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Couple of Fantasy

Title: 환상의 커플 / Couple of Fantasy
Chinese title : 幻想的情侣/梦幻情侣/幻想情侣
Also known as: Fantasy Couple (lit. translation) / Couple or Trouble (MBC Global Media)
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Oct-14 to 2006-Dec-3
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40


This series is based on the 1987 American movie Overboard. Anna Jo (Han Ye Seul) is a rude, feisty, and audacious American-bred heiress who can never be satisfied. She returns to Korea only to continue being a controlling wife to her already cowardly husband, Billy Park (Kim Sung Min). When her yacht gets stuck for repairs, she hires local handyman Jang Chul Soo (Oh Ji Ho) to fix her shower, but when they have a heated spat over her dissatisfaction and non payment, she pushes him overboard and dunks his tools into the ocean right along with him. Later, after a quarrel with Billy that threatens to end their marriage, she herself gets drunkenly pitched overboard and falls victim to a bad case of amnesia.


Han Ye Seul as Anna Jo / Na Sang Shil
Oh Ji Ho as Jang Chul Soo
Kim Sung Min as Billy Park (Anna Jo’s husband)
Park Han Byul as Oh Yoo Kyung (flower shop girl)

Extended Cast

Kim Kwang Kyu as Gong Sil Jang (Anna Jo’s assistant)
Kim Jung Wook as Ha Deok Ku (Chul Soo’s friend)
Lee Mi Young as Oh Kye Joo (Deok Ku’s mother)
Jung Soo Young as Kang Ja
Lee Suk Min (이석민) as Jang Joon Seok (Chul Soo’s nephew)
Kim Tae Yoon as Jang Yoon Seok (Chul Soo’s nephew)
Park Joon Mok as Jang Geun Seok (Chul Soo’s nephew)
Lee Sang Yi as Shim Hyo Jung

Production Credits

Original story: Leslie Dixon
Producer: Kim Sang Ho
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)

Offcial Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : becky Says:

    i want see film korea about fantasy couple,ivery like it….thank so much

  2. 2 : becky Says:

    i like film fantasy couple…i often to find website about film korea

  3. 3 : est Says:

    will it be sold in singapore?

  4. 4 : Drama Addict Says:

    I only watch the first few episodes, they were hilarious!!!

  5. 5 : jas Says:

    i have only wathced the first and second ep, ya i agree we u, drama addict!! They were hilarious!!

  6. 6 : Sean Says:

    I guess Singapore will take 6mths to start selling it. heh. Anyway, I finished the serial. The best comedy of the yr. This drama has win itself the best drama, most popular actress and actor, best couple award at MBC shows award night. Its REALLY a must watch drama. Even my frenz who never watch k drama, after watching this drama was totally addicted!!! IMO, even better than Full House and My Girl…..;)


  7. 7 : Hyacinth Says:

    This is Oh JI Ho’s funniest series. It has come out in a Hong Kong version with Mandarin, Cantonese, and English subtitles for about $20.00 US currency.

    It is a hit show, and will probably be sold everywhere eventually.

    I love it. It’s a great gift for a friend too.

    I agree with Sean. It’s special. I bought it the minute it hit the web auctions, and I’m going to watch it again this weekend.

    The English subs are poor, but you can follow it.

  8. 8 : jas Says:

    lol..its a very funny korean drama, but i still think My Girl is betta =P
    anywayz i think ppl would like watching it too

  9. 9 : jas Says:

    does anyone noe where to get couple of fantasy soudtracks?

  10. 10 : cool?yes Says:

    jas i got the couple of fantasy soundtracks downloaded…
    well it was easy for me to download it cuz im a korean and i can just go and use a korean website or program and one click

    sorry i dont know where other people can download the OSTS

  11. 11 : jas Says:

    o, its ok =) thx anywayz
    cool?yes, where do u live? Do u live in korea?

  12. 12 : jas Says:

    i found the soundtracks!!! =)lol

  13. 13 : cool?yes Says:

    no i live in usa…and good to know that u found the tracks 😀

  14. 14 : Jenney Says:

    Juz finished watching the whole drama. I totally agreed that this is a very funny & enjoyable drama. But among the latest drama, I still prefer Lover.

  15. 15 : ica Says:

    i have already finished watching this drama!!!.. and it is so nice and entertaining!!!.. i really laugh my heart out at the first few episodes!!!.. but when i come to the last two episodes.. i really cant help my tears from falling!!!.. the ending was so touching!!..

    i will really recommend this drama to all of you who wants to fall in love in no time!!!.. the saying “the one you hate, the one you love” is indeed true!!..

  16. 16 : Tze Lie Cien Says:

    Wowww.. i like this drama.. very funny and interesting.. also a little bit sad but i really like it.
    This drama has its unique, different with other.. U must see it!!
    For those who have saw it, nust know Kang Ja.. Ting.. Haha..

  17. 17 : feira Says:

    GREAT MOvie,,Very,very,very,very FUnny..
    I interested watch it because Oh JI Ho

    Best Regards :

  18. 18 : deer Says:


  19. 19 : bucks Says:

    Really love ana jo! she really did a great job. I made an mv and listed in youtube
    hope you ppl enjoy!

  20. 20 : pa Says:

    This comedy is sooooooo funny, every Korean freak have to watch this one. He got such a hottttttttttttt bod!

  21. 21 : audioa Says:

    interesting plot!!

  22. 22 : wink Says:

    hmmmmm…araso..ill watch this one..seems nyc

  23. 23 : lovely me nov Says:

    Nice movie…i like it ^_^

  24. 24 : Miss Na SeuL Says:

    I loVe tHis dRama So much!!!!!!!
    speciaLLy Han Ye SeuL… and Oh Ji Ho is AweSome….
    I watches this Drama aBout 7times… anD I was Laughing EvEry part of it…
    Han Ye SeuL is My faV kOrean Actress… she was cool and I’LL waiting for her another new drama series… she was great and I’m proud to be her fan because she got 3 awards on MBC drama awards last year.
    ooh… in Indonesia when I live now,, there’s terrible… because most of Our drama series here (called:sinetron) is duplicate from K-drama… and I was dissapointed with my own country…
    it makes me sad… indonesian director maybe didn’t have inspiration again.

  25. 25 : angel Says:

    I love this series! It was so hilarious!

    Great chemistry of Oh Ji Ho & Han Ye Seul!

    the supporting cast also are great especially the one who played Kang Ja! hahaha!

  26. 26 : Sumin Says:

    strange couple!!
    I LUV THIS DRAMA! its so cute, then funny at the same time! lol

  27. 27 : mizz_emonita Says:

    luv this drama…..so funny….!!!
    eh,,ada juga “imitasi” nya di salah satu stasiun tv swasta lho…
    haha…nice try…but,still the original version is the best !!!!

  28. 28 : hulala one Says:

    Its a nice drama, had fun w/ the crazy girl..

  29. 29 : T_Beck666 Says:

    yesl is so cute!! Love Oh Ji hoo too…
    Chul Soo saranghae ^_^v…..

  30. 30 : ddx Says:

    i love the drama.. was funny…
    plot quite interesting..
    i just finish the last episode.. but i dont quite understand the ending speech..
    it kinda leave me hanging.. the speech on the bustop at the end.

    i mean. is that mean she will never remember everything?
    wut will happen to her husband? will still trying to get her back?
    Also. if she remember everything, what would happen to them two ?
    soo the ending kinda leave me hanging..
    if someone knows.. pls clarify this for me…
    i wonder if there is a purrple for this ending.. so that they will have a Season 2… COUPLE OF TROUBLE 2 or sumthing

  31. 31 : Itho81 Says:

    I have watched this drama, wow.. absolutely funny n great story!!

  32. 32 : 진 사 민 Says:

    i love han ye seul

  33. 33 : don Says:

    this drama was sooooo good! i loved it! funny, and dramatic at the right moments! and han ye seul is gorgeous!

  34. 34 : adw Says:

    I love this movie, very love it
    SO FUNNY, SO Romantic, FUN To WATCH


  35. 35 : shecky Says:

    this is drama is indeed very funny. honestly i thought it started out a little boring and thus i felt quite unattracted to it. but it came out hilarious after a while and i find myself addicted to the arrogance of Ana Jo and the comedic attitude of jang chul soo. they are very cute together.

  36. 36 : jung jin Says:

    I think this drama will be the most romanitic drama that i will watch. The actors is so handsome and cute in TV. The actress is so beatiful and elligant to look. I hope i can watch the drama.

  37. 37 : Lestat Says:

    Bery good drama…normally never watch with my wife when she is watching korean drama…but, this one, i even volunteer to buy it and watch it before Singapore cable TV finish airing it….GOOD!!!

  38. 38 : I love Jo Anna Says:

    ahhh!!! i love this drama so much! its very interest.
    i love Han Ye SeuL, she’s very cute (na san sil is too).
    tui phai cong nhan phim hay da man tan bao. hiem co phim han quoc nao hay nhu the. ahhh, Han Ye SeuL xinh kinh khung, sao minh thich the ko biet.

  39. 39 : Tyrah Says:

    funny n suspen story hehe

  40. 40 : chee jayni Says:

    wooowwww!!!! i really enjoyed watching fantasy couple. it will make you fall in love. hehehe. very nice comedy drama, it will make you love and it will make you cry. same with my name is kim sam soon and foxy lady. they are both FANTASTIC….

  41. 41 : Brender Says:


    does anyone of you knows where I can download the soundtracks of this drama? I had a hard time looking for it. Would really appreciate if you can advise me! 🙂

  42. 42 : alice Says:

    i am looking for the soundtracks as well… it’s so cute… can anyone advise where can i get the soundtracks? thanks

  43. 43 : sella Says:

    hi” beautiful

  44. 44 : ahjumma Says:

    hahaha sooo funny, hillarious..!
    though in the start, i thought it’s somekind of gangster movie or somethin’.
    but don’t u think it’s too ‘american’? 😀

  45. 45 : marie katrina syguia Says:

    hello ang ganda ganda ng couple or trouble sana ulitin full house para back 2 back sila hehehe

  46. 46 : sLiE Says:

    i think the plot and the story’s great..kepp on rockin’ guys!!!!

  47. 47 : Thida Says:

    Omg, I loved the Couple of Fantasy. It’s odd, I’ve seen several different names for these series. I guess it’s because of the different translations… Anyways, the series had me laughing till my sides ached! But then, at times… it was so sad… I liked the beginning episodes the best. My favorite scene was the one where Jang Chul Soo and Jo Ana trade Princess and that dog. It was hilarious.

  48. 48 : Sebast Says:

    I just love this show(Fantasy couple) …! it so nice… best korea show i ever watch… jo ana is so adorable… is full of laughter too… btw.. can anybody tell mi how can i download the Just we ost.. i jus couldnt find it…Help! am dying for this song

  49. 49 : ivy Says:

    there is a link on the post for download OST

  50. 50 : elaine Says:

    where i can watch the full series of it? w/ English subtitles?

  51. 51 : Dodo Says:

    elaine, you can watch it here – http://www.mysoju.com/couple-or-trouble/

  52. 52 : h2 Says:

    This is quite a good comparing the recent drama. Like the actress, she has the “air”
    and make a matching couple with the main actor. Love the way she carried herself,
    the way she talk and walk, and the transition she made.Worth watching.

  53. 53 : enigma Says:

    i really like this drama!!!

