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Cheongdamdong Alice

Title: 청담동 앨리스 / Cheongdamdong Alice
Chinese Title: 清潭洞愛麗絲
Also Known as: Alice in Cheongdamdong
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Dec-1 to 2013-Jan-27
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) is a talented young designer with a very positive character. She wins many designing contests and finally joins a clothing company. But She only does errands and chores rather than design at work. Meanwhile, the wife of the upper management in this company humiliates her. The wife is actually her former high school classmate who didn’t do better than her in school. The situation change until she met Cha Seung Jo (Park Shi Hoo), who is a president of a luxury brand shop in Cheongdamdong and he will change her life after that.


Main Cast

Park Shi Hoo as Cha Seung Jo
Moon Geun Young as Han Se Kyung
So Yi Hyun as Seo Yoon Joo
Kim Ji Suk as Tommy Hong

Supporting Cast

Kim Yoo Ri as Shin In Hwa

People around Se Kyung

Nam Goong Min as So In Chan (Se Kyung’s ex-boyfriend)
Jung In Ki as Han Deuk Ki (Se Kyung’s father)
Lee Jong Nam as Jung Yoon Hee (Se Kyung’s mother)
Hye Jung as Han Se Jin (Se Kyung’s younger sister)
Shin So Yool as Choi Ah Jung

People around Seung Jo

Han Jin Hee as Cha Il Nam
Park Kwang Hyun as Heo Dong Wook
Choi Sung Joon as Secretary Moon
Jung Myung Joon (정명준) as Artemis’s executive officers

People around Yoon Joo

Kim Seung Soo as Shin Min Hyuk
Goo Won as Seo Ho Min
Yoon So Jung as Mrs. Jung
Park Young Ji as Chairman Shin
Jung Geun as Assistant Manager Kim


Song Sun Mi as Artemis’s costumer
Jun No Min as Jang Myung Ho (Tommy Hong’s party guest)
Park Kwang Soo (박광수) as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Lee Jong Bak as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Park Sang Yun (박상연) as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Ida Daussy (이다 도시) as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Edward Kwon (에드워드 권) as Tommy Hong’s party guest

Production Credits

Production Company: KP&SHOW
Producer: Lee Sung Hoon, Joo Dong Min
Original novel: Chungdamdong Duck by Lee Hye Kyung
Director: Jo Soo Won, Shin Seung Woo
Screenwriter: Kim Jin Hee, Kim Ji Woon


2013 SBS Drama Awards: New Star – Kim Yoo Ri (Alice in Cheongdamdong, The Master’s Sun)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Rookie Actress: Kim Yoo Ri (Cheongdamdong Alice, The Master’s Sun)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-12-01 1 8.7 (17th) 10.0 (10th) 8.6 (17th) 9.3 (14th)
2012-12-02 2 8.3 (19th) 10.3 (15th) 8.6 (15th) 9.4 (11th)
2012-12-08 3 11.0 (12th) 13.3 (5th) 10.6 (9th) 10.9 (9th)
2012-12-09 4 9.7 (15th) 12.0 (13th) 9.1 (17th) 10.1 (12th)
2012-12-15 5 13.1 (6th) 14.5 (5th) 12.5 (7th) 13.4 (5th)
2012-12-16 6 10.9 (12th) 13.1 (7th) 10.2 (12th) 11.4 (8th)
2012-12-22 7 11.0 (14th) 13.1 (6th) 10.6 (12th) 11.9 (7th)
2012-12-23 8 10.6 (14th) 12.8 (8th) 10.9 (13th) 12.1 (10th)
2013-01-05 9 17.6 (3rd) 19.8 (3rd) 15.2 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd)
2013-01-06 10 15.0 (8th) 17.1 (6th) 14.7 (6th) 16.2 (5th)
2013-01-12 11 15.2 (4th) 17.5 (3rd) 14.4 (5th) 15.6 (5th)
2013-01-13 12 13.9 (9th) 16.3 (5th) 13.5 (8th) 15.0 (6th)
2013-01-19 13 12.9 (6th) 13.9 (4th) 15.0 (4th) 16.2 (3rd)
2013-01-20 14 13.4 (8th) 15.3 (7th) 14.4 (7th) 16.6 (4th)
2013-01-26 15 14.9 (5th) 16.7 (4th) 15.6 (4th) 16.7 (4th)
2013-01-27 16 14.8 (6th) 17.1 (5th) 16.6 (4th) 18.6 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : maida Says:

    ever since princess man i became a big fan to park shi hoo, i have watched all his previous drama.and i do like moon geun young as well she was more than perfect in cinderella sister .
    i am sure it will be a good drama and i am waiting for it and i am pleased that my comment is the first

  2. 2 : Yslands Says:

    Fighting Cheongdamdong Alice ^^ MGY and PSH !!

  3. 3 : Kat_yeoh Says:

    Cant wait to see Park shi Hoo again. counting the days!

  4. 4 : Carla Says:

    I wanna see this korean drama, I like so much Park Shi Hoo’s acting. ^^

  5. 5 : Mundo Fama Says:

    It´s great! Park Shi Hoo is coming back!

  6. 6 : sarahning Says:

    finnaly, i can see my park shi hoo again , can’t wait …..

  7. 7 : kline Says:

    Omo my princess mGy is so pretty

  8. 8 : lovely Says:

    seeing park shi hoo’s name makes my day. i loveeee him since watching the princess’ man.

  9. 9 : adhe airashii Says:

    shi hoo oppa . . . . ^^
    neomu neomu bogoshipoeyo.
    i cant wait to wathing your drama oppa. . . ^^
    fighting N keep healthy 🙂

  10. 10 : Melda Says:

    waiting for this drama! currently there is nothing interesting in KDland.

  11. 11 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    Omg omg finally missed Moon Geun Young so happy she is coming back.
    & Park Shi Hoo loved you in The princess Man my top 5 favorite Historical KDramas cant wait for this drama

  12. 12 : jonathan Says:

    Omo,i can’t wait this drama.
    It’s perfect to see princess MGY and prince PSH..

  13. 13 : jea Says:

    He’s BACK !! Park Shi Hoo is BACK ! ^^

  14. 14 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    finaly the drama that i’ve been waiting for is here…
    love Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Ho! and interesting storyline..

  15. 15 : mamegi Says:

    Yeaaah !! Finally I can see u again oppa Park Shi Hoo…
    Love u since Prosecutor Princess… And…
    Getting more crazy with The Princess Man !!
    Now… I have 2 prepare my heart 4 Cheongdamdong Alice.

  16. 16 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Finally,,,,,,Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo..This couple will be great in acting.

  17. 17 : Louis Says:

    The great couple 2 this drama,i think they will get the best couple award for this year.
    Hwaiting si hoo & geun young ssi.

  18. 18 : K-drama Addict Says:

    Hope this will be a great drama. I like Moon Geun Young since “My Little Bride” coz she can really act well.

  19. 19 : K-drama Addict Says:

    Hope this will get higher ratings unlike Mary Stayed All Night.

  20. 20 : ance Says:

    i like the cast especially PSH…i’ll be watching this!

  21. 21 : Lilliet Says:

    Two of my favorites Park Shi Hoo and Kim Ji Suk GREATTTT!!!!And at long last Moo Geun Young is nice to see her again.

  22. 22 : sara Says:

    The story is cliche and has been used in lots of k-dramas but the cast is promising. Hope it will be good.

  23. 23 : Tata Says:

    Hope this drama get a higher rating,coz the cast of this drama is very daebak.
    Moon Geun Young hwaiting.

  24. 24 : KDaddict Says:

    This drama Premieres Dec 1. Voting for Best KD of 2012 ENDs Dec 10. It is included in the list of KD to vote for. We are supposed to vote for it Barely 4 eps in? That is for those who can find all 4 eps to watch before the voting deadline?

  25. 25 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s been almost a year since The Princess Man. Happy to see PSH again, but the plot since sound flimsy n shallow. Hope it’ll be good!

  26. 26 : Tata Says:

    how can we vote this drama for best drama?
    I really like the c0uple,so kyeopta and handsome.

  27. 27 : ayusohheh Says:

    love this couple. MGY and PSH….

  28. 28 : PSH Says:

    no!!!!!!!!! MGY is not compatible with PSH! She looks rather a girl than a lady. PSH is too manly for MGY. I PSW, no, I love him. He deserves someone better, he’s better off not paired with MGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 : PSH Says:

    no!!!!!!!!! MGY is not compatible with PSH! She looks rather a girl than a lady. PSH is too manly for MGY. I like PSW, no, I love him. He deserves someone better, he’s better off not paired with MGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30 : iramoon Says:

    MGY so pretty,,like a princess and baby face…
    Hope Geun young and Si hoo will be the best c0uple.

  31. 31 : .......... Says:

    i ‘m counting everyday for this drama !!!!!! i just love mgy !hope this drama would be a good one !!!!!!

  32. 32 : ogrenji Says:

    Yippee,oppa sihoo’s back ^^ yes the storyline seemed too ordinary,but after seeing the trailers i think it’ll be exciting,funny and charming ^^ can’t wait! 😀

  33. 33 : Psh Says:

    Full of anticipation! Don’t really think the female lead is pretty but I think she’s quite popular n good in acting. So hopefully there would be some good sparks between the 2 leads. Finally another PSH drama. Been waiting for so long..

  34. 34 : Louisa Says:

    Finally princess moon is back,,can’t wait for this drama.
    Omg the lead male so hands0me 2,they will be like a true princess and prince.

  35. 35 : glym Says:

    MGY is too pretty a baby face! psh is ^ ^ manly lol

  36. 36 : vaiana Says:

    Even though the drama has a low side, I am happy return of MGY c ‘is the best, and I still think it will still be priced as habbitude and yes that’s talent!

  37. 37 : steevi Says:


  38. 38 : haibara Says:

    PSH… i miss him so badly.. when i read moon.. i think it’s my goddes MCW. but, i don’t care, as long as i can see PSH in dramaland.. why KDramaland have so many awesome actors, SJK, YSH, and PSH.. omo..

  39. 39 : Yandra Says:

    Looks good, waiting for this drama..

  40. 40 : Leila Says:

    another drama of PSH… can’t wait for this

  41. 41 : Another Name Says:

    can’t wait for this drama..

  42. 42 : Ippy Says:

    I thought Park Shi Hoo’s character in Princess’ Man was rather pathetic. That is the writer’s f*****-up decision. For I believe, had he been formidable and not fall into every trap that had Moon Chae Won running to the rescue, the romantic connection between the two might have been sweeter. Ahhhhhh…Moon Chae Won.

    He’s a likeable actor. Let us hope the writers do a better job with his character in this drama.

  43. 43 : joann Says:

    i can’t wait to watch this drama…..

  44. 44 : JGS Says:

    MGY always pretty,can’t wait this drama..^0^

  45. 45 : hny Says:

    Yah ..masih lama tayang nya 😛

  46. 46 : dee Says:

    can’t wait for this , i miss her acting so much

  47. 47 : athan Says:

    Akhirnya setelah 2 tahun menanti,MGY kembali dengan drama terbarunya.
    ∂ɑπ MGY selalu terlihat muda

  48. 48 : myeon Says:

    PSH absolutely lookalike a rabbit for alice. handsome rabbit <3

  49. 49 : cricri Says:

    I miss PSH acting in dramaland. can’t wait for this drama.

  50. 50 : nuynuy Says:

    yes..yes..yes… aku tunggu kalian di Indonesia merdeka!!! 😀

  51. 51 : bunny Says:

    Counting down to 1 Dec… 9 more days.
    I miss PSH <3 <3 <3. Looking forward to CDDA!
    Yeah, then i can get to see PSH every weekend…
    In 2nd trailer, PSH is suave, handsome and comical 🙂

  52. 52 : Joyce Says:

    Welcome back Park Shi Hoo!so excited!

  53. 53 : M0on Says:

    menanti tanggal 1 des,semoga ratingnya bagus deh neh drama.
    Lihat pemain nya yang imut n’ tampan jadi tidak sabar.

  54. 54 : nora Says:

    December strongly look forward mGy for his return! Again I do not know why the name of Your Moon chae won here is nothing to do with the poster as you say is your goddess moon geun young joy how is it that his name is never in surveys (beauty) is always the name of mGy, which then comes peace pfffffffff

  55. 55 : widya Says:

    Our princess moon is back,,always look young and kyeopta…
    Hope your new drama will be the best drama and have a high rating!!
    Hwaiting our princess…^0^

  56. 56 : lolita Says:

    Anyway MGY is best known, his name is always in the polls whether beauty ideal girl etc … which is more is the best actress of her generation ===> Here is the proof – 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Daesang (Grand Prize) (The Painter of the Wind) :);))

  57. 57 : lovely Says:

    i’ve waiting for psh like forever. even i don’t really like the actress i would give her a chance since she’s mgy, a close friend with moon cha won. it might greedy but i tent to like all actors close to my mcw. don’t get me wrong i love her in love me not. and psh is forever my only korean actor

  58. 58 : Haythi Says:

    Park Shi Hoo…….. yay….. really looking forward to this drama!!!

  59. 59 : meryl Says:

    Omo c is soon drama next week huhu wait to see the big game mGy, she missed me so much, I do not know psh, I would have to look at his dramas! In any case, good luck!

  60. 60 : akenete Says:

    @ Meryl, psh is a good actor too, it was good princess man but it is true that this is the best mGy of his generation is his game I miss ^ ^

  61. 61 : boa Says:

    Geun Young is one terrific actress. Frightfully talented.

  62. 62 : astride Says:

    Oh c’est le retour de la magnifique Moon Geun Young , j’espère que son drama sera à la hauteur de son jeu , bon courage o_0

  63. 63 : uzianwar Says:

    new couple,,moon-siho,,i can’t wait !

  64. 64 : dea Says:

    Why only 16 episod??
    But I’m still excited about this drama b’cause our princess MGY & prince PSH.
    She’s looks so young,,and PSH very handsome!
    Can not wait for this drama.

  65. 65 : mei16ful Says:

    im sooo happy. it’s raining hot men in kdramas this year….SJK then PYC now im gonna see PSH again??? O MY GOSH this is just amazing..9 days to go and he comes PSH….kiligness overload!!!! Im so loving it!!<3

  66. 66 : Afra Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaah !!
    finally :DDD some nice drama coooming
    the cast is sooo nice
    the lead male i loove <3

    ccaant wait for dec 😀

  67. 67 : sylvia Says:

    It will be nice to see Moon Geun Yeung once again but I have to skip this one because I don’t really like the 2 lead guy.

  68. 68 : sharon Says:

    It is really true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder for I have seen comments that they find the actor Park Shi Hoo pretty handsome, I guess I’m way too lucky for I have a different eye for beauty. If I were the casting director, Park Shi Hoo could just pass for a supporting roles.

  69. 69 : saadiah Says:

    PSH is coming back… can’t wait very excited!!

  70. 70 : eagles Says:

    MGY I love! beautiful actress and too cute and really talented ^ ^

  71. 71 : naoryta Says:


  72. 72 : mary Says:

    fighting mgy i love you !

  73. 73 : niko Says:

    Moon Geun Young <3

  74. 74 : mame Says:

    geun young fight fight , soon I’ll see you in action!

  75. 75 : kj addict Says:

    i this drama is awsom

  76. 76 : indra Says:

    Bahkan,episod 1 belum di mulai tapi sudah banyak yang memberi komentar.
    Nampaknya banyak yang menantikan MGY & PSH.
    Semoga menjadi drama terbaik dan mendapatkan banyak penghargaan untuk New couple GeunShi ini.

  77. 77 : mika Says:

    mgy awesome , mGy is just fantastic and talented in her roles, she has already won many awards with his roles and I think with her ​​new drama she will still won it on!

  78. 78 : mika Says:

    I love Moon Geun Young, Ha Ji Won, Son Ye Jin are the best actresses for me, they have won many awards due to their talent and all of them are as unobtrusive, unlike some actresses who see the end of the Himalayas lol

  79. 79 : lili Says:

    exitée to see this drama with my favorite actors Moon geun young (since I love Autumn Tale in 2000) one of the rare actress who has an incredible talent for roles and Park shi hoo I became a fan of him since (princess man) his smile is too beautiful! psh and figthing mGy ^ ^

  80. 80 : liliana Says:

    my park si hoo… finally he come to play in series again… YEAYYYY….
    i love himm so muachhh muacch… hope this series will run well & have a good story to be watched… ^^b

  81. 81 : pépé élo Says:

    MGY comeback great 😉

  82. 82 : tiara Says:

    Kya,,omo our princess MGY is back and she’s still looks young.Fighting MGY,wE love u.Hope CDDA have highest rating.

  83. 83 : noa Says:

    my love geun young ^^

  84. 84 : vic Says:

    Nice to see MGY back.. 🙂

  85. 85 : PSHlovers Says:

    I love Park Shin Hoo but not Moon Geun Young ( she not pretty girls like the child ) ups sorry

  86. 86 : kaline Says:

    Do not be jealous of her and watch fans there MGY measure what you say thank you 🙂

  87. 87 : barry Says:

    Houhouuu need glasses for that Moon Geun Young is not pretty, she is simply unique, good outside and inside so BEAUTIFUL ^ ^ and what’s more TALENTED ok ​​^ _ ^

  88. 88 : Hamster Says:

    As a good fan of mGy I respect the opinions of others but to say it is not nice, I do not agree it should go see an optician lol

  89. 89 : Nina Says:

    I agree as Moon Geun Young is very pretty even your shi hoo Park mentioned in one of his intervieuw,! need a magnifying glass can be?

  90. 90 : aurel Says:

    wooooowooooo I expect the return of MGY impatiently as I saw that he was offered a role in the drama the goddess of fire, she already offers even before
    Cheongdamdong Alice starts, I hope she will take and yes her acting talent is outstanding!

  91. 91 : EEA Says:

    soon soon Cheongdamdong Alice ! fighting to the team especially the main actors especially the wonderful and talented Moon Geun Young…..

  92. 92 : romina Says:

    MGY is back!

  93. 93 : zhee Says:

    MGY is back.. PSH is back.. YAY… 1 dec, can you come faster? 😉

  94. 94 : MGY lovers Says:

    Waow,daebak.MGY is back,she’s a go0d actress.
    Pretty and cute.
    Geun young ssi hwaiting,we always waiting your drama.

  95. 95 : bunny Says:

    looking forward to seeing PSH next sat, 1 Dec.
    Yippee. 1 more week to go..
    Miss you a lot PSH <3 <3 <3
    you are the best Korean actor for me, always.

  96. 96 : viena Says:

    good return Moon Geun Young shi, I love you from Autumn Tale!

  97. 97 : delhia Says:

    Moon Geun Young daeback , she is a good actress , the best of her generation , his game is truly remarkable fighting ,)

  98. 98 : venezuela Says:

    Moonie angel comeback wait to see !!!!!

  99. 99 : wira Says:

    After 2 years i’m waiting finally my angel geun young~ah back.
    I can’t wait for watch this drama,desember can u come early..PSH d’hands0me guy 2.
    Really2 nice cast,a pretty angel moon with a hands0me guy si hoo.

  100. 100 : nini Says:

    MGY fighting !

  101. 101 : Melda Says:

    Honestly, I am more interested in PSH than MGY. But I think these two pairing will attract wider type of fans because each has their own club fans category.

  102. 102 : Nono Says:

    GO GO GO MOONIE you’re the best ^^

  103. 103 : palinger Says:

    WOW Daeback, waiting to see moonie, even if MMM was a flop in Korea it was a success elsewhere, it was proof voted best drama in 2010 on this site (http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818 ) and even when MGY has won awards with yes and unlike other dramas that have had success but have not managed to go to Seoul International Drama Awards, MGY twice in 2011 (Mary Stayed Out All Night) and (Cinderella’s Sister), talent wins ! peace and love

  104. 104 : [email protected] Says:

    Can’t wait for this [email protected]@@@@……

  105. 105 : LILIANE Says:

    7 more days to wait! I can not wait to see the game and moonie sihoo oppa 😉

  106. 106 : Madi Says:

    I can’t wait to watch this…..(=

  107. 107 : Sittie Says:


  108. 108 : Sittie Says:

    I watched Innocent Man which is a Melodrama in genre. ‘Twas good and its genre was a perfect choice so I had some heartbreaks over it too so i’ll switch this one which is a RomCom! Hihi. Eggzoited! 🙂

  109. 109 : méli Says:

    pending MGY

  110. 110 : guély Says:

    park shi hoo and moonie back on stage, I love both actors, park shi hoo for his charisma and his smile and geun young for his incredible talent, the best of his generation is on!

  111. 111 : dewi kwik Says:

    this drama will be interesting !!

  112. 112 : yullieanne Says:

    park shi hoo….

  113. 113 : gim Says:

    I like PSH v.much and I can’t wait for this drama. I hope this is a good, interesting drama.

  114. 114 : Dev Says:

    It’s always Park shi hoo for me, love him so much

  115. 115 : vivi Says:

    Geun Young fight saranghae ^^

  116. 116 : Gege Says:

    Gak sabar menanti tanggal 1 desember untuk melihat ke dua idolaku ini,,semoga drama ini mendapatkan rating yang tinggi dan juga semoga Moonie noona dan si hoo oppa bisa mendapatkan banyak penghargaan lewat drama ini.Melihat teasernya seh menarik semoga ceritanya bagus deh.

  117. 117 : calvin Says:

    Moonie angel fighting for your new drama, I am wholeheartedly with you

  118. 118 : afiga Says:

    Geunbong ♥

  119. 119 : Manatee Says:

    So sad Nam Goong Min is just cameo, wanna see him moreeee!!

  120. 120 : mary Says:

    love love mgy love love ,

  121. 121 : tyarachunnie Says:

    cant wait to watch this drama…very ecxited…^^

  122. 122 : bougnoule Says:

    Wen Jin Ying GO Go GOoooooooooooooooo

  123. 123 : zezette Says:

    MGY This is one of my favorite actresses, even if it is not my favorite actress, she can play, she is very good at everything she does, it is a true artist.

    She danced really well, you can see it in action in “Innocent Steps”.
    In the drama “Cinderella’s sister”, she really impressed with her ​​acting.
    And of course, I liked in “Love me not”, is in this film that I discovered and downright beautiful.

  124. 124 : zhee Says:

    just two words.. Can’t wait.. although tge story seems a bit… ^^v

  125. 125 : adhe airashii Says:

    cant waitingggg

  126. 126 : donald Says:

    Moon Geun Young is just perfect, the trailer 4 me downright excited when she cries if it is not to say that his acting is immense, highly view full, Park Shi Hoo I love too!

  127. 127 : corinne Says:

    mgy she is my fave actress in korea

  128. 128 : Fotu123 Says:

    I was waiting for your new drama…yay Moon Geun Young. Mary stay up all night was hilarious and I knew from watching that You can act. Thank you SBS even though I know you guys know that she was a perfect actor.

  129. 129 : kdramalover Says:

    PARK SHI HOO!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! Been waiting for him to appear in a new drama!!! Totally Gonna Watch This Drama just for PARK SHI HOO!!! LOVE HIM SO MUCH and I soooo ADORE HIS BEAUTIFUL SMILE!!!!

  130. 130 : ira Says:

    i always adorer moon geun young .. always waiting for her drama her act was incredible.
    but i wonder who is her boyfriend? i am so courious ,,, but anyway just pray the best for you MGY ssi

  131. 131 : crin Says:

    I watch this drama only for Park Si Hoo! PSH is my favorite actor! He is such a beautiful, charismatic, talented, good actor!

  132. 132 : ella Says:

    Moonie comeback and psh i love it

  133. 133 : Eduardo Rovenar Says:

    I didn’t like the girl from Mary stayed up all night. Is she this one? Oh no! But I like Park Di Hoo so I will watch this film in spite of her

  134. 134 : senahensem Says:

    yeayayyy..MGY..waiting for her acting..never watch PSH..but looking the comment here, looks like he is good actor..hope this drama will attract me most..*-*

  135. 135 : dorre Says:

    I hope this is a good drama! I wait so much to see Park Si Hoo!

  136. 136 : rona Says:

    look forward to see this drama!!

  137. 137 : Wol Says:

    shi hoo… he is one of my best actor. I’m waiting for this dram to boardcast. to say about the actress, I loved her acting from my little bride. so i hope she support Park Shi Hoo well enough to gain more popularity.

  138. 138 : rhio Says:

    shi hoo……….love uuuuuuuuuuuuu your the besttttttttt actor for meee

  139. 139 : perine Says:


  140. 140 : Newy Says:

    PHS is good actor, my favorite actor. I waiting for him. Love you so much

  141. 141 : wira Says:

    waow,i just see the bts of poster CDDA and m0onie like a real princess.
    She is so lovely,,go m0onie go m0onie.
    Fighting m0onie,hope you and park si hoo can be a best c0uple to next year and get best couple award.

  142. 142 : leeda Says:

    sounds good………..cant wait park shi hoo and moon geun young

  143. 143 : Eduardo Rovenar Says:

    What is the fascination with Korean filmakers in using plain looking women in Korean dramas like this one and assuming that a rich good looking guy will fall in love with them . Moon Geun Young is one of these actresses that has no looks, a round face and her acting is not that great. Why did they pick her to be the main actress? I did not like her in Mary Stayed Up all Night.

  144. 144 : Eduardo Rovenar Says:

    I forgot to say that Moon Geun Young’s face looks like that of a five year old child

  145. 145 : mélissa Says:

    jealous of his face bb, look at the moon geun young CVs is fully filled than psh, then they would have taken another young actor right?

  146. 146 : ricko Says:

    MGY is the most talented of his generation, there is a reason why a lot of people admire and want to work with it, you disagree? on top of that it has already won several awards with all his films and dramas, psh just be know, so if you want to discuss here we go!

  147. 147 : may Says:

    Beside MGY, this is the worst korean drama casting ever. The three leads could just pass for a supporting roles especially Park Shi Hoo.

  148. 148 : Gege Says:

    we are fans of uri princess moonie and prince si hoo oppa why we questioned should not have to question that we should support them in this drama..
    hopefully they can to be a good couple…
    Hwaitting moonie and si hoo oppa,,,

  149. 149 : genie borja Says:

    i am done watching The Princess’ Man just a few days ago… my gosh i asked myself why i wass too late for Park Si Hoo’s drama… i like him so much in that drama, and now another drama for him… i will not miss the fun watching this as soon as it was aired, Moon Geun Young… she is my favorite, too… i guess this drama is DAEBAK!!!

  150. 150 : Tian Says:

    waow,,,i can’t wait for tommorow to see this drama..
    Geun young ssi,you’re like a barbie doll in the teaser..
    Love your act,moonie.

  151. 151 : Nani Says:

    Hopefully yesung super junior sings the soundtrack for this drama,,,will be interesting to watch the drama..
    Like cinderella sister.it has to be you…i love the drama and the ost…

  152. 152 : bella Says:

    wow i can’t wait this drama ><

  153. 153 : [email protected] Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama…[email protected]@

  154. 154 : janice Says:

    I can’t wait,yay!
    Go m0onie go m0onie. .

  155. 155 : tc Says:

    After the overload of so many melos, makjangs and sageuks lately, I really look forward to this drama which is supposed to be light hearted and romantic.

    In addition, this drama has Park Si Hoo who is one of my top 3 favorite actors plus MGY who acted so well in Painter of the Wind. Looking forward to see them acting together and regardless of how flimsy the plot is, I will still watch it for PSH!

  156. 156 : han Says:

    I can’t wait to see Park Si Hoo! I will watch this drama only for him.

  157. 157 : myeon Says:

    Park si hoo~~~ gosh, can’t wait to see him again, with the new role ! rabbit !

  158. 158 : ricko Says:

    I’ll look for that mGy, she is beautiful and fresh 🙂

  159. 159 : ricko Says:

    Oh I forget to mention is “”YOUNG”” 😉

  160. 160 : bunny Says:

    Looking forward to tonight… finally.
    PSH fighting!
    Love you <3 <3 <3
    You are the best!

  161. 161 : janice Says:

    finally,i can see a new drama fr0m m0onie. .
    Fighting m0onie.

  162. 162 : janice Says:

    hope this drama have a go0d rating.

  163. 163 : Suju Says:

    Today is first episode. Hope this drama will get high rating and i think this drama enjoy because there aren’t heavy conflict.

  164. 164 : Trend Says:

    Episode 1 rocks! CDDA took off to a great start. PSH is totally uncharacteristic – he is so funny and promises to be even funnier in Episode 2. Instead the more serious one is MGY – at least in Episode 1. Hope the rating turns out high!

  165. 165 : ani Says:

    love the main actor

  166. 166 : marina Says:

    geun young unnie fighting.as gorgeus as always.kiss

  167. 167 : afiga Says:

    I like the main actress

  168. 168 : noela Says:

    I love these two main actors, I watched the first episode psh made ​​me laugh and made ​​me cry mGy, I look forward to following

  169. 169 : myeon Says:

    I love eps 1 !!!!!!!! Haha it’s really exciting <3

  170. 170 : crudu Says:

    I like v. much eps 1. Exciting! Park Si Hoo is really good, good and funny!

  171. 171 : jeje Says:

    finally i can watch episod 1,,mGy looks so young and park si ho so good.
    Hope the rating will be increase for next weeks..

  172. 172 : ira Says:

    mgy and park si hoo looks great together,, but i always wonder that mgy could play together with sang seung heon hope in the next drama

  173. 173 : maida Says:

    is it strange that Nam Goong Min be a supporting actor after he has been a main actor in his drama can you hear my heart?

  174. 174 : Trend Says:

    Nam Goong Min was not the main actor in Can you hear my heart. He was the 2nd actor. The main actor is Kim Jae Won who is currently in May Queen.

  175. 175 : maida Says:

    yes, right he wasn’t the main actor but his role was much more fundumental i guess and he was included as main cast,

  176. 176 : KDaddict Says:

    Nam Goong Min may not be a supporting actor in this show. It is a cameo, if he gets phased out in latter eps.

  177. 177 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1, 2:
    Yet another Cinderella story! I thought this is a shallow show. It may not be, entirely.

    Park Shi Hoo’s char reminds me of Kim Joo Won, only he is nuttier. He is on medication for a psychological condition. His best friend is his shrink. But I don’t think there r meds or therapy for childishness! It is funny nonetheless. I think he over acts in some scenes.
    He is CEO of a luxury brand, who owes his success to a scathing analysis of women’s psychological need to own expensive items for their expense.

    A high school friend of mine who couldn’t afford to go to uni, became a sec. She spent a few years Seriously agonizing over her inability to afford nice things, while all her coworkers could. So part of the theme of this show touches upon a nerve in many young OLs.
    The show talks abt the importance of working hard n being earnest; only it negates that premise quickly. By the end of ep 2, our heroine cops out to her nemesis’ gold-digging way of life, by wanting to emulate her. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, n in this case the deepest form of defeat.

    I don’t get it that 2 uni grads can be in such dire straits. Her ex bf’s mother has cancer, so it puts him into gt debt. Don’t they have med insurance or some form of public health?
    It’d be interesting to see what the CEO’s nuttiness entails, n how it dovetails w Cinderella’s sudden change in her approach to life.

  178. 178 : xexe Says:

    Park shi hoo OMG me laugh a lot I can not wait to see more, Moon geun young excellent, it is always on top, she was very emotional in the second episode, I want to see more between mGy and psh, more strongly, a drama not to be missed

  179. 179 : noctiz Says:

    wow… so many pick-up lines from diff KDrama, coming from GaG Concert, lol.. i’ve seen one on MayQueen, and i’ve seen one from another one, and also from this.. that GaG Concert’s Skit are really something…

  180. 180 : Ayya Says:

    Oohhoo psh so cute,i am love its.and chemistry with mgy so cute too. I can’t wait to see more.

  181. 181 : hny Says:

    I love PSH, I even gave him a nickname ‘melo men’ because every role he plays average as adult men with kind heart, handsome, romantic, lonely, loyal and self-sacrificing guy but always suffer because of love ,n always cry!!!. It’s perfect for him … he a ‘specialist for melo 😀
    but here, his role surprising me … I think he was risking his image. If the 4 characters are dominant in eps 1 & 2 of this drama I gave a judgment like in the contest, result is:
    PSH: 3 points
    MGY: 7 points
    SYH: 5 points
    NGM: 7 points
    PSH is not suitable to act funny especially childish, or excessive in displaying her charm … it would look weird!! like @KDaddict say that PSH over act …. I say that too. (I knew it’s comedy n romance drama,I hope PSH more carefull to act.. funny)
    But that’s good that this drama is supported by MGY n NGM so episodes 1 & 2 are not so boring .. I’m drowned in MGY n NGM scene enough to make me shed a tear.

  182. 182 : sara Says:

    Is this really a Rom-Com? It was full of tears and sad scenes. PSH ‘s character is a crazy childish one who pretends to be tough but actually is suffering from many wounds. Of course not that kind of sad, painful wounds which make him a deep, scared character but more of wounds that make you feel inferior and hurt your personality and pride. That’s why his revenge appears to be innocent and funny to watch.

    MGY’s character is more familiar. We have seen this kind of heroines a lot in K-drama land. Anyway, as she is good actress, i hope she can make her character a unique one.

    What i loved the most was NGM. He is as much impressive in CYHMH too. His crying scenes are touching, he has great chemistry with MGY and i wish he was the lead. To be honest, he is too hot to be given up by any girl. The heroine loves him so much . I’m curious to know how the writer will delete him from our mind. Is it exaggerating if i say his cameo was as strong as LMG’s in SFBB?

  183. 183 : Nani Says:

    I just watched episode 2 and I was thrilled with the performance and NGM MGY ..
    They have a strong enough proximity, I hope the actual NGM is the second lead male.
    Hopefully MGY and PSH has close in excess of MGY and NGM and its rating will be higher.
    CDDA hwaitting!

  184. 184 : ogrenji Says:

    i dont think PSH try to be funny,he’s acting like a little looney person and i think it’s good for him to try different roles,it would be boring to see him as melo actor all the time.but true some of the scenes lack of good acting,hopefully we’ll see him getting better 😉

    agree with sara,NGM and MGY do have chemistry,and they act beautifully ^^

    anyway enjoying the drama,can’t wait for next episode 🙂

  185. 185 : eve Says:

    PSH acts really funny,the way he takes revenge make me laugh,,,,,it fool me when i think that Han Se Kyung ask Seo Yoon Jo what i’ve got on my mind Se Kyung gona ask her not to makeeher more suffer but LOL she ask SYJ to teach her how to get a chaebol wakakkakakakk a funny story
    i can’t wait to watch ep 3 and more definitely wanna watch the way Han Se Kyung try too catch Cha Seung Joo LOL iam gona love it

  186. 186 : kapiné Says:

    yes me too I can not wait to see it!

  187. 187 : KDaddict Says:

    I said that ParkSH over acted In Some Scenes. But his char is on medication. So who knows? He probably has a personality disorder that makes him act that way. Seems like it’s a split personality disorder: hard-boiled business exec in public vs petty 6 yr old child in private! That makes him the most interesting char to watch in this show!
    It’s turning out better than I expected.

    Ya, I thought that ep 2 was too teary also. It certainly hammered us over the head w all that hopelessness in the lives of Moon’s char n NGM’s. (It takes me a while to learn the names of chars in a show). The pt of course is to make us accept Moon’s change in direction. It’s rather crude tho.

  188. 188 : KDaddict Says:

    On first look, you know, in some scenes he came across as being over-the-top, a bit like a ‘crazed lunatic’. On 2nd thought, he is on medication after all. So that bit of ‘over-acting’ is probably for conveying his condition of not being able to contain himself. We’ll find out more in coming eps. I’m liking it!

  189. 189 : bunny Says:

    NGM? He’s stiff and boring and has only a few set of facial expressions (always looking like he is going to cry).

    He is a far cry from PSH! Thank goodness he is not the 2nd lead or the main lead!!!

    Adoration for NGM who is playing a loser in life – beaten by life’s hardship? He’s saddled with so many personal burdens that he can’t even listen to Se-kyung’s own depressive thoughts over being last place in the interviews.

    PSH’s char, CSJ – is admirable, portraying one who overcome hardship to be Chairman of Artemis brand, especially now we know of the great sacrifices he made in the past (giving up his inheritance, family) for the woman he loved (despite her not rich family background). Yet he was betrayed by same woman he loved!

    He came up tops, but of course there is psychological impact on him… who wouldn’t be (just how much)?

    I cannot see NGM him portraying the multi-facet char of PSH.

    On contrary, PSH has a whole repertoire of expressions to go with his character – and his CSJ’s char is probably the most difficult by far – so many expressions for this bipolar maniacal and depressive character within a short span of time (and without having the benefit of playing through the transition from past to present) – arrogant, condescending, overbearing, confident, suave, cute, petty, adorable, childish, hyperactive, mood swings – how many actors can do that?

    I’m really loving how crazy PSH is in this show…he cracks me up whenever he comes up (which is by far too little in the 1st 2 episodes).

    MGY’s acting was a bit rusty at the beginning but getting better. I saw a re-run of ep 1 of Cinderella sister last Saturday and I don’t see much change in her style, speech and acting from her earlier drama in 2010.

    HSK (MGY’s char) hairstyle and dressing are not befitting for one who wants to be in the elite Cheongdam-dong (CDD) which is referred to as “Fashion and Art Street” of Gangnam (with 50 shops for imported foreign brands, local fashion designers’ shops. Apparently, this neighborhood in Seoul has created an inner circle for the upper class that is separated from outside.

    MGY took on the challenge to be a designer at CDD but seemed to be defeated almost from the onset when she knew she was hired despite being placed last for her interview at GN Design… there is not much spunk in her char and her acting (although some came up in her scene with CSJ in Ep 2 when she came to appeal at Artemis to allow time for her boyfriend (NGM) to revert and take responsibility for his actions).

    To be fair, the earlier episodes are just setting the background to the drama title which is a word play on ‘Alice in Wonderland’ i.e. it refers to heroine’s fish-out-of-water status in said neighborhood, as she navigates the strange new world of designer clothes, gossip and consumerism.

    I cannot agree more with the final paragraph of Dramabeans recap of Ep 1 :

    “Hands down though, the most interesting character is Seung-jo, and no I am not being biased. He’s a petty man who’s privately a child, and publicly a hard-ass about making money. He knows what sells and how to sell, and he’s relentless and vicious in choosing whom to work with. He’s a jerk, and yet utterly childlike. And he’s on medication. What? I find it interesting that he’s a rich man motivated by revenge, but this is not like your typical melodrama. But perhaps I am a bit too influenced by his previous roles (TPM and PP, anyone?) I’m really interested in how he’s going to enact his revenge against Yoon-joo and how he may change because of HSY’s beliefs. I started watching this series for him, so I’ll continue for him”

    The preview to Ep 3 with lots of shots on PSH looks even more entertaining….

    Oooooohh, I can’t wait to watch it☺. It makes me wish its Saturday already!

  190. 190 : bunny Says:

    2012.12.03 News report

    “Cheongdam-dong Alice” – Park Si Hoo is so cute? ”reverse charm crush”

    The delightful transformation of actor Park Si Hoo in his new drama has caught the attention of viewers.

    In the SBS weekend drama “Cheongdam-dong Alice” Park Si Hoo plays Cha Seung Jo, the youngest chairman of Artemis, a global luxury goods distribution company, and his acting has experienced a 180-degree change.

    In this drama which started broadcasting from December 1, Park Si Hoo opens with a dramatic speech in front of his employees, speaking with exceptional eloquence and charisma, fully displaying his leadership ability.

    On the other hand, he was abandoned by his father and his former lover, against whom he is plotting revenge which seems to amuse him immensely. His laughing is so hysterical and outrageous that its reverse charm makes the viewers laugh too.

    Also, Park Si Hoo’s assessment of South Korean women’s psychology and behavior, interjected with expressions like “Oh’s” and “Ah’s” and cute little expressions, again raises laughter. But in the second episode when he is recalling his past of being jilted by his ex-lover, the viewers can see the pained expression in his eyes. Park Si Hoo can make the viewers laugh and also make them sad, displaying his exceptional acting which the viewers love.

    Comments on bulletin boards include: ”Worth waiting for”, “Sihoo is just too cute”, ”Hope next week comes sooner,” showing positive reaction from viewers.

    Meanwhile, this SBS Special Drama is going full-steam ahead, broadcasting weekly on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:55.

    (The Star [email protected])

    Cr: Parksihoo4u

  191. 191 : Ayu Says:

    Scene MGY and NGM make me boring,no chemistry.

  192. 192 : Ayu Says:

    Scene MGY and NGM make me boring,no chemistry. I like PSh act and his caracter (csj) so cute.

  193. 193 : Lorem Says:

    Wow! This drama is surprisingly good. Geum Young’s scenes are so different to those of the other performers its almost like watching two separate dramas. That’s not a criticism. What an awesome talent.

  194. 194 : Soyeon Says:

    can anybody upload this drama episodes on Youtube?……Plzzzzz 😀

  195. 195 : norbert Says:

    I’d say it was not rusty mGy is how it shone on the contrary that the audience liked and she was indeed a good chemistry with NGM and I expect to see with Psh

  196. 196 : sara Says:

    NGM’s character is adorable. Why? He has been trough so much hardships in life, lived with debts yet tried hard to satisfy his girl. He even hasn’t said anything and held everything inside in case he would hurt his girl. He is the one in pain and that’s why SK loves him despite his miserable life. NGM can portray this character very well. He is not stiff and you can feel his pain. I was touched when he started to cry over the phone. As if a long time pain was relieved. I believe a great actor can play any role. But sometimes, ones’ looks can act against him. NGM is mostly suitable for melo roles. If you watch CYHMH, even in happiest moments, there is a sadness in his eyes and in my idea that sadness helps him to make his character multi-dimensional even without much facial expression.

    PSH was excellent in princess’ man. I loved his revengeful, angry eyes. That’s why even seeing him laughing in this drama is like a surprise to me. His using of different face expressions is excellent.

    I know i can’t judge from two eps but for now i can’t imagine how he can heal SK’s wounds and makes her forget her love or remake her shattered dreams. He is a crazy child. I love it. But I can’t accept he is a deep, wounded character like NGM’s. The truth is he hasn’t lived a hard life most of his life. That’s why giving up the inheritance and his love has made him crazy.

  197. 197 : maida Says:

    @sara i totally agree with what you have said regarding NamGM i love park shi hoo as well and waiting for a happy end for all .

  198. 198 : Ayu Says:

    The lead are perfect and touchingly funny.PSH who is talking a total 180 turn in his chois of usual (mello-TPM) roles. Here he really going all out in the humorous portrayal of an childish – CEO…hemm really good actor. MGY is also turning in pitch-perfect performance of talent disainer or cinderella .

  199. 199 : tc Says:

    Watched the two episodes and what a surprise! Really find the drama entertaining.

    I share bunny ‘s views (189) on PSH. He is so funny and cute. Impressed with his willingness and ability to portray a multifacet characters from a arrogant and smart jerk to funny, childish and at times, somber and hurtful personality. Some viewers who fell for his melo and serious character in earlier dramas may find it hard to accept his portrayal of bipolar personality but I find him refreshing as compared to the typical boring, cool Mr Darcy-type chaebol heir character in Kdramas.

    I must say that the breakup scene between MGY and NGM is so grounded with realism. The producer had cleverly chosen NGM as cameo to play out this emotional scene as he acted best in melo/ crying scenes.

    Noticed that some viewers find the chemistry between MGY/NGM better than MGY/PSH but this is understandable at this juncture since MGY/NGM have been dating for 6 years whilst our OTPs have just met on false impression and are not supposed to be drawn to each other yet. I have faith in both leads that their chemistry will built up especially when they fall in love and angst appears at later stage of the drama.

    OMG, preview of ep 3 on PSH’s hilarious dancing really crack me up! Can’t imagine any other actor in this drama that can portray this bipolar personality which is the most interesting character. Can’t wait to see how MGY’s character can change his cycnism and make him believe in love again.

