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Cuckoo Nest

Cuckoo Nest 04

Title: 뻐꾸기 둥지 / Cuckoo Nest
Chinese Title: 布谷鸟巢
Also Known as: Two Mothers
Genre: Melodrama, romance, family
Episodes: 102
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-June-03 to 2014-Nov-7
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


A total revenge story about a woman who becomes the surrogate mother of the woman who drove her brother to death.

Lee Hwa Young’s (Lee Chae Young) older brother dies because of a woman he loved. She decides to take revenge on Baek Yun Hee (Jang Seo Hee) who is responsible for her brother’s death. She then becomes a surrogate mother for Baek Yun Hee who can’t have a baby and later tries to take the kid away from her.


Main Cast

Jang Seo Hee as Baek Yun Hee
Hwang Dong Joo as Jung Byung Kook
Lee Chae Young as Lee Hwa Young
Kim Kyung Nam as Yoo Sung Bin

Baek Yun Hee’s family

Im Chae Moo as Baek Chul
Uhm Yoo Shin as Hong Geum Ok / Madam Hong
Son Ga Young as Baek Joon Hee
Hyun Woo Sung as Lee Myung Woon
Jung Ji Hoon as Jung Jin Woo

Jung Byung Gook’s family

Seo Kwon Soon as Kwak Hee Ja / Madam Kwak
Ji Soo Won as Jung Jin Sook
Kim Min Jwa as Jung Yoo Mi
Lee Jung Hoon as Oh Ki Sub

Lee Hwa Young’s family

Park Joon Geum as Bae Choo Ja
Jun Noh Min as Bae Chan Shik
Han Kyung Sun as Lee Gong Hee
Jun Min Seo as Lee So Ra
Park Ji So as So Ra (young)
Lee Chang Wook as Choi Sang Doo


Heo In Young as Soon Nam
Lee Sook as Lee Sang Soon
Oh Ji Young as Moon Sook
Park Seo Hyun as team leader
Kim Ri Won as Kim So Jin
Oh Eun Ho as secretary
Ahn Hong Jin as Jin Myung Suk
Lee Jong Goo
Jung So Young
Kim Da Hyun
Ahn Bo Hyun


Jung Min Jin as Lee Dong Hyun
Lee Dae Ro as late grandpa
Ji Sang Ryul as fraud

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Jae Young
Producer: Baek Sang Hoon
Director: Kwak Ki Won
Screenwriter: Hwang Soon Young


2014 KBS Drama Awards – Best Supporting Actress: Lee Chae Young (Cuckoo Nest)


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  1. 1 : sarangleeya Says:

    Jang Seo Hee for Revenge drama again? look forward it

  2. 2 : topaz Says:

    Jang Seo Hee cant wait for your small screen come back.. ^^ She is a great actress and a very beautiful woman…. Good luck on your new drama… i will surely watch this…

  3. 3 : suppledexplorer Says:

    Yay!Jang Seo Hee

  4. 4 : Sandy 2 Says:

    this drama sounds absolutely crazy. Who would go to such crazy extremes. This doesn’t sound interesting to me–it sounds stupid.

  5. 5 : InnA* Says:

    Why is broadcast period on 3 June?? 2 June—> Monday :))
    Wooaaw!! Director is the chief producer—> Sungkyunkwan Scandal- Poseidon :)) naneun gidaligoissda… thanks…

  6. 6 : Belita Says:


  7. 7 : Belita Says:


  8. 8 : mml Says:

    I hate this drama and I will never watch to waste my precious time. I will watch Doctor stranger , big man , glorious day etc.

    Although, I watch Angel’s revenge that doesn’t mean that I will watch revenge dramas all the way, my heart cannot accept too many sad dramas. I like happy, romantic, laughing, warm loving family, action dramas.

    Writer, please give up this drama.

  9. 9 : NightOwl Says:

    This sounds like a crazy drama indeed! Hope someone (KBS on youtube maybe?) will sub this. Really want to watch atleast one episode of this.

  10. 10 : Forever_Young Says:

    Sounds interesting, but after having watched Miss Mermaid & Cruel Temptation, I guess I have to adapt to seeing Jang Seo Hee as the one NOT committing revenge (or the least aggressive one) this time. Really interesting so far!

  11. 11 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    The screenwriter also wrote Ruby’s Ring. I watched just one episode of that drama and was appalled at how badly it was written.

    I like Jang Seo Hee very much. She’s one of South Korea’s finest. So I am a bit confused as to why she would take on this project.

    The synopsis itself fails because it predicates itself on the rather weak supposition that our protagonist was responsible for the death of her lover, who had died trying to save her and their unborn child from the hands of kidnappers.

    Anyway I had to check out the first two episodes just to be sure. I decided I’m going to be very disappointed so I’m gonna give this one a miss.

  12. 12 : Mal20 Says:

    mhm, i will give it a try, even if i don`t like the screenwriter, she wrote ruby`s ring whitch suckt, who knows this drama might suprise me?

  13. 13 : MC Says:

    This writer needs to find another employment. A drama should keep viewers coming back each week, but this writer needs to do his/her research before taking on the subject of surrogates and a woman who has had her uterus removed. Can’t watch anymore and it’s a shame. Such a waste of a great cast.

  14. 14 : reindeer song Says:

    MC so agree with you, regarding this topic surrogacy a surrogate cannot take a child from it natural parents, if it was done properly with the sperm from husband and the egg from his wife their is no way in hell the surrogate can claim the child is hers. Another thing, if the husband did sleep with her to get her preggy that’s another issue. Korean writer do not do enough or any research into topics they write about that is why most of these dram ends up so STUPID and nonsensical.
    Hospital and Police scenes really cracks me up. NO RESEARCH at all. This year alone I have skipped so many dramas due to the content and the repurposing of old dramas.

  15. 15 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    You got it wrong. The girl started her revenge right from the fertilization stage, she got the brother’s friend who did the operation to switch the eggs with her own, that creates the possibility that the child’s is hers not the other woman’s. So we watch out to see how her revenge proceeds but the person she is revenging against is innocent. I think she does not even know that her child survived, while she lost her womb to uterine cancer. We watch and see.

  16. 16 : reindeer song Says:

    Nkolika, I guess you are further along. So, the revenge begins. In KDrama there is alway misunderstandings, she is bitter because the husband treated her like a high class hooker, plus the brother passing well let see how it flushes out. Thanks!

  17. 17 : sylvia Says:

    oh my god this drama Is much….much better and much interesting than angle revenge…….

  18. 18 : JOSEPHINE CHUA Says:

    when can the episodes be completed?
    im from the philippines, i could not open viki.com
    please help

  19. 19 : jo wang Says:

    This is a very badly written drama, why? because
    l. It’s a bit ridiculous and so obvious that the three people who Grace Lee targeted are so easily bought over and not at all suspicious.

    2. Its so sickening stupid to see Baek Yun Hee receiving so many and expensive gifts from the Lee girl, although on behalf of his son, so happy and unquestionably. I am sure a normal person would wonder why a person whom she met just recently would do what the Lee girl is doing.

    3. Even the father who is a successful businessman could succumb to grace lee’ charms so easily especially only by her mouth.

    The writer is portraying Grace Lee as some wonder woman with super beauty and sex appeal when in realty the actress is far from it. There is no subtlety in the girl’s acting to hold a viewer’s interest. Her acting is very brass and crude.

    Although I like Jang Seo Hee who in my opinion is not only brautiful and also sweet looking, I think I will have to give up this show.

  20. 20 : M Says:

    What is also disgusting is that Grace Lee was the daughter of the successful father in a different drama….”Birth of a Family”. When I watch this drama all I can see is “possible incest”

    Come on writers/casting people, please do a better job!

  21. 21 : vareena Says:

    @jo wang, you are absolutely right, it suck a big time for this drama, so can tell not many people watching this one, it’s so nonsensical, beside this so call
    Grace, she is not even that attractive or sexy I think she is ugly compare to Jang seo hee. Some writers are just gone crazy, out of their mind. Can not come up with good story just rampage thru the mud without any conscience. But still there are many good writers out there, we just have to pick a good one.

  22. 22 : cradrama Says:

    @Jowang, Your absolutely right about this drama, it is so nonsensical, the story is so lame, no wonder this drama is a flop.

