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Boys Before Flowers

Title: 꽃보다 남자 / Boys Before Flowers
Also known as: Boys Over Flowers
Chinese Title : 花样男子
Japanese Title : 花より男子 / Hana Yori Dango
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Jan-05 to 2009-Mar-31
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry cleaning store located near the luxurious and well known Shin Hwa College. Jan Di meets the four richest and most spoiled boys known as the F4. After saving a boy from jumping off the roof of Shinhwa High School, she is admitted into the school on a swimming scholarship. Jan Di tries to avoid confrontation with the F4 at all cost because she knows what happens to those that stand against them. However, when Jan Di’s friend, Oh Min Ji, accidentally gets ice cream on the leader of the F4’s shoes, she’s forced to declare war on the leader of the F4, Goo Joon Pyo.


Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di aka Makino Tsukushi


Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo aka Domyoji Tsukasa
Jung Chan Woo as Joon Pyo (young)
Kang Han Byul as Joon Pyo (child)
Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo aka Hanazawa Rui
Nam Da Reum as child Ji Hoo
Kim Bum as So Yi Jung aka Nishikado Sojiro
– Jung Tae Ho (정태호) as Yi Jung (child)
Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin aka Mimasaka Akira

Extended Cast

Kim So Eun as Chu Ga Eul (Jan Di’s best friend)
Kim Hyun Joo as Goo Joon Hee (Joon Pyo’s elder sister)
Lee Hye Young as Kang Hee Soo (Joon Pyo’s mother)
Ahn Suk Hwan as Geum Il Bong (Jan Di’s father)
Im Ye Jin as Na Gong Joo (Jan Di’s mother)
Park Ji Bin as Geum Kang San (Jan Di’s younger brother)
Han Chae Young as Min Seo Hyun (F4’s best friend/Ji Hoo’s ex girl friend)
Lee Min Jung as Ha Jae Kyung (JK Group’s CEO’s daughter and Jun Pyo’s fiancee)
Lee Jung Gil as Yoon Seok Young (Ji Hoo’s grandfather)
Jung Ho Bin as Jung Sang Rok (Kang Hee Soo’s Chief Secretary)
Lee Si Young as Oh Min Ji
Gook Ji Yun as Choi Jin Hee / Ginger
Jang Ja Yun as Park Sun Ja / Sunny
Min Young Won as Lee Mi Sook / Miranda
Kim Ki Bang as Bom Chun Sik (Jan Di and Ga Eul’s boss)
Song Suk Ho as Butler Lee
Kim Young Ok as Head Maid
Im Ju Hwan as So Yi Hyun (Yi Jung’s older brother)
Park Soo Jin as Cha Eun Jae (Yi Jung’s first love)
Kim Min Ji as Jang Yoo Mi
Kim Jong Jin as So Hyun Sub (Yi Jung’s father)
Jung Ui Chul as Lee Min Ha / Min Jae Ha (fashion model)


Kim Hyung Joon as himself (cameo, ep4)
Kim Kyu Jong as himself (cameo, ep4)
Heo Young Saeng as himself (cameo, ep4)
Lee Hae Woo as Host Q (the guy who drugged Jan Di’s drink, ep4)
Lee Jung Joon as Gong Soo Pyo (Ga Eul’s boyfriend, ep9-10)
Heo Kyung Hwan as (Cell phone event MC, ep10)
Lee Jung Sung as radiologist (cameo, ep13)
Hai Ming (하이밍) as Ming (Ji Hoo’s friend, ep14-15)
Lee Suk Goo (이석구) as (Shinhwa’s high school principal)
Jo Soo Bin as announcer
Jang Se Hyun as tied-up student (cameo)

Production Credits

Original Work: Manga Hana Yori Dango by Kamio Yoko
Production Company: Group Eight
Director: Jun Ki Sang
Screenwriter: Yoon Ji Ryun


– 2009 14th Asian Television Awards: Nominated for Best Drama Series, Best Drama Performance by an Actor (Lee Min Ho), Best Drama Performance by an Actress (Koo Hye Sun)
– 2009 Seoul International Drama Awards: Most Popular Actor (Kim Hyun Joong)
– 2009 45th Baeksang Awards: Best New TV Actor (Lee Min Ho)
– 2009 45th Baeksang Awards: Most Popular TV Actor (Kim Hyun Joong)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-01-05 1 14.3 (7th) 14.4 (6th)
2009-01-06 2 17.6 (4th) 17.4 (4th)
2009-01-12 3 20.8 (4th) 21.1 (4th)
2009-01-13 4 21.4 (4th) 21.6 (3rd)
2009-01-19 5 24.8 (3rd) 24.3 (3rd)
2009-01-20 6 24.8 (3rd) 24.6 (3rd)
2009-01-26 7 19.5 (1st) 19.1 (1st)
2009-01-27 8 25.9 (2nd) 25.3 (2nd)
2009-02-02 9 29.7 (2nd) 29.4 (2nd)
2009-02-03 10 30.5 (2nd) 30.2 (2nd)
2009-02-09 11 31.5 (2nd) 31.8 (2nd)
2009-02-10 12 31.4 (2nd) 31.2 (2nd)
2009-02-16 13 31.5 (2nd) 31.5 (2nd)
2009-02-17 14 31.9 (2nd) 32.0 (2nd)
2009-02-23 15 32.4 (2nd) 32.3 (2nd)
2009-02-24 16 33.2 (2nd) 32.9 (2nd)
2009-03-02 Special 21.8 (3rd) 22.4 (3rd)
2009-03-03 17 29.9 (2nd) 30.6 (2nd)
2009-03-09 18 35.5 (1st) 35.7 (2nd)
2009-03-10 19 31.2 (2nd) 31.3 (3rd)
2009-03-16 20 32.6 (2nd) 31.6 (2nd)
2009-03-17 21 33.6 (2nd) 33.8 (2nd)
2009-03-23 22 31.8 (2nd) 32.4 (2nd)
2009-03-24 23 31.8 (2nd) 31.6 (2nd)
2009-03-30 24 30.2 (2nd) 29.2 (2nd)
2009-03-31 25 34.8 (1st) 34.9 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : selphie Says:

    can’t wait for this drama!!!!! =)

  2. 2 : ajstone Says:

    really don’t like the main female character………..she is ok looking but I don’t think she fits in this character………like japanese one better.

    love hyun joong so I might check it out.

  3. 3 : koko Says:

    I can’t wait!

  4. 4 : marites gerona Says:

    not another meteor garden story please….

  5. 5 : meirav Says:

    can’t wait

  6. 6 : koko Says:

    I so love the one playing Vic. He’s the leader from SS501. I think he’s so HOT!

  7. 7 : kiong Says:

    at last……..

  8. 8 : amktsy Says:

    I agree with ajstone that Goo Hye Sun is not suit to act this character.She looks really weird wearing such short skirt.

    I didn’t read the manga nor watch any country type before so i’m worried if i watch,i will like the love story of the 2nd most important story and hate the main story.That is the problem i always occured for no matter hong kong,korean or singapore drama.If not,i will hate the drama.Hope if i watch it, at least i won’t get addicted to the second story as the second story seems so addicting…

  9. 9 : karenron Says:

    can’t wait!

    hope that this will be nice.. like the other two dramas!!

    love meteor garden of taiwan..
    love hana yori dango of japan..

    and i hope that i will love this drama!!:]

    [email protected]


  10. 10 : iQ Says:

    Gosh…i can’t wait for this series…..

  11. 11 : AMKTSY Says:

    In the ratings competition,will East Of Eden win or will Boys Over Flowers win?Curious to see as both are strong.Previously,other though that east of eden and worlds within will fight very strongly on the ratings competition,but surprisingly,worlds withins lose badly.But i belive the ratings competition going to be wild for this 2 dramas.Good Luck!

  12. 12 : Debbie Says:

    omg , i can’t wait to see this drama . i can’t
    wait to see this series . i wanna know a website
    that i can watch this on . lol .

  13. 13 : Hyorin Says:

    Can`t wait for it to start but i realy think that the heroin shouuld not be Goo Hye Sun. She looks weird and does not suit with any of the F4. It`s just my opinion. No hard feelings 🙂

  14. 14 : starlite Says:

    so freakin’ excited for this to show my dish should be set up by that time and will be able to watch @ home… 🙂 can’t wait

  15. 15 : shimaro Says:

    ………….i cant wit this drama…………

  16. 16 : fay Says:

    hurry up!!!!
    i can’t wait this drama…..

  17. 17 : ALETA Says:

    can’t wait to see this drama ..I wish someone can uploading this drama online sooo soon..and of course with english sub.

  18. 18 : منتديات Says:

    Thank You

  19. 19 : kRiStInE Says:

    pLS jOiN!!!


    thOsE peOpLe wHo HaVe fRiendStEr pLs JoIn!!!

  20. 20 : kRiStInE Says:

    aLeTa sOmEOnE wILL uPloaD ThIs DrAma wIth eNgLiSh sUb at mysoju.com
    gO tHeRe

  21. 21 : Amelie Says:

    I wish japanese manga series or anime series will produce as korean drama like this one

  22. 22 : mcjayjay Says:

    omg omg omg omg i cant wait for this. i dont know how many times ive seen the japanese version

  23. 23 : deadlyooo Says:

    cant wait 4 de show 2 start…………cuz gt koo hye sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24 : deadlyooo Says:

    i aso agree…..
    although i really lye koo hye-sun(my fan)bt she is not fit 2 be….her hairstlye…..goD!!! she really not fit 2 be…..soli….tis is juz my opinions…..

  25. 25 : ForbiDden.. Says:

    HYE.. Hope this series will be best..

  26. 26 : ALETA Says:


  27. 27 : gyna Says:

    everyone says the leading girl isn’t much, but I think let’s just wait and see.
    As for the show, I like the F4 cast.

  28. 28 : B-to-vn vyrz-olic Says:

    wah… f4 korean? ahaha…
    a must to watch!!!

  29. 29 : JAFrK Says:

    Im excited for this since im a BoF fan. To clear up misconceptions the first to produce Japanese manga /anime as a live action was Japan in 1995 (it was a movie), but since it got horrible ratings not many ppl know about it. Then in 2001 the Taiwanese version Meteor Garden aired. Apparently if im not mistaken theres a Filipino Version of HYD but im not to sure about it. In 2005 Japan came out with their own live action of HYD and now The Korean Version of HYD is airing in 2009

  30. 30 : miyakon Says:

    Im soo excited to watch it ! the japanese version was awesome but the korean will be much better !

  31. 31 : pineapple Says:

    will it be aired on kbsworld in malaysia?????please let me know

  32. 32 : Pocky Says:

    Wow the korean version, i forgot that this was coming even though i saw updates a while ago =O
    I agree that the main girl thats playing makino doesn’t appear to suit. unless they somehow change her character around @[email protected] i would really like to see this version if i get the chance since i enjoyed the japanese version but i haven’t seen taiwanese’s meteor garden =)

  33. 33 : raye Says:

    Wow i’ll wait this on Tagalog version on GMA Network

  34. 34 : Changmin_kyuHyun_LoVer Says:

    can’t wait for this drama to come out!!
    it makes me feel excited to watch it!!!
    hope come out soon on DVD!!
    kim hyun joong…
    I can’t wait for you…

  35. 35 : meirav Says:

    u can soon start watching on http://www.viiki.net it looks good

  36. 36 : mcjayjay Says:

    im already in loooooovvveeee
    i just hope i wont get disappointed *crosses fingers*
    but im loving the cast!!!
    a good sign 😉

  37. 37 : facepalm Says:


    the leading female character is an awesome actress!
    i loved her accent in her earlier drama. xD

    she’s has great facial expressions, and i hope people can appreciate her. =\

    i don’t like her hair…but let’s be honest…it follows the manga more. lol.

    and just because she’s different from the japanese version, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. T_T i don’t think it’s fair to compare it with another version and say “ah, that’s so much better…or wow, this one sucks” =\

    i mean, really? REALLY? -_-

    you haven’t even watched an episode yet! wtf dude? lmao.

    so yeah…give this a chance. i have a feeling that i’m gonna like this version, too. =3

  38. 38 : Hollywood Says:

    I am looking forward to watch this Korean version. I have seen both the Japanese and Taiwanese HYD. Well, to me the Japanese version is better than the Taiwan, partly because of Matsumoto Jun. Honestly, he played a not so smart rich boy, pretty well which make him funny. He did a good job. The Taiwanese version is OK, since there is not too many scenes which has not already been done and they did not leave me with any lasting impression.
    This K-version aired this late is up for a very stiff competition. I would love to see their performance after they half way thru’ the drama.
    Good luck to these actors and actresses.

  39. 39 : TakingPictures Says:

    Glad to see there is a page for this. Can’t wait until it airs in the US

  40. 40 : dianne Says:

    i saw this drama already here in korea love it

  41. 41 : rosemeya~~ Says:

    woahh….. im started watching it every monday and tuesday at kbs…hahaha….

    i love Lee Min Ho/Goo joon pyo he is soOoOo damn hot!!!…kkk^^

  42. 42 : princess Says:

    I agree with ajstone and amktsy. They could choose a better main female character than Goo Hye Sun. Her acting is not that good and she looks so odd with the school uniform, so it would be much better and exciting if the main female character was a new funny actress with qualified acting skills as Inoue Mao the Japanese actress who played the main role in boys over flowers.

  43. 43 : hyungkim Says:

    i’ve seen the first ep in mysoju and this is really great! i wish that i will not get disappointed in the end. 😀

  44. 44 : chinky Says:

    Lee Min Ho looks a lot like Jerry Yan. Similarly, hot!

  45. 45 : Penelope Says:

    I think the Korean version is WAY better than the Japanese version. I’m not sure why some of you are complaining about Goo Hye Sun… She is great and soooo cute! Way better than the Japanese actress… I also like the fact that the Korean version is not as silly as the Japanese version. I can’t wait to see the next week’s episode!!

  46. 46 : sera han Says:

    This series is funny and enjoy watching it. The actors and actress are
    doing a good job acting. Please continue give your positive comments
    and support. Fighting!

  47. 47 : GG Says:

    can’t wait for episode 3…it’s sooooooooooooooooo much FUN!

  48. 48 : pwencessL Says:

    so far so good! i can’t wait til episode 3 comes out next week!!!!

  49. 49 : lil_pai_pnay Says:

    In my opinion, The Korean version is much better. For the first 2 episode that they aired, you can see that the production spent so much money to produce a good drama. The other version, Uses Sports car, and Limo. Gosh the Korean version, used a Chopper, I can’t say nothin’ but O MY GOD!!! I cant wait to see more… The actors and actresses portray their character well. and they are all good looking… “WONDERFUL!!!” LUV YAH!!

  50. 50 : aling Says:

    Really like the drama hopelly the will sucess…..

  51. 51 : unknown Says:

    i cant wait for this drama especially after watching e preview of each ep.
    all 4 are so HOT
    although there is like e taiwan and japan version but still look forward for e korean version cose i think this show would be nice! :DD
    hope ep3 can faster come out! 😀

    looking forward.

  52. 52 : harriet Says:

    tw nd jap cast did their job very well
    i hope the korean will do so….
    looking rorward to it.;

  53. 53 : doris p LOVE kangJIhwan Says:

    LOOOOVEEEEE the Korean version way more than the TW and Jap…. all of the F4 in the Korean are such eye candies!! unlike the other two only the lead male, that is the F4 leader Domyoji is a cutie….. plus the fact that Koreans are a WAY better in acting compare to the other two….. my only complain is that sometimes Koo Hye Sun overacts…..but anyways the cuties F4 will still compensate for it….. this will surely become one of the hottest for 2009…

  54. 54 : ranjithaa Says:

    omg Doris have you watched the jap version!? the jap version twisted the original manga to its own taste and made it even more loving in its own way! and also avoided copying the taiwanese ver. as for the korean version they totally copied the jap versions plot and changed it so half-heartedly that i am disappointed . VERY and the main guy looks weird, the curly hair just doesn’t go with him, they just chose a handsome guy and curled his hair. SUPER disappointing, and omg the acting of hanazawa rui[Oguri Shun] was so SO much more better put and acted on the jap ver. and PLEASE domiyoji[Matsumoto Jun] and Makino[Inoue Mao] were WAY better out of the 3, the makino in the korean version was too act cute and the taiw ver was too ugly. but i’m still gonna watch it as i love Hana yori dango the main story itself. I’m a big fan so i just hope they won’t disappoint me further.

  55. 55 : tisy Says:


  56. 56 : youknowhatido Says:

    of all the meteorgarden/hanayoridango/boysbeforeflowers.. Japanese version is the least good. The Dao Ming Si in japan doesn’t fit to the role. The taiwanese version is the best! Though im starting to like the korean version after watching it. I never did like the japan version, though i never did watched it before. I’ve seen some of the scene and i find it boring.. I mean, I don’t like their f4 especially the one who played the role of lei (dont know the japanese name). Taiwanese and Korean version of Hana Yori..the best!!

  57. 57 : minachan Says:

    Tisy you can check it out in soompi forums the songs and also some of the episodes that has sub already..^^ The series is getting better and better..^^

  58. 58 : minachan Says:

    Tisy here’s the link..

  59. 59 : minachan Says:

    soompi link

  60. 60 : yanie! Says:

    Goo Joon Pyo is realyyy gggorgeous!
    its funny how hes so jealous of
    Yoon Ji Hoo. [X

    gawddd..cant wait for episode 3.
    keeeeeep uploading the episodes

  61. 61 : Dichie Says:

    Lee Min Ho sugeeeeeeeee…>__

  62. 62 : Dichie Says:

    Lee Min Ho…..sugeeeeeeeee…>__

  63. 63 : citi Says:

    I’ve watched the first two episodes. We all know this story sells (from the success of MG & HYD). So I guess many are watching it for the storyline and most likely the eye candies which abound in this korean version.

    Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen so far, the leads in this kdrama, especially the guys, can’t really act! Koo Hye Sun is slightly better but only slightly. She tends to overact. Her make up is also too thick for someone who’s supposed to be an average working class person…

  64. 64 : Tired and Hungry Says:

    They made a wise choice when choose Lee Min Ho has the leader of F4 and the one that will fall for Jandi! He’s an amazing actor and so good looking

    I saw the episode 3 and there’s a scene where Lee Min Ho is trying to kiss Jandi! forcefully ! He’s facial expression is amazing!

  65. 65 : meirav Says:

    i like the japen version as well but i love hana yari dango and looking
    forward to watch i saw the 3 ep on mysoju and i liked it how they
    changed it.

  66. 66 : lanie Says:

    I love this so far! the only thing I can’t stand is his mother! I think everyone here will agree with me! lol

  67. 67 : yanie! Says:

    Jan Di betta knot end up
    with Joon Pyo at the
    endd of the series!!!!!!!


  68. 68 : angela Says:

    I’ve watched HYD 1 and 2 and Meteor Garden
    up until the point where “Domyoji” has his rape attempt with “Makino.”

    Personally, I think the Japanese Makino is aesthetically better looking than the Korean one, but in terms of acting, they’re both pretty good.

    From the previews, it seems like Jan Di will end up locking lips with Ji Hoo.
    I don’t know, but to me, it’s kind of off-putting. So, in that respect, I like the japanese version better.

    I also started reading the manga up until the point where it completely ruined my image of HYD, which is weird since it is HYD in its “purest” form, you could say. But idk. The japanese version was pretty good to me, and I kind of think that it’s funnier. The actors who played Domyoji and Makino were really good together.

    And with the comments about how certain ones stuck to the manga and other ones didn’t, why does it matter? It’s a drama based off of a manga, not completely verbatim from one. Each drama selectively chooses which elements to keep and and which to dispose of, adding their own things here and there to make it more individualistic.

    I don’t know what’s in store for BBF, but I’m going to keep watching.
    On the upside, I completely agree that Joon Pyo is gorgeous and all of the F4 guys are drool-worthy.

  69. 69 : Penelope Says:

    I don’t know how some of you think that Japanese versionis better than Korean version. There is no comparison – Korean version is far superior as far as the acting, the scenes and the fact that it is more realistic than the Japanese version. Having said that, I did enjoy the Japanese version too. Maybe it has to do with the cultural difference…

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying the Korean version and looking forward to next week’s episodes.

  70. 70 : alice Says:

    This version is far better than the japanese…in terms of cinematography, scenery as well as castings…and probably higher budget tooThe actress for the main girl, however, is not very good because she overact quite often. But, the rest of the casting is excellent. Don’t look for Matsumoto Jun in this drama because he is not here. Instead, the fabulous and handsome Lee Min Ho is taking over! 🙂

  71. 71 : dudunhunhu Says:

    I think all of them have good sides and bad sides. Taiwanese “Meteor Garden” was good at that time, however, the scenario, the F4 cloth don’t look like rich people, their acting is average. The Japanes “Hana Yori Dango” is better cloth but not good looking actor, especially, the Domuji is overact sometime and the story line is good, the main girl is really cuter than the korean version. For me, korean version is really realistic and the main guy is good at acting and looking than the other two version but the main girl is not.

  72. 72 : balletbabe Says:

    Actually the Japanese version had the highest budget out of all three, I like the scenery in the Japanese one as well (very artistic). The Korean version is growing on me with each ep. I like the characters, people have being complaining about Jan Di’s acting but that is how her character is in the manga. Anyways what I can’t get over is when there is a scene where one of the F4 member is playing an instrument, it looks really fake!!! I hope this version shows a lot more love scenes between, Jun Pyo and Jan Di unlike the others.

  73. 73 : Rachel Loh Says:

    i love this comical romance tv series!it’s so funny till my stomach hurts!

  74. 74 : yanie! Says:

    does anyone no where i can read the manga online?!

  75. 75 : jaydee-chan Says:

    u know, i loved the japanese version but i have high hopes for this one also =)

  76. 76 : yatt76 Says:

    i’m the one which not related to any cultures neither japan nor korean. for me i prefer korean version coz it more dramatic, cute actors & actreses. japanese actors look so weird especially domyouji and rui.hope korean version will show more love scene than japanese(jan di & joon pyo).japanese version too simple and more on F4.

  77. 77 : ???? Says:

    i think all the guys are hott and good looking!
    but the girl is just sometimes over acting!
    but it’s really cute though!

  78. 78 : lie Says:

    Happy New Year, I think korean version not bad…

  79. 79 : Lee-chanÜ Says:

    i love it!
    it was so good..
    but hana yori dango was still the best,,
    i am waiting for the 5th ep. to come out,
    Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum are so cool
    i love them…
    woot woot!!!

    gambatte! ja-ne!

  80. 80 : Just Says:

    I dont like the Korean main female lead also..
    I think she over-reacts… ugh cant act.. its So annoying! shes always trying to act cute.. and I think she looks old… maybe its the make up on her.. but she doesn’t look like a school kid
    I do think the curly hair suits the main actor.. I think he looks better with curly then straight hehe
    KIMBUM is sooOO hot… cute!
    the other guy.. why does he try to act “African American?”

  81. 81 : yea goung Says:

    i’m korean. but now in america
    I want to watching that drama T0T
    I like it so much kim bum is nice . I see him . >0

  82. 82 : minniwoo Says:

    I just finished watching the fourth episode and can’t help but to comment thus far. First, I liked HYD very much so following that, as far as the story is concerned I would like this version also. There are a few differences as there should be for a remake, you know something to make it you own. I like the differences, it gives a chance to see things another way or different situation. Of course we know the basic outcome. Second, I like Makino’s character better than JanDi for a couple reasons: shallow reason is because Makino is more attractive(clarifying that I’m talking about the character nor the actor); also, Makino is portrayed 1st as intelligent but has her comical moments where as JanDi is portrayed in the opposite, comically with intelligent moments. Actually, for the comical way she is being portrayed, I think Yoon Eun Hye would have been a better choice, but my knowledge of Asian actors is very limited. Third, Domyouji and GJP have been made identically in the looks department, proving yet again that perms are NOT attractive on Asian men(men take note on this). Fourth, Rui and Ji Hoo, I have to say that Ji Hoo is better looking but Rui is the better character portrayal. Fifth, I find that the two supporting F4 members Yi Jung and Woo Bin(korean) and Soujiro and Akira(Japan) pretty much are scene stealers for me. Their acting is better, I like their characters better, and they are more attractive than the other two boys in both versions. Sixth, thus far I’ve only seen the 1st psycho girl and the Japanese one was better, she really fit her part; the cutesiness of the Korean character didn’t fit, it looked weird on her, not in a good way. I haven’t read the manga so I can’t compare it, and I haven’t seen the Taiwanese version, and don’t plan to. There have only been 4 episodes released for me to see here in the states so going on that I’d have to say that I like the Japanese version the best so far, and have completed that series, mostly due to Makino. Glad to get this off my chest, its been bugging me for 3 episodes.

  83. 83 : miniwoo Says:

    Ok, ok…I spelled my name wrong oops finger slipped only 1 n. Not that anyone cares. I had a couple other things to say on this series. American slang doesn’t work well here. It’s like a pale, blonde with blue eyed non asian person using Asian slang at random. Seo Hyun looks totally fake-plastic surgery. Not a good look. She is beautiful but fake looking. I like Shizuka better. Ok, now I can hold my peace.

  84. 84 : iQ Says:

    hahaha so far i like it..(up to episode 4, n eager to wait for next uploads..)
    yeah agree, kim bum is soooo cute, and hot!
    and i think lee min hoo did a good job, he’s sooo similar to comic version of Dmyoji (even the storyline just like Jap version-so far), and sometimes he seemed just like Dau Ming shi in Meteor Garden (and that’s the role should be- TALL, handsome, arrogant, looks stupid with curly hair, but sometimes sweet n cute- the Twn version of Domyoji/Dau Ming Shi was the best, compare to Jap version)…
    and i agree with few people that Gyo hye sun (main actress) is pretty old for that role and sometimes overacted, and i suppose probably Go-Ara will suits that role better (she’s young, and cute..just look at her drama-who’re you)..

    otherwise, i like it..but still, Meteor Garden is always number 1!

    ps. do anyone know what’s the song they keep playing in this drama?

  85. 85 : iQ Says:

    the main cast for the lady is Goo Hye Sun, not Seo Hyun (i think seo hyun is a member of SNSD, if i’m correct?), and if you’d read the manga (u should find it because it’s hilarious) then you will get clear picture that Domyoji must be someone TALL and GOOD LOOKS (which Jap ver not fits this-he’s too short for Domyoji, but sometimes ‘kawaii’, though..), after all i’m agree that the actress should not her-( i’d already explained that before), and yeah- it would be nicer if we have YEH or go-ara instead of her..

  86. 86 : mimi Says:

    I’m korean but lived in the US for a long time. I watched the Japanese version and it was OK. I’m now watching the korean version and I just LOVE IT!!! I’ve been watching it over and over!!

    At first, I was disappointed about the female character because I didn’t know her well but now I think she is GREAT!! First of all, she is all natural (no surgery). I’m not sure why some of you are picking on her looks… She doesn’t look old nor does she have much make-up on. So please don’t criticize her appearance unless you are better looking than she is (NOT!!)

    She is also so cute and funny! By the way, she is supposed to over react to things if you read the original story. Besides, I’m no longer a teenager but teenage girls tend to be emotional… She fits the role perfectly.

    I also like all four guys esepcially the JP… He is soooo cute!!!

    I would like to see more positive comments here… If you don’t like it, don’t watch but please try to comment on positive things. After all, nothing is perfect and I’m sure some of you are not either!

  87. 87 : maganda Says:

    the Taiwanese version is too long compared to Japanese version and it seems that Korean version will be long too.
    Among the three women, I like Inoue Mao because among the three she acts better and suited the role. The lead actress for Korean version looks old ditto with the Taiwanese actress Barbie (I forget her surname).
    With Domyuji’s role, I prefer Matsumoto Jun because even his eyes know how to act. Jerry Yan of Taiwan’s Meteor Garden don’t know how to act at all but his hot definitely. With the Korean, he is better than Jerry but not to Jun but among the three, he is the hottest.
    For the role of Hanazawa Rui, I like Oguri Shun and the Korean actor. The Taiwanese actor is just simply hot but does not know how to act well.
    For the other “boys”, I prefer the Korean version simply because they are more handsome than the other two except for the actor who played it in Japanese version.
    In total, I still prefer the Japanese version.

  88. 88 : jhoyzie Says:

    i think we should give jan di a chance to prove herself coz as for me…i’ve watch meteor garden…hana yori dango and now i am watching boys before flowers (korean version) and i think jandi is the most lovable female lead thus far…and you guys should read the comic then you’ll understand why she is the way she is in the series…if you read the comic you’ll realize that she is the best in portraying makino’s character.. and for the guys of korean F4 i love them all especially JP.. and i can see that the other guys are starting to relax on their roles.. the first episode..i don’t know if anybody noticed but you can see that they are pressured and so they looked like they were trying hard… but i love themmm…i love this drama… that’s my comment being not a korean, japanese nor Taiwanese…I am Filipino from Canada

  89. 89 : hunny Says:

    i find that all of the japanese version character are ugly! sorry but i juz find every of the character is ugly…korean and taiwanese are way better…but i prefer the taiwanese barbie hsu(heroine) character better…it suits her to the T..jan di is cute but still prefer the taiwan (heroin) version…for the f4 character…i like both korean and taiwan…don’t u think joon pyo looks abit like dao ming si(taiwan version)..

  90. 90 : yatt76 Says:

    i agreed with hunny. korean version is better than japan in term of actors. japan actors domyoji and rui are ugly. korean are hot. female lead for korean version quite cute compared to makino japan version. looking forward for part 5 and six.

  91. 91 : hollywood Says:

    Ah! I could not help it but to put in my two sense after reading these comments. I guess everyone has different actors and actresses they fancy, lets ask the magic mirror.

    “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most handsome and pretties of them all”
    The mirror answers: Of course, the Korean boys are the most handsome and Inoue Mao (Makino Tsukushi) the prettiest of them all.(suitable for the role).

    Talent, to be determine after the entire K-drama aired.

    I agreed totally with Maganda opinion.

    To be continue.

  92. 92 : SHE Says:

    She doesn’t look OLD per say, but I think what people mean is she looks much older than a high school or first year college student. She looks to be around mid to late 20s and I’m not sure how old they meant for her to look or if they wanted her to be pretty at all.

    This is the first time for me to watch this show, so I have no other opinions on the matter. Prettiness, ugliness, physical attraction is a matter of opinion and not really conjecture unless it is the regarded opinion of about thousands to millions of people, then that’s average opinion. I don’t see a whole lot of votes here on her beauty level, so people should leave it at that.

  93. 93 : SweetTemptation Says:

    when u watch a movie, u look at how an actor plays the character in the movie or u look at the actor’s beauty??? Take a look at Tom Hank, Julia Robert….those are very famous and talented actor and actress…They are not that beautiful, aren’t they?… but guess what…professonal acting is their job.
    Enjoy the drama and enjoy the actors who portray the characters in that drama. Don’t just look at the actors’ faces and give negative comments on his or her look, instead giving comments on how she or he acts.

  94. 94 : yanie! Says:

    gahhhhhh! cant wait for episode 6! >_

  95. 95 : yanie! Says:

    jan di and ji hoo should get together even tho joon pyo
    is gorgeous![X yi jung and ga eul are totally gunaa get together

  96. 96 : rgfwg929 Says:

    i’ve watched both the taiwanese and japanese version of this drama and now i’ve watch this fifth episode of the korean plot,and all i can say is they have their way of how to catch the audience,even though that other characters are not good looking enough,but still they showed different talent and may i say that their acting is not bad either,criticizing them and the drama itself isn’t fair at all,its how you look and understand all about the characters and the drama itself,f you really understand and love to watch dramas like these,its better to enjoy and relax

  97. 97 : devin Says:

    yeah! it’s doing well in the ratings…^_^

  98. 98 : Rachel Loh Says:

    I L0V3 this drama incredibly a lot!!!it’s funny any romantic!I hope things go well for goo joon pyo and geum jan di!!

  99. 99 : lheirie Says:

    yeaahh…this drama is more interesting…i already watched ep6…i cant wait the next episode…joon pyo is really hot like daoming!!!!!woaiani!!

  100. 100 : yatt76 Says:

    can’t wait to watch next episode. this drama is very hot. hope there are more romantic scenes between joon pyo and jan di unlike japanese version.the ost are good also.

  101. 101 : stephanie Says:

    i prefer the japanese version..

    korean guys look great but i don’t like them that much..
    i like inoue better and oguri, rui’s korean counterpart is not that appealing to me…(shun is not UGLY!)

    oguri’s acting was great and no matter how i look at it,he really fits the role..
    jun matsumoto was not that good looking but he really is a good actor..

    korean’s doumyouji is hot! hahaha…

  102. 102 : flowergirl Says:


    ANYWAY THE DIRECTOR OF BOYS BEFORE FLOWER IS JUN KI SANG WHO HAVE DIRECT mygirl, delightful girl chun hyang n couple or trouble BEFORE…SO I BELIEVE THIS STORY WILL PROGRESS SUCCSESFULLY AS THE RATING HIGHER UP IN KOREA…(cant wait 4 the baeksang award mayb this april, mayb lee min ho win the best newcomer)

  103. 103 : tokidoki Says:

    me totally agree with flowergirl..
    i love this manga and watched as well the live action made from taiwan and japanese..and now of course i watch the korean version..
    each has their own x-factor to capture my attention..

    i love jap ver’s makino that she is so sweet and jun that was hot with curly perm and shun fits well for hanazawa rui…but now i would admit that jun pyoo even hotter…whether at first i think the perm hair not suits to lee minho..however as i keep watching BBF i see minho acts very well as jun pyoo and he has great captivating eyes!! omoo~

    and i love the storyline, shots and plots from the korean ver…it was hillarious and great…

    and one thing i love about korean dramas are the songs…every single song was beautiful and melodious…it suits the storyline perfectly that makes me keep repeating the same parts..=)

    anyway..i cant wait for the next episodes…BBF!! hwaiting!!

  104. 104 : Tina Says:

    Me too. I agree with flowergirl. The Korean version is the best one. I love them very much n love the story too. Never……..never bored on it

  105. 105 : lil_pai_pnay Says:

    I love the island where they shoot episode 5. I wish i could go there one day. I cant wait for the next episode. this drama is great, the actors are so good. I love the whole cast. looking forward for more great episode.!!!

  106. 106 : yatt76 Says:

    i’m totally agreed with flowergirl in every sense(100 times agreed). korean version is very very good than japan and taiwan. looking forward for the next episode.
    jun pyoo is hottt.

  107. 107 : burberry Says:

    LOVE IT! In fact, I loved every episode. I haven’t seen the Japanese nor the Taiwanese versions so I can’t compare.

    Overall, worthwhile watching – never a dull moment.

    Despite my very busy sked, I am hoping that the next few episodes will come soon.

    The high ratings are well deserved!

  108. 108 : LadyBlue Says:

    This is my 1st time join this room..I’m most agree what flowergirl (Exspecially),Burberry,Yatt76,Lil_Pai_Pnay,Tina and Tokidoki said about this BBF…I like this drama so much..no wonder the director is excellent becouse the drama than been directed (My girl & etc) is the best & “HOT” in my country Malaysia.Currently I’m watch BBf thtrough Mysoju.com.I hope this drama will be ending by wedding scene since Taiwan & Japan versions not end like this (with complete wedding ceremony huhuhuhuuhu).Of coz we can see how the richest family like Jun Pyo family arranged the weddings for her..Fighting….

    i’m also love about korean dramas are the songs…every single song was beautiful and melodious…it suits the storyline perfectly that makes me keep repeating the same parts.Eventhough i’m not understand the language but the melody very touching.I like BBF OSt like Paradise by TMAx,Stand by ME by Shinee,Lucky by Ashily and the rest.I cant waiting this drama will be release in my country so that I want 2 become the 1st customer buy the dvd hahahahahahah…i wish…

  109. 109 : Reeya Says:

    I also agree, hana yori dango korean version is the best version of taiwan and japan, combination of both. I’ve been watching many times and never bored…. coz the story is very detailed and well in soundtrack heard. O… can’t wait to see the next episode.
    Lee min-ho, you’re the best………..

  110. 110 : sera han Says:

    I am so glad bbf is moving up in tv ratings which is well deserved. The series is very comical and all the actors are good in it. However, I am disappointed in the ratings for Terroir. Terroir series is more on the serious side of things. I hope its ratings go up. Fighting!

  111. 111 : Alesxandrea Says:

    @LadyBlue – the japanese version actually ended with a wedding 🙂 you should watch Hana Yori Dango Final.. ^_^

    I like the cast (F4) of the Korean version. They’re all such pretty boys but i love Inoue Mao as Tsukushi coz she has given justice to her role. She’s done great compared to the korean actress (my opinion). Jan-di is often times comical.. i’ve always thought tsukushi as a strong woman.

    Although i love Kim Hyun Joong… i believe he still needs lots of practice on acting T_T *sobs* but anyhow, i still like him.. hope he’ll improve in the coming episodes… *fighting!*

    Kim Bum is such a sweetheart! He’s overly gorgeous .. *haizzz*

    Overall… Korean’s version of Hana Yori Dango is fun.. No dull moments so far…

  112. 112 : xtine1208 Says:

    i really hope this will end in a weddingscene.i really like the drama!!! to the director, youre so good or ill say excellent!!!

  113. 113 : flowergirl Says:


  114. 114 : zelize Says:

    did anyone know whwre can i download this drama??????????

  115. 115 : xahjika Says:

    sars fan subs sd quality

  116. 116 : tokidoki Says:

    yeah..im sure it will be ended with wedding ceremony as the jap ver but in jap ver it was in movie..i hope for korean ver it will be in this drama.. haha

    well..ladyblue..i’m also from malaysia..and watching BBF from mysoju and utube…i always hope it will be aired someday in KBS World but i guess it must be months later..hahaha.. and me also cant wait for the dvd in stores here..me also wanna be the 1st customer..hahahhahaha….

  117. 117 : jeirine Says:

    ….oohhh….cant wait the next episode…i love the korean version compared to japanese…i like the F4 in this version…eventhough they are not that good in acting(in my opinion),maybe because they’re newcomers…hope they’re improve in the coming episode…but they are great and goodlooking as well…yeah,OST is good…goodluck and more power!ajah!^-^

  118. 118 : cathyzik Says:

    i like more this korean version, and also japanese , becoz their performing are really great and each one version has itself taste : all people could show them with interest becoz that’ fun!

  119. 119 : koka Says:

    Hi all,,,
    this drama is awesome,,,i prefer the Korean version more,, all F4 guys are hot!! and the girl ,,she is super cute,, cant wait to see the rest of the episodes ….

  120. 120 : jlink27 Says:

    I think korean version is much better than the other 2 version….I watched the 2 version and as I watching the korean version they took the story of the 2 version and it’s really good i like it…Lee Min Ho is really a look alike of jerry yan especially when he smile look lkes jerry a lot..i like him…….i already seen episode 1-6 with english subtitle and i really love it..they have a nice songs too…….

  121. 121 : DY Says:

    I personally really like the Taiwanese version of this drama so i hope that the Korean one will be either equally or even better than the Taiwanese version! 🙂

  122. 122 : cathyzik Says:

    what’s meaning to know which one of version is better?? most important is to enjoying! by the way, I looked each version & find everyone interesting becoz makefilmer and scriptwriter per version tried really hard to keep main spirit of original manga “hana yori dango”, therefore, they also would renew our interests : that’s perfectly well done, by the way: well, everyone could compare but anypeople get the right answer, becoz that’s follow each one taste! keep to enjoying this show and open your mind

  123. 123 : hannah Says:

    omg this drama is so cute
    soooo much better than the japanese and taiwanese

  124. 124 : akaprawn Says:

    i love kim hyun joong~ lol. actually i’m fan of kim jae joong but they’re good friends right?! >

  125. 125 : gail Says:

    I still prefer Jerry – Vic and Jun – Shun, though korean F4 are hotter. but BBF is not end yet, so I’ll sit & enjoy it coz it’s not MG nor HYD, just like when I watched HYD ( after watched MG & became Vic fans ).btw shun is not ugly, HE IS Rui and a good actor

  126. 126 : Samantha Says:

    Hi ….
    I really like Boys before Flower because all the boys are so hot… and I really think that their acting’s was amazing in every scene, and I also think that their style was very cute. I have watched many of the Korean dramas and I just start (the boy before flower) to episode six, but all I could say is that it is the hottest …. Drama I ever seem. I can’t wait to buy the DVD, and it’s going to take very long time for them to release in the United State.

  127. 127 : Sunny Says:

    when I saw him for the first time in the show “We are just married”, Kim Hyun Joong just looked like a bashful youth.

    In “Boys over Flowers”, he looks more mature and thoughtful. But in Korea, more spotlight seems to go to Lee Min Ho.

  128. 128 : Tina Says:

    Everyone have to watch korean F4. Korean F4 is the best one.
    They act very well and handsome. Lee Min Ho acts very cool and very well done. Lee Min Ho, you did a greet job.

  129. 129 : tokidoki Says:

    i just finish watched BBF ep 7 and 8..these 2 episodes extremely raised my adrenaline..hahahaa..this drama getting exciting and interesting…
    i like when jandi was surprised or tricked by her sunbaes…that scene was expected by me that jun pyo just purposely sick…but i like that scene so much..so sweeeeeett to see Jandi and jun pyo fighting there…hahahaaaa

    i cant wait next week for the next 2 eps..hope their ranking will be on the top again…coz they deserve for the first rank..

    i like min ho’s eyes!!! his eyes expressing deep thoughts…hahahaah

  130. 130 : yatt76 Says:

    can’t wait for the next 2 epi. drama getting exciting and interesting.anyone who know..is joon pyo noona is the same as the female lead in 200 pound beauty movie???

  131. 131 : bjylhay Says:

    HI EVERY1!!!

  132. 132 : bjylhay Says:


  133. 133 : naoko Says:

    hmmm….for me each version has their own unique and their own plot. I love all of the version

  134. 134 : tokidoki Says:

    well yatt76..
    joon pyo noona is not the heroin of 200 pounds beauty..
    she’s Kim Ah-jung…hihihi..

  135. 135 : tokidoki Says:

    well yatt76..
    joon pyo noona is not the heroin of 200 pounds beauty..
    one acts as Hanna was Kim Ah-jung…hihihi..

  136. 136 : yatt76 Says:

    thanks tokidoki…i just curious..coz their face look alike..anyway i like korean version compared to others.

  137. 137 : tokidoki Says:

    no problemo..hihi..
    yeaaa..me tooo..i like all version.. but i loveeee so much and extremely enjoy the korean version..their storylines and scenes are fun…
    this version really makes me laugh so much..they are really great presenting their characters…BBF hwaitinggg!!

  138. 138 : mysticmoon Says:

    i love all the version, they are extremely unique in their special way.
    KOREAN cast are really good, they fit the role that they portray. i cant wait for the next episode

  139. 139 : Ashley Says:

    kim hyunjoong is good looking but even if ppl say they like the korean version better than the taiwan and japanese vic zhou will always be the most good looking guy to play RUI.

  140. 140 : elaine Says:

    The KF4 are just the cutest!!!!!!!The korean version is alot better than the Japanese and Taiwanese. Although Vic Zhou is cute…i have seen him on other drama/comedy/romance series. The KF4 actors are well picked and the characters fits them perfectly. Very sophisticated looking guys!!! i really love watching the KF4…

  141. 141 : dudunhunhu Says:

    I love Lee Min Ho. He is very good at playing Joon Pyo character. Compare to other version, this Joon Pyo is the best F4 leader.

  142. 142 : Reeya Says:

    awesome…..i love it more, and more…..and more.
    hiks..hiks..hiks… can’t w8 2c the next episode

  143. 143 : momomiko10 Says:

    i just love this drama..watching this drama make me wanna think that its time to lol.

  144. 144 : jaja Says:

    awwwww… two thumbs up.. am loving this k-drama. sooooo cuteeeeee…

  145. 145 : burberry Says:

    I am addicted to it! Just checked on mysoju in case there are updates, but there is none. However, I’ve noticed that there are only 8 episodes. Is this true? Is it almost finished then?

    I don’t know the Hana Yori Dango story coz never saw both the Japanese & Korean versions.

    I hope it’s not ending yet.

  146. 146 : burberry Says:

    May I add also that Lee Min Ho is great & cannot imagine anyone else playing the role of Jun Pyo. Very appropriate.

  147. 147 : mysticmoon Says:

    GOOD CASTING! one word for this drama PERFECT!

  148. 148 : An Says:

    burberry, the total episode is 24.

  149. 149 : BOF-Fan Says:

    Well, I’ve watched until episode 8 🙂
    But I didn’t check out the Japanese or Taiwan version yet. I’m planning to. But according to the other’s comments, they aren’t as good.
    But don’t worry. I’m not going to judge based on those comments.
    But I do not get why the Japanese character of Rui doesn’t look similar. It was sort of hard to see the resemblance.
    For my judgement, (purely all mines) it affected me a lot.
    When I see high school muscial (yet another one of my own comments) Troy and Gabrilla’s love is shallow, whilst Goo Jun Pyo’s love is so pure.
    All the characters are so unique and different.
    I hope Japanese is going to be surprsing too!
    (not to mention their taste is pretty good, pretty and handsome characters) 😀
    Maybe it’s because of the drama that I feel heartaches and sadness.
    k! I’m done my speech.
    Yeah. At first, the female lead (Jan Di) wasn’t that eye catching, but then…
    all of the characters just grew into me. If the characters were changed, I would so quit watching.
    I wouldn’t bear seeing another love another. d-_-
    They just wouldn’t fit in.
    And my impressions would change too.
    I luv the korean version.
    But what about the Japanese and Taiwan?
    Fell in love with the characters at first sight.
    Though I wouldn’t neccesicarily call myself a fan.
    I do! YEAH!

  150. 150 : Reeya Says:

    wow … a long comment. I have been watching taiwan and japan version. At the time each of the two versions was very good, taiwan in 2001 and japan in 2005, but after the Koreans out version seems to complete the two previous versions of both the story and the characters. More perfect everything…..

  151. 151 : flowergirl Says:





  152. 152 : K Says:

    ^One article said that KHJ was already pre-selected for Rui role considering how many fans bombarded the website saying how much KHJ looks very similar to Oguri Shun. I dont mind JGS for the role because I know he’s a good actor, but I think JGS would’ve overshadowed LMH.

  153. 153 : selva Says:

    omo I’m all over Lee Min Ho in here 😀
    the boy is so great!!!!

  154. 154 : amktsy Says:

    I know my speed is rather slow as i have only watch finish episode 5…

    Can’t understand why the character LMH act is so likeable for
    neveryone,but not me.

    I’m really interesed in KIM BUM and KIM SO EUN part can be more,at least more 100% than the other versions.Love them as a pair .I think maybe i will skip LMH and KHS part.

  155. 155 : yatt76 Says:

    love Lee Min Ho(especially when he’s smile…dimple). good in act also.

  156. 156 : Lütfiye Says:

    I love Kim HyunJoong, I am from Turkey,and watch this tv serie…

    I want that the ji hoo have a anather girl.
    then jandi will be love junpyo, i dont want that jihoo is unhappy.

    i can come to him…


  157. 157 : tokidoki Says:

    today is monday..i cant wait for the ep 9..
    hihihi..i wanna know what’s going on next in korean ver..
    now i just keep guessing as there was no preview for the ep9..
    and of cos i wanna see all hott F4 and jan di..
    guys..i wish u guys njoy watching the next 2 eps..
    and leave ur comments hereee..
    support BBF!!

  158. 158 : Hollywood Says:

    I watched, good job to these Kdrama cast, they are very good. I enjoyed it tremendously. Koo Hye Sun acting is pretty good, they followed the anime quite closely. She kinda of grow on you, looks and everything.
    However, they need better hair stylists. Japan version, Domyogi has better looking curls. Luckily BBF boys are good looking, I guess even if they are bald they will probably still look good.

  159. 159 : jesse Says:

    boy before flower is good….
    it is different from meteor garden and hana yori dango…
    it’s prefer humorious….


    I hope ratings is good….
    oh ya… goo hye sun acting is funny…..

    GOD bLess u aLL….

  160. 160 : burberry Says:

    Hi tokidoki,

    I am also hoping that Ep 9 comes out soon. This drama is very addictive.

    Yes, I do like Jan Di too. Amazing acting talent. Is it true that Koo Hye Sun was in this American film, August Rush. I had to watch it again and find her. I’ve seen the movie once but I was carried away by the boy more than anyone else in the movie.

  161. 161 : yatt76 Says:

    hi anyone(esp.tokidoki),
    1 question please!!the 9th epi.will be on air tonight..so when we can watch it online.??curently i’, watching it on mysoju or viikii.net???
    answer please anyone??

  162. 162 : tokidoki Says:

    yatt76..previously i watched BBF at viikii and veoh…
    at viikii they uploaded and subbed BBF faster..and i have problem to watch on mysoju..so i dont really watched there..
    at veoh..there’s user named ohmiyask uploaded with eng subs..and also fast…normally i’ld watched the mondays’ eps on tuesday morning..
    the fastest i watched the new epi was at 2++am tuesdaymorning..=)

    i did watch august rush..i didnt realize koo hye sun was there..
    hmmm…which part ahhh??
    if u’ve find her there..be pleasure to tell me too yea..

    waaa..now here while i’m write this..in korea..BBF is airing~~
    omooo..i wish to be there and watching it..hihihiii

  163. 163 : yatt76 Says:

    thanks tokidoki.
    i think i better watch it tomorrow morning. (actually i’m from malaysia also.)

  164. 164 : tokidoki Says:

    yatt76..we r malaysian..hihi..nice to meet u here..
    well..me also will watch BBF tomorrow..
    i pray for better connection here in my uni..hihi..
    so where u at yatt76? im from ipoh but now study in penang..

  165. 165 : Tina Says:

    watch BBF for free at http://www.viikii.net. but have to register/sign up beofre watch.

  166. 166 : yatt76 Says:

    hi tokidoki!
    you’re girl right?
    I’m from Kelantan but staying at Malacca.
    when Joon Pyo fiancee gonna come out???

  167. 167 : flowergirl Says:



    CAM NE POM SELAMAT BERKENALAN BUAT tokidoki , yatt76 DAN burberry….

  168. 168 : yatt76 Says:

    ye lerrr flowergirl…
    cintailah bahasa kebangsaan kita.
    hi…tuk semua org malaysia

  169. 169 : tokidoki Says:

    hihihihi..hai specially to yatt76, flowergirl and burberry and other malaysian here..
    alaaaa..bkn x nk ckp bm..slalu kalo join website2 yg mostly guna english neh..dh terbiasa guna english..hihihi..
    papon suka bhs melayu!!haha
    pasneh i guna bm dgn u all (nama2 di atas)..
    jom meriahkan page nehh..hihihi..

    sy pompuan..hihi..
    well..tunang jun pyo x lama lg nti kuar laa tuh..
    waaa..cant wait to watch ep10…

  170. 170 : yatt76 Says:

    hi tokidoki..&.all m’sian.
    penang..uni apa?
    course apa yek??
    can’t wait and excited to watch epi 10.

  171. 171 : Tina Says:

    I am so exciting with episode 10. I am waiting now. Even I am going to upset with GJP’s mother.

  172. 172 : lilimons Says:

    woi…bapak ramai giler malaysian kat sini…huhuhu…cayalah, malaysia boleh!!! go go go goo jun pyo!!!

  173. 173 : ami Says:

    lee min ho..saranghae!!!
    i like him very much

  174. 174 : LadyBlue Says:

    An-nyong Ha-se-yo to all Malaysian n non Malyasia heheheeh,

    la…..ramai pula org kita kat sini…ingat semuanya omputih hehehehehh..so blh ler kita kembangkan bahasa kebangsaan kita bak kata pepatah cintai la bahasa kebangsaan kita (ada ker pepatah ishish…)

    Rasa nak menangis tgk preview episode 10 smlm.sakit hati bila muncul mak Jun Pyo nak melawan takdir arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…tension betul ler…agak2 ending drama ni berakhir dgn wedding tak?sbb saya tgk version Jepun movie ada scene kawin n makino pregnant hahahhahha….imaginasi kuat nie…hhahaha.

    ada x sapa2 yg blh bg komen kenapa sinematografi drama korea x setanding dgn drama kita?ni bkn anti drama melayu tp klu lah blh saya nak jg drama Malaysia ada yg meletup seluruh asia sebagaimana sya fans drama korean even x paham bahasa arapkan subtitle jer hahahahaha

  175. 175 : GG Says:

    AWESOME! Keep up the good work BOF! I love this show so much and I am sure if you can count all of us manic fans all over the world the numbers would be in the millions. Congratualations on reaching the 30% mark by the 10th episode.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the series play out and will be watching faithfully.

  176. 176 : yatt76 Says:

    hi ladyblue!
    akak rasa nak nangis tergolek2 bila tgk mak joon pyo bawa dia pergi..tension!!!
    rasanya citer melayu ni tak mencapai tahap international coz byk faktor..
    1nya budget sikit…cth bf4 ni sewa jet peribadi, bot…kita punya citer mana mampu.lagipun citer melayu ni kadang2 byk adegan yg x msk akal. buat cam kita penonton x leh fikir.
    satu lagi pelakon2 kita x sesuai. cthya kalu kat thailand/korea..rosyam nor tu tak leh jadi hero(umur dia dah leh jadi ayah/atuk).
    Rita rudaini pun leh jadi mak..
    pakej pelakon kita x cukup.

  177. 177 : yatt76 Says:

    oopps ladyblue…lupa nak cakap…
    kalu version japan berakhir ngan wedding and makino pregnant.japan nya version ada season 1&2..past tu final dia movie.dlm movie tu dia kawin and pregnant. cuba tgk dlm website mysoju.com. ada citer tu dlm version japan tajuk hanayori dango. version taiwan akak tak tgk…

  178. 178 : burberry Says:

    Just saw Ep 9 _ the story is getting better and getting more addictive. Perhaps I’m biased, and it was Jun Pyo, but that is the sweetest kiss so far.

    “Jan Di” in August Rush had a bit role as one of the beggars, if my information is right. I have to see the movie again though, and watch out for her.

  179. 179 : lilyzaleen Says:

    hi there tokidoki.. i’m also from malaysia.. macam u mention earlier we can watch online through veoh right.. but then bukan ker veoh tu dah kena block to access in malaysia… normally i’m watching online through vickii.net..

  180. 180 : serena Says:

    hi i’m serena. i’m american. i love GJP and e jeong so.
    theyre so cute.
    i love them. lol
    this is so hot than japan’s and taiwan’s
    i wanna get all music about this drama
    and i really wanna visit Korea

  181. 181 : tokidoki Says:

    holaaaaaaaa…wahhh..meriahnya org malaysia siniii..
    bagus2…meriahkan page neh…suma kat sini addicted to BBF..

    sy blajar kat usm..final sem dh..
    hihihi..awak plak yatt76??

    sy rs BBF ending kawen nyaa…hope the greatest wedding~
    so far..compare dgn lagi 2 ver..korean d best… lawak+sweet+suma plakon ada skill masing2…
    pasal drama melayu tuh..sy pnah terpikir gakk.. sini bkn la sy x suka drama melayu..saya tgk jugak ceta melayu…napa la drama melayu x mcm drama korea ka jepun kaa.. sbb 2 drama neh ramai ja foreigner yg tgk…bkn paham sgt pon ckp diorg..
    tp dr segi screenplay, sinematografi, lagu2 dlm drama korea suma best!!
    tgk ja la shot dlm drama korea..mmg nmpk skill ngan ekspresi muka diorg..kalo nangis..nangis betul2…gelak..mmg gelak dasat.. kalo makan..lagi laaa..mmg makan bersungguh2…mmg betul2 makan..smp sy sniri pon rs nk mkn makanan diorg.. kalo ceta melayu neh..cam cover2 sk8…lagi satu..plakon2 korea byk yg cukup pakej.. dr segi rupa dan bakat..dan jalan cerita yg menarik yg buat penonton nk tgk lagi dan lagii…lagi satu sbb bajet laa..yg tuh penting..nk bayar mcm2.. org2 blakang tabir pon ramai gak…

    hihihi..a’ah..mmg kna block..tp sy guna proxy..tuh yg dpt lpas..

    ep 9 & 10 sgt bestt..sweet..suka la yi jung-ga eul..haha
    wahh..xsabar nk tgk epi11 pulak..konflik besar akan muncul..
    mak jun pyo mmg d darkest witchhhh..

  182. 182 : tokidoki Says:

    hello serena…
    im totally agree with u..
    korean the greatest..=)
    all actors and actresses are great..
    everytime i watch kdrama..it always makes me fly to korea…
    korea is such a beautiful country~

  183. 183 : tokidoki Says:

    wuaaaa..suka sgt time ice skating..
    suma muka hepiiii..
    rs nk skating jugakkkkk….

  184. 184 : applejuice Says:

    i can’t wait to watch dis drama when it air in kbs 2 malaysia so0n..
    since umh i dah xder tenet..kene la tgok tv,,
    hope dptla cos i dok hostel..


  185. 185 : amktsy Says:

    now doing translate for viikii.net english sub to chinese sub…

  186. 186 : boh Says:

    love the kissing part,at first though i will be shine onit but later find out it is very romantic.

  187. 187 : tokidoki Says:

    waaaa..i cant get enough with BBF.. i’ll keep repeating all episodes..
    hahahhaaaa….byk sgt part yg lawak.sweet.romantic~~
    lagu2 pon sedap~~hihihi…
    td da member yg x tgk lg BBF tanya pndpt..yg mana lg best antara 3..
    sy pon dgn x pk pa dh..tros ckp KOREAN!!! hahahaaaa…
    well..korean ver really great in many aspects..
    storyline.acting skills.actors.actresess.song.screenplay.shots~ omooo..
    from storyline..i see that korean ver is stronger, deep and meaningful..
    hihihi…harap2 la ceta neh kuar kat kbs world…
    nak gak tgk dr kaca tv…haahahaaa..

  188. 188 : TUBB Says:

    what is wrong with viikii.. i am going to be mad if i can’t watch ep 9 and 10 with eng subbed asap.. is there any other way to watch those eposides with eng sub ????

  189. 189 : LadyBlue Says:

    An-nyong Ha-se-yo ….

    la….ramai nyer student kat sini ish……fighting…smlm tgk kat viikii tp mood hilang nak tgk bila mak JPY yg evil tu muncul…..argh….tension..tp still nak tgk gak lg 2day sbb bila mghadap keja yg melambak ditambah pula Lady BOss kat ofis ni rasa nak balik umah tgk drama ni…kat ofis blh buka mysoju tp x blh loading..tension giler….

    Yatt kenal saya ker?sj tanya….kengkawan yg lain apa preview episode 11 & 12?veoh bkn x blh guna kat Malaysia ker?

  190. 190 : LadyBlue Says:

    Hi Gangz for the Malasyian and Other,

    saya baru jer hantar suggestion email to PMP entertainment Malaysia ttg drama ni..jom ramai email kat dorg agar drama ni ada kat Malaysia…you can refer or not my email to them below hahahahahah

    Dear Management,

    I would appreciate if you could produce a set of dvd of Korean drama title “BOYS BEFORE FLOWER”(Hana Yori Dongo is Japan version & Meteor Garden is Taiwan version).It has come to my knowledge that the drama entitle BOYS BEFORE FLOWER is currently a ‘HIT/HOT’ in Korea.You can refer to this website hanfever or http://www.koreandrama.org/. And for the time being we can only watch via online ie.internet (viikii website or mysoju website).

