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Come! Jang Bo Ri

Come! Jang Bo Ri 03

Title: 왔다! 장보리 / Come! Jang Bo Ri
Also known as: Jang Bo Ri is Here!
Chinese Title: 来了!张宝利
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 52
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-April-05 to 2014-Oct-12
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:45


This drama is about two families, two women, two mothers who have to deal with very unexpected surprise when their daughters’ identities changed overnight.

Jang Bo Ri (Oh Yeon Seo) who grew up with her poor family suddenly becomes wealthy overnight after she discovers that she’s a daughter of a wealthy family. In contrary, Yun Min Jung (Lee Yoo Ri) suddenly has to adapt herself from living in luxury to her poor family.


Main Cast

Oh Yeon Seo as Jang Bo Ri
Yoo Eun Mi as Jang Bo Ri (child)
Kim Ji Hoon as Lee Jae Hwa
Jung Yoon Suk as Lee Jae Hwa (child)
Oh Chang Suk as Lee Jae Hee
Jo Hyun Do as Lee Jae Hee (child)
Lee Yoo Ri as Yun Min Jung
Shin Soo Yun as Yun Min Jung (child)

Bi Sool Chae

Kim Yong Rim as Kim Soo Mi
Kim Hye Ok as In Hwa (Soo Mi’s second daughter-in-law)
Yang Mi Kyung as Ok Soo (Soo Mi’s first daughter-in-law)
Ahn Nae Sang as Soo Bong (Soo Mi’s second son)
Jung Won Joong as Hee Bong (Soo Mi’s first son)
Jun In Taek as Park Jong Ha

Jae Hwa & Jae Hee’s family

Han Jin Hee as Lee Dong Hoo (Jae Hwa, Jae Hee, and Ga Eul’s father)
Geum Bo Ra as Hwa Yeon (Dong Hoo’s wife)
Woo Hee Jin as Lee Jung Ran (Dong Hoo’s younger sister)
Han Seung Yeon as Lee Ga Eul (Dong Ho’s daughter)


Hwang Young Hee as Do Hye Ok (Min Jung’s biological mother)
Park Gun Il as Kang Yoo Chun (Nae Chun’s younger brother)
Choi Dae Chul as Kang Ne Chun (Yoo Chun’s older brother)
Sung Hyuk as Moon Ji Sang (Min Jung’s first love)
Kim Ji Young as Jang Bi Dan (Bo Ri’s daughter)
Lee Jae Goo
Kim Min Ki
Lee Young Ran as first lady
Lee Dong Ha as Kim Hyun Chae (In Hwa’s younger brother)
Im Do Yoon as Young Sook
Shin Rin Ah as Young Sook’s daughter
Jung Seong Woo as Detective

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Chang Sub
Producer: Lee Myung Sook
Director: Baek Ho Min
Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok


– Episode 5 & 6 has been postponed to 2014-April-26 & 27 due to the incident of ‘South Korean ferry capsizing‘.

– Due to the high rating, this drama has been extended for 2 episodes to total of 52 episodes.


2014 MBC Drama Awards – Golden Acting Actress: Kim Hye Ok (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Golden Acting Actor: Ahn Nae Sang (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Best Child Acting Awards: Kim Ji Young (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year (chosen by PDs from KBS, MBC, and SBS): Lee Yoo Ri (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Writer of the Year: Kim Soon Ok (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actress (Soap Opera): Oh Yeon Seo (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Soap Opera): Kim Ji Hoon (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Drama of the Year: Come! Jang Bo Ri
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Daesang: Lee Yoo Ri (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Best Child Actor: Kim Ji Young (Jang Bo Ri Is Here)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Top Excellence Actress: Oh Yeon Seo (Jang Bo Ri Is Here)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-04-05 1 10.9 (7th) 12.9 (6th) 9.8 (10th) 10.0 (9th)
2014-04-06 2 13.0 (6th) 15.7 (4th) 12.5 (5th) 13.4 (5th)
2014-04-12 3 11.8 (5th) 13.7 (4th) 11.9 (4th) 13.0 (4th)
2014-04-13 4 12.3 (6th) 13.8 (6th) 12.2 (5th) 13.0 (5th)
2014-04-26 5 9.9 (7th) 10.6 (6th) 9.5 (8th) 10.1 (8th)
2014-04-27 6 13.7 (3rd) 14.6 (3rd) 14.3 (4th) 14.9 (3rd)
2014-05-03 7 10.9 (4th) 11.9 (5th) 9.6 (7th) 9.8 (7th)
2014-05-04 8 12.5 (4th) 14.2 (4th) 12.7 (4th) 13.2 (4th)
2014-05-10 9 10.4 (7th) 11.7 (6th) 11.1 (5th) 11.0 (6th)
2014-05-11 10 13.4 (4th) 14.2 (4th) 13.8 (4th) 14.2 (4th)
2014-05-17 11 10.9 (5th) 12.0 (6th) 11.4 (5th) 11.8 (5th)
2014-05-18 12 12.7 (4th) 14.5 (4th) 13.5 (4th) 14.0 (4th)
2014-05-24 13 11.9 (4th) 13.6 (4th) 12.2 (5th) 13.1 (4th)
2014-05-25 14 14.7 (4th) 16.5 (3rd) 14.6 (5th) 14.5 (4th)
2014-05-31 15 12.7 (3rd) 14.2 (4th) 12.5 (4th) 12.4 (4th)
2014-06-01 16 14.4 (4th) 16.0 (3rd) 14.0 (4th) 14.3 (4th)
2014-06-07 17 12.7 (3rd) 14.4 (3rd) 12.5 (4th) 12.9 (5th)
2014-06-08 18 14.4 (3rd) 16.9 (2nd) 15.4 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd)
2014-06-14 19 13.4 (4th) 15.7 (3rd) 13.9 (4th) 14.8 (3rd)
2014-06-15 20 15.4 (3rd) 16.8 (2nd) 15.7 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd)
2014-06-21 21 12.6 (3rd) 14.8 (2nd) 15.5 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd)
2014-06-22 22 16.8 (2nd) 19.7 (2nd) 17.4 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd)
2014-06-28 23 16.3 (3rd) 18.8 (2nd) 16.9 (2nd) 17.8 (2nd)
2014-06-29 24 17.2 (3rd) 19.7 (2nd) 16.3 (3rd) 15.9 (3rd)
2014-07-05 25 15.4 (2nd) 17.6 (2nd) 17.6 (2nd) 18.0 (2nd)
2014-07-06 26 16.7 (2nd) 19.1 (2nd) 18.0 (2nd) 18.4 (2nd)
2014-07-12 27 18.0 (2nd) 20.5 (2nd) 18.5 (2nd) 19.5 (2nd)
2014-07-13 28 20.4 (2nd) 22.5 (2nd) 20.2 (2nd) 20.7 (2nd)
2014-07-19 29 19.5 (2nd) 22.2 (2nd) 21.1 (2nd) 22.2 (2nd)
2014-07-20 30 21.8 (2nd) 24.4 (2nd) 23.0 (2nd) 24.3 (2nd)
2014-07-26 31 19.4 (2nd) 21.7 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd) 22.1 (1st)
2014-07-27 32 22.7 (2nd) 26.4 (1st) 22.8 (2nd) 23.2 (2nd)
2014-08-02 33 21.8 (2nd) 23.9 (1st) 22.1 (2nd) 22.1 (1st)
2014-08-03 34 24.8 (2nd) 28.6 (1st) 25.6 (2nd) 26.3 (1st)
2014-08-09 35 23.2 (2nd) 25.7 (1st) 23.5 (1st) 25.4 (1st)
2014-08-10 36 27.0 (1st) 30.5 (1st) 27.9 (1st) 29.6 (1st)
2014-08-16 37 25.5 (1st) 29.1 (1st) 25.2 (1st) 26.3 (1st)
2014-08-17 38 29.6 (1st) 34.0 (1st) 30.4 (1st) 31.3 (1st)
2014-08-23 39 26.9 (1st) 31.7 (1st) 26.8 (1st) 27.5 (1st)
2014-08-24 40 30.4 (1st) 35.3 (1st) 31.8 (1st) 32.9 (1st)
2014-08-30 41 28.5 (1st) 31.2 (1st) 30.2 (1st) 31.1 (1st)
2014-08-31 42 31.9 (1st) 35.8 (1st) 33.0 (1st) 33.7 (1st)
2014-09-06 43 29.9 (1st) 33.0 (1st) 29.2 (1st) 29.4 (1st)
2014-09-07 44 30.2 (1st) 34.1 (1st) 29.5 (1st) 29.2 (1st)
2014-09-13 45 29.7 (1st) 33.9 (1st) 29.9 (1st) 31.5 (1st)
2014-09-14 46 30.2 (1st) 34.7 (1st) 31.8 (1st) 33.5 (1st)
2014-09-20 47 28.7 (1st) 31.6 (1st) 29.8 (1st) 30.8 (1st)
2014-09-21 48 34.2 (1st) 39.2 (1st) 37.3 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
2014-10-04 49 32.1 (1st) 38.0 (1st) 33.8 (1st) 36.8 (1st)
2014-10-05 50 31.6 (1st) 37.1 (1st) 33.4 (1st) 33.8 (1st)
2014-10-11 51 33.4 (1st) 37.0 (1st) 33.3 (1st) 34.0 (1st)
2014-10-12 52 35.8 (1st) 40.4 (1st) 35.0 (1st) 35.8 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : loulou Says:

    So unoriginal…How many times have they used this kind of plot already?

  2. 2 : laual Says:


  3. 3 : phenix Says:

    do you think it’s easy to find an original subject? even if you look to Hollywood cinema the subjects and plots are always the same!

  4. 4 : kimnic Says:

    i think it is ok if only 16 eps but 50 its over by having this kind of plot kinda boring.

  5. 5 : Tania Says:

    Hey, just don’t watch the drama .___. don’t hate pls.

  6. 6 : Anastasia Says:

    Woah….good ratings for latest episodes. There are 2 ahjummma that I always like them – KHO and YMK. I always like them for their roles in any kdramas. And also I can’t wait for adults main cast will show up 🙂

  7. 7 : jual case casing sarung samsung galaxy s4 Says:

    whoa i dont have the dvd yet

  8. 8 : Wae Wae Wae Says:

    Dimples playing the lead. Yay!

  9. 9 : Micc Says:

    Kinda fast forward through the first two episodes. This type of family drama is never my cup of tea, too many makjang moments, too many villains and too many conspiracies. But I can tell this is going to be a good drama for those who like it. Very intense with no dull moments. Maybe I’ll come back to watch when dimple shows up. 🙂

  10. 10 : KTm Says:

    720p, 450p & XViD

  11. 11 : lovekoreandrama Says:

    Good so far! Waiting for Kim Ji Hoon to show up. No dull moment yet…Will continue to watch it. It is serious for now..I don’t see any funny moments yet.

  12. 12 : ching Says:

    where is ep 4 i cant find it please tell me where i can see it

  13. 13 : ching Says:

    where is ep 4 i cant find it please tell me where i can see it
    im dying to see ep 4 and i want to watch it in full ep 50 ok

  14. 14 : pate Says:

    i really cant wait how the two kid could swap..its just dont make sense but still i want to know how the writer make the story plot..

  15. 15 : Anastasia Says:

    Just watched ep 5 and 6 Raw and I’m liking the storyline so far and this is a good family drama. Child actors were good but I still can’t wait when the adult main casts would start acting in this drama. Now waiting for ep 5 and 6 with English subs.

  16. 16 : Nudge Says:

    “..do you think it’s easy to find an original subject..”

    Actually the story wouldn’t be so same-o-same-o mediocre had the writer allowed for the characters to drive the story instead of the other way around. They (some drama writers) keep making the same mistake in this regard. And doing so makes the plot appear like previous drama plots.

    The justification for a character’s actions don’t cut it, even when the writer compensates using flashbacks, it just comes off like a band-aid solution.

    Which is why Loulou’s comment is a valid response.

    Our lives don’t follow the same pattern — at least not at the level that they can be told in a drama. Each person’s life is unique and the events they encounter are themselves unique in diversity, as are the responses. Those responses affect the lives of others, some profoundly others subtly. But this knowledge alone won’t make for a good drama. The writer must be invested in the characters. The depth that he/she understands the character allows for choosing the most appropriate responses the character makes.

    Of course it more complicated than I’m making it out to be, however the fact remains; this is yet another lame rehashing of previous drama plots.

  17. 17 : Pesach Says:

    Would you like some cheese to go along with your whine? There have ALWAYS only been two stories to tell… “The Quest” where the characters are searching for something and the journey they take to find it, and “Boy meets Girl” in every variation – from love/hate, to Cinderella, to poor to rich and back again. So stop complaining that you’ve seen the plot before! Of course you have!

  18. 18 : Sue Says:

    Really surprised with the response since I think this is a great drama! It’s not one of those chick romantic drama’s, its a really exciting nice family drama. I enjoy it alot, its kind of like glass slippers, a really good drama!

  19. 19 : Sean Says:

    Whiners – to complain or protest in a childish manner. Whiners are uptight and constipated. If you thought of it as “unoriginal”, then leave pronto!!! You’re not welcome. Stop whining.

  20. 20 : Sean Says:

    Whiners equates to stupidity!!! (The writers on the other hand are hard working people making their living).

  21. 21 : Sean Says:

    Whining quates to stupidity!!! (The writers on the other hand are hard working people making their living).

  22. 22 : Anastasia Says:

    I’m getting excited with this drama as the main casts already appear at ep 7 and I just watch ep 7 raw and can’t wait for ep 8. Now this drama is getting more interesting especially when Jang Bori finally meets again with Jae Hwa as this scene is so funny. I wish this drama could be subbed into English as soon as like other weekend dramas.

  23. 23 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 to episode 8, at the moment, this drama is not comedy, from episode 1 to episode 8 , i still think that, it’s a melodrama.

    Why did the writer make Bo Ri’s hair looks like aunty, her hairstyle doesn’t make her look sweet. In order to continue to attract viewer’s interest, the writer should quickly change her hairstyle , to make her look sweet and cute.

    The writer should quickly make In Hwa to be able to find her real daughter Bo Ri. And i don’t like the character of Min Jung, although, she’s clever, but sad to understand that, she’s evil and greedy.

    I hope that, Bo Ri can quickly change her hairstyle to look, young and cute. And Bo Ri may be pretty when she wears Hanbok clothing.

    I am sad that Bo Ri’s staying with her biological mother and her biological mother did not treat her with sincere love. The writer should make In Hwa finds Bo Ri and should take care Bo Ri in good hands.

  24. 24 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Glass Slippers, Twinkle Twinkle and Her Legend, combine these dramas and you get Come Jang Bo Ri. The line story it’s not that interesting, the cast is not that great, maybe I will give up to watch this drama.

  25. 25 : Anastasia Says:

    Done watching ep 9 and 10 raw….now I really hate fake mother to threat to Jang Bori and now let Bori to stay with OS so they can create together beautiful hanboks. So far this drama it has quite an interesting storyline and plot development. I like the couple Jang Bori and Jae Hwa….they are so funny together and I can’t wait both of them to get romantically together. I’m so addicted with this drama and also the other weekend drama Hotel King……so fighting Jang Bori. Can’t wait for next episodes 🙂

  26. 26 : Yoo-Mi Says:

    Watched 4 episodes. Most of these kids are unbearable. When will the adult cast come aboard.? Why do Korean drama so enjoy torturing the audience for episodes after episodes with kids?

  27. 27 : lidia_kawachi Says:

    I’ve been watched this drama from ep 1 until ep 10 passionately. But i feel that this drama is bland and too predictable. I hate the stupid (other said it is innocent) character of Bo Ri too. Moreover this drama is going to have another forties episodes where the story will be dragged here and there with many repeated makjang drama formula. I am about to give up watching this drama…

  28. 28 : Anastasia Says:

    For me this drama is getting more interesting as I like it so far. I watched two weekends drama now: Jang Bori and Hotel King and I like Jang Bori more because of the story, also the ratings is more higher than Hotel King. Done watching ep 11 and 12 both raw, now the story is more intense between 2 daughters EunBi/BoRi and fake sister MJ. They are now against each other to make a good hanboks. I kind of like this drama because I like competition types between both lead female with EunBi/Bori with good heart person and MJ evil fake sister with the ambitious antagonist. I hope BoRi will come back to her family soon and she also can make romance with JW soon. Now I cant wait to find out what happens next and I see the preview of ep 13 is more intense. Sadly why this drama is getting more more late to get subbed not like other others. Can’t wait for next episodes….Jang Bori fighting!!!

  29. 29 : queens Says:

    Friends.. pls let me know if this is worth to watch

  30. 30 : noona Says:

    Cela a mis du temps à démarrer, mais maintenant nous arrivons aux épisodes 13 et 14 je pense qu’enfin l’histoire prend enfin une tournure décisive.
    Oui, l’héroïne est énervante de stupidité…mais tant pis elle est quand même attachante par certains côtés.

    it took time to get started.
    But now I believe that history took a decisive turn.
    It is not too early since we are already in episodes 13 and 14

  31. 31 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Yes, the Bo Ri is so stupid attached to that horrible woman she thought is her real mom. Even a dog run away then is mistreated.
    Writer, please, make Bo Ri just a bit more smarter, just to be a little bit more realistic.

  32. 32 : Anastasia Says:

    Done watching ep 13 and 14 raw and both episodes were so goog. I’m getting addicted with drama and I’m so excited with the current story now. I can’t wait until Bori will get her memory back and know who she is actually and Jae Hwa could finally meet his aunt and also Bori and Jae Hwa will find each other so that they can start their romance very soon. Actor KJH and actress OYS are so cute together and they are so funny in this drama. They are my favourite OTP at the moment.

    In last ep, MJ finally gave birth for her baby after she tried to attempt abortion for her baby and she decided to give biirth without anyone knowing except her mother who helped her to deliver the baby. I wonder in next the episodes whether Bori will raise the baby cause MJ did not want her baby. Now the story is more more getting interesting as I can see the preview for next episode.

    I know this drama will have a long way to go cause this is 50 episodes but I like it so far. My favourite drama weekend at the moment. Can’t wait for Sat and Sun for new episodes!

  33. 33 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Bori is the perfect idiot. If she decide to raise the baby I give up to watch this drama. It’s just wasting my time. I hate the main character to be just an idiot abused by everyone and act like she is loved by all. Probably she will discover who she really is in the 50th five minutes before the end.

  34. 34 : Wowwww Says:

    worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttt ever ……Bori is a stupid idiot…..i cant take it anymore…this is the last episode i will watch…..i am sick and tired of the bullshit….this writer needs to go somewhere and meditate on a different plot that is bearable………so far 16 ep of pure shit…….so pissed

  35. 35 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    The plots before switching to the adult cast are uninteresting. Rehashing the same-old same-old k-drama twist-of-fate scenarios. I support the concept of fate as a universal principle in our lives that is not always so obviously manifest. However the abuse of such a thing in k-dramas makes a mockery of it.

    I am hoping, with the appearance of the adult players the writer will give us substance. Am I asking too much?

  36. 36 : Torri Says:

    To be honest I think the writer here is making bo ri too stupid and ignorant and I am honestly not liking how stupid she is and how she can’t see that she is been played by the so,called mother I mean it’s been 16 ep she needs to start seeing things for what they are the writer is dragging this whole thing I can’t stand to watch another ep of her benign really foolish

  37. 37 : Wowwww Says:

    That is exactly what I am saying…everything is so obvious…doesn’t the writer see that this turns people off with the girl being so stupid….I am done with this show

  38. 38 : Jiigii Says:

    The story plot about two women with switched fates is so much similar to -Her Legend.

  39. 39 : val Says:

    This is the worse drama eeeeeeeevvvvvveeeerrr!!!!! Could one be so stupid. Its not realistic. The abuse of the stupid girl gets harder to watch. And she takes it thinking its love. Writer get a grip. This is crap am about to stop looking at this its already 16 eps. Enough.

  40. 40 : Ve Says:

    The writer is not consistent in building up the character some roles, especially Jan Bo Ri. Little Bori was a reserve but expressive, considerate, calm and smart kid, how come when she turned adult, out of the blue become so naïve, blubber and so stupid!!. Very disappointing! Adult Bori should have remain with her personal traits, calm, smart and reserved not the opposite way.

    Lee Jae Hwa,is also inconsistent personality, small Lee Jae Hwa also quite a reserved child, holding and fonding the memories of her late mother, adult LJH was too bubbly…

    Maybe writer wants to make this drama has the humorous dips, but still very irrelevant scripts here and there….

    Writer, please make Bo Ri more mature and as what she was when she was a child. Otherwise this drama would be a waste to watch…!! Poor for talented star Kim Jii Hoo…he deserves a better script than this

    Such a waste drama for star Kim Ji Hoon,

  41. 41 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    Attempts at humour fall flat.

    For the most part the drama is predictable, but the disgrace is the writer’s deliberate dumbing of the adult characters. It is as if they all have the intelligence quotients of 8 year olds.

  42. 42 : Jaesuk Says:

    The evil Min Jung is so smart. She can figure out things the adults with money and power could not in a decade and half. Yet despite all that, her schemes fails again, and again as if a screenwriter was manipulating the storyline…ke-ke-ke.

  43. 43 : HEN Says:

    “Whining equates to stupidity!!! (The writers on the other hand are hard working people making their living).”

    Sean, we the viewers make it possible for “the writers to make their living”.

    As paying customers, we have a right to: whine, applaud, complain, or just critique what is place before us for “our viewing entertainment”.

    Another wealthy family that loses a child and does practically nothing to find her. No alerts, no posters, special investigators–not even a milk carton. Were the police even notified? And what a mother— so busy hiding her crime, that she won’t even admit that she was the last person with her daughter, and saw her as she drove away in the other direction. Their answer was to have an art contest. Well, I guess they remembered that she could read, and no matter what else had befallen her, she would come back for that. The child was so close they were actually in the school where she had suddenly appeared as a student.

    Also, isn’t interesting that the Aunt remained friends with the women that Eubee was attached to, but didn’t recognize her???

    Oh, and the accident–no CCTV or black box account of what happened?? Really?? When she was chasing the sister-in-law in the rain, she was weaving in and out of traffic–suddenly there were no cars around. Really??

    This is my CRITIQUE of this writer’s work, with definite CRITICISM.

  44. 44 : Anastasia Says:

    Wow….I think this drama is not getting popular for International viewer as I read all of the comments above, there is so much hate for this drama, but I think I am only the one here who love and support this drama 100%. I am loving this drama so much even Bo Ri character looks stupid for people say but for me this is the part of this story of this drama in order to be a good drama. I agree with the Korean netizen who loves this drama so that’s why the ratings is always good. I am sure this drama is going to be amazing especially two lead actors and actress KJH and OYS, they are so funny and cute together.

    The story now is getting interesting, the tine has jumped 5 years to the current year as the baby is big now and Bo Ri’s hair style also has changed. Bo Ri and daugther and evil fake mom have moved to Seoul. Jae Hwa finally moved back to his family. I can’t wait to see Bo Ri and Jae Hwa finally to meet again and fall in love each other and Bo Ri could come back to the real family. Now the real competition between Bo Ri and MJ will begin in the next episodes. Now I really can’t wait for new episodes. I wish Sat and Sun could come faster. Jang Bo Ri fighting!!!

  45. 45 : Pandeou Says:

    I love it 100% Fifgtihg

  46. 46 : ruthjona Says:

    i really love this drama…i love both the lead actors..bori.. jae haw…fighting

  47. 47 : Carmen Says:

    I do love this drama too, but I hate to see Jang Bo Ri, so so duuummmmm, she was smart little and I do not know what is up with her…like some one mention before even a dog will leave if it is trated bad…but she stay with that lady that she call mom, she do not love her…..can she realize that???OMG OMG OMG, and now to take care of that baby, she can go to adoption and she can help with money to do the surgery, she do not have to keep her…well wll I know it is drama….but it get me mad to see all the bad people…….always wining…

  48. 48 : Artemus Gordon Says:

    This drama drives me nuts. I’m done with it.
    Please everyone in SK…please, please boycott this kind of tripe so they never have to make anything like it ever.

    I feel sorry for the actors.

  49. 49 : Reii-chan Says:

    for all of you who have enough of this drama, and if you like family drama with romance, just watch Glorious day.. It’s sol light and warm, and in later episode Lee Sang Woo will make us swoon~.. I’m sure all of you will like this drama.. Sorry OOT..

  50. 50 : Yvonne Says:

    One of the worst Korean drama I have seen so far.The grown up Jang Bo Ri character was too naive, childish & immature and the non- biological sister Yun Min Jung was too fake, her eyes was popping out all the time due to her reconstructed plastic surgery face! The story was interesting at first when they were young but after they have grown up, the story slowly becoming ridiculous and un-realistic.

  51. 51 : Anastasia Says:

    Now the story is getting really interesting and I love it so far. Bo Ri starts remembering more thing in her childhood and hope she gets her memory back soon and she also starts standing up and answering back to her fake sister MJ.

    Ep 19
    Finally JHW has met Bo Ri again. This scene between them was so funny, starts with JHW stalked and followed Bi Ri and end up with JHW touches Bo Ri’s breast by mistake. This is so hilarious. I am loving KJH and OYS intereaction between them.

    Ep 20
    MJ finally has faced to face her ex-boyfriend and she shocked to find out that her ex has also worked at the same company with her. JHW finally met his favorite aunt OS and also met Bo Ri’s adoptive child Bi Dan.

    Preview next episodes
    MJ found a family photo and realized that Bo Ri was the real Eun Bi and Bo Ri also found this family photo. Bi Dan seems getting sick or maybe getting a surgery at the hospital and JHW is holding Bo Ri’s hand in front of Bi Dan. I love to see this family drama going forward.

    Nice to see the ratings this drama was always good. Hopefully it could be reach 20% and can compete with WD (KBS) later. It seems that Korean people loved this drama. Now can’t wait for next episodes. Jang Bo Ri fighting!

  52. 52 : Annie Says:

    The show is getting more interesting 🙂

  53. 53 : Susan Says:

    The story is getting better. Love jang Bo ri and jhw. Nice pair.

