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Bride of the Century

Bride of the Century 02

Title: 백년의 신부 / Bride of the Century
Chinese Title: 百年新娘
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family, Fantasy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CSTV
Broadcast period: 2014-Feb-22 to 2014-April-12
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:00 (Ep1-6) changed to Friday & Saturday 23:00 (from ep7)


The Taeyang Corporation is the largest conglomerate in South Korea. The family that runs Taeyang has been under a curse for 100 years. The curse began when the first bride of the family’s first son died. Under this situation, a love like fairy tale occurs while conspiracies run rampant.


Main Cast

Yang Jin Sung as Na Doo Rim / Jang Yi kyung / Boon Yi
Lee Hong Ki as Choi Kang Joo
Jun Jin Seo as Kang Joo (child)
Park Solomon as Choi Kang Joo (young)

People around Na Doo Rim

Nam Jung Hee as Park Soon Bok (Doo Rim’s grandmother)
Yang Jin Sung as Soon Bok (young)
Park Jin Joo as Oh Jin Joo (Doo Rim’s childhood friend)

Taeyang Group

Choi Il Hwa as Choi Il Do (Kang Joo’s father/CEO of Taeyang Group)
Kim Seo Ra as Kim Myung Hee (Kang Joo’s mother)
Jung Hae In as Choi Kang In (Kang Joo’s younger brother/idol singer)
Jang Ah Young as Lee Roo Mi
Kang Pil Sun as Secretary Kim

Oh Sung Construction

Sung Hyuk as Jang Yi Hyun (Yi Kyung’s older brother/operations manager of Oh Sung Construction)
Shin Eun Jung as Ma Jae Ran (Yi Kyung’s mother/CEO of Oh Sung Construction)


Kim Ah Young as Sung Joo Shin
Kim Yoo Jung (김유정) as Rian
Im Byung Ki as Butler Jang (Choi Family’s butler)
Kwon Eun Ah as Ahn Dong Daek (Butler Jang’s wife)
Park Jung Hak as shaman
Kang Tae Hwan as Secretary Kim
Heo Jin as Myung Hee’s mother / Kang Joo’s grandmother

Production Credits

Production Company: Aura Media (아우라미디어)
Chief Producer: Choi Byung Hwa
Producers: Jung Hoe Suk, Jung Hyung Seo
Director: Yoon Sang Ho
Screenwriter: Baek Young Sook

Episode Preview

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-02-22 1 0.474
2014-02-23 2 0.399
2014-03-01 3 0.764
2014-03-02 4 0.884
2014-03-08 5 0.762
2014-03-09 6 0.973
2014-03-14 7 0.611
2014-03-15 8 1.062
2014-03-21 9 1.311
2014-03-22 10 1.451
2014-03-28 11 1.123
2014-03-29 12 1.349
2014-04-04 13 0.952
2014-04-05 14 1.044
2014-04-11 15 0.942
2014-04-12 16 1.050

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Bride of the Century Poster1 Bride of the Century Poster2

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Bride of the Century 1 Bride of the Century 2 Bride of the Century 3 Bride of the Century 4 Bride of the Century 5 Bride of the Century 6

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  1. 1 : rm018 Says:

    Lee hong ki is the main lead? Waaah! 🙂 And the plot looks interesting.

  2. 2 : queens Says:

    sound intresting…

  3. 3 : risqa Says:

    wow…. lee hong ki… love him… must watch this drama!!

  4. 4 : haruhi28 Says:

    will be looking forward to this one…

  5. 5 : ance Says:

    finally Lee Hong Ki!!! can’t wait!

  6. 6 : Jazz23 Says:

    I’ll wait for this.

  7. 7 : agnesia Says:


  8. 8 : aye nyein oo Says:

    We love lee hong ki.Cannot wait anymore.hong ki fighting,,wish u to get high rate.

  9. 9 : bigeye46 Says:

    wah lee hong ki is lead actor wait and see if he is good or not

  10. 10 : IM THE ASIAN Says:

    lee hong ki is the main actor, I liked him in You’re Beautiful. CANT WAIT!

  11. 11 : kdrama fan Says:

    must watch this drama. I miss lee hong ki & his cute face 🙂

  12. 12 : vee Says:

    Is it you, hongkie??
    i dont believe that??
    you become the main lead??
    you look different, i like your style.
    you look men…

  13. 13 : Xin Xin Says:

    OMG…hongki looks great…storyline sounds interesting. Hope this will b a breakthrough for Hong ki <3

  14. 14 : anna Says:

    hongki is my bias in FT Island. really can’t wait to watch him in this drama. hope it will become a hit and make him even more popular. lee hongki fighting!!!

  15. 15 : intan Says:

    Please tell me where i can watch or download this drama ? bcz this drama is airing on pay tv . aaaaarrrgggggg Hongki is my biaaaasss

  16. 16 : Lim grg Says:

    Woo ! Yang jin-sung you are realy preety as always hope you’ve done your best in this drama as well 🙂 keep always charming smile on your face which make you more beautiful . good luck for your upcoming drama/movie . .imma your crazy loverfan :* fighting !

  17. 17 : lyta erza Says:

    to : intan

    If you have an android smartphone, try to download Dramania on playstore. Or you can watch via http://www.gooddrama.net

  18. 18 : Micc Says:

    Please tell me they put that orange shade foundation on her face for a purpose and only for a few episodes! It’s really cruel if I have to see her with that throughout the drama!

  19. 19 : Micc Says:

    The first episode looking good, move on to the second now.

  20. 20 : Micc Says:

    The second episode continues to be interesting. I can’t wait to find out about the curse. Hope this is not one of those can’t live up to the expectation type of plots.

  21. 21 : kdrama Says:

    to: micc

    where do you watch these on? i cant find it. does it have english subs too?

  22. 22 : janet Says:

    yess please share the link where I can watch with English sub…

  23. 23 : Xin Xin Says:

    cant wait to watch <3

  24. 24 : m Says:

    its sooooooo goood. lee hong ki, is fabulous. his acting!!!! OMG

  25. 25 : Maddie Says:

    Yang Jin Sung and Choi Il Hwa were both in City Hunter. Glad to see Jin Sung cast in the lead.

  26. 26 : Maddie Says:

    The writer gave our heroine the intelligence of a dog. Her dogged pursuit of the ajumma who took her money, is jeopardising her current employment. There are smarter ways to deal with that. We can excuse a dog, but surely a human being can’t be this dumb.

  27. 27 : bigeye46 Says:

    praise all of you fighting

  28. 28 : Jyenie Says:

    This drama is very interesting so far.

  29. 29 : janet Says:

    starting to love this drama..

  30. 30 : ifah Says:

    nice new drama…full of mysterious + love will show up soon…
    Daebak 2 all ! Fighting ! May Bride of the Century rating high, chincha…

  31. 31 : Micc Says:

    So not used to seeing Lee Hong Ki in black hair, so….normal. 🙂

  32. 32 : bebe Says:

    love the drama, why only 2 eps in a week? can’t wait….

  33. 33 : Anastasia Says:

    I like this drama as it is so funny and hilaroius. Actress Yang Jin Sung is so pretty and funny too. Can’t wait for ep 3…..Saturday and Sunday come faster please!

  34. 34 : Jyenie Says:

    I don’t know why I keep on thinking about this drama?! I can’t wait to watch ep 3 & 4!