    Your quality of your dvd for other drama a GREAT plus the subtitle exspceially in Malay subtitle other than others companyi.I’m fans of your company dvd exspecially in Korean drama and usually i will come to Hiro Comis to buy the dvd that needed.The latest i bought it is “Gourmet” but i dont like this story because a bit boring..

    I hope that you can be the 1st company will produce this drama since overseas companies in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines have already snatched up the distribution and broadcast rights. The rights in Japan has been bought over by Japan’s SPO Entertainment and is scheduled to air in Japan sometime in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2009.

    The most important is “The highly anticipated KBS drama “Boys Before Flowers“, largely known as the Korean version of the popular “Hana Yori Dango”, has already been exported to Japan and various Asian countries before it even begins its broadcast in South Korea.”How best this drama.

    Anyway,I hope that your will consider my suggestion.Thank you very much..aja2 fighting!

  191. 191 : yatt76 Says:

    hi everyone!!!
    i’m totally agree with serena & tokodoki( korean version the best ever after).coz of korean version i’m started to watch the others 2 version.

    actually..akak dah tua. ex student uia(abis thn 2001).

    saya x kenal awak. kalu awak ex-uia maybe saya kenal awak lerrr..saya cuma tahu kita malaysian & sama2 minat BBF

  192. 192 : LadyBlue Says:

    iyer ker…..alamak ingat kak Yatt kenal saya hahahahahahahh…..saya study kat Malacca kat kolej yg x terkenal uhuhuhuhu…

    anyway,i agree what do you said guys…korean version is almost GREAT and………………(cant describe)hahahahhaah..fighting

  193. 193 : tokidoki Says:

    salam n hai to all here..
    specially kat yatt76 ngan ladyblue and malaysians here…
    hihihi..xpaa..usia mmg akan meningkat..janji jiwa mudaa
    sy pon da prob nk tgk ikut viikii..bleh msuk web tuh tp dok loading jaa..
    soju pon lbh kurang laaa..huhu..yg veoh tuh pon..sbb pakai proxy..hihi
    kalo x..mmg x dpt la nk tgk…
    preview ep11 mayb kuar kat korea sblom isnin la tuh..
    x sabarnya nk tgkk…

  194. 194 : yatt76 Says:

    hi all BBF fans!!
    can’t wait for the next episode…

    tokidoki, ladyblue…
    akak tak de masalah ngan mysoju and viikii. mybe server kat kat sini ok kot. just kalu peaktime lambat sikit nak loading.
    akak ni bukan lerr jiwa muda sangat tapi dah tak de apa nak buat so tgk ler citer online.
    ladyblue melaka kat ner???

  195. 195 : sahorat Says:


  196. 196 : burberry Says:

    Our dear Malaysian friends – I hope that I could understand what you all have posted. However, I am sure that they were all positive comments about BOF.

    Finished watching Ep 10! and of course now looking forward to Ep 11, 12, 13, etc up until the end.

  197. 197 : burberry Says:

    Is BOF (Korean version) very similar to the Japanese & Taiwanese versions? I can’t really imagine them being better than the Korean one.

  198. 198 : tokidoki Says:

    burberry…well..of cos we said good things bout BOF..
    all are positive and compliment comments bout BOF..
    we all expressed our excitements bout current episodes..
    and shared some opinions bout BOF..(BOF is the greatest among 3)
    and were excited to wait for ep11 til end..
    the story become more exciting and challenging..hihiiii..
    i kept repeating ep 9 & 10 cos there r so many sweet and adorable scenes there~

    bout the BOF compared to Meteor garden (Taiwan) and Hana Yori dango (Jap)..the main concept is the same..the main characters were there..different in the storyline..
    taiwan & jap had 2 seasons..jap had the shortest episodes for each season..
    as i mention above..as i watched other 2 versions..those have their own speciality & x-factor…however i could write here..korean ver is the best!
    i love their storyline..beautiful scenes&shots..actors & actresses.. their acting skill improved in each eps…they bring out their characters very well~i love GJP’s eyes~ their songs..all background songs are melodious and nice to my ears…i like the sense of humor in some scenes… they were fun and sweet in the same time..which made me repeating to watch it again and again..hihihiiii…

  199. 199 : tokidoki Says:

    lady blue..
    is it true u sent the email??
    waaaaa.. i was so excited..hihihiiiii..
    mintak2 diorg approve laa.. sure bw untungnyaaa..
    kalo da dvd tuh nti..bleh tgk kat tv..smbl minum teh tarik dan mkn kpok dan bw bantal dan selimut…hahahahhaaa…
    great job ladyblue

  200. 200 : LadyBlue Says:

    An-nyong Ha-se-yo…to everyone,

    I’m so sorry for those who not understand our Malay language :).Everyone is excited to talk about this drama and i’m not good in English hahahahahaha…anyway i’m still not finishing watch BBF episode 10 in Viikii since yesterday coz i thing the server for the website is busy and too late for loadinng each episode..i hate that and make me tension argh………So i wish this Sat or Sun i can watch this episode since everyone post a comment that GJP kiss Jandi again….and something bad happen to Jandi…uhuhuhuhu…

    So for the Malaysian dont forget send email to PMP Entertainment our suggestion about this drama..aja2 fighting…

  201. 201 : LadyBlue Says:

    Hi Tokidoki n the rest…

    Yes,its true.Im sent the email..even we can watch through internet,but cant feel too much hahahahahahah…so why not you?aja2 fighthing…let them know how good the drama

  202. 202 : yatt76 Says:

    sorry 100x for those who can’t understand b.malaysia.we only discussing about BBF and it’s very comfortable using our own language to express our feeling on how good BBF is….

    cepat ke tindakan yg diambil oleh pihak PMP tu???
    tak sabar rasanya nak beli dvd.

  203. 203 : LadyBlue Says:

    not sure ler Yatt…..klu permintaan tinggi x mustahil kot…dorg juga yg untung….harap2 ler yer….ada x sapa2 yg dah tgk preview episode 11?which website plz tell me….

    Anyway,for those who is intrested to buy DVD drama Korea for collection and looking for the cheapest price but good quality and Original certified,plz let me know..i have a lot of dvd Korea drama collection of 2006 till 2008.I’m already post advertisement at mudah.com.

    I have put my phone number and email.for those intrested we can discuss about the price and you can bring a player to check the dvd before buy it.We can meet at KLCC since im working here.

    The latest dvd i want to sell is “Gourmet” rm70.00 only.Its produce by PMP entertainment and you compare my price with out side hahahhahahahah…..

  204. 204 : LadyBlue Says:

    The dvd got Malay,English and Chinese subtitle…

    Why i want to sell?
    Because i’m watched too many times and dont know where suppose to keep it hahahahahah…..its true and the answer it comes from my heart…

  205. 205 : KUS Says:

    This drama is one of my favourite Korean drama’s. The acting in this drama is really good.

  206. 206 : hunny Says:

    it seems that the BBF korean version is similar to the taiwanese version..i noe the original version is from japan but some of the scene in korean version similar to taiwanese version..

  207. 207 : ahyoomee Says:


    I mean their drama, movies, actor n actress, kpop n music even variety shows are enjoy to watched…

    i think korea is the best production among asia….YEAH!!! im spain n it is proven coz some of their movie like IL MARE n MY SASSY GIRL have been remaked in hollywood….though the original koran production is much much better than hollywood..coz ive seen it both…

    BTW, my luvly sam soon is the 1st asian drama that will be remaked in hollywood..im also so in luv with their variety show especially X-MAN n LOVE LETTER…

  208. 208 : ducksun Says:

    this drama is so fun and nice i love it , i love it
    i like the act of lee min ho
    i hope you all will consider me as your new friend

  209. 209 : leeminholover Says:

    anyone have or know where can i get geum jan di’s cute ring tone? i really like it!!!

  210. 210 : Rachel Loh Says:

    This is one of my favourite korean dramas ever!I even post it in my blog!

  211. 211 : Tina Says:

    o monday…monday make me crazy

  212. 212 : Tina Says:

    you are great

  213. 213 : epdrama Says:

    this drama is going crazy in my site. so hot and popular !!

  214. 214 : merizan Says:

    i m crazy of this drama. i likethis drama most among all korean drama and i m crazy of Lee Min Ho i lop him too much

  215. 215 : NyonyaDyana Says:

    this drama n Lee Min Ho drivin’ me crazy! i wish everyday is monday!! n n… when will the dvd released heh??

  216. 216 : yatt76 Says:

    hello friends!
    preview for epi 11 has come out or not????????????????
    can’t wait to watch what will happen in korean version ()

  217. 217 : tokidoki Says:

    today is monday~~a day i wish it always monday and tuesday…
    tonite of cos i’ll stay up late just to watch BBF at viikii~
    i love them all~~~ specially jun pyo and jan di..
    also cant wait to see the progress of yi jung and ga eul~

  218. 218 : tokidoki Says:

    u can watch at youtube~
    there are 2 version..one is long ver and other is short..around 48 secs

  219. 219 : tokidoki Says:

    anyway..i just want to share something~
    here is a great hectic news to all kbsworld subscribers..
    specially to malaysians here..who have astro program..
    next week..16th feb..there will be start airing BBF…
    eventhough it’ll late around 12 episodes that aired in korea..
    but im still so excited cos i really hope to watch it on tv..
    cos i feel that feeling is different than i watched online and played by the dvd..hihihihii..
    here is the link to the kbs world page
    search for program updates..there u will find BBF

  220. 220 : yatt76 Says:

    BBF will be aired on KBS world…GOOD NEWS!!!!!!(specially for Malaysian)

    betul ke???pukul berapa yek?hari apa?(sori byk soalan coz i mls nak check).

  221. 221 : tokidoki Says:

    it’s okay..below are the showtime..these are for asia time..any updated schedule, please check it then..

    Mon 21:00
    Tue 02:30
    Tue 21:00
    Wed 02:30
    Sun 12:10

    and below are for europe..(if there any)

    Mon 14:00
    Mon 19:30
    Tue 14:00
    Tue 19:30
    Sun 05:10

  222. 222 : yatt76 Says:

    thanks for your info. well! we will stay up late to watch epi 11 BBF. and the person beside me also stay up late just to wacth Jumong Prince Of Legend.
    however BBF still the best…fighting!!!!

  223. 223 : zelize Says:

    i can,t dwnload from sars fan sub sd quality.somebody… please help me!!! i,m totally look out for this drama.HELP!!!!!!!

  224. 224 : yatt76 Says:

    i watched epi 11. not really intresting this epi, maybe coz of jandi and joon pyo misunderstanding. can’t wait for epi 12.
    anyone when will joon pyo’s fiancee will come out… i’m excited to watch jan di getting jealous and discover her feeling to joon pyo?????????

  225. 225 : sokiyaki Says:

    love this drama, but hate ep11. 🙁 hope next episode´ll be better 🙂

  226. 226 : yatt76 Says:

    i agreed with u. hate epi 11, but epi 12 seem very interesting(romantic scenes btw jan di and joon pyo). but quite sad coz joon pyo have to go to new york(agreement with his mother maybe).

  227. 227 : Melanie How Says:

    Hallo..think its a gd drama for me coz like 2 watch”Liu Xing Hua Yuan”,its the same!!!must buy it in China later…like 2 watch korean dramas vry much,think am addicted 2 it coz watch it every2ay except durin holi2ays…HeHe bybye!!!!!!!:-)

    Korea=Fighting/aza aza…

  228. 228 : hunny Says:

    dont u guys think that korean version is similar to taiwan version…theres alot of similarities!

  229. 229 : tokidoki Says:

    well i’ve just watched ep11 and waiting for ep12 been subbed..
    it seemed that many people hate ep11~
    well it was unhappy episode where there were some conflicts..
    me agree kversion seems alike taiwan ver~
    but i feel that in acting skill kversion is much better..
    deep emotions in bring out their own character~

    many people pissed off jandi for what she did to jun pyo..
    but i still like her cos she is in process to discover herself about her relationship with jun pyo~ misunderstanding is common in a relationship specially involving 2 different worlds..well they just need a time to explore it..soon when one of them apart..they will realize what exactly they want…hihihi

    well..cant wait for ep 12~
    i wanna see what will happened and how it will be visualized~~~

  230. 230 : Siti Says:

    Kim Bum did very well in east of eden drama and now…. i just realized he’s in this drama as well…. 😀

  231. 231 : GG Says:

    Episode 12 was AWESOME!
    I enjoyed it so much, can’t wait for Episode 13.

  232. 232 : AMKTSY Says:

    Hope korean version is different from taiwan version as taiwan dramas are lously.Hope in the end everyone they will say korean version is better than japan version.

    Episode 10 where ga eul is hurt because of yi jung later yi jung chase out that part i got different opinions from others.

    Did all of you realize after yi jung chase out,his face is sad but not happy,the reason is he got feel a bit about it.

    I think this korean version won’t have 2 as it has 24 episodes.

    Yi Jung , Ga Eul , Fighting!!!

  233. 233 : eleexsha Says:

    yeah.. i really love watching korean dramas and movies even though i was not a korean.. korea made wonderful and unregretting movies at all. i admire them alot.. all of the main cast was truly fitted to them. for now, boys over flowers made me crazy. i came from philiippines but i really followed it even when im so busy in my studies. its like urging me to something. hope that the cast of boys over flowers visit Philippines. im so sure, really sure when BOF aired in our country, this is the top gossip i’ve ever heard. thanks alot!! korean movie ROCKS!!!!

  234. 234 : Martins Says:

    This is a BIG LET DOWN. Officially HYD Japan remains the best live action version of HYD. BOF make no sense at all!! and you can’t feel for the characters. Sorry it’s too obvious that this version is all mess. No offense

  235. 235 : tokidoki Says:

    just watched some parts of ep 12..
    gosh i love this drama..all characters..
    i hate jun pyo’s mom but i like her for the great acting..
    she suits very well for the character..she’s the most evil than other 2 versions…
    me also like how this version explore the relationship of jun pyo-jandi~
    i can see how this two try to believe each other and accept for who they are..
    so sweeetttttttt~~
    well..hwaiting BBF~~

  236. 236 : yatt76 Says:

    sorry to say that as for me BBF korean version is the best. japan version so plain, simple and straight to the point. taiwan version too long and too much unnecessary scenes.
    korean are enjoyable, funny, romantic, dramatic.

    but can’t wait for epi 13. don’t know what will happen after joon pyo come back. will he change like japan version???
    anyone preview for epi13 has come out or not????

  237. 237 : 1n2d fans Says:

    bravo to the producere, crews, director, the screenwriter, actor & actress who made this drama a BIG HIT!!!!! I think that their strategy on using a drop dead handsomely guys is really worked in order to achieve the high rating drama. Not to forget…..THE OST!!!! I cant believe that the music is superb & i even download it. To tell u the truth…this drama & ost have changed my point of views toward korean. To kbs world…keep up the good work & pls produce another romantic comedy drama in future. Sarangheo!!! (see?? i even learn korean language…hahaha)

  238. 238 : burberry Says:

    Love it! Love it to bits! Enjoying every minute of it. Just watched 11 & 12 episodes and sadly I now have to wait another week to watch the 13 & 14.

    Everything fits nicely into this drama. Jun Pyo & Jan Di once again excelled.

  239. 239 : LadyBlue Says:

    An-nyong Ha-se-yo…to everyone,

    my comments is same like your guys…but i can guess that when JPY come back,he already get engagement with Lee Min Jung as Han Jae Kyung (JK Group’s CEO’s daughter and Jun Pyo’s fiancee).i read it at dramabean website.That’s why i plan not 2 watch this coming episode.I can tell you guys, Jandi will leave JPY of coz she broken heart and by the time JPY fiancee will do her role as fiancee assist by JPY mother uhuhuhu…

    anyway i got new news but you can refer to this website (link here) and give a comments..for me,i want the ending not a simple like this..why not wedding ceremony ?

  240. 240 : hunny Says:

    episode 12 makes me go “awww….” so sweet!
    in real world where can u find a guy who really love u to that extend…only one in a million! Jun pyo is sweet when he said i love you geum jandi! and jandi is slowly falling for him! Don worry guys…junpyo and jandi will end up together! the original version both of them end up together unless the writer wanna change the original story! 😉

  241. 241 : Edith Says:

    So far until epi 12 is much better than Taiwan or Japanese version….JanDi is a tough cookie…her acting also great. I love watching her swimming scene…Hopefully the scriptwriter and producer keep the story on line and stimulating. It doesn’t have to be similar with the other two version though….

  242. 242 : Martins Says:

    Even the soundtrack of BOF can’t beat HYD ones (blue mind, flavor of life, planetarium).
    Jun/Domyoji act more scaring, bitchie, spoiled, brat, violent to become more mature, caring a lover a responsible man better than lee Min Ho. No offense but Jun is DOMYOJI.

    Jan-di can’t act Makino. I hate her facial expressions she is disappointing. Mao Inoue is Makino

    No comment about KHJ who can’t act. Oguri Shun All the way

    Kim Bum has a baby face and he is cute but Matsuda Shot is more convincing and can act a sexy playboy better than him.

    Won Bin is nonexistent.

    The scenes are not rushed in HYD as in Korean version and the filming looks too cheesy in my mind.

    Some things don’t make sense in BOF at all. For example the sudden Jan-di love for Jun Pyo, at episode 1 it seems it’s Jan-di who bullies Jun Pyo, the latter act a bit “sissy” and he is too nice…

    At last the lead actors and the F4 have zero chemistry. Expect maybe Kim Bum and Ga-Eul.

    Sorry but look is not all. I think nothing can beat the charm, the acting, the emotion of HYD japan.

  243. 243 : Penelope Says:

    Martins, you are so wrong about the Korean version. I only watched Jp version and even before the Korean version came out, I thought there were too many silly sccenes and the events that occurred were too much… I liked the overall story but I alwasy thought they could have done much better.

    On the other hand, Not Korean version has better actors and actress, each event is more real and fantastic. I love Jan di and can’t understand why some people criticize her. She has a personality where Makino is boring. It is hard to act funny and be serious at the same time and Jandi exceeds her role.

    I’m glad that you are a few who has a negative view about this show.


  244. 244 : helen Says:

    how many times do they have to zoom in to the lead girls face and her blinking, usu. I don’t even notice this, but they keep having long time shots of her showing her emotion with some slight blinking. It so ugly. I already had a strong dislike to her over exaggerated acting in the earlier episodes.

  245. 245 : SweetTemptation Says:

    To Helen,
    I don’t know how beautiful u are…but saying KHS ugly is out-raged. She won’t make it to a famous actress like she is today if she is “ugly”. Think about it.
    To Martin,
    I did watch both Japanese and Twainese version. Comparing to both, i think, Korean version is the best.
    How can u expect the Korean F4 to be “mature” while they are still in high school.
    I am not sure about ur taste of music. To me and a lot more viewers, we all agreed that the Korean southtracks are much much better than the other two.
    Just enjoy the drama and if u think the Korean version that bad, don’t watch it then.
    “if u don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. This quote if for both of u “Helen” and “Martin”.

  246. 246 : Martins Says:

    @ Penelope, I am happy that you accept my view.
    I am sorry I watched MG, HYD, BOF and for me BOF it’s all about look. I mean you feel no connection between the scenes, the actors have no chemistry (expect Yi jung and Ga Eul) especially the lead couple, the off characterization : you can’t feel the lonely vibe in Jun Pyo (they made Domyoji is a sissy korean romantico hero) and for me Jun nailed Domyoji character( hated, violent, charimatic, spoiled brat lonely stupid and funny rich boy to become a lovely, caring, mature, lover with langage problem man), plus romantic moment between the lead couple don’t spark, the acting is mediocre : non existent Wobin, emotionless KHJ, overractor GHS, Kim Bum baby face can’t act playboy to save his life (I cringed at episode 2 weven the sounftrack in HYD is simply wonderful (blue mind, love so sweet, planetarium, flavor of life).
    hen he tried to hit on the foreign woman),
    Sorry no offense but I think nothing can beat the spirit, the quality, the smartly done storyline of HYD. the first seasone of BOF is a big nonsense and a big let down.

  247. 247 : Martins Says:

    sorry : about Ki Bum I mean (Icringed at episode 2 when he tried to hit on the foreign woman same with Wo bin). Indeed I mixed my sentence on the soundtrack with the one on Kim Bum character.

  248. 248 : yatt76 Says:

    i agreed with you that BBf korean version is the best in everything. i can’t understand why people said that japan is the best.
    for my personal view japan domyoji is not good looking at all-don’t act very well also. makino facial expression also plain.

  249. 249 : burberry Says:

    Each one of us is entitled to our own opinions. There are those who would prefer one from the other and that’s normal. Unfortunately, I cannot compare Boys Over Flowers with either the Japanese & Korean versions and at the moment, I watch it as a drama with an enjoyable, amusing storyline.

    The actors are all brilliant and I cannot imagine someone finding fault on both Jun Pyo & Jan Di. The roles are played perfectly and they do grow in you.

    The sound tracks are appropriate to the drama and funny as it may seem I now find myself humming them.

  250. 250 : Martins Says:

    And About Jun Pyo:

    I know he’s so called hot, but do you really think he’s a better actor and protrays the Domyoji character better? As far as I am concerned, Domyoji Tsukasa would kick Goo Jun Pyo’s ass. Even with GJP’s height advantage, he doesn’t appear nearly as intimidating. Maybe on the outside he has Tsukasa’s physical features but I don’t feel any sympathy for him or any attachment to his role, just eyecandy :).
    Indeed Jun Pyo is not intimidating at all. Sometimes you pity him.
    For me it’s not Domyoji at all.

  251. 251 : burberry Says:


    I know this is irrelevant but are you Japanese or a Korean who doesn’t appreciate your locally made dramas?

    If you see the ratings, you’ll know that a lot of people enjoy watching it. Perhaps most of them don’t even know about the Japanese & Taiwanese versions, like myself.

    Enjoy Boys Over Flowers as it’s presented and not find unnecessary faults.

  252. 252 : tokidoki Says:

    hello guys..
    well it seems people have their own taste rite?
    i’m also glad there are negative comment about BBF..
    so i can see what others thinking about..
    well…it’s true there are some parts of BBF are exaggerated, lunatic and whatever..but that’s the different of korean version..and for me..most scenes in BBF are more realistic..

    but there’s something i like to write here..i feel that jun pyo is the most cruel and hot at the same time..
    he bullied guys and girls…he threw a cake on a girl’s face..omooo.. that was so evil and cold-hearted…she’s just a girl who admiring jun pyo and be treated like that..omooo…i think that kind of scene wasnt in other 2 versions…

    and one thing..is bout the soundtrack..yes! i admit HYD OST is great.. i love so much planetarium and flavor of love..love so sweet also so catchy…but i cant blame my self to say BBF OST the greatest among others..i love all songs in the ost..i have all the songs…all are pleasant to my ears and suit very well to each scenes….

    one thing i keep want more from BBF is cos i want to see how korean make their own version of popular hana yori dango

  253. 253 : lea Says:

    bbf its the most drama that i sew lately, i love evrey minute.
    all off them r beautiful and wonderful.
    the song Because I’m Stupid is excellent.
    i wiss all of them Good luck
    baby i love you i waiting for you.

  254. 254 : lea Says:


  255. 255 : Martins Says:

    I am not Japanese, I am belgian. I mean Jun acted DOMYOJI very well. I’d have to say he was Tsukasa. He was strong and violent, borderline scary (touch of crazy). Tsukushi really made him stable. But you see, that is one of the differences between the Japanese Tsukasa from the other two especially the korean one. In the other two versions the Tsukasa isn’t really out of his mind like the Japanese version. More like just a rich, spoiled brat who thinks like a kid, who is used to getting in his way. The girl didn’t make him stable she just made him complete and taught him not to be too violent (like in M.G). But even in BOF you feel it’s Jan-di who needs some serious help. When the sister of Jun Pyo said at Jan-di at episode 7 “you changed my brother”, it doesn’t sound right. Jun Pyo is the same one of Episode 1. The one “everyone (or fangirls) like”. You can’t feel the lonely vibe in Jun Pyo. When he tries to act like that it sound fake? not natural.
    Domyoji character reminds me the one of the serie “the pretender”, the rude lonely charismatic and classy without any social skills Miss Parker. With these two character, you hate them at first to really know them and feel for them after. That’s why the calm, the romantic and serious moments between them shine spark and you see the complexity of their characters.
    Sometimes I though Jun Portrayal is nicer than the Domyoji of the manga who tries to rape Makino in his own, who slapes her, who is very brutal with girls (not playful like Jun Pyo).

    The only thing you reproach to Jun Matsumoto is his physical appareance but like I said “Napoleon, Staline or Louix 14 were not very tall, short even but they were charismatic, threatning leader”.

  256. 256 : tokidoki Says:

    i enjoyed read martin’s opinion and critics bout BBF..specially bout domyouji character..you are definitely so into domyouji.. well.. i wish u will enjoyed the BBF though it’s different to you.. and that’s what we called it korean drama

  257. 257 : Martins Says:

    Thank you Tokidoki.
    In the manga Domyoji (like Miss Parker in the “pretender”) is my fav HYD character (I have always found Rui character boring and overrated). I like the worst (so violent, so arrogant, so lonely, so stupid, so scaring and intimidating) and the best (so cultivated, so charismatic, so loyal, so loving and caring) of this character and for me this is him who brings all the dynamism and the spirit of HYD (although Makino is the lead character) and his complexity and characteritics bring all the intensity the sparks, the magic of HYD. Only Jun Portayed it like that.
    So if they make Domyoji a somewhat weak romantico kind hero who uses his sexuality to bring audience, it doesn’t work for me. No offense.

    And I will admit at first I didn’t want to watch HYD japan because the only person I found handsome was Matsuda Shota (I even did find Oguri shun face ugly at first) and I blamed korean makers not to do a korean with cute guys HYD I would enjoy(for me korean do the best romance dramas) . But I am so so so happy I don’t fall for shallow things like that anymore (sorry). I changed my mind and I like japanese Dramas that I hated before (because I was all about Kdramas, cute guys, cheesy romance and my friends are korean).

    Sorry if I hurted you. Peace

  258. 258 : amy Says:

    i love this so much!
    jan di give her best and also junpyo

  259. 259 : regina Says:


  260. 260 : yatt76 Says:

    well you got the points MARTINS. different people got different point of view.(if not the word variety will not exist)……… maybe there were no right and wrong in this situation. you like Domyoji to be portrayed as in Japan version. but other people like Domyoji portrayed as Goo Joon Pyo.
    so up to you to like which version!!!!!!

  261. 261 : Martins Says:

    Thank you Yatt76 I like Domyoji portrayed like he really is in the manga.

  262. 262 : Yuki Says:


    I can’t stand your smart a**, negative comments anynmore. You need to SHUT UP already. Don’t watch the show If you don’t like the Korean version, There is a saying, “Misery Loves Company” and I think they meant for a negative, sour person like you! Stop spoiling for everyone else who loves the show!

  263. 263 : amy Says:

    i can’t wait for 2nd season.

  264. 264 : uno Says:

    hee your comment is very funny yet true..people love to say nevagive things but in the end they still watch the god damn drama. If you really have nothing good to say then don’t say it because it will ruin everyone mood.

  265. 265 : yatt76 Says:

    i watched preview for epi 13&14. i think i gonna skip these 2 epi coz it quite sad in these 2 epi. eventhough it so sad but still i can’t help myself to watch it. i still wanna know what will happen next next……

  266. 266 : tokidoki Says:

    well..me too already watched epi 13&14…
    season 2 here it comes….
    yes these 2 are sad moments and another obstacles in jandi-jun pyo relationship..and here where we can see jun pyo’s fiancee..
    though it’ll be so sad..but i wanna see how and what the plot in this korean version…i hope it is interesting and emotionally touched…
    i want to see the character of jun pyo’s fiancee..and what is exactly happened to jun pyo after abroad?? does it the similar to taiwan or jap versions?? well..cant wait for monday and tuesday…

  267. 267 : Walker Says:

    Hi to everyone out there,

    I am from Singapore. I had watched the Taiwan and Japan version of BBF. Currently I am watching the Korea version and have my own set of views.

    When I had finished watching the Taiwan version, I found it too dragging, the conversation is very long, sometimes it makes me feel a bit boring.Every drama got their good and bad areas, to me I find although the drama is dragging the actors(F4) that acted in this drama are indeed good looking. The actress that acted as Geum Jan Di aka Makino Tsukushi is not very pretty but fit in the charactor. This drama follow pretty close to the comics as well. The artists are not very mature in there acting too. Perhaps they are pretty new in acting, therefore it’s understandable. Overall I find the Taiwan ver is nice, I am happy watching it despite of some flaws.

    As for the Japan version, I find the scripts are trying to be diffent as the Taiwan version. Honestly to me I find the actors (F4) are not nice looking at all, this is PURELY my own perference, no hard feelings to those Japan version supportors.The acting skills are average as well, the plus point for this show is there are better scenery and I can find the production side is trying to create something different from the Taiwan version. The main actress as Geum Jan Di aka Makino Tsukushi is also very average in acting but again looks fits the roles nicely.

    Now to the Korean version, I have only seen to the 12 espisode. So far I find the scripts are pretty different from the two version above. This version might follow some of the Taiwan parts but I guess the later few esps they are trying to produce something different.Till now I find the actors (F4) are really charming Geum Jan Di really fits in the role perfectly! They acting skills for these artists r gd indeed.Sometimes their acting captures my heart.Lee Hye Young as Kang Hee Soo (Joon Pyo’s mother) has the best look and acting among both Taiwan n Japan version!! In addition, I would like to bring in Kim Bum as So Yi Jung aka Nishikado Sojiro,He is really good as So Yi Jung, really very charming in this drama. He deserves a merit, to me both Taiwan and Japan version cannot potriat as gd as the Korean So Yi Jung. Overall I can see the production team for this BBF is putting a lot of efforts to make the Korea version a success. I kinda like this koera version very much.

    So far I have finished only till esp 12, my comment is not a complete version. I dunno how this drama going to go, to the better or the worse. I m MAINLY stating my own point of views. To me, regardless any countries version, as long as ones find satisfaction in the drama they see, that’s gd enough. Afterall every drama has it’s pros and cons while producing the serials. It’s never flawless, so let’s just enjoy the drama with a more open hearted mind 🙂

    To the supporters of either Taiwan, Japan or Korea version readers. No hard feelings. The above are just MY OWN POINT OF VIEWS. So everyone just stay cool and all the best!!

  268. 268 : Martins Says:

    Who tell you I still watch BOF?? Did I tell you that??
    Thank GOG people like TOKIDOKI are there to prove BOF fans are not only fooled and silly Fangirls like you.
    I don’t care if you like BOF. I have the right to say this drama is BAD whenever, whereever I want and I explain why and from what I saw it’s bad for me.

  269. 269 : tokidoki Says:

    waaa…there is a very long comment from walker and i enjoyed read it..
    and i wish u will post ur comments and views for the next episodes soon…
    me also like korean the most..whatever it is..i still like and watching the other versions..as i like the spirit in this story…

    thank u for ur compliment…well she isnt fool..she’s deeply into BBF..
    just like me~~
    anyway..i hope u’ll feel free to post ur view here…cos i like to read other’s opinion…and so others here…

    BBF hwaiting!!!

  270. 270 : Yuki Says:


    If you don’t watch the drama, how the heck do you have opinions about this drama? You just made my point admiting that you don’t watch the drama. You have nothing better to do than arouse negative energy to something good in this website. KEEP you stupid comments and NEGATIVE energy to yourself!

  271. 271 : Martins Says:

    Thank you tokidoki. But seriously she is fooled. Sorry

  272. 272 : SweetTemptation Says:

    Why don’t u just stop BS*ing here. Just go watch ur Japanese version as many times as u like. For heaven’s sake, go find urself a job or get urself a gf. Don’t just sit here all day long and type ur nonsense comments.
    We know u don’t like the Korean version. U made ur point!!!so please get the F out of here, psycho!!!
    Sorry, folks, i just can’t take it anymore. If i have a water gun, i will shoot him in the head …just like Texas cowboy style :):)

  273. 273 : Penelope Says:

    Way to go SweetTemptation! Just ingore Martins’ – the idiot’s comments. He must have a small PXXXS to compensate for his lack of manhood by putting others down or if Martins is a girl, she is a hopeless case. Either way, what a loser…

    I don’t see an issue leaving negative comments here if u like the drama. But if u dislike it so much that u have nothing good to say, then don’t bother leaving any comments. Don’t waste your time and energy.

  274. 274 : Siti Says:

    hye everybody…..did u guy know that this drama is from the same drirector of the drama my girl- lee da hae-lee dong wook, witch amusement-han ga in-jae hee…. both of the dramas was great….and here’s another one…..they can deliver the character very well…

  275. 275 : tokidoki Says:

    yess..he is jun ki sang.. i love all his dramas…
    if u njoy watching my girl and witch yoo hee..
    and of cos u’ll njoy njoy and very njoy watching BBF…
    cant wait for next epi..
    happy watching guys even it’ll be so sad in the next epi…

  276. 276 : Siti Says:

    yups…u’re right……i’ve seen the preview…geessshhhhh heartbreaking!!!!!

  277. 277 : burberry Says:

    I am looking forward to the next 2 episodes no matter how sad they might be.

    Liked your comments Walker and I will disregard someone else’s.

  278. 278 : onie Says:

    Everyone of us is entitled to his/her own opinion. And for me, the JAPANESE version is THE BEST.

    I saw Taiwanese Meteor Garden first and I was really hooked into it! But when I saw the Japanese Hana Yori Dango, I was even more hooked into it that I didn’t expect to be able to watch the entire series non-stop!! (I sacrificed an academic work just to watch it, hehe)

    I think the Makino character in the Jap version (played wonderfully by young actress Inoue Mao) is way way better than the Kor version. Koo Hye Sun doesn’t look like a high school girl for me, she’s pretty but she seems like someone who is already an adult. And in portraying Makino, I believe Inoue Mao pulled it off better, she doesn’t try to be comical but I find her ways funny.

    For the Domyouji character, I believe Matsumuto Jun was able to portray it best, but I’m not saying that Lee Min Ho was not suited for his role. He also did well but I just think Jun was more convincing as Domyouji.

    As for the drama, the Korean version might seem more realistic but I love the exaggerated/unrealistic ways of HYD. =D

    Maybe another factor why I like the Jdorama better is that right now, I’m really interested with the Japanese culture. No offense to those who loved the Korean version. PEACE!!

  279. 279 : tintin Says:

    well i think this drama is quite interesting. i’ve seen the taiwanese and japanese version and they were all great. we should not compare all the versions because they have their different styles. i hope this drama will end up well. go! go! go!

  280. 280 : Martins Says:

    Craptemptation : Shut up, Ferme ta gueule.
    Painelope…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Tell me are you a member of the korean communist party, or are you a cousin of Kim Jong Il?

  281. 281 : tokidoki Says:

    i woke up early 5am in the morning thanks to my stomach ache which then able myself to watch ep13…LOL…
    thanks to viikii tooooo..i’m able to watch it with subs..
    omooo..i feel like gradually like jandi..hye sun acts very well..
    i’m touched when i see her video speech to jun pyo…
    the lines are so sweet..and i love the piano song played by ji hoo…
    i really want to know why jun pyo change..hihihi..
    cant wait for ep 14..

  282. 282 : LaLa Says:

    im just wondering… BBF which is based on 24 episodes are actually being shortened compared to the taiwanese version (ie meteor garden 1&2) ? is that means, at d very final episode 24, will be quite similar to the ending for the meteor garden 2?

  283. 283 : yatt76 Says:

    hello everyone!!!
    how is it epi 13???I’m scared to watch epi 13 because there too many heartbroken scenes.but absolutely I’ll watch it tonight.

  284. 284 : chaimoon Says:

    What I don’t understand is that, cruelty to people is being tolerated inside the school even if it was built specially for one particular person. It is not a haven for students to learn. Instead a place to tear people into pieces and for the unfortunate to lick the shoes of the high and mighty! This is just barbaric! I have made up my mind that this is purely story telling and it is not possible for such a school to exist in modern day Korea.

  285. 285 : F4FAN Says:

    I don’t feel any chemistry between the actors that played Jan Di and Jun Pyo. They’re both good looking, BUT, THERE IS NO CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THEM.

    Jan Di trying to be a cute high school girl is so unnatural (coz she’s old in real life) that it comes out as annoying. And, Jun Pyo, man I’m sorry but Dao Ming Su and Domyouji were A LOT better!

    Boys before Flowers is a good drama to see just once. I still prefer the Japanese and Taiwanese version.

  286. 286 : laarni Says:

    The F4 guys all look hot. That actress who plays Jan Di–not a good choice. There’s so many great young actress in South Korea, why her? I don’t understand. This could have been better if the actress is different.

  287. 287 : LadyBlue Says:

    An-nyong Ha-se-yo or Hello everyone,

    This time our topic was very “HOT”….hehehehehhe…i think why JPY react like that to Jandi this coming episode because he need to protect herself from busniess competitor and his mother…
    But everybody know that he still love with Jandi and you can see how jealously he look Jandi with Ji Hoo…frankly,i like Ji Hoo character but at the same time i like JPY too….

    I wish this drama will end with wedding ceremony…

  288. 288 : Rachel Loh Says:

    watched ep13 of BOF…God that damn idiot(Goo Jun Pyo) acts as if he does not know Geum jan di when they are in Macau(they did not come together!).I’m happy that the rest of the F4 are there for her…:)
    Wish you bad luck Goo Jun Pyo!!!

  289. 289 : LadyBlue Says:

    Hallo Malaysia,

    Did you guys watch last night BBF episode 1 at channel 303 (Astro) 9.00 pm?I think this drama will be HOTTEST over there heheheheh

  290. 290 : yatt76 Says:

    i forgotlah last night BBf was aired 1st episode in Malaysia on channel 303.
    tonight i’ll definitely watch it>>>
    I’m not enjoy really much epi 13. hope coming epi will be more exciting.

  291. 291 : moon Says:

    i think all 3 version have their own interesting part. But i like the Korean version most!! =) cant imagine there will be china version too, which have 35ep.. seem quite draggy. anyway, can’t wait to watch eps14 even though it will be quite sad=(

  292. 292 : Thetruthoflove Says:

    Just can’t wait to see ep13…. Please please and please hurry!!!!
    Thank! Aja Aja Fighting! ^_^

  293. 293 : tokidoki Says:

    yaya..BBF has aired last nite..huhuhu..me so sad cos dun have chance to watch it on tv…(now im living in hostel..no astro here)
    my mom watched the 1st epi last nite..then she called me she’s addicted to BBF..and asked me to go home to bring all episodes i’ve been uploaded…
    before, she knew i’m always watching BBF online while i’m home.. but that time my mom not really interested to cos i watched thru laptop..
    as BBF aired last nite..she’s crazy over it..and keep asking me what will happened next…hihihihiiiiii~
    i wish i am able to let myself go home..so i can watch BBF on tv..
    hahahaa..epi14~ looking for it~~~
    jihoo-jandi moments..

  294. 294 : Martins Says:

    F4FAN yous said it!

  295. 295 : Amanda Says:

    Koo Hye Sun has an ugly smile. maybe its her chin lips whatever practically every other female actress looks better than her, including the moms and bodyguards.

    surely as the leading female, the directors could have exercised discernment and better judgement?

  296. 296 : bj014 Says:

    I really love this drama! This is the best version of HYD so far.

  297. 297 : Yuki Says:

    This drama gets better and better. I just love it!!! I love all the characters including Jan Di. I didn’t care for Koo Hye Sun playing Jan Di at first but she is growing on me. I think she is doing a great job!! She is so cute and adoarable!

    I can’t wait until next week…

  298. 298 : v2n Says:

    its a good drama for me

  299. 299 : yatt76 Says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhhh! so good lah your mom TOKIDOKI. she also fan of BBF now.
    my mom only interested in Indonesian Drama “INTAn” …or drama at ARUNa channel…pening2!!!!
    even though I’m not watching epi 14 yet..but looking forward for the next epi.

  300. 300 : flowermumsusan Says:

    korean BOYS OVER FLOWER is abeautiful drama with gorgeous actors and actressess.beautiful soundtrack.It’s been a long long time since a drama had this deep effect on me. (hope that kimjoon aka wonbin has storyline in the later episodes)

  301. 301 : zisha(phil) Says:

    this is the best drama i’ve seen….i really love the drama as will as the casts..they really play their role very much….i love the coolness of miss JANDI..and GOO PYO YOON is very handsome and his are so kissable…i always watch every episode out in the net….i really have the high anticipation with this drama…ever since i watch this korean drama BBF i can really say its fun and its cool…keep up the good work…i love BBF much this time….im one the million fan from the philippines….

  302. 302 : amy Says:

    what’s going on with junpyo at macau?
    poor jandi.
    i cant see when they’re apart.

    i really love this drama.
    so, keep fighting!

  303. 303 : yatt76 Says:

    ahhhhhhh! poor Joon Pyo on epi 14. he loved Jan Di so much but he can’t show his feeling.
    very stress watching epi 13-14. hopefully the next epi will be more and more interesting

  304. 304 : Queentina Says:

    kim bum
    kim bum
    kim bum
    kim bum
    kim bum
    kim bum
    love, love, love him so so so so much

  305. 305 : Martins Says:

    After I read the reviews of episodes 13 and 14 of BOF, Officially BOF is the worst version of Hana Yori Dango but it’s the most overrated Drama of this decade (it beats Full House and MG)

  306. 306 : Mizzbouchhy (crzycanuck) Says:

    Omg, lately i have been rerally interested in Korean movies, and I stumbled upon this tv series online, which i’m glad i did, all i can say is that this series is awsome, i find i’m glued to the monitor screen…lol, I’m so excited I can’t until the next epis, it should be interesting. i wanna applaud all the actors and actresses as they are all great in their characters, it suits each and every one of them. NOT TO MENTION ALL THE DUDES ARE SIZZLING HOTTIES!!!. Lokk forward to the next epis, until then chow

    Crazy Canuck Fan

  307. 307 : Penelope Says:


    Just shut up and get the he** out of this website!! I’m so sick of your snide remarks that add nothing but ruin the exitement for the rest of us. What are you, an anti-Korean ? (or a Psycho as SweetTemtation incidated). Either way, you are a pathetic loser.

    Regarding your earlier comment about Kim Jung Il, I wish I were related to him so that I can have someone go and kick your sorry a**!!!

    This is my last comment to you as you have successfully driven me away from this website!! I will not be part of something that is associated with a pathetic loser like you, you small p***s!

  308. 308 : tokidoki Says:

    yatt76…hihihi..biasa laa tuh..ceta indon kan byk kat astro tuh.. tp mama and sy x minat sgt ceta indon…pjg sgt and byk sgt konflik dan kalo baik tuh baik sgt2…jahat plak jahat sgt2..hihihi..

    well..i’m glad the ratings increased in korea…i’m not able to watch epi 14 yet..and now waiting for the loading..i know epi14 was sad..but i cant wait to see next epi…

  309. 309 : Martins Says:

    this drama craze reminds me the one of shitty High School musical.
    And this is comment summarizes very well my view.
    Boys Before Flowers is an absolute mess, in a technical sense: the directing is shoddy and tacky, the script oozes with cheese, cliches and terrible dialogue, the music is obnoxious garbage, and the acting is a joke. There’s no sense of subtlety, no depth whatsoever, no realism and a shitty soundtrack. The lead actors have still zero chemistry but the worst is the rival fiance has with Jun Pyo (I noticed he is really playful with her and he enjoyed being with her). And thrugh the pics I saw KHJ still looks stiff!

    Maybe we will know better in the future why JP acts like that with Jan-di but for instance the reason (mama kang threatned Jan-di that’s why I ignore her) is shallow for me. Hence the script looks forced and the events too. Jun Pyo crying keep fooling fangirls viewers (who go like thi is the greatest acting feat reached by a korean actor) while you can see he simply acts like any cheesy drama korean romantic hero but Domyoji (Frankly do you think a spoiled rebellious character like Domyoji who somewhat hates his mother because she has never cared about him would accept to dump “his lover” because she said him to do? I don’t think he will cry because of his mother and he would never give up).

    At last I can’t see a lonely Jun Pyo because of his mother. Mama Kang maybe looks scaring but that’s all. It doesn’t looks like an iron hearted woman who somewhat deserted his son. So the acts “I have been always lonely so Jan-di is the only person who can change me” looks FAKE. Especially when he is smily and doesn’t feel too bad with his fiance!
    Everything look rushed!

    Sorry this drama beats MG as the worst version of Hanadan and FH as the most asian OVERRATED drama (I read some because of BOF, korean people buy the shitty outfits of BOF!!) ! it’s all about look.

  310. 310 : Martins Says:

    plus i find it ironic that it’s the actors portraying secondary characters are far far far far better than the lead actors– JP’s fiance, Domyuji’s sister… good… BOF is just another kdrama that everyone remembers because f4 guys are so called “hot” (frankly I don’t think KHJ looks really good, a bit plastic even ; Kim Bum looks like a teenager who doesn’t want to be virgin anymore ; Lee Min Ho looks like Jerry yan…yeah and the last F4 is nothing great)

  311. 311 : burberry Says:

    Oh dear Martins! I’ve noticed that you’re still busy giving your vivid comments on BOF. I admire your patience and great attention to detail. It’s nice to see the other side of the coin but I’ll go with the majority.

    Love Boys Over Flowers to bits.

    Love Jun Pyo, Jan Di, KHJ and the rest.

    By the way, since you hate it too much, are you still watching it? I could suggest other dramas which might be to your liking; or you could watch HYD, Japanese version, again and again. That should keep you busy for a while.

  312. 312 : burberry Says:

    Goodness Martins! I’ve just been doing some back reading and indeed it has shown that you’ve been watching BOF so intensely that you could even quote some lines from the episodes.

    I think you’ve watched it more than me because you’re analyzing it as if under a microscope. Well done. Keep it coming so that we’ll know what to expect and we can compare notes.

  313. 313 : Martins Says:

    If you think I still watch the drama “good for you”. But me what is striking me it’s the viewers I mean fangirls like you and I read their reviews (most of them found episode 13 bad because of the lack of Lee Min Ho. Weir for the best drama). And it’s strange because if it was any other drama which had nothing to do with famous Yoko Kamio’s HYD, I don’t think it would be a success. By episode 1 or 2 most of fangirls went like “this is the best drama…the best version…”. I was thrilled and I watched and I still can’t get people say this is a realistic or well written drama. In soompy forum they post a lot of pics and I am really amazed that people say this bad executed and rushed drama with awful soundtrack is good when the only sentence is “I love Lee Min Ho or he is hot”. I applause the korean makers who successfully fooled a lot of people! I mean korean people buy the bad outfits of this drama…

    Now I give my opinion on this shitty drama you can’t be agree with me but seriously qualitywise this drama is the definition of the word OVERRATED!

  314. 314 : NutCase Says:

    Hahahahaha……….When i read BURBERRY’s notes, i couldn’t help it but laughing so hard….hahahahaha…..U know what BURBERRY…I think he even made a bunch of different nick names to write hateful notes about the korean F4 actors and actresses, too….lol…

  315. 315 : shaula_s Says:

    for god sake martin…just shut up!!!!
    you may not like BOF but other people have different opinions, so i’m telling you just go to he**!!! i’ve had enough with your postings, just ruined everybody’s mood in this forum.

  316. 316 : Walker Says:

    Hi everyone out there,

    Well, today I just want to share the script of ep 13 to 14 with u guys. Let’s not talk about the acting n no comparison of the other Taiwan n Jap versions. I personally feel this eps are trying to tell us how impt Jun Pyo is in Jandi’s heart. Thoughout all the previous eps, I can only feel Jun Pyo fighting hard to let Jan di love him for all of his hard work and changes made to fit n match Jandi as she is not as the same status as him. Now when they are in Macau.
    Upon seeing Jun Pyo with his finance made Jandi who is all along doubtful with her love to Jun Pyo realized that she is actually DEEPLY in love with him. Deepen to the sense that she never have realized!! Jin Hoo was there giving her the morale support but in Jandi’s heart only Joo Pyo can ease her sorrow and hurt.
    On the other hand, Jun Pyo is behaving in such
    a heartless way to Jandi cos he knows he
    must fight a way out with his mother. He
    dun wan Jandi to be hurt, by ignoring her is a way to protect her from his mother wanting to hurt Jandi. In Joo Pyo’s heart, his love for Jandi has never change , except loving her more each day. He is also very hurt to c JAndi with Jin Hoo, but maybe there is something he needs to do. We just hv to watch and see how the show runs. But let’s be reassured that Joo Pyo and Jandi love each other deeply.
    Actually for the viewers out there, dun take of that this two eps is a sad thing. It actually only tell us how much they love each other and despite all the obstacles, they will be able to overcome. So let’s just enjoy the show 🙂 besides that I really hope Yi Jung and So Eun will become a couple eventually. This are only my personal views so pls dun hv to take it too hard ya.
    I dun know how the scripts is going to move from here, we just hope for the best ending. All the best for all ppl out there!!

  317. 317 : hunny Says:

    joon pyo actually never lose his memory…i thout all this while he loses his memory! god this show is really making me nervous! cant wait for the next episode!

    btw girls, the best way to irritate martins is to ignore him! i don understand y u girls still entertain him…juz ignore him for goodness sake!

  318. 318 : tokidoki Says:

    just ignore martins if u dont like his overrated bad comments..
    that’s his opinion…i’m also thinking that he still watching BBF and maybe in many times…
    Keep yours coming so that we’ll know what to expect and we can compare your view~

    i’m agree with walker..in season 1 (1-12 episodes) we can see how jun pyo fight to have jandi’s heart…and now is the time where jandi realized she’s so into jun pyo…and ji hoo also realized he’s in love to jandi but all he can do is always by her side and he tried the best to help jandi..
    here we can see how jihoo, yi jung and woo bin protect jandi~ i like their eye contacts…i cant guess what will happened in the plot..

    whatever it is..others who love and support BBF..keep watching this drama..we know how to enjoy our days by watching such enjoyable drama.. we know what we want to see in this drama…it’s all depend to us..if we like it we mean it…and will keep forward it..that’s all..

  319. 319 : Martins Says:

    LOL. You attacks me because I tell the true about this drama. WOUAH!! BOF is really fooling you!!
    the worst is you don’t actually contradict what I say but you attacks me personnally. LMAO frankly I was true when I said fangirls are really striking!
    When I first gave my view, I attacked nobody. Tokidoki neither did and I could stop here. But with people like penelope and you…

  320. 320 : pow-wow Says:

    firstly can i say i love kim bum..he is the THE cutest boy i have ever seen
    secondly i love this show…im not korean but im completely hooked..
    yes it might be really quite cheesy and highly unrealistic…but thats why i love it..i hope too see more of kim um and gae ..watshername…they’re such a cute couple sometimes cuter than goo joon pyo n jandi..these last to episodes were quite sad…but ji hoo’s friend at the end of episode 14 is hilarious …hope to see more of him..i know jandi and gjp will end up together…i saw spoilers for the next episode..i cant wait to find out more about gjp’s financee who we’ve seen..she kinda reminds me of jandi before jandi met F4…

  321. 321 : flowermumsusan Says:

    Lee minho is a great actor.i was attracted by his good look and his facial expression when he is acting………..arrogant,childlike,sad,cute…….etc. love this drama very much.

  322. 322 : Mizzbouchhy (crzycanuck) Says:

    goo joon pyo n jandi 4 ever!!!….i think these two belong together, i hope for the best outcome…i think jihoo is great too….im nervous but excited too!!!

  323. 323 : Mizzbouchhy (crzycanuck) Says:

    gjp’s financee , is that going to be the girl that he was fighting with in the store for the shoes????

  324. 324 : lina Says:

    Can´t wait to see the next episode 🙂 Jun pyo and Jan di must keep FIGHTING 😀 Love BBF !

  325. 325 : tokidoki Says:

    Mizzbouchhy (crzycanuck)
    yes…she’s one jandi’s lifesaver…

  326. 326 : Mizzbouchhy (crzycanuck) Says:

    omg!! this is def going to be interesting!!…i’m soo nervous! Jun pyo & jandi keep fighting!!!! they’re soo good together, all the fighting brought them to realize that they are both stubborn and that they belong together…prefect match!! yay!

  327. 327 : tokidoki Says:

    agree with Mizzbouchhy (crzycanuck)
    waiting days to monday~~~

  328. 328 : Mizzbouchhy (crzycanuck) Says:

    I know tokidoki…..now the waiting the game…it almost seems like its taking long….lol…or i’m jus that addicted to BBF!

  329. 329 : yatt76 Says:

    waiting days for Monday!!!!!can’t wait to see what happen in the next epi BBF.
    i got lot of Korean drama vcd( which i just bought)…but i don’t watch them..i just keep waiting for BBF next epi.am I addicted to BBF???

  330. 330 : Ahny Says:

    Seriously, Joon Pyo (JP) is totally sweet towards Jandi though at initial state, she totally shooo him off.. she totally hate him to the max!remember the 2nd episode whereby f4 were playing basketball and the rest dodge ball and when Jandi was day-dreaming, the 3 b*tches threw the ball at her and somehow she was bleeding to make it worst, both nostrils. And JP approached her in the ladies. That scene is all it started… Whereby JP was totally shocked that he could not attract Jandi though he’s tall, handsome, damn rich… So his pride was on the line and so begins his battle to win her heart with his buddy, Ji Hoo(JH). The totally hilarious part was during their trip, shortly after the dance where JP was drowned… n Jandi saved him, as u can see she try her very best to revive him, includes hitting his chest… and no response!! there goes… her FIRST KISS!! how cute of JP to kiss her back… hahahahaha!! totally cute!!

    So next, skipping to the climate, when f4 brought Jandi and her friend to an island where Jandi was caught in the middle between JP and JH which makes JP totally heartbroken (somehow the bangle which is cheap means a lot of meaning for JP towards Jandi-don’t want to lose her)… Somehow, this part totally piss me off.. Initially, JH was so into his first love, and since he was rejected… he starts showing his liking towards Jandi despite knowing how much JP loves Jandi. To me, its all too late cos once u miss the chance, too bad, it might not b another 2nd chance. But somehow, JH realises the whole situation and gave way to JP which in fact, he shouldnt have created that mess (kissing Jandi during the trip and caught red handed by JP). Hahahaha… I cant stop laughing when the whole F4 gang was trying to trick Jandi that JP was hurt. She was so cute that she was very scared, panicked and totally devastated to see JP who is always the strongest among them to just lie on the bed… She said that she still have so many words to tell JP and that those words are what JP dying to hear… and she cried so badly!! that will definitely melts JP’s heart!! and the funny part was that she wore different pair of shoes… and being teased by them…

    Totally love the sweet little things that JP had done for Jandi… which includes designing his own star to represent him and the moon to represent Jandi which he wants to let her know, no matter what, they will always be together and stick through everything. The touching part was when Jandi foolishly went up to the mountains in heavy snow to prove her sincerity to JP that he means so much to her and that she did not purposely lose the necklace. And JP ran away from his bodyguard just to see her, hold me in his arms when she’s cold, weak…

    So many events had shown that eventhough Jandi is one tough and strong girl who stands up for justice and speaks her mind, being a girl, there is always the weak spot. And she depends on JP, whom she slowly develops a strong trust in him. From enermies, they understand each other, trying to fit into Jandi’s world and showing their care eventhough they fight over small matters. To me, this couple are sweet. Could u possibly imagine a couple without fights, that will be totally boring!! not knowing each other’s wants, thoughts, desires and so on..

    So many obstacles stacked up between their love. Major problems all started ever since JP’s mother came to know their relationship and threatening Jandi’s family. But whatever it is, as they made their promise which they mean to keep it (not to give JP’s mother = witch an excuse for them to break up), they love each other deeply as time passes.

    In ep 13 and 14, I totally understand why JP ignored Jandi and when they met in Macau, he avoided her and pretended not to see her and couldnt care less. When Jandi was heartbroken, JH was by her side which at first, I was kindda worried if somehow Jandi could open up her heart to him like before but thinking again, it was not easy for JP to capture Jandi’s heart! Definitely when she hated him since day 1 and the fact that Jandi is not like typical girls, u know what I mean… And the memories of JP and Jandi is totally priceless. He always do his best to melt her heart, over small things, they patched together. How could such strong fond memories be faded? Though both of them may not be together for the mean time, they think of each other and keep worrying. Which human doesn’t? But the fact that JP told her that he realise the reality in ep 14 at the bridge, it hurts him totally.. If JP were to tell Jandi that he had no choice because of his selfish mother, the story wouldn’t be a memorable one cos everything will be so predicted! Besides, he did all these just to protect Jandi. U dont need to protect someone and brag about it, showing off to the others. And he is totally sweet to watch over her quietly but when the time is right to make things right, in 2nd season, Im sure, Jandi will be touched that he suffered as much as her. Furthermore, this incident also taught Jandi how special JP was to her, how deep her love for him which initially she was still confused.

    In conclusion, whatever happens, JP and Jandi are meant to be together and the fact that JH no longer hold a place in her heart. And their wishes to be with each other will come true.. Can’t wait for ep 15 onwards…

    Totally love the show!! Teaches a meaningful lesson:
    1. Money can’t buy everything…. Sincerity does!!!
    2. Tell / Show how meaningful and special ur partner is before its too late!!
    3. Everything happens for a reason (do not believe in photos as they can be bias – eg. when Jandi was framed by her best friend) and it is important not to give up on each other. Get the bottom of it, trust ur partner n able to overcome any obstacles together…


  331. 331 : burberry Says:

    Well done Ahny, loved your summary.

    Since I’ve been doing some travelling for the past few weeks, it has shown that I’ve missed some parts of the drama ie the snow mountain incident being one of them. I now have to go back and watch it and other episodes which I am sure are equally as sweet.

    Although Jun Pyo has been mean on the recent episodes, he remains as adorable as ever.

    Well done to all at BOF.

  332. 332 : Walker Says:

    Hi Ahny,

    U share the same views as me. Like yur comments n detail breakdown of some of the touching scenes. One more to add from here,remember the part when JD is being beaten up by her schoolmates n JP went to the rescued? This part also tells me no matter is the photos real or not, JP will love her no matter what.

    It’s really sweet scene to remember too. Anyway Ahny, I hope to see your comments again! 🙂

  333. 333 : hunny Says:

    sometimes i wonder y guys like joon pyo doesnt exist in real world!
    one more thing, was it only me or other ppl thinks that kim bum is hot and among all the version of BBF he suits the character to the T!

  334. 334 : fizah Says:

    love this drama very much…..

  335. 335 : pow-wow Says:

    omg!!!…i totally agree with u (hunny)….kim bum rlly does fit his character..omg and when he gives that smirk of his…i swear my heart skips a beat….so bloody cute…my question why dont ppl like kim bum exist???

