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Crazy Love

Title: 미친사랑 / Crazy Love
Chinese Title: 瘋狂愛情
Also Known as: Madly Love
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 100
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2013-April-08 yo 2013-Sep-17
Air time: Monday to Thursday 09:45 (also aired on friday after 22/July/2013)


This drama tells the story of a woman who meets the love of her life at the most desperate time.

Having been brought up in an orphanage, Yoon Mi So (Park Sun Young) marries the son of a rich family, Lee Min Jae (Heo Tae Hee) when he falls head over heels for her but in the end she gets abandoned. She was betrayed by her husband and later meets the love of her life at this lowest point of her life.


Main Cast

Park Sun Young as Yoon Mi So / Eun Joo
Go Se Won as Seo Kyung Soo
Heo Tae Hee as Lee Min Jae
Kim Yeon Joo as Han Na young

Supporting Cast

Yoo Hye Ri as Heo Myung Ja
Choi Dae Hoon as Baek Jae Hyuk
Kim Hae In as Oh Hae Ryung
Lee Hee Do as Oh Tae San
Kim Young Ran as Go Yoo Jung
Maeng Sang Hoon as Yoon Moon Do
Kang Seo Joon as Yoon Chan Ki
Jang Yoon Seo as Kim Jong Hee
Lee Chae Mi as Lee Hae Ram (Mi So’s daughter)
Oh Mi Hee as Jo Na Hyun
Choi Joon Yong as Seo Kyung Min
Choi Min as Robert Jung
Min Joon Hyun

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Chan Ho
Producers: Lee Min Jin, Jo Na Hyun
Director: Lee Chang Han
Screenwriter: Jang Soo Won, Jun Bo Kyung


Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Goo Na-ri Says:

    Hmmmm .. This one’s interesting ..

  2. 2 : KKT Says:

    Oh, i wanna see this drama so eagerly.

  3. 3 : juyi Says:

    Park Sun Young’s new dram. Look forward to watching it

  4. 4 : agasshiseben Says:

    hope there will be kind soul to sub this drama

  5. 5 : ance Says:

    TVN w/ 100+ episodes? ohhhh…looks interesting, i’ll check this one out but i’m not really sure with 100+ episodes…

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    Hope this is a kind warming drama, writer will not torture viewers…

    Looks scary with 100+ episodes ???

  7. 7 : NewKDramaAddict Says:

    If this is a daily, the ep will only be 35 min long so I guess that equals 50 episodes really. It replaces Glass Mask which is a daily.

  8. 8 : NN Says:

    Go Se Won’s new series…wow…love it…

  9. 9 : MMT Says:

    Go Se Won’s new series…wow…i like him very much ’cause he is so handsome…

  10. 10 : who killed the one he loved Says:

    nice but long

  11. 11 : who killed the one he loved Says:

    get out of her son

  12. 12 : mml Says:

    Will watch this romance drama but if is sad ending then cannot watch, if is a happy ending then i will definitely like to watch…..

  13. 13 : hyun byung Says:

    love it

  14. 14 : sangjhoon Says:

    i like this actress & wld luv to watch her in this drama! can’t wait i hope someone uploads this w/eng subs soon!

  15. 15 : mml Says:

    It’s mml again, the chinese lady who always like to watch interesting Korea Drama.

    Actually, i’m scare to watch melodrama, because melodrama usually very sad. But, Crazy Love this drama is a romance and melodrama. Therefore, i have decided and started watching it.
    Hoping, that it is a romance and with a good ending drama.

    I have finished watching episode 1 to 3

    Episode 1.
    was about Park Sun Young married to a family whereby her mother in law doesn’t like her in every aspect.
    Her mother in law also got angry with her that she was unable to give birth to a boy.
    Her mother in law was planning to find a woman to replace Park Sun Young for the seek of helping, to give birth a boy so that she can have grandson.

    Episode 2,
    I think their love destiny will start to begin, when Go Se Won met Park Sun Young at the orphanage.

    Episode 3,
    Park Sun Young was shocked to see and witness her husband got an affair with another woman.
    By chance and coincidentally Park Sun Young met Go Se Won again ,when she was walking towards home.
    Why Park Sun Young her mother in law so wicked forced her to divorce ?
    Her evil mother slap her face and chase her out of the house.
    Park Sun Young so pitiful……..

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 4

  16. 16 : mml Says:

    Episode 3, her evil mother in law chased her out of the house isn’t the same as a hundred year’s inheritance this drama at episode 8 , Eugene was also being chased out of the house by her mother in law.

    I think all mother in law gives me a bad impression, maybe they are evil and bad……

  17. 17 : thinzar Says:

    Where do u watch this?

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    @17 thinzar,
    from a china website, this is a an interesting drama……

  19. 19 : mml Says:

    Episode 4,
    why Go Se Won admiring the two oranges that Park Sun Young gave it to him ?
    Go Se Won got a crazy wife, although she looks pretty, but her behaviour frightens me.
    His wife, a little like mad crazy dog whenever she gets angry.
    Park Sun Young, her father owed loanshark a lot of money, this resulted Park Sun Young, her marriage life was also greatly affected.
    In view of the debt, her husband got very angry with her.

    Episode 5,
    Park Sun Young after receiving so much sufferings, she suddenly remembered that Go Se Won working as a lawyer, the loanshark problem brought her to undue stress, but,at least she was smart enough to approach him for help.
    Surprised, that Go Se Won spent his time in doing a case study and engrossed in paying attention in putting efforts to help her.

  20. 20 : cc Says:


    Thanks for sharing the story

  21. 21 : mml Says:

    瘋狂的愛情一部好看的TVN 韩剧,希望大家支持瘋狂的愛情。

    我表示期待,希望Park Sun Young 展开复仇
    和 Go Se Won 展开幸福…..

    Park Sun Young 和 Go Se Won 一定要幸福给大家看。


  22. 22 : mml Says:

    瘋狂的愛情一部好看的TVN 韩剧,
    希望 Park Sun Young 展开自己的复仇
    和 Go Se Won 展开幸福。
    Park Sun Young 和 Go Se Won 一定要幸福给大家看。


  23. 23 : mml Says:

    Episode 6,
    Park Sun Young’s mother in law shouted and screamed to her and demanded her to leave the place.
    Her mother in law lost her jewellery as the loanshark took it, but, she accused Park Sun Young stole it.
    After the serious quarrel, her mother in law fainted in her office.

    Go Se Won investigated the case and he then realised that he was partially at fault, he became guilty of his professional in negligence.
    He began to try ways to solve the problem amicably.

    Park Sun Young’s mother in law was admitted to the hospital.
    When her mother in law woke up, she told her son that her daughter in law stole her jewellery, making her son ,misunderstood his wife.
    He thought his wife was a thief, thus leading Park Sun Young overwhelmed by sorrow, that she was treated in this unfair manner.

    When Go Se Won was eating dinner with his family members, he heard his mother in law gossip about Park Sun Young’s
    sufferings, he began to worry and also began to sympathize her very much.

    Go Se Won was able to get back all the confiscated jewellery, he began to understand Park Sun Young better ,after hearing his staff’s explainations.

    The lady that seduced and had affair with Park Sun Young’s husband went to the house to harrass and bully Park Sun Young.
    She got tortured by the bitch lady and even slap Park Sun
    Young and after bullying her, she walked out from the house.

    Park Sun Young later on went to the hospital to visit her mother in law, but she was being chased out by her mother in law.

    Go Se Won accidentally saw and witness Park Sun Young was scolded by her husband.
    His mystery face looked as if he was interested in her or to sympathize her.

    Go Se Won went to the orphanage to meet Park Sun Young. He then informed her that he managed to claim back the jewellery.
    While on his way home , he then sent her to the hospital so that she can visit her mother in law, who knows she fell asleep in his car.
    While he was putting a pillow to adjust her head so that she can sleep better , he saw Park Sun Young’s family members walking and approaching the carpark.

  24. 24 : Ari Says:

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH MML. I’m currently watching ep 8 without eng sub 🙁 I tried to search on soompi and I can’t believe there was no thread for this drama.
    Can you explain more the relationship between Go Se Won and Park Sun Young’s father?

  25. 25 : mml Says:

    @ 24 Ari,
    i will tell you based on what i understand, as i’m a Chinese and am not a Korean, therefore my standard of Korean language is not good, but i will try to improve my Korean language.

