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Dae Jang Geum

Title: 대장금 / Dae-jang-geum / Dae Jang Geum
Chinese Title : 大長今
Also known as: Jewel in the Palace / Great Jang Geum
Episodes: 54
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2003-Sep-15 to 2004-Mar-23
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


About 500 years ago during the time of Chosun Dynasty, Korea boasted a rigidly hierarchical and male dominated social structure. Set in this period, “Jewel in the Palace” is based on a true story about a legendary girl (Jang-Geum) who became the first woman to be the supreme royal physician of her times. Despite her poor condition as a low class girl in the male dominated society, Jang-Geum overcame a series of social discrimination and landed herself as a royal cook, later becoming the royal physician, then ultimately the physician in charge of the king. She was even given by the king the title “The Great Jang-Geum”. The story of her checkered life on her success and breakdown as well as her love story beautifully unfold. “Jewel in the Palace” is sure to touch your heart.


Lee Young Ae as Seo Jang Geum
Jo Jung Eun as Jang Geum (young)
Ji Jin Hee as Min Jung Ho
Hong Ri Na as Choi Geum Young
Lee Se Young as Geum Young (young)
Im Ho as King Jungjong
Yang Mi Kyung as Court Lady Han Baek Young (Jang Geum’s teacher)
Kyun Mi Ri as Court Lady Choi Sung Geum (Geum Young’s aunt)
Yeo Woon Kye as Court Lady Jung Mal Geum
Park Jung Soo as Head Lady Park Yong Shin
Park Eun Hye as Lee Yeon Saeng
Lee Ip Sae as Yoon Young Ro
– Kim Han Bi (김한비) as Young Ro (young)
Lee Hae Sang as Jo Bang
Chae So Young as Jo Bang (young)
Jun In Taek as Doctor Jung Yoon Soo
Kim Do Yun as Shi Yeon
Lee Seung Ah as Eun Bi
Kim Min Hee as Bi Sun
Han Ji Min as Shin Bi
Lee Se Eun as Park Yeol Yi
Jun Soo Yeon as Cho Bok
Kang Jung Hwa as Jo Dong
Park Eun Soo as Shin Ik Pil
Ji Sang Ryul as Jo Chil Bok
Kim Hye Sun as Park Myung Yi (Jang Geum’s mother)
Park Chan Hwan as Seo Chun Soo (Jang Geum’s father)
Jo Kyung Hwan as Oh Gyum Ho
Lee Hee Do as Choi Pan Sool (Lady Choi’s brother)
Kim Yeo Jin as Jang Duk (physician lady from Jeju)
Maeng Sang Hoon as Doctor Jung Woon Baek
Im Hyun Sik as Kang Duk Goo (Jang Geum’s adoptive father)
Geum Bo Ra as Na Joo Daek (Duk Goo’s wife)
Shin Gook as Eunuch Jang Beon
Choi Ja Hye as Chang Yi
Joo Da Young as Chang Yi (young)
Eom Yoo Shin as Dowager Queen Jasun
Park Jung Sook as Queen Munjeong
Lee Sang Chul (이상철) as Goo Man
Kim So Yi as Court Lady Min Mi Geum
Na Sung Kyoon as Yoon Mak Gye
Baek Hyun Sook as In Dong
Jung Ki Sung as Yeonsangun
Choi Jin Ho
Jung In Sun

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Jo Joong Hyun
Director: Lee Byung Hoon
Writer: Kim Young Hyun

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  1. 1 : NAD Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIN IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 : ji young Says:

    It is soooooooooooooooo good. U should watch it. If you do not watch it, Well your body will go to hell.

  3. 3 : Stacey Says:

    its a good drama…..i like it

  4. 4 : Lumi Says:

    Great drama, and you get to see what life in the royal palace in the 16th centruy was like. A must see.

  5. 5 : supple Says:

    Great Jang Geum !!!Great drama…Shown in the phillipines Leading the prime time drama..I learned a lot from this drama..Especially Kapitan! Ji Jin Hee…

  6. 6 : mohammad reza Says:

    I LOVE YOU LEE-YOUNG – AE VERY………………………………………………

  7. 7 : Yuanita Says:

    It’s a really nice movie. Give us many lessons of life.

  8. 8 : thooru Says:

    best ever..

