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Chuno @ The Slave Hunters

Title: 추노 / The Slave Hunters
Chinese title : 推奴 / 追奴
Also known as: Pursuing Servants / Chuno
Genre: Historical, fusion
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-06 to 2010-Mar-25
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM


Chuno follows the story of Lee Dae Gil, a man of high birth whose family was ruined when Won Ki Yoon, a slave, burnt down his house and escaped with his sister, Un Nyun, who was in love with Dae Gil. Driven by his desire for revenge, he survived his harsh years on the street and made his name as a slave hunter, dedicated in his pursuit to find Un Nyun, his first and only love. Song Tae Ha is a General of the Army who became a slave after being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, and finds himself on the run from Dae Gil’s relentless pursuit. Both men become entangled in a love triangle with Un Nyun, who is no longer a runaway slave, but Kim Hye Won, a nobleman’s daughter.


Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil
Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae Ha
Lee Da Hae as Un Nyun / Kim Hye Won
Lee Jong Hyuk as Hwang Chul Woong
Gong Hyung Jin as Eop Bok
Han Jung Soo as General Choi
Kim Ji Suk as Wang Son
Kim Ha Eun as Sul Hwa
Yoon Gi Won as Won Ki Yoon
Sung Dong Il as Chun Ji Ho
Danny Ahn as Baek Ho
Joo Da Young as Eun Sil
Jo Jae Wan as Kim Seong Hwan
Kim Ha Yoon as Kang Bin
Yoon Dong Hwan as Yong Gol Dae
Kim Young Ae as Mo Ka Bi
Kim Gab Soo as King Injo
Kim Eung Soo as Lee Gyeong Shik
Ha Si Eun as Lee Sun Young
Ahn Suk Hwan as artist Bang
Jo Mi Ryung as Keunjumo
Yoon Joo Hee as Jakeunjumo
Yoon Ji Min as Yoon Ji
Lee Dae Yeon as Myeong An
Kim Jin Woo as Prince Seok Gyun
Kang Sung Min as Prince So Hyun
Lee Dae Ro as Im Yeong Ho
Choi Duk Moon as Jo Sun Bi
Yoon Moon Sik as Ma Eui
Yoon Jin Ho (윤진호) as Park Jong Soo
Min Ji Ah as Cho Bok
Jo Sung Il (조성일) as Lee Kwang Jae
Jo Jin Woong as Kwak Han Sum
Park Ki Woong as Geu Boon
Kim Young Ok as (Chul Woong’s mother)
Lee Ha Neul as Pyung Min
Go Joon Hee as Jae Ni
Kim Hae In as Ah Nak Ne
Jo Sung Ha as Minister Lee Jae Joon
Song Ji Eun as gisaeng Chan
Lee In as Grand Prince Bong Rim
Jun Joon Hyuk as Prince So Hyun’s son
Yoo Chae Young as gisaeng (cameo)
Jun Se Hyun as gisaeng (cameo)
Wi Yang Ho as bandit boss (cameo)
Oh Ji Heon as bandit (cameo)
Choi Chul Ho (cameo)
Jung Ho Bin as Shin Jang Goon (cameo)
Marco as nobleman (cameo)
Lee Won Jong (cameo)
Ahn Seung Hoon
Ahn Kil Kang
Lee Han Wie
Jo Hee Bong
Sa Hyun Jin
Jang Seo Won
Lee Sul Goo as nobi (male servant)
Oh Jung Tae

Production Credits

Production Company: Chorokbaem Media
Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
Screenwriter: Chun Sung Il (천성일)


– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Jang Hyuk)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Novella Drama – Actor (Oh Ji Ho)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Sung Dong Il)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-Jan-06 1 22.9 (4th) 23.8 (3rd)
2010-Jan-07 2 24.8 (2nd) 25.3 (3rd)
2010-Jan-13 3 27.2 (2nd) 27.6 (3rd)
2010-Jan-14 4 30.8 (2nd) 31.4 (2nd)
2010-Jan-20 5 30.3 (2nd) 31.0 (1st)
2010-Jan-21 6 33.7 (1st) 34.9 (1st)
2010-Jan-27 7 31.6 (1st) 31.7 (1st)
2010-Jan-28 8 33.5 (1st) 34.3 (1st)
2010-Feb-03 9 34.6 (1st) 35.2 (1st)
2010-Feb-04 10 35.0 (1st) 35.8 (1st)
2010-Feb-10 11 32.5 (1st) 32.6 (1st)
2010-Feb-11 12 33.9 (1st) 34.0 (1st)
2010-Feb-17 13 32.5 (1st) 32.4 (1st)
2010-Feb-18 14 31.9 (1st) 31.7 (1st)
2010-Feb-24 15 31.9 (1st) 32.2 (1st)
2010-Feb-25 16 33.4 (1st) 33.6 (1st)
2010-Mar-03 17 31.6 (1st) 31.8 (1st)
2010-Mar-04 18 33.8 (1st) 33.8 (1st)
2010-Mar-10 19 33.5 (1st) 34.0 (1st)
2010-Mar-11 20 32.0 (1st) 31.5 (1st)
2010-Mar-17 21 31.2 (1st) 30.9 (1st)
2010-Mar-18 22 30.4 (1st) 29.6 (1st)
2010-Mar-24 23 32.8 (1st) 33.2 (1st)
2010-Mar-25 24 35.9 (1st) 36.3 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Official Site

Trailer – Trailer I, Trailer II, Trailer III

Official Trailer

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  1. 1 : Thiozard Says:

    seems to be an interesting colossal drama
    i hope so…

  2. 2 : beth Says:

    A must watch period (saeguk) drama…with a lot of action and a threesome love story.

  3. 3 : kenji Says:

    Oh ji ho in period drama? I must watch!!!

  4. 4 : Jane Says:

    A CHUNO site at last!

    Wishing Chuno a huge success!!

  5. 5 : Suzy Says:

    YESHHH LEE DA HAE latest drama!! cant wait for thiss

  6. 6 : raz Says:

    a great cast and an intresting plot anyway good luck with the rating.

  7. 7 : jane Says:

    Interview with the Stars of 추노 Chuno/ Slave Hunters


    Interview with Stars of ‘The Slave Hunters’

    “The Slave Hunters,” which is scheduled to air on January 6 on KBS2, is a period drama about two men–one chasing a slave who ruined his noble family and the other an army general reduced to a slave–and a woman both men love. Jang Hyuk will play the slave hunter Lee Dae-gil and Oh Ji-ho the army general Song Tae-ha. Lee Da-hae was cast for the role of the lucky woman Kim Hye-won. The three stars gave a pleasant interview ahead of the show’s release.

    Q. (To Oh Ji-ho and Lee Da-hae) This is the first time you two have appeared in a period drama. How do you like it?

    Oh: It was certainly not easy at first. The way of talking was quite unfamiliar to me, and I was told a lot that it didn’t suit my image. I also felt pressure since this is the first time I’ve starred in a historical drama. But now I am really enjoying it. Compared to dramas of present-day life, an epic drama has fewer lines to deliver but has more spectacular scenes to watch. There’s more fun in shooting it.

    Lee: I too was worried a lot since I’ve never appeared in an epic show. But it turned out to be really fun. Now I have no problem climbing a mountain and answering nature’s call on a mountainside. The thing I like most is that I can spend a lot of time with other cast members and staff. Because the shooting takes place in a remote mountain, we have no choice but to be together all the time, eating together and talking together.

    Lee Da Hae: It’s also my first time doing a sageuk so I’m worried. I had to go up the mountain from early in the morning so I’ve become good at it. I’ve learned to use the mountain as a bathroom. When shooting a modern drama I go to my car when there’s time off. Now since we shoot in the mountains, we eat together and talk together. I really like this.

    Q. (To Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-hae) This is the second time you two have starred in a drama together. How do you feel about it?

    Lee: It’s good to work with him again. I feel comfortable acting since I already know him.

    Lee Da Hae: It’s been a long time so I’m really happy to see him on the set again. I’m comfortable with him and I think it’d be nice if we have many scenes together soon,

    Jang: I found her very cool when we performed together in the previous show. So I’m very happy to work with her again. And I think a lot about how I can successfully express feelings for her since we are parted early in the drama and reunited a long time later.

    Jang Hyuk: In the previous drama I thought she was a really cool actress. I’m really happy I get the chance to match that feeling again in ‘Chuno’. I’ve also thought a lot about how to express it in this drama since we are parted early and meet again later.

    Q. (To Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji-ho) It seems you will be able to impress many fans with your well-built bodies. How have each of you worked out to build such a physique?

    Jang: I’ve tried to make my body suitable for my character, who needs to look agile rather than muscular. And that’s what the director wanted as well. He told us that since the drama is about men who basically live on the street, we need to engage in lots of physical activities and look tough and swift.

    Jang Hyuk: Rather than making a great body, I think about how a ‘hunter’ should be. Rather than just muscles, I tried to make it suitable to the character. When the director first met with the actors he said that he wanted to make it like ‘300’. Because the story is about men who live on the street we need to build up our bodies. I am about 258 while Ji Ho-ssi is about 274 ^^.

    Oh: I’m not as well-built as Jang. All actors in our drama boast a good body. Jang’s even nicknamed “chocolate man” because his stomach is so well-built that it looks like a square chocolate bar.

    Oh Ji Ho: I’m a bit weaker than Jang Hyuk-ssi. I’m probably about 234? Everyone in ‘Chuno’ have great bodies. Jang Hyuk’s nickname is..Chocolate~!

    Lee Da-hae interrupted, saying, “That’s why I like coming to the shoot. I was surprised to see all of them have such a nice body. Jang and Oh are making real efforts to keep fit and they like working out so much that they do it even on the set whenever they find available time.”

    Q. (To Oh Ji-ho) Do you have any difficulty playing your role since he is supposed to be good at martial arts as an army general?

    Oh: I had a hard time at first. Not only is it the first time that I appear in a historical and action drama, but I also have to use a big, heavy sword. I had lots of cuts and injuries. But I’ve gotten used to it, and Jang helps me a lot. So, it’s ok now.

    Q. (To Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji-ho) You are at odds with each other in the drama. But how do you get along in reality?

    Oh: We hit it off easily because we are the same age, although our interests are a bit different since he’s married and I’m not. I don’t usually gets nervous about people I work with, but I do when I’m with Jang because he is such a great actor who gives all he has to his role. And he is humorous, too.

    Jang: I think Oh is very smart. He is also doing his best in his work. And I’m more humorous than Oh. (laughter) That’s perhaps because I’m married.

    Q. (To Lee Da-hae) You must be very happy to be at the shoot, right? And who is closer to your ideal type?

    Lee: Yes, I am. It’s so much fun. Often I am the only woman at the shoot, so everyone is so kind to me. I won’t be able to do any other work after this. And it’s hard to tell who is closer to my ideal type because both of them have their own charms.

    Hearing that, Oh said jokingly, “You should choose me since I’m single,” while Jang said, “It’s just ideal type, and you should remember that we have starred together previously.”

    Q. (To Lee Da-hae) You look happy going to the set.

    LeeDa Hae: Yes, It’s so much fun. I laugh all the time. There are many times that I’m the only woman on set~so of course I’m happy! I don’t think I ‘d be able go to any other set/drama now ^^

    Q: Who is your ideal man among the two?

    Lee Da Hae: I really hate this kind of questions

    Oh Ji Ho: Why? It’s simple!! I’m not married yet!

    Jang Hyuk: (busting) It’s just ideal type. (talking to himself) It’s our second time working together.

    Lee Da Hae: It’s really hard. They both have their charms.

    Jang Hyuk: We really dislike being compared like weights

    Oh Ji Ho: For us we have one person to choose! I choose Lee Da Hae-ssi!!

    Jang Hyuk: (unable to bear) I…have to go home~

    The three stars all promised to give a good performance and asked viewers to show interest in the drama.

    Writer: KBSi Jin Yeong-ju
    Video: KBSi Chung Yeon-kyu, Kim Seung-hee
    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi – Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.
    cr: KBS Global

    Credit: Reproduced from O-Cha from the Soompi Chuno thread who filled in some of the missing bits that were not translated by KBS

  8. 8 : Arer Says:

    ^ thanks for the english translation.

    Lee da hae in hseaguk drama. Good to know she is doing some more challenging roles. She is really talented actress her acting is very realistic.

    Chuno go! go! go! i hope chuno will get a high ratings. The plot is very interesting plus the actors/actresses.

  9. 9 : Beth Says:

    RE: Oh Ji Ho on Chuno/Slave Hunter

    Encouraging comment of Director Kwak Jung Hwan on OJH…..

    “CHUNO’s PD Kwak Jung Hwan said Oh Ji Ho will surpass Jand Dong Gun after CHUNO. (as posted by Kitland on Soompi Oh Ji Ho)

    Can’t wait what is in store for OJH as the runaway slave!

  10. 10 : kysha Says:

    Wow! Amazing cast of JH, OJH, LDH, Kim Ji Suk and Choi Chul Ho! Brings much anticipation!

  11. 11 : Jenna Says:

    Love Lee Da Hae!! it is the 2nd drama that she is Jang Hyuk are filming together after robber..

  12. 12 : Lovestar Says:

    Wow Oh Ji Ho first saeguk drama.

    I’ve read that Chuno director Kwak Jung Hwan has high praise of Oh Ji Ho as the runaway slave Song Tae Ha.

    Can’t wait for Jan 06, 2010

  13. 13 : jane Says:

    New teaser on found on Youtube:

    추노 예고편 ChuNo (Persuits Servant/ Slave Hunter, 推奴) Trailer 091216

  14. 14 : Norme Says:


    Thanks for the translation and would not miss this…fighting…

  15. 15 : Norme Says:


    Will be a hit drama…Luv all the cast..fighting…..

  16. 16 : Pinky Says:

    Yeah, Zio in historical drama……. MUST WATCH…….. 😀

    ZIO Fighting!!

  17. 17 : Sony Says:

    Lee Dae Hae back!
    she back!!!

  18. 18 : Jane Says:

    About LEE DA GIL, a nobleman turned slave hunter

    LEE DAE GIL (played by JANG HYUK)

    Late 20s.

    The only son of the yang ban/noble family preparing for state examination.

    He only has eyes for the slave girl Un Nyun.

    One day Un Nyun’s brother the slave Keun Nomee burned the house down. His (Dae Gil’s) whole family perished and he ran away and lived all alone.

    After that he took the path as a slave hunter to catch Keu Nomee and Un Nyun. He is now known as the best slave hunter in Joseon.

    He tries to forget Un Nyun’s face but he still cherishes her in his heart. After 8 years have passed even though Un Nyun is still in his heart he couldn’t turn back to the happy times because of his thoughts of revenge.

    He learned martial arts from the streets. He is clever and skillful in transactions.

    He seems cold hearted but he can’t ignore and kick people out of his heart.

    Then came a request from the military training center to capture the escaped Song Tae Ha.

    He overheard political talks and plots concerning the royal palace but with the pursuit of Song Tae Ha he found himself tangled in the center of royal power strife.

    His only aspiration wasn’t that big one: he just wanted to find the Keunomee siblings and to make his left men – General Choi and Wang Soni – settled. But the world did not allow him to achieve this. Or, his aspiration to live ‘outside’ the world must be a too big desire from the beginning.

  19. 19 : Jane Says:

    About KIM HYE WON aka UN NYUNEE (played by LEE DA HAE)

    The hunter’s first love, the hunted’s last love

    Mid 20s.

    When she was not aware of the status system, she just liked Dae Gil without any thought.

    As she got older and found out how different they were, she still couldn’t give up her love to him that she should have finished, to her agony.

    Hanyang (Seoul) was turned upside down during the Manchu invasion, Un Nyun was dragged by the troops.

    Dae Gil saw this but couldn’t do anything as he came too late to the rescue.

    Because of this Un Nyun suffered a lot.

    After being flailed, accused of seducing the son of her master, she was to be sold off.

    ‘Being sold off’ was nothing to a slave girl who saw her mom and dad all sold off, but at this moment, that was so sad because that meant she should part with Dae Gil.

    The day before she was to be sold off her older brother Keun Nomee set the house on fire and ran away.

    Keun Nomee begins working at a merchant business at Kyung Gang.

    Un Nyunee threw away her name and take on the name Kim Hye Won.

    Choi Sa Gwa, who had backed Keunnomi all the time, proposed Hyewon, and they got married. But on her first night she ran away.

    – How can a woman live in Joseon?

    – A woman is born as a man’s daughter and dies as a man’s wife,

    – A woman lives and moves at the will of a man

    She (Un Nyun) wants to end that kind of life.

    Hye Won, who only knows live at a house, comes out on the road at that moment. She doesn’t know the harsh world.

    Right before she is to be taken by bad men, Tae Ha’s help came like destiny and she went with him. They got entangled in a power struggle fight as Tae Ha went to look for prince Suk Kyun.

    After 8 years there is one name that she can’t forget for a moment-Dae Gil.

    Consistently with Tae Ha, she missed him (Dae Gil) when she hears the name of the demon like slave hunter with the same name.

    She was too late in finding out the slave hunter’s face is the face of Dae Gil.

  20. 20 : Jane Says:

    About SONG TAE HA (played by OH JI HO)

    Oh Ji Ho, best Joseon warrior SONG TAE HA turned runaway slave

    Early 30s.

    He is the best military warrior whose sword skills is unmatched in all of Joseon.

    He became the best Joseon warrior while being an instructor at the military training center. During the Manchurian invasion he lost his family but he kept fighting until King Injo surrendered and the war ended.

    He ventured into enemy territory alone and went head-to-head with Qing China general Yong Gol Dae but was defeated. He and Crown Prince So Hyeon were headed to Qing China.

    After 8 years he went back with Crown Prince So Hyun to achieve their big dreams together.

    After returning home, So Hyun suddenly died. Tae Ha was framed and became a slave.

    He lives quietly until he hears about So Hyun’s last son Suk Kyun in a death situation and escapes. He met Hye Won (Un Nyun) on the road.

    Though part of the servant/lowly class, he never lost his self-consciousness of having been a yangban/noble class.

    He reaches out to the undervalued low class in strengthening and enriching Joseon. He is building the dream that he had with crown prince So Hyun. Though So Hyun isn’t there anymore, Tae Ha believes in a new world with So Hyun’s son (in place).

    He threw away everything to get So Hyun’s son who was in a deathly situation.

    At the same time he protects Hye Won who goes along with him and whom he treasures as much.

    ~ This and the above 2 translations were provided by O-Cha of Soompi ~

  21. 21 : Jane Says:

    2009.11.02 19:10:51
    CHUNO’ Special Clip Revealed.. “Exciting and Sense Tingling”

    KBS special drama ‘Chuno’ released a special 3 minute clip and teaser poster.

    Ahead of the January first airing ‘Chuno’ unveiled the scenes of the previously mysterious drama. ‘Chuno’s’ special clip titled ‘Pursuit of Runaway Slave’ features touching music as the slave hunter gang of Jang Hyuk, Han Jung and Kim Ji Suk rode across the sand to start the clip.

    Later on the clip shows the slave hunter gang going after the runaway slaves. Jang Hyuk, who has trained for 10 years in Jeet Kune do as well as practicing other martial arts and horseback for ‘Chuno’, showed his intense eyes. Jang Hyuk showed his splendid action performance with his strong gaze and bringing down his opponent.

    He isn’t the only one. The other male lead Oh Ji Ho showed a different transformation as Tae Ha who because of a political purging became a slave and eventually breakout. All this time Oh Ji ho has shown his comic side in dramas such as ‘Fantasy Couple’ and ‘Queen of Housewives’. This time in this drama he shows acting transformation in scenes of being tortured while still maintaining his strong belief.

    ‘The Pursued’ Oh Ji ho, ‘The Killer’ Lee Jong Hyuk, ‘The Pursuer’ Jang Hyuk—these three men’s fateful encounter and the unpredictable victor among them makes for exciting action and dramatic development.
    Besides the nobility class, there is also the character Eop Bok who dreams of a new world for the slaves by killing off nobles. This is played by Gong Hyung Jin who usually plays funny role; this time he plans on impressing the audience by showing his charisma.

    There is also Kim Ji Suk who will show his cute side by playing the youngest of the slave hunter gang Wang Son. Wang Son is in charge of cooking, doing the laundry and other dirty work yet he is also a skillful slave hunter. There is also Dae Gil’s right hand man General Choi played by Han Jung Soo, the bad man Sung dong Il, elite warrior Jo Jin Woong and other strong characters played by an amazing cast making this drama something to look forward to.

    Meanwhile, along with the clip the drama also released its eye-catching teaser poster with the slave hunter gang appearing in the desert with the wind sweeping from one side to another. Jang Hyuk, Han Jung Soo and Kim Ji Suk bring vitality to the slave hunter gang in ‘Chuno’. In the teaser poster they went on a journey to look for runaway slaves. They bring a touching and intense feel to the teaser poster.

    The 3 minute clip and teaser poster showed the large scale production of KBS action sageuk ‘Chuno’ which will start in January 6, 2010.

    [Daily Economy Star Today Jang Joo Young reporting]


    Kudos to Maccay and O-Cha from the Soompi Chuno thread for posting the news and translating it!

  22. 22 : Jane Says:

    First Teaser Preview 2:31 version | 3:00 version

    2.31 version:

    3:00 version:
    Link here

  23. 23 : Jane Says:

    Chuno’s Official Teaser 1

    With Narration:

    Without Narration:

  24. 24 : Jane Says:

    Chuno’s Official Teaser 2


  25. 25 : Jane Says:

    Chuno’s Official Teaser 3

    추노 예고편 ChuNo (Persuits Servant/ Slave Hunter, 推奴) Official Trailer 091210

  26. 26 : Jane Says:

    [추노]Chuno Maiking-1 (Official Film)


  27. 27 : Jane Says:

    Behind the scenes of Chuno’s photo shoot:

    [추노]Chuno 推奴 チュノ 포스터 촬영 ☆必見 ポスター撮影カッコイッ!


  28. 28 : Jane Says:

    字幕[추노]Chuno interview♪♪♪ on kbs연예수첩 JangHyuk、OhJiHo、LeeDahe


  29. 29 : Jane Says:

    091123 – interview with Danny Anh who plays a cold-blooded warrior/swordsman ‘Baek Ho’

    Video Link:

  30. 30 : Jane Says:

    Interview with Danny Anh who plays a cold-blooded warrior/swordsman ‘Baek Ho’

    Article Link:

    [TV Report Hwang In Hye reporting] Danny Ahn, group god’s rapper turned actor, shows his charismatic acting as a cold-blooded swordsman.

    KBS drama ‘Chuno’ released pictures from filming as they unveil Danny Ahn’s intense eyes as the warrior ‘Baek Ho’. Baek Ho is sent to protect Hye Won (Lee Da Hae) watching her from the side. This character is a manly character combined with extraordinary martial arts skill. On November 15th during filming at Iksan Bamboo Forest Danny Ahn exposed his strong warrior self.

    On that day’s filming with the background of the bamboo forest Baek Ho was persistently pursuing Hye Won and ended up having a fight scene with Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho) who was with Hye Won at that time.

    A drama official said “The production team watched anxiously when Danny Ahn with his great concentration and charismatic acting conducted the scene of threatening his opponent and doing matching action scene with Oh Ji Ho.”

    Danny Ahn, who is doing every single shot sincerely, said “I will show a never before seen strong and tough side of me in the action sageuk ‘Chuno’.”

    ‘Chuno’ starring Jang Hyuk. Lee Da Hae, Oh Ji ho, Gong Hyung Jin, Lee Jong Hyuk and others will have its first broadcast on January 6, 2010.

    Pictures= chorokbaem media
    2009/11/30 [17:17]

    This article was translated by O-cha of Soompi! Thanks, 0-Cha

  31. 31 : amany Says:

    I am counting days to watch this drama^^ i even tell others to watch..the plot is interesting..the cast is well-match and it is enough to see Oh Ji-ho looking so serious in this drama..i am expecting lots of his charm there..
    Chuno: Fighting!!

  32. 32 : sowon Says:

    it is great that the drama is attracting attention long before airing by ads,pics and interviews..and I am so proud of Oh Ji-ho hard work in shooting the drama and participating in Saturday Challenges..he is my superman ;))
    best luck Oppa^^

  33. 33 : Beth Says:

    Me too I am counting the days…can’t wait

  34. 34 : Beth Says:

    Dear admi

    I love your first layout picture of Chuno. I find them very artisitic and intense.

    I was trying to press the forward blue curser but found out you have change the layout totally.

    Maybe its just me who have notice this… but I just want to brought it up.

  35. 35 : Luvlilady Says:


    Thank You so much for the synopsis of Chuno as well as the actors.

    Very well posted indeed.

  36. 36 : jane Says:

    Finally, a first class translation by O-cha on one of the earlier interivews that I have posted via free google translation:

    Oh Ji Ho’s interview:

    Link here

    Oh Ji Ho who will be appearing in 2010 KBS 2TV Special drama ‘Chuno’ said “Sageuk (Historical drama) is much more difficult than modern drama”

    In the drama ‘Chuno’ to air on January 6th Oh Ji Ho plays the character Song Tae Ha who became a slave due to political purging and later on ran away. This will be his first time in a sageuk.

    Oh Ji Ho recently met with reporters “In many ways sageuk is more difficult than modern drama.” “It’s the same format as a road movie, we go to many different parts of the country.”

    Oh Ji Ho said laughingly “We filmed for 3 months moving to various places from Hanyang to Jeju-do. Slave clothes are comfortable for shooting in Summer but recently it’s been very cold.”

    He said “In the drama I have to carry a sword a lot and it’s really long and heavy probably about 5kgs.” “In ‘Invincible Baseball Team’ I hold the bat, in the drama a sword. I think I’ve been putting too much pressure on my wrist lately.”

    While filming KBS 2TV ‘Invincible Baseball Team; and ‘Chuno’ Oh Ji Ho has shown a different appearance in public. Of course he looks muscular and tight bodied but he’s also grown his hair and beard and shows off his tough manly charms.

    He said “When I first grew my beard, everyone who saw me thought it was strange. When I looked at how I look during autumn, I think I look awkward.” “I’ve also heard people talk about the beard many times on ‘Invincible Baseball Team’ but the viewers seem to focus on the game. There’s still a lot of people who don’t know why I grew the beard” feeling bad about it.

    ‘Chuno’ is an action sageuk brought by the makers of 2008 ‘Kingdom of the Wind’ and 2009 ‘IRIS’. It aired its preview not long ago and since then viewers have expressed their interest in it.

    All this time Oh Ji Ho has been appearing in romantic comedies or melodramas only. He said “There’s a lot of action scenes here so it’s really tiring.” “The director looks at every scene and labors over them. There were times when we shoot only one action scene in a day.”

    “I’ve experienced being stepped on by a horse’s foot.” He also said “Sageuk action and modern drama action are very different. For sageuk we go to action school and we even have a distinguished martial arts director who worked in ‘Dae Jo Young’, ‘Land of the Wind’, ‘Emperor of the Sea (Hae Shin)’”

    He talked about his co-stars Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae. He said “I learned a lot from them” “Jang Hyuk is the same age as me but he has much more experience in acting out masculine characters. He motivates me. Also Lee Da Hae though younger is a mature actress. Visually good and she also matches well with sageuk.”

    Oh Ji Ho’s character Tae Ha will be pursued by the top Joseon slave hunter Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk) and they were destined to become rivals. They plan on showing a strong charisma and explosive force to capture the attention of the viewers.

    Oh Ji Ho said “All this time in my works I’ve often shown comical or gentle image.” In this drama I’d like to show a different side of my self.”

  37. 37 : sowon Says:

    the interview is just great..and the translation made big difference^^
    my fav part is when he said”“All this time in my works I’ve often shown comical or gentle image.” In this drama I’d like to show a different side of my self.”
    i do believe his full talent isnot shown yet and yes,a sageuk is an obvious way to prove that..
    p.s.i also liked his nice way of talking about his co-stars..he praises them in a very gentle way..and he talks about himself in a very simple way..not showing off character at all..what a gentleman:)

  38. 38 : cau2it Says:

    Good. Thanks so much!

  39. 39 : Jane Says:

    Sowon 27

    Yes, OJH is so humble, gentle and genuine when he talks about his co-stars. I really like him because of these qualities. He is such a Korean Jewel!

  40. 40 : Beth Says:

    Hello Admi

    Thank You so much for listening and bringing back the original layout of Chuno.


    Chuno Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 41 : Luvlilady Says:

    Yes Sowon (37)…Oh Ji Ho is a perfect gentleman and there is no doubt about it.

  42. 42 : Lovestar Says:

    Thank You Jane for posting (36) and O-cha for a wonderful translation on
    Oh Ji Ho interview.

  43. 43 : Jane Says:

    Chuno interview & pics:

    link here

  44. 44 : jane Says:



    In times when one who slaughters animals was called a butcher and looked down upon, a chuno was considered even more lowly than beasts for their job of hunting down human beings. But Dae-gil (played by Jang Hyuk) decides to become such a chuno to make a living after he becomes the only one left of his once-wealthy upper class household which has exterminated from a fire set by a servant under his control. Dae-gil, who takes on the boss of the top chuno gang of the Joseon Dynasty, composed of Jang-goon (Han Jung-soo) who ruins both himself and his family after failing to pass the military service examination and former thief Wangsoni (Kim Ji-suk), one day receive a request to capture Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho), a man slave in government employ, who has taken flight. Dae-gil, who must catch Tae-ha in order to maintain his reputation for the job and also to accumulate wealth in preparation for his old age, becomes involved in the mission he must complete while avoiding the threat of a mass of servants who have formed a society.