    Go Se Won working as a lawyer.
    His father in law working as moneylender.
    Park Sun Young’s father owned and worked at the factory company.
    One day, he was encountering his financial difficulty and borrowed a large sum of money from loanshark or moneylender,
    but am not sure whether the director of the loanshark or moneylender was it Go Se Won’s father in law, but am very sure is, somehow or rather got connections with his father in law.

    As Park Sun Young’s father was almost went financial collapse.
    He then approached, Go Se Won who was working as a lawyer to help him.
    Unexpectedly, Go Se Won was reluctant to help him but given him some money to help him pull through this difficult situation, who knows Park Sun Young’s father hate him and tore away the money.

  26. 26 : mml Says:

    Episode 7,
    Go Se Won saw Park Sun Young’s family members walking and approaching the carpark.
    Luckily, they did not see Park Sun Young who was sleeping inside Go Se Won’s car.
    When she woke up, Go Se Won told her that she looked exhausted and tired.
    Park Sun Young replied him that she hasn’t been resting well for a long time.
    Usually, she does not fall asleep in the car, but this time she doesn’t know why she fell asleep.
    Her mind was thinking, before she eats her dinner, she must go the hospital to visit her mother in law first.
    Go Se Won suggested to her , why not give a call before going into the hospital.
    She insisted to go in , instead of giving a call.
    She even thank him for helping her and also going to treat him a meal on another day.
    Go Se Won was starring ar her when she left, he was a little sad for her to have such a bad mother in law.

    Park Sun Young was disappointed when she realised that her mother in law had already been discharged from the hospital.
    While, her mother in law was on her way home, she was complaining to her son about Park Sun Young.
    Her son got irritated and frustrated when he was driving together the bitch lady.

    The bitch lady followed them to the house, she was admiring at Park Sun Young’s room.
    Planning to ruin her marriage and to replace her position.
    When Park Sun Young reached home, she was shocked to hear that her mother in law was planning to force her to divorce and let the bitch lady to be the new daughter in law.
    When her mother in law saw her, she began to stir up quarrel with her.

    Her husband began to explain and clarify matters.
    Park Sun Young returned back all the jewellery and told her husband that the debt that her father owed will be solved soon.
    Her lawyer will assist her so that she will not need to bear the compunded interest for owing the money.

    Go Se Won was scolded by his father in law, his father in law warned him for the responsibilities he needed to carry out
    as a lawyer. His father in law also stressed him that he was worried about his daughter’s health condition.

    Park Sun Young ,her mother in law does not believe what her son told her, therefore, making her son encountered difficulty to further the conversations.

    Go Se Won was happily enjoying eating his meal with Park Sun Young.
    He looked very cheerful with a prince charming face.
    Park Sun Young was also impressed by his humble and kind character.

    Go Se Won his wife went to find the witch.
    She believed and put faith to the witch, so that her husband will be faithful and also can conceive a child.

    Go Se Won was wondering when he was in his office, he began to miss Park Sun Young ,but, on the other hand, he was
    indeed stressed by his father in law.

    The bitch lady was praised by Park Sun Young’s mother in law for her outstanding work performance.
    But, something that stressed her most was, a guy that was working as translator came to the office.
    This translator knew about her past.

    Park Sun Young was at her father’s house for a gathering dinner.
    On the other hand , her husband went to disco to celebrate with the bitch lady for the successful presentation.

    The bitch lady was drunk as she was too upset, when she recalled the translator guy that she met.
    Park Sun Young’s husband helped to send her home in view of her drunk problem.

    Park Sun Young went out with his brother and friend to buy drinks, while she was on her way home, she wanted to call her husband, who knows her friend accidentally saw Park Sun Young’s husband grab and holding the bitch lady.
    She quickly informed her and both of them went into the taxi to chase and follow them.
    Both of them, went to the bitch lady’s house to confirm and to find out the truth.
    Park Sun Young was amazed and shocked to accept, when she saw her husband was kissing with the bitch lady.

  27. 27 : Ari Says:

    Thanks for the summary, mml. Mi So’s mother is so mean and cruel. LOL Her face looks scary.

  28. 28 : mml Says:

    Episode 8,
    Park Sun Young was amazed and shocked to accept, when she saw her husband was kissing with the bitch lady.
    While, Heo Tae Hee was kissing with the bitch lady(Kim Yeon Joo), he accidentally turned his head and saw his wife.
    Immediately, he rushed and went to talk to his wife.
    He told his wife that he will explain to her, when they reached home.
    But, Park Sun Young just walked away as she was too disappointed to listen to her betrayed husband.
    Her best friend helped her to punish the bitch lady.
    Park Sun Young’s husband managed to chase after his wife. His wife was emotionally upset.
    Although, she heard his apology but her hurt was too strong.
    She began to lose her confidence in maintaining the trust of her marriage.

    The bitch lady was sitting at her dressing table combing her hair.
    She began to visualize that a victory will be her and she will definitely win Park Sun Young for the revenge plot against her.

    Park Sun Young’s husband felt guilty for his sins, therefore, he also lost his appetite when he was eating his meal.
    His mother instigated to him to get rid of her daughter in law and to get a more suitable wife, to help and assist their business.
    But, his son was determined not to divorce.

    Park Sun Young received a call from her husband but she refused to answer the call.
    Her husband was frustrated that his wife did not answer his call and also did not reply his sms.
    The bitch lady came into the office, talking to him about she got bitten and also regards to her promotion.
    But, he was in bad mood as it was a wrong timing to talk to him.
    Therefore, she angrily walked out from his office.

    Park Sun Young’s best friend had given her some advise.
    After hearing, she went out to look for the bitch lady.

    Heo Tae Hee loved his wife and his family , therefore he insisted to break off with his wife.
    But, nevertheless, the bitch lady wanted to continue their relationships.
    She became even more determined to win her revenge plot.

    Heo Tae Hee (Park Sun Young’s husband) saw his wife , he quickly hide himself.
    Park Sun Young came to the bitch lady’s house to look for her.
    The bitch lady told her that her husband had an affair with her.
    Park Sun Young replied and scolded the bitch lady that she was a worthless woman.
    Thus, making the bitch lady furious and extremely angry.
    She slap and also being abusive to Park Sun Young.
    Although, Park Sun Young managed to call her husband, to let him speak the truth, but, it seemed that she will have a complicated triangle love.
    The bitch lady had a bad evil motive towards her.

    Go Se Won promised his wife to go home early, but, he went to meet his senior for the seek of solving the case for Park Sun Young.

    Although, Park Sun Young was reluctant to go home, but after prudent considerations and also she was afraid of losing the custody rights of her daughter.

    Eventually, she had no choice , but to go home even though she was hurt to stay with the betrayed husband.

    When she reached home, her mother in law was sarcastic to her.

    Go Se Won was discussing with his senior on how to win the case.
    In order to win the case, he had to go against his
    father in law (Lee Hee Do).
    He was doubtful and frightened to loose the case, hence , he plead his senior to assist and helped him to win
    the case.
    Unfortunately, he had totally forgotten his important promise to his wife.
    When his wife called him, he did not answer her call.
    He sent and sms to inform his wife that he will come home late instead.

    His wife began to throw temper and behaved liked mad woman.

    On the other hand, the bitch lady got promoted.
    During the signing of the contract of agreement, the translator was trying to tempt the bitch lady.
    After the successful completion of signing the agreement, the bitch lady met the translator guy again.
    He revealed her past that she ever worked at the bar and now she is able to work at this company.
    The bitch lady felt disgusted and walked away.

    Earlier on, Park Sun Young’s husband accidentally heard their conversations.
    He began to suspect her, he spent some time and looked into this matter.

    Park Sun Young, her mother in law invited the bitch lady to her house.
    Park Sun Young wanted to fetch her daughter.
    Before, she open the door gate, she heard her husband scolding the bitch lady and even warned her and even revealed about her past occupations.
    She was surprised to know that the bitch lady ever worked at the bar…….

  29. 29 : mml Says:

    @28 mml,
    my typing error,
    at paragraph 6, it should be ,

    Heo Tae Hee loved his wife and his family , therefore he insisted NOT to break off with his wife.

  30. 30 : Zaza Says:

    @mml, thanks for the recap.

    Regarding this Heo Tae Hee and his wife problem. Eventhough he love his wife but i still can’t accept the husband who cheat on his wife no matter for whatever reasons.
    Actually.. I dont like this kind of drama but i wonder why i still stick on this one.

  31. 31 : mml Says:

    @30 Zaza,
    currently, Crazy Love is filming from Monday to Thursday,
    at the moment, i will continue to support this drama.
    To watch and see, whether can continue to follow this drama.

