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Coffee House

Title: 커피하우스 / Coffee House
Chinese Title : 咖啡馆
Previously known as: 페이지 원 / Page One
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-May-17 to 2010-July-27
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:55


Lee Jin Soo made it big after writing several thriller novels and establishing himself as a talented novelist. He works for Seo Eun Young, the owner of the biggest publishing company in Korea, and has a long-time friendship with her. Lee Jin Soo has lots of fans, especially female ones, and he seems to be the perfect match for any woman… but what no one knows is that he is actually a bit weird and sarcastic, has lots of strange habits, and holds a dark secret. The one who has to cope with him and his habits is his secretary, Kang Seung Yeon, who begged him for this job to become a pro instead of the below-average girl that she really is. On top of that, there is also the return of Han Ji Won, Seo Eun Young’s ex-fiance, whom she despises. Han Ji Won is trying to get Seo Eun Young back, but she has her eyes set on Lee Jin Soo.


Main Cast

Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo
Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young
Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon
Jung Woong In as Han Ji Won

Supporting Cast

Park Jae Jung as Kim Dong Wook
Jung Soo Young as Oh Hyun Joo
Jung Ji Ah as Go Yoon Joo
Jin Sung as Park Young Chul
Heo Tae Hee as Dong Min
Ahn Kil Kang as Kang Jin Man (Seung Yeon’s dad)
Kim Ji Young as Hong Bong Nyeo (Seung Yeon’s grandmother)
Kim Min Sang as Kang Seung Chul (Seung Yeon’s brother)
Lee Soon Jae as Eun Young’s grandfather
Lee Hye Eun as Eun Young’s friend
Won Ki Joon as Hyun Suk
Bang Joon Seo
Son Ho Joon
Jung Joon Ho (cameo)
Kim Sung Min (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Pyo Min Soo
Screenwriter: Song Jae Jung (송재정)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-May-17 1 8.8 (16th) 8.7 (16th)
2010-May-18 2 8.7 (<8.9)
2010-May-24 3 (<8.5) (<8.9)
2010-May-25 4 7.8 (19th) 8.2 (15th)
2010-May-31 5 9.7 (15th) 9.7 (12th)
2010-June-01 6 9.3 (12th) 9.4 (12th)
2010-June-07 7 8.5 (19th) 8.7 (18th)
2010-June-08 8 8.7 (16th) 9.4 (14th)
2010-June-28 9 (<8.1) (<7.6)
2010-June-29 10 (<8.3) (<7.7)
2010-July-05 11 8.4 (19th) 8.7 (14th)
2010-July-06 12 8.0 (17th) 8.2 (17th)
2010-July-12 13 (<8.8) 9.1 (20th)
2010-July-13 14 10.1 (12th) 10.6 (11th)
2010-July-19 15 8.9 (17th) 9.4 (16th)
2010-July-20 16 9.7 (12th) 10.4 (13th)
2010-July-26 17 8.5 (19th) 9.0 (16th)
2010-July-27 18 8.3 (19th) 8.6 (17th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : Yukie chan Says:

    kyaa … Kang Ji Hwan ahjussi ….

    can’t wait your drama … I’m so happy ^____^

  2. 2 : Dvee Says:

    KJH is back…wajib nonton nih..

  3. 3 : allkorean Says:

    Allkorean: http://www.allkorean.net/

  4. 4 : cj_16 Says:

    kang ji hwan….!!!!

    i miss him so much…^^

  5. 5 : farahsmile Says:

    looking forward to this drama
    although i have no idea why my KJH pair with PSY
    but, still i’m gonna watch this drama ’cause i love ji hwan oppa!
    i hope this drama have the good ratings.

  6. 6 : Go Go Says:

    I love everything in the media related to coffee (music, movies, etc.), so I’m probably gonna watch this 😀

  7. 7 : Bali Silver Says:

    nice drama!

  8. 8 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    1st episode is out on http://www.dramabang.com

  9. 9 : Thara(Myanmar) Says:

    OMG !!!
    I Like Kang Ji Wan so much … Want to watch this series asap 🙂

  10. 10 : Patricia Says:

    A real good beginning.. after watching 3 episodes, i am fully hooked onto this drama. It’s quite funny esp with KJH’s face. Looking forward for further episodes to come.. Please come quick!!!

  11. 11 : lala Says:

    like so much this drama….funny polllll

  12. 12 : missturtle Says:

    Episode 4 is getting better and better! love this drama!

  13. 13 : lala Says:

    This now…i very like super duper this show wkwkwkkw
    Like all caracther this drama….
    so figthing guys …altough ratting is not good but for me this very good

  14. 14 : nina Says:

    how is it possible that this drama’s ratings is so low?
    this is probably the most interesting and the funniest drama i have ever ever seen.
    love it so much, would recommend this to everyone. really.

  15. 15 : pat Says:

    hi, where can u all watch this drama with english sub?

  16. 16 : sage Says:

    there are many websites u can got to with english subs, but ur best bet is probably Viikii. You can google Coffee House Viikii and it should come up as the first one 😉

  17. 17 : gail Says:

    Woah! I like to watch this drama, I wanna see their plots and most importantly its because Kang Ji Hwan is here. Looking forward through this drama. 🙂

  18. 18 : grand Says:

    sneak peek on the set of ‘Coffee House’


  19. 19 : mutiara Says:

    just download it., am gonna watch this.. 🙂

  20. 20 : rere Says:

    i watch the first 4 episodes it was full of fun and very interesting and i love this drama so much , if any one can help me to find the rest of the episodes in eng sub but not with viikii it dont work .
    and thank you

  21. 21 : Bard Says:

    Park si yeon is improve a lot. love her acting more and more and she look more cuter hehehehehehehheehe

  22. 22 : Bard Says:

    i like park si yeong more and more hehehehehehehe she has improve her acting more and more. and she look much more cuter hehehehheheheheh ^_^

  23. 23 : Patricia Says:

    hmm after watching 8 episodes, i am still in love with it. i think they have the best comical crew ever.. all the characters are attractive in their own ways. who do you all think KJH will end up with? PSY or HEJ?

  24. 24 : bleh Says:

    i’ve totally fallen head over heels for this drama. the chemistry between all the actors just bursts off the screen!

  25. 25 : Patricia Says:

    What happen to episode 9 for the mandarin subs? hmm..they are late!

  26. 26 : kris Says:

    hi, for coffee house drama ep 9 and 10 not yet uploaded? thks

  27. 27 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  28. 28 : ardhan Says:

    very romantic movie,,, two thumbs up

  29. 29 : ardhan Says:

    very romantic movie,,,

  30. 30 : nining Says:

    want to watch it,,

  31. 31 : Becky Says:

    what happened to the ep 9

  32. 32 : Becky Says:

    anyone know, what happen to ep9?

  33. 33 : mel Says:

    i want to watch this movie soon..