  200. 200 : norbert Says:

    yes I completely agree with you tc Says

  201. 201 : Chels Says:

    After waching the greatest love ( dokko jin) i tought that would never like any other more than this (dokko jin). But unbelievably i love this as much as (dokko jin) it has perfect funny soo cute ,make me fall in love with CSj or JTC…lol. Please more scene CSJ with HSK.

  202. 202 : Nay Says:

    Love this drama. PSh performa a great acting here, funny,attractive and of course very hilarious and entertaining. Waiting more scene psh and mgy.

  203. 203 : bunny Says:

    2012.12.02 News report

    Emergency re-runs for the popular “Cheongdam-dong Alice” starring Park Si Hoo and Moon Geun Young

    SBS has organized an urgent re-broadcast of the first 2 episodes of “Cheongdam-dong Alice” to meet demands by viewers.

    Episode 1 is about Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) joining GN Fashion and the difficulties she has met there and her encounter with Cha Seung Jo (Park Si Hoo), CEO of a global luxury goods distribution company, the story developing quickly to cover the Madame of Cheongdam-dong, Seo Yoon Ju (So Yi Hyun).

    This drama depicting the social conditions and women’s craze for brand-name products has attracted the attention of viewers. It also drew an explosive reaction and recorded the top of the search items in various portal sites.

    SBS has organized the emergency re-broadcast at 1:00 p.m. for the two days following the initial broadcast. An SBS spokesperson said: “As a result of the immense reaction of viewers to the first broadcast of ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’, we have to organize an emergency re-broadcast in this way. Please send much love to the drama in the future.”

    (Source: http://contents.innolife.net/news/list.php?ac_id=4&ai_id=159186)

    Cr: Parksihoo4u

  204. 204 : zieda2002 Says:


  205. 205 : versus Says:

    daeback What does it mean that?

  206. 206 : bebe Says:

    I didn’t very like it after I watch the first and second eps. I don’t feel the main actress and actor pairs up good. Hopfully it will get better.

  207. 207 : Nammea Says:

    JTC he is a man crazy handsome. HSK is aalso cute and looks natural for this role. Can’t wait for next week to watch Ep-3-4 cous that where the interacting part begin of csj and hsk

  208. 208 : dera Says:

    this such a wonderful drama. very interesting, make u want to watch again, again, and again. too bad their rating not high 🙁 well, they have a big rival afterall, may queen.

    but, i love this one ! and i’ll looking forward. ^^ good luck MGY, PSH !!!!!!!!!!

  209. 209 : féline Says:

    mgy and psh daebackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk love you

  210. 210 : swift Says:

    very entertaining drama plot. I am a fan of Nam Goong Min, too bad he is only a supporting actor.

  211. 211 : rey Says:

    I love this drama,,,mgy always good for me…i touching when mgy and ngm roles…they are like a real couple…hope mgy and psh have a good chemistry to…

  212. 212 : Drama – Cheongdamdong Alice | MyKoreanArtist.com Says:

    […] Source: http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  213. 213 : boulette Says:

    I’m mad Coast when I see my moonie

  214. 214 : puilému Says:

    unlike other psh I can not find it so beautiful that it gets better as NGM is even better and younger, I wanted it to be his primary role, he had good chemistry with MGY!

  215. 215 : aragon Says:

    MOON GEUN YOUNG This is one of the first Korean actors that I loved and I still love it! I can not really say why, it is just perfect, and plays so well!
    This is an excellent actress for me. I like it very much! She puts emotions that few know how to do.
    It has its charm too 🙂 I would say without hesitation that this is one of my favorite actresses <33

  216. 216 : omo Says:

    I also enjoy watching this drama.cant wait for the next episodes!!
    At first i just watched it to kill the time but now im hoping saturday will come faster.i just curious what will happened next.

  217. 217 : jeje Says:

    can’t wait ep 3,,yay!!
    MGY,PSH,NGM is very awes0me. . .

  218. 218 : raz Says:

    so far love it!

  219. 219 : love Says:

    can’t wait more scene of MGY and PSH..its verry cute and awesome.i like chemistry CSJ-HSY…..

  220. 220 : rey Says:

    Daebak,,,i very love this drama….
    Hopefully mgy & psh have a good chemistry…

  221. 221 : hanna Says:

    luv this drama…. MGY

    win …. win …. win

  222. 222 : KDaddict Says:

    Crazy Jean Thierry Cha! Rock on!

  223. 223 : dramafreak Says:

    i actually got attracted to this drama…..i don’t really like the main girl but the story line is attractive enough to let me follow it….i hope it gets better…and PSH in this drama is so funny! good one! =D

  224. 224 : bcbg Says:

    This is still a great Moon Geun Young returning I like mGy fight you’re the best, and I loved the chemistry mGy ngm too true!

  225. 225 : amy Says:

    Cant wait to wstch d next episode

  226. 226 : bertrand Says:

    ℒℴѵℯ mgy

  227. 227 : renata Says:

    Tidak sabar menanti kelanjutannya,,,kenapa 16 episode…seharusnya lebih karena mereka memiliki bintang2 yang berkualitas tinggi spt moon geun young,,park si hoo,nam gong min wlpun hny cameo.

  228. 228 : Sai Says:

    will ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ overtake ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ and go the Final Round in ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2012’?

    It’s in your hand!!!!!!!!! 2 more days to end ‘The Preliminary Round’

    Please vote ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ in http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=23799

    current result :-
    Faith (SBS) 12.68% (31,372 votes)
    Rooftop Prince (SBS) 12.19% (30,151 votes)
    Innocent Man (KBS2) 8.15% (20,162 votes)
    Arang and the Magistrate (MBC) 5.93% (14,670 votes)
    Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC) 5.15% (12,747 votes)
    Love Rain (KBS2) 5.14% (12,708 votes)
    The King 2hearts (MBC) 4.65% (11,504 votes)
    A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS) 4.64% (11,479 votes)
    The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC) 4.56% (11,287 votes)

  229. 229 : jeje Says:

    daebak,i just finish watch ep 3 without engsub but it’s ok.
    It’s realy a good drama,MGY and PSH finally have a good chemistry.
    Can’t wait for next epis0d,hope get a high rating.

  230. 230 : ogrenji Says:

    yayayaya..it’s great,loving park shi hoo and mGY in the third episode,though i watch it without subs,but you get the story and the emotion through our char’s great acting!!love love love can’t wait for next ep with subs xD

  231. 231 : féféka Says:

    I just finished watching 3 episodes and I’m addicted to this dram mGy always equal to it, it always exceeds my expectations too good actress that moves me so much and I love Park shi hoo I saw princess in man, it was excellent and his character makes me laugh too well and good when two major players meet is just tremendous, looking forward to the rest!!!!

  232. 232 : love Says:

    I just finished ep-3…omooo…PSH make me can’t stop laughing when he dancing. i don’t like IC, his actions are not honorable.doesn’t even say goodbye properly!!. I like CSJ who gave up everything for love,soo romantic man.i love SK and SJ interactions…chemisrty is cute….

  233. 233 : something Says:

    this drama is good for laugh, many drama was so depress now adays

    PSH is crazy, i can’t stop laughing

  234. 234 : ira Says:

    help me i was totally addicted to watch any mgy drama or just searching her news

  235. 235 : OK OK OK Says:

    Park Shi Hoo ssi – I didn’t know you can a such a good comedian.


  236. 236 : OK OK OK Says:

    Park Shi Hoo ssi – I didn’t know you can BE such a good comedian.


  237. 237 : Ida Says:

    I’m happy to see PSH’s act in last episode.. The character just in to him,it was diffrent when I watched ep 2.. You tried to making funny but fail..
    Nice crazy dancing in ep 3,you’re more funny than dokko jin..
    I appriciate PSH as great actor with many diffrent character..
    I think he has bipolar disorder in this drama.. The changing mood from manic/euforia to depresive in just less than a minute.. You better take your medicine properly..
    CA… Fighting…. 🙂

  238. 238 : eve Says:

    Cha Seung Jo cant failed for make me laugh, OMG Park Shi Hoo is choose a very different character, this one is a lil bit unique, how can he bring all of that trouble with a laugh like that LOL
    iam curious what gonna happen tonight can wait to watch it

  239. 239 : rozhan hawleri Says:

    When I watch drama even now I am laughing soooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooool park si hooooooooo<3

  240. 240 : mary Says:

    To say that I am a fan of this drama, I really like the acting principal, moon geun young is just perfect, it always moves me so much with its wonderful game, and I love that psh is a fool unfortunate but who still believes in love, I love it!

  241. 241 : ayya Says:

    Hahahaha…..PSH you crazy,you make me laughing. goodluck for you and MGY..,,

  242. 242 : janne Says:

    PSH is just exellent acting especially the crying and dancing..very nice for me..

  243. 243 : myeon Says:

    AAAAAAA I really want to watch eps 3 with eng sub !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    T________________T waiting and always waiting, this is a very great drama, but why it’s really taking too long to subs.
    please please any subber, sub thiss pleaseeeee

  244. 244 : Ida Says:

    Any news from ep 4?

  245. 245 : KDaddict Says:

    Love eps. 3, 4!
    Love that Cha is falling in love with her!
    LOVE the char of Cha! He is nuts, but so much fun!
    Love Park Shi Hoo for as Cha!
    Love that his char is soooo different from his earnest n sad one in TPM!
    Love this show!
    Yippee! Dancing the Snoopy dance!

  246. 246 : joogeungeun Says:

    For the first time, i knew it this drama will be happening again. i love MGY’s character in this drama and also PSH, omoooooo, your dancing move was great. FUNNNYYYY and TROOLLLLL <3

  247. 247 : amy Says:

    Cant wait for tommorow…wanna watch ep 3-4 with eng sub….

  248. 248 : ogrenji Says:

    since bridal mask,this is the only drama that makes me refreshing drama website on and on during weekend trying and eagerly waiting for next week hekekeke 😀 sadly no preview for ep 5… >_<

  249. 249 : Soy latte Says:

    Oh my god, what an awesome drama?! Love PSH to the max with his funny acting, watched his ‘prosecutor princess’ n ‘ the princess’s man’, didn’t know his comedian side!!! Cha Seong Jo is such a character!!! So lame but yet adorable!!! If you don’t like the story, PSH is the reason to watch this drama! I haven’t really seen much of Moon Geong Young’s drama but have heard good remarks about her acting and this drama has proven her talent! Amazing actress n I almost cried in all her crying scenes!! I really like Nam Goong Min but he is playing such a minor role in this drama? Why? I thought he is at least the main supporting actor in every drama ?! Enjoy everyone! Wish it’s showing on weekdays too…waiting for the next episode is a torture! 🙁

  250. 250 : KDaddict Says:

    This is really a wonderful show. Old Cinderella theme, but given new treatment, in the form of a half crazed Prince Charming! I watch PSH’s performance with a big smile on my face from ear to ear!

    Dramaland is funny these days. We’ve Anthony Kim in KoD, who can stop crying. His shrink begs him to undergo treatment instead of using pills to stop his crying. Now we’ve Jean Thierry Cha who can’t cry. His shrink begs him to undergo treatment so that he can cry! Hahaha. For villains, we have Han Hyun Joon (Yoo Seung Ho) in Missing You, who everyone loves. Now we’ve Yoon Joo, who turns out to be more a friend n mentor than an enemy. Love it!

    Ep 4:
    is esp. lovely. He cares abt her, becos she represents the last of a dying breed, but he isn’t yet aware that he is in love with her. She thinks she has had enough of being a purist abt love, n wants to be a gold-digger, yet she can’t help being who she is, the innocent girl w the heart of gold.
    Tommy Hong is a designer, a match-maker and a pimp! He connects ppl with prospective marriage partners as well as ‘lovers for rent’. He misunderstands that Seung Kyung is looking for a ‘sponsor’, a rich man who sleeps with her n pays her way. That misunderstanding is her own fault becos of that conversation in the cafe:
    Tommy asks: Do you have sb in your vicinity who can help you? (He means Sponsor).
    She answers: Yes. (She means Tommy H).
    So he thinks she is admitting to being in that kind of relationship, n is approaching him to find her a sugar-daddy!
    Still, it is rash of Tommy to set her up w Another rich man, when he knows full well that the CEO of Artemis, Jean T Cha, takes an interest in her. Ho ho ho.
    Now both Jean T Cha n the new man who gives her the room key will think even more highly of her, becos she is insulted by that offer! Yoon Joo should have given her some warning abt that kind of thing.
    Lovely show! Lovely PSH! Lovely MGY!

  251. 251 : KDaddict Says:

    We’ve Anthony Kim in KoD, who ‘cannot’ stop crying.

  252. 252 : justmerediht Says:

    is there preview for ep 5?

  253. 253 : myeon Says:

    kyaa ep 4 is just hillarious ! and i like new character, tommy hong (although he such a jerk) xD

    i lovee all the character, esp jean thierry cha <3 park si hoo always awesomeeeee

  254. 254 : jinny Says:

    so cute couple both PSH and MGY , J T Cha charact is so fun and lovely ( PSH is fantastic and lovely ) 🙂 , addicted in this drama.

  255. 255 : quechan Says:

    Kyaaa! I love the end, how cool seung joo was pouring the liquid onto tommy. park shi hoo daebak! love this episode^^ can’t wait for the next week=)

  256. 256 : unknown unknown Says:

    However, one illogical scene is that someone of Tommy Hong’s status, stature and suaveness would pour soy sauce over one of his guests at his party no matter how provoked….

  257. 257 : KDaddict Says:

    He totally wouldn’t! But this is Not a drama to be taken seriously.
    Sb whose livelihood is a go-between for the rich lives and dies by being discreet. It is not discreet to introduce a girl he knows one CEO has taken an interest in to anyone else.
    Nor is it discreet to hand over a hotel room key to a girl in the middle of a party for everyone to see.
    BTW, she has made up her mind to marry rich w Tommy H’s help. So it makes no sense for her to pour water on him. A gentle but Firm: “I’m Not that kind of girl” would suffice, even if it has to be repeated.
    But then, we’d have no drama! Just go w the flow n enjoy the laughs!

  258. 258 : afiga Says:

    It was a misunderstanding that’s all!

  259. 259 : drama freak Says:

    i just can say that….i am IN LOVE WITH THIS DRAMA! so damn addicted! hilarious and sad at the same time =D i love Park Shi Hoo sooooo much! he is such a cutie hahaha XD

  260. 260 : ricko Says:

    moonie fighting you’re the best <<<<

  261. 261 : evzln666 Says:

    i’m loving this drama .it has romantic comedy as well as sad emotions.loved mgy n psh performance.why is it getting average rating? it deserves better rating

  262. 262 : sara Says:

    Wow. I loved every moment of ep 3, 4. It is hilarious. Every scene with JT Cha is excellent, funny, serious, emotional and cute. PSH can deliver all of those at the same time. Specially i never imagined i could see him dancing. It was funny to the core. But at the end what this drama gives me is a sweet bitter feeling. I find myself laughing at people’s misery. In fact. JT is a lonely, miserable person who just tries to hide his true innocent nature by acting cool. How we react to innocence, values, humanity and love is what we see in this drama. This makes you sad.

    The only thing that i didn’t love was how writernim kicked out In chan. The Inchan we saw in two previous episodes was not a coward, unfaithful person. He even left his girl coz he thought he was making her suffer. He was ready to face his punishment not running away without saying goodbye. I know he was supposed to be kicked out to make us feel he wasn’t worth to be stayed with but i didn’t love writer’s style.

  263. 263 : saraSJS Says:

    Dear friends,
    Since there ‘s someone who ‘s using my name repeatedly regardless of how many times i asked her to not do it, i decided to step back and i will use this name from now on. But comment #262 is my last comment as “sara”.

  264. 264 : KDaddict Says:

    Now we know your initials! I’ve always thought the chat boards so impersonal, No picture, no Skype, that bring us together w ppl we talk to all the time, but will Never know beyond their nicknames. It’s unfortunate, isn’t it? So when sb infringes upon our nickname, there goes our identity! Quite disturbing.

    My Qn is: If sb is going to leave the country to escape his debts of zillions of won, why bother to repay 5million of them, a drop in the bucket, by cleaning out the acct of the girl you’ve loved for 6 years? Together w the Qns we raised in #256, #257, it shows this writer, is not as tight in her thinking as she ought to be, just like so many of the other writers. These days, I’m more able to take holes in writing in stride, as long as the rest of it is enjoyable. And there is PSH being v funny! I hope JTCha’s sickness doesn’t get cured too soon, so he’d dance some more! Squeal!

  265. 265 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict glad you r on to this show so I can enjoy your comments as well as the show. I am loving every minute of it esp watching PSH being dorky, ah that dance, will stay in my head for the longest time. I am not going to bother rationalizing the show bec it’s holes galore. And the holes are giving us most of the fun. It’s a melo-cure. I hope it’s 16 or more eps of the same joy I have been getting. This drama is a nice wrap up for the year 🙂

  266. 266 : hny Says:


    oh dear PSH.. usually when you act crying will affect to my heart then I will cry too ! now in CA, your crying scene.. affect my facial expressions! I wish I could send my picture when watching you cry, you might be happy and smile see my facial expression who change in one time just seeing your crying scene but better not I don’t want you see my ugly face hehhehe!! .. suprise me when you cry it’s make me laughing, quite different effect from your other drama. Cuteness.. quite natural that you create now than in eps 1 and 2 … you did a great acting this week , and I say you success to portraying character JT Cha, I like it!

  267. 267 : gonewithpsh Says:

    hhmmm nothing to say, really love it….

  268. 268 : sara Says:

    Actually, SJS is not my initials but my fave stars initials. But you already know my name.I have 2 names in real world. Sara is one of those names. What my friends call me by. Actually yesterday was thinking about my friends in virtual word. I’d like to know at least their birthday date. So could you give me your email so i can at least congrats your birthday or wish you a happy new year?

    “I hope JTCha’s sickness doesn’t get cured too soon, so he’d dance some more! Squeal!”

    So true. I really hope so. Coz normally, they get cured in the middle, then the mood of the drama changes to melodramatic one and noble idiocy starts unless the writer is as good of MNIKSS ‘s writer.

  269. 269 : KDaddict Says:

    Welcome to the party! And thx for your nice words!
    You r so right to call it a ‘melo-cure’. That’s what we all need at this pt.
    I love its Alice in Wonderland silliness. Since we r expecting a rabbit w a pocket watch, a mad hatter, etc., no one need care abt plot holes. I hope they keep up that ‘Thru the Looking Glass’ quality to the end!
    I like KoD n Kim MM too, but am not liking that slicked, combed over hairdo, the eyeliner, the 3 piece suits that r 3 sizes too small, n the dead animals on his collar. I wish Anthony Kim was styled better!

    SJS-Let me guess? S=Seung Ki, J=Jae Won, S=Song Joong Ki? And there I thought S was for Sara!
    A BD wish from a fellow kdfan! That’s the warmest, sweetest thing I’ve heard in a while!
    I often wish that the bunch of us who watch KD in the same way could get together for lunch and talk abt our golden boys to our hearts’ content. Failing that, an email now n then is most welcome. My email is address is: [email protected]

  270. 270 : MIGUELITO Says:

    Love this drama especially my favorite actress always good in these actions!

  271. 271 : Dramas Review 2012 « mystisith Says:

    […] the guy in blue is currently playing with the same actress in Cheongdamdong Alice.  Are they a set? […]

  272. 272 : saraSJS Says:

    OHHHHHHHHH, you caught me, smart girl. Two first ones are right. The third one is Yoon Si yoon. “S” for Siyoon. He ‘s my third cutie. Thank you for giving your email address. I wish we could do that too.

  273. 273 : Syrena Says:

    I’m loving every minute of it.

    So looking forward to Episode 5.

  274. 274 : justme Says:

    really can’t wait for next episode..
    saturday, sunday please come faster..
    PSH and MGY daebak..

  275. 275 : bunny Says:

    I love Ep 3 & 4, so many crazy and hilarious moments thanks to PSH Awesomeness as Cha Seung Jo (CSJ) aka Jean Thierry Cha (JTC).
    I can’t get enough of his crazy ways.. So quirky, wacky yet so cute and funny. He is fabulous!
    Move over PSY’s Gangnam style dance. I absolutely loved PSH’s Cheongdamdong Barbara Streisand dance.

    While waiting for the english subtitles to be available (delayed last weekend) I was thankful for Koala’s recap of Ep 3 & 4 from Koala’s Recap (which was available next day after ep was screened raw).

    Love her commentaries for the 2 eps ….


    “Ep 3 of Cheongdamdong Alice was one of the most perfect hours I’ve spent with any drama all year.

    The moment the episode ended I immediately rewatched it all over again, without fast-forwarding a single moment. It was simply perfect. This drama just might be that holy grail adult rom-com I’ve been daydreaming about. I laughed (OMG, how I laughed, Park Si Hoo was so funny and ON…..

    This drama rocks so hard I’m still shivering from the unexpected punch from this episode…..”

    “Ep 4 continued ep 3′s momentum and then kicked it up a notch. I can’t believe how the drama has thoroughly won me over to the OTP ship of Seung Jo and Se Kyung, and the two of them aren’t even anywhere close to being in love yet. Yes, he’s falling for her because of her innate goodness and decency (traits he thought women didn’t possess anymore after Yoon Joo dumped him), but the twist is that the very event that caused him to see her loyalty and kindness is the same event that has made her knowingly reject that version of her and embrace the Yoon Joo model.”

    Like Koala, I am anxiously waiting for a preview of ep 5… quick come faster…
    Cant wait for weeknd to be here…

  276. 276 : tc Says:

    One word for Ep 3 & 4 – Daebak!

    The funny antics by PSH especially his crazy dancing and his vivid imaginations really crack me up. Despite his silliness, he can be so romantic, warm hearted and charming. MGY was so awesome in her crying scenes.

    I am relief to see that the chemistry between both main leads is building up fast and note that many viewers are beginning to root for the OTP as compared to the initial 2 eps whereby many viewers were shipping MGY/NGM. I think this is partly contributed by the cowardly exit of NGM from the drama which was deliberately planned by the writer to shift viewers’ support to JTCha.

    I also like the plotline which focus more on character developments for all the four leads. It is good that the secondary leads especially Yoon Joo is not a 1 dimensional character but has depth as well.

    Now, I am going back to rewatch PSH’s hilarious dance!

  277. 277 : ptsh836 Says:

    hey, i dun know whether to laugh or cry ovr dis drama…

    its d first time i come across such a half-crazed character like JTCha…his interactions with his equally crazed dad is hilarious; him breaking out in dialect had me choked with laughter; what more that silly head shaking, groovy dance of his…aaargh i truly dun know whether to cry or laugh ovr his medical condition…mayb i should try to sympathise with him…hopefully he takes his medication before all hell breaks loose…

    if i cant understand head or tail abt his condition; im sure korean ahjummas must also be in d same predicament…ie what to make of this drama, thus, d ratings going up, then down…half-crazed as well!!

    well, i hope to continue watching this very unusual drama so that i learn something abt his bipolar disorder/mood changes within minutes…ranging fr d manic type to depressive type!

    anyway, this is also d first time i see PSH in a comedy n his acting is tops!!!

  278. 278 : emerald Says:

    im going to love this… my heart flutters for the two lead… its going to be a good drama… fighting…

  279. 279 : flicka12 Says:

    HILARIOUS…… LOVE IT EVERYTHING!!!!!! Especially PSH who is damn natural in his acting!!!!! OVERALLLLLL…… BEST OF THE BEST…..

  280. 280 : ifabebe Says:

    Here’s Indonesia Sub for Episode 4 :
    https://www.box.com/s/bufm1tt81erh4mh3ztyb (KOR)
    https://www.box.com/s/92llct7bbpxc2tijmr0e (Baros)
    https://www.box.com/s/7j4p8advwtwulgq2otd0 (HANrel)
    Enjoy ^^

  281. 281 : dian amallia Says:

    watching this KD drives me crazy,,,
    as crazy as a gentleman’s dignity
    psh as awesome as jdg
    jean thierry cha and kim do jin R gr8!!!!
    love psh much,,,as much as jdg
    cant wait 4 the next eposodes

  282. 282 : none Says:

    woah.. i like this drama so much until i cant wait to watch the next eps .. fighting cheongdamdong alice!!

  283. 283 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5:
    Han Se Kyung seems quite ‘thick’ The Way she is WRITTEN.
    1. Why does she go back to demand an apology fr Tommy Hong? She is as much responsible for the misunderstanding as he is.
    2. Why is she so surly w Sec Kim? He has been the bearer of good news, n is her go-between for the CEO. Shouldn’t she be nice to him fr the beginning, instead of being impolite n irritated?
    3. She is looking for a new rabbit w a pocket watch. And she is entirely over-looking Sec Kim, until Yoon Joo tells her to be nice to him. That makes her quite dumb.
    4. For a designer who is able to tell the brands that Tommy H wears, why is she unable to tell that what Sec Kim is wearing is entirely too much luxury for a personal sec on a salary? Does she think that Sec Kim gets to wear Artemis clothing for free?
    5. Any woman would have fallen for ‘Sec Kim’ already. Why not her? Why not yet? Look at the body! That face! That smile! Who cares abt the faceless CEO?

    PSH continues to provide all the laughs in this show. Kim Joo Won has the mental age of 15. JTCha is abt 6 years old!

  284. 284 : kdbig Says:

    omo I am in love with this drama, it just melts my heart when I am watching it. PSH and MGY are awesome delivering their character really well. PSH is really hilarious and lovable. LOVELOVELOVE <3<3<3

  285. 285 : amy Says:

    whaaa…..ep 5 sooooo greaaat..cant wait for the ep 6….
    MGY start has feeling with secretary kim…sooo sweeeettt

  286. 286 : ira Says:

    the chemistry between psh and mgy is incredible. just can’t stop smiling remembering the end of 5 th episodes

  287. 287 : LJS holic Says:

    his dancing was so interesting n funny!!!
    LOL…. love it!!

  288. 288 : i Says:


  289. 289 : myeon Says:

    omooo I really loveeeee Jean Thierry Cha to the max .<

    I already love with Park Si Hoo in The Princess Man, but now i more and more fall in love with him.

    fighting Park Si Hoo !!!!!!

    @KDaddict : agree with you ^^ but well, at least, it's still interesting to watch. xD there's Jean Thierry Cha~~

  290. 290 : myeon Says:

    If you want to cry, then watch missing you. but if you want to laugh hard you have to watch this ! xD

    both are awesome drama !!!!!!!!!!


  291. 291 : jeje Says:

    the end ep 5 is very nice..

  292. 292 : leyeayea Says:

    I’m starting to love this drama.

  293. 293 : saraSJS Says:

    I loved Ep 5 JTJ the most. JTJ in ep 5 shows his innocent side. He is so innocent that he can be happy with little things. You can love everything about him from looks to behavior. His every action is justifiable.

    But i still haven’t been able to relate to female characters. All of them are on the extreme. HSK seems to be too idiot. She even can’t guess such handsome, chic, worn in brand clothes from top to toe man can’t be a mere secretary? She ‘s looking for daddy long legs while he is in front of him. But her situation is not a bit similar to Judy. So i don’t get her.

    Young joo and her sister in law are too one-dimensional. One is in love with money, the other one crazy about power and ready to achieve what they want no matter what. We haven’t seen any other side of them.

    This drama needs a heroin as great as JTC. PSH is overshadowing everyone or the problem is with writer?

  294. 294 : hirmah Says:

    i love this drama for episode 1 -4 i give 9/10..

  295. 295 : KDaddict Says:

    Very well said! Alice in Wonderland/CDD–Alice should be bewildered, not stupefied! The problem is definitely with the writer. And you are right that the other two female chars r too flat. Rt now, Yoon Joo is shaping up to be smart n has as much understanding of human behavior as a good psychologist! That overshadows Alice. I’m sure that’s not the writer’s intention.
    PSH’s JTCha is priceless.
    I’m off to the airport for my flight now. Going out of town for 10 days for Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!

  296. 296 : klane Says:

    @283 Kdramaaddict..I totally agree with all your insights. My thought were as you’ve written. And the age 15 and 6 for Jt hilarious. This is my very first drama seeing the lead actor and he is hilarious.. I bow down to him and am totally infatuated with him now as I am with Kdrama. Love the story line and how the characters have developed. From the beginning I feel like In Hwa is the bad girl here not th GN Madame.

  297. 297 : malagu Says:

    higher rating this time! good!ü

  298. 298 : renata Says:

    Waow,,end of episode 5 make me love this drama very hard….
    I very love the moment when Mgy and Psh do the high five,,,the have a good chemistry.

  299. 299 : valent Says:

    love very hard this drama…

  300. 300 : Marie Says:

    Wow, ep 6 is fantastic as get to see more of PSH n MSY : )

  301. 301 : Dianne Says:

    I super love PArk si hoo. aLL I want for Christmas is you ;). After prosecutor princess, we fell in love with your movies you’re extremely an awesome actor. This movie is another blastful gift for you fans here in the Philippines.

  302. 302 : Dianne Says:

    How could I possibly vote for this movie and for Mr. Park si hoo? He deserve to have the “Korean Best Actor” Award. keep it up PSH, fighting! Filipinos <3 you.

  303. 303 : justmerediht Says:

    super love this dramaaaa…

  304. 304 : amy Says:


  305. 305 : nene1180 Says:

    you can vote PSH to be Most popular Hallyu Stars(Kpop Stars) at this website http–worldtv.main.jp-kstars_en.html but for drama may be next year.

  306. 306 : jinnyj Says:

    so lovely in ep 6 , Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young r so great performance , love them 🙂 , so love this drama so much………:)

  307. 307 : hanna Says:

    its getting better and better … MGY AND PSH nice duo ………….
    keep it up ……… I LIKE IT AND I LOVE IT ….. muahhhhhhh

  308. 308 : none Says:

    this drama is getting more and more interesting..hope to see more romantic scene from psh and mgh … fighting 🙂

  309. 309 : myeon Says:

    aaaaaa totally love it <3 I LOVE PSH SOOO MUCCCHHH~~

    but when i saw eps 6, i was just thinking, how hurt he'll feel when he know MGY will do the same thing as his ex-gf? throw him away.. T________T
    It must be really heartbreaking. really. and i will cry a lot

  310. 310 : hny Says:

    PSH…JTCHA,.. “Top!!

  311. 311 : tc Says:

    This drama keeps on getting better. The writer has toned down JTC’s silliness to focus more on the budding romance between the OTPs in this 2 eps but there were still moments of hilarity which were so funny like the hospital scene.

    The chemistry between the OTPs really exploded in ep 6 and those who were cynical and doubtful about this pairing should watch the ” almost kiss” scene at the ending to check it out. It was so hot and magnetic!

    Really like the way the couple fall in love and Ep 6 is daebak with so many sweet moments between them which leads to the swoon climac at the end. Kudos to PSH/ MGY for such awesome acting and pray hard that the second half of the drama maintains this momentum.

  312. 312 : bunny Says:

    I am swooning, laughing and crying with PSH as CSJ aka Secretary Kim…. and loving this very entertaining drama more and more with every episode.

    I cannot explain the sheer force of magnetism that is PSH. He has a very special charm that is uniquely his and so captivating and SO HOT.
    Seung Jo is such a complicated character and PSH is doing it perfect, I can laugh, cry and cannot resist falling in love wih him as he gets more charming and more handsome – as he was in Ep 6.
    When CSJ tightens his arm around HSK’s waist and pulls her back into his arms, he was so HOT, so INTENSE… the almost kiss scene was totally awesome! No wonder MGY was blushing after that…

    CSJ is so cute, hilarious, playful that people around him are following him – HSK (love the high 5 scenes and let’s pretend phonecall), his amused doctor friend (love the scene when he teases CSJ that HSK is dating him), exasperated Secretary Moon, and even Driver Kim (whose expression clearly shows that he thinks CSJ is mad).

    I could also feel CSJ’s pain and sadness after he met up with his dad at the restaurant… PSH portrays his sad emotions so well too… so touching and so intense.

    Looking forward to this weekend ….

  313. 313 : Joss Says:

    WOW!! The rating for episode 5 was quite high!! I’m so happy because this is my favourite drama of this season.. Moon Geun Young is seriously AMAZING *_*

    I can’t get enough of this drama.. Too Good!!

  314. 314 : nanioo chan Says:

    Park Shi Hoo is daebakkk.. Moon Geun Young is too.. i really like this drama.. so interesting.. n the caracter of CSJ is really really funny… 5 thumbs for PSH.. hahaha…

  315. 315 : hunee Says:

    This is such a cute drama, I really like all the characters, wowwww, the
    scenes are funny. Hope it stays funny, don’t like too much cryin. Keep
    up the good work on this project. Happy Holidays peeps!!!!

  316. 316 : renata Says:

    I like when CSJ hugging HSK..
    They a good actrees and actor for me.
    Eventhough rating episode 6 down…but still hwaitting cdda…

  317. 317 : rey Says:

    Very like this drama caoz they have a good couple..MGY & PSH hwaiting..

  318. 318 : Kingtez64 Says:

    Cant resist to giggle for psh..he is really hot and cant stop laughing to his behaviour towards han se kyung..good chemistry partner in this drama..good job!

  319. 319 : tigerb Says:

    @sara SJS #293: just would like to thank you for recommending me this series. i saw PSH in 2 period dramas where he had serious roles, but here, he sure is neurotically fun! for him to be able to do that, he sure is a good actor. i’ve read many times that comedy is harder to perform, and if the actor can convey humor without being slapstick then he made it. Some reasons are revealed for his role’s ‘neurosis’, and if he gets healed in future episodes, hopefully this drama won’t turn heavy. cheers!

  320. 320 : gregory temeras Says:

    i really love this drama GO CHEONGDAMDONG ALICE

  321. 321 : 爱丽丝 Says:


  322. 322 : kdbig Says:

    the drama is like a magnet attaching itself to me, really love it and falling for every character especially to CSJ-PSH character omo his so amazing. MGY is so cute. episode 6 is so intense(in a cool/sexy way LOL) especially when PSH pullhugs MGY i was like WOW love that scene. can’t wait for episode 7&8 five more days to go -.-

  323. 323 : sophie Says:

    not knowing im a little bit addicted now . waiting and excited for the nxt episodes ….

    wandering what will happen to Se Kyung’s feeling to MR SEC. KIM ….

  324. 324 : saraSJS Says:

    You’r welcome. Glad you like it. Yeah, his performance in PM was great but here his character is very complicated and deep. You find him a different person in private. A child who can be happy with little things, cries over a letter, get angry at himself, and etc. That means he needs to deliver various emotions at the same time which is a difficult work.

    I love the irony that it seems he is lying about himself but actually he is showing his true self to SK. He even tells her his real name. I wonder how much he will hurt, if he understands SK is deceiving him like his ex.

  325. 325 : louiz Says:

    Suka banget dengan drama ini,,apa lagi dengan moon geun young yang masih terlihat sangat muda…
    Semoga di episode berikutnya drama ini akan lebih menarik lagi.

  326. 326 : emerald Says:

    i love the waist grabbing… i feel like my heart is jumping… OMO! im falling in love again… haisttttttt…..

  327. 327 : Nani Says:

    berharap dengan pasangan ini,,semoga menjadi pasangan yang fenomenal…

  328. 328 : mini Says:

    love the casts…:)

  329. 329 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ saraSJS ,KD addicts and some PSH fans- you guy should stop keep saying PSH is awesome like he’s the only one who handle this show. PSH is not overshadowing for this.YES, he definitely do great and awesome (as usual) in this show All actors do their best and they all are awesome. Especially MGY ..As you know, can’t clap without two hands. When MGY makes us sad(when her life hardship) and hate( when SK use SJ as her pet ^^) at the same time PSH gives us hilarious and love. That’s why this drama is awesome. And why you guy still SK to fall in love with SJ and choose him without knowing his identify( i wish too ). But we can not do like that coz it going to be old cliche way! Of course, princess will value the love of poor girl and marry her. CLICHE …don’t you feel CDDA is way different than other dramas that you’ve ever seen in your life. For me, definitely yes! From the first episod to untill six episod i still couldn’t imagination for next episod. In episod two, you guy might think MGY and PSH couldn’t have chemistry but now you guy may feel love between them. So, at last i want to say all casts are awesome in CDDA not belong to only one. Peace <3

  330. 330 : inconnu Says:

    Moonlover do not worry about MGY, everyone already knows it, she has a long career behind her, psh fans always were like that when he played beside MCW princess in it was the same man, they constantly criticized the poor, but there is nothing good some fans do not respect their actor doing so then the best and be quiet, to sit and appreciate looks like CDDA Moon geun young! passing mGy is a good actress and the best of his generation and it follows the script as it should be! psh is very good too!

  331. 331 : jenny Says:

    I love these two players, they have good chemistry! but I noticed that the fans of Moon Geun Young are more discreet and respect the enemy, while Park Shi Hoo fans are unleashed and say much bad about MGY, I do not want them I’m not saying the truth but the best thing is respect for these two actors as good fans!!!and wish the best for our players and CDDA :):)

  332. 332 : saraSJS Says:

    I was surprised by your comment.

    1. “moon lover?” You are MGY fan? So do you like it, if i say you are talking subjectively just to support your bias?

    2. I’m not a PSH fan. I was accused to be a fanatic LMH fan on “Faith” thread just and only because i praised his performance while others just bashed him. We are just praising PSH for his excellent performance, as we praise KMM for the same reason in KOD, JN in School and YEH in IMY. Don’t tell me you think just fans can praise an actor’s performance and every one who criticizes an actor is a hater? I don’t know about others but at least me and KDaddict haven’t said anything bad and disrespectful about MGY and even if we criticized anyone, it ‘s been about her character. Don’t you differentiate between the actor and his/her character? Also, we mostly criticized the writer coz JTC is too powerful and all female characters regardless of who is the actress are in his shadow. Be noted that by “his” i mean JTC NOT PSH. Alice should be a more active, smarter and deeper character so she can compete with JTC. If we, as viewers are surprised that she hasn’t fell in love with him till now, it’s because he is so perfect that no women can resist him. I for one super love the childish,innocent side of his character.

    Please, what do you mean by enemy? Don’t you mean me and KDaddict, right? We have been on other threads together and you know us.

  333. 333 : tata Says:

    Rating tidak penting untuk ku,,,yg terpenting adalah bagaimana alur cerita dr drama ini.
    Aku adalah fans dr ke 2 cast drama ini,jadi aku akan setia menonton live streaming drama ini.
    Mgy & Psh is a good entertainer for me,,dan aku menyukai chemistry di antara mereka.
    Tidak sabar menanti episode brktnya!!!!
    ♥♡mgy princess & psh prince fighting♡♥

  334. 334 : Bouv Says:

    I on the contrary I like the character of MGY. heroin is not a naive girl, she is what she wants, she has goals, basically it’s a character quite different snapshots Korean! And that’s what I love! As Han Gyung is just wonderful! I like the character as by his ideas by his actions, she knows where she puts feet and what she does! 🙂 On our Cha Seung Jo! Our dear President and behaviors totally crazy! Kyaaaaa! * I’m going crazy.!

  335. 335 : wejdan Says:

    obsessed with the drama ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  336. 336 : ani Says:

    I love the actors here

  337. 337 : jeffry hartaji Says:

    So far i love this drama…the story and the cast is nice…the uniqueness of PSH make me laugh..especially when he say AIGOO at Hospital…hahaha

    and i also like when this drama related to the folklore alice in wonderland

    this drama will be my fav drama

  338. 338 : yuli Says:

    Aku sedikit terganggu dengan pakaian moonie yang terkesan biasa saja…
    Padahalkan dia akan menjadi desainer…
    Tapi sejauh ini aku menikmati drama ini..
    Suka dengan kedekatan mgy dan psh..

  339. 339 : moonLOVER Says:

    @saraSJS, i am MGY bias fan but respect and accept all her co-star.(esp PSH is my first crush in HTMAPN) i don’t tell viewers can’t critize! I feel really upset and insane of some psh fan. That’s why this can be misundertanding to you and KD! Anyways, CDDA writer may be so awesome(use may be coz it’s only six episodes ^~) There’s reason,
    1. When first two episodes, i think SK get more chance to handle her role than SJ. Yes, she shed her tears, i did it too. But SJ is so weird (overacting)in first two episod (most of the viewers said but big bias of psh). But after four to six his character more and more charming way different than other acts ! Who knows SK character can get likes that for future episods!
    2.Episode two made us they two have no chemistry. All changing mind when they were watching episode three. Just only one episode passed but the writer can handle all our imagination. How awesome he is. Could you see episode one is not so bad but two is good. Three is better and four is more better…it means this show will be great and great to up not to down. So, give some credit to writer 🙂

    For SK and SJ love line,
    SK have to love SJ for perfect charming? LoL no way! Just think if i am SK no way to choose him coz he is poor charming boy(Pretending as poor guy). Coz i am from low class level. I know how difficult life of poor people. Btw, 99% of real world is
    #Money over LOVE (in real life)
    #Love over Money (in drama or movies)
    This drama make the real life of people.
    2. Anyways, if SK choose SJ what’s the value of love between her and bf over six years. Six years relationship can’t beat one month reclationship. Ok SJ take care SK than her old bf. Who knows her old one sweet likes as SJ. Or better than SJ that’s why their reclationship took long time:-) I love that the way CDDA go. I’ll stick with CDDA ever ^^

    P.S. I was born in the country that give us awful education for low class . That’s why i just learn english by myself. So, my poor english writing skill can lead into some misunderstanding to you. Anyways, i love to discuss about CDDA anytime :-).

  340. 340 : moonLOVER Says:

    @Inconnu your words make my heart felt better.. So, it means moon + moon = lucky
    but moon + sun = unlucky LOL ^^

    @Jenny, definitely 100%* 10000 agree with you. May be you stole my words or you see my minds 🙂 i don’t see as a enemy but the bias may change my mind soon if they repeat doing like that:-)

    MGY fans= i love MGY(they said their good comment to their idol)
    PSH and MGY fan( respectful PSH fan)= they have chemistry, I love PSH but MGY is good too( they even like PSH but they respect)
    Some bias PSH fan= PSH is good. he shouldn’t pair with MGY or so on.( what the hell do you think which actress have to pair with PSH)

    @PSH bias fan
    You have to thank to MGY is in CDDA. If CDDA choose wrong actress, how talent he’s but it can be disappointment for his career.

    Let’s stop bulling each other and fight for CDDA.

    May God bless you and sweet December..
    Much loves <3

  341. 341 : Era Lestari Says:

    This drama…. really… really….. DEABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!
    Chonun chinja coahae…
    I like this drama…. cant wait watch the next episode

  342. 342 : cookie Says:

    Very entertainaing show with great casting of MGY with PSH. They are both excellent in their roles.

  343. 343 : saraSJS Says:

    Regardless of how good MGY is and how well written her character is here, as you are her fan, your ideas are mixed with subjectivity. It’s okay. I would do the same for my bias.

    In reply to your third note:
    We all know JTC is mentally sick, he has been in so much pain for years. Yes, i agree that he was born with silver spoon in his mouth but he gave up his inheritance because of love. So he has tasted his share of poverty. Also, he thought SK was a crazy-for-designer materials girl, didn’t think they might meet each other again and was scared of being ripped off. So he decided to lie about his identity but his lies got out of control and even after finding her attractive, he wasn’t able to tell the truth. We should consider his painful past here. Plus, as i said in one of my comments, he is actually showing his true self to SK. A true self he always hides from others. What SK wants is ‘president JTC’. But he is showing her ‘human CSJ’. So how he will get hurt, if he knows she is deceiving him.

    What you said about valuing a six year relationship is exactly what i see as a hole in the plot. The writer portraying of Inchan was too strong that some even thought he was one of the supporting actors while he was a cameo. I thought how she was going to take him out, to make SK forget her love and how JTC can help her forget her pain. Then Inchan was out in a very ridiculous way. What? He was ready to scarify himself but stole his love’s hard-earning 5 million won and ran away? How we can think of the value of their love when the writer doesn’t? We haven’t seen any trace of lingering feelings in SK. She never thinks about him so we as viewers have forgot once she was in love with him. All we see now is a very charming, handsome, funny and innocent man who’s treating her as if he is an angel without any expectation. That’s why we ask “why she hasn’t fallen in love with him till now?”.