    I’m very curious how Ge Se Won will fall in love with Park Sun Young.

    I’m even more curious, how Park Sun Young can overcome to face all obstacles after her divorce with her husband Heo Tae Hee .

    I will also continue to support my favourite MBC drama , a hundred year’s inheritance this drama, as the drama films on every Saturday and Sunday.

    Therefore, i can watch all dramas on different day and at different timing.

  32. 32 : Ari Says:

    @mml: I have a question
    What is the relationship between 2 family: Min Jae and Go Se Won’s in law?

  33. 33 : mml Says:

    @32 Ari,
    the answer, most probably is at episode 11.

    There is something i know, that is Go Se Won’s wife (Kim Hae In) is the younger sister of Park Sun Young.

    Park Sun Young her real mother lost her when she was a child.
    Therefore, Park Sun Young was brought up by the orphanage.
    Park Sun Young was then adopted by her current father.

    Ge Se Won already started to fall in love with Park Sun Young
    at episode 10.

    At epiosde 11, Ge Se Won met Park Sun Young at his house.
    His wife Kim Hae In introduced Park Sun Young to him.

    And in the subsequent episodes, we will see Ge Se Won madly in love with Park Sun Young……

    I will update you when i know, what is the relationship between the 2 family.

  34. 34 : Zaza Says:

    @mml, thanks.

    Currently i am crazy with 100 Years Inheritance, When A Man Loves, Gu Family Book and Crazy Love. I used to criticize my daughter for watching Kdrama but now it seems that i am the one addicted to it 🙂

    @mml – Actually the guy that always helping Han Na Young is in love with Eun Joo and he doesnt know that the Mi So family he is hurting is Eun Joo??

    Am i right that, the guy is the one that switch the adoption paper for Eun Joo?? hahahaha… I am really curious

    What will happen when that guy comes to know that Han Na Young is actually hurting Mi So/Eun Joo??

  35. 35 : didisalma Says:

    this drama has something which make me curios its about the love with our otp, and ”the guy that always help NY” like ZAZA calls him all the rest i mostly FF it…
    @mml, thank you i saw your recaps before starting this drama; up till now its interesting…

  36. 36 : zaza Says:

    Hi … I am done with ep 12. Wow Na Young is one crazy bitch…oppps sorry. Trying to kidnap Mi So but was saved by the hero lawyer. All fake identity of NY already out and Mi So in law fired and chased NY out of the company.
    Now NY really get agitated and kidnap Mi So daughter.
    I cant wait to see what will happen since “the guy” also said something to NY.

  37. 37 : mml Says:

    @34 & 36 and @35 didisalma,
    thanks to both of you , who liked watching this drama.

    Actually in episode 13, we will see Park Sun Young’s daughter met the accident , i’m not sure whether is it dead?

    But, am very sure that Kim Yeon Joo , her evil plot and revenge lead Park Sun Young divorce and she suffered alot and became alone.

    Not sure, whether the guy who helps Kim Yeon Joo will he fall in love with Park Sun Young ?

    Maybe, this guy should end up with Go Se Won’s wife( Kim Hae In) then can be a good match and both of them can their happiness.

    Anyway, i really very pity Park Sun Young for the sufferings she encountered,hope Ge Se Won will help him when she needed help most………
    Ge Se Won madly in love with Park Sun Young, he’s not at fault in falling in love with Park Sun Young as his wife was unsound in certain ways.

    Actually, i do not know what is the real relationships between
    Go Se Won’s in law and Park Sun Young’s in law.
    I think, they know each other is due to business friends or business partners.

  38. 38 : didisalma Says:

    i loved ep 12 it was fun to see the evil b***’s plot fall apart hoho…
    GO se won is like a superman to mi soo always there to rescue her,and Frankly i don’t like MS blaming Se Won for all her suffering in the past when her husband betrayed her yet she seems fine with him…
    i’m looking forward for more interaction btw mi soo and Go Se Won

  39. 39 : Ari Says:

    @mml: Go Se Won’s mother in law (wife of oh tae san) is the vice precident of CK Group and i’m pretty sure Mi So will lost her only daughter. Poor her, how can she live without Hae Ram?

    For all those who are addicted to this drama, you can find english sub for this drama in subscence.com

  40. 40 : mml Says:

    @39 Ari,
    thank you very much for telling me more on it.

    Actually, i watched from the China website, on the same day they filmed the episode, therefore i’m not given any sub-title.

    I understand a little Korea language, at least, i can enjoy watching this drama on the day they filmed each episode.

    I’m very curious on how Go Se Won will become madly in love with Park Sun Young.
    Is it Go Se Won’s wife too crazy to guard on his daily activity
    until he cannot breath to have freedom in life, that’s why, he wanted Park Sun Young to be his real wife?

    I’m even more curious how Park Sun Young will get to stay close with Ge Se Won.
    Is it, both of them treat the orphanage as a dating meeting place?

    I think , this is a curious drama to me.
    Who started to fall in love first?
    Is it Ge Se Won who has already started to fall in love with Park Sun Young and he’s just waiting for the right time to change his love ???

  41. 41 : zaza Says:

    @mml … Might be true that Hea Ram meet with accident plot by NY. That’s the only good reason for MS to divorce his hubby since no more daughter.

  42. 42 : mml Says:

    @41 zaza,
    i like all of you so much, i’m so glad that you are also watching this drama and i also [email protected] and @39Ari.

    At least, i’m able to find more friends to discuss about this drama.

    Tomorrow, i will watch episode 13, to see whether Park Sun Young’s daughter after meeting the accident, is it mild injury or is it dead ??

    I’m very curious, if, Park Sun Young really divorce with her husband and she got no place to stay, is it Ge Se Won who helps her to get a place for shelter.

    Okay, all my lovely friends, please continue to watch this drama , so that, if i got any doubt or anything which i do not understand, i can ask you all.

  43. 43 : didisalma Says:

    wah i think our discussion getting more interesting every day!!
    it seems that in mi soo and her husband’s marriage the daughter is last thing they share together, at least on mi soo’s part… i can’t predict how will they divorce how is the evil related to this?? hmm i think Go Se Won will help her through her divorce that’s how they will still meet each other
    to all my friend here nice to be with you, i feel i can bear watching the pain that will come in the next eps..

  44. 44 : Ari Says:

    I’m also glad to be here with all of you. Bcs this is the only thread for this drama I could find.
    I’ll definitely watch this drama till the end so pls support this drama. I really like Park Sun Young’s acting, very natural.
    I’m excited to see this week’s episodes. I will find a way to prep myself for the heartbreaking moments…

  45. 45 : mark Says:

    Is their any forums regarding to this drama ..Like soompi forums?

  46. 46 : mml Says:

    @45 mark,
    sorry i don’t know what is the forum called soompi , as i have received education only in cantonese. Most of the time i will go to China website to watch this drama.

    As there will be a total of 120 episodes, maybe don’t have forum.
    Anyway, i like to watch this drama and thank god that i can watch from Monday to Thursday, i think ,not so much affected even if it is without forum.
    But, it will be even better, if China Baidu can provide some news on this, i will be even more happy.

  47. 47 : Zaza Says:

    @42 mml, I like you too. Always looking forward for your comments, recaps and opinion 🙂

  48. 48 : Odessa Says:

    I love this drama..Every Episode is really interesting..
    I’m really Hooked in this drama…

  49. 49 : zaza Says:

    @mml, Hye Ram was kidnap. What happen in ep 14 pls…heheheh cant wait for gooddrama to upload.

  50. 50 : hunee Says:

    This is a great drama, but its too dang long. 50 or 60 episodes woulda
    been just fine. If they drag it out, it would be boring, hope not

  51. 51 : yuncasso123 Says:

    may i know this drama will air 1 episode per day or two?Last week,2 episode release on the same day and why this week not…hello to all anyway…i’m a fan of this drama…

  52. 52 : Ari Says:

    omg I want to watch 7ep/week 😀 It gets more and more interesting…
    Hope Mi So stay strong…
    @yuncasso123 the RAW ep is aired 4 eps/week from Monday to Thursday. the eng sub version depends on each website.

  53. 53 : mml Says:

    @47 & 49 zaza and @51 yuncasso,
    i will recap Episode 9 to Episode 14 and i’m happy to see that all of you liked this drama. Kamsahamida! Chin.gu !!

