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Title: 추노 / The Slave Hunters
Chinese title : 推奴 / 追奴
Also known as: Pursuing Servants / Chuno
Genre: Historical, fusion
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-06 to 2010-Mar-25
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM


Chuno follows the story of Lee Dae Gil, a man of high birth whose family was ruined when Won Ki Yoon, a slave, burnt down his house and escaped with his sister, Un Nyun, who was in love with Dae Gil. Driven by his desire for revenge, he survived his harsh years on the street and made his name as a slave hunter, dedicated in his pursuit to find Un Nyun, his first and only love. Song Tae Ha is a General of the Army who became a slave after being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, and finds himself on the run from Dae Gil’s relentless pursuit. Both men become entangled in a love triangle with Un Nyun, who is no longer a runaway slave, but Kim Hye Won, a nobleman’s daughter.


Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil
Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae Ha
Lee Da Hae as Un Nyun / Kim Hye Won
Lee Jong Hyuk as Hwang Chul Woong
Gong Hyung Jin as Eop Bok
Han Jung Soo as General Choi
Kim Ji Suk as Wang Son
Kim Ha Eun as Sul Hwa
Yoon Gi Won as Won Ki Yoon
Sung Dong Il as Chun Ji Ho
Danny Ahn as Baek Ho
Joo Da Young as Eun Sil
Jo Jae Wan as Kim Seong Hwan
Kim Ha Yoon as Kang Bin
Yoon Dong Hwan as Yong Gol Dae
Kim Young Ae as Mo Ka Bi
Kim Gab Soo as King Injo
Kim Eung Soo as Lee Gyeong Shik
Ha Si Eun as Lee Sun Young
Ahn Suk Hwan as artist Bang
Jo Mi Ryung as Keunjumo
Yoon Joo Hee as Jakeunjumo
Yoon Ji Min as Yoon Ji
Lee Dae Yeon as Myeong An
Kim Jin Woo as Prince Seok Gyun
Kang Sung Min as Prince So Hyun
Lee Dae Ro as Im Yeong Ho
Choi Duk Moon as Jo Sun Bi
Yoon Moon Sik as Ma Eui
Yoon Jin Ho (윤진호) as Park Jong Soo
Min Ji Ah as Cho Bok
Jo Sung Il (조성일) as Lee Kwang Jae
Jo Jin Woong as Kwak Han Sum
Park Ki Woong as Geu Boon
Kim Young Ok as (Chul Woong’s mother)
Lee Ha Neul as Pyung Min
Go Joon Hee as Jae Ni
Kim Hae In as Ah Nak Ne
Jo Sung Ha as Minister Lee Jae Joon
Song Ji Eun as gisaeng Chan
Lee In as Grand Prince Bong Rim
Jun Joon Hyuk as Prince So Hyun’s son
Yoo Chae Young as gisaeng (cameo)
Jun Se Hyun as gisaeng (cameo)
Wi Yang Ho as bandit boss (cameo)
Oh Ji Heon as bandit (cameo)
Choi Chul Ho (cameo)
Jung Ho Bin as Shin Jang Goon (cameo)
Marco as nobleman (cameo)
Lee Won Jong (cameo)
Ahn Seung Hoon
Ahn Kil Kang
Lee Han Wie
Jo Hee Bong
Sa Hyun Jin
Jang Seo Won
Lee Sul Goo as nobi (male servant)
Oh Jung Tae

Production Credits

Production Company: Chorokbaem Media
Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
Screenwriter: Chun Sung Il (천성일)


– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Jang Hyuk)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Novella Drama – Actor (Oh Ji Ho)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Sung Dong Il)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-Jan-06 1 22.9 (4th) 23.8 (3rd)
2010-Jan-07 2 24.8 (2nd) 25.3 (3rd)
2010-Jan-13 3 27.2 (2nd) 27.6 (3rd)
2010-Jan-14 4 30.8 (2nd) 31.4 (2nd)
2010-Jan-20 5 30.3 (2nd) 31.0 (1st)
2010-Jan-21 6 33.7 (1st) 34.9 (1st)
2010-Jan-27 7 31.6 (1st) 31.7 (1st)
2010-Jan-28 8 33.5 (1st) 34.3 (1st)
2010-Feb-03 9 34.6 (1st) 35.2 (1st)
2010-Feb-04 10 35.0 (1st) 35.8 (1st)
2010-Feb-10 11 32.5 (1st) 32.6 (1st)
2010-Feb-11 12 33.9 (1st) 34.0 (1st)
2010-Feb-17 13 32.5 (1st) 32.4 (1st)
2010-Feb-18 14 31.9 (1st) 31.7 (1st)
2010-Feb-24 15 31.9 (1st) 32.2 (1st)
2010-Feb-25 16 33.4 (1st) 33.6 (1st)
2010-Mar-03 17 31.6 (1st) 31.8 (1st)
2010-Mar-04 18 33.8 (1st) 33.8 (1st)
2010-Mar-10 19 33.5 (1st) 34.0 (1st)
2010-Mar-11 20 32.0 (1st) 31.5 (1st)
2010-Mar-17 21 31.2 (1st) 30.9 (1st)
2010-Mar-18 22 30.4 (1st) 29.6 (1st)
2010-Mar-24 23 32.8 (1st) 33.2 (1st)
2010-Mar-25 24 35.9 (1st) 36.3 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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541 Responses to “Chuno @ The Slave Hunters”

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  1. 501
    KIM Says:

    Chuno is the best drama of all time period. Jang Hyuk does a great job in this drama is undoubtedly one of the best actor in Korea. Those who have not watched the drama is the time to start. Not for nothing that the drama has very high ratings. The drama really overwhelming, good, and beautiful. The first chapter is impossible to ignore the six packs of hot Jang Hyuk is looking very good and beautiful in this drama in general is undoubtedly one of the best actor in Korea beautiful and talented.

  2. 502
    bella Says:

    Jang Hyuk is hot hot hot just beautiful I love him the best actor in Korea without a doubt.

  3. 503
    Song TaeWon Says:

    pooteh Says:

    October 21st, 2010 at 11:00 pm
    i love this drama!!! complete criteria to get in my list!! i watched this drama 4 time. song tae ha and kim hye won is the best couple

  4. 504
    Song TaeWon Says:

    I agree with pooteh – song tae ha and kim hy won make a lovely couple.

  5. 505
    Chuno Says:

    Oct 30, 2011

    24 of 24 episodes seen

    by Aryael
    Story: What is fated love? This drama explores this well with an excellent backdrop of history and action. There is never a boring scene in this drama. The fighting scenes are phenomenal and they are actually my favourites – they are not too complicated or fancy like the chinese kungfu series but energetic and very real, hence the beauty of them. I like it that the writer had choosen to depict a romance story amidst a time of turmoil in Korean history when there were struggles between slaves and aristrocats while being under the rule of a weak king. I like it that the story did not overly dwell in the political scenarios but used the political scenarios as a backdrop to what is to be a “dramatic” love story.

    Acting/Cast: What can I say? I fell in love with Jang Hyuk through this drama. He bears the mark of a true actor in his role as the angst-revenge driven Dae Gil. His was a very challenging character and he pulled it off PERFECTLY! He spoke with his eyes, his expressions and his intonations had thoroughly pulled me into his world of slave hunters and his misery of loving and yet being unable to love. Oh Ji Hoo as Tae Ha (righteous, dutiful, loyal) and Lee Dae Hae as Hye Won (meek, fearful and a woman with a secret) were also perfect choices. Even the dudes who acted as slave hunters, mountain brigands, slave rebels and evil ministers were wonderful in their roles. I seriously could not find any fault in the acting and cast of this drama.

    Music: I absolutely love the OSTs in this drama. I listen to them frequently in my walkman. I think this in itself tells you how wonderful I think of them. What I absolutely love was how each OSTs are perfectly coordinated with the scenes and feelings in the drama. Whenever I listen to the OSTs, they reminded me of the drama and the unforgettable scenes in the drama.

