Title: 강력반 / Kangryukban / Crime Squad
Chinese Title : 强力班 / 重案组
Also known as: Homicide / Detectives in Trouble
Genre: Action, crime, police
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Mar-07 to 2011-Apr-26
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama focuses on a group of detectives in the Seoul Gangnam Police Homicide Division who solve crimes based on real life cases with their variety of skills and investigative methods. At the forefront of the team is the impulsive and hotheaded detective Park Se Hyuk and the cold, commanding police chief, Jung Il Do. Park Se Hyuk’s passion for his work and rough personality results in a tendency to take action first before thinking later, in contrast with Jung Il Do’s by-the-book style. However, his greatest weapon is an instinctive knowledge of a criminal’s tricks and mental workings that he gained from his father, the legendary thief, and his own childhood in the streets. Together with the other members of a special team formed to catch Lupin, a notorious burglar, he juggles work with his own personal quest to find his father and confront his older brother, a crooked detective.


Song Il Gook as Park Se Hyuk
Lee Jong Hyuk as Jung Il Do
Song Ji Hyo as Jo Min Joo
Park Sun Young as Heo Eun Young
Jang Hang Sun as Team Leader Kwon Young Sool
Sung Ji Roo as Nam Tae Shik
Sun Woo Sun as Jin Mi Sook
Kim Joon as Shin Dong Jin
Kim Sun Kyung as Im Eun Kyung
Lee Min Woo as Lee Dong Suk
Joo Ho as Choi Tae Soo
Choi Min (최민) as Byun Sang Tae
Jang Nam Yul (장남열) as Ma Jong Pil
Kim Yoo Bin as Park Hae In (Se Hyuk’s daughter)
Park Joon Hyuk as Kang Sung Chul
Kim Yoon Hye (김윤혜) as Lee So Min
Baek Seung Hee as Shin Yoo Mi
Lee El as Yoo Hye Mi
Oh Yong as Reporter Nam
Kim Gyu Chul as Jo Sang Tae
Lee Yeon Joo (이연주) as Seol Hee
Song Shi Yun (송시연) as Park Eun Ah
Oh Ji Yun (오지연) as Oh Eun Joo
Won Jong Rye as Il Do’s mother
Woo Ri as Lee So Min (ep7-8)
Choo So Young as Yoon Sung Hee (cameo)
Hwang Kwang Hee (황광희) as Se Hyuk’s former student (cameo)
??? as Kim Young Tae
Sun Wook Hyun (선욱현)
Seo Kwon Soon

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Jung Hae Ryong
Producer: Yoon Sung Shik (윤성식), Lee Eun Jin (이은진)
Director: Kwon Gye Hong
Screenwriter: Park Sung Jin (박성진), Heo Ji Young (허지영)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-03-07 1 6.7 7.5 (20th)
2011-03-08 2 6.3 (<7.7)
2011-03-14 3 6.9 (<8.4)
2011-03-15 4 7.3 (20th) 8.1 (19th)
2011-03-21 5 6.7 (<8.9)
2011-03-22 6 7.4 (<8.6)
2011-03-28 7 8.1 (19th) 8.8 (17th)
2011-03-29 8 8.6 (16th) 9.7 (14th)
2011-04-04 9 7.7 (20th) 8.1 (19th)
2011-04-05 10 7.8 (17th) 8.5 (13th)
2011-04-11 11 6.7 7.8 (19th)
2011-04-12 12 7.4 8.7 (14th)
2011-04-18 13 7.9 (20th) 9.0 (15th)
2011-04-19 14 8.0 (18th) 8.8 (14th)
2011-04-25 15 6.9 (<8.5)
2011-04-26 16 7.8 7.9 (20th)

Source: TNS Media Korea


Kim Seung Woo was originally cast in the role of Jung Il Do, but dropped out for personal reasons a month before the show’s premiere and was replaced by Lee Jong Hyuk.

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96 Responses to “Crime Squad”

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  1. 76
    Ra Says:

    Hi Tess & OK OK OK … Ha! so it seems that happend what i suggest ! since the bigning and i feel that the character of the leading actress would be a new copy of jin bo bae of AMCG… really thats not engorging me to watch sig’s new drama !!!! BUT I cant do that !!! i cant pass a day without seeing his wonderful performance , in fact im watching KOTW right now and its my first time to watch it as well and amazed by his loving sight !!!

    OK OK OK i have watched AMCG till the end and i recommend u to watch it as there will be a big turn over starting from 13 really epis 13 +14 really adorable..

  2. 77
    OK OK OK Says:

    @ Ra

    I will watch AMCG if i got the mood or run out of other drama…. ^.^
    BTW – what is KOTW that you mentioned? :)

  3. 78
    tess Says:

    OK OK OK

    KOTW is Kingdom of the Winds. It’s a sequel of Jumong. Song Il Kook won an acting award in that drama. That drama has been an entry in the Emmy Awards.