  9. 9 : kwaKwak Says:

    i like this drama too..
    this Dae Jang Geum introduced me to the addiction of Korean Dramas..
    believe me..

  10. 10 : plci Says:

    I loved this drama. It’s a drama that the whole family could watch.

  11. 11 : siu ting Says:

    love this drama!!!!!
    jang geum was great.
    jang geum and jung ho were meant together.


  12. 12 : lolo4lolo Says:

    Anybody knows where i can find it?

    they broadcast it now in dubai with arabic language and i can’t wait to watch it on a daily bases.

    thank you

  13. 13 : Parveen Says:

    oh my god!! you people are wrong.. this is the greatest drama of all time idiots!!!! it’s the greatest!!! hreaetest i tell you !! the greatest!!

  14. 14 : Pouwz Says:

    kenapa ya gw gak suka sama film ini…melihat episode pertama udah buat gw jadi ngantuk hehehehehe…sorry. but it’s true. mungkin selera kali yah..i don’t know…

  15. 15 : yue Says:

    Drama korea ini sangat bagus, dari pengambilan gambar maupun cerita. Diawal cerita saya juga merasa bosan. Tetapi ketika saya ikuti di pertengahan cerita, saya menjadi sangat tertarik. Jalan cerita sangat bagus berbasis sains ilmiah. Cerita cinta begitu menyentuh hati… walau tidak ada kata cinta yang diucapkan. Ini satu2nya cerita drama televisi yang sangat menarik untuk saya. Saya acungkan seluruh jempol saya untuk drama ini. Saya berharap semoga Sinetron2 di Indonesia ada yang bagus & bermutu seperti drama ini. Karena 98% sinetron Indonesia seperti film sampah, sama sekali tdk layan tonton…..

  16. 16 : hind Says:

    hey .i m morrocan and i ve watched this sery it s superrrrr woww i loved it it s so good i loved its u must watch it it s really really good ..watch it kiss bye

  17. 17 : Holly Says:

    I remember watching this in Korea. It had quite gruesome scenes.. scenes that make you cringe..like as if you’re in pain.

  18. 18 : amelia Says:

    Love it sososososososo much

  19. 19 : karine Says:

    I not find this drama . say me a site I can watching in engish sub please

  20. 20 : karine Says:

    if we can say me speed a site to that watch also dae jang geum please help me

  21. 21 : cheryl Says:

    Does anyone know where i can wach Dae jang geum

  22. 22 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    i wach this serie in arabe saoudite now

    11.15 gmt

    i have wached i dubai it’s very nice korean drama

  23. 23 : CHONA SALES Says:

    you can watch at dailymotion titled jewel in the palace

  24. 24 : CHONA SALES Says:

    watch it at dailymotion

  25. 25 : Imay Says:

    U r right Yue !!! 98% sinetron Indo tdk layak tonton, tdk ada pesan moral yg jelas. I really like Da Jang Geum krn qta dpt bljr ttg ketekunan, ketabahan, n kebaikan hati darinya. 4 Yue: if u like this drama so much, I recomend u to watch Jumong, u will learn even more from this epic-drama. Sy hrp pertelevisian Indonesia dpt bljr utk membuat film yg bkn hanya menghibur tp dpt mendidik bangsa dan bahkan memperkenalkan sejarah & budaya qta ke dunia int’l. So it’ll make us proud to be an Indonesian.
    God Bless

  26. 26 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    oui j’addort jung guma et min jang ho
    mainetenant je le voir cette serie 4fois en mem temp
    sur arabe saoudite 10gmt
    et soumaria 15gmt
    et oscar drama 11 gmt
    et bahrin 10.30gmt
    sur nile sat

  27. 27 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    if you like wach thid drama with arabe dublag

    see him in

    nile sat

    with gmt

    in soumaria at 15.00
    in oscar drama at 11.00
    and in 16.00
    in bahrein at 10.00

  28. 28 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    this drama played in algerian tv

    2 episods every day
    with arbe dublaj
    very nice

  29. 29 : kudzai Says:

    I luv the drama and its very educative and well informing,pliz continue with the gu work. I stay in Zimbabwe and very glad that the producers have visited my country pliz keep up the gud work ,I am also hunting you the producers coz i want u 2 help me with my scripts. I only viewed two of ur productions thats Sad love story and Jewel in the Korean palace. Pliz send me ur contacts so that i can communicate with u

  30. 30 : Daisy Says:

    This is the first Korean series that I ever watched. It was half way through when I discovered it while flipping channels. Jang Geum was going through her training as a physician’s assistant. That caught my attention and got me hooked. This drama interesting and exciting with all the intrigue that is going on in the Royal Palace.