    I LOVE KIM BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. 336 : pow-wow Says:

    i know i’m not supposed to really ask stuff thats not related to bof…but…. was wondering wat r some cute/romance korean movies i could watch…everyone’s taste in shows seems to be good so im trusting ur suggestions…

    i am not korean and tend to watch movies only available on utube…

    the first one i saw was …and the rest

    temptation of the wolf (loved it got me started in korean mvies)
    he was cool
    200 pound beauty
    100 days with mr. arrogant
    the classic (a bit boring )
    my sassy girl
    my little bride
    a millionare’s first love

    o and the drama full house…so cute!!!!

    i would greatly appreciate any other suggestions for good movies to watchh

    i catn wait for episodes 15/16…eeekks!!!1

  337. 337 : Jani Says:

    hi pow-wow,

    I recommend you watch this dramas, they are excellent:

    My girl
    Hello! Miss
    The first shop of Coffee Prince

  338. 338 : tokidoki Says:

    annyong ~~
    ahny and hunny..i’m totally agree with u guys..
    i hv the same views with ahny…
    i love this drama because there are so many sweet adorable scenes and sad moments along the story…there were deepen and so bringing into myself….

    yatt76..u r not addicted to BBF…u just CRAZY to BBF~~
    i’m also like u..i watched another korean drama either online or DVDs..
    but it cant be helped my player keep playing BBF…

    i wanna suggest u to watch
    coffee prince…
    my girl..
    witch yoo hee…
    goong (princess hours)…
    stairways to the heaven…
    hope u enjoy it

  339. 339 : NutCase Says:

    Here are my suggestions
    1/ Prince’s first love
    2/ Tropical nights in December
    3/Love in Paris
    4/Love in Harvard
    5/Hello my teacher
    6/Nine tails fox

  340. 340 : LaLa Says:

    i suggest:


  341. 341 : swtcakes Says:

    i love the korean version as well as the others! at first i didnt like hyesun as jandi but now i think she fits it so well because of her facial expressions

    the character is suppose to be an average girl, if we throw in those plastics stars you guys mention it would be REALLYY weird because i would be too busy trying to see where they got surgery on and they would worry too much about looking pretty and less acting

    but whatevers i love this korean version the best love leeminho

  342. 342 : Gia Says:

    omfg. i’m like “OMYGAHHHHH” when i’m watching this. :DD
    kimbum & lee-minho

  343. 343 : Gia Says:

    okay so i also recommend prince hours & this movie (boys befor flowers) 😀

    101% 😀

  344. 344 : pow-wow Says:

    thanks everyone!!!!

    kim bum = sweet sweet bliss

  345. 345 : pow-wow Says:

    ok not sounding tooo ungrateful but its really difficult to find full seasons online…

    ne korean MOVIE suggestions (movies are easier to find)

    sry if this is an imposition!!!!

    2 days left until episode 15!!!
    i was looking at spoilers and i think jun pyo’s engagement is going to be announced…i swear i want to kill his mother..will f4 get back together in university?>????… and whats up with the gay friend of ji hoo’s????

  346. 346 : hunny Says:

    hey pow-wow,guys like kim bum character exist alot in the real world but joon pyo (faithful, go all the way for the girl he loves) doesnt exist..maybe it does but its gonna be one in a million! as for kim bum is juz too hot to handle…he’s young but surprisingly he can bring his character very well…japan and taiwan version both of them look ugly and they cant play the playboy character that well! like wat i said kim bum suits the character to the T!

  347. 347 : nimo Says:

    well i am from Somalia i really like this so much ….keep it up

  348. 348 : rae88 Says:

    Boys before Flowers – rocks!!! This is the best Korean drama series after Jumong and Coffee Prince. BBF is the best drama of the year!!! F4 are all cute and handsome, great actors, especially Kim Hyun Joong is perfect for the role with his great and adorable smiles and expressions – his face looks like an angel. Lee Min Ho – WOW! Lee is great actor and his actions are real and suits him to be the leader of F4. Goo Hye Sun is the great actress, she has this look and smiles that its hard to describe – like you said “She is the ONE!” She is perfect for the role of Geum Jan Di – I love her acting is very good. I love BBF that its driving me crazy waiting till the next episode. Its a long wait… I hope they will make it evry night instead. I would appreciate it very much.

  349. 349 : arry Says:

    really addicted into korean drama…i luv BFF very much..cant wait for next episodes..its better than japanesse version..thats my opinion only OK??!!..everyone have their own opinion..for those who cannot accept pls click ctrl+W and get lost…am i care??respect others opinion..this not the place for fighting..this is a place who everyone share their opinion,story & whatever ok…??TQVM..

  350. 350 : Walker Says:

    Hi everybody,

    Have anyone here bought the OST of BBF from Yesasia? I heard the CD came with lyrics but I wonder is there any English translation of the songs in the CD cos I dun understand korean.

    If anyone know pls update me and I PERSONALLY think this drama is the best among the other two versions. No hard feelings ya, I find the artists really fit in the roles well. Especially Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum, good choice!

    Hope the ending will be a sweet and loving ones. All the Best!!

  351. 351 : hm5airy Says:

    this drama is really enteresting
    i love it
    very good acting especially,
    koo hye sun ,very cool
    kim hye with his angel face

  352. 352 : Cherry Says:

    haha! i guess i’m not the only obsses one here!!XDD

    I just love the OTS!!!!!!!!!*_______*
    especially Because I’m Stupid by ss501 and SHINee’s Stand By Me

    Boys Before Flowers Fighting!!!!!!!!!!^____^

  353. 353 : Siti Says:

    geessshhh…can’t wait to watch next episode every week….. am just freak with all the cast……

  354. 354 : Amy Says:


  355. 355 : Amy Says:

    Epi. 15 coming out tomorrow. And after tomorrow it’ll come out with subs right? Then Ep. 16 right after!~ And then 1 more week x-x; I LOVE THIS DRAMA

  356. 356 : vic8 Says:

    I luv this show!!! 꽃보다 남자 aza aza hwaiting!!!

  357. 357 : lea Says:

    i love it very much , i waiting all the week for monday and tuesday
    i saw a lots off dramas in my life but this the best.
    all the actors r excellent even they youngest.
    thank you kbs

  358. 358 : Jennifer Says:

    I absolutely love this show. I found it by chance online and I was hooked. I had to watch episode 1 through 14 all in one day (nerd alert). I just finished watching episode 15 and I can’t wait for the next!

  359. 359 : shinta Says:

    I love BBF, the actors acting out JP & Jandi are very good actors and have good chemistry. Can’t wait for the next episode. But the actor in the Rui role, though very good looking needs to hone his acting talent. I think that if he showed more passion in the role, ratings would even be higher. I think he got the role because he is a musician and has big fanbase being the leader of SS501. As for comparison with the other versions, each version has its own strength for its own time. Meteor garden had a fresh take and had great music & great actors & cute guys. The Japanese version was anime-ish but had very good cinematography and the lead actress Inoue Mao was excellent & consistent at such a very young age. Maybe they had difficulty looking for her young match in Korea but Goo Hye Sun is great as match for Lee Minho in the drama.

  360. 360 : lamena Says:

    i’m addicted…!!!

  361. 361 : joongbo Says:



  362. 362 : damiaz Says:

    today my 1st time to watch this drama. WOW!!!!!!!!!
    feel like, love at the 1st time. Can’t wait to see next episode

  363. 363 : tintin Says:

    i really love this drama..especially all the characters..

  364. 364 : salma Says:

    reached ep 15, i wanna cry for Joonpyu ='(

    btw, Kim Bum looked cool with his previous hairstyle, dunno why they changed it O.o

    wish that he change it back ='(

  365. 365 : Maria!! Says:

    Ep 15 had me in tears!! Poor Goo Joo Pyon!! :[
    …..but oh jeez….Jihoo super hot!!!! the new hair is ok….but i like it better before!!

  366. 366 : LadyBlue Says:

    An-nyong Ha-se-yo ,

    Hi everyone…Im still cant watch episode 15 & 16 at Viiki or Mysoju website.Anybody have face same problem like me or any suggestion about is….so sad….

  367. 367 : Tina Says:

    hi lady blue watch it here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxXY1sKvX88&feature=channel_page

  368. 368 : hunny Says:

    im gonna said this again! does guys like joon pyo and ji hoo ever exist in the real world!!?

  369. 369 : Jani Says:


    I was shock as well why Boys Before Flowers was rated 2nd…this show deserved to be #1…its hot and getting hotter every episode…can’t wait to watch epi. 17..way to go!!

  370. 370 : aja Says:

    did any1 know where to get this drama torrent with sub ..
    can provide me link . thx in advance ..
    ♥ this drama .. 1of the best drama i haven seen ….♥♥♥♥

  371. 371 : Martins Says:

    Tell me, has ever Jan di studied or Ga Eul does she go to school??

  372. 372 : Niki Says:

    I really don’t know why people like this drama so much,this drama is not sth different.

  373. 373 : bebe Says:


  374. 374 : Martins Says:

    Nikki tell me about it. LMAO they messed all the character, especially Domyoji/Jun Pyo. They have made a so complexed and strong character a wacko crybaby melodrama korean hero.

  375. 375 : Emi Says:

    ahahha I LOVE THIS DRAMA! So better than the Japanese and Taiwanese. They twisted it up a notch on a few parts. But its still a good drama.

  376. 376 : shaula_s Says:

    For God Sake Martins, are you still here? From your posts, I can tell that you have been watching BBF each and every episode. If you don’t like it, just shut up and go to hell!! We’ve had enough of your comments so get lost!!!

  377. 377 : leiron71 Says:

    hello! i am supporter of bbf and already watch the ep.12 to 16 and it’s really going great and the acting of KHJ also doing good and natural… i love GAEUL and SYJ, they’re really cute, i hope in this KR version they will end up as a couple…

  378. 378 : Jani Says:

    the korean drama MY PRECIOUS CHILD was rated first…the drama is okay but i think BBF deserve the #1 spot…lol

  379. 379 : Martins Says:

    This is the last time I say that, I read reviews on soompi forum. And frankly I saw the pics of the infamous “heartbreaking” air port scene and I wonder, has he his periods? So overdone.
    this guy even in picture when I look at his expressions I don’t feel that natural as fake as his passionate love for Jan di.

  380. 380 : Wee Says:

    getting in love with this drama more amd more esp hyun joong…he is a really genlemen and find him has a younger version look of Bae Yong Joon….LOVE….

  381. 381 : Miae Says:

    For those of you who like Ji Hoo, here is a short videoclip of him and his band. The background music is by his band. Enjoy!


  382. 382 : bebe Says:


  383. 383 : Niki Says:

    OH MY GOD!shaula!just tell me what is the difference between this drama and the others?a rich boy loves a poor girl…you have seen it couple of times!

  384. 384 : Miae Says:

    Here is a guitar version of ‘Because I’m Stupid’ by Kim Joong Hyun (JH).

  385. 385 : Miae Says:

    I meant Hyun Joong (JH)


    Here is a guitar version of ‘Because I’m Stupid’ by Kim Joong Hyun (JH).

  386. 386 : NutCase Says:

    If u have seen it ” a couple of times”, u don’t have to watch it. It’s easy. It’s just a drama. It’s made for u to entertain, and if u find it boring, don’t pay attention to it, don’t even bother to give comments about it. Save ur times and energy for something else that u like to see or do. It’s just as simple as that.
    Life is short, so stop whinning and complaining.

  387. 387 : shaula_s Says:

    to niki, i know people have seen this typical drama thousand times, but people do have a choice, don’t we? if you don’t like it then it’s your problem but you don’t have to force people to have the same opinion like you do. we appreciate your opinion and if you don’t like the drama then don’t watch it, nobody is forcing you to watch it.
    and to martins, your opinion clearly expressed that you have been watching BBF. otherwise you wouldn’t know that Jan Di never study or Ga Eul never goes to school.

  388. 388 : burberry Says:

    Good to know that Martins is still watching BBF.

    And yes, I’ve noticed earlier on, in fact mentioned it on my previous postings that Ji Hoo has a strong resemblance to a young Bae Yong Joon. A lot of similarities.

  389. 389 : burberry Says:


    What do you think is diiference between BOF and other dramas?. I am sure you’d know the answer.

  390. 390 : flowermumsusan Says:

    I am a fan of BBF. Have watch the taiwan and japanese version. In my opinion korean BBF is the best of the best.Great ost.well designed clothes that made the F4 look like princes,hairstyles and even furnitures.. ETC….Not forgeting the hardworking actors ,actresses,
    director,staffs who have to work in the freezing temperature to bring this drama to us.There was this scene where Jandi save Junpyo from the pool (part of the pool was frozen) and Lee MIM HO had few NG on this scene.My heart ached for him but can see his irresistible smile and determination to get the scene right. well done MINHO and JANDI…LOVE YOU GUYs

  391. 391 : Siti Says:

    hye…wuts with “martin” and “niki” u guys…..if hate itso much…..stop watching this drama aite….yes..i agree with u guys..this korean version much better than japanes(the original)one and taiwanese version… korean F4 more good looking….they can deliver every character 100% into that emotions ..

  392. 392 : mya Says:

    Guys…just act that martin/nikki are not exist k…just ignore bout their cmment..its waste to replied..

    anyhow BFF still no.1 FOR US..HUHU..

  393. 393 : arry Says:

    Btw martin…

    if u really2 hate this drama,no need to waste ur time by reading all review or whatever about BFF ok??

    unless if u still keep watching & waiting for the next episode………………………………….rite guys???looks like u interested to know whats going on this drama..thats why u can told us the weakness of this drama..but sorry dude…we still think that the BfF is better than others version ok…

  394. 394 : Hunn Says:

    This series is super duper luper cool.!!!
    and i loved it than the other versions.
    i’m looking forward the next episodes.


  395. 395 : Winter Snow Says:

    Hope to see yi joong and gaeul together. Perfect couple. sweet, cute and romantic. Pls let them be together.

  396. 396 : flowermumsusan Says:

    Hi.. who is ‘Martin’ and Niki’? I think they are from outer space and that the reason why they cannot communicate with us. just ignore them.

  397. 397 : saranghae Says:

    i luv this drama verrrrry much!
    =p saranghae LEE MIN HO!! ^_^”

  398. 398 : Niki Says:

    don’t be worried,i am not going to waist my time by watching BBF!

  399. 399 : NutCase Says:

    Yeah, good for u!!! hehehe…u are still wasting ur time, coming here to read everyone’s comments on BBF though…hehehe.
    Keep ur words! Don’t watch BBF – the Korean version, and if u do u will be run over by a truck…Just kidding!:)

  400. 400 : NutCase Says:


  401. 401 : flowermumsusan Says:

    I am very glad that LEE MIM HO won the best newcomer tv drama award.He deserve it.Congratulation to LMH.Thank to NutCase for this wonderful news.

  402. 402 : jasminebelle Says:

    when will episode 17 air
    the drama keeps gettin’ better n’ better
    i hope Jan di falls 4 Ji hoo instead, he luvs her more
    what do ya’ll think?

  403. 403 : yatt76 Says:

    i saw lot of BBf fans now in this forum. keep your support for BBf coz it very cool drama. i already read the preview for epi 17/18…quite interesting and can’t wait for MONDAYYYY!!!!

  404. 404 : enri Says:


  405. 405 : tokidoki Says:

    wow..it has been days i’m unable to visit this forum..
    due to heap of works recently…
    and i’m glad people getting increased here…
    well~~keep support BBF…
    well..as usual..cant wait for monday..again..wawawa..
    this drama even hotter every episodes..hihi

    well..there are great news here which i think u guys already knew it..
    last nite…on 27th..the 45th Annual Baeksang Awards held in Seoul.
    and Lee Min Ho was awarded the best newcomer award for BBF drama…
    geez..he deserved it!!!

    and ji hoo (Kim Hyung Joong) was received the Male Popularity Award.
    and if u want to read more about their speech..here is the link..

  406. 406 : tokidoki Says:

    i just wanna share here..
    pictures of F4 at red carpet of the Baeksang Awards~

    link here

  407. 407 : enri Says:

    C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s LEE MIN HO!!!! your ExCeLlenT actor (BBF) and you DesErveD it!

  408. 408 : Niusha Says:

    It’s obvious that you’re living in a stupid sociaty!
    A sociaty that understands NOTHING!
    A sociaty that cannot think about serious things…
    A sociaty that wants to be silly!
    Korean people who are satisfied with anything …any stupid motion pictures,screenplays,actors & actresses and their artificial plays!
    This kind of taste shows the lack of culture.
    I know what you like about these dramas! It’s only about hollow love and you don’t know anything about love , life , sadness and pain.
    You don’t want to watch s.th that wants to say s.th valuable .
    You were stupid , you are, and you will be …
    Good Luck!

  409. 409 : SweetTemptation Says:

    Nuisha(martins=psycho) what the h** ever it is,
    U called the Koreans stupid and yet u’re the biggest idiot in this website. Before u called someone stupid, should look at urself in the the mirror TO SEE WHAT U REALLY ARE!!! U’re nothing but a loser who need some prozac to calm ur sick m*ther f*cker mind down.
    People who have visited this website and watched this BBF drama aren’t just Koreans, stupid!!! I AM AN AMERICAN AND I SAY ” THIS IS A GOOD DRAMA TO WATCH”.
    p/s: millions of people all over the world like this drama and only u that hate it so much. U seem to be “abnormal”. Go kill urself so that u can go to hell and live with satan down there. There should be a lot of “good” dramas for u and santa to watch together, psycho!

  410. 410 : yatt76 Says:


    your comment is really means….
    i like BBF because it’s a good drama to watch. i enjoyed watching BBF.it doesn’t mean that people who like BBF are people whose can’t think serious things. I’m a degree holder and i can think properly so as other people whose watch BBF. they just want to enjoy good drama….
    as for me, when i watched BBF i can relax a bit more, release my tension and forgot my problem.
    i even download BBf OST and burned on CD so i can hear it in my car everyday…when i’m driving..

  411. 411 : flowermumsusan Says:

    I agree to what Sweet Temptation says that million of people from all over the world are watching this beautiful drama. It a fantastic legendary drama which the young and old enjoy.Many people visit their websites daily to check articles about BBF.The person who dislike or don’t understand why people love this drama must be someone from outer space.so E.T please go home……We love BFF and i do know that the RICH AND FAMOUS enjoy this drama too.

  412. 412 : Walker Says:


    Niusha, Niki, Martin and many other ppl who like or dislike BBF. Everybody have their own liking. There are students, homemaker, elderly and perhaps working adults at this website. We are here to write our feelings and comments ABOUT THE DRAMA, NOT ON PERSONAL ATTACKS.

    This website allows us to intereact with ppl of different views and feelings of this drama, therefore pls be more kind and mature in our thinking and speech. I RESPECT ppl having their own views, NO HARD FEELINGS TO ANYBODY OUT THERE, but by writing nasty things will only brings out your own character and made ppl out there feel how uneducated you are.

    PERSONALLY, I feel drama, movies and music are things for us to enjoy. I love to watch BBF, regardless what other ppl think. Taiwan, Japan or Korea versions, each hv their own cast and production. All hv their plus and minus sides. Drama and movies like I hv said it’s for enjoyment, if you like, you are welcome to share views, otherwise you can just read other ppl points.

    To me BBF is really fantastic, in term of cast and soundtrack. I have watched many dramas, BBF is one of the best I ever hv seen so far. Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum acting is very good despite their looks. No ppl will watch a show without having comments or thoughts so pls hv a open mind and accept what other ppls view BUT NOT PERSONAL ATTACKS.

    So far I have seen this drama till ep 16 only, I hope for the best for this drama and for those who likes BBF pls continue to support and feel free to share your views and for those who do not like this drama, I hope you will watch others that you like and enjoy the show. Dun be too mean to other ppl, it doesn’t made you are better person either.

    To conclude, I hv no means of attacking anybody out there, just want to reasons things out and share some points. NO OFFENCE and stay cool to you ppl out there. All the best!! PEACE..

  413. 413 : tokidoki Says:

    well i guess i need to say sumthing…
    it cant be helped but u r so mean niusha..
    it’s ok u dont like or hate it so much BBF or any other korean dramas..
    but to call out people silly stupid idiot whatever..are words u shouldnt point out to anyone~ and it was unfair to condemn severely with racism comments to korean people, their society and culture…
    though maybe korean annoys u that much…in my opinion..u should just show some respect to them and other nations..
    to mention..i am not korean..i am proudly to say i am malaysian~
    and i know most people who love BBF here in this forum are non-korean
    i’m so confident to bet what i said is right~~

    for people that hate so much BBF..
    plz~~ i hope you guys show some respect to others by not calling people stupid..silly and something sneer bout people…
    every mankind had been given own brain to think, heart with full of feelings and taste, and choices…
    these are up to us to think, feel and choose what we want in our life..
    it’s ok for me if u left negative comments….
    for me…i keep watching BBF bcos i’ve watched all other versions, original manga and anime~ i just wanna see how korean made it up..
    and of cos it used to entertain my days…
    maybe the concept of love is sumthing we already seen before or maybe this is sumthing not realistic..but just let it be.. just find another dramas or movies to watch~ that’s all..

  414. 414 : yatt76 Says:

    hidup tokidoki!!!!!

  415. 415 : tokidoki Says:

    thanks yatt76..
    hmmm…payah btoi la org2 yg suka mengata fans BBF neh..
    org2 neh mmg terok la ckp cmtuh..
    x respect langsung….
    x suka sudah laaa..jgn la panggil org bodoh..huhuhu

  416. 416 : LaLa Says:

    goshh!! i cant wait to see BBF ep 17 n 18 diz week.. =D

  417. 417 : hyunjooonggg :) Says:

    yay i love this 🙂

  418. 418 : boysoverflowers Says:

    LEE MINHO deserved the award 🙂

  419. 419 : swtcakes Says:

    TO Niusha

    why are you saying stupid this and stupid that when you can’t even spell the word “society” right? idiot..keep your opinion to yourself.. havent your mom taught you that..if dont have anything good to say then dont say anything at all.. if its so bad then dont watch it! jeez

  420. 420 : ann Says:

    have seem the japan and taiwan but still prefer korean personally so keep up the good work

    CHEER =)

  421. 421 : Tina Says:

    BBF k ver is the best one!

  422. 422 : Niusha Says:

    To sweet temptation!
    You’ve not even met me!how are guessing that I’m stupid!
    U American peaple are idiots!You are the cause of all wars ! You kill peaple in Iraq and Afghanistan!
    your series are much better than Korean dramas.go and watch them!
    please think before U open Ur dirty mouth!
    U Americans are racists! U know that!
    U Americans ! slaveholders!

  423. 423 : tokidoki Says:

    i guess it cant be helped but to say something here..
    niusha..im sorry if my words hurting u..
    but plz dont have any hatred and detest feelings here..
    i know i dont have any rights to hinder your words etc..
    but here this site just an entertainment site for us to share our mind views and feelings bout korean drama..
    we all know what americans did..but plz..open ur mind and heart..and have some respect…
    this is not a political racism etc sites…
    we just wanna write our opinions..share and read others in peace..
    sorry..i dont mean to give any preach or lecture here..
    i just want people here..who like or hate BBF..
    visit this page and read all view in peace and warm…
    that’s all~thank u..

  424. 424 : HARUHU Says:

    i don’t like the girl. I Don’t Why!? hayy
    maybe after watching this i might change my impression with her..
    im waiting for the DVD so i could able to conclude w/c version is simply the best. hehehe.. but the guys here were more HANDSOME…

    PS: love the arguments below.. it simply entertaining though it has nothing to do in this drama, forum etc..



  425. 425 : K Says:

    miss Goo has been injured from a car accident.
    you wont be able to see episode 17 this weekend.

  426. 426 : amktsy Says:

    Long time didn’t come here didn’t know that it’s comments has so many already.

  427. 427 : amktsy Says:

    Well,i starting to like jan di this character.
    Perhaps i have get use to her being like this.

    Kim Bum and Kim Joon new hairstyle starting from episode 13 is bad!!!
    i hate it!
    but kim bum hairstyle in bof seems to be changing to the same as previous epiaodes (before 13) .
    that’s great.

  428. 428 : SweetTemptation Says:

    Hey! you, Niusha, the ignorant, racist s*n of a gun,
    Come here, on ur knees, let this American teach u some manners:)
    1/”You’ve not even met me!how are guessing that I’m stupid!”….There are more than one nationality in the forum. Have u ever met anyone of us??? U haven’t, have u!!! and yet U called us “stupid”,humm…
    YOU! It’s YOU that have showed ur stupidity through ur words. Idiot! U can tell if the person is well-educated or ignorant by judging his words, speeches and actions, not just by his appreance. It’s a Psy.101, moron!
    2/ “U American peaple are idiots!You are the cause of all wars ! You kill peaple in Iraq and Afghanistan!”…
    World Trade Center, Twin Towers, September 11, terrorists, extremists.. Do those words remind u of anything, jerk???
    Do u know how many innocent lives were taken away from their families, children, and friends???
    Do u know how many Malysian, Korean, Japanese, Bristish, French, American……citizens were killed on Sep. 11 in that World Trade center, dumb-a**?
    What nationality are u? Have u ever checked with ur official diplomates to see how many of ur fellow citizes were killed on that horrible, terrible, painful day???
    Let me educate u, slow life scum. There are international forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, stupid! There are many South Korean, American, French, Canadian, British….soldiers have sacrificed and risked their lives to bring FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY to those countries, do u know?
    Won’t ur heart aches when you see a woman who is beaten up badly on any Afghan streets, just because she accidently shows her hair in public?
    Won’t u cry when u see a little beautiful, smart 12 yrs old girl who isn’t allowed to go to school and forced to marry a man-about-her father’s age???
    Whose eyes won’t come to tears when he sees an Iraqi mother holding on to her only son’s I.D. card and crying her heart out on a massive grave site??? Why did Saddam and his people kill him??? they killed him because he dared to voice his point of view about Saddam’s ditatorship.
    3/”U American peaple are idiots!”…. “your series are much better than Korean dramas.go and watch them!”….HAHAHAHA….do u see ur stupidity yet? Americans are idiots. How can we produce “much better” dramas than the Korean’s???
    4/”U Americans are racists! U know that!”….U haven’t been watching the news, have u? kakakakka….THE CURRENT- NEW ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN IS AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN, u dummy!
    5/” U Americans ! slaveholders!”….slavery was ended about one and a half centuries ago here in America….hehehehe.
    In America, it is a serious crime to hold any human beings slaved. Call FBI or interpol to report any slavey activities that u have witnessed or known of, okay?
    There are still a few countries that are enduring this cruel crime against human beings like Dufar and Somalia…AMericans and Untied nations have been working very hard to bring those people to justice. So don’t u worry!:)
    5/ “please think before U open Ur dirty mouth!” …If u thought before u called all people in here stupid, i wouldn’t bad-mouth to u. So u asked for it!
    ur forever American friend,
    signed and dated:)

  429. 429 : anu Says:

    i had watched boy over flower here in india… .. I had’nt missed an episode …. i had always looked forward to the next week screening……

  430. 430 : Walker Says:

    To : SweetTemptation

    Hi, from your words I can understand your anger, I agreed with you of what you have said, your speech is precise and I hope there will not be any other argument anymore. I believed you are a well educated person, therefore it will be nice if we can put an end to all this unpleasant speech. Remember, we are here to share our views of the drama that we love? So let’s just talk about BBF, we dun hv to waste our effort to be angry and upset over some spoliers here. Like I hv said in my previous messages, everybody hv their own views so we just keep to it. I know it will not be nice to feel if ppl insult your country, neither do I. I am not American but I feel we should ALWAYS RESPECT OTHERS, especially their culture. I hope you will feel better after writing out your feelings and frustation. So cool down and we just enjoy our drama.

    To: People Who Dislike BBF,

    Hi, to all of you. Pls feel free to browse around, BUT YOUR COMMENTS ARE NO LONGER NEEDED. I am usually an objective person. Drama are never realistic to this pratical world, it’s just MAINLY entertainment. We can never compare it to reality. Here is where we share our views on the drama we love, NOT OTHER ISSUES ESPECALLY POLITICS.
    I really love to watch BBF and would like to share my views with those who likes this drama. If you ppl want to be spoilers or write anything to hurt other ppl and this drama, PLS LEAVE! Spend your time on other drama, and pls do so till you find one YOU LOVE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    To: People Who Like BBF,

    Hi to everyone. Heard that this week is only airing ep 17 cos KHS hv met an accident and needed to rest in the hospital. She got few sitiches at her mouth and it’s said to be swollen and needed some rest before She can proceed for further flimming. BBF is really great, I saw ep 17 and 18 preview at youtube, reading from other sources that there will be a kissing sences for JP and HJK, really feel bitter for JD. I hope JP and JD will be back together soon. 🙂



  431. 431 : tokidoki Says:

    i totally agree with walker…
    plz~ we are here just wanna share our views with full heart, respect and fun

    i hope u r better now..and just ignore this type of people after this..
    today is already monday..new episode will be aired in korea..
    and let’s start a new fresh mood here…
    no more anger and hatred feelings…
    even there are rumours only one epi this week..
    i cant wait for next epi~~
    i will stayed up tomorrow nite to watch BBF..

    njoy watching~~


  432. 432 : SmilingFlower Says:

    Hi from Turkey,
    I really like BOF, I am really obsessed with it. Creativity, in other words imagination, is the power and color of the literary and visual products. The story is also enriched with highly well-dressed good-looking guys and charming luxury places. As far as I know, all these notions are affecting the interest of the spectators and make them feel fulfilling their desires.
    I have found a lot of similiraties between Korean society and mine. Especially, we are the free people of the free countries but we have some values such as strong family relations, respecting the elder people and traditional values. Also, the significance of eating and eating around a table with the whole family members and the most important is helping and sharing our worries and happinesses with the other poeople ( friends, neighbours etc). That’s why, Korean dramas became very popular in Turkey.
    In BOF, all the characters are fine but my favorite actor is Kim Hyun Joong. I hope Jan Di will be recovered as soon as possible.

    Take care friends 🙂

  433. 433 : massie Says:

    this is stupid why those boys r fighting i dnt see nothing bad to this drama and why involucrate others topic such society or good or bad in the US i live her and the comments of those stupid kids r annoying what ht hell they think they r to talk about dat they dnt not anything about this topic they dnt know the reason of the why this country is like this i hispanic but i think this is my country u know wat just watch th drama if u like it good if not dnt watch it then stupid kids

  434. 434 : Yan Zhi Says:

    Congratulation to Lee Ming Ho…
    I like Jandi & Ji hoon together as is very relax & touching ..
    Is really very funny drama i have ever seen…. nice & enjoy it…
    Hope can wath the drama ep 17 soonest with chinese version…

  435. 435 : Jani Says:

    Congratulation to Lee min ho and Kim hyun joong for winning this well deserved awards, hooray!…Min ho, don’t worry about that fall on the red carpet..its an accident….the main thing is ur okay….Aloha

  436. 436 : yatt76 Says:

    is it true that this week only epi17 will be aired ???
    can’t wait for the next epi….

  437. 437 : Walker Says:

    Hi yatt76,

    Reading from other sources, they said there will be only one ep this week due to GHS having an accident and flimming cannot be proceed. In fact they will air the F4 special instead. Anyway, if it’s true then we just accept the fact and hope GHS rest well and recover asap. Below are an article following her accident case.

    Drama becomes real life: Lee Min Ho saves Goo Hye Sun

    “In an interview Goo hye sun had at the hospital on the 28th, she revealed,”Thanks to Lee Min Ho I got to get to the hospital quickly to receive treatment.”

    “After the accident occurred, a van that looked a lot like Lee Min ho’s passed by. With my head ringing, I slightly remember thinking, ‘I wish that was Min ho’s car.’ As the car door opened, it turned out that it was really Min ho, and he began to run toward us. At that time he looked like the savior of the world. Had I gotten to the hospital any later, my recovery would have been later as well. I was so thankful.”

    Goo Hye Sun’s car collided with a dump truck that was driving ahead of them. Lee Min Ho took Goo Hye Sun all the way to the hospital, and then proceeded to go back to filming. He then attended the award ceremony with the rest of his cast. However, Lee Min Ho and his representatives kept the incident(where LMH helped GHS) quiet.

    Goo Hye Sun watched the award ceremony on TV. “I was shocked when I saw Lee Min Ho fall on the red carpet. I laughed without even knowing. I thought the stitches in my mouth had come undone(laughs). Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong came to visit after the ceremony. I was very thankful. It must not have been easy to make time when they had such a busy schedule.

    She expressed her happiness when she saw her two co-stars receiving the awards.

    Currently, Goo Hye Sun has 3 stitches inside of her lip. The swelling was bad enough to halt production. Because of this, they will be showing a special instead of episode 17 on the 2nd. Goo Hye Sun hopes to return to filming as early as the 2nd. She is scheduled to go back to the hospital on the 5th to take out the stitches. ”

    All the best to the casts and hope GHS will get well soon!!!

  438. 438 : burberry Says:

    My very SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS to Lee Min Ho and to Kim Hyun Joong on their recent awards. Well deserved.

    I haven’t visited this thread for a while and noticed that, sadly, some unnecessary remarks have been left.

  439. 439 : Niusha Says:

    A song by Green Day

    Don’t wanna be an American idiot.
    Don’t want a nation under the new media.
    And can you hear the sound of hysteria?
    The subliminal mindf**k America.

    Welcome to a new kind of tension.
    All across the alien nation.
    Everything isn’t meant to be okay.
    Television dreams of tomorrow.
    We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow.
    Well that’s enough to argue.

    Well maybe I’m the faggot America.
    I’m not a part of a REDNECK agenda.
    Now everybody do the propaganda.
    And sing along in the age of paranoia.

    Welcome to a new kind of tension.
    All across the alien nation.
    Everything isn’t meant to be okay.
    Television dreams of tomorrow.
    We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow.
    Well that’s enough to argue.

    Don’t wanna be an American idiot.
    One nation CONTROLLED by the media.
    Information nation of hysteria.
    It’s going out to idiot America.

    Welcome to a new kind of tension.
    All across the alien nation.
    Everything isn’t meant to be okay.
    Television dreams of tomorrow.
    We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow.

  440. 440 : K Says:

    looks like this show is gonna be extended to epidode 26.
    enjoy more.

  441. 441 : yatt76 Says:

    thanks walker for your info.
    just now I’ve been watching bbf epi5 on kbs world.
    it’s feel good to watch bbf on big TV screen instead of laptop.everything seem more clearly, nicely and beautifully.

  442. 442 : tokidoki Says:

    omoo..im so jealous with u….wanna watch it on big tv tooo!!!
    my mom keep telling me ‘her” guys (F4) are so even clearly handsome hot and shining eyes of theirs on big screen tv…

    sgt jeles neh!!!hihhiiihiihiii…tp xpa..dis week sy balik umah smp slasa dpn..
    so sempat la nk tgk episode 7 (mayb) minggu dpn kat tv..hihihihi…
    nasib baik cuti isnin tuh…nak gak tgk kat tv..hihi

    i wonder is it true there will be 26 episodes??? i dun mind how many episodes it’ll be..longer the better..hihihihiiiiii..

  443. 443 : Walker Says:

    To those who love BBF,

    Hi everyone, I would like to share the following link with you guys, one is a NG CUT. REAL FUNNY! Another one is a F4 Special. ENJOY!

    NG Scenes:

    F4 Special

  444. 444 : loveleeminho Says:

    I love this drama, so cute!!!
    Lee min ho is such a good actor, not to mention that he is also good looking 🙂
    I hope that there will be no more accidents from now on 🙂
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode, yay!!!!

  445. 445 : burberry Says:

    I wish “JAN DI” an early recovery.

    Looking forward to watching the rest of the BBF episodes. Without doubt, they will all be enjoyable & a pleasure to watch.

    Lee Min Ho continues to shine and although his popularity has soared tremendously, he remains humble with both feet on the ground.

    I am hoping that Ji Hoo (KHJ) continues with his acting career after BBF despite a busy sked with his band.

  446. 446 : enri Says:

    InsTrucTionS foR LiFe ” When you lose, don’t lose the lesson” respect for self, respect for others and responsibility for all your actions. Watching BBF I learned soooo much lesson. Forgive quickly! kiss slowly! Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably…watching this BBF made me SMILE and I feel lighter inside and never regret anything that made you smile..I love korean drama/movies I collect them some things I keep it was a way of my life and sometimes it made me crazy but things I keep in life and I’m a keeper becoz they are worth it! Filipinausa

  447. 447 : Diana Says:

    Will the special edition be subbed?

  448. 448 : Edith Martinez Says:

    Well, love the dramas on channel 44 change my mind on how to see the world in a totally different way.

  449. 449 : tokidoki Says:

    why the ratings dropped so much..

  450. 450 : yinlOvekOreandrama Says:

    i lOve tO watch kOrean drama!!
    and this is the One!!
    it is reallly exciting.

  451. 451 : Malaysian people Says:

    heloow…. why i cant see boys before flowers ‘Boys Before Flowers Episode 11’ until episode 15………… please… help me……. i realy like this drama……

  452. 452 : loveleeminho Says:

    Just saw ep 17 TWICE (with and without subs), so sad, this drama becomes a little serious, this love square thing is making things really interesting, and the sidestory between kim bum and ga-eul is also getting serious. Lee min ho’s acting is simply amazing (nothing to complain about him at all 🙂 Overall this episode and ep 14 are my favorite so far. Can’t wait for next week!!!

  453. 453 : Sarah Says:

    i really love it this drama. i can’t waiting see next episode 17. i am going to crazy this drama is so good. i love it 4 guys is so good look it. pls want to more episode 24 over not stop it. i can’t waiting to see next episode 17 so badly.

  454. 454 : 007 Says:

    i have not watch this drama yet but im looking 4ward for it.
    this drama look promising and its juz suit with my fav genre that is romance comedy..
    i think i’ll go to dvd rental shop and start searching 4 this drama..xD

  455. 455 : Ayuk Rika Says:

    I love this, better than Meteor Garden.. I Love all stars.. so handsome and pretty.. And I think Koo Hye Sun good act in this serial.. cas ” Jan Di” not pretty girl.. but she have inner beauty that makes Goo Jon Pyo and Yoon Ji Hoo fall in love eith her.. N Jan Di have Sweet Smile.. that can make every body love her.. included Me.. hahahha
    Can wait the final eps… And I hope there will be happy ending for Chu Ga Eul and So Yi Jung.. Not like meteor garden… I wish… 🙂

  456. 456 : ducksun Says:

    to loveleeminho,
    would you please tell me where did you watch BBF with subs .I have been waiting for the subs.

  457. 457 : Jani Says:

    this is far the best drama version of HYD…after watching epi.17 the love between the two couple is getting more complicated …but no matter who Jandi ends up with either Jun pyo or Jihoo I support them 100% coz this guys are amazing in many ways!!

  458. 458 : jesima Says:

    Im from India.I love the F4,jandi and her friend.The drama is just amazing.I really go mad to wait for one long week.Will you help me how to get the dvd of this drama.goo jun pyo is amazing in all the scenes.i could not stop laughing to see jun pyo’s small small comedy.i may promise that im the only person watching this in south India.Continue the good work.congrats to the crew.

  459. 459 : akser Says:

    hey friend, i m frm india too..ever since kbs world has been included as a channel.. i should say i hardly watched any of our hindi soaps… its just korean dramas..n frankly speaking i my whole family enjoys watchin korean dramas.. by far after full house.. boys over flowers has been my fav… its jus awesome!! Lee Minho is so damn goodlookinhg… and his acting is superb… i hav jus seen 6 episodes of the drama.. n m really waiting to see wats goin to happen next… the drama is really good…
    all d best to the whole cast n crew of this drama… Please keep up the good work… [:)]

  460. 460 : NutCase Says:

    U can watch it @www.viikii.com, dear!

  461. 461 : ducksun Says:

    thank you very much ^_^

  462. 462 : Martins Says:

    I can’t help but laugh when I read all these comments…

  463. 463 : ponchy30 Says:

    este drama es lo mejor que he visto.. despues de full house no me havia gustado tanto un drama como este…
    espero que Ga Eul and So Yi Jung que den juntos.. hacen una pareje muy muy linda..

  464. 464 : tokidoki Says:

    Malaysian people…
    awak tgk site mana?? viikii atau utube??
    kalo viikii kdg2 kna refresh page..
    kalo utube..try channel ohmiyask..xpon ratoka26

  465. 465 : yatt76 Says:

    episode 17 is exactly follow what BBF spoiler mentioned. so will the next episode follow ???the spoiler mentioned that jae kyung will break off the engagement after she realize that JP love JD.
    can’t wait for monday!!!
    tokidoki! safe journey…selamat balik kg. one sweet day I’m going to your hometown nak cari brg antik..hi hii hi

  466. 466 : Malaysia fans Says:

    wah… is really funny story drama i have ever watched.. Very Good…
    i like Jandi & Joon Pyo acting … hope that they can be together…
    Wish her All the best ..

  467. 467 : Xing Yee Says:

    cant wait episode 18 already…aiyoh..
    anyone can help to upload the next episode ASAP…? Thanks
    hope that this drama can extend another few episode until episode 35..
    JI hoon @ Jan Di look Great & so sweet together…
    I will always support this 2 …

  468. 468 : kakuiche Says:

    really love this drama! so funny and I think, it’s much better than the chinese and japanese version..=)

  469. 469 : burberry Says:

    Just watched ep 17 – enjoyable as ever and looking forward to ep 18 and the rest.

    A memorable line for me was something Jun Pyo said after rescuing Jan Di from the pool – how sweet.

  470. 470 : vic8 Says:

    eeekKkK!!! I luv dis show! ep 17 was so awesome…i cant wait till next ep! seems like whenever JD and JH are together JP just happens to c them and whenever JP n JK are together JD just happens to c dem…lol…it mite be on purpose but still its cool….lol! F4 hwaiting!!!

  471. 471 : siti Says:

    did u guys realize…..lee min ho he look more similar to jerry yen…and sometimes…when i saw his acting…it’s just like lee dong wook…… and kim hyun joong definately is the version of young Bae Young Jun rite guysss??

  472. 472 : d"c Says:

    goo joon pyo so very cool^^i like when he try to help geum jan di wowwww so cool men-don’t miss it.this is the best korean drama this year^^like Meteor Garden but more better for me-hihihihi

  473. 473 : mEr!eL Says:

    h!,, uHm i wAtChEd tHe tAiwAnEse veRsIon bUt ! tH!nK !t 1S tHe mOsT xCt!nG bCoZ tHe sTaRs oF bOyS b4 fLowErs aRe hAnDsOme i aLso bL!v tHey cAn dO !t vEry weLL……

  474. 474 : mEr!eL Says:

    ! bL!v tHey cAn dO !t vErY weLL nD tHeY aRe sO cUtE,, ! rEaLLy l!kE tH!s dRaMa……

  475. 475 : crazymadzy Says:

    this drama is AWESOME!
    but, my heart aches everytime i see the conflicts.

    && the mother should just DIE A PAINFUL DEATH!
    lols.yeah, i hate the mother sooo muccchh.

    i hope they finish filming asap!
    so that all of the fans can BUY THEIR DVD!

  476. 476 : shaula_s Says:

    Geeezzz Martins, I don’t know whether you’re just pretending to hate BBF or you really LOVE BBF!! But always giving and contribute something in this forum PROVES that you’re THE BIGGEST FAN OF BBF. Hahahahahahaha…I’m laughing out loud for you!!!!!

  477. 477 : k3neZa Says:

    can’t wait 2 c da drama…
    my mums very excited tell me about da drama…

  478. 478 : sue Says:

    jandi……… fighting!

  479. 479 : sue Says:

    jandi…………………………………………… fighting!

  480. 480 : sue Says:

    ep 15 sedih banget deh………………

  481. 481 : Elveera_rocks Says:

    hey i am a viewer of this drama…bbf.i love it.i love junpyo and jandi together.jihu is a mess in between their love..gaeul and kim bum’s increasing love is gr8!

  482. 482 : Elveera_rocks Says:

    i am a viewer frm india.. i never miss this show,i accidentally got this interesting drama while surfing on tv…fortunately…on the first episode of the show!

  483. 483 : Spanely(* *) Says:

    I miss episode 16 & 17 just because there wasn’t any notice time frame had been change but no big deal next week ill turn on the t.v. At 8 so I can see it on time, here in America

  484. 484 : jOsiane Says:

    anyo! even though i was not able to watch it from the start because i only knew then that it’s being aired in cable last week i find it funny and simply romantic… love the show and love the characters specially lee min ho and kim beom, they really portray their role perfectly… btw i can’t believe that min ho is just about my age and beom is younger to me… hehehe… love them both^_^ i’ll keep on suppoting boys before flowers till the end and cant wait to see it at abs-cbn…

  485. 485 : Martins Says:

    @ Shaula
    I am just impressed by you. I am amazed by the BLINDNESS and CRAZYNESS of korean fangirls especially BOF ones. If they did not say “this drama is a korean version of YOKO kamio HYD”, would people really bother themself to watch it and say this shitty drama is somewhat “good”???

    You say “I LOVE IT” but when I state elements which prove this drama is BAD you can’t deny it and everything you can do is insulting me. You can’t stand critics because they are true.

    For example the nomination of Lee Min Ho and his winning in korean award thing is simply laughable. I mean He was nominated not too long after the drama released (the drama released in Janvier 2009 and he was nominated at about 5th episode??? This is the first time I see that). He was competiting against other actors whose the dramas released in 2008 and he won. And Fangirls goes like “he deserved it???”
    All I can say is “Bravo to BOF makers who fooled million viewers”.
    and KHJ “most popular thing?” After how much his mediocre acting was TRASHED BY OH SO MANY CRITICS ?

  486. 486 : ok kable Says:

    lallalall so hi you suck put some videos (boy before flower)

  487. 487 : sue Says:

    yah kok pada sibuk sih! yg nggak suka minggir dong! ngapain pada masuk and ngecek kesini!

  488. 488 : snow Says:

    Athough korea BBF is slightly different from the original wrong wic is from japan one athough i still prefer the original one but still i think to compare i still like BBf better and boy the guy are reali handsome GPY don have much impression at first but the more you watch the more you will like him. LOOking forward to buy the DVD

  489. 489 : alohagirl Says:

    aloha! this drama is becoming very popular in Hawaii. The F4 boys are sooo handsome and they All can act their part –good casting! Everyone needs to appreciate the long hours they have to put in, sacrifice sleeping and eating, look their best and remember their lines all at the same time while filming in extreme cold temperatures and hoping they do not dissapoint their fans. Not to mention that these guys are novice actors. Do you feel their stress? Let’s give them what they deserve- a warm Mahalo (thank you) for doing a fantastic job in bring us this awesome drama! Thank you BBF cast and crew for your hard work and sacrifice! Can’t wait for the DVD!

  490. 490 : shaula_s Says:


    “For example the nomination of Lee Min Ho and his winning in korean award thing is simply laughable. I mean He was nominated not too long after the drama released (the drama released in Janvier 2009 and he was nominated at about 5th episode??? This is the first time I see that). He was competiting against other actors whose the dramas released in 2008 and he won. And Fangirls goes like “he deserved it???””

    I got the above paragraph from your posting. If you hate it, why do you follow everything about BBF? I LOVE BBF but I dont even know about those things that you said. Doesn’t that prove that you’ve been following each and every news about BBF and its casts? Doesn’t that prove that you’ve been reading all the postings in this web about BBF? Doesn’t that prove that you’ve been searching all info about BBF? Wake up Martins, if you really HATE it, you wouldn’t even be in this forum!!! You wouldn’t even know evertyhing that you have said in each of your postings. I just feel pitty for you…but anyway, keep watching and keep following the news Martins, it will make BBF’s rating even go higher, specially people like you who wouldn’t want to admit that actually you’re ONE OF THE BIGGEST FANS OF BBF!!!! HORAAAYYYYYY!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

  491. 491 : Martins Says:

    @ Shaula you are dumb
    Don’t you know if you want to argument on something and shut people mouths you have to know your subject ? No I don’t guess so…
    That’s why when I stated my opinion about this drama especially the character of Jun Pyo who is anyone but Domyoji and how he is OVERRATED, fangirls (like you) did not really tell I was wrong. They keep insulting me.

  492. 492 : tokidoki Says:

    omooo..it seems BBF been cursed..again..
    before were accidents..now there is death..
    Jang Ja Yun who played Sunny, one of JinSunMi gangs commited suicide today. She strangled herself at her own house.Her friends reported that she had been depressed recently.

    huuu~~this must be tough..

  493. 493 : autum Says:

    Right let pray for those who is still filming for the drama. Hopefully no more bad news like death. So sad she is such a beautiful lady

  494. 494 : stupidlayching Says:

    rather tan lay ching died than her she so pretty tan lay ching fat, ugly personality and aunty not a v deperate for male uncle she also want. CHEAP

  495. 495 : ducky Says:

    great movie!!! episode 18 balli ok?

  496. 496 : Martins Says:

    Very sad story…
    condelences to her family

  497. 497 : Liz Says:

    I am addicted to korean drama and Meteor garden(f4)! I was trilled when i first read about KBS making this drama..The story itself has a different twist than the previous hana yori dango. I like this drama better!! The events are more clear and organized, it is modernized , ofcouse what is a korean drama with out the tragic LOVE TRIANGLE, in here they shown a lot of Jan di and Ji Hoo’s love story that makes it more interesting, not only that but the Actors and actresses are much good looking than other versions , ESPECIALLY THE F4(even the villians are good looking)… What really caught my eye is Lee Ming Ho!!He looks so much like Jerry Yan as DAu., His facial expressions and even his actions.. XEROX COPY!! At first I didn’t like Koo Ye Sun as Jan Di because compare to Barbie Xu (Sansia) , Barbie is much prettier. But As i watched.. the character suits her very well, A simple, childish, innocent look but not aggressive like Barbie’s character. THUMBS UP FOR KBS for having such good looking and talented casts!!! This will be a hit all over the world, like METEOR GARDEN !!!!

  498. 498 : burberry Says:

    I’ve just read about the sad news.

    However, a sad event as such and the accidents which have occurred the past few weeks, I believe, has strengthened the comaraderie amongst the cast members.

    To the BOF cast & crew, we support you fully & wholeheartedly.

  499. 499 : burberry Says:

    And to Martins,

    It seems that you still haven’t warmed up to BOF.
    People do have various tastes and movies/ dramas are received by people in different ways. What might be hateful & awful for you would be bliss to others. BOF is a case in point.

    Admittedly, I am one of the 99% who loves watching it.

    It is lighthearted, makes my heart skip in some episodes, and makes me laugh – what a perfect antidote to our current troubled times.

    LMH & KHJ might not be the perfect actors but they portray their roles very well.

    Jan Di might not be your ideal actress for the role but for myself I can’t imagine any other Korean actress portraying the role of Jan Di.

  500. 500 : sarah Says:

    i think that boys before flowers is the best!

  501. 501 : sarah Says:

    I love boys before flowers because it is romantic and if you want a good laugh you should see the great boys before flowers. and the best of all it could be mysterious sometime too! HOORRRAYYY!!!!!!!!!!! FOR BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS!!!

  502. 502 : loveleeminho Says:

    I really don’t want this drama to end 🙁

  503. 503 : MzEMMI Says:

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this drama… the Best… i prefer to watch this version then the othe ones…….I just Love Korean drama’s…….

  504. 504 : riri Says:

    i LOVE this drama so much !
    especially , kim bum ! XD

  505. 505 : akimi Says:

    good drama…. similar with meteor garden… but more exciting… but a bit slow

  506. 506 : Jani Says:

    its about time Boys Before Flowers rated no. 1….it should have been long time ago…no other dramas can compare when it comes to popularity, this show is enjoyable to watch—its sad yet funny…so congratulations to all the cast and crew for their hard worked especially in the cold weather!!!!HOOORAYYYYY

  507. 507 : tokidoki Says:

    waaa..i’m glad BOF was rated 1st nationwide..yes! it should’ve been long time ago…hihihi..last nite i was able to watch BOF on tv! yay!
    epi18 was fun and interesting…
    i’m impressed woo bin came to save yi jung..and his lines were touched..
    i like how korean explore woo bin aka mimasaka akira character..
    looking forward for epi19~~
    it must be very very funnnnn!!! like jap ver..jandi will working as maid in junpyo’s house….waaa!! cant wait this morning!!!
    guys…njoy watching~

  508. 508 : arry Says:


    where have you wacthe ep. 18??cz viikii link is broken….!!!!frustrated…

  509. 509 : yatt76 Says:

    feel good right when we are watching BBF on big TV screen…..
    looking forward for episode 19. it must be interesting…jan di as jun pyo personal maid….

  510. 510 : tokidoki Says:

    yeah..viikii is bad recently..
    i watched at youtube..u try this channel..here is the link
    also have HQ…
    for more you can go to http://www.arashi.vox.com
    credits to arashi…

    yeah..it was great!! hahahaaa.. me even freeze my favorite parts..
    tonite i’m back to hostel so i cant watch it then…
    back to normal life..hihihi..cant wait epi19!!

  511. 511 : jia2 Says:

    hi guys..
    ep 19 is on epdrama.com now..
    faster go watch/..

  512. 512 : BeBe Says:

    I’M ADDICTED TO THIS SERIES! WoW WoW WoW! drama in 2009 #1 ExCellenT BBF for me ^_^ how come only 2nd rating 🙁 how bout season 2 same casting! meteor garden has season 1 & 2 but BBF way way much better its really organized and modernized story than the other version. Looking forward for more episode! can’t wait to buy the dvd! calif usa

  513. 513 : arry Says:

    all links for ep 19 are broken……arrgghhh…..

  514. 514 : arry Says:

    btw,thnks to tokidoki for ur info…

  515. 515 : Zel Says:

    Guys watch in youtube ~13.02.09 lee min ho interview MBC TV! dang what a KILLER GERGOUS WINK!! TOTALLY MELT ME! HA.HA.HA.HA. i think is the best medication for your stressed free! usa

  516. 516 : dahliaaa Says:

    hello..i love this drama so much..
    it’s fun and lovely…
    i watched meteor garden and just finished hana yori dango..
    i was first watched BOF on KBSWorld..then i searched it still airing in korea
    didnt mean to compare but it cant be helped i love BOF korean the most!!
    yes the F4 more eye-glued to me..and their acting seem improve every episodes…
    their songs are beautiful and pleasant to ears~~ for both seasons…
    cant wait for the dvd release in my country malaysia…

  517. 517 : dahliaaa Says:

    anyway..thanks tokidoki..
    i read your post..
    and now i know where to watch BOF without problems

  518. 518 : ran Says:

    anyone know what is goo jun pyo cellphone?

  519. 519 : liyana Says:

    Hello !! I loveeeee this drama so much !!
    I think the korean is the best, bcoz it’s very funny, and romantic..whereas the jap ver is very funy but lack of romance…
    But i think both is also a must watch drama lahh, and the korean F 4 is..the most good looking F 4 !!! Hahaha,
    And, ohh yeah, i hope yijung and gaeul would end up together !!!
    Hehe, ;D ;D


  520. 520 : flowermumsusan Says:

    Hi ..did you guys vote??for the ending of this drama.It is about who Jandi end up with (JH or JP ) vote here….

  521. 521 : burberry Says:

    Just watched eps 18 & 19 and it is getting more exciting. It is in a way a relief to know that the other members of F4 also has problems – despite of each ones enormous wealth, they are human after all.

    Based on the story so far, I am hoping to have a Jun Pyo & Jan Di ending and yet there are certain times when one feels that Jan Di would be much better off with Ji Hoo (he was her first love after all). He has remained her friend & soulmate all throughout.

    With the fiancee also coming into the picture, it get a bit tangled up coz for certain moments it looks as if Jun Pyo is beginning to have feelings for her. Perhaps it was due more of Jun Pyo being reminded of Jan Di when the fiancee makes all the blunders. The fiancee also has been portrayed as a nice person & crude at times so much like Jan Di – the main difference of course is she is super rich.

    Ah, can’t wait for the next episodes to air. A few days of waiting is torture.

  522. 522 : snow Says:

    HJk such a sweet girl so sweet although i like her and also GJD but still hopefully the ending is jp with jd although i like jk. It a very romantic drama certain part is reali touching, korean drama is the BEST hip hip hooray.

  523. 523 : Elena Says:

    Never in my dreams I would watch Korean drama, but one night while I was looking for videos to watch online (i have insomnia hehehehehhe) … I was redirected to koreandrama.org and believe me to my amazed with what i saw, there was tons (in my own exaggeration…hehehehehe) of dramas listed…Its like a trap….i started reading synopsis one after the other….

    While reading BOF synopsis i found out that its the 3rd version of Hana Yori Dango… In short, same as everyone else I immediately got hooked with it, simultaneously watching Taiwanese, Japan and Korean version… and may say Korean version is REALLY GOOD! (point of view of first time viewer…)
    You definitely explore the 5 main characters of BOF…. that’s what i love about this version.

    Congratulations to the cast and crew of BOF!

    I hope yijung and gaeul should end up together…

    What about Song Woo Bin? any lover coming up?

    Burberry Says: “A few days of waiting is torture..” – you’re right it’s a bit torture waiting for the next episode….


  524. 524 : tokidoki Says:

    few days of waiting is torture!!!
    i cant wait for more…
    and bout the ending…i love two couples..
    both are cute and have special feelings in their own way..
    as originals..it end with main goo jun pyo..
    for me..jun pyo is the man..
    jihoo seems to be her soulmate and someone as her saviour..also ji hoo is her first love…but it can be seen love growing between jandi-junpyo..
    and the main things is..BOF aka HYD manga itself ended with domyouji aka goo junpyo…
    so i wanna see junpyo-jandi

  525. 525 : charlotte Says:

    끝나면 안돼!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  526. 526 : loveleeminho Says:

    I kinda like JP and his fiance, I think they have better chemistry than JP and JD.

  527. 527 : sweet Says:

    Like this drama n the actors..;)

  528. 528 : burberry Says:

    Yes, I will be very very disappointed if Jun Pyo doesn’t end up with Jan Di. Very “Cinderella” like story ie a handsome Prince ending up with a simple, ordinary girl and they live happily ever after.

    Ji Hoo and Jan Di will always a special bond and would presumably be emphasized up until the drama ends.

    Goodness, I am very keen to know on what would happen on the last few episodes and yet, I am also hoping that it won’t end so soon.

  529. 529 : amktsy Says:

    actually i miss a few episodes~~~
    going to catch up during school holidays~

  530. 530 : amktsy Says:

    watch preview of the next episode and i’m so excited.hehe

  531. 531 : amktsy Says:

    To Elena
    i don’t think there will be season for korean’s version.
    actually now you’re watching the part 2.

    i’m not very sure as i just watch korean dramas.(i hate j and t drama)

  532. 532 : firna Says:

    f4..its legend..never end story they story are very famouse in asia..include my country..first i saw meteor garden and then hana yori dango and at last but not least boys over flower..wow funtastic isnt it..iam very proud to who made this manga, the story is legend and we never bored to wacth it.dont you guys?..i admit to taiwan who first made this movie..its trend setter.but..its the worse secuel in meteor garden2…the story was so “acak kadut” comlicated.i dont want to see it till the end..hana yori dango with the luxurius and more glamour..every thing makes perfect the carakter, acting and proferty was so great..but idont like joon pyoo nya jepang.its like crin\minal..sorry for all jappanesee fans..its not fix. and now boys over flower.. joon pyo its so perfect..he like dao ming se in taiwan look his face. and the carakter.there is develoved srory but its so match..iam sory for my english..and for result i think korea is the best..is mix macht between taiwan and japan…ok for more information you can send me email to [email protected]

  533. 533 : Elena Says:

    To: amktsy

    i recently finished HYD season 2, and i guess there NO season 2. and you’re right BOF version is a combination of HYD season 1 and HYD season 2. And the finale is just around the corner. im hoping its gonna be a funtastic ending!!!!

