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Title: 빅 / Big
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-June-04 to 2012-July-24
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


18 years old Kang Kyung Joon (Shin Won Ho)’s spirit suddenly becomes transplanted in the body of 30 years old Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo). Seo Yoon Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung). Gil Da Ran just so happens to be the teacher of 18 years old Kang Kyung Joon.

Jang Ma Ri (Bae Suzy) is a girl who love Kang Kyung Joon (Shin Won Ho) and try any effort to escape Kang Kyung Joon’s spirit from Seo Yoon Jae’s body.


Main Cast

Gong Yoo as Seo Yoon Jae
Lee Min Jung as Gil Da Ran
Bae Suzy as Jang Ma Ri
Jang Hee Jin as Lee Se Young
Shin Won Ho as Kang Kyung Joon
Jang Hyun Sung as Kang Hyuk Soo

Supporting Cast

Go Soo Hee as Lee Gyung Mi
Ahn Suk Hwan as Gil Min Gyu
Yoon Hae Young as Lee Jung Hye
Baek Sung Hyun as Gil Choong Sik
Im Ji Eun as Kang Hee Soo
Kim Seo Ra as Ahn Hye Jung
Jo Young Jin as Seo In Wook
Moon Ji Yoon as Na Hyo Sang
Choi Ran as Kim Yeong Ok
Shin Ji Soo as Lee Ae Kyung
Lee Hee jin (cameo)
Choi Ro Woon as Gom Dol Yi

Cast (Photo)

Production Credits

Director: Ji Byung Hun, Kim Sung Yoon
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-06-04 1 8.9 (17th) 10.4 (8th) 7.9 8.9 (16th)
2012-06-05 2 8.0 (18th) 9.7 (11th) 7.4 (20th) 8.1 (15th)
2012-06-11 3 7.1 8.4 (19th) 8.4 (17th) 9.4 (12th)
2012-06-12 4 7.6 (19th) 8.9 (14th) 7.9 (17th) 8.9 (13th)
2012-06-18 5 8.2 10.1 (10th) 8.0 9.3 (14th)
2012-06-19 6 8.9 (17th) 11.1 (7th) 8.3 (18th) 9.3 (12th)
2012-06-25 7 8.5 9.7 (12th) 8.9 (18th) 10.4 (10th)
2012-06-26 8 7.8 (20th) 9.2 (14th) 7.9 (19th) 8.7 (15th)
2012-07-02 9 7.4 7.8 8.1 9.1 (16th)
2012-07-03 10 8.8 (17th) 9.8 (11th) 8.1 (19th) 9.0 (14th)
2012-07-09 11 9.5 (18th) 10.5 (11th) 9.2 (16th) 10.4 (9th)
2012-07-10 12 9.6 (17th) 11.0 (13th) 8.9 (17th) 10.1 (14th)
2012-07-16 13 8.6 9.2 (14th) 8.2 9.7 (13th)
2012-07-17 14 8.6 (19th) 9.4 (16th) 7.8 (20th) 8.8 (17th)
2012-07-23 15 10.1 (15th) 10.2 (11th) 9.7 (16th) 10.8 (10th)
2012-07-24 16 11.5 (8th) 12.0 (7th) 11.1 (5th) 12.2 (5th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


2012 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Awards, Bae Suzy (Big)


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Official Filming Photo

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  1. 1 : Aya Says:

    this one what I’ve been waiting for!
    Gong Yoo + Hong sisters’ script = EPIC!

  2. 2 : CarolineDL Says:

    Ouh la la, finally something new with Gong Yoo! 🙂 Looking forward to it!

  3. 3 : kirana Says:

    Wooooooowwww…….gong yoo i miss you………i wait to see you on this drama………♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. 4 : urnchai Says:

    damn, i was always check this website in order to have my post as the first one but i’m a bit too late because i was searching for lee min jung in other sites. anyway i’m the 4th one. hiii lee min jun and gong yoo. i think they are the cuttes couples and i hope it would be good. but it’s a little bit sad because the real doctor falls in lovewith the a high school student. hope may goes fast hahahahahaha.

  5. 5 : Sa Rang Hae Says:

    Love it! I will surely watch this drama. I hope it would be aired here in the Philippines. Go Lee Min Jung unni!

  6. 6 : anik wiryadi Says:

    I miss gong yoo

  7. 7 : KDaddict Says:

    This is my most anticipated KD for the 1st half of 2012!
    Gong Yoo’s 1st KD after MS!
    He plays an 18 yr old! He was soo cute as a 19 year old in Biscuit Teach Candy Star!
    And this is a Hong Sisters script! Y-E-S!
    June 4 is 2 weeks away!

  8. 8 : kanha Says:

    Finally gotta see Gong Yoo 🙂 but I don’t understand the synopsis well…at first didn’t want love rain to end…now that seeing Gong yoo…I can’t wait 😀 KBS dramas are quite interesting in 2012…

  9. 9 : nafa Says:

    wow… can’t wait to watch this drama, it’s a long time since Gong yoo act in “1st cofee prince”.

  10. 10 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i’ve been waiting for this drama like ages.. finaly!
    love all hong sister’s drama *except greatest love maybe, i don’t find dokko jin interesting*

  11. 11 : [UPCOMIMG K-DRAMA] Big Says:

    […] SOURCE : koreandrama.org […]

  12. 12 : Maita Says:

    oh my!!!… :))))

  13. 13 : Mia Says:

    16 episodes… again….

    fuck Hong Sisters !

  14. 14 : GHSforever Says:

    Suzy my favourite idol turned actress!:)

  15. 15 : iammee Says:

    happy to see gong yoo again in a drama but i’m quite disappointed with the choice of the lead actress, lee min jung, luckily suzy will also be there, i just hope that the story will focus mostly on suzy and gong yoo.

  16. 16 : Cur_Lee Says:

    @iammee: what’s wrong Lee Min Jung being the lead actress? She’s a great actress.

    Don’t tell me you want suzy as a lead actress?
    Lol don’t dream baby, it’s not suzy’s time yet.

    Gong Yoo has to be with someone as experience as Lee Min Jung. Suzy is a newbie in dramaland, she needs to be learn more n more before she can surpass Lee Min Jung. I bet you must be one of k-pop fans who doesn’t even know who’s better. duhh.

  17. 17 : Vic Says:

    the hong sisters run out of original ideas or what.

  18. 18 : rawr Says:

    @vic..lol careful on ur words, we all know the hong sisters always brings in something new in the table

  19. 19 : KDaddict Says:

    What was that “F” word for? What has the Hong sisters ever done but bring us hours of laughter n entertainment. Don’t be insolent.

  20. 20 : justQ Says:

    The premier in on my birthday.. What a gift! I surely watch this drama.. Been waiting for 2 years

  21. 21 : Mia Says:

    @KDaddict :

    why the “F” word ?

    Delightful Girl, Sassy Girl : 17 episodes

    My Girl : 16 episodes

    You’re Beautiful : 16 episodes

    Fantasy Couple : 16 episodes

    Hong Gil Dong : 24 episodes (24 episodes…. thanks jesus…)

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho : 16 episodes

    Best Love / The Greatest Love : 16 episodes

    AND NOW ?


    Their work is quantitative ! their goal is to make as much as possible dramas…preferably small dramas…. always 16 episodes… to stay in television history…


  22. 22 : lyla Says:

    lee min jung & suzy <333

  23. 23 : urnchai Says:

    honestly, i dont want suzy to act in this drama at all but i’m not disappointed, but why someone wants suzy to be the leading horoine and for one moment i hate her. she doesn’t deserve to be the lead. lee min jung and gong yoo are a couple sent from heaven. hahahahahaha and why it’s only 16 episodes i want it to be longer like 24 epi

  24. 24 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hi, agree with you.. i think gong yoo and lee min jung such an adorable couple in k.dramaland.. i hope their chemistry would be awesome too.. but 16 eps is enough since i don’t like long eps

  25. 25 : ryeong8 Says:

    Haeundae Lovers will replace BIG on August, that means .. there is 20 episodes in this series, Yea. I read it somewhere.

  26. 26 : mona Says:

    si si si siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii gong yoo<3<3<3<3 miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    sei grandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  27. 27 : Marchioness Says:

    Great, great… so many people have been waiting for this but a fantasy series… Still, many would take Gong Yoo in any style, form or medium. Welcome back, Oppa! I just opened this site and am really smiling. You have made us wait long enough!

  28. 28 : veyy Says:

    suzyyyyyyyyyy suzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ^^

  29. 29 : shampoo Says:

    papa arthur! yes yes! im so glad ur bach! i missed you!!!(:

  30. 30 : shampoo Says:

    ill definitely watch this!!!saranghe!

  31. 31 : KDaddict Says:

    Many of us long time viewers believe that most dramas have too much padding, and can benefit by an ep cut, fr 24 to 20, 20 to 16. Fewer eps make them more face-paced, more tight, more interesting. You obviously don’t know abt that, n just want the dramas longer. Even so, there is absolutely no reason to use the “F” word at all. There r many ways to express ourselves without resorting to foul language. It is offensive to other commenter here n is polluting to the thread.

  32. 32 : KDaddict Says:

    The payment for ppl involved in a drama is determined by many factors, but the no. of eps is Always a factor. More eps = more payment.
    The Hong sisters should be lauded for being willing to sell their scrips to make Shorter dramas in the interest of keeping good quality n pace, rather than milking each script for all the eps n money that they can get out of it.
    Why “F’ them? It only shows you r both ignorant and insolent.

  33. 33 : Misspm Says:

    cant waittt
    suzy <3 min jung <3

  34. 34 : Aya Says:

    I don’t care if it’s only 16 episodes, as long as it doesnt left me unsatisfy and hanging.
    Well it never happens with Hong sisters’ script, anyway.
    Longer episode doesn’t mean it’ll have better story than the-16 one.

  35. 35 : Jennie Says:

    A must see drama. Looking forward to seeing all three again, Gong Yoo, Lee MJ and Suzy. What’s the hu ha about Suzy? She did pretty well in Dream High for a rookie and have been in many other reality programs. She’s cute and adorable and pretty likeable. She’s not the lead anyway! 🙂

  36. 36 : pamela Says:

    yes im gonna love it! goodluck!

  37. 37 : Aya Says:

    @Jennie: Maybe because there’s some people (not only in this website) who keep talking down Lee Min Jung and said Suzy is better than Lee Min Jung, and she should be the lead actress instead of Lee Min Jung.

    Oh maybe those people who said it, doesn’t even watch K-Drama enough or never seen Lee Min Jung’s acting before, and just go for Suzy because they’re fans of Suzy?

    Oh btw, I’m not Lee Min Jung’s fan (my only lovely unnie is KSA xD) and also I don’t have any grudge against Suzy (I like her actually in Dream High and I admitted she’s good). But doesn’t mean I’m going to second those who said “Suzy should be the lead actress and I’m disappoint that Lee Min Jung is the lead one.”

    That’s so one side of judgement. For now, Lee Min Jung is obviously better than Suzy. While Suzy needs to grow more. A rookie who’ll be a great actress someday (I believe this one), but this lead role is not for Suzy.

  38. 38 : swift Says:

    Is there any other Kdramas that have this drama’s element (spirit of older person going into younger person, vice versa)?
    I would not have high expectations on this drama, unless the writers can create something unique and interesting than the predictable storyline that we saw in the US movies.
    The US movies have used this element too often, also named one of the movies ‘Big’.
    Secret Garden was a success due to its unique element of body transformation when it rains, hahahah…….. I really had a good laugh when I first watched the drama (it was the third Kdrama I watched, when I started to watch KDrama).

  39. 39 : andythy Says:

    welcome back uri oppa..kisss..kisss..:D
    and hong sisters againn,,,,, must watched,, *so excited

  40. 40 : Hero Says:

    Wah, waiting foh Gong Yoo drama.. Yes, he is finally come back =) waiting ~

  41. 41 : KDaddict Says:

    Indeed I haven’t come across another KD with this storyline. Tom Hanks’ BIG was not interesting bc it was way too simplistic. But that was fr many years ago. I’m sure the Hong sisters have had lots of time to think abt “upgrading” it for our pleasure.
    Two dramas that have the same central plot pt can be v different, e.g.:
    RTP vs QIM–both involve time travel;
    Idol Vampires vs Prosecutor Vampire, etc.
    They can end up being v diff in style n tone, n attract diff audiences.
    Yes, Secret Garden will forever have a special place in my heart.

  42. 42 : KDaddict Says:

    I like your post being so level headed.
    To me:
    The 30 year old doctor in this story has a girlfriend abt his own age. So that can’t be Suzy. That WOMAN has to be there to hold his hand when the shxx hits the fan.
    The 18 year old in this story, n a girl his own age is in love with him.
    We don’t even know which of the two girls has the more dominant role in the show yet. I think they both have their own impt role to play to make this drama work.

  43. 43 : Vina Says:


  44. 44 : Jennie Says:

    @Aya You are spot on! I happen to like both the girls and it’s fine with me whatever the roles they are going to play, just so long as they do it well. Anyway, it’s common sense who the female lead is or rather who will be paired eventually with leading man since the age gap is quite obvious, unless they pile Suzy up with heavy make up and she miraculous develop a more mature face and body:-D

  45. 45 : nina Says:

    gong yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa horaaaaaaaaaaaa

  46. 46 : ladygagagirl Says:

    Oh wow, korea does a variation of a famous Tom Hanks role. They even kept the same title. Wonder if they will do the giant electric piano keyboard scene. lol No, that would be wrong… they decided to do a love triangle, what a surprise. 빠샤 hwaiting!

  47. 47 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i don’t care who the female lead is.. lee min jung or suzy, like both of them.i just wanna said if goong yoo end up with lee min jung,they would become an adorable couple.. what the heck as long as i enjoy watching this drama, it’s hong sisters’ drama we’re talking about..
    @ladygagagirl, hey i remember that scene, tom hank on giant electric piano keyboard.. so funny ^^ that my fave scene in big movie

  48. 48 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    but i dunno either maybe suzy and gong yoo could surpraise us all, i mean with that age gap.. i remember watching drama called kimchi radish cube which joo sang wook paired with park shin hye, they have age gap, but i find their chemistry cute and good..
    so just wait and see what is going on with lee min jung-gong yo-suzy in this big drama..

  49. 49 : cHRi5 Says:

    BIG is the best.,LOVE RAIN is the worse..
    i hope BIG replace love rain from the last week..BIG make me await for so long..!! huhu

  50. 50 : finia Says:

    wow! gong yoo and lee min jung, both are my fav. i have a very high expectation on this drama, hope that it won’t make me down just like FK *sigh*

  51. 51 : dinaz Says:

    I m more interested in gong yoo than the girls..hehe!i guess this is gonna be a good drama..

  52. 52 : Kowamu Says:

    long time no see Gong Yoo on drama ,Great!!!

  53. 53 : kina Says:

    gong yoo i love youuu<3<3<3

  54. 54 : tina Says:

    I can’t wait for this. I love gong yoo

  55. 55 : siji Says:

    gong yoo is back, miss him much!!!

  56. 56 : sharon Says:

    I am happy to see gong yoo again. It’s been a long time but i am not very fond of the lead actress. i’ve seen her in some drama and i find her less charming and boring. Anyway, i just need to endure it coz i really like gong yoo.

  57. 57 : May 2012 KDramas wrap-up: Sweet and bitter. « mystisith Says:

    […] Big: […]

  58. 58 : sara Says:

    Again my favorite writers and their magical show is going to start and with beautiful LMJ and cute GU everything would be excellent. But i’m a bit worried because of Suzy. She ‘s so stiff.

  59. 59 : hny Says:

    oho..another one drama i have to watch…nice to see Gong Yoo after coffee prince…hope this is enjoyable drama!!

  60. 60 : hongey Says:

    a 17 year old and 33 year old’s face doesnot have any differences at all. even i’m 19 now i still look younger than suzy. anyway i hope this one turn out well. remember, harsh words would break the hearts of others so think before comments in here

  61. 61 : charlene Says:

    Finally….miz u badly…
    Gong yoo….luphh yaa…

  62. 62 : cheska Says:

    yay ! suzy is back ! x))

  63. 63 : Chan As Says:

    Gong yoo oppaaaa,,,,Luv u so much!!!^_^

  64. 64 : mona Says:

    just like me, it seems obviously that almost every girls love gong yoo 😀

    wish this drama will be a next BIG hit

  65. 65 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    finally Gong Yoo oppa comes out with a new drama i loved him in coffee prince so happy and i love the cast so cant wait for this drama

  66. 66 : naki Says:

    @cheska!!! suzy is back!!!!!:)))
    gong yoo is back
    yesssssssssssssssssssssss gong yoo forever<3<3

  67. 67 : tania Says:

    i love you gong yoo
    love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  68. 68 : kity Says:

    gong yoo is a great…great artist

  69. 69 : Cal Says:

    So excited. 2012 is huge, two Hong Sisters’ drama in a year!

  70. 70 : ryeong8 Says:

    @cal what do you mean two hong sisters’ drama in a year? There are two hong sisters in korea, the happy hong sisters who wrote you’re beautiful, the greatest love and this BIG and the other hong sisters wrote king 2hearts and beethoven virus.

  71. 71 : melly Says:

    sUzZzZyYyY <3 <3

  72. 72 : mml Says:

    My country Singapore, not much drama for me to look forward to watch……

    Am happy to look forward to watch this drama Title: 빅 / Big

    Hope to have BIG comedy effect.

  73. 73 : mono Says:

    gong yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :*:*

  74. 74 : iwed akana Says:

    waaaaa…… GONG YOO in the air.. Can’t wait…..
    Its seem really long time since The Coffee Prince!

  75. 75 : N.A. Sario Says:

    I’m pretty sure that this drama will be a hit.
    Suzy Fighting ♥_♥

  76. 76 : NANA Says:


  77. 77 : Jestonie Says:

    Wow! Nice., finally meron na drama series ang idolo ko! ^^., can’t wait to watch it! Go! fighting! aha!

  78. 78 : GJ Says:

    I will definitely watch this! haaay! Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung! What a powerful pair! GY has become more manly after his MS. haaay!

    I will never wish for Suzy to be the lead. Common, yes she has improved but we should admit the fact that she has not come to THAT level yet and Lee Min Jung has already established herself as one of those A-list actress aside from HJW, KSA, GHJ and KHN.

  79. 79 : Fei Says:

    finally, first drama for suzy after dream high <3
    I loved her so much cant wait anymore

  80. 80 : KDaddict Says:

    Have you guys seen her appearance on I Need a Fairy? She was there for a whole episode, n very good in it. She brightened up the screen. It was ep 26. Check it out if u haven’t already.

  81. 81 : takgu99 Says:

    i hope this drama will not like greatest love….awesome in the beginning of the story..the ending was bored..i hope it just like my girl…amazing a-z…can’t wait..

  82. 82 : jia Says:

    my little sister suzy. i hope u will not make me down.
    to all fans..sing with me..’u touch my heart baby! touch touch..’

    (im not original jia…im just kidding to have fun..hehe

  83. 83 : nikip Says:

    cant wait!!! gong yoo love youuuuuuuu

  84. 84 : swift Says:

    Not sure why I cannot find Gong Yoo interesting. Seen him in coffee prince, she’s on duty and finding mr destiny, but just do not see the chemistry with the leading female he acts with.

  85. 85 : sandy Says:

    Happy to see gong yoo again although I’m quite disppointed with their choice of the lead actress. I don’t find her very interesting.

  86. 86 : KDaddict Says:

    You should try to watch Gong Yoo’s Biscuit Teacher Candy Star aka Hello My Teacher. I don’t particularly care for CP or the 2 movies u named. But find him completely adorable in BTCS. In it he acts w Gong Hyo Jin. They r so sweet together. Watch that n tell me u don’t find him interesting!

  87. 87 : tona Says:

    yess gong yooo sei grandeeeeeeeeee

  88. 88 : emma Says:

    che carinoooooooooooooo gong yooo molto beneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<3<3 bellooooooooo

  89. 89 : kj Says:

    andddddddddd gong yoooo yohoooo love you boy

  90. 90 : tkio Says:

    gong yoo saranghe

  91. 91 : hongey Says:

    if you dont like gong yoo then you would find him not interesting at all. that happens to me alot too. and i’m not recomment you to watch any of his drama or movie. that all byeeeyey

  92. 92 : BIna Says:

    Yes, That is Hong Sister Again i love that’s Character had been written by those two plus goo yong and lee min jong tihis drama hope this drama goes well

  93. 93 : FasaPay Layanan Pembayaran Online Indonesia cepat dan Aman Says:

    IS THAT VERY FAMOUS IN my life korean mofies i like that cause your drama is beautiful n i recomment to my self ilso to watc this movies

  94. 94 : nyarnick Says:

    extremely CANT WAIT for your appearance unie… SUZY u r adorable ^V^
    but im a lil bit shock when i saw the trailer2, please dont say you gonna play to be a bitch y~y

  95. 95 : dandie88 Says:

    Hi All! I saw that some people have posted the link for the trailer, which I am soooooo happy about!! >.< I happened to stumble upon the preview for Episode 1 and someone was kind enough to put the translation to it. I hope everyone can enjoy it!! ^_^ http://goo.gl/QMryu

  96. 96 : KDaddict Says:

    @dandie88, Thanks for sharing. Gt preview.

  97. 97 : roxyalso Says:

    Swift, I tend to agree with you about Gong Yoo. I believe it is because he hasn’t found the right part that suits his acting skills as yet. Whether he wanted to be associated with YEH or not, he had chemistry with her and Coffee Prince had a good storyline. He plays roles that make him out to be stupid, which we all know he is not. Romantic comedies aren’t easy to do but associating yourself with another actor who has the ability to perform successfully in a romantic comedy is the name of the game.

    One reason simplistic romantic comedies are so popular is that most of us who love them aren’t looking for raw sex or violence but are looking for a feel good drama. Is that so bad?

    The Hong Sisters are ok but just because they wrote a drama doesn’t mean it is a sure thang…..Just my opinion.

  98. 98 : maria Says:

    gong yoo !! yes i love youuuuuu

  99. 99 : bani Says:

    i like!!! i like gong yooo and suzy

  100. 100 : bani Says:

    gong yoo , rain , hyun bin foreverrrrr

  101. 101 : go hye mi Says:

    omg!!! can’t wait to watch this!!!!! i lllllooovveeeeeee SUZY!!!!!!!!

  102. 102 : KDaddict Says:

    3 days till June 4!

  103. 103 : nisa Says:

    omg suzyyyyy!! ><
    can't wait so muchhhh *-*

  104. 104 : rose Says:

    i can’t wait for this drama!!!!!!i desperately want to see lee ming jung’s new character apart from smile, you. she did a great job in it, and my watch all the time drama. also gong yoo!!!!even thought i don’t like him very much in coffee prince but i keep waiting for him to come back with another drama where his character will be defferent from his previos one. i’m so happy when i know that these two are paied in BIG. the teasers are very interesting as well as the two leads’ characters. gong yoo and lee min jung are such a perfect couple, and i love both of them.

  105. 105 : kloshmaire fiedalan Says:

    i love suzy <3

  106. 106 : swift Says:

    How is Big??? Interesting???

  107. 107 : KDaddict Says:

    It starts airing tomorrow, 6/4. I have the Biggest hopes for it. 🙂

  108. 108 : hongye Says:

    i wonder where is yoon jae’s spirit goes. they never mention it so i’m just curious. please tell me if any one knows. thanks in advance

  109. 109 : lyla Says:

    *-********* cant waiiittt

  110. 110 : chupachups Says:

    Live Recap of Big Ep. 1! Hi All! I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be doing a Live Recaps for Big starting tonight at 9:55KT (In 44 minutes). I hope you are looking forward to it, I know I am! ^_^ http://goo.gl/fmJNy

  111. 111 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    I just watched it. Ep 1 isn’t funny yet.
    Gong Yoo plays a very busy doctor. His gf/fiancee can’t ever get to see him. She is a teacher. A newly transplanted student fr the U.S. is lonely n out of place. She pays him some attn, n he takes notice of her. In a traffic accident, the two guys end up in a lake together. They r taken to the same hosp ER. Gong Yoo’s char Yoon Jae, dies n is put in the morgue. Only he wakes up w the young man, Kang Kyung Joon’s soul inside him.
    Where is GY/Yoon Jae’s soul? I think it is trapped inside the young man KKJ’s body, who remains comatose in the hosp.
    Teacher thinks that the guy who wakes up is her fiancee. He insists he is her student not bf. She is beginning to see that he is telling the truth!
    I think the fun will start later. Suzy hasn’t appeared yet.
    On to ep 2 tmr.

  112. 112 : swift Says:

    Umm….. looks like the storyline has similarity with 49 days, except that one character dies and the other lives with another person’s soul, soooo tragic. I think I will only start watching after 4th or 5th episode, I got a feeling the story will be dragging in the first few episodes with all the characters trying to understand what is going on and the lead guy trying to convince the ladies who he actually is.

  113. 113 : GHSforever Says:

    Thanks for the recap. I hope the fun will come soon.
    Did you see 49 days? I hope I won’t cry in this drama as I did for 49 days. But 49 days was a melodrama and this one is a comedy, so it will hopefully don’t turn tragic.

  114. 114 : Mystisith Says:

    First episode is a bit slow but i love the cast and the music already. The Hong sisters are good at balancing angst, cute and comedy. i would be surprised if it had a sad ending. Shin Won-ho is going to have a lot of fangirls: He really is the new Song Joong-ki.

  115. 115 : Mystisith Says:

    Lee Seung-gi “Will you marry me”: Nice reference to my GF is a Gumiho. And the body floating with the light above is of course an homage to You’re Beautiful.

  116. 116 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:



    Episodes are probably RAW. Raw – No English Subtitle. Check back later.

  117. 117 : MJ Says:

    The challenge is Compare and contrast 2 dramas airing on (Monday – Tuesday)

    1. I Love Lee Tae-ri 1-2 (tvN) cable network
    Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
    Air time/Runtime: 23:00

    2. Big 1-2 (KBS2)
    Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
    Air time/Runtime: 21:55

    Hope someone can do this.

  118. 118 : Micc Says:

    So the love story is actually between Kyung Joon and Da Ran?

  119. 119 : KDaddict Says:

    I saw 49 Ds. Didn’t like the way the main actress Lee sleep-walked thru the whole show. Nam GR had so much plastic surgery I was worried abt her face bursting. Most of all I hated the ending. Hell, it traumatized me for months after! Sorry, I hope I didn’t insult one of your fav’s.
    I saw the 1st 2 eps of I love LTR, n am not at all motivated to cont. Ep 1 was done poorly, mostly bc they chose a young actor who had no charisma, unlike the young actors in METS. Ep 2 didn’t hook me bc that actress’s (Park) acting is a pain to watch. She was a block of wood in MY Princess, n some might argue that it was the personality of her char. But now that I see her as LTR, I feel that it is her acting style, wooden n non-expressive. The show would be much more interesting if it had cast a more likable actress.

    In ep 1, there is not yet any indication of a brewing love story betwn teacher n student, bc teacher is completely smitten w her hottie doctor finance, tho he is absent n unavailable, laterally n emotionally. While student is lonely n trying to adjust. He uncle n aunt, look in on him in his big house where he lives alone. He lost his mother in a travel accident, n is adverse to blood. It’ll be interesting to see how he can be a doc, w that aversion.

  120. 120 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    To be perfectly honest, I’m disappointed in ep 1 in itself. It doesn’t have the feel of a Hong sisters KD yet. With a really good show, ep 1 should manage to setup the story, establish the chars AND deliver some comedy or pathos, depending on the genre of the show. This ep 1 is just dutifully giving us the setup. That’s Unlike ep 1 of GD n I do, which manage to both tell you what the story is abt, N engage your emotions at the same time.

  121. 121 : swift Says:

    Heheheheh…… I had a feeling this show was going to have a very very very slowwwwww start. Anyways, enjoy it, I will only start watching from the interesting part when you guys comment on the episodes that will have the fun parts. I do not have patience for the storyline that have all the characters getting worked up/ frustated in convincing each others identity.

  122. 122 : GHSforever Says:

    No, it’s your opinion about it.I loved the OST in that drama very much, espcially Fallinng Tears. Just saw episode 1 of BIG and I am also disapointed. Compared to AGD, BIG is far away. Ratings aren’t that good either, although the competition is not that strong. Hopefully the slow start was just for episode 1 otherwise it will be difficult for me tokeep watching it.

  123. 123 : via Says:

    I think I love episode 1. Because it make me want to know whats going on and whats gonna happen next. I am watching it for Lee Min jung and Gong Yoo alone, not suzy..

  124. 124 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for understand (abt 49Ds).

    Preview of ep 2–
    At its tail end, it seems like Gong Yoo’s char flickers a moment of recognition of Da Ran as sb other than teacher, by calling her Da Ran ssi, while staring at her intently. So maybe the two guys alternate in sharing the same body. That’d make it Just like the premise of 49Ds.
    I didn’t have a problem w that premise at all, just the execution of it in that case.
    Waiting for Suzy to add spice to the cake! Come on Suzy!

  125. 125 : shocco locco Says:

    I love the 1st episode… i’m totally hooked right now

  126. 126 : hny Says:

    The first thing that suck my attention is that’s young man .. cute vace..i thought he would replace Lee Min Ho :)…but suprise me when he speech…that’s voice so strange..aaigoo..not suit for cute vace ,hahaha 😉

  127. 127 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 1 Eng sub

  128. 128 : hny Says:

    but. .this drama quite interesting..I like LMJ as Da Ran here…and that young man even though i don’t like his voice. I enjoy this story drama so far..so can’t wait to see next eps.

  129. 129 : Hero Says:

    I’m watching this drama. BEST =)

  130. 130 : chupachups Says:

    Live Recap and Screenshots of Big Ep. 2! Remember it starts at 9:55KT (54 minutes from now) ^_^ http://goo.gl/06jNa

  131. 131 : NANA Says:

    i wish shin won and jung min will end up together hahaha <3 ~ but i love gong yoo too~ but jung min and shin won is good <3 <3

  132. 132 : mitch Says:

    …nice start! i like it.. not boring and very interesting.. it’s a different story again.. keep it up!

  133. 133 : Raine Says:

    OMG i love this show…


  134. 134 : babygirl Says:

    this drama is unpreditable, whether leeminjugn-shin or lmj-gong yoo. if i would to have my spirit swapp to other’s body, i would take advantage and do crazy things. who knows, maybe we would find why the joon jae acts like he’s not very happy about the wedding and avoids dates with daran through kyun joon’s spirit. and find out about kyun jonn’s uncle’s real motives through joon jae’s body. i think that’s a good point. i’m a little sad about korean lead actress in any drama because they always have to follow the leading heros. like in princess’ man-women are the shadows of men. they act according to the heros’s situations. but i know that dramas focus on the female lead wouldn’t have much fan s

  135. 135 : 土豆网 Says:

    I’m watching this drama. BEST =)


  136. 136 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 2 Eng sub

  137. 137 : babygirl Says:

    dsd thanks for the web. i watched first epi in that site and i enjoyed it.

  138. 138 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    In this KD, Gong Yoo is out to prove that he is not a good actor, but a g-r-e-a-t one. If not that, then at least he is great at being cute or childish. I don’t think anyone would dispute that. He is soo funny to watch as he a plays an 18 year old trapped in a grown man’s body.

    Yoon Jae ssi may be a caring doctor, but he is a lousy man for stringing along 2 women. He might argue that he hasn’t strung Da Ran along, as he has been giving her the cold shoulder, so she ought to have known. Problem is: she is not very smart and he is a doctor, regarded by many to be a perfect catch. I suspect doctors get away w a lot vis-a-vis their women.
    The actress who plays Yoon Jae ssi’s other women, his doctor colleague, appeared in Myung Wol the Spy as the 2nd lead. She was unlikable in it. That bad impression carries over, so here I don’t like her yet.
    After ep 1, 2, this drama is looking to be a one-trick pony, hinged upon Gong Yoo’s ability to act cute. While that is mighty adorable, I hope it delivers more than that.

  139. 139 : hny Says:

    Big eps 2….waw.. it’s seem K joon must take over responsibility left by Yoon Jae..I’m so sad for Da ran.. if true.. that YJ doesn’t love her…so.. I agree if K joon wake up then..they’ end up together 🙂 OMG..next eps is KISS TIME…;-) hooree:)

  140. 140 : shocco locco Says:

    im totally hooked

  141. 141 : hny Says:

    it’s seem K joon must took over responsibility left by Yoon Jae ;-)…how cute Yoon Jae as K Joong …Gong Yu act its adorable…but, if true ..that YJ doesn’t love Da Ran..I will agree if K Joon wakes from coma then…he and Da Ran end up together:) or if their soul not comeback to their true body…it more interesting!!! next ep could be a KISS TIME :)….can’t wait to see.

  142. 142 : kdfan Says:

    urgh .. the coming kiss is going to be weird. Is DR just naive or naive + stupid. if she continues to be just mildly surprised with all the little clues that YJ is not into her, i m going to get really upset. a month to the wedding n she is still waiting for i-love-u. there better be a good reason for this or else girl, u better beat the crap out of YJ.

  143. 143 : Caitlin Says:

    i love the first 2 episodes. totally hooked right now 🙂

    @dsd: thanks for the link. 🙂

  144. 144 : EBK Says:

    English subs http://q.gs/1MFw1

  145. 145 : CVL Says:

    I think YJ and DR were rushed to wed; they had met for only 2 months since she felt off those stairs and he treated her. YJ has they key to his female colleague house and was planning to leave DR. Don’t understand why he asked her to marry him in the first place. There are a few issues that will be revealed: the love affair, KKJ will be able to see though the motive of his uncle and aunt. If KJ wakes up and able to switch their body back then which one will be with DR in the end. It’s funny how one man is with 3 women in a drama 🙂

  146. 146 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: I think DR is just simply naive; I can see that she gets it from her parents lol; they all have good value, good people…. It’s a good family and fun to watch them. I just wish DR’s boss would be playing the role as her mother cuz she and DR’s father had great chemistry playing couple before.

  147. 147 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    He is an 18 yr old student. She is his caring teacher. He begins to feel attached to her. Ah, this is Biscuit Teacher, Candy Star all over again! One of my favorite shows! I LOVE it!

    @kdfan, CVL,
    DR belongs to that category of KD heroine: sweet n caring, trusting n kind, but none too bright. She thinks the world of him, n doesn’t seem to see herself as his equal. Besides, she Wants to believe that YJ ssi loves her. She only sees what she wants to see.
    YJ n his colleague were lovers before he dated DR. Maybe that woman wouldn’t let go, n they rekindled their relationship, n YJ has yet to find the courage to tell DR.
    But why is his bag packed? Where is he off to?? With or without his colleague???

  148. 148 : babygirl Says:

    this drama has lots of untold stories that makes you want more.
    hi guys, i want to ask a question because i’m not very clear about it. are the ratings affect the tv station’s profits? thanks in advance

  149. 149 : mitch Says:

    … we’re just in episode 2 but i felt that i have watched it long long time ago! i mean there’s too much scenario in just 2 episodes! i love it! the phasing is sooo fast! keep it up guys! nice start!

  150. 150 : sara Says:

    Low ratings? What? I thought it would be at least 20%. This drama is wonderful. Just H.sisters can mix funny, sad, serious and romantic moments in just one episode so you think you have watched 20 episodes. They are awesome. I love DR. She is so naive and innocent. I’m a girl but i really wanted to hug her when she acted cute and said puing puing. I’m so curious to know how her character changes through the end. KJ is a pretty, lonely kid with a deep scar in his heart. And YJ has an affair. He does look like a nice guy. But there are lots untold stories and it gets more complicated coz it seems we will have several love triangle
    KJ, DR, YJ
    KJ, MR, DR
    SY, DR, YJ
    CS, MR, KJ
    Which one is more possible? YJ will wake up, won’t he?

  151. 151 : lyla Says:

    the first 2 episodes were really gooddddd

  152. 152 : KDaddict Says:

    You asked if “the ratings affect the tv station’s profits”.
    A KD has to be sold overseas to make profits, to be sold as as many foreign countries as possible. Ratings is one factor that tv stations in foreign countries use to decide whether they want to buy a KD, and very imptly, for how much! The price of a KD is partly determined by the popularity of its stars n partly by is ratings. Of course the popularity of the stars r determined by the ratings of their Previous KD.
    Hope this answers your Qn.

  153. 153 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL & KDaddict in real life DR’s type of personality gets my sympathy. being nice is fine but she is too accomodating, gets bullied, couldn’t stand her grounds many times with an 18 y old. some reviews said she has spunk, but i havent seen much. she wasn’t even invited to a friend’s wedding when all her other friends were there. if it was meant to draw sympathy to DR, yes it did but what hit me for that scene was, was there something weird about her that she is an outcast? i need something more to respect and root for a drama heroine. we’ll see..

    i don’t really want the story to have KJ falling for DR or vice versa. That is something only Chachisoo can do without a fault. I didnt watch Biscuit Teacher, so not sure about this one. KJ n Suzy would be a perfect pair.

    I don’t think YJ is two timing DR. More likely he broke up with the lady doc and she couldnt let go. The reason he is not so committed to DR is unlikely bec of the lady doc but his leaving to the states has something to do with it. Could it be he has a terminal disease and needed to go overseas for treatment?

  154. 154 : intyce Says:

    Loving the series so far…my newest addiction! Can’t wait for next week! ^_^

  155. 155 : shocco locco Says:

    I can’t wait for the 3rd episode.. im hoping that Kyu Joon will wake up on the 3rd or 4th episode.. cause I’m so in love with him..

  156. 156 : kloshmaire fiedalan Says:

    can’t wait for the next episode… 🙂 love suzy <3

  157. 157 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: I love how you described DR as being “too accommodating”, it’s exactly how she is right now. I too felt so badly for DR watching that wedding scenes, I hope she will change and being a bit tougher in the upcoming eps; nice, kind but tough.

    I haven’t seen biscuit teacher either and after seeing Gong Yoo in “The Snow Queen” and “Coffee Prince”, I can’t picture him as a two timer at all.