  23. 23 : mlou Says:

    Has anybody seen the ratings for this drama? I can’t believe it will last 100 episodes if it doesn’t kick into high gear soon. It has taken 30 episodes for YH to discover that HY wants to do her in and probably the next 5 episodes for YH to be depressed and the victim. That’s why a lot of us are skipping episodes. I can’t imagine much will happen within the next 30 episodes.

  24. 24 : cradrama Says:

    Kdrama always made the lead actress very stupid and dumb, so pathetic, I can hardly watch it anymore, it supposed to be over 100 eps, don’t know how they are going to drag to the end, no wonder not many viewers pay attention to this drama. so sad…………….

  25. 25 : Mal20 Says:

    this drama is pissing me off, seriously what in the world…

  26. 26 : mlou Says:

    So it’s taken 35 episodes for both sides of the family to be enlightened about the affair. So what’s in store for the next 35 episodes… HY trampling over YH, and YH playing the victim? I’ve never seen such horrible acting, and the script is underwhelming. I’m predicting that the kid is not HY’s at all, that her doctor “friend” doublecrossed her to protect his license and keep from being sued by the rich families. I’m sure that won’t be revealed until the very end, so skipping episodes will be the norm for me.

  27. 27 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    I totally agree with you. The kid is not HY as can be seen when YH met with her doctor “friend” earlier. It is taking far too long for HY to take her revenge on YH.

  28. 28 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    I watched this drama on KBS World…OMG this drama was about surrogate mother. Recently I have just watched an American movie was about surrogate theme….that’s movie was scary like a hell and creepy, it’s woman who have had surrogate for a family due to the wife couldn’t have a baby and then that woman wanted to have the husband and also the baby. I think this drama is the same with that movie. A movie or drama is about the surrogate must be the existence of revenge and that woman turn out to be a psychopath. I believe this drama has the same theme like that :((

  29. 29 : maja Says:

    im only interested in yun hee and sung bin ,,, so ill wait for this drama to finish and see if they end up together if not im not gonna watch it…

  30. 30 : mlou Says:

    I’m telling you, I’m totally creeped out by HY trying to win over the little boy. It’s almost like a child molester, trying to gain the confidence of an innocent little one, only to convince him to be with her and not his mother. It gives me such a sick feeling I can’t watch it anymore. Maybe by episode 70 it will be sorted out, but for now, it’s too disturbing.

  31. 31 : mml Says:

    Just saw ep 37 raw. Now YH knew about why HY did this to her and also HY told YH mother in law the son is hers. Now it is getting faster than before. Cannot wait when YH’s father get fooled by HY’s friend. But do not understand why 100 episodes for this drama to end when now all is revealed except YH being pregnant with HY’s brother child.

  32. 32 : reindeer song Says:

    This drama same as all other revenge korean dramas, nothing new all the same. The father deserves everything he gets and more, you ahve a wife at home but going after a young female who can be his daughte!! His arrognace need to be put in check. The only person I have sympathy for is Baek Yun Hee, she is the victim and an innocent , all the other they deserve what’s coming. For once I enjoyed a loving married couple who showed affection, then the wrter messed it up with affairs and lies.

  33. 33 : Maritza Ortiz Says:

    Episodes more 100 but I was watch left 29 not finish

  34. 34 : Maritza Ortiz Says:

    Episodes more movie 100 but not finish movie so and left 29 episode that is all

  35. 35 : nyang Says:

    In this drama I want to ask about the little girl that her name is sora who is her perant is yun hee her mother if someone know please tell me

  36. 36 : Maritza Ortiz Says:

    More episodes 100

  37. 37 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    Yes Yh is her mother but not Known to YH. The impunity of HYIS Sickening. I am hoping that the child is not hers, that will be the biggest blow she will receive. The man is nothing to her without that child.

  38. 38 : carnina law Says:

    Just saw ep 40 raw. Now it is getting more interesting. YH’s husband found out YH’s previous boyfriend when she is pregnant with. But why 100 episodes when all is revealed now except YH’s daughter.

  39. 39 : mlou Says:

    It looks like YH has been sent back to her parents’ home, so now the truth is out about her past. When her father meets with BG, Dad seems to be taking a humble, apologetic approach, while BG is very defiant and bratty. So I’m guessing that Big Daddy will eventually beat the crap out of BG since he seems to be a no nonsense type of guy. I don’t know how much lower YH has to go before she gets a backbone and springs into attack mode, but let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 25 episodes.

  40. 40 : Alice Johnson Says:

    I think this drama is stupid what is this men in business have encounters thats crap and why is it that the pictures sent to her were photoshopped but the pictures he got were real he is having the affair but he cant trust her total double standard . I hope the dr didnt switch the eggs and I want her to keep her baby. The man that died was an adult the s8ster has no right to seek revenge I hate that she gave up her child but sora is a happy kid the father may lose his company because he believes thus pretty young thing likes him so whatever happens is his fault I think her and the baby should leave with the college friend and the hell with everyone else. She has a right to be happy.

  41. 41 : mlou Says:

    So by the end of episode 42, YH’s friend tells her Dad that BG is having an affair with HY (aka Grace Lee). He’s shocked, meets with HY, and ends up slapping her! Yay! In the preview BG presents YH with divorce papers. As I said before, Dad is the no nonsense guy, so the sparks may fly eventually.

  42. 42 : rroxan Says:

    best actress yun hee!!

  43. 43 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Just saw ep 46 raw. YH’s mother in law sent YH clothes and luggage back to her. But YH family is also having problems with the accusor. But do not think that BG’s mother would let HY to get back the grandson and also not let HY to enter and marry BG. I think all the rest of the episodes would be about HY getting what she deserve for all her bad doings to YH. YH would eventually discover that Sora is her own daughter. But all the previous doings is done by YH’s father and none of was fault. YH’s father must had told YH that her baby has died and YH must be in a coma after HY’s brother passed away.

    To conclude, I think YH acting is best and very good in her expression. Don’t you guys think so?

  44. 44 : mlou Says:

    Yes, YH’s acting is very good for such a heavy role. Her pain is excruciating, and she shows it so well. Who can imagine being in such a situation where, once again, your child is snatched from you?

    It looks like BG actually has a conscience, not really convinced about the relationship with HY. These are the episodes we need the translations because there is a lot of friction between them all, and BG’s mum has gone off the deep end.

  45. 45 : bitterwoman Says:

    We still have 54 e.p. to go, I wanted to know how the viewers felt about HY, for me, I wished she go to hell in level 1, I hate her so much felt like to smash her face and kick her until she drop dead. I knew it just the drama but the story just kill me, how could a person can be so mean and cruel.

  46. 46 : mlou Says:

    Totally agree about HY. I can feel my blood pressure rising every time she has that smirk on her face! Don’t you just want to smack her? I wish this writer would give her at least ONE big setback to throw her off, but the evil just keeps coming.

  47. 47 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    I have never seen a dram so one sided. Everything working out for the bad guys and everything going wrong for the good guys. SometimesI wonder what is the writer’s volition in creating this story? Is it about glorification of revenge? or what. Good dramas are known for the balanced story line, win some lose some. For us to wait till the end for the bad guy to eventually lose or repent is bad writing. The Angel’s revenge this drama replaced has its flaws but far better than this. The drama so far does not draw one to watch it twice. Good dramas draw you in that you can watch an episode several times without getting bored. Not this one. The writer needs retraining in how to write scripts. One drama no one wants to recap, tells you how bad it is. I am even surprised at its 15 % rating score.

  48. 48 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    HY would eventually get what is coming to her. The son is definitely not hers which this would be a great blow to her. Then BG would leave her. YH would have a happy ending for her.

    Just saw ep 47 raw. No translation in english. So do not understand whether YH’s mother is paralyse or just sick. But do not understand why her head is covered with a cloth. She just fell on the floor. Can someone who know Korean, please translate for us. TQ very much.

  49. 49 : mlou Says:

    It looks like the mother had brain surgery or something. She’s still in a coma.
    So in Ep. 48 we learned that you can arrive at a rich person’s house with your luggage and move right in. These people must be a real pushover in the board room, and deserve to lose their business. It looks like in the preview that the little boy is shifting his loyalties to HY. Guess I can skip the next 20 eps.

