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Cain and Abel

Title: 카인과 아벨 / Cain and Abel
Chinese Title : 该隐与亚伯
Previously known as: 닥터 스톱 / Dr. Stop
Episodes: 20
Genre: Romance, action
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Feb-18 to 2009-Apr-23
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Based on the biblical story of Adam and Eve’s first two sons, Cain and Abel is about Cain’s jealousy towards his brother Abel. Lee Cho In is a very gifted doctor who has everything that he wants whereas his older brother, Seon Woo, is jealous of all the attention that Cho In receives. Seon Woo blames his brother for taking everything good in his life away from him. Seon Woo blames Cho In for getting their father’s love, getting more recognition as a doctor, and for stealing the woman he loves.


So Ji Sub as Lee Cho In / Oh Gang Ho
Kang Yi Suk as Cho In (child)
Shin Hyun Joon as Lee Seon Woo
Cha Jae Dol as Seon Woo (child)
Jung Chan Woo as Seon Woo (child)
Han Ji Min as Oh Young Ji
Chae Jung Ahn as Kim Seo Yeon
Kim Yoo Jung as Seo Yeon (child)

Extended Cast

Han Da Min as Lee Jung Min
Jang Yong as Lee Jong Min (Seon Woo’s father)
Kim Hae Sook as Na Hye Joo (Seon Woo’s mother)
Ahn Nae Sang as Jo Hyun Taek
Song Jong Ho as Kang Suk Hoon
Kang Yo Hwan as Uhm Dae Hyun
Yoo Joo Hee as Nam Yong Tae
Ha Yoo Mi as Kim Hyun Joo
Park Sung Woong as Oh Kang Chul (Young Ji’s brother)
Kwon Hae Hyo as Kim Jin Geun
Yoon Ki Won as Park Soo Rak
Kim Myung Gook as Bang Tae Man
Kim Ha Kyoon as Oh In Geun
Baek Seung Hyun as Choi Chi Soo
Han Si Yoon as nurse
Kang Hyun Jung as Yang Dong Mi
Lee Seung Won as Eom Ki Baek
Min Joon Hyun as taxi driver
Lee Ji Oh as child

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Park Kye Ok
Producer: Kim Hyung Shik


2009 SBS Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award (So Ji Sub)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Special Drama (Baek Seung Hyun)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-02-18 1 15.9 (4th) 17.3 (3rd)
2009-02-19 2 14.9 (7th) 15.8 (4th)
2009-02-25 3 13.7 (7th) 14.6 (6th)
2009-02-26 4 15.6 (6th) 16.6 (5th)
2009-03-04 5 14.5 (7th) 15.1 (6th)
2009-03-05 6 15.3 (8th) 15.5 (8th)
2009-03-11 7 16.4 (4th) 17.4 (2nd)
2009-03-12 8 16.6 (5th) 16.9 (5th)
2009-03-18 9 16.2 (4th) 16.6 (4th)
2009-03-19 10 16.2 (7th) 17.1 (3rd)
2009-03-25 11 16.6 (6th) 17.0 (4th)
2009-03-26 12 17.4 (3rd) 18.0 (2nd)
2009-04-01 13 18.3 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd)
2009-04-02 14 19.3 (2nd) 20.9 (2nd)
2009-04-08 15 18.0 (2nd) 19.2 (2nd)
2009-04-09 16 17.7 (2nd) 18.2 (2nd)
2009-04-15 17 17.4 (3rd) 17.5 (4th)
2009-04-16 18 18.9 (2nd) 19.8 (2nd)
2009-04-22 19 19.4 (3rd) 20.1 (2nd)
2009-04-23 20 19.2 (3rd) 19.7 (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : willa Says:

    I’m the first yeheyyyy!!!

    Im really inlove with the lead cast, Im glad his back, i believe SBS make a better drama than other station…

    visit my website:




  2. 2 : crowd Says:

    I’ve seen the trailer of this drama… Looks good!!!

  3. 3 : hunny Says:

    can’t wait for it to come out!

  4. 4 : Esther Says:

    I remember Jung Ryo Won was supposed to have a role in this series, what happened then?

  5. 5 : MHD Says:

    I love Han Ji Min & Chae Jung Ahn.especially Han Ji Min.She is very skilled.I Believe She is the best actress.I enjoyed Yisan only for Her.Thanks So much.Mohammad From Iran.

  6. 6 : hunny Says:

    yeah i agreed with esther, jung ryo won is suppose to be in this drama! wat hapen?

  7. 7 : admin Says:

    Actress Jung Ryu Won and actor Ji Jin Hee were cast in this drama but both backed out of after numerous delays with the production.

  8. 8 : marites gerona Says:

    oh! Ji Jinhee was not included! I was waiting for this drama which was more than a year delayed!!ph well..

  9. 9 : honey b Says:

    Ji Sub ssi, welcome back, dear….

