Title: 출생의 비밀 / Birth Secret
Chinese Title: 出生的祕密
Genre: Family, Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-April-27 to 2013-June-23
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


Jung Yi Hyun (Sung Yu Ri) lost memory of her husband , Hong Gyung Doo (Yoon Joo Sang) and their daughter, Hae Deum (Kal So Won) due to amnesia. She has lost ten years of her life in memory, not able to recall the events specifically from age 17 to 27. This drama will show us the journey to recovering her memory piece by piece, and also falling in love with him all over again.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun Young (Lee Jin) will plays as her high school best friend and Park Soo Chang (Kim Young Kwang) will plays as her ex-boyfriend.


Main Cast

Yoon Joo Sang as Hong Kyung Doo
Sung Yu Ri as Jung Yi Hyun
Kim So Hyun as as Jung Yi Hyun (young)
Kal So Won as Hong Hae Deum

People of Ye Ga Group

Kim Gab Soo as Choi Gook
Lee Hyo Jung as Choi Suk
Lee Jin as Lee Sun Kyung
Kim Young Kwang as Park Soo Chang
Han Min as Soo Chang (young)
Han Sang Jin as Choi Ki Tae
Jin Hyuk as Choi Ki Joong
Yoo Hye Ri as Mrs. Jo

People in the Market

Jo Mi Ryung as Shim Yun Jung
Jung Suk Yong as Tae Man
Shin Seung Hwan as Jong Tae
Park Eun Ji as Kwang Sook

Other People

Seo Hyun Chul as Go Eun Pyo
Kim Hye Jin as Lee Hye Young
Choi Soo Rin as Jung Joo Gyum
Im Hyung Joon as Tae Soo

Production Credits

Production Company: IHQ
Director: Kim Jong Hyuk
Screenwriter: Kim Kyu Wan


2013 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Mini Series) – Sung Yuri (Birth Secret)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 : Best Child Actor/Actress: Kal So Won (Birth Secret)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-04-27 1 6.5 (18th) 7.9 (13th) 6.4 (20th) 6.7
2013-04-28 2 6.0 7.2 5.8 6.1
2013-05-04 3 6.6 (18th) 6.6 (17th) 7.1 (19th) 8.4 (14th)
2013-05-05 4 6.0 6.5 7.2 8.2
2013-05-11 5 6.4 (16th) 6.4 (18th) 7.5 (15th) 8.3 (16th)
2013-05-12 6 6.8 6.8 6.9 7.7
2013-05-18 7 6.5 6.6 (19th) 7.4 (18th) 8.0 (19th)
2013-05-19 8 6.2 (<7.7) 7.7 8.8 (19th)
2013-05-25 9 7.2 (17th) 7.4 (14th) 7.1 (20th) 7.4
2013-05-26 10 6.9 (20th) (<7.2) 7.8 (19th) 8.3 (18th)
2013-06-01 11 7.1 (16th) 7.7 (15th) 8.3 (12th) 8.8 (11th)
2013-06-02 12 7.2 (18th) 7.4 (19th) 6.8 7.2
2013-06-08 13 7.1 (18th) 7.7 (14th) 8.1 (15th) 9.0 (11th)
2013-06-09 14 5.9 (<7.0) 7.2 (18th) 7.6
2013-06-15 15 8.2 (10th) 9.3 (10th) 7.3 (14th) 7.9 (11th)
2013-06-16 16 (<6.2) (<6.8) (<7.2) (<7.2)
2013-06-22 17 7.1 (16th) 7.3 (15th) 6.9 (15th) (<6.4)
2013-06-23 18 7.3 (19th) 7.8 (16th) (<7.4) (<7.6)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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90 Responses to “Birth Secret”

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  1. 76
    usa-mary Says:

    @Fullheart-74: You’re welcome!

  2. 77
    usa-mary Says:

    P.S. This should tell folks something! The man, Yoon Joo Sang, is married to a wonderful actress and they have a child together. While the fine, single hunks are just that…still single!

  3. 78
    Doreen Wightman Says:

    The ending is kind of confusing and anti climactic after all that happened. Why are all the Korean drama endings so lame? I guess it’s because they weiters try so hard to write complicated stories that at the end they experience burn out and do not know how to finish them.

  4. 79
    nixie Says:

    Love the story and good to watch it with your family.
    Everyone had their own punishments. People that is so greedy and evil they will only hit rock bottom. No matter how far they go they may succeed to everything but they can’t have what they want. Its better to live your life to the fullest and happ.n

  5. 80
    Josh Says:

    I’m a huge fan of Sung Yu Ri. She is very gifted and talented. This drama had all the potential in the world to be a ratings success but the ball was dropped when they cast Yoon Joo Sang as the male lead. It was pretty simple to see early on that he just turned off a lot of viewers hence it bombed. I hope for Sung Yu Ri’s sake we see her in many more dramas with much better male leads in the future like we have in past!

