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Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun 03

Title: 태양의 후예 / Descendants of the Sun
Chinese Title: 太陽的後裔
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 16 + 3 Special Episode
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2016-Feb-24 to 2016-Apr-22
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


This drama was fully pre-produced before airing which is a departure from the live-shoot production format that characterizes most Korean dramas.

Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) is the captain of the special forces. He catches a motorcycle thief with Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo). The thief is injured during his capture and is sent to the hospital. Dae Young realises his cellphone was stolen by the thief and goes to the hospital to retrieve his cellphone.

In the emergency room, Shi Jin meets Dr. Kang Mo Yun (Song Hye Kyo) for the first time. He falls in love with her immediately. Mo Yun mistakenly assumes Shi Jin is part of thief’s criminal gang. He proves to her that he is a soldier with the help of army doctor Yoon Myung Joo (Kim Ji Won).

Shi Jin and Mo Yun begin to date, but due to their jobs, their dates don’t go well. Shi Jin takes an order to lead his soldiers on a peacekeeping mission to the fictional country of Urk. Meanwhile, Mo Yun becomes upset that she fails to become a professor due to a colleague’s privileged background. When Shi Jin and Mo Yun meet again, they talk about their views on life and realize how different they are. Shi Jin, as a soldier, kills to protect lives and Mo Yun, as a doctor, tries to save all lives. They say their goodbyes.

Eight months later, Mo Yun rebuffs the sexual advances of hospital chairman Han Suk Won (Tae In Ho) and as a result is assigned to lead a medical team in Urk. There, Shi Jin and Mo Yun meet again… (source)


Main Cast

Song Joong Ki as Capt. Yoo Shi Jin
Song Hye Kyo as Dr. Kang Mo Yun
Jin Goo as Senior Seo Dae Young
Kim Ji Won as Surgeon Yoon Myung Joo
Kang Shin Il as Lieutenant General Yoon (Myung Joo’s father)

Tae Baek Army

Kim Byung Chul as Lieutenant Colonel Park Byung Soo
Park Hoon as Sergeant Choi Woo Geun
Choi Woong as Staff Sergeant Gong Chul Ho
Ahn Bo Hyun as Sergeant Im Kwang Nam
Kim Min Suk as Private Kim Ki Bum

Haesung Hospital Medical Services Team

Lee Seung Joon as Song Sang Hyun (General Surgeon)
Seo Jung Yun as Ha Ja Ae (ER Nursing Team)
Onew as Lee Chi Hoon (1st year Resident of Thoracic Surgery)
Park Hwan Hee as Choi Min Ji (ER Nurse)

People at Haesung Hospital

Hyun Jyu Ni as Pyo Ji Soo (Pathology Specialist)
Tae In Ho as Han Suk Won (Chairman of Haesung Hospital)
Park Ah In as Kim Eun Ji (Thoracic Surgery Specialist)
Jo Woo Ri as Jang Hee Eun (1st Year Resident of Anesthesiology)

Wooreukeu Area

Cho Tae Kwan as Daniel Spencer (Peacemaker Emergency Doctor Team)
Jun Soo Jin as Ri Ye Hwa (Peacemaker Emergency Nurse Team)
David McInnis as Ah Goo Seu (Black market Boss)
Zyon Barreto as Fatima


Kwak In Joon as Lee Han Soo
Jo Jae Yoon as Jin Young Soo
Lee Yi Kyung as Kang Min Jae
Jun In Taek as Yoo Young Geun (Yoo Shi Jin’s father)
Nam Moon Chul as Manager Go
Joey Albright as US Army Delta Force member
Ji Seung Hyun as Ahn Jung Joon
Lee Jae Yong as Choi Ji Ho
Sung Ki Yoon as the President
Kim Kyul as Chairman Han’s assistant
Jun Jin Gi
Ahn Doo Ho as Kim Beom Rae


Lee Kwang Soo as shooting arcade operator (ep 1)
Lee Jong Hyuk as Captain Kim Jin Suk (ep 2, 5, 10, 15)
Jung Ji Won (정지원) as TV announcer (ep 2)
Park Tae Won (박태원) as TV announcer (ep 2)
Ryu Hwa Young as Seo Dae Young’s ex-girlfriend (ep 3)
Lee Hyun Kul as soldier chasing Shi Jin & Dae Young (ep.6)
Park Joon Geum as Chi Hoon’s mother (ep 7, ep 11)
Yoo Ah In as banker (ep 13)
Nam Ki Ae as Mo Yun’s mother (ep 13)
Red Velvet as themselves (ep 16)
Han Yeo Wool

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Bae Kyung Soo
Producer: Ham Young Hoon, Yoo Jong Sun, Park Woo Ram
Director: Lee Eung Bok, Baek Sang Hoon
Assistant Director: Kim Hyung Joon, Yoo Young Eun
Screenwriters: Kim Eun Sook and Kim Won Suk


  • This drama is Song Joong Ki‘s comeback project after serving his two years in the military.

  • In Singapore, the drama will be available to stream on Viu with English and Chinese subtitles. Each episode will be available to stream eight hours after the original Korean broadcast. (Source)

  • The drama will wrap on its 16th episode as planned, which airs on Thursday, April 14. The following week, KBS will air highlights on April 20 and 21, and finish off with making-of clips and an epilogue on Friday, April 22. (Source)


2016 KBS Drama Awards: Best Screenwriter Award – Kim Eun Sook and Kim Won Suk (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Rookie Actress – Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Mini Series) – Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Best Asia Couple Award – Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Daesang – Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Daesang – Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 21st Asian Television Awards: Best Drama Series
2016 8th Melon Music Awards: Best OST – Yoon Mi Rae (Always)
2016 1st Asia Artist Awards: Best Celebrity Award (Actor) – Jin Goo
2016 1st Asia Artist Awards: Best Celebrity Award (Actress) – Kim Ji Won
2016 1st Asia Artist Awards: Best OST Award – Gummy (You Are My Everything)
2016 Korean Advertisers Association Awards: Best Drama
2016 1st Indonesian Television Awards: Special Award (Jin Goo)
2016 2nd Scene Stealer Festival: Scene Stealer Award (Male) – Lee Seung Joon
2016 2nd Scene Stealer Festival: Scene Stealer Award (Male) – Jo Jae Yoon
2016 2nd Scene Stealer Festival: Newcomer Scene Stealer Award (Male) – Onew
2016 9th Korea Drama Awards: Best Drama
2016 9th Korea Drama Awards: Excellence Actor – Jo Jae Yoon (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 5th APAN Star Awards: Drama of the Year
2016 5th APAN Star Awards: Grand Prize (Daesang) – Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 5th APAN Star Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Jin Goo (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 5th APAN Star Awards: Best Supporting Actress – Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 5th APAN Star Awards: Best Couple Award – Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun)
2016 43rd Korean Broadcasting Grand Prize: Best Drama
2016 11th Seoul International Drama Awards: Excellent Korean Drama
2016 11th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Actor (Song Joong ki)
2016 11th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Drama OST (Gummy, You Are My Everything)
2016 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards : Daesang
2016 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards : Popularity Actor Award, (Song Joong Ki, Descended From the Sun)
2016 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards : Popularity Actress Award, (Song Hye Hyo, Descended From the Sun)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2016-02-24 1 12.6 (7th) 12.7 (4th) 14.3 (4th) 14.4 (4th)
2016-02-25 2 13.5 (6th) 14.5 (4th) 15.5 (3rd) 16.0 (4th)
2016-03-02 3 21.8 (2nd) 22.7 (1st) 23.4 (2nd) 24.6 (2nd)
2016-03-03 4 22.9 (2nd) 23.5 (2nd) 24.1 (2nd) 25.1 (2nd)
2016-03-09 5 24.6 (2nd) 26.3 (1st) 27.4 (1st) 29.2 (1st)
2016-03-10 6 25.4 (2nd) 27.6 (1st) 28.5 (1st) 29.8 (1st)
2016-03-16 7 27.0 (2nd) 28.9 (1st) 28.3 (1st) 30.1 (1st)
2016-03-17 8 25.9 (2nd) 28.7 (1st) 28.8 (1st) 30.5 (1st)
2016-03-23 9 29.7 (1st) 32.3 (1st) 30.4 (1st) 31.0 (1st)
2016-03-24 10 28.8 (1st) 31.0 (1st) 31.6 (1st) 33.3 (1st)
2016-03-30 11 29.1 (2nd) 31.3 (1st) 31.9 (1st) 33.5 (1st)
2016-03-31 12 31.1 (1st) 33.9 (1st) 33.0 (1st) 34.3 (1st)
2016-04-06 13 30.4 (1st) 33.7 (1st) 33.5 (1st) 35.0 (1st)
2016-04-07 14 31.1 (1st) 33.5 (1st) 33.0 (1st) 35.6 (1st)
2016-04-13 15 31.1 (1st) 35.6 (1st) 34.8 (1st) 37.5 (1st)
2016-04-14 16 35.3 (1st) 40.5 (1st) 38.8 (1st) 41.6 (1st)
2016-04-20 Sp1 15.3 (5th) 16.6 (4th) 17.7 (4th) 19.5 (3rd)
2016-04-21 sp2 12.3 (6th) 13.9 (5th) 13.6 (5th) 14.7 (5th)
2016-04-22 sp3 10.9 (7th) 11.8 (6th) 12.2 (5th) 13.2 (6th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Mia Andriyani Says:

    I’m so waiting song joong ki’s drama since the last drama innocent man with moon chae young. Good luck for your new drama n welcome to back at drama again 😊

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    Omo! My Ssong Joong ki ssi is back! Waiting for this. Fighting

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  7. 7 : Dcosta-Rules Says:

    36 days and counting… Oh Yeahh Song Hye Kyo finally come back to the small screen after 2 years. And Song Joong Ki, I like his acting in Innocent Man. Should be a good drama… DAEBAK!!!

  8. 8 : tracey_ Says:


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    My queen is back ❤️ and the flower boy joong ki 😇 I just can’t wait

  11. 11 : RodelAlmonte Says:

    The queen is back very soon with his new king… Can’t wait to see this in GMA 7 …Phils get ready.. HOA queen is back..

  12. 12 : septri yeni Says:

    the greatest korean drama … saranghaeyo joong ki oppa and hye gyo eonni

  13. 13 : Tith Ah~ Says:

    I might be the most popular once it’s air.

  14. 14 : rairamegumi Says:

    I often choose SBS first for weekdays drama..but now I definitely will choose KBS for wed-thu drama…totally will love song jong ki in this drama and also the drama as well since the pre-prod was so meticulous I guess

  15. 15 : h3rancho Says:

    My Wed-Thu schedule will be busy for a while
    Cannot wait anymore ^_^

  16. 16 : liya Says:

    can’t wait for this drama, finally song joong ki & song Hye gyo :))

  17. 17 : my3views Says:

    Really looking forward to this drama. writer Kim Eun-Sook got first billing and (not so impressed with her writings) but Kim Won-Suk is co-author so I’m counting heavily on Kim Won-Suk’s writing prowess ( The Queen’s Classroom & Friend, Our Legend) to do right by Song Joong Ki’s nearly unmatchable skill sets. He is just such a pleasure and a gift to watch. His ability to touch the audience is far and away, to the moon and back. I mean it, his internal mojo could kiss: to life a vanquished galactic star.

  18. 18 : Apowlskie Says:

    Yesss!!! Finally!!! I’ve waited for this drama since last year:)

    So excited for Song Joong Ki and hye kyo!!! Omo:p

  19. 19 : Koreanatic Says:

    Been waiting for this drama a long long time and it’s finally here! Can’t wait to see it! <3

  20. 20 : Smile :) Says:

    I’m so exited to see Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo together in a drama! I’m counting down the days until the first episode premieres! 🙂

  21. 21 : amaal Says:

    i think it will be 2016 best drama

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    omo~~ can’t wait.. can’t wait…!!! Need much episodes please ^.^

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    most awaited drama finally here!
    cant wait for the chemist of song couple<3

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    i’m waiting… 1 month to go 🙁

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    omo omo omo..i cant wait to watch this drama…song joong ki and song hye gyo…this drama will be the best drama ever…

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    uuuuh a month !!!!!!!!! waiting 🙁

  28. 28 : fumika Says:

    my first time watching a part of the drama that’s call the drama name “Descendants ” it’s really amazing story, good couple, many people give the main character name like “couple song “couple -> song joong ki and song hye kyo

  29. 29 : violet88 Says:

    my most anticipated drama ever….. been waiting like 1 year for it to air… OTP are both my ultimate bias… one more month to go…

  30. 30 : Kiales Says:

    The trailer is WOW! Chemistry is good. I’m dying for waiting! Joong ki + hye kyo ! Song song Couple fighting!

  31. 31 : nino Says:

    can’t wait ^^

  32. 32 : CoolBeans Says:

    Start date feels like 6 months away!!!

  33. 33 : CoolBeans Says:

    The Heirs was my most anticipated drama. Lee Min Ho is a magnetic man! This is a close 2nd!

  34. 34 : Cici Says:

    OMG…can’t wait 2 see …. Song Song couple…it’s must be worth to wait

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    Can’t hardly wait to watch this drama…😍

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    oh my…. i can’t wait for this drama to air! Song Jong Ki is so man! and i think the story plot will be great too! A must watch 🙂

  40. 40 : freedomdemon Says:

    February is come~!!!!!
    count down of the date of it release~!!!!!
    happy so much of the trailer have so much~!!!!!
    had re-watch many times of it trailer~!!!! ^^Y

    thank you so much~!!!!!
    exciting so much~!!!!!
    so happy~!!!!! (~v ~)

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    Counting down…

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    the poster is amazing n awesome…

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    Don’t feel good with WAR ZONE romance. Have to see others suffer 🙁
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    Waiting waiting and waiting …..

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    TaeBak, My Unnie coming back Song Hye Kyo <3

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    8 more days to go…..

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    Waiting for Song Joong Ki’s comeback was unbearable, especially since this drama looks like it’s gonna be not so bad. I had waited for Hyun Bin’s comeback too but not as much because I had no interest for the drama he took for his comeback.

  58. 58 : Armine Says:

    My Goooooooood just 1 day,,,,i can’t wait really

  59. 59 : mavi Says:

    Hahahahaha OMG was talking with my sister about the trailers and we saw the one with song joong ki working out and we were drooling. He looks sooo fine that she told me that the military service is like Korea’s own Build a Man Workshop. XD

  60. 60 : Julia Says:

    Finish ep.1 aaahhhhh i love u both SJK and SHK

  61. 61 : Fairy Says:

    Felt emotional watch Song joong ki comeback.. very cute (^_^)//

  62. 62 : freedomdemon Says:

    its so exciting while watching the first episode, without subtitles~!!!!! (**O **)
    has start wait for the 2nd episode release~!!!!! ^^Y

    if can, wish that it can renew in everyday~!!!!! (>v <)

    thank you~!!!

  63. 63 : mariana Says:

    Very nice start for this drama !

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    Omo 1st eps rating 14.3 % 😍 Fighting Song song couple.

  65. 65 : XaiiEmzz PH Says:

    After I watched the pilot episode of this drama, I feel more excitement from now ..Very interesting !!

  66. 66 : me_nina Says:

    wow.. so intense at the first episode~
    joong ki and jin goo daebak!!! thumbs up!

    *Kim Ji Won..wow…i never thought she suitable in army uniform
    but look she’s so stunning, cool!

  67. 67 : me_nina Says:

    oh..i’m so proud of my country..
    on the first ep of DOTS there’s cameo (Korean) who wore ‘BATIK’ shirt!
    BATIK is the icon (cultural heritage) my country 😀

  68. 68 : Finnie Says:

    OMO, the first eps is really great, I can’t wait to watch next eps!!!! Joong ki is really charming!!

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    Good drama and worth watching…

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    great start

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    daebakkkkkk… for the first eps … is really great!!!… Very intersting drama..wellcome back song joong ki..

  74. 74 : me_nina Says:

    after listen SOLDIER’s Taemin.. i think that song is so suitable for OST of ‘Descendant of The Sun’! Good Song!

  75. 75 : admaliah202923 Says:

    rating of ep. 1 is soaring high . . . a truly super highly anticipated series of 2016.
    hope they will sustain its viewers/ratings.

  76. 76 : koreandramaaddicted22 Says:

    love this so much . must watch

  77. 77 : h2 Says:

    just watching 2 eps already and it hooks me omg
    this drama is so good, the chemist between two leads were also great.
    thumbs up~
    fighting for the Song couple and all the DOTS teammm~~~ <3

  78. 78 : soel Says:

    I now know why Secret Garden is my all time favorite drama. this writer never ceases to amaze me. I love her notion of love at first sight and her choice of words when it comes to expressing your feelings… she is the one writer who wants to be realistic as much as possible and she chose the right actor. joong ki is perfect especially with his smile and look in his eyes. this is going to be one of the best for the year am sure.

  79. 79 : L.fitri Says:

    It’s not like I am watching the drama, but I am watching the movie. Everything in this drama is perfect and high produced. I am sure that this drama will success til the end.

  80. 80 : MaxT Says:

    The qualities of the K-drama in 2016 has step it up. They’re much better than last year. I had already watched 4dramas in a month and they all were great.

  81. 81 : MaxT Says:

    The OST – ALWAYS by t Yoonmirae is excellent. Love the song so much.

  82. 82 : winnie Says:

    Nice to see Song hye kyo and Rain to be back in the small screen although in separate drama. Love them both

  83. 83 : bigeye Says:

    lee kwang soo is short acting but cute and song joong ki is best acting n thumb up..

  84. 84 : Astrid Says:

    Good couple, good drama… hope it will be a hit!!! Yeeey Song joong ki song hye kyo ❤❤❤

  85. 85 : NovieAgassi Says:

    i love this couple
    and cant wait for next eps
    SJK and SHK JJANG….