  50. 50 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Totally agree with you.. Next 20 eps would be on the little boy with HY. When would Sora comes into the picture?. Who would let YH know about this little girl?. Would Seongbi know anything about Sora since he is very close with YH and keeping track of YH and always in touch with YH?. But if he know, definietely he would have inform YH about Sora.

    Got a feeling the rest of the episodes would be on HY getting what she deserves for all the bad things she has done. It would backfire on her. Then her uncle would end happy ever after with BG’s aunt.

  51. 51 : bitterwoman Says:

    @ Tan Bee Lian…. I don’t think the writer wanted us to be happy, they’re going to drag until may be EP 90 to make HY suffer, then I’ll come back to watch.. One thing I blame YH for keeping secret of her past from her husband, couple shouldn’t have any secret that is why she suffer. remember there is no secret in the world, this is part of her sin. There is no excuse for this although her father is the one who made her like this but she should tell her husband the truth. The truth will prevail.

  52. 52 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    This drama is a depressant. I will never recommend it to anybody. The writer is going on and on about HY that it seems to me heor she idolizes that character and wants us to see her as a model to be copied. Not even in one single episode did she lose. Where on earth does thing s work out for somebody like that. What message is the writer selling to the public. I thought Korea likes the gud guys, I have just learnt through this drama that they idolize the bad guys, otherwise we would be watching a balanced script.

  53. 53 : bitterwoman Says:

    For my understanding the writer HSY wanted to create the monster (HY is the monster) to climb up high and fall down really hard. This is really normal for typical Korean writers. If you watched enough Kdramas, you won’t be surprised. For HY’s character she is just wicked mean beyond my word. I felt like to smash her face on my screen every time I saw her, that how much I hated her

  54. 54 : mlou Says:

    And it’s the same story line as Ruby’s Ring, which this writer also wrote. That drama had everyone crying for the last 20 episodes, and this drama is doing the same thing with constant crying and hand wringing. The only good thing about RR is that it ended at episode 93 instead of 100! The ending was a total bust with fake Ruby going to a mental institution after ruining everybody’s life, so I hope we at least see HY go to prison.

  55. 55 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Just saw episode 50 raw. Now HY is getting what she deserves. Her previous boyfriend just appeared in this ep. He is out to get revenge on HY. Seongbin saw this and would use this man to get at HY. In actual fact, YH did write a letter to BG telling him all her past including living with a man and pregnant also. But this letter was taken away by YH’s father and her father replaced with another letter telling BG that YH would accept his proposal of marriage. Thus YH thought BG got her letter and has already knew of her past and accepted all this past happenings. It is just YH’s father fault for all these things including taking YH away and causing HY’s brother death.

    In ep 50, BG’son is not getting along well with HY and HY is frequently getting visits from her ex-boyfriend and harassing her. This would be the downfall of HY. Now it is getting better. Do not know whether you guys agree or not.

  56. 56 : mlou Says:

    Thanks for that recap, Tan Bee Lian. It sounds like there is actually more of a story line now, so maybe our discussion will pick up. More distress for HY is exactly what was needed.

  57. 57 : kdramasuck Says:

    @Tan Bee LIan, Thank you for your info, I misunderstood YH. I saw the new guy w/o subs, do you know if they have baby together, I saw HY pregnant. I will be so happy to see the down fall of HY and like to see YH getting stronger and fight back to that bit**.

  58. 58 : mlou Says:

    Finally, YH is acting like the lioness, fighting for her cub and trying to protect him from predators. If HY loses, she will have a major meltdown. Looks like YH’s mother has a major illness, and a poor prognosis.

  59. 59 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    Yes the story is beginning to even out. I hope HY gets a harder time than she gave out. The hatred of the Child towards her is the beginning of her down fall. Even By ‘s mother is trying to find another wife for him. So many odds. Happy now

  60. 60 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    @kdramasuck. I was also shocked to see HY pregnant when she was with the new guy but don’t know whether the child was born or not. Maybe it will be review in later episodes. Just saw ep 51 raw. It seem the child was very attach with YH and HY is having difficult to win the child heart. HY might now tell everybody that the child is hers. It would be a terrible blow to HY if the doctor then did not carry out her order during the insertion of her being the surrogate mother. Can’t wait for this to happen.

    The rest of the episodes would be YH finding out that she did deliver HY’s brother child from her real mother. YH’s mother woke up after her coma.

  61. 61 : mlou Says:

    In ep. 52, the mother died. It looks like BG is blaming HY, and the preview shows YH keeping her son, so maybe she’s firing up, but that will be a big battle.

  62. 62 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    In ep 52, the mother woke up from her coma with YH by her bedside. Or it is only YH is in a dream of her mother waking up and it seems the mother told YH something. Do not know what it is about. Could someone relate for us?. Maybe the mother told YH that she did deliver a child. I saw YH taking a taxi to the hospital and finding her mother has died. Then it is only a dream.

    Why the staff of HS Group especially YH’s sister and Seongbi still working there?. Definietley HY being the group head now, she would fire YH’s sister and Seongbi.

  63. 63 : mlou Says:

    The appearance of HY’s former love interest is a great twist in the story. I’ve never seen her get flustered like when he was confronting her, and I don’t think that’s the end of it. He seems to have his own “revenge” to achieve directed at her. For those who missed it, HY was living with a guy and was very pregnant with his baby. She decided to cut out, stole all his money, and when he suddenly appeared, there was a little scuffle where he burned his leg very badly and it left him disabled. He has now found her and shook her down for money, but he is very, very angry. The question is… what happened to her baby? BG’s mother saw the encounter when the guy appeared at the office, but HY quickly dismissed it as nothing. So the plot thickens….

  64. 64 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    It is going back and front. YH lashed out at her husband at the wake destroying the wreath he brought. Did not understand the conversation since it was not subbed. In ep 53 she fought to keep her child but gave up again. It appears HY is still trying to wipe out yH as JH mother even as the child rejects her. Can someone who understand Korea tell us what is happening. IYH now have ond death to her credit. Her actions claimed YH’s mother. She has joined the murderer league, so cannot claim innocence anymore. I wonder when her down fall shall commence. Hope not in two episodes before the end like Rubi Ring.

  65. 65 : morally Says:

    I will be so happy to see HY suffer 100 time more than YH. Just curious how the writer will show us how to punish this bit**, She is the cause of YH’s mother death, it seem like she’s going to find out soon. The death of her brother has nothing to do with YH and she will not accept it, it was an accident (YH’s father fault) she just wanted to hurt YH, I can’t wait to see her down fall, it coming soon.

  66. 66 : mlou Says:

    So here’s where we are… the ex boyfriend of HY is working in her building as a security person. He is now blackmailing her for money since he wants to know what happened to their baby, and she’s not talking. Since BG’s mother has already sent YH packing when it was revealed that she had a boyfriend and baby prior to marrying BG, HY knows that she will also get the boot. I can’t imaging what desperate measure HY will resort to in order to keep the ex quiet. How far will she go? Her wicked world is slowly closing in on her.

  67. 67 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    In episode, HY revealed that she is the actual mother of the child. How will she prove it? She even tell BG about this also. At the end of the ep, the child fainted. Maybe the child will require blood for transmission. So this is where HY will comes in. Or maybe she is not the actual mother after all as what she thinks. Maybe her friend doctor plays her out and did not help her at all. Why can’t she get the child hair to do DNA first.

    A handsome man who is suppose to be a policeman (or maybe not) appear, and he seems to be interested in YH. Who is he actually?. Does anybody know?.

  68. 68 : maja Says:

    are yun hee and sung bin a couple or seems like they will be a couple? i am interested in their side of this drama … if they will become a couple i will watch this …

  69. 69 : nona Says:

    it seems like subin is very much inlove with yh. he will go to the end of the globe for her. even when her sister is inlove with subin, yet, subin will jump for life whenever uh is in distress. that is such a crazy kind of love. hope he wins out in the end but I doubt it knowing these Korean filmmakers will not do what our hearts wants us to happen. anyways, so my dear maya, you have to wait for a miracle to happen if by the end of this drams, subin and yh will end up together so, don’t give up okay. just grit your teeth like I do and hope for the best.

