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Billie Jean, Look at Me

Billie Jean, Look At Me.jpg

Title: 빌리진 날 봐요 / Billie Jean, Look at Me
Chinese title : 比利金,看看我
Also known as: Look at Me
Genre: Romantic comedy
Episodes: 26
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Dec-26 to 2007-Feb-06
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:55


Choi Hye Sung is a talented but jobless singer and Ryu Bang Hee is a girl who is in a one-sided love with him.


Lee Ji Hoon as Choi Hye Sung (26)
Park Hee Bon as Yoo Bang Hee (26)
Park Tam Hee as Woi Soo Kyung (26)
Lee Da Jin as Jang Ji Young (26)
Kim Il Woo as (the uncle)
Kim Jae Seung
Moon Jae Won

Production Credit

Director: Min Doo Shik (민두식)
Scriptwriter: Kim Eui Chan, Jung Jin Young

Official Site


  1. 1 : jas Says:

    This show looks good!! =)

  2. 2 : sarai Says:

    Yeah! I think this series is good because Lee Ji hoon is the main character! haha! is there a longer synopsis of the drama?

  3. 3 : jang Says:

    is this good?

  4. 4 : jas Says:

    i dont noe if this is good, but it might be good!
    btw who is lee ji hoon? =P can u give me more information about him plz?

  5. 5 : winnie Says:

    jas, u may know about Lee ji hoon here – http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=75

  6. 6 : jas Says:

    thx so much =)

  7. 7 : shiela_mlz Says:

    i don’t know wheater this drama will be good on me or not…but hoping deeply it’s good..better…best…

  8. 8 : ms y Says:

    This Lee Ji Hoon guy, did he played role as Prince Shin in Princess Hour series?

  9. 9 : terry Says:

    ms y, this Lee Ji Hoon is another guy. the guy act in princess hours in Joo Ji Hoon.

  10. 10 : lin Says:

    Ji Hoon is a model. He act in Wonderfull life in 2003/4

  11. 11 : en Says:

    Lee Ji Hoon acted in wonderful life. Ju Ji hoon, a model and actor,is the guy at princess hours.

  12. 12 : siworae Says:

    Lee Ji Hoon is a singer… he also participated in group albums with Kang Ta and Shin Hye Sung (formed ‘Group S’)… he’s appeared in dramas and films as well, but mostly known as a singer. He also formerly dated Eugene.

  13. 13 : kristine Says:

    lee ji hoon already break with eugene…
    now, eugene is dating park yong ha [ the second hero of winter sonata ]

    for the other,
    lee ji hoon didn’t acted in princess hours or prince hours…
    the one who acted in princess hours is joo ji hoon and kim jeong hoon…
    for the prince hours is one of the group of se7en…

  14. 14 : faye Says:

    Anyone know where can I watch this drama?

  15. 15 : Clover Says:

    quite cOnfusiNg huh?!!…..(0.o)
    let mE add anOthr ji hoon…..JEONG JI HOON!!!!!!!
    mwAhaHaha…….dat oNe is my RAIN oppa! =)

    tHose 3 gUys shAre 2 last name…..i wOnder if tHere is aNy kim ji hoon after tHis……..hEheHe……

    nway..’billie jean,look at me’……
    look intrstiNg….it is rOmantiC cOmedy,aite??
    if yEs….tHan it will be gReat..cOz i prEfer cOmedy rathEr thAn sad stOry..

    wait da miNute….kristiNe! is it trUe?? bOut eugene dating lee ji hoon b4?
    nvr hEard it….i lyKe thEir aCting in wOnderful life..evEn nOt as a cOupLe..
    hMm…is park yong ha better than lee ji hoon? cOz i tHink eugene is rEal prEtty…sO she desErve sOmeone’s gOod loOking tOo…hEheHe….

  16. 16 : mika Says:

    dont they look almost the same and sharing same last namet too.. no wonder ppl get confused hehehe anyway.. i like park yong ha and he look pretty hot in Loving you with eugene..they have good chemistry together (^_^)

  17. 17 : anneGarE Says:

    to sum it up and to make things clearer read this.. =)

    FIRST – Lee Ji Hoon – he is the 2nd male lead at wonderful life & he is the main lead at Billie jean and Hello!Miss with LEE DA HAE! He is a singer with Kang Ta & Shin Hye SUng.. and before Eugene and him break up, they’ve dated for 5 YEARS but now they considered each others as close or best friends!!!

