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Birth of a Beauty

Birth of a Beauty 04

Title: 미녀의 탄생 / Birth of a Beauty
Chinese Title: 美女的诞生
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-01 to 2015-Jan-11
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


This is a drama about a woman’s world changes after she loses weight.

Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) is the heir of a large company. He is suffering from a broken heart syndrome due to a psychological shock. To get the woman he loves back, he completely changes an unattractive and overweight Sa Geum Ran (Ha Jae Sook) to beautiful Sara (Han Ye Seul). In the process, Han Tae Hee falls in love with Sara.


Main Cast

Joo Sang Wook as Han Tae Hee
Kim Hyun Bin as Han Tae Hee (young)
Han Ye Seul as Sara / Sa Geum Ran
Ha Jae Sook as Sa Geum Ran
Jung Gyu Woon as Lee Gang Joon
Wang Ji Hye as Gyo Chae Yeon
Han Sang Jin as Han Min Hyeok
In Gyo Jin Gyo Ji Hoon

Lee Gang Joon’s Family

Han Jin Hee as Lee Jung Sik
Kim Young Ae as Ko Soon Dong
Kang Kyung Hun as Lee Jin Young
Jin Ye Sol as Lee Min Young


Kwon Si Hyun as Team Leader Choi
Kim Yong Rim as Madame Park
Shim Yi Young as Eun Gyung Joo
Kim Chung as Son Ji Sook
Lee Jong Nam as Sim Yeo Ok
Seo Geun Woo as Min Hyeok’s secretary
Choi Jong Hwan as Director Kim
Song Bo Eun as Beauty


Kim Young Ok as foul mouthed grandma
Ahn Hye Kyung as weathercaster
Lee Won Jong as taxi driver
Kim Byung Ok as fortune teller
Park Seul Gi as underwear store clerk
Lee Sul Goo as company employee

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Son Jung Hyun
Producer: Lee Sung Hoon
Director: Lee Chang Min, Park Sun Ho
Screenwriter: Yoon Young Mi


2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Stars: Joo Sang Wook (The Birth of a Beauty)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Stars: Han Ye Seul (The Birth of a Beauty)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Awards: Han Ye Seul & Joo Sang Wook (The Birth of a Beauty)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Mid-Length Series): Han Ye Seul (The Birth of a Beauty)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-11-01 1 7.7 (14th) 9.1 (12th) 8.4 (11th) 9.8 (8th)
2014-11-02 2 8.1 (16th) 9.6 (14th) 10.0 (10th) 11.9 (7th)
2014-11-08 3 8.4 (11th) 10.0 (7th) 9.1 (11th) 10.7 (6th)
2014-11-09 4 7.5 (15th) 9.4 (13th) 8.6 (13th) 9.8 (10th)
2014-11-15 5 7.5 (15th) 9.2 (12th) 8.7 (10th) 9.6 (10th)
2014-11-16 6 7.6 (15th) 9.1 (13th) 8.6 (12th) 9.5 (10th)
2014-11-22 7 7.6 (13th) 9.6 (10th) 8.2 (14th) 9.3 (10th)
2014-11-23 8 7.1 (17th) 8.8 (14th) 7.4 (15th) 8.8 (13th)
2014-11-29 9 7.3 (14th) 8.7 (11th) 7.0 (16th) 7.6 (14th)
2014-11-30 10 6.6 7.4 6.9 7.6 (18th)
2014-12-06 11 7.4 (15th) 8.6 (11th) 7.2 (16th) 8.3 (13th)
2014-12-07 12 5.9 6.3 6.7 7.9 (16th)
2014-12-13 13 7.1 (17th) 8.2 (14th) 7.9 (15th) 8.9 (13th)
2014-12-14 14 5.7 6.6 6.1 6.9
2014-12-20 15 5.8 6.6 (20th) 6.1 6.6
2014-12-27 16 4.4 4.5 4.7 5.1
2014-12-28 17 4.9 5.0 5.7 6.7
2015-01-03 18 5.5 6.6 6.1 6.3
2015-01-04 19 4.9 5.9 5.7 6.7
2015-01-10 20 5.6 (<8.0) 6.5 (<6.7)
2015-01-11 21 5.6 (<7.1) 7.2 7.2

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Birth of a Beauty Poster1 Birth of a Beauty Poster2

Photo of Main Character

Birth of a Beauty1 Birth of a Beauty2 Birth of a Beauty3 Birth of a Beauty4 Birth of a Beauty5

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  1. 1 : LabPui Says:

    Nice pair between Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul.

  2. 2 : Dwi Says:

    can’t hardly wait to watch oppa joo sang wook after his acted cunning single lady..love u oppaaa

  3. 3 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    Its an interesting story line…what is life without LOVE after all?

  4. 4 : mml Says:

    I think, I will love to watch this drama.

  5. 5 : sara Says:

    the idea is cool. i love the cast

  6. 6 : hnyJo Says:

    hope this is great drama to watch after it’s okay its love..waitinggg!

  7. 7 : ben Says:

    Joo Sang Wook is back! It’s been a few months since i watch dramas. But for the sake of him, i will watch this drama!

  8. 8 : rr66 Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama to start, love Joo Sang Wook!

  9. 9 : Dong Says:

    can’t wait. love the cast

  10. 10 : suan Says:

    I can’t wait for this drama. It must be very ineresting story. Women usually like this kind of story.

  11. 11 : NinahFox Says:

    I can’t wait to watch oppa joo sang wook

  12. 12 : KDCraze Says:

    I definitely watch this drama. I love Han Ye Sul, I’ve watched most her drama from Couple Fantasy to Myung Wol The Spy. She’s a good actress. I think this drama will be fun to watch.

