Gary will not get jealous or something hehehe ^^

  6. 6 : rory Says:

    hey @taraJJ
    medic + rom com..kyahhhh..looks promising!
    I hope this one will be fun to watch..will looking forward^^

  7. 7 : UNKNOWN Says:

    My favorite actress and my favorite actor ! Must watch !

  8. 8 : bubble Says:

    whaaaaaaaaa… Ji Hyo Unnie and Jin Hyuk Oppa,,
    gonna be awesome,,the story is interesting,,medical romance comedy drama..
    can’t wait for this drama,,

  9. 9 : IWON Says:


  10. 10 : LMHluvPSH4ever Says:

    Love it ….. I can’t wait …..

  11. 11 : Lucycia Says:

    I want to watch it hehehe…

  12. 12 : maknaee Says:

    gonna make sure to watch this drama~~~ can’t wait anymore kk
    i love those two paired together gyaah

  13. 13 : ance Says:

    i think i’ll love this!!!

  14. 14 : Mary Says:

    Supper excited for this drama. Both lead roles are some of my favorite.

  15. 15 : wanila Says:


  16. 16 : wanila Says:


  17. 17 : tigerb Says:

    i’ll watch this because of the leading man. let’s see if he delivers.

  18. 18 : Trine Says:

    Can’t wait! I’m so excited to see Song Ji Ho in her own drama!

  19. 19 : yvez Says:

    can’t wait for this.. excited..!

  20. 20 : roni Says:

    i like Song Ji Ho!Figthing,oppa!

  21. 21 : naysa Says:

    can’t waittttttt
    arghhh jihyo and jihyuk is a good paired!><

  22. 22 : ji hyo fans Says:

    Hooray ji hyo drama… finally. ..

  23. 23 : Nee Agashi Says:

    Jihyo.. jihyo!!!

  24. 24 : kdramaoppa Says:

    Cant wait 17 days i just want to see it now. song ji hyo i never seen how she acts, but have seen her in running man. I wish oppa gary and blank ji could make a drama.

  25. 25 : AdJae Airashii Says:

    cant wait :*
    my fav cast ^^

  26. 26 : Jyenie Says:

    Choi Jin Hyuk as male lead and the interesting story line 🙂 Yes, I am going to watch this drama!

  27. 27 : Weirdo Says:

    Finally I got to watch Jin Hyuk as a lead. Long time overdue. He is among those actors who are talented and good looking too! Can’t wait.

  28. 28 : oliv_angela Says:

    Finally Choi Jin Hyuk as a lead man role . . .
    Wait for this drama and hope can hear CHJ sing Ost again .

  29. 29 : Amanda Says:

    Welcome back Choi Jin Hyuk! Exciting to wait this series up at soonest!

  30. 30 : hny Jo Says:

    want to see this..!!

  31. 31 : Bacon Says:

    Omg so excited for this!!!!! <3 Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk <333

  32. 32 : trientjexo Says:

    Deabakk !! finally Choi Jin Hyu as lead male whoop whoop i cant wait for the first ep ! x KEKEE

  33. 33 : Widad Says:

    I can’t wait

  34. 34 : Widad Says:

    ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉
    ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉
    ҉ ҉ ҉
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    ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉
    ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉

  35. 35 : Theresa Logan Says:

    Finally Song Ji Hyo!!! I love her in Running Man and now a NEW drama!!! Double Daebak! Can’t wait. I’ll definitely be watching this. So excited!

  36. 36 : tuRess Says:

    Song Ji Hyo Unnie! : ) Big fan of you here!! Ace Ji-Hyo, I hope this drama will be awesome because you’re awesome. And the lead hero is cuuuutteeee too so fighting! Utah is so cold, it’s kdrama time at home so hurry up 14 days.

  37. 37 : lisa Says:

    Can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiit so excited i love Choi jin hyuk oppa

  38. 38 : myeon Says:

    Absoluteeeely will give it a try xD Who don’t want to see mongji unnie with choi jinhyuk oppa as main leads? ♡

  39. 39 : sheryl Says:

    YESSSSSSSSSS…after long waiting finally Choi Jin Hyuk is as a male lead !!

  40. 40 : norlela Says:

    Ohh My Jiho!!!
    Waiting with patience… urghhh

  41. 41 : AstridRunners Says:

    JI HYO nunaa, finally a new drama … I can’t wait to watch your dramaa, i’m a big fan of Ace JiHyo , so excited !!

  42. 42 : IM THE ASIAN Says:

    I can’t wait like seriously…there are too less dramas for me to watch -.-

  43. 43 : Nee Agashi Says:


    can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  44. 44 : Nee Agashi Says:

    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    ji hyo eonni^^

  45. 45 : anzu Says:

    storyline is similar to paradise ranch….but it is medical…….m gonna watch it just becuz of choi jin hyuk….

  46. 46 : jj Says:

    ji hyuk is male lead & ace Ji Hyo….
    Wow can’t wait…..

  47. 47 : Juana love Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama!!!!!!

  48. 48 : trientjexo Says:


  49. 49 : Lin Says:

    Me too! Already excited. Think gg to be my next fav drama after my love from the star. Fighting!!!

  50. 50 : Athira Says:

    omgg but will it broadcast on channel ONE?? pleasee answer my questions/

  51. 51 : khalish Says:

    i think not on channel ONE but maybe on M Channel like Reply 1994 but its usually after this drama end in Korea.

  52. 52 : azia Says:

    i think this drama is going to be awesome !!
    some behind-the-scenes photos here http://community.kpoprepublic.com/threads/official-emergency-man-and-woman.7/

  53. 53 : Song ji hyo Says:

    Ji hyo unni fighting!,

  54. 54 : maknaee Says:

    three days to go~~~~~~ can’t wait for this couple gyaah

  55. 55 : Nee Agashi Says:

    3 days more……..!!!
    January, 24th for watching <3 ~

  56. 56 : vip Says:

    sounds good… waiting for friday

  57. 57 : wdr Says:

    seriously i cant wait for this drama!!!!! ^_^

  58. 58 : wdr Says:

    the synopsis are interesting

  59. 59 : freedomdemon Says:

    gonna appear d~!!! sure keep wait till it appear~!!! (*. *)
    and hope that its a good ending of this drama~!!! ^^Y

  60. 60 : Mary Says:

    very excited for this drama. I am wondering if Kang Gary will get jealous. I watched episode 181 of running man where the main lead of I hear your voice drama was the guest for the episode. His mission was to be the secret lover of Ji Hyo. At the end you will see how jealous Kang Gary was all day because of the missions the secret couple had to do. He was so surprised when he realized that they were “only” a secret couple for the episode. He even said “I thought they were dating for real.” You should certainly check the episode out, worth watching. I really would like to see Kang Gary and Ji Hyo together again; they look good together.

  61. 61 : maknaee Says:

    it’s tonight~ tvN, let’s rock your fri-sat drama after R1994 😀 Emergency Couple fightinggg~

    @Mary i love that episode~~~ both Lee Jong Suk and Song Ji Hyo look good together <3 lucky Ji Hyo kkkk

  62. 62 : mya Says:

    @Mary..its true that kang gary said “i thought they were dating for real” .but he mean the RM staff not lee jong suk and song ji hyo.. i think kang gary not realized how close they are in that episode.sorry my bad english…

  63. 63 : mayTeeNa Says:

    where can i watch this???

  64. 64 : Rtke Says:

    THIS!!! I can not wait for this!

  65. 65 : Athira Says:

    what channel is it for malaysia!!!

  66. 66 : Athira Says:

    @khalish whats M channel??

  67. 67 : widad Says:


  68. 68 : Fatima Says:


  69. 69 : widad Says:


  70. 70 : Sara Says:

    Where can I watch this online? Does anybody know?

  71. 71 : mariana Says:

    Hello! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1a8rex_01thrthrthrt_music?start=%20

  72. 72 : hny Jo Says:

    This is …Enemy couple ‘Tom n Jerry”….love story!! ;))

  73. 73 : widad Says:


  74. 74 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 at Taiwan website and something that made me laugh.

    I will continue to watch episode 2 to find out more about their comedy.

  75. 75 : NS Says:

    you can watch it on gooddrama.net

  76. 76 : VANQ Says:

    i like this drama!figthing!

  77. 77 : Irina Says:

    Loved it

  78. 78 : Nee Agashi Says:

    kekeke funny couple, like Tom and Jerry!!!

  79. 79 : tess Says:

    so cute and t really like him.he lead male character from the heirs is really good……..really really really like him

  80. 80 : wildie_0921 Says:

    Nice dram..

  81. 81 : Nudge Says:

    The drama is off to a good start. It’s always nice to see Song Ji Hyo in… well, anything. 🙂 Fighting!!

  82. 82 : tintinRELOS Says:

    MongJi! MongJi! MongJi! MongJi! MongJi! MongJi!

  83. 83 : mariana Says:

    Yes, this is a truly weekend drama, it is very funny and relaxing! It can create dependence!

  84. 84 : widad Says:

    was so funny hahaha

  85. 85 : hasan Says:

    توقعاتي عاليه لهذه الدراما
    اتمني ان تكون جميله ومشوقه

  86. 86 : hanah Says:

    i really enjoyed by watching the two first episodes

  87. 87 : maknaee Says:

    Chang Min and her mother – feels like heirs reunion kk

  88. 88 : idhayoshioka Says:

    ice JiHoo Fighting!!

  89. 89 : Aga Says:

    very funny drama..
    argue each other…
    Fighting Blank Ji!!

  90. 90 : Mary Says:

    Entertaining and refreshing ones mind

  91. 91 : haruhi28 Says:

    looks like this will be a nice watch 🙂

  92. 92 : myeon Says:

    Gosh i love this drama ! Haha~ amazing casts with nice story. ♡

  93. 93 : anna Says:

    You nailed it “Ace- Blank J” Song Ji hyo… funny couple..I laugh a lot when they fight…and how J slap the doctor.. fighting!!!!

  94. 94 : maknaee Says:

    The first two episodes made me pitying Oh Jin Hee. Always rooting for her~ Oh Jin Hee fightinggg, let’s make Chang Min fall for you again

  95. 95 : WSW Says:

    First 2 episode really good, I hope the writer keep it up and don’t screw up this drama later. Please keep up the good work.

  96. 96 : asdd Says:

    mong ji figthing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. 97 : running man Says:

    nice story

  98. 98 : dinaz Says:

    Loving this drama,its funny and cute.but a major mistake->blood cannot be drawn without sterilizing the skin with alcohol ..hope they take note of such little things..nice drama anyways 🙂

  99. 99 : Micc Says:


    I was thinking about the exact same thing! The infection they caused! haha!

  100. 100 : raduga Says:

    i like this actors!perfect drama!figthing!

