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Cheongdamdong Scandal

Cheongdamdong Scandal 03

Title: 청담동 스캔들 / Cheongdamdong Scandal
Chinese Title: 清潭洞丑闻
Genre: Melodrama, Family, Romance, Mystery
Episodes: 119
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-July-21 to 2015-Jan-02
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:30am


A drama about a scandal occurring in the the high society in Cheongdamdong.


Main Cast

Choi Jung Yoon as Eun Hyun Soo
Kang Sung Min as Bok Soo Ho
Lee Hyun Bin as Soo Ho (young)
Lee Joong Moon as Jang Seo Joon
Seo Eun Chae as Nam Joo Na
Im Sung Uhn as Lee Jae Ni

Joo Na’s Family

Yoo Ji In as Choi Se Ran
Im Ha Ryong as Nam Jae Bok

Mrs. Jang’s Family

Ban Hyo Jung as Mrs. Jang
Kim Seung Hwan as Joon Kyu
Lee Hye Eun as So Jung

Soo Ho’s Family

Kim Hye Sun as Kang Bok Hee
Kim Jung Woon as Bok Kyung Ho


Sa Hee as Joo Young In
Lee Sang Sook as Woo Soon Jung
Yang Hae Rim as Hye Jang
Kim Sung Kyung as Dr.Yoon
Lee Jung Gil
Jang Mi Hee
Kim Kyung Jin as Hye-Jung’s boyfriend (cameo)
Kim Kwang In as Lawyer Kim
Son Gun Woo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Producer: Jo Eun Jung
Producer: Jung Hyo
Screenplay writer: Kim Ji Eun


2014 SBS Drama Awards – Special Acting Actress (Long-Length Series): Kim Hye Sun (Cheongdamdong Scandal)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Long-Length Series): Choi Jung Yoon (Cheongdamdong Scandal)


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  1. 1 : mml Says:

    Is it a comedy or melodrama ? If it’s with comedy effect, then I have something to laugh and enjoy and if, it’s a melodrama then, i better don’t try watching as, usually family romance drama sometimes can be comedy and there may also have a possibility of watching a melodrama. ???

  2. 2 : KDCraze Says:

    I think it’s going to be another melodrama not a comedy by the looks of it. I have enough of melodrama, I’m not going to watch this.
    @mml, I’ve seen from your comment you like a lot of family drama. If you like comedy in family drama watch Come! Jang Bo Ri aka Jang Bo ri is here. It’s so funny, I guaranteed you will like it. Kim Ji Hoon is so funny.

  3. 3 : mml Says:

    @2 KDCraze,
    thank you very much for telling me Come! Jang Bo Ri this drama. Come! Jang Bo Ri this drama, it’s quite sad in another way as Bo Ri suffered during her childhood days and until now, she’s still suffering as she is without love from real parents. And i have been watching the drama and sometimes i will slow the process of watching each episode as too much jealousy and quarrel and sometimes i cannot get peace from the drama.

    In fact, i like to watch Marriage Without Dating (tvN), Fated to love (MBC), Trot Lovers (KBS2), Glorious Day (SBS) with some warm , funny laughing effect. Anyway, i will try watching the first episodes of this drama and see how it goes, if, it’s nice, i think, i will continue to watch this drama.

  4. 4 : windsun33 Says:

    If there are 120 episodes, there must be a lot of scandals. Doubt if I will watch this, 100 episodes too long.

  5. 5 : plain Says:

    I hope this one will be interesting and entertaining,I miss women who can stand up for themselves also on their feet and don’t get abuse by mother in laws,women who have brain,no nonsense women like the ones in empire of gold,mystery drama that will keep on the edge of your sit,good romance.Dear writer hope you wouldn’t disappoint me as others by turning this women into crying babies but strong in command of their life.let me exercise patience and wait to see what will happen,the preview look nice.

  6. 6 : LONG NGUYEN Says:


  7. 7 : silhoutte Says:

    I have never watched K dramas more than 50 eps as it always bombed in the middle. Never understand why they need to drag it so long……I just hate all the side plots and side characters which is so boring into the story. I just wanted to watch the main plot not sub plots thus I hope the producers just stick to short, sweet and the main storyline…….

    Yeah, I like Trot Lovers (but again in K dramas all the backstabbing and evil deeds to harm people is really so disgusting to watch) thus I can understand when some commented that they dont have peace whilst watching.

    High School, Love On is nice too thus far…..Glorious Day is like too long again sigh

  8. 8 : mml Says:

    It’s quite fun in watching episode 1 to episode 4, especially the song that Hyun Soo sang inside the lift at episode 2 seems to attract my attention in watching this drama, very sweet to hear the song and I guess her marriage may be will be affected in the later other episodes, because of someone’s plot to attack her in wicked ways. Something that interest me in certain ways, Seo Joon accidentally met Hyun Soo in episode 1 through the bicycle accident and Seo Joon again accidentally met Hyun Soo in the lift in episode 2 and the third time , Seo Hoon again accidentally saw Hyun Soo was doing her drawing from episode 5 preview.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 5 to find out what’s the romance for this drama ? I’m curious about the romance of this drama ,is it related with Seo Hoon and Hyun Soo ? Hyun Soo already married and Seo Hoon is still single, is there a possibility that Seo Hoon will fall in love with Hyun Soo ? Not sure about the answer and I will continue to watch a few more episodes to find out on whether is it interesting ? If, it’s interesting, I will continue to watch.

  9. 9 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 5, I have a feeling that Hyun Soo’s marriage may soon be affected as to the real reason of why she can’t be pregnant and cannot conceive a child ? And something interesting in episode 5 was , Seo Hoon’s face showed a sign of love towards Hyun Soo, but, the problem was Hyun Soo already married and how to accept this fact, if, Seo Hoon got hooked to Hyun Soo ?

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 6 to episode 10 and to find out more about this drama.

    The song that Hyun Soo sang in, seems to interest me a lot. Is there any Cheongdamdong Scandal OST song for me to hear soon ? I hope to hear Cheongdamdong OST song.

  10. 10 : rroxan Says:

    long story drama .must 20 episode not 120

  11. 11 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 6 to episode 10 and i have got the answer at episode 10 , as to who’s the wicked woman who made Hyun Soo ate the medicine containing prevent pregnancy pills ? I am shocked to know that this wicked woman was Hyun Soo’s mother in law. Hyun Soo’s mother in law on the surface who treats Hyun Soo very nice and polite everyday and i did not expect that the situation turns out to be a wicked witch mother in law.

    What’s the real secret motive behind that this wicked witch mother in law of Hun Soo wanted to prevent Hyun Soo from being pregnant ? If, Hyun Soo’s mother in law doesn’t like Hyun Soo then why should she agreed to accept Hyun Soo to marry into their family ?

    There’s a sign of love showing from Jang Seo Hoon’s face ? I have suspected that Seo Hoon falling in love with Hyun Soo, but, until now, Seo Hoon doesn’t know that Hyun Soo already married to Bok Soo Ho.

    Hyun Soo got a wicked witch mother in law, it’s a bad sign of Hyun Soo’s marriage and with so much coincidental chance that Hyun Soo tends to meet Seo Hoon, i guess along the way, maybe there are some changes upon Hyun Soo discovered that her wicked witch mother in law being so wicked to her. Maybe, Hyun Soo will feel very hurt and very upset. And who knows Seo Hoon will be someone who can give Hyun Soo a different kind of change of hope in life.

    I like to see Hyun Soo and Seo Hoon meeting each other with so much interesting things for me to go after this drama.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 11 to episode 15.

  12. 12 : Mimmy Says:

    guys, can someone pls tell me where to watch this drama

  13. 13 : dramafan Says:

    mml, I think you will end up watching the whole series. haha.

  14. 14 : mml Says:

    @12 Mimmy,
    you can watch this at http://www.tudou.com
    or you can watch this at http://www.youku.com
    or you can watch this at http://www.youtube.com

  15. 15 : Mal20 Says:

    wahh watched ep 11-15, have to say scary mother in- law

  16. 16 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 11, although Hyun Soo was surprised and curious about the medicine that she’s taking, but, at the moment, she did not expect to have such a witch mother in law wanted to eliminate and chased her out of the house for not being able to conceive any child.

    Again, the coincidental chance that Hyun Soo met Seo Joon. I guess, maybe, one day Hyun Soo will approach Seo Joon for help when she’s been chased out from the house by her witch mother in law. Now, at the moment not sure of the answer. I will continue to watch episode 12.

  17. 17 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 12 and it seems to me that the witch mother in law was the culprit who wanted to get rid of Hyun Soo. And on the other hand, Seo Joon always got a good impression of Hyun Soo. I think, the writer has selected the right actor Lee Joong Moon to be the lead romantic guy.

    okay, I will continue to watch episode 13.

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    Episode 13, it’s very interesting to see Seo Joon telling story to his nephew. As the suspected person who involved in causing the death of Seo Joon’s mother still not able to be found, Choi Se Ran and Seo Joon’s grandmother were getting worried and upset. The witch mother in law of Hyun Soo made a successful deal with her youngest daughter in law to keep this secret.