  70. 70 : nona Says:

    all in all, I just hope grace lee will get snapped off the face of the town she’s in by her x-boyfriend. now, she will get the taste of her own vile medicine and let yh laugh her head off all the way to grace’lee’s mother’s house and slap her face too and her daughter’s evilness to oblivion. I just don’t get how this show is one-sided evilness all the way for too long. I’ts maddening and downright unfair, unjust, and unbelievable. it’s ridiculous for evil to win out in every single episode without compensation for the good. frustrating and abusive. please, where’s the balance in this show of madness. are we gonna be just like ruby ring where evil still comes back after all the evilness was done to destroy a whole town of good people. So, disgusting.

  71. 71 : morally Says:

    @nona, I don’t think Subin will end up with Yh, she doesn’t love him as a man, beside Subin is an idiot, weak no brain, if he is good Yh’s family will not end up like this, he is the one who knew the truth about HY’s revenge and he decided to hide this and just tried to warn HY not to do this but he should know better that she not going to listen to him. He thought that is the reason to protect Yh’s past, so he believe that the secret will be hidden forever. ( I DISLIKE KDRAMAS REGARDING ALL SECRET) Every Kdrmas, consisting of secret, cover-up that how that create story’s plots, if that not true, please bring out one kdrama that have no secret.

  72. 72 : mlou Says:

    In addition, please give us ONE female who lets it fly when they are slapped! I want to see one good smack in the chops to all these people that feel free to slap someone. What weak female doesn’t know how to get out of a wrist/arm grab by twisting their arm? Come on, girls, get tough!

  73. 73 : nyang Says:

    I like this drama and i like hwayoung and i want to ask when sora know that yunhee is her real mother

  74. 74 : Rose Says:

    Jo Wang – I agree w/everything you said. Supposedly these are smart and educated, but yet Grace Lee walked right over them and they just let her.

    And how stupid is Bk and his mother to let Grace Lee walk in to their house w/her baggage and let her stay there, plus even sleep in the same bed that BK did with YH. Like how unreal is this story????!!!!

    I missed some of the episodes. Doesn’t BK now that his darling HY was fooling around w/his father-in-law, while she was sleeping w/him??? Doesn’t he even care? YH’s father ruined his life, his wife’s life and lost his company over HY. And only his wife was the one upset about this and she gets a brain aneurism! Doesn’t HY’s sister know after HY found the photo of her dad and HY? Isn’t YH mad at her dad for the whole darn mess he created for their family??

    And why would BK’s mother believe HY when she told her that YH had a daughter w/out asking HY how she knows, and furthermore, checking it out herself. Like these people are so gullible – they all just believe every word HY says.

    And BK doesn’t say anything to HY when his son said that she hit him. He just stands there like some jerk from outer space.

    I hope YH ends up falling in love w/Sung Bin, and they get YH’s son and they live happily ever after.

    They need to shorten the episodes – while the premise may be OK, some of it is unbelievable.

  75. 75 : morally Says:

    @Rose.. Please don’t hope that YH end up with Sung bin, he is not smart and stupid, he is not good for her, he didn’t do anything just comforted her.
    He knew HY tried to ruin YH but doing nothing to stop her, YH should be with the layer who tried to help her.

  76. 76 : maggie Says:

    that’s why I like can we love? story line was short and the actors/actress did a great job making the drama move fast. This director as well as production staff and esp the writer needs a life. smh…honestly…the writer is not creative enough he/she makes the drama so dull and downright boring.

  77. 77 : Rose Says:

    Morally — I have not seen all the episodes. I watched a few at the beginning and then somehow watched the show now and then. The show was on in the morning and then rerun at 3:00 am. Recently they are now showing it in place of Ruby’s Ring so I started watching it daily. Today Ep 52 aired where I live.

    I don’t know what happened w/HY and the dr Re; Surrogate. What did HY ask her friend the dr to do???

    I thought from what I saw the SB was somewhat interested in YH as he seemed to be around her when things were not good w/YH. I didn’t know the he knew Grace Lee was causing trouble for shafting YH’s dad.

    Does HY and SB know each other from when they were young?

    I did wonder why SB didn’t remove the flowers Grace Lee sent to YH’s dad’s wake. But then that spurred YH on even more when she saw them after yelling at her goofy husband. Go Girl – I was happy she finally let her emotions out.

    Yh’s sister likes SB and so does BK’s sister – correct? Does SB like either one of them??

    I also hope that this does not end like Ruby’s Ring. I was so disgusted w/the ending. Insu knowing what she was like still wanted Ruby’s sister=in-law to keep a eye on her. Like why would she even do that when she fooled her brother and her entire family.

  78. 78 : fight Says:

    Baek Yun Hee please revenge !!! fighting!!! i dont want Baek Yun Hee cries because of the people that lies her…the truth must reveal keep fighting ..

  79. 79 : cheos Says:

    Rose Korean Drama can we love? Ruby’s Ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmm…. Its
    뻐꾸기 둥지 / Cuckoo Nest !!!!!!! No more saying the other K-Drama ..

  80. 80 : rian Says:

    ai hindi online!!!

  81. 81 : morally Says:

    Subin is the HY’s brother friend, they were friend in college and friend with YH, Subin’s in love with YH but she in love with HY’s brother, so Subin knew everything about their relationship very well and he knew that HY wanted to get revenge b/c she thought that YH killed her brother. She just don’t listen and blame YH for her brother death. Subin didn’t do a damn thing and kept the secret about her.
    About the surrogate HY told the dr. which is her friend to switch the eggs from YH to her egg, but we don’t know if he did it or not.
    Yh’s sister and BK’s sister both in love with Subin.
    Finally things start to fall apart when HY’s ex showed up, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Hope she will get her punishment soon.

  82. 82 : Rose Says:

    Thanks for answering my questions Morally – It helped me out.

    So Subin was in love with Yun Hee in college, but not now .

    Jinwoo – the little boy is so good. Poor little boy – he is always crying.

    When BK’s mother said that Yun Hee was traumatizing little Jinwoo — I feel the boy is being traumatized living with Grace Lee and his grandmother. The only one normal in that house is the aunt and the housekeeper.

  83. 83 : Rose Says:

    Where I live Ep 57 just aired.

    HY’s ex-boyfriend and the lawyer helping YH are very good looking. I would assume HY’s ex-boyfriend is waiting to get the story on how she ended up being the CEO.

    YH’s father – I have no idea what to say about him. He was on top of the world – falls for Grace Lee – some men don’t know how good they have it at home and always like when a young girl shows them interest. Instead off trying to get some type of job to help support his 2 daughters, the strong man can’t do anything but get drunk every night.

    I a interested in how the lawyer knows YH’s father. It is interesting that these K-Drama’s somewhat have the same storyline – where one way or the other – they know each other from the past.

    I found it interesting that HY said BK keeps pushing the divorce back, but yet he told YH “the divorce is real.” And that he called his wife – “honey” when he came home and found her there w/Jiwoo after he got hurt.

    The grandmother and BK are not doing a good job in taking care of Jiwoo. The poor boy is under so much stress w/HY living at their house. And BK does not stand up to his mother or HY. He lets them walk right over him.
    The grandmother is so strong willed but can’t get HY to move out of the house. Strange.

    Are all the parents so strong willed in real life????? Most of the K-Drama’s the parents, and sometimes the grandparents rule the children so very much.

    I am still watching A Mother’s Garden and Kijoon’s mother is totally insane w/her screaming everyday at her daughter-in-laws and anyone else she can yell at. At the beginning of the show, Kijoon’s father was always yelling and now he seems to have calmed down. I would not want to live w/my parents yelling and telling me what to do.

    HY is having SB make all the false accounts – I assume to pay her ex-boyfriend? I have no idea what SB has in his mind. If they get caught w/those false accounts, I wonder if HY will put all the blame on SB.

    I don’t think YH’s sister has seen the photos of her father w/Grace Lee.

  84. 84 : reindeer song Says:

    Seriously, I was soo fed up with YH constant crying and not doing anything, why would anyone allow anybody to slap them in their faces or even throw water at them, honey in reality, you slap me you get it back, you water board me back at you, regardless of who you are , you are not my parent, do not cross the line. YH, fathe rdeserves what he is getting, no sympathy. As for the to be ex husband and family let all wait with bated breath to see thier comeuppance. HY will show them trash class, lower brow living. The wimp of a husband, boy is he going to crawl on all fours begging. Men can whore around but women must stay clean for whom? Do you know how many husband has given their wives social deseases? Korean stop portraying women as virgin, why do dramas still advocating such nonsense, virginity has gone out with the DARK AGES, now its a matter of choice. Only stupid American believe oh my girl is a virgin, hello size does matter.