  101. 101 : dinaz Says:

    @Micc-99 the infection.haha!and one more scene pulling out the syringe cap with her teeth!!omo no one should ever do that..
    at times i find oh chang min resembling Daniel choi who’s a hot fav of mine.. 🙂
    so now one more drama added to my list alongwith lets eat and ywcfs 🙂 🙂

  102. 102 : Mukhabbat Says:

    Episode Ratings please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. 103 : Drama_fan Says:

    Watched first 2 episodes and love it. It’s really funny. Looking forward to watch the next episodes.

  104. 104 : Bacon Says:

    Ratings? 😀 Omg cant wait for the next 2 eps :3

  105. 105 : wildie_0921 Says:

    Finally i can watch the episode 3 tomorrow… I had so much fun watching these adorable couple..ahhaa

  106. 106 : niceblueberry Says:

    Wikipedia have the rating for this drama

  107. 107 : Micc Says:


    You’re watching Let’s Eat too? Isn’t that a great drama? So funny! And I love the different types of food in the drama, not just the usual Korean food we know of. YWCFS is of course not to be missed! We are watching the same dramas. Enjoy!

  108. 108 : dinaz Says:

    @Micc same pinch 😉 i started lets eat only because of food and omo i m alwaz hungry after every episode.awesome food and cute drama..ywcfs is totally daebak!i was thinking of continuing with only these two when i just started watching ER man and woman out of curiousity,now i m hooked,love it 🙂

  109. 109 : Tansy Says:

    Ep2 one of the scene very scary. One of the girl go cut the chest of the patient i was kinda feeling like im gona faint. But this drama is nice! Daebak!!

  110. 110 : widad Says:

    love love love love the mergency couple

  111. 111 : cupcake Says:


  112. 112 : maknaee Says:

    i like this drama, fun~ but… though it’s a romcom, they are medical genre too. the hospital seems creepy, careless. Hate Professor Ahn (yeeees he’s a professor, his demeanor.. ugh -_-), came late, act as innocent one, couldn’t find where is the bullet gone, and still arguing with each other doctor. thanks to Dr.Gook, they could find the bullet which is going through the heart. Profosser Shim… disliking her with acting heroine all the time.
    I prefer Jin Hee with Dr. Gook kkk. Chang Min’s character is too petty.
    Always rooting for Oh Jin Hee, as long as she’s happy … ~~

  113. 113 : adelin Says:

    I like this drama so much. Despite of the low rating, the chemistry of Jin hee ang Chang min really adorable. It make me watch and watch again. Can’t wait for ep. 5. DAEBAK!!!
    Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk do it really well.

  114. 114 : dorsky lee Says:

    i love the drama, i enjoy watching oh jin hee and oh chang min. the story is good. no boring scene. i had great fun and can’t wait to see the next episode.

  115. 115 : noor Says:

    to all pf you who asking about the low rating ,,,,would you read the note that says it is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating.

  116. 116 : fan Says:

    Good to see Golden voice here, he fits well for comedy 😀

  117. 117 : mariana Says:

    Very good drama. Fighting!

  118. 118 : seimur Says:

    Ilove this drama!Saraneo!!!!!

  119. 119 : jummy Says:

    this is facinating……love so much

  120. 120 : tintinRELOS Says:

    My Korean drama/show weekly routine:

    Mon-Tue = EMPRESS KI



    Sunday = RUNNING MAN!!!

  121. 121 : budgie-smuggler Says:

    I don’t think Ji Hyo and Jin Hyuk look right as a couple. They’re out of sync with one another as people. The likely-hood of the two ending up together as a couple in real life seem odd to me.

    So it seemed odd they were cast as a romantic couple in this drama.

  122. 122 : MoMo Says:

    i need romance 3 also nice, try this…

  123. 123 : anna Says:

    Ji Hyo + Jin Hyuk = Friday / Saturday couple

    Ji Hyo + Gary = monday couple of Running Man

  124. 124 : anna Says:

    another exciting episodes this weekend…( I laugh when Ah Reum was mistakenly labeled as CALL GIRL )

  125. 125 : Drama_fan Says:

    Already watched the releases 4 episodes so many time!! omo.. I love this drama!! Great chemistry..! Love the lead couple and all the other characters too.. chief Gook also cool.. LOVE IT !! Looking forward for the next episodes..!! Great drama..!! 🙂 🙂 Keep up the good work Emergency couple teem..!! FIGHTING!!! 🙂 🙂

  126. 126 : Fullheart Says:

    Cute drama. Refreshing.

  127. 127 : Nee Agashi Says:

    Go.. Go..
    Hhoho Gary will make his appearance for Feb 6th episode

    I’m so curious!!!!

  128. 128 : dinaz Says:

    Loving every episode..but i m still confused which team to be on,Dr gook or Oh chang min..Oh chang min is a jerk and Dr Gook is caring..i m leaning towards Dr gook but ocm has his own cute charms too 🙂 for now love both 🙂
    gosh ocm’s mom from secret garden is so funny..

  129. 129 : Harani Says:

    well, i Love doctor Gook, and I hate Chang min! I love to see jin hee with doctor gook rather than with chang min. but eventhou this drama is great, Im still looking for the man who came from the stars

  130. 130 : ance Says:

    i wonder what was it like for them to be playing mother & son here when in The Heirs it’s step-mother & son…hihihi! (just sayin’)

    loving this drama! i really wish chang min will soon appreciate jin hee…and that twist where they revealed that chang min’s dad helped jin hee finished medical soon was nice…she at least have someone in her back in that family…

  131. 131 : ance Says:

    medical *school

  132. 132 : mariyam Says:

    very nice drama

  133. 133 : iu Says:

    i love this drama! jin hee and changmin look closer every episodes, and i hope this drama will be better everyday! i ship them ^^ and i heard gary will appear in episode 6 btw..

  134. 134 : Funnyou Says:

    I want to ask if ep 5 is downloaded yet or no ?

  135. 135 : Funnyou Says:

    Can anyone give me a website that i can watch it on

  136. 136 : tiastyus Says:

    Can anyone tell me the link for ep 5. Gooddrama hasnt publish this episode yet.. So corious bout Kang Gary who role cameo too.. hehehe

  137. 137 : Jade25 Says:

    Searching for episode 5! 🙂

  138. 138 : mariana Says:

    I like it more and more! Refreshing!

  139. 139 : VANILA SKY Says:

    Ilove this couple!figthing!very good drama!

  140. 140 : bulgi Says:


  141. 141 : khalish Says:

    you can download on this web

  142. 142 : Funnyou Says:

    Thankyou so much

  143. 143 : asd Says:

    no idea why the rating is so low!!!! :((((
    this movie is very hilarious and cute………..

  144. 144 : maknaee Says:

    (Ep. 5)
    I want to curse Changmin’s mother all the time. Childish (what’s wrong with her hairstyle?), no manner, selfish, geez… Isn’t she come from Doctor family? I can’t stand her… Really…
    Writer-nim, I know this is romcom, but, please make Changmin’s mother character not too unrealisticly annoying.
    Oh Jin Hee fightinggg! Stay strong in front of that oldiebichie. Bleh

  145. 145 : maknaee Says:

    same here kk

  146. 146 : hny Jo Says:


  147. 147 : Veronika Says:

    Очень клёвая дорамка.

  148. 148 : AdJae Airashii Says:

    love this drama, i love all cast _<

  149. 149 : denise Says:

    omg, the rating is

  150. 150 : Drama_fan Says:

    love it!! I have being refreshing the same page all day long till the 5th episode getting uploaded.
    Omo love it 🙂 Chnag min is cute.. But I love Dr. Gook too.. he’s cool..!!

  151. 151 : Micc Says:


    This show is on a pay tv channel. 2.8 rating is very high!

  152. 152 : maknaee Says:

    Gary “I have a feeling that I’ll see you on Monday.” LOL of course our Monday Couple kkk

  153. 153 : anna Says:

    whoaaaa….hahahaha…another serious, intense, and funny episode 5 when Dr.Gook banged Cnang min and jin Hee’s head.

  154. 154 : anna Says:

    I only heard of someone getting rid of SUFFER_RING but to keep the Wedding Ring as for souvenir only..hmmmm

  155. 155 : ji hyo fans Says:

    This rating not low… its pay tv channel guys… plis read noted

  156. 156 : Long Nguyen Says:


  157. 157 : AdJae Airashii Says:

    whats wrong with this rating ??
    low or ?? :3
    but i keep love this drama <3

  158. 158 : dinaz Says:

    Woww..totally amazing drama.love Dr Gook cant wait to see him fall for ojh.
    Gosh her sister looks like a total nutcase..hehe!ocm still loves ojh thats why he couldnt get another girlfriend yet,nor does he like Ah reum..
    Aigoo which side to be on?ocm or dr gook?ah confused still..!
    my fav scene-jh laughing at dr gook’s torn socks..lol.and och getting jelous looking at them.. 🙂 🙂

  159. 159 : san Says:

    Love it 🙂 love all the characters. Love it love i love it!!!!! 🙂

  160. 160 : Nga Nguyen Says:

    Fall in love with this drama! Fighting!

  161. 161 : rory Says:

    hi Dinaz!!!! miss u 😆
    Quite bz these days but I’m following this show too..The 1st 2 eps were a bit weird IMO but it went better later on and here I am..Hooked to this drama!
    I’m on OJH’s side..I always cheering her in everything she did 😀
    love Dr.Gook too, he’s actually concerned about OJH & knows her hidden talent and believe she can be better than others..She just lacked confident & pretty slow..OJH, u can do it! FIGHTING!!!
    And it’s fun to see Gary in ep.6…He was really comfortable as a cameo..hahaha..Monday couple is really cute!

  162. 162 : ji hyo fans Says:

    Luv luv this dramag

  163. 163 : ji hyo fans Says:

    Luv luv this drama

  164. 164 : Nana Says:

    love it

  165. 165 : anna Says:

    what a challenge and nightmare for Jin Hee…”the ex-mother-in-law”

  166. 166 : anna Says:

    “A dismissal notice for Oh Jin Hee ??? that’s not FAIR !!!!!!!

  167. 167 : Drama_fan Says:

    Love this! So hooked up. Watching it over and over again! Love all the mail characters. I cheer for OJH. DR Gook too.. And OCM too 😀 OCM mother is really funny too,.. 😀

  168. 168 : dee Says:

    For all who asked, the rating of this drama is seriously not low. Because this drama air in TVN, the rating is actually quite high. Because usually TVn dramas just got rating under 1%. This drama has a good rating as it achieves 3%. But still the highest rating in TVn drama so far was Reply 1994 (that drama achieves until 11% in the final episode! Highest rating so far). So let see if this drama can beat that rating. Fighting Song Ji Hyo!!

  169. 169 : anna Says:

    surprising ep.6.. Kang GARY !!! miss the monday couple.(Running Man)

  170. 170 : anna Says:

    Episode 6 “The Socks with a hole” by Dr.Gook …lol.

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  173. 173 : Maddie Says:

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    I am so happy if Dr. Gook loves OJH & she accepts his love

  175. 175 : dinaz Says:

    @rory161 anneong sis 🙂 glad to see u again!!missed u too chingu..hope u will drop by to post some comments here eventhough ure busy 🙂 🙂
    ure right its best to be on ojh’s side coz its difficult to choose between Dr gook and ocm..