  35. 35 : hunee Says:

    This drama is great, I’m soooo glad that they made the main girl out to be strong, out spoken, feisty, funny, kind hearted, humble, and she can stand on her own two feet. Not a scary looking girl. The drama seems very interesting soooo far. Keep up the good work. I’m sure shes gonna change the main guy in his ways, cuz he is sooooo uptight. Hopefully he will melt for her yayyyy!!!! fighting, fighting!!!!

  36. 36 : nurul Says:

    hongki <3

  37. 37 : tigerb Says:

    @admin: no ratings for this drama’s first two episodes?

  38. 38 : shimaa Says:

    I watched the first 2 ep and Ilove it….niccccccccccce

  39. 39 : tina10 Says:

    I am in love with this drama now!! please episodes come faster:)

  40. 40 : Logan1707 Says:

    Just watched ep 1 and 2 and I love it as this is interesting drama and also it’s funny. I like the leading actress as she is so cute and pretty. I hope ep 3 and 4 and so on would be more more interesting and hopefully the writers don’t mess up the storyline till the end. Can’t wait……bring it on!!!

  41. 41 : the true J kriss Says:

    I decided to watch this drama because of Lee Hongki, I like all the cast in You’re Beautiful esp. JGS. Then i find myself laughing its quite interesting. Can’t wait for this week’s episode. Lee Hongki fighting!

  42. 42 : Zukhra Says:

    I really love this drama I hope the dramas are come soon as possible I really love it I can’t wait for other episodes to come and thank u for the amazing drama❤❤

  43. 43 : Indra Devi Gurung Says:

    I do not know why, I have always been fan of drama where guys were arrogant and rich. This drama is kinda like that and I am loving each and every phrase. Well done script writer and off course beautiful actors.
    All the way from Australia.

  44. 44 : Anastasia Says:

    Just watched ep 3 and also ep 4 with live streaming…..woowww I love it so far especially ep 4 as it’s sooo cute between KJ and DR. I’ve never enjoyed for romantic comedy like this since until now. Good job for the writers. This drama is pretty awesome 🙂

  45. 45 : isha Says:

    where can i watch ep 3 and 4

  46. 46 : myrna Says:

    I like this drama. Where is episodes 3 and 4 ?? Oh well…

  47. 47 : Jazz2327 Says:

    it caught my interest with the story so far it’s good .i’m expecting a lot from this drama

  48. 48 : Bellatrix Says:

    Have just watched raw for ep 3 and 4….and now I’m dying to wait for the English sub for these two episodes and especially for ep 4 cause there were so many cutes and hilarious scenes between KJ and DR. I have fallen in love with this couple. The leading actress who plays Doo Rim character was so good and funny.

  49. 49 : lyta erza Says:

    ep 3 & 4 어디 ?

  50. 50 : hk fanatic Says:

    this drama doing so well,and I love it,really funny the character of Na DooRim

  51. 51 : jazz2327 Says:

    I hope this drama would have a commercial so that people will discover that there’s this good drama called bride of the century…
    this has to be discovered for this is good.

  52. 52 : Jyenie Says:

    Yeah, I am gonna watch ep 3 & 4 this evening!

  53. 53 : kez Says:

    this evening as in THIS evening? I’ve been waiting for like days for episodes 3&4, hope it’s not a disappointment. By the way its a good drama

  54. 54 : Jyenie Says:

    Anyway, I am watching it now. Enjoying every minute of it 🙂
    I also have soft spot for arrogant, egoistic, handsome and rich male lead who actually has a good heart :). I want to see if our Cinderella will have a happy ending with Prince Charming here 😉

  55. 55 : AKmama Says:

    Love this drama. It’s like a mix of My Girl and Goong. The main girl is very cute. She reminds me of Lee Do Hae in My Girl. Good chemistry between the main guy and girl. Like! 🙂

  56. 56 : Logan1707 Says:

    This drama is really freaking awesome. Just watched ep 3 and 4 with English subs….wow it’s superb, especially ep 4 it is soooo funny and cutes. OMG this Doo Rim’s character is so hilarious. Chemistry between KJ and DR was amazing. Can’t waaiittt for next episodes!

  57. 57 : kez Says:

    ooooooh! where did you guy watch it from? I still can’t get it ughhh!!!
    i liked the part where the grandma at the funeral first saw Doo-rim i couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

  58. 58 : kez Says:

    i hope they keep it this good even in the later episodes.

  59. 59 : Bellatrix Says:

    @58 Kez

    You could watch it at gooddrama or dramafever or drama.net. But I like to watch it at gooddrama.

  60. 60 : ennyl Says:

    I totally hope this gain viewers…it is really good

  61. 61 : jesissca Says:

    So amazing for 2 main actor &actress,,daebak,,love hong ki and ji sung,,fun to watch,,,

  62. 62 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes this drama is good fighting..

  63. 63 : PepperBerry Says:

    Even if not too many people know this drama, please do the subs really quickly!
    It’s a good drama, at this time my favorite!! 🙂

  64. 64 : sharl Says:

    this drama is quite interesting…

  65. 65 : kez Says:

    Well FINALLY!!!! yeah.. it was worth it, thanks guys (Bellatrix 59).
    If all ghosts were that playful……. I am now finishing ep. 4 and can’t wait for 5..eeeepp!

  66. 66 : khin Says:

    The BEST drama in a long time!!! Amazing!! <3 <3 <3 So in love with it. Can't believe Lee Hong Ki is such a versatile actor, he makes it so convincing as a rich snobbish dude. Love both of them!!

  67. 67 : kez Says:

    uhh! how long does it take for the ratings to be posted? just asking.

  68. 68 : jazz2327 Says:

    a very nice episode hope more people will patronize and discover this drama it’s really good can’t wait for the next episode

  69. 69 : janet Says:

    another cute and must watch drama…starting to love this dramaa…daebak…..cant wait the next episode

  70. 70 : karen Says:

    my friend recommend me to watch it

  71. 71 : KD Says:

    woaah i love this drama *-* ~ Hong Ki Oppa and Unni Fighting!

  72. 72 : asti Says:

    This was the first time lee hong ki drama play with a different character from the previous,
    ,I can’t wait for the next episode, and the movie cd to Indonesia………
    I like this dramaaaaa…..

  73. 73 : Amanda Says:

    Really entertaining & enjoying while watching this drama! So sweet the couple acting….! Love the story lines as well, can’t wait for ep 5… next week.. Highly recommendation!

  74. 74 : junu Says:

    i couldn’t wait foh subs so i watched raw version…ah..i really love this drama…mostly i like doo rim ,…her voice….n obviously hong ki oppa..!!

  75. 75 : junu Says:

    i like this drama so much….it’s must see drama..i couldn’t wait till it is subbed so i watched 3 n 4 ep in raw…m jus waitin foh the ep.5 n 6..dienn…to seee….waah!!

  76. 76 : [email protected] Says:


  77. 77 : Bluemoon Says:

    I wonder who the wife will be: Na Doo Rim or Jang Yi Kyung. Anyone has an idea?

  78. 78 : mummybee Says:

    sorry ah…. I’m getting lost by the ghosts in the show.

    Are there 2 ghosts – white=good ghost who is bringing hong ki and lead together and a bad ghost (black) who tells the medium to grant all wishes?