    Hyun Soo began to suspect and got curious about the green colour pill who looks like the prevention of being pregnant pill………

  19. 19 : mml Says:

    Episode 14, I have got the answer on why the witch mother in law of Hyun Soo doesn’t like Hyun Soo ? The real reason was Hyun Soo comes from an unmatch family background, if, compared to her mother in law, I guess that’s the real reason on why her witch mother in law doesn’t like Hyun Soo.
    There were a few things that I noticed in episode 14, Seo Joon was frustrated and stressed by Nam Joo Na, he can’t fall in love with Joo Na. The second thing was, whenever Seo Joon recalled the coincidental met with Hyun Soo, he will feel more relax, with some smile on his face . And Seo Joon did not stay with his grandma, now, he is staying alone by himself. And finally towards the end of episode 14, i noticed Hyun Soo got some talent, she’s innovative, creative and smart, when she was giving useful ideals to Choi Se Ran when she was having a discussion when meeting her.

    A special thanks to China Baidu who has been giving me informative informations about the real happenings of this drama. Currently, I think very soon Hyun Soo marriage will be ruined by the witch mother in law.

    As all this while Seo Joon is currently leaving alone by himself and I hope that , if Hyun Soo really happen to divorce because of the witch mother in law and ended up no place to stay. In that case, I really hope that the writer can arrange Seo Joon to allow Hyun Soo to stay at his house. And it seems to me that Hyun Soo suffered with pain and hurt, she’s really a pitiful lady to have such an evil mother in law. And I hope that Hyun Soo will always be positive towards all difficult circumstances.

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    Episode 15, the witch mother in law finally spoke the truth on why she allowed her son to marry Hyun Soo as she fully understand the character of her son and therefore she has to accept Hyun Soo as her daughter in law reluctantly. And on the other hand the relationships between Seo Joon and Joo Na were not on couple relationships. It’s a one sided love from Joo Na and Seo Joon doesn’t love Joo Na, he only treats Joo Na as his sister.

    While Hyun Soo started to suspect an unusual contract stated some agreement between her sister in law and her witch mother in law. And Hyun Soo began to fear, restless , upset and not paying attention to her daily routine life.

    And something secretive between Mrs Jang and Se Ran, thers’s a mystery up to now that Se Ran did not speak the truth to her husband Nam Jae Bok and also her daughter Joo Na. I suspected that Joo Na was not the real daughter of Se Ran and based on what Mrs Jang advised Se Ran not to tell the truth to her daughter Joo Na as Joo Na still not ready to handle the matter and not able to take care her mother. If, Joo Na is not the real daughter then could it be that Hyun Soo is the real daughter of Se Ran ? If, Hyun Soo really the real daughter of Se Ran that means Hyun Soo will have a rich mother and who knows Hyun Soo’s destiny will be changed in the future ?? Mystery , mystery, what’s the mystery behind ???

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 16.

  21. 21 : mml Says:

    Episode 16, Hyun Soo started to suspect that the medicine she’s taking seems to be look similar as the prevention of getting pregnant medicine. And therefore, in order to clear her doubt , she made an appointment to consult the doctor. While, Jae Bok was keen to match make his daughter Joo Na to marry Seo Joon ,but, the reaction of Mrs Jang and Se Ran during their lunch together seems to look strange from their facial expressions that Mrs Jang was not happy and was not interested to allow this kind of match make arrangement and Se Ran looked worried and uneasy after hearing to Jae Bok’s suggestions.

    There’s a mystery and hidden secret about the real identity of Joo Na based on my own judgement after watching episode 16 as Mrs Jang signal to Se Ran that Jae Bok suggested to them that it will be good that, if, Seo Joon will marry to Joo Na so that Jae Bok can treat Seo Joon as his own son as Seo Joo lack of father’s love . But the response from Mrs Jang and Se Ran don’t look happy and excited and therefore, i have suspected that Joo Na is actually an adopted child, adopted by Se Ran. It maybe a secret between Mrs Jang and Se Ran. The background of Jae Bok came from a very poor family and with the help of Mrs Jang then Jae Bok gradually became rich and successful. If, Joo Na is really an adopted child from Se Ran then that means that Se Ran will be a possibility of the real mother of Hyun Soo.

    The relationships of Seo Joon, Joo Na and Hyun Soo will soon become very complicated and what’s the secret Se Ran hiding and why is it she always visit Mrs Jang to consult and discuss her problem. Strange and mystery ????

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 17 and continue to discuss.

  22. 22 : mml Says:

    Episode 17, the witch mother in law threatened her youngest daughter in law not to tell the truth. The sad thing about Hyun Soo was she finally realised that the medicine that she’s taking really containing a pill that’s belonging to preventing from getting pregnant pill upon meeting the doctor for consultation. And inside the hospital, Seo Joon again coincidentally met Hyun Soo .

    Towards the ending episode, there’s a song singing at the background, a very impressive song sang, the song lyrics mentioned about Hyun Soo was in need of help and there’s nobody can help her so that can ease her sorrow and solve her trouble. And what should she do whereby she has nowhere and no place that she can go to and nobody can help her and nobody that she can trust . How ? And what should she do in order to help herself ? The song sound sad and touching and can impress one’s mind.

  23. 23 : mml Says:

    Episode 18, someone robbed Hyun Soo’s bag , she also fainted during this happened. Seo Joon brought her to the hospital. When she woke up, she left the hospital without a word of Thank You to Seo Joon. A very upset face when she went home. And when she reached home and explained on what has happened to her, her witch mother in law pretended to be caring towards her. And Hyun Soo was feeling very worried very insecure when staying together with witch mother in law with lots of fear and sad to see her with worry and needed to hide her feelings. Although, helpful Seo Joon rescued Hyun Soo, but, he did not understand and did not realise on Hyun Soo’s sufferings, while, Joo Na continued to visit Seo Joon frequently and it seems that Seo Joon only treat Joo Na as if, like a younger sister . No deeper feelings about Joo Na.

    Okay, will continue to watch episode 19.

  24. 24 : mml Says:

    Episode 19, actions showed that Seo Joon always miss Hyun Soo, this is a sign of love. And the bribe behaviour of Joo Na towards Seo Joon’s aunt will invite greed to oneself, that’s not real love, Joo Na was trying to buy over the aunt of Seo Joon’s aunt. And also looks liked Hyun Soo discovered and found some facts of the plot and towards the ending episode, she threw away all the medicine to the small bin leading to the witch mother in law being extremely angry with her and even hit her head. Such drastic actions towards Hyun Soo was to chase her out of the house.

  25. 25 : mml Says:

    Episode 20, with the bitten by the witch mother in law, Hyun Soo reluctant to stay with them. Hyun Soo ran to her best friend’s house to stay. After she left the house, no harmony in the family. Upon meeting Hyun Soo’s friend,Hyun Soo’s husband Soo Ho discovered the plot through the words from Hyun Soo’s friend. While, Seo Joon’s uncle and Mrs. Jang also discovered the truth that Joo Na bribe Seo Joon’s aunt. Eventually, Seo Joon’s aunt was being chased out of the house for accepting the expensive bag bought by Joo Na. Seo Joon was always stressed by Joo Na and he seldom smile and could not see his radiant happy face whenever he hears any conversations talking about Joo Na. And towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo finally meet up her witch mother in law and spoke out the plot of her witch mother in law by giving an example of a Cinderella story on whose the person who hates Cinderella the most ? By telling this to the witch mother in law, that means that Hyun Soo is a smart, wise and with good analytical skills to figure out the whole plot. Sad to see that Hyun Soo suffered in pain all because she comes from a poor family background. What’s the scandal news ? What if, Hyun Soo really comes from a rich family background, I think , oneday , her witch mother in law will regret for all her actions for treating Hyun Soo in this way.

  26. 26 : mml Says:

    Episode 21, by telling the Cinderella story to her witch mother in law, Hyun Soo was extremely upset overwhelmed by sorrow and with the ability to understand that the real motive of her witch mother in law. After confronting and voiced out to her witch mother in law, with great disappointment, Hyun Soo left the café and did not go back home. While, several areas that lead to the suspect of the medicine, Hyun Soo’s husband Soo Ho carried out his investigations on the suspect of the medicine and to find out the truth.

    With so much misunderstandings between Joo Na and Seo Joon, when Seo Joon returned her back the bag which was a gift for Seo Joon’s aunt, they quarrelled badly and during the quarrel, Joo Na accidentally hurt Seo Joon, leading to a scar on his forehead. Later on. Seo Joon wanted to visit his grandma, but, due to his sad memories of his past away mother, Seo Joon did not step into his grandma’s house, he then left the gift of a bag for his aunt which was bought by Seo Joon. As he was emotionally upset, he then bought a ticket to a journey place whereby he wanted to go there. And before he takes the bus, the police contacted him to claim back Hyun Soo’s bag ,at first he hesitate to go the police station, but, after some strong memory that impress his mind, he decided to go to the police station to collect back Hyun Soo’s bag. He even switch on Hyun Soo’s phone. And on the other hand, as Hyun Soo has no where to go and no money on hand, she has decided to try her luck, by calling her own mobile number. And surprisingly Seo Joon answered her phone when he was inside the bus. Eventually, Seo Joon did not take that bus, but instead, he went back to the bus terminal and he was shocked and happy to see Hyun Soo was standing at the public telephone stand. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo was also surprised to see Seo Joon by such amazing coincidental chance.

  27. 27 : mml Says:

    Episode 22, with such amazing coincidental meeting of each other leading to a foundation base of knowing each other’s about their past. Hyun Soo was given this opportunity to accompany Seo Joon to their childhood hometown, she also accompanied Seo Joon to his memorial temple to visit his past away mother and also other place of interest, their childhood market area soon. Whie, the witch mother in law continued her investigations on where did Hyun Soo hiding place ? But, couldn’t find Hyun Soo hiding place leading to her strong agony and severe hatred on Hyun Soo for the cause of all trouble .Mrs. Jang was also worried for her grandson Seo Joon and hidden sadness and sorrow that couldn’t speak to her family. And the family of Joo Na also cannot get peace , in view of the spoilt and poor character behaviour of Joo Na.