  31. 31 : yara Says:

    my first korean drama, I love it so much. it introduced me to korean dramas and now I’m addicted to watching them!

  32. 32 : [email protected] Says:

    the drama is definitely a jewel in it own right and JANG GUEM was so so amazing, i have her to thank for her great medicinal skills, courage and determination helped me rediscover my passion for a career which i was close to forsaking.thumbs up Jang!!!

    ps: is there a fans club?please mail me the adress

  33. 33 : nouloulou Says:

    i love it so much

  34. 34 : Minia Says:

    A SPECTACULAR EPIC; CLASSIC, TIMELESS. It is a masterpiece of creative art, magnificent production design, transporting viewers to a long-gone era of historical characters and events. Viewers are captivated by the authentic portrayal of each character engaging them every second of this amazing Korean drama. UNEQUALLED!!! Deserving of film/tv awards. Full of life’s lessons regarding perseverance, courage, honor, justice, humility, and integrity of character. Kudos to the scriptwiter, director, casts and production staff. A MUST SEE!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH MBC FOR THE OPPORTUNITY OF SEEING THIS GREAT KOREAN DRAMA WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

  35. 35 : Apenisa Saukuru Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaweeeesome. One of the best drama. i saw it at the pacific channel in Fiji. Just awesome

  36. 36 : Serawit Says:

    I don’t have any word to describe it…… I never came across with such a drama………..
    With Love
    From Ethiopia

  37. 37 : IKUTA HYUUGA Says:

    i like this drama .
    can make me cry.but anyway.
    the song is so good , is Chang Ryong .
    i think this drama , is the best . One of the best drama.I luv the drama and its very educative and well informing,pliz continue with the gu work. I stay in Zimbabwe and very glad that the producers have visited my country pliz keep up the gud work ,I am also hunting you the producers.

    WOW !!my comment is to LONG………..

  38. 38 : IKUTA HYUUGA Says:

    i like this drama .
    can make me cry.but anyway.
    the song is so good , is Chang Ryong .
    i think this drama , is the best . One of the best drama.I luv the drama and its very educative and well informing,pliz continue with the gu work. I stay in INDONESIA and very glad that the producers have visited my country pliz keep up the gud work ,I am also hunting you the producers.

    WOW !!my comment is to LONG………..

  39. 39 : job Says:

    it is a perfet family drama, jangum wos gret.

  40. 40 : malika Says:

    i cant say inithingue else juast i am cresi aboute this drama it is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest thing i ever saw

  41. 41 : malika Says:

    i am from moroco i want meet evry one of you haw can i meet you

  42. 42 : Myu-Chan Says:

    i LOVE this drama!!!

  43. 43 : Drama korea romantis Says:

    Its good korean drama, nature, good actor and artist, i love it..

  44. 44 : Anita Says:

    I love this drama, watching it few years ago when aired on Indonesian TV broadcast (Indosiar). still looking for the DVD but seems a bit difficult coz a bit old I think. But still i love this series.

  45. 45 : Leyzell Says:

    One of my favorite [again] …!!
    I didn’t miss any episode of it!!
    I cried, laughed, got angry and got crazy in this drama!
    All my emotions were awaken!!
    This is one of the BEST!!

  46. 46 : Cho Says:

    oh , wakes memories , I watched it as I was about 5 or 6
    such a great K-Drama !! My favorite till now . Must watch it !! or ya gonna reget it for your whole life

  47. 47 : Korean DVDs Says:

    This drama was so popular when it was released in Singapore…

    Anyway, if you’re looking for this DVD set with Excellent English subtitles, click on my nick – Korean DVDs.


    Thank you!

  48. 48 : Stefy Says:

    Hello…I am from Romania and I watch every episode of this drama.It’s awesome!!!!!!I really love it.It’s my favorite drama of all I have seen till now…

  49. 49 : Lotte Says:

    Hello, I’m from Romania too 🙂 This drama is running on the national television and I can say that I have only praise for this drama 🙂 I love it! This drama opened my appetite for more Koreans hystory drama 🙂

  50. 50 : kym Says:

    You can watch this programm with English sub. Go to the link!