    Episode 9,
    Heo Tae Hee suspected that Kim Yeon Joo had some evil motive and therefore building an unusual relationships with him.
    During the quarrel, Park Sun Young accidentally heard their conversations and in order to divert her attentions, he quickly brought him to his car and brought her for meal together with their daughter.
    Park Sun Young was facing a lot of undue stress but she kept it inside her heart and remained calm.
    The bitch lady made an arrangement to punish the translator guy.
    The translator guy got bitten severely and accumulated plenty of hatred towards her.
    Go Se Won’s wife was unwell and her mother began to worry about her.
    Go Se Won felt guilty upon hearing all the thankful words from Park Sun Young.
    Due to wrong timing, actually, Go Se Won wanted to explain and apologise to Park Sun Young, but he was not given a chance .
    While, Park Sun Young was at home doing tidy up , she suddenly saw the handkerchief and recalled the happy moments when she was with Go Se Won.
    She was very cheerful and glad that she was able to meet a good friend like Go Se Won.
    Park Sun Young her foster father was shocked to hear that Park Sun Young’s mother in law was so sarcastic and badly insulted and humiliated her daughter.
    Go Se Won began to miss Park Sun Young very much, he even went to her house and parked his car at a place and secretly hiding inside his car just to see and watched at her.
    On the other hand, Park Sun Young her foster father was extremely upset and hurt to see his daughter married
    to such a nasty family and will divorce soon.
    Park Sun Young was even more upset than her father , knowing that her mother in law was too much and unwholesome.
    Go Se Won was encountering an unexplained stressed from his father in law, but, he had no choice to choose.
    Park Sun Young was shocked to realise that Go Se Won was the one, who made her foster mother lead to death.
    After hearing the bad news form her foster father, she angrily went to look for Go Se Won.
    When he saw him walking towards the carpark, she was so furious to the extend of giving him a hard slap…..

    Episode 10,
    After receiving a hard slap from Park Sun Young, he did not hate her at all.
    He was extremely guilty of what he had done in resulting to all her sufferings.
    Park Sun Young refused to listen to his explanations and put all the blame at him.
    She will never forgive Go Se Won, for all the hurt and humiliations she had received because of him.
    Go Se Won could not stay focus at his work as he was guilty of what he had done to Park Sun Young.
    He was trying to call her to explain to her, but, Park Sun Young was reluctant to answer his call.
    Therefore, she ignored the call and did not answer.
    Park Sun Young her foster father had received some cheques from Park Sun Young’s mother in law as an exchange condition to let the daughter in law to divorce.
    At least, her foster father realised that, it was not right to be greedy.
    Therefore, he returned all the cheques to Park Sun Young.
    She quickly returned all the cheques to her mother in law when she reached home.
    Her evil mother in law was unhappy and humiliated her.
    Heo Tae Hee began to suggest to move out of the house.
    His mother was even more frustrated, angry, couldn’t control her son, therefore she threatened her son and it still doesn’t work.
    Her hatred towards Park Sun Young was getting worst and worst.
    Park Sun Young had difficulty in handling such a difficult decision to move out from the house.
    Subsequently, she told her husband why they should not move out, to setup a family on their own.
    The guy who always helped Kim Yeon Joo, was angry when he realised that the bitch lady was full of dishonest tricks on hand and always have lots of subtle plan.
    He was disheartened to see her with such character ,but, remained calm at heart.
    The bitch lady was busy trying to cover her real identity.
    She had been making a fake degree certificate for herself in order,to get to this current job position.
    Therefore, she always got worried that her fake identity will soon be discovered.
    Go Se Won was upset and went drinking with his close senior.
    He told his senior that someone made him very guilty of all the wrong things he had done. He became drunk after that.
    Although, he was drunk, but at least, he managed to see Park Sun Young.
    When Park Sun Young went to meet him, although, she was disappointed with him.
    But, at least ,she was reasonable enough to listen to his explainations.
    After hearing his apology, she angrily walked away.
    But when she reached home, she began to miss Go Se Won’s sincere words.
    Heo Tae Hee was busy inside his room using his handsfree computer trying to retrieve some informations.
    Suddenly, he heard some noise came from the kitchen, he quickly went to the kitchen leaving the computer on the bed.
    As,Park Sun Young broke a plate inside the kitchen, when she went to her room to take the medical box, she accidentally saw the handsfree computer left on the bed, out of curiosity she began to view the informations provided from the computer.
    She began to discover an amazing history……

    Episode 11,
    Park Sun Young discovered that Kim Yeon Joo came from the same orphanage as her.
    She became anxious and impatient to find the truth.
    A great disappointment,after seeing Kim Yeon Joo and after hearing her evil answer.
    For no reason, Go Se Won always missed Park Sun Young, even when he went to kitchen to drink water, he can missed her so badly.
    Park Sun Young accidentally realised that she was at Ge Se Won’s house after being invited by Kim Hae In.
    She felt awkward and wanted to leave the place in a hurry manner.
    Go Se Won was even more surprised to see her in his house.
    He began to know more about the character of Park Sun Young when having dinner.
    After hearing, he lost appetite in eating , as he was disappointed to have Kim Hae In as his wife.
    On the other hand, Kim Yeon Joo continued and started her evil plot on Park Sun Young…….

    Episode 12,
    Go Se Won accidentally saw park Sun Young being kidnapped by the guy.
    He rushed to rescue her without any further delay.
    Kim Yeon Joo began to worry that her plot may be found out as Park Sun Young managed to escape from the kidnapper.
    Go Se Won was caring and loving towards her.
    Park Sun Young was too fightened to understand that this happening was too sudden and she also did not realise that Go Se Won had already secretly very fond of her.
    Go Se Won began to investigate the case himself personally.
    Park Sun Young wanted to bring her daughter to go out , but before they come out from the house, a symptom of bad sign will soon happen,as a photoframe was broken and fell on the floor.
    An on-going investigation case was tough to carry out by Go Se Won, but, nevertheless he was determined to working great care to help to find out the truth.
    He always missed Park Sun Young and always care and worry about her.
    On the other hand, Kim Yeon Joo used all her fake qualifications, this dishonest plot was discovered by Heo Tae Hee.
    She had no way to deny to continue her evil tricks and planned.
    Hence, she was asked to leave the company immediately…..

    Episode 13,
    Kim Yeon Joo was terminated by the company.
    Her hatred towards Park Sun Young was even worst.
    Her revenge started in a very drastic way.
    On the other hand, Go Se Won’s wife always hoping to conceive a child and she always hope to get the attention and love from Go Se Won.
    She even called him to inform him that she had had some decorations on her finger nails to catch his attentions, but,
    she always suspected that her husband will be unfaithful to her, making herself with unnecessary frustrations.
    As, Kim Yeon Joo was terminated by the company.
    She became even more jealous and lots of hatred towards
    Park Sun Young.
    The guy who always helped Kim Yeon Joo secretly fell in love with Park Sun Young.
    As,Go Se Won missed Park Sun Young dearly, he began to call her, to find out from her and trying to always keep in touch
    with her.
    While, Park Sun Young was helping an old lady, she lost her care attention to her daughter.
    Her daughter was being kidnapped by the man whom Kim Yeon Joo who arranged it to to happen……

    Episode 14,
    Park Sun Young’s daughter was kidnapped by Kim Yeon Joo.
    Although, Heo Tae Hee seek the police to assist, but,was unable to find the missing daughter.
    Both of them,were upset and regret,but, nothing can be done.
    Go Se Won was very disappointed with his father in law.
    And suddenly,he had awakened his thoughts and his mind began to align with Park Sun Young’s opinion.
    In view of the granddaughter was missing, Park Sun Young was tortured by her mother in law.
    Park Sun Young was very extremely upset and helpless.
    She had lost her sense of directions, she began to feel guilty and went out to find her daughter………

  54. 54 : Zaza Says:

    @mml thanks.

  55. 55 : GRACE ANTONIO Says:

    Amazing romance drama and the lead actor is so cute Go Se Won.. love this drama thanks guys..!

  56. 56 : Lyn04 Says:

    Love this drama….

