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Cheongdamdong Scandal 03

Title: 청담동 스캔들 / Cheongdamdong Scandal
Chinese Title: 清潭洞丑闻
Genre: Melodrama, Family, Romance, Mystery
Episodes: 119
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-July-21 to 2015-Jan-02
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:30am


A drama about a scandal occurring in the the high society in Cheongdamdong.


Main Cast

Choi Jung Yoon as Eun Hyun Soo
Kang Sung Min as Bok Soo Ho
Lee Hyun Bin as Soo Ho (young)
Lee Joong Moon as Jang Seo Joon
Seo Eun Chae as Nam Joo Na
Im Sung Uhn as Lee Jae Ni

Joo Na’s Family

Yoo Ji In as Choi Se Ran
Im Ha Ryong as Nam Jae Bok

Mrs. Jang’s Family

Ban Hyo Jung as Mrs. Jang
Kim Seung Hwan as Joon Kyu
Lee Hye Eun as So Jung

Soo Ho’s Family

Kim Hye Sun as Kang Bok Hee
Kim Jung Woon as Bok Kyung Ho


Sa Hee as Joo Young In
Lee Sang Sook as Woo Soon Jung
Yang Hae Rim as Hye Jang
Kim Sung Kyung as Dr.Yoon
Lee Jung Gil
Jang Mi Hee
Kim Kyung Jin as Hye-Jung’s boyfriend (cameo)
Kim Kwang In as Lawyer Kim
Son Gun Woo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Producer: Jo Eun Jung
Producer: Jung Hyo
Screenplay writer: Kim Ji Eun


2014 SBS Drama Awards – Special Acting Actress (Long-Length Series): Kim Hye Sun (Cheongdamdong Scandal)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Long-Length Series): Choi Jung Yoon (Cheongdamdong Scandal)


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83 Responses to “Cheongdamdong Scandal”

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  1. 51
    mml Says:

    Episode 44, ignorant Hyun Soo saw the upset drunk face of Soo Ho and still did not get the chance to discover the truth as the witch mother in law lied to her and Soo Ho was too frightened to speak out the truth. Since, Seo Joon already knew Joo Na was the culprit to harm Hyun Soo and he met Joo Na to have a face to face talk and to find out on more about the happenings. Joo Na told Seo Joon that she had mistaken Hyun Soo as a woman who wanted to seduce Seo Joon and therefore, she went to the house to pull Hyun Soo’s hair and denied that she hurt Hyun Soo’s forehead. After hearing all these, Seo Joon was extremely disappointed , ferocious and felt disgusting to continue his friendship with Joo Na . Joo Na became helpless and frightened, she even call her mother to get help and when she reached home, she began to cry and explained the happenings to her parents. Her parents got disappointed to her character. On the other hand, Seo Joon reached home getting upset and guilty that Hyun Soo suffered with such drastic unfair treatment, tortured by Joo Na. Seo Joon even wanted to call to apologize, but the line did not get through.

    The witch mother informed her assistant to kidnap Soo Joo’s ex-girlfriend and by force to put her inside the hospital. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo was busy looking at the preparation for pregnancy seminar talk and she’s keen to enroll for the lesson and was surprised to receive a call from Soo Ho, telling her that, it may not be compulsory to have kids and how about they should carry on their marriage without having any kid ? After hearing the call, Hyun Soo was shocked and amazed by his words.

  2. 52
    mml Says:

    Episode 45, when Soo Ho reached home, Hyun Soo began to ask Soo Ho concerning his change of mind of not wanting to have a child, but, Soo Ho did not reply her with a concrete answer and serious quarrelled occurred. Then,Hyun Soo became overwhelmed by sorrow, secretly crying badly, as she’s hoping to have a child. While, Joo Ns was trying to get help from her parents, her parents made an arrangement to have lunch with Mrs.Jang together with Seo Joon’s aunt and uncle. While chatting, Mrs. Jang realised that Seo Joon finally knew that Joo Na bitten Hyun Soo and Mrs.Jang was also looked upset, when Joo Na’s father wanted to have a restaurant business and suggested Seo Joon’s aunt and uncle to work, to assist their restaurant. Mrs. Jang doesn’t like the suggestions and Seo Joon’s aunt ended up reached home crying and even lodge a complaint to her husband about money problem, that by staying at home, she will suffer lost of income and if, she works at Joo Na’s father owned restaurant, at least, she will have income and be independent in her financial situation and her husband tried to console her. Meanwhile, Se Ran sms Seo Joon and wanted to meet him. Well, he’s too disappointed with Joo Na and therefore, after reading the sms message, Seo Joon just ignore it and continued his meeting discussion.

