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Dae Jo Yeong

Title: 대조영 / Dae Jo Yeong
Chinese title : 大祚荣
Genre: Daeha drama, period
Episodes: 134
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2006-Sep-16 to 2007-Dec-23
Air time: Saturdays and Sundays 21:30


The life about King Dae Jo Yeong and other heroes of the Balhae Kingdom. Yi Hae Go is Dae Jo Yeong’s enemy and they both fight for the love of Cho rin. Cho rin is from the Georan tribe and she loves Dae Jo Yeong. But Dae Jo Young ends up marrying King Bojang’s niece, Suk young.


Choi Soo Jong as Dae Jo Young
Jung Bo Suk as Yi Hae Go
Lee Duk Hwa as Seol In Kwi
Park Ye Jin as Cho Rin
Hong Soo Hyun as Suk Young
Kim Jin Tae as Yeon Gae So Mun
Im Dong Jin as Yang Man Chun
Im Hyuk as Dae Jung Sang
Kim Gyu Chul as Shin Hong
Kil Yong Woo as Bo Jang Wang
Kim Myung Soo as Kim Mo Jam
Choi Chul Ho as Kil Sabiwoo
Im Ho as Yeon Nam Saeng
Kim Ha Kyoon as Bo Ki Won
Kim Hak Chul as Heuk Soo-dol
Jung Ho Geun as Sa Boo Koo
Im Sun Taek as Jang San Hae
Shim Eun Jin as Geum Ran
Jung Tae Woo as Geum (Cho Rin’s and Jo Young’s son)
Park Ji Il as Boo Ji Gwang
Kim Joo Young as Go Sa Kye
Yoo Tae Woong as Go Sun Ji (Go Sa Kye’s son)
Lee Dal Hyung as Seol Kye Doo
Song Yong Tae as Dang Tae Jong
Kim Jung Hyun as Mi Mo Sa
Nam Sung Jin as Lee Mum
Lee Il Woong as Kye Jin
Yoon Yong Hyun as Kye Pil Sa Mun
Kim Dong Hyun as Lee Jin Choong
Jung Jae Gon as Kang Ha Wang
Ahn Hong Jin as Yeon Nam Geon
Ha Da Som as Dal Ki (Dae Jo Young’s mother as a young woman)
Park Soon Chun as Dal Ki (Dae Jo Young’s mother as an older woman)
Choi Sang Hoon as Heuk Chi Sang Ji
Kim Suk as Dae Dan
Kim Ki Bok as So Jeong Bang
Kang Ji Hoo
Im Byung Ki as Yang So Wi
Jang Ki Young as Ji Myung Cheon
Sun Dong Hyuk as Lee Jeok
Lee Kwan Hoon

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jong Sun
Screenwriter: Jang Young Chul


Official Site



  1. 1 : Fatih Says:

    I am waitin for this series from turkey.
    God sea (Emperor Of THE Sea) is wonderful series and jang bo go best actor ı have ever seen ı love this series.ı hate yum moon charecters.

  2. 2 : michelle Says:

    i’m actually seeing this drama right now, and it’s not that bad. choi soo jong is good in his acting somewhat, including park ye jin. i think the romance is really why i’m watching this. this is a historical drama so there are going to be really bad acting from some and more. but i try to ignore those and admire dae jo young in his selflessness and courage and see who he’s going to end up with in the end. i personally like hong soo hyun’s character as she grows up, but i don’t know…

    a music video for dae jo young by park hyo shin…

  3. 3 : dj Says:

    is this a remake of god sea a.k.a emperor of the sea cuase i loved that show the only thing i hated it was only 52 episodes please tell me and if you know you can message me at my youtube page http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=hacked2day copy and paste plz do if you know

  4. 4 : Movieaddict Says:

    Where do I watch this drama on? Please give links with english sub. Thanks

  5. 5 : WallPaper Says:


  6. 6 : Pak-Su-Hyun Says:

    Please Dae Jo Young be mature like the previous King Jumong Ok???????????????

  7. 7 : stacey Says:

    omg…i love da movie…my mom loces to watch it,man…she crazy bout da movie…keep up da good work..kk…love da movie…

  8. 8 : Luna Says:

    AZNtv is ahowing all 136 episodes of this drama. I didn’t like the first episodes. I felt the acting was overdone and poorly directed, but it improved and it is very good and exciting. Choi Soo Jong is an amazing actor, Emperor of the Sea (Sea God) is one of my favorite k-dramas.

  9. 9 : Travis Says:

    can you tell me how you watch it on aztv

  10. 10 : Travis Says:

    because I’ve been trying since this morning and I can’t watch any of the live shows. can you email me at [email protected] and tell me what i need to do pleaz.

  11. 11 : mehrdad Says:

    please snd me email
    thank you

  12. 12 : mankind Says:

    has this show ended in Korea yet ???