  85. 85 : morally Says:

    One thing about SB’s character, I wonder he really switch side to HY or he’s just pretending so he can find the truth behind YH’s father fall. On these few episodes he didn’t show any concern about YH’s affairs, , may be the writer forgot about him that he used to worry about YH and caused her husband misunderstand… WRITER, please cut down on those scenes about all idiot that make people so sick of it. Anybody here enjoyed them??? Or it just me.

  86. 86 : Rose Says:

    I am wondering about SB also w/regard to HY. When YH told SB that she didn’t want to see him anymore – was it? He seemed to indicate his working for Grace Lee wasn’t what it seemed. But he didn’t continue to tell her anything like I thought he would.

    I agree about BK – every time he see’s YH w/a man – SB and now the lawyer, he starts yelling that she is committing adultery – the idiot – he is the one who is having the affair and lets HY even live in his house. He is an idiot to say the least. He needs to take a stand against his mother and HY and stick with it.

    The young girl living with HY’s mother – who is she? If it was HY’s daughter?? would not the Uncle living there know. He and his girl friend heard HY’s conversation w/her ex-boyfriend talking about a child, and he doesn’t have a clue. So…. where did the little girl come from?

    Where I live in U.S. Episode 58 aired today – 9-8-2014

  87. 87 : mlou Says:

    @Rose… Many of us are pretty sure that little Sora is YH’s child from her relationship with HY’s brother 12 years ago before she married BG. The details have not been revealed as to how she got to HY’s household, but I’m wondering now if SB (friend of YH’s family and her boyfriend’s friend) might have taken her there. HY’s mother got very nervous when she ran into SB recently, and seemed to want to avoid him. YH does not know that’s her daughter, but they have a very compatible relationship like there is something unique between them.

  88. 88 : Steel Says:

    Sora is HY’s daughter not YH. Do some mathematical and logical. Hah. HY and her ex “10 years ago.” YH is pregnant the day HY’s brother dead. Maybe HY gave birth to Sora one year something before the death of the brother.


    Watch here the raw episode. No subtitle. ^^ Thanx guys. I do love much this drama. I fall for TARZAN already ! Yihaaa….

  89. 89 : morally Says:

    @Steel.. If so, why she is so mean to her may be she thought that it is YH’s daughter, very confusing the writer just wanted to play with the viewer. This show would be dead if it’s not for TARZAN, when they will cut down those non-sense characters, so sick of it.

  90. 90 : emma Says:

    As others feel that this drama is full of hatered,revenge,betrayal,so annoying that missing few epidosdes doesn’t matter,because there so many repetition and boring scene…I don’t know how,when or why Sora play the mystery child? I think she’s YH daughter,because from previous episode when sora met YH at the café, YH was thinking that her child might have been same age with Sora, if the child is alive. I hope the writer will not add another annoying or boring scenes. Pleas,HSY don’t let me think that Korean people are “MEAN”, when I know that Koreans are very polite,loving,and most of all respectful to elders.

  91. 91 : Rose Says:

    Does anyone know the real name of Tarzan and Choi Sangdu – HY’s ex-boyfriend? I don’t see their names in the line up.

    There is a Kim Da Hyun – listed last in the name of the characters, but doesn’t give the name of the character he is playing. I have seen this actor in a few drama’s, but can’t place him in this show.

  92. 92 : morally Says:

    This drama w/o Tarzan would be a train wreck, the writer just dragging the story to the point that it’s so boring///////// Shouldn’t they be a little bit more considerate for the viewers BORING BORING BORING TO DEATH.

  93. 93 : morally Says:

    TARZAN’s real name is Hyun woo sung. They are all mix up with the actors’name, it happen in a lot of dramas.

  94. 94 : Rose Says:

    Thanks Morally – Hyun Woo is certainly good looking plus seems to have a nice figure. Not as thin as most of the Korean Actors. I have not seen him in any other show.

    In Episode 61, when YH accidentally found Jinwu was in the hospital, I felt YH should have spoken to Jinwu’s doctor to find out what was wrong with him instead of taking BK’s answer. What Jinwu has is not simple indigestion. He is suffering from all the stress he is under and his dad and grand mother don’t get the picture. They are too selfish and are not considering what is best for Jinwu. I think BK at times feels Jinwu should be with his mother but he doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to his mother who is soooo very strong willed. I an not sure BK even told his mother what Jinwu truly has.

    Why does HY’s mother feel uncomfortable around YH?

  95. 95 : mlou Says:

    HY’s mother feels uncomfortable around YH because (we’re pretty sure) YH is little Sora’s mother, and she doesn’t want Sora to know it.

  96. 96 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Just saw ep 72 and ep 73 preview. Sora seems to know that HY’s mother is not really her mother. BJ’s son is getting more serious now and left the house again getting hurt.

    Tarzan bought a nice dress for YH for the ball/function and met HY and BK at that place. YH slap HY and BK punch Tarzan. YH came to know about BK’s son disease of sleep walking.

    Why K-drama likes to slap people faces and punching as well as pouring water into people faces?. Is it the culture of Korean people?. Or just the writer liking?.

  97. 97 : Daniel Says:

    I am waiting to see how HY has going down and left nothing. She is an evil witch and her appearance and standard are not suitable with CEO too. And I don’t like the cast like torturing the kid, Jinwu. Is it too dramatize to do it?

  98. 98 : Rose Says:

    I agree about the little boy and the stress he is under. He is a good little actor. When HY was yelling at Jinwu in his bedroom, when he was talking to the doll who was his mother, and HY tore it apart, yelling at him, etc. and the Aunt walks in……..when Jinwu wet his path, the aunt should have told BK and the grandmother about that. The actor’s line don’t follow through, they just shut up.

    Plus was not his pants wet when the father picked him up to go to court??????? You would think someone in the cast would think of that.

    How would BK’s lawyer get SB’s phone texts? And how does he know they were texting??? If the lawyer got the texts — it would prove they were not in love or having an affair. Silly plot line.

    Does SB know that HY was leading YH’s dad around by the nose and that is how she got his company??

    YH’s lawyer is coming on strong which is OK, but he should wait until the divorce is over, so he doesn’t make it worse for YH. SB and HY are already accusing them of being involved. He is not thinking for being a lawyer.

  99. 99 : emma Says:

    Attention director KKW and writer HSY, can you please do something pleasant scene in the remaing episodes..I agree with MAGGIE, it is really boring and dull considering the characters are all turns to IDIOTS when they suppose to be intelligent and smart like YH who was a bright and great in school,yet turn timid and weak infront of her mother-in-law. Also it’s true what TAN BEE LIAN observed in kdrama why the writers like to show people being slapped,kick,punched and throw water. I know this is not a Korean culture,yet writers are portraying Koreans as violent,brute and vengeful.Please stop writing this way… I have a feeling that Sora is YH child,how she ended at HY as her sister still need few episodes to reveal the truth…HY secret is to deep yet nonsense as far as I am concern.

  100. 100 : Rose Says:

    Does anyone watch “A Cat’s Meow?” Cute little Jinwu has a little scene in there in one of the episodes. I wish Jinwu would tell his dad and grandmother how mean HY is to him, but I think he is afraid of her now.

    I am going on vacation for a week. Maybe I will miss some of the exciting stuff as some of the story line is starting to open now. Hopefully if anything necessary info comes out I will be able to pick it up with your comments here.

    When YH brought Sora home, I thought HY’s dad had a strange look on his face.

    I wonder if the priest HY brought her son to knows where the boy is and just doesn’t want to tell HY.

    I agree with you Emma. All the K-Drama’s have the same theme of hitting another person, throwing water at them and the major theme is if a person does not have some high ranking CEO in a company, the parents don’t want their children to marry them. In all the dramas there is heavy presence by the parents for their children to marry some one with high paying jobs. I don’t know if that is true in Korea or not?

