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Cuckoo Nest 04

Title: 뻐꾸기 둥지 / Cuckoo Nest
Chinese Title: 布谷鸟巢
Also Known as: Two Mothers
Genre: Melodrama, romance, family
Episodes: 102
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-June-03 to 2014-Nov-7
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


A total revenge story about a woman who becomes the surrogate mother of the woman who drove her brother to death.

Lee Hwa Young’s (Lee Chae Young) older brother dies because of a woman he loved. She decides to take revenge on Baek Yun Hee (Jang Seo Hee) who is responsible for her brother’s death. She then becomes a surrogate mother for Baek Yun Hee who can’t have a baby and later tries to take the kid away from her.


Main Cast

Jang Seo Hee as Baek Yun Hee
Hwang Dong Joo as Jung Byung Kook
Lee Chae Young as Lee Hwa Young
Kim Kyung Nam as Yoo Sung Bin

Baek Yun Hee’s family

Im Chae Moo as Baek Chul
Uhm Yoo Shin as Hong Geum Ok / Madam Hong
Son Ga Young as Baek Joon Hee
Hyun Woo Sung as Lee Myung Woon
Jung Ji Hoon as Jung Jin Woo

Jung Byung Gook’s family

Seo Kwon Soon as Kwak Hee Ja / Madam Kwak
Ji Soo Won as Jung Jin Sook
Kim Min Jwa as Jung Yoo Mi
Lee Jung Hoon as Oh Ki Sub

Lee Hwa Young’s family

Park Joon Geum as Bae Choo Ja
Jun Noh Min as Bae Chan Shik
Han Kyung Sun as Lee Gong Hee
Jun Min Seo as Lee So Ra
Park Ji So as So Ra (young)
Lee Chang Wook as Choi Sang Doo


Heo In Young as Soon Nam
Lee Sook as Lee Sang Soon
Oh Ji Young as Moon Sook
Park Seo Hyun as team leader
Kim Ri Won as Kim So Jin
Oh Eun Ho as secretary
Ahn Hong Jin as Jin Myung Suk
Lee Jong Goo
Jung So Young
Kim Da Hyun
Ahn Bo Hyun


Jung Min Jin as Lee Dong Hyun
Lee Dae Ro as late grandpa
Ji Sang Ryul as fraud

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Jae Young
Producer: Baek Sang Hoon
Director: Kwak Ki Won
Screenwriter: Hwang Soon Young


2014 KBS Drama Awards – Best Supporting Actress: Lee Chae Young (Cuckoo Nest)


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165 Responses to “Cuckoo Nest”

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  1. 151
    reindeer song Says:

    ****Thanks all for staying with this drama and the updates. I gave up on the drama back in August, I was becoming cuckoo with the direction the storyline was going or not going. This drama reminds me of Everything Kimchi what a headache. Nonetheless, thank a bunch all.

  2. 152
    Rose Says:

    I love the way BK’s mother blames everyone else for all that has happened in their family.

    It is OK to adopt or a child or have a surrogate, but BK’s mother just chose the wrong person as the surrogate.

    And is certainly is no YH’s fault that BK went crazy over HY and couldn’t give her up until everything came down on his head.

    I don’t know how Jinwu would have survived with HY if she would have really been his mother. OMG – Thank God she is not. Didn’t HY see how scared he was when she approached him?

  3. 153
    Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Just saw ep 100 raw. Finally it has revealed that Sora is HY’s ex-boyfriend. The ex donated blood to Sora in the hospital. But HY still blames her mother for keeping the secret of Sora from her. Still do not understand why HY told the ex-boyfriend that it was a son and now turn out to be a daughter. What is the writer thinks who we are? Are we idiot or the writer is such an idiot to switch the story?. We have such a stupid writer for this drama.

  4. 154
    morally Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, this writer need to have her head check up, I mean it, the story is so absurd that this made the kdramas a bad name. Just remember next time avoid this writer. One thing bad about daily drama, they just drag………with all nonsense stuff to make it to 100 episodes.

  5. 155
    Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Did you all notice that this drama is going to end at Episode 102 instead of 104 which was earlier broadcasted?. EP 101 raw show that HY drive her car into the Han River. She commit suicide with the police now looking for her and her ex-boyfriend got the recording of her saying she killed him. Her ex also passed the recording to YH. Sora took a selfie of herself with her father on her father’s h/phone. This writer is ending the drama with HY dead. He must not know how to end the drama with all the earlier confusion. Do not see anymore drama written by this writer in the future.