    Towards the ending episode 22, Joo Na’s friend accidentally saw Seo Joon happily shopping with Hyun Soo outside the market place area. Joo Na’s friends began to secretly following both of them and even took photos of Hyun Soo and Seo Joon to provide prove and evidence to Joo Na and to invite more trouble and misunderstandings for Seo Joon and Hyun Soo.

  28. 28 : mml Says:

    Episode 23, Joo Na’s friends followed Seo Joon and Hyun Soo closely without their noticed and managed to take photos of Seo Joon and Hyun Soo. And after their market area shopping, Hyun Soo wanted to go to the seaside area and Seo Joon also followed and suddenly things happened at the seaside area. Seo Joon started to have nightmare of how his mother was being drowned in the sea and resulted to the cause of his mother’s death. Sad to remember all these painful memories and he began to loose his control in his mind, he then threw his bag to the sea and luckily Hyun Soo knew how to swim well and helped Seo Joon to retrieve and collected his bag from the sea.

    All these happenings made both of them were able to relate and communicated well, they then went to a restaurant sitting together having meal together and chatting about their past. And on the other hand, the witch mother in law continued her investigations on Hyun Soo and Hyun Soo’s sister in law was also frightened of her mother in law, due to the threatening, she was fearful and in doubt to speak the truth and thus continued remaining silent. Followed by the investigations carried out by Soo Hoo and towards the ending episode, Soo Hoo finally discovered and knew the truth of the medicine and leading to hatred and disappointment towards his mother. And he went home making a hell lot noise and threw his temper and blown out all his frustrations and unhappiness leading to the family members being panic and worried on how to handle the critical situation of the behaviour of Soo Hoo.

  29. 29 : mml Says:

    Episode 24, the witch mother in law continued to blame Hyun Soo and continued her revenge towards Hyun Soo. While, Seo Joon enjoyed the time when he was with Hyun Soo and was pleased and thankful to Hyun Soo for her help, they then departed after the pleasant journey leaving some sweet memories for Seo Joon to always recalled these memories. The best friend of Hyun Soo not only allowed Hyun Soo to stay with her and she also wanted to protect Hyun Soo from getting hurt from the family upon after hearing what Hyun Soo told her about the truth of the medicine and the ugly and wicked of the person who has done this to Hyun Soo. Her best friend even went to the company wanted to help Hyun Soo to resolve her problem , but, not much help was done even though after going to the company.

    Towards the ending episode, the witch mother in law wanted her youngest daughter in law to bear all the consequences and wanted her to admit for the cause of the happenings and began to threaten her youngest daughter in law.

  30. 30 : mml Says:

    Episode 25, the witch mother in law began to make a deal and the contract agreement will become invalid , if, her youngest daughter in law does not comply to her request and due to such severe threatening, her youngest daughter in law ultimately got to listen and follow her instructions. As Hyun Soo was completely disappointed to the family, she continued to stay at her friend’s house. And towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo’s sister in law went to visit Hyun Soo.

  31. 31 : mml Says:

    Episode 26, Hyun Soo’s sister in law lied to her and wanted her forgiveness and Hyun Soo was overwhelmed by sorrow upon hearing her excuse and made a false lie to Hyun Soo and even worsened her misunderstandings and worse anger towards her sister in law. This episode continued to have no peace and no harmony when Joo Na was tricked and fooled by her friend and thus leading to jealousy towards Hyun Soo when her friend sent and sms on some pictures of Hyun Soo and Seo Joon whereby they were happily together. A follow up investigations by Joo Na and Hyun Soo’s witch mother in law also went to visit Hyun Soo and also plead for her forgiveness, but, the situation did not become better. And something secretive about Mrs. Jang, the character of Hyun Soo makes Mrs. Jang fond of and liked Hyun Soo very much, occasionally, she will miss Hyun Soo by telling Se Ran on why she likes Hyun Soo ? And as for Seo Joon, sometimes, he will miss Hyun Soo, but, until now, Seo Joon still doesn’t know that Hyun Soo was already married to Soo Ho.

    Towards the ending episode, before, Hyun Soo falls asleep, Hyun Soo received a call from her brother in law.

  32. 32 : mml Says:

    Episode 27, Hyun Soo rushed to the hospital after receiving the call from her brother in law, as Hyun Soo’s sister in law was pregnant, but, the unformed baby was died in the stomach and consequently she has to abort the unformed baby. To abort the baby is also considered as miscarriage and this brings sadness to herself and also the family. Hyun Soo felt a little guilty and sad about this happening to her sister in law. And on another occasion, when Joo Na was having breakfast with her family together with Seo Joon, she grab hold the opportunity to open Seo Joon’s bag and checked his belongings and found the receipt, whereby Seo Joon bought a pair of sports shoes for Hyun Soo and troublemaker Joo Na continued her jealousy and continued her investigations .

    And on the other hand, Hyun Soo’s friend accidentally hurt her hip and having hip injury and helpful Hyun Soo brought her to Mrs. Jang clinic for medical attention to heal her hip injury. Later on, Mrs Jang also got the chance to chat with Hyun Soo for a short while. From the chatting, Mrs Jang came to realise that Hyun Soo was some painful sadness in her heart and sometimes Hyun Soo will miss her mother. Mrs Jang made a kind suggestion to Hyun Soo and welcome Hyun Soo to visit her whenever she misses her mother and Hyun Soo was emotionally unwell started to tears from her eyes after hearing Mrs Jang helpful suggestion.

    Followed by lots of misunderstandings between Soo Ho and his mother, he finally suggested to his mother that he would like to move out from the house together with Hyun Soo and to have his own family and freedom of happiness. And who knows, the witch mother in loaw of Hyun Soo began to hate Hyun Soo and a clear mindset of never to be able to forgive Hyun Soo.

    Meanwhile, the troublemaker Joo Na found some news about the Hyun Soo and Seo Joon during the short stay at their hometown and more misunderstandings formed from her mind , in view of jealousy and nothing can be improved towards her bad character. And towards the ending episode, Joo Na went to the hospital to visit Soo Ho’s sister in law and Hyun Soo also accidentally saw Joo Na when she was trying to take the same lift, whereby Joo Na was inside the lift, but, did not notice the presence of Hyun Soo .

  33. 33 : mml Says:

    Episode 28, Joo Na did not notice Hyun Soo and later on Joo Na was on her way to the ward to visit Hyun Soo’s sister in law. While, she was on her way to the way to the ward, suddenly she received a call from her mother Se Ran and after the advise from her mother, Joo Na decided not to visit as it was not the right timing to do so. One day, when Seo Joon went back to visit his grandmother and having meal together, while chatting, Mrs jang realised that it will be a good choice for Seo Joon to find a right girlfriend to marry and settle down to have his family, so that her grandson will not be lonely and all these needs efforts and time to find the right one. And for no reason Mrs Jang also began to worry for Hyun Soo , it seems that Mrs Jang can predict future happenings about Hyun Soo, that’s why Mrs Jang will feel worried whenever she thinks of Hyun Soo. While, the witch mother in law of Hyun Soo remained always daydreaming and full of hatred, thinking on how to revenge on Hyun Soo. She did not appreciate the kind and praise-worthy words from Se Ran and even after meeting Se Ran, she did not change her mindset, she continued to be evil and wicked.

    Next, followed by this irritating stalker Joo Na who always keep an eye on Seo Joon, she even went to Seo Joon’s office and wanted to ask about his relationships with Hyun Soo and who knows Joo Na’s friend called and given her some false informations to make even more angry and therefore she did not openly questioned Seo Joon about the photo taken together with Hyun Soo. During the conversations, Seo Joon given Joo Na a hint, by telling Joo Na that, if, the guy’s heart is hook by another lady, that means that this guy cannot continue the relationship with the present girlfriend and the girlfriend should let go the relationships and let the guy follows what the heart says and let him choose his love instead of forcing the relationship to continue. After hearing all these words, Joo Na did not understand the hint meaning of Seo Joon’s words. Joo Na continued her investigations on address of Hyun Soo. And towards the ending episode, Joo Na called Hyun Soo to check on her mobile number is it a correct number, upon Hyun Soo picked up a call, Joo Na quickly hang up the phone.

  34. 34 : mml Says:

    Episode 29, Hyun Soo was wondering on whose the caller that called her handphone and ended up just hang up the phone ? Later on, Hyun Soo called Hye Jang and couldn’t reach her and ended up found out that Hye Jang was kissing with her boyfriend at the roof balcony area leading to Hyun Soo felt embarrassed and the inconvenience of staying at Hye Jang’s house for a long time. While, Hyun Soo was alone at home , Joo Na came to Hye Jang’s house to stir up a quarrel and accused Hyun Soo for having an unusual relationships with Seo Joon. The argument resulted to a fight and Joo Na hurt Hyun Soo’s forehead during the fighting and pushing and Soo Ho happened to step into the house after Hyun Soo got the forehead injury. And Joo Na suddenly realised that it was a misunderstanding after knowing that she was tricked and fooled by her friend. It seems to me that this is a melodrama, talking about a failure marriage of Hyun Soo married to Soo Ho as the witch mother in law continued to blame and hate Hyun Soo and always despise Hyun Soo’s family background. The character of Joo Na does not look like she’s the real daughter of Se Ran, but, the character of Hyun Soo and her kind nature seems to align and looks like she’s the real daughter of Se Ran.