    Meanwhile, Tae-ha, a former military officer who falls from grace after the prince he served becomes assassinated, decides to run away from his life as a slave to achieve his dream of enhancing national prosperity and defense of the country. He does not have an easy time living as a slave on the run but his feelings start growing for another runway slave Hye-won (Lee Dae-ha) who actually used to be Dae-gil’s first love Un-nyun. The TV series will premiere on KBS2-TV on January 6, 9:55 P.M.

    Preview Rating: 9
    The press conference for “Chuno” was held at the CJ CGV theater in Youngdeungpo which holds a super-sized screen. Hence, the event itself saw technical difficulties but it was enough to prove the producer’s intention of wanting to flaunt the spectacular non-drama like features of the show. About ten episodes of the series are ready for showing and the cast and crew shot on various locations throughout the country while putting in great effort to the computer graphics to enhance viewers’ visual satisfaction.

    But to any extent, its majestic appearance will only serve as the base to the story. It seems that “Chuno” will not make the mistake of drowning all other elements to the drama with its sideshows. It breaks from the convention of simply laying out history in chronological order but sets its vanishing point as the standoff between the chaser and the one being chased. Therefore, history is what chases the characters into their state of chaos while most of their relationships are intertwined with personal conflicts and grudges. Whether “Chuno” will be a hit or failure will depend on how articulately the macroscopic background blends in with the microscopic stories. It will also be worth paying attention to how well director Kwak Jung-hwan’s density weaves in with writer Chun Sung-il’s pliability.

    Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong [email protected]
    Photographer : Chae ki-won [email protected]
    Editor : Jessica Kim [email protected], Lee Ji-Hye [email protected]

    This was posted by Samzz from the Soompi Chuno thread (thanks, Samzz!):
    link here

  45. 45 : Jane Says:

    Here’s another interview of the 3 Chuno main leads – I love seeing the way Lee Da Hae put her hand on Zio’s thigh so freely and unreservedly (00.49)!


  46. 46 : Jane Says:

    Trailer no. 5:


  47. 47 : mandi Says:

    Dear fans awaiting for Chuno, I wish all of us a Happy 2010, & wish this new year will bring Chuno success.

  48. 48 : mandi Says:

    4 more days to Chuno……….

  49. 49 : Arai Says:

    Janghuyk and lee dahe…can’t wait to see…goodluck chuno

  50. 50 : natasha Says:

    The previews look good i hope LDH ends up with JH in the series i really do not like OJH.

  51. 51 : Jane Says:

    3 more days to Chuno!

  52. 52 : Jane Says:

    2 more days to Chuno!

  53. 53 : jane Says:

    It’s CHUNO day!!! Yipee!

  54. 54 : Lovestar Says:

    Yes, yes, yes, its Chuno day.

  55. 55 : Lovestar Says:

    Dear Admi

    Love that ‘Chuno’ layout poster.

  56. 56 : Jane Says:

    Article on Chuno (translated via Google free translation)
    [± èÇü ¿ì Newsen News]

    Bale naked ‘chuno’ real-time ratings 20% giyeom Jackpot [2010-01-06 23:46:01]

    Bale naked ‘chuno’ scored the jackpot in the audience.

    Ratings, according to research firm AGB Nielsen Media Research, first aired six days a new tree KBS 2TV drama ‘chuno’ ratings of 20.0 percent recorded in real time, and the results beat expectations over. Collected each time the topic predecessor ‘Iris’ might be the glory of the figure.

    Per minute up to a 29.0% share of the audience is skeptical, 11:00 p.m. all of 2 minutes 25.2%. Seoul Standard liberal AdvertisingExcept in terms of average audience ratings in real time and may have some difference, but one with a sacrifice fly in real time over 20% of that audience that ‘chuno’ line is very encouraging.

    The collection of early expectations, chuno, the 6th anniversary broadcast one’s reputation and lead viewers to figure it was successful.

    A solid story and beautiful eyes of the audience captivated youngsangmi reef hoyeon of actors also shined. Realistic scale and seeing action in the moviesShinto Excels. 1-coast hookup theater bedroom Republic of Korea ‘Iris’ is a masterpiece pyeonggada enough to succeed.


    ± èÇü ¿ì [email protected]

    News Report and Press [email protected]

    Hands caught news, news visible (www.newsen.com)
    copyright ⓒ Newsen. Unauthorized redistribution prohibited rants

  57. 57 : Jane Says:

    ‘First’ chuno, Story – youngsangmi – acting, popular blowing ‘
    2010-01-06 23:45:41

    [My Daily = geumahra intern reporter] historical drama ‘chuno’ finally took off the veil

    6 days broadcast KBS 2TV ‘chuno, the audience receives the acclaim stems. The story, as well as chunoneun youngsangmi action, such as actors acting as a whole has a positive pyeong receives a clean start.

    Since when in the background byeongjahoran newcomer ‘chuno’ riding on the arm and was drawn like Novi chunokkundeului catch. Get the absolute hardest Novi selling on the bier Gil Lee (Jang Hyuk), the longest military (한정수) wangson 2 (gimjiseok) chunopaeui propagated took a tough look. The muhyeopji reminiscent of a good thing, for viewers to see offered. However, a gaudy action chunopaeui not like people to suffer under the slave receives the Joseon Dynasty had to live in Novi also depicted the sorrows and sadness viewers were even prehistoric.

    Youngsangmi also captured the attention of viewers. Drama’s first introduction to the camera that comes in handy redeuwon darIing. Youngsangmi and stylishly-dimensional view of damahnae film feels as if he gave them. Yimyeonseo the heart of a beautiful exotic background also attracted viewers.

    The drama stars luxury delay the dimensions of the completeness of the pyeonggada kkeuleoolryeotda. Looks like some of the goblins away Novi Station Gil Lee Jang Hyuk’s face and eyes after smoking, gwanno to live a life of humiliation, but escaped after being held chunopaee Scream jjikhimyeo stigma and vividly shows the spread of gonghyeongjin eopbokyi station audiences were gamtanke.

    As well as ambassadors, while the middle geoljuk jeonggameorin komikjeok elements mixed medium was not to be missed attractions. In addition, the Chosun period, including the lower classes of society as a whole look better in Vista has a solid story pyeong. Novi’s life, appearance, etc. jeojatgeori gutpan this happens is different from the existing dynasty dramas feels said.

    Bangsonghu bulletin, “the actors’ acting dotboyeotda” “is exciting,” “is like watching a movie,” and praised the Lord won.

    [First and receives finished the acclaimed ‘chuno’ (photo = KBS 2TV ‘chuno’ capture)]

    Geumahra intern reporter [email protected]

  58. 58 : Lovestar Says:

    Chuno rating

    Daily TV Rating – Wednesday 2009/01/06

    * TNS *
    Nationwide Ranking / Show / Network / Nationwide Rating / Seoul Rating / Seoul Ranking {if different from Nationwide}
    4. Chuno (KBS2) / 22.9%, 23.8% (#3)
    8. Will It Snow For Christmas (SBS) / 14.5% / 14.5% (#7)
    Hero (MBC) :

    Nationwide Ranking / Show / Network / Nationwide Rating / Seoul Rating / Seoul Ranking {if different from Nationwide}
    4. Chuno (KBS2) / 19.7% / 20.4% (#5)
    8. Will It Snow For Christmas (SBS) / 13.9% / 15.4%
    Hero (MBC) : 5.2%

  59. 59 : Beth Says:

    Its nice to know Chuno rating is high. Hope to be #1 soon.

    Haven’t watch it yet, still waiting for an english sub, but from the buzz its an excellent k drama.

  60. 60 : Arai Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drma..

  61. 61 : Jane Says:

    Article by K-popped – Thursday, January 7, 2010

    Lee Da-hae talks about The Slave Hunters co-star Jang Hyuk
    Apparently, Jang Hyuk is rather strange.

    Lee Da-hae, who portrays a runaway slave in the KBS drama The Slave Hunters, recalls a bizarre incident that happened right after filming a make out scene with Jang Hyuk.

    “I had a kiss scene with him in the drama Robber (Bulhandang) and I have one again in The Salve Hunters (Chuno). Right after doing the scene, he suddenly asked me, with utter seriousness: ‘What do you want to be in 10 years’ time?’”

    It looks like Jang Hyuk likes to surprise those around him with soul searching questions/ stories.

    His other The Slave Hunters co-star also has a strange Jang Hyuk story to tell.

    Oh Ji-ho said: “I ate with him after shooting an action scene then I had to talk with him about life for the next two hours. It was difficult because I was tired and also sleepy after the meal.”

    To which Kim Soo-ro interjected: “Two hours is nothing! I worked with him in Volcano High for almost a year and he told me life stories all the time!”

    So what does Jang Hyuk have to say about his quirky behaviour? While he admitted that he is a serious person, he also added: “I only did that to be closer to you guys.”

    The celebrities talked about this during the KBS 2TV programme Happy Together: Season 3.

    Catch the quirky Jang Hyuk and his fellow co-stars Lee Da-hae and Oh Ji-ho in The Slave Hunters, which will be airing on KBS World (Astro Channel 303) on Feb 3 at 9pm.

    Source: MSN News with translations by Joe Gimm


  62. 62 : Jane Says:

    A very nice article by [email protected] – January 6, 2010

    Chuno is Glorious

    As I started my preparation for episode 1 (a cup of tea, bathroom run, etc), I thought to myself, “What if I hyped this up too much? What if it falls flat?” But then immediately came back to my senses, “O silly girl. How many times did you drool over the trailers? How many times did you gaze with longing at the stills? How often were you tempted to frame them and hang them on the wall? Don’t be ridiculous.”

    Then a click of the mousepad brought the image that I had been breathing, to life. I’ve never been so happy to see sand blowing on my screen, so vivid even with the deadened colors that I felt like I was in a sandstorm. And then it almost immediately went into the trailer that I been glued to for the past 3 months, the fight scene at the bar. The one where Jang Hyuk is completely badass.

    I don’t plan on doing any type of recap. The most that I might do is put up some screencaps along with some thoughts because this is one drama that needs to be experienced in its full glory. With that said, it’s pretty amazing what can be created when dramas are shot and produced in advance. The detail in each shot is pretty amazing and the quality is stunning. Even while watching on my computer screen, I felt like I was in each scene. I especially love how the mostly dull and muted colors still express vivacity and leap off the page. And when it’s mixed in with the bright colors of the hanboks, it’s quite breathtaking to look at.

    Besides the cinematography, the story is engaging. The first episode moved quickly and was easy to follow (even for a sageuk novice like me.) It includes elements of humor (love that the slave hunters call their seniors unni), suspense, heroism, drama, and love. This episode was mostly focused on the 3 slave hunters; Lee Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk), General Choi (Han Jung Soo) , Wang Son Yi (Kim Ji Suk), and the plight of the runaway slaves, Eop Bok (Gong Hyung Jin) and family. (His daughter Eun Sil is played beautifully by Joo Da Young.)

    We only see glimpses of the mystery behind Song Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho) and his past partnership with Hwang Chul Woong (Lee Jong Hyuk). And we see flashbacks of the love between then high ranking, Dae Gil and slave, Un Nyun (Lee Da Hae): hot stones and all. It’s actually really cute.

    Lastly, I’ll just make one comment. Lee Da Hae is super pretty.

    Source & Link:

  63. 63 : Jane Says:

    Chuno brings in hit ratings with premiere episode

    January 6th, 2010 // by javabeans

    KBS’s Chuno kicked off to a fantastic start with a premiere boasting 22.9% ratings (that’s TNS; AGB puts it at 19.7%). In this day and age, that’s a great number for a series to end on, but to start off that high is something to get excited about. Already the press is calling it another IRIS — in terms of popular success, of course, not story.

    I’m not done with the first episode yet, but I’ve seen enough to say that the fusion sageuk thriller looks marvelous and feels badass. I was approaching it with lowered expectations because I thought the pre-show buzz was getting a little too heated based on mere stills and previews, but for once the premiere delivered on that excitement and then some. There’s a stylish directorial flair and breathtaking cinematography, on top of solid acting led by the chief slave hunter played by Jang Hyuk. Above all, there’s an energy pulsing through the show, and it’s been a while since we’ve (or I’ve) felt that.

    In the same timeslot, SBS’s Will it Snow For Christmas slipped into second place, but still managed to post a respectable 14.5%. MBC’s Hero continues to lag as it heads toward its finish with a 5.3%.

    Via E Daily
    Source and link:

  64. 64 : mandi Says:

    I’ve watched LDH in Hello Mss & My Girl but have never noticed her beauty. She looks great in Chuno.

  65. 65 : Pinky Says:

    Well, really happy to know “Chuno” brings in good ratings with 1 &2 episode. 😀


  66. 66 : Jane Says:

    Mandi (64)

    I agree, LDH is one of the prettiest actresses Ive come across! She can act! and I think she also looks good in sageuk costume.

  67. 67 : Pinky Says:

    I am glad that the 2 EP rating is geting higher……… LDH looks very pretty in sageuk costume.

  68. 68 : OopsyDaisy Says:

    Very impressed with the first 2 ep of Chuno. Love Jang Hyuk’s character. Lee Da Hae’s ethereal beauty totally shines thru even when she was in tatters. “East of Eden” completely wasted her beauty and talent. Hope she gets vindicated with the success of Chuno.

  69. 69 : Jane Says:

    Chuno Episode 1 (with Chinese subtitle):


  70. 70 : Jane Says:

    Chuno Episode 2 (with Chinese subtitle):


  71. 71 : Jane Says:

    CHUNO’s preview of Episode 3:

    KBS official website:

    Youku Link:

  72. 72 : Jane Says:

    CHUNO Episode 3 Preview on Youtube:


  73. 73 : jane Says:

    Here’s a very good review of Chuno by Javabeans:

    Chuno: Episodes 1-2
    January 11th 2010 // by javabeans


  74. 74 : Jane Says:

    Sneak peak of Chuno:


  75. 75 : Jane Says:

    Sneak Peak of Chuno:


  76. 76 : domee Says:

    I just saw Chuno Episode 4 at http://www.dramabang.com.
    It’s the best! ^-^

  77. 77 : Ethlenn Says:

    Great, great drama! Best start of the year^^

  78. 78 : Jane Says:

    “Chuno” ratings storm ahead

    January 15, 2010 17:01

    KBS2 TV series “Chuno” sailed ahead of its competitors on Thursday, its ratings breaching the 30 percent mark in just two weeks of its showing.

    According to estimates released by TNS Media Korea on Friday, “Chuno” scored a national viewership rating of 30.8 percent for its fourth episode which aired on Thursday. The drama had recorded a 27.2 percent rating the previous night.

    The show failed to surpass the 30 percent mark in statistics released by AGB Nielsen, but the viewership leapt by nearly two percent to record ratings of 28.2 percent.

    The traditional drama – which stars Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji-ho and Lee Da-hae – made a splashing debut last week with a 24.8 percent rating and has been gaining more viewers with each episode.

    Two other prime-time dramas during the same time slot – SBS’s “Will It Snow For Christmas?” and MBC’s “Hero” – trailed behind with viewership ratings of 11.7 and 5.0 percent, respectively.

    Reporter: Lynn Kim [email protected]
    Editor: Jessica Kim [email protected]


  79. 79 : Jane Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the cast and crew of CHUNO!!

  80. 80 : Jane Says:

    Episode 3

    Link with Chinese subs:

    Episode 4
    Link with Chinese subs:

  81. 81 : aurora Says:

    Lee da Hae is wonderful can any one tell me where i can watch online for all the episode??? I can’t find the drama online. I love LDH and she is my #1 korean actress beside Yoon eun Hye.Thank you,

  82. 82 : Emily Says:

    @ #81 aurora

    Chuno has just started 2 weeks ago. There are 2 episodes each week on every Wednesday and Thursday. Just check out the link that says “Watch online with English Subs”. Though the link is not active yet, but I believe it will be ready soon as the fantastic production team of Koreandrama.org is working on it ^__^ Just be patient okay?


  83. 83 : abcde Says:

    Very impressed with the first 2 ep of Chuno. I love LDH and OJH

  84. 84 : Jane Says:

    Chuno – making of:

    JH and the gang:


    Translated by Google Free translation (pls bear with it!)

    [Making] ‘chuno’ Jang Hyuk’s nakma (2010-01-18)

    # Nakma’s not too bad,

    To cope with unforeseen circumstances ‘adoring’ Jang Hyuk attitude ~

    Harsh and heartless, but Genuine and unquenchable in the chest and hugging ttadeutham ‘daegil’ the eyes, the ambassador, the action is coming up to 100% digestion Jang Hyuk!

    He looked in-depth SmokeIn addition, ‘Action Magnum Dramas’ like a brilliant man of action I’m catching the hearts of viewers Complete line,

    Such ‘Luxury’ to be acting ‘nakma’ smoke fighting spirit that was not even that nod~!

    ‘Chunopae’ tension filled chase scene and a ‘terrible’ situation was unexpected. And that we deal with the ‘passionate’ Jang Hyuk is the appearance of making the public on TV.

    In addition to the cute ~ Last wangson the youngest bull gimji ‘mother, a fan, and it will show you how we met ~ Meet the deal ^ ^

    Source: KBSTV

  85. 85 : Jane Says:

    [Making] ‘chuno’ – gang in wilderness scene


    ‘Chuno’ that aired before, and further improves the prospects for a Drama seutilkeot There’s been drawn down to the sand-it appeared that the three people it’s supposed to look for a sturdy young man!

    ‘Desert’ A lovely impression of this place, I, too, Claim he’s a beautiful part of our strong acid ^ ^

    Mudeo last summer was ready to meet the above wrestling with the viewers ‘stout man,’ ‘tough guy’, ‘man says’ ~ ~ ~

    ‘Chuno’ trio of distinctive appearance of making 놈놈놈 3 I’ve put on TV.

  86. 86 : Jane Says:

    Making of Chuno – Oh Ji Ho & Jang Hyuk in the reeds:


    [Making] ‘chuno’ ohjiho’s hot

    # TaehaOf the hot jam in the ‘Stone’ is not?!

    ‘Chuno’ broadcasting 3 inning as daegil (Jang Hyuk) – taeha (ohjiho) reeds in this thing!

    Both actors, along with the beautiful secretary of reeds, the tension of the birth of a print rich blend of action alarm,

    Mr. ohjiho hardest taeha station to shoot this scene haeteotseupnida sonkkopgido.

    In particular, with matdae daegil RESULTS injured in the face of real taeha did suffer,

    Actually on the set ‘Pain’ to withstand the hot pyeolchin ohjiho’s appearancePublic TV is in the making.

    Source: KBSTV

  87. 87 : Jane Says:

    Making of Chuno – Eopbok the sniper:


    # Sniper eopbokyi, daegil toward the muzzle me gyeonudeon

    ‘Chuno’ appears three times the end of broadcasting, viewers’ BreastJoyige to the very scene! Eopbokyi (gonghyeongjin) towards the daegil held at gunpoint, then one foot of the realm daegil (Jang Hyuk)’re out this late –

    Total sound realistic shot at the scene all the crew and actors flinch! Haneyo said.

    Full of dramatic force of the prehistoric eopbokyiro tension poles and Gonghyeongjinssi, The ideal spot in the atmosphere is making a high-speed camera, Lyle when he reproduce his smile was even prehistoric.

    Meet on the scene making the video.

    Source: KBSTV

  88. 88 : Jane Says:

    [Mini-interview] meet the villan ang Chul Woong played by Lee Jong Hyuk (or Lee Jong “Hot”)


    # Gwangpokhan assassin? The Villain reason

    One factor making the play more interesting story, that’s a good cop – KBS ‘chuno’ is even. Hwangcheolung charismatic assassin!

    Four times in the last broadcast of his wife appeared with a disability and did not attract the attention of viewers, a story he hwangcheolung Breast The figures bear to end journaling are interested tuned ~

    Anyway Tube inside a charismatic jakryeolin yijonghyeokssi, taking the field wearing a baseball bat in the coating hwidureugeona his coach and affectionately taking pictures Do a warm smile and excitement,

    Late last year, the bitter winter breeze move me, ‘chuno’ spot to meet in a public interview of Mr. Rae.

    Source: KBSTV (translated by Free Google Translation)

  89. 89 : Jane Says:

    [Mini-interview] with Wang Son (Kim Ji Suk) — The youngest member of the slave hunter gang:


    # ‘Chunopae’ chul’s younger!

    ‘Alam 미우나 of gangbaekho, Movies ‘National’ gangchilguga he’s right?

    ‘Straight life boy’ has changed gimji 180 seats! Yeosaek to illuminate chunokkuneuro ~

    Jang Hyuk – Novi 한정수 and chasing around the DPRK with the youngest chunopaeui ‘wangson this’. Absolutely majestic sand that divides When you arrive, but the brothers on behalf domatah housekeepers busy mumbling prayers ilssu’m away.

    As well as the drama correctly chunopaeeseo licorice role in bringing it up, and the atmosphere ‘chul’ gimjiseok!

    Last summer, when in the throes of shooting chunoui He quickly TV show, we want viewers’ affection for the work and the expectations that he was a-Plenty

    Director gwakjeonghwan special bond with, and yet, while he’s never seen an audience in the future .. jeonhaetdeon story, finally! Is open ^ ^

    Source: KBSTV (translated by free Google translation)

  90. 90 : Jane Says:



  91. 91 : Jane Says:

    Another Chuno avi


  92. 92 : domee Says:

    Try http://www.dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Korean_drama22
    They have all 4 Chono Episodes. The next one will be on Wednesday. I can’t wait.

  93. 93 : jane Says:

    Japan to air Chuno in April

    January 18th, 2010 // by javabeans

    KBS’s hit series Chuno has been scheduled for a Japanese broadcast, and will begin airing in April. The drama had built up strong buzz prior to its airing, and was sold to Japan and Thailand in December before its premiere had even been unveiled.

    With its high ratings (it’s already hit 30% within its second week) and high praise for its visual quality, expectations for Chuno are climbing ever higher. It’s likely that as the series picks up steam, lead actors Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji-ho will join the ever-growing pantheon of actors given the title of “Hallyu star,” per their heightened international profiles. (This goes for Lee Da-hae too, of course, though she already enjoys popularity in China.)

    Satellite channel Asia Dramatic TV will travel to the filming location next month to interview the cast and cover the production.

    Via Yonhap News

    Source: Dramabeans

  94. 94 : jane Says:

    Youtube links for those who have a hard time watching these on KBS site.

    JH and the gang~
    JH and KHE had fallen from the horse. JH had a little scratch on his arm/elbow.

    Chuno gang- Desert scene
    HJS and JH sunbathing. Man the dust!

    Jang Hyuk (Hot) and Oh Ji Ho (Hot) – reeds scene
    *woot,woot* JH and OJH’s abs! Good job OJH!

    Eop Bok shooting scene

    Lee Jong Hyuk( Hot) mini interview

    Kim Ji Suk mini interview

    source: [email protected]

  95. 95 : Jane Says:

    Article praising Oh JI Ho


    Source: [Gimjingyeong News [email protected]]

  96. 96 : Jane Says:

    Recaps of Chuno: Episode 3
    January 18th, 2010 // by Samsooki


  97. 97 : Jane Says:

    Another article praisin Oh Ji Hot


    Source: [email protected]

  98. 98 : Myong Pittman Says:

    I like to watch the korean drama

  99. 99 : jane Says:

    Found this Chuno” Lee da hae & Oh ji ho fanmade MV” by agentcalvz

  100. 100 : Jane Says:

    Oh Ji-ho Impresses Viewers in “The Slave Hunters”

    Oh Ji-ho is being lavished with praise for his performance in the KBS2 period drama “The Slave Hunters.” He is playing Song Tae-ha, a former army general reduced to a slave being pursued by slave hunter Lee Dae-gil, played by Jang Hyuk.

    Appearing in a period drama for the first time in his career, Oh is leaving an unforgettable impression with a new masculine yet serious image as opposed to his usual timid, comic image.

    ▲ Scenes from the January 14 episode

    In the fourth episode on January 14, he did not fail viewers. Falling unconscious from an injury, Tae-ha had a bad dream of the time when he lost his wife and child to China’s Qing Dynasty soldiers. When the Chinese army left his town after a battle, Tae-ha returned home only to find his wife dead, holding in her arm their son who was still alive. He carried his baby and went after the Chinese soldiers to attack them. But when he checked on his baby after the fight, he found him dead and wept aloud.

    Many viewers said that his performance was so real that they wept with him. On the drama board, comments read, “It’s overwhelming to see Oh crying,” “It shows another side of Oh. He is perfect in performing the role,” and, “It made me cry along with him. He just suits the role perfectly.”

    Meanwhile, excitement and tension is running high for the drama as Dae-gil began chasing after Tae-ha and discovered that Kim Hye-won (Lee Da-hae), a former maid of Dae-gil’s family whom he loved, was with Tae-ha, hinting at strife between them.

    “The Slave Hunters” is enjoying great popularity, with viewing ratings exceed 30 percent in just four episodes.

    Writer: Jin Yeong-ju
    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi ? Any reproduction and distribution without permission is prohibited.


  101. 101 : mandi Says:

    I wasn’t confident with Chuno at first as i’ve never watched any historic drama. Juz finished watching 5 eps of Chuno & i must say i’m already hooked on to it. This drama is packed with actions, emotions & best of all, hot guys, all dressing in a revealing manner 😛 Ohjiho’s acting is the part that capture my soul, oops, in fact i am not seeing ojh anymore. I mean, i simply fell in luv with Song Tae ha & sympathise his plight.

  102. 102 : mandi Says:

    Juz for fun ………….why is Un Nyun / Hye Won’s white dres still so clean and white when she’s on the run? Has she been cleaning it quietly when Tae ha was resting?

  103. 103 : mandi Says:

    I like the part where the 3 slave hunters run up & down chasing for Tae ha. They’re so energetic.

  104. 104 : Jane Says:

    [Making] ohjiho, his ‘real’ snake?!

    # ‘Jimseungnam’ ohjiho, He chewed ’snake’ the reality of the public


    KBS ‘chuno’ soaring in popularity and are maenghwalyak ‘Taeha’Station ohjiho! Broadcast five times in the last meal on the run to solve the taeha T…his snake bite baemgajukeul peeled, burnt food scene did appear, After the broadcast, No way could it be real …. the snake ….?The audience was full of your questions!

    Hot action and hot tears in the viewers’ acclaimed ohjiho,I wonder whether he really baemgajukeul cleared?In making that reality TV is all open!!

    Cr: KBSTV

  105. 105 : Jane Says:

    [Making] Song Taeha vs bandits, beonoedaegyeol


    # Beonoedaegyeoleseo need
    ……… ‘Power’ than the ‘Ad libitum’?

    KBS2 ‘chuno’ viewing pleasure, another thing, the surprise appearance Cameo. It’s set up with an unexpected comic.

    Broadcast five times in th…e past on the run Taeha and Hye Won 2 Skewers Met with me, full of urgency, yet the moment ‘chuno’ own fun, light-balhaetneundeyo.

    The scene in the field of fine actors keep popping NG and just had to laugh haneyo said. Of bandits and taeha beonoedaegyeol, who is the winner journal. Please check the TV in the making ^

    ^See MoreKBS TV특종
    Source: http://www.kbs.co.kr

  106. 106 : Jane Says:

    Something about OJH catching the snake himself??


    link here

  107. 107 : domee Says:

    I’ve just finished Chuno Episode 6 at http://www.dramabang.com It’s getting better! Dae Gil rocks.

  108. 108 : jane Says:


    Chuno ratings for Episode 21 January 2010

    NATIONWIDE 33.7(1ST)
    SEOUL 34.9 (1ST)

    Well done everyone!!


  109. 109 : Jane Says:

    CHUNO Episode 7 trailer:


  110. 110 : Jane Says:

    ‘The Slave Hunters’ Awes Viewers with Chase Scene

    The KBS2 epic drama “The Slave Hunters” put viewers on edge with a breathtaking 10-minute chase scene in the January 20 episode.

    In the previous episode on January 14, Lee Dae-gil (Jang Hyuk) accepted a request by high-ranking government official Lee Gyeong-sik (Kim Eung-soo) to hunt down Song Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho). After coming within arms-length of his prey, Dae-gil continued to track down Tae-ha and found that he was hiding in a village inn with a woman.

    Dae-gil, along with his fellows, made a surprise attack on the inn, but it appeared that Tae-ha had already departed. Learning that the room Tae-ha had been staying in was still warm, Dae-gil surmised that Tae-ha would not have been able to go far and ordered his fellows to go after him.

    But when Seolhwa (Kim Ha-eun) followed them despite Dae-gil’s order to stay behind at the inn and muttered that she couldn’t understand why Tae-ha didn’t take the horse, Dae-gil realized that he had been deceived. He hurriedly returned to the inn only to find Tae-ha had fled.

    Tae-ha was initially hiding near the inn when Dae-gil and his men arrived. He came back to the inn when Dae-gil and his men left and, guessing that Dae-gil would come back, packed his things and left. Losing Tae-ha again, Dae-gil did not give up and engaged in another chase.

    Many viewers said on the drama board that they are getting attached to the drama with each episode, and what looks like a simple story of a man chasing another man makes them sit on edge, feel sympathy and laugh at the same time, with the chase scene in the January 20 episode being particularly exciting.

    Meanwhile, comedians Kim Kyung-jin and Oh Ji-hyun made cameo appearances in the episode. The drama features cameo roles in each episode.

    Writer: Lee Hye-mi of TV Report

    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi – Any reproduction and distribution without permission is prohibited.


