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Dr. Gang

Title: 닥터 깽 / Dr. Gang
Chinese Title : 流氓医生
Also known as: Dr. Kkang (iMBC)
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-05 to 2006-May-25
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Dr. Kkang is about a lazy bum who disguises himself as a doctor to get a job, and while under disguise falls in love with a female doctor. Han Ga In plays the role of ‘Kim Yoo-Na’ who is a sassy girl and a doctor. Yang Dong Geun plays the role of the lazy bum ‘Kang Dal-Go.’

Kang Dal-Go is a middle leader of a gang who gets investigated by the police for some incident and gets kicked out of the gang. So he moves to Seoul from Busan and disguises himself as a fake doctor. While acting as a fake doctor he meets Kim Yoo-Na, a real doctor. Suk Hee-Jung (Lee Jong Hyuk) grew up as an illegitimate child but he studies and works very hard to become a successful prosecutor. Lee Hye-Young (Park Shi Eun), whose husband was killed by gangsters, is Yoo-Na’s classmate and sister-in-law, and is raising her son alone. The drama shows the story of Dal-Go and Yoo-Na’s unbalanced love, with Hee-Jung forming the third party in their love triangle.


Yang Dong Geun as Kang Dal Go
Han Ga In as Dr. Kim Yoo Na
Lee Jong Hyuk as Prosecutor Suk Hee Jung
Kim Hye Ok as Yeon Ji (Dal Go’s mother)
Kim Hak Chul as Song Kwang Ho (Shark Fin gang boss)
Kim Jung Tae as Cho Jang Shik (Shark Fin gangster)
Park Shi Eun as Lee Hye Young (Yoo Na’s sister-in-law)
Ha Suk Jin as Kim Jin Kyu (Yoo Na’s brother)
Oh Kwang Rok as Dr. Bong
Jo Mi Ryung as Nurse Suh
Choi Jae Won as Detective Kim (Yoo Na’s brother, Hye Young’s husband)
Jung Gyu Woon as Detective Bae
Yoo Tae Sung (유태성) as Taek Soo
Kim Soo Kyum (김수겸) as Soon Ae
Kim Ha Kyoon as Prosecutor Hwang
Kim Chul Ki as Do Jin Shik (Dal Go’s lawyer)
Won Tae Hee as a junior high school student
Choi Bum Ho

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Kyu Wan
Chief Producer: Lee Chang Sub (이창섭)
Director: Park Sung Soo

Official site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Dann C Says:

    what a great drama to watch. It was entertaining with comedy and action.
    The stars were great and every actor or actress played their parts so well. I imagine they wouldve had fun making it – would love to see outakes from it. It was a easy to watch drama . Han Ga In is a stunning female , very attractive. Yang Dong Geun is no pretty boy but he has something about him and some of the dumb things he does or says are so funny. I recomend this drama for something easy to watch I give it 7/10.

  2. 2 : bara Says:

    love to watch it

  3. 3 : dirty cat Says:

    Really love to watch it …I ‘ve been even 20 to 30 times to some parts of this drama …Ha Ga In is really attrative ..so cute ..what a wonderful actress …a unique beauty …I really love her …so much …Ga In

  4. 4 : joanna Says:

    Check out this Han Ga In fansite! http://www.hangain.info

  5. 5 : SaigonKid Says:

    Where can I watch this drama with eng subtitles?

  6. 6 : arbil Says:

    yea, is there someplace where i can watch this with english subtitles?

  7. 7 : dude Says:

    WOW the summary is totally wrong.. what kind of person put that up there… well the real summary goes like this. A guy liked this girl in highschool. At that time she tells him she wants to be a doctor. After many years the guy gets into a bad organization called the “fish fin” group. One day going home he sees the girl he liked and starts to change. After her brother is killed the real story starts. Its a really deep drama with constant bickering.. if ur into romance and all the mushy stuff this is not a very great drama to watch. There are romantic parts but not many. Its story is about how kang dalgo (main guy) trying to free himself of the guilt of her brother’s death and free from the gang.

  8. 8 : Mayra Says:

    This is the first time I watched K-Drama whose main actor being that unattractive, ugly, and short. It seems like he has speech problem when he talks. The main actress is cute but she dresses really weird and out of date. Her top, skirt, and shoes (tennis shoes) do not match each other. It makes her look like a bum or a homeless person who puts a lot of clothes on herself. The director at the hospital where Dr. Kim Yoo Na works at is also totally weird. Who wants to go and have medical treatment at that kind of unsanitary, unhealthy, dirty hospital whose staff being only 4 members? The story is unrealistic and not that great…

  9. 9 : BooM Says:

    han ga inssi i love u

  10. 10 : bathroom taps Says:

    I have been using this for some weeks now and have had no good results as of yet… shame really all the good reviews I’ve seen… Am I doing something wrong lol.

