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Title: 쾌걸 춘향 / Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
Chinese Title : 豪杰春香
Also known as: Sassy Girl, Choon-hyang (KBS Global) / Pleasurable Girl Choon-Hyang
Genre: Comedy, romance, drama
Episodes: 17
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2005-Jan-03 to 2005-Mar-01
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


“Sassy Girl, Choon-hyang” is the 2005 interpretation of the “Legend of Choon-hyang”. The story begins when Lee Mong-ryong is transferred from Seoul to a high school in Namwon, North Jeolla Province. Chun-hyang does her best to help Mong-ryong, her first love and the son of the Namwon Police Station chief, to enter a prestigious university. However, after meeting with Mong-ryong’s first love, Chae-rin, Mong-ryong’s love toward Chun-hyang is shattered, although Chun-hyang’s love remains unwavering. One day, Byeon Hak-do, CEO of a famous entertainment company, appears in her life. He exudes confidence that he can make any woman fall for him. But as Chun-hyang shows no interest in him, his self-esteem is damaged profoundly. Byeon Hak-do is determined to make her love him.


Han Chae Young as Sung Choon Hyang
Jae Hee as Lee Mong Ryong
Uhm Tae Woong as Byun Hak Do
Park Shi Eun as Hong Chae Rin

Extended Cast

Lee In Hye as Han Dan Hee
Moon Ji Yoon as Pang Ji Hyuk
Kim Chung as Kong Wol Mae (Choon Hyang’s mother)
Ahn Suk Hwan as Mong Ryong’s father
Choi Ran as Mong Ryong’s mother
Joo Ho as Dong Soo
Lee Han Wie as teacher
Hong Ji Young as Mi San
Son Il Kwon as Kang Min
Park Shi Hoo as Chae Rin’s boyfriend (cameo, ep1-2)
Lee Gun as Director Baek (Byun Hak Do’s subordinate)

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)
Producer: Lee Duk Gun
Director: Jun Ki Sang, Ji Byung Hyun
Cinematography: Lee Ja Seong (이자성)
Lighting: Jo Cha Hyeon (조차현)
Asst. Director: Lee Eung Bok (이응복)

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186 Responses to “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang”

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  1. 151
    sassy_10 Says:

    delightfulgirl choon yhang???

    I’ve really loved this drama!
    this was the reason why I’m starting addicted Korean series..
    this story ever inspired me truly and made me so happy

    hooh MONG RYONG and CHOON YHANG are really good together.. they have the chemistry to make the viewer ever felt so romantic and cool..
    well whoever says they’re not?? only blind can denied..

    hope many shows they’re going to have together… hope hope hope
    just hope!:D

    well I’ve learned so many things with this series.. and i laugh, mad and cry at a time.. chucks..

    this was truly great

    keep up the good work!!! ‘m truly avid fan of this shows..:D


  2. 152
    Soon-Hee Says:

    SASSY GIRL CHOON-HYANG is the BEST DRAMA i’ve ever seen..
    love it so much :-*

  3. 153
    Han Says:

    anybody know where I can buy Delightful Girl Choon Hyang OST(the actual CD)? If someone want to sell it, I’m willing to buy it.

  4. 154
    Han Says:

    This is the best Korean drama ever!!!

  5. 155
    Fransisca Says:

    Love this movie…One of best korean drama 😀

  6. 156
    micess... Says:

    citer paling best…:)i love lee mong ryong

  7. 157
    chintia Says:

    i love this monie.

    i hope,i can see this movie in television indonesia again…

  8. 158
    OK OK OK Says:

    I am so happy Jae Hee is coming back with his new drama — Hooray For Love after 3 years in army. 🙂


    I wonder, does lead actress Lee Bo Young suits him?? She had a kind of “mature look”
    Hope it turns out well………………..


  9. 159
    lalala86 Says:

    This is one of my favorite drama in korea!

  10. 160
    @jaycee_12 Says:

    i’ll always Re-watch this drama! very funny and romantic!

  11. 161
    @jaycee_12 Says:

    Lee Mong Ryong! saranghae oppa!

  12. 162
    shasha Says:

    i watch this drama when i was in junior high school. it really nice drama. nice story. very funny and full of romantic scenes. i love the soundtrack and i love the main lead actor n actress here. nice drama ad must watch!

  13. 163
    koko Says:

    even i just watching this series for the 1st time yesterday and end it today.,i think this series was so good and better than other new series now..i really like jae hee.,he’s one of my fvourite korean actor.,i have hear this ost in this series before., but i never though that was ost for delighful girl chun hyang..when i watch this series with great and best ost.,it become most suitable and best of korean drama with nice story line……best ever!!!

