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Title: 국가가 부른다 / Gukgaga Bureunda / Secret Agent Miss Oh
Chinese Title : 国家在召唤
Also known as: My Country Calls / Country’s Call / Call of the Country
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-May-10 to 2010-June-29
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Oh Ha Na is a lowly policewoman who lacks a sense of duty and believes that it is worth bending the rules in order to achieve your aims. She meets and begins to investigate Go Jin Hyuk, an elite intelligence agent, and they clash instantly based on their different morals. Their initial dislike of each other masks their romantic attraction, but this development is hindered by the existence of Choi Eun Seo, Jin Hyuk’s first love.


Lee Soo Kyung as Oh Ha Na
Kim Sang Kyung as Go Jin Hyuk
Ryu Jin as Han Do Hoon
Horan as Choi Eun Seo
Yang Geum Suk as Lee Soo Ja
Lee Byung Joon as Joo Soo Young
Kang Shin Il as Chief Shin Ki Joon
Lee Ki Yeol as Deputy Manager Lee Hyung Shik
Lee Sang Hwi (이상휘) as Agent Kim Byung Joon
Hyun Woo as Agent Na Joon Min
Park Hyo Joo as Agent Park Se Mi
Lee Dal Hyung as Choi Chil Hyun
Choi Jae Hwan as Lee Geun Bae
Hong Soon Chang as Director Han Dae Soo
Oh Yong as Sergeant Choi Chul Min
Kim Kyung Sook as Cha Mi Sook
Shin Kwi Sik as Han Tae Shik
Lee Chul Min as Ma Gap Sung
Kim Na Young as Lee Sun Mi
Shin Shin Ae as Se Ip Ja
Kim Sook as kiosk owner
Han Song Yi as Min Hye Rin
Kim Sung Hoon as Joo Soo Young’s teammate
Im Seung Dae as International Crime Team 2 member
Ha Rin (하린) as Lee Da Hee
Lee Jong Soo as Oh Ha Na’s boyfriend (cameo)
Jang Joon Hak (장준학)
Kim Young Sun as NIS

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jung Gyu
Sceenwriter: Choi Yi Rang (최이랑), Lee Jin Mae (이진매)

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129 Responses to “Call of the Country @ Secret Agent Miss Oh”

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  1. 101
    Lyda Says:

    Hi!Diah!yes2nite is the last ep of SAMO!so sad i don’t1this drama2end and especially to end like this like wat Team one found out that agent ko team has been doing an illegal investigation on Han so they report to the superior n stop them.now the truth is that Han is an innocent person.he didn’t invole in drug smuggling. it’s ju who force him2do that u c the part which talk abt their first meet.he said he didn’t interested in this kind of business bt ju still follow him n that time when agent park who is agent ko n Eunseo’s f/d appeared n he also involve in drug business n ju killed him.n he sent that gun2Han.i don’t no y he did like that.he12make Han guilty or what.m not sure.ok i’ll talk more in just a few minutes cos now SAOM is playing.sorry.

  2. 102
    shirisma Says:

    gini doank endingnya?! -.-“

  3. 103
    Agent Wee Says:

    Hi Diah—> Happy Ramadhan… pssttt… i am a “her”… i am a lady… hehe

    Lyda—> seems our favourite series SAMO ended last night at my place… yep, Han is innocent yet Ju only blackmail him by sending half of the video where Han pushed Agent Park, and thought he’s dead. The truth is Ju’s right-man hit Agent Park by car. Han is innocent but still he accidentally “involved” in drug smuggling and sent to jail for few months only… but pity Han cause he seems so in love with Oh Hana. But she’s back for good to our favourite Agent Ko!!! And they opened a chicken fried shop at the end. But still NIA seeking for both of them for a new case… hahaha… very funny & happy ending 🙂

  4. 104
    Lyda Says:

    Hi! Diah and Agent Wee sorry I couldn’t reply to u cos I typed through the phone and it is so difficult. It is so slow! so it’s better for me to come to the internet shop it is much easier! Diah! that’s ok if u can’t access to watch Bread, Love and Dream. I don’t mad at u just because of this! Take it esay! I understand ur siutuation. That’s ok. And Agent Wee yes u’re back again! thank u! very miss u! and I know that u must be busy with ur work so I don’t want to interrupt u. Oh u was busy with your brother egament? wow! great! congraulation for him for me! About our SAMO yes~~it finished last nite!! even it is the last ep but they( agent ko’s team) still active in investigating the case hay~~that’s what I want to watch!! hahah ya it is also very very funny in this last ep!! I laughed till my tear droped and also I had unstoppable laugh…hahahah. All the parts was so interesting and moving!and did u see at the end KBS stated ” Thank u for watching this memories SAMO” This is the first time that i see KBS stated like this. It has never put any phrase like this in any dramas. Ah~ I love it. M gonna miss SAMO and will always remember this drama in my heart!And thanks for liking Kim Takgu too! I really like the girl who is the friend of him in this drama. Hay~~agent wee do u want to go to Tak gu’s page so that we can start to have a chit chat again with this seri like SAMO?it is ok if u a busy, just leave the comments anytime that u have free time! Ok now that’s all. Have a ncie day! and yes happy Ramadhan which is the ceremony in ur country!

  5. 105
    Lyda Says:

    Oh and u a woman? oh my god I thought u were a man! so heart broken~~:( hahah just kidding! and u Diah?a u a she or he?

  6. 106
    Lyda Says:

    hay one more thing do u want some photos of SAMO? I have found the link which show alot of photos in this drama and the interview with Han( Ryn Jin). In the interveiw, he said he acted as a very funny person that he himself has never know before that he has a sense of humor in his personality and yes other more….here is the link. You can have a look at urself u will know more. http://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Secret_Agent_Miss_Oh.php

  7. 107
    DiB Says:

    i love SAMO!!!

  8. 108
    Agent Wee Says:

    Lyda—> haha… i am a lady… lol
    I’ll be on Bake, Love & Dreams page whenever free… see ya there 🙂 Thanks for all those comments on SAMO page 😉

  9. 109
    Lyda Says:

    Thanks for all of your comments in this SAMO’s page too agent wee!!!And let see each other in Baker King, Kim Takgu!!

  10. 110
    via Says:

    This a funny and hilarious drama, very entertaining.. love the female lead here: Lee Soo Kyung..

  11. 111
    via Says:

    SAMO 2 pleaseeee….

  12. 112
    wave Says:

    funny and entertaining drama..i would like to recommend it to the others..

  13. 113
    lee hye jo Says:

    haha…i love thi drama very much…
    it’s a good n funny drama for watch…

  14. 114
    Kokopuffs Says:

    thank god this drama is over. I thought it would never end. what a mediocre piece of work. NEXT!

  15. 115
    wilma Says:

    The story is good but it could have been better…precise and has a variety of story to bet on…

    Maybe many people says its bad because there’s no other storyline put in to it…it only focouses on the investigation of the the director of insong company..the love story is there but that’s always on the tail..i hope there’s a more fresher idea..

    I like the character with different personality…
    I like han do hoon here he is si so adorable,cute and charming and not to mention funny funny…honestly speaking he is the one who brought excitement to this series so to speak…

    A feel good series….good but it couldhave been better…

    aja aja fighting…

  16. 116
    Jjinjoo Says:

    i like han do character — i’ve seen ryu jin in o phil seung, really really like you in his serious roles but here he was super funny, i didn’t realize he could do such a good job in funny roles aside from the two dramas i’ve mentioned! he really made me laugh! i also liked kim hyon woo he looks like lee jung ki so much! it’s entertaining i must say this drama!

  17. 117
    Jjinjoo Says:

    to admin: i can’t seem to find the actor from your actor list who looks like lee jungki i think his name is kim hyeung woo or hyung woo? i want to leave a message for him but can’t find his name! his role in this drama is one of the computer staff & he’s a young guy.

  18. 118
    ptsh836 Says:

    jus only came across this drama here. lee soo kyung n ryu jin were superb in “loving u a thousand times” highly recommended drama…she n co-star jung gyu won was a very compatible pair n she was exceptionally beautiful there too. dun know much abt this one tho. i did not quite like soo kyung in “lawyers of republic of korea” there she was a feisty lawyer defending her very rich client…my pet hate abt her tho is her habit of flaring her nostrils when provoked…very irritating….