  34. 34 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  35. 35 : eugene Says:

    Because of Worldcup, this drama will stop broadcasting for 2 weeks. It will be broadcast on next week

  36. 36 : nining Says:

    it’s a romantuc fun drama,, love it,,

  37. 37 : exemi Says:

    just started watching the first ep..
    it is quite funny..i like it..^_^

  38. 38 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  39. 39 : Iba Says:

    Awww…. why the 2 week gap? Can’t wait to watch the episodes!!

    Kang Ji Hwan!!! Woot woot!!!

  40. 40 : eugene Says:

    Jin Soo and Eun Young really have chemistry. I just hope they will end up together. I can’t wait till next week

  41. 41 : viona Says:

    very funny drama, i cant wait for ep 9 and next ep.
    i want to see what happening in the ending :
    jin soo with eun young or jin soo with seung yeon
    huftttttttt how long i must waiting …

  42. 42 : Patricia Says:

    ep 9 is out!

  43. 43 : whiena indonesia Says:

    why this drama stoped…..???
    I luv this drama…
    please continue…soon….

  44. 44 : lala Says:

    Love this drama..coz until eps 10..we don’t know what happen next

  45. 45 : diefan Says:

    interesting… hmmmm

  46. 46 : rainbow Says:

    Ratings don’t look too good. The drama has been very predictable with suggested romance between publisher and writer. It’s too normal. I thought the kiss fell flat, just like the cans rolling out of the telephone booth. I hope silly secretary and writer will fall for each other. I’m watching because KangJH is stunning as usual. It’s interesting to see Kang Seung Yeon’s character by Eun Jung. EJ’s not really good in acting, but the story allows her to find her way. Love the storyline though.

  47. 47 : Park Eun Says:

    I like the first 4 episodes where the focus were on both the witer and his secretary. the previous episodes where little annoying, when Eun Young started realizing her feelings towards Jin Soo. I don’t like her acting skill. also, the drama makes you feel that Seung Yeon is the lead actress in the first episodes, but later the storyline changed compeletely, like you are watching new romantic drama between Eun Young and Jin soo. I hope Jin Soo will end up with his secretary, but it doesn’t seem like that.

  48. 48 : Kay Says:

    @ 46: Their kiss FLAT??? You must be smocking!!!!
    Both of their kisses were so hot wit full emotion!!!And this drama in the unpredictable one, beacuse just like you, people are rooting for SY- a typical female mead that you can find in so many K-drama

    This couple relationship is complicated and unique which have many layers of meanings. I have never seen a well-matched pair like this in Kdrama

    Not to metion their chemistry is just burning you laptop – as I am ashamed to admit I must have watched their 1st kiss for more than 50 times

    PSY and KJH performance in this drama was just off the hooks!!!!

  49. 49 : eugene Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan and Park Si Yeon are rock in this drama. If you watch this drama you will see their chemistry. I just fall for them. Anytime, JS and EY associate to each other, i feel the romantic feeling between both of them unlike his secretary, even she has more scenes in this drama. JS and SY look much more like sister and brother, adult and kid not that kind of relationship. For those who are rooting into Eun Jung, just because she is an idol and leader of the kpop group and i assume you guys like her because of that. But you have to realize that this is drama, not music. Despise the fact that she is an idol and in drama, she’s just simply a new actress. Don’t say you hate PSY because you like EJ and don’t say you don’t like acting skill. At least, she is better than someone else. I hate to say that but it’s the truth. Be grow up and be mature. EJ’s character, you can see almost in every k-drama. I don’t see any special in her except silly and naive. I just hope that her character in this drama will grow up

  50. 50 : bleh Says:

    the complications between the two, writer and chief, in the ending scene of episode 10 brought tears to my eyes. the pains of letting go when you want to hold one, you can really feel between them in that scene. the song’s lyrics depict both of their situations to the T as she tells him she’ll be okay, and he knows they can’t be together. AHHHHHH! I WANT THEM TOGETHER SO BAD! this is a must watch drama. it’s fast paced, the characters are lovable, and the acting, well for the most part since we do have one rookie, is pretty top notch. like, you think it’s typical, but it’s SO much more than that.

  51. 51 : Sharon Says:

    I really love episode 11. This drama rocks. It makes me cry and laugh. So far this is the best drama I have watched that main leads r acting so well. In terms of their expressions, feelings, songs, the details of the story that carrys along the way and most impt the kiss. It’s definately the most passionate kiss that even those watching can feel it. It’s not like normal kdrama where they just give a peck on the lips.

    Hope the viewership can increase. It should have hit at least 20%. Last but not least, hopefully EY and JS could be together. I don’t really think the SY and JS really match but SY do match with dong wook.

  52. 52 : eugene Says:

    Strongly agree with you

    What a perfect ending!!!!

  53. 53 : nikky_p_28 Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! another drama that almost drove me to insanity….jeez this addiction is unbearable especially if the drama is driving you at your wits end like Coffee House. Which is which really? I can’t bear the guessing game anymore. I hope this one will give me a satisfying ending. I don’t care about the OTP (One True Pairing part) as long as I get my happy ending one…..But I must admit that KISS was HOT! Never seen Kang Ji Hwan kiss like that…..I want a kiss too (“,)

  54. 54 : diefan Says:

    my ending wish for drama that kang ji hwan and ham eun jung would ended up together.. she’s good actress. ham eun jung just turned 22 last dec 2009 and potraying ’27’ in coffee house was a difficult task for that age. Good Luck Ham Eun Jung.

  55. 55 : kdrama_fan Says:

    I love this drama. The ending scene of the episode 11 is poignant. The OSTs are very appropriate to the scenes. Beautiful cinematography!

  56. 56 : NightLizard Says:

    I simply love this drama, can’t get it why the ratings are so low, it is very interesting to watch and very funny too. I just can not predict anything in this drama, cuz every time they surprise me, I wanna kiss and kill at the same time, the director of this drama! ^^

  57. 57 : kdrama_fan Says:

    Episode 13 is hillarious. The scriptwriter is brilliant for Kang Seung Yeon to recycle Lee Jin Soo’s sarcasm to her junior writer. And Lee Jin Soo scares the hell out of Kang Seung Yeon with threat of litigation. I love the drama. The producer again brings another fine drama to us like previous ones, “Full House”, “What planet are you from?”, and others.

  58. 58 : bleh Says:

    episode 13 made me laugh and giggle so much, until the end. It was heart-wrenching…..T.T.

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  60. 60 : Tilney Says:

    This drama obviously is about EY/JS’s long time friendship turns into each others love interests. They will end up together for sure. There’s no doubt. We don’t need to have shipper war anymore. The ending is almost set. I think we all know how how the ending will be.