  13. 13 : Shobe Says:

    Looking forward to this drama. It’s nice to see another rom com from JSW. Hope this is as fun and sweet as CSL.

  14. 14 : tsontso Says:


    i love joo sang wook oppa’s THORN BIRDS……………… it’s really sad so i cried so much when i wach this drama………….. I think you are So Handsome and Great actor……..for me forever.
    and i like han ye seul unni’s THAT SUMMER’S TYPHOON…….it’s sadly… AND love her SPY MYUNGWOL…………it’s so cool.

    I am really want to watch this drama …….

  15. 15 : Sharon Says:

    Looking forward to this drama!

  16. 16 : Sharon Says:

    Glad to see Han Ye Seul back in dranaland. She has been gone a while, I know she will do well in this drama. I will be watching!!

  17. 17 : Thara Says:

    OMG!!! I cant wait to see my Joo Sang Wook Oppa 🙂 And the plot seems interesting. Han Ye Sul is really good in doing comedy. Nice pairing 🙂

  18. 18 : sunflower93230 Says:

    Finally, Han Ye Seul is back! I’ve loved her in everything I’ve seen her in, and I’m sure this drama won’t be any different:)

  19. 19 : Dong Says:

    just watched the trailers, Han Ye-Seul is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  20. 20 : malou1010 Says:

    Yaaay………I’m so glad Han Ye Seul is back! This is her comeback drama after having been away for 4 yrs. Loved her in Spy Myungwol! And wow, I get to see Joo Sang Wook too after Cunning Single Lady……what a double treat!

    Birth Of A Beauty…………Fighting!!!

  21. 21 : xxminoz332 Says:

    The plot is really interesting, and the cast is great! 😀
    Going to love this! 🙂

  22. 22 : eny Says:

    gonna check it, i like JSW previous drama good doctor & sly n single again, the teaser looks promising

  23. 23 : hello Says:

    “200 hundred pound beauty” anyone?

  24. 24 : deb Says:

    Will see Joo Sang Wook oppa again. yeayyy can’t hardly wait!!

  25. 25 : iammee74 Says:

    Seems to be a nice drama worth waiting for. I love the casts. I just hope that this drama won’t have a problems till the end especially with the lead actress.

  26. 26 : kkk Says:

    omg im excited for this drama
    its interesting storyline

    they both are excellent actors/actress

  27. 27 : Ar Says:

    omggggg can’t fricking waittt

  28. 28 : fita tarajj Says:

    finally i see one of my fave actor paring with one of my fave actress .. looking forwards for this drama 🙂

  29. 29 : hyunhye Says:

    looks like 100 pound beauty story…

  30. 30 : senahensem Says:

    Wahhhhhh…..cant wait!!!

  31. 31 : freedomdemon Says:

    gonna release~!!!!!
    keep wait~!!!!!
    straight watch when it appear~!!!!! ^^Y

    Thanks!!!!! (~c ~)Y

  32. 32 : Ced Harvey Says:

    wow! nice synopsis…. i think this drama will trend

  33. 33 : enji Says:

    wooooooooow wow woooow!! she is the best actress! cant wait, its tomorrow 😀 Love her!!

  34. 34 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh my gosh, I love the trailers! Can’t wait for tomorrow! Me too I love both Joo Sang Wook & Han Ye Seul!!!

    Birth Of A Beauty……..FIGHTIIIIING!!!!!

  35. 35 : mml Says:

    Episode 1, really very interesting and touching. The strange thing is, i hope that Lee Gang Joon will get back his wife Sara instead. Sara did not divorce with Lee Gang Joon , it’s just that all of them mistaken that, Sara was dead after she met an accident. Since, it’s not divorce, i think the writer should arrange Sara with Lee Gang Joon.

  36. 36 : kim Says:

    Hi: I don’t think I can agree with mml. Considering how LGJ and his family treated her! Much less than a human. I would let Sara decide. She has all the right to love and to be loved. Whether she was fat or not (anymore)…She deserve a kind man in her life.

  37. 37 : Kimberly923 Says:

    Hi: I don’t think I can agree with mml. Considering how LGJ and his family treated her! Much less than a human. I would let Sara decide. She has all the right to love and to be loved. Whether she was fat or not (anymore)…She deserve a kind man in her life.

  38. 38 : sharifa Says:

    OMG. i just finished watching the first ep. it’s really interesting. i love it. can’t wait for the next ep. soo excited <3 "fighting"

  39. 39 : gelatolover Says:

    Yay…Joo Sang Wook in a rom com again!

  40. 40 : Dong Says:

    I think I’m going to love this drama. Some might say the plot isn’t something new, BUT, I think the entire cast is doing a good job.

    Just love Sara/Geum-Ran and Han Tae-Hee

    It’s so funny, you just can’t help but fall in love with the drama


  41. 41 : Simon Says:

    Look like Han Ye Seul really did some plastic surgery, she look so different from her look in earlier dramas. The story so far look interesting enough so I would love it more if the writer can put some explanation why Lee Gang Joon married Sa Geum Ran to begin with. His family don’t like her, he don’t love her at all, then how is it possible that they have her as his wife 7 years ago? From the plot, she cannot be rich, not smart and so on. I guess the story just need a starting point to begin with regardless or logic.

  42. 42 : nana Says:

    I love this drama although there is is only 1 episode. I’m so excited,can’t wait for the next episode. Ep2

  43. 43 : usa-mary Says:

    I’ll pass on this one. I’m seeing red and stars. Red=anger and stars over the cheating husband and cheating friend’s head from being slapped. LOL

  44. 44 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m back! As a woman, I deserve the right to change my mind. As a matter of fact, I’m ready to unleash any and all unbridled comments on this so called family of exploitive ‘in-laws’ who are mental misfits. Well, since the husband became successful after his wife sponsored him financially FOR SEVEN YEARS (???) alone in the U.S. (???), she’s no longer of any use to him.