  6. 81
    Will Says:

    Actually, this drama has a good main story, but, unfortunately, become a little mess for 4 latest episodes, and also have to struggle with another drama, 100 Year Legacy. But, It has already happening.

    Sung Yu Ri and Yoo Jun Sang have a huge age apart, and they seem a little unbalanced chemistry. But, it’s not too dissapointing.

  7. 82
    usa-mary Says:

    First of all…Thank You…to Screenwriter KKW, Director KJH, the Production Company IHQ, the outstanding actors/actresses and to the entire PD team for making this a phenomenal drama! BRAVO…BRAVO…BRAVO!

    This is the most heartwarming kdrama that I’ve seen during the first half of this year, 2013! Each character had their own personal metamorphosis period to either embrace or reject its opportunity. In my opinion, what seemed a little convoluted at first in the beginning, to me turned out to be a masterpiece in disguise. As I patiently watched the writer skillfully take us on YH’s journey to regain the 10 years she lost, we met the people that made up those lost years. Though some recalled instances of those people weren’t very pleasant or comforting, there were some instances that gave her hope and tears. Even the young YH’s initial meeting with KD was a harrowing and hilarious experience. Not even the young YH was brave enough to hang around to find out who that crazy man with the sickle was chasing around in a community built like a maze!

    YJS’s role as the crazy, odd appearance Hong Kyung Doo turned into the most solid, loving, and caring protective husband, father, son-in-law and friend which utterly blessed me! When this man sang or should I say when he screamed the Korean national anthem in front of the jail to divert the media’s attention so that YH could escape their thronging! I became teary-eyed first and laughed later (I know its a fiction, but still…)! I thought…now that’s a man who loves a woman unconditionally! He was willing to make a fool of himself so she could be safe. Viewers when you see the last part of episode 18, you’ll really understand what it means to be a ‘good’ fool for the one you love!

    The Choi Family:

    Even Choi Ki Tae, a chaebol son who married for the usual chaebol reasons surprisingly turned out to be a man who really was in love with his wife. Early in the drama, his behavior towards his wife was appalling. Yet, after she asked for a divorce and separated from him, I was touched by his humility when he asked her if he really changed his ways and was cleansed of the sins he committed would she take him back. I liked the fact that he at this point he wasn’t taking her for granted because he knew he had to prove his metamorphosis to her in order to win her back. Well, one thing about him that I liked was that we didn’t see him carousing around with karaoke bargirls or having affairs with other women. Even though he was still a horrible jerk, in the end, he told her that he really wanted her to like him during their marriage. Truthfully, he made it hard for me to like him, and I was just a viewer! LOL

  8. 83
    usa-mary Says:

    @77: Please excuse me for venting! Since I believe in self-correction, I extend my apologies to all the fine, single hunks that may have been perturbed by this statement or if you didn’t even notice and overlooked it, that’s even better. Everyone’s timeframe to meet that special someone and settle down is different. I purpose even more so going forward to not join in on the looks and appearance bandwagon!

  9. 84
    usa-mary Says:

    This writer is amazing! I thought writer Kim would have KD find out about the aunt’s plan to take his daughter away from him and YH, but is was KT who went to the house to protect sweetie HD, to make sure his mother didn’t send the ‘suits’ to take away the little girl! Redemption is a wonderful thing KT!

  10. 85
    Sandy Says:

    I’m only on episode 4, but I can see why some people couldn’t get into this drama or was turned off by it. For one thing, the storyline is stupid. When she lost her memory, she knew she must have been married and she knew she had a child. In the seven years of having no memory, not once did she make any effort, at this point in the drama, to find her husband or child. Doesn’t make sense for someone who is a genius. Not only that, the male lead is okay, I just hate that the acts almost mentally challenged. Also, I haven’t warmed up to the female lead at this point. I hope it changes soon.

  11. 86
    Fifi Says:

    Hv not watched Korean dramas for quite some time n wanted to watch Sung Yuri’s series. I wasn’t too impressed with her last two series so wasn’t banking much on this too. Hwr, much much much to my surprise, this series is good! The storyline was captivating. Despite the male lead’s looks and his super-charged behaviour in the show, it’s quite flawless.
    I will recomend this show to anyone.

  12. 87
    winnie Says:

    I just finished watching this show. I agree with most of the viewers that the male lead is not so charming but as the show progresses, you will find his charm more appealing especially when he is not acting retarded. I just don’t umnderstand why he had to have that character in the beginning. Another thing maybe is the huge age gap but it’s not really that bad. Their daughter is a good actress, I cried in more of her scenes and i enjoyed her accent, makes her look so innocent and pure. The scenes of two brothers even if the older brother rarely speaks, is so touching. Moral lesson is it’s better to have less money.

  13. 88
    lizabish Says:


  14. 89
    asa Says:

    I all the time emailed this web site post page to all my friends,
    since if like to read it after that my contacts
    will too.

  15. 90
    Malik Says:

    @Doreen Wightman,,,,i agree with u.90% korean drama’s ending awful.lame

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