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Dream High 2

Title: 드림하이 시즌2 / Dream High (Season 2)
Chinese Title: 星梦高飞2 / 追梦高中2
Genre: School, musical, comedy, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-30 to 2012-Mar-20
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Related Series: Dream High Series


“Dream High Season 2” will follows idol stars heading out to find their hopes and dreams. This Drama will deal with new students instead of the first batch student.

Kirin High School of Art has been taken over by Oz Entertainment because of financial bankruptcy. Oz Entertainment then transfers over its own idol stars to Kirin High to avoid a law requiring under age entertainers to study for a set time. Competition then brews between troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transfered idols from Oz Entertainment.

Shin Hye Sung (Kang So Ra) enters Kirin High School of Art with a high written exam score, but poor performance score. She then meets fellow students Jin Yoo Jin (Jin Woon) and JB, who makes her realize how fun music can be. Jin Yoo Jin acted when he was a child. Now, he is a troubled student dreaming of becoming a rock star. He attempts to cure his pain caused by his parent’s divorce through music.


Kirin Arts High School Students

Kang So Ra as Shin Hye Sung
Jin Woon as Jin Yoo Jin
Yoo So Young as Park Soon Dong
Kim Ji Soo as Hong Joo
Jung Yeon Joo as Lee Yi Seul (The only daughter of Executive director Lee Kang Chul)
Jin Young as Jung Ui Bong

Idol Groups

Park Ji Yeon as Lian (member of idol girl group HershE)
Hyo Rin as Nana (member of idol girl group HershE)
Ailee as Ailee (member of idol girl group HershE)
JB as JB (member of idol boy group I:dn)
Park Seo Joon as Si Woo (member of idol boy group I:dn)

Kirin Arts High School Teachers

Kim Jung Tae as Lee Kang Chul (Executive director)
Kwon Hae Hyo as Joo Jung Wan (Principal)
Park Jin Young as Yang Jin Man (Teacher)
Choi Yeo Jin as Ahn Tae Yeon (Teacher)
Park Kahi as Hyun Ji Soo (Teacher)


Yoon Hee Suk as Shin Jae In
Hwang Mi Sun as Lian’s mother
Jung Kyu Soo as Hye Sung’s father
Noh Jung Ui as Shin Hye Poong (Hye Sung’s sister)
Yoo Joon Hong as Lee In Soo
Kim So Hye


Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong (ep.1)
IU (Lee Ji Eun) as Kim Pil Sook (ep 1)
BandToxic as band performing with Yoo Jin in Hongdae (ep.1)
MYNAME as OZ Entertainment Agency’s idol group (ep 2)
PSY as trainer coach (ep 5)
Park Ye Eun as Park Ye Eun (ep 9)
Bae Suzy as Suzy (ep.15)
Miss A (ep.15)

Production Credits

Production Companies: KeyEast, JYPE, and CJ Media
Producer: Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young
Director: Lee Eung Bok & Mo Wan Il
Screenwriter: Heo Seong Hye

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-01-30 1 9.2 9.8 (16th)
2012-01-31 2 8.9 (19th) 10.1 (15th)
2012-02-06 3 8.2 9.8 (20th)
2012-02-07 4 9.8 11.7 (18th)
2012-02-13 5 7.6 8.9
2012-02-14 6 7.9 9.0
2012-02-20 7 6.9 (<9.9)
2012-02-21 8 7.8 8.3 (20th)
2012-02-27 9 7.7 8.7
2012-02-28 10 7.8 9.7 (18th)
2012-03-05 11 6.3 7.1
2012-03-06 12 7.1 8.5
2012-03-12 13 5.2 6.5
2012-03-13 14 5.7 6.5
2012-03-19 15 5.7 6.8
2012-03-20 16 6.4 7.7

Source: TNS Media Korea


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Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III

Behind The Scene & Highlight (5 minutes)


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  1. 1 : wynn demon Says:

    oh~ finally its gonna appear~ (~- ~)
    i hv waited for so long~ (>. . ^)
    haha~ thanks~!!! (^0 ^)

  2. 2 : Ivy Says:

    The trailer looks promising!!!

  3. 3 : sulfanti Says:

    Waiting for the DVD to be released……
    Let me know please!!!!!

  4. 4 : K Says:

    can’t wait 🙁

  5. 5 : mia Says:

    “Waiting for the DVD to be released…”

    lol be patient… 1 year… maybe more…

  6. 6 : mia Says:

    erg… only 16 episodes -_- ???

    maybe we will get an extented … (24 ^^)

  7. 7 : iiiey Says:

    i ‘m really waiting for watching this drama. i can’t wait cus the first i always think that all those songs are wonderful. i will see how it good or not as the first season. i hope there will be best for us. let’s see!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8 : devi Says:

    I hope this drama will be sucess as the first before, without kim soo hyun heeem I’m little bit dissapointed, I just hope this new season story about sam dong and go he mi love story

  9. 9 : kimm Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this drama for so long.. I thought Wooyoung will be one of the main cast but knowing that he’s just a cameo together with the other season 1 main casts made me really disappointed.. But averall, I think this drama is worth watching..
    Best of luck “DREAM HIGH SEASON 2”.

    -alwaysKHUN 🙂

  10. 10 : nisa Says:

    ohmygod!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS DRAMA SERIOUSLY!! aaa Dream High 2 Should be amazing like Before 😀
    i want to see act JiYeon eonni. i’m EXCITED EXCITED!! :DDD <3

  11. 11 : Marife Says:

    im waiting for the DVD to be released..ehhehe.

  12. 12 : giblieta Says:

    Ommooo….!! can’t wait it… i luv Jinwoon & Sora.. fightingg!!!

  13. 13 : shocco locco Says:

    can’t wait

  14. 14 : Dee Says:

    so excited to watch this :3 <3 yay !!

  15. 15 : Lalalove Says:


  16. 16 : Sunshine Says:

    OH:NO Super Star Kim So Hyun, (SONG SAM DONG)

  17. 17 : Nori Says:

    KYAAAA can’t waittttt

  18. 18 : alheya Says:

    wow!really…that’s worth waiting

  19. 19 : YunSunHi Says:

    have to say this : at last !!! 😀

  20. 20 : Reshi Says:

    oh no!!!! Soo hyun :(( *sad sad sad sad*

  21. 21 : Jennie Says:

    Great! Looking forward to watching these two together. They are both goodlooking, talented and very likeable idols. Sora is great and I hope Jin Woon will pass with flying colours with acting as well!

  22. 22 : nisa Says:

    is just a few days to watch this drama. should be amazing. 😀

  23. 23 : Lady Says:

    omonaa!! can’t wait.. 😀

  24. 24 : smile Says:

    no kim soo hyun?? =(
    hope this one is worth watching… =)

  25. 25 : aryn Says:

    di tunggu segera !!!

  26. 26 : riwanti Says:

    waiting for it……………………

  27. 27 : devinta from Indonesia Says:

    i’m waiting with all my friend nursing academic from Yogyakarta Indonesia.. because music on of terapeutic care to patient from pediatric until elderly

  28. 28 : misopiso Says:

    Way too excited for this!(:

  29. 29 : pho Says:

    I really want to watch it!!!!

  30. 30 : admin Says:

    Full Cast of ‘Dream High 2’ Unveiled in 2nd Official Poster!!!

  31. 31 : Kanya Says:

    Very great!!!!

  32. 32 : Drama Korea ! « nesoiii Says:

    […] Dream High (Season 2) […]

  33. 33 : dijah Says:

    it feels less exciting if the main character in season 1 so cameo in Season 2.

  34. 34 : admin Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun confirmed to cast as Song Sam Dong on episode 1!!!


  35. 35 : yati Says:

    I’m waiting for Dream High2.My Jiyeon unni is not the 1st female main charaterT.T

  36. 36 : Neno Says:

    yeheee there’s kim soo hyun in 1st episode, cant wait to watch him :))

  37. 37 : soussou Says:

    kang sora <3 <3 <3

  38. 38 : Ragil Sucipto Says:

    hello i’m Ragil from Indonesia
    and I can not wait to watch the two seasons of high dream! but unfortunately in Indonesia has not aired! certainly long 🙁

  39. 39 : admin Says:

    2nd Trailer is Available now!!!

  40. 40 : nicci Says:

    Wow!!!! Kim So Hyun will have a cameo!!!

  41. 41 : nicci Says:

    For the new cast I only knew Ji Woon and Hyo rin….
    And I only knew hyorin through her voice hehehe, i didn’t see her until now… but i was captivated by her voice when she sang one of the ost of glory jane….
    Hope it have a good rating for it to have a season 3…..
    Go Dream High Cast!!!
    Soar High!!

  42. 42 : yoRoseberry Says:


  43. 43 : Bab3PjGy Says:

    Soooooo “EXCITED” for this…..

  44. 44 : torri Says:

    i dont think this part 2 will that great in fact am sure it will boring , i guess because they did not main the prevoius cast members and now they have all thsi different faces , am not looking forward to it but all the same i will reading you cooments if it get exsisting and great i might just watch it but it is not on my list of dramas this year to watch, but am looking forward to full house 2, that am sure will be fun

  45. 45 : Verencia Says:

    Woa !!
    Dream High Season 2, fighting !! 😀

  46. 46 : Annie81 Says:

    THANK GOD i get to see Sam Dong at least once in this drama. 😀

  47. 47 : sheila junior Says:

    I waiting 4 dream high season 2….

  48. 48 : princess Says:

    wow…dream high season 2!!!! i’m looking forward for this… the original casts are just cameo roles???how sad…but it’s okay as long as there is dream high season 2…

  49. 49 : ria puspita sari Says:

    can’t wait to watch DREAM HIGH SEASON 2…

    this movie so awesome…

    yoo jin and sam dong so cool 😀

  50. 50 : via Says:

    ahhh… i want to watch this, look forward for this drama!!!

  51. 51 : admin Says:

    5 minutes highlight is available now – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hpmUXSO-6A

  52. 52 : oh lee vya Says:


    g’ sabar bgt dh !!!
    udaaaah lama kali nungguin nya …………

    tapi koq pemain DH1 cuma jd cameo ccciihhh ???????

