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Title: 드림하이 시즌2 / Dream High (Season 2)
Chinese Title: 星梦高飞2 / 追梦高中2
Genre: School, musical, comedy, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-30 to 2012-Mar-20
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Related Series: Dream High Series


“Dream High Season 2” will follows idol stars heading out to find their hopes and dreams. This Drama will deal with new students instead of the first batch student.

Kirin High School of Art has been taken over by Oz Entertainment because of financial bankruptcy. Oz Entertainment then transfers over its own idol stars to Kirin High to avoid a law requiring under age entertainers to study for a set time. Competition then brews between troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transfered idols from Oz Entertainment.

Shin Hye Sung (Kang So Ra) enters Kirin High School of Art with a high written exam score, but poor performance score. She then meets fellow students Jin Yoo Jin (Jin Woon) and JB, who makes her realize how fun music can be. Jin Yoo Jin acted when he was a child. Now, he is a troubled student dreaming of becoming a rock star. He attempts to cure his pain caused by his parent’s divorce through music.


Kirin Arts High School Students

Kang So Ra as Shin Hye Sung
Jin Woon as Jin Yoo Jin
Yoo So Young as Park Soon Dong
Kim Ji Soo as Hong Joo
Jung Yeon Joo as Lee Yi Seul (The only daughter of Executive director Lee Kang Chul)
Jin Young as Jung Ui Bong

Idol Groups

Park Ji Yeon as Lian (member of idol girl group HershE)
Hyo Rin as Nana (member of idol girl group HershE)
Ailee as Ailee (member of idol girl group HershE)
JB as JB (member of idol boy group I:dn)
Park Seo Joon as Si Woo (member of idol boy group I:dn)

Kirin Arts High School Teachers

Kim Jung Tae as Lee Kang Chul (Executive director)
Kwon Hae Hyo as Joo Jung Wan (Principal)
Park Jin Young as Yang Jin Man (Teacher)
Choi Yeo Jin as Ahn Tae Yeon (Teacher)
Park Kahi as Hyun Ji Soo (Teacher)


Yoon Hee Suk as Shin Jae In
Hwang Mi Sun as Lian’s mother
Jung Kyu Soo as Hye Sung’s father
Noh Jung Ui as Shin Hye Poong (Hye Sung’s sister)
Yoo Joon Hong as Lee In Soo
Kim So Hye


Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong (ep.1)
IU (Lee Ji Eun) as Kim Pil Sook (ep 1)
BandToxic as band performing with Yoo Jin in Hongdae (ep.1)
MYNAME as OZ Entertainment Agency’s idol group (ep 2)
PSY as trainer coach (ep 5)
Park Ye Eun as Park Ye Eun (ep 9)
Bae Suzy as Suzy (ep.15)
Miss A (ep.15)

Production Credits

Production Companies: KeyEast, JYPE, and CJ Media
Producer: Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young
Director: Lee Eung Bok & Mo Wan Il
Screenwriter: Heo Seong Hye

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-01-30 1 9.2 9.8 (16th)
2012-01-31 2 8.9 (19th) 10.1 (15th)
2012-02-06 3 8.2 9.8 (20th)
2012-02-07 4 9.8 11.7 (18th)
2012-02-13 5 7.6 8.9
2012-02-14 6 7.9 9.0
2012-02-20 7 6.9 (<9.9)
2012-02-21 8 7.8 8.3 (20th)
2012-02-27 9 7.7 8.7
2012-02-28 10 7.8 9.7 (18th)
2012-03-05 11 6.3 7.1
2012-03-06 12 7.1 8.5
2012-03-12 13 5.2 6.5
2012-03-13 14 5.7 6.5
2012-03-19 15 5.7 6.8
2012-03-20 16 6.4 7.7

Source: TNS Media Korea


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Behind The Scene & Highlight (5 minutes)


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440 Responses to “Dream High 2”

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  1. 301
    wdr Says:

    love dream high 2 very much!! i like Lian haha. i also like the dancing teacher. she is beautiful.

  2. 302
    lilli Says:

    I’m really sad that DH2 was this bad. I liked some characters a lot but dunno what mess you made at the end of it.

    I waited a whole year for it and …. meh u_u

  3. 303
    Autumn Says:

    Hmmm no offence, but i personally like dream high 1 (both the storyline and casts) more than DH2. The storyline of DH2 is kinda dull. I hav waited and anticipated with it for a year but it turns out not as what I expected so kinda disappointed with it.

  4. 304
    Penelope Says:

    I really like DH2. its not bad. people who hates the second season is because the cast of DH1 didnt play in here except the cameos. and about the director teacher in DH1 doesnt play in here. and how the students in here are close teachers. not in DH1 (they have to solve things by themselves).or how people thinks the storyline is boring and dull but theres a difference…. theses dream high series have different storylines! dont be dissapointed in the end coz it ended like DH1. be happy for the actors and actresses they work harder than us in life..in DH2 the boys are way hotter than DH1 boys. just sayinn.