    Se Geum Ran, please get a back bone soon, and come to love herself and stop being a maid and door mat for such a useless, inconsiderate lot of want-a-be elites. By the way madam, GR’s mascara is slightly smeared from her tears. What’s your excuse with that so called hairdo. It looks like something Edward Scissors Hands did with dull blades.

  45. 45 : suti Says:

    agree with @simon, there has to be explanation how SGR married LGJ… and how things got so messed up…
    btw, i wonder whether in korean real life, a daughter-in-law should do all the house-works even for the in-laws… it looks like “slavery” (sorry) in decent-form…
    anyway, i’ll just enjoy the show and see where the story goes… 🙂

  46. 46 : usa-mary Says:

    @Simon-41: Very good observation and questions. It was mentioned that she did support her husband financially. Yet, from what I can tell, her in-laws live rather comfortably in their own right, so I wonder to what extent did she support him financially? Agreed…her in-laws dislike her; she was nothing more than a live-in maid for seven years. She has a mother? She never made any references to having a friend or mother. Her friend wrote the letter to Change and later, directly to Sara, yet I too would like to know how SGR met her a husband.

  47. 47 : usa-mary Says:

    SGR is so self absorbed with revenge that she checks in on her husband and his mistress, but not on the well-being of her own mother or friend? Makes me wonder what type of relationship they had.

  48. 48 : CoolBeans Says:

    This drama started off fast with a lot of character dynamics to keep it interesting. Only one flashback scene showed the female lead and her husband on good terms. Hopefully, the writer will soon expand on how a hot guy ended up with such a plain humble girl as his wife! I hope it was not just to use her as a housemaid, grandma caregiver and financial support while he was over seas! Joo Sang Wook is great as ever! Han Ye Suel is back from the Myung Wol the Spy scandal and has not missed a beat! She looks great!

  49. 49 : ben Says:

    Joo Sang Wook Im back for you! Just finish episode2. Wow, this drama is nice! Funny yet emotional! Joo Sang Wook character is so good, good man and helpful! Han Ye Seul as Sara is brilliant! She act till so funny and natural. I believe she has the right to choose who she wants to be. I dont think she should go back to the bad guy Jung Gyu Woon who betray her and go with another girl and his family is just as well bad.

    Nice drama, cant wait for the next episode. Joo Sang Wook Im back for you!

  50. 50 : me_nina Says:

    there is someone who ever download korean drama from doramax264.com? what’s going on with that website? why i can’t open it? and the website always displays “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)”. huhuhu~ 🙁
    I want to download the birth of beauty… 🙁
    is there another website where i can download korean drama freely?

  51. 51 : usa-mary Says:

    @Coolbeans-48: I agree with you. We need more info on how those 2 got together in the first place. I believe it was exactly to use her. 1) To them, she’s not a physical attraction or distraction for him to stay away that long. 2) They planned on taking advantage of her good nature…she’s free.
    3) What other woman would have put up with not seeing her husband for 7 years, not long after they married and not visit him at least once. I don’t know of any, at all.

    I wonder why she won’t contact her own mother. Maybe, her mother was against her marrying into that family from the beginning or maybe found out about that jackal son-in-law going to the U.S. without her daughter and was upset. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon…Writer-nim.

    Joo Sang Wook is too funny in this drama. He’s a mystery man himself.

  52. 52 : Sharon Says:

    Hi guys, I finally watched ep 2.

    Love her Barbie dress in ep one.

    I am sadden how beauty is classified as been skinny. Unfortunately, we see beauty as an outer appearance and forget about the persons character. Beauty is an internal thing. Some People may look good, but are not beautiful.

    Beauty makes you happy, beauty is caring, beauty is warmth according to her ex husband. The funny thing is he could never feel/see his wife warmth because of her outer appearance, but could pick it up so quickly with Sara. Goes to show how superficial we are.

    Han Ye Seul is back and I am glad to see her. I have been waiting for work and it’s finally here. She is so good at showing emotions that you will bawl buckets of water for her and her quirky comedic actions always give me a laugh. Glad to see you back.

    I must say, Ha Jae Sook have her acting down pat I have seen her in other dramas and she always have a tender undertone that makes you love her. Even when she acts as a prisoner, you can’t help but fall in love. Keep up the good work HJS!!

    Jo San Wook, character is a little weird to me, but he pulls it off well.

    overall, I thought this was a remake of 200lbs Beauty, but I see that it’s kinda the same yet diffrent. The story so far has held me and I look forward to see what the future eps holds. Birth of a Beauty, Fighting!!

  53. 53 : anne Says:

    yeah.. agreed to the idea that people may look good but aren’t beautiful.
    I think the same way too, it’s a remake of 200 pounds beauty. But I guess it’s a little different…


    The first episodes are fun and made me laughed a lot and sad. Wether there r still some unecesarry scenes — which become too much over. Well… continue for next week!!

  54. 54 : usa-mary Says:

    What I would have enjoyed above all is to see Ha Jae Sook remain and find love with Joo Sang Wook. Nothing personally against Han Ye Seul, but the mummified, physical overhauled, no pain-no gain, plastic surgery, botox, silicon labeled beauty is overrated and not interesting enough to me. I would have been enthralled over a storyline where HJS is coveted by JSW for her warmth and kindness. After refusing plastic surgery, someone steps in and offers her a complete make-over, a new sexy wardrobe, and an exercise regimen to keep her healthy. Causing her husband, his mist(ake)ress, and her former in-laws to go ’tilt’ in their minds.

