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Bridal Mask @ Gaksital

Title: 각시탈 / Gaksital / Bridal Mask
Chinese Title: 新娘面具
Also Known as: The Bride Mask, Doll Mask
Genre: Action
Episodes: 28
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-May-30 to 2012-Sep-06
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama tells a story of two brothers who live in Seoul in the 1930s, oppressed under Japanese rule during one of the darkest periods of Korea’s history.

Lee Kang To (Joo Won), the younger brother, is a rising star in the police force and works with the Japanese police to capture ‘Bridal Mask’ a mysterious freedom fighter who fights for independence wearing a traditional Korean bride’s mask. However, Kang To is unaware that his prey, ‘Bridal Mask’ is in fact his older brother, Lee Kang San (Shin Hyun Joon).

Kang To’s life is irrevocably changed after Kang San died. The death of his beloved older brother drives him to take up the bridal mask of his fallen brother and fulfill his dream of freeing Korea from Japanese rule.


Lee Family

Joo Won as Lee Kang To / Lee Young / Sato Hiroshi
Kim Woo Suk as Lee Young (young)
Shin Hyun Joon as Lee Kang San
– Yoon Hong Bin (윤홍빈) as Kang San (young)
Song Ok Sook as Han Sii (Kang To’s mother)
Lee Il Jae as Lee Sun (Kang To’s father)
Jun Hyun as Baek Gun

Far East Circus

Jin Se Yun as Oh Mok Dan / Boon Yi
Kim Hyun Soo as Boon Yi (young)
Son Byung Ho as Jo Dong Joo (Leader of the circus)
Lee Kyung Shil as Oh Dong Nyun
Lee Byung Joon as Shin Nan Da
Son Yeo Eun as Seon Hwa
Seo Yoon Ah as Gye Soon

Independence Movement Members

Jun Noh Min as Dam Sa Ri (Mok Dan’s father)
Kim Myung Gon as Yang Baek
Park Sung Woong as Dong Jin
Jung Eun Byul as Jin Hong
Choi Dae Chul as Reporter Song
Ban Min Jung as Anna
Kim Bang Won as Kim Deuk Soo
Kim Ji Min as Ahn Sub

Angel Club

Ji Seo Yoon as Tasha
Baek Jae Jin as Director Bong
Choi Dae Hoon as Minami Tamao / Lee Hae Suk (Lee Shi Yong’s son)
Jang Joon Yoo as Merry
Lee Jae Won as No Sang Yub
Oh Eun Ho as Suzy
Yang Hee Yoon (양희윤) as Jenny

Kimura Family

Chun Ho Jin as Kimura Taro (Shunji’s father)
Park Ki Woong as Kimura Shunji
Park Joo Hyung as Kimura Kenji (Shunji’s brother)

Kishokai Members

Jun Gook Hwan as Ueno Hideki (Chae Hong Joo’s adopted father)
Han Chae Ah as Chae Hong Joo / Ueno Rie
Ahn Hyung Joon as Gatsuyama Jun
Bruce Khan (브루스 칸) as Ginpei Kato
Kwon Tae Won as Choi Myung Sub
Kim Gyu Chul as Woo Byung Joon
Ahn Suk Hwan as Lee Shi Yong
Kim Jung Nan as Lee Hwa Kyung (Lee Shi Yong’s 2nd wife)
Kim Tae Young as Park In Sam
Go In Bum as Jo Young Gun
Bang Joong Hyun as Park Sung Mo

Police Station Officials

Kim Eung Soo as Konno Goji
Yoon Bong Kil as Abe Shinji
Yoon Jin Ho as Goiso Tadanobu
Kim Myung Soo as Murayama Yoshio
Choi Woong as Kakawa

Other People

Song Min Hyung as Governor Wada Ryo
Choi Yoon Joon (최윤준) as Chief Song (Chief of Kyungsung Hotel)
Yang Jae Won (양재원) as Bae Man Sung
Kang Ki Hwa as Masako
Kim Young Hoon as Comrade Park
Jang Kwang as Central council senator
Kim Ki Hyun as Congressman Hyun
Hong Yeo Jin as Congressman Hyun’s wife
Joo Boo Jin (주부진) as Soon Yi’s grandmother
Park Ga Won (1991) as Soon Yi
Ahn Yeo Jin as comfort woman female recruiter
Park Bo Geum as Min Gyu
Min Joon Hyun as President Park
Samuel Kang as police
Song Ho Soo as Jang Dong Ji

Production Credits

Original work: Manhwa by Huh Young Man
Productor: Yoon Sung Shik
Screenwriter: Yoo Hyun Mi


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8 (Not Available)
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16 (Not Available)
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22
Episode 23
Episode 24
Episode 25
Episode 26 (Not Available)
Episode 27
Episode 28 (Not Available)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-05-30 1 12.6 (3rd) 12.8 (4th) 12.7 (3rd) 13.3 (3rd)
2012-05-31 2 12.4 (5th) 13.3 (5th) 12.4 (3rd) 12.9 (3rd)
2012-06-06 3 13.3 (3rd) 14.5 (4th) 13.6 (3rd) 13.9 (4th)
2012-06-07 4 14.8 (3rd) 14.9 (3rd) 15.6 (2nd) 16.7 (2nd)
2012-06-13 5 13.8 (3rd) 14.1 (4th) 14.5 (3rd) 15.4 (3rd)
2012-06-14 6 15.5 (3rd) 16.3 (3rd) 15.0 (3rd) 15.7 (3rd)
2012-06-20 7 15.3 (3rd) 15.5 (3rd) 15.5 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd)
2012-06-21 8 15.4 (3rd) 15.0 (4th) 15.5 (3rd) 16.3 (3rd)
2012-06-27 9 14.7 (3rd) 13.9 (4th) 14.8 (3rd) 15.2 (3rd)
2012-06-28 10 15.9 (3rd) 15.3 (4th) 14.6 (3rd) 15.0 (3rd)
2012-07-04 11 17.6 (3rd) 17.2 (3rd) 14.8 (3rd) 15.8 (3rd)
2012-07-05 12 16.5 (3rd) 15.6 (5th) 14.0 (4th) 14.0 (5th)
2012-07-11 13 16.7 (3rd) 15.6 (4th) 14.4 (3rd) 14.4 (3rd)
2012-07-12 14 17.3 (3rd) 16.3 (5th) 16.3 (3rd) 17.5 (3rd)
2012-07-18 15 17.2 (3rd) 16.8 (5th) 15.2 (3rd) 16.7 (3rd)
2012-07-19 16 18.1 (3rd) 17.3 (4th) 16.8 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd)
2012-07-25 17 16.7 (3rd) 16.8 (4th) 15.6 (3rd) 16.3 (3rd)
2012-08-01 18 16.9 (3rd) 16.3 (7th) 18.0 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd)
2012-08-08 19 19.3 (3rd) 18.8 (2nd) 18.3 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd)
2012-08-09 20 20.6 (2nd) 20.6 (1st) 19.5 (2nd) 19.8 (2nd)
2012-08-15 21 22.6 (2nd) 23.1 (2nd) 19.4 (3rd) 18.8 (3rd)
2012-08-16 22 21.9 (3rd) 22.4 (2nd) 19.7 (3rd) 19.5 (3rd)
2012-08-22 23 22.2 (3rd) 22.4 (2nd) 19.8 (3rd) 19.5 (3rd)
2012-08-23 24 22.3 (3rd) 22.9 (2nd) 20.3 (3rd) 20.2 (3rd)
2012-08-29 25 19.4 (3rd) 19.4 (2nd) 20.4 (3rd) 20.6 (3rd)
2012-08-30 26 22.8 (3rd) 22.9 (2nd) 21.4 (3rd) 21.7 (2nd)
2012-09-05 27 24.3 (2nd) 26.1 (1st) 21.5 (2nd) 21.9 (2nd)
2012-09-06 28 27.3 (2nd) 27.7 (1st) 22.9 (2nd) 23.2 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– This Drama is Based on the comic “Gaksital” by Huh Young Man which was first published in 1974. Some comic by Huh Young Man have been adapted into drama like Gourmet (SBS, 2008), Tazza (SBS, 2008), and Saranghae (SBS, 2008).

– ‘Gaksital’ is one of those traditional play masks specifically the rosy-cheeked one reserved for the bride.

– Budget for the drama is approximately 10 billion won ($9 million USD).

– This drama has been extended from total episode of 24 to 28 due to the high ratings.


2013 13th Republic of Korea National Assembly Awards – Drama of the Year
2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Drama Excellence Actor (Kim Eung Soo)
2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Drama Excellence Actor (Jun Noh Min)
2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Drama Newcomer Award (Ban Min Jung)
2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards – Stunt award
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Long Series), Joo Won (Bridal Mask)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Actor Awards, Joo Won (Bridal Mask)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor Awards, Park Ki Woong (Bridal Mask)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Rookie Actress Awards, Jin Se Yun (Bridal Mask)


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  1. 1 : queen Says:

    i like joo won.. I’m sure he will be a great actor

  2. 2 : kdfan Says:

    Really looking forward to JW’s new drama after ojakgyo family!

  3. 3 : Jennie Says:

    Joo Won and Park Kim Woong together – how cool is that? Sounds good but I hope Joo Won doesn’t have to wear a mask all the time. Love looking at him in Ojak Brothers.

  4. 4 : tety Says:

    Joo won…!!!!!!! so happy i’ll see you again…im dying since Ojak Brother..

    same w/ Jennie.. i hope Joo won doesn’t wear a mask all the time

    and i hope Joo won’s hair wiil natural style..so cute, great smile..

  5. 5 : Lee12 Says:

    Horraaaayyyyyy…Joo won is coming….

    im bleeding for him…his smile so adorable..

  6. 6 : Alexandra Says:

    i’ve fallin in love w/ joo won since Baker king
    how wonderful smile..cant wait for this drama

  7. 7 : jinnyj Says:

    🙂 can’t wait for this drama and so more happy to see Joo Won again , he is good acting in both Baker King and Ojak Br . 🙂

  8. 8 : Alexandra Says:

    gonna crazy 4 joo won….

  9. 9 : momon Says:

    miss joo won…so much
    can’t wait ,,,

  10. 10 : Fiza Says:

    Even tho this might be a heavy drama since it involve history of independence and so on, i will watch coz it has Joo Won as the main lead!

    but i do really wish and believe wished by many others as well to get UEE and JOO WON back together. Please! Jeebalyo..scripwriters of Korean Drama. ur drama will be fully guaranteed to have a high rating if u do this. trust us!

    Anyway, a long way to go for you Joo Won sshi. Hwaiting!

    -Joowonies Pyong from Malaysia-

  11. 11 : kira Says:

    i’m really looking forward to this drama ..can’t wait!!!!!!!

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  13. 13 : Arie Says:

    Sounds very interesting. Can’t wait.

  14. 14 : urnchai Says:

    i hope its not too much of action i kandof a fan the hero

  15. 15 : theworstme Says:

    wow new drama for jowoon..im so happy for him…his my favorite actor.im going to watch this…hehehehe…

  16. 16 : its meee Says:

    wowww i m waiting

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  18. 18 : xiah Says:

    joo won voice so lovely.. i thing he can a singer too..!!!

  19. 19 : jarule Says:

    it’s seem promising..of course i will follow the show

  20. 20 : eni lestari Says:

    i still waiting this drama…good story

  21. 21 : xiah Says:

    joo won will be a great actor..luv him at baker king & totally in love @ ojak brother..

  22. 22 : tety Says:

    yes.. lets do our best..
    it will be heavy drama.. setting on 1930..is two lead actress accompany
    w/ joo won..hope they has chemistry between.. like uee & joo won

  23. 23 : banTai Says:

    i think all of 3 new drama at Wed-Thu time slot will be concuer by Bridal Mask..Bcoz it’s blockbuster drama .,it look really promissing..and i dont think Ghost & I do I do can attract korean viewers attention..But I wish all 3rd round drama in this year will do well and fierce like K2H,TEM & RP..

  24. 24 : tety Says:

    the best drama 2012 : RTP,K2h,Bridal mask, Love Rain, Dr slip,Fashion king,Equator man.its amazing !!!

  25. 25 : alexandra Says:

    joo won will play 2 character here..even he is new comer but no doubt his acting skill

  26. 26 : alexandra Says:

    i have watched the trailer..looking good..curious

  27. 27 : jow Says:

    is he a gay? it’s look like a gay and his attitude is girly.

  28. 28 : tety Says:


    Have you watched all of his drama/movie already? you must watched first before you give opinion 🙂 which a part bring him looks girly or gay??

  29. 29 : alexandra Says:

    he is cool not girly

  30. 30 : mew12 Says:

    he didnt look like gay at all, why you say he look like gay??!!

  31. 31 : tey Says:

    cant wait!!!

  32. 32 : xiah Says:

    8th day again…hooaaaahhhh will long long wait!!!!!

  33. 33 : xiah Says:

    even so many good drama coming up..bridal mask is no 1.

  34. 34 : swift Says:

    The lead guy did well in Ojakyo Farm (as a police officer). Hopefully, the writers would give him a serious character.

  35. 35 : swift Says:

    I think the pic above of a guy with moustache is actually a lady in disguise of a man. Because it is obvious it is a woman.

  36. 36 : tey Says:

    counting the day to may 30…
    7th days more to have great day..with bridal mask..

  37. 37 : tey Says:

    huuuu gong yo coming up too ???? wow what happen w 2012
    so many great actor/es
    so many great drama
    we can say 2012 is OUR PARTY..?????

  38. 38 : Lee12 Says:

    6th days more..

  39. 39 : mew Says:

    hi guys.. tell me now what joo wons drama before Ojak Brother? i have to collect, im big fan of joo won after OB.

  40. 40 : Ayumi Says:

    Joo Won Profile


  41. 41 : eny Says:

    baker king/bread love and dream is his first drama and i really like his carracter

  42. 42 : tey Says:

    Baker king Kim tag go, you must watch that

  43. 43 : urnchai Says:

    oh i see someone comments that he look like gay and i kindof agree with that. i haven’t seen the brothers drama yet, but i saw baker king ta ku and he just look gorgous in it. i’ve thinking about him after i watched baker king for almost 3 days. this guy is very tall like lee min ho and gong yoo. hahhahaha

  44. 44 : sasha Says:


    agree with you, i havent seen him like gay. just find him cute, cool, and verry tall. he is 187cm tall? i adore after Ojak brother and really waiting him for next drama.

    curious about joo won after ojak brother. hope him do well at this drama

    enjoying MV SM Balads, miss you..joo won make me bleeding at this mv

  45. 45 : lee12 Says:

    MV SM balads..joo won as model of clip, two thumb !!! bravo

  46. 46 : kiki Says:

    i love joo won ‘ coz he is really manly in ojagyo brothers, and i still miss him. i can’t wait to see this drama and see him again:)

  47. 47 : tey Says:

    2 days more!!!

  48. 48 : tey Says:

    He played two different characters, must be very exciting and challenging her ability in acting, but I’m sure he’s able to

  49. 49 : tey Says:

    @ mew (39)
    stories of BKTG about rivalry of two prospective heir to a bakery in the company ‘, the story is simple but very interesting plot, full of emotion and rivalry, revenge. Joo Won plays an antagonistic role very well, although the role of antagonist, but he managed to make people fall in lovewith him

  50. 50 : Lita Says:

    i still miss ny detective hwang tae hee in ojakgyo brothers and his lovely wife Baek Ja eun..missed them like crazy
    but still i will watch this drama for the sake of Joo won
    i dont care about his co-star
    pls..more actions,and less kiss

  51. 51 : Cur_Lee Says:

    the show airs in 2 more days, i wonder why still no poster for bridal mask

  52. 52 : lara mae Says:

    i’m super excited for this, Joo Won oppa fighting.:)

  53. 53 : andi Says:

    Just watch him in Baker king, he looks like girly and not manly

    i don’t know, i just see him like that

  54. 54 : tey Says:

    @ andi
    i guess something wrong with your eyes..you have to check it soon!!

  55. 55 : Noi Says:

    Finally, KBS released The Poster!!!

  56. 56 : cHRi5 Says:

    bRidaL MasK absolutely the wiNNer toNighT..!!!
    really look promising..

  57. 57 : xiah Says:

    wonderful tonite!!!!!

  58. 58 : GHSforever Says:

    The first episode was just amazing. I guess I will stop live streaming I do, I do and start screaming this first and rewatch I do, I do later. Damnit why are there always so good dramas at the same time.
    Besides Joo Won looks really handsome here;-)

  59. 59 : kiki Says:

    You can watch ep 1 in youtube :

  60. 60 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:



    Episodes are probably RAW. RAW – No English Subtitle. Check back later.

  61. 61 : tey Says:

    @ kiki

    Tq kiki…big hug

  62. 62 : tey Says:


    Try as kiki says http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndxzB60tcnk

  63. 63 : alexandra Says:

    joo won daebak!! rating so high , cukae..

  64. 64 : kdfan Says:

    it’s an action-packed ep 1. i like the fast pace of how the story is unfolding. and i like the era, it’s fun and the costumes are sharp. the dog ahjussi from Dummy Mommy is the dummy brother! and oh..oh.. i think i know who gaksital is when they did a close up on the masked face. which i think is why Joowon then took over and became gaksital!very interesting!

  65. 65 : kiki Says:

    Bridal Mask Engsub

  66. 66 : pogrog Says:

    i think i’m gonna love this drama. i love bad guy like him. most bad guy in dramas are very bad but they couldn’t bring themself to hit a girl like him. love love love the leading actress too. her character is perfect in this kind of drama

  67. 67 : tey Says:


    tangkiu.. so hard watcing ep 1 without translation ha ha coz i dont understand korean.. even that last nite i watch by full heart & feeling.. i thing i catch that ha ha ha.. thats better have translate..

  68. 68 : tey Says:

    Daebak..got high rating, i hope it will more higher for next ep.

    ep 1 was amazing and very interesting, full packed action..
    joo won doing the best here..no doubt for his skill..amazing..he can play good any character even that antagonist he always make everyone fall in love.
    i guess gaksital is his brother..and joo won will take over after his brother death? as gaksital? cant wait for next ep..ha ha ha

  69. 69 : hny Says:

    try to watch it 15 mins…..I think it’s not my prefered…continue I DO,I DO sajalah…

  70. 70 : swift Says:

    I think the writers have put too many love interest for the leading lady, I can see at least 4 guys, Kang To, Kang To’s older brother, Kang To’s best friend and the leading lady’s young master.

  71. 71 : Micc Says:

    I am a little confused. In episode one, was the guy with the mask Kang To’s brother?

  72. 72 : Micc Says:

    In the above synopsis, “Lee Kang To appears to be outwardly dim”, shouldn’t that be Lee Kang San?

  73. 73 : kdfan Says:

    @swift was Kangsan interested in the leading lady? I didnt notice this part in the show. i think the young master and Kangto are the same person.

    @Micc yes i think the masked guy Gaksital is Kangsan pretending to be mentally challenged to hide his secret identity.

  74. 74 : KDaddict Says:

    I just watched the 5 min highlights. The action sequences r fantastic. Looks interesting. Will wait another week to catch 4 eps together, so that it won’t be confusing, as many of you said.
    I think JW takes over as superhero when his brother dies. And then there is the girl to protect, isn’t there?

  75. 75 : Micc Says:

    Yea, I think the young master and Kang To is the same person.
    And KDaddict, it’s smart to wait and watch more episodes together.

  76. 76 : GHSforever Says:

    It is obvious that Kang To and the young master are the same person. I don’t think that the leading lady likes Kang San, I would rather say that she admires hiim as a person.
    In the second episode I can’t believe that Kang To tormented Mok Dan and even slapped her in the first episode. But I like the fact that our hero is not a ‘perfect’ man but has a past history.

  77. 77 : admin Says:

    Micc (72),

    We just updated the synopsis. Please take a look.

  78. 78 : swift Says:

    When I mentioned love interest of the leading lady, I meant that there will be four guys interested with her but she will only be looking for the young master which I guess might be Kang To’s brother.

  79. 79 : swift Says:

    Kang To’s friend is looking for Ester who is actually the lead lady. My guess is that four guys will end up liking her. If my guess is right, the young master is Kang To’s older brother.

  80. 80 : tey Says:

    @ micc
    same idea w/ u , i guess he is Kang To’s brother act as gaksital and
    Lee Kang To will take aver as gaksitar after his bro dies.

  81. 81 : tey Says:

    @micc @ swift @[email protected]

    guys..so glad find you here..lets give support for our handsome Joo won ,
    his act i think will more adorable here..no more doubt for his acting skill..

  82. 82 : tey Says:


    glad to see u here

  83. 83 : Micc Says:


    Thank you! You guys act so quickly! 🙂

  84. 84 : Micc Says:


    “wave wave”, glad to see you here too! This drama seems exciting! 🙂

  85. 85 : kdfan Says:

    @tey wave wave
    @swift i just finished ep 2. Now i know what u mean about Kangsan being one of the guys liking Mokdan. But i still think the young master is Kangto bec the screen always zooms in on the knife whenever there is Kangto scene with Mokdan but there is also a possibility that it is Kangsan.

  86. 86 : tey Says:

    im curious who is the man who come to Kangto’s Father died ceremony..??
    is he Kangto’s father still live?? or who??

  87. 87 : lal oscar Says:

    me too at the last commnet…

  88. 88 : tey Says:

    cant wait for next ep!!!

  89. 89 : tey Says:

    Kiky…where are you??? Lee Jin wook who play in City of Glass coming up too , see i need romance 2012.. !!!