    As Hyun Soo felt hurt and upset, she went to Mrs Jang clinic and standing outside the clinic wondering on how Mrs Jang comfort her when she was emotionally upset, but, she does not have the courage to visit Mrs Jang to chat about her feelings and hurt that she’s suffering and ended up walking away from the clinic. Who knows, Seo Joon accidentally saw Hyun Soo and secretly followed her. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo was trying to contact her mother, but, couldn’t reach her and left a message to Hyun Soo to live onto life to the fullest and have a blissful marriage. Later on, Seo Joon also gathered some kids to cheer up Hyun Soo . And Seo Joon quietly left the place without letting Hyun Soo to notice him.

    Towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo finally went back to the witch mother in law’s house and decided to come home.

  35. 35 : mml Says:

    Episode 30, Hyun Soo went home and her sister in law was also discharged from hospital and both of them met at home with an awkward, embarrassed and uneasy reaction, whenever they met each other. Well, Soo Ho was extremely excited and happy upon hearing the news, that his wife came home. He quickly rushed home to check whether Hyun Soo was already at home. While, Joo Na and her mother Se Ran went to Mrs Jang clinic and ended up forgetting her handphone and Joo Na left her handphone at the clinic . Joo Na was frightened and panic, when she realised that she left her phone inside the clinic. She even rushed back to the clinic to collect back her phone, but, it was too late, as Seo Joon’s aunt and uncle have discovered those happily taken together pictures, of Hyun Soo and Seo Joon . And both of them were surprised that Joo Na was a terrible stalker and they started to gossip among themselves.

    Something mystery happening in this episode, on another occasion when Se Ran was chatting with Mrs Jang at an enclosed restaurant, then suddenly Se Ran’s secretary came to inform Se Ran about a lady , age 50 and above was dead and the details of the decay body was unknown yet ? The police is currently still doing an investigation on the personal data on this decay body ? After hearing this news, Se Ran was extremely upset and hoping that the dead body was not her friend by the name Woo Soon Jung. As Se Ran has been spending a lot time and efforts in finding her friend Woo Soon Jung and till now, she can’t find her. Se Ran was too upset and panic, while Mrs Jang looked at Se Ran with a mystery face.

    Oneday, Seo Joon’s aunt and uncle made a plan and decided to arrange Seo Joon’s uncle to meet and have a drink with Seo Joon , in order to find out on whose the girlfriend of Seo Joon ? While, Seo Joon was in the office, his uncle called Seo Joon to have a drink. Seo Joon turned up for the disappointment and during the chatting, his uncle hint to him and even test him on how’s his feelings towards Joo Na ? Seo Joon told his uncle the truth that, he only treats Joo Na as a younger sister of his and Joo Na was not his girlfriend. His uncle did not manage to ask Seo Joon more questions as he was drunk after heavily drinking those beer. Seo Joon fetch his uncle home and his aunt was disappointed, as Seo Joon’s uncle did not ask those questions whereby the aunt wanted to know the answer. And on the other hand, before Hyun Soo goes to bed, Hyun Soo commented something aboutJoo Na to her husband Soo Ho, Hyun Soo told her husband that Joo Na, Joo Na doesn’t look like her mother Se Ran and even her character also seems to be extremely different from Se Ran and after hearing this, Soo Ho remained silent and did not say anything.

    The nextday, Joo Na’s father called Seo Joon and the meeting place was a restaurant which was near to JB company. Seo Joon went to the restaurant and was surprised to see Soo Ho, Joo Na and Hyun Soo. While, Hyun Soo was even more surprised to have a coincidental meet with Seo Joon again. Seo Joon was shocked and looked puzzled, when Soo Ho introduced his wife Hyun Soo to him.

  36. 36 : mml Says:

    Episode 31, Seo Joon was too shocked to realise that Hyun Soo was actually Soo Ho’s wife and continued to remain polite and courteous and after the introduced, Seo Joon quickly gave an excuse and left hurriedly.and Hyun Soo, Soo Ho and Joo Na continued their chatting. Meanwhile, the witch mother in law continued her anger, hatred and will continue her revenge.

    On the other hand, Seo Joon’s uncle woke up qnd remembered when he was drunk, chatting with Seo Joon about the requirement to choose the right girlfriend and continued his gossip with his wife and who knows Mrs Jang bypass their room and accidentally heard their gossip. Mrs Jang later on spoke to her son in law and even realised that Joo Na was a terrible stalker who even took photos of Hyun Soo when she was together with Seo Joon and was shocked and disappointed with Joo Na.

    As Seo Joon was at home sitting at the sofa, smiling to himself that he has found some sweet memories upon knowing Hyun Soo. While, Hyun Soo was thinking and trying her best efforts to forgive and to forget her sufferings. And the next day, when the family was on their way getting ready to go to work, a strange lady was hiding, standing outside Soo Ho’s house, looking strange and suspicious and no one noticed her.

    Seo Joon back to work with a cheerful and motivated attitude. And Hyun Soo was inside the kitchen missing Seo Joon whenever she sees the 8 treasures rice and recalled the sunshine face of Seo Joon.

    While, Se Ran looked upset after hearing the news of a decay body found at a forest area, the police still continued DNA investigations , in order to find out the identity of the decay body. Se Ran even confirmed with her secretary and also cancelled her meeting appointment. And Joo Na was having a discussion with her father about her mother Se Ran and suddenly Joo Na received a call from Mrs Jang, calling to inform Joo Na to meet her.

  37. 37 : mml Says:

    Episode 32,the strange woman was hiding at a corner outside Soo Ho’s house. She called Soo Ho when he reached home after a day’s hard work, but, Soo Ho ignored her call after seeing the caller’s telephone number. Soo Ho reached home with a big packet of flowers and also a ring for Hyun Soo. He gave the flowers and the ring to Hyun Soo. Hyun Soo began to thank and chat with him about the strange and suspicious woman standing outside the house and Soo Ho wanted to check whether the strange woman was still outside the house, but, later on , was interrupted by Hyun Soo.

    Joo Na recalled on how fierce and angry when Mrs. Jang scolded her for being a terrible stalker. With no forgiveness towards Mrs. Jang and therefore, Joo Na blamed all fault and even called and quarrelled with Seo Joon’s aunt. Se Ran heard Joo Na was being rude to Seo Joon’s aunt and ended up making an apology to Seo Joon’s aunt. Meanwhile, Se Ran was trying to reason out and to deal with the problem with Joo Na and who knows Se Ran even came to realise that, Joo Na went to fight with Hyun Soo and was shocked to know that Hyun Soo was actually Soo Ho’s wife. In the midst of the conversations, Joo Na’s father was shouting outside the room, informing them that Seo Joon came to visit them. Both of them quickly ran down from upstairs to take a look at what’s happening ? Then Joo Na realised that her father was drunk and Se Ran starred at Seo Joon with a guilty face. And before Seo Joon goes home, Joo Na continued her chatting with Seo Joon about the trip that Seo Joon went back to his childhood hometown and coincidentally met Hyun Soo. And after the chatting, Seo Joon went home with a positive mind and seems to miss Hyun Soo’s kind advise.

    The witch mother in law continued to pretend to be kind to Hyun Soo and Hyun Soo did not discover her evil tricks on her. Later on, Soo Ho was in his room, gossip with Hyun Soo, about Joo Na was a terrible stalker. Hyun Soo also came to know more about the relationships between Joo Na and Seo Joon. Hyun Soo even came to understand that, Joo Na loves Seo Joon very much, but, it’s a one sided love. And Soo Ho continued to comment about, something strange about Seo Joon ? When he introduced his wife to Seo Joon, the response from Seo Joon was, he was shocked to hear this and even pretended to be a cool and calm person. Seo Joon looks handsome and can attract ladies to show interest on him. After hearing this comment , Hyun Soo was surprised to know that Soo Ho was jealous about the coincidental met between Hyun Soo and Seo Joon. And Hyun Soo was too innocent to understand this hint from Soo Ho.

    The next day, the witch mother in law looked jealous and evil, when she realised that Soo Ho bought a ring for Hyun Soo. And she also looked troubled and also disliked her youngest daughter in law too. And followed by, Hyun Soo accidentally saw the lovely romantic sight of her sister in law and later on, taught her on how to do cooking ? And ended up, her sister in law was upset and guilty for treating Hyun Soo badly.

    Se Ran then met Hyun Soo in her office, chatting with her and even apologized to her for Joo Na’s drastic and rude behaviour towards Hyun Soo. The secretary called to inform Se Ran that, after the DNA investigations, the police found out the real identity of the decay body, the dead person was Not
    Woo Soon Jung. Upon hearing this , Se Ran felt relieved and also emotionally upset. After comforting Se Ran, Hyun Soo went home with a doubtful mind on what has happened to Se Ran ? Next, Se Ran called Mrs. Jang to discuss about her worry and after the conversations ended, Mrs. Jang was with a mysterious face.

    Towards the ending episode, Seo Joon received a call from Soo Ho, he called Seo Joon to have a drink and agreed to meet him tomorrow. When Soo Ho reached home, he hug Hyun Soo outside the house and a strange suspicious stalker woman was hiding at a corner, starring at Soo Ho and Soo Ho looked very fierce when he saw her.