  79. 79 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Daebak soO far loll 👍😂😘 can’t wait to c what will happend to Do rim 🙈😆

  80. 80 : uyt Says:

    This drama is better than cunning single lady, the chemistry between doo rim and her fiancee was absolutely goodddd

  81. 81 : Bellatrix Says:

    Here it is the preview Ep 5:

    Just wondering who is going to play the piano in that episode….whether Do Rim or Yi Kyung??? Can’t wait for that.

  82. 82 : yass Says:

    Love love love them .. loving this drama ..

  83. 83 : Losi Lynn Says:

    I love this movie very much. I love the slow developing smooth love story being presented. I can’t wait until the next episode is uploaded for viewing.

  84. 84 : hny Jo Says:

    4 episode already, and this catch my attentions ;))

  85. 85 : kez Says:

    thanks Bellatrix…..episode 5 will be uploaded tomorrow right? I’m happy with the response p’po are giving this drama it is goooooooooood!!!!!!!!!

  86. 86 : kez Says:

    can’t the ghost help with the piano??? just saying…. hahahahahaha!

  87. 87 : bigeye46 Says:

    i cant wait watch it..watch drama and i love this drama bec so cute

  88. 88 : Melia Says:

    I like the female lead. a good drama.:)

  89. 89 : Anatasia Says:

    Just watched live ep 5….it’s great and DR is still funny but I hate the evil Roo Mi girl. Ep 6 wil be great too as I see from the preview. DR will leave and the real one YK will be back and she could not do all the things that the fake one was doing. Can’t wait for ep 6 for tomorrow.

  90. 90 : Micc Says:

    I know this is how the drama can develop, but it’s really unreasonable why Doo Rim has to endure all the nonsense from Yi Kyung’s mom. She is helping them big time so shouldn’t she have the upper hand? If she calls it quit, the Jang family is in big trouble!

  91. 91 : Micc Says:

    Question: So is the ghost helping Doo Rim or is she trying to kill her??

  92. 92 : aihara Says:

    check this link for ep 5.

  93. 93 : kez Says:

    Anatasia (89), does episode 5 have eng subs or??????
    i think Doo-rim thinks qu

  94. 94 : kez Says:

    ****quiting she will asked for all the expenses used on her grams.

  95. 95 : Anastasia Says:

    @93 Kez

    No Eng subs yet and hopefully it will be avaiable very soon. I’m dying too to get this ep to be subbed. And I’ll update again for ep 6 when it airs later today.

  96. 96 : anonim Says:

    love this drama and can’t wait for the ENG sub episode~~~

  97. 97 : Anatasia Says:

    Has done watching live streaming ep 6, DR is leaving and she’s back to her grandmother and YK has returned to her role. So sad to see DR has to leave from the house and and also her oppa YH and of course leaving KJ. And I already missed DR and KJ interaction. I hope next episode there will be more DR + KJ scenes again. Now I need both episode 5 and 6 to be subbed ASAP 🙁

  98. 98 : kez Says:

    Anastasia, oh my! I am still struggling with ep. 5 I am watching from dailymotion and it is A.M.A.I.Z.N.G., I’ll be back after I’m done……….

  99. 99 : kez Says:

    well, well, well…… i can’t stop smiling, can you imagine their faces after she’s done with the piano hahaahahhahhaaaheheh!!!!!! a sight to see. anyways it was very enjoyable. can’t wait for ep. 6……FIGHTING!

  100. 100 : Micc Says:

    Wow! Although in episode 6 Kang Joo and Doo Rim have limited interaction, but the story is progressing, fast! Can’t wait for next episode! Wanna find out what that curse is all about!

  101. 101 : Jyenie Says:

    This drama is very good in story telling, it has kept my interest going. How are DR and KJ going to avoid the curse?

  102. 102 : hny Jo Says:

    the ghost women who move the signboard….soo funny ghost ;))
    interesting story !!

  103. 103 : Logan1707 Says:

    How come there is no English subs yet for Ep 5 and 6…..owh man this is killing meeeeeeee. Please I am dying to wait it….lol….it likes been forever!!!

  104. 104 : Jazz23 Says:

    I hope for this drama to be discovered by more people in korea as it really is one of the best drama ever it’s funny and full of romance i hope the rating will be much higher next time

  105. 105 : rain Says:

    I love this drama ^^~

  106. 106 : juliana Says:

    Love this drama very much!!! I m looking forward to next episodes kyaaaaaaaa

  107. 107 : Jyenie Says:

    OMG, ep 6 is so good! It pulls my heart string all the way! This is the kind of drama that you can watch nonstop when you have the complete series 🙂 And Lee Hong Ki is so cute 😉

  108. 108 : anna Says:

    where can i watch ep 5 and 6

  109. 109 : hunee Says:

    I love the ghost, she is funny always helping out the main girl. I love when she rescued her from the ocean. Oh yesss the main guy he is melting by her charm yayyyyy. Their confrontation is hilarious, pleezzz more of that.

  110. 110 : Logan1707 Says:

    Finally….English subs for 5 and 6 are ready. You could watch it at drama.net or gooddrama. Happy watching everyone 🙂

  111. 111 : Jazz23 Says:

    oh my thank to this link http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/bride-of-the-century I’ve watched the episode 5&6 in English sub it’s really getting better can’t wait to see the next episode ..I hope that the rating would increase as the story is definitely good

  112. 112 : hny Jo Says:

    it’s seem the ghost so close to Kang Joo since he was a kid and the ghost already choose Do Rim for Kang Joo, but it’s seem still not make the curse gone/not work…
    I see in next eps preview Kang Joo ask Roo Mi to marry him and he want broke up with Ji Kyung, hmmmm but all ppl n 2 girls already knew the story about the curse except Do rim n Yi Hyun oppa.
    so I think this is a game between the ghost (who support Kang jo n Do Rim ‘LOVE’ ) against Ji Kyung n her Mom ..and also VS Kang Joo Omonii n Roo Mi…,the ghost.. fighting !!! ;))

  113. 113 : hamideh Says:

    i really love this darma. its progress is very good and i like its funny scenes between kang joo and doo rim. at first i decided to watch it bcs of lee hong ki but i found doo rim character very funny and appealing. so the bride of the century staff, fighting!

  114. 114 : sharl Says:

    I like this drama quite interesting and funny to watch… looking forward for more twist in the story… I like both the leading actress and actor…

  115. 115 : Trela Says:

    If you watch on “dramacool” there is no ads. (except the ones inside the brodcasted episode, but you can fast forward on those- but they’re K so their fun to watch)


  116. 116 : Micc Says:

    The broadcast days have changed to Fri and Sat instead of Sat and Sun. I have no complaints but wonder why. Is it head on with Emergency Couple or not?

  117. 117 : fr chan Says:

    very like this drama.. im fans hongki so much.. but in this drama i prefer choose oppa yi hyun’s personality …

  118. 118 : Logan1707 Says:

    @116 Miss

    Yes I have read too at other website and said that they changed the runtime to be Fridays and Saturdays and it will be changed starting this Friday, March 14th. They have to change it due to insistend public demand as this drama is getting a lot more more veiwer these days then these viewer have been requesting to change the runtime.