  53. 53 : waffik azizah alimah Says:

    lamamen ?????…
    ditunggu,, n ditunggu….

    udah gak sabar nii…
    Afhiez,, selalu menanti….

  54. 54 : KDaddict Says:

    The trailer is great. TQ.

  55. 55 : dewi Says:


  56. 56 : LaniFooders Says:

    cepat…. cpt …
    ayo lah .
    akuuu gk sabar

  57. 57 : wawa Says:

    nak pelakon dream high yang dulu baru best,,,,……
    tak syok cam nie,,,,:(

  58. 58 : fathin Says:

    citer nie grup HerShe yg oke jiyeon je,,yg laen tuh hampeh…hero dier jinwoo okey la…nape x bgi plakon dlu je?bosan~

  59. 59 : fathin Says:

    ish3…tpi stay nk tgk :: ape jdi kat diorang~

  60. 60 : ekha Says:

    d’tunggu ye.

  61. 61 : pinayito Says:

    I thought krystal was here ?

  62. 62 : pinoy boy Says:

    Ha ha, really like Hyo rin from SISTAR. She is a good singer. Saw her on KBS singing show, Immortal Challenge. She can really belt out a tune. Fighting!!!

  63. 63 : Safira Says:

    Cant wait this drama >.<

  64. 64 : shocco locco Says:

    can’t wait….hwaiting dh2

  65. 65 : chozyll goh Says:

    ohh!! i really love dream high ..

    and im waiting this incoming part two hope
    this will be a nice as part 1 ::

    annyong 🙂

  66. 66 : readnow Says:

    artiznya koq bagusan yg dream high pertama sech

  67. 67 : NIKKI Says:


  68. 68 : Leeteukandkangsoraloverss Says:

    kang soraa ! she is a really good actress . i want she to be with leeteuk oppa foreverr !

  69. 69 : shawna Says:

    i know this is gonna be anticipated..hope they dont blow it out of out proportion or make it overrated

  70. 70 : Ririn ELF Says:

    koq artis nya berbeda sihhhhhh
    bgusan yg pertama……..
    ttpi nga apa” dehhhh
    smoga yg k’2 lbih bgussssss
    GOOD LUCK…….. 😀

  71. 71 : febiola Says:

    paling suka ma nak dream hight yang dulu….
    kapan di puter lgi ya indosiar ??”””

  72. 72 : Annie81 Says:

    OMG. Its airing tomorrow! I really cannot wait!!!

  73. 73 : Lalalala Says:

    It TODAY! =D

  74. 74 : HASDI CORPORATION Says:


  75. 75 : Neno Says:

    woohoo, today it will be officially aired!!! 🙂 so eager to watch kim soo hyun in the 1st eps :p

  76. 76 : dreamboy82 Says:

    Waiting is over!
    First Episode is out at http://www.korean.dramabang1.net/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Drama_10&wr_id=1

  77. 77 : yuya Says:

    Wow, ep 1 totaly funny.. So ra act so good, but I think jiyeon quality act doesn’t good. She try to be cute, but I don’t know …that strange. She preetty but she can’t act (I’m sorry just my opinion)

  78. 78 : alexa Says:

    howcome the eng sub version is not available here in new zealand? ):

  79. 79 : Mor Says:

    Episode 1 without subtitle :


  80. 80 : Lita Says:

    ooopss sorry!!! i,m not interesting at all in this drama..
    i dont like the casts!!!!! everytime they make sequel for hit K-drama always failed!!!!!!such as : princess hours 2, return of iljimae…..

  81. 81 : vina fellika Says:

    sorry i think the 1’st dream high much better ……..

  82. 82 : Fang Lim Says:

    OMG, MYNAME in EP2>.<

  83. 83 : yuya Says:

    I think this good, accept jiyon act.. Sora and jb act so damn good.. Hope they will have great rating.. Jyp I adore u so much. So entertainning.. What wouldn’t u do.. U are the best..

  84. 84 : emelyn Says:

    ji yeon is good… i love the she act… that’s why she acts cute because that is her role….. my i yeon is the best…

  85. 85 : emelyn Says:

    i really love the way she acts .. ji yeon is the best…
    i love to watch dh2 because ji yeon is there…. she’s so beautiful…. no wonder that ji yeon is one of the cast. because she’s good… ji yeon hwaiting…

  86. 86 : CNY~~~ « likealousai123 Says:

    […] CNY I WATCH DREAM HIGH 2~~~HU~~~~HAHAHAHA!!! […]

  87. 87 : Dream High 2 « enochwong Says:

    […] Dream High 2. let’s Rock and Roll!!! […]

  88. 88 : khaicy Says:

    can do better nxt time

  89. 89 : shocco locco Says:

    can’t wait for 3rd ep

  90. 90 : nunablume Says:

    i think this drama is good too like dream high 1 but i really agree if people say jiyeon isn’t good act.. and kang so ra has good act cause act is her skill before.. but i still love this drama.. success for JYP !!

  91. 91 : xhilara Says:

    Hi. Just want to ask if where I can watch the episode 3? I’ve already watched episode 2, I fell short. I was able to watch in online but there’s no more episodes.. Thanks! Anyone knows where can I watch the full episode of dream high 2?

  92. 92 : jinnyj Says:

    like this drama as so cute and fun making smile . all casts are so great . 🙂

  93. 93 : tata Says:

    its extremely hilarious but,, so alike high school musical. i dont get the plot and drama itself. DH 1 way better yet.

  94. 94 : Cipotle Says:

    heyy.. its an awsome drama u know that?

    i got to watch this at http://www.maaduu.com/

    it’s so nice

  95. 95 : Matt Says:


    I am watching Dream High 2 at the moment too. c:

  96. 96 : min ra park Says:

    if you say it jiyeon act doesn’t good enough your might be wrong’ cause her role as lian/rian is a teenage idol doesn’t know how to mingle to her fans and even in acting…lol

  97. 97 : Zero Says:

    best but c dream high 1 still very2 da best….

  98. 98 : ivienn Says:

    I have to say that i didn’t like DH1 but i enjoy watching season 2…. I like the cast and it is a music drama in the end so part like trouble maker or welcoming party are something normal (if you don’t think like that watch glee) and they are not boring:) SUFBB is an amazing drama too but we can’t compare those two cause they are totally different. Both of them are worth watching. DH2 is funny and SUFBB is rebelious.

  99. 99 : dila Says:

    i think DH 1 more better than DH2…
    this is gotta bored… 🙁

  100. 100 : Eli Says:

    The first one was much better(DH1) ! I already miss them all …i don know these guys coz i am not in music at all and i have to say they were all quite nice but Lian …there was sth in her actting way which made me dislike her .sth wierd like trying to imitate someone …

  101. 101 : atikk Says:

    the ratting is lower than Dream HIgh season 1.
    I Think Dream HIgh season 1 more better than Dream HIgh 2.
    Because Dream HIgh 2, most of every episode is just joking rarely serious like Dream HIgh 1. And acting some cast, i think is acting over.
    i’am not too like with Kang Sora and JinWoon 2AM. I better choose Kim Soo Hun and Miss A suzy to be male and female lead again. ^^
    that’s all just my opinion. What about you?

  102. 102 : peak Says:

    Go watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band! It’ll grab you by the first episode! I’ve watched both Dream High 2 and Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and I must say that the later is much, much better.

  103. 103 : shocco locco Says:

    DH2 hwaiting

  104. 104 : wansherng93 Says:

    DH1 is still the best! though i will still support DH2 but DH2 still needs to buck up, DH2 is still not as good as DH1 because DH1 has better and funnier jokes where they act the joke much more natural, it has also better cast foe each characters like as we saw that characters such as suzy, samdong, baek hee, jin guk , phil suk and jason has very much similarities as the actors in real life not to say that the chemistry between actors is way better than DH2 and I would say that DH1 has more original and interesting plot with better covers and ost’s

  105. 105 : Noe Syafiqah II Says:

    not interest like dream high 1…
    why must acrtess and actor in DH1 be cameos?
    it’s not fair! :p

  106. 106 : yoRoseberry Says:

    Dream high 1 better more fresh and young cast…

  107. 107 : adriel sya fc Says:

    like very much dream high 1!

  108. 108 : Prianc Says:

    Ohhh…. Geez… I like DH1..coz; it was a fresh story.. Now DH2…. Though I like Park JiYeon and Park Gahi, but I’m not convince with the characters. The older wine taste better so; I still hope that DH2 repeat the history like DH1.
    <3 JiYeona Fighting… Saranghe

  109. 109 : shocco locco Says:

    The rating just increased…hwaiting DH2

  110. 110 : elix hye park Says:

    dream high 1 is much better.. it would be better if they didn’t change the actors and actress!!! kim soo hyun and bae suzy won as the best couple for 2011 …. I wish they could make a new drama as a couple again … :))

  111. 111 : sonee Says:

    me too waiting to watch comon sooooooooooon
    DH1 was so great i hope DH2 wil b lyk that too……..

  112. 112 : Kanina Says:

    DH 2 is too seriously…
    but it’s still beginning guys!! don’t judge!!
    Let’s watch first!
    (BUT DH1 IS BETTER THAN DH2) I think!!

  113. 113 : Thi Says:

    Dream high 2 is really good. of course, the original one would be better. but hey, atleast they came out another season so appreciate it. I love both !

  114. 114 : dramafan Says:

    VERY boring drama… I’m disappointed:(((

  115. 115 : hyomi Says:

    JB’s acting is strong and good so far, he’s kinda hot too. this gonna be interesting.

  116. 116 : Thri Says:

    Dream high 1is better than dream high 2.this drama is boring

  117. 117 : azizi Says:

    DH 1 is better than DH 2, of course.
    aku pikir DH 1 perjuangannya terasa banget. di awal-awal udah mulai terlihat. tapi aku masih menunggu kejutan di DH2 meski awal-awal masih banyak joke-nya. semangat buat DH 2

  118. 118 : azizi Says:

    actually DH 1 is better than DH 2
    They act defensively from the begining episodes but in DH 2 it’s more joking.
    I Hope next episode will be interset and make us surprised. I think DH 2 will be more surprised story. hopefully ^^. fighting DH 2

  119. 119 : panji Says:

    this is a perfect drama

  120. 120 : shocco locco Says:

    why do you say that Dh1 is better than Dh2 ??? it only aired 4eps yet…. hahahaa… childish comment…toinkz

  121. 121 : 442park Says:

    actually, i think the 4 eps is not good. i know it, but i hope it can be better on future episode….
    and i dont like the cast….