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    Finallyyyyy with joong ki’s comeback and hye kyo, my all time favorite actor and actress. One of the best in year 2016!

  88. 88 : lely_saula Says:

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  89. 89 : dins Says:


  90. 90 : Henry Says:

    Yes! I love this much awaited drama, Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo!!!

  91. 91 : Henry Says:

    Welcome back Song Joong Ki!!!

  92. 92 : Sara Says:

    me_nina i thought the same thing too
    SOLDIER’s Taemin will fit perfectly as an ost for Descendants of the Sun
    Song Joong Ki fighting!!!!!!

  93. 93 : Hannah Says:

    Song Hye Kyo is so classy and beautiful in this drama. She’s perfect for the role! SHK and SJK look so good together in this drama. The first 2 episodes are perfect!!

  94. 94 : sunshine Says:

    can’t wait for next episodes drama 😤😩 Song Joong Ki fighting

  95. 95 : anshafira Says:

    is it only me or anybody here have the same though that Song Joong Ki here resemble with Tom Cruise?
    Song Joong Ki is a Korean Tom Cruise? Who agree with me?

    He’s so much cool, handsome, more mature, so manly now.
    This drama is going to be a hit, daebak….
    Can’t wait for the next episodes, now I already watch it twice since the release, so unbelievable….
    This is how Korean Drama could ruin ur life….

  96. 96 : MissD Says:

    #SONG shipper, they look good together in real life
    i swear, More like Hye Kyo with Joong Ki now ^3^
    #DoubleSong #SongJoongKi #SongHyeKyo

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  98. 98 : CJ Says:

    In episode one.. when SJK helps SHK to push the injured patient to the operation room, there’s one very touching song played there.. does anyone know what the title of the song is? I’ve been searching for daya and I just can’t find it out.

  99. 99 : sarah Says:

    love Song couple. Can’t wait next ep…

  100. 100 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 1 and 2
    So far i am happy with these 2 episodes. Very lively and interesting….
    Looking forward to know what happen next if both Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo meets again in a foreign land. 😛 😛

  101. 101 : echiielicious Says:

    oh, okay.. this drama is directed by Secret’s director and written by Secret Garden, Lover in Paris, The Heirs, A Gentlemen’s Dignity, etc screenwritter.

    Okay… okay.. i can handle it! 😀

  102. 102 : Riez Says:

    Totally awesome…..DEEBAK..first Drama 2016 really Debaak.. i can’t wait for next episode ……. chemistry joonki and hye ko very interesting n all plot this drama very fun bcozi think joonki its a really excellent actor same as hye ko….

  103. 103 : Astrid Says:

    Fighting joong ki oppa hye kyo ounni ✊✊✊✊💕💕💕

  104. 104 : Renna Says:

    So heartbreaking drama, even just in 2 episodes.. cant wait for the next..

  105. 105 : Nana Says:

    Omo, omo, omo, I’m loving this drama already. 😍😍😍😍😍😍. I can barely wait for the next episode, soooooo good. I love soong joong ki and song hye kyo relationship already. 😘😘😘😘

  106. 106 : wee Says:

    Finally tonite….song joong ki oppa….

  107. 107 : Loren saranghae Says:

    Finally.. so joong ki come back… loveee… muachhhh

  108. 108 : Riadini Says:

    The rating this week to achieve 23 … daebak !!!
    I really like this drama…

  109. 109 : Enn Says:

    Finally! I’m able to watch this! I’m waiting for the new drama of Song Hye kyo!! 😘❤️ I 💙 you unni! 👌🏼👍🏻 fighting‼️ more drama for song hye kyo please!! I’m officially addicted to this drama! The chemistry is unexplainable, they are better for each other! I love them both!! ❤️❤️💋 I want more episodes! This drama totally ruined my life! Hahaha! No doubt, highly recommended! 😍😍😍 so much love!

  110. 110 : wee Says:

    Omg……epi 3 is same good…..fantastic storyline….song joong ki oppa….I love u…
    Thanks to VIU…VIU….VIU…VIU for let me see it fast….keep it up

  111. 111 : liya Says:

    Wow… this drama very awesome…
    i love song joong ki…

  112. 112 : renna Says:

    owwwwwh.. the rating daebak… increase pliiiiss!!!

  113. 113 : kelly88 Says:

    Push the daily drama(s) out, and be on top rating of all shows. Hope for not dissapoint your viewers.

  114. 114 : Wiw Says:

    Joong ki oppa i love you’re acting in this drama really Charming
    you make me melt……Joong ki oppa i love u…………

  115. 115 : L_cube Says:

    Ratings UP UP UP! Song song couple 😍😍

  116. 116 : Noona Says:

    Daebak! the ratings!

  117. 117 : Henry Says:

    1st….. Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo!

  118. 118 : Henry Says:

    Thank you subbers!!!

  119. 119 : Kdramasubindo Says:

    mantapp nih filmnya 😀

  120. 120 : tigerb Says:

    i think that jin goo would have made a better captain and head of the mission, role wise. but i can watch song joong ki’s the whole time! first 3 episodes are very good!

  121. 121 : tigerb Says:

    i meant i can watch sjk’s face the whole time!

  122. 122 : Loren saranghae Says:

    Kerennnn bgt nih drama, sampai episode ke 3 bikin gregetan deh… menanti eps 4

  123. 123 : Hye Joo Says:

    Can’t wait episode 5…Coming soon!

  124. 124 : bunny Says:

    Omooo omooo… 😍
    Joong ki is very very very handsome&cool!!! 😍😍😍😍 song hye kyo is sooooo pretty!! Best couple! Cute chemistry! Just watching their 1st episode in cable tv this afternoon and they make me smile all day long..😁😁😁😁

  125. 125 : OK OK OK Says:

    like this couple conversations.
    Looking forward episodes 4 tomorrow 😛

  126. 126 : atik Says:

    Wohooo,, Song Joong Ki is very col in this drama. Just watching 1 episode, but i think it’s will be interesting drama. Looking foward for the next episode always hohoho

  127. 127 : Nelliec Says:

    This show is great so far! The synopsis above is wrong though. Uruk is an actual ancient Sumerian city, Urk is the fictional country this is set in.

  128. 128 : Henry Says:

    Love this drama!!!

  129. 129 : Henry Says:

    Song Joong Ki Looks cool in his role as a soldier but he was indeed came from a mandatory military service!

  130. 130 : jane Says:

    THIS IS GONNA BE BEST DRAMA IN 2016!!! great job!!!

  131. 131 : Lu Lu Says:

    OMG…. Joong kiiiiiiii getting more handsome and sexy now, my heart melts. So manly also.

  132. 132 : Jeane Er Says:

    Really love this drama…

  133. 133 : Saie Says:

    The rating is rocketing.. have been watch all 4 episodes three times already.

  134. 134 : peecee Says:

    i am so loving this drama… <3 <3

  135. 135 : Jake Says:

    Enjoying the drama so far. Waiting anxiously for Ep 5

  136. 136 : LuvK Says:

    where can I watch Eng or Chi sub? I can’t find it in dramanice or bananaidol. Pls help. TKS!!!

  137. 137 : Lukman Hidayat Says:

    go to dramafire.com.
    the english subtitled video is availabe a day after the original episode broadcast.

  138. 138 : kira Says:

    Luvk u can watch it at dramanice

  139. 139 : park jun sung Says:

    omoooo… i really like seo dae young and myung jo story…. cant wait they back together. love this couple.

  140. 140 : -edz- Says:

    This is why i should not watch an ongoing drama that’s so great..
    It has only been 4 episodes and… every day seems a week of waiting to me LOL.. Those eyes Joong Ki.. I just cant handle those stares…

    Anyone knows the ost played in english? thanks!

  141. 141 : -edz- Says:

    Omo.. this is why is should not be watching a great on going drama..Every day seems like a week to me..

    Love this drama so much and ohh.. Joong Ki those stares are too much for me to handle LOL..

    Anyone knows the OST palyed in english? thanks

  142. 142 : renna Says:

    this drama is superb. love Song-Song couple.. i hope the writer nim and director nim are consistent. and make this drama a happy ending # Cheese on the trap tragedy trauma.

  143. 143 : Kdrama review: Descendants of the Sun Ep. 1-4 – Piece of Durogic Says:

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  144. 144 : Abigail Says:

    Saranghae oppa jong ki…

  145. 145 : ElRagedKun Says:

    Unexpectedly Dae Back Awesome And MORE…….

  146. 146 : park jun sung Says:

    maybe you are looking for Descendant of the sun OST part .1 . its called “Yoon Mi Rae – Always”.
    i really like those song…. 😭😭😭😂

  147. 147 : park jun sung Says:

    omooo me tooo. i havent feel like this for a long time since drama Oh My Ghost. waiting foe a drama to airing. not only waiting but also searching all information on internet abt this.
    i really love seo dae young and myung joo couple. its seem like there ia more romance scene between them in later eps. i wish….
    hmmm… the rating is great. hope its can beat 30% next weak. if its gained huge rating its possibly producer extend the eps. haha.. become 17 or 18 eps maybe

  148. 148 : Azza Says:

    drama of the year .Awesome and many more

  149. 149 : Download Drama Korea Descendants of the Sun - DramaKorea Says:

    […] Info sinopsis, Info Drama dan Daftar pemeran dikutip dari Koreandrama.org […]

  150. 150 : ayu Says:

    i love love love love so much this drama

  151. 151 : mira Says:

    deaabaaak amazing with just 4 episodes i am really amazed by the way of there super acting. waiting forward ror the the next episodes

  152. 152 : AAAAAAA Says:

    even all ost from this drama all-kill in almost all Korean music charts , ost Davichi “this love ” till at this time still in the number one, yonmire “always and chen ” everytime ” is still in the top five . daebak …

  153. 153 : tagalog salita Says:

    puro yabang !!!!!!!!!!!!! nakaraang taon pa dapat ito lumaban, panay kasi posponed dapat aril 2015 pa ito inere, duwag kasi kaya ngayon lang lalaban. tapos sasabihin nyo number 1 na ito eh posponed nga ito last year. duwag!!!!!!!! yabang!!!!!!!!!!!!! lalo na ang writer nito saksakan ng yabang.

  154. 154 : kiran Says:

    perfect couple!!just love the chemistry between them..at first, i thought jo in sung suit her well, but when i see this drama,song2 couple is the best!!aaaahhh..cant take my eyes of them..i wish they will become couple in reality..

  155. 155 : Ana merya Says:

    I love this drama so much.
    SongSongCouple is perfect couple.
    They are so sweet. Love love love

  156. 156 : -edz- Says:

    @park jun sung… is that the one? i have listened to it many times already, but only heard few english words.. or maybe there was another version?

    Anyway, thank you!:)

  157. 157 : park jun sung Says:

    i think yes. but i dont know, is that song what you looking for? or you just looking for ost with english lyric?

  158. 158 : -edz- Says:

    @park jun sung… you know the one played during the surgery scene.. When Song Joong Ki was waiting for Song Hye Kyo to finish with her operation?Then later on they planned their first date.
    It was around that scene hehehe…:)

    Today’s wednesday and its DOTS day! YAy!

  159. 159 : Louren Says:

    I love this drama..song joong ki so cute with song hye kyo…beautiful pair ..excellent acting…the men in uniform..my gosh..they are so manly..unigue kind of love story…

  160. 160 : Lu Lu Says:

    Oh my God joongki sooooo sexy, those deep voice, those muscles and tan skin…. Looks the best so far!!! I faint 😱

  161. 161 : park jun sung Says:

    OMOOOOOO… look that rating of ep 5… 29%?? almost hit 30%… aigoooooo daebakkkk jongmal daebak!!! rank 1st tooo… go go go DotS the best!

  162. 162 : Leigh Brittany Says:

    I see ep 5 english sub here: http://dramanew.com/drama/descendants-of-the-sun/episode-5/

  163. 163 : Ningning77 Says:

    Daebak! Very good drama. Have not seen such a high ratings for ages.

  164. 164 : Dcosta-Rules Says:

    What the heck is going on? The rating’s already reach double digit in ep. 1 and it already reached >20% in ep. 3… This drama surely will bring K-Drama into the whole new level… DAEBAK!!! I heard that this drama originally offered to SBS, but they refused it. They must be regret that decision so badly now.

  165. 165 : renna Says:

    Azaaa!!! Finally the rating goes number one!!! Daebak!!

  166. 166 : Henry Says:

    I love watching this drama over and over again. This is a very good drama. Amazing rating. Welcome back Song Joong Ki!!!

  167. 167 : Jeane Er Says:

    “Should I apologize, or confess?” I like this scene…

  168. 168 : MaxT Says:

    This is a big budget drama and deserved a high rating. Episode is pretty funny. Hopefully the rest of other dramas in this year are as good as this one.

  169. 169 : OK OK OK Says:

    Song Joong Ki is very fit now compare to previously.
    Very manly, suave and charisma 😛
    Enjoyed watching this drama

  170. 170 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 5
    Wow, Song Joong Ki saves Song Hye Kyo from the car hanging in the cliff with such easy ease.
    Seems no threat to him. ha ha 😛

  171. 171 : Jaja Says:

    This drama is daebak so far…. guys in uniform, great ost, SJK & SHK great chemistry… sometimes reminds me of Jung Woo Sung staring at Song Hye Jin in Remember When..

    From 1st ep got me hooked!!! It is hard to find or watch a drama that from the very 1st ep was so good…

    This drama jjang… daebak…marvellous

  172. 172 : mira Says:

    OH MY GOD!! i love this drama so much!! songsong couple have such a great chemistry…..
    i love the last scene should i apologize or confess…. amazing
    wish they keep good rating. daebak…

  173. 173 : OK OK OK Says:

    Screenwriters: Kim Eun Sook and Kim Won Suk

    Many outstanding famous dramas by them.
    Thank you. 😛

  174. 174 : MAC Says:

    LOve seo dae young Myung Joo couple… sergeant and surgeon love story :v

  175. 175 : Dimple Says:

    So love this story!

  176. 176 : Dimple Says:

    So love this story! Song Jong ki and Hye Kyo are lovable.

  177. 177 : Henry Says:

    High ratings in just 5 episode of this drama… that’s amazing! Good job!!!

  178. 178 : nyta Says:

    i cry when song joong ki and partner arrive. i dont know why.. i just feel like they come to save me..(i try put myself if im in that situation i will be so happy someone r coming to save me.)

  179. 179 : Henry Says:

    Good job, this drama is worth watching and had made it to the top in just 5 episodes!!!

  180. 180 : Lulu Says:

    The drama is just ok to me but the ratings are nuts! It’s quite fun when a show grips an entire nation.

  181. 181 : kiran Says:

    i love their dialogue, it seem realistic as they really into each other..i dont mind see 100 episode of this drama..

  182. 182 : DotS_flying Says:

    daebaaakkkkkkk. rating of ep 6 is rocketing!!!
    TNMS :
    25.4 (2nd) — 27.6 (1st)
    AGB Nielsen :
    28.5 (1st) — 29.8 (1st)

    seriously. eps 6 is the best and superb as far as from 6 eps ongoing. ep 6 is the best. great. i dont have any words to say!!!

  183. 183 : Henry Says:

    Thanks for early subs of ep. 16!

  184. 184 : dong ho Says:

    As I know SBS rejected this drama because of product placement. How would SBS feel now after DotS become a really hit drama.

  185. 185 : Kim Says:

    No wonder why The Heir’s writer come to KBS.

  186. 186 : kimmy Says:

    what the f*** with last scene on episode 6..dr.kang just hug him,okay!!

  187. 187 : OK OK OK Says:

    every episode is worth watching !!!
    all the bare 6 packs army guys jogging and especially the handsome fit Song Joong Ki. ha ha….

    Just finished ep 6,
    Song Joong Ki is back to URK again because of earthquakes rescue. Hope he is safe in next episode 7…… 😛

  188. 188 : peecee Says:

    The paused stares and the breath taking stills along with the perfecto OST so much goes in sync. I can hardly get my eyes off each seconds of this ONE PIECE drama. Looking forward for more upcoming eps with much anticipation 😉

  189. 189 : tigerb Says:

    love and war (action scenes) – guess it’s a good combination for high ratings! i give credit to the lead actors too!

  190. 190 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy 186: are you the kimmy i know? if so, glad to see you here! i’ve been wondering where you’ve gone to. cheers!

  191. 191 : MaxT Says:

    Does anyone who sings the song in episode 6 at 15:20?

  192. 192 : peecee Says:

    hi @maxT so far the osts are

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyzaMpAVm3s- davichi

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTc5tuEn6_U- chen and punch

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE0eV2YR51k- yoon mirae

  193. 193 : peecee Says:


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owU14t5L58I- gummy

  194. 194 : MaxT Says:


    Those are not the song I was looking for. Go check the time 15:20 and you’ll know what I was talking about. I have listened to all 1-4 OST and the rhythm doesn’t match. It could be the 5th OST single.

    These are the lyrics:

    ♬ Will I be able to see you again? ♬
    ♬ Standing before fate that’s grazed gone by ♬
    ♬ Is there a dream that won’t be awaken somewhere? ♬
    ♬ I was never able to treat you right, not even once, as you grow distant ♬
    ♬ I love you ♬
    ♬ Deep in my heart ♬

  195. 195 : peecee Says:


    Ahhhh i didn’t check the timings but i am sure you will get it sooner or later… may be ost 5 LOL 😀

  196. 196 : MaxT Says:


    Hope so. Hope I don’t need to wait until the drama is finished which is 2 months later.

    Thanks anyway! 🙂

  197. 197 : MaxT Says:


    Good news, it’s the OST part 5.