  101. 101 : emma Says:

    Attention Koreadrama.org.staff, who reads our comment? besides us fans….How about the writer,director and producer, do they care about our comment? We are not critizing this drama for the sake of criticism.We want to coveyed our feelings and concerned specially about family and the Korean Culture,life style, which is being broadcast around the world….giving bad impression about in-laws from rich family..

  102. 102 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    @101 emma. Totally agree with you. Not just korean culture, life style especially the slapping, punching and throwing water at one another but not delaying the series by making one so stupid especially BG. In fact, can speed up the show faster and not making the show up to 100 episodes.

  103. 103 : sheli Says:

    long episodes.haizzz.

  104. 104 : Steel Says:

    Episode 75, the downfall of HY is started.

  105. 105 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Yes, the downfall of HY has started. Even the guy helping her to cheat JH’s father is in jail. YH visited this guy in jail but do not understand what they converse about. Can anyone translate for us?.

    Nowadays, the raw episodes is very slow in releasing out. Now it is only Episode 76 Raw. KBS is showing Episode 72 with english subtitles already.

    Why like this?. Do anybody know?.

  106. 106 : mlou Says:

    The schedule has been changed because of the Asian Games taking place yet for another week. Episodes 77 (Monday), 78 (Tues.) and 79 (Fri.) will air, and in America episodes 72 -74 (M-Tu–Wed.) with subtitles are scheduled to air. Back to normal next week– we hope!

  107. 107 : ATP Says:

    Does anyone know the link to watch this drama online?
    I accidentally watched this drama this morning and found this series quite interesting. I can’t wait to watched next episodes, the last episode aired is ep 73, btw..
    So if any of you know the link, please share the link..
    Thanks before..:)

  108. 108 : mlou Says:

    ATP… you can watch the subbed versions on the KBS World website (or Youtube). The raw versions are on http://www.joovideo.net, but are in Korean (if you use Google it will translate). You can at least guess what is happening until the subbed comes out.

  109. 109 : ATP Says:

    Thank you for your information mlou… 🙂

  110. 110 : Bea Says:

    I usually watch the raw episodes. Can you please tell me how I can use Google to translate it. It will be very helpful THANK YOU!!!!

  111. 111 : mlou Says:

    Google only translates the web page, not the video. You’ll have to wait for the subbed versions on Youtube or the KBS World website.

  112. 112 : Bea Says:


  113. 113 : bea Says:

    Are there any other ways to view Two mothers?

  114. 114 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    @mlou. Thanks a lot for the info on the release of the episodes.

    Now it is already episode 78 raw and still no sign of YH finding out that her child with HY’s brother is still alive. Also no sign of HY telling everybody that she has changed to her egg with BG. Or who is the actual parents for the surrogate child.

    Hoping that this drama does not stretch more than 100 episodes. Please writer:- please speed up the episodes and not delaying us viewers. This is very disturbing to us.

  115. 115 : Rose Says:

    mlou I live in America – and did not see Episode 75 and I guess 76 won’t be aired either due to the Asian Games.

    Do you know if Episodes 75 and 76 will be aired in America next week??

    If not, I just have to miss them if I can’t find a website that has English subtitles.

    At the company YH’s dad owned, who is doing the restructuring that HY’s boyfriend got fired??? He is good looking.

  116. 116 : mlou Says:

    kbsworld.kbs.co.kr is the website with English subtitles. That’s as far as we’ve had in America, so maybe next week will be back to normal with episodes 75 onward. Let’s hope!

  117. 117 : mlou Says:

    Here’s the update on episodes coming up. Episodes 75 and 76 (subbed) will air on M-Tu, and the raw episodes 80-84 will air M-Fri.

  118. 118 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Just saw ep 79 raw. Now HY is taking legal action for custody of the little boy against YH. YH approached BG who knows nothing head to tail about the court action.

    But did not know when HY’s uncle had the one night stand with BG’s aunt who is now pregnant. Can anybody give the hint which episode this happened?. I must have missed this.

    But when would YH to discover her real child is still alive?.

  119. 119 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    The writer of this drama lacks creative imagination.So much powers given to HW. Is she the only character with Brain in this drama? The script is so unbalanced

  120. 120 : Rose Says:

    Thanks mlou – I did see Ep. 75 today at the regular time.

    SB is worthless – he doesn’t take a stand at all against HY. How many times did his mother tell her to get out of their house and HY never left. Then his mother said she felt sorry for HY and was going to let her stay a few more days. The mother is crazy. I can’t believe they allowed HY to push her way into their house, much less even sleep with SB in the same room YH slept in with him. What a crazy story. SB needs to get a grip and start waking up to what is going on with his child and the crazy HY. Someone needs to stop HY once and for all.

  121. 121 : mlou Says:

    @Rose… You mean BG, not SB. SB is the friend of the family who still works for HY and knows about her secret accounts, so hopefully something will be exposed soon about her illegal activities. But you’re right about BG… what a weakling.

  122. 122 : morally Says:

    On today episode HY probably told her mother about switching her egg, she just dig her own grave, that is illegal, she will definitely end up in jail, so many charges EMBEZZLE, hope this bit** rot in jail. This drama got more interest from audiences, that lawyer has a lot to do with it.

  123. 123 : Rose Says:

    mlou – thanks, I get all their initials mixed up.

    Episode 76 was just aired today where I live.

    When HY asked YH’s sister “how Jinwu was doing,” at work, what did YH’s sister mean when she said, “he was find thanks to you.” What did HY do for receive thanks??

    HY has said all along since the divorce that she was going to get Jinwu back and she might succeed if she gets the right lawyer. Maybe then they might have to prove who is the real mother and HY and YH may have to take blood tests to prove who is the mother. Maybe the truth will come out then. But if it comes to going to court again, YH’s lawyer should come up with taking a blood test to prove identity.

    Whose side is SB on? He told HY that the John guy was in jail. Why didn’t he just let her find out on her own and then he invites her to have lunch with him and the staff.

    BG was not a good father while he was pursuing HY, spending nights with her, not coming home to be with his son, tuck him into bed, etc. He didn’t even take care of him when HY was living with him in the grand house of theirs. Now the mother wants to use YH just so she can have Jinwu back. She needs to get a iife. Let HY marry BG and they can have all the children she wants, and let YH keep Jinwu. The grandmother, BG and HY all deserve each other.

  124. 124 : mlou Says:

    Rose.. . I think the sister was just being snarky when she said, “thanks to you”, because it was HY’s last crazy move in grabbing little JW that gave custody to YH.

    HY has reason to be nervous about John in prison. That’s who she was funneling money to with her slush funds to buy shares in YH’s dad’s company to make him lose the company. So far, John is not talking. But when YH and lawyer showed up with the damning tape that the ex boyfriend taped (HY’s voice), he’s visibly shaken, but not yet giving in. He’d better start singing like a bird and spilling his guts in order to lighten his prison sentence.

    On a scheduling note, episodes 77-79 will be next M-W (subbed versions).

  125. 125 : Rose Says:

    I did not see Episode 77 today – how did YH and the lawyer get the tape – from the ex-boyfriend?

    When was the ex-boyfriend taping HY? In the company HY runs where he is a security guard?

  126. 126 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Just saw ep 83 raw. Yet another throwing water at each other. This time again YH threw water at HY because of the court case HY brought up for custody of the little boy. BG’s aunt pregnancy is now revealed to all including HY’s mother.

    Why didn’t HY let YH know that her child with her brother is still alive. Maybe that will make YH busy searching for her very own child instead of just focusing on the little boy for custody.

    What is actually recorded in the tape that the ex-boyfriend of HY which he has given to YH and the lawyer?. Does anyone know?.

  127. 127 : Rose Says:

    Did anyone watch A Mother’s Garden on MBC? This story reminds of that story somewhat. The young son’s wife can have children, and the mother is go crazy feeling sorry for your son that he won’t have a son, etc. Her first thought is to get rid of the daughter-in-law, now she is wants to get a surrogate. The son is 100% against it. The older son is engaged and his mother is making his fiancé’ have tests to make sure she can have children!!! I am assuming if the finance’ can’t have children she is out the door.

    BK’s mother is the same. Didn’t divorce come up also with YH and BK? BK’s mother thought she chose a really nice girl (HY) for the surrogate and was so pleased with HY and herself, but in the end, the person she chose turned the life into a living nightmare with the help of BK.