  122. 122 : 442park Says:

    yeahh.. so borred watch 4 eps… huft. i hope the next ep more betterrr… ;(

  123. 123 : Jade Says:

    I will watch DH2 until the end but there’s something in DH1 that makes it better. but still i will support this one ^^

  124. 124 : Tania Liana Says:

    Dream high 2 is really good. of course, the original one would be better. but hey, atleast they came out another season so appreciate it. I love both !

  125. 125 : Misspm Says:

    I don’t know but i like season 2 more than 1 =)

  126. 126 : Layla Ridhuan Says:

    Just Support This Drama, , , , ,
    I think we can’t compare DH1 and DH2
    Because Both of them has a different way to make it interesting
    we must see all the episode of this drama 🙂
    Then, we make Conclusion !!! Ok . . .

  127. 127 : sona shahi Says:

    i lovethis drama very much .keep it up

  128. 128 : zaim Says:

    jb’s act was very good..

  129. 129 : zaim Says:

    even we compare dh1 n dh2..i thinks both were great..even dh2 had a slow plot..but the presence of jb n hyorin in this drama have giving us the joy to stay follow dh2..that juz my opinion

  130. 130 : Sandrix Says:

    i think DH1 is better

  131. 131 : shocco locco Says:

    So pissed with the Mindless unconstructive criticism here… is it benificial to Compare DH1 & DH2 ??? hell yeah they have a very huge difference..the only thing in common is that they are in Kirin Art to help them Reaching their Dreams..thats it…!!

  132. 132 : lily Says:

    when present on indosiar..

  133. 133 : badoor Says:

    i realy love dh1 & dh2
    i enjoy it verrrey much
    dh is the best

  134. 134 : tine Says:

    can Kang So Ra really sing?i can’t wait to hear her sing!!

  135. 135 : saufi Says:

    I prefer dream high 1, then dream high 2… But it still okay..

  136. 136 : ivienn Says:

    Kan So Ra is singing in the end of ep 6!!!!!

  137. 137 : Danny Says:

    I expected better seriously speaking. Story maybe different but if you look at the people who actually watch has drop way way behind DM1. The cast ain’t as strong as the first batch. Bae Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, Taecyeon, Ham Eun Jung, Jang Woo Young and IU are still power stars. I know Jiyeon and Hyorin is popular but the problem is the rest of the cast acting is not very good, seriously. I know there are fans out there who loves Dream High drama but this is just ok only. I will still watch each episode but won’t anticipate too much. The only credit I would give to at the moment is Kang So Ra acting is absolutely 1st class although she did not act in a lot of drama but she is showing good acting skills. Come on Dream High 2 script writers………MORE DRAMA PLEASE!!!! Thanks!

  138. 138 : zaim Says:

    btw..jinwoon had showed his talent..jb will start to shake..n kang so ra will start to work hrder..sme plot actually but in dfferent ways..n mybe in dh2 we can see a lot of drama after this as the plot is starting to expand..the arrival of president’s daughter..the love btween jb n jiyeon..nana n the nerdy boy..give dh2 more time..don’t jdge it too early..mybe dh2 will leave us a great impact in d fture with a great story..so keep watching dh2…

  139. 139 : ivienn Says:

    I think we have to give DH2 credit and wait till the end. With each episode it is gettiing better and acting is also improving especially JB. Kang So Ra is ma hero in this drama. I love everything about her and her character. Episode 6 was daebak so i hope for more. there night be a twist in love line but who know..:-P but for sure relation between Hye Sung/JB and Lian/Yoo Jin will leave impact on their character and show them different aspects of life and music.

  140. 140 : nisa Says:

    I love while Lian singing Wishing On A Star on stage, she was really great at sing! but beside Lian there’s Shin Hye Sung!
    and precisely the mick was turn off, and Shin Hye Sung stand ashamed, huwaa poor her :O
    hope she’ll do a great performance as same as Lian:)
    suddenly i saw Lian and Jin Yoo Jin would sing a SuperStar, it was great… but there is someone who throws a cake to Lian.wth? -_-
    Dream High 2 is great, and Dream High 1 is include the one.
    but why DH2 rate isn’t actually high? but i thought these drama is really great and fully of music, people around should watch this 🙂
    Hope the rate grews up ^^
    Dream High Cast 2 fighting 🙂

  141. 141 : mira eviyani Says:

    di tunggu..,

  142. 142 : yankee Says:

    i miss dream high1 characters!!!

  143. 143 : Missa Says:

    My verdict after 6 episodes:

    This drama is… flashy… but doesn’t have much depth.

  144. 144 : lovenassy Says:

    not interesting drama, boring, and the actors are playing terribly

  145. 145 : OK OK OK Says:

    Has anyone watch DH2. Is it nice? bc after watching 15 mins I switch to …..

    Presently I hv watch ep 6 – SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND & to me its very nice & entertaining. But 1st ep – camera too shaky – a little uncomfortable….. but the rest is alright… 🙂

  146. 146 : sumtruty Says:

    Shut Up FBB definitely much better DH2

  147. 147 : Danny Says:

    If a drama has a great impact to all viewers, especially the Koreans themselves it would have since the 1st episode. At the moment, it’s boring as hell. The script writer can’t come up anything that’s better than DH1. Sorry this drama is not worth chasing. I will wait until the whole series is over and watch the last episode. Don’t keep saying it will grow as it will be like that almost all the way unless the script writer creative skill can come with something better from now on. It’s not about the casts only but how the story flows. At the moment, I see no depth in it as someone already mentioned. Except for Kang So Ra, the rest of the acting is really mediocre. Those who have watch DH1, I suggest you watch it again. Not asking you all to compare but when you see a story from Episode 1 grows on you right from the start. They have wasted 6 episodes to capture the target audience……and only left 10 to go with now filming Episode 7 and 8. Even if they did manage to catch the audience, the impact won’t be as great. Since a few have mentioned not to compare with DH1, well this is still a boring drama overall. The cast just ain’t strong enough as Kang So Ra is over shadowing most of them because of her good talent. It’s not just about singing in the show as most of them are dubbed anyway but remember this is after all a drama where acting is the main aim. They need to act well, not sing well.

  148. 148 : yayuk Says:

    for me..DH1 is much..much..much better then DH2..!!
    except Kang so ra, there is no strong character here…
    why they can’t act as great as the actor/es in DH 1 ??
    especially for the idols..?..:(

  149. 149 : snowflake Says:

    I not like this drama too. Really boring. Actors playing poorly and mediocre. Especially the idols. And rating falls down.
    I better watch again DH1. It was a really great drama!

  150. 150 : andy Says:

    THIS is way BETTER than DREAM HIGH 1…is much more interesting, characters are more charismatic, keeps you addictive…good acting.
    I really don t understand these comments about DH2 being full af flaws…
    DH1 is dull, boring and somehow not realistic compared to DH2
    But I am grateful to dh1 because the reason DREAM HIGH2 exists is due to dh1.
    DREAM HIGH 2 keep up the good work!!!…you are all great..the entire crew, plus the actors…although i expect for some actors like JB to improve their acting….much love from twin fans^^

  151. 151 : taryn Says:

    can’t wait to watch this on monday night. we are a bit late here. starts on monday only on KBS world..

  152. 152 : OK OK OK Says:

    Guys & gals

    I hv watch SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND up to the latest episode = 6 — really NICE. 🙂

    Give it a try. You will love it. The casts, the music, the story ….
    warning – though ep 1 – screen a little shaky.. 🙂

  153. 153 : Vea Says:

    Today’s my birthday.Dream High 2 will be aired here in my place tomorrow.And that,I take as my birthday present from KBS World.Hehehe

  154. 154 : SaySaySay Says:

    Not as good as the first season, so far. The storyline is a bit funny but lacking in a lot of ways. It’s reasonably okay though, enough for me to watch it. It could use a lot of improvement though.

  155. 155 : tuaedison Says:

    such a poor ratings :(((

  156. 156 : Mystisith Says:

    Seen ep 6 : Improvement noticed, but it wasn’t difficult since the previous eps were so lacking compared to season 1. Will go till the end by pure curiosity, but i don’t expect anything from the show. Prove me i’m wrong.

  157. 157 : someone Says:

    I like this season more then the first one. It seems more interesting. Do you guys know when 7 episode is put online. I´m not from Korea but i like this drama really much

  158. 158 : hyomi Says:

    i like this one, the plot is a bit too slow, but after watch ep. 5 & 6 i know this drama is really potential, its getting better too in ep. 7, the romance web between sora-jinwoon-jb-jiyeon is interesting. too bad the about the poor ratings, hope its getting better too.

  159. 159 : Matt Says:

    Did not want to say this, but we are half way, and Dream High 2 ISN’T achieving at least 10% rating marks, for both nationwide Korea and the Seoul area. Taking into account Dream High’s ratings, sequel drama, and a HIGHLY anticipated one, the ratings are poor. C’mon Korea, you can do better~

  160. 160 : Matt Says:

    Must I include though, I am highly enjoying this drama~~~

  161. 161 : zaim Says:

    this season..dh have a great complicated love story…rian&jb???jb&haesung???haesung&jinwoon???jinwoon&rian???

  162. 162 : Mystisith Says:

    Just seen ep8 : At last, this ship floats and gets FUN. It should have started this way, show ! Yeah for redemption, end of misery and nice characters struggling for their dreams ! Even poker face JB is starting to look human and friendly. Is it the twilight zone ? Please writers, keep it that way.

