Bride of the Century 02

Title: 백년의 신부 / Bride of the Century
Chinese Title: 百年新娘
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family, Fantasy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CSTV
Broadcast period: 2014-Feb-22 to 2014-April-12
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:00 (Ep1-6) changed to Friday & Saturday 23:00 (from ep7)


The Taeyang Corporation is the largest conglomerate in South Korea. The family that runs Taeyang has been under a curse for 100 years. The curse began when the first bride of the family’s first son died. Under this situation, a love like fairy tale occurs while conspiracies run rampant.


Main Cast

Yang Jin Sung as Na Doo Rim / Jang Yi kyung / Boon Yi
Lee Hong Ki as Choi Kang Joo
Jun Jin Seo as Kang Joo (child)

People around Na Doo Rim

Nam Jung Hee (남정희) as Park Soon Bok (Doo Rim’s grandmother)
Yang Jin Sung as Soon Bok (young)
Park Jin Joo as Oh Jin Joo (Doo Rim’s childhood friend)

Taeyang Group

Choi Il Hwa as Choi Il Do (Kang Joo’s father/CEO of Taeyang Group)
Kim Seo Ra as Kim Myung Hee (Kang Joo’s mother)
Jung Hae In as Choi Kang In (Kang Joo’s younger brother/idol singer)
Jang Ah Young as Lee Roo Mi
Kang Pil Sun as Secretary Kim

Oh Sung Construction

Sung Hyuk as Jang Yi Hyun (Yi Kyung’s older brother/operations manager of Oh Sung Construction)
Shin Eun Jung as Ma Jae Ran (Yi Kyung’s mother/CEO of Oh Sung Construction)


Kim Ah Young as Sung Joo Shin
Kim Yoo Jung (김유정) as Rian
Im Byung Ki as Butler Jang (Choi Family’s butler)
Kwon Eun Ah as Ahn Dong Daek (Butler Jang’s wife)
Park Jung Hak as shaman
Kang Tae Hwan as Secretary Kim
Heo Jin as Myung Hee’s mother / Kang Joo’s grandmother

Production Credits

Production Company: Aura Media (아우라미디어)
Chief Producer: Choi Byung Hwa
Producers: Jung Hoe Suk, Jung Hyung Seo
Director: Yoon Sang Ho
Screenwriter: Baek Young Sook

Episode Preview

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-02-22 1 0.474
2014-02-23 2 0.399
2014-03-01 3 0.764
2014-03-02 4 0.884
2014-03-08 5 0.762
2014-03-09 6 0.973
2014-03-14 7 0.611
2014-03-15 8 1.062
2014-03-21 9 1.311
2014-03-22 10 1.451
2014-03-28 11 1.123
2014-03-29 12 1.349
2014-04-04 13 0.952
2014-04-05 14 1.044
2014-04-11 15 0.942
2014-04-12 16 1.050

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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298 Responses to “Bride of the Century”

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  1. 276
    pearl cylfanie Says:

    Sorry, I think Lee Hong Ki played bad in this drama. He didn’t play natural and he’s short. I turn off my tv when I was watching episode 3.

  2. 277
    amel Says:

    i love this drama so much!
    i recommend this drama for those who haven’t watched.
    This story line is unpredictable and unique.
    I’ve watched this 2 times!
    Saranghae Kang Ju and Doo Rim!!!

  3. 278
    ADA Says:

    I usually do not leave comments but fro m my point of vie Lee Hong Ki gave an outstanding performance. ZI love the song …it is do full of feeling… We want to see him again. SOON!!!!!!

  4. 279
    gojoove Says:

    I like the story.. but lee hong ki not fit to his role in this drama.. I really like him in you’re beautiful as jeremy :D but not in this drama :( .

  5. 280
    LINI Says:

    I many many chu a this drama, i love Lee Hong Ki & Yang jin Sung. i hope they will be together like this drama :)

  6. 281
    alan wong Says:

    just finished watching this drama which is full of fresh plots and romantic & funny scenes where we should also give credit to the creative screnwriter….its really amazing to see how Yang Jin-Sung able to portray both the kind & bad characters so well that we may think for a while that there are two different person…however, i gradually begin to understand the message behind Doo-Rim / Yi-Hyun metahphor that we all have good & not-so good qualities and it is for us to decide which one we want to be…

  7. 282
    Kathy Says:

    I loved this drama. Doo-Rim becomes my beloved idol. When I watched her, I almost feel her acting and especially her figure. So Pretty! This drama is so valuable to spend my time. Because they didn’t intend to get viewer rate like story not depend on viewer rate. Most other dramas are meaningless at end of story and didn’t care viewer feeling. All crew in this drama do their best. Really brilliant actress,actors, director and writer. Thanks for all.