  54. 54 : Anastasia Says:

    Just watched ep 21 and 22 and this drama is getting more better at every week. I love to see the romance between Jae Hwa and Bori already started. I think this is the first time that I see KJH is really working well with the lead actress OYS. They both looks so good together and they have amazing chemistry in this drama. In ep 22 both Jae Hwa and Bori have a cute moment while they were at the hospital.

    I think in this drama KJH looks like getting more younger than his other dramas and becoming more more hotter in every episodes 🙂

    Can’t wait for new episodes!

  55. 55 : kaygee2jay Says:

    I like Lee Yoo Ri .. always antagonist role… Jang BoRi and Jae Hwa fighting.. cant wait for the next episode.

  56. 56 : Annie Says:

    Can’t wait for next week’s episodes, even tho I’m still waiting for subbed ep 22, haha!
    Love Bori and LJH! Fighting!

  57. 57 : mml Says:

    Now, i am looking forward to watch episode 23 and episode 24. It seems that, Bo Ri lost her memory and it’s quite difficult for Bo Ri to acknowledge and recognise her real parents. I wonder , when can the writer can make Bo Ri to be able to know her real parents ? The life that, Bo Ri currently is leading, it’s very unhealthy, it’s very sad for Bo Ri, always being bullied by Min Jung and also her mother. And I really wonder will Bo Ri’s real mother will really love Bo Ri and treasure Bo Ri, if, oneday, she finds out that Bo Ri is actually her real daughter ? But, something, I believe that, Bo Ri’s aunt will love and like Bo Ri. Or. maybe, Bo Ri will stay with her aunt instead, rather than going back to her real mother. Bo Ri’s real mother never love and treasure Bo Ri and it’s hard to believe that, she will bring her real daughter Bo Ri back to their house.

  58. 58 : Kancy Says:

    Too slow and latest episode 21 no English or Chinese subtitle. Most websites are far behind at Ep 20 and below.

  59. 59 : plain Says:

    I can,t stomach this drama,a drama that reward a bad person,than punish the good one,is not a drama for me, even though Bo Ri is portrayed as goody goody too know girl,but her mother has gotten away with murder and greed,now this writer will send Bo Ri back to inherit what her mother has killed for,meanwhile the good woman who lost everything is with nothing,what a despicable writing,I will not even start with the other man who has a a wife and a child at home but a mistress with a child and pregnant this is really ridiculous and awful to watch.

  60. 60 : plain Says:

    let me ask this writer,where is your conscience ?

  61. 61 : michelle Says:

    Lee Chae Mi as Jang Bi Dan (Bo Ri’s daughter).
    she is Lee Chae Mi ? I don’t think so,
    have somebody know who is she, thanks.

  62. 62 : DanniGirl Says:

    @michelle Good pick-up. I think you are right. It’s Kim Ji Young (http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=14052 ) who is playing Bi Dan Bo Ri’s daughter.

  63. 63 : DanniGirl Says:

    @michelle Lee Chae Mi was in “Golden Rainbow”. She’s year younger than Kim Ji Young.

    I don’t know if Chae Mi could have pulled of Bi Dan, to be honest. But Ji Young had proved beyond doubt in previous performances, her ability to play the smart and witty Bi Dan.

  64. 64 : Michelle Says:

    @DanniGirl thanks.
    Ji Young look likes
    – Shin Soo Yun Yun Min Jung (child)

  65. 65 : johena Says:

    l love Jang Bo Ri so match

  66. 66 : johena Says:

    ㅑ ㅣㅐㅍㄷ ㅓㅐㅜㅎ ㅠㅐ갸 내ㅡㅁㅅ초

  67. 67 : johena Says:

    i love jong bori so match ♥♥♥♥♥☺☺

  68. 68 : Annie Says:

    One more day 🙂

  69. 69 : Logan1707 Says:

    Just started to watch this family drama and I’m hooked already with this drama. The story is very interesting and I love to see our OTP moments.. Both lead actress and actor OYS and KJH are cute and adorable together especially KJH is more handsome in this drama maybe because his hair style and he looks good with that. I watched all of KJH dramas and he looks more more handsome in here than his other dramas before.

    Can’t wait for next episodes!

  70. 70 : Anastasia Says:

    Done watching ep 23 and ep 24, both episodes were good but not as great as last week’s episodes but I still love this drama. I’m a freak person of family dramas weekend. The story now is still about evil MJ keep telling lies about herself…ugh I hate her ever more. I wish her scenes is more more less for the next episodes and get more more cute scenes for our OTP Bori and Jae Hwa as I love them together. I also like another couple auntie Jung Ran and ex-gangster guy as they are funny.

    The ratings is slightly down this week from last week maybe because the main story is still about the evil MJ. I hope next week we can get more excited scenes from our OTP, and Bori might need to hurry to get Jae Hwa before new rival to get him..lol… and also more cute scenes between Bi Dan, Bori and Jae Hwa. I also hope Jae Hwa finds out very soon that Bori is EB.

    I can’t wait for Sat and Sun for new episodes!

  71. 71 : sylvia Says:

    I hate the mother………… what kind of mother this woman oooo (the woman who bring JBR…….. the eyes must be blind………. hate her.

  72. 72 : D.P. Says:

    I just finished watching “Shining Romance”, and my wife got me hooked on this one. The plots are just about identical! Min Jung= Chae Ri LOL!

  73. 73 : vareena Says:

    What irritated me is that why Bori’s aunt have to hide, it is so unreal b/c she did nothing wrong and why Bori have to put up with this lunatic fake mom when she can take care of herself just fine, this is the most trouble I have in this drama and also every time MJ’s lies will be covered up, it remind me of one of the most idiotic drama (sincerely move heaven) It very upset to see Bori got abused by this mother and daughter, I think viewers have the same feeling as mine. Writer please make if more realistic.

  74. 74 : say Says:

    in all the Korean dramas I have watched,although I ended this one in ep5 this drama is the most idiotic,stupid drama ever,every aspect of this drama make no sense at all,I wander which planet this writer come from?there is no single meaningful story that this drama is telling,it is all BS.

  75. 75 : AnitaTienda Says:

    Please writer be realistic also. We know it is drama but why make your lead star so stupid. So our felling as viewers we are also stupid. Make it a little bit realistic not to obvious that you are trying to evade the the truth to be discovered in a very plastic reality.

  76. 76 : vareena Says:

    One thing so funny is that people liked this kind of drama, that is why those idiot writers still exist, they not just insult the viewers but also the casts that have to go thru this. Writer please use your brain to write not your feet, how can a woman carried a baby until the baby due and nobody even notice that, my god this is the most crazy thing I’ve ever seen another thing, Bori’s aunt was with Bori all that time and can’t recognize her niece and what the reason she have to hide, please explain this. I can bet that at the end, Minjung and her mom will not get any punishment. Just like Plain said. Writer, where is your conscience. This is all BS.

  77. 77 : Anastasia Says:

    The drama is well made and the director did not made any mistake filming certain scene’s. So that is why the ratings of this drama was always good and high. Even this drama could beat popular weekend drama like Hotel King, Endless Love and others for TV ratings. For Korean people who worked at TV industry TV ratings is everything and very important for them. People should stop complaining but just enjoying this drama. IThis drama being plotted out well and the drama is very exciting and interesting. I know there are evil scene but thats part of the whole drama but if you always critize this…then this drama is not a cup of your tea….but hey….it’s K-drama….well you know…the good people always wins at the end.

    Just saw both ep 25 and 26 with raw (why the English subs now is taking like forever…ugh sad), both episodes were happy and sad. Happy moment when there were more sweet moment between Bori, Bi Dan and Jae Hwa. Now Bi Dan has called Jae Hwa as “appa” in front of her teacher and friends. The sad thing was the people who were around Bori and Jae was treating them so nasty and bad…ugh hate that.

    I still love continuously watching this drama although at this time being the villains always wins..I knowit is heart breaking to see Bori, Bi Dan and Jae Hwai always sad and suffering..,but as long as Bori and Jae Hwa do not break away and they go through this hard time together, Jang Bori fighting :))

  78. 78 : say Says:

    the rating on this drama shows how native Koreans are,how can someone sit down and watch this nonsense.

  79. 79 : Bellatrix Says:

    Hey @Say I see you hate this drama so much but why you so bother to come this thread. If you hate it then do not watch it and don’t spend your energy just to hate something and leave this thread then…. and also don’t blame to South Korean people why they liked this drama so much. So peace out 🙂

    Hey I agree what you said it. This is just a drama and anybody should just enjoy it If anybody can’t stand it and complain this drama….then do not watch it.

    I didn’t like this drama at the beginning but eventually I love it now cause the story is getting more more interestiing now. I love to see the OTP in here, KJH and OYS. They have amazing chemistry in this drama. I’m so excited for next episodes.

  80. 80 : Logan1707 Says:

    Have watched ep 25 and 26 both with English subs. I liked both of episodes. I love to see the intereaction for Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa, their intereaction was such a cute and funny moment. Finally Jae Hwa has quit from his job in order to protect Bori and Bidan from the investigation. Now the story is getting interesting for next episodes.

    Preview next episodes: Jae Hwa get kicked out from his parent house and he migh tbe staying at Bori’s house. Oh I can’t wait to see that as it would be fun for three of them together. I think Bori’s Aunt finally tell the secret to Bori and also Bori’s Aunt will find out first that Bori is the real Eun Bi.

    I can not wait until Sat and Sun would come!

  81. 81 : say Says:

    @Bellatrix,for your information,I don’t watch at all,but stroll in threads to read comments,is it wrong for me to that or are mine not allowed to state my opinions in what I disagreed?although I started at the beginning but I ended it in ep5.This brings me to ask you what do you like about this drama?list 5 things that makes you enjoy this or what the story is all about?then I will list more than 7 things that make this drama the worst drama of the year.I don’t really know if rewarding evil is really appreciated by some people,maybe that is why they are angry about me making comments?I hope that is not the case,all the reason why I called this drama nonsense to watch,because we are humans with consciences,also when you are a writer use your conscience to write so that you promote the goodness of life not shows how you can gain by doing evil things.all I can see in this drama is a vicious woman who will do anything to gain what is not rightfully hers who destroyed husband and wife at the end according to @plain what she killed for she is rewarded for it,and also rewarded for her viciousness,and a husband who cheated on his wife also been rewarded for it by living happy ever after.why this writer punished the good people send them away with empty hands and the good ones perish ,@Bellatrix if this is kind of drama you enjoy all I can say good for you then.

  82. 82 : Anastasia Says:

    Hi @Bellatrix
    Thanks for the love for this drama. Yes I love this family drama. I am kind of big fans of any family drama of K-Drama especially weekends drama. I don’t watch so much for weekday dramas. My favorite K-drama for the moments are Jang Bori and Wonderful Days. Oh I love for both drama so much.

    I hope you could enjoy those dramas as much as like I do now. I know this drama is not so popular for International viewers like us but I will always support this drama. If there is haters please just ignore them, there is no point dealing with them. They are just useless! For me, if I don’t like any drama, so then I don’t watch it and I never give such a bad comment to that drama. I always respect to the people who loved any K-drama that they watched and I don’t want to hurt them. Let them to enjoy their favorite drama.

    Now I’m so excited with the story is going now with Jang Bori 🙂

  83. 83 : say Says:

    @Anastasia if you like this drama that says who you really are in real life.

  84. 84 : Logan1707 Says:

    Why you always attack people who loves watching this drama and you now judge someone’s life from a drama that she is liked….oh no come on. Please don’t feel offended with my comments. Please try giving all of the people who loves watching K-drama in this board some loves…..OK love and peace 🙂

    Hey please keep updating this drama cause I like your updated in every week.

  85. 85 : Loraine Says:

    Oh I love this drama as the story now keeps getting better and also the ratings keeps getting higher. Love to see KJH in here….he looked so much handsome in this drama. Loved it…..can’t wait for next episodes.

  86. 86 : say Says:

    where is some people brain?just as one said if you don’t like a drama don’t watch,this also apply to the comments made in this thread,if you don’t like the comment pass it don’t read it.you pointing finger at someone while the rest of the fingers point at you.

    Hello,this is a free web site where people are free to express their thought,you are not the writer to say one should not comments bad about the drama,@Logan1707 why are you bothered about my comments,maybe you should read the other comments before you start taking sides.mind you I am free to say whatever I fell about the story.

  87. 87 : Audra12 Says:

    I’m hooked with this drama and the story is so good. I like the lead actress and she acted was quite well in this drama. I like the story is going now and getting better and better in every week. I recommend for all of people to watch this. This is a very good family drama. I’m so excited with next episodes 🙂

  88. 88 : BlueMonday Says:

    This drama now is turning in better story. I watched this from the beginning until now. I love to watch KJH’s dramas and I think this role is fits for him in this drama and better than his other dramas. He looks so good and so hot in here and also have a good chemistry with the lead actress. Can’t wait for Bori, Bi Dan and J hwa are becoming a family in this drama. This drama is superb.

  89. 89 : Aminah Says:

    I fall in love with this drama and this drama is so good. Cant wait for next episodes!

  90. 90 : Aminah Says:

    Wow the ratings is getting higher now…and now they are no. 2…..so let’s keep up a good work in this drama. Jang Bo Ri fighting!

  91. 91 : sweetie Says:

    @say : hater gonna hate, and i hate ur comment ! :p love this Drama…!!

  92. 92 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Watching this drama reminds me of Feast of God and the casts reminds me of May Queen. Both dramas were my favorite dramas, so that’s I like this drama Jang Bo Ri so much. See the preview for next episodes makes me so excited, I hope Bo Ri’s aunt will reveal all of the secret to Bo Ri and Bo Ri could come back to her “real house” and she could get together with her adopted child Bi Dan and also with Jae Hwa.

    I am sure this drama will reach 20% for TV ratings very soon especially when all of the family will realize that Bo Ri is Eun Bi and MJ plus fake mom will get punished very soon.

  93. 93 : Aminah Says:

    Just got chance to watch the last episode ep 26 with Eng subs…OMG I didn’t realise that I was crying during conversation phone call between Bo Ri and Jae Hwa….It’s breaking my heart. I hope both of them will be together again in the next epiodes and also Jae Hwa can share love and laugh with Bi Dan again.

  94. 94 : say Says:

    I am not surprised we live in a world were people things that are bad,I hate the of this drama because it rewards sin this why this kind of writing will continue because people loves it and praiseit if I have offendedanyone because I speak my mine don’t be angry I see this drama not suitable for my for viewing.

  95. 95 : Aminah Says:

    Hi guys, here is the preview for ep 27….enjoy

    credit to MBC Drama

  96. 96 : BlueMonday Says:

    Hi @Aminah thanks for the preview 🙂
    I’m so addicted with this drama and excited for next episodes.

  97. 97 : Carmen Says:

    I love this drama, but sometimes I fasforward, because I am getting tired of that lie lie lie, that always come out of the bad girl-it is like too much…please make Bori happy for once

  98. 98 : Aminah Says:

    I know this drama has 50 ep….so there is 24 episodes more to go and there will be a lot of things will be revealed too. Well I know the villains like MJ and fake mom (Bo Ri’s current mom) were still lying to the people but I still love this story though…..I will be patient until all of the secrets will reveal and Jae Hwa finally find out that Bo Ri is EB and both of them can get married and becomes a family with Bidan. Loved that!

  99. 99 : KDCraze Says:

    I watched this drama after finished watching Dr Stranger. This drama is so addictive and I can’t stopped watching it. Omo I finished 10 episodes in 2 days. Although the evilness of Bo Ri real mum, Bo Ri fake mum and Min Jung is unbelievable but I guess justice will win in the end. I just hope they don’t dragged on Min Jung fakeness and lie. I really like the comedy in this drama between Jae Hwa and Bo Ri, I can’t stopped laughing specially the watermelon scenes is very hillarious. I think both leads Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo is a great pair.

  100. 100 : Logan1707 Says:

    Saw preview next episodes….I hope Moon Ji (Bidan’s real father) will not take Bidan from Bori and I don’t think it gonna be happening yet as I can see from preview that Bidan still lives with Bori and she still plays with Jae Hwa. I can’t wait to see interaction scene between Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa cause I love to see them together. I hope Bori’s aunt will reveal very soon that Bori is EB and I can’t wait to see Jae Hwa’s reaction when he finds out that Bori is Eun Bi. Can’t wait for next episodes.

  101. 101 : BlueMonday Says:

    Yes I can’t wait till Sat and Sun coming….can’t wait to see what’s happening for next episodes…..

  102. 102 : Carmen Says:

    Even if Bori’s aunt reveal that she is EunBi, I think that Bori will not go with her real parents, because she is so blind about the treatment she has received with her adoptive mother-dgtr-I think Bori is Masoquist, because the worst that lady treat her she keep defending her like a real dgtr will do…and because her real parents really treat her bad….by the way how in the world does a prosecuter be in snikers all day, no cases, just visiting Bori????This are just questions in my head…I still love the drama….

  103. 103 : Aminah Says:

    Can’t wait for upcoming episodes….loved this drama 🙂

  104. 104 : cradrama Says:

    @Say, I am 100% on your side, the thing I hate about this drama b/c they let the villains won over and over, just like SMH if anybody ever watched this drama you know what I am talking about, and I can bet you that MJ and Bori’s real mom will not get any punishment. The writer should make thing more realistic than dramatically, just like you said all sinner here are still happy ever and may be after. morality should be the emphasis of this society which is going down rapidly, so good writers should not reward evil villains, too much lie of the drama is this all about. I hardly criticize any dramas if the writers have the good judgment about their stories. The reason we wanted to point out the bad thing just to let the writers know how the viewers felt

  105. 105 : BlueMonday Says:

    Yay….today is for Jang Bo Ri….can’t wait for new episodes tonight and tomorrow.

    I hope the ratings could reach 20% or more because the story is getting good now 🙂

  106. 106 : Brooke Says:

    Hi guys….I’m just becoming a new fan here after reading recap this drama from Kim Ji Hoon’s emal as I become his follower recently. Wow I’m getting hooked now….this is so good…how come I miss this drama until recently now. I finished watching this drama from ep 1 until current ep…wow I can’t believe I finishes it in just two days…so now I can keep up this story….Now I really can’t wait to watch new episodes.

  107. 107 : Aminah Says:

    There is so many things will be happening now in next episodes….it is time for MJ so panic now…ugh I can’t wait her all lies will be revealing soon and including fake mom…yes I can’t wait that. Oh man I’m addicted to what happen next and I can’t wait for Bori’s identity will be out in the open….

    Guys…I will update what happened with new episodes tonight 🙂

  108. 108 : say Says:

    @cradrama,thank you so much,because nowadays people tend to live without no conscience including this writer the kind of wicked story he or she is writing and how wickedness triumph over good. the good rating this drama is having make me so sad because sin is shown to be rewarded here.Jang Bo Ri mother will be rejoicing having her daughter back,but the truth about her wickedness and her killing somebody husband will never be know.even though Jang Bo Ri tell what she saw when she was a child but the first wife will never have the chances to have other child again or her husband back,and Jang Bo Ri will eventually inherit what her mother killed for.This is her mother wish to have the family fortune,this writer make her dreams come true.

  109. 109 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    So this is the day we will get new episodes….can’t wait that. I beleive the story is going good now. Well you know.

    The more people come to this board just to hate this…..then the more this drama gets attention…..so it is good then. Well you know…I’ve been watching family Kdrama for so many years in which the villains more villainous role for the evil of a drama, but this is not the worst. I’m little surprised that Korean people likes this drama as I can see the number of their ratings is no. 2 now in the chart. So Jang Bo Ri keeps up the good work 🙂

  110. 110 : SouthWest Says:

    Hi everyone….I’m a new here. I really love this drama. My favorite character in this drama are Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa. I love to see their intereaction together, so cute, funny and adorable. I hope there will be more more scenes for them together. Can’t w8 for next episodes 😉

  111. 111 : Likedreaming Says:

    This is really freaking awesome family drama…I am really liking it. I love the OTP in this drama….Jang Bo Ri and Jae Hwa 😉

  112. 112 : Audra12 Says:

    Saw the preview ep 27…..hah Jae Hee’s mom didn’t like MJ when they went to see her at the house, and Jae Hwa get kicked out from his parent house…

  113. 113 : Aminah Says:

    Done Watching ep 27 raw tonight…..oh well I wish I knew Korean language very well…ep tonight was good. Jae Hwa got kicked out from the house and stayed for awhile at Bori’s house….happy to see three of them together for Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa. I wish the writer made the story that Bori and Jae Hwa got married very soon…..and finally Bori’s aunt Ok Soo make some revenge to Bi Sool Chae House. Can’t wait again for ep 28.

  114. 114 : Anastasia Says:

    Ep. 27 was sweet for Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa, I wish they were a family already. Moony has got suspicious already to Bori, he might think that Bidan was his lost daughter. Will watch ep 28 later tonight.

  115. 115 : Piqueek Says:

    I s’pose with all the bad s*** Min Jung’s done she’ll be forgiven in the end. But one of her redeeming qualities is she didn’t try an abort/murder her baby.

    I myself hold to the belief that a person’s suffering and enjoyment in life is the result of his KARMA. And the lessons learned during the process of living, is the reason why life is said to be precious. So killing the unborn defenseless human is never acceptable for it denies the individual such an important opportunity.

  116. 116 : D.P. Says:

    Anastasia: “Moony” isn’t just suspicious-he KNOWS Bi Dan is his daughter. When he listed her as missing with the police, he posted a DNA sample, and Bo Ri had also provided a sample of Bi Dan’s DNA to the police-so there was a match, and that’s how they were both contacted by the police. He knows she is in good hands, and he is just waiting for the most damaging moment to reveal everything to Min Jung and her boyfriend and new “family”.

    Bo Ri’s teacher (actually her aunt) also just submitted a DNA sample to the police in ep 27, so assuming her real parents already have samples on file with the police, it should not be too long before her suspicions are confirmed.

  117. 117 : Anastasia Says:

    Hi @D.P. thanks a lot for the correction…yes you were right, after watching this with Eng subs finally I understood what happened that. I was watching it yesterday without subs so that’s why I didn’t understand at all….I wish I could understand Korean language 🙂

    Done watching ep 28 raw today….Moon Ji gave Bidan a bicycle and Bori thanked him so much. BR aunt was happy to see Bori and Jae Hwa – the 2 people that she loved the most were in the romantic relationship, and also I wish all of the villains in here; MJ, fake mom, Jae Hee, stepmom, Jae Hwa’s dad, stalker girl are gone and all of them die soon….lol. This episode 28 today was good and I hope the English subs is up very soon.

    Preview next week: Ugh I hate to see Jae Hwa parent will show up at Bori’s house and it looks like they coming to hassle to Jae Hwa, BR real mom and MJ will sabotage Grannie Soo Mi’s clothes but Bori’s Aunt will save her with the replacement…..Can’t wait for Sat and Sun to come for new episodes.

  118. 118 : Aminah Says:

    Hi @Anastasia thanks for update for ep. 28. Yes finally Moon Ji found his daughter Bidan but he just kept the secret himself. The story now is going good and I cant wait for new episodes next week.

    The ratings is getting higher now and hopefully they could reach 20% finally.

  119. 119 : Logan1707 Says:

    Have just watched ep 28 with feel the love and the hate in this episodes. The love to see our OTP was so sweet together and the hate was BR’s real mom and evil MJ have planned a sabotage to Grannie’s clothes in order to present to the Lady but I hope BR’s aunt will save her with the replacement of new clothes.

    Finally the ratings has reached 20% so congratulations for highest ratings so far to the all casts and crew of this drama.

  120. 120 : BlueMonday Says:

    Have watched ep 27 and 28 with English subs. Both episodes were good even I really hate the evil MJ and I really can’t wait until Moon Ji will destroy her completely. Can’t wait for new episodes.

  121. 121 : Piqueek Says:

    Min Jung is really a parasitic creature. All the tribulations she endured over the years didn’t deter her to settle with a college degree, make a life for herself and live carefree.

  122. 122 : Likedreaming Says:

    Great both episodes of 27 and 28. Wow…the ratings of this drama is also climbing until 20% now. I believe the ratings will get more higher than that when the story is getting intense such as: finally Bori will remember for everything from her childhood and MJ, fake mom will get punishment at last….hah I can’t wait that.

  123. 123 : cradrama Says:

    @Piqueek…. You’re wrong, she did tried to abort the baby, but doctor wouldn’t do it, b/c it is illegal, it the writer let her get away without any punishment, I am going to Korea and burn her or his house, we don’t need this kind of writer if that happen.

  124. 124 : Piqueek Says:

    Lol!.. I’ll join you. We’ll huff and we will puff and we will blow her house down!

    Thanks for correcting me on Min Jung’s murdering streak. Well, now she has nothing but a string of past misdeeds.

  125. 125 : Audra12 Says:

    This drama is so addictive for me, last episodes was so funny for me, intereaction between Jae Hwa and ex-gangster guy so funny and they become friends each other, now stepmom has a big backfired with stalker girl, beside that I wish the writer just get rid of fake mom very soon at the next episodes and let Bori’s auntie become a mom for Bori and grandma for Bidan. Nowthe story is becoming intense now as Bori Auntie finally will show up for Halmoni. Yes can’t wait that 🙂

  126. 126 : D.P. Says:

    I really enjoyed watching Jae Hwa as his stepmom and the stalker girl argued over who was going to pay the bills. He was just laughing, and not caring about it either way.

    I can’t help but wonder if the DNA samples that BRs parents had submitted have been tampered with, so that Eun Bi can never be found? Min Jung had to think about that-I don’t think it will be so easy for BRs Aunt to establish that she really is Eun Bi. You just know the writers will drag it out as long as possible.

  127. 127 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching episode 28. I’m addicted watching this drama more than Wonderful Days. I think this drama rating should be 1st and Wonderful Days 2nd. I guess because Wonderful Days have Ok Taecyeon from 2pm and Lee Seo Jin that’s why the rating higher. However to me, this drama all the actor and actress have better acting, have more comedy which I like and both leads are great. Kim Ji Hoon is so funny, I really like his acting here.
    @D.P., I also enjoyed watching the scenes between Jae Hwa, his stepmom and the stalker girl. I can’t stopped laughing when watching it.
    Anyway I’m glad I watched this drama, it keeps me entertained. Writer please don’t dragged on too long with Min Jung evilness, Bo Ri should start to have happiness now.