  10. 10 : LEILA -iran Says:

    welcome back so ji sub

  11. 11 : aks Says:

    dis drama look great , So Ji Sup is my Favourite actor.
    i liked him in I’m sorry, I’m Luv u

  12. 12 : arsalan Says:

    i heard that the sbs is going to show the Jumong 3 it’s continiou of the kingdom of the winds.
    did u heard a bout it?
    if ur answer is yes
    tell more a bout this movie

  13. 13 : JAY! Says:

    Jung Ryu Won backed out from this drama because it kept postponing!
    Such a shame, she wouldve been so good in it!
    But she’s got another drama coming out in march!

  14. 14 : smileyjosha Says:

    whOOOO>, looking forward in watching thiz drama.,

  15. 15 : citi Says:

    Oh! I love Han Ji Min… So I wouldn’t want to miss this…

  16. 16 : jonas Says:


  17. 17 : sany Says:

    sound is good movie….

  18. 18 : Martins Says:

    This drama looks good. I will watch that.

  19. 19 : paco Says:

    Love So Ji Sob ..
    Can’t Wait to see it soon
    Hopefully, it’s another great movie just like i’m sorry i love you, and memories in bali

  20. 20 : Sony Says:

    It’s might be interesting

  21. 21 : Basuha Says:

    Loving this drama right now, so exciting a little bit of action, comedy, love and betrayal. Just my kind of DRAMA!

    Hey Hollywood I hope you will be watching this one, if not do girl because we can review once it done!

  22. 22 : munichreynoso Says:

    Superb Drama! i’ve seen till episode 4 today. Esp. So Ji Sup and Han Ji Min is in this Drama.

  23. 23 : loomag Says:

    wonderful drama

  24. 24 : drsiti Says:

    looking forward this drama.. sound like great drama….

    and i very hope so ji sub will get happy ending….

    very love to this guy so ji sub….

  25. 25 : doris p Says:

    though the plot seems like the typical K-dramas, 2 brothers-1 woman, I think I can still endure to watch this one coz of So Ji Sub, he’s one of my favorite actors, love his unusually-shaped eyes and of course his acting is also awesome

  26. 26 : drno Says:

    Watched the 1st 4 episodes. Not bad. Especially those moments when Ji Sup & Han Ji Min are together…

  27. 27 : MIMI Says:


  28. 28 : my guy Says:

    excellent drama

  29. 29 : Winnie Says:

    hey, hey – can anyone download the ost??

  30. 30 : Choi Yan Sen Says:

    Hi, I’m one of korean drama fans from Indonesia. when I watched online on mysoju.com. this drama was great. I loved the story n the casts are good at acting. and the soundtrack’s great too. I can’t wait to watch it till the final episode. 🙂

  31. 31 : Carissa Says:

    Gosh…. I’m hooked on this show.
    Love the cast, the story, the drama, action, pace … yada yada yada.

  32. 32 : Coi Yan Sen Says:

    I have soundtrack of this drama, I will prepare it if you wanna download it 🙂

  33. 33 : cathy Says:

    this is excellent drama , SJS ,HJM are talented artists , i wonder why it’s rating so low . We , not Korean , like this drama more than F4 . I’m totally
    surprised by rating of F4 , they’re cute but acting skill still poor , just like
    some Hollywood tv shows , superficial comedies , all well dressed , acting cute and teenagers like them .
    But Hollywood also produces some good movies which have been nominated in Oscar .SJS is alented just like Leonardo Dicaprio and J
    Depp .

  34. 34 : caca Says:

    i didn’t watch the full drama yet, coz its not yet complete in the internet, but im very excited to watch it coz i know so ji sup is really a great actor, i hope this drama series is not a rival of BOF coz i love them both, but still so ji sup is still no. 1 for me. hehehe, keep up d gud work oppa!!!

  35. 35 : hollywood Says:

    Hi there Basuha,
    I am starting to watch now. Thanks for recommending.
    Will put in my 2 sense later.

  36. 36 : sunny Says:

    any suggestion..about this movied….?

  37. 37 : yongjunshi Says:

    just my sincere opinion….very slow….and just for so ji sub….keep watching this drama….

  38. 38 : raz Says:

    Great drama and I hope that will be good ending for lee CHO IN and oh YOUNG JI .allso lee SEON WOO must die with alot of suffer.please make sure to bring us a happy ending.

  39. 39 : marjinalhakan Says:

    So ji Sub , My Favorite Best Actrist… 🙂
    Thanks For Good Details..;)

    See You …

  40. 40 : Winpetal Says:

    Hi, Hi – great movie…luv SJS…still waiting for OST!

  41. 41 : cathy Says:

    I just watched episodes 13 and 14 , amazing actings and the plots getting
    interesting By the end of episode 14 LCI finally realized that his brother is the one
    who wants him to die , you can see his expression through his eyes , painful , full of sorrow , so amazing SJS .