  90. 90 : kdfan Says:

    the enemy mentioned that when they assassinated kangto’s father, one of his subordinate who was a trained soldier survived and got away. possibly he was the one who was at the memorial service..

  91. 91 : swift Says:

    But why is it that person who was at Kang To’s father memorial looked similar to Kang To’s fatcher???

  92. 92 : tey Says:

    ya look like Kang To’s father, if not him why he came to KT father memorial, what for? but still not sure too..better just wait the next episode.who is he

  93. 93 : kdfan Says:

    Really? I did not see the face clearly.. Hmm n the mystery thickens..

  94. 94 : thao Says:

    well, first of all, the beginning is perfect done and the lead hero and heroine are not disapointed us at all. i love both characters potraying just like that

  95. 95 : Alexandra Says:

    agree with thao..just happy for the perfect beginning, action looking good, and joo won doing so well..

  96. 96 : Lee12 Says:

    i just disappointed for lead actrees.. not well known and not quite pretty.. i think uee more better than her

  97. 97 : Lee12 Says:

    but i will stay watch bridal mask, joo won doing so well here. after he did well at Baker king & ojak brother, curious , how well he is in action drama. !!!

  98. 98 : Ruzz Says:

    try to watch next week

  99. 99 : swift Says:

    Anticipate that this drama will focus mostly on the Koreans retaliating against the Japs and in the midst of that there will be conflicts of love (love triangle) interest of the lead lady with the Kang To and his best friend.

  100. 100 : tey Says:

    i guess so..it will be conflicts (love triangle) between Kang To & kimura sunji & the woman (mokdan)..it will be HOT conflicts, right??

    @Lee 12
    to be honest, i dont like the lead actress too..:) but let go it..forget the lady just focus to the story & Joo won, im sure joo won able to bring this drama to the Top, no doubt

  101. 101 : Lita Says:

    @lee [email protected]
    i dont like the leading lady too…her acting was soo flat..
    but i want to support this drama because of JW….
    i still can’t moves from TaeJa couple in OB
    it will be soo hurt watching the kissing scenes in Gaksital

  102. 102 : swift Says:

    I guess the writer of this drama wanted to give more emphasis on the lead lady of being tough rather that a ‘Damsel in distress’ (typical stereotype of women dependant on men). Anyway, the lead lady has very strong characteristic of being arrogant and stubborn, except when facing the Gaksital.

  103. 103 : sasha Says:

    LEAD actress not popular..arrrrrgh !!!

  104. 104 : lianz Says:

    cool down girls…
    give a chance to her..
    coz i defenetly didnt like her too..but what i have to do..i can not leave this drama..coz i really like joo won almost..

  105. 105 : kdfan Says:

    The story is fast moving, engaging n has many interesting characters who are inter related. So even though i too feel the lead actress acting is not great, at least she is not bringing the show down bec it has so many other elements to get a strong following,

  106. 106 : tey Says:


    agree with u, the most point the lead actress not bringing down the show.. i saw not bad for her action, may be she has related fighting background.
    and it a challenge for joo won to proved how good his acting skill,if he success ti bring this drama to the top .. will be amazing..good for his future

  107. 107 : conny Says:

    ya ya ya ..wait and see dont judge her okey

  108. 108 : swift Says:

    Kang To’s character in the beginning is too sissy/ like a peacock (getting too emotional whenever facing with failure to catch the gaksital). Writers should not have portrayed him in that manner, men who are hardened with difficulties/ turmoil in the life would not behave in such manner.

  109. 109 : tey Says:

    may be Kang To’s character at beginning described very ambition for his carrier so he overreacted when Gaksital appear, he feel very interfere on it.i hope he will change his character after his brother dies, and he take over as Gaksital. i hope like that.. i object if writers still not change his character to be good manner after that, because it will portrayed him..ow ow ( worried )

  110. 110 : kdfan Says:

    yes i certainly hope and i think there will be a big change in Kangto soon. I am sure of an emotional crises that comes with him taking over gaksital’s role that will make him more matured.

  111. 111 : swift Says:

    It will be a 360 degrees change in Kang To’s character when he becomes the Gaksital. Characters that changes that drastically is illogical, yet we can find it happen in Asian dramas only. Anyways, the storyline currently is interesting enough, hopefully the writers will not botch it up with too many over dramatized romance plots which I think will sway from the actual storyline that focuses on the Koreans trying to overcome with Japanese oppression.

  112. 112 : alexandra Says:

    to nite !!

  113. 113 : ruzz Says:

    put any romance pls

  114. 114 : Myra Says:

    I don’t like the leading actress too.

  115. 115 : EBK Says:

    Eng subs http://q.gs/1MFw1

  116. 116 : Cases Says:

    What’s wrong with the lead actress? Cuz she not popular? I think she played her role splendidly. And in any case no one is popular until they star in a movie or show!!! Arggghhhh! Annoying folks these days!!!!

  117. 117 : tey Says:

    @ EBK, what link above? hotels rate??

  118. 118 : tey Says:

    nothing we can do for the lead actress, just give her a chance for now on
    just pray ..hope they will build sweet chemistry with joo won..like uee before. show must go on..

  119. 119 : Dania Says:

    i just wanting uee for minimum standard play together w Joo won

    look the other drama
    -K2heart :Ha ji won
    – Love rain : yoona
    – RTp : han jimin
    – Dr slip ; Park min yong
    – ghost etc etc they has pop actress there

    Bridal Mask..?? who is she?? not pretty too..how poor joo won..you are not lucky with her!!

  120. 120 : swift Says:

    Please note that Joo Won was paired with the unlikeable actress (the evil fairy of You’re Beautiful) in Ojakyo Farm. But both of them managed to carry off well in their character in the family drama, which managed to get awards for their performance.

    We should just wait for the actress in this drama (Bridal Mask) to perform her character further before making harsh judgement of the actress. I normally do not have anything against any actresses unless they are totally and absolutely terrible in their acting.

  121. 121 : tey Says:

    agree with you, just wait..too early judge her now..
    have you download ep 3? i can not find the link..

  122. 122 : Dania Says:

    i just regret you know..i put high standard for the lead actress, i feel sad for my JW..

  123. 123 : swift Says:

    You can watch the ep3 raw on dramacrazy.net.

  124. 124 : kdfan Says:

    Kangto is so cruel and merciless in his mission to catch gaksital. how can the people forgive him even after he becomes gaksital. his road to redemption will be a long one. forget about the expectations on the lead actress, she’s not that bad. looking forward to Han Chae Ah. ep 4 preview looks really interesting with identities revealed. can’t wait!

  125. 125 : KDaddict Says:

    @swift-120, tey-121,
    Ppl ought to be free to give their first impressions of the show and its the main actors/actresses. Isn’t that why we come here to leave and read comments?

    I don’t have an opinion on the actress, as I haven’t started watching yet, but if so many ppl say the same thing abt her, maybe there is a good reason for it.

  126. 126 : Oyabun Says:


    Ha ji won looks too strong and assertive
    yoona is too skinny and bland
    han jimin played capital scandal already and she looks too old
    Park min yong is too cute
    Lee Yeon Hee has a wooden face

    So this actress is not soo bad. It is a good thing for the show that she is not very popular and not very cute.

  127. 127 : tey Says:

    Tq..just try to download now..so hard coz bad internet connection

    im not yet watch ep 3, still try download..but i’m feel sad hearing your opinion (124) that kangto describes so cruel & merciless ..can’t wait to watch that..i hope the writers not too over dramatized his emotion, it will bad effect for kangto character.

  128. 128 : LuvJW Says:

    im crying..i saw my joo won so cruel…writer dont do that for Joo won..do not over dramatized his emotion.. im worried it will destroy him to the future..i scare if i will hate him after this..

  129. 129 : yukie Says:

    guys, who is ham che ah?? i saw her profile picture so many vulgar picture

    is she BOM SEX?? i can not understand what the reason she put here

    accompany with Joo won? i’m not find her polite picture..joo won you are

    not lucky..but i always wanting all the best for you. Fighting!!!whoever your

    actress partner

  130. 130 : Cases Says:

    The lead actress is pretty. Ain’t nothing wrong with her. And I repeat WHO GIVES A DAMN SHE NOT POPULAR. she will be soon enough!!!!!! Why not focus. Ore the on the quality of the show!!!!!! I’m through with your stupid, unvalidated arguments!!!!

  131. 131 : tey Says:

    ya agree with cases just focus to the quality of story..stop our conversation about the lead actress..too early to judge her now..just open heart for the lead actress,

  132. 132 : oscar Says:

    is anyone watch ep 4 yep ….
    shit his life is so sad…..

  133. 133 : GHSforever Says:

    Thanks for saying that. I agree with you. Finally someone who said it.
    Just because some people ship him with Uee, doesn’t mean he should always do a drama with her. It seriously gets out of the hand.
    People should not judge an actress based on her prettyness.
    The drama itself should be the most interesting not the cast. Of course you can be excited because of the cast but the main focus should be the story and the acting. As for that the acting, the acting of the girl is pretty good.

  134. 134 : ruzz Says:

    i’ve watched ep 4…crying..crying….

  135. 135 : GHSforever Says:

    She is not that great as Ha Ji Won, Han Ji Min or Han Ga In but these actresses work in this business for quite a while, while she is new and young.
    Besides for a ROOKIE actress, her acting is not that bad especially the fighting scenes are well-made.

  136. 136 : kdfan Says:

    we get more details of Kangto’s past to understand his motivations. still i think it’s too extreme to kill innocent people just to catch gaksital. what a great ending to ep 4!

  137. 137 : tey Says:

    i understand why kang to so cruel at ep 3, but some idea with Kdfan(136) why must kill innocent people to catch gaksital. its too extreme for me
    but whatever he did..i give two thumb for Joo won’s acting skill..great, great

    anyhow love triangle will gonna interesting..

    now i start to watch ep 4..

  138. 138 : Luvjw Says:

    Amazing..luv this drama alot..how good action..
    joo won kerennnnnnnnnnn

  139. 139 : Ayunani90 Says:

    Love Joo Won so much…

  140. 140 : tey Says:

    guys i’m confused , after watched ep 4..i find that the woman (mokdan) who kang to used her to catch bridal mask actually his first love from his childhood.. and the knife is Kangto’s was gave her when their childhood.
    but mokdan thought the knife is kimura sunji as owner, also thought that kimura as his friend(first love) that separated when childhood ?? why to be like this?? is it right or i just misunderstand??

    The story getting better n better, more interesting.. so stop talking un useless about the lead actress.. just focus the story.. very very good ..at all

  141. 141 : tey Says:

    I think episode 4 is the starting point changes Kang to be a good character. he found that the conflicting feelings that mokdan is his first love and he began to suspect that gaksital is her own brother..is so hard time for him..

    once again Two thumb for joo won..he good in any character..always make us love n care to him and shin hyun joon so great here..love his acting

  142. 142 : kdfan Says:

    @tey no, mokdan does not think that shunji is the owner of the dagger. shunji was the japanese boy she met at the hospital when she was young, when he was trying to save his nanny. he knew about the dagger bec he saw mokdan praying to meet young master.

  143. 143 : tey Says:


    oooh i see.. ha ha ha ya he is japanese, how i’m so confused, thanks for remembering me.. ya i found that at ep 2..what the reason why she has friendship with sunji..
    so this is the way why kang san always try save her, right?

    i guess ep 5 will more interesting..love triangle already start..

  144. 144 : oscar Says:

    i cant wait to watch ep 5…
    this drama is very interesting….

  145. 145 : Dania Says:

    joo won always the best
    but for the lead actress you all must check your eyes..

  146. 146 : kdfan Says:

    @tey i dont think kangsan knows mokdan is the girl from his childhood. I think he will save anybody in danger just so happened to be mokdan.

  147. 147 : jelly Says:

    the lead lady is okay since she doesn’t care her beauty in front of the camera like other actresses,and uh she’s the same age as me. why she’s that young? i hope she’ll success in the future. i like both of the main leads. love love bridal mask

  148. 148 : ruzz Says:

    joo won always adorable whatever he did, even he cruel..so love him

  149. 149 : ruzz Says:

    joo won can talk any emotions with his eyes..luv luv luv him so much..

  150. 150 : EunHye3 Says:

    Thank you very much, but I can’t view the rest of the official site photos, when I press on the link it opens the official site and then it directs me to an advertising site 🙁 HELP PLEASE T__T

  151. 151 : shoshlev Says:

    I saw the beginning of the series and it doesn’t look interesting.

  152. 152 : oscar Says:

    maybe you dont watch all ep 1 to 4

  153. 153 : tey Says:


    we suggest you to watch all ep 1-4 as oscar said before..

  154. 154 : tey Says:

    Have you watched ep 1-4? what your opinion about the story? we happy if you join with us here..

  155. 155 : admin Says:

    EunHye3 (150),

    There is a problem with the link to official site photo. Please check back later.

  156. 156 : KDaddict Says:

    You n I go for the script more than the actor. Even if it stars my fav Binnie, if the script is bad, like Snow Q or World TLI, I wouldn’t watch it. Most ppl r primarily actor-oriented. They will watch any show of the actors or actresses they like. Then there r fan-girls who get mad if anyone dare say anything negative abt a show their idol stars in. 😉

  157. 157 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for the invitation. My plate is full rt now. Will have to wait till a couple of shows End b4 I can start a new one.
    You know I always call it the way I see it: whether it is the actress, the story or even the lead actor. I think some ppl, v young passion-filled Joo Won fangirls, on this thread will not take to it kindly. This thread is looking a bit scary to me. 😛

  158. 158 : eny Says:

    i’am absolutly agree with you, we should see the story first, and then the actor/actress. I think gaksital have different story n good actor, Snow queen good at the beginning but in the middle it’s like repetition of another sad drama,The World TLI is bad

  159. 159 : tey Says:


    ya you are right the story more important than who is the lead actor/actress , im agree with you 🙂 i guess you are more mature than other may be than me he he.. but let we understand them , how the joo won’s fan girls feeling ..they are full filled with his actor fav.. it young passion .. little bit scary.. but make it fun :D:D:D

  160. 160 : KDaddict Says:

    Young passion that stampede others w nasty words is not my idea of fun.
    Watch how they reacted when sb merely said they didn’t have a good 1st impression of the actress. Enough said.

  161. 161 : tey Says:


    Of course i didn’t agree a nasty words 🙂 i mean young passion is how they love their Fav Actor/ess without stampede others with nasty words.

  162. 162 : donghae's wife Says:

    omoooo, first i saw the ratings of this drama. seems interesting. when i watch the first episode , *rolling eyes* thats okay this is about superhero’s drama. when i see ep 2, oh okay, this drama is really interesting. and i wanna watch until the ending >.<

  163. 163 : EunHye3 Says:

    @admin Thank you, I visited the official site and it works now 😀

  164. 164 : getoba Says:

    snow queen is a bad drama because it’s a sad story? I don’t know a drama is good just because it is funny. Snow queen is a masterpiece of poetry and tears, full of emotion and a beautiful couple with beautiful cinematography.

    For the actress of bridal mask i don’t understand all the complaint about her. Just because she is new, she is not good? the “fans” of drama make me laugh. Ha ji won han ga in song hye kyo wall all rookies actors in their debut, what the problem? For a young actress of 19 she do well in this drama and she is pretty.

  165. 165 : alexandra Says:

    yey..the story very interesting..i cant wait next episode!!!
    the story make me crazy..damn good can’t wait the next episode !!!
    finally watched 1-4 , i can’t breath..this drama killing me with amazing story and good actor..will be long waiting for ep 5 !! hope Kang To with mokdan will together again..
    finished ep 1-4, totally inlove with this drama.. i love all character , this drama awasome..cant wait ep 5, i hope kang to & mok dan will back together

  166. 166 : eny Says:

    i don’t like snow queen not because it’s sad story, i love sad story too, i love the beginning but the main couple sparate because of death is already done by a lot of korean drama, die because of incureable disease…..mostly like that

  167. 167 : melinalarosa Says:

    joo won, meaningful, beautiful, fantastic!!! He’s the drama, that is beautiful, full of action, sentiment, is a wonderful spectacle,

  168. 168 : tey Says:

    Oh i have snow Queen (my collection dvd :d) but i haven’t watch yet.. so i don’t know it’s good or not, i just buy for my collection.what the story about?

  169. 169 : swift Says:

    Kang To’s character is new developed beautifully with some elements of compassion shown for Mok Dan. This drama may offer some interesting twists of patriotism plus romance.

  170. 170 : KDaddict Says:

    Since all of us fans of KDs r jokes that make getoba laugh (#164), I’m sure she/he can tell u all abt Snow Q, on which she/he is an expert, as well as on other masterpieces of poetry and tears. 😉

    Personally, I’m a Hyun Bin fan, but had to stop watching Snow Q after several eps, bc I couldn’t take its being so full of emotions that it was bursting, its beautiful couple w one of them dying of a terminal disease, n the other one hell bent on saving her, or something.
    Even Hyun Bin and my love for him couldn’t save that masterpiece of poetry and tears for me. But what do I know? I’m just one of many fans of drama that make her/him laugh. 😛 😛 😛

  171. 171 : tey Says:

    and it will more more interesting when i read the synopsis that chae hong Jo ( han cha ah) who came into korea ( dangerous spy) to get rid of bridal mask finally she falls in love with Lee Kang to as Target of her misiion. wow i was love the story like this..!! interesting !!!

  172. 172 : EBK Says:

    Eng subs http://the-legend-1.blogspot.com/search/label/Drama%20English%20Subtitles

  173. 173 : Shals Says:

    I just started watching this show (ep 1 & 2) and I think it’s a very interesting story!!!
    I LOVE the action scenes!!!
    The performance by all of the actors/actresses is very good.
    I can’t wait to watch more episodes and see how the mystery unfolds!!!

  174. 174 : swift Says:

    I have a feeling the writer will pair off Hong Jo with Shunji, while the older brother of Shunji will be terribly jealous, but Shunji will only have feelings for Mok Dan. While Mok Dan will be longing for Kang To’s older brother. What a twisted love triangle. LOL.

  175. 175 : tey Says:

    but i feel sad if Kang san character will died..i luv his character when he act as an idiot..his voice..yey so funny. is he really died in this drama??just at beginning?

  176. 176 : Gamze Says:

    I’ve watched all episodes so far… and I really like it! All actors are just awesome in their own way of acting! Besides, the story is getting more and more exciting.. can’t wait for the next episode 😉

  177. 177 : kdfan Says:

    @swift what is KDs without love triangles … as long as it doesnt become quadrangles, else i’d go crazy figuring out the lovelines

  178. 178 : swift Says:

    After watching sooooo many KDramas, I would prefer to watch dramas that are light hearted, funny and entertaining. I cannot stand dramas that has too much of emotion of hatred, revenge and sorrow that would make me sad and resentful towards the villain characters. Too bad QIH has ended. Currently I am following this drama and Dr Jin closely. The only villains in this drama is Shunji’s family (brother and father) and the Jap woman chararacter. Actually, I find the bodyguard of the Jap woman very good looking, but I guess he will only be playing the sidekick role.

  179. 179 : Ruzz Says:

    joo won killing me awasome!!

  180. 180 : kdfan Says:

    @swift me too dislike those emo heavy drama, for eg Bad Love, the name itself put me off. i m all for funnies. I love CityHall n Salaryman. I like Bridal Mask bec its an interesting genre, i don’t even know what genre to call it. it’s an interesting period n so much better than Capital Scandal which was a yawn. QIHM was such a gem, this i might get the dvd to rewatch n i very rarely rewatch any shows. Don’t u think that Shunji himself has the potential to turn into a villain? PKW has looks than can make him a very good villain. ohyes, i did notice the cool bodyguard, wonder if he is korean bec he looks very japanese to me. Han Chae Ah is giving me a good impression so far. I’ve only watched her once before in I Believe in Love. Unfortunately she seems to be interested in Kangto. isn’t the lovelines getting complicated??

  181. 181 : EBK Says:

    Eng subs available http://the-legend-1.blogspot.com/search/label/Drama%20English%20Subtitles

  182. 182 : Amyra Says:

    just finished ep 4, i thing this drama will kill me, totally amazing, just wonder episode 5, what gonna happen..

  183. 183 : swift Says:

    When you saw Han Chae Ah looking at Kang To, it was not due to interest as a man, instead it is actually to target Kang To as a victim as she was sent to Korea to eradicate people who will endanger the 5 key persons in the secret organization that is led by Chae Ah’s father. As you can see that her personal bodyguard also noted on Kang To’s presence. Which is why I am assuming that Chae Ah will be paired off with Shunji because I think her character will hate all Koreans.
    I actually watched Bad Love about 2 years ago, it was one of the few first KDramas I watched through KBS world channel. I only started KDramas about 3 years ago starting with Winter Sonata then Full House.
    Fortunately, I have fast internet broadband in my house that I get to watch KDramas, Jap Dramas and Taiwanese Dramas to my heart’s content.

  184. 184 : tey Says:

    @Swift @ Kdfan
    i think the purpose before Han Cae ah looking at Lee Kang To is sign that she find Kang To as one of the targets of her secret mission, but she ended up falling in love with Kang to. but at ended i assuming same as you, han cae ah will be pairing with Sun ji.

    I dont like heavy drama too.. i’m starting with Full House, Princess Hours, then coffee Prince etc etc, can’t finished searching other korean drama until now. but i like sad story like stairway to heaven, autumn tale..crying never ending.