  128. 128 : Brooke Says:

    Well episode 28 was funny for me and I was enjoyed so much. Now Jae Hwa and Big Kang become bromance for each other, they were so funny….loved to see intereaction between these two…… and also I can’t wait for Moony to get revenge to evil MJ. TV ratings was also getting good now….well done Jang Bo Ri casts and crew.

  129. 129 : Wilma Says:

    Just watched ep 27 and 28, both eps were great. I am so looking forward for next episodes. They have reached no 2 for ratings and now they are aiming no 1….so good luck for that. Jang Bo Ri fighting!

  130. 130 : Aminah Says:

    Preview for ep 29….enjoy

    Credit to MBC Drama.

    I hope the writer don’t get Bori and Jae Hwa breaking away…..please just get married for both of them please in the next episodes!

  131. 131 : Piqueek Says:

    Did they change the writer because this drama has new life.

  132. 132 : Aminah Says:

    @ Piqueek…I don’t think the writer has changed, still has the same writer. I hope the story is getting exciting for upcoming episodes.

  133. 133 : cradrama Says:

    This drama has 50 eps, so don’t expect the truth will be reviewed so soon. The more wicked those villains plot the more rating will be higher, that is the main focus of the writer to make viewers squirm and angry and them BOOM everything will be out and open at the end. This is the kind of story that most viewers love regardless of reality or reasonable of real life.

  134. 134 : Anastasia Says:

    Oh my gosh for ep 29….now the story is getting intense, and I can’t wait for English subs. I became so getting attached with this drama…and enjoyed so much with current story. Can’t wait for ep 30 later today…..yes Jang Bo Ri fighting!

  135. 135 : Logan1707 Says:

    Wowww man ep 29 was so good….I have cried during Bidan’s scenes, it broke my heart to see her in this episode. The child actress who played Bidan was amazing acress and apparently the whole ep 29 was really really soooo goood. Can’t wait for ep 30.

  136. 136 : KDCraze Says:

    Wow ep 29 & 30 is awesome. The story is getting more intense. I think Min Jung is mentally disturbed. From child to grown up always lied and do horrible thing. Writer, please make Min Jung evilness be punished don’t let it free like in Feast Of Gods drama. I’m disappointed if the writer make Min Jung evilness to be forgiven. At least make her insane or go to jail.

  137. 137 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    Just came back to see how this drama is doing. Woa! It’s like its got a new leash on life.

  138. 138 : Anastasia Says:

    Done watching ep 30 with Eng subs. I’m sooo happy that English subs is now getting so fast…..thanks for subber. This drama was getting so intense. Saw preview for next week and I am so excited and can’t wait for that. As much as I hate MJ and fake mom character in this drama but their acting were good in here especially Lee Yoo Ri as she nailed it as evil MJ. Also all of the casts were so good in their roles.

    Now the ratings broke their own record as it went up until 23%. Now I can’t wait until they reach 25% as the lead actress and actor OYS &KJH will give a special dance 😉

  139. 139 : D.P. Says:

    Ha! was there really any doubt that the DNA test sample would somehow get switched? We still have 20 episodes to go! What creative lie is Min Jung going to spin to explain why all the photos of Eun Bi have vanished?
    BR’s Aunt seeing Bo Ri’s pillow is very significant-that was in the car at the time of the accident, and she recognizes it. Rather unbelievable that it still looks like new after 20 years of daily use,though….LOL!
    Who took the video on the flash drive that Moon slipped into MJs purse? Of course, MJ will have a creative lie to explain it, but I like that BR’s real father is still quite suspicious of both MJ and his wife.

  140. 140 : Bellatrix Says:

    Wow this drama is getting better and better now and also their TV ratings is climbing to the higher numbers, it is so good. Congratulation to all the casts and crew staff for the hard working and now they deserved with good result like this…..so congrats then!

  141. 141 : Likedreaming Says:

    Hi guys just to share good news for Jang Bori fans:

    Now they are aiming to get number 1 position in ratings chart….so Jang Bori keeps up the good work. CONGRATULATIONS!

  142. 142 : Logan1707 Says:

    Finally watched ep 30 fully English subbed…that episode was so great……wow this family drama got me so addicted. Good job for the writer of this drama. I like funny scenes in this ep between Jae Hwa, Bori and Young Sook (Bori’s childhood friend)….they drunk scenes so funny and scenes of Jae Hwa’s dad and Big Kang at pizza restaurant…..that’s so hilarious.

    Preview next week….oh gosh I hope there is no bad things happen to Bidan. Also Writer….just marry Jae Hwa and Bory soon in the next ep so that Bidan could be fully taken care by Bori and Jae Hwa 🙂

  143. 143 : Brooke Says:

    I really enjoyed both ep 29 and 30. Preview next episode, I think it is not Moon Ji who will not kidnap Bidan but I think is MJ herself. I see Bidan was arriving at home but suddenly there was a woman coming and taking her away. oh I really can’t wait what happened in next episodes.

  144. 144 : Aminah Says:

    I enjoyed so much with the current story for Jang Bo Ri and I can’t wait all of the secret will be revealing and the evil MJ and fake mom will get punishment…..yay the ratings also went up. Goob job Jang Bo Ri 🙂

  145. 145 : Piqueek Says:

    Bo Ri: “The mutt has a better chance of becoming enlightened than Min Jung becoming a decent human being.”

    Woah! Bo Ri got smart and witty?

  146. 146 : Carmen Says:

    OMG I can not believe how much I do like this drama, do you know that withoout finishing wasching the weekly drama I found that this drama was already trnslated to english sub, and went ahead and watched…..I always wait until weekend to see it…1st, and have you notice that rate went over 20….my people this is a really good drama…and I still saying that when BORI find out that her real mother is that lady she will be desapointed of her, I love that Mothers do not allow dagter do bad things….

  147. 147 : Piqueek Says:

    Yea how can the DNA toothbrush not be tampered with. Of course Bo Ri’s wicked fake mom would have had to rush off to the store to buy the same toothbrush — not as easy as it sounds — unless they have them stockpiled in the medicine cupboard for that very special occasion. You never know when you might want to foil a hush-hush DNA test.

  148. 148 : D.P. Says:

    piqueek: didn’t you see when BRs stepmom noticed BR’s aunt asking BiDan which toothbrush her mother used? Then when no one was looking, she brushed her own teeth with that brush? A toothbrush seems like such a poor sample, anyway-in real life, a hair sample is much more reliable. Well, the truth will come out eventually, probably around ep 45 or so…

  149. 149 : BlueMonday Says:

    I have absolutely loved this drama. Now writer-nim please put sweet and romantically moment for our OTP – Bori and Jae Hwa such as sweet kisses or romantic date. They are cute together and along side with Bidan, they could be a cute happy family. Can’t wait for upcoming episodes.

  150. 150 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Wow the story is really getting excited….can’t wait for this Sat and Sun.

  151. 151 : Brooke Says:

    Preview for ep 31

    I think it is evil MJ is going to kidnap Bidan….ugh can’t wait to see this.

  152. 152 : D.P. Says:

    MJ was the first one to realize that BR was really Eun Bi, but she doesn’t realize that a baby that lives with BR and her mother, who happens to be just exactly the same age as the one that her mother supposedly took to the orphanage is really her baby? Uh Huh……

  153. 153 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    I hope Moon Ji will not take Bidan away from Bori to claim that she is his real daughter but he needs to destroy the evil MJ first completely. Also the fake mom should get punishment very soon and let Bori’s auntie will become like a “real” mother to Bori and grandma for BiDan.

  154. 154 : Jess Watchen Says:

    So is the reason Ga eul change mind about auntie because of secretary brother? Doesn’t she know Korean Dramas allow families to be tied more than once. Watch it’ll probably happen here to.
    And I kind of feel sorry for MJ her mom let her grow up like that. Her whole life could be taken from her if all her evil plans and lies spill out at once. Her mom is legally not her mom, her baby is with the sister she miss treated all her life, her baby’s dad wants her mentally dead for what she done to him. Once the family finds out that see knew BR was EB the whole time, if she didn’t have those copy rights she would be out like trash. The mother have pity but one else will. Plus I also can’t wait to see BR real mother tries to convince Bori why she should accepted or accept her ever, especially if she gets more of her memories back of what mother did to her Uncle and aunts lives. But it’s Korean drama there might be happy ending everyone comes back one years later all forgiven and right with world. But occasion I remember at least 3 that ended realistically.

  155. 155 : Brooke Says:

    yay it’s almost Sat and Sun and it’s time for new episodes for Jang Bori. I have read somewhere that Bori will be gaining her memory from childhood whether at ep 31 or 32….yes that’s good. I hope one by one all the secret will be revealing soon. Can’t really wait for that 🙂

  156. 156 : Logan1707 Says:

    Yesss I’m soooo looking forward for new episodes…..ep 31 and 32 😉

  157. 157 : Anastasia Says:

    Just watched ep 31 raw, this episode was sooo great. Finally MJ ware taken by the police to be arrested…thanks to Moony. MJ was taken by police because she had kidnapped Bidan. Now the story was really catching up and super intense. I can’t wait for tomorrow for ep 32.

  158. 158 : Brooke Says:

    I just saw ep 31 and it’s freaking awesome. I love the story so far as it was so good now. Here it is the preview for ep 32 for tomorrow….enjoy

  159. 159 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Yes….yes finally MJ got punishment as the police put her into jail ….episode 31 was so good. Now I can’t wait for ep 32 🙂

  160. 160 : D.P. Says:

    As far as the reason for the arrest, the subtitles indicated MJ was being arrested for breaking into Moon’s apartment.

  161. 161 : Audra12 Says:

    Ep. 31 was awesome episode and finally MJ got punished and the next one fake mom….can’t wait for that. Now waiting for next ep 😉

  162. 162 : D.P. Says:

    You don’t think MJ will just accept her punishment and mend her evil ways,do you? plenty more lies, schemes, and evil plots to go yet.

  163. 163 : Aminah Says:

    What I like the most from episode 31 was when the 4 ‘appa’ Jae Hwa, Moony, Big Kang and small Kang as a team were looking for Bi Dan together when Bi Dan went missing. It was cute cause Bidan has called those 4 men as her ‘appa’ 🙂

  164. 164 : Logan1707 Says:

    Wow preview ep 32 is looking good, mmmhhh Bori finds out that Moon Ji is Bidan’s father, Jae Hee punches Moon Ji’s face and Bori visits MJ at jail…..super intense 😉

  165. 165 : Anastasia Says:

    This family drama was really well written and also all of the cast have acted so well and it’s really addicted. Episode 32 was freaking good. Can’t wait to get Eng subbed for ep 32. Now another suffering days to just wait for new episodes….oh man 🙁

  166. 166 : D.P. Says:

    Let me guess: Moon will go to work for Jae Hwa.

  167. 167 : Brooke Says:

    I think so too…Moon Ji will work for Jae Hwa and they will compete against team Jae Hee and MJ 😀

  168. 168 : Bellatrix Says:

    Oh gosh I really hate fake mom, I just wish writer nim to just got rid of her real soon and also I really really really want to give hard slap to MJ and fake mom..lol..hate them…and please let revealing soon Bori as Eun Bi. I am sure if this hapenned you will get no. 1 for ratings 😀

  169. 169 : KDCraze Says:

    Ep.32 is great. Moon Ji Sang will worked as Jae Hwa and Jae Hee dad secretary. I hope Moon Ji Sang will revealed Min Jung evilness soon. I also don’t like Min Jung real mum, I hope she gets punished also together with Min Jung. She takes advantages of Bo Ri and physically abused Bo Ri for so long and covered up her daughter lies and evilness. Writer please don’t let this kind of evilness be forgiven because this drama will be sucked if they forgive this kind of evilness. I hope they make the drama ending like A Well Grown Daughter Ha Na where the evildoer punished in jail so the drama have a good moral lesson. Anyway I loved this drama, it is very addicting. I just hoped the ending is good, then it will be one of the best drama 2014.

  170. 170 : KDCraze Says:

    @Bellatrix #168, I agree with you. Please let Bo Ri revealed as Eun Bi soon. Anyway the rating is already going up this week. I think this drama deserved no 1 rating.

  171. 171 : ja Says:

    wth episode 32 eng sub no sub yet! its already tuesday in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. 172 : Logan1707 Says:

    Yes finally Moon Ji got higher position, now he will become a Secretary President and I hope he still help Jae Hwa to destroy Jae Hee and MJ.

  173. 173 : Bellatrix Says:

    Episode 32 is already out with English subs please go check your favorite website…..enjoy.

  174. 174 : BlueMonday Says:

    I don’t think there will be a wedding for Jae Hee and MJ as I believe Moon Ji Sang are going to ruin the preparation the wedding first and also MJ secret will reveal before the wedding and all of them will know that Bori is the Eun Bi.

  175. 175 : Janice Says:

    I am so upset over the lead being extremely stupid and gullible! There’s just too much of it here.

  176. 176 : Carmarie Says:

    I am getting sick of Yun Ming Jung and her mother. Although a mother’s love is strong, as a mother, I could be an accomplice to my child’s evil deeds. It has become tiring waiting for the writers to reveal Jang Bo Ri identity. Eun Bi was a smart little girl, how did she become so dumb?! I understand that she did not finish school; and she lost her memory; however, she should have retained many of her social graces. If there isn’t a reveal in the next two episodes, I am going to stop watching this show until I read they have revealed Jang Bo Ri’s real identity. I will start watching at that point…this is dragging on too long.

  177. 177 : Carmen Says:

    I do agree with Carmarie comments, it is really tiring…..episode after episode they do not revealed her, and the Yun Ming Jung everyone just believe all that comes out of her mouth…please

  178. 178 : asa Says:

    Why is everybody so stupid when YMJ tells them any fiction rubbish lies that she just twists around to cover herself. I really want to punch her face on the screen everytime I see her. Actually her ex should punch and kick her instead of just pushing her to the floor. Her ex should just show the photos to the 2 families. Why is he dragging and dragging… gggrrrrr!

    Also can’t stand her over the top acting. She doesn’t have to try so hard to be evil as she has been acting so many evil roles. But her mom is worse to let her birth tal to grow stronger and more daring and more evil in all the thoughts and actions!

    As for JBR, if she can;t remember the past, she or the aunt should send her to hospital for a check up. Can’t stand this show but I keep watching it, hoping hoping, waiting waiting for good to conquer evil.

  179. 179 : D.P. Says:

    In 9 weeks, all will be resolved, Bo Ri will be Eun Bi, Min Jung and all the other evil women will be properly punished, and Jae Hwa and BR/EB will be a happy couple. Count on it! LOL!

  180. 180 : Hen Says:

    DP, still the steadfast optimist. LOL Interesting turn about first wife’s death. The psychotic woman, who decided as an 8 year old how to get the life she wants, reminds me of the “Bad Seed”. Can anyone tell me who the creepy man is that has been helping Eun Bi’s [birth] mother with all of her evil deeds?

  181. 181 : D.P. Says:

    I was under the impression he was her brother. In the second episode, they showed a flashback to when the mother was young, living in poverty, and her mother had just died. I think the brother was there in that scene.

  182. 182 : KDCraze Says:

    @Hen#181, I think that creepy man is Eun Bi (birth)mother lover. At first I thought is her brother but I don’t think is his brother. Let’s see what’s the truth behind it.

  183. 183 : Anastasia Says:

    Ep 33 was great episode tonight. Watched this without Eng subs. Jae Hwa finally found out that Bidan was adopted by Bori when she was baby. From preview next ep 34 I think Jae Hwa is going to propose Bory to ask her to marry him and he is also going to kiss Bori with romantic kiss is not the one he usually with stealing kiss. Can’t wait for that 😀

  184. 184 : Brooke Says:

    Done watching ep 33 raw, so many happening tonight. I really can’t wait until this ep got Eng subbed. I hope the English subs would be ready as soon as possible as I need to know what Bori has talked with fake mom. Also I am so looking forward for ep 34 cause I’m so excited for that episode.

  185. 185 : cradrama Says:

    Actually Jae Hwa already knew that Bidan is not Bori’s daughter, He was so mad that Bori wanted to adopt Bidan and he rejected.

  186. 186 : Logan1707 Says:

    @Anastasia @ cradrama
    Yes I think Jae Hwa already knows that Bidan was adopted but he just knew that Bidan still has real bio mother and father. But I still don’t get it until we will get this Eng subs completely…..oh I wish Eng subs has been out now. Now I’m sooo excited for next ep 34….yes Jae Hwa will ask Bori to marry him and he will give her a sweet kiss…..yes yes 😀

  187. 187 : Audra12 Says:

    I like episode 33 and I have watched this without English subbed. I’m so addicted with this drama. I like sweet and funny scenes in ep 33 between Bo Ri and Jae Hwa, they are so sweet and adorable. Now can’t wait ep 34, especially the OTP: Bo Ri and Jae Hwa 🙂 😀

  188. 188 : D.P. Says:

    Let me guess…… Aunt will soon have morning sickness. LOL!

  189. 189 : D.P. Says:

    Preview ep 34: It looks like MJ’s real mother has an accident with a motorcycle. Maybe she will have a medical emergency that forces MJ to admit who she is?

  190. 190 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    I hope there is no wedding for MJ and Jae Hee….ugh Jae Hee was completely stupid. Hah can’t wait Moon Ji will destroy them completely. Funny scenes for Auntie Jung Ran and Big Kang. Yes auntie is gonna have “morning sickness”

    But I’m looking forward for a sweet kisses between Jae Hwa and Bori.

  191. 191 : Logan1707 Says:

    Hey guys….ep 33 with English subs is already out, you can check it at dramabay……enjoy.

  192. 192 : ja Says:

    no english sub yet??????????????????????

  193. 193 : Logan1707 Says:

    @ ja
    Please try to check it at dramabay, the English subs was out for ep. 33 and that website was quite so fast to get English subs rather than any other website.

  194. 194 : Bellatrix Says:

    Done watching ep 33 with Eng subs. It was great episode and for me this drama was one of a good family drama so far so that’s why they got very good ratings. Now I cant wait for next ep. 34 later tonight.

  195. 195 : Brooke Says:

    I think the wedding of MJ and Jae Hee will not be happening but if this happens then Jae Hee’s mother will be bullying her at home…..ha ha ha that will be funny….crazy mother-in-law against super crazy daugther-in-law…..;D ;D 🙂

  196. 196 : ja Says:

    @Logan1707 I tried already.. i dont know why there is no Jang Bori on dramabay?

  197. 197 : Anastasia Says:

    Oh I love sweet moment and sweet kiss from Bori and Jae Hwa, that was soooo sweet as I love them together. Watching ep 34 raw and it was awesome episode. Can’t wait this episode to get Eng subbed very soon. I am sooo looking forward for next week episodes. Now another suffering days for me to wait new episodes…..bummer 🙁

  198. 198 : Brooke Says:

    Just watched ep 34 raw and I loved this episode. I love the couple Jae Hwa and Bori as they are so sweet. Good pairing of KJH and OYS as the main lead. Their kisses were soo sweet and romantic. Can’t wait next episodes.

  199. 199 : Logan1707 Says:

    Yes it’s surprised me that latest ep 34 already got English subbed. I am so happy that the subber has done fantastic job…..well done subbers…..thanks to you. And you guys you can check your website that latest ep 34 with English subs.

    The ep 34 was sooo good and another awesome episodes. One of my favorite ep. I like funny moment between Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa and so sweetttt moment for Bori and Jae Hwa. Also good job for all of the cast and crew as they reached the ratings until 25%…..WELL DONE 😀

  200. 200 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Have watched ep 34 with English subbed, I love love love this episode, another great episode from Jang Bori Drama. Loving to see the OTP Bori and Jae Hwa. I can’t wait for next ep for Sat and Sun.

  201. 201 : Anastasia Says:

    OMG….English subbed for ep 34 was already out….wow can’t believe, that’s sooooooo quick, thanks to the subber. Ep 34 was really amazing. Good job for highest ratings so far 😀 😀 😀

  202. 202 : KDCraze Says:

    Rating up. Come ! Jang Bo Ri beat Wonderful Days this week. This drama is deserved to be no 1 because it has the addictive effect of good drama and the pace of the story is good ( not too slow ). Now, we just have to wait until all MJ evilness to be revealed. Well done Jang Bo Ri !!!!

  203. 203 : KDCraze Says:

    Can’t wait until Saturday again !!!!

  204. 204 : D.P. Says:

    Maybe the gangsters got away with Ji Sang’s envelope of evidence, but of course,they will give it to Jae Hee….AFTER the wedding! LOL!! Then he will find out who he is really hitched to.
    Jae Hwa’s aunt is laying a big trap for MJ, and BR’s real mother-did you notice? She is making a fake Yong Bo. I have a feeling she will let MJ or In Hwa find it and steal it, so they can concoct a pack of lies about it, and then she can destroy all their lies with the real thing (which is important, because it proves EB/BR was really in the car with her mother at the time of the accident)
    A hint for Aunt and EB’s father: When you re-do the DNA test, don’t let MJ or In Hwa anywhere near the samples, or better yet, don’t tell them anything at all, and don’t talk about it where one of them can overhear.

  205. 205 : Brooke Says:

    I love this drama and next episodes will defnately be interesting episodes as Bori will see the flyer that fake mom was hiding it from her and we will see whether the wedding was going to happen or not, I cant wait that 😉

  206. 206 : D.P. Says:

    The important thing about that flyer is that it has a photo of Eun Bi on it-that’s why BR’s eyes get big as she looks at it-she recognizes herself!

  207. 207 : Loraine Says:

    Really really loved with this drama and I think this is the best of a family drama so far. I loved to see a loving family in here: Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan. They are such a cute family. Loved to see their scenes together when they bought a cute dress for Bori with the background famous song ‘Pretty Woman’…..that was very cute scenes 😀

  208. 208 : Audra12 Says:

    Wow ep 34 was really amazing, I cant get over enough the funny moment for Bo Ri, Bi Dan and also Jae Hwa. They’re all having a lot of cuteness moment. Yes I think this drama is the best K-drama so far 🙂 😀

  209. 209 : Carmarie Says:

    I know that love is blind, but is it dumb also? At the resturant, the night before the wedding, when her friends saw Moon Ji Sang that were very friendly towards him. Yun Min Jang tells, Jae Hwa, that MJS was a stalker and her friends refuted it, and said if anything, you stalked him. They also wanted to know why she was saying those things against MJS. Light Bulb Time! The fact that they were in the same club in college and her friends were astonished at the story (lies) YMJ told, I would have had her investigated and not MJS. I also don’t like the way YMJ talks to her mother, but that is the mother’s fault. I do not know many parents who would tolerate their children, regardless of age, speaking to them in the manner YMJ does. The mother is always hitting, JBR, who loves her and respects her, but cowers to Yun Min Jang. I just do not get it. So what if she could not give her all the material things she wanted. Join the 95% of the people in the world who cannot get everything they want.
    On a lighter note. I loved the scenes between Jae Hwa and Bo Ri. They were funny, cute and lovable. That made the show.

  210. 210 : BlueMonday Says:

    Woah this drama was really getting better and better now and also now the ratings jumped to huge numbers. The story was really getting sooooo good now. Loving our OTP here and good pairing of Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo as they looked so good together. Can’t really wait for new episodes!!!

  211. 211 : Erina Says:

    This drama got me so addicted, good script, good casts as I was enjoyed so much with the story so far. Congrat for getting highest ratings with over 25%. I’m so excited for next episodes. This was best a family drama so far in K- dramaland. Jang Bori keeps up the work!

  212. 212 : Brooke Says:

    Can’t wait for Sat and Sun for new episodes….please come faster as I can’t wait any longer 🙁

  213. 213 : Brooke Says:

    Preview for next episodes – ep 35


    Can’t wait what happened next after Bori found the flyer that her fake mom was hiding it from her.

  214. 214 : Logan1707 Says:

    I’m soooo looking forward for ep 35 and 36 at this week….I’m so excited 😀 😀 😀

  215. 215 : HEN Says:

    If you have a Smart TV, you can download the VIKI app—where there are subbed episodes of this drama and many others.

    182 KDCraze
    I think you are right. He has probably been in love with her since childhood.

    But the poor man didn’t have a chance with the gold digger that she is, so he resolved to let her use him—just to stay close to her.

    188 D.P
    You are probably right—and if she is pregnant, the father will have a stroke.

    189 D.P
    Or maybe she will need a blood transfusion—Bo Ri is not a match!

    204 D.P.
    I am torn on this part—No, I don’t want the wedding to happen, but at the same time—it would serve as justice for Jae Hee to find out afterwards that his wife has not only lived with another man but had a baby. I hope Auntie’s plan works!

    209 Carmarie
    Light Bulb Time! I like that and you are so right. It continues to amaze me how supposedly intelligent people constantly believe everything that comes out of her mouth.

    Here was a group of people from both their past, and yet Jae Hee didn’t listen or even bother to ask which one was telling the truth.

    Jae Hwa and Bo Ri are a very cute couple. I hope she joins in the romance soon—so far, Jae Hwa has been making all the efforts. Remember, in the conversation with the girl that bought Jae Hwa the car, Bo Ri declared that she would not let her have “her Jae Hwa”, but she has yet to admit her claim to him.

    This drama has given a whole new perspective on parenting. Yun Min and In Hwa are the same. Both see their “not rich” life as an excuse to destroy others in pursuit of the “rich life” they think they should have. Yun Min saw her mother as too poor, but insisted that her mother lie, cheat, steal and do anything else to help her get someone else’s [Bo Ri’s] life. Instead of lying so that she could get the Head seamstress position, In Hwa could have told the truth and Eun Bi probably could have been found before she became a mother. Oh, but then, we wouldn’t have a story.

  216. 216 : Anastasia Says:

    Oh gosh I’m getting crazy with this drama as I just watched ep 35 raw…..oh man the fake mom is really really evil crazy woman, I just want to slap her many times….lol. Finally they found some pictures of Bori/Eun Bi when she was a child which MJ was hiding it, so that’s why MJ has to run away from her honeymoon and she left Jae Hee behind at hotel alone. Preview ep 36, Bori real bio dad gave a hard slap to MJ…and Bori confronted fake mom about the flyer…….yes I can’t wait that for tomorrow.