  158. 158 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t ever like heroines who r none too smart, however sweet they may be. I hate it for their own good.
    Oh no! Not terminal disease. Anything but, pls.
    It’s Hyun Bin who stars in Snow Q.

  159. 159 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: thank you for correcting me; you’re a pro lol… I meant “one fine day” 🙂

  160. 160 : jelly Says:

    the whole point in this about is about kyun joon swaps spirit with yoon jae, but why many people want to change it. kyun joon won’t wake up until epi 13 or so i guess

  161. 161 : yuyunzzz Says:

    KIV this drama for this summer (after I do I do coz now im totally sold that drama). but i cant keep myself to read the recap.

  162. 162 : Penelope Says:

    Wait Kyung Joon wont wait up until ep 13? well thats “STUPID” spoilers. he says that alot in 2 episodes ahahaa Shin Won Ho is a rookie actor?? hes amesome at it! he acts very immature (which is entertaining) ahaa but hes not the main. That Gong Yoo guy is very charming and is ripped too! ahaa

  163. 163 : Zhazira Says:

    прекрасная дорамка,с первых минут покорила игра актеров…с нетерпением жду продолжения))))

  164. 164 : Raine Says:


    Such a cute episode!

  165. 165 : KDaddict Says:

    If u read the comments carefully, you might see that:
    Sb only said: They Wish the young man would wake up. You’ve to Allow ppl to express a wish regarding a drama, rt?
    Then sb else said: They dont think that’d happen till ep 13.
    There is no “Stupid Spoiler” here. Just ppl talking, which is what these threads r for. And dont be so quick, so rude to call sb or sth Stupid. We can here to have fun, not to insult others.

  166. 166 : KDaddict Says:

    Personally, I think it’d be interesting if the young man would wake up and show behavior consistent w the Doc’s age n personality. Then we get 2 warped souls for the price of 1. 😉 But then I dont know if the young actor is ready for that kind of acting.

    Typo in #165:
    We “come” here to have fun, not to insult others.

  167. 167 : GHSforever Says:

    At the beginning I thought that the writers would do such a thing. It would have been so much more fun than right now.

  168. 168 : KDaddict Says:

    I kinda like it that they let Gong Yoo be silly all by himself for a while. He is so cute to watch. But then, after that routine sets in, I’d bring in the young man acting like the older doc if I were doing the writing. We’ll see when that comes abt.

  169. 169 : KDaddict Says:

    I like both Gong Yoo and Sung Yu Ri, but somehow missed One fine Day. I guess its synopsis scared me away. Was it good? Or was it pretty much a std melodrama? I’m so sick n tired of melo’s after so many of them already!

  170. 170 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: I enjoyed that drama because of GY and SYR; I didn’t like the second male and female leads, I found them annoying for forcing others to accept their love. As up til today, I had no idea what the synopsis for that drama was about but if you’re worry because of the siblings falling in love, it’s actually wasn’t like that in the drama. Technically they only lived together for a very short time when they were very young and they are not blood related. There were very little flashbacks about their childhood. SYR adoptive brother in the drama is weird to her at first but he turned out ok in the end; I read somewhere that SYR and the adoptive brother dated in real life in 2008 :-). If you’re a fan of both GY and SYR then it might worth your time. I liked GY in OFD more than in Coffee Prince. He and SYR looked great together in the drama. I started to like GY after watching OFD.

  171. 171 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL i will always remember how much u love SYR 🙂 it’s quite impossible still to get you to like a drama without any of your fav actors and actresses huh .. please try watch Queen InHyun’s man. i wasnt a fan of both leads but both r good in their roles. It’s such a good and almost faultless drama. One of those rare ones I truly enjoyed.

  172. 172 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx for the info. U MUST watch Biscuit Teacher. That’s my fav Gong Yoo drama.
    And kdfan is right: QIM is daebak!

  173. 173 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: thank you for still remembering my odd choices lol
    @KDaddict: the pleasure is all mine, will try to finish BT, I dropped it after 2-3 eps.
    @kdfan, KDaddict: yes I am up to ep 13 on QIM now yay!!!!!

  174. 174 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: am a stubborn/hard headed person lol

  175. 175 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL u like QIM but u dont go gaga over the leads? there u go! but such a good show is quite rare. although we only been exchanging mostly drama thoughts recently, u hardly strike me as stubborn at all!

  176. 176 : chupachups Says:

    Live Recap of Big Episode 3 tonight at 9:55KT!! (Just something quick until the in-depth ones come out of dramabeans or other sites). I can’t wait to see YJ’s real feelings for DR >.< http://goo.gl/0m0bk

  177. 177 : EBK Says:

    Eng subs http://the-legend-1.blogspot.com/search/label/Drama%20English%20Subtitles

  178. 178 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: :-)… Yes the leads are cute together, only if I wouldn’t know they’ll be together in the end I could have being more like you said “gaga” over them. I like following a drama that can keeping me on guessing rather than a flashbacks story but I managed to watch this drama til ep13 due to the main leads.

  179. 179 : enagela Says:

    Hi, where can i watch episode 3? In viki the video is not available in our country.

  180. 180 : kdfan Says:

    i hope ep 3 is good, i need a pick me up to lift my mood today 🙁 gonna hit the gym now n watch after that.

  181. 181 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 3 Eng sub

  182. 182 : hny Says:

    oh finally there’s KD makes me alot 4 lol this week 😀 ;-)….Gong YoO .. u so awesome ..TOP BGT…

  183. 183 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5:
    OMG, Ep 5 is ROF funny! Gong Yoo is really at his best playing sb half his age. 1 min he is an 18 year old speaking as an adult, pretending as if he knows what’s going on in the adult world of love and emotionality. Another min he is an 18 year old kid, pleading innocence n forgiveness, depending on the situation, being ALTOGETHER Adorable in both! I loved him in Biscuit Teacher, 24 yrs of age playing a 19 year old student in love w his teacher. I love him even more, now that he is 33 playing an 18 yr old student in the progress of falling for his teacher!
    And we have the 1st shower scene. As much as I love those, in this case, I love him being awkward n guilty after having spent the night w his doc colleague even more. In his various stages of undress, we see his l-o-n-g torso. How can anyone have such a l-o-n-g torso? LOL.
    And Suzy makes her appearance in this KD! She has grown a lot since DH. Her face has lost some of its childishness. She looks more grown up here. She is supposed to be older than Kang Kyung Joon, cos he calls her noona. So perhaps she is meant to be abt 20? She is a gt addition to the show.
    Da Ran belongs to that type of KD heroine, loving n not too bright. Suzy seems to be a diff type: gutsy n straight-fwd. Much more to my liking.
    Off to re-watch ep 5!

    If u need a pick me up today, go watch ep 5. U can thank me later. Ha ha ha. If we had lived close by, we could hit the gym together, n go shopping together. 😉

  184. 184 : hny Says:

    @KDadddict..where u watch ep 5.;-) ..coz I just watch only 3 there 😀

  185. 185 : KDaddict Says:

    I have a subscription to Korean tv. I have most channels, if not all. I’m usually very fast cos I don’t have to wait for subs. 😉

  186. 186 : ryeong8 Says:

    @KDaddict that’s not episode 5, I think you are referring to ep. 3

  187. 187 : swift Says:

    Ep3 with eng sub available at dramacrazy.net.

  188. 188 : KDaddict Says:

    Sorry folks. I stand corrected. It is indeed ep 3 that aired last night. Among Big, I do I do, and Gentleman’s D, I’m so ecstatically beside myself that I no longer know what is what!!! Best trio ever!
    I probably was thinking of I do I do, which should be airing ep 5.

  189. 189 : chupachups Says:

    Will Da Ran find out about whose house key that Yoon Jae is keeping? Check out BIG Ep 4 LIVE recap (In case you can’t get on the streaming sites) starting in 11 minutes (9:55KT) ^_^ http://goo.gl/j8bdY

  190. 190 : swift Says:

    I really had good laughs throughout ep3.
    The school assembly scene was the beginning, then the narration of Yoon Jae’s colleague of how Yoon Jae met Da Ran made me blush all over, we only wish our dream guy would have taken notice of us in that manner (wishful thinking)…..

  191. 191 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict u gave me a shock, i was thinking how could i be 2 episodes behind! but tq tq tq, i had some good laughs n totally entertained! how nice if i hv a gym, tea time and shopping partner! none of my friends who live nearby gyms..

    I like the twist in YJ & DR’s relationship. Did he really fall in love with her? I want that to be true bec I don’t want YJ to be a bad person. But bad lady doc still looked confused. She couldnt hv been that bold to give him her apartment key without knowing if the feeling was mutual. hmm y did hong sis make DR to be so dense. i feel like shaking her.

  192. 192 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    I think that’s Ep 4 that just aired tonight….. ;P
    Im beginning to wish that the guys do not swap their souls back. Bc KKJ cares for Gil Teacher’s feelings more than her Doc bf ever did. Would it be so bad if she lives w KKJ in that big beautiful house? Just 2 considerations:
    1. He is only 18. Is it OK to be sleeping w a guy who is 18? But then, his body is 30, so technically, he is 30. Ha.
    2. He can’t parade at the hosp as YJ ssi, n perform malpractice every day. So how can he make a living?

    Da Ran is finding out the depth of YJ ssi’s betrayal, whether she wants to or not.

  193. 193 : chupachups Says:

    A really nice person has already put up the preview to episode 5 with translations ^_^ http://goo.gl/gwD2i

  194. 194 : Caitlin Says:

    can’t stop laughing. ep3 is so funny.. 🙂

    thanks dsd for the link 🙂

  195. 195 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3 gives us a lot of laughs.
    Ep 4 gives us a whole lot of touching moments. Both eps are winners.
    In Ep 4:
    It’s touching how DR cares for KKJ when he is wet fr the rain, hurt by his uncle and aunt’s greed and callousness, n sick w a fever. She breaks out all her “dowry purchases” for her wedding for use in his empty home, to get him out of his wet clothes into new n dry PJs, to cook him congee for the sick, to touch his forehead out of concern.
    It is equally touching how KKJ cares abt her enough to protect her feelings fr being hurt by YJ’s relationship w his doc colleague.
    I think these two will be very confused as to who she is taking care of, is it YJ ssi or KKY? Or who is kissing whom, is it YJ who is kissing her or is it KKY pretending to be YJ who is kissing her, or vice versa. Good play! Lovely show!
    It’s been 5 years since GY’s last KD, Coffee Pr; n 7 years since Biscuit Teacher, which I love. This show makes it worth the wait.

  196. 196 : Caitlin Says:

    thanks KDaddict for the info.. can’t wait to watch ep.4 🙂

  197. 197 : Raine Says:


    I loved this episode. Now downloading 4!

  198. 198 : sara Says:

    So lovely and funny with such a big twist in the plot. Does YJ love DR or not? Where he wanted to go? Was he in any serious relationship with that doctor? Is he going to wake up? Lots of questions and it’s just ep 3. That’s why i love this drama so much. I love DR-KJ relationship. KJ is really mature for his age and DR is so innocent and immature for her age. They can complete each other. Do you really love everything about your love? Do you still love him with another body or soul? I ‘m so curious to know the answer. I can’t wait for YJ to wake up. But i have a problem with Suzy. Is she going to portray a robot or her acting is terrible? Were her tears real when she visited KJ’s body in the hospital? Her face was completely expressionless but she was crying. I thought her tears were fake ones.

  199. 199 : Charlie Says:

    Hey, you gals, don’t leave the station without me. I’m catching up.
    I only watched the first two eps, but it already showing promising. Shin Won Ho is so cute. I kind of hope he comes back to life so I can see more of his cuteness. GY’s acting is great, I can really see the kid in him. Suzy will join the show too? Love that girl, she’s so pretty.
    I enjoyed reading your comments on travel and food and your hobbies. Very lively. These days my travel is pretty much about watching travel shows on travel channels, even that got reduced due to watching KD.
    I’ll catch up ep 3 & 4 tonight.

  200. 200 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 4 Eng sub

  201. 201 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    YJ’s security code for his cellphone and ATM card is 0624. He and his parents fr abroad will be meeting on 0624. KKY’s BD is 0624. What’s the connection?
    Will YJ wake up in KKY’s body on 0624?

    KKY’s uncle says he has a father that he doesn’t know abt. It’s a guy who is in no position to stand up and announce himself. So it’s a married man w a family. A rich man no doubt. Who is it? When will this father appear?

    In Preview to Ep 5, at the end of the preview DR tells KKY she’ll pretend there is nothing wrong betwn YJ n herself n soldier on. What kind of a woman wants a marriage so bad? She is a perfectly nice woman, but mighty desperate and stupid for selling herself short IMO.

    You r welcome. My fav comedian is George Caitlin. 😉

  202. 202 : CVL Says:

    @Charlie: the travel channel is ****h nowsaday; everything they have are mystery and ghost… I hate it!!!!

  203. 203 : CVL Says:

    What I love the most bout this drama is the music; couldn’t help myself but laugh out loud when the school meeting appeared with the taxi arrival lol

  204. 204 : CVL Says:

    It’s like bumm…chaaaacha….chaaaa…..bummmm….lol!!!!

  205. 205 : SFW Says:

    this drama is amazing. it’s unpredicteble, cause a lot of questions. what is the true feeling of yoon jae? it doesn’t seems YJ is bad guy who cheating on his fiance. or just the female doc who misunderstanding with a kindness of YJ? and i have a sense that YJ and KKJ are siblings? Can’t wait for the next ep. but i think KKJ is different when he is in his own body with KKJ in YJ’s body, KKJ is not so childish like in YJ’s body now.
    and i don’t know why the rating is so low, if i life in korea i would ask all my friend to watch this drama haha. but no matter what people say and no matter the rating is low, i still like this drama, because gong yoo. hope the rating increase soon. FIGHTING!!

  206. 206 : kdfan Says:

    The connection between YJ n KJ must be a very strong one. half brothers? YJ saved KJ from drowning. Is it KJ’s turn to save YJ from deception? The part when DR put 2 n 2 together in the car, I thought finally .. she’s not that dense after all. She is finally accepting something fishy is going on. It’s unlikely she wants to pretend nothing has happened n still accepts YJ. She is probably doing it bec she wants to know the truth.

  207. 207 : Manatee Says:

    24/06 have something concern with the Miracle Book ?? we saw YJ, KJ and YJ mom had that. They are the family?? or something??

  208. 208 : hny Says:

    oooh very sweet kiss…even not ‘hot’…agree w @SFW-205,KKJ is different when he is in his own body with KKJ in YJ’s body, KKJ is not so childish like in YJ’s body now…maybe that accident change his character .but I like it…

  209. 209 : lisa Says:

    even joon jae is a man everyone woman wants, but i prefer to love the one i’m comfortable with- like talking without hesitation. so i root for kj and daran

  210. 210 : hny Says:

    yach love GY verry much…sometimes his act like Mr.Bean..always makes me lol..sometimes his act like Richard Gare 😉 . I like him in CP when he wear a black suit more handsome..I want see him again.

    I love the puzzle in this drama…I hope this puzzle not end w YJ n KJ are sibling or related blood. hope the fantasy story really happen cuz that’s miracle book.

  211. 211 : swift Says:

    There is possibility that KJ will end up with DR, Ma Ri with DR’s brother, YJ with LSY.

  212. 212 : swift Says:

    I did not like Gong Yo in ‘Finding Mr Destiny’, his character was dorky and abit lame. His character in Coffee Prince was ‘okay so so but not great’. That was the reason I was not too enthusiastic with this drama, but watching from ep3, could see the storyline is developing well.

  213. 213 : KDaddict Says:

    There was a case in the U.S. where the teacher had sex with her high school student. She was put in jail for it! I don’t think Korea is ready for a drama that puts teacher w her high school student! We might like to see that happen w DR n KKJ, but it might cause a riot in front of KBS2.

    It is true that KKJ in Doc’s body behaves more childishly than the real KKJ. I think it is more exaggerated for comedic effects. I do love GY playing a kid.

    The real KKJ looks so sweet lying there, and Suzy looks good with him. More imptly, she genuinely cares abt him. I wouldn’t mind if those two end up together.
    As for DR, I hope she grows a spine n walk away fr Doc, if it turns out that he is a cheater. If he isn’t, then he has to earn her love.
    Are KKJ n YJ half-brothers? Quite possibly. But KKJ’s mother and YJ’s mother probably know each other, since it is the two women who have the Miracles book. KKJ’s Miracle picture was a gift fr his mother. I surmise YJ’s is also one fr his mother.

  214. 214 : hny Says:

    so it means..if we want DR end up w KJ..it doesn’t need their soul back to their own body … korean ppl would be accept, right 😀

  215. 215 : swift Says:

    What if KJ will still end up with DR but later, maybe after 5 years, by then KJ is no longer a student and DR may not be a teacher anymore. Just a thought.

  216. 216 : SFW Says:

    yeah I think gong yoo acts so childish is for comedi effects, and it quite well. he can play in all genres of drama or movie.

  217. 217 : swift Says:

    I have not seen Gong Yo act in any serious drama/ movie nor in any period drama/ movie. His looks (like a comedian) makes him viable for shows/ dramas/ movies that are comedic type. Hopefully, he will get offers for serious type of drama. Just like Hyun Bin.

  218. 218 : SFW Says:

    gong yoo play serious movie in the crucible (silenced). he act very wise in those movie. he is a great actor.

  219. 219 : Redqueen Says:

    I think YJ and KJ are half brothers.

  220. 220 : Charlie Says:

    This is another KD that leaves you with many loose ends, make you wonder what will happen next.
    I also believe that YJ and KJ are closely related, like half brother. I also believe YJ didn’t cheat on DR, there must be some misunderstanding.
    A marriage or relationship between an 18 year old student and a teach, I think it is a no no in any culture. Korean’s 18 is more like 17.
    That angle Miracle is definitely a BooJak in this drama.

  221. 221 : swift Says:

    The writers will probably make the storyline of going round and round with the probability of YJ having second thoughts of marriage with DR, and with the body switch, DR will get to know the relationship of YJ and LSY, then DR will start to have feelings for KJ instead, KJ will naturally also fall for DR.

    Sooooo preditable, just joking, LOL

  222. 222 : KDaddict Says:

    Gong Yoo definitely tries to find projects in which he acts serious roles, like the Crucible and Finding Mr. Destiny. One Find Day was in no way a comedy. He can act comedic, doesn’t mean he naturally or only looks comedic. And don’t look down on comedians. It is sooo rare(hard) to find(be) a good one. They make it look easy, so u think they r just goofing around, but it takes Real talent n hard work.

  223. 223 : swift Says:

    I apologize if my comments offends you, not intentional. I was never a fan of Gong Yoo, which is why I never actually search for the dramas/ movies he acted. I saw Finding Mr Destiny but did not enjoy the movie. Is Crucible and One Fine Day sad drama/ movie?

  224. 224 : SFW Says:

    look at this https://twitter.com/#!/mjjeje/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FOTIFtegY
    even the famous artist kim jaejong watch this drama, how come ratings going so sloooooooooooow

  225. 225 : CarolineDL Says:

    “One Fine Day” is pretty sad… Lots of very heavy questions raised (rape, etc.).

  226. 226 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m not offended by your not liking Gong Yoo. Just pointing out sth I know abt him n comedians.

    You said: I was never a fan of Gong Yoo, which is why I never actually search for the dramas/ movies he acted.
    I wonder which is the cause n which the effect:
    U were not a fan, so u didn’t watch his works, or:
    U didn’t watch his works, so u didn’t have a chance to become a fan.

  227. 227 : lisa Says:

    the chance you are going to watch gong yoo’s dramas is .000001 if you don’t like him. i also do that too, but not for gong yoo and lee min jung. i love this couple and wait every week for next epi

  228. 228 : sara Says:

    Ep 4
    Wonderful with unique H.sisters’ touching moments. The scene he is trying to bring back his bed under the rain is awesome. Although he is too mature for his age, he ‘s still a child attached to his mother and memories. I love his character and GY is a great actor. I can’t imagine anyone else playing this role. He can perfectly portray KJ and YJ at the same time. It seems DR is slowly putting aside her feelings for YJ. She gives all her precious stuff to KJ’s soul and the socks to his body. They are slowly getting closer but it seems there is a connection between YJ and KJ. The only thing that annoys me is Suzy. Too stiff to be bearable.

  229. 229 : ViKa Says:

    i’m very interested in this drama.like another hong siter’s drama,it always fun to watch and really worthed

  230. 230 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m NOT anybody’s fangirl. But I think that: Of all the singing idols turned actor, Suzy actually is the best of the bunch. If you’ve seen her in DH, you’ll know that she wasn’t stiff in it.
    Here her mannerisms r stylistic, e.g. the imagined sequence where she clung to GY fr the back. You call her acting stiff, but that too is done for laughs, a la a manga.

  231. 231 : CVL Says:

    @sara #228: totally agreed with you. That Suzy girl is stiff and unnaturally; I find her difficult to watch!!!

  232. 232 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, CVL,
    Hmmm……., I find Suzy quite charming, has good screen presence, n funny in this KD incarnation. 😉

  233. 233 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, CVL,
    There is sb I find difficult to watch. Guess who?
    Im SH in I do I do!
    Quite liked her in New Tales of G tho.

  234. 234 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: seems to me that Suzy tried to memorize the line than acting in a role (sorry), haven’t seen new tales of G… I guess that’s the reason why I like seasonal actors/actresses 🙂

  235. 235 : Caitlin Says:

    @sara,cvl: i think Suzy is acting like that because her character in the story tells her to act like that.. 🙂

  236. 236 : sara Says:

    She was tenfold stiffer in DH. i still can’t forget the scene KSH hugged her passionately after running behind the bus. He was acting with his heart and Suzy was like a doll in his arms. Emotionless. Here I still don’t know her character is like a robot or her acting is too stiff but either way she is not good enough to co-star with LMJ and GY but i do agree that she ‘s better than YN, Jessica, Yuri and lots of actingdols.
    I completely agree about ISH in I do I do. She is terrible, especially when she is acting with KSN. She was very cute in PR. I even didn’t know her at first. When LJW was dancing with her in the cafe, she seemed so nervous.

  237. 237 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, CVL,
    KSH is an acting savant. So it is unfair to compare Suzy or most actors to him. To me, KSH and Yeo Jin Goo (the young king in METS) r in their own class, much like Dakota Fanning when young.
    I think it is hard to compare Suzy’s acting w GY’s or LMJ’s. Afterall they’ve had many years of experience over hers. But just to see it on its own, it’s good enough for me to enjoy. Anyway, she is meant to pair up with the young man KKJ, who’s lying comatose. I think those two would be lovely together.

    In I do I do, I thoroughly hate the way ISH’s char is written, so I’m having trouble telling whether it is her role or her acting that I’m really hating.

  238. 238 : KDaddict Says:

    Need to quickly finish dinner, take a walk all within an hour, n then sit in front of the TV for KSA on tonight’s ep of I do I do!

  239. 239 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: no am Not comparing Suzy with anyone, I understand that’s she’s a newbie,my comment was based on what I saw in her acting; there were many scenes she seemed to be reading the scripts rather than delivering it :-).

  240. 240 : KDaddict Says:

    Pls see sara’s #236. Since we r all chatting abt this, I thought to include both your names in my response-237.

  241. 241 : tey Says:

    just starting watch this drama..interesting!!

  242. 242 : mommy angel Says:

    Love this drama. Love GY, LMJ and everybody. All acting well. Suzy is super cute. 🙂 However, I’m worried about what’s gonna happen next. The doctor is obviously cheating on Da Ran and it is not right to marry your student trapped in the doctor’s body. Can’t wait to see how will the story line go. 🙂

  243. 243 : sara Says:

    I didn’t intend to compare them. They are not comparable at all. But Suzy’s acting ruined that scene for me. We had lots of idols in that drama but to me she seemed the worst. I believe having experience is just a part of acting that helps you to be more relaxed and act better. The important part is having the acting talent. You must born with it. You said YCG. He is just a child, only 14 but he is born to act. It’s not exaggeration if i say he is way better than KSH and even in METS i loved the young crown prince more.

    NO offence intended to fans but TO ME this is the worst actingdols ranking from the worst to good. KIM HYUN JOONG, JUNGWHA, JESSICA, YURI, YOONA, TAEKYOUN, WOOYOUNG, SUZY, JAEJOONG. The best one is Micky.

  244. 244 : KDaddict Says:

    We r essentially saying the same things, just coming fr diff angles.
    On your list of idols, I’d add:
    Krystal, in Hi-kick 3. Not good.
    Lee Joon, in I need a Fairy, so-so.
    Heo Young San, in I need a Fairy, pretty good.
    Yes, Micky is the best!

  245. 245 : roxyalso Says:

    I have seen GY in only a few good dramas. It isn’t that he isn’t a good actor, in my opinion, he just hasn’t found the right drama for himself. He has tried different types of dramas, I just happen to like him as a romantic comedic lead. I go for cute romantic dramas if I want blood, guts and sex I go watch the news or read the net news….I want a drama which makes me cry sweet tears and makes me laugh out loud. It has been proven there is more money to be made in RC dramas. He is to handsome to be making silly faces….

    Again, I did say, ” I thought he was a good actor,” just dissin the roles he chooses….beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is what I’m beholding….

  246. 246 : kanha Says:

    Instead of spending the time with Yoon Jae soul in the hospital, Da Ran spend most of the time with kyung joon which i think it is not right….she should be by her fiance soul often and keep talking to him…like ask for him to come back soon…it is just happen in the latest episode that she talk to him but that was short…

  247. 247 : lia Says:

    i love this drama! so funny so far.

  248. 248 : lisa Says:

    sara you listed all singers to be actors that i thiink none of tham is my actress or actor. i tihink the worst to be good is kim hoon jong.

  249. 249 : sara Says:

    @KDaddict, lisa
    We have good ones too. TOP, Choi Siwon, Siwan. Still Micky is the best among actingdoles and Seung ki is the best best best among singer turned actors.

  250. 250 : swift Says:

    I tend to be easily influenced by drama storyline and the actors/actresses of the drama, as such when I had watched Marry Me Mary, I was searching for dramas acted by the second lead actor of the drama. And found him to act in Coffee Prince. So that was how then I know about Gong Yo. That’s the reason I mentioned I was never interested with Gong Yo’s drama. I watched ‘Finding Mr Destiny’ via utube by coincidence, did not enjoy it.

  251. 251 : john Says:

    im always fan of hong sister’s drama….cant wait to watch

  252. 252 : finia Says:

    is it worth a try? i’ve tried watching operation proposal, love rain, equator man, king2hearts, rooftop prince.
    but after i watched qim, they are nothing!(k2h and rp were pretty fun,tho)
    i just cant seem to find another drama which as fun as qim 🙁

    reccomend me some dramas please 🙂

  253. 253 : Kila Says:

    This drama definitely must watch.. i love all the cast,. they are so funny, and act so well. IMHO. My favorite actor – Gong Yoo, favorite actress – Lee Min Jung, favorite writers – Hong sisters, and new crush – Shin Win Ho.. hahaa..

    Worth to watch ^^

  254. 254 : Caitlin Says:

    @finia: i recommend BIG. im sure u’l love it. QIM is my fave as well. 🙂

  255. 255 : swift Says:

    For current viewing, try:
    – I do I do
    – Time Slip Dr Jin
    – Bridal Mask

    For dramas completed, try:
    – Secret Garden
    – Can you hear my heart
    – Shut Up Flower Boy Band
    – Dream High
    – Sungkyunkwan Scandal (I can never get the spelling correctly)
    – Heartstring
    – 49 days
    – Princess Man
    – My Princess

  256. 256 : CarolineDL Says:

    Try ‘Pasta’! It’s great 🙂

  257. 257 : roxyalso Says:

    I loved “Lie to Me.” YEH is, in my opinion, one of the top 10 Korean actresses, making RC dramas today. Being able to make people cry one moment then laugh belly laughs the next is an art form. Some can do it, but not do it well.

    I also liked Protect the Boss, Fermentation Family, Hear Me, with Ivy Chen, A Gentlemen’s Dignity. Classics like Coffee Prince are always good to watch too.

  258. 258 : sara Says:

    QIM is my fave too and it’s a bit hard to find a drama as great as it is except for few ones but i don’t agree it’s fun. Although it has lots of sweet moments, it is really sad sometimes. Anyway, i recommend
    1.Secret garden
    2. My girlfriend is a gumiho
    4.best love
    5.shut up flower boy band
    6.The princess’man
    8.Gentelman’s dignity

  259. 259 : lisa Says:

    i recommand
    for current airing is only Big.
    and other dramas such as the princess’ man, smile,you,and my girl
    i don’t realy like suzy but her character in her is pretty cute. i hate her character in dh because she’s just doesn’t seem the type to care for anyone, but she cares about the two boys so much so i dont like it.

  260. 260 : finia Says:

    [email protected]
    yup, hong sister’s pieces are good. especially sassy girl chunhyang, my girl and the greatest love. but i didn’t enjoy you’re beautiful and my girlfriend is a gumiho. they are just…..euhmmm. ah never mind. anyway, thnks for recomend me this drama! i’ll watch this one for sure 🙂

    sure! i’ll watch this as soon as this drama ends since i’m a type of girl who hates waiting for the next episode to be aired

    engg….why u no reccomend me ‘big? i mean….u have such a great taste on kdrama (since i often read ur comments on almost every threads)
    but i’m not that interested on time slip dr.jin, although it has great actors and actresses, medical is soooo not my style hehe 🙂
    and for completed series u reccomend me, i’ve watched almost of them and left with can u hear my heart and princess man. but based on the comments and reviews i read, they seem to be good. i’ll watch them in my spare time, then.

    yea, i plan on watching it cause there is LSG and GHJ in it! yaaayy

    i’ve watched LTM. it was good, tho(plus, the male lead is KJH which happened to be my fave back then :P) YEH is great. i like her since princess hours’ day. the comical side of her is just so so so laugh-able 😀
    thank for the reccomendations~~

    but i think it’s fun! not all of the moment in it were fun. of course there is sadness. qim has that ‘x’ factor which can’t be hardly expressed w words.
    what drama u said as interesting as QIM? which can satisfy me? from all ur reccomendations, i haven’t watched —> shut up flower boybands, gentleman’s dignity, the princess man and big. which one should i try the most? i especially interested w gentleman’s dignity. bunch of great actresses and actors act there. is the drama interesting? both stryline and chemistry?

    same here!!!! i don’t like suzy too! she’s the only reason that prenvents me on watching big. she’s just too stiff and emotionless in DH1. how abt in this drama? is there any improvement? but i’ll still watch this one cause GY and LMJ are the main lead 🙂

  261. 261 : finia Says:

    and i haven’t watched shut up flower boy band too! sorry , i didn’t notice that u reccomend that in ur comment 😛

  262. 262 : swift Says:

    I made the assumption that you may like the younger generation type of drama. I personally did not watch the drama fully as I did not have the interest to see dramas involving only teenagers still in school. I am over 40 years old, thus my preference are dramas that are focused on older people. But since ‘sara’ has recommended it to be very good (I trust her judgement), so I recommended it as well.
    I never watched ‘Pasta’, I guess I am lazy to take effort to watch it.
    ‘Feast of Gods, Ojakyo Farm, Protect the Boss, Scent of Woman, Wild Romance, Colour of Woman, The Moon That Embraces the Sun and many many others are also worth watching. Urgghhhhhh…………… I think that is too much……LOL

  263. 263 : wynn Says:

    i really want 수지 and 신원호 be a pare!!! i watch this drama is because of them~!!! (~o ~) even that they are not the main characters! (*. *) they are second main character~!!! (^- ^)
    i just want its like this, no need let them exchange back to their own~!!! hahaha~ (-. ^) cst i really love the paring of 수지 and 신원호~!!! (>v <)
    from this drama, i happy so much and sure know more of others actors!!! (^o ^)

  264. 264 : sibrani Says:

    this drama is worth watching. i wonder when or would it be launched in my country TV. for now, i just able to read the recap. poor me 🙁

  265. 265 : swift Says:

    if you have fast internet broadband then you can watch thru kimchidramas.net or dramacrazy.net

  266. 266 : sara Says:

    To me after QIM, shut up flower boy band is the best. You will really really enjoy it. You can’t see any super famous actor there but it’s awesome in every aspect.Then as you said GD and big.

  267. 267 : finia Says:

    yup! cause i’m still 15 years old, so i like the younger type 😀 maybe as i grow older, i’ll be able to enjoy the older tpe as well

    thanks a lot! i’ll watch it for sure ^^

  268. 268 : Sheryl Says:

    I came here want to c comment here 4 “big” whether is nice or worth to watch or not..:)
    @ Finia..QIM is my favourite drama..looks like a lot ppl also ..hahha, the ending of QIM is better than RP..
    I would like to recommend this drama..story very good & touching..although these drama are not in high ranking..but worth to watch..
    1) It’s okay daddy girl
    2) My daughter the flower

  269. 269 : Raine Says:


    Here’s my recap guys. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

  270. 270 : kdraj Says:

    i like dis drama its really cute and it makes u want to keep watching it! i cant wait for the next episode!! >.<

  271. 271 : awesomegirlrawks Says:

    @finia, you should watch

    – My Girl,
    – Secret Garden,
    – The greates love.

    I can honestly tell you these 3 are good. I’ve watched quite a few and these 3 are the best so far.

  272. 272 : anna Says:

    I first know k-pop after watching miss A Suzy in DHigh, becaus of her i search a lot about miss A, 2pm and JYP Nation just because of her, eventhough i’m girl i can’t stop to fall in love to her, in DHigh she manage to bring something new in her role, not some others lead actress who always try being cute and protected all the time. In DH she’s the one who protect the others like baek hae (eun jung t-ara) as a prove that how the role she’s playing coldhearted person outside to very warm inside. She also very independence and naturally in acting rather than copy in others characters in always act cute and need to be protected. I’m proudly to say A. Although some may not agree with me, i don’t care as long i’m here to support her and this drama, not like some people who came here just to banish her and always just criticize but not try to appreaciate others effort. <3 Suzy from Malaysia…(^_^)…

  273. 273 : mitch Says:

    ..wow! all new kdramas are worth watching! now i don’t have my #1 in my list coz i can’t decide which is my favorite among them! all are entertaining and hilarious especially A Gentlemans’ Dignity.. if you are in your early thirties or mid forties, you will enjoy this kdrama. you will feel that there’s still life after forties or life goes on for those whose in love,hahaha.. love it.. and for those who just want to sit back and enjoy, watch BIG and I DO I DO.. i like the story of BIG coz it will give you a satisfying feeling of a love for granted but then corrected by another person whose not at first with a geniune character bcoz he’s still young. i love what’s happening now to the so called “couple”. hehe.. I DO I DO is also funny. you’ll find it simple but it makes sense! a career woman who is willing to give up everything but suddenly something happened to her.. haha, like it! Ghost is like you’re riding a roller coaster. you’ll go up and down, turn around then slide! whoa!! everything is mysterious and it’s like you’re solving a puzzle.. goose bombs everywhere!! Time slip Dr Jin is also intriguing. all medicinal and science but they are showing all kinds of scenes which will catch your attention.. and now, you will wonder who is doctor Jins’ fiance on the Joseon era..

  274. 274 : aynur Says:

    I think it is the best currently airing drama. I want Gil Da Ran and Kyung Joon become couple in the end. Although I am 23 years old and prefer man 3-5 years older than me, I don’t see anything bad in older woman younger man relationship.I think it is quite normal. My second favorite currently airing drama is Ghost and third I do I do.But it’s very hard waiting for new episode.Needs patience.

  275. 275 : creepygirls Says:

    princess ja myung go is a good drama. i cried so many times just for this one. if any one wants to cry alone with a drama, then one shoult try watching it

  276. 276 : kaorii Says:

    Hi everyone – exactly what show is QIM?


  277. 277 : usa Says:

    guys u better watch out for next week because the kissing scene is coming. i’m no longer care for the ratings anymore. i always watch high rating dramas but i think Big recieved such unfair ratings that make me wonder what happen to korean.

  278. 278 : swift Says:

    Kindly view the thread of QIM. It is a romance comedy with time travel element. The drama has mixture of present time with Joseon period. If you are familiar with the history of korean that involves with Queen Inhyun and Lady Jang, the the drama is loosely based on the incident of these two important historical figures.
    QIM is very entertaining and highly recommended to watch.

  279. 279 : Ice Says:

    QIM = Queen Inhyun’s Man


  280. 280 : Ruxiu Says:

    Big Ep 5 LIVE recap tonight in 40 minutes (9:55KT)!! Don’t Miss It ^_^ http://goo.gl/Oy0Tt

  281. 281 : finia Says:

    yes! the ending is waaaaay better than rtp (that scene where the main lead met in namsan tower makes me bewildered. i mean………was he taeyong or lee gak?). thank for the reaccomendations, anyway ^^

    i’ve watched them all! heehee. yeah they are all good, but not the best for me (: but thanks!

  282. 282 : lili Says:

    I saw the eps 5 that Broadcast today its Nice drama but really annoying me Da Ran she Is concentrate on herself did not see anything except what she wants and all time hits Yoon Jae.
    How she not noticed in love with her
    How she not noticed that he is in love with her ???
    Gong Yoo is very cute and he play very beautiful , no doubt this drama made ​​him Kambak ….
    I’m waiting for tomorrow’s eps .
    In my opinion there is no difference play of suzy from dream high.