  111. 111 : Jane Says:

    Kim Ji Suk and Lee Jung Hot’s NG scenes:


  112. 112 : Kenji Says:

    Ojiho, you’re not only superb not only in your looks, but also your acting. I love you oh ji hot !!!

  113. 113 : Jane Says:

    KBS Global update:

    Rookie Actress Stands Out in ‘The Slave Hunters’ [2010-01-25]

    A new face in the latest KBS2 drama “The Slave Hunters” is drawing great attention with her outstanding performance. Ha Shi-eun plays Lee Seon-yeong, a daughter of high-ranking government official Lee Gyeong-sik (Kim Eung-soo) and wife of military general Hwang Cheol-woong (Lee Jong-hyuk) who has cerebral palsy.

    Making her first appearance in the fourth episode on January 14, Ha instantly caught the eyes of viewers by portraying the physical difficulties experienced by those with the disorder in a convincing way. She was compared to actress Moon So-ri, who received the best actress award at the Venice International Film Festival in 2002 for her role of a woman with cerebral palsy in the film “Oasis.”

    [ photos]
    ▲ Scenes from the fifth episode featuring Ha Shi-eum

    The fifth episode on January 20 featured one of the most impressive scenes, where she struggles to write a letter to her imprisoned husband, saying, “Please do not try to stand up against my father. He is capable of doing anything for his purposes. It’s so hard for me to write you this short message. It took me almost the entire day to write it.”

    The drama board was inundated with praise for her, including comments such as, “Who is this new face, Ha Shi-eun?,” “I can’t believe she’s just acting. It looks real,” “Her performance is unforgettable,” “It seems that she herself identifies with her role. Her performance is better than any of the other actors’.”

    Meanwhile, as the two main characters are engaged in a breathtaking chase, “The Slave Hunters” is enjoying growing popularity with ratings of 30.3 percent on January 20, the highest among shows in the same time slot.

    Writer: Jin Yeong-ju

    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi – Any reproduction and distribution without permission is prohibited.


  114. 114 : Jane Says:

    Jang Hyeok: ‘I was Drawn to the Duality of Dae-gil’


    A reporter straightforwardly asked actor Jang Hyuk (34), “Do you feel good or bad if people say your acting skills have improved?” Jang has generally played main characters for 12 years since debuting in 1988.

    Jang replied earnestly, as usual, “Of course it makes me feel good. However, my performance did not improve all of sudden, but it has been gradually improving until now, even though people cannot catch up on my improvement.”

    The reporter met Jang, who stars in the KBS 2TV “The Slave Hunters,” which has recorded 30 percent viewer ratings, at a cafe in Apgujung-dong on January 20. He has received favorable evaluations by appearing the drama.

    Jang said, “The drama fans’ attention makes me feel good to know that my work is appreciated, but it still has not hit me yet. The viewer rating of my latest drama ‘Scoundrels’ was under 10 percent.”

    In “The Slave Hunters,” Jang plays slave hunter Dae-gil, who chases after runaway slaves. Dae-gil was a descendent of a wealthy upper class family, but he became a slave hunter in order to make a living after his household was killed by a fire set during the Manchu war of 1636.

    During the subsequent 10 years, Dae-gil, who had grown up in a very sheltered environment, became a merciless and chauvinistic hunter.

    Jang gives an energetic performance of the role of Dae-gil, who is a cruel slave hunter bent only on survival.

    In the drama, Jang, who has been practicing Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s martial arts discipline) since 2001, performed the action scenes in a convincing way on High-definition TV.

    Jang said, “Actually, I am interested in playing the character of the male chauvinist Dae-gil because I am not that kind of person in real life. However, Dae-gil still has sympathy for humankind deep in his heart even though he is a merciless slave hunter. It is not easy for slave hunters, who are considered even lower than butchers for their job of hunting down human beings, to show caring for other people, but Dae-gil eventually shows his heart to people.”

    Dae-gil hears people calling him a scoundrel due to his cruelty as a slave hunter who works solely for money; however, he released an enslaved mother and her daughter secretly after catching them.

    Jang said, “However, Dae-gil is not a righteous person who follows a great cause. It seems he rescued the mother and her daughter because he simply felt compassion for them.” Jang added, “Dae-gil might experience struggles between good and evil on the inside. He still has humane qualities even though he is a merciless slave hunter. I was drawn to his duality.”

    In the drama, Dae-gil not only chases slaves for money, but he also searches for a slave Eon-Nyeon (Lee Dae-hae), with whom he fell in love and was separated from due to the ravage of war.

    Jang said, “Dae-gil does not know what he would do after finding Eon-Nyeon. For him, Eon-Nyeon is a symbol of his past 10 years when he lost everything, including his privileged status and family members. He has hatred as well as love toward her because Eon-nyeon’s older brother destroyed his family and his life by setting Dae-gil’s house on fire.”

    In the drama, Dae-gil does not wear much clothes. Dae-gil shows off his strong abdominal muscles by wearing sparse outer clothing or not putting on a shirt. His muscles seem to have been well developed over a long period of time. Jang said, “I did not stop exercising after debuting. I like exercising — I do it almost everyday — and I think it is important to treat myself right. In the drama, Dai-gil has been building muscle not for showing off to other people, but because of his struggle for survival. To pull off the role, I think it is a good thing I have exercised for a long time.”

    He added, “In addition, the camera director has tried to accentuate my muscles during the action scenes. I also try to frequently do chin-ups and lift dumbbells even while shooting the scenes.”

    However, the slave hunters wear more clothing as the weather becomes colder late in the drama. Jang said, “The season will change in the eighth episode. I think I showed enough of my body to the viewers (laughing).”

    Jang has personally experienced many changes over the past five years. He hastily joined the military because he was involved in draft irregularities and became the father of two children after a sudden marriage announcement.

    Jang has appeared in six dramas over three years without pause. Through the process, he has received favorable evaluations that his acting skill has been improving.

    Jang said, “I learned and realized many things through my different acting experiences. I think an actor performs best when he is in his thirties and forties. I have an expectation for myself that I will show a better performance these days as I get older. I am very happy right now as a father of two children as well as an actor.”

    Jang said, smiling, “I would like to show how married men can also be attractive actor to viewers.”


  115. 115 : Chuno Lover Says:

    Chuno Episode 6 is ready in ViiKii.
    You can watch Chuno with English subtitle, Spanish subtitle, or French subtitle.


  116. 116 : Love Chuno Says:

    Thank You Chuno Lover. I am so pleased.

  117. 117 : domee Says:

    Chuno is the best!
    I really loved episode 8. Especially Lee Da Hae! She looks hot.

    Check it out at http://www.dramabang.com

  118. 118 : Chuno Lover Says:

    Chuno Episode 8 is ready.

    Not really much into Historical Dramas but this one is sooo good. (love Jang Hyuk! )

  119. 119 : Jane Says:


    Chuno blurs out Lee Da Hae’s revealing scene
    by heartfacee on January 27, 2010 @ 11:11 PM (EST) · 90 comments

    Lee Da Hae’s revealing scene where she showed some skin was censored with a mosaic effect on the drama Chuno. People are upset that they blurred out the scene.

    Her character got hurt and when she was receiving treatment from Oh Ji Ho’s character, he had to take off the top layer of her traditional Korean outfit.

    Lee Da Hae’s skin was blurred out completely, though she wasn’t revealing much. Viewers are saying that it would’ve been fine if they showed it without the mosaic effect. They’re also saying it was unnecessary and the staff of the drama was listening too much to viewers who didn’t want the show to get too inappropriate.

    This whole controversy doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem though, because the viewership rating for this episode was a whopping 34%. But anyway, since when is cleavage inappropriate?

  120. 120 : Jane Says:


    Posted by RSSnews 22 hours ago (http://allkoreangossip.com)

    There must be more than one decision maker for drama Choo-No. Because another revealing scene was aired on January 28th. And this time the images weren’t blurred out.

    The reveali…ng scene occured when Lee Da-Hae thought about her past by taking her top off and touching her burned spot on her breast. Some were questioning whether the “revealing” part was a necessity Others were questioning why producers of Choo-No had aired a scene without blurring this time, which contradicts their last decision (details).

  121. 121 : Jane Says:


    Oh Ji Ho being supportive of Lee Da Hae…

    Chuno’s Controversy: OJH,” I believe in Lee Da Hae”

    OJH expressed his regrets over the controversy clouding LDH recently.

    OJH said in a recent interview,” Actors are the always the ones who get hurt. LDH was just acting in accordance to wh…at’s required by the drama overall. I’m now most worried whether Da Hae got hurt by all of this. Same with the whole filming crew and the rest of the cast. They’re all very worried about her and are constantly consoling and supporting her.

    With regard to the criticisms on HW’s perfect make-up, OJH said, “I understand that a lot of ppl may have different interpretations. But from our (the crew)’s perspective, the character Kim Hye Won has to maintain her prettiness thruout the drama. She’s the red dot (I think he meant focus point) of the drama, the centric trigger of the romance in here. As such which sets her apart from the rest of the characters.”

    “LDH’s acting skills transcends that beyond of her age, and is very concise in conveying her feelings/emotions. LDH was recommended by Jang Hyuk, and JH’s recommendation is not without reason. All of us believe in her, and the most important thing right now is for her to be okay.”

    credits: Chuno baidu bar

  122. 122 : Jane Says:


    Through an interview with KBS’ Entertainment Tonight, Lee Da Hae speaks up of how hard it is to be an actress.

    She stated, “I’ve been hurt due to negative comments. I’m thinking about quitting the internet for awhile… I’ve experienced a lot from t…his recent incident.

    I will work harder from now and will make Hye Won a better character, so please don’t hate me too much and look upon me favorably.

    ”Lee Da Hae has been receiving much criticism due to a certain clip from her new drama, Chuno. To what would have been a revealing scene, the scene was censored off with a mosaic effect. However, the censorship was apparently not enough as she received a lot of negative feedback.

    To this, Lee Da Hae stated, “I think it’s hard living as an actress. I want to be born as a male actor in my next life.

    ”Not only has she been receiving criticism for that one particular scene, but she has also been getting negative comments regarding her painted nails. Some viewers have complained how her painted nails did not match the old setting of the drama.

    To this remark, she explained, “My nails are on the thin side so even if I don’t paint anything, the lighting from the film set reflects off my nails and gives off a shine. This is really a misconception.”

    However, despite the negative comments she has been receiving, there is a positive outcome from this drama. She gets to work with hot men!

    Lee Dae Hae stated about two of her male co-stars, “Jang Hyuk is no doubt the best. Oh Ji Ho was just born with that body!”

  123. 123 : Jane Says:


    LDH appeared in KBS Ent Relay and apologized to the viewers for her “alleged shortcomings” in Chuno [credits: [email protected]]

  124. 124 : Chuno Lover Says:

    Chuno Hight Quality Episode 8 with English, Spanish and French subtitle is ready.


    The name of a full video is like this, Chuno [8]. They don’t have part information like (1/6) or (2/6). 🙂

  125. 125 : Jane Says:

    Dramabeans’ article:


    Chuno fends off continued criticism
    January 31st, 2010 // by javabeans

    The bigger they are, the louder the criticism. That’s why I’d take the following with a teeny grain of salt, although it cannot be denied that KBS’s blockbuster hit drama Chuno is garnering a lot of criticism, much of it directed toward its lead star Lee Da-hae.

    When the drama first aired, there was a little talk of Lee Da-hae looking “too pretty” — note that she plays a slave, and then a runaway, all while maintaining a pristine appearance even when the men around her are shown in their grimy, masculine glory. But that first wave of commentary faded after a few days, even if most fans seemed to feel she ought to have looked a little dirtier.

    Then came the much-maligned cleavage shots when her character was attacked and her outer top removed, showing off her bustline. Some viewers thought it was gratuitous, but again, those comments mostly trailed off after a few more days. The controversy probably would have died down if the drama didn’t follow with more scenes of that ilk, and now it’s like every other article about Chuno is one pointing out the growing criticism.

    The producers probably overreacted by trying to pre-empt complaints; anticipating the public’s reaction, they blurred out Lee’s bustline for a following broadcast. (In that episode, Oh Ji-ho’s character treats Lee’s character for an injury and removes her top.) Of course, this was even worse because viewers complained that the effect was unnecessary, and the obvious blurring actually made the scene seem more suggestive that it would have been.

    After that wave of criticism, producers announced that they would not blur out any more scenes. They defended their use thus far, saying, “This isn’t a movie but a public television network, so the blurring was unavoidable. We wanted to preserve the quality of the drama, but we had to make this choice. Please be understanding.” They added, “In order to preserve the drama’s level of quality, we will not use the blurring anymore. We will be mindful of the public broadcast guidelines, and not do anything to impede the visual quality.” As a prime-time broadcast series, Chuno bears a 15-and-up age label, meaning that there’s some latitude for mature content, but there’s still an expectation that producers will curb excessive violence, language, or sexual suggestiveness.

    And yet, that’s not the end of things. Lee Da-hae’s face makeup is another source of dissatisfaction; fans complain that it takes away from the believability of the storyline to have her perfectly made up. And then, there’s her manicure — surely out of place in Joseon Korea — which the actress defended as a necessity to keep her nails from weakening. Lee expressed her frustration at the comments on the January 30 episode of Entertainment Weekly, where she said that an actress’s life is a difficult one.

    One article points out, “Of course, criticism is another expression of interest. However, why is Chuno singled out for such constant criticism?”

    For one, viewers tend to have certain expectations when dealing with historical pieces, and this isn’t the first time this issue has been raised; actresses have in the past been accused of putting vanity before accuracy. This reminds me of Gu Hye-sun being singled out while shooting King and I for wearing circle lenses (cosmetic contact lenses designed to make the iris look larger, giving them an anime-like quality).

    In the drama’s defense, it’s not a conventional sageuk but more of a fusion piece that takes liberties with reality. The drama places more of a premium on visual flair and filming style than it does on sticking with historical convention.

    I agree with aspects on both sides of the argument, because the biggest reason for all this attention may just be because of Chuno’s popularity, and popular targets always attract heated responses. On the other hand, Chuno has stirred a lot more criticism than similarly big dramas like Seon-deok or IRIS. And although these issues didn’t bother me too much while watching the drama, I did think, “Gee, Lee Da-hae looks really pretty, but her cleanliness takes me out of the drama.”

    As for the matter of the cleavage shots, the first time I heard about it, I laughed because it seemed like such a petty complaint. I think the producers would have been better off not bothering to blur out the subsequent scenes, because that called attention to it and made it look a lot worse. One article points out the inconsistency of the public’s response, because after an episode aired with blurring, there were complaints. The next day, the episode contained unblurred scenes, and yet viewers complained more.

    However, I’ll argue that it may not be that viewers are just being inconsistent; they’re just tired of seeing the same shot over and over. Lee has by now been seen baring her cleavage on numerous occasions — near-rape, injury, undressing — which has viewers weary of the excess. (For instance, I joke that the male shower scene is fanservice I can live with and not annoyingly gratuitous, but if you gave me a shower scene in every episode, you bet I’d find it pointless.) As a result, some viewers have called Lee’s character weak and inactive, and “only good for baring skin.”

    On the whole, these seem like minor quibbles, but perhaps they’re indicative of more than just a matter of makeup or prettiness. I don’t see why they couldn’t dirty Lee up a little; the dirt certainly doesn’t make her male co-stars look any less attractive (and in fact may add to their appeal). I can understand viewers who are dissatisfied to see her looking pristine, wearing lipgloss and modern makeup, and showing off a modern manicure; it has nothing to do with disliking Lee herself, and is more about the drama putting vanity ahead of credibility. It feels a little self-indulgent.

    But it’s not stopping viewers from watching, either. Chuno continues with ratings in the low- to mid-30% range.

  126. 126 : jackam Says:

    Watch episode with english subs:

  127. 127 : jane Says:

    Finally: PD Kwak’s promise to include the Invincibles in Chuno – click links for photos:







  128. 128 : jane Says:

    Check this out ~ kool!!

  129. 129 : jane Says:

    BTS – [Making] ‘chuno’ end of Baekho:


  130. 130 : jane Says:

    KBS BTS – [Making] ‘chuno’ end of YJ the assasin:


  131. 131 : jane Says:

    KBS article – Danny Anh as Baekho:


  132. 132 : bard Says:

    I just want to comment ^_^. Overall i think this is a good story in the epic drama. The Character is good and the plot is been narated good. However i just feel a little disaapointed on Lee Dae Hee character. Well what should i say …… i used to like her acting in My Girl and Hello Miss. But when i see the story until episode 8 i quite disappointed Her character is quite not as what it should be… well if you look at mu perspective .. she was used to be a slave and then change status to noble but she seems not use to hardship hohohohhohoho what a lol. Jang Hyuk as usual show his brilliance in his character as what i been see and i really like his acting …….. hopefully the story can get more interesting until the end ^_^

  133. 133 : Chuno Lover Says:

    Chuno Episode 10 is ready in ViiKii.
    You can watch Chuno with English subtitle, Spanish subtitle, or French subtitle.


  134. 134 : jane Says:

    Cinematography Another Draw of ‘The Slave Hunters’

    Behind the huge popularity of the historical drama “The Slave Hunters” lies the utilization of film-like dynamic action scenes and magnificent scenery. The show’s online board was inundated with praise after the vivid scenes of war featured in the fourth episode.

    The show has once again been showered with rave reviews after the action scenes featured in the 10th episode on February 4. The scenes where Song Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho) fights one-on-one with Hwang Cheol-woong (Lee Jong-hyuk) were not only an impressive spectacle but also emotion-charged, effectively expressing the emotional entanglement between the lead characters.

    This has led to increasing interest in the columnar joints called Jusang Jeolli on Jeju Island, where the scenes were shot.

    The main reason for the outstanding cinematography in the drama is the use of the Red One film camera, which delivers exceptional color expression and enables high-speed filming. The camera has rarely been used for TV dramas.

    With the harmonious performance of the cast and breath-taking spectacles, “The Slave Hunters” is drawing more and more attention. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 p.m. on KBS2.

    Writer: Kim In-hwa

    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi – Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned

  135. 135 : jane Says:


    Korean netizens have been buzzing over the supposed resemblance between Oh Ji Ho of the currently airing (and fantastic) Chuno and Hollywood actor Eddie Cibrian of CSI: Miami fame. Someone captured a picture of Cibrian and posted it, stating that he looks similar to Oh Ji Ho. Many netizens quickly agreed, saying they were shocked when they saw him in American dramas, and that he and Oh Ji Ho could be twins.

    What do you think? Do they look similar? I can kind of see it…I guess?


  136. 136 : jane Says:

    Paralle Theory – Oh Ji-Ho
    2010 February 6
    by knette

    Netizens have great sense of humour, that is, when they’re in good mood ….

    They have been buzzing that Oh Ji-Ho looks identical to an American actor, Eddie Cipriani (?) (sorry .. he looks familiar but for the life of me, I forgot his last name).

    Probably, its the eyes?

    Or could it be the jawline?


  137. 137 : jane Says:

    Oh Ji Ho’s twin/lookalike?

    Well, my personal feeling is that there’s definitely similarity in their jawline, nose and dimples but I still prefer Zio’s asian-mixed features. Sorry Eddie!

  138. 138 : ManooReeZ Says:

    chench i love this namja (ji ho)
    i wish all the best for this promising drama

  139. 139 : mmtutuy Says:

    we know lee da hee beauty. hope see her character be alive.

  140. 140 : Jane Says:

    Chuno trailer for Episode 11:


  141. 141 : Jane Says:

    “Lee Da Hae, ohjiho and the kissing scene, was not in the script” ???


  142. 142 : Dramaboy82 Says:

    Chuno Episode 11 is out at http://www.dramabang.com
    Dae Gil needs to wake up!

  143. 143 : Jane Says:

    [Video] Mini-interview with Kim Ha Eun “Sul Hwa” (2010-02-09)


  144. 144 : Jane Says:

    Video] Unforeseen circumstances during shooting


  145. 145 : Jane Says:

    I think it was Oh Ji Ho who pointed out that one of the crew member got hit by the sabre (nickname of sabre: jagger)

  146. 146 : Jane Says:

    Such beautiful photos of Chuno Ep.12:


  147. 147 : Jane Says:


    A sneak peak into the set of “The Slave Hunters”
    2010/02/11 | 62 views | Permalink | 0 comments

    Actor Jang Hyeok [Lee Jin-Hyeok/10Asia]

    Actor Jang Hyeok acts out a scene for KBS TV series “The Slave Hunters” at Unju Temple in the South Jeolla Province of South Korea on January 27, 2010. [Lee Jin-Hyeok/10Asia]

    On a cold winter day in January, director Kwak Jung-hwan of KBS TV series “The Slave Hunters” was at Unju Temple in the South Jeolla Province. It is the place, mentioned in the tenth episode, which Dae-gil (played by Jang Hyeok) guessed correctly right away when told Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho) went to where a statue of Buddha lies on its back facing the sky. “There is a statue of Buddha laid on the ground and facing the sky in the Unju Temple. It is said to contain the unfulfilled hopes of the commoners. I couldn’t not go to shoot there after hearing that story”, Kwak explained of his reason in choosing the temple as a location which would also symbolize Tae-ha’s yet-to-be opened world and the dream of the slaves.

    But Unju Temple does not just have symbolic meaning for “Hunters”. It is also where many of the main characters gather after a large number of supporting actors are killed off the show in the ninth and tenth episodes. Tae-ha holds the baby king in one hand as he meets his old friends and Dae-gil’s clan gathers at Unju too. About five scenes were shot at the Unju Temple this day. And each scene focused more on the meeting and the parting of the characters rather than its usual spectacular action. But the atmosphere on set was as somber and sincere as the emotions involved in the meeting and parting.

    “Turn around as soon as you take a step forward”, Kwak instructs Tae-ha, played by Oh Ji-ho. He then explained, “We didn’t rush in the beginning because we started shooting the first few episodes several months ago but these days, it’s all about time management”. But once he goes into shoot, he digs into the details so insistently that it seems as if he forgets all about time. He does not miss a single thing, down to the smallest movement a character makes to the most trivial historical fact. To Kim Ha-eun playing the role of Sul-hwa, he will direct her to “breathe harder after running here”. And after receiving confirmation that “in the past, nobody entered the main temple building through the central door other than the chief monk”, Kwak reflected this fact into the scene where a boy monk greets Dae-gil who is chasing Tae-ha. Add just a little exaggeration, it could be said that the amount of Kwak’s exercise almost equalled that of Dae-gil and Tae-ha got from shooting their actions scenes. He endlessly checked the monitor, went back onto the set, checked everything, made orders, and then monitored again.

    Not a single loud noise comes from the set of “The Slave Hunters” but that atmosphere on set is also the atmosphere amongst the actors. The Chuno clan, composed of Jang Hyeok, Kim Ji-seok-I and Han Jeong-soo, sat around ahead of going into shoot to quietly discuss their scene while Oh Ji-ho and Lee Da-hae focused on their own acting and did not speak a single word to each other. The moment they finally smiled and talked to each other was when Oh Ji-ho finished shooting his scene. “You’re leaving before I am because you’re done? That’s an offense!” Lee jokingly said to Oh.

    Shooting began at 8 a.m. in the morning but the clock was heading toward 8 p.m. But the crew of “The Slave Hunters” had been shooting a single scene since later afternoon — the moment when Dae-gil breaks down. It will be a scene in the 12th episode where Dae-gil’s emotions explode like they have never done before during the show’s run so far. And hence it was when director Kwak and Jang Hyeok’s energy also collided at its highest point. Ahead of going into shoot, Jang Hyeok watched scenes him and Hae-won’s romantic scenes to focus on his emotions. And Kwak continued to repeatedly shoot the scene from various angles — a full shot, close-up shot, with the Jimmy Jib, then on-the-move. The staff moved swiftly, operating every piece of equipment in time with Kwak’s orders. Jang Hyeok repeats crying, laughing, shouting and gazing up into the sky. Only a few minutes of this hours-long shoot will go on air. But Kwa, Jang Hyeok and the staff continue to concentrate, knowing the importance of this scene. Like the slave being chased by a slave hunter, the set of “The Slave Hunters” is short on time. But everyone was trying everything they could do produce the best result.

    [more photos]

    Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok [email protected]
    Photographer : Lee Jin-Hyeok [email protected]
    Editor : Jessica Kim [email protected], Jang Kyung-Jin [email protected]

  148. 148 : sowon Says:

    well..i must say the drama is better than i expected…for me,it is Oh Ji-ho`s first sageuk so i am interested..then it became an interesting drama and nice time to spend even with other characters…i have to say Jang Hyuk is charismatic actor..can attract the audience with very expressing eyes..and into the character mood…
    Wang Son is very funny and General Choi is very hot (sort of Oh Ji-ho like for the first instance)
    and Song Tae ha is incredible..first episode i was watching as Oh Ji-ho fan..whenever he appears i feel good..but second episode i was watching as the drama fan..i enjoyed every scene..
    episode 3 and 4 (mostly) i got the idea..what if i have never known about Oh Ji-ho and watching him for the first time in Chuno??
    i got the answer,especially in episode 4..this actor would really have attracted me with his expressing eyes and sincere performance..he seemed very confident in any confrontation against Daegil (such interesting drama character and threatening actor) yet he could manage to be equally shining in every mutual scene..watching him as Tae ha..makes one very interested about the background of the character and the inner feelings which he expressed in a very capable way..
    I have to say..behind every scene in this drama ,there is a wonderful director..who was great in getting the best out of everyone of his cast..especially the male cast..i never felt any character even secondary roles are the same..every slave,every noble..just has his own touch..yet the whole drama is in harmony..some people in forums are describing Chuno as the perfect drama..maybe they are exaggerating with all criticism here and there but..i can say it is well done drama..hard working cast and enjoyable outcome..^^

  149. 149 : Pinky Says:


    Thanks for your great comments about CHUNO. Chuno is my second sageuk and I found it more exciting and interesting then I had expected.

    At first, I watch this sageuk drama because of OJH, and now I watch it because I found this drama very interesting and I can’t wait to see the next EP…. BTW, I found every single character in this drama has his/her own attraction.

    As you had mentioned that “Chuno is a perfect drama”, yes, indeed it was so good!!!

    Chuno…. Fightingj!!!!

  150. 150 : Jane Says:

    Chuno, Chuno
    February 12, 2010 by thundie

    May we sit down for a chat? I really want to tell you what I think (and feel) about you.

    I have so much that I want to say, things that I’ve bottled up over five weeks, and I know I’ll burst soon if I don’t find an outlet for the turmoil that I’m experiencing because of you. I’ve never felt so ambivalent about a drama before.

    It took ten episodes, but I’ve finally found a character in you that I can relate to. No, it isn’t Lee Jong-hyuk’s character. That one I love, but I don’t see myself in him. (He’s a cold-hearted killing machine after all, even if he makes me melt in a puddle.) No, it’s the little prince, the late Crown Prince’s only surviving son. Tears and blood may flow in spades around him in Episode 10, but he remains impassive and unruffled through it all. Watching you, I have the same blank expression that he’s wearing.

    Oh, why can’t I feel more for you? Anything but this detachment!

    When I first saw you ten episodes ago, in that poster-perfect desert scene, I was so awestruck my jaw dropped to the floor and rolled out the door. That was the last I saw of said jaw. Like the foot of a T-Rex, a mysterious force appeared minutes later and proceeded to stomp on my sense of wonderment, squashing it until there was nothing left.

    With the exception of Episode 4 (and I have no immediate recall of anything in the episode except that it made me go “Wow!” repeatedly), I have not felt particularly moved by you. I do not feel a lump in my throat or chills down my spine. There isn’t a character that I care intensely about. (High-pitched fangirly squealing whenever Lee Jong-hyuk appears doesn’t count; he could be a prop and I would still embarrass myself.) There isn’t a character I despise.

    I need to feel emotionally vested in at least one of your characters. Hero or villain, it doesn’t matter. The thought of anything untoward happening to this character must tie my heart into knots; this is how I determine if a drama is special. But it’s been ten episodes and still your characters do not linger after the ending credits have rolled. They fade away, far from my mind, like the last vestiges of a mirage.

    Sometimes I wonder if the problem is me. Did I place you on a pedestal before I had even seen you because of your pedigree? Because I love your predecessor so much I expect to love you the same way and perhaps even more? It’s true that I rue the stills and trailers that I saw of you because I normally don’t bother with pre-airing promotional hype but I couldn’t resist the ones of you and thus lapped them up with uncharacteristic zeal. I’m not doing that with any drama (or movie) again.

    But if I am honest with myself (for what other option do I have?), I really did not approach you with too-high expectations. I was terribly excited, yes, but that was mostly because the last sageuk I watched was so torturous an experience I couldn’t wait for you to appear, so that you could restore my faith in a genre I love. I didn’t have pre-conceived ideas of what you might be like. I just wanted to see you. I was so sure I would love you.

    Am I disappointed in you? I wish the answer is yes. Better disappointment than this numbness. You are more beautiful than anything I’ve watched in the last two years, but your beauty is like an unmoving parade of paintings in a gallery. Works of art that I admire but can neither afford to bring home nor wish to bring home. I do not feel immersed in you, swept away by the vistas that flash before my eyes, each one carefully framed to elicit gasps of awe.

    I want to gasp, I really do.

    Instead I find myself wondering, almost disparagingly, why it is necessary for so many scenes to be shot against a backdrop of breathtaking splendor. I can’t concentrate on the fleeing couple when my mind is distracted by thoughts of “Ah, the scenery is so beautiful I really must take a screencap of it.” Do you know, I attended a presentation this month that used really impressive slides. Many of the slides combined key points with comics. Unfortunately, by the time I was done reading (and giggling at) the comics I had missed the gist of what the speaker wanted to say. If I focused on the points, I missed the humor in the illustrations because I could not read fast enough. I wished the speaker had kept things simpler and not crammed so much into a limited space.