  217. 217 : Logan1707 Says:

    Ep. 35 was freaking awesome and I hope Eng subs will be ready soon. MJ has to leave her honeymoon because of Jae Hee’s mom call. They found pictures album of Bori and Jae Hwa brings it back to Bori’s real bio parents, so that’s why MJ getting crazy. Bori finds the flyer and she regains her memory from childhood. See preview ep 36 I’m so excited for that 😀

  218. 218 : Brooke Says:

    Managed to watch ep 35 raw and I hope there will be like ultra fast for Eng subs for this ep. Another awesome episode from Jang Bori drama. Can’t wait Bori’s identity will be revealing at ep 36 tomorrow….yes so excited 😀 😉 😉 😉 😀

  219. 219 : Logan1707 Says:

    Wow episode 35 already got English subbed….this is super duper faster….this makes my day 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    You can check it at Dramabay…..enjoy 😉

  220. 220 : Anastasia Says:

    Can’t believe ep 35 is already getting English subbed….thanks to subbers! Also now they are official no. 1 for TV ratings both nationwide and Seoul. CONGRATS to all of cast and crew….Well done guys!!!

  221. 221 : D.P. Says:

    This show really stepped it up today! Now BR knows she is EB, and she knows who hid that from her. Poor Jae Hee-back in the Honeymoon suite, dreaming of something that just isn’t going to happen. LOL!

  222. 222 : Lorainr Says:

    Episode 35 was daebak!!! This drama is really freaking amazing and Bori’s identity will reveal later at ep 36. Now can’t wait to see until MJ got a slap from Bori’s real father….yeah!

  223. 223 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Last ep 35 was really good. This evil MJ is really full of herself even she has to sacrifice her own mother and her ‘Jae Hee’ for her own advantage. Can’t wait until she and fake mom will get some punishement.

  224. 224 : amel Says:

    Woww!! awesome! Now eun bi starts to recall her lost memory.
    Hoping all secrets would be reaveled in eps 36!
    Love jang bori drama so much!!!!

  225. 225 : Anastasia Says:

    Another great episode of Jang Bori for ep 36. Now Bori knew who she was as she remembered all of memories of her childhood but she kept it with herself. May be she kept it herself to protect Bidan, she’s afraid to lose her. I was happy to see Bori’s bio dad gives a slap to MJ and now he cannot trust her anymore (good for him). I hope Eng subs of ep 36 would be out very soon. Preview next ep 37 next week was good. Now….ugh another suffering days to wait for ep 37…..sad :'(

  226. 226 : Brooke Says:

    Yes I think Bori might know who she is now. She might know she’s Eun Bi but I think she did not want to tell to everyone yet. But I was happy that Bori real father already knew that she’s Eun Bi. Have watched ep 36 raw – yes another freaking awesome episodes. Hopefully ep 36 with fully Eng subs will be out in couple hours 😀 😀 : D

  227. 227 : D.P. Says:

    I see that MJ is going to use emotional blackmail against BR/EB- she is going to try to keep BR/EB from revealing that her real mother was at the accident site, so this scenario is going to be dragged out for a number of episodes to come. I don’t really think things will be fully revealed until about ep 48.
    Since this show has been following the script of “Shining Romance” almost scene for scene, I’m waiting for MJ’s real father to make his appearance, looking for his daughter, and cause a lot of turmoil. Who knows?
    BR/EB will hold back, not wanting to hurt her real mother, as mean and hateful as she is. Her mother’s presence at the accident site will only be fully revealed when Ok Soo brings out the real Yong Bo.

  228. 228 : Logan Says:

    Ep 36 was sooo great and congrats to all the cast and crew of Jang Bori to get no. 1 position in TV ratings. Now I am still waiting for English subs for ep 36 and I hope it will be ready soon now.

    See preview next week for ep 37 is gonna be awesome and funny as Auntie Jung Ran might get pregnant and Bing Kang is freaking out to know that he is gonna be a father…..yes it’s hilarious I can’t wait that.

  229. 229 : Brooke Says:

    Here is the preview for ep 37

    I can’t wait that episode! See Jae Hwa’s auntie Jung Ran called Big Kang to tell him that she is pregnant and Big Kang is really freaking out 😀

  230. 230 : D.P. Says:

    Wow! Big Kang loses his virginity and makes a baby, all in one shot! Fighting!!

  231. 231 : KDCraze Says:

    @D.P#230, Lol at your comment.
    Watched ep36 last night. My goodness this MJ is no shame at all. Eventhough Bo Ri is already know she’s Eun Bi, MJ still keeps living in lies. I hope the writer doesn’t dragged on with MJ lies and bored the audience. Rating is no 1 in Korea now. I hope they don’t lose the rating like Wonderful Days, the last 4 episodes in Wonderful Days they lost it to 2nd place because the story is becoming too slow and bored the audience. Anyway Come! Jang Bo Ri Fighting !!!!!

  232. 232 : Piqueek Says:

    The annoying thing about this is the bad guys are given such an edge, it’s like Olympic class athletes competing with geriatrics. Which would be fun to watch if the geriatrics were not also paraplegics in wheel-chairs with their brakes welded permanently to the “brake on” position….ke-ke-ke.

  233. 233 : D.P. Says:

    I have a feeling somehow that DNA test is going to get sabotaged. Of course, biodad will announce that he is having a test done, giving MJ (or biomom) the chance to get at the samples, or make a call and bribe the company doing the test.

  234. 234 : kdramasuck Says:

    They can’t expose the bit** MJ yet, if they do that then no more story to lure the audience, believe me it’s going to be 10 more EP before they do that.
    Mark my word.

  235. 235 : ItsBlue Says:

    The actress who played MJ was really good actress as she nailed it as the villain in this drama. She has been delivered her role very well. Also all of the cast has been diving their role very good and especially I like the child actress who played as Bidan, she can interact with either one of the senior actress and actors. Good story and good casts, so that’s the drama reached high ratings until 30%. It is rarely for any k-drama for sometimes now to achieve high ratings once to reach nearly 30%. So good job Jang Bori’s team!!!

  236. 236 : KDCraze Says:

    @ItsBlue#235, Yes, the actress that played MJ (Lee Yoo Ri) is good as a villain. I remember she plays as a villain in Loving You and Sparkling as well. I always hate her role in all her dramas I watched.

  237. 237 : ItsBlue Says:

    Yes she’s a good actress and her acting to play a villain was really really good. For an actress to portray a villain in any drama that requires all of the emotion and full of concentration so that the story of that drama was very nice and attracted more viewer, so that’s what happened to Jang Bori’s drama. Actress Lee Yoo Ri did a good job in this drama and also actress Oh Yeon Seo played very good for her role .

  238. 238 : Brooke Says:

    Yay it’s almost weekend and finally it’s time for new episodes of Jang Bori. I can’t wait anymore. This drama is the best drama so far in K-drama. There is no any drama yet in recent TV ratings was almost reached 30% except Jang Bori who did it until now….yessss 😀

  239. 239 : Logan1707 Says:

    Can’t wait for ep 37 as Jae Hee will begin to suspect MJ his wife with finding a new pair of wedding rings that he just saw it and Bori’s bio dad will try to convince Bori’s bio mother that Bori is Eun Bi and also there will be hilarious scene between Auntie Jung Ran and Big Kang 😀 😀 😀

  240. 240 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Finally weekend comes so new episodes of Jang Bo Ri will be coming later on today…..yay can’t wait that. I hope they can still keep up the story and also the ratings till the end.

  241. 241 : Loraine Says:

    Yay finally we will see ep 37….counting hours….minutes…second….yes Jang Bori fighting 😀

  242. 242 : Anastasia Says:

    Watching ep 37 raw and this episode was sooooo nice and great as always. Finally after DNA test revealed and said that Bori was the real Eun Bi and Bio dad was sooo happy to find out that Bori was Eun Bi. They hugged each other and this scene was really having a lot of emotion. Now Grandma and Bori’s aunt just found out that Bori was Eun Bi. They were sooo happy. Also now Jae Hee finally saw true color of MJ. There so many happened at tonight episode. Now I really can’t wait Ep 37 to get English subbed.Hopefully it will be up in couple of hours…..

  243. 243 : Brooke Says:

    Oh gosh finally Bori’s identiry as Eun Bi has revealed in episode 37…..this episode was very emotional and it’s so beautiful between Bori and Bori’s real dad. Glad they found out each other after DNA tested. Now the story is quite fast. I can’t wait for ep 38 for tomorrow!

  244. 244 : Brooke Says:

    Preview for next episode – Ep 38

    Can’t wait for that 😀

  245. 245 : Loraine Says:

    Yes ep 37 was really daebak even I watched this episode tonight without Eng subs. Now Bori’s bio father has found his Eun Bi and can’t wait to see the reaction from Bori’s real mother as she really hates Bori so much, also reaction from Jae Hwa . I can’t wait this episode will get Eng subs very soon!!!

  246. 246 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Ep 37 was really good. Now Bori has already revealed her identity and her real mother will see the person that she hated so much was her own daughter. I hope Eng subs of ep 37 will be up soon. Also can’t wait what happened next in ep 38.

  247. 247 : D.P. Says:

    Dramastyle is a bit slow tonight. I actually have a Korean “translator” sitting next to me watching the shows,but she gets so absorbed by watching Bo Ri that she forgets I’m sitting there watching,too, and doesn’t say anything.

  248. 248 : WSW Says:

    Yes i agree both the lead actress really nail it in this drama. The villian MJ really is a good actress. The dramas she starred, she can nail it both as a villian and heroine. For those who watch Yellow Boots will know what i mean.

  249. 249 : D.P. Says:

    What an excellent episode-I was so sure someone was going to tamper with the DNA results, or BR/EB was going to refuse to do it. Now all that is left is re-establishing family relationships, and dismantling the carefully constructed house of lies that MJ built.

  250. 250 : Jennifer Says:

    We hope the writer of this drama will give Ming Jun and her bio mother 30 episodes of hell like they gave to Bori Bori.

  251. 251 : Hen Says:

    EP37 also has MJ’s lies starting to surface. JS left the pic of EB as a child where it was seen by EB’s birth mother. It was a pic EB/BR had taken with MJ’s birth mother. It was hidden in the folder that MJ gave to her adopted mom/EB’s birth mom…That is finally a gotcha!

  252. 252 : ja Says:

    No english sub yet! although I understand some of their conversation. everyone is excited!!

  253. 253 : Hen Says:

    Watched subbed EP37 on VIKI app

  254. 254 : Logan1707 Says:

    If anyone were unable to access on Viki for ep 37 with Eng subs then you could try on Dramabay. They use to be quite faster to get Eng subs.

  255. 255 : D.P. Says:

    Jae Hee is starting to have his doubts about his new wife, isn’t he? I never had the feeling he was such a bad guy, despite pulling some dirty tricks at the request of MJ. How is he going to react when all of MJ’s lies are exposed, and he finds out what kind of damaged goods he is married to? I can’t help thinking that someone is going to die before this show is over-I wonder if the writers will kill off Moon Ji Sang?

  256. 256 : Earth Says:

    I just started to watch this drama and this was TWO THUMPS UP….this drama was sooo gooood…..great cast….great story….all of them played so well from child actress until senior actresses and actors. I recommend this family drama to anyone who loves watching a family drama.

  257. 257 : fannie Says:

    haven’t seen ep 37 yet. i so pity jae hee for being so stupid.i really hate MJ for being so evil. the actress who portrays her is really good, coz whenever i see her, my blood boils. her face looks like it’s been done surgically several times. it looks fake.i watched the show because of kim ji hoon. i’ve watched many of his dramas and i like him.am glad that he is the lead actor here unlike his last two shows, where the girl never becomes his.i hope that at the end of the story, the writer will not give justification of all the evil acts done by MJ. I worry that they will let moon ji sang and MJ end up together to be with bi dan, their daughter. MJ doesn’t deserved forgiveness, since she’s been evil since she was young. imagine doing that to your mother, and people who have been good to you and innocent.She’s manipulative,a user and an ungrateful brat.i think the writers will have a hard time turning the character of MJ to a better person. i wonder what what will make her stop.maybe death for her mom or her daughter but since she abandoned both, nothing seem to stop her.Moon Ji sang must be killed because he is the only one who can truly exposed and is driven for revenge.Bori is too kindhearted to hurt anybody, even if that someone makes life difficult for her.i think event and circumstance will just surfaced to expose MJ lies.I want to watch MJ bleed at the end and never recover, just make her crazy at the end crawl in the street.as for bori and Jae Hwa, they deserve a happy ending.

  258. 258 : Anastasia Says:

    Ep 38 was really good and now the pace of this drama is quite moving along nicely and really great. Nice to see Jae Hwa to bring Bori and Bidan to his parents to introduce them. As we expected his parent didn’t approve them but Jae Hwa said to his parents that he didn’t need their blessing because he will get married to Bori anyway. Bori’s real mom still didn’t want to accept Bori is Eun Bi….what kind of a mother is she????? Now fake mom was running away with Bidan and Bori was shocked that she couldn’t find Bidan….wow what an episode tonight and this episode was really really amazing. I can’t wait until this ep 38 will get English subbed.

  259. 259 : Loraine Says:

    This drama is now getting so freaking awesome. I take my hat off for 2 female actress lead for this drama. Both of them were so perfect to play their role in this drama and I think these are 2 best female lead actress in a drama so far. They both have turned an important role in this drama.Every scene is very valuable and even one scene that can not be missed. Ep 38 tonight was so amazing, it’s a lot of emotions and this was very touching. So well done for all of the cast and crew for wonderful drama like this.

  260. 260 : Brooke Says:

    OMG episode 38 was freaking soooo good. Can’t wait for English subs. This drama was really perfect for all of every aspect….cast and crew!!!

  261. 261 : Logan1707 Says:

    Oh man both ep 37 and 38 were amazing, so that’s why they are still no. 1 in TV ratings chart. They are so deserving this as this drama is so freaking good. So congrats to all of the cast and crew.

  262. 262 : Logan1707 Says:

    Wow ep 38 finally reaches 30% in TV ratings….that’s so amazing. Now they break their own record until 30% (AGB). So let’s keep up the good work until the end 😀 😀 😀

  263. 263 : D.P. Says:

    Ep 39 preview: BD is missing, and “fake mom” is back home-let me make a wild speculation here: BD was left with MJ’s real father, who hasn’t been mentioned at all in this drama. He could still pop up to blow the lid off all the secrets, looking for his daughter…..

  264. 264 : D.P. Says:

    Another thought: everyone gets so mad at “fake mom” for hiding MJ’s identity as her daughter-BR/EB is just as guilty-she knows, but she’s not telling the people who really ought to know.

  265. 265 : KDCraze Says:

    Ep.37 & 38 is such an intense episodes and roller coaster emotion. I cried a lot on the scenes between Bo Ri and her father and also on the scenes between Bo Ri and Bi Dan. On the other hand, I laughed a lot also on the scenes between Bo Ri and Jae Hwa. I must said that this family drama deserved no 1 rating because all the actors and actresses acting in this drama is superb. This drama story is very addicted and Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Soo also have great chemistry. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen family drama that can give roller coaster emotion and the pace of story is good ( not too slow ). I hope the writer can give this drama the best ending to make this drama the best drama. Well done Come!!!!Jang Bo Ri.

  266. 266 : KDCraze Says:

    @D.P#264, Bo Ri is not in position to tell people that she’s Eun Bi because her Bio mum still hates her and not acknowledge her. Besides Bo Ri have been abused by her fake mum and Min Jung for so long since 8 yrs old that’s why she is also don’t have confidence to tell people.

  267. 267 : Audra12 Says:

    @259 Loraine
    Yes I agree with you, I think OYS and LYR are 2 strongest lead actresses in k-drama so far. They both played so great in their roles and also they were both very good portray their respective character. But also all of the casts were so perfect to portray for each roles especially the child actress who played Bidan, she’s so talented. So well done for Jang Bori’s team!

  268. 268 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Yay so finally they break TV ratings through 30% and they are still no. 1 position. Well done for casts and crew….good luck throughout all of the episodes until the end!!!

  269. 269 : Brooke Says:

    The scene between Bori and Bidan when both of them were crying together it broke my heart, it’s so touching. Love to see their acting skill…..so perfect!

  270. 270 : ItsBlue Says:

    @Brooke 269

    I think I agree with you with this, 2 leading actresses who played the heroine and villain plus the child actress who played Bi Dan were the best team part so far in Kdrama now without a doubt!!! They have been showing us their acting ability were so good so that this drama become so great.

  271. 271 : Jenn Says:

    I have been reading all of the comments on this board and I don’t usually give a comment on this but I can’t help it now. I just want to give comments on this drama.

    @Brooke and @ItsBlue
    For me this drama has everything on it, great casts, great script, great director who directs this drama. I also think that 2 leading actresses were the strongest cast at the moment. I have been watching lately all of k-dramas for weekdays and weekends and I feel this drama has the strongest story and makes the viewer glued on their seat and wants to know what will happen next. So that this don’t feel surprised that this drama reaches the highest TV ratings so far in Kdramaland. I hope they keep it up the story till the end then we could enjoy it also till finishes.

  272. 272 : Logan1707 Says:

    @D.P. 263
    Yes from the preview, Bidan has gone missing because she was separated from fake mom while buying air tickets at the airport. So then fake mom comes back to home then she meets Bori and fake mom blames Bori for Bidan’s missing. Yess..Fake mom has gone crazy! This is gonna be interesting…where would Bidan be missing???!!

  273. 273 : asa Says:

    The best tears of joy scene I have ever seen in dramaland was between Bori and real dad. I replayed it many times and still cried many times. Bori calling her real dad appa appa was sooo satisfying and chokes me up.
    Acting was superb. Scriptwriting and directing for this show is A+.
    Sad scenes are really tear jerkers that you cry buckets, happy love scenes make you laugh or smile from the bottom of your heart, evil scenes really make you want to scratch out MJ’s eyes and wonder at the creativity of the scriptwriters!

  274. 274 : D.P. Says:

    As popular as this show is in Korea, it would not be surprising to see it extended.

  275. 275 : Brooke Says:

    Counting days till weekend to get new episodes of Jang Bori 😀

  276. 276 : Alicia Says:

    Love this drama as they have good and strongest casts, all of the casts have done good job on this drama. I can see this is the only one drama so far could reach 30% more for TV ratings. Congrats!!!

  277. 277 : D.P. Says:

    Did anyone see MBC’s “Morning Show Good Day” today? They devoted the whole show to “Jang Bo Ri”-they interviewed the whole cast, showed lots of past clips and NGs, and spent a really long time with “Bi Dan”. I was rather disappointed that they didn’t even give out one little hint of what will happen in future episodes,though.

  278. 278 : Logan1707 Says:

    @D.P. 277
    Yes I read and saw the news and also some pictures of 4 leading actors and actresses about they had interviewed by MBC on Morning Show. Do you have a clip video or link on that as I would like to see it. Thanks in advance.

  279. 279 : D.P. Says:

    I was watching it on Direct TV today-I really wouldn’t even know how to search for it. Most of it was just fluff,anyway-some guy asking ‘Bi Dan’ who she liked better-Bo Ri or Min Jung-stuff like that. Seeing her real mother was interesting,though. Seeing the sets as they filmed a scene was interesting,also. Apparently the actress who plays ‘Bo Ri’ has a fan club, and they were there to stand off to one side watching the filming. Like I said, no one on the whole show gave the slightest hint of what might happen in coming episodes. (I only know this because my wife was sitting next to me telling me what they said)

  280. 280 : Logan1707 Says:

    Thanks for the info anyway. I always like your comments on Jang Bori’s board. I like this drama so much, I watch this from the start since ep 1 until now and I am looking forward for new episode on this weekend. Have a great day to you 😀

  281. 281 : Here chack Says:

    Are you guys retarded! I never saw a series with such stupid writing. I fell this drama involves the dumbest people alive. I stopped watching because the writing is so frustrating. The main character is sooooo stupid. If you did not start-do not! This would have been fine with 16 episodes. Too much nonsense. How can you take this seriously! I also never saw a lawyer so imbecile. I thought lawyers were somewhat smart, but he has to be the dumbest lawyer who graduated from a community college than a university!

  282. 282 : Here chack Says:

    Reading the comments and see that the people on this sight are small minded people. There is no way this many people watch this shit! The acting is horrible. What are you guys watching! Seriously!

  283. 283 : sm Says:

    Whoa – hey chack you must have got out of the wrong side of bed or something, or are you a writer whose got ‘green eyes’ because you didn’t come up with this story.

  284. 284 : D.P. Says:

    We’re watching this show because for one reason or another, it appeals to us, and we have been enjoying the admittedly unlikely story line. Go troll somewhere else.

  285. 285 : Brooke Says:

    @Here chack
    Hey dude….I guess you may have a lot of pain and miserable life in your daily life. I feel sorry for you. You hate this drama but unfortunately this drama has been huge success in S. Korean with reaching the highest TV ratings for any drama in there. It is rarely for any drama in Korea these day to get the highest ratings. Sorry to dissapoint you if this drama has been success and liked by Korean people and everyone here who loves watching it. Go somewhere else and don’t spend your energy to just hate something here. 😆😛🙌✌

  286. 286 : KDCraze Says:

    @D.P #284 & Brooke #285, Thumbs up for your comment.

    @Here Chack #281 & #282, I don’t know why you’re commenting on the drama you don’t like to make other people not to like it as well and also judging other people mind as retarded. If you don’t like the drama just excuse yourself and stop watching it, that’s what I do when I watched the drama I don’t like. For me this drama is one of the best drama this year, the writer, all the actors and actresses acting are superb. It makes me addicted to this drama.

  287. 287 : Anastasia Says:

    Another great episode tonight of Jang Bori. —-Spoiler— Bidan has run away from fake mom at the airport. Yes clever girl….she took the bus to run away from crazy fake mom. Moony and Jae Hwa have tried to find her through the CCTV. Also finally Bori’s bio mom realized that fake mom was MJ’s real mother. I hope the English subs of Ep 39 will be out soonish 😀

    Preview ep 40: Bidan finally has been found and getting back to home and also to Bori.

  288. 288 : Logan1707 Says:

    Here is the preview for ep 40

    Credit: MBC Drama

  289. 289 : Brooke Says:

    Hi thanks for your support and especially for this drama 😀

    Just saw ep 39 without English subs and that episode was awesome. I’m always amazed with the child actress who played as Bidan, she’s really amazing with her talent acting. In this episode she was crying so hard and it broke my heart. And I can’t wait for tomorrow episode.

  290. 290 : KDCraze Says:

    Ep.39 another great episode, Min jung mum admit to Bo Ri bio mum that Min Jung is her real daughter. Preview Ep. 40, I got a feeling that Min Jung and her mum in a car accident. I can’t wait until tomorrow and see what is happening.

  291. 291 : KDCraze Says:

    @Brooke#289, I also loved this drama and addicted to it. LOL

  292. 292 : Carmen Says:

    I just see a part of episode 39, oh boy did I cry even do I do not understand what they are talking about it really make me cry whne bori;s real mother defend her from that ugly mother, and when Eunbi cry I did gry a lot and still crying oh OMG what a great drama….LOVE BI RI BO RI

  293. 293 : ja Says:

    Guys, where can i watch the English sub of episode 39? I know some website has it already. augh! i cant wait to watch with English sub!

  294. 294 : D.P. Says:

    Ja: go to Dramastyle. They have it subtitled,with no ads,even.

  295. 295 : D.P. Says:

    I just checked-my bookmark calls the site ‘Dramastyle’, but the actual browser address is drama crazy.us

  296. 296 : ja Says:

    thanks for the info D.P !:)

  297. 297 : ja Says:

    There is no english sub DP!:(

  298. 298 : D.P. Says:

    Huh? I watched it at about 7pm on saturday, and there were subtitles.

  299. 299 : SPF Says:

    This is a truly good drama with fine acting and good storyline. At first, I thought that 50 episodes is too long, but gradually I realised that this is about right, to give the whole series more depth. So I’m glad I watched this and do look forward to the series every week! Thanks to the good people who faithfully did the English subtitling every week.

  300. 300 : Anastasia Says:

    Well the crazy MJ is really craziest evil human being ever lol….in ep 40 she increasingly became insane. Gladly Bidan has been found and come back together with Bori. Sadly Jae Hwa still don’t know that Bori is Eun Bi. I hope next episode Bori will confess to Jae Hwa. See preview next ep….is really interesting that Bori and Bidan will move in to Bori’s real parents house.

  301. 301 : Brooke Says:

    Once again congrats to Jang Bori’s team as they still manage to keep no. 1 spot for TV ratings of 2 last ep 39 and 40and now they even get through over 30% for ep 40. Good job and keep no. 1 position until the end at ep 50.

  302. 302 : Brooke Says:

    Here it is the preview for next ep. 41

    Credit: MBC drama

  303. 303 : Audra12 Says:

    Wow I love to see Kim Ji Hoon wearing white Shirt at ep 40, he looks damn sooo good on that. Also I love to watch him and also OYS on the screen together. They are looking so good together. I hope the next episode there are a lot of more scenes together.

  304. 304 : D.P. Says:

    I’m enjoying the happy couple, Brown Bear and the Aunt. They only have eyes for each other, and they can’t keep their hands off each other LOL! She acts so cute now, too-I’m tired of Ga Eul’s little tantrums now. It was a welcome relief from all the MJ craziness to watch her gobble up all the tangerines-” I didn’t eat them-the baby did”. Looks like Ga Eul’s mother is rather impressed by Brown Bears fighting skills, and is looking at him in a new light.

  305. 305 : Loraine Says:

    What I like the most with this drama because of 2 lead actresses and a child actress were acting so freaking amazing with their acting skill in this drama. Especially the child actress who plays as Bidan, she is sooo talented. Her scenes when she was crying….ugh made my heart its broken so hard :'(

  306. 306 : KK Says:

    Please let me know where I can get Bi Dan photos. Her name as Lee Mae Mi – photos are different , another kid star not her.