  57. 57 : zaza Says:

    @mml .. The gangster guy still doesnt know that Mi So is Eun Joo yet right ?? From ep16 it seem that he still doesnt know.
    But he knows that the bitch wants to create havoc to MI So and drive her from the house so that she can take Mi So place.
    Ahhhh interesting since 3 man love Mi So.. Lawyer, Gangster and Husband…hahaha

  58. 58 : didisalma Says:

    @mml thank you so much for the recap chingu.
    @zaza 3 man love mi soo hahaha, i didn’t see it in that way hihi..
    no matter how the b** will torture MS, the three musketeer will always help her, and love her even more hihi..ah no i think the husband will realize he made a big mistake after losing her.
    yeah its clear that The gangster guy still doesn’t know that Mi So is Eun Joo yet, it’ll be a big sock when he’ll realize that the girl he loved”and still in love” is the women whom he caused so much pain..
    i hope she’ll find her daughter soon its break my heart to watch her crying like that.
    in ep 16 Go Se Won was so lovely and hot wah i luve him…

  59. 59 : mml Says:

    @57 zaza,
    i’m a lady , i cannot love mi soo, but, i love to see Go Se Won as ,i’m curious to see how Go Se Won has the ability to win Park Sun Young’s heart.

    I also like to see Park Sun Young, her kind look.

    Zaza, i think what you guess, is absolutely precisely correct.

    I believed that episode 17 to episode 20 will again ,capture our attention to watch.

  60. 60 : Carmen Says:

    I did not knew how many people really like this drama, I just start i am on episode 4, and love it….are we people that like tragedy?…I just love to see beauthifull love story…..and love those men that do know how to love and protect….

  61. 61 : Zaza Says:

    59 @mml, i am still following this drama. Very interesting. Actually, i love Go Se Won too 🙂 Now my focus is on Go Se Won MIL. I think she lost her daughter and who know that it will turn out to be Mi So. I just hope not Na Young.

    58 @didisalma, I also hope that gangster guy knows that too but i think not in this short time since the drama is 100 ep. We have to wait.

  62. 62 : zaza Says:

    Oh my… i am crying watching ep 21-24. So sad… How come her husband is like that.

  63. 63 : mml Says:

    @62 zaza,
    i’m sad is because Park Sun Young is being bullied and hurt severely, hopefully Park Sun Young will transform to a different person after all her sad experience.

    Hopefully, Go Se Won will always help and guide her along the way.

    Zaza, you are absolutely and precisely correct.
    Park Sun Young’s daughter met and accident and became dead.
    Why, the police not yet arrest the bitch lady ?
    I think ,maybe, if Go Se Won find a house for Park Sun Young to stay,it will be better for her, since, Park Sun Young being bullied by her mother in law, sad to see her, being treated in this way.
    I will definitely continue to watch this drama, to understand how Go Se Won can change and help Park Sun Young.

  64. 64 : Ari Says:

    Ep 24 is so pretty sad for Mi So. I broke my heart seeing her pain. I’m really worried about her mental issue.
    Park Sun Young and Go Se Won. Love their chemistry.
    Look forward to a new EP coming next week.

  65. 65 : Jae Says:

    Her mother-in-law is a b****, her husband is a weak morally corrupt a******, and she’s so stupid to put up with all that crap.

    I feel so bad for the other guy who has a psycho for a wife and crappy in-laws. He was so stupid to marry her even though she was hurt, especially since she caused the accident in the first place.

  66. 66 : John k Says:

    This drama is just gonna drag on.

  67. 67 : mml Says:

    @66 John,
    no, you are wrong, the writer is trying to let viewers to understand, what makes Go Se Won wanted to change his heart and later on why Park Sun Young insisted to love Go Se Won and what makes her desperate moments to accept that Go Se Won is really her true love…..

    Crazy Love this drama will gather crazy viewers like me, who want to find out the mystery and curious that how Go Se Won motivated Park Sun Young to be brave and dare to change………?????????

  68. 68 : CYY Says:

    Please hit like at FP of crazy love

  69. 69 : didisalma Says:

    I’m still watching this drama even thought i think I’ll need a therapy after seeing all the crap the poor mi soo has to support from her jerk husband and b*** MIL.. so sad they are really getting in my nerves, the evil M-I-LAW just found a good reason “hea ram supposed death” to chase out her D-I-Law..
    @ZAZA and mml i don’t think hea ram is dead, other ways the police should return the corp to the family by now…
    our OTP are still solidaire, i really can’t explain how dare the stupid husband blames his wife the lost of their child when he witness all her pain and suffering… wah so .-(‘”@^*#, he just want to forget his daughter and move on what an A****

  70. 70 : Torri Says:

    Hi guys just a quick question is that kid really dead because I am still not very sure if the car really did hit her and they since have not shown what happens after .and another thing this crazy syco ugly looking bitch Is she for really I mean is the writer kidding me , killing the child is going to far but I love he show can’t wait for those two poor suffering souls to fall crazy In love
    Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. 71 : mml Says:

    @69 didisalma,
    i have finished watching episode 26 very very interesting,
    i hope Park Sun Young will move out from the house and give up her marriage.
    Since her husband does not trust her and her mother in law torture her , i hope she will seek help from Go Se Won rather than she herself struggle with this sad marriage.

  72. 72 : Carmen Says:

    I still watching this drama and I hate her father-anyway I hate that actor the way he act is like sooooo not good—and I am getting tired of this girl actin so sad always getting all that miss treat from her M-I-L, and her mama’s boy husband…oh please move with your live and stop been soooooo miserable…OMG

  73. 73 : Ari Says:

    OMG OMG OMG Ep 27……………
    I can’t believe Min Jae would treat Mi So like that. I’m at loss of word to say.
    If she continue living in that house, she’d be crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 74 : zaza Says:

    Now it show that what i predicted is right actually. That gangster guy is the one who switch the adoption form. He hopes that Eun Joo will be happy with the rich family. When will he notice that Mi So is Eun Joo..
    The husband (Min jea) is absolutely mama boy just like CG in AHYI. Why would u stay with ur mom if u really love ur wife… move out man and find the new house. Now surprisingly, he also blame the death of Hea Ram on Mi SO. Miso Divorce that mama boy please. u will find better life after that.

  75. 75 : mml Says:

    @74 zaza,
    you are absolutely and precisely correct. Heo Tae Hee will move out from his house in episode 29 .

    I have finished watching episode 28, Park Sun Young was mentally stressed and bullied by her husband, she suffered and abused by her husband in silence.

    Now, i’m looking forward to watch episode 29, hope Go Se Won can help Park Sun Young and rescue her ……..

  76. 76 : zaza Says:

    @mml… just finished ep 27. so sad for mi so. her husband is getting worst. I just hope that she divorces him.

  77. 77 : zaza Says:

    @mml, I just finished ep 28. Now the husband is getting crazier. Is it common to all men out there to go to other women when they have a fight with their wife? I saw these kind of story in most of Korean Drama and i am getting curious regarding this. Is it ok for married man to cheat but not ok for married woman to have or meet any male other than the husband?

  78. 78 : mml Says:

    @77 zaza,
    well, i’m a lady, i don’t know whether is it ok for married man to cheat but not okay for married woman to have a meet any male other than the husband.

    I think the writer is trying to let viewers to realise that Go Se Won has married a pretty wife, but, the wife is always controlling him and he did not find happiness and true love after getting married.
    Go Se Won actually has no intention to betray his wife, until, one day he met Park Sun Young, he finally realised that Park Sun Young is a lady that he should love, he should betray his wife and should seek his true love .

    On the other hand, the writer is trying to let viewers to understand that Park Sun Young has a failure marriage , she has lost her lovely daughter, her evil mother in law and a big bully husband made her lost her courage to live on her own life.
    She then met Go Se Won who loves her unconditionally. Resulted her, to be brave to change and divert her attention and put all trust and love towards Go Se Won .

    I think the writer makes me very curious to like and want to know more on, how Go Se Won has changed Park Sun Young to be hopeful in life , therefore, i will continue to watch this drama.

    Well, i’m very excited to look forward to watch episode 29…….

  79. 79 : zaza Says:

    @mml… i don’t focus on Mi So and Go Se Won since they haven’t done anything against their marriage yet… What i am referring is to The Husband who always find other beds when he is frustrated. Is it ok? He can do that but he can’t accept his wife meeting/talking with other man.
    hmmm usually drama storyline comes from experience or what we see n hear from surrounding.

  80. 80 : mml Says:

    @19 zaza,
    i think is okay for us to get angry with Heo Tae Hee as Lee Min Jae (Park Sun Young’s husband) since he is always unreasonable.

    As to, his character, that he can’t accept his wife meeting/talking with no man ,then, he is too over on his character.

    In reality of life , be it, the person is single or married, male or female, even at workplace, any person will talk and communicate with one another.
    Moreover, in this drama Park Sun Young , she doesn’t have much helpful friends surround her and right now Go Se Won is the only close and helpful friend .