  51. 51 : sadek Says:


  52. 52 : setiya Says:

    very very very beauty korean serie

  53. 53 : setiya Says:

    oh !
    i forgot it , im from IRAN

  54. 54 : ian Says:

    the best drama of a lifetime
    story is timeless
    great script,direction,screen play,actors,,
    in short ..it was justy as perfct as what the viewers are wanting

  55. 55 : hedayatullah Says:

    i am hedayat from afghanistan,istudy in puna of india, i love korean drama alot espacially Dae Jang Geum drama,i want to know a bout Dae Jang GEUM,please send her picture in my e_mail adress,bye

  56. 56 : Tagel Mwekonenn Says:

    My Name is Tagel from Ethiopia (East Africa). I saw all the episods of the darama for more than one year through ETV. I haven’t see such a dramy in my life (It is wonderfull!!!!!!!!!) I like Lee Young Ae ‘s (Janguma) courage.

    Lee Young Ae, you are unbelivable!!!!!!

    I woul like also to thank all the actors, directors and the script writer.

    Specially Lee Young Ae, you know how much I …???????

  57. 57 : lorraine julius Says:

    where do i get the video clip???????????? i love korean dramas pliz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. 58 : Aileen (Philippines) Says:

    My whole family is addicted to it.. I remember the entire Christmas vacation in 2006 my family spent it by watching Jewel in the Palace on DVD! Great story and very educational! It applies to the Philippine Government as well!

  59. 59 : wi2e Says:

    DAE JANG GEUM adalah tokoh wanita KOREA yang luar biasa….. yang memberikan inspirasi kepada setiap wanita….. sumpah !!!!! ni dorama bener2 bikin AQ kecanduan dan terobsesi untuk punya mimpi kayak DAE jang GEUM…. KeReNNNNNNNNNNNNN ABiez…….

  60. 60 : Is***e Ja****i Says:

    I love this drama !
    It’s great 😉 …

  61. 61 : hiranur Says:

    I am addicted corean tv series

  62. 62 : shower enclosures Says:

    Excellent ideas here, have emailed my mum so expect a big reply!!

  63. 63 : Ellena Says:

    I watched it over & over & enjoyed it a LOT . Both Major Actor & Actress played strongly & Passionately . A Very Successful Korean Drama 🙂

  64. 64 : coralou Says:

    i hope and i wish that the pictures of this korean historical drama will be posted on this site. just want to view it one more time. thanks!

  65. 65 : pei Says:

    mmmh….great….great….i love lee yonung ae….and i love jang geum. more….more…..more……n more…..i watching this drama in DVD

  66. 66 : Tahmineh Says:

    Althogh I watched this several times, this is very great even better than Jomung and other historical KD that I’ve watched. Of course the director of this is always very professional who directed Yi San, SDY and other KDR which I like them very much. But I think DJG is the best. The Strong and deep story with professional castings of all artists are very unique.
    I hope to see other historical kD like as DJG as soon

  67. 67 : watch weeds season 5 Says:

    Great post thanks for the read!!!

  68. 68 : glory mentsa Says:

    I really appreciated this drama especially the actors inspiration’s arguments
    I would deeply appreciate if you care, if you send me the text of this drama.
    Because the role Lee Young Ae plays is very humble. I am willing to follow the instructions of this drama.
    Thank you very much.

  69. 69 : glory mentsa Says:

    Please i need the Great Lee Young Ae to teach the humanity more about humility, vertu. May God bless the inspiration of human being
    I am a Camerounian from the littoral region.
    I forgot i need the video of this drama please direct me I beg you
    Please send the hole drama text in my E-mail adress

  70. 70 : ontak Says:

    Dae-jang-geum!!! traditional doctor,, cooooooll!!!

  71. 71 : mel Says:

    i like this movie so much… good recomended…

  72. 72 : pontsho Says:

    i love the korean stories and it shows that there is gem in korea

  73. 73 : me Says:

    just adore dis drama , fab work

  74. 74 : Rudy Bernstein Says:

    I enjoy this drama its a great drama, from start to finish was great.
    I give 5 STARS to writer, director, and cast good job

  75. 75 : dezireh Says:

    i love youngi very much.i hope i see her face to face.
    from iran

  76. 76 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  77. 77 : eugene Says:

    @ ok
    I see your love for Jung Kyu and Yeon Yi but this is DJG’s thread not Gumiho. If you want to talk about that, please go to its page. Thank you!!!