  13. 13 : to Mankind Says:

    yeah, it had already ended in Korea!

  14. 14 : AsonopAL Says:

    anybody know where i can watch this online with english sub??

  15. 15 : munkhbat Says:

    how i`m watch this drama tell me please

  16. 16 : munkhbat Says:

    help me how i watch this drama tell me please [email protected] tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i want …..watch this movie…..!?

  17. 17 : tiennesmile Says:

    I think there is nobody subbing this drama…..so sad!!! It’s great drama and winning many 2006 and 2007 awards but nobody subs it… *Sigh*.
    Let’s make a request to Koreansubutd.com or other korean subbers that you know to translate this drama. Aja…Aja…Fighting!!!

  18. 18 : Mayra Sarita Says:

    Dae Jo Young is an icredible historical drama with excellent directing, great special effects, and awesome and incredible acting. Anyone that says otherwise about the acting does not know about acting.

  19. 19 : Wasabi Says:

    Missed Last Episode # 134 – Anyone knows where it could be viewed?

    Thank you!!!

  20. 20 : shanishan Says:

    aw.. there’s no available eng subs epis? T_T

  21. 21 : Tom Says:

    I’m currently watching this show on channel MBC 63-3 (DTV channel here) at 3AM.

    I love shows like this.

    It’s filling the void left when the Japanese dramas I watched on Sunday nights on Ch 25 in NYC stopped airing. I missed these dramas.

    I live in NJ

  22. 22 : Tom Says:

    I should correct my last post, it’s on channel DTV 63-5, a KBS World channel

  23. 23 : mahdi Says:

    best drama

  24. 24 : Tom Says:

    I’m so pissed…my VCR has been giving me trouble for months and I tried on another VCR so it must be the tape.

    I have episode 118 on tape but can’t watchi t. Does anyone have a good recap of it? I know I missed something important.

    Is this show available on DVD with English Subtitles?

    I love it but it’s over next week since I’m up to episode 128 (tonight) and it’s only 134 long according to the info above.

  25. 25 : tony Says:

    can someone help me or tell where can i watch this movie???????????please you can e mail me at [email protected]

  26. 26 : tony Says:

    i have watch the god sea / the king jumong /-the king of the wind and i want realy watch this too,pleassseeeeeeeeeeeee if someone can tell me how can i watch it, e mail me !!!!!!!!!!! [email protected] thank you

  27. 27 : Boburshoh Says:

    choi the best actor

  28. 28 : Ahmed Says:

    can anyone tel me where i can dis drama with english subs…plz tel how n email me at [email protected]

  29. 29 : Ahmed Says:

    i really want to watch dis drama but they dont have it with english subs so if u guys know, pease let me knw

  30. 30 : Yeon Gaesomun Says:

    This series is being shown in Uzbekistan, too. It’s nice, especially Choi Soo Jong. Traitors of Goguryeo Bukiwon and Sabugu are also very well portrayed by actors. Generally, it’s a must watch drama, much better than Emperor of the Sea and definitely better than Immortal Admiral Lee Sun Shin, and almost like Jumong.
    :))) Enjoy 🙂

  31. 31 : JC Says:

    Can someone tell me where I can watch it stream with subs

  32. 32 : JC Says:

    I’ve seen many historical dramas but none are a match for Jumong and I really want to watch this one, so if you can find where I can watch it, please post the link.

  33. 33 : mmm Says:

    Yeon Gaesomun how do you know that it’s being shown in Uzbekistan

  34. 34 : Jan Bogo Says:

    you can download all episodes with english subs @ aja-aja.com

  35. 35 : friend Says:

    You can watch djy on Viiki.net

  36. 36 : boedhy Says:

    i loved Park Ye Jin as Cho Rin in The King Dae Jo Young drama. She is beautiful nature.

  37. 37 : Mahyar Says:

    I have this series with HD quality & this series is complete & each episode of this series is 55 minute & format of this series is 700 mb HD mkv .
    buy the way I live in iran & if every one wans to buy this series I can sell.
    my cell phone number is 0098(area code) 09382485947.
    my email address is:[email protected]
    good bye.

  38. 38 : PeekABoo Says:

    I doubt that those HD files that Mahyar says he has are subtitled or comes with subs. Plus those 700mb size files are not HD. They may say KBSHD on the picture but are not HD.

    As for Jang Bogo posts about getting them from aja-aja.com that is not so. I just checked and they don’t have this drama available for d/l with or with out subs. Plus they are now a private site just go to their site and find out. It says no access.

    The only way to find this drama with subs is if some recorded this from Kbs World when it aired.

  39. 39 : zaher Says:

    can you help me i can watch this drama

  40. 40 : Jeonha Says:

    Hi Jan Bogo,

    since you are member of aja-aja.com, I would appreciate could you please invite me to be a member. I missed a lot of aja-aja movies when it is still publicly accessible

    please invice my email [email protected]

    thanks a lot in advance

  41. 41 : Magda Says:

    Of course I want to see all the episodes and I want to know if this king does really exist in korean history ? I like the story and the actors which are nice and good.