    I think, it is okay for Park Sun Young to continue having a friend like Go Se Won, after all ,Go Se Won is a lawyer.
    Who knows, Park Sun Young’s mother in law will demand her to divorce, she might need to seek ,Go Se Won to help her in certain ways.

    Zaza, it is good that, you like this drama, me too, me too, i also like this drama.
    Let’s continue to support and like this drama.

  81. 81 : global Says:

    To All Drama Producers:


    Do not cast some ugly actor to play the leading male. I don’t care how good his acting skills are. The main hero has to be extremely handsome – like a model. It is important. We see ugly guys in real life on a daily basis – we need some eye candy in Korean drama.

    Thank you.

  82. 82 : mml Says:

    @81 global,
    if you think that the Drama Producers are putting some ugly actors to play the leading male, then if you don’t like, you can simply don’t watch the drama and choose other dramas to watch.
    Please don’t give negative comments to the Drama Producers that makes me very angry.

    So far, this is my first time watching TvN drama and i have found Crazy Love this drama, i don’t think the leading actor in this drama is an ugly guy, is just that , he is not very handsome and honestly speaking, i think Go Se Won looks cool and calm , in fact, he is also suitable to act as the leading actor in this drama.

    Park Sun Young has a timid look, she is also suitable to act and pair up with Go Se Won.

    I like to watch this drama even though, Go Se Won is not a very handsome guy, the good thing about him in this drama is , he is always very protective and caring towards Park Sun Young, his nature is kind hearted, is just that he is a quiet person, his wife always likes to bully him.

    Let’s stay more focus on the drama , then we will see things differently.

  83. 83 : global Says:

    mml – you are very cute and sweet in your answer.

    But I still want a very handsome charismatic guy. Sorry. I like this drama, I just want to see some hunk playing the main character. I like all the other characters, I just want to change one guy.

    When I focus on dramas, I always focus on handsome men. It is probably wrong, but… hey, that’s one of the reasons I am watching dramas.

    I also like mothers and grandmothers, especially when they splash people with water, salt and hit everybody.

    Sorry for the negative comment, but I was just honest.

  84. 84 : Ari Says:

    I absolutely love this drama.
    What’s the first reason for me taking the ‘time’ to watch this long drama? well, non-other than Go Se Won and Park Sun Young. a great acting from them.

  85. 85 : jewles Says:

    It’s never OK for a man to stray even in Korea. Maybe in olden days they might have looked the other way; not anymore. Korean women are not submissive anymore. In most average house hold, the women hold the string behind the scenes. Korean women are strong willed and stubborn when needed.

    The writer needs melo-drama and what would entice audience but extra marital affairs and tragedy in the characters’ lives.

    Having said all that, I love this drama!

  86. 86 : sierra Says:

    I love this drama. I can relate to the mean mother-in-law as I had one that I could never please and was not good enough for her son. I now know there are evil mother-in-laws all over the world. My now ex-husband was just like Min Nae. I am hoping that everyone gets the person they deserve to be with and Mi So ends up with Kyung Soo, her daughter is found alive and safe so the three of them can live happily ever after.

    But since I have watched dramas in several countries now, I know there is no happy ever after and that the good people may get together but the evil ones will always be attacking them. I just hope that beautiful sweet child is still in the story. If this was the US, I would say she is alive and will come back not as a sweet 5 year old but as a nasty mean teen.

  87. 87 : kkt Says:

    i like Go Se Won very much because he is sooo handsome & his actings are very good and he is so talented!!

  88. 88 : John k Says:

    This drama is just bullshit!! The writer has a stupid imagination. This drama makes no sense. Mi so deserves what she gets for losing her kid. If mi so didn’t stick her nose where it didn’t belong, she would still have her daughter. Why would mi so’s mother in law and husband accept na young at all???she was a hostess at a bar,she’s poor,she lies and a orphan.

  89. 89 : Maria Says:

    I agree with John. The writer is definitely a man. How can he make a woman to be so pitiful and stupid like Mi So to accept her husband infidelity (in her face, mind you) and to be her husband’s punching back and still beg him to stay with her. I am a woman and I feel very insulted. I hope the writer will start to make her stronger and the movie to be more realistic. If Mi So is uneducated and has no family or poor, I do accept that she have no choice but she has a loving family, for goodness sake!

  90. 90 : zaza Says:

    @mml… i am with you all the way… hahahahaha. I love this drama n hoping to continue watching it.

    For me the lead is attractive and i like to look at him.. Handsome guy can’t play this role in Crazy Love… GO Se Won is the right one…

  91. 91 : Jae Says:

    I hope this series gets better soon. The acting could use some improvement. That or they should have picked some of the cast better to fit the roles.
    @ 81 LMAO. That was a funny comment! Some of the actors are good/decent looking, but it’s really about personal taste. Some dramas include not as good looking actors because they act well or the character calls for it.
    YMS needs to “man up” already. I hate characters like her.

  92. 92 : didisalma Says:

    wah ep 32 made my day!! finally our otp having their “crazy love” started..
    we still have to Wait fore other 03 or 04 ep to get to see the full romance thought …
    it’s my imagination or will mi soo declare her love for go se won in the preview… yeah i think i’m going crazy before them huh..

  93. 93 : mml Says:

    @90 zaza,
    me too, me too, i also love the way you think and can align with my opinion.
    Go Se Won is not very handsome, nevermind, in this drama, he married a pretty wife, no big deal, even though , his wife is pretty, but, his wife like mad lady, always scream and shout at him.

    Viewers, always like to watch handsome actors and pretty actress, sometimes, it is not necessary, that the leading actors must be very handsome, it all depends on the story requirements.

    Go Se Won is acting as a lawyer in this drama, honestly speaking, in reality of life , not all lawyers are handsome, unless he is acting as a surgery doctor, then is different.
    Usually, surgery doctors look very handsome.

    For those who like to watch this drama, please come to this website and givr positive and make sense comment.
    And please don’t come here to give negative comment , for example, commenting that who is not handsome and who is not pretty or must get handsome leading actor, i find that all these are not useful comments.
    I find that, since the writer has selected and chosen that actor to be the leading actor, definitely, he has some reasonable reasons.

  94. 94 : Maria Says:

    Is it alright for Miso and Se Won to have a love affair? Its like her husband having affair right? No matter if Se Won’s wife is crazy, it is still wrong to have an affair with a married man. No wonder it is called Crazy love. But I am glad finally she got out of the hell house and I hope she can become a great business woman and the stupid husband will find out that he has been cuckoo by that witch.

  95. 95 : Maria Says:

    Oh gosh! The witch is having a baby with Mi So’s husband? I really hope she miscarriage this baby.

  96. 96 : soaddictedtoyou Says:

    my God just watched the raw of ep 36,first time to see Go Se Won smile! finally Miso and Se Won is having their ”crazy love” starting,im so excited waiting each ep even still raw!

  97. 97 : soaddictedtoyou Says:

    my God just watched the raw of ep 36,first time to see Go Se Won smile,he’s not so good looking but defenitely he’s growing on me lol,excited for the next ep on monday,Daebak !!

  98. 98 : Andrea Says:

    Wonder if the attitudes of these women in these Korean Drama reflect the society and culture. Seem all these woman are so submissive and stupid that the abuse from inlaws/husband is acceptable. Could it be so?
    I love these drama just courious

  99. 99 : milky tea Says:

    i like the way MI SO think of herself whenever she caught herself feeling something weird for SE WON. She always hesitate and feel guilty since she knows that it is wrong to fall for a married man. i love the team up – though my real favorite is MI SO, i’ve seen almost all her KDrama.
    But what i really want is to see the love triangle that might arise for MI SO, SE WON and Manager Baek – her childhood friend, once Mgr Baek discovers that MI SO is Eun Joo.

  100. 100 : sylvia Says:

    thx so much to the subber………….. so supper quik to DL the eng sub……..
    cause I like this drama so much specially see go se won……………….

  101. 101 : Sunny Says:

    Hello all Crazy Love’s fans. If you are enjoying this drama, you must be in love with our lead actress Park Sun Young.

    I created an English fanpage on facebook for her.
    here the link:

    Please continue to give your support to this drama and Sunny (Park Sun Young’s nickname). I’m still working on it so come and support the page and offer some advice on what to put in there

    Like it” if you have a FB page please =) and invite your friends to join the fanpage. Thank you so much.