  61. 61 : lovebee Says:

    I love, love Coffee House! It’s one of the dramas I’ve ever seen, too bad it’s underrated. </3 Even if this drama doesn't give super high ratings, do not underestimate it. This is one of the most fantastic works I have watched and I am really anticipating for the ending. I'm ecstatic and I can't wait for the last 2 episodes! Happy watching and enjoy the last few pages of Coffee House ! <3

  62. 62 : kuutie Says:

    OMG..!! i LOVE this drama so much..!!
    Eun Jun is so adorable ^.^

  63. 63 : kdrama_fan Says:

    Ham Eun Jung is lovely and determined in Episode 16. She was brilliant. I could not help but shed tears for her. Go for your love, Seung Yeon. I love this drama. I wish the drama could be longer.

  64. 64 : eunjung_fan Says:

    <3 EunJung 4ver!~
    This drama is so funny.. ^_^
    How many episodes are suppose to be in this drama..
    I don't think it's suppose to be 16, cuz today ep 16 came out and I don't think it was the last one 😛

  65. 65 : Rinie Says:

    18 episodes ^O^

  66. 66 : [email protected] Says:

    really???it will be end at eps 18???
    i dont like long drama,i thing 20 is long enough!!hhe

  67. 67 : jh Says:

    i still prefer the JS/SY combi… hope they will end up together!

  68. 68 : herling Says:

    i hope SY and JS Will end up together, they always make me laugh…. so funny couple.

  69. 69 : diefan Says:

    just finished watching this drama.. I can tell you I was very disappointed to end result. grrrr.

    I don’t why watching this two main lead stars Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo
    Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young, I get bored to death, and at the same time depressing watching them both acting.. hayzzz. *slap slap*

  70. 70 : jef Says:

    very dissapointing ending..it should be writer-secretary ending..PD look at your very poor rating on ep 17 & 18.

  71. 71 : via Says:

    why the ending is dissapointed? I think the guy is better be with the girl with the short haircut, they seems very match.. 😉

  72. 72 : ting Says:

    i dont like the ending, very dissappointing, tho i have not yet watch the whole show i dont think i will watch it

  73. 73 : rona Says:

    when i saw this movie at the first time, i thought Lee Jin Soo and Kang Seung Yeon are the main role,

    even there is no romantic scene for both couple but i feel their chemistry is really strong

  74. 74 : via Says:

    At first I really interesting to watch this drama, but everybody said that the ending is disapointing, so I rather not watching then.. I have been watch Japanese drama lately, and most of JDrama also have sad ending, or unclear ending, so I dont really interesting watching Jdrama anymore except for the good ending only, the same with Korean drama as well.. because I love Happy Ending!!!

  75. 75 : semthefan Says:

    I just finished watching episode 16 and i can tell that JS and SY is not gonna end up together.. and this is sooooo damnnn disappointing.. 🙁 very very sad

  76. 76 : kdrama_fan Says:

    The ending of the drama was not what I imagined. It could be sweet if Seung Yeon and Jin Soo were together. Well, that is the scriptwriter’s prerogative. But some OSTs (tracks 1 – 4) are very pleasing to listebn.

  77. 77 : K^^> Says:

    the movie is fun but i really like the SY and JS pairing . they have more happy moments and if JS is going to be paired up w/ EY atleast let DW and SY have moments andlet SY to start to fall in love / DW thats why its annoying they let SY and DW be together is JS will be w/ EY . HMPPH >:|

  78. 78 : kiyo Says:

    i agree w. k^^> they should let SY be happy w/ DW before the ending.

  79. 79 : lovebee Says:

    I don’t care if it is a very underrated drama, it’s really amazing. I love how the directors, scriptwriters, actors, actresses and other people who made this drama worked. Really great output! Congratulations, everyone!

    It’s not the normal korean drama. So much twists and turns which no one is expecting. That made this a really unique drama 🙂

  80. 80 : bleh Says:

    the ending was beautiful. It radiated with me because I grew to understand the depth between the male and female leads. The drama over-all had a very good feel to it, and wasn’t the typical formula for a korean drama. It’s just disappointing that people are spoiling the finale though. I suggest you new viewers give the series a chance regardless of how “upset and unsettling” it was for some. Personally, I adored this drama, so I highly recommended.

  81. 81 : rainbow Says:

    I suggest that KJH who’s such a fabulous actor, consider carefully which drama he wants to act in future. This drama is too light and simple and not challenging for him to show his range. Please don’t spoil his image with such dramas like coffee house. I’m disappointed that PSY seems to show only 1 type of expression from start to end. Always with that fixed smile, whether happy, sad, anxious, whatever. She may need more direction.

  82. 82 : eric Says:

    with due respect i think it was not beautiful at all..NOT RECOMMENDED..the ending is so lame..however, the acting of the secretary was great..

  83. 83 : ok250682 Says:

    Another nice MUST WATCH drama is Gumiho – Tale of the Fox’s child – Once you started – you will chase the show. ^.^ Also look out for this star Lee Min Ho (1993) – very charming guy – Hope he can have more lead roles with good script in the future.

  84. 84 : jen Says:

    OMG! this is so weird. i hate the ending. so weird. very weird.! arGgGh! why? they don’t loOok good together..! it’s amazingly weird! crap!!!!!!!! errRrr! worst ever!

  85. 85 : slvia Says:

    From its first episode i already knew that this drama will not have much of an impact. Still, i watched the following episodes because of Kand Ji Hwan. The story does not have much to offer and the casting/pairing does not have appealing chemistry. Most of the time I find some of the episodes so boring. I believe that it was a waste project for Kang Jih Wan, After being not on drama for a few years he needed to star in a project that is much better than this one. Anyway, I hope that next time he will learn how to pick the drama that will suit him.

  86. 86 : kcomments Says:

    Highly recommended. Totally a unique refreshing drama for this year!
    Love the pairing at the end, they have so much chemistry together. Brilliantly portrayed the character by KJH. However, this drama is definitely not a typical Korean drama vibes, be warned!

    Kudos to the scriptwriter and director, brilliantly refreshing and unique. Keep the good work, fighting!

  87. 87 : joon t,uk Says:

    What can I say KJH ? Maybe not with PSY again plea…s….e…………

  88. 88 : pancasilaputry Says:

    this movie much fun beetwen Jin Soo and Seung Yeon when they meet two years later 🙂 but the ending really very weird argh i don’t like!!! its not sweet!! but this is completely different than the usual drama. just watch and you will know..

  89. 89 : KJHfanz Says:


  90. 90 : kimiko Says:

    dont like the end..why can they become together (kjh n psy)?they’re not hold their word that they’ll just become friend..

  91. 91 : RIE Says:

    i have bought the tdvd, but not watching it yet. uhh after i read the review comment, i just dont want to watch this 🙁
    and i thought, this film like coffee prince

  92. 92 : kimdsaizy Says:

    i love this movie..annyeong eveyone..