    I’m not saying that you should stop giving me gorgeous backdrops. Your exceptional cinematography is what sets you apart; you are good-looking, no quibbles about that at all. But when you ladle out the postcard shots with such predictable regularity, pretty soon there’s nothing special about them. It’s like how an incensed or overwrought Dae-gil (Jang Hyuk) charging toward the camera, whether he’s running or galloping, has become the de rigueur way of ending an episode. Instead of being wowed (like I was the first time I saw it), I roll my eyes now.

    Speaking of Jang Hyuk, I’m parking him away as a contender for best actor of the year. He still makes me laugh in the requisite flashback scenes of yore, back when his hairdo made him look like he had stepped out of a Jane Austen novel. But his acting in Episode 10 blew everyone else’s out of the water (even if I hated how callously he murdered, his obsession with a certain slave girl obscuring everything else including basic decency). He acts like his life depends on it and it is just a treat to see.

    But that is just the acting. I don’t actually feel much for Dae-gil the character. I’m not holding my breath for the moment he and Un-nyun finally see each other, the world coming to a standstill around them. I’m tired of their respective yearning for each other, to be honest. I totally get why General Choi and Wang-son are both sick of seeing Un-nyun’s likeness on the drawing that Dae-gil carries everywhere with him. I am, too.

    I like General Choi and Wang-son. The former because of Conspiracy in the Court, the latter because he’s funny. But as key supporting roles, they’ve been drawn with such broad strokes they are practically one-dimensional. Choi is the voice of reason who comes to Dae-gil’s rescue when he’s outnumbered (or too dizzy from yet another Un-nyun flashback). Wang-son is the sum of his genitals. Up on a roof where he’s supposed to be watchman, he is startled and then immediately placated by the sight of a woman in flowing locks. He doesn’t see a potential aggressor; all he sees is a female. No wonder she kicks him where it hurts the most.

    (By the way, what’s up with having Choi and Wang-son defecating side by side? I’ve loved your ribald language, but this is toilet humor carried too far, seriously! At least have the two men separated by some bushes, but no, you had to have them close enough to smell each other’s output and exchange wipes. To top it off, Wang-son had to be a complete klutz and fall backwards. And I had to be eating when the scene came on.)

    Let’s talk about your female characters, specifically about Un-nyun, whose luminous not-a-smudge-in-sight appearance has caused no small amount of controversy among netizens. So much ado about nothing. No one in a kdrama removes makeup before sleeping and no one wakes up with morning breath, so why can’t Un-nyun look none the worse for wear despite days on the run and sleeping out in the open or on a dirt floor?
    But I do mind that Lee Da-hae is alternately overacting and underacting. Take the boat scene where Tae-ha is being fired upon (by Dae-gil) while Un-nyun cowers behind him. I could not help laughing at her delicate gestures, so inappropriate for a moment of great fear. Several episodes later, in Episode 10, Tae-ha asks her to wait while he dashes off to save the little prince. I laughed again to see her sitting so placidly on that hillock, blissful smile on her face, like one without a care in the world.

    Time and again her expressions and behavior do not match the gravity of the situation, which is puzzling because I’ve always thought of her as an assured actress who delivers. I loved her in the first two episodes (her ebullience lit up the screen), but her rehearsed frailty in the episodes after (where keeping up the appearance of nobility seems to override other more pressing concerns) is making me like her less and less.
    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Un-nyun. I just wish I like her a lot more, enough for me to fret and bite my nails whenever she is in danger.

    There is hope, though, even if it burns dimly for now. Episode 10 sees Un-nyun getting an awakening of sorts, thanks to some initiative on Tae-ha’s part. Previously the poor guy had to hold her hand via an intermediary made up of rags, but now he is allowed closer proximity, much closer. Will that see Un-nyun finally emerging from that half-stupor that has dogged her the last ten years? I hope so. She must, for Tae-ha’s sake. The guy needs some happiness, please.

    Between your two male leads, I like Tae-ha more. I think it’s because he’s a sadder character, wearing more tattered clothes. Dae-gil has lost his family and so has Tae-ha, but the latter had his infant son die in his arms. What is more heartbreaking than that? Yet he isn’t bent on revenge, unlike Dae-gil who is a walking volcano because some bastard scarred him forever.

    Explain Dae-gil’s motivations to me. He wants to restore things to before, meaning to those rose-tinted days where he and Un-hyun exchanged stones (she gets the warm ones, he gets the cold ones back). But first he must kill her brother? I guess falling in love does not make one beholden to the beloved’s family, blood ties be damned.
    Oh Ji-ho (who gave catatonic acting a new meaning in Super Rookie and then redeemed himself in a most lovable way in Fantasy Couple) is utterly convincing as Tae-ha… until he speaks. I look at him, handsome ex-general and royal protector, keeper of the faith and a superman of sorts (he wins every battle except the political ones), and then I listen to him, to that monotone that is sometimes so soft I have to increase the volume on my computer. Dang! He’s so close to being a perfect specimen if not for that voice.

    Other things, if I must nitpick, also niggle. Like gaps in continuity that make little sense. Commander Hwang (Lee Jong-hyuk) is hunting down the little prince on Jeju Island. He sees the shoe that has slipped off the court lady’s foot, meaning he is on the right track. Then inexplicably he gets lost, because we don’t see him for a long time, thus allowing the court lady and Hanseom to have quite the chat as they flee with the prince. Later, when he finally sees them in the distance, he manages to spear the lady and she falls to the ground, fatally wounded. But instead of pouncing on them, he disappears from sight. Must have gotten lost, again! I love the guy, but will you provide him a compass so that he has a surer sense of direction?

    Then there are the gaps in logic, like Tae-ha’s uncanny ability to hear Un-nyun’s whistle from miles away, a forest between them. Or Commander Hwang’s supernatural fighting prowess. Injured by Tae-ha and barely able to stand, Hwang is able to kill two dozen soldiers minutes later. I love the guy, but make him more believable, will you?

    But enough of the mudslinging (and I’m using this word only because I suddenly have a vision of the slave girl whose face is so permanently streaked with mud one wonders if she was born that way). There are many things that I do like about you. Instead of telling you what they are, may I show them to you, just some of them?

  151. 151 : altanakan111 Says:

    hallo. I from Turkey Altan. I followed the series from the internet I watch with interest a series of excellent. Waiting impatiently for the new sections. thanks

  152. 152 : Jani Says:

    Another excellent drama to watch, totally agree with the rating…the waiting for Dae gil and Un nyun to finally meet is driving me crazy..I can’t imagine what will happen!

    By the way, Oh Ji Ho is very handsome in person..I had the chance to say hello to him at Honolulu, Hawaii airport on his back home..boy, those dimples are so beautiful when he smile….

  153. 153 : Jane Says:

    I wish all of the cast and crew of CHUNO and everyone who watches Chuno, a very Happy, Prosperous and Blessed Year of the Tiger!

  154. 154 : Jane Says:

    Jani 152

    Wow, you met Oh Ji Ho in Hawaii??? Did you shake his hands?

    Today is my first anniversary of seeing Oh Ji Ho in person – I attended his fan meeting in Yokohama, Japan at last year’s Valentine Day.

    His handshake was so warm and he clasped our hands tightly in his and he looked into our eyes to say Thank You!

    Such a wonderful and genuine person! He truly appreciates his fans and friends!

  155. 155 : mina lee Says:


  156. 156 : Jane Says:


    Tension Rises in ‘The Slave Hunters’ as Two Lovers Agree to Marry

    Two lovers in the historical drama “The Slave Hunters” have finally agreed to reap the fruit of their love by tying the knot. In the February 11 episode, Song Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho) proposed to Kim Hye-won (Lee Da-hae), and Hye-won accepted.


    Two lovers in the historical drama “The Slave Hunters” have finally agreed to reap the fruit of their love by tying the knot. In the February 11 episode, Song Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho) proposed to Kim Hye-won (Lee Da-hae), and Hye-won accepted.

    Tae-ha won the heart of Hye-won by replying to Hye-won’s question on why he wanted to marry her by saying, “It’s because you are the only one in my heart. I will always love you and stand by you. And I will never change.”

    But it seems that obstacles are still in the way as Jo Seon-bi (Choi Deok-moon), who is collaborating with Tae-ha to help a young princess to the throne, disapproves of Hye-won and tries to make them break up. Tae-ha on his part starts having suspicions that Seon-bi has other plans.

    The development in the relationship between Tae-ha and Hye-won is also expected to bring more tension and excitement to the show as Lee Dae-gil (Jang Hyuk) feels lost in frustration and fury after hearing the news of their impending marriage. The drama has recently been criticized for being unfocused in depicting conflicts between the three main characters.

    Another dramatic event in the episode was a clash between Dae-gil and his best friends Choi Jang-gun (Han Jeong-soo) and Wang Son (Kim Ji-seok).

    Meanwhile, the episode recorded ratings of 32.5 percent, maintaining its lead among Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

    Writer: Kim In-hwa

    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi – Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.

  157. 157 : Jane Says:


    Eyes on Reunion of Old Lovers in ‘The Slave Hunters’

    Being the drama of the greatest interest currently, “The Slave Hunters” is once again drawing great attention over a possible reunion between Lee Dae-gil (Jang Hyuk) and Kim Hye-won (Lee Da-hae) 10 years after they were parted against their will.


    In the 10th episode on February 4, Dae-gil learned from Hye-won’s brother, Seong-hwan (Cho Jae-wan), that Hye-won had become married to Song Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho), whom he was chasing.

    Feeling lost in frustration and fury, he talked with his companions Choi Jang-gun (Han Jeong-soo) and Wong Son (Kim Ji-seok) and received a clue about whereabouts of Tae-ha and Hye-won. He then departed alone to catch them. On the way, Dae-gil attacked a posthouse to obtain a horse, and the scene was another exciting spectacle characteristic of the show.

    However, Tae-ha, to his joy, reunited with his old fellows and Hye-won felt happy to be with Tae-ha, signaling how tense and complicated it would be when they came to confront Dae-gil.

    Meanwhile, the episode revealed how Dae-gil first encountered his fellows Choi Jang-gun, who was once an aspiring general, and Wang Son, a former petty thief, and had come to form a brotherly relationship with them.

    In the 12th episode on February 11, Dae-gil came within arm’s length of Tae-ha and Hye-won.

    Writer: Kim In-hwa

    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi – Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.

  158. 158 : Jane Says:

    “Jang Hyuk, a surprise turn chunokkuneuro hwaboseo the 21st century”

    Interview of Jang Hyuk in Magazine ALLURE Korea

    Article Date February 19, 2010


  159. 159 : Jane Says:

    February 19th, 2010 at 8:58 am

    Oh Ji Ho Talks ‘Chuno,’ Love & Marriage In ‘Singles’ Magazine

    In the March 2010 issue of Singles magazine Oh Ji Ho discusses his career move from romantic leads to his very masculine role in the ratings hit kdrama Chuno. The actor also talks a bit about his views on love, romance and why he hasn’t married.


  160. 160 : Jeremy Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the theme music for the drama?

  161. 161 : Jane Says:

    Chuno – Ep 15 preview:

  162. 162 : Jane Says:

    This is a video of the Invincible baseball team, Ep.44. However, from around 20mins onwards, you see the Invincible team arriving early to the Chuno shooting spot to came as extras for the end of Chuno’s Ep.13 and beginning of Ep.14:


  163. 163 : Jane Says:

    In around 52 minutes, you see the lovey-dovey couple — OJH touching LDH’s cheek and LDH giving him a heated pack. So sweet!!


  164. 164 : Jane Says:

    Vote: Who is your favorite guy in Chuno?

  165. 165 : tempurpedic Says:

    I wish all of the cast and crew of CHUNO and everyone who watches Chuno, a very Happy, Prosperous and Blessed Year of the Tiger!

  166. 166 : Jane Says:

    Published 2/22:
    추노 ‘오지호vs장혁’ 알몸으로 눈밭 격투

    (Also I will assume this * is the media’s sensationalized interpretation of “bare-chested” or “shirtless”. Not that, I’m sure, anyone would mind the fringe benefit of multiple medium-range shots of Song Tae-Ha and Lee Dae-Gil in the buff. …OK! Pause over!)

    There’s no turning back as the two titans of KBS2’s Chuno strip for a head-on showdown in the snowfield.

    “After the cat-and-mouse during which the two sides remained apart, Tae-Ha and Dae-Gil at long last meet and engage in a man-to-man fight,” Oh Ji-Ho, who plays Joseon’s best military commander Song Tae-Ha, tells Sports Seoul in a recent interview. “To be honest, I kind of got complacent as filming progressed through winter. Then out of the blue, we get a script with a disrobing scene, and I just about fell off my chair. So I rushed back into my workout and let me tell you, exercise misery is no kidding matter.”

    The two actors may be close friends who share the same age and a trailer on set, but in front of the camera, neither will budge an inch. “Seriously, it’s so cold, and the fight scenes were many, we should be stuffing ourselves, but the circumstances couldn’t be helped. We want to look good so we both filmed our scenes starving to the bone (laughs).”

    Oh Ji-Ho and Jang Hyeok’s snowfield battle is scheduled to air consecutively on Feb 25 (Episode 16) and Mar 3 (Episode 17). A representative from the production crew commented that “even just standing there face to face with each other, Tae-Ha and Dae-Gil were practically exploding with charisma — you could literally feel the sparks jump off from the scene. It’s the climax of the drama as their conflict reaches its boiling crescendo.”

    Credit: inappropriatecrushes @ Soompi thread post #3527

    Source of source Link:

  167. 167 : Luvlilady Says:


    Have you already voted for Oh Ji Ho in Chuno as Song Tae Ha.

    Lets make Song Tae Ha our #1 actor in Chuno “Slave Hunter”


    Thank You

    Oh Ji Ho Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. 168 : honeybuzz Says:

    Does anyone knows where I cud watch the video of happy together series with CHUNO casts in it(with eng sub)…I missed when it was aired on KBS 2 in Jan 2010.

  169. 169 : tala Says:

    OMG, OMG, WOW, finally they show some skins on an epic drama,
    cuz theyre sure are alot of hottie guys in this drama, thank u, thank u.
    I hope tha drama itself is worth watchin.

  170. 170 : sarahning Says:

    luv this drama, luv ojh n ldh as a couple.

  171. 171 : SRMArie Says:

    Love this drama!! So awesome! Can’t wait till next episode!!!

  172. 172 : oopsydaisy Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil. I know most of viewers prefer the more honorable Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae Ha. But, I’m feeling totally heartbroken over Dae Gil’s fate. His character emobodies the essense of a tragic anti-hero. Even though he appears to be a selfish, vindictive and greedy man, he is actually so much more noble than he wants to be. The only right end for him would be to die for his love or country or just walk out and be all alone.

  173. 173 : john Says:

    what a nice drama…one of the best drama in the world.oh ji ho is Ro0o0o0cking.rest of casts r also gr8.

  174. 174 : shado's knight Says:

    really cool . i like this drama more than any that i have seen .
    perfect . i like all the actors .
    every one that’s korean present

  175. 175 : LP Says:

    The whole drama with English subtitle @ http://www.dlaznmovies.com/2010/01/slave-hunters.html

  176. 176 : EvanD Says:

    Although I liked Lee Da Hae in Green Rose, My Girl & Hello Miss,
    I feel that Chuno is a brilliant drama that would have been even more brilliant with a stronger female lead. Lee Da Hae’s character is so bland and uninteresting and way too perfect looking all the time for her role and character. She is so plastic, lifeless and without any personality whatsoever, it is so hard to empathise with her character.
    I know she is a much better actress, so I just dont understand what is going on here???

  177. 177 : EvanD Says:

    Lee Da Hae spends most of her screen time just standing there looking pretty without any personality, character, charm, and credibility. What is with the white plastic face look and her perfectly manicured appearance?

  178. 178 : sowon Says:

    and here`s good news from Chuno group..credit to Asri Rahmati Swari^^
    Chuno and Queen of housewives are nominees for best drama in the 46th Annual Baeksang arts Awards
    So Oh Ji-ho is a special participant and hopefully a WINNER 🙂

  179. 179 : C Lee Says:

    I think Lee Da Hae portrait the role in Chuno the right way. This is what Un Nyun is!

  180. 180 : lavender Says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with LDH acting, if the script needs her to potray passive and sad character, she has done marvellous job in there, of course she can’t jumping up and down or screaming, smiling without a reason for that character.
    In ep 1 and 2, she was soooo good, e.g in part where she was dragging by the Chinese soldier, crying seeing her lover in the fire, her wedding scene is unforgetable, sooo what actually the audiences want her to do?

    Wait till u see ep 13 till 17?

  181. 181 : huixin Says:

    i think LDH is great in Chuno. Not only she’s beautiful but also great as HW

  182. 182 : Pinky Says:

    sowon (178)

    Thanks for sharing this good news…”Chuno and Queen of housewives are nominees for best drama in the 46th Annual Baeksang arts Awards”

    I am so happy to know that and too happy and proud of ZIO.


  183. 183 : Truth Says:

    Best actress award belongs to Queen Seon Duk, because she win “Grand Prix” award from MBC.
    Chuno: over-rated drama.

  184. 184 : Jane Says:

    Episode 18 – Preview

  185. 185 : mystic Says:

    EvanD, you’re soooo jealous of LDH.

    She’s fine as UN/HW

  186. 186 : Peony Says:

    I think EvanD just says the truth. Perhaps, EvanD’s tone is light.
    I am sick of Lee Da Hae’s acting.

  187. 187 : Peony Says:

    I think EvanD just says the truth. Perhaps, EvanD’s tone is light.
    I am sick of Lee Da Hae’s acting.

  188. 188 : ldhcute Says:

    Wow, her antis are everwhere, yeah, very common if you are very beautiful and very talented. Sure she will get more after her debut in Hollywood, but she will gain more fans also.

    check out Warner Bros chief is very interested in her.

  189. 189 : passive09 Says:

    i don’t like lee da hae ever since…what the heck..i was supposed to watch chuno but when i saw lee da hae in the cast..i refrained myself from watching this drama..i watched Obgyn instead..it is a more interesting, more dramatic and more realistic drama…

    Chuno has good male leads btw. OJH and JH are both good but lee da hae destroyed the drama..eek..

  190. 190 : wrong Says:

    the ratings are going down..i hate sageuks..hehe

  191. 191 : C Kim Says:

    I am watching Chuno in Hong Kong under KBS World and we are only seeing episode 10. The story is unfolding nicely. LDH is beautiful in Chuno and those of you who think that she could not act should watch her in My Girl! LDH is such a fine actress! She is doing fine in Chuno in her new role.

  192. 192 : Delusion Says:

    LDH’s debut in Hollywood? Wait & see what she will get before you are so proud about her. A female lead role in Hollywood? Such a delusion!

    So far, I have not seen any Korean drama that is broadcasted on the American channels. If you know any American channel that broadcasts Korean drama, please let me know.

    Chuno does not fit my taste. LDH’s body is not hot. Just look the size of her chest. Her face is so so. Her acting is so boring.
    Everybody is jealous of her? She absolutely over-estimates herself.

  193. 193 : Lee Da Hae Says:

    Lee Da Hae was awful in East of Eden…She did not engage her character well at all. However, she is beautiful and I just love watching her doing nothing. It’s fine me 🙂

  194. 194 : patty Says:

    Just google on ‘Lee Da hae Hollywood’, there u can see lot of information abt it..he he sounds sooo jealous..well if not jealous can we called her antis ‘STUPID’…they way they wrote abt her…well u can determine their age and level of inteligent, and also a very ‘lonely soul’..

    anyway, LDH IS THE BEST..

  195. 195 : Azianna Says:

    Please go to viikii to see the remaining episodes

  196. 196 : WisePeople Says:

    Patty is just a shit. Just see the way that Patty writes a small paragraph in English, everybody understands how stupid he/she is.

    Wise people will not waste time with the shits.

    I do not waste my time to discuss about LDH. She does not worth to be discussed about.

  197. 197 : Sakla Says:

    Oh my God! There are many comments. It is better for me to stay away from Chuno. I do not like the acting of the main actress.

    Oh, yeah! Patty wrote “level of inteligent”. It must be “level of intelligence”. There are many other mistakes. Patty must go to school. Patty is so stupid.

  198. 198 : grandis Says:

    so many school kids in here..if want to read good review in chuno, just go to soompi forums, very intresting discussion there, hmm I thought this place will discuss the same thing, but turns out to be war between LDH fans and her antis..
    aiyaa, don’t know why people become like this, maybe a slave in their own mind.

    So please discuss abt the beauty of chuno in here k.

  199. 199 : meehoon Says:

    Just funished 4 eps, wow, I never know sageuk drama can be this interesting, from the casts, cinematograpy, music, extras, all are brilliant. First I’m not sure abt it cos people said LDH is bla2, but when I saw it I don’t see anything wrong with it, which part they don’t like her, cos from many forums and blogs, many people still love her escpecially her beauty.

  200. 200 : Lathee Says:

    It is true that there are so many school kids in here.
    1) meehoon wrote “Just funished 4 ep”… the correct one is “finished”
    2) grandis wrote ” very intresting discussion” … the correct one is ” interesting”.
    They made too many other mistakes to correct.

    Bye! This forum is for school kids of LDH.

  201. 201 : Cairol Says:

    I think this forum is for everyone, not for any special group. Some fans of LDH cannot accept any opinion that is different with them. They use the word “stupid” or “slave” to criticize anyone who has different opinion.

    One of LDH fans thinks that LDH does not have to act anything in the drama & that the beauty is enough for her. Their attitude shows they are rude & stupid.

    It seems that LDH shows off a part of her chest in the drama. If her chest is bigger, I’ll consider giving her a glance. I am kidding.

    It is right that it is better not to deal with the stupid, crazy people. I have the drama “The man who is called God” to see instead of Chuno.

  202. 202 : Rosy Says:

    People have different opinions. Fans of LDH should respect different opinions. LDH’s fans that use the words such as “stupid” or “slave” to call the people with different opinions must be condemned.

    If you respect other people, other people will respect you.
    That is my neutral opinion.

  203. 203 : ldhcute Says:

    In the beginning of discussion, I saw lots of interesting and intelligence comments, but why suddenly turns out a parking lot for LDH’s anti to pour out their anger..I don’t see any constructive criticsm here, just anger..really don’t understand it and feel shame about it actually.

    Yes, I can see lots of school kids here, but actually it a good thing cos now the are more open minded to watch this kind of story rather than chessy2 one..BOF ‘cough’.

  204. 204 : C Lee Says:

    I agree that opinions can differ. It is therefore fine with me for anti-LDH to raise their opinions. However, you must also accept that LDH fans can speak up for LDH in her defense in her role in Chuno! Afterall, we are all discussing whether LDH put in a good and professional performance in Chuno!
    We should stop picking on typing mistake or English grammar or the choice of words in the discussion.
    LDH performs very well indeed in Chuno and may be because of her beauty someone is jealous and could not accept it!

  205. 205 : mak Says:

    Can some stop LDH from achieving something nowdays (of course bcos of her poor acting in CHUNO), cos in this 3 months she

    i) become Green Growth Ambassador togther with Rain and got a chance to have a drink with President of Korea.

    ii) got a love call from Warner Bros and possible Hollywood career

    iii0 and lastly got ivitation to be an MC for MR WORLD which will be aired in 140 countries and watch by 1 billion people.

    ..honestly, I hate knowing this.

  206. 206 : huixin Says:

    Poor LDH………….no matter what I still like her.

  207. 207 : Jane Says:

    Episode 19 Preview:

  208. 208 : ConstructiveComment Says:

    I think someone shows the mistakes of words, grammar to prove there are many stupid kids who falsely frame others as stupid people. The fact, these kids are so stupid to write a correct sentence so they do not want anyone to mention their mistakes.

    C Lee writes ” … fine with me for anti-LDH to raise their opinions”,”…because of her beauty someone is jealous and could not accept it….”
    This guy conflicts himself. He is obsessive that other people are jealous with LDH if they do not give her a positive comment. This guy believes LDH is always flawless & frames anyone who has different opinion in the words “jealous person”. Then this guy says “fine with me for anti-LDH to raise their opinions”. It is so ridiculous!

    “Someone mentions “constructive criticism”. The fact, any comment that is not positive is framed as a ” non-constructive criticism”. The truth, LDH is not flawless.
    One example, I see LDH’s chest is small, how can I say “beautiful big chest”? But, some LDH fans falsely frame that I am jealous to her flat chest. It is so ridiculous! The case is similar to the LDH’s acting.

  209. 209 : ConstructiveComment Says:

    I withdraw this example “I see LDH’s chest is small, how can I say: “beautiful big chest”? But, some LDH fans frame that I am jealous to her flat chest. It is so ridiculous! The case is similar to the LDH’s acting.”

    I re-write as the following:
    “I see LDH’s body is not hot & her face is just above average. How can I say: “LDH is beautiful”. Then, some LDH fans raise the issue that “I am jealous to LDH”. It is so ridiculous! The case is similar to the LDH’s acting.

    Oh my God! Now, I find out that someone here is right about “It is better not to deal with the stupid & stubborn people”.

  210. 210 : AsmallFan Says:

    Please respect the human right. One can give any comment about the actors, actresses or dramas. Please do not frame the people who have different opinions with the words such as “anti” or “stupid” or “jealous” or “slave”. That is the attitude of an under-educated guy.

    If you want to defend for any actor, actress or drama, just put the comment about them only, not comment about other people.

    Some LDH’s fans do not respect other people & falsely frame them with the terrible words. So other people point some LDH’s fans’ errors. How can people respect some LDH’s fans that falsely frame them?

  211. 211 : AsmallFan Says:

    Please respect the human right. One can give any comment about the actors, actresses or dramas. Please do not frame the people who have different opinions with the words such as “anti” or “stupid” or “jealous” or “slave”. That is the attitude of an under-educated guy.

    If you want to defend for any actor, actress or drama, just put the comment about them only, not comment about other people.

    Some LDH’s fans do not respect other people & falsely frame other people with the terrible words. So, other people point out some LDH’s fans’ errors.

  212. 212 : Frank Says:

    Buddies (AsmallFans, ConstructiveComment), please do not waste time with “the kids of LDH”. In school, these kids shout “the stupid teachers” when their teachers do not give them the high score. They also believe that their teachers refuse to give them the good scores because “their teachers are jealous with their beautiful bodies or faces”.
    They cannot accept the truth that they cannot get the good scores because they fail to do their homework. In their eyes, their teachers are their “antis” (the word they write). Anyone who does not give them & their actress any praise is their “antis”. Theses kids are crazy.

    Um…I am curious about opinions of the viewers of this drama & I find ……
    Do you try “Queen Seon Duk” and “The man who is called God”? They sound good.

  213. 213 : C Kim Says:

    LDH has performed well in Chuno as Un Nyun in the beginning and as Kim Hye Won later. LDH is beautiful. I like her a lot.

  214. 214 : Kathy Says:

    LDH has done a wonderful job as UN/HW, a mature young women. I don’t see anything wrong with it. LDH has grown quite a lot from My Girl. I enjoyed watching My Girl because she’s cute, entertained and funny. However, it’s UN/HW who I am feeling for. Keep doing the good job, LDH.

  215. 215 : meehoon Says:

    some people lobbying hard in here to show how bad LDH and her fans, they never grow up heh..

    @mak-thanks for the info on LDH achievement so far, ..are u a fan or..?

  216. 216 : C Lee Says:

    Kathy, I agree entirely with what you said. LDH was really good at My Girl and proved what she could do to play in different kinds of roles. In Chuno, as you said, I feel for UN/HW.

  217. 217 : Baksa Says:

    LDH’s acting: NOT GOOD. No name of LDH in the list of the nominees for the best actress of The 46th Baeksang Art. although both Chuno drama & actor Jang Hyuk are nominated.
    Han Hyo-Joo is the youngest talent actress in the list of the nominees. She is also pretty.

    Do not agree? Come & tell the authorities of Baeksang’s awards that “you are stupid or you are jealous to LDH, so you do not nominate her”. Some stupid LDH’s fans used to shout like that way.

    The fact, LDH fails to immerse to her character. LDH just cares about how audiences will look at her (her face, her clothes, etc….). To be an MC at some events does not mean she is an excellent actress.

    No further discussion is needed. Just waste time.

  218. 218 : Guest Says:

    Right, “LDH fails to immerse to her character. LDH just cares about how audiences will look at her (her face, her clothes, etc….).”
    Several actresses sacrifice their beauty to mix to the character. But LDH is contrary.

    If Chuno has the different main actress, it will gain more attention.

    LDH is naturally pretty??? Regardless of anything, LDH is so so.
    LDH: thumbs down.

  219. 219 : Bravo Says:

    Yeah, the truth, LDH is not nominated for the best actress of The 46th Baeksang Art. If LDH is good has her fans claim, why she is not nominated?

  220. 220 : Bravo Says:

    Yeah, the truth, LDH is not nominated for the best actress of The 46th Baeksang Art. If LDH is good as her fans claim, why she is not nominated?

  221. 221 : kelamkabut Says:

    LDH has won Baeksang Art in 2005 as best new actress at the age of 21.

    Since one of u has pointed a name Han You Joo-so can I assume her antis are from certain group of fans of actressess that never got recognition for her acting?

    I recognize some of the names in other actresses thread.