  54. 54 : sarah Says:

    i love you………………. oh ji-ho

  55. 55 : sarah Says:

    oh ji-ho,, how i wish i can meet you in person

  56. 56 : jovylene Says:

    you know what? im so glad and happy to watch youre drama

  57. 57 : jovylene Says:

    i love you>..ana specially to you mr eugine i want to see you in person but its so long distance if okey please invitte me at my yahoo messenger::::::[email protected]……..thanks a lot

  58. 58 : eli Says:

    i like this drama.. funny!

  59. 59 : Jaque Says:

    kudos! really love it.. 2 thumbs up! 🙂

  60. 60 : Jaque Says:

    it’s a very nice tv series..;-) 1 of the best tv series I’ve ever watched.. 🙂

  61. 61 : RuTeE Says:


    i love OH JI HO!!!!!!!!!!

    he’s very god in acting!!! and he’s so very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tHE sTory wAS sO fUnnY AnD rOmaNtiCCc………!

  62. 62 : RuTeE Says:


    thiS is tHe bSt dRamA!!!!!!!!!!!

    iT iS sO gOOd!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  63. 63 : joynhald Says:

    very nice… funny and yet it can touch your heart in the end…. thanks for uploading

  64. 64 : haruhi Says:

    i watch this for 2 days.. worth watching… it’s a happy ending.. yehey..

  65. 65 : ryza joy Says:

    ana ang galng mo ang taas ng ratings!!!! talo mo CHANEL 2 OR 10…. lam u lagi kme nanonood ng show nyo.. impress kame sau bsta ka d2 sa phllpnes………..

  66. 66 : cristina Says:

    what a cute couple!
    i’ve watched this series
    over & over..

  67. 67 : gen Says:

    ei mga tga philippines,hook din pla kau s mga korean drama.hahaha akala ko ako lng.

  68. 68 : GraCeE Says:

    nice drama! it was so funny!! i have watched the ending in this story…! it was a happy ending!!!!!!! oh ji ho is very cute………[email protected]”,

  69. 69 : rinna24 Says:

    this drama is so so ok… oh ji ho in this movie as cute as his acting in super rookie.. but tis one is better!..

  70. 70 : coffeeprincess Says:

    How many episodes does this have?20?

  71. 71 : ashin Says:

    hahahah/// nkktawa to promise…

  72. 72 : redheels Says:

    The girl in this drama is really a great actress….she’s wonderful…i hope we can see more shows from her in the future…..and she also plays the piano so well….two thumbs up!!

  73. 73 : FaN-nY Says:

    wow… its a very nice korean drama…. i always watch this everyday… i hope the casts of couple or trouble will someday visit the philippines… that all… MABUHAY PHILIPPINES!!!!!!

  74. 74 : COUPLE-OR-TROUBLE FAN Says:

    WEE! i am a number one fan of couple of fantasy! or also known as couple or trouble. ang ganda na umpisa pa lang!!! ito na ang perfect korean drama for me! i like Sandy than the bad Anna, Eugene makes me crazy!!! Billy is annoying then i hate this character Lorraine, she has a devil smile always kapag walang nakakakita sakanya lalong lalo na yung kunwari lasing siya para sunduin lng ni Eugene!

  75. 75 : mint Says:

    i am a certified addict of this show…

    i always go home early just to watch it…

    i’m hoping for a sequel!!!!!!!!!!

    oh god!!!

  76. 76 : monique Says:

    oh no! our sembreak is over!! huhuhu!!! I’ll never watch my favorite korean drama!! pls give me some informations about couple of fantasy by emailing
    me, [email protected]

  77. 77 : elice of aklan Says:

    idolo ko gid a si han ye seul. kamayad mayad ta imaw nga artista… gwapa pa…

  78. 78 : emy Says:

    can somebody post the whole episode in youtube?? pls. pls. pls.

  79. 79 : mr q? Says:

    ..hahyy ang gwapo talaga ni oh ji ho..
    ..sana magka anak kami as soon as possible..

  80. 80 : Regeene Mae Says:

    I am a super fan of these show,,,
    I love it especially ana…
    I hope that they will go to the philippines very soon…..
    if the characters will read these message,, please add me in friendster
    [email protected]
    thank you………

  81. 81 : Pouwz Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … cukup menghibur banget…lucu abis. makanya banyak stasiun tv indonesia buat versi indonesianya… 3 1/2 for this movie

  82. 82 : lerni Says:

    i love the story!!
    no.1 !! the best!!

  83. 83 : Unpredictabble Says:

    It’s a good drama, quite entertaining, funny and story isn’t too boombastic.. I love it..

  84. 84 : cinge Says:

    the mavie of couple or trouble is very beautiful movie i im enjoy to the character of couple or trouble………

  85. 85 : annjhie Says:

    masaya kwento…tlgang matatawa ka..pero may romance din..lagi kong sinusubaybayan..

  86. 86 : annjhie Says:

    lalong gumaganda ang kwento…si anna tlga bagay sila ni eugene,..kakatawa best story tlga to…lalo na yung shiela aahhahahahahhah…i love the story tlga…d’ kapuso gma galing nga mga koreanovela nila,walang katulad…

  87. 87 : jie Says:

    hope you guys (all the casts and the people behind the scene of couple or trouble) won all the awards in all of the award giving body in Korea…

    best show i’ve ever watched!!!…

    can’t wait for another team up for Oh Ji Ho and Han Ye Seul….

  88. 88 : nathali Says:

    thank you soo much for showing couple of fantasy a.k.a couple or trouble online I really love this show it is so sad at the end yet very funny at the beginning! Thankssssssssss

  89. 89 : rainne perez Says:

    graaabe!! nakaka adik talaga tong couple or trouble!! the perfect korean drama ever!! hope n bisitahin ni han ye seul and oh ji ho ang pilipins plsss..gumawa kau ng paraan!! to ol fantasy couple adik,invite nyo po [email protected]

  90. 90 : elouise Says:

    Love this drama! But GMA did a poor job in Tagalog dubbing..It ruined much of the story and some funny moments…

  91. 91 : Sed Says:

    i realy love this series… too bad tinapos ko agad panoorin s dvd… sayng maxado akong ngmadali… nkktwa d same time nkkkilig.. hahay… i hope may sequel pra makita ang pgging totful ng mga bida.. mxdo kc clng malamig s isat isa most of the story… what ya think???

  92. 92 : joemar Says:

    ang ganda talaga comedy…ang saya saya

  93. 93 : roms Says:

    couple or trouble….the best tlga,tumitigil munddo namin d2 sa bahay pag couple or trouble na palabas….sulit tlga grabe ganda ng story….galing talaga ng kapuso….kya d matalo2 ng iba network dyn…hahahaha

  94. 94 : roms Says:

    couple or trouble….the best tlga,tumitigil mundo namin d2 sa bahay pag couple or trouble na palabas….sulit tlga grabe ganda ng story….galing talaga ng kapuso….kya d matalo2 ng iba network dyn…hahahaha

  95. 95 : /\\//\ Says:

    wala me masabi. sobrang ganda kc… wah…

  96. 96 : silent Says:

    waaaa! this is terrific show! whoah! han hye seul is so very pretty! and cute! i lav et!

  97. 97 : futuristic_joy Says:

    i love han ye-seul! she’s the best korean actress ever!.. i honestly love her style, her striking beauty, body & brain!.. wow! she’s perfect! i hope will have a lot of projects soon..

  98. 98 : futuristic_joy Says:

    i hope han ye-seul will have a lot of projects soon! you will honestly loss your memory when you watch her! she’s so cool!.. i miss her! i hope she’ll make another breaking drama & movies soon!

  99. 99 : janice Says:

    sobra ganda talaga

  100. 100 : LeCiel Says:

    very funny.. i love it!

  101. 101 : HannyBae Says:

    One of best comedy-drama. The crazy girl (kang Za?) is sooooo funny! She should win a best supporting actress.

  102. 102 : aileen cute Says:

    i really love this korean drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh ji ho is so handsome! he’s really a yummy hunk!!;D heehee……….can’t wait for the 17th episode!!gud luckl! more powers! hope there’s second, third and many pats!!hehe i love oh ji ho….he’s really very very cute!;D

  103. 103 : zhangzhexiu99 Says:

    i really like dis koreandrama very funny i hope there’s a part 2

  104. 104 : CHERISH Says:


  105. 105 : cherylicious Says:

    what am i say is this series is so fabulous i really really love the characters here most of all han ye sul she has a natural comidic timing and ofcourse oh ji ho he is so hot and yummy i love him so much…. i think this romantic comedy will beat full house…..more power 2 u guys

  106. 106 : jen Says:

    this one is a very fantastic…i love watching it,
    really it is a very good stress reliever!!!,

  107. 107 : gladz Says:

    i love the attitude….

  108. 108 : gladz Says:

    i love the attitude…..

  109. 109 : fantasy Says:

    thumbs up~!

  110. 110 : rosyjoy Says:

    i love han ye seul’s character!.. Honestly, what makes me love her is because of her role as a rich heiress because she’s so stylish, fashionable, sexy & more attractive.. i think it’s better for her to become a princess than an ordinary person as Na Sang Shil. Anyway, no matter what role she played in fantasy couple, i really like her! hope there will be fantasy couple 2..

  111. 111 : rosyjoy Says:

    after i watched fantasy couple, han ye seul become my only one actress..

  112. 112 : devie lou Says:

    chaarrr!!! i really like your movie

  113. 113 : ayeo Says:


  114. 114 : JERMINE Says:

    ermms ..
    paiiseii arhhs .
    ii am currently watchinqq FANTASY COUPLES..
    and ii really like the two main characters .
    ermms ..
    may ii noe ..
    what iis the endinqq..
    iis Shang sil and Jang Chul Soo together at the end ???!?!!?!
    ii really hope that they are together at the end !!!!
    HAHAS .
    cann someone reply >????
    ii really wanns to noe .
    thanks .

  115. 115 : raymark Says:

    best drama of all series.. =)

  116. 116 : JERMINE Says:

    its the BEST drama ! ! !
    its really sad to see Jang Chel-SU and Cho Anna cryinqq so pityfully.
    so sad !
    ii cried out too..first time.
    ii am crazy bout thiis show already.

  117. 117 : fantasy couple fan Says:

    i love han ye seul’s character as a cruel/bad woman but attactive & stylish rich princess.. she really makes me laugh.. it’s so cool!

  118. 118 : shee Says:

    couple or trouble is amazing!i luv it so much..han ye seul is great

  119. 119 : HonkyToink Says:

    im no korean but i really love this one.. well made… can anyone suggest another drama in which this stars are in. specially the 2 Hot girls.

  120. 120 : unica Says:

    i really love this!!
    i find them really really cute..
    and i love the character of han ye seul,
    she has her own way of expressing her feelings
    at tha same time
    she’s super funny,,
    and attractive

    love it!!=)

  121. 121 : yam Says:

    she’s good, gorgeous and wonderful in her own way.

  122. 122 : rainne perez Says:

    imso additc of thiz drama..its the best korean drama ever.. i like han ye seul as sangshil or sandy.. very funny.and chul soo,,your soooo cute!!hey,korean drama addicted, invite me [email protected] or textme..09193162373

  123. 123 : rainne perez Says:

    ey nga pala…post nyo po plz sa youtube whole episode yung tagalog dubbed pllllzz… im begging somebody plzz….. i realy cried a lot pag may namimiz akong episode ng fantacy couple…

  124. 124 : rainne perez Says:

    i belong here,im one of you guyz…hehehe.. GMA plzz rewind nyo po couple or trouble ok?? sana pang gabi naman..

