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Title: 행복한 여자 / Blissful Woman
Chinese title : 幸福的女人
Episodes: 58
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-06 to 2007-July-22
Air time: Saturdays and Sundays 19:55


Lee Ji Yeon has a natural, affirmative and bright personality and is an accessory designer. Kim Tae Seop is a dectective who is very quiet and is devoted to Ji Yeon after he falls in love with her. Ji Yeon is caught between two men.


Yoon Jung Hee as Lee Ji Yeon
Kim Suk Hoon as Kim Tae Seop
Jeong In Mae as Choi Jun Ho
Moon Jeong Hui as Lee Ji Sook
Kim Yoon Jung as Lee Ji Seon
Kim Yoon Kyung as Yoo Mi Ra (Tae Seop’s old girlfriend)
Kim Dae Sung as Lee Ji Hoon (stepbrother)
Kim Tae Young
Choi Suk Goo as a jewelry distributor

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Jong Chang
Writer: Park Jung Ran

Official Site

78 Responses to “Blissful Woman”

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  1. 51
    eugene Says:

    I was really disappointed at the end. She chose the police guy. When Joon Ho was holding Eun Ji and calling her name, she just turned around and looked at them, then rushed outside the door. So Sad when i was watching the ending scene. So disappointed!

  2. 52
    diefan Says:

    watch it through this link…


  3. 53
    mutiara Says:

    sad story?

  4. 54
    mel Says:

    is it a drama with sad ending?

  5. 55
    nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  6. 56
    ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – also very nice. YOU WILL KEEP LAUGHING

  7. 57
    Nice drama Says:



  8. 58
    love kdrama Says:

    can anyone tell me, the ending is sad? is the police guy died?
    i hope that , the police guy alive, ooooooooo so disappointed.
    they are a good match.

  9. 59
    indah Says:

    I love Yoon Jung Hee mostly in Love in Heaven. She’s just perfect with Lee Tae goon, but what about her in Blissful Women??? Ummhh… well, I still love her and will always be…

  10. 60
    aswishes Says:

    i also need to buy the dvd, I’am in Thailand ,and just watch from website, there are only 20 episodes some can watch but not all..where can I buy it with english subtitles please….

  11. 61
    Tilney Says:

    The ending is suck. Ji Yeon gave Jun Ho a chance because of her daughter but when she heard the news that Tae Seop was in danger because he was doing an important mission. Ji Yeon worried and finally, she rushed to the door. Jun Ho was holding Eun Ji and called her name, wondered what happened to her. She only looked back and eventually ran out. That was the ending.

    I don’t like this ending just simply because I want Ji Yeon, Jun Ho and Eun Ji live happily ever after. The way Ji Yeon left her husband and her daughter for her love is also make me hate the ending.

  12. 62
    doll Says:

    I not yet watch this drama at the end as there r only 20 esipodes..can’t find where have 21 – 58 esipodes?

    As I read those comments above. really? she choose the police guy??
    Thats better for me..I like the police guy than Joon Ho. Yahoooo!!!!

    Coz Joon Ho made a mistake..How can he had dating with another women while he had a wife. Can’t accept him like that.. Thats mean he is not mature man. As you see that he want to suicide by jump at the flat. That really inmature man..If he really love his wife, just simple he shd refuse the women’s offer..he shdn’t dating wt the women only coz she was his mate either she will leave for US. Of course his wife can forgive him but thats not easy coz this really hurt her. if you are in this condition, would you accept him like that?? I can forgive him but can’t accept him as husband..coz if there r most beautiful and sexiest women, he will do same things in the future..

    But the police guy is more mature,caring and u’standing man. I love him..ji yeon is match wt him.. thats better than with Joon Ho..

    Good job!!!

  13. 63
    Nina Says:

    I am watching this show on KBS. This is one strange station, it does not follow regular screenings. So annoying. Anyway, I am glad ji yeon chose tae sop.

    The husband cheated on her after 1 year of marriage??? Not even 7 year itch. And he was so lame brain that the awful woman manipulated him by pretending to commit suicide, then he got into her car so that he could say good bye when he knew it would hurt his wife terribly to be near that home wrecker. Really… Imagine rushing to the hospital and seeing your stupid husband next to his ex mistress. All my love and trust would disappear….