  102. 102 : billy Says:

    im in episode 32 going 33 now and so far im having mixed feelings about the story…something just doesnt click…like how can a mere child Sunhee muster so much malice at a very tender age that would carry her through adulthood? Children are suppose to be innocent regardless the bullying…its hard for me to swallow that a child can be capable of carrying such anger and hatred… another thing that bothers me is the adoptive father of MiSo who was supposedly a once- successful businessman who owned a candy factory. How can his personality change a lot after losing his factory to Oh Tae San, who partly scammed him? Successful businessmen are supposed to be more in control and smart and careful which doesnt seem to reflect the present ruined man, who im afraid is about to make another sorry decision that will put MiSo in a desperate situation all over again.

  103. 103 : velvet350 Says:

    This drama has become way too painful to watch!!!!

  104. 104 : mariaodessa Says:

    I Love this Show So Much..It’s Very Interesting every episodes… 🙂

  105. 105 : Ttuk Says:

    #98 Andrea

    I would say it represents the erosion of their (Sth.K) cultural values. And I would submit their society is but a decade or so, behind the US and Britain where modernity has ravaged and diluted traditional values.

    Art is very telling.

    Indeed these dramas are a metric for societal attitudes. The writers structure their works within the norms of their society and while they reflect the current values they unwittingly or knowingly effect change in their own society.

  106. 106 : mml Says:

    @101 Sunny,
    thank you for providing even more info.
    Anyway, i’m already following this drama at episode 53 .
    I watch this drama from the Taiwan website is also as good as facebook .

  107. 107 : Sandy Says:

    I’m finding it very hard to like the female lead. I don’t like women or men who cheat. I don’t care how much wrong has been done to her or him, it doesn’t justify her pursuing a married man. Now I just don’t like her or him. I literally skip the scenes they are in together. In my opinion the married lawyer cares more about the in laws and his crazy wife than her or he would divorce his cheating wife to be with MS. This drama is really turning my stomach.

  108. 108 : qqqSoul Says:

    where can i watch this tv series for free? with full episodes.. thanks.

  109. 109 : qqqSoul Says:

    i wanted to watch it here on dramafever but it say it’s not available in your country TT

  110. 110 : Sunny Says:

    @mml: thank you so much. This drama is driving me crazy but still love watching it 🙂

    @qqqSoul: you can watch CL with engsub on dramaepisode.com, gooddrama.net, epdrama.com or you can find soft sub from subscene.com

  111. 111 : grace antonio Says:

    Well, every scene is complicated on this drama and even the viewers are going crazy hahaha.. but I find this drama awesome.. I like the 2nd lead actor which is Choi Dae hoon as Jae Hyuk, he’s so masculine and cute in this drama and his acting ability is good, looking forward to see him in more Korean dramas. Is he a new Korean actor this is the first time I seen him in a drama??

  112. 112 : IND Says:

    there must be second season for “crazy for love” korean drama….

  113. 113 : Carmen Says:

    how come every lady in this dram believe Han Na young?….she is the meanest person in this drama they all know she is a hooker but still give her credivility in all she said…..she do not know how to act as herselph OMG she drives me crazzyyyyyy…….how she talk to her In law..OMG…not coerente…and the other crazy girl she can have a lover–that is ok, but her husvand OMG he is so stupid…how can he tolerate her…..????

  114. 114 : ANNI Says:


  115. 115 : Millie Says:

    Honestly, I don’t like the male lead Kyung Soo in this drama. I can’t find it in me to muster ANY sympathy for him. Whether or not he felt guilt tripped into marrying Hae Ryung he still CHOSE to marry her. Since he made that decision he should treat her as if she actually matters. We have seen Hae Ryung extend her warmth to him over and over again while he coldly disregards her. His father in law is literally telling him how to act like an actual husband. He doesn’t even try to be a loving or caring husband. He is literally just going through the motions looking as if he wished he were dead. While Hae Ryung’s jealousy and actions are over the top, her insecurity is totally valid given the fact that her husband is a complete and total jerk. If I were in her shoes I would be concerned about infidelity as well and as the series goes on we see her concerns were ultimately valid.

  116. 116 : anne Says:

    Where can i download or watch korean dramas?

  117. 117 : Nicol Says:

    When I watched the first 5 episodes ,I’m Totally Hooked on this drama…
    Super Intense and Dramatic..but I love this drama….

  118. 118 : kim Says:

    This is a good drama! At episode 40 its still going strong and is keeping my interest…

  119. 119 : SMM Says:

    more people need to watch this! its super addicting!

  120. 120 : Sandy Says:

    At Episode 78 I can officially say this is the worse drama I have ever seen. The story is all over the place. The main female lead is stupid and fake sweet–cheating woman is not sweet and nice in my opinion. She was hurt when her husband cheated on her, now she’s cheating and living with a married man. I don’t like the extremely stupid lead male she’s cheating with. Why won’t this man divorce his wife??!!! Why won’t he turn her in to the police??!!! More than that, my skin crawl when I see the two of them hugging. There is something so nasty and sordid about them being together. For the people who love this show, I truly do not understand how–I really don’t. Their is only one person who is likable in this drama, the second male lead–the bodyguard.

  121. 121 : billy Says:

    thanks for the tip Sandy, ive been having second thoughts whether to continue watching or not…i guess i will stop now….

  122. 122 : torri Says:

    i think you should officially stop watching this show, what i really don’t get how you got to watch 78 ep with the way you sound ,its pretty hard for me to believe u really hate the show like you indicated considering you have seen all 78 ep ,all the same i guess we are all here to express our minds about the show and if the show like you claim makes your skin crawl then save your skin from crawling by not watching it any more and let more viewers enjoy the show without all the negative words
    ahh!! by the way nothing personal just expressing my thoughts in regards to your comments and i hope you have more fun on your next show

  123. 123 : Sunny Says:

    @torri: omo thank you so much. at least there is someone that says what I’m thinking. If you watch 80 eps of this drama you can’t say “this is the worse drama I have ever seen”. Don’t ruin our joyful n happiness about this drama. Iwill always stay to this drama , always watch it and read all the news because i love it. i dont care about all the negative comment.

    @Sandy: so u can stop your negative comments now and we don’t need you here.

  124. 124 : Marie Says:

    It’s an interesting drama, Im already hooked on this drama….
    Exciting every episodes,I love this drama.., 🙂

  125. 125 : SMM Says:

    I really,really Love This Drama,Super Intense and very Dramatic..
    Also,the romantic scene with Mi So and Kyung Soo..

    I recommend this drama to Everyone…

  126. 126 : Jae Says:

    I have to agree that the male and female leads are really pathetic in a lot of ways. Until you get to around the 60-70s the series is very boring and uneventful. Starting 75 it gets interesting because the lead female finally starts to use that brain rattling around in her head. In episode 83 she decides to start her revenge.

    That Queen lady is just awesome though.

  127. 127 : Marie Says:

    Super Love,totally in love with this drama! It’s intense and the plot moves quickly so interesting to watch..

  128. 128 : Rio Says:

    I f i not mistaken,I read about this show that this drama carries the highest ratings (which are still quite low in comparison with public network numbers) of cable shows in that time slot…

    Go Fight Yoon Mi So..

  129. 129 : beamea Says:

    i’m very interested to watch this movie…hoping that this would catch my interst in korean movies more…

  130. 130 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected], I refuse to believe this stupid, poorly written drama is carrying the highest ratings. As a matter of fact, I doubt it seriously. This drama is a waste of time. You have a pathetic lead who you think will suddenly become wise somewhere along the way, but she never does. She remains dumb throughout. Unlike Adonis, Pink Lipstick, Daring Women, etc, where the women developed a backbone and fought back, dumb Mi So never does. Also the fact that she for several episodes was cheating with a marry man (the sorry lead actor), that turned a lot of people off. She willingly pursued a relationship with a marry man, not the good girl we had hoped for. I say watch if you want to, but it won’t take long to see this should be called Stupid Love and not Crazy Love.

  131. 131 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected] really? The words revenged were used and came out of her lips, but what revenge? Also, she’s still not using her head. This drama was so bad, that seeing anything positive is grasping for straws.

  132. 132 : loulou Says:

    @ Sandy,

    I totally agree with you. This drama had so much potential but it only keeps getting more and more ridiculous. I could understand some people being forgiving but who the hell would forgive their child’s murderer O_o??? And what about the cops… she keeps walking around town but they can’t find her loool
    I complained about When a man Falls in love but this drama is certainly the worst of 2013…

  133. 133 : Charmaine Says:

    It’s long winded and dumb. I hate long winded dramas with little development except mulling over men/women they love but cannot have or don’t dare to take action. what a waste of time.