  185. 185 : tey Says:

    @Kdaddict -170

    i’m Hyun bin fan too, that why i bought snow Queen.. but i don’t know untill now i’m not yet watch it.. oooh i just remember why i’m canceled watch SQ coz some one told me like as you say.. so many tears.. and one of then dying.. i think it will make me suffered

    The one of Heavy drama that i love much much is East Of Eden..and NOW..starting love Bridal Mask..i hope more better than East of Eden

  186. 186 : kdfan Says:

    @swift & tey thx for jogging my memory. thats right .. i forgot that was her mission. but i think it would be more interesting for her to fall for Kangto during her mission rather than for Shunji.

  187. 187 : swift Says:

    After watching Hyun Bin in SG, I got to know he acted in another drama called My Name is Sam Soong (something like that I think) the lead lady was Scent of Woman. Hyun Bin was very young then and I did not like his character in that drama. When I was first exposed to KD land I was thinking why all the young Korean actresses and idols would pick Hyun Bin as their ideal guy, after watching SG, I GOT THE PICTURE, LOL

  188. 188 : tey Says:

    yes it will be more interesting when she turned to interested with Kang To as her target during her mission .. enemy become lover.. it will make sweet conflict . i always love the story like this 😀 😀

  189. 189 : kdfan Says:

    @tey yes me too like it when there is hate+love at the same time 🙂

  190. 190 : KDaddict Says:

    Not all sad dramas are bad. But sad dramas with a lead dying of a terminal disease are a dim a dozen, i.e. too too common. And the guy trying all he can to save her, despite it being completely hopeless, is just too pathetic for words. You’ve to be poetic like what’s her name on the previous page to enjoy it. I’m not poetic that way. 😉

    Well, better late than never. Good thing you finally see his charm.
    Why do almost all famous K actresses pick Hyun Bin as their ideal type? He is famous for being the coolest guy in all of Korea! There are plenty of handsome, sexy, cute, adorable, lovely, kissable, huggable actors, but everyone agrees that HB is the coolest! Hee.

  191. 191 : tey Says:

    @KDaddict 190
    Poetic?? i’m not he he

    I love Sad Dramas like Stair way to heaven, autumn tale..it made me crying and crying ..i think it’s made me suffer by them..but i’m still love that drama almost 😀

  192. 192 : KDaddict Says:

    The sad KD that I love best is The Princess Man. There is no terminal illness, no incest, no babies switched at birth, no amnesia, no car accident, no blindness, no corporate takeover, etc. etc. Just a fantastic script that is hauntingly sad and beautiful. You must see it if you haven’t already. Truly one of the best KDs ever.
    I loved Stairway to Heaven, Winter Sonata, n Summer Scent too in their days. Autumn Tale somehow didn’t work for me. It seemed outdated even back in those days.

  193. 193 : swift Says:

    I watched Stairway to Heaven Philipines ver only, I did not watch the Kor ver as I hate to watch sad dramas. I am still very sore with the ending of Fashion King and Rooftop Prince.

    Anyways, Bridal Mask, is it true in the Korean history, does it exist????

    Since I have been watching tonnes of KDramas, I tend to know more about Korean culture, listening to their songs to pick up the language.

  194. 194 : vin vin Says:

    i don’t like snow Queen because look similar with sinetron indonesia ( forgot the title) with my beloved actor Cristian Sugiono and Nabila Syakieb.
    they are good chemistry..is SQ a copy from Sinetron Indonesia..all the story almost same. so i hate KD after that

  195. 195 : swift Says:

    Is ‘I do I do’ drama worth watching?? Actually I do not favour both the lead actor and actress. Furthermore, the storyline does not sound that interesting.

  196. 196 : tey Says:

    @ Kdaddict :I like most Hyun bin at World Within than secret garden.. he looks so natural n he has chemistry with SHQ..i love it.
    Princess Man i love too..have you watch East of Eden?? heavy drama but really really awesome.. the rating about 40% right?

    @Swift, i dont know about I do I do, i’m not get interest to watch that..KSA for me too old 🙂

  197. 197 : KDaddict Says:

    The logical place to find out abt “I do I do” would be its own thread. But since you already know that you do not favor the lead actor or actress, there is little pt for u to watch it, esp. since you already know that u do not find the storyline that interesting. Seems to me you answered your own Qn rt there.

    To each his/her own. 🙂

  198. 198 : sepra Says:

    i dont like Snow queen becouse the story simillar with Sinetron Indonesia (forgot tittle) i just remember the actor/ess are my beloved cristian sugiono with nabila syakieb..it was verry doog story and chemistry..i shocked when i watched SQ is duplicat from that sinetron, after that i hate KD overall

  199. 199 : amyra Says:

    @ vin vin

    Yup..same opinion with you Snow Queen really same with indonesian sinetron tittle “RATU” . how come??? SQ was plagiat from Ratu?embrassing

  200. 200 : amyra Says:

    but unfair if hate KD..Bridal mask i hope original korean story.this drama awesome, but made me stressed waiting next episode, jut 2x a week.hard time for me. but i will stay for this drama. should i take medicine to make me feel calm.hoaaaaaaahhhhhh so stressed for wait wed and thursday

  201. 201 : vin vin Says:

    Bridal mask Daebak!!! the best drama in this year!!

  202. 202 : kdfan Says:

    @swift n tey looks like Hongjoo is interested in Kangto initially bec he was her saviour. but now that she knows about him, not sure if she will really harm him or save him.

  203. 203 : tey Says:

    @ Vin vin @ sepra

    sorry to say ,Korean Drama is not possible to imitate sinetron Indonesia, in my opinion that Sinetron Indonesia Ratu who plagiarized the story of SQ. just my opinion 🙂 i didnt watch both of them

  204. 204 : Luka Says:

    Hey everyone, Bridal Mask Episode 6 LIVE recaps hereee http://www.vingle.net/posts/22024

    i loveee this show!!!

  205. 205 : kanha Says:

    @kdfan… Can’t you see the feeling that Hongjoo has for kangto when she looked at him….she sure has some feeling for him…at that time she didnt know yet that kangto is one of her target. She is just remember him as her survivor…There is no doubt…she is gonna fall for kangto 😉

  206. 206 : oscar Says:

    shit this drama ….
    i wish kang to is not going to die at the end….

  207. 207 : tey Says:

    Yess , 100% no doubt she gonna fall for kang To

    Ep 5 gonna make crazy, i know ep 6 can do more crazy. just think over to continue watch or not or better just wait until dvd coming out, so can watch all of series without waiting.

    Ep 5 her mother died? so ep 6 Kang san gona die too??

  208. 208 : EBK Says:

    all subs http://the-legend-1.blogspot.com/2012/02/10-my-latest-translations.html

  209. 209 : kdfan Says:

    @kanha if u read the earlier thread that was what i thought as well but @swift was saying it was bec of her mission. So in ep 5 i was proven right.

  210. 210 : kanha Says:

    @kdfan….yes you were right 😀

    Epi 6…its never cross my mind that kangsan will be killed by his own brother but he was and its so heartbreaking to see both mother and son died….that is too much for kangto…..my eyes are all swollen 🙁 but I was very satisfied the way kangto got his revenge with shunji’s brother….he died painfully….serve him well….

  211. 211 : getoba Says:

    kdaddict, i never insult anybody, i speaking of the “fans” with “”who don’t let a chance to a rookie actress (the female lead of bridal mask) just because she is new they bash her and said they want a great famous actress. For me it’s a ironic way to say that it’s not the way a true fan of drama should react. This is the text i post on the thread of bridal mask.

    snow queen is a bad drama because it’s a sad story? I don’t know a drama is good just because it is funny. Snow queen is a masterpiece of poetry and tears, full of emotion and a beautiful couple with beautiful cinematography.

    For the actress of bridal mask i don’t understand all the complaint about her. Just because she is new, she is not good? the “fans” of drama make me laugh. Ha ji won han ga in song hye kyo wall all rookies actors in their debut, what the problem? For a young actress of 19 she do well in this drama and she is pretty

  212. 212 : getoba Says:

    And i never seen sob drama of tvb you talk. I started the drama in 2007 with the japanese and now the korean.

    And for snow queen the poetry is visble with the music, the cinematography and the theme of the snow queen of andersen.

    SPOILERS!!!!!!!!The terminal illness in snow queen is not a surprise; in the beggining of the drama the poeple know than the heroine is sick. The asian drama is great because they talk of the things of the life, the love, the work, the friend, the family, and the death or the illness is also a thing of the life. Then i don’t understand why said the drama is bad because the heroine die of terminal illness. The scene where hyun bin go in laponia after the death of the heroine for stay close of her and of her dream is beautiful and moving. For me a movie or a drama who succeed to make me cry is a great story.
    Ask to shakespeare with romeo and juliet for exemple

  213. 213 : kdfan Says:

    @kanha i should not hv read this thread before watching ep 6. oh no .. so many deaths. shunji’s bro too .. such a good villain to watch n he is gone .. pity. going to watch it now.

  214. 214 : An Phan Says:

    Kang San…. Chuninda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wae!! Wae!!!??? WAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. 215 : An Phan Says:

    They need to change the synops. Kang To shot Kang San and chased him causing excessive bleeding. . . and the winner is…. POL-LICE-MAN KANG TO!! and the loser Brother Kang To kneels in anguish.

  216. 216 : sepra Says:

    @ An Phan

    Whatttttttttzzz??? Kang San killed by Kang To his self??are you sure??/ OMG i can imagine what Kang To’s feel after that. tragic..so sad

  217. 217 : sepra Says:

    I can’t breath!!!! i never imagine if kang To who killed his Bro !!! too cruel for Kang To’s feeling. how he can stay a life after he kill his bro..DAMN. dont do it to our kang To.

  218. 218 : kanha Says:

    @kdfan: yeah, if you have watched epi 6 you wish for nothing but for shunji’s brother to die…he is so evil….and as we are expected that kangsan will be dead and kangto continue to be the Bridal mask…..love this drama so much. Joo Won acting is very good….i love the scene where he cried his eyes out for him mother and brother….

  219. 219 : sepra Says:

    Poor Kang To..writer please dont do too much for Kang To’s character..

  220. 220 : kdfan Says:

    ep 6: Shin Hyunjoon was good. i enjoyed watching his eccentric character in Dummy Mommy n here he was so versatile fr action to emotion. Although a little sad to see his character killed off, it was also getting stale with him doing the same things for 6 eps. But mom didn’t really need to die, Kenji was probably threathening more than actually wanted to kill her. She was too hasty in trying to protect Kangsan n Kangsan was hesitating too long to figure out an escape plan. poor kangto. love joowon’s acting. everything is setting up to be a deep pit for Kangto to fall into. i hope to see him crawl back up painfully. love this type of comeback. Shunji will probably take over the role of Kenji trying to catch bridal mask. it sure gets more interesting.

  221. 221 : swift Says:

    Looks like the drama will be give more twisted plots:
    1. CHJ will be the mastermind in creating scandalized image for the Gaksital. I think she still fancies Kang To, she needed to find ways to safeguard Kang To whenever Kimura threatens to harm Kang To.
    2. Kang To will find ways to be close to Mok Dan, that is using the guise of Gaksital to get her to win her affection. Kang To will also have conflicted feeling for Shunji’s grief of the brother’s death.
    3. Shunji will avenge the death of his brother by hunting down the Gaksital and at the same time feels conflicted with Mok Dan’s loyalty for Gaksital.

  222. 222 : edz Says:

    i love this drama 😀 .. so exciting ..

  223. 223 : tey Says:

    Speechless for 5 & 6!! Full packaging emotions !!
    how tragic Kang To’s life , can not imagine how suffer he is after his mother & bro died..
    But other side i shocked by joo won acting, very very amazed & fascinated !!! you are the TOP on act, luv this!!

  224. 224 : tey Says:


    i will miss shin hyunjun when he act as an idiot, hate find him to be kill off just at begining, can you tell me about him at DUMMY MOMMY ?? similar character with KS ?? i think over to watch that..:)

  225. 225 : KDaddict Says:

    What is there to say to sb who has insulted everyone and then say that they haven’t? Or to think that they r the only one who knows abt Romeo & Juliet?

  226. 226 : kdfan Says:

    @tey his character in dummy mommy was funny but sometimes overacted. But its from there that i found he was so good in his range of acting. But the drama itself wasn’t that interesting to me. I watched some eps and the ending to know the story but it wasnt something that kept me engaged.

  227. 227 : Alexa Says:

    joo won amazing!!!!

  228. 228 : tey Says:

    @kdfan 226
    Tq..sound interesting 🙂

    @swift 221
    totally same opinion with you, i guess like that too

    anyhow until now Mokdan not realize yet that Kang To is her young master, right? because she still thinking that BM is her young Master, so strange she forgot the young master face ( someone who she’s love :D)

  229. 229 : donghae's wife Says:

    I’ve watch episode 6!!!!! ohmygod, so sad to see his mother :(((
    i love this dramas bcos it have unusual storyline >.<

  230. 230 : tey Says:

    anyone saw xiah junsu concert last nite??

  231. 231 : tey Says:

    i still shocked by Ep 6!! so Amazed !!! how he can cry like that, i can feel his sadness, suffer, angry, regret, longing when his mother & brother dies..he could convey true sadness as well occur !! Joo won Daebaak!!!!

  232. 232 : vin vin Says:

    ep 6 made me crying a lot..damn i never feel suffer like this!!! what happen to ep 7..KT BIG HUG from me..

  233. 233 : alexa Says:

    ep 7!!! tomorrow come sooner !!! can not wait anymore

  234. 234 : maria lao Says:

    Joo Won and Shin Hyuns portrayal of their role are very well suited .Both actors are incredibly amazing .I’ve was so moved by the sadness and anger characterization of Joo Won.Awesome acting especially by someone who is fairly new in this business.Shin Hyungs acting as mentally challenge is best.Both actors well deserve an academy award i hope. This drama in my book should be number one.I’ve been watching other dramas but this particular one makes me anxiously waiting for the next episode.

  235. 235 : tey Says:

    this room looks empty since few day ago..is anyone on holiday??

  236. 236 : oscar Says:

    is anyone watch ep 7.. before i wrote this comment…..
    im still waiting for the sub …
    fighting gaksital…..

  237. 237 : tey Says:

    got bad internet connection..can not success download yet. haw was ep 7? it was good??some people said that KT scream too overacted? is that true?? i saw at ep ^6 , KT have reason for doing that..i guess some people will doing same like he did when the close people died..i can not imagine how KT’feel when his mom, hyung died at the same time..also the MD hate him and get more closer with his best friend. terrible..!! poor KT!! this situation too cruel for him , for human..

  238. 238 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    Joo Won probably has’nt cried as much in real life until he has too in this drama.Imagine how good an actor he is. his eyes and face shows real and prolong crying.As the story progresses ,its becoming even more better.I’m so impress that i’m speechless.Even the lead girl who did’nt appear as appealing in the beginning looks beautiful and same with Joo Wons friend whose role at first was a little dry is now more interesting and trying to keep up with Joo Wons acting and whose looks has improve as well.Waiting patiently for more episodes.

  239. 239 : oscar Says:

    ep 7 is kind of bored..
    but it seen like..
    star of the drama..
    his friend want him to kill gaksital.. but gaksital will be him…
    and he want to revenge for his family..

  240. 240 : tey Says:

    it’s complicated right??

  241. 241 : siska Says:

    I think joo won acting is really good, his eyes really expressive, we can see his eyes sad, mad, or hate and when his heart broken to see his girl close to his friend it hurts his feeling, joo won its good actor. The story is good, for me is good drama. I don’t know you guys but i think this korean drama is must you must see, daebak joowon

  242. 242 : snowflake Says:

    Simply amazing drama. I love it very much! A very interesting storyline, great actors, beautiful music… just all GREAT!

  243. 243 : drama freak Says:

    is it interesting???i havent watch…..is it better or equal nice like roof top prince…??

  244. 244 : tey Says:

    @ drama freak

    its very interesting,..better if you start watch ep 1-4 , you will find how interesting this drama ..different story with RTP.

  245. 245 : Mavis Says:

    for a rookie actor, joo won is too good. i am so impressed.

  246. 246 : Jennie Says:

    Because of this drama, I cut my break from KD short..heehee. This drama is GREAT, with never a dull moment. Have always enjoyed Joo Won’s dramas but I am deeply impressed with his acting in this one. I like everybody in the cast and I am also happy to see Park Ki Woong in such a different role from his other dramas. Now, with such a great drama and with ratings to boot too, why is this site so quiet? Love the OST too (✿◠‿◠)

  247. 247 : alexa Says:

    Amazing!! speachless!! cant wait for the next ep

  248. 248 : alexa Says:

    Joo won always total in acting. in this drama he really awesome more awesome than other drama

  249. 249 : mm Says:

    Joowon~~~ Fighting

  250. 250 : alexa Says:

    Joo won so great at fighting scene

  251. 251 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie so far there isnt too much to comment bec everything is just about right. the story is interesting n plods along at a good pace without angst. the cliffhanger won’t make u restless for a week, yet. no bad acting to flame. its like having a buffet you can enjoy as heartily or leisurely bec it has action, lovelines, comedy, mystery, conspiracy n song&dance by the lead! joowon’s song&dances really crack me up. i know it’s in the style of the drama’s genre but that n his pompadour hairstyle is a little overboard. n then contrast with his ugly bridalmask wig. hyung looked better in mask altho hyung’s wig was as ugly.

  252. 252 : Myra Says:

    Joo won acting is excellent

  253. 253 : tey Says:

    I feel so frustrated by the lack of K&D progress , i’m still not feeling chemistry between them…

  254. 254 : kimchilee Says:

    I quite like this drama as the storyline, costumes in that era is something unusual and very good fighting scenes. Joo Won is a great actor, loved his acting when I first saw him in Love, Bread & Dream or known as Baker King (wonderful drama to those who have not watch Baker King) and loved his acting in Oakjyo Family and now this. You can hate him when he worked for the Japanese, love him when he is with his friend, Kimura and with his mother and brother.

    I like Kimura too.. I watch in fear in each episode for fear that he would die.. i hope he wont.. please dont let him die… he’s a promising young actor..

    I love the main actress as well.. she acted well here.. looking forward to the next episode..

  255. 255 : ty88 Says:

    Joo won!! i never get tired with your dimple lol..don’t do any surgery with your face like others..you looks so perfect as you are like now..

  256. 256 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan You probably nailed everything there. It’s just about perfect, love the humor, the romance and the bromance. The good and the bad guys performance and number of scenes are perfectly balanced that we don’t get any extremes (like Sena in RP stealing the limelight etc). I suppose they couldn’t do any better with JW’s hairstyle since I counted that he has had at least 4 different hairstyles. I suppose that’s the best they can do but heck, whatever hairstyles he has, Joo Won still has the megawatt cute baby face and that wink ahhh, had me going weak in my already feebled knees 😀
    @kimcheelee Agree with you that Park Ki Woong too is pretty adorable as Shunji. Despite his reasons for becoming an officer and for being a Japanese, and from a samurai family to boot, I fear for his life because he can’t really help being who he is, in blood. I pray that the softer and kinder side of him will prevail and he will go back to doing what he loves most 🙂

  257. 257 : kanha Says:

    @kdfan : agree with you…and I love that Oppa song very much 🙂

    @Jennie : Hi…wave wave 😉
    Now that Kangto is playing a good guy I start to fall for his charm…I especially love his dimples….Hehe…

    Look like Mokdan is going to find out who is the bridal mask in the next episode….hoping to see more love scense between them…yay

  258. 258 : sepra Says:

    hope Mokdan will realize soon that gaksital is kang to, can’t wait for romance between them. writer dont make us waiting too long..

  259. 259 : nania Says:

    Joo won daebak!!!! your acting skill has grown so fast…Amazing

  260. 260 : alexa Says:

    Gaksitalllllllll……i’m falling down ..joo won has great smile and eyes ho ho ho

  261. 261 : alexa Says:


    hi Joowon no need surgery and i’m sure he has no time to do that..he was very busy rigth now

  262. 262 : kdfan Says:

    Shunji is no more adorable. He is kickass mean on the surface n i like his new sleek hair look. Too much anger pent up in him in such a short time, a little unrealisitic but makes u wonder whether its really bec of his dead bro n helping dad. I hope there is something more nobler that shunji is trying to do bec i dont want him to be a villain like his dad. I want mokdan to find out kangto is gaksital soon n i also want Rara to make her moves on kangto fast. I cant wait for all the lovelines to get tangled to see more emotions get caught between all the actions n conspiracies.

  263. 263 : kanha Says:

    Yeah….shunji is completely a different person now….when Kangto was order to handcuffs his father, he was so mad at Kangto. He was so kind, gentle and considerate before…but now the look on his face is just like his father and brother. For now Kangto is only his father enemy but soon he will also his love enemy….what will happen. …..? Sight….

  264. 264 : eny Says:

    this drama is soooooooo addicted,may be it’s gonna be my no 1 korean drama,joo won acting is really greaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  265. 265 : kimchilee Says:

    oh no…. why made Shunji become bad.. oh no… like that he sure dies in the end.. :,(

  266. 266 : tey Says:

    @kimchilee..im so sad too , why shunji character become bad..so many ways to vent their anger due to his brother’s death, without he has turned bad 🙁

  267. 267 : ty88 Says:

    Highly Recomended !!