  6. 156
    Jenny Says:

    Why did that dummy save Hwa Yeong? I would have let her azz drown. After all the crap HY did in this drama and in the end she barely got a slap on the wrist SMH. I’m never watching another drama by this writer….she wrote Ruby Ring too and that was a horrid mess also. The writers, producers, and KBS should be apologizing to the viewers. I want back the 60+ hours of my life I wasted watching this!

  7. 157
    reindeer song Says:

    Hello seeing I am no longer residing in NY, and the Korean channel is not that available her in WV what is coming after Cuckoo’s? What is good to watch? Do any one know where I can find K channels or what to subscribe to?

  8. 158
    Rose Says:

    Reindeer Song — See Post No. 30 — The next drama is “Sweet Dreams.”

    There is a date of when it is to start assuming it was 104 Episodes, but if it ending at 102, then start date will be changing.

  9. 159
    reindeer song Says:

    Thanks Rose! ost 130 gives me Sweet Secrets”

  10. 160
    Cita Morales Says:

    Thanks to all the casts and production staff of two mothers. I enjoyed watching this drama. I appreciate you all and for KBS where I was tuned in. I admire Park Joon Geum (Bae Choo Ja) for an excellent acting performance. She expressed her emotion so well as the situation presented itself. I picked up many good values from that drama, one of which:a loving mother never stop loving her child even if she/he goes wayward. Bae Choo Ja is such mother. More power! More success!

  11. 161
    Rose Says:

    I was very disappointed with how the writer handled Choi Sangdu and Sora’s relationship at the end. He looked for his child for 13 years, then decided not to be a part of her life and just walks away. I felt so bad for both of them. Sora wanted him to admit he was her father, but why could he not??? Stupid move on the writer’s part, actually dam stupid.

    I was surprised how many people HY continued to lie to over and over and over, any BK and his mother believed her lies. And his mother felt their family was above everyone else, and she got taken in by all of HY’s lies, even with Sora. In a way BK was dragging his feet about divorcing YH, but HY forced the issued as she did with everything. She just over ruled him and other people to the point of no return. She was an evil person. And BK’s mother still tried to fix him up with girls at the end, but at least she gracefully backed off.

    I thought HY drove her car into the water also at the end of Ep 101, but in the beginning of Ep 102 she wasn’t in the car in the water. What did she do, back the car out???? Like what the heck is with these writer’s and production crew??? The actor’s didn’t even say anything?

    And when they found Choi after HY hit him with the rock, he had the recorder by his hand on the ground. Did not the cops see that and pick it up???? If he was holding it or if it was on the ground by his hand when they transported him to the hospital someone should have seen it. Stupid. On second thought if they did find it, they may have just kept it with his belonging’s not knowing what was on there. Choi must have let YH copy it onto her phone though

    Even though Choi Sangdu told HY’s mother he was looking for his child and he didn’t walk out on HY, she didn’t believe him either and had no use for him even at the end when he gave her that money. HY’s mother had difficult life. Thank God she raised Sora. She was such a sweet girl.

    HY should have been in prison for a very long time.

    Oh well, enjoyed reading all the comments posted. And Tarzan is one good looking man.

  12. 162
    Rose Says:

    Tarzan — Hyun Woo-Sung is in the new drama Stormy Woman. It is going to be run after Everything Kimichi. Or maybe it is airing already. I don’t know if EK finished already.

  13. 163
    Rose Says:

    Starting Thursday November 20 in Two Mothers time slot is

    Love and Secret/Sweet Secret

    100 Plus Episodes === another long one

  14. 164
    Rose Says:

    I know no one is checking this website any more – but I don’t know where else to put this , but Tarzan — Hyun Woo Sung — is in a new drama Mon – Fri – MBC at 7:20
    “Stormy Weather.” Started November 3.

  15. 165
    Bisola Says:

    Seriously! I dnt get u guys problem…coz sighting ur comment mks me critized the movie at first buh thinkin of hw i respected korean movie mks me watch it nd i find it rili interesting…so jst tell me ur problems mayb i may b of help…as if u all cn stand in front of cameras..dumbass! Beefers neva last longer get dat straight 2 ur head

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