  42. 42 : kirsten Says:

    this was an amazing drama especially dr. lee cho in and oh young ji. hope at the end lee cho in and oh young ji will get married. i prefer them both thn the other lady. hope lee cho in will realize his true feeling to oh young ji.

  43. 43 : kirsten Says:

    kindly download the next series please. i can’t wait with the next episode. very slow.

  44. 44 : Rebwarts Says:

    Definitely not like your usual medical drama. Extremely addictive! My only wish is that there should be a happy ending for SJS. Never like the ending of his previous drama’s so depressing.

  45. 45 : ajing Says:

    definitely one of the best kdrama of the year!!!!!! so ji sup is really hot!hot!hot! in this drama!!!! the chemistry between him & han jimin is really superb!!! i love it!!!!

  46. 46 : ajing Says:

    the 18th episode was really intense especially the confrontation between the cho-in & seungwoo!!!! really hope for a happy ending for choin & youngji!!!!

  47. 47 : elaine Says:

    having so ji sub in the cast, how can it not be a good drama. for the nth time so ji sub showed us again how great actor he is. Not only great but handsome as well. Although Ryu Won backed out from the cast, han ji min is a good replacement instead, she pairs well with ji sub, i think it’s ryu won’s lost for he failed to be in the drama with ji sub. I’m quite so sad that the drama will soon be over, anyway, i just hope that ji sub will be casted again in another great drama. More power ji sub

  48. 48 : rafaela Says:

    Good drama, Great actors.

  49. 49 : kdramalover Says:

    This is a good ones!!!! I hope Ji Sub is not going to die on this movie.. Please… Poor guy! His acting is much better now… I like him

  50. 50 : doris p Says:

    awaiting for the last 2eps sub version….though have read some spoilers about it already but still am glad to know that Ji Sub didn’t die in this one as I first thought coz of the title….hate my actors to die in the end but for Ji Sub have endured it twice for him, watched already 2 of his series where he died but really glad he didn’t die in this one….though they say that this series has some flaws but I don’t care, totally enjoying this one, have in fact re-watched it for the 3rd time already and still can’t get enough of Ji Sub! am just sad that I only have now 2hrs to watch him, wish they extended it for 30eps more!!

  51. 51 : kirsten Says:

    i can’t wait for the last episode, when are you going to download it? this was really a nice drama better than f4. i just hope that lee choi in and young ae have a happy ending together. they have a good match. i like their acting.

  52. 52 : Cambria Says:

    Definitely a must watch ! Thumbs up for So Ji Sub and Shin Huyn Joon’s brilliant performance. The whole cast did a wonderful acting job. This drama deals with jealousy, betrayal, forgiveness and unwavering love. Highly recommendable.

  53. 53 : cathy Says:

    great drama ! even rating lower than i expected but non Koreans like me we all love this drama , we value their acting skills ,their storyline , all having great meanings to learn .
    F4 is famous in K but got dissed in Japan , likely only suitable for teenagers,
    cute actors ,poor acting skills , storyline is superficial , easy life from filthy
    rich families . There are a lot dramas like that in Japan , and Hollywood but
    those movies , dramas like that never get any award in Hollywood .

  54. 54 : Basuha Says:

    The best drama I have ever seen since I became addict to drama 4 years ago. I can’t give a detail review because I’m still emotional drain from the completion of this GREAT drama and I won’t do it justice. I will say that the Scripts was incredible, the Directing was excellent and the Acting was Great! This drama was intelligence and mature it’s take you on a emotional ride that you don’t want to get off. Ji Sub and Hyun Joon had the best chemistry I have seen in a drama.

    Hyun Joon acting was superb, I didn’t understand any of his reasons for his action in this drama but he still was able to made me feel his pain, anguish, hatred, love, jealously, loneliness and regret. Hyun Joon without a doubt should win for best actor!

    Ji Sub did a fantastic job as always, he know how to play a character with a lot of depth, that what I find so sexy about him. He has this “halo” about him that drawn you in, he a layers that you want to slowly peel away. Ji Sub left that kind of impression on me. O MY GOD ( Hollywood) I think I’m just admitted to being a fan! lol

    This drama is really a must watch drama it on youtube with English subs, if you haven’t watch it yet do so, you won’t regard it!

  55. 55 : Basuha Says:

    Hi Hollywood

    I just saw your post, I hope everything is well with you. I been busy at work, so stressful right now that this drama is the only time I break away from the daily grind of life. I’m so sad it end but it was good while it lasted. I’m watching Queen of House wives ,my heart not in it like Cain and Abel but it do have my attention. I heard they extend it to 4 more episode, I ‘m not sure if that good or bad, I always find when they do extension it tend to mess up the drama. I hope this is the exception to the norm.

    I’m watching a little bit of this and that, but nothing to sink my teeth into. I be awaiting your review, as always take care.