  268. 268 : eny Says:

    a lot of artist and people who work in korean showbizz industri praiss joo won’s acting even go hyun jung (mishil of Queen Seondeok) hope she can work with him and say “he is the best in 20’s actor generation” …….wow, he deserve to it, even his popularity still under Kim soo hyun and lee min ho but for acting he is the best

  269. 269 : ha'jae Says:

    i like drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. 270 : zarima USA Says:

    hope this will end beautifully…. A HAPPY ENDING indeed… dont let the viewers suffer for making it bad ending….

  271. 271 : tey Says:

    i hope MD will realize BM is KT soon.. this drama is very amazing but will completely perfect by any romance between MD & KT..

  272. 272 : tey Says:

    @eny :wow sound good.. En jung (Dream High I ) also like joo won’s acting.. she hope she will have a chance to work with him. i think joo won no need long time to seat at top popularity.. he has perfect package to be best actor..

  273. 273 : ty88 Says:

    I’m afraid that there will be such interaction or more daring between Rie and Kang To in the future…

  274. 274 : desh Says:

    to nite ep 11..looks MD will more closer with KT

  275. 275 : Yozora Says:

    once again i’m falling in love with joo woon acting ability.. 🙂 will watch this drama for sure! d^^b

  276. 276 : sepra Says:

    wow…woow..wow…… congratz!!! rating increase more..17%..awesome!!!

    joo won…luv your dimple….ooooh i will gona die for you

  277. 277 : she hwa Says:

    can’t breath!!! feel good saw md get more closer with kT..ho ho ho heart breaking alot

  278. 278 : max Says:

    looking forward to watch this one.

  279. 279 : kdfan Says:

    ep 11 was faster paced n action packed. Shunji had a chance to kill gaksital but why he hesitated. Shunji was so cruel testing KT by asking him to whip MD. nice music during action scenes really made it more dramatic. JW’s eyes n expression was so good, looked so torn everytime he faced MD. Jinseyun’s acting is better, liking her more n more. Rara makes an interesting villain. Why does the writer makes her a habitual slapper. poor katusayama’s handsome face.

  280. 280 : desh Says:

    i can’t express how i felt at this ep , joo won..amazing.. awesome.. i love u much n much more..

  281. 281 : desh Says:

    joo won the best korean actor now!!! his expression of all emotion always good to be real!! joo won fighting

  282. 282 : tey Says:

    OMG…Ep 12 was awesome!!1 never thought the chemistry between MD & KT is so hooooooot!! like this…like this part..i love the way KT hug MD..so caring!!. …….i can’t explain that!! so passionates…

  283. 283 : Lita Says:

    wah..the rating is lower than before??
    arrhh the hug scene didn’t help at all
    sigh..i can’t feel chemistry between KT & D…
    it was in D’side..her acting sooooo flat

  284. 284 : sohe Says:

    yeah..the rating is lower
    i noticed ghost catch up and the lead in seoul’s rating
    KT & D so hot..NO…NO…
    JW is a great in acting..i love the way he hug too
    but JSY????? her expressions face sooo ordinary..not amazing at all
    too BAD!!

  285. 285 : sepra Says:

    damn..im not feel chemistry between kt & D..i love the way kT hug..but mokdan..where is your expression??? too bad..too bad…too bad… kang to you are better just to hug me..lol

  286. 286 : she hwa Says:

    hoaaaammmmmm…. jsy( md) not capable to work with joo won..she her expression too bad, soo different with joo won.. too ordinary for lead actress

  287. 287 : she hwa Says:

    like dead girl!! without expression

  288. 288 : caca Says:

    I find it so funny everytime I go to this website, I always see ppl complaining abt the actress.

  289. 289 : desh Says:

    to be honest if JW is not in BM..i will definitely not watched it..absolutely not!!..this drama too heavy & dark…but because of JW i’m in. but i really really dont like JSY acting…arrrrg her acting so poor as Lead actress

  290. 290 : jesica Says:

    just hope jsy learn alot to improve her acting skill..so she able to well work with joo won..

  291. 291 : kimchilee Says:

    oh no! having read that Shunji will become bad has made me sad.. his innocent face no more.. i am so sad.. almost afraid to watch this now.. i stopped watching when KT became bridal mask and Shunji came to see him killing his brother and they started fighting each other without realising who KT was..arrghh.. why they have to make Shunji bad.. but i guess his acting must be so good to let you love him when he is good and hate him when he is bad.. just like how KT was when he was bad.. wow.. hope i wont hate this drama just bec Shunji became bad.

  292. 292 : Rie Says:

    PKW acting is amazing, even he change become cruel..

  293. 293 : Naira Says:

    i dont like KT hair style now its look like at SIU..he looks good with old hairstyle!!!

  294. 294 : Jennie Says:

    @kimchilee Have you seen the latest episode yet? In Ep 12, we can see that Shunji and Kangto or rather Joo Won and Ki Woong are such good actors that we cannot help but have this hate and love relationship for them both, when they are bad and good. Both of them still care for each other and I feel so sad for their bromance. Remember the scene when Kangto said that he may have to kill Shunji if the latter does become a monster and when Shunji said that he did not want to be a monster? These scenes were just so touching. Although we have seen glimpses of how mean he can become and it’s really in his blood, he comes from a samurai family after all, I hope that Shunji doesn’t become really evil and that he will have a good ending .

  295. 295 : Oyabun Says:

    It’s weird to see MD hug Gasiktal when you know she hates KT.

  296. 296 : kdfan Says:

    @kimchilee yes the show is turning darker. both KT and Shunji have their good and bad sides and the their internal conflict is what makes the story gripping.

    @Jennie I love the bromance too. So sad to see revenge is making KT feeling so divided in his friendship for Shunji. And revenge is also changing Shunji so much, it’s like he has 2 personalities, he can rage like a lunatic fighting and killing inhumanely and then he can be his old self feeling so shocked when MD pointed the gun at him. do you also notice how the all their facial expressions are so over-dramatized? since it was adapted from a comic, i think the PD wants that style of acting. some of the actors are so good, like the father n son of the newspaper company, the expressions when attacked by gaksital really look like a strip of the comics, such good facial acting!

  297. 297 : Naira Says:

    i love also friendship both KT & S..so touchable

  298. 298 : sassou Says:

    Mokdan<3 kang to

  299. 299 : jwfans Says:

    joo won must get awards for acting skill.. he acting so well for any character but im weird why jo won not famous @i entertainment business..i looking for him in any media even Asian Plus i can not find his profile on the hot topics.

  300. 300 : jessica Says:

    anyone know is joo won movie DONT CLICK was airing??

  301. 301 : tey Says:


  302. 302 : tey Says:

    PKW & JW looks good relationship in the back stage , they ate ice cream together…luv this


  303. 303 : eny Says:

    @jwfans……sometimes popularity don’t came along with quality, like american idol or another reality show the most populer not always the best

  304. 304 : Hawaiian Old Man Says:

    You got me hooked on your drama. I wake up early morning to check if you have translated it already!

    Thanks…anyway. You make my day everyday!

  305. 305 : Denise Says:

    The scene of the 2 brothers lying in their room together while one tells the other (who pretends he is asleep) the reasons he is the way he is, was so powerful, I kept thinking “this is academy award material”. I was bawling my eyes out!!!

  306. 306 : ogrenji Says:

    i loooveee this drama,the actor,the story,the soundtracks,the only thing bother me is how fast gang to to switch the outfit from police/suit to gaksital especially the scene in the forest where gaksital help boon yi escape,i meant the hero costume is too hard to be worn underneath everyday clothing not like superman etc which is more fit to body and it is tooobvious to carry around,gang to didn;t seem to carry bag also hehehe :)) just saying :p

  307. 307 : marry Says:

    another female actress lavishing praises on Joowon. This time, the actress who play the spy girl from circus.

    “To be honest, should thank the Hallyu star who rejected this role. Joowon’s Gaksital is fantastic. In the beginning, when it was known that Joowon will be taking the role as Gaksital, quite a number of people were worried. Although Joowon is a good actor, he is still a newbie. Hence, there was this concern.

    But in reality, because of Joowon’s outstanding performance, everyone now is full of praise. From a perspective of a viewer, I am very satisfied. I often feel that this role is rightfully Joowon’s , from the very beginning. ”

    Facing the camera, acting the evil imperial police officer, crying with such abandonment and vulnerability, wearing the bridal mask as the hero Gaksital, Joowon has perfected it. Especially the scene where he faced the tragic deaths of his brother and mother. Seo Yun -A chose that scene where Lee Kang To wailed at his loss as the best scene.

    “Joowon’s cry was the masterpiece. In reality, if I was really there, it will be difficult to watch. Usually, Joowon will call me “Noona, noona”. If I see the adorable child-like him, suddenly crying so wretchedly, my tears will flow.”

    When asked what is Joowon like in real life, Seo Yun A smiled gently like a mother. “In real life, Joowon is very lovable, very kind, very lively. And he also like aegyo. Although I am older than him by 1 year, he is the one who initiated talking to me, for that I am thankful. He will ask “Noona, how are you?”or often : “Gye Soon is so annoying” Then I will apologise and say” Yes, she is indeed annoying. So sorry to Mok Dan”


    LOL!!! Joowon you are really a lady killer.

  308. 308 : tey Says:

    i luv the fighting at last scene,,, totally amazing. BUT is really joo won? or he use the stunt man??

  309. 309 : tey Says:

    i mean Gaksital fighting scene on ep 13 in the last part, really impressed. if he is joo won not stuntman..joo won martial art skill improvement a lot. clap clap clap

  310. 310 : ogrenji Says:

    @tey i hold my breath for the last scene when gaksital cut the commemoration banner,i didn’t expect he would do that ^^ great fightin’ scene indeed 😀 clap clap too! ^^

  311. 311 : Help Says:

    where the heck do u buy this drama at…..i can’t wait a month to watch it all…i wanna buy the Bridal Mask Drama Quick!

  312. 312 : hallyu lover Says:

    wow this drama is daebak! ending of ep 13 was so exciting! can’t wait for the next ep…the action scenes in this drama are great ….really like it..

  313. 313 : desh Says:

    JW is so PERFECT…. will definitely support him till the end. Not only BRIDAL MASK, all his dramas… COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!

  314. 314 : jwfans Says:

    I feel so exhausted after watch JW had to run so fast with so many takes in this bts, and then he looked extremely exhausted after the fight scene @2:42, coz he never want to use the stunt.

  315. 315 : kdfan Says:

    @tey & ogrenji awesome fight scene! i think the last part was done with a stuntman but it looked very real almost like JW was doing it. overall JW’s fighting skills look very impressive.

  316. 316 : tey Says:

    @kdfan. & ogrenji

    🙁 just hope joo won doing that..looks so real..

  317. 317 : Naira Says:

    love romance between MD & KT so flat not make me interest anymore, i more interest about conflict between S & KT..conflict in their friendship..make me curious

  318. 318 : naomi Says:

    clap clap clap, agree with you.. couple KT & MD not good, not chemistry.. but i find the amazed chemistry at KT & SJ friendship. hooooooo JSY why your acting so flaaaaaaat!!! you must learn alot , still not capable for Lead actress..

  319. 319 : nadhira Says:

    this is a really-really good drama !!!!!! clap for moon joo won acting’s quality. DAEBAK

  320. 320 : kimchilee Says:

    KDfan & Jennie,
    Thanks for the feedback.. ya.. the anger expressions are a bit exaggerated. Still, very sad to see Shunji becoming bad.. and their good friendship destroyed..

  321. 321 : dbskfans Says:

    i love joo won voice when he sing You Raise Me Up at Ojak Brother.. sounds so gentle and sweet, please you became Singer too..im pretty sure will be first person to buy your album

  322. 322 : deniz Says:

    owww me too, wanting he became singer!!!!!

  323. 323 : kdfan Says:

    me three, hope JW will sing an OST for BM

  324. 324 : Jennie Says:

    me four 😀

  325. 325 : tey Says:

    me Five !!! 😀

    @Jennie & kdfan
    i need your recommended..both of you have watched Equator man & QIH?
    is it good too watch? i’m still think over to buy it for my collections, i’m confuse EM has good enough for rating but the story look so heavy & dark and QIH looks nice but low rating, is similar with RTP??

  326. 326 : dania Says:

    oho ho ho me..sixth, seven……1 million persons wanting joo won become singer!!!!!! his voice make me dying…

  327. 327 : jwpyong Says:

    me ..for 1000,000,000 persons !!!!!!

  328. 328 : Karina Says:

    DUDE HERLINO 1 million beter than joo won..DUDE Herlino Fighting!!! you are the best. Joo won the worst!!

  329. 329 : kdfan Says:

    @tey you must must must must must watch QIM. it the best best best best drama in 2012 for me. best story, acting, romance, kisses, funny, cute, action, everything best. don’t look at the rating bec it is a cable tv drama. the rating is limited to subscribers of that cable tv channel only. i guarantee u will like it 110% 🙂

  330. 330 : eny Says:

    dude herlino is good actor in indonesia and joo won is good antor in korea, if you say the worst may be because you don’t like his character in baker king, good actor can portray good and evill character, you should honest
    i watch QIM the story is romantic, i like it too but so far for me the best drama in 2012 is gaksital

  331. 331 : Karina Says:

    Why i said here coz i know you are all here the most from indonesia
    cintai aktor sendiri kenapa seeehhhh??? Dude kerennnnn… jo won arrrh kemayu!!!sinetron indonesia juga jauh lebih bermutu dibanding korea..cintai produk dalam negri doooong…

  332. 332 : Karina Says:

    and banyak tuh drama korea yang mirip mirip sinetron indonesia..so nonton sinetron indonesia aja..!!!

  333. 333 : siska Says:

    @karina, sorry, saya nonton drama korea dari thn 2000 jamannya korea belum booming di indonesia, justru sinetron indonesia yg sering jiplak film2 korea, cintai film indonesia boleh, tp kan perlu ngak maksa, masing2 org punya kesukaan sendiri.dude keren kok, aktor indonesia untuk saat ini yg pantas sinetronnya untuk ditonton kalo dia yg main ok bolehlah, tp kalo yg lain wah masih harus bnyk belajar acting dulu deh ngak cuma jual tampang doang, apalagi crita sinteron skrg semakin ngak jelas, stripping tiap hari membodohi penonton. film2 korea juga skrg banyak yg tidak bagus ngak kayak dulu rata2 filmnya keren2, skrg yg critanya bener2 bagus paling hanya beberapa. termasuk yg joo won mainin menurut saya sih acting dia semakin bagus setelah film dia yg pertama king baker, after that ojakgyo brothers it’s ok too, joo won still cool for me, sometimes joo won maybe not so cool, but still handsome

  334. 334 : eny Says:

    setuju ama siska aq nonton jg yg bagus aj, sinetron itu aq suka kiamat sudah dekat, para pencari tuhan, kl korea yg ceritanya bagus gk cm ngandalin aktor ganteng, males bgt nonton tampang doang……….story is number one

  335. 335 : eny Says:

    soal drama jiplakan sungguh menyedihkan, tp jujur sinetron kitalah yg menjiplak, tp ad jg yg jujur dan mencantumkan judul aslinya spt liontin n dramanya indra brugman lupa judulnya kl itu sih boleh2 aj, kl pengen tahu bandingkan aj th produksinya mana yg duluan itulah yg original

  336. 336 : Jennie Says:

    @tey Hi, both the dramas are great except that both are totally different. A lot depends on your preference whether action, mystery, romance etc. Equator Man focuses more on friendship and revenge, a little bit slow at times but great acting and script. QIM is basically a romance and mystery, very similar to RTP but maybe slightly better than RTP in terms of script ( eventhough I am a huge huge fan of Micky 😀 ). Like KDfan says, don’t look at the ratings esp QIM. Watch both and I’m pretty confident that you’ll like both.

  337. 337 : MSK Says:

    Gaksital is the best drama of 2012

  338. 338 : tey Says:

    @Kdfan & Jennie

    if you are all said like that, im no doubt to buy them..my heart say you are all know a lot of korean drama, so i ask you… tengkiuuuuuuuu

  339. 339 : Karina Says:

    aku kan pernah nonton sinetron Ratu tuh yg maen nabila Syakieb & cristian sugiono.. kerennnn banget..eh trus temen aku ngajak nonton Snow Queen yang maen hyun bin ..eh ceritanya persis deh sama Ratu.. gak lanjut deh.

    Lalu aku nonton Princess hours gileeee persis banget dengan sinetron kesayanganku Benci Bilang Cinta, marshanda & Baim Wong dan banyak lagi yg mirip mirip

    huaaaah capeeee deh…itu marshanda cute banget dibanding Yoo en hye..apalagi Baim Wong…wah joo ji hon lewattttttzzzz

  340. 340 : zaza Says:


    whataver you said, aku tetap lebih suka Joo won…may I? any forbidden rules for that? everyone has free to choose who are their like/love..even from different country. just keep your Dude Herlino and i keep Joo won. oke??

  341. 341 : zaza Says:

    Cerita sebagus Princess Hours and top rating masa sih menjiplak Benci Bilang cinta??? gak salah tuh non??

  342. 342 : zaza Says:

    Ghost!!! i’m gonna die coz of this

    Joo won with white shirt!!!!! OMG…pingsan gue..!!!


  343. 343 : maya Says:

    everyone…Help joo won please!!!
    VOTE for JOO WON

  344. 344 : annoy Says:


    you know what because of someone like you..make us people think indonesian people really annoying to death..hey gurl..this is KOREANDRAMA.ORG..if you hate korean drama so much then why are you here??im not from asian..but my friend and i always think indonesian people really annoying…come on…indonesia entertainment industry not so big ok..i dont even know which actor or actress that you talking about..so shut your mouth and get out of here…

  345. 345 : ogrenji Says:

    hehehe..come on guys,back on track,we don’t need to feed the “TROLLS” better fill this comments with discussion about the drama and ignore those annoying out of topic comments 😉

    anyway patiently waiting for the next gaksital episode,coming back and forth to dramacrazy >_<

  346. 346 : Merry Says:

    @karina: Gw orang indonesia tp I Like koreannnn drama ssooooo muchhh and I hateee Sinetron Indonesia…yg hasil jiplakan .I luv Joo Won, Park Shi Ho, Park Ki Woong,Dan buat karina You jerk..

  347. 347 : tey Says:

    agree with ogrenji

    lets back on the track..just ignore annoying comments..

    How if we enjoy this link

    joo won so great here..better Karina watch too to compare him with you

    actors that you said before..xixixi so funny

  348. 348 : eny Says:

    sorry dear don’t judge indonesian people annoying because plenty of person like that. i’am from indonesion too and i think every country always had good people and bad people. i don’t like karina comment too just don’t judge all the people like that

  349. 349 : eny Says:

    please forgive me if my comment hurt another feeling and for every moslem in the world marhaban ya ramadhan, minal aidzin wal faidzin. Gaksital is the best 2012 korean drama, i’m really sure about that, this drama really hard to beat

  350. 350 : Merry Says:

    @enny: I agree with U

  351. 351 : annoy Says:


    thats why im saying..for some people like karina make me feel annoy..i just came here to read a few comments about this drama..but then when i saw her comment,i just really hate it…its really ruined my mood to watch this drama..please dont compare your actress or actor with another countries..its so rude..and i apologize if my comment seem so straightforward..but it just my opinion..so lets get back to the topic..THIS DRAMA..

  352. 352 : Carla Says:

    Watch I Do I Do instead! Huh?!!

  353. 353 : torri Says:

    hi everyone , well i would realy love to watch this drama , am on break from school now , so i was just wondering can anyone tell me if this is worth my time for now or should i put it on my list for later when i have more free time , and if so can anyone recomend any thing fun and intresting, oh and by the way am currently watch i do, i do , ., ghost and gentlman dignity , thanks guys , and i hope i have not offended anyone with my comment ,

  354. 354 : kdfan Says:

    OMG what a cliffhanger for ep 15! Will Kangto really reveal he is Gaksital? Unlikely since there are still so many episodes left. but can’t imagine how he is going to save himself and mokdan when shunji has almost figured out everything. Can’t wait for ep 16!

  355. 355 : tey Says:

    Me too.. so worried him from now on.. what happen with him when shunji figured out everything. i cant breath coz of this.. this is still ep 15.!!!

  356. 356 : Jennie Says:

    Huh? I thought this was a 20 episode drama? When did it become 28? Never mind, means I get to see more of Joo Won only- yay 🙂

  357. 357 : tey Says:

    @ Kdfan
    just my mind coz still ep 15 so still have 13 ep to the end..: is it possible Baek Gun to come in as Gaksital to save Kangto then this will throw Shunji off for a while?But this means that Mok Dan still not realize yet KT as BM ?? huh cant wait for 16!!

  358. 358 : kdfan Says:

    I couldn’t wait, so much that I had to watch ep16 before IDo finale! Wow, that was a really good reason given by Kangto to save himself and mokdan at Shunji’s gunpoint. And it’s not entirely a lie either. Yippee! joowon had to tug his loveline. love his ‘confession’ that came with a curse!

    Just when my heartbeat stabilised after mokdan almost got into the box of nail, it went racing again with yet another superb cliffhanger. from just one gunpoint in ep15 now we hv the whole police team aiming. oh boy .. no chance for Kangto to change into Gaksital at all.

    @tey very good idea you have about Baek Gun. Altho he didn’t come n save Kangto, I hope he will soon. I want Kangto to remain Gaksital unknown to the public forever just like Zorro ..

  359. 359 : siska Says:

    @annoy, people like karina is really disturbing, so just ignore her ok, let we keep on this kd bridal mask, our fav joo won. I’m really fan of him, he is good actor. so i dont care about people don’t like joo won, stay outside if you don’t like our joo won, we are here for korean drama fans, for me joo won so handsome, and really good actor.