  222. 222 : Suzanne Says:

    Wow, I love Lee Da Hae in Chuno – never really noticed her before this but she’s super pretty in Korean costume and she can act too! Love the way she can shed tears so easily.

    Hye Won’s chemistry with Song Tae Ha is simply sizzling!

    Enjoy the drama folks!

  223. 223 : KelamkabutPartner Says:

    “Best NEW actress” and “best actress” are different.

    NEW actress = beginner = actress at the entry level

    Yeah, LDH is at the entry level forever. She never grows up.

    I recognize the name “kelamkabut”. This guy assumes that the authorities of Baeksang’s awards are jealous to LDH because the authorities were not recognized for the “best NEW actress”.

    Who can enjoy Chuno? I can’t. I enjoy other drama.

  224. 224 : AddOn Says:

    LDH luckily got the “NEW Best Actress” Award of The Baeksang since 2005. She deserves it? 5 years have gone, her acting worsens instead of improving. She focuses to her appearance (traditional clothes, make up, etc…), not her acting. With the eye drops, it is easy to cry at any time. Thus, she is NOT nominated for the Best Actress Award of The Baeksang year 2010 though both drama Chuno & its actor are nominated. Her fans say other people are stupid, jealous so they neither praise her nor nominate her.

    Well, I think Chuno would be better without her. She is suitable for an MC, not for an actress.

    New actress is the newcomer with no or the lowest level of experience.
    Best Actress Award is for the actress with some level of experience.

  225. 225 : AddOn Says:

    Correct error in prior note:

    LDH luckily got the “Best NEW Actress” Award of The Baeksang since 2005.
    New Actress = newcomer with no or lowest level of experience.

  226. 226 : earty Says:

    I noticed someone brought up the issue of ‘age’ or level of thinking of LDH’s antis-good bait tho’ cos after that they really showed it-becoming more rediculous with their posts.

    BTW, I’m getting sad CHUNO is going to end soon, hope there are 50 eps, cos I can’t get enough seeing LDH and OJH-such amazing couple.


  227. 227 : Kathy Says:

    this is what I got from google. I think it’s quite impressive for a young actress at her age:

    2009 Asia Model Festival Awards: Popular Female Star Award
    2007 KBS 2007 Performance Awards: Excellence Award – Mini Series ( for Hello! Miss )
    2006 SBS Performance Awards: Top 10 Popularity Award
    2005 SBS Performance Awards: Performance Award – Drama Special (for Green Rose and My Girl)
    2005 41st Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress (Lotus Flower Fairy)
    2004 MBC Acting Awards: New Actress Award (Lotus Flower Fairy)

    I see that LDH got many people that hate her (or just couple peoples with many nicks 🙂 j/k
    I don’t quite get why people would have an actress/actor. If I don’t like someone, I will not watch their works. Seriously, I quit Korean drama for couple years after my favorite actress – Jung Da Bin passed away, still don’t get over the death of Choi Ji Woo yet. I now can understand how much pressure Korean actors/actresses have to endure.

    Overall, drama’s just for entertaining, don’t people got lots of stuff to deal in their life already ?
    This is my last comment to this thread. I, as many others, will continue enjoy Chuno until its last episode. I wish people who don’t like this Chuno drama enjoy their dramas as well.

    @C Lee: I’m glad that you feel the same way. Korean dramas has many heroine who are physically strong, loud, tomboyish … or who are ambitious of great things such as changing the world. It’s nice to watch them and image. And in my opinion, it’s easy for the actor to get notice in these roles as comparing to the quiet, mentally strong characters. I think LDH did a great job in this drama because not only she did her parts very well everytime she is on the screen, but also is very success to remind to be the main catalyst of emotions throughout the drama.

    Have a nice day, everyone 🙂

  228. 228 : Frank Says:

    Folks, you make me laughing. Why everybody continues discussing about LDH’s ACTING in drama? You get the answer already.

    Like someone say, THE FACT, year 2010, in drama Chuno, regardless of the consideration at the level of the rookie (new actress) or the consideration at the level of the actress (senior actress), acting of LDH is BAD. Thus, the fact, she is NEITHER nominated for the Best NEW Actress Award NOR nominated for the Best Actress Award.
    Folks, you have to study how to accept the truth.

    Popularity & Acting are different. It is so stupid to say that getting popularity award means acting well.

    Year 2004 – 2008 is the PAST.

    Current year is 2010 & her CURRENT ACTING is BAD. Like someone say, today, LDH emphasizes to her beauty not to her acting. Perhaps, several features of her body or her face can be improved further to be prettier.

    LDH & her fans (may be few with many different nicknames) are too proud to listen to any advice about her current acting.
    No one hates LDH. They just say the truth.

    Folks, who keep barking that other people are jealous with LDH are stubbornly INSANE.

  229. 229 : Frank Says:

    The fact, LDH is NEITHER nominated for the Best NEW Actress Award NOR nominated for the Best Actress Award of The Baeksang Awards year 2010.

  230. 230 : Frank Says:

    To avoid argue, I specify: Chuno drama & Jang Hyuk is nominated for The Baeksang Awards (March 2010), but LDH is NOT nominated.

  231. 231 : Frank Says:

    Correct typing error:
    I specify: Chuno drama & Jang Hyuk are nominated for The Baeksang Awards (March 2010), but LDH is NOT nominated.

  232. 232 : Justme Says:

    Frank, you call other “stupid”, yet you don’t even know how to read. From the list of the awards, LDH got both awards for “Performance” and “Popularity”. Look who is stupid here … lol

    It’s not fair for LDH to compare her role with JH’s role. LDH get the least screen time out the three leads. Her screen time in some episodes are even shorter than the supporters. Plus, her character has not fully developed yet. How can you make a comparision like that ?

    It’s just beginning of March, so don’t make such a conclusion as the whole 2010 year already. LDH got more opportunities coming along, some feel jealous and threaten by the fact, I guess …. lol


  233. 233 : C Lee Says:

    Frank, there are 5 nominations for each category. LDH was not nominated along with many many other actresses. So are all those other actresses cannot act as well? Your logic defeats me!
    No point in argueing with you whether LDH is a good actress or not as we clearly have a difference in opinion here.
    I like Chuno. I like LDH in her role in Chuno just as much as I like LDH in her role in My Girl.
    Kathy, like you, i enjoy watching a bit of TV in the evening to relieve the pressure from work and watching a good drama such as Chuno can do that.

  234. 234 : Justme Says:

    All Chuno episodes up to the most current one Ep 18 has been updated and subbed in viikii, if you want to watch.

    Also, you can find very interesting, intelligent disccussions, analysis on each characters in Chuno and Chuno as a drama in soompi forum. The Chuno thread has been very active with many updates and pictures.

  235. 235 : C Lee Says:

    Thanks JustMe, I am moving to soompi!

  236. 236 : kelamkabut Says:

    I think this link will clarify on LDH talent-written by an expert not by her fans-hope some kids can understand it.


    extract part on LDH

    ‘Certainly Kwak’s greatest asset in terms of casting (at least when it comes to the younger stars), Lee Da-Hae is amongst the most misused talents in the industry, in no small part because of her choice of projects. Take a look at her career prior to this choice, and only the 2005 revenge thriller 그린 로즈 (Green Rose) had any substance. Had Lee mixed TV with films and starred in material which suited her talent, she now would be heralded as one of the finest actresses of her generation, alongside names like Son Ye-Jin and Gong Hyo-Jin. Lee’s versatility and raw talent actually surpass Son’s in many ways (whereas Son’s screen presence is pretty much peerless), but the lack of projects which could showcase such skills has severely hurt her in the process. This is the first, serious chance she has to show all the sparks of greatness which the below-average projects she chose often buried, and if she starts showing the kind of confidence which brought Son Ye-Jin out of trendy dramas and into the upper echelon of Chungmuro’s stars, then we’ll hear a lot more about the young star in the coming years, perhaps even on the big screen. What’s for sure is that sageuk needed a lead like Lee Da-Hae, and we can only thank Kwak Jung-Hwan for once again playing the thinking man, in an industry increasingly indifferent towards quality.

  237. 237 : Bruce Says:

    Lee Da Hae is very pretty in Chuno. So far, her acting appears to be fine too. I like her!

  238. 238 : Frank Says:

    C Lee, do you understand English? Every year, in Korea, at The Baeksang Awards, they nominate 5 actresses that they think these actresses’ acting are better than the rest. The nominee who wins the Award of The Best Actress is the actress who has the best acting for her role in specific drama or movie of that year only (not other years).

    Did you see The American 82nd Annual Academy Awards? (Oscar Award March 7, 2010).
    Do you know that actress Sandra Bullock wins Oscar Award for The Best Actress of the movie “The blind side” & she also got Award of The Worst Actress for her bad performance in other movie “All about Steve” on the same year 2010?
    It means her acting is recognized as good in the movie “The blind side” and her acting is recognized as bad in other movie “All about Steve” in year 2010.
    The same actress but she acted well in this movie but she acted bad in other movie in the same year 2010.

    The fact, LDH acts BAD in drama Chuno, so she is NOT nominated for any award of acting for her role in Chuno.

    If you fail to understand it means you are STUPID. Print it out & ask your teacher.

  239. 239 : Frank Says:

    Do not misunderstand that the American 82nd Annual Academy Awards? give both Oscar Award for The Best Actress and Award of The BAD Actress.
    They are 2 different institution.

  240. 240 : Frank Says:

    Justme, Kathy, you are TOO STUPID to understand English?

    The fact, LDH did not get any performance award for her role in Chuno, year 2010. How can you say she acts well in Chuno?

    No one compare actress’s performance to actor’s performance.
    That sentence means actor acts his role well & is nominated but the actress acts her role BAD & is NOT nominated.

    If you believe LDH acts well, just come to authorities of The Baeksang Awards & say “Authorities, why you do not nominate LDH for the Best Actress Award for her role in drama Chuno? You do not read that she had performance award, popularity awards in the past? You do not know she has more opportunity in the future (MC of Mr. World)? You are stupid. You are jealous”. ha…ha… Justme is so stupid & ridiculous!

    Let me make it easy for you to understand. In school, you get the award of the honor student last year, so this year you do not spend time to study. So, this year you fail. Then, you yell at your teacher “why do not let me pass, why do not give me award? You do not see that I got award last year? ”.

    LDH got Awards of Performance 2005- 2007. It is the PAST time. It does not mean she currently acts well in drama Chuno year 2010.

    Award of Popularity in year 2009 means she is popular in 2009. It does not mean her acting is good in Chuno. You do not see that “Model Festival Awards”? It is for model, not actress.

    The American 82nd Annual Academy Awards? (Oscar Award March 7, 2010).
    Actress Sandra Bullock wins Oscar Award for The Best Actress of the movie “The blind side” & she also got Award of The BAD Actress for her bad performance in other movie “All about Steve” on the same year 2010?
    It means her acting is recognized as good in the movie “The blind side” and her acting is recognized as bad in other movie “All about Steve” in year 2010.
    The same actress but she acted well in this movie but she acted bad in other movie in the same year 2010.

    The fact, LDH acts BAD in drama Chuno, so she is NOT nominated for any award of acting for her role in Chuno.

    You are such a STUPID & stubborn kid. I will not waste my time. Let other one teach you.

  241. 241 : C Lee Says:

    Frank, STUPID, in capital letters! !
    Well, me teacher asks me to forgive your childishness, so I will.
    I like Chuno, I like the drama being unfolded, I like the way it was directed, I like the two leading actors in their respective roles and I like LDH in her role as UN and also in her role as HW!

  242. 242 : Frank Says:

    C Lee, Justme, kelamkabut are the nicknames of 1 person? Just see the time of the notes, the mistakes of words, grammar, etc….

  243. 243 : Frank Says:

    C Lee is so STUPID to write a correct sentence.

  244. 244 : C Lee Says:

    Frank, fyi, Justme, kelamkabut and I are not the same person!
    Let me point out your illogical logic!
    5 nominated for best actresses and only 1 winner, therefore the other 4 actresses are not “good” actresses because they lost.
    The remaining actresses who had performed during 2009 of whom there were plenty, were not nominated (LDH included) would also be classified as not “good” actresses!
    Well! you do need to go back to school or may be you still are!
    Can we go back to discuss “Chuno”? I enjoy Chuno, do you?

  245. 245 : kelamkabut Says:

    FYI, rating of the drama is also considered for nomination, so HHJ is lucky cos her drama was high in rating. If rating is low, she wil be out.
    I thought actor Lee Seung Gi is the main reason why Brilliant Legacy is so popular (plus the good writing).

  246. 246 : Bravo Says:

    Justme, you are stubborn & so stupid to have any minimum basic knowledge. Frank says THE FACT, not the logic of anyone.

    Don’t believe? Write a letter to Authorities of Awards & ask instead of repeating your stupid argument here. It does not change the fact that LDH is NOT nominated for any acting award for her leading role in Chuno.

    Briefly the key points:

    Exactly! 5 nominees for “Best Actress Award” = ACT BETTER than the rest (other actresses who play the main role in dramas of 2009, including LDH). They are nominated because they do the good job.

    1 winner (exception: 2 winners in rare case) = BEST acting = BETTER than other nominees (= best of the best)
    Exactly! “loose” = “NOT good acting as the winner”

    I am not Korean, but I think Baeksang Award is valuable than the award of each Broadcast network (MBC, KBS, SBS).

    Exactly! LDH is not nominated for her role in Chuno = LDH’s acting in Chuno is NOT good.
    I talk about her acting in Chuno year 2009-2010, not her acting in prior dramas/movies (2004-2008).

    Exactly! Actresses (LDH included) who had performed during 2009, who were not nominated for The 46th Baeksang Awards 2010 (TV section) were classified as “the actress with NOT good acting in the specific drama that she played during 2009”. This classification is correct in this specific situation. Don’t believe? Ask Authorities of Awards officially. Let them teach you.

    Of-course, LDH can act, but she acts poorly in Chuno due to she pays attention to her appearance, not her acting. To please you, let me nominate her for the award of “the WORST actress” for her leading role in Chuno. So, at-least, she is nominated for something.

    It is clearly that you did not print the note of Frank out & you forgot to ask your teacher. Do it now.

  247. 247 : Bravo Says:

    Uh,… my prior note is for C Lee, not Justme.

    Frank, I’m not sure you will read this. Anyway, now, I understand why you are tired with them. I am lazy to type, so I copy some of your words.

  248. 248 : Baksa Says:

    C Lee used words {classified as not “good” actresses! }.

    Just stupid C Lee raise the issue of the classification of the rest actress. Where is she? in Africa?

    Nominees for acting award = top 5 actress
    The rest of actress: rank from 6 to 10000000….. Who cares?
    However, here, we have the award for “the WORST actress”..hi…hi…

    Guys, please do not waste time with stupid C Lee, Justme.

  249. 249 : OhJiHo Says:

    Good acting = nominated.
    Not Good acting = not nominated (absolutely CORRECT)

    Chuno ratings>30%. It is nominated.
    It scores its actor but it can’t lift its actress.

    “Queen of housewives”: ratings

  250. 250 : OhJiHo Says:

    Good acting = nominated.
    Not Good acting = not nominated (CORRECT)

    Chuno ratings > 30%. It is nominated. It scores its actor for nomination but it can’t lift its actress.
    Queen of housewives: ratings

  251. 251 : OhJiHo Says:

    Good acting = nominated.
    Not Good acting = not nominated (CORRECT)

    “Chuno” ratings > 30%. It is nominated. It scores its actor but it can’t lift its actress.
    “Queen of housewives”: ratings lower than Chuno but it scores its actress for nomination

    All above proves LDH’s acting is NOT good in Chuno. No more discussion needed.

    Continue argument? Go to Authorities of Awards.

  252. 252 : Bravo Says:

    Correct typing error:
    Exactly! Actresses (LDH included) who had performed during 2009, who were not nominated for The 46th Baeksang Awards 2010 (TV section) were classified as “the actress with NOT good acting AS in the specific drama that she played during 2009”. But who cares? Perhaps, people pay attention to point out the worst actress in their views.

    OhJiHo, you are right, generally, when Chuno get this rating, if LDH’s performance is good, she will be nominated instead of the actress in “Queen of Housewives”. The fact, LDH fails to be nominated.

    Honestly, I think Chuno gets these ratings luckily because its competitors during the same time frame are all very boring. If it is aired on the same time frame with average dramas such as “Swallow the son” or “Style”, etc.… I doubt Chuno has these ratings.

    I hate to say like this, the showing off actress’ bust line (not actress’ acting) also draws curiosity of viewers. These shows look commercial than artistic. LDH’s chest is small, not attractive enough.
    Ah, Chuno does not worth for me to continue giving comment.

  253. 253 : C Lee Says:

    Guys (I presume)
    Please stay away from this “Chuno” forum if you like the drama! As you say it yourself, do not waste your time here as you guys cannot enter a decent argument!
    We enjoy Chuno and enjoy LDH’s roles!

  254. 254 : Frank Says:

    C Lee, if you do not like negative comments about your actress, about Chuno, so stay away from this forum. This is not your own forum. This forum is for everybody to put any comment, not just positive comment only. To you, even LDH”s feces still smell good.

  255. 255 : C Lee Says:

    you are a rude person and it shows your level of education and your mental state
    as I said before, any person can have a difference in opinion in chuno and in LDH’s acting.
    so I shall just settle that we differ
    this will be my last response to you

  256. 256 : sowon Says:

    Hi Everyone
    I was reading some of your discussions which i describe as “positive” even if i don`t agree with “some” opinions aslong as we are discussing without “insulting” anyone..it is okay for me~~
    I thought We (as Chuno Fans) should celebrate the nomination of the drama instead of discussing why any actor or actress isnot nominated..first of all,nominations can`t be changed..
    second,nominations` list can`t be changed..
    third,it is only added to cv but audience`s appreciation is much more important..(Sandra Bullock is good example,indeed She is America` sweet heart BEFORE oscars,it isnot anything special for me as her fan but it is good to feel apprciated in certain role)

    it is good that Chuno is included in best dramas so it hasnot finished yet (i mean the airing) even,i was thinking that the drama is aired in the beginning of 2010 then it`s chance as best drama in 2010 can be affected by more recent and perhaps more ratings dramas..
    but now i realize it is so good thatit can compete with other good dramas in 2009 or 2010..it is just SUPERB drama..no one can deny this.

    so let`s all wish good luck for Chuno and its cast included in all categories of the festival..i guess any member or audience of Chuno will be happy enough if the drama won as much awards as possible~~

  257. 257 : sowon Says:

    you can`t mean that Oh Ji-ho isnot nominated for best actor coz he did bad acting!!!applying your rules,say that..
    Good acting = nominated.
    Not Good acting = not nominated (CORRECT)

    For,i love him in Song Tae-ha but he isnot nominated..i was disappointed but it would never act my appreciation to his role or acting level in this drama..so,let`s not take the nomination matter so seriously or unfairly~~it`s just a point of view.

  258. 258 : OhJiHo Says:

    You tell others not to talk about the nomination of actress, actor but you still mention about it. So, stop barking!
    I do not say anything about OhJiho. You applied YOUR rule to him yourself.
    My rule does not include only 2 lines like you say. You don’t understand English? So, you also don’t understand what Frank, Bravo wrote.

    C Lee,
    You deserve all Frank’s words. Before complaining other people, just check your level of education and your mental state first. Of-course, mad person like you can’t realize that you are under-educated.

  259. 259 : Bravo Says:

    Briefly, OhJiOh’s words mean: NOT good acting so is NOT nominated.
    You understand: not nominated so is not good acting.
    You pick some words & do not understand the whole OhJiOh’s note.

    The fact what I wrote: NOT good acting AS.
    No one ranks the rest of actresses. Stupid thing.

    You create the word “rule” & “your own rule”.
    So, OhJiho used your word “rule” to make it easy for you to understand.

    Original OhjiOh’s note does not say any rule. He shows some different angles of view with brief words. His view does not include 2 lines as you quote. Do you understand what I write?

    C Lee is similar to you. C Lee created the word “classified”, etc…. I repeated some of C Lee’s words to make it easy for C Lee to understand.

    To deal with C Lee, I think Frank has no choice to use the words that are suitable for C Lee.

  260. 260 : Guest Says:

    To sowon:
    It is bad to build up a “rule” & apply it wrongly, blindly to other actor, actress then blaming other for your stupid.

  261. 261 : Guest Says:

    Perhaps, you misunderstood, so you make a “rule”. You have to blame yourself (no one else) due to you apply your rule wrongly to your favorite actor Oh-Ji-Ho.

  262. 262 : kel Says:

    Can anyone tell me whats the story now? I mean Lee Dae Gil and Song Tae Ha become entangled in a love triangle with Un Nyun. Who will Un Nyun choose? In the end will it be Lee Dae Gil with her or Song Tae Ha??

  263. 263 : sowon Says:

    If you check my comment..you willnot find any under-estimating or rude words like “Some” are really good at using~~
    I don`t use “stupid” or “barking” or such words( perhaps you had WORSE vocabulary you “kindly”didnot use..how could i know when i simply don`t understand ENGLISH as you assumed)
    However,I simply expressed my opinion without disrespecting others..i know this is something not everyone can do..it is easier to be rude rather than understanding..
    misunderstanding is not a big deal because there is always a way to explain yourself better to others but surely when you do this using “insults” or just with a feeling or belief that you are better than those who you are talking to,it willnot lead to anything..but more misunderstanding~~
    however,i wasnot expecting any outcome from my opinion so i wasnot disappointed or surely not going to “Blaming anyone” for the words i got just for saying what i believe in..
    Just a Conversation shouldnot decrease my interest in Chuno or my appreciation for Oh Ji-ho..

  264. 264 : sowon Says:

    One more thing i find myself obliged to say~~
    the only thing i do hate is the fact that anyone can use OH JI-Ho`s name and say anything..while Oh Ji-ho whom i think i know is an objective person , kind man and very friendly with all his fans~~
    however far any discussion may go,no one has the right to use Oh Ji-ho`s name in insulting others..
    there are many people who don`t come to the site frequently,they may think it is really HIM..

  265. 265 : Freedom Says:

    Sowon #257, You wrote: “you can`t mean that”
    You do not have any right to say other person “can’t mean” this or that.
    They, you & I, all have the right to write any opinion about drama, actors.

    I do not need any rule. I do not care about past history of awards or future of actors, actresses. I write what I see about their acting, their beauty in drama Chuno. That is my right regardless my comment is opposite to yours.

    You do not have any right to say other can’t use this or other nickname.
    It is not the first time people use nickname that is similar to the name of actor, actress.

    You can see nickname “Lee Da Hae” at note #193, page 8 of Chuno.
    You can see in other pages of other dramas, people use the nickname of Rain, etc…

    Further, nickname of actor Oh Ji Ho does not write exactly similar to his real name with the space between words.
    No one (except you) is stupid to know the nickname is the real one.

    If you want everybody respect you, you have to read, to think before talking and the most important is that you have to respect the right of other people.
    If you are not sure, just ask, instead of writing “you can’t mean that”.

  266. 266 : Freedom Says:

    Typing error: “the most importance is that you have to respect the right of other people”. Hm…. Who cares about typing error!

  267. 267 : Freedom Says:

    No one (except Sowon) is stupid to think the nickname is the real one.

  268. 268 : Jane Says:

    This is such a good interview – understanding more about Chuno and Lee Dae-gil’s character:



    [INTERVIEW] Actor Jang Hyeok – Part 1

    Jang Hyeok says “The Slave Hunters” is a story about Lee Dae-gil growing up

    “I would have something to say if it was about martial arts..”. said Jang Hyeok before the interview, as if he were an action star who was in love with martial arts. But by the time the interview ended, I found out that to Jang Hyeok, talking about martial arts meant that he would talk about everything — his acting and his life. Like a martial arts master finds enlightenment through martial arts, Jang Hyeok was devoting himself to his life through acting. He understands his character by melting martial arts into the acting, and reflects upon his life by analyzing the character. For Jang Hyeok to play Dae-gil in the KBS TV series “The Slave Hunters”, it means the same as that he will pour out all of his life. See what and how much enlightenment he has gained from portraying Dae-gil.

    10: How did you feel when you first got the script for “The Slave Hunters”?

    Jang Hyeok (Jang): I think the boundary between genres is becoming more vague. If you look at a film like “District 9″, there are elements of science fiction, action, melodrama and political satire in a single movie. I think that visuals, structure and perspective are more important than genre nowadays. And I thought the same with “The Slave Hunters”. In typical television dramas, the main characters lead the show while the supporting actors are in the background. But in “The Slave Hunters”, it seemed that each character had a story of his own, like in the [U.S. TV series] “Band of Brothers”. And the show would be telling Dae-gil’s story in one setting but another story would be developing in another setting with the perspective on it changing depending on the character who was telling it. The plot develops on similar stories, just from different perspectives, so I thought it was a drama where everyone is a main character as well as a supporting character.

    10: That’s why it seems “The Slave Hunters” is about what goes on in their world, rather than telling a story about a single character.

    Jang: That’s why I personally hope there will be a documentary-style show attached to the end of “The Slave Hunters” to objectify that world. The show started off subjectively by telling the story from a certain character’s perspective but it would end objectively by showing the world as it really is. I personally like the film “Hwangsanbul” where the merchants and kings spoke different dialects depending on where they lived. The film showed something that existing traditional stories hadn’t shown before by simply changing the perspectives. I think “The Slave Hunters” is like that too.

    10: Then what kind of a world do you think “The Slave Hunters” is depicting?

    Jang: The most important element is the people. I think “The Slave Hunters” begins its story by telling how people became influenced by their history and how that history has continued on into the present. In the case of Dae-gil, he could not marry the woman he loved because of the status system, which is also what ruined his family. So after he becomes a slave hunter, he hangs around with the commoners and lowly people like Choi Jang-goon and Wang-son although he was born an aristocrat. So there is no such thing as a good or bad character in “The Slave Hunters” because they are all people who have no choice but to follow their circumstances.

    10: Do you see Dae-gil as someone who became who he was because of the historical circumstance he was in?

    Jang: My favorite fictional character is Choi Dae-chi from [1991 MBC epic drama] “Eyes of Dawn” and his life completely changed due to the historical circumstance he was in. If Japan had not annexed Korea, if he had not been drafted to the military, if he had not met Yoon Yeo-ok who was one of the Japanese army’s comfort women, he would not have turned into a North Korean partisan. This man has no ideology but he had to belong to some organization while he was alive and happened to gain a following. It is the same with Dae-gil. Tae-ha is fighting for a political cause. And slaves unite and learn the ideology of ‘the world of slaves’ in order to survive. But slave hunters have no ideology. They live their lives by the day by catching a slave and Dae-gil will keep searching for Eon-nyeon. And he has become an animal-like slave hunter in order to survive and the best one too. He could have gotten stabbed to death in a village somewhere if he hadn’t found Eon-nyeon.

    10: But Dae-gil is too complex a character to just say that he lives according to the flow of the times. In “The Slave Hunters”, you could describe Tae-ha as a straight arrow and Wang-son as frivolous, but you can’t define Dae-gil with just a couple of words. He is the lowliest of the low yet innocent when it comes to love, and he is imprudent yet also serious.

    Jang: Dae-gil was born an aristocrat but lives amongst the commoners so that is why he is a character likely to develop an ideology regarding equality. I play Dae-gil based on this feeling. And Dae-gil has tried his utmost to survive after becoming a commoner. Even the son of the deceased eats food when he gets hungry, so you can only imagine how hard of a time Dae-gil would have. On most days, he would have been making a living while on some days, he could have laughed and talked about the old days. That’s why I think Dae-gil’s unique characteristics are expressed through my experiences from everyday life and my mentality.

    10: And what are those characteristics, do you think?

    Jang: For example, the character Chun Ji-ho is really cruel. He is able to call his subordinates in a composed voice right after killing someone. Dae-gil may be better at killing people but he is not someone with that kind of character. He is a slave hunter who captures slaves, but sometimes also helps slaves. And it’s not because he is nice but because on some days, he is in a good mood and is reminded of the old days. If he wasn’t feeling well on that day he might not have saved them. There is also a noble side left to him so he is clinging onto the last piece of wild animalistic nature he has. I don’t have a fixed concept for my character — I just try to go with the feelings he would feel within his circumstances in his kind of life.

    10: Your character’s way of speech seems to change depending on his circumstance. You speak with a certain rhythm when you’re with other slave hunters.

    Jang: That is something I attempted at from permission of the director and the writer. Because I think it’s the right thing to do if I could bring my character to life. When Dae-gil was a nobleman, he used to speak indirectly. When his father asked him if there was a girl he liked, he would say “No. There is no such woman” but quietly hoped that his father would notice. On the other hand, [the slave hunter] Dae-gil uses a direct form of speech because that is the only way he can survive. And there are many instances where he will get into an argument while going through all kinds of things. So if I cut in when somebody is saying something important, I can control the other person because he can’t talk anymore. I need to ride a certain rhythm in order to do that. But what I care more about than my acting or speech is the eyes. Dae-gil’s eyes are always unfocused. He looks at things with a different perspective unless it is something important. He lives hiding his emotions and restraining himself like that.

    10: I think that is why Dae-gil looks sad. He seems like someone who has given up on dreams and hopes, and volunteers to live life in a numb state.

    Jang: In that respect, my experience of appearing in the film “Maybe” helped a lot in understanding Dae-gil. In that film, my character has a rare disease so there was nothing strange about him dying the next day and thus he seemed unpredictable to other people. Other would think it is a misfortune but he has always lived that way, so for him, yesterday is today and tomorrow is today as well. You cannot put any obligations on the world and you can’t really put one on Dae-gil either. He goes out to find Eon-nyeon today and will go out tomorrow too. I think that is the purity of Lee Dae-gil. Not that he is a good or bad person, he is just pure.