  163. 163 : lou123 Says:

    J’en suis à l’épisode 6 et je dois avouer que pour le moment je suis assez déçue. Je ne m’attache pas vraiment aux personnages et je trouve pas l’histoire très captivante. Enfin, à continuer..
    Sinon, si vous voulez voir un drama musical ou tout simplement un drama sensationnel qui vous agrippe du premier au dernier épisode, je vous conseille, vous conseille et vous sur conseille What’s up! Ce drama est juste génial. Les musiques sont trop belles, les acteurs excellents, les personnages intéressants, les relations humaines et normales. Chaque personnage est exploité et on a juste envie de devenir leurs amis et de faire partie de la classe. L’histoire est très bien menée, vraiment drama incroyable qui pourtant au début ne m’attirait pas tant que ça!

  164. 164 : coraea Says:

    although people are giving dream high 2 low Ratings, and saying its not that good. but if you ask me its actually really fun ^^ its just nothing like dream high season 1. people are making it boring by comparing it to the first dream high. think of it as a whole new show, whole new storyline, whole new cast <3 and trust me its actually worth the watch ^^ tons of eye candy, and the characters are actually really unique ^^ . sure they are less "talented" then the dream high 1 cast, but I'm sure theres a reason behind it. episode 7 seems to be speeding things up 😉 can't wait for episode 8!!!

    – dream high 2 supporter ^^
    – i so wanna know how the love lines are going to end ^^

  165. 165 : leehyukkie Says:

    bad rating…

  166. 166 : jess Says:

    I really don’t like it. I like the old cast and storyline. like why couldn’t they continue the old storyline. This wasa big disappointment

  167. 167 : takgu99 Says:

    why his name is JB..it’s sound like justin bieber..
    why did u copy him..?

  168. 168 : takgu99 Says:

    i’d watch ep 1 & 2, it’s good, watching next…
    i love the all 6 main cast…

  169. 169 : a ffffffffffFIRE! Says:

    all korean people watch salaryman on mon-tue..hehe
    love salaryman..best plot!

  170. 170 : jiyeon&Jb forever Says:

    jiyeon couple with who?? JB OR JINWOON??

  171. 171 : loveujiyeon Says:

    The cast are so dull!! I just love jiyeon here~~~~ why can’t they use the old cast!!!

  172. 172 : Danny Says:

    I have noticed some commented DH2 is better than DH1. I guess the person must be blind man watching the show. It shows how some know about professional acting and good plot. Want to see a good plot with plenty of drama? Salaryman Cho Han Ji is what I call one great drama. Everyone has commented DH2 is boring and someone says it’s better than DH1, well then their comment is worth 2 cents worth. Again only Kang So Ra is steam rolling the rest of the characters. She is just too talented if I were to compare with anyone in there which includes JYP.

  173. 173 : Qwerty Says:

    Really this Drama is Great. FYI, if u compare them to DH 1. i will say DH1 win. too much branch story and its kinda Flat with their new jokes. though, if u compare than a new story. its good and interesting. even from Ep 1, they starting give us a joke. dont compare drama from over the world, with rating. u know sometimes ratings does make human eror. let say they are bored with star dream drama or etc. what i want to say is, many DRAMA DOES REALLY GOOD WITHOUT RATED SO PERFECT.

  174. 174 : elsyacrownia Says:

    Dream High 2 lack of rating than Dream High 1. I think in dream high 2 lack of conflict over dream high 1. it i made story interesting.

  175. 175 : takgu99 Says:

    i think i fall in love with season 2..
    dont mad at me..i just give an opinion..
    why i like season 2..bcoz, there are some scene that made me laugh…
    i love the cast..good love story..
    i love season 1 but it unsatisfied me with the love story..
    it is like taecyeon the main actor..suzy love him..eunjung love him…
    what about samdong? he was like unimportant character…but,he was the main actor..that’s why i dont like & still dont get it…
    after the end of each episode for season2,, i can’t wait & excited to watch next..
    but. season 1..i even haven’t watched it for full..some scene i’d missed..

    the rating was lower..& i do love this drama… 😀

  176. 176 : Mystisith Says:

    @ takgu99 : Don’t worry, we won’t beat you. Hopefully everyone is free to love a drama or not, for all kind of reasons. And this show sure needs some love. So if you like it, enjoy.

  177. 177 : Tonie Says:

    A big deception… The story goes no where, I dont like the principal character played by Kang Sora (but I like her acting but the character is just stupid and pitiful dont like her). I just like Yu Jin and Rian because their acting skill are really good. So its a big deception so far…

  178. 178 : ieyra malaysia Says:

    i love this drama…it makes me love korean…
    all korean drama best…

  179. 179 : ***13*** Says:

    Episode 9 made me smile the whole time, it was amazing 😀

  180. 180 : safa Says:

    i can’t wait for love rain to come out

  181. 181 : hallyu lover Says:

    this drama is really boring……….

  182. 182 : lizzy Says:

    i love this drama…. 🙂 episode 9 makes me eager to watch the next episodes… love it!

  183. 183 : Qwerty Says:

    Ep 9 rating. Hei u tns media are u crazy to put only that number? definitely not right!!! EP 9 really makes some glitch

  184. 184 : takgu99 Says:

    love it..can’t wait to watch ep 9…waiting for sub

  185. 185 : korean drama ( Dream High 2 ) « bebekberenangwekwekwek Says:

    […] Dream High 2 […]

  186. 186 : DH Fan Says:

    Episide 10 is the best!! Lian and JB are going to have a little moment at the end of the episode. LOVE IT!!

  187. 187 : takgu99 Says:

    miss this drama!!

  188. 188 : takgu99 Says:

    hope the rating will increase,, 😀

  189. 189 : Norka Says:

    What is so good about this drama? just a bunch of teenagers who is lost and inept.

  190. 190 : takgu99 Says:

    i think i’d fall for the cast more than the story line..
    love allcast
    hae song, yu jin, JB fighting!

  191. 191 : takgu99 Says:

    i fell like i want cry bcoz..this drama really going to the end bcoz i love the cast so much….ommo..aiggoooo… T________T

  192. 192 : upekshya Says:

    Oh dream high 2 OH its great i love it coool hope there will be season 3 also love u guys mis those who guys in dream high specialy kim pil suk & jason.

  193. 193 : takgu99 Says:

    i really really want they make the season 3..
    i think the director can’t stop filming dream high until he tired…
    i want until season 10…hehe

  194. 194 : baek ja eun Says:

    i really love shin hae sung and jin yoo jin <3 but i do ship shin hae sung and JB too, i don't really get the JB-rian couple, just don't get their chemistry at all. if i can choose, most of all i really want shin hae sung ends up with jin yoo jin and well,, JB with rian. by the way, i love this drama too much, ends up waiting for this drama every weeks. ke ke 🙂 it's better than season 1 i guess, in my opinion 🙂 no bash!

  195. 195 : takgu99 Says:

    @baek ja eun
    totally agree wt u…season 2 is better…

  196. 196 : takgu99 Says:


    u forget to put JR as ui bong in the kirin art school students..
    i hope u can adjust it..
    thank you..

  197. 197 : madex Says:

    I love musical series and this is one of the best .
    kudos to the song writer, I love the songs in this drama.
    especially WE ARE THE B – im addicted to this song – LSS
    I dont understand korean language but i like their music. heheh…
    Good Luck Dream High 2

  198. 198 : admin Says:

    @takgu99 (196),

    Thanks for inform us.

    Profile just updated. Please take a look.

  199. 199 : takgu99 Says:

    @ admin..
    haha..i can see it..thanks..

  200. 200 : fuji Says:

    i think this drama is good. Some scene are same with Dream High 1.
    I love Ji Woon Oppa so much…

  201. 201 : Heartstringsfan=D Says:

    The earlier parts of Dream High 2 were really bad but the latest episodes were quite nice =D

  202. 202 : steve Says:

    dream high 2 interesting part has just started..woohoo

  203. 203 : kristine Says:

    can we dowload this

  204. 204 : takgu99 Says:

    i like the part when they sing roly poly.. jiyeon face made me laugh when she said ‘mola’.. i laugh a lot.. love that part..

  205. 205 : amy Says:

    dream high 2 is amazing ..i enjoy watch it

  206. 206 : amy Says:

    we can download it at jieazzmovie

  207. 207 : charmed0327 Says:

    Started to get hook on this drama. I was just about to give up watching it after the first few episodes, thankfully i didn’t.

  208. 208 : taryn Says:

    I’m lovin’ it. Jin Woon you’re such a cutie!!! hope the rating will rise. it’s really nice

  209. 209 : TiNALOV3 Says:

    I just started to watch this yesterday, and It’s cute!

  210. 210 : princess Says:

    can’t wit for the ending!!! i can’t guess sora will ended with yu jin or JB…. i hope sora ended with JB ^^ cute couple

  211. 211 : qwerty Says:

    dear admin, why so far for 7 days, there isnt any update in this forum? i want to know about the dramas update such as rating or another fixed information for upcoming drama. this website should help us alot.

  212. 212 : admin Says:


    Ratings just updated. Please take a look.

    You can get the info for upcoming drama in this page


  213. 213 : Raimay Says:

    Fighting for DH2!

    This is must be show to the director of DH 2, that is how does it come’s so on~

  214. 214 : baek ja eun Says:

    i dislike this week episode (12) because hye sung ends up with jb…it’s not that i dislike them, i loveit, they both are so cutee, but….. i want to see hye sung with yoo jin at the end please! and jb-with rian…..is a little okay i guess 🙂 i hope hye sung ends up with yoo jin like hye mi and sam dong in DH1! DH2 HWAITING!

  215. 215 : loveujiyeon Says:

    Why is this drama receiving low rating??? I mean it is good!!! Rating plz go up so that there will be DH3

  216. 216 : takgu99 Says:

    i think the ratings may be rise at last 2 eps…bcoz next week salaryman will end..

  217. 217 : takgu99 Says:

    dont worry guys..i guess the end of DH2 will be the same as DH1..
    sam dong end up wt hye mi…
    yoo jin will end up hae sung…
    i guess..maybe..who knows..

  218. 218 : dafo0osht-AD Says:

    everyone think that rian is bad but JB is bad because he said for her “thank you for coming back” so he give her another chance if he don’t say that for rian . rian will forget him so JB is wrong and the most awwarked moment when he hold his hand with hae sung he is bad and the end of episode 12 was amazing (JB NEVER WIN IF HE HURT RIAN HEART)

  219. 219 : Qwerty Says:

    Thx admin, for ur kindly answer and fast respon. 1 more question if u dont mind, where i can get info for t drMa, do u have branch website for that? Really need extravaganza challange. Hope so this website will put that one.