  56. 56 : kirsten Says:

    this was an awesome drama though its nice if they extend it more until they get married and emergency department will be open.

  57. 57 : cathy Says:

    This is going one of the best drama of the year ! outstanding actings which are able to deliver meaningful storyline . I love the ending with CI’narrative,
    impressive , touching .memorable .Likely i’m going to watch again , great
    drama .

  58. 58 : kdramalover Says:

    I think the best is East of Eden and this one is the second… anyway, it’s great drama.. Thanks God, he’s not dead in this show..

  59. 59 : noha Says:

    cain and abel is realy amazing drama
    realy like that young jae always support cho in
    and he slowly fall in love with her
    the last episode was the best
    it was realy happy ending for every one

  60. 60 : Merlin Says:

    Beautiful story !!

    was kinda confused in the end though, did Cho in purposely didnt remove his brother’s tumor and ended up in immobility to have him repay for his sins ??

  61. 61 : haka Says:

    Definitely worth to watch

  62. 62 : Basuha Says:

    Hey Hollywood,

    I just wanted to let you know I found a drama that really funny in interesting. It City Hall, I can’t stop laughing. It an typical Korean drama but the comedy is what makes it so refreshing. I hope you can watch this one as well. Looking forward to you review on this drama. Take care

  63. 63 : hollywood Says:

    Hello Basuha,

    I started but did not finish this series yet. Everytime, I watch this
    actor, SJS old hairdo in Thousand years old love, pop up in my
    mind. Moreover, I not an avid fan of medical related dramas, there
    is a big difference between reality and fictions. I can’t stand it.

    Anyway, I started watch this drama “Hateful but once again”. Pretty
    good, twisted family soap opera. Those actors performance were
    very good. You may like it, recommended. Give it a try.
    Let me know your comments.
    I will watch this City Hall which you recommended.

  64. 64 : ash Says:

    you guys must watch this!! it’s awesome! i just finish it…
    So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min are so cute!!

  65. 65 : Deanaz Says:

    yes this drama absolutely worth to watch..all plays a best act with their caracter. Welcome back SJS u look more cute and sexy after back from army. Hope see u’r next drama is a romantic comedy genre. Not full by the tears and painfull anymore.

  66. 66 : younie Says:

    well night i’m lokking this dvd and i’m think so cool and so jisub with shin hyun joon get chemestry ihave seen drama chayo 4 all of you… when this drama come to indonesian i’ll be wait for a while…

  67. 67 : Daisy Says:

    I am (wasn’t) a So Jip Sup fan, but I think his acting has improved since”” I am Sorry I Love You”” and here he does an excellent job . I have only seen the first 6 episodes and so far it’s good. I hope it keeps on being good and that I wont be disappointed.

  68. 68 : Basuha Says:

    Hi Hollywood,

    I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy Cain and Abel as much as I did. I do think you would like City Hall, it light and very funny. I have also been watching Hateful Once Again the characters are strong, dialog is great. The storyline development is detail, mature and have depth. Most importantly the drama play out at a good pace. The twists are typical K-drama obstacles but it work well in this drama because the obstacles were handle intellectually.

    I’m also watching an old drama on Viikii “Be Strong Geum Soon, I thought it would be the typical Korean drama. Poor girl with no parents being looked down on and treated badly. I was right, but because the main actress stand up for herself and demand respect make it worth watching. She not the type to think she not worthy, just because someone of a higher status see her that way. She remind me a lot of the character in the drama (Attic Cat). She respectful of her elders but not at the price that she sacrifice losing herself as a individual. It a old drama but yet it seems beyond it times compare to a recently drama I watch where the man was over thirty and still couldn’t make any decision on his life without his parents approval.

    I could never wrap my head around that concept, I guess it just me being American. Any way it refreshing too see an adult acting like a adult. I think you might enjoy this one as well. It 163 episodes for 30 minutes, something to watch at your leisure.

    I look forward to seeing you on other drama, as always take care.

  69. 69 : hollywood Says:

    Hi Basuha,

    It’s alway a pleasure talking to you. I may watch Cain and Abel later, when I in the right mood. Temperamental I am. There are some faces that even though not good looking, I like to watch. I don’t know why but I just do not like JSJ similarly for some other actors and actresses. Nothing personal, it just a case of whether you like or dislike a face or person at first glance whom you do not know personally. Therefore I don’t watch their dramas nor movies. It just irritated me, their movements, actions, their expressions.
    I enjoyed City Hall thoroughly and finished watching Hateful but once again. I am currently watching “Family Honors aka Glory to the family” This one is worth watching. It is a romance story of an old traditional Korean family which involved the father, aunt and the children. I think you will like it. It being subbed at Viikii, total 54 episode. I bought the DVD with Chinese sub.

