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Doctor Stranger

Doctor Stranger 04

Title: 닥터 이방인 / Doctor Stranger
Chinese Title: 异乡人医生
Genre: Medical, Action, Thriller, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-May-05 to 2014-July-08
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


A man with a genius IQ follows in his father’s footsteps in more ways than one. Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) is raised in North Korea to become a doctor by his doctor father, who had defected to South Korea years ago and met his South Korean mother before being captured and returned to North Korea. After Park Hoon becomes an accomplished chest surgeon, he too defects to South Korea and goes to work in the prestigious Dongwoo University Hospital. As he tries to adjust to his strange new life in South Korea, Park Hoon does his best to work alongside Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin), a Harvard graduate who first discovers Park Hoon’s talent, while catching the eye of Oh Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra), Jae Joon’s fiancée and the daughter of the hospital chairman. Anesthesiologist Song Jae Hee bears a strong resemblance to Han Seung Hee (both played by Jin Se Yun), Park Hoon’s girlfriend back in the North whom he wants desperately to come join him. Can the genius doctor do what it takes to make a new life for himself and his love in the South?


Main Cast

Lee Jong Suk as Park Hoon
Goo Seung Hyun as Park Hoon (child)
Jin Se Yun as Song Jae Hee / Han Seung Hee
Seo Ji Hee as Song Jae Hee (child)
Park Hae Jin as Han Jae Joon
Kim Ji Hoon as Han Jae Joon (Child)
Kang So Ra as Oh Soo Hyun
Shin Soo Yun as Oh Soo Hyun (child)

Myung Woo University Hospital

Jun Gook Hwan as Oh Jong Yoo
Choi Jung Woo as Moon Hyung Wook
Nam Myung Ryul as Choi Byeong Cheol
Kim Sang Ho as Yang Jeong Han
Hwang Dong Joo as Geum Bong Hyun
Kang Tae Hwan as Oh Sang Jin
Lee Jae Won as Kim Chi Gyu
Uhm Soo Jung as Min Soo Ji
Han Eun Sun as Eun Min Se
Jung Hye In as Yeo Sun Hee

People outside the hospital

Chun Ho Jin as Jang Seok Joo
Jung In Ki as Kim Tae Seol
Park Hae Joon as Cha Jin Soo
Yoon Bo Ra as Lee Chung Yi
Kim Yong Gun as Hong Chan Sung
Hwang Bum Shik as Mr. Lim
Kim Ji Young as Jung Min
Sung Byung Sook as Lee Chang Yi’s mother
Won Jong Rye as Oh Sang Jin’s mother


Kim Sang Joong as Park Chul
Lee Il Hwa as Park Hoon’s mother
Park Hee Bon as dr. Song Jae Hee
Gil Hae Yun as Kim Eun Hee (Oh Soo Hyun’s mother)
Lee Seung Hyung as presidential chief of staff
Zhang Liang as Sean Zhang (Jae Joon’s friend)
Kim Ji Eun as Oh Joon Gyu’s secretary
Kim Bo Mi as Kim Ah Young (Kim Chi Gyu’s younger sister)

Production Credits

Production Company: Aura Media
Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Producer: Park Chang Yong
Director: Jin Hyuk
Screenwriter: Park Jin Woo, Kim Joo


On March 4th 2014, Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yun traveled to Budapest, Hungary to film for one week.


2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Stars: Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Excellence Actress Award: Kang So Ra (Doctor Stranger)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-05-05 1 9.4 (11th) 11.6 (7th) 8.6 (15th) 9.5 (12th)
2014-05-06 2 11.3 (7th) 13.7 (5th) 9.4 (13th) 9.9 (10th)
2014-05-12 3 11.6 (9th) 13.6 (5th) 12.1 (5th) 13.3 (5th)
2014-05-13 4 13.1 (5th) 16.2 (4th) 12.7 (5th) 13.3 (4th)
2014-05-19 5 14.2 (4th) 18.1 (4th) 14.0 (4th) 15.6 (4th)
2014-05-20 6 12.1 (5th) 15.0 (4th) 12.7 (5th) 14.3 (4th)
2014-05-26 7 12.8 (5th) 15.8 (4th) 13.1 (5th) 14.8 (4th)
2014-05-27 8 12.3 (6th) 15.1 (5th) 12.5 (5th) 14.1 (4th)
2014-06-02 9 13.0 (6th) 16.1 (5th) 13.2 (6th) 14.7 (4th)
2014-06-03 10 12.0 (7th) 14.8 (6th) 11.7 (9th) 12.9 (8th)
2014-06-09 11 10.7 (8th) 13.5 (6th) 11.0 (8th) 12.4 (6th)
2014-06-10 12 11.1 (7th) 14.1 (6th) 11.5 (6th) 12.7 (5th)
2014-06-16 13 11.4 (7th) 13.6 (6th) 11.6 (8th) 13.1 (5th)
2014-06-17 14 11.5 (7th) 13.6 (6th) 10.8 (9th) 12.3 (8th)
2014-06-23 15 12.4 (6th) 15.2 (3rd) 11.9 (6th) 13.6 (6th)
2014-06-24 16 10.8 (8th) 12.4 (7th) 11.8 (6th) 13.4 (3rd)
2014-06-30 17 10.9 (8th) 12.7 (6th) 11.6 (10th) 13.3 (6th)
2014-07-01 18 11.5 (7th) 12.8 (6th) 10.1 (10th) 11.2 (9th)
2014-07-07 19 11.2 (11th) 13.7 (5th) 10.9 (8th) 12.3 (5th)
2014-07-08 20 12.2 (7th) 14.2 (4th) 12.7 (5th) 14.6 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Doctor Stranger Poster1 Doctor Stranger Poster2

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  1. 1 : bdlls Says:

    aaaa……. lee jong suk i can’t wait this dramaaaa 🙂 🙂 i hope this drama high rating and famousss

  2. 2 : Aee Says:

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! por fin un nuevo drama de Lee Jong Suk 😀 espero que logre encantar a muchas persoas.

  3. 3 : maknaee Says:

    LJS and PHJ is a big yay!~

  4. 4 : dlynn Says:

    yay.. finally.. 😀

    waiting for this drama, because Lee Jong Suk ^^

    i just hope jin se young not dead in this drama..

  5. 5 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Can’t wait for this

  6. 6 : apreelqueen Says:

    anticipating dramaa…. Lee Jong Suk <3

  7. 7 : me_nina Says:

    I hope lee jong suk won’t come back to Jin se yun. I hope jong suk and kang so ra will be a main couple. I don’t like jin se yun in all her project. I think she hasn’t lead actris charisma. She’s never catch my heart. *sorry~

  8. 8 : deexii Says:

    cant wait to sukkie oppa , but i still want more episode of god’s gift 14 days’s boyoung onnie . when you to become couple again like i hear your voice ?😓

  9. 9 : fierda Says:

    woww…. lee jong suk ,,so handsome

  10. 10 : Hotta Ao Says:

    22 days, so far

  11. 11 : Bacon Says:

    Another drama I’m excited about omggg

  12. 12 : fiana Says:

    so is the female lead artist yung jin se? not kang sora?? i thought it’s kang sora..

  13. 13 : rairamegumi Says:

    wooohooo…LJS…can’t wait for this drama..I hope this will get high rating like IHYV

  14. 14 : rairamegumi Says:

    I think this is not mainstream korean drama…I hope this drama has different storyline to the mainstream…I put high hope on this drama

  15. 15 : Johnsinn Says:

    Yaay… 😀 it jin se yin and lee jon suk 🙂

  16. 16 : Vita Says:

    i waiting this drama,,,
    yoon bo ra

  17. 17 : Juana love Says:

    Omg can’t wait😄

  18. 18 : Mina Says:

    Kang Sora fighting!!!

  19. 19 : nini Says:

    AW i wish KANG sora was the lead actress …………oh well 🙂

  20. 20 : Surie Says:

    I like Lee Jong Suk b’coz he’s handsome & he can play any role.
    I can’t wait till May5th……
    I wanna see this drama seriously & waiting excited……
    Fightinnnnnng Lee Jong Suk

  21. 21 : zeez22 Says:

    yeah! LJS! Excited!

  22. 22 : Drama Brother Says:

    Download Film Korean Drama 2014


  23. 23 : grg Says:

    I hope the lead actors are lee jong sug and kang so ra………..i genuinly want to see them as main lead(finger cross)!!!!!

  24. 24 : Cruise Says:

    Bora Bora Bora!

  25. 25 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Official Poster

  26. 26 : RHIA Says:

    I Love LJS, I can’t wait this drama……

  27. 27 : nini Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh kang sora

  28. 28 : tata Says:

    Download this drama here… url in my name

  29. 29 : May Says:

    Pff Kang Sora!! I like all the leads exept for KANG SORA!! aich!!

  30. 30 : naysa Says:

    aaaaa cannot wait>< jong suk jin se yun!!!

  31. 31 : lee dhae Says:

    I can’t wait this drama……love all of them…

  32. 32 : Elle Says:

    I don’t like Jin se yun and her acting. Urghh I wish kang sora was the lead actress

  33. 33 : rairamegumi Says:

    I think this drama will be number 1 for mon-tue spot…

  34. 34 : rairamegumi Says:

    just found out LJS’s child character in this drama will be starred by the same child actor for LJS’s child character in IHYV…

  35. 35 : Khin Says:

    Omg the drama is directed by the same PD of Mater’s Sun and City Hunter! Can’t wait

  36. 36 : mml Says:

    Okay, I will watch this drama, i know who is Kang So Ra as I have watched Ugly Alert and finished watching the whole drama. And hopefully, this is a sweet romance drama. I will try out in watching a few episodes first and see whether is this a nice drama ?

  37. 37 : Hotta Ao Says:

    1 day and 4 hours…

    I love the cast.

    Can’t wait ^_^

  38. 38 : Juana love Says:

    am goin love this drama

  39. 39 : me Says:

    wow , the ep 1 is really great.
    really love this drama.
    i hope this drama will be the best drama ever

  40. 40 : Johnsinn Says:

    How was the first episode??? 😉

  41. 41 : Sirichy Says:

    Is kang Sora the main girl or is it jin se yun?

  42. 42 : Mjlee Says:

    There is something needs to be corrected in the content. Song jae hee is park hoon’s girl friend back in the north korea, not han aeung hee.

  43. 43 : Mjlee Says:

    Answer to sirichy, jin se yeon is main.

  44. 44 : Juana love Says:

    Wooooooow the first ep is really great and i think this drama is go

  45. 45 : Juana love Says:

    Wooooooow the first ep is really great and i think this drama is going to be the best drama ever

  46. 46 : maknaee Says:

    wew finally Mon-Tue dramas have a tight and even ratings competition. Doctor Stranger (SBS), Triangle (MBC), and Big Man (KBS) has ratings around 8-10. Fair enough lol

    Doctor Stranger jumped out the rating. Keep it up dear ~~

  47. 47 : yin Says:

    Han Seung Hee still alive…? what happen if park hoon meet Song Jae Hee who have a strong resemblance each other …..???

  48. 48 : yin Says:

    why the description says Anesthesiologist Song Jae Hee bears a strong resemblance to Han Seung Hee it should Anesthesiologist han seung hee bears a strong resemblance to song jae hee.. its make me confuse….

    sorry for my bad english

  49. 49 : hny Jo Says:

    woWWW 2 episode it’s alredy get much point…great one in story..!! Lee Jo ng Suk..U soo coquettish , but I love it ;))

  50. 50 : Johnsinn Says:

    Jin se yeon FIGHTING 😀 <3

  51. 51 : dee Says:

    good acting…
    congratulation jong suk oppa…
    very interest drama

  52. 52 : nikita Says:


  53. 53 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 and episode 2 and the action drama looks very interesting in episode2. At episode 2 , when Park Hoon was riding a motor bike , it’s so dangerous and very impressive.

    I will continue to watch episode 3 .

  54. 54 : ABC90 Says:

    Very interest dream!!!!

  55. 55 : wow Says:

    love this drama but i didnot understand why park hoon was in south korean jail before living there???

  56. 56 : didin Says:

    He was trying to enter N.Korea because he had heard that Jae Hee ended up there alive.

  57. 57 : khuntoria Says:

    OMG . this is daebak! <3 can't wait for the next episode . Kang sora <3

  58. 58 : aqila Says:

    Can’t wait to watch ep 3.LJS FIGHTING…

  59. 59 : rairamegumi Says:

    there are so many questions things in those 2 episodes…this drama get more interesting…LJS’s acting is so daebak..his sad eyes make the viewers feel sad too..two thumbs up for LJS

  60. 60 : tarashel Says:

    congratulate all of the cast were always support i wish rating get percent in couple of days

  61. 61 : Michele Says:

    I am hooked to this drama. I decided to check it out and wow, I am in love. I love the acting of everyone. I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

  62. 62 : maknaee Says:

    @rairamegumi he’s such a good actor, right? 😀 He’s always improving on every project.

  63. 63 : Sabrina Says:

    I thought Bora will be making her actress debut from this drama? Where is her name?

  64. 64 : Sabrina Says:

    Oh… Found it

  65. 65 : mariana Says:

    Very nice and interesting drama! The actors are really talented!

  66. 66 : Chochinshwesin Says:

    Jin Se Yun .. FIGHTING ””
    Aja Aja FIGHTING ”..<3
    I don't like kang so ra.
    I hope the lead actress Jin Se Yun.
    FIGHTING '''

  67. 67 : Tira Says:

    Awesome drama! Great actors and actress.

  68. 68 : LEE Says:

    umm…just to confirm…. when is the 3rd episode??? o.O

  69. 69 : deera Says:

    This drama is great. The actors are great. The plot are good. LJS acting is the best. He improved in every project that he got. The one whos surprised me is Kang Sora acting. She improved a lot. I saw her since sunny, and in my opinion, here, she proove that she is a very good actres.. Awesome

  70. 70 : rairamegumi Says:

    @maknaee indeed, his acting skill is getting much better in every drama

  71. 71 : chim Says:

    kang sora ♥ park hae jin ^^
    i hope they end up together^^

  72. 72 : maknaee Says:

    weeew the ratings.. keep going higher ~~ Lee Jong-suk acting’s deserved this:3
    I hope I can see Bora in the next episode, she and LJS made such a cute sibling relationship. Can’t wait to watch eps 3-4 on weekend~

  73. 73 : rairamegumi Says:

    wooohooo…this drama gets first place…the story is very interesting especially the lead actor…LJS fighting

  74. 74 : myeon Says:

    Is it only me who want kang sora end with lee jong suk? T____T rather than with jin se yeon, LJS has more chemistry with Kang Sora..
    Please please PDnim..

  75. 75 : maknaee Says:

    @myeon no, hahaha. I prefer him with Kang So-ra, too. Let’s just wait and see.. But if he will end up with Jin Se-yeon, it’s okay. I do love her in Inspiring Generation.

  76. 76 : Pekaikim Says:

    Ok, actually I don’t like medical drama. But, I don’t know when i first seen the teaser i fell “Wow, i must see this drama” And, I love it. The easy plot drama so, i didn’t fell i must think harder to understand it. Good Job.

    Ps : But PD-nim, Could you flashback again about Park Hoon was Jailed in South Korea ? But Overall was Good. I

  77. 77 : Pekaikim Says:

    Ok, actually I don’t like medical drama. But, I don’t know when i first seen the teaser i fell “Wow, i must see this drama” And, I love it. The easy plot drama so, i didn’t fell i must think harder to understand it. Good Job.

    Ps : But PD-nim, Could you flashback again about Park Hoon was Jailed in South Korea ? But Overall was Good. I hope this drama can reach high rating like You Who Came from the star. I know i musn’t compare with doctor stranger because different genre or type. But, who know ? 🙂

  78. 78 : tigerb Says:

    this is interesting – should follow through.

  79. 79 : myeon Says:

    @maknaee (75)

    haha thanks God. yep, wish he’ll end with kang sora..
    but afterall it’s still okay if he’ll end with jin se yeon. ^^ i just think it’ll be more interesting if he grow a new love for someone else.. *typical kdrama*
    let’s wait and see.
    (and i can’t wait)

  80. 80 : mariana Says:

    I just finished ep 4, this drama is amazing!

  81. 81 : maknaee Says:


    Have you watch this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUrdQFVeJbw

    Just a short moment, but he and kang so-ra… uh they’re so cute hahaha. Seeing how much he love Jae-hee.. move on seems like a hard thing.

  82. 82 : zeez22 Says:

    Just finished ep3…. its so interesting! I’m hooked… LJS’s acting is really good, love the little girl too!

  83. 83 : wow Says:

    i dont like kang sora hope he wont up with her she looks like a mother to him

  84. 84 : leejongsuk#Bigfan Says:

    My lil sis is not a big fan of kdramas but after watching the first 2 ep, she is completely obsessed. I def have to see this.

  85. 85 : rairamegumi Says:

    the rating keeps increasing…good job

  86. 86 : maknaee Says:


    gosh, i love your name! Hahaha

  87. 87 : rory Says:

    Haven’t watched ep.4 but I like ep.3 more than the pilot eps coz for me the pilot eps left me too much unbelievable scenes and a bit ridiculous plots..

    I swear the scene when 500won girl screams out loud I really scream and thank goodness she did it too though they still ignore her..What a great acting..I’m crying watching that scene..

  88. 88 : Carmen Says:

    I love this drama it is really good and specially the OST by one of my favorite siger Bobby Kim—Love this singer a lot

  89. 89 : Muri Says:


  90. 90 : MealwaysloveLeeJongSuk Says:

    Yeaayyyy!!! Really love this drama, especially love to see lee jong suk oppa’s acting. Hehe. I hope the rating keeps getting higher and please watch this drama guys, its worth to watch!! (Y) 💙💙💙

  91. 91 : chim Says:

    kang sora acting is so good…really awesome^^
    lee jong suk and park hee jin is also awesome..i like their emotions

    i totally love this drama with a great cast^^

  92. 92 : zeez22 Says:

    So addictive…. shd not have started… now i have to keep waiting for Mondays to come… normally I’ll wait for dramas to complete before watching, but i cant resist LJS, and decided just to watch ep1 and in the end i watched all 4 episodes… really very good!

  93. 93 : maknaee Says:


    you’ve made the right decision :p it’s worth to wait everyweek kk

  94. 94 : seoulautumn Says:

    Hope Lee jong suk ended up wif kang sora

  95. 95 : nora Says:

    @ wow/ kang sora doesn’t look like a mother like seriously. I hope kang sora ends up with lee jong suk.

  96. 96 : Diarie Says:

    Hope Park Hoon ended up with Song Jae Hee/Han Seung Hee. To the end.


    Watch episode 1 and 2 We will understand. Jae Hee give dream, hope and future to Park Hoon.

  97. 97 : bluebuttercups Says:

    Just a couple things to say:
    chance a bit hesitant for the first 2 episodes but apparently the next 2 episodes proves this drama really worth to watch. to be honest, the budapest motor trail scene is a bit boring moreover, to make it worse the song jae hee’s character is obviously lame and disappointing! (wonder how the cast doesnt show much improvement since five fingers and how on earth they picked her up to be lee jong suk’s match considering to the phenomenal ‘Lee Bo Young’ I hear your voice duet??..ck) on the contrary, kang sora’s acting is very good and lively.

    It is so so emotional that makes your tears melted suddenly especially when the little girl asked park hoon to save her daddy and paid him by a silver coin…aah, it is the same coin that doctor Oh used!

    And how amusing it is when park hoon teased doctor Oh on his first day working at the hospital…Hilarious!!! and it just so sweet how park hoon hugged doctor oh to calm her down when she is so disappointed unable to save her mum…heartbreaking scene!!

    Instead of following the madly park hoon chasing his north korean girl first love, i am more anticipated somehow of the relationship between park hoon and doctor oh. So, writer-nim, is there a chance that these 2 lovely people could develop romance and be a couple at the end? Its just not make sense how that north korean first love survived from the camp, a heart-transplant surgery, flipped then fell into deep river?? Well, I dont know, I just not see any chemistry between park hoon and this girl while we all know how fits lee jong suk is in every character he play.

  98. 98 : anne Says:

    yaaa.. I love this drama.. actually I just want to give it a try to watch the first ep only, then I got a little bored with the second one.. but then… since I continue to ep 3-4.. waaa. I changed my mind.. I MUST WATCH IT AGAIN… lol 😀

    @myeon» yes, I do hope he’ll end up with kang so ra aka Dr.oh seo hyun… nice chemistry between them. ‘oii, quack’ I love the way park hoon kiddingly calls her.. very funny…

    Doctor stranger, fighting!!!

  99. 99 : anne Says:

    @bluebuttercups 97» I do agree with u…

  100. 100 : Dave Says:

    Ji se yun..FIGHTING 😀 <3

  101. 101 : hny Jo Says:

    Do not like medical drama so much….but for all new drama airing this month…I run to this first…I’m ready to watch online every week for Lee Jun Suk…ur acting skill improove better to excellent!!… bravo ;))

    Ep 3 n 4…a lot think happen…I like the way this drama make we wait for hoon meet jae hee, dag dig dug….!!..n makes me lol…’ watchout ur nouse ..dr Moon!! ;))

  102. 102 : nina Says:

    seems like this conversation is getting hot~

    Lee Jong Suk >< Kang So Ra~ Aja!Aja!Aja!Fighting!

  103. 103 : earbear Says:

    wow… i love this drama so cool i like lee jong suk his really a good actor.. i watch all his drama and movie..his really really [email protected][email protected]

  104. 104 : Johnsinn Says:

    Lee jon suk »jin se yeon Fighting 😉

  105. 105 : YoRoseberry Says:

    1word – like

  106. 106 : suppledexplorer Says:

    The young Park Hoon here in Doctor stranger was also the young Park Soo Ha in I hear your voice..

    LeeJoonSuk oppa fighting:)

  107. 107 : bluebuttercups Says:

    To anne(99):
    Yeahh right on sista!!!
    park hoon & doctor oh…woot woot (“,)

  108. 108 : pumpkinpie99 Says:

    nice kick kang sora!! lee jung suk deserved that after calling you quack. Ha!

  109. 109 : weera Says:

    not surprised with third and fourth episode’s rating. i’ll keep watching this.

  110. 110 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 3 and episode 4 and looks like am curious with Park Hoon, his love path ? By watching episode 4, the way Park Hoon console and comfort Oh Soo Hyun , if Park Hoon can regain the courage to love again and if the writer were to match and pair up Park Hoon with Soo Hyun also not bad , I think Soo Hyun will be more suitable with Park Hoon instead of Jae Joon.

    And hopefully when Park Hoon moved to South Korea and working as a doctor in South, he can find a sweet romance and not that bitter liked how he suffered when he was in North Korea, his love line in North Korea was very very sad and maybe when he’s at South Korea, things can be fine and better.

    And am looking forward to watch episode 5 and episode 6.

  111. 111 : NUR HAN Says:

    this drama is the BEST drama ever… ilove it… very interesting and every episode is nerve breaking… iloveit,,,


  112. 112 : Dave Says:

    Wow the rating is goin up and up…..DS fighting <3 jin se youn,lee jon suk and kang sora fighting! 🙂

  113. 113 : serine Says:

    love this drama to every bit!!!

  114. 114 : Juana love Says:

    am waitin for 5 and 6

  115. 115 : maknaee Says:


    totally agree with you! Jae-joon… I know he’s mad when he saw Soo-hyun in Hoon’s embrace, but he did ignore her call pft, he choose his career / ambition more than his girlfriend -__-

    let’s just pray for him moving on.

  116. 116 : maknaee Says:

    I love that this drama put a light comedy in every episode.. it makes me laughing, then tensed, laughing again, and tensed in the end of episode.

  117. 117 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:


    me too. i agree with you. i like Park Hoon with Soo Hyun.. They’re cute and sweet

  118. 118 : tomoko Says:

    Well performed kang sora! And lee jong suk is stellar as always!! Its just gonna be awful if park hoon ended up with jae hee, isnt it??

  119. 119 : tomoko Says:

    Well performed kang sora! And lee jong suk is stellar as always!! Its just gonna be awful if park hoon ended up with jae hee,isnt it??

  120. 120 : aqila Says:

    Park hoon for song jae hee.LJS & JSY FIGHTING…childhood love so sweet

  121. 121 : NUR HAN Says:


    kang so ra— DEABAK!!!!!

  122. 122 : rairamegumi Says:

    I watched Dr. Champ and I saw Kang Sora there. she looks cute in Dr Champ…I hope more scene on Dr Park and Dr Oh…they look good together

  123. 123 : KimJiWook Says:

    Can’t wait for tonight 5th episode!!!!! Yuhuuuuu :*

  124. 124 : Noona Says:

    This drama is daebak! Gonna keep watchin this drama :D. Lee Jong Suk, Jin Se Yeon, Kang SoRa and Park Hae Jin, FIGHTINGGGG!

  125. 125 : huhu Says:

    i love lee jung suk and kang sora chemistry fighting!!!

  126. 126 : maknaee Says:

    Doctor Stranger OST :

    Part 1. Bobby Kim – Stranger

    Pert 2. Lee Ki Chan – Meet You Now

  127. 127 : zeez22 Says:

    Just finished watching ep5, this drama is really good… make me crave for more!! I love LJS!

  128. 128 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:


    where do you watch eps 5, sis??

  129. 129 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:


    thank you sooooo muchhh for the link. i like the ost sooo much.. ^^

  130. 130 : Megelea ileana Says:

    Unde pot gasi episodul 5? Multumesc frumos!

  131. 131 : elle Says:

    Jin se yun is a really good actress, you just have to watch how this drama is going to go to know how good she is, because now there really isn’t much for her to do just yet. I had watched her acting in Bridal Mask and it was really good like wow her acting skills is amazing! Maybe because her character Jae Hee/Seung Hee is supposed to be mysterious up till about 6 or 7 episode then you guys can see how well she acts and the chemistry between male lead and female lead.