    @Qwerty from admin,

    Thanks for your suggestion. We may create a branch website for the Drama info in the future.

  220. 220 : JessJess Says:

    Well, i really hated the start of this drama but it is getting better an di really Sora to end up with JB but I have a feeling she would end up with yoo jin, it’s so predictable just like dream high 1.

  221. 221 : baek ja eun Says:

    I HOPE SO! 🙂 i hope sora can ends up with yoojin and rian with jb! ah, please, i hope everyone has the same opinion like me ke-ke 🙂

  222. 222 : jona Says:

    i hate it (ep 12) cuz i want hye sung and jiwon to sing 2gether..
    Jiwon and hye song are good pair
    and hope rian and jb will end up just friends….
    Its just my opinion..

  223. 223 : JesDi Says:


  224. 224 : Martulka Says:

    when will be DH2 ep 13???

  225. 225 : Amni Says:

    I don’t know where I can say my great thanks to Kwon Oh Son who coached Brunei players until Brunei Darussalam become Champion for Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy tonight!


  226. 226 : takgu99 Says:

    i suggest u all dwlod it from mediumquality.blogspot bcoz it really fast..
    i give up to watch on9 but dwlod it to watch with smile..hehe

  227. 227 : JesDi Says:

    i just notice that the main protagonist on both series has the same family member, i mean a little sister and a father, hehehe!

  228. 228 : samrawit alemu Says:

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomg fabelous school life drama in 2012

  229. 229 : Matt King Says:

    I like Dream High 2, more than the original, Dream High.
    Problem haters? </3

  230. 230 : tharundi Says:

    i like kang so ra and JB oppa alot

    i like JB oppa’s smiling

    i like nana’s voice a lot
    jin yoo jin is really funny
    i feel sad for rian

    one of the no.1 korean dramas

    most liking charactor JB

  231. 231 : JBluverAdie Says:

    I wish J.B and Hae Sung wud end up 2gether..
    They’re the cutest couple after Jason and Pil Suk of Dream High 1… <3

  232. 232 : zashee Says:

    even though the rating is not as high as the previous dream high
    but this drama has nice,sweet story and i can feel the chemistry between JB and So ra
    i cant wait for the episode 13

  233. 233 : drama freak Says:

    nice drama over all… but i kinda dislike hye sung character… i knw she is the good one…but sometimes she gets in my nerve…sometimes she looks kinda noob…anyway…just a drama…still enjoying it =)

  234. 234 : jun hee Says:

    two thumbs up!!!

    jin woon your voice make me cold

    actually im started to like this drama. cant wait for kiss scene jin woon and hye soong…. 😛

  235. 235 : baek ja eun Says:

    ah, i hope yoo jin and hae sung will have a kiss scene, i mean the real kiss 😀 and in the end hae sung will choose yoo jin like hye mi choose sam dong in dream high 1! pleaseeeeeee 🙂

  236. 236 : ajeng Says:

    i haven’t see this drama yet, but i think more interesting the previous one… 😀 but i also expect much in this drama… thumbs up. hwaiting!!!

  237. 237 : ayeenb2st Says:

    can’t wait for the remaining episodes..i love it so much..

  238. 238 : winta Says:

    i really really like rian (park ji yeon) i hope she is happy till the end…she is z preetiest of them all…i love u jiyeon..

  239. 239 : Qwerty Says:

    Please do the subs asap!!! i really need watch this Episode. getting bored with salaryman-_-

  240. 240 : Honey LittlePig Says:

    I’m agree with baek ja eun !! ^^

  241. 241 : far mus Says:

    i really3 like kang sora..<3<3<3 u kang sora..muaaah..;p

  242. 242 : nana Says:

    i love dream high 1 more than 2…

  243. 243 : Qwerty Says:

    This is getting better lol director dh

  244. 244 : princess Says:

    every episode always surprise me >,<
    this is not a really good enough drama, but this drama is interesting to watch…
    really unexpected story line and now i'm waiting with deep curiosity on the next episode

    i vote for JB-Haesung, Yu jin-Rian ^^

  245. 245 : pasang wangmo Says:

    i love korean drama

  246. 246 : Misspm Says:

    yoo jin <33

  247. 247 : baek ja eun Says:

    team yoo jin and hye sung forever!!! 😀 😀

  248. 248 : qwerty Says:

    JB HS Forever!!! feel bored with the DH 1 Plot about their lead act -_-” Please do some diffrent at DH 2 give JB HS the way!!!

  249. 249 : connie Says:

    i <3 dis drama….coz i like jb so much..n i hope he end up wit rian…both of them mak the perfect coupleee….ol the actor n actressess r quite good n skilfull n ther own way..n i lyke da drama becoz of ts confuseness,,,,hae sung s also good at composing song….<3 dem,..

  250. 250 : TJ Says:

    4 me Dream High 1 much better than DH2…but DH2 still best…=)

    Love de song We are the B…

  251. 251 : Serena Says:

    Prefer JB and Hae Song better very cute. JB’s smile is super cute. ^^

  252. 252 : Jonathan Says:

    Dream high 2 has stuffed up the timeline is incorrect its 2012 and the principal has been at the school for 3 years how is that possible when the principal for dream high 1 was there in 2010 and in 2018 his daughter. In ep 9 and 10 for dream high 2 the producer said shin hae sung made a mistake and they showed a flashback of her making the mistake but when u look at it in ep 9 and the start of 10 she never made the mistake and just stopped and the whole group than put their arms around each other.

  253. 253 : TJ Says:

    bravo jonathan…did u make a research? hehe…

  254. 254 : Mystisith Says:

    @ jonathan: The story is full of plot holes and inconsistencies. I keep watching it for the few characters i love, but that’s it. Thanks Fast Forward button.

  255. 255 : JesDi Says:


  256. 256 : Anis Boice Says:

    yoo jin and hye sung…. i hope there back and rian to JB only …. this writer scenario is move from ep 6 and next…. so this drama inconsistencies.

  257. 257 : ana Says:

    the story the all ting of the drama was gorjest and i want to say love ya jb and rian sarange

  258. 258 : ryanhahha Says:

    this drama is crap… im really confuse about 2018,, wth.. i enjoy watching only dream high season 1. but not season 2

  259. 259 : olinrae#31 Says:

    i already watch episode 14, at that episode i really not understand why someone who not even the slightest hit by a truck, but can be very severe injuries.. (non sense…)
    i don’t know why the plot story becoming so badly…. =(
    i wish the producer can evaluate n more logic when make the other episode…

  260. 260 : DL Says:

    Does DH2 make sense?. Please Look backward, Don’t you think that
    •DH1 story ended up in 2018 while DH2 may take place and time in 2012.
    •In 2018 when Go Hye Sung (Hye Mi’s little sis) met again with jin guk (final episode last part), I saw go hye sung (hye mi’s little sis) wear uniform which is still the same with go hye mi’s, so it means that kirin uniform’s logo is still the same filled with blue color.
    While In 2012 DH2 takes place, the uniform is different than DH1’s uniform. I mean that Shin Hye Sung (kang so ra) and friends’ uniform’s logo is filled with red color. That’s quiet weird.
    Even DH2 makes me confused, but I still enjoy to watch it coz the story is more complex than DH1..

    Okay, that’s all I want to say.
    고마워, 이데디 임니다…^^
    Sorry If I don’t spell english properly. Thank you.

  261. 261 : JesDi Says:

    oh come on people move on from DH1, DH2 isnt a sequel of DH1 its another story just the same school… sequels means same character and names.its another story, another plot but JUST and JUST the SAME SCHOOL!

  262. 262 : DL Says:

    The same JYP! -.-” Kim so hyun and IU were cameo. It tells the story when kim pil suk and sam dong becoming idols and famous.

  263. 263 : shocco locco Says:

    hwaiting Dh2…down to last 2 eps

  264. 264 : chowchie Says:

    ep 15 soooo nice <333 i love the *B* song…very cute!!!! go haesong

  265. 265 : Penelope Says:

    Hopes for JB and Hyesung be together at the end!!!!! <3 🙂 and i know how much they like eachother alot in ep 15. even though Hyesung broke up with JB but! it doesnt look like it so the're still together! and they still only use the chopsticks from the flee market. man! i want them to kisss but its so sad too. coz of the crying and drama 🙁 . i should rewatch this again! plus JB looks very cute in black hair! and sexy in blonde! if he dyes his hair red then hes spicy hot. carmel or brown then hes very sweet and charming.. lol 🙂

  266. 266 : Jun Hui Says:

    @DL 262

    Yes, IU, as a cameo, was already famous. But Kim Soo Hyun was not Song Sam Dong. He plays an actor that plays Sam Dong in the drama they were filming. Everyone, get over the fact that DH2 doesn’t fit with DH1. DH2 is not a story continuation of DH1. Who knows, based on the first episode, Dream High 1 could have been a drama in the world of Dream High 2. They just have similar concepts, hence, the same name.

  267. 267 : ericka grace Says:

    Im looking forward for it!!!

  268. 268 : Mrs kim Says:

    Don’t like it, I think it ain’t the same as dream high 1.

  269. 269 : snowflake Says:

    it`s one of the worst korean dramas! Ending worst too!

  270. 270 : gylapee Says:

    i wish theres a like button ^_^ i like some of the post..

  271. 271 : lubbycheeks Says:

    <3 loved both season

  272. 272 : Tari Says:

    i love ji yeon and jin woon
    hope will see them in the others drama again…..
    good couple G-Minor…………..

  273. 273 : Suman Grg Says:

    Writer of DH2, i jst wanna kill u… ep 16 was crap!!!! didnt make ny sense.I didnt lyk da ending>>>> Afta 8 mnths…. Afta 8 yrs??? wht crap is dis??? n afta all dat years, stil Jb n Sora, u didnt show dem bein 2gether..

  274. 274 : Suman Grg Says:

    Snowflake>>>u cant say DH2 is worst coz Kang Sora is dere bt i agree dat endin is worst!!!