    SECOND – JOO JI HOON – was the male lead at GOONG a.k.a Princess Hours 1 with Yoon Eun Hye… his current drama was Mawang a.k.a the DEVIL.. ok?.. =)

    THIRD – SEVEN – was the male lead at GOONG S a.k.a. Prince Hours…

    Hope guys i’d help you..

    aja Korea!!! =)

  18. 18 : Shaire Says:

    hi anneGarE . is it really true that eugene and lee ji-hoon were in erlationship. i did not know. why they break up. please respond. im a big fun of eugene. do know were i can find and article or new about thier relationship. please please

  19. 19 : Shaire Says:

    hi anneGarE . is it really true that eugene and lee ji-hoon were in erlationship. i did not know. why they break up. please respond. im a big fun of eugene. do know were i can find and article or new about thier relationship. please please email me at [email protected]

  20. 20 : Fe Says:

    Hi there…please help me to find this drama..on-line or real copy…I’m dying to watch it….thanks in advance!

  21. 21 : hwangjini Says:

    i like also lee ji hoon
    better to watch him in “hello Miss” he’s act there was also very funny
    bettr watch it

  22. 22 : rs3y Says:

    im so gonna watch this drama, anybody know when will be the release….lee ji hoon is so cute…i don’t know, but most korean males are very good looking…agree?

  23. 23 : Itho81 Says:

    I love this drama!!

  24. 24 : demon_wings Says:

    anyone know where can i download this drama?

  25. 25 : marcris Says:

    I really like acting of Lee Ji Hon (she’s cute….) and Park Hee Bon (handsome guy) at Billie Jean Look at me, I saw this movie in my country but that’s not complete yet thus I really….. disappointed because I didn’t know the end of the story. Hik…hik…. Can you tell me, please…?

  26. 26 : sarahngge Says:

    hi guyz! for clover and for evry1: ji hoon is not a last name. it is their first name. korean names start w/ the lastname. lee, jung and joo are their lastname, respectively. But,hey, these guyz are really HOT!

  27. 27 : pauline Says:

    i like to watch BILLIE JEAN because i like the story n funny.



    THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28 : chiara Says:

    LoL marcris, I think you mixed up a lil bit. Lee Ji Hoon is the handsome guy, while Park Hee Bon being the cute girl.

    Anyone mind giving spoilers about this drama ending? Thank you so much.

  29. 29 : HannyBae Says:

    I thought Lee ji hoon and Ju Ji hoon are brothers too. BTW, who is eugene? Is she an actress? so curious about Lee ji hoon’s ex-girl.

  30. 30 : Jonathan Says:

    I hear this one already out with english subtitle and high quality version, you can check it at


  31. 31 : cyn Says:

    To annegare: i think the 3rd actor who is name Ji Hoon is Rain not SEVEN.
    To HannyBae: Eugene is also an actress. she played in Loving You with Park Yo Ha, Wonderful Life with Kim Jae Won, Save The Last Dance For Me with Jing Su , I Really Really Like You with Lee Min KI and Ryu Jin.

  32. 32 : IGC Says:

    Hey Jonathan! you said that there was an english subtitle for this drama.. I tried opening the website you posted but i couldn’t opened it.. is there any other website beside the one you have? I am dying to watch this movie!!! but without english subs i cannot understand… hiks… thxs!!!

  33. 33 : fucker Says:

    this seral is a suker

  34. 34 : Alia Says:

    I`m dying to see this show

  35. 35 : Alia Says:

    I hope that English subtitle will be available as soon as passable …

  36. 36 : trifena Says:

    Hey, this drama is absolutely good!!!
    I love it!!
    The soundtracks are great also…
    Lee Ji-hoon performed well in this drama, and he showed that he can sing well too…
    I think Billie Jean Look at Me is not just a romance comedy, but this drama shows that with hard work and faith, our dreams can come true….
    Aja, aja Korean Drama!!!!

  37. 37 : denice Says:

    looks good…does anybody knows where i can watch this online?

  38. 38 : xxhunnibunnxx Says:

    he’s cute. isn’t he the guy in hello! miss w/ lee da hae?

  39. 39 : [email protected] Says:

    I regret myself on why I didn’t buy a dvd copy of this drama even though I liked Lee Ji Hoon so much.. it’s a shame on me..

    In Korea,

    when they introduce their names, they start to introduce LAST NAME first then their FIRST NAME..

    just like his name LEE JI HOON..

    Jeong Ji Hoon (Rain/Bi), Joo Ji Hoon and Lee Ji Hoon are KOREAN ACTORS and they have SIMILAR FIRST NAMES. They’re NOT related by blood or ancestors..


  40. 40 : [email protected] Says:

    another thing is,

    he’s also the actor in HELLO MISS or HELLO BABY or HELLO MY LADY with LEE DA HAE… 🙂

  41. 41 : paeijoongie Says:

    omg!~ it’s such a funny show! really like the show a lot! 🙂

  42. 42 : iluvit Says:

    Looks very INTERESTING
    i think i would LOVE to watch this too
    Yeah.definetely goin’ to see this drama
    but i have a lot of korean drama to watch
    hope i CAN watch em’ all.

    >>>im soooo in LOVE with korean drama!