  344. 344 : wati Says:

    I like the couple,,,

  345. 345 : afiga Says:

    I also like this couple, they have exploded on my screen with their chemistry hummmmmm even though there was no kiss, but you could feel that it was hot and electric , i love it ^ ^ ^ ^

  346. 346 : Vaina Says:

    CDDA is my favorite drama in 2012, and the main couple too beautiful, I did not really expect that they would have amazing chemistry! whoaaaa I still gaping at their stage, highly Saturday and Sunday

  347. 347 : Palilia Says:

    Who said that MGY is in the shadow of HSP? for now they are a team really well, if the other women who have been cast with psh were a shadow for him but not mGy! it makes me laugh because mGy already since she began her acting career has always won awards as either film or drama and I still believe it will still won with cdda not for nothing we say that c ‘is the youngest talented actress and recognized in the world! psh for me has been known since the man of the princess and for me this is a good actor, very good!

  348. 348 : saraSJS Says:

    Dear Admin,
    According to this

    Nam Goon Min is not one of the supporting actors. He acted as an extended cameo. So would you please correct the info? Thank you so much.

    (@saraSJS from admin: Info updated. Please take a look. Thanks.)

  349. 349 : maida Says:

    i have been thinking how did the forget six year love so quickly ?then i realized that the day she decided to live like madam she decided to let go of her love which had been a burden, yes she get tired of trying to save relation meant to fail,

  350. 350 : maida Says:

    and who can not be touched by what Cha did, following her when she was shocked with her boy friend escape , stand for her when she had been insulted by Tommy , open his heart to her and to her family the both lie to each other
    sadly they both lie to each other.and i can’y imagine how would he feel when he know that he deceived againe by the same.method.

  351. 351 : mekenese Says:

    i love ; i love cdda

  352. 352 : tiffany Says:

    I’m big fans of MGY & PSH,,,so i’m very happy know my idols be a couple in this drama…
    They have a good chemistry for me.
    I like scene when seung jo hug se kyung…ommo,,,i’m very jelous.

  353. 353 : angeline Cute! ;) Says:

    yah! i think it so very nice drama!! i wish that i could watch it as soon as possible! 🙂

  354. 354 : moonLOVER Says:

    @saraSJS you ask me why hasn’t SK fallen in love with SJ ? I think no need to answer coz you watched k-drama than i did. So, you know the answer. Aww, not only you but also all the viewers who watch CDDA know the answer. 🙂

  355. 355 : criz Says:

    Mooniiiieee,,,finally i can watch your new drama..
    Love your new drama with park si hoo ssi.
    Hwaitting our princess moonie.

  356. 356 : criz Says:

    Mooniiiieee,,,finally i can watch your new drama..
    Love your new drama with park si hoo ssi.
    Hwaitting our princess moonie..

  357. 357 : ghostbuster Says:

    who are you to tell everybody who to praise, who not to? this is a comedy, we like it when the actor is being funny. it does have to be PSH. when MGY is funny, we will let you know. you can praise who you want, but stop bothering others who come to watch the whole show, not just one actress! Grow up. your behaviour gives fangirls a bad name!

  358. 358 : Mary Says:

    This drama is amazing!!!! It was so funny in the last two episode especially episode 5 omg, hilarious 😀 I cant wait to watch whats next!!!!

  359. 359 : Strocker Says:

    Peace and Love this Christmas is soon lol For my part mGy Psh make a good pair, they are both excellent! I like character mGy she’s smart, clever, realistic world backbone and daughter (I did not expect to demand an apology from Hong Tommy!). Even if she is desperate and marry a rich man sees that his only means of poverty, you can tell she is not in a person’s heart accomplice. Even if she wants to marry rich, it seems she is not someone easily use other people to his ends. I can write a thesis on SJ and SK.et psh is just hilarious! CDDA then fighting, fighting Psh mGy 🙂

  360. 360 : maida Says:

    with Han Se Kyung, Cha Seung Jo is himself is stable and true

  361. 361 : lalanana Says:

    this drama was an addiction !!! cant wait for new episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  362. 362 : ZetteXo Says:

    This Drama is DAEBAK!!!! … I love the love team of MGY and PSH <3 .. Omo! and also i Love the Story .. CDDA Hwaiting!!!

  363. 363 : dramafreak Says:

    this drama is awesome too….funny and touch at the same time….currently watching missing u and ACDD…. these 2 dramas are really awesome! =D

  364. 364 : K-drama Addict Says:

    First two episodes were a little bit boring. Plus the chemistry wasn’t there yet. But starting episode 3, I liked the plot and casts.. BTW, I’m a fan of MGY since My Little Bride and PSH since Lie To Me. Fighting!

    — A fan from Philippines

  365. 365 : kdbig Says:

    @364 PSH is not the actor in Lie to me its kang ji hwan, just sayin. love both of them though 🙂

  366. 366 : lili Says:

    park shi hoo is the best…

  367. 367 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ghostbuster , yes, ofcourse, it’s none of my business 🙂 i request them( some bias) , I’m not give an order them to do. And i mean just praise your own idol as you like but please stop trying to harm other idol. Psh is good and hilarious in CDDA. I admit it and i respect him and praise him eventhough i am bias fan of mgy. We have to accept the truth. PSH is awesome and MGY is excellent. That’s why CDDA is Double Awesome <3 <3 I Love you SJ and SK Couple 🙂

  368. 368 : tian Says:

    Saya adalah fans mgy dan psh,,,saya sangat suka dengan kolaborasi ke dua aktor hebat ini.
    Berharap cdda akan banyak mendapatkan banyak penghargaan.

  369. 369 : ghostbuster Says:

    I have not seen any criticism of mgy here. it is your imagination. no one said they dislike mgy, so, chill! just praise your own idol. everyone has the right to say what they like and dislike.

  370. 370 : jenny Says:


    When I say enemy, I say those who detest Moon Geun Young to play alongside Park Shi Hoo, am saying it is zero, it is not good enough, what do you want to Psh a “HELMONI” lol again mGy is excellent HSK she wears as well as ever in all his previous roles is not for nothing that she has been recognized intact and flawless in their roles and has won awards for it finally it looks like the previous message peace and love! MGY fight and PSH(CDDA)

  371. 371 : ptsh836 Says:

    d way i see it…fans of idols, be they psh or mgy’s can sometimes have obscured views when following their idols n they tend to confuse d characters they play with their idols real life….n that is when im too afraid to comment here lest i step on someone’s toes n creates a fan war or something…

    however, i’ll risk saying that psh is in his element here…altho i like him more in melos n serious roles; there, he’s super sexy!! comedy may be a new thing to him but he’s doing ok too…

    as for mgy, her acting is always good n realistic but my pet hate is she will never outgrow her small innocent girl looks n it’s awkward at times for her to act in mature, serious roles, jus my opinion… even when mgy was acting out a materialistic, scheming HSK earlier on, one cannot hate her character n when she reverts to her charming, girlish self…that’s when i enjoy watching her.

  372. 372 : bunny Says:

    Kudos to PSH and to his versatility as actor.
    very often actors get into a stereotype: the tough guy, the playboy etc.
    PSH is one of the few young actors who can and wants to challenge new roles!!! He is brilliant & awesome as JTC/SJO/KJO….

    As fans we also tend to stereotype our idols… but in life, everyone should move out of their comfort zone to grow… so let us grow along with them.

    it takes a lot of courage, zeal, and passion for actors to take on new roles.

    so as their fans, we should give them encouragement if they are doing well in their new roles by laving them with praises and enjoy & grow along with them and not always stereotype them into roles that they have already achieved excellence.

    praise whoever you like to praise and do not stop others in their praises of actors who are not your idols. give due credit to actors for their performance not just because he or she is your idol…

    Looking forward to Ep 7 tonight 🙂 i’m obssessed.

  373. 373 : kdfan Says:

    @ptsh836 i agree about mgy’s innocent looks. Also i m glad psh dropped some weights looking much more youthful here. So the age difference is not that obvious either.

  374. 374 : bunny Says:

    K.Will Croons for ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’ OST

    The renown vocalist has taken part in the OST of SBS’ Cheongdamdong Alice with the new track Love Like This.

    Produced by Kim Do Hoon and Park Geun Tae and emotionally sung by K.Will, the ballad song is aided by a 24-member orchestra.

    The poignant and sad lyrics will reflect Park Si Hoo and Moon Geun Young’s beautiful and sincere feelings for each other and the producers have said the song is sure to make more than few viewers reach for the tissues while hearing the song during the drama.

    Cr: enewsworld.mnet.com

    Love Like This is out…

    Cr: BubbleFeetGravityOST

  375. 375 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ghostbuster may be i read all comments in here( 1-374) ^^ anyways, the last one i want to say you is OK (i accept it) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    @Bunny i love the way you said ” praise whoever you like to praise and do not stop others in their praises of actors who are not your idols.” <3

  376. 376 : ricko Says:

    she’s the eternal baby-face Moon Geun Young

  377. 377 : lanchi Says:

    I love parksihoo

  378. 378 : justme Says:

    loving this drama. 🙂 park shi hoo is really hilarious and charming at the same time! 🙂 his character somehow reminds me of kim joo won (secret garden) and kim do jin (a gentleman’s dignity).. 😀

  379. 379 : tian Says:

    Episode 7 make me crazy with this couple,,,i like when they first kiss…

  380. 380 : rina Says:

    i love this drama very much. Park Shi Hoo is funny and i love his acting very much…the story is romantic and make me laugh. Really enjoyed watching this drama so far. Worth watching!!today i watched all the 6 episodes! can’t waith for eng sub ep7 & 8. I hope the couple developing the feelings and more romantic scenes:)

  381. 381 : bella Says:

    Can^t wait for episod 8,i don’t care about the rating.
    I just care about mgy and psh act,they are so awesome.I like chemistry mgy and psh,

  382. 382 : lili Says:

    the best romantic drama and couple for this year…

  383. 383 : ifabebe Says:

    INDONESIAN SUBTITLE episode 05, is out
    https://www.box.com/s/t5vnyrbgih2gfy593jxw (KOR)
    https://www.box.com/s/6w1kyu2pxk04zzaipypz (HANrel)
    https://www.box.com/s/5dqs4lz5x7kiges9f9aw (BAros)

    LIKE also aour FanPage :
    Enjoy ^^

  384. 384 : none Says:

    this drama is exciting but the rating ..arrgh.. i agree , who cares about the rating .. the important is i like the drama .. cheongdamdong alice fighting!!!

  385. 385 : hanna Says:

    i like the ep. 7 ,,, now i’m excited to watch episode 8

    wanting more , i love the couple thats why i keep on watching this GREAT

    DRAMA …. YES , me too dont care aboput the rating as long I LOVE THIS

    DRAMA . i will support and vote this for the nxt kdrama awarding …

    F I G T H I N G ! ! !

  386. 386 : bella Says:

    Yeah,,,always support our bias…mgy and psh..
    Waow,,they first kiss make me jelous with mgy.
    But i’m very like for this couple,,they’re so awesome.
    MGY always like a princess and PSH like a prince.
    Cdda fighting,,we don’t care about rating we always support this drama for our bias MGY & PSH.

  387. 387 : leyeayea Says:

    Can’t wait for the ep8!!! :)))


  388. 388 : myeon Says:


    Cheongdamdong Alice totally Amazing <3 kyaaaa can't wait for tomorrow~~ eps 8 !!!!!!!

  389. 389 : lili Says:

    i’ll support n vote this drama for next kdrama award.

  390. 390 : asyty Says:

    CDDA is a very,very good drama! amazing drama. I like it a lot.

  391. 391 : jinnyj00 Says:

    really fall to CDDA is so amazing ….. love not only this drama and also a cute lovely couple Park Shi Hoo (CSJ) and Moon Geun Young (HSK) hope there are more episoddes than this. CDDA team… hwiting……….:)

  392. 392 : rina Says:

    i love this drama…

  393. 393 : Nani Says:

    waow,,cdda makes me crazy..
    amazing couple…MGY & PSH a good idol we have.They are my fav couple.

  394. 394 : Cass Says:

    I have been a Mon Guen fan since Innocent Steps so I went back and watched all of her dramas and movies.. SHe is one wonderful actress and with Park Shi Hoo here, they have chemistry. PSH is hilarious…he totally took on the part naturally. He is such a good actor and with Moon Guen..the drama just tags to my heart. Merry CHristmas to all the actors/ses and the members of the production crew. Congrats to the writers and director..Keep it at this pace and you will hit 20%…Fighting CA…Best regards to all.

  395. 395 : saraSJS Says:

    Note: I’m not neither actors fan, nor MGY anti or anything. What i will be writing is just my personal opinions towards the characters.

    This writer is doing wrong to SK character. It’s ep 7 and you don’t feel anything for her. You could feel her urge in 2,3 first eps but now, you can’t feel she is suffering.There’s no trace of her being hurt by her ex love. We even don’t see what she is doing in GN fashion now, if it’s not working for the lady. So she is not being humiliated like before. Her trying to go to Cheongdam doesn’t make sense when she is hurting an innocent character like JTC. When i see her abusing his feelings, i find her very pathetic. I wonder why she finds JTC pathetic when the pathetic one is herself.

  396. 396 : Dev Says:

    I love park shi hoo so much, his a great actor whatever his played it’s gonna be great drama to watch.
    The princess man still my fav one now and I already see it in many times over and over ^^
    Fighting oppa,Sarangheyo

  397. 397 : ptsh836 Says:

    @saraSJS: im soooo afraid for your scalp; watch it, you know who will go after you for voicing your discontent abt mgy!

    actually, ive also been experiencing this feeling of falsity towards mgy’s character, HSK…

    for the most part of epi 7, she has been wearing this mask of perpetual sadness, glum n uneasiness in the presence of JTCha while still nursing a feeling of mixed emotions n unfulfillment towards her work; dressing an imaginary boss…while unbeknown to her, JTCha is working himself up in a frenzy ovr his discovery of having fallen for her…

    so, in a way we are seeing this unbalanced outpouring of emotions among both leads…one is expressionless n emotionless while d other is getting hyper in creating castles in d air n practising lots of kissing lessons…but getting dejected in the end…

    you know, d day HSK gives up her ambitious project of scoring a rich husband in Cheongdamdong d unscrupulous way, will she regain her self-respect n redeem herself in our eyes!

  398. 398 : nene1180 Says:

    Park shi hoo so cool, fighting!!

  399. 399 : Lina Says:

    I really love this drama. I think this is the best drama of all the drama that i have ever seen, makes me curious.. and become really really curious… and super curious for each episode.. hahaha… 😀 and I learned from this drama not to judge other people because of what he/she was doing, because what happened to them in the past is not that i know it for sure. Arghh.. can’t wait for the next episode!

    Chayoo!! 🙂

  400. 400 : none Says:

    i scare if HSK hurt CSJ .. :-(.. CSJ already fall in love with her..huhu,. cant wait to watch eps 9 of cdda,, i heard that the episode will be air on 5 jan .. oh.. really cant wait…

  401. 401 : khalish Says:

    I like this drama very very much. I think rating is down because May Queen on air at the same time with this drama n people more courius about it coz its final episode this week. maybe next week rating alice will be good…

  402. 402 : rina Says:

    me too..i really can’t predict what will happen next! i hope their love story will be smooth and exciting as per the previous episodes..i like it when the writer make it fun to watch!

  403. 403 : dera Says:

    okaaay MQ has already ended ! kyaa so now it’s time for CDDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope their rating will highly increase !!!!!!!!! 🙂

    CDDA Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  404. 404 : lili Says:

    pls support CCDA…! FIGHTING !

  405. 405 : KDaddict Says:

    Did u call my name (#329) thinking that I had insulted MGY? BTW, my name is “KDaddict”, Not “KD addicts”.
    FYI, my comment fr over a week ago (#283-p.12) was aimed solely at the WRITING.
    It began:
    “Ep 5: Han Se Kyung seems quite ‘thick’ The Way she is WRITTEN.”

    HanSK is first n foremost a creation of the writer. It is the writer who decides whether she suspects Sec Kim is the CEO, when she falls in love w him, and whatever else she does. Those decisions r NOT up to the actress. When the character is Not doing things that we make sense to us, the dissatisfaction is with the writer, Not the actress.

    Again in #295, I wrote:
    “….The problem is definitely with the writer.” Yoon Joo’s char is overshadowing SK. “I’m sure that is not the writer’s intent”. So I was discussing her char in the writing. It might be useful to distinguish between actress and char in viewing n in comments.

    Similarly, in #395, saraSJS was talking abt the char, not the actress.
    So, there shouldn’t be any need to call for her scalp. 🙂

    I had not written 1 single word Against MGY, becos I think MGY is perfectly cast as HSK, the innocent girl who believes in love, n MGY is doing a good job at portraying this girl who becomes defeated by poverty, n decides to marry money. Whether the writer is doing a good job at convincing us that HSK should already be at the breaking point, to give up on her belief in love is Entirely a different matter. As saraSJS so clearly points out in #395, her ‘suffering’ doesn’t feel sufficient to warrant that kind of drastic change in her direction in life. Neither is her supposed poverty.

    Another point:
    Why is it that ppl have been excitedly singing praises of PSH n not so much MGY? It is not becos PSH fans r no good at respecting other fans; it is not becos MGY’s acting is less attractive. It is becos the writer has created an outrageously funny char in the cracked n very childish JTCha, whereas the char of HSK is not written as one that is as easy to jump up and down abt. U know what I mean?

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  406. 406 : KDaddict Says:

    There are MANY Facets to a drama:
    On the technical side, we have:
    1. The writing, story, character creation, char depiction, char growth, story arcs of individual chars, story development, plot points, conflict within the story–most of all, does the conflict ring true, is the conflict sympathetic. All of this is the writer’s job.
    2. Directing–is the director a good story teller, or is he just piecing together segments without considering their flow, the juxtaposition, their suspense? A clear example of poor directing is Dr. Jin. Another one is Jeon Woo Ji.
    3. Editing, cinematography, make-up n costuming, location selection, they all play a role in the outcome of the drama.
    On the non-technical or talent side, we have:
    Casting–is that actor/actress best suited for this char; do the leads for the OTP fit well together; and Acting. That is an amazing small fraction of the whole pie, tho the most impt part for viewers.

    I watch KD for All these facets. For me, they have to all come together to make a really amazing show. The best example of that after all these years IMO is still Winter Sonata. All the parts just fit together perfectly. No wonder it started the Hallyu Wave, n made mega stars of Bae Yong Joon n Choi Ji Woo.

    When I criticize a drama, I’m often talking about one of these many facets. Often it is the writing or directing. It is not becos I’m an anti of any lead. There is nothing that ruins a drama as fast as bad writing or directing. Bad acting to me is more tolerable than a story (or parts there of) that doesn’t make sense.

  407. 407 : maida Says:

    i feel sorry for Seung Jo would he be able to tolerate another betray, he even doesn’t resolve from the first one.
    se kyoung deceive who ?!! what kind of love that makes you do business on the one you love.

  408. 408 : saraSJS Says:

    Thank you for what you said. This is exactly what i think and for this drama the problem is writing. She is the heroine. But why the writer has created her in a way that you want her to fail, to get hit by lightening so SJ can get his revenge. He is too innocent to be abused by these women. He is so immersed in his adorable feelings that he even doesn’t imagine what those white little rabbits, given to him by SK, mean. I watch the drama with my mom and sister and both of them hate her, her two devil friends, her clumsy sister and that stiff Shin Inhwa. All the female characters in this drama have evil side. Why? So it started from Daddy long legs and now innocent man? Where’s ALICE?

  409. 409 : saraSJS Says:

    I want them to defend HSK and her actions. What’s the point of defending MGY when i’m not talking about her. If they can’t differentiate between character and the actor, it’ better they pull their own hair out. Haha.

  410. 410 : maida Says:

    Se kyoug seems that she is u know under drugs , as she is schizophrenic , shocked .i can’t explain what exactly i mean .as she has been hit on her head and she will get back to her personality soon hopefully

  411. 411 : barry Says:

    I like hsk is not naive as all Korean dramas tipyques women, although there is suspense, sj is too naive, but there will be a return medals both sk and sj will suffer !

  412. 412 : tc Says:

    Totally agree with KDaddict (405) when she mentioned the reason for more viewers to comment positively on PSH and not MGY. It is not due to personal dislike of MGY but her character, SK who is supposed to turn into a golddigger and materialistic.

    Come to think of it, SaraSJS(408)’s observation on the bad portrayal of female characters in this drama is so apt. All three female characters ie SK, in Hwa and even YJ are after SJ but none of them are sincere. Poor SJ, especially when he is a real romantic at heart and looking for true love. No wonder he did not want to tell SK his true identity from the onset since he can’t trust women.

    In typical Kdramas, viewers will automatically root for the heroine who will display usual Candy traits personality. However, MGY’s character is totally opposite and the writer’s ability to get the audience to continue rooting for SK despite such a personality will be put to test in the coming episodes.

    Can feel SJ’s hurt when SK rejected him in ep 7 and the chasing scene at end of ep 8 is so very tense. My heart is crying out for SK not to continue her bad path and hurt SJ but then again we are just at mid way of the show and conflicts are just starting to built up. Really miss the earlier fun filled episodes but still love this drama as it has so much heart!

  413. 413 : tc Says:

    This is one of the rare occasions in Kdramas where the second male lead is portrayed in such a bad light. No wonder, the producer had a hard time to find an actor who is willing to accept such role. When Tommy Hong poured the soya sauce on SK’s face, I lost my respect for him. To add salt to injury, he not only eavesdropped on SK’s conversation but actually stole her phone and cracked her password!

    Wonders what he will do to redeem himself in second half of the drama. My sympathy towards YJ increased when she confessed to SK that she actually did love SJ. Also like her growing friendship with SK but this friendship will be put to test when both realized their involvement with SJ. Will YJ help SK to be together with SJ or break them apart?

  414. 414 : bunny Says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO PSH, ALL Cheongdamdong Alice Cast and Everyone here!
    Wishing All LOVE, JOY AND PEACE this Christmas!

    I also got annoyed with HSK after Ep7-8. She is pathetic – losing her good sense and self worth by being so manipulative and calculative.. and hardening her heart to people to achieve wealth?
    Is it so important to get into the rich Cheongdamdong circle when she felt so out of place at the party?
    Is it right to deceive JTC/CSJ and his feelings to achieve her goals?
    Coveting what the rich have is her right (like it is owed to her) and being condescending of people’s stations (those not rich) and feelings justifiable? She is PATHETIC if she pursues the dark way to achieve wealth and hurt CSJ/JTC…. Doc heo dong woo please save him from HSK….

  415. 415 : KDaddict Says:

    On saraSJS’s 408, tc’s 412, 413, bunny’s 414:
    Hear, hear!!!

    I doubt that we are the only ones who feel that way. Just that we say it first. As more ppl finish watching the latest eps (eps7, 8), more ppl will come to feel frustrated w HSK’s actions.
    And it’ll have absolutely nothing to do with MGY, who is only responsible for the acting, albeit good acting, of a poorly-written char. Alice in Wonderland is a adorable char. Alice in CDD, not so much.

    It was actually @unknown unknown who first spoke abt holes in the plot over a week ago. At that pt, I defended the drama, saying that I was willing to overlook those holes to cruise along w a fairytale. Well, when the plot holes r so numerous they make the ride bumpy, you can’t help but notice. And that’s not becos we r anybody’s anti.

  416. 416 : ptsh836 Says:

    @saraSJS: you started d ball rolling in #395 when you let it out of your system n openly criticized d negative points in HSK’s character…

    on d other hand, i had held it within me, too afraid to voice what i did not like in her character…it started when HSK had soy sauce poured down her back…i hated myself when i thought she deserved it! when everyone else was singing such praises abt HSK n MGY’s acting….i truly thank you for coming forward n let us hear it as it is, full faced frankness n all…

    also thanks to KDaddict (#405, 406) for such a thorough lesson in viewing kdramas…greatly appreciates it! also thank you for saying what you saw, just like saraSJS…honestly n with no holds barred…

    i hope there wont be a war of sorts out of this post….peace to all, ‘merry x’mas’

  417. 417 : unknown unknown Says:

    CDDA definitely alluded to Alice in Wonderland – a girl, White Rabbit, falling into the rabbit hole to an amazing place Wonderland/Cheongdamdong. In Cheongdamdong, there are these wierd characters each with own agenda, strange events and most importantly, a lost Alice/HSK battling an identity crisis. Kudos to the Producer/Scriptwriter for coming out with a modern drama referencing to this fairytale storyline.

    However, in my opinion and as constructive criticism, this drama is a little let down by the incompetent scripting. Up to 8 episodes now, I am only enjoying watching Park Shi Hoo. How many viewers, honestly speaking, enjoy watching any of the other characters, notwithstanding the excellent acting skills of Moon Geun Young. The plot is draggy, has many loopholes and has low entertainment value other than the performance of PSH as Jean Thiery Cha. (I can accept loopholes for such dramas but writing into the script that HSK leaving behind her mobile phone at the party is just too preposterous. For someone who uses her mobile so frequently, she did not realise its lost until at home and then still not concerned that she could have lost it at the party. With all the private messages inside the mobile, especially revealing that she already knows that Secretary Kim is the President, she still dares to write a letter to the President JTC as part of her scheme pretending she does not know the truth. This is way unbelievable.)

    Just to give an example of a good similar story-telling prowess: If one is to compare this drama with Secret Garden, which is also a fantasy romantic story of poor girl/rich boy. Secret Garden is credible & punchy, the plot moved on from one stage to another, the protagonists overcame one conflict/obstacle after another hence viewers were not left frustrated with the plot. The leads were also endearing and viewers got absorbed into the romance. No wonder that SeGa remains one of the best dramas of all times.

    I hope CDDA will surprise me in the next few weeks.

  418. 418 : tiffany Says:

    Moonie,,,like you act in cdda…
    When you cry i feel sad 2…fighting moonie.

  419. 419 : saraSJS Says:

    You know all of us afraid of biased fans. I might be one of them, when it comes to my bias, albeit with respect to other party. But if you are talking about the character, there’s no need to get afraid. We are here to voice our opinions about the drama so people can have a little bit of of what’s going on. So be free to say everything you want. We have the right as long as we don’t insult anybody and we respect each other.

    As KDaddict says in 415, slowly lots of people are voicing their disappointment about female characters of this drama.

  420. 420 : tc Says:

    @ unknown unknown (417)

    Agree that SeGa is definitely one of the best dramas of all times but to be fair to CDDA, SeGa has one added element beside romance and comedy ie fantasy in the form of body swapping. Instead of fantasy element, this drama does have doses of realism injected into the plot especially when it portrays the current society of Korea where people are so status and brand conscious. The other difference is SeGa’s female lead has typical heroine traits personality that audience can root all the way whilst CDDA is not meant to portray the conventional Cinderella theme.

    I can accept why MGY’s character can leave her phone behind as she was still in a daze after discovering Sec Kim’s real identity and was struggling with her
    emotions and conflicts on whether she should continue with her mission of forsaking love and old values to become a materialistic woman.

    I think this is the main conflict that the writer is trying to portray in this drama. I suspect future episodes will continue to display HSK’s inner struggles to change her values and beliefs when she loves SJ more. Since this is a rom com, I have confidence that there will be a happy ending for our OTPs.

  421. 421 : saraSJS Says:

    You are so right about Tommy Hong. I even can say he is not the second lead unless he falls in love with SK and that is an unbelievable and absurd thing considering how his and SK’s characters have been portrayed till now. Also, SJ’s doctor and secretary are so adorable and nice that you forget TH. Compare his character with what we see in “I miss you” from Harry. I know we can’t compare these two dramas in any way but there is a formula for the second lead to be loved by people even if he is a villain.

    Great acting+ Good writing+ Pretty face= a villain loved by people.

    Tommy Hong doesn’t have any of these factors.

  422. 422 : KDaddict Says:

    Wow, this thread comes alive all of a sudden!

    My disappointment w the script is many-fold:
    1. If a drama dares to call itself Alice in someplace, I expect it to be more like AiW, the full title of which is actually, Alice’s Adventures in W. I was hoping for ADVENTURES, weird n interesting adventures which get the heroine bewildered. Instead, we get a mention of a rabbit w a pocket watch to introduce her into the world of CDD. That is actually a PIMP they r talking abt. Just calling your pimp a Rabbit doesn’t make your story a take-off on AiW.
    2. I can smell what this story is abt fr 2 weeks ago:
    An innocent girl becoming jaded, wanting to marry money, BUT then finds that she can’t, becos that’s not the kind of person she is. We know she’ll marry JTCha in the end, come hell or hi water. We just have to sit thru the meandering. So it is actually entirely predictable, which doesn’t make it such a wild tale, to warrant its title, does it?
    3. When you have a heroine who hurts the hero’s feelings becos she is a gold digger (even just temporarily), viewers r going to want her to fail. She is not an anti-heroine, just an unsympathetic one; then you really have a problem on your hands.
    4. Compounded to that you’ve 2nd-ary chars that r plastic caricatures (the women, Tommy Hong), the show becomes a one-trick pony, that totally relies on the wackiness n warmth of JTCha. Then it becomes like OhLaLa Couple. The trick turns stale soon enough.
    I’m holding off watching eps 7, 8, cos I don’t want to be upset by the silly plot devices!

  423. 423 : KDaddict Says:

    Secret Garden sure was wonderful!
    Kim Joo Won n JTCha r similarly silly, child-like and funny. Kim Joo Won has a mental age of 15; Cha of 6. But the part of the heroine is as different as morning n night. Gil Ra Im is as kickass a heroine as they come. She is daring, independent, true to herself n her love. We don’t see her trying to sell herself for money even tho she has no parents, lives in a Octapbang, gets paid measly wages to support herself. We are with her every step of the way.
    And what a supporting cast, from Kim Joo Won’s lil sis, his sec, to GRI’s stunt-master, her roommate, all ring true n make lasting impressions on us.
    The script as tc says is truly fantasy-based, so well-envisioned, so well executed, whereas this one is fantasy only in name. I rather prefer its original title: CDD Duck, implying ugly (awkward) ducking lost in CDD. At least it doesn’t send off wrong signals of grandeur.

    There r always those who will say:
    If you don’t like it, just stop watching.
    We watch, we discuss, we compare chars, n dramas. We enjoy the discussion. No disrespect to MGY at all.

  424. 424 : maida Says:

    Sk has been in a relation for 6 years and finally failed bec.of money .her boy friend even take her money and leave .her mam had to sell the house bec.of money .her dad lost her store bec.of money .she had to work an assisstant not a designer as she was hoping for money .her sister skip a semester bec.of money .she has been struggling honestly for years but she has nothing..she somehow lost fai.th in her belief, her principles.lets give her a break to get back to her sense hopefully soon befor sj gets hurt

  425. 425 : bunny Says:

    I think it is too early to compare CDDA to SEGA as we are only mid way through the drama.
    In order for the OTP to have a happy ending, there should be new twists coming up… i.e. love to triumph over wealth pursuit for the heroine.

    CDDA has been entertaining for the last 8 eps with fine acting from all especially PSH.
    The dissatisfaction here is with the heroine (HSK) for reasons pointed out by KDaddict, SJS, tc, ptsh836. After learning the true identity of secretary kim, HSK’s actions are not becoming of a heroine and looks like she may be voted as least desirable female character in the last 2 eps.

    HSK cries that she is no longer a candy but yet after the crying she is non-repentant. She chooses to sink even deeper into the path of lies and deception by 1) sending a fake letter to JTC – “I quit because I like Secretary Kim”; 2) refusing to acknowledge Yoon Joo’s unhappiness and heed her cautioning that she cannot mix love with business; 3) trying to fake a surprised look when JTC came looking for her to confess his true identity..

    I wonder how HSK is going to redeem herself from all her unrelenting selfish & manipulative actions and thoughts.

    Tommy Hong has also won lots of unpopular votes for his despicable actions in Ep8…but perhaps it will be good for TH to tell CSJ the truth soon.

  426. 426 : unknown unknown Says:

    It’s as enjoyable reading and discussing dramas here with fellow viewers as watching the dramas themselves.

    Hi @tc #420

    Thanks for responding to my comments.

    I agree with you that SeGa and CDDA are different in many aspects but I was trying to compare the storytelling prowess of the scriptwriters. I find CDDA plodding along unusually slowly – between episode 2 and episode 8, so little of the plot has developed. All the funny acts of JT Cha filled up the screen time (which we enjoyed watching and hence continue to watch). The rest of the casts moved in and out as caricatures; and some of them with rather inconsistent characterizations too.

    To add to what I have said earlier and see if there are others with a different opinion/insight: While I am usually not too fussy about sensibilities of the plot of such modern dramas, I find it preposterous that the scriptwriter wrote that part about HSK’s mobile phone. When the scene showed her leaving it behind at the party, I totally attributed that to the daze that she was in at that time. However, she went on to meet her friend at the cafe, went to her old school to write down the 10 points in her notepad, went to the bottom of JT Cha’s apartment to ponder, went home to write that scheming letter to JT Cha, finally discover the lost of phone, then went out with Seo Yoon Joo to the expensive suite to chat and the next day deliver the letter and clothes to JT Cha’s office. All these without being concerned about the lost of mobile phone possibly at the party? We are talking about an adult woman and her frequently used mobile phone, particularly containing her friend’s revealing SMS, particularly when she is scheming to get JT Cha by pretence. How credible is that?

  427. 427 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    a BIG ADVANTAGE for CDDA next week since MQ had already ended! 🙂

  428. 428 : Jangan Kalut Says:

    Tommy Hong character seems “weird”. It’s like a writer acting in the drama he/she wrote and then telling the audience “this/that is how it is or will be…”

  429. 429 : cass Says:

    I really don’t like to discuss how the drama is written for we already know what character each of the actors/esses are portraying. All I am curious about is how these actors/esees will portray them. As far as PSH is concerned he nailed every act and he is believable ( a lunatic in love both in the past and present. Moon Guen’s character is just that a candy girl turning into a golddigger cuz of some event that happened to her and her family circumstances. This is just drama and so I will not sweat it. I will enjoy the chemistry and whatever storyline the writers have concocted to make us all crazy about it. It is Dramaland better than LALALAND in my oipinion. MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL.

  430. 430 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    The story of the drama does not make any sense at all. Disappointed.

  431. 431 : ms.alice Says:

    the story of the drama are really exciting……hindi na talaga ako makapaghintay para sa susunod na episodes…….

  432. 432 : tc Says:

    @unknown unknown (426)

    Yes, agree with your comment that HSK took too long to realize that she lost her phone at the party. I think the writer has deliberately created this opportunity for TH to clue in on what’s happening between HSK and SJ and he will be definitely be the catalyst to break them up by revealing the truth to SJ. Hope he will do this quickly in next episode and we can then watch the aftermath of how HSK can redeem herself to regain SJ’s trust.

    The ironic part about earlier episodes is that despite your comment on the slow plot development, I really like these eps the best coz it set up the love story of how our HSK/SJ fall in love naturally. All the cussing and complaints start after watching ep 8 because the viewers are already shipping the OTP and do not like HSK’s manipulative and deliberate ways of hurting SJ.

  433. 433 : tc Says:


    Yes, it’s better to hold on watching ep 7-8 until ep 9-10 are released as you will get really frustrated and angry with HSK. To make it worse, PSH really acted well in portraying a man that has fallen hopelessly in love and was laying out his emotions openly and vulnerably to the audience in ep 7-8.

    His awesome acting in CDDA must have helped him indirectly in winning the poll conducted in Korea recently for ” the Man that women want to date on Christmas Day” . Last year’s award was won by Hyun Bin whilst PSH clinched it this round beating several other top male actors .

  434. 434 : Candy came Says:

    Park shi Hoo is doing great!

  435. 435 : Violet88 Says:

    First of all i totally agree with “426 unknown unknown” and “432 tc” that it does not seem logical HSK are not aware of her lost phone and the possibility that she lost it at the party, and also the fact that her phone contain very important info that might reveal her true motive towards CSJ should the phone fall to the unintended party.

    Secondly, I do not understand the reason why HSK still continue with her “transformation” plan despite knowing that Secretary Kim that she likes is actually the President that she has been aiming for.. isn’t that fact actually turn out to be better for her since she does not have to sacrifice her love towards Secretary Kim in order to achieve her goal to be Cheongdamdong’s wife, in fact she can kills two birds with one stone rite?
    i think HSK and her best friend’s plan is absurd and bring more damage to her than good..
    i am talking about HSK character, not MGY coz she is my all-time favourite korean actress..

  436. 436 : Waye Says:

    It is indeed a very good movie if you watch carefully. It digs deep down inside one’s inner life and gives solution as well. It really is a fantastic drama.

  437. 437 : hny Says:

    well.. I agree with all my friends comment abt HSK character in ep 7 makes so many Q in my head too!! but still PSH n other char like Ah Jung n secr.Moon also Dong Wook makes me enjoy the show.. esp the sweet kiss 😀

    @ tc .. I feel the same for SJ, she increase my sympathy when she confessed that she love CSJ and told her love story to SK, as immature woman HSK should be able to examine and analyze SYJ story to increase his knowledge so she not repeat a same mistake. And not only think that all the problems of life will lost when she get into Cheongdamdong.
    like @saraSJS said Where’s ALICE?……………………Alice was ride a bicycles in front of my house ,hhehehe 😀 (‘Merry X’mas everyone)

  438. 438 : yeeling Says:

    nomu nomu chu a~~~~~ so nice storyline!!!!

  439. 439 : KDaddict Says:

    @kdrama_fan sums it up succinctly in #430:
    “The story of the drama does not make any sense at all. Disappointed.”
    13 words get to the gist of the matter.

    That’s what is called a lousy plot point.

    I envy those who can enjoy a drama “whatever story line the writers concoct”, without requiring that the story make sense. So much easier to enjoy oneself that way. 😉

    It is too early to compare CDDA w SG IFF we r comparing their quality n level of satisfaction as finished products. It is not too early to compare the ways the 2 stories r set up and the way the chars r drawn. The glaring problem here is that Alice is venturing into the territory that is not worthy of a heroine. We mentioned a host of less major ones.

    I’m holding out hope that ep 9, 10 will make some sense. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait till eps 11, 12. If even they r frustrating, I’ll just come back at the end of the series to see HSK get her comeuppance, learn her lesson, n come to her senses.
    First I waited for Song Joong Ki to appear in a drama, n got Nice Guy, with a cast of emotionally unsound chars that I couldn’t get behind, so I had to skip that show. Then there is PSH as a endearing char in this annoying vehicle! Fortunately, there is School 2013 n IMY. I was loving KoD until they give it an extension, n Anthony Kim blindness in one stroke. Yeeeks.

  440. 440 : tiffany Says:

    I’m still youre big fans,,,i love youre act.

  441. 441 : barry Says:

    Ah…. Double standard for men and women. I am for parity so let her be as manipulative as she wants. Just give me a smart woman and it’s OK with me: She was dumb in the beginning withe her ex and THAT is infuriating to me. If she can dodge the bullet of the bratty princess too, then she will become 1 of my favorite (anti) heroines.

  442. 442 : barry Says:

    I’ve been half invested in this drama but now I think I’m gonna definitely watch it. Because I’m honestly SO sick of these perfect candy heroines that you can find 100 in a dozen in Korean dramaland. I want a female lead who is dark, who has flaws (other than being overtly cute), who does selfish, manipulative, mean things. As you say, male leads do this all the freakin’ time and audience loves them. But hey, when a female lead does even a little bit of it, then SHE is the despicable and hateful one.

    Blah. This is what I want. Go on, Se-Kyung, be different. Just for a change.

  443. 443 : ilovekimchi Says:

    Thank you so much . I loved reading your insights and everyone else’s thoughts. I enjoy the discourse this drama is encouraging. It’s been a long time since I was last so invested in a drama. I myself am surprised at how affected I was seeing SeKyung take that route and make that conscious decision to be manipulative and cunning. No one here is painted black or white. Everyone is flawed — from the very beginning, we saw a petty and vindictive Seung jo albeit portrayed comically and and depicted as coming for a heartbroken soul. Then we have SeKyung who was seemingly morally intact in the beginning becoming grayer and grayer. You are right in saying that knowledge –about ourselves or otherwise—can be destructive. The crux of, in my opinion, of SeKyung’s internal conflict is now she can’t love purely out of love anymore. It is now colored with her greed and motivations to marry rich and be a Cheongdam dong wife. It is because she can’t see CJS only as secretary Kim but sees him as her way out and as a means to have a better life. That even if she has genuine feelings for him, she will also still be using him. What I think Moon does so beautifully is showing us SeKyung’s vulnerabilities. I think PSH is adorable providing us much needed with comic relief. But I think he also does a brilliant job in showing CSJ’s insecurities. I too like where the trajectory of the story is taking us. My heart broke a little bit after watching this episode. It wasn’t easy to watch, and I felt a gnawing sense of dread and anxiety in the pit of my stomach afterwards. When the next half of the story unravels SeKyung and SeungJo ‘s road to redemption, I hope it will do justice to what I think is an awesome premise and character buildup. This is certainly not the first time we’ve had an atypical heroine, but still, kudos to the writers and their audacity and congratulations to MGY and PSH to play these roles with wonders, and I can not see anybody else like them both!

  444. 444 : NOA Says:

    yes I understand now why MGY decided to play alice it changes any heroin, I wait to see what will happen next for our OTP!

  445. 445 : moonLOVER Says:

    Right now,I can’t read the comments that u guys posted few days a go coz it’s too long and i don’t have much time at the moment.May be i’ll read evening and reply again 🙂 lol

    Btw, i wanna share the opinion and thought of MGY about CDDA. After watching episode 8 i really want to hate our heroine SK. Anyways, thx God that gave me a chance to re-read and realize SK character!

    Moon Geun Young BAZAAR Interview~Talks about Cheongdamdong Alice….

    1. Seriously, it’s not a arrogant, but I mean ‘I’m the only one who can do this.

    2. She( SK ) is not a typical character
    who is always just bright at everything.

    3. So I hope people to watch it and cry, get angry, get annoyed,
    swear profusely, get rid of stress, and be pleased
    because of this.

    4. I (Mgy) wanna assimilate myself to their[ordinary people’s] life
    rather than to show something, this time.

    My opinion,
    Ofcourse! I’m really get angry and annoyed by SK (how dare she did to pure SJ) eventhough i’m the biggest bias fan of MGY. So, i think MGY can portray her character well in this drama! If we hope CDDA not as a cliche’ way drama, we also have to accept dark side heroine(Alice) too ^~^

    Happy X’mas to you all! Fighting CDDA !!

  446. 446 : KDaddict Says:

    I agree that MGY is doing a good job in her role. And it’d be interesting to see where HSK goes from here–writing a sham letter to JSCha. 😉

  447. 447 : tc Says:


    Really like your insights into HSK’s character. After rewatching ep 8, I understand her more. She was so disillusioned with her life and came to the realization that hard work alone will not yield desired results.

    Her behaviour does reflect the inner dark parts of us that most of us refuse to admit that we have – greed and opportunistic. We keep on condemning her but to be honest, who to say that we will not take the same path like HSK if such opportunity exists? Both YJ and In Hwa’s characters are also flawed but realistic and display the predictable behaviors of current modern society that is so consumption driven and materialistic.