    10: In that sense, Dae-gil has a strange child-like side to himself. When it comes to his work, he makes clear judgments about the situation even when he gets shot by a gun. But in other respects, Choi Jan-goon is much more like an adult.

    Jang: That is right. Dae-gil is the leader in terms of work, but Choi Jang-goon is the mental leader. And it is only when Dae-gil has such personality that Choi Jang-goon and Wang-son can each have his own spectrum. It is important to have a feeling of all the different characters mingling with one another. And the saddest part about playing Dae-gil was the scene in the first episode where he sees the drawing of Eon-nyeon by artist Kang. He is drawing a profile sketch of her and it has to be exactly the same as how she looked ten years ago. She has to be a kid, looking exactly the same as Dae-gil last saw her. And even though he doesn’t know what do to when he catches the girl, he still loves looking at the drawings. So he carries the picture around and gets another one drawn when it gets old. There is a part of Dae-gil that is consumed with the memories of when he used to a nobleman.

    10: Then can Dae-gil go on to the next phase after he catches Eon-nyeon? It seems like Dae-gil’s life has stopped at the point when he parted with Eon-nyeon.

    Jang: That is a little different. In my perspective, I think “The Slave Hunters” is a drama about Lee Dae-gil growing up. People keep growing even when they become adults, but in Dae-gil’s case, I see it as a growth in the way he communicates. Dae-gil is still immature and cannot communicate well with others, but I think he is changing, little by little, by interacting with Tae-ha and many other people. The way he changes isn’t like he is simply desolate, sad or sick but all the emotions get built up. So I think Dae-gil is gradually changing, little by little.

    10: In order to dig deep into the inner aspects of your character like that, it must be essential to analyze the times that he is living in. How did you prepare for that?

    Jang: I read the information with the basic stuff. Like when I did the [SBS historical drama] “Great Ambition”, I had studied about the currency and old merchants during that time in order to play a merchant. You have known about such things if you want to improvise. The historical period in “Hunters” is when the Ming Dynasty changes to the Qing Dynasty, and so no wonder it is confusing. From the noblemen’s perspective, they had to have people like The Slave Hunters because slave, who were like their real estate property, kept running away. The Slave Hunters were sort of like hired soldiers or detectives during that time. They chase after the footsteps and fight when it is necessary.

    Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok [email protected]
    Photographer : Lee Jin-Hyeok eleve[email protected]
    Editor : Lynn Kim [email protected], Lee Ji-Hye [email protected]

  269. 269 : Jane Says:


    Episode 18 Trailer

    Episode 19 Trailer

    Episode 20 Trailer

  270. 270 : Jane Says:

    [INTERVIEW] Actor Jang Hyeok – Part 2


    10: For Dae-gil’s martial arts skills, did you keep in mind the historical aspect and the environment Dae-gil is in? His style of fighting is apparently different from that of Tae-ha’s. How did you approach that?

    Jang: The action sequences are handled by the martial arts specialists but I wanted to do something more. An actor has to know how he wants things done so I thought it was right that I do both the action stunts and act at the same time. That’s why I asked the director if I could design the martial arts sequences by direction of the martial arts director. In “Hunters”, martial arts is also part of one’s acting needed in showing that person’s character. Tae-ha and Chul-oong practice traditional martial arts and follow the fixed structure and system used in the palace. A slave hunter like me learned martial arts to survive in the common streets so of course my style of martial arts will be different to theirs. It has to be different from the style Choi Jang-goon and Wang-son use.

    10: That’s what I had been curious about. Dae-gil was born into an aristocrat family so he wouldn’t have been taught martial arts properly. Dae-gil’s martial arts moves are compact and swift which is remarkable just like the training you are receiving right now for jeet kune do.

    Jang: It’s sort of like this. There is a difference between the martial arts practiced in battlefield and on the streets. At the time, the people on the streets would carry around swords and hunting slaves basically means their own lives are at risk everyday. So when you’re in a life and death situation every single day, it’s impossible for your fighting to take on a certain style. Whether it be with a long sword, a dagger or a stone, you have to survive. That is why Chun Ji-ho knocks people down with stones and why Dae-gil too knows how to use all kinds of weapons. One can’t know what situation they’ll end up having to face. Even for those born into aristocracy, they should break away from the stereotypes and become brutal in order to survive. That’s why there is sort of a demon-like feeling to him also. And in holding a sword. There will be times where an actor has to feel comfortable carrying around a sword, or holding the sword backwards and recite their lines at the same time. That’s how comfortable I have to seem with the sword — as if I have been using them for my whole life. That’s why it’s similar to the jeet kune do I’m learning. It’s fundamentally about survival and so it rejects conventionality.

    10: How did you learn to do the action sequences with a sword?

    Jang: I learned martial arts long time ago. And the weapons used in jeet kune do are not considered weapons but means that when one holds a sword in jeet kune do, it means your arm has become longer. To be more precise, I’m not practicing jeet kune do in “Hunters” right now, it’s wing chun (a form of Chinese boxing). Wing chun is a form of martial arts that Bruce Lee learned. It was founded by Uhm Young-chun before the time period of “The Slave Hunters” so it wasn’t a problem to incorporate that format.

    10: But it is hard to put emphasis on the reality in the drama. You have to keep in mind what the audience is watching so how were you able to balance that out?

    Jang: If you were in an actual fight, you’d have to be done in one go or just not fight at all. But since this is a drama, you have the design the action sequences so that it can leave an impression visually. And that’s where wing chun and defense comes in handy. The training doll that Dae-gil used to practice his martial arts was used during the Qing Dynasty and I kept in mind the fact that there was exchange between the Qing and Chosun Dynasty so I just assumed that Dae-gil modeled it after that. I thought it was important that I show how Dae-gil practiced his martial arts for ten years. When designing the action sequences, the technical part is important on the outside. But no matter how grand it looks when it’s shot, you also have to do a good job in delivering your emotions. I have to accept what sort of emotions come from which part of his past when he’s doing martial arts.

    10: I think that’s why “The Slave Hunters” director Kwak Jeong-hwan refers to you as being “full of emotion during action scenes”.

    Jang: It can be compared to a boxing match. The boxer forms a pattern during the 24 rounds in where to put more energy and where to hold back. It’s not about working on an action sequence but figuring out the flow of how it is supposed to be played out. And the director too will adjust the process of his directing depending on his overall idea for the show.

    10: Dae-gil’s character seems to be an accumulation of all the experiences that you had in your life. You learned jeet kune do and watched numerous DVDs to analyze the characters.

    Jang: There are people who ask me whether there was some sort of turning point before taking on “The Slave Hunters.” And I think they were probably referring to my serving in the military, getting married or having a child which were big changes in my life but they’re one of those things in life that just happen. I myself didn’t undergo a sudden change — it was a natural process which came about as I gradually accumulated on my experience. At the age of 35, I am starring in “The Slave Hunters” which is a drama where I can give it all I have.

    10: Your answer confirms you are someone who is likely to collect DVDs. (laughs) I remember seeing your showcase of DVDs — it looked like you know the satisfaction that comes from someone who knows how to collect things.

    Jang: There is saying that you can tell what a person is like by seeing their room. I think about how I could fill up the empty spaces in my room. Whether it be a DVD, book or figurine, they all become my toy that I see and feel. That’s why it’s important to find an interest that you can manage.

    10: Is that why you watch movies on a regular basis? I heard that after you watch a movie, you fall asleep 10 minutes into the next film.

    Jang: Because I’ll become curious to find out what happened in that movie the next day and watch it again. Some days I watch three to four movies a day and when I’m shooting a drama, I take my DVDs on set. I’ll also listen to the commentary for films I really enjoyed and I bring my exercise equipment and books on set too.

    10: How does your everyday life influence your acting? From your roles in “The Earth of Wang Reung” to “Thank You” to “The Slave Hunters”, I think you’re someone who focuses more on how to express the inner depth to your character inner depth rather than wonder how different a role you’d get to play.

    Jang: If I practiced three days worth of jeet kune do and rested the next day it doesn’t count as two days. It means I just rested. And it gets easier after several years. That’s how I feel when I do dramas. I think later on, I would like to try designing characters. If I get assigned to create a character you would craft it into three-dimensions. I have great interest in things like that.

    10: It seems that your acting and life experiences have accumulated and led you to you playing the role of Dae-gil. And it also seems like he will be leaving a mark on your acting career. How do you feel about that?

    Jang: If you ask me why I act, I would have to say it is because I like portraying characters and giving life to them. I don’t think there is a limit to the characters I play. I think I take the character’s personality and develop on it to show how he grows. I’m sure I have been influenced by the various roles I’ve played and the people I’ve met. And I think that’s what makes up my acting. That’s why I still think I am accumulating on my experience.

    Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok [email protected]
    Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk [email protected]
    Editor : Lee Ji-Hye [email protected]; Lucia Hong [email protected]

  271. 271 : Ben Says:

    Sorry. I like to know what does PD means? I know its like director?

  272. 272 : huixin Says:

    I really love this drama because of Dae gil & Song Tae Ha. The part where Taeha skinned a snake (daring), & where Daegil did a cool cut to re-style Taeha’s hair. Think he’s the best sytlist i’ve come across, hehe.

  273. 273 : Jane Says:

    Ben (271)

    I think PD means Producer and Director.

    You experts out there, pls correct me if I am wrong.

  274. 274 : Jane Says:

    huixin (272)

    I love ALL the 3 main characters plus ALL the supporting characters, down to the CUTEST little boy who plays the little prince and the young slave girls — all are simply FANTASTIC and AWESOME – makes CHUNO so fun to watch!!!

    Simply a FIRST CLASS CAST!!

    THANK YOU, all the Actors, PD Kwak, Writer Cheon and all the hardworking crew in the background for making this drama for us!

    Yes, particularly enjoy watching the following scenes:

    – DG/UN’s childhood scenes
    – TH/HW’s attraction to each other & falling in love – swoon!
    – Snake scene was v. good too!
    – fighting with Baekho in bamboo grove scene
    – Han Seom’s courtship with Court Lady
    – TH/HCW’s fight
    – TH/HW’s kiss and proposal – swoon!
    – Little Prince’s eyes blinking – so cute!!
    – TH’s reunion with his soldiers
    – DG’s anguish when he saw TH/HW together; turning her shoes around
    – DG crying in market
    – DG’s sadness (eating eggs) when he thought his chums, Gen Choi and Wang Son, are dead (even I mourned for their “deaths” for one whole week!)
    – DG burning portray of Unyun
    – DG/TH’s confrontations/fights
    – Dungeon scenes – HAWT HAWT bodies (TH’s new nickname: Asian Jesus or Oriental Jesus)
    – TH’s jealousy of DG/HW
    – TH punching DG
    – DG’s reunion with Gen Choi/WS
    – EP/CB’s night walks and talks
    – SeoHwa’s fiestiness and how she copies HW’s gentle/ladylike mannerisms
    – All of TH’s love scenes with HW

    and so many others…..


    Other Chuno-lovers & friends — care to share some of your favorite/special moments??

  275. 275 : eka Says:

    I was crazy about this drama… at beginning of episode 4 I think a bit boring but when at episode 5 until 12 (in Indonesia) I look foward
    I love Oh Jiho sorry Jang Hyuk you not my type

  276. 276 : Ben Says:


    Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it. Been seeing a lot of the words but had no idea what that means. Maybe it’s producer.

  277. 277 : Ben Says:


    Nice collection of scenes. You round it up. ^^


    I like Oh Ji Ho too. ^^”

  278. 278 : C Kim Says:

    nice list of scenes
    my addition to your list
    Little priest (not little monk!) with DG/Gen Choi/WS at the temple
    DG sending two daggers towards HW riding behind TH trying to leave the market and HW’s head dropped when hit
    TH’s first fail attempt to propose marriage to HW but shortly afterwards succeeded
    The look of astonishment on HW’s face when she first saw the word “slave” on TH’s forehead
    and many more

  279. 279 : Kel Says:

    “The look of astonishment on HW’s face when she first saw the word “slave” on TH’s forehead”

    Which episode is it?

  280. 280 : Jane Says:

    Kel, it was the end of Ep 8, beginning of Ep 9. Hope this is helpful.

  281. 281 : Santa Says:

    I love this show, especially my STH, he’s great guy, loving husband any girls will wish for a great husband like him… hehehe… Love everyone in this show, they all did fantastic jobs:)

  282. 282 : Kel Says:

    Jane, Thank you so much!!! Started watching after epi 10. Afraid of being to engross in the drama, so jump so much episode. ^^”

  283. 283 : Love Chuno Says:

    You said it right Santa, Song Tae Ha ( Oh Ji Ho) is every woman

    dreams to be a husband and he is sooooo gooood loooooking!!!

    !!!!!!!! awwww!!!!!!!!

  284. 284 : Love Chuno Says:

    I love Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae Ha. He stay true with his character.

    A MAN of few words and an excellent sword fighter with a vash dream to change the world.

    I love his charater. My first saeguek drama and I’m digging it.

  285. 285 : TaeWonshipping Says:

    I truly hope that TH and HW make it in the end…I envision TH being thought of as dead and missing only to return in the end with HW’s back to him cooking [with their bundle of joy wrapped around her facing her so TH cannot see] and she feels his prescence and grabs their baby and turns….so he sees TW and tears fill his eyes….[scene transistion]

    Next we see DG looking from afar and locking eyes with TH who smiles knowing that DG kept his promise to look after them if anything went wrong….[scence transisiton again]

    EB takes aim and shoots at DG….unfortunately, SH sees and runs toward DG and takes the bullet…..

    The three slave hunters ride off into the sunset leaving TH and family safely behind…..the end.

  286. 286 : Jane Says:

    TaeWonshipping (285)

    What a beautiful ending! My eyes want to tear up too if I am TH, being surprised by the little bundle TW! It was so sad when we see him grieving over his first dead wife and son.

    Oh, SH taking the bullet or arrow or whatever is good too!

  287. 287 : Jane Says:

    Kel (282)

    You really should start from the beginning – the scenery was so awesome and the music so beautiful – esp. those several romantic scenes between HW and TH!

    Everytime I rewatch those scenes, my heart melts! awwwww! so sweet!!

  288. 288 : Jane Says:

    Santa (281) and Love Chuno (283)

    Gen Song Tae Ha, Joseon’s finest general/fighter – so eligible! So kind; so mighty but yet so gentle ~ truly a husband to die for!!!

    I hope in real life OJH and LDH will find their ideal partners too (hopefully in each other, hehe…) They look so compatible!

  289. 289 : lebotak Says:

    My friend introduced me this forum, I’m surprised to see lots of childish comments (esp LDH’s anti), where are these kids coming from?

    Jane-I love OJH soo much, wish he and LDH can have real friendship offcamera too, but I know it not going to be easy, cos after Chuno both of them will go separate way to achieve their future career. I read Warner Bros is interested in LDH, so maybe she will pursue her career outside Korea (if the offer from WB is interesting). Good to know that LDH acting is being recognized by the outsider. Hopefully OJH can broaden his career outside Korea too cos he has the look and talent too.

  290. 290 : Jane Says:

    Ep 21 Preview

  291. 291 : Sniper Says:

    Stupid Lebotak, where are you? From Cuba?
    It is so stupid to think that a party with WB equals a successful future in Hollywood. Wait and see what role, what salary LDH can get and the fate of her movie (if any).

    Looking at “Ninja assassin” with Rain, the cost of production & the money collected from selling tickets, one can say “Ninja assassin” is a flop.

    Even though hit movie GI. Joe collected over 300 million dollars from tickets, DVD but its actress, Sienna Miller, just got the Award of “the worst supporting actress”.

    Wait & see what LDH will end up, title of “the worst actress” or a small role in a flop movie? You can pray for her to be lucky than others.

    Reference: 30th Annual Golden Raspberry Award Winners
    Worst Supporting Actress: Sienna Miller, “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”

    I am in The United States. I understand many guys dream to come to The United States.
    My opinion: LDH’s acting is bad in Chuno.
    Do not agree? I don’t care.

  292. 292 : Kel Says:

    @Jane (287)

    I do want to watch from the first episode. But every time i watches a drama and will be too engross and fall into the drama. My mood will be affected and follow the story that even my friend say I’m poison. lol

    Not sure when i will watch but i like Oh Ji Ho a lot too. Just finish his previous drama “Queen of Housewives”, so real and his life is so tiring and hard in the drama. So touching. Take a look if you haven’t watch it. The Ost is nice too.

    @lebotak (289)

    Not sure if they can still keep in touch. There are some videos that shows they are really close off camera. They are so cute and look like a couple.
    I do hope they can be together too. But i heard Lee Da Hae like Daniel. But that is admire and she wants to work with him doesn’t mean that Oh Ji Ho had no chance. lol

    Maybe i am selfish. I don’t want her to work at Hollywood. Cause we must wait so long before her next dramas comes out. Moreover i don’t think acting in Hollywood movie will make them so much more famous. Rain for me is still not famous at Hollywood. What i mean is it’s difficult to become famous and the Box Office will not gross too much too.

  293. 293 : Bravo Says:

    It is not easy to have positive comments from us.
    Work harder & we’ll consider…ha…ha….
    Right, “Ninja Assassin” got many negative critic reviews here.
    My friends did not pay any attention to it but my Korean friend suggested it. But after I see many negative critic reviews for it, I skip it.

    Critic review: 1.5 star only for Ninja assassin

    2.5 star only (2.5 per 5 stars) for Ninja assassin

    [email protected]

    “You don’t go into a movie called Ninja Assassin expecting a hell of a lot, but this shockingly disjointed and relentlessly dull picture can’t even deliver the martial-arts kick its title so plainly promises.”

  294. 294 : Jane Says:

    For Chuno, I am disappointed that there is not enough airtime for the TH/HW couple – forgive me DG/UN lovers, but I am a diehard romantic and I just can’t get enough of their romance and attraction towards each other and chemistry…

    Equally surprising is that quite a lot of airtime is given to the lesser characters such as the inn-keepers, big jumo and little jumo, artist Bang, Chief Oh… who, in my mind, do not seem to play much in making things happen for the plot.

    The other thing I did not like is the body count – it’s just so easy to kill people and get away with it in those days! Too many people die in this drama – it’s almost like stepping on a trail of ants – doesn’t matter how many die!

  295. 295 : Jane Says:

    Only 4 more episodes!

    In Ep21’s preview, it looks like TH catches DG staring at his wife around the bonfire. If that’s true, I hope he will show a lot of jealousy there! hehe

  296. 296 : Jane Says:

    Lebotak (289) and Kel (292)

    In those talk shows/variety shows, I am sure it is impossible for anyone to reveal their true feelings.

    LDH was one of the final two girls that OJH chose but OJH finally chose the other actress instead. Same with LDH – I’m sure she wants to choose OJH badly but if she tells the truth, the media will be after them like crazy.

    Let’s just hope and pray for the best for these two beautiful and fabulous personalities and give them our support unconditionally (that is if you are a fan of theirs).

  297. 297 : korean fan Says:

    HELP !!! I had watched Chuno (with english subtitles) with Kpoplover1991, until Ep 14 and dying to watch Ep 15 onwards. Anyone can tell me where can i continue the movie and which website pls?

  298. 298 : Kel Says:


    [LDH was one of the final two girls that OJH chose but OJH finally chose the other actress instead. Same with LDH – I’m sure she wants to choose OJH badly but if she tells the truth, the media will be after them like crazy. ]

    You mean which shows? The one where LDH say she likes Daniel? If not, which shows you mean? I havent watch that yet. ^^” Gonna watch!

    I also feel that too much time is on the other minor characters. Not enough for me. Hehe

    @korean fan

    Sorry cant really help.

  299. 299 : Jane Says:

    Kel (298)

    Yes, it was the show where LDH chose Daniel and TH/OJH/Zio appeared in another similar show where he chose the other actress over LDH.

    If you like OJH/Zio, you can also check out this link – many photos of him and other news which I have no time to update here. (You hv to register to become a member first)


  300. 300 : Jane Says:

    Here’s a fan-made video (by Jio297) of TH and HW, I couldn’t help but admire what a beautiful and compitable couple they are:

    (to the tune Stand By Me by Shayne Ward)


  301. 301 : Santa Says:

    oh yeah, Jane, if someday I read a news it says ” Oh Ji ho and Lee Da hae as a couple” I would not surprised 🙂 They looks great together on and off screen. I can feel an attraction there 🙂

  302. 302 : Jane Says:

    Ep 22 Preview

  303. 303 : Jane Says:

    CHUNO – Episode 23 preview:


  304. 304 : Jane Says:

    An article from Dahee’s Plastic Castle re Chuno:

    Chuno is ending this week. These past few weeks have really flown by, haven’t they? I can’t remember the last time a drama made me get up early to watch the latest episode before class, or that made me cry so much even before the finale. Chuno really affects me in a way 99% of dramas don’t. My heart is all ready to be broken come Thursday. And it’s true that I’m feeling very sad that such a high-quality drama is ending, and leaving me with nothing really good to watch afterwards (well, except for Harvest Villa, which seriously gets better with each episode). On that note, I’d like to bid the drama goodbye with a look at the poster photoshoot. They all look so goooood. I’m really going to miss these characters.

    Credit: daheefanel.wordpress

  305. 305 : Jane Says:

    General Song Tae-Ha and slave hunter Lee Dae-Gil bond over stringing beads. (20 March 2010)

    Baseballholic OJH and his fellow “Invisible Baseball Team” members dream of their own ballpark, so from organizing car washes and working as “baby studio smile helper” to helping out as zoo-keepers (Kim Seong-Su!) and mopping basketball c…ourts, everyone’s taking on part-time jobs to raise money for the construction fund.

    OJH was assigned the task of stringing beads. (The idea is he could stay put on Chuno set and still get the job done between takes.)

    The “Invisible Baseball Team” production team visited OJH during filming and handed him 20,000 beads and a 3-week deadline.

    On day one, OJH was said to be really stuggling on account of his fat fingers. However the actor quickly learned to turn this disadvantage into a handy tool (?) and soon he’s threading with some pretty polished skills, all while in his General Song regalia.

    After three gruesome weeks, with buddy Jang Hyeok’s occasional help, Oh Ji-Ho was able to string 13,550 beads. He fell short of the 20,000 target, but as they say, it’s doing your best that counts.

    (Credit Inappropriatecrushes from Soompi Chuno chatroom)


  306. 306 : Jane Says:

    General Song Tae-Ha and slave hunter Lee Dae-Gil bond over stringing beads. (20 March 2010) continued…

    Scenes of Zio and JH only:

    Youku link:

    Tudou link:

  307. 307 : Suzy Says:

    Just wondering did General Choi and Won Son got killed????? -_- i have yet to watch episode 14 onwards…

  308. 308 : Jane Says:

    Chuno Season 2? I doubt it but you never know! I’ll love to see Oh Ji Ho as Joseon’s best fighter/General Song Tae Ha again!!

    News by Osen:
    24 March 2010


    Google Translate link

  309. 309 : john Says:

    what a niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee drama with gr8 cast & crew.
    best Drama in the world.
    gr8 job everybody.(*)

  310. 310 : Jane Says:


  311. 311 : Thelma Marling Says:

    FlashForward has began with two great episodes I’m waiting with baited breath to appear episode thirteen

  312. 312 : Linda Says:

    The series was soo good with a very bad ending! So disappointing. Ending ruined it for me. Final raw epi here: http://www.dramasub.com/korean-drama-chuno-episode-24-part-1-16337.html

  313. 313 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    It’s all over. Dae Gil is the man until the end!
    It’s on http://www.dramabang.com

  314. 314 : Jane Says:

    Here’s many photos of the fabulous Chuno cast at the party on Grand Finale nite 25 March 2010. But, I cannot find one of just LDH and OJH together!!! Ow!


  315. 315 : Suzy Says:

    What happen in the end??? spoiler pleaseeeeeeeeee

  316. 316 : Jane Says:

    DG sacrifices himself to protect HW & TH. HW is injured and TH is severely injured but all three (HW/TH/little prince) manage to run away

    EB shoots Evil minister LGS; leader of slave revolt Legolas and Scholar Jo; EB gets caught (most probably will die)

    CB arrives Mt. Worak

    Guess who lives?!!!?

  317. 317 : Jerry Says:

    jane 314
    cannot see the photos in the link you provide and I cannot read korean. please help.

  318. 318 : Jane Says:

    Jerry (317)

    I set Google translate on my toolbar so all articles are automatically translated.

    Sorry you cannot see the photos. I’ll try and search other links for you later.

  319. 319 : Jane Says:

    Jerry, try this link – there’s some photos but mostly of OJH I’m afraid!


  320. 320 : Roberto Says:

    Well, if there is going to be chuno p2 they better bring a witch in and resurrent Dae Gil

  321. 321 : Naga Says:

    Nice drama, worth watching

  322. 322 : Jane Says:

    Chuno’s grand finale party:


  323. 323 : Jane Says:

    Chuno: Behind the Scenes – filming of the final episode:

    KBS Link:

  324. 324 : Jerry Says:

    Thanks Jane, very nice photos.

  325. 325 : Suzy Says:

    Thanks Jane for the spoiler -_-, wat Dg DIES…..thats sad la, im rooting for him and UN….yea if theres chuno 2, DG has to come back..Chuno will never be the same without him 🙁

  326. 326 : lins Says:

    oooh..im still waiting ep 18 – 24…pls upload..thanks

  327. 327 : grace :] Says:

    i like this drama
    Chuno a very nice drama.
    good actors and actresses 🙂

  328. 328 : kel Says:

    @Jane Thanks for the spoiler. My pc has spiled and can’t come online for the past few weeks. Yes, i haven’t seen the ending. Aw. But in the end do TH and HW together? HW is sad about the death of DG? I still can’t watch yet.. =(

  329. 329 : kel Says:


    Btw, do you know why Kim Ha Eun is not Chuno’s grand finale party? I think i didn’t see her.

  330. 330 : juanita Says:

    Chuno a really good drama.
    a drama worth watching

  331. 331 : lins Says:

    great drama…great actors

  332. 332 : lins Says:

    up up …shud be top 20 of most commented..

  333. 333 : jane Says:

    Kel (329)

    Kim Ha Eun as in Sul Hwa? Yes, she is very much in the party. Several interviews of her at the party as well.

  334. 334 : lins Says:

    desperately looking for ep 19-24 eng sub

  335. 335 : Jane Says:

    More Chuno behind-the-scenes – this is a special interview for the Japanese viewers

    youku link:
    tudou link:

    youku link:
    tudou link:

    KBS CHUNO SPECIAL 20 March 2010
    tudou link:
    youku link:

  336. 336 : lolo Says:

    can’t wait till the next ep 19

    go go chuno 😉

  337. 337 : Jane Says:

    Found this wonderful Chuno remix – enjoy!

    v155 . f679 : beige – 달에 지다. freaky remix freakmix2010


  338. 338 : lins Says:


  339. 339 : lins Says:

    jane (335) thanks..but i didnt understand.. lol..no engsub..

  340. 340 : Jane Says:

    The Slave Hunters’ Draws Curtain Amid Acclaim


    The KBS2 historical drama “The Slave Hunters” ended on March 25 amid acclaim from both viewers and critics for its novel subject matters, well-structured storyline, impressive cinematography, clever use of computer graphic and vivid action scenes. It had enjoyed great popularity to the end with average ratings of some 30 percent.

    Each character encountered a different ending, but they all delivered the same message — the dream of building a better society will never die.

    Learning that the leader of his slave group was actually an agent of the noble government official Lee Gyeong-sik (Kim Eung-soo), who plotted to eliminate the slaves, Eop-bok went to look for them to take revenge on them.

    Eop-bok found the two and killed them but was soon captured by guards. “If I can make the world know that slaves like us are also living in this world, then my death will not be meaningless,” he said as his final words. Hearing that, other slaves there each made a clenched fist, suggesting they would not give up and would carry on Eop-bok’s dream.

    Lee Dae-gil (Jang Hyuk) risked his life to save Song Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho) and Kim Hye-won (Lee Da-hae) from Hwang Cheol-woong (Lee Jong-hyuk) and his men. “You have to survive to make a better egalitarian world so that there will be no other people like us in the future. You have to live. That way I can live too,” Dae-gil said to Hye-won. “Live happily with your man and son…and when we meet a long time later, please tell me how you’ve lived, my love.” Then he alone faced Cheol-woong.

    Cheol-woong asked Dae-gil why he risked his life for them and felt humiliated to hear him say that it was because Tae-ha once saved his life. Unlike Dae-gil, Cheol-woong had been motivated to chase Tae-ha out of a feeling of inferiority over him. Then he ordered his men to stop chasing Tae-ha.

    Cheol-woong returned home and expressed his pain and feelings for the first time to his wife Lee Seon-yeong (Ha Shi-eun), the daughter of Lee Gyeong-sik who has cerebral palsy, by crying like a child in her arms.

    Tae-ha had planned to escape to China but changed his mind. “I owe this country too much. I will not leave here but instead work hard to make it a better world,” he vowed.

    The most impressive was the last scene where Cho-bok (Min Ji-ah), looking at the rising sun, said, “The sun is ours because we have never had it, even once,” while Dae-gil shot an arrow at the sun.

    The drama will be succeeded by “Cinderella’s Stepsister” starring Moon Geun-young, Chun Jung-myung and Seo Woo, which starts airing on March 31 at 9.55 p.m.

    Writer: Kim In-hwa

    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi – Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.