  132. 132 : myeon Says:

    my thought after watched ep 5 : *spoiler*

    – seung hee is either jae hee or jae hee’s twins. but beside as NK spy, she’s still mysterious so far.
    – seems like dr.Jae joon has something to do with dongwoo university hospital. he became dr.Oh’s fiance for.. revenge, maybe?
    – jae hee’s character is the lead girl in this drama. but, i always feel like although she’s the lead girl here, kang sora will be the main interest girl for park hoon in the future. why? i don’t even know why. that’s only my assumption. I like them so much tho :))

    and now i really curious what’ll happen next..

  133. 133 : zeez22 Says:

    sorry… reply so late… can watch it on viki!

  134. 134 : Lee Jong Suk Fans Says:

    The Same Director of City Hunter Drama…lee jong suk kang sora fighting!!

  135. 135 : Lee Jong Suk Fans Says:

    The Same Director of City Hunter Drama…lee jong suk kang sora fighting!!

    Your Fans

  136. 136 : Noona Says:

    OMMMGGGGGG!!!!! Just watched ep 6. Each episode getting more and more mysterious! Who is han seung hee for the real?! I really cant wait for next week episode!!!!

  137. 137 : zeez22 Says:

    This drama is really good! Have to wait another week…

  138. 138 : hoon Says:

    this is really really diferent with the other medical drama that i’ve watched..
    i like very much. 😀
    i hope the rating will be higer

  139. 139 : a Says:

    After gaksital & her last drama with kim hyun joong..i kind of foreboding to watch any drama jin se yun in it..as u all already know she always dies in her drama even tho she got the man & his love..hope this drama will have happy ending for ♡ song jae hee ♥♡♥ park hoon ♡

  140. 140 : aqila Says:


  141. 141 : Love ALIEN4ever Says:

    Love it I can’t wait ep6 ……

  142. 142 : lovika Says:

    Please let jin see yeon and lee jong suk come together…love their chemistry…plz park join and jar hee.

  143. 143 : maknaee Says:


    u’re welcome, dear^^

  144. 144 : maknaee Says:


    Revenge.. that could be the case.. but what to do with Jae Joon’s feelings? He kept jealous over Soo Hyun, wkwk

    Soo Hyun and Park Hoon made such a good teamwork. Hell, I love them more than before :3

    I don’t mind if Park Hoon ended up with ‘old’ Jae Hee. But Seung Hee.. from innocent girl to mysterious one? Spy? Big no. My desire for Hoon moving on and have new love interest with Soo Hyun are getting stronger.

    ** If Seung Hee was Jae Hee; what was her motivation by becoming a spy? To escape from North Korea and meet Park Hoon? Ugh.. girl, there’s no different with playing Park Hoon’s feelings~

    ** If Seung Hee was just Seung Hee; a real spy, Jae Hee doppleganger; just do your mission well. I wish you the best, but don’t touch Park Hoon! LOL

    Whatever I say, Park Hoon’s happiness is number one for me, hahaha~

    There are many things to reveal in future. This drama always keep my curiosity.
    What was NK’s spy mission? They seem to know even about Soo Hyun’s father.
    I need to check eps 6!

  145. 145 : clara Says:

    I really love this drama…I’m rooting for lee jong suk and kang so ra…please let them be together. .

  146. 146 : Juana love Says:

    can’t wait for next week 😒😒😒☺️

  147. 147 : maknaee Says:


    assaaaa, here we go, another Park Hoon & Soo Hyun shipper~~

  148. 148 : Johnsinn Says:

    There is sure a reason why jin se yeon is the leading actress….will always surport you!! <3

  149. 149 : Ally Says:

    Please, director and writer I’m sincerely asking you to make Kang So Ra end up with Lee Jong Suk 😀

  150. 150 : myeon Says:

    @maknaee #144

    Yes, omg poor jae joon, he kept jealous over hoon. i kinda pity him. i think whatever the case, somehow he already fall in love with dr.Oh

    “Soo Hyun and Park Hoon made such a good teamwork. Hell, I love them more than before :3”

    THIS !!!! I love them more too~ my desire to ship them more stronger now XD

    have u watched eps 6?
    I hate to say this, but i hate seung hee’s character.
    i try to like her, but i can’t T__T
    even if jae joon is an evil, i still like him. i even really like dr.moon.
    but i don’t like seung hee at all :/
    i don’t like her flat tone everytime she talk, i don’t like her fake smile, i don’t like her too-mysterious aura.

    @clara @ally
    let wish that hoon will end up with dr.Oh 😀

  151. 151 : clara_indo Says:

    daebakkk….sbs jjang!! have doctor stranger and you are all surrounded!!! i have such a beautiful day in one week!! monday-thursday!!

  152. 152 : Elle Says:

    Truth to be told, park hoon will end up with jae hee/seung hee bc look she is the female lead and this drama is about finding park hoon’s love, it won’t mean anything if he ends up with kang so ra. Plus some people says that park hoon and jae hee chemistry is not good like did you even look at the first episode, if you did then you would know that their chemistry is very gooood! It will be meaningless if park hoon really end up with kang so ra, this will show that the writer dont really know what she/he is doing

  153. 153 : Elle Says:

    Seriously the writer, please let park hoon end up with jae hee/seung hee because this is the main idea in this drama, about park hoon finding his love. It will be so useless if he end up with kang so ra because his effort will be wasted over finding jae hee for so many years and it’s so unrealistic for someone to fall in love with another person so easily because you can obviously tell that park hoon really love jae hee

  154. 154 : eman Says:

    awesome ,,,, the ratings omo omo it’s getting heigher and heigher i love ljs and jsy couple they ‘re so cool together actually i ddnt like jsy first but i saw her wth ljs she was amazing and their chemistery omg i hope they ‘ll end up together ,,,, i dont like sora since dream high amm but i love her acting in this drama after all it’s a cool drama ajjjja

  155. 155 : rory Says:

    I really can’t stand watching Soo Hyun’s bro..feel wanna punch his face so badly and shut his mouth with tape..LOL! seriously he is so annoying!

  156. 156 : mml Says:

    Episode 5 and episode 6 continued to be interesting to me and what about the romance for Park Hoon ? I think, it will be good for him, if, he can forget about about his past romance at North Korea and looks liked the girl he loves once a upon a time does not love Park Hoon and she’s just making use of Park Hoon and it’s meaningless to love Song Jae Hee . I have a headache when I see Song Jae Hee doing this wicked thing to Park Hoon.

    @153 Elle,
    it’s true that Park Hoon loves Jae Hee deeply and things should change along the way, please look carefully on the character of Jae Hee before you conclude that Park Hoon must continue to love Jae Hoon. The character of Jae Hee is right now becomes a wicked and heartless woman and once a person becomes wicked , it will be very difficult to change Jae Hee back to a kind naïve woman. And on the other hand,Oh Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra ), her character is kind and loving and we need a kind loving lady for Park Hoon instead of a wicked woman. Jae Hee is no longer a kind, cheerful, sunshine girl during the stage when Park Hoon loves her deeply and therefore, it will be dangerous for Park Hoon to continue to be stubborn loving Jae Hee. Anyway, love is blind and there is no such thing as realistic or not realistic to re-start a new romance with Oh Soo Hyun , maybe, after getting along for sometime with Oh Soo Hyun, Park Hoon will prefer to love a kind woman instead rather than stick on with Jae Hee an extremely wicked woman.

    Well, I will continue to watch episode 7 and episode 8 to see what changes ?

  157. 157 : Kfan Says:

    re: 156 [email protected] Elle,

    Initially, I totally wanted the story to develop along those lines, but come to think of it now, maybe if the writers simply want to stick with the idea of true love or soulmate, wouldn’t it be more fitted to throw in a devious emotional obstacle like how Seung Hee is treating Park Hoon right now?

    I mean, if you love someone so deeply like that, wouldn’t you be willing to go to hell just to find out if she’s there and probably find a way to safe her? You wouldn’t just give up, right? What about the idea of ‘for better or for worse’?

    Not only that you won’t give up – as much as it is tempting to discover and settle with that lots of smiles and purity from Dr. Oh – you will resist that temptation and go on to find out what in the seven hells has happened with Jae Hee to cause her to become like this (if she is indeed Seung Hee) or whether the real Jae Hee is dead or alive (if Seung Hee is just a doppelganger). You would do whatever it takes to fix the problem or die trying.

    The hard part though, in my opinion, is if what I suspect is true, then Jin Se Yon has a monumental work ahead of her to be honest. At this rate, very few people will root for the Park Hoon – Jae Hee combo, LoL.


  158. 158 : fourgreenrose Says:

    The voice of Jin Se Yun is so annoying. I’am sorry for Hoon, he met the wrong woman. Chemistry? What a joke!!! Here are only twisted characters. Hoon, it’s love, it’s guilt? He is genius, I think he will figure out the truth.

  159. 159 : anne Says:

    @myeon 150» done watching ep 5-6. Totally agree with you.. I love park hoon and dr.oh more and more.. and han seung hee.. oh I don’t think so..
    I saw preview ep7, there’s no dr.oh with park hoon.. I’m waiting for their moment.. like in “bathroom scene” LOL
    and dr.moon — he’s so funny. Usually I dislike his character.. but here he’s sooo fun and entertaining… xixixixixixi..

  160. 160 : anne Says:

    @eman 154» did you see right? I guess ep 6 is going down one poin.. so it’s not higher and higher.. but it more likely to be up and down.. it depends on the storyline of each episode I guess…

    I do hope that the rating will be higher as the story develops romance between dr. oh and park hoon.. or I’m going.to reconsider to continue or not.. LOL

  161. 161 : rainbow Says:

    when hoon got drunk and stumble (can imagine how brokenhearted he is), soo hyun grabbed him in her arms, but then she noticed hoon cried and gently wiped his tears. aaaaawww…melted!!

    I’d rather choose oh soo KSR&LJS simply because I like her!! excellent acting and besides she’s definitely cute. You go girl!

  162. 162 : grecia Says:

    Look I understand this show is about Hoon finding his one true love Jae Hee, but as of now we are not 100% sure Seung Hee is Jae Hee. If she is then by all means he should end up with her. However if she is not, why in the world would you fall in love with someone who just happened to look like someone else. Like did you love the person or their appearance? Like no that’s not right and it’s not true love. It has to come from the soul, you know SOULMATES. If Hoon ends up with Soo Hyun instead it’s because he has moved on and knows Jae Hee would have wanted him to be happy. Of course this has to happened way into the future. Or you know what Hoon might as well end up with no one in the end because neither of us are going to get what we want. But I’m serious, he should not get with Seung Hee because she looks like someone else. Not even Cheon Song Yi was ok with that in My Love From Another Star when Do Min Joon said he was interested in her because she looked like his past love. Would you be okay with that? Have some dignity.

  163. 163 : niczej Says:

    lol i agree for oh soo hyun and park hoon!

  164. 164 : es Says:

    YeAh! Park Hoon and Oh Soo Hyun fighting!

  165. 165 : es Says:

    in the end ,His love in North (Song Jae Hee) or his love in South (Oh Soo Hyun) ???but
    still many episode coming up …so we don’t what will happen…

    just relax and enjoy the drama:-)

  166. 166 : es Says:

    In the end, his love in North (Song Jae Hee) or his love in South (Oh Soo Hyun)??? but still many episode coming up…so we don’t know what will happen…

    just relax and enjoy this drama:-)

  167. 167 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:


    yeah, you’re right, sis. i don’t like her flat tone too, it’s so annoying..

  168. 168 : lee dhae Says:

    i really love if park hoon end up Oh Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra)
    fall in love with her in Ugly Alert.
    I like Jin Se Yun in Bridal Mask, but still I hope Park Hoon end up with Soo Hyun

  169. 169 : maknaee Says:


    OMG I’M TOTALLY WITH YOU! Everything that you hate from Seung Hee, I feel the same.

    Have you watch eps 6? Everything she does just disgusted me. I’m so sorry for Seung Hee – Hoon shipper.

    I just want her to be consistent. If you want to be a spy, just go all the way. You may act mean to Hoon, but I know your heart flustered. Tsk, just look at your reaction when Soo Hyun fell on ‘drunk’ Hoon’s embrace. Just give your best, girl. Choose which one you prefer; angel or evil.

    I can’t stand Hoon keep getting hurt. Hoon-ah, you’ve done your best for Jae Hee, now what’s left was unworthy Seung Hee ;_;

    Han Seung Hee, if you can’t make him happy, just let him go with someone else. His heart isn’t a toy. His feeling is sincere.

    I hate Jin Se Yeon character in My Daughter the Flower, love her in Inspiring Generation, and hate her again in Doctor Stranger. Ugh, I need to watch her in Bridal Mask.

    Ratings dropping on eps 6, where Seung Hee starting to have more screentime, she’s on act. If next week ratings were going to drop again, sorry in advance, I will blame you~~

  170. 170 : maknaee Says:


    Even a genius would be an idiot when it comes to love / his own feeling. I hope Park Hoon would be different.

    Park Hoon feeling to Jae Hee, I don’t mind to call it love.
    But his feeling to Seung Hee? Love my as*. Pft –v

  171. 171 : hny Jo Says:

    Oww..eps 6..what happen..after he hear that Girls heart beat..!! Must wait next week ..huhuhu…but I guess her heart beat is different, it will made new start for triangle love..hehe..anyway I follow who wil win hoon ♡. See u next week dr stranger;))

  172. 172 : Elle Says:

    @156, mml, What you said is partly true but how do you know that jae hee/seung hee is wicked because i think she is not that evil. Maybe she also has something to do like revenge thats why she is helping the bad guy from north korea. You can see that she is not that evil when the bad guy from north korea ask her to do something to bora’s mother, her facial expression shows that she is not willing to do that. But if seung hee is not jae hee, then maybe when she become close with park hoon, she will start falling in love with her and become not wicked?¿ but we still have to see how the story goes

  173. 173 : maknaee Says:

    [Making Film] Lee Jong Suk, Bora, Kang So Ra

  174. 174 : myeon Says:

    @anne #159

    wow where did u see preview ep 7? can u share the link of it? hehe
    i also wish to see more cute interaction between hoon and dr.oh xD they’re too cute together, right?

    @sweeta_chocolatte #167

    it is! lets hope she’ll change her tone in next week eps 🙂

    @maknaee #169


    if this han seung hee in fact isn’t jae hee, i really hope park hoon will never attracted to her. just move on with dr.oh :))

    rather, i think han seung hee will be perfect match with dr.jae joon, don’t you think so? xD

  175. 175 : myeon Says:

    @maknaee #173

    thanks for sharing !!! ^o^

  176. 176 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    174 @myeon :

    yeah yeah, i think so. seung he and jae joon are perfect couple. hihihihi.

    preview eps 7??


    173 @maknaee :
    you always share the link. Like this!! thankyou sis 🙂

  177. 177 : anne Says:

    @myeon 174» Yeah.. absolutely…!! I don’t really care if it jae hee or seung is twin or not, or they’re d same person. Just wanna see more and more hoon and soo hyun together… 😀
    I saw the prev at the end of ep 6.. but I guess comment above already gave you the link..

    And why do I feel that mon-tue feels like long long long away… 🙁

  178. 178 : Oreo Says:

    Jae hee and park hoon! <3 I reqlly think that seung hee is jae hee but she lost her memory or something. The doctor also said that he has solid evidence that jae hee is alive and that she has a mission in south korea.on the other hand, seung hee doesn't seem to know that she is jae hee. Supporting team hoonjae!

  179. 179 : maknaee Says:

    @myeon @sweeta_chocolatte

    You’re welcome, girls 😀 I prefer a love triangle between Hoon, Soo Hyun, Chang Yi, rather than with Seung Hee. If Jae Joon be included, than it will be a love square.

    Him? With Seung Hee? Poor Jae Joon *ups*. If he’s showing more good sides in the future episodes… Better pairing Seung Hee with that ‘nine fingers’ agent ._.v

    I hope to see Hoon & Soo Hyun moments in eps 7, unlike the preview showing more of Seung Hee. Well, she’s the first female lead though.


    Hiyaaa Seung Hee team~~ I’m agree with your theory. Although we’re not on the same boat… Fighting! ^^

  180. 180 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    179 @maknaee :

    yeah, Chang Yi is OK too. coz i feel she likes Hoon too.

    btw, why Chang Yi called Hoon “Hyung” ?? anybody knows?

    And.. are our comments read by the SC-nim ??

    177 @anne :

    T___T right, sis.. Mon-Tue is loooongg. huhuhu

  181. 181 : anne Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte» That’s right… but while waiting let’s watch You’re All Surrounded.. this week episodes have been completed subbed.. yaay!! 😀

  182. 182 : anne Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte» That’s right… but while waiting let’s watch You’re All Surrounded.. this week episodes have been completed subbed.. yaay!! 😀

    Why did chang yi call hoon ‘hyung’?
    first, since chang yi disguise heraelf as a boy that’s why she call him like that.
    If it’s not like that, then maybe ‘hyung’ was meant to describe that chang yi is a tomboy girl, call him oppa heard so weird I guess.
    But if those two reasons are wrong, maybe this one, since.chang yi came from NK so she doesn’t know how to call older.brother properly… LOL 😀 😀

  183. 183 : aqila Says:

    @oreo:yeahh..suporting team hoonjae,the first love never ending!!..i think the same with you about jae hee&seung hee!..btw the ost Bobby kim and Lee ki chan singing ,its all about Park Hoon & Jae Hee..we can see how much Park hoon loving Jae hee.

  184. 184 : anne Says:

    I read on soompi forum one of them comment like this »»
    elnh20 said:
    Like this official pic,,,,,Hoon & hyun pic
    have “water” on their chest,,,, JaeHee/
    seungHee & Jae joon have “fire” on their
    chest,,,:D #Sorry If My Eng structur was so

    Then I saw the poster above on this page.. well.. Intresting.. I didn’t notice that before reading that comment. And in every dramas I watch, the characters who have fights like SooHoon end up together.. 😀
    well not in every drama the first lead male end up with first lead female. It sometimes the first lead male/female end up with second lead male/female, such as Queen Reversal. So Soohoon shipper kajja…!! Aja aja! 😀 😀

  185. 185 : teamhoonjae Says:

    I’m totally supporting Jae Hee and Hoon. I will never be able to forget episode one.too many feels! Just want them to end up together. I love their chemistry and they have an amazing past. I think it will be so unfair if they end up with some one else. If Hoon is doing all he can to find jae Hee only to end up falling for Soo hyun,then I don’t see the point. Like what about the wrist band and their heart beats being the same..they have too many good memories together. I just hope that they can overcome all that is keeping them apart now.

  186. 186 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    182 @anne :
    ah, really? I see.. I see. heheheehe. yeah, Chang Yi seems like a tomboy girl. So, maybe too weird when she calls Hoon ‘oppa’. hehehehe. thankyou so much for your opinion by the way, Sis… 😀

    Ah, YAAS (You’re All Surrounded) ?? I want to watch this drama too. Coz there is Ahn Jae Hyun there. Haahaha i like him since he plays as Cheon Song Yi’s brother (Man From The Stars). He’s very very cute >__< But i prefer to focus to Doctor Stranger. hehehe 🙂

  187. 187 : Overseas Says:

    @156 mml totally agree.

  188. 188 : Overseas Says:

    Interesting drama.
    Park Hoon and Oh Soo Hyun make a good match. Although the beginning was different, the writer can develop more feelings between them.
    First or second lead female : it isn’t important, there are both lead. The most important is the storyline.
    And in real life, the men doesn’t focus intensely on their first love.
    Furthermore, Park Hoon killed Hae Jee’s father (even if it was to save her, he committed a crime because the father was healthier than his daughter).
    Hoping that everything goes appealingly.

  189. 189 : rockstart Says:

    @Overseas r u fucking kidding me.. (Park Hoon killed Hae Jee’s father) are you out of mind. her father wanted to save daughter tht wht he done.

  190. 190 : anne Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte 186»» Ur welcome sis… 🙂
    Me too.. ahn jae hyun is so cute!!! But here’s his character seems suspicious to be a gay, LOL.. but I hope it’s only my wrong interpratation.

    I followed five other dramas aside from DS, and YAAS is one of them. And from those six dramas my focus change all the time depends on the story of each episodes.. 😀

  191. 191 : laelahasna Says:

    i want to see Oh Soo Hyun and Han Jae Joon <33333
    But why Jae Joon have ambition for the Hospital.

    Why Monday is feel so looooooong TT.TT

  192. 192 : brown_brownies Says:

    the story is getting more interesting. As much as the suspense and mysterious, it also makes us laugh and cry at same time. That makes me hold my breath for every twists and turns!
    Thanks to LJK who portrayed the character of Hoon very well as a genius doctor but also playful. A pity guy with painful background in which he lost his parents due to political conspiracy. Meanwhile, Soo Hyun, a rich&kind doctor but bears pain being separated from her mum and has to live with an annoying step brother who continuously picking up a fight. This sort of things that makes hoon and soo hyun help one another. Though there is no romance yet between the two (up until eps 6) but really admire their affections towards one another. Fully anticipated their feelings grows eventually. Yeah, its the main reason why this drama is interesting. love their chemistry by the way!

    On the other hand, dont even know what is Jae joon’s intention towards Dr Oh. Is it real love or just using her to get power. nicely done, PHJ! he depicts an ambitious and greed of jae joon. Jae Hee?? Does she lost her memory, brainwashed or revenge for the death of his father?? a spy, deceptive and manipulative. What’s her motives to use Hoon’s pure love? However, the acting, is unsatisfying. It’s justplain. Lack of emotions. Wish it should have been stronger in characterization.

    So think smart! which couple does suit better together???

    Very well, if this story keep going to drag about Hoon chasing around the woman who doesn’t even remember him, will definitely swift to root on BIG MAN instead. At this point, Kim Ji Hyuk (KJH) is about to revenge for all his sufferings. Hmm..lets see, as these 2 dramas have been competing for ratings.

  193. 193 : elle Says:

    can you guys stop hating on jin se yun, saying her acting sucks and all sorts of bullshit. why don’t you guys try acting yourself, do you even know how hard it is, furthermore she is still young like 21 years old and kang so ra is much older than her, so i don’t see why people are comparing the two of them. btw kang so ra acting in dream high was really bad too and you see how she improved as she grow older. So jin se yun will definitely improve too! Please don’t be too harsh on her

  194. 194 : elle Says:

    how would you feel if someone hates on your favourite actress or actor, you will feel horrible right? so think of the fans of jin se yun, stop being so immature and start thinking.

  195. 195 : maknaee Says:

    tomboy girl often called older man by ‘hyung’. I watched Panda and the Hedgehog, tomboy girl’s there called her oppa ‘hyung’ too~


  196. 196 : ShashaAmani Says:

    I would like Park Hoon to be together with Song Jae Hee. Because that’s the whole point of the story. And they have many good memories together which they would definitely cherished it. They went through thick and thin together in north korea. And I could feel their warmness and difficulty they are facing in north korea. I love how the plot of story in episode 1 and 2. It was something new and refreshing. I root for Park Hoon and Song Jae Hee. They are made for each other and the sweetness overload when they are together.

  197. 197 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    195 @maknaee :
    Yes, sis. I understand now. 🙂
    Oopss, typo. Sorry. I mean Screen Writer (SW-nim).. hehehehe. 😀

    193-194 @elle :
    I’m sorry for that, sis. Thanks for your advise..

  198. 198 : Ria Says:

    I have literally fallen in love with this dra it is soo beautiful. I’ve never been left with such a confused feeling at the end of korean dramas before , this is probably one of the first dramas in a while that I cannot predict at all . I mean no one cn even say who the main love interest or who goin will end up with. The only thin I hope for is that they make that love-quadrat more prominant and I can’t wait for Monday and Tuesday OMAGAAAHDDD (/ㅉㅇㅉ)/

  199. 199 : maknaee Says:


    No, I can’t. You say, “jin se yun will definitely improve too!” ; that means you’re acknowledging that she’s bad now, right?

    But, what to do? I don’t want to sacrifice such a great drama like Doctor Stranger by closing my eyes and ears with her acting… and more than that, isn’t she the first female lead? She should’ve carried it well.

    I’m so sorry, dear. I (one of them who criticize her acting) don’t mean to hurt her fans feeling. We can’t have our faves actress / actor always get praised. If she did it badly, and you as her fans will always says she is good, when she’s going to improve then? Fans need to learn how to respect other people opinion.

    Why people are comparing the two of them? Isn’t it clearly? Both of them are the first and second female lead. We can’t help but comparing the two of them. Who’s deserve Hoon’s love in the end of story.

    You’re not the first to give an excuse; she’s still young. So what? If age was the factor, then what about this great people that much younger than her, but exceeding her acting ability? Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Bin, etc.

    I will feel horrible if only my faves was improving (doing good) but people keep criticized them. Kang So Ra already doing good even before Dream High 2, you should watch her movies, such as; Fourth Period Murder Mystery (2009), Sunny (2011).

    So, the one ‘who should stop being immature and start thinking’ is you. Because I’m already thinking while watching every episode.
    “why is she the female lead?”
    “when will she improve?”
    “She got me in Inspiring Generation, I supported her role as ‘Ok Ryun’ all the way, she’s great there, but why here… so suck?”
    “her voice.. annoying.” and many more~

    If you can’t stand her being criticized, you don’t need to read our comments, just sit and enjoy the drama by yourselves.

    Btw, you should feel lucky because people’s criticizing her acting ability. The ability is the vital one and the most objective think to get criticized. You should go to ‘Hotel King’ page, and see what Lee Dae Hae’s get criticize on; her face. People keep criticizing her face after getting plastic surgery, not her acting ability.

    Just FYI, I’m not a fan of Kang So Ra. I’m a Lee Jong Suk’s fan. I just want my fave get the best girl (IMO) in the drama. He’s doing great here, but Jin Se Yun seems can’t balancing his act. All I can see is his chemistry is overflowing chemistry with Kang So Ra. That’s why I’m shipping on Hoon&SooHyun boat.

    Sorry. No offense 😉

  200. 200 : maknaee Says:


    I can’t agree more~


    The SW-nim read our comments? I hope so. They should’ve read intl viewers comments , right? And I want ‘intl viewers’ ratings :p kkk

  201. 201 : anne Says:

    @maknaee 199 »» wow… nice answer.. a long explanation 😀 all I can say AGREE…. 😀

  202. 202 : rainbow Says:

    @maknae 200
    @sweeta_chocolatte 197
    @anne 201

    Hi y’all!! So glad im not attention to ly one who enjoy this drama as much as I enjoy the hoon&hyun relationship♡
    Im only an audience who try to analyze the story based on characters, conflicts, gestures etc. Of course I absolutely dont mind to praise anyone in this show for their hardwork. Besides,dont these lovely people from the entertainment industry get acknowledged by their fans based on their acting skills? So, no offense for those who support the other couple.