  125. 125 : pherriewhinkle Says:

    yoh!!!i love this koreanovela!!!the story is a real lovable one..the best next to fullhouse!!!

  126. 126 : marnelli cabanban Says:

    really cool! the acting was so great… i appreciate it so much…. love it!!!

  127. 127 : RockeyHaney Says:

    but funny!!!!

  128. 128 : aswad Says:

    lol..i miss the last episode..can anyone tell me wat happen?
    but, this drama is so adorable..

  129. 129 : Que Chill Says:

    yeah this drama is great ..different from others korean drama..yeah first time for watch the cast in Couple of fantasy or in malaysia their tittle is couple or trouble..but yeah that’s great..

  130. 130 : annlex Says:

    i love this drama.i hope i meet han ye sul… hehehe..i love you oh ji ho..your so hunk…plss rewind this show..it made me crazy…more power…..
    it so fabulous..

  131. 131 : norilyn Says:

    i missed the ending so im requesting sum one to tell me what happen..can anyone post the last episode in youtube??plzzz..pwede in tagalog dubbed?? hehe

  132. 132 : rainne Says:

    pllz guyzz..im begging u to post the last episode of this drama..i accidentaly missed it,,plz sumbody help me..i cant sleep well becuz of it..huhuhu..plzzz.. [email protected]

  133. 133 : mikansakura Says:

    the ending was neat…but i really like its song…so funny….especially with the violin.it made me laugh and almost fall of my chair…seriously..i like the character Ra Sang Sil better than Jo Anna…i like the way she walks..like a model!hahahaha…..can’t wait to buy its ost

  134. 134 : deric Says:

    am no korean but loves this drama. never fancy dramas but this really changed my view. great job at MBC to create such a entertaining show and credits to none other than han ye-seul. she’s not only beau but her acting is great, if not the best. really love the scene where she cried while eating the jajameen…. but she’s much great being sang shil. kudos to her and the other casts incl the girl who plays kang-ja, she’s sooooo funny.

  135. 135 : biejou Says:

    i really love this drama so much!
    it’s so interesting and cool!
    Anna Jo is like me…
    the way she smile,
    this is the BEST DRAMA i’ve ever watched!
    i love you Anna!

  136. 136 : pOLy Says:

    i riLi LovE kOreAn mOviE en sOng……..mOrE pOweR 2 OL of u guyz,,,en snA mrmi pAh kEong mbgyaN inSprASion sA mgA pEopLe LikE mE,,,en iL oLways supOrt u

  137. 137 : ehssy Says:

    the plot is very ordinary, AMNESIA!?.,., no twists included, the scenario is just like the others!.. two different worlds are about to cross paths and at the very moment there comes an accident. generally, the series isn’t unique. juz the same as all others.. but to clarify, there are conflicts that can be the asset to say this is different!. anna!?.., the character of anna is different compared the other amnesia-story?.. she is married before she met chul soo?.., so she was bind to billy!?.. the story is comedy, though its amnesia.!?.. So amazing!?. this are the changes that the viewers wanted to see.. even the plot is common?.. they have enjoy it?.. and yet, i did?.. anna was versatile, she can be so cruel, she can be lovely… the story emphasize the two lives of anna? of who she is? and wat she can be after living in with chul soo….. this is gud?.. this nice?.. i think this is the best amnesia story i’ve ever watched?.. one thing that made this story different is this is comedy?… this is nice, though!

  138. 138 : ayu Says:

    hai i very fanatic with thiz drama..

  139. 139 : Gizel Says:

    i love it!! but i dont watch this one in GMA, i have it one DVD,, my character was like Anna, im also rude & feisty but im satisfied on what i have,, i really like the progress of the sotry,,

  140. 140 : garapacho Says:

    i really love this kdrama.. the cast and its ost are fantastic!

  141. 141 : fulgoso Says:

    billy and kang ja’s scenes for me are the funniest parts! heheheh=D

  142. 142 : funny & romantic movie I ever seen Says:

    funny & romantic movie I ever seen !

  143. 143 : Donny Says:

    kang ja is cute, oh ji ho is handsome and adorable. very enjoyable story.

  144. 144 : maidy coleen Says:

    hi…i really love this korean drama…..
    ana;sandy is so cute….

    and her partner….

    i totally cried and laugh when i watch..

  145. 145 : amelia Says:

    love it ver much…very funny and entertaining..enjoy it very much

  146. 146 : PEACE! KoReAn LoVeRs Says:

    Park han byul luks lyk 1 of member TSZX the grace…Dunno her name…But their face r not really that same,just thought if they hav any relations..Anyway,best drama.Really a fantasy n cute couple,2nd 2 coffee prince..

  147. 147 : Kate Says:

    I love HAN YE SEUL and OH JI HO’s performance in this drama,
    ye seul is crazy while ji ho’s handsome and good looking,

  148. 148 : donna Says:

    i love this series… cute romantic comedy…. a must see…

  149. 149 : RainArgifel Says:

    the gurl is kinda wierd..everything about her..the ewyes the way she act…kinda ruthless

  150. 150 : stellar Says:

    The best drama in 2006!!!

  151. 151 : alfred Says:

    gotta love Na Shang Shil’s hair!!!!!
    aw. so attractive.

  152. 152 : alfred Says:

    wow people.

    this is the one and only drama, that i could watch endlessly without stopping.
    not a single moment of boredom at all!
    so much fun watching Couple or Trouble / Couple of Fantasy!!!
    best of all, i’m a guy!!!

    oh mo man!

  153. 153 : leoz Says:


    i’m really enjoyed couple of fantasy…it’s a complete package of fun, jokes and wonderful actors…

    Most of all, i reaaaally loved their soundtracks!! Two thumbs up for COUPLE OF FANTASY !

  154. 154 : dra Says:

    so funny…
    the girl’s role suits her..
    the guy is lovable..

  155. 155 : from HK with love Says:

    Great script says it all…

  156. 156 : Alam Says:

    It’s a most enjoyable T.V drama I have ever watched. Good story, good acting and music.
    Very heart touched, especially at the ending.

  157. 157 : alberto Says:

    Two thumbs up!!!

  158. 158 : citi Says:

    Fun, funny, hilarious!!!

  159. 159 : Alexis Says:

    The best of drama in 2007, love oh ji hoo and han ye seul

  160. 160 : @iJb Says:

    luv this drama..
    very funny story…
    good actors n actress..
    this is must watching drama…
    u will not regret…

  161. 161 : pinl Says:

    love han ye seul in this drama 🙂

  162. 162 : venus Says:

    i tink the female lead is ugly and the way she act was disgusting!!

  163. 163 : dewi Says:

    cant be more agree with venus. i stopped watching on episode 2 cause the storyline is boring n the actor/actress are not interesting.

  164. 164 : kayak Says:

    it was shown here in the Philippines on an afternoon time slot and i can’t watch it because of my work. so i had to have each episode recorded.
    i liked it a lot. i’m really not into korean novelas but this one stands out. the plot may seem to common but i like the humor that they’ve put into the show. i love the last 3-4 episodes the most. guess i’m just a romantic..

  165. 165 : -RiCa- Says:

    Absolutely Hilarious!!! very nice comedy drama. Actors & actress are great!

  166. 166 : iluvit Says:

    can’t believe it was shown here in the philippines
    NEVER really heard of this drama
    perhaps it was televised in GMA-7
    too bad i was a pure “KAPAMILYA”
    couldn’t really see it
    good thing i have my PC here…
    >>>can’t wait too see it!man soooo many to watch

  167. 167 : an2ni Says:

    yup! it was shown in gma before now its being re brodcast on qtv sat and sun at 3pm……….i love this show so much! all i did was to laugh!…………gma is sooo good in showing koreanovelas!!!!……

    proud kapuso!

  168. 168 : marites gerona Says:

    i love this series very much next to Full House. Oh Ji Ho’s acting is so is natural seems like his second skin. I was disappointed that his latest series Get Karl is not his best. Hedoes not look like and act like rich guy.

    Anyway, I wish this Couple or Trouble can have a part two. A plot where a Oh Ji Ho tries hard to fit into Ana’s world. Its the other way around.

    Again, love this series very much. Its very touching and says a lot about the values in life. That money isnt everything but love and family is.

  169. 169 : marites gerona Says:

    it seems to be oh ji ho has been very busy doing one drama after anothe. after couple or trouble, get karl…, then early this year, single dad… he seems to be getting all the opportunities given to him but sad to say, the drama wasnt as good as couple or…

    meanwhile, han ye seul has no drama series after couple… but has a movie last year, Miss Gold Digger. Anyway, im glad both have projects!

  170. 170 : lill Says:

    i want these 2 to act in another new drama…!

  171. 171 : karen Says:

    love this drama! must watch!

  172. 172 : sakuragi Says:

    wow! i really like this drama, i didnt expect that this movie was good because i saw one review saying that this is not as good as other korean drama. you better watch this drama or its your loss.. na sang shil has a nice lips.

  173. 173 : jay-r Says:

    a must watch drama! it’s very addicting. it’s my 3rd time watching it. although it was shown here in the philippines, i don’t have opportunity to watch it. but i was able to download it in veoh and i must say, it was very good!

  174. 174 : car_chie Says:

    i want to download this movie.. but i don’t know where to download..

  175. 175 : sakuragi Says:

    http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/ you can download here the complete series of fantasy couple. its high quality btw with 11gb..

  176. 176 : Rayhanah Says:

    i love this drama…
    but i don’t like the ending…
    i expect it will be more interesting….

  177. 177 : shirley marie Says:

    i love dis shOw..da lEading lAdy is sO pretty..and she’s also cool!

  178. 178 : Bless Says:

    Like everyone here, I recommend this drama to watch. It was a real pleasure and enjoyable one. I loved every bit of it from the beginning till the ending, not as glamorous but it was a happy ending.

  179. 179 : leslie Says:

    han ye seul and oh ji ho are perfect couple…

  180. 180 : Tony Lam Says:

    Great drama~~….recommended by my wife….pulled me out of colorless daily life. Very emotional…commercially simple…and highly entertaining mix of acting by the actor/actresses. The pedigree of korean dramas~~

    Any other similar recommmendations ?? Anyone??

  181. 181 : Starz Says:

    funny & interesting drama to watch…at first i’m skeptical about it but when i watched the first epi i started to fell in luv with OJH’s character…gr8 acting for OJH & HYS…keep up the good work…

  182. 182 : noot Says:

    i watch this series more and more times.Chul Soo looks like warm-hearted man.,Kang ja is very cute and always have many simple thoughts for people.

  183. 183 : KOreanFan Says:

    This series is GREAT!!! Definitely 1 of my top 5 fav korean shows.
    The storyline is interesting, funny, and the ending is good. Recommended!

  184. 184 : citi Says:

    Yes, this is definitely a very good drama. I like marites gerona’s idea of a sequel to this show where they show chul soo trying to fit into anna’s world instead of the other way round… I can see some potential hilarious outcomes…

  185. 185 : Yuber Says:

    I love Ana Jo. That’s all.

  186. 186 : Beth of LA Says:

    Yes I agree that Couple or Trouble is the best comedy acting of Oh Ji Ho so as Daddys in Love his best drama to date, hopefully he will get a best actor award this year for his superb and excellent performance. I have watched all his drama except Second Proposal which I found a difficult time looking for one. I am not korean nor chinese so I need english subtitles. I have heard that his acting here is also well notice. I have also watched 4 of his movies Gangster 3, Love Trilogy, Silver Knife and La Belle and so far had enjoyed La Belle. It is true if he is paired with a good actress his acting will shine more (like In Couple Trouble).
    And lastly, I will forever be a fan of HIM because Oh Ji is a very dedicated and talented actor and thats why he brings so much love and life in all his drama and movies and thats what keep me entertained!!

