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Title: 태양의 신부 / Bride of the Sun
Chinese Title: 太阳的新娘
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 112
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-24 to 2012-March-30
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:40 AM


A drama based on the the story of former Dong Ah Constructions chairman and former KBS announcer Jang Eun-young. A woman gets married to a man who is old enough to be her grandfather when her lover leaves and her family struggle to make a living.


Main Cast

Jang Shin Young as Kim Hyo Won
Jung Eun Woo as Choi Jin Hyeok
Han Jin Hee as Lee Kang Ro

Supporting Cast

Maeng Sang Hoon as Kim Hak Gyu
Moon Hee Kyung as Gong Kyung Sook
Yun Mi Joo as Lee Ye Ryun
Kim Chung as Jung In Sook
Bang Eun Hee as Im Mi Sun
Son Byung Ho as Park Tae Ho
Song Yoo Ha as Baek Kyung Woo
Park Seul Gi as Eun Jin
Yum Ji Yoon as office head Hwang

Production Credits

Director : Lee Chang Min
Screenwriter : Yoon Yeong Mi


2012 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Jung Eun Woo (Bride of the Sun, Five Fingers)

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77 Responses to “Bride of the Sun”

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  1. 51
    mcia Says:

    I love James!! handsome n romantic love expression!! love the scene when they trapped in the warehouse room. Both of them sleeping, warming up each othet by love flame!!! so sweet.

  2. 52
    Sherlyn nathania Says:

    Hello , your movie is absolutely brilliant !! We are very glad to see it everyday … Please promote more of your video in YouTube ! Thx so much hope you like it 😉 kham’sa mi da 😉

  3. 53
    Catherine Chan Says:

    Hai Hai, this movie drama is brillant…. No words can describe it and
    the character in the drama is absolutely fabulous. all their hard work
    in putting this drama is off the best drama I ever watch….

    To me I definately do agree coz my best friend is like the character in
    your drama and to be honest there is a person in my country who marry
    a rich man and genunine under marriage contract like your heroine in
    your drama..

    I love your drama — Fighting

    Hugs and kissess from Kuala Lumpur

  4. 54
    sosasa Says:

    how is the ending of this drama? please tell us!!!

  5. 55
    Jennie Says:

    @sosasa If you want to know the ending, read the recaps at Justdramas 😀

  6. 56
    ainpala Says:

    hi, may i know where can i dwld this drama with eng sub. TQ 🙂

  7. 57
    L. Seah Says:

    It seems that in the end HyoWon gets together with her boyfriend. This ending is nothing but too common. The script should have been written that since she is an honest and grateful person then she should stay on with the Chairman and fight for the inheritance to repay him as well as to honour her agreement. She can always get back to her boyfriend later when the Chairman frees her. The script should continue to develop thet HyoWon inherits the fund and takes over as Chairman of the group and become a strong woman and how intersting it would be when she fights against the powerful ex-wife of the Chairman and how the daughter and daughter-in-law will be punished for ill treating HW. Also the script was written in such simple ways when it came to Choi Jin Hyeok and his assistant! How powerful could these 2 young guys be to be able to check so many things including movements and financial details of people, …etc, yet the Chairman, supposed to be a very seasoned and a suspicous and powerful person, did not sense any danger, or suspect how confidential information could be leaked out, by anyone close to him, with Choi being new to the company. The script writter merely wanted to create Choi to be powerful and have many areas/parts written without sense, the director permitted that! I like it but the script is not well written. HyoWon is supposed to be a smart girl but in many scences she was made to be speechless and dumb! Jang Shin young played her part much, much better in The Chaser and I like her when she was the drummer in Kim Jeong Eun’s band. I missed their music, wonder if the band is still alive in Korea?

  8. 58
    len Says:

    James, you call that handsome? My god! He’s such a poor actor!

    Song Yoo Ha, really handsome one, tall, well featured, cool eyes!

  9. 59
    donna Says:

    so,happy end? What about youndam?

  10. 60
    idahembam Says:

    I am very interested in this drama, but I was frustrated because I could not see in korean on line … please anyone know what the name of the website that can watch the full episode .. please help me all my friends ..

  11. 61
    Esther Says:

    I just finished watched episode 81 in One Channel. It was mentioned that Hyo Won was pregnant. Is it Lee Kang Ro or Choi Jin Yuk’s baby ? I’m asking this question because I often have to skip see this movie.

    How is the ending ?

  12. 62
    Jennie Says:

    @Esther Jin Hyuk is the father of the baby. HW does not have a normal husband wife relationship with KR. Although it seems a long time, but it has only been 2/3 months since she married Kang Ro. In the end, KR dies and leaves everything to Hyo Won. Go to justdramas bride of the sun for recaps for every episode for those episodes that you miss or to find out about the ending 😀

  13. 63
    Esther Says:

    @Jennie : thank you for sharing the information. I still watch the episode 83 now. 🙂

  14. 64
    Hanee Says:

    I have seen many Korean dramas but this one is truly brilliant. HY’s character is like no other heroin before. She knows how to gave back and at just the right spot and moment. BRAVO it is a modern day intelligent cool headed amazon woman. I don’t have to wait long to see her enemies grovel. Jang shin young you fit this character like a glove GREAT JOB.

  15. 65
    illa Says:

    Hi Esther, can you give us the link for justdrama for bride of the sun. I missed many episode due my baby sick. Thanks in advance 🙂

  16. 66
    Jennie Says:

    @illia You can read the reap caps at https://justdramas.wordpress.com/recaps-index-2/
    Just click on the episode that you want 🙂

  17. 67
    urAni Says:

    I really like this drama,
    i still can remember
    the charactors such like
    Hyo Won, Jin Hyeok,
    the most importent
    Mr.Lee Kang Roo

  18. 68
    CHARLENE Says:

    Best Drama of year 2011. Really great actors and missed last episode. Would really like to see last episode.

  19. 69
    Jang Jung Says:


  20. 70
    Nidayah Says:

    can you repeat this drama again ? I’ like this drama so much .

  21. 71
    nwe lay Says:

    I like James. I enjoy happy ending

  22. 72
    yordanka ivanova Says:

    can someone please tell me where i can watch this i beg uu i realy wanna watch this drama but i cant find eng subs pleaseeeeeeeeee !!

  23. 73
    Desperate Says:

    Where can I watch this drama with Eng sub?

  24. 74
    okfiyani Says:

    BRIDE OF THE SUN, the story is very good, I like, what else players pretty cute-cute and beautiful …… wow ….. every day I pingin ngikuti continue the story.

  25. 75
    rusmuliati Says:

    gmn cra download’y???mhon bntuan buat smua’y..

  26. 76
    lusiani citra Says:

    shin jae itu penyanyi cowok, saya mau tanya yang penyanyi cewek, soalnya gapernah ada dicari, yg ada hanya zion dan shin jae.

  27. 77
    nhasayank Says:

    how i can wacth this korean drama… i click all face cant watch

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