  360. 360 : zaza Says:

    wow..fantastic rating!!!! bravo

  361. 361 : zaza Says:

    Joo won must get awards this year!!!

  362. 362 : desh Says:

    I bet the stupid mokdan still doesn’t get it isn’t she?

  363. 363 : dbskfans Says:

    yes..i agree..she is like an unuseful main girl! it’s too bad!!
    i was feel sick..to watched her being caught-release and so on…
    and the other hand

  364. 364 : fransiska Says:

    Joo Won…strong kangto…:)

  365. 365 : KDaddict Says:

    Now that I do I do has ended (n Big is ending), there’s time to play catch up w this show, which I’ve been curious abt. I’ve read a couple of recaps on DB, n this is really hot. Only it has much angst, n we’ve to worry abt Kang To/Gaksital’s fate fr ep to ep. I always end up w a knot in my stomach on this type of show! I’ve faith that the good guys will prevail. Well, some of them at least.

  366. 366 : lovazhaviea Says:

    so amazing…..i’m so excited to this drama can’t wait the nex episode

  367. 367 : maya Says:

    Kang to…keep faight..now i’m so worried. oh GOD save our Kangto!!!

  368. 368 : Karina Says:

    DUDE HERLINO…I Love u…just beat joo won down!!!

  369. 369 : cameela28 Says:

    joo won so Hot..just imagine him come to my real life.is it possible??

  370. 370 : cameela28 Says:

    hi Karlina, why you force us to like dude herlino? who is he? i did not him at all. you are so funny!!!!!!

  371. 371 : eny Says:

    somebody said half truth is the best lie, good trick to escape, kang to is really smart

  372. 372 : tey Says:

    This was really my favorite episode thus far. I like it the way Mokdan look Kangto ,finally Damsari relize that Kangto is on their side and he even told Mokdan about it…wow ,…so like it. i hope the seed of love in MD’hearts will grow fast..1 millions like it..hope next ep will any kiss scene between MD & K..yey…

  373. 373 : gyote Says:

    JW is truly becoming a one of a kind Hallyu star!!!! the prince of Rating!!!

  374. 374 : gyote Says:

    almost every episode end with the faces of K and S looking at each other 😀
    i really hope none of them will die at the end . i love both

  375. 375 : Karina Says:

    Dude Herlino the prince of indonesian actor !!!! more great than joo won!!

  376. 376 : eny Says:

    karina always update this page at least, be carefull first hate later become love

  377. 377 : rose Says:

    it is really worth watching, exciting!!!!!!

  378. 378 : saoirse Says:

    daebak! every episode is like a mini movie – full of suspense and thrill, plus a very intense and touching love stories and friendship, and it makes me appreciate how people from the past fight for their independence

  379. 379 : tey Says:

    I also curious about Karina.. she dont like joo won so much..but why she still stay here? i think so strange.. may be you right, hate become love ha ha ha. hi Karina welcome to joo won fans site 😀 😀 😀 don’t be shy.. just join 😀 😀 😀

  380. 380 : tey Says:

    hi all!!
    i heard that this week GAKSITAL not airing?? is it right?? why??

  381. 381 : Jennie Says:

    @eny & tey Both your last comments re Karina made me laugh. Thanks to you both who help brighten an otherwise day full of hypocritical people 😀

  382. 382 : sepra Says:

    joo won daebak

  383. 383 : helena21a Says:

    if bridal mask is 3rd. which drama is 1st and 2nd?

  384. 384 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    I can’t seem to get enough of Joo Won.Though the female lead has no appeal
    Joo Wons acting and charisma carries and makes the drama not only interesting but amazing.Superb acting and story line.Not to forget Joo Wons animal magnetism.What a handsome man.

  385. 385 : eny Says:

    @helena, i read it somewhere that gaksital in the first drama aired in wed-thursday, the first and the second not drama, i can’t read it because in korean abjad, i guess news or sport

  386. 386 : taryn Says:

    joo won is scary when he is sato hiroshi, kekeke… got great charisma. and when it comes to 1N2D he’s way too cute for being the maknae. they baby him so much. i love it when he’s acting like the maknae in 1N2D. he’s one great actor. why is gaksital not number 1? I wonder…

  387. 387 : asiong Says:

    iam a man ..i dream become joo won.. in order has a number of women around me ha ha ha

  388. 388 : jeremy Says:

    me oo..if i were joo won , so happy may live

  389. 389 : angelamiles Says:

    guys is it true that the drama has 28 episodes? in other website it stated there it has only 24 episodes…wow if it is true i still have 6 weeks to wait until the final episode..hehehe…six weeks of a heart pounding every each episode hayts….

  390. 390 : angelamiles Says:

    Helena 21a you are asking which drama 1st and 2nd? through searching i found it here, the 1st drama among the survey is The chaser and A gentleman’s dignity 2nd…

  391. 391 : ogrenji Says:

    @tey really???!gosh hope it’s not goin to happen, i really wanna know the next episode,i dont think i can wait another week >_<'''''''……

    btw is there already a preview for upcoming episode?

  392. 392 : tey Says:

    i heard because olympics relay, it will only broadcast on wednesday no broadcast on thursday. but it could be wrong.. let’s we pray.. .it will not happened

    i found the link preview of ed 17, but i can not open it. just try he he

  393. 393 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi guys,
    The Olympics r coming, n will take over some KD time slots for sure. It sucks, but No getting around it. Use the time to rewatch shows u love, or catch up on those you’ve been wanting to watch. (I intend to get cozy w this one, Ghost n Chaser over the next few weeks.) Or you can watch the games! 😉

  394. 394 : karina, Says:

    kalau joowon ga tayang, nonton dude herlino aja di RCTI..verry handsome

  395. 395 : karina, Says:

    @eny & tey

    i guarantid you, dude can replace joo won and other korean actor etc..you will tottaly crazy..yey

  396. 396 : leony Says:

    ow ow ow..i want kiss scene next episode..cant wait ..damn how i can sleep before next ep!!!

  397. 397 : mimi lie Says:

    joo won can not compare with dude herlino, at all. law sense

  398. 398 : mimi lie Says:

    joo won so adorable.. he must get award this years

  399. 399 : eny Says:

    i know dude good actor too but they are from different country, may be if you are the producer you can put them in one movie or drama, i’ll be the first to watch it

  400. 400 : ogrenji Says:

    here’s the trailer for ep17,i wonder what makes kang to in tears listening to mokdan 🙂 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr1E6QVfNcs

    @KDaddidct hehe that’s my plan too,i’m starting on BIG now ^^

  401. 401 : damai Says:

    here the 5 list of my fav act :
    1. joo won
    2. joo won
    3. joo won
    4. joo won
    5. joo won

  402. 402 : Karina Says:

    i said to all.. LEBAY! LEBAY! LEBAY!

  403. 403 : tey Says:

    @ ogrenji
    thanks but my internet so bad connection, running so so slow…
    i am curious what does mokdan say to KangTo? that make KT in tears??
    To nite seems too long….can not wait !!

    he he he i just try to understand what karina’s feel 😀 , it must be difficult tsituation , someone who hate became her love..may be now she still try to againts it .. Karina fighting!!!

  404. 404 : Daniel Says:

    I’m so excite of seeing Lee Gangto. The way he act is so match to him. One of his greatest is saying BINGO to Mokkab. I’ll never forget this word. Is this available at market now i search but could not. BINGO………… hehehe

  405. 405 : ogrenji Says:

    ep 17 is greaaatttt…watch it raw though,and skip some scenes just to get enough preview for my curiosity hehehe i’ll watch it again when it subbed, i think by ep 18 we’ll see much more romantic scenes between gangto n mokdan hohoho *been waiting for it* ^^

  406. 406 : shah Says:

    why thursday onwards don’t have a show?

  407. 407 : Jennie Says:

    @shah Bingo, because of the London Olympics 😀

  408. 408 : tey Says:


    Bingo!!! he he he

  409. 409 : rara Says:

    sorry but i still hope Kangto ends with H – the rara girl. They look good together. I dont like Mokdan too predictable the acting and they dont look good together

  410. 410 : vanessa Says:

    finaly D finds out that mr sexy KT is her Gaksital.Bingo!!!

  411. 411 : tiara Says:

    Now I wish Gaksital keep airing 2 episode in a week! LOL.. What Am I SUppose to do???
    Gahhhhh!!! The ending kills me!

  412. 412 : jessica Says:

    @ rara

    i think Rara girl not suitable for Kang to too , they are (mokdan & Rara) both not good for him. Only ME , the one will good together with Kangto, and joo won forthe real life !!!! yipppeeeeee

  413. 413 : shah Says:

    Jenny, the opening only start Friday….so saddddd

  414. 414 : rose's Says:

    Gatsuyama Jun..
    Gatsuyama Jun..
    Gatsuyama Jun..

  415. 415 : Jennie Says:

    @tiara We are all dying here 😉 Episode 17 is just so awesome and what a cliff hanger! I practically bit all ten fingernails of mine! And we have to wait a whole lonnnnng week!
    @shah What to do? At least we still get to see one episode a week instead of none, so thank goodness for that 😀
    ——–JOO WON——-
    ——–JOO WON——-
    –MY CRUSH for 2012–

  416. 416 : kdfan Says:

    Is every episode going to be like this till the end? For the past few n ep 17 my adrenalin rushed back n forth n i was gripping the seat til my fingers hurt. I see great improvement in Mokdans acting. I love the scene when Kangto revealed he is young master, so sad! she found out his both identities in one episode wow! Is 11 more eps going to be enough? Cant wait for next week!!

  417. 417 : Nelly O Says:

    Kang to & Mokdan..Bingo!!..hehe

  418. 418 : sassou Says:

    I love mokdan acting in this episode , and i’m really happy that she finds out that gakistal is kang to , CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK
    MOKDAN & KANGTO fighting <3 <3 <3

  419. 419 : jangerr Says:

    @415 Jennie

    I thought it was Micky? Wait a minute, or was it Jung Il Woo? Hahaha! 😉

  420. 420 : Jennie Says:

    @jangerr Hee hee my crush for Micky is forever but am going to leave a little space in my heart for Joo Won for the rest of 2012 and maybe 2013. I heard that JW has been offered another drama, something Civil Servant for later part of this year. He sure is hot property now and I hope he takes on the role 😀

  421. 421 : tey Says:

    so happy heard you give a little space for joo won, i’m sure it will more bigger & bigger soon he he he. to be honest i’m big fan for micky too. and after Ojak brother , i found this actor really great & has special smile & eyes..i think he is my big fan too he he he

  422. 422 : Jennie Says:

    @tey I liked JW when he first starred in Baker King and my liking for him grew in Ojak. With Gatsital, he has proven to be such a phenomenal and charismatic actor that I cant help but be impressed with his talents and looks too..heehee. Must confess that I continued watching 2D1N because of him, without him, Seung Gi and Ho Dong, somehow the show is no fun 😀 So my crush on JW will last longer than most but Micky will always be número uno 😀

  423. 423 : kdfan Says:

    @jennie. Me too like JW in Baker even though he was played a bad person character. He had great chemistry with eugene there which was commendable for his young age. The best is JW can look young or matured depending on how he acts. Did u watch him in HT with the Ojak stars? Too bad he is so shy in real person. I hope hope hope he will be in Civil Servant. I can already imagine him kicking ass in that role. So sad nothing to watch today. 7 hours to kill in Narita enroute to LV.

  424. 424 : noct Says:

    so this Show’s gonna be aired just once a week? it hurts, i thought i could watch it the 18th this day.. ;( im so addicted.. what an ending in the 17th episode.. 😉

  425. 425 : xyubave Says:

    Wahh this k-drama makes me crazy i cant breathe the last part that MD knows that the man he hates is the man who she loved..i thought this drama is going like MD is torn between BM and Yong Master but im glad that the story is very fast that MD knows the identity of BM…i love more Jowoon in this drama hes acting is superb im an avid fan of So Ji Sub eversince but when i recognize JW in his debut drama w/c is Baker King i cant stop thinking of him and now my heart now is always on JW no matter what..hope this drama is going to extend again..28episode is very short for me:-)

  426. 426 : xyubave Says:

    Hope that he accept the offer of the movie remake into a series..so that i can continue to watch Jw in the another series..but im worried about his health due to his lack of sleep this period of time. He’s so very very bz in his schedule..maybe he needs more rest in a week aftr he the BM.

  427. 427 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Have phone will travel, huh? The wonder of tech 😉 Just make sure you get onto the correct flight hehe – and have a safe and fun-filled trip 😀 Yep, I saw the episode in HT. JW was so terribly shy but I guess that’s what makes him so adorable! Btw, did you watch Strong H yesterday? Lee Dong Wook’s first time as host and Lee Jin Wook was there! They were both so cute. There’ll be more of them next week so don’t miss if you’re a fan. Bon Voyage!

  428. 428 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie. Bec I typically don’t watch tv at that hour, I always forget to watch Strong Heart. I definitely must try harder to remember. I hope LDW is as good as LSG.

  429. 429 : conny Says:

    after watch him at Kim tak gu, i feel something inside my heart grow , so sweet JW.. since that time i totally decide to be his Big fan, joo won fighting!!! youe the best

  430. 430 : Diana Says:

    joo won !!! you killed me by your eyes.. damnnnnnn…

  431. 431 : Diana Says:

    you give me so hard time..cant do any thing !!! oh ghosh, how i can forget you

  432. 432 : Karina Says:

    wow.. Dude herlino ..how awesome your are…temen temen ayo nonton sinetron dude di RCTI,,kerennn abis……cakeuuuuuuupppppp. jangan nonton joo won, dia terlalu kelimis agak kewanita wanitaan

  433. 433 : pamela hit Says:

    cant tell with words, how great this drama!!!

  434. 434 : krissan Says:

    joo won daebak.. he is the best actor 2012

  435. 435 : jessica Says:

    Can’t get over this scene!
    Sorry PKW i adore you but i despise Shunji! hahahaha..lols!

  436. 436 : amanda Says:

    they are so cute during the bts…after watching this i’m beginning to doubt my sanity because if only PKW was a girl i want him to be with JW…they are so adorable together…aaaahhh…forgive me for this kind of thought…

  437. 437 : Lingga Says:

    i felt disappointed for K & D kissing, it so quickly, my long waiting just like that

  438. 438 : tey Says:


    i think kissing scene was going to happen at ep 18..just wait

  439. 439 : ogrenji Says:

    yay tmrw ep 18 ^^ here’s d preview: http://www.vingle.net/posts/40888-Bridal-Mask-Gaksital-Ep-18-Preview-ENG

    if they already kiss in ep 18,i’m curious about how things turn out,they still got 10 more ep to go…i hope their romance lasts till end (nobody’s dyin) 0_o

  440. 440 : Jessica Says:

    wohooooo..Mokdan!!! Kangto!!! Bring it on..!!!!

  441. 441 : eny Says:

    impatient waiting for each episode of gaksital (the most addictive drama),try to find fun drama to cure but fail, a gentlememn dignity not strong enough to save me….never feel it to another drama, OMG………..

  442. 442 : ogrenji Says:

    anyway i wonder why bridal mask poster not on the “Popular Now!” list above?this drama already has 400 comments more than ‘reply 1997’

    (@ogrenji from admin, ‘Popular Now’ is based on total visitors view that drama everyday. It’s have nothing related to total comments on that drama.)

  443. 443 : eny Says:

    watch spoiler picture of ep 18 from gaksital facebook looks really promissing

  444. 444 : Mariam Says:

    Can’t wait for episode 18, this drama is super duper amazing, I am in love haha 😀

  445. 445 : tey Says:


    i wonder about that too..why BM at the list “Popular Now”
    and i wonder why i can not find any article about BM or joo won at tabloid, magazine like Asian plus, korean star.
    i do really regret, i guess article will come out this month (edition) like last edition every Korean drama with high rating (with the actor too)was come out at korean’s star magazine .so i pretty sure buy that magazine, with full hope BM inside.. BUT..i didnt find that. i just find Ghost, big, i do ido etc etc .But Bridal mast not inside.

    Anyone know why it’s happen?? i want to now the reason about this..i’ts about the budget of promotion? or sim ent not doing much for Joo won?
    I’m really currious

  446. 446 : tey Says:

    @ admin

    hi.. may i know the conditions in order the drama can display at the list POPULAR NOW (upside) ? i’m just curious why BM not inside

    thank you

    (@tey from admin, please take a look on comment #442)

  447. 447 : xyubave Says:

    Patiently waiting for the sub of ep 18,wahh so addicting to Joowon and and this drama..the kissing scene of KT and MD.

  448. 448 : ogrenji Says:

    @admin oooo i seee ^^ and all these time i thought it depend total comments (._____.)” tx for the respond btw ^^

    @tey let’s open this page lots hahaha ^^

  449. 449 : key142 Says:

    how come there was only one episode last week?

  450. 450 : noct Says:

    well looks like there’s only one episode this week too. ;(

  451. 451 : Melda Says:

    It is because of the Olympics 2012 so they only showing once a week

  452. 452 : jinni Says:

    end of ep 18 is so exciting and what’s next to Gaksital ( Joo Won a handsome hero ) , he ‘ve performed the great in fighthing actor role. can’t wait 🙂

  453. 453 : Aldona Says:

    yap the kiss was way good…there was movement of lips it was just a fraction on JSY and head movement…..

  454. 454 : tey Says:

    Ghost!!! i really really like joo won hairs style in this episode..he is become really joo won.. great..great !!

  455. 455 : tey Says:


    yups let’s do that ha ha ha

  456. 456 : KDaddict Says:

    Each week I think, “Ah, it is safe now to dive into BM n marathon it”. But each week, you guys say, “I’m biting off my nails cos of the cliffhanger”. I kinda prefer to keep my nails. But I really want to watch this! ;(

  457. 457 : feane Says:

    Ahh, I really hope it won’t end like Code Geass >.<
    Or that in the end he will be killed by the Joseon people because they won't ever know who he really is ;_;

  458. 458 : Jennie Says:

    I doubt very much Gatsital will come to a tragic end (keeping my fingers crossed – btw, has anyone read the manhwa, perhaps?) I don’t really mind if the Joseon people never really find out who he is, especially while he is alive, just so long as the people who matter most know. It’s nice to keep the real identity of the BM a mystery, don’t you think? And yeah, episode 18 is just super and the cast, especially Joo Won and Park KW are just awesome, as in every episode 😉

  459. 459 : Jim Says:

    This has gotten boring. Same thing over and over. Trouble brews and bridal mask save the day once again.

  460. 460 : feane Says:

    Well, I hope so, too. That he won’t die in the end with some meaning like “Gaksital’s more like a symbol for freedom than a person and there will always be someone being able to wear it”. I can imagine an end where Kang To dies and the wearer of the mask will change. Also that Dam Sa Ri will survive and continue being a freedom fighter since the citizens also need someone with a face, someone they can recognize and follow if there will ever be an event where they have to choose to follow or not.

    I think it’s difficult for Kang To since he has to continue acting the Jap mutt in front of his collegues which means he can’t show his people his changing. And since they already dared to burn down his home they will surely also dare trying to kill him someday :””D (Like the one who hit him unconscious in order to save Mok Dan).

    Ah, I don’t mind at all whether the Joseon people know of his identity or not. I just wish they would be able to see that he isn’t the bastard they think he is ^^

    (btw, I haven’t read the manhwa)

  461. 461 : fira nugroho Says:

    i felt so warm coz kissing scene at ep 18.. ijoo won so touching…just imagine if D is me..huh stupid girl.. kaku banget

  462. 462 : Jennie Says:

    @feane I guess what you’ve said would be the most ideal ending for the drama that BM is replaceable. Will probably be more realistic but for us, it’ll totally suck that people of Joseon will still hate Kang To 🙁 Maybe the Jap occupation will end sometime during KT’s lifetime and he can then reveal his true identity? 😀

  463. 463 : feane Says:

    *sigh* I guess it will be difficult for Kang To to make his people believe in him. If they ever find out his true identity it would have to be a scene similar to the one in ep18 where he’s hurt or almost dying whilst fighting for the right thing. So they can get a deeper impression of him and his ambitions. Hehe, I would like something like that. Maybe than they would also regret their mistake by burning the house (what I’m most curious about is whether they already regretting the deaths of Kang To’s mother and hyung… I mean, they don’t know that those were already dead. And although they disliked them, it’s not like they ever did something similar like Kang To… :”D)
    I don’t know if they can really forgive him since he DID some bad things and above all, people died because of him like that father who was hit by an officer in the earlier episodes 🙁

    What I’m also curious about is if Shunji will ever be able to return to his old self. With every step he’s taking it will be more difficult to take off the uniform and return teaching children. Ahh, I mean I know he’s driven crazy because of Gaksital but does he really feel nothing when he meets his pupil? :’D

    Ah, and I really really hope Dam Sa Ri will survive. I want to see his face when he finds out about Kang To 😆 Although I also enjoy those conversations between them where Dam Sa Ri still wonders if Kang To has/is changed/ing 😀 Like that one in the torture room when Kang To asked him about his reason for fighting.