    And from what i have read, there will be no other HYD release after the Korean version… we just have to wait for another 2 years or so…

    I can’t wait for the remaining episodes….

  534. 534 : yatt76 Says:

    hello everyone!!!
    what do you all think…jandi will ended up with joon pyo or ji hoo???I’m quite nervous about this issue. coz there are lot of discussion and so many BBf fans want jan di& ji hoo. as for me i prefer jan di & joon pyo…..
    there are news that BBF production said that ending BBF will be different from japan and Taiwan.
    can’t wait for the ending

  535. 535 : tokidoki Says:

    i want jun pyo…i like ji hoo toooo..but i still prefer jun pyo..
    yeah..there are lots discussions and polls bout this hot topic among netizens..it’s even hotter every day..
    just few episodes to go…just nice it’ll end up b4 my study week and due date for pre thesis submission…hihihihihi…

  536. 536 : anna Says:

    omg i love this drama!!! they are all so hot! can’t wait for the new episode!!!

  537. 537 : lily Says:

    ofcourse Jandi will end up with Jun Po…….. if not the writer of the Korean ver. is trying to reinvent the wheel. For Jihoo is just Jandi’s first love (acording to my real life experience you don’t really end up with your first love…. only about 1% of it happen) or you can say Jihoo is Jandi’s guardian from heaven…. you know how each person must have some one will always be there for you obviously that person is not your husband. I really enjoyed the Korea version and the Japanese one but Taiwan version is not my type…. Drama suppose to make you excited not stress out….. for some reason Chinese mainland and Taiwan love to make thing completly complicated. Life alone is already stressful why would you make thing so complicated when it is suppose to be an entertainment. You know why bb4 is very famouse.

  538. 538 : Liz Says:

    I love korean Ost. They make their drama more interesting. and every time you listen to them, they remind you some scenes in the drama.. specially the love scenes…But I have never downloaded or listen to the whole album, i just choose those with unforgettable scenes..

    BUT, THE BOYS BEFORE FLOWER OST IS AN EXCEPTION!! I love their whole album and cant get enough of it!! Every song has something to remind me about the drama… And i love every scene this drama have, i know the story (because of meteor gardeN) THAT is why I like everything even the engagements and their struggles.. this is the best version of hana yori dango..

  539. 539 : Jani Says:

    although i like Jihoo, jandi and jun pyo is better suited with one another
    their unique personalities is what makes them an interesting couple in the show…

    i read it somewhere that a 4th version of Hana Yori Dango in Chinese will be aired soon…the F4 choosen to play the role looks totally different from the original characters….yikes!!

  540. 540 : miae Says:

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  541. 541 : nicole Says:

    I really love this drama especially the characters of the story (F4, Jandi and Ga eul).

  542. 542 : TVXQforever Says:

    I love Kim Jun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  543. 543 : TVXQforever Says:

    I LOVE KIN JUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  544. 544 : Sheila Says:

    I’m so happy to hear the good news that Philippine’s Finest TV network, ABS-CBN got the right for this TV drama…. I can’t wait to make others realize how much they missed by not watching this like I do through some nice websites…. KOREAN F4 is the BEST!!!! That’s true for all aspect of the drama….the casts’ looks, story, plot, and the enhancements done were really done in good taste…..Hoorayy to the brilliants writers they have…. TAEHAMINGUK!!!!!

  545. 545 : yatt76 Says:

    preview for epi 20 already came out. it’s quite funny to see jan di as jun pyo personal maid. really2 can’t for next epi…

    tokidoki! all the best for your coming exam.

  546. 546 : LadyBlue Says:

    Hi guys,

    where we can watch preview 20?i try 2 find youtube but i cant….

  547. 547 : yatt76 Says:

    i watched epi 20 preview at viikii.
    tadi i tgk around pukul 7.30pm. but now i can’t open viikii website. slow sangatttt

  548. 548 : loveleeminho Says:

    youtube has the preview of ep 20

  549. 549 : loveleeminho Says:

    apparently there will be a chinese version of this drama, I think they need to stop, 3 versions are enough, i can’t drown myself into this show.

  550. 550 : Jani Says:


    i totally agree with you…3 version of HYD is enough but giving them a chance is not so bad too..

  551. 551 : burberry Says:

    Just watched the ep 20 preview (in words). How did Jan Di end up to work as maid at Jun Pyo’s house? Was it shown in Ep 19? or I missed it?

  552. 552 : amanda Says:

    how do you watch ep 20? isnt it on march 16?

  553. 553 : hae jin Says:

    i just cant wait till ep 20 comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! isnt there another website i could see ep 20-25…..=]

  554. 554 : yatt76 Says:

    i also don’t know how jan di end up to work as maid at jun pyo’s house.
    you don’t miss it because it doesn’t show yet. if I’m not mistaken there were a scene in episode 19 preview that jun pyo’s sister introducing jan di to the old lady(at that time jan di wearing maid uniform).

  555. 555 : Cynthia Says:

    Frankly, I think that the girl acting as Gaeul would be more suitable to act as Jandi yah? (: & the cast of F4! They are all so super duper cuties, well, plus hotties! 😀 love em to bits! (:

  556. 556 : sarahcute2 Says:

    this drama so funny the actors make me crazy

  557. 557 : yatt76 Says:

    hello malaysian !!!
    have u all watched 1st concert of akademi fantasia?? the contestant name OBRI wearing the same shirt as JUN PYO. do u all noticed that.??shirt with stripe that jun pyo wear at JEJU island. scene kat airport( ada dalam spoilers update, ada photo dan scripts).
    however the shirt look 100x good on JUn PYO.

  558. 558 : tokidoki Says:

    bj yg kat mana?? yg kemeja warna hitam da stripe putih kaa..
    alaaa..x tgk AF laa..hihihi…
    tp sure jun pyo lagi hensem kan pakai bj tuh..hahaha
    aaa..thanks for the wish..hihihi

  559. 559 : S.P 0128 Says:

    Omg.. I’m up to ep 19 and tomorrow ep 20 is coming out, and I just thought of commenting here I literally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this drama espeically Lee Min Ho( Lee Min Ho). I just Ha Jae Kyung….

  560. 560 : S.P 0128 Says:

    I meant to say I HATE, HATE, HATE Ha Jae Kyung in this drama. OH and her voice annoys me sooooo much.

  561. 561 : Carol Says:

    I really like this drama. I’m a fan of meteor garden and i’m still enjoying the korean version of hanayori dango.

  562. 562 : gracee Says:

    i’m so excited about ep 20!!! i can’t wait!! anyone knows about ep20’s summary?? or preview?? wahahaha!! i have to watch ep20!! now now now!! hihi

  563. 563 : yatt76 Says:

    yap baju color putih stripe hitam yg butang depan ala-ala cardigan gitu.
    seriously if other person wearing it..it’ look weird but on Jun Pyo everything look nice.

    epi 20-21 preview on viikii.net.for the scripts you can go to yogurutu.blogspots.com.

  564. 564 : burberry Says:

    Any ideas on where we get get the BOF OSTs? I love the songs too.

  565. 565 : yatt76 Says:

    kat atas tu kan ada link OST here and there.(bawah episode rating)
    i download from there.

  566. 566 : tokidoki Says:

    ooo..agak dh bj tuh..well..minho ja sesuai..rambut2 curl cmtuh pon dia ja yg sesuai….suka tgk fesyen rambut F4 yg latest…suma nmpk smart..

    well..anyone know links to download the new OST??
    i searched everywhere..but most are fanmade videos..
    i’m deeply madly in love to their new songs….
    i want it!!hihihi

  567. 567 : arry Says:


    u can try download frm this link http://www.4shared.com

  568. 568 : tokidoki Says:

    thanks a million..
    i found it..hihihi…

  569. 569 : Debbie Says:

    20 is out already, go to viikii.net and search for it, its out at 3 pm US time

  570. 570 : tokidoki Says:

    i watched epi20…thanks to viikii for superb fastest uploading..and of cos with subs…
    this episode was fun and hilarious…i love jandi and jun pyo more and more..hihi…jandi so cute when bring in jihoo grandpa to jihoo and jihoo to his grandpa…jun pyo really madly to ramyun ah? as watched he eating it.. i feel like wanna make some maggi myself..

    as usual..i hate to wait for more today…next coming episode is going to be so sad…huhuhuhu..jandi so sad and speechless….

  571. 571 : sarahning Says:

    yerterday night i saw enterntaintment weekly at KBS, Is it true that Koo
    Hye so who’s play Jan di’s role is pass away because car accident? I hope I’ve mistaken…… couse I like Jan di so much beside Joon pyo.

  572. 572 : sarahning Says:

    Last ninght I saw entertainmentve Jan weekly at KBS, and there one news that shock me. Is that true That Koo hye so who’s play jan di’s role pass away because car accident? I hope I’ve mistaken. cause I love jan di and joon pyo so much….. i hope is not true…..not true…..

  573. 573 : burberry Says:

    She had a car accident, taken to hospital and all is well now.

  574. 574 : burberry Says:

    Just finished watching ep 20. It was worth the waiting (almost a week to be exact). Many sweet moments between Jun Pyo & Jan Di until the fiance turns up unexpectedly.

    Thanks to Jan Di, Ji Hoo is reuniting & bonding with his grand dad.

  575. 575 : amktsy Says:

    Love episode 20.
    nice episode.
    maybe because i have time to catch up as it is school holidays now~

  576. 576 : Liyana Says:

    Yatt !! Sy tgk, tp x perasan ah.
    Haha, reply secpat mungkin, curious ni.
    Hahahahahahahaha 🙂

  577. 577 : Liyana Says:

    Yatt, da tgk bj si obri tu.
    Haha, tak sangke same pulak.

    PS: Tak sangke rmi m’sian tgk BOF, hehe, and happy hols kpd bdk2 sek :).

  578. 578 : shikin Says:

    why must junpyo hair be so curly?
    why can’t it just be straight?
    i still love him tho..he is so natural and look cute togther wit jandi..

    i only watch this story in kbs and it is so slow..
    i really can’t wait until it finish..
    this story really messed up with my homework..haha

  579. 579 : Fauxie Says:

    I think everyone’s entitled to their own likings…
    Personally I’ve watched all three and I think they’ve all got their good points AND bad points.

    But I do agree with what some others have said, in that the leading characters in the kr version lack chemistry.
    To the extent that supporting characters such as yi jung and ga eul, who really have chemistry, seem to be raking in more attention and fans.

    And I don’t really like their adaptation of Domyoji and Makino – it’s a little too exaggerated for Makino, and a little too ‘wimpy’ for Domyoji.
    NO OFFENCE, it’s just my opinion.

    And I think the producers did a bad job in splitting airtime equally – the show seems like it’s about F3, not F4.

  580. 580 : :) Says:

    hey does anyone know if ga eul and yi jung will end up together? please please please let them get together. :)))

  581. 581 : Elena Says:

    I love episode 20! It’s worth the wait!

    I’m just confused thou; is it still F4 what happen to the fourth member? I was hoping they could also do the same with what they did with yi jung and ga eul story. Is it not that the fourth member also had a love story (from the meteor garden episode – Taiwanese version). Will there be a story too for the fourth member?

    To: 🙂 Says:

    i also hope the Korean version love story for ga eul and yi jung – that this time they’ll up together…. i really hope so….

    In fairness my dear bloggers, i really like how the mother of Jun Pyo portray her role… Really good! Outstanding performance….

    And of course the sister of Jun Pyo…. this time around i appreciate her side of the story (why she ended up marrying another guy… heartbreaking thou…)

    Btw, what happen to the butler of Jun Pyo?

  582. 582 : abby Says:

    with episode 20 that’s was a good episode , at least I can see GJP and
    GJD having a good moments.You can see how caring GJPis to GJD when she fall asleep on the recliner and inside the cabinet.That was so touching and how i wish that scene will be the turning point of what this drama is trying to convey to the audience in the first place.I CAN SEE THE SINCERITY OF GJP HOW DEEP IS HIS LOVE TO GJD.And I hope JK can see and not to play dumb of what’s going on around her.She should sense it by now. Their love for each other is unbeatable. hopefully his wicked mom will wake up from her ambitious dreams and allow this marriage to GJP & GJD once in for all.I love happy ending, especially to
    the current situation of our country wwe need something to watch that is
    lovely and makes us all happy even for the short period of time.

  583. 583 : snow Says:

    Actuali i think jun pyo treat jandi very caring don understand why she is so fiece to him almost shouted at him everytime????

  584. 584 : BeBe Says:

    I love Episode 20 especially when it comes to JP & JD the scene on the recliner, closet and the dining table…JP soooo gergous his looks so elegant, the eyes that you can tell his in love w/ JD everything written on his face and the moment you look on him on the screen the more you want to watch more more more more more & more of BOF! usa

  585. 585 : jessica Says:

    kim bum is such a cutie

  586. 586 : loveleeminho Says:

    just saw ep 21 🙂

  587. 587 : hunny Says:

    i agree with Fauxie…it seems that JP and JD lack of chemistry…it seem JD spend more time with JH…in meteor garden u can see the chemistry between the two main character…eventhough meteor garden(MD) have 27 epi but it concentrate more on the two lovers…how they went thru to be together..even the fiancee character is not so long-winded in MD…BBF is coming to an end soon..when are we gonna see JP and JD together…

  588. 588 : massiel Says:


  589. 589 : yatt76 Says:

    sori lambat balas, sibuk sikit!!!dah tgk tak baju obri ngan baju jun pyo(yg dia pakai dlm epi akan dtg. scene kat JEJU airport) sama kan?????gambar scene tu spoiler yg pos.

  590. 590 : siti Says:

    yatt76….or anybody else out there reading this….i;m dying to know…..who’s sing the song in ep21 the last scene…… damn!! whose the singer..that song is not in the 2nd OST can some one help me plssssssssssss

  591. 591 : siti Says:

    i’ve been watching ep 21 over and over….i like that song so much..hikss….really wanna know whos sing it….sounds like t-max….but not sure

  592. 592 : yatt76 Says:

    the song…”yearning of the heart “by AST’1 if i’m not mistaken.

  593. 593 : siti Says:

    no..it’s not …”yearning of the heart “by AST’1 ..that one i know the song… but this song..really it’s not in the OST..the song in the scene…where jun pyo and jae kyung meet in church and jun pyo confess he love jandi…and the song played again in the very last scene before the episode finish….. really it’s a nice song…i’m freak listening to it….. hiks…..but dun know the title and the singer

  594. 594 : siti Says:

    yatt try wacth this ur… http://www.viikii.net/videos/watch/10666/0/boys-before-flowers-episode-21-part-6.html in the minutes 5.31……damnnnn

  595. 595 : Liyana Says:

    Haha, YATT!
    Yeah, da tgk da. Samaaaaaa!! Haha, baru perasan.
    Haha 🙂

  596. 596 : yatt76 Says:

    samakan!!! tapi jun pyo lagi cute ngan baju tu with seluar putih…hii hi hi

  597. 597 : yatt76 Says:

    opps sorry for my mistake. if i came across that song with the title I’ll give you a note.

  598. 598 : rimi179 Says:

    It is awesome!! still waiting for the 21 ep Eng sub. OMG.. I’m dying now:(

  599. 599 : XiaRanya Says:


    Can anyone tell me the song played in episode 20, it’s during the scene where JaeKyung just finished watching the movie, covered Junpyo with a blanket, kissed him and then left? If my memory serves me right, it continued to play up to the scene where Junpyo carried the sleeping Jandi out of his room. Everybody’s been telling that it’s T-Max’s “Say Yes,” but when i downloaded the song, it wasn’t. The downloaded song has an upbeat, cheery tempo, whereas the song in Ep 20 has a slower, more relaxed feel to it.

    I really, really hope somebody can answer my request. I absolutely love this particular song soo much! Thank you!!

  600. 600 : kaye Says:

    its very romantic, goo jun pyo, bend on his knee asking je kyung not to marry him!
    so hurtful fo jan di, still shes fighting.
    ji hun, i love his character, so protective of jan di as frend, it seems he’s fallin inlove with jan di but still respecting jun pyo and jandi as a frend.
    my god, hope i find frends like them!

  601. 601 : kaye Says:

    can anyone tell me the title of the song played at epiosde 20, the part when jaekyung nd junpyo just finish watch movie, kissed jp and left? i dont think that it was part of the ost2, because i already heard the playlist. plssss! tell me hte title

  602. 602 : yatt76 Says:

    Siti & Kaye
    the songs that you have been searching are part of SPECIAL OST 2.5 EDITION.that’s not include in ost2. the OST just been released yesterday. you all can read from this website

  603. 603 : yatt76 Says:

    good news

    kaye! you can watch and listen song played at epi 20 (part jp n jk) from here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3dwN3AgqSM

    siti! this is for you
    you can listen the song from here.
    i think this the correct song.

  604. 604 : burberry Says:

    Enjoyed watching ep 21. Another week of “torture” & anticipation for the next 2 episodes to be shown.

    JK must really be in love with JP because although she is very much aware that JP doesn’t love her she still clings on to him and hopes that given time JP’s feelings would change.

    I’m keen to know on what would happen to Ji Hoo. He deserves someone very special too. It would be sad for the story to end without him meeting someone.

  605. 605 : alaitrisyia's mom Says:

    hi…I’m from brunei….we, too, here are watching this korean version ‘meteor garden’…and hey what can I say…it’s really a hit here! Anyway, juz wondering where can I find the DVD or CD boxette? Here in Brunei, it’s not selling yet. If anyone from KL or Spore here, pls tell me where can I find the boxette set selling?

    BTW..the show is only airing twice a week (Mon & Tues)…and it’s still episodes 8 or 9….still long to go….but thanks to this website I can watch next episodes ahead…..

    JunPyo and Jandi fans from brunei….:)

  606. 606 : Sarah Says:

    i really love it this drama so much! i am really going to crazy big time! i can’t stop watch this drama and i want to more episodes moremore! this is the best one drama ever. i really love it very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please next episodes more more! today i am so crazying and really want to join with them [email protected] i love it guys best actor!!!!

  607. 607 : Siti Says:

    o my god!!!!!! really….thank yatt….u’re great!!!!!

  608. 608 : lili Says:

    Oh my God….I love this drama very much.I found this drama by accidentally.I’m anxious with JI HOO real life and hoping he will be with Jandi on the end of this drama.I’m cried a lots with his sacrifice.I though this caracter is suite his even i can’t lies to my own heart,just tell her that u love Jandi.Ohh…….. I’m crazying about his smile,his body language,and of course his personality (after i wacthed his act in WE GOT MARRIED).Every day i’m searcing his news,watching your video that u sang a song Thank you.One day you will be best Actor like Bae Yong Jun.OK KIM HYUNG JOONG from Indonesia you have one more fans,I’ll always pray for your best because You R VERY KIND ACTOR,JUST LIKE LADY DIANA.SARANGE HE HE HE…

  609. 609 : Wen Yee Says:

    can anyone know is there any more Part 2 for this drama??
    like Taiwan version have Part 1 & 2..
    Hope have it as is really nice drama & hopefully is same actor.

  610. 610 : Elena Says:

    After watching episode 21, i just cant imagine now how JP would end up with Jandi (of course they will one way or the other…) But the anticipation of HOW? … makes me even more curious… it’s another week of torture waiting for Episode 22 and 23…

    I just hope this time around (Korean Version) there’ll be someone for everybody…. JP and Jandi, Ji Hoo and Someone, Ga Eul and Yi Jung and Woo Bin and someone…. EVERYBODY SHOULD BE HAPPY!


  611. 611 : LadyBlue Says:

    Hi guys,

    cant wait end of this BBF…im crazy about this drama…

    alaitrisyia’s mom,

    you can buy any korean drama through online frm the distributor PMP entertainment.But is you looking BBF drama boxes,still not available in Malaysia market.Actually im selling second hand korean boxette drama.All my collection boxette is original that i bought from shop.If you intrested you can email me any drama that you looking for.This is my email [email protected]

  612. 612 : Liyana Says:

    Gahhhhhh, I can’t wait for the nxt episode !!!

  613. 613 : sarahning Says:

    Tx to burberry for your info. ………

  614. 614 : Wee Says:

    yes…LiLi..i did agree with you that jandi and jihoon are a better couple in this show…they are PERFECT match in their wedding gown..hope that the ending will be a different version from japan and taiwan one…
    LOVE Jihoon LOVE KIM HYUN Joong…..

  615. 615 : lamena Says:


  616. 616 : Kdrama lover Says:

    Lee… i agree with you, they should have a different ending from japan. jihoon should be with jandi

  617. 617 : flowermumsusan Says:

    As much as i love JH and JP,this drama will end with JP and JD together.Maybe JH will end up with first love .( Just GUESSING ) Love F4 and Jandi .

  618. 618 : Singapore Girl Says:

    Enjoy watching.. ^^
    I think Jaekyung will with Woo Bin.

    Happy watching!!

  619. 619 : Nory Ann Says:

    hey . .hey the song is amazing ….

  620. 620 : jaja Says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!
    This drama really enlighten my day. Even though we already knew the story line, but still eager to watch it. Can’t wait until the next episode. It is true that third time is a charm…. compared to hana yori dango & meteor garden… I think this is the best….the story line is much much more better…more in term of common sence & foolishness…the actor & actreses… even sometimes when I saw the drama without the sound system (due to some problem with my environment) & watch it only with subtitles, I still can laugh out loud & talk to myself…hahaha…really awesomeeeeeeee…..
    feels like I wanna fly to korea right now…this drama is really really something and great to watch….
    I notice that when I am watching it through mysoju… there are some comment at the above of the story…..Thanks to that comments as well… we do think a like…hahahaha… funny actually…

  621. 621 : Dee Says:

    i really love this drama series. It true that even though we already know what will happen I still look forward to watching every single episode of this. The Drama series will start this march in our country and i’m still looking forward to watching it. I do hope that the network who took the rights will invite the group in our country so that we will be able to see them live…and that would be something to look forward to….hi to all the cast…

  622. 622 : burberry Says:

    It is expected, I believe, and based on the Taiwan & Japanese versions that JP will end up with JD.

    However, looking at it on more real terms, Jan Di would be more suitable to end up with Ji Hoo. They’ve always have this special bond from the start and Ji Hoo’s grand dad loves JD.

    If JD does end up with JP, it will not be the end of JD’s suffering considering the presence of the JP’s Mom who dislikes her. I believe though that the Mom will warm to JD in the end and JP & JD will live happily ever after.

  623. 623 : burberry Says:

    Someone has mentioned earlier on that BOF is becoming more of an F3 than an F4.

    I’ve seen it somewhere ( i can’t remember on which segment in was @youtube) that Woo Bin also has his troubles and there will be an episode where the story will focus on him).

    It is understandable that each of the F4 won’t be having the same air time otherwise the drama will just drag on and end up us drama with 4 short stories. Concentrating it on the main characters and having a strong support casts makes BOF enjoyable to watch.

    I highly commend, ONCE again, ALL the ACTORS, the impressive DIRECTOR and his technical crew.


  624. 624 : jaja Says:

    Eventhough in the end JD will end up with JP but still, I love to see JD with JH… but, sometimes, your friends will be more attach to you than your bf..isn’t it… I feel sorry for JP coz he didn’t do what he should do… be a man… stand for yourself… & in most of the kdrama that i’ve watch so far…. the main actress usually difficult to express themself .. meaning … to tell the right person that she love him… or even liked him… same goes to this drama… bit dissappointed though… but still… I love it…

    I really hope that the ending will be more dramatic, full of suspen and of course happy ending… for the director & writer… don’t make it a simple ending like Witch Yoo Hee…please make it interesting….

    I noticed that this drama received 2nd last week… so which drama got it first? Anybody?

  625. 625 : tokidoki Says:

    for those who curious and damnly into the song played during jaekyung-junpyo moment…after they watched movie…the song sang by T-Max
    named Fight the Bad Feeling~~ there are 2 versions; ballad and dance versions…all are the best that i unable to choose the greatest..
    hahahaaaaa… the songs are in F4 special edition OST..

    u can download it here

  626. 626 : Sony Says:

    The Story is realy wonderful. I love it

  627. 627 : LarS'zKieH Says:

    i rEalLy ReALlY lOvE tHis dRaMa…!!!
    sOoOo…kaWaii…..tHe cHaRactErs aRe gOoD anD
    tHe bOyS aRe haNdsOme aNd thE giRlS aRe cUtE…!!!

    i lOvE tHeM…soOo gReaT…tHiS is OnE oF mY faVoriTe=)

    Nd aLsO tHe sOundtRaCk aRe prEtTy aWesOme…
    it was veRy tOucHing anD goOd tO heAr anD sO i lOve iT…!!!=)



  628. 628 : sky Says:

    Handsdown with this series..waaaahhhhh love it love it love i! even at my work I’m thinking bout BBF!! All the cast are beautiful esp F4 so intense the handsome looks! The acting of Jun Pyo was top notch I couldn’t get enough of it and the soundtrack was perfect for the series! Outstanding!

  629. 629 : flowermumsusan Says:

    There is a rumour that the korean netizens was suggesting that the drama would end with JD waking up to realize that everything was a dream … That really suck !!!!! It better end with a romantic wedding for our gorgeous JP and beautiful JD or we fans will be very upset and it is also a COPYCAT of another beautiful korean drama title …( Lover in paris ) PD AND WRITER OF BBF, please……A REAL WEDDING for this drama instead of DREAM .LOVE LEE MIN HO and KOO HYE SUN

  630. 630 : che Says:

    Aside fr ALL ABOUT EVE i would definitely ask a friend to watch dis soap..its so heartwarming & i made cry all day!!! i’m excited about d ending & hoping it’ll give a gud impact….An episode to remember…. I adore LEE MIN HO, he has a smile dat can make the room so beautiful, hoping he would hv more offer to come….

  631. 631 : hunny Says:

    anyone of u by any chance know this song from BBF episode http://www.mysoju.com/boys-before-flowers/episode-15/part-4/ where JD played the piano and sing this song…it is so beautiful and sweet song…pls let me noe if u noe…pls…u guys shuld listen to it too…

  632. 632 : lyptika Says:

    hunny, it’s “사랑밖에 난 몰라” you can find this song here:


    Scroll down to misc music tracks.

  633. 633 : burberry Says:

    There is a rumour that the korean netizens was suggesting that the drama would end with JD waking up to realize that everything was a dream …

    Oh NO!!! I hope the producers, writers and director won’t even think & reconsider this idea. It would definitely ruin it and all hard work as from the first episode would have gone to waste.

    The ending has to be as expected ie JP ending up with JD. It is now up to the writers to make sure that the build up to this ending is done in such a way that we look forward to the next remaining episodes with excitement & anticipation.

  634. 634 : tokidoki Says:

    guys..i just watched the preview of epi 22 and 23..
    goshhhhhhhh~~~ i truly madly over BOF~~
    plz..i want monday rite now…everytime im online im looking forward BOF..
    cant wait to see jandi-junpyo moment~~~waaaaaaaaa..
    im so full of excitement rite nowwwwww…

  635. 635 : tokidoki Says:

    yeaaa..i read bout it too burberry..
    i hope the writer, producer and director will not planned or even think bout to end it up as they suggested…it just ridiculous idea at all…
    just follow the spirit of manga…and even so what’s the point they made BOF and as u said all hard work they brought to..
    well..i believe they wont do that..just follow majority..hihi

  636. 636 : jasmin Says:

    Anyong!!! I’m from the Philippines, I’ve seen the two dramas from Taiwan and Japan plus newest one from Korea, although the’re from same story concept but they differ in punch lines, some twist, but what I like best in the boys before flowers from Korea is how they made it distinclively Korean drama, they know really how to capture the heart of the viewers, it makes me shed my tears and laugh as well, the feelings that I cannot feel while watching dramas from my own country and that’s really true. I give you guys two thumbs up!!! keep that up!!!

  637. 637 : Akin Says:

    So…nice and so…korean. Can’t hardly wait for the rest episodes.

  638. 638 : hunny Says:

    hey lyptika, thanks alot! but i cant seem to download the song…

  639. 639 : my name is not soo important kk Says:

    i’m from mongolia
    i’m really happy that i saw this film…
    guess i catch something new and important thing from this film
    i really want to see the last episodes from 22 to 25 i want to know what will happen…

  640. 640 : loveleeminho Says:

    tomorrow is Monday!!!!!

  641. 641 : tokidoki Says:

    yeaaaa…it’s monday…
    a day im waiting for……
    guys….happy watching tonite…i mean tomorrow morning…hihihihi

  642. 642 : hm5airy Says:

    episoide 22
    very very good

  643. 643 : loveleeminho Says:

    it’s so sad to know that there’s only three episodes of BBF left, but on the bright side I will have so much time to focus on school 🙂

  644. 644 : Kim Says:


  645. 645 : Liyana Says:

    I just watched ep 22 on youtube, and it’s driving me crazy just thinking abt the nxt episode!!!
    Hahaha, nsb baik sekolah petang..Hahahaha, pagi2 boleh tgk dah…
    Hahaha, anyways, JOONDI FIGHTING !!!
    And pls PD, no more Jihoo/Jandi scenes…Jihoo is nice and all but..I don’t think he suits jandi…
    Hahaha, selamat menonton !!!! 😉

  646. 646 : jaja Says:


    Episode 22 is the best episode so far…love the ending… 100 star to BBF
    I cannot concentrate on my work since BBF is airing… feel sad that this series is going to end soon… isk isk isk… JP & JD deserved eadh other… can’t wait till next episodes…


  647. 647 : che Says:

    Me too, i juz watched d epi 22…. Gosh!!!! pretty exciting, u thought its d end but d BITCH is not finish yet. Im juz crazy about this soap, it moves me all d tym. I told my friend wen she’s done w/d other soap she can start watching BOF coz she’s not gonna be disappointed @ all. I LOVE LEE MIN HO….fashionista!!!
    Epi 22 was d best coz JGP say ” I LOVE YOU” to Jan-Di, perfect…

  648. 648 : Wen Yee Says:

    智厚很愛他… 可是卻要被逼放棄那樣
    而且智厚 每次很努力安慰絲草
    哎 比較喜歡智厚和絲草在一起 !!

  649. 649 : mnmaenmont Says:

    stand by me……………….junpyo and jandi…………………
    you know what……………………………….
    sometimes love can be hard………….so sad………………….
    trust me……………one more time…………………
    junpyo and jandi will be together in the end……………..
    they deserved each other……………………
    what ever happen…………….
    this drama and everyone will be happy with the ending…………………
    i hope jihu will be find someone else…………………
    what happen to seohyun…………………….
    yijeong and gaeul……………………….
    they so cute………………….he3
    what about wubin……………………
    he better get someone to be with him……………….
    saya enjoy watching this drama……………….
    with my brother and my friends………
    f4……………..jandi and gaeul………………….
    thanks coz make my life become more fun and amazing and interesting………………..
    even in school…………………he3

    Niga nomu bogoshipeun naren…………..
    Nomu kyondugi deum nare-neun…………………
    Noreul saranghanda ibkae maemdora………………..
    Honja dashi tto crying for you……………
    Honja dashi tto missing for you…………
    Baby i love you…..i’m waiting for you……………….

    lagu ni saya tujukan wat sume yg xdpt tido mlm memikirkan ape yg akan berlaku utk next episode……………………ha3……………
    serious…………….saya slh sorang yg terlibat……………………he3……….
    ade ke……………..xkanlh x ade………………….

    HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to f4 and jandi and gaeul and
    everyone…………..and BOF………………………

  650. 650 : Elena Says:

    Another Exciting Episode 22! Looking forward to the remaining 3 episodes….

    Again, i would like to acknowledge JPG mom, in portraying you the man! hhehehehehe! i really hate your character, you make me stand up while watching you delivery your lines of hateful words….and of course just to say rude things about you (your character)…AH! and of who can forget your SMILE! grrrrrrrr……. hrrrrrrrrrr! To sum it up, you really “HIT” the marks of becoming a “Kontrabida”! Galing mo dude!

    The much awaited END is just around the corner…. rumor has it that everything we’ve seen in the end it will only be a DREAM for Jandi and when Jandi wakes up JPG and Jandi are already a couple. Is this true guys? I’ve been reading other blogs and right now all i can read is this rumor…. i hope not!

    The ending for the Korean version should be EXTRAVAGANT, MAGNIFICENT, FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, and of course FAR DIFFERENT FROM THE TAIWAN AND JAPANESE version….

  651. 651 : amktsy Says:

    hope the rumor is NOT true.

    SoEul please kiss!!! *praying*

    hope today’s rating will break 40 ,espiacilly for SoEul part.
    than the last 2 episodes SoEul part maybe even more!

    at first when i heard others say they’re very sad that it is going to end,i think they’re mad.

    than i realize that i also feeling down too.
    really hope it will be extent.
    maybe will be until 30 episodes???

    than it will really be great~ 🙂

  652. 652 : hunny Says:

    now im like more interested gaeul and yijung love story…heheh…

  653. 653 : amktsy Says:

    a super soeul fan here hehe~

  654. 654 : tokidoki Says:

    annyong….waaaa~~ im feeling great today~~
    i woke up early in the morning to watch epi 22..
    thanks to nice connection here~hahahaaaa…
    im blissful all the day watched epi22..
    jaekyung was so cool~it’s hard though to let him go..
    but she did the right thing….
    i like scenes when junpyo met jandi in the yatch..
    there were no much lines there..just called their name…
    then jun pyo hugged jandi tightly with such happy and relieve face~

    SoEul part also interesting made me keeps looking forward what will happened next….there are so sweet..i hope PD will made yi jung realizes he had another chance to love someone and to be loved by someone~~~ i love woo bin tooo~~ even his scenes were few.. but once he came out..he so cool..he such a saviour~~ he should’ve made an appoinment to dermotologist..hahaha..

    huuuu..me too feeling sad this drama is going to end..
    3 episodes to go..but it’s good for me as my final exams just around the corner…i admit i cant give full concentration on my works specially on monday and tuesday bcos of this drama…hahaaa..
    but BBF really made my days full of excitements~

    ur lyrics are nice…cite neh mmg buat org jd gilaaa..hahahaa..
    sy pon tiap2 ari g klas asyik dok teringat cite neh…hahahah
    dh la ringtone lagu BBF…stiap kali ringing sure rs nk bukak laptop nk tgk cite neh…hahaha

  655. 655 : arry Says:

    crazy…crazy…crazy..dis drama drive me crazy……….dis drama going to the end soon..sob..sob..so sad…huhu…no more good monday n tuesday…unless we got new interesting korean drama to watch and to share…hohoho…

  656. 656 : Bebe Says:

    waaaahhhhh BBF I don’t want to this end…how many more episodes left hopefully will extend it. I want the happy romantic ending of JP&JD they are so gergous together full of love and passion!

  657. 657 : burberry Says:

    Just watched ep 22 and I was relieved that the wedding didn’t push through.

    There are so many sweet moments and I am sure there will be more to come.

    So what happened to JP’s Dad? He didn’t die then but has remained on life support. This was unexpected. Perhaps he will eventually regain consciousness and save JD from the hands of his manipulative wife.

    I liked the part where JH’s grandpa came to JD’s rescue. Was he just making up the excuse that he wanted JD for JH and to become his grand daughter in law?

    With only a few episodes left, I feel sad that it would be ending soon.

  658. 658 : burberry Says:

    How can JD not fall in love with JP (really fall in love not acting fall in love)?

    If it was me, I would have fallen hard for JP as from Ep 1!

  659. 659 : hm5airy Says:

    just watched ep 23
    it is great
    wow acting was awsome from all
    i wish if this drama is longer

    good jop thank you

  660. 660 : loveleeminho Says:

    I love episode 23, another one of my favorites, I will be sad to see this show end and hope that Lee Min Ho will act in another drama/film in the near future.
    LOVE BBF!!!!

  661. 661 : tpylopez Says:

    after ep 24 or if the episodes will be extended will it really end?? is there a part 2 like HYD2 and meteorgarden 2… although i hated both tiawanese and the japanese part 2’s story and the amnesia thing… i still want to watch BOF 2… and make a movie too like jun pyo and jandi getting married just to peacefully end the story…lol i hope they’re still planning to make it..

  662. 662 : loveleeminho Says:

    I noticed that the ratings for this week’s episodes were a bit down compare to the past few weeks, what’s going on?

  663. 663 : arry Says:

    i hope 25 episode will be the ending of BOF…………..

  664. 664 : che Says:

    Sadly dat she has to choice b/w love & friendship.. Amazing soap, I could never ask for anything. I hope ders gonna DVD or VCD soon…. Lee Min Ho, keep up d gud work….

  665. 665 : dramaking Says:

    Does anyone know for the series if the song I know is in the OST???
    cuz i can’t seem to find that…

  666. 666 : tokidoki Says:

    im so confused why the ratings decreased for epi22..
    did korean people not really excited bout this drama??
    though it was 2nd place..i think it should be more than what it had just now..
    i wish to see ratings from overseas viewers..
    im pretty sure…BBF will get the first place~

  667. 667 : amktsy Says:

    have miss a few episodes.
    know the story by reading the recap~
    today i’m gonna watch all i miss.but still quite rush.
    going to have my SA1…
    wish they can extend.
    first time i wish a drama to be extend~

  668. 668 : line_go Says:

    hay… im from INDONESIA

    my english is not good, but i wanna try..

    im so really envious with all of u,,,
    u know in my city i just watch till epsd 20!!!
    n im very angered about d aftermath of these film
    in Indonesia there is no right broadcasts where d tv station,, so i just wait d dvd na

    indonesia have a version, but that is not good. indonesian version is realesed when the meteor garden (taiwan) booming. so thats so long (udah lama bgt getoh maksud na!!)

    wah kagok bgt ngomng pkk bhs orang,,
    im back to my language…
    nah bwt temen2 indonesia Q,, gimana klo qt bwt versi indonesia na satu lagi..
    who knows BBF Indonesia can make INDONESIA famous
    kan lmyan seru tuh..

    gw dah planning neh pemain BBF versi qw, (jgn tawa yak!!!)
    jan di = putri titian
    gu jun pyo = nicholas saputra
    ji hoo = junior liem
    yi jung = randi pangalila
    woo bin = omes extravaganza
    mak nya jun pyo = meriyam belina

    pengennya seh si omes yang jadi jun pyo, biar rada konyol getoh..
    ada produser yang tertarik????

    saran kritik post k email gw yak
    [email protected]

    the last

  669. 669 : line_go Says:

    bwt tmen2 yg dah nntn episode 21-25 ato brpa lah, share yah crita na
    post ja k mail gw..
    [email protected]
    i’ll be wait!!!!

  670. 670 : yatt76 Says:


    boleh bagi link untuk BBF OST 2.5 yg senang untuk download. ari tu dah download tapi laptop tak leh baca. dah lama cari ni….

  671. 671 : hollywood Says:

    I see that someone comment why did the rating drop. I watched this K-version because of the popularity of this story aired by the Taiwan and
    Japan version. Hence, I give this a try and it started very well but it did
    was not able to hold audience interest. I ponder a little and decided to re-watch the J-version as comparison. Don’t really care much about the
    T-version. I realized that is all boils down to experienced acting and performance. It’s undeniable that the K & T – versions have good looking actors, however, peformance still counts.
    J-version, both lead actors was able to deliver the expressions and emotions of that of a young boy & girls first time in love. The silly
    and boldest actions one does during that maturing age.
    You can see that Doumyoji gradually grew up took charge of his life which I did not see in GJP who seem rather weak and layback here. However, Ji-Hoo (played by Kim Hyung Joon) did a better job, he is exactly how Rui is suppose to be.
    Jan Di is too mature for this role and whoever dress her up did a lousy job. She look awful, first in when she was dress up by GJP then that wedding dress. Don’t get me wrong, she is a pretty actress.

    Sorry guys, for me the original anime storyline is the best followed by J-version which is still better than all others because Doumyoji & Makino(played byM. Jun & Maou) captured my heart. I will still continue to watch till the end of this series because of the super duper good looking dudes.
    Anyway, good try. This series did them good, shot them to super stardom.

  672. 672 : MagicUK Says:

    this is a beautifully aired drama which tells a story about the love, i d love the way that the story is presented and i am expecting its second edition soon, please tell me there will be one 🙂 🙂

    it has been a long journey for all casts and thank you for all, how wonderful!

    best wishes from Caroline, U.K.

  673. 673 : Martins Says:

    671 Hollywood ! (except for anime version when I couldn’t stand the drawing and the rape scene) All I can say YOU ARE AWAKE !!!
    GOOD !

  674. 674 : Sarahning Says:

    Hi line_go. di Indonesia BBF ada di TV kabel KBS Indonesia. Cuma mulainya duluan di negara asalnya sana. Sekarang jg baru eps 12 klo g salah. sub titlenya bhs inggris, tp lebih betul translate dr bhs koreanya daripada yang DVD translate Indonesia, banyak ngaconya…. malah jadi g ngerti jalan ceritanya.

  675. 675 : aning Says:

    This drama full with love story……….. I hope the ending is happinest for JP and JD, who have much sorrow and pain. Happinest for them make complete this drama to be the best one.

  676. 676 : MEK Says:

    671 Hollywood – you are so on!!! I still think that Oguri Shun is a better Rui but you are right about Kim Hyun Joong – he’s a good looking, non-feeling Rui. I cant wait for the ending – they are suppose to fit in Umi and the Gu Papa in the picture – which i’m really not sure how they going to do it. This is the first drama I really followed from week to week and I’m sort of glad (in a sad way) that it’ll be over soon. I wish I can speak korean so I dont have to wait for subs – maybe it’s time to learn.

  677. 677 : kingzua Says:

    we are same JP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make me cry n also make me crazy……filem korea yg plg best pnh i tgk.

  678. 678 : delphanium Says:

    hi hollywood 671. Do you know where can I download these dramas? Hard to see online coz it’s not really smooth. If download, well, I can watch it weekend 2-3 episodes straight. If you know any site that I can go, pls email to me.. [email protected]. Tqvm – btw, always read your comments. Guess you are regular commentar.

  679. 679 : burberry Says:

    Ep 23 shows JP gettinG heartbroken and even going to jail.
    Sad really and it has plenty of emotional moments.

    Another 2 episodes and BOF will end. I am hoping that it would have a really good ending – something that would make me watch it over and over again.

    In fact, I do have mixed feelings with BOF ending soon. I’ve enjoyed all the episodes – some much more than the others. However, it does have to end and to drag the story unnecessarily would just disastrous.

    A case in point is on how “You are my destiny” dragged on and on, up to the point that the story has become so ridiculous. In the end, at about ep 100 I’ve stopped watching it. I assure you I was not alone on this.

    I’ve also heard of what happened to the ending of East of Eden. I haven’t watched it yet but info I got was it was so hanging that up to now no one knows if the lead actor died or not – although implications are that he did die in the end.

    I have high hopes for BOF because it is a feel good type of drama.

  680. 680 : Sony Says:

    Some say the rate of this drama drop. However I this drama has a strong speed of crowd. Today it reaches 4th rank, while exceeding the Snow Queen which I regard as the best romantic korean drama. I have watched BBF via YOU TUBE. It becomes my favorite one. It is the best F4 drama I ever watch…

  681. 681 : sSangchU. Says:

    I had watch all versions, japan, taiwan and korean..I don’t really like the taiwanese version and I think japanese and korean version are both great..but the korean version is the funniest and the sweetest.

    I love the all the korean casts in BOF! they’re great..korean F4 are hOt!
    jihu, ee jung, woo bin and jun pyo, I love them all…

    I love jihu role because he is different from taiwan n japan version..
    he has bigger role here.
    rui is also great in japan vers. love both..
    but i really feel sad for their role 🙁
    jun pyo role is better than tsukasa(japan version)..tsukasa has the worst attitude among the three version..
    kim bum is really cute! I also watch him in east of eden..he was really great in that drama. thumbs up for him..
    kim jun is cute too..
    hye sun acts very well. I like her.

    cOngrat to all for the great drama. I hope four of them will work hard to improve their acting skill. lOve thEm sO much!!! ~kOreandrama, figHting!!!

  682. 682 : zeL Says:

    Episode 23 made me cry all day! huhuhuhhu really my heart is crying with JP&JD how far can they go for love? is like never ending painful and sorrow for them. I expecting the happy ending for them!

  683. 683 : ivanmole Says:

    great story, talented actor/actress, sweet scene, pls tell me where i can download this wonderful drama just email me [email protected] plssssssssssss…………

  684. 684 : che Says:


  685. 685 : anna Says:

    i like this drama, sometime is funny but sometime is sad

  686. 686 : tokidoki Says:

    sori lambat reply..recently line tenet sgt terok…huhuhu..then bz sk8 dgn projek..hihihi..neh dia link yg sy donlot suma lagu…
    layan hbs suma lagu2 dia…sedap~~~
    ada byk cr nk donlot..so snang la nk donlot yg mana nak…
    this link also for those ppl who want the new ost

  687. 687 : fan Says:

    l really love this drama. i also love the other two. i think they each bring something different to the table. they were all good when i first watch them. it’s been so long since the taiwan version is made so when you think back to it it’s not as good as the korean or japanese version. I hope the korean version will end on a good note. can’t wait for the next episode.

  688. 688 : hollywood Says:

    678 delphanium,
    I believe you can download from Youtube or Veoh.com.
    For Veoh, you may need to down their webtv first which is
    free, especially for episode exceeding 1hr. For episode running
    for less than 20mins, you can watch it with much interuptions.
    Viikii.net is next alternative, sign up too and it is free.
    It’s very simple and instructions is provide when you sign
    up with Veoh.com. Enjoy.

    Hello Martins and MEK.

  689. 689 : hollywood Says:

    678 delphanium,
    Hi there again. I meant to say “without’ much interuptions.
    Typo error.

  690. 690 : lamena Says:

    Let’s make this drama be on the top of most commented drama…
    i’m really hope it will become true……………..!!!!!

  691. 691 : charmaine cortes Says:

    hahahahahahahaha……………. =] I haven’t watched this series yet.. but then, I think it’s nice! =]

  692. 692 : RNKY ❤ Says:



  693. 693 : burberry Says:

    I’m really looking forward to the last 2 episodes!!!

    At least I could watch the ending before we go off for our Easter break to an Asian resort where the comforts of living would be kept to a minimum (as I’ve been told).

    It’s definitely not New Caledonia (since MY Ji Hoo is not too fond of the place, as I’ve heard).

  694. 694 : Sony Says:

    Today is the busy day. I have no time to watch BBF. And this message is revealed how much I miss all you guys, F4 and JD

  695. 695 : loveleeminho Says:

    Only 2 episodes left 🙁

  696. 696 : che Says:

    I already ask few of my friends to watch BOF or BBF, I told them I won’t waste der tym… The more they go further they get goosebumps…. I was crying so hard, honest.

  697. 697 : Benn Says:

    someone plz help meeee…….how to download full version of this wonderfullllll drama….i like……

  698. 698 : yatt76 Says:

    thanks tokidoki….

    I’m very depressed right now. Good thing I’m going for a vacation. Bad thing I can’t watch last 2 episode of BBF this Mon & Tue. I’ll be back on 5 April.
    hopefully the hotel that I’ll be staying got internet connection or WIFI.
    All BBF fans pleasesssssssssssssssssssssss watch BBF or me.( maybe i’ll watch it on my hand phone)

  699. 699 : tokidoki Says:

    it’s ok..i pray for u there will be connection lines at your vacation place..
    where u going fir vacation~~ have a nice vacation yeaa~~
    well..i’m sure there’ll be wifi there…or u hv to find McD or cafes; starbucks coffee bean or kopitiam etc.. gud luck dear~~hihihii
    i’m so excited to watch next finals episode..i got goosebump i guess..

  700. 700 : tokidoki Says:

    im also wish this drama will be at the top of most commented drama..
    now is top 4..
    c’mon guys…let’s make BBF the top 1st

  701. 701 : yinlOvekOreandrama Says:

    i cannot watch bof ba..
    kenapa viikii tukar pergi utube…
    kom saya xdpt tgk utube..
    my kom jenis lama ba..
    so sad…..
    i really2 like this drama..
    duh… 🙁

  702. 702 : christmasgirl Says:


  703. 703 : loveleeminho Says:

    What happen to butler Lee? I haven’t seen him lately

  704. 704 : lili Says:


    i love this drama , i don’t now what i will do next week ween it’s endung .
    i love lee min ho he is a very good ector ,all off them good.
    i hoop that will be a new sessen.
    its the best drama that i sew .
    thank you kbs2

  705. 705 : Hluan Hluan Says:

    Omg i love this drama!
    i love Kim Bum hes my cutie mac-hottie!

  706. 706 : amktsy Says:

    when it ends,i sure will miss SoEul. :C
    i like joon pyo and jandi as well as ji hoo too.

    btw,can anyone tell me is the yi jung goes over board study and tell ga eul if she has not found her soulmate,the first thing he return is to look for her.

    if it’s real,i will be really happy. 😀

  707. 707 : snow Says:

    i hope it a happy ending another 2 more episode. Hope the dvd come out soon also, can’t wait to get hold of it. Hopefully there might be part 2.

  708. 708 : lilac Says:

    I LOVE THIS EPISODES!!!!! this is the best
    and f4 are so cute!!!!!
    YES!! they should extend it!!!!
    dont stop!!! this is such a good show!! I LOVE IT!LOVE IT!

  709. 709 : flowermumsusan Says:

    the following is coming from an enthusiastic Chinese fan’s thinking….

    i just read it and thought her words are so sincere and reasonable.
    so i helped her to post it here………………

    special thanks to EMMAW…

    A Good Start, an Unfortunate Turn
    That is my opinion of the Korean version Boys Over Flowers.

    The first 12 episodes are fresh and enjoyable. The story followed the manga closely with some careful adaptation here and there; the characters were nicely set up by the effective performances of the leading actors. But for the past 10 episodes, I, like many audience following the show, sat hopelessly each week only to watch it take a downward spiral. Part 2 of BOF seemed to turn into a product of joint forces by powerful agent (actor representatives) and deep-pocketed sponsors.

    Mr. Lee Minho has proved himself to be a very talented and charismatic young actor who carried the first half of the show effectively. We see him building this character with a competency that is rarely seen in a new-comer. Junpyo, though with noticeable differences from the original manga character, managed to instantly capture the hearts of the audience as well as Jandi’s. But since ep. 13, Junpyo did little other than putting on a sad face, eating endless instant noodles(of a certain sponsor), plugging the silly Shihwa cell phone (of another sponsor) whenever he could, and helplessly bearing the harassment from the fiancée who seemed to get increasingly aggressive and annoying with her excessive screen time. Where is the character? The love-stricken, passionate, single-minded Junpyo? Where is the intriguing love story development of the two main characters? With all the sidetracks around them, the two main characters had marginal screen time together to properly deepen their emotional connections, and whenever they did get together, the drama became a weepy or sappy ost mv! Both Junpyo and Jandi became almost unrecognizable in part 2, it’s as if we are watching a different love story of the cousins of J&J!

    As to Jihu, we do get the message, dear writers – yes, he is charming, a “firefighter”, an angel, a human GPS, a combination of Mother Teresa and Superman. We love him. But why do we have to get the same lousy message for over 10 episodes? Other than that he’s extremely nice and infatuated with Jandi, we don’t see any layers of emotion or progressions of motives. The storyline of the “runaway grandpa” is weak if not childish, with too many obvious holes in the plot. And yet, the Jihu storyline took up more screen time than Jundi’s. Why??

    We understand the needs to have a “love triangle” of some sorts in such drama. But the extra angle/angles should never out-weigh the main two. You cannot tell a story effectively by spreading it evenly to everyone. You will only end up destroying the dynamics between all the characters.

    It was, and always should be a “love story between Tsukasa (Junpyo) and Tsukusi (Jandi)” before anything, and then the story of love and friendship with the F3 and other supporting cast. It should never be an EVEN “love triangle” from start to end! The original manga was too sweet and innocent to be cheapened in such cheesy traditional Kdrama way.

    So my humble verdict-
    Excessive Jihu storyline: ineffective and distracting.
    Excessive fiancée storyline: damaging and dragging.
    Giving the supporting cast more than necessary scenes does not do the actors any favor in actuality. And it destroys the balance of the story-telling.

    One can’t help but wondering if such storyline arrangements has anything to do the backstage politics? Why do I get the feeling that Lee Minho is just as helpless as the Junpyo in part 2, seeing his character diminished and overpowered episode by episode?

    As to the “Seoulmate”line, I like both actors. And the original manga did leave some room for a storyline development. However, I found myself watch this line most impatiently. The ex-girlfriend, the womanizer father, the older brother, all seemed to be more distractions than attractions. The writer attempted to provide some deeper psychological explanation for Yijon’s character, but the effort failed to launch. We only saw “plots”, not characters. Both the dialogues and plots were superficial, and the over-dramatization of Yijon’s character unconvincing. It’s most likely that we may see Seoulmates pucker their lips in this version, but it won’t change the fact that this storyline is still half-baked.

    All in all, the production company picked themselves a winning number in the casting department. All F4 young actors and Miss Ku proved to be well fit for their roles, though some are more efficient than others. The biggest winner is undoubtedly Mr. Lee Minho, and deservedly so.

    The loser has to be the writing team. Part 2 is Korean BOF’s ambitious attempt to be “original”, and the effort proved to be controversial at best. Is it because of the writers own lack of competency, or the overwhelming backstage politics trying to launch certain actors and selling products? Or both.

    Note to G8: You invested smartly and made this version of BOF into a pop culture draw, and then you quickly turned it into a money-printing machine. Good plan, though it could have been done in a more subtle fashion. After all, you are making a show, a drama that has something to do “art”, though probably not too much. But it still is not entirely a commercial product. Next time, try to be less obvious if you can help it. Good job in casting and styling, lukewarm in directing, poor in writing and product pushing (need to improve skills in subtlety).

    To the writers and pds: 2 episodes left, impossible to undo the damage of the past 10. But we are hoping anyway. Please stop making mv and using excessive flashbacks. Give poor Junpyo and Jandi some plausible storyline, even some decent dialogues, or even just proper screen time.

    Ps. Episode 23 has some welcomed improvement. It once again proved what we all knew for 2 months: give Minho some quality material, and he will shine for you. After all, Junpyo IS the leading man. The main reason why the manga was such an endearing and enduring classic!
    Credit to [email protected] fpr pasting this up.

  710. 710 : 007 Says:

    huh..cant wait 4 the dvd to come in malaysia..im one a a big fan of this drama…waiting eagerly…


  711. 711 : Wen Yee Says:

    is there any part 2 for this drama??
    as Japanese &* taiwan got 2nd part of this drama… hope got it..

  712. 712 : tokidoki Says:

    today is monday and now here at my place clock ticks at 8.56 pm..
    while in korea 9.56pm…waaaa…im going crazy over this drama…
    help meee…tasukete!!! huhuhu..
    i just finished my tests and i am looking forward the 2 final episodes….
    cant wait then…subbers…gud luck with ur jobs…
    i dunno what should i say to u guys subbers….
    thanks a million…billionn….trillion…..
    whatever the ending will be potrayed then..
    i wish for such a happy and beautiful ending~~

  713. 713 : tokidoki Says:

    wen yee..
    actually from episode 13-coming ends u’ve watched were from the 2nd part of both versions..
    parts where junpyo ignored jandi~
    junpyo fiancee falled into junpyo~
    ji hoo realized he loves jandi~
    jandi badly threaten by junpyo’s evil mom~
    and of cos reunion of jandi-junpyo~
    so i guess there will be no 2 part of BBF…
    but i read somewhere in net~ there will be a special movie or something that im not really sure then~ this is due to high popularity of this drama
    btw~i’ll keep updating bout this~

  714. 714 : burberry Says:

    Thanks for posting 709 flowermumsusan. Yes, I do agree that it was said with sincerity.

    BOF remains very popular and personally I’ve enjoyed watching each episode.

    I’ve always looked forward to Mondays & Tuesdays and there would be a void when the drama ends soon.

  715. 715 : burberry Says:

    Why is it that although I am aware that it will be a JD & JP ending,
    there is still this tiny thought in my mind that a Jan Di & Ji Hoo ending is more appropriate.

    Like what was briefly mentioned on 709, it became some sort of an “even” love triangle. It has always been a JD/ JH in most of the episodes and one can see the build up of their relationship.

  716. 716 : .... Says:

    gaeul and yijung will have a happy ending…
    jihoo and jandi will become doctors…
    jihoo will love another girl…
    and joonpyo will give jandi a ring….!

  717. 717 : tokidoki Says:

    watched in viikii rite now…
    subbers are great! super furious~~~
    well..i cant sleep rite now~~

  718. 718 : Essy Says:

    OMG i hate the new girl from ep 24!!!! shes taking jun pyo!!! and shes wierd…

  719. 719 : Anna Says:

    Stupid little girl she is so annoying that girl from the hospital!
    her! when she came out i knew it was bad

  720. 720 : loveleeminho Says:

    Although, I truly enjoyed ep 24, I did feel that it was a bit rush, they tried to cramp everything in there that kinda make the story line seemed a bit choppy. However, Lee Min Ho is excellent, he’s a multi-dimensional actor who can act sad/arrogant/frustrated in one episode, I hope to see more of him in the future. Other characters are also doing their jobs well, some better than others. So sad to say goodbye to this show, I think i will rewatch it again. Yayyy, tomorrow is the last episode!

  721. 721 : Apaiteina Says:

    omg…i love this movie also….lol…its hilarious and also touching as jandi and the f4 do not realise that they can be loved if only they would let only let their guard down….i recommend this movie to anyone…..love it!!!!!!!!

  722. 722 : Apaiteina Says:

    im a nervous wreck waiting for the next episode…..lol…cant wait….gosh i am so going to watch this again….oh by the way im from australia….lol…..i just love my korean dramas….they are so cool….

  723. 723 : Magic Says:

    Hi All,

    After readng entry 709, I had to say I agree with the writer’s analysis!

    This korean version is good, just like most Korean drama but with most of them, they tend to become lengthy and boring towards the end. BOF failed to escape this fate.

    The subplots were developed so well that many people prefer to watch Yi Jung and Ga Eul, including myself! And with the korean version, we really really hope for Jihoo to be with Jandi, which should not be the case! For the Jap and Taiwan versions, we feel for Jihoo but we know that Junpyo is truly the one for Jandi.

    I agree that there are a lot of distractions in the Korean version and that the main story was not focused enough. That said, I’m still dying to see episodes 24 and 25!! CAN’T WAIT to see Yi Jung and Ga Eul get together!