    I have seen Geum Soon and it is very good. I share the same sentiment as you about those immature man. I do think that K-drama have a lot of characters that emphasizes indecisiveness in their story. I guess that is one way of lengthening story telling. In that case, you will not like Winter Bird. Have you seen it yet?

    There is this old drama Famous princesses which is good too. Unfortunately, it is sub in Chinese only and Mysoju has the English sub until episode 16. I watch this one on Youku.com

    Any other recommendation?
    Looking forward to your comments.

  70. 70 : hollywood Says:

    Hi Basuha,
    I even got So Ji Sub name wrong on my comments above.
    I typed JSJ instead.
    Take Care too.

  71. 71 : lianty Says:

    i cried a lot at 2 ending episod..
    so sad..
    GOOD drama..
    so ji sub looks great and handsome…

  72. 72 : Pikkasso Says:

    I’ve seen around 5 eps, I think it’s great one!! I enjoyed this drama a lot. I’ll finish soonest as possible since SoJiSub did a very fantastic character. I like him and follow all his drama, even it’s quite less. Moreover, I also like HanJiMin also, she’s pretty and her acting was excellent.

    Hope that this drama will be success!! I agree to say that Definitely a must watch !!

  73. 73 : lee rae kka Says:

    i love this drama. wonderful and a must watch. Everyone should watch this drama. i think this drama should be the best drama for this year. I can’t leave every moment on this drama. i never bore to see this drama again and again….

  74. 74 : irae Says:

    great!!! what a wonderful story. I love this drama. I think this drama should be the best drama this years. Everyone should watch it. i like lee choi and young ae, they have a good match and i really like their acting again and again. bravo for this drama….

  75. 75 : jonas Says:

    For me I think this is the best drama Ive ever watched. For those who have not seen it yet, try watching it. Very different from korean drama Ive ever watched. Even the performances of the characters were very good. I hope to see more of good korean drama.

  76. 76 : lheity Says:

    the best korean drama ever….saranghae so ji sub…

  77. 77 : Judy Says:

    Very most recommended drama ever. Two thumbs up!!

  78. 78 : emily Says:

    what’s the ending like? what will happpen with the two brothers?

  79. 79 : anna Says:

    so ji sob ur one of the best the way you portry you role thats owesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINISH THIS KOREAN DRAMA ALREDY amazing cast ever promiz!!!!!!!!!! im an avid fan of all korean movies and series name it all !!!!!!!!!!!!! guys!!!!!!!!!! im sure i alredy seen it saranghamnida ajussi!!!!!!!!!!!!! im anna from phillippines from the pearl of the orient!!!!!!!!!!!!!love you!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  80. 80 : anna Says:

    hi there im anna from the phillippines ive seen this korean drama ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ji sub your so awesome you portait your role amazingly!!!!!!!!!! i thouth your a real nuero sergeon!!!!!!!!! anyways the cast is all good more power to this cain and abell im an aviv fan of all korean series and movies i allready finish this moveis and its realy great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saranghamnida ajussi!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  81. 81 : barbie Says:

    We would like to know the place where Lee Cho In and Oh Young Ji
    live together

  82. 82 : reby Says:

    why i cant find the drama in pps.com, i been waiting so long

  83. 83 : yara Says:

    I’m gonna watch this…. It’s enough for me that So Ji Sup acts in it, I love his superb acting skills, and besides, he’s one gorgeous guy.

  84. 84 : jasmine Says:

    i love you so ji sup

  85. 85 : jasmine Says:

    so ji sup i am algerien girls you must know that you have woman and man love you i hope to read what i write

  86. 86 : Ella andryani Says:

    Ihave been watch this film, its so really amazing and so sad
    so ji sub look so greet in the film
    i was crying when i watch this film
    aza aza fighting

  87. 87 : nnek Says:

    so ji jub and other artist, excellent job…..

    the story of this series was one of a kind.
    the settings (particularly the dessert and the round village) and the production were amazing. they expense big amount for this series…
    every scene is a watchable one,

    watch this series guys,

    this series would soon be aired in the Philippines via ABS-CBN network.

  88. 88 : Luna Says:

    I finally got to finish watching this drama after a break. I wish I had not taken the break because that kind of broke the inertia and I would’ve enjoyed it more.

    Strong cast, good acting and story. I like the chemistry between Han Ji Min and So Ji Sup, though she looked tiny next to him (height wise). One of the best dramas of 2009. This year looks like a good one for K-dramas.

    I am a big fan of Korean romantic dramas. Romance is a genre that the West (Hollywood) has neglected. Most movies of this genre are comedies that lack depth, realism and soulful emotion (without being corny) and their ending is so predictable. I like that many Korean romantic dramas and comedies have an unexpected twist that leave a long impression on the viewer.

  89. 89 : meti Says:

    i was watch. Wow it nice setting, acting, story, music n great actor everything good, excellent

  90. 90 : karma lhamo Says:

    wow,that was a very touching and i liked the chemistry between leechoin and young ji.