    I’ve only seen 2 dramas where a man didn’t choose the so called beauty. One was an older kdrama and the other was a jdorama. Both storylines were cute, funny, and overall, EXCELLENT.

  55. 55 : Snow Says:

    usa-mary @ 54, I agree with you 100%.

  56. 56 : KDCraze Says:

    Although the story of this drama is nothing new and similar to Princess Hwapyung Weight Loss and 200 pounds beauty but I like this drama. Han Ye Sul is always good in the comedy dept. This drama and Mr. Back is the only currently drama airing at the moment that really entertained me. Can’t wait for Birth Of A Beauty next episodes !!!!!!

  57. 57 : nazanin Says:

    I like this drama

  58. 58 : Pooh Says:

    The story’s getting really interesting!!! 🙂 Must watch y’all

  59. 59 : KDCraze Says:

    I agree with Pooh#58. Just finished watching ep. 4 last night. The story is getting better. It’s not only romantic comedy but some suspense and melodrama as well. I’m glad that Sara realized now that her husband is a jerk. I really like this drama now. Can’t wait for next episodes !!!!

  60. 60 : Simon Says:

    It is a surprise that the story is not a comedy at all. Ep 3 and 4 turn the whole story around and that explain why her husband married her. The story start to turn from “200 pound beauty” into “roof top prince”. Not exactly what I have in mind when I start watching but still interesting. I just hope the writer don’t overdo it and turn a comedy into revenge drama.

  61. 61 : aisyah Says:

    I just can’t wait to see a lovey dovey scene from Han Tae Hee and Sa Geum Ran! >.<

  62. 62 : nadia Says:

    I just finished episode 4…the story really interesting and unexpected…i can t wait for next episode

  63. 63 : Sharon Says:

    Waiting for subs!!

  64. 64 : [email protected] Says:

    I watched the first 4 episodes and I love this show. I am glad to see that this story has many layers. I hope the writers don’t blow it in episode 9 and use the last two episodes to try to clean it up. Writers, please stick with the script as it is now and follow through. Do not leave any story lines hanging. If you can do that, you will have a hit.

    Watching Birth of a Beauty, I experienced several emotions; at first I was angry, then I was sad. The second episode made me laugh. In the beginning of the third episode, I wanted Sara and her husband to get back together, with him having learned that it is what is on the inside that matters the most. After the 4th episode, I am routing for Han Tae Hee and Sara. I want the husband, Lee Gang Joon, and Gyo Chae Yoon to go down, (jail time and/or penniless), both realizing what they lost seeking after surface beauty, fame, and riches.

    Sa Geum Ran was a Judo champaign in high school. She should have put her mother-in-law and sister-in-laws in a choke hold years ago. The father-in-law is the only one with a sense of humanity. I like him. I hope he leaves his wife and found someone that is nice.

    Side Bar: I notice that LGJ will not tell GCY that he loves her.

  65. 65 : cc Says:

    interesting story..cant wait for next episode!! Fighting!!

  66. 66 : TIRA Says:

    I love this drama with Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul. It is very interesting in beginning. Luckily Sara wake up and realized how bad her ex-husband.

    Thank you for writing a good drama! Another interesting Kdrama.

  67. 67 : Sharon Says:

    1.Oh my gooly goo, I am sooooo loving this drama right now!! I am laughing like crazy and HYS is doing a fantastic job!!
    Meow!! Sooo, funny. TH is Soo backed up, due to his virginity and Sara is not making it easy for him. MEOW😸😸

    2. Love the Orange lace dress with black trim, it’s totally fall. I must give a bow/shout out to the stylist for Sara’s clothes. The choices has been very fashion forward, stylish, blends with her complexion and fit her body beautifully. Even her casual/Gym wear is on the money. Good job, to her wardrobe and makeup crew!

    3.Darn!! I would quit. How in heavens name am I going to tell you that the problem with the union will resolve soon and you punch the ship out of my stomach. No, that’s it, I quit. Unemployment here I come.👀

    4. Hahaha! TH has some really bad, horney evil spirits chasing him. 👹

    5. All that hoopla and Sara did nothing!! She did not even look at the text message. Who schooled these ladies. Rule number one, do the opposit the enemy says.

    6. Oh, hell to the no, Sara husband tryed to murder her!! 🙀🙀

    Love ep 3, lots of comedic scenes and the murder twist give the story a jolt. Loving it!!! Ep 4 here I come!

  68. 68 : peyutnduy Says:

    I thought I missed a scene or dialogue that gave “hints” to us on how they became a couple in the first place. When I saw their wedding picture she’s already a plump and plain girl. Maybe your suspicions will be cleared soon, @usa-mary (51) and @CoolBeans (48).

  69. 69 : Sharon Says:

    What can I say about ep 4,but bravo. HYS is the Guru of emotions she will make you happy and at the drop of an hat make you cry. She has a gift of turning her emotion to fit the moment. Wicked!!!

    This story is getting so tangled that I am unable to comb it out. Everyone is a suspect. Sara ex did try to do her in, but there is more to the story that needs to be unfold.

    Ep 4 was good, HYS is doing a great job and the story is turning into a mystery/romance, my kinda story.

  70. 70 : icegirl Says:

    i’m hooked! HYS’s acting is spot on! love her character…but why does sara still calls han tae hee ‘doctor’ when she knows that he isnt one?!

  71. 71 : amyz Says:

    i think this drama is not funny at all..