  724. 724 : Kevin Says:

    I will miss becasuse the BOF is the last broadcast today.
    please visit the VIP-CLUB if you need the geum jandi hoodie 😀

  725. 725 : sarah Says:

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia,

    I really love this drama, it’s very romantic. just watched ep. 8. really hope that Jandi will end up with JP and Jihu will get back his lover. But why did JP seems to have feelings for his fiancee and Jandi become his maid. It would have been much beter if Jandi plays hard to get and go back to Korea.

    Anyway I really hope Jandi will end up with JP but if JP seems to have feelings for his fiancee then it will be okay if Jandi end up with Jihu.

  726. 726 : mnmaenmont Says:

    ost for this drama really10 nice……………..make me want to search it everyday……………..everytime……………….when i don’t have to do anything after school……………..my school homework,i still do…………and study for it………………=)

    stand by me nal parabajwo………
    ajik sarangeul morujiman……….
    stand by me naljikyobwajwo…….
    ajik sarange sotul-jiman……….

    noreul bulsorok kibuni chohwajwo……..
    nado mollae noroneul bullo……..
    han songi jangmireul sago shipojin…….
    iron nae moseub shingihande……….
    nae ma-eumi noyege dah-neundeuthae………
    i sesangi areumdawo……………
    iron solle-i-meul-nodo neunggindamyon…………
    budi chogumman kidaryojwo……….

    together make it love………..
    forever making you smile………….
    noye hwanhan miso gadukhi…………..
    together make it love…….
    forever making you smile…….
    ije naesoneul naesoheul chaba………..

    this song i dedicate for all of you that don’t want this drama end yet………..but want happy ending especially for junpyo and jandi……….yijeong and gaeul…………..and jihu…………and wubin……
    and someone can you tell me what happen at the ending………………please………..i really want to know it…………

  727. 727 : lildedprinxez Says:


    Jun Pyo is so damn HOT!!!
    ang Kim Bum! O my GOsh! he’s so gorgeous and very enthralling!!
    I so love Boys Before Flower!
    We want more! please don’t stop on episode 24! Extend!

  728. 728 : tokidoki Says:

    what have started must have its end..
    and now…my favorite drama just ended~~
    cant wait for the subbed videos~~

  729. 729 : Enri Says:

    BBF ep 24 What a brilliant actor Jun Pyo and his sister made me cry huhuhuhu. Hope more offer project for Lee min ho in the future! I like the part where JP and WB in the sauna. I could watch this ep everyday ha.ha.ha.ha.

  730. 730 : koreanprincess Says:

    huhuhuu!!! in all the epiosde i think this the episode that i cried the most all the way until the end i can’t stop crying….huhu im so sad..
    i hope guel and kim bum will be together in the very end i hope that kim bum will go after her and tell that he like her. before he regrets it again… i feel soory for ji hoon huhuh!! he really lov’s jun di
    how come jun pyo remember everything except for jan ndi that’s so unfair i feel soory for jan di….


  731. 731 : Yuki Says:

    I started watching Episode 24 and I feel so sorry for JH… He finally told JD but as expected, JD is in love with JP. I knew that JD would end up with JP but like some of you, I was sort of hoping(just a little) that it would end differently from the other versions.

    I like JP too but JD and JH make a better couple. It seems like they belong together. Besides, JH is so loving and caring that even I am beginning to fall for JH. I will miss JH the most……

  732. 732 : burberry Says:

    Can someone please share a brief of the ending?

  733. 733 : deanaz Says:

    yes.. please give us more information about the ending..

  734. 734 : lilac Says:

    I hope they make a continues to this or part 2 because i just dont want it to end
    theres so much questions and wondering

  735. 735 : miniwoo Says:

    O.k., I just finished the last episode. Now after watching all of it I have to say that although there were some times where the series dragged a bit, it didn’t overextend itself as much as Hana Yori Dango. A season 2 would be over kill of BOF; unless it focused on YI Jung/ Ga Eul. Even though I preferred a couple of the japanese version actors over the korean version, I liked the Korean version better. It wasn’t as repetitive with the psycho chicks after Joon Pyo like it was with Domyoji. I liked the different story line. I haven’t read the manga so I can’t comment on that. I liked the ending being 4 years later giving everyone time to grow and be independent. I felt kinda bad for Woo Bin-he didn’t get his 4 yrs. later update; but I thought Akira’s “peace in the mafia” bit was pretty lame so maybe its a good thing they left him out of that. I especially liked the Yi Jung/Ga Eul pairing, so happy that the writers had them end up together. They look good together and had great chemistry. I’m hoping that Kim Bum and So Eun do another series together(romantic comedy of course) as main characters. So thats my $0.02!

  736. 736 : jaja Says:

    It it so sad that the drama finally came to an end….

    I was expecting the ending would be more dramatic yet it is so simple… they let the characters to be matured enough after 4 years…
    I was like crying trough the last episode…. why am I crying?
    never felt this way before when watching korean’s drama… oh my goodness…it is so great…

    I think there is no need for BBF2. This one is enough for me…

    Good job to the production team. Korean’s version is the best.
    This drama really make my day… thanks a lot guys…

  737. 737 : Tina Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz more scenes of BBF, more episode. wedding scene and married life

  738. 738 : mycutebear Says:

    season 2 ????? It’s a must. Happy life for Jan di and jun pyo without pain and sorrow anymore. and yi jung with ga eul, they story love will be the focust on season 2. But, “Loosing memory” I hope this scene not include. I hate hate hate that story with amnesiand a scene. Lee minho, great job, see you on your next drama….

  739. 739 : koreanprincess Says:

    im so happy wawawawa!!!
    its killing me i hope there’s more
    i sure will miss this bbf the best!!!
    i hope there will be part 2 like other said the wedding scene and married life and more about guel and kim bum relationship….

    omg this is so great!!!
    when they show wat happen in them after 4years its so great like jun pyo running his family business,anden guel and kim bum togehter finally!! wow they look so good together wawawa!!!
    hope in future guel and kim bum will do a series together as a main character a romance comedy ofcourse
    that would be really great!!! they have very good chemistry together and look good together they’re both very cute hehehe!! kim bum smile is killing me his so cute when he smile

    JH still like jandi
    it’s so great im so happy lol!!!
    the best korean drama ever!!!!

  740. 740 : koreanprincess Says:

    man jon pyo,kim bum, ji hoon and woo bin when they smile its killing me they’re so cute and hott!! wawawa!!!’
    in the last scene the beach scene i think it would be great if guel is with them too with kim bum right!!?
    two couple jon pyon+ jandi and guel+kim bum hehehe!!!

  741. 741 : koreanprincess Says:

    wow congrat to the crew and all the actors for the success of bbf the rating is so high you guys deserve it!!!
    hope there`s part 2
    if ever sana it would be the original characters..

  742. 742 : Ella Says:

    I like this this Version of F4.
    Their age is too compatible as a college students.

    I like all members of F4. specially KIM BUM. His smile can attack every girls within a seconds. Lovely boy.

    Over All.

    Very wonderful Korean Drama.

  743. 743 : gilda Says:

    Congratulation’s to the staff and crew of BoF and to all actors and actreses for the job well done I salute you all. And I hope another PART 2 for this project and same casting.

  744. 744 : wee Says:

    Sad to say goodbye to this show esp to Kim hyun Joong will miss you babdly…hope part 2 will be out next year and will change the script to Jandi and jihoon…reallly hope they can be a couple in the next show…..I love jihoon…i love hyun joong (young version of Bae yong joon)…..
    cheers to all the crew and director of BOF….this is the best version of all….

  745. 745 : damiaz Says:

    anyway that’s the end

    hope see part 2 (maybe a movies)

    somehow, i feel sory for jh. hope see him in next drama

  746. 746 : flowermumsusan Says:

    Thank to the hardworking casts ,staffs ,PD etc…. for this beautiful drama.Ending is a bit too rush ,should have extend more episodes .However LEE MIN IS a great actor who has talent ,look ,grace and the charm of an A- list star. AWESOME LMH !! SO is KOO HYE SUN ! Want to see more of you guys in next upcoming dramas. LOVE YOU AND TAKE CARE !

  747. 747 : autumn Says:

    Think we ought to thank the director also for his very hard work thus the people who do most is the actors for making tis drama so fire up and awesome, still i prefer korean more. thanks for the kindness in leting us preview the drama so early. thanks cast of bbf

  748. 748 : Enri Says:

    To all the staff the producer, director “Thank you so much ” for making this drama beyond our expectation! You guys are rocks and deserve everything luck in the world! I love F4 eps LEE MIN HO what an Excellent, Superb, Awesome, Great, wonderful, Gergous, elegant actor in this generation! Hoping you make more more more drama & movies to come! Good luck will support you all the way! Fighting!

  749. 749 : Penelope Says:

    I’ll miss this drama. I will especially miss Ji Hoo. I started liking Jun Pyo at first but now, Ji Hoo is now my favorite! His unselfish love for Jan Di and his calm and gentlenss win me over. I already miss him very much and hope to see him more in other Korean dramas. Great job to everyone in the drama and thank you for making us fall in love with you all!

  750. 750 : anna Says:

    omg it was one of the coolest dramas ever!! my friend didn’t have internet and came over yesterday to watch it! man, we were like omg and stuff! i’m so gonna miss this drama! boys over flowers forever!!!

  751. 751 : Melissa Says:

    oh my gosh, i love watching this drama and i recently finished watching episode 25. the ending wasn’t that great but overall it was AMAZING! i got addicted to the drama and i watched the entire thing in about 2-3 weeks since i heard about it when episode 19 was out.

    the ending pretty much sucked so i think that they need to add more onto the end to make it better. it didn’t even show if jandi said yes to joon pyo! and it didn’t even show if yi jung and ga eul were actually a couple!

    i think that kim bum and kim so eun look SOOOOOOOOOOO cute together! they are like the PERFECT couple! they should have had more time in the end to like hug, kiss, or just talk. i thought that they tried to end it too quickly. but kim bum and kim so eun should have had more time in the drama because they were my ALL TIME FAVORITE CHARACTERS! i loved them! they were the main reason that i loved boys before flowers so much! i just like to watch the parts that they are in.

    just to let some of you know, episode 13-25 was part 2 of the drama. but i hope there is a part 3! i’ve heard that there might be a movie. there needs to be one since the ending wasn’t very good. does anyone know if there actually will be a part 3 or a movie coming out?

  752. 752 : a19 Says:

    finally, it’s done and happy ending.
    haengbokhaeyoooo 🙂

    it’s so amazing.
    i love this very much!

    JP makes me crazy along this drama.
    he’s the best.

    thanks for people who make this.
    it’s so awasome.

    i’ll miss JP & JD.

  753. 753 : loveleeminho Says:


  754. 754 : burberry Says:

    The ending was cleverly done – very subtle & implied.

    It was as expected, which was JP ending up with JD, and Ji Hoo remaining as JD’s close friend, ally and now colleague in the medical profession.

    The group meeting at the beach/ sea side and over looking the vast sea was very symbolical – again implying that they remain & will continue as a group with a wide world open for them to explore.

    Loved it up until the end and I my sleepless nights watching the episodes as they were shown were worth it.

    Saranghe to all.

  755. 755 : burberry Says:

    More power to the casts, director, producers and rest of the crew.

    Taking the 1st place on the rankings for the 25th episode is truly well deserved.

    And to the director, I bow to your skill on being able to bring out the best from all the actors – You’ve catapulted Lee Min Ho to fame; and you’ve made pop idol Kim Hyun Joong, who is more of a singer than an actor, show his acting skills.

  756. 756 : airi Says:

    I just wanna say that this drama is too cool, too hot, and too interesting. Don’t u think so?

  757. 757 : tokidoki Says:

    hello…waaaaa…i just finished all-up all parts of epi 25..
    i watched some parts last tues morning..
    but due to works…works..and works..i had to delay myself to watch it..
    huhu..btw..it’s come to an end~~
    i miss F4-jandi-ga eul already~~
    the ending just simple yet nice..
    there are some people said it wasnt interesting or great as expected..
    but for me..i really like it~ some kind maturity there..
    watched sunset together at the beach with love ones and closest frens..
    it’s nice~~
    then…dont u guys see there’s a hint for next season????
    hahaahaaa..mayb it just me…
    jandi didnt say anything when jun pyo proposed her..as F3 came after that…hihihihihi..

  758. 758 : tokidoki Says:

    yes…this drama is TOO HOOOTTT

    deserved for 1st ranked

  759. 759 : arry Says:

    juz got time in my hands to finished BBF just now..its so relief…so hepi ending…now,i can concertrate more on works…huhu..

  760. 760 : che Says:

    They should be d 1st…. its been concluded dat their soaps was d best, no matter wat all d others say!!! A different d END made d difference, instead, of a couple trying to make peace about wAT they feel to one another…..I love this soap
    To Lee Min Hoo…. CONGRATULATION!!!! i hope u hv more offer to come…

  761. 761 : wee wee Says:

    this drama is TOO HOT
    Amazing drama…. enjoyable ..
    Hope to have another part 2…

    deserved for 1st ranked

  762. 762 : lamena Says:

    this drama will be the 1st rangking for the most commented drama.

  763. 763 : autumn Says:

    reali like bbf a lot and the ost. reali looking forward to c more this kind of drama.

  764. 764 : maria erlina Says:

    i hope there will be boys before flowers the movie,…..its nice to watch hows their newlyweeds life 🙂

  765. 765 : chaimoon Says:

    I totally missed the rest of the episodes starting from when after the class ganged up on Jandi and Joon Pyo rescued her and announced that she was his girlfriend. The KBS World in my area just went dead and I want to just go and hit my cable providers! I feel such a loser now. Did the two end up with each other? I am pretty sure they did, but missing all those episodes makes me testy! Grrrr!

  766. 766 : qish Says:

    i really want 2 watch 1st. episod… coz i dun watch 1st. episod…… i want 2 buy a dvd but only japanese version…. n da japanese version only has grand final episode……. o.m.g…… i’m really sad abot it…….. n rite now 8 malaysia evry teeeenagger lke 2 watch diz drama…. hurm…. especially gulz…. huhu… lurf jompyo… jandi… jihu…. & other a4 member crew… dadadadadadadaddda

  767. 767 : tokidoki Says:

    i missed them…
    i keep myself watching again and again..hihih
    well..qish..im malaysian too..
    dun worry..there’ll be dvd soon in malaysia..
    im pretty sure about this..just dont know when it’ll be here..
    btw..i think not only teenagers in malaysia crazy over BOF..
    my mom..my mom’s frens..aunts…even nenek sedara sy pon gila ceta neh..hihihihi

  768. 768 : flowermumsusan Says:

    After following BOF for three month ,i was hoping that the ending will go with a ‘bang’, and it did’nt ! ! The ending is simply and sweet.Nevertheless i enjoy this beautiful drama very much.As for the acting all the casts did very well but i personlly think that LEE MIN HO undoubtedly stole the show .Want to see more of LEE MIN HO in the next upcoming dramas .WE ARE WAITING ! ! ! LOVE F4 AND KOO HYE SUN.TAKE CARE !

  769. 769 : Jani Says:

    anyone know were i can watch epi. 22-25…it seems the BBF series has been removed due to a copyright claim…i tried evry site i know but to no avail…i realy realy want to see the ending…thanks!!

  770. 770 : aniri Says:

    i absolutely love this drama,and i am not Korean.i am very sorry that it is over…i want more episodes.i hope there is going to be a next season or at least a movie.miss you guys…kisses

  771. 771 : hm5airy Says:

    i will miss this drama alot

  772. 772 : mycutebear Says:

    Great job…great job for all the crew of BBF. Korean drama is the best in the world, even compaired with my own country drama. Korean is still the best, always captured my heart. To. Lee minho, you’re the number one guy for me in BBF. You just different from the other F4. Ussually korean guy looks super duper cute and pretty. But you’re not. You just tottaly handsome, and your nougthy’s smille…. who’s girl can reject it? Hey, I hope can see you in ancient korean drama. another challenge for you. I’ve already miss you….

  773. 773 : Poohs Says:

    am half way thru this drama. can someone tell me who will be Yi Jung’s girlfriend? Is it the Jan Di’s good friend Ga Eul? that girl who is Jun Pyo’s fiancee did she ended as his wife?

  774. 774 : flowermumsusan Says:

    LEE MIN HO, we are waiting for your new dramas ! ! !Take care of yourself . Love you and Koo Hye Sun .

  775. 775 : lyn Says:

    this is lot funnier and one of the best kdrama ever! better than taiwanese and japanese version.

  776. 776 : Tina Says:

    I am disappointed with the ending, I espected more scenes, like wedding scene and married life. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz KBS make session 3.

  777. 777 : Lyda Says:

    I think I prefer the Taiwan version than Korean version eventhought it looks more modren than d old one. F4 Taiwan is d Best!!!! Finally I don’t like watching this Korean F4 drama!!! it is not interesting at all especially the way they act, she is not like Sunchai at all others main characters as well!!! I recommend all of u not to watch this!! pls watch Taiwan instead!!

  778. 778 : Essy Says:

    꽃보다 남자 노무 재밌어요!!!!

  779. 779 : che Says:

    I think BOF was pretty damn good coz i’ve watch dat japanesse version it hurst watching it… its so orthodox……Thou, i wouldn’t say pipol should’nt watch it coz i think each individual has different likes so u check it for curiosity.

    LEE MIN HO….. for me u portrayed d role excellent, u define lofty & softness in u…

  780. 780 : lee Says:

    BBF very good. Just not satisfied with the ending. I’d like to see the wedding! I’d like to see Ji Hoo have a happy ending too! What happened to Jun Pyo’s mother, father, sister – not enough shown. How did Jun Pyo’s mother treat Jan Di in the end? What happened to Ji Hoo’s grandfather? How about the happy ending for Ga Eul and Yi Jeong?
    How about a “round-up” episode to make the above-mentioned more complete? Well, I miss the show!

    Lee Min Ho acted VERY well as a newcomer. He deserved an award. Love the way he portrays the spoiled and arrogant Jun Pyo and his killer-smile.

  781. 781 : mnmaenmont Says:

    nan haessare nuni bushin………..
    shinggeuron a-chimi omyon……….
    sarange nu-neul tteunyo norael haeyo……..
    ojig keudae hanaman wihaeso…….

    For you I love you only you……….
    sollei-neun mam gadeukhae………..
    hyanggiro-un kopiboda pudeuro-un…..
    naye sumkyollo geudareul bowayo……..

    anayo keudae-neun neukijyo geudaedo…….
    gaseumi marhago iin-neun sarangiran-golyo……..
    deullyoyo ije-neun bowayo ije-neun…….
    kkotbod do a-reum-da-un sujubeun ma-eu-mul

    nal para-bwayo naye so-neul kkok chabayo……
    haengbokhangibunijyo nunbushin unmyongijyo……..
    sarangyi hyanggiye misojioyo…….

    i love this song so much………but i want ask anyone these song meanings?does anyone here know what these song meanings…….please share with me and everyone……..

  782. 782 : bbf4ever Says:

    I would like to see some more development on the ending! It’s left so unsatisfying! And maybe some more development of Woobin’s character? He’s the only one in F4 not involved with love, aside from the skimpy girls he picks up with YiJeong. Ahhhh, I wanna find out more about how the family ends up (Jun Pyo’s and Jan Di’s) along with how Ji Hoo’s life unfolds. Really sad on Ji Hoo’s behalf how the drama ended…

  783. 783 : Enri Says:

    Anyone knows if Lee min ho has a new project? I’ve watch in youtube he has a lot of endorsement like lotte, cf, etude etc..I wonder if he has new line up drama or movie…I can’t wait to watch him bcuz I’m already miss him!

  784. 784 : mycutebear Says:

    any news for season 2????? just taking rest for all crews???? ok… just don’t take along, I can’t wait even just for a month to see you guys….

  785. 785 : lamena Says:


    try this link for english translation:

  786. 786 : jandia Says:

    to Lyda,
    if you disliked this drama then that is fine. Don’t discourage others not to like this drama or make you think your opinions are right. I. If you liked meteor garden, then you liked it if you didn’t, then you didn’t. As long as you came to that conclusion and it wasn’t swayed by others. Opinions are not facts..

  787. 787 : volunteers Says:

    for malaysian fans of bof,
    i think you all should learn how to be patient,
    because i think to release bof dvd in malaysia will take a time…

  788. 788 : volunteers Says:

    for everyone who’s looking for tittle song for
    bof ost volume 2:
    1) T-Max – Say Yes
    2)T-Max – Wish UR My Love
    3)A’st1 – Missing Heart
    4)SS501 – Making A Lover
    5) Jisun – What Do I Do
    6) KARA – Love Is Fire
    7)Howl – Love U
    8) Brand New Day – Something Like Love
    9) Lee Sang Gon – Tears Are Faling

    f4 edition:
    1) Kim Hyun Joong – Thing Called Happiness
    2)A & T – The Heart Seemed To Do It Somehow
    3)T-Max – Fight The Bad Feeling (Ballad Version)
    4)T-Max – Fight The Bad Feeling (Dance Version)

  789. 789 : zeL Says:

    To LyDA

    You need to grow up girl! Yo don’t even know what’s the difference of the story!!! Hellooooo duh!

  790. 790 : seniia Says:

    I loved this drama, Im from the UK and I definatly recommend watching this drama.

    I think the director started the drama really well by making you think her love interest was Ji- hoo then they put a twist when GJP started to like her and then they sed one was a soulmate and one she was to be married to i knew straight away which is which i liked the way it ended as SYJ had Ga eul and GJP had GJD, and Ji hoo finally had a family after being alone for many years however i did not like the fact woobin didnt appear much or have anything at the end of it all the other characters had gained something and had changed for it and stuff but woobin didnt. I like what GJD sed about woobin though i thought that was sweet and the way he was always talking english. It would be nice for this drama to continue to see the lives of all of them and maybe something new for woobin as we find out only little about his life.

    Overall thumbs up on this drama I enjoyed it thoroughly and if I could i would definatly buy this to watch it again. It had a nice story line and one you could follow quite easily.

    Sorry for my long comment i just have a lot to say obviously ^ ^ well i also apologize to anyone that i have spoiled this drama for

    Good Bye

  791. 791 : cho-hee Says:

    one of the best!love this drama so much!hope to see more dramas as good as this one

  792. 792 : friend Says:

    lee min ho’s acting is great in here..!

  793. 793 : nice Says:

    i hope i’ll see all the cast together again in one show

  794. 794 : snow Says:

    The endling is tat by Jan Di character she hasn’t accept Joon Pyo prospose she must complete her doctor course then she will get married.

    Seo Hyun come back to korean and be with Ji Hoon as she mention she will married that man.

    Yi Jung and Ga Eul eventually get married.

    Surprise Woo Bin eventually ended wih Jae Kyung.

  795. 795 : 795 Says:

    for Lynda
    if you don’t like this drama, nobody will force you to watch it.watch the one that you like, but stop telling people not to watch….just because you don’t like it that does not means than nobody else would like it…furthermore i don’t think that you are entitled to say if the drama is good or if the characters are acting good or not…you should stick to the things you know about.take care.

  796. 796 : ayukrika Says:

    Dear Lyda..

    I think Korea Version much better than taiwan N Japan vers. They have a Story, not about jandi-joon pyo.. but the other characters have story.. But in Taiwan series, the story its about sanchai-dao ming se, not the other pesonil..
    N the end of Boys before flower, its happy end N clearly.. Not like taiwan version.. But, I like taiwan vers too, but really.. really.. reallyy like the Korean Version..
    Yes.. actually i like the ending of movie, with wedding patrty for gael n jandi .. but so far I like with that..

  797. 797 : Daisy Says:

    I liked the Taiwan version of BBF (Meteor Garden) very much (I became a fan of F4). There are several differences in this version, for one, it has fewer episodes. The JiHoon character, played by Vic Zhou, wasn’t an orphan.

    This is a more lavish production, with a bigger budget. I enjoyed this version very much and liked that the role of each of the F4 members was
    expanded. I am looking forward to BBF2.

  798. 798 : flake_00 Says:

    i love it i must a agree with a lot of people certainly the best out of all similar versions, korean one the best. they are hot and great actors. Koo Hye-seon may not have been great in the drama but i have to say she did kinda look cute when she was all dressed up after being ‘kidnapped’

  799. 799 : jandia Says:

    everyone looks so addicted to this drama….

  800. 800 : lamena Says:

    it’s already 800 comment!!
    come on guys,,

  801. 801 : MONICA Says:


  802. 802 : Jennifer Chee Siew May Says:

    I luv tis drama a lot, BOF 4ever~ Yehaaa!!

  803. 803 : 803 Says:

    i love this drama, it is the best from all the versions.i am a bit disappointed by the end but i strongly hope that it is going to be a BOF2 or at least a movie.

  804. 804 : ake,,, Says:

    wow,, this drama is great..it still has the same story line with the taiwanese version but they really invested a lot on this…the casts also are great especially and portrayed the characters well…they really had shown creativity and originality…guess the show has part 2,,that’s just what i guessed..and, lee min ho looks like jerry yan,they could be brothers..

    keep up!!!

  805. 805 : che Says:

    Im mesmerized of d extravagant lifestyles of F4, its more captivating to watch unlike d japanese version they’re just different & they yell a lot w/c maybe they’re like that…… LEE MIN YOO, cute & powerful…. continue working hard!!!!

  806. 806 : Poohs Says:

    this is the best drama ever. Better than the Taiwan and Japanese version. I wld say this drama is even better than the Korean drama “Goong”.

  807. 807 : Ch0xeeds Says:

    i love this drama…so sweet…but i prefer japanese version..
    actually all versions are good.. really… =)

  808. 808 : ..... Says:

    im dissapointed w/ the ending it is too short & i don’t like jandi in this korean version cause she is boring unlike in the japanese version,, but i like her bestfriend and the F4.

  809. 809 : suaaan Says:

    a must watched ever korean drama..
    two thumbs up!
    though the ending just simple and short..but i loving it!

  810. 810 : tokidoki Says:

    i missed them..
    F4 jandi ga eul..
    i watched again and again for many times then….

  811. 811 : mama mia Says:

    i’m just started watch BOF last 3 days.. and now im stuck at epi 10..
    this drama really made my days..
    im feel so easy and happy to watch BOF with my housemates after tough hours at work…
    i love F4!! they are such a great looking guys..
    i wish im younger…LOL..
    jandi and gaeul also so cute~~

  812. 812 : flowermumsusan Says:

    WE Miss LEE MIN HO and GOO HYE SUN.We want another drama with them as the main actor and actress.Both are A-STAR actor and actress.Love you guys.

  813. 813 : fioridi Says:

    I recistia truth in this drama but now I q I love him.

  814. 814 : fioridi Says:

    This drama is the best of all, the best version of the manga Hana Yori Dango q is the truth I have seen all the versions.

  815. 815 : arimde Says:

    this movie is one of a kind…
    one of the most great and beautiful dramas ive ever watched…

    ilove this guys..
    youre really handsome…

    ^-^ muah…

  816. 816 : YuMii Says:

    can someone PLEASEEEEEE help me find geum jandi’s ringtone??
    ((the one with the little girl saying ‘pick up the phone please!’
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i’m begging youu


  817. 817 : YuMii Says:

    ok i really really need help finding something!
    –geum jandi’s ringtone (the one that goes “pick up the phone please!”
    its so cute and I WANTTTTT ITT

  818. 818 : lamena Says:

    i also searching for it…………..!!!!!!!!!

  819. 819 : mycutebear Says:

    Hmmmmm. I’ve already miss jun pyo’s noughty smille… Korean producers plzzz make more drama with lee minho…

  820. 820 : 820 Says:

    i have watched all the versions of BBF and i believe that this is the best one.the actors and actresses are acting very good giving the characters more credibility and making this drama the best ever.i absolutely love them.

  821. 821 : Essy Says:

    I Love Kim Bum !!!

  822. 822 : Essy Says:

    Dora!!!!!!!!! (rANDOM) we did it we did it~

  823. 823 : Essy Says:

    / \

  824. 824 : Essy Says:

    / \ ☻ This is bob when he dies

  825. 825 : beegii Says:

    ene uneheer goy kino shuu lee min ho bolon kim bumd amjilt hisii i love they

  826. 826 : yatt76 Says:

    it’s quite a long time since I visit this website. there were lot of BBF fans here.
    does anyone know/ read any news that there will be movie or sequel for BBF????

  827. 827 : nikki Says:

    i really love this show..it makes me more addicted to korean series….

    i love korea…fighting

  828. 828 : Moomooqueen Says:

    this is one of the best drama i ever seen

  829. 829 : Moomooqueen Says:

    i like lee min ho, he is so handsome when he smiles.

  830. 830 : Akari Says:


  831. 831 : Jibberishhhh Says:

    OMEEGODD! I love this drama! This is one of the best out of the 2 other version of Meteor Garden. I LOVE Lee Min Ho! He’s soo hot! They should make more movies of him. && Kim Bum & Kim Hyun Joong are really handsome! (DROOLS ) I LOVED the ending, its hilarious! It was a GRREAT movie and a worth of waiting movie to watch. ahaha 10/10 stars XD

  832. 832 : viva greeeen Says:

    i was crazy about Hanadan. i was finished see manga, anime version, Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, and Boys Over Flowers, and until now my favorite is the Japanese dorama version.
    i think the Japanese version 1st, 2nd, and the final movie is the best. more complete with hard story drama and solid by the skills of acting the actors. they are professional actors. the story closed with the manga version that i love it. plus point from the Japanese version is the soundtracks, the best!!!!
    never been bored to see again, can enjoy laugh and cry more and more….you will love and miss it.
    i like BOF Korean too, although BOF look as modern version and lux with goodlooking the actors, but not balance with the skills from the actors,
    not enough skills just maybe Lee Min Ho better than others cause his closed as character of GJP/Domyoji Tsukasa from manga version and his acting is not bad too. the story is mix between HYD and MG. the dialogue is similiar from the mix of both.
    the ending story is not clear about junpyo-jandi-jihu and yijung-gaeul relationship was disappointed me. maybe must be clear on the BOF 2 or movie version…..if BOF will be had a next, i hope the story should be more solid and clear ending.
    Meteor Garden is a good too, expecialy session I, but the next is horrible, too much nonsense drama like a telenovela (a soap opera from south America). the story about amnesia is too long and i hate it.

    i thinks Jerry Yan is the best character as DaoMingTse/Domyoji Tsukasa/Gu Jun Pyo. his expression of angry, innocent, fool face or falling in love is very deep. his charm never end until now.
    Lee Min Ho sometimes as look as him. i’m curious to see him on other roles in the future. Matsumoto Jun is too funny and comical character as Domyoji Tsukasa, but his have true curly hair not made in. his act not too bad, but i like his role on Bambino dorama.
    Mao Inoue is the best character as SanCai/Makino Tsukushi/Geum Jan Di. natural acting and more like as ‘weed’ with strong hearth,
    but her other side is smooth and cute. the ending from the final movie is the best scene that her pregnancy. i like her ending dialogue on the ending scene from the final movie : “the story not ending now but just to begin…..”. Ta S (Barbie Su) and Koo Hye Sun are too mature face, but the both had not bad skills of act too. Ta S too much crying and KHS too much fooling face acting.
    Vic Zhou is the best character as Lei/Hanazawa Rui/Ji Hu. if you ever seen the taiwan version you will be falling in love with him. can’t hate his character.
    very cool, innocent and kind person, just it is flow. his acting as Lei/Hanazawa Rui/Ji Hu very closed with the manga version. Oguri Shun and Kim Hyun Jung are nothing. Oguri Shun is pro actor and i no doubt his skills, but he isn’t closed from the character of manga version. Kim Hyun Jung maybe is similiar with the Hanazawa Rui/ Ji Hu character from manga version but his skill, oh nooooo…..too far than Vic Zhou skill, although he is a new comer too.
    Matsuda Shota is the best character as Zhimen/Nishikado Sojiro/Yi Jung. his best expression with cold eyes and killer smile. i like his acting when he is a fight with Damyoji Tsukasa/GJP character. Ken Zhu is a good too,
    but Kim Bum is too young and cute to be a playboy character, didn’t match him. but i want to see him again on other roles.
    Kim Jun is the best character as MenChuWo/Mimasaka Akira/Wu Bin. not much acts but always ready to help his friends.
    Vannes Wu and Tsuyoshi Abe are good too, but the best is Kim Jun cause his character closed with the manga version.
    oh no, i talk too much, cause i very like Hanadan. it would be fair if you can see all version of Hanadan and you can think and choose what your favorite. sometimes the old not to mean awful, and the new not to mean awesome…..people are unique, agree???

  833. 833 : heaven Says:

    does anyone know eher i can buy a pirated dvd of this with 25 complete episodes. I’ve seen some but it only has 16 episodes…pretty please…

  834. 834 : SkY Says:

    Superb acting of Lee min ho! In everything bout him soo DREAMY LOOK!! the more you watch hime the more it REALLY MOVES YOUR HEART! be who you say you are.. and say what you feel…bcuz those that matter, don’t mind..and those that mind, don’t matter! You have my heart Lee min ho!!!

  835. 835 : Jessica Says:

    this version its probably the best even though i havent watched the other version, but this drama invested alot…all the stuff in the drama is jus dtop dead gorgeous, even the character are gorgeous, they are soo AWSEOMMM!!! F4 is soo hott! i like the korean F4 better hehe ;)) the OST is awesomee too, their songs fit the drama perfectlyy! omgg, im soo sadd that this drama is endingg ;( WAAA

  836. 836 : miriam Says:

    for the lead actress, the most believable is jan di because she is the plainest among the 3.shancai is pretty while tsukushi is simply beautiful. for the part of the lead actor, i like daomingse best among the 3. jun pyo is simply the clone of jerry, from the looks to the gait, they’re just like twins.the chinese version, the least budgeted of all, is straight-forward with no frivoulous add-ons . the korean version is the SLOWEST. the storytelling is comparable to adding legs on a snake. some scenes are too long and don’t add to anything. it’s just like putting more add-ons to make the episodes longer when in fact, a 20 episode will suffice. i thought the koreans can’t top it over the japanese music, which i find simply fantastic but i was mistaken. the korean version surpassed the japanese for its more diversified music. the taiwanese can only boast of the opening song qing fei de yi and ni yao de ai. i find the koreans overdramatic in its sorytelling like for instance: 10 Why didn’t the fiancee agree to junpyo’s request not to continue with the wedding but instead asked to HALT the wedding during the ceremony? isn’t that embasrrassing? 2) the fiancee made a scene during the engagement ceremony, being dragged by the bodyguards, all this done during the presence of so many guests/visitors around? at least, it is more believable in the taiwanese version, wherein this scene was done at a private dinner room. because of its budget constraint, the taiwanese can’t shoot in NEW YORK, so this scene was deleted. the koreans went for Macao instead of New York:) the japanese are quite good in the acting department. But if speaking of chemistry between the leads, it is the taiwanese version who wins thumbs down. the taiwanese version has the most beautiful ending as well!

  837. 837 : miriam Says:

    the story is really the story between tsukushi and tsukasa, all the others are diversions. Meteor Garden did not delve much into the story of ximen and shancai’s best friend, xiaoyou. BUT, their story was told in Meteor Rain.
    i ahve a question. why is the grandpa of rui/lei(i can’t remember his korean name) blaming himself for the death of his son and daughter-in-law. It was not like he ordered their deaths, so why the regrets and blame? why didn’t he guide/console his grandson( the flashback ….his car sped away leaving little rui crying for his grandfather). this scene made me feel he is a heartless man. So, i had a little difficulty trying to reconcile between the heartbroken man longing for his grandon’s affection and the heartless man forsaking his grandson. can anyone explain this discrepancy to me????

  838. 838 : lamena Says:

    thanks for your all long comment…
    i wonder why many of us try to compared this 3 version-meteor garden-hana yory dango-boys over flowers…
    for me,this 3 version has their own attitude and their strong main point,
    every country has their own culture,so they adapt to their country..
    japan-all of us now that this series from japan manga,so japan has advantages for making this series…
    taiwan-this was 1st edition of F4 so,they has many idea to come out because there was no series already..
    korea-this series has to come with new idea without same scene in older version…

    thats why i said this 3 version have their advantages…

  839. 839 : volunteers Says:

    for everyone who lives in malaysia and interested with THE NECKLACE BOYS OVER FLOWERS
    and want to have it,you are welcomed to visit this website http://profiles.friendster.com/user.php?uid=103473906

  840. 840 : sisca Says:

    I think this movie is over-reviewed.. not as good as people said… but there are good things here and there… I have to salute the korean team for such detailed and thoughtful setting, costume, songs, supporting actors, memorable items (pink cushion with the curly hair.. so thoughtful and memorable)..

    but indeed the chemistry and the storyline, taiwan’s version is so much better in every aspects… unbeatable…

    taiwan: 10/10
    korea: 7/10 – especially the lame storyline.. too draggy, couldn’t stand it after the 16th episode…

    good jobs for the rising stars: lee min ho and kim bum.. congrats!

  841. 841 : Sarahning Says:

    I think the actors/tress had made this drama so sweet and toucheart. The story ending is too simple and too easy, but I’m happy the ending make everyone happy, just like me….

  842. 842 : miriam Says:

    this series has really a cult following no matter what versions it has:):) i hope this is the last since i am having a “worn-out( tired)” syndrome. this is expected from watching the anime, taiwanese-japanese-korean versions and reading the manga.

  843. 843 : Martins Says:

    I read somewhere some korean netizens called BOF A FAILURE….WOUAH talk about the “best” thing.

  844. 844 : jandia Says:

    i don’t care whether taiwan-japan-korea are better!
    i just want to say,3 of them had made my life simply the best!

  845. 845 : snow Says:

    hi all, i have got my dvd alreadi am so very happy but ost having reach s yet wonder when?

  846. 846 : Ana Says:

    Can anyone help and tell me where I can buys this soap? I live in the Inland Valley so anywhere in Chino, Ontario, Montclair, Rancho Cucamonga area would be great…

  847. 847 : eLLA_19 Says:

    for me, this is the best version…
    I love the characters so much…
    Even Geum Jan Di is not that beautiful unlike San Chai of Meteor Garden, i still love it because of Goo Joon Pyo…
    He is so handsome and somehow I can see Jerry Yan in him while he is acting in the drama.
    I hope that they will visit Philippines….
    More powers to them…
    Love you guys…!

  848. 848 : reha Says:

    i love this version very much!!!!!!
    no matter what other people said…

  849. 849 : jehaah Says:

    i hope one day this drama will be on the top of the most commented drama…
    let’s comment bof fans!!!

  850. 850 : Sony Says:

    I’m not finish this drama yet
    But I feel it the best from all the commenters

  851. 851 : meane Says:

    amOng the three, i sooooooo muCh like the story of japanese version, but i first like the characters in taiwan version… in korean , the scenes is mixed from the two versions…. and the story is not so unique or different among the two……

    in japanese version, theres a twist in story…. and i looOve the ending.. in korean, you dOn’t feel much their stOry.. but the pLaces they shOoted is most granded…..

    i sO muCH lOve the stOry in japanese.. but i lOve the characters in kOrea :]]

    thank you. :))
    -joma rivera

  852. 852 : Virginia Says:

    I love the team up of Koo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho. I am looking forward for another team up of these two. Lee Min Ho deserves the award as Best New TV Actor. Keep it up.
    Love the series, love the cast.

  853. 853 : deanaz Says:

    Finally i’ve finished watch it in 3 days since i bought the dvd. i’am crush with this drama en can’t stop watched. LEE MIN HO, i’m addictic to you, the way your act, smile,cry en laught. l like all of version of this drama, coz they have their own way to make the drama worth to watch.

  854. 854 : indy Says:

    For me the ending it’s pretty good enough. Even JD didn’t answer JP purposed,but i know their will be together. But why the scene between JD N JP not much like taiwaness and japanesse version coz i want see their more in romance. I’m crazy about LMH, ough totally cutee, and GHS. And thax for all the cast and the crew from this drama, u all deserved to get the best.

  855. 855 : sasha Says:

    Oh the Japanese version was much better….Didn’t like the main character..way too cheesy…Sometimes feels like she is overacting and tad silly.
    Kim Hyun Joong’s acting was very good. Watch the Japanese version if you have time. Highly recommend it.

  856. 856 : Jessie Says:

    I love all the actors and actress..but I love most is Kim Hyun Joong. His face has a mystery and it wants you to see more of him. I prefer it if Jihu and Jandi ends up together in the end..I love the korean versions more than the Japanese but i think both of them are good..never got the chance to see Taiwanese version.

  857. 857 : lina Says:

    oh i finally got to see all episodes from dvd. Hmm this is very entertaining dramas. It’s remind me of Goong. But to tell the differents between original Japanese, first of all, Japanese only go up to 6 episodes but Korean made it so details until 25 episodes with wedding and so on. i love Makino and Tsukasa more. Japanese actor who played Tsukasa is originally has curly hair. But the funny part Korean remake of this drama made like the curly hair is something so “must do”. Honestly i love Joon Pyo character, he can relate to Tsukasa and of course more handsome, taller and more funny. For Ji Hoo and Rui, hmmm how to say. Rui is more masculine cute and bigger but Ji Hoo, he’s schrinking and downsizing towards end of the show. Looks like he’s getting some kind of anorexia. The face is so pretty and so much femine. Rui in the other hand not so pathetically like Ji Hoo. In Korean Dramas, they love creating character no. 2 man or woman sacrified everything, did everything and attended to every situation of their loves one but end of the day, he or she not getting it. So pathetic. Anyway i kind of hook-up with episode to another and finally finished it. I like Jan Di, her character was moved from too animated face to more mild and calm but I am not so happy with the chemistry between Joon Pyo and Jan Di. Jan Di’s cute and nice but she’s like some cold girlfriend with no affection. At least we can see good chemistry between Domyoji and Makino. Like when the end of episode 25 when Joon Pyo came down from hellicophter, she should run to him and hug him back when he did but she just let her hand loose. But Joon Pyo is good character, he showed the girl he really into her. I like it. The bad boy character. Another different is Woo Bin character compared to Akira. In Japanese Akira was into older woman and hook-up with Makino’s boss at the cookies shop. And the waste part when Jan Di was introduce to Joon Pyo’s coma dad. What is the impact of the scene? So unrelevant. Madam’s President character is much more fierce compared to Japanese. She’s a bit cool but poison. They forgot to include the scene when Madam’s taste the salt poured on her head and shaking her body when she felt how salty. I though that part should be include in Korean coz it was amusing. Btw, I give Boys Before Flower 8 out of 10. Still in the group of best to watch. Congratulation. Love Lee Min Ho and Jan Di too.

  858. 858 : Liz Says:

    Just finished watching it in DVD. i already commented on this before.. and I really love the Korean version, like i said before the story was more organized and appealing.Everything was done well… At first my comment was more about Lee Min Ho and Jan di because they were the stars of this drAMA but in the last episodes, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum shinned the most. And I really love both of them..They acted so well and they are both handsome specially with their killer smile.. Actually, i was more interested in them than the story itself (in the last episodes) because i was a fan meteor garden, so i already know the ending.. but i wished the other F4 Kim Joon was also given a partner or a more interesting story…

  859. 859 : piglet lover Says:

    wow this show very nice ! i like this show the korean vers. n japan vers. both are very nices but i really think the korean vers is nicer thaN japan 1!
    why the boys that act as Hanazawa Rui always so handsome !
    the guy kim bum is really very handsome !!!! the guy act as Hanazawa Rui also very handsome !!!

  860. 860 : mel Says:

    there is gonna be a special edition on 28 april 2009 !!
    i’ve watched on youtube for the trailerr !!!
    can’t wait to see it!!
    this is definitely the best drama!!!!!!

  861. 861 : Wee Says:

    HI Liz and Lina :-

    Where did you buy the DVD version from?
    Please provide me the details.
    The subtitle is in English and CHinese format and it is orginal Korean speaking?

  862. 862 : Mega Says:

    ohhhh .
    they r so cute !!!
    i really want to go to korea now .
    Hahahaha .
    someone helps me to learn korean .

  863. 863 : bbfenthusiast Says:

    I have an unconditional love for this drama. In spite of everything in it, this will definitely be one of my favorite. Though ridiculous as it may sound, I did cry and felt sad when the show have ended. It’s like being lost or empty afterwards… Anyways, back to reality….

  864. 864 : Maria Says:



    -MARIA =D

  865. 865 : Maria Says:



    -MARIA =D

  866. 866 : tari Says:

    i love so much this drama
    very romantic, sad and so coll
    lee min ho sarang heiyo ^^

  867. 867 : trish Says:

    This is my second time watching the Korean version, just in case I missed anything! Kim Hyun Joong’s character is very similar to the Taiwanese’s version acted by Vic Chou. But this version is much sweeter. I will vote this version over the Taiwanese because Goo is much cuter than Barbie Hsu.
    It’ll be wonderful if the heroine ends with JiHu instead..

  868. 868 : Claudia Chastolia Says:




  869. 869 : lj Says:

    its really great……i watched all the episode…….

  870. 870 : lj Says:

    …..im still hoping for 2..hehehehee…i really like it..

  871. 871 : Angelina Says:

    the story line was great, the actor n actress was ok. only the ending bit makes people thinks like there is a continuation. i hope there is a continustuion like the korean boys over flowers final movie. people agree?

  872. 872 : angelina Says:

    i hope there is a final movie for korean boys over flowers. can wait

  873. 873 : starrysky Says:

    It’s very excellent.
    They are so cute.
    I like kim hyun joong very much.

  874. 874 : Theresia Togas Says:

    i love the korea drama ” Boys over Flowers”

    n i realy realy like Kim Bum hehehe…
    i hope one day i go to korea
    kim bum I LOVE U so Muchhhhhhh 🙂

  875. 875 : flowermumsusan Says:

    So many week had gone since the last episode of BOF and i have watch it many time.However i still miss F4 and Jandi especially Lee MIn Ho.Hope and want to see him more in next upcoming dramas with KHS.Love you guys and take care !!

  876. 876 : chicqrockr Says:

    LEE MIN HO! can i have you?????????? (:

    what the hell, i’m not really into dramas, love story and stuff… watched a couple of Korean series, but this one rocked the hell out of me! God, you’re so effin’ HOT! I wanna be like Jan Di, she’s super lucky. ^_^ i should say, best version of all, but not the best F4 though (sorry…), I’m still gonna choose the F4 Taiwanese simply because they are just perfect for the roles of F4, they just have this unexplainable aura of hotness that they’re like girl magnets… not that you guys aren’t hot, ’cause definitely you are, but a bit disappointed with the role of Ji Hoo, they could have picked someone more appealing for the role. Hua Zi Lei was perfect… i know alot of people would disagree, specially the young ones who didn’t had the chance to watch or feel what we felt during Meteor Garden days right???? remember those days guys? where they’re posters were everywhere? they’re faces on our shirts? bags?? whew, i was 12 back then but i could still remember. lol.

    well, anyway……… as i’ve said, BEST VERSION EVER, mainly because it was a high budget series…. unlike the original……… and young F4 were featured in the Korean Version……

    PS: the Japanese Version was the worst version of all. No offense. the Japanese F4—>not HOT at all. even the lead guy, supposed to be Gu Jun Pyo in Japanese… i was super disappointed. SORRY HANA YORI DANGO FANS (:

  877. 877 : lamena Says:

    but now i feel little bored to watch this drama because i had watching this drama again and again for the past 3 months…
    we as a human sometimes will get boring if we do the same thing everyday….
    btw,this is a such a good drama!!
    you will not feel bored until the boring feel slowly come to you…

  878. 878 : Dolphien Says:

    This is a GREAT drama.

    Lee Min Ho (Gu jun pyo) you are the best,,,,,,,,

    Geum Jan Di, yap,,,,,,,,,,You are a strong girl

  879. 879 : airatotzkie Says:



  880. 880 : pinkzapril Says:

    Love Kim Bum & Yi Jing character so muchhh… He is soooo sweeetttt…
    Also Ga Eul is so damn pretty… Perfect Couple 🙂
    I hope there will be BOF season 2, xixixi…

  881. 881 : zuraini Says:


    Diharap BOF dapat hadir di Malaysia.

    Ramai peminat BOF disini.

    Seronoknya kalau ia jadi kenyataan.

  882. 882 : lamena Says:

    i think impossible bof will come to malaysia…
    but if they do..
    i’m will be the 1st to welcomed them….!!

  883. 883 : joo na Says:

    first time i watch it…. “ouch, they are all cute” that was the first phrase come out from me……..
    i fall in lurve 4 da first sight wit it….
    cant eat, cant sleep, i’m sick….
    but i’m a student in boarding school, and i have to go back to the hostel and leave them all…….. i feel extremely sad

    i lov kim hyun joong very much….he so protective, caring, outstanding, perfect n much more

    over all i REALLY!!!!!!!! LURVe BOYS OVER FLOWER!!!!!!!

  884. 884 : .gem. Says:


    i l0ve BOF/BBF!..

    this versi0n is really great.. i think, it is the most highly budget among the three versi0ns.. the places were s0 damn beautiful.. als0, the act0rs, specificalithe F4, are s0 hands0me!.. but, i rili l0ve kim hyun-j00ng.. he’s my fave!.. even in the taiwanese versi0n, i l0ve hua zhe lei.. they are b0th have mysteri0us pers0nalities..

    and if im g0ing t0 rate the three versi0ns?..

    hmmm… i cant really rate wh0’s the highest btween k0rean nd taiwanese.. but i am definitely sure that it is n0t the japanese versi0n.. i didn’t really watch every epis0de of the HYD sinz i d0nt like the cast.. they’re n0t g00d l00king.. well, n0 0ffense t0 the pe0ple wh0 l0ve HYD.. its 0nly my opini0n th0ugh..

  885. 885 : burberry Says:

    It goes without saying that BOF has left a mark on the Korean Drama scene and has catapulted the actors to immense popularity overnight.

    How true is it that Lee Min Ho has just bought himself a new Mercedes Benz? I guess that’s part & parcel of being famous in Korea.

    However, is it not too early to start spending such amount of money based on one drama alone?

  886. 886 : .gem. Says:


    i l0ve BOF/BBF!..

    this versi0n is really great.. i think, it is the most highly budget among the three versi0ns.. the places were s0 damn beautiful.. als0, the act0rs, specificalithe F4, are s0 hands0me!.. but, i rili l0ve kim hyun-j00ng.. he’s my fave!.. even in the taiwanese versi0n, i l0ve hua zhe lei.. they b0th have mysteri0us pers0nalities..

    and if im g0ing t0 rate the three versi0ns?..

    hmmm… i cant really rate wh0’s the highest btween k0rean nd taiwanese.. but i am definitely sure that it is n0t the japanese versi0n.. i didn’t really watch every epis0de of the HYD sinz i d0nt like the cast.. they’re n0t g00d l00king.. well, n0 0ffense t0 the pe0ple wh0 l0ve HYD.. its 0nly my opini0n th0ugh..

  887. 887 : .gem. Says:

    well, burberry…

    its their ch0ice anyways..

    as l0ng as they kn0w their limitati0ns, there’s n0thing wr0ng with it..


  888. 888 : Jane Says:

    Whether it is the Taiwan or Korean version, I think they are equally good. I like both Jerry Yan and Lee Min Ho as the main character. The Taiwan version was produced 8 years ago and I still miss it. Lee Min Ho portrayed the role very well. His acting is natural and impressive.I wish him great success in his acting career.To me,he is the best young actor in Korea.

  889. 889 : fioridi Says:

    I love this novel

  890. 890 : miriam Says:

    Meoro is the version of the three dramas I have seen q

  891. 891 : salome Says:

    The songs in the novels as I can get

  892. 892 : che Says:

    I still remember how phenomenal BOF/BBF, LEE MIN HO i salute ur amazing effort to portray d role…U made it ur own….
    Hopefully, all d surfer who come across to visit this site, pls do chk it out BOF coz i absolutely guarantee ur tym will be worth it… FR beginning to d end, U’ll keep asking for more…
    LEE MIN HO, looking forward for a new soap…GOODLUCK

  893. 893 : nana Says:

    I love korean drama “Boys Over Flower”…I like if Jandi couple with Jihu..
    (^_^)v anyway this korean drama so hot.I like it.Basya!!!
    Aja,aja,Fighting!!! (@,@’)

  894. 894 : sesa Says:

    I love it! i love everything about the show! the characters, places they went music they used! i love Lee min ho! wen never i watched him on screen i actually tot of him as Jerry yan! he really looks like him! I REALLY tot at 1st that he is his younger brother! haha..

    I love them both! they rily fit to their character!
    want to see them in person!haha..


  895. 895 : uchi Says:

    luv it so much specially Korean’s version BBF!!! bravooo

  896. 896 : danyamaha Says:

    i love the japanese version more. tsukasa in japan is more aggrasive and good acting. but the korean f4 is very handsome.
    but i prefer the japanese story and acting.

  897. 897 : lildedprinxez Says:

    Saranghe GU JUN PYO!!
    haha ahnyeong!
    On may 11 BOF will be airing here in the philippines.
    I so love Boys over flower. The run of the story was amazing. They mixed the scenes from the Japanese and Taiwanese version . I love the way they twist the story and did not exactly copy the janpanese version.
    Hope to see the cast visit the phils. ^^

  898. 898 : shereen Says:

    Lee Minho and Ku Hyesun, what a lovely couple!!!

    I hope you will do another great drama together or perhaps the “Boys Over Flowers” part 2, which every fans is wishing for.

    I’ll be your forever fan from the Philippines!!!

    Love you both. Good luck and God bless you always!!!

  899. 899 : shereen Says:

    The phenomenal tv drama of 2009!

    The BEST version I’ve watched! And never get tired of watching over and over again.

    Good luck to Ku Hyesun and F4!!!

  900. 900 : Maria Says:


    — MINE

  901. 901 : Maria Says:


    – MINE



  902. 902 : wtfthisisjustacopycat Says:

    this would have been a good show


    meteor garden was made BEFORE this
    and it has the EXACT same plot
    the korean company just COPIED it
    even the four boys in meteor garden is called F4
    this is so disappointing, im so disappointed in this.

    i mean, where did honesty and originality go?

  903. 903 : lamena Says:

    this drama has 900+ comment…
    come on fans bof,
    let’s comment this drama so this drama will be the 1st top most commented drama!!!

  904. 904 : Jane Says:

    I m happy to know that this drama is going to broadcast in Singapore tv station in mid May.I hope it will be well-received by my fellow Singaporeans too.I have greatly enjoyed the show and hoped it will be popular here. Jerry Yan and Lee Min Ho are my most favourite actors and I find the both of them looking very much alike.

  905. 905 : caren Says:

    bof is a really nice show. (: it got my friends and i all anticipating for the next episode, once we’re done with the previous one. 😀
    glad to hear that it’ll be airing in singapore in mid-may (cheers to you, jane!) 😀 all of us cant wait to watch it for the third, forth, fifth, etc time! 😀
    great show!

    dear wtfthisisjustacopycat, i dont think it copy exactly from meteor garden. im a fan of MG too in fact. in fact, i feel the korean version alot more interesting with the many twists it had added into the show. the korean version gave me a different feeling, as to what the tw version had.
    beside, they all came from the jap manga, so i guess they couldn’t be blame even if they have similar plots.

  906. 906 : maldita Says:

    i’m ecstatic to know that BOF will so0n be airing in my hometown — manila, philippines few weeks from now. even though philippines had been gaga over meteor garden and somewhat liked the japanese version of it, i wish that this korean version would be of different twist and fresher plot that we filipinos would love!

    hopes up! 🙂

  907. 907 : kyleR Says:

    How come Goo Jun Pyo & Ji Hoo don’t have the video after 5 years in mysoju site. I know both of them are really busy for the commercials. Looking forward to it especially Lee min ho cuz I love to see more of him. Hopefully soon!!

  908. 908 : anonymous Says:

    i’m happy to know that BOF is soon be airing in philippines..i can’t wait to watch it..i really love this drama..hope that they will make a movie of this drama..like that of japanese version..Hana Yori Dango..

  909. 909 : anonymous Says:

    i wish there will be season 2 of this korean drama..love it!!!

  910. 910 : iso Says:

    fighting bof!!!!!!!!!

  911. 911 : amktsy Says:

    bof is also going to airing in singapore. 😀
    but singapore don’t have much people who is interested in korean all this thingy…sigh~

  912. 912 : Sony Says:

    BOF is always crowded!
    What’s a wonderful forum.

  913. 913 : Jane Says:

    Singapore does have a significant number of people who love to watch korean dramas. Some popular korean dramas usually stayed in the top 5 in terms of tv viewership. In the vcd and dvd shops, korean tv dramas are the most saleable here. This shows that many Singaporeans, including me, like korean shows.I believe Boys Before Flowers will be a hit here when it debut next saturday on local tv.

  914. 914 : anna Says:

    I’ve seen the whole episode in a website and I liked it so much. I have been a fan eversince of meteor garden, the taiwanese version of F4. Now, that another group is emerging and doing the modern version of the story of F4, I like the stars and the new interpretation of the story, too. Just recently, this show is aired in my country, the Phils. I am pretty sure that my country men will fall in love to this show just like the meteor garden mania few years back . Good luck to all the actors and more power to the staff and show!

  915. 915 : Winnie Says:

    To wtfthisisjustacopycat: Erm fyi, this story is basically from a manga. You can go google it, it’s called Hana Yori Dango. Then, they decided to film it into a drama and taiwan started it first, called Meteor Garden. Soon, Japan also filmed it, called Hana Yori Dango. Korea followed up next. All stories, all names, all whatever are exactly the same becoz it’s originally from the manga, which they can’t change much for anything. Otherwise, what for following a manga right?

  916. 916 : Janna Says:

    BoyS OveR FlowerS u rock!!!…

    I love the story…

    I’m excited to watch it in the philippines…

    even if I’ve watched it already…

    because it’s a nice story…

    hope that there will be season 2 or a movie…

    and I hope also that the cast of BOF would visit in the Philippines…

    FightinG!!! BOF…

  917. 917 : flowermumsusan Says:

    Lee Min HO ,Kim Hyun Joong ,Kim Joon ,Kim Bum and Koo Hye Sun…WE MISS YOU GUYS !! For me especially LEE MIN HO !!

  918. 918 : shereen Says:

    I really really miss “Boys Over Flowers”!!!

    I hope after 2 years there will be part 2 just like what taiwan & japanese version did.

    I want to see Gu Junpyo and Geum Jandi get married and have children!!!

    I love you, Lee Minho and Koo Hyesun!!!

  919. 919 : natasha Says:

    waiting for the next duet of Jun Pyo and Jandi 😉
    another love story movie maybe?? ;p

  920. 920 : Sandra Sterrett Says:

    I love to watch the Korean dramas with the English subtitles. I find it very interesting to watch a different culture, from the one I was raised in, interact. Please please please, can you please let us people who are only able to read subtitles WHEN the next showing will be or have a schedule of some type? I was watching Emporer of the Sea and missed the last episode…I think I tuned in about 20 minutes too late. I never missed an episode but missed the most important part wherein the Emporer was assassinated by the director. Also, I was watching some drama about cryogenitcs, was very interested in it and missed the last episode because it only says, see you next time….and it never said what the name of the drama was.
    I so enjoy watching the dramas, thank you for puting the subtitles out there for us who don’t speak or read Korean. They are so entertaining and interesting to me. I love them. But if you could please put at the bottom what the name of the drama is and when it will air next, I would be ever so grateful to you.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Sandra Sterrett
    [email protected]

  921. 921 : aira Says:

    i like the all the characther,especialy the two male led role lee minho is cute and kim hyun joong is sooooooooooo…..cute his eyes is cute even though his not talking and i like the korean f4 all of them are all handsome, and cute couse i watch the metheor garden too. and ilike the korean version of the boy’s over flower than the japanese………..