  283. 283 : anna Says:

    Response to comment above. There’s a different if u really watch those two drama, how come u said it same character? In DH, suzy character is like she always hide her feeling inside and always try to solve the problem without ask for help. She also doesn’t care much about her image and always looked boyish in order to express her feeling such as how she kick her teacher’s car to broke the miror. But in this drama she present her character as someone looked very feminine and speak out clearly about her feeling to someone she love…plus this drama just on ep5 currently, so don’t make such an easy comment about something u really didn’t understand yet, and stop banish someone effort while she’s tried so hard and maybe till u can’t imagine how hard it is to make someone like u to appreciate others’s effort. <3 Suzy with loveeee from malaysia's say A fan…(^_^)…

  284. 284 : KDaddict Says:

    6/18–Ep 5:
    Among the 3 shows airing concurrently, I’m totally confused as to which day which one is airing which ep on which channel! I went n waited in front of the tv on SBS thinking it is I do I do that is coming on! I expect to one day soon post a comment of one show on the thread of another. My apologies in advance.
    OK finally I switched back to the right channel n notice 2 things abt this ep:
    1. Gong Yoo is really a good actor. Just by standing there without saying a thing, he manages to makes us realize whether he is channelling YJ ssi or KKJ. A change in the way the eye brows r arched, the corners of the mouth r hanging, ever so slightly, n it’s a completely different person, in age, status n feelings towards Gil Teacher. I only thought him adorable after Biscuit Teacher Candy Star. I think him an artist after this show.
    2. I think Suzy is doing a good job in presenting Mari as cute and sweet. If some of you think that she is stiff or unreal, watch the segment w DR’s mother standing on the coffee table waving a broom stick. It is physical comedy in the tradition of the 3 Stooges. N she is doing it well. Don’t mean to argue w anyone. Just my opinion.
    Gotta run n look up fr the computer, to see what day what month of the year it is out there in the real world! 🙂

  285. 285 : hny Says:

    eps.5….YJ Omonika want takes YJ back to LA…n Suzy feel that YJ like KJ…she gonna find the proof soon….The Kiss…great..but not touches
    and next eps…I’m so curious about elevator scene when Da ran call YJ w KJ names..it’s strange coz he ignored…is just a dream or what !!! ooh can’t wait to see..

  286. 286 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict…hahahaha….your head already full of KD…coz u watch KD daily right…take a little break,dear 😉

  287. 287 : Aethan Paul Says:

    I like the cast of the drama. Please dont make Min-jung role so over acting that she is always so pitiful and Suzys role is kinda annoying.. Please dont be like the lady from The Fashion King, always crying.. This is a romantic comedy, not a drama.. Just a comment and i hope you take it positively.. Coz you might get low ratings even if the casts are good. 🙂

  288. 288 : KDaddict Says:

    My head has been full of KD for a long time now. That doesn’t seem to be the cause of my confusion. The cause seems to be that I love these 3 shows to distraction right now! I’m just too excited abt them! 🙂

  289. 289 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 5 Eng sub

  290. 290 : utahaha Says:

    the next episode would be the awesome episode ! 😀

  291. 291 : Big « The Hyper Group Says:

    […] Sumber Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  292. 292 : Ruxiu Says:

    Live Recap of Big Ep. 6 starting in 15 minutes (9:55KT). Don’t Miss it!! ^_^ http://goo.gl/UAvSw

  293. 293 : SFW Says:

    i think he still KKJ but act like YJ to proof that he can be matured, and he can take a responsibility to Da Ran’s life.

  294. 294 : sara Says:

    GY shines. I never found it this talented and attractive in CP. But here, even the look in his eyes changes, when he plays KJ and i just admire him more ep by ep. I love DR. She is adorable but i don’t get why she loves YJ so much even after realizing his affair with that girl. KJ is falling for her and trying hard to make himself free from that body and proves his love. I love this concept. Which one do you fall for, the soul or the body?

  295. 295 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    Oh dear! The other two women are catching on that it is KKY in YJ’s body! I like this change in direction bc it’ll give DR some competition in Mari, n it’ll give both KKY n DR problems in the person of that woman doc. She could tell YJ’s mother, n hell will break lose. So DR would have to stick with KKY n help him. I love n look fwd to this development!
    Whether you guys like Suzy or not, I like the char she is playing. Mari is dedicated to KKY, she sticks around for a whole year while he is in a coma!! Highly unlikely in the real world, but let’s go w the flow here. A Heroine who goes all out to guard n chase the man she loves is a heroine I can root for.
    Gong Yoo is all kinds of awesome in this drama, much much more so than in Biscuit teacher, cos this is a much more sophisticated show n requires far superior n sophisticated acting. I don’t know why Coffee Prince didn’t do anything for me, tho I liked both GY n Yoon Eun Hye. I found that show itself forgettable.

  296. 296 : KDaddict Says:

    You put it really well: Which one do we fall for–soul or body? It’s a weighty and worthy question, n soul should take precedence, Except when that soul resides in Gong Yoo than it’s a brain-meltdown for the woman involved! Gong Yoo, Gong Yoo, Gong Yoo!
    Soul? What soul? 🙂

  297. 297 : KDaddict Says:

    The kid needs to wake up soon, for our sake. Besides being cute n handsome, him being awake as YJ would also confuse the hell out of Mari n F-Doc. That would add more juice to the show! Pls wake up kiddo!

  298. 298 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 6 Eng sub

  299. 299 : KDaddict Says:

    I haven’t seem TOP act. Wasn’t it in some vampire drama? Not my fav genre.
    Choi Siwon was great in Oh My Lady bc that char is him! He’s essentially acting as sb very much like him. I love Chae Rim opposite him. I thin that helps bring out the best in his acting. By contrast, Poseidon is a mess, esp w that lead actress. His acting is a bit uneven in it, but I can’t bring myself to watch it after a while on acct of her.
    Siwan is so beautiful I can just stare at him contently. He is currently in the sit-com Standby. Any ep that features him I like. Is it bc of his acting? I honestly don’t know. Sounds like I’m fan-girling Siwan, heaven forbid! LOL.

  300. 300 : KDaddict Says:

    I haven’t seen Marry Me Mary, but I understand why you aren’t crazy abt Gong Yoo if all you’ve watched of his work was Coffee Prince n Finding Mr. Destiny. They didn’t turn me on either.
    You said you r over 40, n don’t like shows that feature only teenagers, but u love Heartstrings aka You’ve fallen for me. It surprises me that you don’t find that show juvenile.

  301. 301 : Redqueen Says:

    Hello guys. Please help me find the answer.. what is the title of the song here when KJ (YJ’s body) opens the door at 5:55. the only thing that i can hear is “i wanna hold you” please help. thanks..


  302. 302 : hny Says:

    yap.. I can’t wait to see KJoon woke up and joined act soon… too bad if he just sleep there.. his cute face not seen ;-)Was he acting would be interesting! .. I’m really curious

  303. 303 : rin Says:

    The only thing that holding me to keep watching this drama is Gong Yoo such an amazing actor he played his character pretty well and he is so hot!! lol

  304. 304 : hny Says:

    eps. 6 is so adorable…I want pinch GY cheek and take him home 😀

  305. 305 : hny Says:

    Omo..Gil Teacher U are the only one who has 1’st opportunity 4 take Kjoon…but why U just hang in there ;-)…too much thinking of YJ affair…I like suzy very much…just go to the straight and got the man she loves,next eps …game started…good luck ladies !!!

  306. 306 : sfw Says:

    i think gong yoo is really good actor, he can play 3 characters in one. as YJ, as KKJ before he mature and as mature KKJ. it’s seems totally different person. he have to get award for his acting in this series

  307. 307 : kdfan Says:

    the emotional cords are getting all twisted, mine included. i like how KJ has matured. i didn’t before but now i don’t mind KJ having feelings for DR. i like how cool KJ is andn now that I am ok with him going after DR, i dislike that he is doing it with YJ’s body. but if he were to switch back to his body, then i wouldn’t want him to go after DR bec he will look all 18 or 19 again, n there won’t be a happy ending with DR unless there is a few yrs time jump.

    I think the writer will clue-in one person after another to create layers of complicated relationships starting with Mari. I think Suzy is doing fine with her acting here. Seyoung will probably be next to know. She won’t be able to do much with a comatose body not knowing where YJ’s soul is. So KJ will hv to wake up soon after. I really love GY’s acting, it was awesome how he went back n forth btwn KJ n YJ to confuse DR in ep 5. But much I love to watch more of that, I can’t wait to know why YJ did what he did to DR. Sadly ep 5&6 did not give any clues on the relationship btwn YJ n KJ.

  308. 308 : wynn Says:

    oh~ jst finish watch episode 6 of this drama~
    but it dont have the add on episode 7 trailer..
    so i wanna ask, do here have the episode 7 trailer? or in which website that can watch the episode 7 trailer? please give me the website, thanks~!!!
    감사합니다~ (-. *)Y

  309. 309 : sfw Says:

    I love the sense of gong yoo’s fashion now, a lil bit like him in coffee prince

  310. 310 : sara Says:

    YEAHHHHH. GongYoo’s body is worth to choose over soul. He is just hot and his acting makes him hotter. What we should do? Is he burning us? I love his eyes. His eyes get kind when he is KJ and a bit selfish and deep as YJ. He is great. I love to see that hot body more. Shower scene please. I also want KJ to wake up soon. Now he is just a pretty mannequin. But i want him to wake up as YJ. It would be very interesting. Do you think their souls change after he wakes up?

    Haha, so cute. It’s okay, you can fangirl Siwan. He is so pretty, specially his lips.

  311. 311 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m sorry I can’t talk to you abt Gong Yoo’s body. N I oppose a shower scene. I’m already going nuts over his expressions. If they throw his body into the mix, I’d be in serious trouble, like go into cardiac arrest!
    So let’s change the subjt n tune down the fire. Let’s talk abt KKY’s Shin Won Ho. He is 21, n so lovely as Sleeping Beauty. Can I kiss him to see if he’d wake up? No harm trying, rt? Hee hee.

  312. 312 : CVL Says:

    Why do so many people made the assumption that YJ is a cheater? Was ut because of the key? Had he ever used it? If I am not wrong there was a scene in the hospital where the female doc asked YJ whether he’s going to use the key or return it bk to her. Please don’t accuse someone who is unable to defense oneself, let’s give him a benefit of the doubt. I want to see him awake now and tell everyone his story.

    I like KJ too however it would be diff for me to see DR falling in love with KJ. What if KJ and YJ are brothers that would makes DR falling in love with both brothers? If DR falls in love with KJ then her relationship with YJ is like what KJ said as fragile as their bed frames.

  313. 313 : sara Says:

    Aha, so it is. I thought he would be useful for the eyes. You know vitamin is good for your eyes but seriously, i didn’t think about the heart. Yeah, you have a point. But i accept the risk. Please a shower scene, just once, okay? okay? Uhm, Shin. He caught my eye when i was watching Bachelor’s vegetable store. He was shining brightly among the boys. That’s why the evil witch saw the light and cast a spell on him. I accept your offer. Allow me to kiss and wake the sleeping beauty up? But what we should do about the evil witch who is guarding him 24/7 and this time not one but two witches are involved. What we should do?

  314. 314 : wissal Says:

    i can’t find episode number 7 plz hlp me

  315. 315 : KDaddict Says:

    We’ve to beat each other to get to Shin. May the best woman win!
    Evil witch-doc has no interest in Shin’s body, which is all we r after, not bc we r crass, only since his soul is elsewhere.
    Gong Yoo showed us his stuff rt off the start, in that scene where he woke up in the morgue, n walked around w nothing but a sheet wrapped around his, ur, waist. So b4 his showers, go re-watch ep1, n start getting a fever! 😛

  316. 316 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL I hv never thought that YJ cheated on DR. Neither Seyoung said anything to indicate he did that. The only thing we saw was he was a little reserved in his feelings for DR, too lack of passion for a person about to get married. He was not even planning on going through the wedding n going to leave before it. I dislike him not coming clean with DR. but then him hesitating to tell her might mean the reason was forcing him to behave that way to DR, not really bec he doesn’t want to show his love to DR. I really can’t wait for the reason to be revealed. But to DR & KJ, they believe YJ cheated on DR bec of the key. DR was so devastated finding out about the key compare to finding out YJ was leaving before their wedding. If YJ & KJ are brothers, i agree, it is hard to accept DR to love one brother after another. We had the same issue with Joonyoung loving Jaeha in FOTG. After seeing more of KJ & Mari, I think he treats her more like a sister. It’s unlikely for KJ to end up with Mari. I think the ending is for DR to end up with YJ in his own body. The reason for YJ’s weird behaviour must be related to KJ. And KJ may be the one to help YJ and also bring YJ & DR back together.

  317. 317 : kdfan Says:

    funnily as much as pecs n abs excite me, i find Gongyoo looks sexiest in clothes. esp after the 1 year time jump, i like his hairstyle n he looks really really good in those shirts.

  318. 318 : KDaddict Says:

    @CVL, kdfan,
    I think that “ticket” which looks like a boarding pass in YJ’s possession was meant for going to NYC to meet w KKY n claim him as their own, becos they knew that his mother died. YJ and his mother were supposed to meet on 6.24, KKY’s BD, to go find him together.
    I think the two mothers knew each other or were related that’s how they both had the Miracle picture, which each mother gave to her own son.
    I think the reason YJ ssi was hesitant abt telling DR was that he was only found out recently n was coming to terms w it himself, that he has a grown brother.
    I also think that the two guys will switch back into their own bodies.
    I think it is cute as pie that KKY has his first crush on Gil Teacher.
    But if that is all there is to the story, that’d be boring. I hope the HOng sisters have sth more sany in store for us.

    Let me ask you this:
    In FOTG, were Jooyoung n Jae Ha siblings? Whose son did Jae Ha turn out to be?

  319. 319 : KDaddict Says:

    Yes yes! Can’t agree more. When he showed up at the wedding a year later, DR n friend were looking at him fr the back fr a distance, my goodness! That silhoutte is pure hotness in a suit!

  320. 320 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict in fotg when rationalising why Jaeha should not end up with Joonyoung, one of the reasons was bec Joonyoung & Injoo r sisters, though not blood related. so it was not “proper” for Jaeha to love one sis after another, n it was thought to be one of the reasons Joonyoung rejected Jaeha. however fans of LSW knew fr the beginning, it was a lost cause bec it is insane to not love that charming smile, sexy pecs&abs and handsome face of his. and sexy fully clothed too, that full black suit he wore at the end which jacket he took off to cook for her. damn .. my brain is still smoking.

  321. 321 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx for the expln. Now I’ve to go find some time to ff thru FOTG, just to watch the LSW scenes.
    Are u watching BOTH Bridal Mask n Ghost? If u have to choose just one, which 1?
    I’m on OD fr my 3 fav KDs rt now. Never been happier.

  322. 322 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict i m watching Bridal Mask. I enjoy the story, editing n acting is good. I m not a csi fan, so decided to give Ghost a miss. I m abandoning Dr Jin, i felt cheated by the creepy fetus. I can feel how delirious u r being ODed 🙂 i like all the 4 shows i m watching but they r not giving me adrenalin rush like fotg, maybe not yet.

  323. 323 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t know why I find that so funny. I’m giggling as I type: U feel cheated by the creepy fetus!!! ROFL.
    Abandoning Dr. J. About time! 😛

    Oh yes, Delirious. That’s exactly the rt word.

  324. 324 : vkchu Says:

    i’ve watched most of hong siter’s drama and i’m in love with BIG. i really really wait for the upcoming Monday Tuesday for every week..
    good job everybody.

  325. 325 : usa Says:

    i afraid that this all events and plots might be kyung joon’s dream during his coma. dreams are too good to be true right? afraid when he wakes up it would be just a beautiful dream for him.

  326. 326 : Jewls Says:

    I swear this is going to be my top favorite dramas. it’s sooo goooooooooooood. and Gong Yoo is such a cutie <3 with a super hot body

  327. 327 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan #316: thank you and glad to know that someone is in the same page as I am. I do hope for DR to ends up with YJ. I can’t imagine if DR has a change of heart and married KJ. When YJ wakes up DR finds out that it’s just a misunderstanding that could breaks both hearts and ours too. At the coffee shop, yes DR glared at KJ made lots of people (including KJ) thought that DR is falling in love with KJ but it’s YJ body that she’s falling in love with and again. Btw: have you ever heard of the song “falling in love at a coffee shop”; it’s one of my fav 🙂

    KDaddict #318: I like your senario and explanation. Kdfan had taken the words out of my mouth regarding to FOTG. Now you’re reminding me to watch our benies couple again 🙂

    @kdfan, KDaddict: have to agree with you about GY; what a sexy creature. I couldn’t help but lol; have you ever seen a doctor in short short but still very sexy???? Btw: I dropped Dr Jin in the middle of ep 3; too intense for my taste. I haven’t seen ghost or bridal mask, don’t know why but am not interested in watching them. Big, I do and GD have already filling up my schedule.

  328. 328 : KDaddict Says:

    “benies couple”: What is that? I know it’s LSW b SSR in FOTG, but why r they called that?
    I find Dr Jin non-sensical, with its directing n editing. Keep wondering abt Ghost n BMask, but no emotional energy left after my Fav 3!
    Love Gong Yoo, Lee Jang Woo, Shin and the 4 old men!

  329. 329 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL what a funny name for a song. who is the singer? I want to try google to see if there is a sample.

  330. 330 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL the part earlier when I was telling KDaddict about my brain still smoking over LSW, I had wanted to add that yours are still on fire. hahahaha!

  331. 331 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: fotg’s fans made up that name for KDJ (LSW) and GJY (SYR) in that drama as that’s how they spent their first few eps sorting beans together.

    @kdfan: lol you know me so well, am still head over heels for KDJ/GJY couple…. I met my bf at a friend’s bar almost 8 years ago whenever listening to this song, I’d change it to “falling in love at a bar” 🙂
    here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erywPdFfORE

  332. 332 : Anna lamb Says:

    Well, into the 4th episode. Guess the movie is cute and so glad it’s a comedy because after seeing Summer Scent and Autumn in my Heart, I am so sick of sad movies that end badly and people crying saying they are sorry all the time. That is so boring!!!
    This series is fun except that Na RA or whatever her name is is so freaking bossy. Are all Korean women who are engaged this bossy? Geez, what a turn off!!!!

  333. 333 : KDaddict Says:

    Preview for Ep 7:
    You didn’t miss anything. There isn’t Always a preview at the end of an ep. To my knowledge, there is no video preview out there, as of now.
    But the station has put out in Written Preview:


    마리가 걱정되어 윤재 집에 간 충식은 세 사람이 함께 있는 모습을 ë³´ê³  충격에 빠진다. 한편 윤재의 어머니는 다란과 윤재의 관계를 추궁하기 위해 다란의 부모를 만나러 만두집으로 향하고 세영도 혼수상태인 경준과 윤재의 관계를 의심하기 시작한다…

    Ep 7 preview translations from softy’s blog. Credit sparkskey.

    Choongshik heads to Yoonjae’s house out of worry for Mari and is shocked when he sees the three of them together.
    Yoonjae’s mother heads to the Mandoo store to meet Daran’s parents in order to find out more about Daran and Yoonjae’s relationship.
    Seyong starts to have suspicions about the relationship between the comatose Kyungjoon and Yoonjae…

  334. 334 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL that’s a nice song. did u say u met yr bf when the song was playing at the bar? so romantic. must hv been love at first sight!

  335. 335 : Abibuyog Says:

    is it worth watching?? :). waah!! Gong Yoo. after Coffee Prince, looking forward for this korean drama.

  336. 336 : zashee Says:

    this drama is sweet,seriously
    ahhhhhhh ><
    i dont care whether DR choose YJ or KJ
    the important thing is the actor who will be with DR is Gong Yoo
    Btw, bae suzy act like psycho –",but she still cute

  337. 337 : Kila Says:

    Omyy, This dramaaa.. I dont know whom to choose, yoon jae, kyun joon??? Aarrgh, as long as da ran will end up with gong yoo, ill be okay. Hahaa..

  338. 338 : oscar Says:

    this drama is unfair..
    they dont show that kid acting..
    all he does is sleep at the hospital..
    i like this drama but i feel unfiar..
    that kid already sleep 1 year at hospital..

  339. 339 : Frank Astor Says:

    By the way, the English translation on the synopsis is badly written. You should have it re written as it is bad English.

  340. 340 : Frank Astor Says:

    The OST music in this drama sounds almost exactly like Boys over Flowers. Is it the same music director?

  341. 341 : mai Says:

    i will diffinitely like this drama.

  342. 342 : intyce Says:

    BIG is the only reason I look forward to MONDAYS!! ^_^

  343. 343 : Lilik Says:

    i like this drama cz i like suzy… she look so beauty….

  344. 344 : Kathryn Says:

    Do you know the song always playing at BIG drama with the lyrics…”hey you………..I wanna hold you…..”? Please tell me the title!! thanks!!

  345. 345 : anje Says:

    supeeeeeeeeeeer like this drama specially when bae suji is in the episode really like and lee min jung i like her too specially she is airing when she was in boys over flowers likeeeeeeee it i wish i can go to korea and see ms suji and minjung likeee i wish they read this comment

  346. 346 : clairerosean Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ygjjSOaCd8 preview of EP7

  347. 347 : brenda Says:

    Gıuys, I love korean dramas. you should make a drama like Gossip Girl…looking forward!!

  348. 348 : clairerosean Says:

    i wish new episodes will be uploaded as early as.. being on a different part of the world, everything is about internet only so please.. pretty please to the admin (KDrama.org), upload the vids as early as you can!! Zillion Thanks!! <3<3<3

  349. 349 : vckl Says:

    Hey people!! Come and vote for Suzy on Mnet. She is currently in the second place. She needs 100,000+ more votes. Please support her!!

  350. 350 : Ruxiu Says:

    Oh No! Ma Ri found out Yoon Jae’s real identity! Check out BIG Ep 7 LIVE recap tonight 33 minutes (9:55KT) from now! here –> http://goo.gl/3d6V9

  351. 351 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 7:
    Look at the two of them shopping for groceries together like 2 newly-weds! N then going home to cook their little dinner together like 2 newly weds! Tell me Da Ran isn’t going to miss KKY if and when he and YJ ssi switch back into their own bodies!

    The way things r going, I wouldn’t at all mind if the guys DO NOT switch back!
    DR can love the young KKY, who loves her v much, in YJ ssi’s mature body!

    Preview for Ep 8:
    OMG! She hugs him with a look of tenderness n love. Like he said: Shooting hearts fr her eyes…..

  352. 352 : KDaddict Says:

    )f the 3 v popular dramas that I’m watching right now, Big, Gentleman’s Dignity, n I do, I do, and of all the leading actors in these show, including the 4 men–-Gong Yoo, Jang Dong Gun, Kim So Roo, Kim Min Jong, Lee Jong Hyuk, n Lee Jang Woo, my favorite actor in these shows is Gong Yoo. He really captures the spirit of Kang Kyung Joon well! Love GY playing a teenager, in Biscuit Teacher and even more now in this!

  353. 353 : peyutnduy Says:

    do you think it would be a happy ending? *_*

  354. 354 : KDaddict Says:

    Happy ending? I don’t even know what would constitute a happy ending in this show anymore.
    Is it DR ending up w KKJ, who obviously loves her deeply; or is it DR marrying YJ ssi, after he returns to his own body, n all the mysteries r solved?
    Then what abt KKJ and his love for her? And which one does DR actually love? Her feelings twds YJ ssi have changed during this time. They’ve also deepened for KKJ. Would she really be that happy being married to the real YJ ssi, while KKJ has to go away fr her? Wouldn’t she miss him n worry abt him?

    Ep 7:
    is the saddest one so far. When KKJ found out that YJ ssi had a ring in his belongings (Mari found it n gave it to him), first he tried to see if it fitted Witch-doc. He was relieved for SR’s sake that the ring wasn’t WDoc’s size. But it also depressed him that the ring was meant for DR, which means YJ ssi probably did love DR after all. So he is in all kinds of conflict. He gave the ring to DR, n told her it’s safe for her to continue loving YJ ssi, cos he did mean to marry her. The line that had my heart in a knot was:
    While you are wearing that ring, I, KKJ, will not love you, DR.
    So the kid knows his boundaries v well: For as long as DR is in love w YJ ssi, he, KKJ living in YJ ssi’s body, will not burden her w his love. Isn’t that a very precious young man of 18? Many a much older man don’t have that kind of self-restraint, or respect for the other person’s feelings.

  355. 355 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict…bravo girl…u r my dictionary 😀 watch BIG without english sub is dramatic for me…but by read u’r comment it’s helps..I’m enjoyed watch GY with his strange language 😉

  356. 356 : Charlie Says:

    As long as DR wears YJ’s ring, then KJ will not love DR. But if DR takes off the ring, then it would be a different story.
    There is an interesting line in ep 7. While KJ was roasting the chicken, he said if he raise or taking care the chick long enough, would there be a day he’d eat the chicken? He’s no longer 18. He’s 19 now. And in a year, he’d be 20, DR will be 26. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. But confusing part is who DR would really love again? The body or the soul?! If she’d love YJ more than ever, then I guess I’d be soul / KJ. But it’s like MaRi is not comfortable talking to YJ’s face, will DR feel the same when she faces KJ when they switch back? I had been wanting them switch back soon so I can see handsome KJ again, but now I don’t know anymore.

  357. 357 : wynn Says:

    is almost half of this drama d~ (*. ^)
    i watch this drama is by it synopsis~ (*v *)
    so i watch..! (^- ^)
    about this drama, i really hope that, Bae Suzy (as Jang Ma Ri) and Shin Won Ho (as Kang Kyung Joon) are a pairing~!!! (>0 <)
    because of them!!! (*- *)
    i want the end is both of them be a pair!!! (~o ~)
    hope so, in the end they are pairing~!!! (-. -)

  358. 358 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:

    End of Ep 8:

    I’m so excited I can’t type…
    Yoon Jae is about ready to wake up!
    Will there is a soul/body switch next week???

  359. 359 : KDaddict Says:

    Yes, there is a mighty interesting double entendre in ep 7:
    KKJ and DR are waiting for the chicken to cook in the oven.
    He says It’ll take an hour an a half.
    DR says Why does it take so long to cook a spring chicken.
    He says, If you have patience, take care of it and wait for the spring chicken to grow up, there will come a time when you can eat it!
    All the while his eyes dart back and forth suggestively! Ha ha ha.
    DR looks puzzled n embarrassed, as if she gets that there is sth else he is talking abt besides the chicken. Just then her phone rings!

  360. 360 : JesDi Says:

    love this drama its so funny!!!

  361. 361 : badoor Says:

    woooooooooooooow …
    i love this drama very very very very very very very very very very much>>>
    amazing…….. fantastic… drama ##..>>>>
    this drama is the best , i love it more than love rain and other drama, i realy hope this story will happen to me …..hhhahhhah

    Gong Yoo has a amazing & wonderful body,,,
    i hope i can meeeeett a man who has a body like him …

    i love u biiiiiiiig>>> fighting

    saranghea >>>>>

  362. 362 : tc Says:

    Decided to check out this drama based on KDaddict’s recommendation. Intended to only watch first 2 episodes but ended up finishing up to ep 6 in one day! My goodness, Gong Yoo is so awesome, so much better than Coffee Prince.

    I am so torn between rooting for DR with Yoon Jae or DR with Kyung Joon. My wish ending is for DR to end up with Kyung Joon but in Gong Yoo’s body. That would means that they will not be switching back which is unlikely. Then I am hoping that when Yoon Jae wakes up, he will have a change in his personality and become more like Kyung Joon. Did not like his original cold and dull character.

    What will happen to Kyung Joon then? He will be so pitiful if DR chooses to stay with YJ. Looks like we are heading towards bitter sweet ending but I don’t really care as long as DR ends up with Gong Yoo( whichever soul!)!

  363. 363 : sara Says:

    Wonderful. I love it so much. I love how KJ is getting mature. Now he knows how to respect his love’s love. And for the first time, we can see the hero and second lead in one man. How beautiful is that the love triangle is between 2 man in one body. KJ is getting more jealous of YJ. He wants DR to hate him and even tells her he never loves her when she’s wearing YJ’s ring, still he is he one who put it on her. Just H.sister can create such a wonderful concept. Now i don’t want sleeping beauty to wake up any time soon coz the conflict between YJ’s body and KJ’s soul is just really really exciting and enough for more than 16 episodes. You are doing great GY.

  364. 364 : KDaddict Says:

    This looks like a regular rom-com w a big star cast, but it has the Hong sisters’ writing talent at its base and ends up being much more sophisticated than other rom-coms. That’s why even though Gong Yoo is acting like a teenager, in a much more childish rendition than Shin playing the teenage char, n is at risk of being a repeat performance of Biscuit Teacher, it feels fresh n compelling. GY gets to hang his excellent performance on a meaty structure, and we get so intrigued n invested in the impossible dilemmas of:
    Will she or won’t she fall in love w KKJ?
    Is it now YJ or KKJ that she loves anymore?
    Will he or won’t he woo her, knowing YJ’s stance?
    Is it ethical for them to be together if he is KKJ in YJ’s body?
    Is it ethical if she loves KKJ in his own body?
    It’s just fascinating!!

  365. 365 : Charlie Says:

    This is only interesting show out there to worth to follow these days.
    I can’t wait to watch ep 8.

  366. 366 : Charlie Says:

    @KDaddict 364,
    I can never figure out what time zone you are in. You are here 24 (/7). It seems you never sleep. 😉
    I’d say yes, it is ethical if KJ is no longer a DR’s student and he’s 19 now. Their age diff is 6 (25 and 19). It remains me of Flower Boy Ramen Shop. It was ok with Cha and the Intern, then why not KJ and DR.

    This show is getting more interesting.

  367. 367 : Charlie Says:

    Typo. Remind me of.

  368. 368 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m a sporadic sleeper. 😉
    It only takes me a minute to write a comment, n move on to other things, sorta like scratching an itch not interfering w anything.
    You and I may think it is ethical, but wait till you see Lee MJ making out with Shin! Viewers may balk. N try telling it to DR’s parents n brother. They’ll flip.

  369. 369 : dsd Says:

    big Ep 7 Eng sub

  370. 370 : kdfan Says:

    By ep 7 it is clear KJ has fallen for DR but I feel DR is still in love with YJ. It’s still a possibility for DR to fall in love with KJ but for a DR/KJ happy ending I can only think of 2 must hvs – KJ & YJ cannot be siblings, I don’t think a KD ever goes the way of loving one sibling after another but who knows .. and the other must hv is one of them hv to ‘disappear’ as in die?? .. but I don’t think Hong sis will take this route either. Maybe I’m being too realistic. But bec I think YJ has a very good reason for keeping some secrets from DR, he deserves a happy ending.

  371. 371 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:
    Its ending threw me for a loop! I almost forgot what I saw in ep 8.
    It’s getting convoluted for sure. KKJ seems to want her for himself, yet he is trying to be adult abt it. He wants her to marry him, so that YJ’s mother can no longer arrange his marriage. Yet it seems to be both a sincere excuse and a cover. There r times when he is trying to be grown up abt it, like when he declares:
    For as long as you wear that ring, I won’t force matters. I, KKY, absolutely, will not love you.
    Then his behavior n all the little signs show that he loves her. It’s a hard line to toe.
    Ep 8 highlights:
    1. The back story of the older generation comes out. KKY’s uncle n DR’s mother were school mates. He was in love w her. DR’s father was her teacher. She chased her teacher, who reciprocated her affection. The principal where DR teaches was also a teacher at the same school where DR’s father worked. The younger self of the principal was in love w DR’s father. She and KKY’s uncle knew of each other’s one-sided love. Funny.
    2. The book of miracles was written by YJ’s father, abt a child who saves another child, who goes on to save a 3rd child. Who is that 3rd child in this equation? Mari? DR’s brother?
    3. YJ’s mother told his father abt his wedding on the phone. They talked abt “that child” whose mother died. YJ’s mother seems to be touched n surprised by the news. There was no anger. So maybe KKY’s mom wasn’t a mistress?

  372. 372 : KDaddict Says:

    Glad u like this. 🙂
    There is a segment at the end of Ep 8 that showcases Gong Yoo’s acting n enormous charm. It’s when DR goes into the airport without her passport. See how his face changes, again and again, as events turn, till the end of ep: fr his resignation of her going away w/out him, to him finding her passport, trying to decide whether to inform her, pretending to have left in the car, etc. etc. That charisma, that range of expressions, each one of them worthy of a thousand words, n of course, that face that can launch a thousand ships, like Helen of Troy!

  373. 373 : lyla Says:

    waiting for the ep 9!

  374. 374 : bigaddict Says:

    omo can’t wait for next week episodes <3

  375. 375 : kimchilee Says:

    I just started watching this drama..ep.2… I think the 2 main characters over acted on their cuteness.. too exaggerated.. KKJ acted maturely enough before his accident.. SYJ over-acted his character as KKJ..

    DR.. you are a good actress.. dont over exagerate on your cuteness.. you are beautiful and cute already.. I hope KKJ will wake up soon .. i miss him..

    Overall, the story is promising.. hope it wont end like most korean dramas do.. abruptly, hanging in the air or someone died..

  376. 376 : SFW Says:

    I agree with KDaddict, in ep 8 Gong Yoo’s charm is really all out. when he see the ticket and passpor DR was left, he laughs and say “Gil da ran, what will happen with Ni Hao Ma”. his expression was really cute, i repeated this scene again and again. it’s remind me with han kyul expression in coffee princ. gong yoo is really GOOD ACTOR. LOOOOOOOVE IT. too much gong yoo’s charm in ep 8!!! and now, i really don’t expect that the soul will switch back, DR and KKJ looks cute together. it seems DR start to love KKJ, and she enjoy her time together with KKJ.

  377. 377 : dila Says:

    there was a dialog that i confused about. is KKJ said that if he at 20 years old and the soul didn’t come back, they will separate?

  378. 378 : dila Says:

    at first i think the same as you, that KKJ is become different person in SYJ body. and after i watch it in ep 5, i realize KKJ act childish because DR always treat him like child, so in front of DR he always act like this, till he propose DR, DR laugh and said he is just kid, and he feel upset and decided to be mature, to proof it to DR that he could be an adult and capable to be next to DR.

  379. 379 : hny Says:

    wakakakka…eps 8. for older generations scene .. embarrassing but so funny …wakkkkkaa

  380. 380 : sisi Says:

    can’t wait for the next episode, but at the same time i don’t want this series end. it’s feel like i’ll be missing this series, even before this series end, i worry much about it. am I too much? should we wait for several years again to see gong yoo’s new drama? i think he is so selective with drama.

  381. 381 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 8 Eng sub

  382. 382 : hny Says:

    OOOHHH….so cute GY…Ni Hao Ma :D…just hope this drama not end by their soul switch back…I don’t need it 😉 let it be like this …but why this miracle Could Happen .. must be revealed.

    this fantasy story remain me to SEGA…all happen coz magic are related to his father ..just a little bit different here. in BIG there’s cast as shaman, it will helps to answer this ‘miracle magic’ although it used by Ma Ri.

    8 eps left…really ..really love this drama..Goong Yoo become my second Nam Ja in KD since JDG..so I look forward to his future drama””___””

  383. 383 : Princess Says:

    Love gong yoo n min jung couple really both are very natural n lovable . This drama is really good enough to wait n enjoy every ep i like kkj in the body of yj but after ep8 i think they r switching back omg next monday come fast . Though i love this drama i dont like suzy here she overacted here n look like a dummy . In u r beautiful uee did the best as 2nd lead lady but suzy really cant do it she is annoying n expressionless one hope not 2 see her more in this drama becoz gy n mj are the best . Sorry if i did wrong

  384. 384 : sisi Says:

    the sory and cast was really GOOD but why the rating not increase? keep fighting GY an MJ. though in your country the rating is low, but we are around the world is suporting you! FIGHTING! you two are really did a gread job!

  385. 385 : anna Says:

    Stop banish suzy u bitch! She’s the one who make me watch this drama and wait every monday. So stop making your own assumption behalf on others by saying stupid like that

  386. 386 : Kiyasoohyun Says:

    Download Big ep 8 eng sub

  387. 387 : Princess Says:

    @ anna hey u how could u blame the viewers opening about the actors work? R u? omg i cant believe actually its my opinion if it is oposite to urs then u cant do any bcoz as a viewer i can apprecite some then i also can complain about smthng . Suzy cant got me then what 2 do 4 u anna please support ur idol but dont say ur idol must be the worlds idol . Like a fool.

  388. 388 : cess Says:

    Plz calm down frens @anna i know being a fan n supporter u r watching big but dont be blind n stop 2 judge bcoz our judgement makes them superstar hope u understood . I also like suzy very much in her movie but here i think she is overshadows n character is unsuitable i believe she can do better …@ princess dont get angry lets support big n forget about this discussion

  389. 389 : I love gong yoo Says:

    Frends lets debate about suzy that is u like her or not ? My answer is truely i liked her in dream high but now she is not suited 4 the role neways i love gong yoo acting most now share ur opinion

  390. 390 : something Says:

    the rating for episode 3,5, and 8 (based on TnMS) should be 7.1, 8.2, and 8.5 without (<) because that was they real ratings eventhough not make it into top20…

    @something from admin, Thanks for inform us. We just changed the ratings. Please take a look.

  391. 391 : sara Says:

    It’s getting complicated. What will DR do? Who does she choose? Is she still in love with YJ? Is she getting stronger finally? I don’t like if she is still in love with YJ. YJ’s body is this adorable coz KJ’s soul is in it. Is YJ this lovable and cute too? It’s interesting that GY’s KJ is lovlier and more childish than Shin’s. Shin’s KJ is more serious and mature. I really really am exicted to know how he loves DR. I’m sure he would be very different from GY. This ep is full of question marks.

  392. 392 : Betty Says:

    Cess i like the way u handel things b/n princess and anna

  393. 393 : Charlie Says:

    @sara 391,
    I felt the same. I don’t know what to say about ep 8 except felt that I got deeper into a maze. I tried to flash back what was in this eo and I couldn’t remember much.

  394. 394 : clairerosean Says:

    it is so strange why the rankings were so low?? same like for Lie To Me.. the show is too entertaining and cute but why oh why the ratings still declining??? KBS & SBS needs to do more promotions i guess!! Even though its just for the ratings, it is so important for these adorable actors to be appreciated and recognized!! Aiggoooo…!

