Title: 빅 / Big
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-June-04 to 2012-July-24
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


18 years old Kang Kyung Joon (Shin Won Ho)’s spirit suddenly becomes transplanted in the body of 30 years old Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo). Seo Yoon Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung). Gil Da Ran just so happens to be the teacher of 18 years old Kang Kyung Joon.

Jang Ma Ri (Bae Suzy) is a girl who love Kang Kyung Joon (Shin Won Ho) and try any effort to escape Kang Kyung Joon’s spirit from Seo Yoon Jae’s body.


Main Cast

Gong Yoo as Seo Yoon Jae
Lee Min Jung as Gil Da Ran
Bae Suzy as Jang Ma Ri
Jang Hee Jin as Lee Se Young
Shin Won Ho as Kang Kyung Joon
Jang Hyun Sung as Kang Hyuk Soo

Supporting Cast

Go Soo Hee as Lee Gyung Mi
Ahn Suk Hwan as Gil Min Gyu
Yoon Hae Young as Lee Jung Hye
Baek Sung Hyun as Gil Choong Sik
Im Ji Eun as Kang Hee Soo
Kim Seo Ra as Ahn Hye Jung
Jo Young Jin as Seo In Wook
Moon Ji Yoon as Na Hyo Sang
Choi Ran as Kim Yeong Ok
Shin Ji Soo as Lee Ae Kyung
Lee Hee jin (cameo)
Choi Ro Woon as Gom Dol Yi

Cast (Photo)

Production Credits

Director: Ji Byung Hun, Kim Sung Yoon
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-06-04 1 8.9 (17th) 10.4 (8th) 7.9 8.9 (16th)
2012-06-05 2 8.0 (18th) 9.7 (11th) 7.4 (20th) 8.1 (15th)
2012-06-11 3 7.1 8.4 (19th) 8.4 (17th) 9.4 (12th)
2012-06-12 4 7.6 (19th) 8.9 (14th) 7.9 (17th) 8.9 (13th)
2012-06-18 5 8.2 10.1 (10th) 8.0 9.3 (14th)
2012-06-19 6 8.9 (17th) 11.1 (7th) 8.3 (18th) 9.3 (12th)
2012-06-25 7 8.5 9.7 (12th) 8.9 (18th) 10.4 (10th)
2012-06-26 8 7.8 (20th) 9.2 (14th) 7.9 (19th) 8.7 (15th)
2012-07-02 9 7.4 7.8 8.1 9.1 (16th)
2012-07-03 10 8.8 (17th) 9.8 (11th) 8.1 (19th) 9.0 (14th)
2012-07-09 11 9.5 (18th) 10.5 (11th) 9.2 (16th) 10.4 (9th)
2012-07-10 12 9.6 (17th) 11.0 (13th) 8.9 (17th) 10.1 (14th)
2012-07-16 13 8.6 9.2 (14th) 8.2 9.7 (13th)
2012-07-17 14 8.6 (19th) 9.4 (16th) 7.8 (20th) 8.8 (17th)
2012-07-23 15 10.1 (15th) 10.2 (11th) 9.7 (16th) 10.8 (10th)
2012-07-24 16 11.5 (8th) 12.0 (7th) 11.1 (5th) 12.2 (5th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


2012 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Awards, Bae Suzy (Big)


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1,038 Responses to “Big”

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  1. 926
    cute saranghe Says:

    ah oh.this movie was very very ni8ce and enjoyable to watch..i like it and i love it.

  2. 927
    Lilliet Says:

    This is the second crash of the year. By the way the first is Dr. Jin. I’m so sorry Gong Yoo, I love you anyway.

  3. 928
    Matt Says:

    Hm, just finished Big!~ (SPOLIER, if you haven’t watched the last episode, don’t read)!!!

    Okay, first thing’s first, the ending isn’t actually that bad (it would be classifed as a happy one!!!), but, yes, it certainly has its’ confusing points.

    #1 Gyung Joon suddenly looks like a 30 year old within a year…? That doesn’t really make sense.