  187. 187 : marites gerona Says:

    i read in the internet that oh ji ho sang the ost of single dad in love. i was so surprised! anyway, he can carry a tune. cant wait for his next project. he can be paired with song hye kyo. my fave actress who like oh ji ho is excellent in comedy or drama.

  188. 188 : Beth of LA Says:

    Yes Marites Zio indeed sang one of the tracks in Papas in love. It was a vocal with light piano in the background. Ji Oh sounded so so. I think it was a very difficult tune to sing, at least he tried.

  189. 189 : Crazygirl Says:

    Still Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. 190 : Crazygirl Says:

    Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. 191 : Lovestar Says:

    Couple of Trouble was recommended by my Korean friend, so far I did enjoyed it very much. Its comedy with life.

  192. 192 : Lovestar Says:

    By the way the Korean actor is sooooo handsome. He is a Hunk. Love his smile and dimple. Had great body too. My first Korean actor that I love so much.

  193. 193 : Beth of LA Says:

    Heard that Couple or Trouble will be shown in Singapore again. Must call my friends over there.

  194. 194 : Beth of LA Says:

    To all Singaporean Zio fans..
    Couple Trouble start showing today!!

  195. 195 : alws Says:

    Han Ye Seul is really great!!! She has such great comic timing. What other shows has she appeared in?

  196. 196 : Beth of LA Says:

    alws, She would be appearing with Kan Sun Yun in a new drama Tazza/War of the Flowers.

  197. 197 : alws Says:

    Thanks, Beth of LA! When will the drama, War Of The Flowers, start? Do you have the synopsis?

    Btw, I’m Singaporean, and am enjoying Couple of Trouble again! Yay!!!

  198. 198 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi awls,
    I can’t offer you much info about her Kdrama. All i know the cast was just completed. Don’t know if they start filming. I was browsing a Korean site and found her photo. Can’t read Korean.
    I have also read she was in a movie ‘Miss Gold Digger’ and had won 2 awards , 2008 best new actress and daejong award.
    Han ye suel does promos and modeling too. I hope this help.
    Are you a big Oh Ji Ho fan??

  199. 199 : alws Says:

    Thks, Lovestar, for your info. And yes, I’m a fan of Oh Ji Ho too!!! I enjoyed another drama of his very much too – Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung… He’s quite good in Super Rookie too as the ‘bad guy’. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy his latest show, Single Dad In Love. But the reason is not due to his acting but because of the storyline…

  200. 200 : lovestar Says:

    Hi ALWS,

    I love OJH protrayal in Single Daddy. The relationship between father and son makes me crack up. I cried buckets though… If you want more of OJH or Han Ye Seul go to Soompi com . You will find everything there but you have to be a member. It’s free anyway.

  201. 201 : alws Says:

    Hi lovestar,

    Yes, I love the little boy in Single Dad too! He’s not only adorable but can really act too. OJH’s acting is veyr good in this show too. Just don’t like the storyline – think it’s a bit too far-fetched…

    Btw, thanks for your info on soompi.com. Will certainly check it out…

  202. 202 : sjh Says:

    I don`t love it but my mum loves it!(She dosen`t watch Korean Drama)

  203. 203 : arcy Says:

    Han Ye Seul is such a good actress. I just love her as Na Sang Shil. Her antics & expressions are priceless!!!

  204. 204 : chenyenhua Says:

    I luv this drama n i luv HYS’s and OJH’s in this drama
    They’re good couple

  205. 205 : beth Says:

    Well.. I love the drama because it is not thereafter in the reality between the rich lady and a poor man… They portrait it well specially Han Ye Seul…

  206. 206 : Joce Says:

    This show is super duper nice!! ^^
    Oh Ji Ho & Han Ye Seul’s acting is great in the show 🙂

    How can i get the songs in the movie?

  207. 207 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Joce,

    On top of my reponce (scroll up a little bit after the ad) you will see
    O S T then click on it .

  208. 208 : marites gerona Says:

    watched it again for the nth time. i just love this drama. the script is good and the actors just gave their all. every character even the supporting are all very good. they make me smile throughout the entire drama.

  209. 209 : Joce Says:

    Thanks Lovestar!! ((:

  210. 210 : Lovestar Says:

    marites gerona and ladies,
    Do you love OH JI Ho, if you do join Soompi Forum look for actors and actresses. You will find pictures and upcomming news about OJH. On that forum the fans spread their love on HIM.
    By the way Forum is free of charge but you have to register.

  211. 211 : Lovestar Says:

    You’re welcome Joce!!

  212. 212 : Dee Says:

    whr to watch the drama? the link no longer exists or sth..

  213. 213 : lovestar Says:

    Dee which drama are you referring ??

  214. 214 : Apple Says:

    Just finish watching Fantasy Couple. The best romantic comedy ever…. Both leading actor and actress are excellent and professional. OJH most beautiful man I ever seen. Hope he’ll have more good roles, otherwise very wasted.

  215. 215 : Cute Says:

    Fantasy Couple – Most entertaining drama ever!

  216. 216 : Chen Says:

    Very entertaining and both actor and actresses had a superb acting…

  217. 217 : Apple22 Says:

    Luo shang shi so cute and Chang chosul so handsome!

  218. 218 : soocheng Says:

    yeah……have part II for Fantasy Couple, must get Han ye seul and OJH again!

  219. 219 : cutee18 Says:

    luv OJH

  220. 220 : B3N Says:

    quite touching and enjoyable drama..

  221. 221 : Mandi Says:

    This is the 2nd time i’m watching Fantasy Couple. Very entertaining show.

  222. 222 : Lovestar Says:

    Its my fourth.. still fasinated by it!!!!! Oh Ji Ho so attractive and goodlooking.

  223. 223 : Mandi Says:

    Hi Lovestar, our dear OJH looked as charming in Autumn Shower, Get Karl, Single Dad, Super Rookie, Thanks Life and etc……:) Oh my god, think i’m addited to this darl’ :p… Hope to see him again soon.

  224. 224 : lovestar Says:

    Mandi dear, Please join Soompi Forum ( or all OhJiHo lovers) and click Oh Ji Ho. The undying love for Oh Ji Ho is spread over there. Lots and lots of gorgeous photos of him. Next month Ji Ho is going to Australia and Japan for a photo book shoot, by November he will have a fan meeting in Osaka and Yokohama, Japan. I think movies and dramas are being discuss with his new management company in Japan.

  225. 225 : Mandi Says:

    Tks lovestar. How do I get to the Soompi Forum?

  226. 226 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Mandi,
    Go to http://www.soompi.com and register first.. its free anyway. Once you’re
    done, on the top main page ( pink color ) press forum> scroll down till your reach> soompi entertainment> you’ll see> korean dramas and movies>press enter>look for: “Oh Ji Ho 오지호, ~ MBC Fantasy Couple’s Chul-soo ~” I think its in page 3 to 5 right now. Let me know if you encounter problems. Always here to help for an “OH Ji Ho ( ZIO) ” fan.

  227. 227 : Lovestar Says:

    Mandi dear,

    Please let me know if you get through and GOOD LUCK.

  228. 228 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Mandi

    Correction. Last night I said its on page 3 or 5, now its on page one.
    There were a lot of lovely and gorgeous photos posted of him attending the Pusan International Festival. You’ll faint or…… if you see his recent trendy look!!!!

  229. 229 : mandi Says:

    Wow! i lamost melted. Tks Lovestar.

  230. 230 : lovestar Says:

    Hi Mandi,

    Glad to know you love the forum.

  231. 231 : aigoo Says:

    Ooh la la!!! Totally entertaining!!! Love it!!!

  232. 232 : mandi Says:

    Just watched another of Oh Ji Ho’s drama, “Super Rookie”. He’s not the lead in this show, but quite a lot of appearance. He looks real CUTE as Li Fengshan!

  233. 233 : June Says:

    I feel OJH is a little underrated as an actor. But i like him most.

  234. 234 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Mandi

    In Super Rookie Oh Ji Ho looks is like an ADONIS from Greece but a modern version.
    His looks make us all lady drool and melt…..

  235. 235 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi June.

    I agree with you considering HE had won best supporting actor in ‘A Second Proposal’ 2004 . He was actually nominated in Couple Fantasy and Get Karl Oh su jung. There is a Korean Drama award for Nov 1 to 5. Zio is not nominated in Single Daddy considering his Oscar worthy performance with Ahn Do Kyu (sorry if I mispronouce the child name).
    Hopefully one day he would be accepted as an outstanding actor.

  236. 236 : Mandi Says:

    Hi Lovestar

    i certainly agree with you. nice to know you.

  237. 237 : Lovestar Says:


    Have you watch ‘A Second Proposal’ ?

  238. 238 : Mandi Says:

    Hi Lovestar,

    I think i got to know OJH a little late, just a couple of months when Fantasy couple was shown here. So can only get Fantasy couple, get karl, single papa, super rookie and autumn shower.

  239. 239 : Mandi Says:

    I saw some little shots here and there on Youtube like 2nd proposal, love trilogy, silver knife but doubt can get them. As for his earlier projects, think i will have to give them a miss (sad).

  240. 240 : Lovestar Says:

    Mandi Dear,

    Try to get hold or search for A second Proposal. There is a reason why he won his very first best supporting actor award. I was also frustrated looking for it and luckily while searching Soompi ASP thread someone recommended VEOH TV but unfortunately english sub was taken out not so long ago due to infringement law. I wonder if the original version still on ( no sub).

  241. 241 : Mandi Says:

    Will definitely try. Tks lovestar.

  242. 242 : Mandi Says:

    Like to share with you this. I watched one clip showing OJH performed singing live for one program aired sometime during June. Interestingly, he tried again and again until he could complete his job even though he is not a professional singer. I could imagine it must be very stressful for him to do that in front of the professionals. I had a good time laughing at him. That made him very shy throughout the entire interview. He’s so cute. And i think his slightly out of tune singing made him more charming.

  243. 243 : Lovestar Says:

    Exactly Mandi OJH was cute and charming. Did you observe the way he smile. Isn’t he so good looking? That show is called Chocolate. There is a recent variety show called YSMM and he just mesmerize and fascinate the audience as well the guest how good he is in mental math. The MC gave him numurous #s to add, subtract, multiply and divide mentally while the MC uses a calculator. He gave them an answer in seconds. I was so trilled by what he did.

  244. 244 : Mandi Says:

    Do u happen to know whether this program called YSMM has been uploaded to any sites?

  245. 245 : lovestar Says:

    Hi Mandi,
    Try google: YSMM Soompi with Oh Ji Ho. It was I think televised sometime in August 3rd and 4th week. Was in you-tube but were gone.
    Good Luck.

  246. 246 : Mandi Says:

    No luck, but thanks a lot……Lovestar….:-)

  247. 247 : Lovestar Says:

    Mandi dear

    Tried this site http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20439&st=1060&start=1060.
    Hopefully it works. There are some photos and explanation about that show.

  248. 248 : lovestar Says:

    Hi Mandi,
    Forget to ask you did you register with Soompi if not you cannot access on the site below. You have to register and be a member. Thanks…

  249. 249 : Mandi Says:

    got there but video has been removed 🙁 …… But got to see some of his pictures. Still, tks very much. It’s always nice to see or hear from OJH.