    Rewatch value: I had rewatched parts of this drama twice. I am not a fan of rewatching dramas as I am a very time poor person but for this drama, I actually rewatched a number of parts that I absolutely love. I must admit that I had never rewatched any dramas entirely, not because they are not worth rewatching (how I wish I have the time and luxury to rewatch dramas!).

    Overall: This is my advice to you who had not watched this drama….. go and get a bag of chips or popcorn, a box of tissue and maybe a pillow (because it is quite addictive and you might just decide to skip sleep to finish this drama in one go) and just WATCH THIS DRAMA. You’ll never regret it! 🙂

  6. 506
    Chuno Says:

    Overall 10
    Story 10
    Acting/Cast 10
    Music 10
    … Rewatch Value 10

    I have just finished the best period drama I have watched. This show deserves more than a perfect 10 rating. Going in order..
    The story is phenomenal, never once was I bored. The story has something for everyone, be it comedy, action, intrigue, romance. While, there were parts of the story, that bothered me, it was needed to make the drama flow better. This story was simple, yet at the same time complex, kind of paradoxical.

    Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil was absolutely brilliant. At times I found myself crying with him, laughing with him, wanting to kick his behind. At the beginning he wasn’t the character/actor who kept me coming back, because well I couldn’t stand him, but the more I watched, perfect.

    Oh Jo Ho as Song Tae Ha reminded me of what a man with honor is. While he could seriously put the hurt on someone, he wasn’t greedy about having the power to hurt/control people.

    Lee Da Hae as Hyewon, I can’t really say anything because I don’t like her, throughout the entire drama she annoyed me to no end, but the drama wouldn’t have been complete without her.

    Those were the “main” actors, but I feel one of the supporting actors deserves a mention…

    Ahn Suk Hwan as artist Bang, he brought comic relief, that was much needed in this drama. No matter the role he plays, he performs perfectly.

    The music was perfect, it wasn’t all slow and boring. It mixed old music with newer styled music very well.

    Overall, if period drama’s are your thing, watch this drama. The only thing that kept me coming back in the beginning was all the muscle, but I am female, so that would attract me. I have a hard time picking period drama’s, but once I pick one, I have to finish it, and am usually disappointed, but this one has by far surpassed any and all period drama’s I have watched. So much so that I actually sat here and tried to formulate my impressions into words by typing this review.”

  7. 507
    Chuno Says:

    Drama Review of CHUNO by Geoffrey Herpok from Hulu:

    Unbelievable! I have to agree with many of the other reviews of this series. I am always on the lookout for new stuff that appears on Hulu and I came across this show. I read a few reviews on the net and felt like it merited a watch. From the first episode on I really couldn’t stop watching. 15 minutes in I was hooked. Yes it’s that good.The opening sequence was just amazing and the music that went with the action was awesome. The group is called Gloomy 30’s and can easily be found on YouTube. But that was just the beginning. Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil just blew me away with his acting ability as did all of the characters. There were so many different stories of people going on it made the show just compelling to watch. Both Lee Da Hae as Un Nyun / Kim Hye Won and Kim Ha Eun as Sul Hwa were a pleasure to watch both in their skills to act and beauty. Of course I have to mention Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae Ha who was brilliant.It seemed that every time I thought I had things figured out something mixed up the plot even more and I found myself shouting at the screen several times, “No Way!”. There were so many twists and turns with up and downs I just had to keep watching, constantly hoping that the two of them would meet. All the while wondering how it was going to turn out. I even loved how they kind of used the soap opera ending of each episode with the “big expression” to set you up for the next show. I felt it just really worked for this series.As you progress through the show, you really get to see both the depth of the actors and who they really are. I was to the point for me that I found many of them to be very believable. People like:Gong Hyung Jin as Eop Bok – He was just amazing as a slave rebel. Sung Dong Il as Chun Ji Ho was great and I loved his laugh and how he kept repeating his own name. As well as Han Jung Soo as General Choi and Kim Ji Suk as Wang Son who really brought a lot to the series as Lee’s friends.If you take the time to watch this you will no be disappointed. The show has something for everyone of this genera. From action like sword and fist fighting to tearful love scenes. Suspense, excitement, fear and sadness. I think they are all in this series. The story is spot on and the acting is hands down amazing. Give it a go.