    So…..what do they keep pre-empting this show to show other programs?? This Monday and Tuesday, they re-ran the show from the morning at 5:00 p.m., and then Wednesday they had something else on. I have trouble keeping up with their schedules. The last show I saw was Ep 76. Geez…..

    I don’t know anything about what is recorded on the tape HY’s ex-boyfriend gave them as I didn’t see that episode either.

    Sora is YH’s daughter and I think HY kind of alluded to YH several episodes back when YH went to their house to take back Jinwu after the court case about her child not being dead or something like that. But YH didn’t ask her any questions, she just looked at her. YH raised Jinwu so I can see her fighting to keep him. Plus Jinwu would rather be with YH compared to HY.

  128. 128 : Steel Says:

    Just watched the raw episode 84.. Haha Haiyaaa…whatta drama.. better just end it. Really wasting time for 30 minutes ..Just put the end..Haha

  129. 129 : Emma Says:

    Hi,Tan Bee Lian & Malou…so far through your input I can figure out what’s happening with our so,so drama!!! rigt now I am in the philippines,and they don’t show two mothers only old korean drama with local language..I’m here at the cafe just to get update from you guys…anyway I guess I did’nt missed much.
    Malou,do you know how I can connect to kbs from cafe internet? Thanks,I”ll watch your respond to my request.

  130. 130 : G uy Says:

    “Two Mothers” will end on “Ep 104” (last episode)(no subtitles) on “Nov 7” in Korea.
    New KBS Daily WeekDay Drama “Sweet Secrets” will broadcast “Ep 1” (no subtitles)* in Korea on “Nov 10”.

  131. 131 : G uy Says:

    “Why some days, there’s episode broadcast, why some days there’s none?” The delay was due to Incheon Asian Games (Sep 19 – Oct 4). (Asian Games is equivalent to Olympics in 45 Asian nations).
    All TV Stations in Korea, halted some programs to broadcast “live” sports event on their channels.
    As some time is needed to subtitled the dramas, hence the delay.

  132. 132 : G uy Says:

    This week broadcast Mon-Wed (Oct 13-15)(Ep 77-79).
    No broadcast Thurs & Fri.

  133. 133 : G uy Says:

    Next week, KBS YouTube (sub) back to normal.
    Mon-Fri (Oct 20-24)(Ep 80-84).

  134. 134 : G uy Says:

    Raw eps (no sub) in Korea, this week Mon-Fri (Oct 13-17)(Ep 85-89).

  135. 135 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Hi G uy,

    Can you let me know where can I see Ep 87 to Ep 89 raw eps?. I can only see Ep 85-86 raw. Your reply would be greatly appreciated by me. TQ.

  136. 136 : Rose Says:

    G uy – thanks for the info.

    When all is said and done, inadvertently I feel it is YH’s dad that her first boyfriend got killed in the accident on his motor cycle. He would not have been traveling that fast trying to catch her and dad’s car if the father would not have forcibly taken her from his house.

    Also, it is YH’s father’s fault for lying to BK with changing the letter YH wrote telling him the truth about her first boyfriend.

    Than the father gets involved with HY and the tragic part is his wife passing away besides loosing his company.

    And for hiding YH’s child and telling her the baby died.

    Interesting that neither YH nor her sister have any bad feelings against their father for some of these actions.

  137. 137 : mlou Says:

    To all looking for episodes… you should be able to find KBS World if you put it in your search engine (Google, Firefox, IE, etc.) That would take you to their site. Raw episode 88 is up today, and 89 Friday, so that’s the broadcast schedule this week for Korea. You cannot get episodes beyond what they are broadcasting in their regular scheduling. Look back in these posts for the websites.

    Rose… no, YH’s father will be vindicated since the accident was fully investigated and found the boy was accidentally killed when he was hit by a truck. Dad did pull a few boners by hiding the letter, but as far as the baby, I think HY’s mother took it without anybody knowing. He in not without blame for some real foolishness, but his daughters love him and he has paid the price.

  138. 138 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Just saw EP 88 raw. Now it is finally revealed by HY that the little boy is hers. HY also told YH that her actual child with her brother is still alive. YH suspects the girl Sora belongs to her from her relationship with HY’s brother and pay a visit to see her. But when YH asked her father about her child with HY’s brother, the father still says the same thing that is the child has passed away. Maybe later on, the whole thing from giving birth till someone (maybe HY’s mother took the child) takes away the child.

    But do not understand why HY’s child with the limped man still have not surface yet. HY promised him to look for the child but did not keep her promise. Maybe that is why the limped man took the document from HY’s office and gave it to YH and her lawyer to use during the court case.

  139. 139 : G uy Says:

    Latest update on New Drama Broadcast Date after ‘Two Mothers’/’Cuckoo Nest’.

    Previous update dated (Oct 7). Weekly updates on new drama, ‘Love and Secret’/’Sweet Secret’.

    There are 2 new updates:

    Update 1. News dated (Oct 17). Ep 1 of new drama to broadcast on Nov 11. Last episode of ‘Two Mothers’, ‘may now’ end at Ep 105 (Nov 10).

    Update 2. News dated (Oct 14) reported new drama ‘expected’ to commence mid Nov (without giving specific date). Last episode (‘may end at’) Ep 108 on Nov 13.

    Regardless last episode end (Ep 105) or (Ep 108) on (Nov 10) or (Nov 13), enjoy the final moment of ‘Two Mothers’.

  140. 140 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Hi G uy,

    Are you the one from forums.soompi comments under X1ang?. Your latest update on two mothers are the same.

    Now finally ep 90, the little boy Jinwu has done the salive swap for the DNA test. Just waiting to see HY face if the little boy is not hers. But who does Sora belongs to?. Why korean dramas got some many uncertainity of who is the real parents for the child?.

  141. 141 : morally Says:

    @ tan bee lian.. I wonder if the society of Korean’s morality is reflected in those Kdramas, other wise there are so many dramas portrayed this kind of stories, what do you think??? I am curious.

  142. 142 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    @morally….I think it is the writer of this Kdrama that is making us think it is the society of Korean’s morality of uncertainty of who is the real parents for the child. Not so many other dramas that portrayed this kind of stories.

    Yes, just saw ep 91. Finally Jinwu is finally YH’s child with BG. The doctor did not change HY’s egg at all. HY was so sure of herself that the boy is hers that she even gets the doctor to testify in court. What a shock she got when the judge read out the DNA result and when the doctor confirm that he did not change HY’s egg as instructed by HY.

    HY’s mom discussion with the boyfriend which after that left the boyfriend to believe that Sora is his child with HY. He took the straw that Sora drank and maybe went for the DNA test.

    With the conclusion of Jinwu being YH’s son, would the boy still be staying with YH with visitation rights to BG?. Why can’t BG file for custody of the little boy now with HY out of the picture now?. And moreover BG’s house got maid and grandma to take care of.

    So finally it is true that the YH’s child with HY’s brother is dead after birth. Isn’t it?. But why YH’s father is shocked to say anything when YH asked him about the child of hers with HY’s brother.

  143. 143 : Steel Says:

    Like Ive said before, Sora might be HY and CSD child. With few mathematical and logical, she has the chance.

    And finally, the truth is almost full revealed. I’m so happy and cried watching episode 91. Touching so much..little Jinwu is really YH’s son.

    I think HY will managed to kidnap Jinwu though in episode 92, she failed in attempt. But I remember the watch that SB gave to Jinwu as birthday present in past episode, it could be one of the most importance thing to make the story line more dramatic.

    Who knows the writer will plot story where through the watch, YH will be able to track her lost son. I don’t believe the writer will make HY stop just like that, after all.

    But in the end, for sure..happy ending ..no worry.. We still need to bite our own tongue for little longer…Hahaha Last episode, lets laugh together in this space.

    Chayok ! ^^

  144. 144 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Just watched ep 93 and preview 94. In ep 93, BG told YH about John Wilson and together with the lawyer, YH went to discover who is the real person who bought the shares. They also found many photos of HY and John Wilson together lovingly. During the board meeting, YH barged into the room and show proof about the slush fund and the shareholders of the company including the house in Hawaii. HY was dumbfounded and in the preview HY try to jump into the Hans River. YH’s lawyer took a hair from Sora to do DNA test. The ex shown up and approach Sora. He now know who is the real partents for Sora.

