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Title: 각시탈 / Gaksital / Bridal Mask
Chinese Title: 新娘面具
Also Known as: The Bride Mask, Doll Mask
Genre: Action
Episodes: 28
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-May-30 to 2012-Sep-06
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama tells a story of two brothers who live in Seoul in the 1930s, oppressed under Japanese rule during one of the darkest periods of Korea’s history.

Lee Kang To (Joo Won), the younger brother, is a rising star in the police force and works with the Japanese police to capture ‘Bridal Mask’ a mysterious freedom fighter who fights for independence wearing a traditional Korean bride’s mask. However, Kang To is unaware that his prey, ‘Bridal Mask’ is in fact his older brother, Lee Kang San (Shin Hyun Joon).

Kang To’s life is irrevocably changed after Kang San died. The death of his beloved older brother drives him to take up the bridal mask of his fallen brother and fulfill his dream of freeing Korea from Japanese rule.


Lee Family

Joo Won as Lee Kang To / Lee Young / Sato Hiroshi
Kim Woo Suk as Lee Young (young)
Shin Hyun Joon as Lee Kang San
– Yoon Hong Bin (윤홍빈) as Kang San (young)
Song Ok Sook as Han Sii (Kang To’s mother)
Lee Il Jae as Lee Sun (Kang To’s father)
Jun Hyun as Baek Gun

Far East Circus

Jin Se Yun as Oh Mok Dan / Boon Yi
Kim Hyun Soo as Boon Yi (young)
Son Byung Ho as Jo Dong Joo (Leader of the circus)
Lee Kyung Shil as Oh Dong Nyun
Lee Byung Joon as Shin Nan Da
Son Yeo Eun as Seon Hwa
Seo Yoon Ah as Gye Soon

Independence Movement Members

Jun Noh Min as Dam Sa Ri (Mok Dan’s father)
Kim Myung Gon as Yang Baek
Park Sung Woong as Dong Jin
Jung Eun Byul as Jin Hong
Choi Dae Chul as Reporter Song
Ban Min Jung as Anna
Kim Bang Won as Kim Deuk Soo
Kim Ji Min as Ahn Sub

Angel Club

Ji Seo Yoon as Tasha
Baek Jae Jin as Director Bong
Choi Dae Hoon as Minami Tamao / Lee Hae Suk (Lee Shi Yong’s son)
Jang Joon Yoo as Merry
Lee Jae Won as No Sang Yub
Oh Eun Ho as Suzy
Yang Hee Yoon (양희윤) as Jenny

Kimura Family

Chun Ho Jin as Kimura Taro (Shunji’s father)
Park Ki Woong as Kimura Shunji
Park Joo Hyung as Kimura Kenji (Shunji’s brother)

Kishokai Members

Jun Gook Hwan as Ueno Hideki (Chae Hong Joo’s adopted father)
Han Chae Ah as Chae Hong Joo / Ueno Rie
Ahn Hyung Joon as Gatsuyama Jun
Bruce Khan (브루스 칸) as Ginpei Kato
Kwon Tae Won as Choi Myung Sub
Kim Gyu Chul as Woo Byung Joon
Ahn Suk Hwan as Lee Shi Yong
Kim Jung Nan as Lee Hwa Kyung (Lee Shi Yong’s 2nd wife)
Kim Tae Young as Park In Sam
Go In Bum as Jo Young Gun
Bang Joong Hyun as Park Sung Mo

Police Station Officials

Kim Eung Soo as Konno Goji
Yoon Bong Kil as Abe Shinji
Yoon Jin Ho as Goiso Tadanobu
Kim Myung Soo as Murayama Yoshio
Choi Woong as Kakawa

Other People

Song Min Hyung as Governor Wada Ryo
Choi Yoon Joon (최윤준) as Chief Song (Chief of Kyungsung Hotel)
Yang Jae Won (양재원) as Bae Man Sung
Kang Ki Hwa as Masako
Kim Young Hoon as Comrade Park
Jang Kwang as Central council senator
Kim Ki Hyun as Congressman Hyun
Hong Yeo Jin as Congressman Hyun’s wife
Joo Boo Jin (주부진) as Soon Yi’s grandmother
Park Ga Won (1991) as Soon Yi
Ahn Yeo Jin as comfort woman female recruiter
Park Bo Geum as Min Gyu
Min Joon Hyun as President Park
Samuel Kang as police
Song Ho Soo as Jang Dong Ji