  42. 42 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  43. 43 : mel Says:

    134 episodes?? wooooww… the episodes is so long..

  44. 44 : nining Says:

    historical drama,, want to see it,,

  45. 45 : Adrian Says:

    hey … i hunting for djy series … i tried to log in into aja-aja.com but i cant access it cos im not a member … may i kno how or where can i dl or watch it with eng sub for djy series? my email is [email protected] … looking forward to hearing from you guys soonest

  46. 46 : Jason Says:

    where can i download this movie with english subtitle? thank you very much

  47. 47 : sanjaa Says:

    i think this drama is on aja-aja.com. but im not a member. please, someone invite me?. my email is [email protected]. thanks

  48. 48 : HAMZA Says:

    i think this drama is on aja-aja.com. but im not a member. please, someone invite me?. my email is [email protected] . thanks

  49. 49 : masoud Says:

    from iran
    my name is masoud
    filme is koreaian is very nice and very wonderful

  50. 50 : inez Says:

    Great drama with a great actor…..CSJ…you’re so cool….and I love Lee Duk Hwa as Xue Rengui……………….

  51. 51 : emuhdey Says:

    I’m dying to watch episode 130 on KBS. hakhak! it only airs on TV during weekend. 🙁

  52. 52 : avan1624 Says:

    Hi guys can you email me the invitation code for anztv at [email protected].
    Thank you very much.

  53. 53 : atefeh Says:

    I LOVE this drama very much . i saw final episode on kbs world and i coulden’t sleep because i was very sad that dae jo young was finished. i love to watch dae jo yeong for thousand time. . kbs world more than you imagine.atefeh from iran

  54. 54 : atefeh Says:

    dfdgdn j fn u

  55. 55 : atefeh Says:

    HTT ED

  56. 56 : atefeh Says:


  57. 57 : adiam Says:


  58. 58 : tita Says:

    its a very touching and a wonderful drama

  59. 59 : Adr1an Says:

    http://tumtumbanzai.blogspot.com/p/dae-joyoung.html for English subtitles:)

  60. 60 : Dae Jo Young biGGest fan Says:

    Somebody tel me where i can find Dae Jo young episodes with english subtitle…i can see the movie without subtitle so please give me an answer!

  61. 61 : Dae Jo Young biGGest fan Says:

    Somebody give me an invitation for aja-aja.com my email is [email protected]

  62. 62 : Vladsteliac Says:

    please invite my mail [email protected]. I want to watch it

  63. 63 : rodylie calimlim Says:


  64. 64 : fritch Says:

    wher can i find pla dae joyoung english version

  65. 65 : fritch Says:

    pls help me to find dae joyoung english version bcz i have already episodes all i want is to down load inglish version only plz help me txn

  66. 66 : george Says:

    most of the korian drama i have watch ends sadly why? Because the peopl who love one another never ends up together

  67. 67 : Hafeesco Says:

    iam so obessed with this drama and i so much love it. in my opinion it is the most impressive k-drama i have ever seen

  68. 68 : Looking for Dorothy | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] Su-ah, a trace of their past love, has also vanished. As more and more children go missing, […] lysi’s starred items in Google Reader Related […]

  69. 69 : Khan Says:

    I love this drama so much and am very crazy about it. Its the most impressive and the most interesting k-drama I have seen to date. HAIL THE KING DAE JOYOUNG!!!

  70. 70 : kwaku Says:

    Dae jo yeong was my favourite actor in most of the Korean drama i watched in the 2007 also i learnt one strong character from him which is patience, thanks.

  71. 71 : Oyiri Says:

    U guys did a very wonderful work, kudos to u, i watched up to episodes 119 and am dying to watch the remaining parts but difficult to get it, ur movies is what gives joy, am from Nigeria

  72. 72 : Habeeb Cycle Says:

    Dae Jo Young is the best movie ever watched. All episode 140. But please where is Li Geom and Yeon Namseng at the end.
    Lagos Nigeria

  73. 73 : mike Says:

    I wait all week for this show: it is all I care about on tv.

  74. 74 : Nky Says:


  75. 75 : kimiya Says:

    hi.I. want to see dae joyoung.I love choi soo jong .do u have websit of him that I can talk to him?

  76. 76 : tigerb Says:

    this is a very old drama series and i’d like to watch it as it was recommended. would appreciate anyone who can tell me where to watch it. i’ll check this page once in a while for a response.

  77. 77 : vinadl Says:

    that was perfect drama its an old one but good one and id like recommend a new drama http://vinadl.net/series/the-king-eternal-monarch-korean-drama/
    new Sbs drama highly recommended

  78. 78 : Mary Says:

    Pls someone invite me too my email is [email protected] am waiting

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