  275. 275 : Kanina Says:


  276. 276 : erwin Says:

    i love hyorin.3 love.i like it. hyo rin so cute

  277. 277 : jow Says:

    Poor rating…it deserved with this rating because the drama is too boring, and Dream High 1 much better…

    sorry yahh..i just shared based on my opinion…

  278. 278 : misssha Says:

    this is trash, seriously, not worth to watch.

  279. 279 : misssha Says:

    but the way kang sora is so ugly !!! i hate her !!! like seriously, she’s the ugliest main actress i’ve ever watched…

  280. 280 : drama freak Says:

    last episode is boring….not really nice…kinda dissapointed…

  281. 281 : nm :) Says:

    this is jongmal jongmal disappointing! Storyline is okay i guess. Aint so horrifying but bad enough compared to the first season. I agree with everyone that Shin Haesong is ugly! They really need to find sum1 better as the lead! Even her friends the supporting leads r way prettier! Season two’s got nothing wid s1 except for the presence of JYP 😛 no more Taecyeon, Wooyoung, IU, Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun and Eunjung! Not cool! I regard this OK, since sum members r popular! I love Ailee! 🙂

  282. 282 : niar Says:

    love u jin woon .. wait dream high 3

  283. 283 : park jun hee Says:

    there is not kiss scene jin woon and sora. im dissapointeddd 🙁

  284. 284 : fuji Says:

    this drama so boring, Not better than Dream High 1. I hope no Dream High 3 that same this drama. So Bored. I’m very disappointed

  285. 285 : Rubinas Says:

    Nothing to say

  286. 286 : Aldagr8 Says:

    Had to keep forwarding through this drama….thought it would get better in middle but it was hopeless…I reallyyyyyyyy hated the chemistry between the 2 leads….didn’t know who would end up with whom till the end or whom to root for….the other side characters were much better 🙂

  287. 287 : nana Says:

    this drama so boring, Not better than Dream High 1..

  288. 288 : pamela Says:

    i love JB! hehehe

  289. 289 : DL Says:

    The final episode tells about 8 months later.

    8 개월후

  290. 290 : DL Says:

    JYP as JYP (last episode which part Yang teacher attending Star Audition)

  291. 291 : DL Says:

    *music*Ailee,Hyorin,JB,JinWoon,Jiyeon,Seo Joon,Ji Soo,JR – Dream High new version(Remix)^^

  292. 292 : hfr Says:

    dissapointed 🙁

  293. 293 : suhnee Says:

    So Boring Drama & so diffrent..

    I like dream high 1 so much..

    Hyemi, jason, pil suk, samdong, jingguk..
    Misss them…

  294. 294 : takgu99 Says:

    most of viewers like DH1 than DH2.. but for me, i love dream high 2 more!! reason is DH2 had more cherish bcoz of 11 main cast, more funny, more happy than dh1 that only had 6 main cast , unstopped conflict, & the most important,, i dont understand the love story of dh1! i dont care about jb n hae song couple bcoz they r awkward,, i like jin yu jin & rian more!! they r so cute!! i think dh2 character is more existence than dream high 1.. thnks for the all crew, i’ll miss this drama so much!!

    dont mad at me, i just give an opinion..hehe

  295. 295 : takgu99 Says:

    information for whom comment about ratings,
    the rating lower bcoz of the conflict of brain drama,,
    because they cant watched 2 last eps of brain, korean people change to sbs or mbc channel,,thant’s why this drama dont have the high rating bcoz of the salaryman that follwed by the whole country bcoz they cant watched brain,,

  296. 296 : takgu99 Says:

    of course!! i want they make dream high season 3..
    i want until 10..
    but i hope it’s more better.. the hero end up wt heroin of the drama,,
    cant wait dream high 3,,
    i hope infinite will be acting in s3..maybe

  297. 297 : Rolly Says:

    didn’t like it at allllllll, sooo bad compared to season 1.
    The lead actress doesn’t have 1 good point (character, charisma, looks…),
    bad love stories, messed up dreams……….
    chincha chincha not good

  298. 298 : Robert A Says:

    i love it but i don’t like it all…

  299. 299 : wdr Says:

    i hate kang so ra a.k.a sin hye sung -_- but i love dream high 2 very much!!!

  300. 300 : wdr Says:

    better Lian wi/ JB than sin hye sung wi/ JB. oh crap! how can JB love sin hye sung that much? she is fvckin’ ugly. zz

  301. 301 : wdr Says:

    love dream high 2 very much!! i like Lian haha. i also like the dancing teacher. she is beautiful.

  302. 302 : lilli Says:

    I’m really sad that DH2 was this bad. I liked some characters a lot but dunno what mess you made at the end of it.

    I waited a whole year for it and …. meh u_u

  303. 303 : Autumn Says:

    Hmmm no offence, but i personally like dream high 1 (both the storyline and casts) more than DH2. The storyline of DH2 is kinda dull. I hav waited and anticipated with it for a year but it turns out not as what I expected so kinda disappointed with it.

  304. 304 : Penelope Says:

    I really like DH2. its not bad. people who hates the second season is because the cast of DH1 didnt play in here except the cameos. and about the director teacher in DH1 doesnt play in here. and how the students in here are close teachers. not in DH1 (they have to solve things by themselves).or how people thinks the storyline is boring and dull but theres a difference…. theses dream high series have different storylines! dont be dissapointed in the end coz it ended like DH1. be happy for the actors and actresses they work harder than us in life..in DH2 the boys are way hotter than DH1 boys. just sayinn.

  305. 305 : Blue Saint Kpop | Korean Drama | Says:

    […] above synopsis is an edited extract from koreandrama.org. Click here to see more photos and details pertaining to the drama]. Falling by Park Jin Young [OST Part 1 […]

  306. 306 : DL Says:


    I agree with your opinion. ^^ DH2 is not bad…
    JB-Hae Sung
    They are such a cute couple in DH 2 daebakkkk. DH2 has an unique story… I enjoy DH2.

  307. 307 : DL Says:

    Hey you! Even if Kang So Ra is not beautiful as Suzy or others. Don’t blame her, the lead actress in drama shouldn’t be always have a beautiful actress. DH2 just trying to show us the reality in this story makes you look any other sides of the characters in this drama, So stop comparing it to DH1.!!!! Hate you all those who hate DH2!!! LOVE DH2.

    DH2 lovers^^

  308. 308 : ohhohohoh Says:

    oh i really can’t wait to see it…ohoohoo l love this film

  309. 309 : kimchilee Says:

    how not to compare with DH1? the storyline is boring and there is this girl who plays the drum trying to act like IU’s cuteness but she is not. The main actress also likes to pout her lips a lot .. not natural at all.. the only credible actors in these whole series are the 2 main boys’ character. I gave up watching this the moment I saw the girl who tried to act like IU.

    arrgh.. disappointing.

  310. 310 : DL Says:

    who just imitate IU cuteness? I don’t get what you mean

  311. 311 : DL Says:

    Stop comparing it to DH1!!!! They have worked hard to act in this drama. You absolutely couldn’t act like the actress or actors in this drama. They are all great. No matter they are ugly or beautiful… Open your mind fellas… 🙂

  312. 312 : Aldagr8 Says:

    I guess most of the people are comparing it to DH1. I personally tried to enjoy this show from the beginning but the SCRIPT was terrible. The actors were decent if they had been guided properly. IF there is a DH3, i sure hope they get a much better script to glue the audiences in otherwise please don’t try :)….Overall liked the songs.

  313. 313 : fuji Says:

    this drama was very disappointed
    but i like 9th episode when the B class was sing We are B

  314. 314 : sara Says:

    such a weak drama in every aspect from the story-line to acting and so-so OST.it even doesn’t deserve to be called dream high 2 coz it doesn’t have anything to do with excellent dream high we all adored.there are lots of characters here.most of them remain unknown and the writer doesn’t bother to work on their character,like JR,Seul,haeseong ‘s friends,Ailie and even the main characters are so stiff.i don’t get why Rian is this mean.why Yujin can’t confess and just watches from afar.why JB comes as a super star and goes as a loser.why they waste all of the characters.dream high was great.this one is not even a shadow of that one.the acting is really terrible.there’s no chemistry or emotion between the leads.the only pretty part of this drama is JB.JYP does a great job prompting his trainee through this mess.JB is not a good actor,actually so weak but he has a nice voice and is an excellent dancer.

  315. 315 : Ndy Says:

    I like DH2. there many scenes which is cute and touching.. 🙂
    JB so cuteee

  316. 316 : grace Says:

    i wish IU and woo young would be partner again in another korean novela :))

  317. 317 : kpopgirl:) Says:

    jiyeon so pretty and jb so cute!

  318. 318 : Kenversusryu Says:

    Wow what a disapointment. Acting was bad, no real story line, nothing to aspire to. So bad.

  319. 319 : kpopgirl:) Says:

    i wanted dh 1 cast to at least be at the ending of dream high 2 ):

  320. 320 : guia Says:

    hope i can see the DH 1 cast in any series to come…

  321. 321 : guia Says:

    season 3!!!

  322. 322 : aulia Says:

    why hye sung with JB not with yoo jin? isn’t yo jin is a first male character in drama…??? like in DH1 sam dong with hye mi.. im so disappointed to watching DH2… 🙁

  323. 323 : maria Says:

    I like it!!!

  324. 324 : aulia Says:

    sumpah, ga ikhlas bgt sama alur cerita DH2… knp hye sung sm jb, bkn nya sm yoo jin??? yoo jin kan pemeran utama laki2 nya… apa lagi dr awal cerita kan yoo jin yg duluan deketin si hye sung, trus yoo jin jg yg ngelindungin hye sung…. hello,, please tell me the reason??? why the story is too bad….

  325. 325 : its does not a matter Says:

    i love 2 series of dream high..i think dream high 2 have their own story line..if DH 2 same as DH 1 people can expect what happen next even their do not watch it. who said DH 2 using uknown artist..? JB and JR gonna make their debut soon,kang sora in WGM with leeteuk , ailey is a singer who sing haeven, and jin woon is male member in 2 AM ( i think 2 am is the famous group ballad rite?) i think we shouldn’t compare DH1 and 2.they have their own reasons.

