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Birdie Buddy

Title: 버디버디 / Beodibeodi / Birdie Buddy
Chinese Title: 无名侠客
Genre: Sports, romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2011-Aug-08 to 2011-Oct-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00


“Birdie Buddy” tells the story of former pro golfer John Lee and how he leads two women to become the next golf queens. John Lee became the first Korean to win a PGA title. His background was a mystery other than the fact that he was an adoptee. Aside from golf, he also excelled in the Afro-Brazilian dance/martial arts style known as “Capoeira.” Even though he found success by winning the PGA title, John Lee stopped playing golf to become a golf course tester.

Min Hae Ryung was raised to become an elite golf player and was always placed in the best environment to play golf. Her emotions have always been controlled and she has a deep wound inside of her. In contrast, Sung Mi Soo is a country girl from Kangwon Province. She comes from a poor background, but her mom worked as caddie. With her bright personality and determined efforts, she attempts to become an elite golf player.


Uee as Sung Mi Soo
Jin Ji Hee as Mi Soo (child)
Lee Yong Woo as John Lee
Lee Da Hee as Min Hae Ryung
Yoon Yoo Sun as Jo Kyung Suk (Mi Soo’s mother)
Oh Hyun Kyung as Min Se Hwa (Hae Ryung’s mother)
Yoo In Na as Lee Gong Sook (Mi Soo’s friend)
Park Han Bi (박한비) as Sung Tae Gab (Mi Soo’s brother)
Ahn Do Gyu as Tae Gab (child)
Yang Hee Kyung as Uhm Jung Ran
Kim Jong Jin as Woo Joon Mo
Lee Byung Joon as Sung Kyung Hwan
Yoon Gi Won
Park Sung Woong as Choi Dong Kwan
Kim Jung Hak
Woo Hyun
Han Seung Hyun as Ahn Joong Ki
Park Tae In as Park Eun Joo
Choo So Young
Kim Dong Hyun
Samuel Kang as reporter
Goo Bon Im
Jo Seung Yun
Chae Song Hwa

Production Credits

Original writing: Manhwa “Buddy” by Lee Hyun Se (이현세)
Production company: Group Eight
Director: Yoon Sang Ho
Sceenwriter: Kwon In Chan (권인찬), Yoo Young Ah (유영아), Bae Jong Byung (배종병)
Producer: Bae Jong Byung (배종병)


– The drama was initially scheduled to air in the summer of 2010 but was postponed by Group Eight.
– On 2/Nov/2010, a representative from MBC announced that Birdie Buddy will air after Queen of Reversals in March 2011. However, the drama was later rejected by the MBC board for being unsuitable. Instead, Queen of Reversals was extended and another series, The Duo was aired in the place of Birdie Buddy.
– After several cancellations and postponements, an official from tvN announced on 5/July/2011 that Birdie Buddy will premiere August 8 after I Need Romance ends. The producers have decided to air 24 episodes spanning 45 minutes each instead of the initial 20 episodes of 70 minutes each.
– Filming has completed before the broadcast in November 2010 and has already sold rights to air overseas in seven other countries.

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  1. 1 : Bee Says:

    Hehe… i am the first, i already wait this drama for long long time !!!

  2. 2 : deeAn Says:

    ^^ I think it will be interesting drama

  3. 3 : brahim Says:

    meet to I think it will be interesting drama

  4. 4 : yongseo Says:

    Keke… number three! This is a comment. Do you understand?

  5. 5 : Teazze Says:

    Uee as the leading lady.. Its the first for me.. And im so curious.. Hope it will be a good drama

  6. 6 : sachy Says:

    wow UEE 2 drama have same time airing..

  7. 7 : wenny Says:

    i dont like this korean drama chingu….

  8. 8 : Yongsoo Says:

    That many delays and then such radical trimming in the edits….not holding out much hope for this one.

  9. 9 : Sony Says:

    I like her model! UEE’s great!

  10. 10 : juegos gratis Says:

    Yeah I think too it will be interesting drama

  11. 11 : Shahrun Nizam Tahir via Facebook Says:


  12. 12 : Hana Says:

    Omg finally…lols..

  13. 13 : Dea Karunia Harsa via Facebook Says:


  14. 14 : Jessayyee Says:

    Woah i don’t if i gona watch this, it sounds interesting but why was the air date canceled and postpone so many times. I would like to Uee in this drama

  15. 15 : Gina Tilos Dio via Facebook Says:

    is this nice? the cast are beautiful.