    I’m so happy this drana is getting more popularity cause this drama is really freaking awesome 🙂

  119. 119 : Bellatrix Says:

    To Micc (116) and Logan1707 (118)

    Thanks for the information about their changing their runtime. I’m so glad this drama is getting more viewer and popularity around these days. I am so much enjoyed watching this drama and this is the drama that I always can’t wait for next episodes.

  120. 120 : Jyenie Says:

    Wow, the rating is very high and they definitely deserve it!

  121. 121 : marisa buyo Says:

    i like the drama bride of the century so much. i don’t know why its not popular in korea. anyways its popular everywhere else. i hope the ratings would go up as it deserves a higher rating than what its getting so far. the main casts are good on their acting, everyone is good except roo mi, whats with her eyes does she need to do that? its very distracting.. everything is good.

  122. 122 : Tira Says:

    Awesome drama! Scary and very interesting. Awesome writer. Love to watch KJ and DR where love sparkle!

    Awesome K drama!………….

  123. 123 : Phoo Myat Says:

    I love this drama a lot!♥
    I watch 4 episodes from youtube. I’m still waiting for the rest.
    This drama’s storyline is very interesting.
    I hope KJ find out the truth and marry DR instead of YK.
    And I wish their love would be very strong that could break the curse and win the ghost.

  124. 124 : [email protected] Says:

    I like this drama, it’s not low rating. Read the note above guys “Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating”

  125. 125 : kez Says:

    okay this may sound weird but, why is it so sad seeing Yi Hyun oppa with Doo-rim…………. anyway it will be hard to get out of it in the future. I like what they are doing with the drama and the storyline, there’s so much to keep the show running. good luck guys see ya on Friday 2300hrs, can’t wait.

  126. 126 : kez Says:

    by the way I really miss Kang Ju’s grandma, she sooooooo……..hahahahahahhahahaha!

  127. 127 : Birddybuddy Says:

    OMOoooooooö I just in love this drama 👍👍😘😘😘 ü have no idea what going to happen next 😂 so unpredictable 🙈💑

  128. 128 : jesissca Says:

    Love this drama,,,can’t wait for friday to see the drama,,,interesting,,,

  129. 129 : FuzWuz Says:

    Yes….. this drama is So CooL !!! Could not stop laughing…………
    So happy that it is showing earlier this week…. cannot wait.
    A brilliant run…. first it was Master’s Sun then Man from the Stars now this……awesome !!!

  130. 130 : FuzWuz Says:

    YEs… the Grannies in this movie are so fun.
    They are so cute and loveable. : )
    It is so refreshing to see Cool Grannies.

  131. 131 : dramacrazy Says:

    finnaly…. after you who came from the star.. this is one of the great drama, so interesting story line … fighting.. !!!!!

  132. 132 : Jazz23 Says:

    OMO this is definitely getting better ,can’t wait for the next episode I hope it’s rating will get higher soon

  133. 133 : the true J kriss Says:

    Love this drama! Love it when Kang Joo starts being obvious about falling in love with Doo Rim & in episode 6 which gets me more excited he finally admits it to himself. 🙂 Love it when the male lead start being protective of his love excited for the coming ep.

  134. 134 : uzumaki Says:

    I love this drama. Aaahh this drama make me crazy. I cant wait.

  135. 135 : soel Says:

    omo,i guess the change in the airing time means we get it subbed earlier..am soo happy!.this is a beautiful drama.i have always loved marriage of coveniences that turn out into something beautiful.have watched it soo many times.,love the development so far.great!

  136. 136 : soel Says:

    doo rim is ma favorite here..she is damn cute and quite the type to make every man fall for her.no wonder kang joo did.their chemistry reminds me of that of my love from the stars.perfect!.

  137. 137 : Wendy Says:

    I love this drama, kang joo and doo rim is my favorite, this drama make me crazy. I cant wait.

  138. 138 : Logan1707 Says:

    I’m sooo excited for new episodes for this Fri and Sat at 11 pm KST. This is gonna be awesome as I heard that Lee Hong Ki himself will be singing OST for this drama. And also hopefully KJ and DR will be together again. Can’t wait!!!

  139. 139 : zhian Says:

    Yang jin Sung, Such a Great actress. She DID great job in two character.
    I like how Doorim Always refuse to Kiss KKKKKKK

  140. 140 : Marianne Says:

    Wow finally found a new entertaining drama after Man from
    the Star. I can cope up with my withdrawal now. I love the female lead here. She is so good!

  141. 141 : Alyssa Says:

    I ♥ this drama so much that I can’t wait to watch the rest of the episodes. I don’t live in Korea, so I have to watch it online. I really hope this drama will be shown worldwide so that I can also watch it without paying extra charges for internet. Anyway, I LOVE THIS DRAMA VERYYYYYY MUCH. I’m dying to know what will happen in the end and if the curse break. So, please upload it on youtube or some website and give me the link, please……….

  142. 142 : Alyssa Says:

    I really hope KJ and DR will be together again………..
    And I really love KJ grandma. She is so hilarious! ^_^

  143. 143 : Alyssa Says:

    I’m dying to watch the rest of the episodes

  144. 144 : khin Says:

    WHERE do I watch it live tonight?!?!?!?!

  145. 145 : kez Says:

    Frrrrrrrriday, came along, at last….. and whoa is time really moving or what???? Someone tell me when it starts.

  146. 146 : Anatasia Says:

    Gosh….has just watched live streaming ep 7 and it’s kind of sad episode for me. DR was back and gone to see KJ but sadly KJ was breaking up the engagement, then DR was drunk and she was so hilarious when she was being drunk. Finally I heard new OST by Hong Ki (KJ) and it was a beautiful song. Ok then I will watch live streaming again tomorrow for ep 8 and will update it again later.

  147. 147 : Micc Says:

    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop!!!

  148. 148 : hny Jo Says:

    hehehe…yup the place for DR open an restaurant is same place of Flower boy ramyun shop…it’s a memorable place :))

    ep.7-dunno what KJ father told to DR but i guess that’s make DR more willing to have relationship with KJ…hmmmm can’t wait for the eng sub

  149. 149 : ameera Says:

    very nice…congrats to both of you and to the rest of the crew…
    guys who among you had watch the episode 7?please give me the link…
    thanks….hope to have a respond on you guys…

  150. 150 : kez Says:

    thanks everyone

  151. 151 : jesissca Says:

    You can visit the link http://www.dramacool.com,,but there’s no subtitle..or in http://www.koreandrama.com
    The drama make me crazy,,love the casts..

  152. 152 : Micc Says:

    So many confessions in episode 8! Pretty sad…

  153. 153 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh dear, I am desperate for coming episodes! What a nice drama!

  154. 154 : kez Says:

    eh!ehm!! why if I may ask is the rating 0.6 in episode 7???????

  155. 155 : anna Says:

    in episode 7 the rating is low due to many people not aware of the time and date changes. in episode 8 the rating increased to 1.062% and hopefully the rating will keep on increasing as this is such a good drama.

  156. 156 : ka Says:

    Where can I watch eng sub

  157. 157 : Jazz23 Says:

    wow I’m glad to see the rating @1.062% hope that people get to notice & discover bride of the century as the story is defenitley good

  158. 158 : Logan1707 Says:

    oh gosh….still no Eng subs yet!!!! Now the wait is getting more longer and it’s killing me…..lol. Dear subber please please do this subs for us….especially for Dramafever as they have the rights for this drama.

