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City of the Sun

City of the Sun 05

Title: 태양의 도시 / City of the Sun
Chinese Title: 太陽的都市
Genre: Legal, Melodrama, Mystery
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC Dramanet
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-30 to 2015-March-21
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:50


This drama is based on a Japanese Novel “てつのほね / 鉄の骨” by “いけいど じゅん / 池井戸潤” which was then adapted into a Japanese drama in 2010.

The drama is about a young man, Kang Tae Yang (Kim Joon) who works at a construction company and harbors ideals of building people homes to live in, only to find that his company is engaged in corrupt activities.


Main Cast

Kim Joon as Kang Tae Yang
Song Min Jung as Han Ji Soo
Jung Min as So Woo Jin
Jung Joo Yun as So Hye Jin
Kim Sung Kyung as Yoon Seon Hee

Supporting Cast

Im Dae Ho as Park Yoon Sik
Jung Han Yong as Bae Myeong Je
Yoon Seung Won as President So
Son Min Suk as kang Da Goo
Seo Ji Yeon as So Eun Jin
Lee Hee Suk as Choi Dae Woon
Kim Kyung Ryong
Kim Joon Goo
Kim Duk Hyun
Shim Yang Hong
Ahn Sang Tae
Yoon Taek
Jung Woo
Bae Jin Woong as Jin Woong

Production Credits

Directed by Jung Heung Soon, Park Ki Hyung
Screenwriter: Jung Jae Hong, Im Ri Ra


Kim Jeong Hoon was originally cast for the lead character in this drama, but dropped out of the project prior to filming.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2015-01-30 1 -
2015-01-31 2 0.683
2015-02-06 3 -
2015-02-07 4 -
2015-02-13 5 -
2015-02-14 6 -
2015-02-20 7 -
2015-02-21 8 -
2015-02-27 9 -
2015-02-28 10 0.621
2015-03-06 11 -
2015-03-07 12 -
2015-03-13 13 0.494
2015-03-14 14 -
2015-03-20 15 -
2015-03-21 16 -

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


City of the Sun Poster1

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Official Site

Kim Joon
Song Min Jung
Jung Min
Jung Joo Yun
Kim Sung Kyung

Watch Online in Viki.com (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : Song Ji Hyo Says:

    Waaah. I missed you Kim Joon! What happened to your face? It looks so thin. Your flower boy aura disappear, but you’re still handsome. Anyways, I’l give your drama a try. :)))

  2. 2 : Iris Says:

    If anyone knows where it is being subbed, please let us know. Please send subbing requests to Drama Fever and Viki as well as Soompi TV

  3. 3 : Jisung Says:

    He look so thin

  4. 4 : dhayianne Says:

    congrats kim joon! at last you are the lead actor in this drama! i’m excited to see you again. your acting in endless love is superb! keep it up!

  5. 5 : sami Says:

    where can I watch this drama?if any body know please tell me .thank u

  6. 6 : Shin Se Gi Says:

    will watch this for kim joon

  7. 7 : Mayin Says:

    yes, anyone knows where to watch this subbed, pleeez tell

  8. 8 : Iris Says:

    If anyone knows where to watch it with subs, please let us know

  9. 9 : Ladyanne Says:

    hello…anyone knows where can i download this drama

    thank you

  10. 10 : Ladyanne Says:

    hello….anyone knows where can i download this drama,

    thank you

  11. 11 : rrr Says:

    kim joon is so thin and so big eyes what happen to you youre not handsome anymore.. you better in boys over flower…

  12. 12 : rrr Says:

    kim joon i think you need a lot of rest and have a peaceful mind.

  13. 13 : myrna Says:

    looks like there will be no English subs on this drama. Got the message..

  14. 14 : rrr Says:

    that’s too bad “city of the sun”

  15. 15 : KDCraze Says:

    This drama is based on Japanese novel ” Tetsu No Hone/ Bones Of Steel ” by Ikeido Jun. It’s a remake of Japanese drama “Hanzawa Naoki” which is a hit drama in Japan.

    For those who want to watched Kim Joon in Korean Version can watch it in Epdrama.com or Youtube but it’s only in Korean language and no english translation. But if you want to watch the Japanese Version there is english translation of it.

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