    (@KK from admin: http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=14052)

  307. 307 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    This drama makes me go nuts lol….oh man sooo addictive!!! Bidan finall returned to Bori’s arms after she went missing then this scene makes my eyes cried out so hard. Relationship between Bori and Bi Dan was so touching. I have never seen like this family drama such a long time. I am so freaking lucky to find this and also to follow this drama till the end 😀

  308. 308 : Myr Says:

    This is by far the BEST family drama I have watched. Never missed an episode from 1 till 39. Looking forward to more “tear-jerking”, “gut-wrenching”, “hate-that-Min Jung-smirk” scenes. Sadly, it’ll all end very soon 🙁 ..

  309. 309 : D.P. Says:

    “Min Jung” was on TV today, complaining that her character is so bad, that despite the show’s popularity, she can’t get any commercial offers.

  310. 310 : KDCraze Says:

    @D.P#309, Min Jung ( Lee Yoo Ri ) can’t get commercial offers but I’m sure she gets a lot of haters after the show LOL.

  311. 311 : KDCraze Says:

    @KK#306, Admin is correct. The one that act as Bi Dan is Kim Ji Young not Lee Chae Mi. She’s been acting in many movies and drama series that’s why her acting is excellent.

  312. 312 : D.P. Says:

    Did anyone notice MJ and fake mom talking about the Yong Bo that has turned up again? JHwa’s aunt was making a copy of the real one (Only she and BR know she has this real one), and I suspect she is going to let MJ get her hands on the copy, so she can trap both MJ and Biomom.

  313. 313 : Anastasia Says:

    OMG….I just saw some pictures on other website that Jae Hwa was going to propose Bori….yay….can’t wait for this episode. This is going to be good 😀

  314. 314 : Anastasia Says:

    If you follow Kim Ji Hoon’s twitter you can see a pictures of that, he was shooting the scene of he proposed to Bori and some people also took some pictures for that. Yes can’t wait for that episode!!!

  315. 315 : Brooke Says:

    @Anastasia 313 & 314
    I think that was not shooting for proposing but it was an event but that was filmed as well and will probably be in one of upcoming episodes. I thought Jae Hwa has already proposed to Bori in the last episodes. I will update again if there is news for this.

  316. 316 : Brooke Says:

    KJH has already danced as EXO’s song Growl on that event on today Tuesday evening at Korean time. He has been promised that he will be dancing for EXO if the TV ratings reaches over 25%. And today he has already fulfilled his promise. At the end of that event there is a surprised party by filming a scene of another proposal of Jae Hwa to Bori. It would be airing at upcoming episodes this weekend.

  317. 317 : Anastasia Says:

    Hi @ Brooke
    Thanks so much for your info and now I really can’t wait for ep. 41 and 42 at this weekend!

  318. 318 : WSW Says:

    Lee yoo ri cant get any commercial but i believe she will get more drama and movie offers as her acting is really good and versatile. If she can make everyone hate her, she is really good. It is easier to act as the heroine rather than the villain.

  319. 319 : KDCraze Says:

    @Brooke#316, Where can you watch Kim Ji Hoon danced EXO’s song Growl? I want to watch it as well.

  320. 320 : Brooke Says:

    @KDCraze #319
    I have been tried to find a full and good of video for this in anywhere webiste but I was unable to find it until now but I got a piece of video that I have seen from a fans who attended that event, here is the video that have taken from IG of that fans, the link

    Credit: mijaek_526 IG

  321. 321 : Brooke Says:

    I really can’t wait for upcoming episode this weekend because of there will be another proposal of Jae Hwa to Bori. On that event on 26th Aug last Tuesday, they also were filming a scene where Jae Hwa proposed to Bori and Bori would be accept it. Don’t know which episode is this but according the news this would be in ep 42 on this Sunday. I hope this really really will be in that episode. 😀 😀 😀

  322. 322 : Logan1707 Says:

    Hi @Brooke If there is another a proposal from Jae Hwa to Bori, so that’s mean Jae Hwa already knows that Bori is Eun Bi in upcoming episodes….well that will be exciting episodes then. Yay I am so excited 😉

  323. 323 : KDCraze Says:

    @Brooke#320, Thanks Brooke. It’s only a short dance but at least I’ve watched it now. LOL.

    Looking forward for next episodes and Jae Hwa proposal.

  324. 324 : Brooke Says:

    So this weekend’s episodes is gonna be epic —–Spoiler—– Finally Jae Hwa finds out Bori is Eun Bi, then he is going to purpose once again to Bori…..then there will be a WEDDING for both of them…..OMG I can’t wait that!!!!!!!

  325. 325 : Audra12 Says:

    Whaatttt there will be a wedding for Jae Hwa and Bori…..oh man I’m soooooooo excitedddd. I hope the ratings will exceed to another level until 40%…..the best family drama for this year!

  326. 326 : Loraine Says:

    ^Squuuuuuueeeeeze^…..finally there will be a wedding!!!! I really want to see Bo Ri and Jae Hwa are getting married in traditional wedding. This is gonna be amazing 😀

  327. 327 : KDCraze Says:

    Agree with you Loraine#326, I also looking forward to see Bo Ri and Jae Hwa wedding. Daebak!!!!!!!!!!
    This drama makes me want to keep watching all the time. The writer is doing a great job in writing the story and excellent choice of casts makes this drama great.

  328. 328 : Logan1707 Says:

    @Loraine 326 and @KDCraze 327

    Yea today’s episode is going to be freaking amazing and I hope today episode it’s time that Jae Hwa finds out Bori is Eun Bi and I can’t wait to see his reaction for that. Yes today is gonna be amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  329. 329 : Anastasia Says:

    Oh gosh episode 41 was really freaking awesome and can’t wait to watch again with subs. I was sooo happy that finally Jae Hwa finds out Bori was Eun Bi and it was so touching to see that scene, and the ending of this episode was sooo good…Moon Ji slapped MJ real hard….yes way to go Moony and there was a video that MJ has put everyone can see about past relationship between Moony and MJ and Jae Hee saw that video….yes I can’t wait for tomorrow episode cause it’s gonna be an epic episode!

  330. 330 : Brooke Says:

    Yes tonight episode was amazing…..oh man this drama was really really freaking amazing and yesss…this is the no. 1 drama in South Korean at the moment!!! There was a scene that it’s soooo hilarious when Kim Ji Hoon wearing hanbok and played as an ahjummah….that’s soooo funny and also there was so many happened in tonight episode. But tomorrow it will be going huge and epic episode 😀 😀 😀

  331. 331 : Brooke Says:

    Here it is the preview for episode 42…

    This episode is gonna be epic and amazing….can’t wait!!!

  332. 332 : D.P. Says:

    Well, sooner or later, BD has to find out that MJ is her real mother.

  333. 333 : Anastasia Says:

    Correction: at the ending….. I should say Moony has put a video that everyone can see it including Jae Hee…

    @D.P. #332
    I think in next episode the evil MJ that she is the one will tell the the truth to Bidan that Bori is not her real mother…..

  334. 334 : Logan1707 Says:

    Woah MJ the craz evil b—h….how many lives does she have it…..this crazy human being is never death and even no fear of death. After Jae Hee will dump her….now she is targeting to Bidan….woah scary woman!!!! Great episode but I can’t wait for ep. 42 cause there will be another proposal and a WEDDING!!!!!!!!!…..yay 🙂

  335. 335 : Audra12 Says:

    Have watched ep 41 and that episodes was freaking so good. Now Jae Hee finally open his eyes about his evil wife MJ and he will divorce her very soon but MJ will have another evil trick for all of her enemies……first she is targeting Bidan. We will see a nice proposal from Jae Hwa to Eun Bi/Bori in ep 42 and also there is a cameo of Kpop group: HALO 😀

  336. 336 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Episode 41 was really daebak….what an episode!!!! One by one all of her lies will be revealed soon. Finally Jae Hwa and Eun Bi a.k.a Bori come together again. Now I’m so excited for ep 42 cause it is going epic…..

  337. 337 : ItsBlue Says:

    Now this really becomes so intense and I can’t wait when the real competition of making hanbok will be started soon and I believe MJ will have an evil plan to try to steal it from Bori. First there will be a wedding for Bori and Jae Hwa….I can’t wait to see the cuteness for both of them tonight!

  338. 338 : KDCraze Says:

    Omo, I feel pity to Bi Dan to have such an evil mother and Grandma. I don’t know how she handles it when she found out that Min Jung is her real mother. I think is better for Bi Dan to stay with Moon Ji Sang since he is her real dad and he is already suffered a lot too. On the other side I feel happy that Bo Ri and Jae Hwa can have all the happiness now.

  339. 339 : Anastasia Says:

    Finally there was a wedding but well you know the evil crazy b***h MJ tried to ruin it but I hope the wedding would still happen for next week. I saw the preview Bori has new hair style and I think the wedding itself will be happening. Now I really need this episode 42 to get subbed soon.

  340. 340 : Brooke Says:

    @Anastasia #339
    You know right….this drama makes everyone went crazy and also got soooo addicted. Two thumps up for all of the casts and crew….they have done amazing drama. Now I hope the subbers will do their job asap…..hope Ep 42 with subs will be out soon……go subbers!!!

  341. 341 : Brooke Says:

    In this ep 42…..OMG KJH danced ‘growl’ EXO song….and then he proposed Bori. This ep was epic and aaaammmaazziinngg!!!!!

  342. 342 : Logan1707 Says:

    @Brooke 341
    yeeeesss Oh my gosh I can not believe I saw Kim Ji Hoon was dancing EXO’s song….wow it was sooo freaking amazing and then there was a proposal in front of a full crowded people and also KJH was accompanied by a Kpop band HALO….it’s awesome. Episode 42 was really so so so goooood and huge. WELL DONE Jang Bori’s team!

  343. 343 : Loraine Says:

    OMO…..Kim Ji Hoon danced EXO’s song…oh man….this ep 42 was super duper amazing. I hope the wedding will not get ruined and still happen.

  344. 344 : Lighthouse Says:

    I have no surprised this drama becomes no. 1 and hit in South Korea because of they have good script, casts, director who direct this drama. What they have was super good casts and team. They have a good team to create a beautiful drama like this. I think this drama will be crowning as Most Outstanding Drama at MBC award at end of this year!!!

  345. 345 : Brooke Says:

    YAY….TV ratings just got the highest number and they are still no. 1 position! They just broke another their record until 33%. CONGRATULATIONS Jang Bori’s team!!!!

  346. 346 : Brooke Says:

    Here it is the preview for Ep 43

    I can see the wedding is still happening….yay I can’t wait this!

  347. 347 : T.L. Says:

    Ep. 42 was freaking gooood, there was a funny line from Jae Hee’s mother about MJ…..’she was like a monster once without a tail’….hahaha that’s so hilarious 🙂

  348. 348 : SouthWest Says:

    Done watching last episode…wow that was superb performance from all of the casts and also great story. Good job!

  349. 349 : Nett Says:

    Hahaha….Kim Ji Hoon was super hilarious at both episodes. At ep 41 he dressed hanbok as a halmoni….it was super funny. At ep 42 he danced ‘Growl’ EXO song and then proposed Bori….wow that’s amazing. Well done oppa KJH 🙂

  350. 350 : Keys Says:

    I love to see the child actress who played as Bi Dan. She was so talented actress and she is gonna have a bright future in acting. Also in this drama 2 lead actresses OYS and LYR as both of them have nailed their character. I love it.

  351. 351 : Mels Says:

    This drama is the best family drama eveeeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  352. 352 : Radi8 Says:

    The OTP in this drama was super cute, Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Ji Hoon have so great chemistry in here, so that is why this drama is so amazing. The best drama that I have ever seen it in a long time.

  353. 353 : CoolBeans Says:

    Fantastic! So many twists, turns and parallel story. I love the way the writer lets the viewer know all the dirty secrets up front and make us suffer while we wait for the dirt to knock the greedy characters off their feet! The mix of comedy, drama and romance even for the evil doers keeps this drama grounded and likable. I will hate to see th

  354. 354 : D.P. Says:

    Let me guess: Ep 46 & 47, MJ will hatch one last crazy plot. It will take Ep 48 and 49 to foil it, and ep 50 will be the “happily ever after” or “one year later” episode.

  355. 355 : D.P. Says:

    Another thought: If you were BR/EB’s father or Grandmother, would you agree to the idea of a “competition” between MJ and EB? H*** NO! These are the two people in this drama that MJ has absolutely no power over, and they should just tell MJ and EB’s mother that this thing is not going to happen at all. You know, in real life that this crazy idea would never happen, but of course, it probably will,since this is the alternate universe of Kdrama-land.

  356. 356 : Brooke Says:

    Hi @D.P. 355 – I agree with your thought but I think the competition between Bori and MJ might be still to be happening and the end Bori is going to winning it.

  357. 357 : KDCraze Says:

    Regarding the Hanbok competition is exactly the same story as they used in Feast Of The Gods where they used cooking competition to choose the Head Chef. Except that in this drama they used Hanbok competition to choose the Head Seamstress. The annoying thing about Feast Of The Gods drama, the winner is the villain and they forgive the villain mistake. I hope Come! Jang Bo Ri didn’t used they same story as Feast Of The Gods and forgive Min Jung evilness. I’ll be very annoyed if the writer choose to forgive Min Jung and her bio mother mistake.

  358. 358 : D.P. Says:

    If you watched the recent “Shining Romance” on MBC, the plot was almost identical with this, except that the setting was a traditional Korean restaurant, instead of a traditional Korean Hanbok maker. The heroine of the story had to defeat the evil MJ-clone in several cooking contests, all of them rigged against her, before she triumphed.

  359. 359 : Lucky Says:

    This is good drama and definately is worth to be watched it. No wonder the ratings is very high and superb for any kdrama these days to reach such higher ratings over 30% like that.

  360. 360 : Shane Says:

    Good storyline and casts also. I love everything especially Kim Ji Hoon oppa 🙂

  361. 361 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    @Lighthouse #344 – I think I have to agree with you that this drama is going to win as ‘Most Outstanding Drama for 2014’ cause this is the only drama yet at MBC channel whose ratings TV exceeded over 30%. Mark my word!!!

  362. 362 : KDCraze Says:

    If the ending satisfying the audience, I’m not surprised if they win The Best Drama 2014 by MBC. This drama story is excellent from the beginning until now and the other things that is excellent is all the supporting actors acting in this drama is superb. It’s not only Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo acting is great but Min Jung, Bi Dan, Moon Ji Sang and both mothers acting are also great. Some of family drama I watched only the leads actors acting are good but the supporting actors acting are bad and bored me. But this drama all the actors acting are great. Keeps me want to watch all the time.

  363. 363 : Brooke Says:

    Yay finally we are gonna have a new episode of Jang Bori…..today is going to be a good day 😀

  364. 364 : Logan1707 Says:

    @Brooke – Today episode may get cancelled due to Chuseok Day, it’s Thanksgiving Day for all of South Korean people, but hopefully it will still be airing today and tomorrow. Then it will cause the ratings TV will go down because of mostly Korean people will celebrate that day.

  365. 365 : Anastasia Says:

    Finally Bori and Jae Hwa held their beautiful traditional wedding and thanks to Moony who already manage to send Bori’s mom back the ceremony on time as MJ has tried to ruin the wedding. But Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan were unable to go on trip after the wedding due to there’s a problem at home. And Jae Hee finally knew that fake mom was MJ’s real mother. But I think this is not the end for MJ as she has a lot of evil plan on her. Now I hope the subs will be out soon. Can’t wait for next ep 44 tomorrow.

  366. 366 : Brooke Says:

    Preview for ep. 44

    Can’t wait for this!!!

  367. 367 : ItsBlue Says:

    Have watched ep 43 raw and I really reallyyyy need the subs very soon…..come on subbers. Ep 43 was quite good and enjoying a lot even didnt know what they were talking. I wish I knew Korean language.

  368. 368 : Audra12 Says:

    This is the first time I have seen the traditional wedding in kdrama modern, it’s a beautiful wedding rather than modern wedding as I have always seen in kdrama. This is why this drama is always step a head in storyline than other most current Kdrama at the moment. Well done!!!

  369. 369 : Loraine Says:

    Another good episode of Jang Bo Ri drama. What make this drama gets higher ratings because of well written, good casts, amazing director who can direct every scenes were becoming amazing and made the viewer getting excited about it. This is really beautiful family drama – its superb 🙂

  370. 370 : KDCraze Says:

    Ep.43 is another great episode. Tsk tsk tsk I don’t like Jae Hee mum also. She is also lying together with Min Jung to save herself from being kick out of the house. I hope Jae Hee, her mum and Min Jung got kick out from the house. I hope the writer hurry up the story and punished all the evildoers. Can’t wait for next episode tonight !!!!

  371. 371 : Logan1707 Says:

    I really cant wait to see the fallout from the reign of evil MJ….one by one….yess can’t wait that!

  372. 372 : WSW Says:

    I think episode 43 should focus on BR and JH honeymoon, should focus more on their romance and take let us viewers take a break from the evil MJ. There is still plenty of episodes to see the downfall of MJ

  373. 373 : Anastasia Says:

    Today ep. 44 was so nice and now everything was coming true. This drama is truly amazing, every scene in this drama was superb and there is no even a dull moment. You can not even skip one scene because every scene is always related and very important to the storyline. If you miss one scene then you will get confused later. This is why this drama is sooooo popular in South Korean right now because it is really amazing drama. Once you watch it and then you will get addicted with it…lol. Now I hope episode 44 will get subbed as soon as possible.

  374. 374 : Brooke Says:

    I like ep 44 so much. Now Bori is quite smart and strong to handling other people matter. Finally she is remembering what happened with the accident as she can clearly see it. I think Bori and Jae Hwa can postpone their honeymoon until all of the problems can be solved first. I believe the writer will make a special sweet moment for both of them in the upcoming episode. Now we have 6 episodes left….wow I can not imagine this drama will be over soon….quite sad…..this is the first drama that I have really really really got addicted so much. I love everything on this drama!!!

  375. 375 : Brooke Says:

    Here is the preview for next episode – 45

    Wow MJ is trying to hurt Bidan and Bori’s aunt is also trying to confront Bori’s mom…..ugh I can’t wait this episode.

  376. 376 : Olive Says:

    Yassss this drama is super awesome….it’s highly recomendation to who loves a family drama with long episode because it is really entertaining and also try to find why this drama becomes no. 1 in Korea now.

  377. 377 : Logan1707 Says:

    Wow ep 44 was so good and now there 6 more episodes left….oh man I will be sad when this drama is over but the other hand I want to see MJ ‘s destruction and Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan will live happily as a sweet family.

  378. 378 : BoriBori Says:

    This is very good drama and amazing chemistry for the OTP in this drama. Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo is very good pairing.

  379. 379 : Anastasia Says:

    @Logan1707 #377 – yes I will be sad too when this lovely drama when it finishes. I love this drama so much. Now I can’t wait to see the downfall of MJ and sweet moment for Bori and Jae Hwa as they were unable to go to their honeymoon. I guess in upcoming episode the writer-nim will make a special moment for our lovely sweetness OTP Bori and Jae Hwa and also Bidan.

  380. 380 : Brooke Says:

    Waiting for ep 44 with the subs with patience…..come on subber 😀

  381. 381 : KDCraze Says:

    Tsk tsk tsk Bo Ri bio mum is also a lier. Too many women liers in this drama, Jae Hee mum, Bo Ri bio mum, Min Jung bio mum and the biggest evil lier Min Jung. At least Jae Hee mum is asked for forgiveness from Jae Hwa but I’m still quite annoyed with her not admitting the lies earlier. Writer-nim please don’t make Min Jung evil thing be forgiven otherwise I’ll be annoyed. Punished her in jail or make her insane than it will be a moral lesson drama.
    @Brooke#380, it’s already been subbed this morning.

  382. 382 : Loraine Says:

    The ratings is slightly down although it is still the highest ratings and still no. 1 and also the most dramas and TV programme were down too due to most Korean people on their holiday to celebrate Chuseok day. Hopefully ratings for Jang Bori will go up again over 30% for nextweek.

  383. 383 : D.P. Says:

    HaHa! Did anyone notice when MJ was lurking outside the room where Jae Hwa was picking up the sleeping BR?-all BR’s designs for the competition were laying open on her desk. Here we go again…….

  384. 384 : D.P. Says:

    Where’s Ga Eul these days? Previously, she would have been standing around the house to add her two cents to whatever was going on, but she has been gone for two episodes. I guess they don’t have any time left to go anywhere more with her storyline.

  385. 385 : KDCraze Says:

    @D.P#384, The one that act as Ga Eul is Han Seungyeon from K-Pop girl band KARA so she’s probably busy with her singing career so she maybe absent for a while from acting in Come!Jang Bo Ri.

  386. 386 : D.P. Says:

    I figured she must have had other obligations, but this episode did seem like one she should have been in, seeing as how it dealt with her “parents”-I would have expected her to have been hanging on her father’s arm, begging him to forgive Mom.

  387. 387 : HEN Says:

    I like when Bi Dan noted, in Ep 44, that now has so many grandmothers it’s hard to keep up with them. There are still two grandmothers that she will never meet–Jae Hwa’s mother and, of course, Ji Soon’s mother [and father].

    Can anyone tell me why the black boxes in Ok Soo’s and In Hwa’s cars were never checked or even mentioned–or did I miss something?

  388. 388 : HEN Says:

    I like when Bi Dan noted, in Ep 44, that now has so many grandmothers it’s hard to keep up with them. There are still two grandmothers that she will never meet–-Jae Hwa’s mother and, of course, [oops] Ji Sang’s mother [and father].

    Can anyone tell me why the black boxes in Ok Soo’s and In Hwa’s cars were never checked or even mentioned–or did I miss something?

  389. 389 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    Oh man ep 44 haven’t got fully subbed yet….I need it so badly. Are there the subber also on Chuseok holiday??!!….Come on subber!

  390. 390 : Brooke Says:

    @HEN #388 – The accident has happened in 20 years ago so it might be both their cars didn’t have any black boxes yet and I don’t think those cars have a technology yet like that in that year. That what I think then…..

    @Kdramalover123 #389 – Ep 44 with Eng subs is already out, please go check with your favorite website. Enjoy!

  391. 391 : HEN Says:

    Brooke, maybe you are right.

    I also find it interesting that In Hwa was weaving in and out of traffic to catch up with Ok Soo, yet when the accident happened, there were no other cars around.

  392. 392 : Eve Says:

    Just started to watch this drama….oh man Min Jung is really truly evil but I end up to become addicted with this. This drama is really amazing. No wonder they get super duper higher ratings!

  393. 393 : Tosetti Says:

    Traditional Wedding was awesome and not in every Kdrama they have shown it like this. This is why this drama was stood out with the storyline as they made it different with other Kdrama. This writer-nim and director were really brilliant to create this drama like this. Good job.

  394. 394 : Fans Says:

    The best family drama of the year….yassss 😉

  395. 395 : Carmen Says:

    I have to say someting about the girl as Yun Min Jung, I always love her dramas, one of the best ones are “I Love You Don’t Cry” and “Yellow Boots” she was a good girl here and I do love her job always, she really is a good actres.

  396. 396 : D.P. Says:

    Don’t forget about the “Yong Bo” that BR had wrapped around her neck when she was hit by MJ’s mom-this is the thing that will destroy all of In Hwa’s lies, and BR’s aunt has it just waiting for the right moment.

  397. 397 : Min Says:

    I like the child actress who played as Bidan, she is so talented and also this drama is so awesome.

  398. 398 : Logan1707 Says:

    @D.P. – I think Bori’s fake mom has been promised to MJ to steal ‘yong bo’ from Bori’s aunt in order to do her evil plan. But I hope it won’t be happening.

  399. 399 : D.P. Says:

    Logan1707: BR’s Aunt has been making a fake copy of the YongBo-I’m sure this is the one that will be left out to get stolen by MJ. I’ll bet that at the end of the contest, when In Hwa and MJ are saying “We Win!”, is when the real Yong Bo will be brought out by Team BR

  400. 400 : B.E. Says:

    Two thumps up for this MBC family drama as they can finally beat out KBS drama to be no. 1. This weekends drama time slot is always occupied the position no. 1 by KBS drama. But this time around belongs to MBC – Jang Bori. This Jang Bori’s drama truly deserves it as also they get over 30% ratings. So congratz!!!

  401. 401 : Audra12 Says:

    Bori’s fake mom is really evil as she keeps lying to Bori. But it’s good thing that Bori won’t see her again. Now this drama is nearly ending….owh I’m gonna be sad that. This is truly beautiful drama. Counting days until to get new episodes.

  402. 402 : BiDan Says:

    This is really a amazing drama……enough said 🙂

  403. 403 : D.P. Says:

    I have a feeling that ‘Fake Mom’ is ultimately going to be forgiven.

  404. 404 : KDCraze Says:

    @D.P#403, Yes. I’ve got the same feeling with you that Bo Ri fake mum is going to be forgiven. This is quite annoying actually because she should be put in jail too for not reporting to the police for hit and run accident that cause Bo Ri injury and also abusing Bo Ri when she is young. Basically she is kidnapping other person child. If that happens in real life people like that shouldn’t be forgiven.

  405. 405 : Gilbert Says:

    This is great family drama. One of the best drama!!!

  406. 406 : Brooke Says:

    Great Episode – 45 tonight as always, hopefully the subs will be out soonish….

  407. 407 : Brooke Says:

    Here is the preview for ep 46

    Can’t wait for tomorrow 😀

  408. 408 : Anastasia Says:

    Another awesome episode of Jang Bori. This drama is always amaze me. I wish writer-nim would give more sweet moment for Bori and Jae Hwa as I love this adorable couple. I hope the Eng subs will be up as soon as possible. Come on subbers!!!

  409. 409 : Anastasia Says:

    Hi @Brooke thanks for the preview 😉 I also can’t wait for tomorrow episode!

  410. 410 : Logan1707 Says:

    Ugh now Bio mom was really annoying and she wanted to keep the accident secretly and didn’t want to tell the truth to the whole family….as always this drama was amazing. Can’t wait to get subbed.

  411. 411 : Marel Says:

    Great script, story and casts plus good acting skill from the casts….no wonder they got highest ratings. The best drama for this year!!!!!

  412. 412 : Audra12 Says:

    Ugh MJ when is she going down….I hope tonight episode will be showing the downfall of MJ and also fake hopefully won’t be lying to Bori again. Can’t wait tonight.