  134. 134 : vareena Says:

    I watched over 100 Kdrama and never critizised any of them but with this crazy drama that stupid writers showed their stupid brain make me sick and almost lost my appetize. How the hell they come up with those stupid plot and make people so sick of the show. It is the end of the writers.

  135. 135 : metok Says:

    actually..this is drama is so nice…but there r many things that cannot be digest..just lie forgiving the people who r really horrible.. specially villian in drama are getting chance all the way..and the main lead actress is so pathetic…pls …the lawyer is so nice and wonderfull….

  136. 136 : Carmen Says:

    Worst drama for 2013, I agree 100%—–I keep watching this drama, but it is getting so so pathetic and keeps getting more and more ridiculous. Even the father in the hospital it is so, so…I am tired of repeating myself…I think is about time to end this ugly drama, it did start fine but it is getting so stupid…..it is unbelebable.

  137. 137 : mml Says:

    @136 Carmen,
    i have completed watching the whole drama and final episode ends at episode 100 . Originally, it was planned and arranged as 120 episodes, but, who knows it was shortened to 100 episodes, in fact, my personal opinion is, this is a nice melodrama with good happy ending romance with the right love.

    Since, i have completed watching the whole drama, i don’t think is the worst drama for 2013, i think is an average drama.
    If, is a bad drama ,usually i will give up in watching in certain episodes or sometimes, i will give up in watching before i can even complete finishing the whole drama.

    I love this drama is mainly because the main leading actor Go Se Won as Seo Kyung Soo did not give up his love towards Park Sun Young as Yoon Mi So and love her faithfully.

    And congratulations to myself that i also did not give up in watching this drama. I have made an effort to love and complete watching this drama.

  138. 138 : w batchelor Says:

    I have never commented on a drama before but this drama forced me to do so. The begining of the drama was fairly good the last 20 or so were totally not worth the time to watch. Seo Kyung Soo character degraded to a wimpy little cry baby almost stalker type. How Yoon Mi So kept from slapping him I will never know. All in all this drama/writer was poor. The last half of it was just pathetic and not worth watching.

  139. 139 : Rio Says:

    @MML,I Agree with you this a good drama and I watch it til the end….
    I never give up watching this drama..I love the ending….

  140. 140 : Sunny Says:

    well, I’m sure this drama has bad writers but their love story is so beautiful. I admire Kyung Soo’s love for Mi So and I never miss any ep.

  141. 141 : Sunny Says:

    A Facebook Fan Page for beautiful actress Park Sun Young – 박선영 🙂
    Please continue to give your support to Sunny. Visit her fan page at:
    “LIKE IT” if you have a FB page please and invite your friends to join the fanpage. Thank you <3

  142. 142 : CodeFIVE Says:

    This is the Most Beautiful and Lovely Drama of 2013.Actually, I read an article about this show that this drama carries the highest ratings (which are still quite low in comparison with public network numbers) of cable shows in that time slot…

    FYI,…This is the most popular drama, so the management decided extend this show for a regular Mon-Thurs,..thru a Daily Drama (Mon-Thurs)..

  143. 143 : R Says:

    This drama is full of CRAP!

  144. 144 : FaeP. ^^ Says:

    I agree. It’s the best korean drama next to Missing You either. I really love it since i saw it’s trailer drama. I even bought a copy of it’s movie and decided to watch it. I really was stunned watching those characters go insane for LOVE. So i go on forward and saw it has an awesome ending though its does not barely showed what will happen sooner.

  145. 145 : FaeP. ^^ Says:

    I didnt even go to sleep at night just to watch this. I can merely say that the movie was very good. 🙂 You’ll never regret watching this.

  146. 146 : bibi Says:

    ive watch so many korean dramas but i dnt thnk i can recommend ds series to my frens..i was riLy dsapoint wth ds drama series dat she wantd to pursue hr reLationship wth a married man. wyL she knew the feeLng of being abandoned by hr husband..

  147. 147 : ave marie Says:

    I loove diz drama..it makes our eyes open of da reality of life..CRAZY LOVE is so true:-)looooooooove diz drama congrats to d writer and d actreses gud job!

  148. 148 : suppledexplorer Says:

    I have to watch it to know if its really a good drama or not:)

  149. 149 : jasmin lofranco Says:

    Im from the Philippines…This melodrama has been shown in our country and i can say that it was the best korean drama ever done..honestly i didnt like it atfirst..but when the storyline finally came out and indicated its hidden topic..I began to be fool with it..Imagine how love changes people too much..AnD I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THE STORY .THEY WERE ALL GREAT AND FIT TO BE IN IT..ESPECIALLY, PARK SUN YOUNG AND GO SE WON.. And FOR THE BASHERS.. YOU DONT KNOW WHATS A DRAMA REALLY MEANS….CRAZYLOVE WILL BE FOREVER REMEMBERED…LOVE IT!!

  150. 150 : Sandy Says:

    I watch a lot of dramas, long dramas, but this one hands down was the worse. The female and male lead were so wimpy. I also could not get behind a romance between a woman and a married man. The main female lead was trying to be portrayed as sweet and innocent when I just saw stupid and cunning for going after another woman’s husband. It really got me when she apologized to the man’s wife for going shopping with her mother when at the same time she was shopping openly at the mall with her husband.

    I gave up around episode 70 which were 30 episodes past my limit. I came back a few months later and skipped to the end. Evil continued to win almost to the very end. Someone said in an earlier post that the lead female began her revenge–I laugh because no one in their right might would turn over their company to someone as incompetent as the lead and her revenge plot was stupid.

    I recommend not to waste your time, but if you insist, get ready to be extremely frustrated and the ridiculous writing.

  151. 151 : cazz Says:

    oo nga. nag revenge siya pero bat ganun ngpatawad parin siya hanggang sa huli sa mga nanakit sa anak niya.. 🙁

  152. 152 : funnygurl Says:

    i’m quite late in watching this good drama, the drama brought me to watch bec of Go se won & Park they were both my favorites & i just can’t stopped watching this as it’s very addictive! some of the writing i must say was very exaggerated & not realistic, park’s charac here was either too nice or quite stupid, she lets na young get away, and the charac haryeong & her father are evil in their deeds! i’m at the ep where soo kyung already found ouf about his brod being murdered by har yeong & her father but realistically these two shld’ve been arrested by the police since soo kyung already got the CD as his evidence! the writer was quite good but i dunno he/she went overboard with some ridiculous matters! however, i just can’t quit now since i’m almost there in finishing it but just thought of letting it off my chest! 🙂 i just like go se won & park in this team up so i’m gg to finish it! overall, it’s quite good but be prepared to hv your blood pressure checked out LOLs

  153. 153 : guest Says:

    the writer/s of this drama i think went crazy bec of the twists & turns which i find ridiculous! i always luv park sun young & woah need i say more about go se won he’s a king (for me at least) of kdrama mini-seris, but anyway park’s charac is so dumb to the fullest! the last few episodes just got out of control, if not for go se won i wld’ve stopped watching – so many stupid things in this story, among a few i’d mention (bec this page might get filled if i hv to state a lot of them lols) that scene where mi so confronted na young about her child, she cldn’t even slap her in spite of what she’d done; then her bio mother knowing she lives with 2 evil persons, she still tolerated both father/daughter w/all their criminal activities; then mi soo breaking up w/the greatest guy in her life; seo kyung instead of reporting about his brother’s real killers won’t go to the police & made a deal with tae san but the latter still tried to kill both him & mi soo and need i say more? i must admit the drama started real nice esp when mi so & seo kyung fell for each other but the writer just went overboard & it was not realistic anymore! i’m only on ep 88 but my blood pressure watching this drama shoots up bec of the stupid script the writers got during the last few episodes, i just hope it will redeem itself & hv a happy ending! i love go se won & his character here made me really sorry for him when mi soo won’t even tell him that her memory is back, i think park’s character here is super dumb/stupid if you will!

  154. 154 : funnygurl Says:

    @Sandy i agree w/you 101% esp mi so she’s too dumb if i may say so! na young & haryeong plus her father well let’s add her ex hubby & ex monster in law she just let them got away & she kept meeting her enemies for coffee! if not for go se won i wld’ve stopped watching this drama! it was good fr the start but the last few episodes were just ridiculous!

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