    As Hyun Soo felt happy with a group of kids, she became cheerful to have story telling with one of the kids and at this point of time Soo Ho appeared in front of her, Soo Ho even played football with those group of kids, making Hyun Soo forgotten about the sad things and obstacles that she encountered. While, the youngest in law went to the witch mother’s office, confronted her witch mother in law, made a deal and suggested to her to hire a woman to help to give birth. And this made thw witch ferocious by her ridiculous stupid suggestions. Her youngest in law then left the office without convincing her witch mother in law. Next, when the witch mother was at home hiding inside her room, engrossed in thinking ,on how to solve Soo Ho’s problem ? Suddenly, Hyun Soo called her to come down to see those fruits and later on, the witch mother joined them to eat the fruits and sitting together with an evilly mind, thinking on how to get rid of the two daughter in laws ? Her mind suddenly flash out an answer on, it will be good for Hyun Soo to help to give birth a child and keep on starring at Hyun Soo. And Hyun Soo looked at the witch mother in law, with a courteous smile , not alert and without even taking precaution on her witch mother in law.

  3. 53
    mml Says:

    Episode 46, an interesting thing happened at this episode, the witch mother in law was trying to fool Hyun Soo by trying to use another person’s active sperms, through surgery to help, to let Hyun Soo get pregnant and without letting her to discover that, Soo Ho cannot help Hyun Soo to get pregnant. While, Seo Joon went to meet his grandma Mrs.Jang and spoken about the evil behaviour of Joo Na and also grandma kept him in the dark without letting him to know the truth. Mrs.Jang felt guilty for not letting Seo Joon to know the truth, she even ask Seo Joon to forgive Joo Na and to give her another chance. And before, Seo Joon leave the clinic, his uncle again re4minded Seo Joon to be careful to choose a correct wife. His uncle in episode 45, already told Seo Joon about how nice to know Hyun Soo while, he was having a drink with Seo Joon and now in episode 46, his uncle gives a gentle reminder to Seo Joon , with comment on Joo Na that, she’s like a lucky air sucker, who sucks all people good luck away. Ans after hearing this, Seo Joon felt even more disgusted about Joo Na and left the place with an angry face. He then called Hyun Soo to meet him and upon seeing Hyun Soo personally at the café, Seo Joon made a sincere apology with Hyun Soo for the evil things that Joo Na hurts her. Kind Hyun Soo did not mention to Seo Joon that, Joon Na plead her to help her at episode 45 and now back to episode 46, Hyun Soo spoke good words about Joo Na, talking about her sincere apology and even thank Seo Joo for helping to rescue her when she met trouble. With all these grateful words, Seo Joon realised Hyun Soo is actually a kind and warm person. When they departed after the chatting, Seo Joon went back to office and saw Joo Na standing outside the office waiting for him. Seo Joon was reluctant to talk to Joo Na, he reluctantly allowed Joo Na to go into his office and have a talk with Joo Na and the root of the problem did not solved into Seo Joon’s heart.

    Meanwhile, the witch mother forced the youngest daughter in law to divorce, he even prepare the divorce letter for her to sign. And leads to a terrible dispute and hatred between both parties. And when Hyun Soo was inside her room, she told Soo Ho that, she met Seo Joon concerning the apology on behalf of Joo Na and this made Soo Ho got jealous about Seo Joon. He got jealous with Seo Joon and felt uneasy with his confidence shaken when his wife Hyun Soo still keeping contact with Seo Joon. While, Hyun Soo still naïve to notice his jealousy. And on the other hand, the witch mother spoke to her youngest son and was trying to play tricks and to make use of her youngest son to help Hyun Soo to get pregnant. And the next day, Hyun Soo dated Soo Ho to turn up for the preparation for pregnancy seminar talk. And when Soo Ho reached the seminar place, he saw the poster, with the words written as, preparation for pregnancy. Soo Ho then showed his angry, fierce look. While, Hyun Soo was surprised to see this facial angry expressions from her husband.