  93. 93 : RIE Says:

    I have watched it till the end, i dont like the happy ending, sorry. it’s not what the audience want actually.
    fyi, till episode 8, i jump into the last episode because i don waste my time watching drama that i dont like its end. uaaahhhh

    i think i can make the script better, better condition, better flow of this drama,

    its why this film only got low rated.

    but, actually i really love all the players

  94. 94 : RIE Says:

    I agree with pancasilaputry, YES its definetely not kind of korean drama. WEIRRRRDDDD!

    im highly not recomended this film for you,

    you will be upset at the end, and just waste your time!

  95. 95 : Leanne Says:

    I loved this drama and thought the ending was great. The perfect couple ended up together.

  96. 96 : Leanne Says:

    I’m reading some comments and people are discouraging others from watching this fabulous drama because they don’t like the ending? That’s sad. Because this drama had the only ending that made sense. It’s not disappointing at all if you pay attention to the plot of the drama and not allow yourself to be taken up by your own imaginations.

    This was a story about mature love and not fairy tale romance. I’m sorry you didn’t get the kind of story you’re accustomed to with other Korean dramas where a fabulously handsome rich man and a poor average girl fall in love but this was a drama about a deep connection, love and romance between two people on the same level.

    New viewers, don’t be discouraged by some people who refuse to allow themselves to be swept up by the actual story and just spend their time expecting to see the same kind of drama they’ve always seen. Even if you end up not liking it in the end, give the drama a chance at least. I also was reluctant to watch this drama but I ended up falling in love with it.

    It’s a great drama and I am so glad I saw it. It’s the best Korean drama I’ve seen this year.

  97. 97 : Mett Says:

    Yeah … I Love this Drama, The director got the talent (^^,

    nice hahahh, funny, romantic, nice Stars, nice story, nice Ending!! love it ..

  98. 98 : Liz Says:

    I love this drama! I may not be the best but, I’ve always admire Kang Ji Hwan. He has a different sense of humor and still act cool. He can make a simple drama or movie comes alive . Also, I love Park Si Yeon. She’s very simple and pretty. She has a different glow, even though she doesn’t dress sexy and fancy, she’s still glows.

    Though I don’t think COFFEE HOUSE is the not best title for this drama. I understand that they love to drink coffee, and they have coffee business, but thee story was about a publisher and a writer, So they could have change it to something more related.

    At first, I was annoyed of Ham Eun Jun acting, because it seems like she was trying to be ignorant though she’s not . I mean for me she was a bit over acting.. But when she became a lady, I like her because that’s her true self and her real acting. So I appreciate it .

    The ending was GREAT. I SO LOVE IT! At first i thought it was another ending that will left you hanging, when they signed the contact. But i was please that they continued the story and ended it happily. Everybody Is happy. especially, Park and Kang.


    To the cast and crew, I love this drama! Good job!

  99. 99 : nafa Says:

    dissapointed with this drama…

  100. 100 : eugene Says:

    Cut the craps out people!!! It just because Lee Jin Soo didn’t end up with Kang Seung Yeon then said it’s not good, not recommend to anyone. Please, be mature!!! Don’t you understand what the story is trying to tell us? This is not fairy tale guys. A rich and handsome man falls for a poor girl. That’s what we see almost in all k-drama. Don’t you feel bored? Just like someone said below, this is about a matured love, friendship and deep connection between 2 people at the same level. This shows how they try to cope with their problem in order to be together. If you don’t like that, that’s fine but Do not try to discourage other viewers. To anyone who has bought the DVD, please give this drama a try. Maybe, you will like it or at least you did give it a chance. Don’t listen to hater!!! They don’t even know what is good or bad.

  101. 101 : April Says:

    THIS DRAMA IS SO FREAKING FUNNY. i like it when the other boys come to find the long hair girl and when the girl use any excuses to avoid him. LOL the movie ending is unpredictable but was something awesome.

  102. 102 : kcomments Says:

    Watch it people, don’t listen to anyone. Best drama of this year with KJH brilliantly portrayed the role. Differently uniquely refreshing drama. Thanks to all the crews, specially the director, the scriptwriter for bravely creating such incredible drama for us.

    For those who want to see fairy tale romance don’t watch it, but if you want to go for a deeply mature love with lots of emotional hard-to-guess layers, then this show is a MUST watch.

    Highly recommended, go go!

  103. 103 : Irene Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan is my favorite korean actor.. All his drama are the best..
    don’t miss to watch this new drama of KJH…

  104. 104 : Soo Yeon Says:

    Lovely soundtrack… i hope Lee jin Soo with Kang Seung Yeon … but the real is not … i’m very dissapointed 🙁

  105. 105 : wave Says:

    to those people telling you that this is good drama..dont believe..just look at the rating!!!..very poor rating..i have seen a lot of korean drama and this is the worst..sorry to tell you

  106. 106 : Tony Says:

    What does the rating have to do with it? You Are Beautiful had low ratings and a lot of people love it.

    Plus at the beginning, when the OTP looked like JS/SY, it had very low ratings. If you think this drama is the worst, then you must have very poor taste.

    I feel sad for you to miss out on a great drama because you won’t get the typical childish kdrama story. Aren’t you all tired of bullying leading to love? It’s not a healthy storyline at all.

  107. 107 : wave Says:

    are you blind?..look at the the rating of ep 16..i respect your opinion but please respect my own opinion..recommend it if you want to recommend it..but for me im not recommending it..it the worst korean drama i have seen so far..peace

  108. 108 : Anna Says:

    I just finished it and thought it was refreshing. Very enjoyable.

  109. 109 : eugene Says:

    Cut the craps out please!!!! If this is the worst, why did you keep watching until the last episode? You’re definitely bad taste and poor-minded. If LSJ really ended up with KSY then your opinion would be different, am i right? It’s not because of the poor storyline, just because the love line wasn’t as you expected. Please stop spitting out the nonsense stuffs about this drama. Let’s new viewers enjoy it!!! Please respect the actors, writer, director and the story even if you don’t like it!!! Don’t try to discourage other people!!!

  110. 110 : 오이스터카페 Says:

    Knocked up” “He is not that into you” “Hug it out” “pros and cons” “Did you score?” “He asked me out” 이 쉬운 단어들의 조합이 도대체 무슨 말인지를 모르겠다고요? 그렇다면 여러분에게는 오이스터 카페가 필요합니다. 언제 어디서나 쓰이는 이 말들을 모르신다면 진짜 영어를 한다고 말할 수 없겠죠. 이 모든 것들은 오이스터 카페에 있습니다.

  111. 111 : rent Says:

    i agree with the others.it is not worth viewing.watch other korean drama instead

  112. 112 : blackshade Says:

    i think the director experimented. it is new but i think it did not work out good

  113. 113 : wilma Says:

    I like the unpredicatability of the story,i agree to others that you cant predict what will be the result to the love story,its confusing but still very interesting..in that sense it keeps you wanting…

    First 2 episodes was ok but untill 9 its boring…but when it hit the 10th episode thats where the excitement warms up….

