Title: 우리가 결혼할 수 있을까 / Can We Get Married ?
Chinese Title: 我们能否结婚 ?
Also Known as: Could We Marry ?
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-29 to 2013-Jan-01
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:50


The drama will follow the marriage stories of various couples with just 100 days before their marriage.

Deul Ja (Lee Mi Sook) is a strong, meddling mother with daughters to marry off. She owns a cosmetics store and raises her two daughters on her own. She considers money the most valuable thing in the world — which makes her single-minded in the pursuit of prospective son-in-laws. Her own marriage experience was unhappy, so she’s set on making sure it’s different for her children. She marries off the elder daughter to a doctor, then turns her attention to the younger daughter, Hye Yoon (Jung So Min) but only to have the daughter reveal that she wants marry to an ordinary salaryman, Jung Hoon (Sung Joon)…


Sung Joon as Jung Hoon
Jung So Min as Hye Yoon
Kim Sung Min as Do Hyun
Jung Ae Yun as Hye Jin
Lee Mi Sook as Deul Ja
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Eun Kyung
Kang Suk Woo as Dong Gun
Kim Young Kwang as Ki Joong
Han Groo as Dong Bi
Kim Jin Soo as Min Ho
Choi Hwa Jung as Deul Rae
Lee Jae Won as Sang Jin
Jin Ye Sol as Chae Young
Choi Ji Hun as Yoo Ri
Hwang Jae Won as Tae Won
Kim Ji Sook as Ki Joong’s mother
Seo Ji Yeon as Director Kim

Production Credits

Production Company: DRAMAHOUSE
Producer: Jo Joon Hyung, Yoon Jae Won
Director: Kim Yoon Chul
Screenwriter: Ha Myung Hee


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77 Responses to “Can We Get Married ?”

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  1. 26
    KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    My goodness! That’s the presidential suite he is taking her to. How can a 28 yr old guy afford it? Don’t tell me! He is a chaebol, again?
    OMG, that kiss is a serious kiss, isn’t it? Thank goodness for cable!

  2. 27
    KDaddict Says:

    I like Sung Hoon, but find this OTP boring! The constant loud bickering, that is stupid, mean spirited, therefore not funny at all.
    More than anything else, I find the girl’s mother revolting, in a crude, calculating, scary like gangster sort of way.
    I can’t fancy watching her orchestrate her daughter’ lives and marriages for 20 eps.
    I also don’t fancy the girl’s bf’s obsession over her cold non-commital bf.
    Perhaps I’ll tune in for the last few eps to see how the nasty mother get the payback that is due to her, n see how her daughters’ lives get ruined, n then saved. But 20 eps of her? No thank you.

  3. 28
    OK OK OK Says:

    Aigoooo KDaddict

    Wow, you really got so much time watching korean dramas.. one after another.

    I don’t know when will i have time to watch this. So many dramas Queuing.

    Enjoy :)

  4. 29
    KDaddict Says:

    Funny you should say that! I’ve only been watching:
    Arang, Faith, and since they ended Rascal Brothers. There is nothing else. I checked out one ep of Can we get married. That’s all!!

  5. 30
    Mystisith Says:

    I’m watching ep 4 now. I LOVE this show. It feels modern and realistic. The conflicts are organic and the characters well written (good actors too). No makjang! Thank God! Watch this and try to watch an episode of Five Fingers after that: It gets just laughable and artificial. If all melodramas were written like that I would watch more of them. Thanks jtbc!

  6. 31
    awesome Says:

  7. 32
    Tisay8 Says:

    I love watching this drama. Sure some characters are annoying but that what makes a drama. It makes me laugh and cry. Easy to relate to especially if you have been in a relationship. Looking forward to the rest of the drama. If you are really looking for a drama I recommend Five Fingers and Nice Guy they are both good with good twist and turns.