  341. 341 : Jane Says:

    06 Apr 2010 – KBS world Entertainment Weekly – Chuno Lookback w english subs (thanks to Kitland and Jio for their hard work)

    youku link:

    tudou link:

    baidu link:

    credit: [email protected]

  342. 342 : adah Says:

    i like drama so much…

  343. 343 : Jane Says:

    [INTERVIEW] Actor Oh Ji-ho – Part 1



    Oh Ji-ho says “I learned how to really use my eyes” on ‘The Slave Hunters’

    The time has come finally to bid farewell to KBS TV series “The Slave Hunters”. What kind of ending will come for this extraordinary drama — which showed off fantastic imagery from the start, breaking records in viewership rating with terrifying speed and at the same time carried a fairly weighty political discussion? One does not know but one thing is for sure; that the key belongs to character Song Tae-ha (played by Oh Ji-ho), who had lived his life being loyal to his master but now dreams of making a better world. Now that even one of his enemies Dae-gil (played by Jang Hyeok) has decided to help him, what kind of dream does he have and how will he achieve them? And what has Oh Ji-do dreamed and achieved during the eight months that he spent portraying Song Tae-ha and unveiled his new possibilities? In a joint press interview held on March 24 — the day before the final episode of “The Slave Hunters” — the actor talked about the past eight months he spent working on the show.

    Q: The show will be ending at last. How do you feel?
    Oh Ji-ho (Oh): I shot my last scene yesterday and it was the scene where Tae-ha and Hye-won (played by Lee Da-hae) are leaving and asking Dae-gil (played by Jang Hyeok) to come with them. Dae-gil and my character raised their hands up in the air and hugged each other, and I was moved when we filmed that scene. A couple of staff members even cried because it was the end, even though it felt like there would be more. I feel relieved now, not like how I felt when I finished other dramas. I am relieved because the show did much better than I expected and I did what I wanted to do, like playing a character I wanted to play.

    Q: There were some concerns about you doing a historical drama. Why did you choose to shoot a historical drama at this point in your career?
    Oh: Actually, I chose to play the character Song Tae-ha rather than choosing to do a historical drama and I had no fear about doing it. When people told me I wasn’t the right fit for a historical drama, I was like “Whatever, I’ll just do it”. And I studied for the part by watching historical dramas, which I don’t usually watch. What was hard was adjusting to the tone of a historical drama, rather than trying to decide whether I should take on the drama. If I was going to do it, I didn’t want to be told I was awful.


    Q: How do you feel now about your choice?
    Oh: I have discovered the joy of shooting a historical drama. When you shoot a drama in new surroundings, go to many places with beautiful scenery, you start to feel new about yourself too. And I think growing a beard for my character in a historical drama helped my acting transformation. I have shaved off the beard now and feel a bit embarrassed, as if I have taken my clothes off. Like how an introverted person can start to talk when he puts on a mask to do a mask dance, I think I too was able to change my character by growing a beard.

    Q: Speaking of characters, you played comical characters in your previous dramas — MBC’s “Couple or Trouble” and MBC’s “Queen of Housewives”. Why did you decide to play a different kind of character this time?
    Oh: When I was doing romantic comedies, I played a man whom women would find adorable and would want to take care of. But just once I wanted to play a character that men would find truly loyal and cool and that is why I decided to play Song Tae-ha. Looking cool like [Korean actor] Choi Min-soo, who we admired when we were young.

    Q: Then was there anything hard about acting the part?
    Oh: I didn’t worry about the action scenes or visual stuff because that is something the director would take care of. What was hard was that I myself found Song Tae-ha very stifling. I felt like Tae-ha should do something at certain points but he didn’t. He was a character who lived with a certain cause but he didn’t do anything and there was no space for movement. The articles about me speaking my lines as if I was reading a textbook may have come from such stuffy character of Tae-ha.

    Q: Tae-ha is someone who created the specifications of a hero, but it must have been all the more stifling for you to play him because he didn’t vent that out openly.
    Oh: In the beginning, I played Tae-ha thinking that he was literally a hero who would make a revolution but it turned out that he wasn’t. So then I reached the conclusion that he was just a military officer who just carries out orders. He had the strength to rescue the young royal king (played by Kim Jin-woo-I) to carry out the order of Prince So-hyun, whom he used to serve, but that was it for him. So whatever he tried to do more, it wouldn’t work out. He visits Lord Bong-lim (played by Lee Joon) and asks him to spare the life of the young royal, which doesn’t work out. He is close to a Chinese general (played by Yoon Dong-hwan) so he tries to entrust himself over to the Qing Dynasty, but still he wouldn’t go to Qing. When the loyal solider meets Hye-won, he changes a bit. He starts small by protecting the woman close to him, then eventually dreams of making a better world which doesn’t have boundaries of the nobles and commoners. I think that is why he began to feel that he wants to stay in the countries somehow and change the world little by little.

    Reporter : Wee Geun-woo [email protected]
    Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk [email protected]
    Editor : Lynn Kim [email protected], Lee Ji-hye [email protected]

  344. 344 : Jane Says:

    [INTERVIEW] Actor Oh Ji-ho – Part 2



    Q: Do you think such change means that Tae-ha is growing up?
    Oh: I think so. Tae-ha is someone who refuses to accept that Hye-won is the slave Eon-nyeon, and so when you tell him that Dae-gil is the same as any other nobleman, I think he must have thought about that himself. Tae-ha believes that he is carrying out his duty to save the people but he realizes that people actually hate aristocrats. And I think that is when he decides to be someone who mediates that gap and matures.

    Q: I can understand that meeting Hye-won was what motivated him to change. But the much talked-about kissing scene on Jeju island seemed a bit out of context.
    Oh: It must have seemed somewhat like that since people are saying so, but I think it also signifies that Tae-ha changed. If he was just a loyal soldier, he would have just taken the young royal king with him in that situation. But as someone who lost his wife and child and feeling how could someone who couldn’t save his family save a country, he had just been doing his best in protecting Hye-won. And I think his feeling evolved into love during their journey down to Jeju island. He had already started loving her and when he turned around to look for Hye-won, he had actually gone out to greet his future wife. The kissing scenes might have looked out of context because the previous scene, where Tae-ha was fighting Chul-woong (played by Lee Jong-hyuk), left such a strong impression. But for Tae-ha personally, I think it was right to do that in that situation.

    Q: The time has come for you to part with Tae-ha. Are you satisfied with the transformation of your image?
    Oh: I portrayed a manly, serious character through Song Tae-ha for the first time after doing romantic comedies for almost eight years. I am honored that my first attempt worked out really well. Being able to play two different types of characters means that I will be able to play various characters in the future and that is the most important thing for me. I am satisfied with my acting too. I can’t say that I’m 100 percent satisfied, but I believe I have shown as much as I could.

    Q: You are really into showing your new character these days, so it is more disconcerting that you shot a commercial for Chinese-style squid noodles.

    Oh: I’m sorry. (laugh) When I got the offer to do the commercial, I worried a lot over whether I should do it or not. I was worried if the commercial might cause trouble for the drama since I am playing a serious character. But it’s about my own future too. If I was only going to play characters like Song Tae-ha in the future, I shouldn’t have done that commercial. But I am a person who will play comic characters too, so I wanted to show my silly side through the commercial. Director Kwak Jeong-hwan had said, “They wouldn’t play the commercial right before ‘The Slave Hunters’ comes on, would they?” but they did. (laugh) I felt a little bad about that.

    Q: Tae-ha’s masculine side was maximized under the direction of director Kwan Jung-hwan. What was it like working with him?
    Oh: He is very meticulous and really great at editing. And he has a great sense of color. The most important thing is that he knows the good points and bad points of the actors he is working with. So he doesn’t make the actor do the kind of acting he has done in previous dramas, thus you can always show a new side to yourself. For example, in scenes where you talk to someone else and the other person leaves, you look away for a moment and then look back. That is how the scene usually ends in many other dramas. But director Kwak never tells you to do things like that. He says that when the conversation ends, you follow the other person with your eyes and your emotions should come out from your eyes. I really loved that and if I may dare say so, I think I have learned how to really use my eyes while working on this drama.

    Q: There were many beautiful scenes in the drama under such direction. Which one was your favorite?
    Oh: We shot the drama over the course of eight months so many scenes come to mind — such as the breakdown scene, the fight scene with Dae-gil on the reed field, the battle scene with the Qing Dynasty army which was similar to the film “300″. But the most memorable scene is when Tae-ha and Dae-gil are running side by side on the battlefield, and they look at each other and smile. I think that is the moment when the tension between them, which made it hard for them to accept each other, ends.

    Q: I think you met a really great drama this time, like when you did “My Wife is a Superwoman”.
    Oh: I had actually predicted that the show would do well because I knew I would be able to fully show what I have. But I didn’t know that it would be so popular from the start. Something like that could almost never happen again. Not only because there wouldn’t be another drama like this one but it was a real blessing for me to get a role like Tae-ha. I don’t think this kind of drama could ever come out again. There was actually a period where we were a bit hesitant but that was the virtue of our drama. It could have been more fun if Tae-ha had really caused a revolution, but we were just military officers, noblemen and slaves. It was just a story about people living their lives and that is why I liked it.

    Q: If they were to make the second season of “The Slave Hunters”, would you do it?
    Oh: I would sign the contract first. But I want to be the one chasing because it is too exhausting being chased. (laugh)

    Reporter : Wee Geun-woo [email protected]
    Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk [email protected]
    Editor : Lynn Kim [email protected], Lee Ji-hye [email protected]

  345. 345 : lins Says:

    thanks for the informations….go chuno go..

  346. 346 : eka wachyu Says:

    love….love….love… i am realy feel it when deagil see hyewon form far…

  347. 347 : lins Says:

    yay…4 more episodes…

  348. 348 : raz Says:

    I’m gonna miss this drama. It keept me on my toes the whole time but
    the ending made me so disappointed.
    any way thanks subbers and segmenters it has been a great journy with you all. I really appriciate your hard work.

  349. 349 : millethsalonga Says:

    a drama worth watching.. i love LEE DAEGIL.. hes really one of the best actor in korea. cant forget THANK YOU,ROBBERS,TAZZA,WINDSTRUCK.he deserve an acting award calling baeksang ……… sarang-hae DAEGIL.cry a lot 4 u last nyt done watching SLAVE HUNTER….SARANG_HAE

  350. 350 : Jane Says:

    Wishing OH JI HO/GEN SONG TAEHA a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many happy returns!

  351. 351 : jung Says:

    wow…..the ratings is incredibly high……but i find the story line a bit deep and its boring sometimes……but i like the acting of the actors and actresses

  352. 352 : marzi Says:

    i like jang hyuk acting and he is handsom he is talented actor

  353. 353 : Esther Says:

    A very happy belated birthday to Oh Ji Ho, enjoy watching all your series and will always support you!

  354. 354 : Ghefara Says:

    I agree wit jung, that sometimes this drama little bit boring, but i like the story cause the theme is uncommon, and jang hyuk as main actor really natural and expresissive . Ost very great, and slow motion martial scene wow…..hot, 2 tumbs up. One of my favorite drama ( with YAB, jumong, kingdom of the winds, queen seon doek, goong, ja myung go and chun yang )

  355. 355 : edrea Says:

    i like Oh Ji Ho acting with such charactor in this series….really cool & man…

  356. 356 : bebe Says:

    This is the first and only historical Korean drama that I have watch. I start watching because I love the main actress LDH in Chuno. The script was amazing… amazing.. All I have to said is “Can’t take my eyes off you” the couple in the drama they are a perfect match. Just like “ Beauty and the Beast” Couldn’t ask for more and love the ending too. For those of you whom favor the other main actors, you might be disappointed with the ending, but his acting with not disappoint you. Best k-drama so far for 2010.

  357. 357 : Liz Says:

    One of the most dramatic, exciting, thrilling action Korean epic drama, I have ever watched.. The drama has a all star casts.. Each one of them played their part so well.. Even the extras were great.. I may say I have never seen any boring spots.. I was entertained and amazed.. The effect were great even the Ost, It made the drama much modern than others..

    Correction to Lee Da Hae ‘s acting: She acted so well.. being a beautiful slave is not bad.. and she have been living as a maiden for 10 yrs so her sensitive and well manner actions are acceptable.. those that criticize her must watched the drama to understand!

    Though the it was a sad ending , It ended well…


  358. 358 : Jane Says:

    Japanese version of Interview with OJH:

  359. 359 : ho Says:

    what happened to song tae-ha and eonnyeon in the ending?>.haha..

  360. 360 : Jane Says:

    Dear Ho Ho Ho (359)

    Which chapter are you at now?? Do u want us to spoil the drama for you by telling u the ending?? hahaha

  361. 361 : afifah Says:

    I agree with the comments. Best korean drama that I’ve watched so far. Like the ending though it’s a bit sad.

  362. 362 : Trixie Says:

    This drama is awesome… Love the cast!! Love the Lead!! Love the story!! Love the romance of Taeha and HyeWon… love to see they do the part 2 of this drama but plz OJH and LDH should in it…

    I like jang hyuk acting in here.. He is the best!!..

  363. 363 : 1 Week Diet Says:

    nice put up, i specially take pleasure in reading about this topic, i hope you’ll be able to write extra following this one

  364. 364 : imran Says:

    i think the slave hunters is the best drama but i don’t like this ending. very sad.

  365. 365 : peter Says:

    I currently watching this k-drama, Lee Da hae is so beautiful and nice acting.

  366. 366 : han Says:

    the great …….. l

  367. 367 : fanny Says:

    I’m speechless!

    really amazing drama I recommend it to anyone who haven’ watched it yet.
    great performance given by all th actors.

    thanks for making such a beautiful drama, Chuno makers.

  368. 368 : naga Says:

    I agree. Lee Da Gil is such a faithful lover. Every one acts well in this drama. Nice show

  369. 369 : greenrose Says:

    Chuno is one of the best drama! i like this drama ! lee da hee is very beautiful and she act very well!!

  370. 370 : Jane Says:

    Some new videos on YT-credit: justjanghyuk

    The little prince is so adorable!



  371. 371 : Suzy Says:

    First off, i must applaud Jang Hyuk’s acting, Chuno will never be the same without him, which is why i love the whole visual effects, the brillant acting by all the actors, but not the plot and espically the ending!!!!!! For those who have time to spare, watch this. Watch this if u dun mind getting confused at the end, and go WTF……granted the first few episodes were exciting and attractive, but as it nears somewhat i feel there is so many loose ends that the writer didnt tie up….AND wats with Ennyonn character?? Must they make her so weak that even when she talking to Daegil it must be in the mind?? WTF, DAEGIL isnt physic man, this frustrates me….i feel they left that whole relationship part out. And that bad guy(who somehow is the best fighter in the whole plot) got his consious pricked only during fighting daegil and general song??

    Seriously, im kinda sad by the ending, maybe because of the hype generated before the show started, to me i started off with anticipation, then attracted to the first few episodes, then slowly it dwindles to dread…such a dissapointment, dun bash me, these are my honest opinion….Anyway, good drama to catch if ur into visual effects, good acting skills (able to protray the character and environment) and music…if not…would adivise to catch the first few episodes and then jumped to the last 2 episode…the only consolation i got from the show was seeing the korean Legolas!!!! Hahaha, hes cute…lol..anyway sorry for the longg longg comment.

  372. 372 : Emily Says:

    This is a good drama, but you really have to pay attention to every detail or you’ll get lost somewhat in the middle….

    For actors – Both main actors were really good protraying their charactor, especially Jang Hyuk!!! Without him, I don’t think the drama will be the same. He is perfect for the role. His buddies were also great and they did just enough to show how they bond. It was fun to see them as brothers. It broke my heart when I thought Won Son and General Choi were dead!!! >< I must say the directer is just brillant that he casts these talented actors into their perfect roles. I wish the drama would be longer and the ending wasn't as sad. However I still liked it very much.

    For Actresses – Though, I think the drama mainly focuses on males other than females. Because I don't see much of LDH's acting… not that she can't act, is that she doesn't have chance in the drama to perform. I love her from My Girl, she was fabulous there. She didn't give me as much suprises as she was in My Girl. I look forward to her next project. As per KHE, don't really like her. She doesn't seem like she fits in this cast actually. Perhaps it's her role that I don't like…..

    Overall from 1 to 10, I'll give Chuno an 8 ^^

  373. 373 : Emily Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention, very nice OST!!! Especially the song from MC snipper, very differnt from traditional Korean music. Everytime I hear it I think of the 3 slave hunters running to chase Tae Ha… so cool ^^

  374. 374 : Jane Says:

    “General Song Tae Ha” and “Chief Oh” doing an advert together:

    Making of Handon CF + Interview – SectionTV Entertainment where they were named “”Pork Embassadors”” hahaha


  375. 375 : peter Says:

    Chuno is a great show I will always remeber as one of my favourite korean dramas.

  376. 376 : peter Says:

    I loved Chuno so much, everything about it,

    just wanted to say that white hanok Un Nyun was wearing in the first episodes really made her look stupid cuz it was just so noticeable for someone running away and being looked for but I just can’t resist loving it after Song Tae Ha drew these Cherry blossoms on it, it looked simply gorgeous in my opinion yet still very unpractical.

  377. 377 : samah Says:

    MC Sniper ost! awesome MV tribute to the hunter

  378. 378 : mutiara Says:

    love it…

  379. 379 : sylvie Says:

    this drama is awesome!!

  380. 380 : sylvie Says:

    Chuno is currenntly my favorite drama.

  381. 381 : frebee Says:

    Jang hyuk was great as lee dae gil so was lee da hae, loved their chemistry so much.

  382. 382 : Ceej Says:

    I’m amazed with effects of this drama.
    The action scenes was just great.
    Chuno is just the best!

    Hope they show it in the Philippines…filipinos will love it.

  383. 383 : Jane Says:

    Chuno OSTs ~ enjoy!

  384. 384 : Jane Says:

    Youtube – to the song and music of STAND BY ME by Shayne Ward

  385. 385 : frebee Says:

    yes the 2D scenes were so amazing, loved that a lot, I also liked the slow motion action scenes, they were funny and animation like.

  386. 386 : frebee Says:

    making of the 2d scenes in chuno:

  387. 387 : frebee Says:

    Jane, thanks, Chuno’s OST is also one of my favourites, It’s refreshing, different and very suitable to the drama at the same time.

  388. 388 : Jane Says:

    This Chuno remix is really good :

    v155 . f679 : beige – 달에 지다. freaky remix


  389. 389 : Jane Says:

    Frebee (387) – glad you like CHUNO OSTs!!!

  390. 390 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  391. 391 : ardhan Says:

    it’s nice to be watched

  392. 392 : frebee Says:

    thank you very much Jane, i’m not usually a big fan of remixes but this one is actually very good, I found it so interesting.

  393. 393 : frebee Says:

    Go watch Cguno everybody, it’s a great drama!

  394. 394 : ivryn Says:

    i love this drama………..

  395. 395 : Jane Says:

    Han Jung Soo, Kim Ha Eun and Oh Ji Ho attended a Charity Concert on 19 June 2010 – some news and photos here”


  396. 396 : mel Says:

    looks like so interesting..

  397. 397 : Jane Says:

    Video of Han Jung Soo, Kim Ha Eun and Oh Ji Ho and OST singers singing at the Charity concert on June 19 2010 – some photos here:

    Youku link:

    Tudou link:

    Baidu link:

  398. 398 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  399. 399 : win Says:

    this film give me more motivation…..

    i will always remember this film…
    the best……..

  400. 400 : sun_juong Says:


  401. 401 : nining Says:

    i’m not really interest.. hmm,,

  402. 402 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  403. 403 : frebee Says:

    why not interested?

    well, for me, I was not interested in the title, even the synopsis didn’t make me interested enough but when I heard a lot about this drama, I though I should give it a try and I was hooked from the first episode, the best I’ve seen so far in 2010.

  404. 404 : frebee Says:

    ontak 402:

    I downloaded it from am-addiction.

  405. 405 : OOLI Says:


  406. 406 : Jane Says:

    OJH, Han Jung Soo and Kim Ha Eun singing Chuno OST at the Charity concert:


  407. 407 : frebee Says:

    thanks for the video Jane

    they didn’t sound exactly great but it was very nice of them, Im Jae Bum’s voice singing the original song is powerful and amazing, I love this song so much.

  408. 408 : Jane Says:

    Frebee: I love all of Chuno’s OSTs! I find the Koreans are fantastic in writing songs and music!

  409. 409 : frebee Says:

    Chuno ost is definitely has some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard in a drama

  410. 410 : diefan Says:

    Chuno, I don’t get you.
    this series such a huge rating.. but for me I wasn’t thrilled at all. I watched all epis but I find myself scanning and skipping a lot. dont get me wrong Love Jang Hyuk I watched him ‘sucessfull story of bright girl and an awesome deliver in ‘thank you’ I thought he was a great actor.

  411. 411 : diefan Says:

    … maybe because of the story and the use of director or perhaps it wasn’t my cup of tea… hmmmp. nonetheless, not interested in this. sorry.

  412. 412 : microchip Says:

    love everything in Chuno, the music especially, lead actress LDH soooo beautiful, very manly lead actors Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho, amazing cinematography, amazing chemistry btw actors/actresses,very diff sageuk drama-I don’t ask for more, entertaining enough for me.

  413. 413 : marckos Says:

    i love you chuno

  414. 414 : rowing machine Says:

    I love korean drama, but I don’t like the historical drama. I will not see this…

  415. 415 : Greendutchess Says:

    Never in my life I have wanted to buy a DVD but the Korean TV drama Chuno changed this. It was a beautiful series and the two actors both named Hyuk (Jang and Lee Jong) were very impressive. I wish we would see less American shows and more Asian shows in Australia. Being from European background, I have never been exposed to many Asian films, apart from some Japanese ones (Kurosawa, etc.). I really regret this now. Go Korea… make more beautiful dramas and maybe one day the world will want to watch them more then the American rubbish!

  416. 416 : grace Says:

    great drama
    this drama is a must see

  417. 417 : juanita Says:

    Chuno has an awesome storyline and and awesome cast

  418. 418 : via Says:

    Actually its a great Drama, but I don’t like when lee dae hae have to be with ji hoo, I prefer she will be together with her first love Jang Hyuk.. I lost my interest when she end up married ji hoo/song tai hee, I decide to skip it a lot and come to the end of the story which not really clear either, whether they survive or not. But its entertaining enough though..

  419. 419 : frebee Says:

    I loved Song Tae ha and I loved un nyun and Tae Ha together but I loved Dae Gil more and I just felt heartbroken for him, so sad.

  420. 420 : Paj Says:

    CHUNO is one of those dramas where i will never forget or regret spending countless nights trying to see what is next!!!! IT’S SO THRILLING!! i love the story !!!!! and yet it’s soooo sad :(((((( i love all the characters and fell in love wil Daegil and Song Tae 🙂 it’s sooo beautiful yet so sad.. one drama i have high hopes of grabbing many awards for 2010!!!!! best drama for me this year! but who knows.. 🙂 CHUNO #1!

  421. 421 : Jane Says:

    Paj Says (#420)

    Yup, lets hope Chuno will get lots of awards – truly a brilliant drama!

    I also hope SONG TAE HA and KIM HYE WON will win best couple – there’s so much chemistry between them!

  422. 422 : Jane Says:

    frebee Says (#419)

    At first, I really hated LEE DAGIL ‘cos he was catching the slaves, etc. and he also killed several guards when he stole the horses as well as some scholars when he was trying to find out where SONG TAE HA is.

    But later on, I felt sorry for him ‘cos he truly devoted his entire life to loving and finding Un nyun, only to see them holding hands and carrying the little boy who thought was their son at first.

    What I felt pitiful about is Dagil did not tell Un nyun about his half-brother relationship to her brother.

  423. 423 : Jane Says:

    Greendutchess Says (#415)

    Glad you like Chuno and know how to appreciate Asian dramas too!

  424. 424 : Jane Says:

    juanita, grace, marckos, microchip,

    Glad you all like CHUNO!

  425. 425 : rudy bernstein Says:

    I liked the drama but the ending is sad, if you want a great story you need a first start and the ending. I saw lot of korean dramas but there ending is bad

  426. 426 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  427. 427 : frebee Says:

    the snding is sad, doesn’t mean it’s bad but stillit didn’t have to be that way.

  428. 428 : Charming Says:

    IRIS also had a sad ending which didn’t have to be that way…..Bring back LDG….

  429. 429 : anti Says:

    love jang hyuk and really feel broken heart and sad for him

  430. 430 : anti Says:

    sad sad and sad. but really love the view

  431. 431 : broken iPhone Says:

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    The slaves that were transported were the result being captured during tribal wars between the indigenous tribes. If they had not been sold on as it were, they would have been treated just as badly had they stayed in Africa as slaves to the victorious tribe.

  433. 433 : بیوگرافی oh ji ho Says:

    […] Actor and modelBirthdate: 1976-Apr-14Height: 183cmWeight: 75kgStar sign: Aries TV Shows Chuno (KBS2, 2010)Queen of Housewives (MBC, 2009)My Precious Child (KBS2, 2008)Single Dad in Love (KBS2, […]

  434. 434 : Whole Life Insurance Says:

    The slaves that were transported were the result being captured during tribal wars between the indigenous tribes. If they had not been sold on as it were, they would have been treated just as badly had they stayed in Africa as slaves to the victorious tribe.

  435. 435 : Alexia Says:

    This is absolutely the best and very impressive drama that I’ve seen in 2010. The casts were wonderful. I fell in love with general Song Tae Ha right at the first moment. Oh Ji Ho indeed made a very good couple with Lee Da Hae while Jang Hyuk’s acting was awful and amazing. He is one of the best actors. At first, I did not like Lee Daegil; eventhough he was noble and was the young master, he did not suit and look good with Kim Hye Won. But later on, I really felt sorry for him. He had spent his whole life looking for his lover only to find out that she was now someone else’s wife. To me the ending is not bad at all. Lee Daegil is the one who dedicated and sacrificed his entire life for the people that he loved and cared for, especially Kim Hye Won. He was ready to exchange his life for her own happiness with general Song Tae Ha and the little boy. Two men loved one woman, and one must go away, and Lee Daegil was the one. I really truly hope that Chuno would win the best drama awards for 2010!!!

  436. 436 : saeid from tehran Says:

    very nice drama with a tragic ending,
    i am so sad because of LE-DAGIL ‘s fate.
    but i dont know this historical story is real or just is writer ‘s specter?

  437. 437 : ken Says:

    Just bought this because the cover was cool, GREAT drama!!

    All the chars are great, so funny to see Gen. from Prosecutor Princess.

    haha so different..

  438. 438 : Jane Says:

    ‎’The Slave Hunters’ Wins Seoul International Drama AwardSource |

    The KBS drama “The Slave Hunters” has won the Grand Prize in the category of Hallyu drama, which was a newly established award from this year, in the Seoul International Drama Awards 2010.

    … “The Slave… Hunters” was ultimately chosen as the best Hallyu drama.

    The actor Jang Hyeok, who appeared in “The Slave Hunters”, and the actor Lee Byeong-Heon, who appeared in the drama “IRIS”, were chosen as the best actors.”

    The Slave Hunters” was also awarded in the category of best director (Kwak Jeong-hwan PD), so the drama made the achievement of winning three awards.

    Source: hancinema

  439. 439 : Jane Says:


    Chuno won the Medium Drama TV Award at the 37th Korean Broadcast Awards on 3rd September.



  440. 440 : Eva Says:

    jang hyuk is the best. his acting was great!!
    da hae is the worst. her acting was sucks! how come a slave or ex-slave acted like a princess?

  441. 441 : Corporate Branding Says:

    Hello, Episode 8 sub has just been released. You’ll have to wait patiently for the subs to be released.

  442. 442 : Storage Poynton Says:

    Added to my favourites list and added to my blogroll.

  443. 443 : shima Says:

    i finished watching the drama for the 5th time to day
    i love the way he act
    i still cry at the end allthough i know wats going on

  444. 444 : aliit'sme Says:

    BEST SHOW I’VE EVER SEEN !! i looooooooved it !

  445. 445 : Term Life Insurance Says:

    Well, you are actually watching one of the most popular ones right now. It has the highest ratings among shows at its time slot. I believe A Good Day for the Wind to Blow is doing quite well and Three Brothers (but that started airing in 2009 and is ongoing).

  446. 446 : anti aging Says:

    Popular dramas of 2009 would be Shining Inheritance, Probably the most hyped was IRIS because of its star-studded cast of people like Kim Tae Hae and TOP. Of course Boys Before Flowers was huge during 2009 but that was more early in the year.

  447. 447 : life extension treatments Says:

    I really like the drama called “You’re Beautiful”.. you can watch it on that website.

  448. 448 : chain Says:

    what a great acting and directing….I love it

  449. 449 : SEO Services Says:

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  450. 450 : sava Says:

    I’ve seen ep 1-23 and enjoyed every second of the drama and just when I thought that this is the best drama ever in Korea alongside with BOF, Iris, Playful Kiss, Full House, Kim Sam Soon I was disapointed with the end of the story. If anyone said the Director is great, it’s complitely wrong, how can you say he did a great job by directing this drama, how could he let the male lead died tragically and let the Song Tae Hae alive with the girl, how could a general be as coward as that to live Dae Gil fought for him and Un Nyun future. This is ridicilous and absurd.

    As for Jang Hyuk, there is no word to describe how great he was in this drama. He has doing a fab job in Thank You and prove how amazing he is in Chuno. He is one of a great asset that South Korea has. Fantastic and tragic ending. Overall I could only say that it’s a fun to see him from 1-23 ep and the last ep really disapointing.