    I seriously dont know for what happen next. But im fully support hoon&hyun. Have you guys seen this?? Simply adorable!! http://youtu.be/g5qjjj8Y7lY

  203. 203 : elle Says:

    @maknaee no i don’t think that her acting is bad because from the start she really portray the character really well, the part where she was going to die, she is half smiling and half crying, she is really good. And you say you like her in inspiring generation, that is because the character she is given is really good and here too, but her character here is a mysterious character so you can’t expect her to act “not mysterious” Her acting here is just right, a very bland expression, that is what a mysterious character should have. Her voice is not annoying lol btw I’m not a fan of her, I’m a fan of LJS so yeah you say LJS chemistry with kang so ra is really good but have you seen the first few episode of LJS and JSY, their chemistry was da bomb then so there must be more coming. But of course we still don’t know who he will end up with and why would you say sorry no offense when you already said something offensive but none taken!

  204. 204 : maknaee Says:


    heyya hoon&hyun fellas~ Gosh thanks for sharing that video, it wasn’t just simply, but fully adorable. Jeongmal gomaptaaa :3


    Okay, forgive me if i see you in a wrong way, mistaken you as JSY’s fan, or whatever. Let’s just say that we have different opinion in this matter. Everyone has their own perspective regarding someone’s acting ability.

    In the first few episodes? It was just cute for me, doesn’t reach my ‘da bomb’ yet 😉 see? We’re just different. I respect your opinion, so respect mine, too. I will say sorry in advance ’cause I can’t guarantee that I’m not going to bash Jin Se-yun anymore in the future if she’s still annoying and bland IMO.

    I hate that Seung-hee’s pretending not to care Hoon. She does have feelings for him. She looks hypocrite in my eyes. Stop tormenting him that way -__-

    Eww we’re not fully different, equally, we’re Lee Jong-suk’s fans~~ Peace ~~v

  205. 205 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    202 @rainbow :

    hellow helooow another HoonHyun shipper. hihihihi 🙂

    thankyou anyway for sharing that video.. HoonHyun Moment is so sweeet 🙂

  206. 206 : tiffy Says:

    Hey,I love Doctor Stranger so much! Check out my music videos on youtube, oh and Hotel King also.


  207. 207 : Johnsinn Says:

    @Elle 203
    agreed don’t answer jin se youn critics she’s actin pretty well so far..ther is a reason why she’s the main lead 😉 ..LJS JSY fighting 🙂

  208. 208 : aqila Says:

    Oh..let me see,Doctor Stranger is reunion Uri Jong suk with Jin Se yeon right?first time project they’re become model for ivy club,back in 2009,plus they’re in the same agency before se yeon moved to other agency.Surprise,they’re won best newcomer in the same time,in the same network tv.thank you for SJK fans,because their fancam,i can see sweet moment both LJS & JSY,they’re close.I’m not JSY fans,but i’m respect her.She work to hard in young age.LJS & JSY have a great chemystery,although they’re have a little bit scene together in ep 1 & 2.just re-watch the episode and enjoy the story,maybe you will see their chemystery.

    In Docter Stranger,i hope Park Hoon will end up with Jae hee/seung hee just because I respect the Storyline,their love story so touching,Park Hoon Happines is Jae hee,so let them end up together
    Anyone talk me Kang Sora should be the first lead,and I think it would be,if she take role as Song Jae Hee/Seung hee with the blank mysterius expreshion,because the point of the story is Park Hoon and his love for Jae hee.But now,we know the first lead as Jae hee is Jin Se Yeon,so let’s try to believe in her.

  209. 209 : maknaee Says:


    I’ve checked it out, ‘only human’ MV is my fave~~ You captured Hoon’s painful moments there and it managed to break my heart. Good job, girl^^

  210. 210 : maknaee Says:

    Doctor Stranger OST :

    Part. 3 Jeon Hye Won – So Good Day

  211. 211 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    asaaaa.. Ost part 3!!!!!!! Hoorayyy!!! 😀

  212. 212 : tiffy Says:

    Thank you honey! 🙂

  213. 213 : myeon Says:

    hi @maknaee @sweeta_chocolatte @anne

    did u all watch ep 5??
    love it so much <3 the surgeries, the cute moment between dr.oh – park hoon, the suspense, the comedy, even seung hee's character became better.
    total package <3

    anyway thanks the youtube link @tiffy @rainbow xD

  214. 214 : maknaee Says:


    Eps 5? Are you sure? Of course, I have already watched it last week.
    Did you mean eps 7? :p

  215. 215 : maknaee Says:


    urwel, dear 😉 I would love too if you’ll make Soo-hyun and Hoon moments xixixi

  216. 216 : imyojz Says:

    i have a strong feeling that PARK HOON and OH SOO HYUN will fall in love lol . i have keenly observed where the story leads on. it’s like solving a puzzle pieces by pieces. i know the true Song Jae Hee died already and Han Seung Hee is a fake one– maybe she had a plastic surgery to deceive Park Hoon.. more PARK HOON and OH SOO HYUN moments please…. they have chemistry together… i love them both 😉

  217. 217 : Nudge Says:

    I LIKE this drama!

  218. 218 : myeon Says:

    @maknaee #214

    omg you’re right ! i’m sorry hahaha i mean ep 7 :p

  219. 219 : maknaee Says:


    Your typo, you must be too excited with eps 7 :p
    Yes, I love it too~~ love it sooooo much~ eps 7 made Han Seung-hee didn’t feel annoying at all, I think because in this eps she doesn’t try to be mysterious like before. She, Hoon, and Soo-hyun made a good teamwork to save the pregnant woman.

    Dr. Moon Hyung-wook, I love his character. He’s a part of comedy element. In this eps we got to know the reason behind his ambition to win over Jae-joon, the story about his father touched me. Thanks to him for kneeling before Seung-hee with a bucket of flower, I love Seung-hee’s reaction in that scene, finally LOL. Ngg.. his interaction with Hoon, can I called it ‘bromance’? Btw, I hope his nose will be ‘safe’ from slamming door in the future ‘-‘)/

    I’m sure Jae-joon is the boy whose parents died and move to America. He and Hoon should make a combo, both were victims from political conspiracy back then. They ‘made’ them orphaned (╥﹏╥) Though Idk whether Hoon’s mom is still alive or not, I considered Hoon as an orphan for now.

    I love Jae-joon’s smile when Soo-hyun suddenly hugged him in the elevator, and when Hoon’s throwing his gown, saying he’s giving up the competition. I found it warm :’) Despite his vengeance, I want to give him a big hug. I hope in the end of story his relationship with Hoon turned out as hyung-dongsaeng.

    Soo-hyun… is she starting to fall for Hoon? ♥

  220. 220 : maknaee Says:


    I’m praying for your strong feeling to be come true /.\ That will be hard for Soo-hyun to win over Hoon’s heart, she must facing up a battle with his first love. The fact that none could ever forget their first love… but that doesn’t mean they can’t fallin’ love again.
    Oh Soo-hyun, fighting! I believe in you♥


    You ‘LIKE’ this drama? The next stage is waiting – you’ll LOVE this drama :p kkk

  221. 221 : tiffy Says:

    Sure,i made one,here’s the link.

  222. 222 : imyojz Says:

    once PARK HOON knows that Song Jae Hee / Han Seung Hee is a traitor and that she only wants him to go back to North Korea, his love for her WILL DIE lol… i love it so that Oh Soo Hyun has a chance to be with him.. 😉 AJA… FIGHTING!!!

  223. 223 : niczej Says:

    haha… I like the scene when Hoon teach Soo Hyun what the first assistant needs to do, while ost is playing.. They look good together much better.. Feels sorry for Jae Hee..

  224. 224 : Muri Says:

    Well, well. Dr. Han Jae Joon is even “stranger” than the conniving senior doctors.

  225. 225 : rororo Says:

    so, guys can i ask something?
    the lead actress is jae hee right?

  226. 226 : Kaylee Says:

    This drama is AMAZING!!! And it only gets better & better with each episode. Love all the characters & the story is great!!! I’m hoping Hoon and Jae-Hee end up together. Looking forward to the next episode.

  227. 227 : rairamegumi Says:

    the first, I thought that the lead actress is jae hee, but now I’m not sure anymore, I have to say that the drama tells me that the OTP is Hoon-Hyun
    and maybe the lead actress is actually Hyun not jaehee/seung hee…lol

  228. 228 : maknaee Says:


    thank youuuu <3

  229. 229 : maknaee Says:


    Based on the official news, yes, Jae-hee was the first lead. But seems like she got less screen time than the second lead. Eww, mollaa kkk

  230. 230 : Violet88 Says:

    Gosh.. I break my promise to avoid live streaming drama and watch them only upon they complete airing all eps.. But i really can’t help myself with Doctor Stranger.. I failed to contain my curiosity for the 3rd time which was during I Hear Your Voice n My Love From Another Star.. But i really lovin it so that i can join the hype in this thread..

    I’m so much in love with Hoon-Hyun couple, cuteness n chemistry overloaded when they are together.. Both are hurting soul, they just perfect n complementing each other.. And i really hate the selfish n corrupted prime minister Jang… He had the guts to ask Hoon to save him, just send him to hell instead..

    Omo.. Why monday is sooo far away… 😔😔😔

  231. 231 : maknaee Says:


    Those three dramas were worth enough to the point made you break your own promise 😉
    totally agree with ‘complementing each other’ ~~~ I feel what Soo-hyun’s feel in that condition, told that you weren’t capable even when you’re very hardworking enough. She’s just like a lost-alone child. Hoon’s the one reaching out to Soo-hyun, I’m swooooooooning for that scene.

    I hope Chang-yi is okay, and Hoon will do well in the surgery despite his worried for Seung-hee. Hell ya the competition, babies life at stake.

  232. 232 : niczej Says:

    i wish Monday is tomorrow haha.. 😀

  233. 233 : Violet88 Says:

    @ Maknaee

    I know right?.. Those 3 were an awesome drama right?? 😀
    Glad they does not escape my radar..

    Eps 7 and 8 of Doctor Stranger are really daebak.. I really enjoy both and the cliffhanger og ep 8 is driving me crazy.. How can the competition/surgery for hoon’s team to even start since the anesthetic (that is seung hee) is not present!

    I swoon at hoon-hyun scene as well… Love love love love them so much….

  234. 234 : anne Says:

    @Rainbow 202
    hi.. Thanks 4 d video.. Hoon hyun team! Yay!

    @myeon 213
    I’ve just done watcing ep 7-8, well nice, these are my fave scenes:
    # hoon hyun as always created cute and awesome scenes everytime they appeared on screen — heartbeat hugging, pregnant surgery, hyun blocking terrible oppa on door, elevator scene, hoonhyun’s backhug teaching, and when hoon asked her to help him as first, waaa I love and have teary eye for that scene. Poor soo hyun, she was underestimated by her team.
    #dr. Moon as always made me laugh, he brought flowers to seunghee. LOL

    Ah, changyi-hyun-hoon-seunghee, there will be a love square 😀
    but I hope hyun will win hoon’s heart in the end, ne.. Sw-nim, don’t just gave us a fake hope then let us down, ne ne ne!! 😀

    And I hate representative jang, :[email protected] just let him be in a table death, oopps.. Lost control! 😀

    thanks for the link, nice song! Btw, do u know the backsong played in the 500won girl ask hoon’s help and played as well when hyun ask hoon’s help, I love that song 🙂

  235. 235 : Pikochot Says:

    My two thumbs up for Lee Jong Suk acting!
    At the same time, I do understand that the main couple for this drama is between Park Hoon & Song Jae Hee/Han Seung Hee, but seriously, I totally look forward those romance act between Park Hoon & Oh Soo Hyun. Maybe it is because both of them having a beautiful heart.

  236. 236 : sooleeyah Says:

    nice drama…….normally staying away from medical drama…
    After seeing first 2eps…nice romance story between Park Hoon/Jae Hee..
    But later on eps 3-8…..too many sweet/cute moment between Park Hoon/Soo Hyun……soon or later these will lead them to romantic moment and may be they’ll end up together…..hope i’m right…..

  237. 237 : maknaee Says:


    Of course. Gladly… well deserved first place in their timeslot~~ Seung-hee will be present, based on the preview seems like she isn’t in danger. Hey, NK’s spy wouldn’t die that easily. Just a bit late?

    I love Mon-Tue the most <3


    I can't found it, instead I found the piano instrumental that played when Dad came and hugged Hoon (eps 1) , and when Dad's dying (eps 2)…

    We should wait till this drama releasing its OST album, usually it's containing all the instrumental BGM.

  238. 238 : Johnsinn Says:

    No matter what people says i will always surport you fighting Jin se yeon<3

  239. 239 : rockstart Says:

    this drama rating should be more than 20% dont know why its only 14%

  240. 240 : Violet88 Says:

    @ Maknaee

    Glad if that is the case since seung hee has less than two hours to get back to hospital to join the surgical team.. I’m happy that soon hyun is on hoon’s team now.. Hope they win the competetion.. Though if going by dramaland rule that is somehow the rule of the game.. 😄

    To Hoon-Hyun shipper..
    Let’s pray these two will end up together.. Their relationship n interaction has the dynamic of a winning couple if based on kdramaland… 😀😀😀

  241. 241 : rainbow Says:

    @maknae @sweeta_chocolate @anne
    @myeon @tiffy this one is awesome!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH4IQ_z5bs8…great job.
    @imyojz @nicjez @violet88
    @pikochot @sooleeyah

    hope I didnt miss out any hoon-hyun lovers 😉 feel free to drop by and say hi to all of us *wink

    completed eps7&8 last wed, but i just have a chance to reply this thread at weekend (so busy catching up kang ji hwan, seunggi and the other 11 stars in roommate…ha ha)
    So here’s my review for eps 7. I’m soo curious with what’s the different between seung hee and soo hyun’s heartbeat when hoon hugged each of them? only hoon knew it!! as soon as hyun left, his face stop for a while. Aaargh, cant wait when hoon is finally revealed it. Maybe that’s why his suspicion over seung hee arises.

    eps 8. yess..Jjaaang!!another hug moment. my heart’s pounding during hoon hugged hyun from behind. hmm, cant wait their kissing ‘scene…*yeah, lets cross our fingers, everyboby!! who knows, it makes the ratings fly high.

    now we all know what’s the hidden motives behind hoon, joon and seung hee. they all have their own reasons for revenge. but hyun?? she doesnt know anything about all these intrigues. though she’s hurt, but she stays genuinely true. She may seems weak but she’s growing stronger. love her character even more!! Fighting!!

  242. 242 : xoxo Says:

    I hope they eventually reveal who Han Seung Hee really is. Hope Hoon and Jae Hee end up with each other. Really loved their chemistry during the first 2 episodes <3

  243. 243 : flo Says:

    hopefully hoon-hyun will end up together. i love both of the soooo much. jong suk oppa, sora unni du 😀

  244. 244 : rainbow Says:

    @flo: Welcome aboard,flo!! Hoon-Hyun saranghae♡♡

  245. 245 : aqila Says:

    I think,in ep 8,Park hoon actually know Seung hee is Jae hee,and I can fell both of Park Hoon and Jae hee try to protect each other.Jae Hee is Park Hoon destiny,hope they will end up together.Happy Ending for HoonHee Couple.

  246. 246 : jung_ah_ra Says:

    Daebakkk~~~ can’t wait for next episode. Poor Jae Hee ,, she looks like protecting Hoon and i think Hoon know that Han Seung Hee and Jae Hee is the same person. hoping that theres more Hoon and Jae Hee scene 🙂

  247. 247 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @myeon @maknaee @anne @rainbow
    It’s glad to see you again guys… Seriously, I miss you all.. 😀 😀
    I read these comments, there’re so many Hoon-Hyun Shipper!!! Kkkk. Love it!!

    I wanna say Hello 😀 to @tiffy @imyojz @nicjez @violet88
    @pikochot (heyy, your username is really cute. kkk) @sooleeyah @flo We’re in the same team of Hoon-Hyun couple 🙂

    thankyou so much guys @tiffy @anne @maknaee @rainbow for sharing anything video about Hoon-Hyun Moments. Good job and like this!!!

    well, @anne @maknaee well, I like this one, In eps 5, when So Hyun came to her Mom’s House and met Seung Hee there. While Seung Hee gave all of gift’s birthday to So Hyun… and suddenly she is crying :’( It’s so touching.. the instrumental completes that moment..

    241 @rainbow OMO, *high five* YEAH, YEAH, right, sis!!! I’m waiting for kissing scene from Hoon-Hyun >__< , I’m sure that people will like it and the rating can fly high 20%. *hopefully*

    Btw, are there boys in these comments who likes this drama too? Just want to know. kkk

  248. 248 : maknaee Says:


    What I’m afraid of is the moment Chang-yi said ‘I think they’re going to kill her’, Hoon will run to Seung-hee’s place. He seems wooried her alot. Oh please no, please Hoon you need to calm down. She’s a spy after all, she must be prepared with some skills to guard herself when encountering such danger condition. Please don’t take your operation gown off and leaving the room -____- If that’s the case, Soo-hyun or anyone’s there should stop him from leaving.


    ah, since you mention it, how is Kang Ji-hwan drama? I want to download Big Man so much, but the female lead was just… Is he going to end up with LDH? I prefer him with JSM. Heck, another SLS.

    Roommate! I should watch them soon, Seo Kang-jun’s there ~~~

    The way he’s teasing Soo-hyun, I love that! They’re like push and pull each other, Hoon’s teasing her, skinship, bickering, sweet moment… gyaaah my life’s almost complete and it will be completed when their relationship to be declared. Happily ever after. LOL

    Poor Soo-hyun, two men in her life, Jae-joon and Hoon, have revenge against her father. Keep stronger, girl!

    Btw, thank you for making room for your time to check this thread despite your busy schedule, and for calling the roll of Hoon-Hyun’s ship ~~~ 😀 kkk

    Tomorrow is Mondaaay! Yay!

  249. 249 : tiffy Says:

    Hey y’all it’s tiffy! Gosh i love the hoon-hyung couple! they are too cute. I was wondering if you guys saw my new vid ~Only you can save me, it’s another hoon-hyung couple mv. Geeze i can’t stop making vids for this couple, so addictive, Daebak! I love them alot 🙂 I think hoon needs to get over jae hee now and move on honestly, i think that when she finally decides to become ‘Jaehee’ and not ‘Seung hee ‘again or whatever and decides to go back to hoon, i think his heart would already been taken by soo hyung and she’ll be too late. She’ll feel bad and you know how i’ll feel? Like i won a lottery! No offense to the jae hee fans, just saying. 🙂 Hello to all the hoon-hyung fans! 🙂

  250. 250 : niczej Says:

    Hello to all hoon-hyun fans! 🙂
    @rainbow Cheers! 🙂
    @sweeta_chocolatte hello! and tnx! 🙂

  251. 251 : maknaee Says:


    We miss you, too Well, those words were what I’ve been expecting to comes out from Hoon’s mouth later. *crossed fingers*

  252. 252 : maknaee Says:

    Seems like my comment was cut –a
    Or is there something wrong with my phone? Aigoo…
    Anyway just gonna reposting it. -__-



    We miss you, too Well, those words were what I’ve been expecting to comes out from Hoon’s mouth later. *crossed fingers*

  253. 253 : somebody Says:

    This show is really super duper nice. at first i did not expect it to to so addictive! can you believe it, in 1 day i finish 8 ep and now i have to wait for the latest two ep to be out *_* the main actor is so handsome and cute!!!! can’t wait ooooohhhh

  254. 254 : anne Says:

    @rainbow 241
    cheers to you too!! 😀
    thanks for the video link..

    @sweeta_chocolatte 247
    hey, welcome back!!

  255. 255 : anne Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte 241
    Why did u ask that? R u so curious? 😐 😀 Well, I’m start thinking~ do the boys watch drama? If it yes, then which ship they’re into? :-/

  256. 256 : dongsaeng Says:

    I would like to see park hoon change his curly hairstyle. Hehehehe

  257. 257 : maknaee Says:

    There is something wrong with my phone. fixed. -__-
    This is my 3rd re-post but I’m on my PC now pfff. Admin, can I get my

    comment #251 #252 to be deleted? hww


    We miss you, too Well, those words were what I’ve been expecting to comes out from Hoon’s mouth later. *crossed fingers*

  258. 258 : maknaee Says:

    eh? It gets cut again. -_-

  259. 259 : maknaee Says:


    We miss you, too <3 and as always, you're welcome.
    Since I've already watch so many k-dramas, I can't cry easily like before. I remember in my 'newbie' k-drama days, it was uncountable how many bucket of tears that I'd shed for a mere sad or touching scene. But, the one that you mentioned above, eps.5 ; Soo-hyun and her mom's gift moment, it got my tears. I should be thankful to Seung-hee for being there, gave Soo-hyun a hug like what her late mom did :') Thanks spy-girl~

    If there is Doctor Stranger's fanboy in this thread? It must be great. I want to know from man's perspective about this drama 😀

  260. 260 : maknaee Says:


    I’ve subscribed your channel, dear. Gonna check it when I’ve time later. There’s video maker in Hoon-Hyun ship, supeeerb xD

    ‘ It’s too late. ‘ –> Well, those words were what I’ve been expecting to comes out from Hoon’s mouth later. *crossed fingers*

  261. 261 : maknaee Says:

    btw today is mondaaaay~~

  262. 262 : rainbow Says:

    @tiffy : you babe are amaaaazing!! I highly appreciate for making the hyun-hoon’s clip.
    But ‘halo’ is the most enjoyable one. It has the moment of hoon hugged hyun in the imaginary surgery. I like this one also https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j7HOK5lFVFE it really shows how hyun gradually turns to hoon and how they both have a positive influence toward one another. But I saw slightly jae hee’s figure. Im not really interested with the character. She just failed to steal my attention. Mian chingu, mian 😉
    Btw, u do love hotel king too, dont u??

    @maknae and @violetta88 : im guessing hoon will wrap the surgery asap. He will awe the people and gain acknowledgement for his skill. He is trying hard to be a good doctor since he knew how to be a bad doctor in NK. (To sacrifice healthy people for human experience. .scarry!!) Besides it for the babies…or maybe hyun will give him another slap in the face, kick in the ass or pull his ear once again if he insists to escape before the surgery..haha

    big man?? I love KJH. Whoaa..Powerful acting! He can make all the scene dramatic. And DC shows what a greedy human can bec. Im surprise to see lee da hee seems flat. She did brilliant job in I hear ur voice. Yeah, I agree jin ah’s feeling is more sincere.
    Haha, you know how stressful it is to follow those dramas at the same time and apparently roommate is very entertaining indeed!!!

    @ swetta_chocolatte: big hi-5 to you too!! Pogo sippoyo too…. 🙂

    And to the rest of the hoon-hyun team, happy monday y’all, talk to you all soon! ☆☆

  263. 263 : niczej Says:

    hoonhyun.. 🙂

  264. 264 : Pikochot Says:

    tik tek
    tik tek
    tik tek
    tik tek

    exactly 6 hours 30 minutes to episode 9 show time


  265. 265 : jangmi Says:

    @Somebody Says

    “can you believe it, in 1 day i finish 8 ep.”

    For a K-drama addict, this is pretty normal actually. And most of the time, it’s more than that.^__^

  266. 266 : rainbow Says:

    @nicjez!! Wow..that clip has reached over 41.000 viewers.
    when I first saw this, it was just around 15.000
    well done hoon-hyun!! I assumed lots of people really looove this couple.
    But dont forget also to watch hoon-hyun clip made by tiffy!! They’re all gorgeous♡ just click on the link above.

    Here’s another lovely video: YouTube – Lee Jong Suk x Kang So Ra [ Doctor stranger ]: http://youtu.be/RD80Nt7XDT4


  267. 267 : tiffy Says:

    Thank you, and i assure you that i’ll be making tons of more videos with the two, just love them,daebak!

  268. 268 : tiffy Says:

    Thank you so much! You can rest assured that i will keep this hoon-hyung ship sailing by updating tons of mvs as the drama goes on! Just love them so much!

  269. 269 : tiffy Says:

    Oh and yeah i do love hotel king too,i make videos for that one also.

  270. 270 : Juana love Says:

    wooooow wht a kisssssssssss

  271. 271 : tiffy Says:

    @juana love
    Hold up, what kiss u talking bout? 🙂

  272. 272 : tiffy Says:

    @juana love
    plz tell me this is smt about the hoon-hyung couple 🙂

  273. 273 : tiffy Says:

    DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 All hoon-hyung shippers, our boat is sinking! Park Hoon kissed Jae Hee!! 🙁 i knew i hung around koreandrama.org today for a reason. Now i totally regret having doing so. 🙁 They can’t do this to me! 🙁 *tears* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDN’T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!

  274. 274 : niczej Says:

    waaa.. its.. whatever happen guys(hoon-hyun team) lets keep our hopes high.. 🙂

  275. 275 : tiffy Says:

    I say we do that. Gosh, it hurts so much. 🙁

  276. 276 : niczej Says:

    @tiffy there’s 10 more episode left ^^ aja aja!

  277. 277 : tiffy Says:

    Yes, that encourages me. i was hoping who he had kissed was soo hyung, jae hee doesn’t deserve him. 🙁 Whenever i see her face, i get so upset, literally. *sighs*. i’m so glad she’s plotting against him, i hope he doesn’t forgive her. She is very deceitful cuz if she loved hoon, she would go to him secretly and explain what’s up but she hid everything from him to please that weirdo dude from north korea. Boy, he should choose quack, she’s there for him and they have so much chemistry.