  198. 198 : peecee Says:

    i have found it too to let you know its OST Teaser (Kim Na Young ft. Mad Clown) | Ep.06

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKYGKWvM5KQ…its not released JUST yet… 😀

  199. 199 : Isabel Paula Reinoso Patron Says:

    Is the soundtrack “You are my everything” by Gummy the same as the one used in Korean Drama “Thorn Birds” but with different performer? Thank you.

  200. 200 : Chimby Says:

    I am so into this drama. I love how they put conflicts and reconciliations together and mixed up with adorable OSTs. Daebak! Episode 6 was heartbreaking! si jin and mo yeon, dae young and myeung jo, i hope nobody dies. i hope everyday is thursday (download day)! Fighting guys!

  201. 201 : dins Says:

    how they set up this drama? the BEST ever.
    Keren banget ya Tuhannnnn
    joongki why youre so handsomeeeeee why why why
    hye kyo too much beatiful too 🙁 🙁

    love songcoupleeeee <3 <3

  202. 202 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb 190..sorry, but i think we’ve never knew before, probably u mistaken with other kimmy.. but, nice to meet you.. let’s merry the comment!!

    i got goosebumps during the 6th episode.. like i’m part of it.. another 7days to go, aaaaah cant wait!!

  203. 203 : soel Says:

    I think this drama has alot of elements from secret garden, gentleman’s dignity and heirs. one key element is the love or like at first sight and I like how the writer sends that message across. she is the reason why i believe in love at first sight and she has the best dialogues ever in all her dramas. the dramas this year are giving me different perspectives about my choices. one more happy ending drama makes me want to date a single dad and this incredible drama makes me want to fall for a man in a uniform. and it is interesting how she is trying to make us understand the worlds of two people whose work involve humans but in very distinct ways. She is going to be my favorite writer for a very long time.

  204. 204 : renna Says:

    I smell a bunch of awards for this drama. They gonna have a pleasant time in award. Well it worth of course!!

  205. 205 : AAAAAAA Says:

    ost of drama even all these ” all-kill ” Korean music charts , even ost gummy ” you are my everything” in the first position in all Korean music charts. Daebak…

  206. 206 : namjoo Says:

    Isn’t a romance part a bit too early? Cliche.. wish i’m not going bored to watch this drama

  207. 207 : ibaoj Says:

    actually the romantic part is not yet happening. haha
    i am so looking forward for more romantic scenes. ep 7 hopefully? 🙂

  208. 208 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy 202: thanks for being so gracious. i’ve met very few people in this web site and i don’t know which drama pages i could meet them again, thus my mistake.
    yes, let’s enjoy this series!

  209. 209 : OK OK OK Says:



  210. 210 : Sari tjen Says:

    Really a good story, it’s worthy to have high rated.
    Song joong ki… Ooh you will make every woman heart melted, as I read above that you are just come back from military, you gesture and act as soldier really good. Keep your good work my boy! Good luck to you… Salute!!! Captain!
    Song hye ko, you are a beautiful and talented artist, I seen you since endless love, see you in this series, really make me adore you. Good luck for you… And I hope that you will find a good man in real life… Fighting my beauty doctor!!
    Good luck to every people who make this story, can’t wait to see next episode… Fighting!!!
    May be we should put “sun” in the title, as master of sun and decendents of the sun, became a high rated.. Hehehehe… 🙂 just kidding 🙂

  211. 211 : kiki Says:

    i think i know why sijin (joongki) is general material than daeyong (jin goo). his decision making is better than daeyoung. sijin knows what to do, while daeyong… following order is his motto. and that can be a big flaw.

  212. 212 : kiki Says:

    i cried when joongki/sijin “brought” his mother in their family pictorial. now i think i know the reason why he is hesitant in pushing forward his love for hyekyo/dr. kang.

  213. 213 : AAAAAAA Says:

    This drama is not only just phenomenal but ost of drama is also very phenomenal , read this link ….

  214. 214 : songjongki Says:

    oh maigat i love this drama so much…….

  215. 215 : Omo Omo Omo.... Says:

    This is really good! Have already watched the 6 episodes and I really enjoyed them all! Keep up the good work!

  216. 216 : eva Says:

    so very , very nice story .. and very very gorgeous actors.. two thumbs up!!!

  217. 217 : nuam Says:

    myasiantv is blocked in my country 🙁

    any other sites I can watch from please?? pls pls help, thx

  218. 218 : park jun sung Says:

    anybody know the ost that played when myung joo n seo dae yeong have calling and flasback, on eps 6? around minute 15…

  219. 219 : Iya27 Says:

    Oh-my-god. Its been a looooong time since the last time i was so addicted into drama. Last time i watched kill me heal me, but i watched it on dvd so i’m a late bloomer on that. But this! I couldnt hold myself to watch it streaming because the trailler is sooo good! Joong ki is extremely charming. His gaze, his body language is so admirable to the point that my heart always jumping like a little girl who just met her first love, every time I see him in this movie. (I’m 30 BTW😹)

    Si jin n Dr. Kang, both are strong people who walk in different path of life. I love how mature they are. Ep. 6 was a heart breaking episode but also the best! I love the last scene when si jin and Dr. Kang leave in different way.

    Can’t wait to watch the next episode!

  220. 220 : desi Says:

    Nuam, here’s another website you can watch : http://www.dramago.com, i hope yo can watch from this site.

  221. 221 : MightyMe Says:

    I want soldier like him who like to joke and full of responsibility. i just fall in love again with SJK. ^^

  222. 222 : Quyen Says:

    The crew of actors and actresses in the descendent of the sun drama act perfectly. So sweet and gentle kind of feelings. Thanks for showing this drama to the earth that makes everyone from everywhere they would see how beauty of the human being the soldiers , volunteer doctors, workers who work so far away from their home.

  223. 223 : endang Says:

    The ost played on eps 6, around minute 15 is Don’t let me cry (You Again – Mad Clown & Kim Na Young)

  224. 224 : AAAAAAA Says:

    I do not understand why the haters hate this drama, and even after this drama beat drama “WHYFS”, though these are not the netizens who said that but various media have spoken. and there is even one portal that is very dismissive of this drama, and writing on the portal page that this drama will be sad ending. although I do not know the truth of his statements. but by reading these pages, as if to say that this drama is not very interesting. overall, it’s up to the haters or the media who would like to say this drama is boring and so on, but the fact can not lie that this drama is phenomenal ..

  225. 225 : nuam Says:

    @desi #220

    got it! Thx a mil. less stressed now, hahahah

  226. 226 : OK OK OK Says:


    SBS is at a loss after missing out on the chance to air big money-makers.

    The broadcasting company’s regret only grows with the exponential increase of the popularity of cable channel tvN‘s drama “Signal” and KBS2‘s “Descendants of the Sun.” The reason is that the two dramas, coming from a cable channel and a public channel, respectively, are becoming almost virally popular despite the fact that, ironically, they were originally being discussed at SBS with confirmed dates for airing, only to be canceled due to production issues. How did these two big hits slip through SBS’s fingers?

    click link for full news …… 😛

  227. 227 : sun Says:

    IRIS 2009 – – Filming sites include Hungary, Russia, Japan, China and the U.S.
    – The production cost for this drama is 20 million dollars, making it the most expensive Korean drama to date (10/2008).
    – Japanese distribution rights for the drama series “Iris” was sold to TBS for a record ¥ 400,000,000 / ₩ 5,300,000,000 ($4.3 million USD).

    IRIS IS #3 in KoreanDrama Polled Closed.

  228. 228 : MaxT Says:

    @OK OK OK

    Do you what is the budget to make Descendants of the Sun? I heard people in another forum said it cost more than USD50M? Just need to confirm if that was true.

  229. 229 : tigerb Says:

    quoting from the article by soompi as linked by OK OK OK #226 (thanks for the link!) above:
    “However, individuals in the industry also say that there is a danger in only pursuing commercial viability, as it can result in low-quality dramas. This is the reason why people say that companies should increase competitiveness through diverse stories, even if they fail commercially. Industry personnel are collectively saying that, due to the widening overseas market such as China, content diversity is becoming a requirement.”
    i’ve watched so many s.k. dramas and it’s true that i find most of them having more or less the same elements that bore me so i refrain from watching after reading the plots or drop them in the middle of the run. diversity is necessary, so i agree with the quote above.
    as to ‘the heirs’, i’ve written my piece many moons ago, and here’s an additional comment: it’s nothing compared to the ‘descendants of the sun’! cheers!

  230. 230 : park jun sung Says:

    Thank you very much for ur information. Hwahhh i really like this song. Its suit with dae young myung joo couple.

  231. 231 : tigerb Says:

    haters will remain haters, and for all you know they are paid ‘barkers’ to put negative comments. let them be, the fact that the ratings are high, it means that people appreciate the series, and that includes those positive posts above, and my two cents!

  232. 232 : park jun sung Says:

    @OK OK OK
    i heard about that news. its not all SBS fault. i
    mean. yeah, sometimes production house also determine the sponsor and benefit income before they release or accept airing drama. i
    heard that one of reason why SBS ignore DotS is becoz Song jongki and cast always use military uniform, its mean its will reduce endorse or advertising brand of clothes.

  233. 233 : park jun sung Says:

    Agree, did u heard that there is spread rumors about this drama that it will has a sad ending. I think its one of way to push down this drama. And they always compare “You who came from the star” and DotS

  234. 234 : admaliah202923 Says:

    aside from the 2 main actress/actors i think Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won also have a strong on screen chemistry . . .

  235. 235 : tigerb Says:

    @park jun sung #233: dannnggg, i hate rumors! specially if they are maliciously spread! tell you what: i did not like ‘you who came from the stars’. i thought the lead actress was over-acting (then i saw another of her dramas, and that was how she also acted, so maybe it was natural for her) and i thought ksh did not act to par his role. i know so many people were impressed by it, i guess i am just different. i understand that this series is fully produced before airing, if there’s truth to the rumor, it’s spoiling for us. hopefully, untrue! meantime, enjoy!

  236. 236 : tigerb Says:

    in business, it’s always ‘win some, lose some’ situation. if sbs lost this time because they failed to broadcast ‘dots’, let it be. commenting on how they lose this time is not the end of the world for them. they had many hits in the past. so it’s kbs turn. sbs management heads could not be knocking their heads off over this. if it means so much to the viewers, why not ask sbs their income statement for each drama they air.

  237. 237 : raise Says:

    I hope that this will be a happy ending kdrama, i read spoiler said that yoo si jin will be die in the end and dr kang will be a voulenter. If this true…hiks….hiks…please a happy ending story.

  238. 238 : peecee Says:


    I am sure its not a bad ending…as far as we THE viewers have seen so far..THE writernim have never made the viewers unhappy. Although in btw there might be lots of thick and thin roads for the characters but surely they will surpass it through with a very HAPPY ENDING… 😀 😀 ;D

    Well waiting for a whole lot week is way to hard… have never waited for sth so desperately(even exam results ;D ). Aww i saw a clip where Dr Kang is being taken(Kidnapped) away by Mr Rayan & his so called followers. Having patience is what this drama is teaching us so far with all the chillings down through my spine 😀 <3 i am totally LOVING it! (MC Donald Style ) ;D <3 (Y)

  239. 239 : raise Says:

    Thats what we hope…see a sad ending drama really wasting the time…only i got shock when i made some browsing stated ysj will die…nice to know you😊

  240. 240 : park jun sung Says:

    Me too. YWCFTS ia not one of my cup of tea. Although its spread out around the world. Haha but lets forget it, dont talk abt YWCFTS here.

    Btw, omooo both jin goo and kim ji won upload their cute momment together on their own instagram. So cute couple. They are my fav couple. Hehe.
    On ji won instagram :
    And on jin goo instagram :

  241. 241 : peecee Says:


    Same here

  242. 242 : tabasom Says:

    perfect serial
    I like it very very very
    I can’t wait for next episode

  243. 243 : MaxT Says:

    Kim Na Young – You Again OST part5 is out!

    What a nice song.

  244. 244 : MAC Says:

    hmm thank you MaxT for the information. The OST can be download on k2nblog… (y) 😀

  245. 245 : MaxT Says:

    You welcome, MAC. Hope they release the FLAC version of this OST album. So far, all 5 songs are pretty good.

  246. 246 : park jun sung Says:

    Omooo daebakkkk. The rating hit 30%!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😭😂😁👍👍✨

  247. 247 : dins Says:

    Daeeeebakkkkkkkkk first place yihaaaaa 🙂 🙂 🙂
    you deserve it oppa…eonnie….ahjussi….ahjumma….. everyone in Dots amazing 🙂

  248. 248 : dins Says:

    if i could see the writer now. and giving a big greetings from here cause she/he has made a amazing script.
    the director too,…… amazing anyway. hope it will happy ending story ahjussi.

  249. 249 : dins Says:

    list of the ost

    1. Always by Yoo Mi Rae
    2. Everything by Chen (Exo) ft Punch
    3. This Love by Davichi
    4. You are my everything by Gummy
    5. Once Again by Mad Clown (rapper) ft Kim Na Young

    so far, that is amazing soundtrack exist. maybe it can more than that. maybe one album? haahah but i love all song.

    which song do u like the most? hhehehe :):) #DotS #Ost #SongSongcouple #joongki #hyekyo

  250. 250 : Henry Says:

    This is a very good drama. Great actors and actresses!

  251. 251 : waniya iqbal Says:

    massive hit…….hope so there will be happy ending …hope so ….alas ….fingers crossed …

  252. 252 : endang Says:

  253. 253 : mons Says:


    aww the love story of these two i so sad. I hope they’ll have an happy ending too.

  254. 254 : MaxT Says:

    Not just the 5 songs are good, many of the instrumental music were played in the drama are also very good. I can’t wait to get the full OST in FLAC.

  255. 255 : Hannah Says:

    Shi Jin’s smile when he heard Mo Yeon’s confession at the end of ep 8….Gosh, I can’t take it. Joong Ki’s too cute!

  256. 256 : kimmy Says:

    @249 dins..
    you are my everything sound familiar with ost you who came from the star..is it the same??

  257. 257 : Tt Says:

    Great script great cast great ost. I think it’s gonna overtake Secret Garden as my favorite k-drama ever.

  258. 258 : park jun sung Says:

    OST. Part 6 has been released… 😂😂😂
    케이윌(K.will) _ 말해! 뭐해?(Talk Love)

    Wow wow wowww… rating bit 30% againnnn… really ending scene of eps 8

  259. 259 : dins Says:

    @256 kimmy. i think it isnt exactly the same. hehe maybe it’s little bit similar at the title and reff part. but you are my everything by gummy is more ballad than ost who you came from the stars. but both of them is a great song right?

  260. 260 : kimmy Says:

    best confesssion ever in kdrama..the ending of episode 8 daebak!!cant wait for another week…aaaarrrgggghhh it killing me..captain yoo smile, aaahhh, he’s so adorable..
    three times rejected are equal with one time confession that all urk listening..hahhahahaa..i love songsong couple..i do into this drama!!

  261. 261 : kimmy Says:

    @259 dins..yeah right, it’s really great song..it keeps lingering on my head..

  262. 262 : Henry Says:

    Hahaha just… I love the last scene… yes best confession!

  263. 263 : renna Says:

    Omaigot.. what a best last scene LOL. i got a big and loud laugh..what a great confession, reaching a whole area LOL

  264. 264 : Jeane Er Says:

    Hahaha i love the last scene,
    waiting for next episode…

  265. 265 : tigerb Says:

    all’s well in the romantic front! @park jun sung: except for jin goo and ji won’s roles when lt.gen yoon is so controlling with his daughter’s love life! saw the instagram posts, thank you! the second half of the series should continue to excite us!

  266. 266 : MAC Says:

    episode 8 is good and awesomee !!!

  267. 267 : jocviv Says:

    wooowww…can’t wait for the next episode!!1
    love the last scene!!

  268. 268 : Ivy Says:

    this movie is getting more and more interesting.
    can’t wait for next episode and please give us good ending.

  269. 269 : Chimby Says:

    Episode 8 was a blast! It ended leaving me hanging on a cliff with so much excitement and dang the 6th ost is out finally! Talk love by k. Will. Listen to it guys. 🙂

  270. 270 : Alwan Says:

    joong ki so very cute..you eyes cute …i am fans you ..
    i am from malaysia …love korea muahhh

  271. 271 : Kayleen Says:

    I don’t know whether I should watch this drama or not? First of all, I hate dramas about war. After watching, left me feel depressed and sad about the whole things happened.
    Read about this drama is so hit now than “MY Love From Another Star”. Not because of the storylines but the popularity of both stars. influenced a lot of Chinese population to watch this drama. Now, China government need to ban Weibo sites. Their romance is surrounded by the circumstances might influence many young minds.

  272. 272 : MaxT Says:

    > I hate dramas about war.

    Then don’t watch it since you worried so much. End of story.

  273. 273 : Chimby Says:

    @Kayleen DOTS is not about war.. although the theme was military, but it’s more on keeping peace, disaster rescue, and fighting the bad guys. In addition, there is the blossoming love story of the two leads, and the come and go relationship of the 2nd lead. Try to watch the 1st episode, if it doesn’t made you want to watch more, then stop.. i also watched MLFTS, and they are both on my top 5 favorites. Give it a try, Big Boss will definitely make you fall for him. Haha

  274. 274 : kimmy Says:

    @kayleen 271..give it a try, 1st episode is enough.. then tell us here how does it feel.. ok??

  275. 275 : MaxT Says:

    Chimby and kimmy, stop wasting your time to encourage her to watch this drama. Don’t you understand what her statement was all about?

  276. 276 : es Says:

    This drama is awesome… All the cast are doing a great job portraying their role….episode 8 ending was absolutely incredible Dr. kang confession:-)…

    Bigboss&beauty fighting!

  277. 277 : Chimby Says:

    @MaxT haha. It is such a waste to judge DOTS without even trying to watch it first. Anyway guys, let’s just enjoy watching this series. The 1st half was well delivered. Heard Yoo Ah In will have a cameo on the 2nd half. fighting DOTS!