  72. 72 : nana Says:

    sara is pretty.. 😉

  73. 73 : OK OK OK Says:

    in 2 days, i finished 6 episodes. Quite an entertaining Drama. Though Jung Gyu Woon act as Lee Gang Joon (why you have to be a bad guy???) – I still like you. 😛

  74. 74 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    I like this kind of type drama…the make over thing,..and Joo Sang Wook is more more more charming than his last drama “chunning single lady”. In this drama he so hilarious, which is so lovely dovey funny JSW..hmmm can’t wait for the next episode, i’ve just relised it that JSW is so damn good!!!fighting JSW

  75. 75 : Sharon Says:

    Ok, so ep 5and 6 was entertaining. TH is finally realizing he is in love with sara! No, cookies.

    Who would not love sara? She is beautiful, she is a good cook, she is keeps her place clean and she is kind. That dumb husband of hers, Only looking at the outer appearance. Not knowing what a gem he had. ☺️

    Why couldn’t he love her? GR/Sara is still the same, only difference is her body has changed, her face has changed and her voice has change. Damn!! There is a lot of difference.

  76. 76 : Jyenie Says:

    Because men are visual creatures. Duh!

  77. 77 : Eliza Says:

    …..:)))) so happy while watching every episode of birth of beauty.
    I can’t wait for the next episode & I’m so excited with the lovey dovey of joi sang wook & Han ye seul.they look good together.
    I love them both so much they’re one of my fave actress & actor..
    Keep it up fighting:)))

  78. 78 : usa-mary Says:

    Everyone, I hope Tae Hee has progressed in the ongoing episodes from lurking in the women’s dressing room (episode 1 or 2) hiding behind curtains and hitting Sara with a wooden plank, I guess that’s what that was, acting crazy. Because if not, I don’t care how much money he has. If I was Sara/Geum Ran, even if he didn’t do jail time, he’d learn this valuable lesson and warn other men by conducting a community service class on how and why not lurk in the women’s dressing rooms unawares. The result, he’ll be grinning with a clothes hanger stuck in his mouth disguised as a visible, invis-align teeth brace.

  79. 79 : lizmary Says:

    I thought this drama is like 200 pounds beauty..but it is more of Temptation of Wife but in a more comic manner..

  80. 80 : tigerb Says:

    @admin: this series will end January 4, 2015, as per above.

    (@tigerb from admin: The total episodes may be shorted or extended. Let’s wait and see.)

  81. 81 : marry Says:

    it’s the same story as the film of meg ryan addicted to love but i love it.

  82. 82 : khokha Says:

    I like joo sang wook but his face and expretions are boring and same in all his dramas.. but I really like him in variety shows.. about this drama, I lost interest at ep 5.. and I didnt like his role here.

  83. 83 : KK Says:

    OMG ep 8 is so cute !

  84. 84 : anyname Says:

    Stopped watching.

  85. 85 : Sandy Says:

    I so love this drama!!! I look forward to my Saturday to watch this drama. I’m hoping she ends up with han Tae Hee, I like him very much in most of his roles I have seen him performed. However, I cannot deny that I also like Jung Gyu Woon, he is such a great actor playing the mean guy makes him look very sexy. I liked him ever since Love You a Thousand Times. There is such a great cast behind this drama!! I’m afraid she will decide to go back to her cheating husband as she loved him blindly. I so hope to be wrong. Even the other mean guy is sexy, Han Min Hyeok!! Now to wait till next Saturday!!

  86. 86 : amelia Says:

    i think kang joon oppa more charming than tae hee..but why he’s a blackguard..oh no..kang joon shii/

  87. 87 : deedee Says:

    Just trying to watch ep 1 and I’m having an uneasy feeling about the drama why is she being treated so bad becauae she is over weight why does her life get better once she has plastic surgery n becomes ‘beautiful’ I know its all fictional but real life ppl are watching thinking if I just lose weight or get plastic surgery my life may change. Well I will give it a go

  88. 88 : sylvia Says:

    why the rating getting down and down???
    this drama is worth to watch……..

  89. 89 : Sunflower93230 Says:

    Oh my goodness!! This drama is getting so good! Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul are crazy good playing the characters of Han Tae Hee and Sara. I feel their insecurity, hesitation, sincerity, and steadfastness. They have such good chemistry, I find myself cheering for them as they face the situations they encounter head on. That kiss in episode 10 was well worth the wait:}

  90. 90 : Sharon Says:

    I laugh my ask off watching ep 9 and 10.😀😀
    Love the end of ep 10 I was like, aahhhhh. Wern’t you?
    I was like, finally they kissed!!! Yeah!! Now, the real problems begins.
    TH’s brother is going to hate TH even more now that he has Sara. The brother was always jealous of TH, so now imagin TH has the girl he has grown fond of.
    Ok, I find CY to be like that itch you can’t scratch, damn how annoying.
    The ex-husband!!! Thank goodness you got away from him, even if it’s a fake death. Being with a man like that, you wish you were dead.

    Really like both ep, I thought it would be a bit draggy. But it’s going quite smooth. There is 10ep left so I know there will be some DRAMA!!

  91. 91 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    I agreed with you Sylvia, why the rating is so low??…I think this drama is very entertaining,

  92. 92 : sylvia Says:

    eps 10 funny why rating low??? don’t understand……

  93. 93 : ben Says:

    Episode they finally kiss. I can cry out of tears. Omg. So nice!!
    The birthday wish is so sweet. He call out her name awwww.
    I dont understand why the rating get so low omg. It’s getting nicer and the review on overseas fans also good.

  94. 94 : PFR Says:

    This is good drama. It’s funny. I like Tae Hee’s character.