Production Credits

Original work: Manhwa by Huh Young Man
Productor: Yoon Sung Shik
Screenwriter: Yoo Hyun Mi


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8 (Not Available)
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16 (Not Available)
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22
Episode 23
Episode 24
Episode 25
Episode 26 (Not Available)
Episode 27
Episode 28 (Not Available)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-05-30 1 12.6 (3rd) 12.8 (4th) 12.7 (3rd) 13.3 (3rd)
2012-05-31 2 12.4 (5th) 13.3 (5th) 12.4 (3rd) 12.9 (3rd)
2012-06-06 3 13.3 (3rd) 14.5 (4th) 13.6 (3rd) 13.9 (4th)
2012-06-07 4 14.8 (3rd) 14.9 (3rd) 15.6 (2nd) 16.7 (2nd)
2012-06-13 5 13.8 (3rd) 14.1 (4th) 14.5 (3rd) 15.4 (3rd)
2012-06-14 6 15.5 (3rd) 16.3 (3rd) 15.0 (3rd) 15.7 (3rd)
2012-06-20 7 15.3 (3rd) 15.5 (3rd) 15.5 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd)
2012-06-21 8 15.4 (3rd) 15.0 (4th) 15.5 (3rd) 16.3 (3rd)
2012-06-27 9 14.7 (3rd) 13.9 (4th) 14.8 (3rd) 15.2 (3rd)
2012-06-28 10 15.9 (3rd) 15.3 (4th) 14.6 (3rd) 15.0 (3rd)
2012-07-04 11 17.6 (3rd) 17.2 (3rd) 14.8 (3rd) 15.8 (3rd)
2012-07-05 12 16.5 (3rd) 15.6 (5th) 14.0 (4th) 14.0 (5th)
2012-07-11 13 16.7 (3rd) 15.6 (4th) 14.4 (3rd) 14.4 (3rd)
2012-07-12 14 17.3 (3rd) 16.3 (5th) 16.3 (3rd) 17.5 (3rd)
2012-07-18 15 17.2 (3rd) 16.8 (5th) 15.2 (3rd) 16.7 (3rd)
2012-07-19 16 18.1 (3rd) 17.3 (4th) 16.8 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd)
2012-07-25 17 16.7 (3rd) 16.8 (4th) 15.6 (3rd) 16.3 (3rd)
2012-08-01 18 16.9 (3rd) 16.3 (7th) 18.0 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd)
2012-08-08 19 19.3 (3rd) 18.8 (2nd) 18.3 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd)
2012-08-09 20 20.6 (2nd) 20.6 (1st) 19.5 (2nd) 19.8 (2nd)
2012-08-15 21 22.6 (2nd) 23.1 (2nd) 19.4 (3rd) 18.8 (3rd)
2012-08-16 22 21.9 (3rd) 22.4 (2nd) 19.7 (3rd) 19.5 (3rd)
2012-08-22 23 22.2 (3rd) 22.4 (2nd) 19.8 (3rd) 19.5 (3rd)
2012-08-23 24 22.3 (3rd) 22.9 (2nd) 20.3 (3rd) 20.2 (3rd)
2012-08-29 25 19.4 (3rd) 19.4 (2nd) 20.4 (3rd) 20.6 (3rd)
2012-08-30 26 22.8 (3rd) 22.9 (2nd) 21.4 (3rd) 21.7 (2nd)
2012-09-05 27 24.3 (2nd) 26.1 (1st) 21.5 (2nd) 21.9 (2nd)
2012-09-06 28 27.3 (2nd) 27.7 (1st) 22.9 (2nd) 23.2 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– This Drama is Based on the comic “Gaksital” by Huh Young Man which was first published in 1974. Some comic by Huh Young Man have been adapted into drama like Gourmet (SBS, 2008), Tazza (SBS, 2008), and Saranghae (SBS, 2008).

– ‘Gaksital’ is one of those traditional play masks specifically the rosy-cheeked one reserved for the bride.

– Budget for the drama is approximately 10 billion won ($9 million USD).

– This drama has been extended from total episode of 24 to 28 due to the high ratings.