  448. 448 : saraSJS Says:

    I don’t agree that SK is showing human being’s dark side. What’s about her is dark? She ‘s not suffering and is living just like anyone else in the world. If she has tried her best and still hasn’t succeed, she can try another way. Has she tried another way or just insisted n being a designer when she can’t? What give us the right to hurt others just because we think the world is not fair enough for us and not for anything but for money? I don’t get the writer’s paradoxical ideas. Inchan had debts, lost his mom, his love, his job and even his country because of money. But he chose to leave and start a new fresh life. What SK has lost comparing to him? She just wants to wear designer clothes, jewels, have designer bag, goes to every where she wants, stays at a luxury hotel room and achieve them by tricking others and stepping on her conscious. So her situation is not worse enough to make her do this dirty work of hurting others. The scene with her and YJ in luxury hotel room was the most shallow scene of the drama. “I promised myself to stay at this suite next Christmas” YJ tells SK. Are women this short-minded and what JTC says is right and selling designer bags is all about playing with women’s minds? I don’t like how empty-minded and stupid woman are portraying in this drama.

  449. 449 : saraSJS Says:

    Correction *are being portrayed.

  450. 450 : sahel Says:

    witch one is better i miss you or innocent man? please answer me

  451. 451 : sahel Says:

    why innocent man is not in Most Shared Drama (Top 30)? this is better than of The Greatest Love or pasta or Glory Jane and ….

  452. 452 : Orion Says:

    The most sensitive and kind people make the meanest villains. It’s because those people are fully aware of good and bad and just how evil it is to be wicked through your own decision and not through ignorance.

    Se Kyung cried because she was aware of what she was becoming. And in order to not be broken and just die, a former-kind person needs to become even more wicked. You accept it and learn to hate yourself. You become as cold as possible, to keep that little voice, which knows what is right, at bay.

    I agree that Se Kyung will not deserve Seung Jo if she keeps manipulating him. I am hoping he will learn of her plan before she’s completely lost down the rabbit hole and guide her back to her old self. This is one case where getting angry at her will not help. That only helps when people don’t fully understand what they’ve done. Se Kyung knows it. Very well. She needs someone who can see through her deception and manipulate her back, to show her why this type of life is not rewarding. I feel Seung Jo is too immature and naive to properly help her, but I can hope.

    The same goes for Yoon Joo. If a person has been used and seen the dark side of society, rejection is just an excuse to hate more. If her husband does find out and hates her for it, it will just reaffirm her views that the world is wicked and love is not something worth bothering with. I think these women both need to see that a life without money might be painful, but a life without love is not even worth having. A little honest love and forgiveness would give them wings.

  453. 453 : saraSJS Says:

    Both of them are melodramas with heavy plot, exaggerated reality and tearful moments. Similarities: great cast and great acting, great music, good directing and beautiful cinematography. Differences: Innocent man could be better, could explore the plot deeper, could give an opportunity to viewer to understand the difference between dark love and true love but despite its strong points it failed to reach our expectations. On the other hand, I miss you is doing a better job in answering the question of how love can affect your unconscious mind and how your situation can turn your love to a dark, unhealthy, possessive and out of need, out of guilty one. Watch both and choice is yours.

  454. 454 : saraSJS Says:

    We haven’t seen any proof showing YJ has been used or seen the dark side of society. She was the same wicked person from the beginning. She started from seducing SK’s boyfriend, then approached SJ for money, used him and married her current husband just because of money and a better social statue. Now why she should be forgiven when the choice for being good or evil was hers? I would agree with you if the plot worked a bit more on female characters rather than portraying them as mere gold diggers. They both know their life without love is not worth living but as you see they call the love “crisis”.

    SJ has seen the darkest side of the society, lost his trust in love and women and has been suffering like a kid. Still he is true with himself. Even after getting his childish revenge, he feels empty. Then meeting a girl who’s ready to scarify herself for her love, helps him get healed. Now, how he will feel, if she stabs him on the same spot again? Should he forgive her?

  455. 455 : Orion Says:

    @saraSJS YJ with his experience and scored on his book evil lol ! And SK do not yet know what SJ has lived the past !
    Yep. If someone has lived tough days due to money (and I mean “I have no food” days, not “I can’t buy a new designer bag” days), they know exactly where she’s coming from and how she feels. How many of us would be tempted to gain quick money? How far would our lives go before we end up just like her?

    This series is so sad, because it rings true for many young people in modern societies. It’s also sad because, unlike Se Kyung, no rich kind awesome man is coming to save us. So we also know how much we’d appreciate it if such a person came along. We are Se Kyung. She is we.

    Which is why it’s possible for her character to be so misguided without alienating audiences and losing their support. We’re just seeing things from an outsider’s point and we can see where this is headed. People involved in a situation often have the least proper grasp of it.

    And in a country like Korea, where relationships sometimes still cling to a business-like nature, imagine how many poor women try hard just to land a rich guy. I think exploring what a person has to sacrifice for such a life is worth making a drama out of. Compared to most kdrama themes, this is actually based on reality and not some fairytale notion. It gets people thinking right from episode one and that’s more than most Korean series achieve in their entire run.

  456. 456 : Abbi Kay Says:

    Agree with you 100%! Here’s my 2cents:

    I think Se Kyung’s character is refreshing and more real than many k-drama heroines who tend to either be uncommonly dense or too “angelic” and upright to be even remotely believable. (Case in point: Go Eun Sung in ‘Shining Inheritance’ or even Dong Yi in, well…’Dong Yi.’ [Note: I’m not criticizing Han Hyo Joo, folks] I swear, you could burn down Dong Yi’s ancestral home, slaughter her cats and cut both of her arms, and this chick will look at you with candid warmth and say, “I forgive and I love you. Here, take all my life’s savings and Godspeed! blah blah blah”…Get real!).

    While I don’t endorse going ape**** whenever anything unseemly occurs in one’s life, there are natural and predicatable human reactions to particularly unfavorable events. Se Kyung’s recent behavior and her motives grind on our nerves, because 1) gold-digging is typically vulgar and cheap and 2) because we’ve become sympathetic towards the valiant Seung Jo (who has won our hearts). Yet, Se Kyung’s behavior appears more believable than entirely diabolical.

    No kidding, gold-digging is not an honorable lifestyle, but those who are excessively criticizing her seem too high in the instep and self-righteous. Se Kyung has busted her but for years with little to nothing to show for it in terms of career advancement. She’s seen how poverty can drive people to new lows (aka boyfriend) and wants to avoid feeling the pangs of poverty. If any of us are ever in her ex-bf’s position or know someone they loved that has been living in that position, would we all HONESTLY be strong enough to say, ‘I will endure it even if there is no way out of it’? I hope I wouldn’t be among those who would choose the gold-digging route, but I’m not entirely positive that I would say ‘no’ if an opportunity came along to rid me of such problems, if ever I were in such a situation (God forbid).

    I’m currently reading ‘Vanity Fair’ and the plot synopsis drives an excellent point: Do we blame the opportunist or the society that makes opportunism necessary? As much as I loathe Rebecca Sharp, can I say that I don’t understand what has driven her to lead such a life? Only the best among us are above taking the easy path when hope disappears, but not many of us are among the best.

    So while I don’t support how Se Kyung chooses to move up in the world (and I refuse to fault her for trying for a better life), I cannot hate her either…or even Yoon Joo, for that matter. Se Kyung is not truly evil, and there is redemption for her yet, since she hasn’t sunken beyond repair.

    No, I’m not a smug, crusading moralist bent on proving her point (at least I don’t think I am), and I really do not want to appear as a hypocrite judging others while perched comfortably on her social pedestal. I just want to emphasize how easy and common it is to say ‘this and that’ is wrong about others when we’ve never lived in their shoes. I thoroughly enjoy watching Se Kyung’s character unfold, as she seems surprised herself at what she’s capable of doing as much the viewers.

    …our maybe I’m Se Kyung’s champion simply because I’m Moon Geun Young’s ultimate fan so that no matter who she plays in dramas, she can do no wrong in my eyes.

    hmmm, I wonder…
    (anyway, can’t wait for next week’s episode…I’m watching Ohlala Couple to pass the time)

    thanks for your awesome comment, Orion and ilovekimchi. I enjoyed reading it and felt that I understood SK more afterwards.

  457. 457 : rearwindow Says:

    I fully agree with you. Another thing: I think people have forgotten (or at least, they aren’t mentioning) how incredibly disillusioned Se Kyung must be when it comes to love. Not long ago, she was in a long-term loving relationship with someone who she fully expected to marry, where all aspects of the relationship were fulfilling for her (except their mutual lack of money, but from her perspective love was vastly more important to her than money). By all accounts it was a mature, balanced kind of love…but she lost it all–not only did she lose it all, he screwed her over royally–because of money.

    I think most adults at some point in their lives will come to the realization that love alone is not enough, that many things–such as ideals, life goals, families, values, and yes, money–have an impact on a relationship. It’s easy for us to judge her decisions from our perspective, but given that she just came out of a 6 year relationship where she made all of the “right” decisions and was rewarded for it by being abandoned (and robbed!) by a man who was in all other respects a “good guy,” I don’t blame her for taking the cynical route.

  458. 458 : feane Says:

    sigh, the cover looks so sweet and innocent but the plot itself is so much more heartbroken and sensitive and heavy and… I can’t even describe what I’m feeling. Se Kyung is a refreshing not that typical female character, also Seung Jo (although I already knew since The Princess’ Man what a great actor Park Shi Hoo is).

    I laughed alot the first half (haven’t laughed that much at all in a long time during a drama) but the actual problem weighs much more. It’s not just the big drama this series will face in its final stage, but also that you can sympathize with all of them, understand their decisions and behavior and everything so far :/

  459. 459 : Abbi Kay Says:



    I forgot about how glaringly disillusioned Se Kyung must be about love after her ex unceremoniously laid a wad of douchebaggery at her feet.

    Can you imagine?!

    He might as well have peed on her head for added effect. That unfortunate episode with hewhoshallnotbementioned made it a little easier for her to use Seung Jo, I guess. I wonder how far she is willing to take it even though she is beginning to feel plagued by guilt.

    Misadventures in love can cause many people (especially women) to take leave of their senses.

    I don’t blame her for taking the cynical route either.And as I also think the authors with their boldness we show that the marriage is not only based on love, not money, but the money must be taken into account, the message here is realistic!

  460. 460 : KDaddict Says:

    Life is full of shades of gray.
    How much suffering one needs to endure before one’s turn to the dark side is deemed ‘justifiable’ is a measure of our sense of morality. If having lived “No money for a designer bag days” is an acceptable cause of throwing good principles n good sense out the window, then it’d include 99% of the world’s females. If having experienced a “douche bag” boyfriend is a legitimate cause, it’d include most of us too.
    One time sb said to me on this site that “Well, you just have too hi a std of morality”. First, there is nothing wrong w having a high std of morality. It is also entirely possible that it’s not my std of morality that is hi, but the prevailing one that is low.
    Second, quite apart fr the matter of morality, it is usually not good sense to Target a rich guy to marry. As YJ tells SK fr experience, that is wrought w problems of its own kind. You r just swapping money problems w other kinds of heartbreak. I read a quote somewhere that says: “If money can solve your problems, those are not real problems. It is the problems that money can’t solve that’ll kill you.”

    Of course the money has to be taken into acct. None of us wants to marry a pauper. But an upright, capable young man, who has brains, good work ethic and/or a good education can go a long way, Provided of course that he doesn’t have a mother w a chronic disease that drains money faster than Niagara, in a society that doesn’t have good medical insurance, public or private. Ha ha.

  461. 461 : KDaddict Says:

    We’ve all had it up to here w angelic protagonists who r as forgiving as Mother Teresa. It is hi time they get real abt it in KDs. It is a good thing that they take a departure from those insufferable goodie-two-shoes type. That is not the issue. Rather, it is the treatment here of that change in the protagonist: it is acceptable and rings true to some, while crude n unconvincing to others. We can all agree to disagree, shake hands, and enjoy this drama, each in our own way. 🙂

  462. 462 : KDaddict Says:

    If there was a delete button, I’d delete #460. Don’t want to start a word war on Morality. I re-read it after it came out, n see that it might mean sth that I didn’t intend. Didn’t mean to imply that those who like Alice have any morality issues. Pls ignore it. It’d be nice if admin could delete it. TQ.

  463. 463 : jude Says:

    I have a mixed feeling about this episode. I kinda miss this drama being happy and nutty as its previous episodes. This one episode annoyed me so much that I want to throw something at the screen.

    But on the other hand, I feel strangely satisfied by this drama’s potrayal of Se Kyung’s character. A manipulative Candy who knows what she needs to do in order to get what she wants is somehow feels more real to me than that Candy I used to read in manga or watch in any other dramas – you know, the Candy who still has a heart of gold even after people throws stuffs at her?

    Yeah. Human never works like that. Nobody is that kind. So I applaud the writers to actually paint Se Kyung like a real human being.

  464. 464 : moonLOVER Says:

    #442,#443,#447, well done! Your comments are great and can realize the story line deeper. You guys make my day 🙂

    I know CDDA is way different than other K-drama.

    1. Female lead is not typical heroine as we used to see in KD land. I know most of the heroine are loved by viewers. But, CDDA heroine might get anti-fan if we don’t understand the goal of CDDA. I wish we all can understand the goal at the end of CDDA @@
    2. Male lead’ character is also unexpectedly chaning. Most of the viewers predict that our hero will be ice-princess as usual but…….
    Anyways, we LOL alot because of him! How cute he’s!

    3. Second female lead,
    Oop, she became frenemy with our heronie(may be it’s my first time) it’s till episod 8 but she’s still good relationship with our heroine..let’s fight together to the end.

    4. Second male lead, how cruel he is. There’re alot of people who think that he could be our heroine white rabbit 🙂 LOL…me too. Ha ha, let’s be here. Now, the one i know exactly is he never will be second lead who loves and help our heroine.

    Ok, i know CDDA is different but you guys show the perfect meaning of CDDA. You guys are really awesome! God bless and Happy X’mas!

    My opinion,

    This drama could be the first step changing of K drama land too! It’s never perfect for the first time to change something. Let’s understand and cheer for CDDA ^^

  465. 465 : moonLOVER Says:

    oop, forget to put, #452,#455, #456,#457,#458,#459 and #463 really good points and awesome comments!

    Btw, @ KD-addict i respect ur opinion too! Thx you!

  466. 466 : tc Says:

    Wow, this thread is so alive! Whether viewers like or dislike this drama, CDDA has succeeded in getting the audience interested and rouse so many opinions and emotions, really fan the fire here.

    I have not had this feeling of being obsessed with a drama for quite a while, not even when watching Nice Guy which clinically have all the right ingredients yet somehow I just could not connect to the OTP emotionally. This is really addictive! Yes as KDaddict said, lets enjoy this drama in our own way.

  467. 467 : tigerb Says:

    @saraSJS #454: hi! i never thought that this series would be so controversial, after reading this thread! i honestly wish that the story line would continue to be entertaining, meaning ‘fun’, although i suspected that it would turn differently in the following episodes. anyway, i cannot comment like the others but will follow through until the end of the series.

    pardon my ignorance as i am approaching you again with a query: what exactly does it mean when this website says “most shared drama”? i did ask admin before but i did not get a very clear response. thanks, my friendly ‘wikipedia’!

  468. 468 : saraSJS Says:

    With respect to you all. Having a discussion ,not an argument,without using any insulting word is the sign of civilization. I’m glad we all are civil and this thread is alive and peaceful.

    I’m just curios of one point. Put your love for the actress or actor aside and just and only judge the character. Imagine the character is your neighbor whom you don’t like either and s/he is falling into darkness only because of “i don’t have designer bag days”. How will you judge her/him?

  469. 469 : HyungJun Says:

    yes all of your opinion are right. good person must be cheer…go fighting

  470. 470 : teone Says:

    I myself badly for SJ but I hope that they will know the truth when he thinks that YJ told him about his new girlfriend, and he could understand why SK acted like that! Sk but I do not think it will go to the end of his madness, I think ^ ^

  471. 471 : karen Says:

    SeCHA couple fighting

  472. 472 : karen Says:

    @ saraSJS
    Lol ^^ i have no idea to judge! What about you?

  473. 473 : kate Says:

    You’re perfect for me my moon. And you deal with ur promise! Ofcourse,your choice, ALICE is perfect 🙂 🙂 fighting

  474. 474 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s a nice way to put it.
    For me, what my neighbor does is her business. But if it was myself, my little sister or my daughter, I’d hope I have or she has more gumption than to give up on a marriage based on love after one failed love affair, and IMO, it wasn’t even such a bad love affair. The guy explained to her w sincerity why they’d have no future together, he wanted a fresh start unencumbered, he suggested that she find a better man, then he left. I do think that the writer went overboard in having the guy take off with the 5M won in her acct. Mind u, she HAD actually given it to him, so he didn’t cheat her out of it. Is that really so hurtful that she has to become completely disillusioned abt love?

    Like I wrote, poorly this morning, as I was in a big rush to get out the door, Life is full of shades of gray. I’m not that satisfied with the way the writer poses the Qn abt Alice’s choice, as if it were a matter of black n white: 2 Extremes: Pure girl who loves a pauper (1 extreme), changes into a Gold-digger who targets rich men to marry n is willing to lie n manipulate the Definitive Romantic Cha Seung Jo (the opposite extreme) overnight. Viewer, are you on board or not on board?
    Well, put that way, I’m afraid I find it too crude. However, if the direction of her change wasn’t 180 degrees, I’d be more able to understand, to accept.
    Embedded herein is the matter of one’s moral compass, how much suffering one thinks justifies giving up on one’s principle (let’s not call it an ideal, which is such an intimidating word), and how much deviation from that principle is acceptable under those circumstances.
    Mixed in here is also a matter of one’s taste and expectation in KD.
    I know that, ultimately, this is not fine art, so asking that it has the subtlety of say, a world class literary work is unfair. So I think I’ll just sit back, relax, take it w a big pinch of salt, n enjoy the performances of 2 fine stars.

  475. 475 : bird Says:

    Don’t give extension to dramas, plz. They become silly.

  476. 476 : unknown unknown Says:

    Can some kind viewer here please explain to me why Seo Yoon Joo is constantly crying, trembling and frightened to the extend of crouching by the staircase. She was being introduced as the high society trophy wife, life long master manipulator and expert gold digger, so good at it that she has compiled a manual/guide to Cheongdamdong success. Granted that she was afraid to be exposed as having lived with JT Cha in Paris or has asked for his father’s help to get a job to meet rich men but what is the big deal? Why would these two be bothered to expose her even if they become related by marriage? Wouldn’t she be smart enough to deal with this if it happened? Have I missed something?

  477. 477 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m guessing that her husband married her under the impression that she loves him, not his money, that she loves him n only him, that she has ever only loved one man n that is him, n will never ever love another, n that she hasn’t been married before. So she might be afraid that if he finds out that one of the above is not true, then all of it is not true–her house of cards will come tumbling down, and he will no longer want her.
    Her former ‘marriage’ will bring shame to his house. Her MIL doesn’t look like the type who will take her history lying down. She’ll be chucked out, n she’ll be back where she started, down in the dumps. That should be enough to have her trembling like a leave in the wind?

  478. 478 : KDaddict Says:

    Your pt is well taken.
    This is a materialistic age, whichever country we live in. Young ppl esp. bow to peer pressure. It’s the junior staff in the office who carry the LV bags. Ironically, the senior staff members who can afford them w ease don’t bother. It is a sad comment on society when a drama puts up a protagonist who feels compelled to sell herself for money, not for food, but for superfluous luxury items. It brings us back to JTCha’s opening speech to his marketing team.
    I’ve a feeling this will be a cautionary tale to young women when Alice finds out the true cost of selling her soul for the ability to afford NY’s Eve in a hotel, a brand name bag, cruising in CCD, or what nought.

  479. 479 : ma Says:

    This drama is too good, too good 🙂

  480. 480 : unknown unknown Says:

    Thanks, @KDaddict #477!

    See how I couldn’t fathom Seo Yoon Joo’s mannerism and how laboriously you had to explain it to me. Same for Tommy Hong’s character – illogical. He is a big time designer, respectable businessman (albeit a go between), legitimate looking office set up with professional looking staff/secretaries. Then, he stole someone’s mobile phone and a staff actually cracked the passcode for him to access HSK’s messages/phone records – all done without anyone batting an eyelid. Is there any decency there? Are all the staff crooks as well?

    Hence, I think all the controversies that we are discussing in these pages are due to poor characterizations. I won’t be surprised for the next few weeks, there will be more idiosyncrasies with the story 🙂

    (By the way, I love MGY – no quarrels there. :-))

  481. 481 : Nana Says:

    PSH never dissapoint me, Just love him ^^

  482. 482 : saraSJS Says:

    @unknown unknown-480
    To add to what you said about TH, he just has been portraying as a man with inferiority complex who just wants to raise his social statue by using others as his ladder and although the writer is trying to show he is a famous designer, what we see is a pimp. If you think of him, he can be the male version of future SK. All the characters of this drama are greedy for money. They remind me of Thénardiers. They are a bit toooo materialistic to be real and logical.

  483. 483 : Orion Says:

    I have to say though, while I do feel sorry for Seung Jo, he is clearly too naive about people and the world. I think it will do him good to see what life is really like for people. He did have a bad love and he did have to become successful again on his own, but he had the means to do it. It feels as if his bad relationship and his fight with his father did not make him mature as a person. He’s still a child who has daddy issues and cries over the girl who left him. He’s not a man yet.

    I want to see this really wake him up. Because that is the problem with a lot of rich people. They just can’t fathom the things in life that are really painful for most. Some can’t and won’t help because of it and those who do know what life is about have become too bitter or arrogant to help.

    As mean as it sounds, I want him to get hurt again. Because, this time, he really needs to listen. And understand. He’s not entirely the victim with Yoon Joo. She had a point in what she told him as well. A puppy love that blinds you is not love. It’s infatuation. Love is “getting” a person. All of them. Not just their “Candy” version. He needs to see and learn and mature. Then he can use his innocence properly to help the person he likes this time around.

    Thank you for your lovely comment too. And everyone here. I love seeing people capable and willing to be open-minded and really think about their entertainment and life. It’s something which often seems to be missing from the fans of Asian Entertainment. I am filled with hope and joy when I read such comments. Even the ones I disagree with, as long as they’re so well thought-out.

    I do fully agree with you though.

  484. 484 : Ponpon Says:

    I agree, especially with your views on Cha Seung-jo. I loved his crazy and naive reactions to falling in love again especially because he is the type to love in its entirety and I really liked that aspect of this character. However, by the end of this episode I realised that what we initially understood as naivete on his part has been transformed into insecurity with his insistent need for validation from others regarding his actions and feelings. I am amazed that the drama was able to make me adore Cha Seung-jo so completely for the first 7 episodes, to being a little annoyed at his behaviour, a little disturbed at the extent of his mental anguish, and feel extreme pity regarding his present and future circumstances (if indeed Han Se-kyung uses him for her ambitions which seems pretty likely at this stage *sigh*)

    I do not hate Han Se-kyung, I just hate her decisions and I hope she starts to understand that trying to be a Cheong-dam dong wife and daughter in-law is not the best path she could take, especially if she has to live every second of it being deceptive and manipulative and cause others around her pain. Can you imagine how exhausting that would be, I mean we have Yoon-joo as a perfect example. And although I never really cared for Yoon-joo in the beginning, seeing her become so tormented by what is happening around her, the foundation that she has built for herself crumbling before her eyes without having enough power to control it, is almost heartbreaking, despite the fact that she brought it on herself by being manipulative in the first place.

    So I have too many mixed feelings about this show since it makes me question how I am suppose to feel for each of our characters. It was a pretty unsatisfactory episode indeed.

  485. 485 : morgane Says:

    Hmm, SK is also brokenheart!

    Her long time boyfriend just dumped her because of money and she realized love isn’t everything….


    ”Those guys are always portrayed as cold and arrogant either because they are immature or broken hearted or even both. They never KNOW exactly how bad they are behaving until it’s redemption time”

    Well, what about the cold/jerk guys who treat girls as trash because they once were good and caring boyfriend but the second girl left them and they turned cold and jerk because of it until they find the candy girl who makes them change?

    I guess you guys forget how SJ thought about women, on episode one we saw his point of view … but he started to change once he found SK.

    SK here is like the many male leads who were once lovely and sweet before broking up with their girl.

    Look SK, she was lovely and sweet with her boyfriend, but he dumped her and took her money!!! So like the many lead guys we saw already in kdramas, she also doesn’t believe in love anymore like she did, and is turning cold and selfish like many male leads did in kdramas already. The only difference is that this time is the girl the cold one and the naive and fool in love this time is the guy – SJ.

  486. 486 : miss unknown Says:

    I agree! I don’t really understand why people are not liking this episode, but to be honest, it needs to happen and thank god the writer is letting one of the lie exposed!!! I was first confused with why SK left the party, but I finally understood why when Tommy Hung explain the story and that SK is actually using that as a way to get to SJ’s heart!!! the writer is really brilliant here!
    By the way, this is a rom-com, but I am really worrying about where the story is gonna go because right now, I don’t know how the story is gonna unfold without tears….b/c we all know that SJ is already on medication with depression from his lost of love with YJ, now you have SK is trying to gain his love b/c of his money…but then SK also loves SJ, but she can’t really let him knows her why all along she wanted to meet the President (himself…)…
    Also, if you watch SK’s scene at her school with her 10 lists, it’s really sad…. she has already change into someone else, but here’s somebody who’s in love with her old identity, she can’t simply just tells him because 1) she’ll push away her love for him 2) she’ll also push away her new goal in life because she has realized that life is not that easy without money… 3) Now, she has to live like herself in order to gain the life that she needs in order to support herself and her family…

  487. 487 : KDaddict Says:

    Tommy Hung is a designer who wears English designer clothes! What does that tell you abt him as a designer? 😉
    He procures young girls for rich men to meet in hotel rooms. You expect him to bat an eye in stealing sb’s phone or cracking its code?
    His business is a front of respectability, not necessarily for him, but for the rich ppl who go to him, esp. the women who go in search of the right SIL or DIL. If things don’t work out, they can always pretend they r only going to him for a fitting!
    You know, it is rumored that in many entertainment circles, there r ppl who play such roles. Usually it is sb of long standing in the ind, who has wide n established social networks, among stars n starlets, boys n girls, w the mob, w money launders, w the rich n nouveau riche, who set ppl up for whatever their purpose, away fr the glaring light of the media. Wink wink.
    Boy, this show is fun, it just draws you in, as @tc said.

  488. 488 : KLEA Says:

    I’m rather excited about where this brings us and I think you got it absolutely head on that “damn if the drama doesn’t have balls to go for it”. While, it’s obvious to all of us that honesty should be the rational choice when it comes to love and relationships, I think it’s very real and understandable how Se Kyung will fear making that choice. It’s never easy once you chose a route, to have enough sense to return, to have enough conviction to overcome your previous conviction. And, I think it shows that Se Kyung does care for Se Jong, and fears losing him. She doesn’t believe that something “so lucky” can happen to her, and I think it makes sense that she doesn’t feel confident enough to bare her real soul. I can’t help thinking of the parallels with Alice and her wonderland (and I often think of Yoon Joo as the Cheshire) and how Alice will have to find herself again, to find out what is true, before it’s too late and Wonderland becomes a nightmare.

  489. 489 : Trend Says:

    I don’t know how you do it but I am certainly most appreciative!!!
    I think the writers are brilliant because they have us, the audience, so personally involved, with our own vested interests. CDDA is a great piece of work so far to rouse such intense emotions and strong opinions, and it continues to fan the fire. Seriously, I think 16 episodes is just insufficient to drive down on the characters and the plot. I really hope they extend the series – I can’t imagine weekends without CDDA! Good grief, it will be damn boring with nothing to pump up the adrenalin all week!!!
    I love PSH though imhad inertia about MGY pairing with him at first. Now I think they make a fantastic pair! Love their onscreen chemistry but I won’t be surprised to see sparks fly off screen too I think the rest of the characters have roles to play – and these will unfold with each episode. Eg: In Ep8, SJ’s dad said something like “My poor son” – wonder if there is deeper nuances eg: reconciliation between estranged father and son aided by daughter-in-law? Maybe we should have faith that SJ and SK can work out what the other half values and make the relationship work, ‘helped’ (in the reverse sense) by TH who commented in Ep8 that it would be quick work to break them up – so maybe their relationship can take a step forward quicker than what we imagine…so many possibilities, just too few episodes!

  490. 490 : imhel Says:

    i love moon geun young i hope she will have the opportunity to pair up with yoo seungho when he completes his military service

  491. 491 : KDaddict Says:

    Uh.., wait a minute. Seung Jo needs to get hurt again? So that this time he can listen?
    When Alice gets one failed relationship, you all say her change is warranted. SJ already has one failed relationship, n he was deeply hurt. Now he needs to get hurt again. When he gets hurt twice, and then turns to the dark side, say to use women as playthings, as so many rich men do, is it warranted then? Or do we have a double std operating here?

    What SJ didn’t get the 1st time w YJ was that he thought he loved him for him. Why was it infatuation when he was willing to walk away from his father n his money becos he chose YJ over his inheritance?
    You said Love is “getting” a person, the whole of her, not just the Candy part. It wasn’t that SJ found out YJ wanted him for his money and walked away. If that was the case, what you said would be valid. Since that wasn’t the case, there is a lapse of logic in your statement. YJ dropped him like a hot potato as soon as she found out he has been disinherited, or more likely as soon as she took money and struck a deal w his father. What was there for him to get abt her?

    And if he is hurt a 2nd time, this time by Alice, what would he be ‘getting’? That she needs money more than him, so he should buy her parents a condo, buy her father a new bakery, send her sister to school, buy her all the designer bags she wants, give her a ton of spending money to cruise CDD, if he truly loves her, becos that what she wants??? Is that “getting” her then?
    Never mind that the sentiment that SJ needs to get hurt again is mean. I’m just baffled by the reasoning.

  492. 492 : lizzie Says:

    Hum guys.

    So for the fans of this drama:

    SK lied to SJ = Hate this bitch!

    YJ lied to her husband to get him = Aww poor her! I pity her!

    SJ lied to SK a lot because he can’t trust woman and think they all are bitches who want to go after his money = aww how cute!

    lol It is funny how things change when it is another person.

    People saying ”SJ likes SK back, so why use him if he already like him?”

    Well SK believes love isn’t everything anymore, she herself was a witness that love can’t win it all after her breaking up with her long time boyfriend.

    SJ is rich, and likes her so she doesn’t need to do anything because of it?

    But does it means she’ll be able to marry him? Hum, no.

    He likes her but is it love yet? Is he crazy in love with her ? She doesn’t know it, she must just know he is interested on her… her main goal is to be a CDD daughter in law, and she trusts YJ’s words/diary more than this love that is developing between her and SJ.

    Worse yet SJ is very weird guy, she can also think he is just having fun with her/interested on her……

    Love isn’t everything, she knowns it well.

    She feels bad about using him but she think she needs to follow the diary to marry SJ.

    Plus, how much do you wanna bet SJ will wave when he founds out YJ left him but did love him (and maybe still loves him) and that his dad helped her to leave him?

    SJ seems to hate YJ so much, but imo if there is hate there is still love, these two feelings walk together….

    Also, SJ isn’t the best catch imo. The guy has mental problems. I’m sorry but this episode I was a little worried about SJ mental Health…

    And it is true he just thinks only on his feelings.

    I’m not sure, but because it is PSH and he is adorable doing it everyone is loving him but If I was SK I would be unsure about this guy..

    you guys talk as if liking someone means they will marry and be happy until they die, well true it happens on Kdramas, but we already knew SK would go dirty and won’t be changing so soon until the last episodes when she realizes money and being a CDD daughter in law isn’t more important than love.

  493. 493 : moonLOVER Says:

    @morgane #485
    100% Fully agree with you! Writer REVERSE the characters ! Yes, ofcourse, reverse the k-drama as they usual did. But, when male leads did like that, they could accept and love them! But why we have to explain again and again for that manner in female leads ? Because they’re not boys 🙂 Triple LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL 🙂

  494. 494 : moonLOVER Says:

    Double standard for male and female? Poor poor poor LOL ^^

  495. 495 : loveprevail Says:

    Why choose to continue down what I see as an unnecessary path? Blaming the writers along the way as well.
    However, putting aside my viewer’s point of view of knowing all that is happening and see myself in her shoes, I realized where she’s coming from.
    So here goes…
    1)She just dumped Secretary Kim stating that it’s just business for her. 2)When she got to know that he’s actually Jean Thierry Cha, her intended white rabbit, whom she unintentionally dumped earlier, which means she will conclude that he probably thinks she’s not interested in him. 3) She doesn’t know that Secretary Moon told Seung Jo that she likes him. It’s no surprise that she panicked, right? 4) Se Kyung most likely thinks that she has to leave the party without seeing him probably for two reasons – to collect her thoughts and think of a way to salvage the situation. 5) Se Kyung is a ‘candy’ at heart and I hope she’ll realize that that is her true self. But by dabbling into the ‘dark side’, it has changed her somewhat even though she is still not comfortable with it. She is now a suppressed ‘candy’ with a wicked streak and that explains her breakdown. 6) Leaving her phone behind as a plot of course gives TH a way to mess things up for them later but it also pushes Se Kyung to write the awful letter. From her perspective, because she didn’t know that she lost her phone, she didn’t receive any of the calls or msgs from Seung Jo obviously. With no immediate calls and msgs, surely a girl can’t possible remain feeling confident of a guy’s affections for her since she was the one who told him to bugger off first. 7) She doesn’t know that Seung Jo actually knows about her feelings for him so she has to create an way to get back into his life hence the letter. 8) Her confession regarding her affections towards Secretary Kim wasn’t a lie though the intention behind it was calculated. 9) Se Kyung is not a wishy washy person. She’s tenacious and focused. When she puts her mind into something, she’s in it completely. Choosing to stay put on the path is within her character and she thinks is the only way to fulfill her dreams. 10) Se Kyung is also not guilt-free. It’s so obvious in her expressions that she’s uncomfortable with her decisions. She has to keep telling herself mentally what to do to still her heart, to keep her conscience at bay. She lost one ‘Too Kee’, she can’t lose another especially the ‘Too Kee’ she loves and who loves her back. 11) To Se Kyung, to come clean means risking losing everything. She’s not totally confident that his love for her right now is strong enough to overcome the falsity.
    That’s my two cents.
    I hope the writers would let Seung Jo find out about her deception like asap. And instead of just anger and feeling hurt, he will come to understand her and her reasons for choosing to change for the worse. Then decides to rein her back in.
    As he is older and someone whom has also experienced similar disappointments and pain, I hope he will use the depth of his love for her to help lead her back into the ‘light’. Writers, let him be someone whom will not fall prey to the schemers at all. That he has his head above water and is ahead of everyone. And also that he is willing to believe that his love is strong enough to keep them both safe from the scheming of others.

  496. 496 : unknown unknown Says:

    Hi @ lizzie #492
    This is a discerning post. Towards the end of the last episode (8), I was just thinking why HSK still needed to put up so much pretence in view that she wanted to marry a rich guy and JT Cha already showed that he liked her (hugs and kisses in earlier scenes) and she liked him too. Wasn’t all the anxieties and actions she did after leaving the Christmas party just so annoying/plot flaws? Now, I buy your analysis of the situation. Thanks.

    On a separate note, I don’t see CDDA as a “rom com” like someone mentioned earlier and stated as a genre on this website. Really, other than JT Cha’s occasional antics, where were the comedies? Anybody else in this drama has a comedic turn?

  497. 497 : feisty Says:

    really love this episode as now it is slowly revealing SK’s inner conflict and SJ’s vulnerabilities being in love.
    After all, love is a 2 way street especially when 2 parties love each – if one is in pain, so is the other. From what I am reading some of the comments here and elsewhere, how can it only be SJ feeling the pain? Is SK not a person too?
    .That will be a real treat!!
    As a man, SJ should learn to grow up instead of whining and groaning. Action speaks louder than words. At least SK is taking steps to improve her work and home front although it may not be the right and wise move!

  498. 498 : bunny Says:

    loveprevail, I like your reasonings on SK’s behaviour and actions.
    Logical reasonings from the point of view of SK..

    I dont think SJ will fall prey to the schemers… believe his head is above waters and ahead of everyone except for his own vulnerabilities in loving too much (his hurts from rejections by YJ and his father). Glad he has a very good friend and shrink in dr heo dong wook. CSJ has complete trust in him as he can be his true insecure, immature, whacky yet lovable self with him.
    The scenes of CSJ and HDW are so cute and loveable… they look like they can be in a love relationship… ha ha ha
    HDW’s unconditional love and support will help CSJ in his relationship with SK…

  499. 499 : Orion Says:

    I understand that it’s not easy to take the unCandy-SK, but she just did what she had to. She didn’t have any choice but to take this path, and in the end she’s going to pay for this.
    The love SJ and SK have is just developing, they’ve only known each other for a few days, and there’s no guarantee, that SJ will accept what she had become. After all, he fell in love with the candy SK and hate the type of woman she is now.
    Like YJ said, SJ is immature when it comes to love, he’s naive, I don’t think he will accept what she did in open arms. He also need to mature and learn lots of lessons from all these mess for them to work out in the end. For one, it teaches us about the human condition.

  500. 500 : tc Says:

    @Orion -483

    Sorry but I do have a different perspective from yours on SJ’s character. I don’t see him as immature and need to get hurt a second time in order to grow up.

    I see him as a very vulnerable and insecure man who was badly burnt due to YJ’s and his day’s rejection. He did not believe in true love anymore. As a result of this severe trauma, he actually need to seek medical help to overcome his depression. One of the means of healing as he succinctly put across to his doctor friend is his petty revenge in showing off how well he has done for himself in front of YJ and his dad.

    Hence, when he met HSK and starts to fall for her, he started to believe in love especially when Sec Moon told him that HSK liked him as Sec Kim and was not aware of his true identity. He is a nervous wreck in ep 8 and needs validation from doctor friend as he was unsure whether he will be rejected by HSK due to his white lie.

    What KDaddict said in 491 make sense – why must poor SJ needs to get hurt again and accept the flawed HSK? If this is the reasoning, then ep 8 would not have caused so much hue and cry from viewers who are upset with HSK’s calculating behaviour. If SJ learns of HSK’s deception, hurt is the least of my concern, I will be more worried whether he will have a mental breakdown and sinks deeper into depression since he will be burnt twice.

    I think what viewers want from SJ in coming episodes is to become stronger
    emotionally and able to have a better grip of his insecurities – this will definitely lessen our pain of watching him going through despair when the [email protected] hit the fan! PSH really nailed this part – displaying SJ’s full vulnerabilities and insecurities until some viewers are upset with SJ’s weakness. What an awesome OTP- both flawed and atypical leads!

  501. 501 : Love dramas Says:

    I had been pondering over ep 8 developments for the last 2 days and here’s what I have come up with. Ep 8 took me for a ride in such a way that I was so conflicted about all our characters.

    First seung jo, to me, he has a long way to go in maturing and knowing the true meaning of love. It has been nagging at me for 8 episodes now that he still has no idea that there is no perfect person nor women out there to fit his ideal. To love someone means to embrace every part of them, including the parts that most of us do not air out in public. Furthermore, one way of loving sk is to realize her needs and desires and work on those with her. I mentioned before that he needs to be smarter in the way that he handles those around him – his father, tommy, in hwa etc etc. even though he has revealed that he is jtc, the president, he has technically not revealed who he really is and that is cha seung jo. I know he will be deeply hurt when the crap hits the fan and he finds out sk’s intentions. He definitely needs to evaluate what made him fall for her in the first place and hopefully that will help them in their journey in marriage/ life. Marriage is hard work and takes a lot of patience and understanding from both parties. But when rooted in a loving heart, I do believe couples can overcome a lot of difficulties that life throws at them.

    Sk – I had a really hard time understanding her and her actions this time around. Winning someone’s heart, by not being yourself, is just setting her up for a huge fall later. Sk also has no idea what sj has been through on the love front of things. I think she needs a really good friend like sj has his dr friend to give her sound advice. I think Yj is trying to give her advice and an Jung gives some bad advice too. I think she has just gone off the deep end and needs something to make her realize that her current gold digger path was never going to suit her nor bring her happiness that she so desires. I wish the two of them could have a pow wow and lay out all their cards and scars on the table, and figure out how to move forward from there to battle everyone else. But of course, it will not happen that way.

    I do agree with a lot of readers here on their pov. I hope they can reveal all the lies and half truths in the next 2 episodes. I would rather not have it drag out. I sat through the mess that was pcap… Do not drag out secrets!

    Again do not mix the actor and the character! my faith everything was said and repeat I do not see the problem is, you have at least understood and read what others have to leave as a comment about SK and SJ!

    Someone might have posted this already, but I think it’s somewhat apt to quote again:

    “I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”

    – Lewis Carroll
    “Alice in Wonderland”, Chapter II Pool of Tears

    This is the most intelligent question a person can ask.

  502. 502 : bim2 Says:

    “Love isn’t just love – it also includes everything”

    I want to added “Love is accepted the whole package”.

    In my opinion, it’s not just Se Kyung who must redeem with herself (thinking deeply what she really want), but also Seung Jo must accept the new Se Kyung whether she’s “dark”, “light”, or “half dark-half light” ^^~

  503. 503 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    I also have trouble with these anti-fans who can not differentiate between the actor and the character, at least it proves that our Moon Geun Young is popular and does a good job (game) ^ ^ but good as stay zen good fan! Despite this the fans of Moon Geun Young remain calm because we are united and respectful as MGY! A MEDITATION

  504. 504 : saraSJS Says:

    Some people say SK shows human beings dark side. They give her the right to manipulate others because she has seen the dark side of society, morality standards are low in modern life, people are materialist, everyone would do that, her boyfriend used her, she worked hard but didn’t achieve anything and all…. So “why she still should keep her Candy side?”

    Then when it comes to SJ, judging standards change.
    Why SJ should get hurt again to learn a lesson? Let’s review his situation. He is a vulnerable, pure, childlike soul who’s kept his innocence despite all he has been through. He has seen the dark side of society, he also lives in a modern, materialist world and surrounded by greedy wolves aiming his flash, his girl for whom he even gave up his inheritance and family used him, he even has experienced “i don’t have food, shelter days” and all. So why his remaining pure should be called immaturity? Doesn’t he symbolize human beings super-ego? Doesn’t he have the right to just for once get the real “Candy”?

  505. 505 : Fleur Says:

    I agree, CDDA speaks to the darkest part of us, the part we are not brave enough to admit to ourselves, our inner-self that is greedy, materialist and consumption driven.

    We hate what SK because we know that what she is doing is wrong but who is say that we wouldn’t do the same in her situation? Don’t we secretly wish to be a Cheongdamdong wife/rich lady of leisure? And if we hate SK/ourselves, how do we break away from this feeling of greed and become Candy again/or better yet, develop into something more?
    Agreed. Love is wonderful, but it’s no guarantee, because the person you think you know and love might not really be who you thought they were. We all assume the person we date is an angel sent to love us. But that is naive. Who is he to others? What are his values? Does he stick by them? Does he treat people well out of kindness or because he has no choice? We rarely ask those things, as long as the person treats us well and “seems” nice.

    So yes, I can’t blame her for going forward with the plan. All she sees in Seung Jo is some puppy in wuv. For a woman who was in a proper relationship which failed so badly, with a person she realized she didn’t even know, some hot guy buying her gifts might move her as a girl, but it can’t impress her as a person anymore. Which is why Seung Jo needs to grow up. Because she needs a man. A man with values. Not a talking nyan cat.

    SJ Give Up all for the woman he loves what love was blind so crazy but as pointed YJ was immature, she needs protection, not live on love and fresh water .

  506. 506 : tiffany Says:

    Saya rasa moonie adalah artis wanita yang paling tepat untuk drama ini,dia dapat memerankan perannya dengan sangat baik.
    Karena pada dasarnya peran SK dalam drama ini adalah wanita yang ingin membenahi kehidupannya.Hanya sedikit disayangkan untuk team fashionnya,karena sebagai desainer kenapa pakaian moonie tidak up2date.
    Selebihnya aku sangat menyukai drama ini terutama pasangan moonie dan si hoo oppa.
    Semoga menjadi pasangan terbaik dan drama ini mendapat penghargaan yang banyak.

