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Bittersweet Life

Title: 달콤한 인생 / Bittersweet Life
Also known as: La Dolce Vita / Sweet Life
chinese titile : 甜蜜的人生
Previously known as: 내 몸에 악마가 산다 / Demons Living In My Body
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-May-03 to 2008-July-20
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 21:40 (9:40 Korean time)


The drama about a man who commits suicide. A detective tries to solve the case and figure what really happened. The drama goes back in time to six months before the man, Lee Joon Soo, committed suicide. Yoon Hye Jin and Ha Dong Won’s marriage is on the rocks. Though they have two daughters together, both have secret love affairs with other people. Joon Soo accidentally meets Hye Jin in Japan and falls for her. Hong Da Ae is the woman whom Dong Won is seeing on the side. She never wanted to be his wife nor his mistress and that is why their affair has lasted for so long. That was till Da Ae met Joon Soo. She realized that she could no longer continue seeing Dong Won and she fell for Joon Soo. Did Joon Soo really kill himself?


Oh Yun Soo as Yoon Hye Jin
Lee Dong Wook as Lee Joon Soo
Jung Bo Suk as Ha Dong Won
Park Si Yeon as Hong Da Ae

Extended Cast

Jung Gyu Woon as Kang Sung Goo
Yoon Hyun Sook as Myung Ja (Da Ae’s friend)
Baek Il Sub as Park Byung Sik
Jo Kyung Hwan as President Kang (Sung Goo’s father)
Moon Ga Young as Ha Na Ri
Kim Ji Min as Ha Na Rae
Jang Young Nam as Sung Sook (Hye Jin’s friend)
Suh Dong Won as Hyun Pil
Kim Il Woo as Shin Jung Ho
Kim Mi Kyung as Mrs. Ri
Lee Doo Il as Woo Suk (Hye Jin’s colleague)
Park Jae Jung (cameo, ep1)

Production Credits

Scriptwriter: Jung Ha Yeon
Producer: Kim Jin Man

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Oprah Says:

    Hope this is a good drama!

  2. 2 : idhon Says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!! Lee dong wook is back!! Can’t wait to have him again in my TV screen…..love you dong wook

  3. 3 : ppp Says:

    sounds like the most promising korean series this year. the synopsis is quite vague but i’m definetly interested….well i’m a fan of lee dong wook in my girl so that contributes to my interest in this but the story does sound unique for a drama…can’t wait.

  4. 4 : stephy Says:

    yess lee dong wook =)

  5. 5 : Jane Says:

    i love lee dong wook

  6. 6 : ooika Says:

    it’s the cool guy
    LEE dong wook oppa…
    and he’s with that girl who played his first love in my girl
    wat was her name again?
    arghh totally forgot!!
    but it’s great 2 see ldw again..
    hope this one is a gem eh?

  7. 7 : Jenna Says:

    watched the first 2 episodes. The plot is a little slow pace and depressing. A lot of flash back of memories. But the scenary in Hokkaido id fantastic. Lee Dong Wook acted very well together with Oh Yun Soo.

  8. 8 : JOA Says:

    here you are again!im very excited to watch this series of yours.

  9. 9 : rayhanah Says:

    wowww….my oppaaa!!!!

  10. 10 : rayhanah Says:

    lee dong wook…..!!!!

  11. 11 : Sang Hee Says:

    welcome back LDW!! bogoshipda (miss you) since My Girl fame! can’t wait to see this ever since i heard you’re filming this series! pls don’t take a long break again jong mal (really)! sarang hae

  12. 12 : miradira Says:

    i’ve allready watch eps 1 and 2..wow..the scenery in this series is so beautifull, exploring kyoto and sapporo Japan, the ocean, the snow..everthing so pretty, the story also contain a mistery, is not an ordinary drama i guess…so far i enjoy watching it 🙂

  13. 13 : stephanie Says:

    hello my oppa, ang gwapo mo talaga…. lalo na sa my girl, sobrang nakakakilig ang mga mata mo hay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILOVE YOU LEE DONG WOK

  14. 14 : renee Says:

    he looks cuter dan b4

  15. 15 : kittengurl Says:

    finally,lee dong wook is back!!!!!!!!
    cant wait to watch it

  16. 16 : panyangbear Says:

    Welcome back Lee Dong Wook!
    Long time no see! =)

  17. 17 : FELIX Says:

    I am very much interested to watch this drama can anyone tell me is it available in DUBAI or any online sites?