  38. 38 : panshin Says:

    long episode…………

  39. 39 : mml Says:

    Episode 33, a mystery of the witch mother in law started to dislike her two daughter in laws. While, Hyun Soo still not ready and not totally being able to forgive the hurt that her sister in law has done the bad things towards her. Followed by a strange and mysterious facial expressions of Mrs. Jang when she realised that Hyun Soo was Soo Ho’s wife through the words spoken by Seo Joon. Hyun Soo continued to keep close contact with Mrs. Jang that surprises Seo Joon . And Seo Joon also did not discover that Joo Na ever went to fight and hit Hyun Soo.

    Towards the ending episode, the strange stalker woman went to harass Soo Ho . And on the other hand, when Seo Hoon turned up for the appointment with Soo Ho, Soo Ho made a hint to Seo Joon as Soo Ho suspected that Seo Joon may have fallen in love with Hyun Soo and thus Soo Ho took precaution on Seo Joon. While, Seo Joon did not even realised himself that, he’s indeed secretly fallen in love deeply towards Hyun Soo.

  40. 40 : mml Says:

    Episode 34, the shocking news about this episode will be the strange stalker woman was actually the secretary of Soo Ho and she had an affair with Soo Ho. She continued to harass and threatened Soo Ho. A photograph of Hyun Soo of her when she was a kid, was misplaced inside the notebook and Seo Joon accidentally dropped it and did not discover that Hyun Soo was actually his childhood friend. While, Se Ran was disappointed that she did not find Woo Soon Jung. And almost towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo went to office to look for Soo Ho and was shocked and surprised that her husband was telling a lie to her . And the strange stalker woman went to warn and threatened Soo Hoo , they quarrelled and argued seriously. Strange ????

  41. 41 : mml Says:

    Episode 35, Hyun Soo suspected Soo Ho lied to her , but, no sign of prove. And Hyun Soo told her husband that, if onday she were to find out that any hidden lie that resulted hurt from her, she will never forgive her husband. While, Soo Ho was not frightened by his ex-girlfriend’s threatening and leading to great challenged towards his ex-girlfriend. The witch mother in law also discovered the ugly sight of her son Soo Ho that, he’s having an affair with the stalker woman. The witch mother in law was daydreaming and thinking hard on how to deal with the critical situation that, her son got an affair with another woman ? And Hyun Soo was also daydreaming and thinking hard on what sort of lies and secrets that Soo Ho was trying to hide from her. And interesting Seo Joon was also at times daydreaming of Hyun Soo. And towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo was curious to hear the conversations between her mother in law and Soo Ho, she quietly ran down from upstairs and was standing outside their room and was trying to listen to their conversations.

  42. 42 : mml Says:

    Episode 36, innocent and naïve Hyun Soo did not discover that her husband got an affair with another woman. While, the life of Joo Na still continue to be living in a life with no discipline, no respect towards all people and lacking of loving kindness. These made Seo joon felt irritated, impatient and having difficulty to communicate with her. Se Ran also felt stressful to teach and educate Joo Na on how to be a good person? While, the witch mother in law discovered her son Soo Ho was having an affair with his ex-girlfriend and she also continued her investigations on Soo Ho ex-girlfriend. And towards the ending episode, as Hyun Soo missed her mum badly, she then went out to relax herself and she accidentally met Se Ran.

  43. 43 : @odds Says:

    Where can I watch this . . .

  44. 44 : mml Says:

    Episode 37, the witch mother of Soo Ho investigated and found the detailed background of the stalker woman. She then met her son’s ex-girlfriend, scolded and confronted her. The worst was this witch mother even insulted, humiliated and also threatened her. And therefore, the stalker woman was too upset and wanted to revenge. While, Hyun Soo and Se Ran their friendships terms were better and better. And these leads to a mystery that, maybe, they are real mother and real daughter and the mystery is not yet reveal at the moment. As Soo Ho was harassed and disturbed of his ex-girlfriend, he failed to turn up for the appointment and this made Hyun Soo felt embarrassed and worried on what happened to Soo Ho ? Meanwhile, Seo Joon and Se Ran , both were surprised and wondered what happened to Soo Ho and ended up Hyun Soo left hurriedly and did not join them for dinner.

  45. 45 : mml Says:

    Episode 38, a dispute between Soo Ho and his witch mother concerning the affair woman. The crazy witch mother continued to dislike her two daughter in laws and the most drastic and evil towards Hyun Soo and expecting that ,she will soon be chased out of the house with the presence of the affair woman coming into and affected Hyun Soo marriage life. Soo Ho was trying to hide his trouble and continued to fool his wife. A new discovery of the position of Se Ran, Se Ran was actually the stepmother of Joo Na. And on the other hand, the missing childhood photograph of Hyun Soo was accidentally picked and found by Joo Na. As Soo Ho’s ex-girlfriend was aiming her chance to revenge and that means more challenges ahead snd more trouble for all. And a scandal news, when the doctor told Soo Ho that he got a sickness, whereby Soo Ho did not have active sperms, whereby he cannot let his wife being able to pregnant. And after hearing what the doctor told Soo Ho, Soo Ho was unable to accept his health problem.

  46. 46 : mml Says:

    Episode 39, the witch mother was busy concentrating on how to chase Hyun Soo out of the house and she continued to threaten her youngest daughter in law leading to her youngest daughter in law facing great difficulty and without courage and without confidence to tell the truth to Hyun Soo. Moving onto the health problem of Soo Ho, made him doubtful on how did his ex-girlfriend get pregnant with his serious health problem ? And a new born destiny of fate between Hyun Soo and Seo Joon upon knowing that Hyun Soo was the benefactor of Seo Joon, with the help of the found photograph of Hyun Soo’s childhood photo and Mrs Jang was indeed very grateful and touched by Hyun Soo’s kindness. The relationship of Seo Joon’s family with Hyun Soo now become very close like a family. And jealousy comes in again, when Joo Na discovered that Seo Joon and Hyun Soo were childhood friends. And finally a frightening thing happened again, when Soo Ho saw his wife reached home with the accompany of Seo Joon. And Seo Joon was shocked and surprised to hear Soo Ho shouted fiercely to Hyun Soo.

  47. 47 : mml Says:

    Episode 40, Seo Joon saw the fierce look of Soo Ho making him felt awkward and embarrassed and unable to understand that, what causes Soo Ho to be so mad and angry with Hyun Soo, when his wife didn’t do anything wrongly ? Seo Joon left the place calmly and quickly drove away with his car. Hyun Soo was upset and disappointed with the rude attitude of Soo Ho. And later on, while, Hyun Soo was inside the room, she told Soo Ho about a lost and found childhood friend was Seo Joon. After hearing this, Soo Ho was surprised, he also pretended that it was a mistake that causes all inconvenience. He even apologized to Hyun Soo and kind Hyun Soo forgives him. And later on, Soo Ho also called to apologize to Seo Joon for his poor attitude. Seo Joon forgives Soo Ho and did not suspect his jealousy towards him. And a strange thing happened when, the witch mother told her son that the affair woman claimed that she’s pregnant, but, no record can be found from all hospitals to prove that she’s pregnant leading to Soo Ho was in doubt, with his sickness as what the doctor told him. Meanwhile, the words spoken by Joo Na seems to disappoint Mrs Jang and the impressive words spoken by Hyun Soo seems to make Mrs Jang always recall on Hyun Soo spoken those touching and caring words that always remind Mrs Jang on how much suffering that Se Ran has gone through ? This made Mrs Jang likes the character and kind hearted nature of Hyun Soo. And finally, with the suspect and doubt that Soo Ho was facing, he went for his follow up consultation. The doctor confirmed with Soo Ho that, Soo Ho got non-active sperms that cannot make any woman to get pregnant. Soo Ho was shocked to face with reality upon the declaration of his health report.

  48. 48 : mml Says:

    Episode 41, Soo Ho was upset and shocked to know his health problem, but, his mind was still doubtful about what the doctor told him. As he was too upset , he even forget about the appointment that he’s having with Seo Joon. Due to phone not contactable, Seo Joon began to get angry and disappointed about Soo Ho. Kind Seo Joon then brought the two boxes of liquid medicine and left it outside Soo Ho’s house and he telephone Hyun Soo to collect it And Seo Joon ended up meeting his grandma and have his lunch with Mrs. Jang and he even gossip about Soo Ho. Mrs.Jang began to miss Hyun Soo and was also worried about the condition and lifestyle that Hyun Soo’s currently having is it happy or sad ? While, Seo Joon did not notice that his grandma likes Hyun Soo very much.The witch mother in law of Hyun Soo went to the fridge to check the liquid medicine and later on, informed her assistant to make a fake liquid medicine with the same packaging and containing different ingredients that can prevent Hyun Soo from getting pregnant. Meanwhile, cunning Joo Na went to visit Seo Joon’s aunt for the sake of learning on how to cook 8 treasures rice and eventually made Seo Joon’s aunt does all the cooking and Joo Na was also tease by Seo Joon’s aunt, talking about Hyun Soo that irritated Joo Na. And Joo Na was angry inside her heart, she then left and claimed the credit and brought to Seo Joon and lied to him that she made the 8 treasures rice for Seo Joon and Seo Joon happily eating the rice without discovering her cunning tricks. And on the other hand, Seo Joon’s aunt gossip with her husband about Joo Na, she told her husband that Joo Na knew that Hyun Soo was the childhood friend of Seo Joon and making compare between Hyun Soo and Joo Na.