  922. 922 : Jane Says:

    It is an interesting drama and I highly recommend it. The script is good and the cast are really remarkable. It will be showing in Singapore and Taiwan tv stations this saturday. I like Lee Min Ho the most. He has that endearing smiles and charisma which make him hugely popular.

  923. 923 : char Says:

    LOVE 꽃보다 남자 !!
    the guys totally melt my heart especially with jihoo and yijung’s killer smile:D
    it shot me like a cupid’s arrow through my heart!!!
    the show is just captivating and mekes you feel like watching it one episode after another:)))

  924. 924 : Boktsok Says:

    I really love this drama… and I hope there’s part 2… please show Jan Di and Gu jun Pyo’s wedding… thank you for a wonderful show…

  925. 925 : Erica Says:

    to “wtfthisisjustacopycat”,
    Meteor Garden (Taiwanese) , Hana Yori Dango (Japanese), and Boys Over Flowers (Korean) are all tv series of the ANIME Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango). The stories of those tv series are all copied from the ANIME Boys Over Flowers. Don’t you know that???

  926. 926 : friska Says:

    suka bangett..!!!

  927. 927 : hm5airy Says:




  928. 928 : josh Says:

    Boys Before Flowers or Boys Over Flower is really a hit here in the Philippines…before the airing of the drama i really told my friends and even texted people that i don’t even really know to watch BOF…And i received great response from them that they really like it. I like it as well, BOYS OVER FLOWER is the best adaptation of Hanayori Dango… and i swear my life if i’m wrong….


    make sure you make a special video of Ji Hoo and Jun Pyu and Jan Di after 5-6 yrs….tnx

  929. 929 : Maria Says:

    Hallo from Bulgaria! We love BOF! The drama is super! So romantic, so dramatic, so funny! I would like to see you again in movie for example 🙂 Admiration for the team, you were perfect! Love you all!

  930. 930 : lovers Says:

    gokil!!! bbf 5 years later keren abizz

  931. 931 : kenn Says:

    i’m a fun of hana yori dango. i’m excited to watch this drama, i have already a copy of this drama but i’m still watching other drama series. then, my younger sister already start to watch it, and according to him it was very fun and dramatic drama…

    i would just comment again after watching it, k

  932. 932 : mulan Says:

    Presently I’m in Ep 20 and i’ts good watching this drama. For me is more cute and superb, i know for the young ones they will enjoy seeing this too. To the cast ” Congratulations”

  933. 933 : Yiling Says:

    Oh my god, this show is FABULOUS!!! 😀
    I LOVE IT! 😀

  934. 934 : ENRI Says:

    BOF Their love story makes the series worth watching!! This is the best version among the three!! Lee min ho is superb at expressing his emotions though facial expressions that I want to see more of him!! Are they really going to phils I heard they have a really high ratings in that country sooo popular I could only watching here on my TFC if they really visit in all variety shows there especially to my fav co host Cris & Boy…Love it! Too many handsome actor from the phils but LEE MIN HO is the WINNER!!! too gergous human being!!! with a DREAMY LOOKS!

  935. 935 : rizelg Says:

    i love you all…

    its a great and nice korean drama…i love it…

    hope they will come here at phils…

    more power….love you Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo..forever

  936. 936 : Stephanie=) Says:

    i lubbb korean f4!!!:DD
    ur all very handsome!!

    kim bum!!lab yah!!:))

    you all take care always!!:DD
    i agree with other people that you should make another season!!..

  937. 937 : Mailani Says:

    Ehm I love this korean Drama, I also like Kim Hyun joong as Yoon Ji hoo, You are handsome and I think his character in this Drama is so good. I like Him very much….

  938. 938 : Xandra Says:

    I think the Korean version is great! The producers should go one up from the others and do a second series, like have Jan Di finally realising Ji Hoo is so good to her and falls for him instead. My heart breaks when I see Kim Hyun Joong’s charactor suffer in silence.

  939. 939 : I do Says:

    KIM JOON!!!!!!
    Jeezzz! I love drama! I think it’s just because of Kim Joon, jajajajaja 😀

  940. 940 : zHeL Says:

    check out of his new scan picture ttp://nylesor.wordpress.com/2009/05/20/scanslee-min-ho-on-vogue-and-single-magazine/


  941. 941 : Jane Says:

    To me, Lee Min Ho is the best actor for his portrayal as the lead role. It feels good to see him end up with Koo Hye Sun in the last episode. They were so deeply in love.

  942. 942 : Sony Says:

    It’s really impressive in its 1st epi
    it’s a wonderful drama

  943. 943 : kal Says:

    wow .
    korean F$ is the best .
    hahahahahahaa .
    LOVE IT !

  944. 944 : BBF FANS Says:

    hai , BBF .

    my name is BBF FANS . and all korean drama actor or actress .


    yes , and u BBF .

    love F4 in this drama .

  945. 945 : kal Says:

    i like the story “5 years later”
    i hopes episode jun pyo & ji hoo coming soon .

  946. 946 : wee Says:

    Can anyone of you help? I am looking for the white round face watch that Ji Hoon worn in the show. Any idea what brand is it?

  947. 947 : veroinely12 Says:

    This is the first romantic comedy korean drama I like the most.. This is the best korean drama ever.. The main characters, Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun is the best korean drama couple.. The story line was good.. If Hana Yori Dango was too short.. I don’t like the main character.. The story line really makes me full of admirations.. Love Lee Min Ho so much.. The acting was fair to be apreciated..

  948. 948 : veroinely12 Says:

    The story line didn’t make me bored and i enjoyed very much..^^

  949. 949 : Rochester Says:

    I enjoy watching this amazing drama series and it is one of the best korean shows I have watched. I like Lee Min Ho in his role and also his fine acting, charming smiles and sparkling,soulful eyes. Wish him all the best in his acting career and look forward to his new dramas.

  950. 950 : Lucasntin Says:

    OMG, This is the great, sensitive and romantic movie. I love ” So Yi Jung”- Kim Bum. He is the most handsome. Yeah yeah. Who with me ???

  951. 951 : shereen Says:

    Boys Over Flowers is the best drama ever!!!

    Can’t get tired watching over and over again.

    Makes me smile with every scene all the time.

    Hoping for a part 2 after 2 years!!!

    Love it!!!

  952. 952 : Shannyne Inocencio Says:

    ohh My gosh haha i love 꽃보다 남자 ..haha i really love this drama…

  953. 953 : cliche Says:

    really really nice movie,,

    but i was curious,,,

    which one is the original story?
    meteor garden,,
    hana yori dango,,,
    or this one?

    but i think, in some episodes, it has better story than the other,,,

  954. 954 : Erica Says:

    Meteor Garden, Hanayori Dango, Boys Over Flowers = their stories are all copied from the ANIME/MANGA Hana Yori Dango.

  955. 955 : She Says:

    hmmm..i prefer like the cast of boys before flower..they’re so gorgeus..
    especially kim hyun joong, so cute and have an unique face 🙂

    for the cast of Goo Joon Pyo, in mandarin version is Dao ming tse…i think Lee min Ho with Jerry Yan (who cast of Dao ming tse in mandarin version) have a same face 🙂 but i like both…so arrogant but cool hahaha

    two thumbs up for boys before flower,i’ve already watched and i like it!!!BRAVOOO…

  956. 956 : Jane Says:

    This is a more interesting drama series than Taiwan’s version. The cast and script are good. Lee Min Ho gave the best portrayal performance. He and Jerry Yan bear some resemblance. Both are equally competent in the same roles.

  957. 957 : pan Says:

    although its not the original..ITS WAY BETTER…..the story is more interesting and the cast are good…i just love them…..instant hit!!!!!!

  958. 958 : LuV Says:

    The guys are cute…
    The acting not so much…
    Overall just ok nothing special…

  959. 959 : linansey Says:

    This is d best korean romantic comedy drama 4ever.. Lee Min Ho’s so gorgeus to play the role as Domyouji Tsukasa.. This drama is different from the other copyer.. It makes us feel enjoy..^^

  960. 960 : lhei Says:

    love this drama….:)its so romantic and funny…saranghae guyz~~~ ^-^

  961. 961 : cassandra Says:

    i really love this..lee min ho you’re gorgeous..i really love u!

  962. 962 : Sony Says:

    The drama is workable.
    Make me impressed for nearly all scences.
    I just reach epi. 5, I feel a bit angry and sad for Jan Di

  963. 963 : kal Says:

    whoaaaa ….
    ep 3 & 4 special story was good !
    BBF is the best !
    i think lee min ho and jerry yan have same face like twins .
    hahaha 🙂

  964. 964 : xanthosia Says:

    I absolutely hate this version. She is so unlikeable and and all the guys are so soppy. When they are meant to show their expertise, the actors look like sacks of potatoes. Can she swim properly ( for all the practise she is meant to do )- No!! Can he ride a horse? I actually laughed when I saw him. It was embarrassing! Why did they have to tamper with the script so much ? The Taiwanese and Japanese versions were so much more believable. When the Koreans do drama badly it is dreadful – self indulgent, sentimental and embarrassing. Kamio Yoko ( the manga artist ) must have cried to see her characters warped into these pale copies of her engaging and real creations. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!!

  965. 965 : evergreen Says:

    I just luv BOF …. especially the OSTs …. I luv all of them ……………. i even have its lyrics ….. sooooo cute ………………

  966. 966 : SweeTgirl Says:

    this drama is very GOOD………. I LIKE IT. iam crazy seem the actor was very handsome,,, I love them,,, i hope they will visite indonesia

  967. 967 : shereen Says:


    Which planet are from? Perhaps you are born with hateful/horrible looks!!! If you can’t say anything good, better for you to just SHUT UPPPP!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

    For your information, Korean “Boys over Flowers” version is the BEST, EVER!!! Up until now many loves the drama and the artists, Ku Hyesun, Lee Minho, Kim Hyunjoong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Kim Soeun!!! And it will live on FOREVER!!!

  968. 968 : tyustri Says:

    First of all, my sister was the one who was interested at Boys Before Flowers.. She asked me to buy the DVD of that series.. I was curious because my sister didn’t like any korean drama before.. Of course, I didn’t do what she asked, because I think that was only teenagers’ spoil drama.. But, after I watched until the third episode, I was interested on it.. And, then I became the fanatic fans of Boys Before Flowers.. Lee Min Ho was the most gorgeus one among the F4.. Good Luck for the season 2..^^

  969. 969 : crazy_fanatic Says:

    uhm…i was juz wondering…is there nxt season for this…?well i hope there wud be….

  970. 970 : Jane Says:

    It is one of the best produced dramas in recent years. The
    F4 cast and leading actress gave their best performances. The script and acting are very impressive.Well done.

  971. 971 : rini Says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeee the story boys b4 flower……..
    but im so sad if ji hoo cannot meet his love
    so plizt make season 2

  972. 972 : jackiemae Says:

    hi f4 you know i love your show and i love kim bum and im his #1 fun….
    hi kim bum i love you sooooo muchhhh…


  973. 973 : van_tugade Says:

    this is the best f4 and the best korean series ive watch!! i hope there is a part 2…same cast!!!

  974. 974 : Selena Says:

    To XANTHOSIA! ( in fact a stupid name )

    Omg, stop saying bad things about Korean Drama.
    Be a director and show yourself that you’re fucking better than others.
    Slut, lol.

    In fact, all versions are nice to watch okay!

  975. 975 : Sony Says:

    I like the song ” Stand By Me”
    It’s really good.

  976. 976 : Sony Says:

    I think JD has the magic to change the bad charactor of GJP

  977. 977 : Sony Says:

    I just finish epi. 5
    I hope with GJP’s love (JD) can change the bad charactor of all students in his school.

  978. 978 : Sony Says:

    Jan D
    I’m on your side.

  979. 979 : sam Says:

    I love this drama very much!!!! i love the casts especially yi jung and ji hoo!! i also love the team up of ga eul and yi jung they have a chemistry… For me, i want jan di to be with ji hoo… i hope there’s a season 2 and it will continue the love story of ga eul and yi jung!!!! l love BBF>>>> aja! aja! fighting!!

  980. 980 : Jane Says:

    I like this drama very much. I am very impressed by Lee Min Ho’s portrayal of this character. His acting is excellent and he has such endearing smiles that can warm your heart. I really love the happy ending between him and Jandi. I would also like to see them happily married to each other.

  981. 981 : cute girl Says:

    I love bbf. Because lee min ho is handsome. Kim bum is cute and attractive.I want they will visit indonesia.

  982. 982 : cute girl Says:

    I love bbf. Because lee min ho is handsome. Kim bum is cute and attractive.I hope they will visit indonesia.

  983. 983 : mnmaenmont Says:

    good job for everyone…….
    this drama over 1000 coment…..
    come on and let’s make our beloved korean drama be the 1st top most commented drama!!!

  984. 984 : char Says:

    꽃보다 남자 was a huge success and a great show.
    their captivating smiles totally melt my heart!
    cant wait for season 2:)
    all the best to F4 and the other cast and crew! 😀

    keep fighting!!!!!

  985. 985 : tyarche Says:

    oh my god this is the frist time for me looked the drama korean boys before flower!!! oww i love you… the drama can’t make me cry because look F4 or flower four oh my god i love BBF(boys before flower) good luck for the your special drama ok.. see you..

  986. 986 : tyarche Says:

    oh my god the drama is so cute and cool can’t make me cry because F4 hu..hu..hu.. when i can’t meet you boys before flower when??? good for the special drama see you…

  987. 987 : michaela Says:

    this drama is sure the best drama of all time,best storyline,goodlooking actors,ear captured sound track(i love yearning hearts),this drama is the best version of hana yori dango..

  988. 988 : Jane Says:

    Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun are currently in Taiwan to promote the drama. I watched their interview held by the media there. Both looked gorgeous. I hope they will visit Singapore soon because BBF is also a hit here.

  989. 989 : TKtsomkoMH Says:

    i really like this movie. Because very romantic funny and crazy( hehehe). SO PLEAS MAKE SEASON 2 . PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS……..

  990. 990 : yap-jhen-sun Says:

    yeah.pls.make part 2 or season 2

  991. 991 : reginabagaoisan Says:

    i love the series very much, especially the five leading chaaracters.. superb ive never been a fanaticof any show until boys over flowers came.

  992. 992 : Bee Says:

    interesting drama…never crazy over a korean drama like this b4.. Keep it up!!

  993. 993 : zHeL Says:

    Did anyone watch the haptic mission 2 not exactly the name of the show but it’s bout the cell phone for all the girls….it’s so hilarious u can watch w/ eng subs. I’m so addicted with Lee min ho with his soulful eyes his inner most is always happy. so, i’m happy I can all watch him everyday 😉

  994. 994 : jeanette Says:

    woow…….its wonderful drama………
    the best artist………
    i love this drama………..
    this drama like real live………

    i love kim bum and kim hyun……..

  995. 995 : Stephanie Says:

    I like this Korean Drama….

    I like F4 ^_^

  996. 996 : chika Says:

    i like kim bum………..
    love u very much………
    u very cute…..

  997. 997 : sunshine Says:

    like BOF very much, especially jun pyuo, lee min ho, he’s got a pair of sexy lips, so kissable…………..^_^

  998. 998 : fiv Says:

    So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul… are the best couple…

    aza aza fighting…

    kams ham ni daa…

  999. 999 : nylnalily Says:


  1000. 1000 : nylnalily Says:

    boys over flowers,,,its now in the Philippines, i really love it the cast was so cool especially So Yi Jung…T_T he is so handsome i really want to see him in person…jan di u are so cute,,,aja girl heheheheh,,,, jun pyo waw he is the man so handsome too…hope u visit Philippines. im sure you like it…

  1001. 1001 : nikki jaque Says:

    hehehe well i really love KIM BUM!!!! ^_^

    i hope the cast of Boys Over Flower / Boys Before Flower will visit the Philippines… because all filipinos will really love it..

    take care always kim bum! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  1002. 1002 : nOA Says:

    i really love bbf, this is the best korean drama that ive ever see, the story and the cast is so wonderful, specially lee min ho, omg his so handsome, i like his eyes ^_^

  1003. 1003 : Korea Hunter Says:

    Yes, I really like this drama.
    All the houses and clothes, its wonderful.
    I love it.

  1004. 1004 : iloveyou Says:

    I super love this drama! Its so great. 🙂
    Jun Pyo and Jan di is a good tandem.

    BTW. Where can i watch episode 22, 23, and 24 of BBF?No vodeos were found in http://www.mysoju.com

  1005. 1005 : niawu Says:

    this drama is really damn good..make me watch it over n over..i like this korean version becoz it makes a different between the chinese version (story about yi jung n ga eul) love this drama..wanna wacth jun pyo n jan di more n more…

  1006. 1006 : meriam Says:

    im from the philippines

    boys over flower are very nice drama

    hope that all cast of boys over flower will visit her in the pilippines..

    lee min ho im you number one funs


  1007. 1007 : karen Says:

    this drama is awesome !!

    its super funny and i really love the way they act.heHe.

    hope to see the F4 in the Philippines. 🙂

    i like kim bum and lee min ho. 🙂

    they’re awesome !!

    the drama is so cute !! 🙂

  1008. 1008 : Sony Says:

    I really like BBF
    Jandi Fighting!!!

  1009. 1009 : Astrid Says:

    Oh My ghost…

    I really love them
    The story,,
    The cast,,
    The ost,,

    Ugh..I can’t sleep well

  1010. 1010 : kal Says:

    BBF !
    Please visit Indonesia .
    B’coz BBF Fans at Indonesia already waiting .

  1011. 1011 : akira Says:

    oh… i loved this drama…it was the best…hope there will be a second part of it…like jandi and jun pyo getting married n having a baby!!!

  1012. 1012 : victoria Says:

    i really love boys over flower…. i hope they will visit the philippines with jan di and ga eul..

  1013. 1013 : dee x) Says:

    Love boys before flowers xo much x)

    Kim Hyun Joong u R xo cute

  1014. 1014 : Anonymous Says:

    this drama is the best…i really love kim hyun joong…
    the drama is rich n beautiful…

    hope to see these guys…tc

  1015. 1015 : lingz Says:

    i really really like this drama very much…
    i want take the lyrics.
    but where can i find lyrics of BBf???

  1016. 1016 : U.S.A. Says:

    On my 2nd time around to watch this extraordinary drama. I usually don’t comment about the role of the antagonists, yet the actress that plays Hee Soo, Joon Pyo’s mother is really a great actress. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how she could prepare herself by going in and coming out of this character. That’s a lot of emotional work. I commend her for this portrayal, eventhough, at times it was hard to mentally digest.

  1017. 1017 : nasa Says:

    it is so romantic drama,I really love it. I like yi jung because he is very handsome……ow..ow….

  1018. 1018 : nasa Says:

    I like kim bum…….he is very handsome….

  1019. 1019 : karenina Says:

    Lee Min Ho,I’m your fanatic fans.. Could you visit Indonesia? The fanatic fans of you and Koo Hye Sun are more than 1 billion persons.. No matter what, I will be always your fans.. GBU alaways, Lee Min Ho..^^

  1020. 1020 : bella Says:

    Joon Pyo, he is very handsome.. I am fan of Lee Min Ho!!

  1021. 1021 : sarita Says:

    well this iz da best drama i’ve had ever seen in ma lyf…….i really love da cute n silent personality of member of SS501 waana say luv u ^_^

  1022. 1022 : zaizai Says:

    i like the plot of the story and twist of jandi’s love over the two guys:) Though some are fictional and minimal case in reality that a rich guy would fall into a commoner or typical girl. I will watch this over and over again not because of the character but because how they portrait the story and how it was run till the end:) love it!

  1023. 1023 : sieuquay Says:

    this is a really cool movie

  1024. 1024 : Lovely Says:

    this is really fantastic i love it..

    even you watch this for many times it realy amaze you
    i hope there is a part 2 of this
    the bes!!!!

  1025. 1025 : Sony Says:

    I think epi. 14 might be boring and sad for Jan D, as GJP is so cruel.
    Whereas it’s in contrast. To make the one you love hurt, how imagine the pain you get.
    I really really impress in it.
    Like you all BBF

  1026. 1026 : Astrid Says:

    h!!!! i’m so happy!!!!

    for u kim bum u verry handsome!!!
    u so cute!!!

    i love u and BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS


  1027. 1027 : Astrid Says:

    h!!!! i’m so happy!!!!

    for u kim bum u very handsome!!!
    u so cute!!!

    i love u and BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS


  1028. 1028 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I’m ready for a sequel!!!!

  1029. 1029 : devika Says:

    OMGosh- BOF is so cool… d best adaption of d japanese drama… n the casts r all so good-looking…. it is way better than n taiwanese version wit d acting, looks, setting… so WOW… i really wished 4 a guy juz lik jun pyo aft watching it… :P… (reality check)… d drama is really d best… 2 thumbs UP!!! n support u guys in any other projects u r in.

  1030. 1030 : ying Says:

    All guys in BOF are cute! Is one of my favourite drama ever! 🙂

  1031. 1031 : Sony Says:

    I love the OTS of epi. 15.
    It’s ” Because I’m Stupid With” in Classic Guitar Version.
    It’s really a wonderful Love Song.

    Does anyone know where can download this Song?
    Please Help Me! Please!

  1032. 1032 : miriam Says:

    of all of the korean series i’ve seen this is my favoriteeeeee i loved it

  1033. 1033 : juni Says:



  1034. 1034 : sakurako Says:

    I’m from Indonesia.. Our channel, Indosiar has already aired BBF until episode 5, I think.. I love this drama.. Also, I love Koo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho.. Good Luck for them..^^

  1035. 1035 : lynnley Says:

    I totally have the hots for kim hyun joong… he’s soooo…. cute, especially when he smiles. he looked like an angel.

  1036. 1036 : kosuke Says:

    kim hyun joong is THE cutest amongst all the F4 members… I especially like his new hairstyle… he looks more boyish.

  1037. 1037 : JX Says:


  1038. 1038 : janlee Says:

    i like the movie boys of the flower that is very good and awosem movie for the student at school.

  1039. 1039 : riya Says:

    i love boys before flowers very much…………
    and special…………kim bum………..you perfect………i love you very much…………………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1040. 1040 : ullea. Says:

    we hope kim bum, kim joon, en lee min ho visit 2 indonesian. we fanatic fans u all. many teenegers in indonesian like u all.

  1041. 1041 : ullea. Says:

    hellow . . .
    we really watch bbf,,we like kim bum,,lee min ho,,en kim joon.
    we want meet with u all. when u all visit to indonesian???here,,many teenegers like u’r acting. cz,, u all perfect n famous mans. please read this mail. we want u all understand many people like to u all.
    we want 2 can u’r email address n phone number,,hi..hi..hi..^_^
    we wait coming u in indonesia.

    luph u kim bum…

    luph u lee min ho…

    luph u kim joon…

  1042. 1042 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I definitely see why Boys Before Flowers is #1. These young men and women are the most extraordinary actors. Excellent. Everything is high-end. From the interior designs which are breath taking, and the island locations; to the wardrobe selections. As a woman, there is nothing like a well dressed man; whether it’s casual or formal attire. F4 looked great in everything. The clothing the women wore ranged from haute couture to absolutely adorable casual wear. Enjoying it for the 2nd time around.

  1043. 1043 : reina Says:

    hai.,.,.,my name is reina i’m from indonesia.,.,.,.and im very like,.,.,the song is very nice,m,mm,m,m,m,m^^

  1044. 1044 : ida miaw Says:

    BBF it’s the wonderfuuullll film……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love it…

  1045. 1045 : zynith Says:

    hey, guys! so sad here, the video from your links has been removed… sad to say, I’m working from 8-5 and cant catch-up the episode by that day, which means I can’t longer watch BOF…someone give me more links where I can access the complete episode…

  1046. 1046 : Shin Bi Says:

    Joon Pyo, I think is d best.. I don’t mind what people said about him.. I don’t want to make fun of other actor I don’t like, like other people who didn’t like Joon Pyo said about.. I hope he can be more passion and try his best.. He’s really a great actor..^^

  1047. 1047 : Alya Says:

    Oh My God, Kim Bum a.k.a Yi Jeong is soooo cuteeeeee. I loveeeee him so much. And Goo Joon Pyo is so romantic. this film is awesome !

  1048. 1048 : Martins Says:

    LMFAO. All I read here is fooledfangirls thing “This drama is best because everyone are beautiful…” Not suprising that this part is slower and slower now (compared to the previous months). Looks like BOF craze is fading and people are waking up. The worst is when the BOF’s makers call themself this drama a failure qualitywise and fangirls still go like this is the best because they are beautiful. Plus sometimes I have evidences that Fangirls are really fooled (Or do they do that on purpose ?). For example they keep saying they want a BOF season 2 when the BOF makers said X times (even before the drama released)they combined the story in 25 episodes…

  1049. 1049 : Winpetal Says:

    arrrrrrrrgh….just when i hv a few more epis to go before i finshed watching, the videos were removed…….y, y, y??????????? 🙁

  1050. 1050 : Well Says:

    Omg. A lot of bad comment about hye sun.

  1051. 1051 : aline Says:

    this Boys before flowers is the best series compare with meteor garden and hanayori dango..love it so much.. and the f4 is the best handsome f4.. love lee min ho so much..
    and i wish there’s Boys before flowers the second with more great story.. we will wait it…

    Aicha..aicha fighting for LEE MIN HO… KIM HYUN JOONG and other cast…

  1052. 1052 : lheiry Says:

    love this drama and ost…..esp. yearning of the heart and lucky….:)saranghae guyz…!!!!!!!!!!x0x0~~~~

  1053. 1053 : dechhean Says:

    hey u guys r really cute….i lob u all(sarangi)….

  1054. 1054 : kysha Says:

    Kim Hyun Joong has such a charming smile!

  1055. 1055 : tasya Says:

    kim hyun joong, I like you, i hope you visited in indonesia,,
    and for all crew boy before flowers,,,

  1056. 1056 : iycha Says:

    i just wait last episod……………..love’s boys before flower

  1057. 1057 : lefiram Says:

    what’s the title of the song in boys over flowers episode 8 part 3/6 when jun pyo left ji hoo’s house? pls……………

  1058. 1058 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Hopefully in the sequel, I anticipate the following:

    1) Woo Bin-in a relationship with a woman that really cares about him.

    2) Ji Soo-Seo Hyun willingly returns to Seoul to be with him.

    3) Jae Kyung-returns from America (a little more settled, yet still feisty) and crosses paths with Woo Bin. I thoroughly enjoyed her presence.

    4) Ji Yung-Ga Eul is the woman who he changes his player lifestyle for and allows his emotions to heal as he opens his heart to her.

    5) Joon Pyo’s grandmother-feisty and cute become a great grandmother due to J/J.

    6) Hee Soo-will she really stop riding her broom. LOL!

    That’s just my opinion.

  1059. 1059 : yuhoooo! Says:

    Hasn’t anyone finish watching the drama yet? The end part is awesome! I’ve watched it two times already! 😀

  1060. 1060 : nesia heriyani Says:

    this Boys before flowers is the best series compare with meteor garden Goo Joon Pyo aka Domyoji Tsukasa
    Yoon Ji Hoo aka Hanazawa Rui
    So Yi Jung aka Nishikado Sojiro
    Song Woo Bin aka Mimasaka Akira
    Geum Jan Di aka Makino Tsukushi
    i like you

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH……………..

  1061. 1061 : sienk Says:

    i really love to wtch dis drama…i even wtch more than once!!!bof forever!!!

  1062. 1062 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    This is my 3rd time watching the drama. Still seeing things I didn’t notice the 2nd time around when it comes to the character Joon Pyo. Jan Di actually wasn’t the messed up one compared to F4. Thoroughly enjoyed the ‘truth or dare’ segment when Woo Bin was asked by Jan Di, if F4 were women, who would he marry. I laughed so hard when Woo Bin mentioned obnoxious, strange and a cold-blooded casanova; he would rather go into a monastery. This drama really had a lot of funny scenes and tender moments. Really looking forward to sequel next year.

  1063. 1063 : khae Says:


  1064. 1064 : Shin Min Gi Says:

    lol. currently addicted to this newest version of the famous drama BOYS OVER FLOWERS… lol.. I’ve watch it for several times to be exact 5 times. and also the “FILIPINO VERSION” of it.. hahahaha.. I’m not that addicted to this isn’t?!!! lol.. hahahahaha.. =)
    this comedy romance Korean drama really cool.. I’m captivated with these beautiful F4 boys!!!
    i love the sequel of it.. super love it.. more appealing to the viewers especially ME..
    looking forward to the season 2 of it.. and surely it will hit again!!. =) oww.. one thing.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEAREST GORGEOUS LEE MIN HO!! good luck to your career.. your so damn hot..(♥.♥) hihihihi.. =)

  1065. 1065 : chizzya Says:

    I love this drama so much! I really hope that there would be another season that comes along with a great story as well. For me it’s the best among the japanese, korean, and taiwanese versions. It’s more like a mixture of the other versions – great wardrobe like the japanese one and handsome guys like the taiwanese one. hahaha… aja..aja..fighting!!

  1066. 1066 : Anggie Says:

    Hi,guyz..I like the song..

  1067. 1067 : Rill Says:

    This Drama is great… The actors are all SUPERBBBBB and of course awesome. Just love Jun Pyo and Jan Di together…

    Love all the cast!!!!

  1068. 1068 : Fendi Says:

    The selection of Geum Jan-di role is mistake. Heard lot of saying that they quit to watch because could not stand her, too old and fat for the role. Look the way she eat

  1069. 1069 : Afni Says:

    I’d like to watch this drama but i think the japanese version is still the best Jun and Mao’s acting are good. They can resemble the character so well on the other side Go hye sun acting are too much for me

  1070. 1070 : Fendi Says:

    boys are good. the girl is too old – like boys aunt!

  1071. 1071 : shereen Says:

    Everyone is entitled to his/ her own opinion but …..
    You’re only a few who doesn’t like her.

  1072. 1072 : lorna Says:

    yeah ryt bbf or bof are nice but meteor garden is nice tooooo…bbf are young and f4 are not young anynore but they are more handsome and hot…

  1073. 1073 : Sony Says:

    I agree with Shereen.
    Koo Hye Sun’s acting is pretty good.

  1074. 1074 : mawar Says:

    I juSt WAnna SAy…………………………I LOVe BOyS BEFORE FLOWER…………………………………………

    I”m LOVE KIM BUM…………..

  1075. 1075 : Jun Pyo Says:

    Ahhhm,,, its not boys before flowers but it is boys over flowers gets the story of this boys over flowers is so exciting,,,,,,,

  1076. 1076 : shandy Says:

    i like bbf…
    i think its the best version.
    i like all of the cast..
    A L L . . .
    lee min hoo acts very good so i fall in love with him. LOL
    kim hyun jung is good too…
    kim bum is sooooo cute…. i love the way he smile. it makes me melt…
    kim joon is very handsome…(don’t know what to say)
    and goo hye sun acts very good too…she looks like a high school girl…
    i like her acting.
    she is pretty and slim, not fat…
    boys before flowers is greeeeaaaatttt….
    cant wait for the sequel…is it true that group eight is goint to make its sequel??

  1077. 1077 : kongaishang Says:

    what i love about this version of the ever famous and most loved Hana Yori Dango is that they made a definite plot for the yuuki-sojirou loveteam which in this case is gaeul and yi jung. it so nice that they did that and the guy and the girl who portrayed the characters were so cute individually and together as well. but all in all i think the taiwanese and the japanese versions were better…

  1078. 1078 : Na chan Says:

    well..excellent for that drama, very spectacular. Salut for Korea which has produce a good quality, and I think all Korean drama very nice and different with the other. Especiall with beautiful girl/man ant i think asian people is the most good looking person in the world, Cha you…………..uuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooooooooooo

  1079. 1079 : NONO Says:

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  1080. 1080 : kelly samantha Says:

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  1081. 1081 : venda Says:


  1082. 1082 : ani Says:

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    “I LOVE kim BUM……………………….”

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  1084. 1084 : ying Says:

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  1085. 1085 : katleia Says:

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  1086. 1086 : Well Says:

    Come to think of it,

    I dun doubt Hye Sun’s acting skill.

    I seen her in pure 19 and she really acted well.

    Hye Sun is a very talented girl and i got a feeling that she is going to be more famous in the next few year =)

  1087. 1087 : Mala Says:

    hi….i am mala from Jakarta, Indonesia
    i very love this Drama…
    first with Lee Min Ho… he is my spirit in my life..
    my biggest hope is can meet, see & talking with him..
    so when you came to Jakarta,,’
    i will waiting you..

    can you give to me private email address Lee Min HO
    Keep smile


  1088. 1088 : santy Says:

    Boys Before Flower ( kkotboda namja ) i love this drama a lot, i think this drama is a mixture of Meteor Garden & Hana Yori Dango ( Boys Over Flower ), but i more like korean versions.
    And for all the cast : Good job guys, !!! but i think is no need the sequel, coz as ussually not good as before. I only can says : Two tumbs for all the cast, the director, & all crew of BBF.
    Koo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Boom, Kim Joon,etc,…

  1089. 1089 : Sony Says:

    The story and the songs, they are all around me.
    why? why? why?

    Maybe, it is deep that I wanna say I love BBF!

  1090. 1090 : AHAHAHA Says:

    HA HA HA

    HA HA HA


  1091. 1091 : Fans Says:

    Aku seneng banget sama LEE MIN HO en KIM BUM..
    Ehm..Qw pengEn bgT F4x ke INDONESIA skalian ama Kuu Hye Sunx ya..

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  1095. 1095 : Jas Says:

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  1096. 1096 : tsani Says:




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    Yes! This is you, the son of the moon.

    I’m your brother, the son of the moon, too.
    Do you know me?
    I quess you say “nop”.
    Don’t fool around, I’m your fan from Cambodia.
    Like you as Go Jun Pyo!

  1098. 1098 : fidanurdiana Says:

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  1099. 1099 : Nia Says:

    I am from Indonesia……success for F4 and Koo Hye Sun …and all in this drama…

  1100. 1100 : Sony Says:

    A thousand words of love to all you guys, F4 and JD

  1101. 1101 : [email protected] Says:

    i love this drama. this drama is mixture from all version of F4, japanese, and taiwanese. this version is the richest, most echanted, cutest and the best than the other..
    congratulation for the cast. lee min ho, kim bum,joo ji hoo ( i don’t know the real name), and so on..
    i hope that the ” soeul mates” between kim bum and kim so eun will be true

  1102. 1102 : Ellya Says:

    I from Indonesia.I think,boys before flowers very good and then interest. I like with f4 and Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di.I and family (except my father) very like you all.Congratulation for the cast.thank’s

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  1104. 1104 : kartika cutez Says:

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    i love this film,,
    i hope will visit to indonesia,,i will wait..

    congratulations for your cast..banzai…

  1105. 1105 : udontknowme Says:






  1106. 1106 : udontknowme Says:




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  1109. 1109 : Sony Says:

    BBF should have season 2, cos many poeple love it more and more

  1110. 1110 : eyez Says:

    Dir: Jun Ki Sang – Awesome job on a great & funny TV drama -and to the rest of the team behind the scenes. Yoon Ji Ryun – Great job with the screenwriting.

    Koo Hye Sun – My gosh chicko! You were the right pick for this role.

    Kim Joon – yo yo yo – wazzup man! LOL! You were classic!

    Director Jun Ki Sang – hope you make another TV drama like this – love the comedy/romance TV drama series … need abit of a laugh.



  1111. 1111 : moni Says:

    yeoh!…. more power to the cast of Boys Over Flowers…. Lee Min Ho and Ku hye Sun, wish and hope to see you here in the Phils.

  1112. 1112 : Alanna Says:



    is there any chance they might do a second season?

  1113. 1113 : Sony Says:

    we are on the way for more, more, and more…
    we are on the way for wishing, wishing, and wishing…
    we are on the way for saying, saying, and saying…

    “I LOVE YOU” the team of BBF
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    … i really enj0yed watching boys over flowers,

    … i want to be updated in every happenings w/ this show..

    .. my day wouldn’t be complete if i’m not going to watch this great show..

    … i love you all..

    … saranghaehamnida !!

    — arizza fr0m philippines…

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    i hope that will proceed to other drama that the characters is the boys over flowers

  1116. 1116 : anne Says:

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    and also the boys over flowers..we support you..

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  1125. 1125 : Valerie Says:

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  1126. 1126 : giann Says:

    i love this version…
    congratulations ur drama is number ONE IN PHILIPPINES
    THANK YOU!!!

  1127. 1127 : Well Says:

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  1128. 1128 : LASKAR MANIA Says:

    i love this drama

  1129. 1129 : yie jin Says:

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  1132. 1132 : yie jin Says:

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  1133. 1133 : yie jin Says:

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    in my FrIEnDsTeR……
    juzt add me up at:[email protected] for more of my info.

    .…….GOD BLESS……..(^_^)……….

  1134. 1134 : melia Says:

    I’m from Indonesia.
    I like this drama.the actors who played in this drama are very handsome.

  1135. 1135 : jibununa Says:

    Boys over flowers is the first version of F4 I have ever watched. I really really love this version so much that I won’t look for oter versions. However, I did look for the original Japanese cartoon version. Oh! WoW! The scriptwriter did very good job. He/She gathered almost every important lines and put them on screen perfectly right time and right place. It’s wonderful. Though, Jihoo’s part was a little bit more than in the cartoon. It did not make me less happy. And I know that all Hyun Joong’s fan loved it. Right? Yeahhhhhh!

    Joong, Jibunuan saranghey

  1136. 1136 : rhea Says:

    …i LOVE it…..!
    …i hope there will be season 2…
    …i love F4 of BBF….
    ..my day woudnt be complete if i cant watch the BBF…
    …hope there will be BBF on saturday and sunday ….

  1137. 1137 : rhea Says:

    …to the staff of BBF, thank you so much for creating the BBF drama….
    …BBF casts are handsome and beatiful…!..i love it…!
    …i love BBF drama so much…….

  1138. 1138 : rhea Says:

    ….i like the character of Geum Jan Di…!
    ….Jun Pyo,Ji Hoo,Yi jung,Woo Bin,you’re really handsome….
    …Ga Eul ang Geum Jan Di,you’re both pretty…
    …wow…!BBF,great story…Perfectly made…
    …awesome character of Ji Hoo…love you all….

  1139. 1139 : dinar Says:

    this is the great korean drama i have ever seen before
    jan di…..i like your caracter very much, you are a strong woman
    ji hoo ….is my lovely caracter of F4 coz he is prudent enough to finish all problems there.
    that’s my coment.
    i come from indonesia…

  1140. 1140 : dacco Says:

    SARANGHE…….BBF,i love this drama i hope there will be another BBF 2.

  1141. 1141 : Sony Says:

    BBF is now airing in Cambodai on Channel 5.
    I really want to watch it agian.

  1142. 1142 : evelyn Says:

    I like this version,I hope there will be a part 2. Well dressed F4 that I’ve seen. Jun Pyo and Jan Di truly rocks.I like their chemistry so much appeal to the viewers..Ji Hoo, whose character that I truly admired.

  1143. 1143 : agni Says:

    my name is agni.
    i’m from indonesia.
    oh ya,i’m very…… like character soo yi jung.

  1144. 1144 : lollipop27x] Says:

    gahh ~
    i’m really addicted to dis . x3

    hoping for another season of Kgotboda Namja :]

  1145. 1145 : bubu_chacha Says:

    i love this drama very much…

    i love lee min ho..^-^

  1146. 1146 : lidya Says:

    i like this drama !

  1147. 1147 : Aileene Says:

    I finished all the series of Boys over Flowers, and the ending didn’t please me, because I didn’t even know if Jan Di said yes or no to Jun Pyo’s proposal. What about the SoEul couple, what happens to them? I would love to see more, maybe even a movie to come out. I have become a curious person, ever since I heard of Boys over Flowers, and the questions still put me in curiosity! =)

  1148. 1148 : dilA Says:

    this film very good . . . is film have carakter differen from other film>? so very much people like this film ……….BBF IS THE BEST

  1149. 1149 : MC Says:

    i love this drama. i like the main cast, it’s perfect. great actress Jan Di and F4 guys. hoping for more tv drama series soonest to be aired in the Phils.

  1150. 1150 : ira Says:

    I from indonesia.

    I like this drama. i like kim bum.
    he is so handsome.

    sucess for this film

  1151. 1151 : dwie Says:

    hayoung aseo…..

  1152. 1152 : wily diah Says:

    goo joon pyo, you so sexy…….

    your smile is so nice for me

    please come to indonesia

  1153. 1153 : ....special someone Says:

    i just wanna say that boys over flowers is really,very special episode and i love it more than any fan could love in the world……hope there are more thousands of movies to come…love ya so much……..

  1154. 1154 : regine Says:


  1155. 1155 : mia Says:


  1156. 1156 : mia Says:


  1157. 1157 : alunia Says:

    hayoung aseo? im alunia.im live in indonesia. you can speak indonesia? Lee min-hoo,Kim hyung-joon,Kim sang-bum,and Kim hyun-joong,please come to INDONESIA!!!! im verry verry your fans!!!

  1158. 1158 : alunia Says:

    ah! this my e-mail friendster : [email protected]
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    Please add me!!

    ^_^ from : alunia

  1159. 1159 : Well Says:

    Hi Everyone =)

  1160. 1160 : someone =] Says:

    love it very much !

  1161. 1161 : Sony Says:

    Hello every one from the Golden Land
    To our belove Jan Di and F4, eps. GJP
    And our fans here
    Be well for this happy day

  1162. 1162 : endah Says:


  1163. 1163 : wahyu Says:

    hello people I very like to watch this film..
    because is very fun..and boys very handsome..
    spirit to Jan Di…Me Indonesian People..

  1164. 1164 : wahyu Says:

    F4 When us come to Indonesia…?

  1165. 1165 : jimcel gajes Says:


    ang panget niong lahat…..

    mga gayagaya….

    potang inakau….


  1166. 1166 : mary rose tenorio Says:

    i’m so your no.1 fan you know everyday i watch your movie because i’m super duper adik!!!!

    i hope mameet ko ang bof!!!!

  1167. 1167 : mary rose tenorio Says:

    i’m in the philippines
    i’m mary rose tenorio
    hope you visit in my country
    because i’m your super duper fan!!!!

    this is [email protected]

  1168. 1168 : mary rose tenorio Says:

    kim hyun joong
    i love you so much
    as your fan
    i buy anything if about BOF….

  1169. 1169 : Tala Says:

    will comment after I finished the drama

  1170. 1170 : adiedda Says:

    i love bof

  1171. 1171 : jit Says:

    Please Vote for the BOF Cast and BOF so that they can win in the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009. ( I personally voted for BOF as best drama, KHS as best actress and LMH as best actor even though KHJ,KB,and KJ:( were also options since I love MINSUN. KHS and LMH need to be together.)

    You can vote here.
    Also vote for them in the Japanese and Korean Websites so that they aren’t behind on those. There are pictures so you can figure it out.

    *Voting period 7/13/09-8/30/09
    *You are only supposed to vote once daily but after voting once, close the site, delete the cookies, then go to the site and you can vote again.

  1172. 1172 : Park Says:

    wtf? they never go to indonesia or Philipin dumb ass!

  1173. 1173 : ain Says:

    hello,i so excitet watch drama boys over flowers. i am you royal fan now. you now no1 in my heart. ihope you can visited mqlqysia

  1174. 1174 : siti jariah Says:

    i just love Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Bum from BBF. i love you full!!!!

  1175. 1175 : kezia Says:

    ????is BBF good drama? i think its kind’a cool. all BBF stars, please came to japan!

  1176. 1176 : Sony Says:

    the songs are in the air
    the four flowers are in every where
    You are the best of the best

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    annyong haseo….
    i love this korean drama..
    funny and very intertaining…

    i luv goo jun pyo so much…
    sarang hae goo jin pyo..

  1178. 1178 : nana Says:

    annyong aseo..

    just wanna say..
    cool and amazing drama…

    I luv hangook and goo jun pyo..
    please visit indonesia…

  1179. 1179 : rica Says:

    to all the cast away of the boys over flower saranghe to all of you anmd to lee min ho and kim bum lav yah………..

  1180. 1180 : rica Says:

    to all the cast away of the boys over flower saranghe to all of you to kim bum and lee min ho lav yah………

  1181. 1181 : JAHZ Says:


  1182. 1182 : kusumawati Says:

    film boys before flowers is the best…………
    kim sang bum you so cute……..
    I love you kim sang bum……..
    lee min ho you handsome……..
    I hope you love kim hyun joong…………..
    I love you all,,,,,,,,,,,…………….,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  1183. 1183 : LaRa Says:

    LeeMinhoo yoU cOcWEAaAT….
    WhAT tOBE mY bOYS???????
    I lOVE yOU sO mUCh.
    KiMBUNNNN,,,! YoU VERy-vErY……..cUTe…

  1184. 1184 : vev! Says:

    mY liSTeNING,,,
    I lOVE yOu BbF.
    wHEN Come to Indonesian?/
    kImjunnnn One Kiss For You..

  1185. 1185 : Switha Soberz Ferguson Says:

    The world’s most wonderful emotions are captured in this korean drama!, I now believe that koreans are the best in the world to potray emotions that will totally amaze the spectators!, I have never been a fan of anyone in particular but this drama has made me an admirer of the multi talented idol and leader of ss501 Kim Hyun Joong. there are a few people who become one in a million to turn the world’s attention to him,…. i am glad that kim hyun joong is one such person gaining admiration from the world and i am honored to spread his fame!

  1186. 1186 : =_eztHy+_ Says:

    I that kNow mUst say wHat aboUt them,,CoZ iFeel,,I vERy Very like it,,
    for mE,, all has PERFECT..

    GOOD LUCK For u,,

    chaYo BBF,,

    When u CoME here,,???
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…………

    nothing WoRD’S aGAIn froM my Lips to say that i very love to theme,,,

  1187. 1187 : vithachubby Says:

    ***I love Lee min ho!!!!!….. BBF is the best film….

  1188. 1188 : kimminho Says:

    annyOng haseyo!…
    i love bovs over flowers!,,,so much..
    for me,it waS the beSt drama i’d ever watched….
    lee min ho your so handsome,,,i love u so much,,

    i’m one of your avid fan..

  1189. 1189 : Dhearika Says:

    Hello B0F!
    I am dhearika,i hope you are visit indonesia PLEASE!¡
    I always coment f4,and right n0w i am coment min ho
    oh ya! Remember me,DHEARIKA from indonesia,indonesia is GOOD PLACE,with love DHEARIKA

  1190. 1190 : Rill Says:

    Great drama and Superb actors!!! Boys over Flowers is JUST IRRESISTABLE

  1191. 1191 : Sony Says:

    It’s the all year happy drama
    pls make the second seasons

  1192. 1192 : fitri Says:

    love u all….
    lee min ho cuakeeeeeeeep bgtttt….

    BBF good abizzz

  1193. 1193 : Rachel Loh Says:

    I LOVE BOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been their biggest fan for months!(FYI,since january,i started to be their fan)
    Ppl!comment more on BOF till it reaches the top!CIAO!

  1194. 1194 : any Says:

    i just want to say that F4 group are handsome

  1195. 1195 : any Says:

    i want to chart with Joon Pyo

  1196. 1196 : catherine regalado Says:

    pls open my friendster you are my favories tv shows in abc cbn i love you boys over flower much

  1197. 1197 : weeq Says:

    yg keren t42nya, castnya, sama fashionnya….kalo sanchai ga mungkin pake rok pendek…tapi kalo jan di keren dech

  1198. 1198 : Feby Says:

    The nicest version of Hana Yori Dango.I didnt compared it with Japan series version thou'(since they got d’whole idea of d’story).Im a fan of d’manga,and i must say that Min Hoo fits perfecly as Tsukasa.
    And if u ever watched that poor(and old-non attractive cast) taiwan version,u’ll glad u watched this one.Totally an eye candy,even my 55year old mom luvs it.

  1199. 1199 : aira Says:

    where can i buy the special edition ost of the boy’s over flower that lee minho and the rest of the ost are on it…….

  1200. 1200 : rita Says:


    they are very handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1201. 1201 : kitty Says:

    niga nomu bogosjipeum naren
    nomu kyondigi deun nare -neun
    noreul saranghanda ibkae maemdora
    honja dashi tto crying for you
    honja dashi tto missing for you
    baby i love you i waiting for you

    I like this song
    & i like f4
    welcome to myanmar
    welcome to United State

  1202. 1202 : eugene Says:

    I don’t really like this drama. To be honest, I hate this story including Taiwan version.

  1203. 1203 : Ira Says:

    I like this film,more romantic,intric,love each other,friendship & family responces. please come to Indonesia we miss u all. keep fight & successfull

  1204. 1204 : LiLina Says:

    I just don get it, why dis drama is so overrated. Sorry people!!!Dont hate me!!! I’m not into dis kind of drama! Too dragging and annoying!!

  1205. 1205 : angelin Says:

    This drama is perfect….^^….
    Make my day colourful
    Totally it’s NICE

  1206. 1206 : Effie Says:

    I really love this show!
    Saranghae! :]

  1207. 1207 : SUNNY Says:

    I love this drama. This is awesome… i’ve seen the taiwan version about 8 years ago and I think I will not enjoy the same story twice. But it’s totally wrong, I enjoy this korean version as much… I still could laugh and cry while watching it. And I also love the sountrack, too…..

  1208. 1208 : babypig Says:

    I really really love this drama, It’s so wonderful. The actors and actress sre very good. I have not watched Taiwan version, but i think Korean version is too perfect.. I love this drama.

  1209. 1209 : Malja Lee Says:

    I really like this drama…..I finished it already in Korea before it was aired on ABS-CBN,Philippines ……………I like Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho……Im a Kim Bum and Min Ho FANATIC!!!….FIGHTING!!!!!!!

  1210. 1210 : rose Says:

    addictive drama…i jst ddnt like the ending coz i wanted jihoo and jandi together…he.he..

  1211. 1211 : Stream Anime Online Says:

    LOVED THIS DRAMA! Watched it all in 2 days, wished there was more dramas like this.

    Would of wished that Ji Hoo and his noona would end up together in the end though.


  1212. 1212 : Dereka Says:

    Ohhhhh my God……… Bof can’t resist you….. Your the man that i DREAMED OF……… Ji HOOOOO>………….Jandiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..Jun Pyo……….. Yi Jeooooooooong Woooooooo Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiin….. I LOVE YOU…………….i’M YOUR NO. 1 FAAAAAAAAAN. aND i’LL SHOUT YOUR mY ONE AND ONLY bBBBBOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  1213. 1213 : Well Says:

    Bobs Over Flowers

  1214. 1214 : JLD Says:

    I love this drama, it was very addicting i just can’t stop watching it.
    I was alittle bum at the end. I thought they would like get marry before the movie ended.
    Other then that, best drama ever.

  1215. 1215 : gerald balitos Says:

    ♥Ur show is so nice♥
    ♥keep up the good work guyz♥
    ♥plz add mde♥
    [email protected]

  1216. 1216 : Dark city Says:

    I love this series.. I love koo hye sun, lee min ho, kim hyun joong, kim bum, kim joon and kim so eun..

  1217. 1217 : Dark city Says:

    Also watch hana yori dango(japanese version) and meteor garden (taiwan version)

  1218. 1218 : Dark city Says:

    Seoulmate.. Ga eul and yi jeong

  1219. 1219 : Dark city Says:

    .Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho.Lee min ho

  1220. 1220 : Dark city Says:

    *Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun**Koo hye sun*

  1221. 1221 : Dark city Says:

    Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum.. Kim sang bum..

  1222. 1222 : Dark city Says:

    Boys over flowers is better than meteor garden.. Meteor garden 1 ok but the season 2 is boring.. Anyway the story line hana yori dango is the best.. No one can beat the original.. I love f4 japanese especially rui.. But the korean version more good looking than japanese and taiwan version.

  1223. 1223 : ilha Says:

    KIM BUM i LoVe u

  1224. 1224 : Eden lake Says:

    Almost paradise~

  1225. 1225 : Eden lake Says:

    I hope there will be season 2.

  1226. 1226 : virdyeeeeee Says:

    lee min ho,kimbum,jihu,semuanya dech
    U pUUl

  1227. 1227 : cyberdoll-sshi Says:

    obviously a MUST SEE drama since the rating is above average. well yeah, definately a must see. since i’ve watched it for 3 times 😀 KIM BUM

  1228. 1228 : MiszNuna Says:

    Love Ga Eul n Yi Jung!!!!!

  1229. 1229 : Nq gauL Says:

    Lee Min Hoo.. Lee Min Hoo..
    Kim Bum.. Kim Bum..

    LoVe You So MuCh..
    SuCCes iia..
    gooD LucK..

  1230. 1230 : alisha Says:

    lee min ho……..
    do you hve facebook????????
    i love you……….

  1231. 1231 : alisha Says:

    lee min ho……….
    do you hve facebook???????????????
    i love boys before flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1232. 1232 : astri Says:

    kim bum ‘N lee min ho keren abs. top b9t deh.. love u so much.. salam dr ank” YBHDTS_Club. we miss you BBF

  1233. 1233 : elisabeth rotua Says:

    hello my name is elisabet rotua i am years old ELEVEN years old.
    whats years old you ?



  1234. 1234 : Lea Says:

    Lee Min Ho,u’ll be always my prince..Will u visit Indonesia?U have a great number of fans here..I LOVE U!

  1235. 1235 : moy Says:

    kim bum….. l love u so much (v)…. i like this drama and l love u all… please come to indonesia???

  1236. 1236 : moy Says:

    kim hyun joon l miss u so much………l like u boy

  1237. 1237 : moy Says:

    gim hyeon jung, do you have facebook??

  1238. 1238 : lia Says:

    I like boys before flower,

  1239. 1239 : Sakura Says:

    Kim Bum I love You

  1240. 1240 : inese Says:

    i loved is drama boys before flower
    i love lee min hoo
    i love koo hye sun
    god bless u boys before flower

  1241. 1241 : rema Says:

    Ilike this drama boys before flowers and ilove SS501 …… song ( making alover ) so lovely …

  1242. 1242 : alunia Says:

    kim bum,kim joon,kim hyun joong,leemin hoo,gu hye sun!!!

  1243. 1243 : alunia Says:

    F4!!! i love youuuuuu!!!! (L)

  1244. 1244 : alunia Says:

    boys before flowers!!!!!!!

  1245. 1245 : DINA Says:

    i love BBF…i like kim bum

  1246. 1246 : ggsss Says:

    ilike kim bum and lee min ho… very very swett… lov u.. 4rever

  1247. 1247 : Korean DVDs Says:

    Anyone looking to purchase this DVD set with excellent English subtitles, just click on my nick – “Korean DVDs”. 😉


  1248. 1248 : asslol2 Says:


  1249. 1249 : moe Says:

    i love jhon pyo please give me you photo

  1250. 1250 : My everything Says:

    I love lee min ho song.. “my everything” such a lovely song

  1251. 1251 : Cho Says:

    I want your photo Kim Joon, please.I am your Fan.

  1252. 1252 : hm5airy Says:

    it is great cast

    good jop

  1253. 1253 : jeisha mae Says:

    lee min ho youre so cute i like u talaga as in ta napakagwapo mo pa… sana maging kayo ni koo hye sun sa totoong buhay…. bagay kc kayo…

  1254. 1254 : mahmuda Says:

    i love BBF because BBF viry nice my life to BBF always

  1255. 1255 : Kelly Says:


    Shall anyone tell me which kind of brand that the main actors used ?

  1256. 1256 : Kelly Says:


    Shall anyone tell me which kind of brand for the mobile phone that the main actors used ? thks

  1257. 1257 : Human, from Singapore. Says:

    HELLO! I’m a fan of BOF, very much. And oh ya, i love Lee Min Ho 🙂

  1258. 1258 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  1259. 1259 : merriam Says:

    I like the original Japanese version of “Hana Yori Danggo”.

  1260. 1260 : B Says:

    we can’t compare bbf with the other korean drama because this drama is d best korean drama ever.. =D

  1261. 1261 : bettyful09_11 Says:

    this series it’s so phenomenal… definitely like a HOLLYWOOD hit!!!!

  1262. 1262 : cheesecake Says:

    i like this drama so much 😀
    i like lee min hoo so much
    ohh yaa happy birthday to him 🙂 wish you all the best
    i wanna meet him so muchhhhh

  1263. 1263 : poppy Says:

    hay lee min ho end kim hyun jong

  1264. 1264 : vira Says:

    i like film boys before flower

  1265. 1265 : Green tea 89 Says:

    Boys over flowers the best korean drama ever..

  1266. 1266 : Hmmm Says:

    Lets compare.. What ur comment?? Which one did you prefer? Boys over flowers or hana yori dango or meteor garden.. Which one is the best and which one is the worst and why?

  1267. 1267 : Ma. Dolores Garcia Says:

    I like your drama.It makes a wonderful

  1268. 1268 : Ma. Dolores Garcia Says:

    It so Beautiful ipesode i’d see..After my work i realy want to watch Boys over flower.so im so happy ,,everytime i watch.

  1269. 1269 : Renzel Aguilar Says:

    I Love you kimbum!!!!!!!!!!forever………………

  1270. 1270 : dy_ans Says:

    its a must watch drama!!! even watched this drama 5 times already….still wanna watch it again ^_^

  1271. 1271 : Lee-Kendy Says:

    image link

    I luv BOF..
    I luvv F4
    I luvv Jan Di
    I luvvv Jun Pyo
    I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    a lesson in the life 😀

  1272. 1272 : keisha Says:


    i rEally lOve Bof….

    the bOys are good when comes to acting and they are also handsome especially lee min-ho and kim bum….i love thEm….

    koo hye sun and lee min-ho really fits….

    i hope there is part 2 and the part two will be gu jun pyo’s wedding with jandi and love story of ga eul and yi jung….

    this is the best so far….much better than the taiwan’s show….

    the boys are more handsome and the story is more beautiful…

    i really love it….


  1273. 1273 : dian Says:

    Kim Hyun Joong,,
    you are the best.
    i like you and your acting very much………….

  1274. 1274 : lina Says:

    i love a film boy before flower..when i watch this film its so funny..i love a character of jun pyo its so handsome..jan di its so sweet date with jun pyo… iiiiiiiiiiiii wish looking jandi and jun pyo in korea.. boy before flower come to ndonesia plissss…

  1275. 1275 : zin mar tun Says:

    curled hairs…….

  1276. 1276 : virgia Says:

    Hiiiii……!!!!!im virgia from Sumedang(West Java,Indonesia)

    I love u BBF….!!!
    I love u Kim Hyun Joong….!!!!!