  159. 159 : fernleaf Says:

    I like the story and the efforts of the cast…man’s heart are not made of metal and hope love will prevail….
    HongJi, Aza Aza!!!

  160. 160 : Aga Says:

    i always check Gooddrama whether got sub for this eps 7& 8 and patiently waiting.
    i am disappointed with Viki.
    i hope Kang Joo protect and loves Doo Rim.

  161. 161 : rhoda Says:

    Kindly upload in dramafire with eng sub pls..pls.. Tnx.

  162. 162 : cielle #13 Says:

    when is the english sub?plssss. pls…. make an english sub soon:( :3
    its a little irritating to watch raw video without understanding any word they’re saying.But its good thing that there are episode 7 & 8 in GoodDrama 🙂 even though they are RAW but helpful to those who are eager to watch this korean drama 🙂

  163. 163 : Logan1707 Says:

    Finally…..Eng subs ep 7 was out and I believe ep 8 will be out soon too later today. Pls check it at your favourite website to watch these. Happy watching guys 🙂

  164. 164 : Kaylie Says:

    Think after this show, Yang Jin Sung will be famous
    She is doing real good in this show!
    Currently my fav drama!! due to DOO Rim! and yi kyung!

  165. 165 : ching Says:

    please watch it a good drama and good actor and actresses just watch at dramago

  166. 166 : hny Jo Says:

    ep.8- really sad feeling …this puzzle makes me corious.. Icant wait next episode..

  167. 167 : Jazz23 Says:

    another nice episode I just couldn’t wait for the next one

  168. 168 : Kaylie Says:

    omo! the ending part of esp 8!
    When Doo Rim shoted “Bo go shi po so” while kang ju was leaving then suddenly the sound track also immediately plays! cried so hard T.T
    aww Kang ju miss her too!
    Sad esp 8…

  169. 169 : sue Says:

    May i know… why the rating is so low?..This drama is so damn good… something different…

  170. 170 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up and wonderful drama i seen it..fighting..smile

  171. 171 : kez Says:

    English subs are for episode 8 are out I’m from watching it…..

  172. 172 : kez Says:

    It is sooooooo nice as the man said “the energy is good” uuh uhh!
    Ok, so Kang Ju is the chosen one to break that curse what a turn. I felt a little sorry for Ji Hyun oppa when he said “I will wait for you out there”
    8 more episodes what will happen???????????

  173. 173 : kez Says:

    episode 9 and 10 we are waiting for you…….. see you at the end of this week. ohhhh I can’t wait, eishhhh!

  174. 174 : dramacrazy Says:

    huuaaaaa so saadd… eps 8 makes me heartbreaking …. can wait for the next eps. i hope that tomorrow is friday …. 🙁 but thanks for the preview… i can imagine whats next in eps 9

  175. 175 : dramacrazy Says:

    Goooooooooodddddddddd Drama Loooovveeeeeeeee it veryyyy muchhhhhhh…. BOTC sarangheo….

  176. 176 : kez Says:

    guys the OST is developing into something nnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccceeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  177. 177 : bogosipo Says:

    just wanna confirmation, did anyone know how many episode of this drama.? hopefully 20 ep. yang jin sung truly talented actress . she acting is freaking brilliant!

  178. 178 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @ Micc, hny Jo and Rory. Ahjamma is back!!

    Tapped out after YWCFTS, but I am enjoying the heck out of TBOTC. A really interesting, intriguing, funny, romantic drama. And ladies, when KJ said he had to ” protect the owner of his heart”, I almost swooned. Lawdy Ms. Clawdy! That line really rocked my boat!! Somebody bring me a fan pleaaaaaseeee! 🙂 Can’t wait for Friday. Happy viewing all.

  179. 179 : ms Tee Says:

    Anybody can tell me the piano piece they keep playing in this drama?

  180. 180 : bigeye46 Says:

    i think of want vote this drama but i wait for end of drama then i can vote it bec it make me touching story and sad..

  181. 181 : Charmaine Says:

    I am loving this drama, I think there will be a nice twist, the mother and daughter plot and scheme against the fake Yi kyung aka Na Doo Rim, little do they know, and this is my guess that the bracelet that the ghost woman on the beach gave her will protect her from harm and the curse when she marries the heir because I feel its true love between them, where all the marriages from the past generations was for business that was the difference, I think also the moment Na Doo Rim marries Choi Kang Joo the curse will be broken, theres a reason why Kang Joo and Na doo Rim are the only ones that can see the ghost woman, and I’m curious to know how Doo Rim and Yi Kyung don’t know they are twin sisters how were they separated when they were young, definately can’t wait for the plot to unfold…..omo omo

  182. 182 : rain Says:

    Love so much this drama and can’t wait to watch next episode ^^~

  183. 183 : xdw Says:

    Love the drama…however do think it is odd that Kang Joo could not recongize the difference between Doo Rim and Yi Kyung

  184. 184 : Logan1707 Says:

    Yay…it’s Friday time for new episodes of BotC and will try to see with live streaming tonight and update you guys later afterward. Can’t wait ep 9 and 10 for tomorrow 🙂

  185. 185 : Drama_fan Says:

    Just started watching it! Nice drama..!! The main lead actress is amazing!! her character and her acting s so awesome!! She nailed it! And I didn’t though jeramy from you are beautiful could be so handsome like this!!! Nice drama!! Looking forward to watch the coming episodes!! 🙂

  186. 186 : dramacrazy Says:

    yeayyy its friday… can’t hardly wait for the next eps…

  187. 187 : noniiii20 Says:

    I love every minute of this Drama <3 I wonder why it got so low rating 🙁

  188. 188 : Yoonpwintphyu Says:

    Can u stop writing kissing sense! I can’t feel it!! Drama can make without kissing! But why?????? Ohhh I love Hongki’s Drama but Hate kissing sense!!!!I can die

  189. 189 : botc_fan Says:

    can’t wait till ep 9. can someone tell me where I can watch ep 9 online?

  190. 190 : Jyenie Says:

    Just watched ep 9, so nice.

  191. 191 : soel Says:

    me too me too!..i loved it though i couldnt understand.kang ju and doo rim are just perfect together.its the only drama i dont mind watching the raw first.i think from the preview,there is a wedding in ep 10.i hope she is safe bcos she met the ghost in ep 9.i looove this drama..aigoo!