  250. 250 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Mandi

    Have you read the synopsis condensed version of the show posted by BIQINARDO? He was kind enough to explained the content of the show for us non korean. That was lovely of what he did.
    Mandi I would very much like you to join us in Soompi. We Zio ladies would welcome you with open arms. We could continue our conversation over there.
    I don’t think this is the right site for us don’t you think so?

  251. 251 : Mandi Says:

    will try to register today. Tks.

  252. 252 : Ching Says:

    the links don’t work anymore >.

  253. 253 : lovestar Says:

    Hi Ching,

    Which link are you referring to. Is it the YSMM link? You tube had taken it out long time ago.

  254. 254 : lovestar Says:

    Hi Mandi

    Did you register?? There are new pictures of Zio posted in Soompi, you’ll be amaze with his new look. The show is called” Discover Fashion Show”Seoul held 18 Oct, 2008.

  255. 255 : Mandi Says:

    Lovestar, pls tell me exactly where I can find that. So excited to see Oh Ji Ho.

  256. 256 : Lovestar Says:

    Mandi I found this stunning pictures in Soompi, Oh Ji Ho forum today. One of the Zio ladies was very kind to post 13 pictures. I saw Mandi 9440 joined Oct 1, 2008 while browsing Soompi, by chance is that your username? If its you all the pictures are posted on the very last page 75. Let me know.

  257. 257 : Mandi Says:

    cool. tks.

  258. 258 : Lovestar Says:

    Mandi, Have you seen the new look of Zio? Was it remarkable and mind blowing. Do you love his new hairstyle. What do you think??

  259. 259 : Mandi Says:

    Dear lovestar, Oh Ji Ho is gorgeous!

  260. 260 : Lovestar Says:

    Mandi, so you fancy his hairstyle? I hope this style of his is only for the fashion show because most of the models sports the same hairstyle.

  261. 261 : Mandi Says:

    i think it goes well with the show as a whole.

  262. 262 : Mandi Says:

    Lovestar, forgot to reply you. I’m mandi9940, but always got loss at soompi. Search button doesn’t seem to be working.

  263. 263 : Lovestar Says:

    Mandi Did you know that our beloved Zio will do a drama by the end of November? I read it on Soompi today. It has to do with his skill in mathematics. Remember YSMM variety show? Our Zio got brian.
    What do you mean your search botton is not working. Can you post a short message over there. I will guide you the whole process once your on. Good luck.

  264. 264 : Lovestar Says:

    Oh by the way Mandi I always check Soompi, with the exception when am asleep. Where are you from? Maybe we have a different time zone.

  265. 265 : Mandi Says:

    That’s a great news. Wait, do you mean the drama will air or start filming in Korea end Nov? Can’t wait to see OJH!

  266. 266 : Mandi Says:

    Lovestar, i am currently working in Singapore. Where are you from? I managed to log on soompi today. Wow, tks to you & the zio ladies there, lots of latest news of Ohjiho. It’s always nice to hear of him.

  267. 267 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Mandi

    Did you log on last midnight (my time). There is new pictures of him for Andre KIm fashion show. Now you know who I am over at Soompi. Nice to see you there. Why won’t post some few notes.

  268. 268 : Lovestar Says:

    By the way Mandi Im for the west coast, So. California.

  269. 269 : lovestar Says:


    Glad to see you over at Soompi.

  270. 270 : XTing Says:

    hahaha… thanks to lovestar and mandi this show is among the most commented drama:)

    Anyway, highly recommend this show for those who have not watch… Boring is DEFINITELY NOT in the dictionary of this show. Han Ye Seul’s acting is fabulous. To tell the truth, i really dislike this extreme kind of arrogance but she is able to potray it in a way that you cannot help but like her unique style, it seems so cool. Her expressions and behaviour is so…. i don’t know …cute. If Han Ye Suel is the moon, then Oh Ji Ho is definitely the star beside the moon. With his exaggerated reaction to some of Han Ye Seul’s unreasonable behaviour, you just can’t help laughing.

    It is so good to come home after a hard day’s work and watch a show that brings me joy. Thanks to all the cast (front and back). Continue the good work:)

  271. 271 : lovestar Says:

    Verl well and lovely said XTing. Recommended this drama to my American friends and colleague so far they all love the humor, acting and the story. In actual fact some of them buy copies for their friends too.

  272. 272 : lovestar Says:

    Hi doubletrouble :

    Thank You!!!!!!!! That is a great site.

  273. 273 : lovestar Says:

    Hi Ladies

    Had watch Couple Trouble again never a dull moment still one of the best comedy drama so far!! Do you agree??

  274. 274 : cute Says:

    this is the 5th time i’m watching and still enjoying the drama very much.

  275. 275 : cute Says:

    Han ye sel & Oh jiho a perfect match!

  276. 276 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Cute

    I second to that. THE Very Best Couple so far!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haven’t seen you in Korean Drama OJH. Lots of input over there. Please
    pay a visit.

  277. 277 : glory Says:

    i really love the character of han ye seul…… and also the other crazy girl in the story,…… so unique!!!! hehehehe…..the story made my belly ache…

  278. 278 : lovestar Says:


    Totally agee with you. Love your comment “belly ache”..hehe

  279. 279 : ARMINGOD Says:


  280. 280 : ann Says:

    wahh,cte nie la lawak sgt2..sy ska lakonan han ye seul..:)

  281. 281 : amany Says:

    i very agree..this is the funniest drama ever…they r fantastic couple and i hope they work more together..
    i got to watch it through this site so i owe some thanks :))
    oh ji ho has a great style in comedy..and in sad dramas too..
    did u notice the scene in which he was getting the doll for anna in the street,there was a much like scene with Hari in single dad when they got the medal :))
    in both..he could prove himself as a good man in charge..i love him

  282. 282 : Nicole Says:

    at first i thought pfft can’t they come up with anything themselves??

    but when i watched it, it was really enjoyable. I watched quite a while ago but i do remember loving the drama immensely.

  283. 283 : rikapinx Says:

    i really got carried out of this drama….so romantic in the end!

  284. 284 : stellar Says:

    Thorougly enjoyable!!!

  285. 285 : sara Says:

    Perfect drama, why not they have part II?

  286. 286 : amany Says:

    nice idea..part 2?? how the arrogant woman and that man will act in marriage..my only condition is to have another HAPPY END coz there r enough tears in another dramas 🙂

  287. 287 : Jan Says:

    Amany and Sara,

    Yes, I agree!! It would be wonderful to a have a Fantasy Couple II. It would be fun to watch Chulsoo and Anna as husband and wife, having a baby, etc. This drama never fails to put a smile (and giggles) whenever I watch it which is often.

  288. 288 : mandi Says:

    i’m returning to Jang chul soo because i dreamt of him last night. He’s so unbeatable^^!

  289. 289 : mandi Says:

    Jan(287), i agree with all you’ve said, and, to see how they fight…..

  290. 290 : Luvlilady Says:

    Jan (287)

    Couple Fantasy II..why not it will bring much joy to their lives once again.
    I never thought of a baby till you brought this up. Nice wonderful idea..why not!!

  291. 291 : Lovestar Says:


    Remember me sis..this is where we met and the rest is history…ha ha

    Nice to see you back here!!


  292. 292 : Beth Says:

    Hello Ladies

    This is off topic. Just in case you didn’t know Chol Soo (OJH) has a new Kdrama ‘Queen of Housewives/My Wife is a Superwoman. Chol Soo is Ohn Dal Soo in QOH and is playing a similar role with drama, comedy and in between throw into it. Last night episode 3 was all his.
    He brings out the best of him a ‘scene stealer’ in actual fact.

  293. 293 : mandi Says:

    Beth/Jan, i feel Ojh has a mix of Jang Chul soo + Kang Punho (SDIL) look as Ohn Dasul. What do you think?

  294. 294 : mandi Says:

    chu ana, i like you in TAzza. You are getting prettier.

  295. 295 : mandi Says:

    i’m watching FC again. never get bored.

  296. 296 : xtra Says:

    Ojjihi looks good in his new drama My wife is a Superman.

  297. 297 : Ling Says:

    Then I hope this will be another breakthrough for ohjiho.

  298. 298 : Lovestar Says:

    I second to that Ling

  299. 299 : Beth Says:


  300. 300 : Luvlilady Says:

    Mandi (293)

    Yes I agree. Its a mix of either one of them. Oh Ji Ho sure look as hot as ever… Who could resist him!!!

  301. 301 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (295)
    mandi Says:

    Na du – I’ve just recently finished re-watching this drama! Never get bored!

  302. 302 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (293)

    Re “Ojh has a mix of Jang Chul soo + Kang Punho (SDIL) look as Ohn Dasul. What do you think?”

    I disagree with the Jang Chul soo part – Jang Chul soo is strong in his character. For me, I feel it’s more like a mix of GET KARL (very gentle) + Kang Punho (hairstyle) as OHN DASUL.

  303. 303 : xtra Says:

    Jane(302), i was not clear earlier on. I meant dasul’s looks. Am not sure you could recall the scene where dasul was sleeping sweetly while his wife woke him up for b/f. I feel he looked like jang chusoo when jang fell asleep in the ktv room. Character wise, dasul is definitely more like Karl ^^!

  304. 304 : mandi Says:

    Actually, i feel ojh very good looking in QOH. Apart from looking Kang Pungho & Jang chusu at times, i feel he look very japanese at some scenes. eg. when he’s on top of the bridge.

  305. 305 : xtra Says:

    ojh had a very beautiful girlfriend in new show QOH. Think she’s a model.

  306. 306 : xtra Says:

    i heard ojh has a very beautiful girlfriend in new show QOH. Think she’s a model.

  307. 307 : cute Says:

    i’m watching Tazza now. Han yesel has slimmed down a lot. But she’s become more beautiful.

  308. 308 : xtra Says:

    I didn’t know Han could dance so well. She’s like what they say….Madonna!!

  309. 309 : cute Says:

    Han looks like a small girl when she wears school uniform.

  310. 310 : mandi Says:

    chang chusoo, another great job of yours as dasu in Queen of housewives, cheers!

  311. 311 : Beth Says:

    Mandi (310)

    Yes I missed Janchul soo and was amazing then and now Ohn Dal Soo in Queen of Housewives another perfect clever role for Oh Ji Ho.

  312. 312 : lovestar Says:

    Cute (307)

    Yes indeed Han Ye Seul has slimmed down. She actually look different years ago. She is so beautiful rght now.
    Heard that she is doing a lot of advertisemnt lately. Wish her all the best!

  313. 313 : lovestar Says:

    By the way xtra (308) had watch Han Ye Seul in Tazza. I enjoyed the drama and yes she dances seductively.

  314. 314 : Beth Says:

    Yes Jane (302) I agree with everything!!

  315. 315 : Luvlilady Says:


    Have you heard of Oh Ji Ho new drama Queen Of Housewives??
    It is doing well in ratings. Ep 7 & Ep 8 is now #2 with 22% how about that.
    Like Jane said in Couple Trouble his character is strong and in QOH its a mix of Get Karl and Single Dad in Love.

    Heres the link for Queen Of Housevives


  316. 316 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hi Jane

    Nice to see you back!!

  317. 317 : Jane Says:

    Yes, MANDI (310) ~ OH JI HO did a superb job acting in the character of Ohn Dal Soo in KING of HOUSEWIVES which is the complete opposite of Jang Chul Soo!

    Jang Chul Soo is street-smart, quick and alert whereas Ohn Dal Soo is simple and naive.