    Anyway, i’m so confused about the two guys! SYJ seems to truthfully love DR coz of the newly found engagement ring however, KKJ practcally doing everything like caring to DR is also full of sincerity and sacrifice (coz he feels it is one-sided).. but i agree that DR seems to be falling for the sweet/funny/thoughful SYJ (who is actually KKJ’s real personality) yaaayy.. one week of waiting is really tooooo muchhh!!!

  395. 395 : anna Says:

    @princess i dont ask u to support my idol, but just appreciate other effort. The way u describe her like “dummy” is too rough. And as u know, everyone has their own opinion, even if u don’t like her acting, u also need consider about what is the proper words to said to someone and what others viewer’s felt. And not just used the word like dummy etc and banish her. Although i don’t like some actors and actress in this drama, still i didn’t banish them, and i just show my support to my idol and her drama. What if others do the samething towards ur idol by saying ruthless word like that? If u really sincere, than u need to said like work harder etc to make someone become good than before.
    @cess i’m appreciate how u give ur opinion and advise about suzy’s acting n also my comment, but i’m not too fool and too blind to accept 100% the way princess describe suzy’s acting. The words she used must also consider’s others feeling. And i don’t say suzy is perfect or good in acting, i’m just saying that don’t banish someone effort like that and give a good advise so she can improve.

  396. 396 : love Korean Drama BIG Says:

    Background the music

    Behind the Scenes

    Korean Drama BIG (빅)OST – Hey You

  397. 397 : KDaddict Says:

    IMO Suzy is cute and sweet, and brings her char alive in this drama. Tho she is not the main lead here, for me her presence adds texture and interest to this drama. I think that for a newbie, she did well too in DH1.
    On the contrary, I stopped watching O Brothers after a few eps becos of Uee. Her eyes, O so big, r scared me. It is natural that different viewers have diff preferences.

  398. 398 : Sparkle Says:

    i really like this show…it really gets your on your toes…….bt i really didnt expect the one year later, i guess this shows that if KKJ and YJ don’t switch back KKJ will marry DR and she is already falling for him…..

  399. 399 : drama maniac Says:

    The rating for the drama is too low with a fine storyline and terrific actors it deserves more appreciation

  400. 400 : Charlie Says:

    I like Suzy and Baek Sung Hyun’s performance in this drama. Their silly behaviors add more humor and make this show more lively, not to mention they both are so pretty.

  401. 401 : KDaddict Says:

    KKJ is a more moody person around his mother, n much sadder on his own after she is gone.
    When KKJ materializes in YJ’s body, he was in shock at first. From then on, DR is always by his side. He has become less broody, less sad, more alarmed becos of the impossibility of his situation, more cocky, more playful when he teases her. I’m sure Gong Yoo could do “deep n quiet”, like the old KKJ, perfectly well. If in doubt, watch his recent movie–Silenced.

  402. 402 : kdfan Says:

    I like the funnies Suzy is providing in this show. There is consistency in her character and she is doing a promising job.

    @KDaddict i thought UEE overacted her deer in headlights expression in the beginning of OB too. I lost interest of the show but then went back in midway and surprisingly found UEE improved leaps n bounds. She did one of the best drunk act I’ve seen. The part she went to look for her dad at the subway, it was almost award winning to me, wrenching my heart so..

  403. 403 : hny Says:


    did u have the link to watch that!!!…the fast one ,…

  404. 404 : KDaddict Says:

    I find Suzy v funny here. That strangeness is deliberate. This show’d be much poorer w/out her.
    As for Uee–I’ve been trying to watch less KD, so I don’t go back to shows that scare me away for 1 reason or another. I’m sure OB was so popular for good reasons.

    To keep my NY resolution of watching less tv, I’ve been only watching live on Korean tv. It works by limiting me to these 3 shows, 1 hour a day, 6 nights a week. But then I only get Fri night off by skipping variety shows. (S, Sun-GD; M, T-Big; W, Th-I do). Can go out tonight! Yeah!

  405. 405 : anna Says:

    I want to congratulate Suzy winning on 20’s choices Mnet award for her acting in movies, this is the proof that her acting get a lots of appreciates by others and one of the rookies idol. Suzy u must work harder because there are more peoples who loves u than peoples who always banish u. Proud to say A, SUZY FIGHTHING! …(^_^)…

  406. 406 : anna Says:

    Today, I want to congratulate Suzy’s winning on 20’s choices Mnet award for her acting in movies, this is the proof that her acting get a lots of appreciation by others and one of the rookies idol. Suzy u must work harder because there are more peoples who loves u than peoples who—–. Proud to say A, SUZY FIGHTHING! …(^_^)…

  407. 407 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict, I’m sorry ..I mean where u watch GY movie ‘Silenced’..is there a link that I can watch it online…coz I already try to find it..but I just got one link and it’s really bad quality picture and very silence..no voice at all 😉 tq.

  408. 408 : Cess Says:

    Suzy issue is still going on its really rediculous plz stop the c2c war i m fed up

  409. 409 : Hera Says:

    @anna hey u seems to be a big fan of suzy though 4 me suzy is a new name n i m not that much touched by her role i can say ur love made her popular

  410. 410 : KDaddict Says:

    “…the fast one…”???
    I saw Silenced in the cinema.
    The “war” ended in #395; Since then mention of Suzy, in #397, 400, 402, 404, 405, 406, 409, has been real friendly. What makes u fed up?

  411. 411 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict…oh poor me ;D maybe it’s available on CD but take time to search on store here -_- tq

  412. 412 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m too lazy to go look in stores. You can always buy online. Silenced or The Crucible is available on Amazon n Yesasia.

  413. 413 : anna Says:

    I’m totally agree with your response towards @cess

    U’re 100% right, she’s my idol since acts in DHigh.
    For a person who always say ” i will work harder”… A person who used busan dialect to talk with fans when she thought they were Busan people… A person who always tried to hold the tears back and throw the smile to make sure other peoples around not worry about her… A person who goes to fancafe almost everyday to read fan’s massages and the tweets of fans… A person who is competitive but always smile & congrats someone on their winning… Suzy, you’re not perfect, and you’re not an angel but to me, you’re really special.
    P/s: no offense to others n still no banish towards others idol. Sorry just sharing. Because someone says sharing is caring…(^_^)…

  414. 414 : mona Says:

    can’t wait to watch this drama…….. it seems so interesting 😀

  415. 415 : Nic Says:

    auuuuu………tak sabar nunggu ep berikutya…………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cepetin dongggggg…………hehehehehehehehehehe,,,,,,so funny….nnnn….hakakakakak

  416. 416 : Arissa Says:

    I found this drama very interesting! Plus I’m a big fan of Suzy! Lee Min Jung is very cute as expected. Somewhat I found it funny beacause of Gil Daran’s father. I’m a new fan of Gong Yoo. Hope this drama will be nice.


  417. 417 : Abibuyog Says:

    This drama makes me wanna cry. and Gong Yoo after 5 years and the long wait is all worth it~~.
    I can’t believe that I will end up watching the whole series within one day. and you would really ask for more.. <3 and cant wait for Monday to watch it again.. for episode 10( first time that I wanted to end the weekend asap)..

    ~~ and this is the first korean drama that I tend to watch with the same airing in Korea, unlike before I'll just need to wait for the whole series to finish and start watching it.

    the character of Gong Yoo here is so far different in Coffee Prince but the common result was you would end up falling for GOng Yoo again, that surely He will give you a melting heart and wanna go to Korea as soon as possible.. I hope that the rating will really showcase how wonderfully it was created because it is an awesome KDRAMA.

    ~~Congratulations to the whole staff of BIG!! and ofcourse to you GOng yoo. I will always love you and pray for you happines.. Kamsamhannida :)).

  418. 418 : theworstme Says:

    So happy with the story… I really like this drama! Gong Yoo is a good actor likewise Suzy is also good… 🙂 daebak BIG!

  419. 419 : dee Says:

    love to see Gong Yoo’s act in kdrama again…
    all casts are DAEBAK…

  420. 420 : justQ Says:

    i’m a fan of Gong Yoo.
    early episodes in this drama made me wondering and questioning ‘where is my Gong yoo – (han kyul – precisely!)?’. yoon jae character is soo mysterious, and kyung joon-na kinda immature and fussy,…. but hey! i think i found my gong yoo again starting from ep 5.. and episode 6 – 8 really confirming me about that!

    daaaaaarrrnnnnn…… gong yoo is soooooooo sexy. he really has a great shape, long legs, broad shoulders, and killing smile. excuse me, i think i want to faint now.

  421. 421 : Kiyasoohyun Says:

    my name is kiya, am 16 years old, and i think…….. now.. the first time i fall in love with 32 years old man… Gong Yoo Ajussi make me wanna scream … i screaaaaaaaaam everynight when i see him….. wauwaaaaaaaaaaawww

  422. 422 : will lin Says:

    this drama is so gorgeous.l like lmj and suzy.but my favorite is gong yoo.so sexy.in my opinion he is the most good-looking actor in Korea.also my gf prefer him than me.let’s support our gong yoo with cheers.!. And I hope rating will be increased soon. Its bcoz gong yoo.

  423. 423 : sisi Says:

    i think the same way with @justQ 420. gong yoo charm finally out in episode 5 and become more cute and handsome in each episode 😀

  424. 424 : sisi Says:

    gong yoo is most good-looking and manly actor in korea! also have a good sense of fashion.

  425. 425 : Mp3 Download Says:

    I intended to compose you a bit of note in order to give many thanks again about the amazing advice you’ve contributed above.

  426. 426 : jacky Says:

    im a fan of suzy and lee min jung. Suzy is a rookie and I think Lee Min Jung is a great actress. Suzy has will grow more as an actress in the future.

  427. 427 : exovipvetra Says:

    waiting for real kang kyung jun WAKE UP!

  428. 428 : sisi Says:

    seo yoon jae still doesn’t wake up? OMG!!! i think the story will quite boring. it just make honeymoon canceled!

  429. 429 : Avin Says:

    LIVE Recap Big Ep 9. Don’t Miss what Happens Next Tonight at 9:55 (KT) !! ^_^ http://goo.gl/UHM5A

  430. 430 : nm :) Says:

    i’ve only watched episode 3 so far, and im liking it 🙂 this drama is way better than its predecessor, love rain -.- although i might say that the plot of this drama is a bit of a cliche (similar to 49 days) but i’d say it has a unique twist. It’s got a nice love story, full of curiosity and has lots of comedy 😀 i’ll say that KBS is back on its feet! I look forward to this drama. I love all of the players’ acting. 😛 Gil Daran is soooo pretty and whaddaya say, Yun Jae/Gyeungjun is pretty hawt. <3 Thumbs up for Big!

  431. 431 : Abibuyog Says:

    it’s hard to expect when things are unexpected..

    ~~ waiting for the episode 9. :)). cant wait to see Gong Yoo again.

    torn between He ( Kang Kyung Joon) stays with that body and be happy or go back to normal and see what is the real heart of Yoon Jae. <3

    waiting.. and again its worth waiting after all :).

  432. 432 : faye Says:

    this show is hilarious. It’s something new and i really like it

  433. 433 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9:
    Holy Moly!!
    This show just got a whole lot more serious!!!
    Yoon Jae’s mother found out fr Witch-doc that the child who is lying in the hosp w a coma is called Kang Kyung Joon.
    She went to see him, n said to the comatose KKJ:
    I didn’t look at you when u were born. This is the 1st time I see u.
    Then she said to YJ’s father over the phone:
    That is not my son. Only YJ is my son. He was born to save our YJ.
    What do you think it means?

    Sounds to me like she was KKJ’s biological mother!! Sounds like she and her husband conceived KKJ in order to harvest sth (bone marrow?) fr him that can save YJ’s life. Then they gave away that BB to Ms. Kang to raise.
    Is that possible? Can biological parents be so callous n cruel?
    Is that why YJ and his father have been trying to locate KKJ? N that’s why YJ has that ticket to NYC in his suitcase, cos he is going to see KKJ?
    Is that why YJ’s father wrote that miracle book for YJ when he was young?
    N that’s why YJ risked his own life n dived down to pull KKJ out of the water?
    See? This show just got a lot more intense.

  434. 434 : hny Says:


    if like that..where is the”miracle situation”..how to explained the way a human soul can switch to other body.
    I notice when YJ’s mother talk about the Miracle Book to F Doc..she said this Book tell about ‘ If one child saved another child,that child will saved another child’…so maybe long time ago…when YJ has trouble w his life there’s a child was born… I don’t know exactly what YJ’s parents do for help his own child for stay a life but I guess they used that BB(KKJ)…they switch their child soul…!!! that’s a part of this fantasy stories

  435. 435 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 9 Eng sub

  436. 436 : hny Says:

    it’s seem YJ’s mother doesn’t know what already happen to those…that’s why she told YJ not to see that’s kid (KJ body) although he met.. she raised YJ’s with someone else soul so whatever happen.. she love YJ that she raised with hand..I don’t know what would happen if she know…’the soul already back to where it belong’..can’t she ignore one of them (YJ / KJ) !! this is only my theory for answer this puzzle 😉 what u guys have???

  437. 437 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict I don’t think YJ n KJ shares the same mother. A biological mother would not reject their own child, there is no reason to be esp one that was born to save another child. For some reasons, KJ’s mom was probably a willing surrogate or in a relationship with YJ’s dad n conceived. For saving YJ, KJ’s mom was probably given a huge amount of money which explains how she came to own a restaurant n KJ’s inheritance.

    The revelation of KJ n YJ’s connection is too slow for my liking. The time it took for DR to fall for KJ seems to tell me the show is setting up for them to end up in the end. At least there was some laughs by KJ’s uncle n the principal, otherwise there was very little progress in this ep.

  438. 438 : zashee Says:

    honestly, the episode 9 was little bit boring since there were unimportant scene came up. i just want to see YJ and DR scene more. is it possible that YJ and KKJ were born from the same father? but they have different mother

  439. 439 : zashee Says:

    gong yoo is not handsome actually,however he is truly adorable man. his expression in this drama totally seduce every women who watch it,hahaha.

  440. 440 : Abibuyog Says:

    waiting for episode 10 and it feels like a forever..

    episode 9~~ revelation of their feelings specially Dara towards Kyung Joon. and again, how will it constitutes a happy ending, I dont even know. but this is a drama worth waiting..

    Love you Gong yoo.

  441. 441 : yan shu Says:

    i am really waiting for the real Yoon Jae to wake up! Olla Yoon Jae! wake up!
    i wanna know what you really feel towards Da Ran. Da Ran please dont like Kyung Joon, you’e old and his still a teenager. Please do fall for the real Yoon Jae.

    this movie is full of twist. Im really excited for the next episode. Can’t wait. It’s really intriguing, it makes me watch and wait evry time.

    fighting BIG!

  442. 442 : sisi Says:

    i have the same think with @KDaddict 433. it possibly hapen.

  443. 443 : Charlie Says:

    I think the biggest development in ep 9 is DR started to have feelings toward KJ, not YJ.
    What YJ’s mom said also threw me off. How could KJ’s birth is for YJ? At this point, it could go any direction. Cruel or mysterious, we’ll have to see.

  444. 444 : Avin Says:

    LIVE RECAP Big Ep 10. Don’t Forget it starts at 9:55 (KT)~about 40 minutes from now. ^_^: http://goo.gl/iPZS2

  445. 445 : sf Says:

    the story is going so slow, if the lead actor not gong yoo, i think this drama is not too interesting. but i sad the rating decrease again. i hope gong yoo more selective with his next project. he is talented, but among his series, just coffee prince was attract many people. actually i’m a great fan of him! he is a great actor! FIGHTING GONG YOO!!

  446. 446 : Randel Says:

    im fan of Hong sister’s drama…cant wait to watch dis drama..

  447. 447 : Astri Says:

    I like the feelings developed from watching this drama :). Seriously I love it!!

  448. 448 : will lin Says:

    l can’t wait to watch ep 10 .Although its a bit boring in ep9 ,l want to know what will happen to yj and kj .gong yoo acting is very good in this drama.He has very beautiful eyes.Every woman will love him.I found his good look is perfect with just a white or black shirt and a pant.Whatever he wore,his masculine body make him perfect.I want to have a body like him.Hey! I heard that f(x) crystal’s ideal type is gong yoo.Is that true? If anyone knows,please answer me.

  449. 449 : Micc Says:

    I am confused! Kyung Joon is the child of Kyung Joon’s mom and Yoon Jae’s dad, then why the female doc did a DNA test using Yoon Jae’s mom’s DNA and proved they are mother and son?? I thought Kyung Joon’s mom was only a surrogate mother but YJ’s mom said her husband and his lover had KJ.

  450. 450 : Charlie Says:

    Micc 449,
    Are you referring ep 10? I have not watched it yet. I’ll watch it with your questions in mind.

  451. 451 : Micc Says:

    @Charlie, yes, episode 10. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  452. 452 : KDaddict Says:

    Witch-doc overheard YJ’s mother talking on the phone, saying:
    That is not my son. Only YJ is my son. He was born to save our YJ.
    And she sees YJ being so interested in KKJ’s well-being. That’s why she got curious/suspicious as to the relationship btwn YJ n KKJ, n decided to do a DNA test, as it is so convenient for her to do in the hosp.

  453. 453 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 10:
    OK, it seems this show is being deliberately confusing, just to have the suspense be more drawn out.

    The BIG Reveal:
    YJ’s mother reveals to Witch-doc:
    When YJ was 12, he got extremely sick. He needed a sibling to save his life (but she didn’t say how). At that pt she could no longer conceive, so YJ’s father had a BB w the woman he loved.
    But after W-Doc got the DNA results, she looked at the report n said: So YJ n KKJ are brothers.
    That would mean that YJ’s mother and KKJ are mother n child, right? Cos it’s their DNA that W-doc was testing. She took hair fr YJ’s mother’s brush, right?
    These 2 statements seem contradictory. ***The only logical possibility is that her egg was harvested n her husband’s lover became a surrogate mother. That’d give the best genetic match in the BB so as to save the sick child.
    It looks like the show is deliberately trying to confuse us; Or that we shouldn’t take their statements too seriously, as I’ve learnt fr years of KD viewing. Sometimes the live-shoot system doesn’t give them the time to be meticulous with the consistency in dialogue fr ep to ep. When we hang on their every statement looking for clues, we give them more credit than they r due. So we’ll wait to see how it is played out.
    Either way, YJ’s mother is a horribly selfish person, to get a BB born to save her beloved child, n then determined to abandon that BB thereafter, even now, knowing that KKJ’s mother is dead, n he is all alone in the world. That’s just too much cruelty.
    When W-Doc n YJ’s mother sit on the sofa, I find the two of them looking like they belong together. Birds of the same feather! Elsewhere on anaother thread, we were just talking abt “Chemistry”. These two certainly have Chemistry. Ha!
    Sure: DR has fallen for KKJ in YJ’s body. To me that was a given, not a Big Reveal. KKJ is a sweet considerate cute fellow. Who wouldn’t fall for such a fellow in YJ’s body?
    Dont particularly like the misunderstanding that Mari has planted btwn them, which is now keeping them apart. Seems too flimsy n contrived.

  454. 454 : Penelope Says:

    Wow!! It seems like Kaddict has nothing better than watch k dramas n write comments. I see her comments everywhere! The time n effort she spent watching these dramas n writing comments, unbelievable… I guess addiction comes in many ways… it’s sad that some people have no life of their own so they live through watching k dramas…, She needs to seek professional help.

  455. 455 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s unkind and uncalled for.
    If you don’t like my comments, you can just skip them. What have I done to you to warrant that kind of hostility?
    The comments that you see everywhere have been accumulated over a period of abt 7 years. I should write my own KD blog but consider this easier. Do u mind?

  456. 456 : Caitlin Says:


    that is a hasty generalization. it doesnt mean that one has no life because they love watching kdramas…you’re rude and unkind.

  457. 457 : Caitlin Says:


    i think you’re the one who needs to seek professional help..

  458. 458 : Penelope Says:

    Truth hurts, doesn’t it? Like Kaddict mentioned, if u don’t like my comments, please ignore n continue ur love affair w kdrams. Addios.

  459. 459 : Caitlin Says:

    and i hope u will not come back here anymore.. Addios PENELOPE!

  460. 460 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 10 Eng sub

  461. 461 : Penelope Says:

    Ok caitlin or should I call u Kaddict? I know u r the same. Person. Nice try.

  462. 462 : Lilik Says:

    i like shin Won Ho with Bae Suzy….

  463. 463 : hny Says:

    @ Penelope Wahhhh .. I think u just surprised by the ability of @ KDaddict how he commented on KD very faster then other KD fan,this is ‘mobile era’ jeung [email protected] can write his comment while she cook or take care his sons o_O the way she describes a story that seen in KD … interesting isn’t it! and make other people want to read it .. including you 😉 so don’t be rude to others

    ep 10 .(loading) Always take long time for watch !! …the show more confusing!! really…

  464. 464 : kdfan Says:

    @Penelope that was uncalled for. It is a joy for me to check this site for comments on KDs esp from the regulars. What more from a very productive and insightful contributor like KDaddict.

    @KDaddict if you do start your own blog, be sure to let me know!

  465. 465 : sw Says:

    what i’m confuse about ep 10 is when KJ read YJ books, in that book YJ said when he at 18 yo, there was someone hand who save her life. and he said “when i meet my 18yo, i was ask is i’m doing well?”. i’m very confuse with that story. who is at 18yo? YJ or someone who help him? and what is he mean “my 18yo?”. could someone give me an explanation? may be our specialist KD @KDaddict hehe

  466. 466 : sasa Says:

    there is something weird in this drama. Gil Teacher never visited yoon jae’s soul, even before ahe is maried with KJ. when he accept ring from KJ (YJ rings), she didn’t react and visit YJ soul.

  467. 467 : Abibuyog Says:

    another week of waiting to watch it again. 🙁

    but I hope that this story will have a great ending though.

    the way I see it, as the story goes on. what I think is, soon they will switch their bodies~ Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae, but when Yoon Jae returned he will see that everything changes towards Da ran’s love for him and as a big brother to Yoon Jae knowing he felt something with Teacher Da ran and the time that Yoon Jae had saved him the past ~~ I think Yoon Jae will sacrifice his love to give way to the true feeling between Kyung Joon and Da ran, by letting Kyung Joon to switch back his body again for them to continue their love…

    its just a wild guess. but I hope sacrificing will not mean Yoon Jae will die for this..

    best drama. :). whatever happen. this drama always gives me a hope and melting heart. and a hope to love, why not??!! :).

  468. 468 : kdfan Says:

    i felt ep 9 & 10 were too slow moving. now that we know KJ n YJ r brothers, i m also thinking that KJ was very likely conceived from YJ mom’s egg. the possible endings r YJ might die, that will teach mom a lesson for forsaking her own son, KJ. And she will be left with no choice of having KJ as her only son. Or KJ will die but his soul will live on in YJ’s body n have a happy ending with DR. it doesn’t sound like a happy ending at all n i don’t really like these endings bec it seems someone has to die but it’s the only possibility i can think of if DR loves KJ.

  469. 469 : may Says:

    Penelope – 454
    I would like to say that KDaddict is one of my top favourite ‘commentators’ here.
    I especially enjoy KDaddict’s insightful and matured comments. So it makes me wonder why you have to be so spiteful and maybe, jealous??
    @KDaddict, you’ve got a fan here! Thanks for your wonderful contribution to this site!

  470. 470 : Abibuyog Says:

    Gong Yoo~~ the long wait is over. after five years, now we can see you again in the big screen as in BIG. Congratulations to your new drama, after first episode, seeing you again, made me fall for you all over again. It may sounds unusual to use the word LOVE~~ but if love means giving me a pounding heart and breathless word everytime I saw you, then let it be. :)). I thank God because you were born in this world. I pray for your happiness. May you find True Love in the world you are in. I will always be your fan and until we meet. :). Oppa. Sarang!!

    From here sending you Love~~ Abibuyog^^

  471. 471 : Caitlin Says:

    very well said! guess you have a lot of fans here KDaddict. Count me in!:D

  472. 472 : hny Says:

    ep 10
    so it’s just like that … They both are sibling … one child born to save other child … and the Biologic mother does not want to see his own child coz she keep his promise if his beloved son has been well. . she would not look to his other child,,, Cruel mother! but this still has a question for me … as long as I know … Miracle is Something That can’t explained by science or medical technology. so YJ n KJ are sibling..not answer how their soul can switch…I just try to compare BIG and SEGA related to miracle of switching soul, SEGA has good point to answer the miracle. I don’t know how this show will answer MY Q 😉

    ep 10
    so it’s just like that … They both are sibling … one child born to save other child … and the Biologic mother does not want to see his own child coz she keep his promise if his beloved son has been well. . she would not look to his other child,,, Cruel mother! but this still has a question for me … as long as I know … Miracle is Something That can’t explained by science or medical technology. so YJ n KJ are sibling..not answer how their soul can switch…I just try to compare BIG and SEGA related to miracle of switching soul, SEGA has good point to answer the miracle. I don’t know how this show will answer MY Q 😉

    Gil Da Ran…YJ’s perhaps LOVE YOU but he only in his own world so he doesn’t have lot time for U…like in his birthday,,so sad memories ;-)..right now there’s someone needs U and he care for U…also fallen to you…K joon n U fallen to him now.

  473. 473 : hny Says:

    oh no…I repeat to much 😉

  474. 474 : Arumi Says:

    so.. umm.. when will Yoon Jae return to his own body?

  475. 475 : tc Says:


    Your comment on KDaddict is really uncalled for and I felt so bad that I cannot ignore your rudeness and have to speak out.

    Like so many KD fans here, we do value and enjoy reading KDaddict’s comments on the dramas that she watched. I may not necessarily agree with all her comments but I do acknowledge that her comments are sharp and witty. Often than not especially for new dramas, I always check out her comments in this site since she always manage to give her feedback early after each episode in order to help me decide whether I should watch a particular drama or not.

    So, KDaddict, don’t be disheartened by Penelope’s rudeness – keep up your valuable contribution or better still, start your blog and count me in as your fan!

  476. 476 : zashee Says:

    well, i dont really concern about the miracle in this drama or the way they switch their soul again and also some reasons behind that.haha
    what i really care is just about Daran and KKj’s relationship,haha
    i dont care if it is drama sounds weird and unclear since i cant stand with gong yoo’s expression and chemistry between him and Daran in this drama,it so damn admirable,haha
    BIG !! fighting

  477. 477 : KDaddict Says:

    The internet doth hath trolls! :S
    I saw her comment once a while back, n remember thinking: A beautiful attached to a nasty person! No idea where that attack came from. It’s not like I take up limited space thereby preventing others fr posting.
    Thank you for speaking up. Often, the peaceful ones are so quiet; the nasty ones spur their poison.

  478. 478 : KDaddict Says:

    I work on the computer, n when I want a break, I flip over here for a min. No kids, no cooking; just a doting husband who lets me watch all the KD I want, except to encourage me to exercise more often.
    Besides KD, I love the opera. Just came home from the opera, 3 nights in a roll. If only Penelope knows how far fr sad my life is! TQ for your defense. 😉

  479. 479 : KDaddict Says:

    @kdfan, tc,
    Thank you for vouching for my sanity.
    I did think abt starting a blog on “KD, opera n travel” years ago. But given that I already do my work on the computer, it’d mean more sitting, typing, n staring at the monitor. Plus I didn’t want to make that kind of commitment. The time might have passed for such a blog, since there are many of them these days. But if it was my blog, no one would tell me I’ve no life n need to seek professional help, just for writing comments. Or would there???
    As u say, the purpose of comments is not to always agree w each other, but to talk abt the finer pts of sth we see that touches us, as we are doing on the GD thread abt HB, JDG, etc. Cheers!

  480. 480 : zashee Says:

    im waiting for their truly madly deeply kisses,hahahaha

  481. 481 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, thank you v much for that vote of confidence. That lifts my spirit.
    Allow me to tell u abt my day:
    I went to cry in a corner. Then I dragged my body to a psychologist’s office as Penelope told me to.

    Me: Doc, I’m here abt my KD addiction.
    D: Does it interfere w work?
    Me: I work billable hours, like Yoon on AGD. I choose to work less billable hours, to have time to enjoy life.
    D: Who is Yoon? What is AGD?
    Me: Never mind.
    D: You work less hours so you can watch KD?
    Me: Uh….., partly.
    D: Does it interfere w sleep.
    Me: I always think of my KD n KD chars, n let’s not say K actor hunks, b4 falling asleep w a smile on my face.
    D: Does it interfere w life.
    Me: I prefer my KDs to going out drinking, or shopping. I try to plan my social appts for when I dont have to watch a KD live on tv.
    D: Do u know you r an addict?
    Me: I did name myself KDaddict.
    D: Is your addiction getting better or worse?
    Me: I’ve gone fr watching 7 shows to 3 shows concurrently.
    D: Do u want to be cured?
    Me: What would happen when I’m cured?
    D: You would want to work as many billable hours as possible, 80 hours a week is the norm, n go drinking, shopping n socializing. Oh, and you’d think abt work while lying in bed, n suffer fr insomnia like the rest of the population.
    Me: Let me ask Penelope if that’s a good idea. I’ll get back to you on that on our next appt.

    Pardon me. I think there is a writer in there trying to get out! 😉

  482. 482 : Micc Says:


    Don’t be bothered. It’s not the first time we see “different” people here and it won’t be the last. Just know we love ya! 🙂

  483. 483 : KDaddict Says:

    Typo in #477:
    Sorry Caitlin, that should be:
    A beautiful “name” attached to a nasty person. And:
    Often, the peaceful ones are so quiet; the nasty ones “spill” their poison.

  484. 484 : sara Says:

    I love it. It’s getting serious and DR is finally doing something. I wonder what she will do when KJ is back to his body. H.sisters are spelling their magic again. This innocent child was born to live not to save someone and leave. So a miracle must happen to make them realize, that child is a precious creature.

    And now i know why a character like Choong sik is in the drama. He really is a trouble maker silly 19 year-old student but KJ is a mature gentleman comparing to him. He is there to help us know what a gem KJ is. Otherwise he and Mari get on my nerve in every episode.

  485. 485 : mandak Says:

    i dunno how this drama will wrapped but i’m seriously want gong yoo to be the male main lead..not sure it’ll be easy for me to see KKJ soul back in his real body bcoz gong yoo really nailed his role as KKJ so i guess it’ll be ackward to see da ran with KKJ with the real body owner..i want da ran with KKJ when gong yoo plays the role..*sigh* this drama is complicated..

  486. 486 : Jennie Says:

    (a❤‿❤a) (((KDaddict))) (a❤‿❤a)

    Keep Up the Good Work. Just know that there are plenty of us out there who welcome and appreciate your comments, especially moi ◤(¬‿¬)◥

  487. 487 : cherryk23 Says:

    mandak485 i totally agree with you on this yah i really want gong yoo to be the main lead not the little kid cuz that will be weird i dont want da ran to end up wit the little kid if they switch bodies 🙁 but im still hoping for seo yon to return atleast we should know he’s story and if he really does love da ran we havnt got to that part yet so it’s kindda confusing for da ran does she really fall for kkj now and no more seo yoon…. they gotta show more love triangle between them i wanna love seo yoon but i dnt even get to see he’s real self present its always the past clips of him and thats just boring… and yah gong yoo acted pretty good as young kkj if no body switch and if he stays in seo yon body maybe i’ll be okay with that hmmm lol.. but this show is not making me happy the way it turns up and wen it comes to love story it doesnt even make me cry 🙁 im so hoping next episode they should show more of seo yoon so i can tell which one she should end up wit… this drama so confusing lol..

  488. 488 : KDaddict Says:

    What a surprise to see you! LOVE your heartie-smiley faces! Thank you. Hugs.

  489. 489 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict i noticed u went quiet a while yesterday n must hv felt a little down. don’t be disheartened. ignore those troublemakers. there are too many of us who not just love your comments but eagerly await them. himneseyo! Jennie’s smileys r always so cute huh! yes yes must exercise more. i missed gym today, will hv to go tomorrow. looks like you wasted your time at the psychologist’s. send the bill to Penelope 😛

  490. 490 : KDaddict Says:

    The Opera Festival is in town. I’ve been attending the opera every evening since Fri. Quite tired. Couldn’t keep my eyes open yesterday n today in the afternoon. The Fes is over, so I can return to my routine.
    It is only recently that I learnt that there are “trolls” on the internet. It’s a mentality that is difficult to grasp. As Caitlin said: they will benefit fr professional help. The lot of you have been gt! And Penelope can kiss my grits! 😛

  491. 491 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict & kdfan Hi hi, I have been catching up and happy to say that I’m up to date with this drama, GD and Bridal Mask. Still have plenty more episodes to catch up with I Do, though. But I must say, these few dramas are among the best I’ve seen in my many years of watching KDs. I love this drama cos the leads are so lovable and the script so unpredictable! I have no idea how they are going to wrap this up at all! GY is hot, super hot and I love how he looks in a suit and that scene when Gil teacher was admiring him while he was sitting down at the cafe had me fan-girling him 😀 The thing I love about this drama is that the two main leads practically covers all the air time!! They are in every scene! I love GD too. Just love the witty dialogue and great acting from the guys especially. Don’t really like KHN’s acting but watching JDG’s eye blinks more than make up for their lack of chemistry. Don’t know why but each time JDG appears on the screen, I just love watching him blink..he has this funny slow mo when he blinks, but his bathrobe dance didn’t do anything for me – it was funny but yikes, I guess I find him a little too “old” 😉 As for BM, ahh, who can resist JW’s megawatt smile and he breaks into a song and dance too..so adorable!! 😀 😀

  492. 492 : will lin Says:

    Gong yoo is so hot!!Oh my goodness!! The sexiest actor of Korea. Also have a pair of loveliest eyes. He can suit with any actress. hope to see gong yoo with han hyoo joo in his next project .

  493. 493 : sara Says:

    I love this angst so much. He thinks she thinks he is a burden. She doesn’t want him to think she loves him but she loves him. Even the explanation is like their relationship. I love the sad moments. I love KJ’s innocent eyes. I love how he scarifies himself for his love, even if just by eating beanS which he hates. I love how he cares for DR. He even doesn’t bear to see her unhappy and prefers to disappear. He is a real angel and no wonder DR is in love with him. But it seems YJ ‘s mom is lying or the hair is not her. Who knew GY can play such an adorable and innocent angel. He is great

  494. 494 : Penelope Says:

    I can’t believe how much my simple comment upset some people… Kaddict, if u don’t think u have an issue, just ignore my comment. I was just looking for a good drama to watch based on comments on this site n happened to notice your obssessive comments here on almost under every drama. If I think someone drinks too much, i’ll say he/she is an alcoholic. U r not any better by calling me a nasty person just because i pointed out that u may have an addiction problem. If u r not, more power to u. It seems like some people enjoy reading your comments. I personally didn’t care because they r way too detail. I want to watch a good drama, not read about it. So, don’t take things too seriously. I’m sort of flattered that I created such a commotion here. By the way, this drama is silly n boring. Im going to watch the GD. Thanks, ladies for letting me disturbed your kdrama world 🙂

  495. 495 : KDaddict Says:

    You needed to pt out I’ve an addiction? What did you think “KDaddict” meant?
    Your comment obviously aimed to hurt, not help.
    If I had been sb with a sad life, as you said, and was emotionally feeble, you could have done some damage. Don’t shoot off your mouth when you don’t know who or what is at the other end. Too bad your parents didn’t teach you that. I’ve seen your comment once b4. Either time, you don’t come across as sb who is Not nasty.

    You are mad at me becos my comments r too detailed? That’s the funniest thing. Try going to other KD sites, like Dramabeans, Koalasplayground, Soompi, etc, to tell them that they are addicted n too detailed, n see what treatment you’ll get.
    KD websites are meant for ppl to talk abt KDs. They r for ppl who want to watch And talk abt them. If you only want to watch, go watch. DON’T READ.

  496. 496 : hny Says:

    and U more Boring @Penelope 😉 you have no taste on KD…just take look GD…U will know we there too…

  497. 497 : Penelope Says:

    Wow, look who is getting mean n nasty now? Keep on getting upset because I’m getting a kick out of how easy it is get an emotion out of u. Btw, this is the first time I’ve commented here so don’t make up stories like your fantasy life. All u got is your kdramas n a few people who r as addicted as u r 🙁 seriously, I need to stop coming into this site because I don’t want to become an addict like some of u. I’m sure u will be glad to know that this will be my last posting here. Have a good life addicts!

  498. 498 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, hi,
    Glad you are back after that 3 week break.
    The current KDs really are some of the best that we’ve had. I’ve never seen several shows of this quality airing at the same time. They are even spread out over 6 nights for our convenience!
    GY has the market cornered on playing sb younger than himself. Every frame n shot in this show brings out his fabulous acting. I know I’ll re-watch this KD many times in future yrs.
    I’m w you on KHN in GD. Dare not say it on its thread tho. It’s getting to the pt where if u say sth less than flattering on some actor/ress, sb will act up. Tyranny of the fangirl may drive this site into a Rave Only site.
    I do I do just went into its zenith in ep 12 IMO. It is outdoing itself n others in having JA take the hi road. I love it when a heroine puts integrity above all.
    I’m not following BM since I vow to watch only 3 KDs. I peeked n it seemed to me JW is all grown up–he has shed his BB fat n BB face?

  499. 499 : KDaddict Says:

    Abt your Qn in 465:
    YJ wrote that book for youths looking for a direction. At 18, he found out that sb saved his life. In turn, he wanted to save others, n decided to become a doctor. He wants to look back and ask that young person that made that decision (his younger self) if he is going well, if he is extending a warm hand to those who need his help.
    We can think of this in 2 ways:
    1. It is poetic license: when ppl write for publication, they often come up w ways to say sth that is not entirely logical so that the piece will read more poetically then a collection of plain sentences.
    2. KKJ’s 19 year old soul inside YJ’s body IS indeed his younger self, n is THE one person YJ needs to put that Qn to more than anyone else, becos it was KKJ who saved his life.