  176. 176 : anna Says:

    I’m excited to watch the next episodes..

  177. 177 : Drama_fan Says:

    I want Dr. Gook to fall for OJH. And see how OCM get jealous 😀
    Waiting for the next episode.. Omo.. this drama is so great..!! 🙂 🙂

  178. 178 : MAS Says:

    Tonight another night to watch EMnW.

    OJH & OCM journey to know their true feelings for each other.
    Dr gook & Ah Reum is a test for both.

    As they elope to marry 6 years ago & have to survive,no time to show affection ,at the end divorce of caused with the interference from OCM
    I believe,bit by bit will reveal the actual reasons for their divorce,for both
    to realise & soul search.

    OCM started to notice gook affection to OJH that he get jealous.
    he should realise his stupidness for letting OJH go 6 yrs ago.
    The relationship of OJH & OCM dad,indicate they still one family.
    Now,only for OCM & his mom to take notice how good OJH is,even saving
    X MIL….

  179. 179 : MAS Says:

    OCM started to jealous of OJH closeness with Dr Gook.It’s gook head rest on OJH shoulder in the bus.OJH was smiling.
    triangle love war start in next episode.This time it is OCM after OJH.
    He Started to notice her.
    Can’t wait for next episode!

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    Song Ji Hyo ssi

    I am glad you have your make up done nicely this time. I am enjoying this drama & CHASING it.

    You look so fresh, pleasant and beautiful to look at. 🙂

    Not like Mandate from heaven – plain. (Even though its an ancient drama, actress still must make themselves look beautiful with right makeup)

    God Bless & Aja Aja fighting !!!!!

  181. 181 : XXI Says:


  182. 182 : OK OK OK Says:

    181 XXI


    *** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***

  183. 183 : intern Says:

    the rating is low because it is a cable channel drama, not the ‘main’ ones such as SBS or KBS. Its considered high for cable channel though.

  184. 184 : rhoda Says:

    Is it true that they will not have the show tonight due to winterolympics? pls should not be coz i am waiting this drama. Fighting for the stars… Ilove it…

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    a definite must watch! can’t wait for ep 8 to air!! faster please!!!!

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    Dr Gook and Oh Jin Hee is falled in love to each other, and chang min is extremely jealous. Omo
    can’t wait for eps 8 <3
    Seriously this drama should have had higher ratings 😀

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    i love this drama!figthing!saranhe!

  196. 196 : sladur Says:


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    Omg i think i have fallen for the 2nd lead Dr Gook..love ojh and gook’s interaction.ah i wish och could see them together!hehe..
    but och is not bad too(i see Daniel choi in him 😛 )just that i m really liking Dr gook 😀
    omo love to see the jelous oh chang min 🙂
    finally a drama that flutters my heart after Reply94..

  199. 199 : Jyenie Says:

    After watching 7 episodes, I find this drama is quite mediocre for my taste.

  200. 200 : Lynlyn Says:

    …..OMG…. I can’t wait next ep….. Love it….

  201. 201 : anna Says:

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    My favorite drama.. keep up the good work teem 🙂 🙂 loving this drama very much!!! I really enjoy watching it.. everything about this drama is very cute and enjoyable.. good story.. good chemistry.. and Good acting.. and can really laugh at the things they do and say..!! Love all the actors.. main lead actress is I liked her a lot.. I always cheer her when she’s doing something in her drama.. love her character.. and Dr. Gook too.. and Oh chang min you are so cute too.. started watching this because of you.. but loving the drama because of all the reasons I mentioned above.. 🙂 Love the way you act. and your character too.. Even though I like when Dr.Gook falls for Oh ji he I want oh chang min and her to be together.. they fits perfect and love the chemistry between them 🙂 🙂

  203. 203 : [email protected] Says:

    Gary “running man” at episode 06, so exited for ‘monday couple’. Fighting Gary…

  204. 204 : Sheryl Says:

    Daebak!!! a very great, interesting, & comedy drama…enjoy to watch it so much everything about this drama is very cute and enjoyable…

  205. 205 : Sheryl Says:

    like Choi Jin Hyuk , he is very cute in this drama …

  206. 206 : soel Says:

    the lead actress has a nice chemistry with the doctor-when she was laughing about his torn socks and also in the bus home.i like watching them together but i cant avoid that with Choi jun hyuk too.,he obviously likes the girl..its a beautiful drama and i hope he puts in all his best in winning the girl over again. fightin!

  207. 207 : soel Says:

    the lead actress has a nice chemistry with the doctor-when she was laughing about his torn socks and also in the bus home.i like watching them together but i cant avoid that with Choi hyuk too.,he obviously likes the girl..its a beautiful drama and i hope he puts in all his best in winning the girl over again. fightin!

  208. 208 : B2st Says:

    Eps 06 is moday couple time ! And now in eps 07 kwang soo and kook come !….heheheh to be jin hee brother-in-law and jin hee nephew….

    I like jin hee nephew so cute… !^^

  209. 209 : jess Says:

    ji hyo yahhhh…good job!!!! but why your hair looks a little bit messy??? hihihi…btw im keep looking this drama…ji hyo unni fighting!!!! Running man’s pls cheer up for her…banzaiii…

  210. 210 : dinaz Says:

    @soel 207 so agree with your comment we cant ignore ocm he is too cute and immature at times but he still loves ojh..love their tom and jerry fights..but uri Dr Gook too is so cool.i cant decide who is better!cant wait for the upcoming episodes

  211. 211 : ji hyo fan Says:

    the best drama ever.love this drama and never get boring.wanna watch and watch

  212. 212 : tess Says:

    from the heir i came to love and like the lead actor. he is really good and the lead actress as well. they look good together. such a great drama and a great acting as well. more dramas for the lead actor i hope. love the 2 of them…..

  213. 213 : Micc Says:

    I got the idea but the CPR scene is way too long! haha!

  214. 214 : CrownPrincess Says:

    This is my fave #kdrama these days. I look forward to this every week! The story is so fluid and exciting!

  215. 215 : Mena Says:

    My favorite drama…

  216. 216 : Widad Says:


  217. 217 : dinaz Says:

    lol i was wondering what kind of CPR was that,so romantic..haha!it was just his imagination.lol 😛
    love the little gook too he is so cute with chubby chubby cheeks.. 🙂
    love Dr Gook and Oh jin hee <3 and i like ocm too..its too tough to decide between these two guys..hehe!

  218. 218 : juliaNE04 Says:

    LIKE3X MUCH!!!

  219. 219 : Micc Says:


    Yeah, that’s a tough choice! Haha!
    Gook was so cute with that pouty face when he realized he wasn’t the one who helped Oh to stop her termination. 🙂

  220. 220 : miramia Says:


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    Daebak drama…..love u Ms. Song Ji Hyo… n of course the drama is awesome…i’m getting addicted from the 1st episode….keep fighting!!!!
    Next episode pleaseee……^^

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    so funny..oh goshh, i really like that ajjuma…she is so funny…….

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  232. 232 : seol Says:

    @dinaz,i know right ?but i made my choice already after watching 8 and 9. its oh chang min.he is soo cute and he likes the girl.haha. i laughed alot in these 2 eps.its a great drama.am glad choi hyuk is going to be very popular after this.fighting!

  233. 233 : dinaz Says:

    Ep9: omo that bed scene was so funny..haha!both slept without realising the presence of one another..lol..but i guess Dr Gook was not unhappy about it,seemed like he quite loved it..hehe!and i loved the scene of ojh pulling out the gum from his pants..hahahaha..
    while i was drooling at Dr Gook and was loving the chemistry,in comes och saying ‘Dont smile in front of him’..Bang!that totally fluttered my heart..lol..
    gosh that scene was so Daebak, ‘Dont smile in front of him’ ‘Dont get into arms’..omo omo who to choose now?damn both these guys are so amazing,this week i m leaning a little towards och..hehe!but i like Dr Gook too.. 😉

  234. 234 : dinaz Says:

    @seol232 u made your choice??ocm really did shine in these two episodes,how i love to see him getting jelous..specially the last few minutes..phew!!this is my first drama of Choi jin hyuk,and i like his acting 🙂
    @Micc219 tough choice dear i m still confused on which side i am.lol 😛
    well,shim ji hye seems to have a baby,i was wondering is it Dr Gook’s? that would be such a twist in the tale.

  235. 235 : spasimira Says:

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    Phewww, this is one good drama to watch. Its very hilarious and enjoying. I’m on Ep 5 now. Cant wait to watch 4 ep’s. Choi Jin Hyuk voice is really sumthing :-).

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    Ji hyo unnie, jin hyuk oppa fighting !!!

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    Very very great drama…i’m not boring watching it again n again…just like oldies day when i’m obsessed watching full house n my girl..
    Ji hyo unni…jin hyuk yahh…great job…i’m cheering 4 both of u..CMin <3 JHee fighting!!!
    Ji hyo unni…i'm waiting your updates on LINE…pls send some pic on the filming site… <3

  240. 240 : goo Says:

    can’t wait for the next episode… kept watching and watching previous episodes… like it so much.. ocm still love ojh.. rooting for them.. but, i like dr gook also.. hahaha…

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    i really like this drama….

    Fighting Oh Chang Min……win win win!!!!!

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    I luv it!!!!!

    it is my favorite series ^^

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  249. 249 : nikita Says:


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  252. 252 : hny Jo Says:

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  254. 254 : MAS Says:

    So happy happy happy….to OCH & OJH love rejuvenate….they both have the chemistry….like to see OCM taking care OJH.How much he must have love her.Dr gook & Dr Shim meant to be with each other.They both have their own
    story to tell.

  255. 255 : Jazz2327 Says:

    wow the firs 11 episode is really something you don’t expect to be this good and i really like it hope for more wonderful episode

  256. 256 : anna Says:

    another great episode 11 ” The moving invasion “

  257. 257 : jess Says:

    OMG…Chang Min is acting soo cute esp when he smileee…His face is full of love now…yahhh Chang Min dont loose Jin Hee again…just grab her hand and get back together…

  258. 258 : dinaz Says:

    @soel-253 u may never know i might jump into the changmin-ojh ship anytime now since this guy is getting cuter and bolder,and dosent act like a jerk anymore..hehe..
    watched ep10 till now,loved the bed kiss it was so cute,ocm is so naughty to throw his drink on the jacket.lol 😛 sadly Dr gook and ojh had less interaction in this episode 🙁 i want to see these two guys trying to win over ojh 🙂

  259. 259 : Drama_fan Says:

    Oh change ming is getting cuter and cuter!! 🙂 🙂 I love this drama!! 🙂

  260. 260 : ozhy Says:

    cukkahe for Episode 11 Rating 4.1

  261. 261 : ji hyo fans Says:

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  262. 262 : Patricia Says:

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    Love this drama. Interesting story and good chemistry between Ji Hyo and Chang Min. Like! 🙂

  264. 264 : AKmama Says:

    Sorry, I meant Ji Hyo and Jin Hyuk above. 🙂

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    i love this drama so much… Love the Chemistry between Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee they are such a cute couple…

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  268. 268 : JandiHyeon Says:

    huhuhu, can’t sleep… im counting the days, im soooo excited this coming friday.. i love how OCM takes care of OJH…love them so much…so cute and sweet.. also OCM is not bad after all coz he already realized his mistakes and his making up to OJH…

    pls Chief Gook move aside, don’t be a hindrance to OCM and OJH’s reconciliation.. and to Han Ah Reum pls just b with Yong Kyu…Arraso!!..kekeke

  269. 269 : zx Says:

    Luv this drama! Cute n funny! Choi Jin Hyuk fighting!

