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Chunja’s Happy Events

Title: 춘자네 경사났네 / Chun Ja’s Happy Events
Also known as: Happy Events at Chunja’s / Chunja’s Special Day
chinese title : 春子家有喜事
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-May-19 to 2008-Nov-14
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 19:45


Yeon Boon Hong becomes an unwed mother after being betrayed by the man she loves but she is still determined to live her life. Boon Hong became pregnant with Gi Suk’s child but he didn’t want the child. He told her to get an abortion but she was unable to do so. Her friends Lee Joo Young and Lee Sun Hee died in a boating accident. Boon Hong was also in the boat with them but she survived. Sun Hee was Joo Young’s girlfriend but due to some misinterpretations, the Lee family thought that Boon Hong was Joo Young’s girlfriend and was pregnant with Joo Young’s child. Boon Hong moved into the Lee’s house to escape her difficulties. She let the family believe that it was Joo Young’s child. Lee Joo Hyuk is Joo Young’s older brother and falls for Boon Hong. What happens when the Lee family finds out that Boon Hong lied about the baby being Joo Young’s? How will Joo Hyuk feel towards her?


Seo Ji Hye as Yeon Boon Hong
Joo Sang Wook as Lee Joo Hyuk
Kim Ki Bum as Park Jung Woo
Go Doo Shim as Hwang Chun Ja
Wang Bit Na as Lee Joo Ri
Kim Byung Se as Park Dal Sam (Jung Woo’s uncle)
Jung Hye Sun as Cha Bok Shim
Im Hyun Sik as Park Tae Sam
Yoon Yeo Jung as Yang Boon Hee (Tae Sam’s wife)
Han Da Min as Park Jung Yun
Yang Hee Kyung as Park Sam Suk
Yoon Mi Ra as Heo Young Ae
Noh Joo Hyun as Lee Man Suk
Kang Nam Gil as Lee Dae Pil
Jung So Hee as Heo Young Ok
Jung Han Hun as Oh Byung Goo (Young Ok’s husband)
Mi So as Oh Da Jung (Young Ok’s daughter)
Yang Hyun Tae as Lee Joo Young
Choi Ji Yun as Lee Sun Hee
Heo Jung Min as Gi Suk (Boon Hong’s boyfriend)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Dae Young
Screenwriter: Goo Hyun Sook (구현숙), Jung Ui Yun (정의연)
Director: Jang Geun Soo, Joo Sung Woo (주성우)

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  1. 1 : mina Says:

    I didn’t understand the synopsis…could somebody check it and re-write it??

  2. 2 : C_slim Says:

    Hmmm..looks like it’s another great series. I can’t wait to watch this online.

  3. 3 : MYA ZARA Says:

    i think it will be a grat drama to watch.luv joo sang wook!!!

  4. 4 : mina Says:

    thnx to those who changed the synopsis ^^ it makes more sense now. This serie does seem to be interesting can’t wait 2 see it 🙂

  5. 5 : nix Says:


    another kibum’s drama..

    gudluck my kibum..

  6. 6 : Star Says:

    Yay! I wanna watch this drama!! KiBum is an AWESOME

  7. 7 : krissyang Says:

    Sounds kind of like Be Strong, Geum Soon!

  8. 8 : riannix Says:

    I wanna watch it but there’s still no english subs… I wish it would be available soon!

  9. 9 : millinie Says:

    i hate kibeum!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10 : wth Says:

    why do you hate kibum oppa well i don´t care because i looove him i can´t wait to watch this

  11. 11 : ann Says:

    can anyone tell me where’s the missing episode 14 to 50

  12. 12 : R.. Says:

    the story looks interesting =)
    but isn’t 120 episodes tooo much!!

  13. 13 : Marai Says:

    We like it very much my family esp. my daughter. I dont’ understand it, but by their actions we can. Please can you put this in English and we like to buy one. I like Yeon Boon Hong and Lee Joo Hyuk

  14. 14 : ann Says:

    tknx for putting up the missing episodes..keep posting!!

  15. 15 : Hollywood Says:

    Initially it was kinda of interesting, then it became pretty dragging and I lost interest after episode 50 and above. It became rather boring and writers, you should end it, cut the misery. 120 episodes without new and exciting ideas is too long.

  16. 16 : ann Says:

    well i think it is interesting n i cant wait to see the show but the posting is quite slow so can u pls post it more often and faster pls pls……

  17. 17 : ann Says:

    kamsahamnida for the posting!

  18. 18 : ann Says:

    can someone download the latest episodes PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19 : ann Says:

    thnx for uploading!!!! looking forward to more episodes!!!!!

  20. 20 : ann Says:

    thnx again for uploading. kamsahamnida!!!

  21. 21 : mina Says:

    still no subs 🙁

  22. 22 : ann Says:

    i just love this drama and patiently waiting for the episodes to be uploaded. please upload more thnx

  23. 23 : faith Says:

    where did you guys get all the episodes? please tell me!

  24. 24 : sya Says:

    where u all watch all the episode?????
    please tell me…..

  25. 25 : ann Says:


  26. 26 : arnie Says:

    sad, i like to have the dvd, but not english subbed. long series but meaningful. seo ji hye is pretty.

  27. 27 : xoxogirl Says:

    i love this korean drama.seo ji hye and joo sang wook have a great chemistry together.hope they are real couple

  28. 28 : Erica Says:

    Can someone please tell me where i can watch all episode of Chunja’s happy events with english subtitles. Please!!!

  29. 29 : Brandon Says:

    Truly one of the best dramas I have watched. Very good story as well as good pace. It is so sad no one has subbed this drama. I really wish some one would. I watched it raw two times and I loved every minute of it. I would watch a third time any day. Highly recommend this drama to all drama enthusiast out there.

  30. 30 : mel Says:

    woooww.. this drama have long episodes…

  31. 31 : nining Says:

    i love family drama..

  32. 32 : yuli Says:

    very touching !! good drama

  33. 33 : goodboy Says:

    too long to watch beuh….

  34. 34 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  35. 35 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Geom 3 C حليو مره    Cain and Abel Can Anyone Love Capital Scandal Catch A Kang Nam Mother Chunja’s Happy Events Chuno @ The Slave Hunters حليو مره شاهدت حلقتين بس   Cinderella Man حلقة […]

  36. 36 : aniseko Says:

    wanna watch it is it out yettt??????love korean so much!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37 : sangjhoon Says:

    i like to see this too but not uplded yet with subs! i like joo sang wook since thorn birds & giant and now feast of the gods!

  38. 38 : Almonda Says:

    This is a wonderful family drama. I don´t speak any Korean and was still able to follow the storyline. What I really liked is that there were no uber-evil and annoying people, that the story didn´t happen like in only 6 months, that the some of the characters evolved, and also that Yeon Boon Hong didn´t need a man too be strong, and I really liked the chemistry between the 2 main leads.

  39. 39 : Connie Says:

    where can i wnt chun ja’s happy events with english sub.

  40. 40 : Connie Says:

    where can i watch chun ja’s happy events with english sub.

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