  8. 508
    Chuno Says:

    Leslie Loves drama reviewed this show.

    Love love Song Tae Ha! This is so far the best series for me! Believe it or not, I’d watched it like 4 times.Talk about me having no life, lol! The actors for the parts were perfectly casted. I love Song Tae Ha character, how he protected Un Nyun. The chemistry between Songtae Ha and Un Nyun are amazing. And Lee Daegil deep love for her. He’s a great actor, you can feel his suffering. The love triangle will glued you into the series and will have you wonder who’s going to end up with who. You’ll laugh, cry, etc… I’ll guarantee you! Also, the soundtrack and fights scenes are fantastic! Even the bad guys in black are cool. But I do have to admit, I’d fast forward some scenes with the slaves. Only when I’m watching it for the 3nd…4th times Because of this drama, now I’m an addict for Korean dramas and reading a lot of subtitles.

  9. 509
    Chuno Says:

    Transmigrating Soul reviewed this show (cr: Hulu)

    The question is NOT Where but with Whom

    I agree with all the reviewers that Chuno is one of the best historical dramas ever for all the reasons they mentioned, along with The Queen SeonDeok and The Kingdom of the Wind (available on viki.com or dramfever.com). The title of my review reflects the thought, a universal truth, expressed by the lead actress Lee Da Hae when she was talking with Oh Ji Ho (the rebel general), well into the latter half of the series or near the end. They were running away from their pursuers Jang Hyuk (the slave hunter) and Lee Jong Hyuk (the top marshal assigned to eradicate the rebellion, a.k.a the “bad guy” of the movie). As the days went by and the goal became less clearer, the good general became less confident of the plan to change the ruling class and bring some measure of social justice to the Joseon dynasty. During their journey in one occasion, the good general was expressing his frustration about the goal being too uncertain and not seeing the end of the road, and that because of this she should reconsider following him, to which Lee Da Hae said that what is important to her, paraphrasing, “is not where she is going but with whom.” I bring this up because it helped me understand the way Chuno ended, which was perfect, brilliant, with a subtle touch of film making at its best!!! As some people expressed, the ending may have been a bit anti-climatic as the intensity was building up. But if you remember this thought when you finish watching the series with careful attention it will all make sense. Or if you already liked the ending it will give you a new meaningful perspective. As in real life, what is important is the “journey” and not so much the end of the road because one can waste their life and get stuck by focusing too much on how difficult the journey is, or how uncertain or changing the goals are. No matter how much effort you put in life to achieve or get what you want, sometimes it is just impossible, otherwise you would be God and not a human being (Jang Hyuk trying to reunite with Lee Da Hae) (Oh Ji Ho trying to achieve his dream of a more just society) (the slaves trying to win their rebellion). Whether you reach the goal or not is not that important but rather enjoying the present, every moment of the journey, with the people you care, and no matter what you do. Now back to the movie, I liked very much the performances by Lee Da Hae and Oh Ji Ho, their chemistry, and how subtle and intense their attraction to each other was. Their subdued interactions represented the best scenes of cinematic romance in a long time. Lee Da Hae is one of my favorite actresses with Lee Na Young (Runaway Plan in the top. My wife prefers Oh Ji Ho over Jang Hyuk and I agree. After watching Chuno please watch Runaway Plan B, which has a similar theme of characters being on the run but in modern times with conspiracies and twists galore, and is completely different and much better than IRIS. Last but not least, the soundtrack is one of the best along with the ost of Runaway Plan B, and this is not a surprise as the production team writer/director is the same for both of them. I got the CDs from amazon and they are worth the price because of not only the superb music but also for the great art work and lyrics in the inserts, better than downloading the tracks.