  278. 278 : kimmy Says:

    @maxT 275..actually i just want to share this ‘butterfly on my stomach’ feeling.. but yeah, u rite, we cant push someone to like something that it’s been hate the 1st place.. so, im taking back my words..

    so @kayleen 271..im not recommended this drama, coz u absolutely rite.. this kind of drama left nothing besides deppresed and sad..
    im also depressed..i cant stop thinking is there a way to make time machine, coz i cant wait for another week, song jong ki keeps pop up on my head although im watching innocent man rite now.. hahhahahahah… 😂😂

    @maxT..annyong, nice to meet you..

  279. 279 : Charmaine Says:

    Hi, can anybody tell me what’s the song played using song hye Ko iphone at episode eight near the ending?

  280. 280 : renna Says:

    Not because of the storylines but the popularity of both stars>>>> whoooa.. this statement. Just dont judge the books by its cover. I’ve watch more than 100 korean dramas my whole life. And for me DOTS is one of the best of all. Good storyline..good cast..good sinematography..good ost. For me so far it is the good one.. (although i dont know the ending yet happy ending or bad ending). I never watching a drama just from the cast..i ship the story always.

  281. 281 : park jun sung Says:

    Popularity of actors/ cast??? Hwahh, i think you are wrong. I mean there is many drama that include their best actor to the drama but unfortunately the dramas are not too success. Heartstring (jung yong hwa-park shin hye), love rain (jang geun suk yoona), come back mister (rain), those drama has big stars but not too success, arent it?
    So there is no reason that Dots is so success because popularity of the actor, but other x factor like story, script, scene, etc. Yeah maybe tge popukarity of song jong ki n song hye gyo is bonus to make the drama hit market. But i think not only “because popularity of the cast”.
    Actually i dont too like YWCFTS, i have done watch it and i dont know what side is good from those drama that make it booming. But i dont care. Maybe YWCFTS is not my cup of tea, so i dont think those drama is good.
    Seem like you, becauae this drama is not ur cup of tea, so you think this drama is not as good as YWcFTS.

  282. 282 : park jun sung Says:

    I dont know why people keep compare YWCFTS with DotS… hmm 😒😒😓

    @tigerb 265
    Hehe but, seo dae young and myung joo relationship become more intens because now dae young start to be brave confese his feeling to myung joo. So its just key to go a head, time to walk and fight together, or lose for the second times, isnt it?

  283. 283 : Happy Says:

    Basicly i watch this drama because it’s written by kim eun sook. Well,you know most of her script become hit…and i don’t know how most of the role in the script that she’s created always played by talented(may i say best?)actresess and actors…so now this is what we see.. A good script and talented(best) people…both mixture together in a show…that’s all i know…

  284. 284 : park jun sung Says:

    @charmaine 279
    Its DotS OST Part.7
    Junsu JYJ ft. Song Joong Ki – How Can I

  285. 285 : Louren Says:

    Best drama/actions..beautiful pair joong ki and hye kyo…so cute together..excellently written…awesome acting by the lead star joong ki and hye kyo..the actions of joong ki as if for real and the romance ..so captivating…sweet and thrilling…

  286. 286 : dins Says:

    half way road to the end…… idk, waiting on wednesday then thursday it’s become a habit caused by dots wkwk i know it sounds so overact but it is the true. it’s like i have DotS Snydrome or Fever or even Virus. hahaha

    ps. cannot move on and always staring on my phone and seeing Joong ki oppa smiles 🙂 🙂

  287. 287 : tigerb Says:

    @park jun sung #282: i wish seo dae young did not commit to lt. gen. yoon that he refrains having a relationship with the daughter, except if he feels that he has to protect his career. maybe he learned about myung joo’s former love interest (it was mentioned in a past episode). he is interested in her, all right, danngg, why can’t they be happy? if i were myung joo, i’d defy the father, and both she and dae young can quit the military and do what they want! goodness sakes, they are both adults! i wonder what will be lt.gen.yoon’s reaction is he learns that yoo shi gin has a love interest in a civilian doctor. he can’t demote shi gin, and hopefully approves of his daughter’s love interest. we’ll see!

  288. 288 : tigerb Says:

    i think the best way to learn about something is to get into it personally. although comments from others are helpful, it’s not the same as experiencing it yourself. my statements do not apply to something bad, evil, harmful or will cause heartache.

  289. 289 : haebin Says:

    A big fan of song hye kyo from the start. One of her best series ever. KUDOS to the writer…hopefully until the end you will be consistent. I really miss watching QUALITY produced series…like the old Korean dramas(ex.sweet 18,all in, fullhouse, sassy girl chonyang, queen of the game. so, pls to the writers of dots be consistent. Make a good, inspiring ,interesting ENDING. don’t think that just coz its the last ep you’ll take it for granted. Your followers deserve to have an ending with a SENSE. followers of DOTS relax….lets respect the opinions of others. Song hye kyo your the best. Even my husband love song hye kyo.

  290. 290 : RR Says:


  291. 291 : park jun sung Says:

    Yapss.. actually in preview eps 9, lt. Gen yoon ask both myung joo and dae young if they still love each other or not, myung joo said yes, but dae young still dont has answer. Oshhhh i hope he say yes too. So he shouldnt run anymore. He has confess to myung joo that he will regret all time he ran from her, and he said he got jealous when myung joo father calling shi jin, rit?
    Its better idea, they can out from military and build new way together. Hehe…btw, i really hope tgey has passionate scene like kiss maybe 😛 . Ouch i had second lead syndrome

  292. 292 : Louren Says:

    So amazing story…awesome couple song joong ki and song hye kyo…i i love joong ki, he looks so beautiful with or without shirt on…has this wishing feeling to be love like joong ki in uniform…captivating..sweet song hye kyo..i am so so in love of this drama ..episode 8 confession of hye kyo on air.. So funny..i am kilig to the bones…i am excited to see the next episode..great drama ever…best drama…

  293. 293 : tigerb Says:

    @RR #290: being a staff of the drama, are you allowed to divulge parts of the series which are not aired yet? it is not fair to the viewers nor to the advertisers if the ratings drop because the viewers already know the ending. it’s such a disappointment.

  294. 294 : park jun sung Says:

    @RR 290
    Hah???? What are u doing. I dont know why people again and again want to drop this drama by spread rumors about the ending of this drama. And i dont know what ur pupose to said like that in this forum thread.
    I doubt u r really staff of DotS. If u are the staff you wont spread that cheap rumors in netizens thread like here. Otherwise your boss will not let you go anywhere. Kkkkk :v.
    Howahhhh seem like many people really jealous about the booming of this drama.


  295. 295 : blue Says:

    Don’t understand why such kind of a boring drama like this can be claimed as the best drama…the storyline is flat & there’s no a climax even the love story can’t create the patient&feel that can blend the emotion to feel it..i prefer watching that winter the winblows though it’s also a boring drama but’s still better..

    Certainly the rating is high & the drama is popular only due to the main cast and the viewers can’t be objective because most of them are the big fan of the casts that’s why they said this is the best drama..i really like song hye kyo but this is not her best drama..only full house&endless love are the best drama of her..

  296. 296 : aimelyn Says:

    when ep 9 reales?i hope with eng sub..

  297. 297 : Chimby Says:

    Hi 295.. i guess that’s why you chose the call sign “blue”, you are not fond of melodrama or romcom type instead you prefer heavy drama. I am not really a fan of joong ki or hye gyo, i watched their dramas before and i was not hooked like i am now with DOTS. So i dont think, “it is popular only due to the main casts” is an appropriate explanation to explain DOTS magic. The storyline is beyond expectations that is why people, especially ladies like me, are engrossed. the casts acting is superb in line with cheesy and magnificent dialogues and emotional and lively OSTs. What a great drama to start 2016. Phenomenal! sorry if i have to defend DOTS once again. I feel like i’m its mom. Hahaha

  298. 298 : sun Says:

    much better http://www.koreandrama.org/signal/ just watch !!! pay channel high ratings!! good story up to the end!!! just watch!!!!

  299. 299 : AAAAAAA Says:

    if you all do not like drama , no need to watch, but if you feel that you prefer drama unpopular than the ” DOTS “, then it is a sign that does not want to accept the fact … ok….. finish….the end…

  300. 300 : kiran Says:

    i became interested in song jong ki..could anyone tell me who is his girlfriend?i read article that he’s dating with park bo young..is it true??

  301. 301 : MaxT Says:


    Signal was boring as hell. I stopped after the 5th episode because the story was very confusing. There’s no such thing as back to the future. Using a walkie talkie won’t able to talk to anyone in the 90s. I dislike drama without romance.

  302. 302 : MaxT Says:

    Everyone should ignore the poster called “RR”.

    He’s a troll.

    He goes to every thread on this website starting up a fire.

    We should contract the admin to ban his IP address.

  303. 303 : MaxT Says:

    The ending of episode 8 was very funny when Kang Mo Yun’s recorded love confession was broadcast. I can’t wait to watch episode 9 in two days time.

  304. 304 : tigerb Says:

    @park jun sung #294: Thank you!

  305. 305 : tigerb Says:

    @MaxT #301: i have not watched ‘signal’, i think they got the idea from an american movie called ‘frequency’ with dennis quaid and jim caviezel. i liked ‘frequency’ because it was different then.

  306. 306 : MaxT Says:

    @tigerb 305

    I checked that movie on IMDB database and found out the plot was almost identical as Signal.

    “An accidental cross-time radio link connects father and son across 30 years. The son tries to save his father’s life, but then must fix the consequences. ”

    I never like to watch this type of movie or drama.

  307. 307 : dins Says:

    @300 kiran….
    hmmm so far, i never read about real girlfriend of SJK. joongki doesnt dating anyone include bo young. she just one of all actress who get closer with joongki. with good manner and low profile, no doubt if joongki has a many friends. so rumors too….

    ps.: now joongki has a rumor that he dating song hye kyo. bcs a change student saw them in NY. but both of them agency said disagree with that gossip.

    i wont believe any dating gossip if dispatch doesn’t make an article abt it. hahaha

  308. 308 : kiran Says:

    @dins 307..
    thank you for ur info..wow, i hope they become couple in reality..go go song couple, hehehhee..

  309. 309 : Hannah Says:

    I guess for this year best drama, there’s no need a poll. DOTS will win for sure.

  310. 310 : Ichul Says:

    Wonderfull drama..

  311. 311 : peecee Says:

    i am having guesses that YOO AH IN will appear as the GUY btw Prof. Kang Mo Yun and Surgeon Yoon Myung Joo. if it is then there will be a scene to look at!!! ahhh can’t wait!

  312. 312 : park jun sung Says:

    Haha, nice idea. Its would be interesting both YSJ and SDY jealous momment

  313. 313 : kiran Says:

    nice idea @peecee..i’m also want to see how our capt. jealous..

  314. 314 : mido Says:

    yes it is Wednesday, yay hooooooooooooooooorah

  315. 315 : Pen pen Says:

    Anybody know where can I download MP3 of the OST? I love them so much. Thank you

  316. 316 : kiran Says:

    u can download in 4shared..it’s complete enough with good quality..;)

  317. 317 : Kim Says:

    ilkpop.com is a good way to download the OST

  318. 318 : park jun sung Says:

    @pen pen
    U also can download in k2nblog.com its fast and up to date

  319. 319 : Loren saranghae Says:

    Gak sabar nunggu eps 9, tiap episode bikin penasaran terusss…. Oppa joong ki love…love…love…

  320. 320 : Pen pen Says:

    Thank you Kiran, Kim and Park Jun Sung

  321. 321 : krisnalyn Says:

    this is the best kdrama of song jong ki after his serve in military my gosh his co cute, handsome and sexy.
    i always watch of DOTS the story was so beautiful.

  322. 322 : mikaela Says:

    i dont know whose idea to pair SJK n SHK, but it turns to be great pair in kdrama ever..they really into each other, made by heaven..dont mind see 1000 episode of this..love songsong couple..

  323. 323 : Menchie Says:

    Loving this drama very much… waiting for the next episodes…

  324. 324 : kimora Says:

    thank you KBS for bring the new level of kdrama..it’s totally daebak!!it’s not like every kdrama which there’s always second lead actor who trully madly deeply love leading actress, so they go blind with other love..i like this kind of drama, seem natural even the conversation..

  325. 325 : AAAAAAA Says:

    @admin :you are wrong in writing the rating episode 9 :
    For AGB SEOUL : 33,9%

  326. 326 : admin Says:

    @AAAAAAA (325),

    Please prove me wrong. I am pretty sure that it was 31.0.

  327. 327 : park jun sung Says:

    Omooo the rating is rocketingggg.. daebaakkkk

  328. 328 : AAAAAAA Says:

    @Admin : try to check on ” HanCinema ” and ” wikipedia ” …

  329. 329 : admin Says:

    @AAAAAAA (328),


    why don’t you say that hancinema was wrong.

  330. 330 : kimora Says:

    and the kisses also seem so natural, like they really in love..no wonder so many people want they become couple in reality, so am i, hehehehe..

  331. 331 : ajeng Says:

    sorry lee min ho..but i cant take my eyes of song jong ki..

  332. 332 : AAAAAAA Says:

    @Admin : Sorry , I just saw that wikipedia recently changed its rating .

  333. 333 : Henry Says:

    Congratulations to the casts and crew of this drama, unbelievable that you captured the hearts of many viewer and you made it to the top! Good job! Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo, you’re amazing guys!!

  334. 334 : WEE Says:


  335. 335 : park jun sung Says:

    Aaaa so cuteeeee… jin goo’s instagram update. Its gift for viewers… haha

  336. 336 : czarinah Says:

    I love this drama so much that I watch it over and over again.Song he kyo is truly a Goddess and Song Joong ki is an Intelligent handsome and sexy rolled into one. They are perfect for each other and Id love to hear thy really are dating in real life. I wish for them to be together they are like a match made in heaven. People who are criticizing their drama especially doctors in real life are just too jealous of how gorgeous Song he kyo and Song joong ki are. I sincerely love them both and more power to u u guys and more projects together hopefully. Im really a fan of both of u.

  337. 337 : czarinah Says:

    I wonder why Doctors who said why Song he kyo in drama is too beautiful and neat. Well in real life most doctors that i have seen are more well dressed and fully made over. like with heavy make up and hair done but Song he kyo on the drama is just simple. her make is barely there and hair style is just tied so why doctors are saying she doesnt have to be beautiful and everything well in fact she that beautiful enough even without make up

  338. 338 : czarinah Says:

    i was extremely overjoyed watching ep 9 scenes where my heart skipped a beat then wanted to shout,couldn’t help but i have let my emotions go with every romantics scenes of song he kyo and song joong ki

  339. 339 : leony Says:

    i wonder why there’s some straw on their hair..do they lay down on the truck while they’re kissing??do they kiss all the way??aaaaah, my crazy imagination!!btw, i like the kiss, it’s look so real..

  340. 340 : kez Says:

    So the GREAT voices for OSTs decided to create a soundtrack for such an amazing drama. This drama couldn’t get any better, YMR, Gummy, ALi, K.Will, Chen….can’t wait for the next surprise.

  341. 341 : kez Says:

    My mistake, not ALi but *LYn*!!

  342. 342 : tigerb Says:

    @ajeng #331: can’t blame you! enjoy!

  343. 343 : tigerb Says:

    @park jun sung #291: you must be very happy now that lt. gen. dad approved of his daughter dating the sgt. major! it’s a good condition though that dae young quits the military. you’re till waiting for that kiss!

  344. 344 : park jun sung Says:

    @tigerb 343
    totally yessss 😀 😀 😛 i’m really waiting for the kiss scene between dae young n myung joo. aish but i’m a bit afraid becoz jin goo already has wife, so, did his wife approve her husband to get a “kiss scene” with a girl that younger and pretty :P. hmm, just really hope that there is a passionate romantic scene between sergean dae young and surgeon myung joo. plis director, they also has strong chemistry.
    Btw, i’m abit afraid too about the request of myung joo’s dad about to daeyoung to quit his job as soldier. I guess its not easy for him to let his job like that. its will be a little problem, BUT if dae young really love myung joo, its will be totally okay. Myung joo can quit for her job too, and become florist maybe, kkk.

  345. 345 : Riadini Says:

    can’t wait for episode 11 until next Wednesday ..
    what will happen with MJ & DY ?

  346. 346 : park jun sung Says:

    Yes yes yes rating is up up again. 👍👍👍

  347. 347 : Asianvenus Says:

    Please have a happy endings for all couples :S

  348. 348 : Henry Says:

    It was heartbreaking about the last part of episode 11 upon learning of
    Lt. Yoon being infected by the virus.

    Also, it was a right choice that the main character was given to Song Joong Ki ‘coz he’s a good actor!

  349. 349 : park jun sung Says:

    So sorry about myung joo. Its pity see her bear the pain in preview of eps 11. But therefore DY and MJ can stronger their relationship. Hope there is no a really bad thing happen to MJ.

  350. 350 : Carmelita Says:

    This is one great drama that you won’t get tired watching and repeating each episode. Thanks for this kind of movie where you will laugh, cry and be sad.

  351. 351 : Carmelita Says:

    Everyday, to make my day I will watch the last 2 episodes until it’s Wednesday again. So so love this drama. I hope the writer will make another masterpiece.