  14. 64
    Yolly Says:

    I have been following the drama,A happy woman,and can’t wait to see the end, although from what I read from the other viewers comment it was a dissapointing end.maybe there is a part 2?

  15. 65
    chaimoon Says:

    If I know my husband cheated on me, all my love for him will fly out of the window. If I look as good as the leading lady I would not waste my time with an unfaithful husband. Bye and out you go dude!

  16. 66
    chaimoon Says:

    Girls you should love the man who is there for you in your darkest hour, right? The police guy was always there and loves her very much. Don’t waste your love for a person who can love you only because you happen to bear his child otherwise he could have married that rich, wretched woman? Got that?

  17. 67
    chaimoon Says:

    It is also a fact that Korean dramas are so expert is building up the plot and the characters but eventually goes flat in the final episode. There are bound to be questions left unanswered, issues unresolved and it just ends flat! So frustrating at time! Calling good scriptwriters. Do your stuff from beginning to end and not only in the beginning, ok!

  18. 68
    wongel Says:

    I really like that a single dad and mom fall in love decide to get married. I really love this drama because every time I see it I get real excited. so I wanna say thank you and great job for those of you in the drama.

  19. 69
    ayra Says:

    I am just recently start watching this drama on KBS World.
    It is shocking to know that kind of ending. Her stepmother is going to be her mother-in-law??
    I think I am going to stop watching this drama now.

  20. 70
    Liz Says:

    For anyone who has yet watched the whole drama or just watched only the first 20 episodes, please don’t think that your judgement about Jun Ho is right. You gotta watch it carefully with the subtitle to understand how his character changed as the drama progressed. After that, you can write whatever you want to say about this drama w/o anyone complaint.

  21. 71
    kd Says:

    …it is a good ending for me. She is with the police guy.

  22. 72
    ajkj Says:

    To anyone, who’s complaining about jun ho, I think you should first watch the whole drama before saying bad about him. He did not cheat that time.There’s just a misunderstanding.

    To the writer, its really frustrating that you did not ended the story.I think you should stop writing anymore. Stories like that sucks. At the end, its the story has no sense at all.

  23. 73
    cemre Says:

    저는 한국 말할 수 있지만 그 동안 당신이 과거를 알고있다면 터크 터키어 말하기가 날 오전에 연락하면 알고리는 민 호의 팬이야?

  24. 74
    cemre Says:

    I can not speak Korean but I’m a fan of Lee Min Ho who knows if in the meantime I am Turk Turkish speaking contact me if you know the past?

  25. 75
    Blissful Woman | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] lysi’s starred items in Google Reader Related Posts […]

  26. 76
    sangjhoon Says:

    i just finished watching this drama coz of Kim suk hoom & it’s an open ending but i believe she went back to Kim tae sup! she really loves him in spite of the complex they were in!

  27. 77
    Nori Says:

    I’ve watched this drama a few times already. And I agree that to those who haven’t finished this drama or watching without subtitle , please do not make bad comments about Jun Ho character! You must watch it carefully with English subtitle to see how his character changes throughout the show which make him become even better and more mature than he was before. I don’t know if any one you noticed that the writer of this drama is the same writer of I Love You Don’t Cry. Her writing style is almost very similar. In both show, the couple preparing to get married but later found out the problems caused by their family members. In ILYDC, Mi Soo’s aunt (her biological mother) was having affair with Young Min’s uncle-in-law which caused her wedding cancelled due to YM’s objection and BW, Ji Yeon’s father is Tae Sup’s stepfather and Tae Sup’s mother wanted to cancel the wedding. Ji Yeon then got back with Jun Ho just like Mi Soo chose to marry Hyun Woo. Both dramas also have open ending. However, let’s face the reality, I don’t think Ji Yeon and Tae Sup will get married as if there’s nothing happen. How can she face her in-law when her father becomes her stepfather-in-law? How do their in-laws face each other when Tae Sup’s step father left his family for Tae Sup’s mother? Just like in ILYDC, how can Mi Soo get back with Young Min when her aunt was the problem caused his aunt to divorce her husband? It’s not like Mi Soo will never meet her aunt again even though she already left for America. After all, she is still a member of her family. They will get to see each other again.

  28. 78
    The Secret Rose 4 Says:

    […] Blissful Woman (KBS2, 2007) […]

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