  8. 33
    wazabi Says:


  9. 34
    AandK Mom Says:

    Watched eps. 1. Agree with Kaddict. The girl’s mother is way too scary. This looks more like a horror drama to me. :)

  10. 35
    maja Says:

    i agree with wazabi…. BORING … try my love madam butterfly , a really nice drama …

  11. 36
    sara Says:


  12. 37
    mona Says:

    woaaa jung so min is back. wish this drama will be the best :)

  13. 38
    Nethu Says:

    this is good… i like it and watching it. i like both of the main actor and actress. hope it’ll be as good as other dramas.. :)

  14. 39
    indah permatasari Says:

    you can try watch “NICE GUY” or “I MISS YOU” :)

  15. 40
    Taber Says:

    OMG! I have been coming to this site for years and it never fail to read such childish comments! I’m starting to think this a blog for Junior High. The main lead is ugly? What do that have to do with an anything does his facial features effect his acting or the storyline? I for one think he very handsome but that neither here nor there. The drama is mature, realistic and fresh. I don’t feel like I just watch this on Wed and Thurs. The mother’s character is over the top and really don’t fit in with the otherwise mature characters but the Aunt, Friend and old sister storyline also all so interesting I can over look the mother. I really enjoying the natural way the lead actor and actress interact during the skin ship and kissing scene, it not awkward it very nature and comfortable that what I really love about this drama!

  16. 41
    sara Says:

    I don’t find any childish comment here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If you are a K-drama lover, you must know how important actors looks are. Some of the people watch just because they find the actor handsome, if the story-line is not their cup of tea. For some people the story-line is more important even if they don’t like the actor or find him ugly. Neither way, it’s personal and if you think this drama is good and realistic and the actor handsome, it’s your own opinion and necessarily not the right one. Other commenter also can express their opinion and you don’t have the right to call them “childish” just because they don’t dance with your tune.

  17. 42
    maja Says:

    i love the main actors in nice guy and i miss you but why can’t i like these 2 dramas? i’ve been attempting to finish at least an episode but i really can’t. maybe it’s the story . maybe i’m not into serious drama.. i like melodrama romance with a little comedy.. i’ll try watching this can we get married. i hope it will get me entertained so i can have another drama that i can watch. so far it is only my love madame butterfly that caught my interest, very interesting, good actors, have romance, drama, comedy. i love it..

  18. 43
    KpopLover Says:

    Watched this drama because of Sung Joon <3
    LOL But there is too much emotional drama in the drama xD
    Too much shouting~
    Wonder if I'm gonna finish watching this drama =w=

  19. 44
    mememe Says:

    i really like this drama but i’m confused who are leads here? coz the main lead seems to have less interesting story than the second couple. their story is more interesting. so Haeyoon & Junghoon are meant to be dislike? Well actually some dislike Haeyoon becoz of her attitude. While Junghoon is spineless but he’s a nice guy. Dongbi is likable by people. I noticed many people like Dongbi & Kijoong more. even the Korean request more scene for them. So now the story seems to change. They’re gonna pair up Dongbi & Junghoon. What will happen to Haeyoon? Will she end up with Sangjin? What about Kijoong? Will he marry Chaeyoung?

  20. 45
    only Says:

    I feel sorry for the haeyoon. looks like she’s not the main lead after all. her character is not interesting and really makes people dislike her. dongbi character is more interesting and fun to watch. even HY’s aunt loves her more than HY. I feel like dongbi is the lead actress here. I never watch a drama where people love the second lead so much. I think dongbi will end up with junghoon. while haeyoon will accept her ex-bf, sangjin.

  21. 46
    Mystisith Says:

    @mememe44: That’s what is cool in that drama: No real leads here imo (the main couple is just a bit dominant). You choose the couple you want to ship and you go with the flow! It’s really a family drama in that aspect, very choral.

  22. 47
    MoMo Says:

    Omg.i like this drama so much. It’s kind of realistic drama, but it is really interesting!

  23. 48
    Marie Says:

    I was also wondering how come these 2 main casts are getting lesser roles while the others have more. I practically fast forward 3/4 of the screne of last episode. I really hope to see more of the 2 main casts together.

  24. 49
    Drama Korea 2012 | godellavawynne Says:

    […] Can We Get Married ?) […]

  25. 50
    Nethu Says:

    truly nice family story… i like it…

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