    Its still worthy to watch although some says otherwise,regardless of the low ratings,the story is exemptional…not your ordinary fairytail story…but for me it reflect the reality that at end you cant fool love…love will still prevail…

    Good series….aja aja fighting c:

  114. 114 : eugene Says:

    I want to point out that the rating is not matter here. It has nothing to do with the story btw. Let’s me repeat. This is not fairy tale like we almost see in all K-drama when a rich and handsome guy falls in love with an average poor girl. We have to look at what the story is trying to tell us. This show is about the long time friendship between two people at the same level turns into each others’ love interest. Personal Taste didn’t get high rating but people still love it. Rating has nothing to do with the drama.

  115. 115 : Kathy Says:

    I am not Korean but a few weeks ago I happened to catch this show with English subtitles, not only did it catch my attention but I became hooked. I hate that it ended! And “Bad Boy” ended, too. Now I have nothing good to watch. 🙁

  116. 116 : KDrama LOver Says:

    I like this drama. The story is so big funny at the first, interesting, n good songs.
    N also hate KJH character, he’s so silly n egoist. but i’m really interest with HEJ character, she’s good acting, smart, beautifull especially her eyes, good voice in T-ARA, good looking, etc. Come on HEJ fighting !!! yo yo yo…

    Saranghaeyo…so much !

  117. 117 : maria Says:

    i hate this drama! it doesn’t make sense. guys don’t watch this okay?!

  118. 118 : K Says:

    For me Coffee House has been the best korean drama yet. It had smart and witty main characters, absolutely hilarious scenes, the hottest kisses i have seen, unexpected twists and a great plot.
    When usually you find some characters annoying or evil, in this all of the characters were really funny and loveable. And of course, Coffee House just had the best story, different from stereotypical dramas.
    I have never completed a drama this fast. It was really enjoyable.But i guess, if most of the audience isn’t tired of loving the usual poor-naive-girl-gets-the-mean-rich-guy plot, then it was hard for it to get high ratings. Although it breaks my heart, because watching Coffee House was time well spent.
    I have to admit that i personally checked the spoilers first to make sure, who the main guy would end up with. But i realized watching the drama that it is obvious, who the couple will be. People just let themselves carried away by imagining something that was never happening. Read the signs.
    Be warned, it is not a typical drama, but it is probably the best rom/com so far. One of a kind.

  119. 119 : Riya Says:

    This drama is actually very fun to watch. The characters are witty, the story is intresting and unexpected turnings. Its good. Its a drama every kdrama fan must watch. I especially liked LSJ and KSY. Highly recommended.

  120. 120 : eugene Says:

    @ K

    What you wrote from the previous post is exactly what i want to say especially to those who still isn’t tired of watching the fairy tale, same kind of stories, same kind of plots, same ending and put themselves away to realize the fact.

  121. 121 : Thresh Says:

    I just watch until ep 13 whooa LJS so cool, love that changes, OPPA so handsome. But I’m kind of curious so I watch last ep and wth I hate it.. really really hate it because LJS end with her because I prefer KSY.
    I know this drama is funny. How many times I laugh prove it. But I don’t like the ending and the main pair. I hope he’s not end with SEY but oh well…

  122. 122 : Roddy Reta Says:

    I totally agree with comments #120 and #118.

    The last episode could have been better, but overall this was a hugely entertaining series with a lot unpredictable twists and turns. I loved it.

  123. 123 : KYZ Says:

    I love this drama a lot! At first, the trailer makes me feel like LJS is going to ended up with KSY…but it’s not…TT…btw…KSY looks more like LJS’s soulmate…it doesn’t end the way i want but i enjoy watching it! Full of surprises! Love it.

  124. 124 : koko Says:

    I Love this drama so so so much !!
    it`s the best in 2010 !
    i was so excited when i watche it
    and all things happed was unexpected lol
    have a various taste in each eps
    comedy , romance , drama really really so great !
    and about rate it`s not reflects how much of fun it was <3
    so i advice u to see it ^^

  125. 125 : CheRrY~ Says:

    This drama is actually cute..
    But, I really hate the ending and the last episodes…
    It doesn’t make any sense..

  126. 126 : eugene Says:

    This drama is great even though we can’t tell who is the main female lead, PSY or HEJ, from the beginning but towards the end, obviously we are sure that LJS and SEY is the main couple. This drama is quite predicted but it’s good though. I would recommend this drama to everything disregarded what the haters said and i wouldn’t blame them for their ignorance.

  127. 127 : cindy Says:

    i love the drama. i think the plot is kinda interesting. unlike alot of other kdrama, the main characters were already friends from the start. although alot of ppl were expecting LJS and KSY to be together, i think the chemistry between LJS and SEY were really great. Other than that, i somehow think KSY is not compatible with LJS because her role in this movie is more of a bubbly girl. And most important, LJS loved SEY from the start. overall, i enjoyed the drama pretty much !

  128. 128 : kdrama_fan Says:

    I love this drama. The OSTs of the drama are very good. I listen to them quite often. I love Kang Seung Yeon in the drama. Her speech to persuade Lee Jin Soo to stay was very powerful to me. I love that moment in the drama.

  129. 129 : Jesse Says:

    Don’t care what hatter said about this drama. It’s the most romantic drama i’ve seen. KJH and PSY are so match together. What a great couple. I hope could see them pairing again in next project.

  130. 130 : yang Says:

    love this drama. just finished watching it. made me forget all my problems with the world for a moment made me really laugh, really really funny. love the roles played by kang ji hwan and ham eun jung. love their chemistry in this story (even if they didn’t end up together 🙁 ). one was “naughty” while the other was obedient. they do compliment each other. hope to see KJH and HEJ in another drama soon. really really really love them. this is definitely one of my faves 🙂

  131. 131 : CHERRY Says:



  132. 132 : qass Says:

    I really love this drama!
    Hilarius and yet a little bit sad.
    Anyway, I love LEE JIN SOO and SEO EUN YOUNG together!!!
    So cute and pretty match

  133. 133 : iya27 Says:

    quite disappointed with the ending. imo, it’ll be good if he finally end up with the other girl, i mean with eun jung… just saying. but, over all, it worth to watch. very entertaining.

  134. 134 : toh quan ming Says:

    i am waiting for this new korean drama to be released before i rent and i like KJH because he acts very well and i like to watch what he is acting.

  135. 135 : devi Says:

    i dont really like the ending of this drama….