  18. 18 : Johnny Says:

    gonna watch this draam series because of Lee Dong Wook…

  19. 19 : Imuyachan Says:

    LDW is backkk ^^ welcome back oppa !!!!

  20. 20 : corine Says:

    which website can i go in to watch this drama? i am from singapore am very interested in this show

  21. 21 : leslie Says:

    lee dong wook pls ditch the mustache,your a lot cuter with clean look.mwuah mwuah..My girl rocks

  22. 22 : leslie Says:

    love lee dong wook on my girl..
    pls ditch the mustache your a lot cuter with clean look
    hope there would be a sequel of my girl…
    with same cast.
    my girl rocks.

  23. 23 : Sandy Says:

    I missed u LDW so much but I’m happy that u r back………….me too hope there would b My Girl 2 ^_^

  24. 24 : momoisluv Says:

    watched the first six episodes. depressing. but still hoping it’ll be good.

  25. 25 : ujii Says:

    hey i want to see from episode 7. I don’t understand Chinese. So i want English subtitle. please waiting

  26. 26 : Esther Says:

    i think this drama is good…but i’m a little bit disappointed. i was surprised that this drama was rated 20th. check wikepdia

  27. 27 : STHRHN Says:


    episode rating check it out if you want to see what place this drama was rated

  28. 28 : princessmia Says:

    hOpe this drama will be great… huhu! i plan to download it… ^_~

  29. 29 : yadana Says:



    u r very smart,handsome. i want to be u r friend.i’m from myanmar.
    I like “MY GIRL” drama very much.I love u .Please reply me as soon as u got my message.

  30. 30 : anne Says:

    I never seen korean movie before, but after i saw him in my girl….i falled for him so much.
    ….Love you Lee Dong Wook….next month i will visit South Korean, pray for meeting you somewhere there…..i’m falling in love with you!!!

  31. 31 : nikkiw Says:

    OMG. love lee dong wook. but why the girl he like in japan so old. can’t take it. ha ha. he just toooo cute.

  32. 32 : Meg Says:

    This is a very sad story. Unfair as well for Lee Dong Wook. He suffered the most but end up he need to suicide. He should have a happy ending for all the while he had sacrified….

  33. 33 : claire Says:

    oh, i just start to watch this drama, i hope it’s a good one, but after i read all the message here, i think it’s will be a sad story….hik…hik…i hate sad story…but i like Lee Dong Wook

  34. 34 : roxyfun Says:

    this is a great drama beutiful art, and acting spectacular

  35. 35 : Goong Ju Says:

    Great drama. One of my best drama. The storyline was so well written. The love between LEE DONG WOOK & OH YUN SOO was so pasionate, so sweet but yet bitter. LEE DONG WOOK’s acting was marvellous, he put the best in. His character as Lee Joon Soo made him outstanding. I just love this drama so much. Highly recommend.

  36. 36 : marina Says:

    oh lee dong wook so handsome and his performance so much ok!
    its just that dont like the plot it made lee dong wook a psychotic my gosh he deserves a nice ending with that kind of acting!

  37. 37 : neeca Says:

    ni haw ma?im neeca wow i envy u so much…your almost 37 yrs old u look young and u are sexy and your face its very pretty..bitter sweet life.. wow its owsome.hope i can watch more.
    i really like your bed scene in better sweet life.and he was kiss like u there is no 2morow.and also the scene when u wear a 2piece your sexy.keep up the good work. stay pretty always and take care always. sarang hi.

  38. 38 : seshumaru Says:

    im just new to the whole korean drama thing and boy this kind of drama is makin me nuts lol …like i the way lee dong wook acts is just amazin lookin forward to this series hope its really something good 😉

  39. 39 : veronique Says:

    The drama is very nice, I enjoyed it but did not like how the wife can sacrifice her beautiful children for the love of a young guy. Having childrem mysefl, I would do whatever it takes to be with them. I believe in love but it comes in a package my dear. It is a drama ofcourse, but the writer or realsateur should give women a credit. At some point she resisted and towards the end she is behaving like fool!!! Drama!!! It is a very nice stroy!!!! Waiting to the end.

  40. 40 : yara Says:

    I liked Oh Yun Soo in Jumong.
    I’m gonna watch this one too

  41. 41 : otai Says:

    i dun really love the plot of this drama, which is very slow & full of sadness…im watching it just becoz of LDW…i’ll be waiting all LDW dramas no matter wat is the story about.sarang hae LDW

  42. 42 : jazz Says:

    LDW acting in this show is really amazing. He acts completely different from ‘My girl’. He put up his best performance in this drama and with OYS, they look awesome together as couple eventhou OYS is older then him. Love this drama, nice and sweet but with sad ending. They should end-up together.