2013 13th Republic of Korea National Assembly Awards – Drama of the Year
2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Drama Excellence Actor (Kim Eung Soo)
2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Drama Excellence Actor (Jun Noh Min)
2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Drama Newcomer Award (Ban Min Jung)
2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards – Stunt award
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Long Series), Joo Won (Bridal Mask)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Actor Awards, Joo Won (Bridal Mask)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor Awards, Park Ki Woong (Bridal Mask)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Rookie Actress Awards, Jin Se Yun (Bridal Mask)


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692 Responses to “Bridal Mask @ Gaksital”

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  1. 651
    Shirohana Says:

    Joo Won is real good for this drama comparing other dramas like Level 7 Civil Servant or Baker Kim Tak Goo..in fact all the actors in this drama were real good and Park Ki Woon who usually good in love stories with his sweet smile can really be a terror in this drama and was quite unexpected for me but overall the story was good and credit to the writer and a pity with quite a sad ending the part Mok Dan died and in fact on the whole the story was quite sad but exciting. I enjoyed the drama even though sad but at last they had their independence

  2. 652
    Woro Prawesti R Says:

    bagus…n menegangkan

  3. 653
    jianpark Says:

    is this really worth to watch? i just started it this morning. and i can say that it has nice plot. although i really don’t watch the drama with old set up, but i think i’ll stick with it. others say that Joo Won is good in this drama. because for me i don’t like him in 7th Civil Servant. that’s why i switch to watch this Bridal Mask.. sorry for what i say… but it’s just my opinion.. peace everyone.

  4. 654
    SYPHON Says:

    Joo Won is a great actor!!! i love this drama:-)

  5. 655
    Boonee Says:

    i love this drama. tbe best drama. PERFECT.

  6. 656
    Mardianti89 Says:

    After watching the whole episode of this drama,I think Gaksital is much better than Faith or Rooftop Prince.this fact is also proved by the high ratings.bt why cant ths drama b d best drama of 2012?I think tht it’s bcz of Joo Won oppa is less popular than Min Ho n Yo Chun.so,Gaksital cant beat Faith or Rooftop Prince.

  7. 657
    putri andini Says:

    Filmnya sangat bagus, menegangkan, seru, pemainnya bagus-bagus, aktingnya sangat bagus top bgt deh

  8. 658
    Boonee Says:

    THE BEST DRAMA (in my opinion) :

    Time between Dog And Wolf (MBC 2007)
    City Hall (SBS 2009)
    Brilliant Legacy (SBS 2009)
    CHUNO (The Slave HUnter) – KBS 2010
    Baker King Kim Tak Goo (KBS 2010)
    DONG YI (MBC 2010)
    Bridal Mask (KBS 2012)
    My Daughter Seo Young (KBS 2013)

  9. 659
    eny Says:

    best drama for me are (memorable)
    bridal mask
    bad love
    baker king kim tak gu
    queen seundeok
    My girl
    bad guy
    stained glass
    delightfull chun hyang
    green rose

  10. 660
    yonghwa Says:

    the bese best best best korean drama ever.

  11. 661
    temmy Says:

    Y’all r absolutely ryt n u hv said it all abt Jw’s actin skill in Bm n I luv most of ur c0mnts….. Jw was s0 outstandin in dis drama….. Pkw did s0 very very well t00…. Thumbs up 2 d cast n crew 4 doing such a marvellous job muaaaaah. I luv BM s0 much 🙂

  12. 662
    temmy Says:

    I hp 2 watch ojakyo br0thers c0z of JW but d title is n0t appealing @ all cheerz!!

  13. 663
    Pho Says:

    OMG!!! This drama deserve an award for 2012! All cast the cast are EXCELLENCE👍👍✨🌟👍 I love the actor is the first time I’m watching him can’t get enough of him such an Amazing Joo Won now his my #1 in my list lol it use to be Lee Min Ho

  14. 664
    bblve07 Says:

    after watchng 7thgrade, i got interested to watch this bridal mask due to good raitings and good c0mments, at firs i didnt get interested in ths drama ‘coz i thought jo won is n0t the lead and once again he is the antagonist coz i watched the trailer that he bec0me enemy of the her0 (his older br0ther), but im wr0ng he is the lead act0r, he replace his older brother after his br0ther died.. N0w i kn0w.. Haha im g0nna watch ths s0on.

  15. 665
    Brit Says:

    Joo Won drop the BOMB👍🌟his acting is remarkable!!!!

  16. 666
    Enya Says:

    Super Amazing him WoW!!!

  17. 667
    Enri Says:

    Real deal actor! Amazing & adorable!

  18. 668
    Patricia Says:

    Phenomenal acting of Joo Won! All the cast are AMAZING!!! EPIC FOR 2012! I don’t get it should be a best drama 2012! why why huhuhuh..