  91. 91 : mumu Says:

    another great korean drama!
    great story, plot, actor/actress, strong character, and not unpredictable story!love love..
    but i a little bit don’t enjoy last episode.but overall i love this drama!hope there is another drama that very touching like this..

  92. 92 : mumu Says:

    another great korean drama!
    great story, plot, actor/actress, strong character, and unpredictable story!love love..
    but i a little bit don’t enjoy last episode.but overall i love this drama!hope there is another drama that very touching like this..

  93. 93 : Pauline Says:

    From the start, pacing of drama great, stroy-line is gripping, and what stood apart is the use of the North Korean elements. Because of this drama, I vow to visit my “county” which is the roots of the Hakka clan, and yes, so proud to be a Hakka myself (I am from Singapre), those round earther houses are World Heritage Treasures!!! Love the main casts, even the baddy N.Korean who acted in Shining Inheritance, bravo!

  94. 94 : cainers Says:

    I love it !!!!!!!! Great drama…great act…everything is perfect.
    Love so ji sub !!!
    It’s a must see drama…totally recommend it….

  95. 95 : ety Says:

    awesome drama. So ji Sub so hot. Recomended to watch for krean drama lover.

  96. 96 : danah Says:

    i ike this story,,,,,
    specially,,,so jisub,,,his a good actor to me,,everything is nice,,,,
    always bless him,,,
    my so jisub,,,

  97. 97 : shirley Says:

    wowwwwwwwww esta novela si que esta bella me compre sel cd y esta hermoso, la parte en que a la chica la operan de esa manera me asusto muchisiisimo ojala que hagen otra novela igual a esta

  98. 98 : Wonnie Says:

    this is a best drama ever!!!!Just finish watching this… Love So Jisub he super hot and great acting in here.. Highly Recommended to all kdrama out there!….

  99. 99 : gsnape Says:

    what an awesome story, so ji seob played the role very well, he’s trully a great actor!
    i love the way he played as lee cho in so much. his play make me really feel lee cho in’s feeling about being betrayed by someone you trust.
    i like both lee cho in and oh young ji, i think the relationship between them give the viewer many inspirations, what a sweet couple 🙂

  100. 100 : irfan Says:

    The most amazing drama I have seen…
    Teach us everything about this life…

  101. 101 : Joe Marie Tan Says:

    i really love the twist of the story among the characters. I hope to see you all guys! its my dream to see koreans in person. well, i think it will remain a dream forever! God bless us all!

  102. 102 : achie Says:

    i just wanna say 4 so ji sub…… u r so brilliant, cute, cool, n i’m crazy about u…L.O.V.E. U. SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  103. 103 : achie Says:

    u melt my heart everytime i see ur face…the coolest guy

  104. 104 : diefan Says:

    I find this series very interesting story. Great story and awesome actors and actress.. well casted. highly recommended. 5 stars

  105. 105 : lulu Says:

    where do you guys watch it? coz i tried dramacrazy and viikii but the link is all broken, and i tried mysoju but it happens that several eps don’t work.

    *please help>.<* coz i've watched first 5 eps from mysoju and i want moreeee.. this drama is soooo goooood^^ love so ji sub <3<3

  106. 106 : diefan Says:

    to lulu..

    watch it throug dramafever.com


  107. 107 : Jelin Says:

    To lulu:

    u can also watch at PPStream

  108. 108 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  109. 109 : ardhan Says:

    i really love the twist of the story among the characters

  110. 110 : mel Says:

    i wanna watch this.. looks like so interesting..

  111. 111 : nining Says:

    like an serious drama,, love korean drama much..

  112. 112 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama..

    i wanna watch it.. ^^

  113. 113 : jen Says:

    best drama ever,so ji sub and han ji min have a great chemistry on this drama..so addicting hope they are real couple.

  114. 114 : cecille Says:

    iwant to watch ipisode 3 part 3/4

  115. 115 : cacai Says:

    i luv so ji sub jokingly infront of han ji min n this drama hope 2 see them both in another drama,best best couple ever.

  116. 116 : kysha Says:

    superb acting from SJS. HJM did a good job on the north korean accent as well.

  117. 117 : Pure19fan Says:

    I really really liked this series..

  118. 118 : yuu and ai Says:

    han ji min u r my fave actress,r u dating in real lyf w/so ji sub?athough sjs denied it already y are you still keep silence rgardng dis issue?whats the real score between u and sjs?4 me u are the best couple ever.

  119. 119 : celine Says:

    both sjs and hjm are so good 2gether in this drama…beautiful han ji min and handsome so ji sub,omg love you my idols.