  10. 510
    minch asuncion Says:

    watched this kdrama a year ago but the copy i had was not complete…i got the copy the other day (complete series)….not finished waching it…i watch this together with my 3year old son…and everytime ders a fight scene he’s screaming Aahhhdaling!!!! ahhkita mo mama aahhdaling and trying to throw a blow also…hahaha…we never felt bored watching it…every episode really great… when daegil saw general choi and wangson and cried… i felt my son understand the scene he is very serious and said wawa sia mama iyak sia…me too i cant help myself crying …daegil is great actor…no wonder they got TOP1….thanks to writer, director, and the cast doing a great job….im really amazed of the story…

  11. 511
    darahaejiah Says:

    d best ever!
    ds is my mst favorite korean drama of all tym.
    d greatst and mst heartbrking luv story:-(
    lee da hae and jang hyuk.>d perfct tndemXD

  12. 512
    Diana Says:

    the director try to kill the audiences i guess,
    i dare you to breath when you see jang hyuk, han jung soo and
    kim ji suk topless.
    I know, i hardly breath nor even wink my eyes.
    I cant stop screaming and drooling at same time
    what with this drama and hot beasty looking actors!!!

  13. 513
    precious agwuna Says:

    Chuno is the best korean drama i’ve ever watched,the music also is very nice i like it

  14. 514
    aeennn Says:

    every time i remember the final episode i cried……i hate the general …hiks…hiks….

  15. 515
    List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Chuno Rating : 3,5 out of 5 […]

  16. 516
    ran Says:

    (‘o’) no doubt, the casting of chuno was well done. the actor really played their part well. hajiman, it was somewhat dragging though i couldn’t let it go. it took ten episodes or more for dae gil and un nyon to meet again. the drama brought out negative emotions that was why i can’t watch it nonstop. i had to pause or my heart will burst out of frustrations. i was really looking forward of happy ending between dae gil and un nyon but it turned out to be a tragic one. now, i can’t bare to watch it again. hu! hu! hu! (“,)ran

  17. 517
    cassy Says:

    i really love chuno… for ever!!

  18. 518
    Prita Says:

    Jang Hyung and Oh Ji Ho’s act was outstanding!
    i love song tae ha and hye won couple..

  19. 519
    nadz Says:

    chuno is da only kdrama dat i watchd and i want 2 watch it agen. I rili luv Jang Hyuk! 😉

    Via MebApp.com

  20. 520
    carlo Says:

    excellent drama amidst political turmoil. very good scenery and action. perfect casts and characters. i watched not three but four times already..and will again watch it more…. song tae ha — a gentle, noble personality…i really admire his role…

  21. 521
    isaac nartey Says:

    i really loved this drama. everything about it is so unique, it really moved me and i believe it is something i will soon not forget. it’s music was also very moving, emotional, touching and inspirational.

  22. 522
    roxy Says:

    jst ntrigue w d rview n rating so i try watchng it so far im n epi 10 found it kinda slow n over rated by every1 thanks for comedy scence it breaks d monotomy wll see as epi goes frther if my mpression charge so not d best hstorical drama othr thn yummy abs n funny scence thrs nothng more to look up to..so far.

  23. 523
    mylz Says:

    i’ve been hunting “chuno-the slave hunter’s” CD quite a long time because i was really intriqued and impressed of all the reactions of those viewers who already seen the whole drama. And i guess i am with the same page with them right now…the drama is very well scripted and cinematography is great! The artist done their role very well. No wonder they got this high ratings! Though epi 1 to 9 the story is a little dawdling – with the exception of course of those 3 guys handsomely showing thier yummy 6packs 🙂 and some funny scenes that you could not ignore to laugh at. – but from epi 10 – 24 hoola it really hold your breath and emotions! They really outburst thier acting talent especially Jang Hyuk he has this ability to really moves you! You made me laugh, cry and admire you the way it is! Congratulations to all of you guys! On this drama you truly PROVED how GREAT korean drama really is!! 감사함니다 for making this wonderful drama! 축함니다 to all of you who puts great effort to have this Great Drama be shared to kdrama lovers!