  4. 54
    mml Says:

    Episode 47, as Soo Ho was curious that, what makes Hyun Soo invited her to attend the seminar talk, Hyun Soo told him about her plan. Upon hearing her answer and seeing the words from the poster, Soo Ho showed a fierce angry face and then he quickly ran away the place. Hence, Hyun Soo was surprised and became doubtful about, something fishy that Soo Ho was trying to hide from her. And the witch mother secretly continued her investigations on her son. Meanwhile, Seo Joon was invited to have lunch with Se Ran’s family. Seo Joon respected Se Ran very much, but, was stressful to face Joo Na’s father, especially, he added stress to Seo Joon, in a way that, he wished to have a son in law liked Seo Joon and Seo Joon became unhappy and looked stressful. Later on, after his lunch, Seo Joon went to meet Mrs.Jang and told her that, he met Hyun Soo and apologized to her for the bad actions done by Joo Na. And Mrs.Jang felt relieved and glad that,Hyun Soo is such a kind, thoughtful, understanding person. After her chatting with Seo Joon, Mrs.Jang went to have lunch with her daughter and also her family. As a token of appreciation of all the hard work that her son in law and also her daughter for helping her to do all the domestic ad-hoc work at the clinic, she gave them money and on top of that, she also on loan to them another sum of money, in order to start their own restaurant business. Thus, her daughter and her son in law became very grateful towards Mrs.Jang useful and helpful approached. The family of Soo Ho continued to have no harmony , as the witch mother disliked both daughter in laws badly and her youngest daughter in law always getting worried and got frightened of her witch mother in law. Meanwhile, Se Ran’s secretary brought a lady to the office and told her about the movement of Woo Soon Jung, she claimed that Woo Soon Jung has already resigned from the restaurant 2 months ago and got no idea on where has she gone to ? Se Ran became emotionally unwell and continued her crying.

    While, Hyun Soo started to suspect her husband lied to her in certain ways, Hyun Soo even goes the hospital and wanted to check and curious about something. And Soo Ho went to the hospital to look for Hyun Soo and found her at the hospital, standing near the reception area. And Hyun Soo by surface look, she looked obedient and followed her husband and went home. And finally, when at home, Hyun Soo started to query her doubt with Soo Ho, suspected that Soo Ho was fool of lies towards her and who knows Soo Ho started to talk loudly and yelled at Hyun Soo.

  5. 55
    mml Says:

    Episode 48, Soo Ho began to have loggerheads with Hyun Soo, he further tricked and fooled Hyun Soo making her to remove her doubt to suspect him. And after the argument being solved, Soo Ho went to discuss with his witch mother and even willing to comply to his mother’s suggestions. The next day, the witch mother went to consult her doctor on how to hide and tricked Hyun Soo into believing her words of the surgery that can help Hyun Soo to have her child. And on the other hand, Se Ran met Hyun Soo for chatting and discussion. While, Seo Joon’s aunt and her husband went to attend a talk on how to handle a buy over beef food restaurant ? As the witch mother already got a solution on how to manage Soo Ho’s problem after consulting the doctor, surfacely the witch mother spoke to her youngest son in a caring manner, trying to convince her son to meet the doctor and also trying to made Hyun Soo to believe and to trust her words.

    Meanwhile, Seo Joon joined his colleagues to have a drink and have his lunch. His colleagues continued their interesting chatting about Seo Joon’s. ideal choice of girlfriend. When Seo Joon talked about his interesting choice of girlfriend, his colleagues made fun and joke to him and mistaken him as ,talking about a song lyrics and made him felt shy and a little embarrassed. Next, Soo Ho followed his mother to meet the doctor and after the consultation, the witch mother went home and met Jae Ni, she lectured Jae Ni and after that, the witch mother angrily stepped into the car. Jae Ni angrily stepped into the house, she even ask Hyun Soo about her doubt and after hearing it, her fear and confidence shaken badly. Jae Ni hurriedly went into her witch mother in law’s room to search for evidence and accidentally discovered a piece of torn paper was thrown into the dustbin. She took the torn paper and paste to fix it back and was shocked to read discover the medical report was a prove of Soo Ho was suffering testicular insufficiency. And at this point of time, Hyun Soo stepped into the room and the report was placed on the bed. Jae Ni became panic and Hyun Soo was starring at Jae Ni with a surprised face.