  413. 413 : Audra12 Says:

    Our clever little girl – Bidan called MJ with ‘teng teng teng’……ha ha that’s hilarious…that’s our little girl 😀 😀 😀

  414. 414 : billy Says:

    I like the drama. I just recently started watching while waiting for Glorious Days’ episode to come out. I hate the nasties led by Min Jung followed closely by Bori’s biological mom. Jae Hwa’s stepmom is annoying and what is with Jae Hee? I couldn’t quite figure him out. Jae Hwa and Bori are cute together, but i hate it when Bori over exaggerate and doesn’t know basic courtesy. “Stop hitting and abusing Jae Hwa! for crying out loud!”

  415. 415 : Marel Says:

    Saw preview for ep 46 – hopefully Bidan will be OK and I hope Moony will be protecting her from evil MJ!!!

  416. 416 : pohyoke Says:

    I think perhaps it is right that the character Bori does not know basic courtesy because she was brought up illiterate and in a rough manner. She is loved by Jae Hwa because she is pretty, clever and has a heart of gold e.g. even though she would not be close to her fake-mum because of the latter having taken Bidan away, Bori longed for fake-mum’s well being even at her own wedding. Bidan is Bori’s only secret but it’s really because she loved the innocent child and would not make her a victim.

  417. 417 : Loraine Says:

    @Marel #415 – yes I hope Moony will be OK too but I have a bad feeling that will be going to sacrifice himself to protect Bidan against MJ. I hope the writer could put him still alive until the end.

  418. 418 : D.P. Says:

    How is Bo Ri any different than all the other women in this drama? She won’t even tell her own husband, who has done so much for her, who the mother of Bi Dan is. Every woman in this show is keeping secrets from those that should know.

  419. 419 : Anastasia Says:

    Oh gosh I hope there will be no any accident will be happening between Bidan and Moony in the next episode. The child actress Kim Ji Young was really so talented and amazing child actress. In this ep 46 she was superb. I hope this is the time around that MJ has to get her punishment and the next 4 episodes left we will see the downfall of the evil b***h MJ.

  420. 420 : Logan1707 Says:

    Wow time really flies….4 more episodes left to go…I’m gonna be sad when it’s over. Tonight episodes was super awesome, and had good acting skill from each of the actors and actresses. This is really really an amazing drama.

  421. 421 : D.P. Says:

    Heh heh…… Aunt says “The Yong Bo will be poison for whoever finds it”….The trap is baited and set,ready to catch two big rats.

  422. 422 : Brooke Says:

    Preview for ep 47

  423. 423 : Brooke Says:

    I hope Bori’s auntie is gonna win the competition and become a headmaster of BSC and she was truly becoming “a real mother” to Bori instead of Bori’s bio mother or fake mom. I also hope Moony will meet a good woman at the end and Bori, Jae Hwa plus Bidan finally they could go on a trip together as a sweet and loving family.

    4 more episodes to go….owh gosh it’s gonna be over soon….it’s sad :'(

  424. 424 : Brooke Says:

    Also, congratz to Jang Bori’s team as they still manage to be at the top of TV ratings as still no. 1 position and this time they get over 30% ratings…Well dona 😀

  425. 425 : ItsBlue Says:

    The child actress Kim Ji Young who played as Bidan was really amazing in this drama as she nailed it her character and she will have a bright future as an actress. I love her in this drama as she’s cute and adorable.

  426. 426 : Audra12 Says:

    Another great episode of Jang Bori – Ep 46. Last scene of ep 46, Bidan run because she overheard that she was not biological daughter of Bori. I think for me this is about time that Bidan has to know that Bori is not biological mother. But I hope no one would tell her that MJ is her biological mother. I hope Bori will tell her that she was adopted from good people. Next episode is going to be sad for Bidan and Bori 🙁

  427. 427 : Anastasia Says:

    @D.P. – yes I rewatch with the subs and Bori’s auntie said about the ‘yongbo’ she said that ‘the Yongbo that was taken by them (MJ) will resurfaces as poison’…..yeah I can’t wait that to see MJ’s face when it’s happened in the next episodes.

  428. 428 : peggy wong Says:

    want to watch korean drama coming ! Zhang boali

  429. 429 : peggy wong Says:

    how to go in and watch ?

  430. 430 : Mels Says:

    Ugh Bori’s real mother was starting to get on my nerves now …..and also as usual MJ was really evil. hopefully next episodes MJ will get the real punishment.

  431. 431 : KDCraze Says:

    @Mels#430, I agree with you. I’m also getting very annoyed with Bo Ri bio mum, Bo Ri fake mum and Min Jung. I hope that the writer hurry up with that 3 women punishment. Don’t dragged it too long.

  432. 432 : KDCraze Says:

    I really want to see more Bo Ri and Jae Hwa happy than see Min Jung evilness and craziness. Otherwise I’ll be very bored if they don’t hurry up with the punishment.

  433. 433 : D.P. Says:

    I really don’t know why so much time was wasted searching for the old man who did BSC fabric dying-even if JHwa and Bio-Dad find him, he is just going to stand there (With MJ present,of course) and lie.

    Poor Ga Eul-she was once a harmless, amusing airhead-there’s no time left to devote to her character. I’ll bet the KARA singer who plays her regrets taking that role-her character never grew and developed at all, and looks to be ending up as a cruel,petty girl.

  434. 434 : Kimberly Says:

    I agree with KDCraze! Plus I don’t understand why Jang BoRi TV series are rated so high? There is no depth, no values. All there is was evil after evil, for 46 episodes, none of the evil people got punished for their wrong doings! To the point it makes me not liking the cast in this show. Glorious Day TV series have all the values, great story line, wonderful cast and got poor ratings. Can’t figure this out. So sad and disappointing.

  435. 435 : Marel Says:

    I think in the next episodes it is the time to give the real punishments for MJ, fake mom and Bori’s bio mom…..come on writer-nim….make it happen please….4 episodes left. Especially MJ – the craziest evil woman…..give her real hard punishment!!!

  436. 436 : Bidana Says:

    What the heck….why MJ is still alive…she should have died in last two episodes and the next one will be fake mom and then Bori’s bio mom!!!!

  437. 437 : D.P. Says:

    There is some talk at another forum that this show will go to 51 episodes.

  438. 438 : HEN Says:

    I love the name given to MJ by Bidan ‘teng teng teng’.

    I think the writer has done a very good job with peeling this onion. Every time that MJ seemingly accomplished one of her goals, she has never had the chance to really enjoy it for very long. The wedding was scarred by her mother’s accident and the fear of Ji Sang’s revenge. The honeymoon was marred by not only a push in the pool, but the revelation of her thief of Eun Bi’s photos and its repercussions–and Ji Sang’s ongoing revenge.

    Jae Hwa does know that Ji Sang’s target has been MJ. I think Jae Hwa was just so relieved to hear that BoRi was NOT having a “thing” with Moon Ji Sang, that he hasn’t put the facts together and figured out that MJ is the bio mother.

    Jae Hee prided himself on planning the perfect life. He’s trying to make his bad chose of a wife into a plus and not the obvious minus in his life’s plan–using MJ to help him win over Jae Hwa. I did like how he made MJ sign over all her ill-gotten booty. Hah!

    Besides the fact that the Yongbo is a fake, it will prove that who ever has it in their possession was at the scene of the accident.

  439. 439 : D.P. Says:

    The YongBo: Bo Ri had the real one wrapped around her neck when fake mom and MJ found her, so the fact of Bo Ri having had it all these years is proof that her mother had it at the accident site, although I think the aunt should have shown it to the Gma as soon as she found it being used as a pillow at Bo Ri’s house. Maybe she did, and Gma’s playing a game-we’ll see.
    JHwa was supposed to be a prosecutor-I think by now, he knows MJ is BD’s mother-I’ll bet when BR finally tells him, he will say that he already knew it-how dense would you be to know that BD is Moon’s daughter, and know that Moon once had a lengthy relationship with MJ, and not have already figured this out?

  440. 440 : Brooke Says:

    @D.P. #437 – yes it’s true, I have read that news from news naver but it’s not confirmed yet as there will be 1 more episode extension. Well I’m not surprised that it will be 51 episodes due to highest ratings. But I hope there will be more scenes for Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan. I don’t wanna see MJ, fake mom and Bio mom still there. Please writer-nim just get rid of them soon.

  441. 441 : ishy Says:

    Can someone please tell me where I can watch ep 46 English sub

  442. 442 : Logan1707 Says:

    @Brooke – yay hopefully there will be one more episode extension due to high ratings. Yeah I agree with you that evil people like MJ, fake mom and Bori’s bio mom have to get their punishment real soon.

  443. 443 : Logan1707 Says:

    @ishy #441 – please try to dramabay or gooddrama if you want to watch ep 46. Also Dramabay is quite fast to upload for new any episode of Kdrama.

  444. 444 : ishy Says:

    @LOGAN1707- thank you, much appreciated.

  445. 445 : Loraine Says:

    @Brooke and @Logan1707 – thanks for your info.

    I am so happy if they get extended for 1 more episode so becomes 51 episodes. This drama is really so good.

  446. 446 : D.P. Says:

    here’s a guessing game for everybody: What do YOU think the last scene of MJ will be?

    My guess: MJ will be bussing tables at the Toast Restaurant, while her mom yells at her to hurry up.

  447. 447 : Logan1707 Says:

    Let’s say MJ will end up at ep 49 and then we will see her at jail or mental hospital and suffered amnesia. But if this get extended 1 ep so she might be at ep 50.

  448. 448 : KDCraze Says:

    @Kimberly, Don’t get me wrong. I still love Come! Jang Bo Ri better than Glorious Day. I think Glorious Day story is too slow, not intense and addicted enough. I’ve stopped watching it at ep.10. Come!Jang Bo Ri is a very good drama and very addicted. The only problem now, I think the writer should punished that Min Jung, Bo Ri fake mum and Bo Ri bio mum quickly since it’s only 5 episodes left. I want to see more Bo Ri and Jae Hwa happy moments or maybe a baby for them.;
    @Logan1707#447, I agree with you. I also want Min Jung end up in jail, die or have mental illness because she’s too evil to be forgiven.

  449. 449 : Brooke Says:

    @KDCraze #448 – you are right that GD drama was not good I have dropped watching them at ep 7, that drama was soo boring and so slow and the casts was not attractive at all. They can’t even compete with Jang Bori drama. GD drama was rated with 3.0 or 5.0% TV ratings. That’s horrible.

    I would say MJ will be ending at ep 49/50 eventhough I want her to be punish real soon at ep 48. She would end up in a car accident and into a ravine or worse than that 😀

  450. 450 : Anastasia Says:

    For me I would say MJ will get her punishment in the next ep. 47/48. Also for fake mom and Bori’s bio mom they should get it too soon. I hope Bori will let Bidan knows about her bio mother and father with more thoughtful answer.

  451. 451 : Marel Says:

    I hope MJ is gonna die soon or let Moony put his revenge first to her at ep 47 and then next is fake mom 😉

  452. 452 : Audra12 Says:

    Let’s say Moony will drag MJ into the jail in the next episode – 48 and fake mom will return to her hometown and by opening stores selling food as before and Bori’s mom will be forgiven.

  453. 453 : Melody Says:

    I would like the bad people such as MJ, fake mom and Bori’s bio mom they’re together driving off a cliff somewhere at ep 49 or real soon that will be good 😉

  454. 454 : ItsBlue Says:

    @Logan1707 #447 – I agree with you that MJ might be put in jail or having mental illness and then go to a mental hospital and I would say in ep. 49.

  455. 455 : D.P. Says:

    Wow! what a tough crowd here! Everyone wants MJ dead! I think the best punishment is her having to live the life she made Bo Ri live-working in a crummy restaurant, and wearing cheap clothes, while watching Bo Ri and Jae Hwa live a happy, successful life.

  456. 456 : KDCraze Says:

    @D.P#455, Your punishment is too soft. Min Jung and her bio mum Do Hye Ok is lying too much and harming a lot of people. Also the hit and run accident not reporting to police while Bo Ri young ( that is consider kidnapping ) and abusive as well. This kind of behaviour is criminal. With Bo Ri bio mum I still can forgive as long as she said sorry to Bo Ri aunt for causing the accident and she is taken from her position as Head Seamstress.
    @It’sBlue#454 & Logan#1707, I agree with you. That’s the kind of ending I want.

    This drama is very good from beginning until now, I hope the ending doesn’t disappointed me. I hope the writer can give moral justice to this drama ending like in A Well Grown Daughter Hana so it will be perfect ending.

  457. 457 : Lighthouse Says:

    I agree with most comments above about MJ’s death at the end. She was truly evil so that she should be punished real hard.

  458. 458 : D.P. Says:

    Well, all of you should have watched enough Kdramas to know that the theme is always forgiveness and reconciliation in the end,not revenge, unless the evil ones somehow die.

  459. 459 : KDCraze Says:

    @D.P#458, Not all Korean drama story the evil one ended up to be forgiven and reconciliation. I remember in My Older Sister the evil one ended up in mental hospital, A Well Grown Daughter Hana the evil one ended up in jail and their family who is bad as well kick out from the house with no money, Secret the evil one ended up in jail, Incarnation Of Money the evil one all ended up dead except for 2 evil one not dead but they received their own suffering, Can You Hear My Heart, I Hear Your Voice and Hotel King the evil one ended up dead. Anyway that’s some of the good drama that has the best ending for me.

    Anyway let’s see whether Come! Jang Bo Ri ending satisfying or not. Come! Jang Bo Ri Fighting!!!!!

  460. 460 : Audra12 Says:

    Just wondering whether Jang Bori will still be airing for this weekend due to Asian Games festival. Hopefully they will do!!!

  461. 461 : billy Says:

    I had to watch fast to catch up with the latest episodes. The story is able to keep up the pace and the excitement. Min jung is really nasty and the mother is partly to blame for allowing Min Jung to walk all over her. A parent has the responsibility of righting their kids when they do something wrong no matter how sorry they may feel towards them. She just allowed Min Jung to get away with everything…that’s her biggest sin!

  462. 462 : Brooke Says:

    @Audra12 – I just check with MBC website that Jang Bori drama will still air tonight as usual but I don’t know for Sunday schedule whether they will air it or not. Will check it later tonight.

  463. 463 : HEN Says:

    I’m with D.P.#455, but…

    I would add that after a stint in jail, BOTH MJ and her Bio-Mom would end up back at that restaurant and house that she made Bo Ri slave in for 20 years. To top it off, only the low-life guys in the neighborhood would come into the restaurant to hit on MJ and her Bio-Mom would say “maybe she SHOULD consider one of them…”

    Fast forward in time…MJ [still at living at home with Bio-Mom, who continued to lament over their past sins] is watching the news feature about Lee Jae Hwa in his new political position, and his wife Bo Ri, head of her family’s business and also a business consultant for her husband’s family business–Oh yeah, and the oldest of their THREE children–Bi Dan was now the President of her father’s family business. She was given that position by her paternal grandfather when he decided to retire.

    Noteworthy–her uncle, Lee Jae Hee, was very upset about her appointment.
    However, her favorite uncle, Moon Ji Sang, was very pleased.

  464. 464 : Brooke Says:

    Owh man….ugh MJ was still a full of action, I hope Moony will be okay but Jae Hwa’s dad already knew who MJ was. I really need MJ getting busted for tomorrow and dragging her into the jail. Great episode tonight – ep 47.

  465. 465 : Brooke Says:

    Preview for Ep 48

    Can’t wait what happened for tomorrow night 🙂

  466. 466 : Anastasia Says:

    Hi @Brooke thanks for preview. Yeah great episode as always of Jang Bori.

    Yes Jae Hwa’s dad finally asked to Jae Hee to divorce MJ as he knew about MJ’s lies. I hope Moony will not get any big accident. See preview for ep 48, Oh no MJ telling to Jae Hee’s family that she might be pregnant….please writer nim don’t make it happen please. And I think it’s time for MJ to be put into jail or something real bad will happen to her. Can’t wait for ep 48!

  467. 467 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching ep.47, now Min Jung evilness is really getting on my nerves. She tried to kill Moon Ji Sang. I hope Moon Ji Sang is survive and Min Jung pregnancy is fake. I hope the writer hurry up and quickly put Min Jung in jail rather than adding more her evilness and her lies. I’m really touched by Moon Ji Sang and Bi Dan conversation and cried. I’m actually want Bi Dan to live with Moon Ji Sang together. Can’t wait for next episode!!!

  468. 468 : billy Says:

    I have just started to watch ep 46 and am I really getting pissed off by Min Jung and her mother! What is this really? Isnt it human nature not to listen to people who already lost their credibility? Why are all these stupid casts keep on listening to these two nasty characters? Well I know its for the sake of prolonging the drama, but for Pete’s sake, the audience too are being taken for suckers! I would love to see a little more creativity here than being taken in of what comes out of their mouth. People should know that what they say should always be taken with a dose of salt. Well, at least that is what smart people should do than being bruised black and blue by every word they say! The very reason we have Lawyers and detectives is to sort out through lies and evidences! where are these people in this drama? I understand that the mother issue is very sensitive. I believe the right thing to do is gather their evidences, follow the trail, have faith in Bori’s strength of character, pick up the coincidental details that come out of the nasties mouth and to put the pieces together and highlight for future investigation those things that doesnt match! That way, the audience who are watching are also being educated and taught how to deal with isssues like these. Emotion shouldnt prevail now, they need a strong head on their shoulder if they want to solve the problem! I dont know about other drama addicts like me, but that is how I want these mess solved and not through hysterics!

  469. 469 : morally Says:

    @Billy. I hope viewers like us should put some sense into this writer, just get his or her head straight, don’t mock the viewers more than they should, it is enough of this nonsense, we can’t take it any more, give the viewers some credit, we are not stupid, enough is enough. I felt sorry for all the casts, they must be devastated by this obnoxious plots that this writer created. The network should at least look into this kind of crazy story for the sake of audiences.

  470. 470 : dorie Says:

    Reading on all your comments, looks like Lee Yo Ri did it again. She is such a good actress that either she’s the villain or protagonist, she can always bring out all sorts of emotions to her audience. I ve watched all her dramas no matter how long they are. This drama is next on my list, can’t wait to see it.

  471. 471 : Logan1707 Says:

    Oh man child actress Kim Ji Young who played as Bidan was trully amazing at ep 47. She was super duper performing excellent acting skill. I am always amazed by her superb acting. Overall ep. 47 was deabak. Can’t wait for 48 tonight.

  472. 472 : DSant Says:

    Lee Yo Ri is really good in portraying her character. I am having mental fatigue on watching this drama. The child actress who plays Bidan is excellent.
    I agree, that the writers of this drama are probably happy to take us in no ending lies and deceptions by MJ, Fake Mom, Stepmom, BioMom aand Jhee. Now, they are trying to kill Moony!!!!
    Anyway, few more episodes and this will end, whatever the ending is!!!!

  473. 473 : Anastasia Says:

    Oh no the little precious BD overheard that she knew MJ was her biological mother, poor BD. I hope she won’t run away again this time.. MJ was getting crazy that she thought she would give a birth at jail. But I think the writer will make MJ will die at ep 50. Now there are 2 episodes plus 1 extra episode left to go. I hope this will be happy ending for Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan.

  474. 474 : Brooke Says:

    Here is the preview ep 49

  475. 475 : Brooke Says:

    I hate the writer made the story that MJ got pregnant but after seeing the preview MJ will go to the jail for sure. She became crazy person that Jae Hwa threatened her that Monny will take charges to her after she attempted to murder Moony. Poor BD..now she will learn that her real mother was woman that she hated it so much :'(

  476. 476 : KDCraze Says:

    @Brooke#475, Yes, I agree that the writer shouldn’t made Min Jung character pregnant. I think the writer dramatized too much on the character but the good thing is this time Min Jung will go to jail for sure for attempted murder charges.Can’t wait for next episodes !!!!

  477. 477 : pohyoke Says:

    Maybe the ending will be a role reversal..MJ now a single parent, living with her mother..maybe she is not allowed to keep the child due to criminal record. The child is important to MJ because it would have secured her position in the family i.e if she had not gone over the cliff and turned murderer and perhaps she did love her husband (who was beginning to be a bit power crazy as well but maybe in the real world, power and money are great temptations) a bit.

  478. 478 : jennifer Says:

    I hope this great drama doesn’t in in a ‘wimp’, the writer has two episodes to get rid of the baddies, it’s either that, or all is forgiven and live happily ever after and that’s a no no. I hope Moonie is given a place in Bidan’s life as i feel bad for the chap.

  479. 479 : D.P. Says:

    Well-that was quite an episode-let me speculate about next week: MJ will lose the contest, be humiliated in front of the First Lady, be exposed as a thief and a liar, revealed to all as BD’s mother, get thrown out of BSC and JHee’s house,be arrested for a laundry list of charges, and have a miscarriage-all on the same day.

  480. 480 : Anton Says:

    Watch Come! Jang Bo Ri Ep 48 ->http://eps-kdrama.com/come-jang-bo-ri-ep-48-eng-sub/

  481. 481 : Audra12 Says:

    Wow the ratings went up with highest number and it’s almost breaking over 40%. Now they got over 37% and I am sure that when this drama finishes it will break over 40%. So congrats once again Jang Bori’s team!!!

  482. 482 : Audra12 Says:

    There was funny scene that crack me up at ep 48…Jae Hee locked the bedroom door so that MJ couldn’t get into it….ha ha ha. And let her to get pregnant and then she will have a car accident and die at the end. That’s what I want for MJ at the end.

  483. 483 : Logan1707 Says:

    @Audra12 – yes I agree with you MJ should die at the end. I think MJ’s character is the craziest evil villain ever been in Kdrama history. She is so evilness so that everyone wants her to die or put her for life prison.

  484. 484 : Brooke Says:

    @Audra12 @Logan1707
    You are all so right, I agree MJ should die at the end, she deserve that! This is the drama has been made me crazy for almost 6 months and I almost lost some my hair everytime after watching it…lol, but I loved it because this drama was super amazing. Now we have 2 more episodes left and plus one more (don’t know whether it’s confirmed or not). Can’t wait for ep 49 and 50.

    Also congratz to Jang Bori drama as they almost break through 40% ratings. I guess next 2 episodes the TV ratings will be breaking above 40% 😀

  485. 485 : Anastasia Says:

    Yes this drama was driving me nuts for over 6 months…lol, but it’s so good drama, good script, excellent casts and amazing director who have been directing this awesome drama. Without a doubt this is the best drama of this year. I hope the writer will give us a happy ending especially for our OTP here Bori and Jae Hwa plus Bidan.

  486. 486 : Loraine Says:

    Is this drama having 51 episodes or not cause it’s still saying 50 ep as above?

    Dear Admin, can you please confirm it?!!

  487. 487 : Audra12 Says:

    @Loraine – I have read at Soompi board that it’s has been confirmed for 51 episodes as new drama replacement will be airing on Sunday 5th October.

  488. 488 : HEN Says:

    Since MJ views this baby as the her last hope of maintaining the life that she has lied, cheated, stole, and attempted to kill for, the loss of the baby should push her right over the edge and into–HAPPY DALE SANITARIUM– A PLACE FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE.

    High marks for our writer [so far] she has kept me on the edge of my chair for these last 20+ episodes.

    I feel like I’m watching General Hospital’s NURSES BALL during sweeps month! [Sorry, only a GH fan could appreciate this comment]

  489. 489 : Boriland Says:

    Wow the ratings of this drama was so high, I think this is gonna break over 40% for the last episode. I think this is the first drama at MBC channel who almost reaches 40% for this year. Congratulations!

  490. 490 : jls Says:

    Hey guys do you know where I can watch ep 47 and 48 with Eng subs? Thanks in advance!

  491. 491 : Brooke Says:

    @Loraine and @Audra12
    I just read at naver news that they are going to extend for another 2 episodes so it will be 52 episodes instead of 50 episodes. I think Admin can confirm it later.

  492. 492 : Anastasia Says:

    OMG….really…so it would be extended for more 2 episodes. So I guess MJ won’t be in jail that soon then. I can’t believe we still have 4 more episodes of madness for this drama. In other hand, I am happy I still can watch this drama…lol 😀 😀 😀

  493. 493 : D.P. Says:

    Come on, writers-let’s wrap this show up! I really don’t want to see another three episodes of MJ craziness, followed by one “happy ever after” episode. What I want to see is MJ completely ruined by the end of ep 50, and the remaining two episodes devoted to the rest of the characters who were ignored in favor of MJ.

  494. 494 : D.P. Says:

    LOL! when MJ was in the doctor’s office, and started laughing, I expected her head to turn completely around……

  495. 495 : Brooke Says:

    As they have been confirmed for another 2 more episodes extension so total would be 52 episodes, I hope the writer do not mess up this drama for happy ending. So 4 more episodes to go….and that would be enough 🙂

  496. 496 : Maja Says:

    The writer of this drama is in love with min jung’s character… He doesn’t want to end it and maybe just maybe minjung will have a happy ending… This drama has been a minjung show.. Should have been titled … Go Min jung .. Instead of come jang bori….

  497. 497 : Logan1707 Says:

    Owh man so we will still have a lot of craziness of evil MJ in 2 weeks more to go. Yes come on writer-nim don’t make us to suffer enough to have the crazy evil in this drama. Just drag her into jail as soon as possible and put some more scenes for Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan as lately they did not have more scenes instead of MJ and Moony 🙁

  498. 498 : sm Says:

    great show

  499. 499 : Lighthouse Says:

    Woah…they extend 2 more episodes due to high ratings!!! Min Jung FTW…lol.

  500. 500 : WSW Says:

    This drama is really woman’s power. MJ acting is so good that i think everyone wants her dead, thumbs up for her acting. Bori, her evil mother, her evil fake mother, even MJ mother in law shine in this drama. It make me feel like Jae hwa and Jaehee is like supporting actors only. Even bidan feel more like the main cast.

    Only the starting of this drama is slow but the pace and story pick up steam in the middle and it is running full throttle at the end. I am glad that the writer manage to give us us this kind of roller coaster and thumbs up to the writer also.