  507. 507 : Fleur Says:


    I was unable to see Seung Jo’s incriminating inadequacies with regards to his relationships..His innocence was a facet I appreciated most, since many of the characters have already shown their darker, unsavory nature. However, I didn’t make the connection that his naivety is what’s impeding him most. Since I know he means well, I’m not prepared to see him hurt, which will happen because this wouldn’t be a kdrama without showcasing the angst of the male lead.

    Gahh! I cannot wait till next week! I really want to clearly identify the cheshire cat, the mad hatter, and the queen of hearts in the story. Everyone’s role (except for Alice and the White Rabbit) seems to be shifting as the story develops, so I’m a tad lost.

  508. 508 : KDaddict Says:

    “Love is accepting everything abt the other person”. Isn’t that what the typical KD female protagonists have always done? Be forgiving and accepting, and you guys say it’s so cliche n you hate it? Now you are saying SJ need to be all accepting regarding SK? OK, is that that double std in women’s favor again? If not, I’m confused.

    I think that Acceptance in love has/should have some boundaries. If YOU find out that the person you r in love with:
    a. has been lying to you abt sth crucial,
    b. loves money more than you,
    How accepting and forgiving would you want to be?
    Let’s say for the sake of argument that u r pondering marriage w this person, instead of being in a casual relationship, would you worry abt this gold-digger of a liar likely won’t be able to uphold the part in the wedding vows that says:
    “For better or for worse, in health n in sickness”? I mean, it’s chancy enough that ANYONE who is deemed good in our best judgement will be able to uphold it, you sure you want to enter into a marriage with sb who has qualities/behavior that make it much much less likely that they will stick with you when you are bankrupt, sick, or out of a job, when you need spousal love and support the most?
    “Love is accepting everything”. I’m all for it in religious love of our fellowman, but practicing it in Eros, in courtship, is courting danger, big time.

    If SJ ends up accepting/forgiving her despite her UnCandilization, then the typical cliched selfless KD heroine has only undergone a sex-change operation!

  509. 509 : KDaddict Says:

    After reading all the comments, I think the DIVIDE lies here:
    A. On one side are those who think that SK “just did what she had to. She didn’t have any choice but to take this path”, as stated somewhere on the previous page. They side with SK, and think that SJ should accept her UnCandied and all, and SJ is pretty weird, n he also lied, etc.
    B. On the other side are those who don’t believe for a minute that SK “just did what she had to. She didn’t have any choice but to take this path”. These ppl don’t applaud her, mostly becos they don’t think her plight warrants her 180 degree change, plus their sympathy lies with SJ, not (just) becos PSH is adorable, not primarily when we get down to business, but the guy has reason to hide his wealthy id, and the girl has already proven him right, hasn’t she?

    This is one case where I don’t think there is any middle ground. The controversy will likely continue. But it’d be nice if this discussion can carry on without Group A calling Group B “too high in the instep and self-righteous” or using some such derogatory remarks. Or that Group B is too blinded by PSH’s hotness to be able to think. We r here to talk about the characters, not attack each other’s character or cognitive functionality. We r here to have fun Together. 😉

  510. 510 : green Says:

    I am with sara SJS and KDaddict (491, 504, 508, 509). I am in Group B not because “I am too blinded by PSH’s hotness”; because I am not be accord with manipulate way of feelings others. This is a dirty way.

  511. 511 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    I think you are missing the finer point of these analyses.Anyone with a brain cell to claim is aware that Se Kyung is hurting herself. What some of us are doing is actively watching this drama and noting any subversive themes and the accompanied viewer reactions to some of these recurring themes. For dramas such as these, passive viewership is not part of my personal agenda [Of course, there is nothing wrong with passive viewership either. Each to his own]For some people, myself included, we wish to enjoy a drama with a meaningful premise (and scrumptious male leads) as well as understand the promptings of human nature as comprehensively as possible, so that by the time the drama ends, we’ll be able to say more than “oh, so-and-so is terrible” or “this drama is okay” and all that jazz.

    There is more to the individual character than whether he/she will hurt himself/herself or not. I’m looking for WHY one would choose an ultimately destructive path and WHAT they stand to lose by doing so. More tellingly, I wish to learn if I am not unlike these major heroines, at the end of the day.They both have to accept all of the other. At this point SK’s needing to accept all of SJ stands out more though because she’s manipulating him(gross) at this point while SJ is just completely unaware of her wanting to marry rich and live a comfortable life. Once he realizes though, it’ll be his turn to step up and accept all of her.

  512. 512 : hate spoiler Says:

    @ KD addict,
    I’m neither psh or mgy bias fan. But, I’m big fan of CDDA. I love & respect some of ur comments. But now, I think you’re a sceptic! There’re lot of POV for your unsure facts. What’s your main opinion for CDDA? Do u wanna change writer or actors or what else? Just show me clearly! Or i’ll think you’re ..

  513. 513 : hate spoiler Says:

    forget to say,
    I know why you’re here coz of PSH. And i also know that you’re bias fan of I MISS YOU and you love IMY than any other dramas because male and female lead are your favourites! That’s why you’re the main solve for IMY. It’s may or may not be perfect drama but it’s 100% perfect for you (i’ve read all comments in IMY)! You can criticize any drama as you like because you’re audience. But don’t forget ,there’re lots of people same as like you!

  514. 514 : mary Says:

    Are they airing episode 9 today or what??????

  515. 515 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    @hate spoiler C’est qui IMY ?

  516. 516 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    IMY is that?

  517. 517 : hate spoiler Says:

    tired of anti fan, pardon me? What do you mean?

  518. 518 : hate spoiler Says:

    @ mary,
    No, it’s not airing today! You have to wait for one week! Next sat and sunday 🙁

  519. 519 : saraSJS Says:

    “SJ Give Up all for the woman he loves what love was blind so crazy but as pointed YJ was immature, she needs protection, not live on love and fresh water”

    Why do you think giving up everything for love is the sign of immaturity? Living a normal life like 90% of people of the world mean you live on love and fresh water? What does it have to do with protecting your woman? You mean all the men out there who don’t have millionaire daddies and live a normal life with enough money to live on, can’t protect their women and family? Their wives should divorce them, look for a white rabbit, manipulable people’s feelings and get that dreamy, designer bag? Plus, giving up your everything for someone is the first step of true love. He has scarified himself. What he has to fear? Can’t he protect her? And is love just a one-sided deal in which men are committed to protect these fragile creatures named women and women just should wait for their help, sit and do nothing? What about women? They need to protect their love too. They must try their best and help their man too. But what YJ did? She threw him away just because he wasn’t heir Cha Seong Joo anymore. She couldn’t accept his all. Now SK is doing the same to him. I don’t get why you say he should learn his lesson.

  520. 520 : tc Says:


    Well said, can’t agree with you more. I too disagree with Fleur’s comments in 505 when she said that SJ needs to grow up and become a man for HSK because HSK needs a man with values and not a talking nyan cat?

    So confused with Fleur’s reasoning here as everyone knows that HSK only wants a man with money and wealth now, not someone who put values or love as priority.

    If SJ is aware of HSK’s change of character from onset and he falls for her knowingly her change self, then I can agree that SJ should be able to accept HSK with all her good and bad points. But this is not the case here. He is already beaten once and we are asking him to take a second beating again to be more mature and accept all of HSK despite her deception? Sorry, this really does not make sense to me as well.

  521. 521 : KDaddict Says:

    @hate spoiler-512,
    You asked what my main opinion of CDDA is.
    Pls see #446-p.18.
    “I agree that MGY is doing a good job in her role, and it’d be interesting to see what Alice does goes from here-writing a sham letter to JTCha.”
    And also the end of #474, which says:
    “I know that, ultimately, this is not fine art, so asking that it has the subtlety of say, a world class literary work is unfair. So I think I’ll just sit back, relax, take it w a big pinch of salt, n enjoy the performances of 2 fine stars.”

    Why do you now think I’m a “sceptic”? What is a “sceptic”?
    I had to go back to look up what I said. Found that since #446, I’ve been responding to other ppl’s comments.
    #474-p.19, I answered saraSJS’s Qn: What would you think if your neighbor does what SK is doing? I told her what I’d like to do if it was me, my baby sister or my daughter. It stated a very personal position. No “facts” r involved.
    #477, #487-I answered unknown’s Qn’s of Why YJ is so scared, n Why Tommy Hung steals SK’s phone.
    #491-p.20, is a response to Orion, who said she wants SJ to be hurt n suffer. I asked her “Why?”, as have other people.
    #508-p.21, Sb said “Love is accepting all”, I said it can be dangerous if u mean to marry that person, as have others.
    I’m talking back to other ppl’s comments, discussing the content of those comments, NOT criticizing the drama lately.

  522. 522 : KDaddict Says:

    @hate spoiler-513,
    You said I’m here becos of PSH.
    I think that JTCha was very funny in the first 5-6 eps. That char would be funny even if it was played by another actor.
    Tho I like PSH and think that he has done a great job as the cracked JTCha, I’m not the type to like a show becos of an actor. I love Hyun Bin in Secret Garden, but couldn’t n didn’t watch more than a few eps of his Snow Queen or the World They Lived In.

    You said I liked IMY. Yes, I do. You said that’s becos the male and female leads are my favs. No, that’s not the reason. I simply don’t watch shows that way.
    I like Micky, YEH and YooHS in IMY, but they have shows that I did not finish or chose not to watch. As I said in #406-p.17 of this thread, there r many facets to a show. The stars are but a small fraction of the total effort that contributes to its success.

    “You can criticize any drama as you like because you’re audience. But don’t forget ,there’re lots of people same as like you!”
    You are absolutely right. We r the audience. We come here to share our thoughts and feelings abt the dramas we r watching. Pls come share yours–Say what you think abt the show, not about each other.

  523. 523 : KDaddict Says:

    @hate spoiler-512,
    You asked me “you wanna change writer or actor or what else”. No, I don’t want to change writer, actor, or Anything.
    What do you or Tired of Anti fans think is happening on these pages?
    IMO ppl r using this drama as a launching pad, to talk abt their approach to life, and abt their idea of love in particular. We r exchanging our “beliefs” abt life, abt love. What we r talking abt is really:
    When are you ready to give up on a marriage based on love to pursue a marriage based on money?
    So you see, it is a bunch of women shooting the breeze w drink in hand.
    So pls, take it easy. No one here is even remotely an anti fan of the writer or the actress.
    I’ll let you in on another thing:
    The writer is in Group B.
    Why? Becos no writer will have the female lead succeed as a gold-digger. In later eps, the writer will show us that SK learns that it is a Mistake to abandon love for money, to lie to SJ, to want to emulate YJ (as Group B says it is); SK will revert back to her pure stand, only wiser, less naive than before, (as Group B says she should), and:
    The writer will also be in Group A:
    Becos she’ll have SJ learn that love involves risks n acceptance, he’ll become more mature n will forgive her (as Group A says he should), and they, SK n SJ will be together (as everyone believe they should). So, it’ll be just fine. I promise.
    Meanwhile, think of this as a basketball match. The audience cheer, clap, holler at the game. When it is over everybody walks away happy. The noise is all part of the process of enjoying the game. OK?

  524. 524 : YY Says:

    I find this drama so different and so REAL…it mocks at and strips away all the stereotypical themes of the poor hardworking heroine who toils and never gives up in the face of life’s challenges, and the rich and handsome chaebol falling in love with the poor hardworking heroine, and offers instead a twist: the poor hardworking heroine grows tired of being hardworking and takes a shortcut by scheming her way into the rich and handsome chaebol’s heart. I despise her for her scheming manipulation, but like you, I can empathise with her. Even the hero is no cutout Mr Perfect, but a manic and insecure PSH whose rollercoaster of highs and lows leaves me feeling spent and exhausted at times. But it is the sweetness of his devotion to his ideal girl that quite takes my breath away.

  525. 525 : magnus Says:

    I always knew that SK would be going after the rich guy. It’s in the premise after all. I thought that she’d target a rich guy and try to alter herself into the “perfect” woman for him. Or that she’d find a nice rich guy she liked to a degree and try and convince herself to be happy and it wouldn’t work out. But then she went full on manipulator, which I really hate, but I understand. It’s an odd thing, this show. I understand completely why things are happening and the narrative purpose it serves. Everything makes sense, which I love. But I also dislike the heroine and pity the hero at this point, which is what the writers want I assume.

    I love this drama for that. This heroine is heading into dark waters, in a realistic way. The pay off for this is something I can’t wait for and the shit hitting the fan is something I want to come just so I can hurry up and deal with the pain.

  526. 526 : lisa6 Says:

    The beauty of CDDA is that it’s theme is so realistic and not fairytale notion (like SEGA where body swapping is just mere fiction). Kudos to the writers for challenging these realistic themes – love vs money; money is the root of all evil; rich vs poor but are the rich really so enviable and respectable; women’s materialistic streaks…
    All the characters are so real, and it’s a novelty to have the main leads CSJ and HSK depicted with their own vulnerabilities / insecurities that arise from their life experiences (CSJ -hurts and rejections from loved ones; HSK – fears and despairs that she cant breakthrough her poor background through hard work) .. and the conflicts they faced to overcome their insecurities / vulnerabilites.
    This is also the first time I see so much humor in kdrama… and loving it very much. Kudos to PSH for his excellent acting. I have rewatched the hilarious scenes over and over again…
    Cant wait to see Ep 9…

  527. 527 : bug Says:

    Ok I though this episode of this drama was hard to watch in light of what is happening between our OTP, I love that this show is inspiring so much analysis.

    Though I hate what SeKyung is doing to a degree we knew it was coming. This drama is about two pretty damaged people and I think it will be about them saving eachother from themselves.

    Also reminded me of Can Love become money (I don’t know that many people watched that drama but i liked it alot) where the one thing that the President was afraid of and had gone to great lengths to protect himself from was being used/targeted for his money and that was the very thing UJW’s character approached him for. But they were able to overcome it because of their love.

    I think Han Sekyung will be exposed for what she has become very soon, and her path to redemption will begin. While Seungjo will be forced to stop fantasizing everything and see that people are not black and white but varying shades of grey.

  528. 528 : bug Says:

    @Tired of anti fans

    i do like psh character which is easy to root on him because this character is favorable and can definitely make woman’s hearth fluttered. however, if the fan is too exaggerate which is biassed on keep argue about the credibility of the actress which intention more on condemn her without any point of advice or opinion which can improve the motivation of the actress, that is too much for me. for some of them, they only believe that the actor they like very much is really superb in playing his character while at the same time, they do only critique the actress which also play as lead beside the actor they are really like. for them, they do not touch with what kind of depression of heroine feel instead of only feeling/ immerse in their favorite actor’s character. Actress lee bo young has once said about her character in drama my daughter, so young which is she got a lot of negative comments for her character who become so cold toward her father and many audiences did not understand why her character react like that and condemning her. she answer back that for the characters which is play with inner conflict, it is really hard to show, satisfy and make the viewer understand deeply because audience is not in that shoe. for her, she understand her character well because she try to put herself in that shoe. Same goes with other people, if we are watching the character and try to understand the character well by imaging ourselves in that situation, we will become more understanding with the character well. Basically, for those who only feel for the actor while did not feel the actress character, it is because they are simply has put themselves in the character which play by their favorite actor instead of trying to experience the character of the actress well. we must learn that all actors play the important part for make the story of the drama become understandable and success.

  529. 529 : bug Says:

    Do not forget that it is also MGY is not anyone in the film industry

  530. 530 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    Yes I know, but hey it’s a sad affair for them regarding MGY!

    I understand this, it’s true she doesn’t know it’s love for him or that he takes everything so serious and is just a very intense person, borderline crazy.
    I was trying to make sense of why many people had problems understanding her actions and now see her in a negative way.Like I said before, I don’t think the jerks we were talking about stood on a similar level. It’s actually interesting, I was thinking about this later.Yeah…sigh…The pair feel good when they are together, and have shown that they care about and like each other. In that way, the relationship is sound and hopefully that is what they will focus on in the end.
    Not that he lied about being poor – that is better than lying abut being rich!
    Not that she decided to go after Cha for his connections at the lowest point of her life – Doesn’t that make her realistic and smart?

  531. 531 : pm Says:

    love you psh and mgy!

  532. 532 : star Says:

    what’s a beautiful drama 🙂

  533. 533 : cherygel Says:

    But hey as long as MGY is doing well, healthy and still popular with his face Bébé.Ce is not easy as a fan to hear mGy full of crap about it! like what I see no interest aside from being stupid

  534. 534 : ukhra Says:

    why not airing this week?

  535. 535 : saraSJS Says:

    You are right that people should put themselves in characters’ shoes to understand their actions. But if it’s the case, what about social standards? We have moral standards, beauty standards, working standards, and etc. Some of them are universal and some cultural. If a character is crossing the standards, people can’t understand them coz what they know is “this is wrong by moral standards”. Suppose my bias Lee Seung gi plays a serial killer. Yeah, i love him like crazy. But moral standards say he is committing a crime. He is a beast. Although when i put myself in his shoes, he might be a lonely orphan who’s been living in dirt since childhood. But i can’t deny he is doing wrong coz what he has been trough is not his victim’s fault. Same with MGY’s character here. No one is anti fan here. She is stepping moral standards that most of the people take for granted. So, even if you put yourself in her shoes, you still know what she is doing, is wrong. Why it’s so hard to admit that? As “KDaddict ” says in her comment she also finally will realize this fact and repent. I just hope writernim won’t make an angel of JTC who ignores her wrongdoings even when he realizes her intentions.

  536. 536 : Valleydale Says:

    Though this sucks to watch as a viewer, what is happening now does make sense narritvely.

    If Se Kyung were to confess everything to him about her intentions now (we wouldn’t have more drama to watch) then her going “all the way black” wouldn’t be fufilled. She hasn’t hit rock bottom yet to be redeemed, and Seung Jo needs to stop fantasizing everything and see things and people flaws and all.I watched this episode with a heavy and pervasive sense of dread and doom. I fear this show is going to turn melodramatic very very soon, with the fragile Seung Jo going to pieces when he finds out that the woman whom he loves is no innocent but a hard mercenary girl tutored by the woman he hates. I won’t be surprised if he marries her only to discover the truth on their wedding night.
    I could feel the conflict Se Kueng was feeling throughout this episode. Being cold and calculating is entirely new to her, and it doesn’t feel comfortable in the least. Her copious tears showed how much the decision to be black-hearted is costing her. I already feel sorry for her, given how badly she is going to hurt herself before all is said and done. At bottom, she is a good, pure-hearted girl, who will have temporarily lost her moral compass, but I have faith that she’ll find it once again before the story ends.

    I think everyone is doing an amazing job.

  537. 537 : ghostbuster Says:

    I want to marry a rich guy too, that’s why I support what SK is doing. other girls here may be the same. These posters are not anti fans becos they do not attack Moonie or SK. They are talking about love and marriage. Who say there is no interest?

  538. 538 : saraSJS Says:

    It’s off topic but fairy-tales are not completely deprived of reality. They contain realities covered in pretty fantasy. SEGA is not a exception either. We can see reality from taped glass of GRI’s house window to 21 year old JW who can’t love the one who loves at 34.

  539. 539 : merryday Says:

    but I think it is just the author setting up all the pieces for the next act. I have to say I really felt for SK in this episode, especially during the scene where she was writing the list. I mean everyone is angry with her for deceiving SJ, but it is kind of tragic that he fell in love with the “idea” of her, the Candy, not SK, the real person, and now she has to pretend to be someone else. Also, cut her a little slack, everyone is talking about SJ’s past trauma, but c’mon having your boyfriend of 6 years leave you and drain your bank account (no matter how cute and/or tragic his life has been) is pretty traumatic too. I can understand SJ making the decision to marry for money after it was pretty blatantly demonstrated to her that love doesn’t withstand every storm. When you are young, you think that love is everything, but as you get older you learn, as an earlier poster pointed out, that love doesn’t fill your belly or keep a roof over your head. SJ likes SK because of the way she acted during her breakup with her ex-boyfriend. He likes her because he thinks she’s genuinely someone who puts love above everything else. But SK isn’t that person anymore. Once her love put money above her, she started to change as well. So SJ doesn’t like the real her anymore, because if SJ were to lose everything would SK still like him? She was already dumping him when she thought he was a secretary.

  540. 540 : cherygel Says:

    Yes no interest why pick on MGY, or when they do they do not know the difference between the character and the actor! most are the fans of PSH and it is not the first time they are attacking a co-star of psh and it will not be the last time too ^ ^

  541. 541 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    How to replicate is silence, just ignore us and we advance our Moonie, it’s almost the new year so full of love 🙂

  542. 542 : yemoon Says:

    daebak,,uri princess moonie..
    your act in cdda is very cool,daebak.Youre so adorable,,love you always.

  543. 543 : star Says:

    I’m still waiting for coming episod but no more complain for CDDA comments 🙂 🙂 but love to read you all opinion & comments 🙂
    @ cherygel
    I’m really laugh out loud about your comment
    ”most are the fans of PSH and it is not the first time they are attacking a co- star of psh and it will not be the last time too ^ ^” ha ha ha
    Anyways, i hope they will be full of love in new year and support their beloved psh same as i do for my beloved mgy 🙂
    Ok, ok, ok, God bless the world especially our CDDA fans here 🙂 🙂

  544. 544 : vega Says:

    WAIT!! where is character of seo in chan?????? O__O

  545. 545 : hate spoiler Says:

    @ KDaddict,
    Really appreciate your long and perfect comments!

  546. 546 : hate spoiler Says:

    I hope and do believe it’s your true feeling for all k dramas 🙂

  547. 547 : CA Says:

    go and fighting my CA ! Moonie and ShiHoo 🙂

  548. 548 : BABY FACE Says:

    GO Moonie you’re the best, no matter what the anti-fans are talking about you, it’s not for nothing that you are a seasoned actress known and recognized, your role in CDDA person (actress) has a role difficult technically,and I think most of the anti-female fans who say you’re ugly, I think most need glasses and do not even beauty to your ankle , we love you!

  549. 549 : afiga Says:

    MGY is still young and pretty, she has many fans side actors and singers of Korea and the Japanese actor kame is a big fan of moonie, then get mad about what fans think HSP already moonie it makes a good boulo in cdda from the first episode, so it’s good if they stop a little drool on our princess! anyway we know already that moonie is not the first to be criticized by fans Psh, I feel bad for them in case Psh would see what they say about her co-stars what is his reaction!
    on all those CDDA Happy New Year and I hope this new year could change mentalities well lol

  550. 550 : padma Says:

    hmm, anyone knows why it isn’aired in last december? is it because of (maybe) new year show/

  551. 551 : saraSJS Says:

    Doesn’t MGY get upset when she finds out her fan are immature young kids who can’t differentiate between character and the actor/actress? Why her fans here are just keep warning others and call them PSH fans? I haven’t seen anyone saying anything bad or disrespectful about MGY. We all are either for or against HSK, the character and her actions. I don’t get what does it have to do with MGY having famous fans. Come to your sense please. If you can defend the character, share your ideas. No need to accuse people of being an anti-fan.

  552. 552 : saraSJS Says:

    Typo errors “fans

  553. 553 : CDDA Says:

    happy new year cdda god bless!

  554. 554 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    Happy New Year to everyone who supports CDDA! forget the bad vibes of 2012 and continue to support our players and especially cdda in good humor and joy!

    @ afiga you abused whiskey lol

  555. 555 : Ally Says:

    I am impressed and enlightened by all the comments. Agreed on the don’t bash the actress…she is doing a great job portraying the character and for heaven’s sake that MOON GUEN. Anyway that being said, I think that all the actors/sses are doing a god job portraying their character/ s. My only complaint is that they should have gotten a younger actress for Yoon JoO, isn’t she a bit old as a classmate (same age as) Han Se. She is doing a good job though. CHEERS everyone in dramaland. HAPPY NEW YEAR…. Love Park Shi HOO..he always deliver…GOOD ACTING OVERALL. @6:30 PM California time. STAY SAFE EVERYONE>

  556. 556 : may Says:

    http://www.gurupop.com/event/69/67757275706f703430373337 I will be so greatfull happy new year

  557. 557 : KDaddict Says:

    To Everyone who has been saying that MoonGY has been attacked, abused, or bashed:
    Would you please go to the specific comments where you think an attack, abuse or bashing on MGY has occurred, and quote/cut-paste those lines to show us?

    I’m curious, who those Anti fans are and what they said. Cos I think MGY is doing a wonderful job as Han SK.
    If you don’t quote those lines but just come up with these empty accusations, it’ll look like you’ve been abusing whiskey, as Tired of AT said.

  558. 558 : tigerb Says:

    @sara SJS: Happy New Year!

  559. 559 : KDaddict Says:

    Cont. #557:
    Disagreeing with Han SK’s course of action = discussing the plot.
    Criticizing MGY’s acting or her looks = attacking MGY.
    We can agree on this, right?

  560. 560 : CA Says:

    Happy new year to CA fans 🙂

  561. 561 : moonie fans Says:

    What ever they said bout moonie I think she’s the best actress in korea I think they just felt envy to my moonie keep up your goodwork. Being cute and seems never get old its not her fault. And everyone has his or her idea with fairy tail if you don’t like it so don’t watch it and stop complaining others who like it . As simple like that. Pro and kontra is always there in our life

  562. 562 : julie Says:

    To all CDDA fans and casts of the drama: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Keep on supporting the casts by watching the show and let’s show our love and support for them! It’s difficult for them to work night and day in order for them to bring us great drama…let’s show our appreciation by sending supporting message and cyber hugs!!

  563. 563 : Charlie Says:

    Happy New Year!

  564. 564 : saraSJS Says:

    Happy new year to you. Wish you joy and success.

  565. 565 : saraSJS Says:

    @moonie fans
    Are you a new comer in this field-KD watching? If you are and this is your first drama, i give you my credit. Try watching City hall, Secret garden and Winter sonata and you can get what “best actress in Korea” mean.
    All of us have our own biases. We have the right to love them as much as we want but we can’t accuse others of being an anti or even blindly support our bias.

  566. 566 : Aika Says:

    I Love Park Shi Hu)) My love acter.

  567. 567 : Aika Says:

    Мун Гын Ён – беееееееееееессссссссииииииииииииттттттт. Терпеть не могу- вообще не подходят

  568. 568 : lovecdda Says:

    I love this drama, how the writers portrayed sj and sk! sj for his insecurity,
    sk and to reflect the dark side of all of us who refuse to admit! I really appreciate this drama looking and I look forward to following! good game players too!

  569. 569 : Amany Says:

    I just want to ask, i have been waiting for ep 9 and expected it be aired on Sat 29 December, but i waited for it and never aired and when i checked the schedule here i found that it will not be aired till 05 January, the question is WHY? why the gap, why did not it aired on 29 Decem

  570. 570 : tc Says:

    @Amany- 569

    The show was preempted to make way for SBS Gaeyun and Drama awards over last weekend. The other two major broadcast stations did the same as well. Well at least we get to see PSH turned up at KBS Drama Awards to deliver the Top Excellence Awards to both MCW and SJK. He looked so good and fresh despite coming straight to the function after shooting CDDA and understand that he went back to resume shooting thereafter. No wonder we did not see him at the Red Carpet event!

  571. 571 : what? Says:

    @ KDaddict,
    I agree with you that statement!
    All of us have our own biases. We have the right to love them as much as we want but we can’t accuse others of being an anti or even blindly support our bias.

  572. 572 : what? Says:

    Could you plz explain about that statement clearly?

    Try watching City hall, Secret garden and Winter sonata and you can get what “best actress in Korea” mean.

    If you don’t explain about that statement clearly, i’ll think you don’t put MGY as a “best actress in Korea” ! If so i have a lot of questions for you! The reason is MGY also one of the “best actress in Korea” ! She may be better than that you describe above !

  573. 573 : what? Says:

    I’m not talking about HSK or MGY acting in CDDA,
    Just curious that you describe about best actress in korea!

  574. 574 : ca Says:

    School 2013, IMY and KOD are not over yet but the get awards why not CDDA ?

  575. 575 : KDaddict Says:

    The Premise of this show, Love vs Money, is an interesting one. That’s what ppl have been discussing.
    Anyone who has been to a hi school debate should know that there is a motion:
    e.g. Teachers Unions should have the right to strike.
    One side would defend the motion; the other side argue against it. The debate is about the motion, an idea in the abstract, not about anyone in particular. N you NEVER target any person.
    In this case, the motion is that: Money is more impt than Love. Some here agree, some disagree.

    What does it got to do with Moon Geun Young?
    Is MGY trying to give up love in order to marry money???
    Is anyone saying that MGY is no good in her role as HanSK?
    What right do you have to say that those who disagree that Money is more impt than Love are refusing to admit the dark side in themselves? That’s a sad way to look at ppl n the world. You might say that one side is more realistic, the other side more idealistic.
    Some say, If you hate the show, just stop watching. What makes you think ppl bother to discuss the premise of a show that they hate?

    Please point to where sb has said sth AGAINST MGY in these comment pages. Quote the Lines that abuse, attack, or bash MGY.

    Otherwise, it only shows that you haven’t read the comments, haven’t understood them, and certainly haven’t any understanding of how a debate functions, even at the hi school level.

    By all means, defend MGY if she is being attacked. But what on earth are you defending her for if she hasn’t been attacked???

  576. 576 : george Says:

    Whew!The comments are long.But i enjoyed reading all of it because this means we care about our heroes/heroines for us to bother writing comments this long.I want to focus on just Se Kyung and Seung Jo for now or else it’s gonna be long.I understand SK decisions.I know she thought much about it before doing so.She only knew Kim Seung Jo is Jean Thierry Cha.Should she have know that he is Cha Seung Jo and has a past with Yoon Joo,I’m sure her decision would be different.She chose to be dark knowing that it will be a risky road to take,she knew that if she is discovered and it all fails then at least she tried.True,who wouldn’t want to marry a rich guy?We might proudly say we’re satisfied to be able to put food on the table or have our own apartment.It doesn’t have to be a big house or a designer clothes or bag but we are silently saying and hoping, “but a nice big house and designer bag would be good,too.”

    But yes,I would feel for SJ if he finds out all about SK’s plan.It will break my heart that after all the pain he went thru and then to finally believe that women are not all the same as YJ,he will find that he was right all along………

    The drop to hell wasn’t that bad for me with the hope that SJ will rescue SK before she falls deeper into that darkness.

  577. 577 : KDaddict Says:

    The statement that you agreed with in #571 is not mine.
    For “All of us have our own biases, etc.” See #565, Note the name.

    The statement you mentioned in #572 is also not mine.
    For “she is the best actress in Korea” see #561 written by moonie fans.
    For a response to it, see #565.
    I have absolutely NOTHING to do with any of this. “what?” indeed.

  578. 578 : Tired of anti fans Says:

    Moon Geun Young is a South Korean award-winning actress!
    she is the best actress of her generation!

    that being said for you now:

    What is more important: money or love? –
    This is a delicate subject, I admit, but I ask you to be reasonable in your various relexions. If you say love, you think you could spend the money? And if you think it is money, do you think we could do Abstaction of love? And especially do not give me no answers and no clear standards ..
    Imagine you’re in front of two people who meet both of these criteria you’ve mentioned: But one has an average situation and is madly in love and the other richer but not very romantic .. You will choose then?
    I personally think that unfortunately the money has been a big part of our lives, then make a choice between love and money is hard enough, each case is unique!

  579. 579 : what? Says:

    Sorry for wrong name,
    I said to @SaraSJS
    Just curious!

  580. 580 : ricko Says:

    I also think that unfortunately, the money starts to happiness ..
    Beautiful love you but you need money to live properly. Love does not pay our expenses.

  581. 581 : emerald Says:

    now a days, money become the most important thing on every person. love comes next. what is love if ur not having a meal for day? HUH! its reality… if you have money then u will be happy…

    its true #580 Love does not pay our expenses… hehehehe…


  582. 582 : meryl Says:

    To add a layer and ramerner a little serious, I say fortunately or unfortunately, people are turning to people of the same social class.

    So not dream girls, there is very little chance that you will encounter a rich prince millions, and this is mutual for men ..

  583. 583 : samara Says:

    i love the story…..

  584. 584 : hate spoiler Says:

    love you comment and it makes sense 🙂

  585. 585 : hate spoiler Says:

    btw, @ tired of anti fans, showed a good point! Fighting 🙂

  586. 586 : saraSJS Says:

    I’m NOT talking about MGY here. It’s just a general fact. It’s obvious that we have best, good, average, bad and horrible actors in any entertainment industry. Some actors improve. Others regress. Some are great in a work and ordinary in other work. Just few ones are at the top most of the time. One says my bias is the best. The other says mine is the best. Then everyone is the best? “Best” has its own definition and standards. Best means having more experience, playing various genres, having the ability to impress viewers- from different age groups not only your fans- with your acting, not too much leaning on your looks or public image, not playing nude scenes just and only for attracting viewers and being a triumph card for producers. Now how many actors and actresses in Korea can be included in this category and possess all of these features? Those who do, are the best ones, regardless of their age. To me just 3 actresses possess all of these features and others are in other categories. If you think your bias has all of these features, then s/he is the best. No problem. I’m doing the same thing.

  587. 587 : saraSJS Says:

    Never say “everyone”, say “i”. You never can generalize a fact just by seeing few ones. Human beings are more complicated than you can say “money is the most important thing for everyone and love comes next.” As all the pros say on this thread “you should put yourself in others’s shoes to be able to say that”.

  588. 588 : cherygel Says:

    Moon was loved as “younger Korea” a good and pure since it debuted as a child actress in the 2000 TV drama Autumn in my heart. Unlike other teenage celebrities have already matured physically, she looked like a young girl, she studied hard and acted well. People called perfect and intact. In May 2005, the Moon appeared on stage at the Cannes Film Festival in France at the Palais des Festivals. Moon Movies Innocent Steps was chosen to be presented at the 58th Cannes Film Festival.
    In 2003, she was launched as a major star with her role in Kim Ji Woon film of the successful horror A Tale of Two Sisters (2003). Moon plays the role of the younger sister Su-yeon in the film. It was both the most successful Korean horror film and the first to be screened in American theaters.
    In 2004, Moon played the role of Suh Bo-eun in the hit movie My Little Bride. [4] It was the second most popular film in Korea in 2004, behind the blockbuster Taegukgi.Lune gave him a reputation as one of Korea’s few genuine box office draws.
    In December 2008, Moon won the award for best actress for her role as Shin Yoon-bok Awards 2008 (Grimae pronounced gree-may) presented by the Korean Television Directors of Photography Association.
    At the end of the year drama awards, Moon won the Daesang (Grand Prize) award, the Best Couple with Moon Chae Won has been amazed by the hard work she has done, and the Top 10 Star Award Awards 2008 SBS Drama held December 31, 2008-January 1, 2009.
    In February 2009, Moon won the award for best female actress in a TV series in the ceremony of the 44th Baeksang. She was also very close to winning the popularity award by a very small margin (0.1%) to Girls’ Generation’s Yoona.

    Model Edubox Kone Price (에듀 박스 코네스 상)
    KBS Drama Awards: Best Young Actress (Autumn in My Heart)
    25th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award (My Little Bride)
    Price Chunsa 12th Art Film: Nine Best Actress (My Little Bride)
    41st Grand Bell Awards: Best New Actress, Price Popularity (My Little Bride)
    42nd Grand Bell Awards: Popularity (Innocent Steps)
    26th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award (Innocent Steps)
    29th Gold Price Cinematography: Best Actress (Innocent Steps)
    SBS Drama Awards: Daesang / Grand Prix (Painter of the Wind)
    SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Award Stars (Painter of the Wind)
    SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Moon Chae-Won (Painter of the Wind)
    Price Grimae: Best Actress in a Television Series (Painter of the Wind)
    Seoul Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Painter of the Wind)
    45th Baeksang Arts Price: Best Actress for TV (Painter of the Wind)
    KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress (Cinderella’s Sister)
    KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Cinderella’s Sister)
    KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Jang Geun-suk (Mary Stay Out All Night)
    Yahoo! Buzz Asia Awards: Female Buzz Star Award (Mary Stayed Out All Night)
    Golden Ticket Award (Closer)
    Seoul Drama Awards: Best Actress Drama Hallyu (Mary Stay Out All Night)
    47th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award for television (Cinderella’s Sister)

    That’s why how I think this is the best! how many actors or actress his age had prices like it. And for me it is not finished yet ^ ^

  589. 589 : bunny Says:

    According to news report today, SBS is considering the extension of CDDA beyond 16 Eps.
    SBS’s decision to extend will depend on consultations with writer /director, and also on the ratings for Ep 9 & 10 which will be broadcasted this Sat (5 Jan) & Sun (6 Jan).
    Praying for CDDA’s Ratings to soar to new heights in 2013 & especially for this weekend so that SBS wil extend the drama beyond 16 Eps..

    Korean viewers / fans, please show your support for CDDA!
    CDDA Fighting!

  590. 590 : mon Says:

  591. 591 : hate spoiler Says:

    oop, really? It’s good news 🙂 🙂 🙂 fighting CDDA !

  592. 592 : what? Says:

    I didn’t mention you were
    talking about MGY. Just clarify
    your statement! You said try
    watching CH,SGand WS and
    will get the meaning of best actress in korea. So on the
    other hand, other actresses
    are not best actress in korea
    only these three ( i think you
    forget to say they’re my bias
    too 🙂 ) Yes, they’ perfect with the facts that you said
    above but you have to accept
    so many actresses same as
    like them (other categories??
    May be same categories 🙂 )
    By the way, MGY can put the same cup like them. They’re
    old and senior in industry but i
    have confident and not afraid
    to say MGY is the same level
    with them! Hey sara, I’m not
    blindly support my bias. I have specific facts as #
    cherygel describe above 🙂

  593. 593 : IRa Says:

    i’m just love this drama and i realy like MGY as a great actress ( i love her act) , i love her humble, i love her social life, her studies and also her hard work…and i’m just like her

  594. 594 : saraSJS Says:

    @cherygel, what?
    I have my thoughts and ideas even about your statistics. But I ‘m not going to prolong this discussion coz here is not the right place and i hate to be accused of being an anti. You have the right to think as you do. I do too. Let’ come back to HSK and JTC.

  595. 595 : what? Says:

    lol 🙂

    ”Let’ come back to HSK and JTC.” ok, agree with you Miss sara 🙂

  596. 596 : Olinrae Says:

    Akkhh.. Can anybody please tell me, when this drama will be aired again? So curious about the next story.. Off course i also enjoy MGY and PSH acting.. They are GREAT!! 😉

  597. 597 : Mary Says:

    Does anybody know why they didn’t air episodes 9 & 10 last week??? Very curious!!!!

  598. 598 : seg Says:

    @Mary there’re SBS awards 🙂 ep 9 and 10 will be on 5th and 6th January

  599. 599 : VIANA Says:

    i like Park Hoo and Moon Yoang!Drama is a perfekt!Fighting!

  600. 600 : gilang Says:

    aku berharap episode drama ini akan di perpanjang,aku sangat menyukai drama ini

  601. 601 : cherygel Says:

    Moon Geun Young Practices Lines In Below Freezing Weather

    There is a reason why Moon Geun Young is much loved by the public! Not just for her adorable face, but also for her realistic acting!

    A couple of pictures of the actress have been released, showing her diligently practicing her lines outside in below freezing weather. Currently, Korea has been experiencing unusually cold weather, with temperatures dropping below zero to about -18°C (0°F) on certain nights. When fans saw photos of the actress giving such focus and dedication to her craft despite the bitterly cold weather, their hearts went out to her.

    The first picture captures her whole frame, revealing her hands that have turned pinkish red from the cold. The second picture shows a close-up of Moon Geun Young making the best out of her situation.

    She currently plays the role of Han Se Kyung in the drama “Cheongdamdong Alice.” Her character is an aspiring designer who shares the worries of working-class, temp female employees in their 20s and 30s trying to achieve a better life by climbing the social ladder.

    Meanwhile, “Cheongdamdong Alice” will air the 9th episode this Saturday at 9:55pm (KST).


  602. 602 : cherygel Says:

    For the pleasure to hear and see ^ ^ ^ ^ my favorite actress

  603. 603 : mail Says:

    cant wait to c dis drama….

  604. 604 : naomi Says:

    episode 9 preview???????

  605. 605 : dea Says:

    Ommo,can’t wait for this drama ep 9..I will watch live stream for support cdda.
    I hope it will true this drama have extended episod..

  606. 606 : hunee Says:

    Hellooooo!!! what happen to the episodes, theyre not updatin the latest one
    Did they stop filimin???????

  607. 607 : pah Says:

    ep 9 palli! addicted to park shi hoo <3

  608. 608 : cool Says:

    Is there a video of this drama on you tube? i cant find it.
    Also where to download this drama with good sub.
    Moon geun young, im waiting for her drama for a long time and now here she is. Ohhh where can i download this.
    Moon geun young your sooo cute and adorable.
    Cant wait for ep9.

  609. 609 : faiza Says:

    yay,,,,finally ep 9…i will watch ep 9,the preview make me confuse..
    cdda fighting,hopefully they have extended ep.

  610. 610 : faiza Says:

    excited for tonight after 2 week not aired…
    love this couple,yay!!

  611. 611 : tc Says:

    Just saw Preview of ep9 – looks like we get to see more sweet moments between our OTPs before shit hit the fan. I don’t mind at all since it has been a long wait to watch this adorable couple . Hope the rating improves after May Queen has ended as it may pave the way for CDDA to be extended.

  612. 612 : aliie Says:

    give me the link preview of ep 9!!!!

  613. 613 : eonnievania Says:

    Please check link preview CDDA of ep 9 :


    So curious… !!!

  614. 614 : lili Says:


  615. 615 : vic Says:

    ep. 9 is great.. After hearing seung ju’s confession, Han Se Kyung decided to continue her so called “Ugly Love” with cha seung ju. . very touching moment that time… 🙂 I’m so excited to watch ep. 10 after seeing the preview.. I hope this series will be extended and not just a 16 ep because it is very good and has a unique storyline

  616. 616 : malagu Says:

    higher ratings! very good

  617. 617 : bunny Says:

    Ep 9 is daebaak! I love CSJ’s confession to HSK during the hug… it’s so honest and touching… nothing but the truth! I also love the accidental kiss and arrow dance…. so cute !
    Kudos to the writers and main leads! This is what a quality drama looks like and sound like.
    Love you PSH! Great acting!
    Still cant get over how amazing is this episode… the developments and the confessions..
    So Happy that rating went up… great reward and encouragement for the CDDA cast that worked so hard in the bitter cold winter with temperature of below -19C. …
    Looking forward to EP 10 tonight.
    CDDA Fighting!
    Korean viewers / fans, please continue to support CDDA…. thank you.
    Hope the rating goes up to > 20% tonight…

  618. 618 : bunny Says:

    I am also hoping for SBS to extend the drama beyond 16 Eps… great acting and great drama! Love it very much.

  619. 619 : eonnievania Says:

    Where can I watch full episode 9 of CDDA with Eng Sub? I can’t find it. Please let me know… Thanks…

  620. 620 : vic Says:

    You can watch it here.. http://www.dramacrazy.net

  621. 621 : emerald Says:


  622. 622 : IRa Says:

    can’t stop laughing watch park shi hoo’s act espicialy with his dance and his swing mood, but feeling sad with han se kyung thought… OMG i love this drama

  623. 623 : seg Says:

    the rating went up!!! let’s continue to watch our favorite drama so this series will be extended! omg 🙂 🙂 🙂

  624. 624 : hope Says:

    can somebody plz short recap for episod 9! Hum, now, right now really want to study korea language 🙁 i only just saw raw, my ph can’t watch english version 🙁 really really bad 🙁

  625. 625 : eonnievania Says:

    Yes, I can’t open the link of episode 9 with Eng Sub mentioned-above ‘coz now I only have tab to watch that episode. Please tell me another link of episode 9 with Eng Sub which easier for me to watch. Thanks a lot…

  626. 626 : moonLOVER Says:

    for episode 9,

    Heart breaking scene= Sj visit to Sk house and the time Sk come back.( oh oo..two feeling appear on my mind..really want to laugh so badly Sj acting at the same time my heart can’t stand and a ton of tear drop from my eye for Sk :'( )

    The funniest and sweetest scene= their soft kiss and Sj crazy cute dance 🙂

    Mgy and Psh, i’m really adore you two. You two acting so great eventhough it’s bitter cold winter 🙂 fighting CDDA team. And i pray and do believe this year Baeksang Arts Awards and SBS Awards night are for CDDA 🙂 🙂 🙂

  627. 627 : donna Says:

    @624 and 625
    if you can’t watch from dramacrazy.net, you can try the facebook account of Princess Cruz 1. she’s downloading all the episodes a day after the series was shown in korea.