  270. 270 : idc Says:

    2 more days and i can watch Changmin and Jin Hee again……

    to the writer and director … you really done a good job …. the scenes are so cute and lovable…..

    hope this drama proves that
    ..LOVE is sweeter the SECOND time around

    not that
    …SECOND LOVE is better than the first one…..

    Go Changmin…..Fighting!!!!!

  271. 271 : PriNcess YoYo Says:

    One of the most excited Series and really worth seeing:) can not wait for the rest of the episodes and ♥ Choi Jin Hyuki ♥ He went beyond his powers 🙂
    ♥ Choi Jin Hyuki ♥ LUV U 🙂

  272. 272 : ncy1611 Says:


  273. 273 : Charmaine Says:

    Loving this drama, the wittysisms is just brill, I really like Ji Hyo as an actress, I also like Jin Hyuk, can not wait for more episodes, omo omo.

  274. 274 : DramaLover Says:

    This show is not as great as they make it out to be. It is boring in my book. They try too hard to be funny and their humor is dry. I gave it two episode till I couldn’t take anymore. Frankly, I prefer Cunning Single Lady. It is funnier and more engaging. Everything feels natural and the characters are more interesting to watch. Their emotions more surreal. I bet most people prefer this show mainly because of Choi Jin Hyuk. I care not if the fans of this show is upset at me since I am entitled to my opinion.

  275. 275 : Gr-'/@95 Says:

    I love and enjoy Korean drama,favorite pastime. But no subtitles on ep.3,4,5,&7. Please fix, can only understand with subtitles
    Thank you for your help.

  276. 276 : love k drama Says:

    wow, im very interested with this drama, so funny, and so romantic, love song ji hyo,

  277. 277 : nelly Says:

    Personally I prefer Emergency man and woman to cunning single lady. In the first woman the woman made it, exactly like the guy so they are fighting on equal foot, in CSL the girl not only didn’t make it but spend her youth paying for the guys dreams and he doesn’t even acknowledged it..

  278. 278 : Jyenie Says:

    Don’t worry, I totally agree with you. I also don’t know how to appreciate their humour at all. I am surprised this drama is so popular.
    Song Ji Hyo really needs to do something about her hair and make-up, she just looks so sloppy and haggard.

  279. 279 : Anonymous Says:

    I didn’t like the starting much but after watching a few episodes, the story became really interesting!

  280. 280 : Micc Says:

    Oh, ratings climb up to 4! Yay!

  281. 281 : DramaLover Says:

    @Nelly, forgive my boldness, but your argument seems weak. Realistically, people don’t end up with millions because it is not an easy task. Otherwise, everyone would be a millionaire.

    @Jyenie, thank you! I agree with you. she does look sloppy. Choi jin Hyuk is the reason why it is so popular. Had it been another non- popular actor, it wouldn’t have been that popular.

  282. 282 : love this Says:

    I watch this drama because song ji hyo not choi ji hyuk… ji hyo is a gud actress. . She is natural n more popular too. She’s not like the other actress try to be cute

  283. 283 : rossi Says:

    Ji hyo I love u so much.

  284. 284 : yaya Says:

    Yeah I love this couple…. I fall in love for ji hyo since I watch running man

  285. 285 : NS Says:

    There is nothing wrong with this drama. Like any other drama’s it has it’s ups and downs but that does not imply that it is bad. I find this drama engaging.

  286. 286 : kdrama lovers Says:

    Yes ji hyo is a good actress.. she not try to be a cute.. not like the other actress. .. this drama very interesting. .. the story is unique. No wonder why this drama so popular.. ji hyo n ji hyuk fighting!

  287. 287 : jkt Says:

    Arrrggghhhhhhh. .. I love this drama…..

  288. 288 : kimhok Says:

    Song ji hyo is a very good actress. This drama became a high rated show not because of the actor or actress popularity. Its because they deliver their characters very well.

  289. 289 : annie Says:

    how sweet…OCM treated OJH like a baby

  290. 290 : annie Says:

    Episode 13 ” Chef or Chief ” ???? Lol

  291. 291 : annie Says:

    I’m relieved from my stress watching this weekend drama…romantic,funny, silly…wholesome

  292. 292 : cherry Says:

    i like this drama so much! i enjoy watching evry episode! “FIGHTING”

  293. 293 : dorsky lee Says:

    i like this drama a lot and i also beginning to recognize Choi Jin Hyuk his hotness, very korean handsome. i hope to see him in the future in the leading roles. the story is engaging, i can relate to the twists and turns of the events. i hope the writers can pull this off till the end. Fighting! love it!

  294. 294 : sharley Says:

    can anyone tell me what’s the song name that kwang soo gave changmin and he listened in the car while thinking back of jin hee? that song is really touching.. and do anyone know the name of baby kook?

  295. 295 : Kathleen Says:

    Love ep 11 & 12…hope to see ep 13 soon.

  296. 296 : Kathleen Says:

    Love ep 11 & 12..

  297. 297 : seol Says:

    this drama and bride of the century are my favorite weekend dramas now. am glad chang min met that professor doctor. she is one smart intelligent woman and he will grow up well before getting the girl. this is a nice drama.their chemistry is soo great and though the chief is great and perfect, i prefer chang min.fighting!

  298. 298 : nina Says:

    to @sharley: that song is ‘He will Leave’ by Lee So ra

  299. 299 : nina Says:

    sorry..the title=> He’s Leaving

    Lee Sora – He’s Leaving (The Thorn Birds OST)

    geu sarami tteonagamnida. naegeseo tteonagamnida.
    geu sarami meoreojimnida. naegeseo meoreojimnida.

    nunmureun meomchujil anko maljocha deo naojil anko
    na ireoke neol geujeo bara bol subakke eomneun geongabwa

    nan geuriwo niga geuriwo
    jugeul geotmankeum neol saranghandago
    bogo sipeoseo neomu bogo sipeoseo
    bonael suga eomneunde jasin eomneunde.

    That person is leaving
    Leaving, away from me.
    That person is getting far away
    Far away from me

    Tears, they are not stopping
    And not even a word comes out
    It seems all that I can do is to watch you go.

    I’m yearning, yearning for you.
    I love you till death, I say.
    I miss you. Because I miss you so much.
    I can’t let you leave.
    I don’t have the confidence.

    That person is leaving
    Leaving, away from me.
    That person is getting far away
    Far away from me…

  300. 300 : OK OK OK Says:

    I like Choi Jin Hyuk & Song Ji Hyo pairing here. Their acting is good 🙂

  301. 301 : JandiHyeon Says:


  302. 302 : jess Says:

    Fresh and alive…thumbs up.. (y)

  303. 303 : icegirl Says:

    funny and entertaining…not exactly award winning material in terms of acting and storyline…but my friday and saturday nights are incomplete without watching this drama!

  304. 304 : tabitha Says:

    OMG !!! Kim Gook u are so cute T.T

    i cant handle it..

    @admin : can i know who play baby kim gook?? admire him so much…

  305. 305 : julia Says:


  306. 306 : Mona Says:

    does anyone know how to watch this drama with the English subtitles?? please help!!!!!

  307. 307 : Mona Says:

    does anyone know how to watch this drama with the English subtitles?? please help!!!!! i tried viki but there isnt anything

  308. 308 : Nadege Says:

    You may see this at dramafever.com

  309. 309 : Zudden Says:

    @mona you can watch this drama with english sun at dramania.

  310. 310 : luna Says:

    mona ….you can watch this drama on http://www.gooddrama.com

  311. 311 : viona Says:

    love this drama especially Dr Gook Chun Soo

  312. 312 : Tira Says:

    Another of my favorite drama with Chang Min. Hopefully Jin Hee and Chang Min are together in the end.

    Awesome drama!……..Love to watch Choi Jin Hyuk smile…….

  313. 313 : Drama_fan Says:

    I have totally fall for Oh Chang Min!!!Love the couple Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee!! They are so cute!! 🙂

  314. 314 : Mena Says:

    One of the best!!!! this year…. watch it and you’ll love it. I usually watch it without English subs late evening of friday and still can’t wait to see it with the English sub. the four lead actors and actresses were great…. very good casting

  315. 315 : Jazz23 Says:

    more …more …more..

  316. 316 : Neg Says:

    This is not a great, great drama BUT I have to say honestly, it’s one of those dramas that’s REAL. There are no misunderstanding, miscommunication, and/or hiding of facts of any kind… Just progressed like a real life story … Funny at time, romantic at time, sad at time, touching, etc …. It doesn’t lack any of it. I could actually sit and watch without the need to fast forward scenes after scenes like the other dramas where you really want to kill the actors/tresses cuz of misunderstanding continuously and ended everything with a bank.

    Overall, i am not incredibly impressed with the main leads (esp actress) acting ability. Story wise and in general, i have really enjoyed watching thus far.

  317. 317 : Vivian Says:

    Emma’s husband in episode 7 looks like Lee Seung Gi.
    The emergency pace is a bit slow. I like to see more development about Jin Hee and Chang Ming, please don’t go astray with stories of other couples

  318. 318 : nina Says:

    just inform..
    u can download eng sub, indo sub, etc…on http://subscene.com/subtitles/emergency-man-and-woman-eunggeubnamnyeo

  319. 319 : La Says:

    Its called comedy romantic!!!! love it

  320. 320 : aifive Says:

    i love you gook chun soo..haha i love u more than chang min and i like it more if you and jin hee forever!! fighting!!

  321. 321 : miss A Says:

    Dr Gook Chun Soo and Oh jin Hee please!!! fighting!!!

  322. 322 : anyeong śyera Says:

    wow, fantastic drama, i love song ji hyo, if she look miserable in ths drama, i always see the beautiful of ji hyo, she not to be like other actress who want to show off their fake cute, love this show

  323. 323 : idc Says:

    i am so sad watching ep. 14 without subtitle…..
    oh chang min i’m on your side….
    though letting go is the most painful thing you should do,
    but i think oh jin hee need some time to calculate her feelings….
    if she don’t want to be with you again….. OH MY i think i am the first one to cry……. huuhhuhuhuhuhuh……

    so affected with this drama….