  192. 192 : Jyenie Says:

    We never get enough of romance, right? :). I think there is no curse at all, it has been those jealous and evil second wives and their family members who killed the first wives. From the ep10 preview, Yi Kyung’s mother is plotting to get Do Rim killed 🙁

  193. 193 : hny Jo Says:

    hello everybody…
    watch ep 9
    is so romantic ,but the story make me more curious.
    who is the ghost lady?and how she die? why she get mad after Do rim wear the necklace?!

    and the death of Kang Joo father’s first wife, is it truly KJ’s grandmother crime or b’coz that ghost made that way.. !!

    coz I think the family member start to plotting the death of first wife only seen in KJ’s father life. (maybe not revealed yet ) and next episode Yi Kung Oma also want plotting Do rim deaths but also coz that’s ghost lady too….ohhh confuse ;))
    so .. I think the curse is exist but doesn’t mean can not be broken, in this time it’s depend of KJ reactions and decision! I guess ….hehhhehehe 🙂

    just want make myself calm down watch this!!…can’t wait next eps and the eng sub plzzzz..fighting lee hong ki, I like ur voice…Gnight ;))

  194. 194 : Anastasia Says:

    Just watched ep 10 by live streaming, it’s another great episode. Finally there is a wedding for KJ and DR and followed some scenes of honeymoon, it’s cute and also hilarious. This drama is really really good and freaking awesome for me. It is really entertaining. Preview for next week will be revealing for KJ between DR and YK, he will know DR and YK. It is pretty excited…..now I have to wait a week to see this drama again….bummer 🙁

  195. 195 : ABC90 Says:


  196. 196 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh dear, I need to wait another one week! It’s so unbelievably interesting and dramatic!
    I think the ghost has chosen Do Rim because she is related to the bride who left her shoe behind before she fell down from the cliff. Clue: Do Rim’s grandma was hugging a hanbok shoes after she woke up from a nightmare about the bride being chased by the ghost .
    From preview 11, Roo Mi tries to arouse Kang Joo’s suspicion by asking him why he is the only one wearing the wedding ring, has he accidentally put it on another woman ‘s finger ?
    Will Kang Joo feel betrayed when he finds out about DR? Will he forgive her?

  197. 197 : Chantelle Says:

    I really enjoy watching this Drama. But the sub for this movie is not fast enough. It killing

  198. 198 : elle Says:

    aside from these site can u provide me another site where i can watch these drama.Im using iphone 5 on watching.Thanks and regards in advance.

  199. 199 : soel Says:

    they did have a honeymoon too,was so glad.
    thanks for giving me a gist about the preview bcos i couldnt undastand.am sure he will forgive her because i recently saw some pics where he went to doo rim’s resturant and they were kissing.feel betrayed,yes.am sure from the beginning but she is the best thing he ever had so he will let go.i gues one thing attracting me to this drama is its fast pace.everything happens like it should and fast too,not the usual kdrama line.the actors are refreshing too aigoo.

  200. 200 : cross Says:

    ill definitely vote this drama as the best this year!

  201. 201 : rhoda Says:

    Pls upload in dramafire.com tnx

  202. 202 : laa Says:

    i’m glad and sad .. this drma has confirmed it episode … only 16..

  203. 203 : laa Says:

    i’m glad and sad .. this drma has confirmed it episode … only 16..v

  204. 204 : Logan1707 Says:

    @202 Laa

    Yes it’s confirmed only 16 eps….it is sad sad indeed for me, I wish they had 20 eps or more. It is amazing drama. I wish also English subs for ep 9 & 10 are coming out very soon today rahter than have to wait until tomorrow…oh well 🙁

  205. 205 : hny Jo Says:

    Oooo finally the curse is over….now evil life is waiting for Do rim.
    me too want more episode for this drama.

  206. 206 : Jyenie Says:

    @hny jo
    It has proved that humans are scarier than ghosts.

    Oh no, only 16 episodes? I want more…Well, short and sweet 🙂

  207. 207 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes so sweet and touch story lol

  208. 208 : Yoona Says:

    the entire planet is waiting for eps 9 & 10, pls do upload with sub…

  209. 209 : janet Says:

    oleh please… why does it take too long to upload episode 9 and 10..though the online schedule already changed to Friday and Saturday…. hufff

  210. 210 : Logan1707 Says:

    Guys…..eps 9 and 10 with Eng subs finally are out, please check it at your favourite website to watch it…..enjoy 🙂

  211. 211 : khin Says:

    my favorite drama!! <3 of all time

  212. 212 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Altho its been said , many times many ways, I was really disappointed with the beginning of ep. 9. They have now plunged this wonderful drama into mediocrity. Are they kidding me?? Do Rim wants to marry KJ, if its only for 1 day? Then in the next breath states she can’t live w/o him? What’s the friggin point of being married for 1 day? The 1st quarter of this ep was just too ridiculous & contrived to be believed. Do the writers think we are imbeciles to find the back hug and “I love you” to be romantic? (its not!!!) Esp. when its attached to a ridiculous plot line. The story did improve a little toward the end, but some of the magic, impetus, & chemistry between the main leads was lost due to the wretched opening scenes. I sure hope ep 10 is better than 9. Bring back the magic!!!!

  213. 213 : billy Says:

    im back! just done watching the King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang! Well, i wouldnt have bothered letting my presence felt since Im too busy as it is with other things…but, I totally agree with Ahjamma2012 (212)…such a promising drama travelled downhill in ep 9! It has gone draggy and became boring…why? writer, do get this drama back on track! right ooo… bring back the magic in ep 10!

  214. 214 : lovejdg Says:

    Great drama..worth to watch. love the couple.. they’re so cute together

  215. 215 : hny Jo Says:


    yeaahh u absolutely rite, human oh human…why they become more scarier than ghosts?…..# it’s all about Money…dam dam ;))

  216. 216 : hueminh Says:

    oh… Lee hong ki: baby face but manly voice. So Good film!

  217. 217 : bigeye46 Says:

    lee hong ki must be angry w na doo rim and jang yi kyung bec they hide w id..and roo mi told him maybe and i dun know the rest..side

  218. 218 : muiezsoul Says:

    omo this drama is so daebakkk!!really love it can’t wait to see the next episode until the end…but why it’s just 16,it will more great if have an addition episode..however, its okay hongki oppa was do the best in this drama..fighting oppa!!

  219. 219 : Fullheart Says:

    Loving this drama. Was putting off watching but started anyway and am glad I did. The lead is doing a wonderful job. At first I had to double check to see if she was playing both parts, the acting was so well done. Enjoying Hong ki as well. Not enough kissing for me though, what’s a romance without a little contact. Doing a great job as we watch them fall in love slowly.

  220. 220 : Fullheart Says:

    Last note………..the reason I jumped in to watch this was because episode nine was intriguing, back hug and all.

  221. 221 : Niela Sandy Says:

    love so much this drama …
    Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung ..daebak….
    can’t wait eps 11 and 12 ….

  222. 222 : Jyenie Says:

    End of ep 11, ” Who are you?!” KJ asks Li Kyung. Even the preview of ep 12 makes my heart wrenched. This drama is so darn nice:)

  223. 223 : maknaee Says:

    I’m still at eps 5 now, KJ’s mom and Roo-mi disgusts me -_- bleh
    Na Doo-rim fightinggg! I’m sure KJ will fall over your heels ‘-‘9
    and.. Yi-hyun oppa, cute hahahaha

  224. 224 : airin Says:

    I want 2 see the ending. And i hope happy ending. I lov u

  225. 225 : dramacrazy Says:

    eps 11 n 12 pleeeeaasssseeeeeeeee why it took so long to upload??? 🙁

  226. 226 : Logan1707 Says:

    Eps 11 and 12 with English subs are already out now….enjoy guys 🙂
    4 more episodes to go!

  227. 227 : rm018 Says:

    Is this worth to watch? I’m looking for a new drama to watch. Thanks!

  228. 228 : maknaee Says:

    @rm018 depends on your tastes, dear. so far this drama is okay for me. how about trying the first two episodes?
    btw, have you watch God’s Gift – 14days? highly recomended~

  229. 229 : janet Says:

    for me this drama is great you should watch it rm018

  230. 230 : gomawoyo Says:

    WTF! She and him were like all sincere with their declarations of love. In the sight of God (church) did all that vow stuff officiating their commitment to one another. Consummated even. I thought wow these two are serious (in the drama sense).

