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Dramaworld 01

Title: Dramaworld
Tagline: What would you do if you fell into your favorite K-Drama?
Genre: Romance, Comedy, webdrama
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: Viki
Broadcast period: 2016-Apr-17 to 2016-May-15
Air time: Sunday
Language: English


What is the most exciting — and most terrifying — thing that can happen to a K-drama fanatic? Claire Duncan is a 20-year-old college student who finds her real life boring. Maybe that’s because she’s never looking up, instead having her nose buried in her smartphone and watching her favorite Korean drama, “Taste of Love,” starring her favorite actor Joon Park (Sean Dulake). Joon Park plays the hot chef and protagonists in “Taste of Love” who is still waiting for his one true love to come into his life. Through a touch of the supernatural and a sprinkle of magic, Claire’s desire to shed her own boring life and live in the world of “Taste of Love” comes true when she is transported into her favorite drama and comes face-to-face with Joon Park! There, Claire also meets the mysterious waiter Seth Ko, who made his own journey into the drama years ago from the real world and mentors Claire on how to navigate the dramaworld. When the appearance of Claire throws “Taste of Love” off-balance, causing other dramas to splice into the series, what kind of crazy adventure will Claire experience? “Dramaworld” is a 2016 Viki original series. Set in Los Angeles and Seoul, the first-ever American-Korean mashup series is written by Josh Billig and Chris Martin and directed by Chris Martin.


Main Cast

Liv Hewson as Claire Duncan
Sean Dulake as Joon Park
Justin Chon as Seth Ko
Bae Noo Ri as Seo Yeon
Kim Sa Hee (김사희) as Ga In

Cameo appearance

Choi Si Won as himself
Han Ji Min as herself
Kim Ji Sook (김지숙) as herself
Lee Ji Ah as herself
Yang Dong Geun as himself
Sam Hammington as himself
Sung Hyuk as himself
Park Jin Joo as herself
Ji Il Joo as himself
Lee Jung Hyuk as himself
Kim Byung Chul as himself

Production Credits

Production Company: Viki, Jetavana Entertainment, EnterMedia Contents, Third Culture Content
Director: Chris Martin
Screenwriters: Josh Billig, Chris Martin

Watch Online in Viki.com


  1. 1 : ACrush Says:

    Wow, I thought someone followed me around to get the idea for this series Lol! On my work breaks I’m glued to my Netflix app watching subtitled Korean dramas! Saying the same things as character Claire about the important kiss scene! Enjoyed the show very much. Glad they made it. Amazing how Liv/Claire can do such an American accent as an Aussie. Also impressed with the bilingual speech of the Korean actors. Talent! I feel the show portrayed extremely well the draw K-Dramas have for us westerners. Please K-Drama writers, please keep it up and don’t Americanize. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a patriot and love my country but I watch K-Drama to LEAVE my world behind. Keep doing what you do best an keep pulling me in! Many Blessings to you!

  2. 2 : Pearlly... Says:

    Yes Indeed, A Crush, I pray Kworld remains original the way it is that attracted us to it…it will loose its appeal if it Americanises or westernises its dramas or programmes…I love Korean dramas for its koreanicity…saran ghe teh Amingo!

  3. 3 : Kay Says:

    This is a fun meta drama with a lot of humor. Very relatable for kdrama fans 🙂

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