  324. 324 : MAS Says:

    After watching ep 14,suddenly don’t like oh Jin hee…Dr Gook also don’t like……
    Chang min can b alone & close with his dad after being apart so long.
    Unite as a family as his dad is sick.
    Chang min should not show desperation in front of Jin Hee anymore.
    He had done much by telling her he wants to start over & show caring n effection past episodes.let both go separate ways & see how’s should d ending be.btw,I like Dr Shim character,she’s so COOL!she knows both the feeling of triangle effection & being cool about it.curious thought whether her daughter was Gook…
    I like Chang min character ep 14 & 15 being cool too.

  325. 325 : anyeong śyera Says:

    i dont blame for jin hee, cause mybe in past chang min and mther in law make jin hee so hurt- juśt chang min need to let jin her sometime to thinking.. dont wory, endihanng sure jin hee choosen chang min…

  326. 326 : hny Jo Says:

    hmmmm..the story are good but plzzz not only make them as emergency couple to do abt medical side only, plzzzz show me that they are ’emergency couple’ who need ’emergency thing’ in relationship too (like’s in the poster)….hehhehhehe ;))

  327. 327 : tess Says:

    i really love it……so cute……

  328. 328 : Mïmï Says:

    Good..good..good dramaaaa !!!

  329. 329 : idc Says:

    watching the preview of ep. 16, I just want Oh Chang Min to fly to America rather than staying at that hospital with Oh Jin Hee…

    Is Oh Jin hee really that insensitive, and just neglecting OCM feeling?
    how come she accept the kiss of Dr. Gook?

    And every time their is a messed she always says sorry to Dr. Gook….
    ayzzz I hate it…..

    Now, I don’t want OCM to end up with OJH….. and I don’t like the writer as well…..

    super affected with this drama……grrrrr

  330. 330 : san Says:

    Dr.Gook please don’t kiss Oh Jin Hee.. 🙁 Oh Jin Hee is belong with Oh Chang Min!!!! They are a cute couple..!!! oho.. don’t break my heart!! 🙁

  331. 331 : kimhok Says:

    Afrer warching the latest episode im gonna say. A totally waste of time. To the writer, how come ther’e’s now a lot of obstacle between the two main leads here. And OJH. Gosh i hate her character now. She’s been playing easy to get to Chief. What a story.

  332. 332 : Lin Says:

    I think Jin Hee should start anew with chief cos her relationship with CM already over. Can understand cos the hurt she been through with CM was too painful even they did hv sweet moments. In relationship, after been insulted , can always forgive but not forget. Think writer know what going on in real life.yes! CM n JH looks good together but just a drama..jz enjoy d drama be JH ,CM or Chief I’m happy watching..

  333. 333 : MAS Says:

    Just let OJH on her own & OCM to transfer to their family hospital start a new life in the episodes.make it more interesting…..
    Watching forward just to see OCM get his life together…especially rebounding
    With his parents….

  334. 334 : celine Says:

    Omoooooooo!!! I like this drama so much! just addicted.
    the plot of this drama was so interesting!
    can’t wait for the next episode!
    This story line get more interesting every episode!
    No critic for this drama! Love OCM & OJH

  335. 335 : John Says:

    wow! The rating is going up now!
    Waiting for next Friday and Saturday!
    Love emergency couple!

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    Will OJH & OCM will be together or not in the end?it is so frustating to see dr gook kisses OJM.

  338. 338 : von Says:

    Will OJH & OCM will be together in ths end or not? It is very frustrating that when both lead actor and actress are not together in the end.

  339. 339 : celine Says:

    of course! OJH and OCM wil be together. I’m sure oneday OJH will realize that she actually still love OCM. In fact she still care OCM. it’s okay, the more OJH with Dr. gook , the more jealous OCM! It will be more interesting!!!!
    And the main actor/actress is OJH & OCM.

  340. 340 : celine Says:

    OJH and OCM wil be together. I’m sure oneday OJH will realize that she actually still love OCM. In fact she still care OCM. it’s okay, the more OJH with Dr. gook , the more jealous OCM! It will be more interesting!!!!
    And the main actor/actress is both of them.

  341. 341 : jkt Says:

    Yeah celine I agree with u.. ocm and ojh will be together

  342. 342 : ji hyo fans Says:

    More episodes more interesting. .. I love this drama so much… I like the actor n actress. … they have a good acting. ..
    Best drama this year.. the story is simple but unique. ..

  343. 343 : RM Says:

    Oh no… 4 episodes left… no……

  344. 344 : mong ji Says:

    Ji hyo.. im a girl but u make me crazy…. I like u so much… I watch u in Running Man and u are fantastic. . Brave.. strong.. so natural.. and I watch u in this drama.. u have good act.. natural.. and u n ji hyuk have good chemistry. .. keep health n stronge ji hyo

  345. 345 : miss A Says:

    dr gook and jin hee forever…jin hee was once hurt by chang min and it will happen again if theyll end up together..one mistake is enough ,jin hee doesnt deserve another one… fighting dr gook!!

  346. 346 : 5p21n9 Says:

    Definitely team OCM!!! BUT I can totally understand that OJH has trauma from the past, OCM has hurt her deeply as well as his mother whose still horrible towards her, OCM needs to fight harder to win her back, hopefully in the end the will get back together again~ Me and my friends are really addicted to this drama, 6 thumbs up!!! kekeke~ <3

  347. 347 : sarang.gen Says:

    I want ojh to land up with chief!

  348. 348 : B2st Says:

    I hope OJH will accept OCM love again ! I really love this couple ! So cute couple ! Please….

  349. 349 : foreverjihyo Says:

    This is only my opinion. Come to think of it. We hooked to this drama first because of the sypnosis. How the divorced couple experienced a second spark of love. Rekindled their romance. The flow of the story kinda complicated now. Specially when it comes to the main leads, whose going to blame why their relationship ended on a divorce. Right now all i can see OCM is the main reason why, and OJH is the one whose suffer that much. Isn’t that both of them have shortcomings so they marriage doenst last? So why some of the viewers pointing all the faults to CM? I really love Song ji hyo. But her character on the latest episodes annoyed me. She obviously has a feeling to the chief. She always says sorry and explaining her self as if she is trying to make a good image to him. I hope they will improve the last five episodes. Because if its gonna be end like this. Id rather say that the time was wasted wathcing this.

  350. 350 : Jazz23 Says:

    wow another good episode and can’t wait for the next one

  351. 351 : Aga Says:

    i hope Chang Min and Jin Hee will be together again but i dun want Jin Hee to be hurt by Chang Min’s mom.
    However, hope there are happy ending for all.

  352. 352 : NK Says:

    Great great great drama

  353. 353 : hny Jo Says:

    OMG….otoke otoke xxxxxxx…the chief want to kiss her……Daebakkkk!! ;))

  354. 354 : Longan Says:

    Chang Min arrrr, just let her go ok. U r putting too much effort. As a gentleman, that is totally wrong. I doubt Jin Hee will be happy with the Chief either because she just want all the attention to herself without realizing much and at the same time, the Chef is blur blur type when it comes to love LOL. Chang Min arrr, u should just marry Ah Reum. She is understanding, cheerful, rich and sexy….ohhh goshhh :-). Cheers!

  355. 355 : susyi Says:

    This is great drama

  356. 356 : joan Says:

    i haven’t watch this drama yet,but my aunt said that it’s funny and lovely that’s why it catches my interest to watch it now..

  357. 357 : Tram Tran Says:

    oh…the chief is better than Chang Min oppa…also if Jin Hee come to Chief… I beleive the drama will be more awesome

  358. 358 : foreverjihyo Says:

    Is chief the main lead actor here?

  359. 359 : linda Says:

    I enjoy watching every episole in emergency couple. I hope that the 2 divorcees fine the truelove they lost because of circumstances. I belleve they still love each other even though JH is running from them, the chief doc, he’s a cutie but plse get lost!! thaks

  360. 360 : bu Says:

    I hope Gook Cheon Su and Jin Hee will be happy

  361. 361 : amel Says:

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    love both of them!!!!

  362. 362 : susyi Says:

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    i love them together!!!!

  365. 365 : park jung eun Says:

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  366. 366 : Joobjoo Says:

    Choi Jin Hyuk looks so much younger in this drama compared to his roel in heirs! Love him together with Song Ji Hyo even though I am a fan of the monday couple!!!! I love Choi Yeo Jin since it was her drama that I got hooked on korean drama forgot the title though… teehee =) sorry! But she is so pretty so so pretty!

  367. 367 : foreverjihyo Says:

    They will extend another one episode!

  368. 368 : Drama_fan Says:

    I really liked Dr.Good in the begin of this drama!! But now I don’t!! 🙁 Because I like Oh chang Min a lottttt!!!! So Dr.Good please don’t kiss Oh Jhin hee !! 🙂

  369. 369 : zaza Says:

    I want Chang Min and Jin Hee to bbe together again. They still love one another. The divorce might be due to the mom and Chang Min still moms’ boy.
    I guess Doc Gook n Doc Shim has an untold story between them. I guess the father of Doc Shim son is actually Doc Gook… They used to date and in love.

  370. 370 : yien Says:

    Chang min – Jin hee, kalian serasi saat bersama <3 . Liat cinta chang min untuk jin hee yang tumbuh hari demi hari bikin iri ajaaaaaa 😀 hohohoho ku tunggu kalian di final episode yaaaaa…… (orang yang menyembuhkan luka adalah orang yang memberi luka itu sendiri 🙂 ) fighting emergency couple!!!!!!!!

  371. 371 : foreverjihyo Says:

    I really hope that they did not twist the story. So please writer, don’t make our time wasted and don’t dissapoint us.

  372. 372 : annie Says:

    what a sad episode 16..I,m crying…sob!! sob!! sob!!

  373. 373 : foreverjihyo Says:

    That’s true. Episode 16 moved me into tears. OCM mother surprise me with her acting. They really act so well. Good job.

  374. 374 : jessy Says:

    Omg..im trying not to cry but that was soo sad ep…huwaaa TT…hmm looks like cmin father pass away on next ep.. I think jin hee will go to chang min to overcome all this hardship..sob sob sob TTTTTTTT….

  375. 375 : just_saying Says:

    I think JH will get back to CM. As someone said, both of them still loves each other. But its only fair that JH shines a bit longer because she has suffered when she’s with CM, mostly because of the mother. She deserve Chief Gook’s attention because it shows that she IS ‘somebody’ after all. Regardless, here’s my predictions on how the drama may end up.

    Prediction 1;

    1. Now the mother in law will appreciate ‘life’ more. She realize that having a family of doctors still doesn’t mean a thing – still can’t save her husband. She’s more accepting of JH now.

    2. As we all know, CM already realized ‘who’ JH really is – a good person, suffers during her marriage caused by his mother etc.. and he continues to fall in love with her. He’s courting JH properly now. He is braver now – to stand up against his mother about JH.