  5. 305
    Blue Saint Kpop | Korean Drama | Says:

    […] above synopsis is an edited extract from koreandrama.org. Click here to see more photos and details pertaining to the drama]. Falling by Park Jin Young [OST Part 1 […]

  6. 306
    DL Says:


    I agree with your opinion. ^^ DH2 is not bad…
    JB-Hae Sung
    They are such a cute couple in DH 2 daebakkkk. DH2 has an unique story… I enjoy DH2.

  7. 307
    DL Says:

    Hey you! Even if Kang So Ra is not beautiful as Suzy or others. Don’t blame her, the lead actress in drama shouldn’t be always have a beautiful actress. DH2 just trying to show us the reality in this story makes you look any other sides of the characters in this drama, So stop comparing it to DH1.!!!! Hate you all those who hate DH2!!! LOVE DH2.

    DH2 lovers^^

  8. 308
    ohhohohoh Says:

    oh i really can’t wait to see it…ohoohoo l love this film

  9. 309
    kimchilee Says:

    how not to compare with DH1? the storyline is boring and there is this girl who plays the drum trying to act like IU’s cuteness but she is not. The main actress also likes to pout her lips a lot .. not natural at all.. the only credible actors in these whole series are the 2 main boys’ character. I gave up watching this the moment I saw the girl who tried to act like IU.

    arrgh.. disappointing.

  10. 310
    DL Says:

    who just imitate IU cuteness? I don’t get what you mean

  11. 311
    DL Says:

    Stop comparing it to DH1!!!! They have worked hard to act in this drama. You absolutely couldn’t act like the actress or actors in this drama. They are all great. No matter they are ugly or beautiful… Open your mind fellas… 🙂

  12. 312
    Aldagr8 Says:

    I guess most of the people are comparing it to DH1. I personally tried to enjoy this show from the beginning but the SCRIPT was terrible. The actors were decent if they had been guided properly. IF there is a DH3, i sure hope they get a much better script to glue the audiences in otherwise please don’t try :)….Overall liked the songs.

  13. 313
    fuji Says:

    this drama was very disappointed
    but i like 9th episode when the B class was sing We are B

  14. 314
    sara Says:

    such a weak drama in every aspect from the story-line to acting and so-so OST.it even doesn’t deserve to be called dream high 2 coz it doesn’t have anything to do with excellent dream high we all adored.there are lots of characters here.most of them remain unknown and the writer doesn’t bother to work on their character,like JR,Seul,haeseong ‘s friends,Ailie and even the main characters are so stiff.i don’t get why Rian is this mean.why Yujin can’t confess and just watches from afar.why JB comes as a super star and goes as a loser.why they waste all of the characters.dream high was great.this one is not even a shadow of that one.the acting is really terrible.there’s no chemistry or emotion between the leads.the only pretty part of this drama is JB.JYP does a great job prompting his trainee through this mess.JB is not a good actor,actually so weak but he has a nice voice and is an excellent dancer.

  15. 315
    Ndy Says:

    I like DH2. there many scenes which is cute and touching.. 🙂
    JB so cuteee

  16. 316
    grace Says:

    i wish IU and woo young would be partner again in another korean novela :))

  17. 317
    kpopgirl:) Says:

    jiyeon so pretty and jb so cute!

  18. 318
    Kenversusryu Says:

    Wow what a disapointment. Acting was bad, no real story line, nothing to aspire to. So bad.

  19. 319
    kpopgirl:) Says:

    i wanted dh 1 cast to at least be at the ending of dream high 2 ):

  20. 320
    guia Says:

    hope i can see the DH 1 cast in any series to come…

  21. 321
    guia Says:

    season 3!!!

  22. 322
    aulia Says:

    why hye sung with JB not with yoo jin? isn’t yo jin is a first male character in drama…??? like in DH1 sam dong with hye mi.. im so disappointed to watching DH2… 🙁

  23. 323
    maria Says:

    I like it!!!

  24. 324
    aulia Says:

    sumpah, ga ikhlas bgt sama alur cerita DH2… knp hye sung sm jb, bkn nya sm yoo jin??? yoo jin kan pemeran utama laki2 nya… apa lagi dr awal cerita kan yoo jin yg duluan deketin si hye sung, trus yoo jin jg yg ngelindungin hye sung…. hello,, please tell me the reason??? why the story is too bad….