    Argh, I’m so glad there are always two episodes per week :’D

    (dammit, another too long comment >.<)

  464. 464 : Jennie Says:

    @feane On Shunji, up till now, I am pretty confused about his actual reason for going to the other side. Is it because of his brother’s death or to protect MD or anger towards MD’s rejection of him? If it’s the first one, it was a pretty fast turn-around, don’t you think? I mean, him being a Japanese and what they stand for in Joseon at that time and he would have known how his brother was and what both the brother and father were doing. He must have been aware of their misdeeds and that being the reason why he wanted to become a school teacher instead? He became mean too fast and his meanness is even scarier because he is nobody’s fool either. Personally, I think there’s no turning back for him unless he redeems himself thru another love interest, perhaps? Another website is alive with hopes with this idea, about Shunji with Rie or Shunji with new girl, possible you think? Despite all his meanness, I still feel for Shunji. He’s definitely a complex character and pretty hard to read.
    When the Joseon people burnt KT’s house out of anger, it guess it represents the end of the old KT and a new one emerged when he took on the role as Gatsital. His mother and brother made the sacrifice and the burning house probably symbolizes that his past sins are forgiven and whatever he does after that is his redemption. That way, KT and the Joseon people will have a win win situation 😀

  465. 465 : feane Says:

    Oh, yeah, now that you mentioned it. It was really a little fast for Shunji to change so much. Hm, the reason? I think it’s both: the death of his brother and the rejection of MD (furthermore in this case MD turns to the murderer of his brother which adds to his anger). I don’t know how serious he is about protecting her. It’s just that it seems like with this he wants to turn her heart towards him, he’s alot egoistic.
    I don’t think he knew about his brother and father since he was no member of the Kishokai (or what they call themselves). There was also a scene in the earlier episodes where he remembers the words of his brother that he’s actually holding a knife to their necks because he helped the other person (was that Mo Dan? can’t remember right now :”D) escape. I guess he just didn’t want to be an officer and a puppet to his father like his brother was. That’s why he refused to win that Taekwandoo-match.
    Or maybe he already had those characteristics of being cruel and scary like his father and brother but didn’t want to admit it and therefore chose another job? Like he was trying to convince himself of being a better person? Ah, I don’t know… 😆
    Hm, do you think he will return to his old self if there was another girl? Can’t imagine that right now since there’s also the fact about Gaksital and Shunji’s revenge :”D But maybe it would be possible. I would like it to be Rie. I like her although I think she must become a littler more… active? agressive? bolder? Don’t know. Something to make Shunji aware of her in another light ^^

    Aye, didn’t think of that. That could, of course, be a possibility like an eye for an eye. KT’s dead family for the bad things he did in the past. Yeah, I like that idea. It is indeed a win win situation although the Joseon people will (maybe) never know of it 😆 Too bad :’)
    I at least hope that they will realize some day that in the past few months or whatever he stopped being cruel at all. Like that man in the hotel… 😀

  466. 466 : Leegangto's lover Says:

    the best drama ever…!! I fell in love with lee gang to……!! such as sexy namja!!

  467. 467 : tey Says:


    what the tittle of JW’s next drama?? where i can find the article about that. just curious and so happy..so this year after BM finished no need wait too long for jw’s drama .i just make sure he will accompany us all this years with his dimple ha ha ha ..

  468. 468 : Jennie Says:

    @tey You can read about it from the link below :
    I hope they will cast someone young and spirited alongside Joo Won. Am getting tired of all the older established actresses bing cast alongside younger men. I want to see some fresh faces please!

  469. 469 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie I second that. Need to see some younger actresses for a change. Not to say anything bad about older ones, they r great but a younger pairing will give a different feel, more lively, spirited as u said. I m so so glad JW will appear again so soon in another drama. And sounds like a role I will fall in love with too. Can’t wait to see more dimpled smiles! I m following 2d1n now bec of him too.

  470. 470 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Hi, hope you had a great trip in LV 🙂 I hope the new drama materializes and JW takes on the role. I can imagine him as the swashbuckling secret agent, in those hotlooking dark suits, dimpled smiles and winks as he goes ‘bingo’ each time he makes a shot LOL. He is just perfect for that role, imagine him in all his disguises – as Elvis Presley, as Man in the Mask etc with all his different hairdos..haha my imagination working overtime 😉 Seriously have no clue as who is the most suitable to be paired with him but I hope it’s not going to be Kim Ha Neul (too old), Kim Tae Hee (just can’t see her having any chemistry with JW) or Park Min Young (I think she’s burnt out from taking too many dramas too often and she’s too one dimensional in her acting) or Ha Ji Won (again simply because same roles too often that she becomes predictable). As for younger actresses, I also hope it won’t be Park Shin Hye, Suzy, Uee etc All said and done, looking forward to watching tonight’s episode of BM 😀

  471. 471 : tey Says:

    Thanks dear 🙂 wow remake of level 7 civil servant , will be great. jw replace kang ji hwan??? awesome, even KJH did so well at that movie i trust Jw will doing better, no doubt for his acting skill.

    Lead actress ??? how about Park min yong for younger actress? or yoo en hye for established actress ( if jw pairing with YEH ,i pretty sure there will be great kissing as YEH done at all her drama) can’t imagine how JW play kissing scene with her , mmmmm so sweet xixixixil

  472. 472 : Jennie Says:

    @tey Yes, YEH would be the perfect choice LOL. Both of them will totally sizzle on screen. And YEH definitely needs a good drama espcially after the disappointing Lie To Me. Started so well but …. 🙁 🙁 terrible from middle to the end!

  473. 473 : tey Says:

    @jennie yes great couple on screen !!! YEH cute and suitable for character in this drama..
    Poor she is, after Princess hours & coffee Prince she didnt get good drama after that. (lie to me, take care of young lady). hope she will get good drama after that.

  474. 474 : Taressa Says:

    @ Jenny @ Tey

    good idea, YEH for female lead!!! it is time for joo won pairing with great actress like YEH
    and… i wondering how great kissing between JW & YEH

  475. 475 : alila junot Says:

    Yess!!!!! so0 happy hearing joo won will play that drama, KJH so great actor but Joo won also great..ow ow..can’t imagine Joo won play as a litlle funny ..so we can see his smile & dimple often at that drama….give him pairing with Yoo En Hyee , great great couple and sure they will has chemistry.

  476. 476 : ty88 Says:

    Give me kissing scene between Jw & YEH…YEH soo good in kissing,..she will never stop kissing joo won’s dimple kekeke

  477. 477 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie & Tey YEH & JW would be AWESOME!! Any of you looking forward to Nice Guy?? I love the cast and can’t wait for MCW next drama. Unfortunately it’s a melo .. but I’ll still watch. Can’t wait for Gaksital ep 19 sub today!

  478. 478 : pretzel Says:

    I love the actor who wears the mask eversince his performance on the Baker’s King. I love like who is a cold and hot blooded portrayal. Sato expression is so cool. Such a good actor… I wonder why it is only now that he acts on a lead role.Moon really suits on the gaksital role. And I like the facial expression of Shunji, everytime he raises his eyebrows. Wow not everyone can do that… The whole bridal team you deserves a toast. I may say a total package.

  479. 479 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan, tey, ty88, alila junot & Taressa Let’s hope someone out there hears our wish for YEH to be the leading lady with JW. I get excited just thinking about the chemistry these two will have 😀 I too am looking forward to Nice Guy. I love melos and so far I have enjoyed all the dramas that the writer has produced eventho a lot of people didn’t. I love Thank You and Will it Snow FC. I know MCW and SJK are going to be great! Meanwhile going to check now if subs are out for ep 19. Can’t wait 😉

  480. 480 : kdfan Says:

    i’d like to applaud the makeup artists for the very realistic injuries on damsari’s face after he was tortured. i felt the pain by just looking at his face. in fact he should have shown more pain in his acting, rather it tickled me that his was talking with normal facial expression while his injuries was shouting agony 🙂

    i still can’t believe how shunji can become so extremely violent. even though he had a few traumas but kangto was his best friend. where did his conscience go. i think the best explanation is he turned psycho due to trauma. i can’t accept shunji being a baddie.

    kangto sporting a new hairstyle in ep 19. it totally goes with his style when making his moves on Rie. why am i liking it when kangto and Rie are together? rie is so obviously attracted to kangto. she’s going to be played out .. poor thing. i just love the cliffhangers, can’t wait for tomorrow!

  481. 481 : ty88 Says:

    mokdan character really boring. i mean her role is so boring. rie rocks. kangto , Kan To & Rie make me hot

  482. 482 : tey Says:

    @Jennie : yes i hope too..let’s pray for it
    @ty88 : agree with you, Rie & KT so hot, i find the link , KT kiss rie

  483. 483 : kdfan Says:

    ep 20 and this drama is still on steroid! yet another seat gripping, nail biting, me shouting ohno! ohno! omg! episode. Rie! Oh yes! Rie has to help gaksital. it’s getting complicated between kangto and rie. i’d love to see more fireworks between them!

  484. 484 : tey Says:

    i just searching for Nice Guy as you say…wow..looking forward for this!!!
    SJK & MCW will good together, sometimes SJK made my heart beat faster, i love the way his smile…is it first drama for him as lead actor?? i just knew him with my Micky at SS drama, even he didn’t as lead actor but his smile still stay in my mind kekekek

  485. 485 : feane Says:

    I’ve got the feeling, that Rie will put her life on the line to protect him und maybe lose her life due to her adoptive father :/ I would like her to help Gaksital, but that will be as much as dangerous as Kang To being an officer :”’D
    But at the same time if they work together she could become a link between Kang To and the Kishokai, since he won’t be able to enter the organization by himself. Or… maybe she can convince her father yet again?

  486. 486 : Sara Says:

    wowwwwww episode 20 was fantastic ♥
    oh god can’t wait till wednesday nooooooooo >.<

  487. 487 : tey Says:

    @sara: Hi..so glad find you here (wave )(wave)

  488. 488 : shoshlev Says:

    Was already a movie with the same subject and the idea only without the mask but I don’t remember the name of the series.

  489. 489 : kdfan Says:

    @feane it is likely rie will put her life on the line to help kangto but I don’t thinly she will die. I think kangto will save her to proof his words that he will save her no matter who she is. But it will be sad to see rie heartbroken bec kangto loves only mokdan.

  490. 490 : Jennie Says:

    @shoshlev Hong Gil Dong?

  491. 491 : Jennie Says:

    @tey SJK appeared briefly in Will It Snow for Christmas and Deep Rooted Tree. He did very well in both the dramas and became a household name with the latter and of course SKKS. I think this is his first time as lead and am pretty confident that he’ll do well in Nice Guy too despite his boyish appearance.
    @feane & kdfan Agree that Rie will be given a chance to redeem herself and will not be killed. After all she has her own sad story too and is just being used by her ‘father’. However I still prefer the KT/MD pairing because I think KT needs someone with MD’s innocence and simplicity to help him be at peace.

  492. 492 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie I still prefer kangto n mokdan but I like rie too. She is like a lost child n she is following the wrong cause. She needs to get back to the right side. I want her a happy ending but sadly she will not get the love of her saviour.

  493. 493 : tey Says:

    @Jennie : really??? wow should i bought that dvd? both are good drama??
    yah i pretty sure he’ll do the best in Nice guy

  494. 494 : Jennie Says:

    @tey Will It Snow For Christmas is a melo drama and some viewers don’t like it but there are some viewers like me who love it. SJK appeared for a few episodes in the beginning only. I am not sure if it was his first drama but most of us saw him for the first time here. He was also in Running Man for a season and he was great there as well. He also appeared in the first few episodes of Deep Rooted Treee playing the role as King and he received fantastic reviews in that drama. Am not too sure if you will like Deep Rooted Tree because it is a historical drama wilh a more experienced cast but if you enjoy a no-nonsense drama, this is one of the best. Although he is relatively new as an actor, he has definitely made a name for himself as being a talented actor and he has not failed to impress me so far, so I have high hopes that he will do well in Nice Guy as well. Btw, the writer for Nice Guy also wrote Will It Snow For Christmas, Thank You, I’m Sorry But I Love You, A View To Kill etc. Have you seen any of these?
    @kdfan Yes I like Rie too and it’ll be great if both Shunji and her can be a pair in the end:-D I like both their chemistry and it was great seeing them together,both with sparks flying somewhere in Episode 17/18 when Rie caught MD, remember? I thought they looked good together. Then it’ll be one big happy ending for me 😀

  495. 495 : eny Says:

    my little brother who usually don’t like korean drama, seem interesting with this drama, my five years old nice like it too, hope i can see this drama in indonesian television

  496. 496 : BIna Says:

    bridal mask is more important KDrama to watch this year after Moon Embraces Sun.

    The Story line also great bad guys “Lee Kang Too” change because his family died and more than He realized there so many suffered people on the peninsula country because of Japanese colonial like also on there are many traitor from inside and is more be cleared by his hand use that bridal mask legacy from his brother.

    Good people became bad people “Kimura Shunji” because of family too and because of woman called Mok Dan. because of that kimura choose to stand side Japanese colonial

    How is Drama end is very Interesting to wait

  497. 497 : ppqpham Says:

    Bridal Mask should be the best drama in 2012

  498. 498 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i like it that the plot pitches rie with kangto and not pairing her with shunji bec it creates more tension. i think the writer has made shunji totally crossed over to the dark side to the point of no return. as much as he wants to, i doubt he will be able to return to his charming, sweet school teacher self and neither would the local accept him back bec he mercilessly tortured and killed them. i don’t think shunji will get a happy ending. at best i hope he will be friends again with kangto and mokdan.

  499. 499 : Camila Says:

    better Kang To with Rie!! MD like mummy , can not express her emotion to be lead actress. beside Joo won?? OMG

  500. 500 : Camila Says:

    Rie so hot & excelent become Kang To’s partner, daebaak

  501. 501 : torri Says:

    well well well , damn , am in love with this drama , every thing about it is great , the suspense ,the acting , it took me two weeks to make up my mine to watch this and now i think i should have waited another 2 that way i can watch the whole thing without waiting for every two ep a week , damn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this is a great work well done,

  502. 502 : Jennie Says:

    After watching Episode 20, I must agree that there’s no turning back now for Shunji. I really hate him in this episode. And he’s using Mokdan too, to get what he wants. I remember in one of the episodes when both Shunji and Kang To were crying over each others’ fate and KT was saying that he would have to kill Shunji in the end. I think that this will happen and Shunji will either be killed by KT or he will sacrifice himself to save KT. Yes, he has crossed over to the other side and even if he wanted to turn over a new leaf, it’ll be too late for him. His only hope is salvation – to do one good deed to help Kangto before he dies. As for Rie, I hope she frees herself from that life of fear and misery soon. My favourite scene in this episode is when KT held MD’s hand for a brief moment after Shunji hugged her. That scene say so much yet not a word was said – so romantic 😀

  503. 503 : eny Says:

    waiting for the sub of ep 21, should be more patient again

  504. 504 : xyubave Says:

    Ep 21 subtitle, waiting in my chair now..yes patient and more patient because patient is a virtue..how many hours to go and i know eng subtitle will coming xoxo

  505. 505 : tey Says:

    agree with you, so hate shunji at this episode, and i still remember too how nice n sweet their friendship when they are crying together about hard situation for them, NOW it was too late for shunji to turning back.(i’m crying for that) , actually i love them both.. i fell sad for Rie..i think she will use her life for save Kan to..i hope samething good happen to her..so everything will happy ending..( hiks hiks woried )

  506. 506 : deane Says:

    cihuuuuuuuuy…… the rating fantastics!!!!! gaksitaaaaaaallllllll fighting till the end

  507. 507 : Grace Says:

    Rating increase with amazed!!! this drama will kill you all!!

  508. 508 : eny Says:

    the sub is really fast compare to another drama wow…..thank you so much

  509. 509 : kdfan Says:

    ep 21 is not as tense. story development, action, emotions all slowed a little. i have no more love for shunji, he doesnt even regard kangto as his friend anymore. who is prof yangbaek?? is katsuyama just worried about rie or is he also personally interested in her? i wonder what rie’s next step is since she knows kangto is gaksital, not wanting to kill him yet promising that she will. is the writer lacking ideas — mokdan’s character is getting boring. need to give her some big action-do. hope the intensity will come back in the next episode.

  510. 510 : Grace Says:

    i’am tottaly crazy for this drama, except for mok dan, she was too bad for her role

  511. 511 : Torri Says:

    The lead casters in this drama is realy doing a bad job .to me she not good .dont realy like her and she is just making things complicated .they could have picked a better actress .just saying

  512. 512 : eny Says:

    viki sub is really fast, but i can’t watch it in my country shoudl wait dramacrazy, finally sunji find out …………………

  513. 513 : Grace Says:

    @ Torri
    agree!! i just wondering why Jin Se Yun (mok dan) choose as Lead actress at the good drama like Bridal mask, play beside outstanding actor Joo won..really embrasing , she was too bad in her role here. not capable at all

  514. 514 : swift Says:

    There will be a twist in the ending of the drama, now that Shunji has unmasked the gaksital…… it is unlikely the writers would give a premature death of lee kang to at this juncture….. so what will happen next?????

  515. 515 : carmen Says:

    ok! epis 22 was really intense, oh my! oh my! pobresito de Kangto, todo herido y se desmaya y ese mal amigo Shunji que ara ahora que lo vio y tener q esperar una semana oh!

  516. 516 : Omg Says:

    OMG I just finsh eating my nail out this drama is killllling me what’s gonna happen to uri Gasktaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal ;(

  517. 517 : Dee Says:

    I think arang didn’t cheat, it is only the gossip that spread mouth to mouth! She’s being murder because someone wanted to rape her, and she is insisted to refuse, then the someone ended it with killing her, that’s what I heard for the intro at the special program, and o heard it’s the original folklore of Stanford in Korea,

  518. 518 : Dee Says:

    Sorry, wrong post, kkkk

  519. 519 : tey Says:

    OMG!!! finally Shunji find out that Gaksital is Kang To..i think it ‘s too early Gaksital was find out…can’t imagine what happen next..difficult situation for shunji, can’t wait for next ep

  520. 520 : eny Says:

    i think sunji will pretend he doesn’t know to catch yang baek and another patriot

  521. 521 : KDaddict Says:

    I started this puppy last night. It is really powerful stuff! The patriotism in the face of foreign oppression, the self-sacrifices for a bigger goal, better world, gets us right there from the get-go! The action sequences r so beautifully shot. And my goodness, is Joo Won a wonderful actor! I can go on, but I need to go back n continue the marathon.
    This is just the right antidote after an overdose of rom-coms. This and Ghost. Finished Ghost. Loved it.

  522. 522 : feane Says:

    haha, that was exactly my thought, when I started to watch non-rom-coms 😀 Started with Ghost and continued with Bridal Mask. Gives a little variety to the usual stuff ^^

  523. 523 : KDaddict Says:

    The actress is young, pretty, big eyes, rosy cheeks n ruby lips. She’s been hung, shot, bloodied a few times, yet I feel nothing, no empathy, no connection.
    I guess her performance is pretty much like her cross-dressing in ep 4. She is supposed to be dressed up as a ….man??? With a fedora n a mustache. Hahaha. It feels Fake.

    I love that the pay offs come fast n frequent:
    1, Kangto finds out Mokdan is his first love.
    2, He finds out that Gakistal is his beloved brother.
    Wooo, poor guy! That’s a lot of heartbreak for so young a fellow.

  524. 524 : KDaddict Says:

    Wave, wave! R u now torri with capital T?
    Has school started for u yet? Did u finish the last eps of AGD. They r really good.
    There r definitely more rom-coms than other types of shows. Currently I’m watching 2 shows that r interesting: Faith n Arang. Both r romances, again. So this is a good break. 😉

  525. 525 : KDaddict Says:

    The police brutality in this series makes me cringe. The bad guys r either too non-chalant abt it or enjoy it too much.
    The society depicted in this show, what a sad depressing world it was to live in!
    Ep 6 is heart-wrenching.
    Kangto loses both his beloved brother and his mother in the matter of minutes, and he has no idea why or what happened. How can a person bear the weight of so much pain? Joo Won’s performance is sensational. He makes Kangto’s anguish palpable. Didn’t know that he’d be such a good actor.
    When Kangto kicks n chops the life out of Shunji’s evil brother with his bare hands and feet, instead of it feeling violent, it somehow feels right.

  526. 526 : feane Says:

    ah, those dramas are also on my list. but there I will wait ’cause there aren’t that many episodes out yet ^^

    SPOILERS to ep22:

    I’m really anxious of what Shunji will do with this new development. There are two possibilities what could actually happen and I don’t like both of them.
    #1 Shunji will lock him up and interrogate him AND reveal Gaksital’s identity to the public whilst… maybe excecuting him? (I think that’s possible because in the last episode there were more people who came to know or became curious about his true face like the director of the circus and then that suit-seller in the shop/hide-out of Dam Sa Ri & Co. And therefore it maybe hints that finally everyone will know about Kang To.)
    #2 He won’t tell anybody but instead will use Kang To to catch Dam Sa Ri and Yoon Baek (was that his name?). An there it most likely will look like Kang To betrayed them -_- And that would be the worst. Like he will follow Kang To the hide-out and then run it over to catch Dam Sa Ri & Co. And then in front of them Shunji will say something like “Thanks for leading us to the hide-out etc…” ;_; (only if Shunji remains the ass he is now…)

    The outcome I wish would be Shunji having an inner conflict whether he should re-think his friendship with Kang To :’D

  527. 527 : KDaddict Says:

    Eps 1-8
    are fantastic, never a dull moment, except for when the camera trains itself on Mokdan. Everyone is acting their hearts out: Kangto, Kangsan, their mother–I love that actress, Shunji, the wicked old men, esp Shunji’s father–that’s one hair chilling piece of acting, n also Kangto’s plump incompetent assistant. The girls who play Mokdan, her friend who has a crush on Shunji, n the one in the circus who sells them out, these are the guppies trying to swim w tunas in acting, n not keeping up. Kenji’s performance is just a caricature.
    Too bad Shunji has to witness his brother being killed by Gakistal, for that turns him to the dark side, starting in ep 9. His friendship w Kangto has been so innocent, so full of goodness in the years before. I guess the acorn really doesn’t fall too far from the tree.
    It seems to me this ISN’T a drama that can have a happy ending. Shunji might have to die, but viewers probably won’t miss him too much by now. Or Kangto might die. Let’s hope not. But in a world like that, with so much oppression, corruption, injustice, evil, I don’t see a happy ending for Kangto and Mokdan. But I strangely don’t mind. If Mokdan had been played by sb w more believable acting, I might have been more vested in their relationship. As it is, I only feel deeply deeply sorry for Kangto’s pains, n hope that he gets to avenge his father’s death n betrayal. Perhaps in my heart of hearts, I don’t really want to see this as a romance at all. The 2 young men love Mokdan, but I don’t. She just strikes me as a necessary device to keep the plot moving along.