  318. 318 : Jane Says:

    Luvlilady (315 &316)

    Thanks for the welcome back! After a week of being away, it’s so good to find out that KING of HOUSEWIVES took a huge leap to 20+% ratings! YIPEE!!

    This will be a very nice birthday present for Oh Ji Ho on April 14th!

    It’s also wonderful that a group of Super Japanese fans will be in Korea this week to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and give him some well-deserved support!


  319. 319 : Jane Says:

    Han Ye-seul lately has been busy with dubbing assignments:

    “Han Ye-seul has dubbed for the animation film, “Monster vs Alien” which will be released in Korea April 23rd.

    She is saying her greetings at the press conference for the animation film.

    She has also dubbed for the U.S drama ’24’.

    Han said that her experiences dubbing has been great fun!”


  320. 320 : Jane Says:

    My daughter and I absolutely love Jeong Soo-yeong as KANJA!

    It’s so good to see many familiar faces as extended/support cast in “KING” of HOUSEWIVES too, especially “KANJA” again as a funny/weird girl!

  321. 321 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    KIM SUNG MIN (Billy Park) is also such a good actor – I came across him in cable tv as a very good but shy surgeon in “BEFORE AND AFTER: PLASTIC SURGERY CLINIC” (MBC, 2008).

    In PLASTIC SURGERY, he also gives us those weird eye looks and expressions which I enjoy very much.

    Incidentally, I only just found out his birthday is on Valentine’s Day itself : February 14, 1974!

  322. 322 : Jan Says:

    Hi Jane (321),

    I also really enjoyed KIM SUNG MIN (Billy Park) in “Couple of Fantasy” and Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic”. The roles were so opposite. I also saw him in a hilarious comedy skit from Hey Hey Hey comedy show where he played a gay housecleaner. Unfortunately, it was deleted from Youtube.


  323. 323 : Jan Says:

    I am very partial to the drama, Couple of Fantasy, since it was where I was first introduced to Oh Ji Ho (Zio). He was so fun to watch plus he was so, so good-looking. There was never a dull moment in this drama!

  324. 324 : Jan Says:

    Hi Jane (320),

    The actress, Jeong Soo-yeong (KANJA), was so endearing in Couple of Fantasy. She’s like a chameleon….I recently saw her in the new drama, The Road Home playing a modern day working gal and now she’s also in Queen of Housewives playing the “weird” psychic. Sometimes she’s hard to recognize.

  325. 325 : amany Says:

    what makes this drama very special for me,is beside being so funny..( it was my first time to laugh so loudly in KD)it also had very effective sad moments..for me,the drama had it all..
    i watched it 4 or 5 months ago but it is still in my memory..
    also the suprising way,the events go into..remember the very first moment when u think of Chul soo as he was prparing for crime not to do his normal handy work..it is so creative indeed..

  326. 326 : amany Says:

    about QOH..and its reminding of Chul soo..i don`t know,beside remembering Pungho (only for the hairstyle and the training suits) OJH succeeded in taking me into a DIFFERENTLY character..i noticed even the way,Dal so was walking is different..he is always behind his wife ,a kind of confusing,following,undeciding way..

  327. 327 : Jane Says:

    Jan (324)

    You’re right, KANJA is like a chameleon and hard to recognize – when I saw her in QOH, I wasn’t sure at first but it was my daughter said “its KANJA!”

  328. 328 : lovestar Says:

    Jan and Jane

    Yes “Kanja” when I saw her in QOH at the restaurent table sitting opposite Tae Joon and was introduced by Ai Jee…. I was laughing out loud because of her full make up and I have to freeze the frame to check her out if she is really Kanja.
    I could say she is versatile actress. I found her semilarly funny in Couple Trouble as well as in QOH.

  329. 329 : Jan Says:

    Amany (325),

    Yes, I remember the very beginning of Couple of Fantasy. I was wondering what kind of drama it was. Both Chul Soo and his cousin were wearing those long trenchcoat-type coats and carrying those tools. Then when they ended up at the women’s bath house…what a laugh it was to see them trying to clear the drain! So enjoyed that series!


  330. 330 : Jane Says:

    Yes, JAN (329) and Amany (325),

    How can I ever forget that opening scene! I thought they were going to rob a bank!

    But, what’s even better and the pleasant surprise that followed was when the owner refused to pay in full and JANG CHUL SOO decided to take a free bath and stripped.

    I saw in one of the NG clips in youtube that has this fat woman watching him strip and said “I WISH I WAS YEARS YOUNGER!!”

  331. 331 : Jan Says:

    Jane (330),

    Yes, I didn’t expect him to strip down, that scene was hilarious and exciting! I think I need another dose of Couple of Fantasy!!

  332. 332 : Lia Says:

    I love this drama a lot, I’ve watched this drama so many times but still don’t feel bored and always laught. this drama is one of the most fav drama ever. Love Zio and HYS chemistry. They’re so natural.

  333. 333 : Jane Says:

    Dear OH JI HO,

    *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY ***

    Unni Jane

    p.s. my daughter and I were watching episode 1 again last night and had such a good laugh!!

  334. 334 : Beth Says:

    Dearest Oh Ji Ho

    Happy Birthday
    You are very special
    And you deserve the best
    I wish you a wonderful life
    Filled with love and happiness !!

  335. 335 : Luvlilady Says:

    Dear Zio/JiHo/Oh Ji Ho/Mr Dimple

    Wishing you a year filled with the same joy and happiness you bring to others….Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. 336 : Lovestar Says:

    Dear Oh Ji Ho/ Zio

    No one deserves a Happier Birthday than you.

    Although I can’t wish you a happy birthday in person.. I will spend the whole day with happy thoughts of you.

    Congratulation to your new drama Queen of Housewives!!!!!!!!!

  337. 337 : mandi Says:

    Dear Ohjiho,

    Alll the best to your career and wish you’ll find your ideal partner soon….


  338. 338 : mandi Says:

    i have problem posting at KD-OJH. The comments are always pending for moderation afterwhich my msg will not appear. Does any of you have the same problem?

  339. 339 : Beth Says:

    Mandi (338)

    Sometimes I do get it if I posted some links and the moderator has to check and approve it. So far all my under moderation has been posted, n problem whatsoever.

  340. 340 : Beth Says:


    I do not know how true this is but what I gathered Oh Ji Ho is spending his Birthday with his family. He took time off from his Kdrama ‘Queen of Housewives’. So respectful and well bred of him for doing this.

  341. 341 : mandi Says:

    Beth(340), ojh is certainly a good boy to his family. Sometimes back i read about an article that said that he gave all his earnings to his mum and hardly buy anything for himself. Think it’s an interview when he was in Taiwan if i’m not wrong. Sounded like Ohn Dasu’s character ^^!

  342. 342 : mandi Says:

    Beth(339), it’s happening even without links nowadays. Anyhow, i’ll keep trying. Thanks though ^^!

  343. 343 : sunman Says:

    Chang Chusoo, you’ve grown to be more handsome as Dasu in QOH, what a women killer!!!

  344. 344 : sunman Says:

    Chang chusoo, the ratings for your current drama QOH’s been rising. Great work, you deserve that, but i’ve not forgotten you………..

  345. 345 : Lia Says:

    Hi Sunman (343)

    I like your word “women killer” hehe….. that’s right. He’s growing fast and more and more handsome.

  346. 346 : Jane Says:

    Yes, sunman (344) – I agree – great work and CONGRATULATIONS on the high ratings for Queen of Housewives!

  347. 347 : Jane Says:

    Talking about QOH, I sometimes wish DALSOO’s character is stronger like Jang Chul Soo’s!

    However, I must say ZIO has done a good job protraying a weak/simple minded husband in QOH.

    I’ve said this before, it’s easy to act smart, etc.. but when someone like OH JI HO is really smart and intelligent in real life, it must take a lot of effort to act dumb/weak and be convincing at the same time.

  348. 348 : amany Says:

    I second to Jane`s opinion for how difficult the character can be though we as audience see it a simple man..sometimes we can feel confused coz it is the same actor but i really notice that Oh Ji-ho is doing a great effort in making limits and difference between his characters especially Dal So and Pung ho as he has the same look and they r his recent dramas..
    also between Chul So and his character in ASp (i am also watching these days) coz he has the same look and both r a kind of related characters if i amnot wrong..
    that`s a great actor job..and a difficult one too..

  349. 349 : amany Says:

    i have just remembered something and i wish u Ladies to correct me coz i only saw the drama once..
    i am kind of loving the way he sings in other dramas not as professional but it is always done easily as if it is a simple man and he has a good voice enough to entertain the surrounding characters in the dramas without disturbing us audience..and it is always a part of the situation..
    like in single dad: father sings to his son to make him sleep..
    in Get karl: a disappointed man sings in a karaoke..
    in Queen of Housewives..as good looking man with such manly pleasant voice is always asked to sing:))

  350. 350 : Jane Says:

    AMANY-unni (349)

    I think you are correct – JI HO did not sing in this drama.

    But, I love those two HOT HOT scenes though:

    1. in the bathhouse when he is not paid in full for his assignment, decided to strip to have a bath for his money’s worth;

    2. when Anna was frying dumplings which caught fire and he came out of the shower and stepped on hot oil and his towel fell off!

  351. 351 : sunman Says:

    Jane(347), Dasu is strong in his principles, he’s juz very kind hearted…………..

  352. 352 : mandi Says:

    Heard that QOH will be extended. This will be a great news only if Ohjiho is available. It will be meaningless if QOH comes without / or with little OhnDasu. Hope his company can do something for him ;(

  353. 353 : Jane Says:

    sunman (351)

    Well put! Thanks! /jane

  354. 354 : raine Says:

    what a nice drama

  355. 355 : Jan Says:

    Raine (354),

    I agree with you totally. Whenever I need a lift in spirits, this is what I like to watch to get a good laugh. It always chases away any stress, etc.


  356. 356 : mandi Says:

    Congrats to Ohjiho & QOH team for the ratings for ep 13 & 14. Plz continue to soar…..above 30++++ for 2nite onwards. Great work ^^!

  357. 357 : cute Says:

    Wow, QOH came in 1st for ep 15 & 16. congrats Chang chusoo, Billy & Kan-ji !!

  358. 358 : Jane Says:

    Its so good Kim Sung Min to make a cameo appearance in QUEEN of HOUSEWIVES.

    At the trailer at end of episode 15, at first I had to pause the screen to look closely and think who the guy is staring at DS – then it clicked!

    It’s no other than our dear “Billy” from Fantasy Couple. I think “Billy” also mentioned to TJ in QOH that Dalsoo looks like someone he dislikes and someone that made his life and ANA JO difficult??

    The writer (or writers) sure have done a great job incorporating this part into the drama!

    It might be even more interesting if we could see “Billy” encountering or being chased by JI HWA JA who acted as “Kanja” in Fantasy Couple!

    Don’t you think?

  359. 359 : Jane Says:





    Kim Sung Min, an old friend visits Taebong

    the conversation between Kim Sung Min and Taebong.
    Billy: Hey, I was happy to hear about your divorce and flew out here

    TaeBong: What the, Billy.

    Billy: After I divorced Anna, it became really hard.

    Taebong: but I heard you got some island from Anna as a consolation

    Billy: Yeah…it’s an island called Keu Keu Island, a completely useless island.

    Taebong: Why did you get divorced again?

    Billy: because of this one really annoying bastard named Jang Chul Soo. (Oh Ji Ho’s role in Fantasy Couple) You?