  500. 500 : KDaddict Says:

    We all want a happy ending. Given the way things are going between KKJ n DR, a happy ending would mean KKJ continuing on in YJ’s body! Becos I don’t think we r ready to see KKJ in his own (Shin’s) body making out w DR!
    What will happen to YJ’s soul and KKJ’s body? Maybe YJ can live on in KKJ’s body. That wouldn’t be a tragedy, would it? And if YJ’s soul has to die in KKJ’s body for World’s cruelest mom to learn her lesson, then I believe the writers may not shy fr it.

  501. 501 : Margie Says:

    @Penelope, if you are just looking for a good drama to watch, then skip the raves and rants on this site, as you would probably be drawn to watch something that some fan is so into and would probably be not to your taste as well. I usually go by ratings and though I have not watched a lot, I have already a pool of actors and actresses whose work has impressed me so I have started watching out for their other works and reviews. KDrama is so diverse that it would be difficult to recommend a few as you would need to look into so many factors to be able to sit down with a really good one that you would enjoy through. I trust that you would be able to find something (as there are so many). Happy hunting and yes, an enjoyable viewing too.

  502. 502 : sw Says:

    thx.. it’s interesting discus about drama here, when i don’t know and confuse about the story, i go to this site and look forward for other perspective. it’s the first time i involved with drama discusion.

  503. 503 : Carmen Says:

    KDaddict knows more abt k drama than most people. She provides a service here. You should leave her alone. Go find a website that has a word limit. It will have short comments.
    Do not fart in our chat room.

  504. 504 : SaranghaeOppa Says:

    Hello. I just wanna know if Kyung Joon will ended up with Gil Da Ran or Mari? Because I really want Kyung Joon to be with Mari. Honestly, the three of them are the reasons why I keep watching this drama. Do you think it is appropriate to have a woman who is older than you? I just can’t stand Seo Yoon Jae’s muscles. It’s so big and scary. Haha! LOL. Don’t hate me if I offended you for some of my words. These are just my opinions. So please bear with it.
    Anyways, for who will answer my question, thank you in advanced. 😀

  505. 505 : will lin Says:

    Hi! I am a fan of gong yoo.As the drama continues gong yoo’s look is better and better.He has a very hot and sexy body.Let’s support our gong yoo with cheers and loves.l Don’t care anymore with ratings.They are just annoying. I heard that the ideal type of actress lee yeon hee, 4 minute gayoon, kara kang ji young and f(x) krystal is gong yoo. Is that true? If anyone knows, please answer me. L really want to know about it. But in my opinion, yoon eun hye is the best with our gong yoo.Please answer me.fighting gong yoo.

  506. 506 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict & Jennie i m with u on KHN. didn’t want to mention in that thread too. it’s another boring character like Hanjimin in RTP. Even though I wasn’t liking DR initially bec she was so naive but now I really enjoy watching Leeminjung’s expression of joy, happiness and frustration when realized she fell for another of KJ’s tricks. But it’s JA’s kickass coolest female role in a KD that I look forward to. I really can’t root for DR ending up with KJ, not even with KJ in YJ’s body. The thot of them making out .. urgh ..

  507. 507 : r4hm4t Says:

    penasaran gimana endingnya?gil da ran and Seo Yoon Jae atau, gil da ran and Kang Kyung Joon atau, Kang Kyung Joon and jang mari atau, Seo Yoon Jae and Lee Se Young……me have fokosifuu……

  508. 508 : KDaddict Says:

    I really appreciate the compliment, n your ability not to mince words. I’m too wordy, and need to learn to write like that. Come join the discussion under regular circumstances.
    I think there are two age groups of visitors here: an older group that likes discussion, and a much younger one that have no interest in reading what others have to say. One train goes east; one train goes west, n never those trains shall meet. It is usually fine when ppl r able to live n let live. It a good thing that most ppl r reasonable! Thx.

  509. 509 : KDaddict Says:

    @kdfan, Jennie,
    I want KKJ to be happy. He has had such an unlucky life. Whether he wants to be with Mari or DR, I’m all for it.
    Love JA to the max after what she said to Doc in ep 12. KHN’s char, YS can’t hold a candle to it!

  510. 510 : Olinrae31 Says:

    Hi everyone…

    Finally He’s (Gong Yoo) back..!! Yeiii..(^____^)/
    @Will In #505, I’m a BIG fan of Gong Yoo Oppa too.. I totally in love when watch his acting with Yoon Eun Hye.. He’s really adorable..
    and this BIG drama, it’s really show his ability in acting… love it..!!

    and after a long..long time… I back to this forum again… hahahaha… =)
    I shock when know about “penelope” case, so i decide to read previous comment and I get more shock..!!! Huuuffff….

    Well, this forum exist b’coz there’s so many people want to express / share their love about Korean Drama, Actor, and Actress. And the side effect is we get a New Friend !! and I believe a comment or information like KDaddict give to this forum are helping us a lot.. (or at least for Me ^^).

    In my opinion, Bad person exist in this world, so we can be seen the difference between good and bad one. And the others can think and evaluate which one they want to be…

    Cheers KDaddict and everyone !!

    Let’s enjoy this BIG drama and become a BIG Fans for KOREAN DRAMA..

  511. 511 : dara Says:

    please hong eonnies, make KKJ stil alive until the end, and pairing him with DR. Although w Mari.. its alright!

  512. 512 : Penelope Says:

    @Margie, I wasn’t going to post here again but I wanted to thank u for the suggestion. Great idea. I started watching the GD based on high ratings n it’s been great so far. This is actually a good website because it has all the upcoming dramas, ratings, n actor/actress information. I’ll continue to check this site to select my next drama after I get through GD. Thanks again for your suggestion. Take care,

  513. 513 : Margie Says:

    @Penelope.. I agree with you, I find this site so helpful that I have incorporated it in my daily browsing, it is a ‘must do’ for me. But embarrassingly, my so called ‘pool of actors and actresses’ are so personal meaning that a few are just based on their looks and physical awesomeness, ha,ha,ha! Acting wise is maybe so-so but again, I maintain, it is my personal list. I read the comments as well as I find a lot of it helpful but as these are personal comments, it may differ from what I have in mind. Still, I enjoy this site, synopsis, ratings, comments and all. I have started watching Big and do find it a bit silly but hilarious. Gong Yoo is not bad for the eyes and on the contrary is maybe what keeps my eyes glued on the set. Maybe you should try it if you are not too busy.. the first few episodes are all over the place but episodes 6 onwards should have your attention. GD, hmmmmm, not in my list at the moment but will check it out. I am from Manila, Philippines… watching KDrama here requires effort, effort and a whole lot more of it as we do not have direct access and relies heavily on what the net can share with us. Still Big is currently showing in our local station and that is a BIG sigh of happiness for all Gong Yoo fans here! Happy day!

  514. 514 : KDaddict Says:

    I think a KD website can be likened to a buffet: Many things r on offer. Many ppl come to partake of it. One takes from it what one likes, n leaves the rest to others. It’s unusual that sb insults the chef for offering some items she doesn’t like, n others for liking them, esp. when the buffet is free of charge.
    I’m glad you find my comments useful. I’m gratified that others have told me the same. Old timers know that ratings often aren’t accurate. Good shows can have low ratings e.g. K2H or BIG, n vice versa. Comments can give a clearer idea of why sb think sth is good or bad, for those who r interested. Cheers!

  515. 515 : clairerosean Says:

    just read this sypnosis: http://sosopie.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/k-drama-second-impression-of-big-i-do-i-do-and-dr-jin/ somewhere…

    i’m so anxious what would be the ending of BIG.. the writers were so good for making it ‘almost predictable yet not really predictable’ plot.. but really, if they are planning to have a “WTF” ending (just like the series Hong Gil Dong) .. geez, it would be very disappointing..!

    I really hope this series would end happily!!

  516. 516 : kimchilee Says:

    Oh Good Grief! Penelope.. you are so rude.

    KDaddict.. I just love your comments and devotion all these years.. keep it up!

  517. 517 : sw Says:

    @will and @olinrae31
    i’m a BIG fan of gong yoo too. but i think he is get less attention in some fanbase of KDrama. Gong Yoo is a great actor, he have ability. and i think he is the most manly actor korea. but unfortunately, rarely some of fanbase KDrama mention his name as an handsome actor, funny actor, or a great actor. and i’m glad in this site there are many fans of gong yoo! because i’m rarely found fans of gong yoo.

  518. 518 : KDaddict Says:

    @kimchilee, hi,
    While being attacked for my KD addiction on a KD site when my name states it clearly is strange, this incident brings out some friends I didn’t know I have. I’m happy abt that. Thx.

    Gong Yoo’s name hasn’t been mentioned in KD fan bases as much recently becos he has been in MS for 2 years, n since then he hasn’t made any drama. Of the 2 movies he made, one (Crucible/Silenced) is intense n depressing, not the usual fodder for young audiences. Also, while he was away, many new young actors have been on the rise, like Jung Il Woo, Song Joon Ki, Yoo Ah In, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Soo Hyun, Choi Siwon, just to name a few. We haven’t even mentioned Lee Min Ho, whose popularity exploded w City Hunter. Competition is keen, while audience attn span is usually short. Now that Gong Yoo is out of MS n back in dramas, his profile will rise again. At 33, he is still the premier man-boy of KDland. GY ssi, Aja!

  519. 519 : jojo89 Says:

    really waiting for next epd.. <3

  520. 520 : sw Says:

    yeah that’s what i mean. KD fan bases more often mention the young actor like what you mentioned. though i’m young enough but i still watch the crucibel, it was prove his ability in act, he can play different character that he never played before, can erase the prespective of Gong Yoo as rom-com king. he portray mature and wise teacher. as he come back in drama, i hope his profile would rise and become more famous and play more much drama. but till now i think KD fan bases still don’t know his charm, they still rarely mention his name. am i too possessive? haha

  521. 521 : Jennie Says:

    Wow, this site is really popular, from all the many comments since I last checked. Glad to see that most people understand and share the opinion that we all come here to share and exchange opinion and to express our love / disappointment in all things related to KD without having to throw insults or putting down the posters. Just remember that we are a diversed lot, from all parts of the world with different backgrounds, beliefs and upbringing. Good thing is although we may all be different, we all share one thing in common ie our interest and love for KDs. Penelope labelled us all in general as addicts in a mean tone and I was pretty upset because she doesn’t even know anything about the posters here and we did not even know her until her totally unexpected outburst on KDaddict and her later ‘name calling’ on the rest of us who responded to her comment. Enough said, personally, I come to this site to share and to de-stress, not to add more stress 😀
    @KDaddict Joo Won has definitely matured into a fine, multi talented actor and I do believe that he will do well in his acting career. He hasn’t really completely lost that baby face, still see glimpses of them. He’s totally a fun guy to watch on the screen. He’s cute, looks good, he cries convincingly, has a killer smile, smirks really well, heck he sings and dance and does a jig or two and all in one drama lol. Watch BM when you can, great cast and a believable script and good news about the drama is that the heroine is not dumb and helpless (so far, anyway) 😀
    @kdfan & KDaddict Still really behind I Do but I agree with you guys that KSA is the best. I like how she’s always so at ease with her roles, whether as an overweight heroine, a country bumpkin or a kick ass director! I think she looks best here in I Do and I simply adore how she carries herself in all those beautiful clothes and accessories. As for LMJ, have always liked her and always thought of her as a pretty good actress. Loved her in Smile, You and mad as hell with her for coming between our beloved Jun Pyo and Jan In BFF 🙂 Best part is she’s got a pretty face to go with her talent! KHN in GD should drop all that ‘cute’ acting, only then she’ll be more tolerable and acceptable.

  522. 522 : will lin Says:

    Me too!! I agree with you. gong yoo is mentioned less in some website.But now I heard that he is very popular in Korea bcoz of BIG especially among female fans. I thought that his acting as a teenager in BIG is very adorable and cute. As for me , whether they don’t mention gong yoo or not he is our favorite actor in Korea. I would really want to know that which type of girl is his ideal type. Gong yoo! we are all cheering you. FIGHING!!!

  523. 523 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan See? Got so carried away that I forgot to comment what I wanted to in the first place. I’m with you about not wanting DR to end up with KY, not even in YJ’s body. It’ll be too ugh for me too 😀 It’ll definitely destroy my ideals of a perfect romance. I want everything to be just perfect, even in terms of age difference. I am old fashioned that way 😉 Like I’ve said before, I have zero clue as to how this will end especially now that we see that in his own way, YJ does love DR and I guess that the plane ticket is actually about his brother, not because he was running away from his own wedding. Problem now is that DR’s heart is now beating for KY and no longer for YJ. So how is it going to end?

  524. 524 : sw Says:

    i have ever seen an interview with gong yoo. the reporter ask the type of woman he like. he answered “the girl with beauty inside and always by my side everytime i need”. but i wonder too who on earth the type of woman he like. he is definitely a type of man who dreamed by almost all woman. good personality and good looking.

    i think if DR not end up with KJ, the whole story till now is just in vain, the whole story is about KJ and DR. but i have no clue either about the end of the story. i have no clue either about YJ feeling trough DR

  525. 525 : KDaddict Says:

    This site has grown by leaps n bounds in the past year. With the exponential growth, the tide brings in good fish as well as bad, sometimes young n insolent, the worst being corrie n Penelope. This has been a low-key, peaceful site for a long time. In the past 6-12 months, I’ve noticed an increasing no. of hostile comments in response to real or perceived slight to sb’s idol, n in the above cases, no slight happened at all.
    For yrs, I’ve commented on the pros n cons of shows n actors. For the sake of peace, I no longer do. It’s getting to the pt where we r even afraid to say that KHN’s acting is less than inspired in GD over there, becos in a shouting match, she who is the meanest, dirtiest fighter can get away w murder.
    Sb told me recently that sites should be Rave Only. I suppose that’d be of the I love u Oppa variety. What the fun in that is I know not. Like I told Caitlin, the peaceful ones keep mum; the loud ones r not always sensible. So the inmates might be taking over the asylum!

  526. 526 : hallyu lover Says:

    y is the ratings so low? maybe ppl are tired of the changing soul story…but you really have to watch this drama because Gong Yoo’s amazing acting skill has spiced up this drama a lot…love his acting haha

  527. 527 : will lin Says:

    Thank u “sw” for answering my question. Now i think I have friends here. which country are u from? I am from Burma. I read about gong yoo news at the sites that emphasize Korean drama such as enews ,soompi etc. Is there any other site that mention Korean drama and movie? I would like to see gong yoo with han hyo joo or song hye gyo or han ye seul in his next drama or movies. Sorry! Its just an imagination. Although he act with any actress, I will love and cheer him. May god bless him!! Oh I forgot. May god bless all of u in here.

  528. 528 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan, Jennie, KDaddict: wow its like cat fight since I left (j/k). I was going to be a silence reader but couldn’t help and have to post a comment now. I’m with KDaddict regarding to visitors here; an older group and a much younger group and its unfortunate that some people don’t appreciate others’ comments, thoughts and inputs. I love Jennie’s #521 the first paragraph, thanks for reminding everyone in this site. Its the driving force that made me lost interest in sharing my thoughts here.

    I’m with kdfan and Jennie, I’ve been rooting for DR/YJ paring from the beginning. As of right now seems like everyone believes that DR has fallen for KY, I just don’t believe so. What DR sees when she’s with KY is still YJ’s body but with a different personality. Who doesn’t fall for a perfect guy like that huh? Has KY in his own body, will DR falls for him (I think not). Yes, DR is falling for KY’s personality as he’s fun to be with compares to YJ who is a mature/serious doctor. DR is naive therefore its easily for her to get along with KY and she’s having fun with him; its a new experience for her. Also there were parts where KY was looking at those children in the hospital and he missed being a teen again. He needs to go back to his own body and experience to be a late teen and a young man in his 20’s and so forth. Don’t you think its the most fun after turning 21 so you can do what you were unable to do in your teens and can start as an adult life; I know I did :-). I don’t approve a teacher and a TEEN student relationship wether it is a female or male teacher even in drama/movie. I just can’t accept it, its a bad example for all.

    well, lets make this site is a fun place to visit. Until then. Cheers!!!!!

  529. 529 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: totally with you @ #525.

    I have been skipping through comments here, only read the familiar ones 🙂

  530. 530 : cici Says:

    pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor rating, hahhahahahhahhaahahahhhahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahhah

  531. 531 : KDaddict Says:

    I think a cat fight might mean both sides r equally vicious and nonsensical. This is a case where sb pooped in our midst, n those who have a sense of fairness told her off.
    It’s a good idea to read only comments from ppl we r familiar w. I tried it too, but being a speed reader, I find it impossible not to see what else has been written when I glance down the page. 🙁

  532. 532 : Jennie Says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaha, see what I mean girls? You see all kinds of people here.
    😉 Agree with KDaddict, CVL, sometimes you just can’t avoid reading. Anyway, CVL, you shouldn’t allow these things to disturb you much and prevent you from commenting. What I normally do is laugh off those bad vibes and consider them as nincompoops and write what I want to say, and say it with heart with as much maturity and consideration that is within me (hey, I don’t know what I don’t know, right?) 😀
    PS Hmm..kdfan must be visiting all the strip joints in LV and having the time of her life,huh?

  533. 533 : justQ Says:

    GOSH!!!!!! this drama is confusing me. gave me a lot of headache!! i want Da Ran and Kyung Jung to be happy. Kyung Jung seems to find something in Daran and so is she. Yoonjae has disappointed her, but Yoonjae himself has a lot of secrets. i guess yoonjae is suffering inside too. this is the first drama which i dont know who to choose between the two male leads. it’s all because the two male leads are in the same body. grrrrrrhhhhhhh…….!! and yes…. gong yoo get much and much more better in every episodes…. he is so damn handsome and sexy..

  534. 534 : G6 Says:

    i don’t want to waste my time to watch this drama… it’s sooooooooooooooooooooo Boooooooooooooooooooooooring

  535. 535 : lee seunghui Says:

    fighthing >3 for you

  536. 536 : lee seunghui Says:

    fighthing oppa saranghae..>3

  537. 537 : will lin Says:

    To G6
    If u find watching this drama is boring, then don’t watch it. why do u have to write negative comments? Most of the people in this page including me are fan of big and Gong yoo. Such nonsense!!! Why are u wasting ur time by watching this drama? Stay away from us!!!!

  538. 538 : justQ Says:

    @will 537: let’s not waste our time to response that kind of comments too, agree? let’s make peace not war.
    let’s make a good environment in cyber world too. BIG or Gong Yoo fans are all here to discuss and share the joys of watching the drama. let’s keep it that way.

    Gong Yoo….. Fighting. BIG…….. fighting.

  539. 539 : CVL Says:

    I’m reposting my comment again; not sure why it didn’t get posted yesterday.

    Penelope, I believe you own KDaddict a personal apology and the rest of us here as well. I am not sure where you are from and how old you are but labeling someone as “an addict and to seek a professional help” are such cruel remarks. Where I’m from, you don’t know what kind of treatment you’ll get if you’re making such remarks toward someone you don’t know personally. FYI: I am not sure about the rest of the people in here but I do know that kdfan, KDaddict, Jennie and myself are successful professionals within our fields. We are here as we find KDs entertain and to share our thoughts about them; it’s something that we enjoy doing on our spare time. I am not here to teach you but please do think before you put it out there, once it is said and done you can’t take it back and beg for forgiveness as I had been experienced it many times in my life. People may forgive you but it can’t be forgotten. Maybe a 6 seconds rule will help you and it may help you go further in life. Peace!!!

  540. 540 : CVL Says:

    KDaddict and Jennie @ # 531&532: yes I do need to learn how to loosen up a bit and not paying too much attention about the unnesscessary things lol….learning….learning!!!!

  541. 541 : CVL Says:

    to continue: “please don’t judge the book by its cover”; I am sure you had heard about it before. I do hope to see you come back and watch KDs with us all. Let’s move on after this incident 🙂

  542. 542 : KDaddict Says:

    You are just abt the only other person I know who uses this wd: nimcompoop. It’s one of my fav’s. It brings a smile to my face.

    Bless your heart! I was just minding my own business when this meanie came along and jumped on me, becos she sees my name too often n my comments r too detailed for her liking! To my mind, she does owe me n everyone who plays here an apology, if she is of sound mind. But then, if she was, she wouldn’t have done what she did in the first place! It just leaves a bad taste in the mouth in the short term.
    Hope to see you back among us.

  543. 543 : will lin Says:

    @justQ: Ok!! I agree with u. We are only here to support big and gong yoo. Sharing comments and joys to each other. Next time I will ignore such ridiculous comments. Thanks for understanding me. Let’s wait for next episode and support our gong yoo and Big.

  544. 544 : will lin Says:

    @justQ: Ok!! I agree with u. We are only here to support big and gong yoo. Sharing comments and joys to each other. Next time I will ignore such ridiculous comments. Thanks for understanding me. Let’s wait for next episode and cheering our stars.

  545. 545 : Penelope Says:

    I wasn’t going to respond but it seems like KAddict n some of the people who r as “addicted” as she is, are begging for more of me. U can call me evil or nasty or whatever u want because it doesn’t bother me a bit. However, calling a person an “addict” who is obviously an addict upset some of u, u know why? Because u know I spoke the truth. U ask anyone who is not from this site, show them all the dramas on this website, all the comments u post here n they will tell u the same: that u have an addiction problem. They may not say it like I did but they will think that u have no life other than living through these dramas n fantasizing u were the female character in the drama.  Kaddict, u r practically glued to this site, I mean,  every time someone posts a comment, u r right there ready to provide your feedback. Like I said, truth hurts.  Obviously, my blunt comment is not going to change your behavior. U can talk bad about me as much as u want among you but stop addressing me in your posting. I said all I wanted to say n do not want any part of your world. U want me to apologize? I apologize for being brutally honest n ever posting on your fantasy world. Keep on dreaming girls n forget that I ever existed because I’m going to forget that u exist. Don’t expect me to respond again. I’ve wasted too much of my precious time already.

  546. 546 : Margie Says:

    @KDAddict, It is not strange that in a site where people are hidden behind pseudonyms, claims and really amateurish writing skills can bare so much angst and vindictive sarcasm over comments that may have been careless or otherwise posted because this is the site for posting comments. I am not saying that Penelope is right with what she wrote but that was like a hundred comments back already. Can we just move on? Is it not enough that half of the other people posting here have already provided so much support to you and what you do, must we keep on making unnecessary comments to anyone who goes against what you have written. By any chance, are they being chased out of this site. There will always be a Penelope or Corrie who would write something that may not be to your liking. You can always opt to put them straight and continue to do what you like to do. But to dwell on it, solicit more supporters and behave as if this site belongs exclusively to your age group (whatever that may be) is territorial and unfair. Did you really believe that no one would go against your thoughts, opinions and ideas. I read your comments and most of them are helpful but it is when you go into initials and special words that really throws me off balance. Not that I mind, I blame my inexperienced self (not having watched as many dramas as you have) to not be able to follow your posts comprehensively. Apparently, a lot of people who find this site helpful agrees with you and that only goes to show you that you have made quite a mark here. But to negatively use that clout to chase other people out of a site that was primarily opened for discussion (regardless of whether they agree with you or not) is a bit pushing it. Whether or not you agree is immaterial, some thinking individual would agree with my post and I hope that it would not cause you an artery to burst. At the end of the day, we go back to who we really are, leave the pseudonym behind, and go by our real name… Billable hours you said, right? Opera, considering how detailed you write, I find it amazing that not one word about the opera has been mentioned. Your little script about the psychologist is hilarious but Girl, you do not do that with a psychologist, as these guys only evaluate, they do not cure. You have to see a psychiatrist for that little episode you want share here. A husband, yes sure, goes well with the pseudonym… so unless you want to drop that curtain and be acknowledged for who you really are, drop the act. And for all of you out there who supports this outraged person hiding behind a name that would attract less than proper comments… think again… this is not the be all and end all of who we are, People. All I need to do after posting this outrageous comments is not to open it again and voila, I get to laugh last! And yes, maybe I do not have a perfect life and maybe sad but at least I get my tenses right, my thoughts are still in order and I knew and can identify a hag when I see one. Don’t look now… there will always be someone like me, enjoying the ride and getting you all frazzled over for what… yes… absolutely nothing and it would be too easy because your addiction and delusional thoughts (thinking that your writing is that great) will make you a great and conspicuous target for nincompoops like myself. Have a glorious day everyone! The table is now open for comments….

  547. 547 : G6 Says:

    ow..ow…ow…ow..ow.. sound like a crazy fans become angry, hahahaha

  548. 548 : kdfan Says:

    @ Margie 546 I really like your comments up til “Can we just move on”. I have, and I too hope all the rest would.

    @Jennie, CVL, KDaddict no, no LV is not til end of this month. wish I hv u all to do the joints visits with :D. I had a super bz weekend, didn’t hv the chance to check out KD threads. Can’t wait for GongYoo tonight!! btw, a KD actor appeared in my dream for the first time ever last week. It was Lee Kiwoo 😀 😀 i m not even a LKW fan ..

  549. 549 : KDaddict Says:

    Now I am at fault for responding to people who spoke up on my side of reason.
    And being attacked for amateurish writing.
    And for coming here in between things I do in the real world.
    And for not talking about the opera.
    As it is, I’m being attacked for talking abt KD on a KD site. If I had talked about opera on a KD site, n debris befalls me, at least I’d deserve it then.
    What is territorial in lamenting the change of tenor on this site, from one of quiet civility, to one of crazed insolence and hostility, I’d never know.
    And I’m being called a hag. For what?
    I was going to move on when a new ep airs.

    @CVL, See? You can’t get blood from a turnip. From a poisoned turnip, all you get is more poison.

  550. 550 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Oops, I thought you had gone to LV since we didn’t hear anything from you in the last couple of days. Sorry. Yep, can’t wait to see Big tonight. Was never really a big big fan of GY but I really “kowtow” to his wonderful acting in this drama. One minute he’s all serious and mature and the next, he’s all innocent. Awesome facial expressions!
    Haha, wasn’t sure who LKW was until I looked him up! OK, the hunk from Flower Boy, Ramyun Shop and A Love To Kill. He must have made a laaastinnng impression on you to appear in your dreams (>‿♥) I wish I had a dream with me and Micky heehee

  551. 551 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict 549 i feel for you. Hug ..

  552. 552 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie I was into Gongyoo after Onefineday although I didnt like the drama. And then in Coffeeprince – i was totally a fan. Not as handsome as some other actors but what a physique! and his acting, wow! keeps getting better.

  553. 553 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict, kdfan, Jennie: it’s dawned on me at this moment. We are who we are and we know our values; “antiques don’t fight with mud”. Am not going to let those bothers me. Let’s enjoy each other company!!!!

  554. 554 : will lin Says:

    Hey all the friends here, tomorrow is Gong yoo 33rd birthday. Let’s make a wish for our Gong yoo. May god bless him!! And i wish he would keep his fame and achievements for many years and i hope he will act in many good dramas and movies in next years. Always love u , Gong yoo !!!

  555. 555 : Jennie Says:

    @will lin Thanks for the info. Happy Birthday, Gong Yoo and hope he will make many more dramas and movies for us to enjoy 😀
    @CVL Exactly my thoughts, hence I refrained from making any more responses. They forget that whatever they write or say reflect on their upbringing, exposure/life experiences, maturity of thought and like you say, values. Getting all her ‘tenses correct’ doesn’t excuse poor manners. So KDaddict, don’t let this blip stop you from doing what you love.

  556. 556 : zashee Says:

    simply falling love with this drama,sweet
    i never think too much about the complexity
    just enjoy this show
    gong yoo !! you are really gorgeous

  557. 557 : justQ Says:

    Cheer up girls!!! we are having our BIG two days plus gong yoo bday! Yay!!! anyone watched episode 11 yet any update????
    i still don’t know which one to choose. kyung joon is too young for daran, isn’t he?
    the conflict of the drama did remarks the job of the Hong Sisters, but lack of gimmick and speed compares to other Hong Sisters project previously. it is a little lower than i expected to be. Gong Yoo + Hong sisters… come on. they could’ve done a looooottttt better! i didnt meant the drama is disappointing, i’m enjoying the show though, only i just expected too much when the news came out at the very first time about this drama. anyway.. there are still 6 episodes to go…
    i really dont have any idea of how this drama supposes to end.

  558. 558 : CVL Says:

    @Jennie, kdfan, KDaddict: I thought responding to someone’s question/comment shows respect; not sure since when its a crime 

  559. 559 : CVL Says:

    @Jennie #555: yes, ill-mannered people are everywhere. We just have to ignore them, it ain’t worth our time. It’s funny how i’ve just received a text from my sis; she’s on vacation but couldn’t help and stated that why are so many rude people in the area ect… I told her to just ignore them, it must be a norm for them to act that way due to their environments, upbringing therefore they think it’s ok to disrespect others.

  560. 560 : Charlie Says:

    I’m not sure what to expect from ep 11 except please, pick up some speed. The show is getting too slow, wobbly, and kind of boring. And that poor pretty boy is going to sleep the whole time? Wake up, it’s ep 11 now.

  561. 561 : Abibuyog Says:

    Happy Birthday Gong Yoo. ~~
    Another year has come and again, we always thank God for your existence. :)).

    May you have a great one. be blessed!! ^^

    You are still the best for us. Fighting!!!

  562. 562 : Julia Says:

    I like this movie. Very refreshing for me. I just watched until episode 5, and if including tonight, 6.
    And very nice to hear that today is Gong Yoo’s birthday. Happy Birthday Gong Yoo. Nice character and movie.
    God bless you, your career, and may you always be happy and at peace.

    Cheers and be a blessing,


  563. 563 : hny Says:

    Hi @ kdfan … haha … LKW charm spread a little late on you 😀

    @Jennie welcome back…yap GY is Awesome in BIG..his act and facial expressions…so adorable..wait until he wear a black shirt you will fallen to him and maybe he will appear to u’r dream 😉

  564. 564 : usa Says:

    i don’t know y but lee min jung’s character in here is the first time i can really get connected to. even other actresses cry a bunch of tears i wouldn’t connect with them but i admitted i cry with daran n can feel the pain she’s having. love both of gong yoo and lee min jung

  565. 565 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie & hny actually i m not a LKW fan .. y did he appear in my dream .. we took a fan-photo with his arm around me. i could feel my excitement when taking the photo even tho it was a dream 😀

  566. 566 : ChulMin Says:

    hey? where is the perview of big ep 12 . sad sad sad>.<

  567. 567 : kdfan Says:

    i didn’t realize i miss GY so much, was so happy to watch him for an hour 🙂 looks like the earlier eps where YJ appeared not so affectionate with DR may have been played out to mislead viewers thinking YJ was having an affair with SY and to make DR’s love for YJ waver and again misleading viewers to think DR may end up with KJ. ep 11 seems to confirm YJ has been steadfast in his love for DR from the beginning. looks like KJ will wake up in ep 12. it’s already taking way too long. hong sis need to speed things up. i can’t believe YJ’s mom doesn’t care for KJ, her own flesh n blood. even if it’s a stranger’s child who save her child, she should still hv some concern. to me this part is not very realistic.

  568. 568 : Hades Says:

    Nice K-drama , im feeling this drama like secret garden .. hahaha

  569. 569 : Hades Says:

    I hope this drama not Endinggg .. T.T

  570. 570 : KDaddict Says:

    This site is for the sharing of love for Korean drama and its stars. Since when is it allowed to carry out meaningless personal attacks? That person is here to create trouble, not to comment on drama. Can you delete #545, 546? And #549. To clear the air for us. Or else it may be misunderstood that @admin supports that kind of behavior.

  571. 571 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 11 Eng sub

  572. 572 : sw Says:

    today is gong yoo’s birthday. and in episode which airing tonight, kyung joon also birthday. what a fortuity

  573. 573 : will lin Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Gong yoo. We wish u can get all the happiness in the world. And make more dramas and movies in the future. We will support u anyway we can. By watching your drama and movies make me happy. I hope u can keep your fame and popularity for a
    very long time. I will always cheers and love u. Hey everyone in this site!!! Let’s make a wish for Gong yoo. Thanks for all of u.

  574. 574 : Olinrae31 Says:

    @CVL 539 and @ KDaddict 549

    I totally agree with your line, CVL. She’s own KDaddict a personal apology..

    I think many of us at here will be defend for KDaddict (please don’t feel burdensome, b’coz I can understand how you feel if u got a Label from someone who doesn’t know you at all.. They don’t have Right to judge others..).

    @SW 524

    Thank you for sharing about Gong Yoo interview. That’s such a sweet word from him == > “the girl with beauty inside and always by my side everytime i need”. I wish he will have a girlfriend like he want to be..
    And I wish.. someday I will find My Man who have a GOOD Personality and manner like him.. *pray*

    Happy Birthday Gong Yoo, wishing you the Best in Life and Career..

  575. 575 : nobody Says:

    been listening to shinee’s replay…i think this song suits kyung joon and da ran well…love has no boundary i guess…even in real life…

  576. 576 : nobody Says:

    by the way…really love the umbrella scene (ep 1)…kinda like a hint of sumthing’s gonna happen between them…humming suju sexy, free & single while picturing it….nice… 😉

  577. 577 : Olinrae31 Says:

    Some of Romantic scene and word at Episode 11 :

    KJ get angry when he’s see DR cry after going to Yoon Jae mother.

    KJ : “Is suppressing everything like a fool an adult like thing to do ?”

    DR : “Suppressing things that can’t be done is the adult thing to do.
    If I know something is bad, then the adult thing to do is not to do it.
    It’s childish to do something just because you want to, even if you know it’s wrong.”

    KJ : “Since I’m a child, is it okay for me to do whatever i want ?”
    If you cry one more time, whether you’re ready for it or not,
    I’m going to carry you off and run away ”

    So Sweetttt… ^__^
    Gong Yoo Oppa Jjang…!!

  578. 578 : vega Says:

    the rating got better. Chukkhae~!

  579. 579 : Chenshuthing Says:

    Where will the 12th ep will be uploaded? 🙂 thx:))

  580. 580 : sara Says:

    Ep 11
    One of the best episodes. DR is in love with KJ but suddenly she realize YJ didn’t betray her but now she has erased her and can’t return to him. She is confused, doesn’t know what ‘s what and tries to forget but she can’t. It’s the first time i feel sorry for her. She doesn’t know what to do and her tears breaks my heart. KJ does’t know anything for now. But what will happen if they finally acknowledge their love for each other and KJ returns to his body?

  581. 581 : nobody Says:

    ep 12…dying to know what’s gonna happen next….

  582. 582 : KDaddict Says:

    @Dear Friends,
    I was bitten by a rabid dog. A saying comes to mind: “Dont be bothered by those who judge you without knowing you. Remember, dogs bark at those they dont know.” When sb attacks me for my English, I know sth else is going on with them. They hate my guts but can’t find anything to hang their hat(red) on. I was obviously having too much fun for their comfort. 🙂
    CVL is correct that the lot of us who are above it dont fight low and dirty. That’s why I think website’s @admin should have some base rules about removing trouble-makers. They obstruct our business of being here to enjoy our dramas.

  583. 583 : KDaddict Says:

    All along, I thought KKJ was 19 going on 20. I was rooting for KKJ to end up with whichever girl he loves. Well, that girl is obviously DR. But at the meeting with bank officers, I found out that he was 17 going on 18! I did a double take: 18 is way young to DR’s 25. However, seeing how loving and caring he is towards DR, I think any woman would be lucky to get such a man, whatever his age. Esp when it comes w that GY packaging! 😛

  584. 584 : zashee Says:

    12 12 12 12
    its getting more interesting

  585. 585 : KDaddict Says:

    I regret having been the centre of negative attn in the past week. To thank you for your support and to clear the air, let me offer this clip. It has nothing to do w KD. Just a taste of sth beautiful in the human spirit:


  586. 586 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict So glad to see you here..fighting! Yeah, it’s not so much of the age gap but the age that he is at. 17 – omg, he’s still a teenager and many times, the Hong sisters do not let us forget his age eg him not being able to drink alcohol, him constantly “hiding” in the kiddies’ ward at the hospital and always telling the kids there that he’s a kid too, him telling himself that he should be having fun and doing other stuff etc. So for an ahjumma like me, am not really comfortable with the thought of them together when I think about it sensibly but….there’s a big BUT here..KKJ is so adorable and I cannot help liking him and rooting for him. So there’s this dilemma that we have all gotten ourselves into and like I’ve said before, I have absolutely no clue as to how it will all end. Obviously it’s back to the drawing, the story, the umblical cord, why KKJ came into existence in the first place etc – the answer has to be here somehow 😀
    Btw, the kiss, ah the kiss, GY as always, is such a great kisser and I like how DR initiated and participated too 😀 Is it the norm these days in Kdrama where to make it seem like a hotter kiss, the guys aim for the lower lip instead? Chunnie did the same with JM in their rooftop kiss!

  587. 587 : admin Says:

    @KDaddict (570),

    For your information, we didn’t support anyone in this issue.

    Please send e-mail to us if you still think that we should take some action on this issue.

  588. 588 : gyfan Says:

    i wonder whose lips gy’s been practising his kisses on*awwww*
    he is such a great actor that i find myself to be 16 again…and oh dear…that was over 10yrs ago!
    and…..he can sure do commercial for trainer products coz he definitely have the physique and the way to make running sexy!!

  589. 589 : CVL Says:

    @admin: would you pls delete post #545,546… I feel so dirty just seeing it on this thread; it’s like a virus spreading all over us. I truly appreciate it.

  590. 590 : zashee Says:

    omo omo
    episode 12 was daebak
    the thing that i want to watch badly was come out
    i will repeat the last scene again and again

  591. 591 : will lin Says:

    @zashee what was the scene u want to watch badly for? Bcoz I haven’t watched ep12 until yet. What is that scene? I want to know too.

  592. 592 : will lin Says:

    @zashee I request this because I still haven’t watch ep12 yet. Since my country’s connection is very low, I still can’t download ep11 & ep12 yet. If I am rude to u , I apologize u. Forgive me!!! Thank u.

  593. 593 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict so happy to see you here too!
    @Jennie i can’t stand it when GY as KJ kiss DR .. urrghh.. stomach churning. When that happens I hv to imagine it’s YJ kissing DR!