  78. 78 : dream Says:

    @ok.. eugene is so right you really shouldnt worte those things in this page. here is all aboout jang geum.
    by the way i really really enjoyd this drama me and my family. young ae you did a very good jobb really. you have my support.
    and i heard that kim hyun joo was also chosen to act in your role . iam sure she also would do a very good jobb. i like her too so i wouldnt chosie betwen you 2 cuse i love you both. anyway this drama was great.

  79. 79 : Hiwot Says:

    can you please advice me where to find the DVD? I would be most grateful if I could be able to buy it in South Africa. I have been following it-up till 44 episode then stopped during the word cup.

  80. 80 : shineena Says:

    the best korean historical drama ever!!!

    i love jang geum spirit, the way she live her dreams, and how she make it come true..ohhh i love her

    i think i should have never give up like her..LOL

  81. 81 : Tony Says:

    It is really one of the best korean drama. Congrats! I’m from Roumania and i watch daily one or more epidodes of Dae Jang Geum, or Jumong, or even Dong Yi. Respect for all the actors and directors… Respect also for the korean culture… I think I’m going to learn Korean just for the sake of the hystorical movies. 축하 해요!!!

  82. 82 : bambi Says:

    beautiful…learned a lot about korean culture and history..jang geum’s love story is also inspiring, can’t wait to meet my captain Min…

  83. 83 : yobi Says:

    i love this drama! one of the best series for me and the other one is Baker King. i recommend this 110% hehe

    Quality drama. trust me WATCH IT! 🙂

  84. 84 : dwiki Says:

    does anyone know who played the young choi keum young (hong rina)?

  85. 85 : Min Says:

    @dwiki : Her name is ‘SeYoung Lee’ http://people.search.naver.com/search.naver?sm=tab_txc&where=people_profile&ie=utf8&query=이세영&os=161029

  86. 86 : dwiki Says:

    @min thank you 🙂

  87. 87 : kd Says:

    DJG is my favourite. Check out City Hall….and be inspired by her success [with no intention] story. Like DJG with her lover/captain min’s support, she has an equivalent too.

  88. 88 : Claire clark Says:

    great drama….

  89. 89 : sangjhoon Says:

    can anyone tell me pls if this is happy ending? i started watching but i’m still on epi 30 thanks to anyone who can share an answer to my qstion.

  90. 90 : wiaw.kimchi Says:

    I really like this movie. I am thrilled with Dae Jang Geum struggle to prove himself able to survive in a palace full of conspiracy. very very like this movie ^^

  91. 91 : glitter star Says:

    This is the best korean drama forever that i have ever seen. Storyline, screenplay, music, scene and all actor are excellent in this drama.

  92. 92 : mariel Says:

    I like this movie!

    Cud u pls. confirm if Dae Jung Geum is the same actress with Quen Seon Duk? Though I searched their both names (Lee Young Ae and Lee Yo Won) and it’s different.

    Thank you.

  93. 93 : Enjoy'kdrama Says:

    Dae Jang Geum’s based on story was an excellent skills ,methods,acting,make up,cultural,traditional food’ ,glomorously fashion etc.I couldn’t explain and besides,it’s my ambitions to become a chef or a doctor in the future.I’ll make these some moral 😀 I’m sure,i still like and remembered how challenge in her Charge on the Dae Jang Geum.I absolutely yarning to wathed it again ~

  94. 94 : Goldendragonmoon Says:

    Lee Young Ae and Lee Yo Won are different. Can’t you see the 2 different faces ? Anyway, have u seen DJG in cartoon version yet ? As awesome as the drama !!!

  95. 95 : pei Says:

    i miss lee young ae with her acting….when you’ll be back??