  95. 95 : Eliza Says:

    OMG..:))) I’m so excited for the next episode.
    I really feel excited about the proposal of Han tae her to Sara (SGR),I hope it goes so well, & nothing happen.my heart feels so happy thinking about it. I can’t wait for the next episode.
    I just hope that Han tae hee & sarA (SGR) will ended so happy & they last forever & they understand & trust each other whatever challenge they encounter.^^
    I do love joo sang wook & Han ye seul forever they’re my favorite korean actor & actress.

  96. 96 : KDCraze Says:

    Loved Han Ye Sul and Joo Sang Wook in this drama. They both looks cute and funny together. I’m excited looking at ep.12 ending. I can’t wait for next episode. Hopefully nothing bad happen to Sara. Rating low but actually the story is getting better. Birth Of a Beauty Fighting!!!!!!

  97. 97 : Lovekdrama Says:

    I freaking LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! I LOVE THE MAIN CHARACTERS especially Han tae hee! He is so sexy and so adorable! This is a must watch show people!! It very cute, funny and twisted!! I have to say to they have some good looking casts!! Overall one of the best drama! I look forward to watching this drama every weekend!!

  98. 98 : Hanako Says:

    I think this is one of the most interesting story, and pity it has not finished with its episodes and cannot be voted.
    The main actress is not that pretty but the story line was good and love it, with comedian, sad, revenge, exciting.
    Wang Ji Hye is always suited to be the bad person in many dramas, if she is going to the main actress it won’t fit.
    Anyway I just finished episode 5 and I really love the story and hope the mai actor and actress ended up together..should be that way…Ganbate!!

  99. 99 : Deerwirya Says:

    i like hanye seul and joo sang wook

  100. 100 : ben Says:

    omg episode 13 is so nice. The scene where they snatch the fruits at the supermarket is so funny, the scene where Sara / Sa Geum Ran shock that Han Tae Hee is Winner leader. But the most touching and best scene is the part where Sa Geum Ran mum knew that she is still alive. I cried. The story is really getting better and the plot is interesting. Best is the chemistry between Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul. I just love their interaction.

    It’s so sad coz im into this drama and it’s coming to an end. I felt empty and sad now as with Joo Sang Wook previous drama Cunning Single Lady. Having Withdrawal Syndrome 🙁

  101. 101 : Sandy Says:

    Love this drama, but the script is all over the place. HTH had told Sara he was the heir to Winner Group in the first or second episode. The silly part of the script, what did she think he was doing when he was trying to get his grandmother out of jail. This drama depicts her as an air head. I love, but you truly have to let go of any hint of common sense.

  102. 102 : ayu Says:

    wahhhhhh!!!!! watch this drama, i think fat girls really have a hard times lives in korea!!

  103. 103 : radhia Says:

    I think this drama lacks seriousness in some scenes and also heroine did not fit the role

  104. 104 : suti Says:

    i stop watching it since ep.9… something missing in it that i no longer waiting for the next episodes…. too bad because it was promising at the first 4 episodes but then syuuhhh gone!
    the story no longer has its ‘soul’ … too bad 🙁

  105. 105 : tult Says:

    I think it’s very wonderful. I love it

  106. 106 : sansan Says:

    @suti i totally agree , i myself stopped watching it starting from episode 9 i simply lost interest in it it was fun at firsts episodes then it became silly and the story deviated a lot and became all over the place , toooo bad

  107. 107 : TIRA Says:

    Love and crazy about this drama! Enjoy Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul in this drama! Great job!

  108. 108 : sk8 Says:

    this drama is something like temptation of a wife, but of lower standard overall… the female lead acting is a tad exaggerating and fake… there is something not too natural about the acting of both leads… plot was somewhat unorganized… messy… unrealistic…

    initially i watched this cos i like dramas with this kinda plot like temptation of a wife… and i have watched a few dramas of this kinda genre… but this drama does not live up to my expectation… … -_-” the way it unfolds, the way the drama was shoot… … -_-“

  109. 109 : Naisy Says:

    Silly part of ep 16, while ahjuma discovered HTH was hurt, she still has time to emote.. It’s instinct, the first thing to do, she must send HTH to the hospital immediately, anyway there is the driver on the scene, what are they doing…? Funny..!

  110. 110 : mahadewi Says:

    hahaha… agree with Naisy

  111. 111 : CoolBeans Says:

    The low ratings for the last episodes, 16 and 17, are well deserved! The writer resorted to using weak plot lines just to fill the drama. The heroine is now week and listens to the man who put his grandmother in a mental ward even though the witch may have deserved to be punished for treating her grandson like a beggar! Oh, well. Why they would extend this an extra episode is a mystery to mean. They need to shorten it and put what was a good drama out of its misery before it gets worse!

  112. 112 : Anu Says:

    Love Han Tae Hee. He is awesome…..

  113. 113 : yukisan Says:

    if iam the director , i will delete episode 15-17 , remove it again.

  114. 114 : Adeul Says:

    @suti I agree as well. Disappointing actually when their bond seem unshakeable yet was easily broken by something that could be overcome by a plethora of ways the writer was not aware of. So the let-down was twofold: the character’s lack of fortitude and conviction in their love and the writers own lack of conviction and therefore imagination.

  115. 115 : Adeul Says:

    I hate to bring it up but Han Ye Seul’s fate with dramas is that somewhere towards the end of all her dramas, there’s this wtf moment you wanna hit the fast-forward to the end. Like someone mentioned: delete episodes 15-17. Such a pity. I hope she shakes off that monkey.

  116. 116 : da fan Says:

    ok. I am not the only one who feels the same with ‘all’ your comments put together.Wow for some reason of trying to lengthen the drama, the story began to shallow. the lead female actress seem to be either oblivious to circumstances around her, foolish or plain stupid. Instead of supporting someone you supposedly love, you decide to work with the enemy (ep. 17). ????