  594. 594 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 12 Eng sub

  595. 595 : Jennie Says:

    Haha, beggars can’t be choosers. It’s okay as long as the kissing is done inside YJ’s body and not KKY physically himself. Sigh, another long wait to see what happens next. My guess is that KKJ will remain in YJ’s body (easier for everybody to accept, I guess), something like a life for another life, KKJ saving YJ’s life and then now, YJ giving up his soul so that KKJ can live on, just like in Mari’s ominous dream. KKJ ooking at the “light” and then disappearing probably means he is dead but his soul lives on in YJ.

  596. 596 : Margie Says:

    @KDFan, moving on…. apologies for the ruckus… enjoy BIG and Gong Yoo. I know I am…

  597. 597 : nz Says:

    i think i would like repeat the last scene too…
    GY really a good kisser,,,,

    can’t wait for the next episod… ^_^

  598. 598 : kdfan Says:

    thank goodness summer is here. we get to see GY in less clothes showing off his nice bod outdoor. if it wasn’t for GY n his acting skills, the plot is rather thin n slow moving to keep me interested.

  599. 599 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict 585 thanks for sharing the great piece. Ode to Joy is my all time fav bec it was the first classical piece i listened to. I was a young teenager at that time. It started my passion for classical music but the passion got replaced by other new fads. Thanks for rekindling it. Time to dig out all my old CDs.

  600. 600 : sara Says:

    [email protected]
    But we had two years gap so KJ is 20 now not 17. I think they said KJ can legally own the properties when he is 18 and now he is 20. He was 18 when he came to Korea to go to Seoul university, am i right?

  601. 601 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan, Jennie, KDaddict: yes I love the link, a very meaningful little piece. Btw: I’ll be leaving this thread/site for awhile or until YJ awakes. I haven’t seen this week eps cos I just can’t bare watching DR/KY relationship. It’s been dragging for too long now therefore I’m completely lost interest in this show despite how much I like GY and LMJ. not sure how DR will explains to YJ when and if he’ll ever wakes up  As of right now, am not following any drama (dropped I do as well). Let’s hope there will be a drama that suits my taste becomes avail soon. Until the gals….hv fun watching 

  602. 602 : sw Says:

    ep 12 was a best episode, getting better. i almost tearing in the tent scene. how sweet and poor KKJ :((
    i think YJ body get serious sick again, then he need KKJ part of body (i don’t now either), so YJ soul is dead inside KKJ body. i think it’s what miracle pictures mean. that one child save another child, and another child will save the one.

  603. 603 : KDaddict Says:

    Continued from #602:
    Either way Monster Mom ends up with 1 son, the one who doesn’t give a hoot about her! Hee hee hee.

    @kdfan, CVL, Jennie,
    Glad you like it. Vids for Ode to Joy is everywhere. I chose this one cos it shows how ordinary folks come together to make something beautiful!
    If you r staying away till YJ wakes up, it’ll be a short break. Cos I think he’ll wake up soon, like next ep!

    Ep 12:
    I’ve an ill foreboding abt the end:
    YJ’s old disease is faring up. KKJ’s cells may not save him this time. Mari’s dream may also be foreshadowing KKJ’s departure. I think:
    @sw-601 may well be right!

  604. 604 : sw Says:

    hahaha. we’ll see. but i still curious with DNA tes result, it match with YJ’s mom. whether the seeds of YJ’ father and KJ’s mother were inseminated to the YJ’s mother? what it’ll generate the same DNA? or hair in the comb is not YJ’s mom’s, but is YJ’s hair? and also she said “i never see you since you born” when she first visit in hospital. it’s sound she is a woman who give birth. aaaah to many question in my mind haha.

    @will – 527
    i search all about gong yoo from twitter, with type his name in “search coloumn”, sometimes i search in youtube, i search everywhere haha. i’m from indonesia 🙂

  605. 605 : Kuependek Says:

    i wish GDR with YJ’s body but the inner’s KKJ <3 .

  606. 606 : Emily Says:

    Good drama

  607. 607 : Emily Says:

    By the way I like comments # 545 and #546 😀 I’m not their team….I just like it… Can’t help…

    @Emily from admin : This issue already closed. Please don’t raise it again in this thread.

  608. 608 : hny Says:

    I love ep 11 n 12…it’s great show they have fast plot and I could feel the sensation in any part of this show, Goong Yoo is a wonderful men how come his being so perfect for every pose !! I’m crazy for him
    …and when KJ n DR sleep in the tent.. rain fallen in my cheek =_= then their kiss thrill my heart, I will choose them as perfect couple at KD in this year .
    Right now I just enjoy DR n KJ(YJ’s body) relationship… I don’t care about others things in this show…I just want to watch GY whatever he’ll become (KJ/YJ) 😀

  609. 609 : sara Says:

    Ep 12 is very sweet but i’m sure something sad is going to happen. Mari’s dream is scary and like in the fairy tales the prince will wake up after the kiss. I’m sure this kiss is just more than a romantic sweet kiss. In other hand KJ says he doesn’t want to be alone when he wakes up so DR will be there and we can see more sweet moments after the kiss?

    I’m sure this time also, his cells save YJ and it even will be possible that he feels YJ’s pain even in his own body coz he has been in YJ body for a long time. Everything is connected to each other very beautifully. I just want a happy ending with DR and KJ with each other. But it seems a bit difficult.

  610. 610 : Charlie Says:

    Reading each comment, it made me laugh. We talk crazy. Someone who’s not following K drama would think we are a crazy bunch, who are into soul / body switching, time traveling…;)

  611. 611 : usa Says:

    why don’t we save a kiss for daran and kyun joon after he wakes up. i would love to see them kiss even lee min jung is his noona

  612. 612 : kdfan Says:

    @Charlie agree, we do talk crazy about things that are mostly unreal 😀 fun huh, dats y we should remind ourselves all the time that it’s all for fun, don’t be harsh on commentors, don’t take any of this personally ..

  613. 613 : Emily Says:

    Ok..I understand…sorry 🙂

  614. 614 : sakshi bisht Says:

    going crazy abt. dis BIG thing till nw watchd jst 7 ep. but i m so curious wat will happen at the end ..i jst had a feeling dat if gyegjue saved yunjae life than its time for yunjae to repay him by stayin g his soul inside his own body..(i knw dats unjust( but i love gill nd gyeuongjea in younjae body.. goong you u are such a brilliant actor..

    BIG fan from india,..:)

  615. 615 : Clairerosean Says:

    I don’t really mind whether it’s kkj or syj as long as he is in Gong Yoo’s body, I’m 100% satisfied.

    Both lead males have their strengths and positive personalities although in two extreme opposite ways, kkj is aggressive while syj is gentle..

    Anyway, bottomline, surely both of them loves GDR so, no issues.. But I really wish, it will be kkj in syj’s body, it will be the perfect package..

    Looks and hotness of syj and funny personality of kkj… My kind of dream guy!!! 😉 can’t wait for next week’s episodes!!

    Peace to all BIG fans…!!!

  616. 616 : sw Says:

    i hope so, because the man lead is Gong Yoo. so whoever will end up will DR, as long as it’s Gong Yoo is gwaenchana 😀

  617. 617 : will lin Says:

    I’m so excited and waiting for the next episodes. In ep12 the kiss scene is quite good. I’m okay that dr would end with kj or yj bcoz whoever kj or yj is gong yoo. But its a little betray to yj who still doesn’t wake up.But its okay. Gong yoo is so fashionable in this drama. He looks good not only with shirt and pant but also with short pants. I haven’t seen many actors who are look good with short pants. His legs are perfect. He is very charming with every clothes he wore. I always love u gong yoo. Fighting!!!!

  618. 618 : sw Says:

    Gong yoo is very charming when wear white shirt! yes i agree with you, he is fashionable, his style is elegant. i also like his style in coffee prince. always wear shirt and pant. coool!

    i wanna watch his drama “biscuit teacher and star candy”, can anybody give me link to watch? because in dramacrazy the video cannot play.

  619. 619 : will lin Says:

    Yes!! In dramacrazy all the video links of this drama aren’t working. I also want to watch this drama too. I want to want to see the young gong yoo. Yes he Is the most good looking actor with just a black or white shirt and a pant. So can anybody tell where we can watch this drama? Thank u.

  620. 620 : usa-mary Says:

    Is this drama really good? I’m thinking about including another one in my repertoire of kdrama watching! Thanks!

  621. 621 : Lady's Choice Says:

    well maybe they are just pretending that they are not in their own bodies and the truth is,it already happened a year ago.just a funny guess.hehe!

  622. 622 : Boyzmom Says:

    This has to be one of my favorite KDramas ever! Gong Yoo is so cute! I absolutely loved Ep. 12. I also think that KKJ is not going to make it 🙁 I’m afraid that Suzy’s dream was fore-shadowing. As long as KKJ stays in Gong Yoo’s body, I’ll be perfectly happy. But, I can’t help thinking while I’m watching that I would find the drama a little creepy if Gil Da Ran was actually kissing the 18 year old. Ick. But, because he’s in Gong Yoo’s body, I’m fine with it.

  623. 623 : usa Says:

    kissing the 18 kyung joon is fine with me since mari can kiss the doctor yoon jae. i’m getting scare as daran is getting scare for her feeling towards kyung joon. they reall have to build a wall between them.

  624. 624 : kdfan Says:

    @sw & will lin looks like in most sites Biscuit Teacher has been taken down. I can see some episodes in dailymotion.com using its other title Hello My Teacher but it has no Eng subtitles

  625. 625 : park jun hee Says:

    well, i start to interest with this one…. tomorrow i will download it…

  626. 626 : hny Says:

    Hi guys…I really crazy to Gong Yoo n I’m try to watch his other movies too, I want to watch Biscuit Teacher but it’s been taken down… I find his other movie ‘Finding Mr Destiny’.. first eps already makes me lol ! try to watch it too at dramacrazy the cast are familiar to us like the lead women from flower boy ramen shop… !!! interesting

  627. 627 : Shuzzie Says:

    Do you think Kyung Joon will wake up or he’ll die in Yoon Jae’s body?
    I really want the ShinZy couple. I’m rooting for them! 😐 :))

  628. 628 : sw Says:

    aaah it’s so bad i can’t watch biscuit teacher a.k.a hello my teacher. i want it so bad :((
    i’ll try to find the DVD but i doubt it still available since the series is from 2005 and not popular too.
    finding mr.destiny is not a series, it’s a movie.

  629. 629 : will lin Says:

    There is only two weeks to end this drama. But I would like to watch it more. Although it is about to end, the story line is still unpredictable. I think last four episodes will be the most interesting parts of this drama. May be its a tragic ending. Gong yoo I want to see u more. Don’t leave us a long time like coffee prince. I want to see u in more dramas and movies. We’re always supporting u.

  630. 630 : park jun hee Says:

    drama would end but i dont watch yet

  631. 631 : kimchilee Says:

    what!! Episode 12 already and KKJ is still in coma? I was hoping he’d wake up in the middle of the drama and its almost ending. I cant believe it. It would have been more interesting to see JY’s character in KKJ’s body.. sad KKJ only acted for a while.. what a waste of good talent in this drama.. I worry that the ending is going to be like the stupid ending in 49 days. aargh…

    Am now just into episode 5 of this drama..

  632. 632 : Audrey Says:

    i just watched ep 9 and i heard a song i can’t remember the title of! can u guys help me?it’s played in the scene where teacher lee was really drunk after going out with teacher na and she threw a bouquet of flower like in baseball.

  633. 633 : bigobs Says:

    yoon jae is dead..

  634. 634 : hny Says:

    @sw..yap it’s short movie. I think this movie good enough for us who loves Goong Yoo act..here in FMD he so adorable n his kiss scene more Hot !! there’s musical scene and the musical more good than drama ‘The Musical’.

  635. 635 : hny Says:

    try this !!

  636. 636 : sw Says:

    this is link for download hello my teacher http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/torrents.php?search=hello+my+teacher&type=&sub=View+all&sort=

  637. 637 : sw Says:

    or this http://www.indowebster.com/search/hello%20my%20teacher

  638. 638 : will lin Says:

    @sw and @hny!!! Thank u for your sharing. I’m tired of waiting for next episodes. I think the next 4 pisodes will be the most important and interesting parts of the drama. Ha Ha!! I want to watch them now.

  639. 639 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    Is YJ dead?

    I just re-watched Ep. 1 and after the accident, YJ’s heartbeat has stopped and he was pronounced dead. He only “woke up” in the mortuary because KKJ’s soul has entered and taken over his body. KKJ is not “dead” but would not “wake up” because his soul has left his body. So far, there were no signs of YJ’s soul, movement in KKJ’s body was due to KKJ’s soul going back to his own body.

    Wonder how this drama will end.

  640. 640 : kdfan Says:

    I think YJ is dead but I was in denial for 12 eps 🙁

  641. 641 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    If YJ is indeed dead, then KKJ’s soul should remain in YJ’s body for the rest of his life. If his soul is to return to his own body, how would his relationship with DR pan out? I guess non of us would be able accept DR being together with KKJ in his own 18 body. Though it is not doing any justice to both YJ and KKJ real self.

    Am going to watch the live streaming tonite (hopefully the site still works, was able to watch “Ido Ido” and “A Gentleman’s Dignity” real time from this site).

    So sad that “Big” is coming to an end so soon. Even sadder that “Ido Ido” is ending this week 🙁 Boo hoo, all my favourite dramas are ending soon….

  642. 642 : Jennie Says:

    Up to this point in the drama, I doubt if the real YJ will ever wake up. Somehow him coming back alive will only make things worst unless the writers intend for us to have a sad ending ie KKJ returns to his body and YJ dies and since none of us can really accept DR with the young KKJ, so they will both go their separate ways, something none of us want to happen.
    Yep, hope all goes well with live streaming tonight ♪┏(・o・)┛♪

  643. 643 : zawizawibrot Says:

    just one words i will say about this drama ; AMAZING!!!

  644. 644 : kimchilee Says:

    If YJ has been fooling around behind DR’s back while he was alive, then he should die in the end .. anyway, he died, didnt he? his body was inside the mortuary already in the beginning. DR can love the PE teacher.. who is so kind as well (that’s reality). It’s almost end of the drama and still KKJ is in coma.. why is that? frustrating..

    oh. sorry JY fans.. i am speaking out of frustration.. I love JY but the story frustrates me .. it would have been more interesting if KKJ were to come out of the coma and faced JY to see how they can switch body back..

  645. 645 : Jennie Says:

    @kimchilee In case you don’t know in the last couple of episodes, we all realised that we had misunderstood YJ totally. He wasn’t cheating nor fooling around, he genuinely was interested in DR, he rejected what’s her name (the other Dr) totally, he was flying off to see KKJ and not running away etc. So he’s not the bad guy here and that’s why some of the viewers here prefer DR to be with YJ and some prefer her to be with KKJ and there are some who prefer DR to be with KKJ in YJ’s body. The PE teacher is just a sidekick and for him and DR to end up together, whether in drama or reality is really unthinkable, yes, no? I also think that KKJ will remain in a coma until maybe the last two episodes or so because his role is basically to allow Gong Yoo to play a double role here and the story is about DR and Gong Yoo as Yun Jae and GY as KKJ. As a fan such as yourself of Shin Won Ho (aka KKJ), no doubt it’s frustrating but I think that’s just as far as his role can go ie a minor role.

  646. 646 : sw Says:

    i’m tottally agree with @Jennie!

  647. 647 : hny Says:

    waiting for Big next eps….dam crazy !!.. I hope KJ’s soul stay in YJ’s body…it match with the title of this drama, become Big 🙂

  648. 648 : ChulMin Says:

    oh ~~~~~ u crazy at flower boys ramyun shop too !!! i love Cha chi soo & yang eun bi . But now I’m interesting in this drama ♥ gong yoo & gill Da ran .ep 13 i’m waiting 4 it

  649. 649 : will lin Says:

    Me too!!! I agree with @Jennie. We shouldn’t compare shin won ho with Gong yoo. shim won ho is only a newbie. its not i don’t like swh but he need experience. Yay ep 13 is coming very near. I’m very excited

  650. 650 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    Just finished watching ep. 13, feel so sad for YJ…

  651. 651 : kuku Says:

    what happened?

  652. 652 : park jun hee Says:

    start to watch…

  653. 653 : sara Says:

    I just read the quick summary coz i didn’t want to watch without sub. But it seems so sad. I can’t forget KJ’s sad teary eyes – GY is super great here- and i don’t know what should i feel about DR and Mari. For now i hate both of them for hurting KJ. I hope my mind changes after watching it tomorrow. It seems a hard to watch ep though.

  654. 654 : Charlie Says:

    Ep 13:
    How could there be such an evil mom? YJ’s mom by far is the most evil mom I have ever seen in KD.
    Mari, why don’t you get lost.

  655. 655 : Julia Says:

    So guys, please tell me, what happened in ep 13? I only watched until ep 7 here, and all your comments make me love this drama more and more. 🙂
    Could someone tell me what happened in ep. 13? Thx.


  656. 656 : Micc Says:


    Kudos to that!

  657. 657 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13:
    Ep 13 is so difficult to stomach. The first 40 mins. are sweet as can be. But the last 15 mins. are torture.
    When KKJ finds out who his parents are, and why he was born, the ground falls out from under him. We feel sorry for KJ of course, but it is Gong Yoo’s acting, his eyes all reddened w tears he tries to hold back that hit our guts and make us believe that such a fate as KKJ’s is possible, even real.
    I didn’t mind Mari until this ep when she starts to seriously interfere, lie, manipulate and create misunderstanding betwn our OTP. I applauded her dedication to KKJ at the beginning, but why doesn’t she realize that KJ just isn’t into her at all?
    I suppose DR is concerned about both YJ n KKJ’s lives. But I’m not fond of her behavior rt now. How is retreating fr KKJ at this critical moment, when he really needs her, supposed to help things?
    Hope ep 14 will ease KJ’s hurt and our worries a little.

  658. 658 : hny Says:

    that’s the real susie…she push something who not belong to her or doesn’t want to be with her or else..she keep pushing although it will hurt someone else like a selfish person, maybe it’s just behavior in act but I don’t like her.

    after all revealed..I think this is the time for KJ use YJ’s body for his own good..get revenge to selfish mother then erase all loneliness you been trough.. this time to take happiness from YJ then go with DR’s love ..happy ever after 😀

  659. 659 : dsd Says:

    Ghost Ep 13 Eng sub

  660. 660 : Abibuyog Says:

    Gong Yoo’s the only one coming out a clear winner from this show, his acting is superb.
    Truely, the first 45 minutes plus the most sweetest episode 12, will really give you a shivering heart.
    I want to HUG GOng YOO~~ Kang Kyoon Jun for the last 15 minutes, it’s like everyone betrayed him. Daran, all he needed at that moment is for you to hold his hands, please dont let the 10:10 passed away.. Gong Yoo deserves all the love.
    It’s sad that 3 episodes left, Gong Yoo please dont let us wait for 5 years again, please do another series and visit us here in the Philippines.

    If only giving a chance, I’d like to go to Korea and visit you. Am I dreaming, but nothing is impossible right?? ajah!! 10:10 Fighting!!!

    Lots of love Gong Yoo.. mhua mhua tsup tsup.. haha.

  661. 661 : Charlie Says:

    To punish the evil mom, I think YJ should die.
    But Of cause KD can’t have such ending.
    In the end, KJ will save YJ, Maybe KJ’s body will disappear and KJ will live in YJ forever, with DR. And YJ’s mom will know he is not her YJ anymore.

  662. 662 : clairerosean Says:

    visit http://www.guzzylady.com or subscribe to guzzylady or DramaKrzy in Youtube.. then you will be able to watch full BIG Episodes in English Subs… these two are so kind enough for putting their efforts posting our fav show..

    anyway.. regarding EP 13, i’m totally heart broken! All of the characters were hurting too i guess:

    GDR for being torn between two guys she happened to fall for (of course she cannot choose one against the other, and for what she did – pushing away KKJ doesn’t mean she likes SYJ more but because by doing that, the only ‘body’ that is connecting the 2 guys will be saved, besides KKJ & SYJ are brothers after all.. although they didnt grew up together, it will be awesome for them to at least get to know each other and it will only happen if both of them are ‘alive’..

    KKJ is hurting because, knowing his ‘mom’ is actually not his ‘mom’.. then thinking that GDR ‘doesn’t love’ him.. and lastly, feeling that his exsistence is ‘purely’ because of SYJ’s physical health condition… (poor child)

    Ma Ri is also hurting because KKJ fell inlove to GDR (but that doesn’t mean i can forgive her for lying to KKJ that GDR knew ‘all along’ the secret about his dad.. (GDR just knew it – almost same time as KKJ found it out!! Darn little liar… she implied like GDR knew about for a long time and that’s very mean!!)

    I love the hospital scenes as well: the scene with KKJ (SYJ), Rabbit and Teddy Bear were so heart warming and sad… 🙁 also when KKJ heard about SYJ’s mom and the bitchy lady doctor talking.. it was so sadddddd….

    anyway, still needed to wait for EP 14..

    Hong Sisters, pleaseeeeeee…… make a happy ending… a very happy and cute ending..!! Pleeeeaaaassseee!

    Peace to all ‘BIG’ lovers!

  663. 663 : Charlie Says:

    The most sweet moment in ep 13 is the 10:10 – DR thinking KJ time, but for DR, every time when she looks at her watch, it is 10:10 to her. I think this is very original. It’s a little too naive for me, but I still like the concept.

    The most evil moment is the evil mom wanted to draw blood from her in comma younger son to save her beloved old son. A son is a son, even you didn’t carry him for 9 months, but he’s carrying your genes. How can a mom be so cruel? That’s beyond my understand.

  664. 664 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 14:
    I’m afraid there is no reprieve for KKJ or for us in ep 14. There is just more heartbreak, more misunderstanding, more noble idiocy of doing what they think is good for the other.

    Big cliffhanger at the end of ep 14: Is that KKJ or YJ who is waking up in that Gong Yoo body?
    I think it is YJ.

    The two kids are soo cute, esp. the little boy. Such good acting too.

  665. 665 : sara Says:

    Really, i want to punch everyone-expect KJ- specially Mari and DR in the face. Hong sisters’ female leads have always been strong and loveable but DR is really stupid and hateful. She even can’t decide, can’t say the truth, can’t fight with Mari and i wonder why she hasn’t change a bit through the drama. Mari is just a spoiled brat who only thinks about herself and why she can’t understand KJ doesn’t like her. I didn’t hate her till this ep but now i hate her. She even promised KJ to not lie again. Someone tells me why YJ’s mom is so evil? Why she doesn’t like her own son? There must be a reason. I can’t get.

    What a relief, someone like KJ is in the drama and i’m more thankful that GY is playing this role. He is the only sweet thing in this drama.

  666. 666 : sw Says:

    i agree with @KDaddict, i think he is YJ who is waking up. he look old and different. gong yoo really can portray caracter even without speaking. it’s really good. very corious with the ending 🙂

  667. 667 : Carey Yu Stone Says:

    Hey I just want to ask. Is it true that this Kdrama has 20 episodes. Some admin of pages in faceboook confirmed it. Pls do message me in my facebook account if you know the answer (CAREY YU STONE)

  668. 668 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    I think it is still KKJ; YJ died after the accident. All this while there was no YJ soul. If their souls had switched, KKJ would have woken up.

    I read comments that in Ep. 14, YJ’s mum said that YJ and KKJ are twins?

  669. 669 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    YJ’s mum probably went for fertility treatment and YJ and KKJ were conceived at the same time, but they chose to freeze one of the embryo (KKJ) and only gave birth to YJ first.

  670. 670 : Julia Says:

    @KDaddict, thank you so much for the explanation for ep. 13, and thanks to the other members. Now I kind of understand a bit. 🙂
    I thought BIG only has 16 eps. Now becoming 20?? Really? Cool if yes.

  671. 671 : dsd Says:

    Ghost Ep 14 Eng sub

  672. 672 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13-14:
    I actually don’t understand DR’s flip flop in ep 13. She finally confirmed her feelings in that sweet kiss. Then becos Mari manipulated her into meeting KKJ’s father, who turns out to be YJ’s father, and becos Mari gives her back the ring, she decides to turn her back on KKJ again. I don’t follow the logic of it, Except that it is taboo in Korea to love one brother and then another. That shouldn’t be enough of a deterrent tho, becos they can go to the U.S. together, leaving behind Asian ethics, right?

    Ep 14:
    Ep 14 is even more confusing. I feel that the writing is all over the place.
    KKJ is mad at DR, becos she comes across as just wanting KKJ to save YJ. Who can blame him? He says he wants to go to Germany to get treatment. His father is supposed to carry blood gotten fr KKJ to go meet YJ’s body in Germany for treatment to take place. Does that make sense to anybody??
    Then Mari alerts DR to KKJ’s intention to run away. DR appears at the airport to tell KKJ that he must stick around to save YJ, that the parents r remorseful over what they did to KKJ, that she loves him n will live unhappily for the rest of her life! WTH? I’m pretty willing to suspend disbelief and go w the flow when watching KDs, but the logic of her behavior escapes me.
    DR, why not say: Pls stick around to save yourself, if YJ’s body dies, your soul will also be in danger. Save both of you, so that you’ll live on and we can be together n have a bright future, n have kids like Teddy Bear and Rabbit?
    The last 10 mins, is even more baffling:
    The writers r shuffling an idea down our throats, which is that the min. the blood transfer takes place, their souls will switch back! They r preparing the audience for when that happens. But how the hell can anyone inside the show (the chars) know this? It’s not exactly general knowledge, right?
    Don’t get me wrong, I loved this show up to the last 15 mins. of ep 13, and I really really love Gong Yoo, n think that his acting can’t be topped. I hope he gets all kinds of awards for this.
    Plot-wise, I sort of expected better from the Hong sisters.

  673. 673 : zashee Says:


  674. 674 : KDaddict Says:

    U r welcome. We come here to share our love and joy in watching KD, n sometimes our puzzlement n frustration too. 😉

    In ep 14:
    Oh, one more thing: Witch-mom explains that YJ n KKJ came from two eggs harvested from her (at the same time). One was fertilized first, in vitro, i.e. became a test-tube baby. That egg n baby became YJ. The other egg was kept in waiting, to be fertilized later. So their fates could have been reversed, if the other egg, which became KKJ, was taken to be fertilized 1st instead. The pt of that confession is that the boys’ fates have been intertwined from the very beginning, that one is the other, n vice versa.
    At the end of ep 14:
    When GY wakes up, u can see him giving his surroundings a good look-around, as if he hasn’t seen him for a while. That makes me think it is YJ waking up in his own body, unless the show is deliberately jerking us around.

    On a lighter note:
    KKJ is in the airport, walking away from Mari. M calls DR to come n stop KKJ fr disappearing. DR gets there abracadabra! She arrives b4 KKJ goes 20 ft! Amazing how that can happen, n always does in KDs!
    KKJ looks at his Boarding pass. It says: LA. He is supposed to be flying to Germany. And in airline lingo, LA is always LAX. Hee.
    20 eps? Heard the rumor. Haven’t seem any confirmation hitherto.

  675. 675 : yodrama.com Says:

    Watch B

  676. 676 : kdfan Says:

    Except for Gongyoo and some funnies, I rarely enjoy this drama since the beginning. I think it’s bec I hv never rooted for DR ending up with KJ in either bodies and bec of this, I couldn’t connect with ep 13 at all. Since part of the joy of watching a drama is to hv the leads hv a happy ending, I hv not seen this possibility available for DR from ep 1. It was a boring character to start with, and after 14 eps I find her pitiful. She went from blindly in love to wondering if she was really loved. Then she suffered from YJ ‘dying’, pinning for him, covering for him for his lost soul, spent a couple of eps falling out of love with him and falling in love with KJ, then losing KJ. Nobody wants anybody to die, so if the souls swap back and KJ wakes up, DR can’t possibly end up with either brother. For what I ask for what. Give DR a break, it is she who needs a miracle in the last 2 hours left.

  677. 677 : zashee Says:

    i’m curious what happened next in the episode 15
    who do you think friends? is he still KKJ or YJ?

  678. 678 : hny Says:

    agree wth @ SeGa_Fan-668
    I think it’s still KKJ soul coz YJ’s soul never exist since the accident..only KJ’s soul who switching to their body but I dont know if the writer have other explanations ?!!!
    I think the title of book whose made by YJ’s father and KJ’s birth mother
    must change to be ‘Miracle brings a misery’.. they met did not brings happiness, but suffering more to one of them..
    that’s why in a real life ppl say ” don’t play as a GOD “.
    life wasn’t a gift from human, no one can predict the fate…

    Goong Yoo is the only one in my screen in this eps.!!! love him muaccccccccch

  679. 679 : sw Says:

    i’m very confuse about ep 14. YJ parents said KJ and YJ are fraternal twins? and the age gap is wasn’t 12 years. how come?? i don’t get it with that. can anybody explain it?

    and when in the airpot, i don’t get it what da ran said. but in the end she said that she love kang kyun joon right?
    i agree, da ran should say like @KDaddict said. the dialoge in the airpot is not touching and make me confuse with the meaning.

  680. 680 : sw Says:

    but the saddest moment is when KKJ tell da ran “i’m going to act as if everything i went through after the accident never happened. gil daran you should too, promise”, he said happily and tell DR don’t be sad but then he cries :'(((

  681. 681 : sara Says:

    Angst, noble idiocy and i-love-you-but we-aren’t-meant-for-each other concept which i really can’t stand in a drama i ‘m crazily in love with the male lead. It’s Hong sister’s style to separate their OTP in ep 14 and it is mostly along with angst. But here it is too much. We haven’t had that many sweet love moments between our OTP and the girl never clearly has showen her love. So making KJ who is the most innocent and loveliest one in this drama to go trough such a painful process is really cruel. You are really playing with our hearts H.sisters.

    Now, i want YJ and KJ to return to their bodies. For now i ‘m not sure DR’s love is purely for KJ or a part of it, is in result of him being in her long loved fiance’s body. DR is always confused and never shows us she just loves KJ. I wanted a scene like she goes to hospital and stares at KJ’s body with affection or imagines herself with him in his own body but we didn’t see such scenes. So KJ must be back and DR has to fight for him to show us she loves KJ in his own body, otherwise i’d get soooooooooooo angry. I miss KJ’s body and considering the first episode the chemistry between LMJ and Shin was good.

    It seems YJ is back. His eyes were like “where am i? what’s happening here”. KJ’s eyes aren’t like that.

  682. 682 : will lin Says:

    Yes!! As u all said gong yoo is the best in this drama. His acting are the best in this drama. He is so sexy and cute in almost every scene. He should get many awards from kbs by his acting. Oh God!!! I’m crazy for him ha ha ha!! The only thing I think weak is its story line. Its too confusing and pretty boring in some episodes. But I’m a big fan of big. I saw the photos of gong yoo and the kids from his hospital in some sites. They are very adorable. Gong yoo u make our heart melt. You can be a good husband and father. Hey I found that lee min jung is not very suited to her character. I know her acting is good. But she’s not very suited to gdr. lmj is a goddess of beauty. But gdr role is very innocent and idiotic. I only sense lee min jung’s innocence when she is smiling and crying .Hey don’t get me wrong. I’m also a fan of lee min jung and also love her. I just discuss my thoughts. Please discuss my thoughts. Please don’t hate me.

  683. 683 : Jennie Says:

    I actually enjoyed Ep 14 cos I found it so touching and GY’s acting, as usual so awesome. Mari, I think wasn’t as bad because although it wasn’t right for her to lie in Episode 13, she kind of redeemed herself in Episode 14 because unlike GDR, she was steadfast in her affections for KKJ and she genuinely cared for him. Look at how fast she reacted (running to check on KKJ) in the last scene when she heard that YJ collapsed!! Lots of moral implications on man trying to play God but in Episode 14, from a woman’s point of view, and being realistic here, I understand where the “evil” mum was coming from when she revealed that she couldn’t love KKJ because he came from her husband’s true love”s womb. Of course she’s selfish and mean but …she’s a mother too to YJ and she loves him without conditions. As for GDR, she’s an idiot, but in a cute way and in her own way, she did what she thought best in order to save KKJ, even in YJ’s body, just as I believe Mari would also let YJ be if it means that this is the only way that KKJ can survive. I also believe that the one in the last scene is KKJ in YJ’s body, and YJ’s soul has somehow gone to save another child’s life – one of the kids, meaning YJ or rather KKJ, physically is dead.

  684. 684 : Dianne Says:

    Gong Yoo acting in this drama is superb. he is so talented.

  685. 685 : KDaddict Says:

    I think the writers need to get their heads examined. The whole premise is iffy at best to begin w.
    OK, let’s say we all started out buying the soul switch thingy. Next KKJ falls for Gil Teacher big time. Come to think of it, we might readily understand a high school boy’s crush on a teacher, but true love, urh…… I know, I know, true love needs no reason. The strength n dedication in that love leaves a credibility gap that I’m willing to overlook when everything else is going smoothly. For much of the show, DR falls in love w Cutie Pie, feels too guilty to show it, then can’t help showing it, ending w the kiss. That much I’m on board with. The show loses me at the end of ep 13:
    Poor KKJ is in so much pain over finding out the secrets of his birth. GDR chooses that moment to pretend to have only cared abt him so as to get him to save YJ! That’s not adding salt, but cyanide, to injury. Worse, I have no idea why she has to do that! Do you?

    As kdfan says, GDR is indeed not a well-written char. She is a simpleton, with little idea of what is going on around her, be it regarding YJ or Mari. To be played by a girl, a rival in love who is 8 years younger, is just pathetic. However, I feel that Lee MJ is giving it her all. It isn’t her fault that her char is an idiot.
    At this pt, I almost feel that whoever is waking up in GY’s body is a random fancy of the writers’.

    I started out so giddy w excitement over the current 3 rom-coms. 2 out of 3 have failed me plot-wise twds the end. AGD is just too simple a story, w too little progress, to be engrossing. When their runs r over, I for one need to take a break, n get my head examined, along w the Hong sisters’. 😉

  686. 686 : nania Says:

    didn’t like to see KKJ crying to leave and forgetting gil da ran.. hiks, this drama almost ended … aahhh :((. I think this is best drama and Gong Yoo is really the best best besttttt actor, you’re Star!!^^v

  687. 687 : Charlie Says:

    I think the one waking up in YJ’s body at end of ep 14 is still KJ.

  688. 688 : mitch Says:

    …uffffs i’m soooo excited and thrilled for the nx ep.. i like the idea of the writer that when they switched back to their bodies, KKJ will forget everything.. but how about GDR? again, history repeat itself? she will sacrifice for the sake of YJ just like KKJ mom’s did? OMG.. i don’t know what to say but i think there’s a big big twist in the end.. KKJ character suits very well in YJ body but i think it’s not proper and inappropriate if KKJ itself will still act and cling to GDR.. hehe
    .. please give us a good ending and a memorable one.. keep it up!

  689. 689 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    @sw – #679

    yes, it was said that YJ and KKJ are fraternal twins (I have not watched the ep. though). But read it from some other sites. YJ’s mum prob went for fertility treatment, and both YJ and KKJ were conceived together, but they choose to freeze one of the embryo (which is KKJ) and when YJ became sick, and needed a sibling’s stem cell, KKJ came into the pic. But for some reason, YJ’s mum couldn’t a baby,thus they had to “borrow” his dad’s lover’s womb.

  690. 690 : clairerosean Says:

    All i can say is that as long i find a series interesting either it is silly, immature, funny or (sometimes a bit sad), i’ll still watch it.. anyway, the reason why i am watching these series is to pass time and be entertained, i don’t need those depth thingy or something, besides im not a pro critic who can analyze the the show’s integrity just because it is not going to the plot i wished it should be directed..

    although me personally, i always wanted a show either a movie or a drama series ends happily.. so i only hope for both of my favorites so far (BIG and AGD) is… please to end happily.. happily means, main charaters end up with each other… 🙂 yaaaay so sweet!!

    peace to all!!

  691. 691 : sw Says:

    thankyou SeGa_Fan, It means that one embryo was taken from his mother’s womb? and freeze it? it’s really make me confuse. i think KKJ was made after YJ sick, but actually KKJ and YJ were fraternal twins. unpredictable!

  692. 692 : SeGa_Fan Says:


    Yes it is unpredictable…though actually I don’t how much twist them being fraternal twins had added to the plot.

    Anyway, here’s a link to an article about a pair of twins who were born five years apart :


  693. 693 : sw Says:

    whoaaaaa i search articel about those method (twins who were born several years apart), because i’m very corious but i didn’t find. thank you for your info 😀

  694. 694 : Jennie Says:

    @clairerosean Yeah me too, sometimes haha. Most of the time, I just want to enjoy the drama without thinking too much as long as it’s within its limits without being too ridiculous. Agree, too much criticism sometimes takes away the enjoyment. I think what’s most important is what you think and like. I do that most of the time, just watch what I like, and disregard all the criticism, if any. I like both Big and AGD too. Peace 😀

  695. 695 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    @ sw

    No problem 🙂

  696. 696 : nicole Says:

    The Cupples That I Want to End up Together:
    Kang Kyung Joon and Gil Da Ran
    Gil Choong Sik and Jang Ma Ri
    Na Hyo Sang and Lee ae Kyung
    Seo Yoon Jae and Lee Se Young
    Kim Yeong Ok and Kang Hyuk Soo

  697. 697 : KDaddict Says:

    We certainly watch KD for enjoyment. I don’t think anyone is watching for school credit or financial gain. 😉 It doesn’t mean we have to swallow everything line, hook and sinker. We notice it when something is jarring, and say so. On a lot of other sites, viewers exchange views, n the exchange adds to the enjoyment. Just becos we r puzzled and voice it doesn’t mean there is ill-will towards the show or its lovers. Perhaps this is evolving into a website that only Raves r allowed.
    If anyone understands why GDR feels compelled to tell KKJ that she has only been sticking around w him becos she wants him to save YJ, please explain it. I for one am clueless.