    Followed by, the continuous harassment by his ex-girlfriend and also troubled by his health problem. Soo Ho became restless and also not paying attention at his work. Soo Ho also plead and seek help from his witch mother concerning the affair woman and worried that Hyun Soo will leave him upon knowing the truth. Later on, he went back to the hospital for further consultation, he even blamed and accused the doctor’s negligence for making a false health report leading to the doctor can’t handle his unreasonable behaviour and was chased out by the security guard. At this point of time, Seo Joon happened to come to the hospital to visit his friend. Seo Joon was surprised to see Soo Ho being pulled out by the security guard. And Hyun Soo called Soo Ho was surprised to realise that the nurse answered the phone, the nurse told Hyun Soo that her husband accidentally left his phone in the hospital.

  49. 49 : mml Says:

    Episode 42, Hyun Soo did not suspect and also did not discover her husband was hiding his sickness towards her. And on the other hand, crazy Joo Na saw her friend was at the salon, she went to take revenge on her friend, by pouring a bottle of water onto her friend’s head and Se Ran saw the wicked attitude of Joo Na. Se Ran was shocked and amazed on such drastic wicked behaviour of Joo Na. She wanted to correct the wrong attitude of Joo Na and who knows Joo Na scolded her mother and argument occurred. Se Ran became upset and was disheartened towards Joo Na. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo was too anxious and wanted to quickly get pregnant, she even go to consult Mrs Jang and approached further help from Mrs. Jang. Mrs Jang decided to prescribe a new medicine for Hyun Soo. As Seo Joon’s aunt looked and behaved comedy when she saw Hyun Soo coming to visit Mrs. Jang and secretly gossip with her husband and ended up Seo Joon’s uncle was hoping that, Seo Joon can find a girlfriend like the character of Hyun Soo. And Hyun Soo left the clinic without getting the chance to hear their interesting gossip.

    Crazy Joo Na went to meet Seo Joon , chatting and gossip, but, nevertheless, she did not speak out the truth that, she ever fight and hit Hyun Soo. Thus, Seo Joon was still being kept in the dark without knowing the truth. While, Soo Ho was not convinced by the doctor, he went back to consult the doctor again. And this time, the doctor told Soo Hoo that due to his non-active sperms, he will never be able to have his own kid, unless Soo Ho is willing to adopt a child or alternatively, he can use other people sperms through a form surgery, in order to let his wife to conceive a child. After hearing this, Soo Ho was restless, upset and moody. Andnext, another problem comes in, as the youngest in law after her miscarriage and due to health problem, she will have great difficulty to get pregnant. And this made the witch mother in law wanted to chase her out of the house. The youngest in law felt threatened and being unfair to her, she even quarrel and a further dispute with her witch mother in law and resulted to no harmony and hatred. And towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo went to the hospital to collect Soo Ho’s phone and left without hearing the gossip from the nurse and who knows the witch mother in law stepped into the hospital reception counter and accidentally heard the nurse gossip about her son Soo Ho got non-active sperms and pity his wife Hyun Soo did not know about it. After hearing this, the witch mother was shocked and surprised about this scandal secret.

  50. 50 : mml Says:

    Episode 43, the witch mother accidentally heard and discovered that her son Soo Ho got non-active sperms that causes woman that will never be able to be pregnant. While, innocent Hyun Soo did not discover it and her sister in law was living in fear due to severe threatening by her witch mother in law. Meanwhile, Se Ran recalled on how wicked Joo Na was, the way Joo Na punished her friend making Se Ran felt disappointed and disheartened with her. And later on, Se Ran spoke to reason the problem with Joo Na, who knows Joo Na scolded and accused her mother and ended up Se Ran was overwhelmed by sorrow. In view of revenge back to Joo Na, her friend sms those photographs of Hyun Soo to Seo Joon’s phone. Seo Joon was shocked to receive all these photos through sms. Seo Joon returned call to Joo Na’s friend and this friend told the truth that Joo Na was the culprit and she’s a terrible stalker. Seo Joon became angry and disappointed about the behaviour of Joo Na and Seo Joon was curious on what happened to Joo Na who went to Hye Jang’s house to harass Hyun Soo ?

    As Hyun Soo did not suspect anything, she continued her routine life. She even try to make some delicious tasty cookies and as a token of appreciation to Mrs. Jang for giving her the liquid medicine, Hyun Soo gave some cookies to Seo Joon’s uncle for the family to eat it during tea break to enjoy the taste of her handmade cookies. While, Soo Ho’s ex-girlfriend continued to harass Soo Ho and therefore, Soo Ho plead his ex-girlfriend to forgive him and let the matter rest and told her about his sickness. And due to too much stress Soo Ho was facing, he went to a mini bar to have a drink and the witch mother found out on where he has gone to and she went to the mini bar to meet her son. While, they were discussing about the problem that Soo Ho encountered, Hyun Soo came to the mini bar to look for Soo Ho and Hyun So was shocked to see Soo Ho was full of tears, crying and was extremely upset.

  51. 51 : mml Says:

    Episode 44, ignorant Hyun Soo saw the upset drunk face of Soo Ho and still did not get the chance to discover the truth as the witch mother in law lied to her and Soo Ho was too frightened to speak out the truth. Since, Seo Joon already knew Joo Na was the culprit to harm Hyun Soo and he met Joo Na to have a face to face talk and to find out on more about the happenings. Joo Na told Seo Joon that she had mistaken Hyun Soo as a woman who wanted to seduce Seo Joon and therefore, she went to the house to pull Hyun Soo’s hair and denied that she hurt Hyun Soo’s forehead. After hearing all these, Seo Joon was extremely disappointed , ferocious and felt disgusting to continue his friendship with Joo Na . Joo Na became helpless and frightened, she even call her mother to get help and when she reached home, she began to cry and explained the happenings to her parents. Her parents got disappointed to her character. On the other hand, Seo Joon reached home getting upset and guilty that Hyun Soo suffered with such drastic unfair treatment, tortured by Joo Na. Seo Joon even wanted to call to apologize, but the line did not get through.

    The witch mother informed her assistant to kidnap Soo Joo’s ex-girlfriend and by force to put her inside the hospital. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo was busy looking at the preparation for pregnancy seminar talk and she’s keen to enroll for the lesson and was surprised to receive a call from Soo Ho, telling her that, it may not be compulsory to have kids and how about they should carry on their marriage without having any kid ? After hearing the call, Hyun Soo was shocked and amazed by his words.

  52. 52 : mml Says:

    Episode 45, when Soo Ho reached home, Hyun Soo began to ask Soo Ho concerning his change of mind of not wanting to have a child, but, Soo Ho did not reply her with a concrete answer and serious quarrelled occurred. Then,Hyun Soo became overwhelmed by sorrow, secretly crying badly, as she’s hoping to have a child. While, Joo Ns was trying to get help from her parents, her parents made an arrangement to have lunch with Mrs.Jang together with Seo Joon’s aunt and uncle. While chatting, Mrs. Jang realised that Seo Joon finally knew that Joo Na bitten Hyun Soo and Mrs.Jang was also looked upset, when Joo Na’s father wanted to have a restaurant business and suggested Seo Joon’s aunt and uncle to work, to assist their restaurant. Mrs. Jang doesn’t like the suggestions and Seo Joon’s aunt ended up reached home crying and even lodge a complaint to her husband about money problem, that by staying at home, she will suffer lost of income and if, she works at Joo Na’s father owned restaurant, at least, she will have income and be independent in her financial situation and her husband tried to console her. Meanwhile, Se Ran sms Seo Joon and wanted to meet him. Well, he’s too disappointed with Joo Na and therefore, after reading the sms message, Seo Joon just ignore it and continued his meeting discussion.

    As Hyun Soo felt happy with a group of kids, she became cheerful to have story telling with one of the kids and at this point of time Soo Ho appeared in front of her, Soo Ho even played football with those group of kids, making Hyun Soo forgotten about the sad things and obstacles that she encountered. While, the youngest in law went to the witch mother’s office, confronted her witch mother in law, made a deal and suggested to her to hire a woman to help to give birth. And this made thw witch ferocious by her ridiculous stupid suggestions. Her youngest in law then left the office without convincing her witch mother in law. Next, when the witch mother was at home hiding inside her room, engrossed in thinking ,on how to solve Soo Ho’s problem ? Suddenly, Hyun Soo called her to come down to see those fruits and later on, the witch mother joined them to eat the fruits and sitting together with an evilly mind, thinking on how to get rid of the two daughter in laws ? Her mind suddenly flash out an answer on, it will be good for Hyun Soo to help to give birth a child and keep on starring at Hyun Soo. And Hyun Soo looked at the witch mother in law, with a courteous smile , not alert and without even taking precaution on her witch mother in law.