    Cannot wait for the next episode to see whether HY did jump into the Hans River. It will also solve the real parents for Sora.

  145. 145 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Hy did not jump into the Han River as she thinks she still got a revenge to go on and has not lost everything yet. In Ep 94 Hy’ex got the DNA result to show it is his daughter. But HY claims it is not and Sora is BG’s daughter. But when the ex came out with the DNA result, MG went in to get his. Maybe Sora is YH’s daughter after all. There were two girls together that of the same age when the ex got the drink straw for the DNA test. Maybe the other girl is his.

    With all this latest happenings, the drama would definitely go on.

  146. 146 : Rose Says:

    Tan Bee — Why can’t Jinwu live with his mother and grandfather? I thought when YH and BK got divorced, was it part of the divorce proceedings that Jinwu would live with YH and BK allowed visitation rights? Jinwu might be better off with his motherl While I am sure BK would like to have YH and Jinwu back, I think he feels Jinwu should be with his YH.

    He screwed himself royally falling for HY. Well as HY said “she made his company better than it was.” That’s his consolation prize. His mother will get him on the date list soon no doubt.

    Poor little Jinwu, he doesn’t really understand everything that happened between his parents and just wants them all to be back together again.

  147. 147 : morally Says:

    I can see that a lot of people left this drama b/c of the crazy story line. The writer need to have her brain checked or admit to mental ward

  148. 148 : Nina Says:

    I stopped watching because YH was so pathetic. I hope the writer has given her a backbone now. Reading recaps and forums since I want to know the ending. Watching it would be just too annoying.

  149. 149 : morally Says:

    You thing it is make sense that HW lied about Sora is BK’s daughter, the writer just are crazy as HW. That why I’ve quit this drama. The writer took it very lightly about how viewers felt, when the story is so mess up, we just can’t sit down and watching, some one should wake her up and tell her to check her brain.

  150. 150 : reindeer song Says:

    Thanks all for staying with this drama and the updates. I gave up on the drama back in August, I was becoming cuckoo with the direction the storyline was going or not going. This drama reminds me of Everything Kimchi what a headache. Nonetheless, thank a bunch all.

  151. 151 : reindeer song Says:

    ****Thanks all for staying with this drama and the updates. I gave up on the drama back in August, I was becoming cuckoo with the direction the storyline was going or not going. This drama reminds me of Everything Kimchi what a headache. Nonetheless, thank a bunch all.

  152. 152 : Rose Says:

    I love the way BK’s mother blames everyone else for all that has happened in their family.

    It is OK to adopt or a child or have a surrogate, but BK’s mother just chose the wrong person as the surrogate.

    And is certainly is no YH’s fault that BK went crazy over HY and couldn’t give her up until everything came down on his head.

    I don’t know how Jinwu would have survived with HY if she would have really been his mother. OMG – Thank God she is not. Didn’t HY see how scared he was when she approached him?

  153. 153 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Just saw ep 100 raw. Finally it has revealed that Sora is HY’s ex-boyfriend. The ex donated blood to Sora in the hospital. But HY still blames her mother for keeping the secret of Sora from her. Still do not understand why HY told the ex-boyfriend that it was a son and now turn out to be a daughter. What is the writer thinks who we are? Are we idiot or the writer is such an idiot to switch the story?. We have such a stupid writer for this drama.

  154. 154 : morally Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, this writer need to have her head check up, I mean it, the story is so absurd that this made the kdramas a bad name. Just remember next time avoid this writer. One thing bad about daily drama, they just drag………with all nonsense stuff to make it to 100 episodes.

  155. 155 : Tan Bee Lian Says:

    Did you all notice that this drama is going to end at Episode 102 instead of 104 which was earlier broadcasted?. EP 101 raw show that HY drive her car into the Han River. She commit suicide with the police now looking for her and her ex-boyfriend got the recording of her saying she killed him. Her ex also passed the recording to YH. Sora took a selfie of herself with her father on her father’s h/phone. This writer is ending the drama with HY dead. He must not know how to end the drama with all the earlier confusion. Do not see anymore drama written by this writer in the future.

  156. 156 : Jenny Says:

    Why did that dummy save Hwa Yeong? I would have let her azz drown. After all the crap HY did in this drama and in the end she barely got a slap on the wrist SMH. I’m never watching another drama by this writer….she wrote Ruby Ring too and that was a horrid mess also. The writers, producers, and KBS should be apologizing to the viewers. I want back the 60+ hours of my life I wasted watching this!

  157. 157 : reindeer song Says:

    Hello seeing I am no longer residing in NY, and the Korean channel is not that available her in WV what is coming after Cuckoo’s? What is good to watch? Do any one know where I can find K channels or what to subscribe to?

  158. 158 : Rose Says:

    Reindeer Song — See Post No. 30 — The next drama is “Sweet Dreams.”

    There is a date of when it is to start assuming it was 104 Episodes, but if it ending at 102, then start date will be changing.

  159. 159 : reindeer song Says:

    Thanks Rose! ost 130 gives me Sweet Secrets”

  160. 160 : Cita Morales Says:

    Thanks to all the casts and production staff of two mothers. I enjoyed watching this drama. I appreciate you all and for KBS where I was tuned in. I admire Park Joon Geum (Bae Choo Ja) for an excellent acting performance. She expressed her emotion so well as the situation presented itself. I picked up many good values from that drama, one of which:a loving mother never stop loving her child even if she/he goes wayward. Bae Choo Ja is such mother. More power! More success!

  161. 161 : Rose Says:

    I was very disappointed with how the writer handled Choi Sangdu and Sora’s relationship at the end. He looked for his child for 13 years, then decided not to be a part of her life and just walks away. I felt so bad for both of them. Sora wanted him to admit he was her father, but why could he not??? Stupid move on the writer’s part, actually dam stupid.

    I was surprised how many people HY continued to lie to over and over and over, any BK and his mother believed her lies. And his mother felt their family was above everyone else, and she got taken in by all of HY’s lies, even with Sora. In a way BK was dragging his feet about divorcing YH, but HY forced the issued as she did with everything. She just over ruled him and other people to the point of no return. She was an evil person. And BK’s mother still tried to fix him up with girls at the end, but at least she gracefully backed off.

    I thought HY drove her car into the water also at the end of Ep 101, but in the beginning of Ep 102 she wasn’t in the car in the water. What did she do, back the car out???? Like what the heck is with these writer’s and production crew??? The actor’s didn’t even say anything?

    And when they found Choi after HY hit him with the rock, he had the recorder by his hand on the ground. Did not the cops see that and pick it up???? If he was holding it or if it was on the ground by his hand when they transported him to the hospital someone should have seen it. Stupid. On second thought if they did find it, they may have just kept it with his belonging’s not knowing what was on there. Choi must have let YH copy it onto her phone though

    Even though Choi Sangdu told HY’s mother he was looking for his child and he didn’t walk out on HY, she didn’t believe him either and had no use for him even at the end when he gave her that money. HY’s mother had difficult life. Thank God she raised Sora. She was such a sweet girl.

    HY should have been in prison for a very long time.

    Oh well, enjoyed reading all the comments posted. And Tarzan is one good looking man.

  162. 162 : Rose Says:

    Tarzan — Hyun Woo-Sung is in the new drama Stormy Woman. It is going to be run after Everything Kimichi. Or maybe it is airing already. I don’t know if EK finished already.

  163. 163 : Rose Says:

    Starting Thursday November 20 in Two Mothers time slot is

    Love and Secret/Sweet Secret

    100 Plus Episodes === another long one

  164. 164 : Rose Says:

    I know no one is checking this website any more – but I don’t know where else to put this , but Tarzan — Hyun Woo Sung — is in a new drama Mon – Fri – MBC at 7:20
    “Stormy Weather.” Started November 3.

  165. 165 : Bisola Says:

    Seriously! I dnt get u guys problem…coz sighting ur comment mks me critized the movie at first buh thinkin of hw i respected korean movie mks me watch it nd i find it rili interesting…so jst tell me ur problems mayb i may b of help…as if u all cn stand in front of cameras..dumbass! Beefers neva last longer get dat straight 2 ur head

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