  278. 278 : niczej Says:

    @tiffy thumbs up! 🙂

    looking for more quack Moments.. plzz.. hehe… 🙂

  279. 279 : tiffy Says:

    I sure am, can’t wait! 🙂

  280. 280 : anne Says:

    @tiffy 273
    whattttt…?? andwaeee.. I haven’t watch it yet btw LOL. Well, I’m going to watch it if it’s already completed be subbed ’till ep 10. But since I heard that uri dulbari couple, our ship is sinking!! Oh I hate this!! PD-nim SW-nim!!! buyaaa igeee!! jajeungna!! 🙁

    Well.. I’m going to skip that ep then move to watch the next only… kkkkkkk 😀

  281. 281 : rainbow Says:

    What?? What??
    Jaaa…whats goin on here??ha..ha.. Is the writer nim is also a traitor now?? Choosing that deceitful NK spy girl rather than our sweety pie oh soo hyun??
    ANDWAE…ANDWAE!! This is a joke! I seriously will throw this drama right away if hoonis going toward that 2 double faces girl!!

    In the mean time,lets keep our faithfulness to urri hoon-hyun, team!!

  282. 282 : dongsaeng Says:

    Production team!!! Please make this drama better, i am sure that this drama rating can be more than 20. I want dr. Park with dr. Quack pleeeaasseeeee!!! They look better together. Jae hee is so suspucious wth she is. I still didnt understand jae hee and what she want, she always make him looking for her like crazy. :'(:'(:'(

  283. 283 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    Mworago?????? Hoon kissed Seung Hee??????? ANDWAE!!!!!! ANDWAE!!!!!! ANDWAE *crying*

  284. 284 : tiffy Says:

    Well, i am not jumping this ship, like what they say, ‘it aint over till the fat lady sings’. Quack couple, fighting! 🙂

  285. 285 : Longan Says:

    I was like having headache when first watch Ep 9. Its like “where are you going to”, “what are you doing”, “what the heck that North Korean guy waiting for”, “why this guy can just walk in & out without anyone being suspicious about him”…. too many chasing scene.
    Mr Director, don’t do that la. Not good for my heart condition! It sure makes me feel anxious, but too much of such scene also makes episode 9 doesn’t have much peak, like all others previous episodes.
    JH character is OK. I guess JH still cant reveal much of herself yet. Even that devil Premier have to confirm about JH himself (the scene where JH was wearing her dress again).
    P/s: I really hope PH will end up with Quack instead of JH.

  286. 286 : Longan Says:

    If Mr/Ms Producer/Director and Screenwriter, does not want to couple up PH and Quack, should we vote them as The Meanest Production Team? Huhuhuhuhuhu

  287. 287 : tiffy Says:

    u know, we probably should. Lol :).

  288. 288 : niczej Says:

    @longan me too having headaches on that epi 9.. I was like fast forwarding every scene.. hahaha..

  289. 289 : niczej Says:

    –not all.. almost..

  290. 290 : tiffy Says:

    Oh u watched the ep already?

  291. 291 : aqila Says:

    HoonHee couple keep Fighting;-)

  292. 292 : niczej Says:

    @tiffy already done download… with eng sub. 🙂

  293. 293 : Saranya Says:

    Guys, Where do you download these dramas from? I usually watch online streaming but think this drama deserves to be downloaded. Can you please tell me where you download these dramas for free with eng sub.

  294. 294 : niczej Says:

    i used IDM to download in dramafire..

  295. 295 : anne Says:

    @saranya 293
    You can’t download it on viki.com / dramago.com / koreandrama.com / dramabay.com
    Use FVD or IDM for faster downloading.

    @longan 286
    AGREED. 😀

  296. 296 : anne Says:

    oppss miss-typing.. I mean ‘can’

  297. 297 : Violet88 Says:

    I watched ep 9 raw n really hate the ending.. Hoon n seung hee was kissing (did they spent the night together BTW??) then she was missing from his bed the next morning.. I wanna hoon n soo hyun instead.. Please3x…….

  298. 298 : sasa Says:

    i hope last episode park hon with jae hee

  299. 299 : raspberrygirl23 Says:

    Hoon seeking Jaehee in SeungHee is dragging too long..after episode 9 hundreds of questions become thousands.I hope some answers will be given to us at ep10.I feel to drop this drama but ..I’m a Quack shipper so I will keep on watching for the love of KangSora.

  300. 300 : Johnsinn Says:

    Jae hae park hoon fighting 😀

  301. 301 : maknaee Says:


    I’m always download the raws and softsub. They does have good quality but small size. Pretty much save my harddisk space up.

    *Raws :



    *Subtitles :



  302. 302 : maknaee Says:

    Doctor Stranger OST Part.4

    G.O (MBLAQ) – Like Tomorrow Won’t Come

    *download k2nblog.com/single-g-o-mblaq-doctor-stranger-ost-part-4/

    *listen online https://soundcloud.com/k2nblog/go-mblaq-like-tomorrow-wont-come

  303. 303 : maknaee Says:

    I haven’t watch eps 9 yet, but you guys said… What? Kissing? Hoon and the spy girl?

    I got a high fever right now and tomorrow I’ll have tryout examination… but I think by watching Doctor Stranger would give me some energy.

    Does she even deserve to get the kiss?

    What a life… Please, SW-nim don’t give me a false hope. If you’re planning to made Hoon end up with the spygirl, stop giving me Quack moments in the future. I don’t want Soo-hyun to be a Chilbong girl version. Nooooo T_T

    Hoon’s happiness was important for me, but.. in some way I just disappointed with him. Hoon-ah, I will let you live with your ass-first-love. You choose that painful path. Congrats, baby!

    Soo-hyun, I want you to be happy <3 <3

    I'm gonna get some sleep, and watch this later… Maybe tonight, tomorrow, or whenever I'm ready.

    To all my lovely Hoon&Hyun shipper fellas, keep stronger guys~ :p

  304. 304 : tiffy Says:

    Okay guys but is it me or is it that jaehee looks a lot like Dora with that weird hairstyle. I liked the previous one better at least then she was watchable a little bit, now its disturbing because I hate seeing that hairstyle, it makes her face look…huge-ish(if there is such a word). I hate the short hair. Psh not like it would make me like her now if she made it long again or if it was still long in the first place so whatever, 🙂 Quack couple fighting!

  305. 305 : Longan Says:

    Tsk tsskk tssskkk!
    Just finish watching episode 10. I am definitely gonna propose this drama production team as “The Meanest Production Team”. How can they let me watch so many goosebumps act between PH and Quack but suddently….zassssss nothing is happening anymore! This is so very cruel.
    Pity Quack becos JJ doesnt really love her. PH still too crazy about JH.
    Goshhh I need to take paracetamol before go to bed tonite.

  306. 306 : yeonwoo Says:

    @longan and all quack shipper.
    The writer really messed up everything
    Even i started to dislike the story tonight if the conclusion of SH isnt JH or whateva. I dont know how to say since i was shocked due the comment in soompi that tell Soo Hyun and Hoon is a real friedn. WTF with that ??

  307. 307 : maja Says:

    after reading all your comments ive decided to stop watching and wait for the last episode and see who dr. hoon will end up with…

  308. 308 : rairamegumi Says:

    same here..I think I’ll stop watching for a while and wait till this drama end…lol

  309. 309 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    I was wondering, should I watch the eps 9 & 10??

    With all of our comments, it already make me sick successfully T.T

    PD-nim, SW-nim, what r u doing, huh? Why you do that?

    Don’t disappoint us, jebal!!!! Fix it, jebal!!! jebal!!! Eo?

  310. 310 : zeez22 Says:

    I am still loving this drama even thou I prefer SH to be with Hoon… I have finished ep 9 and cant wait to wach ep10. This drama is so much more interesting than Angel eyes… i hope the pace will continue to be fast… love LJS!

  311. 311 : rainbow Says:

    @dongsaeng @longan @rasberrygirl23 @yeonwoo :bangabseubnida!!!

    eps#10 > the NK spy proved hoon that the evil doctor jae hee is NOT seung hee and showed him her body without any scar! That means she is real EVIL!! she tries to make hoon the puppet. Come on hoon, aren’t you too genius to be fooled like that?? damn, how can she be so cruel in the name of ‘first love never dies?’ yeah, right now i think hoon deserves a slap from that evil lady anyway. he even pushed chang yi away?!

    to hoonhyun shipper lets cheers a bit!! the couple partying and singing together…and the evil lady could only look from a far!!

    right now, the only character i can trust is only hyun! not even hoon, JH, the PD, SW nor the production team. Im getting weary the way they ride us up and down the hill. thanks for giving me a headache all day long!!
    Stay strong Ddulbari!!

  312. 312 : Pink Says:

    Im totally confused… Who is the main actress???? Btw i hope hoon can fing jae hae!!! First love is always the best!!!!

  313. 313 : luna Says:

    HOONHYUN. MY HEART. if he ends up with jae hee, i will rip this drama to shreds. i still have hoonhyun hopes, but my gut is telling me he will end up with jae hee?? AUGHASDKFHAWIER

  314. 314 : Saranya Says:

    Thank you guys @niczej @anne @maknaee. You guys rock. BTW I am also hoon-hyun shipper.. really disappointed with eps 9 and 10. Waiting for the events to change from ep 11 to 20..

  315. 315 : tiffy Says:

    oh man, why is the production team doing this to me? Hoonhyung, fighting! 🙁

  316. 316 : maknaee Says:


    Let me join you ripping this drama later :p


    You’re welcome, dear. Keep praying for Quack couple comes true 😉

  317. 317 : maknaee Says:


    Hoonhyun dear, not hoonhyung :p

  318. 318 : tiffy Says:

    lol,it was a mistake, thx though. 🙂

  319. 319 : maknaee Says:


    you must’ve watch eps 9-10 already xixixi

  320. 320 : rairamegumi Says:

    heol…the rating for ep 10 down drastically…
    wonder why?????
    oh I know that maybe coz of kissing scene?…lol

  321. 321 : zeez22 Says:

    Yah! So sad that ratings dropped… must be that kiss that nobody likes!

  322. 322 : yeonwoo Says:

    @luna le me in luna if you want to rip this drama. The writer really needs to learn how to make any sense for this drama.

  323. 323 : rockstart Says:

    WTF writer is doing got all excellent actors and trolling the story and making hoon in to phsyco..

  324. 324 : Peni hwang Says:

    Confused…i hope park hoon with oh soo hyun

  325. 325 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    @luna I think Jae Hee is probably dead. But it stretches credulity that our hero can’t see, smell, hear and feel (touch) the difference. We might believe if he was with an identical twin of Jae Hee’s perhaps.

  326. 326 : maknaee Says:

    @rairamegumi @zeez22

    Universe wants Hoon end up with Quack. The formula was if you’re going the opposite side from universe, who will support you then? Writer-nim got to pay, ratings dropped. LOL

    Writer-nim, you trolled us enough.


    Phsyco bad-ass-first-love-type. Hahaha

  327. 327 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    I much rather have the Hoon-Quack couple. The writer is too reserved about that, but who knows we’re half of the way into the story.

  328. 328 : Qaireen Says:

    Song Jae Hee/Han Seung Hee will die. same fate as Mok Dan & Kim Ok-Ryeon 😛

  329. 329 : Pink Says:

    Hoon and jae hee first live is so touching!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they can be together !!!!! I hope seung hee is jae hee!!! Hope she won’t lie hoon!!!! Hope she is a good person!!!!!! Hwaiting hoon and jae hee!!!!!!!

  330. 330 : rainbow Says:


    count me in. Im officially in the ripping team from now.

  331. 331 : ah faye Says:

    i prefer PH n SH pair up the end..

  332. 332 : kayla Says:

    I think hoon will end up with soo hyun.
    either seung hee is jae hee or not, she’s North spy
    as a spy, she s no choice either back hoon to the North or kill him
    or she got killed.
    the writer, please dont make the cute scenes between hoon-hyun meaningless.

  333. 333 : rairamegumi Says:

    writer, this is your fault…now Big Man surpass this drama…
    this drama team must pay coz of ‘horrible’ scene…lol

  334. 334 : anna Says:

    ph and jh must to be together,cause they are love each other.quack just a supporting role from the beginning,i know producer just a kidding make they are sweet act maybe just make a funny role.so fighting hoon and jae hee,cant wait a romantic session.love them….

  335. 335 : Johnsinn Says:

    FIGHTING!! JaeHaepark hoon couple 😛

  336. 336 : niczej Says:

    @314 Saranya
    your welcome! 🙂

    @305 Longan
    lol i take paracetamol too… headaches, headaches, headaches…. 🙁

    Let me join the ripping team lol

    Quack Couple Fighting! 🙂

    hahaha.. ratings down :p

  337. 337 : Kfan Says:

    At this rate, Han Jae Joon will probably end up with Dr. Oh after he fail miserably on his revenge. After You Who Came From the Stars, I doubt that PHJ would pick an absolute villain role; good guys seek revenge gone bad, then back for good because of a pure-hearted lady is more like it.

    Seung Hee’s deception on her own well-being at the basement that forced poor unknown Hoon into believing that he must stay and fix the Premier’s heart is about as evil as it gets, really. I don’t think that she is indeed Jae Hee, though, the real Jae Hee is alive as a fail-safe somewhere in North Korea. That old guy who died in a car accident must have truly found out where the real Jae Hee is.

    Not the best ending I’d hope for because I like Hoon-Hyun chemistry, but it’d be much much better than Hoon end up with a twisted Jae Hee.

    Btw, the script that made Hoon gone all psycho with Chung Yi is simply inconsistent and ridiculous to be honest. Even when Seung Hee was held at gun point and Dr. Oh persuaded him to focus on the baby instead, he didn’t go physical and even over the top emotional on her. A mere provoking comment from Chung Yi is not enough to justify him kicking her out of the truck.

    Dr. Oh is my only favs now really.

  338. 338 : Melia Says:

    @Kfan I agree with you that the only favourable character in this drama at this moment is Oh So Hyun. Han Seung Hee or Jae Hee or whoever she is totally a despicable one. I just hate Seung Hee or Jae Hee. I guess it’s pretty ridiculous for Hoon to have a good ending with Jae Hee. Hurmmm I found the story is so twisted that makes it less interesting. The plot seems to have no clear direction and so the character development except for So Hyun. It’s totally nonsensical for Hoon to ditch Chang Yi in the middle of nowhere just because he was agitated. I’d like for the lead to at least be considerate even not gentlemen enough. Hurmmm. As for Jae Joon, another bad egg. Why bother dwelling in the past when he has good future ahead of him. He won’t gain anything by avenging his father’s death by ruining Myun Woo hospital because in the end the one who’ll be hurt the most is himself. He’ll be left alone and lonely. I foresee neither hope no future in his relationship with So Hyun.

    The best fit ending for this drama is for Jae Hee to really die and Hoon to devote himself as a true doctor. As for So Hyun she deserves better guy than Hoon. Less complicated. I believe there is no point being in someone’s arm who is still deeply longing for his first love. It’s either all or nothing at all. Why bother getting hurt. It’s unfair.

  339. 339 : hooni Says:

    Pray for hoon and soohyun.. 🙂

  340. 340 : salma mhdh Says:

    i think that the end of the twisted women, doctor oh and hoon will be just like the end of “i can hear your voice” because in this one all of us thought that lee bo young will love the lawyer yoo sang hyun but she finally ends up loving passionatly lee juk suk 😉 so i am waiting to see doc oh and hoon as a couple <3 _ <3

  341. 341 : rainbow Says:

    hellowww to all the Quacks!!
    group hug XXX

    just wanna point it out, what happen to the ratings?? it must be because the quack-attack or the quack-quake!! hope the production team learn their lesson by now NOT to mess up with the Quacks!!

    im so sorry to say this, but I was so happy with the ratings sinking after their foolish kiss this week.. Big Man (since im a big KJH’s fan) breaks its rating record on the tues and keep increasing. Now, we all certainly knows why!!….let the battle begins!

    @kfan @melia: good point!!

  342. 342 : yeonwoo Says:

    the first loev story is bad thingy for me since the rule of first love never happen well, Well, based on my experience.
    The rating is decreased because the viewers are dissapointing especially the kissing scene is like ehmm, too much 😐
    i dont see any passion over that kiss. it’s like a kissing scene with a script.

    i dont know how to say since in weibo and baidu, many chinese fans are angry and saying some critic that blow up my expectation that Quack couple really have a TON OF SHIPPER !!!!

  343. 343 : es Says:

    Done watching episode 9 & 10 …I think Park Hoon & Oh So Hyun have better chemistry.
    Park Hoon & Oh So Hyun fighting!!!

  344. 344 : Verra92 Says:

    Quacks must Park Hoon, I love them…

  345. 345 : Verra92 Says:

    Quacks must with Park Hoon, I love them…

  346. 346 : reindeer song Says:

    Han Seung Hee or Jae Hee will try and kill Park Hoon for vengance, she is being mislead by the North Korean handler into thinking Hoon killed her father. There will be a triangle between the Quack, Hoon and HJJ, becuase HJJ love the Quack. The Quack will take a bullet for Hoon directed by Han Seung Hee or Jae Hee. Clarity will set in by Hoon little friend telling her the truth or the scammer. Just my opinion.

  347. 347 : Kfan Says:

    @Melia (#338)
    Oh how I would love to watch Jae Joon meet that fate. It will serve him right for treating Dr. Oh the way he has been doing. 😉 Didn’t think of your alternate ending before, but I agree that it would be another great farewell to the show.

    Seriously, what got to me the most about this show is that it has so much potential to be another gem for this year. And then out of nowhere, Ep9 and Ep10 managed to shove that premature deep kiss between HSH and PH down our throats leaving out any possible little build-ups that, maybe at the very least, would make it somewhat sensible and touching.

    I mean, they are capable of creating and letting us watch and enjoy those little cute moments that allow us to appreciate Hoon-Hyun chemistry, right? They could at least did the same with HSH and PH. You know it was a mistake when you witness a romantic scene in a series like this and think to yourself.. Eh? Where did that come from?

    And when you thought that that was it with bad script, they manage to pull off another horror by messing with the admirable trend set by the way Hoon has been treating women in this series… I mean, the guys was forced to be a murderer and did all sorts of despicable stuff in North Korea and yet look at the way he has been treating the little girl who gave him the silver coin, Chang Yi, Dr. Oh and the lady who joined him for his scrub team. The guy has a heart of gold and an unbreakable mind and that’s why we like him as the lead. Not this mindless, angry beast whose sole purpose is to find Jae Hee and then run away together with her.. leaving the world and his responsibility as a doctor behind. For goodness sake, his dad told him only one thing before he died.. Remember, Hoon, don’t ever forget that you are a Doctor.

    Oh well, too bad Dr. Park Cheol, your son was about to get away with a spy and enjoy their time together in a container in a cargo ship, LoL.

    Sorry for the long rant. Hopefully, they can still turn it around. I’m hopeful of it.

  348. 348 : niczej Says:

    yeah same here… hoping for a turn around…

    Quack Couple Fighting!

  349. 349 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    Hoon, don’t be a puppet for JH. She is really really evil girl!!!

  350. 350 : tiffy Says:

    Can’t the production team see that the darn rating is dropping since that Dora-hairstyle girl, Jaehee came in the picture? Oh c’mon, tne ratings were going quite well before she made her stupid anonymous,spy girl appearance. It was quite fine with Quack. Btw, will i be a bad person if i said that i am so happy the ratings fell? Cuz maybe this will open the eyes of the production team. *Sighs* I hope they realize all the jaehee-related episodes has low ratings.
    P.S: I have officially joined the others and say, this drama is on the wait list until i see if he gets Jaehee or the Quack. 🙁

  351. 351 : tiffy Says:

    I still haven’t watched eps 9-10 yet,just heard it was a eyesore since they barely showed Quack if even any at all. *Sighs* I’m gonna put this drama on the wait list. 🙁

  352. 352 : raspberrygirl23 Says:

    I already downloaded ep9 and 10 but i can’t make myself to watch it.. if Quack couple will not end up together,fine!!i see the rating will sink together with our ship. Let Hoon live with her Jaeberg first love.Just give Soo Hyun a happy ending.I don’t want her to be alone and poor Chang Yi also.

  353. 353 : clara Says:

    the rating is going down…
    I couldn’t watch ep 9&10..
    It will break my heart..*sobsob T_T

  354. 354 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 9-10
    start with the hot kiss park hoon n seung hee..they together and Quack lonely with her sad also Jae Joon with all madness.. I just follow where the story goes.. ;))

  355. 355 : tiffy Says:

    Thats all i can say. *Sighs*
    Poor Quack. 🙁

  356. 356 : deexii Says:


    Hoon better with Soohyun . they chemistry is better .
    i dont like Hoon with be Jaehee 🙁

    please come back with Soohyun , Hoon-a .

  357. 357 : Lea Says:

    LOVE this drama! Hoping Hoon & Jae-Hee will finally be together in the end!!!

  358. 358 : niczej Says:


    Quack Couple Figthing!..

  359. 359 : yeonwoo Says:

    even the tiny iceberg just hit us, we know the giant iceberg will come along but we know we can stand still !!!!!!

  360. 360 : tiffy Says:

    Quack couple,fighting! And all hoohyun lovers let’s stay strong.

  361. 361 : dash9 Says:


  362. 362 : lyaseunggi Says:

    i’ve watch till ep 10. and i’m still confuse whether SJH and HSH is the same person. some of HSH acting shows that she is SJH. but what kind of mission is she want to do?
    ~i think that HSH is slowly love PH.. and i really hope that HSH and SJH is the same person. she have to to the mission in order to find PH. then, she fools everybody and save PH from the NorthK.
    ~i really hate primer Jang! such a s*cks!
    ~and its good to know that HJJ is the son of the person who died cuz of the hospital.hope to see him work together with PH to defeat primer Jang and OJH!
    ~ one more character that i dislike, the fools doctor, YGH. even if u’re desperate, u cant do that! u’re a father! FOOLS!

  363. 363 : me_nina Says:

    Ohho!!! like i said before.. Kang So Ra is better than Jin Se Hyun. Many people can’t catch Jin Se Hyun’s Act. I can see that many people on the Soo Hyun (Sora) Side. hahaha..because of ep 9, the rating for ep 10 down drastically. So.. my opinions come true.
    PDnim or SWnim…please open your eyes. Listen what people said…
    fighting PH><SH!!!

  364. 364 : anne Says:

    Done watching ep 9-10, I spent two episodes in 30 minutes. I spotted to some awesome scenes from these two episodes. I like the way soo hyun dragging crazy hoon back to the surgery room. The way she told him that the baby needs to be saved. I think if she had failed to ensure him, hoon would have been a total jerk character. He ignored his father’s last will which told that he shouldn’t forget that he is a doctor. That’s why ~ I love hyun’s character even more.

    Then, the other worty scenes to watch, the surgery battle team. While jae joon team’s purpose to be a winner, park hoon’s teams seems so problematic at first but they did save the baby. The way I saw park hoon here, a crazy-first love doctor turns to be a good teacher to soo hyun, he believes in her no matter what. My fave quote “Do it. Do you want to be a quack for the rest of your life?”. It implied to us that we should be out from our fear and be brave to be better.

    Jae hee/seung hee character, well what can I say, I do not feel it, whether it is evil side, mysteruos or kind-hearted. The way she grabs the gun and holds it up to the lollypop ajusshi seems not really tense. This scene should be felt that way, but you know I felt just so so. It distracted me, I wanna see the surgery battle, but why is this spy doctor still here, hey the baby is waiting! :-\ So I click on FF button to forward the scene, LOL

    Ah, my lovely dr.moon. He seems so happy whether he shouldn’t be like that. ‘I love you’ dr. moon’s confession and his revenge to kim chi, Double LOL 😀 😀

    Well.. Even our lovely ship, hoon-hyun ship, will sink, it doesn’t matter still support them! hehehe 😀
    So lovely seeing them singing ‘tell me’ together.

    Soo hyun quote “You lose because you want to win. A fake doctor lose to a real doctor.”
    I know how desperate jae joon with his lost because he really wanted to win, obsessed with his revenge mission. Poor him, soo hyun should slap him to make him sober.

    P.S. What makes me curious is ~ what soo hyun will tell to hoon when he crazily looked for han seung hee. Hope that next episodes will show us a better storyline. PD-nim, SW-nim show us more hoon and the other doctor do cases or surgery in saving patients. And if it possible make our ship keep on sailing, jeballll!!

    To all Ddulbari couple team-mates, let’s keep watching! just click on FF button if u feel bored.. kkkkk ^___< V

  365. 365 : Saranya Says:

    Yes. I am also curious as to what soo hyun wanted to tell Park hoon after the surgery.. hope we get some answers to the dragging myseries in ep 11 🙂

  366. 366 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @anne : yes sis, dr.moon is so lovely. 😀 😀 how glad he is, when he knew that Hoon is the winner and keep saying “i love you” to him. Rotfl. I enjoyed the eps 9 because of dr.moon while my heart’s broke because of kissing scene. you know what? this is the first time i don’t like the kissing scene in a drama because i don’t like the first female lead. T.T

    Hoon is really really such a good doctor. he doesn’t care what is Jae Hee’s said. He open SooHyun’s eyes with saying, “Do it. Do you want to be a quack in the rest of your life?” , He trust her that she can do it. and eventhough they lose. hoon keep saying, “it doesn’t matter” , coz the important thing is the baby is safe. He indeed the real doctor.

    hope the next episode will be better from these two episodes. PD-nim, SW-nim, come on, you have to fix it. jebal!!

    keep fighting for HoonHyun Shipper 🙂

  367. 367 : Sparta Says:

    Park Hoon can have both actually 🙂

    Because Han Seung Hee is at North Korea, while Oh Soo Hyun, at South Korea.

    Han Seung Hee may have very hard time if Song Jae Hee is still alive.

  368. 368 : tiffy Says:

    Guys i uploaded another video for the hoonhyun couple, it’s entitled you belong with me, cuz yeah we all know hoon belongs with Quack, here;s the link below:
    🙂 Hoonhyung team, let’s stay strong, aja! aja!

  369. 369 : rairamegumi Says:

    I’m happy because the rating down…lol
    we all know the reason of this…

    quack-hoon fighting

  370. 370 : rairamegumi Says:

    but I dunno how K-nets’ reaction about these couple..do they like hoon-hyun or hoon-hee..
    can someone tell me about this?
    but seeing from the down rating, I can see that K-nets prefer hoon-hyun…lol

  371. 371 : tiffy Says:

    yeah me too, maybe this will open the eyes of the production team.