  628. 628 : donna Says:

    correction pls, not all the episodes, “the episode” only.

  629. 629 : tiffou Says:

    Cheongdam dong Alice started this weekend on our local Korean station and I am absolutely loving it!! Awesome characters and since I am a Park Shi Hoo fan I can’t stop laughing at his portrayal of Jean Thierry Cha and of course Moon Geun Young is brilliant in her role, as usual. At first I could not picture these two as a couple, (they aren’t yet), but good actors can pull you into the story and make it believable, and these two have done exactly that. Can’t wait to see how it plays out!

  630. 630 : hny Says:

    great job PSH si … I just lol n lol this ep for you …. your funny chart is good .. I like it .
    yoon jo … I know what u feel after seen SJ carrying SK on his shoulders … but I guess u not become SK reval here , that would be interesting coz I don’t want to hate u! I like the story of you life n it’s already makes me more sympathy .

    oh ya Mr Cha …I like when u ‘tripping ‘ n dance w SK fam !! hahaha it’s cute

  631. 631 : tc Says:

    Ep 9 is Daebak! The 2 weeks wait is really worth it . Happy to see Se Kyung feeling so guilty and tormented which significantly redeemed herself in my eyes. I start to root for her again when she told God that she will not hurt SJ from now onwards if God forgave her action earlier. Also happy to see that she got her spunk back and willing to fight TH for her love.

    So many sweet scenes of our OTP and really like the poignant confession scene at the end of ep – SJ was so awesome and moving. Does such guy exist in real world?

    Really like SJ’s team comprising the doc, Sec Moon ,Driver Kim, AJ and Se Kyung’s sister – first time we have so many secondary characters doing all they can to get SJ and Se Kyung together.

  632. 632 : jinnyj Says:

    fall in to CDDA , PSH (Cha Seung Jo) and MGY ( Han Se Kyung ) a lovely couple … Love them in CDDA ……:)……..:) thx to CDDA team too .

  633. 633 : louiz Says:

    Episod 10 daebak,i like part “happy airport couple”
    They chemistry is good,like a rel couple.
    Like moonie act & park si hoo sii..
    Wish this drama have extended episode.

  634. 634 : bella Says:

    Ini sudah episode 10,tapi kenapa sepertinya mgy & psh belum menjadi pasangan dan kim ji suk kenapa sangat jahat.
    Ceritanya makin membuat binggung,seperti yang saya baca di media on line kemungkinan penambahan episode semoga terlaksana.

  635. 635 : hope Says:

    @ moonLOVER,

    Totally agree with you !Baeksang Arts Awards and SBS Awards night are for CDDA 🙂 🙂

  636. 636 : hope Says:

    yes, of course! You’re right @ tc…The 2 weeks wait is really worth it . I love the OPT more and more! Btw, may be that guy exist somewhere or not born yet 🙂 lol

  637. 637 : jinnyj Says:

    CDDA ep 10 , although I can’t understand K. but I think PSH (CSJ) is very happy hope MGY ( Han Se Kyung) will decide to get by CSJ side till the end ….. (๑˘ᴗ˘๑)

  638. 638 : saraSJS Says:

    It seems mean heroines are not Korean viewers’taste. Ratings rule in Korea after all.

    Why SK changed to a Candy suddenly? Is she regretting what she has done or it ‘s because pathetic, poor sec Kim turned out to be mighty JTC? Not only her choice of the road to take wasn’t understandable in first place but considering her determination to continue that road in last ep, her sudden change of heart doesn’t make sense at all. It seems the writer was forced to change her female characters from evil, materialists to pathetic human beings who didn’t have any choice but to do this. But aren’t her excuses for justifying their actions shallow and unacceptable? ‘yes, we took advantage. We made them cry. We made them suffer. But we cried as much as them. What we have done wrong?’ You know what you have done wrong, girl. Really, i can’t get what this writing is trying to do.

  639. 639 : saraSJS Says:

    Correction *writing should be writer

  640. 640 : hunee Says:

    I luvvvvv this drama, it so romanticcc, ahhhhh wow. The main guy, his
    funny caring loving towards the main girl. Its funny too. I hope it stays
    on track. I’m glad its not that long, just perfect 16 episodes. I hope he
    makes up with his dad. The other characters, his friends and her friends
    and family, great people. Keep up the good work. I hope it would be a
    wonderful ending to remember. Let them get married and show them, that
    it can happen with the rich boy and the poor girl. Beat all the obsticals
    in life. Yayyyyy pleezzzzz

  641. 641 : eonnievania Says:

    Please tell me the link of full ep 10 with Eng Sub… Thanks a lot…

  642. 642 : Reivo Says:

    Yes Rating Up…. Chukha chukha…

  643. 643 : ptsh836 Says:


    you know, when a drama is good, one will pursue watching epis full with anticipation n excitement n simply cannot sit around n wait for follow-up epis…CDDA is one drama that defies all d odds…of me wanting to jump in immediately when epis are uploaded…see, my dilemma?? ive got epis 9 & 10 on standby n im dragging my feet to watch it altho i love PSH n MGY…i hate this writer!

    i hate HSK’s character (not MGY)…i hate a weak, moping, indecisive, dishonest, boring character for a female lead! up till epi 9, HSK is still not happy with her decision n plans to score a rich husband…from d moment she listed down d ten unfavorable points in doing so…she has been overwhelmed with pangs of guilt n sadness n feelings of betrayal towards a sweet, naive n oblivious CSJ…

    n now, obviously under pressure fr disgruntled viewers ovr such an unappetising female lead, d writer is going back to a true n tried formula of a pathetic n submissive heroine…overturning a never tried before experiment of a scheming, materialistic HSK…so, she’s a candy once again??? make-up your mind, ms writernim…stick to one plan at a time before more viewers abandon ship!

  644. 644 : TheSuAung Says:

    (Park Shi Hoo) You are my dream’s man

  645. 645 : kdbig Says:

    loving it so much i couldn’t ask for more.. psh is such a charismatic actor and play his character really well. mgy is pretty good too.. the chemistry between the two is just overflowing and i am getting drowned in a good way LOL 🙂

  646. 646 : amy Says:

    Love ep 10..esp d ending….i repeat it many times….
    Review fr ep 11 pleaaseeeee

  647. 647 : none Says:

    woahh.. I just finished watching cdda eps 9 .. I like the scene when hsk kiss csj .. And csj dance is very funny .. I like chemistry between psh and mgh .. Cdda fighting!

  648. 648 : moonLOVER Says:

    @saraSJS ”It seems mean heroines are not Korean viewers’taste. Ratings rule in Korea after all.” LOL… I think it’s not only korean viewers but also 90% of viewers who watch the drama/film. They couldn’t accept the real thing in drama/film! Coz they know, they see and they face the same in real life. Most of them watch drama/film for relaxing their mind 🙂 In my country, most of the( could be 90%) drama/film are comedy.

    CDDA, the drama that want to portray the real life or (may be) try to changing the old path( the one who usually watch korean drama/film knows the cliche’ ways; poor heroine or rich heroine, scenod male lead who deeply love the heroine, second female lead who used to be our first male love ex-gf or gf, ….etc) .So, just give the writer a chance to the end (as you know it’s the first try for him) ! Or if he couldn’t please you till the end, just give him one fist for your precious 16 hours 🙂 :-). Lol

  649. 649 : vega Says:

    why yoon jo so hate if her sister in law getting merried with seng jo?????

  650. 650 : none Says:

    after waching eps 10 , i really can’t wonder what could happen in next eps.. its true HSK love CSJ and vice versa but HSK doesn’t tell her secret to CSJ.. really cannot imagine what would happen if CSJ know about that.. however , they still the best .. MGY & PSH fighting!!

  651. 651 : lisa6 Says:

    The greatest strength of CDDA is the writer and main leads portrayl of imperfect hero / heroine… so flawed but real and still likeable.
    I like the way the writer redeem SK in EP 9 and 10….
    Dont we all sometimes feel guilty because of our bad thoughts or actions towards others but because we are pricked by our conscience we acknowledged our wrong doings … and repent by promising not to sin again.
    No human is a saint … at least not all the time. It’s not always black or white.. it can become murky…but then final decision is not to go black all the way.
    Same goes for SK. She felt guilty towards SJ when he came to confess his true identity and his feelings for her. SK’s silent prayer and confession in church is so human ..isnt it? she confessed that she made a mistake and sought God’s forgiveness and promised not to sin again… and instead will make up for her mistake by loving him more…if God allows her to continue their relationship.

    Love Ep 9 and 10 because CSJ and HSK and their romance are so real.. so touching…love the team (doc, secretary moon, SK’s friend and sister) that supported the couple… so sweet. CSJ and HSK fighting! Excellent teamwork and acting from all… CDDA fighting!
    PSH fighting! Love you… where can I find a man like CSJ … ha ha

  652. 652 : saraSJS Says:

    When the heroin completely changes in one episode, you wonder what happened. It seems Anthony is not satisfied with her writing. But the surprising, unacceptable twists of characters aside, how you wearing high heel can be faster than elevator? I can wait but i don’t want the writer to take me as a fool.

  653. 653 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ saraSJS
    I think she wasn’t change suddenly! And she is not dark at all till now.
    SK choose the right decision for her Love. Or it could be she knew the real
    identification of SJ. ( if i used to be candy type and that’s why Rich guy
    love me! So, why am I try to go to dark side? I also want to be rich girl. So, I will change faster than SK did………It’s mine ^^) Don’t u think SK did the realistic decision?

    You can see the comment about SK above ( Lisa6 said)
    Dont we all sometimes feel guilty because of our bad thoughts or actions towards others but because we are pricked by our conscience we acknowledged our wrong doings … and repent by promising not to sin again.No human is a saint … at least not all the time. It’s not always black or white.. it can become murky…but then final decision is not to go black all the way. So, SK also human being like us !

    And you used to see all vilian in KD land (in real life too) are start from Child character. It means it’s their original seed! Sk is not the same like that.

    Aww, I have never seen or competed High heal and elevator.
    I’ll try next time 🙂 May be it’s unrealistic coz it’s Drama. I used to see unacceptable things always in any dramas/films. Could you plz say the
    perfect drama/films for me? I wanna try!

  654. 654 : moonLOVER Says:


    Really? you can’t get what this writer is trying to do for these two ladies.
    Ok, here is the recapper opinion for the ladies from Drambeam.

    These two girls are just so unfortunate to be honest and conscientious. I know they have been manipulative, and it’s worse that they are so consciously aware of their decision to be manipulative, but these ‘bad women’ are speaking the truth to me. This drama forces you to look at their circumstances, where what they’re doing is not much different from what an average couple may do if they’re enjoying the thrill of “the chase”. You’re a little flirty, and you’re a little mysterious, but you probably also stalked them on Facebook and Google to find out their middle name and their siblings’ names. Will you ever reveal that newfound information before he tells you though? No – and you may never will. It’s not too far from what Se-kyung and Yoon-joo did, but what’s unfortunate for them is that they’re playing with higher stakes at the table. I pitied them and I sided with them, because they’re playing with poker chips that they don’t have. I found their thoughts to be the truth, because society does look down upon poor females trying to get the rich man – they’re the gold diggers; if we know that the rich man chased them, they’re the Cinderellas.

    So, the main reason is the writer want to show the society about the
    gold diggers( I think).The gold diggers, why they become? what is the
    actual life of them? What’s their feeling ……….may be alot!

    See u! Have to go work( I’m Late ) **

  655. 655 : moonLOVER Says:


    You have alot of question for CDDA (especially SK and YJ)
    Ok, it’s my time.. What the hell SJ doing in episode 10 in last
    scene? arrange SK to meet with her future in law father like that?
    Doesn’t he think it could be difficult for SK? How she’ll enter again
    in GN or……………………..( i know you see all) . So, can you give
    me the answers ( not only you also other viewers).

    He could be coward or immature in love. But my feelings for
    SJ right now is HE IS SO SELFISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  656. 656 : mtoenlob Says:

    To confess or not to confess. This is SK’s dilemma and has led us to likewise question ourselves. If we were SK, what would we do?

    If she confesses, there will only be 2 responses from SJ depending on his perspective of things. Either negatively or, I’d rather use the word acceptance instead of positively. If he thinks or feels betrayed by the truth of what SK has to say, then most likely he will response negatively. He’ll be hurt, he’ll get angry or he might even go to the extreme of exacting revenge. He has done it before, it is not unlikely he’ll do it again. The confession might even lead to a break-up of the relationship and worst a travel back to despair and emotional breakdown for SJ. At the other side of the balance, he might just understand where she’s coming from and accept SK’s moment of weaknesses – the thought of using him (in the persona of Jean Thierry Cha) and his money to uplift herself from her current status. Granting that she harbored the idea of using SJ, but once she learned that JTC and Secretary Kim are one and the same person that’s when her anguish sets in as she agonizes between pursuing her dream of entering Cheongdamdong and loving the man in the person of Kim Seung Jo (Secretary Kim) as she knows him.

    If she chooses not to, does it benefit SJ? Maybe. Sometimes, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. But to SK, keeping it to herself could be an unnecessary burden. There will always be a nagging thought and a feeling of remorse. Although she is not morally bound to tell SJ that once she contemplated the idea of using him for his money, for her own peace of mind it is prudent and sensible to do so. Secrets have ways of finding their way out into the open. For the sake of their relationship, it is advisable that they start on a clean slate. Just as SJ came out clean before SK and gave her the opportunity to decide whether to accept him as he is, it would benefit them both that she be honest with her intention, too.

    “There is a voice inside of you That whispers all day long, ‘I feel that this is right for me, I know that this is wrong.’ No teacher, preacher, parent, friend Or wise man can decide What’s right for you — just listen to The voice that speaks inside.” – Shil Silverstein

    It would be judicious for SK to listen to what the voice inside her says.

    And to SJ, “Love comes to those who still hope even though they’ve been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they’ve been betrayed, to those who still love even though they’ve been hurt before.” – Positive Treasure

  657. 657 : saraSJS Says:

    Actually it depends on your taste to decide if a drama is perfect. But if you haven’t watched Secret Garden, i recommend you to watch it. It doesn’t lack anything. Perfectly perfect. If you enjoy more serious realistic dramas, watch City hall, King of Dramas, Reply 97, Shut up flower boy band and 49 Days. If you are into saguk, try watching Sunkyungwan Scandal, Princess’man and Faith. Melodramas are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I miss you and on a lower level, Nice guy are excellent ones. My girlfriend is a Gumiho and Queen Inhyun’s man are great mixture of fantasy and romance. And finally, if you want to watch the sweetest drama ever, try watching Can you hear my heart.

    CDDA script is full of holes and characterization is not good. It’s obvious the writer was forced to change the story. To me, SK’s actions were unacceptable from the beginning. So her change seems unreasonable. Anyway, those who love MGY, don’t care about the plot holes. Really why a perfect man like JTC should beg her to accept him? He needs a strong blow to come to his senses and see the truth. I don’t like one-man shows.

  658. 658 : tc Says:

    Ep 10 – more serious and no wacky antics from SJ but love it as there are many poignant and adorable scenes between the OTP . I like the closure scene between SJ and YJ , so moving and showed maturity on SJ’s part to also accept responsibility for their breakup.

    The plot is moving fast with some revelations especially SK now knows the relationship between SJ and YJ and so torn up on whether she should confess to ease her own conscience but worry that SJ may not be able to forgive her. Since there are so many people who know the truth, SK should confess to SJ immediately but I think this is the central conflict used by the writer and will only be revealed later by either TH or In Hwa to break the couple up.

    I hope the buyer of the painting is SJ’s dad as this will definitely help to heal the relationship between them.

    What a cliff hanger! SJ is so impulsive but yet so adorable. Understand the reason why he dropped such a bombshell to nip the arranged marriage at the bud and showed his independence to his dad but he should have asked SK first! Yet I can’t get angry with him coz it is really worth it to see the shock faces of TH and In Hwa.

  659. 659 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ saraSJS

    Yes, I love MGY and all her works. Yes, I’m her bias fan.
    I do love PSH too. I wish I wanna get my future bf looks
    like him (real PSH is impossible ). But If i have a chance
    to choose only one, I’ll choose MGY over PSH. After God
    and my beloved mother, she’s in third place in my mind.
    Yes, I love her so much and I can’t describe in words!

    But, don’t say those who love MGY, don’t care about the
    plot holes. Yesterday, you said you can’t get what this writer
    is trying to do for these two ladies. So, I copied the comment
    about these two ladies in (www.dramabeans.com) . The recapper
    who wrote these comment is not a fan of MGY nor SYH.
    And I didn’t say CDDA is perfect! I just said it’s the first time
    for the writer who want to change character side. So, the plot has
    a lot of holes. I know and I accept it. But CDDA can still attract
    viewers and isn’t one-man show.

    Anyways, thx for ur suggest for drama name! Half of them are already
    finished! I’ll try to watch City Hall soon coz your suggest. I’ve bought
    CH but didn’t try it yet! BTW, Why most of the titles you choose are
    about unrealistic stories?

    SG and 49days = bodyswapper,
    Faith and Queen Inhyun’s man= time-space traveler
    My girlfriend is a Gumiho = Gumiho girl???

    Ok, I agree ” Actually it depends on your taste to decide
    if a drama is perfect”..It’s right for every viewers. You said
    SG is perfectly perfect, but I saw the criticising to SG plot
    in some blogs. Same as other drama name that you mentioned..
    Different people have different opinions! I will show you one
    example. About MMM(marry me mary) Don’t u surprise MMM
    got the best korean drama of 2010 in this site? I love MGY that’s
    why I watched MMM. But I think it mustn’t deserve that award! My
    opinion for MMM is bad but other are not the same as me!
    So, let’s taste as your own!

    P.S. I replied most of your comments as a CDDA viewer not as
    a MGY bias fan. I still love to comments about CDDA

  660. 660 : rearwindow Says:

    This episode was sooooooooo goooooooooood. Instead of heroes and villains, we’re getting a bunch of people acting in their own self-interest and following the mandates of their own moral codes. The character psychology for even secondary characters is off the hook. Yoon Joo, for example. What an interesting, complicated person. I disagree that she’s “helping” Se Kyung and Seung Jo (this is definitely debatable, but she is trying to keep them together in the best way that she knows how) because she has their best interests at heart. I think she is primarily hung up on pushing them together in order to prevent In Hwa from marrying Seung Jo. It’s subtle, but I noticed that throughout this episode, she would think things like, “this helps me too but it also helps you” when talking, or thinking, about helping helping SJ & SK stay together. I too find it a little surprising that she is able to stifle her emotions so well w/r/t SJ & SK’s relationship. However, given that she has spent years perfecting the art of stifling her emotions in order to move forward, it makes perfect sense that she would not act rashly. I feel towards her what I feel toward all of the other characters at this point, even Tommy Hong (and even/especially our delightfully flawed leads): I am entirely sympathetic towards her, even though I don’t always love her decisions.

    You touch on this a little bit, kaedejun, but my favorite part of this drama is how successfully it engages in an exploration of classism. Particularly with Se Kyung & Tommy’s discussion of ugly love vs. beautiful love, and SK’s refrain of wondering why she is the only one who has to take these things into consideration, while the wealthy are free to love in whatever way they’d like. What is so wrong about taking wealth into consideration when choosing a partner? Most, if not all, people do it, whether they admit it or not. The wealthy do it even more explicitly, hiring matchmakers to help catalyze a romance that is financially advantageous to both parties. This show seems to ask: Is there a difference between what Se Kyung and Yoon Joo have done, and what In Hwa is doing? And if so, why? Simply because SK and YJ were poor and are thus challenging the social structure?

    Interesting, interesting stuff.

  661. 661 : lexie Says:


    As what saraSJS said, you can try Innocent Man if you havent watched it yet…Greatest Love is also good (in my own opinion). You can also try Prosecutor Princess and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

    I want to recommend Full House, Sassy Girl Choonhyang, My Lovely Sam Soon, My Girl, Dalja’s Spring, and Princess Hours to you but I guess you already watched all of them. =)

  662. 662 : beauty Says:

    Those people who commented that there’s loopholes in this drama why continue watching?I don’t think you will continue to watch a drama if u dont like it,right?but you still commenting so meaning your enjoying watching this drama!My advice to people reading this thread don’t depend watching dramas by reading the comments/reviews of other people cos you don’t know you might enjoy watching the drama…every people have different likes and taste…who knows?you might like this drama?cos for me I really did enjoy watching this drama…as long as I am entertained I don’t really care what other people say.So,try watching and judge it for urself…Cheers.

  663. 663 : Arawn Says:

    I don’t think one should dwell on which is worse, telling a white lie as SK or being somewhat vindictive & petty like SJ. Neither is good, but neither are they something very horrible.

    In SK’s case I wouldn’t say that the deed itself is so very bad or damaging but keeping silent about it will make it very damaging to SJ at least. If SK won’t tell him herself, it will look like she has indeed used him only for his money and that will really be a punch into his guts. And considering that Tommy knows (and so do Ah-Jung and Yoon Joo – too many people know), it’s only a matter of time when somebody will spill the beans. So ultimately SK’s choice is not whether SJ will know or not but will she be the one to tell him or will it be somebody else.

    YJ was immensely unreasonable in her words. She basically just placed SJ’s sanity, happiness and even his LIFE on the shoulders of SK. That’s a horrible burden nobody should be asked to carry – that nobody CAN carry as ultimately we cannot save anybody who won’t help him/herself in the process. YJ kicked SJ to the ground and is now expecting somebody else to clean the mess. Ish.

    And finally SJ… that was one lousy trick he pulled there in the end of the episode. He’s doing same to SK what he did to YJ: using her against his father. I’m sure he loves her but that is not an excuse. He still has issues to work trough until he’ll be able to have a healthy and loving relationship with another person.

  664. 664 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ lexie , yes, I’ve wached except one or two drama that aired in 2012. But really thx you 🙂

    I had my eye problem during these years, that’s why i stopped watching TV (all drama/films) ! Except looking for my bias news and her drama 🙂

    Anyways, thx again!

  665. 665 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ arawn,
    Really love your POV ! Can’t wait for next episod.>-<

  666. 666 : ira Says:

    hello… i couldn’t see the hole of characterization of SK and SJ i could understand what SK felt, sometimes i feel it too. when angels and demons are spinning around in my head, which make me confuse to choose one of it so i make one decision but in the midle we change our decision. a lot of problem to think obout and sometimes we make some list to do and not to do. MGY and PSH do the best thing i guess.
    but whatever everyone had their own opinion i just don’t particulary like the haters

  667. 667 : mtoenlob Says:

    The issue of ‘double standard’ raised by Se Kyung to Tommy Hong is something worth mulling over. Why is In Hwa’s attempt to lure Seung Jo into marriage any different from the scheming plots of Yoon Joo or Se Kyung to marry a rich man? Subtle it might be, IH’s attempt through the machination of TH is as devious as the cunning bid of YJ or SK to crack Cheongdamdong. In the eyes of many, why are the likes of YJ or SK looked down as women who uses their charms to extract money and things from men? Why the condescending attitude to the likes of YJ or SK when IH’s primary interest to marriage is material benefits as well. Why is IH’s method acceptable while that of YJ or SK’s is unacceptable?

    It all boils down to social class and financial status in society. It is okay when done by the rich and famous but it comes down right dirty and ugly when done by someone from the low rank of society. Why this kind of perception?

    Double standard may take the form of an “instance in which certain concepts are perceived as acceptable to be applied by one group of people, but are considered unacceptable when applied by another group.” But this reeks of hypocrisy and violates the basic principle that all stand equal, a total disregard to impartiality which is based on the assumption that the same standards should be accorded to all people “without regard to subjective bias or favoritism based on social class, rank, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or other distinctions”. SK hit it right on when she questioned the validity of TH’s contention. TH is biased and rightfully so because he has a lot to gain financially and socially when the marriage match between IH and SJ is accomplished.

  668. 668 : faiza Says:

    toda han se kyung b’day,happy b’dAy Han se..

  669. 669 : myeon Says:

    Happy bday han se !

    i’ll looking for next eps <3 CDDA Fighting !

  670. 670 : ifabee Says:

    Indonesian Subtitle episode 10
    https://www.box.com/s/m6g7zkg39pai31lz8eo8 (HANrel)
    https://www.box.com/s/tlaosjnb9cma9w16vcef (KOR)

  671. 671 : amy Says:

    Girls…cant wait for ep 11. Here the review….m.youtube.com/?reload=2&rdm=mgft337p3#/watch?v=LWgSOg7LoJ0&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DLWgSOg7LoJ0

  672. 672 : amy Says:

    Preview i mean 😉

  673. 673 : none Says:

    CDDA is interesting drama and the first drama that i never thought what would happen in next eps..the plot is very unique until make me cant wait for the next eps.. iam happy to see the preview of eps 11 but not happy to see the pic between PSH & KYR in BTS CDDA..i dont know why just i want to see PSH take a pic with MGY ..That will be sweet.. CDDA FIGHTING !!!MGY & PSH FIGHTING!!

  674. 674 : lisa6 Says:

    Written preview for episode 11:

    Seung Jo’s dad takes his unexpected wedding declaration not as real love but as Seung Jo’s way of seeking revenge on him and he gets upset. This causes Se Kyung to be very uneasy and she doesn’t know what to so. In Hwa tells Tommy to act like the matchmaking arrangement never happened………..

    Video preview for EP 11:

    Se Kyung: I won’t be like you. My values, my love, my existence, will completely be accepted as I enter Cheongdamdong………using my way.

    Yoon Joo: It won’t work. Using that method, in the end you’ll lose both…..

    Se Kyung: From now on, this is Han Se Kyung’s secret diary.

    Seung Jo: Se Kyung, you have shown me that in this world there is a love that isn’t scary. Se Kyung, marry me!

    Cr: kolasplayground

    Looking forward to Ep 11 tomor nite!
    CDDA fighting! PSH fighting!

  675. 675 : lisa6 Says:

    Preview of Episode 12 (to be broadcast on January 13):

    Cha Seung Jo comes directly to Han Se Kyung about her passport. He can’t wait to travel with her. Meanwhile, HSK invites CSJ to have dinner with her parents and proposes to include his father …

    Cr: parksihoo4u

  676. 676 : lisa6 Says:

    Lee Seung Hwan (Feat. Yozoh) – Sorry [CDDA OST Part.6] (English Translation)

    Cr: pop!gasa


    I’m sorry – block yourself from me for a moment

    In case my scars get to you

    Lonely and ridiculous, in a corner of your heart

    I can’t have you filled up with tears

    My dear, don’t come to me, I’m already shut down

    A heart that cannot be subdued is not what is mine

    I’m sorry, that’s just the person I am

    My dear, don’t come to me, don’t help me

    No one can come to me or leave me

    Don’t longingly smile at me

    Don’t tell me stories of how you live either

    Lonely and ridiculous, in a corner of your heart

    My dear, don’t come to me

    Everyone knows the end but they’re just saying it

    Love is always nervous, moreover, it’s pitiful

    Maybe what I loved in the end was just myself

    I’m sorry, I don’t deserve to be in love

  677. 677 : moonLOVER Says:

    Yay, can’t wait for tonight 🙂 🙂 🙂 fighting

  678. 678 : amy Says:

    great episode 11..love it…but i hate in hwa moreeeee….what happen to that woman…if CSJ love HSK and HSK love CSJ by his money 1st..so what???
    this movie is reflection of more than half relation in this world…
    beside the comedy side of this movie,,,this movie has deep meaning…

  679. 679 : eve Says:

    ep 10 is daebak, i really love when SJ tells everyone that he gonna marry SK and everyone got shock hahaahaaa LOL
    after hearing the new OST i’v got feel that the sad full of tears gona comes soon T.T

  680. 680 : jinnyj Says:

    Agree with Amy#678 said that if they love with together and HSK love CSJ by his money but she is sincerely fall to him later and later …..so what no matter I think her love is not ugly love …..:D.
    Love this CDDA Fighting …:D

  681. 681 : jinnyj Says:

    Agree with Amy#678 said that if they love with together and HSK love CSJ by his money but she is sincerely fall to him later and later …..so what no matter I think her love is not ugly love …..:D.
    Love this CDDA Fighting …:D

  682. 682 : lisa6 Says:

    there is too little of CSJ / JTC in EP 11… I want to see more of CSJ and the couple scenes…
    and his cute DR friend, secretary, HSK’s friend and sister group… they are the ones cheering for CSJ / HSK vs the Shin family..
    Villian has changed from TH to IW…
    The scriptwriter has stepped up SK’s ‘darkened’ image to contend with the opposing camp.. the ‘rich people’.
    it’s now the ‘rich’ vs ‘poor’ classes comprising HSK, SYJ and TH.
    and worried how CSJ will react when he knows the ‘truth’ about HSK from IN…
    half more hour to EP 12…

  683. 683 : amy Says:

    Ep 12 are greaat…cant wait yo watch again but with english subtitle…

  684. 684 : bella Says:

    Ep 12 totally daebak,,i like the chemistry of our couple in cdda….
    Hope this drama will extended.

  685. 685 : bestfan Says:

    in hwa was going to marry as a business deal; why is it so wrong for han se or yoon joo to marry for what is financially beneficial. i think you eventually find love anyways. the true test will be, would she stay with seung jo if he gave up everything and remained poor? i dont knw how she would react. i cant tell yet if her love is pure.

  686. 686 : none Says:

    scene between HSK & CSJ kissing look so sweet at eps 12 .. i like the part until i repeat it again to watch .. i hate to see in hwa that being an obstacle to csj and hsk love.. really cant predict what will happen next eps .. cant wait to see eps 13 .. huhu ..and for the first time i feel so sad to see TH doing the best to help HSK..

  687. 687 : none Says:

    HSK love CSJ .. she said to yoon joo that her bussiness now are to protect CSJ .. CDDA FIGHTING!! MGY & PSH fighting!!

  688. 688 : hunee Says:

    This episode 12 is cute, father and son tryna say sumetin nice to each other
    and hsk is there to help out. I hope they let them get married. The rich boy
    and the poor girl, it happen to other drama, why can they let it happen to
    this drama. Its funny and cute.

  689. 689 : hny Says:

    arrrggg drama ! always end in curiosity situations….
    I like HSK character who bring father n son can communicate again . the funny moment is when their dad finally met… really funny 😀
    In wha… is better you find another men !..

    abt the kiss… a lot kiss happen ,,,, but Mr Cha N HSK I need to see a hot, trembling kiss n else else 😀 😀 not only sweet kiss…. uhuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀

  690. 690 : Ot70 Says:

    Just saw Ep. 11 yesterday, there is something funny about the scene Shin In-hwa trying to steal the video file in tablet. Anyone who uses tablet nowadays (of course, there are so many and it is increasing more and more) must have known that it is impossible to upload such a large file like that in a short amount of time (not smart idea). Still not mention that the ‘dropbox’ account that Shin In-hwa uploaded must still be the owner account. LOL ^o^ (in the scene didn’t show that she changed the account before copying) So it is no sense for anyone who clearly sees and understands this scene. What it should be done instead is trying to copy to the micro sd card (UHS class), then a 5GB file can be copied in less than 5 mins.

    Well, it is sort of technical, but to make a good movie is trying to make it close to the reality as much as it can, isn’t it? In this way, no one can complain or say something nonsense and turn the TV off!!!

  691. 691 : faiza Says:

    episode 11 dan12 adalah episode terbaik untuk saya karena kedekatan moon geun young dan juga park si hoo seperti pasangan sungguhan.
    mereka terlihat sangat baik saat bersama,sangat di sayangkan sekali bahwa drama ini hanya 16 episode.
    20 episode pun sepertinya kurang cukup jika pemainnya adalah 2 orang aktor terhebat menurutku.

  692. 692 : unknown unknown Says:

    It was really regretful how the character of Tommy Hong was written into this script. Tommy Hong was protrayed as a savvy and cunning go-between/pimp, who has a huge business/office, secretaries, a person who stole mobile phone and who sent a private detective to take photos and videos of HSK. He would then somehow left clients’ files and his tablet on the coffee table when another client visited his office. Then he left his tablet on the table again the second time In Hwa visited so that she could download such an important file. Did the scriptwriter really found this credible? There are so many other ways to write into the story how In Hwa got hold of the video instead of this silly plot.

    In Hwa was supposed to be the cool and smart business woman, quintessential Cheongdamdong socialite who has seen it all and yet she behaved so shocked and distraught upon knowing the secrets of Yoon Joo and HSK. Any logic there too?

  693. 693 : Micc Says:

    This is an interesting drama and I like all the casts. But maybe just me, I feel no chemistry between Moon and Park. Actually it’s so awkward to see them together.

  694. 694 : Carmen Says:

    I can not believe is only 4 episodes left?…when they have good dramas they are the best on 16 episode only!!! LOOOOOOVVVEEEEDDDDD

  695. 695 : amy Says:

    I hope this drama keep going like this..like SEGA..hyun bin always love ha ji won blindy no matter what…hihihi…

  696. 696 : hanna Says:

    cute and great romaric kdrama … hoping that it will be extended for more detail in their love story

    CONGRATS …. KEEP IT UP ! ! !

  697. 697 : mtoenlob Says:

    Trappings do not make a man or a woman, in the case of In Hwa. She who is born into wealth doesn’t hesitate to show scorn to those she feels are beneath her. At the onset, hasn’t she sneered at Se Kyung’s talent, ridiculing her for not having a designer’s eye? In Hwa with her exaggerated sense of her own importance sees the light of day and a slap in her face when the head of Artemis perceives SK’s inherent talent and praises SK for her worth. In Hwa isn’t done yet with her furious indignation and jealousy when her own father, President Shin, expresses his admiration for SK’s talent and smartness. Even her own brother, Min Hyuk, acknowledges that indeed SK has ability and is more than just a pretty face. Jealousy turns into envy which eats at her very core fanning the fuming rage inside her. And when greed and envy rear their ugly heads, trappings of gold and designer’s clothes or birth to a chaebol lineage cannot conceal the true character of a person. The raging wrath inside her fuels her madness to ruin SK. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Perhaps, it is more understandable if she is doing this for ‘love’. But no, she is wholly doing ‘revenge’ for she feels she is superior to SK. How can anyone so beneath the social rank, someone who has no eye for good design, someone who comes from a “poor” family background, someone who cannot fill her shoes as a chaebol’s daughter, be the toast of the town? How can anyone so lowly be better than her? So absorb is she with her own selfish musings that she forgets that talent can be honed, skills can be studied and knowledge can be learned but a person’s true character is revealed by what she does when no one is watching. Reputation is built in a moment but character is built in a lifetime. And with a family such as hers it is no wonder that IH is the way she is. As the tree, so the fruit. At least we can say that her father knows when to give credit where credit is due.

  698. 698 : faiza Says:

    aigo,i hope the rumor this drama will extended is true.
    i love this couple so much,they have a good chemistry.

  699. 699 : tc Says:

    Ep 11

    Don’t quite like this ep coz less screen times for our OTP together whilst the side characters especially antagonist In Hwa and TH took centre stage in this episode. The proposal scene was so unromantic with intermission to the ladies and no hugs, no kiss? C’ mon Writer/ PD- nim, surely you can do better than!

    I am unsure whether I like the ” black” HSK with her new hairdo. She looked so fierce and cold at times .

  700. 700 : tc Says:

    Ep 12

    Daebak – bringing back all the cute and sweet moments of the OTP plus so many kisses in 1 ep! Have a feeling that the bombshell will happen in next episode and I can’t wait for SJ to know the truth and see how the couple reconcile thereafter.

    Really like the scene at the restaurant whereby both dads bickered and the apology scene between SJ and his dad- both are so hilarious!

    The party scene was so well done. Not sure whether the actors can speak French well but kudos to the writers for their abilities to come up with an appropriate strategy for HSK to impress everyone at the party with her speech and fast thinking ability to answer Chairman Robert’s question.

    I miss the presence of the cute doc and Driver Kim in this ep. Lastly, what a cliffhanger – I am torn between wanting SJ to see the video so that he knows the truth or continues in blissful ignorance which means we get to see more sweet moments between the OTP before angst starts – which way, writer- nim?

  701. 701 : lisa6 Says:

    EP 12
    Love the cute couple scenes that were missing for a quite a no of episodes.. and father and son scenes. They are so similar in temperament..so funny.
    PSH is so charming and cute, and very much into the role of CSJ.
    I believe the angst will come in EP 13-14, when SJ has to contend with SK’s flaws.. come to terms with that, forgive and go forward in their relationship in a more realistic and matured way.
    Dont all love relationships evolve in stages… EP 12 shows that they are still in lovey dovey stage and in their sweet selves; next will be the conflict stage when they realise that their partner is not as perfect as they thought to be…. then come acceptance (if they so decide to stay and love each other still)…
    I believe SJ will grow emotionally after the angst.. and come to accept SK as a more complex person.. but still a choice partner for him.
    CSJ fighting!
    I also miss cute DR and driver Kim in this EP…

    There are talks for 2 EPs extension … then writers need not rush through the developments…

  702. 702 : tc Says:

    @lisa6 – 701

    Heard about the extension earlier but I don’t think CDDA will be extended now since Kang Ji Hwan who is the male lead in the drama after CDDA had started firming two weeks ago after resolving his issue with his agency and the rating of CDDA did not increased significantly to warrant further extension.

    If there is one, SBS should have announced the extension right after the airing of ep 12 .Otherwise, based on past precedents, last minute changes to the script will be too abrupt and quality of the show will definitely be affected. Although I like to continue watching both PSH and MGY, the extension may not augur well for the drama if the writers do not have sufficient materials and time to develop the story.

  703. 703 : reta Says:

    love this couple,,,they are so amazing couple for me…

  704. 704 : lisa6 Says:

    @ tc – 702

    Yes it appears that there is still no confirmation from SBS to last Sat’s news that CDDA may be extended by 2 episodes.

    I was hoping that there could be extension, but I guess CDDA is underated because its writers have crafted this drama to be like no other. Their realistic characterisation of SJ, SK, YJ and TH, each with their own individual flaws and termperaments, are not set to what the audience normally can expect – romantic plot, fairy tale OTPs and strictly black or white characters. As a result, there seems to be many controversial views and emotions from viewers on the characters and plot development.

    My weekends have been liven by CDDA. Love especially its hilarious scenes and the characters who seem like real people including all the side characters (Dr, Secretary Moon, SK’s friend and sister team, SJ’s father)!
    If only SBS could have plan earlier for a longer series to allow more time for depth development!

    Let’s look forward to this weekend for next 2 EPs..

  705. 705 : tc Says:


    Just read the news that PSH will watch the last episode of CDDA with his fans on 27 Jan, hence it is confirmed that there will be no extension.

    So we only have 4 more episodes of CDDA to liven up our weekends. Despite its flaws, this drama is really entertaining and addictive.

    Just saw the BTS scene of PSH spinning around MGY at his condo. He actually suggested to the PD to allow him to spin her all the way to his bedroom! Ha! ha! So very cheeky of him!

  706. 706 : lisa6 Says:


    Yes, I saw that BTS scene… happy to know that PSH is having lots of fun filming..

    here’s the written preview for Ep 13 and Ep 14.


    Cant wait to know what’s going to happen next this weekend…

  707. 707 : lisa6 Says:


    I’m envious of korean fans. They get to see PSH in person and watch the last ep with him… if only I can be there too 🙂

  708. 708 : amy Says:

    U knw what I regret most in my life..when psh visit bali..I I saw him with his crew in a hotel…bt at that time I didnt know him yet…:( I start watch his movie oct 2012….and my friend told me he is the one that we saw :((((

  709. 709 : reta Says:

    can’t wait for ep 13,,,

  710. 710 : tc Says:


    Me too… I really like PSH’s warm treatment towards his fans. He had consistently watched the last episode of his dramas with his Korean fans for the past few years. Last year, he only showed up for TPM’s celebration dinner briefly before proceeding to watch the last ep with his fans.

    Saw the preview of ep 13, looks like SJ still did not manage to watch the video clip on his phone. Curious how the video clip disappears fr his phone!

  711. 711 : none Says:

    woahh… i just watch preview of eps 14.. although i can only understand a certain words, it makes me wanna cry .. huhu.. HSK & CSJ FIGHTING.. hope they have a happy ending .. will miss this drama..

  712. 712 : hanna Says:

    ep 13 i hate Shin In Hwa grrrrrrr ….

  713. 713 : VIANA Says:

    i very like this drama

  714. 714 : Bones Says:

    Am I the only one that thing Shin In Hwa is hottest out of all female roles. ? I also like what Han Se Kyung did with her hair it fits her.

  715. 715 : ira Says:

    @ bones : agree her hair make HSK more mature and sexy i guess with her innocent face…
    can’t wait to see the end of our princess MGY and our idol PSH

  716. 716 : amy Says:

    Just finish watch ep 14..my goshhhh..frustating n heart breaking…I hope CSJ cancel d flight tp paris….HSK please….try your best to get CSJ love back……

  717. 717 : hunee Says:

    UUUU girlfriend you gotta fight for him, do not let him get on that plane.
    Fight hard for him, you came this far. They make such a cute loving couple
    Pleezzz stayyyyy

  718. 718 : hny Says:

    HSK char in this ep ..wow…why just smile ..cry ..see him ….borring …n make romance situation feel nothing ..arrgg..hope can see more better for his char next …I know she great actress ;)))

  719. 719 : Lailan Says:

    I like PSH….and this couple….when i saw Prosecutor Princess and until now….i never missing your drama….ok Caiyo!!! this is from Indonesia

  720. 720 : emerald Says:

    the 2 girls arent goldigger… they just want their life changes in a different way… for me they are amazng because they did everything to get into that position… they are impressive anyway… is hoping to become wealthy a sin? everyone wants to be like that… thats the reality…

    nice drama…

    i going to miss this drama… 1 more week… good job guys… AJA!

  721. 721 : lisa6 Says:

    Ep 13-14 are heartbreaking.
    My heart goes out to CSJ as he is always hurt by women he loves.
    PSH’s mastery in expressions is excellent (one can tell from his expressions what he is thinking and feeling)… After the meeting with SIH, CSJ goes back to his office and sits alone at his desk looking stunned. His eyes start to fill with tears as the pain sinks in;
    When HSK tried to confess at the mock-wedding rehearsal, CSJ’s expression suddenly changed showing his grief, hurt and anger; and
    When he was sobbing uncontrollably in the stationary car after he drove away from the church….
    so touching, that had me sobbing along with CSJ…
    I expected the angst scenes to be prolonged, but actually each scene is very short. Yet in that short time, I could feel CSJ’s pain and grief due to PSH’s amazing acting… as if he is really CSJ.

    HSK wants another chance to show her real self to CSJ… let’s see how she can turnaround the relationship in the last 2 Eps…

    Hopefully SYJ’s husband will forgive SYJ… if not, it may be good for her to leave the snobbish Shin family…perhaps join TH as his business partner…

  722. 722 : tc Says:


    Felt the same way too when I saw CSJ’s crying scenes – you can feel his pain. Some viewers actually dislike his weak personality of living in denial but I can understand his actions as PSH is supposed to portray a character that has a mental illness which typically display such symptoms.