  8. 283
    lee hye ae Says:

    I was amazed to watch Lee hong ki and Yang jin sung play lead roles for this drama, after watching them as “extras” in dramas You’re beautiful and City hunter. They both portrayed their characters well, and they also have great chemistry. Contrary to what others said about Lee hong ki’s bad acting in this drama, I think that Choi kang ju’s character really suits him and he definitely improved in his acting and matured as an actor. He acted so well that I wish Kang ju really existed. As for Yang jin sung, she was able to handle having dual roles as Na doo rim and Jang yi kyung, which makes her suited for the role given to her. I hope that I can watch both of them in another drama soon. ♡♥♡

  9. 284
    Grace Says:

    Love this drama. Watched it twice. The male and female leads are both very good. They have chemistry. Would love to see them in another drama.

  10. 285
    tigerb Says:

    first time i’ve watched a k.drama with a leading actor in two roles. Story is different from the usual and glad there were no roundabouts to extend to more episodes. reincarnation and confessions resolved issues that bothered the current characters, so there’s closure to all concerned at the end. it’s a good watch!

  11. 286
    Hutson longjam Says:

    The best drama of the 2014, i’like it….i’dn’t mis this drama!!!

  12. 287
    aisyah Says:

    Lee Hong Ki’s baby face definitely doesn’t suit the role. I was afraid to even start to watch this drama. But he totally pull it off with his incredible acting. Yeah, maybe his face is a bit distraction to his character but then he acted so well in this drama. I never know that he is such a decent actor since the last time I watched him in You’re Beautiful, I don’t think he’s any good or maybe because his character in that is not that hard. And Yang Jin Sung! She’s a jewel! I’ve seen her before in City Hunter and Secret but maybe I couldn’t notice how good she is as she was just a mere role. She’s definitely good to the point that I can tell what character she’s playing on particular time, whether she’s Doo Rim or Yi Kyung. Woah! I’m impress! Also the plot, really really interesting and refreshing as I started to get sick with the repeating plot of Korean Drama,only with a little bit change and with a different casts. I definitely recommend this!

  13. 288
    Luna Says:

    Does someone know the creepy piano sound they always play when something fishy is going on. Anyone knows where I can find it?

  14. 289
    yuyou Says:

    omg…..why the viewer are lower…??????????why aired on CSTV to???

  15. 290
    Korean Drama Review BOTC | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Bride of the century (2014) 百年新娘 […]

  16. 291
    Linda Souw Says:

    Nice drama. I like it. I like Kang Joo and Doo Rim acting. And I like the soundtrack too. Love it. Happy ending story

  17. 292
    hibiscus Says:

    i still hv to see this bc of sung hyuk! didn’t seem to hv good ratings but who cares about that when i watch Kdramas i don’t really bother with the ratings coz it’s not always the case, like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  18. 293
    hibiscus Says:

    i started watching this now & liking it already! i’m curious of how the story will unfold since a lot of viewers on this page seem to have liked it! my other reason is to see my fave actor Sung hyuk ssi in this drama! it’s always a delight to see him since liking him in drama Jang Bo ri.

  19. 294
    AnnieMac Says:

    I just watched this drama and I can say it’s super entertaining!!! No dull moments 😄. Congrats to the team! Indeed, a job well done….

  20. 295
    hibiscus Says:

    @AnnieMac#294 me too i just started bc of Sung Hyuk, diff kinda of story & am liking this too yup like u said no dull moments :) gr8 job i agree! i’m not fin watching so i can’t wait though :)

  21. 296
    tik Says:

    very interesting drama but to me, Doo Rim was doing all the acting. there was no chemistry from Kan Joo. no feeling from Kan Joo whatsoever; no offence but that’s what i thought

  22. 297
    Ammy Says:


    Love this drama…Very interesting..
    This drama has always made me curious ^_^

  23. 298
    Mey62 Says:

    well, at first episodes I feel a lil bit dissapointed..but later on, after episode 3 and 4, the things are getting fun, because the story become good and better..
    after all, this drama is good :D beside the mystery was solved at the ends of the drama..well done (y)

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