  372. 372 : rainbow Says:

    @anne 364: Hi Anne!! long time no see…i thought u already converted your FAITH to Jae hee’s ship…hahhaha, jk!! coz i saw other anne with the ‘a’ but apparently this is the real our quack anne (“,)

    yeah, same here! just because its LJS im excited to watch the episode 1&2 but was so surprise with the uninteresting female lead. My expectation dropped whether i should wait till this DS finished airing. But then, when Soo hyun suddenly appeared in episode 3, i must admit that she’s brilliantly stole my attention with her character. She’s stellar!! i think most of the majority also think the same way coz if we take a good look at the ratings, it rose up during episode 3.
    Hope they dont mess up with her character in the next episode otherwise this drama will suffer from the low ratings again!! im sure the production team know that there are a huge quacks around the globe (“,)

    @tiffy @sweeeta_chocolate @maknae and to all the quacks: yo, quacks, lets stick together, shall we?!!!

  373. 373 : yeonwoo Says:

    I hate episode 10 when Hoon abandoned Soo Hyun in the cafe just prefer Seung Hee at least.
    Soo Hyun, i dont know how to say about this girl, this girl really really great. Sorry for my bad english but seriously this is a badass girl for me despite SeungHee isnt a badass for me since beginning.

    @rairamegumi Knetizen also looking forward for the development of Quack Couple and the story. Like Chinese fans in weibo too, they are angry when episode 10 was beyond their expectation

  374. 374 : me_nina Says:

    WOW!!! my estimates come true~ Debak!!! before this drama aired, i said that this drama can’t success if Jin Se Hyun as the main actress. that’s just my opinion because Jin Se Hyun can’t catch my heart with her act until now. but… look at the rating’e ep 10… become lower than before, right? for me it’s because of Jin Se Hyun but maybe for people it’s because the story. So..Many people support Park Hoon >< Soo Hyun couple. Fighting Quack Couple!

  375. 375 : anne Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte 366
    Yeah.. he made me laugh a lot.. uri lovely moon sonsaeng… !! 😀 😀
    Yes… I skip that scene… just forward it!! Well compare the kissing scene with the scene when Hoon held hyun’s shaky hand to make her calm in the surgery room, it’s more touching and made my heart so trembling and flutering. I can feel how soo hyun felt so nervous in that situation. The chemistry, ow, it’s very well.

    @rainbow 372
    hiiiii… rainbow!! My Ddulbari team-mate, yay it’s me!!!
    No, I didn’t. I’m still on the same ship, hoon-hyun ship. Support them ’till the end!! 😀

    Me too, the first two episodes, it’s because I wanna see LJS as a doctor in action. Then I almost wanna give up watching, then yeah hyun’s character, 500 won’s little girl, Dr. Moon on screen ~ I changed my mind.
    But SW-nim dropped a bomb on ep 9-10, hahahhahaa…. hate that thing! Eventhough, not the whole story, like I told before, I’m glad ep 9-10 still gave me a worthy scenes to watch. Let’s see next episodes, hope the story improves better.

  376. 376 : aqila Says:

    I have to told you guys,the rating down not because HoonHee scene.if you know the grafik of rating..you will spechless because in HoonHee scene,the grafik getting up.;-)and K-netizen still love Dr.Stranger because 4 caracter in Dr.Stranger,(Han seung hee”3″,Song jae hee”6″,cha jin so”8″,Park hoon”9″)stil on top 10 fav search in Naver.HoonHee Shippers fighting_because we HeartBeat couple..we on the right side.

  377. 377 : aqila Says:

    Ah..and the baby operation.maybe you don’t hear HAN SEUNG HEE/SONG JAE HEE voice.Yes,Oh Sohyun can get back Park hoon in the operation room,but..in this scene,still jae hee voice effect, can make Park hoon has the right decision.if you,don’t trust me?just rewatching that scene.’i love Soohyun caracter,but just bestfriend/older sister for Park Hoon,since inside drama she’s 32 age.Park Hoon 28 age,Jae hee/Seung hee 27 age,and Jae joon 33 age.

  378. 378 : salma mhdh Says:

    i think that park hoon knows everything and he is taking the president’s side to reveal the real intention of the prmier and even his evil way to be on the top 😮 am i right ^_^

  379. 379 : lely saula Says:

    I love QUACK COUPLE!!!

  380. 380 : Andy Says:

    These people’s standard of English here is very atrocious. Please do yourselves a favour by not posting anything. Otherwise, learn some English.

  381. 381 : Andy Says:

    Post in your native tongue. Perhaps. Save us the suffering.

  382. 382 : aqila Says:

    I know you talk about me XD.Sorry for my bad english,but I can’t stop post anything in here..i will try my best for HoonHee couple,because ‘im falling in love with them.HoonHee couple Fighting..;-)

  383. 383 : rory Says:

    Ahhh seriously, shipping thingy is really not my main focus everytime I watched KDs..but if I wanna talk about shipping, from both Hoon/Hee or Hoon/Hyun TBH still I won’t shipped both..LOL! If JH/SH was a spy from NK then poor PH who crazy in love with JH and also SH disappoints me with her unprofessional work as a doctor tho I like her acting more than JSY..I really wish she will focus on her work more with upgrading her skills without involving herself in love with PH coz it will be soooooo lame!!!
    BTW, the karaoke scene is cute..

    And I was curious about Jae Joon’s character, tho we already sure he wants to take a revenge for his late father but still he makes me interested to know more..I like his character..IMO, this role is definitely better than MFAS..And for Chung Yi, girl please, stop concern about PH anymore coz I feel poor the way PH treating her after she did so many things already..Obviously she has a feeling too towards PH but come on CY, u deserve a better person than PH okay..

  384. 384 : Sunny Says:

    Sigh Sigh Sigh -.-
    I started watching this drama coz of JinSeYeon (coz she’s pretty and ends up dying in most of her dramas) I was even disappointed when I realized Kang Sora would be there, thinking she would be the lead.
    And NOWW I’ve gone crazy. I want SoHyun to end up with Hoon. I don’t mind JH or HSH but I prefer SoHyun!!! Thanks to the writer, you gave me hopes and now WHAT IS HAPPENING? you don’t even show SoHyun much and she’s being ignored?? sigh…
    Well I still got my hopes up even though I have a feeling that I’m on the wrong ship 🙁 coz Hoon hasn’t looked at the real CD he took (HSH’s record) And they haven’t showed Hoon or us HSH’s scar! SOO I’m still crossing my fingers (even tho my gut is telling me HSH is JH 🙁 )

  385. 385 : niczej Says:

    I watched the show Roommate just to ease the sadness… hahaha…

    Quack Couple Fighting!

  386. 386 : kenami Says:

    i love quack couple more than anything in this drama…

  387. 387 : zeez22 Says:

    Andy, I think you are kind of mean. Don’t put others down like this… we are not learning english on this site… we are just expressing our views on the various dramas. If u think that a particular comment’s english is bad, don’t read then. Move on. I hope you can leaen to respect others.

  388. 388 : zeez22 Says:

    Waiting patiently for the next 2 eps, can’t believe I am waiting for Monday and wanting my weekends to end quickly… I hope the ratings can be better, a little upset that it has dropped…Hoon really can’t differentiate his first love from that spy? Or they are the same person?

  389. 389 : Saranya Says:

    I am waiting for next 2 eps. The dramas future hangs on next 2 episodes.

    1. Hoon has to come out of his first love madness
    2. Soo hyun has to realize her feelings for hoon and express her feelings to hoon so that he starts thinking about soo hyun instead of jae hee..
    3. Hope hoon comes to live with soo hyun in her new apartment..

    Gosh!!! Am I too optimistic…??????????

  390. 390 : Sandar Says:

    Quack couple fighting

  391. 391 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:


    Spoiler Dr. Stranger Eps 11


  392. 392 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    There’s no doubting it. The quack duo is the best deal here.

    But if it doesn’t happen between them, this production will go down in the history of k-dramas as the resurrection and re-sinking of the Titanic. The screenwriter’s name to bear the captain’s mantle.

  393. 393 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    I have wondered why I don’t feel empathy for any of Jin Se Yun’s characters. Didn’t feel it in Bridal Mask, Five Fingers or Inspiring Generation where her character sacrificed herself for her love.

    I have nothing against her. She appeared in Running Man, and seemed nice.

  394. 394 : Longan Says:

    I think Quack get that apartment for her and JJ. Sorry cos’ I would really love it if it is destined to be for Quack & PH.

    Well, I am not going to worry if my Hoon-Quack ship sink. Don’t get me wrong cos I’m not giving up yet. What I am saying is. if it sink, it gonna sink like that Titanic ship. Sink but forever remembered by this drama lovers. I believe the DS Production Team will forever remember this too.

    Yehaaaaa 🙂

  395. 395 : Longan Says:

    @Waving not Drowning

    Heyy, gimme 5 pls! hahahaha

  396. 396 : Saranya Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte thanks much for the link.. what a cute post..

  397. 397 : mercy fernandez Says:

    Quack couple fighting!

  398. 398 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @saranya : u’re welcome, sis ^^

  399. 399 : rainbow Says:

    @sweeta_chocolate: aaaww…so sweet!!

    @waving not drowning: the resinking of titanic??…ahahhaaha lol!!
    I only watched her in five fingers though, but nothing impress me much. She desperately needs improvement.

    @longan : and even if our hoonhyun ship is sinking at the end, well..at least I know which one does better in acting. The one that moves me emotionally

    Did anyone watch medical top team?? I thought KSW ended up with JRW. but NO!! KSW ended up with OYS, the 2nd lead actress. But she did good job. So it didnt matter. Everyone were satisfied!

  400. 400 : Saranya Says:

    Throughout the episodes HSH gives the same blink blink reaction. Does she know to act..????? on the other hand I am watch Ugly Alert where Kang Sora rocks with her acting.. she also received an award for this drama… soo hyun fighting!!!!

  401. 401 : rainbow Says:

    @nicjez 385: oh, Roommate!! what episode are u up to? im up to 5. yessss!! its a pleasure to watch this reality show after all this constant shipping war battle.

    @saranya 400: i think i know what u mean. Out of my curiosity, i clicked the link of Jin Se Yun’s name above in this KD org. (right in this thread). i am so surprised to read all the comments that already posted since 2012. Most of them are negatives. i also click kang so ra’s link in this website. many comments also posted since 2012. It explains a lot then. Therefor, it obviously the production fault to choose this actress as a main role. if only she did good in this DS drama, this shipping war thing wouldn’t happen since the very first place. Just saying!
    see you soon all Quacks (^_^)

  402. 402 : sooleeyah Says:

    yeah…it’s monday
    dulbari ….otoke
    dulbari…..bo go si pho
    dulbari…..sa rang hae
    the end………..

  403. 403 : ncy1611 Says:

    lee jong suk saranghae :* <3

  404. 404 : yeonwoo Says:

    they already dropped the preview and it was intensed. I guess Soo Hyun will get tangled with the real problem from Hoon and NK. Well, since Soo Hyun is the daughter of the president’s hospital that have a big secret with the prime minister.
    The bad thing is Soo Hyun will have Seung Hee as her roommate since they leased the same house but please, i think it’s Agent Cha’s plan to make the coincidencitial thing when seung hee and soo hyun leased the same house. I still believing about what the first script that the pdnim already told us that she will fall for him in the first place and he will fall for her in the second place. Hoon maybe still focus with first love problem but the real love will come soon as the story makes a sense again ( if the writer really lost his mind and make the things becomes absurd, so i could slap him instead i burn SBS’s building for making me dissapointed)

    i’m still rooting for quack couple instead. ALthough it will be annoying for me to hear, Hoonaa, Hoonaaa, Jae Hee yaaa, Jae Hee yaa
    errrr, i wnat to vomit :S

  405. 405 : anne Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte 391
    Cute spoiler… want more 😀 😀

  406. 406 : anne Says:

    For all of you guys
    Preview ep 11

    Ddulbari couple yayy!!


  407. 407 : anne Says:

    @yeonwoo 404
    LOL 😀 😀
    I’m absolutely agree with u!!
    Let’s hope for our ship!!
    Don’t let the SW-nim ruin our ship, if he do that… I’ll hate him forever and won’t watch his future drama… LOL 😀

    FYI DS have two screen writers, I’m thinking that is it because of there are two heads create the script of this drama ~ that’s why the story twisted. Maybe… it’s only my opinion.

  408. 408 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @anne : aargggghhh.. the preview make me crazy, sis >_< … can't wait, can't wait..

    btw i miss maknaee 🙂 where is she right now? why did she didn't join with us? hohohoho

  409. 409 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    i get this too


  410. 410 : rainbow Says:

    Woo hoo, Quacks!!
    Get ready to sail (“,)
    cant wait for the english sub.
    Yo, tiffy!! Looking forward for ur next clip…ha ha

    Million thanks to SW&crew *bow

    Gonna sleep like a baby through the night…Zzz

  411. 411 : John Says:

    The lead man acts like a spoiled little brat. If he loved his girlfriend so much,how come he can’t tell them apart?? This drama makes no sense because of the senator. He made people compete for his surgery. Why not just get the surgery from hoon?

  412. 412 : yeonwoo Says:

    well, tonight is good and well the writernim really made a great balance between two ship. At least i want more Quack again T.T
    but i think soo hyun is in denial. She isnt wavering about Jaejoon acts in the last minute.
    She just leave Jaejoon aftera rguing with him because of Hoon. Hoon is the one that took away the ice princess’ heart since beginning.
    and i have a premonition she will protect Hoon so hard rather than Seung Hee. I hope she doesnt put herself in danger because Hoon just protects Seung Hee despte Seung Hee will try to make hoon believe that She is real jae hee

  413. 413 : niczej Says:

    @rainbow 401
    I’m at Roommate episode 5 and soon Roommate Episode 6 will be release today.. I think.. 🙂

  414. 414 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    Doctor Stranger – OST. Part 5


  415. 415 : rairamegumi Says:

    ep 11, is it worth watching?…
    I can’t stand if there’s a lot of hoon-hee scenes…lol

  416. 416 : rairamegumi Says:

    I’m watching Ugly Alert to release my stress coz watching this drama…lolol

  417. 417 : Kfan Says:

    @rairamegumi #415

    Ep 11 is worth watching. It looks like the production team have picked up on what went wrong during the previous two episodes and tried to make amend for that.

    Still, not really an episode where the Hoon-Hyun ship set sail again either. The love angles between the four main characters are about to become more and more complex; you get the feeling that HSH’s and HJJ’s romantic roles are being played on the audiences’ soft side, but still not to the level that you would like them which is pretty realistic in my opinion.

    I like the fact that you can feel that Dr. Oh is now on the center stage in regard to this story’s romance instead of HSH. Though, I could be wrong since I pretty much root for the Quack couples, LoL.


  418. 418 : yeonwoo Says:

    spoiler for episode 12
    for me right now, hoon is such a idiot for me. he ignored the patient only to protect Seung Hee who just showed her evil side. Hahaha, poor Hoon. If you decide to spend your life with Jae Hee, you will be able to kill people. If you decide to spend your life as doctor and with quack, you will know how to be a real doctor like your father said.
    well for quack shipper, sorry friend, the writer just made a less scene between them but the most important thing, Soo Hyun already realized her feelings to Hoon and making Jae hee feels so uneasy :))
    There’s four week again that we will watch about the development of hoon with how to be a good doctor and how he will fall for her in the second place and how Hoon will realize that he has been deceived by his first love 🙂

  419. 419 : rairamegumi Says:

    @yeonwoo: aish…feel more depressed after reading the spoiler…lol
    how come such a genius doctor become such an idiot…

  420. 420 : rairamegumi Says:

    @Kfan: anyway thanks for the info..but I think I’ll pending this drama for a while till the story gets better…lol

  421. 421 : Torri Says:

    Can the jae hee just die or something so the show can move on because honestly I can’t stand her to me without her the show will still just be ok can someone just kill her for me please I mean she is making the hoon fall back as doctor ,they have zero chemistry even so I really don’t get her roll here I mean mr writer can u killer her character pleaase

  422. 422 : rairamegumi Says:

    it’s rare, on tuesday the rating increase..it’s usually down on tue..is it because of quack moment?…just wondering…lol

  423. 423 : zeez22 Says:

    Just finished ep 12… Finally like JJ, at least he feels like a doc now and glad that his love towards Soo Hyun is real… A little disappointed with Hoon, he cant differentiate between his love and the spy… gonna wait for another week again… haiz…

  424. 424 : anna Says:

    please dont judge jae hee.everyone dont know what the behind reason.maybe she dont real his first love.but i think she really love hoon.she is maen role and must be together with hoon.producer dont make me dissapointed,if dont make them together please dont give jae hee a maen role potition.she is pretty than quack

  425. 425 : the gkg Says:

    anna Says——–i agree with complatelly

  426. 426 : the gkg Says:

    jae hee is the best actress make us love her then hate her that mean she is such agreat actress

  427. 427 : Sunny Says:

    yayyy..the rating goes up a little?! 🙂 I like ep 12!!even though there was not much “quack moments” I’m happy for Hoon’s final decision! I hope “love triangle” really comes for hoon, quack and JJ as they said. Really hoping it would be similar to May Queen, since this is already ep12 and Hoon is still after HSH. I hope HSH is not JH. don’t wanna feel bad for shipping quacks couple.

  428. 428 : FansAll Says:

    Doctor Stranger forum at Soompi was shut down.

  429. 429 : Violet88 Says:

    I practically skipped ep 9 & 10 because i can’t stand too many seung hee/jae her n hoon moment. In ep 11 they created more hoonhyun moment which i think a bit random, but a hoonhyun shipper i’ll take it n appreciate it as it is.. Kamsahamida director/writer/editor nim..

    And ep 12 i love the scene btw seung hee n soo hyun where soo hyun can’t help but smiling when she’s talking about hoon.. She’s indeed in love with him already.. 🙂
    And the ending when hoon decided to help jae joon with the surgery was really great, i’m so proud of him..

    I officially announce that i hate prime minister jang, director oh, agent cha and seung hee character..

  430. 430 : tiffy Says:

    @rainbow 410
    Lol, yup! i am looking forward to the quack moments coming up, haven’t watched it yet, yupee can’t wait! 🙂 And yes, ill be viding! 🙂

  431. 431 : tigerb Says:

    for dramatic purpose, in the closing scenes of ep. 12, the doctors around the operating table were made to look up in defiance. if it were not a drama, there would be another medical accident or a probability of a table death. whatever, i am enjoying this series.

  432. 432 : Myscha Says:

    I very hate Han Seung Hee character…..N i very miss Song Jae Hee…are han seung hee is really song jae hee 100%…???

  433. 433 : NONIM Says:

    just want to say…for me..
    1. Han Seung Hee is Song Jae Hee..
    2. Hope PM’s right hand man will help Hoon and Jae Hee
    3. Like SooHyun Jae joon Couple..
    4. Last but not least Really..really LOVE HoonHee couple.. 😀

  434. 434 : NONIM Says:

    just question..
    Why many people like SooHyun Hoon couple???

  435. 435 : zeez22 Says:

    cos they look happy together! 🙂

  436. 436 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    Ep 13 preview

  437. 437 : reindeer song Says:

    My little tidbit, I think Jahee is being brainwashed by the North Korean Agent handler, he has filled her head with lies regarding Park Hoon, like killing her parents. She does not realize the truth, but again she should have some understanding, they had escape together, she saw herself shot and fell into the river, also Hoon. Still have a little hope.

  438. 438 : Johnsinn Says:

    Fighting hoonhae<3

  439. 439 : Violet88 Says:

    Omo.. Hoon got a new hair cut in ep 13! Very cute :).. Need translation now……

  440. 440 : sparkle Says:

    Seung hee, jae hee, seung hee, jae hee
    Can somebody just shoot her in the head??
    Her constant deception makes me wonder whether she loves hoon or not.

  441. 441 : venny Says:

    I Like and I love Lee jeong suk with Jin se hyun Couple
    Hoon and jae hee

  442. 442 : NONIM Says:

    after Ep 13..just wondering.. did writer put love triangle between Hoon-Hyun-Joon just for keep Hyun in story..because her background story had been reveal before… if that the case, i dislike it…why not make more developing for her character..like her passion to be a good doctor..i dislike her..cos right now her character to me just a wishy-washy person over love.. 😡

  443. 443 : kayla Says:

    Love Hoon-Hyoen couple.

  444. 444 : kayla Says:

    Look at the posters and pictures of this drama, soo hyoen
    is just beside hoon 😉

  445. 445 : Juana love Says:

    Hoon-Hyoen couple all the way👍👍👍👍

  446. 446 : niczej Says:

    Quack Couple Fighting…! 🙂

  447. 447 : yeonwoo Says:

    It is funny isnt when people started to call last night episode was a kind of fan service. when people started to blame Quack shipper because last nigh episode was such an iritating because it’s the story of SooHyun. Poor KSR, because her acting is so good, people started to bash her. Dont worry, Sora. we are here for you !
    The ratings are good but decreased only a little bit slice
    AGB: 11.6% (+0.1) 13.1% (+0.4)
    TNmS: 11.4% (+0.3) 13.6 % (-0.5)

  448. 448 : NONIM Says:

    LOve Ockoala opinion…
    Drama..don’t just be fanservice please…

  449. 449 : sashihara Says:

    Still don’t understand why there’s people who still root for han seung hee/jae hee. She can’t act -___- nice decision for the writer to get rid of her soon.

    it’s getting better though. The most boring eps is 9-10 when the drama full about han seung hee.

  450. 450 : sashihara Says:

    @yeonwoo can’t agree more with u sis. for me it’s not because kang sora. It’s just this han seung hee character really iritating me. So, fan service or not, it’s better to keep it up like this.

  451. 451 : sashihara Says:

    @yeonwoo can’t agree more with u sis. for me it’s not because kang sora. It’s just this han seung hee character really iritating me. So, fan service or not, it’s better to keep it up like this. Hoon – soohyun.

  452. 452 : NONIM Says:

    maybe that for you @sashihara, but for me at least developing of story is there..not some scene that just have a little contributing for whole story..

    i don’t think SH/JH can’t act..at least for me when she cry at ep 10 i am cry with her…but who knows i am not an expert here to judge someone acting..

  453. 453 : sashihara Says:


    but this is what we called developing of story. If u think developing of story is hoon being control as a puppet by spy because of his girlfriend, and the first love who will never end whatever happen even if his girlfriend isn’t his girlfriend anymore, i’m sorry but i disagree.
    Be real, seung hee isn’t old jae hee. even if she is jae hee, she already changed. I can root for hoon and old jae hee, but not hoon and seung hee.

    Plus, imo, JSY act so poorly.
    I’m not an expert too, but i joined theatre club since junior high school, and well.. so far i don’t like JSY acting in this drama.

  454. 454 : reindeer song Says:

    I’ve just noticed Jin Se Yun (SH/JH) is still as stiff and motionless as she was in Inspiring Generations. Can’t say I see improvements, could it be her age 20? But again actors 20 does some great work.

  455. 455 : maknaee Says:

    Yay! I’m back! Holaaaaa, where’s my lovely Hoon&Hyun fellas?

    Gonna watch this drama again, starting from eps 9 hahahaha

  456. 456 : Quacks Says:

    I must admit: I really loooooove this episode!!

    Jae hee/seung hee or whoever you are…who do you think you are? Try to forbid hoon to do the surgery? Glad hoon quickly gained his conscience and chose to ignore her when they were together in same lift.
    what other plan she&the lollipop man plan to set him up? Shame on you guys using his mom to fool him this time.
    She even made our hoon cried in front of his computer and she just staring dumbfounded.

    Yess!! I fall in love with Quack since her first appearance. She’s the one who picking up hoon doctor’s gown from the trash bin so I’ll take that as a foreshadowing that quack will be the one that save hoon the way hoon give her confidence. She’s the real doctor anyhow!

    I know she’s joon’s fiance but she’s doubting his sincerity all long because his intension is to take revenge. And poor hyun, she’s the only one who cried when hoon got fired and with all the flash back played lee ki chan’s song at the background while hoon take what joon said that hyun like him only as a joke. I wonder what she’s trying to say since episode 9. Well, whatever Quack wants to say its better to confess honestly rather than have a fake feeling.

  457. 457 : niczej Says:

    @ 455 maknaee whats up! ^^ were here hehehe..

    Hoon-Hyun Fighting!

  458. 458 : jangmi Says:

    i’ve always loved lee jong suk since School 2013 and i’d say it’s the main reason why i’m watching this series. but as much as i love him, i can’t seem to be comfortable with the female lead. it’s not really my thing to doubt female lead actresses in k-dramas but this one’s different. the female lead don’t seem to have the “take” for a female lead. She even got a face that makes me hard to remember . . ugh

  459. 459 : Wee Says:

    I like his new hair style

  460. 460 : deeya Says:

    Really love ep 13.
    Fan service? I dont think so
    Read the synopsis.

    #458 *Jangmi
    I suggest you to watch ‘my daughter the flower’ ‘bridal mask’ and ‘inspiring generation’ if you not know jin se yun yet. For Kang Sora, I only watch ‘ugly alert’ and I fall in love with her.

  461. 461 : Kfan Says:

    HSH’s role is becoming more and more secondary, methinks. Her being frustrated all the time and jealous of Dr. Oh’s love for Hoon, the less screen time and whatnot. I mean, I could swear that looking purely at the characters and their respective scripts, you would think that Dr. Oh appears like the lead female. Hee Hee. ^^

    Here’s hoping that the plot involving Hoon’s mom will bring the quacks couple together again at MW hospital and somehow open Hoon’s eyes to his increasing feeling, yet still unknown to himself, for Dr. Oh; he said it himself, eh?, that Dr. Oh share the old Jae Hee’s similarities.

    Ps. Does anyone know if the Stethoscope that was given to Dr. Oh by Hoon is indeed his father’s? That’s some valuable stuff to give to Dr. Oh; could it have the same meaning as the bracelet that JH/HSH once have, but gave it away to Dr.Oh’s dying mom just to make a point that she isn’t JH?