  136. 136 : sh3ldims Says:

    im already watched this drama…but i think it’s nothin special…sorry…but 1. there is no chemistry 2. JS treat SY sumtimes just look rude…weird 3. the ending was so dissaponting…i bought the dvd’s and use ff methode while watching this drama

  137. 137 : ptsh836 Says:

    i was happily watching the first few epi or so thinking how cute n freshfaced ham eun jung was; she was like a breath of fresh air (in my opinion at least)…but then to hope for her pairing with kang ji hwan was like asking ji hwan to rob the craddle…she was way too young for him. at the back of my mind i was thinking maybe the scriptwriter had an awful awakening when she saw for herself how inappropriate it wld be to pair eun jung with ji hwan hence the story suddenly veered the other direction by having ji hwan end up with park si yeon instead (all basically my yying)…. that’s also the reason i gave up watching after reading comments here abt the ending…boy, was i truly disappointed…

  138. 138 : Monica Says:

    I don’t think the story suddenly changed direction. Even though Seung Yeon was introduced first, if you watch carefully, right from the beginning, there were signs that Eun Young and Jin Soo had some kind of hidden relationship. Plus in the early press releases about the drama, it said that Park Si Yeon and Kang Ji Hwan would be paired together. Even in the opening credits, it’s clear that they are the two main leads.

    Anyway, I loved this drama and thought the ending was perfect. In my opinion, anyone expecting a romance between Jin Soo and Seung Yeon was dreaming because at no one point did Jin Soo even appear to harbor such thoughts.


    I find it interesting that anyone could watch this drama up till episode 17 and expect a different ending. It’s better to give up earlier if you see the obvious signs like Jin Soo’s run in episode 9. Not only did the couple share two passionate kisses before episode 17, Jin Soo returned with an engagement ring to propose to Eun Young. Yet, some were expecting a different ending? I don’t understand this at all.

    ***END OF SPOILER***

    Eun Young and Jin Soo make a beautiful pair and I’m glad that they found love and happiness in the end. I recommend this drama to those who don’t need to see the same old story retold yet another time.

  139. 139 : jannn Says:

    I hate the ending. totally regretful.

  140. 140 : Syonturiqeru Says:


    the ending ….. jeo chommal anjuahaeyo !!!!! i love seung yeon so much and i really want she with Lee Jin Soo …. but ….. haaaaaa…..

    ep 1-15 = nice, bcoz seung yeon look so cute … hahaha
    ending = bad, bcoz seung yeon not with lee jin soo
    overall = i hate this drama

    cant wait to watch drama “Dream High” by ham eun jung
    hope this drama not disappointed me again … hehe

  141. 141 : Fraapers Says:

    I Hate the Ending. I thought Kang Seung Yeon! waaaaaaa ! But it’s ok. because seung yeon now is a good writer :)))

  142. 142 : dianne Says:

    i hate this show… i hate it!!!! i hate it!!!! i hate it!!!!!! Lee Jin-Son and Kang Seung-Yeon looks better together!!! they made the audience think that they are gonna be together but in the end they didn’t and that’s what irritating me!!!! they should have changed the ending. it’s obvious that the audience liked LJS and KSY better.

  143. 143 : SHARON FE Says:

    what a bad ending this is!!!!! is this all the story goes into ending?? it goes pretty bad after all! and so did disappointing is it??
    oh.. what a sigh:( i’ve really thought that lee jin soon ang kang seon-yeun will be at the end but so disappointing and so seems impossible as it was.. hahayzz… i hate it too..

    for me lee jin son and seon -yeon was perfectly suit and perfectly made the story a colourful one.. but once eun young interrupted on the spot the story seems so boring and colourless …. what a wasted time i’ve spent!!!!!!!! chucks.. i didnt find interesting that eun young and jin son at the end… so soory guys.. for me this is wasted!

  144. 144 : sassy_10 Says:

    i’m so disappointed! with this drama.. seon yeon and jin son looks perfectly good together but its disappointing that the story goes twisted as knots..oh.. what a waste.. just all i could say.. after all, the ending couldn’t changed of what i used to be end…so there’s no used saying: ‘what a bad ending!”

  145. 145 : fire Says:

    I DONT LIKE THE ENDING. I found it a WASTE after watching this for using all the time watching til morning, even didnt study instead! I was hoping that on the latter part of the drama there would be a chance that Jin Soo would fall in love with Eun Young. Therefore i wondered why there’s no chance that Jin Soo never had an eye for Eun Young, so that why it is so. Jin Soo is for the other girl. WHAT A WASTE!!! WASTE WASTE WASTE!!!!

  146. 146 : Macky Says:

    Well, I have finished watching the dvd yesterday..yah..just like majority of the comments here the ending was really disappointing to watch. Lee Jin Soo should choose Kang Seung Yeon over Seo Eun Young because Seo Eun Young has no patience of waiting, in my own points of view, if you really love someone you must keep on waiting until the right love come along while Kang Seung Yeon really waits and value everything that Lee Jin Soo taught her and him as a person. she always cheer him up and and I can see also that their character has the chance to live forever. I think their both match compare with Seo Eun Young due to they have common interest.. What a clever writer.. 🙂

    Well to the writer, I guess you may end up the story disappointing towards the many but you have done a great job..May be because management also has something to do with it thats why story end up like this. The viewer also counts I guess Kang Ji Hwan and Park Si Yeon have more fans over Ham Eun Jung. I just wish Kang Ji Hwan and Ham Eun Jung will have TV series again that end up with something romantic….

    Good Luck to you Guys

    Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo
    Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young
    Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon
    Jung Woong In as Han Ji Won

  147. 147 : pan pan Says:

    I love this drama most Because of Park Si Yeon & Kan Ji Hwan. We are longing for their new series. we r from Myanmar.

  148. 148 : kitty Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo
    He is super sexy and handsome in this drama, love his acting skill ability.

    Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young
    Wow she is super super super ………….. pretty, adorable, sexy and gorgeous in this drama. What am I saying she looks very pretty and gorgeous in other of her dramas and movies too. Oh she looks like a barbie doll, she has a kind of different style and look as compare to other actresses. I super love her in this drama as compare to her other dramas, the reason is that she look so…………..good together with Kang Ji Hwan. I totally fall in love with both of them. Hope that they can really date in real life, haha.

    Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon
    This is the first time I get to know her, oh my god, she is very……………cute and pretty too, she looks kind in my eyes. I love her acting, she is so GOOD. Love her, and hope to see her in other dramas too.

    Jung Woong In as Han Ji Won
    What can I say, he is born to be a comedian, he is definitely FUNNY, I find him the main reason to brighten this drama, without him I guess should be a bit boring, as he brighten e atmosphere.

    Finally I hv to conclude, this drama is definitely worth to watch, THUMP UP, Hwaiting Coffee House.