    The writer wrote famous drama like temptation of wife and her previous drama is “Birth of a Family”, i thinking of trying this drama because of the writer, anyone watch this drama before? is it nice?

  501. 501 : KDCraze Says:

    I’m glad that this drama is extended to 2 episodes because I don’t want to miss this drama ending. This weekend I have to go to camp and I can’t bring my laptop. LOL. It’s good that I can watch the ending after I came back from my camp. I hope the extra 2 episodes I can see more Bo Ri and Jae Hwa moment rather than Min Jung craziness. Writer please give us the best happy ending so it will be one of the best drama 2014.

    @WSW#500, The screenwriter of Come!Jang Bo Ri, Kim Soon Ok is the same as Five Fingers and Temptation Of Wife but not The Birth Of A Family. I haven’t watched Temptation Of Wife so I didn’t know it’s good or not. But I have watched Five Fingers and the story is quite good. If Come! Jang Bo Ri following the same story formula as Five Fingers maybe Min Jung might ended up dead.

  502. 502 : WSW Says:


    Temptation of Wife is very good, even my mum who dont watch korean drama say it is good. She started to watch korean drama now after i recommend her so many. She was impress with “Yellow boots”which MJ is the lead actress. Ok i will try Five Fingers since they have the same story formula. Thanks.

  503. 503 : Dhez Says:

    Like eating my favorite food, I’ve already lost my appetite watching Jang Bori is here. I’m waiting for MJ’s downfall and I know the reason why, 1st is that it will never come or it will not yet till 50 episode come. Because of number one rating they added two more episodes. I dont get excited with the coming episode. I switched my interest and excitement with The Spring Day of my Life. Sorry guys but I just have to wait for episode 52 to satisfy my wish for Bori’s vindication.

  504. 504 : Bellatrix Says:

    I’m so looking forward the next episodes and I’m so happy that they add 2 more episodes as I don’t want to end it soon cause this is my toplist drama for this year. Also congratulation to get highest ratings so far it’s almost 40%, the dream number of any Kdrama to get TV ratings.

  505. 505 : Bidana Says:

    Got extension for 2 episodes…way to go MJ….everyone goes crazy because of her…lol

  506. 506 : Chrissy Says:

    Well it’s not surprised this drama was extended for 2 episodes more due to high ratings. It always happened to Kdrama in the past. This drama now is becoming so popular in S-Korean viewer. They loved and enjoyed so much with the storyline and the amazing casts. They started off with ratings 9% but now they become so phenomenal drama right now in South Korea and current ratings almost hit 40%. That’s huge success for Jang Bori’s casts and team. (Credit: Naver news)

  507. 507 : Cale Says:

    Haven’t watched the latest. The last I saw, BiDana overhears grandma say Bori-bori is not her birth mom. Naturally she believed Loose-Lips Grandma who never lied — ever.

    So she does the distraught-fated dash to where? To the middle of a busy 8 lane stretch of road, in front of oncoming traffic. Why? So her biological dad can save her — what else.

    Oooo that Ming Jung! Such a meanie.

    This drama takes the number one spot in the ratings. Rightfully. It is entertaining.

  508. 508 : jls Says:

    I guess MJ wont be at jail anytime soon and she might be dead at the last episode at ep. 52.

  509. 509 : ishy Says:

    Is there any website with English sub, I have been searching but nothing. I’m so keen to watch ep 47 & 48.

  510. 510 : Logan1707 Says:

    @ishy – If you want to watch those episodes you can check with dramabay but both episodes haven’t fully completed Eng subs (around 89%) – don’t know what happened with the subs lately it’s getting so ages to complete it 🙁

  511. 511 : ishy Says:

    Thank you logan, you are right, the sub are very slow.

  512. 512 : Brooke Says:

    Reading some text preview for next episodes and saying MJ would like to take Bidan back to her…..oh no hope it wont be happening like that…I want Bidan to live forever with Bori and Jae Hwa….oh please writer do not mess up the ending of this drama. I want the happy ending for them.

  513. 513 : koy Says:

    High Rating!!!! 37.3!!! I like this drama! I love this drama! final episode- nationwide -40% ,seoul-42%!!!!!!!! အဲဒီကားက လူႀကိဳက္အမ်ားဆုံးၿပီး ေအာင္ျမင္ာကပါေစ။ လူၾကည့္ႏွုန္းအျမင့္ဆုံးဇာတ္လမ္းတြဲဲဲၿဖစ္ပါေစ။ ဆုေတြအမ်ားဆုံးရၾကပါေစ။ 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 ;);)

  514. 514 : Carmen Says:

    Like some people have commented I have not been able to see episode 47-48, I try Viki, but those commertials-is a no no no, and then it freezzzzzeeee, after having a high rate why is not been translate at 100% already??????????????It is Thursday already, What is going on?????

  515. 515 : ishy Says:

    True @carmen, I thought by now it would be translated, I can’t wait any longer, I am going to watch the raw version, even though I dont speak korean

  516. 516 : jennifer Says:

    I agree with Carmen and ishy regarding the english translation, it’s like waving the winning lotto ticket in front of us and saying you’ve got a share in this but your not getting any, come on guys please translate!

  517. 517 : Logan1707 Says:

    Hey guys if you’re wondering where to watch ep 47 and 48 you can check it with Dramabay as both episodes have already fully English subbed 100% ….yeahhh finally completed.

  518. 518 : Logan1707 Says:

    Hi @Brooke #512 – I have also read the preview -spoiler- MJ will experience a miscarriage….yess I love that. Maybe because of that she wanted to take Bidan back but she has to face it first with Moony. I think the writer to get ready to make story for both of them will die at the end cause they will try to kill each other and Bidan will still live with Bori at the end. I hope it would be like that.

  519. 519 : ishy Says:

    @logan, thank you

  520. 520 : Brooke Says:

    @Logan1707 – I have just read some bad news at naver that Jang Bori drama might not be airing this weekend on Sat and Sun due to Asian Games, yeah it’s kinda dissapointed if this doesn’t air. I hope MBC will still air it….well at least one episode. But it still not confirmed yet 🙁

  521. 521 : jennifer Says:

    thank you Logan

  522. 522 : Brooke Says:

    Hey guys just want to let you know that Jang Bori drama will not be airing on Sat and Sun this week due to Asian Games. Most of MBC programs will not be airing too this weekend. So Jang Bori will be back to air next Sat and Sun next week. So sad there is no Jang Bori this week :'(

  523. 523 : Anastasia Says:

    Ugh there is no Bori Bori this week….such a bummer 🙁

  524. 524 : Loraine Says:

    Oh no can not see Bori, Bidan, Jae Hwa…..and Moony for this week…owh man. Have to wait until next week again…ugh so sad :((

  525. 525 : D.P. Says:

    Like someone said on Soompi-” This is MJ’s fault-I just know it”. I laughed when I read that. I was watching “Min Jung” on the Korea Broadcasters award show today-she was a hostess, and she was talking quite a bit about her “bad” image as a result of the BR show-some people seem to have a hard time realizing that she is acting.

  526. 526 : LIFERCAFERMILL Says:


  527. 527 : Audra12 Says:

    Hi @Logan1707 @Brooke – I think for me the writer will make the story that Bidan will live together with her bio father Moony. After he put the revenge on MJ. Bori and Jae Hwa will have own kids at the end.

    I’m so sad too no Jang Bori drama at this weekend 🙁

  528. 528 : Brooke Says:

    Hey @Audra12 – as we approach final episodes soon, I just wish Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa will live together as a sweet family and soon Bidan will have a little bother/sister. And Moony will meet a nice woman instead of writer will put a story he will die at the end. And of course the crazy evil MJ has to die at the end 😀

  529. 529 : ItsBlue Says:

    Owh geez…..no MJ would spoil my this weekend…..ugh sadface 🙁

    I think for me MJ is the best villain ever been in Kdrama….the best one!!!

  530. 530 : Audra12 Says:

    @Brooke #528 – hey I like your ending story for this Jang Bori drama. Too bad there is no Jang Bori for this weekend due to Asian Games.

  531. 531 : Lighthouse Says:

    Bidan should continue to live with Bori and Jae Hwa as her mom and dad and Moony will move to new city/place and Bori’s auntie will become new headmaster for BSC and finally the evil MJ either she will go to jail or have a mental illness, that’s what I think for final episode 🙂

  532. 532 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    So no new episodes tonight and tomorrow due to live sport events, now we suffer to wait for another week….ugh bummer!!!

  533. 533 : Carmen Says:

    It is ok if they do not show for this weekend anyway, if they do we will have TO WAIT THE HOLE WEEK TO SEE IT, WITH TRANSLATION AT 100% ENGLISH….SO AS FOR ME IT IS OK!

  534. 534 : Evelyn Coleman Says:

    So glad I stopped by…I kept checking to see why it wasn’t on Viki yet. Duh. Oh well…. now waiting for four episodes feels like way too much.

  535. 535 : mjs Says:

    No wonder no episodes of Jang Bori as I have been checked it with Viki since last night and now I knew that….oh well I have to wait until next week….soooo sad :'(

  536. 536 : Lanny Says:

    Owh I miss my crazy girl MJ at this week…kinda sad as she always entertain me for all of her craziness for my Sat and Sun :/

  537. 537 : Shay Says:

    Normally, villains like MJ would totally turn me off to a drama…. witches that are constantly winning over the main lead. But I have to say, I LOVE this actress! What an amazing portrayal! Her expressions are spot-on.

  538. 538 : Ji Anh Says:

    oh my! no Bori Bori this week 🙁
    I’m gonna miss this drama when this ends I SUPER LOVE all the characters even evil MJ hehe.

    Kudos to all the staffs!

  539. 539 : ellia Says:

    So sad no bori and MJ for this week as I always watch it for my routine Monday morning…..oh I do love this makjang drama as this drama was superb. I am gonna sad when it ends in 2 weeks!

  540. 540 : Melody Says:

    I am with you guys, I also miss my Bori Bori and crazy girl MJ. I hope MBC will not cancel it again for this week.

  541. 541 : Loraine Says:

    @ellia #539 – I do feel the same with you, I love super duper this makjang drama especially 2 leading actresses who played as Bori and the evil one MJ. I was so sad no new episodes last weekend and hopefully it will be back airing this week.

  542. 542 : Totally hooked Says:

    For the record, I totally enjoy watching min hung. She is beautiful and mean. She is the best villain ever. She drives me crazy and I like it. Hilarious, I know.
    Wow. I will miss her when this drama is over. Awesome character, wonderfull actress. Thumbs up to her for making the villain More interesting than the good leads

  543. 543 : D.P. Says:

    There was a segment just now on MBC about the end of this show. The actress who plays MJ was almost unrecognizable to me-she looked so plain, I wonder if this was how she will appear in the last episode, or if it was just her normal look?

  544. 544 : Wisdom Says:

    I am so glad this Come Jang Bo Ri is ending. All of your story have the same story lines. REALLY

  545. 545 : Keys Says:

    I’m gonna sad when this drama is over soon as I love this drama so much cause it makes me so addicted and also it happens with S-Korea people who loves this drama too. No wonder TV ratings almost hit 40%. I believe the last 4 episodes left will hit 40% ratings. This is the best family drama everrrr!

  546. 546 : Keys Says:

    I’m sure that this Jang Bori drama will get a happy ending. Bidan will stil live with Bori and Jae Hwa as a sweet loving family and the evil MJ will go the jail and Moony will have a new life by meeting a good woman. I’m gonna miss these characters….so sad :-/

  547. 547 : Anastasia Says:

    Hi @Keys – yes I will be sad too when Jang Bori will finish soon as I have supported this drama since very beginning of the episode until now. I’m gonna miss this drama as I have been enjoyed for almost 6 months.

    Seeing those their pictures together with the whole actors and actresses and the whole crews after they took last filming on last Saturday and it makes me even sadder. So let’s we enjoy the last 4 episodes left 😀

  548. 548 : max Says:

    I love this super makjang story….good villain story. It entertains so much!

  549. 549 : Caecilia Says:

    Ottoke…this drama will be ending soon, I will miss this family drama during the weekends. I think it’s going to be difficult for me to get over for this drama once it ends. I am gonna miss Bo Ri, Jae Hwa, Bi Dan, Moony, Bori’s auntie, Jae Hwa auntie Jung Ran and especially the evil one MJ. They kept me glued on my seat during the weekends and got me so addicted.

  550. 550 : Audra12 Says:

    I’m so excited for 4 episodes left and I hope MBC do not cancel it again for this week. I’m definately sure this is gonna be a happy ending based on I saw some the picturess they took it together after last filming last week.

  551. 551 : Brooke Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to actress Oh Yeon Seo who played Bori and also child actress Kim Ji Young who played as Bidan which each have won for Top Excellecen Actress and Best Child Actor at Korea Drama Award 2014. Both of them have deserved this awards as their acting skill was amazing in this drama.

    Congratz to “mother and daughter” in this drama 😀

  552. 552 : Logan1707 Says:

    Yay….congrats to actress OYS and child actress KJY who played as mother and daughter in Jang Bori, they have won the awards from KDI 2014. I think we all agreed that their acting were superb in this drama. I hope the other casts too will get another award later.

    Now I am so looking forward for the last 4 episodes. I think it’s gonna be amazing!!!!!

  553. 553 : KDCraze Says:

    Wow congrats to Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Ji Young they deserved to get the awards. I think Lee Yoo Ri should also get an award for supporting roles because her acting is also good. It makes me hates her so much. LOL. Anyway this drama has a lot of talented actor and actress, that’s what makes me addicted to this drama. Looking forward for the last 4 episodes!!!!

  554. 554 : Lighthouse Says:

    Yes congrats to OYS and KJY – mother and daughter – have won their awards. They deserved it as they both played so phenomenal in this drama. Amazing acting and chemistry for both of them. Yassss well done….Jang Bo Ri FTW!!!!!

  555. 555 : Piggyback Says:

    I really do love this super makjang drama….super intense. I just felt boring with the all of Kdramas lately (weekdays drama), they were so slow….not attractive cast…so freaking boring….so that no wonder all of their TV ratings was bad. But this drama was super duper good….the good people….the bad people…in this drama was very entertaining.

  556. 556 : Jenn Says:

    Yes I agree with you @Piggyback….all of Kdramas lately so boring, script wasn’t good enough and also the cast wasn’t good also. But Jang Bori was really good drama, strong cast, good acting from the cast especially from 2 leading female actresses. Too bad this drama will be ending soon. I hope there will be another drama like Jang Bori later. I hope they can break through 40% ratings for 4 episodes left.

  557. 557 : Fio Says:

    I haven’t watched this drama but I will do because of it’ good rating.. I hope it’s not disappoint me.

  558. 558 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    please update the awards received by actresses OYS and KJY . THANKS

  559. 559 : indika Says:

    we Haven’ t to see e.p 49-52 please that e.p in drama.net

  560. 560 : Audra12 Says:

    Yipeee…counting times until we get new episodes of our Bori Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa and our beloved the evil one..MJ….the wait is over…yay 😀

  561. 561 : Loraine Says:

    So we will have our Bori Bori land today….yes we have been waiting so long to get new episodes. Can’t wait for tonight.

  562. 562 : Brooke Says:

    Ep 49 was so freaking amazing with emotionally packed action. Yes the evil MJ had miscarried and now she had nothing left to threaten anyone and Jae Hee was forced her out of the company. Also Jae Hwa and Jae Hee finally knew that Bidan was MJ’s bio daughter. Jae Hwa was angry to Bori and next episode will see that Bidan has been rejected by everyone….oh my precious Bidan :'(

    Can’t wait for ep 50 for tomorrow as it’s gonna be super awesome….can’t wait that!!!!

  563. 563 : Brooke Says:

    Preview for ep 50

  564. 564 : Anastasia Says:

    Yes episode 49 was really emotional. It was so freaking amazing episode. I’m kinda so sad too as this drama was nearly ending soon. Saw this ep 49 I was really sad to see Bidan was rejected by everyone and kind of very sad to see Jae Hwa’s reaction after he found out who was the real mom of Bidan. Yes MJ won’t threaten anyone anymore as she had nothing left with her. Hopefully this ep will not take a long time to be subbed.

  565. 565 : D.P. Says:

    Really-why wouldn’t BD be best off with her real father, MJS? How can JaeHwa tell him to stay away from her? What right does he have to say that? I’m not happy with this development at all-now BR is kidnapping BD, just like she was.

  566. 566 : Logan1707 Says:

    Yes this episode was breaking my heart to see Bidan was rejected by people who surounding her life especially by her ‘appa’ Jae Hwa. Well I guess only 2 people who really loved Bidan, they were – Bori and Moony – I hope the writer will not mess up the story at the end.

  567. 567 : D.P. Says:

    Talk about Product Placement and advertising in a drama-MJ was sure enjoying her big piece of toast,wasn’t she?

  568. 568 : Audra12 Says:

    Ep 49 was sooo great and it broke my heart too to watch the little angel Bidan was treated very badly by people who loved her before. I think it’s gonna be happening again in ep 50. Only Bori with her unconditional will protect her from those people who will hurt her. Just dissapointed with Jae Hwa’s reaction. Hey man…you should have loved your 2 woman in your life with all your heart and soul. I hope Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa are not separated from each other. Come on writer-nim…please make a happy ending for these three people.

  569. 569 : Logan1707 Says:

    Hey guys Ep. 49 with Eng subs is out already. Please check it your favorite website. That episode was the best one so far…..

  570. 570 : jls Says:

    I’m so excited…..can’t wait for episode 50 tonight!

  571. 571 : Brooke Says:

    Here is the preview for episode 51

  572. 572 : D.P. Says:

    Episode 51, and it’s STILL all about MJ.

  573. 573 : Brooke Says:

    Well I guess MJ will be going to jail either at 51 or the final episode 52. Saw the preview ep 51…the fake mom is still trying to help MJ for running away….ugh I hope fake mom is also going to the jail.

    Ep 50 was so great and I was happy that Jae Hwa finally was back to protect Bori and Bidan. I think MJ was trying to run away because she was accused to steal it for the competition. Now 2 more to go for the episodes left.

    I hope this episode 50 will be breaking through 40% ratings 😀

  574. 574 : D.P. Says:

    Brooke: The police are coming for MJ because of the attempt to kill MJS in the factory-JHee set it up with MJS on the phone, and Moon agreed to have the police wait until the end of the competition.
    MJ looks mighty confident that she has the real yong Bo-did she steal the real one from BR after she overheard? Did someone follow her and switch it again? we’ll see next week for sure.

  575. 575 : Anastasia Says:

    Yes I think MJ will be going to end up at jail or die something at the final episode – 52. I hope the writer do not make the story that MJ would be forgiven, if it is then it will be ruining the whole story. But I think fake mom is going to be forgiven. At final scene it will be Bidan still continues to live with Bori and Jae Hwa.

    Now 2 more episodes to go…..

  576. 576 : Mely Says:

    This show show needs to end, why do they keep on stretching out the story line. Do people really like lies and violence? Why do people watch this show and give it ratings that it doesn’t deserve at all. The viewers must be stupid. How could Yeon Min Jung do all the twisted and violent stuff and get away with including kidnapping, all the violent acts are condoned. The mother of Yeon Min Jung (Hwang Young Hee) is so stupid, dumb and twisted. How could a mother keep on helping her own daughter to commit crimes and violence and think that it’s all okay. It’s ridiculous. How could viewers keep wanting to extend the horrible scenes and repeated scheming by having it extended to 2 more episodes. It’s like condoning a criminals behavior. Do viewers really like this? KimHye Ok isn’t any better, her mouth all twisted when she talks, so selfish and a criminal as well. Are there really mothers like that in Korea? I don’t understand this drama where people don’t speak their mind and condone crimes. People need to watch “Glorious Days” w/c is more deserving of the ratings.

  577. 577 : Automatic Lead Tools Bonus Says:

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    since this this web site conations genuinely nice funny data too.

  578. 578 : billy Says:

    Im all for what Mely (576) said. “Jang Bori is here” has a lot of vileness and evil antagonists. Its scary to live in a place like that. I hope that really doesnt happen in the real world. Glorious Days in comparison has a lot of hopes in it. People nowadays are too twisted too…they prefer living on the edge. Lets end the evils that Min Jung is sooo free committing. There are so many accomplices in the crimes too. The mother who allows her daughter to commit them. There is also Bo Ri’s real mother who uses Min jung and turns a blind eye to those that doesnt hurt her…but hey, its the very reason Bori is preyed upon, she is paying too for her mother’s sins. Lee Jae Hee, though he probably loves Min Jung and deeply hurt by her fakeness. What i would like to say is, I hope that I dont meet a person as bad as Min Jung in this lifetime!

  579. 579 : Logan1707 Says:

    @Mely-576 and @billy-578 – hey guys do not take so seriously to watch this drama..lol..just enjoy it. What you to expect, this is a makjang drama. Unfortunately this drama become so popular in South Korea right now by reaching the high ratings nearly 40%, and this drama has been added 2 episodes more so total 52 episodes instead of 50 episodes. You can not compare this drama with GD drama. Sorry to say that Glorious Day drama was totally failed and so boring drama plus failed to attract S-Korean viewer which their ratings just only reached 5%. So that it was not surprised when GD drama was cut the episodes to be short. So I guess all of the TV producers in Korea do not want to make another drama like GD drama anymore because it would fail as it will not be liked by S-Korea people. They do not want to fail again like what happened to GD team and crew.

    So I would say to you guys, if the storyline would be makjang drama and you hate it, so do not watch it. But if you can help it and want to watch it then there is no turning back for you then…lol… ;D

  580. 580 : ItsBlue Says:

    I will be so sad when this drama will be ending this week. I’m gonna miss this drama so much. I love all of the characters in this drama; Bori, Bidan, Jae Hwa Big Brown Kang, Aunite Jun Ran, Bori’s auntie…even our precious evil MJ. I believe this drama it’s going to win as Best Drama of this year at MBC awards. Mark my word 🙂

  581. 581 : Carmarie Says:

    I loved eposides 49 and 50. Great eposides!

  582. 582 : morally Says:

    @mely. All you said is 100% true. The rating showing how people are, needless to explain. I watched over 100 Kdramas, some writers are really good to show the audiences what the consequences of people who sinned and some writers seem to condoning people who committed crime, evilness and all wrong doings and all will be forgiven. Believe me there are several dramas that did that. Those writers should be condemned and banned from writing forever. It is the worst morality to the society to encourage people to do bad thing and be forgiven.___ ALL CRIMES SHOULD BE PUNISHED___

  583. 583 : Annie Says:

    I loved this drama. Good acting from all of the casts, beautiful script so there is no a dull scene in this drama. The best family drama I have ever watched it!!!

  584. 584 : Brooke Says:

    Hi @Anastasia @Logan1707….hey guys your super duper adorable couple OYS and KJH will be at Running Man at ep 217. Wow I love this couple. I wish they were a real couple as they could be a beautiful couple.

  585. 585 : Anastasia Says:

    @Brooke – woah can’t wait for OYS and KJH in Running Man. Loved this couple too, they are so cute together and their chemistry was amazing at Jang Bori. Yes I wish they were dating in real life. I’m so excited for both oh them!

  586. 586 : Kamsa Says:

    Just found out this drama….Oh I like this Jang Bori’s drama. I always like super makjang drama cause it’s intense and also intriguing with every episodes and wanted to know what happened next!

  587. 587 : Logan1707 Says:

    Hey @Brooke – thanks for the info and yes I’m looking forward to watch it. Hi @Anastasia – you were right their chemistry between OYS and KJH was amazing in this drama. Their both acting was driving this drama then made this drama was good plus amazing acting from LYR who played MJ.

    KJH was also just appearing at SNL on last Saturday at TvN. He was so hilarious and funny. You could watch at TvN channel at Youtube. It was sooo funny 😀

  588. 588 : HEN Says:

    Reality Check. This is your basic GOOD vs EVIL…and so far, very well written.

    There is also, that human CURIOSITY as indicated by the high viewership.

    I think the high viewership, as well as, the comments here are FOR BO RI and AGAINST MJ.

    I see it as proof that people still believe—that EVIL should FAIL and GOOD should PREVAIL.

    We just want to see HOW.

  589. 589 : HEN Says:

    D.P. 565: I am torn over who should who ‘rear” BiDan, and I have to admit that I am leaning toward her real Bio-Dad.

    It would seem that BiDan has special feelings connecting her with Moon Ji Sang.

    When she is bombarded with talk of her “bad” real mother, it is Moon Ji Sang who she reaches out to for comfort.

    I think that Moon Ji Sang has suffered the most at the hands of Min Jung.

    I am really anxious to see how all of this is resolved.

    By the way, has anyone else noticed that that MJ hair keeps getting lighter with each episode?

  590. 590 : Lighthouse Says:

    @HEN – I thought I was the only one to think that MJ’s har color was more lighter. I have read the other some forum about Jang Bori drama and some people would like to see if Bidan would be better end up with her bio father Moony but some other also would like she will continue to live with Bori and Jae Hwa as her parents. For me Bidan will be better continuing to live with Bori at the end.

    Also I saw a picture from naver news that —-spoiler— MJ finally will be going to jail for her punishment. Well I guess this hopefully it will really happen.

    So I’m looking forward for 2 episodes left.

  591. 591 : HEN Says:

    Lighthouse: I just don’t think that Ji Sang should have to give up his rights as Bi Dan’s father. He has been fighting since he found out that Min Jung was pregnant to find his child.

    I think Bo Ri and Jae Hwa should step aside and take the role of godparents or aunt and uncle.

    I think that Bi Dan would gladly accept that.
    I also think that Jae Hwa’s and Bo Ri’s families would accept her in that light.

  592. 592 : jasmin Says:

    If you think this drama is really good then you want to watch MY DAUGHTER LEE SEO YOUNG. Now thats s 50 episode drama you wont forget in a hurry

  593. 593 : Rose Says:

    Moon sure went through a lot, put in prison for no reason by crazy hateful MJ, lost his parents due to him being in prison, and to lose his child. I am glad that he found Biden. He is a good dad and if Biden stays with BoRi, he should be allowed to spend as much time as he wants with her. I like his personality and feel he is a good guy who got screwed by falling for the wrong girl.

    Where I live we just saw Episode 31, so all of you are way ahead of me.