  53. 53 : mml Says:

    Episode 46, an interesting thing happened at this episode, the witch mother in law was trying to fool Hyun Soo by trying to use another person’s active sperms, through surgery to help, to let Hyun Soo get pregnant and without letting her to discover that, Soo Ho cannot help Hyun Soo to get pregnant. While, Seo Joon went to meet his grandma Mrs.Jang and spoken about the evil behaviour of Joo Na and also grandma kept him in the dark without letting him to know the truth. Mrs.Jang felt guilty for not letting Seo Joon to know the truth, she even ask Seo Joon to forgive Joo Na and to give her another chance. And before, Seo Joon leave the clinic, his uncle again re4minded Seo Joon to be careful to choose a correct wife. His uncle in episode 45, already told Seo Joon about how nice to know Hyun Soo while, he was having a drink with Seo Joon and now in episode 46, his uncle gives a gentle reminder to Seo Joon , with comment on Joo Na that, she’s like a lucky air sucker, who sucks all people good luck away. Ans after hearing this, Seo Joon felt even more disgusted about Joo Na and left the place with an angry face. He then called Hyun Soo to meet him and upon seeing Hyun Soo personally at the café, Seo Joon made a sincere apology with Hyun Soo for the evil things that Joo Na hurts her. Kind Hyun Soo did not mention to Seo Joon that, Joon Na plead her to help her at episode 45 and now back to episode 46, Hyun Soo spoke good words about Joo Na, talking about her sincere apology and even thank Seo Joo for helping to rescue her when she met trouble. With all these grateful words, Seo Joon realised Hyun Soo is actually a kind and warm person. When they departed after the chatting, Seo Joon went back to office and saw Joo Na standing outside the office waiting for him. Seo Joon was reluctant to talk to Joo Na, he reluctantly allowed Joo Na to go into his office and have a talk with Joo Na and the root of the problem did not solved into Seo Joon’s heart.

    Meanwhile, the witch mother forced the youngest daughter in law to divorce, he even prepare the divorce letter for her to sign. And leads to a terrible dispute and hatred between both parties. And when Hyun Soo was inside her room, she told Soo Ho that, she met Seo Joon concerning the apology on behalf of Joo Na and this made Soo Ho got jealous about Seo Joon. He got jealous with Seo Joon and felt uneasy with his confidence shaken when his wife Hyun Soo still keeping contact with Seo Joon. While, Hyun Soo still naïve to notice his jealousy. And on the other hand, the witch mother spoke to her youngest son and was trying to play tricks and to make use of her youngest son to help Hyun Soo to get pregnant. And the next day, Hyun Soo dated Soo Ho to turn up for the preparation for pregnancy seminar talk. And when Soo Ho reached the seminar place, he saw the poster, with the words written as, preparation for pregnancy. Soo Ho then showed his angry, fierce look. While, Hyun Soo was surprised to see this facial angry expressions from her husband.

  54. 54 : mml Says:

    Episode 47, as Soo Ho was curious that, what makes Hyun Soo invited her to attend the seminar talk, Hyun Soo told him about her plan. Upon hearing her answer and seeing the words from the poster, Soo Ho showed a fierce angry face and then he quickly ran away the place. Hence, Hyun Soo was surprised and became doubtful about, something fishy that Soo Ho was trying to hide from her. And the witch mother secretly continued her investigations on her son. Meanwhile, Seo Joon was invited to have lunch with Se Ran’s family. Seo Joon respected Se Ran very much, but, was stressful to face Joo Na’s father, especially, he added stress to Seo Joon, in a way that, he wished to have a son in law liked Seo Joon and Seo Joon became unhappy and looked stressful. Later on, after his lunch, Seo Joon went to meet Mrs.Jang and told her that, he met Hyun Soo and apologized to her for the bad actions done by Joo Na. And Mrs.Jang felt relieved and glad that,Hyun Soo is such a kind, thoughtful, understanding person. After her chatting with Seo Joon, Mrs.Jang went to have lunch with her daughter and also her family. As a token of appreciation of all the hard work that her son in law and also her daughter for helping her to do all the domestic ad-hoc work at the clinic, she gave them money and on top of that, she also on loan to them another sum of money, in order to start their own restaurant business. Thus, her daughter and her son in law became very grateful towards Mrs.Jang useful and helpful approached. The family of Soo Ho continued to have no harmony , as the witch mother disliked both daughter in laws badly and her youngest daughter in law always getting worried and got frightened of her witch mother in law. Meanwhile, Se Ran’s secretary brought a lady to the office and told her about the movement of Woo Soon Jung, she claimed that Woo Soon Jung has already resigned from the restaurant 2 months ago and got no idea on where has she gone to ? Se Ran became emotionally unwell and continued her crying.

    While, Hyun Soo started to suspect her husband lied to her in certain ways, Hyun Soo even goes the hospital and wanted to check and curious about something. And Soo Ho went to the hospital to look for Hyun Soo and found her at the hospital, standing near the reception area. And Hyun Soo by surface look, she looked obedient and followed her husband and went home. And finally, when at home, Hyun Soo started to query her doubt with Soo Ho, suspected that Soo Ho was fool of lies towards her and who knows Soo Ho started to talk loudly and yelled at Hyun Soo.

  55. 55 : mml Says:

    Episode 48, Soo Ho began to have loggerheads with Hyun Soo, he further tricked and fooled Hyun Soo making her to remove her doubt to suspect him. And after the argument being solved, Soo Ho went to discuss with his witch mother and even willing to comply to his mother’s suggestions. The next day, the witch mother went to consult her doctor on how to hide and tricked Hyun Soo into believing her words of the surgery that can help Hyun Soo to have her child. And on the other hand, Se Ran met Hyun Soo for chatting and discussion. While, Seo Joon’s aunt and her husband went to attend a talk on how to handle a buy over beef food restaurant ? As the witch mother already got a solution on how to manage Soo Ho’s problem after consulting the doctor, surfacely the witch mother spoke to her youngest son in a caring manner, trying to convince her son to meet the doctor and also trying to made Hyun Soo to believe and to trust her words.

    Meanwhile, Seo Joon joined his colleagues to have a drink and have his lunch. His colleagues continued their interesting chatting about Seo Joon’s. ideal choice of girlfriend. When Seo Joon talked about his interesting choice of girlfriend, his colleagues made fun and joke to him and mistaken him as ,talking about a song lyrics and made him felt shy and a little embarrassed. Next, Soo Ho followed his mother to meet the doctor and after the consultation, the witch mother went home and met Jae Ni, she lectured Jae Ni and after that, the witch mother angrily stepped into the car. Jae Ni angrily stepped into the house, she even ask Hyun Soo about her doubt and after hearing it, her fear and confidence shaken badly. Jae Ni hurriedly went into her witch mother in law’s room to search for evidence and accidentally discovered a piece of torn paper was thrown into the dustbin. She took the torn paper and paste to fix it back and was shocked to read discover the medical report was a prove of Soo Ho was suffering testicular insufficiency. And at this point of time, Hyun Soo stepped into the room and the report was placed on the bed. Jae Ni became panic and Hyun Soo was starring at Jae Ni with a surprised face.

  56. 56 : mml Says:

    Episode 49, although Hyun Soo starred at the piece of paper, but, did not lead to her suspect. After comforting Jae Ni, Hyun Soo went out from the room. The witch mother lied to her friend Se Ran and after the chatting, Se Ran went home and when she reached home, she heard the negative comment from crazy Joo Na. Joo Na was bad tempered in her talking manner, upon hearing a call from Seo Joon and was interrupted by his work matters. The secretary of Se Ran called her about a witness found Woo Soon Jung’s daughter staying at Seoul. And after hearing this, Se Ran became eager and excited and looking forward the day whereby, she can find Woo Soon Jung. And on the other hand, Jae Ni has already discovered the truth of the testicular insufficiency of Soo Ho and therefore, Jae Ni will not be bullied and threatened by the witch mother in law anymore.

    The next day, Jae Ni pretended to be a very calm and cool person and the witch mother called Jae Ni and agreed to comply to her request. While, Hyun Soo received an envelope containing some photos of evidence from the maid and after seeing those photos, Hyun Soo suddenly awakened her thoughts and suspected the stalker woman. Meanwhile, a call from Se Ran wanting to meet her. And Hyun Soo went to meet Se Ran and Se Ran gave her some tonic medicine and Hyun Soo happily accepted the gift. And crazy Joo Na came in, although, Joo Na thank Hyun Soo for helping her to speak and made Seo Joon to forgive her, but, her purpose of coming, was to discuss about, her difficulty of coping the branding of JB fried chicken business, with no concept and no ideals on how to handle this task ? And she even assigned this task and role of responsibility to Seo Joon, to seek help from him. Later on, Hyun Soo was glad and happily talking and sharing her opinion and lovely ideals of the branding.

    Next, Soo Ho called Seo Joon to confirm his appointment with him. Later on, Seo Joon left the office, while Joo Na called the office and was rude to the staff, making the staff got angry and frustrated. Followed by, Se Ran went to consult with Mrs. Jang. Mrs. Jang consoles her and told her positive words to comfort her fear and worry of finding her real missing daughter. And Seo Joon brought a gift to Mrs. Jang, being received from their client and during the gossip, Se Ran told both of them about the surgery that Hyun Soo needs to consider and Seo Joon realised that Soo Ho was having testicular insufficiency and it’s impossible to have a child through surgery. And towards the ending episode, Seo Joon met Soo Ho, at first Soo Ho was happily talking and praising about Seo Joon’s capability of coping and assisting the branding of JB fried chicken business and suddenly Seo Joon raised a question about his discovery of him hiding the truth of his testicular insufficiency. And consequently, made Soo Ho became ferocious and wanted to bit and hit Seo Joon. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo came into the café and was extremely surprised to see the drastic behaviour of Soo Ho. She quickly called Soo Ho to stop him from acting harsh and being violent to Seo Joon.

  57. 57 : Khin Says:

    Can someone please tell me where can I watch this drama with ENG subs??? PLS?