  120. 120 : Goong Ju Says:

    Just finished watching it sometimes ago. Good drama. Superb acting from So Ji Sub. Thumps up to Han Ji Min who acted as North Korean and speak with that accent. Shin Hyun Joon’s character was awesome and he casted it well too, made the whole drama become very exciting with full of plots. Recomended

  121. 121 : Dandelion Says:

    Saesangeun jeil dahaeguman couple! Believe it or not,i couldn’t stop myself watching it over and over yet i didn’t even get sick n tired of it. A complex genre and yet SJS n HJM can execute their jobs amazingly well. They can change from one mood to another with ease.I felt like a moth being attracted to the light when I watched the SJS – HJM scenes.I was trapped in a maze of different reactions. I cried,laughed,squealed,cursed,flew into a furious rage,felt amused and elated.Too bad, SJS – HJM failed to bag the Best Couple Award last year.I’m totally hooked on this impeccable couple!!!

  122. 122 : celine Says:

    cain and abel is my fave.korean drama,han ji min is my fave.korean actress,so ji sub is my fave actor ever.hjm-sjs are my fave couple for reel and for real..saranghe.

  123. 123 : Rickshaw Says:

    Just like the amicable n light-hearted mood and ambience the Cain n Abel cast has squeezed in amidst the shattered dreams,vengeful anger,heartache,anxiety n grief,this homepage has also provided such a warm,cordial outlet for the general viewers n loyal fans of SJS/HJM alike to express their opinions about the drama. Such a far cry from the hostile,stifling rn1 battleground which is saturated with groundless suspicions n unfair accusations. Being ardent fans does not mean being possessive keepers. Although I watched Cain n Abel for the umpteenth time last year,it is still deeply etched in my mind. I love the intricate storyline,the beautiful leading cast n the actors’ superb acting skill. Bravo.

  124. 124 : celine Says:

    i really missed cho in and young ji so much,likewise i missed han ji min and so ji sub.

  125. 125 : ok250682 Says:

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    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  126. 126 : Dandelion Says:

    @ok : thanx for ur tip. I’ve watched the Gumiho’s Revenge n found it very touching n riveting.However,this homepage is dedicated to another indelibly captivating drama Cain n Abel.So,let’s talk more about ‘foxes’ in the Gumiho’s Revenge hp.Let’s go.LEE CHO IN / OH YOUNG JI nae sarangeun dangsin dul ppunieyo.SJS – HJM saesange jeil dahaeguman couple!

  127. 127 : celine Says:

    i missed han ji min a lot,where she is now?

  128. 128 : celine Says:

    sarangheo han ji min,sarangheo so gan ji..love cain and abel.

  129. 129 : Dandelion Says:

    @ Celine : hv u seen HJM’s most recent pics? She is the new model for the cosmetic brand name MAMONDE. She looks as stunning as ever in the promotional pic. I hv also seen quite a number of pics of HJM attending sb’s funeral. Could it have been Park Young Ha’s? I don’t remember hving read the press news of HJM’s attendance at all.Yeah,we hv all missed her (pretty doll face!)

  130. 130 : celine Says:

    thnx dandelion for your info..i saw it already in her new pics,she look more prettier and blooming now..i love han ji min so much she’s simply nothing but the best.

  131. 131 : jen Says:

    yeah i saw it already,she s the new model of mamonde cosmetics nstead of han ga in they chose 2 pick her bcuz of her pure and inocent image,i had seen also a quite pics of hjm attending funeral and i noticed that it was andre kim funeral,yeah we all miss our idol,glad 2 c her back on scren.kip up the gud wrk ji minssi as one of ur fans we will always support all the decision u made..fighting!

  132. 132 : celine Says:

    missed the characters of cho in and young ji..but i missed so ji sub and han ji min a lot.

  133. 133 : KDrama Lover Says:

    Good enought ‘

  134. 134 : gloria Says:

    I love cho in. good plot, best cast.

  135. 135 : non sibi Says:

    This is the last Korean TV drama I’ve watched via free website.
    As usual Korean drama always grand and luxury.
    I had different feeling while watching ‘Boku no Imoto’ although they are about same plot (hospitals, surgeries).

  136. 136 : via Says:

    I just watch this drama,its very touching drama, I love it!!! I cry many tears watching this drama, especially for Han Ji Min acting, she loves him but she know she can not expect anything from him because she is no compare to his status as a doctor which also having a beautifull fiancee. Its the way she describe her feeling that really touch me the most. and Thank God Cho in finally choose her. Otherwise i will give up watching this drama.. Yes Han ji min is beautifull in her own way, so pure and inocent although not very beautiful compare to other actress, and not very tall also, but she has this charisma that makes me can not ignore her.. I am now looking forward to see her acting..

