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Class of Lies

Title: 미스터 기간제 / Class of Lies
Also known as: Mr. Temporary / Undercover Teacher
Genre: Legal, Crime, School
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2019-July-17 to 2019-Sep-05
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 23:00


This is a drama that criticizes the mild punishment of teenagers who commit intense crimes in school that are just as bad as those that occur in society.

Ki Moo Hyuk (Yoon Kyun Sang) is a lawyer with a high winning rate. He only cares about money. Due to a murder case at a high school which he deals with, his reputation as a lawyer hits rock bottom. In order to regain his good name as a lawyer, he sneaks into the high school and begins to work as a temporary teacher with the name of Ki Kang Je. He tries to reveal a secret which the students have.


Main Cast

Yoon Kyun Sang as Ki Moo Hyuk / Ki Kang Je
Geum Sae Rok as Ha So Hyun
Choi Yoo Hwa as Cha Hyun Jung

The Four Top Students

Lee Joon Young as Yoo Bum Jin
Choi Kyu Jin as Lee Ki Hoon
Han So Eun as Han Tae Ra
Kim Myung Ji as Na Ye Ri

Chunmyung’s students

Jang Dong Joo as Kim Han Soo
Jung Da Eun as Jung Soo Ah
Byung Hun as Ahn Byung Ho
Kwon So Hyun as Seo Yoon Ah
Shin Jae Hwi (신재휘) as Son Joon Jae

Chunmyung’s teachers

Jun Suk Ho as Lee Tae Seok
Woo Hyun Joo as Jung Young Hye
Seo Yoon Ah as Jo Mi Joo
Kim Ye Won as Shin Hye Soo
Yoon Ji Wook as Kang Woo Jin

The Parents

Yoo Sung Joo as Lee Do Jin (Lee Ki Hoon’s father)
Kim Min Sang as Yoo Yang Ki (Yoo Bum Jin’s father)
Seo Ji Young as Woo Eun Hye (Han Tae Ra’s mother)

People around Ki Moo Hyuk

Lee Soon Won as Park Won Suk
Ji Chan as Song Jae Woo


Lee Jung Min as Kim So Hee
Wi Ji Yun as Choi Min Ji
Kwon Hyuk as Yang Sang Bae
Lee Bit Na as Lee Ji Eun
Kim Jin as Yoon Kyung Min
Cha Joong Won (차중원) as Jang Jung Tae
Choo Soo Bin as Park Eun Kyung


Lee Joon Hyuk as CEO trying to steal yongdoli mask patent
Tae Won Suk as designer of yongdoli mask

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon, JS Pictures
Director: Sung Yong Il
Screenwriter: Jang Hong Chul

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2019-07-17 1 1.814 -
2019-07-18 2 2.413 -
2019-07-24 3 2.686 -
2019-07-25 4 2.495 -
2019-07-31 5 3.008 -
2019-08-01 6 3.135 -
2019-08-07 7 2.975 -
2019-08-08 8 3.579 -
2019-08-14 9 3.547 -
2019-08-15 10 3.563 -
2019-08-21 11 3.683 -
2019-08-22 12 3.805 -
2019-08-28 13 3.529 -
2019-08-29 14 3.544 -
2019-09-04 15 4.257  
2019-09-05 16 4.781  

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Fishnet Says:

    Looks promising

  2. 2 : OK OK OK Says:

    nice story 🙂

  3. 3 : Phily Says:

    Jun… ❤

  4. 4 : Marlexis Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I am a University student doing currently my dissertation on how Korean tv drama influences potential tourists to visit Korea. I would be glad, if you could complete my questionnaire. It takes around 5 minutes to complete. Thank you and I appreciate it in advance.


  5. 5 : Kay Says:

    This should be an interesting role for Yoon Kyun Sang. Also sounds like a suspenseful mystery thriller which could be exciting 🙂

  6. 6 : gmail email login Says:

    It sounds like a good drama to watch. It’s nice to see Yoon Kyun Sang in a new project.

  7. 7 : Fado Revere Says:

    The drama is interesting. Indeed the opening scene captured me. I had to watch. I just wished the writer would provide a better reason for the courtroom violent outburst, than that a 20 year-old high schooler facing a 25 year jail-time (more after changing the plea to murder), couldn’t control his rage toward his lawyer, for disclosing to the court and therefore the world that his classmate girlfriend was turning tricks.

  8. 8 : Nana Ama Says:

    Always the nyc dramas are always shown late in the night . It affect their rating because few people are able to stay till that tym to watch . This drama is nyc but the rating is low due to the tym.

  9. 9 : hermannie Says:

    interesting story. i enjoyed watching every scene. Kudos to all the cast.

  10. 10 : Magenta Says:

    worth watch! interesting story

  11. 11 : OK OK OK Says:

    I enjoyed this class of lies very much. Really worth watching.
    I also enjoyed Rebel which leads me to look for lead actor Yoon Kyun Sang drama again.

  12. 12 : Mong Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. It was good. Interesting and suspenseful. Gripping.

    Unbelievable that a school could be corrupted by irreponsible and morally bankrupt adults, such that consequently the school turned into a place where students do not even feel safe to be there. Terrible !

    And there was a student there who turned out to be a psycho. I think his type of mental flaw is one of the most dangerous. Why so? Its cuz he appeared and behaved normal. But when looked and studied closer, he turned out to be coniniving, manipulative, exploitatative, abusive, a pathological liar, without a conscience, evil, intelligent, cunning and a control freak. And the other students were scared of him. He victimised them. (Does this sound like anyone familiar to you ??)

    Spoiler alert :

    I wont be a hypocrite here. I am actually happy that in the end, Yoon BeomJin the psycho student was killed off by an unknown killer with a lethal injection to the neck in a public place. He had escaped the court, but could not from the wrath of human justice. No tears here for YBJ. He has to be removed to keep society safe. 👏👏👏

    Hahaha … a puzzle here for us to solve. Who killed YBJ ?

    Just for the fun of it, let’s guess …. some viewers said most probably it could be Taera’s mom. She could have hired a killer. I think it could be HanSoo. He grew up with Sua. He understood and loved her the most. Killing her was like killing him. The pain of loss must have been terrible for him.

    So who do you think the killer is ?

    P/s Yoon BJ’s dad, politician Yoon YangGi who kept Sua prisoner as amistress was also a killer. Like father like son …

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