  6. 56
    mml Says:

    Episode 49, although Hyun Soo starred at the piece of paper, but, did not lead to her suspect. After comforting Jae Ni, Hyun Soo went out from the room. The witch mother lied to her friend Se Ran and after the chatting, Se Ran went home and when she reached home, she heard the negative comment from crazy Joo Na. Joo Na was bad tempered in her talking manner, upon hearing a call from Seo Joon and was interrupted by his work matters. The secretary of Se Ran called her about a witness found Woo Soon Jung’s daughter staying at Seoul. And after hearing this, Se Ran became eager and excited and looking forward the day whereby, she can find Woo Soon Jung. And on the other hand, Jae Ni has already discovered the truth of the testicular insufficiency of Soo Ho and therefore, Jae Ni will not be bullied and threatened by the witch mother in law anymore.

    The next day, Jae Ni pretended to be a very calm and cool person and the witch mother called Jae Ni and agreed to comply to her request. While, Hyun Soo received an envelope containing some photos of evidence from the maid and after seeing those photos, Hyun Soo suddenly awakened her thoughts and suspected the stalker woman. Meanwhile, a call from Se Ran wanting to meet her. And Hyun Soo went to meet Se Ran and Se Ran gave her some tonic medicine and Hyun Soo happily accepted the gift. And crazy Joo Na came in, although, Joo Na thank Hyun Soo for helping her to speak and made Seo Joon to forgive her, but, her purpose of coming, was to discuss about, her difficulty of coping the branding of JB fried chicken business, with no concept and no ideals on how to handle this task ? And she even assigned this task and role of responsibility to Seo Joon, to seek help from him. Later on, Hyun Soo was glad and happily talking and sharing her opinion and lovely ideals of the branding.

    Next, Soo Ho called Seo Joon to confirm his appointment with him. Later on, Seo Joon left the office, while Joo Na called the office and was rude to the staff, making the staff got angry and frustrated. Followed by, Se Ran went to consult with Mrs. Jang. Mrs. Jang consoles her and told her positive words to comfort her fear and worry of finding her real missing daughter. And Seo Joon brought a gift to Mrs. Jang, being received from their client and during the gossip, Se Ran told both of them about the surgery that Hyun Soo needs to consider and Seo Joon realised that Soo Ho was having testicular insufficiency and it’s impossible to have a child through surgery. And towards the ending episode, Seo Joon met Soo Ho, at first Soo Ho was happily talking and praising about Seo Joon’s capability of coping and assisting the branding of JB fried chicken business and suddenly Seo Joon raised a question about his discovery of him hiding the truth of his testicular insufficiency. And consequently, made Soo Ho became ferocious and wanted to bit and hit Seo Joon. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo came into the café and was extremely surprised to see the drastic behaviour of Soo Ho. She quickly called Soo Ho to stop him from acting harsh and being violent to Seo Joon.

  7. 57
    Khin Says:

    Can someone please tell me where can I watch this drama with ENG subs??? PLS?

  8. 58
    mml Says:

    Episode 50, as Hyun Soo managed to stop Soo Ho from acting violent towards Seo Joon and with great disappointment towards Soo Ho, Seo Joon remained silent and left calmly from the café . Meanwhile, Jae Ni started to suspect her witch mother in law’s cunning and evil motive. And a quarrel between Hyun Soo and Soo Ho. And after the quarrel, Hyun Soo became upset and restless. On the other hand, Seo Joon’s aunt and her husband started to share the happy news to Mrs. Jang, talking about their new startup restaurant business.

    The next day, a lady looks like Woo Soon Jung was standing outside Seo Joon’s uncle restaurant, reading the notice of hiring kitchen assistant helper and it seems that, Woo Soon Jung was interested to get the job. And meanwhile, Jae Ni went to her witch mother in law’s office to query on her suspect, leading to dispute and was faced by her threatening.