    Input for the director, the depth of the play and the string of the story was destroyed right in the final ep. I personally say that I am Disapointed. Couldnt wait for another great drama, play and act of Jang Hyuk Ssi. Two thumbs up for you.

  451. 451 : sava Says:

    how could a woman who claims that she has given all of her heart to the man she’s grown up with entirely can leave him fought for her life and the other man that will surely lead him to death just like that. I can not imagine how the director portrait the woman character so shallow and shame. I could never do that to a man that I love, leaving him to his own death. I rather lost both than to sacrifice one.

    I HATE the Ending

  452. 452 : sava Says:

    Unless this epic drama is a true story or historical epic that has been written centuries as the mark of the korean nowadays, then i couldnt say anything nor complain.

    Still, I would want dae gil to live happily after after with sul hwa who loves him deeply and sincerely. He deserves to be happy after all that he has been thru, as for Un Nyun, she should be killed at that time, therefore, fair is fair, no one gets the girl.

  453. 453 : Lynn Says:

    Jang Hyeuk – Amazing, multi-faceted, very convincing actor. I could not hold back compassion. Couldn’t the directors give this guy a break? Don’t they know the viewer needs a balance? After seeing so much pain and endurance, it’s nice to see a bit of reward. It would have been great to have an ‘up’ end, after such ‘down’ throughout!
    I loved the hero, but hated the end: extremely disappointing. The Asian notion of doomed fate despite man’s best effort makes you wonder why bother having faith. Come on! And an army general escaping to save himself and kin? Pathetic and selfish. It’s like the director finds a handsome actor and expects the viewer to forgive him for being so pathetically idealistic. Makes you want to slap him all the time for being so gullible.
    About the female lead, I agree with Sava. She really could have had a little more presence. Despite hearing over and over of Daegil’s love for her, no real reaction is detected in her throughout. She is not worthy of his devotion.

  454. 454 : sava Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Nice knowing and nice having the same friend who share the same opinion. It really is a waste does it? I mean the plot is great but the end really destroy the drama.

    I hate the General who is at first determine to save the country and yet cowardly left a warrior stood fighting on hiw own and leave him with his dearly and pathetic wife who claims that the love of her life is that solo warrior himself.

    The director really did a louzy detail on this drama, that’s why although it won so many award it didn’t left special impression on my side.

    Love Jang Hyuk though.
    If you would like to have nice, good and fun drama, check Mischievous Kiss site and Kim Hyun Joong, you will find comfortable environment there, guarantee speaking cos I’m a reguler there.

    Well if you are interested, see you on the above mentioned site.

  455. 455 : Chuno fan Says:

    Song Tae Ha and Kim Hye won a perfect couple indeed

  456. 456 : Charming Says:

    It was sad to let Daegil die. Don’t we all love a happy ending? It was a lose lose situation for KHW because if she chose to return to the arms of Daegil, she could be conceived as not loyal to her new found love in the General who had taken care of her in times of her needs. Should the General stayed on to fight with Daegil to the end? Well, he could have and the director could have made them triumphed over HCW.

  457. 457 : pia Says:

    No Chuno season 2? say it’s no so! America want’s more Chuno!
    TV can revive anyone from the dead…..remember Dallas?

  458. 458 : Bibiana Ramos Says:

    Best drama i have ever watched…beautifully created!!! such a master piece… love and greetings from Colombia

  459. 459 : pooteh Says:

    i love this drama!!! complete criteria to get in my list!! i watched this drama 4 time. song tae ha and kim hye won is the best couple

  460. 460 : sh Says:

    good drama

  461. 461 : sh Says:

    hyuk’s acting is great

  462. 462 : aja Says:

    very touching

  463. 463 : sh Says:

    best drama of 2010

  464. 464 : lovely Says:

    better than any drama

  465. 465 : just hyuk Says:

    i just wanna kill myself!!!

    how could them do this to daegil??????

    why did he die??? why??

    i hate to watch a drama that hyuk is dead in the end!!!!!!!! i really hate that!!!…… it was terrible!!!!! :(( :((

  466. 466 : just hyuk Says:

    as lynn said “Couldn’t the directors give this guy a break? Don’t they know the viewer needs a balance? ”

    i couldnt breath when I was watching this drama!! all events were unfair for daegil!!

  467. 467 : toh quan ming Says:

    I like this korean drama because it is historical drama that i have never seen.

  468. 468 : shahrokh Says:

    best is the best you jang hyuk is the best

  469. 469 : ptsh836 Says:

    @just hyuk (#465 & 466): why even bother?? be like me…avoid chuno at all costs….first thing i did was i checked for any probability of my idol (jang hyuk) being killed off by reading comments here first…then i avoided chuno like the plague…haha!! i saved myself fr excessive stress n heartache…so be smart find out the ending first before taking the plunge. actually i did catch the first few epis on kbs world…i was highly impressed with jang hyuk’s acting but as it progressed tt he will be pursuing his love throughout this drama without getting any just rewards in the end…i was pissed; i dropped off watching immediately. to me the hero always gets his heroine n to know tt his love does not reciprocates n even marries someone else is too much to bear…poor jang hyuk…i cannot imagine the pain n frustrations he had to bear…my poor heart could not take the stress anymore so i prefer not to bear witness to my idol’s suffering….what more to hv him dead as well??? wt*

  470. 470 : 2tru Says:

    Alexia is right.

    I know a lot of people found the ending tough to watch, but still I have to say as far as dramatic scenes go – that was superb.

    The part where poor Sul Hwa finally gets to hear DG confess his and then die in his arms was ……. oh gut wrenching and incredible at the same time.

    Of all the characters she suffered most. What would she do now? what does life hold for her?

    It was tough to watch yet you had to watch it. Director’s skill was tremendous.

  471. 471 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  472. 472 : JayR Says:

    This wasn’t a drama, it was a “classic tragedy” while the leads were solid actors, jerking and slamming your emotions all over the place. However, I vote for Eop Bok as the most compelling story…his last scene as the “reaper” was classic…the unspoken communication between him and his friend outside the palace….spoke volumes, without speaking a word….man, you can’t beat acting like that with a stick…

  473. 473 : zago Says:

    שלום רב
    האם מישהו יכול לעזור לי למצוא את המוסיקה והשירים
    מהסדרה “צייד העבדים”
    תודה רבה

  474. 474 : Jane Says:

    Video of Chuno cast’s donation & visit to a rehab centre for the disabled in South Korea in November 2010

    Youku link:

    Youtube link:

  475. 475 : yosie Says:

    i just saw the rating and planing 2 watch it but when i saw the comment i think i dont wanna watch this movie…jang hyuk die? oh noooo….better die than watch my hero die…

  476. 476 : Vote4MSOAN Says:

    Hello Viewers

    Moon Geun Yuong, also known as Korean little sister, who has not disappointed us in her acting as a child actor as well as in her adult acting career. She was great in Painter of The Wind recently as well as Young Eun Suh in Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart in the past. Currently, there is competition going on Between MSOAN and PK for the Best Drama of 2010. It is an undeniable true that MGY is a great actress who has real talent; she doesn’t just depend on her look to get famous. These have proven in her past series as well as the current one (MSOAN). I know for sure that MSOAN is far better than PK in both acting skill and the storylines. I am asking for your vote on MSOAN, and if you have any doubt, Please watch both MSOAN and PK and place your vote.

    Thanks all and Happy Holidays.

  477. 477 : lovechuno Says:

    congrats to Jang Hyuk oppa for winning the awards. chuno is really great drama and NOT like those overrated ones~

  478. 478 : yana hidayah Says:

    seriously really like this story..really touched when watched it..but a little bit sad n heartache with the end..huhu

  479. 479 : hollywood Says:

    Highly recommend to watch. I am not really a fan for epic or historical type of dramas but this one is good. Sad and very touching. Such loyalty
    which is not so common nowadays. Acting by most of the actors are very good however there are certain scenes which is not well put together. This I believe need a better skilled directions and cinematography which is rather weak in this drama.

  480. 480 : wilma Says:

    A great historical piece , full of inspiration ,action pack,
    but i must agree to hollywood that it is better if it was more cohesive and more excellent cinematography……but then again BRAVO!!!!!!!

    The ending is as sad as it goes…well i guess not all endings are happy…

    But the actors and actressess did justice to this series…
    Good job on all the acting’s,special mention to those main actors,and the one who played that has a syndrome she splash my expectation she may not have enough dialogoues but superb acting for you girl….


    aja aja fighting c:

  481. 481 : reko Says:

    nice movie i lke this movie bad story

  482. 482 : hana Says:

    chuno is one of 2010’s best dramas, it’s a masterpiece.

  483. 483 : Chuno Slave Hunters Episode 1-10 (MedQual) (EU) – Nubishare.com Says:

    […] More INFO : KoreanDrama […]

  484. 484 : i am mongolia Says:

    i love chuno.i like it

  485. 485 : natayo Says:

    chuno is really great drama

  486. 486 : luk Says:

    Why Dea Gil died why!!! He should have better end in this story … 🙁

  487. 487 : luk Says:

    Great film ! For 24 days it gives me sens to live 🙂

  488. 488 : snsdjjang Says:

    I stop watching this bcoz of i can’t bear to see Dae gil’s pain..
    it’s just not fair how he spend all his life to look for someone he dearly loved, only to find out that she’s already been with someone else
    i just can’t bear to see that…so i skip all ep to the last ep…then i’m getting even more pissed off..
    i hate to see how he had to died while tae ha & un nyun lived..
    i wished the girl or the general would have died instead of dae gil
    after all dae gil been through, he deserved to be happy…
    even though i don’t mind sad ending for some dramas…but i just can’t accept this one…too tragic
    i don’t think i want to watch this drama anymore

  489. 489 : iman Says:

    u ‘re great actor n realy smart !

  490. 490 : Slave huntes | Innoimage Says:

    […] Chuno @ The Slave Hunters » Korean DramaMay 11, 2011 … Driven by his desire for revenge, he survived his harsh years on the street and made his name as a slave hunter, dedicated in his pursuit to … […]

  491. 491 : shima Says:

    i can’t stop watching it from lasr year
    it is fantastic

  492. 492 : instinctive Says:

    this drama have been sit there neglected for almost half a year, then after i start watching it… surprisingly its a very good one… recommended for the real drama lovers

  493. 493 : FADHILI FREDY Says:

    JANG HYUK . You are a Best actor, i appreciate you alot

  494. 494 : FADHILI FREDY Says:

    CHUNO is among of the Best drama i ever seen , Good job for the actors for their serious, like JANG HYUK

  495. 495 : Slave huntes | Jbmobilenotary Says:

    […] Chuno @ The Slave Hunters » Korean DramaSlave Hunt refers to an unmarked quest in Fallout 3. When talking to Mei Wong in Rivet City, you can. […]

  496. 496 : yoRoseberry Says:

    i just start watching , but i’m quite frustrated until episodes 11 they end up still not meet each other yet !!!!!!!

    but i like the movie with action stunt man ! iljamae too >

  497. 497 : kdramafan Says:

    I love JANG HYUK, great acting, handsome, great body too!!!
    I think he is the best among others.. MIDAS, you can see his great acting too. Just like the show. Great drama.

  498. 498 : yony Says:

    the best !!! a great story!!! wonderful actors!!!

  499. 499 : sarah Says:

    I hated the writer for second in the end
    The story is amazing I liked it too much and I can watch it again and again
    and in each time I will keep trying
    I love you oppa “Jang Hyuk”

  500. 500 : hong ye Says:

    i love the story line and the actors as well. only slave hunters and the Princess’ man are the best ever.

  501. 501 : KIM Says:

    Chuno is the best drama of all time period. Jang Hyuk does a great job in this drama is undoubtedly one of the best actor in Korea. Those who have not watched the drama is the time to start. Not for nothing that the drama has very high ratings. The drama really overwhelming, good, and beautiful. The first chapter is impossible to ignore the six packs of hot Jang Hyuk is looking very good and beautiful in this drama in general is undoubtedly one of the best actor in Korea beautiful and talented.

  502. 502 : bella Says:

    Jang Hyuk is hot hot hot just beautiful I love him the best actor in Korea without a doubt.

  503. 503 : Song TaeWon Says:

    pooteh Says:

    October 21st, 2010 at 11:00 pm
    i love this drama!!! complete criteria to get in my list!! i watched this drama 4 time. song tae ha and kim hye won is the best couple

  504. 504 : Song TaeWon Says:

    I agree with pooteh – song tae ha and kim hy won make a lovely couple.

  505. 505 : Chuno Says:

    Oct 30, 2011

    24 of 24 episodes seen

    by Aryael
    Story: What is fated love? This drama explores this well with an excellent backdrop of history and action. There is never a boring scene in this drama. The fighting scenes are phenomenal and they are actually my favourites – they are not too complicated or fancy like the chinese kungfu series but energetic and very real, hence the beauty of them. I like it that the writer had choosen to depict a romance story amidst a time of turmoil in Korean history when there were struggles between slaves and aristrocats while being under the rule of a weak king. I like it that the story did not overly dwell in the political scenarios but used the political scenarios as a backdrop to what is to be a “dramatic” love story.

    Acting/Cast: What can I say? I fell in love with Jang Hyuk through this drama. He bears the mark of a true actor in his role as the angst-revenge driven Dae Gil. His was a very challenging character and he pulled it off PERFECTLY! He spoke with his eyes, his expressions and his intonations had thoroughly pulled me into his world of slave hunters and his misery of loving and yet being unable to love. Oh Ji Hoo as Tae Ha (righteous, dutiful, loyal) and Lee Dae Hae as Hye Won (meek, fearful and a woman with a secret) were also perfect choices. Even the dudes who acted as slave hunters, mountain brigands, slave rebels and evil ministers were wonderful in their roles. I seriously could not find any fault in the acting and cast of this drama.

    Music: I absolutely love the OSTs in this drama. I listen to them frequently in my walkman. I think this in itself tells you how wonderful I think of them. What I absolutely love was how each OSTs are perfectly coordinated with the scenes and feelings in the drama. Whenever I listen to the OSTs, they reminded me of the drama and the unforgettable scenes in the drama.

    Rewatch value: I had rewatched parts of this drama twice. I am not a fan of rewatching dramas as I am a very time poor person but for this drama, I actually rewatched a number of parts that I absolutely love. I must admit that I had never rewatched any dramas entirely, not because they are not worth rewatching (how I wish I have the time and luxury to rewatch dramas!).

    Overall: This is my advice to you who had not watched this drama….. go and get a bag of chips or popcorn, a box of tissue and maybe a pillow (because it is quite addictive and you might just decide to skip sleep to finish this drama in one go) and just WATCH THIS DRAMA. You’ll never regret it! 🙂

  506. 506 : Chuno Says:

    Overall 10
    Story 10
    Acting/Cast 10
    Music 10
    … Rewatch Value 10

    I have just finished the best period drama I have watched. This show deserves more than a perfect 10 rating. Going in order..
    The story is phenomenal, never once was I bored. The story has something for everyone, be it comedy, action, intrigue, romance. While, there were parts of the story, that bothered me, it was needed to make the drama flow better. This story was simple, yet at the same time complex, kind of paradoxical.

    Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil was absolutely brilliant. At times I found myself crying with him, laughing with him, wanting to kick his behind. At the beginning he wasn’t the character/actor who kept me coming back, because well I couldn’t stand him, but the more I watched, perfect.

    Oh Jo Ho as Song Tae Ha reminded me of what a man with honor is. While he could seriously put the hurt on someone, he wasn’t greedy about having the power to hurt/control people.

    Lee Da Hae as Hyewon, I can’t really say anything because I don’t like her, throughout the entire drama she annoyed me to no end, but the drama wouldn’t have been complete without her.

    Those were the “main” actors, but I feel one of the supporting actors deserves a mention…

    Ahn Suk Hwan as artist Bang, he brought comic relief, that was much needed in this drama. No matter the role he plays, he performs perfectly.

    The music was perfect, it wasn’t all slow and boring. It mixed old music with newer styled music very well.

    Overall, if period drama’s are your thing, watch this drama. The only thing that kept me coming back in the beginning was all the muscle, but I am female, so that would attract me. I have a hard time picking period drama’s, but once I pick one, I have to finish it, and am usually disappointed, but this one has by far surpassed any and all period drama’s I have watched. So much so that I actually sat here and tried to formulate my impressions into words by typing this review.”

  507. 507 : Chuno Says:

    Drama Review of CHUNO by Geoffrey Herpok from Hulu:

    Unbelievable! I have to agree with many of the other reviews of this series. I am always on the lookout for new stuff that appears on Hulu and I came across this show. I read a few reviews on the net and felt like it merited a watch. From the first episode on I really couldn’t stop watching. 15 minutes in I was hooked. Yes it’s that good.The opening sequence was just amazing and the music that went with the action was awesome. The group is called Gloomy 30’s and can easily be found on YouTube. But that was just the beginning. Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil just blew me away with his acting ability as did all of the characters. There were so many different stories of people going on it made the show just compelling to watch. Both Lee Da Hae as Un Nyun / Kim Hye Won and Kim Ha Eun as Sul Hwa were a pleasure to watch both in their skills to act and beauty. Of course I have to mention Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae Ha who was brilliant.It seemed that every time I thought I had things figured out something mixed up the plot even more and I found myself shouting at the screen several times, “No Way!”. There were so many twists and turns with up and downs I just had to keep watching, constantly hoping that the two of them would meet. All the while wondering how it was going to turn out. I even loved how they kind of used the soap opera ending of each episode with the “big expression” to set you up for the next show. I felt it just really worked for this series.As you progress through the show, you really get to see both the depth of the actors and who they really are. I was to the point for me that I found many of them to be very believable. People like:Gong Hyung Jin as Eop Bok – He was just amazing as a slave rebel. Sung Dong Il as Chun Ji Ho was great and I loved his laugh and how he kept repeating his own name. As well as Han Jung Soo as General Choi and Kim Ji Suk as Wang Son who really brought a lot to the series as Lee’s friends.If you take the time to watch this you will no be disappointed. The show has something for everyone of this genera. From action like sword and fist fighting to tearful love scenes. Suspense, excitement, fear and sadness. I think they are all in this series. The story is spot on and the acting is hands down amazing. Give it a go.

  508. 508 : Chuno Says:

    Leslie Loves drama reviewed this show.

    Love love Song Tae Ha! This is so far the best series for me! Believe it or not, I’d watched it like 4 times.Talk about me having no life, lol! The actors for the parts were perfectly casted. I love Song Tae Ha character, how he protected Un Nyun. The chemistry between Songtae Ha and Un Nyun are amazing. And Lee Daegil deep love for her. He’s a great actor, you can feel his suffering. The love triangle will glued you into the series and will have you wonder who’s going to end up with who. You’ll laugh, cry, etc… I’ll guarantee you! Also, the soundtrack and fights scenes are fantastic! Even the bad guys in black are cool. But I do have to admit, I’d fast forward some scenes with the slaves. Only when I’m watching it for the 3nd…4th times Because of this drama, now I’m an addict for Korean dramas and reading a lot of subtitles.

  509. 509 : Chuno Says:

    Transmigrating Soul reviewed this show (cr: Hulu)

    The question is NOT Where but with Whom

    I agree with all the reviewers that Chuno is one of the best historical dramas ever for all the reasons they mentioned, along with The Queen SeonDeok and The Kingdom of the Wind (available on viki.com or dramfever.com). The title of my review reflects the thought, a universal truth, expressed by the lead actress Lee Da Hae when she was talking with Oh Ji Ho (the rebel general), well into the latter half of the series or near the end. They were running away from their pursuers Jang Hyuk (the slave hunter) and Lee Jong Hyuk (the top marshal assigned to eradicate the rebellion, a.k.a the “bad guy” of the movie). As the days went by and the goal became less clearer, the good general became less confident of the plan to change the ruling class and bring some measure of social justice to the Joseon dynasty. During their journey in one occasion, the good general was expressing his frustration about the goal being too uncertain and not seeing the end of the road, and that because of this she should reconsider following him, to which Lee Da Hae said that what is important to her, paraphrasing, “is not where she is going but with whom.” I bring this up because it helped me understand the way Chuno ended, which was perfect, brilliant, with a subtle touch of film making at its best!!! As some people expressed, the ending may have been a bit anti-climatic as the intensity was building up. But if you remember this thought when you finish watching the series with careful attention it will all make sense. Or if you already liked the ending it will give you a new meaningful perspective. As in real life, what is important is the “journey” and not so much the end of the road because one can waste their life and get stuck by focusing too much on how difficult the journey is, or how uncertain or changing the goals are. No matter how much effort you put in life to achieve or get what you want, sometimes it is just impossible, otherwise you would be God and not a human being (Jang Hyuk trying to reunite with Lee Da Hae) (Oh Ji Ho trying to achieve his dream of a more just society) (the slaves trying to win their rebellion). Whether you reach the goal or not is not that important but rather enjoying the present, every moment of the journey, with the people you care, and no matter what you do. Now back to the movie, I liked very much the performances by Lee Da Hae and Oh Ji Ho, their chemistry, and how subtle and intense their attraction to each other was. Their subdued interactions represented the best scenes of cinematic romance in a long time. Lee Da Hae is one of my favorite actresses with Lee Na Young (Runaway Plan in the top. My wife prefers Oh Ji Ho over Jang Hyuk and I agree. After watching Chuno please watch Runaway Plan B, which has a similar theme of characters being on the run but in modern times with conspiracies and twists galore, and is completely different and much better than IRIS. Last but not least, the soundtrack is one of the best along with the ost of Runaway Plan B, and this is not a surprise as the production team writer/director is the same for both of them. I got the CDs from amazon and they are worth the price because of not only the superb music but also for the great art work and lyrics in the inserts, better than downloading the tracks.

  510. 510 : minch asuncion Says:

    watched this kdrama a year ago but the copy i had was not complete…i got the copy the other day (complete series)….not finished waching it…i watch this together with my 3year old son…and everytime ders a fight scene he’s screaming Aahhhdaling!!!! ahhkita mo mama aahhdaling and trying to throw a blow also…hahaha…we never felt bored watching it…every episode really great… when daegil saw general choi and wangson and cried… i felt my son understand the scene he is very serious and said wawa sia mama iyak sia…me too i cant help myself crying …daegil is great actor…no wonder they got TOP1….thanks to writer, director, and the cast doing a great job….im really amazed of the story…

  511. 511 : darahaejiah Says:

    d best ever!
    ds is my mst favorite korean drama of all tym.
    d greatst and mst heartbrking luv story:-(
    lee da hae and jang hyuk.>d perfct tndemXD

  512. 512 : Diana Says:

    the director try to kill the audiences i guess,
    i dare you to breath when you see jang hyuk, han jung soo and
    kim ji suk topless.
    I know, i hardly breath nor even wink my eyes.
    I cant stop screaming and drooling at same time
    what with this drama and hot beasty looking actors!!!

  513. 513 : precious agwuna Says:

    Chuno is the best korean drama i’ve ever watched,the music also is very nice i like it

  514. 514 : aeennn Says:

    every time i remember the final episode i cried……i hate the general …hiks…hiks….

  515. 515 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Chuno Rating : 3,5 out of 5 […]

  516. 516 : ran Says:

    (‘o’) no doubt, the casting of chuno was well done. the actor really played their part well. hajiman, it was somewhat dragging though i couldn’t let it go. it took ten episodes or more for dae gil and un nyon to meet again. the drama brought out negative emotions that was why i can’t watch it nonstop. i had to pause or my heart will burst out of frustrations. i was really looking forward of happy ending between dae gil and un nyon but it turned out to be a tragic one. now, i can’t bare to watch it again. hu! hu! hu! (“,)ran

  517. 517 : cassy Says:

    i really love chuno… for ever!!

  518. 518 : Prita Says:

    Jang Hyung and Oh Ji Ho’s act was outstanding!
    i love song tae ha and hye won couple..

  519. 519 : nadz Says:

    chuno is da only kdrama dat i watchd and i want 2 watch it agen. I rili luv Jang Hyuk! 😉

    Via MebApp.com

  520. 520 : carlo Says:

    excellent drama amidst political turmoil. very good scenery and action. perfect casts and characters. i watched not three but four times already..and will again watch it more…. song tae ha — a gentle, noble personality…i really admire his role…

  521. 521 : isaac nartey Says:

    i really loved this drama. everything about it is so unique, it really moved me and i believe it is something i will soon not forget. it’s music was also very moving, emotional, touching and inspirational.

  522. 522 : roxy Says:

    jst ntrigue w d rview n rating so i try watchng it so far im n epi 10 found it kinda slow n over rated by every1 thanks for comedy scence it breaks d monotomy wll see as epi goes frther if my mpression charge so not d best hstorical drama othr thn yummy abs n funny scence thrs nothng more to look up to..so far.

  523. 523 : mylz Says:

    i’ve been hunting “chuno-the slave hunter’s” CD quite a long time because i was really intriqued and impressed of all the reactions of those viewers who already seen the whole drama. And i guess i am with the same page with them right now…the drama is very well scripted and cinematography is great! The artist done their role very well. No wonder they got this high ratings! Though epi 1 to 9 the story is a little dawdling – with the exception of course of those 3 guys handsomely showing thier yummy 6packs 🙂 and some funny scenes that you could not ignore to laugh at. – but from epi 10 – 24 hoola it really hold your breath and emotions! They really outburst thier acting talent especially Jang Hyuk he has this ability to really moves you! You made me laugh, cry and admire you the way it is! Congratulations to all of you guys! On this drama you truly PROVED how GREAT korean drama really is!! 감사함니다 for making this wonderful drama! 축함니다 to all of you who puts great effort to have this Great Drama be shared to kdrama lovers!

  524. 524 : Shilah Says:

    I loved this…I love Jang Hyuk…He is GORGEOUS…The abs, OMG!!! I wqs sad for him but y couldn’t he put his pride aside and tell Un Nyun how he felt & that he’d been looking for her for 10 years? Han Jung Soo(General Choi) I found him rather YUMMY also…I am hooked and I wish there was more than just the 24 episodes…Does anybody know how U can get a copy of these?

  525. 525 : Shilah Says:

    I loved this…I love Jang Hyuk…He is GORGEOUS…The abs, OMG!!! I was sad for him but y couldn’t he put his pride aside and tell Un Nyun how he felt & that he’d been looking for her for 10 years? Han Jung Soo(General Choi) I found him rather YUMMY also…I am hooked and I wish there was more than just the 24 episodes…Does anybody know how U can get a copy of these?

  526. 526 : Ann Says:

    Just watched up to episode # 17. Loved it. Also, I love the music. Does anyone know what the song and lyrics are? Can I purchase the music anywhere? Can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes. Is there another season for “The Slave Hunters”?
    Any info will be greatful. Thanks

  527. 527 : ari Says:

    one of the best korean drama i hav ever watched… awesome acting by al the leads… music is superb..
    jang hyuk acting is superbbbbbbbbbbbb

  528. 528 : ♪♫ Sayahomis ♫♪ Says:

    Hey,hyuka! u Are the best in dramas and all of cinema.
    wherever u exist,its the edge of art! Really.its the fact.
    This drama is the best drama for all of time,its the edge of art & feeling,jumong director did a good job!but this was the same that life is.this drama is a fact,exactly like my life story. All of chuno team,u are the best.
    Olmana Chova!

  529. 529 : leila Says:

    one of the best korean dramas ever

  530. 530 : Khan Says:

    I love it every time jang hyuk says his name LEE DAE GIL

  531. 531 : Chuno's Lover Says:

    Great and impressive drama.
    like this co much.

  532. 532 : abdul Says:


  533. 533 : temmy Says:

    I cldnt bring myself up 2 finish d remaing episodes ldg doesn’t deserve 2 die….readn tru d cmnts here….itz s0 sad n painful n I’m dissapointed 2.Jh did a fab job wit his perfomance,w0000w couldn’t take my eyes off him..hez super cute n handsome 100% excellent acting.. Luv u 2 bitz Jh muaaaah :)x0x0

  534. 534 : bblve07 Says:

    i really like ds drama, the l0ve triangle, and the light shmmirng savi0ur haha..

  535. 535 : haryor Says:

    i am currently watching episode 7.it really interesting action movie .the sword fight is awesome one of d best korean movie i ave watched so far.hope d end wont be tragedic.kudos to d crew and d director who worked hard to bring out d facinating acting of d lead actors and d actress

  536. 536 : haryor Says:

    d director did a great work by creating more room for action.Really love all the martial art fight in this drama,it look so so real,it awesome, fantastic and interesting . anoda thing i love about d drama is hye bok 3step shooting,add powder,bullet,shuck it up,amd fire it’s awesome.kudos to all d crew of chuno. i am not a korean but really love korean movies especially such of chuno where i get to see a lot of martial art fight and action. k movie is d best movie when ut comes to adventure movies

  537. 537 : haryor Says:

    the director did a great a job by creating more room for action.anoda intresting thing is hyebok 3step shooting.i mean put powder,bullet,shuck it up and boooom.just in three steps,it’s pretty awesome.although i am from africa but i really love korean movies it is d best

  538. 538 : Chuno 추노 [2010] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] ratings trailer viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans recap tumblr blogs itsdrama palefirecrowned fyohjiho literallyadramaqueen dramafan33 […]

  539. 539 : Katari McMillion Says:

    I would like for these guys see their way off of movies period.

  540. 540 : tigerb Says:

    am watching this series now. slaves have dirty faces but have complete set of very white teeth?

  541. 541 : tigerb Says:

    why is it that there are many scenes that are so frustrating to watch, like unnecessary scenes to lengthen the series? i find that true in many s.k. dramas. shall i drop this?

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