  24. 524
    Shilah Says:

    I loved this…I love Jang Hyuk…He is GORGEOUS…The abs, OMG!!! I wqs sad for him but y couldn’t he put his pride aside and tell Un Nyun how he felt & that he’d been looking for her for 10 years? Han Jung Soo(General Choi) I found him rather YUMMY also…I am hooked and I wish there was more than just the 24 episodes…Does anybody know how U can get a copy of these?

  25. 525
    Shilah Says:

    I loved this…I love Jang Hyuk…He is GORGEOUS…The abs, OMG!!! I was sad for him but y couldn’t he put his pride aside and tell Un Nyun how he felt & that he’d been looking for her for 10 years? Han Jung Soo(General Choi) I found him rather YUMMY also…I am hooked and I wish there was more than just the 24 episodes…Does anybody know how U can get a copy of these?

  26. 526
    Ann Says:

    Just watched up to episode # 17. Loved it. Also, I love the music. Does anyone know what the song and lyrics are? Can I purchase the music anywhere? Can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes. Is there another season for “The Slave Hunters”?
    Any info will be greatful. Thanks

  27. 527
    ari Says:

    one of the best korean drama i hav ever watched… awesome acting by al the leads… music is superb..
    jang hyuk acting is superbbbbbbbbbbbb

  28. 528
    ♪♫ Sayahomis ♫♪ Says:

    Hey,hyuka! u Are the best in dramas and all of cinema.
    wherever u exist,its the edge of art! Really.its the fact.
    This drama is the best drama for all of time,its the edge of art & feeling,jumong director did a good job!but this was the same that life is.this drama is a fact,exactly like my life story. All of chuno team,u are the best.
    Olmana Chova!

  29. 529
    leila Says:

    one of the best korean dramas ever

  30. 530
    Khan Says:

    I love it every time jang hyuk says his name LEE DAE GIL

  31. 531
    Chuno's Lover Says:

    Great and impressive drama.
    like this co much.

  32. 532
    abdul Says:


  33. 533
    temmy Says:

    I cldnt bring myself up 2 finish d remaing episodes ldg doesn’t deserve 2 die….readn tru d cmnts here….itz s0 sad n painful n I’m dissapointed 2.Jh did a fab job wit his perfomance,w0000w couldn’t take my eyes off him..hez super cute n handsome 100% excellent acting.. Luv u 2 bitz Jh muaaaah :)x0x0

  34. 534
    bblve07 Says:

    i really like ds drama, the l0ve triangle, and the light shmmirng savi0ur haha..

  35. 535
    haryor Says:

    i am currently watching episode 7.it really interesting action movie .the sword fight is awesome one of d best korean movie i ave watched so far.hope d end wont be tragedic.kudos to d crew and d director who worked hard to bring out d facinating acting of d lead actors and d actress

  36. 536
    haryor Says:

    d director did a great work by creating more room for action.Really love all the martial art fight in this drama,it look so so real,it awesome, fantastic and interesting . anoda thing i love about d drama is hye bok 3step shooting,add powder,bullet,shuck it up,amd fire it’s awesome.kudos to all d crew of chuno. i am not a korean but really love korean movies especially such of chuno where i get to see a lot of martial art fight and action. k movie is d best movie when ut comes to adventure movies

  37. 537
    haryor Says:

    the director did a great a job by creating more room for action.anoda intresting thing is hyebok 3step shooting.i mean put powder,bullet,shuck it up and boooom.just in three steps,it’s pretty awesome.although i am from africa but i really love korean movies it is d best

  38. 538
    Chuno 추노 [2010] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] ratings trailer viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans recap tumblr blogs itsdrama palefirecrowned fyohjiho literallyadramaqueen dramafan33 […]

  39. 539
    Katari McMillion Says:

    I would like for these guys see their way off of movies period.

  40. 540
    tigerb Says:

    am watching this series now. slaves have dirty faces but have complete set of very white teeth?

  41. 541
    tigerb Says:

    why is it that there are many scenes that are so frustrating to watch, like unnecessary scenes to lengthen the series? i find that true in many s.k. dramas. shall i drop this?

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