  25. 325
    its does not a matter Says:

    i love 2 series of dream high..i think dream high 2 have their own story line..if DH 2 same as DH 1 people can expect what happen next even their do not watch it. who said DH 2 using uknown artist..? JB and JR gonna make their debut soon,kang sora in WGM with leeteuk , ailey is a singer who sing haeven, and jin woon is male member in 2 AM ( i think 2 am is the famous group ballad rite?) i think we shouldn’t compare DH1 and 2.they have their own reasons.

    -love DH1,DH2-

  26. 326
    heyyo Says:

    im agreed with its does not a matter..DH 2 doesnt take unknown artist..you all said they use unknown artist because you didnt know about them..try to check their biodata..they’re really famous people ^^ the shaman girl is a cameos in you’re beautiful and former member of after school,the boy who like nana is a the winner 11 th in superstar K . i really love them .

  27. 327
    NANA Says:

    I notice that some of their song are from DH1 . but it’s good . not as good as DREAM HIGH 1 😀

  28. 328
    Hanako Says:

    The movie is okay but i do not like that actress Rian..with her ugly mascara. To me she is not a real good actress comparing to so many. On the whole it is not a bad story, dreams of the young people but quite an expected ending

  29. 329
    Jasmine Aure Says:


  30. 330
    rashel Says:

    very boring watch this drama…. i am stop watch in 10eps… boring…

  31. 331
    Jane Says:

    OMG!!! So nice drama… I really really like it…
    I hope there is part3 :)))

  32. 332
    tharundi Says:

    i am looking for dream high 3 🙂 😉

  33. 333
    tharundi Says:

    happy new year to you all

  34. 334
    Ann Says:

    I love dream high (season 1) because i watch it in the begging and the last ep. of drama .. i love so mach and there face are cute the boys and the girls also the music are grate to lessen it. the drama, Romans, friendship… i love all the ep. in dream high ( season 1). i heard they well have (season 2) of dream high i so glad to her of it.. i hop it’s more good than (season 1)

  35. 335
    Rebel Angel Says:

    well, I’ve just reached eps 11, it’s intresting, but at the 1 n 2 eps I felt bored. But, since I kept on watching, it get more instresting, and I fall in love with the songs.. So far, dream high 2 is enjoyable to watch..

  36. 336
    diana Says:

    bored, sorry i love ji hyo jin & rian .. but .. i think DH 1 more interesting

  37. 337
    Rebeel Angel Says:

    Finally, I’ve finished this drama…well, over all, a bit interesting… 🙂

  38. 338
    Hyung Says:


  39. 339
    joanna Says:

    DH 1 is so much better I hope if there’s season 3 they will let the season 1 actors and actresses play the roles…I so love the team up of Hye Mi and Jin Guk in season 1..

  40. 340
    Tilney Says:

    I love JB and Hae Sung. They look cute together.

  41. 341
    Mizz D Says:

    i love the dream high 1 its a lot more better and interesting.. i hope they make a season 3 and put all the cast in dream high season 1

  42. 342
    ance Says:

    i’ve watched dream high 1 more than 10 times, so it’s really hard not to compare even with the cast, bcoz their all big stars but it’s ok even when kim soo hyun became K there are negative comments becoz they said he’s not that famos compare to taecyeon. i love dream high 1 but i feel that dream high 2 is almost at the same level (story wise)! congatulations to the creators…im looking forward to dream high 3!

  43. 343
    Limsooni Says:

    dream high 1 is more interesting and fun,seriously .
    they should not change the casts I bet it will be more interesting if they just continue the life story of the casts in dreamhigh 1 🙂

  44. 344
    faiezura Says:

    Such a beautiful song n cast. are there real life like that

  45. 345
    taraLuvJJ Says:

    just starting watching this drama up to eps 2.. i know there are a lot bad reviews of season 2 compare to season 1, i think it’s different story, hype and level.. but i enjoying hye sung (kang sora) and yoo jin (jin woo) fighting moment so cute and funny, although in my bahasa it’s called ‘lebay bgt’..love it so far 😉

  46. 346
    CHERRY :>>>> Says:

    i love the dream high from the very start it is also my dream to be like them..

  47. 347
    annie88 Says:

    It’s so boring!!! Can’t believe I wasted my weekend for this. DH 1 is definitely better than DH2 by a mile…

  48. 348
    ayu edogawa Says:

    i never even thought to watch it…
    because kim soo hyun oppa not getting involved in this DH2…:(

  49. 349
    shen starfish Says:

    annyeong KBS
    i really like the dream high 2.
    i already done watching it, really
    i like SHIN HYE SUNG(kang so-ra) and her song (HELLO TO MY SELF) very romantic!!!!

    HYE SUNG keep the good work!!!!!

    hope have a season 3,

  50. 350
    shen starfish Says:

    i hope there’s DH 3, and also hope that all cast in DH 1 and DH 2 will become as one in season 3, if there’s season 3…..

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