    A presentation for the branding of JB fried chicken business was conducted by Joo Na, but, the attractive and impressive ideals were make up by Hyun Soo. And after the presentation, Joo Na was unhappy and jealous, when her father commented and gave the credit and praised Hyun Soo for her efforts outside the presentation room. And Hyun Soo finally found the address of the stalker woman . And on the other hand, Soo Ho sms an apology message to Seo Joon. And crazy Joo Na came to Seo Joon’s office to chat and after that, Joo Na went to irritate Seo Joon’s staff and left with a cynical face. Next, Jae Ni went home and desperately looking for Hyun Soo, as she can’t find her, Jae Ni became panic . She called her phone leaving a voice mail telling Hyun Soo the truth. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo went to look for the stalker woman and saw two men were trying to kidnap her to the mental hospital. And luckily, Hyun Soo rescued the stalker woman. They then went to the café to continue their discussion and after the talk, Hyun Soo was shocked to realise that, Soo Ho had an affair with the stalker woman. While, Soo Ho called Hyun Soo and the phone line was disconnected by Hyun Soo. The affair woman further denied and clarified her doubt with insult, humiliation and challenge against Hyun Soo. By by telling Hyun Soo that, under all circumstances, she will never abandon Soo Hoo. And even voice out to Hyun Soo that, Soo Hoo was suffering from testicular insufficiency. Eventually, Hyun Soo looked shocked and panic and also looks like, lost of sense of direction for having an unfaithful husband.

  9. 59
    mml Says:

    Episode 51, Hyun Soo realised and discovered the truth from the words of Soo Ho’s affair woman. This will bring attention and awakened the thoughts of Hyun Soo being married to an unfaithful and telling lies’ husband. Thus, Hyun Soo became disheartened and upset. No peace can be found in this episode. And meanwhile, Joo Na was busy to focus on the concept and menu for the new branding for JB fried chicken business. And although, Seo Joon was busy with his work, his worry for Hyun Soo will keep him occupied in his mind and his kind colleagues joke with Seo Joon with caring and comforting words making him smile and de-stress.

    Due to shortage of kitchen assistant helper, Woo Soon Jung went to Seo Joon’s uncle restaurant for interview. And on the other hand, Hyun Soo after her quarrel with Soo Ho, she was too upset and went to Mrs.Jang’s clinic. The youngest grandson of Mrs. Jang saw Hyun Soo and quickly feedback to Mrs. Jang. And later on, Hyun Soo was warmly invited to have lunch with Mrs.Jang. Towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo again discovered the disheartened news of Soo Ho’s testicular insufficiency through her phone upon listening to the voicemail from Jae Ni. Hyun Soo looked shocked, puzzled and panic.

  10. 60
    mml Says:

    Episode 52, Hyun Soo discovered the cruelty and ugly sight of her witch mother in law, after listening to the voicemail . And on the other hand, Soo Ho was faced and stressed by the sunshine and handsome face of Seo Joon. Although, they met at café through crazy Joo Na who dated them out. The worst thing also happened that, Soo Ho accused Seo Joon for his bad intention and the bad motive for eyeing and being fond of his wife. Thus, Seo Joon got irritated and frustrated to talk to Soo Ho. And towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo met the doctor, the doctor was threatened by Hyun Soo and eventually, the doctor spoke the truth to Hyun Soo. And later on, Jae Ni met Hyun Soo secretly at a place and hiding inside Hyun Soo’s care, by telling her on all the happenings. And meanwhile, the witch mother in law called Jae Ni and during the conversations, Hyun Soo pressed the phone to speaker tone mode and was able to hear the conversations. And consequently, Hyun Soo finally awakened her thoughts and realised that her witch mother in law was too wicked and evil to her, abusive , humiliated and disruptive influence to Hyun Soo. And pitiful Hyun Soo was sitting inside her car, too shocked and hurt to hear the words spoken by her witch mother in law.

  11. 61
    mml Says:

    Episode 53, pitiful Hyun Soo was overwhelmed by sorrow and she wanted to revenge for all sufferings that caused by her witch mother in law and therefore, she started and thinking carefully on how to revenge to punish her witch mother in law. And on the other hand, pitiful Se Ran was fainted and became very ill, upon hearing the fake news of Woo Soon Jung was dead. And in view of this fake news that made Se Ran lost confident and with little hope of finding back her real daughter . Meanwhile, Jae Bok became suspicious on what happened that causes Se Ran fell sick. And finally, Hyun Soo dated Soo Ho and the witch mother for a face to face talk. Hyun Soo tricked the witch mother in law and this hypocrite witch mother in law continued to pretend and thought that ,Hyun Soo was a foolish person that ,can be easily bullied and torture.