  117. 117 : Psyche Says:

    Im not shocked, if the ratings are so low. The story is a bit draggy. Im just looking for the ending~ But still fun to watch.

  118. 118 : WIZMIZ Says:

    Is nobody ever going to talk about how horrible jung gyu woon’s acting is? I just started watching this drama about a few days ago and was distractingly annoyed by his acting. Told myself it would probably get better in the upcoming episodes, but unfortunately it didn’t. In fact I think it got worst?! Im on ep12 and it is a scene whereby KangJoon recently discovers photographs of his family in Sara’s closet. He was mad and wanted to find the connection between Sa Geum Ran and Han Tae Hee. He pushed Sara to the wall and his eyeline is all over the place. It was incredibly obvious that he was trying to recall his lines. I felt like the director could have done a better job in directing him/casting someone else.

  119. 119 : call Says:

    I really love Joo Sang Wook oppa ♡ and I love thus drama it’s wortg to watch. The lesson that I have is revenge is not a good action to heal your past

  120. 120 : Reno girl Says:

    I love Joo Sang Wook but his partner the girl her face is same reaction whether she is happy or sad. No chemistry between the two. I only watch this because of JooSang Wook.

  121. 121 : KDCraze Says:

    No wonder the rating drop. I think this drama is like Angel Eyes, it’s great in the beginning but towards the end the story is dragging a bit too long. I’m at ep.18 and it’s seems that the story is dragging and bored me. It’s start dragging on ep.14. I don’t blame Han Ye Sul and Joo Sang Wook acting, both of them doing great the only thing that bored me is the storyline. They should cut down at least 2 episodes.

  122. 122 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    I agree, the the plot is all over the place, I stop watching this drama on ep 14, and I jump to ep 19, and the storyline is getting bored, it’s doesn’t make sense at all, the writer is so silly, no wonder the rating drop..alllll way down, too bad, I thought this drama will be interesting from the start till end..too bad,

  123. 123 : Scorpio23 Says:

    I totally agree to all the above comments. I jumped several episodes. The story towards the end is boring. Still don’t know how the lead actor & actress won as 1 of the best couple in the SBS Drama awards . The scriptwriter is dragging the storyline. This Drama needs to end .

  124. 124 : Lulu Says:

    More evidence that 80% of kdramas should not be 20 episodes! I have a new rule to wait till a 20 episode drama is almost over (or even ends) before I start watching.

    Many kdramas should be 16 episodes at MOST! Some would be perfect if they were just 10-12 episodes like Liar Game.

  125. 125 : Supremo Says:

    The drama goes well.. Can’t wait for the last 2 episodes…Han Tae Hee’s eyes are very expressive and he acts very well…

    I love this drama..

  126. 126 : mphilly Says:

    everyone is spot on. this was a waste. should have watched something else. wasted 10 hours of my life. after 9 it started getting stupid. little too much acting. you know what I mean? so disappointing when the lead actress is so hot! they made her out to be mentally challenged also! they should have explained to us that she had brain damage!

  127. 127 : Hanako Says:

    Overall I love this drama, especially the actor Sang Wook . The actress Ye Seul isn’t as natural as other actresses they should choose a better actress for this drama. As for Ji Hye she had always been bitchy in all dramas and she is best suited to be a bitchy woman. She is good in that so it suits her better.
    The story is actually damn interesting and you always look forward to the next episode as it is really thrilling , actions, romance, terror..etc..
    One of the best drama to me , besides Pinnochio

  128. 128 : Richard Johnson Says:

    Lulu @124, well said. I’d like to add, though, that one of the greatest strengths of k-dramas is their length. A 2-hour movie is like a short story — it’s all about impact. A k-drama is all about the characters. One of the problems I had with Liar Game was that, at only 12 hrs, the arbitrary complexities of the games took some of the focus from the characters. So rather than shorten a story to make it stronger, I’d prefer writers to sharpen their skills and imaginations by studying the long dramas that seem short.

  129. 129 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching the last episode last night. It’s not the best drama but it’s not bad either considering it’s happy ending. I must said 5/10 drama, it’s just average drama. They should cut down the episode to just 17 episodes. The story takes too long on the revenge bit and also lack of romance between Han Ye Sul and Joo Sang Wook. This drama only have 1 kissing scene which I can remember and the kissing scene is not great either. Well, It’s not the best drama for both Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Sul. I love Han Ye Sul in Will It Snow at Christmas and Couple Of Fantasy the best but not in this drama. Anyway done with this drama and I’m off to watch Heal Me Kill Me.

  130. 130 : KDCraze Says:

    * Sorry wrong typing Kill Me Heal Me. LOL

  131. 131 : Adeul Says:

    I threw this away a few episodes back. Coming back to read the comments; thank you KDCraze, you’ve helped affirm my decision not to watch the ending. And I agree with rest of your comments about Han Ye Seul’s previous dramas. Personally I rather liked her as the rich, feisty, loveless woman, meets a handsome plumber who defreezes her cold, cold heart.

  132. 132 : xxxerika Says:

    i’m in love with this drama but too bad the lack of romance between joo sang wook and han ye seul made me a bit upset yet they still win as best couple at sbs award.congrats.they could make a great couple if more skinship and romance shown in this drama.

  133. 133 : Naisy Says:

    Just finished the last Ep. I am satisfied.. Overall, great! The lead actress is only portraying a role, Sara needs to act just like Sa Geum Ran, it’s the continuity of the character, the acting is just right, very relaxed, no shouting, not hysterical, the tame wife. What can we do, that is her role (to those who are saying that the lead actress is not good). My only opinion.