  698. 698 : GIna Says:


  699. 699 : biebarzerdi Says:

    korean series/drama really knows how to make a story more interesting and more confusing that can make you say “urgghh >.< i need to know what will happen next?? who will be together in the end?? will the last episode be great? and will make you say the series is great !! " 😀 and the best thing that every korean drama you watch.. you will learned something new from it. hehe 🙂

  700. 700 : biebarzerdi Says:

    i mean you will learn something new from it.. 🙂

  701. 701 : just_jdg Says:

    @jeNNie and @claireroseaN

    I aGree with yOu both… BIG & AGD is tHe best..!! I also wAtCh korean draMas becAuse i want to be entertained, if the show is getting harder to swaLLow, i’ll juSt stop watching it then find another tHat is beTTer.

  702. 702 : uggie Says:

    Yess…GONG YOO its amazing !!!!! I like….!!!!!!!!!!

  703. 703 : sara Says:

    I want him to be YJ. Coz DR has to prove she loves KJ in his own body too. But i guess he is not YJ.

    My prediction is: He is KJ and he remembers everything but his life is still in danger or he can somehow save YJ. So he pretends to be YJ.

    I love if: It will be very interesting if KJ wakes up in his own body and this time YJ can make up for all the suffering he has been through his whole life. What do you think?

    But logically: GY is the lead and the hero is KJ. Therefore, if Shin as KJ ever wakes up in this drama, it will be in 10 last minutes of ep 16. We might end up with another rainy day and umbrella taking scene.

  704. 704 : may Says:

    i m really amaized by this drama it is the best it is very smart this time the hong sisters did the best of the best!! i mean usually people don t like love stories btw teacher and studnt and don t like the idean of changing bodies like this so the hong sister bascilly did a little trick wish is having an old 30 old man to be treated as an 18 years old studnt falling for his teacher so they kinda did a visual trick to make people swallow the story i like it it s really original and smart i really digg it!!

  705. 705 : may Says:

    idea* wich* sorry for the orthog faults still working on it xD

  706. 706 : park jun hee Says:

    OMG…. really good drama. i just finish watch ep 4. it so good… ^^

  707. 707 : park jun hee Says:

    im dissapointed, why i dont thought watch big, but decided to watch bored drama like dr jin^^^ huhuhu

  708. 708 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    Just finished watching Ep 16 with subtitles. The one that woke up should be KKJ, noticed his sleeping posture – the position he lied down while in the tent at the campsite (in the previous episode, Ep 12, I think) is exactly the same position that “YJ” woke up from in the last scene of Ep 16.

  709. 709 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    Sorry…should last scene of Ep 14 not 16.

  710. 710 : tc Says:

    Did not quite like last part of ep 13 and 14 – no doubt there were a lot of revelations about the backstory of KY’s parentage and his birth .Just don’t understand DR’s behavior of wearing back YJ’s ring and rejecting KY when she obviously love KY. Just felt that the reunion scene at the airport could have been better ending with a hug between them instead of just standing apart.

    Gong Yoo’s acting is awesome especially his crying scenes- I can really feel for him, his heartbreak when he knows the truth behind his birth and DR’s change of heart to put YJ’s first instead of him. I also think the person that woke up at the end of ep 14 was still KY juggling by the way he lied down as pointed out by Sega-Fan.

  711. 711 : park jun hee Says:

    whuu… i surprized when you say finish ep 16….

  712. 712 : meili Says:

    anybody know, why this title drama called BIG???

  713. 713 : clairerosean Says:


    totally agree with you..

    geez, irony of Monday and Tuesday is: we’d finally know what’s gonna happen but on the other hand, the show has to end as well.. which is quite sad coz surely, i’m gonna miss BIG a lot… 🙁

  714. 714 : rona Says:

    look forward to see this drama!!!..love Gong Yoo..

  715. 715 : sara Says:

    It’s related to KJ ‘s growing body and mind. Real KJ played by Shin is thinner and smaller than KJ in YJ’s body played by GY. So his body is big now. In the other hand, although KJ is too mature for his age but all the suffering he is going trough makes him big in mind too. Big is a pun for him getting more mature mentally and physically. Specially when he could been the older brother.

  716. 716 : sara Says:

    Yeah, such a sad irony. I’m gonna miss it too. It was wonderful.

  717. 717 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    @ park jun hee

    Ha…typed too fast and was concurrently watching Ep. 16 of “I Do I Do”, thus Ep 16 just came as I was typing that line.

    The synopsis of Ep 15 is out. It’s KKJ that woke up but pretended to have loat his memory.

  718. 718 : Arvie Rex Says:

    tsk tsk Hong Sisters did not make it BIG this time wit BIG, Feel sorry for Hallyu star Gong Yo.

  719. 719 : will lin Says:

    Hey!! I want to ask u a question. I saw someone posted(sorry I didn’t remember the name) that Big is airing in some Asian countries. I want to know which countries are airing Big now? Bcoz my country isn’t airing Big until now. In this drams gong yoo showed the perfect acting skill and extreme hotness. I love him crazily. I noticed that his English pronunciation is quite good. Most of the Koreans actors and actresses’ English pronunciation is terrible. But he is quite good in this. There are only two episodes to end. So sad!!! Gong yoo will u leave us for five years again? Don’t do like this ha ha ha!!! Now I am waiting for next Monday like a fool. Love Big!!! Love gong yoo!!!

  720. 720 : meili Says:

    wait wait…. who is hong sister??? i often heard that name anywhere. in rooftp prince too..

  721. 721 : sara Says:

    Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran (Hong Sisters). Two famous and hit maker writers with a unique story telling style.
    1.Sassy girl, Chun Hyang
    2.My girl
    3.Fantasy couple
    4.Hong Gil Dong
    5.You are beautiful
    6.My girlfreind is a Gumiho
    7.Best love

    These are their famous dramas. But as far as i know they don’t have anything to do with Rooftop prince.

  722. 722 : sara Says:

    @Arvie Rex
    I don’t agree. I think BIG is like a new discovery of GY for lots of people, for example me. Ratings are just some numbers for advertisers and can’t determine the quality of a drama. We have seen some meaningless dramas with high ratings and some great dramas with low ratings. Big is the latter one and GY has shown his great acting skills in this drama. I believe Hong sisters can show us a new side of the actors with their writing style and ability in creating the characters. Hong sisters + great actors like GY= Magic and crazy love for the character. As how most of us feel about KJ.

  723. 723 : natd (natasya) Says:

    big the best ..kang geungjung ..handsome

  724. 724 : Hyumi Says:

    aigooo this is preview to episode 15 and it made me cryy like a baby! I can´t wait for the episode!

  725. 725 : Arvie Rex Says:

    @Sarah TV Ratings in Korea are VERY IMPORTANT. Simply as that. Perhaps Big may be popular to some asian countries but in terms of giving awards by KBS2, it will be too impossible to happen for Gong Yoo since this was his comeback TV drama project.

    Lets see if Baeksang Awards will recognize Gong Yoo’s performance here but believe it or don’t, he will not be even be nominated.

    And what i am saying about Big as not Big Successful is from all Hong Sister dramas

    1.Sassy girl, Chun Hyang
    2.My girl
    3.Fantasy couple
    4.Hong Gil Dong
    5.You are beautiful
    6.My girlfreind is a Gumiho
    7.Best love
    8.BIG got the lowest TV Ratings EVER!

    I don’t wanna drag about how this b d this drama due to low ratings because i found this drama actually good (rate it 7/10), what i am concerned is the come back of Gong Yoo.

  726. 726 : sheep Says:

    omg.. wth! KKJ body is crying at ep 15! Look the preview!

  727. 727 : salo0om Says:

    i am so intrested to the ending i want to know if the body wil come back or not can’t wait

  728. 728 : sara Says:

    @Arvie Rex
    I know ratings are important in Korea. I agree with you regarding this. But you know i really can’t accept awards system in Korea. As you said they mostly consider the popularity and ratings of the drama for even nominating an actor. Some of them use netizens votes for choosing the winner and netizens do all the tricks to make their fave actor win. So such awards are practically invaluable. GY is ten fold better than KSH in this drama. And Big is much better than METS. It’s very ridiculous but i’m sure KBS best scenario awards goes to “My husband got a family”. But really none of these can’t downplay GY’s great performance in this drama.

  729. 729 : may Says:

    this drama is awesome and GY’s acting just amaizes me he is really talented born to be an actor unforatually this drama have low rating i thought it would be a success it’s really fun and smart if u just think for a sec why did the hong sis made it this way? why? u will find out that this time they really nailed it! korean usually don’t like older noonas and people are fed up from switching bodies and everything so what this two sisters do is a visual trick and GY just made it awesome u see we are looking at a 30yo man (not a 18yo) who is acting like a 18yo they did tht so the drama don’t loose it comedy cuz no matter what the drama is funny and cool it will be awkward to see too persons with a huge gap btw them falling for each other that’s why i admire the hongs they are awesome! and smart they know how to make a perfect flawless drama

  730. 730 : Meli Says:

    I wanna know 4 real how many episodes would be! beacuse one website says that it would be 18 and 17…..how manyy??

  731. 731 : clairerosean Says:

    @SARA (and to anyone who likes GY)

    this link is for you….


    peace to all!! 🙂

  732. 732 : Julia Says:

    Can’t wait for tonight!

  733. 733 : sara Says:

    Thank you for the link. Great.

  734. 734 : will lin Says:

    Yes!!! I agree with @sara. Ratings aren’t important for us. But i don’t mean ratings aren’t important at all. They are important in korea. But for us they are no matter. For exaple the ratings of Love rain are even lower than Big in korea. But it is quite popular in another asian countries. So we see that every popular drama doesn’t always get good ratings. So we just have to ignore the ratings and enjoy the drama. Episodes 15 will be aired tonight. I’m very excited. Thank u @clairerosean for the link u mentioned. I downloaded it and listened it. Gong yoo’s voice is very sweet and I like it. I saw this song went on top ten of many music charts and I feel happy for gong yoo. Cheer up gong yoo!!! We are always cheering u. Peace to all!!!

  735. 735 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 15:
    It is KKJ who wakes up in YJ’s body still!

    At the end of ep 15,
    while KKJ is trying to give her a way out by saying in front of both ets of parents, Mari n DR’s brother, that KKJ doesn’t exist, GDR finally declares in front of them all that she loves KKJ!
    I have n idea why it has taken so long, but I’m glad we finally make it to this point.

    Gong Yoo–I vote for him as the cutest grown man in S Korea!

  736. 736 : KDaddict Says:

    KKJ’s own body finally stirs. It is showing signs of coming out of its comatose state. We’ll get to see Shin for a little while in tomorrow night’s finale ep.
    I wonder if he gets paid his normal salary by lying there thru the whole series! It’d have been nice to able see more of him. Too bad.

  737. 737 : meili Says:

    yeahhh… i agree with youuu…. i really dissapointed when netizens usually support a drama that they like most. for example, i think love rain is not to amazing. big or rooftop prince is better than love rain,. but, because love rain has a lot fans who ready to support their favorite actor (JGS) n yoona… of course love rain always win the polling. its so terrible. i dont want to look love rsin won in koreandrama.org awards this year….

  738. 738 : meili Says:

    ouch your name almost as same as to me…. exactly eps of big is 16. not 17 or 18

  739. 739 : meili Says:

    wait wait wait…. why kyung joon uncle (kang hyuk soo) include the main cast??? i think his role just cameo… why doesnt gil choo sik did?

  740. 740 : zashee Says:

    in my opinion, episode 15 was too slow and bit disappointing,some problems have not revealed yet, i think the last two episodes should be make the audience feel pleasant with much more romantic scene between gong yoo and LMJ

  741. 741 : 240712 Says:

    agree with Love Rain won based on popularity of the 2 main casts….and i think its pretty too much after 1 romantic drama to another.. back to back..thats why its hurting BIG…but…i must say those who looks into deeper meaning of love which is to love & to protect will understand the emotions that BIG carries throughout the series…i love it becoz i know love is not just having someone to call a bf/gf/husb/wife..love requires respect and the dire need to protect each other even it means letting yourself taking that slipper thrown at your love,annoyed at a parent who’s trying to protect son in law more than their own,even the pushed trolley from strangers…those were some of my favorite scenes which to me…if you are looking for real meaning of love…that shall sums it all up.im gonna miss this drama…

  742. 742 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s a Spoiler if you don’t want to know…..

    In Ep 15:
    KKJ deliberately comes back from the brink to help DR forget him n to adjust to a life without him, so that she can return to being YJ’s fiancee/wife. It is a process that is frustrating as hell for the both of them, so it is frustrating for us to watch. Tho KKJ means well, it is an impossible proposition to begin with. How can DR possibly live her life with YJ when he returns as if nothing has happened in the interim, when KKJ disappears fr her sight forever?

    I see hope n light at the end of the tunnel:

    At the end of ep 17, I thought I saw signs of YJ’s soul stirring inside KKJ’s body. Upon a closer look, it is more likely that YJ is flatlining, i.e. dying. The monitor shows his heartbeat at 110; systolic blood pr at 97, and diastolic pr at 33. That is clearly dangerous.

    The beginning of ep 17 shows YJ as waiting for KKJ at the bottom of the lake, for KKJ to find his parents, n to find love. The minute KKJ says if he shakes hand w YJ then, somebody will suffer misfortune, meaning DR, YJ puts down his hand. YJ is giving KKJ more time as KKJ requests. So the minute DR affirms his love for KKJ in front of the parents, perhaps YJ knows that his waiting is over– he has a chance to repay KKJ, for saving his life 12 years ago, by checking out from KKJ’s body, so that KKJ’s soul can reside in YJ’s body to go on living a happy life with DR n the parents who owe him so much. Maybe That is the 2nd part of the miracle, in which one child saves the other, and the one who is saved turns around n saves the first child. I think that’s what it is.

    We’ll find out tonight.

  743. 743 : kimchilee Says:

    wat! I cannot imagine JY dying and DR loves KKJ-a teenager..eeuuu.. I also dont like DR’s character here.. she’s so wishy washy.. and a simpleton.. she is a teacher for god’s sake.. why the writers make her so stupid and weak..what a waste of good talent for her.. she is so pretty.

  744. 744 : janice Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh one more eps againnnnnn

  745. 745 : janice Says:

    still download ep 15 🙂

  746. 746 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 15 Eng sub

  747. 747 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 15 Eng sub

  748. 748 : Lciel Says:

    i hope it wont end i love the acting of GY and Lee min jung….
    and because of lee min jung personality in the drama i want to find a girl just like her, or even just like her in personal life fighting lee min jung! 내가 당신을 사랑 =)

  749. 749 : park jun hee Says:

    hey did u have soft sub of ep 15? plis give the link. i have the file video, but not with the sub

  750. 750 : park jun hee Says:

    anybody had soft sub ep 15??? plis give the link here…

  751. 751 : hny Says:

    hoooooooooooooyyy….a sadness episode ever after…so many tears !!! why why this only 16 eps…not enough to watch Goong Yoo n Da ran loves…more plz !!

  752. 752 : park jun hee Says:

    actually, i ever heard that this drama previously would made 18 eps. but yesterday the home production announced in the website to cancel make it until 18 eps, but just 16 eps….

  753. 753 : hny Says:

    @park jun hee

    I think Goong Yoo payment is really Big..That’s why No more eps 😉

  754. 754 : sara Says:

    I really really love your comment and appreciate for writing it so beautiful. I exactly think the same about love. Excellent idea.

  755. 755 : samacha Says:


  756. 756 : sw Says:


  757. 757 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 16, Finale:

    Strange ending.
    All that build-up with the fluctuating readings on the heart monitor in the hospital room doesn’t get used.
    All the talk of them swapping back, and the concomitant “necessary” loss of memory dont surface in this final ep.
    It just ended in what feels to me like a big cope out. KKJ goes to Germany in YJ’s body. 1 year later he is back, with his memory intact. So the two of them are together. That’s fine. That’t the main thing we care about.
    As for the plot, well, it just flies away, with the birds………

  758. 758 : haku Says:

    i want more as kkj, da ran… just hanging… more222222222

  759. 759 : fenanda Says:

    wow… this film is end with Kyung Joon – Da Ran! and Kyung Joon seem like his fraternal twins after 1 year -.-

  760. 760 : enkchoow Says:

    oh my God. I don’t give a damn if Da Ran will be ended up with KKJ as long as its Goong Yoo. I think it will be weird if Da Ran and Yon Jae back together again.
    Well, two thumbs for Goong Yoo because his acting is sooo amazing!
    Can’t wait for his next drama ^^

  761. 761 : sw Says:

    looks like YJ life is end up miserable. DR didn’t ask his apology? it should be 17 or 18 episode. to much story unrevealed. it doesn’t give a chance to YJ to explain that he is looking for KKJ and answer DR question before. is KKJ finally accept YJ as his brother and not hating him again (didn’t think YJ is selfish again)

  762. 762 : sf Says:

    need more ep for yj to explain everything!

  763. 763 : park jun hee Says:

    1st season :
    Moon embrace the sun vs wild romance vs dream high 2
    [winner –> Moon Embrace The Sun]

    2nd season :
    Rooftop Prince vs King2Heart vs love rain vs queen inhyun vs fashion king
    [winner –> Rooftop Prince]

    3rd season :
    I do i do vs Big vs dr jin vs gaksital vs gentleman dignity vs ghost
    [winner –> Big]

    4th season :
    to beautiful you vs arang and magistrate
    [who would be the amazing drama next season???]

  764. 764 : park jun hee Says:

    well, i said that i really enjoy this story…. OMG, just finished watch ep 15. and i want to cry!!!!!! :'(

  765. 765 : sara Says:

    I loved it. Displaying of pure love. New look of love. I love how KJ wants to protect DR. He knows he is going to disappear. He can enjoy the moment and make lots of new memories but he chooses to sacrifies his love to protect DR. I love this concept. Although i don’t like that he doesn’t give her any option and decides by himself. I feel sympathy for DR. She doesn’t know what to do. After overcoming the love dilemma, KJ says he doen’t remember anything. What she can do? She ‘s just confused and if you look from her point of view, it’s compeletly understandable. I’m sure KJ will remember everything even after returnig to his body, coz love and memories are in ones heart not head. Really, such a beautiful concept. Hong sisters really can do it.

    Again, GY, You are super super super great.The first scene-KJ’s dream was the presentation of GY’s ability as an actor. Even his eyes, his facial expression, his walking is different when he is KJ.

  766. 766 : may Says:

    EP 15 is just amaizing and really sad! i love it i wonder what will be the end!!
    as for GY an DR acting is amaizing espacailly GY he is born to be an actor it will be infaire if he doesn’t get any awerds for it!
    this is totally the drama of the season!!! i wonder why rating are soo low it’s extraordinary!!????

  767. 767 : Abibuyog Says:

    and the BIG fever is over…

    maybe, the last episode wasnt good enough to fill all those unrevealed questions but it it just an iceberg of the whole mountain.

    yeah, the story has its own flaws but this also made the story beautiful. Defining love in different way.. and conquering it in their own way… Still the best drama for me.

    Wooh. Surely Gong Yoo will be missed. I pray that we will not wait another 5 years to see him acting, because I believe he was made for this. His acting is really superb, even without uttering words, message was sent to all the viewers. right? I know, all the big fans knew what I meant..

    ALso, credit for Leeminjung and the whole staff of BIG. You are all great people.

    Gong Yoo: Oppa, you are well appreciated. Pls. do another series, movies, and we will wait for you..

    10:10 will always be remembered, PANDA couple will always be here, the ride to the moon, will always be possible, the KANG wind will always blow, the Teacher Da ran bread will always be seen, PORORO song will always be sing, and all the good memories and lesson learnt will always be in our hearts.. Kamsamhamnida..
    by the way, this is the first korean drama that I watched with the same time airing.. and waiting is so frustrating.. never will do it again, but for BIG, all the painful waiting is all worth it..

    Ajah GOng yoo. mahal kita!! ^___^. always wear that beautiful smile and beautiful YOO.. :))

  768. 768 : Sega_Fan Says:

    Ep. 16:

    “Open-ended”, somewhat like Rooftop Prince ending. Mari said in her email to DR that “both of them are back”. At the last scene, the person who alighted and called after DR was never shown, the camera only showed him under the umbrella and his hand holding the umbrella, though it is definitely KKJ as he was wearing the watch from DR. And there were only flashbacks of YJ (KKJ) and DR. So the person who came back one year later to meet DR could actually be KKJ in his own body or KKJ still in YJ body (if Mari had lied again). The writer leave it to viewers to make up their own conclusion.

    For me, I would choose the latter, I would prefer to be KKJ in YJ’s body.

  769. 769 : 240712 Says:

    the biggest clue is that the boy told the mom that it’s a HYUNG…not an AHJUSSI….so here i took it literally that the young KKJ is the one who’s back so i cried for KKJ in SYJ coz that’s the couple i love..I AM HAVING THE BIGGEST DRAMA HANGOVER EVER.gosh!this is nuts

  770. 770 : love Says:

    this show has given a lot for us to remember them by just #767 hv listed…that’s what made it sooooo sad for me to let go..the journey has been a great one!i love gong yoo!

  771. 771 : kdbig Says:

    thank you for the cast and crew of Big for giving us this drama even though it pissed me off sometimes and almost give up on it LOL.. Gong Yoo <3 thank you for the excellent performance that you have done with this drama because of your extraordinary performance I have continued to support this drama, heads up to lee min jung too! Hope gong yoo will do another drama soon 🙂

  772. 772 : Jennie Says:

    @kdbig Your comment echoed my thoughts exactly .. save me the time to voice them out heehee 😀 TQ

  773. 773 : park jun hee Says:

    yeah, exactly what all people say….. ep 15 are so sad! the best sad eps…. i can feel what da ran feel when her love will gone as soon as……

    @jennie hey, we meet again onii 🙂

  774. 774 : park jun hee Says:

    wow, amazing….!!! last eps the rating is in top 5!!!

  775. 775 : park jun hee Says:

    wait, anybody have the soft sub??? i just download ep 16. but didnt have the sub… plis give the link below. thanks^^

  776. 776 : dsd Says:

    BIG Ep 16 (Ending) Eng sub

  777. 777 : sheep Says:


    BIG agree with you!!.
    This is open-ended story like rooftop prince!

  778. 778 : JesDi Says:

    darn, the ending was like a rush end for something you want to end. they didnt give any justice for the entire story it was like a cliff hanger. it should have a part 2! i love the whole story but the ending was disappointing!

  779. 779 : hny Says:

    it ending with so many ‘?..?’ …they supposed make ‘BIG session 2’ 😀
    not fascinated with this ending..but I’m so fascinated with Goong Yoo..hope he get a reward for his job…and also the BIG crew ..good job tq for entertain us..BRAVO BIG

  780. 780 : caca Says:

    @Park Jun Hee
    I disagree with ur comment. How can you decide that Big is the winner among the good dramas like Ghost and Gaksital. Gentleman’s dignity is even waaay better than Big. For me, Big is just a mess like Fashion King. The writer disappoints me a lot. There are so many holes in the story that make me confused. I’m surprised that nobody in this thread complain about it.
    In season 2, the winner is obviously Queen Inhyun’s Man. I reckon it’s the best drama in 2012 so far. So, I think your judgement is based on your preference.

  781. 781 : KDaddict Says:

    We all agree that Gong Yoo is Beyond Fantastic n LMJ does a gt job here. The story is something else. And the Ending is truly disappointing. I don’t think it is open ended. I think the last 15 mins, the finale are plain confused, confusing, lame, and a failure.
    Here is why:
    1. Mari says in her email to DR that the brothers have swapped back, n they r fine. Really? They have swapped back, and we don’t get to see the swap??? You can’t deal with a scene that is sooo central to the story by having Mari emailing DR, n us!
    2. Where is Shin, if they’ve swapped back? We should get to see KKJ as played by Shin, post-swap. Where on earth is that KKJ in his own body?
    3. 1 year later, KKJ shows up on the bus n follows DR off the bus, still in YJ’s body! WTF? Are you playing w our minds? Mari just says that they swapped back!
    4. The point of this story is that DR loves KKJ for himself, all 20 years of age of him, (whether you like the idea or agree w it is another thing). So when he returns, aren’t they supposed to show us DR n KKJ in his own body making gooey eyes at each other? That’s called closure, coming full circle, making good on the promise of the plot, making sense. Having KKJ remain in Gong Yoo’s body is a plain cope out, becos it’ll be jarring for the audience to see DR with the real KKJ. Cowardice in writing. If you don’t have the guts to end up there, don’t lead the audience in that direction for 16 episodes.
    5. What is the pt of that 1 year??? You are a better viewer if you get it, for I sure don’t.

    Next time when I hear that the Hong sisters have a new show, I’ll be that much less excited.

    Love Gong Yoo! <3 <3 <3

  782. 782 : KDaddict Says:

    You said no one has complained abt it. Well, I was just writing the complaint at the same moment that you were saying that! You know, sometimes complaining explicitly abt a drama can be hazardous, as ppl who love it can get upset.

    BIG, AGD, I do I do are light, romantic comedies. They provide fun summer viewing that is not taxing on our attention or synapses. Currently there are 3 really good dramas that belong in other genres: Chaser, Gaksital, Ghost are dark, intense and serious. I’m about to catch up on them, n have confidence that they’ll be worthy shows.

  783. 783 : enkchoow Says:

    yeah, I think that the ending was disappointing, but as we can see big can have a good rating in the end (actually it grows from 10th to 5th)
    I agree with anyone who says it needs more chapters to explain what happened to YJ and KKJ. But still, this is an amazing drama from Goong Yoo. Also Lee Min Jung plays Da Ran very well.

  784. 784 : caca Says:

    One more thing, I really feel sorry for Shin Won Ho. He must be excited when he become the main cast of this drama. Unfortunately, what he need to do is just laying down on the bed. I have nothing against him but I just wanna laugh everytime I remember it. I blame Hong sister’s for wasting his talent. It would be interesting if Kyung Joon return to his body.It will surely challenge Daran’s love to Kyung Joon. And if Da ran still accepts him then we will be sure that her love is real. For me, Da Ran just loves Kyung Joon because he is in Yoon Jae’s body.

  785. 785 : tomluvme Says:

    @season 2 the winner is king 2 hearts hehehe

  786. 786 : Jennie Says:

    @park jun hee Hi ‘wave, wave’ , happy to see you here too. What else are you watching now? I am following A Gentleman’s Dignity and Bridal Mask online and watching Ghost, Chaser and Bride of the Sun on cable TV. Looking forward to watching Five Fingers with Joo Ji Hoon (guy from Princess Hours/Goong, which is after AGD. Am not very active these days on the comments but I still check them out, so hope to see you in some of these threads 😀

  787. 787 : Kevin Richard Says:

    I think Big started with a great story.But ended so bad. The producer should extend the episode. 16 episodes is not enough for the plot. So many stories had to be rushed. That’s so Caca said that there’s so many holes in the story. And yes!! Shin Won Ho didn’t get his best role for this drama. And the ending should tell everything that happens in that 1 year and shows real KKJ’s life dan SYJ’s life of course. I’m really disappointed about the ending.

  788. 788 : Charlie Says:

    The ending is so bad. Do you even call it an ending?
    The only benefit of swapping back, to me, is to see Shin come back to life and show us his pretty face. But guess what, you don’t get to see it. All you get is wondering, in a bad way.
    Gong yoo is a great actor, I get it. But I have seen him as KKJ for too long, I want to see real KKJ, even if it is just for a little while in the last ep, but you can have it, that’s all the ending is saying.
    A very disappointing show, wasted all the talents in the show, big time.

  789. 789 : Charlie Says:

    Sorry. Typo. I meant to say you can’t have it, not you can have it.

  790. 790 : Charlie Says:

    The good thing is Olympic is coming. I will take a break from watching KD, I have too many countries to cheer for. Of cause, kD land is one of them. Will we have an olympic thread on this web site?

  791. 791 : Vahdaneh Says:

    well you know right now i’m watching Big in KBS WORLD which yesterday broadcast was Ep10 i couldn’t get along with not knowing what happened and i get online checking out the Recaps and …
    SO while not watching the Last Ep but from what i’m hearing around here and by s.th which i read in recaps … Gong Yo Yet follows Gil Teacher around in the last scenes as it’s just Yet KKJ restored in his own body but because we are used to seeing him as Dr.Seo they are showing him in this way to us … OK; the only reasons for which for them they want to kill our nerves must be that they just need to end the screen by Gong Yo Passing by after Gil Teacher … we sure DID enjoyed his play in KKJ role But Come on we have to see Gil Teacher with KKJ Body at last for once … it is a bit annoying for a story and play which was just more and more satisfying than what it had to be …
    But Yet if really the writer Ends Gil Teacher and KKJ “THE REAL ONE ; Soul and Shell Together KKJ ONE!” together then yet it feels good enough but if it would turn out to be s.th to be witnessed then it would be a GRAND ENDING …
    feels like the scenes that you really waited for them to be on screen for Harry Potter Movies But Director just didn’t even put them in script … THE scenes You would die to see but never to be able to…
    any way ; just for an ending which i expected more i should not forget ,
    I LIKED THE STORY 501% Yeah … This High as a TS … it was fabulous at least till Ep10 which i watched every Ep which got ended i would Continue it with a WOW and a Great Look on my face so Perfect so Awesome … I’ll Keep watching the rest … Thankyu for this great piece


  792. 792 : will lin Says:

    Yes!! As u all said the ending is a lot confusing and disappointing. I think they just have to extend at least two more episodes. Why don’t they do it? But I still appreciate the actors and actresses. They showed great performance. Gong yoo show the perfect performance here. He and lee min jung showed great chemistry between them. What a lovely couple!!! I noticed that gong yoo always show great chemistry with all the actresses he acted with such as yoon eun hye Im soo jung sung yuri Kim sun ah etc. But i love him with yoon eun hye and Im soo jung most. Gong yoo please come back immediately with a movie or drama. Although the ending is ridiculous I stil love big. Love gong yoo fighting!!!

  793. 793 : Micc Says:

    I think the writers had started a great fantasy but couldn’t really wrap it up. They couldn’t bring KKJ back in Shin’s body cos that wouldn’t satisfy the viewers, they couldn’t bring KKJ back in Gong’s body cos there’s no excuse for that. but DR had to be with KKJ because that’s the story all along, hence the ambiguous ending, showing a no face KKJ, obviously more resemblance to Gong than Shin from the view of his back, just to satisfy the viewers and keep the fantasy in tact. The writers should have planned better, I supposed.

  794. 794 : CVL Says:

    Well, I made the right decision for abandoned this drama after ep 6 or 7. I was excited for GY/LMJ pairing but such a disappointment. The story started out as cute and funny but went down hill after ep 5-6 (in my opinion) to the point that is ridiculous and non sense. Now after reading today comments I am glad that I didn’t waste my 10 precious hours to finish it. How could a writer do this? Isn’t she a professional writer? Yes it’s for entertainment purposes but she needs to b responsible for her writing.

    I have to agree with Cara: I didnt believe DR loves KKJ from the beginning and up til now; what she sees in KKJ is YJ since KKJ is still in YJ’s body. Also why did Shin sign up for this role for just lying there the whole time. Didnt he read the script before signing up for it? I often wonder why ppl do what they do.

    Oh well I have been taking a break from KDs for a month now and it’s time to watch the Olympics. Hope there’ll b a better drama coming soon.


  795. 795 : Micc Says:


    I think the one year lapse helped us to understand why (in the last scene) the no-face man’s (KKJ) back looked more like Gong than Shin, cos he had grown (a year older). KKJ and YJ were twins to start. That’s just my interpretation.

  796. 796 : Micc Says:

    I actually went back to rewatch the bus and umbrella scene in the first episode. I gotta say Shin and LMJ had good chemistry and they did look good together! What a waste! I was so looking forward to seeing the Shin KKJ and DR together at the end.

  797. 797 : tc Says:

    So disappointed with the last two episodes. So many gaping holes and unanswered questions and no neat closure to the ending. Surprised that the Hong Sisters did not utilize the last two episodes effectively to show the after swap effect and it’s impact on DR, KKJ and YJ but instead just dragged out the episodes by fillers until the last 15 mins.

    The reunion scene between DR and KKJ in YJ’s body left me bewildered and confused as we know from Ma Ri ‘s letter that the switch back had happened. If the writer did not want KKJ to return to his own body, then they should have rewritten the plot that the swap was a failure and YJ died
    in KKJ’s body. Hence, it would have been easier for viewers to accept the fact that KKJ still came back in YJ’s body.

    Anyway, despite the many flaws and setbacks in this drama, at least I get to enjoy the wonderful chemistry and awesome performance of the OTPs.

  798. 798 : Emily Says:

    What’s with the ending??? I like Gong Joo but feel like totally a waste of time watching this drama….

  799. 799 : mitch Says:

    …the ending of BIG was sooo disappointing. (as per the last episode). though for me seeing the true KKJ and DR’s closeness is not appropriate, but it’s not also reasonable just to end it that way, right? maybe 1-2 ep is enough to elaborate the ending..

    .but, as per 795 Micc- i think he/she has a point! nobody think of that, right? but of course they should explain it further. a year is not enough to be that matured and looks like SYJ. but i think you get the point of the writer.
    thanks to MICC 795- u gave us another side of the ending. but i pity SYJ, what happened to him? haysssssst.. i want to see the real KKJ act, he’s so cute..

    overall, if we will conclude that KKJ looks like SYJ after a year, the ending was perfect! but they should prolonged the “after years” it’s better if after 5 years? coz it’s not realistic, right..
    but all in all, the whole drama was good. watch this guys!

  800. 800 : mitch Says:

    ..please read the comment/interpretation of 795 MICC for clarification and satisfaction of this kdrama.. i think she has a point coz i love this drama since it started. hehe.. i like her idea/point of view..

  801. 801 : kdfan Says:

    Such a long list of disappointed comments and i have to add another one. I agree with CVL it started going downhill around ep 6,7 unfortunately I stuck around til the end hoping Hong sis will live up to their reputation despite me not rooting for DR n KJ couple. I zipped thru the last 2 eps in less than 20mins n didn’t feel the show went anywhere since ep 14. Love Gongyoo n LMJ!

  802. 802 : sheisme Says:

    very disappointing ending. i just waste my time on this drama. i waiting whole weeks 4 this ending. how comes they end the drama with so many question mark????
    what’s happen to dr. seo?
    how com kkj back to dr.seo body?
    is tht the boy back to coma?
    so what;s happen to the actually kkj boy?
    why’s the dr.seo never wovs dr back in this one year time?
    so what’s the miracle?

  803. 803 : josen1136 Says:

    Im so disappointing ending… 🙁

  804. 804 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: I wanted to stick around for GY/LMJ but I couldn’t bare to watch the teacher/student relationship therefore I was able to refraind myself from moving forward; unlike FOTG 

  805. 805 : Astri Says:

    Doooohhh .. what kind of ending was that???!!!

  806. 806 : KDaddict Says:

    If it were not for Gong Yoo, I’d have checked out around ep 6 or 7.
    The premise is weak; so is the female lead char. The story is full of holes; definitely not the Hong sister’s finest.
    If I had known all this beforehand, would I still have watched it? Yes, for Gong Yoo’s priceless expressions.

    Hope he gets a better script for his next project, soon!

  807. 807 : park jun hee Says:

    waitwaitwait…. really i confused confused,, so confused with the ending…. what the mean is it???????? who’s man in the ending???? is KKJ really comeback or what the hell??? plis somebody tell me….. who is he??? is KKJ are grown up and his face seem like SYJ or what???

  808. 808 : park jun hee Says:

    can you explain me what the mean of this??? (last part ending)

    ” At this moment, my heart…
    Just like it is now,
    it will grow all at once.
    Like a miracle…. ”

    1. who said that? KKJ or SYJ?
    2. did it mean that KKJ didnt comeback to his body and still in SYJ body or what???
    3. in the way i said that maybe KKJ didnt lost all his memory…. but… argghhhh, i really confuse with the end…

  809. 809 : park jun hee Says:

    @kdaddict and all…
    all people say about “Hong sister”. both in rooftop prince and big..
    i’m curious, who is her (or them)???

  810. 810 : GHSforever Says:

    You nailed it.
    I really hoped it would be a good script/story but it wasn’t.
    I am disappointed and belongs to one of the weakest drama 2012 that I have seen till now although Fashion King tops this category.

    I pray that Faith will be a million times better;)

  811. 811 : lyla Says:

    I had fun with this dorama, didn’t get bored. only in episode 15th I was kinda expecting for more to happen.

    the ending…
    well, kkj went back to his body and looked for da ran once again. we didn’t actually see them together and I think its because they didn’t want to break the picture we already had of min jung and gong yoo, but they ended up together.

    sure I want to know qhat happened with seo and some others, but anyway. it wasnt that bad

    Good drama.

    If I had to compare, I liked Big a LOT MORE than you’re beautiful (I almost pulled out my hair watching it)

  812. 812 : Yuri Says:

    Very disappointing ending….

  813. 813 : Rachel Says:

    i think the ending was bad also..but..
    when da ran gets off the bus, KKJ is there calling her.. we saw him as yoon jae bc we always did..but it was actually KKJ..

  814. 814 : Lciel Says:

    im not satisfied with the ending, but as long as i can see LMJ its ok =) i hope there’s a continuation in the story, so that there will be no more questions etc. LMJ fighting! i will definitely go to korea and meet you in person by all means =)

  815. 815 : FR Says:

    Could it possibly be that Jang Ma Ri lied?! :O Maybe she lied to Gil Da Ran about Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon switching back since she doesn’t even want Kyung Joon together with Da Ran. Ma Ri lies to Da Ran all the time. Maybe they didn’t switch back even after Kyung Joon got the treatment and surgery. So in the end, that was really Kyung Joon, still in Yoon Jae’s body. Is it? What do you think? Ahh, jinjja~ I really hope that’s how it is :/

  816. 816 : mommy angel Says:

    If you don’t like Gong Yoo. Don’t bother with this drama. I like everybody but the story sucks. Disappointing.