    3. And… there’ll be some lovey dovey scene between JH and Chief Gook but then she realize that CM is still the one.

    Thus, both CM and JH will start anew for the right reason and this time it’ll work.

    Prediction 2;

    1. Both JH and CM are mature now and realize that maybe they are not meant to be together and stays friend.

    2. JH is The One that melts Chief Gook’s heart and he finds happiness after suffering for years abt his parents’ divorce’s and fatal mistake he made during his intern years. JH and Chief Gook ends up together.

    3. And Ah Reum ends up with CM because she sincerely likes him. She’s not a rich pushover b***h, instead she gave CM times and she’s willing to wait for him. It’s an admirable trait. And at the end, her waiting brings her happiness.

    Prediction 3;
    Everybody stays as friend. hehe… hopefully it wouldn’t’ be this type of ending.

    This drama is great because it gives both Chief Gook’s and CM’s fans some hope that JH will end up with either of them. We can only know for sure in ep 21.

    Personally, my preference change in each episode. Loves CM to be the hero because he shows his sincerity to JH now. He appreciates her more now. Then, in other episodes, Loves Chief Gook to be the hero because he is willing to venture outside his comfort zone and try it out with JH, a divorcee -shows how much he likes JH.

  376. 376 : Grace Antonio Says:

    This drama is awesome.. love it.. in short they will leave happy ever after.. hahaha… nice drama.. good luck guys..!

  377. 377 : idc Says:

    the couple deserves to have a second chance.. even the father of oh chang min was happy to see the couple together.

    I hope the writer will inspire divorcee that if it is really destiny even you were separated once, then if it is faith, you cannot run away from it….

    I believe that oh jin hee still loves his husband, though due t consequences and fear on their first married, that is why she don’t want to have another try….but I hope before it’s too late, she will realize that her love for oh chang min can melt all those fears. and with regards to oh chang min’s mother, on the preview, she even thanks jin hee for the help she gave, thus there’s no more issue between them….

    to the writer please allow jin hee and chang min re-married again on the second time around…..

    dr. gook is more compatible with the female doctor….

  378. 378 : hny Jo Says:

    ehemmmmm…lots of tears, chang min OmaI feel sorry to ur hubby hope u will softer next time ;))
    …I can see CM&JH still need each other…but I guess Jin hee will step to chief gook, but I think it’s good for her to experiences in another relationship with other man…so it will be a ‘comparision’ about ‘ men ‘….. then at the end I still hoping she will back to chang min…also dr gook will look to dr shim…hehheehhe that’s great end for everyone ;))

  379. 379 : ros sokheng Says:

    CH and JH get back pls………me cry so much cus of u
    다시사랑한다 말할까 CH i love this song can u sing again with full version

  380. 380 : Lhyne Says:

    Absolutely funny. Love it 🙂

  381. 381 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Really like Choi Jin Hyuk and of course want him to get his hearts desire, but the sad truth is that Korean Dramas often double cross those of us who watch these dramas. But………it seems a little hard to believe that they would sacrifice Chang Min and Shim Ji Hye happiness and put Gook and Jin Hee together. Am only on episode 14, so …………….we will see.

  382. 382 : foreverjihyo Says:

    ERMW peak their highest ratings ever. 5.0% daebak!! They will be fulfilling their coal promise!! Congrats.

  383. 383 : jiebam Says:

    why can’t jin hee and dr gook love blossom? I mean he is a good guy and I think she deserve better. chang min and ah reum is also good together.
    maybe all of them should make fresh start… well this is not reality…still dr gook’s character is good.

  384. 384 : anyeong śyera Says:

    wow, rating ec comes up 5.0…wow, daebak..i want to see romantic scene of chang min and jin hee.. i love their chemistry, i melting with them two, omg-so sad father chang min pass away… love ji hyo..

  385. 385 : annie Says:

    tears…tears..tears….Chang Min “CJH ” you’re such a great actor

  386. 386 : Lin Says:

    Oh no! After all the fights and insults JH reconcile with CM ? think not realistic cos a scar will always be scar. Human always for awhile change but it comes back to square one.think writer should believe what is reality.not because CM is good looking. I like him but think no possible if tis happen in reall life? I felt sorry that his dad passed away but no no JH pls don’t reconcile with him. Can always be friend!

  387. 387 : anyeong śyera Says:

    lin, yup in real life, we know its very difficult to accept ex husband again… but this korean drama, we know the realistic become un realistics, its just drama..

  388. 388 : jin hee and chang min Says:

    please writer nim… make jin hee and chang min become together in th toe end of this drama,i want to see another kind of romance between them two, oh my god, i like them both,

  389. 389 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Agree with #387.

  390. 390 : Juana love Says:

    I wnt them to get back together again

  391. 391 : foreverjihyo Says:

    A lot of people relate to this drama in real life. But i think each divorce couple has different situation or has their own reason. OCM and OJH got marriend in a younger age. And in the story its not all chang min’s fault, OJH also had. I truly believe that she’s truly deeply in love with him, so i hope she can give him another chance. They have grown and understand each other now. If JH ends up with another man, thats fine. But the realty of it, a lot of viewers started watching this drama because of the thought that its a romantic comedy about two people’s journey of falling in love again.

  392. 392 : Dhea666 Says:

    im watching it now and just caaaaaaaaaant stop…. omg i love dr gook and chang min and everythinggg
    im too into this drama!

  393. 393 : Longan Says:

    OCM character is strong and very powerful but I’m still lost over OJH character even though Song Ji Hyo acting is very good here. Looking forward for a beautiful and happy ending.

  394. 394 : Drama_fan Says:

    Choi Jin Hyuk!!!:)

  395. 395 : iloveKoreandrama Says:

    I’m so happy that I came to see this drama. A Grey’s Anatomy copycat, yes but I think the love story is far more rattling. Kudos to tVn and its cast. Such a knee-slapper!…One thing that bothers me though, a rating of 5 nationwide, don’t Koreans love this kind of drama?

  396. 396 : jin hee and chang min Says:

    i love koreandrama, its 5 percent for pay channel is very large for the rating, that show the drama is hits in korean, not only in korean but from malaysia, many fans running
    man, from malay talking about this drama, we love ji hyo noona and we love this drama…

  397. 397 : Lin Says:

    Yup! Like 387 says just a drama, Be it JH ends with CM or Chief just enjoy watching tis drama cos they amazing actress and actors.fighting!!!

  398. 398 : asma Says:

    just finshed ep 14 , an amazing drama highly recomended
    i’m reacently graduated from veterinary mid. unv. and i’m tellin to myself
    “OOOOOO M G, is that how the trainers dr. looks like!!!!!!!!!? WTF MAN do we have 2 remember every single thing that we studied, NO ONE TOLED THAT ME BE4 ” every single medical terms drops by and i’m feel like “ooooh JAKOB disease hmmmm yaaaah i’ve heard this one b4″ and then while trying to summon my inner big Doctor by remembering this disease my BRAIN goes like…
    ” mmmmmm It’s a beautiful night ,
    We’re looking for something dumb to do
    Hey baby
    I think I want to marry you

    Is it the look in your eyes?
    Or is it these dancing shoes?
    Who cares baby
    I think I wanna marry you
    Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah
    And we’ll go, go, go, go-go….”
    Dr asma nice 2 know ya alllll ^u^

  399. 399 : asma Says:

    Yup! Like 387 says i agree w u,thats the reason why we watch the korean drama , to live un realistic world..and i think the writer here wants to show the deferent bet. YOUTH LOVE = EVERY SINGLE BEAUTIFUL THING
    and MARRIAGE = every single beautiful thing + TAKING RESPONSIBILITY
    plus oh chung min is ….. tall and a very good looking guy ^u^

  400. 400 : zaza Says:

    I still hope Dr Gook and Dr Shim to be together at the end bcoz i guess Dr Shim loves Dr Gook so much and willing to sacrify for him. I guess there is something that will tie them together such as son.
    I hope Dr Ah Reum to be with the man who really likes her but not Chang Min.
    I want Chang Min to be with JHee eventhough i am not the fan of Ji Hyo 🙂

  401. 401 : jian hui Says:

    This film always makes me wait for the next chapter. Really loves this drama. ji hyo unnie and jin hyuk oppa fighting!,,,

  402. 402 : cassie Says:

    I was impressed by the title and so I was about to pass on this but it turned out to be a wonderfukl drama plus I like Choi Jin Hyuk so much. Once I started watching this, I was hooked and slept at 2 AM to catch up. IO can’t wait for the next episode..Love these 2 -they have an amazing chemistry..love them and love the drama through and through. FIGHTING KKUDOS to the writer and the cast..You guys are awesome. Please have an ending where they have their own baby. hehehhe GOOD LUCK

  403. 403 : leilanie Says:

    I don’t know why everytime I see the 2 leads interact with each other I feel like crying. I feel sad that 2 people who loved each other has to separate cuz of different social standing. Hopefully they will be back together soon. One really good drama, that I will watch over and over, They look so good together . The production did a good job in pairing the 2 leads. Great chemistry. Good people to all the cast and writer and staff. Fighting.CHEERS

  404. 404 : Emillie Sinak says: Says:

    I love this movie so much but i hate Dr Gook Chun Soo

  405. 405 : Overseas Says:

    I really enjoy watching this drama. But if the writer can read my comment, I want that Oh Jin Hee ends up with Dr. Gook.
    Of course I like Choi Jin Hyuk, and here he’s the lead actor.
    Dear fans, don’t be against me. It’s only my opinion.
    Oh Jin Hee suffered a lot because of her husband, of her mother-in-law. Her marriage was a hell. (There are the same problems around me, that’s why even if Oh Jin Hee returns to Chang Min, she will always remember the past!).
    It’s the best to turn the page…

  406. 406 : Juana love Says:

    I really wnt oh Jin hee and Chang min to get back together cos I love them…………

  407. 407 : Bacon Says:

    Yay the ratings just keep getting higher <333

  408. 408 : amel Says:

    yay!! The rating keeps going up! I love this dramaaaaa!!!

  409. 409 : gilakorea Says:

    wow, today 18 epi very sweet, now times to jin hee show her love to changmin, but chang mio refuses it, last scene that jin hee try to convince chang min to hear her poheartbeat its scene so sweet, i smilling like crazy, thip drama the best ever..

  410. 410 : adejoke Says:

    so sweat song ji hyo

  411. 411 : idc Says:

    nice ep. 18……. now the feeling is mutual….

    go go go OH couple…..

    love is sweeter the second time around….

    one of the best korean drama i’ve watched……

    ’til d end….OH Couple .. FIGHTING

  412. 412 : foreverjihyo Says:

    I love this episode. Oh jin hee makes me want to cry cause now she realize that she’s still in love with her ex husband. And all she wanted to tell is that her heart beats only for him. Oh Couple Fighting!