  58. 58 : mml Says:

    Episode 50, as Hyun Soo managed to stop Soo Ho from acting violent towards Seo Joon and with great disappointment towards Soo Ho, Seo Joon remained silent and left calmly from the café . Meanwhile, Jae Ni started to suspect her witch mother in law’s cunning and evil motive. And a quarrel between Hyun Soo and Soo Ho. And after the quarrel, Hyun Soo became upset and restless. On the other hand, Seo Joon’s aunt and her husband started to share the happy news to Mrs. Jang, talking about their new startup restaurant business.

    The next day, a lady looks like Woo Soon Jung was standing outside Seo Joon’s uncle restaurant, reading the notice of hiring kitchen assistant helper and it seems that, Woo Soon Jung was interested to get the job. And meanwhile, Jae Ni went to her witch mother in law’s office to query on her suspect, leading to dispute and was faced by her threatening.

    A presentation for the branding of JB fried chicken business was conducted by Joo Na, but, the attractive and impressive ideals were make up by Hyun Soo. And after the presentation, Joo Na was unhappy and jealous, when her father commented and gave the credit and praised Hyun Soo for her efforts outside the presentation room. And Hyun Soo finally found the address of the stalker woman . And on the other hand, Soo Ho sms an apology message to Seo Joon. And crazy Joo Na came to Seo Joon’s office to chat and after that, Joo Na went to irritate Seo Joon’s staff and left with a cynical face. Next, Jae Ni went home and desperately looking for Hyun Soo, as she can’t find her, Jae Ni became panic . She called her phone leaving a voice mail telling Hyun Soo the truth. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo went to look for the stalker woman and saw two men were trying to kidnap her to the mental hospital. And luckily, Hyun Soo rescued the stalker woman. They then went to the café to continue their discussion and after the talk, Hyun Soo was shocked to realise that, Soo Ho had an affair with the stalker woman. While, Soo Ho called Hyun Soo and the phone line was disconnected by Hyun Soo. The affair woman further denied and clarified her doubt with insult, humiliation and challenge against Hyun Soo. By by telling Hyun Soo that, under all circumstances, she will never abandon Soo Hoo. And even voice out to Hyun Soo that, Soo Hoo was suffering from testicular insufficiency. Eventually, Hyun Soo looked shocked and panic and also looks like, lost of sense of direction for having an unfaithful husband.

  59. 59 : mml Says:

    Episode 51, Hyun Soo realised and discovered the truth from the words of Soo Ho’s affair woman. This will bring attention and awakened the thoughts of Hyun Soo being married to an unfaithful and telling lies’ husband. Thus, Hyun Soo became disheartened and upset. No peace can be found in this episode. And meanwhile, Joo Na was busy to focus on the concept and menu for the new branding for JB fried chicken business. And although, Seo Joon was busy with his work, his worry for Hyun Soo will keep him occupied in his mind and his kind colleagues joke with Seo Joon with caring and comforting words making him smile and de-stress.

    Due to shortage of kitchen assistant helper, Woo Soon Jung went to Seo Joon’s uncle restaurant for interview. And on the other hand, Hyun Soo after her quarrel with Soo Ho, she was too upset and went to Mrs.Jang’s clinic. The youngest grandson of Mrs. Jang saw Hyun Soo and quickly feedback to Mrs. Jang. And later on, Hyun Soo was warmly invited to have lunch with Mrs.Jang. Towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo again discovered the disheartened news of Soo Ho’s testicular insufficiency through her phone upon listening to the voicemail from Jae Ni. Hyun Soo looked shocked, puzzled and panic.

  60. 60 : mml Says:

    Episode 52, Hyun Soo discovered the cruelty and ugly sight of her witch mother in law, after listening to the voicemail . And on the other hand, Soo Ho was faced and stressed by the sunshine and handsome face of Seo Joon. Although, they met at café through crazy Joo Na who dated them out. The worst thing also happened that, Soo Ho accused Seo Joon for his bad intention and the bad motive for eyeing and being fond of his wife. Thus, Seo Joon got irritated and frustrated to talk to Soo Ho. And towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo met the doctor, the doctor was threatened by Hyun Soo and eventually, the doctor spoke the truth to Hyun Soo. And later on, Jae Ni met Hyun Soo secretly at a place and hiding inside Hyun Soo’s care, by telling her on all the happenings. And meanwhile, the witch mother in law called Jae Ni and during the conversations, Hyun Soo pressed the phone to speaker tone mode and was able to hear the conversations. And consequently, Hyun Soo finally awakened her thoughts and realised that her witch mother in law was too wicked and evil to her, abusive , humiliated and disruptive influence to Hyun Soo. And pitiful Hyun Soo was sitting inside her car, too shocked and hurt to hear the words spoken by her witch mother in law.

  61. 61 : mml Says:

    Episode 53, pitiful Hyun Soo was overwhelmed by sorrow and she wanted to revenge for all sufferings that caused by her witch mother in law and therefore, she started and thinking carefully on how to revenge to punish her witch mother in law. And on the other hand, pitiful Se Ran was fainted and became very ill, upon hearing the fake news of Woo Soon Jung was dead. And in view of this fake news that made Se Ran lost confident and with little hope of finding back her real daughter . Meanwhile, Jae Bok became suspicious on what happened that causes Se Ran fell sick. And finally, Hyun Soo dated Soo Ho and the witch mother for a face to face talk. Hyun Soo tricked the witch mother in law and this hypocrite witch mother in law continued to pretend and thought that ,Hyun Soo was a foolish person that ,can be easily bullied and torture.

  62. 62 : mml Says:

    Episode 54, Hyun Soo tricked Soo Ho and the witch mother with regards to the medical appointment for being keen for the surgery to have her own baby and ended up being absent for the medical appointment. While, Hyun Soo also did honour her promise with Jae Ni and therefore, Hyun Soo did not speak the truth about Jae Ni telling her the truth. And as for pitiful Se Ran, living with sorrow after knowing the fake news, she told Mrs. Jang that Woo Soon Jung was dead and was extremely upset about her missing daughter. And in actual fact is, Woo Soo Jung is still alive and she’s working at Seo Joon’s uncle restaurant. And another person living with fear was Jae Ni, she faced with stress that, she’s worried that the day whereby, her witch mother will discover that Hyun Soo discovered her evil plot and will chase her out of the house. Finally towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo went shopping , reluctant to comply and purposely missed her medical appointment and consequently, the witch mother and Soo Ho were very impatient waiting for Hyun Soo to be present for the appointment.

  63. 63 : mml Says:

    Episode 55, the character of Hyun Soo was forced to change to rebellious. She was forced to become disobedient and did not turn up for the appointment. At home, Hyun Soo was scolded by her vicious witch mother in law and was almost bitten up by her witch mother in law. This kind of unwholesome actions, being treated and living in this kind of unhappy marriage life, how long can Hyun Soo’s marriage last ? The real comforting is, Hyun Soo has found a true sincere friend Seo Joon. Seo Joon with a good sense of judgement will not be victimize and will not be controlled by crazy Joo Na. And finally, we will see the darling part of Hyun Soo that, she has the courage to shout and speak out the truth that, Soo Hoo got testicular insufficiency that causes her to be reluctant and not possible to comply for the surgery.

  64. 64 : SONG JI HYO Says:

    Is this drama really worth watching? What’s your long comments guys? hahaha

  65. 65 : Channel 4 -- Hawaii Says:

    yes it’s an excellent excellent show.
    Crazy good!! After 1 hour I’m hooked

    Thanks for the recaps… I’m all caught up.

  66. 66 : Snow Says:

    @mml, Thank you for your recaps. I can’t find it subbed, so your recaps help a great deal.

  67. 67 : Polar bear Says:

    plssss continue posting recaps. really appreciate it!!!

  68. 68 : Wos Says:

    What happen to the rest. Anywhere I can find recap for the next 50ep.

  69. 69 : RyanHahha Says:

    Plz continue your recap!!~ :'(

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    Plz countinue yr recap it so helpful tq

  71. 71 : styl15h Says:

    Can anyone tell me the final episode please….

  72. 72 : Romjit Says:

    How I could watch this drama for free .

  73. 73 : kiwi Says:

    Kang Sung Min deserves to win the prize, he acts really good, I’m impressed. Wish him luck next time.

  74. 74 : Phon Denucha Says:


  75. 75 : Ronah Wong Says:

    Love this drama but dont know where I can view the whole drama.
    Any suggestions?

  76. 76 : Cathy Says:

    I’m watching this Korean drama subtitle in English.. it’s very very good. Congrats to the actors and producer. Scandal

  77. 77 : David Says:

    Hi Cathy, can you share the link where it is showing eng subtitles? Thanks!

  78. 78 : Jaslyn Says:

    Hello! Can anyone advice on where to watch the full series of this drama, english subbed? Thank You! 🙂

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    I have been looking for this drama since I watched it on SBS ch. 18.2 and could not remember what it was called. I LOVE it!!! I searched and searched and searched for a whole year… I’m so happy to have found it. Now I can live the rest of my life peacefully. Lol. Great actors.

  84. 84 : Ling Says:

    Pretty darn good drama. Entertaining too

  85. 85 : Ling Says:

    Cautionary tale
    One of the best in the genre
    Great acting, good script, good direction

    There really are such sociopathic psychos out there

  86. 86 : Nadine Says:

    Where can I watch it??? Can’t find it…

  87. 87 : Nik Roby Says:

    The long comments were great. Why did you stop posting them?

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