  134. 134 : Maryann Says:

    Love this drama. Should get an award for it.
    Good actors and good actresses. To me and m friends, it is one of the best drama ca consider for 2015
    The one who arranged the story was real good rather than watching same kind of love drama all the time, it is good to have some thrills and excitement

  135. 135 : sahel Says:

    Is this drama good for watch?

  136. 136 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    The ending is so boringggg…

  137. 137 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    Legendary witch drama is the best drama so far,

  138. 138 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    @sahel from episode 1-12 is very worth to watch, and the rest is waste to watch


    […] image credit: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=37527 […]

  140. 140 : hangulcat Says:

    love the drama! However both Han Tae Hee and Sara should have acted more romantic together. Both have chemistry together but just not enough love sparks in the drama.

  141. 141 : Birth of a Beauty 미녀의 탄생 [2014] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum top star news dc gallery soompi recap soompi forum mydramalist koreandrama.org breathless survival squeecaps ikurate tumblr blogs birth of a beauty ry-ra anapher […]

  142. 142 : Ivy Says:

    I love this drama!!

  143. 143 : Tirangue Says:

    I am watching episode 2 and it is already boring. I would not recommend this drama. The storyline seems a little childish to me. 🙁

  144. 144 : Lexi Hua Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. It’s good and funny.. If u just started just wait after episode 3, you’ll understand and it will get better and good. I recommend if u like romantic comedy. This drama is somewhat like “BIG”
    If u like BIG. U will love this one! Good ending

  145. 145 : Badette Says:

    I love Joo Sang Wook…he is so handsome…i recommend you to watch Cunning Single Woman..

  146. 146 : juliana p. Says:

    Boring… I hate it!!!!

  147. 147 : alan Says:

    watched this drama as i’m a fan of Sang Wook during his previous appearance in good doctor and managed to come across again Ye Seul after many years watching her in couple or trouble..

    the main message in this drama is about becoming more resilient after one faces many challenges in life which we usually go through together with our close partner or family members..

    SW & YL illustrated this point where they portrayed very well of a couple whom shares similar past adversities where they lend strength to each other in over coming them and become an inspiration to one another..

  148. 148 : DeeAn Says:

    I’ve finished all episodes. But I skiped much so boring scenes. At the first episode till ep 9 it was still interesting. But after that so boring. The romance too plain,untouching and the main carachter both the leading actor and actress fail to build a love chemistry. Arrggg tiring!

  149. 149 : jubedoo Says:

    Don’t listen to the naysayers! This was a good story about learning self-respect and that love needs to be based on more than just physical attraction. I don’t agree that the leads didn’t have chemistry; I thought they were great together. Appreciated the recognition of women as being capable and worthy of respect for their accomplishments. The leads were attractive, but the lesson was that real love comes from appreciating our loved one’s inner person.

  150. 150 : Fullheart5 Says:

    yes it was an interesting story, but I agree that there was way to much drag time. We fast forward through all the wasted energy. Yes long dramas can be good, but this could have been said in twelve hours.

  151. 151 : pearl Says:


  152. 152 : pearl Says:


  153. 153 : pearl Says:


  154. 154 : pearl Says:


  155. 155 : pearl Says:


  156. 156 : dimples Says:

    Love Han Ye Seul & Joo Sang Wook together, great chemistry, JSW cracks me up, even cuter than in Cunning lady. Like the funny side of him than serious (as in paradise ranch). Anyway, started off being a funny drama with an interesting plot, but it sort of go downhill midway. A strong murder survivor with black belt karate back with a vengence becomes a helpless, frightened person overnight….don’t get that. and how could Sara not know how evil the brother is and even team up with him to fake the “study abroad”.

    I donno how many kdrama i ve watched which the main character would run away, hide, play bad just to deter the one they love in order to protect them, please its 2015, just toughen up!

    But I still love the main actors very much despite the flaws in the writing. Still love this drama.

  157. 157 : Birth Of Beauty Ep 3 - CARA CEPAT LANGSING Says:

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  158. 158 : Birth Of Beauty - CARA CEPAT LANGSING Says:

    […] Birth of a Beauty […]

  159. 159 : Savage Queen Says:

    Fuck you all criticizing this drama, please go get a life, how can you be tying this nonsense comment, do you think is easy beaning an actor or actress? Why don’t you all try be one and see how it’s feels to be bad mouthing buy anti fans like you, am also an actress and I know how it feels to have bitch & dump asshole like you guys, here in Africa, they do appreciate and encourage no matter the situation is, any way you all can’t ran away from karma because it might caught up with you when you least expected, watch what you say and sorry i if you don’t like what i said please take a chill pill & just go straight to hell, that serves you right.

  160. 160 : Savage Queen Says:

    I love all the kdramas I watch, no matter how, even if it an upcoming artist I still give them credit, so you all can criticize like this then try beaning an actor or actress then see how it feel not bean able to do most of things you to do and thinking of people talking about you or meddling in your business and not have private life anymore, i swear to God all of you that type to say the acting is not good or there are some episode that’s not good, I pray to God you shall never have peace and all that makes you happy will turn to sadness for you & your family, sincerely I swear am pissed off and hoping you all die a painful death.

  161. 161 : instagram online Says:

    I like this drama but I can’t watch it all :/ The story should end sooner. Han Ye Seul is so gorgeous.

  162. 162 : Raymond Says:

    One of the sweetest couple that i ever seen on k-drama series. 9+ years experience here.


  163. 163 : twitter search Says:

    I like the helpful info you provide in your articles.I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently.I am quite sure I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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