    I have a dream Hyun Joong is my boyfriend…!!!

  1277. 1277 : Maya Says:

    I love jan di could be with jun pyo,but I pround with jun pyo’fiancee,she’s cool because she let jan di&jun pyo together.

  1278. 1278 : Christin Says:

    I LIke BBF..
    it’s so fun n romantic drama that i ever watch..
    For F4, Jandi-a,n gA EUL…. AZA…. AZA FIGHTING!!!!!

  1279. 1279 : minozer Says:

    I love bbf…I thing it’s a good movie…it teach me to b confidance n keep trying what ever it takes just do my best…also 4 d actor ” lee min ho” I always love u ^*^fighting 4 all of u guyz^o^//

  1280. 1280 : dean Says:

    I love BBf very much..
    how can I meet LEE mIN hO OR kiM bUM..????
    I LOve they…..

  1281. 1281 : Hmmm Says:

    Today is KIM KI BUM’s birthday

  1282. 1282 : thea Says:

    ang gwapo tlagah ni kim bum grabeh.

    kinikilig ako sa mgah loveteam ng bof.

  1283. 1283 : Kristel Rae Says:

    I love BOF!!!
    All F4s are so handsome…
    I love Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum…
    And also Koo Hye Sun…


  1284. 1284 : saena mae alizada Says:

    i love forever the F4 yes it is true that we cant resist the new F4 oh i would like to see them in personal oh iwish that they will come to meet the filipino fanatics of boys over flowers

  1285. 1285 : rhoyett Says:


  1286. 1286 : elsa Says:

    i luv u kim bum araw arw q nng iniisip ung bof since natapos 2 just like how i feel when sweet spy end, i want to cry but i cannot bqz they wil tink im going crazy haha! sana replay i promise to watch it even thousand times just make sure im not yet a mammy………..
    i cant live w/o ya! please come in the philippines…

  1287. 1287 : mahya Says:

    very besT

  1288. 1288 : moet Says:

    i like this movie very much
    i like Lee Min Ho

  1289. 1289 : rinchen Says:

    hello all BBF you guys really rock d world…and i love the guy who says yo yo wass up man….actually i dont know his name but i do like him so much in this movie……good luck……and see you all as soon…..llllllloooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee yo yo wass up man…….

  1290. 1290 : donka Says:

    hi BBF….lee min ho you are so hand sum n i like your acting too…so keep it up by the way you look good in straight hair…kim hyun joong i love you sweet smile…kim bum…you are soooo cute…kim joon— you look like hollywood actor….

  1291. 1291 : ponpon Says:

    i’m dreaming of u every night, and thinking of u every day. You are so sweet. Nice to know u.

  1292. 1292 : lyn franco Says:

    A PART 2.

  1293. 1293 : andi ismawati, makassar Says:

    i like bbf all of them, the stories, scene..everything…so sweet

  1294. 1294 : LiCz Says:

    Hy …
    F4 n” gOO HyE sOn ..
    How Are U ???

  1295. 1295 : edwin Says:

    hi to all the cast of the bof wow ist fantastic version of meteor garden i think the director of this show is the best and the actreses and actors of this show is best drama in the philiphines the BOF is the top ratings koreanovela wow……..its fantastic mabuhay……………..

  1296. 1296 : marsya Says:

    I love BBF ! I love Kim Bum n Lee Min Hoo forefer…

  1297. 1297 : aakash Says:

    i love bbf very much its da best ever lee min hoo u rock saranghaeyooo

  1298. 1298 : Cha Cha Says:

    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!
    I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!! I luv BBF 4ever!!


  1299. 1299 : Blackbeans Says:

    Wow! number going up all the way to the top…hooorray! I luv them so much esp lee min ho….BBF and SHALLOW THE SUN are my top series in 2009…Lee min Ho and Ji Sung are on my top list actor evar! Fighting!

  1300. 1300 : KATHERINE AGUILAR Says:


  1301. 1301 : anjali Says:

    hey i m the biiiiiiig fan of BBF.i jst love u guys.kim joon aka Woo bin SARANGHAEYOOOOOOOO.I LOVE U……….JAL ISSEYO..ANNEYONG.I LOVE THE WAY U TALK,WALK,ACT,SING…………………….I LOVE U…….UR EVERY EVERY BEHAVIOUR…………………………..1CE AGAIN SARANGHAEYO……………………………….

  1302. 1302 : aprilia Says:

    hey i m biiiiiig fan of BBF.i just love u guys.kim bum aka woo bn SARANGHAEYOOOOOOOO.I LOVE U……..,……………JAL ISSEYO……..ANNEYONG.I LOVE THE WAY U TALK,WALK,ACT, SING………….I LOVE U…………………..UREVERY EVERY BEHAVIOR……………..1CE AGAIN SARANGHAEYO…………………………………………

  1303. 1303 : asma Says:

    its the best serie everrrr =-D

  1304. 1304 : fae zae Says:

    huhuhuhu….i like they all, they very cute…but i very like kim bum

  1305. 1305 : chiara Says:

    i’m a huge fan of BBF….you have amazing actors in Korea!…in Italy we have some kind of dramas called “fiction” but most of our actors can’t really act!

  1306. 1306 : agnesia Says:

    boys before flower is the best than meteor garden….


    and forever……………
    jun pyo…………….you are handsome boys
    yi jong………………you are cool boys
    ji hoo……………………you are nice boys
    woo bin …………………..you are very sweet boys

    greetings nice
    your fans

    agnesia / diao chan

  1307. 1307 : JAHZ Says:


  1308. 1308 : cien_23 Says:

    hai….i really appreciate the story…very romantic..i love it! i hope they can also make other movie with the same cast of characters..

    loveyou..how i wish i could c you all in personal BOF cast…..

  1309. 1309 : kyky Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii aduh F4 keren abis pokokx sukses buat filmx ya ok SALAM KENAL JA see you

  1310. 1310 : fillia Says:

    hai………….f4………..U.keren banget……….,
    kpn2 film X…..di ulang lge yaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww………………..

  1311. 1311 : nadia Says:

    kim bum is very cute……..

    this drama very nice……..

    and sad……

  1312. 1312 : jhay-jhay Says:

    jun pyo…is very handsome,,i like his role,,being the leader of F4

    bagay au cla ni gEum Jan di…hehehe

  1313. 1313 : Lily Says:

    Love Min ho alot. He’s very handsome his smile is very sweet. Kim Bum is very cute. Kim Jun is handsome either. Wish Min Ho will has new serie again.

    Love u Min Ho….

  1314. 1314 : firidi Says:

    the set of all mejior even I can not forget I hope there’s second season

  1315. 1315 : maria Says:

    I can not stop watching this dorama
    I have it on dvd but I would like someone to tell me if there is no second season

  1316. 1316 : Nyna Says:

    this drama is THE BEST !! AWESOME DRAMA EVER !!!!!!! season 1 ep 1 -12 , season 2 ep 13-25 .. season 2 start when jan di go to Macau to find Jun Pyo .

  1317. 1317 : naztcee Says:

    i like BBF, , , ,
    i hope can meet of lee min ho


  1318. 1318 : akaro Says:

    F4 u guys are gr8 together make more movie together love to c u guys, cool, handsome and cute. you guys are breaking the heart of many girls ha ha

  1319. 1319 : villia Says:

    i like kim bum and lee min ho i hope can kim bum and lee min ho

  1320. 1320 : Nina Says:

    hyy i m the fan of BBf from Indonesia
    BBf So great an Interesting
    but why it was made short serial…?

    your act very good
    thankz korea ….

  1321. 1321 : monica Says:

    aku suka sekali dengan akting peran gun jyuoyo ,tapi dlm peran ini aku sedih melihah gun jandi sering disakiti gun junpyo ,tapi untung ada jihoo yang sayang sama gunjandi

  1322. 1322 : talica Says:

    bbf i lup you very much….gw suka banget ama kim bum yg cute buanget and funny…lgunya yg because i’m stupid geum jan di menghayati banget….kim bum you so cute n funny…muach…

  1323. 1323 : hm5airy Says:

    it’s adorable cast …ever

  1324. 1324 : yoyoyo Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s because I watched the Japanese version but I really hated the korean adaptation. There were parts I liked, the only reason I watched it was for “soeulmate.”

    The guys were cute though.

  1325. 1325 : amktsy Says:

    i only watch until episode 8 and i stop…the rest i read recaps instead…..

    when this drama broadcast in korea i say to my classmate about it they think i am crazy..than my country tv broadcast and end up the whole class of girls watch it..(last time when it broadcast in korea i say that drama they think i am kdrama siao/crazy as they think kdrama are boring)
    and my that classmate watch 3 times.. -.-

  1326. 1326 : dee Says:

    Boys Before Flowers is a really great drama series . .
    it makes me cry , laugh and feel soooo happy . .
    I love it .

  1327. 1327 : angel Says:

    bikin orang nangis deh filmx?

  1328. 1328 : j-c Says:

    an nyoung na seh yo beeeeelated saengil chukda hamnida lee min ho naul bo go ship da komapsumnida to all cast of bof sarangguel ALL BOYS OVER FLOWERS………..,,,,,,,,,


    ( n_n )

  1329. 1329 : judith Says:

    nice drama series…. love it

  1330. 1330 : arezou Says:

    i dont like koo hye sun at all!she is silly!y chose her for this character?she is older than other 4 actors!(she is 3 years older than lee min ho!!!)
    but f4 group is the best!they r handsome & their acting r good!

  1331. 1331 : janela Says:

    BOYS OVER FLOWERS is the one reason why i love korean drama. Boys over Flowers and Korean F4 are extremely popular here in the Philippines. We’re really hoping that they will visit our country. All of them including Goo Hye Sun like what Meteor Garden cast did long time ago. WE LOVE LEE MIN HO AND I WILL SUPPORT HIM FOREVER.

  1332. 1332 : janela Says:

    Boys over Flowers FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!! Lee Min Ho FIGHTING!!!!!! Please make a sequel / part 2 soon. I really love it!!

  1333. 1333 : hl7222 Says:

    hey, does anybody know the name of the place on Jegu where the (almost!) marriage took place? Have looked everywhere but can’t seem to find the name. Thanks!

  1334. 1334 : hanum Says:

    i really really love it!!! please make a season 2.. lee min ho, you are so handsome!! i love averything about bbf.. boys before flowers SARANGHEOOOOOOO

  1335. 1335 : روكه Says:

    هاااااااااااى والله المسلسل دة رااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااائع

  1336. 1336 : maya Says:

    I love Jan di with Jun pyo, but I pround with Jae Kyung (Jun Pyo fiancee)

  1337. 1337 : USA Says:

    Watching it again and it’s still one of the best kdrama’s out there. Koo Hye Sun’s acting is incredible. She portrays a sensible, responsible, mature young lady, which is actually the way a mature young lady should act. The success of this kdrama was inclusive of her acting ability, not exclusive. The men are handsome, and the chemistry among the actors in every scene is excellent. They know how to draw the viewers into their world; now that’s acting.

  1338. 1338 : vero8189 Says:

    I really love this drama because this drama is full of story.
    i am the fans of kim bum

  1339. 1339 : vero8189 Says:

    aku ngfensloh sama Kim Bum dan Lee Min Ho.Aku seneng banget kalau pemain film BBF bisa datang ke indonesia.udah dulu deh Buat Kim Bum dan Lee Min Ho I LOVE YOU FULL……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1340. 1340 : violetta Says:

    love u all F4,especialy kim hyun joong,i hope BBF have a continue episode Geum Jan Di be real marry with Goo Joon Pyo or Yoon Ji Hoo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1341. 1341 : pink Says:

    ♥ Lee min ho is mine
    ..no one can take him
    ..away from me

  1342. 1342 : XxSunniLovinxX Says:

    This izz the the BEST DRAMA I’VE EVERY SEEN IN LONG TIIIME. I rekoon itz betta than da Japanese and Taiwanese version. Sigh*** The guys are soo goodlooking and the gurls pretty… Imma in love withhh dis drama and PEOPLE YOU SHUD WATCH IT!!!!


  1343. 1343 : gold natividad Says:

    hellow poh mga ate at kuya hehe

    eow poh kuya ji hoo,jun pyo,woo bin at yi jung
    at syempre kay ate jae kyung,ate gaile at syempre sa kamuka kong si ate jan di hihihihi
    ka2kilig poh talaga ng movie nyo
    sana poh may part 2 ang boys over flowers
    mga kuya ang swee2t poh ninyo grabe at ang cool ninyo at ang gwa2po ninyo
    sana poh mkita ko poh kyo sa personal at makapicture ko poh kayo
    at sana din poh makakila2 din poh ako ng ka2lad ninyong mga gwapo hehe at syempre poh sweet at cool
    sige poh ,,,,…….

  1344. 1344 : jiji Says:

    huhuhuhu….i like they all, they very cute…but i very like kim bum

  1345. 1345 : liem s l Says:

    bbf much better than hanayori dango or meteor garden. Does anybody think that lee is too old & serious to become goo jun pyo? anyway, he’s quite a nice looking guy

  1346. 1346 : renata Says:

    do you know what song/backsound (piano version) in episode 19 when jun pyo and jae kyung arrived at hotel? or in episode 21 when jun pyo read an invitation wedding card from his mother? or in episode 24 when noona (jun pyo’s sister meet her father?

    tell me please, i really need it ..

  1347. 1347 : nibedita Says:

    hey i m a gr8 fan of bbf specially of lee min ho

  1348. 1348 : Hilda Says:

    I like all of this drama. Specially the actor . . .
    Lee Min Ho . . . . . love you so much . . .
    you so handsome Min Ho . . .
    I like your style, face, and your act in BBF.
    you know, sometimes I hope can meet with you . . .

    not just Lee Min Ho, I also like all of F4.
    Love you . . .

    Hilda . . .

  1349. 1349 : wen Says:

    i love Kim joon, Very So Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  1350. 1350 : bettyful09_11 Says:

    Boys over flowers is childishly funniest… But romantically mautred enough!!…

    the story tackles and definitely reflects on how the characters struggle their problems, life difficulties, challenges in life and social issues which every modern day youth is facing today

  1351. 1351 : suci Says:

    miss u f4 n koo yhe sun….when bbf part 2 will be launch?

  1352. 1352 : marian Says:

    omg love it so much!!

  1353. 1353 : marian Says:

    omg love it so much!!
    grabe kakainlove ang f4 lalo na si kim bum!!

  1354. 1354 : Olga Says:

    I haven’t watch this drama yet but I already love it
    since my friend told me the whole story.
    I’m blaming my friend for getting me started
    on this, I can’t stop myself watching korean drama
    all the time, I need to tell my mom to get rid of KBS
    and SBS.

    I love the song “Stand By Me”!!!!! aja, aja korean…….

    Saranghaeyo Kim Bum!!!!!!

    Whats the language does this lady/girl speak right below
    my comment anyways???

  1355. 1355 : littlean17 Says:

    @ olga that’s Filipino – translation [she’s falling in love to f4 especially Kim Bum]

  1356. 1356 : latish Says:

    so much rave abt this i cant watch at all as much as i love both lee min ho and kim hyung joong i so dislike the actress it’ll be a film i will never get to see………..

  1357. 1357 : okta Says:

    BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS is very cool

    kim hyun joong n kim joon saranghae

  1358. 1358 : LAKSMITA Says:

    hi, i’m is kim sang bum fan…:-)
    i like BBF but BBF so nice and romantic.
    BBF is a great film:D

  1359. 1359 : wish Says:

    it was a good drama if geum jandi wasn,t in this darama!!!!!
    she looks older than other boys,& of course she is really older than them!
    geum jandi 1984
    kim joon 1985
    kim hyun joong 1986
    lee min hoo 1987
    kim bum 1989
    i really hate this girl!why she speak so bad??!!
    i love f4 group, they,re handsome guys!

  1360. 1360 : kaka Says:

    go go go BBF….
    love you..

  1361. 1361 : sunita Says:

    hey u f4 guys were cool in da drama. i love hyun joong n all of u. u people realy toched my heart.wailtin for ur next series.

  1362. 1362 : kate Says:

    start from episode 17 dis drama not good at all
    and about actor and actress not so professional…Y everyone think dat dis drama hot, cool, good, nice etc….
    so wonder!!!

  1363. 1363 : Sony Says:

    Congratuation! For winning the award yesterday in popularity in yahoo fan.
    Keep fighting!
    Fan of BOF

  1364. 1364 : arezou Says:

    hi kate!
    same u,its not a wonder drama!:(
    i dont like the storyline & especially lead actress at all!
    but i like f4 boys!!!

  1365. 1365 : RoSe Says:

    I really luv the film BBF, F4 guyz u rock! Especially Kim Bum he’s so cute! His smile is just so sweet and his dimples! Muah..muah..! Sarange Kim Bum!

  1366. 1366 : uchie Says:

    mizz u bbf….i want 2 watch bbf part 2……MISS U!BBF saranghae…..

  1367. 1367 : wea05 Says:

    BOF!!! oh my GOD ! i love this drama soooo much!!! they act like they are stars already!!! i want to see them in personal!!! especially LEE MIN-HO!! he is my crush!! phew.. hope that they will visit here in the philippines..!! = )

  1368. 1368 : kate Says:

    Yeah..arezou i only luv Kim Bum & Lee Min Hoo

  1369. 1369 : zash Says:

    more show for LEE MIN HO together with KOO HYE SUN,,, BEST LOVETEAM!!!!

  1370. 1370 : Olga Says:

    Thanks Littlean17, I appreciate it!!!!! (down below comments)

  1371. 1371 : aubrey Says:

    nice korean drama,…

    among the adaptation of this manga(hana yori dango) i like the korean,… i dont know maybe because of the cute,handsome f4 boys omg!
    among the four i like Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum love them!

    and now Kim Bum is here in the Philippines,… i hope i would grab a chance to see him in person,… i hope so,…

    is there bof part 2?,… wen it will be launch? i hope ther will be!

  1372. 1372 : celina Says:

    i love this show soo much !!
    i really love the role of yi jeong which was portrayed by kim sang bum
    i love his cute eyes
    his innocent face
    his killer smile
    and his chemistry with ga eul

    i like also min ho but in my opinion sang bum is the cutest 🙂

    i love the way sang bum said to ga eul in f4 five years after
    “ga eul, would you like to be my FLOWER .. forever ??”

    his so sweet and charming .

    anyway, wish there will be part 2 ..

    ♥maria celina pascual♥
    →kim sang bum’s biggest fan in the philippines ü←

  1373. 1373 : imma_ajah Says:

    more show for LEE MIN HO together with KOO HYE SUN,,, BEST LOVETEAM!!!! and Kim Bum together Kim So Eun the BEST COUPLE!!!!!!

  1374. 1374 : MINSUN FANATIC Says:

    BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS SEASON 2 pls!!! we love lee min-ho and koo hye-sun loveteam!!!!!

  1375. 1375 : helena Says:

    who played jihu’s “gay” friend? is he korean? haha just curious =p

  1376. 1376 : marlyn Says:

    boys over flower!!!!!!!!!!!!i really love it! hope to see u all in person. stay as cute as u all are!!!!!!!!

  1377. 1377 : widi Says:


  1378. 1378 : haru Says:

    for almost 3 years of being a koreandrama addict.. hehehe.’ i can say that this is one of the nicest drama i’ve watched eventhough it is a remake, still it has a unique plots.’

    *sigh* love it so much.

    kim hyun joong

  1379. 1379 : jamii Says:

    love this drama!!!!!

  1380. 1380 : GIRL955 Says:

    i love bbf so much! i love everything about it, the music is perfect, the actors are all brilliant i wouldn’t change a thing. except to have another season. i hate american dramas. it’s revolved around sex, drugs and money and that’s it. some of the actors suck too. american dramas don’t have any heart in them but watching bbf was so refreshing. i was crying every week when i watch the episodes. i ran out of tissues 🙂 i heart boys before flowers!

  1381. 1381 : Louisse Says:

    haha im not gonna say anythin about americans ’cause im not gonna go pick out a race and insult ’em but i agree with everythin else you said :D!
    boys over flowers was so emotional but i would so watch it over and over again but never get time. but the only think i would change in boys over flowers is if geum jan di would be a bit more passionate when kissin gu jun pyo. but everythin was jus perfect :D!

  1382. 1382 : ILOVEBOF Says:

    Jan DI and Jun Pyo forever and ever and ever and ever!

    I want another series having them as the main leads. One more series! One more series!

  1383. 1383 : sunnygurl Says:


  1384. 1384 : MICHEI Says:

    Muchos Gracias!! Te amo Jan Di y Jun Pyo

  1385. 1385 : aja! Says:

    LEE MIN HO and KOO HYE SUN have many fans here in Phil. please make a new series of them together again. it will surely makes every fan of them so much happy!

  1386. 1386 : MINSUN FOREVER Says:

    i saw your latest pic with Koo Hye Sun (boysbeforeflowersko.multiply.com) you guys so sweet!!! i love seeing you and Hye Sun together. hope theres anothere project for you too guys. and hope you appear always with her. AJA!

  1387. 1387 : sarah Says:

    i really love boys over flowers ever since especially the interesting love story of gu jun pyo and geum jan di!!! their near death together scenes and the “balikan” moments were my favorite that’s the most romantic scenes for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!

  1388. 1388 : lonely gal Says:

    wow it was a wonderful drama.every one has carried their role perfectly that i loved it so much.Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Beom are so cute that i cant take my eyes from them.

  1389. 1389 : R F D Says:

    gum jan di your so talented, i think you and lee min ho are the cutest couple i ever seen in korean drama. wish to see more of koo hye sun and lee min ho as a couple in korean drama.

  1390. 1390 : MINSUN Says:

    BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2! BOF 2!

  1391. 1391 : euis ratna Says:

    I’m glad they finally succeed in the movie BBF,,,

  1392. 1392 : marlyn Says:

    boys over flower!!!!!!!!!!!love watching it over and over again!!!!!

  1393. 1393 : sweetvine Says:

    I love this drama but I wished that Jandi ended up with Ji Hoo instead. The story line would have been much better if that was the case. I feel so sorry for Ji Hoo who was always there for her, she should have returned his affections. Ending the story with a happy ending for Jan Di and Joon Pyo is so predictable, if only she ended up with Ji Hoo, it would have been perfect 🙂 If I were Jandi, I would pick Ji Hoo instead!

  1394. 1394 : edho Says:

    q sangat nfans sekali….ama kim boom coz orgx ganteng bangetz!semoga di kehidupan luar film kim boom jadian sama “ga eul”!

  1395. 1395 : evi(libra girl) Says:

    quwH [email protected] 62Ng3tz [email protected] KIM BOOM & JI HOO,coZ mRk yg pLg gaNt3ngz [email protected]!I LOV3 TO KIM BOOM & JI HOO,FOR3V3R!!!!!!!!!!

  1396. 1396 : Heba Says:

    I’ve watched and enoyed this series .it made me laugh,sad and stunned by the way the korean direct ,produce and act in their series.besides it provoked me to know more about Korea and the korean production of the series.regading the story of the seris,it’s really touching ,but some of the actors weren’t that professionals ,they seemed to be acting for the first time.still I loved Lee min ho

  1397. 1397 : dolma Says:

    i love f4 especially JI HOO .

    try making boys before flower: part 2 please .

  1398. 1398 : evp Says:

    hei..don’t talk bad 4 this drama ok,
    cz I love it..n I love them all..they all good actr n actrss…
    they always have perfect storyline 4 each of the actr – it make me love K
    drama more. hei..fr wacthing K drama I can learn Koren/ speak Korean.
    my fovrt – Spring Waltz
    My girl.
    Tamna Island.
    Stairway to Heaven – ( just don’t like the end should not die )
    Love n Obsesion
    Shining Inheritance
    Boys over flowers.
    aaahhh .. lot of laugh n cry.. but its worth it —am still wacthing other K drama – thanks..

  1399. 1399 : jaju Says:

    this drama, made me laugh, made me cry… i was so excited for every episode.. esp jihoo’s part ….. i also like Taiwanese version Meteor Garden and also the soundtrack…

  1400. 1400 : uthe Says:

    lee min ho

    datenggggggggggggggggggggggg ke indonesia

    jangan lpaaaaaa


    [email protected]

  1401. 1401 : muna Says:

    Hi Kim,

    Dis is Muna all d way 4rm Himalayn land Nepal.m a gr8 fan of urs n ur Korean Series BBF.Its really a heart touching series dat i had ever seen.Now its my one of d favourite series.I truely luv 5 of u seeing it.It was really d gr8 series n u all 5 have really done the superb job…

    I wish u all of 5 bst wishes n hope to see u in up coming series 2geder.
    N u knw wat,watching dis Korean series made me feel like visiting Korea in my life time n i will definately wanna c u there.

    Nyways,Plz do stay healthy n many loads of bst wishes for ur up coming series n bright future n career.

    Sarange all…

    urs truely,
    Muna shrestha (NEPAL)

  1402. 1402 : jacque Says:

    hey guys! i just want to say that I SOO LOVE THIS DRAMA! my gosh. i can’t get over it. i think it has been six months since i’ve watched this drama and i still love it, i still watch it all over again in dvds! okay, i have soo much to say about this drama so please bare with me :))

    *at first i hesitated to watch this because i’ve seen METEOR GARDEN [the taiwanese drama, first version] and i loved it! the whole Philippines loved it! if it’s already 5:30 here [Meteor Garden time slot] all people would stop in what they are doing! everyone had posters, stickers and stuff of F4! we filipinos can even sing to the F4 songs even if we don’t understand a thing about it. ^^ Also in the Japanese version, i didn’t really liked it ’cause i don’t know 😛 i got bored that’s why i didn’t bother to expect something great on this one [sorry for the fans :)] . well anyway, yea… i hesitated but it was a hot item in the internet since everybody was talking about it, blogs of BOF were everywhere in the net. so i gave it a try, downloaded the first episode of bof, and i gotta tell you guys, i got hooked at the moment where GOO JUN PYO flashed his ever glorious, cutee, mesmerizing smile!!!! gawd, i felt like i was in heaven! seriously! and after that, i just couldn’t stop, it was then until morning that i had to catch a break to sleep and to rest my laptop! [actually if not for my laptop, i would really continue, i mean i wouldn’t mind staying up for 48 hours so that i could finish it all!] also, the cast were so fresh, i didn’t even knew a cutie and gorgeous LEE MIN HO and KIM BUM exist in this world! my ideal type :)) and not to mention, the budget of this series, it was obviously a high cost production because they went to New Caledonia and Macau. honestly i’ve never heard of New Caledonia, but after seeing it in BOF suddenly it was on the map… and MACAU, one of my favorite tourist destinations ever, I LOVEE MACAU! i mean compared to meteor garden obviously in this version the producers really emphasized on how effin’ rich the F4 is! just look at their wardrobes! love the branded suits, shoes, bags and jewelries! i admire the stylists of BOF! they really showed a very sophisticated F4 in this version! and ofcourse, the cars… love the CADILLACS, FERARRI and [ my gosh my dream car] LOTUS! whoa! I LOVE ALL OF THEM :)) and to add it up, i liek how they really based bof to the manga. they didn’t edit much. and oh yea, i like how they added a story line between YI JEONG and GA EUL! and they’ve put alot if really romantics scenes of Gu jun pyo and Jan di…

    nwi, all in all… this is my favorite out of the three versions! i love evry bit of BOF! even HA JAE KYUNG, i soo love this girl. i even want her instead of Jan di for Jun Pyo. I think the two have a much better chemistry [not that jan di and jun pyo don’t have any but i think jae kyung and jun pyo look cute together!]. well. for everyone on BOF! TWO THUMBS UP FOR YOU GUYS! ^^

  1403. 1403 : sarita Says:

    Yup this series is definitely the best drama i have ever watched.
    you guys are so popular in Nepal as well.

  1404. 1404 : sarah Says:

    hi i am from ksa
    i love this drama
    and i love korea drama
    but boys before flowers the best
    i love f4 🙂


  1405. 1405 : tanya Says:

    i love kim hyun joong,he is really a good actor.

  1406. 1406 : kattyyang Says:

    i love to see BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS all the time

  1407. 1407 : astari Says:

    boys before flowers sangat bagus film nya 😀

  1408. 1408 : miso Says:

    I loved this drama too, but I think I love “You’re beautiful” more. If you enjoyed BOF, you’ll definately love “you’re Beautiful”. I can’t get enoough of it and it gets better every week!!

  1409. 1409 : ikkie Says:

    omg i love this show! its literally the best 😉

  1410. 1410 : setiya Says:

    I`m Setiya from iran.
    i know that none of the actors , actoress`s and the others would see my massage then i dont leave this for them i leave it for myself.
    I wanna say ” i wish everybody be successful’ ” just it.
    fi aman ALLAH

  1411. 1411 : annie Says:

    it’s so awsome drama…I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!!!!!
    This is the best version of hana yori dango I’ve ever watched.. I love all the casts of boys before flowers….when will you visit to indonesia…

  1412. 1412 : yunita Says:

    boys before flowers bagus banget dechhhhhhhhhhhh…………….aq nge “FANS” bgt ma k’ kim bum ‘n ka’ kim so eun…………….pok’nx ok bgt puoooolll…dech……..!!!

  1413. 1413 : Jo Says:

    I love this drama so much.
    It gives me inspiration.
    I can’t believe myself I’ve been watching it for the third time now.1st at Koreandrama.org from my laptop,2nd when it was among with the pilipino drama series aired in the Philippines during my July-August vacation of 2009 and 3rd at multicultural channel here in Canada.You’re all so great guys and one of a kind!

  1414. 1414 : kali Says:

    after a long time
    i got chance to see funny n awesome sereis
    its been 6 month i vent watched god series
    but its cool n refresh
    all character

  1415. 1415 : zakiyah Says:

    I like It…,,,
    Lee Min Hoo Stay Cool………
    But, Why the episode only 25th…??????

  1416. 1416 : Reiza Says:

    You love this movie? This movie is not even nice. It is so COOL! I love it. I wanna go out with all the F4 and I love their act. Bye!

  1417. 1417 : h3nny Says:

    boys before flower is korean version of “Meteor Garden from Taiwan and Hana Yori Dango from Japan” and i think this korean series is the best…coz the actor especially lee min ho is more handsome than Dao Ming Tse..haha…and they play their carachter so well…2 thumbs up!!!

  1418. 1418 : marlyn Says:

    hello bof fans!!!!!!!!!!!sarangheyo!!!!!!!!!still the no.1 koreandrama!

  1419. 1419 : ariska Says:

    Boys Before FLOWERS /kkotboda Namja is the best
    I like it

  1420. 1420 : maharani Says:

    I like boys before flowers forever……………

  1421. 1421 : maharani Says:

    To.Lie Min Hoo

    aku suka banget sama kamu,kamu tau??kamu adalah inspirasi buat aku.Kalau aku lagi sedih aku selalu ingat sama kamu dan aku ngerasa kamu ada di dekat aku.Aku uda gak sabar pengen ketemu langsuna sama kamu..Love you forever…….

  1422. 1422 : krissy Says:


  1423. 1423 : harihays Says:

    hello.i am harihays, from malaysia.i’ve watched this drama a million times.i was so obsessed with kim hyun joong.

  1424. 1424 : kimberly Says:

    this is the best drama i’ve ever watched,
    the actors and actresses mde this drama better than others
    but because of Lee min hO, it became the best..

  1425. 1425 : nida Says:

    I like bbf and I kim bum……………..

  1426. 1426 : tis Says:

    i love ji hoo (^.^)

  1427. 1427 : mar Says:

    i really kim bum n so eun ..mmmuah

  1428. 1428 : raisah Says:

    i love lie min ho

  1429. 1429 : sneha Says:

    i really liked dis drama n dis iz da best drama i have ever watched.i liked lee min ho a lot.his acting is really cool.u rock lee min ho

  1430. 1430 : sumnima Says:

    lee min ho is really cool.keep on rocking man!

  1431. 1431 : soukaina Says:


  1432. 1432 : wirda Says:

    i love boys before flowers

  1433. 1433 : wirda Says:

    mdh – mdhan main lagi

  1434. 1434 : wirda Says:

    a love

  1435. 1435 : wirda Says:

    i locve

  1436. 1436 : asiangoodsdvd Says:

    buy korean dramas at


  1437. 1437 : wie Says:

    lee min ho sarang haeyo

  1438. 1438 : syaza Says:

    saya suka sgt2 boy over flowers..
    goo jun pyo, i love u..

  1439. 1439 : nalisha Says:

    i love this drama too much ti’s the story of friend,love and enemy.the person whom i most like is Ji-hoo ,goo Joon pyo and their one friend.i think that i am better than Jan di and i love u ji-hoo.

  1440. 1440 : marife nimes Says:

    hi i’m marife …. i like boys over flowers very much specially to lee min hoo..all the girls here in the philippines loves this korean drama..i wish that there will be another korean drama and i like sandara park as leading lady of lee min hoo….good luck guyzzz..WE MISS YOU..

  1441. 1441 : riya Says:

    its oustanding and touching

  1442. 1442 : ij Says:

    saranghae lee min h0.

    this st0ry made me cry especially when separati0n scene between jandi n junpy0.


  1443. 1443 : ij Says:

    i’m addict with this st0ry.

    & the theme s0ngs is pretty g0od.


  1444. 1444 : eugene Says:

    This is the best version of Boys Before Flowers that I have ever watched. This is the best ever. Character Rui of Kim Hyun Joong is the best in every version I have watched. Love this drama!!

  1445. 1445 : wow gold Says:

    Excellent tips .I really appreciate all these points, and I agree completely…

  1446. 1446 : nur hanani Says:

    this is the best drama that i watch…
    i love the actors and the actress..

  1447. 1447 : eugene Says:

    Every time i watch it again, I feel sorry for Ji Hoo’s silent love. Just give out and never expect anything back. Love you Ji Hoo

  1448. 1448 : Ain Says:

    Dear BBF actors/actress,

    You’ve done a very good job !
    All my family members love this show !
    Hope there will be Boys Before Flowers 2 .
    I’m waiting for it !
    Btw, Jun Pyo and Jan Di is the most perfect couple .

  1449. 1449 : eugene Says:

    I feel sad anytime I see Ji Hoo. I feel like crying for him

  1450. 1450 : korean lover Says:

    i love this drama so much . omg , all the guys are so handsome , auww ! yeah , go ‘F4’ ! really desperate to meet you all , can i ? hahaa

  1451. 1451 : eugene Says:

    Can Everyone go to the vating section on the homeoage vote for this drama? This is the best version ever!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!

  1452. 1452 : seti Says:


  1453. 1453 : AFikry Says:

    its the most wonderful thing i ever seen
    its great

  1454. 1454 : imrea Says:

    fantastic drama !!

  1455. 1455 : laxMee Says:

    hello, min ho oppa!

  1456. 1456 : tyler swift Says:

    i love soul couple more than the two main lead star.love you guys u all did a wanderfull job keep it up i will support you all .

  1457. 1457 : saranghae_bof Says:

    go go bof!!

  1458. 1458 : Melanie Says:

    Pase todo el tiempo rogando para que no se me saliera el corazòn!!

    나는 사랑합니다

  1459. 1459 : Norme Says:

    Annyeong all,

    Awesome drama…Can’t stop …2 much to handle…Great plot, best performance and sooooooooooocute…especially Jihu Sunbae…..
    Keep fighting….

  1460. 1460 : eugene Says:

    I’m watching it over and over again. Ji Hoo and Jan Di make me love this drama. Hyun Joong ssi and Hye Sun ssi…………fighting!!! You both are the best.

  1461. 1461 : Angie Aw Says:

    Han Gul F4 oppa hwaiting !!!!!!!

  1462. 1462 : not only a fan Says:

    i dont know to love you2 lee min ho
    if i say are you be my oppa you say you’re sally but i love you meet the tell i love you i fall in love but anybody dont understand me this love is not a bad thing but …………………..

  1463. 1463 : Lyf chan Says:

    cup…cup…I love so much this film…..
    Kim Joon…..U so cute…..
    Koo Hye Soon…I like U’r power
    Mmmm….please add my facebook…Iif Istyamazia

  1464. 1464 : sahorat Says:

    I really miss this drama sooooooooo much I can remember Those days when I was Watching This Beautiful Drama

  1465. 1465 : zerao Says:

    i love ji hoo! he always make me cry because of his sadness :'(

  1466. 1466 : liz Says:

    My Top 5 K.D.
    1. Boys Over Flowers
    2. Coffee Prince
    3. Save The Last Dance For Me
    4. Spring Waltz
    5. My Girl

  1467. 1467 : Park Da-hyun Says:

    : uri deurama jhua semnika :

    1. you’re beatiful
    2. kgotboda namja
    3. take care of agasshi
    4. city hall
    5. queen seon duk

  1468. 1468 : momomiko10 Says:

    mine would be…

    1-You’re Beautiful
    2-Boys Over Flowers
    3-Shinning Inheritance
    4-City Hall

    And for all the time would be…
    1-Cofee Prince
    2-Boys Over Flower
    3-You’re Beautiful
    4-My Girl
    5-Shinning Inheritance

    ~love Kdrama 😉

  1469. 1469 : eugene Says:

    Ji Hoo, I feel sad every time I see you this drama. I watch this drama over and over again because of you and Jan Di. Your feeling toward Jan Di makes me sad because she eventually not accept you. Anyway, love this drama so much.

  1470. 1470 : eugene Says:

    Ji Hoo has a more significant role in Jan Di’s life than the Taiwanese and Japanese versions, more strongly depicted as a romantic companion for most of the drama.

  1471. 1471 : eugene Says:

    Vote vote vote everyone! There’s no time left. Our Ji Hoo is behind 2%. Whoever not vote yet, please go to the website and vote. Use your vote as a Christmas gift to our Ji Hoo. It’s end tomorrow. Please, thank you very much!!!

  1472. 1472 : eugene Says:

    They eventually become very close friends and she depends on him as a confidant. According to Tsukushi, Rui Hanazawa is the one who can heal her wounds and make her feel happy and calm again when hurt by feelings for Tsukasa.

  1473. 1473 : lia Says:

    i wish lee minho n hye sun to be a couple’lover’ in real life …i lov BBf

  1474. 1474 : beta rolen febriyanti Says:

    kim hyun joong ……………………….kim bum cuteeeeeee
    lee min hoo handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    kim jon muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    i lupphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boys before flowers………….

  1475. 1475 : beta rolen febriyanti Says:

    I lUpPhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  1476. 1476 : Toyin Says:

    I love this drama too.
    As for me my best 10 dramas of all time are:
    1) You’re beautiful
    2) Boys over flower
    3) My girl
    4) Full House
    5) East of Eden
    6) Ijimae
    7) Cain and Abel
    8) Hello! Miss
    9) Shining Inheritance
    10) You are my Destiny

  1477. 1477 : JC Says:


    -Boys Over Flowers
    -My Girl
    -Coffee Prince
    -Hello Miss

  1478. 1478 : shrutijoshi Says:

    i love this drama……..F4 group is extremely popular in my classroom!!!
    hey please release part-2 also
    i really enjoy this drama…

  1479. 1479 : Uji Says:

    I just watched this drama. Very good story..Like watch funny boy like Min Ho.. I also had list the most best korean drama for me are :

    5. WEDDING
    10. MY GIRL


  1480. 1480 : lan Says:

    best drama series……

  1481. 1481 : pitraa Says:

    i dont really like this drama ):
    i think shining inheritance is better than this

  1482. 1482 : sushi Says:

    I love this drama so much…..
    Love the F4….they r totally cool!!!
    Love Lee Min Ho the most…haha

  1483. 1483 : jessie sabrina sunardibuana Says:

    jandi ama goo junpyo ciuman nya gak seru tao ……… masak cuma dieeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmm aja … gak keren …

  1484. 1484 : Taylor Says:

    My list is…

    1) YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL -best drama ever… seriously
    2) Boys Before Flowers -watched the Taiwanese version first
    3) My Girl -Ahhh great drama…
    4) East of Eden -so much action and love!
    5) Shining Inheritance –

  1485. 1485 : MX Says:

    1. Boys Before Flowers
    2. Love Story In Harvard
    3. East of Eden
    I Love LMH and Kim Bum

  1486. 1486 : Aileen Says:

    This is the worst version of “F4”! Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango have the best adaptation of the original manga series.. That girl named Jan Di, she doesn’t have the “star” quality, plus, the korean F4 are like gays!

  1487. 1487 : Yash kumar Says:

    This is the best drama I have ever watched. Each and every actions are really cool. The characters are verly good.

  1488. 1488 : asangla Says:

    i love this drama….

  1489. 1489 : gagadfds Says:

    I thought boys over flowers was about a girl and the 4 boys. How come its 5 girls. Lol JOKING. The boys in this drama look like short haired girls. They look really FUGLY. couldnt they find one that is at least a bit masculin. seriously what do asians view as hot these days.

  1490. 1490 : eugene Says:


    Can i ask you something? Are you really Asian? You don’t even know how to identify who’s boy or girl. Your head may big but your brain must be as small as the grape. If you are a girl, then can you find someone more handsome than them or if you are a boy, is your face look as handsome as them? Think before you speak otherwise you will become such an idiot.

  1491. 1491 : eugene Says:

    If you’re from Middle East or somewhere and not asian then shut up. We don’t need you here. this here for Asians and fans not for a jerk like you. I know why you hate them because you’re jealous with their good faces and their talent. Shut up and leave this website immediately.

  1492. 1492 : whit Says:

    i love this drama so much!! 😀
    but i wish there’s more to it….


  1493. 1493 : azngirl808 Says:


  1494. 1494 : azngirl808 Says:

    oops! well i said:
    “i love kim bum and kim so eun! i hope they’re going to be in another drama together”

  1495. 1495 : Faye Says:

    I like this drama its nice & funny…I like Lee Min Ho.. 🙂

  1496. 1496 : maenae Says:

    i…………………………..love……………………korean story.why the korean artiis not came to malaysia……………

  1497. 1497 : ladiigodiva Says:

    the most perfect F4 members in all dramas were created here,, haha,, i mean it! and i love the story! 😉

  1498. 1498 : leanie Says:

    go!!!!!go!!!!!!im bof fan……its nice version…

  1499. 1499 : ainaazweera Says:

    I like watch this drama.

    I love all the actors in this boys over flowers..

    Hopefully can continue with second seasons…

    I’m wait…. 🙂

  1500. 1500 : takada Says:

    to comments #1486 : woww what a nice opinion , who were you judging about the ‘star’ quality and stated ‘korean F4 are like Gays’ . Who were Gays?its been proved itself on the drama and they were not Gay and there has a strong chemistry between kimbum and so eun! too bad you were lacked of that sense I guess there’s a phrase ‘because I’m stupid’ . By the way just to let you know that Jan Di’s character might not have the star quality but koo hye sun made it and received Best Drama Performance so still thinking that no ‘star quality’

  1501. 1501 : flo Says:

    not really like this drama,i can’t feel the chemistry beetween joonpyo and jandi,not like hankyul and eun chan in coffee prince or taekyung and minam in you’re beautiful,i think taiwan version meteor garden still the best,but korean F4 so handsome…

  1502. 1502 : ALEX Says:


  1503. 1503 : Jani Says:

    Boys Before Flowers is one of my favorite of all time…better than the other version although the Japanese version is kinda funny…hopefully BBF or YB will take home the trophy for Best Drama of 2009! both deserve to win it

  1504. 1504 : Jani Says:

    Come on guys…F4 are men, not gays! they may not have the muscular body but look at their handsome faces and their talents…its incredible! They have choosen the right actors to play the role and this guys deliver the most amazing drama for all of us to enjoy..

  1505. 1505 : kysha Says:

    One of my fav korean drama. Prince Hyun Joong captured my heart in this series.

  1506. 1506 : shoshlev Says:

    geum jan di . *^_^* She came to the party with silver shoes low, but, for the Seconds jump, They changed to a high shoe It does more dramatic.But the audience should not see it,
    it is Blunder of the production.

  1507. 1507 : shoshlev Says:

    The jp I’m very like, I especially like his amazing smile. I understand
    Why, he was elected, to rich kid role.It’s really got an aristocratic beauty.
    But when he smiles His nose is like to do What I want to do to him, kissing him.He has a broad nose.But really, it does not damage its beauty.He’s my dream. He hunk, And he is a professional actor, and Probably a Guaranteed him success. I really like the series, not like city hall, but after ,I have a problem only with the cold Korean.Or maybe the cold of the production,When you do not see someone you love four years, If you really love,
    You will embrace him warmly. And jump on him whit hot kisses, I hardly see that in any korean series, But I do see a lot of Beating and screams in the Korean family.I know it’s only a movie but when the pattern repeats itself many times it shows the nature of Korean family.
    Do not get me wrong I like Korean people and I have Korean friends. I’m learning the Korean language, even, the language it is difficult.

  1508. 1508 : eugene Says:

    BOF is always at the top in my heart. Ji Hoo is the most attractive guy among the F4.

  1509. 1509 : lendi Says:

    i really love this korean drama…….the best

  1510. 1510 : zaza_87 Says:

    love this drama very much expecially hyun joong,they all are very cute, chaiyok boys!!!

  1511. 1511 : nina Says:

    Is the one of the most most most most drama cool

  1512. 1512 : sakura Says:

    hello…….really is the one

  1513. 1513 : shini Says:

    boys over flower is the best drama ever…ji hoo is damn hot!!!

  1514. 1514 : shini Says:

    omg the guys are so cute!!!especially ji hoo!!!

  1515. 1515 : June Says:

    Oh God….this boy so handsome….speechless

  1516. 1516 : Ratih Says:

    I’ve watched this drama more than ten times. I really liked this drama and also the actors..

  1517. 1517 : izataichou Says:

    This is maybe the greatest korean drama ever produced! The suits worn by F4 look so murderous to fashion addicts! Elegant, splendor, beautiful, perfect. Maybe those words can resemble overall storyline. Compared to MG
    and HYD, BOF is on a much higher level compared to those other series. There is no way HYD and MG can be better and memorable than BOF except the fact that Geum Jandi is not so pretty( sincerely, not deserve to be with Jun Pyo) and this has made me wonder, in the real life, such thing is almost impossible to be happened, a 99 percent perfect guy is head over heels in love with such girl until willing to do everything. However, apart from that, the other is so perfect about this drama. Am I in exaggeration?

  1518. 1518 : lulu Says:


  1519. 1519 : lulu Says:


  1520. 1520 : jessica Says:

    me encanta esta novela es la mejor

  1521. 1521 : sandra Says:

    pnjangin critanza donK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLIZZZ i love jhone pyow

  1522. 1522 : wi2e Says:

    ya………………………ampun ni drama bener2 IS THE BEST ……….. I love u LEE MIN Hoo………………………..

  1523. 1523 : Mehrdad Says:

    Very Good

  1524. 1524 : intan Says:

    .mmp lee min_hoo ii hope u came too indonesia ..

  1525. 1525 : ACMZ Says:

    i love you lee min ho and BOF is the best drama ever

  1526. 1526 : minlei Says:

    love it

  1527. 1527 : balqis batrisya Says:

    hye..as u guys,im a biggest fan of bbf too.so i just wondering if anyone can tell me the song that’s been play in this drama in this videos (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q81dObfDOpg and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tezGsG1a-c).i’ve been looking for this combination of piano and violin inst in this videos but i cant find it anywhere.im dying to know this song.so if anyone know,please email me at [email protected].. please please please.i hope you can help me..thank you so muchhhh

  1528. 1528 : Uji Says:

    Best drama in 2009..hope has the movie like Hana Yori dongi The Movie..Confirm Box Office!!

  1529. 1529 : Vitaa Says:

    BBF is the best drama for me….
    lovee bbf.

  1530. 1530 : Shower Doors Says:

    Food for thought.

  1531. 1531 : kirian Says:

    I love BOF…so muchhh!!!!
    Min-Ho…..fighting!!!!…I love u…

  1532. 1532 : annealexis Says:

    Boring and cliche!

  1533. 1533 : hana Says:

    i llike this movie
    i love kim joon as woo bin
    and hyun joong as ji hoo

  1534. 1534 : pRiVaTe Says:

    F4..i love u guys..u r the most handsome guys in the world!!!

  1535. 1535 : heLLo3221 Says:

    i will support u 4ever and ever..
    I love u

  1536. 1536 : myLove Says:

    best drama i’ve watched…
    i love u kim-jun,kim-boon,min-ho and hyun-joong
    BBF is much uch better than japanese’s and taiwan’s

  1537. 1537 : myLove Says:

    best drama i’ve watched…
    i love u kim-jun,kim-boon,min-ho and hyun-joong
    BBF is much much better than japanese’s and taiwan’s

  1538. 1538 : Rose Violet Says:

    Nice series but I suggested to have a part 2. And the title Boys Behind Train. Because In Boys Before Flowers, they are rich characters. So I want to see them in a poor guys character, how they act if they are poor like a beggar. I think its interesting that all handsome boys act like a beggar and become rich or professional after. regards to all characters esp. 5 of them.

  1539. 1539 : qilaliq95.blogspot.com Says:

    please help me!! i don know how to download any of this bof.
    waaaaa…. T.T … please .. someone..

  1540. 1540 : qilaliq95.blogspot.com Says:

    email me someone… tell me where n how to download??… [email protected]

  1541. 1541 : eina_malay Says:

    i like this story,n actor’s so cute n sweet,i hope success
    your all actor’s boys over flower…

  1542. 1542 : arinta Says:

    love this drama..it’s funny..
    and the actors were like..awsome..cute…funny..ect..
    just love..this drama..

  1543. 1543 : Andrea Says:

    Whoa! it just amazes me how flowers(comments) keep blossoming each day^_^

    Come Springtime come:)

  1544. 1544 : [email protected] Says:

    ahnyong!!!!wow…best nyer boys over flower nie….citer nie ada kene mengena ttg khdpan sya jga lah.tpi sikit ja lah..hehe…bleh tak sya b’jmpa ngan dorg di mrsm koki…dtnglah kat sabah…bnyk orng yang nak jmpa ngan korang nie..kmi mnunggu tau…ahnyong!!!!!!!!!!! khamsammida!!!!

  1545. 1545 : farhana Says:

    Annyo….sarangheyo…I really like this drama…this is the best drama for 2009….happy ending but not so good….i wish to see jun pyo and jan di married….i’m also wish to see yi jeong and gaeul married…they are so sweet together………anyway, i enjoy watch this drama……..hope there will be second season…….Good Luck to all actors of this drama…..KAMSA HAMIDA…..

  1546. 1546 : same Says:

    I love this drama. Lee min Ho is the best. I have watch this drama more than 100 times, and still watching it almost every night. I am looking forward to watching another drama star by Lee Min Ho. The rest of the actors are also good looking.

  1547. 1547 : asiangoodsdvd Says:

    buy this drama at:


  1548. 1548 : jen Says:

    boys over was one of the best korean drama shown here in our country…
    long live to the actors.. hope to see you again in other show..
    God bless you all..

  1549. 1549 : Siti Says:

    I love B.O.F..!!
    Love F4..!
    They r so cute..!

  1550. 1550 : eugene Says:

    Glad to see that many people love this drama. This is the best drama ever. I love Ji Hoo

  1551. 1551 : janis Says:

    i love the ost… 😉 downloaded yearning of the heart, and learned the song by ear… i was so ecstatic to finally be able to play it on piano! 🙂

  1552. 1552 : Emz Says:

    Would there be anymore series of boys before flower or is that it. Coz im full in love with it n i want it keep on goin. Sunbae i love you. Emo2767

  1553. 1553 : kiky Says:

    oh ya filmx kan sudah habis kok gak terusin seh film yaaaaaaaaa tlg yaaaaaaaaaaa terusin tp film ygb lebih bgs lgggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1554. 1554 : Marie Says:

    I love this drama very much! Hope there will be more…. 🙂

  1555. 1555 : DILLA Says:

    xoxo lov this drama much much much,, have seen this drama over then 10 times,, but still loving it mujh!!!

  1556. 1556 : IheartDrama Says:

    this drama was ok.. Not one my favorite. The beginning was good the middle part got boring.. same thing over and over.. not getting any where.. not interesting.. if you wanna watch this drama watch the first 3 parts and watch the last 3 parts and you wouldn’t miss anything.. I don’t why this drama has high rating.. there are alot more better dramas out there that deserves high rating.. boys before flowers is a 7/10 in my book..

  1557. 1557 : eugene Says:

    I’m in love with this drama. Watching it over and over again without getting tired. This is the best drama in my heart. I love Ji Hoo

  1558. 1558 : Sophie Says:

    For newbies, you guys did an almost awesome job. good acting skills and nice to look at too. Job well done. You should be very proud of your work!

  1559. 1559 : A.Firky Says:

    this is the most wonderful drama i ever saw
    i am from Egypt and i tell u thats more beautiful than anything made before

  1560. 1560 : krissy Says:

    tihs should of won the best drama of 2009

  1561. 1561 : lina Says:

    dramanya kren abis sga aja…. ada klanjutanya apa lg kim bum ganteng bgt……..

  1562. 1562 : marie carl Says:

    i love this movies although its looks like cut.

  1563. 1563 : detris_kadang_ambalinggi Says:

    q cnng bgt film yg satu nid
    laen dari pada yg laein mudah2 film
    nid ad ke lnjtanx yg jun pyo ma jan di
    yg di wdh nikah key
    bwt iya
    q tgu loh yg brux

  1564. 1564 : florists in edinburgh Says:

    Thanks for sharing, please keep an update about this info. love to read it more. i like this site too much. Good theme ;). Congratulations

  1565. 1565 : Sun Says:

    this drama was the absolute best, love the acting, esp jun pyo!!!! it had a great OST as well. This was my first k-drama ever and it set a high expectations to what i watch now. JUST GREAT!!! I RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS! 5/5 for sure. 😀

  1566. 1566 : eisha cute Says:

    i love this movie…. i wont to be great….. and i was love with yie jung
    and all the krater all this drama wall be best…

  1567. 1567 : kirian Says:

    I love all the OST in this drama…!!

  1568. 1568 : citra Says:

    Citra says :

    I love this drama because the actor and the actris really really cute and briliant . The story is so funny………… I LOVE THAT

  1569. 1569 : aprizzledizzle(; Says:

    this is where the korean dramas are AT. WOOTWOOT. the best, fosho. (;

  1570. 1570 : chona Says:

    I fall in love with this bof series its really,really good i love ji hoo and jan di i actually love them all. I really wish and hoping they make another love story comedy action series all five of them because their really awesome! Im gonna wait for some more from them….Boys Over Flowers

  1571. 1571 : Rio Carylle Says:

    my favorite korean drama ever………super nakakakilig.cute ni jun pyo and jan di together.love them!

  1572. 1572 : Rio Carylle Says:

    cute story…i’ve watched it so many times.

  1573. 1573 : marsh Says:

    lee min ho and koo hye sun’s team up is so addictive. i hope there will be a sequel to this

  1574. 1574 : telay Says:

    super nakakakilig ang dramang ito. the best!!!!!!!!

  1575. 1575 : maggie Says:

    do u all think that you’re beautiful is better than this one? i think this one is the best ever.. the best romantic comedy korean drama ever.. full house is number 2.. princess hours is number 3.. my lovely sam soon is number 4.. i’ll support this one.. love lee min ho, kim hyun joong, kim bum, kim joon, kim so eun, koo hye sun, han chae young, and the other..

  1576. 1576 : jean marie Says:

    my most fave korean drama

  1577. 1577 : jean marie Says:

    the story is one of a kind!

  1578. 1578 : aliah... Says:

    BOys Before Flower are the best….

  1579. 1579 : paula Says:

    I hOpE tHAt you came back your
    korean drama plzZ…..

  1580. 1580 : Vicky Says:

    I am so in love with this drama!

  1581. 1581 : eugene Says:

    I love this drama. Love Ji Hoo. Hope there will be season 2

  1582. 1582 : kysha Says:

    Double thumbs up! Great drama!

  1583. 1583 : alviana Says:

    aku ngefans bangets sama bbf aku mau minta foto mu yang bagus2 donk and kpn2 dtng k indonesia ya

  1584. 1584 : febrian Says:

    aku minta fotonya kim bum donk please excuse mee

  1585. 1585 : are-u Says:

    boys before flower adalah drama korea yg terbest pernah aku tengok. kini menjadi drama fav aku..lagu2 bbf sume best.paling aku minat jan di2 jun pyo.

  1586. 1586 : just an opinion Says:

    hmm kalo menurut gue, jd boring di episode 22~25 . . karna jd bertele tele ceritana . sukses bwt min ho 😡 mwah

  1587. 1587 : danyel Says:

    cea mai frumoasa poveste de dragoste pe care am vazut-o pana acum!!!!
    actorii Lee Min Ho,kim Hyun Joong si Koo Hye Sun sunt bestiali:*:*:*:*:*:*

  1588. 1588 : mark Says:

    hanepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!mgnda tlga bof………………….iplbs nyo na yung bof 5 years after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1589. 1589 : lina Says:

    very good drama…. im very very love it….

  1590. 1590 : marjorie Says:

    hi ms.koo hye soon it so cute ad good actress….. ” SARANG HAMDEM JI HOO”♥♥

  1591. 1591 : aaisha Says:

    i hav watch it so so……. many tyms but still i love it. i love d whole crew. i m dying to watch d 2nd part…………..

  1592. 1592 : SiSSie Says:

    really good looking actors bad acting and not always but some parts were really boring.sorry just my opinion.but i remember i loved the oRIginal taiwanese version

  1593. 1593 : Toni Says:

    I love, love boys over flowers. Hope there’s going to be season 2. Great job…

  1594. 1594 : drama korea Says:

    i very like this drama!!

    le min ho is the best actor…
    love you so much!

  1595. 1595 : Suyanno Says:

    I like this drama..really mindblowing…(Gu Jung Pyo I really like u love u ….mua mua mua u r so sweet…..

  1596. 1596 : solmaz Says:

    I miss f4

  1597. 1597 : lya Says:

    Boys Over Flower is the best……………..

  1598. 1598 : lya Says:


  1599. 1599 : Tanagul Says:

    BOys Before Flower are the best….
    very good drama…. im very very love it….
    le min ho is the best actor…
    love you so much!

  1600. 1600 : solmaz Says:

    I had very fan time with this show………
    I wish, f4 will back very soon in another fantastic drama……
    good luck boys and jan di…………..

  1601. 1601 : IheartDrama Says:

    WHERE CAN I BUY KOREAN DRAMAS AT???????????????????? PLEASE HELP!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!EMAIL ME [email protected]

  1602. 1602 : emerald Says:

    this was such a big hit here in the philippines. i love this show. watched it about 4 times. hahaha. this was the first kdrama i’ve ever watched.

  1603. 1603 : S.Faiz Hakem Says:

    My Sec Kdrama!!
    Luv it…

    Any more recommend for Romance n Comedy kdrama?

  1604. 1604 : cantikkamorriaror Says:

    flm bbf sungguh meng asisyk kan bagi gue semoga bbf season 2 bisa tayang yach ! gue mohon tolong tayangin flm bbf season 2 yach plizzzzz ! !