    -love DH1,DH2-

  326. 326 : heyyo Says:

    im agreed with its does not a matter..DH 2 doesnt take unknown artist..you all said they use unknown artist because you didnt know about them..try to check their biodata..they’re really famous people ^^ the shaman girl is a cameos in you’re beautiful and former member of after school,the boy who like nana is a the winner 11 th in superstar K . i really love them .

  327. 327 : NANA Says:

    I notice that some of their song are from DH1 . but it’s good . not as good as DREAM HIGH 1 😀

  328. 328 : Hanako Says:

    The movie is okay but i do not like that actress Rian..with her ugly mascara. To me she is not a real good actress comparing to so many. On the whole it is not a bad story, dreams of the young people but quite an expected ending

  329. 329 : Jasmine Aure Says:


  330. 330 : rashel Says:

    very boring watch this drama…. i am stop watch in 10eps… boring…

  331. 331 : Jane Says:

    OMG!!! So nice drama… I really really like it…
    I hope there is part3 :)))

  332. 332 : tharundi Says:

    i am looking for dream high 3 🙂 😉

  333. 333 : tharundi Says:

    happy new year to you all

  334. 334 : Ann Says:

    I love dream high (season 1) because i watch it in the begging and the last ep. of drama .. i love so mach and there face are cute the boys and the girls also the music are grate to lessen it. the drama, Romans, friendship… i love all the ep. in dream high ( season 1). i heard they well have (season 2) of dream high i so glad to her of it.. i hop it’s more good than (season 1)

  335. 335 : Rebel Angel Says:

    well, I’ve just reached eps 11, it’s intresting, but at the 1 n 2 eps I felt bored. But, since I kept on watching, it get more instresting, and I fall in love with the songs.. So far, dream high 2 is enjoyable to watch..

  336. 336 : diana Says:

    bored, sorry i love ji hyo jin & rian .. but .. i think DH 1 more interesting

  337. 337 : Rebeel Angel Says:

    Finally, I’ve finished this drama…well, over all, a bit interesting… 🙂

  338. 338 : Hyung Says:


  339. 339 : joanna Says:

    DH 1 is so much better I hope if there’s season 3 they will let the season 1 actors and actresses play the roles…I so love the team up of Hye Mi and Jin Guk in season 1..

  340. 340 : Tilney Says:

    I love JB and Hae Sung. They look cute together.

  341. 341 : Mizz D Says:

    i love the dream high 1 its a lot more better and interesting.. i hope they make a season 3 and put all the cast in dream high season 1

  342. 342 : ance Says:

    i’ve watched dream high 1 more than 10 times, so it’s really hard not to compare even with the cast, bcoz their all big stars but it’s ok even when kim soo hyun became K there are negative comments becoz they said he’s not that famos compare to taecyeon. i love dream high 1 but i feel that dream high 2 is almost at the same level (story wise)! congatulations to the creators…im looking forward to dream high 3!

  343. 343 : Limsooni Says:

    dream high 1 is more interesting and fun,seriously .
    they should not change the casts I bet it will be more interesting if they just continue the life story of the casts in dreamhigh 1 🙂

  344. 344 : faiezura Says:

    Such a beautiful song n cast. are there real life like that

  345. 345 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    just starting watching this drama up to eps 2.. i know there are a lot bad reviews of season 2 compare to season 1, i think it’s different story, hype and level.. but i enjoying hye sung (kang sora) and yoo jin (jin woo) fighting moment so cute and funny, although in my bahasa it’s called ‘lebay bgt’..love it so far 😉

  346. 346 : CHERRY :>>>> Says:

    i love the dream high from the very start it is also my dream to be like them..

  347. 347 : annie88 Says:

    It’s so boring!!! Can’t believe I wasted my weekend for this. DH 1 is definitely better than DH2 by a mile…

  348. 348 : ayu edogawa Says:

    i never even thought to watch it…
    because kim soo hyun oppa not getting involved in this DH2…:(

  349. 349 : shen starfish Says:

    annyeong KBS
    i really like the dream high 2.
    i already done watching it, really
    i like SHIN HYE SUNG(kang so-ra) and her song (HELLO TO MY SELF) very romantic!!!!

    HYE SUNG keep the good work!!!!!

    hope have a season 3,

  350. 350 : shen starfish Says:

    i hope there’s DH 3, and also hope that all cast in DH 1 and DH 2 will become as one in season 3, if there’s season 3…..

  351. 351 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @shen starfish
    hey me too.. i like that song, i mean “hello to myself” ye eun from wonder girls has nice voice..
    yeah, let’s pray there will be dream high season 3, i hope with different casts from DH1 en DH2.. i just want lining-up teachers from DH1

  352. 352 : eiren Says:

    nice korean drama. As good as season 1.. Im just quite dissapointed how jin woon and kang sora, jb&lyan end up together. Im looking forward for the 3rd season. I hope they are planning for d 3rd season. Much better than d last 2 season and more of origimal composition

  353. 353 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i’m on eps 11, it’s funny how they make parody of sungkyunkwan scandal and with JYJ’s song ‘i found you’ in the background ^_^
    on eps 12 so surpraised when they sang ‘summer night’ from my all time favorite movie “grease” originaly sang by john travolta & olivia newtown john.. and another song sang by yoo jin & lian, i don’t know the title of that song, but i like it a lot cuz remind me of alex & sinae couple from we got married variety show 🙂

  354. 354 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    eh typo error i mean “summer dream” heehehe

  355. 355 : problemqueen Says:

    dream high 2 is not good as dream high 1

  356. 356 : mai01 Says:

    It’s fun to read all of ur comments,, hey! F u dnt lyk d drama then its ur own opinion to b respectd, bt dnt compare DH1 in this DH2.they are all amateur actors, so juzt gve dem der moment 2 ! Yes,DH1 is successful compare to diz but its not about comparing diz 2 but how u enjoy watchng it. they hve der diff. Story,,and characters…but same station KBS.
    But I jzt prefer to watch DH2 coz its kinda comedy and I luv how kang so ra and jb act.that’s all.

  357. 357 : urnchai Says:

    most korean fans said that dream high 1 is way better than season 2, but in my opinion, i think both are the same. it just that season 1 has more good look guys than season 2. anyway i love the leading man in this drama. the one thing i think that both have is that they can bring u to tears and happy at the same time.

  358. 358 : Hsi Xiao Says:

    both season 1 & 2 are good for me,. i really luv JB lyk Jason in season 1,. they really dance and sing well,. actually all of them.,nice drama:-(hehehe share lng.,pOh.

  359. 359 : eichi Says:

    DH1 is far better than this..hehe its my opinion :)..I like the old cast..Hope to have a DH3 and the kirin’s teacher are the main cast of DH1 hahah :))

  360. 360 : Nanda Says:

    Pertama Liat Dream High 2 Aku Langsung Jatuh Hati Sama JB.. Apalagi Pas dia Nolongin Shin Hye Sung Mungutin Apel Yang Berantakan di Lantai..

    Pas JB Bilang Suka di Dalam Gereja Juga Manis Banget,, Pake Acara Mabuk Lagi..


  361. 361 : jack Says:

    its cool

  362. 362 : jack Says:

    itss nice

  363. 363 : Lollipop Says:

    I love dream high 2 and I really enjoy watching them i hope there is dream high 3

  364. 364 : Lollipop Says:

    I love dream high 2 and I really enjoy whacking then I hope there is dream high 3

  365. 365 : julive Says:

    i like dream high 2…..

  366. 366 : lourdelett Says:

    i hope i can watch it because here in the philippines, its not showing yet…i really wish i can watch dream high 2..! im begging…huhuhu.

  367. 367 : Ezziel Elentorio Says:

    ….. i really dream high 1 and 2 i hpe that there is more dream high

  368. 368 : dalymadrid Says:

    solid marco ako i like the old dream high ang panget ng dream high 2 sana magka dream high 3 eehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Dream high is the original one for me solid

  369. 369 : dalymadrid Says:

    i dont like dream high 2 i like the original cast of dream high kelly , marco, gino, jason, gelou, angilie solod talaga dream high i dont realy like dream high 2

  370. 370 : issa Says:

    bcause of some negative comments about this drama i’m hesitating to watch this. but i loved the first DH.

  371. 371 : zaya Says:

    hi namaig enhzaya gedeg bi dream high2 kinog vzeed mash goy setgegdel torsonw

  372. 372 : barbie Says:


  373. 373 : barbie Says:

    i like it!

  374. 374 : ade v Says:

    friendship <3

  375. 375 : Wynn Says:

    why that in Dream High Season 2 KimSooHyun and BaeSuzy dint togather?! (@. @) I really hope to watch more of this pairing in different drama or movie or else~!!! (>. ^)
    please tell me, if have this good news to me!!! THANKS~!!! (>. 0)Y

  376. 376 : limitzi Says:

    all the characters are great .. especially JB, he’s good looking until he changed his hairstyle, which doesnt suit him so much. the storyline is great but 8 years later … abit to far, maybe 3 years .. haha. the songs are great too .. worth watching.

  377. 377 : antiT-ara Says:


  378. 378 : Dream High 2 « Justmeinwp Says:

    […] : Korean Drama Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:SukaBe the first to like […]

  379. 379 : pizzahead Says:

    Lame. This drama is so lame and makes no sense.

  380. 380 : pammy Says:

    don’t like jiyeon she’s pretty as a jealousy girl. I don’t like her from the first t’ara’s debute !!!
    Kang so-ra so cuteee

  381. 381 : armin Says:

    Very very good ………………….

  382. 382 : katy Says:

    I watch this because JB
    the other characters are too bored also the script
    Go watch Dreamhigh1 !! It’s better

  383. 383 : Dramaaddict Says:

    Wow, after seeing Dream High, this one is so different that I miss the first one already. Is it the same director?

  384. 384 : Dramaaddict Says:

    The hairstyles are so weird on the men. They are not appealing. And why do all these people wearing glasses with no glass and just frames. It’s so tacky!

  385. 385 : Jason Sudekis Says:

    What’s wrong with Dream High 2? For one, the script stinks. The scriptwriter is Park Hye Ryun who is not the same one as the one in Dream High. The tempo of the drama is totally different so what really surprises me is that it has the same director and same production group. So, what went wrong?????