  528. 528 : KDaddict Says:

    Very happy to see our Min Sook ssi, JR’s extremely rich wife from AGD in this drama. She is delicious as the Countess, so manipulating, so fake to her husband, and to all the men who salivate over her. When I see her face, I feel like I’m running into an old acquaintance I haven’t seen in a while. How weird is that? I like her performance in both shows. A good char actress adds a lot of interest to a show. Hope to see her more often in future dramas.

  529. 529 : KDaddict Says:

    I can marathon the blood out of this puppy today/night, but then I’ll be at ep 22, looking into the abyss and having to wait for a whole week after a cliffhanger, 3 more times. I’m too much of a wimp, so MAYBE (Maybe NOT) I better just stop here, and finish the rest by the airing of the last 2 eps. I don’t want to bite my nails off! Here’s wishing you all grow yours back soon!

  530. 530 : momo Says:

    when is the last episode?

  531. 531 : Torri Says:

    @ KDaddict .well I can understanding to pause a bit on the drama while they air more ep I felt the same way after watching ep 20 .i don’t think I can stand all the suspense every week so I decided to stop and just wait for the whole thing To be Over then am going to watch it again the drama is just so good except for the lead actress she is not doing it for me .i think some else would have done a better job.well all the same the two leading men especially shunji that guy has surprise me a lot .i saw him at musical drama and I thought he was boring and not that much of a good actor but damn I was wrong the guy sure knows how to play evil .am very impress and I think they both deserve some good awards for this roll..well the only other drama am watch now is unexpected you .its ok so far …I guess u must have picked some dramas to watch for this other half of the year .i cant seem to make up my mine which Ones to watch but am thing five fingers will be great .well don have fun and hope u catch up with u again

  532. 532 : eny Says:

    i think she’s not too bad, he just look’s bad because of joo won outstanding performance , if she compare with another new artist she’s still ok. Joo won’s performance is really good even if i compare him to senior actor

  533. 533 : -Autumn- Says:

    Can anyone please tell me in which episode only MD recognize KT is her childhood friend?? I am still on ep 11.

  534. 534 : eny Says:

    MD know it in episode 17 or 18
    tomorrow i’m gonna watch ep 23, really wanna know what will happen

  535. 535 : BIna Says:

    time to wrap up this drama more-more confused but it’s interesting. where the headed story gone be end that’s more exciting to know at the end. Kang To dead, and Mok dan suicide her self that’s some interesting end or maybe korea get freedom from Japan colonial and Kang To and Mok dan could be live freely and Gaksital became a legend or some of heroes on the mind child that’s positive end


  536. 536 : Surian Says:

    Bridal Mask is Fantastic
    One of the best Korean Drama

  537. 537 : Omg Says:

    SPOILLER ep 24
    Now Kang to knows that shunji know about him i wish he outsmart him next week………oh the suspense

  538. 538 : Amyra Says:

    i think i lost interest for mokdan & kang To couple after the episode 18, after D took off the gaksital’s mask..seriously there weren’t some sparklings anymore between them, are they only hugging and holding hands ? i dont wanna talk about Mok dan so much, i know her less ability from the start, i also confused why she put as lead actress.but please just let we know with her expression that she (mokdan) love Kang To..and i never find it at her eyes/expression. fool Mokdan!!

  539. 539 : Carolina Says:

    Bridal mask awesome, a love all actor/actress in this drama except Jin se Yun

  540. 540 : Martha Pyong Says:

    Yess agree with you , Jin se Yun (mok dan ) so booooring, i dont wanna see the romantic scene between MD & KT, Jin se yun can not express her love..so i fetl booring with her. just more romatic scene with Rie..she is so hot with KT

  541. 541 : Carolina Says:

    better Mokdan (JSY) replace with Rie she is awesome, Mokdan/JSY not match for the main character playwith my handsome JW.i will the first person who will happy if Mokdan leave from this drama, make her died and repace with Rie..

  542. 542 : -Autumn- Says:

    Omg, nail bitting..anxious…worry are the words to describe my feeling towards this drama. I am so anxious and eager to know the ending or what will happen to all of them. I am worry that Shunji will find out about Kang To’s gaksital identity. (I am still on ep. 13). Then I am expecting more romance scene between Mok Dan and Kang To. MD’s kinda weak in her facial expression and her acting doesn’t touched my heart. Anyway, hoping that it’ll be a good ending for KT and MD.

  543. 543 : meipyong Says:

    the bad actress Jin se yun replace En jung at Five Finger???? OMG, who is she??? i wanna kick her out at bridal mask and now she come out at Five Fingers..totally crazy!!! helloooo JSY you must learn how to express the emotion!!! you are too flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!

  544. 544 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, Everyone,
    Could someone please tell me the name of the song at the end of ep 12? It is sung by a male singer with a deep husky voice. I love that song and would love to download it.

    I just finished ep 15. This series has you so worried in every ep. We worry that he’ll be exposed, shot, caught. We worry abt Damsari and the ppl he works with. Strangely I’m not so worried abt that girl. Gakistal is protecting her, so I don’t worry. Plus as everyone is saying here, she is so flat, it matters not what happens to her.
    At the end of ep 12, when she and Gakistal are in an embrace beside the horse in the woods, the girl has no expression, zero, zilch. I see no passion, no this is the moment to die for, I may never see u again but I’ll love u all my life, etc. Nothing! Arghh.
    Shunji has some scary disgusting expressions tho.

  545. 545 : Jason Sudekis Says:

    Oh no! Don’t tell me that actor Kim Eun Soo isvon this drama as well! I keep seeing him in all the good dramas, why does he get all the parts? Don’t they have enough actors in Korea to do the older parts or isbit that he just looks so evil that is why they use him???

  546. 546 : Jason Sudekis Says:

    Really weird drama this is, by the way. I don’t know if I like it, honestly!!!

  547. 547 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Hi (>‿◠)✌ Sorry for the late reply. The name of the song is You In My Arms by Bohemian. D/L : http://k-popdownloadlink.blogspot.com/2012/08/bridal-mask-ost-part4.html

    Hope it’s the right song. Enjoy 😀

  548. 548 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    I was totally dumbstruck by this movie. Actors have great acting ability… Have kept me asking for more!!!!!!!

  549. 549 : taryn Says:

    I don’t like Mokdan for Kangto, don’t hate me for saying. KT is just way too good for her. Rei is pretty for KT. wished they were the lovebirds. this drama is killing me. i’m too nervous watching this. sometimes I just closed my eyes. but KT is so gorgeous that I can’t resists his charms. i always watch him in 1N2D too, he’s way too cute playing the maknae. everyone just adores him there.

  550. 550 : Naga Says:

    Just finish ep 24. This drama is getting more exciting…

  551. 551 : eny Says:

    the preview of ep 25 is ……………………………WOW………………..what will happen?…………………………..

  552. 552 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict & Jennie love that OST too! i usually compile all the latest ones in CD n then listen when I drive. Half the time paying more attention to the songs reminiscing the dramas than paying attention to my driving 😛 btw my trip to kdland is this Fri, finally!!

  553. 553 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Hi, me too, me too but not only OSTs but KPop too which I tune in to every two weeks or more especially the boy bands heehee and some older, more established singers. My kids are so sick and tired of listening to Korean songs that they ‘ban’ me from listening when they are in the car with me. Haha! Lucky you, to be going on another trip again. Have a super fun trip and make many happy memories with your hubby and kids. Heard that it’s super hot now over there (and I do mean the weather, my dear heehee)

  554. 554 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie my kids love them songs n can even sing along to some 🙂 n hubby is a fan of baek jiyoung. Kids r super excited abt the trip. I think the typhoon is cooling things down. Hopefully it will be nice mid 20C. Trip takes my angst off Gaksital, can’t wait to watch the ending.

  555. 555 : jeanty Says:

    New Joo Won’s song:

  556. 556 : eny Says:

    Bridal mask is the best drama of the year
    1. Best script writer
    2. Best leading actor
    3. Best OST: Goodbye day, Judgement Day and Joo Won’s ballad song is my favorite, the instrumental seem really good too
    4. Best poster, simple and really describe the drama

  557. 557 : ppqpham Says:

    Oh, this is the BEST drama in 2012 <3

  558. 558 : snowflake Says:

    For me the BEST drama 2012! GREAT!

    And I love Joo Won’t s ballad song. He is so talented!

  559. 559 : swift Says:

    kahahahahha…………. i just watched ‘unexpected you (in ep52)’ and they used the theme music from bridal mask in that drama. i couldn’t stop laughing ………………..

  560. 560 : lolz Says:


  561. 561 : Jennie Says:

    @lolz LOL, for a moment there I thought you meant that they decided to extend it to 30 episodes..phew! It may not be a good thing to extend so many times as the story will drag and the quality of the drama will drop. Furthermore, I think the cast really need to rest, especially JW and PKW. Both of them really look tired. They deserve a pat on the back and lots of rest. I am also looking forward to the next drama, Nice Guy which will replace BM 🙂

  562. 562 : siska Says:

    joo won is great actor, and i can’t wait this film coming to the end so i can see this bridal mask coming to indonesia.

  563. 563 : eny Says:

    i hope so,the story of bridal mask reminds us of japanese occupation era in our country

  564. 564 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    This will forever be one of my favorite kdrama ever. love the casts and the acting ability is truly amazing. Hope that they will air this in the Philippines as well. Good job all!

  565. 565 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx for the OST!
    You have a super duper trip to KDland, and tell us all abt it when you return!
    Ya, you fooled me for a min! I’d like an extension too, but don’t know if my poor heart can take it!

  566. 566 : Gaksital Says:

    GAKSITAL/BRIDAL MASK is superbly,tensingly,scaringly awesome … previously i used to avoid tension providing drama, but this drama just hooked me with story and acting and with everything.

    Actor JOO WON : is too good actually i should write great as officer lee kang too(his scary glare) as well as mysterious freedom fighter Gaksital. I just love him…

    Actor PARK KI WOONG : i always know he is a good actor as well as good looking but i personally never find him attractive n like him as actor. so when i 1st saw him as teacher in this drama i felt nothing, then when he became officer Kimura Shunji who is obsess to catch Gaksital like a madman i must mention this he is very very verrrrrrrry scary…NOW he scare me ‘n’ I love to HATE him as Kimura Shunji in this drama…

    I love every character in this drama apart from Mok Dan who has nothing much to do so i dont feel much for her…


  567. 567 : KDaddict Says:

    Dare we hope that Kangto will be alive and WELL at the end, with a wife he loves and happiness to be had?
    I’d be so pissed if he dies!

  568. 568 : tey Says:

    wow..Love & Love !!!! i’m so melted with that song. joo won really great in everything <3 i hove someday my dream will come true , he will be a singer..<3 <3

  569. 569 : eny Says:

    i really wonder how this drama gonna end, really hard to predict
    i like this song too, i like it from the first time .Usually i only like korean song when it really match with the scene in the drama, but i love this song even i didn’t hear it in any scene of the drama yet. I can feel the emotion of this song just by the way he sing it even i don’t understand korean language

  570. 570 : feane Says:

    I don’t think he will die. Like in ep 26 was said by Kang To himself, Mok Dan wouldn’t cope with it if he also does.
    Most likely either both of them will live or both of them will die. Like in the anime “Lady Oscar” (if sb knows that)? Since the basic topic of this drama is the fight against the Japanese during that time what means a happy ending for love doesn’t necessarily have to be :””D

  571. 571 : surian Says:

    For me the BEST drama 2012!

  572. 572 : siska Says:

    i think bridal mask is good korean drama, the story interesting, the actor really good, but why the response to this drama not so much than another korean drama like arirang or faith the good doctor? i don’t understand why.maybe because the actor in arirang like lee jun ki mpre popular than joo won? or like Lee min hoo in faith the good doctor? i don’t know with you guys, but i prefer watching joo won in bridal mask, than other korean drama. i really like joo won, not because his handsome, but the acting is good. better than lee min ho, sorry, i like lee min hoo too, he is so handsome, really good looking, but the stroy in faith good doctor not so interest. but anyway i hope the fans of korean drama is must see this bridal mask too.daebak joo won

  573. 573 : eny Says:

    agree with you siska, it’s because of their popularity plus the genre of this drama isn’t teenager favorite, teenager like something fun and most of them can’t handle dark and suspend drama like this.
    I like joo won because of his acting too, i already feel his acting good in baker king eventhough he is antogonist and i never knew him before

  574. 574 : Natalia lee Says:

    joo won so awesome, now i’m fallen in his voice..daebaaak

  575. 575 : Camila Says:

    i really hate Jin se Yun, she was useless , boring.. very flat> i hope i never see her again pairing with joo won, she is rubbish!!!

  576. 576 : Jennie Says:

    @Camila That’s a terrible thing to say about someone you don’t even know. You may not like her as an actress because her acting is ‘very flat’ or ‘boring’ but to call her ‘rubbish’ or ‘useless’ is uncalled for. I am not a fan but your comment makes me annoyed with how careless you use your words.

  577. 577 : siska Says:

    yes i agree with eny, maybe this story not for teenager, but joo won acting is so awesome even in baker king his playing antagonist, but i really like he in ojakgyo brothers. have you see ojakgyo brothers? chemistry between joo won and uee so good, but too bad in bridal mask mok dan character playing by jin se yun, compare chemistry in ojakgyo, i don’t see chemistry between them. why the director choose jin se yun to playing mok dan? i don’t understand. makes me feel sad if i think about that. jin se yun must learn a lot to become good actres,i think she has try hard to play this role, but the eyes when she looking at lee kang to, oh where the feel of love in her eyes?and when she sad? sorry for jin se yun, she must learn again about good acting not just good looking on tv you now.

  578. 578 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict if kangto and mokdan die, then shunji should die too but then that would be too many death. i think they will live and only shunji dies. they have to!!! but i am bracing myself for a gory wedding scene. so excited for the finale tonight. and so looking forward to niceguy. holiday was great but it’s so good to come back to watching KDs 😀

    altho just got back fr kdland, i want to go back soon. next time must not bring my kids, too much work not enough me-time! i need a ladies’ trip to shop til drop, even if just window shopping, prices are steep! sokcho was good. saw many sites appeared in many k dramas, they even hv signages to say these were drama filming sites! seoul was a good experience n country-side was beautiful. took a scenic drive thru Yangpyeong. again, site of many kdramas. if I could draw like Jennie (n u too right?), I would spend a week there. gorgeous n inspirational landscape just makes u want to whip out your easel stand n brushes. the only letdown – i did not catch sight of any hallyu stars hahaha. anyway thx both of u for all the info for my trip 😀

  579. 579 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Welcome home – there’s no place like home, eh? Happy to know you n family had a great time. LOL, I can’t draw, can only paint, there’s a big difference you know.
    I feel really nervous and uneasy after watching Ep 27. Is Mok Dan going to die? I fear she will try to shield KT and get killed in the process! At first I thought Shunji had a chance to redeem himself when he didn’t kill Rie but I am quite lost when it comes to reading him. I hate and feel sorry for him at different times 🙁 I like this episode, more because we see the inner turmoil in these two friends. I hope no one dies – I’m so scared for all of them. Definitely gonna watch this live tonight 😀

  580. 580 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie ah yes, i did want to type paint not draw but too lazy to correct it 🙂 but i m not artistically inclined at all n was never trained in arts n if u didnt say so i actually thot those who r good at drawing r quite capable of painting n vice versa 🙂
    I was sad a couple of episodes back when shunji has turned totally bad. at this point, there is no more chance for him to redeem himself. he felt nothing after kangto spared his life. so, i really think shunji will die in the end. so many comments condemning mokdan’s acting. i guess not many will be sad if she does 😛 I think her acting is not that bad. i hope she won’t die, don’t want to see a sad ending for joowon! i will wait for subs since it’s really quick. too many dramas to catch up!!

  581. 581 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan I don’t think JSY’s acting as bad either. She’s still young (only 19!) and a new star too. I find her very pleasant, sweet and likeable. Yes, I too hope she doesn’t die. If she dies, it will be totally meaningless for KT even if they gain freedom and rid themselves of the Japs. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll have a good and happy ending 😀

  582. 582 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, welcome back! Sounds like you had a super time. It’s great to venture out of Seoul for the scenery. I esp like the mountain temples. Seoul prices are abt the same level as the U.S. Lots of nice things; really enjoyable just to look around.
    Tonight is the night! I hope it ends well for Kangto!

  583. 583 : Jennie Says:

    Final Episode: Spoiler
    Am 1/4 thru watching live and I don’t think I want to continue to watch anymore. It’s so saddddd.

  584. 584 : KDaddict Says:

    Final ep: Spoiler:

    No happy ending. Gakistal lives to fight another day. The ending image is hauntingly powerful!
    Great show but sad to its core!

  585. 585 : xyubave Says:

    I hate the writer for ruining the final episode..i miss mok dan.. and kang to will surely miss his love..JOOWON oppa i really love you!

  586. 586 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Yep, you said it, great show but sad to its core. I had my heart in my throat from beginning till the end. Can’t believe that the writer actually went that way, which I feared the most! This drama reminds me of a TVB drama which I saw long ago. Same theme and in the end everybody died except the hero who became penniless, crippled and all alone while the rest of the world carried on. I asked: was it worth it? And the same thing happened in this drama but at least the writer left it hanging there! Sigh! On a happy note, here comes Nice Guy!

  587. 587 : eny Says:

    i haven’t watch it yet, sad ending it’s OK, sad ending really suitable for this kind of situation, the writer just make it real.Excited to watch it with eng sub tomorrow

  588. 588 : xyubave Says:

    I think i can’t sleep tonight..i’m so dissapointed..guys help me to understand why mokdan leave kangto:(

  589. 589 : xyubave Says:

    Its over now,ok i think i need to move on in this drama..Goodbye Bridal Mask and looking forward for Nice Guy.

  590. 590 : KDaddict Says:

    Let me see if I can make you feel better:
    From the very beginning, this drama contains a childhood romance, a triangle, but it isn’t a romance at heart. The story is much bigger than a romance between two or a triangle among 3 persons. Have you seen the old movie Casablanca, the classic romance in war time? The ending makes me think of the ending in that movie, n what Bogart said to Bergman in Casablanca:
    “The problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.”
    Well, this story is about how people lived, suffered, n fought the injustice of that crazy world. The romance is a side order, not the main dish.
    Kangto is alone at the end becos he is a hero, n a freedom fighter is a tragic hero. Plus his job isn’t done. He doesn’t get to have a wife and kids, whom he goes home to at the end of each day when he clocks out from his job. These guys are prepared to fight to the death.
    I have seen this coming. I knew this wasn’t a show that could have a happy ending. But I did want Kangto to have some measure of happiness, even if it was brief, but not This brief!

  591. 591 : KDaddict Says:

    Is it worth it, you say? For Kangto or for us, u mean?
    Even tho it had us on tenterhooks, the show is definitely worth it far as I’m concerned. This level of tight, meaningful script, this level of un-self-conscious acting, expert directing, superb action scenes, this combination is rare in KDland.
    The young actress is for me the weak link. She remains unconvincing till the end. I’m sad that she doesn’t get to live w G, for his sake. For her char, I feel no empathy, becos she hasn’t made her Mokdan believable to me. I know the actress is 19, is pretty n likable. Eunji in Answer Me 1997 is also 19, but totally becomes her char, whether she is playing a jr hi school student or playing a 26 year old writer assistant.
    But it seems to me this is as close to perfect as any drama is gonna get. I can now go back and watch again from the very beginning, to savor Rie and her black knight, the acting of the evil old men, and other 2nd tier chars as well.