  1605. 1605 : lya Says:


  1606. 1606 : nurul affira Says:

    hi… i’m nurul from malaysia…

    This is the first korean drama i have been seen… and first drama korean i like. i love the caractor both u (lee min ho n koo hye sun) n u can bring the caractor so good.. this story got humor, sadness n of course happy ending.. Congratulation to all of u who involved the ‘boys over flover’… hope will meet another drama again… tq…

  1607. 1607 : solmaz Says:

    hey GU JUN PYO,,,,,,,,,,,
    come back,,,,,,,,,,,,
    get it?!!!!!
    I MISS U
    : )

  1608. 1608 : Alan Says:

    First ever Korean drama I watched. I haven’t watched Hana Yori Dango yet, but I have watched Meteor Garden and I can say BoF is way better. I really like Ji Hoo’s character as it is portrayed. Even though many people say Hyun Joong’s acting was rather bland, I think it worked out perfectly fine.

  1609. 1609 : gale Says:

    i really l really love it..and im missing it so much..i memorize all of its sountrack..very nice,,andm starting to learn the language,hoping to see the real cast.tnx so much

  1610. 1610 : samar Says:

    it is realy hot, thanks for this drama I love it
    thanks for the nice songs

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    To Solmaz,

    Wow, I feel ur love..haha! Followed this on Viikii n cable TV when it was first released n I remember all the craze n excitement each time a new episode was released. Boy, sure brings back some happy memories. I still watch this fr time to time. Have u seen the Japanese version? Quite good too but I didn’t like the Taiwanese version at all! I thought the F4 members in the Taiwanese ver. were too old and fat, and nowhere near as goodlooking.

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    i really like it to the highest level!!!
    every time we wathed ♥BOF♥
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    that’s why my boyfriend were very jealous to the cast of ♥BOF♥

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    It was so good but it ended bad D:
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  1661. 1661 : fereshte Says:


  1662. 1662 : fereshte Says:


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  1683. 1683 : prizle Says:

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  1693. 1693 : solmaz Says:


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  1711. 1711 : kimhyunjoongluvers Says:

    The word “oppa” in Korean means brother.

    not only their brothers but also people that are older then them.

    they use this for respect. Oppa is only for girls to called guys that are older than them.

  1712. 1712 : melika Says:

    solmaz jun nagofti chan salete

  1713. 1713 : mahtab Says:

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  1716. 1716 : tsolmon Says:

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  1717. 1717 : Jan Di Says:

    The drama was very good, but the end didn’t meet my expectations. I don’t know what happened with Jan di family and the grampa of Ji Hoo. The story finished and I don’t fell that it does. As I sad, the movie was very good, I recommend! =)

  1718. 1718 : shekufe Says:

    kimhyunjoongluvers,thanks for ur answer

  1719. 1719 : intyce Says:

    I agree with you Jan Di…the ending totally left a “to be continued” wide open! I hope they will decide later on to give us a complete ending! ; )
    Although, I know they don’t want to upset either the JiHoo or JunPyo fans out there with a “happily ever after” ending. =P

  1720. 1720 : lynn Says:


  1721. 1721 : fariba from iran Says:

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  1723. 1723 : tahmineh Says:

    The story of the boys over flowers truly was unique and it just would repeat one time in all history of KD. Some people say “You are beautiful” is other form of it but I do not think. Although I like watching historical KD but some of modern KD are good too like as “The boys over flowers”. In this film, pure love between GJD and GJP was very magic, interesting and unbelievable. It is seems the writer of this story comes from the other world with other characters and policies but he figured all possible beauties out as well. Of course it is not bad, with watching it; you could forget any cruel circumstances which force down on you.
    Precisely, a girl like as GJD, full of energy with pure kindness is a real hero and GJP as a man too. The music and songs of film was very match with any moment of story with deep concepts. By the way, I believe the boys over flowers would be used for sensing enjoy of love and honesty in all moment of life you have difficulty.
    By the way, the end of the drama remained open, may be the director gets decided continue it, if it be true then will be really good.
    Thanks a lot, you permit we see joyful life even if it be just a beautiful dream.

  1724. 1724 : dreamer Says:

    better than you’re beautiful…for sure

  1725. 1725 : fetty arisandi Says:

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    kim joon I love You!!!

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    i wish so eun and bum are couple in real life
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  1728. 1728 : admikael_KualaLumpur Says:

    ah..why so long to wait for BOF season 2..juz now i bought He’s Beautiful n revisit my Full House instead..

    Cant find Personal Preference in KL dis moment..so late
    But hopefully, will soon get da chance to watch BOF S2 with da same F4 + JD..

  1729. 1729 : shekufe Says:

    is there any season 2 really?
    i think it was great so i think it must be up the jumong.are u sure?
    we should comment more and more!!!
    let’s try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1730. 1730 : patricedee Says:

    LMH might come to the PHILIPPINES if this event reached 4000 coz the producers are still in doubt if LMH is a market here in the phil. PLS CLICK ATTEND IF YOU WANT TO COME. THANKS! PLS SPREAD THE WORD :))


  1731. 1731 : ui Says:

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    i lovvvvvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuu
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  1732. 1732 : dingdong Says:


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    Jun pyo & Jan-Di … i love u so much….

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  1738. 1738 : Lilian Says:

    I really enjoyed watching this drama. The acting may not have been top-notch. Storyline was also nothing to shout about. But overall, the actors looked and acted like their characters and it was entertaining throughout. Hence I voted it as my top 3 drama for the year 2009!

  1739. 1739 : sushila Says:

    i have been through lots of movies of different languages but above all i havent found any like Boys before flower.The love story between GJD and GJP is simply awesome i will always love to praise.i havent seen such a drama with such a good story till now…the character that has been played by all the actors and actresses in this drama is splendid and flawless.I will be greatly honoured if it come across with its 2nd part.When i went through this drama my thirst,sleep and hungry were completely gone until i finshed it.Boys before flowers rocks!!!!!!!!!!i love u all…….

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    Great posting 🙂 Pleas check our site too…

  1742. 1742 : trixie Says:

    i love boys over flowers.and i love kim bum,lee min ho and koo hye sun 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Gu jun pyo is superb cool…

    This drama is Top 10 best drama that ï ever seen..
    And the best f4 version ï think..

  1744. 1744 : pawwah Says:

    i like u so much lee min ho. u are handsome. u are my first love. i don’t know u before but i watch the movie boys over flower i know it. i hope i want to see u. i think it impossible to see u because u are star.

  1745. 1745 : hikari kimura Says:

    lee min ho i love u so much, you are my first love, i ever have before, and i hope u will understand what i said. i like to watch the movie boys over flowers too it so good. i like that movie and i like all of u too, but i like lee min ho batter, i don’t know because u are handsome.

  1746. 1746 : solmaz Says:

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  1747. 1747 : solmaz Says:

    lovely drama…….
    lovely boys…..
    strong girl

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    one of the best k-drama of all time!!

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    I love this drama

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    love itt

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    great film,,, two thumbs up 🙂

  1753. 1753 : sassy Says:

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  1754. 1754 : Rebel Angel Says:

    Totally Awesome drama!!!! two thumbs up! although it’s remake but it’s still have a different unique that differentiate with the other version of hana yori dango..well, i never feel bored to watch it over and over…it’s really funny and romantic!

  1755. 1755 : Titania Says:

    the best korean movie i ever watched!!! it’s funny and makes sense

  1756. 1756 : Titania Says:

    it’s a cool movie love it 2 tha daez

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    i like this movie…

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    this drama is so cute,,

  1760. 1760 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    Love you all. Highly recommended to watch. Fantastic acting.

  1761. 1761 : solmaz Says:

    I miss all of u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    : (
    : (

  1762. 1762 : solmaz Says:

    : (

  1763. 1763 : tika Says:

    i love u goo jon pyo ku fanss berat kmu oh ya tolong dong BBFdi siarin setiap hari sukses terus buat bbf supaya keluarin film yank menarik and pemain nya harus f4 and jandi

  1764. 1764 : rojita Says:

    i just loveeeeeeeeee f4 esp.goo jun pyo n so yi jung
    wonderful drame i ever watched

  1765. 1765 : sutha Says:

    I m from tamilnadu, India… I love the drama very much… I never watch a drama like this. I love u jan di… Gu jun pyo simply fentastic…
    ji hoo u r looking great i love u….

  1766. 1766 : Rebeca Says:

    Is the best drama I’ve seenand I don’t think that will be any one can beat on it . I would like that Kim Hyun-joong to play in several drama because it’s my favorite actor and singer. I think that role in BOF suits him even if in reality he is not so sentimental. i want that in his next drama to play the role of a comic or bad guy . I want that in his next drama to play the role of a comic or bad guy .

  1767. 1767 : solmaz Says:

    I love this drama soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  1768. 1768 : solmaz Says:

    lovely drama
    lovely girl
    lovely boys &
    everyting is ok.

  1769. 1769 : Nurul Says:

    This drama sO awesOme!! I lOve it!

  1770. 1770 : sani Says:

    I love this drama.

  1771. 1771 : aenigma Says:

    really miss this dramma so much..and best perfomances for Ku Hye-seon and Lee Min-ho.Wanna see Lee Min-ho new dramma-personal taste!

  1772. 1772 : sani Says:

    I love this drama,what is your new drama…..?

  1773. 1773 : korean drama lover Says:

    i already rewatched BBF several times but i stil cant get enough ^^

    goo jun pyo nim saranghaeyo ^^


  1774. 1774 : kati Says:

    my lovely GU JUN PYO.

  1775. 1775 : Ellena Says:

    ***40 Best of the Best Korean Dramas I’ve Ever watched :

    1 ) Goong ( Prince Hours )
    2 ) Wonderful Life
    3 ) Which Star are you from ?
    4) Only You
    5 ) Take Care of my Lady ( My Fair Lady )
    6 ) Shining Inheritance
    7 ) Boys Before Flowers
    8 ) Why did you come to my Life ?
    9 ) Queen of the Game
    10) 9END 2OUTS
    11) Witch Amusement
    12) Terms of Endearment
    13) Who are you ?
    14) My Sweet Seoul
    15) Love Marriage
    16) Bad Love
    17) Terroir
    18) Coffee Prince
    19) Kingdom of the Winds
    20) Sweet 18
    21) My Name is Kim Samsoon
    22) Wedding
    23) Princess Lulu
    24) Love Story in Harward
    25) Couple of Fantasy( Couple or Trouble )
    26) Ballad of SeoDong- SooDong
    27) Jumong
    28) My Girl
    29) Time Between Dog & Wolf
    30) The World that they live in
    31) Full House
    32) Goong S
    33) A Second Proposal
    34) Lovers in Paris
    35) A Love to Kill
    36) Queen SeonDuke
    37) The Perfect Neighbor- How to meet a Perfect Neighbor
    38) The Emperor of the Sea
    39) That Fool
    40) A Love to Kill

    Don’t miss them 🙂

  1776. 1776 : flozz Says:

    this korean version is better in fashion style, modern setting place, and it’s different plot, but Hana Yori Dango (the japanese version) is way more funnier and the japanese actors and actresses played better. Oguri Shun acted way better than Hyun Jung as Hanazawa Rui/Yoon Ji Hoo. no offense.

  1777. 1777 : fereshte Says:

    my lovely koo hye sun
    my lovely jan di

  1778. 1778 : syahna Says:

    love boys before flowers…..

  1779. 1779 : kati Says:

    : )
    : )
    : )
    : )
    u are the best,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  1780. 1780 : solmaz Says:

    I want new dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  1781. 1781 : cheap jerseys Says:

    this tv is good.love it.

  1782. 1782 : nikky_p_28 Says:

    I tried, honestly, I tried to finish this drama, but I can only manage to watch the first 3 episodes and can go no more. This is probably the most
    OVER-RATED KDRAMA out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great fan of the HANA YORI DANGO franchise. I’ve read the comic book, seen the animation, watched the Taiwanese version “METEOR GARDEN” (one of my mom’s fave) and watched the Japanese version too. So why can’t I get myself to watch this?…the reason? Their acting SUCKS! I’m not the type who can be bought with just a pretty face which undoubtedly the casts were. And I could not put myself on 24-25 hours of torture, when I know there are a lot of good KDrama out there. Beside the fact that I’ve already seen both the Taiwanese and Japanese version did not help. I’m skipping this one. So why was this drama generated a lot of avid followers? Its all thanks to its predecessors which is probably why this version was also a success. It has nothing to do with the actors or the storyline. If you want to know what was the rage all about, I suggest you watch the Japanese takes on it. Storyline is almost the same but the big difference, you wouldn’t cringe with the acting. The Japanese version was well-acted upon and thoroughly satisfying. But since I’ve only seen 3 episodes of the Korean’s version, if you have a whole lot of free time and bored to death with ZERO things to do then so be it. It’s even better if you have not seen the other 2 version and it’s your first time with Hana Yori Dango then go ahead. But if you have better things to do or watch, NEVER watch this. For your sanity, stick with what you are doing and stay away from this drama.

  1783. 1783 : Top Free Download The Best Korea Music Concert 2010 « KORAN ANAK INDONESIA Says:

    […] ‘; div.innerHTML = summary; } // ]]> Cast & Synopsis: koreandrama.org […]

  1784. 1784 : amiera Says:

    i like drama boys over flower because the drama is very romantis….saraheyo

  1785. 1785 : amiera Says:

    i like the drama

  1786. 1786 : solmaz Says:

    lovely drama.lovely boys & strong girl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    : )
    I love this drama.

  1787. 1787 : KPOP7.com Says:

    better than the taiwan and japanese version! 🙂


  1788. 1788 : nepal Says:

    i love this drama……………..

  1789. 1789 : solmaz Says:

    where are these handsome boys?
    what is their new drama?????????????

  1790. 1790 : solmaz Says:


    : (

  1791. 1791 : maiiriitha Says:

    sTa DoRaMa StA sUpEr XeVeRe ToDo Es UnA lInDa HiStOrIa De AmOr ZuPeR!!! lOs F4 SoNlOs MaS linDoS dEl MuNdo

  1792. 1792 : Grace Says:

    This drama is a staple to the Korean drama world, and what i mean, is that it’s side by side with dramas such as Coffee Prince, My Girl, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, etc. It’s one of those dramas that people that watches dramas just HAVE TO WATCH. It could be overrated, but however, i truly think it’s great, until about the 20th episode or so. The ending was good too. Just those last 5 episodes were, dragging and unnecessary. The actors was well chosen, they all acted well and fitted into their characters. The OST was amazing! One of the best for sure. And just the whole story line is what everyone loves. Love – Hate relationships with a happy ending. I really think that this drama will be remembered for.. probably the rest of human life on earth, because it is so… good! I do like this a lot more than You’re Beautiful, just because it has that warmth and that happiness to it, that i just did not get with you ‘re Beautiful. Overall worth the watch, really worth it, even if you just want some eye candy haha =) Even my mom likes this drama, and thats really hard to do.

  1793. 1793 : aly Says:

    Story-wise all were almost the same. Version wise – The Japanese is way over better. Acting-wise, they got it all good. The taiwan version is okey and the korean version mediocre.

  1794. 1794 : angie Says:

    Boys before flowers – ROCKED cant get enough of this drama …..good stuff wish their was more parts to watch love the actors lets just say I luv the Koreans you guys ROCK…

  1795. 1795 : heaven4u777 Says:

    love it

  1796. 1796 : solmaz Says:

    drama was fantastic and I love it.
    It will stay in my heart for ever.
    my lovely lee min ho as GU JUN PYO was very wonderful,I love him,

  1797. 1797 : solmaz Says:

    lovely drama…….
    : )

  1798. 1798 : solmaz Says:

    lovely boys,,,,

  1799. 1799 : solmaz Says:

    lovely & strong girl
    : )

  1800. 1800 : solmaz Says:

    : )

  1801. 1801 : Rhea Says:

    after watching boys before flowers… I really didnt have any interest on watching any other serial but bof… i dont know why but its really something entertaining.. and i dont get tired of watching it even everyday. Its fun watching all the characters getting involved as a friends and lovers and especially the chemistry between gu jun pyo and guem jan di… i hope to watch your next series too.. i heard its coming soon… so please let us have some good moments again!

  1802. 1802 : she zha Says:

    kyaaa.. he is so handsome..

  1803. 1803 : she zha Says:

    they my idola..

  1804. 1804 : runa shrestha Says:

    m really very happy n m feeling so lucky dat i got to watch da drama “BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS” I LOVE U GUYS U WERE SUPERB

  1805. 1805 : solmaz Says:


    : (

  1806. 1806 : Vann lyda Says:

    Well,i just don’t like this drama at all.It’s so bad compare2Chiness version!

  1807. 1807 : ilove tvxq Says:


  1808. 1808 : ilove tvxq Says:

    ilove you

  1809. 1809 : xelinz Says:

    i just watched it for the umpteenth time, lol, and it is somehow still not boring, love all the casts, really do hope there would be a second season.

  1810. 1810 : KPOP7.com Says:

    one of the best kdramas of all time!

    Download Korean Albums & Songs

  1811. 1811 : AbiYAH Says:

    The best Korean drama I love ‘You’re beautiful’ but Boys before flowers surpasses it by farrr!!! I miss you Gu Jun Pyo =(

  1812. 1812 : solmaz Says:

    oh my GOD…………
    : D

  1813. 1813 : heaven4u777 Says:

    love love love

  1814. 1814 : deegii Says:

    i can say this drama is the best

  1815. 1815 : NFL Jerseys Says:

    Well,i just don’t like this drama at all.It’s so bad compare2Chiness version!

  1816. 1816 : solmaz Says:

    I Miss this drama….

  1817. 1817 : Margaret Says:

    you’re really funny and talented.i can’t wait to watch your next episode but i would like to say that you and Lee Min Ho are the cutest couple in BBF.

  1818. 1818 : Blue Says:

    Love this drama so much.. Love Jan Dee ( she’s so cute! ><) and the F4.. especially Kim Bum (yi jong).. his smiles is so lovely.. this drama will surely be in the hearts of all the fans although it ended for a long time.. 🙂 Hope KBS2 would make "Boys Before Flowers 2"… hope the producer read this message and think about it.. I assure all the fans would want Boys before flowers 2, but with all the same cast… Boys before flowers fighting!

  1819. 1819 : drama_addict Says:

    If you’ve seen the Taiwanese and Japanese version, you’ll be very much disappointed on this one. They butchered it not to mention the acting was so painful to watch. I never got pass episode 5, it was so painful to watch especially RUI character, he was massacred to pieces that I almost cried -worst acting ever. The only good thing is the OST.

  1820. 1820 : solmaz Says:

    lovely drama,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I miss GU JUN PYO

  1821. 1821 : cah ayu Says:

    very2 great OST. . 🙂
    Lee Min Hoo. .you are very handsome guy. . love u!!

  1822. 1822 : tika rahmawati Says:

    i lke boys before flowers ,,,,,,from f4 i like kim bum ….he is very cute …..n’ kim joon very cool ………i like sinopsis boys before flowers…..ROMANTISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS………

  1823. 1823 : saru&shruti Says:

    Hey you F4.We are from nepal,little far no. you are so cute
    all four gu jun pyo,ji hoo ,yi jung and woo bin. why dont u visit nepal??? i hope we will meet someday. love u bbf.

  1824. 1824 : ghazal Says:

    i love u f4!you are sooooooooooooo pretty and sexy boys:**

  1825. 1825 : melika Says:

    best drama 4ever i love all of the actors and actresses in this drama:)

  1826. 1826 : ghazal Says:

    I love u f4 you are soooooooooo pretty and sexy boys:*
    Particular kim hyun joong and lee min ho:***

  1827. 1827 : MJ Says:

    O M G… Love this drama i could not stop watching this love all the cast..

  1828. 1828 : Irish Says:

    It’s rely good drama

  1829. 1829 : solmaz Says:


  1830. 1830 : mahdieh Says:

    wonderful drama,i love it,it was the best,good luck for all of you.

  1831. 1831 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  1832. 1832 : maida Says:

    this drama was boring and for God sake 25 episodes tooooo long for such a story.
    the only reason that make me watch it was the broken heart one sided love of ji hoo ; i was disappointed that after 3 years he is still in love with her and could’t take her off his mind and find mutual love.

  1833. 1833 : maida Says:

    sorry for all fans but i didn’t get along with these drama.
    i feel so sorry for ji hoo and i wonder what was the use of the sense where he went with jan di to pray and each ask for a wish;there he met one who told him that he would get family from that girl.
    ji hoo lost his parents , his first and his second love and he was always dedicated to his friends and went medicine school for his grandfather and for the sake of jan di .
    what was his credits at the end ?!

  1834. 1834 : rinzi Says:

    loved the drama boys over flower, especially ji hoon

  1835. 1835 : asmita Says:

    Ji hoo is the best part of the movie. i loved the cool woobin as well. These two guys have made this movie worth a watch.luv them…

  1836. 1836 : jj Says:


  1837. 1837 : loveu Says:

    till now i’m addicted to this drama.. i can’t help but to watch it everyday.. addicted ??? obssessed ??? whatever.. i’m just loving it forever.. i idolize koo hye sun for she is multi talented …. i’ll take her as an inspiration.. because she draw and paint well.. i loove it.. owver-owver.. major-major.. and for the f4 i think you’re gift from heaven like angels.. 🙂

  1838. 1838 : sport hats Says:

    Great, I never knew this, thanks.

  1839. 1839 : miracle Says:

    lee min ho acting was great !!

  1840. 1840 : nora Says:

    boy before flower was the 1st drama i had ever watched
    buh i was so connected with it that it took long time to come out of it……..i esp like lee min ho acting and kim joon i also find kim bum cute…… lee min ho potrayed hios character so well that i wish i could also have a boyfriend like him…… its been a year watching this drama n i can surely say its best of all dramas out there……….
    lee min ho oppa sarange!!!

  1841. 1841 : kania Says:

    It’s really good drama…I love this drama very much…acttually…my luvely lee min hoo..and kim bum……i love u guys

  1842. 1842 : Bomantara Says:

    Wah wah wah apik tenan BBF . Mampir saja di blog saya.

  1843. 1843 : ghazal bordoo Says:

    I love this drama 4 ever <3

  1844. 1844 : from eveY GIRL Says:


    and now

    KISS :*

  1845. 1845 : hey ya Says:

    it was perfect

  1846. 1846 : Cecelia Says:

    this drama is damn NICE!! love it sooo much!!! the 4 of them are damn hot!!!! hahahahahha XD hope more hot guys drama is coming out=)

  1847. 1847 : rowella may Says:

    i love bof so much.its has been my fav show since 2009!i love lee min ho,kim bum,kim joon and kim hyun joong!hahahahah!all pinoys love bof!

  1848. 1848 : maida Says:

    if you find bof is your best drama,
    watch full house and i think you will find it the best ever

  1849. 1849 : Rein Says:

    I love hana yori dango dramas. Also the korean. Really great..:D
    Saranghae lee min ho oppa and kim bum oppa….:))))

  1850. 1850 : Riya Says:

    I’ve seen BOF four times and I still excites me. I’ve all the songs which I listen frequently. And all the characters are just so beautiful especially Kim Hyun Joong. I feel like I’m going crazy when I see him in the drama.

  1851. 1851 : solmaz Says:

    I miss GU JUN PYO

  1852. 1852 : suzan Says:

    this drama is really cool especially characters, i like kim bum and kim so eun couple…….hope thr would be more dramas of them…

  1853. 1853 : 네다★ Says:

    this drama was my 1st korean drama
    then I fell for korean dramas
    and also I introduced them to my classmates
    and now we all love K_Dramas

  1854. 1854 : 네다★ Says:

    and we can’t stop watching k-dramas

  1855. 1855 : 네다★ Says:

    that’s why this drama is no. 1 drama for me and for all of my classmates
    and also my sis and her classmates

  1856. 1856 : val Says:

    i love boys before flowers, it was the first korean drama ive ever seen and it will always be number 1 for me

  1857. 1857 : tshetsho Says:

    ASSSHHHH…..boys ova flower…sarang hae… m waitin’ for da com back of min ho again…. miss ya all…

  1858. 1858 : zannet Says:

    love it

  1859. 1859 : kati Says:


  1860. 1860 : kati Says:


  1861. 1861 : mika Says:

    Boys before flower….. Luv u guys 🙂 like it so……

  1862. 1862 : saveena Says:

    Boys befors flower….. I LOVEV IT…. i can’t stop watching k-dramas & i’m waiting 4 da com bak of lee min ho ….i miss GU JUN PYO…

  1863. 1863 : Dini Tarawinda Says:

    aku sangat suka dngan film korea yang satu ini,,
    cerita nya ngga’ nebosenin en bikin ktagihan,,smpe2 10 x ngulang nnton juga ga bkalan bosenn,,,deh

    kpan BBf season 2,,,aq tunggu yaa,,
    cz kalo aq lgi sedih hnya BBF, yg bsa bwat aq tnang,,
    aqu udah bnyak bnget ngolexi ttng BBF,,tpi 1 prmintaan quu,,
    bwatin film BBf lagii dongk,,,,smbungan dri episode go jun pyo nlamar jandi d pantai,,

    tlong prmntaan quu dkbulinn yaa,,!!
    BBF muaaccchh..!

  1864. 1864 : kati Says:


  1865. 1865 : lovejoo Says:

    hey i wonder if this drama is worth to watch, iam afraid that if it will be childish??? can somone pls tell how this drama is. i love kim hyun joo gu jin pyo s sister so i dont know if i will watch it or not……

  1866. 1866 : lovejoo Says:

    i love it, i just have start watching it and its great

  1867. 1867 : urs Says:

    Hey F-4. How’s life goin on. Actually I won’t say that he is nice, he isn’t but jst wanna say that you all guys rock. Without one this F-4 is incompete. So neva change the group guys. And I LOVE U ALL.

  1868. 1868 : oana Says:

    so……let’s start…..lee minho his acting is so cute and i love his hair……kim hyung joong is amazingggggg…everytime i saw him acting i was screaming like a crazy…….kim bum….so cute and innocent at the same time…….kim joon a playboy…..and maybe cute sometime…….so eun……i like her dresses and her character……and finally hye sun…well….i didn’t like her at first but after sometime i started to love her……..one of the best drama ever.

  1869. 1869 : 네다★ Says:


  1870. 1870 : dmar91 Says:

    An interesting take on the series:


  1871. 1871 : ayean lee Says:

    lee min ho r very stunning n cool.. even in this drama he’s a bit cruel but when comes into jandi he’s become so sweet.. they look sweet together.. gu jun pyo is jandi future husband n ji hoo is her soulmate.. lol…

  1872. 1872 : hermes bags Says:

    even in this drama he’s a bit cruel but when comes into jandi he’s become so sweet.. they look sweet together.. gu jun pyo is jandi future husband n ji hoo is her soulmate.. lol…

  1873. 1873 : Most Korean Drama {October Week-2} « asianfansclub Says:

    […] Boys Before Flowers – […]

  1874. 1874 : yuliaaa Says:

    i like thiiis drama …

  1875. 1875 : kati Says:

    I love this drama….
    : )

  1876. 1876 : chichaloca Says:

    always love dis drama!

  1877. 1877 : lee min hooبیوگرافی Says:

    […] خیلی خیلی قشنگ بازی کرده  TV Shows      Personal Taste (MBC, 2010)Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)Get Up (MBC, 2008)I’m Sam as Heo Mo Se (KBS2, 2007)Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007)Secret […]

  1878. 1878 : how to conceive a girl Says:

    Great site!Thanks for sharing!

  1879. 1879 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Wow, even after 7 months it has been aired, people still comment they like the drama and some watched it over and over again. Boys over Flowers – Manse!

  1880. 1880 : Saz Says:

    Boys Before Flowers is an amazing Korean Drama 🙂

  1881. 1881 : shoshlev Says:

    Boys Before Flowers is an amazing Korean Drama
    I watched it more than 1000 .and I want to see GOO HYE SUN AND LEE MIN HO playing together again . OR Kim Hyung Joon WITH goo hye sun .

  1882. 1882 : Myung Dae ت Says:

    Hi there ^^ I’m really a fan of this Korean drama . I wish you’ll produce season 2 ^^ God Bless ^^

  1883. 1883 : Agnese Says:

    Hi everyone i love this drama!!!!!i don’t know why i can’t see F4 five years later..Sombody can help me i want to whach!!!!!Kisses Agnese

  1884. 1884 : Agnese Says:


  1885. 1885 : LIA Says:

    tolong filmnya putar lagi,tapi jam 13.00 wib setiap hari.PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  1886. 1886 : elitinja Says:

    Hi! I want to see similar drama like Boys Over flowers, can someone please suggest, recommend one !!!!?????
    Thank You!

  1887. 1887 : billydkid Says:

    for me, love stories drama series should not exceed more than 16 to 18 episodes. any deviations from this would have some deductions in its ratings. i think this has more episodes than the original japanese and taiwanese versions. so, there were so many unnecessary “INSERTIONS” scenes that would thin out the storyline.

  1888. 1888 : saranghe_jo102791 Says:

    tae kyung and jun pyo are somewhat alike,,
    they are handsome when they are serious but when they do comedic acts
    or scenes, they become cute!!

    haha, will there be real life jun pyo and tae kyung??

  1889. 1889 : kati Says:

    I MISS U
    I MISS U
    I MISS U

  1890. 1890 : syeolli Says:

    la vdd es q este dorama es super se los recomiendo a todos lo van a ver y no van a kerer que acab
    yo lo vi como 4 veces y hasta ahora no me canso de verlo cada vez lo encuenro super interesante
    VEANLO no se va a arrepentir
    ademas es lindo ver a joon pyo y jan di juntos

  1891. 1891 : jeys Says:

    this is the best. not one of the bests… BUT THE BEST! i still salute the one who made this story…. BUt i think goo jun pyo’s character as a so-strong man was not shown nicely… But over all the three versions this one is the best!

  1892. 1892 : roy99 Says:

    baker king kim tak goo is very very very better then this drama..
    baker king is the best drama 2010!!

  1893. 1893 : vickz Says:

    ni film mirip banget ma meteor garden, dari segi cerita ma watak pemainny. Hampir 90% ceritany mirip meteor garden, harusny ni film masuk nominasi best plagiarism film forever. Tolong terjemahin kata2 gw ke bhs inggris, ( bhs inggris gw ga lancar )

  1894. 1894 : Luna Says:

    ‘Boys Before Flowers’ is definitely one of the best dramas. This one was actually what got me addicted to watching Korean dramas. The plot is just so well thought out and how the actors and actresses portray their characters is just out of this world. If you haven’t seen it then I highly recommend you do, no joke. There are some parts where you just get so frustrated you want to scream but that just means you’re so much into the drama and the excitement. It may seem like a total cliche story but it was very much worth it in the end.

  1895. 1895 : rawaooooooo Says:

    you are the best 🙂

  1896. 1896 : marzieh Says:

    I saw this drama many time.
    I love this drama

  1897. 1897 : hyuk-hyuk Says:

    “ni film mirip banget ma meteor garden,dari segi cerita ma watak pemainny. Hampir 90% ceritany mirip meteor garden, harusny ni film masuk nominasi best plagiarism film forever.”

    Jiaahhh… emang ini versi korea nya meteor garden kali…
    Manknya gak tau yah??? Buset dhe.. ketinggalan amat…
    Dan yang jelas ni bukan plagiat…

  1898. 1898 : ereen madiey Says:

    i miss u a lot, lee min ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1899. 1899 : toh quan ming Says:

    always love dis drama!

  1900. 1900 : manisha Says:

    i watched this drama more than 10 times but i am never tired. plz make another drama where all f4 members will act thanks

  1901. 1901 : Heethi Says:

    love… love… love this… really love this….

    i like it… very much….
    i really want the other drama with f4 and goo hye sun and also kim so eun as the casts…

    cool… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1902. 1902 : roy99 Says:

    koo hye sun make this drama interesting!!
    i like her..
    i think baker king is better than this drama..

  1903. 1903 : messi Says:

    i love this drama. one of my favourites.

  1904. 1904 : messi Says:

    @roy99, u cant compare this drama with baker king. they have completely different plots.

  1905. 1905 : vina Says:

    i really2 L♥vE this drama..
    tc and thÜmbs Üp..♥♥♥♥

  1906. 1906 : Riya Says:

    I love everything about this drama

  1907. 1907 : inaa adil Says:

    this drama very…very…best…i like it…;)

  1908. 1908 : Dody Says:

    I am wondering if there is Winter Sonata 2……. will it be??

  1909. 1909 : panyangbear Says:

    Remarkable. Superb.

    Something beyond perfection and extremely out of the ordinary, Boys Before Flowers is so far THE BEST. I tell you, it’s been quite a long time since I haven’t watched Korean dramas due to work but when I came upon this drama, my passion for Korean romantic comedies got me more and more inclined without any lapse of time.

    Talking about the casts, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon really knew how to be F4s, especially Lee Min Ho whom I admired the most. He, playing Gu Jun Pyu, is UNDENIABLY hot. In the series, he has a kind of character wherein a normal viewer like me would really fall for him as the story goes deeper. I go gaga over his childish acts, his being fervent and even when he gets angry! How can someone be so adorable in and out of the camera???

    Yoon Ji Hoo (played by Kim Hyun Joong) on the other side, is a different kind of person. Silent but he has a lot of things going on in his mind. Unpredictable and the serious type, but what’s amazing is that he’s a person full of love in his heart. His unconditional and UNSELFISH love is a good example for people who can’t have the person they like. For me, Ji Hoo is like the sunshine to everyone’s storm and that makes him really cute.

    So Yi Jung and Song Woo Bin (Kim Bum/Kim Joon) are also admirable. They’ve done a good job for they are the ones who added spice to the group. I appreciate how they always make some effort for Gu Jun Pyu and Geum Jan Di to be together. One thing I can’t forget was the time when Yi Jung shows his fragility to the girl who likes him; Kim Bum has most likely matured in his acting. The F4s are reeeeaaaally really good-looking!!! (big smile)

    Geum Jan Di (portrayed by Koo Hye Sun), the lead lady is probably the daintiest Korean actress I’ve seen. I was totally in awe of her acting plus the character fits her well. Her exquisiteness is gratifying and she has been one of my favorites after watching this.

    I just LOVE everything and every part of this series that even if I have to watch it a couple of times, I know I won’t get bored. Well, the ratings of every drama falls in the hands of the screenwriter, director and the rest of the crew. So I’d like to congratulate them with much respect for having a job well done.

    I don’t know what other people is fond of but if you are looking for a romantic comedy that’s worth the watch, I strongly recommend Boys Before Flowers.

    Great series. Great OSTs. Great casts. A good way to stay at home, relax and enjoy 🙂

  1910. 1910 : Gerall Says:

    Simply, the best!

  1911. 1911 : yosie Says:

    i really love this drama…
    roy99…how come bakit king better than this drama? r u kidding me?

  1912. 1912 : bettyfulize Says:

    @panyangbear: I super agree with you! I like the way you expressed the impact of the movie. It’s not even boring nor “nakakasawa” even if you watch it many times. Love it! I could say that this is not even a remake of Hana Yori Dango or whatever.
    Good job to the crew of BOF

  1913. 1913 : cookie58 Says:

    Love this drama too except felt sad for Jihoo. He is more deserving than ………..

  1914. 1914 : KEZII Says:

    I SO LOVE BOF!!!!

  1915. 1915 : shofa youii Says:

    I love boys before flower!!!!!!

  1916. 1916 : benny Says:

    drama abg banget….sampai boring liatnya.

  1917. 1917 : irralyn Says:

    i cant stop watch this drama series over and over….super like it…good job guys…specialy to Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong…

  1918. 1918 : Anima Says:

    Boys Before Flower is very beautiful korean serial……………
    everything is lovely in the serial……….
    I love BBF

  1919. 1919 : Anni Says:

    i love every thing of this drama…. The story is very much heart touching.. every one must watch it… 🙂

  1920. 1920 : Anee Says:

    This Drama is my best Drama.. all the four characters are wonderfull… i loved it.. 🙂 🙂

  1921. 1921 : bomba hosam ellewa Says:

    very nice

  1922. 1922 : Ladybug Grandma Says:

    Boys Over Flowers, for me is the best korean drama I have ever watched. It is unforgetable, entertaining, moving and funny. If only movies and dramas will be created like this, what else can we ask for?

  1923. 1923 : junie Says:

    fighting…… geum jan di..u’r so…beautiful..luv u..

  1924. 1924 : sye.bum Says:

    uri kim bum!! <33333333

  1925. 1925 : paola Says:

    I cry with this drama fron start to end, really like it! ♥_♥

  1926. 1926 : Jin Shil Says:

    really love this drama….fabulous story and song….

  1927. 1927 : yayamine Says:


  1928. 1928 : cony Says:

    i really love this drama series….. the cast were good…. fighting!!!

  1929. 1929 : ghd Says:

    jihoo~~~the best!!!

  1930. 1930 : FARHANA G. DATUDACULA Says:


  1931. 1931 : KHJ Lover Says:

    ghd yaya…Ji Hoo Sunbae Kim Hyun Joong is the best!To those who love KHJ,don’t forget to vote for his latest drama’Mischievous Kiss’.Now was ranking No 2.Fighting^_^

  1932. 1932 : bilzi Says:

    thanks to you wre all enjoy it sasheriyo sarane jihu

  1933. 1933 : jenny Says:

    Korean F4 is awesome!
    love KHJ as the character of Yoon Ji Hoo.(=
    All The Best!

  1934. 1934 : Melinda Gunawan Says:

    I love this drama so much !!! BBF is the best korean drama eva !! I wish there’s BBF season 2 … 4 those who haven’t watch this drama, you must watch !! BBF is soo cooollll XD .. ^^ … The actor were beautiful and handsome ..

  1935. 1935 : sophie victoria iskandar Says:

    Aaaa…this movie rocks man!!!! Everybody must watch it!!!! The songs are too perfect!!!! I’ve watched it more than twice!!!!

  1936. 1936 : Melinda Gunawan Says:

    Hmm …. I love BBF soo much …. I wish there’s BBF season 2 :d i love the actors, songs, I like everything about BBF !! All in all ^^ … You guys MUSY watch BBF !! втω… I don’t think KHJ is the best actor among all ….

  1937. 1937 : sophie victoria iskandar Says:

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  1939. 1939 : sophie victoria iskandar Says:

    I just have one wish for this great drama, i hope, next year there’ll be BBF season 2….with more stories & experiences!!!!

  1940. 1940 : sophie victoria iskandar Says:

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  1941. 1941 : Melinda Gunawan Says:

    #sophie victoria : i agree with you !! BBF is the best !!

  1942. 1942 : sophie victoria iskandar Says:

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    This story is just like Romeo & Juliet!! So sweet & so romantic!! How i wish this movie was longer…

  1944. 1944 : Melinda Gunawan Says:

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  1945. 1945 : sophie victoria iskandar Says:

    #melinda: BBF lover is not onlt us!! There’re thousands & millions of people who loves this marvelous drama!!!!

  1946. 1946 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Greetings to Fans of Boys before Flowers,

    Please join in the Battle of votes for Best Drama of 2010. Please vote for Playful Kiss. Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, all!


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    pkease support PLAYFUL KISS!!

  1949. 1949 : dhianne Says:

    this is the drama that i started to admire KIM HYUNG JOONG!!
    pLease support PLAYFUL KISS!!

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  1952. 1952 : kati Says:


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    form philippines..

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  1962. 1962 : Novi Suneth Says:

    I miss Koo Hye Sun ( Geum Jan Di ) and Lee Min Ho ( Goo Joon Pyo ) and i miss all the acttor and actress from BBF….
    when the next story from Boys Before Flower?????……
    I love this drama….i’ve watch many time and i watch it again….again…again…again and again…..\(^_^)/

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  1969. 1969 : raj baidhya Says:


  1970. 1970 : megfox Says:

    I dont like this drama, its odd and boring,, the cast can no act, specialy khj hes face has no emotion at all, i barely cant feel him,, koo hye sun good acting,,

  1971. 1971 : kati Says:

    I LOVE this drama,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    it is the best and also the cast were fantastic,i love all of them.this drama and its story show us the meaning of ,TRUE LOVE,TRUE FREANDSHIP,REAL LIFE and,,,,,,be strong in difficulties of LIFE……
    LOVELY DRAMA,,,,,,

  1972. 1972 : 1996 Says:


  1973. 1973 : intyce Says:

    I MISS BOF!! T_T Will there ever be a PART II?!

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  1978. 1978 : kati Says:

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    I LOVE DRAMA………….

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    BBF 때 다시 TV에 등장?
    난 새로운 이야기를 또 기다려!

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    Visit this website:)

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  1986. 1986 : yame Says:

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  1992. 1992 : Hannah Waeni Says:

    My sister and I are absolutely hooked on this drama. Forget American, European or Mexican dramas, etc. This one is both funny & romantic without being offensive. I love it, love it, love it! Plus I love the F4’s guys fashion & hair. Jandi is absolutely sweet n’ pretty and believable! Good job to all 😉

    Keep up the good work to all the team and I think Junpyo & Jandi make a lovely, lovely couple.

    Look forward to seeing more of them on the big & small screen.

  1993. 1993 : cassie Says:

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    ii luv dis movie, da best ever……. ii just cant get enough of it……. ii luv all the actors and a BIG job well done to Guh Jun Pyo, Jan Di and Ji Hoo…… sorry if misspelled the names……lol……Love all the actors…….. AZA AZA FIGHTING……..

  1996. 1996 : koreafanz Says:

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  2000. 2000 : kati Says:


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    and i’m absolutely in love with JiHoo 😛
    watching it make me fly to my happy place.
    wish that JiHoo & jandi together… my heart ache for JiHoo

  2002. 2002 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have lost my file on Boys over Flowers. Can someone please post the picture of Jandi’s first dance with Ji Hoo? That was when she was dressed as Wonder Woman and fell with food all over her. Thanks.

  2003. 2003 : alvya Says:

    this drama is very interesting..many girl students had look it..all of the actor are handsome and cute,no wonder they have many fans.=)good luck boys over flower..

  2004. 2004 : s Says:

    Can someone explain why “boys before flowers” can’t find any website.

    where can I find a website allow to me to see this show?

  2005. 2005 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Annyeong s,

    You can watch it by clicking the above – Watch online with English subtitle 2) Try Vickii or 3) Click below



  2006. 2006 : dinaz Says:

    this is my favourite korean drama of all time..loved every episode..it was ths drama dat got me addicted to korean dramas..n hre i saw my minho 4 d very 1st tim..the moment he made hs entry i was totally in love with him..the bad boy character..suits him 2 d fullest..n i really like minsun couple..
    i hav 2 dvds of bof n i dnt knw y i bot 2..hehe!I LOVE U MINHO..MISS U!

  2007. 2007 : kati Says:

    my lovely drama…………

  2008. 2008 : dinaz Says:

    evn the tiny little gu jun pyo is so damn cute!!n the adult gu jun pyo is too hotttttt….to die for..hehe!jst cnt get over minho till now!love u minho……..

  2009. 2009 : mommy najmi Says:

    I love the soundtrack…

  2010. 2010 : kati Says:


  2011. 2011 : Maungo Morentwa Says:

    Is funny coz here in Botswana is our very first time 2 watch dis wandaful drama. I rily luv the F4 guys especially Goo Joon Pyo n her galfriend Jandi. i really luv them

  2012. 2012 : kati Says:

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  2013. 2013 : syue adillah Says:

    love them…

  2014. 2014 : Susain Says:

    I just love it. But i have one compain cant d jihoo and jandi make a couple. Ah they look so beautiful together. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.

  2015. 2015 : Aida Says:

    It is always a luxury enjoyment to see this drama. Great story, Great fashion, Great faces & Great OST!!
    The drama will be perfect if the ending never left the part on the acceptance of Goo Joon Pyo’s mother on Jan Di because she has been disagreed strongly their relationship. At the same time, Goo family didn’t show any response / appreciation on Jan Di’s effort in taking care their father till his recovery—this is a MISS to me in this drama, how I wish it can recapture to make it PERFECT indeed. :P.
    Lee Min Ho is a great & fantastic actor in this drama & this has been reassure again in his next drama in Personal Taste.
    Thank you to all the actors & actress in making this great drama to this world! Keep it on!

  2016. 2016 : karin Says:

    temen-temen yang indonesia yang k-drama lovers.. silahkan kunjungi
    follow and leave comment ya.. thx banget

  2017. 2017 : Kgomotso Ketlhokile Says:

    This drama kips me going, its absolutely awesome nd thos hunks mmmmh……………wth their hot chicks eish diantsha blind.love every episode.love ol the actors bt my hart beats for u jihoooooooooooo

  2018. 2018 : tshephang Says:


  2019. 2019 : miss P Says:

    wonderful story!

    this is a great love story.the guys looks like they just fell from heaven,SUPERCUTE!Jandi and Jihoo does it for me they make an awesome combination.i wish they end up together.

  2020. 2020 : Georgie girl Says:

    Loved it so much. Watched it over and over!!! Great chaacters!!!

  2021. 2021 : Linda Tam Says:

    BEST K-DRAMA EVER! GREAT OST! Simply love, love,love BOF!!!

  2022. 2022 : Mysterious Says:

    I love the storyline ,it got me motivated. I liked all the characters but I liked Kim Hyun Joong the most!!!! Boys Before Flowers is awesome!!!!

  2023. 2023 : Shin Says:


    It´s a pity but i haven´t traveled to korea yet

  2024. 2024 : Cc Says:

    Is there a side story for this show cuz i really want to know what happens between Chu Ga Eul and So Yi Jung

  2025. 2025 : ROSSA Says:

    an awesome drama indeed.want jandi and junpyo to be together though jihu is always rescuing jandi.watching it makes me believe that true love still exist.im in love with junpyo .there is something about the way he smiles.just thinkin about this drama makes me smile and it takes me to a wonderful place/

  2026. 2026 : Mally Says:

    GEUM JAN DI: “My soulmate ji hoo sunbae,……my husband Gu Jun Pyo”

  2027. 2027 : che-che Says:


  2028. 2028 : Mpho Says:

    how do i order this series? i love this series very much and i want to have a copy.

  2029. 2029 : rara_77 Says:

    i was really enjoy watching this drama….
    this drama was awesome and exciting to watch!!!
    i really falling love with u, kim hyun jung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2030. 2030 : sheily Says:

    I realy luv dis story alot.I cnt express it in words……GEUM JAN DI–is dat true dat Lee Min Ho is ur husband….pls rply m.

  2031. 2031 : kati Says:

    lovely boys and girls……
    I love this drama soooooooooooo much and

  2032. 2032 : yujin Says:

    i soo love this drama,especially wen i see yoo ji hoo,can’t stand not to see him,,,,,,, ooooh i’m so gaga about him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2033. 2033 : Sandy Nhi Says:


  2034. 2034 : ruru Says:

    i so love it hen jiho is with jandi he is so dreamy

  2035. 2035 : ruru Says:

    they should realy make another season please whoever knows the director please tell them to make another season and plz show it in africa on dstv a lot of people like it here ^_^ plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2036. 2036 : alejandra Says:

    love this DRAMA

    best ever

    WAITING for a SECOND SEASON please
    I’m not the only one who want it

    I’m adiccted to GJP love him so much from PERU

  2037. 2037 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:


    Starting from today, KBS World will rerun the Boys over Flowers series. Be filled with the charms and kindness of the nation’s #1 Firefighter, Yun Ji Hu and the silly antics of Geum Jan Di. Mondays to Thursday at 16:20 KST and repeated on Saturdays 21:40 KST. Enjoy!

  2038. 2038 : Meenazn Says:

    No wonder, how many times I have watched it coz it is my one of my best dramas ever. LUv it…..

  2039. 2039 : Nabina Says:

    This is my best drama..I’ve ever watch…….I wanna see more n more time when I see it once……Saranghaeyo F4

  2040. 2040 : kati Says:


  2041. 2041 : kat Says:

    the first time i saw this drama, i got hooked. so i bought the cd instead of waiting to watch it on tv. everyday when at work i look forward to going home coz i know ill be watching jun pyo & jan di fighting. i just love it! i love everyone.

  2042. 2042 : NCHAR2419 Says:

    ang cute ng show na to… hehehe i love all the cast…

  2043. 2043 : MehrBanoo Says:

    tanx for encorre this drama…..

  2044. 2044 : mel2 Says:

    dunno y i cant finished to c this drama..hu..i try 2 watch, bt untl ep 4 i stoppd, no heart to see, might b so many hndsme guys in it, confuse to choose..hihi.. i didnt udstd y it came in 1st rankg, esp LMH face is too senior to act as F4 in this drama, not so matchg, better to watch Kim Bm in Still mry me..

  2045. 2045 : yobi Says:

    uhuh… i havent watched this drama either because after a few episodes i didnt have the will and patience to watch it…. but it got me curious now why it has a high rating though. i want to give it a go again maybe i will find something interesting to hook me finish this drama. Aja! i enjoyed the japanese version of this drama. 🙂

  2046. 2046 : mel2 Says:

    i push myself 2 wtch d final ep, yah finished alrdy..ep 24? so long! but a hppy ending story as well i cannot relate d whole story.. v d fairy tale, a hindustani film also ended like that, but only 3 hour storyline, nv mind, other country hve their own style, n surprisingly, my heart suddnly hook with kim ki bum..hum..not bad tht boy..:)

  2047. 2047 : Бегайым Says:

    Здравствуйте я вам пишу из Кыргызстана мне очень понравилась эта драма. Если вас не затруднит то отправьте мне свой следующий фильм. Надеюсь вы не проигнорируете мое сообщение!

  2048. 2048 : takgu99 Says:

    try to watch baker king kim tak gu…..amazing story!! superb!!
    10/10 n 5 stars!! love it!! XOXO

  2049. 2049 : Ram Jonas Says:

    I love drama movie, but too much busy at work have not had a chance watch much. nice korean site.

  2050. 2050 : Nancy Says:

    This drama is exciting because of its protrayal of the playboy lifestyle of the F4 – spots cars, limosines, chaffeurs, horse riding, skiing, nite clubs, luxury holidays & hotels, handsome charismatic men in furs and tuxedos who are heirs to empires, palatial houses, etc.

    The last 30% of the drama was a real drag because the script is like a broken record. Geum Jan Di is an exciting character (a fearless girl who’s no push-over) in the first half of the drama. The second half of the drama is a disappointment as Geum Jan Di becomes a real push-over wth many self-doubts and is always apologetic. I think Koo Hye Sun’s acting deteriorates in the second half of the drama. Son Yeh Jin -acting alongside Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste – is a much better actress, in my view.

  2051. 2051 : janet Says:

    Pls. we want a season 2 for this korean drama. pls do it for the sake of the viewer!!! thanks

  2052. 2052 : nitesh tamrakar Says:

    hi this movie i really awesome n out of the world.the entire cast is just mind blowing and cool.so i am waiting for season2 and so on…hope our country will also make an extra beautiful movies like boys before flowers.i love all the cast and scenes of the movie.the songs are heart touching….

  2053. 2053 : takgu99 Says:

    i think this drama better than PK n MARRY ME MARY!!
    the plot n storyline was good not like PK n Marry me mary who has no point…..such a waste time…

  2054. 2054 : (^_^) Says:

    boys over flowers is the best drama I’ve ever seen.

  2055. 2055 : (^_^) Says:

    I just LOVE this drama…

  2056. 2056 : dinaz Says:

    if there was a season 2 of bof i would faint out of happiness..if i see lee min ho again with with curly hair n arrogant attitude i wud go crazy!love u minho..

  2057. 2057 : kati Says:

    lovely boys……….. I Miss GU JUN PYOOOOOOOOO

  2058. 2058 : mira Says:


  2059. 2059 : kati Says:

    : )
    ; )

  2060. 2060 : (^_^) Says:


  2061. 2061 : (^_^) Says:

    LOVE U MINSUN COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2062. 2062 : Mish Ateyn Says:

    LEE MIN HO SO HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KIM BUM SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  2063. 2063 : erica hung Says:

    the best drama!!!!!!!!!! ever!!!!

  2064. 2064 : cammy Says:

    the reason why i’m watching this drama again and again is Yoon Ji Hoo

  2065. 2065 : rijan Says:

    i love boys before flower very much i have watch it so many espacially i love goo jun pyo very much. i love his eye very much

  2066. 2066 : sushree Says:

    i love dis movie sooooooooooooooooo much

  2067. 2067 : sushree Says:

    i love dis movie sooooooooooooooooo much. i m a big fan of u guys. i hv seen so many times . this z d best one i ever seen korean drama. really.

  2068. 2068 : 3+L Says:

    what’s great about this drama… is that the bond between friends, true friendship despite of there own difficulties in life, they manage to stay true for there friendship. what else? a pure love between jun pyo and jandi… both of them sacrifice but the more they sacrifice the more they love each other… hopefully with yi jeong & gaeul… =) as well as jihu and woo bin (more story)

    wow… cheers!!! boys over flowers…

  2069. 2069 : paul Says:

    i simply loved this film…..guys you were great….best character Geum Jandi

  2070. 2070 : ananya Says:

    i luvd ds drama..i heard that there is another season releasing…is that so??

  2071. 2071 : yelda Says:

    is there a secong season coming out i didnt know that!!!!!!

  2072. 2072 : silviya wilson Says:

    this is such a great one i’ve ever seen the f4 is awesome n the jandi too i love’em all

  2073. 2073 : nanie Says:

    2nd season plsssss.. I’m crazy for F4! But u hv to change to Guys before flower.. Hahaha.. I love the cast .. Love them all.. Woo bin so cute.. Love the smile.. The songs really great, I like eventhough I cannot understand.. Greetings from Malaysia!

  2074. 2074 : pallavi Says:

    the best drama ever ! the drama left me crazy..the perfect blend of purity of love n friendship !gun pyo is so so handsome..i am in love ! please do inform me if another season is released !

  2075. 2075 : sarona Says:

    this is the best drama.

  2076. 2076 : Louise Says:

    I got so addicted to Boys Over Flowers and i missssssssssss it so much. I don’t think any other drama will replace BOF, i thought my lovely Samsoon was the best but it doesn’t come close to BOF. Season 2 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  2077. 2077 : Tobby Says:

    Too much drama…..
    KJH’s act so bad, he couldn’t act, come on guy!!! Just another pretty boy.
    Taiwan part 1 n japanese version more better.

  2078. 2078 : mel2 Says:

    i’ve watched BOF, so many incident inside, interesting but terrible…the fact was the appearance of beautiful boys made this drama very popular.. i was attracted too 🙂 n also the island was very beautiful! until now i coudn’t finished all ep, tired.. n to fulfill it i watched the last episode! fair..LOL

  2079. 2079 : kati Says:

    I miss all of uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    : )

  2080. 2080 : kati Says:

    : )

  2081. 2081 : Lala Says:

    This started it all for me and my addiction to k-drama. Lee Min Ho is the mst gorgeous man on plane Earth! Unbelievable charisma!!! Woot!

  2082. 2082 : Selena Says:

    Love this drama because it made me escape reality. It made me dream of the hotness of Gu Jun Pyo! If you want to go back to younger times, if you like light rom com to make you feel giddy, if you like cuteness and candy apple looking boys, then watch BOF! You’ll go back to the time of your youth and first love!

  2083. 2083 : ivy Says:

    I’m still singing ‘Almost paradise’…Boys Over Flowers is so good they’re repeating it in my country…JanDi really fits in her role…love F4…funny how SoEul mates got to overshadow the main couple…however I think Jan Di and Gu Jun Pyo are equally good…Nice back ground music too…

  2084. 2084 : erica Says:

    the best drama ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please do the season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2085. 2085 : baran Says:

    best drama…I cried a lot for Yoon Ji Hoo, every time when I’m stupid was played ,I cried ..

  2086. 2086 : wdr Says:

    boys before flowers is my first drama i watch 🙂 i love lee minho!!

  2087. 2087 : emnet Says:


  2088. 2088 : Annie Says:

    My very first K-drama. Tis started my love affair with k-drama and my obsession with Lee Min Ho!

  2089. 2089 : alisha sth Says:

    lee min ho
    love yuh soooooo much
    n dis drama is soooo wonder ful love it…………..

  2090. 2090 : Soushiyant Says:

    oh my beloved kgot boda namja!

  2091. 2091 : Soushiyant Says:

    chera in tori ja munD akhe?
    man nemidunam chera bayad city hall o mischievous kiss az u balatar bashan ba un dastane maskharashun
    to bayad balatar az una bashi
    vali mohem nist ke in srial cheghadram biyad paeen
    mohem mahbubiyate vagheiye ke man daram 2 donyaye vaghei mibinam

  2092. 2092 : Daria Rey Says:

    Fall in love with Boys Over Flowers. Fall in love with the F4s. But Lee Min Ho is mine alone! Hehehehe!

  2093. 2093 : Medical MCQ Says:

    hey girl iÅŸte ole biÅŸey di unutum 😀

  2094. 2094 : AMO0o0on Says:

    من عربي

  2095. 2095 : Graciela Says:

    This is the one that started my love for Korean drama! Seen it 5 times and I still fall in love with Gu Jun Pyo every time! 😉

  2096. 2096 : prettyme Says:

    this is where i first met and love lee min ho! saranghae goo jun pyo!

  2097. 2097 : Mafruha Chowdhury Says:

    This is the best drama I’ve ever seen. After seeing this I can’t like any drama more than BOF. 😀 Season 2 plz plz plz plz……… I’m eagerly waiting 4 it.

  2098. 2098 : kati Says:

    best drama
    lovely boys

  2099. 2099 : kati Says:

    This is the best korean drama I’ve ever seen,I miss all of the casts…

  2100. 2100 : kati Says:

    lovely boy……
    u r the best….

  2101. 2101 : Esle Pachuau Says:

    I miss Goo Jun Pyo..

  2102. 2102 : Tamiya Says:

    Who could ever forget the f4 of Boys Over Flowers??!! Quite simplyl a great rom-com. Enjoyable and a blast!

  2103. 2103 : NURUN Says:


  2104. 2104 : farah_fyra Says:

    best :)))

  2105. 2105 : honey Says:

    It is the best korean drama I have ever seen,I will never forget Geum jan di…

  2106. 2106 : kkk Says:


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    Awwwwww! I love Boys Over Flowers. I think they refined the Hana Yori Dongo version with this Korean version.
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    The Korean Wave is even reaching North Korea. On September 15, the RFA reported that “Boys Over Flowers” is currently very popular amongst middle school, high school, and college students in North Korea.

    According to the broadcast, currently in North Korea there are only 21 episodes of the 25 that are being circulated in North Korea. Currently people are frantically looking for the final four episodes. It was said on the broadcast, “People that are selling Korean films illegally are trying hard to obtain the last episodes of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ but they aren’t having much luck. Whoever obtains the episodes and begins distributing them will make a lot of money.”

    Also interesting is the fact that the RFA reported that amongst middle school and high school students, the hairstyles of the main characters are very popular. They have made names for the hairstyles, “Goo Joon Pyo Hair” and “Yoon Ji Hu Hair.”

    The female character, Geum Jan Di’s dress is also so popular that it is hard to buy any dresses that are similar because they are all being sold out.

    “Boys Over Flowers” was a popular drama in 2009 that described the story of four rich “Flower Boys” and an average girl.

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