  149. 149 : leann Says:


    A Must see drama…………

  150. 150 : syuhada Says:

    this drama is quite interesting…i love to watch it until the last episode!!keep going..:)

  151. 151 : lengskee Says:

    it will be shown in animax channel this coming saturday. looking forward to it.. btw, one of my favorite kpop stars is GIKWANG(of BEAST), will he ever try acting for a change. have seen him in OH MY SCHOOL and WIN WIN, the guys got a big future ahead of him=)

  152. 152 : Salve8 Says:

    OMG!!!! At first I was quite having second thoughts whether i’m gonna finish the entire drama or not because I am kinda sensing that SY and JS will be the ones pairing up in the end but reading your spoilers motivated me to continue watching it….I love just love bestfriend-couplerelationship…That’s why I’d be voting for the JS and EY team up =>

  153. 153 : vikki Says:

    i do love this show..it’s so funny!
    watch it out guys..;p

  154. 154 : Smileyacp Says:

    I absolutely enjoy every minute of this drama’s witty dialogues and well written plot with believable characters. Hope to see more of these quality works instead of the crazy outrageous plots in most K dramas.

  155. 155 : rit_neey Says:

    This drama is so entertaining it makes me laugh all the time especially when kang seong yeon was drank… I also love Park Si Yeon her beauty is unique… I’m keep on staring her pix…

  156. 156 : lengskee Says:

    I watched last night’s episode where Seong Yeon got drunked and he kissed Lee Jin Soo not once but 6 times. Every episode is very entertaining. Altho I sensed that Jin Soo will end up with Eun Young, still the romantic moments between Jin soo and Seon Yeon are irreplaceable.

    I also liked that scene where SY admitted to JS that she cannot be pretentious of her feelings towards someone(something to that effect). Their dialogues and conversations are just hilarious=)

  157. 157 : jinjoo Says:

    i suddenly thought about this drama since i’m now watching kang ji hwan in be strong geum soon & i think based from some of your recommendations here i’m going to make sure i watch this! i luv kang ji hwan in all his projects & lately in lie to me!

  158. 158 : JJ Says:

    i’m wondering if this is worth my while, i’ll only watch coz of kang ji hwan! i’ll see!

  159. 159 : Pikatsu Says:

    Love it

  160. 160 : BOBO Says:

    KJH – like your performance in coffee house
    Hope you keep on flighting

  161. 161 : Lee81909 Says:

    at first i though its good its a new one but i dont like the ending . .

  162. 162 : Meileen Says:

    At first I was kinda hesitant if I will continue watching this series? I’m on my 3rd episode but sorry to say it’s kinda boring for me….but I do really like Kang Ji Hwan…

  163. 163 : Meileen Says:

    Only few says they don’t like the ending, Well, for me I do really love the ending especially Jin So and Eun Kyung end up together:-) at first I was hesitant if I still want to continue watching the series, but I got addicted in every episode so I finished the series the whole day yesterday…but Seung Yeon character was a bit irritating…I love KJH! Hwaiting!

  164. 164 : Meileen Says:

    Sorry it was Eun Young not Eun Kyung!

  165. 165 : tess Says:

    it would be better if KSY and LJS end up together…:(

  166. 166 : iin_ndah Says:

    Realllyyy reaallyy like this drama…so many surprise performs & characteristics from Kang Ji Hwan in this story that entertain me and make me sooo melt…(◦’⌣’◦ )
    Oppa Kang Ji Hwan…sarrangae…(♥•*⌣*•♥)

  167. 167 : keviene Says:

    spoilers suck!!!! ~ huhuhuhuhu!! i thought it was Lee Jin Soo and Kang Seung Yeon :((((

  168. 168 : meia Says:

    This drama started with boring plots. I wanted to quit watching it at first however when JS and EY started to show their feelings I continued watching it undoubtedly. I like them both to be together after their long friendship. They r so sweet together and only EY can make JS stay sane haha…The songs r brilliant. I got all of them hehe. Ji Hwan acting was great…he really pulled off that complicated character of JS.

  169. 169 : evzln Says:

    i was thiking about watching it but when i found out JS and EY ends together my interest’s gone

  170. 170 : girly Says:

    I only like the songs and KJH in the drama oh no he was so skinny and lifeless compare to his previous dramas….and I dont like PSY looks so dull……drop out after 1st ep…..

  171. 171 : ash Says:

    I thought i can continue this drama cos after watching Lie to Me he was amazing but my goodness i watch only 1 episode and unable to continue cos i find it so boring and the lead lady not pretty at all…no star look..sorry….

  172. 172 : emelia Says:

    where can i get this drama in eng subbed version?i couldnt get any..:(

  173. 173 : alrim16 Says:

    i just randomly pick this….and because i saw T-ara EUnjung.. presto… watch it…and.. hmnmm., i couldn’t say anything more… just watch this… till the end… for sure… you’ll like it to..

  174. 174 : Coffee House | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Heroin drama ni yang berlakon dalam My Girl. Yang jadi pemain tennis tu. Sinopsis boleh baca di Coffee House @ Korean Drama. […]

  175. 175 : Cheryl Says:

    This may sound wierd, but I absolutely love the coffee mugs that they have. The ones where it looks like a wine glass in the coffee mug? Does anyone know where I can buy them?! Please let me know ASAP 😀

  176. 176 : dieArth11 Says:

    i really l0ve kang ji hwan after watching lie to me that’s why im watching this drama..im on 3rd epis0de and still n0t sure wats happening in the st0ry but i’ts funny,laughing all the time..i d0n’k kn0w h0w jin soo will fall in l0ve to his secretary c0z there’s no spark at all so it’s a relief to me after reading c0mments here that it was jin soo nd eun y0ung in the end..

  177. 177 : Thia Says:

    am watching this because of “Lie to me”…I hope I get the same excitement as when I watched him with Yoon Eun hye..gosh, I hope I spelled that right.

  178. 178 : shanty Says:

    I’ve started to watch all kang ji hwan drama series ^-^

  179. 179 : KIM HYUNA Says:

    Oppa,I’m watching Lie To Me almost everyday.
    Now I want to watch Coffee House.
    After this,I want to watch your new drama!!!
    I Want to watch all your drama,movie and I want to know
    all about you!!

  180. 180 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Coffee House Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  181. 181 : dieArth_11 Says:

    this drama is super fun to watch..laughing all the time and touching at the same time..with all korean movie / drama i had watched this is the most weird yet funny and you’ll really going to think what will happen next..super love the story but sort of not satisfied coz didn’t show if dong wook and seong yeon end up together and im starting to love dong wook..lolz..but the rest of it is really good..kang ji hwan gave justification to a weird, mean and sarcastic writer..actually at first i thought this movie is not that good but it turns out that this is not good coz it’s better than good..one of the best movie done by kang ji hwan second to lie to me..i really love it!!!:)

  182. 182 : Rien Says:

    I really like this drama…very very exciting and make me not stop for laughing and never boring to watch again and again.
    I like acting’s KJH. I believe, KJH’ll be the great actor in future.
    Now, I’m looking for DVD/blu-ray of “90 days, time for love”. KJH acting with Kim Ha Neul. I think, KHN is also one of the great actress. They also join together in “my girlfriend is an agent”‘s movie.
    Is there anybody can help me or give me info, where can I buy DVD/blu ray of “90 days, Time for Love” ? Thanks before 🙂

  183. 183 : Belinda Says:

    Another comedy drama featuring a stupid young girl who acts like a baby, a handsome guy who puts up with her and other thongs around it. These Korean writers really cannot write anything else or they just do not deviate from the same story over and over and over again. Simply stupid!!