  43. 43 : Ronah Says:

    WOoOW! Allow me to congratulate you for your extraordinary performance in this drama. You are a real actor. Wish you all the best! (:

  44. 44 : Lumi Says:

    Lee Dong Wook’s fans will be disappointed if they think this drama is similar to MY GIRL. It’s a well written and acted DRAMA for a more mature audience since it deals with adultery, divorce and how a family is affected by these situations. There’s no comedic relief as in other lighther dramas.

    I liked it very much. It is different.

    LDW must have done it to prove he CAN act and succeeded.

  45. 45 : deanaz Says:

    Great drama… A different plot with the other, coz now theres so many mature woman having date with the young man. Lee dong wook looks georgeous and he gets the best act in this drama, even the ending not fair for him. He almost be suffering in his life, so why can’t he gets the happy ending

  46. 46 : magsie Says:

    Very good series. I like the story line. LDW put up his best performance here.

  47. 47 : Sony Says:

    The story’s good.
    But a bit boring.
    The best point is in the ending.

  48. 48 : korean lover Says:

    stupid show, wasted a nice handsome actor (Lee Dong Wook) ! don’t understand why take up this role , such unhealthy storyline especially for conservative korean ! i like him alot after watching my gal.

  49. 49 : arnie Says:

    sorry, i dont like the story!

  50. 50 : Calvin Says:

    is it a really dissapointing drama?
    i haven’t watched the drama yet..

    but i want to watch this drama…

  51. 51 : soo jin Says:

    hi oppa
    for your back to us
    i wish to ldw a good luck everyday
    i love you soooooooo much lee dong wook

  52. 52 : Sarahning Says:

    great drama, luv to see….. LDW so amaging……

  53. 53 : nandar Says:

    Lee Dong Wook, you are incredible in this drama. I salute your good work.
    Keep up the wonderful work.

  54. 54 : Hewlin Says:

    cool picsxx

  55. 55 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  56. 56 : grace Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook si,

    Love your drama very much..in this drama you did very well…

  57. 57 : ivryn Says:

    I love LEE DONG WOOK in this drama (^_^) ! but I dont like this drama cause how can young man loving middle age women like OH YUN SOO (AS HYE JIN) in this drama!!!

  58. 58 : mel Says:

    sound like so interesting.. i want to watch this movie….

  59. 59 : nining Says:

    good drama.. love to see it,,

  60. 60 : billydkid Says:

    although the stars played so well in this series, i would comment i don’t like it. It is so downright “Heavy” and i felt so emotionally exhausted after watching this. i could not understand why he threw his life away just like that. Life is so precious, even sick people cling so desperately to life and don’t want to leave this world…. except the lead star in this series??????. i really don’t understand what is his motive to commit suicide???? if you want happy endings, stay away from this series!!

  61. 61 : Anny Says:

    Love this drama, but..ending very very sad…! Feel sorry for Joon soo in this drama.

  62. 62 : toh quan ming Says:

    I love this korean drama because it is very interesting and it makes me cry.

  63. 63 : kim bora Says:

    I agreed with you billydkid. The ending make me tired….some more as a mother hye jin cannot abondon her kids…she should enjoy herself since her husband very rich….muahhhhhaaaa

  64. 64 : hirmah Says:

    i dont like this drama..i buy this drama coz i love Lee Dong Wook in drama my girl..but im so disappointed..

  65. 65 : addy Says:

    hi guys, i really want to buy this story. where can i get it in malaysia

  66. 66 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

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  67. 67 : minty Says:

    dongwook si ,good performance! good drama!

  68. 68 : zhia_aala Says:

    1st ep kinda boring…..watch it bcoz of dong-wook and yoon-soo……later on I get it heat up to undertand the plot…….wow….one of the kind!!!!! wish korean scriptwriter can produce more “OUT OF THE BOX” drama…….no more stuck-up mother in-law….oh pleaseeeeee………..

  69. 69 : deepashna Says:

    i love the serive

  70. 70 : Andreia Carvalho Says:

    This shows how couples are unhappy when they are forced to marry and live together when they dont love eachother.
    Hye jin was never a happy woman with her husband and being forced to be with him was killing her inside to the point when she wanted to kill herself.

    Deep Story and it doesnt have a happy ending but there’s a lot to think about in it.

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