  352. 352 : Lu Lu Says:

    Joong ki ah ….. Omg he makes my legs weak 😂 i didnt really fan him in the pass but now with those muscles and tan skin omg … I keep repeating the kiss scene, so manly, so passionate, so real … Pls writer dont give us sad ending

  353. 353 : Pho Says:

    Remarkable drama ever! Both lead character are TOP Noch! I love the other two love team they alSo amazing! What can I say…salute to all the production stuff and writer👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  354. 354 : renna Says:

    Owh… i’m so falling in love with all about DOTS 😍😍😍😍

  355. 355 : martha1989 Says:

    Everybody talks about how popular Song Joong Ki in this drama (not to mention I don’t like him, I’m a fan of him since drama “Innocent Man”). But, I think the two second lead, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won also become more popular. They’re awesome. No doubt for Song Hye Kyo another big popularity in outside South Korea. Also for Onew and other supporting actors, So, It’s not always SJK, right??

    The shooting place amazed me. Greece and South Korea, where’s exactly the place?? Love the writing until now (because don’t know in next ep), no doubt for Kim Eun Sook and Kim Won Sook join in. I’m not stopping here, loving the beautiful cinematography, some effects, action scene, and romance comedy in. It almost in movie scale. Great in. More money bucks for actors and country.

    6 episodes to go. I’m exciting to watch another episode. Looks more thrilling and complicated. For ratings, hope will soar more than now. Hope for happy ending and don’t dissapoint us, crews, directors, writers, producers for the story (even already pre produced).

  356. 356 : park jun sung Says:

    Wkwkwk, i just found this picture and i think its so funny. Songsong couple vs GooWon couple. Which one is the most fav couple for you?

  357. 357 : tigerb Says:

    @park jun sung #344: the writer made it easier that dae young cannot kiss myung joo – she got the M3 virus! but really, being an actor, he should follow the script, and his wife will have to bear with that! is she an actor too? if so, she understands.

  358. 358 : park jun sung Says:

    @tigerb 357
    Hyesss totally agree with u. Aishhh its more complicated when myung joo is got M3 virus. The scene what i really want (passionate scene) is slowly accross to me. Pass by smart idea of writer by hit MJ with that sickness. Urggghh grrrrr 😡😡😡🔥we only have 6 more eps left and i just hope a miracle come.

  359. 359 : kimmy Says:

    @park jun sung 358
    i love blockbuster couple best..their chemistry is so good, their body language like they’re really in love, the love story seem real, the conversation seem so natural..they match made in heaven.. but the melodrama couple also cute..

  360. 360 : Saya Says:

    I dont quit understand why si jin should rescue the manager? It’s just like the writer trying to makes any connected storyline between argus and si jin. And aint that to risky for Si jin to break the command from his superior to stay away from argus, and i think as the captain of alpha team he shouldnt do that so easily just to save the manager’s life from a gangster, since si jin has no command to save him or has any valid information that worth to save the manager’s life.
    Well i hope the next episode will explain everything

  361. 361 : lizzie Says:

    i so love this drama,, nice story best actor best ever drama,,,, hope that the next eps coming up early

  362. 362 : renna Says:

    I wonder why some people say this drama is boring. And compare DOTS with GMB. Maybe they watching DOTS with sleepy eye.. LOL.

  363. 363 : tigerb Says:

    @Saya 360: i thought in a scene he said they rescued the manager because he is korean, but you’re right there must be more to it than that.

  364. 364 : tigerb Says:

    @park jun sung 358: you’re flaming angry! ha! ha! ha! the miracle better come fast so the kiss may happen!

  365. 365 : DramaFan Says:

    Good chemistry. Handsome eye candy actors and actress. This drama really reduce my work stress from my head. Love it!! 🙂

  366. 366 : Fanny Says:

    Like me having my trip to Urk this term break by watching this daebak series ^^

  367. 367 : fannie Says:

    love this drama. great actors, storyline, cinematography and script.always looking forward to next episode .i wish it was not pre filmed, so that they could extend the episodes. congratulations to the casts and crew. definetly one of my favorite korean drama.

  368. 368 : Shen Says:

    Dins 307

    Regarding rumour abt song/song couple been seen in new york dating, I doubt its true. Most likely rumour was a publicity stunt.

  369. 369 : admaliah202923 Says:

    i noticed that both the lead cast are having difficulties in delivering their lines in English . . . although, other supporting casts (that has English lines) the are just fine in their English (just saying).

  370. 370 : Kate Says:

    3 special episodes were confirmed. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  371. 371 : Elip Says:

    I Love this drama, it’s just beyond of my imagination! great actors, absorbing storyline, cinematography and script.
    & please have a happy ending !!!

  372. 372 : pansy Says:


    The difference in the fluency of their spoken English is cos the cast originated from different sources, eg usa, s.korea.

  373. 373 : pansy Says:

    Just hope the ending is a good n happy one.
    I like Daniel. Wonder what will become of him in the end.

  374. 374 : leony Says:

    i noticed the same thing, when our capt. spoke english, everything turn out to be serious, even his face..but he’s trying his best..

  375. 375 : MaxT Says:

    @369 : admaliah202923 Says:
    March 29th, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    “i noticed that both the lead cast are having difficulties in delivering their – – lines in English . . . although, other supporting casts (that has English lines) the are just fine in their English (just saying).”

    What are you complaining about? Your English aren’t as good either. I think they did great and don’t forget they aren’t born in the US. There was an English waitress made one grammar mistake when delivering 100 burgers to the soldiers. She said food for 100 person rather than 100 people.

  376. 376 : MaxT Says:

    I say this drama is the best in 2016 and hopefully more upcoming K-dramas are as good or better than this one.

  377. 377 : Captain Yoo Says:


  378. 378 : Septi Says:

    Daebak ! this drama will be the most popular on this year. Hope it has happy ending.

  379. 379 : imhe Says:

    I like the way Jin Goo acts, so with Ji Won and Song Joongki. There is still much left to be desired with Song Hye Kyo’s acting…seems to me that her acting is just plateau, the acting from Full HOuse, Autumn Tale, and here on DOTS, hmm just the same. That Winter the Wind Blows, yeah, I’ll give her a little credit there being that she acted a blind woman. Proof, her awards, most of them are popularity awards not really attesting her acting mettle.

  380. 380 : tigerb Says:

    we can’t expect american english (or british, or australian, or from other naturally english speaking countries) accent from characters who have been working in korea all their lives, except for shi jin who supposedly trained at west point in u.s. or let’s have henry lau here!

  381. 381 : admaliah202923 Says:

    @ #375 : MaxT

    Hi. whatever i wrote in my past comment is just my personal opinion that why i also wrote “just saying”. i don’t have any complaints or what so ever. i also didn’t wrote/said that im good in English. again, its just my personal opinion. Plus, i didn’t comment here to pick up a fight or create animosity to other followers of this Blog/series.
    perhaps most the followers of this Blog/series watches the series as well same as me & i like it . . . TY 🙂

  382. 382 : monoo Says:

    best drama

  383. 383 : krujechik Says:

    The best korean drama!

  384. 384 : ALEX Says:

    I love Song Ki!iI love this drama!!!!!Koreq the best!

  385. 385 : ani amboche Says:

    EP 11- .hoping big boss and dr. kang safe.. i love this drama 1000 percently..

  386. 386 : renna Says:

    ep 11 : what a sad episode…5 episode to go and i just hoping there is a beautiful ending.

  387. 387 : nada Says:

    Action, melodrama, romance, medical, even comedy…all in this beautiful packaging drama. Love the casts, writing, and also cinematography. Feels watch a movie. This drama proven to be success because all the elements in it are well. Because of that, money bucks comes more and more, also for popularity. Even SJK can be invite to K station on News 9 O’Clock, prove another mega success.

    But, I don’t feel this drama can effect popularity to another actors and actresses, except for SJK and SHK. Not to mention hate them, I like them also. But, popularity for second leads feels far from it. Hope they won’t be jealous hehehe……

  388. 388 : faisal maulana Says:

    benar-benar menjadi descendants syndrome

  389. 389 : peecee Says:

    Giving love and being loved is such a beautiful thing. The chemistry going around within the characters makes me go ohhhh ahhhh mmm… AND A VERY BIG SMILE ON MY FACE like a crazy woman. i can’t help but to keep on repeating the past episodes all over again. i hope my gadget don’t break down!! 😉

    Blossom Entertainment can you please package me Mr SOOO Cool,handsome and cutie pie SONG JOONG KI OPPA over to my place. I am willing to pay for the late delivery and extra working hours for the delivery man too… 😀 😀 hahaha… jokes apart i must be really in DOTS and joong ki oppa syndrome. i hope I with every one gets through this DOTS virus soon!!!

    Hoping for a happy ending which i am sure it will.
    DOTS fighting!!!!
    lots of love <3 <3 <3

  390. 390 : renna Says:

    Faisal Maulana : lama nggak ketemu drama yg begini.. makanya booming.
    it is a wonderful drama dg packaging yg hampir sempurna tho? owh im in love with DOTS

  391. 391 : Descendants of the Sun [KBS] - KORENESIA Says:

    […] Source: 1, 2 […]

  392. 392 : Henry Says:

    This episode goes with the saying love conquers all! Very good drama!!!

  393. 393 : kimmy Says:

    love the songsong couple much, that’s why dont like the zoom out kiss scene.. aaaaaah!!
    i think im infected by descendants virus, i even cant wait till tomorrow, so i just watch episode 12 with no subtitle..i smile n crying, as know what they talking about.. crazy me.. hahahhaha!!

  394. 394 : Captain Says:

    Love this drama so much. just watched ep12 at dramalove cant wait for next week

  395. 395 : park jun sung Says:

    Omooo look at that ratings of ep 12. While in TNms got that huge ratings, i guess AGB version will have a higher then… finally SDY say “i love you” to MJ…

  396. 396 : park jun sung Says:

    Go go go… SongSong Couple and GooWonie Couple. Fighting!!! 😁👍🎉💝💗💓

  397. 397 : Hannah Says:

    I really hope there will be OST from Joong Ki. It has been a while. I would like to hear him singing again.

  398. 398 : renna Says:

    the rating…WOW… excellent!!! up and up again….

  399. 399 : tosca Says:

    One of the BEST Korean Drama ever!!

  400. 400 : friss Says:

    Anyone know what is the name of the nurse sitting beside Nurse Choi (Park Hwan Hee) at 30:41 and from the photo second from the left at 56:46 in episode 12.

  401. 401 : flower Says:

    i am ready watching SJK wearing black suit next week. Olala, cant wait

  402. 402 : Henry Says:

    I love this drama plus the casts!!!

  403. 403 : MaxT Says:

    Episode 12 was pretty exciting in that gun shooting scene. Looks like this drama will break through the 40% rating in the last couple episodes.

  404. 404 : iin Says:


  405. 405 : WEE Says:

    I think YOO AH IN will be the one that appear in the next cameo which make the 2 actress for not talking to each other and making the 2 actor to find out who is the “doctor”…hahahaha…


  406. 406 : Chan Says:

    I think I feel miss it already when I know that only 4 episodes left 😭😭

  407. 407 : park jun sung Says:

    @maxT 403
    I hope so. This drama deserve to gain that huge goal. 😂😁

  408. 408 : Henry Says:

    This drama is worth watching!!!

  409. 409 : Henry Says:

    Song Joong Ki is a good actor!!!

  410. 410 : peecee Says:

    i think that Senior Seo Dae Young may die around at the ending part… i hope it doesn’t end it that way. i thk one or the another will die, well i am all SONG JONG KI oppa.. i would rather die instead of him… hahahha.

  411. 411 : tigerb Says:

    watching sjk in this interview about ‘DotS’ made me realize why i like him as an actor. he is slated to act in ‘battleship island’, looks like another military role. i’d take him whatever, can’t get tired looking at his face. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnlQyhgFkYc

  412. 412 : The Descendants Stream | Lucky Boy Says:

    […] Descendants of the Sun […]

  413. 413 : Saya Says:

    I’ve seen photos of KMY and YSJ at the shipwrecks island, maybe they really come back to that island, considering YSJ took a stone from the island, and the local myth says if we take a stone from the island then one day we will return to the island. and they seem look happy and smile to each other on the photos, i’m just going to rely on that and believe that there will be a happy ending for both of them cause they’ve been through a lot of things and i would have feel very empty if it’s gonna be a sad ending or even an unclear ending :(((

  414. 414 : Saya Says:

    Oh i forgot to mention, i’ve seen the photos of YSJ and KMY at the shipwreck island from instagram

  415. 415 : Misu Tira Says:

    Pretty good drama. Love most of the actors and actresses! Way to go, kdrama!
    The scenery worth to see…………

  416. 416 : park jun sung Says:

    Omooo its cant be happen. I won’t let him die. No one will die at the end. How can u said like that?

  417. 417 : Hannah Says:

    Just why are they giving all the sad OSTs for the second lead couple? WHY??! I demand to see them have happy ending. They deserve to be together after what they’ve gone through.

  418. 418 : peecee Says:

    @park jun sung 😀 😀

    well i have my predictions right so far with reply 1988 Taek being the ONE for doksun and the yo ah in being the GUY (Dr kang & Surgoen Myung jo (ep 13 may be ) ) but i am really not sure about the dying part (JUST MAY BE ) of any of the soldiers…just that feeling hahaha… i too hope that it doesn’t end it that way… with king 2 heart i didn’t even expect the officer would die but unfortunately he did.

    well i hope for a very happy ending with jong ki oppa (can’t mention him by the character name cuz he is far too hot and cute 😉 ) and Dr Kang in Urk in the ship Wreck scenario with the stone back to its place with the closing of “THE DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN” along with the sunset scene OR
    having a family portrait hanging in the photo studio. i have this all imagination going through hahaha…

  419. 419 : haebin Says:

    sjk was asked by an anchor of a 9 o’clock news.. he did not deny when he was asked if his dating shk. He said that they dine and drink together. even the agencies did not deny the new York rumor.

  420. 420 : haebin Says:

    may goodness!!!! I almost had a heart attack when I read the news of added episode…. later on a big blow of disappointment. hello people why waste your time adding 3 special episode? no offense I love DOTS to death. why not make the 3 SPECIAL EPisode a REGULAR EPISODE!!!!!!!

  421. 421 : VIVI LUBIS Says:

    This DRAMA is SUPER COOL.. Love SONG SONG couple HOPE Its Happy ENDING!!

  422. 422 : AL GHAZALI SUMITRO D. H Says:


  423. 423 : Candra Says:

    Cant wait for next eps!!!

  424. 424 : park jun sung Says:

    Waaa.. picture teaser of eps 13 already posted in instagram @sun.sun.2016 …. cant wait tonighttttt… jin goo is so handsome

  425. 425 : paras Says:

    Best drama then theother and tq for choose SJK to be the actor of this drama with famouse coeple actrees SHK. With SJK this drama be gud one. Hope producer always choose Song Jung Ki as actor in a gud drama with a good sinopsis and hope always his coeple a fomouse actrees with a good acting also 🙂

  426. 426 : peecee Says:

    Awww…what a pity!!! Yoo ah in is nt THE guy… LOL

  427. 427 : renna Says:

    i wonder why Yo Ah In accept this ordinary role LOL… what a funny scene. Yo Ah In..just imagine that, one of the korean top star. He admire SHK so much I guess so LOL

  428. 428 : Henry Says:

    I really love this drama! Song Jjong Ki, fighting!!!

  429. 429 : park jun sung Says:

    @tigerb waaahhh finally the most anticipate momment of seo dae young and myung joo. Thanks writer, finally they had a kiss scene.. ❤❤💓

  430. 430 : peecee Says:

    thank you director u didn’t end the ep 14 with joong ki oppa being in the ambulance. otherwise awwhh one whole week…..otherwise the bumpers on my forehead would have tripled with worries hahaha.

    Have a good day!!! 😉 😉

  431. 431 : rairamegumi Says:

    @peecee… or dr. kang go back to urk, bring the stone and visit the wrecked ship alone…huuhuhuhu…so sad even to imagine it

  432. 432 : cherylclady Says:

    I’ve just watch ep.14 and preview for ep.15. In a few last second of the preview, like I just stop breath, when SHK ask to one of the SJK’s army friend why he was there and he couldn’t speak. Is it a little spoiler for a sad ending??? OMG, I Hope for happy ending for two main couples. Whether the title or the story, I’m sure almost K-drama fans and actors-actresses’ fan want this drama end in a happy one.

    It’s just too afraid to imagine how this story continue with just two more episodes next week. Because it’s pre-produced drama, it just can’t change some stories suddenly. Keep me guessing. Good job, writers!! (Not to say I hate that).

  433. 433 : alana99 Says:

    What a sensation for this drama!!
    Love the sceneries in it. Sure this drama has been prepare well enough even find something wrong in the scenes. It’s a lesson for them.

    With two episodes left, I just really die want to know ending of this drama. There are some spoilers, and few says it’s a sad ending. Hope it’s not, hope it’s a happy one for all. Also wait for special episodes.

  434. 434 : Lu lu Says:

    my guessing maybe SJK not in shot accident/something but the same danger that he will be kidnapped by the north korean to exchange for their soldier (the one in hospital with him) or something like that. Seo dae young application for discharge is rejected by myung joo’s father so he will be back to special force and task to rescue SJK?? thats the vital point, maybe something happen with SDY since MJ found his soldier necklace hanging by the desk lamp? My prediction only. i really hope for happy ending for both couples.

  435. 435 : park jun sung Says:

    What the….. ending of eps 14 is something. I mean the preview for eps 15. Ouch plis. Dont ruin this drama, writer nim. I really hope that it has really happy ending. No one will die…

  436. 436 : Henry Says:

    What’s with SHK expression in preview of ep. 16? Hope this drama ends with complete casts!

  437. 437 : renna Says:

    i doubt it. i just prepare my heart for heartbreaking ending…lets not have a painful in the end. 2 ep to go but I’ll be ready for the worst ending.. dear writernim please dont allow all the fans of this drama cry in the end.

  438. 438 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Woah, Song Joong Ki again after military service…one of my fave actors together with Kim Soo Hyun! Am loving this romance!

  439. 439 : MaxT Says:

    Amazing drama with amazing ratings.