  413. 413 : tess Says:

    the couple look good together.i love them a lot……

  414. 414 : laa Says:

    YAy…. aHH …..they ExtEnd..i am soo happy although i figure out it late

  415. 415 : laa Says:

    the last 21 episode must end beautifully ……please! @[email protected] for us. =D

  416. 416 : leilanie Says:

    I agree that this is one of the best drama I have ever watched. Sweet and sad at the same anyway Life is like that a combo of the sweet and the sour taste of lief and at time bitter. We all learn from our mistakes

  417. 417 : jihyo noona Says:

    oh my, wow the best episode today, so sweet both cm and jh,i love the way jin hee want to sduce cm.. her style use red shoes, big glasses..so cute, then scene they both take care of gookie cutie ever…oh i fall in love this drama, so sad next week is the last for thip dsama, g wjk miss this drama, miss oh oh couple, i feel just want to crz, mybe the chemiptryof cjh and jh make i love this drama, thank u..hope cjh will e guest again in running man, hope so..

  418. 418 : Micc Says:

    You can so totally tell the episodes are being extended. Episode 19 has no main story but a lot of fill ins, but it’s so funny I don’t think anybody will mind. Just lovely!

  419. 419 : semutkecil56 Says:

    anyone pls tell me where i can download korean drama? give me the website pls..

  420. 420 : nova Says:

    Rock on Oh…Oh..Oh Jin hee I like the way she seduced Chang Min …lol ep.19

  421. 421 : nova Says:

    oh no!!! 2 episodes more..i don’t want this drama to end yet…more more episodes plssss

  422. 422 : zac Says:

    Love this drama.. good couple.
    Sad that the ending is near..

  423. 423 : Juana love Says:

    love this drama soooo much

  424. 424 : pheng Says:

    love this drama… hope oh chang min & oh jin hee ends up together…

  425. 425 : nonik ida Says:

    I am dying waiting for the next episode every week.hopefully oh couple will end up together.2 episode left..

  426. 426 : tabitha Says:

    @semutkecil56 : i watch in dramafire and download with idm..

  427. 427 : Lin Says:

    After watching ep19, don’t like JH character. After slapping CM , now she seducing him… Mm..I just don’t understand her character. Dr Gook should go on with Dr Shim who always behind him. All weather condition.

  428. 428 : idc Says:

    people choose to watch drama to be entertained….

    an certainly this drama is a DAEBAK….
    one of my favourite Korean drama…

    all the actors and actresses act their part very well.

    I can’t stop laughing on ep.19….
    almost all scenes are cute…hahaahahah

    and the writer really shows that when people are in love they can make some of the weirdest things…specifically funniest things… haahaha

    I love Oh couple…AJA…
    ’til next week…
    I am at your side until the end….

  429. 429 : kdranalover Says:

    Finger crossed! please writer make jin hee pregnant…Give the Oh couole a very cute baby for us..please….. 🙂

  430. 430 : pheng Says:

    Emergency Couple is definitely one of the best Korean dramas I have ever watched. There’s no dull moment beginning from the first episode up to its latest. Sad that there are only two more episodes to go but surely I’ll watch it over and over again. Hope that the lead actor ends up together in the series. ‘Cause for me whenever they have a scene, I kinda feel that ‘ticklish’ feeling. 

  431. 431 : Longan Says:

    In real life, there are acts that are way much more happening, much less happening, more dull, less dull than what is being shown here. Therefore, nothing is perfect and human should never practice “giving up”.

    Truthfully, I’m very glad to have watch this drama. 2 more episodes to go with OCH omma sincerely wanting to meet OJH, Chief Go will understand why he must have Prof Shim Ji Hye, Han Ah Reum will accept Im Yong Kyu, I’m definitely giving this drama my two thumbs up!

  432. 432 : foreverjihyo Says:

    I feel like im gonna cry….the end of this drama was so near…

    Lets make a reques. Hopefully another season or they will extend the airing of this drama. Please….

  433. 433 : suna Says:

    Best drama this year…

  434. 434 : nikita Says:

    i love this drama!saraneo!

  435. 435 : Drama_fan Says:

    Omo 2 more episodes to go..!! My favorite K drama. Never had a dull moment in this drama. Love all the characters. Very good and funny from the start and till the end. Wow!! Well done team! Make us more happier in the last two episodes!! 🙂 🙂 Fighting..!!! 🙂

  436. 436 : hiii Says:

    why JH just trying to cheet him up,, but CM the one who went overboard..hehe my opinion

  437. 437 : Mongjimongji Says:

    I really like this drama so much. I wish Oh Jin Hee & Oh Chang Min would end up having a beautiful baby!!! HAHAHA. Song Ji Hyo acts so good that whenever she cries you end up crying too. I’ll really miss watching & waiting for this drama every Fridays & Saturdays. 🙁 Emergency Couple fightinggg!!! ~

  438. 438 : jian hui Says:

    Friday please coming soon….. just can’t wait the last episode…..

  439. 439 : Febryanty Putry Says:

    I curious whether JH will end up on CM or Chief Chun Soon.

    eps 18-19 getting weird. JH get weird when meet Chun Soo. She fall down her HP when she heard about CS slept with dr.shim. i think shehas real feeling toward chun soo

    but i hope those were my false thought.

    i hope JH will end up with Chang Min. 🙂

  440. 440 : jihyo noona Says:

    of course oh jin hee and chang min in the end, oh tomorrow night please come hurry, i cant wait,

  441. 441 : nania Says:

    why? i go to page cunning sngle lady their fans always told emergency not best.. cunning sngle lady better than emergency couple, thats true? oh i think almost drama i watch for korean drama, this drama the best ever, and i think this drama better than the heirs..

  442. 442 : cc Says:

    I like it!!!! This drama is so so cute. Outstanding of both main cast.

  443. 443 : laa Says:

    naniA… I’M soo agree with u..

  444. 444 : @nana Says:

    @nana… I watch cunning single lady.. but im disappointed. . I dont know why they’re fans always compare this drama with cunning singke lady. In fact this drama more popular n the rating is better than cunning single lady. In my opinion this drama 1000 percen better than cunning single lady.
    I think this best drama I ever watch 2014

  445. 445 : lalala Says:

    No….. 2 more episodes left

  446. 446 : dinaz Says:

    Ah i missed out lots of episodes so i watched ep11 to 19 in two days ofcourse with dark circles now.lol..now i m totally on changmin’s [email protected] where are u?i m in team changmin now with u.hehe!though i feel bad for dr gook but he has ji hye with him.i alz felt like the child is his..but it seems doubtful now..hope these two get together again 🙂
    i love baby Gook too,he is so cute with chubby cheeks..aww!
    the last scene of ep19 was so expected those two ending up in bed.haha!will miss this series..

  447. 447 : nania Says:

    i saw picture .. scene changmin and jin hee kissing in the bed,.the shrt that their wearing epi 19, last scene, omg so rmantic..

  448. 448 : msmelchidec Says:

    The plot of the story is very simple, it happen in real life (sometimes). I think Jimin is the daughter of Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook.

  449. 449 : pheng Says:

    Oh, can’t wait for the last two episodes. Really curious who Jin Hee will end up with, hope its Chang Min – rooting for their love team. And besides, love deserves second chances right? I think Jin Hee still loves Chang Min and her feelings for Chun Soo is just infatuation, or rather a feeling of gratitude towards someone who didn’t gave up on her, maybe? Anyways, the actors here are good and portrayed their role well that is why I enjoyed watching the drama. Good luck to all of them. 🙂

  450. 450 : riajoy Says:

    Love the chemistry between the two main characters changmin n jin her. I’ll surely miss them!! ;

  451. 451 : KTorrents Says:

    Download torrent files

  452. 452 : gomawoyo Says:

    I wonder why those who titled this drama are confused, because it isn’t a language barrier issue I don’t think. In any language “Man and woman” do not automatically imply a relationship where “COUPLE” does — be it a love hate relationship, married or divorced.

  453. 453 : Nudge Says:

    They are showing us Jin Hee and Chang Min reminiscing, means they are setting up the ending with those two coming back together. And besides Chang Min’s mum is reeling from the shock of losing her husband whom she ironically was divorcing. Whatever feelings of anger she once held towards Jin Hee, are now wholly dissipated.

    As for chief Gook, if he’s not dying from a terminal illness, he and the lovely assistant professor Shim may end making home together. But who knows, the chief is so down in the dumps he may never find his way back in the sunlight.

  454. 454 : osaki nona Says:

    daebak! beautiful moment in the end ep 20, chang min kiss jin hd, so cute n po rmantic, g hope last ep have kiss moments….romantic kiss

  455. 455 : Fullheart Says:

    #452. I am sure you realize that it is also known as Emergency Couple. Note the info above. It’s also listed on dramawiki as Emergency Couple.

  456. 456 : lovely heart Says:

    oh, hoping the end, chang min and jin hee having passinate kiss, omo cant wait-oh oh couple is the best couple korean drama i ever seen, their chemistry make this drma so hot-

  457. 457 : pheng Says:

    Wow! Just finished watching episode 20, Chang Min & Jin Hee’s chemistry is really something. They’re cute together, indeed a very nice couple. I can’t help smiling, so happy that they started over again. 🙂

  458. 458 : lovely heart Says:

    yes, they started again, n they kiss in the end, romantic ending..

  459. 459 : MAS Says:

    At last a drama that satisfied viewers……happy ….ending….
    All ends well….they all deserve each others…No enemies but love!
    Thanks to the writers,directors,staffs,especially the actors that made
    emergency couple one lovable drama.
    One of the best selection of actors that bring the drama alive & love by most viewers!

  460. 460 : itaeonni Says:

    #456-459 :agree with you, dear. OCM-OJH is the best couple in Korean Drama so far and I’m glad that they’re airing this show on TV cable so that it is possible for us to see more detail of romance than we usually see on regular TV shows..how could we possibly watch bed scenes, warm (or should I say hot?) kisses, and underwears flying in the air on regular KDrama? Oh..my heart..please calm down. So I agree with everyone before me that said this is definitely the one of the best drama, a full package of actor-actress, writer & director that bring this drama alive & loved by most viewers…Good job..daebak!!

  461. 461 : Mena Says:

    Great Drama…. Great ending.. Congratulations to the actors and actresses, the director and writer and the staff…. you really did great in your job!!! I agree, definitely the BEST this year. I watched this drama from beginning til the end… watching the RAW and the one with sub-title. I just LOVE IT. I watched three of Song Ji Hyo dramas and two of Choi Jin Hyuk… but this one is the best for me. Of course the supporting cast did great too. I will be waiting for another one from you guys….

  462. 462 : ec fans Says:

    auw, so sweet, how jin hee seduces chang min, very funny, i like how react chang min when he look at sexiness jin hee, and the kissing at the stairway omawo, so hot,

  463. 463 : tess Says:

    love the couple… hope to see them in another project together……

  464. 464 : tess Says:

    the ending is so great aqnd i hope there will be another project for these 2. i really love and like them….

  465. 465 : pheng Says:

    Love love love the ending, realistic and mature… Hope to see Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk again on a drama like this one. Congratulations to the whole team.