    Taebong: Because of this one really troublesome jerk named Ohn Dahl Soo

    I wish they showed the scene!
    a reference to both Fantasy Couple and Keu Keu Island’s Secret (where Yoon Sang Hyun/Taebongie starred in)

    Courtesy of lilshinhwafreak from Soompi forum: post #661

  360. 360 : cute Says:

    that’ll be fun for sure! Billy is as comical & funny in QOH, i enjoy seeing him!!

  361. 361 : cute Says:

    i want to highlight that i’m very very very impressed at ohjiho’s expression at the end of ep 18. You can see everything in his eyes……..deeply hurt, broken heart, sad, disappointed, lost,……………. but firm. He looked calm but scary……… i feel he acted this part fantastically well. Well done, Chang Chu-soo ^^! Anyone agree????

  362. 362 : amany Says:

    it was a beautiful surprise to see BILLY in Queen of Housewives.. i liked the way he ap[peared in the series..his looks for Dal So..and Dal so shy,surprised reactions..also the dialogue between him and Ceo was very funny..
    that actor has a nice Charisma and he added more fun in the episode he appeared..kam sa hapnida Kim Sung min :))

  363. 363 : mandi Says:

    QOH has finally ended & i’ll definitely miss the chasing for a while. I rate this a 1st class drama. It’s just capable of making viewers eager to know what’s next and strong enough to make viewers love or hate the characters. The Script editor, Director & crew of Actors/Actresses are simply SUPERP in their respective roles. Congrats to QOH for topping on the list. Lets hope there’ll be more of such high standard dramas in future & lets hope we’ll see the 3 hottie guys esp Ohjiho again SOON ^^!

  364. 364 : mandi Says:

    amany(362), yeah, & i wished he’d appeared for more. He’s really good with comical roles.

  365. 365 : Pinky Says:

    Hi cute (361):

    Absolutely agree with you!! I’m deeply impressed at the expression of OJH at EP 18 & 19… ZIO acted very good….. I too feel heart broken for him while watching…… 🙁

    And I like Chang Chu-Soo of Fantsy Couple too!

    Pinky/nat nat

  366. 366 : Jan Says:

    Now that QOH is over, I really miss it! Waiting for the next episodes was hard but the waiting was so worth it. I’m so glad that I purchased some of his dramas to watch when I need a Zio fix.

  367. 367 : cute Says:

    chang chu-sul / ohn dasul / ohjiho……….i start missing u juz bec i dun c u regularly from this monday….:( 🙁 🙁

  368. 368 : ralph Says:

    saan pweding idownload ang couple or trouble tagalog dubbed?

  369. 369 : sowon Says:

    i met a Korean fan of Oh Ji-ho..it seems that “couple or trouble”is the biggest hit for him(according to her,at least) she has been away from Korea for two years now but she remembers the drama and said she loved Chul So..very much..

  370. 370 : sowon Says:

    i guess every girl loves Chul so,he is so resposible,smart,funny,caring,loving,if i will write about him i will never stop..
    for me,i always remember the scene she was very sad and stayed in the station and he kept waiting for her outside the glass wall for hours..till she recognized his presence..
    every lady needs such a man..who understands and waits still watches and protects.

  371. 371 : vicky Says:

    Ohjiho looks cute in QOH. Wonder how he maintains his good looks, or is it god simply takes care of his face ???

  372. 372 : vicky Says:

    sowon, & the scene is so romantic with such a charming face :):):)

  373. 373 : cute Says:

    i’ve just finished watching a variety programme that featured the 3 actors from Queen of housewives. All the 3 look good, but Ohjiho is obviously outstanding :):):)

  374. 374 : cute Says:

    As i browsed youtube 2day, i found some newly created clips on Fantasy Couple. This proofs that any good work will last in the minds of people for a LONG LONG TIME !!!

  375. 375 : oops Says:

    wonder why there’s no thoughts about Couple or Trouble 2 since there’s a Full House 2.?????

  376. 376 : vicky Says:

    I think likewise. Sometimes it’s better to watch extensions of some good shows than spend time on some newly created ones if they are of low quality.

  377. 377 : mandi Says:

    Nice to know that FC is liked by so many people ^^!

  378. 378 : mandi Says:

    Kim Sung Min in drama ‘Give me Food’. Do not miss this funny actor…..

  379. 379 : Jane Says:


    I love to watch Kim Sung Min too – he’s got such good and funny facial expressions, reminds me of a Korean version of Mr. Bean! lol!

  380. 380 : Jan Says:

    Jane (379),

    I also enjoyed Kim Sung Min in Couple or Trouble. His facial expressions and actions were hilarious but he also displayed a very serious side when he realized what a mistake he had made when he didn’t claim Anna as soon as he found out she was alive. I also saw him in Before and After Plastic Surgery Clinic where he played a very serious role. He did a good job in that drama, too.

  381. 381 : Jan Says:

    opps (375).

    It would be great if they made Couple or Trouble II, too. Maybe they could show the trials and tribulations of Chul Soo and Anna raising a new baby, no, twins, along with the 3 nephews. Then also include many of the original characters’ interactions with them.

  382. 382 : mandi Says:

    Jan(380), i like this actor for the same reason, think he’s really professional in acting.

  383. 383 : mandi Says:

    Jan(381), haha, Anna managing twins with her character? I bet Chang Cho-su will suffer more…..but i think she can afford many maids to help her ^^!

  384. 384 : Jane Says:

    It will be hilarious if Anna and Chang Chulsu have twins! What a fun idea!!

    I can imaging the maids all leaving and Chang Chulsu trying to salvage them back.

    Definitely COUPLE IN TROUBLE then!

  385. 385 : Jan Says:

    It would be so great if the producers were actually thinking about a sequel to “Couple of Fantasy”. The original did so well that if they would come up with a super script, the sequel would also do well. Zio and Han Ye Seul made a great on-screen couple. Add in the original supporting characters, maybe add in a few new ones, you’d have a winner.

  386. 386 : mandi Says:

    Jane & Jan, this is going to be very fun!! Between QOH2 & FC2, i think FC2 has more room for expansion. Can we write to MBC to suggest the idea………. ^^!

  387. 387 : sun Says:

    hope to see HYS with KRW in new drama……….

  388. 388 : Jan Says:

    mandi (386),

    I’ll try to find an address for MBC. Let’s see what happens!

  389. 389 : arnie Says:


  390. 390 : Jane Says:

    386 (Mandi) & 388 (Jan)

    It’ll be great if someone can write to MBC to do a sequel!!!

  391. 391 : Korean DVDs Says:

    If you’re looking for this DVD set with Excellent English subtitles, click on my nick – Korean DVDs.


    Thank you!

  392. 392 : bubble Says:

    sorry, i don’t get your link

  393. 393 : jan chul so Says:


  394. 394 : mona Says:

    u know i’m iranian.i appriciate korean drama. i really prefere korean movies to western.
    good luck.

  395. 395 : shaghayegh Says:

    it’s really wonderful!!!I love it specially chelsooo ;his the best!!!:)

  396. 396 : Lei Lu Lan Says:

    Hey! My mom & I watch this drama on FARSI1 tv.It’s very cool!!!!
    I like Jang Chel-soo & Na Sang-shin.(not Cho Anna)
    I wanna kill this Korean directors! their dramas are very interesting!~

    Lei Lu Lan,Iran

    چه سوپرماركت بی كلاسييه

  397. 397 : Ehsan Says:

    Nice job. Very very good work. Actors, Actresses, Writer, Director … all of you guys are doing really great work. Fantastic. No1.

    Oh very much so…

  398. 398 : shahnaz Says:

    i am iranian
    i like very very very jan chel su and sun shi it is wonderfull .

    pls send me pic jan chel so and sun shi the regard u

  399. 399 : zeinab Says:

    i am iranian i see couple or trouble in farsi1.tv
    very very so much too i love jang chel su and sun shi kisssssssssssssssssssss for them.

    دیگه نمیخوام قیافه بی کلاستو ببینم

  400. 400 : shahrzad Says:

    Hi.I`m Iranian&like your dramas so much.I watched many of them from kbs channal.Those were so great.This drama was good too.thanks alot.

  401. 401 : marjan Says:

    i dont know

  402. 402 : marjan Says:

    i love oh ji ho(jang chul soo).i want his email address.please help me.i wish find that. thanks a lot.

  403. 403 : Andrea Says:

    this drama needs a part 2!

  404. 404 : sunman Says:

    i’ve always wish they’d Part II for this show. Am sure chu-sul & shang-shi can create another wave……..

  405. 405 : sunman Says:

    do you guys know what’s the latest chu-sul look?

  406. 406 : shabnam Says:

    i love korea films and this film and thats actrees are the best

  407. 407 : mandi Says:

    wow, QOH dvd is out & i’ve managed to get a copy. now i can sit back and enjoy ojh/ohndasul ^^! while looking forward to chuno.

  408. 408 : z Says:

    i love han ye seul & oh ji ho plz tell adress e-mail to us
    im from iran

  409. 409 : sunman Says:

    not sure about hanYeSeul but ohjiho is with Havenly Star,


  410. 410 : mehdi Says:

    hi han ye seul i am mehdi i live in iran i love you . i love han ye seul please give me your addres email and your phon number pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love you real. i love you very alot offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff please help me .i love han ye seul mehdi love han ye seul my addres email is [email protected] please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  411. 411 : amany Says:

    this is the best introduction to Oh Ji-ho`s world..he is very cute,funny and loving in this drama..i hope it is shown on local tv oneday..it will attract lots of attention..

  412. 412 : sowon Says:

    soooooooooo true..did u see the chunoo look?? still cute as ever^_^

  413. 413 : sowon Says:

    Hi ladies
    i managed to add a new fan to the drama..my friend asked me t o recommend a funny drama and ofcourse i told her about this one..now she became a fan for the nice couple and she is going to watch “Get Karl”

  414. 414 : Selina Says:

    couple or trouble is the best!!!!i love oh ji ho!!!!!!!he is very cute!!!!!!
    i think couple or trouble needs part2!!!!

  415. 415 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Selina (414)

    I totally agree with you that “couple or trouble” is the best!!!!i love this drama very very much…….and oh ji ho is so handsome and he is a very good actor too!!!

    As you say i hope “couple or trouble” had part2!!!!

    ZIO!! Fighting!!

  416. 416 : Jane Says:

    Just read from Zio’s blog [diary] that Japan is broadcasting Fantasy Couple:

    Channel BS11
    Every Friday 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    The time change – week 2
    Tuesdays 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


  417. 417 : c235 Says:

    the the best drama ever! I love jo anna & jan chelsu

  418. 418 : iya/kre Says:

    hi! do u guys know where i can download this with english sub? torrent perhaps?…i really wanna watch it, i havent seen anything after city hall, badly need a good follow-on drama… thanks in advance!

  419. 419 : selina Says:

    its interesting and funny i always laughed when i watched it!!!
    i think oh-ji ho and han yea soul are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love u both!!!!!!i really miss u!!

  420. 420 : sunman Says:

    selina(419), & i think they’re one of the best couple on screen. There’s very good chemistry between this actor & actress and together they’ve made the show very successful.

  421. 421 : sunman Says:

    (418) iya/Kreman,

    try this:


  422. 422 : Sue Says:

    i luv chu-sul. He’s so cute and sweet.

  423. 423 : huixin Says:

    I miss Han ye seul, hope she has more work coming up.

  424. 424 : kenji Says:

    I miss ohjiho. I think he has a new drama with kbs.

  425. 425 : kenji Says:

    Han ye seul has a new drama ‘will it snow at christmas’ with SBS, but i’m not sure what’s happening to it.