  184. 184 : Summer Says:

    Was watching Lie to Me and had to stop. Was boring. Since I saw the same actress Yoon something or other in Coffee Prince, I could not watch her again. Besides the main guy is really not good looking nor interesting and she is too freaky. Now I am watching this one because I like stories about coffee houses but this coffee house is horrible looking.oh well I am on the first episode, maybe it will get better.

  185. 185 : witlily Says:

    Very funny, very enjoyable and unique (kang seung yeon is super secretary) 😀

  186. 186 : dhee_browneyes Says:

    woah,how can I forget this drama..I remember throwing out my dvd copy of this drama..I spend a lot of time watching this drama coz i really like kang ji hwan on the drama series “Lie to me” w/c so far its one of my favorite korean series apart from save the last dance & winter sonata..but to my dis appointment when kang ji hwan and ham eun jung didn’t end up together at the end..this is one of those korean drama w/ unfavorable ending..were i’d rather choose to watch a drama were one will die at the end loving the same person rather than they were both alive but will not end up together..just saying..

  187. 187 : christine Says:

    I truely madly love this drama especially Kang Ji Hwan and Park Si Yeon. I would love to watch this couple acting together in many series and movies. They are my besties. :*

  188. 188 : reymark Says:

    it will show in the philippines

  189. 189 : jhennie Says:

    I love Kang Ji Hwan but the ending of Coffee House is depressing, I was hoping that Lee Jin Soo will end up with Kang Seung Yeon but instead the other way around,huhuhu… I like Lie to Me more. Sorry to say but its concept is more great than the Coffee House.

  190. 190 : Dramaaddict Says:

    I don’t like this series. It is quite boring and disconnected. I stopped watching it after the third episode.

  191. 191 : imz Says:

    hi dhee_! Im agree with what u said that kang ji hwan and
    ham eun jung they are not together at the end. Im expecting that they were end up together. It’s crazy!! We have the same like in drama series like winter sonata.

  192. 192 : imz Says:

    I like KJH…but i dont like the ending too..:(

  193. 193 : christine Says:

    Bad drama. Wasting money n time. Not recommended! *twothumbsdown*

  194. 194 : paras Says:

    so much like this drama in first, ‘coz funny and have handsome Kang Ji Hwan. But feel bad when the actress is Park Si Yun (sorry -boring to see her hehe). Like so much when Kang Ji Hwan with Yoon Eun Hye ((handsome and beautiful) :))

  195. 195 : sunshine Says:

    i don’t think lee jin soo character fits with kang ji hwan. i love kang ji hwan as an actor but i believe this drama is not good enough unlike any ohter kang ji hwan’s project mind & face, be strong geum soon most of all lie to me. i’ve been following all of kang ji hwan’s drama series and movie because of lie to me and that’s how i came to watch coffee house and in all fairness to those who liked coffee house. i’m sad to say it’s not that good enough. but still i will continue supporting my idol kang ji hwan in all his project and i’m so excited to watch “incarnation of money” 🙂

  196. 196 : Jejemon Says:

    I don’t like the ending of this .. I was expecting that kang ji hwan will fall in love with her secretary Ham Eun Jung . tsk2 🙁

  197. 197 : CatchMe Says:

    I’m little dissapointed for the ending of Coffee House.. I Bet the Writer & Secretary relationship than the Writer & President..

    I enjoy every scene of Mr. Writer and Ms. Secretary than the Scene of Mr. Writer & Ms. President.. ^_^v

  198. 198 : Dan Says:

    Ji won is such a fool and ugly too. He is so terrible that I cannot imagine how anyone could like him.
    Also, the assistant, I do not like her, she is so stupid! Actually they should have paired those two together. They are both annoying characters.

  199. 199 : Dan Says:

    You people must be kidding about the writer liking that stupid secretary. I found her annoying from the very beginning. How can anyone like someone so stupid. She had no originality, that is how dumb she was and she copied the writer in everything he said. Then she considered herself a writer, but she was too dumb to even notice that a young rich guy liked her.

  200. 200 : mit Says:

    wow….i really love this drama…. i love the ending soooo much…. it will be a disappointment if the writer and the secretary will end up together…. OMG.

  201. 201 : sean Says:

    yeah….this story was all about MATURE LOVE not a FAIRY TALE ROMANCE….

    the ending WAS SO GREAT….. this was the GREATEST SERIES i’d ever watched…..


  202. 202 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    Good drama ! I like it ! ♥

  203. 203 : Korean Drama Review CH | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Coffee house (2010)  咖啡馆 […]

  204. 204 : suzan Says:

    for future audience, I’m just leaving this message if u happen wanting watch this drama, even though it’s pretty old now.
    I watched this series in 2015. haha I read the comments saying the ending is disappointing, bad, bla bla bla. DON”T TRUST THEM!! like seriously. because of those comments, people think this got a sad ending or something. NOT TRUE!
    it’s just a major Shipping War! It just depends on which girl you root for. People whose ship sink will say it’s a bad drama. I felt that too..in Doctor Stranger! lol
    SO yeah..The drama is just soo great! very unpredictable, funny and romantic (a little less). you won’t be able to tell who the lead girl is until like the last episode. I was so anxious shipping my couple.
    Hope you will be on a right ship. Good Luck!! have fan.

  205. 205 : suzan Says:

    woops!! **have fun* lol

  206. 206 : lclarakl Says:

    Reading some of the comments reminds me of the drama Big Man. Although I knew form the beginning that the lead male would not end up with the second female lead, but boy did I want them too. They had more chemistry together and were fun to watch. The male lead with the main female lead was just boring. I think I’ll give this drama a skip–although I love the male lead.

  207. 207 : CheriBombKins Says:

    I watched this just now July 2016 because of my addiction to Kang Ji Hwan since I saw Lie to Me. I find him very handsome and his acting is awesome. This is not a traditional cinderella story. This is funny, nice comedy and hard to predict. It depicts a mature kind of love like what is written above. It illuatrates respect, genuine care to mentees, respect to Sunbaes etc.
    This movie taught me a lot of things. That i will treasure forever.
    Besides enjoying Lee Ji Soo’s pretty face, the moral of the story knocked me so hard. Enjoy the movie!!!!

  208. 208 : Yuni Says:

    I just finish watched this drama, really love the story line and ending.
    Lee jin soo end up together with Seo Eun Young.
    Considering SEY always in LJS side in difficult times since his wife was passed away and already waiting for 10 years.
    She deserve to be happy.

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