  96. 96 : Soju Shot, “Kkkkk!” | Burp and Slurp Says:

    […] (Photo credit)   Dae Jang Geum, or “Jewel in the Palace” (not a direct translation), is a 54-episode TV drama series about Jang Geum, a royal kitchen slave during Korea’s Chosun Dynasty (about 1500 AD) who later becomes the imperial physician. If you feel like getting soaked into a worthy TV series, you can watch it online with subtitles (Do it, do it, do it!). […]

  97. 97 : Esther Says:

    i love you Dae Jang Geum u inspired me so much and your a great actor keep it up

  98. 98 : mslvoe Says:

    I watched 2 episode and got hooked. Looking for the DVD but sadly its out of stock. have to watch online at maaduu.com

  99. 99 : gracey Says:

    Ji Jin Hee is the best korean actor for this kind of drama, just like what he have done in Dong Yi. I’m your fan from Philippines…………….

  100. 100 : gracey Says:

    Seven years had passed but Ji Jin Hee still looks the same……… for me his the most handsome korean actor of all time………… AGREE!

  101. 101 : rustamrin Says:

    What a great drama !

  102. 102 : lisa reniva Says:

    if u can send me how to download jewel in the palace.tnx

  103. 103 : OK OK OK Says:

    Admin nim

    Could you please add Yang Mi Kyung name in Dae Jung Geum’s profile bc she acted in here too. She acted as Lady HAN. Kamsa Hamnida :p

  104. 104 : admin Says:

    @OK OK OK,

    She already in the list before you make this request.

  105. 105 : Secora Says:

    Hi this is such A lovely drama I learn so much from this picture . I’ve learn all about herbs and cooking in A whole new light. This picture also teaches about perseverance and patience and about doing things the right way sticking to the tradition of things and not letting go from them because of our motives I would welcome another like that to My country Barbados again . The picture is rich in history and speaks also to what women endured in their time

  106. 106 : asiandaddict Says:

    This is my all time favorite KOREAN drama!

    from jewel_in_irc 🙂

  107. 107 : rejoice Says:

    love the story

  108. 108 : liz Says:

    this is the best historical korean drama that i’ve watched.

  109. 109 : lumpa Says:

    i’ve recently finished watching this drama. I watched it day and night, cried several times. Thanks for all the staff.

  110. 110 : CJ Says:

    I love Lee Young Ae, Ji Jin Hee and Yang Mi Kyung!!! The whole cast were also great!! I miss this and I’m gonna watch it again!! Hihi.

  111. 111 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Jewel in The Palace = Dae Jang Geum Rating : 5 out of 5 […]

  112. 112 : natnael damena Says:

    wow what a great drama!!!!!!!!

  113. 113 : betty Says:

    very nice drama.

  114. 114 : matt Says:

    Apparently, there is going to be a Dae Jang Gum/Jewel in the Palace season 2 sometime this year or next year…? Lee Young Ae has given the thumbs up for it too~.

  115. 115 : Salima Says:

    I loved the serials very much. it was very interesting

  116. 116 : dil Says:

    nice one.love it

  117. 117 : DJ KALANA & MIHIRI Says:


  118. 118 : Gayan Says:

    I am very interest this teledrama. This is best drama in this world. Thank you MBC!

  119. 119 : nishadi poornika Says:

    the great n lovly story… rl hrt touching… i like… i love uuuuuuu JEVEL IN THE PALACE… jang geum is the best….. 🙂
    thz iz d bzt bzt bzt drma in d wrld…. thnxxxxxxxxxxxx to ollll

  120. 120 : maya Says:

    What’s drama? It’s this

  121. 121 : Iwan Says:

    Jang Geum is the best. I love you …Lee Young Ae. A beautiful drama, and touching hearts

  122. 122 : daminda Says:

    Very useful tele drama for all sri lankan peoples

  123. 123 : tharindi Says:

    the best drama. i love all of you. i think every sri lankan’s love this drama.

  124. 124 : Upmithra Says:

    All the members of my family love this drama. But I think that we should care for young-ro & also geum – young too. they just turn to the wrong side & went to get nothing afterall.

  125. 125 : upul Says:

    we love this drama alot. won’t lee young ae visit sri lanka someday?

  126. 126 : shipon Says:

    Nice one Drama. Thanks MBC

  127. 127 : nuni yuniarti rusman Says:

    I like this drama very much….there’s a lot of knowledge in…..:D • ζђαйќ ў☺ϋ‾ˉ˘;)

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    […] Summary: This drama is based on 1999-2000 MBC drama series “Hur Jun”. Because of the similarities between the two main characters of the show, “Hur Jun” has often been called as male version of “Dae Jang Geum”. […]

  129. 129 : Jae Says:

    This series was pretty good. I felt kind of bad for the king who liked her and he ended up dying for her. He could have said give me the surgery then be executed but he chose her over himself.