  386. 386 : Christy Says:

    awesome! ~

  387. 387 : lee hye ae Says:

    i agree. dream high 1 is lots better than this one. i also expected that jin woon will end up with kang so ra, but she ended up with JB. i like the “hello to myself” song, though.

  388. 388 : fanny Says:

    i love

  389. 389 : limo Says:

    well to be honest the drama is quiet good when not compared to DH 1 !!
    it’s a good one talking abt life of young idols so when watching the drama watch it with fresh mind but most definitely you have to watch DH1 :))

  390. 390 : phoesceia Says:

    at first i love the flow of the story.. but when i’ve reached it’s 10th episode, i kinda hate it.. i want more of kang so ra and jin woon.. they’re more fun and i love it when they’re together.. they’re cute as a love team.. and then i’ve read one of the comment here saying kang so ra ended up with JB.. SO DISAPPOINTING that i don’t even want to watch the rest of the episodes.. 🙁 hate it.. what will happen to Jin Yoo Jin now??? they should’ve focus more on Yoo Jin and Hae Sung.. why is it always about JB and Lian??? UGH…. -.- anybody who shares the same feelings???

  391. 391 : kimmy Says:

    im at episode 11 now..yoo jin so funny,hope he’ll end up with rian..they make a cute couple..why jb changes his style drastically,he’s fit with arrogant n cold-hearted..

  392. 392 : elip Says:

    Oh God !! Why they waste money to product such a trashy drama !!??? Unblivabel !!

  393. 393 : phoesceia Says:

    just finished watching it.. the ending is just OKAY.. but i still love Jin Woon.. ^^ hope he’ll have a new drama soon..

  394. 394 : grace Says:

    I like Dream High 2!!!!!!!!fightng Ji Yeon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hate Kang So Ra!!!!!!!GE!Why JB and So Ra?????!!!!!

  395. 395 : mustakim Says:

    i love dream high 2 & i love ji yeon & hyo rin

  396. 396 : jiyeonholic Says:

    I like dream high 2 because of jiyeon
    Jiyeon saranghae, I [̲̅̅L̲̅][̲̅̅O̲̅][̲̅̅V̲̅][̲̅̅E̲̅] jiyeon

  397. 397 : cynthia Says:

    I Like Dream High 2
    I Like T-ara jieon,JJ Project JB & Jr ,
    I Love Kang Sora

  398. 398 : melinda Says:

    kangsora,jinwoon,jb,jiyeon you are awsome!!

  399. 399 : Icha Says:

    To Admin:How to choose the 20 top drama? Because the comment for dream high 2 only 398 comments here and low rating in other hand there so many dramas with good rating and much comments but don’t mentioned here as the 20 top drama, just for example I Do, I Do got better rating than Dream High 2 and has 848 comments.

  400. 400 : admin Says:

    @Icha (399),

    KoreanDrama.org’s Most Shared Drama (Top 20) is mean TOP 20 most shared drama in KoreanDrama.org.

    It’s doestn’t related to comment or rating of that drama. It’s related to how many people shared that drama in Facebook, Twitter and G+.

  401. 401 : icha Says:

    O..o…Thank you Admin.

  402. 402 : Lovely Orais Says:


  403. 403 : Lovely Orais Says:


  404. 404 : shetooyin Says:


  405. 405 : Me Says:

    ugh.. this is not as good as the first. they should of used the same characters…

  406. 406 : sweetieheart Says:

    cant wait to see this series…hope it has s nice ending than the previous one…

  407. 407 : Queen Bee Says:

    i like this drama coz of jiyeon, the cuteness one n her character in this drama was unique…love jiyeon….love jiyeon….love jiyeon…….love ji yeon….love ji yeon….love ji yeon….love ji yeon…..love ji yeon…….love ji yeon….i expected ji yeon cast more kdrama….can’t wait to see ji yeon in a new drama……hopefully can watch ji yeon……<3<3<3<3<3<3 JI YEON!!!!!!!!

  408. 408 : Dream High 2 (KBS2)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  409. 409 : jiyeon Says:

    When Jiyeon will act again in the new drama ? can’t wait to see her superb act.

  410. 410 : lizawati Says:

    wau.. so fantastic acress… hope unnie and oppa come in our country in malaysian…

  411. 411 : lizawati Says:

    wau.. so fantastic actress… hope unnie and oppa come in our country in malaysian…

  412. 412 : lizawati Says:

    wau.. so fantastic actress… hope unnie and oppa come in our country in malaysian… and do a concert about dream high school…

  413. 413 : Tiina Says:

    Sorryy. .
    Can someone tell me how about the ending?
    Hye sung with yoo jin or with JB?

  414. 414 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

    […] (KBS2) I Miss You (MBC) The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC) My Princess (MBC) Rooftop Prince (SBS) Dream High 2 (KBS2) Pasta (MBC) Mary Stayed Out All Night (KBS2) The King 2hearts (MBC) Faith (SBS) Big (KBS2) You’re […]

  415. 415 : rachel tonsing Says:

    Jr,jb n jiyeon all of them r so cute i rely wish 2 see them in ma fute when i wil be 20 i wil surely visit korea to see them love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu JUNIOr

  416. 416 : enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] (KBS2) I Miss You (MBC) The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC) My Princess (MBC) Rooftop Prince (SBS) Dream High 2 (KBS2) Mary Stayed Out All Night (KBS2) Pasta (MBC) Faith (SBS) The King 2hearts (MBC) Big (KBS2) You’re […]

  417. 417 : rina atun hasana Says:

    oh my god, so cool… love you k-drama….

  418. 418 : Felicia Says:

    [VOTE] MAMA 2013 Vote for IU.


    – Best Female Artist
    – Best Vocal Performance – Female
    – Artist of the year
    – BC – UnionPay Song of the year

  419. 419 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Yipee! I finished all of the episodes.
    JR and Yeon Joo were so sweet! :))
    I hope I was her! Hihihi! ~
    JB, saranghaeyo! <3
    T-ara's Jiyeon, so beautiful!
    FIGHTING! I hope that JJ Project will visit the Philippines! :DD

  420. 420 : Nawel Says:

    i wonder if there ‘s Dream high 3 ? 😀

  421. 421 : aran Says:

    the it was great really really better than the first one

  422. 422 : joshuabemi Says:

    ji yeon smile hug my lvly heart in dream high2..I m still waiting 4 u for your next drama

  423. 423 : dramalover Says:

    great drama,but i wished there were more sweet moments and i hate the casting, the only character i liked was rian and yoo jin because they are not stupid they are naturally talented unlike soo ra who ruins the drama,and jb who is a jerk that left a girl just for his dream to be popular and now when he and rian were both good he chose kang soo ra and broke rian’s heart for the second time,what a sucker..and a loser but in an interview jb said he would choose rian because he cherish memories,so i guess i should not hate him and rather be disapointed at the director. but i still like this drama and it shows that idols are not different from normal people and they also have feelings and bad experiences which made them deserving on where they are now.

  424. 424 : Arisa Says:

    gan cool drama, be motivated ..

    when dream high 3 catch up? his dream high 3 not be released? :/

  425. 425 : Nina Says:

    I loved seeing IU in this drama! Hope there is a season 3. Fingers crossed 🙂

  426. 426 : R Says:

    It’s been a week since I finished watching this and I’m still hooked up! The feels! I wish the story never ends or it had a lot episodes where Rian and Yoo Jin fell inlove. Hihi.
    Though I liked the series too much, I still agree to the reviews that says the series were pointless. Yes! The characters were lame and the flow the story didn’t go well. JB and Hae Sung’s lovestory is too fast. I taught JB is still into Rian then one moment he’s into Hae Sung. I just hoped that Rian didn’t win the superidol and Yoo Jin got it.
    But afterall the series is great because it is acted by good artists. Dream high 3 please!

  427. 427 : dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one This drama is soo awesome! drim high waws my fav

  428. 428 : bikash Says:

    What can i say it awsoom.

  429. 429 : bikash Says:

    It was awsooom flim.

  430. 430 : MarieQ Says:

    Oh, love this drama too much. Like the pairing of JB and KSR. Like what JB said in the drama, “there is no reason, no reason at all, he just like her!” Wow I love it. In life no need to be so calculating, you win some and you lose some, just follow your heart desires… if not there is no meaning in life … Dare to dream …

  431. 431 : Bernie Says:

    I lovew this drama. i love both of them. i rewatch them all the time when i’ve finished a drama. it’s my favorite.

  432. 432 : kpop Says:

    this is the best drama for me

  433. 433 : Raina Says:

    The worst drama I’ve ever watched.

  434. 434 : racha Says:

    It’s a Nice drama but dream high 1 Best of dream high 2 😇

  435. 435 : MayaF Says:

    I love this drama sooo much! Very funny.. Amazing!

  436. 436 : bayarmaa Says:

    hi is bayarmaa usm soys over you dream high soo hyung Lee Yoon ji Szuy Ham Eun jung Taecyeong dream high is dream you

  437. 437 : Foto Kim Soo Hyun (actor) | PangkalNiur.com Says:

    […] 김수현 / Kim Soo HyunProfession: ActorBirthdate: 1988-Feb-16Height: 180cmWeight: 65kg TV Shows Dream High Season 2 (KBS2, 2012) cameoThe Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC, 2012)Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011)Giant (SBS, […]

  438. 438 : Foto Kim Soo Hyun (actor) | Top Artis Says:

    […] 김수현 / Kim Soo HyunProfession: ActorBirthdate: 1988-Feb-16Height: 180cmWeight: 65kg TV Shows Dream High Season 2 (KBS2, 2012) cameoThe Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC, 2012)Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011)Giant (SBS, […]

  439. 439 : BABYLENELV Says:

    I LOVE the dream high 2..

  440. 440 : BABYLENELV Says:

    I LOVE all the episodes of dream high 2.Especially episode 1 and the episode where jb fall to hae sung …….But the ending doesnt make me feel satisfied….I want jb and hae sung to have a good relationship coz its quite complicated!!!!!And i want to see jb dance again. with hae sung…

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