    Then whoa! Flick the switch! Pickled her omani! Overnight practically! The whole love thing is shunted out the window.

    Yea, yea, a little residual emotion, but on the whole it was: “What a whopper, thank you oppa!”. And just like that she’s fallen out of love with one guy and in love with another guy.

    Totally undermined my faith in anything this character will ever say and do from here on. Yea, yea I know she’s supposed to be faking it. But just wasn’t realistic faking.

    Way to ruin a promising drama writer-neem. (Note to self: avoid watching future dramas by this writer)

  231. 231 : lani_87 Says:

    I like the chemistry on this drama Lee hong ki I me fighting

  232. 232 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice and wonderful drama

  233. 233 : laa Says:

    rm018..worth its so expensive , valuelable and limited edition drma haha …..NDR and CKJ cheers.. i’m gonna miss them so so so much

  234. 234 : Ji Anh Lee Says:

    I so love this drama!

  235. 235 : janet Says:

    I really enjoy this drama… there’s nothing bothering me… fightiiinggg

  236. 236 : Nudge Says:

    Jin Sung’s cute.

  237. 237 : Jyenie Says:

    No wonder the storyline of this drama is so fresh and different from most of the KD, the original writer is Japanese. So desu ne.

  238. 238 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 13-14

    waWWW, Daebak… the story so intens..I like it,curious always for next eps!! bravo BOTC ;))

  239. 239 : Alyssa Says:

    I really want to watch ep 11 and ep 12. Please, tell me the website where I can watch.

  240. 240 : laa Says:


  241. 241 : Lysha Says:

    It’s like a new cinderella story…very fresh and amazing. I love it…
    2 episode to go. ^_^

  242. 242 : Nina Says:

    Unexpectedly good. It should be aired on SBS, I am sure that way ratings would be much higher than on Pay-TV channel

  243. 243 : bigeye46 Says:

    wow nice and i think i can my vote this drama after complete next week last ep..11 and 12 and very wonderful drama

  244. 244 : Carmen Says:

    This drama is really really good…I love those 2…

  245. 245 : redsea.gp Says:

    The story was great. It’s just i’m a little confuse when i saw Na Doo Rim, who can fight, a great fighter… But she look helpless when they try to kidnap her. Or when mrs. Ma come to her after found Jang Yi Kyung passed out (end of epi. 14)

  246. 246 : rm018 Says:

    Thank you for the comments. I’m gonna watch this 🙂

  247. 247 : emerald Says:

    deabak!!! so sad it has to end next week…

  248. 248 : rain Says:

    I really enjoy wacth this drama O.o
    Love so Much ^^~

  249. 249 : umaambon Says:

    In response to “gomawoyo” (#230)

    You’re too funny! What drama are you watching?! It certainly ISN’T Bride of the Century!

  250. 250 : Micc Says:

    Nice ending. Nothing too exciting but peaceful.

  251. 251 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Well, have really liked this drama, except I am at the mercy of Drama Fever who takes an immeasurably long time to sub dramas. I really really would like to watch episode 15 and 16, but I have to wait until its subbed. Sigh, Sigh.

  252. 252 : soel Says:

    all is well that ends well…i looooved every episode of this drama and the ending is great.never a boring moment.one of the best!!..

  253. 253 : dramacrazy Says:

    nice ending but no kiss scene in the ending 🙁 so disappointed

  254. 254 : Carmen Says:

    Good Ending…for Korean drama finally!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. 255 : Dy K Says:

    At first, i just random picked this series for my watching list and then…
    DAEBAK!! hooked from the first episode to last. Well written scenario, applause for the writer. Thumbs up 4 YJS-ssi who succeed played 2 role here and for bulit the perfect chemistry with LHK. Can’t help with Kang Ju sneering smile *AWWRRR
    Note : Recomended for who looks for short n fresh drama (like me). Funny,Romance n Fantasy genre.

  256. 256 : lute Says:

    neomu neomu really really love this drama.. every single episode, every single scene, every single movement of the cast…. RECOMMENDED… complicated story but not bored at all… LOVE BRIDE OF THE CENTURY.. LOVE LEE HONG KI… LOVE YANG JIN SUNG…

  257. 257 : bigeye46 Says:

    so sad..i want vote this drama but nice wonderful story..clap clap all of pd and senior write screen people

  258. 258 : Deborah Says:


  259. 259 : shine Says:

    the lead actress has a resemblance with drew barrymore and the lead actor with jang hyuk… this drama is great.. ilove it!
    also highly recommended is Emergency Couple..:-)

  260. 260 : Dhana Says:

    Love it. No boring episode. Like it very much. From india.

  261. 261 : mona Says:

    just started to watch this drama without knowing anything about this drama and i’m glad to see the comments…..

  262. 262 : mona Says:

    omo!! last night i don’t wanna stop watching this drama but i have things to do this morning, it felt so hard to turn off my dvd player :p

  263. 263 : Jhevzluv Says:

    Well.,if i rate this story ..it is just fare..for the writer itself..the story is a little bit wierd/awful.,i love hongki so much,but i don’t think this drama fit for him.,the actors/actress are all good but the “story itself” make worst.,it’s not even be called a fantasy romance drama,the story of being a subtitute,and falling inlove to a chaebol .,sacrificing for love.,there’s no spark shown at all.,im sorry but this is all i thought after watching this drama.i hope in the near future my man,lee hongki can get a very good and lovely that will mark to the peoples heart.!

  264. 264 : Blue Saint Kpop | K-drama | BSK Says:

    […] torn between marrying the one he loves, or living in daily despair and pain without her. Click here for character […]

  265. 265 : gliceria ichiba Says:

    LOVE is upredictable, It comes when you feel it with the right person. I love watching this drama many times. It keeps me feel loved & laugh with the scenes portrayed by the lead stars. Amazing story, good job.

  266. 266 : diane Says:

    nice drama….different storyline…satisfied with this one. daebak!!

  267. 267 : willie Says:

    great drama, can’t stop watching it till last episode, love it,

  268. 268 : Moi Says:

    I really enjoy this drama very much. It is one of the best drama i’ve watched in past few years. But i pity some drama fans here may not understand the concept of reincarnation, and may find the story is ridiculous, so they’re lost in the storyline and having hard time following the drama. this drama is a big hit in china cos they understand and can relate to the storyline.
    I recommend ppl to watch this drama with open mind.

  269. 269 : Oh Seung Hee Says:

    Best thing in this drama is….. Happy Ending
    But in my opinion, this drama have very little romantic scene,
    Hong ki and doo rim just have a little bit chemistry, that makes this drama lil bit disappointed, they didnt act like very2 loving each other, never watch ep 15 coz very disappointed they separated for no reason, why the writer arrange that? Better if they keeping together until the end.

    In my opinion : this drama have score 60
    Not very bad to watch. 🙂 but not very interesting to watch too…

  270. 270 : Nina Says:

    No kiss in the end.. so disappointed.. 🙁

  271. 271 : lidia_kawachi Says:

    I love how this drama packed greatly in 16 episodes. Each episodes is interesting and well served. I love the story line and the idea of this drama.
    Last, I feel surprised by the good acting of Lee Hong Ki in this drama. He is so charming in this character.