  19. 669
    Patricia Says:

    So SAD not fair for Joo Won! this guy is a truly talented acting and singing skills it give me chilled watching him in screen. I love you more and more:D

  20. 670
    Pyong Says:

    Bridal Mask is way way better than faith sorry…its TRUE turuth shall set me free! watch this series you judge it BEst story ever! Best OST one of them Joo Won sing the song no wonder his in the ghost musical.

  21. 671
    Isabel Says:

    I know right…Bridal Mask is a masterpiece than any other drama in 2012!

  22. 672
    iloveyou Says:

    i really really love this drama for so many things:) from the dark side of this drama (too much hard scenes, not recommended for weak hearts), relationships between kang-to and shunji, the struggle of kang-to (so many people close to him dieT_T) and of course that ending…. *tears* which is to me is the best ending drama from 2012:) (sorry for my bad english)

  23. 673
    Gloria Says:

    Very intense in every episode…highly recommended drama! Joo Won is a highly talented actor ever!

  24. 674
    Glenda Says:

    The brother of him SHJ retarded superb acting!

  25. 675
    Gwen Says:

    Watching him in 1N2D the scene in the ajushi’s house and ate noodles ater he’s a well mannered, polite, and a good son, pretty sure he helps his mom around the house its natural thing to do just the reason why I can’t get enough and in love with this guy so bad:)

  26. 676
    Jazzy Says:

    Just definitely the full package. This character feel so real really maintain in his realism in thi series.

  27. 677
    Cher Says:

    The. Most legendary role of Joo Won very intense drama. Highly recommended.

  28. 678
    Dianne Says:

    Wow!!! I watched in yt hollywood singer Usher sign a signature on BRIDAL MASK foster! JOO WON http//youtu.be/yHyGSNhri0g….cool!

  29. 679
    Susan Says:

    Why why this drama not on the list the most shared/recommended drama.
    Joo Won great actors are extremely rare! Let’s get hi==him on TOP list.

  30. 680
    richard Says:

    drama with low rating also can win

  31. 681
    jury Says:

    @680 richard
    You are weird in here. Bridal mask is category of KBS drama which high rating in 2012 better than Nice guy, Equator man, Ohlala couple even though it’s not high as weekend drama like “Unexpected you”. And also Bridal mask is the winner in drama which has same time slot (SBS’s Ghost/ Phantom, To the beautiful you, MBC’s I do Ido, Arang and magistrate)

  32. 682
    jury Says:

    Admin, can you update awards list, please? this is from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridal_Mask

    2013 13th Republic of Korea National Assembly Awards – Drama of the Year ( http://www.globalnewsagency.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=1523 )

    2012 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: ( http://awards.emn.kr/news/index.php?tcode=aw02_05&qsort=wr_good&qord=desc )
    Drama Excellence Actor (Kim Eung Soo)
    Drama Excellence Actor (Jun Noh Min)
    Drama Newcomer Award (Ban Min Jung)

    2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards – Stunt award ( http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=289033 )

  33. 683
    glitter star Says:

    Juwon and Park ki woong are excellent in acting and full of charming. I enjoy this series so much, highly recommended.

  34. 684
    mail Says:

    Great drama….Love it…Its really worth watching:-)

  35. 685
    georginia K. Says:

    I love this movie but, am sad cause i can’t find the other seasons. season 3 to season end.

  36. 686
    azin Says:

    one of the greatest and touching drama ever,i cried so much for this drama

  37. 687
    ayaara Says:

    Love this drama! Marvelously Appealing!

  38. 688
    Bisola Says:

    D drama waz rili intense…it shows d best side of joo won,i will always watch ur drama…bt i haven’t seen bridal mask season5 in nigeria

  39. 689
    enachemonica Says:

    BRIDAL MASK o capodopera de kdrama.Actiune si suspans.Joo Won exceptiona.Intregii echipe care au creat acest serial.sincere felicitari.Sunteti foarte buni.

  40. 690
    Bisola Says:

    Am 4rm nigeria am so in love wif ur movie…oh u are such an talented actor,believe in ur fans nd u have our vote..

  41. 691
    Bridal Mask 각시탈 [2012] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] ratings trailer viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans recap tumblr blogs lecheri joowons mychanchans dramalentils joyfuls modernmadonna daavar […]

  42. 692
    Rose Says:

    I like Shunji – he seems like a nice guy and just wanted to love his Esther.
    But circumstances unfortunately turned him into a policeman.

    I like Joo Won also = he is a very good actor. I thought the actor who plays Joo Won’s brother did a great job with his acting.

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