  440. 440 : park jun sung Says:

    Wah i just realize that the template comment is back better again. Thanks admin..

  441. 441 : Mii Says:

    I can’t wait for the last 2 episodes next week. I hope the ending will keep everyone safe and no one will die. If the plot get twist waahh i will be sad

  442. 442 : peecee Says:


    now that you have mentioned WOW my heart just got sunk by the thought itself.

    well i am 100% sure that joong ki oppa is not dying. Its suppose to be SOOOOO obvious that the protagonist should not be dead in any (i don’t care about the other dramas). i really feel that seo dae yong may die…. 🙁 🙁 .

  443. 443 : Hannah Says:

    Seems like Captain Yoo will be MIA in ep 15

  444. 444 : Dadar CoMe Says:


  445. 445 : leonnie Says:

    just see some spoiler of episode 16 that shown tombstone named yoo shi jin-1983..mmm, my imagination is something happen on the tent, capt.die in the battle, doctor got pregnant..so the descendants refer to child of YSJ and KMY..lol.. bittersweet ending.. pardon my grammar😁😁

  446. 446 : Lu Lu Says:

    445 leonnie SERIOUSLY???? Omg i dont know if i hv guts to watch nxt wk 2 eps, damn if it really happens SJK die in this drama, i will nvr watch this writers’ drama again in the future.

  447. 447 : kimmy Says:

    im dying to know what will happen to the next episode.. some news said that yoo ah in will become someone that makes YSJ jealous, but it didn’t happen.. so maybe that spoiler only rumor which spread by people who got jealous with the popularity of dots, im not mention 445 leonnie.. let’s get faith with the writer..

  448. 448 : renna Says:

    i dont believe all the rumors or spoiler that spread all around the internet about DOTS. its just crap spoilers, until the 16th episode finish I will think DOTS will be a happy ending drama, Kim Eun Sook will be creating a beautiful ending. lets hope

  449. 449 : renna Says:

    i dont believe all the rumors or spoiler that spread all around the internet about DOTS. its just crap spoilers, until the 16th episode finish I will think DOTS will be a happy ending drama, Kim Eun Sook will be creating a beautiful ending. lets hope and think that all spoilers are creat for crashing the high ratings.

  450. 450 : park jun sung Says:

    @renna totally agree with you. 👍👊

  451. 451 : peecee Says:



  452. 452 : Aphrodite Says:

    The writer’s previous dramas were all a happy ending.. i just hope she will not leave us with a kind of ending from the heirs, which was just an imagination of the future. The preview for episode 16 was a major cliff hanger! Maybe ysj has gone missing wounded or was confined in the army hospital that’s why snoopy met kmy instead. he will return eventually. *fingerscrossed

  453. 453 : park jun sung Says:

    Maybe u mean preview of eps 15 not 16. @aphrodite

    Anyway, i think writer want us keep brushing our mind is the cast die or not. One side said he die, other side said its just rumour. I just remember this situation is like That winter the wind blow. Same like this, the netizen said that the main lead male is die, bcz in the film the cast trully die, but its just rumour, the writer keep the man alive.

  454. 454 : Alvin teo Says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    I would like to suggest that ‘Aircity Tv Dramas was a waste after the episode 16 end..
    It’s Show that ‘Intellience agent Kim jun sung(Lee Jung jaw) decided to give up the job and to go back to ex-Girl (Medical doctor) who have left the airport job, because she is suffering Illness. And the ‘Choi Ji Woo’ ( Han Do Kyung)’ as chief of operations of Inchon Airport. Was so in love with Kim Jung Sung was so sad and thinking of Kim Jung Sung whenever she lookup in sky when plane fly. We the TV watching is so interested in Aircity Korean dramas, But it a pity that a ending is not suitable… We hope that Korean tv producer should continue the ‘Aircity 2’ again …. So that the dramas story will end up smoothly for Han Do Kyung and Kim Jung Sung together in Aircity 2….

  455. 455 : Azziris Says:

    I love this drama

  456. 456 : leonnie Says:

    @454 alvin teo?????

  457. 457 : Aphrodite Says:

    @454 dear sir, are you suggesting that we shouldn’t expect much from DOTS ending? Or are you on the wrong page? Btw, i am saddened for you and happy for myself that i didn’t watch the drama you are referring to. hehe ✌

  458. 458 : lee hye ae Says:

    I just started watching this drama, and I must say, I’m glad I did. Because it’s a pre-produced drama, everything from the story, sequence of events and cinematography was well-done, not to forget the overwhelming chemistry of the Song-Song couple. I can’t wait to watch the next episodes and more Yoo shi jin-Kang mo yeon moments. ^^

  459. 459 : Nova Karlin Says:

    Well-written character + great cinematography = perfectly well-beloved drama
    I’m crazy and addict enough of this drama and i loved SJK and SHK even more
    You all are AMAZING guys!!
    I’m goiiing to be soooooo sad at the end of this week.. what should i do? No more Captain Yoo
    *crying a river*

  460. 460 : Berkunjung ke Lokasi Syuting Drama Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) | immaeverlastingstories Says:

    […] Drama Descendants of the Sun tengah menjadi drama Korea yang paling populer saat ini. Drama yang berkisah tentang kehidupan seorang tentara yang menjalin cinta dengan seorang dokter dan diwarnai dengan liku-liku sesuai story line-nya mampu menghipnotis jutaan pasang mata di seluruh dunia untuk terus mengikuti kisahnya yang tayang setiap Rabu-Kamis. Memanfaatkan kepopuleran DOTS, Korea Selatan pun tidak menyia-nyiakan kesempatan ini dengan menjadikan lokasi syuting drama DOTS sebagai salah satu destinasi pilihan saat berkunjung ke sana. […]

  461. 461 : iloveme Says:

    I have watch a lot of Kdrmas and this one is hella boring…I tried to watch it but I stopped at 4 ep.duhh..Actors really good,plot boring and predictable, romance story boring…It’s like THE HEIRS! actors are really good but the story is very boring -_- dots = heirs ..well the same screenwriters —–__________——– His technique : Great actors but boring drama

  462. 462 : Jyenie Says:

    The pages feature is back finally. Phew! You will definitely get more comments and views on this site from now on as we don’t have to scroll all the way down
    You just wrote exactly what I think of this drama.

  463. 463 : ajeng Says:

    i dont feel the same..i think this drama is refreshing, there’s no second lead actor/actress who trully madly deeply in love with the main actor/actress..not the romance story between the rich and the poor..it’s action,melodrama,romance,comedy, all mixed..we also love the second couple, third couple, even the fourth couple..this drama is daebak!!i dont know what drama i have to watch after this DotS..2 episode to go, let’s enjoyed it..

  464. 464 : czarinah Says:

    I both like song joong ki and song he kyo. They r both gorgeous with a beautiful heart and they both won hearts of the world so i just wonder why only song joong ki is the one who got invited at the news 9 and why only song joongki is the tourism ambassador? it should be the two of them besides song he kyo is more senior in the industry than song joongki its not him that made the drama huge all over d world because if not song he kyo it will not be same drama coz both of them r complimenting each others beauty and character

  465. 465 : kirana Says:

    @czarinah 464
    seems that u’r fan of song he kyo..but i agree with u, why all the compliments addressed to song jong ki, i mean, they both succeed this drama..it, maybe, become so so drama if one of them not around..or, actress in korea didnt stay on the same degree with the actor??hallyu stars is all about man..where are the actress??

  466. 466 : Lu Lu Says:

    YAY!!!!! SJK NOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! final ep tomorrow should be the very happy ending for song song couple!!! LOVE IT!!

  467. 467 : Lu Lu Says:

    The tent scene dont hv leh, maybe tomorrow final ep they finally do it inside the tent heheeee… romantic ending. confirm the writer dont dare to give sad ending, afraid of reaction from fans 😁😁👍 cannot wait for tomorrow

  468. 468 : adelaidenia88 Says:

    Well, ending can be anywhere. It could be like “Lovers In Paris” or “The Heirs” or even sadder than that. I’m happy when watch the last scene for ep.15. The writers are good play the emotions. But, what happen to SDY??? Still in question. Hope for a happy ending tomorrow and can’t wait for 3 special episodes…

  469. 469 : kez Says:

    I really haven’t felt this way since Empress Ki and probably Healer!! huuuhggg!
    Does it have to be this way? *sigh* *sob*

  470. 470 : Jenny Says:

    I can’t believe I can’t stop crying… holy cow.. i didn’t see this coming.. please tell me that something will change. this is just so sad…. I seriously hope that the writers didn’t kill them off… *sob*

  471. 471 : thomas Says:

    the film has no meaning, who can tell me what is the meaning of the film?

  472. 472 : shahrzad Says:

    This drama is about love! deal with it or just simply pass it.. It’s showing the side of some people’s life that we never considered till now! How hard could it be to love a soldier who is sacrificing his life everyday and he never regrets it! How harder is to love someone although you can’t promise her anything.. even that you will get back to her!I know this drama was different from what to watched until now but that’s what make it priceless. Many of the disasters shown in this drama are already happening in middle east. Maybe some people don’t know it but it’s the truth. nothing is perfect, we are not watching ‘inception’, we are watching a k-drama.. and It was one of the best K-drama ever!!! this is a comment witch i copied from someone else and i’m totally agree with this. this drama is just our normal and daily life, i love it…

  473. 473 : renna Says:

    Its so relieving… kim eun soek unnie.. keeps her promisses or she will emigrating from korea because she is afraid people hate her LOL (its so funny statement from her)

  474. 474 : AAAAAA Says:

    @Admin this is rating episode 15 : (TNmS) Nationwide 31.1% (1st) Seoul 35.6% (1st) (AGB) Nationwide 34.8% (1st) Seoul 37.5% (1st).

  475. 475 : renna Says:

    Episode 15 makes me crying like a baby.. so heartbreaking..

  476. 476 : leonnie Says:

    i like when they’re hugging each other, the feeling seem real..im gonna miss this songsong couple, i love them to the moon and back!!

  477. 477 : Lu Lu Says:

    I wish songsong couple can win best couple award this year. And they will produce season 2, please???!! cannot wait tonight final ep. Love them to the max

  478. 478 : kimmy Says:

    episode 15 is weird, how can he survive after what happened..but SHK’s acting is making up for the bad plot, her crying made me cry too..she’s really the kdrama queen..i love u, SHK..hope she’s in another drama project soon..

  479. 479 : YSJlovesss! Says:

    I also wondered how Capt YSJ survived despite of what happened to him, but I’m sure they will explain it in the last ep..& ep 15 is weird??? & a bad plot??? REALLY??? HOW COME??! Are you sure you’re watching this drama from the beginning? The plot is so DAEBAK that it gives you a roller coaster feelings..& also the acting of the Main cast are so JJANG! ❤😍❤😍 So if you still feel weird of watching ep 15, I tell you an advice, please watch this drama from the beginning until you realize that this drama’s plot are on point & Daebak! 😉 If not, it’s ok..I cannot force you ‘coz it’ your choice 😜 so Annyeong!

  480. 480 : czarinah Says:


  481. 481 : peecee Says:

    well every scene has its own explanation which might be showed in ep 16 as to why jong ki oppa showed up all blooded with the torn cloths…

    well i am at work with my eyes all swollen. The desperation showed by Dr kang is way beyond my control to hold up my tears while watching ep 15. I am afraid seo dae yong might be death… ahhh myung jo…waiting desperately for ep 16 as to is up next…

  482. 482 : kimmy Says:

    forgive my rude words, but i think, how come he’s survive from the shoot and explosion..and abracadabra, he appeared in the desert..how come his telephone still working and how come the he’s still have the walkie talkie, he’s in urk again?

  483. 483 : Pho Says:

    TOP nocth drama of this year! Watching over and over every episode! 4 lead characters did beyond remarkable job!👍👌✨❤️✨Salute to all the production staff and the writer did an Amazing job!👍 my favorite actor SJK & SHK so Perfectly in this drama!😍 wish they will be more drama for them! Hope they deserve an AWARD!!!

  484. 484 : Aphrodite Says:

    It will all be explained in the next and last episode.. let’s hope.. why he only read the line msgs on that same time and place? why he came to be on the same frequency with KMY’s wt? why he only showed himself up 1yr after his death? How KMY knew it was in albania, which is supposedly a top secret for the military? Please answer us! Haha. We are lucky YSJ is alive, i hope SDY is too….. 🙏

  485. 485 : Abigail Says:

    Happy ending…
    Noemu joha…😍😍😍

  486. 486 : dins Says:

    DAEBAK ah finally its happy ending… thank you writer nim Kim eun Sook who made “prince virus” (again) in Joong Ki hahahaha….

    LOL the Rating is totally Awesomeeeeee
    congratulations to DOTS staff!!!! you deserves it!

  487. 487 : sophieclads Says:

    Wow…what a happy and funny ending. A little bit unusual.
    Rumours that this drama will have sad ending. Thanks for the writer who made this drama beautiful, also to actors and actresses and all who work hard for this drama. This is beautiful. Memorable drama, worth to watch for K-Drama Addict. Can’t wait for writer’s and actors’ next drama project.

  488. 488 : Riadini Says:

    “happy ending” for all of them made in different ways.
    thanks to the DOTS team who worked very extraordinary … starting from episode 1 to the last episode ..
    I love you all…

  489. 489 : liling_cube Says:

    Wahhhh!! I felt so satisfied and relived after watching the last episode, good job to everyone involving in this drama and made it a real success! Watching this from ep1-16 without any regrets!

  490. 490 : tammy Says:

    I really love the ending, thank you for all cast and esspecially for the writer ! Bravo ! All episode very very very super zuper good ☺☺☺☺

  491. 491 : angel Says:

    yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,,,,,,HAPPY ENDING,,,,,

  492. 492 : park jun sung Says:

    writer and director thank you so much. U never make us disapointed!!!! Really good last eps. All is solved. The last part also cool. Hahaha.
    Aaaaaaaaa how can i spend my whole time next time without DotS 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂
    Kang mo yeon ❤ Yoo Si Jin has happy ending
    Seo Dae Young ❤ Yoon Myung Ju has happy ending too
    Howaaahhhh what a beautiful drama. No doubt, the rating of eps 16 should hit 40%!! Gogogo

  493. 493 : sgsgsg Says:

    perfect drama,with perfect cast,perfect chemistry and perfect ending,love this drama.gonna miss this drama so much

  494. 494 : AAAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung : you right, rating episode 16, AGB nielsen : Nationwide 38.8% (1st) Seoul National Capital Area 44.2% (1st), Officially, this drama into a drama with the highest rating for the past four years, even with the number of episodes was only 16, I’m not sure that there is a drama that could beat this drama in 2016 year …. congratulations “DOTS” ..

  495. 495 : Dadar Come Says:

    Ah ….. I was very happy to see the end of their story in ep 16 “Happy Ending” Congratulations to “DOTS” because this drama into a drama with the highest rating for the past four year and The Best Drama in 2016 …. GOD JOB !!! I love you “DOTS” so really really love you ❤
    ❤ Yoo Si Ji (Song Joong Ki) ❤
    ❤ Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) ❤
    ❤ Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) ❤
    ❤ Kim Ji Won (Yoon Myung Joo) ❤

  496. 496 : Dadar Come Says:

    Ah ….. I was very happy to see the end of their story in ep 16 “Happy Ending” Congratulations to “DOTS” because this drama into a drama with the highest rating for the past four year and The Best Drama in 2016 …. GOD JOB !!! I love you “DOTS” so really really love you ❤
    ❤ Yoo Si Ji (Song Joong Ki) ❤
    ❤ Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) ❤
    ❤ Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) ❤
    ❤ Yoon Myung Joo (Kim Ji Won) ❤

  497. 497 : park jun sung Says:

    @AAAAAA 494
    Cinccaa???? Wow wow wowww… i know it. Over all i really satisfied with ending. I mean no hanging moment unsolved. All is clear. Congratulation all cast, especially Song Hye Gyo, Song Jong Ki, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won. U are perfect main lead team!!! 😂😂✨💗💜💙👊👍

  498. 498 : renna Says:

    daebak!!!!!! So Relieving!!!!! im gonna miss this drama a lot….a looot

  499. 499 : JOY Says:


  500. 500 : purpleorchid Says:

    Say Goodbye to the hittest and biggest drama in (almost) half 2016. Can’t be more satisfied with this drama. Even ratings nationwide can’t surpass 40% like “Moon Embracing The Sun” nationwide, but the popularity has taken over Asia and almost all over the world.

    It can’t be too greedy for DotS team and K-Drama fans since this drama has been beloved by many people, big popularity (even surpass My Love From Another Star), more money bucks, and the most , actors, writers, and directors’ value will be increase. This is a big achievement for them.

  501. 501 : kiran Says:

    @park jun sung..
    same here, how can i move on from this drama?what next drama should i watch to get over the dots, it’s keep lingering on my head..

  502. 502 : leonnie Says:

    thanks God it’s not sad ending like rumor said, but im the one who’s dying here..i gonna miss the adorable songsong couple, they way he stares at her, his joke, the alpha team, goowon couple, the medical team, voice of argus, doves of urk, daniel spencer..thank you for KBS for a very wonderful drama..hope to see songsong couple in another drama again..

  503. 503 : orange_ina Says:

    Relieved that this drama has a happy and cute ending.
    Sad that this drama only 16 episodes as main story and time flies so fast.
    Thank You for the writers who made the story beautifully. Feels like watch a movie one.
    For main actors and actresses, these can’t be more satisfied. They potrayed the character with almost perfection (nobody’s perfect, right??).

    As a K-Drama Addict, I never see a drama that almost genres in it and mixes beautifully, even there are a few miss in the story. Can’t wait for writers’ and actors’ actresses’ next project in drama or movie.