  130. 130 : Gu Am Heo Joon | Myanmar Tube ► Myanmar Online Movies Says:

    […] This drama is based on 1999-2000 MBC drama series “Hur Jun”. Because of the similarities between the two main characters of the show, “Hur Jun” has often been called as male version of “Dae Jang Geum”. […]

  131. 131 : Jan Says:

    Please where can i watch dae jang geum episodes

  132. 132 : Korean Drama “Hur Jun, The Original Story” | Fan Drama Says:

    […] MBC drama series “Hur Jun”.It  has often been called as male version of “Dae Jang Geum” because of the similarities between the two main characters ( Dae Jang Geum and Hur Jun […]

  133. 133 : Vania Says:

    Now airing on Indosiar, every Monday – Friday @4:30 PM (+7 GMT)

  134. 134 : Gu Am Heo Joon (dramatic life of legendary doctor) | Myanmar Tube TV ► Myanmar Video, Music with Lyrics, Korean Drama, Popular YouTube Video Says:

    […] SynopsisStars This drama is based on 1999-2000 MBC drama series “Hur Jun”. Because of the similarities between the two main characters of the show, “Hur Jun” has often been called as male version of “Dae Jang Geum”. […]

  135. 135 : ini Says:

    it is currently being re-run in my country. the days when some of actors/es were still so very young. Park Eun Hye looks so small, petite, and young here compared to her looks in Pink Lipstick. so were others…

  136. 136 : jose ruiz Says:

    gracias por presentar ua serie o novela que aunque no pude verla del peicipio la segui como tenia la oportunidad de verla y la comente con muchas personas y einclusive co personas de core las cuale no sabia de lo hermosa que produccion y talento de de los actores y estrellas coreanas todoy todas mumuy guapos y profecionales mi esposa y su servidor quedamos inprecionados y espero verla de nuevo y conpleta pues vale la pena gracias de nuevo su amigo y familia les desea muchos triunfos asta pronto

  137. 137 : thai Says:

    one of the best Korean films I love so far

  138. 138 : melissa Says:

    all time favorite…

  139. 139 : Gu Am Heo Joon (dramatic life of legendary doctor) | Free Myanmar Online Video and Music Says:

    […] This drama is based on 1999-2000 MBC drama series “Hur Jun”. Because of the similarities between the two main characters of the show, “Hur Jun” has often been called as male version of “Dae Jang Geum”. […]

  140. 140 : victoria Says:

    the best korean drama that i’ve ever watched until now.

  141. 141 : victoria Says:

    the best korean drama that i’ve ever watched.

  142. 142 : tody Says:

    what happened to the character Jo bang. she silently left without a clue even though i enjoyed her character. and who acted the young ‘Lee Yeon Saeng’ role?

  143. 143 : Dae Jang Geum Says:

    the best korean drama, i miss she

  144. 144 : FLAMENT Says:

    I like this serie very much

  145. 145 : Lim hye bin Says:

    i love this drama so much, i love how the korean culture is represented nd how it is also not so different from other world cultures. this serie………………………………………..i have no words to express how i feel

  146. 146 : Agni Says:

    Cracks me up when they discuss their secret stuff behind rice paper walls and the opposing team need no sophisticated listening devices. They can sit outside and hear everything. LOL!

    I enjoyed this drama very much and which probably paved the way for another wonderful period drama, “Dong Yi” with Han Hyo Joo and Ji Jin Hee who plays Min Jung Ho in this drama.

    The beautiful Han Ji Min who played Shin Bi later played the lead in “Yi San” in which her acting had improved noticeably.

  147. 147 : Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] #22 – Jewel in The Palace = Dae Jang Geum (2003) Rating : 10 out of 10 […]

  148. 148 : dekor rumah Says:

    keren gan

  149. 149 : instagram online Says:

    This drama is the best! I really like historical drama of Korea, especially this type. Gonna re watch it someday.

  150. 150 : instagram online Says:

    This drama is the best! I really like historical drama of Korea, especially this type. Gonna re watch it someday.

  151. 151 : ramada bekirov Says:

    Iconic drama never gets old
    Literally the best kdrama ever created

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