  16. 16 : Pebru Nyauw via Facebook Says:

    Hole in one

  17. 17 : wynn demon Says:

    yeah~!!! (*v *)
    this drama gonna appear today~!!! (>o

  18. 18 : wynn demon Says:

    where can we see this drama? (o. 0)

  19. 19 : kim youjin Says:

    love UEE!!!this drama is really good

  20. 20 : wynn demon Says:

    in PPS dnt have this drama..(=- =)
    so gonna search n download or else..(>. ^)
    finally this drama is appear..! (~v ~)

  21. 21 : kdramafanNC Says:

    dramafever has it. I love this one, I am waiting for more ep.

  22. 22 : kdramafanNC Says:

    where is the update episodes?

  23. 23 : aa Says:

    great drama..i’m loving UEE more and more…

  24. 24 : weissman Says:

    so far its up to the 4th episode and, if you like golf, its really very good!

  25. 25 : Birdie Buddy – Korean Drama Picture Blog Says:

    […] Korean Drama No related links found Tags: BIRDIE, BUDDY […]

  26. 26 : bagy Says:

    wow, it’s really good drama, even if it’s about golf, it is still interesting, has both love, comedy, drama!!! 😉

  27. 27 : mina hashemi Says:

    very nice drama

  28. 28 : justin Says:

    love this drama…it is great to see UEE acting again..Fighting UEE!!!

  29. 29 : weissman Says:

    so far so good, up to ep. 6

  30. 30 : nica Says:

    LOve UEE…she’s a good actress really…this drama is great!!!

  31. 31 : joy Says:

    i love this drama…UEE fighting!!

  32. 32 : sid Says:

    great story,great soondtrack,great cinematography,great casts…What more can i ask for..UEE Fighting!!!!

  33. 33 : nadhira Says:

    why there isn’t any episode ratings? I’m curious about that. too weird compared to another.

  34. 34 : MHU Says:

    I like this story.and Ilove UEE

  35. 35 : sa Says:

    why there is not ratings pls provide tooo i want to know how it has faired

  36. 36 : leigh Says:

    i love watching this drama…Uee is such a great actress!!!

  37. 37 : Vivien Ang Says:

    No ratings for this show?

    Is it nice to watch?

    Let me know from a neutral AS’s fan! 🙂

  38. 38 : aicy Says:

    i enjoy watching this drama.it pays to have such supportive parents to their kids.not all parents are like that.it moved me to tears how they do their utmost efforts just to please their kids and to follow their dreams no matter how high or difficult to reach.i hope this is getting high ratings .

  39. 39 : drama freak Says:

    yea…is it nice?? i havent watch this too…. can anyone give us some oppinions?

  40. 40 : Allen Says:

    Why no english subtitles for episode 20

  41. 41 : janice Says:

    I really like this drama. I’m glad tvN came to its rescue.

  42. 42 : Pinks Hernandez Tombo via Facebook Says:

    I love watching this drama, it has a great story and have lots of learning please do English sub title in episode 20 thanks!

  43. 43 : Lupe Says:

    I’m hoping that, the ending is as sweet as the drama it self…..UEE fighting!!!! You make me cry, when you cry..:/….Awesome acting,and btw get the guy{Jung Woo}….ADASO FIGHTING!!!!!! GO UEE GO!!!!

  44. 44 : Julita Says:

    I watched this drama last night. it’s a good drama. love it 🙂

  45. 45 : sisie Says:

    This drama is quite good.. !! RECOMMENDED

    I like it so much 🙂

  46. 46 : dorie Says:

    I like this drama as well. One reason why I like Korean dramas is that it focuses on one theme. By doing that you learn so much things that you are not familiar with as they put into details everything, like about Golf, as the theme. I am just not too happy with the ending because Misso ended up giving up her love for her friend. On top of that, they should have not started building the story as if the coach like her than Yeung Ran. Physically the coach matches the beauty of Yeung Ran. Misso is still young and probably that’s why they have to separate her love from her success story of passion for golf.
    Overall, it is entertaining…learn lots of things. I highly recommend this to golf lovers.

  47. 47 : TiNALOV3 Says:

    Uee did an awesome job.. I totally loved how it ended!!!

  48. 48 : sentis Says:

    though there are no ratings provided for this drama, i guess from the looks of it, it was well made.. have to try this within a week and we’ll see.. hope this is. a good one.. really wanna go to seoul for visit.. sure it will be fun!

  49. 49 : Airi Says:

    I got curious about this, because Uee’s character is not like her personality in “He’s Beautiful”.

  50. 50 : me Says:

    good drama..
    all characters did great job..
    and uee… she’s such a GREAT ACTRESS…
    love her acting skill..

  51. 51 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Birdie Buddy Rating : 2 out of 5 […]

  52. 52 : glitz Says:

    please give me the link to download the subtitles of this drama..

  53. 53 : Yupee Says:

    if you like golf, you would love this drama

  54. 54 : lesle Says:

    I’m not a golfer. In 18 hours of BIRDIE Buddy it never explains what a birdie is! I had to get it off the internet.

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