  14. 164
    Choon hyang | Atomicimage Says:

    […] Delightful Girl Choon Hyang » Korean DramaSassy Girl Choon Hyang – This is First ever Korean drama I watched and its the type of drama I love the most. This drama attracted me towards korean dramas … […]

  15. 165
    starj Says:

    one of the best korean drama ive watch. highly recommended for those who want to laugh and cry.

  16. 166
    Delightful girl | Colmextranslat Says:

    […] Delightful Girl Choon Hyang » Korean DramaDelightful Girl Choon Hyang | Facebook. … Delightful Girl Choon Hyang added 4 new photos to the album Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. Delightful Girl Choon … […]

  17. 167
    Haythi Says:

    Like Uhm Tae Woong ‘s style in that drama… Wish he will be the main leading actor in that drama 🙁

  18. 168
    hong ye Says:

    i love the girl alot because she’s the nation’s barbie and the acting was great

  19. 169
    Didis naqku Says:

    Ur my best jae hee oppa..Saranghae..
    U make me laught&cry..
    Ur smile is nice..
    I want to see u always in acting..

  20. 170
    igoeneezm Says:


  21. 171
    List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] span style=”color:#0000ff;”> Sassy Girl, Choon-Hyang = Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang Rating : 3,5 out of 5 […]

  22. 172
    Dewi Santi Says:

    I love you Jae Hee and Han Chae Young, you guys are best couple I’ve ever seen, mong riong is very kind although inconsistent in the beginning, chun hyang is calm, pretty but rather strick. still, you indeedly love each other :). this drama makes me love to watch korean drama 😀

  23. 173
    putri Says:

    I like this drama. both Jae Hee & Han Chae Young show their good performance.

  24. 174
    Kaye Says:

    I ♥ this drama! SUPEEEEER! 🙂
    Han Chae Young and Jae Hee has a good chemistry. They are perfect for each other. :”>

  25. 175
    fey Says:

    i love jae hee n han chae young

  26. 176
    fey Says:

    kapan jae hee n han chae young berdrama bersama lagi,,,i miss u jae hee n han chae young..:*

  27. 177
    AL Says:

    I think i’ve been watching a lot of korean drama, but sassy girl is the top on this list followed by by only you. And i too has been watching this sassy girl drama 8 times replay from the very 1st episode to the last, it never gets bored, I really hope there’s gonna be a sequel

  28. 178
    Nisha Arya Says:

    i cant stop myself by watching “delightfull girl” series…. just luvd it…

  29. 179
    chiee Says:

    love this drama 😀

  30. 180
    Thara Says:

    I have watched this series tons of times and never get bored of it. Why? Because of the perfect chemistry between Jae Hee and Han Chae Young.

  31. 181
    Jazmin Says:

    what happened to chun hyang’s mother? the one who’s singer in cabaret

  32. 182
    Georgina Says:

    One of my favorite Korean drama!! I haven’t miss any episodes since it aired in the Philippines. And eventhough years has passed.. I never get tired watching this drama over and over again. 🙂

  33. 183
    nwe lay Says:

    I like lee mong ryong

  34. 184
    sandy Says:

    I love this story everyone should watch it

  35. 185
    Fanny Sutana Says:

    This drama “Sassy Girl, Choon Hyang” is my first korean drama that made me addicted to watch korean drama and felt in love with Korea.
    I’ve watched this series for about ten times already, and now, I’m watching it again.. and that amazing feeling during watching this drama is still there, in my heart, never been changed by the time.. still sweet and enjoying it.
    The most exciting things in this series are Lee Mong Ryong’s childish character and Sun Chun Hyang’s great character.
    The Writers, Hong Sisters did a very very great job.
    Even for now, it hasn’t felt bored to watch this drama.
    And I took many life lessons from watching this drama.
    I thank you to My God Jesus Christ, who already gave me chances to watch this beautiful korean drama. DAEBAK!!! ^^

  36. 186
    Fanny Sutana Says:

    And, in 2007, when this drama was shown in television in my country, Indonesia, I’ve ever read this sentence from one magazine about this drama. The director of this drama said that, “During watching this drama, people could laughing, and from laughing, people could think that this life is actually beautiful..”
    Woooowww… it’s such a really great and amazing statement from a drama director. Thank you so much for making this wonderful drama. ^^

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