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Cute or Crazy

Title: 귀엽거나 미치거나 / Cute or Crazy
Chinese Title: 可愛或者瘋了
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 17
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-Feb-02 to 2005-Jun-28
Air time: Monday 20:55


Park Kyung Rim is an art gallery curator, who lives with her older brother Seung Soo, an English teacher, and her friend So Yoo Jin. Kyung Rim works for Kim Soo Mi, who co-owns the gallery with her husband, Chairman Kim. The Kims have three sons, the youngest of whom, Min Hyuk, is a troublemaker and gadabout. Park Shin Hye is a young student at Seung Soo’s English school.


Park Kyung Rim as Park Kyung Rim (27)
So Yoo Jin as So Yoo Jin (27)
Ryu Seung Soo as Park Seung Soo (Kyung Rim’s brother, 34)
Park Joon Suk as Kim Joon Seok (25)
Kim Soo Mi as Kim Soo Mi (60)
Park Shin Hye as Park Shin Hye (18)
Kim Sung Won as Chairman Kim (66)
Lee Min Hyuk as Kim Min Hyuk (youngest son of Chairman Kim & Kim Soo Mi)
Park Da An

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Song Jae Sung (송재성) and Kim Do Sang (김도상)
Director: Kim Byung Wook, Kim Young Ki and Jo Yoo Jin (조유진)

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  1. 1 : nicole Says:

    plzzz upload this drama .. FIGHTING ! o:

  2. 2 : Hania Says:

    i wanna watch this movie bcoz park shin ye is one of the cast

  3. 3 : Michino akari Says:

    I watch this movie bcoz Park shin hye is very cute… I like it 😛

  4. 4 : sweetbunch_11 Says:

    you’ll gonna Laugh Out Loud watching this!!!

  5. 5 : sweetbunch_11 Says:

    you’ll gonna LOL watching this!!!

  6. 6 : LEONARDO Says:


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