    The ratings in the last two episodes of Crime Squad dropped tremendously. Maybe it’s because the writers made reporter Min Jo tagged along with Detective Park Se again. The ending was not as happy as we expected. Song Ji Hyo knew who his real father was after he was killed. SIK did not reconcile with his wife.

    What can I do? I have been complaining about this drama from the start, foreseeing another clumsy and annoying reporter being paired again with SIK, just like in A Man Called God. I even commented that this drama would break or make him, if it failed. But the writers and directors were insensitive and blind to feel and see the viewers’ sentiments.

  4. 79
    tess Says:






  5. 80
    Ra Says:

    oh tess ! really that disappointing !!! i hope SIG never give up and we will support him again and over again BUT really i thing i would never watch that drama as im sure it would made me lost my mind AS I CANT BEAR A NEW COPY OF JIN BO BAE !!!!!

    OK OK OK really kingdom of the wind is great drama i recommended agin for u dear !

  6. 81
    sun Says:

    After Ji Seong and Song Il-gook fails to succeed in MBC TV “Kim Soo Ro” and “A Man Called God”, they returned with MBC TV “Royal Family” and KBS 2TV “Detectives in Trouble

    Song Il-gook is detective Park Se-hyeok in “Detectives in Trouble”. He is warm and mild but one who can’t stand injustice

    look ;)


  7. 82
    sang1lang Says:

    May 9

    “I Really Hallyu!”
    Documentary by Sandra Aguinaldo

    Back in 2003, the timeless love story of “Johnny” and “Jenny” from Endless Love had taken the Filipino viewers by storm, introducing them to a new genre of soap operas, called Koreanovelas.

    Like a key to Pandora’s Box, Endless Love became a phenomenal hit across Asia opening Korea to the world.

    Less than a decade later, the popularity of Korean Dramas or K-Dramas have expanded to global proportions fueling the “Hallyu” or the love for Korean pop culture.

    Winter Sonata, Full House, Jumong, and recently, Baker King left the Filipino audience love struck with each story, character, and anything Korean. The Koreanovelas with its themes of love, betrayal, and the classic conflict between the rich and the poor prove its universal appeal, steadily drawing fans across the globe.

    Thus, the love affair between Pinoys and Korea .

    This Monday, Sandra Aguinaldo discovers the secrets of “Hallyu” and meets the biggest stars behind unforgettable Koreanovelas.

    Get to know Korean superstars like Song Il Gook of Jumong, Kim Joon of Korea ’s F-4, and Yu Gin and Joo Won of Baker King. Experience bread-making on the set of Baker King and take a peek at Jeju Island for its numerous picturesque film locations.

    Don’t miss the ride. The ultimate Korean Wave is here exclusively on I-Witness, May 9, 11:30pm after Saksi.

  8. 83
    Canary Says:


    Kazakhstan marks ‘Year of Korea 2011′ with events


  9. 84
    wilma Says:

    hay….here i come again……..i missed watching korean series…….well all i can say is…i like the cast,i think the story is kinda special….

    Still Good

    aja aja fighting…

  10. 85
    sun Says:

    Hi :)


  11. 86
    Canary Says:

    News of Song Il Gook’s career? New projects? Given that Asian cinema is well underway, and being appreciated more and more and more all over the world, now is the time for entry into the international zone, America or Europe., Asia .. What Song Il Gook will choose a team together? .. I’m glad I left before the final in Canada to see and hear updates about SIG . I think that the administrator of this site has already made the fans watching and waiting

  12. 87
    LoLo Says:

    my favorit asian actor ^^… ;)

  13. 88
    Drama Addict Says:

    It have nice story line and good actors. But, it have the dead scenes and the continuous murderers repeatedly so that it made some scenes are boring and too seriously. However, it still be worth for watching.
    I’m fan of Song Il Gook, Lee Jong Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo. They have excellent acting !! Looking forward to see them in next drama/project.
    Dear Song Ji Hyo, you will be very very pretty in long hair, please return to long hair. However, i still love you, Song Ji Hyo flighting !!….from drama addict from Thailand.

  14. 89
    zahrasong Says:

    IL♥ve S♥ng^^

  15. 90
    SUN Says:


  16. 91
    Canary Says:


  17. 92
    LoLo Says:

    Miss you :)

  18. 93
    only4u2 Says:

    I loved SIG with Song Ji-hyo in Jumong and am thrilled to see them together again in Crime Squad. SIG & HJH: much love and great
    respect for you two!

  19. 94
    negar Says:

    this movie was owsome ,…loved it specially its story…

  20. 95
    kingkin.. Says:

    i like kim joon..he is handsome..


  21. 96
    Aysha Says:

    I lyk song ii gook.pls is he a muslim or christian?i love him very much. I love watching his movie

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