  504. 504 : blossom.widana Says:

    Not to mention hate Song Joong Ki because I’m a fan since Sungkyunkwan Scandal,
    But I also found Jin Goo is cute and also manly in real life and his character in DotS. Seo Dae Young is manly but funny in awkward way.

    Can’t wait to watch special episodes!!

  505. 505 : wee Says:


  506. 506 : MaxT Says:

    Wow, very high ratings of 41.6%. The last episode was extremely funny. This drama definitely better than IRIS 2009. Great job to all the actors, actresses and the DOTS crew!

  507. 507 : ani amboche Says:

    the ending..was daebak!!!!!!… even its still early in this year..but i think it will become DRAMA OF THE YEAR!!!.. Congratulation team production, KBS and all the actors and actress..
    hoping that.. there will be another drama or movie cast by songsong couple..and..if them become a real couple…i think most of their fans will support ..hahhah 😉

  508. 508 : AAAAAA Says:

    even 10 OST of this drama, is in the top 15 in all Korean music charts until now …. This drama was amazing … OTOKE,,, i or maybe this drama lovers will feel so lost …

  509. 509 : MaxT Says:

    The 1 minute kissing scene near the ending hit 46.6%. Unbelievable rating! :O


  510. 510 : renna Says:

    Marvelous Drama!! Wah.. im gonna miss this drama a lot..

  511. 511 : ajeng Says:

    im gonna miss songsong couple!!

  512. 512 : Henry Says:

    This drama is really awesome! Always 1st in ratings!!!

    Hoping for comeback picture of Song Joong Ki & Song Hye kyo!!!

  513. 513 : Emmz Says:

    Wonderful drama, well written , amazing storyline, great casting and awesome performance .
    Good Job and Thank you all for this beautiful drama …
    truly the best <3 <3 <3

  514. 514 : fannie Says:

    thank you for the wonderful drama. i will surely miss everyone in this drama especially the song song couple.congratulations to all the staff, crew artists and actors and the whole production team. make another season with the same team.i am a self declared korean drama addict, and this drama tops it all.

  515. 515 : MAC Says:

    admin, i think u should add cameo cast. Red velvet in eps 16…

    waaahhhh daebakkkkk the rating gooddd

  516. 516 : Hope gonzales Says:

    Its amazing drama.good job song joong ki.see u in ur nxt drama.♡♡♡

  517. 517 : Cherry Says:

    Daebak! This series is great!! Can’t moved on! I’ll watch it again and again! I hope there will be be next series for SongSong couple! Fighting!

  518. 518 : fullheart5 Says:

    Been watching K Dramas for five years, I think. Anyway, I would watch anything this writer wrote. Now a fan of triangle romances.

  519. 519 : fullheart5 Says:

    Been watching K Dramas for five years, I think. Anyway, I would watch anything this writer wrote. Not a fan of triangle romances.

  520. 520 : XIXIGA Says:

    what should i do know DOTS totally hangover my body how much i try cannot spit it out…………..wished not to be ended forever 🙂

  521. 521 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    This was too overrated in my opinion. I thought the chemistry between SJK and SHK was one of the reasons this was a hit to a many million viewers.

    The Moon That Embraces The Sun together with Stairway To Heaven, Winter Sonata, Lie To Me, My Girl, The Greatest Love, etc. still top the list of my fave dramas.

    Nevertheless, am still glad it was a happy ending! Aja aja fighting!

  522. 522 : ani amboche Says:

    OMG.. I cant move on from dots… till today, keep playing that drama again and again..haha.. after this.. wednesday and thursday was not special anymore..haha

  523. 523 : Lindasouw Says:

    Perfect ending. Deserve for the best drama award 2016. Deabak.

  524. 524 : Gs Says:

    Very amazing drama, i love SHY start from full house until now. Thank you for all the DOTS support for make this drama so awesome!!!

  525. 525 : ica Says:

    From beginning, its very interested drama, story good, for so long finally come good drama , its completed like this. Actor and actris awesomes performances, chemistry really good to watching. Love this drama.

  526. 526 : deasy lee Says:

    great drama, still cant move on from this drama..song joongki and song hyekyo are the best couple..

  527. 527 : LoveDots Says:

    Sorry eveyone to ask this question. Can anyone tell me which episode that has a flashback cafe scene that SJ put the chocolate and MY said it’s erotic? I seem to miss this scene and I want to watch it

  528. 528 : Descendants of the Sun Says:

    The love story of Si-jin and Mo-yeon was nice to watch, although they fell in love at first sight, that is, from physical appearance. However, both are described as two people who respect each profession, and regardless of the emotional bond that built them.

    Sometimes, egos to trigger a minor disagreement between the two, where it becomes interesting objects in each episode. Are not all romance drama has always accompanied the conflict? However, the screenwriter, Kim Eun-sook unwilling to merge its reputation as a powerful writer, by not showing senseless disputes are often uploaded in the drama-romance drama.

  529. 529 : nitta Says:

    Best drama of life and perfect cast of yoo shi jin and kang mo yeon. Song joong ki and song hye kyo are perfectly to be them. Still can’t move on from this drama and captain yoo.

  530. 530 : Lanny Says:

    What a great drama..!! Love it..!! Love Song Joong Ki.. 😍😍😍 better than his previous drama Innocent Man, and of course better than song hye kyo’s previous drama too that winter the wind blows.. 👍

  531. 531 : lee hye ae Says:

    This is a drama that will not be easily forgotten. Its remarkable story and the superb performance of the cast, along with the beautiful OSTs made it truly one of a kind. After watching all 16 episodes, I felt like I watched a drama with 20 episodes or more, since every episode is full-packed. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo also really look good together, and I’m glad that they were the ones chosen for the lead roles. DOTS has set a high standard for Kdramas, and I won’t be surprised if it wins as the Best Korean drama for this year. :))))

  532. 532 : ica Says:

    agree with lanny and lee hye.I have been watching for twice.and really like this drama.the story really touching,completed,full packed, romance, action, hero, human.this drama tell different story like other korean drama usually.
    song joong ki play his roles really good in this drama, his acting, his action cool, his smile,his eyes when looking his girl so touching, makes hearts flutter,daebak
    song hye kyo did good too,like always, but I.think her acting much more better than in that winter the wind blows.
    song joong ki really handsome in this drama.his action so cool.
    Best korean this year,love it

  533. 533 : Dadar Come Says:

    Wow Daebaaakkk …. ratings for the last episode was reaching 41.6%. fantastic … Great job to all the actors, actresses and the DOTS crew! Goodluck for the next project SJK and SHK !!!
    I Love you Song Joong Ki 😍😍😍
    SongSongCouple 😍😍😍

  534. 534 : cw Says:

    Best dramas are those that make us wish there more ep’s or never end. This is one. No belly-aching here. GREAT JOB.

  535. 535 : kimmy Says:

    how can i move on from dots??even now the news now about SHK and SJK become so important to me..im waiting patiently for them to be real couple, hehheheehee..aamiin

  536. 536 : alifia Says:

    chaeki’s and songsong’s fans debated on IG..how funny they are..i wish the best for SJK and SHK, whoever they choose..but it will be nice if they choose each other..

  537. 537 : Hannah Says:

    Even though the rating reached 41.6%, this drama did not manage to be in the rank for all time top 50 korean dramas. I was really hoping that this drama could make into the list.

  538. 538 : Sinopsis Descendants Of The Sun Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Sumber : Koreandrama.org. […]

  539. 539 : Dadar Come Says:

    Special Ep 2 is good .. !! because there is little additional scenes,
    can finally see the full story. i am so excited awaits for Special ep 3 !! Next DOTS BTS …. 🙂
    Love you so much to DOTS … Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo 😻😻😻

  540. 540 : leonnie Says:

    i watched the spesial episode..it’s more like watching song joong ki-song hye kyo love story than the dots it self..makes my heart pounding again, then i wish they are really couple..their cuteness are amazing, i love them to the moon and back..

  541. 541 : tess manalo Says:

    hope to watch another series from this great couple. hope the will end up in real alsoooo….love them just like l
    ee min ho

  542. 542 : MaxT Says:

    How come no BTS or interview in the special episodes?

  543. 543 : MaxT Says:


    Please add the cookies function so I don’t have to add my name and email every time I make a post here!

  544. 544 : erika Says:

    good movie

  545. 545 : tigerb Says:

    @Hannah #537: i saw a list of supposedly top 100 korean dramas. i don’t know how the list was made, but to me everything is relative, and that list has a disclaimer that it can change. what may be excellent to one can’t be of same rate to others. DosT is quite new and have not been watched by others outside of korea. maybe in the future, it would make into the cut.

  546. 546 : atikkk Says:

    Although this drama has been ending but i can’t still move on from this drama,,, this drama has so many affect to people XD

  547. 547 : venus Says:

    Thanks korea drama team for this wonderful drama DOS. This drama inspired and motivated me a lot by the 4 main role. I really enjoyed watching this drama cos they don’t have any serious love triangle. This drama was my best so far and with the happy ending makes it th best I can’t wait for the 3 special episode.

  548. 548 : LYNN Says:

    @ Tigerb
    DOTS IS watched outside Korea! Here I am in Singapore and its a talk of the town! with my family, friends, co-workers, DOTS will be one of our conversation topic for past few mths. And we watch it 8 hrs right after Telecast in korea!
    This is really the best drama, especially less off the usual love triangle plot, usual love tricks to frame here and there.
    Well done Korea Drama!
    ~LOvE frm Singapore!

  549. 549 : tigerb Says:

    @LYNN#548: i am watching the series outside of s.k. too! what i failed to say, or what i meant was, is it has not been watched by a whole lot of people outside of korea, unlike in china, japan, or s.e. asia and the u.s. or where there are a lot of korean drama fans. but unlike older dramas, it has not been shown in a many countries. take bof for instance, you will note in its page in this web site that the series is shown very late. so my take is it will be included in the top korean dramas, who and how the list is made, in no time. glad you enjoyed like i do! cheerio!

  550. 550 : park jun sung Says:

    the special eps 3 is quite good. i mean, at least there is behind the scene of DotS that i can watch… anyways, i still cant move on from DotS… usually i waiting a week to download it, and now, i dont have any idea what should i do :v

  551. 551 : park jun sung Says:

    I found this video on youtube.. omoo seem like Jin Goo really love his wife (in real life) very much. so touching, the chemistry, the wedding… such a beautiful love story from our sergeant in real life. aishh his baby is so cute awww… good Daddy!!!
    hahhh, maybe if its kim ji won, its would be so nice, unfortunatelly he has married.
    anyways, i just read the news in soompi that Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won would make appearance in Running man on eps that would be aired May 1st, 2016.wah its would be so exciting^^~

  552. 552 : winnie Says:

    I wonder why the ratings during the last 3 episodes went down to 10% from a high rating of 35-40.

  553. 553 : MaxT Says:

    @552 winnie

    That’s because the last 3 episodes were “the specials”. They were basically the summaries of the popular scenes in episode 1-16 and that’s why not many viewers were interested. I still haven’t watched the specials.

  554. 554 : KDnewfan Says:

    Special episode 3 is the BEST!!!

    Thank you producers for allowing us to see and follow the pains and hard work in producing this blockbuster drama. Wow… actually there were so many scenes where Song Joon Ki had to act with the cast but it was cleverly blurred esp in the scenes when he and his alpha team members went to Argus castle to rescue Kang Mo Yun. Imagine with the injury in his leg as well. I guess he deserves all the fame and money he’s getting now,

    I really thought Mowuru Camp was set in Greece. It turned out that they built the whole set in Korea! Wow…! no wonder the budget was big.

    But I wish they had included an interview with the man behind the magnificent cinematography. I felt like watching Pearl Harbour all over again (Ben Affleck’s movie).

  555. 555 : park jun sung Says:

    Well guys… its time for all DotS fans assemble and fight in the awards poll. 52th Baeksang Arts Awards 2016 is come. Plis help drama Descendant of the sun to win the SNS poll. So its can enter next step as nominee of drama from korea that flight to international competitor. Plis vote here :
    beware, TvN’s Signal and Reply 1988 is behind of DotS.

  556. 556 : Patricia Says:

    In short, this is just a typical simple love story with no depth. Complete waste of my time watching it for the 1st 5 episodes. Its like a production meant for brainless young teenage girls only. SJK is not even handsome and the storyline is pure boring. COME BACK MR is anytime better in terms of depth of the storyline. As for acting skills, any actor/actress in Come Back Mr can do it much better than SJK in all honest opinion.

  557. 557 : OK OK OK Says:

    Stop awhile because of my holidays.
    Manage to catch up and finished all the episodes last night because of the casts and storyline.


  558. 558 : renna Says:

    Well.. it is up to you. But there is a reason why SJK suddenly became so popular in many countries. And you can give a thousands crap words and choose to be a hater it is up to you. But we still love DOTS no matter what. Love SJK and SHK.. Viva DOTS!!!!

  559. 559 : renna Says:

    I dedicated my 558 comment for Patricia and finally hater are always be a hater no matter what.

  560. 560 : Yeay Says:

    One of the best action kdrama all time. Yeahhh !! Welcome to my fav list

    1) Descendants of The Sun
    2) City Hunter
    3) Healer
    4) My Love From Another Star
    5) Iris 1 and 2 / Athena

  561. 561 : Daisy Vega Says:

    I really really loved DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN! It is one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen. Would recommend it to anyone. Thank you everyone… great job!

  562. 562 : MaxT Says:

    @Patricia is nothing but a troll. Just ignore her. DOTS is the best action K-drama to date. Excellent OST album as well.

  563. 563 : latika Says:

    i like this drama, just like… because joong ki oppa…!!! but i really don’t like the chemistry between joong ki oppa and hye kyu onnie… just like noona and dongsaeng… cincaaaaa… i really disapponted…!!!!

  564. 564 : czarinah Says:

    this drama was so successful and so the the lead actor and actress but i hope we can see more of song he kyo and not just song joongki in many commercial advertisement. song he kyo is more gorgeous and talented and more experienced than than song joong ki and i am just tired to see song joong ki getting the credit when its song he kyo was the one who brought the drama to top coz everyone loves her.

  565. 565 : Jaja Says:

    I love this drama and I miss Song Hye Kyo.

  566. 566 : czarinah Says:

    this drama did not top because of song joong ki its because of song he kyo. most of her dramas are with high ratings because she not just beautiful but she is also talented thats why people want to watch her in any projects

  567. 567 : czarinah Says:

    thats why I’m sure if she’s paired with lee dong wool it would be a top drama too. i hope there would be a drama for lee dong wool and song he kyo in the near future

  568. 568 : park jun sung Says:

    Because actually there is a lot fangirl than fanboy in koreandrama world. 😂😂

  569. 569 : kimmy Says:

    agree with park jun sung..coz ladies first after man!!hahahahaaa..

  570. 570 : park jun sung Says:

    Thank you guys for our hard effort to support DotS. finally we go to final round in Baeksang Art Awards 2016. DotS has entry in 6 nomination..

    **Best Leading Actress :
    Kim Hye-soo (Signal)
    Ra Mi-ran (Reply 1988)
    Hwang Jung-eum (She Was Pretty)
    Kim Hyun-joo (I Have a Lover)
    Song Hye-kyo (Descendants of the Sun)

    **Best TV Drama :
    Descendants of The Sun
    Reply 1988
    Six Flying Dragons
    She Was Pretty

    **Best TV Director
    Kyung Soo Shin (Six Flying Dragons)
    Lee Eung-bok (Descendants of the Sun)
    Kim Won-seok (Signal)
    Shin Won-ho (Reply 1988)
    Baek Sang-hoon (Descendants of the Sun)
    Jung Dae Yoon (MBC She Was Pretty)

    **Best Leading Actor:
    Nam Goong Min (SBS Remember)
    Song Joong Ki (KBS2 Descendants of the Sun)
    Yoo Ah In (SBS Six Flying Dragons)
    Jo Jin Woong (tvN Signal)
    Joo Won (SBS Yongpal)

    **Best Script Writer
    Kim Eun Sook & Kim Won Suk (KBS2 Descendants of the Sun)
    Kim Young Hyun & Park Sang Yeon (SBS Six Flying Dragons)
    Kim Eun Hee (tvN Signal)
    Lee Woo Jung (tvN Reply 1988)
    Yang Hee Seung (tvN Oh My Ghost)

    **Best Screenplay
    Kim Eun Sook and Kim Won Suk (Descendants of the Sun)
    Lee Woo Jung (Reply 1988)
    Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon (Six Flying Dragons)
    Yang Hee Seung (Oh My Ghostess)
    Kim Eun Hee (Signal)

  571. 571 : park jun sung Says:

    GO GO GO, lets support our DOTS. voting for most popular actor & actress starts today until midnight 31st of May. To vote, go to http://me2.do/F6wY1zRn and install 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards application on your android phone. IOS app will be available soon.

  572. 572 : today Says:

    SKJ is reli charming in this drama.

  573. 573 : AAAAAAAA Says:

    @park jun sung : yes, song hye kyo and song jong ki now, the first rank for popularity awards, shk : 89,67 and sjk: 71,45… go…go.go… support song-song couple

  574. 574 : Naturally姚 Says:

    Kudos to the Descendants of the Sun
    production team.
    With powerful scripting and superb casting, the drama hold an universal appeal. It has a strong main plot and sub- plots. Not only does it have action-packed elements, but it is also filled with issues pertaining to romantic appeal.

    The Song and Song combination is a perfect match. With charismatic appeal, mesmerising gazes, precise, detailed facial expressions and gestures, Song Joongki n Song Hye kyo were able to ooze their charm.

    The verbal exchanges, peppered with dialogue in English, present a realistic portrayal. Laced with humour, the drama, with all the subtleties and innuendoes, is well-executed, entertaining and captivating.

    Neither do the supporting cast pale in comparison. They are able to complement the main cast and ensure that they deliver a laudable performance. The cinematography, special effects, songs and music also added to the enthralling effect.