  426. 426 : Suzy Says:

    I heard its going to be shown in dec…cant wait, shes acting with GO SOOO, omgoshhhhhhhhh!! lucky girll…anyway i really lover her acting, esp in COT and Tazza!! Couple of Trouble is worth Watching!!! im still finding the dvd -_- its that good that the video n dvd is sold out, where i am living at..

  427. 427 : Jane Says:

    FANTASY COUPLE is airing in Hunan TV, mainland China,
    every day at 14:30pm from 14th November.

  428. 428 : Mallie Says:

    There is an American movie with the exact story line…wtf

  429. 429 : daone Says:

    this drama i really enjoy.good story line. oh! i like korean drama! funny,lovely,enjoy, and love u oh ji ho!!

  430. 430 : mandi Says:

    Dear ohjiho & ohjiho fans,

    I wish all of us a Happy 2010, & wish this new year another good year for ohjiho. Ohjiho, you’re always the best ^^!

  431. 431 : mandi Says:

    4 more days to Chuno… look forward to seeing ojh

  432. 432 : luv phim Han Says:

    I think Han Ye Sul gave one of the best performances for this kind of feisty and mean role. I love the chemistry of the couple and of course the kids. They’re so cute.

  433. 433 : Bathroom radiators Says:

    Took me ages to find this post, this time I’ll bookmark it.

  434. 434 : Kenji Says:

    Ojiho, you’re not only superb not only in your looks, but also your acting. I love you oh ji hot !!!

  435. 435 : sowon Says:

    in Arab countries..Oh Ji-ho is known for single dad with all the “unfortunate” circumstances of this drama..yet i got to know him and like him as a very sincere actor rather than handsome man..
    sometimes,i wonder,if the introduction to Oh Ji-ho was this drama..couple of fantasy with all humour,romance and chemistry between the couple..i think Oh Ji-ho would have been one of the most beloved Korean actor in my country..
    however,it needs search to get to the drama but it worths every search and yes,i enjoyed every moment of it..more than the American movie..
    and i feel quite relieved coz Korean channel in middle east is going to air Queen of housewives..it will attract more people to Zio world..

  436. 436 : tempurpedic Says:

    I think Han Ye Sul gave one of the best performances for this kind of feisty and mean role. I love the chemistry of the couple and of course the kids. They’re so cute.

  437. 437 : elvis Says:

    I don’t like Hanyesul in ‘Will it snow in x’mas’ because it is such a dull drama. I feel she’s wasted her time there.

  438. 438 : elvis Says:

    As a fan of Hanyesul, I wish she’ll not take such kind of work anymore. She’s so beautiful and good in acting, she could have taken up more challenging roles.

  439. 439 : elvis Says:

    Her partner in couple of trouble is much luckier. He’s lucky to get lead role in Chuno ’cause this is a great drama with new idea.

  440. 440 : elvis Says:

    imagine if Hanyesul were the femail in Chuno…….sounds wonderful right?

  441. 441 : jane Says:

    Love this drama. Hope there’ll be a part 2.

  442. 442 : Santa Says:

    I watch this show years ago, loved it, but lately as I became a huge fan of OH JI HO after watching him in Chuno. As killing my time while waiting Chuno every week, I decided to watch fantasy couples again. And god know, I’m all “falling in love” with this drama again, it brings me laughters also tears… I love Oh Ji Ho, Love this couples so much, Now I don’t know I like Ji Ho with Lee Da Hae more, or with han Ye Sul … LOL he’s just great, cute and hot 🙂

  443. 443 : Irene Martha Says:

    Sarange Oh Ji Ho and Han Ye Seul …

  444. 444 : Philbrook Says:

    This is very informative for me and i usually visit here http://wfash.com/

  445. 445 : sol Says:

    ilove this drama

  446. 446 : Queendy Says:

    Fantasy Couple is so funny! Both Han Ye Seul and Oh Ji Ho are so good in this.

  447. 447 : mutiara Says:


  448. 448 : mel Says:

    looks like so interesting.. wanna watch this…

  449. 449 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  450. 450 : Ellena Says:

    ***40 Best of the Best Korean Dramas I’ve Ever watched :

    1 ) Goong ( Prince Hours )
    2 ) Wonderful Life
    3 ) Which Star are you from ?
    4) Only You
    5 ) Take Care of my Lady ( My Fair Lady )
    6 ) Shining Inheritance
    7 ) Boys Before Flowers
    8 ) Why did you come to my Life ?
    9 ) Queen of the Game
    10) 9END 2OUTS
    11) Witch Amusement
    12) Terms of Endearment
    13) Who are you ?
    14) My Sweet Seoul
    15) Love Marriage
    16) Bad Love
    17) Terroir
    18) Coffee Prince
    19) Kingdom of the Winds
    20) Sweet 18
    21) My Name is Kim Samsoon
    22) Wedding
    23) Princess Lulu
    24) Love Story in Harward
    25) Couple of Fantasy( Couple or Trouble )
    26) Ballad of SeoDong- SooDong
    27) Jumong
    28) My Girl
    29) Time Between Dog & Wolf
    30) The World that they live in
    31) Full House
    32) Goong S
    33) A Second Proposal
    34) Lovers in Paris
    35) A Love to Kill
    36) Queen SeonDuke
    37) The Perfect Neighbor- How to meet a Perfect Neighbor
    38) The Emperor of the Sea
    39) That Fool
    40) A Love to Kill

    Don’t miss them 🙂

  451. 451 : korean entertainment lover Says:

    i love thisdrama

  452. 452 : Ellena Says:

    ***41 Best of the Best Korean Dramas I’ve Ever watched :

    1 ) Goong ( Prince Hours )
    2 ) Wonderful Life
    3 ) Which Star are you from ?
    4) Only You
    5 ) Take Care of my Lady ( My Fair Lady )
    6 ) Shining Inheritance
    7 ) Boys Before Flowers
    8 ) Why did you come to my Life ?
    9 ) Queen of the Game
    10) 9END 2OUTS
    11) Witch Amusement
    12) Terms of Endearment
    13) Who are you ?
    14) My Sweet Seoul
    15) Love Marriage
    16) Bad Love
    17) Terroir
    18) Coffee Prince
    19) Kingdom of the Winds
    20) Sweet 18
    21) My Name is Kim Samsoon
    22) Wedding
    23) Princess Lulu
    24) Love Story in Harward
    25) Couple of Fantasy( Couple or Trouble )
    26) Ballad of SeoDong- SooDong
    27) Jumong
    28) My Girl
    29) Time Between Dog & Wolf
    30) The World that they live in
    31) Full House
    32) Goong S
    33) A Second Proposal
    34) Lovers in Paris
    35) A Love to Kill
    36) Queen SeonDuke
    37) The Perfect Neighbor- How to meet a Perfect Neighbor
    38) The Emperor of the Sea
    39) That Fool
    40) A Love to Kill
    41) Hotelier

    Don’t miss them 🙂

  453. 453 : rowing machine Says:

    5 of my favorite korean dramas:
    1.Full House.
    2.Boys Before Flowers.
    3.My Fair Lady.
    4.Princess Hours.
    5.Stairway To Heaven.

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  456. 456 : بیوگرافی oh ji ho Says:

    […] 2009)My Precious Child (KBS2, 2008)Single Dad in Love (KBS2, 2008)Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (SBS, 2007)Couple of Fantasy (MBC, 2006)Thank You Life (KBS, 2006)Autumn Shower (MBC, 2005)Super Rookie (MBC, 2005)Second […]

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  458. 458 : Elaheh Says:

    i love this drama…
    please come to iran i see you…
    i love people of korea…

  459. 459 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  460. 460 : Corporate Branding Says:

    Well your bigger problem is you have these 4 RBs….Morris,Leonard, and Jones. Graham will be going against the one of stingiest Run Ds in the Titans.

  461. 461 : toh quan ming Says:

    I love this drama because i love OJH’s acting and he is very good in acting that’s why i love this drama very much.

  462. 462 : brain supplements Says:

    i love watching delightful girl chun hyang!

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  464. 464 : memory vitamins Says:

    three dads one mom is the best korean drama ever!!

  465. 465 : Rahmi Says:

    Na sang shil, you so funny..

  466. 466 : via Says:

    after long time searching for the DVD, I finally found it, and I am so happy because I can watch this drama, Na Shang Shil is very funny character although she doesn’t want to be funny, she wants everybody to take her seriously and she is very cold person and never open her heart to anybody not even to her husband, and when she got amnesia, she open her heart bit by bit without she even realized it. And we are all thank to Chang sul for it, because of him and also people around him such as his 3 little nephew which i adore (they are very cute), Kang ja, and deuk ku mother. I am very happy with the ending, love it a lot, and it will be a lot complete if we can their wedding ceremony.. 🙂

  467. 467 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Cloud Stairs حلقة بس   Coffee House يهبل    Coffee Prince Comrades Country Princess Couple of Fantasy Crazy for You Creating Destiny Crime Squad D Dae Jang Geum Dae Jo Yeong Dae Mul Dae Wang Sejong […]

  468. 468 : nita Says:

    I hope I can find the dvd,this drama is played at local tv in my country..
    I want to know how the ending will.. ^^

  469. 469 : Nad's Says:

    I’ve finished watching this drama, and I just can say..

    THIS DRAMA DAEBAK! I love Na Sang-sil and Jang Cheol-su trouble funny couple xD
    I was feeling sad in episode 15 and 16 when Sang-sil and Cheol-su separated and I was worried, but I’m glad it was happy ending..

    good job Hong Sisters and all casts, great!
    and I recommended Hong Sisters drama to all of you, like Fantastic Couple and The Greatest Love, hilarious!

  470. 470 : aling Says:

    This drama is totally make my day, especially when chul soo dragged na sang shil away from the gangsters. LOL

  471. 471 : Sunny Says:

    love this drama so much..

  472. 472 : Genoc Da Boom Says:

    couple or trouble is definitely the best k-drama ever!!!

  473. 473 : management Says:

    Good work! I always like to leave comments whenever I see something unusual or impressive. I think we must appreciate those who do something especial. Keep it up, thanks
    Helen Olsson

  474. 474 : violet Says:

    great story n casting.. love the chemistry between the main couple so much.. han ye seul and oh ji ho really perfect for their role. i think this is among the best script from hong sisters.. nice job!..

  475. 475 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Fantasy Couple = Couple of Fantasy Rating : 4,5 out of 5 […]

  476. 476 : Lily Says:

    LOL i remember when i was six! my aunt was watching this and there was a scene where the man has a dream about the wife and he thinks that she is dead and it was REALLY creepy bcause i was only six! my aunt was laughing crazily at me! i was mentally scarred for life but im sure it wont be scary now so im gonna watch it 😀

  477. 477 : Couple of Fantasy | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] lysi’s starred items in Google Reader Related Posts […]

  478. 478 : suzy Says:

    does it have it good ending?

  479. 479 : Nudge Says:

    Though an adaptation of the movie Overboard, Han Ye Seul’s Anna is better than Goldie Hawn’s character in the original movie.

    The opening scenes on the plane and then the airport were priceless. Those scenes were IMHO the Hong sisters at their best. The rest of the drama kinda got lost when Anna herself got lost. Still, it’s one of the better dramas I have seen.

    There were no overuse of plot devises. The story meandered along nicely. And Han Ye Seul is such a beauty.

  480. 480 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Watched it about 5yrs ago lol @ still ❤️❤️❤️ So much 😉 love all Hong sister drama ~~ Dabake 👍👍👍👍

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