  12. 62
    mml Says:

    Episode 54, Hyun Soo tricked Soo Ho and the witch mother with regards to the medical appointment for being keen for the surgery to have her own baby and ended up being absent for the medical appointment. While, Hyun Soo also did honour her promise with Jae Ni and therefore, Hyun Soo did not speak the truth about Jae Ni telling her the truth. And as for pitiful Se Ran, living with sorrow after knowing the fake news, she told Mrs. Jang that Woo Soon Jung was dead and was extremely upset about her missing daughter. And in actual fact is, Woo Soo Jung is still alive and she’s working at Seo Joon’s uncle restaurant. And another person living with fear was Jae Ni, she faced with stress that, she’s worried that the day whereby, her witch mother will discover that Hyun Soo discovered her evil plot and will chase her out of the house. Finally towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo went shopping , reluctant to comply and purposely missed her medical appointment and consequently, the witch mother and Soo Ho were very impatient waiting for Hyun Soo to be present for the appointment.

  13. 63
    mml Says:

    Episode 55, the character of Hyun Soo was forced to change to rebellious. She was forced to become disobedient and did not turn up for the appointment. At home, Hyun Soo was scolded by her vicious witch mother in law and was almost bitten up by her witch mother in law. This kind of unwholesome actions, being treated and living in this kind of unhappy marriage life, how long can Hyun Soo’s marriage last ? The real comforting is, Hyun Soo has found a true sincere friend Seo Joon. Seo Joon with a good sense of judgement will not be victimize and will not be controlled by crazy Joo Na. And finally, we will see the darling part of Hyun Soo that, she has the courage to shout and speak out the truth that, Soo Hoo got testicular insufficiency that causes her to be reluctant and not possible to comply for the surgery.

  14. 64
    SONG JI HYO Says:

    Is this drama really worth watching? What’s your long comments guys? hahaha

  15. 65
    Channel 4 -- Hawaii Says:

    yes it’s an excellent excellent show.
    Crazy good!! After 1 hour I’m hooked

    Thanks for the recaps… I’m all caught up.

  16. 66
    Snow Says:

    @mml, Thank you for your recaps. I can’t find it subbed, so your recaps help a great deal.

  17. 67
    Polar bear Says:

    plssss continue posting recaps. really appreciate it!!!

  18. 68
    Wos Says:

    What happen to the rest. Anywhere I can find recap for the next 50ep.

  19. 69
    RyanHahha Says:

    Plz continue your recap!!~ :'(

  20. 70
    guddy Says:

    Plz countinue yr recap it so helpful tq

  21. 71
    styl15h Says:

    Can anyone tell me the final episode please….

  22. 72
    Romjit Says:

    How I could watch this drama for free .

  23. 73
    kiwi Says:

    Kang Sung Min deserves to win the prize, he acts really good, I’m impressed. Wish him luck next time.

  24. 74
    Phon Denucha Says:


  25. 75
    Ronah Wong Says:

    Love this drama but dont know where I can view the whole drama.
    Any suggestions?

  26. 76
    Cathy Says:

    I’m watching this Korean drama subtitle in English.. it’s very very good. Congrats to the actors and producer. Scandal

  27. 77
    David Says:

    Hi Cathy, can you share the link where it is showing eng subtitles? Thanks!

  28. 78
    Jaslyn Says:

    Hello! Can anyone advice on where to watch the full series of this drama, english subbed? Thank You! 🙂

  29. 79
    Rachel Says:

    Hi, where can I watch the online episodes with English subtitles please

  30. 80
    ggbar Says:

    can’t find any episodes with eng subs! can anyone help pls?

  31. 81
    K2 Seo Tricks – Best Trick SEOBest Trick SEO Says:

    […] Cheongdamdong Scandal […]

  32. 82
    Long Series Kdrama Review Cheongdamdong Scandal | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Cheongdamdong Scandal (2014) […]

  33. 83
    Lizet Says:

    I have been looking for this drama since I watched it on SBS ch. 18.2 and could not remember what it was called. I LOVE it!!! I searched and searched and searched for a whole year… I’m so happy to have found it. Now I can live the rest of my life peacefully. Lol. Great actors.

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