  19. 119
    toh quan ming Says:

    when is this korean drama dvd to be released?

  20. 120
    ptsh836 Says:

    i stuck it out till epi 14…why? u may ask…if not for lee soo kyung who is adorably cute n funny n ryu jin who is in a class of his own (acting, i mean) this being the first time he’s acting real funny, i wld hv given up at epi 1 itself… now who do u blame for the up & down ride; fickle minded kinda flow of this drama? the director or the screenwriter? i’m sure comedy was first on the cards, then some romance gets thrown in followed by some serious drug investigation work; love triangles too join the bandwagon; its like the director cannot decide which direction the drama shld take….i wonder how this drama performed in the ratings. its quite a mess if u ask me…

    i truly do not know what to make of this strange tale…to take it with a pinch of salt or hv someone please put me out of my misery!! anyway to cut the long story short, regardless i rode along enjoying the awesome chemistry bet oh ha na & han do hoon till go jin hyuk decides to butt in with his dead serious kinda face n breaking the comedic momentum…

    if the director thinks tt having super straight faced chief shin ki joon & his immediate superior (both never once breaking into a smile) is his idea of making the audience laugh then he is totally wrong; it is exasperating to put up with their dead-panned expressions in the name of comedy…not forgetting go jin hyuk who had such a hard time negotiating a simple smile…it is indeed a wonder how he got the leading role here…coz he aint funny!!

    ryu jin wins hands down in his first comedy role!! without him the drama wld hv been a total failure…he’s totally a natural in expressing the dumb & clueless look n makes me root for him n oh ha na…

  21. 121
    hollywood Says:

    I have not been watching much K-drama this year as there were not too many interesting one after City Hall. Since I have some free time lately, I stumble upon this one and the episode in the beginning was not as captivating as I have seen in some. However, as what “ptsh836” said, I also stuck with it and discover that Ryu Jin is very funny and is superb in this new role he took upon with Lee Soo Kyung . From episode 8 onwards the actors are pretty hilarious. Especially when Han Do Hoon showed up at their so called apartment unexpectedly and the whole investigating team suddenly became related in the funniest relationship. Also I was laughing uncontrollably when Oh Ha Na drew that hideous painting of Han and he treasured it. I guess that art in the eyes of the beholder. Han has introduced a new method of eating noodles (Cha Chiang Mian) with sissor.

    Overall, I can say that the comedy kept the drama alive. Recommend to watch as it was pretty entertaining in a way if you disregard the storyline which is mediocre or average only.

  22. 122
    Linda Says:

    I watched this drama only because Ryu Jin. And I agreed with many persons here that without Ryu Jin, this drama is totally fail. He is really a great actor who could play any roles. The one that I like the most is The ballad of So Dong Yo.. though in that drama, he plays the opposition role but his acting is really great and resentful.

    I will support his dramas forever.

  23. 123
    jh Says:

    This drama is so funny n nice! Why isit not so popular?? Must watch!!!

  24. 124
    jh Says:

    and yes.. i agreed that the whole drama is so nice mainly bcuz of Ryu Jin and of cuz the lead actress.. the interactions b/w is totally hilarious… cant stop laughing!! ryu jin rocks!

  25. 125
    List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  26. 126
    filagot Says:

    this drama is so cool. i love the ending.

  27. 127
    Tilney Says:

    I totally agree that this drama would fail if there was no Ryu Jin. I always laughed when Ryu Jin and LSK interact each other. They are very funny. I just hope that LSK’s character would ended up with Ryu Jin’s character. I think they’re more suitable than the police guy. Han Do Hyun ended up in jail anyway.

  28. 128
    sooinfan Says:

    does this drama has kiss scene ?lol.
    I only watch until ep5 for personal reasons and than i watch random parts of the remaining episodes.

  29. 129
    Iman Says:

    I agree too. Ryu Jin is character is really fun and existing. I didn’t like the ending much. Please prepare part 2.

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