    PSH’s acting in ep 14 does remind me of his awesome character in Princess Man and he still looks so hot even when he is full of anger and hatred. I am not surprised that he garnered the highest votes of 64% to win the the Best Star in CDDA by netizens’ voting over the last 2 weeks.

    MGY’s acting is also awesome especially when she made her confession at the church and at the airport . Despite the angst, I actually like this ep as all secrets are finally out in the open and I can’t wait to see how HSK will regain
    CSJ’s trust in next ep.

  723. 723 : Cc Says:

    Oh no…. Can’t wait Saturday and Sunday last Epi… I am sure this drama is good ending like “missing you”…. Fighting!!

  724. 724 : Micc Says:

    Shin In Hwa is so pathetic!

  725. 725 : mtoenlob Says:

    Man is a complex creature. How he responses to life’s stimuli depends, most of the time, largely on his emotional state. Man is vulnerable to being hurt by other people, whether intentionally or not. And when hurt, he is apt to retaliate to protect and avenge himself. He tends to think of revenge, and to react and respond to that hurt by striking back, an eye for an eye, thinking that in doing so justice has been dispensed. He thinks that by hurting the person(s) who hurt him will make him feel good to see the “hurter” suffer as he/she made him suffer. This is Seung Jo. The thought of exacting vengeance from the people who have caused him so much pain and misery is the driving force that propelled him to survive his darkest hours. But in his deluded desire for retaliation he has lost himself. He might have experience satisfaction for the payback but this is short-lived. In his solitary moments he drowns himself with the “happiness” and “satisfaction” but these are not real and this act erodes his sense of well-being and peace. To an outsider, he is a man of poise, of confidence, of success. Deep inside, he is a total wreck. And so, as a coping mechanism, he builds himself a world of make-believe. And this is where he has placed himself and Se Kyung. When SK smashes his make-believe world by making him see reality he is enraged with disappointment. She has ruined his world. Once again, SJ is hurt. And his natural instinct is to run away from reality.

    It is understandable where SJ’s outrage with reality is coming from. The past can hurt. You can either run from it or learn from it. However, by living in self-denial, by hanging on to the hurt, with anger, bitterness and resentment he is harming himself more. He has to acknowledge the hurt, express the pain, and heal himself completely by forgiving those who hurt him, release the pain and let go of the bitter experience. Most of all, he has to forgive himself, because subconsciously he is blaming himself, too. Only then can he start anew.

  726. 726 : lisa6 Says:

    The original soundtrack of SBS TV’s drama series Cheongdamdong Alice has topped the charts for a month.

    f(x) Luna’s “It’s Okay,” K.Will’s “Love Like This,” Baek Ah Yeon’s “Daddy Long Legs,” and Lee Seung Hwan’s “Sorry,” which was written by him, ranked in the top ten of the soundtrack charts.

    “It’s Okay” and “Love Like This” topped the charts immediately after they were released. “Sorry” also became one of the most searched songs.

    The soundtrack of Cheongdamdong Alice is currently making the series more interesting with the emotive melodies and lyrics that represent the characters’ feelings.

    Source: TV Report

  727. 727 : bella Says:

    Love this couple,they looks great together..
    Moonie,si hoo oppa fighting

  728. 728 : lisa6 Says:

    @ tc – #722

    I do not agree with viewers who view CSJ’s personality as weak.
    He is emotionally vulnerable to being hurt by people he loves -but that does not mean he has a weak personality.

    Agree with you and mtoenlob (#725) that self denial is symptom of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).
    His self denial is a form of self protection from pain. As his DR friend told HSK, this is the only way he could live..

    I believe he is healing with his new found love and trust in HSK and as he let go of the past/baggage and forgives SYJ and his father.
    Thus I can understand why he is no position to confront the pain and hurt when he came to know that HSK betrayed his love and trust…. poor CSJ.

    I am not surprised too that PSH is voted as #1 actor.
    PSH is so cute and loveable when he is crazy and hilarious.. so hot, intense and sexy when he is angry… and so touching when he cries..
    PSH fighting!
    CDDA fighting!

  729. 729 : tc Says:


    Wow, so impressed with your detailed diagnosis of CSJ’s personality and his illness – I could not have explained it better.


    Echo your sentiments exactly. We are the minorities that support both leads who are flawed and unconventional. When I change my expectation of them as not perfect characters midway , I actually enjoy the show more particularly their moments together. In fact, I like watching their BTS scenes -they are so cute and full of laughter and pranks! I am going to miss this show ( only 2 eps left) which really cheer me up after watching too many melodramas/ heavy sage up over the past few months.

  730. 730 : lisa6 Says:

    CDDA tops “Hundred Years’ Inheritance” in ratings

    CDDA has been battling with MBC’s “Hundred Years’ Inheritance” for the past few weeks, as these two dramas took turns to take the top spot in its time slot on weekends. HYI won the previous week; on Saturday (January 19) it was a tie, and on Sunday (January 20) CDDA reclaimed the #1 spot.

    2013.01.21 News report

    “Cheongdam-dong Alice” beat “Hundred Years’ Inheritance” and and is rated 14.4% in its 14th episode.

    This is 0.6% lower than the previous episode but it is 0.5% ahead of MBC drama “Hundred Years’ Inheritance”.

    Cha Seung Jo (Park Si Hoo) knew about Han Se Kyung’s (Moon Geun Young) plan and wanted to escape to Paris after hearing the truth from her. However, Han Se Kyung led him back saying, “It’s not over. You have to see me. You have to see the real me. If you still can’t accept me then you can leave. You have shown me everything and now it’s my turn.”

    Meanwhile, “Cheongdam-dong Alice” is two episodes away from the finish.

    Cr: Parksihoo4u; hanscinema.net.

  731. 731 : Tin Says:

    This drama did not disappoint me. This is a must-watch! The casting is really cool and plays their role very well. I like the story and it actually serves as a breather for me who watched two of the popular heavy dramas, Innocent Man and I Miss You. (I also recommend you to watch these two stories) A story revolving around the modernized Alice — hats off for that! It also gives you an actual tip on how to improve and motivate yourself in the real sense ~ L’effort est ma force!

    And.. and what makes it more romantic is the OST. I have appreciated lots of OST’s from other dramas but this one is something different and leaves you singing especially the chorus part. I didn’t realize I’ve been singing it in my perfect hangul version. Haha

  732. 732 : Jon Says:

    I’m glad there’s only 2 more episodes left. The female lead in this series is a horrible actor for melodramas. She would suite a family show more. I cringe during every crying scene when not even the slightest of redness appears on her face and barely showing any signs of sadness. She’s the worst fake crier that I’ve ever seen so far.

  733. 733 : reta Says:

    the real han se kyung,,,i can’t wait for watching episode 14 ….

  734. 734 : moonLOVER Says:

    @ jon , how cruel you’re! I think you’re the only one who think likes that! The worst fake crier? Whenever she cries, my tears are drop automatically! LOL..the funniest joke i’ve ever heard in my life is from you. Don’t forget she is a daesang winner when her 20s. Talented and natural actress!

  735. 735 : lili Says:

    u ‘re right moonLOVER….I gree with u…Jon is realy cruel !!!

  736. 736 : ricko Says:

    LOL it makes me laugh that jon! I bet that you’ve cried all the tears from your body by seeing who can not cry, it’s so natural! then another anti MGY! pffff

  737. 737 : goong Says:

    this drama disappoint me because no kiss no romance no passion it is all conflict yet they put romance. i don,t want a drama were only the ending they kiss i don,t like such dramas, sorry, i know people have different view but this is how i feel about the drama.

  738. 738 : NERDYSAVVY Says:

    @GOONG Whatever

  739. 739 : chelona Says:

    mmmm… this is interesting… i hope this is not another cinderella from rags to riches story… 🙂

  740. 740 : normala rakim Says:

    i hope htis is a beautiful drama ang i hope this movie will be showeg on tv in philippines coz’ they liked korean drama..alot….thats all thank you:)

  741. 741 : dorie Says:

    Moon Geun Young to me is not the prettiest, but cute..but boy, she is a good actress. She is too young to be able to bring out all kinds of emotions in her character. Every detail, she is expressing them all. Kudos… No wonder, she gets all the recognitions and awards in all her projects. She has a long way to go. Park Shi Hoo is my favourite. I’ve watched all his dramas..I started to love him in Family Honour..and then this drama..he keeps impressing me all the time.

  742. 742 : unfair Says:

    jon, you’re unfair ! Why you put ”the worst fake crier” title to female lead. Why not male lead? She have to cry from the start until episode 14, for her ex-bf, her parent, her poor life, her true love, cries, cries and cried. Did you notice? Whenever she cried the camera took with extremely close up shot. So, we can see her real crying eyes and her tears. But for male lead, they never take with extremely close up shot except for his first time tear drop scene. LOL. Unfair comment jon! Anyways, psh still make me cry without seeing his tears. The last word for you is Just look carefully and i just wonder who is the best crier for you in K-drama land?

  743. 743 : hope Says:

    Goong, i love soft kiss and also deep kiss. No kiss, no passion, no romance that’s why this drama made you disappoint. So, why not you change watching hollywood films and dramas 🙂 I still feel the romance and opt by their soft kiss.:-)
    Btw , i think you’re goong lover and still love to seeing YEH passionate kisses in all of her dramas 🙂 🙂 no wonder why this drama disappointed you. But for me, i’m not passionate kiss crazy 🙂

  744. 744 : goong Says:

    hope say, i hope you are not taking this personal i just stated my opinion what do you mean by soft kiss that is not that is accidental kiss if you like a drama were it is all throughout conflict i guest you are a trouble maker .

  745. 745 : Tin Says:

    I’m waiting for the last two episodes! Gaah. Could it be more exciting? This drama was well crafted. Romance, comedy, and drama are all in. Park Shi Hoo is a superb actor. Then, I must try to watch The Princess’ Man. Lots were saying he was good in that drama. And I just noticed he’s better off a snob, like the dominant/arrogant male specie. I like it more when he is serious. He looks manly! I have another 2012 drama to be listed along Big, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Rooftop Prince, Innocent Man, and I Miss You.

  746. 746 : Kikay Says:

    Seung Jo….don’t gooooo!!! Se Kyung loves you dearly!!! Weekend come quick. Can’t wait for the last two episodes.

  747. 747 : bunny Says:

    2013.01.26 News report

    Park Si Hoo’s sad expression – How is “Cheongdam-dong Alice” going to end?

    In the SBS weekend drama “Cheongdam-dong Alice” Park Si Hoo’s unusual facial expressions were captured.

    In the latest episode broadcast last week, Cha Seung Jo – CSJ (Park Si Hoo) learns that Han Se Kyung – HSK (Moon Geun Young) has been deceiving him all this time and decides to go to France in order to escape reality. HSK manages to arrive at the airport in time and tries to detain him. Tonight’s episode will give a breakthrough to resolve the viewers’ curiosity about the fate of these two people. Park Si Hoo’s unusual expression has stimulated the public’s curiosity.

    In the photo PSH is staring into nowhere with a sad expression and bittersweet desperation on his face against a backdrop of night view.

    “Cheongdam-dong Alice” will be ending this week and netizens have expressed opinions like: “No more grief for Cha Seung Jo, please,” “PSH’s expression is heartbreaking,” “PSH’s performance is a work of art,” “I want a happy ending,” and other such reaction.

    There are only two more episodes left of ”Cheongdam-dong Alice” which will be broadcast this Saturday and Sunday at 21:55.

    Cr: Parksihoo4u

  748. 748 : bunny Says:

    Me too. Cant wait to watch the last 2 Eps this weekend.

    CDDA fighting! PSH fighting!

  749. 749 : hope Says:

    If you think i put personal thought, i am sorry about that. Ha ha, i am not a trouble maker. 🙂 May be we have different opinion in drama. I still believe drama make me romance without passionate kiss 🙂 psh and mgy are like a real couple ! Go go, CDDA

  750. 750 : bunny Says:

    Sharing this MV… lovely


  751. 751 : abby Says:

    Bravo!!!! to all your opinions. AWESOME…

  752. 752 : qiqiado Says:

    This is the best drama.Park Si Hoo acting very well in this drama.He is the best actor and he can handle any kind of character well.Keep it up PSH.All the best

  753. 753 : French viewer Says:

    This drama is different from the others. What a pity, it’s already the end.
    Every person played very good the role, like the reality. Especially Han Jin Hee as the father of Cha Seung Jo, he was considerable.
    I like the family context, with the family worries… But I dislike the scene with Soju or alcohol. it’s not a good example for the population. Why must the korean dramas show such scene ? Everybody knows that alcohol is the source of evil. In Europe, although people like drink, the government has forbidden all alcoholics advertisements because alcohol can damage our health. We should live a long time in good health… I hope the same thing for the korean citizens.

  754. 754 : hanna Says:

    i love this drama but sad to say it will end tomorrow … hu hu hu

    extension please . . . . CONGRATULATION TO ALL THE CAST ! ! !

    i will vote this drama to next voting for best kdrama for 2013

    F I G H T I N G . . . . . . .

    for me its a W I N N E R (^_^)

  755. 755 : Arayna1011 Says:


  756. 756 : lisa6 Says:

    The writers must have heard some viewers’ comments to have SJ to be more
    realistic and matured.

    Ep 5 is great. Somehow I found it comical that SJ is the one initiating the necessary dialogues between them, and the number of times he come knowing at SK’s door. The 1st time was most comical… SJ petulant look and SK’s friend surprise look when she saw SJ at the door. hehe..
    The morning scene when SJ took back the bunnies to his car after SK wanted to throw it away… was also comical. He actually cant bear to part with them nor SK..
    He also followed SK in subway to understand what she means by being ‘poor’… so touching.

    His efforts in trying to understand the imperfect SK and not what he imagines her to be… is commendable. He obviously wants to see whether the relationship can still work out… SK’s resolution to go and meet SJ everyday to answer any of his questions also shows her determination to work issues out between them…

    Love the scene when SJ realised they are a couple because their needs match i.e SK found meaning in love and life when SJ told her the she is home and everything to him. She was in despair that she was useless to anyone.. that’s what touched SJ in her confession… love the look on SJ’s face when he heard that. Great acting PSH!

    Their contention now is whether it is morally right for SK to use SJ to overcome poverty. SJ thinks he overcomes poverty himself, and SK is defeated because of her loser mentality. However, SK thinks he was lucky because of his birth rights i.e. coming from rich family… (she deduced that SJ’s father bought the painting)….

    Love also SJ’s confrontation with TH.. so funny. It was so obvious that he’s jealous… and his hand gesture was so cute…. imitating TH when he lightly held SK into his car…

    Glad to see DR and Secretary Moon playing active roles in this EP… love to see the threesome…great teamwork / relationship.

    Looking forward to final EP tonight. I’ll miss CDDA, especially CSJ / JTC… he has liven up my weekends for last 2 months or so….

    Good TEAMWORK and acting from all CDDA cast! Well done!
    PSH’s acting in CDDA is awesome… Agree PSH is the Best Actor for 2012/13!
    PSH fighting!

  757. 757 : tiiawacanaa Says:

    I like this drama, this is not like other drama that full with fantasy, but this is tell us about what is the real world.
    People will do everything to reach it. I really like the character of MGY how she still be honest to Seung Jo in the end and show him about the real world

  758. 758 : tigerb Says:

    @French viewer #753: i commend that you don’t like the drinking of alcohol in the korean dramas. if you watch more korean dramas, you will notice that there’s always a scene of drinking soju. many weeks back, i read some internet news that korea consumes more alcohol than the u.s. can you believe that? i wonder how many koreans succumbed to cirrhosis or liver cancer.

  759. 759 : moonLOVER Says:

    I’ll miss you CDDA. Ok, I’ll try watching again when they translate with my mother language. So, it wil be ok! But, I’ll miss moonhoo couple ! Ottoke ? Especially i will miss you moon. Just pray you’ll do another project soon! Amen

  760. 760 : Violet88 Says:

    Does anybody noticed Goon Young a.k.a Se Kyung’s pic in a kitchen with apron while she was young (in episode 11/12) was the same one used in My Little Bride?.. 🙂

  761. 761 : cassie Says:

    OK time to watch it again. What a wonderfully acted drama. Best Actor-PARK SHI HOO.. You were awesome. Monn GUen…Best ACTRESS as always in my heart. LOVE YOU ALL. See you again in the next Park Shi Hoo’ s or Moon Guen’s drama.

  762. 762 : Mary Says:

    Great ending 🙂 I was so happy, it was so touching :’) I loved it!!!!! Great job everyone. But sad to say, this drama’s over now :”'( I wanna watch more of it!!!!

  763. 763 : hunee Says:

    Beautiful drama luv it luv it two thumbs up yayyy yippeeee. sorry had to
    come to an end..

  764. 764 : LEE KIM Says:

    sad that it already ended.however it was a really happy ending.

  765. 765 : hny Says:

    ;D) 😀 😀 ; D ……. bye CDDA !!

  766. 766 : kikay77 Says:

    Love it! I’m going to miss this one..Park Shi Hoo is one of my fave actor…and I’ve always like Moon! Thanks!

  767. 767 : kdbig Says:

    gonna miss this drama :(.. gj to the cast and crew ,will wait for psh next drama what an awesome actor.

  768. 768 : zashlein Says:

    This is ONE of a kind drama. Fantasy and love were combined just to show us how REALITY works in this world. Good job everyone! =)

  769. 769 : tigerb Says:

    planned or unplanned, justified or unjustified, known or unknown, “everybody uses everybody” (staying alive). but for every action, there is a reaction, in the end there’ll be retribution. the outcome depends on so many factors, maybe aggravating or mitigating. for these three people who knowingly are ‘users’, different things happened to them in the end, maybe not altogether bad as they seemed to be freed from some kind of guilt? lessons to be learned: know when to “use” that retribution will be not be that bad, and, honesty is the best policy. writing and direction is lacking that i could not feel the intended impact towards the end. still worth watching.

  770. 770 : reta Says:

    i love the ending,simple but very lovely and touching.

  771. 771 : tc Says:

    Ep 15

    I like this ep coz it showed the earnest efforts made by CSJ to understand HSK. It also showed that CSJ’s character was not so weak. It also fleshed out both HSK and CSJ’s perseverance not to give up on their relationships. My goodness, I lost count on no of times CSJ was banging on HSK’s door!

    The mystery of the buyer of the painting is also revealed in this ep which was not a surprise to viewers but to CSJ since he thought that his dad had given up on him.

    I actually like the serious CSJ more than his comedic character in earlier episodes. Off to watch the final ep now

  772. 772 : wiellow Says:

    love this dramaaaaa

  773. 773 : t Says:

    I love parksihoo

  774. 774 : tc Says:

    Final ep

    Could have been better as the reunion between the OTP only happened in the later part of the ep but I am still satisfied as the writer did tie up all the loose ends plus giving us HooGeon shippers what we crave for – huggings including back hug, declaration of love plus the epic kiss! What a happy ending!

    Liked the changed YJ who was willing to forsake her rich lifestyle and divorce her no-good husband.

    What the writer is trying to portray is that there is no 100% pure love as humans do have flaws and if you love the person, you will accept both the goodness and flaws in your loved one. CSJ finally realize that it does not matter any more whether HSK is Candy or imperfect but more importantly is he still loves the HSK that is standing in front of him now and willing accept her in entirety.

    Kudos to both PSH and MGY for their awesome acting. Despite the uneven writing, I continue to ship them particularly after watching all the BTS scenes which showed close relationship between the couple. Otherwise, I would have stopped watching after ep 8. Also liked all the side characters which unfortunately due to insufficient time, the writer did not manage to delve deeper into their characters especially the doctor, YJ and Tommy Hong.

    Will miss CDDA – truly a romantic drama with doses of reality .What a change from melo or makjang , no amnesia, no terminal illness and evil antagonists. So rare to see both the second female and male leads work towards getting the OTP together instead of breaking them apart.

  775. 775 : Sydney Says:

    I liked the drama ending, especially what happened to Seo Yoon Joo (free at last), with Tommy Hong too.

    Park Shi Hoo is really good in romantic comedy. I also liked him in Prosecutor Princess.. The best.

  776. 776 : emerald Says:

    the reality is i cant accept that his drama ends so fast… waaaaaaahhhh…
    but this is reality … somethings must come to an end…

    want to re-watched…

  777. 777 : green Says:

    PSH is acting great in CDDA. I feel his deep emotions, love, joy, crazy, sad, his tears, his wounds, his loneliness, his insecurity, angry, his fear, hope…. but I don’t like acting of MGY. I don’t feel emotion for her. I’m sorry.

  778. 778 : ayuu Says:


  779. 779 : Fannie Says:

    I love the ending. It’s true that there is life after a hapy ending. It does’nt end with a kiss.congratulations to the staff and crewof CHeongdammdong alice. You did. Great job of making the show fun and so realistic.looking forward to another korean drama.

  780. 780 : Viewer from Singapore Says:

    Nice drama, short and sweet, if it continues, will be too drags.

  781. 781 : kimll Says:

    Love the ending and 16 episodes are just right for the impact. PSH is a very good actor. He made the drama come alive inspite of MGY whom much as i have tried like but sadly cannot. A Halyu Star needs something more which i cant’t find in her. Sorry, nothing personal. I will try somemore to like you.

  782. 782 : mini Says:

    love it, ecomended to watch

  783. 783 : RISA Says:

    like everyone say, this is the fastest drama I’ve ever seen to.
    I really enjoyed watching cheondamdong alice, despite having to wait 2 ep every week but it really does not feel over.

  784. 784 : CUTIE Says:

    the ending, happy ending that has end too short does not mentioned about what happen next and their marriage.

  785. 785 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve been on this site for years, almost fr the very beginning. This is the MOST prohibitive thread I’ve ever encountered. Nothing is allowed except “I love MGY”, n “I love this show”. I see that MGY has some very young n very staunch supporters. So ppl who say anything that is not a compliment are accused of being haters n of bashing her.
    When at first, ppl praised PSH for being cute, sb got upset becos MGY wasn’t praised. “It takes 2 hands to clap. Why not praise her?”
    Whe HanSK dropped love for money, n there was a lively discussion of those approaches to life, you shut it down quickly.
    In reality, viewers react to sth in the story, some turn in the script, which have nothing to do with MGY. When even saying sth abt the story or the script has to be attacked n defended, commenting on this thread feels like swimming in water infested w jelly-fish. It is just not worth the trouble. You own the thread, but end up w a monotonous thread with mostly short comments of love n a 3 ppl who write praises in paragraphs. Perhaps that was what you ppl wanted in the first place.

  786. 786 : padma Says:

    the ending is so good..so realistic..there’s no 100% pure love and nobody is 100% angel or devil

    two thumbs for park si hoo’s acting..he is the best in this drama..i’m not biased giving this comment eventhough i’m a fan of him :p

    i like moon geun young too since she starred in cinderella stepsister..but i think she acted very well in that drama than this one..
    i don’t know if it’s just me who thought like this..because i dont get the chemistry between si hoo and her –maybe because she is so baby face?so i cant get the feeling nor her not-candy-anymore expression

    nb: sorry if my english isnt so good..hehe

  787. 787 : Emma Says:

    The story is good but too many unnecessary boring scenes. Better if this was a movie

  788. 788 : Jo Dev Says:

    I really love Park Shi hoo, he’s a great actor, I fall in love with all his drama cast . I hope can see him in real

  789. 789 : lili Says:

    the great couple 4 this year !

  790. 790 : lisa6 Says:

    #774 tc,

    I am having withdrawl symptoms of CSJ/JTC and CDDA as it’s the weekend again.
    I just came across this review… and apparently this reviewer shares the same views as you on this drama and the various characters….

    Likewise, I am also happy with the ending and character growth in CSJ/HSK/YJ/TH, and the tying up of loose ends.


  791. 791 : tc Says:


    Thanks for link to this blog which I am unaware of. I read most of the reviews on CDDA save for this one and it was so enjoyable. In summary, almost all the bloggers gave good reviews on this drama save for one particular reviewer which changed her views drastically midpoint which I had difficulty accepting especially on the character assassination on CSJ. Her accusations on CSJ’s weak personality was so unfounded when CSJ showed his perseverance and willingness in last 2 episodes to understand HSK and accepted her wholeheartedly.

  792. 792 : ycrem Says:

    Where can i watchxheongdamdong alice thats complete. Drmafever is not available in my country. Pls help me… thx

  793. 793 : lisa6 Says:

    #791 tc

    I am aware we have concurred in our views on this reviewer in another blog.
    Like you, I was irked by her character assassination of CSJ, and her complete change in stance in her reviews of this drama at midpoint i.e. starting 2013. Grossly failed to understand her rationale when CSJ charaterisation has been consistent throughout the drama. In fact, as you mentioned, CSJ demonstrated character growth and maturity in last 2 eps.

  794. 794 : K_Viewer Says:

    I’m a fan of PSH. I tried my hardest to support this drama, but failed after ep 1. Just can’t continue watching it. There is zero chemistry between him and MGY. MGY is a very talented actress, but really not suitable for this role. Although PSY looks very young for his age, MGY is still looking way too childish for him. I don’t feel comfortable watching these 2 developing romantic feeling for each other. I love his leading ladies in all other dramas, but sorry, not CDDA.

  795. 795 : tc Says:


    Please don’t give up so fast. The chemistry between the OTP only started in ep 3 after HSK ended her first love with In Chan as the first 2 eps were focusing on HSK’s relationship with her first love. The chemistry between PSH/MGY actually exploded in ep 6 at the soju drinking scene at the end of the ep.

    Despite the age difference, I personally like this pairing and they do have great relationship as can be seen from all the BTS. In fact, many viewers do ship this couple as can be seen from the specifically created SiGeun thread at forum soompi.

  796. 796 : -Autumn- Says:

    Again, I am in love with PSH. He’s such a great actor. His acting in Cheongdamdong Alice is remarkable, like having a mental issue guy and be serious at the same time. I love to see him cry because his tears really touched my heart.

  797. 797 : usa-mary Says:

    Well, I just came aboard to watch this drama and so far so good. On episode 3 and Park Shi Hoo, one of my favorite actors is hilarious. He’s no doubt in his own world when he rehearses to perfection the reaction he’ll receive from doing a good deed! He doesn’t want to get interrupted, he has to deliver every word and action to the letter. Even if the recipient of his good deeds thinks he’s crazy and his doctor friend knows he’s crazy (please take your meds), PSH believes that true love exists, is not a business, and when he’s on a roll doing his good, in earnest deeds…don’t mess with his mojo as he dances crazily to a song that playing in his head that mentions Barbra Streisand! Too funny!

  798. 798 : jane Says:

    this is one of the better dramas over the past year. PSH is not all that handsome but somehow ALL his dramas are very good. when i couldn’t stand horrible script writing of other dramas in 2012, i just keep re-watching his dramas.

  799. 799 : candy Says:

    2013.01.28 News report

    “Cheongdam-dong Alice – Re-discovery of Park Si Hoo and So Yi Hyun, growing pains of Moon Geun Young

    Cheongdam-dong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, is so-called because of the nearby clear waters of the Han River.

    On the surface this neighborhood looks gorgeous and bright, but actually it is no longer where clear sparkling water runs. Instead this is where desire and power reside. In the SBS drama “Cheongdam-dong Alice” which just finished broadcasting on January 27, this area and what it represents are explored. These people form “a league of their own”; to them even marriage is a contract, a business deal. Alice wants to marry into Cheongdam-dong and initiates a variation of the Cinderella story.

    In this drama which uses the dream motif of “Alice in Wonderland”, viewers are watching not just a Cinderella or Candy story but a new take on love and business. Moreover, of the actors, who benefit and who cannot break even?

    More precisely, “Man women wanna seduce” Park Si Hoo (35) exudes charisma hitherto unexhibited and has enhanced his popularity. So Yi Hyun (29) has been re-discovered and is now enjoying her heyday since her debut 11 years ago. But Moon Geun Young (26) is embroiled in controversy inconsistent with her status and does not benefit at all.

    It is true that Park Si Hoo is good-looking, but frankly speaking, he is not like the really handsome actors Jang Dong Gun and So Ji Sub, and he does not have Kwon Sang Woo’s muscular masculinity. He’s just lacking in that 2%, and that’s the truth.

    But Park Si Hoo uses his attractiveness to sublimate his handicap in CDDA. He plays Cha Seung Jo/Jean Thierry Cha and the luxury boutiques of Cheongdam-dong provide him with a perfect haven.

    Up to now among male protagonists in TV dramas, only Cha Seung Jo is so unique, so subtle, so psychologically complex with multiple personalities. His parents were divorced when he was a child, and he was hurt by his mother using him to obtain alimony from his father. He was also hurt by his oppressive and overbearing father. And then he was betrayed by the woman for whom he gave up everything, Seo Yoon Joo (So Yi Hyun), as a result of which he could not face reality and could only live in his dreams. So when the going gets tough, he can only survive by escaping.

    Ironically, the one person who can remind him that love still exists is Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) who is after his money. Cha Seung Jo dreams about his love with Han Se Kyungand in his cute facial expressions, headshaking, and weird behavior, PSH captivates women’s hearts.

    Although he is a second-generation Chaebol, heir to a great commercial conglomerate, and also has handsome appearance, this inner deficiency actually makes women feel comfortable and closer to him. What complements this character of CSJ and PSH’s charisma is his Cheongdam-dong look. As the French-educated son of the chairman of a conglomerate, PSH exhibits masculinity in his near-flawless fashion.

    PSH’s charisma is not like Jang Dong Gun’s sculpted face or Hyun Bin’s unique air of loneliness or Cha Seung Won’s tough guy look, but it is anguish and trauma that stimulate one’s maternal instincts. As the cool urban male who is caught in his own conflicts and cannot control himself, his exquisite fashion perfectly matches his personality.

    The biggest beneficiary of this drama is So Yi Hyun who plays Seo Yoon Joo. Since her debut in 2002, she has always been hovering somehere in the B-list; now with this drama she has finally hit the big time.

    She has the glamour of Cheongdam-dong ladies but she is not decadent. Her stylish fashion and make-up in the drama are not simple, but is befitting of a Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law. She is now considered to be Kim Nam Joo the Second.

    Just for this alone, it is a measure of So Yi Hyun’s success.

    If you look at the background of her success, So Yi Hyun is particularly prominent compared to Moon Geun Young who plays someone from a poor background and deliberately dresses accordingly.

    However you look at it, if So Yi Hyun does not have her own strengths, she would not be enjoying this kind of success. As an actress now entering her prime, although So Yi Hyun is in a supporting role, she supersedes the female lead in her expressive powers and presence and gains the most in this drama.

    At first glance, the role of Han Se Kyung that Moon Geun Young plays can be considered a perfect role in TV drama. Her father is about to lose the home he has spent a whole lifetime baking bread to buy, so she has to start working. Three years after her graduation, she is still unable to fulfil her dream of studying abroad and can only secure a part-time job with the help of Seo Yoon Joo. Her plight is really very pitiable.

    Through twists and turns, eventually this Candy grabs her White Rabbit and realizes her ambition of becoming Cinderella, succeeding in both love and career and enjoying a happy ending.

    In the midst of such favorable conditions, Moon Geun Young is unable to overcome her limitations as a former child actor. Both viewers and TV officials criticize her for not being able to shed her high-school-girl image. Her kissing scenes with Park Si Hoo are so embarrassing to watch, mainly because MGY still looks the same as when she played Song Hye Kyo as a child in “Autumn Tale” or the high school bride in “My Little Bride” — her face still has the same childishness.

    Acting must be impeccable. This role gives MGY the perfect opportunity to display her acting talents. Her Han Se Kyung is torn between conscience and love and her desire for success, and there is plenty of room to showcase her psychological conflicts. She protects Cha Seung Jo from his pain and cures him of his wound, but her maturity is called into question. On the screen the face of the woman who plays this role, that female lead who looks naive from beginning to end somehow makes one feel the gap of years with CSJ and gives rise to crucial unrealism.

    Moon Geun Young is still suffering growing pains in her transition from child actor to mature roles?

    So, who is the Alice in the title of the drama? Probably no viewer will immediately say it is Moon Geun Young whose Han Se Kyung is so one-dimensional. The bottom line is Han Se Kyung, Cha Seung Jo, Seo Yoon Joo, Tommy Hong (Kim Ji Suk) are all Alice in Wonderland!

    HSK asks Tommy Hong about the ending of “Alice in Wonderland”, and TH brings her the book. Alice thinks the ending is waking up from a dream, but the older sister who wakes Alice up falls into another dream and this dream is half-reality, half-dream.

    TH explains that although the older sister can return to reality when she opens her eyes, grown-ups still live in a half-dream state.

    In that case, is Han Se Kyung Alice’s older sister, and Cha Seung Jo is really Alice? But then again, the Seo Yoon Joo who abandons love and treats everything as business, eventually becoming a Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law, but is so full of anxiety and finally waking up to reality and making the bold decision to divorce – isn’t she the real Alice?

    And even Tommy Hong who allies with Han Se Kyung and Seo Yoon Joo, and Shin In Hwa (Kim Hoo Ri) who betrays GN Fashion out of jealousy — they can also claim to be Alice.

    ([email protected])

    Posted on 2013/02/05 9:00 am by H.A.T.
    Cr: Parksihoo4u

  800. 800 : candy Says:

    Although the writer’s comments on the performances of PSH/SYH/MGY Cheongdamdong Alice were fair, I do not agree with his comments on PSH’s looks. For me, PSH is the hottest, most handsome, #1 actor. He is >100% for me anytime..

  801. 801 : asa Says:

    @ 800 candy
    I agree with you in all! For me, PSH is really handsome, hot, charismatic, and full of masculinity. and most important a great actor. He bring life of character, in any drama he plays.

  802. 802 : fie Says:

    PSH n MGY…
    the best couple

  803. 803 : thesiwonest Says:

    Woww I don’t understand how to explain my feel when I watched this drama.
    I was shocked when I saw PSH character as secretary Kim seung joo
    officially he was a president of Arthemies kekekekkeke.firstly I always cry
    Because of Se kyung life too hard 🙁 after that when I saw president cha pretended
    As secretary he was made laugh. Really like this drama so much 🙂
    Moon Geun Young still my fav actress until now (´⌣`ʃƪ)
    And really I like this couple (´⌣`ʃƪ)
    Se kyung and Kim Seung Jo or cha seung jo

  804. 804 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m not that far along in this drama, yet what I’ve watched so far is very good! I really like Park Shi Hoo’s character and role. Moon Geung Young is new to me, yet I like her character, as well.

    The Tommy Hong party (that about pin points where I’m at), so far, is the epitome of chivalry by Chairman Cha (PSH) on HSK’s behalf. Well, even though that’s how CoCo Chanel got her start, not every woman is cut out to be a coquette like her to survive in this world! Bravo to HSK for her stance. I must add that I have rewatched the soy sauce pouring scene on TH with the cherry topping of cold-cocking him with a right-hook in total glee! I can truly say that Chairman Cha (PSH) is my hero. By the way, I knew that old geezer had an agenda by the way he was looking at HSK from a distance. It was as if she was targeted as the brand new, right off the assembly-line car (with zero mileage) that he wanted to do more than just test drive! More like put mileage on it then quickly go after a brand new, untouched model.

    This drama is different, exhilirating, daring and funny! Plus, I’m receiving an additional treat. I enjoy looking at the handsome, very well groomed, clean tailor-lined dressed men, exquisitely designed classy ensems on women, and extremely well designed interior designs.

  805. 805 : momo Says:

    love this drama!!!!

  806. 806 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m liking PSH’s role as Chairman Jean Theirry Cha aka Cha Seung Jo even more. Not only is he entertaining, his antics are so cute! Now I don’t mean like the baby type cute. I mean an intriguing, manly type cuteness that’s fun and softens a woman’s heart as its doing HSK who’s trying hard to resist. His father thinks his son is not tough enough to succeed, yet I don’t know who’s standards he’s basing success on because from what I’ve seen so far, his son has surpassed him to the point of parent-child envy.

    Hopefully, Chairman JTC will stand emotionally strong this time and protect HSK when that time comes, so that his father will not use fearful tactics to chase her away.

  807. 807 : sukma Says:

    Park Shi Hoo bener2 ganteng…
    Kocak banget di sini..

  808. 808 : Jess Says:

    This drama is great. PSH is great. The only flaw is MGY. It’s just unbearable to continue watching because of her. SYH is so much prettier than her. I will definitely not watch another of her drama.

  809. 809 : 백사 Says:

    I didn’t enjoy the CHEONGDAM DONG ALICE drama after ep 8 really..and to be honest at first I didn’t thought Park shi hoo is really good in acting although he is cool and handsome (he looks younger than his age unlike other koreans who look more older than their age)but after was this drama he has proved me wrong and this time it was good to be proved wrong…and as for moon geun young she still looks like a child. I didnt like her in the drama..
    I hope I could see more of Park Shi Hoo drama in the future. I’m goona always support you…

  810. 810 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is AMAZING in every aspect of the word! I’ve watched many dramas featuring chaebol families, yet nothing like this. Its always the chaebol family motto: play with them, but don’t bring them home to marry adage attached to it. But, this one is a compilaton of the old and the new way of thinking! Simply Remarkable!

    I was invited to watch this drama while it was in the ‘being aired’ stage, but just passed on it. Now, I would have enjoyed being a part of this post’s dialogue early on to discuss the many facets of this well written, excellently produced and directed, phenominal acting of actors in this drama. I’m almost done watching it and as usual when it comes to great acting and exceptionally written screenplays, I hate to see it end.

    OMG! This drama has gone beyond my expectations! The analogy of the ‘White Rabbit’ in Alice In Wonderland is so very interesting! Its a must watch! BRAVO screenwriters’ Kim Jin Hee and Kim Ji Woon! The writer of the original novel Lee Hye Kyung, the production company, investors, producer, and everyone behind the scene to make this drama’s caliber high end!

  811. 811 : tc Says:

    @810 usa-mary

    Glad you only watched it after airing. Otherwise, you may have stopped watching it after ep 8 if the tone of the drama and portrayal of HSK/CSJ’s characters did not meet your initial expectation.

    For the first part of this drama, the genre was light and comedic and many viewers tuned in to watch its hilarious scenes. They also like HSK’s Candy type character. However, when HSK began to turn unCandy- like with bad intentions and CSJ started to show his vulnerabilities, some viewers gave up the show.

    Actually I was one of those that felt the same initially but due to my liking for both leads, I continued watching the show and never regret it. The genre of second half of the show was more serious with less comedic acts from CSJ but I liked it coz it showed how CSJ overcame his immaturities and outlook towards love and how HSK turned back to her original Candy personalities and the growing maturity of their love.

    This drama actually used fashion industry and the wealthy Cheongdamdong area as the backdrop and the main focus of the drama is to portray the character development of both leads. It also flashed out a lot of social issues such as wealth disparity, materialism and different perspective of outlook from both leads.

    The critics of this drama are mainly anti MGY fans who could not accept her pairing with PSH or those who have different views on how the plot should develop after ep 8.

    This is definitely not the best drama coz it does have its flaws. However, it is so entertaining that I can easily rewatch many of its scenes as out of 16 episodes, there are only 2 eps ie ep 8 and 11 which I don’t really like.

  812. 812 : mona Says:

    now i’m on eps 4, so far cha seung jo makes me laughing all the way hahaha

    *love this drama

  813. 813 : candy Says:

    Sharing this fan-made MV on JTC for Ep1-6

    Fanmade. 清潭 洞 爱丽丝. ep01-06. 朴 施 厚 Park si hoo. 抽 抽 会长 剪辑

    Cr: Karen Wang

  814. 814 : erida Says:

    I love PSH & MGY

  815. 815 : candy Says:

    It’s really interesting that this drama has drawn viewers to form so many different perspectives of the characters, writing, theme… Sharing some recent insightul reviews that I came across:




  816. 816 : paras Says:

    like so much to watching this drama. one of prince and princess actor korea we like. just why not take a little bit longer for “han se” and ” cha sen ju” showing they relationship? tears from han se for her lover cha sen ju and mad from cha seng ju for han se not so longer. atleast how to prove they pure love each other more deep longer to show then seo yoon joo story..

  817. 817 : megassi Says:

    1 of d great story drama ever..
    most of us life in the dream like han sye kyung did. its not easy to achieve it either make it come true. watching this drama not just entertainment me with PSH’s charming, i learn bout a lot thing also.

  818. 818 : cory Says:

    great ending, great chemistry, well written drama.. hilarious Park Si Ho, and MGY still the best, natural beauty..please PSH fans don’t hate her..

  819. 819 : usa-mary Says:

    @tc811: There have been quite a few dramas that I initially didn’t care to watch in the beginning that met with all sorts of criticism…kdrama Boys Before Flowers was the first one that I watched that met with such harsh criticism while it was airing and it was all about the age difference between the male and female lead. It didn’t make good sense to me, yet that’s neither here nor there. Personally, I didn’t care for the bullying from the bratty upper crust Flower Four and stopped watching mid episode 2. Yet, I decided to give it another chance and was so glad that I did. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it. Actually, I treated this drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice the same way.

    What I noticed is that every good kdrama I’ve watched draws criticism of some kind. In this world I’ve found that all people can’t be pleased 100% of the time or even at the same time, so my perspective is to either embrace it or leave it alone.

    From my observation of this drama, the pairing of PSH and MGY was different, yet it was no different from the other kdramas that have a chaebol son/daughter who falls in love with a ‘plain’ sort of person whose eligibility traits don’t come close to the standards laid out by the chaebol parents. To me, MGY is pretty in her own way, just like PHS is handsome in his own way. None of the ‘plain’ people chosen in roles like this have ever out shined ‘beauty-wise’ the chaebol leads (make-up plays a huge part in this). I, too, had times when I didn’t see how MGY and PSH matched. Yet, the more I watched this drama and objectively looked at what the screenwriters’ and Miss MGY was working hard to portray, I saw how MGY became the catalyst for PHS’s life in this drama. Even though she wanted to know how to lure a ‘white-rabbit’ by becoming shrewed and cunning, yet remaining graciously lovely at the same time in order to get into Cheongdam-dong, she really couldn’t handle playing in that major sordid league game without being tarnishe and paying a hefty price! Plus, she wouldn’t tolerate any disrespect (that’s my type of heroine), so I’m glad she returned as Candy. Also, I didn’t read the comments others made about her in this drama and didn’t really care to do so. I enjoyed the actors giving it their all with the script that they received.

  820. 820 : Nee Agashi Says:

    Cha Seung Jo ‘head’ dance

  821. 821 : mtoenlob Says:

    Cheongdamdong Alice – A Review

    “The world hangs on a thin thread, and that is the psyche of man…” – C. G. Jung

    A journey to Cheongdamdong Alice is a trip to the inner recesses of man’s psyche, to catch a glimpse into the depth of his spirit, a look into his soul, a prevue of the workings of his mind and heart, of what makes him as he is. It is a travel into the tormented world of a mind haunted by the ghosts of a troubled past; a discovery of what evil lies in the heart and mind of a woman scorned; a passage into the inner struggle of a good-natured girl crossing from innocence to the dark side of her soul and back. Delve into the story of Cha Seung Jo, Seo Yoon Jo, Shin In Hwa and Han Se Kyung.

    “Revenge, at first though sweet, Bitter ere long back on itself recoils.” – John Milton

    Seung Jo was a man who during his darkest hours subsisted in the thoughts that some day vengeance will be his against the people whom he thought caused him so much grief. In his deluded desire for revenge he lost himself. He was one who looked at relationships with doubt and misgiving. Trust is non-existent in his vocabulary and rightfully so for the very people whom he held so dear, the very persons whom he had believed in, were the very persons who had let him down. Because his previous love left him scarred, when love presented itself again, he looked at it through rose-tinted glasses. And when the veil of illusion had been shredded to reveal reality his mind rejected it. When confronted with what is truly is, he ran away.