    #2 Yeah, it sort of was rushed, and no mentioning of them being twins either…?

  4. 929
    taryn Says:

    the ending was pretty bad. how could KKJ looked so old in just a year or two. life would be devastating if that’s the case. plastic surgeons will have a blast. don’t you think so?

  5. 930
    rj Says:

    I was waiting for the souls to swap…story wasn’t that good… Come back drama of Gong Yoo was very disappointing…I was enjoying the first episodes but when the female lead started to have feelings for the kid, boooo….. So what happened to his fiancee in the end?????? I hope Gong Yoo will star in another drama sooooo better than this one.

  6. 931
    jeffery Says:

    too bad for hong sisters…after a series of successful drama like Hong Gil Dong, Couple or Trouble, Rooftop Prince, My GF is Gumiho and D Greatest Love….but, im a little dissapointed with d ending of BIG drama….

  7. 932
    Patricia Says:

    I love this! Gong yoo and Lee min jung are a good match! Really good acting!

  8. 933
    phoesceia Says:

    even though the ending of this drama is disappointing, i must say that i enjoyed watching the whole drama a lot.. Gong Yoo portrayed both characters well.. I love this drama.. I love the OSTs.. and I love Gong Yoo! he’s still hot! he seems like his just in mid-20’s.. ♥♥♥

  9. 934
    phoesceia Says:

    PS: i also cried a lot.. cause it’s so touching..

  10. 935
    Cattus Mulier Says:

    love this drama but the ending was kind of a cliffhanger :(

  11. 936
    ryna ca'emmm Says:

    oppa gong yoo my like’s you

    pa lagi k,tika jd oppa han geu yool
    di big si ttp kece tp….. da tukeran arwah’y……
    it’s ok ttp ceruuuuuu……….

  12. 937
    Ragil Sucipto Says:

    the ending make me crazy!!! arrggggghhhh! please KBS2 make BIG Seasons 2 and complete the last of secret episode T_T

  13. 938
    jeffery Says:

    i think there a some part did mention about they are actually twins…it just that both of them were separated by years…

  14. 939
    miss noe Says:

    best drama but really frustrated ending…

  15. 940
    deez Says:

    suka sangatt drama inii..
    they are perfect couple !!
    love gong yoo lee min jung.. :*

  16. 941
    limitzi Says:

    the storyline is interesting to begin with however, the ending could be better .. more reality can be added in. Too little scene of the ‘real’ kyung jun .. he’s so cute … everyone played their character well ..

  17. 942
    Christine Says:

    Interesting story. Very innovative plot since its a not a realistic one. Not a fab one but the actors and actresses were all in characters as always. A so so drama but then it still brought Tears in my eyes. Ending however was not that clear.

  18. 943
    dinaz Says:

    after thinking and thinking about the end and after replaying i saw that the person’s face at the end is not shown so the person who returned is kyung joon coz da ran would never accept yun that makes me happy..
    i think they dint show shin won ho’s face coz most of gong yoo’s fans would be upset..loved gong yoo hope he acts in a great drama next time.. :)

  19. 944
    rina dewi Says:

    Love this drama,,, My Ahjushi really handsome :-*

  20. 945
    susantisusy Says:

    Saranghae Gong Yoo……hoy…..hoy…..fighting…….

  21. 946
    mona Says:

    for me this drama is just an average drama, it’s kind of sad ‘cus i was expecting more when gong yoo’s in it…..

    i hope they show the real kyung joon at the last scene, it seems that they made the same last scene with rooftop prince :|

  22. 947
    Emily Says:

    Dear people Gill daran actually the one at the end is KKJ real body but Gill teacher thinked it as Seo yoon jae :D

  23. 948
    novii Says:

    over all i love this drama…touching.make me laughing…but i’m very very very very very dissapointed with ending this drama !!!!!!! i swear zzzzzz

  24. 949
    farhanah Says:

    gong yoo oppa saranghae

  25. 950
    Nana Says:

    done watching this and I’m planning to watch it over and over again thanks to I got my copy there :)

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