    I am surprised Jae-Haw’s family didn’t look into MJ’s background before letting him marry her. In most of the drama’s I have seen, background seems to be extremely important to do the parents. Jae-Haw made a major mistake falling for all of MJ’s lies.

    MJ and her mother are both insane and wicked witches and should both go to prison together.

  594. 594 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    2 more episodes to go then I’m gonna miss this drama so much. I’m gonna miss all of these characters such Bori, Bidan, Jae Hwa, Moony and good villain MJ….I loved these characters. I have been enjoyed it for over 6 months. Now I don’t have any favorite weekend’s drama after Jang Bori is over……ottoke :'(

  595. 595 : jaehwa Says:

    The best family drama I have ever seen it in a long time…..the best ever. The good and bad people have been entertained throughout this drama. Now 2 episodes left, so sad this drama will be over this week 🙁

  596. 596 : 8182 Says:

    At the beginning, i really like the story, but my heart cannot bear the evil characters played by many of them. And as for Bo Ri, I hate the writer who writes/makes her to carry such a pity and pathetic character. How in the world are you allowing others to use or step on you like Bo Ri? As For me she is more than stupid, regardless some might say she is pure.

    I stop watching the drama until episode 15 and i have no intention to continue watching. I dont think i could learn something positive from it. I know the actors and actress did such a good job in portraying their part because i really hate them, but i hate the writer or the director more for allowing so many evil things happen. its not good for the society.

    I do not understand why most Korean like the plot, It makes me think that’s how they really are in real life.

  597. 597 : 8182 Says:

    I Like below comments. I read it at Oh Ja Ryeong is Coming page. Totally agree with IMHEL.

    Too many evils is bad for the viewers……..

    imhel Says:
    May 24th, 2013 at 1:05 pm
    Here they go again!!!!! Here’s another drama of the same storyline as is all of the dramas coming out these days…..Full of lies, deceit, plotting, connivery. The airwaves are full of these dramas like Queen of Ambition, Hundred Year Inheritance (still ongoing), An Angel’s choice….all the same storyline. I thought at first that this drama, Here comes Oh Jaryong, was going to be different. BUT the connivery of Yongsuk and his mother never stops….AND THEY NEVER GET CAUGHT!!!!DOES THE K-DRAMA WRITERS HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO WRITE ABOUT BUT TO PLAY ON THESE KIND OF STORYLINES????? WHERE ARE THOSE WRITERS WHO HAVE GIVEN US GREAT STORIES AS SUMMER SCENT, OJAKYO BROTHERS, LOVERS IN PARIS, BOYS OVER FLOWERS, and the like. WHERE ARE THOSE WRITERS WHO ENTICED ME TO WATCH K-DRAMAS AND MADE ME WAIT WITH BATED BREATH FOR THE NEXT EPISODES???….K-DRAMA WRITERS ARE DRYING UP ON FRESH IDEAS..I THINK UNLESS THE K-DRAMA WRITERS OF NOW LEARN THE TECHNIQUES OF THOSE GREAT WRITERS, K-DRAMA WILL SOON FIZZLE OUT AND LOOSE IT’S APPEAL TO THE MASSES…..I’M LOOSING INTEREST ON THESE DRAMAS NOW…..SO ARE MY FRIENDS

  598. 598 : ItsBlue Says:

    Oh man I’m gonna miss this drama when it’s over this weekend….no more Bori, Bidan and MJ…..I’m gonna be so sad. I loved this super makjang drama. Great casting and chemistry between the casts….no wonder this is no. 1 drama in South Korea right now….WELL DONE!

  599. 599 : Brooke Says:

    @Lighthouse #590 – I think it’s better Bidan doesn’t have to know who is her bio mother eventhough Bidan herself wants to know. She should still live with Bori and Jae Hwa, and Moony still can see Bidan from time to time. Hope the final ep it would be like that 🙂

  600. 600 : Brooke Says:

    @ItsBlue – yeah I will be sad too when this drama is ending this weekend, especially I’m gonna miss my Bori Bori and my little precious Bidan. Oh gosh I will miss them already :'(

  601. 601 : Anastasia Says:

    @Brooke @Logan1707 @Audra12 @Lighthouse – hey gang, have you seen their pictures from wrap up party last Monday? They were all so happy and also they were sad too cause they have been together in this drama over 6 months. They said that they were having so much fun to do this drama. They also couldn’t believe it that their drama has been successful in South Korea.

  602. 602 : Logan1707 Says:

    @Anastasia @Brooke @Audra12 @Lighthouse – hey guys yes I saw those pictures. They were so happy at the wrap up party. They also have put their nicknames on their t-shirt only for the actors, it was so hilarious. They were also joking around and one crew member told them to make another season for Jang Bori due to the drama has been huge success for South Korea viewers. Well I guess they were just joking rightttttt 😉

  603. 603 : Lighthouse Says:

    Hey @Anastasia @Logan1707 @Audra12 – ugh… I think my withdrawal for Jang Bori drama it’s coming soon…right after this drama will be ending this weekend …oh sad. I’m gonna miss my Bori Bori and Jae Hwa so much. I loved this couple.

    Looking forward for 2 episodes more to go. Hopefully the ending will be a happy end for Bori and Jae Hwa.

  604. 604 : morally Says:

    @8182. I love your comments, I myself wonder how people love this kind of drama, it really poison, Jang Bori is stupid like hell and MJ always got away with all her lies, the writer some how insult the audiences with all obnoxious story line. Even it is a drama, don’t we the audiences should have a common sense of reality in stead of promote this kind of nonsense story line.

  605. 605 : Audra12 Says:

    @Anastasia @Logan1707 @Brooke @Lighthouse – hey my Bori Bori gang…lol. what I miss the most with this drama when it finishes are my 3 loving people: Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan. I don’t think I can find it like these character in other drama….owh so saaaadddd.

    What makes this drama has been so successful and becoming top of the ratings chart was: great casts selection, strong script, amazing acting from all of the casts, awesome chemistry from all of the casts too especially the OTP – OYS and KJH – they were so freaking amazing in their chemistry. Super intense drama and very intriguing in every episode. No surprised that made this drama no. 1 drama in South Korea with the highest ratings.

    Watching Jang Bori drama was so much fun and I was lucky to watch it from beginning until the end. I’m gonna miss them so much…sad face 🙁

    For those who always complaining with Jang Bori drama….well guys I just say…why don’t you just enjoy it and don’t take so seriuosly to watch it and just have fun with it. This is just a drama which only wants to entertain people who likes the story like this. And do not be taken to your heart and until very hated, then it will cause you to be sick later….lol. But if you hate it…then just drop and leave it 😀

  606. 606 : jaehwa Says:

    Hey girl @Audra12 #605 – way to go girl…..yes absolutely agreed what you said. I have been enjoyed to watch this and I had soooo much much much fun with Jang Bori drama.

    I will miss my 2 super duper female lead in this drama: my Bori Bori and MJ…….

    I just wanna say to you guys…..Jang Bori FTW….yay 😉

  607. 607 : KdramafanS Says:

    I have just been in South Korean on my short visited there. What I have seen in South Korean society today or particular in Seoul City, they are very fond of Jang Bo Ri drama. This drama was the talk everywhere, even at supermarkets, offices, schools, restaurants, and anywhere. This drama was so very phenomenal and becoming a hot topic everywhere in South Korea today.

    This kind of type drama that’s South Korean people liked it right now. All of the actors and actresses of Jang Bo Ri have been becoming favorite of all the people there. Especially the actresses who played as Bo Ri, Bi Dan and Min Jung.

    And now all of the casts also have been all of over in other shows on big 3 major broadcasts (MBC, KBS and SBS) and also cable TVs.

    Funny thing that I didn’t like a makjang drama or 50 episodes long drama, but because of my recently visit to South Korea, now I’m becoming super fans of Jang Bo Ri drama and getting addicted of it.

    Too bad this drama will be ending soon and I hope the writer will give us a happy ending.

    For those people who loved this drama….CONGRATULATIONS …cause your favorite this drama has been HUGE success!!!!

  608. 608 : Anastasia Says:

    Hi @KdramafanS – thanks for the update for our beloved Jang Bori drama. I’m glad that you become a super fans now….welcome to Bori Bori land 😀 😀 😀

  609. 609 : elmo Says:

    Wow only 2 more episodes…..what a journey Jang Bo Ri! I have been huge fans since the beginning episodes until now. Congratz to the team for huge success!!”

  610. 610 : KDCraze Says:

    I love this drama so much I don’t know what else to watch when this drama ends this week. This drama has well written scripts, great chemistry between the leads and all the supporting actor and actress acting is also great. This is the only drama that my family love to watch every weekend, I definitely miss this drama when its ends.
    @Morally#604, I disagree with what you say. This drama is actually teach people to be morally correct. Good is always win over evil in the end. Although Min Jung evilness is too much she will pay the price for her evilness in the end. Anyway this is a drama so of course they exagerrate a bit on Min Jung evilness but the writer of this drama is actually very clever because they makes every episodes in this drama is very intense so people addicted to watch. There is not one boring episode in this drama.

  611. 611 : rizza Says:

    Where can I found that pictures @annatasia

  612. 612 : Brooke Says:

    Hi @KDCraze #610 – yes I will miss drama too….soo sad when this drama is over this weekend. Ugh no more drama for me which I always look forward each weekend :'(

    Nowadays all of Kdramas were soo boring and most current dramas was very unappealing, so slow and miscasts. No wonder most current drama was suffering for their TV ratings.

  613. 613 : Anastasia Says:

    @rizza #611 – Here it is the link of the website if you want to see some of their wrap up party last Monday
    and also that website you can see their news, pictures and BTS…

    enjoy 🙂

  614. 614 : Anastasia Says:

    HI @Brooke – I’m going to miss this drama a lot when it’s ending. Yeah me too….I don’t have any favorite drama at the moment except our beloved Jang Bori, most drama right now was boring and I didn’t like the story and the casts too.

    But I will try to watch the following drama after Jang Bori is Rosy Lovers and also upcoming new drama Legendary Witch, both of dramas are weekend family dramas which I like it the most. Maybe you could try and support it too. I hope to see you there 😀

  615. 615 : KDCraze Says:

    Hi @Brooke#612 – Yes, I agree with you. Most drama currently airing is either the story is boring, too slow or the acting isn’t great. Iron Man the actress acting isn’t good and the story doesn’t interest me, Spring Days of My Life, the acting isn’t great either. She’s So Lovable, the story is a bit too slow and bored me although I love Rain in the drama I stopped watching it now. I only watched The Nightwatchman and Come!Jang Bo Ri at the moment and both dramas nearly ended so I don’t know what else to watch after this. Do you know any new drama that you can recommend me ?

  616. 616 : Brooke Says:

    @KDCraze – My most favorite drama right now is only Jang Bori (sadly it’s over this weekend) but beside that I also watched What’s with this family? (KBS family weekend drama too), It’s good but not as good as Jang Bori but I still try to catch up the story. I have already dropped all of week days dramas cause nothing was so good for now, mostly those dramas was boring, story not appealing and cast wasn’t good either.

    But I will look forward for some new dramas such as Rosy Lover (following after Jang Bori), Legendary Witch and Only You My Love (played by Sung Hyuk who played as Mon Ji Sang in Jang Bori drama).

  617. 617 : Brooke Says:

    Finally today and tomorrow we will have 2 final episodes of Jang Bori drama and let’s hope these 2 episodes left are gonna be amazing and epic.

  618. 618 : Oversea Says:

    @ 604 morally

    total agree with you.
    I began to watch because of Kim Ji Hoon, but the story was very exaggereted.
    Bori and the others characters are unbearable. It’s unimaginable that Jae Hwa falls in love with Bori.
    I abandon to watch this drama.

  619. 619 : Brooke Says:

    Preview for ep 52 – FINAL EPISODE

  620. 620 : Brooke Says:

    Tonight episode MJ was trying a suicide attempts and fake mom followed her and tried to save her. From the preview fake mom was hurt due to she tried to save MJ. Well for me I still hope MJ has to go to jail for her punishment and we will see what happened tomorrow.

  621. 621 : jaehwa Says:

    Just saw raw ep 51 and it was great. Now waiting for Eng subs.

    I guess people who was giving bad comments here was Glorious Day drama’s fans because their drama was cut short the episode due to bad ratings and they didn’t have money to continue their drama. Also there was some people who came here to just hate this drama because they were jealous of Jang Bori’s success and their favorite drama was suck so bad for their ratings…hah!

    Well guys this is the fact, this is no. 1 drama in South Korea right now and this is the only one drama who managed to get the highest ratings so far for year 2014 😀

  622. 622 : Rosa Quejada Says:

    I will miss Bi dan,bori bori,jee hwa…great acting
    Mj did an amazing acting…without her this drama won’t be successful.

  623. 623 : D.P. Says:

    Can you imagine that in real life, a First Lady would sit there while all that craziness is playing out in front of her? and no guards would rush forward when MJ charges screaming at the judges? No one apologized for exposing all those family secrets in front of all those distinguished people?

  624. 624 : HEN Says:

    Choi Dae Chul [Kang Ne Chun] his acting and look reminds me of “Jerry Lewis” Anyone else see that?

  625. 625 : HEN Says:

    I can’t believe that Do Hye Ok (Min Jung’s bio mother) is still trying to get everyone to forgive/forget and totally overlook all the evil that MJ has done.

  626. 626 : HEN Says:

    Min Jung committed the ultimate sin in front of Eun Bee/ Bo Ri’s grandmother.

    As a child, In Hwa tried to steal burial clothes for her mother, and Eun Bee’s grandmother pointed out that she was sending her mother to heaven in stolen goods.

    Min Jun submitted a “stolen” Yong Bo to make the [King’s] clothes.

    While MJ seemed quite proud of herself, sighting that she had not violated the contest rules. Apparently the rules did not specify that stealing was a no no.

    Interesting, the judges didn’t seemed to have a problem with the use of stolen goods either.

  627. 627 : Brooke Says:

    Wow gosh….what a journey Jang Bori drama as I just watched the final episode…I think for me it is a nice ending to it all eventhough the bad people here MJ and fake mom have got all the forgiveness. But MJ had spent 3 years in jail and fake mom lost her memory. Finally a happy ending for loving couple Bori and Jae Hwa plus Bidan, they are living happily and also finally Bori got pregnant with the twins.

    I can understand if some people got a little bit of disappointed with the ending but for me it’s quite satisfying.

    Now I hope the subs will be out soonish.

  628. 628 : Anastasia Says:

    I was happy with the ending as the final scene was as I expected. It was depiction of a happy family for Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan plus and new baby for Bori and Jae Hwa.

    Thanks to the casts, crew team and team production that makes this beautiful drama so amazing and very entertaining from the beginning until the end plus managed on top of ratings charts. GOOD JOB and WELL DONE!

    Gonna miss this drama so.much and I was so lucky to find a good drama like this.

  629. 629 : KDCraze Says:

    I like the ending. I think this is the best ending, Min Jung spent 3 yrs in jail and her hand become disable and she’s back serving rice soup in Jangheung and her mum can’t even remember her as her daughter. Moon Ji Sang met a new woman who looks exactly like Min Jung. LOL. The best part is Bo Ri, Jae Hwa and Bi Dan can have all the happiness.

    This is one of the best drama for 2014. I love every episodes in this drama. This drama is very entertaining and there is no boring episodes in this drama. Thank You to all the cast, crew and writer for making this drama.

  630. 630 : KDCraze Says:

    @Brooke, I might try to watch Legendary Witch. It looks like better story than Rosy Lovers. I love the lead actress Han Ji Hye so hopefully the story is good. See you there.

  631. 631 : D.P. Says:

    What was the point of using Lee Yoo Ri as MJS’s girlfriend at the end? My wife was scoffing at that, saying the director was too cheap to hire one more person for the show. I felt it was an attempt to soften This actresses image, as she is pretty closely identified as ‘Min Jung’ now. Anyway, due to the success of this show, I suspect every Makjang actress from now on is going to try to out-evil Min Jung.
    The ring in the hand thing was silly-in the non-Kdrama world, doctors would have removed that ring as soon as they saw that hand-even in a prison.
    Well, watching this show was enjoyable for both my wife and I-she works long hours all week, and it was a chance to be close to each other for an hour or so, and talk about this show. I have no idea what the next drama to catch our attention will be, but sooner or later, one will come along.

  632. 632 : KDCraze Says:

    @D.P#631, Well I guess MJS never get tired of Min Jung face. LOL. I was laughing also looking at that. But over all I like the ending at least the evildoers pay their price in this drama.

  633. 633 : Audra12 Says:

    Great ending and that was the ending I was expected and finally happening, thanks to the writer! At ending where at the final scene there was only a picture of Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan, they were smiling and happy each other. MJ and fake mom finally got their punishment which both of them returned to their real lives by selling the food again.

    I’m so sad this freaking amazing drama has to end and missed the casts especially for Oh Yeon Seo, Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Ji Young who played as Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan. I wish there was another story only for them as a sweetest and loving family. I loved to see them in another Kdrama as three of them have amazing chemistry.

    I already missed this drama so bad and I’m so proud to be a fan of this drama!!! Finally I just want to say to Jang Bori drama team….Congratz for huge success of this drama!

  634. 634 : jaehwa Says:

    It’s very cute ending and I loved it. I really loved at the final scene there was only Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa. Loved them so much. I think that’s ending everyone expected like I did.

    I’m gonna miss Bori, Bidan and Jae Hwa…..It’s sad day for me :'(

  635. 635 : Loraine Says:

    I missed this drama as I just watched the final episode. Great ending and nice to see happy faces from Bori and Jae Hwa plus Bidan at the end. Even I gonna miss my crazy girl MJ. Now there is no drama that I always look forward at every weekend. So what will I do with my life now that Jang Bori has ended….ottoke…sad face 🙁

  636. 636 : Logan1707 Says:

    Finally managed to watch Final Episode and it was awesome ending and I loved it, and kinda it’s hard for me to say goodbye to this drama. This amazing drama with great casts, great acting from all of the casts and super intense drama from the beginning until the last episode. Also managed to stay on top ratings until the last one.

    I’m gonna miss my favorite people here such as Bori, Jae Hwa, Bidan, Moony and of course my crazy evil MJ….oh man missed them a lot already. Especially missed this cute little family of Bori Bori, Jae Hwa and Bidan.

    To Jang Bori casts, crew team and production team, we thank you for making this amazing drama to be the best. Great Job!!!

  637. 637 : Callan Says:

    The drama started of sucky but became a fun ride. Thank you to the production. Thumbs up!

  638. 638 : Lighthouse Says:

    Happy ending for Bori Bori and Bidan and of course with Jae Hwa, this kind what I was expected. MJ has completely became a saint and she lived a life that Bori did it a long time ago. She was becoming Bori’s early life, she’s literally getting all that karma, and this happened with fake mom also. Great punishment for both of them…..

    I’m going to miss this drama so much :'(

  639. 639 : Jiigii Says:

    The ending is very very very good. The long frustration that I have over the evil actions of MJ-her mother-her real mother is melted. Big applause to the writer

  640. 640 : Totally hooked Says:

    Will miss bi Dan. Every time she cried, I cried well done team Jang Bori is here. It was fun while it lasted.

  641. 641 : ItsBlue Says:

    Ohh nooo….there is no more my super duper makjang drama a.k.a Jang Bori. How can I survive my weekends now….sooo sad 🙁

    I missed my Bori Bori and also my special crazy girl MJ…oh man I am so sad now :'((

  642. 642 : HEN Says:

    Well, I got TWO of my wishes.
    #1. (As I predicted) Min Jung ended of living with and taking care of her bio mother.
    –The poetic justice of her mother losing her memory of who was her real daughter–but more important, she treats Min Jung as badly as she had treated Bo Ri. The perm was a bit of comedy relief, and added that special touch to the role reversal of Min Jung and Bo Ri.

    #2. Bi Dan turned out as smart as I hoped. She obviously figured out that Min Jung was her bio-mom and that Ji Sang was her real dad. I especially liked that she planned to meet and call him DAD “when she turned 20 years old”.

    The mirror-twin Min Jung was a nice touch for Ji Sang.

  643. 643 : HEN Says:

    My Bad. Thank you writer, cast and crew for a drama well done!

    Special Koodos to the writer and actress for keeping the “Min Jung” character true to the end.

  644. 644 : Carmen Says:

    Por fin se termino…..I am berry berry happy withthe End…..Yes yes yes love that end…congrats to the writer….it was really diff that other dramas that will end dead or just forguiving, here they were forgiving but after that have suffer too…..anyway I feel really good. will not miss because 52 was more that enought…..

  645. 645 : Kdramalover123 Says:

    What a beautiful ending….that’s kind what I wanted the ending of Jang Bori drama and finally Bidan still continued to live with Bori and Jae Hwa. MJ and Fake mom got their punishments. It’s awesome.

    This drama will be missed so much….no more Bori Bori for me….it’s sad 🙁

  646. 646 : Rose Says:

    I did not like that they had MJ play the role of Moony’s new girlfriend. I wish they would have used another actress to play the short role. While Moony did love MJ once, she gave him a hell of a time from the time she dumped him to move on to a better and richer life. This now was a new beginning for Moony and the girl should have been a different actress. I thought it was silly.

    I kind of wish that when Biden was yelling out “Dad” when he dropped off the picture and she was standing outside as he was walking away, I wish he would have heard Biden calling him dad. I think that would have been nice even though when she turned 20, then she could say it to him in person.

    I liked most of the characters except for Ga Eul and Lee Jung Ran.

    Great drama and story line.

  647. 647 : Brooke Says:

    Yessss…THE BEST DRAMA OF THE YEAR – 2014….my top list drama for 2014 🙂

  648. 648 : 2014 MBC Drama Awards (Winners List) | All About Korean Drama and Variety Show Says:

    […] Come! Jang Bo Ri […]

  649. 649 : hibiscus Says:

    i’m late in continuing to watch this drama however i’m hooked now coz of Ji sang, he’s awesome actor (Sung Hyuk) & glad he’s being recognized in his new drama as lead charac! i feel sorry for him being one of MJ’s victims in this story! so touching when bidan talks to his bio dad! how sad! i can’t wait to see the rest tonight! epi 34 only as i’m late in watching 🙂

  650. 650 : hibiscus Says:

    just fin watching this & it always made me cry seeing Bi dan with her father Moon Ji sang….so sad when her own father is the only one he never had a chance to call ‘dad’ or appa, she said when she turns 20!! re min jung she deserves that punishment & i don’t blame her ex husb for not involving more than he should with her! i think the min jung charac is THE most hatred of kdramas i’ve watched over da yrs, she’s just unstoppable! Kudos to Lee yoo ri for her acting in this drama, no surprise she won an award or awards! i think that Sung Hyuk shld also be recognized for his acting here but he was overlooked! he was so natural in his role! i hope next time he wins something! i just adore this actor! overall, the ending was favorable N a happy one, i hope that bi dan will reunite with her father soon N not wait for 20 yrs! he’s da best dad she could wished for!

  651. 651 : hibiscus Says:

    @Rose i agree with you now that i finished watching this drama, that Moon heard his dtr utter those impt word….dad or appa! Moon suffered so much in the hand of Min jung to the point that his parents died, etc. It’s sad that he met a woman who just used him & all that! the scenes of Moon & Bi dan wld be among my favorites here! JW ummmhh seems over the top, too immature! I can’t stand MJ’s mom the way she blubbers & all that N her voice irritates me so much :((

  652. 652 : princessmyumi Says:

    WOW……it’s worth watching this …. and I am craving for more….. i really missed all the characters..from the lead actors and lead actress to the supporting actors and actresses…

  653. 653 : princessmyumi Says:

    WOW……it’s worth watching this …. and I am craving for more….. i really missed all the characters..from the lead actors and lead actress to the supporting actors and actresses…

    A Two Thumbs Up for This………

  654. 654 : princessmyumi Says:

    WOW……it’s worth watching this …. and I am craving for more….. i really missed all the characters..from the lead actors and lead actresses……

  655. 655 : princessmyumi Says:

    to the supporting casts….they did all great job….

    A Two Thumbs Up for Come Jang Bori ……

  656. 656 : dramalady Says:

    One of the very dramatic korean dramas. Dragged on too much. It can be better if 30 episodes. The main actress and actor also act in the exaggerated way. Not my cup of tea, sorry.

  657. 657 : guest Says:

    Sorry. But i really don’t like this drama. It’s very tired, stressed. -_- . One woman is very very kind, and anither woman is like a monster. it’s impossible. To intemperate… Bad feeling this drama.

  658. 658 : mia andriyani Says:

    I’m from Indonesia, this drama is really good, especially the content is about hangbok, korean traditional cloth, beside that so very entertaining, the actress and the actors are very wonderful and succes in expression their character, good job, Come! Jang Bo Ri,,

  659. 659 : Alfian Says:

    I like the story the whole episode tha rating also suit well…but the main caracter personality so so so so fucking stupid…crybaby, stupid, the worst…

  660. 660 : Lcja Says:

    Story is very disturbing. It is a black mark on Korean drama for winning too many awards. It could win the best make-up.

  661. 661 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Daebak can’t believe I watch this drama till the end 👍😆 it’s a first long drama ep ever that’s I didn’t stop in the mindle loll and I’ll say this drama is just soO good 😘😘😘😘 don know why …I already missing this drama from the very first ep till the end 😭😭😭 missing my Bori Bori and Jaewa Oppaaa also Abidjan and everyone else of cus 😭😭😭😭 really satisfy with the last ep so much 👍👍 thank ü Kdrama world for making this awesome drama again 🙏😆.

  662. 662 : Random recommendations for long series Korean Dramas | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Jang Bo Ri is here (2014) 张宝利来了! […]

  663. 663 : hara Says:

    My fave drama.I loved it so much.

  664. 664 : asma Says:

    i love this video drama

  665. 665 : amjihun Says:

    Was finished this drama..

  666. 666 : sannti Says:

    i am also Was finished this drama..

  667. 667 : sannti Says:

    i love your web site http://www.koreandrama.org and http://www.dramacools.com

  668. 668 : Terumbu Karang Says:

    I’m just start to watch episode 1.. hope I can finish it all 52 episodes, because that’s a lot..

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