  462. 462 : person Says:

    I would really love this drama if the lead actress is not jin se yun. Geez. Mr director, you should be cast a better and a true actress. -___- . Its really unfortunate. The PD is jin hyuk. He is such a great PD and all his drama is good. But this one not good as the old drama he ever made because the lead actress is no improvement and didnt look like a lead actress at all.

  463. 463 : adela Says:

    Han Seung Hee & comrade Cha…. fightinggggggg! Cha is quite a sexy man 🙂

  464. 464 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @maknaee : SISTAAAAA….!!!!!! BOGOSHIPOYO JINJJA!!! 😀 😀 kkk

  465. 465 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    check this out! *rolling* >__<


  466. 466 : maknaee Says:


    good! the ship is solid! xD


    nado nado nado ♥~~~~~ I’m busy with my college entrance exam and sooo left behind this show.

    whut? Hoon got new haircut? Love the pic you share! He’s so damn hot *Q*

  467. 467 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    omo, ur entrance exam? how’s it? you did it well?
    btw, where do u come from? what college you choose? kkk *too many questions* 😀

    LJS is hot as always. His new hair make him more damn hot. but, i don’t know why i don’t like his hairstyle. he’s like a high school student right now, like Park Soo Ha (more younger than Park Soo Haa i guess. LOL), not like a genius doctor.

    Hmm.. it’s just my own opinion. kkkkk 🙂

  468. 468 : reindeer song Says:

    Sweeta_Chocolatte, remember an old medical drama in America call Trapper John MD, Gregorry Harrison character was exactly like Hoon, he dressed inappropriately, he was a carefree doctor, who was a genius when it come to his diagnosis, Hoon character is loosely based. Several nights ago I was watching my sister VHS tapes, she loved that drama, she has every episode, then I remembered this drama.

    From his perspective,having come from NK, with so many rules and regulations, buttoned down and always done thing by the book or someone telling him what to do, he is rebelling, he follow his own drummer, that’s cool!!!!! Love, Love It. He wants to stand out be it his dress code or whatever.

  469. 469 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    reinder :

    jinjja? but i never heard the old drama yet. Sorry, sis 🙂 but, i read some articles from soompi, Doctor Stranger based on novel..

    here they are,

    muizzupr said:
    I read the novel sypnosis a korean blogger wrote. Of course it is in hangul, so I use the best online translator I get. But I promise to write the complete sypnosis after my korean friend come home For know, this is what I can tell you:
    The novel is very good and even won an award because of the story (mostly because of unordinary plot and unpredictable ending) That’s what I understand.
    Then there’s some major difference with the drama. Like Jae Hee is only fiancé, not a pregnant wife. In novel Song Jae Hee is Hoon’s pregnant wife, and they separated in China when trying to escape to SK
    But actually the novel has political story too.
    I have opened several page and tried to translated it to English by online translator. even it’s hard to understand, every single article about the novel I read always saying: Park Hoon, the hero of the story, is a charming, genius, but a single-minded person. What’s so special from him is his unwavering love for his wife.
    And what surprises me is, not only Moon Chae Won who gave the review on the back cover, but also Lee Jong Suk! I didn’t notice it before.
    Because the novel itself is an award winning story, they can’t just make a whole different story and say that it is based on novel while they only use the character’s name right?
    Unless… the crazy fans really say they will kill them

  470. 470 : rairamegumi Says:

    so now, this drama gets its sense back…
    should I watch this drama again?….after a long hiatus…lol

  471. 471 : reindeer song Says:

    Sweeta_Chocalatte, Yes, this drama is based on a novel of the same name. In the novel Hoon escaped to China, his pregnant wife never made it out, he gave up and became dispondent, he was given another chance to do good by saving many live for 1bil yen, his wife I think chose to stay with the guy who helped her over the years with his son. That is the general gist of the book.

    I was talking about the character and Hoon’s interpretation reminded me of Dr.Gonzo of this medical drama.
    The book ending was very sad, I hope the writers wil give us a happy ending.

  472. 472 : reindeer song Says:

    Check out Amazon for the english translation of this book. My friend we read it together.

  473. 473 : aqila Says:

    I love ep. 14..my HoonHee feels:;-)

  474. 474 : maknaee Says:


    I think.. yes, I did it pretty well. But Idk the result yet, hope I passed it *fingers crossed*

    I’m from Indonesia^^ Jember University. My first major choice was Accounting, in case you want to know more :p How about you?

    Kinda agree with you. It makes him hotter, but looks like I fall for his messy hair more. The messy hair really suits his ‘water boy’ and free-styled doctor images.

  475. 475 : maknaee Says:


    Yes~ At least if this drama were gone insane again, you can try watching High School King of Savvy. Its first episode was amusing kkk

  476. 476 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @maknaee :

    what? u from indonesia? eottokae? me too, from indonesia. Medan, North Sumatra. OMG!!!!! can’t believe it!!!! really really nice to meet you. what’s your real name, sis? I’m Kristin 😀

    aku kuliah di Universitas Negri Medan, jurusan matematika. udah mau lulus, sis. tinggal nunggu meja hijau. 🙂
    seneng bgt bisa ketemu org indo disini. gak nyangka bgt. astaga astaga!!! *rolling*

    (mian kalo aku gak pake b.inggris, soalnya krg begitu lancat. sorry, sis 🙂 maklum ya. hehehe)

  477. 477 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @reindeer :

    omo, yeah. i hope so, SW nim give us a happy ending, Hoon’s happiness.

    amazon? if you don’t mind, can you give the link, please sis? hehehe

  478. 478 : kekemato Says:

    ahhh aku suka hoonhyun couple gara gara video fanmade di youtube tapi ternnyta sora unnie bukan main castnya .. ahhh sedih padahal mereka cocok banget love banget deh buat hoonhyun couple (maaf yh leeteuk oppa mian juga hyesung-sooha fans)

  479. 479 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @kekemato : fanmade? ada link nya gak sis? hehehe. HoonHyun cute kan sis? aku suka histeris sendiri kalo udh ngeliat kedekatan mereka.
    pas Hoon potong rambut, knp SooHyun ga ada kasi komentar?? Entah ekspresi malu2 gitu menunjukkan dia suk. hahahaha 😀

    aku jg fans nya HyeSung-SooHa.. fans beratnya. hahaha 😀

  480. 480 : kayla Says:

    Love ep 13 & 14.
    although im hoon-hyun shipper
    but i think we start to know the reason jae hee became North spy. And that she did it to protect hoon. In that scene, i think she deserve to get hoon back. Poor So hyun. Still hoping the happy ending for hoon-hyun o_o

  481. 481 : chloe Says:

    the president is also involve?
    I like Dr Quack.. but i also love jae hee…

  482. 482 : maknaee Says:



    Ah… jinjja? Yet it’s far enough, North Sumatera to East Java xixi. I’m Agnes~~

    Nice to meet you too… eonni? Jeongmal bangapta-ya~

    Gwaenchana~ Okay then, I’ll use our mother language too.

    Semangaaat eon, sidangnya masih nunggu batch kah? Asek asek, entah kenapa berasa ketemu temen lama/?


    Here’s another Indonesian wkwkwk. You must be BAP Daehyun’s fan, right? :p

  483. 483 : maknaee Says:


    Lucky you! You wouldn’t mind who’s going to end up with Hoon ’cause you love both the lead girls~~

  484. 484 : Quacks Says:

    Long time no see maknaee, sweet_ chocolatte,nicjez

    @maknaee : have u watched big man finale? For the first time ever BM successfully defeated DS rating!FINALLY! Its becoz of its finale perhaps. Congratz to BM team anyway.

    Excuse me for being away for a while. I’m losing my interest to this drama from episode 13/14. They keep flipping the characters since eps 10 sadly because of the shipping’ sake.

    Okay. So now seung hee IS actually jae hee. Through many surgery she is finally able to erase all the marks (in NK hospital precisely??). She studied anesthesiologist at same time as being a trained spy within 2 years??. She’s critically ill due to high fever in the concentration camp and happened to have a heart transplant before that.and oh yeah, lets not forget that she also got shot and fell to the cold Budapest river. Let me tell you, this girl is surely incredibly immortal!! Wow..Daebakkk… *hats off

    Hey hoona, stop playing with quack then! Its not only causing poor hyun in complicated feelings between JJ and you but also a big big confusion to all the shipper!! And Joona, stop treating poor hyun with your hidden revenge. A bag is not enough to buy sincerity, you know! hope joon&hoon could resolve the rivalry issue between them and start to realize hyun as a respectable woman.

    from what I know there are many differences between the novel&drama. If Jae hee at the end married to another man, I do hope the drama ends likewise. everytime hoonhyun together the atmosphere is always happy while everytime hoonhee together there’s a feeling of bitterness that always tangled with the past.

    I know this is only drama. People say dont take it seriously. Yeah, Its up to DS team to decide the ending. But as a quacker I wish hoon should embrace hyun once again and listen to her heartbeat and say maybe you are my soul mate (Eps 3) *talk is cheap!

    thanks for reading this and sincerely apologize for my subjectivity. Just couldnt help it.

  485. 485 : hyunhyun Says:

    @Quacks says: I agree with you like 10000x. You said all I want to say. <3

    I will go kill the writers if they just got us all excited for hoonhyun moments for nothing in the end. Now that Jaehee is real Jae hee, we can't do anything. It makes me feel bad to ship hoonhyun. it's all about the writers who started this mess…now I hope they know how to settle everything regarding the two fan groups fights on every episodes.

  486. 486 : yeonwoo Says:

    There’s a spoiler in soompi that telling the SooHyun will die in the end because of her dad. I mean like karma that will happen to her. Like she will be shot by the gun and Hoon will feel nothing to her. The one who saying this spoiler assure that Jaehee will end up with Hoon with making SooHyun sacrifice herself. The one who saying this spoiler is a close friend of DS staff.
    Poor SooHyun, Poor quack couple. She knows nothing about her dad’s secret,Hoon and SeungHee realtionship and Jaejoon’s revenge. If she die in the end, i will send the writer into a deep ocean. THIS IS NOT FAIR !!!!!

  487. 487 : yeonwoo Says:

    i’m still angry with that spoiler. How rude and wasted if the writer will make our quack sacrife herself because her ignorance about everything. For me, she is a light for Hoon dark life, her father and Jaejoon. I accepted SeungHee is Jaehee but please, making SooHyun die in the end ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME WRITER ??? i have read the books and yes, the ending is so sad even i cant type and blink because of that ending, i assure fans will cry in the end. But please, make a happy ending to Hoon not miserable and always smiling when he’s around his Quack T.T
    I’m so frustated and depressed T.T

  488. 488 : maknaee Says:

    Just finished eps 14, finally, I’m catching up with this drama~

    I try not to pay much attention on Hoon&Hee bittersweetstupid moments. Now I know why she became a spy, the mission… wew, she’s trying to protect Hoon and her mother. Good girl, but it’s not moving my heart yet.

    I’m always praying for Hoon&Hyun ship, but if Hoon still choose Jae-hee over Soo-hyun, let her be happy with Jae-joon. I can’t help but swoooooning over Jae-joon’s words to Soo-hyun; “My feelings for you is sincere.”

    *** Love ‘pervert’ Kim Chi-gyu with Chang-yi together… sooo much~~

    *** Hoon’s calling Jae-joon ‘this hyung’ when he eats curry at Jae-Hee&Soo-hyun’s house <3

    *** Ah! I remember where I've seen Hoon's new hairstyle; he has it on High Kick 3. I miss his bickering days with Krystal and Kim Ji-won :p

    Btw, didn't Hoon cut his hair because of Soo-hyun's words? He listens what she says, unconsciously. Hoon, you better realize your feelings for Soo-hyun. Straighten it up, we have six episodes left.

    Jae-joon, you shouldn't misunderstand Park Chul. He isn't a bad person. Hope you know the truth soon so you won't have a grudge against him and Hoon.

  489. 489 : maknaee Says:


    Hi, Dolbari!~

    I don’t watch Big Man ’cause I will have SLS on Jin-ah’s character. Same case with Doctor Stranger, I love the second female lead more than the first one. So, who is going to end up with KJH?

    Uhh… calm down, dear. You can watch another drama for a while, maybe a funny one that could lighten your mind. I do acknowledged that sometimes this drama made me frustrated.

    Totally agree with what you said. Jae-hee’s really something. Even Do Min-joon’s slowly lose his power, immortality. Jae-hee’s power already exceeding the alien one. The power of love? LOL

    I hope you’ll comeback to this drama. Let’s face the ending together~~

  490. 490 : maknaee Says:



    Hajima writer-nim. Please don’t go that way…… I beg you…….

    Hngg.. lost of words.

  491. 491 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @maknaee : Agnes? Such a beautiful name. Love it! 🙂
    Ne Ne Ne… Nado. Nice to meet you too, saeng Hihihihihi 😀 😀 😀 ({})

    aku sempat berpikir jg Hoon potong rambut apa karna omongan SooHyun? Tp, knp SooHyun gak ada ngasi komentar apa2 ya ttg rambut baru Hoon? Entah kaget, entah senyum malu2, atau apalah ya kan?

    dan utk JaeJoon dan Hoon. Ya ampun, alangkah baiknya mereka itu bersahabat baik..

    Now I realized the reason why JaeHee being a spy. She tried to protect Hoon and his Mom. Good job, girl. But, what about SooHyun? Poor SooHyun T.T
    Hoon berusaha menegaskan perasaannya pada SooHyun itu tidak ada apa-apa. Poor Quack Couple 🙁 Aku masih ngarep mereka bersatu.. T_T

    Kadang jadi gak ngerti kenapa SW-nim bikin kita ngarep ketinggian begini lalu tiba2 jatuh lagi? aishh…

    ada yg buat aku bingung. Kalo tim operasi itu utk presiden lalu gmn dgn PM Jang? Bukannya dia jg ada sakitnya?

    @Quacks : Helloow hellow, you, sis… Long time no se you too 😀

    @yeonwoo : What? Really? Is that true SooHyun will die?? Oh My.. eotteokae? Why the SW-nim doing like that?
    Can’t believe it!! *cry* 🙁 🙁

    I hope SW-nim will give a happy ending for all people. for Hoon, Jae Joon, Jae Hee. Especially for SooHyun. please don’t make her die in the ending.
    I’ll be fine if she’s not end up with Hoon but don’t make her die. Poor SooHyun.. Poor SooHyun, really 🙁 i really really like her..

  492. 492 : kekemato Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte iya aku jadi suka banget sama mereka padahal itu juga karna iseng liatnnya hehehe .. banyak kok sis videonnya di youtube cari aja key wordnnya hoohyun nanti bertebaran fanmade viseonnya dari berbagai negara hehehehe

    @maknaee i’m not daehyun’s fans , i’m daehyun’s wife kekekeke^^

  493. 493 : yeonwoo Says:

    It’s only a spoiler but in case, there will be a possibility since i have known the writer really likes to have a troll with viewers. But if it’s true, how dissapointed and angry are quack fans when they see quack will die because of her dad’s fault especially korean and chinese fans.
    It’s really dissapointing and they should not make SooHyun feel that thingy to Hoon if she will be die in the end or get nothing.
    thanks for LJS, the rating is pretty good but it’s pretty sad the chemistry LJS with JYS are pretty bad T.T
    I cant feel nothing. No bashing !!

  494. 494 : jangmi Says:

    hello everyone.
    i’m still on episode 6. i might look stupid but can anyone please explain to me the kidney thing?
    we have two kidneys, both of JH’s are in bad shape. the other one was transplanted, does that mean REPLACED?
    it means she has still have two right? then what’s the point of having checked whether she has one or two??

  495. 495 : jangmi Says:

    okay, iv’e seen ep 7. it’s pretty clear now.

  496. 496 : Hyun Says:

    What??!! I mean if Hyun dies, her appearance in the drama, falling for hoon will become nothing. They didn’t even need to put her character since the beginning. I’m mad… I hope the writer won’t make us heart broken this much. Even if she has to die, make Hoon remembers her and regret for his entire life. Then I will be able to stand it a little. :(((

  497. 497 : no name Says:

    ndah suka bnget deh, ngeliat my Oppa Lee Jong Suk ( DR.Park Hoon) deket dgn Dr.Oh Soo Hyun. iyuhh 3-|

  498. 498 : hoonhyunfan Says:

    @no name

    WHAT?!! iyuhh???
    just shut up, ‘B’!

  499. 499 : maknaee Says:


    Aish jinjja, gomawooo eonni /.\ ~~~~

    It seems that PM Jang covers up his sickness intentionally, cause when public now that he’s sick it will makes him no different than President;
    sick = powerless. Poor political people…


    ah really? lucky you! :p


    Since you seem marathoning this drama, when you arrived at eps 14 you will know *uhh.. maybe?* *almost* everything including what the mission is. Fighting!~

    @no name @hoonyunfan

    LOL, just one word made me LOL-ing ‘iyuh’ hahahaha. @no name, you must be pretty childish to use that word. Peace~ :p

  500. 500 : maknaee Says:

    Doctor Stranger OST Part.6

    Park Jung Ah – Because of You

    *** listen online :

    *** download link :

    *** youtube link :

  501. 501 : jangmi Says:

    #ep 12

    Hats Off to both Park Hoon and Han Jae Joon for saving patient Lee Gyu Eun. They both became REAL DOCTORS. Kudos~!!

  502. 502 : rairamegumi Says:

    I gave this drama…wait for the ending, if it is hoon-hyun I’ll watch it but if it’s hoon-hee I’ll say goodbye to this drama…lololol

  503. 503 : rairamegumi Says:

    this is the first drama that I root for second female…

  504. 504 : Mary Says:

    I don’t even know who I should root for anymore. I like both of the actresses. I can feel their feelings toward Park Hoon. Anyways, I really hope that nobody dies at the end!

  505. 505 : niczej Says:

    Hello to all Hoon-Hyun shippers! ^^

    -watching Roommate to calm down.. 😀

  506. 506 : 翁美丽 Says:

    Kang soo ra is much better than jin se yun .. i prefer for second female !!

  507. 507 : Anne Says:

    This drama will be an epic failure internationally, if park Hoon does not end up with Jae Hee.
    The whole essence of the plot is about PH and JH.
    Forget acting. PH over acts. JH is ok. SH is ok. JJ To me scores full marks.

  508. 508 : anna Says:

    ph and jh happy ending please…….love them together

  509. 509 : tiffy Says:

    Dr.Stranger, i am so upset. 🙁

  510. 510 : mercy fernandez Says:

    Still hoping for quack+hoon !

  511. 511 : Hyun Says:

    This drama confused me. the writers and directors. If they were going to make hoon and hee end up together, they should have show more of hoonhee moments. Now what I’m seeing is Soohyun and hoon a bit more and their cuter moments. And hoon and hee have epic love just because of the beginning and hoon went crazy one time. that’s it. I see not much of their strong love. What I’m seeing is hyun falling in love with hoon serves a big part in this drama. and it seems Soohyun is even important than Jae Hee. Soooo if SooHyun is really just a second lead and not gonna have hoon, why gave us hopes? Don’t break my heart 🙁

  512. 512 : violet88 Says:

    Dear fellow friends..

    I am sorry but I need to speak the truth now since I can’t withstand keeping mum any longer
    I used to love Doctor Stranger very much in the beginning as I felt this is a very different and interesting story with so much potential
    However it is sad to see that all these were wasted tremendously by the writer by all the twisted an ridiculous plot; even my love for LJS can’t make me close my eyes any longer to the absurdity of the plots
    My only reason for continue watching Doctor Stranger is solely for LJS.. But not for his character ‘Park Hoon’ as it was badly written as the story goes..

    How can there be a hospital that should be amongst the best in South Korea (since they are among the top contender to perform the so-called high-profile surgery on the PM Jang) be so uncivilized and cartoon-like? Chairman Oh). Below are some instances from my observation;
    1) They hire and fire doctors as they please (e.g. Hoon’s repeatedly hired and fired by the super evil non-human Chairman Oh –> Poor Soo Hyun having this kind of dad)
    2) They threatened employers as they wish (e.g. Jae Joon and tha fat moron incompetent Doctor Yang being threatened to be transferred to so-called branch hospital multiple times
    3) They decide on a very huge matter based on stupid meaningless compitetion (what??). Are they a child? How can a hospital be playing child’s game? Worse they even got to alter the rules of the competition at their own convenient.. Manipulate all they like just to ensure their favourite doctor wins at all costs, even by death of a patient. Why bother to have a competition in the first place then? Since they already ‘chosen’ the winner???
    4) They bad-mouthed their own doctors to make sure he loose in the stupid so-called competition ever; ridiculous

    Is Myung Woo the only hospital with doctor’s vacancy in South Korea? Why can’t a doctor as great and as capable as Hoon just quit from there and apply some where else? I’m sure he’ll be much more appreciated by other hospital directors who are not as crazy and shallow-minded as the evil Chairman Oh

    How can Han Seung Hee becomes Song Jae Hee? We see multiple of times when she obviously was on cohort with Agent Cha to manipulate Hoon to their advantage

    And even weird how is it even possible for someone who was very sick and ill-treated like Jae Hee (back in Budapest and then North Korean detention center) to even have proper time to study and training to make her a great anesthesia, unless she’s a gifted person which seems to be applied for Hoon’s case as being extraordinarily outstanding surgeon
    How come someone ‘bird-brain’ like Doctor Moon to be in top position in a renowned hospital such as Myung Woo?

    How is it possible that the President and the PM are so free to be so interested in daily hospital issue to be watching ‘live-streaming’ from Myung Woo hospital so-called ‘competition’? Live broadcasting to the Blue House some more?

    All the antagonist are so evil that they do not feel even slight regret for their past and current evil-doing
    1) PM Jang can just laugh when talking about Park Chul and Park Hoon despite his ‘sin’ towards them 20 years ago
    2) Similarly Chairman Oh does not feel guilty at all for joining forces with PM Jang that has led to Hoon’s condition 20 years ago, and continue his bad behavior when he met him in the present
    3) Doctor Yang – the most incompetent doctor ever… Did every possible bad thing just for the sake of money when he’s not even qualified to a human being in the first place. And worse he does not feel guilty and do not have any conscience
    4) Comrade Cha – who seems to have a really good access to Myung Woo hospital’s activities as well as internal information, like patient in need of urgent operation and who is going to perform the operation. Perhaps he has the teleport and hearing ability that could be borrowed from Do Min Joon

    I still have long list of complaints to write, but I’ll take a break first..
    See you guys later..

  513. 513 : Claire Says:

    Well said! Couldn’t agree more with you! You totally mentioned what I had in my mind. This drama was such a failure.. It was so good at the beginning and it had so much potential to be one of the best medical dramas ever produced in South Korea but sadly… the writers screwed up the whole drama with such ridiculous plot and stupid storyline with nonsensical characters.. Such a huge disappointment😒

  514. 514 : Claire Says:

    I’ve watched episode 15 and all I can say is… ‘well done’ writers ! You have successfully made our dear lovable quack into a pathetic and annoying character who can’t live without park hoon and you managed to fool us hoonhyun shippers..
    First you gave us wonderful and lovely moments between park hoon and soo hyun that made us shipped them so hard as a couple then in the next moment, you were trying to make our lovable quack into someone as annoying as possible so that people will start to hate her and hoonhee can be the endgame?
    Dear writers, you could have done so much better ! If you have already planned to have hoonhee couple as the endgame right from the start, why bother to create so many hoonhyun moments in the first place? I would rather have more soo hyun and jae joon moments instead. You were the ones who created us hoonhyun shippers and now you were trying to make our ship sink deep?? I’m so disappointed in you, writers ! I don’t even know what to say anymore..
    P/s : sorry for my bad English and grammatical mistakes.. I’m still learning hehe^^

  515. 515 : Ana Says:

    I used to love this drama but now sucks..sorry..I will finish it just for Lee Jong Seok but I hate his character here…

  516. 516 : Dan Says:

    Love this show. I hope that the quack and park hoon end up together cause I don’t think j hee she is the real one. Maybe she is I don’t know..lol. love the show anyway. Can’t get enough.

  517. 517 : ZAIMAH Says:


  518. 518 : zeez22 Says:

    I’m watching this bcos of LJS too! The story is getting bad and foolish! Agree with violet88 on the points she pointed out. What is going on?? Can the writer please wake up?

  519. 519 : venny Says:

    I prefer Jin Se Yun Jae hee Become Character, and More fits into her first love by Park Hoon because I do not always play a major role famous, beautiful, and others but how he could get into the characters in a story
    I Highly Supporting Characters with Jae Hee Park Hoon

  520. 520 : Kfan Says:

    Yeah.. ‘Well done’ to this show indeed. I can now happily stop watching this show as of Ep. 15. If you’re a HoonHyun shipper or are about to become one, I’ll save you guys the time and politely suggest that you shouldn’t be wasting your time with this. Trust me, the romantic plot of the series is a complete mess since you get this wonderful build-up and well-crafted moments for ‘PH and Dr. Oh couple’ that will not end up together and, instead, save for a few starting episodes, you get this forced and ill-timed romance between ‘PH and HSH/SJH’ that relates more with the book of the same name and that is consistent with what the production team introduce to you as the first male and female lead.

    All the best for PH and JH shipper, really. I wish that they can somehow do it right for this couple from Ep. 15 onwards… Just don’t turn the sweet Dr. Oh into the evil type full of jealousy or whatever. With the kind of storyline they’ve established for her this far, give her the dignity and strength to be true to her heart and act like those ‘too good to be true’ second male role in countless K. Drama.

    Come to think of it, rarely have we seen the supporting female role being genuinely nice, eh? Strange indeed…

  521. 521 : Maru Says:

    Wow… like wow… ep 15 totally disappointed me :(… sorry but i have the same sentiments like the other viewers above. I cnt believe that this drama started good then it went bad to worst.. they might want to experiment on the plot a little bit but ep15 made me decide not to continue watching because of the reasons pointed out above… sad.. 🙁

  522. 522 : windsun33 Says:

    I am not sure what drugs the writers are on, but I strongly suggest that you keep them away from children and pets.

