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Title: 당돌한 여자 / Dangdolhan Yeoja / Daring Women
Chinese Title: 唐突的女人
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 105
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-01 to 2010-July-30
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:40 AM


Ji Soon Young loses her husband, Wang Se Joon, in a tragic accident. She is left alone to take care of their adopted daughter. She meets and falls in love with Han Kyu Jin, who just happens to be the father-in-law to her former sister-in law, Wang Se Bin. Their lives changes when Soon Young marries Kyu Jin and becomes Se Bin’s mother-in-law. They have to adjust to their new roles in their family and at the same time try to get along with each other.


Wang family

Lee Yoo Ri as Ji Soon Young
Seo Ji Young as Wang Se Bin (husband)
Seo Ji Young as Wang Se Bin (sister in law)
Kim Ha Kyoon as Wang Man Kil (father in law)
Kim Chung as Ha Eun Shil (mother in law)
Lee Chan Joo as Wang Saet Byul (Soon Young’s adopted daughter)

Han family

Lee Chang Hoon as Han Kyu Jin
Lee Joong Moon as Han Joo Myung (son)
Hong In Young as Han Joo Ran (daughter)
Kim Soo Mi as Hong Bo Ok (mother)

Ji Soon Young family

Son Hwa Ryung as Hwang Mo Ran (cousin)
Jung Woo as Baek Dong Soo (Mo Ran’s husband)
Lee Jong Nam as Go Min Ja (aunt, Mo Ran’s mother)

Han Kyu Jin’s office

Kim Ji Wan as Kim Sang Soo
Park Yong Gi as Lee Yong Joo (office manager)
Sa Hee as Na Chae Young

Other people

Hwang Dong Joo as Oh Dong Jae
Kim Na Young as No Eun Kyung
Min Joon Hyun
Kim Ga Eun
Joon Hyung

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Director: Lee Dong Hoon (이동훈)
Screenwriter: Park Ye Kyung

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55 Responses to “Daring Women”

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  1. 51
    ben Says:

    i would like to know the title of this OST..i think the OST itself got 3(three)…1.You’re The Last by Na Yoon Kwon…. 2.I Love You by Seo Ji-Young…and i dont know what is the 3rd one…so,please give me info for this…i’ve no clue to search the song title or even the name of the singer…if u watch the final episode, and heard the song sang by a woman…which is sad song..that is the song i would like u guys out there to help me to give atleast an information for me to search for it…thank you…:)

  2. 52
    clarke Says:

    Hello any one know where on the internet can you get this for free with its English Subs? Seems to be the only drama so far i have not been able to locate in getting this episode for free..I want to have this one as a number one keeper Please if anyone knows or can send me the complete link for this show to have on my computer I sure would be grateful..Thanks my email is above this

  3. 53
    aznative Says:


  4. 54
    irene Says:

    Hi This is one drama i have not been able to get any download links where u can dl it for free and have the subs with it..How come no one has yet tried to have this drama uploaded so pple can have it on there computer I sure do hope someone out there knows which site u could get the download links with as will as its subs? thank you so much..

  5. 55
    irene Says:

    Hi is this drama around on the internet to download, How come I cant find a link to this great drama, any know please email me the link for all shows and subs thanks..

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