  137. 137 : cain Says:

    Cain and Abel download links (Korean)

    English Subtitles

    cain and abel subs.rar (387 KB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_01.avi (764.1 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_02.avi (757.5 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_03.avi (755.1 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_04.avi (763.8 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_05.avi (764.1 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_06.avi (774.9 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_07.avi (773.6 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_08.avi (768.1 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_09.avi (767.2 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_10.avi (749.1 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_11.avi (765.7 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_12.avi (765.2 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_13.avi (759 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_14.avi (768.5 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_15.avi (749.2 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_16.avi (758.2 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_17.avi (768.8 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_18.avi (767.5 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_19.avi (755.6 MB)

    HuynhDeTanSat_20End.avi (754.2 MB)

  138. 138 : liz Says:

    This is also a great Korean Drama. I admire the acting skills of the casts. The love story is so cute.

  139. 139 : Denis Says:

    Can someone give to me the links to download it in Korean Language???

  140. 140 : Denis Says:

    Where can i find the links of the movie in Korean language?

  141. 141 : diefan Says:

    to dennis.. go to official page/site..

  142. 142 : ignes Says:

    bisa kirimkan link untuk download seluruh soundtrack cain and abel?

  143. 143 : mimi Says:


  144. 144 : Dhee_an Says:

    I love cain and abel..
    The story is very good..

  145. 145 : lovekdrama Says:

    love it.. dark but lots pure romanctic scenes.
    awesome storyline and acting.

  146. 146 : Cain and Abel | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] selesai menonton drama Cain and Abel. Punyalah lama nak menghabiskan drama ni. Sudahlah asyik tutup mata je menonton. Tambahan lagi […]

  147. 147 : X Says:

    why cant we see the from episode ten and up??? do u have any other link for this??? this is alrdy the scene were u dont want to miss it pls it says the conten is not available oh my oh my!!! pls help!

  148. 148 : devi Says:

    Greatt story,even just a little bit romance scene, and I love so ji sub much, the way he smile and jokes with han ji min and I wonder if I have boyfriend like him, hehehe sarangheyo oppa….

  149. 149 : christy Says:

    I love so ji sub.He’s handsome,cool and he acts so well.I especially love his acting as che wu hak in Sorry,I Love You.It’s perfect.I love to have him as my boyfriend.

  150. 150 : yoka Says:

    I hate cho in but i love him in straiway to heaven ,,,,,,,,, and cain and abel good story

  151. 151 : maida Says:

    i have finished ep.10 it is very cruel that the one you love the most is the same person who wants to hurt you i feel very sorry for lee cho in
    young ji ‘love is kind of possesion love when she actually love lee cho in a true love then she will help him and let him go

  152. 152 : reny Says:

    i love this korean drama..very touched n the story was perfect.. really really fall in love with So ji Sub…they have chemistry with Han ji min… only for the character young ji i think make more “unique girl”… falling in love with So ji sub… your very good actor and perfect acting on this movie wth many face you’ve played…. after i watched this movie …i always image your face and the story around my head… love and love this.. you better watch this series guys >,<

  153. 153 : [admission requirements|associate degree nursing program|bridge program|content bridge|educational mobility|nurse program|physical therapist assistant|practical nurse|registered nurse] Says:

    It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  154. 154 : ADE LIDYA Says:

    this film si very gooood,
    i love SoJiSub

  155. 155 : Emperor Says:

    A nice drama!

  156. 156 : Hanako Says:

    This movie was quite a few years back but I just finished watching today . Had seen this movie selling but never bought it and I download from dramacom the only website that has English sub only. I find this movie is an excellent one, with all the good main characters. It is all about jealousy, revenge, romance, action and also very touching movie to watch. It is rare to watch such movies and wonder why it was not awarded.
    It is a wonderful story filled with passion too. Don’t miss it if u have the chance to download. Producer and screenwriter should be awarded for such good movie

  157. 157 : Ryma Algiers Says:

    I finished watching it, I loved it very much.
    So Ji Sub is the best; I really like this Actor; Fighting 🙂
    I like also Han Ji Min, she’s a great Actress. I watched her also in Dae jang Geum & Rooftop prince 😉

  158. 158 : rehema burton Says:

    i like very much this drama.

  159. 159 : EUGENIA Says:


  160. 160 : Drama_fan Says:

    I’m going to watch this because of So Ji Sub..!! Hope this is drama is good . 🙂

  161. 161 : Drama_fan Says:

    I started watching this drama because I’m a fan of So Ji Sub. Finished watching it today. Love it. Love the story. So Ji Sub is really really awesome. I love his acting. And he’s so hot!! Can’t stop falling in love with you So Ji Sub whenever I watch a drama of you. WOW!! I love his action very much and it’s not because he’s hot it’s because I really fell for his characters of the dramas. He’s a reall good actor. Well done. 🙂 So Ji Sub 4ever 🙂 Fighting 🙂

  162. 162 : Wayne Says:

    I Binge-watched the entire series.Loved it…especially..Han Ji Min.hadn’t seen her in early roles like this She was an excellent actress at this young age , just like now

  163. 163 : Shaunatu mustapha Says:

    Pls how do I download your movies. I mean the site I will have to enter to download the movies I want.

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