  272. 272 : shakya Says:

    One of the nicest dramas I’ve watched till now and on top of that this drama, unlike many other korean dramas, had a good ending too!
    can anyone suggest me other korean dramas with a good flow of story with nice ending not the confusing ones.

  273. 273 : shakya Says:

    Good drama with a nice ending.
    Can anyone suggest me other such k~dramas?

  274. 274 : cuity17 Says:

    just wacth this drama today, and I can’t stop it.. 😀 each epsd. Packed well n interesting… Still in eps.10…

  275. 275 : cuity17 Says:

    Wooowww, satisfied with the ending… Good, light n interesting drama…different story, worth watching guys..!!

  276. 276 : pearl cylfanie Says:

    Sorry, I think Lee Hong Ki played bad in this drama. He didn’t play natural and he’s short. I turn off my tv when I was watching episode 3.

  277. 277 : amel Says:

    i love this drama so much!
    i recommend this drama for those who haven’t watched.
    This story line is unpredictable and unique.
    I’ve watched this 2 times!
    Saranghae Kang Ju and Doo Rim!!!

  278. 278 : ADA Says:

    I usually do not leave comments but fro m my point of vie Lee Hong Ki gave an outstanding performance. ZI love the song …it is do full of feeling… We want to see him again. SOON!!!!!!

  279. 279 : gojoove Says:

    I like the story.. but lee hong ki not fit to his role in this drama.. I really like him in you’re beautiful as jeremy 😀 but not in this drama 🙁 .

  280. 280 : LINI Says:

    I many many chu a this drama, i love Lee Hong Ki & Yang jin Sung. i hope they will be together like this drama 🙂

  281. 281 : alan wong Says:

    just finished watching this drama which is full of fresh plots and romantic & funny scenes where we should also give credit to the creative screnwriter….its really amazing to see how Yang Jin-Sung able to portray both the kind & bad characters so well that we may think for a while that there are two different person…however, i gradually begin to understand the message behind Doo-Rim / Yi-Hyun metahphor that we all have good & not-so good qualities and it is for us to decide which one we want to be…

  282. 282 : Kathy Says:

    I loved this drama. Doo-Rim becomes my beloved idol. When I watched her, I almost feel her acting and especially her figure. So Pretty! This drama is so valuable to spend my time. Because they didn’t intend to get viewer rate like story not depend on viewer rate. Most other dramas are meaningless at end of story and didn’t care viewer feeling. All crew in this drama do their best. Really brilliant actress,actors, director and writer. Thanks for all.

  283. 283 : lee hye ae Says:

    I was amazed to watch Lee hong ki and Yang jin sung play lead roles for this drama, after watching them as “extras” in dramas You’re beautiful and City hunter. They both portrayed their characters well, and they also have great chemistry. Contrary to what others said about Lee hong ki’s bad acting in this drama, I think that Choi kang ju’s character really suits him and he definitely improved in his acting and matured as an actor. He acted so well that I wish Kang ju really existed. As for Yang jin sung, she was able to handle having dual roles as Na doo rim and Jang yi kyung, which makes her suited for the role given to her. I hope that I can watch both of them in another drama soon. ♡♥♡

  284. 284 : Grace Says:

    Love this drama. Watched it twice. The male and female leads are both very good. They have chemistry. Would love to see them in another drama.

  285. 285 : tigerb Says:

    first time i’ve watched a k.drama with a leading actor in two roles. Story is different from the usual and glad there were no roundabouts to extend to more episodes. reincarnation and confessions resolved issues that bothered the current characters, so there’s closure to all concerned at the end. it’s a good watch!

  286. 286 : Hutson longjam Says:

    The best drama of the 2014, i’like it….i’dn’t mis this drama!!!

  287. 287 : aisyah Says:

    Lee Hong Ki’s baby face definitely doesn’t suit the role. I was afraid to even start to watch this drama. But he totally pull it off with his incredible acting. Yeah, maybe his face is a bit distraction to his character but then he acted so well in this drama. I never know that he is such a decent actor since the last time I watched him in You’re Beautiful, I don’t think he’s any good or maybe because his character in that is not that hard. And Yang Jin Sung! She’s a jewel! I’ve seen her before in City Hunter and Secret but maybe I couldn’t notice how good she is as she was just a mere role. She’s definitely good to the point that I can tell what character she’s playing on particular time, whether she’s Doo Rim or Yi Kyung. Woah! I’m impress! Also the plot, really really interesting and refreshing as I started to get sick with the repeating plot of Korean Drama,only with a little bit change and with a different casts. I definitely recommend this!

  288. 288 : Luna Says:

    Does someone know the creepy piano sound they always play when something fishy is going on. Anyone knows where I can find it?

  289. 289 : yuyou Says:

    omg…..why the viewer are lower…??????????why aired on CSTV to???

  290. 290 : Korean Drama Review BOTC | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Bride of the century (2014) 百年新娘 […]

  291. 291 : Linda Souw Says:

    Nice drama. I like it. I like Kang Joo and Doo Rim acting. And I like the soundtrack too. Love it. Happy ending story

  292. 292 : hibiscus Says:

    i still hv to see this bc of sung hyuk! didn’t seem to hv good ratings but who cares about that when i watch Kdramas i don’t really bother with the ratings coz it’s not always the case, like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  293. 293 : hibiscus Says:

    i started watching this now & liking it already! i’m curious of how the story will unfold since a lot of viewers on this page seem to have liked it! my other reason is to see my fave actor Sung hyuk ssi in this drama! it’s always a delight to see him since liking him in drama Jang Bo ri.

  294. 294 : AnnieMac Says:

    I just watched this drama and I can say it’s super entertaining!!! No dull moments 😄. Congrats to the team! Indeed, a job well done….

  295. 295 : hibiscus Says:

    @AnnieMac#294 me too i just started bc of Sung Hyuk, diff kinda of story & am liking this too yup like u said no dull moments 🙂 gr8 job i agree! i’m not fin watching so i can’t wait though 🙂

  296. 296 : tik Says:

    very interesting drama but to me, Doo Rim was doing all the acting. there was no chemistry from Kan Joo. no feeling from Kan Joo whatsoever; no offence but that’s what i thought

  297. 297 : Ammy Says:


    Love this drama…Very interesting..
    This drama has always made me curious ^_^

  298. 298 : Mey62 Says:

    well, at first episodes I feel a lil bit dissapointed..but later on, after episode 3 and 4, the things are getting fun, because the story become good and better..
    after all, this drama is good 😀 beside the mystery was solved at the ends of the drama..well done (y)

  299. 299 : LY Says:

    Such a boring drama. I did not like the lead actress, thus, I quit at Episode 3.
    Thank You, Her Legend, All About My Romance, My Daughter Seo Young, My Heart Twinkle Twinkle, Once Upon A Time In Saengchori are way better dramas than this one.

  300. 300 : Lis Handayani Says:

    love this drama!! but i don’t feel the chemistry between the leading roles. love the leading actor’s voice. it’s kinda sexy.

  301. 301 : Ariena Zulayka Says:

    love both actor and actress ♡

  302. 302 : edward Says:

    que bien es interesante el contenido me gusta quisiera encontrar mas informacion

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