    Undoubtedly, this is a fine artistic production of 2016 that should not be given a miss. Just like the passionate and breathtaking kisses of Yoo Soo Jin and Kang Mo Yeon, the drama leaves the audience asking for more. Indeed, the sterling performance of both cast and crew should not go unnoticed.

  575. 575 : wien Says:

    the best drama i’ve ever seen love it..!! just one word for DOTS

  576. 576 : korean drama list Says:

    nice drama, hope have season 2

  577. 577 : meds Says:

    574 Naturally

    What more can I add to your comments ?
    No, nothing more. You have said it all.

    Fully agree with you.

    Lots of thoughts and homework …. and heart must have gone into producing this drama.

    Well done !!

  578. 578 : Lyka Bless Ruelo Says:

    this k-drama is the best!!! a salute to all the cast and staffs of DOTS.. 🙂

  579. 579 : adriel_rej Says:

    still can’t get over it..! the best k-drama..! the best couple..! whoa.. going crazy over it..! the cast are great so with the plot.. unique story. kakakilig..!

  580. 580 : Evelyn Says:

    Descendants of the Son is the BEST! 🙂

  581. 581 : tigerb Says:

    just finished watching the 16 episodes. it’s a very good watch. can’t believe i am watching a series with that high ratings by s.k. audience, agreeing with them for the first time. cheers!

  582. 582 : cutiebarbie Says:

    The best k-drama of the year. Worth to watch…
    All the actor and actress play they role perfectly

  583. 583 : Jongkie Says:

    Sure this is one of the best drama in 2016. This drama become hits because the lead male&female. But I prefer to choose TVN REPLY 1988 for The Best Drama 2016.

  584. 584 : silverswan Says:

    To me it is not a great story, it is just an okay story to me. This year so far I did not encounter any good drama yet so far comparing to last year
    Hopefully the new ones coming up will have better story

  585. 585 : taiki Says:

    this drama is boring oh my i wasted my time

  586. 586 : Dee Says:

    SJK and SHK are the best! I love them both!! I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

  587. 587 : park jun sung Says:

    Wow woww wooww amazing. Congratulation DotS. Yesterday its took 5 trophies in ceremony 52nd Baeksang art awards 2016. Here the list:

    ** Grand Prize Award (Daesang for TV category) – Descendants of the Sun
    ** Male Popularity Award – Song Joong Ki
    ** Female Popularity Award – Song Hye Kyo
    ** Male Global Star Award – Song Joong Ki
    ** Female Global Star Award – Song Hye Kyo

    Source :

  588. 588 : park jun sung Says:

    Aigoooo im really happy. Dots got Daesang!!! Although its didnt get the best drama of the year its okay. And although SJK and SHK didnt get trophy for best male and best female, at least its drama got Daesang. Actually i’m satisfied, i mean yeah this drama is good not only becoz SJK n SHK. Its becoz all crews hard work. So they must be apreciated. Thats why its worth DotS got daesang. Becoz DotS is one. Contain good actors, producer, director, scriptwriter, etc into one big hit drama called Descendants of the sun. Its just a half of the year. There are a bucket awards that will this drama gain!! Go go go!
    @admin should update the awards list. thank u

  589. 589 : renna Says:

    I’m happy they got the daesang and others trophy but they deserves best actor and best actress… little bit disapointed

  590. 590 : Heba Ahmad Fathalla Says:

    Really love this drama so much!! 😍

  591. 591 : renna Says:

    585 taeki : i guess you say its boring bcoz you watch it with a sleepy eyes or no subtitle and bad quality of link LOL.. it have a big impact and lovely..

  592. 592 : e Says:

    where to watch?

  593. 593 : Geneva Says:

    I gave it an Okay. It’s not a bad drama, it’s way too overrated. Nothing so good about the story, it’s just so popular because it’s lead actor/actress. Teenage girls just need to chill out. l’m just expressing my opinion..

  594. 594 : Korean Drama Review DOTS | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Descendants of the sun (2016) 太陽的後裔 […]

  595. 595 : Ica Says:

    Reall miss dots.song joong ki and song hye gyo.miss them all.
    I think this drama diferent to another k drama.
    So fans of song joong ki and song hye gyo fighting!!

  596. 596 : Shiva Says:

    Found the drama really boring, the only reason that the rating is high is because of the lead actors. I think a great drama should be based on the storyline, not only the cast. for me the best dramas so far is six flying dragons & glamorous temptation. looking forward to future dramas, I hope people will judge the drama of the year based on the storyline not just the cast.

  597. 597 : Mira Says:

    I love this drama so much
    I hope songsong couple will be real someday.
    So difficult for me to move from this drama, I think this year I just watch DOTS
    I wish onnie Hye Kyo and oppa Joong Ki will cameback together with amazing project again.

  598. 598 : paras Says:

    Great story most important but the actor and actress too, include of making great drama. SHK can be mact with good actor ( from face and acting skills) , same to SJK. I think same to theother actress-actor. Whenever wrong to choose all of that,, maybe great and sucsess drama can’t be high.
    I’d watching drama ‘mirror of the witch’ . Actually I like so much kolosal korea drama. And ‘mirror of the witch’ , I think story movie from China and also I ever waching the movie and I think its great movie with story and the actors. Diffrent whenever waching ‘mirror of the witch’ korean drama.Kim Sae Rom and Yoon Shi Yoon , even famouse and I like KSR but the great story of the drama with the actress-actor not enough good i though😩 Maybe if the actors Lee Jung Ki or Lee Seun Gi or Lee Yeon Hee, I think more dramatic😦😄
    Hope for SJK next female couple in new drama will be with Lee Yeon Hee😄 and SHK with Micky Yoochun😄

  599. 599 : iLy Says:

    well, I thought it will be pure melodrama like Yong Pal or Healer, but… it had a lot of funny scene. it’s good drama, and it can be compared with Iris or City hunter. No doubt.
    Except Lee Chi Hoon and his wife, all couple had a great chemistry in this drama, even Yoon Myeong Joo and Seo Dae Young who looks not suit in the first impression.

    I never thought that Song Jong Ki has a great talent, because I just watch him on Sungkyungkwan Scandal and he role the second lead, so I didn’t pay attention to much on him. Innocent man? I don’t watch it till end because it’s not make me interested. But DotS? Wow, its so awesome!

    Well, I still like Joo Won but Song Jong ki is the good actor too.

    But he already 30 yo and still look like 20 yo?! what exactly did he eat?

  600. 600 : Amanda Says:

    Really great, awesome and good drama. At first, because of Song Hye Gyo i watch DOTS. I never thought Song Joong Ki has a really great talent in acting. Song Hye Gyo is very beautiful and her acting really amazing.

    This drama is really different from all the korean drama i had been watch.

    Thank you to Chief Producer, Producer, Director, Assistant Director, Screenwriters make this drama the best drama so far in KBS 2016.

    Congrats to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo get the 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards : Popularity Actor and Actress awards.

  601. 601 : chat dee Says:

    It’s not my first time to watch a love story of a soldier and a doctor but this is the best! The story was so great. It teaches friendship, brotherhood, patriotism, bravery, responsibility and respect. It shows great love. It very inspiring because it tackles and raises common issues such as, bad politics, corruption, lack of education, diseases, poverty and hunger, but you will still find the beauty of things despite of all. I must commend the director, the scriptwriter (s), staff and crew and all the actors. They were all great! The show brings back good memories. The lines were so cheesy that it makes me want to go back to my younger days and be in love again. The lead actors were awesome! New fan here. 😍 #KiKyo I hope you get to read this. You’re so cute together. I wish to see you alas real couple. More success and real happiness is my wish to both of you.

  602. 602 : Milagrosa Firmo Sadiang-abay Says:

    i love this korean novela… i can’t move on and i’m inlove with you big boss… i love you oppa very much…

  603. 603 : Descendants of the Sun – OH MY KDRAMA Says:

    […] Eight months later, Mo Yun rebuffs the sexual advances of hospital chairman Han Suk Won (Tae In Ho) and as a result is assigned to lead a medical team in Urk. There, Shi Jin and Mo Yun meet again (source) […]

  604. 604 : gladz Says:

    This Korean drama was very awesome…one of my favorites and the actors really did a great job……love you very much….Song Joong Ki

  605. 605 : park jun sung Says:

    admin, dont forget to update the awards list of DotS.

    11th Seoul International Drama Awards 2016 Winners
    (Sept 8, 2016 – Official broadcaster KBS)
    1. Outstanding Korean Drama Awards (Excellent Korean Drama) : “Descendants of the Sun”
    2. Outstanding Korean Actor : Song Joong-ki for “Descendants of the Sun”
    3. Outstanding Korean Drama OST : Gummy for “You Are My Everything” (Descendants of the Sun)

    Source: http://www.hancinema.net/11th-seoul-international-drama-awards-2016-winners-98526.html

    wow wow wow, daebak. DotS got 3 awards in SDA 2016. amazing. there of many awards it would got in queue this year…. 👏👏👏

  606. 606 : park jun sung Says:

    oh, and this awards too…

    43rd Korean Broadcasting Grand Prize : Best Mid-Length Drama (Descendants of the Sun)

    source: http://www.soompi.com/2016/09/02/winners-43rd-korean-broadcasting-grand-prize-awards-announced/

  607. 607 : Irene Says:

    I love this drama…. the two main character are also my favorite actor and actress..

  608. 608 : barsha gurung Says:

    i love to watching korean drama…film.

  609. 609 : Switch Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Please add this award,
    – 2016 Scene Stealer Festival: Newcomer Scene Stealer Award (Male) – Onew (Descendants of The Sun)


  610. 610 : switch Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Please add this awards,
    – 2016 9th Korea Drama Awards: Best Drama
    – 2016 9th Korea Drama Awards: Excellence Actor – Jo Jae Yoon (Descendants of the Sun)
    – 2016 5th APAN Star Awards: Drama of the Year

    Thank you ^^

  611. 611 : gamaliel Says:

    get songs OST Descendants of
    the Sun by clicking this link download-lagu-ost.blogspot.co.id/2016/10/ost-descendants-of-sun.html

  612. 612 : park jun sung Says:

    So far in 2016 until right now, November 13, 2016… there are only 2 Kdrama in 2016 that make me go to my school at midnight just for searching fastest hotspot to download every episode of the drama week by week. Yeah those two drama is “Descendants of the Sun” and “Doctors”. You can imagine, at midnight when everybody r sleeping and school gate is closed, i went to school just to download those two dtama. Cz so far , i think the best drama in 2016 is DotS and Doctors. Although between both of them DotS is on the top of Doctors. Definetely, i will give my vote in koreandrama.org awards just for Descendants of the Sun and Doctors. Ajja ajja fighting!!!! 😙😙😙😄😘😹🙆🙋 #Dots/DoctorsTheWinnerOfPollingThisYear

  613. 613 : park jun sung Says:

    what???? dont let Scarlet Heart Ryeo win the poll guys… come on? where are u all?? lets vote vote vote

  614. 614 : kathy Says:


    I saw this drama. It was very nice and interesting. But the author has made a mistake. All Muslims, are not Arabs. The number of Arab countries in the world, is 22, and   And the number of their population is approximately 389,373,000, the number of Muslim countries in the world is about 46 and the number of their populations is approximately 1,703,146,000.

  615. 615 : Glomenaries88 Says:

    FullHouse and Descendants of the Sun are only kdramas that made me go back infront of tv…

  616. 616 : Putri Says:

    Dear admin, i love this drama so much, i have watched this drama more than 10x, love this drama #songsongcouple

  617. 617 : switch Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Please add these awards,
    – 1st Asia Artist Awards : Best Celebrity Award, Actor – Jin Goo (Descendants of the Sun)
    – 1st Asia Artist Awards : Best Celebrity Award, Actress – Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun)
    – 1st Asia Artist Awards : Best OST Award (Gummy, You Are My Everything)
    – 2016 Korean Advertisers Association Awards : Best Drama

    Thank you 🙂

  618. 618 : switch Says:

    Thanks admin 🙂

    But can you correct this, not “and Scene Stealer” but “2nd Scene Stealer”

    2016 and Scene Stealer Festival: Scene Stealer Award (Male) – Lee Seung Joon
    2016 and Scene Stealer Festival: Newcomer Scene Stealer Award (Male) – Onew


    2016 2nd Scene Stealer Festival: Scene Stealer Award (Male) – Lee Seung Joon
    2016 2nd Scene Stealer Festival: Scene Stealer Award (Male) – Jo Jae Yoon
    2016 2nd Scene Stealer Festival: Newcomer Scene Stealer Award (Male) – Onew

    sorry for disturb you, thanks ^^

  619. 619 : mikaella Says:

    Decendants Of The Sun

  620. 620 : pjs Says:

    23 awards so far for this drama. Maybe this drama isnt most popular drama anymore since all people focus on scarlet heart Ryeo. But the awards prove that this drama is not only popular BUT is THE BEST DRAMA in 2016.

  621. 621 : pjs Says:

    The best is not always popular. And popular is not always the Best. And DotS has those two point. The Best and Popular.

  622. 622 : Ramya Marri Says:

    Drama was fabulous…I enjoyed watching this drama
    Hero is so handsome …he was fantastic…

  623. 623 : cristita catan Says:

    this drama is beautiful..i love this drama😘😘😘😘

  624. 624 : lilybeth Says:

    I watched this drama more than the fingers I have, fingers & toes. The enchantment was so powerful, reason why I never got tired or ceased rewatching it all over again & again. Its a blockbuster made it uniquely legendary.

  625. 625 : Fan2 Says:

    I don’t like to watch korean drama in general, it’s so cliche and annoying with a rich guy and hopeless girl needs saving. But my friend told me about this drama and once i watch it i’m hooked! the story is so good, it has humor, action, romance and the whole nine yards… And I’d have to agree that song joong ki is so hot! He’s grown up now, before he’s cute but more like cute pretty boy. Now he’s just handsome with prefect body and face… How can someone be that good looking, no wonder he cause a syndrome in asia. Hope to see more of his movies

  626. 626 : Baby Ann Says:

    I really love this drama. . That time this drama on air. . I really love all the cast song jong ko so hye yong. . I wait the next epesod wedding song Hong ko and so hye yong in the real life. . I really really like this drama. . Especially on epesod 9. . How Manny time I watch. . I don’t feel bored. . “Kilig moments” every scene. . Good bleess all cast of descendant of the sun. . Song jong ki. . I want to see you in personal. . . My idol. .

  627. 627 : Celo,Ninfa Says:

    I love this drama you can learn a lot being sincere towards your duties and responsibilities makes yourself be proud of

  628. 628 : Bebang Says:

    Forever SSC fan! Love them both…

  629. 629 : Kristal porlucas Says:

    DOTS is the best… even though i did’nt start the whole story… but it teaches us on how to become such a strong and better person…


  630. 630 : pjs Says:

    Never mind this drama does not win the poll as best kdrama. Because it has got 24 awards internationaly so far this year and probably got more on KBS drama awards 2016. So its prove that this drama is the best drama 2016 around the world not just a popular drama. Cheerss **)

  631. 631 : Binu Says:

    I 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 love this drama and the main casts 😍👫

  632. 632 : mikaella Says:

    Decendants Of The Sun Is The Best Drama

  633. 633 : mikaella Says:

    Drama was fabulous…I enjoyed watching this drama
    Hero is so handsome …he was fantastic…

  634. 634 : mikaella Says:

    This Is My Not It’s not my first time to watch a love story of a soldier and a doctor but this story is very fabulus and i enjoyed this drama very succsesful i hope have a season and have the same yeong-ung

  635. 635 : NATH Says:

    I really live this drama ♡♡♡

  636. 636 : NATH Says:

    I really love this drama ♡♡♡

  637. 637 : jhazmhineteodones Says:

    sana manalo ung dots I LOVE YOU

  638. 638 : Carolina Says:

    Enjoying the TV seires now, in no hurry, episode after episode… 🙂

    Folks, I know that Moon Lovers KDrama is winning the Final Round on this site, but I would like to see a fair competition, so keep giving some extra votes for Descendants of The Sun, vote daily.

    Thank you.


  639. 639 : anikatik08 Says:

    Wohoooo,, Congratss!!
    Get so many prizes, i think it deserve for this drama and role cast. I hope i can see another drama that have amazing story like this or maybe i hope can see acting Song Joong Ki and Hye Kyo in another drama. ^^

  640. 640 : Tinkerbell Says:

    stunning, marvellous, the BEST drama I have ever seen – love it, great actors ! giving it 5 *****

  641. 641 : Ekta garg Says:

    Please please make its season 2 .i love this show very much… Please please .. Do have its season 2 .

  642. 642 : descendants 2 indonesia Says:

    […] Descendants of the Sun […]

  643. 643 : ost part 2 descendants of the sun Says:

    […] Descendants of the Sun […]

  644. 644 : descendants 2 trailer 2016 Says:

    […] Descendants of the Sun […]

  645. 645 : descendants 2 song download Says:

    […] Descendants of the Sun […]

  646. 646 : descendants 2 ost Says:

    […] Descendants of the Sun […]

  647. 647 : descendants 2 plot Says:

    […] Descendants of the Sun […]

  648. 648 : Jocurile de putere, subiectul noii drame marca jTBC, “Untouchable” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] “Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek” (KBS2, 2013), “Falling for Innocence” (jTBC, 2015), “Descendants of the Sun” (KBS2, 2016), “Entourage” (tvN, 2016) si “Night Light” (MBC, 2016). Kim Sung Kyun este un actor care […]

  649. 649 : Songsongcouples Says:

    This couples will never be the same 😿

  650. 650 : Kay Says:

    Descendants of the Sun was a great drama! Fantastic production value and acting. Nice story with lots of drama and some thrills. Epic romance. It was a fun drama all around 🙂

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