  592. 592 : xyubave Says:

    the last k-drama that i invest my heart into character is Cain and Abel when Shin Hyun Joon also starred in that said drama alongside wid So Ji Sub..but now its me again in this BM..in fact i watched this drama becoz of Joowon and its surprising that this drama is lesser the romance but i cant imagine myself again loving the character of kang to/sato hiroshi/bridal mask and mokdan..and after mokdan died i found myself crying in the corner:-(

  593. 593 : rhowa Says:

    Im going to missed all the characters,the fighting scenes..the only japs that i really missed aside from sunji,its Abe who since the beginning who truly love Lee Kang To..The bromance and all.. Joowon the newbie but kudos to his acting..he is the best actor even in his 1st ang 2nd drama whoooa..Joowon fighting

  594. 594 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict #591 Is it worth being a freedom fighter, of course – to give up one’s life and identity and loved ones to become the people’s hero is what I am thinking of, yes. The writer has of course stayed true to her story and the ending scene was magnificent and I had goosebumps watching the freedom fighters’ march, without a thought about what happens next in their lives. As for JSY, I have no complaints about her acting though. The love triangle is just candy floss to lighten the serious content of the drama and I don’t expect much acting from JSY as Mok Dan’s role is just plot device to get things moving. It was a bit strange for me looking at her and her father again when I watched Five Fingers immediately after watching this drama. It was as if they came back alive LOL . Rie’s role is more dynamite and requires more acting as she had a story to tell. I wished we had more of her and Shunji though. I like the ending for Shunji too – that he gave a way for Kangto not to kill him with his own hands. Anyway, great drama and I enjoyed it immensely.

  595. 595 : Jennie Says:

    #594 Oops, I mean dynamic, not dynamite 😀

  596. 596 : tey Says:

    I’m shaking !!! when Shunji kill his self… and MD died in KT arms..and hearing Love & Love at the last part.. so so sad.. and i find my self still crying , my tears like river..

    God Job Gaksistal!!!

  597. 597 : camila Says:

    wow..i’m the most happy one find Mokdan died! awesome, i hope she (jin se yun) never show up again with joo won or entertainment industry, embrasing!!

  598. 598 : tey Says:

    I’ll miss all the character of bridal mask, the most for kang to, shunji . Now just wait fot the dvd come out.and starting watch may queen and five fingers

  599. 599 : siska Says:

    i hope joo won can acting very soon in another korean drama, i can’t wait to see his acting again. really really like joo won, my favorite actor, even he is young and just playrole in 3 korean drama, but his acting is awsome, cannot forget his character in the movies he play.

  600. 600 : umm Says:

    Waaao.it was a very nice, amazing ending for this drama. i could not sleep till i finished it yesterday . I ‘d thank each member in this drama’s crew. u realy forced us to know the korean history & to memorise its independence day. It is realy a great effort,makes me looking forward for a same historical drama in my country that can brighten our history for generations. ^_^ best wishes

  601. 601 : eny Says:

    i never though that joo won will get another awesome drama again before, Actually i really like him in baker king, my number one drama all time, after watching bridal mask now i confussed which is no 1 baker king or bridal mask????????two awesome drama in different genre

  602. 602 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie you are right that mokdan’s character and the romance is not pivotal in the show. all events are to shape kangto to be the hero and leader he becomes in the end. it is just so sad the writer did not leave any family beside the ahjussi to be gaksital’s emotional support. gaksital lives on with only his country and people to love .. or perhaps an open ending for rie and kangto ..! adios gaksital. u hv taken too much of my tears.

  603. 603 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    @ Eny.I’m not sure if you have seen Ojakgyo Brothers,if not you should because Joo Won did a great job in this drama as well.Inspite that O.Brothers has 58 episode, each episode is so interesting and never boring.This is my starting point of discovering Joo Wons not only great acting but charm and good looks.I’m hoping that there will be a sequel or 2nd part of Bridal Mask,only this time with more exciting female partner that will leave as a feeling that will be instilled in our hearts and mind forever even to end it then for good.

  604. 604 : feane Says:

    Woah, although I said neither both of them die or live since there wouldn’t be any chance for Kang To to die. But, I never considered the other way around ._.
    What to say… since I was spoilered before watching the last two episodes I can’t really say whether the outcome of Mok Dan’s fate bothers me or not (at least I was prepared). I’m not really shocked, instead I even think at some point it was necessary (maybe I was anticipating it?… Since I knew how well Joo Won could handle acting that scene…. damn, I’m addicted to dramatic scenes ._.). Also, finally I could see some little changes in Shunji’s madness although he was talking about killing Kang To til the end. I really liked his decision in the end. That was a considerating thing to do for his once best friend. I also liked him remembering Dam Sa Ri’s words.

    I think this is the first time since long that I’m really satisfied with the ending. The final scene was just outstanding and captivating and impressive and… *sigh* You know, what I mean.

    ~Shall I be glad that the issue about Lee Kang To being Gaksital isn’t revealed to the people of Joseon?~ hehe, at least I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that ^^ (and it’s not important at all anymore…)

  605. 605 : feane Says:

    Well, whatever.

    Great show, great script, great actors since – for at least me – King2Hearts/Ghost/Secret Garden.

  606. 606 : tey Says:

    @ eny, why ojyakgu brother not in your list, joo won act so great @ that drama. Have you seen that? Full of jw smile with his dimple so cute.
    I love whatever joo won did, coz he always made everything good for me 😀 😀 and now I found him reveal vidio clip 2BIC ,it about sad story..

  607. 607 : eny Says:

    I watch it and i like it too, joo won acting is natural i know it but the drama doesn’t include in my big five favorite all time cause there’s princess hours, my girl,and sad love song, it’s hard to chose big five all time
    I love queen seundeok,green rose ,bad love and bad guy and ojakgyo brother too,
    i like secret garden but it’s not my to top ten drama all time

  608. 608 : eny Says:

    i just realized something, joo won always choose project with good writing, the writer of baker king and ojakgyo brother win award in kbs drama award isn’t it? , bridal mask writer also has big chance to win.
    award for actor/actress almost always make me dissapointed, mostly they win not because their acting, but for writing it seem OK

  609. 609 : palara Says:

    Definetely, this is the best, since City Hunter, and King 2 Hearts and Secret Garden.
    All these 4 will remain in my heart for so many years… they are a good masterpiece.

  610. 610 : zhao Says:

    Honestly i don’t like this drama, it doesn’t capture my mind and my heart.

    May be because the genre of this drama “action”. well, that’s just my opinion.

    currently i watching ” Oh, my Lady” and it is very entertaining

    Aza..aza fighting

  611. 611 : rose Says:

    this is a very good drama series portrayed by very good actors. i saw joo won in ‘ojakgyo brothers’ and thought his acting there was not bad, but he really impressed me as ‘gaksital’ this time. park ki woong and the rest of the seasoned and older actors played their roles well. the story depicts a part of how their people fought to gain their freedom, a good ending is felt. it/s a 10/10! guess the ratings above agree with me!

  612. 612 : siska Says:

    i think joo won acting so good in ojakgyo brothers,i love his acting since ojakgyo brothers not in baker king, maybe because he play the antagonist? i don’t know, but for me his performance in gaksital is the best, he deserve best actor.cause his emotional coming out from his eyes without a word when he wear mask and his fighting so good, i like action in this movies. the coreographer in fighting scene really good.so i think bridal mask is the best performance for right now in his carrier daebak joo won, and like tey say, i like his dimple so cute, and his lips too, very sexy

  613. 613 : Hollywood Says:

    Jon Won, awesome and very attractive. Will purchase this drama, Gaksital since recommended by our K-drama fans.
    Discovered him in ojakgyo brothers. A potentially good actor. I give my tumbs up for all the actors and actress too in this Ojakgyo brothers.
    Recommend to watched, not boring at all.

  614. 614 : ester Says:

    joo won is always give his best in every role he portrayed. a good actor you deserve to receive an award.i hope you can do another drama again.i like you in baker king and ojagkyo brother.go go go fighting.

  615. 615 : momo Says:

    joo won is really awesome! i love this drama so much….but i dun like the ending anyway…

  616. 616 : Krystal Says:

    By far one of the best drama I’ve seen <3
    It's such touching drama! I love the actors and actresses <3 Everybody did such an amazing job <333333

  617. 617 : spirogyra Says:

    great cast… great actors…joo won’s best portrayal… brilliant masterpiece! the best action/drama/romance in 2012 BRIDAL MASK!!!

  618. 618 : spirogyra Says:

    joo woon and jin se youn…. what a lovely pair!!!

  619. 619 : rue Says:

    I will vote for this drama at the year end.

  620. 620 : chunlee Says:

    love this drama series! certainly one of the best! highly recommended! just watched it twice already…really really love Joo Won….one of the best actors in asia…kudos to the team behind this great show…

  621. 621 : Prita Says:

    Joo Woon’s act was outstanding! He’s more mature in this drama!
    it’s such a great action drama..

  622. 622 : max Says:

    i think joo won did a great job as expected from him… but for me park ki wong shine more, he impressed me on his acting skill…

  623. 623 : jeanty Says:

    Joo Won was just amazing in this drama. Awesome actor! Brilliant one. Can’t wait to his next project!

  624. 624 : camila Says:

    i’m not the one who feel hurt when i read at some opinion at famous forum that Bridal mask break the rating more rhan 20% becouse JIN SE YUN!!! OMG.. this statement so ugly..JIN SE YUN is The one who play so flat and boring, how come that oppinion come out??it made me so hurt, sadistis you know!!!

  625. 625 : emerald Says:

    this is an excellent drama… i miss kang to…

  626. 626 : Jw4ever Says:

    10/10 ratings for me…. The best drama since Ijimae… Captivated my whole family, yes even my 9yrs old son. Joo won’s acting was simply superb. Park kiwoong too. They were the best ‘couple’ in the show! Hahaha… Anyway, watch it for non-stop suspense and great action / fighting scenes. Will b rooting for Joo Won to win the best actor award and this show to win the best drama, scriptwriting and best director awards. Gaksital, fighting! 😉

  627. 627 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    This KD is one of a kind, it has its own unique way to capture the viewers. I wasn’t get bored in each episodes, though sometimes, it seems you can predict what will happen next, but in reality, you were captivated in the story line.

    PKW and JW are brilliant actors. Kudos to the cast and characters of Bridal Mask.

  628. 628 : vic Says:

    Very entertaining drama. I love Joo Won fierce eyes, so charismatic. His acting was really good. I always wait Joo Won smile, because I love his dimple, aaawwww.. God, thanks for creating such a perfect man like Joo Won! Hope he win best actor and will back to another brilliant drama. LOVE JOO WON!

  629. 629 : Haythi Says:

    The best drama ever…. Joo Won is really handsome. xD

  630. 630 : Madi Says:

    I hate drama but I love this one….and Joo Won is so cute….<3

  631. 631 : nayli Says:

    this is the drama i planned to.watch this week

  632. 632 : weng Says:

    i love this drama …

  633. 633 : weng Says:

    I love watching Korean drama and I consider this one of the best I’ve watch Joo won acting is so great

  634. 634 : Kyufan Says:

    Bridal Mask is a one-of-a-kind drama.I love how the story escalated when Lee Kang To became Gaksital.Although it’s quite violent,I’m sure viewers would enjoy this drama.I hope the cast of Bridal Mask gets awards at the end of this year… =D

  635. 635 : rose Says:

    Very good drama but I think it should of had more episodes. Acting was great.

  636. 636 : lily Says:

    BRIDAL MASK is the best korean drama of 2012.JOO WON’s acting is so amazing.

  637. 637 : Lilu Says:

    Bridal Mask is the best.

  638. 638 : Kyufan Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJb1cRVqSeM This is a MV of Bridal Mask.It shows many of the scenes that were wonderful and memorable.

  639. 639 : sheena Says:

    i love the fight scenes , i hate when his lover die. one of the best for 2012

  640. 640 : unu Says:

    Ohh bridal mask is the best korean drama i ve ever seen. I wish it would win the best
    Korean drama 2012. Besides, joo woons acting was aaawwweeesome
    Lets vote for bridal mask!!!

  641. 641 : deeAn Says:

    awesome drama, but,… sad ending for love scene

  642. 642 : Wut Yee Shwn Laei Says:

    ilove this drama very much……….and like also bridal mask………

  643. 643 : Korean Dramas: 2012 Best of the Best, Part 2 | hellokpop Says:

    […] Sources: [Video] – YouTube (1,2,3); [Photos] – (1,2,3) […]

  644. 644 : Lee Says:

    This drama is really amazing. The story really unpredictable. Their acting were great. LOVE THIS! but why did Oh Mok Dan die :'(

  645. 645 : yoan Says:

    definitely BEST drama of the year..i watch it cause my friend told me it’s good,but this one is really superb!!daebak!! tight plot,superb acting,exciting action scene..i rarely give 10/10 ratings for drama..but this one is just FLAWLESS!! looking forward to kbs awards,sure this’ll get many awards..

  646. 646 : Margo Says:

    Bridal Mask and Shut up Flower Boy band are the best dramas I saw in 2012 year

  647. 647 : Lizzie bettiee Says:

    It’s good and interesting! I love it

  648. 648 : jnx.doe Says:

    Best action korean drama i.ve ever seen. Two thumbs up for the crew, who really can bring the art of manhwa into real live action. Really love it!

  649. 649 : Lizzie bettiee Says:

    But do think it’s a nice drama since ok mok dan died,i dnt luv it if the drama is lyk dat

  650. 650 : Lizzie bettiee Says:

    Did she[Ok Mok Dan] really Die? If so i dnt think the drama worth given any award cos (1) i would lyk 2 know what happen to sato hiroshi and ok mok dan maybe they get married or not and (2) what would happens to kitorashi club i mean the president and the member of the society.

  651. 651 : Shirohana Says:

    Joo Won is real good for this drama comparing other dramas like Level 7 Civil Servant or Baker Kim Tak Goo..in fact all the actors in this drama were real good and Park Ki Woon who usually good in love stories with his sweet smile can really be a terror in this drama and was quite unexpected for me but overall the story was good and credit to the writer and a pity with quite a sad ending the part Mok Dan died and in fact on the whole the story was quite sad but exciting. I enjoyed the drama even though sad but at last they had their independence

  652. 652 : Woro Prawesti R Says:

    bagus…n menegangkan

  653. 653 : jianpark Says:

    is this really worth to watch? i just started it this morning. and i can say that it has nice plot. although i really don’t watch the drama with old set up, but i think i’ll stick with it. others say that Joo Won is good in this drama. because for me i don’t like him in 7th Civil Servant. that’s why i switch to watch this Bridal Mask.. sorry for what i say… but it’s just my opinion.. peace everyone.

  654. 654 : SYPHON Says:

    Joo Won is a great actor!!! i love this drama:-)

  655. 655 : Boonee Says:

    i love this drama. tbe best drama. PERFECT.

  656. 656 : Mardianti89 Says:

    After watching the whole episode of this drama,I think Gaksital is much better than Faith or Rooftop Prince.this fact is also proved by the high ratings.bt why cant ths drama b d best drama of 2012?I think tht it’s bcz of Joo Won oppa is less popular than Min Ho n Yo Chun.so,Gaksital cant beat Faith or Rooftop Prince.

  657. 657 : putri andini Says:

    Filmnya sangat bagus, menegangkan, seru, pemainnya bagus-bagus, aktingnya sangat bagus top bgt deh

  658. 658 : Boonee Says:

    THE BEST DRAMA (in my opinion) :

    Time between Dog And Wolf (MBC 2007)
    City Hall (SBS 2009)
    Brilliant Legacy (SBS 2009)
    CHUNO (The Slave HUnter) – KBS 2010
    Baker King Kim Tak Goo (KBS 2010)
    DONG YI (MBC 2010)
    Bridal Mask (KBS 2012)
    My Daughter Seo Young (KBS 2013)

  659. 659 : eny Says:

    best drama for me are (memorable)
    bridal mask
    bad love
    baker king kim tak gu
    queen seundeok
    My girl
    bad guy
    stained glass
    delightfull chun hyang
    green rose

  660. 660 : yonghwa Says:

    the bese best best best korean drama ever.

  661. 661 : temmy Says:

    Y’all r absolutely ryt n u hv said it all abt Jw’s actin skill in Bm n I luv most of ur c0mnts….. Jw was s0 outstandin in dis drama….. Pkw did s0 very very well t00…. Thumbs up 2 d cast n crew 4 doing such a marvellous job muaaaaah. I luv BM s0 much 🙂

  662. 662 : temmy Says:

    I hp 2 watch ojakyo br0thers c0z of JW but d title is n0t appealing @ all cheerz!!

  663. 663 : Pho Says:

    OMG!!! This drama deserve an award for 2012! All cast the cast are EXCELLENCE👍👍✨🌟👍 I love the actor is the first time I’m watching him can’t get enough of him such an Amazing Joo Won now his my #1 in my list lol it use to be Lee Min Ho

  664. 664 : bblve07 Says:

    after watchng 7thgrade, i got interested to watch this bridal mask due to good raitings and good c0mments, at firs i didnt get interested in ths drama ‘coz i thought jo won is n0t the lead and once again he is the antagonist coz i watched the trailer that he bec0me enemy of the her0 (his older br0ther), but im wr0ng he is the lead act0r, he replace his older brother after his br0ther died.. N0w i kn0w.. Haha im g0nna watch ths s0on.

  665. 665 : Brit Says:

    Joo Won drop the BOMB👍🌟his acting is remarkable!!!!

  666. 666 : Enya Says:

    Super Amazing him WoW!!!

  667. 667 : Enri Says:

    Real deal actor! Amazing & adorable!

  668. 668 : Patricia Says:

    Phenomenal acting of Joo Won! All the cast are AMAZING!!! EPIC FOR 2012! I don’t get it should be a best drama 2012! why why huhuhuh..

  669. 669 : Patricia Says:

    So SAD not fair for Joo Won! this guy is a truly talented acting and singing skills it give me chilled watching him in screen. I love you more and more:D

  670. 670 : Pyong Says:

    Bridal Mask is way way better than faith sorry…its TRUE turuth shall set me free! watch this series you judge it BEst story ever! Best OST one of them Joo Won sing the song no wonder his in the ghost musical.

  671. 671 : Isabel Says:

    I know right…Bridal Mask is a masterpiece than any other drama in 2012!

  672. 672 : iloveyou Says:

    i really really love this drama for so many things:) from the dark side of this drama (too much hard scenes, not recommended for weak hearts), relationships between kang-to and shunji, the struggle of kang-to (so many people close to him dieT_T) and of course that ending…. *tears* which is to me is the best ending drama from 2012:) (sorry for my bad english)

  673. 673 : Gloria Says:

    Very intense in every episode…highly recommended drama! Joo Won is a highly talented actor ever!

  674. 674 : Glenda Says:

    The brother of him SHJ retarded superb acting!

  675. 675 : Gwen Says:

    Watching him in 1N2D the scene in the ajushi’s house and ate noodles ater he’s a well mannered, polite, and a good son, pretty sure he helps his mom around the house its natural thing to do just the reason why I can’t get enough and in love with this guy so bad:)

  676. 676 : Jazzy Says:

    Just definitely the full package. This character feel so real really maintain in his realism in thi series.

  677. 677 : Cher Says:

    The. Most legendary role of Joo Won very intense drama. Highly recommended.

  678. 678 : Dianne Says:

    Wow!!! I watched in yt hollywood singer Usher sign a signature on BRIDAL MASK foster! JOO WON http//youtu.be/yHyGSNhri0g….cool!

  679. 679 : Susan Says:

    Why why this drama not on the list the most shared/recommended drama.
    Joo Won great actors are extremely rare! Let’s get hi==him on TOP list.

  680. 680 : richard Says:

    drama with low rating also can win

  681. 681 : jury Says:

    @680 richard
    You are weird in here. Bridal mask is category of KBS drama which high rating in 2012 better than Nice guy, Equator man, Ohlala couple even though it’s not high as weekend drama like “Unexpected you”. And also Bridal mask is the winner in drama which has same time slot (SBS’s Ghost/ Phantom, To the beautiful you, MBC’s I do Ido, Arang and magistrate)

  682. 682 : jury Says:

    Admin, can you update awards list, please? this is from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridal_Mask

    2013 13th Republic of Korea National Assembly Awards – Drama of the Year ( http://www.globalnewsagency.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=1523 )

    2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: ( http://awards.emn.kr/news/index.php?tcode=aw02_05&qsort=wr_good&qord=desc )
    Drama Excellence Actor (Kim Eung Soo)
    Drama Excellence Actor (Jun Noh Min)
    Drama Newcomer Award (Ban Min Jung)

    2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards – Stunt award ( http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=289033 )

  683. 683 : glitter star Says:

    Juwon and Park ki woong are excellent in acting and full of charming. I enjoy this series so much, highly recommended.

  684. 684 : mail Says:

    Great drama….Love it…Its really worth watching:-)

  685. 685 : georginia K. Says:

    I love this movie but, am sad cause i can’t find the other seasons. season 3 to season end.

  686. 686 : azin Says:

    one of the greatest and touching drama ever,i cried so much for this drama

  687. 687 : ayaara Says:

    Love this drama! Marvelously Appealing!

  688. 688 : Bisola Says:

    D drama waz rili intense…it shows d best side of joo won,i will always watch ur drama…bt i haven’t seen bridal mask season5 in nigeria

  689. 689 : enachemonica Says:

    BRIDAL MASK o capodopera de kdrama.Actiune si suspans.Joo Won exceptiona.Intregii echipe care au creat acest serial.sincere felicitari.Sunteti foarte buni.

  690. 690 : Bisola Says:

    Am 4rm nigeria am so in love wif ur movie…oh u are such an talented actor,believe in ur fans nd u have our vote..

  691. 691 : Bridal Mask 각시탈 [2012] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] ratings trailer viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans recap tumblr blogs lecheri joowons mychanchans dramalentils joyfuls modernmadonna daavar […]

  692. 692 : Rose Says:

    I like Shunji – he seems like a nice guy and just wanted to love his Esther.
    But circumstances unfortunately turned him into a policeman.

    I like Joo Won also = he is a very good actor. I thought the actor who plays Joo Won’s brother did a great job with his acting.

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