    “The peace of mind, lad, we must find.” – Theocritus

    And there was Yoon Jo, who in spite of marriage into wealth, relishing a life within the high ranking status in society and wallowing in material affluence can’t seem to have one thing money can buy – peace of mind. Haunted by her secret past, she was always on the edge, tense with anxiety that her little secret will be found out. Her anguish turned into a nightmare when someone from her distant past emerged to haunt her.

    “The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out.”
    – Thomas Babington Macaulay

    It is said that character makes a man or a woman. And a man/woman of character commands respect and admiration of all. In many cases heredity and upbringing play a great part in strengthening and perfecting a man’s character. There is the influence of the environment, too, in which one lives. This may be true but not in all cases. In In Hwa’s case, being born into wealth maybe her best advantage but it does not guarantee an admirable character. Outwardly, she had all the aces – blessed with good looks, educated in the best school abroad, borne into a moneyed lineage – – In Hwa exuded sophistication, style and elegance which belie her true character. Bordering on megalomania, she looked down on people beneath her social status. And when one person unknowingly challenged her superiority, the beast within her emerged and In Hwa’s true character was revealed by what she did when no one was watching.

    It is not what happens to us, but how we react to what happens to us, that will determine how our lives turn out. – Judy Belmont

    “L’effort est ma force. C’est cela mon credo,” my effort makes me and that’s my motto. This was Se Kyung’s motivating force that fueled her passion to forge on in spite of life’s seemingly favoring the odds. For years she had believed that with patience, effort and good work would result to success and with success an improvement in her way of life. But life has a way of testing the fortitude of man. It is full of challenges which at times may seem overwhelming. In these moments of test we may find ourselves questioning why despite the efforts we put in life seems to go nowhere. This is the circumstances Se Kyung found herself in. Both in love and in career, her world was a failure. She realized that her situation appear hopeless as her goals and dreams seem to fade slowly further away. But SK was made of resilient steel. During these trying times, instead of being carried away with self-pity, she changed gear and with hardened determination propelled herself toward her goal – to enter Cheongdamdong come what may and in whatever way. In the process of achieving her goal she got rid of her innocence and crossed over to the dark side of her soul. The Candy Se Kyung had turned into a black swan. Deception came into play and casted doubt in her mind and so began her internal struggle and conflict.

    “Let your dreams change your reality, don’t let your reality change your dreams.”― Jordan Rose

    It is said that of all the emotions, there are only two that man can freely express – love and fear. All others are mere offshoot of these two. Fear is the root cause of all negative emotions – anger, revenge, discontentment, prejudice, hate, envy, pride, etc. It is the darkness as love is to light. With love, there is joy, peace, contentment and so on. Love and fear cannot co-exist. They negate each other. It’s either you have one or the other. Fear is the common thread that bind Seung Jo, Yoon Jo, In Hwa and Se Kyung. Because of fear of rejection Seung Jo and Yoon Jo wore a mask. Outwardly, beaming with confidence, success and bliss but were emotionally drained and empty. In their effort to live in their made-up world, they have led a life of lies and unhappiness. In Hwa’s life was lived in fear of failure, fear of others being better than her thus pride, greed and envy ruled her being. In Hwa lived a boxed existence dictated by the family mandate that everything is done in accordance to business with money multiplied several times over as the end result. She must have been living a lonely existence. As compared to the 3, Se Kyung’s fear may seem trivial or negligible, still it is fear, fear of not being given a fair share, a sense of having been badly treated hence she felt anger and resentment. Goaded by these feelings, finding her family’s situation in dire strait and having Yoon Jo as her template, Se Kyung bit the bullet and swallowed the bitter pill. Se Kyung entered the world of Cheongdamdong with the hope that it will alleviate her current despondent situation.

    “Where should I go?” – Alice. “That depends on where you want to end up.” – The Cheshire Cat.”

    Marketed as a rom-com, Cheongdamdong Alice is not your usual Korean rom-com drama. It has its share of comedic moments effectively portrayed by Park Shi Hoo and the dramatic conflicts shown by Moon Geun Young’s thespic showcase. But what stood out is the message the drama conveyed which gradually takes shape and visualizes inside the viewer’s mind and heart. The drama successfully strikes a common cord by effectively engaging the viewer’s intellectual and emotional capacity to empathize with the characters. By understanding what the characters are going through, what motivates them, why they do what they do, looking at their strengths and weaknesses, the viewer identify himself with the characters and in the process has a better and deeper understanding of himself. For me, this is a mark of a decent if not a great piece of dramatic work. If it engages the senses, the intellect and the emotion, if it is able to move the viewer to tear, to anger, to sympathy and spark the mind to reflect and ponder and eventually come to a conclusion, then this drama is worth the hours spent in viewing it. It is not perfect. It has its flaws. Its strength and weakness lies in the simplicity of the script and complexity of the story. It has so much to offer but was limited due perhaps to time constraint.

    The actors pretty much did a decent job in fleshing out their characters. As with her other artistic works, Moon Geun Young did not disappoint. I particularly like her silent moments, her period of retrospect for it was in these moments where her eyes were the channels of her artistic outburst. Words were unnecessary when her eyes spoke volumes of emotions in her silence yet maintained her dignified stance. You feel her frustration, her anger, her hurt, her longings, her determination. Park Shi Hoo is a revelation. He is seldomly seen portraying a wacky character. In spite of the silliness of his antics, he has imbued his character with the right amount of sensitivity and compassion.

    As the drama concludes, we learn that the love in one’s life can change a person for better or for worse. It can make a man a better person or a bitter person. It can make him selfless or selfish. It can make him hopeful or hopeless. It can make him see rainbow or dark clouds. As you experience it, it can make you ecstatic or crazy, grateful or resentful. At the end it is how we look at things that determine our own sadness and happiness.

    As Seung Jo and Se Kyung successfully emerged from the storm (the rabbit hole), there is no assurance that life will be fair weather all the time. Life offers no guarantee. But with a renewed faith in each other, even the dark clouds can turn into sunshine of blessings.

  822. 822 : tigerb Says:

    @mtoenloeb #821: am curious, are you by any chance a writer for a korean drama magazine? what a write-up about this series! cheers!

  823. 823 : moonlay Says:

    @ jess ,

    It’s none of my business that you’ll not watch MGY dramas/movies in future. But I have something to let you know. I also won’t follow PSH dramas/movies too coz of PSH’s bad fans! My love for or PSH is go, went, gone away..But i still love sj and sk couple and CDDA.

  824. 824 : feane Says:

    @823: Although I don’t know what the major problem is: Isn’t it a little harsh to abandon an actor just because of some bad fans? It’s not like he can do something about it. He’s still a great actor, again proven in Cheongdamdong Alice, before in The Princess’ Man and also Confession of Murder. Likewise is MGY. For those who haven’t watch other dramas of her: I highly recommend Cinderella’s Sister. Although that drama is really… heavy, I would say. Back then she already caught my attention and in this new drama she showed again how well her acting is.

    Despite all that I’m really pleased with Cheongdamdong Alice. All of the characters have shown black and white sides. The bad ones doesn’t stay bad all the way and also the victims show some fails and are just seeking attention.
    I really enjoyed how they solved the problems at the end.


    The only ones I can’t understand till the end are In Hwa and her brother. Esp him. I don’t get him. Why did he behave the way he did in the end? Why did he marry Yoon Joo at all? Although I liked the way she resolved her issues. I wouldn’t have stayed in that house either.


  825. 825 : Winnie Says:

    Wow, there r opinions very close to mine, I liked the first half, but didn’t like the second much. Seung Jo was hilarious and awesome but the actress is not strong enough to be a lead actress. She is not pretty and so depressing, although she was good in Cindrella’s sister. I think the pairing was not good, the show would have been greater if they changed the actress, and she behaved so bad that I would not have loved her (if I were the actor) at alllll.

  826. 826 : Ambroise Says:

    Woua I just finished watching CDDA, of course I looked for PSH as I loved the princess in man and it made ​​me crazy about his character, not to mention MGY This is an incredible actress who understands his characters and expresses them accurately. I love the way she played her character. Han Kyung in the fighting, I saw his show report on CDDA, she was beautiful and spoke eloquently. In the end, I loved it and I’ll probably watch other dramas of MGY!

  827. 827 : nicole Says:

    hope to see PSH and MGY together in a new drama soon.

  828. 828 : mtoenlob Says:

    Cheongdamdong Alice

    “The world hangs on a thin thread, and that is the psyche of man…” – C. G. Jung

    A journey to Cheongdamdong Alice is a trip to the inner recesses of man’s psyche, to catch a glimpse into the depth of his spirit, a look into his soul, a prevue of the workings of his mind and heart, of what makes him as he is. It is a travel into the tormented world of a mind haunted by the ghosts of a troubled past; a discovery of what evil lies in the heart and mind of a woman scorned; a passage into the inner struggle of a good-natured girl crossing from innocence to the dark side of her soul and back. Delve into the story of Cha Seung Jo, Seo Yoon Jo, Shin In Hwa and Han Se Kyung.

    “Revenge, at first though sweet, Bitter ere long back on itself recoils.” – John Milton

    Seung Jo was a man who during his darkest hours subsisted in the thoughts that some day vengeance will be his against the people whom he thought caused him so much grief. In his deluded desire for revenge he lost himself. He was one who looked at relationships with doubt and misgiving. Trust is non-existent in his vocabulary and rightfully so for the very people whom he held so dear, the very persons whom he had believed in, were the very persons who had let him down. Because his previous love left him scarred, when love presented itself again, he looked at it through rose-tinted glasses. And when the veil of illusion had been shredded to reveal reality his mind rejected it. When confronted with what is truly is, he ran away.

    “The peace of mind, lad, we must find.” – Theocritus

    And there was Yoon Jo, who in spite of marriage into wealth, relishing a life within the high ranking status in society and wallowing in material affluence can’t seem to have one thing money can buy – peace of mind. Haunted by her secret past, she was always on the edge, tense with anxiety that her little secret will be found out. Her anguish turned into a nightmare when someone from her distant past emerged to haunt her.

    “The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out.” – Thomas Babington Macaulay

    It is said that character makes a man or a woman. And a man/woman of character commands respect and admiration of all. In many cases heredity and upbringing play a great part in strengthening and perfecting a man’s character. There is the influence of the environment, too, in which one lives. This may be true but not in all cases. In In Hwa’s case, being born into wealth maybe her best advantage but it does not guarantee an admirable character. Outwardly, she had all the aces – blessed with good looks, educated in the best school abroad, borne into a moneyed lineage – – In Hwa exuded sophistication, style and elegance which belie her true character. Bordering on megalomania, she looked down on people beneath her social status. And when one person unknowingly challenged her superiority, the beast within her emerged and In Hwa’s true character was revealed by what she did when no one was watching.

    It is not what happens to us, but how we react to what happens to us, that will determine how our lives turn out. – Judy Belmont

    “L’effort est ma force. C’est cela mon credo,” my effort makes me and that’s my motto. This was Se Kyung’s motivating force that fueled her passion to forge on in spite of life’s seemingly favoring the odds. For years she had believed that with patience, effort and good work would result to success and with success an improvement in her way of life. But life has a way of testing the fortitude of man. It is full of challenges which at times may seem overwhelming. In these moments of test we may find ourselves questioning why despite the efforts we put in life seems to go nowhere. This is the circumstances Se Kyung found herself in. Both in love and in career, her world was a failure. She realized that her situation appear hopeless as her goals and dreams seem to fade slowly further away. But SK was made of resilient steel. During these trying times, instead of being carried away with self-pity, she changed gear and with hardened determination propelled herself toward her goal – to enter Cheongdamdong come what may and in whatever way. In the process of achieving her goal she got rid of her innocence and crossed over to the dark side of her soul. The Candy Se Kyung had turned into a black swan. Deception came into play and casted doubt in her mind and so began her internal struggle and conflict.

    “Let your dreams change your reality, don’t let your reality change your dreams.”― Jordan Rose

    It is said that of all the emotions, there are only two that man can freely express – love and fear. All others are mere offshoot of these two. Fear is the root cause of all negative emotions – anger, revenge, discontentment, prejudice, hate, envy, pride, etc. It is the darkness as love is to light. With love, there is joy, peace, contentment and so on. Love and fear cannot co-exist. They negate each other. It’s either you have one or the other. Fear is the common thread that bind Seung Jo, Yoon Jo, In Hwa and Se Kyung. Because of fear of rejection Seung Jo and Yoon Jo wore a mask. Outwardly, beaming with confidence, success and bliss but were emotionally drained and empty. In their effort to live in their made-up world, they have led a life of lies and unhappiness. In Hwa’s life was lived in fear of failure, fear of others being better than her thus pride, greed and envy ruled her being. In Hwa lived a boxed existence dictated by the family mandate that everything is done in accordance to business with money multiplied several times over as the end result. She must have been living a lonely existence. As compared to the 3, Se Kyung’s fear may seem trivial or negligible, still it is fear, fear of not being given a fair share, a sense of having been badly treated hence she felt anger and resentment. Goaded by these feelings, finding her family’s situation in dire strait and having Yoon Jo as her template, Se Kyung bit the bullet and swallowed the bitter pill. Se Kyung entered the world of Cheongdamdong with the hope that it will alleviate her current despondent situation.

    “Where should I go?” – Alice. “That depends on where you want to end up.” – The Cheshire Cat.”

    Marketed as a rom-com, Cheongdamdong Alice is not your usual Korean rom-com drama. It has its share of comedic moments effectively portrayed by Park Shi Hoo and the dramatic conflicts shown by Moon Geun Young’s thespic showcase. But what stood out is the message the drama conveyed which gradually takes shape and visualizes inside the viewer’s mind and heart. The drama successfully strikes a common cord by effectively engaging the viewer’s intellectual and emotional capacity to empathize with the characters. By understanding what the characters are going through, what motivates them, why they do what they do, looking at their strengths and weaknesses, the viewer identify himself with the characters and in the process has a better and deeper understanding of himself. For me, this is a mark of a decent if not a great piece of dramatic work. If it engages the senses, the intellect and the emotion, if it is able to move the viewer to tear, to anger, to sympathy and spark the mind to reflect and ponder and eventually come to a conclusion, then this drama is worth the hours spent in viewing it. It is not perfect. It has its flaws. Its strength and weakness lies in the simplicity of the script and complexity of the story. It has so much to offer but was limited due perhaps to time constraint.

    The actors pretty much did a decent job in fleshing out their characters. As with her other artistic works, Moon Geun Young did not disappoint. I particularly like her silent moments, her period of retrospect for it was in these moments where her eyes were the channels of her artistic outburst. Words were unnecessary when her eyes spoke volumes of emotions in her silence yet maintained her dignified stance. You feel her frustration, her anger, her hurt, her longings, her determination. Park Shi Hoo is a revelation. He is seldomly seen portraying a wacky character. In spite of the silliness of his antics, he has imbued his character with the right amount of sensitivity and compassion.

    As the drama concludes, we learn that the love in one’s life can change a person for better or for worse. It can make a man a better person or a bitter person. It can make him selfless or selfish. It can make him hopeful or hopeless. It can make him see rainbow or dark clouds. As you experience it, it can make you ecstatic or crazy, grateful or resentful. At the end it is how we look at things that determine our own sadness and happiness.

    As Seung Jo and Se Kyung successfully emerged from the storm (the rabbit hole), there is no assurance that life will be fair weather all the time. Life offers no guarantee. But with a renewed faith in each other, even the dark clouds can turn into sunshine of blessings.

  829. 829 : erida Says:

    오빠 park shi hoo and moon geun young saranghae

  830. 830 : Nihal Says:

    amaaaaazing drama
    i loooved every minute of it, great plot and the actors did an amazing job
    Park shi hoo and moon geun young : CHAPEAU to both of you..

  831. 831 : MelodyLin Says:

    This is an unexpected gem. The script is clever, it surprisingly has depth. I’ve watched it three times and still gleaming different insights. The male lead seems to be bipolar, and he did a passable job. The supporting cast was strong too. Watching their transformation was really fun. MGY was quite professional, I think she got it just right. Amazing how a child actress can develop so well despite growing up in a sheltered and make believe world. I am going to watch it again. Kudos to Koreans!

  832. 832 : dimples Says:

    umm I donno, I like both PSH and MGY in other KD titles, and I love PSH in Inspector Princess? a lot. But not quite convinced with the plot of this one, it started off all right, but towards over half of the drama, it just dragged on and on, I feel that there were many instances where MGY could have told the truth and not let the lies go on, its just not necessary. And the ending though is happy but lack luster, don’t feel the strong affection that should be there. Prob a 3 out of 5, a pass but prob not enough to watch over again. fyi, my favs: secret garden, lie to me, full house

  833. 833 : Charot Says:

    watch this drama. the story is simple but it will be worth your while. i dont usually finish dramas if it wouldnt catch my interest but this drama made me want to watch up to the end. 🙂

    may sayad si Seung Jo. hehehe

  834. 834 : anzu Says:

    shin In Hwa looks like No min woo lol……
    anyway story line is great…..moon geun young is so cute…

  835. 835 : Niaou Says:

    Well actually I looked for MGY because I love this actress since its inception, but its role has completely disappointed me, the writer was a waste with the heels of actors MGY, I hope see her in another drama better than CDDA!

  836. 836 : Zeez22 Says:

    This drama is so good!!! I really love PSH, he is so cute!!! Is there any drama like this one? Light and sweet? I am feeling so lost after watching this.. 🙂

  837. 837 : bigeye46 Says:

    park si hoo is cute n i like it very much

  838. 838 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    I really like this drama.♥

  839. 839 : kimsaranghe78 Says:

    love to see them together. another a must see koreanovela. <3 <3

  840. 840 : BARBARA Says:

    what a bored drama -________- flat

  841. 841 : Rena Says:

    I love this drama!!!! Deabak!!

  842. 842 : vinces Says:

    A story like no other, I love the main couple moon geun young especially that never hurts my eyes to whatever role it plays again, congratulations! Fighting

  843. 843 : lovedrama Says:

    As much as I adore Moon Geun-young, Cheongdamdong Alice was not a drama I was looking forward to with any sort of excitement. The plot sounded predictable and there was nothing else except dear Geun-young to coax me into watching the drama. So I went and I’m not disappointed at all.

  844. 844 : Ayu Says:

    I really love park si hoo

  845. 845 : GracieGracie15735 Says:

    Park Si hoo character in this movie is really intresting and I hope he plays another movie with Moon Geun Young…… they are good together 🙂

  846. 846 : Mail Says:

    i just finished watching dis drama and i like it…Moon Geun Young is such a talented actress…hope to c her role in other drama…

  847. 847 : asianna Says:

    That’s when I had full episodes, I am precipitated as the synopsis I was so happy!

    And I do not regret! Some super funny and moving drama must see! Very original story with great characters!

    At the beginning, however, I could hardly get into the drama with the main character Jean Causse Thierry Cha which annoyed me by exaggeration.

    But from the third épisoed (laughing) e, I found it very funny with his extrapolations and imaginations. And I loved the result of episodes that I devoured!

    Moon geun young still moving and talented actress that I really appreciate!! I loved the romance between PSH and her!

    The staging is found about where the characters are shown spar “virtual” images as when describing the dishes from a menu or draw the plan paris …

  848. 848 : saba Says:

    Really lov this drama..every moment wont missed..feel like WINTER SONATA comeback!

  849. 849 : rannemawanhaf Says:

    laughtrip series ;))

  850. 850 : ako si puto bunsotil Says:

    i haven’t watch this drama…but definitely i will..looking forward to watch it…hope it’s worth my time..<3

  851. 851 : critic Says:

    kinda disappointed with the ending … hmmmnnn … why is it that han se kyung continue with the lies when there are many istances that she could tell the truth?? and i still love Park Shi Hoo in the Princess Man series … he’s acting in that drama is Brilliant!

  852. 852 : helineam Says:

    I loved nothing more, PSH is a very good actor, I prefer here Cheongdamdong alice that the princess’man because his character is really too funny and engaging, I loved Han In Kyung represented by MGY always great actress who understands his role and is very well, here she plays a girl who fights against poverty disappointed with her ​​ex boyfriend, she decides to fight at all costs, I devoured every episode, the beautiful end the story is really touching to me, we cry, we laugh all I like dramas … and supporting actors played very well too.

  853. 853 : Coumba Says:

    I loved the story, the main and secondary characters, a drama must see and try to understand the story before judging! A fan from South Africa

  854. 854 : NASA Says:

    Guyss help me how can I watch this movie??

  855. 855 : meilan Says:

    Really fun!! Lol.. I love it…

  856. 856 : azadeh Says:

    I love this drama . I love PSH’s characters . he is very very good & nice actor . PSH kidari 4 U

  857. 857 : Marlo Says:

    I like the theme and originality, it changes the stereotypes that we have in styles dramas. This is the first of its kind that I see and it’s not unpleasant to see a darker and calculator in the usual romantic comedies face. Thank you.

  858. 858 : Ten Characters in Dramas & Movies That Changed My Views | Life Is Beautiful Says:

    […] Han Se-Kyung in Cheongdamdong Alice […]

  859. 859 : BRENDA Says:


  860. 860 : lisa6 Says:

    Fans in Taiwan,

    CDDA is about to premiere in Taiwan on July 22. The TV channel Videoland has released a number of previews.

    CR: http://parksihoo4u.com/2013/07/19/cdda-preview-in-taiwan-2/

  861. 861 : Nihal Says:

    amazing drama and worths watching
    i looved the twist and there is so many lessons in it
    great performence, all the actors did a wonderful job and i specialy loved the way they used the alice tale here ^^

  862. 862 : see Says:

    to me this is an interesting story because i always wait for the next scene, what would happen, how would the writer make each character respond, get away or deal with each situation, that defines a good story, it is not boring..
    i agree with the comment about drinking, in each korean series that i have watched so far, a scene of drinking is always there, no matter what story is about, family, friends, detective etc..isn’t that sort of an affirmation or campaign about drinking ? when you want to abolish something then you don’t include it in series that ppl watch in their homes, watched by adults and kids, i wonder why drinking is seemed to be accepted as the right way to escape from problems..?
    i also wonder about scenes where Seo Yoon Joo were “serving” the family including In Hwa – her “younger” sister in-law…the younger are supposed to be respectful to the older but in this case since Yoon Joo is only a daughter in-law and didnt come from an equally affluent family, so she has to “serve”…? what about if Yoon Joo is a daughter in-law but her family is also a chaebol..? a bit strange to me, an older sister in-law has to wait on a younger one just because she comes from a poorer family. does this happen in reality of Korea? does that originate from the culture of ancient Kings (the monarch)?
    it is said that HSK is about 27 yo. at 27 if you just work as an employee, how rich could you be? unless you are a talented artist/actor who started your career since age 1, for instance, doing films, being a model/ambassador for products etc..then perhaps at 27 you could have already owned, say, 5 (multi?)national companies. or you are an innovator, an entrepreneur who had done some ground-breaking, phenomenal whatever – then at 27 your name could probably be one among the list of Forbes? but if you are just working as an employee, like HSK, how rich could you get at 27? – because HSK here is described to be such in despair -> after all her hard work, her endeavors, best efforts etc she was still in the lower-middle class..? is that realistic? sounds greedy to me if you want to be “cheongdam dong affluent” at 27 while what you do is…
    it also makes me wonder about the circles of the rich – in reality, is there a “rags” who is best friend, in sincerety, with a “riches”..? ppl, in their effort to become a “somebody”, to gain respect, sometimes “lose themselves” in the process ..
    lastly, i like the supporting leads more, Seo Yoon Joo & Tommy Hong. like one of the comment said about Yoon Joo-Soo Yi Hyun success because of that role. to me Tommy Hong and Yoon Joo characters are more interesting, more colors – the very “up”s and very “down”s….
    bravo to all the cast, writer, director….

  863. 863 : lisa6 Says:

    Shopping Kdrama Style

    Seoul can be a fun place to shop while stocking up on some kdrama atmosphere. Naturally, you can always wander around the upscale Cheomdamdung shopping district and visit the boutiques where so many kdrama heroines have their compulsory makeovers, but there are more shops to stop in.

    A good place to start your kdrama window-shopping is a store featured in “Cheomdamdung Alice,” a drama centering on a department store. Many of the romantic scenes between Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young, took place in front of The Galleria, a luxury-brand store owned by the Hanwha Group. Located in the wealthy district of Apgujeong-dong, the Galleria Department Store not only offers shopping options but also plenty of cafes and restaurant to relax in.

    It’s located at 343, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu. For more information, call 82 2 1330. To get there, take subway line 3 to the Apgujeong Station, Exit 2. Head toward the corner where KDB Bank is located and turn right. At the ext bus stop, take Bus 4318. Get off at the Apgujeong-dong Hanyang Apt. bus stop.


  864. 864 : dean Says:

    i will support only this for best drama of 2013 although i know its really hard to reach the top but still this is my favorite.go go go!

  865. 865 : lisa Says:

    It’s time again to vote for ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2013′.
    ‘The Nomination Round’ is from 2013-Nov-9, 00:00KST to 2013-Nov-30, 23:59KST.

    CDDA fans,

    Please nominate for Cheongdamdong Alice at this link.


  866. 866 : lisa Says:

    Rule in The Nomination Round:-
    – 1 IP address can only Nominate for 1 time/day
    – 1 time can Nominate for maximum of 8 dramas
    – Same IP address can Nominate again after 24 hours
    – The Top 8 in ‘The Nomination Round’ will go to ‘The Final Round’
    – All Top 8 Dramas will count from 0 in ‘The Final Round’

    Let’s vote every day for CDDA…it’s now rank #13..

  867. 867 : phoebe Says:

    l like this drama very much,and park sihoo’s acting is so excellent!fans from china

  868. 868 : lisa Says:

    phoebe #867

    I love PSH’s acting as CSJ too….awesome..CSJ is so cute, comical, handsome, bright… can go on and on…:)
    Please inform fellow fans from China to vote for CDDA every day at the website link in #865…1 IP address can nominate once a day till 30 Nov.

  869. 869 : ilknur-Turkey Says:

    Cheongdamdong Alice, really perfect drama.. I love Park Si Hoo,His really great actor.. I will support CDDA,just CDDA..Hwaiting^^

  870. 870 : nanekin Says:

    Really interesting and unusual script. Park Shi Hoo is acting just great in this drama. He is such a talent. Before I used to like only his smile, but now I really like his acting and respect him as an fantastic actor. From one drama to the next he is improving his acting skills. So Cheongdamdong Alice deserves to be the best korean drama of 2013. I have never before watched such kind of drama. Honestly, that was something. Want a new drama with PSH. Miss him.

  871. 871 : lisa Says:

    PSH Interview on KNTV


    “Cheongdam-dong Alice” KNTV TV debut in Japan commemoration! Notice of official Park Si Hoo interview and preview.

    “Cheongdam-dong Alice” will make its debut in Japan on KNTV in December 2013.
    The broadcast of the first episode is just around the corner on November 21. In the midst of rising expectations, we are introducing this official interview of Park Si Hoo who plays Cha Seung Jo. The preview of the drama is published on the official site.

    “Cheongdam-dong Alice” is a drama that depicts the incongruous dreams of a woman whose “project is to become a Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law” and a man who is looking for “a love that has become extinct”, with the man despising such kind of woman who makes marriage the business of a lifetime.


    Q: Please tell us why you chose this work.

    A: Although there were some slightly comical parts in my previous works, Cha Seung Jo (CSJ) in ”Cheongdam-dong Alice” (CDDA) is an attractive character that requires not just simple comical acting: his range of emotions is very wide, consisting of joy, anger, humor, and pathos^^.

    Q: Drastic comical acting has become a hot topic, but how was CSJ’s unique “broken acting” born? Did you consult with the director? Did you come up with it yourself? Or did you refer to something else? Please tell us.

    A: Broken??? Don’t you think it’s cool, even if it is broken? ( Laughs)
    In the beginning, the script just called for comical acting, but I soon became assimilated into the CSJ character and started to ad lib on set without noticing it myself. The scriptwriter saw and approved, and said that’s CSJ, and so that’s how CSJ evolved.

    Q: Any memorable episodes during shooting?

    A: Last winter when we were shooting CDDA, it was colder than usual and a lot of snow fell, so it’s not just outdoor shooting, even in the interior of a room, every time we said any words, our breath appeared white, and our hands and ears were all red. After the broadcast, many people asked: “How come your breath comes out white in the bedroom and living room of the house of the rich?” So this became a joke. (Laughs)
    Also in the scene where I poured soy sauce over Tommy Hong’s head, I’ve become so immersed in the role that I really poured a lot of soy sauce. (Laughs).

    Q: Please tell us your impression of acting with Moon Geun Young. She’s had a long career as an actress since her child actor days, but please tell us if the real person is any different from the image.

    A: Because of her cute appearance, I had the impression she’s very young, but on set she’s an adult and a thoughtful person. She’s very considerate of other people; she’s a veteran more than anything else.

    Q: What is the secret story of how CSJ’s dialect came about? (Are you any good with your dialect?)

    A: The dialect that I spoke was not in the script originally. But once I was talking with the scriptwriter and the fact that I came from Chungcheongnam-do came out. So I started playing with the dialect and I got hooked. And that’s how it came about. By the way, I do not normally use the dialect. (Laughs)

    Q: That scene of CSJ biting his nails … he seems to be the edgy, nervous type. In real life is Park Si Hoo also like that?

    A: (Thinking for a moment ) … Hmmm , are you referring to that scene when I sent an e-mail to Han Se Kyung but the reply had not come, and I was waiting and biting my nails … restless? (Laughs)

    Q: What are the similarities and differences between CSJ and PSH?

    A: CSJ appears tough on the outside but is really soft and delicate inside. People’s first impression of me may be I seem cold but actually I have a warm heart. Ha!Ha!Ha! As for how I’m like CSJ, when I’m with people I’m familiar with, I could be very funny … ^ ^

    Q: Please tell us some highlights of ”Cheongdam-dong Alice”.

    A: (Thinking) … Hmmm … CSJ’s comical acting and the ups and downs of CSJ’s emotions invite laughter. And CSJ suddenly lapsing into dialect is also funny. (Laughs) … Then at the time it was broadcast in Korea, CSJ’s style also became a hot topic — his expensive custom-made suits, his handkerchiefs and diamond studded clips, etc. Each time after a broadcast, ”Cha Seung Jo fashion” became the #1 search word.

    Q: In 2012 you rose to the radically different challenges of the image-changing “Confession of Murder” and ”Cheongdam-dong Alice”, something you’ve never done before. In what ways have you grown as an actor through your roles?

    A: Whenever I digest a role one by one each time, I grow little by little inside, and then I feel stronger and stronger outside, filling the character in each work. Mind you, the CSJ role in CDDA is really special.
    “Confession of Murder” was also a fresh experience, and it was also the character I play in a movie for the first time. COM appeals to me because that’s a role I’ve wanted to do ever since I started acting. It allows me to express a wide range of emotions.

    (Source: http://navicon.jp/news/20857/)
    (Credits: http://navicon.jp. Thanks! English translation by HAT @PSH4U)

    Credits : Parksihoo4u.com. Thank You!

  872. 872 : lisa Says:

    @ nanekin

    Yes, CDDA deserves to be the best korean drama in 2013 and PSH the Best Actor for his role as CSJ.

    I especially love the highlights of CDDA…especially CSJ’s comical acting and the ups and downs of CSJ’s emotions, and his lapses into dialects… definitely a rare character so well acted by PSH. I have not seen any real comical character in korean drama, like CSJ…. amazing, awesome!
    CSJ’s dancing styles are also unprecedented! COOL! SO CUTE!
    And CSJ’s fashion style is so elegant…so Handsome and HOT!

  873. 873 : yamırrr Says:

    Ben çok beğenerek izledim park si hoo çok iyiydi.Tek anlamadığım şey the heirs daha bitmedi bitmeyen bir dizinin listede olması çok saçma. Bence konusu fazlasıyla basit PARK Sİ HOO PARK Sİ HOO :)))

  874. 874 : lisa Says:

    Review comments of CDDA


    “I was drawn to watch Cheongdamdong Alice by Park Shi Hoo because I have always liked him since watching him in Family’s Honour few years back. He is a very charismatic actor and I seriously like him more after watching him as Cha Seung Jo in Cheongdamdong Alice (he is cute when wearing spectacles, hee..) He successfully portray the delightful character of Cha Seung Jo in this drama and it really cracks me up a lot of times while watching his childish behaviour; such as switching to Korean dialect accent whenever he gets too agitated, enjoys going through the short lamp post in his office and gets revenge, the way he dances, etc.

    I love how he will put on a cool front when he is in fact very smug or thrilled over something and talking to himself while analysing the possible outcome of a situation comically. The way he is trying to hide his true identity as Chairman from Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) and his encounter with Secretary Moon and his doctor friend is also extremely hilarious!

    Speaking of Moon Geun Young, she is really everlasting baby face; gosh, she looks just about the same when I first saw her in Autumn Tale more than a decade ago. The sentence I like most in Cheongdamdong Alice is the word Han Se Kyung said in the first episode, ‘L’effort est ma force’ ‘Hard work is my strength’.
    I find Seo Yoon Joo’s (So Yi Hyun) ‘strategy’ to hook a ‘big fish’ and source for a white rabbit rather interesting too. And not to mention the adorable emotion bunnies Han Se Kyung made for Cha Seung Jo, they were cute!

    Cha Seung Jo is such a dear that I cannot help feeling touched when he confess to Han Se Kyung all the petty stuff he done in order to revenge his ex-wife and dad. I was thinking how anyone can bear to deceive such a sincere and innocent guy? Of course, my heart broke for him when he discovered the deception. *sob*

    I liked the soundtrack from this drama, especially the two songs; It’s Okay by Luna and Every Single Day by Shower. The latter has a very happy tune, hmm…sounded a little like the thrilling sensation when hit a jackpot? LOL!

    Overall I am so glad the drama ended happily and it is a good closure for Cheongdamdong Alice!”

    Cr: seoulinlovenow.blogspot.sg

  875. 875 : lisa Says:

    Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Thoughts & Review


    “I enjoyed this drama much more than I thought I would. It was so hard to pin-point what exactly it was going to be about, but I am glad the show itself had a better grasp on that than I did.
    I loved that it was filled with plenty of light, serious, and touching moments.
    The drama was fully-realized and the characters felt real, too, much like how Alice thought Wonderland was real.
    It’s all about grabbing opportunities when they come to you and realizing that no one can really achieve success without some help along the way. It’s also about knowing when to face facts and realizing your world won’t crash down because of them.

    Han Se Kyung (Moon Geung Young) is a “Candy”. That means she’s enthusiastic, cheerful, and hard-working, only that…she’s not at the same time. In fact, even though she works hard she has little to show for it. She’s only a contract worker running errands for the Madame at work, she has debts, her family has debts, and her boyfriend has a huge debt and wants to break up with her (then ends up screwing her over). She’s frustrated and unhappy and it’s this kind of twist on the typical Candy character that makes her seem so real. So, when she catches up with an old “friend” from school and realizes how unfulfilling her life is it’s no wonder she decides to stop doing things so honestly. Marrying rich is the plan, then it’ll be cake from there—finally getting into the fashionable district of Cheongdam-dong. Except, this is a lot easier said than done. Not to mention the whole falling-in-love thing with the guy you’re supposed to be gold-digging. But, I love that she remains realistic even when her views on love have changed, her views on life have changed, and she has changed. She’s strong even when she’s being swallowed into her lies and she pulls through in her own way. She’s smart and knows what she’s doing as well as being able to figure things out as she goes along. Moon Geun Young is a perfect fit for this role, lending the right mix of depth, optimism, and seriousness required to make this character work.

    Then there is Cha Seung Jo (Park Shi Hoo). He’s the eccentric president of the fashion brand Artemis who falls head-over-heels for our heroine. Spurned by love, he’s not too fond of women or love at the start of this drama; he can’t even cry. However, his slow change from Mad-Hatter to man is a nice one to watch. Seung Jo is also a nice twist on the classic rich leading man. He’s jaded but not a jerk; he’s happy yet unhappy. He’s living in a world of his own making and as we watch we realize just how much he has to grow up. He is petty and blames others for his problems and he is protected by those around him. I started wishing he would get hurt, even a little, just to knock some sense into him. Seung Jo is nice and wonderful; he works hard but he is also on a better standing than anyone else and that includes being estranged from his father. Suddenly, being homeless in Paris doesn’t mean much when you’re still in the place people can only dream to go—working and living—when you’re family is still wealthy. I like how Se Kyung makes him realize how childish he is. He learns how others see him as well as how he acts. So, when Seung Jo actively seeks answers from her about their relationship it shows how much he is growing. Park Shi Hoo is so good in this. He really shows us his comedic side as well as a vulnerable/petty side creating a unique balance with all these contrasting traits.

    On the other side of the spectrum are Seo Yoon Jo (So Yi Hyun) and Tommy Hong (Kim Ji Suk) who have both made it into Cheongdam-dong in that non-Candy way. Yoon Joo represents those who have made it by marrying rich and she even acts as a mentor to Se Kyung when she decides to do the same. Doing things this way is not without it’s setbacks because Yoon Joo has her own problems, proving that life difficulties don’t just go away because your bank book expands. There are more troubles that arise. Tommy, too, is this way—greasy and sneaky at first, he’s a match-maker with similar designer dreams as our heroine. He’s stuck as a sort of pimp for every girl that wants to make it but as we go along we realize he isn’t all bad. He is not unlike Se Kyung who just felt like working hard wasn’t worth it anymore. When things start falling apart around these two, however, it’s pleasant to see them come to terms and deal with it, more at ease with life. They both could have been formidable antagonists but I’m glad they weren’t. Both do a great job. So Yi Hyun shows more depth than I ever thought she could and Kim Ji Suk brings his usual warmth and charm even while being smarmy.

    There were so many things about this show that were unexpected and made me fall into this world, like it’s twist on the classic character tropes. The “evil dad”, Cha Il Nam (Han Jin Hee), wasn’t so evil after all. More like a stubborn dad who wasn’t willing to give his son some much needed credit. I was with him all the way as he was trying to gain his son’s affections back and bond with him. Se Kyung’s relationship with her family was nice and real. They didn’t always see eye to eye, but they got along and respected and cared for wach other. Even the friendships were fun to watch as they felt like fully realized relationships and those characters, with the little information we were given about them, felt three-dimensional as well.

    Despite it’s silliness, this drama offers a realistic take on working hard and dreaming vs. reality. What is the right way to make it in the world? Is there a diary to show us? Is there a clear path? Can we all come out happy and completely satisfied?
    And what would we do in this situation? When a dream is just within our reach but in order to get it, we have to be greedy and a little underhanded? Was Se Kyung wrong? Yes, but at the same time, no…
    There is also a nice message within all that brain work. Everyone has a bad side to them. You can neither protect yourself or those around you from it. What you can do is open up as much as you can and see if that other person accepts you for what you are. Even if it’s ugly, there is is no one without there fair share of ugly. And money? It’s okay to like that, too.

    Cr: canxi, the k-dramalogist

  876. 876 : lisa Says:

    After ‘The Nomination Round’ which have total of 363,054 votes from 153 Countries, Top 8 Dramas in the Final Round are:-

    1. The Heirs (SBS)
    2. The Master’s Sun (SBS)
    3. I Hear Your Voice (SBS)
    4. Secret (KBS2)
    5. I Miss You (MBC)
    6. Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS)
    7. Two Weeks (MBC)
    8. Good Doctor (KBS2)

    ‘The Final Round’ has begun from today, 29 Nov
    8pm KST to 31 Dec midnight 23:59KST.

    Fans, please vote every day for CDDA!

    Rule in The Final Round:-
    – 1 IP address can only vote 1 time/a day
    – 1 time can only select for 1 drama
    – Same IP address can vote again after 24 hours

  877. 877 : ilknur-Turkey Says:

    PSH’s drama Cheongdamdong Alice have managed to stay in the top 8, now it’s our turn..Drama should remain in the top 3 and now Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS) 11.35% (515 votes) #2. Go go ..

  878. 878 : lisa Says:

    Let’s vote for CDDA to be #1.

    The drama “Heirs” is now #1, and has strong supporters from the youngsters although the drama is still not ended yet.

    Let’s put all our efforts to vote for CDDA to be #1. Fans, we can do it! Fighting!

  879. 879 : zhian Says:

    truly I really dont like this drama…
    Park si ho looks bad here….
    moon geun young never looks better after her movie ‘Love me not’

  880. 880 : heizyi Says:

    Han Sye, you are very good and pretty and your fate is so good 🙂

  881. 881 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Very good KDrama from the beginning till the end.
    I like all the actors and actresses.

    I’m not one of you who does not like Moon Geun Young to play the role of Han Se Kyung. Yes, she is always silent but her eyes always speaks. Although her body can’t act well but her facial expression speaks a thousand words much more of her eyes…
    I watch all her dramas.

    This is the first time I watch Park Shi Hoo’s drama. And I was soooooo impress. I think I like him!

  882. 882 : lisa Says:

    #881 RonelaAGarcia

    If you want to watch more of Park Shi Hoo’s dramas, I would recommend The Princess Man (KBS World is running a rerun every Mon – Thurs at 11.10pm Seoul time. It’s at Ep 7 for this coming Monday) and Family’s Honour.

    These 2 dramas are top favourites at the Japan Hanyru’s 2013.
    (Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan).

    Park Shi Hoo was also great in his dramas of Prosecutor Princess, Queen of Reversals, How To Meet A Perfect Neighbour.

    Here’s the ranking results


    Ranking of drama series of 50 episodes or more.

    “Family Honor” is #1 (out of BEST 30).


    #1 ”The Princess’s Man”

    (Number in parenthesis is overall rank in BEST 300 dramas.)


    #2 “The Princess’s Man”

    #21 “How to meet a perfect neighbor”


    #12 ”Queen of Reversals”

    #13 ”Prosecutor Princess”



  883. 883 : Tata Says:

    Park Si-hoo i love all your drama. especially your role in cheongdamdong alice your the best actor. i love comedy romance and im looking forward for your upcoming movie or drama. 🙂

  884. 884 : meee Says:

    Moon geun is the best I soo love her. Who says she can’t act needs to do a recheck on themselves so stop hating an already sucessful lady.

  885. 885 : pearl cylfanie Says:

    Moon Geun Young is so cute here but I think So Hi Hyun is prettier. Love this drama story line.

  886. 886 : Darkness Says:

    What I found really good in this drama is that it does not veil the face and openly addresses the difficult topic acceptable and morally reprehensible is money. Some will find the moral absolutely disgusting, others will struggle with the characters, but for my part I am completely won over by this drama, its characters and its treatment of the subject. Dialogues had the ability to touch me right on and make me realize a lot of things. Morality is relatively pessimistic, but somehow it makes all the more realistic drama.
    Cheongdamdong Alice is really not a conventional drama and certainly does not appeal to everyone but I think it addresses a very interesting subject and done really well. Every episode made ​​me euphoric, not always for the same reasons and writing has never disappointed me once in his path. Probably one of the dramas that have marked me most Dramaland!

    A controversial drama that divides many crowds and yet it was for me a revelation. Cheongdamdong Alice on a topic of particular interest, revisiting a scenario in which we are accustomed Dramaland always been (and therefore has never seen a drama featuring a rich and a poor hero heroine?) And it’s a real blow that emphasizes all legal issues behind the beautiful romances dramas lambdas it downside somehow the dramas usually do not want to show.

    Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo are great here!

  887. 887 : ja.ni.ne Says:

    the story is good but the lead actor and actress have no chemistry..

  888. 888 : Cheongdamdong Alice 청담동 앨리스 [2012] | My Drama Links Says:

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  889. 889 : iliketakoyaki Says:

    cheondamdong rapist

    (This comment was deleted due to a complaint by a fan of this drama)

  890. 890 : Darker Than Black BD 1-26 (END) Season 1 Subtitle Indonesia | Cinema123 Says:

    […] Cheongdamdong Alice […]

  891. 891 : Subtitle Indonesia Drama Cinderella Stepsister | Filmdramaku.com Says:

    […] Cheongdamdong Alice […]

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