  466. 466 : ilovekoreandrama Says:

    I’m really sad now that emergency couple is over! I’ve laugh, sing, dance and even cried with them! Thumbs up to everyone who made this drama worth watching! Guys, got any suggestion of a good Korean drama?

  467. 467 : tabitha Says:

    i am gonna miss baby gook… anyway he was super cute in last ep on NG.. when he get a shock from changmin mother high voice.. LOL LOL…

    anyway can admin find the real name baby gook??? i love him so much..

  468. 468 : Longan Says:

    I am really glad this drama ended with flying colors :-). My two thumbs up for this drama and also for the team, and my to Lee Chan Ho, Yoon Hyun Ki, Kim Chul Kyu and Choi Yoon Jung too, you guys definitely earned my salute.

  469. 469 : cuity17 Says:

    Ooooowhhh thanks guys for the comments, esp the ending part…., 😉 time for grab the dvd!!! Lol… ;D (jumping n rolling)

  470. 470 : violet88 Says:

    ilovekoreandrama @ 466; Have you tried Bride Of The Century (BOTC)? I am following Emergency Couple and BOTC at the moment, and thank goodness both are an awesome drama..

  471. 471 : violet88 Says:

    I don’t really like medical drama before, but I must admit that I LOVE medical background setup for Emergency Couple.. perhaps because of the blends between each ER case and the romance was just nice hence does not bored me at all..

    Really happy with the ending, and definitely is loving OCM-OJH couple.. they are sooo great together.. Chief Goon Suk and Prof Shin also makes a great couple..

  472. 472 : foreverjihyo Says:

    I watched this drama because of song ji hyo, she improved a lot, i loved her since jumong, her acting now is daebak, when she laugh i laugh, when she cries i cry too. That’s the real actress impact to viewers, you can feel the emotions. How i loved this drama.

    Im gonna miss all the cast here specially oh couple, their chemistry is perfect. Honestly Choi jin hyuk is my favorite song ji hyo’s leading man to the point that i wish he and ji hyo are dating in real life.

    To writer, dorector, staff that gave their best to make this drama a very succesful one. CCongratulations to all of you. One word for this drama is DAEBAK!!!

  473. 473 : kaki gosip Says:

    yes forever ji hyo, same with me, i most like ji hyo even i girl, she quite funny, and interestinga actress .. she good in acting, now i hope this year she have a new drama will she acting., i want to see her again in new drama, hehehe, love ea drama,

  474. 474 : women Says:

    I love song ji hyo too… even I a women… hahha.. and this drama is awesome. .. I love double Ji…

  475. 475 : dinaz Says:

    @tabitha 467 cutie gook’s real name is Kwon joon young..u can check out an article on soompi where cjh carries him,they both look so adorable it seems cjh always washes his hands before touching him..aww!
    still left with last two eps..

  476. 476 : sahel Says:

    please some one help me can you say name or link of download of english song in between ep 8 of this drama in scene of hospital between Song Ji Hyo and Lee Pil Mo

  477. 477 : lalola girl Says:

    the best drama 2014.. i love ji hyo unnie, muah, she such good acting in this drama, hope this year, she got many offer acting in drama, hopefully,

  478. 478 : martini garfield Says:

    can anyone tell me what the title song ah reum an yon kyu hearing in last episode?…thank you

  479. 479 : jijang Says:

    miss this drama already, oh no, btw good news for singapore fans,

  480. 480 : kdramalover Says:

    @Jijang: i totally agree with you! i really miss the drama, especially the oh couple!

    Can we make a request to have a season 2 of ermw? choi jin hyuk wants to have another project before he enlist to military! And i hope he and ji hyo again please!!

  481. 481 : hannah Says:

    oh yea…..i miss them two…oh couple…but why song ji hyo ang choi jin hyuk not even close to each other after this drama ends….they 2 look awkward….mybe they dont want rumoured about them…..

  482. 482 : zeez22 Says:

    This drama is awesome! Lovevit to bits! Choi Jin Hyuk is so cute!

  483. 483 : Kalaya Gunjeakpong Says:

    I like corean seies

  484. 484 : Drama_fan Says:

    One of my favorite korean dramas. I recommend this to any one.. I was addicted to this drama from the start to the end. Never a boring episode. All the episodes will make u smile.
    What an awesome piece of work. Great work all team!!!

    Very refreshing!! This drama is a happy pill to me!! 🙂
    Love all the characters. Must say all the actors and actresses were perfectly fitted for the characters. Omo I love every character of this drama!!!

    In the beginning I liked Dr.Gook alot. But with time I really felt for Oh Chang Min. 🙂
    Choi Jin Hyuk you are really a good actor and what a handsome man. PERFECT!!! Hope to see you doing more lead roles in the future. Love you!! 🙂

    Must say a word regarding Song Ji Hyo as well. I didn’t like her since Princess hours. Because she was the enemy of that drama.
    But after watching this I think she’s a great actress.
    And this couple is a good match!!

    And I miss this drama very much!!!! 🙁


  485. 485 : jijang Says:

    I like ji hyo in running man, then ec most i like drama 2014, rom com, the best

  486. 486 : san Says:

    I miss my favorite Kdrama 🙁 I miss this OH couple and Oh chang min 🙁

  487. 487 : firdarahmania Says:

    OMG this drama is so funny.

  488. 488 : jangmi Says:

    ugh . . it ended well:))
    it may not be the best, but it’s surely one of the bests:)
    i’ll miss you chief Gook Chun Soo~!! i would have loved it better if you ended with Oh Jin Hee, but Oh Chang Min’s not bad either. ~kk Well, i’m happy for all of you. ~aja~!! =^_^=

  489. 489 : choo annlyn Says:

    very refreshing,the main cast are convincing and has chemistry with each other..i liked it alot

  490. 490 : Pearl Says:

    Wow!! I really really love this drama. I love Chang Min and Jin Hee. They act good in this drama. Two thumbs up!

  491. 491 : jijang Says:

    miss ec so much, crying…

  492. 492 : booboobear Says:

    hellooo ,SIngapore fan here! song ji hyo fighting ! you are so pretty .. and totally good

  493. 493 : nana girls Says:

    thanks to song ji hyo and choi jin hyuk for your kindnest at fan meeting in sg…. song ji hyo you look so great and beautiful….oh jin hee and song ji hyo i love both….she really kind….i think im want to crying because she hugging all her fans….

  494. 494 : lovely honey Says:

    omg fan meeting of emergency couple so fun and excited…so many picture of fans in sg upload and videos….seen oh jin hee and oh chang min so daebak…especially song ji hyo very fun with fans….hopefully then emergency couple make fan meeting at malaysian too…im first buy the ticket….kekekekek

  495. 495 : Drama_fan Says:

    Miss my favorite korean drama 🙁

  496. 496 : roshanz Says:

    I really want c this Korean drama……!!!! wow looking beautiful this hero n heroin…….!!!!!!

  497. 497 : disfordian Says:

    i hope for future that song ji hyo and choi jin hyuk will be real love life^^. i love two both. they have a great chemistry. too bad that ji hyo said that she’s currently not looking for marriage now. but who know’s ^^. JiHyo-JinHyuk ;-*

  498. 498 : yeN Says:

    Awesome drama. Hope to see more song ji hyo drama in future. Fighting!!

  499. 499 : inongatjeh Says:

    This drama is very Recommended. Best drama ‘n best acting.

  500. 500 : kiki Says:

    nice drama 2014 i seen, love ji hyo noona

  501. 501 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    OMG! This drama is really DAEBAK! I love it! <3
    I fall in love with Choi Jin Hyuk's charms! Song Ji Hyo is really JJANG! 🙂
    Baby Gook is very cute! ~

  502. 502 : kdrama freak Says:

    you are right, daebak. Finally Choi Jin Hyuk landed in a role that bring out his charm.

  503. 503 : Desty Says:

    I agree, this story is deabak….
    Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo are cute couple, Gook baby very cute……hehehe
    but the ending… I find some missing story maybe ’cause they not married again, I expect them to have a nice family!! ^_^”

  504. 504 : tigerb Says:

    i like this series a lot! it paid that i waited for initial broadcast to finish and watch the episodes at my whim. this allowed me to appreciate the drama’s storyline, the cast, the production overall, and the theme of second chances for a lot of people, including chang min’s mother who had ADHD (Adult Detestable Hating Disorder!) she may have changed a bit too, but she told jin hae that she could not say sorry for what she did to jin hae in the past because that’s how she is – there’s no medical miracle for her – she’s too full of herself. anyway, i quote a line from a song, ‘love is lovelier the second time around’, and that applied for the couples, so it is happy ending for everyone. the emergency/medical scenes/situations were well depicted, and choi jin hyuk’s crinkly eyes when he smiled and laughed was infectious, so can’t help but really enjoyed this series. watching him here made up for my disappointment in his role in ‘the heirs’. needless to say, this drama is really worth watching. maybe if it was shown in a major tv channel, the rates would have been higher. cheers!

  505. 505 : Storm Says:

    Their epic fight scene was so awesome. I really enjoyed them letting it all go. Great acting. Some of the doctor stuff I find boring but that is because I don’t normally watch medical drama’s.

  506. 506 : malagu_ Says:

    Surprisingly good!

  507. 507 : malagu_ Says:

    Started to love Choi jin hyuk

  508. 508 : Kat-Kat Says:

    Just done watching this drama, and I really got hooked with the main characters and the story itself. I highly recommend this drama to watch. Love the Oh couple. Hope they will both partner again in another production.

  509. 509 : pls vote Says:

    Pls vote emergency couple…….. one day more. keep them 8 best drama for this year. http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=38086

  510. 510 : zairena Says:

    I love this drama!

  511. 511 : Emergency Couple 응급남녀 [2014] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] cast ratings daum top star news dc gallery viki dramafever dramacool koreandrama soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans couch kimchi a dramatic life tumblr blogs […]

  512. 512 : mamo Says:

    Choi Jin Hyuk,
    I guess I first saw him in Pasta, but didn’t register, his character there was quite ordinary maybe, not noticeable.
    Then in Kangchi…..he made himself observed there, his character was quite impressive, the good looking ‘demon’, sort of…
    Third, in the Heirs…another impressive chartacter, being the first born prince..
    Then, in this one…..just clinch it!
    Totally hooked.
    When he danced on the table with the female director, that was funny, hilarious and he did look sexy there though also kind of silly hehe.
    When he smiles….his eyes seem to disappear yet it was such a boyish grin, lighting up the whole….tugging…

  513. 513 : mamo Says:

    ….and apparently the mesmerizing Jin Hyuk also sings, quite well! 🙂
    I so enjoy The Scent of the Flower…….deep, sexy voice!

  514. 514 : CH Says:

    Lee Pil Mo!!!!! Hope to see you in more dramas!!!

  515. 515 : emergency couple Says:

    Drama very cool !

  516. 516 : acel Says:

    i i love this drama 🙂 im not a fan of medical thing it makes me bored but the story of tbe drama is very good 🙂

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