  523. 523 : yeonwoo Says:

    dissapointed ? yes i am. How cruel the writernim to make SooHyun likes that ? Seems like i see another Hoon in SooHyun who loves JaeHee and SooHyun reminds me with him.
    If the writer didnt put HoonHyun moment in this drama, we wouldnt feel this way. The script is kinda lost and going nowhere. and yes, if the writer makes Hoonhee as the end game, i guess i will take my attention to other drama.

  524. 524 : Jacq Says:

    I personally love this drama. The writing may not be the best …especially with the on going identity of Jae-Hee. But, ever since watching epi 1 & 2 i’ve been hooked. I’m hoping HoonHee can finally be together after all that they have been through…they deserve to be happy. Looking forward to the ending.

  525. 525 : niczej Says:

    Doctor Stranger Folder = right click + delete + Empty Recycle Bin…. (Disappointed)

  526. 526 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    writer-nim, what are you doing with uri SooHyun? i can’t stand with her sadness T___T

  527. 527 : anne Says:

    ohhh… I skip ep 15, and finished watching ep 16 this morning, well. what’s the hell is this? I really hate the story!! Why did the writer made soo hyun’s character to be like that! She shouldn’t have to cry because of hoon! She should confess her feeling to hoon and get over it. Move on! I like her being so tough for all this time, don’t make me hate her because she became weak because hoon doesn’t love her.
    As for hoon, what was that anyway?! he’s always burst into the surgery room in the last minute, it seems like that he’s always the hero… well to me, it seems so cool at first, but secondly, thirdly and on.. ohhh too boring, repetitive scenes!
    And PM Jang, why nobody can stop him? Does the writer nim want to make it in the final episode?
    Actually I just want this drama get an end quickly now! so the other drama will start! hahahahaha.. well, I’ve to download trot lover ep2, ep 1 one is quite intresting..

  528. 528 : anne Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte 526 »» Hi chingu!! yes, I do agree with you.. what will writer nim do actually? I get totally confused with the story right now. I’m going to stop watching but I’m going to see till the end!

  529. 529 : yeonwoo Says:

    @sweet_chocolatte @anne hi dear !
    seems like we are the quacker will lose in the end. Seems like Hoon has no feeling to SooHyun and i prefer to watch other drama before i flip the table for the writer that trolling at us for ten weeks.

  530. 530 : maknaee Says:

    I just hope… in the future, my fave actors did not get acquainted with:
    *Jin Se-yeon
    *paired with super annoying Jae-he’s character
    *have such a final stage of lovesick

    I really hope they will get worthy female lead.

    ***When the growing plot is suck, non-sensical… Am I going to stop watching? No.
    ***In the past, when I’m a newbie in k-drama, the first thing that made me interested was the casted (lead) actor&actress, then I’ll see whether their chemistry is worked out. For example; Full House, BBF. Many people says that the story is frustrating, repetitive plot/conflict, etc. But I’m enjoying it very much. Rain & Song Hye-kyo’s chemistry is superb, F4 captured my heart. So, no matter how sucked the story, if I’m enjoying it… well..
    **But Doctor Stranger is getting more and more suck. The first female lead acting is bleh… No chemistry. Her character is annoying, moreover, it seems like she’s spreading ‘annoying virus’. See, Hoon & Hyun is getting infected! Why don’t you stop watching?
    ***Well, maybe my love for LJS & KSR will give me power in enduring this drama. I don’t want to come this far for nothing. I must see the ending, wheter it will be unexpectedly satisfying or totally crushed. Cheer up! Just four episodes left.

    P.S. ; Goodbye my wrecked ship :’) I’m sorry for give up on you.

  531. 531 : maknaee Says:

    Btw, Doctor Stranger isn’t the only one that I’m currently watching.

    My currently watching list :
    * You’re All Surrounded
    * Glorious Day
    * High School King of Savvy
    * God’s Quiz 4
    * Endless Love

    planning: Trot Lovers

    and soon I’ll have Joseon Gunman. Yay for Lee Jun-ki xD

    So it doesn’t make sense if I’m frustrating over one dramas. Nooo… I shouldn’t be. *playing; GDragon – Crooked*

  532. 532 : anne Says:

    @yeonwoo 529»» hi pal!! yeah.. our ship is sinking… but it’s okay just like what @maknae says, hi maknae what’s up! well, yeah.. even DS storyline turns out to be that way, just watch another drama.. trot lovers.. it’s pretty interesting. High school king, I’ve watch it for two episodes, but I guess it didn’t like what I expected.

    Well, I’m going to watch ugly alert.. some people say it’s good. I watch it got an award on sbs drama award last year.

    Joseon gunman… yay, I’m waiting for that too… I really love him in Arang the magistrate..
    besides, I also wait for fated to love you and marriage without dating.
    Endless love? Is it good?

  533. 533 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    hello hello sis @anne @yeonwoo @maknaee

    just like @yeonwoo said, i think we say goodbye to our quack. but just like @anne said, we’re just going to see the story till the end.

    @maknaee i like full house and bbf too. Rain & Hye Kyo always make me laugh,cry, speechless with their acting. and BBF, because of BBF, finally I found my first fave actor, Lee Min Ho. 🙂

    and because of your comment sis, I don’t need to frustation with DS. Cheer up! because we still have 4 episodes left.

  534. 534 : Richard Johnson Says:

    I disagree with most of the above comments. So far, Park Jin Woo and Kim Joo have been doing a good job with their writing. The story is suspenseful. It’s hard to guess the ending. They provide a good mix of drama, romance, and humor. In real life, drama at a hospital is not a good sign, so, in medical stories, I prefer writers to use a lot of license in constructing an alternate reality. Jin Hyuk, the director, is also in good form here, as he was in Master’s Sun. Notice how effectively he used a wide angle lens obliquely close to the Prime Minister’s face when the PM spoke to Han Jae Joon in Ep 16 — a wide angle lens at an angle turns a smile into a leer. Jin Hyuk used the camera to suggest that Han Jae Joon was making a Faustian deal with the devil.

  535. 535 : niczej Says:

    See you guys @:

    -Glorious day
    -god’s quiz 4
    -you’re all surrounded
    -High School King of Savvy
    -Yoo na’s steet

    *waiting for fated to love you and marriage without dating.
    *Roommate Also ^^

  536. 536 : anne Says:

    @sweeta_chocolatte 533: haha, what a coincidence! You, maknae, and me, I do love full house and bbf, those two dramas are superb. I rewatch them many times. Last time I watch Bi in RM with kim woo bin, and hye kyo in TWTWB.

    @Richard Johnson 534: who says medical drama is not a good sign, have u watch good doctor (kdrama), code blue (jdrama). Those two dramas are so writtenly awsome and perfectly acted.

  537. 537 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    @anne : 😀 😀 *high five*
    what RM, sis?

  538. 538 : anne Says:

    RM –> Running Man
    Bi was there for some two episodes I guess. I forgot the episodes number. The RM team feat guess stars Bi and Kim Woo Bin.

  539. 539 : jangmi Says:

    oops! Seems like my ship’s sinking . . tsk.tsk

    well, it isn’t like this is the first time i hated the first lead and loved the second lead instead in kDramas, but still, this one’s really disappointing. But since i’m not a quitter, i’m gonna continue watching it till the end. Good thing there is still You’re All Surrounded and other new interesting k-dramas. It wouldn’t be too hard to move on. ^_^Anyway, i still love you LJS~!
    Hope your next drama will be as great as I Hear Your Voice. Fighting~!!

  540. 540 : torri Says:

    i would love if the writer makes Park Hoon end up with the second lead they are better together than him and Jae Hee i think the love he had for her shifted when she asked him not to operate on that woman with the heart problem it was like she was asking him not to do what mean everything to him which is healing patients,

  541. 541 : Ana Says:

    I am watching:
    Doctor Stranger
    You are all Surrounded
    Wonderful Days
    Endless Love

    Planning: The Joseon Shooter ( I love Lee Jun Ki), Temptation, Fated To love you and Trot Lovers

  542. 542 : Ana Says:

    I don’t know why but I have a feeling that this week I will begin Only love and Glorious Day too, kkk

  543. 543 : luna Says:

    it could be a good drama. starting was good. but now……??????

  544. 544 : zeez22 Says:

    so Ana which ones are good?

  545. 545 : Ana Says:

    I really like Triangle, Endless love and You are all surrounded

  546. 546 : rairamegumi Says:

    @anne: ugly alert is a very good one, the chemistry between the two lead are great and the story is great too, I think it’s no 1 for daily drama…

    I’ll see the end of this drama, if it satisfy me I’ll watch it, if it’s not I’ll give up..

    sorry for LJS, I think this is the worst drama u play so far. I like him in school 2013, IHYV, even in high kick 3 but DS made me frustrate…lololol
    and I’ll blame the lead female for this…lololol

  547. 547 : zeez22 Says:

    Thanks Ana! I’ll probably start with endless love?

  548. 548 : maknaee Says:


    I watch Trot Lovers, they really does comedy. Especially ‘Jaekyung’ oppa’s scene xD
    I fall for Shin Sung-rok instead of Ji Hyun-woo. Kkk

    High School King of Savvy isn’t like what I expected, too. I didn’t expect Lee Ha-na’s character is that nerd, naive, and stupid, that’s why I prefer her noisy ‘stalker’ sister. Seo In-guk’s doing very well, but I’m all for Lee Soo-hyuk~~ Overall, I’m still enjoying this drama~

    Endless Love is so good~~ the acting’s superb, even for side characters, not just the leads and villain. HJE’s rocking it. No doubt for her.


    Cheer up is a must in this life :p

    Ah, so, Lee Min-ho’s your first fave actor~ Mine is Kim Soo-hyun~~

    @anne @sweeta_chocolatte

    Talking about BBF, Kim Joon is in Endless Love~~ as the handsome PM’s son. He will start appearing, maybe in eps 3 or 4. Though he isn’t the lead, I’m so glad to see him again xD

    It was Running Man eps 189 and 191, Australia episodes. Lee Jong-suk is supposed to join Rain and Kim Woo-bin, it’s a pity that he can’t made it due to swine flu </3

    I watch Rain in 1N2D, he is so funny~

  549. 549 : maknaee Says:


    See you there, too! Wew, looks like you’re Roommate’s regular viewer 😀

    @Ana #542

    That’s right~ You should start watching Glorious Day ~~

  550. 550 : Johnsinn Says:

    I will always surport you..JIN Se yeon <3 😀

  551. 551 : Ana Says:

    Endless love is great , I love it !

    Thank you !! I am going to watch it right now ^^

  552. 552 : Gamze Says:

    I love this drama ❤️

  553. 553 : kpop_lover Says:

    i don’t like the heroin.

  554. 554 : justlovekdrama Says:

    Feeling sad…when some people just care about shipping a character with another…please just love whole story there.. -_-

  555. 555 : reindeer song Says:

    Violet88 and others this is Off Topic, observing drama and all thing KDramas goings on; My observance South Koreans are obsessed with status and background and quite unselfconsciously elitist attitude.
    They feel a deep prejudice towards North Korean defectors due to their lack of social capital South Koreans prized themselve above all else, they fail to see this could of been them back in 1953 if other nations did not come in and help them.
    So, as defector they arrive at the lowest rung of the social ladder in an intensely hierarchical society and are regarded as backward and uncultured, the hillbillies of the Korean Peninsula. Still they are Koreans, for no fault of their own but again greed and politics, they should be embraced not scorned. For instance this drama, Hoon is from South Korea, but the immediately deemed him from the North and a spy, where is the compassion to help your fellow man.

    Another issue, when American Korean singers go to Korea, they are considered dark, they are told the annunciation and pronunciate is poor so they have to be way laid in perfecting their korean, but still they put non english speaking korean actors whose english is so poor you cannot understand the heck they are saying in commercials, and have them sing in english blows my mind.i.e. a singer/actor who is now appearing in a comercial “LIGHTEN UP”! That is all you can understand. American English speaking korean actors/singer should protest! What gives?!

    Enough said.

  556. 556 : sohee Says:

    Doctor Stranger is all about Park Hoon and Song Jae Hee.. from the beginning its all about their story..
    if hoon not with jae hee this drama is a failure..
    seriously i dont like this drama now cause the writer only take soo hyun’s side not jae hee.. who is the lead one?
    hope the writer know how to end this drama for hoon and jae hee..!

  557. 557 : maknaee Says:


    How can we not care about the shipping? IMO, The actors / actresses acting ability and chemistry that will deliver the whole story. When first-male-lead acting + chemistry is more worked out with second-female-lead than the first-female-lead… It’s clear, our ship goes to first male x second female.

  558. 558 : maknaee Says:


    Good girl! You’re welcome 😉

  559. 559 : tiffy Says:

    I made a video of how oh soo hyun is probably feeling right now after hoon’r rejection and stuff,it’s a hoonhyung vid,the link is below:

  560. 560 : Qaireen Says:

    in the end, song jae hee will die, same fate as mok dan & kim ok ryeon 😛

  561. 561 : tiffy Says:

    Lol, that was funny. 😀

  562. 562 : reindeer song Says:

    Tiffy! Oh so cool! You’ve got talent. Love the music.

  563. 563 : WSW Says:


    yes I do agree that writer might just kill jae hee in the end. In order for PH to be a “Doctor”, he have to let go of his past and all the manipulation. With jae hee at his side, he will never be “FREE”

  564. 564 : tiffy Says:

    Thanks a lot,I feel so sorry for solo hung,poor girl.one sided love sucks. ;(.

  565. 565 : chie Says:

    We hope that the writer ends the story with hoon and jae hee together, it would be a story of great love and sacrifice.

  566. 566 : kayla Says:

    I dont like the storyline about this drama.
    What make me continue watching this drama is the cast.
    Really enjoy the scenes and the chemistey of hoon-hyun
    That why i hope hoon will end up with so hyun.
    If hoon end up with seung hee, i think the writer is really confiussing.
    If nothing will happen with hoon-hyun, the scenes is waste.
    Looking forward LJS and KSR will cast in another drama.

  567. 567 : tiffy Says:

    Yeah,i agree.:).

  568. 568 : Yousra Says:

    En fin qui va etre avec park hon ?

  569. 569 : yeonwoo Says:

    spoiler alert for episode 17
    seems like Hoon doesnt understand why SooHyun avoid him. He keeps tailing here and yes, it makes SooHyun to be weak again. He even pat her hair and yes, i dont know, but that scene reminds me for something that will break my heart soon.

  570. 570 : KDCraze Says:

    This drama has a great love story and sacrifice that keeps me watching all the time. I hope the writer conclude the story with Hoon and Jae Hee/Seung Hee together and Soo Hyun with Han Jae Joon together. I love Jin Se Yun. She is a great actress. She still young only 21 yrs old but can acted maturely. She is another Ha Ji Won in the making. I especially loved her in My Daughter The Flower and Bridal Mask. I hope she can get more awards this year from Inspiring Generation or Dr Stranger. Anyway loved this drama. Just hope that this drama story concludes nicely.

  571. 571 : chullie Says:

    Ok. Am I the only one here who thinks that Soohyun is quite annoying? I don’t see any chemistry b/w hoon and hyun. So I think it is better that the drama concluded by hoon is with jae hee.

  572. 572 : momO Says:

    I like jae hee also….

  573. 573 : amoy Says:

    I hope this drama in the end remains in the initial story,. that jae hee hoon to stick together because their first love and I see in this drama jae hee is sacrificing himself to protect hoon, jae hee willingly obey prohibitions to protect hoon,. More about her and Sohyun match because of early JaeJoon JaeJoon very sincere love Sohyun what else now. I hope the author of this drama Can Make Sense of the early hinggah end, .. and the chemistry between jae hee hoon and very suitable

  574. 574 : Kaylee Says:

    I started watching this drama because I wanted to see if Hoon & Jae-Hee will be together in the end. After watching epi 17 & 18…I truly hope the writer has a happy ending for Hoon & Jae-Hee. They’ve been through so much…can’t they just finally have a happy ending?

  575. 575 : Celeste Says:

    In ep 17, Hoon said he’ll stay till the end with Jae Hee & not letting her alone to be in the plot. Therefore, he asked her not to get Jae Joon involved in this conspiracy as Jae joon is a good dr. Jae Hee replied,”We must think of ourselves first.” How can she be so mean? Only concern about themselves & put Jae Joon as a scapegoat to be a victim of her plan. At first, their love story in this drama is beautiful as they had been through thick & thin obstacles. Yet after ep 5 onwards, I really dislike Jae Hee this character in the drama. She is full of hidden & suspicious motives. Park Hoon din really care the win lose of all the competitions. He just want to save the patient, yet Jaehee always manipulated Hoon from the surgeries in saving patients’ lives. Isn’t she forget she is a doctor too??? An anesthetist doctor who wear white gown in saving lives regardless who the patients are? Did she make the doctors’ vow when she graduated from medical school??

  576. 576 : Celeste Says:

    Even Jae Joon who wanted to revenge so much on Soo Hyun’s father, still dare to go against the director’s will to do the surgery for the little boy’s mother. 1) he do wish the little boy will end up like him if his mother died..2) he did asked Hoon do the surgery for the boy’s mother. Hoon was stopped by Jae Hee, therefore Jae Joon let go of his revenge plan & do the surgery. To me, joon is a responsible real doctor too.

  577. 577 : MC Says:

    This has been a great Kdrama. It is getting near it’s end and I am trying to figure out how it will end. I hope it’s not what I’m thinking. Anyway, great writer and cast. The characters are those you can connect with. Sorry to see it end.

  578. 578 : Sapphire Says:

    Did our quack ( soo hyun ) just used a mug with a ‘quack’ design in episode 18?? Hahaha,that is so cute of her ^^

  579. 579 : noona Says:

    It would be great if this story will end with a happy ending for jae hee & hoon, coz the whole story will be useless / nonse sense if they end up not together. Coz the story is about dealing all the trials and troubles they’ve been through coz of love.

  580. 580 : Codeblue Says:

    This drama is great as well as the actors especially my fave Lee Jong Suk <3 <3 . I'm hoping to see a happy ending. Whoever ended with Park Hoon – Jae Hee or Soo Hyun I don't mind as long as Park Hoon will be happy..I pity him so much especially on Episode 18 🙁 ..Lee Jong Suk acting is awesome! More power, more hit movies & dramas, commercial & a continued success for Lee Jong Suk. Just stay nice & humble! <3 <3 <3

  581. 581 : Shana Says:

    Jul 02 2014 2:31 am
    Oh gosh… I really hope that all K-drama fans please be reasonable. If Jin Se Yeon has been commented by the nasty comments, kindly do not immediately jump to the conclusion that all nasty acts are done by Kang Sora’s fans. It’s really unfair to Kang Sora’s fans whom did not do it. I, personally do not 100% shipped the quack couple but do enjoys watching Park Hoon & Soo Hyun cute chemistry moments. In fact, I would rather SooHyun is being shipped with Jae Joon than Park Hoon. At least, Jae Joon is truely care & in love with Soo Hyun. At times when I read others commented about Kang Sora are neither sound being nice too.

  582. 582 : Juana love Says:

    Pls happy ending🙏🙏🙏🙏

  583. 583 : Snapsnupi Says:

    This drama…. awesome!!!!
    Lee Jong Suk, its you. always charming nd awesome. (/^o^)/♡

  584. 584 : jenelyn ursua Says:

    Park Hoon and Dr.Quack meant for each other..I would love for that to happen!

  585. 585 : robelyn armenion Says:

    oh.please..Park hoon and Dr Quack,they both have great chemistry together..Ahh you can see the LOVE!

  586. 586 : deeya Says:

    I don’t like Jae Joon character. although he said that he love Soo Hyun sincerely, but still his revenge is his priority in his life.
    I think Soo Hyun never be happy if they end up together.
    Really really love this drama if Hoon-Hyun end up together.
    But if not, just let her alone till she find someone that will make her happy ever after *_*

  587. 587 : TN Says:

    I hope Hoon and Soo Hyun end up together, they are sooo cute for each other 😀 <3

  588. 588 : niczej Says:

    hoon-hyun together, much better… 🙂

  589. 589 : deeya Says:

    agree #niczej Says:
    July 3rd, 2014 at 3:00 pm
    hoon-hyun together, much better… 🙂

  590. 590 : rairamegumi Says:

    is there any hope for quack-hoon?…in last 2 eps

  591. 591 : maknaee Says:

    I’ve just finished eps 18.

    For the first time I feel very proud of Hoon, the reason he gave up the competition was because of his father last words, not Jae-hee. Good job, boy! <3

    Now, I don't care about the love lines anymore. My satisfying ending wish isn't about Quacks couple comes true… but, please give proper punishment for those dirty people.

    Jang Suk-joo will never keep his promise, look at what he did to Hoon & his mom.

    Soo-hyun, I'm sorry but your father really deserved this. He should be punished for his mistakes.

    I hope :

    * Jang Suk-joo and Director Oh will be suffering for the rest of their life.
    * Hoon & his mom could live together, happily…
    * Jae-joon become a good doctor. His parents must be watching over him from heaven :')

    For the girls… Soo-hyun and Jae-hee… I have no idea.

  592. 592 : anne Says:

    @maknaee» Agree sis.. totally agree. LOL finally hoon is in his right mind.
    Hope we’ll got a good ending, hope we’ll got a good resolution for all.

    One thing which still makes me attracted to this drama is seeing these doctors doing the surgery in saving the patient. And the instrumental backsound — the sad moment, tense, and funny moment.

    About the shipping, it woukd be very nice if quack couple will end up together, I’ll rate this for the best couple and drama for this year. kekekekekeke 😀
    But, I know not everyone has the same hope like I have. It’s okay.. ^_____^

    So Let’s see till the end!!

  593. 593 : raina Says:

    Did anyone now the song they played when hoon did a surgery??? i have been looking this song since from 1st ep…. please… hope u can help me…

  594. 594 : yeonwoo Says:

    i want quack ends with water boy. i’m really sad to see if they dont end up together T.T

  595. 595 : hny Jo Says:

    aiiigooo…how to kill that prime minister yah!!!…give me a headache see his face..hope he in jail soon.
    good ending for this drama…is my big hope , whatever hoon will end up with!! as long happy for all. chaaayoooo

  596. 596 : KDCraze Says:

    I really hate that PM Jang Seok Joo, I hope he die or end up in prison soon. I’m actually glad to what Han Jae Joon did to Soo Hyun dad because he is actually never apologize to all the evil deed he do to Hoon dad and Jae Joon dad. I still love Hoon with Jae Hee, I think they both still love each other. Only some misunderstanding between couple. Anyway, I hope this drama will conclude nicely.

  597. 597 : rinda Says:

    I love so hyun n park hoon will end up together… please. They’re so cute to be a couple… if they didn’t end up together I’ll be so sad

  598. 598 : susy Says:

    Awesome drama… I love Park Hoon…

  599. 599 : Yali Says:

    LJS oppa, you are a very good actor. I don’t know how this drama might end up until next week, but it is the best drama ever. I hope it will have a good ending….:)

  600. 600 : anne Says:

    i know at the and, park hoon will be still love jae hea. but i hope the story can be change, quack with hoon. they are cute couple, get a big chemistry
    hope at ep 20…

  601. 601 : Shannon Says:

    Growing up in this bustling urban city, it’s naive to believe the 1st & only one relationship everlasting in this era. Who never had more than one relationships till they meet their Mr & Mre RIGHT? Maybe in the rural area countryside, there’s is still having purely one relationship but not in the bustling modern city. Jae Hee & Park Hoon’s sweet memories are already a past in North Korea. It’s a history where time & feeling are already frozen. I do believed 1st love is beautiful & mere to cherish for fond memories. We can’t live in the past & not moving on with our lives. Who support you the most & always stand by your side in every battles till the end is the most precious moments. Who are having amazing chemistry with you currently are the most important. Who make you believe being a good doctor is worthy than any? This is the reason why I shipped the quack couple, HoonHyun!

  602. 602 : deeya Says:

    fighting hoon-hyun *_*

  603. 603 : raha Says:

    I’m really disappointed!!!! 🙁 I Think I will never watch k-drama. There are usually the dramas lower than average. But this year I have not seen any good plot yet. However I thought this drama might be a good one!!!! it was more disappointing than others! :(( Particularly the story was irrational, silly and awful and also Producer and Director. At first I watched it because of the actors specially Lee Jong Souk and Park Hae Jin.
    When I begun to watch I got hopeless despite of the actors potential and efforts, it was not satisfactory and desirable. Why???? Because they were so young and they were not match with their roles. They are good but not acceptable and believable!! for example in my country an experienced qualified Thoracic surgeon is at least 33-35 and an Anesthesiologist is minimum 30!!
    Whenever I see LJS I think he is a student who has worn surgical clothes. Unfortunately they were not covered up even with a suitable make up.
    Even their love is not like mature people and adult .It is likely a hormonal disease.
    The main character is crazy about a girl that didn’t know she is alive or dead!!! His madness is to some extent he forgets his duty and job :))))
    Is love meaning to put your love in line and risk his/her life??? Doesn’t love mean sacrifice, forgiveness, Patience and….??
    There is no superego in directors, Doctors and intern as well. They simply gamble the patient’s lives. What are these all for???
    The most hilarious is the lack of spies, agent and special forces!! 😮
    After 19 episode there are still many questions unanswered!

  604. 604 : John k Says:

    I agree with you raha. This drama is stupid as hell. This drama makes no sense whatsoever. Hoon is an arrogant little shit. Isn’t the real jae hee dead? What was all that competition for,it was just ridiculous and a waste of time.

  605. 605 : deeya Says:

    #Raha #John k
    Actually I think like both of U
    But cant stop watch this drama because the cast.

  606. 606 : Juliet Says:

    i love 💕💕Lee Jong Suk♥♥ n Kan Sora. . . . n i also love this drama too… fighting oppa Lee Jong Suk.♥♥♥

  607. 607 : Sammy Says:

    As much I like Lee Jomg Suk, the story plot wasn’t interesting. Poor scriptwriting, and I feel the writer had no direction whatsoever. If they really wanted to show Hoon with Jae Hae, than why did they had to create all that closeness between Hoon-Hyun. Adding to that, why did they have to make SooHyun’character act immature towards her one sided love for Hoon. I am not disappointed about the fact that she didn’t end up with Hoon. But I am really disappointed in Hyun’s character sketch. It just felt like her character wasn’t even needed in the story. One of the worst story plots I have ever seen, since Fashion King. But hats off to the actors LJS, PHJ, KS, and JSY did a good job.