  43. 43 : Fibie Says:

    BiLLy Jean LooK at Me is a funny,sad and RomantiC Film!!!
    I am really like it…
    The Soundtracks is the best…

  44. 44 : HannyBae Says:

    HI Cyn thx for d info. Since you remain me that she’s playing in Loving U with Park Yo Ha, now I remember her. But in my dvd cover, its’ written Yoo jin, so I thought she’s a different person.

  45. 45 : ai_ren Says:

    hey anyone can you please help me find any urls or web sites about ji hoon’s and eugene’s break up? i really want to know how they break up or something.. and when they break up? but i already know why its because of the loving you guy right? but please help me! this is my email [email protected] kumao! aja!aja!

  46. 46 : milinne Says:

    can someone please~~~~~~~ tell me where to watch this drama???????? plis~ in youtube there’s only up to ep 10 i really~ want to watch this~ plissssss… can someone???

  47. 47 : atay Says:

    Do not watch this show. It will only frustrate you as the lead actress is so incredibly stupid and selfish that you stress yourself out watching the drama. Ji-Hoon’s acting is okay and probably the only thing worth watching on this show.

  48. 48 : jannete Says:

    hello. i love this man lee ji hoon… ive seen most of his movies… but not this one… ive just seen some clippings in you tube but there is no english translation.. if anyone out there can help me watch this movie.. it will be a great help to me! thank you!!! korean movie addicts! aja aja!!!

  49. 49 : summersunshine Says:

    I just rented the DVD with english subs for this drama. I will see if i can rip it

  50. 50 : shaz Says:

    cool lah….i like that guy

  51. 51 : NESS Says:

    korean dramas are great. though im not korean i do love watching it. especialy Lee ji hoon is the main actor. i realy love to watch this movie, any help?.. eng. subtitle pls. by the way hmmmp i finally know that korean can speak english. before i thought they couldn’t. good for you???

  52. 52 : Toh Yew Seng Says:

    I love Lee Ji Hoon as a idol. When i am free, i will go and borrow korean drama call ” Billie Jean, Look at me ” because it is interesting, nice and good to watch.

  53. 53 : 이승기wife Says:

    이건또뭐냐? 아이구~휴!~is this a good drama?? cuz they guy and girl is do [email protected] UGLY

  54. 54 : Rainbow Dream Says:

    I like this drama….. sooo much….. It’s very funny and romantic. And the OST is also wonderful!!!! Super Junior KRY and the others SM Artist were singing for this drama… Like it!!!

  55. 55 : BRENDAkabaoLee Says:

    this movie looks interesting!

  56. 56 : anonimo:o Says:

    cuaak!jajajajaj re que ponias billie jen y aprecia esta foto re cuaaaaalquiea

  57. 57 : Sweetmerita Says:

    Anybody know about eng subtitle, I have the drama but in korean, if someone has the sub, please tell me, and I will up the drama in Youtube… please helpme with the sub

  58. 58 : Sweetmerita Says:

    by the way my mail is [email protected]

  59. 59 : Dunleavy Says:

    Great article. More people should know about this

    http://www.ultimatefreemovies.com http://www.ultimatefreemovies.com

  60. 60 : May Zin Says:

    This drama is so good. I like it very much. It’s very funny 😀

  61. 61 : diefan Says:

    I want to watch it!… look very interesting. where can I watch it????!

  62. 62 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  63. 63 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  64. 64 : Yoon Hee Says:

    What a very beautiful drama!

  65. 65 : tesss Says:


  66. 66 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    This drama is so good. I like it very much. It’s very funny 😀

  67. 67 : mirna ferian Says:

    waw…really funny drama,
    enjoying so much such a hello miss,

    love you so lee ji hoon ^_^

  68. 68 : nhinink lee jee hoon Says:

    I love lee jee hoon, u ar very handsome, and u always d’best 4 meee…….

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  70. 70 : lyn Says:


  71. 71 : Amelia Says:

    where can i download this drama?

  72. 72 : Choi hyesung | Fyrtalox Says:

    […] Billie Jean, Look at Me » Korean DramaResults 1 – 15 of 57 … Billy Jean, My Love OST Lee Jee Hoon as Choi Hye Sung & Park Hee Bon … Choi Hye Sung is a talented but jobless singer and Yoo Bang Hee … […]

  73. 73 : floh Says:

    love this drama !! may i know what song did lee ji hoon sang?

  74. 74 : itihwa Says:

    Cant sleep at night just to watch this drama…aigoo…a lot of fun n sometimes it touching my heart..

  75. 75 : Billie Jean, Look at Me | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] lysi’s starred items in Google Reader Related Posts […]

  76. 76 : Hanny Tandy Says:

    Great drama,like lee ji hoon much.. watch this drama for 3times still love the story and all cast… keep waiting for lee ji hoon newest drama that he become the main leading actor ..

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