  11. 11 : mutiara Says:

    hi, my name is spam…

  12. 12 : mel Says:

    looks like so interesting..

  13. 13 : nining Says:

    suka yg ini,, haha

  14. 14 : amir Says:

    very good
    calling 09372253547:mob

  15. 15 : amir Says:

    very good

  16. 16 : coralou Says:

    i’m watching this tv drama on arirang channel and the show just started. and the story is interesting… a doctor and a hoodlum!:D

  17. 17 : Mizoguche Erma Collantes Says:

    The main characters?Mis match……

  18. 18 : CreaNyu Says:

    I love this drama!

    I think that it’s different from any k-drama I’ve watched. Especially the characters, they might be not as good-looking as you imagined but their personalities are really special and funny. Like Yoona, she’s so frank and Dalgo is a guy that can’t express hif feelings really well…
    I think that it’s a one of a kind drama! So…HWAITINGG!!

  19. 19 : Nabi Says:

    I’m watching it on arirang and it’s very good. The first few episodes weren’t that interesting but now I am so glad I didn’t stop watching it. I love the characters, the acting, the story everything.

  20. 20 : Vane2 Says:

    I also watch this drama on arirang. I really enjoy watch it every day.

  21. 21 : Dr. Kkang Fan Says:

    superb drama about regret and love.it shows how one leads a bad life,always curses life,very careless towards himself,never tends to improve his and his mother’s life, can change so much because of his love kim yuna and his life gets totally changed and the way of looking at life becomes better .Two really opposite people like each other so much that they are ready face every challenge in their life for each.this is true love.

  22. 22 : eugene Says:

    I really love Han Ga In even the main lead is not really handsome but i do enjoy this drama

  23. 23 : eugene Says:

    I forgot, this drama was aired on Arirang channel in the morning with English Sub. I reluctantly discovered it. But i think it was over and right now is Damo. I’m not sure. If any of you who from US. You can check it out

  24. 24 : kimfromManila Says:

    i love dis korean drama… specially HAN GA IN

  25. 25 : Veena Lekamge Says:

    HI!! Thank you for repeating Dr. Gang again. We replied 3 months ago. Since we went to our motherland, we couldn’t watch all the episodes. It is a very exiting story. This one is not like the other Korean dramas. We hope you all make another drama like this!!

  26. 26 : Jasmine Says:

    Hello, I’m from Indonesia!
    Great! I do really like dr. Gang. He’s a great man and perfectly meeting with a nice young fine lady. Bravo, Yoo Na and Dal Go! Would say yes if someone offering me to re-watching it… ha ha ha

  27. 27 : KUNDI Says:

    hiiii! am from Tanzania.
    I truly loved and enjoyed watching Dr.Gang!!!!
    I couldnt miss even a sngle episode., simply its one of K-dramas that drove me crazy!!
    Thanks Arirang for showing it!
    CONGRATs to all actors & actresses. your great!!!!!

  28. 28 : Ariny Arief Says:

    I lke U Ga in….

  29. 29 : ALR Says:

    Just finished watching the Korean drama Dr. Gang. Excellent cast and
    outstanding acting. The young actress Han Ga-in acting was very
    professional and her beautiful “baby face” made the drama even more
    enjoyable. Asked my Korean/Japanese/Chinese drama/movie supplier
    to find me more dramas with Han Ga-in in the main role.
    Wishig this young actress a healthy and brilliant future. Keep up the
    good work !

  30. 30 : Rose nyeme Says:

    Hey guys, I really love that drama infact I love korean dramas but this caught me crazy, watched it from arirang and am from tanzania.

  31. 31 : Johnny Robinson Says:

    Dr. Kkang is about a lazy bum who disguises himself as a doctor to get a job, and while under disguise falls in love with a female doctor…

    Apparently, the previewer did not watch the first 3 hours of this drama series; the ‘lazy bum’ is running from the Mob and fell in love with the ‘female doctor’ long before he escapes his city mob family.

    He even goes to her, in episode 3 (19:20), to ask her if he can see her after going to jail for his mob Boss.

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