  608. 608 : Sammy Says:

    As much as, I like Lee Jomg Suk, the story plot wasn’t interesting at all. Poor scriptwriting, and I feel the writer had no direction whatsoever. If they really wanted to show Hoon with Jae Hae, than why did they had to create all that closeness between Hoon-Hyun. Adding to that, why did they have to make SooHyun’s character act immature, towards her one sided love for Hoon. I am not disappointed about the fact that she didn’t end up with Hoon. But I am really disappointed in Hyun’s character sketch. It just felt like her character wasn’t even needed in the story. One of the worst story plots I have ever seen, since Fashion King. But hats off to the actors LJS, PHJ, KS, and JSY who did a great job playing the characters.

  609. 609 : hny Jo Says:

    hmmm…huffffs, really great acting chun ho jin ahjussi as psycho PM…u do a great job as vilain..makes me want said ‘kwek kwek’ (quack) when the president open his eyes after surgery. .hehehe ;))

  610. 610 : Ana Says:

    it was a good ending don’t worry guys

  611. 611 : tiffy Says:

    Quack team,unfortunatedly,hoon got Jaehee. :(.

  612. 612 : tiffy Says:

    Quack team,unfortunatedly,hoon got Jaehee. :(.
    @Ana: Good ending?What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are we both watching the same Doctor Stranger here? Psh,’good ending’ *shakes head* more like a shitty ending. For one,i think hoon was rather obsessive.God,whoever wrote this drama,needs to go back to scriptwriting school or smt. This is the worst drama ever but don’t get me wrong though,u are entitled to your own opinion honey. :).
    P.S:Officially,this has top the worst drama ever list alongside When a man loves. Pure Crap with a little shit on top. :).

  613. 613 : Ana Says:

    I know it’s the worst drama i have ever watched it but i mean soo hyun didn’t died like others said ,however i am glad it’s over finaly!!! i really hated jae hee very much ! i was in the quack team from the begining

  614. 614 : tiffy Says:

    @Ana:Oh okay,that’s true,i am happy she didn’t die too. :).

  615. 615 : Ella Says:

    This drama is good but just cant compare with the old one that LJS play. However, because of it is a medical drama so I think it is excited to watch the competition between those two. Even though I didn’t watch the ending yet but Jae Hee deserve the love from Park Hoon. At least, she try to do sth to protect PH, however SH just met him. Surely Park Hoon happy when stay with her, but she is also with Jae Joon. It still has many plot that I analyze, but that’s all for me just now. It’s just my opinion…cuz I like to watch medical drama that’s why I can say it’s not boring and it’s a good one. 🙂

  616. 616 : imhel Says:

    I like this drama only because it’s a medical drama. It would have been better if Kang Sora played the lead role and Jin Seyun played Kang Sora’s role. The chemistry between Kang Sora and Lee Jong Suk is undeniable and I was hoping the writer would play on that chemistry. But since that did not happen, I just hope there will be a project where Kang Sora and Lee Jong Suk will star in opposite each other.

  617. 617 : kimmy Says:

    Oops just found the last episode ratings under (AGB-Nationwide) mistaken. It’s not supposed to be 27.7% rather 12.7% HAHAHA PLEASE FIX THIS SOON ADMIN OF koreandrama.org


    (@kimmy from admin: Thanks for notice us.)

  618. 618 : MC Says:

    Hated to see this drama come to an end. It was a wonderful love story. Very well written with a wonderful cast. Will follow the writer, looking for next drama. Didn’t care for letting the PM live, but understood that was the only way. Doctors are trained to save lives, even if they hate their patients.

  619. 619 : Hyun Says:

    REQUEST! where do I request?! A drama with Lee Jong Suk and Kang Sora as leads pleasee!! that will make me very happy and for other quack shippers.

  620. 620 : Windsun33 Says:

    I have been watching k-dramas for quite a while, probably seen well over 200.

    This was the WORST drama ever, worst writing ever. Nothing made any sense, and half the actors just seemed to sleepwalking their parts. Just so much wrong that it would 20 pages just to list it all. Glad I only wasted 8 hours on this, just recaps for the rest.

  621. 621 : niczej Says:

    AGREE with you!.. 😀

  622. 622 : Sammy Says:

    Doctor Stranger, so far one of the worst dramas, I have ever seen. It had a great start, but became a flop. A better drama than this is “You are all surrounded” and probably”trot Lovers”. Atleast the drama “You are all surrounded ” makes me anxious.

  623. 623 : vic Says:

    now that it has ended, I am going to watch it… haha I really hate predicting whom the lead actor/actress will end up to

  624. 624 : vic Says:

    which episode is the best one? I am going to watch it first

  625. 625 : DanniGirl Says:

    The feelings Soo Yun held for Hoon towered over anything else the drama had to offer. I don’t know what exactly it was that made it powerful, so much so we wished they’d end up together. I’m going out on a limb and say; it’s the actress Kang So Ra’s portrayal of Soo Yun that did it.

    If the producers wanted to please the audience they might have paid careful attention and changed the story to please the audience.

  626. 626 : imyojz Says:

    it’s so pathetic… I’M SO DISAPPOINTED!! this drama is so lousy.. 🙁

  627. 627 : darassi Says:

    Reading all your comments, I watch this show hoping that Hoon and Quack will be together (which would have been a good twist) but didnt happen that way (sucks) . I agree this was the worst drama ever this year. At first it was great till it got to the middle same plots in every episode. Competition wasted alot of drama time. Jae hee and Hoon was boring. Writers of this show got stuck of what to think of next. Ridiculously me who kept watching hoping they will give us a bit of excitement to this drama. Last episode, I just skip parts of it and just watched the last 10 minutes of it. Please writers Do Not write another story again. But great Job for all the actors and actresses who put alot of there time and effort for a drama like this.

  628. 628 : tigerb Says:

    this series is not bad. it has its merits (dr. park’s role who took his hippocratic oath seriously) and faults, in like many k.dramas i’ve watched, but i’ve learned to overlook the faults as nothing is perfect. thus, this drama is worth a watch. one thing though i hope i will never see in a medical drama again is the use of that prop for human abdomen when the doctors operate. it is ridiculous as the first layer looks like crumbling epidermis, separated from the rest of the skin which is so yellow, really looking very fake!

  629. 629 : wow Says:

    i dont knw why the others dont like the ending >> i loved the ending finally park hoon and hae hee are together . its really nice that i could dream of such relation that wont happen in real life .. the worst part that they didnot killed the prime minister >>i think they want to imitate the real life situation on that manner.

  630. 630 : mine Says:

    sorry, this is just my opinion. i appreciated everything that the writer, director, actor/ actress, crew, etc do. i’m very enjoyed this drama so much. actually, i love hoon- jae hee couple, but if the story isn’t like that, i still love it.. this is the drama they make not me, so everything they do is the best decision they made. this is drama not a real life, so everything could be true. i just want you to believe this is not the worst drama, maybe also not the best drama, because i also feel something loss in last chapter, but not because the couple. you write, make, act, etc very good, you must proud of it. the rating is high enough too. i love this drama! 🙂

  631. 631 : specialsky Says:

    Never happen to me afraid to watch and invest time for another k drama… doctor stranger make me like that.. the miserable, confusing, frustrated feeling during watching this drama really haunted me… it just like nightmare… i dont recommend… the writer looked confuse…what he actually want to show…i still confuse…

  632. 632 : Aysha Says:

    I love this drama.Nothing to worry about ending . It is great .I don’t know why all are expecting same kind of drama endings. Dont worry about anti fan comments .

  633. 633 : NYda Says:

    I just finished this drama tonight. As expected happy ending….It’s good to see PH and JH couple after all frustrated and painful memory in the past, they can be together now. I can see many people want Park Hoon to end up with Soo hyun but in my opinion she should end up with Jae Joon. why? Because Park Hoon and Jae Hee, their love start since they are in North Korea and they have many painful memories to overcome…If it’s not for Jae Hee, what’s the point for Park Hoon to know Soo hyun if he doesnt need money to find Jae Hee. JH also plan everything to help PH. If you love s.o since young until adult, how could u let he/she go by just meeting another person. Also, their story is sad, no one know their past, y they have overcome everything in South Korea…Jae Joon also has a painful past, but luckily he has adopted in US which is good than Park Hoon. Jae Joon also need Soo hyun, they also know each other before knowing Park Hoon. They are mean to be together also in the last ending. Soo Hyun also said she doesnt know about the past of Hoon and Jae Hee how miserable it is. Soo Hyun can like him, but its unfair for Jae Joon and Jae Hee…how can they left behind after all those past…Also, how can Hoon like Soo Hyun and forget about Jae Hee. If Soo Hyun is a main actress, I surely say they will end up together. So wish they can be a couple in their next drama for all their fans. By reading a little description of the drama, we can know how is the main actress and actor and everything that Hoon did is because of Jae Hee. So make sure to understand the concept of the story first before say that it’s confusing or bad story line. I dont mean to offend anyone, it’s just my idea. All the story line tell about Hoon and Jae Hee how can they survive in the new land by any mean to methods.

  634. 634 : good I like it Says:

    good end

  635. 635 : Yali Says:

    In this drama, I love Hoon Jae couple and I see many anti comments about it. For me, I recommend this drama because it’s a good one even though it’s not the best one. but it’s not bad either. I watch it because of Jong Suk oppa and it’s worth to watch. Trust me, take ur time to understand more about this drama and u can tell that it’s worth ur time…

  636. 636 : Crystal Says:

    Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinions..personally, I think that it is a good ending but definitely not the best and it could have been better.. ( I’m a quack couple shipper btw;) )
    The anti- comments for this drama are understandable.. I mean the storyline is way too confusing and ridiculous and not to mention the lovelines are all messed up! I wouldn’t be shipping dr.oh and park hoon if the writers hadn’t created so many lovely hoonhyun moments.. Adding to that, lee jong suk and kang sora had so much chemistry on-screen that you can’t help but to ship them till the end..
    And since they didn’t end up together , of course the quack shippers were disappointed! Since the ending is already in such a way, we have no choice but to accept it…sadly:( the only thing that makes me satisfied with the drama would be the fact that our beloved quack gained happiness in the end. She deserved it! Although she didn’t end up with park hoon, at least han jae joon is a nice guy and is someone who truly loves her:)) Not to mention park hae jin is HOT and handsome hahaha:D
    So for those of you who haven’t watch the drama and is currently considering it, my advice to you is that you should give it a try and figure out which couple you prefer more.. If you prefer the heartbeat couple / hoonhee ( lee jong suk and jin se yeon ) , then I can safely say that you can continue watching the drama till the end since they are the endgame lol
    Meanwhile, for those who prefer the quack couple ( lee jong suk and kang sora ) , I suggest that it’s either you quit the drama immediately since you will be disappointed with the ending or you can continue watching the drama up till ep 8 maybe? ( since ep 9 and 10 is all about hoon and jae hee lolXD ) so all I can say is good luck and have fun watching the series! 😀
    Anyway, kudos to all the casts especially lee jong suk , kang sora and park hae jin and perhaps jin se yeon? ( sorry, I’m not a fan of her acting skills ) for all the hard work and effort that they put in the drama. And of course pd jin hyuk’s wonderful directing skills! I’m so amazed!!
    P/s : so sorry if there is any grammatical mistakes and for the long comment, I’m sorry again! I couldn’t help it XD

  637. 637 : fathi Says:

    I don’t like the ending as the whole series because I feel sorry for soo hyun everyone made fool of her and she just loved park hon a true love , but that’s what happen in the real life for the person who love someone and his love loves another
    in the real life people like soo hyun will never feel pain like what they felt because of love
    actually may be I feel sad for her even it is not a true story because her love story is similar to mine
    it makes me remember feelings from 4 years ago, it was too hard 🙁
    I really feel with her pain despite knowing that it is just a drama

  638. 638 : simon Says:


  639. 639 : jin Says:


  640. 640 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished the last episode. It’s a great drama. Great love story between Park Hoon and Jae Hee. From North Korea to Hungary and to South Korea. After all the tragedy and sacrifices, it proves that true love conquered all. Love this drama.

  641. 641 : deeya Says:

    I am not watch last episode yet. but from the comment on this site, I think I will skip last episode. Maybe this drama can be a good drama if the writer did not make the audience confuse with hoon-hyun cute moment.
    And also, maybe its are wrong cast between female-lead and second lead-actresse. Kang So Ra is so cute. Her acting is really great.

  642. 642 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    wow 641 comments !!! last time I check, it’s still 500..

    hellow hellow all of my quack team fellas. how are you, girls?? miss you..

    i’m gonna watching DS from eps 18. LOL

  643. 643 : xxxhelghaaft Says:


  644. 644 : xffraygst Says:

    Love this drama. So glad it got a happy ending 🙂 support hoon and jae hee from the beginning thanks god they ended up together.

  645. 645 : Don't Ask Me. Says:

    Park Hoon and Jae Hee True Love PREVAIL. After they been going through together finally they can start their life peacefully. Hearbeat Shipper is the winner shipper. It doesn’t make sense Park Hoon end up with Oh Soo Hyun. Even Soo Hyun feel sorry about Park Hoon and Song Jae Hee tragedy. Oh Soo Hyun fell glad Park Hoon and Jae Hee be together finally.
    Park Hoon even willing to die with Song Jae Hee.


  646. 646 : Maru Says:

    Hmm… honestly at first when i started watching this drama i really thought it’s about park hoon and jae hee no question about tht… until the story took a turn and gets to a different direction when park hoon and quack met, then i thought hmm i love thier chemistry much better… then after watching few cute moments of them together i felt the story is really getting interesting plus the fact that the competition is getting intense… until that ep (not sure wht ep it is.. when quack finds out about hoon and jae hae). It’s like… what’s going on? Seriously i am not a shipper… i just go by the chemistry of the characters and we know a good one when we see one… i did not continue watching this drama but reading the comments here makes me feel sad and glaf at the same time… to get over his drama i recommend the following…

    Trot lovers
    Fated to love you (my NOW favorite) 😉
    Marriage not dating

  647. 647 : Fiona Says:

    I seriously find this drama is crap to the max. After reading all the comments, realise that those fans who love this drama are merely Hoonhee shippers. A drama shouldn’t be just about love relationship. A good drama-script is a soul of it. However, I find the whole drama is suck due to the story script. What the hell is the writer & director doing?!?! 1) After the prime minister being shot 3 times directly at the heart, he still managed to be survived after Hoon’s surgery. He should die on the spot. Does it make any sense???? Din know that Park Hoon has such “GOD of Hand.” 2) Ep 20 is having same storyline as the beginning, shot & fell off the bridge again. With injury, Hoon still can hold it for so long without letting Jaehee fell into the river. Jin Se Yeon’s acting is really the worst of all actors & actresses in this drama. Her facial expression has been throughout one expression; facial atrophy(face muscle hardening) . Yet most of her fans praises her acting is good. If this sort of acting skills do consider bravo, I believe all nations awards of best actress award winners are superb actresses. Speechless!

  648. 648 : deeya Says:

    #Fiona agree with you
    I think script of this drama is the totally worst.
    the writer should write a fantasy drama like “man from the start”
    So, the viewer can accept that kind of ability and immortal character

  649. 649 : annmasae Says:

    spoiler alert!!!
    Strange ending. how did park hoon survive a gunshot to the head??
    makes no sense. how did he and jae hee escape??
    i’m glad that they ended together but the way it happened makes no sense.
    k dramas sometimes have endings that do not follow the main story.
    why did no one try to find out who killed the prime minister?
    his shooting was just accepted without trying to get the person responsible. if they had tried to find the shooter it may have prevented him from shooting Park Hoon.
    I still enjoyed the series despite the disappointing ending.

  650. 650 : ms_star1701 Says:

    What the heck is wrong with u people? this drama is freaking amaziiiing!! Great tense great story line suspence ever single thing is amazing!! I love it a loooot !! I have o idea why are u hating this drama! When watching this drama I fell in love more and more with lee jong suk she nailed it!! his role is difficult but he did a great job and kang sora it must be cuz of her!! aichh I don’t hate her anvmore though!! Great drama I love it!! iT DESERVE MORE!

  651. 651 : [email protected] Says:

    Boring drama, not recommended guys!

  652. 652 : sky Says:

    I think this drama is worth to watch and I agree if park hoon should end up with jae hee. They have been through such hard time together and it’s not fair if park hoon should end up with so hyun. It doesnt mean that I dont like so hyun but I think this drama is all about the way park hoon and jae hee survive or fight their bad past exprience and their struggle in reaching their togetherness

  653. 653 : Farizan Mazlan Says:

    Knowing what Master OH had done to PH’s father, I doubt PH & quack can lead a happy life anyway. The bitter feeling will stick in his heart.Best that PH end-up with his first & only love. All people want to live a life with your love ones.

  654. 654 : Mearna Says:

    i dont like d’ ending, i hope hoon will be together with dr. Oh…

  655. 655 : Sammy Says:

    Can som1 tell me wah happened I stoped @ episode 12

  656. 656 : Sammy Says:

    Can som1 narrate wah happend I stop @ episode 12 and have not been able see the remaining episode

  657. 657 : TAGALOG TO Says:

    best actor Lapad nguso

  658. 658 : sayin Says:

    well i think this is jong suk’s the worst drama. i stuck on eps 10 and never think to continue to watch,

  659. 659 : Anzu Says:

    Plot acting everything was nice but i had a second lead syndrome.. 😀 ….anyway lee jong suk is a best actor…

  660. 660 : Lan Says:

    Bessst drama ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lee jong suk is the best actor in the world

  661. 661 : Lan Says:


  662. 662 : atreides Says:

    nice ending, but still have many glitch.. why Choi Byeong Cheol dissapeared in the middle?? where is he?? he’s the one that most worried about park hoon and jae hee, why he dissapeared??

    why after jaee hee jump in the river in bupadest, park hoon has been in the jail for 2 years, why he get jail? is there something happen after that? I don’t get it.

    who is saving park hoon and jaee hee while they have been attempted killed by cha jin soo. is that tae sol?? I still doesn’t get it…

    this drama plot destroy lee jong suk acting as well. for earlier plot is just good. but until middle to the end. I could say that the writers is confused how to tied all the blurred story that already get exposed in the beginning. that so sad for me. I can say this drama have been saved because of lee jong suk and jin se yeon chemistry. this drama get destroyed because of the writer.

    after all, this drama is not my recommend. I only finish this drama because of lee jong suk. I could rate this 3/10.

  663. 663 : Doof Says:

    Well i enjoyed the drama!!
    but They make me believe that the Quack and Hoon will end up together, damn i believe it when jae hee said Hoon love dr. oH. They have a much better chemistry. 🙁 🙁

  664. 664 : choopatiu Says:

    I never liked Jin se jun,ive watched her in bridal mask,inspiring generation n now here at doctor stranger.im just wondering why they kept giving her projects when she’s not that much of an actress.she doesn’t have any chemistry with the lead actors n her acting is mediocre to say the least.This draa would have been better if kang sora was the lead actress.the actors were both okay.

  665. 665 : rareee Says:

    only for make the big sponsor satisfied and let his daughter became the first lead and made this drama became a shit drama. Poor LJS, PHJ and KSr. Your acting skill were wasted by the writernim. I blame a half for JH Pd but for one make sure, the whole story already messed up because the greedyness of someone. Ck, such a wasted year for LJS

  666. 666 : mail Says:

    with so many negative comments, i will skip dis drama…too bad, Lee Jong Suk becomes my favourite actor after watching “I Hear Your Voice’…

  667. 667 : dOpey:-) Says:

    OooHH, so annoying.,i thought Park Hoon & Dr Soo Hyun will be at the end..

  668. 668 : wna Says:

    I’ts worth watching. Enjoyed it 🙂

  669. 669 : Pearl Says:

    Hmmm. Just watched “Doctor Stranger”. There’s no chemistry between the lead actor and the lead actress. I mean no chemistry between Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) and Song Jae Hee (Jin Se Yun) although they fight of their love in the first episode. But no chemistry between them made this drama was so boring. And I agree Kang So Ra is so good in acting for this drama.

  670. 670 : aslaina maulana Says:

    i thought so hyun and park hoon will be together at the end..too bad they’re not..but atleast the story was nice…but i’m very dissapointed after knowing jae hee and PH will be together.. 🙁

  671. 671 : aslaina maulana Says:

    i really hope it was so hyun who end up with park hoon… 🙁

  672. 672 : Nina Says:

    Park hoon and soo hyun… more better.. hikz..

  673. 673 : Nina Says:

    Agree with 664 @Choopatiu..

  674. 674 : Alexsandra Says:

    Most of us noted that chemistry between park hoon & quack is so goooood..

  675. 675 : jema Says:

    well it’s not one of the best drama but Jong Seok’s acting is excellent and yes I am being biased it was just confusing on whether Han Seung Hee is Jae Hee but they answered it somewhere near the end… My if’s are Dr. Oh and Dr. Park Should’ve been given the chance to have their romance blossomed…. i Love Lee Jong Seok

  676. 676 : johanna macaaras Says:

    I nice drama.but the leading lady of park hoon is so ugly 1000000%, its better if kang sora is the lead

  677. 677 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Good story but quite poor casting. Kang So Ra is too pretty, and Jin Se Yun is too ugly 🙁 . I mean, I know somewhere there should be a good chemistry among them but I think because of JSY it was banished.

    I prefer Hoon and Soo Hyun to be the lead character. Jin Se Yun is not too ugly for Lee Jong Suk. LJS is quite boring.

    I’m already in chapter 16 and I thought of skipping some episodes and sneak the final chapter, and I found out that Hae Jee and Hoon will be together in the final episode. I got disappointed and I stopped watching.

  678. 678 : mryouknowmeNot Says:

    @Johanna [email protected] Grace

    The hell???im guessing youre both women here and Im a man. From my manly opinion, Jin Se Youn is sooo much more beautiful than that fat woman Sora. Just because she’s not that established as Sora does not give that woman a better credit so STFU!

  679. 679 : Tita Balanjiu Says:

    Who said she is ugly I think you all are suffering from strabismus.JSY is the prettiest and sweetest young actress I have seen in all the scenes of the drama.I think you are envious of her natural beauty.Have you seen her in a close up she is much more prettier for flawless countenance as she is younger than kang sora.I m not a young fan so I can distinguish a beauty and ugly face.your bad comments will backfire to the beholder.

  680. 680 : Miora Says:

    kang so ra is best actriss than se yun!!I want to see this drama when kang so ra is the leader!!

  681. 681 : Korean Drama Review DS | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Doctor Stranger (2014) 异乡人医生 […]

  682. 682 : Snowflower Says:

    OMG.. So agree wth some of you this is a good drama but Hoon should have end up with Soo Hyun.. Come on i get so excited whenever they have scenes together and yet Jae Hee is just too bland.. Yeah they have been through a lot together but the moral lesson should also be learning to move on.. 😊

  683. 683 : fika_nofa Says:

    Jin Se Yun is the real deal, Kang So ra is not ugly either. I’m a dude btw

  684. 684 : Irene yusuph Says:

    lee joong ki i love you when you act

  685. 685 : 🎀🎀🎀 Says:

    Kang soraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa💖💖💖💖💖💗💖💋💋💋💋💋💋

  686. 686 : princessmyumi Says:

    this is one of the best ending for me……Park Hoon is for Song Jae Hee……Han Jae Joon is for Oh Soo Hyun…..Unlike usual sories that when someone new came along ….the old love is always forgotten….for this sory atleast there is a sense of loyalty….uuuuuu

  687. 687 : san Says:

    Good drama. Good plot. Like Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin. I kept watching till the end because of them. Kang So Ra is so unrecognizable here. The girl who was in the dream high 2. She was my favorite female lead here.
    Honestly I found Song Jae Hee / Han Seung Hee character is annoying. At the begging of the story she was sweet and her and park hoons story was sweet. But after she cut her hair and the character became so annoying I really didn’t wanted her and park hoon to be together.
    But I was happy the end Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra got together. 🙂

  688. 688 : & Says:

    Love Lee Jong Suk Forever.

  689. 689 : CH Says:

    Hoon character is eccentric! Weak and illogical plot!

  690. 690 : honeyjames Says:

    don’t like the ending

  691. 691 : Admaliah Says:

    After watching few episodes I’ve decided not to continue due to super boring scenes & episodes. the 1st few episodes was very entertaining & very well done but as the story progress in became boring, There’s a lot of lal moments & I also agree that Lee Jong Suk has better on screen chemistry with Kang Sora than Jin Se yun.

  692. 692 : Shellsbells Says:

    The beginning of this drama was spectacular. It’s caught wanting thru out and the end is just plain stupid. Such a fan of the cast tho this was another huge disappointment wish I’d stayed a stranger to this here drama

  693. 693 : Doctor Stranger | Newsintern Says:

    […] Doctor Stranger […]

  694. 694 : Doctor Stranger | Seattlehomesfront Says:

    […] Doctor Stranger […]

  695. 695 : Kilmer Says:

    Saw so many comments and no bad ratings, thinking that this drama is must be damn good but wtf?! This drama ruined my moods and wasting my times.
    I swear to myself, never trust on the rates given and those fangirlings comments here. They are not into the drama storylines but looking forward praising their idol as their god.
    I skipped so many boring scenes and shitty convos of this drama, wishing that I can catch some scenes which make me understand what going in this drama but no? From the beginning until the end, I still don’t understand what this drama about? Unbelievable, Korean love this drama. Maybe, they love watch medical dramas, or anything do between South and North which not my cup of tea.
    Park Hoon supposed to be a smart doctor but the way, he had the frizzy hair-style and dressing more look like a rock-star than a doctor. They been tortures and chased by North Korea spies but both of them no show any expressions that they are scare or worry.
    Just to let everyone know that this drama is not worth watching and don’t believe that ratings given and those comments. This is too much over-rating and lousy show.

  696. 696 : Doctor Stranger | net12 | Post Says:

    […] Doctor Stranger […]

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