  817. 817 : Micc Says:


    Glad we both agreed. I think the flashback of KKJ in YJ’s body during the final scene was trying to tie everything together. I wish it was a better ending, but no doubt it was a pleasure to see GY, LMJ, and though very very limited, SWH in the drama!

  818. 818 : sara Says:

    disappointing ending. Who is back? KJ in his own body or in YJ’s? If he is KJ in his own body, why he is so big just after one year? If in YJ’s, what happened to KJ’s body? Where is YJ? So much unanswered questions.

    I loved this drama so far and i’ve always wanted to point out the good parts. But actually, there were also lots of disappointing parts in the drama.

    Strong points:
    1. Interesting subject matter
    2.GY’s super great acting/ KBS, never ever forget his award.
    3.Kyung Joon/ I love him the most after QIM’s BD. He was one of the best H.sisters characters.
    4.some great emotional moments/like the first umbrella scene, 10:10 scene and KJ’s crying scenes which break your heart.

    Weak points:
    1.lots of unnecessary characters and scenes/DR’s friend/Teacher Na, Uncle, Principal and her past romance. They don’t have any role in the story and even are not fun to watch.
    2.DR. She was the worst female lead of H.sisters dramas till now. A stupid, confused character without any charm. If it is not for LMJ ‘s beauty, you totally hate her. I never loved her through the drama and just felt sympathy for in ep15.
    3.Squeezed plot.There are lots of questions to answer but all of them are left alone. Who is YJ? How he feels? Why that evil mother suddenly changes to a different person? If only they extended it to more episodes.
    4.Shin. I wonder why they chose him- who is like a 16 year old teenager and too young for LMJ- in the first place if pairing him with LMJ was impossible. They could choose someone with a more mature face. Even JIW could play a 18 year old highschooler.

    Anyway, among I do, I do, AGD and BIG, i love big the most. I do, I do was a total disappointment to me and AGD is too simple. Hope to see GY in another drama soon. I’ll miss KKJ.

  819. 819 : GIna Says:

    Not a good ending…need a new one!

  820. 820 : Charlie Says:

    KKJ and SYJ sure not identical twins, they may not look alike. One year can’t make a 20-year old look like a 30-year old ajaseo .

  821. 821 : Penelope Says:

    Ok i had a feeling about ep 16 being dissapointed (havent seen it yet but the preview). and i was right. cuz alot of people on here commented how dissapointed they are at the ending and i agree. cuz theres no unsolve questions and wat is the miracle? and the most dissapointing part for me is KYUNG JOON DIDNT EVEN WOKEN UP? HE LAYED ON THE BED THE WHOLLLLEEEEEE FRICKEN TIME. IT MADE ME MAD. AND HE STILL IN YOON JAE’S BODY?? and it started being confusing around ep 9 through the end. i mean seriously. all i want to see is KJ wakes up in his body. my ending would of been Da Ran and Kyung Joon together. Yoon Jae who knows.? Da Ran’s bro and Ma Ri together. the princple and Kang Joon’s uncle.together. happily ever after? its that simple?

  822. 822 : Micc Says:

    Not about identical twins, just the idea of getting older and more resemblance to the brother, since I think the man not showing his face is Gong instead of Shin judging from the back. Just my interpretation.

  823. 823 : kdbig Says:

    i know everyone of you is disappointed but this is kdrama land anything can happen in this world lol.. anyways i have a lot of kdrama that have a ridiculous ending but i’m cool with it so you guys just chillax and move on aight? I will miss my Gong Yoo though hope he will come back to the small screen really soon! Love you Oppa 🙂

  824. 824 : KDaddict Says:

    @MIcc-795, 822,
    That’s very perceptive of you. Frankly, by series’ end, I wasn’t watching w rapt attn.
    I’m sure you r right: Using the back of GY’s body and meshing that w earlier shots of KKJ in that body w DR in the park, saying goodbye under the umbrella, is meant to suggest that KKJ has grown up to look like GY on the outside, but is still the same person on the inside. I second your interpretation that that is their intention. It is just all kind of copping out, esp. w/out scenes that show:
    the transferring back of souls, the interaction between the parents and the sons post-transfer, etc.
    Most of all, there should be a scene where YJ and DR meet to wrap things up, say goodbye. DR has been saying that she wants to apologize to YJ when he wakes up. She’s been saying so many times n KKJ too, that they won’t come together until after DR has asked YJ’s forgiveness. That’s a logically crucial scene. I think they need one more ep to clear things up n end properly to viewers’ satisfaction.

  825. 825 : KDaddict Says:

    Two things are happening in the last few minutes of the show:
    1. KKJ has come back after a year. He is on the bus n follows DR off the bus. He is wearing a white, pink n black shirt in checks. He barely says anything.
    2. The above is inter-cut with flashbacks from a year ago, with the two of them saying goodbye in the park, just before KKJ was about to leave for Germany. He is wearing a plain shirt in light grey.
    The guy who says: “AT THAT moment, (not this moment) etc.” that u are asking abt in #808, is the KKJ from a year ago. He is asking her to tell him she loves him when he comes back, n at That moment, it will trigger a miracle to bring back his memories.
    I hope that clears up some confusion for you.
    Re Hong sisters: two ladies in their mid to late 30s who have penned a string of very successful rom-coms beginning w:
    Delightful Girl Chun Hyang in 2005, thru: My Girl, Fantasy Couple, Hong Gil Dong, Your r Beautiful, My GF is a Gumiho, Best Love in 2011 and now BIG in 2012.
    7 extremely popular drama scripts in 7 years. That is extra-ordinary. So they command a lot of respect.

  826. 826 : KDaddict Says:

    The Finale aired on 8/24. Few ppl watch it live. Most come to it thru various subbed versions that come out in the next couple days, n ppl follow them thereafter. Your comment asking ppl to move on was posted on 8/26, hardly enough time for most ppl to have watched it and gotten over it.
    We not only come here to share our disappointment, but also our befuddlement. Some come looking for answers. Others try to share what they understand.

  827. 827 : ViKa Says:

    i thin beaceuse the main couple are great actor and actress,so i feel their chemistry. whenever they cry n hurt, i feel the same way too. whenever they happy, i feel it too

  828. 828 : Big lover Says:

    I Think GY is really great actor because he can fools me every time that he KJ not YJ. I see many people argue for its end but for me it’s ok when ever GY is acting. I think the last moments when GY and MJ share the umbrella is very romantic. I wish i can see these two lead again in the next drama.
    BIG = Big smile
    BIG = Big happy
    BIG = Big success………………………………………………………………………..

  829. 829 : KDaddict Says:

    You win some, u lose some. That’s the way it goes. 😉
    I’m shifting gears fr rom-com to action mysteries. Starting Chaser, Ghost n Bridal Mask. It’s a diff pleasure to see the 2 ahjussi’s acting their hearts out in Chaser, w their original faces. It’s abt corruption in K politics.

  830. 830 : Micc Says:


    This drama does have a lot of flaws, I think this fantasy itself is a flaw. GY is the main lead, yet he is using another person’s identity throughout the drama, it’s really hard for the writers to end it the right way. The audiences watched LMJ and GY for 16 episodes, they couldn’t possibly change back to SWH at the ending. And I believe they didn’t have that intention as Gong was the big star and Shin was the newbie. Yet they couldn’t show GY with DR because he belonged to another person (YJ)!

    Some people wondered about the closure between YJ and DR, like they could see each other and talked things over, but that will not happen since the writers wanted to keep the image of KKJ (Gong) with DR. It’s like a math formula, if Gong showed up as YJ, KKJ would have to be Shin Won Ho. So if they want KKJ to be Gong, Gong YJ is out of the picture. Confusing enough?

  831. 831 : natasharedx Says:

    i heard some rumours that this drama contain 18 episodes. Is it true?

  832. 832 : love Says:

    this is easily one of the best drama ever….regardless. the intricacy and complexity of the whole storyline are driving people out of the wall!in whichever way of whose face came out at the endings….there will be naysayers. so…to the whole production team….way to go!!great job done and hoping to see more of Gong Yoo soon!

  833. 833 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s pretty much a case of painting themselves into a corner.
    I think they were looking for a vehicle for GY to act heart-throbbingly cute, n came up with this. On that criterion, it is an astounding success.

  834. 834 : GHSforever Says:

    I guess I will start with the Chaser too.
    Thriller/Horror and Mystery genre are pretty good. My first korean mystery/Horror drama was Soul.
    It’s good but it is not suitable for viewers with weak heart/with a weak stomach ;D

  835. 835 : rochel Says:

    BIG one of the best korean ive ever watch. It so sad to know that it was only 16 episode i just have 6 more to go. i hope they could extend the story. Godd job for the cast and crew esp the main cast gong yoo, lee min jung, suzy, shin and chungsik i dont rem his name… fighting. hope it could be air here in the philippines, although im watching it in cable kbs korean channel airing monday & tuesday.


  836. 836 : Sugus Says:

    I m so sad becase the end of this series, it s too fast. My heart still addict BIG, GY and MJ made me happy and sad with them as well. I dont mind the rating at all, anyway i wanna to say thank you for BiG’s staffs and my superstars indeed.

    Always miss u all,especially Gong Yoo ans Min Jung (*^^*)

    (sorry for my bad english, guy –“)

  837. 837 : farakim Says:

    Love to see goong yoo and lee min jung act together. They make this story come to life and interesting! As well as the ending still good. Love their OST! 🙂 hwaiting!

  838. 838 : KDaddict Says:

    @GHSforver-810, 834,
    Faith–there are more big stars on KDland than there are good scripts; Anytime we watch a show live, it is a toss up. I hope the script for Faith is worthy of LMH.
    I like mystery, action thrillers, but stay away fr horror flicks. I want to be able to sleep at night! 😉
    Took a look a Soul’s page. Scaaarrryyyy!
    Is your email working now?

  839. 839 : Park jun hee Says:

    i just make clarification that dont be dissapointed with the ending. Actually you all maybe thought that this ending are to fast. D0nt u kn0w, in kbs website actually the director confirm that its drama will made in 18 ep. But because the rating is n0t too go0d, so they decided to reduce storyline in ep 14-16. In fact , maybe 3 last ep will be extention in 2 eps add. Ep 17-18. Bcz rating n0t go0d, plan are improved and cut the story.

    I think although the ending bad, but over all i really like this drama, cz its has good story 100 times than dr. Jin. . . I really bored watch dr. Jin

  840. 840 : Park jun hee Says:

    everybody said that drama faith is will go0d. But, i afraid that it will as same as dr. Jin. Before dr. Jin aired everyone said that would be go0d, but its dissapointed although it has great actor like SSH. . .

  841. 841 : Julia Says:

    Oh well, am avoiding chaser, bridal mask, and any other scary series or movies. I like movies which make me laugh. Oh well, right now i prefer to watch korean tv shows, like: 1night 2 days, the running man, etc.

  842. 842 : Park jun hee Says:

    OMG, in fact, its THE BEST ENDING EVER!!! Daebak hong sister.
    First time i judge the ending, but after read this i kn0w what the fact happen.
    Please d0nt judge the ending, d0nt be dissapointed, if you are really curious what the fact happen at ending, and who is a guy who call GDR in bus. Read this. . . You will satiesfied with the end. And i think its the best ending! Really. . . And stop said that the ending is so bad before u read this.

    click here

    NB : koala’s blog is the believed blog that tell recap of thousand kdrama. And people said that koala’s prediction 95% are true, instead the episode has n0t yet aired. But, koala’s blog prediction always true about the future eps. And i think what happen in ending of big u can read there.

    OMG, its seem like 49days. Really beautiful and happy ending!

  843. 843 : misscesc Says:

    Gong Yoo should be win the BEST Actor, it true!! I was watching many Korena drama and Japanese Drama. Lately i watching more often Jdrama than Korean Drama. Beacuse i already bored with typical story line of Korean Drama. But BIG is totally different!! and that make my appetite to watch this Drama till the end. But yes i dissapointed with the endings. I think the episode shouldbe 18 episode to decribed everything clearly.

    And i will give a standing occasion to Gong Yoo,he should get awards!, his real actor!!! his not handsome like another Korean Actor but his very charming and gorgeus in every single scene. His acting totally differents w/ another actor. His acting is so natural. I wish next drama he will reunited wit Yoon Eun Hye 😀

  844. 844 : GHSforever Says:

    Sadly it’s true what you said. Unfortunately they not always blame the PD’s for that mess but also the actors aswell and that’s why I am worried about actors like Lee Min Ho who in fqact are really great in acting.
    Sorry I totally forgot about that. Lately I have alot on my plate so maybe that’s the reason I didn’t fixed it yet. I guess I will make a new one and send it to you then;-)

  845. 845 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m glad for u that you’ve found a blog that validates your love of this series.
    If you go to Dramabeans n look at their recap n comments for the final ep, it’ll be a very different analysis. That’s why it is good that multiple sites exist to express multiple opinions. Viewers n readers can go w the one that suits them.

  846. 846 : Park jun hee Says:

    thanks a lot. . . I have read the recaps of 16 in drama beans. Well, it m0re make me keep smile with the ending. I m0re think that the ending was very happy and beautiful. All people being dissapointed just bcz they didnt understand yet what the fact happen, right? But bcz i have kn0w what actually happen, i were so glad! Really happy with the ending and. . . Aish. . . I d0nt have any words to say! Just daebak!

  847. 847 : Park jun hee Says:

    for everyone who still dissapointed with the ending, i will make you change ur mind, and explain u what actually happen in ep 16. I have read 2 most fam0us blog’s recap. Koala and dramabeans. And both of them alm0st have same think. . . I have c0mpare both of their recap below.

    From koala’s blog said :
    1. Real yoon jae has cameback to his body and he died bcz his leukimia. Thats why, real y0on jae didnt show in the ending.

    Both dramabeans n koala said :
    1. Guy who call da ran in bus stop at last scene and take umbrella is real KKJ who has been c0meback to his body, but actually he has grown up, d0nt be c0nfuse, bcz he was 21 years old n0w. And her face become seemed Gong Yoo.
    2. Why dramabean n koala said that one who role as real KKJ in last part is gong yoo n0t SWH? Well, first, check it again, the voice of that guy is n0 doubt, its gong yoo voice n0t SWH. 2nd, SWH didnt has body like that. Tall, and big, its truly Gong yoo body. As same as i said before, one years later, KKJ is grown up. And n0w his face simillar his brother yoon jae. So, d0nt be surprized. (remember? KKJ and SYJ is identic twins. So, n0 wonder if they has same face in adult)
    2. Why KKJ adult (in Gong yoo face) didnt showed in last part, just showed in the flashback? Well the point of the ending is n0t how KKJ face n0w. But, the point is, KKJ is n0w grown up to be adult and better than ever. He replace his brother YJ possition, who has died, to love and take care da ran.
    3. The ending in bus stop is KKJ (gong yoo n0t SWH) and da ran

  848. 848 : kimchilee Says:

    oh shucks! another bad ending !! K-dramas mostly started out good in the beginning and bad or hanging in the end… I am beginning to think that almost all k-drama writers do not know how to end a story properly or clearly.. sigh..

    KAddict.. thanks again for your honest narration of the story.. i will not waste my time watching it till the end.. i am in episode 9 only..its agony enough watching KKJ lying on bed throughout the whole drama. I mean I do love GY and DR who are superb actors but its really a wasted talent for KKJ.

    I honestly think there are only very very so very few dramas with perfect endings.. can anyone think of one super perfect one.. recent dramas?

    1. Moon Embracing the Sun – ok ending but must the brother and the girl bodyguard die?

    2. Sungkyunkwan Scandal – perfect but what happen to the Courtesan and the bad guy who rescued the courtesan?

    3. Dream High 1 – perfect but is Samdong together with Suzy? who ended up with her?

    4. Rooftop Prince – perfect but ending also abrupt.. what? duh?

    Can someone tell me a drama that ends perfectly? is Gentlemen’s Dignity good with happy ending? I am not sure about Gaksital.. i have a bad feeling either Gaksital will die or Shin. sigh..

    KAddict.. help! haha! sorry.. am babbling here..

  849. 849 : CarolineDL Says:

    “Queen In Hyun’s Man”‘s ending is pretty good, as well as the whole show! 🙂

  850. 850 : lala Says:

    Will their be any special episodes of Big

  851. 851 : BIG « Grab the Break! Says:

    […] koreandrama.org 0.000000 0.000000 Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  852. 852 : KDaddict Says:

    You r so rt that many KDs start w a Bang, drag in the middle, n end on a whimper! There r many reasons for that. Going into it will make a long post.

    U ask for Recent KDs w satisfactory endings. For 2011 n 2012, In reverse chronological order, I think they r:
    1. QIHM–they beat all odds to end up together.
    2. Shut Up FBB–the whole script has good pace n sense.
    3. Salaryman–super satisfactory n funny ending.
    4. Greatest Love–Wow, lovely BB in his arms!
    5. SeGa–3 cute boys! Hard to beat!
    6. Fermentation Family–they found love for each other, n for the wider family of All for one, n one for All! A message that is good for us to hear/see.
    7. New Tales of Gisaeng–it’d have been perfect if they ended it at 40 eps. Last 10 eps were unnecessary n strange. But at the v end, there IS a party for BB’s 1st BD. Love Fes for all!
    K2HS would have been Super if Eun Shi Kyung didn’t die.
    For Gaksital, I suspect Shin might not end well. I don’t mind sb dying in a KD, if it is real nece to the plot, or if they deserve it.
    For AGD, I’d rather there be NOT 4 weddings at the end. It’d be too pact, too unreal. 😉

  853. 853 : KDaddict Says:

    @park-842, 847,
    Micc said the same thing as you r finding in those blogs way back in #795, 822. I also tried to tell you the same thing in #825 (when I responded to your Qn #808). That is the process of figuring out what is happening on screen. Ppl agree here.
    After that, each viewer has her reaction to how well what is happening in the ending scene follows fr what has happened before, how well it fits in w the scheme of things, n how satisfying it is as an ending. That’s where ppl differ. DB’s and her commentators’ reactions are the opposite of koala’s.
    I see that you are super excited abt GY n this drama. 😀 GY sure is a Cutie Pie here. I’m tickled pink just watching his expressions.

  854. 854 : misscesc Says:

    Finnaly!! for three times i watch the last episode and trying so hard to understand the Endings finally i got it. The man who’s shared the umbrella with DR is KKJ in his real body. Yup like what Ma Ri say in her email both of them back to their real body and lost their memory. Yesterday i’m so dissapointed but now i understand what the writen wanna share with the viewers. The writers is let us imaggine the endings bcoz not everyone want to see KKJ in his real body or instead.If you watching when KKJ meet DR in the Rain, ekspression of DR its not surprised or confuse. If he is KKJ in YJ body she wil ask “are you KKJ or YJ???”, but she said “KKJ”.And KKJ totally lost his memory bcoz the kids who lives in KKJ house said “The brother who come saying he have lived here alone”,whereas he live with DR.And the truth is KKJ fallinin love with DR when the first time they met, and even KKJ memories back before the accident he was fallinin love w/ DR. But the BIG question is what is the answer of YJ?? even the question it was not important for DR.

  855. 855 : park jun hee Says:

    hehe, okay, if people still dissapointed with the ending, never mind. but for me its recomended drama to watch in 2012 although the ending is not too satiesfied,,, ^^

    maybe in the fiture i will wait the most popular and good rating drama to watch. first, i dontwant watch faith, cz im sooooo booored with medical. second to the beautiful you, although there is minho, but i have watch the taiwan hanakimi version, so have know the storyline….. not watch. i have plan to watch arang, but maybe i will wait until it aired 9-10 eps, see, is it most popular or not, see its good rating or not, and see, what the respon of viewer. and see what your prediction^^

  856. 856 : park jun hee Says:

    but why the voice of a guy that called da ran is gong yoo voice???

  857. 857 : matt Says:

    Going to start watching this drama. Hope t’is is going to be a good drama~! I am expecting a very good and smooth plot from this production~.

  858. 858 : billyl Says:

    I think the soul swap should happen in ep15 with kkj’s memory remain intact. From there we can have a different direction of the drama. And probably more of SHin’s screen time!

  859. 859 : Lciel Says:

    i will never forget this drama now i understand everything =) LMJ fighting! LMJ your the only reason i watch this drama =)

  860. 860 : will lin Says:

    I agree with @park. If mari didn’t lie, the person who meet Lee min jung in the last scene is kkj in gong yoo body (not shin won ho). Bcoz we’ve the voice is gong yoo voice. We all know that gong yoo masculine body physique. And the hand that hold lmj hand is also gong yoo hand bcoz of his ultimate long fingers. Now i’m a bit satisfied with the ending. But the writers are quite cruel upon yoon jae who really loves lmj and didn’t get a chance to tell her till the end. But I’m a big fan of big and i still love it. Gong yoo u are the best actor ever. I love all of ur styles, fashion and actings in this drama. Hope to see u soon in a movie or drama especially with yoon eun hye in coffee prince 2. Wishing all the best of u. love Gong yoo.

  861. 861 : Korean DRAMA FASHION blog Says:

    The ending was a bit disappointing, they should have stretched the conclusion instead of lingering on transient issues. The drama had huge potential from the get go, I just wished they could have pushed it to its full potential.

    The fashion was fantastic though! Definitely eye candy all thoughout.

  862. 862 : ester Says:

    nice drama realy big….

  863. 863 : Lee C W Says:

    위대한 드라마 The Goddes “Lee Min Jung” – Beauty, Grace and Charm

    This drama was worth watching just to see the Goddes show how talented she is. Thanks to the Hong Sisters in there effort to make this drama interesting. I got the endig and was satisfied that love did provale in the end. I would like to complement the wardrobe department in this drama in how they dressed the Goddes for the drama. She was able to keep her classey style. 감사 Lee C W

  864. 864 : princess Says:

    Im disappointed with the ending..what about yoo jae??what happen to him??what’s his answer when da ran ask,is he love her?we didn’t get it right?
    This drama have a good beggining but then bored to the end..i prefer rooftop prince..this is (Big) just an ordinary drama..just it..sorry to say for the writers…i’m disappointed 🙁

  865. 865 : Teya Seobie Says:

    for me, this drama is ridiculous and booooring to the end..because of da ran and kkj so-called “pure love”, they being unfair to ma ri and yunjae..overall, i don’t like it at all..im sorry to say this but this is the truth..i hope u can make a better drama in the future..

  866. 866 : WitLily Says:

    I very like this kdrama (very awesome from start to finish). I am very satisfied with the ending too.

  867. 867 : Confuzzled Says:

    I don’t really understand the ending… could someone explain to me what happens? Thanks~

  868. 868 : park jun hee Says:

    read my commentat #842 and #847
    hope its help^^

  869. 869 : rochel Says:

    upon reading those comments i was so excited if what would be the ending of the story “big” im also dissapointed not because of the story its because it has to end soon, GY is really a great actor he potrays his role very well wether its JK or KJJ as well as LMJ they have their chemistry and made the story so interesting, even though some koreans dont understand it,,, hahaha. i hope it could be air here in the philippines with tagalog version i love to watch it again and again.. so sweet! FIGTHING!

  870. 870 : rochel Says:

    i havent finish watching BIG i dont want to be ahead eventhogh i had to watch it in kbs world during mon & tuesday as well as its rewind during sat still i have to wait. beacause i want to enjoy every scenes it aired, im still puzzled if how would the story end up for it have 16 episode. I really praised GY for his great performance for portraying 2 characters, i like it when he acts as a child his very cute as will as LMJ for being Innocent and naive teacher. she always crying because shes confused about her feelings towards KJJ, and KJJ was so slow to understand what GD feels. They were great being paired together. Hope to watch more drama and movies with them . If only i can communicate with the writer and ask for extension.

    For the cast,crew,actors and actresses dont be disappointed about the ratings you did a very great job, its a very unique kind of drama where in many was asking if how would be the drama end up..many speculations, expectations,suggestions,comments! hahaha CONGRATS!

  871. 871 : anis_farhana Says:

    i have another theory to the ending, since both KKJ and SYJ are said to be a twin (supposedly) but SYJ was born earlier, it would make sense that the person in the ending is KKJ in his own body but look a lot older and mature, since he and SYJ are initially twin, so its not weird if they share similar physique.. idk, just my own theory, like most of others, i was hoping for a better ending, but undeniably, the only flaw to this drama is that it seems like they were trying to wrap it in rush thus caused the ending the be a little disappointing. but other than that, i think this drama is great, the idea and storyline is not bad (just not detailed), actors and actress are awesome esp gong yoo (as always), fashion and wardrobe (totally love them esp MaRi’s headband collection)

    the only flaw is the ending, they should’ve make the story line bit more clearer and detailed, so the ending won’t end up like this

    anyway, i’ll still looking forward to hong sisters drama, but make sure, you guys make it up for this. aja!

    p/s: KKJ (in his real body) is sooooooo cute 😛

  872. 872 : lizabish Says:

    don’t look the ratings!!!!
    not boring, fun, full laught…
    must watch

  873. 873 : kimchilee Says:

    Thank you thank you KAddict for the feedback.. but i am also quite fussy over who the actor pairing with actresses.. i will try watching AGD and K2H for now as I think the pairings are good.

    thanks again! see you in some other websites I am sure and look forward to your reviews of the dramas! yay.. you are our drama critic ..so well described for each episodes..!

  874. 874 : KDaddict Says:

    You don’t like some of the pairings in the list of dramas with satisfactory endings (#852)?
    At first, I refused to watch QIHM becos I wasn’t convinced that Yoo In Ah could be a good leading lady. As it turned out, the role fitted her to a T. And we all know what their chemistry is like! 😉 Taste is of course personal, but generally speaking, these are good dramas w good pairings n endings, that r well worth watching. Song Il Gook in FF has lost his physique tho. LOL.
    I’m excited abt Arang n Nice Guy for Song Joong-Ki n MoonCW–talk abt a hot pairing!. Dont know how good Faith will be, but will check it out for LMH. See u.
    Have a good weekend!

  875. 875 : GirL-KicK_AsS Says:

    Weeh,I love BIG!the acting of GY is truly excellent:)I love how it ends coz Da Ran end up with Kyung Joon:)but just wondering what happen to Yoon Jae?

  876. 876 : momomiko10 Says:

    not a big fan of this drama. for the sake of gong yoo’s comeback Im forcing myself till the end. though its not that bad, but in the end it just a drama that will disappear like the wind. and I still dont really like minjung’s acting. I dont know why. she’s just pretty.

  877. 877 : Vea ra ssi Says:

    I think this drama is not over yet.. The ending was so…..

  878. 878 : y Says:

    i love this drama. very good! 😀

  879. 879 : LB Says:

    i love this drama.
    very fresh and fun.
    don;t lokk at the rating.
    believe me. u must watch this drama.
    Gong Yoo is best

  880. 880 : SH Says:

    Good Movie.. 😀 I Like It, maybe there is BIG 2, because the end was suspended. Hehe.

  881. 881 : atreides Says:

    first, I’m so confused why YJ come out from the bus and chasing DR.. so I watching again ep 16. I get solution that maybe
    1. ma ri is lying that the soul has swapped… is that in 1 year, the face can change so much from KKJ to same as YJ?? I don’t think so… (as we know that ma ri was very good in lying)
    2. ma ri has been told by KKJ to lying to DR about the soul has been returned…. so that KKJ can come back and pretend forget about everything just like he do before to DR.

    The BIG question is the answer from YJ about his feeling to DR.. This is make me really dissapointed to this drama

    From earlier, I found this drama is boring because SWH doesn’t have chance to give impression , I have feeling to stop watching but I force myself to watch till the end because of GY and MJ… GY acting is so perfect in here but the story line is not good.. it so wasted…

  882. 882 : gaby Says:

    hate the ending.. they didn’t manage to make a satisfactory ending after those boring episodes.. i kept watching and waiting for the moment they swap, but nothing happen.. they leave things like emotional payoffs and logic. but still, there are many great parts of the drama

  883. 883 : sica Says:

    i love this drama so much. the actor is so cute but i still cant understand what is the ending of this drama.

  884. 884 : hikmi's Says:

    yup, Love this drama, but I feel dizzy by the ending.. I just wanted to end the story is clear, whatever happens.so please make continuation of the story finally clear… ( but still love Gong Yoo act, n cant wait your next drama LOL )

  885. 885 : park jun hee Says:

    love it!

  886. 886 : chiko Says:

    Gong yoo is back

  887. 887 : Lina Ariffiin Says:

    Its fun, entertaining and nice to watch. I like it.

  888. 888 : kirana Says:

    Good drama,good cast……..but this anding are confusing…..

  889. 889 : =D Says:

    I agree that the ending was really confusing.The story focused a lot in Seo Yoon Jae and Kang Kyung Joon switching back to their own bodies but nothing of the sort happene in the end.But still,it was a good drama.

  890. 890 : putra Says:

    i love this drama

  891. 891 : LB Says:

    GOOD DRAMA 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  892. 892 : hazel Says:

    If you’re hesitating to watch Big because of the body switch like I did, STOP! This is a must watch if you’re into natural, funny scenes with a great cast.

    I hope the male lead wins an award for his role. FANTASTIC JOB at playing two extreme roles so well!

    Also, the romantic scenes are really good. TWO THUMBS UP! This is a quality Korean drama after Rooftop Prince! Love it!

  893. 893 : may thet htun Says:

    i like this movie so much. ^_^

  894. 894 : will lin Says:

    @may thet htun are u from Myanmar? I’m from Myanmar too. I feel so happy by seeing my people in this site. I’m also a big fan of big and gong yoo. I’m looking forward to see gong yoo’s next project. He is my favorite actor. Hope Big would success in other countries. Gong yoo fighting !!!!

  895. 895 : Sena Says:

    just bought the dvds, hope it’ll be such a great drama 🙂

  896. 896 : Haythi Says:

    GY is so cute…. I can’t stop smiling while looking at him. He ‘s damn so handsome. This drama is really great but I don’t like the ending. I think that it must be YJ instead of GY at the ending.

  897. 897 : Baby Says:


  898. 898 : Jewls Says:

    The end kind of ruined it, tbh

  899. 899 : TITOUHA Says:

    this serie s ending was not enough for all of us but what was the real message all about is that she is now in love with a boy who he is much younger than her and she left YJ without hearing his answer its all about the fact that love has no age and she didn’t want to be KKJ sister in law because she had feelings for him thats why and i loved the serie so much but …

  900. 900 : dreamer Says:

    i really don’t understand the ending of Big drama, can someone explain it?

  901. 901 : drama freak Says:

    Front part of the drama is nice….but at the end part it gets borring and damn draggy….dont like it….and very dissapointed! I force myself to finish it..i dont like the female lead’s acting….very annoying (my oppinion) dont mean to offend her fans k…

  902. 902 : vince Says:

    end of the story is not good…. too simple …. many problems at the beginning of the story just disappeared and no solution.

  903. 903 : TAN ALBERT Says:



  904. 904 : Ian Says:

    the writer don’t know how to end his story. so he keep it simple without solution and left us to think our own version. xD

  905. 905 : nafa Says:

    actually I really enjoyed with the story from bigining,
    coz it’s long time wait GY act in drama after watch her act in coffe prince.
    but I disappointed with the ending. there are many question unanswered, such as
    – how feelings YJ to DR?
    – what caused YJ falter before their wedding?
    – what words will be YJ spoken to DR before the accident?
    – How YJ after surgery?
    – Did he know DR relationship with KJ? and did he forget DR?
    argh…. I’m very confused!
    I hope there are 2-3 extra episodes to make it all clear.

  906. 906 : Sena Says:

    I really like the storyline, unpredictable 🙂

  907. 907 : rhain Says:

    the ending is bored, but i think in the end DR with KJ, Ma Ri with Choong Sik, KJ didn’t remember his memory when in YJ’s body, but when DR say that she love him, KJ will …. ^^

  908. 908 : rhain Says:

    YJ’s feeling ?? … but relationship with DR is end when DR tell her family that she have affair with KKJ, last episode DR heard KKJ voice, not YJ’s voice, he also wear the watch, for drama that BIG like this, it’s not a good time for have ambiguous ending.

  909. 909 : rhain Says:

    i was wondered, why Da Ran’s left eye use more black things than the right eye ? hha

  910. 910 : swift Says:

    Very dissapointing ending…… had so much hope for a fairy tale ending based on the positive reviews of the writers, humpphhhh………………

  911. 911 : cross Says:

    i loooooove the storyline! but the the ending is so damn confusing!! however i started to like shin won ho since i watch this drama xD though he only was on episode one T___T how cruel that the producer makes him just slept in hospital for 15 episode LOL .Overall i can say that this drama worth to be watched ! 😀

  912. 912 : nisa Says:

    well… its really confusing me about the ending! gezzz-_-
    firstly i watch this because of shin won ho! his acting are going well at the 1st episod, but why the pd-nim only made him slept more at the hospital?
    isn’t he must get more scene like 49days that Jihyun still the main lead. how could it be??
    and it confused why the end of story not the real of KKJ out by bus? and why KKJ didnt go back to his real bodys? and why he still in YJ body? feel sad!! I WANT THE REAL KKJ NOT YJ!! ><
    well this drama is really funny to watch, even shin won ho not that much at screen T-T

  913. 913 : irfanbatagor Says:

    dissapointed with the ending, too much expectation it will be nice ending, but lovely with cinematography, and acting the actor and actres. I Wish, any second storys for repackage the ending…

  914. 914 : naeviuz Says:

    i think KJ and YJ aren’t switch their body again because photo Miracle was broke by the children, i think the main of this drama is that picture. So KJ shout MaRi to lie to DaRan, because KJ want make a surprise fot DaRan and chance to do what KJ tell’s in the past.. it’s my opinion 😀

  915. 915 : Kdramafanatic! Says:

    The story and the ending wasn’t that bad at all. The question left hanging was the answer of YJ to DR and what would it be? In its mid-episodes it showed that YJ really loved DR – not elaborated that much. I like the twist of the story because you’ll crave to know if YJ and KJ will switch body on the last episode. It always leaves you a blank answer in every episodes. Also the love story of SY<- YJ KJ ->MR.
    The title “big” gave the notion of how an immature guy would handle things out in a body of a mature guy. The story plot was like the korean drama 49 days. (that’s my opinion)

  916. 916 : Me Says:

    Gong yoo oppa wowwwww so amazing…….. handsome,sexy, and hot. Look at eps 13, he is so hot .love gong yoo

  917. 917 : Faninih Says:

    The first episodes made me cant stop watch BIG, but sadly the ending not good enough.

  918. 918 : Aku Says:

    Kenapa selama KJ ada di dalam tubuh YJ tidak pernah sekalipun bertanya pada DR..apakah DR juga akan mencintai KJ bila dia berada di tubuhnyaa aslinya? Seharusnya selama KJ berada di dalam tubuh YJ ada beberapa scene yang memperlihatkan KJ sebagaimana asli’a KJ tetapi hanya sebagai ruh’a saja. Dan seharusnya ada scene dimana DR melihat KJ sebagaimana dia berumur 19tahun bukan sebagai KJ yang ada di dalam tubuh YJ. Kuberitahu satu hal lagi! Seharusnya di scene terakhir yang berlari keluar bus dan masuk kebawah naungan payung DR itu adalah KJ dengan tubuh umur 19tahunnya bukan KJ dengan tubuh milik YJ!!!! Hal itu sungguh membuatku sangat kecewa!!!! a..ada satu lagi..aku sangat menunggu-nunggu adegan2 romantis dalam drama ini tetapi sepertinya hal-hal yang disajikan “secara romantis” dalam drama ini KUKATAKAN “TODAK ROMANTIS”!!!

    Seharusnya aku saja yang menjadi sutradaranya drama ini!!! (۳˘̶̀▼˘̶́)۳

  919. 919 : ina Says:

    I like ths drma frm the bgning but.., i hated the end of story… So pls, “writer, just cntinue wth big season 2 to finish this unclear story!!”

  920. 920 : swift Says:

    the writers purposely left the ending hanging with many questions unanswered, they leave it to the viewers to make the ending assumption, anyway the ending shows that DR waited and ended up with KJ. Poor JY being dumped as DR does not love him anymore.

  921. 921 : park jun hee Says:

    check this out…. really nice couple… and love the song….

  922. 922 : Assar Says:

    the drama was nice at the beginning, but after the 10th ep it was bas.. I did not like the ending at all. what happened to the Dr. !! how did she end up the relation with him when he doesn’t remember anything. I had a little hope that she will end up with the poor Dr -_-

  923. 923 : Assar Says:

    the drama was nice at the beginning, but after the 10th ep it was bad.. I did not like the ending at all. what happened to the Dr. !! how did she end up the relation with him when he doesn’t remember anything. I had a little hope that she will end up with the poor Dr -_-

  924. 924 : faezar wahid Says:

    when peform in indonesia

  925. 925 : diana Says:

    every one said about bad ending,
    so i watch this movie without expect the happy – end story.
    BUT…when i finished .. i think it is a “HAPPY END” movie

    love it..

  926. 926 : cute saranghe Says:

    ah oh.this movie was very very ni8ce and enjoyable to watch..i like it and i love it.

  927. 927 : Lilliet Says:

    This is the second crash of the year. By the way the first is Dr. Jin. I’m so sorry Gong Yoo, I love you anyway.

  928. 928 : Matt Says:

    Hm, just finished Big!~ (SPOLIER, if you haven’t watched the last episode, don’t read)!!!

    Okay, first thing’s first, the ending isn’t actually that bad (it would be classifed as a happy one!!!), but, yes, it certainly has its’ confusing points.

    #1 Gyung Joon suddenly looks like a 30 year old within a year…? That doesn’t really make sense.

    #2 Yeah, it sort of was rushed, and no mentioning of them being twins either…?

  929. 929 : taryn Says:

    the ending was pretty bad. how could KKJ looked so old in just a year or two. life would be devastating if that’s the case. plastic surgeons will have a blast. don’t you think so?

  930. 930 : rj Says:

    I was waiting for the souls to swap…story wasn’t that good… Come back drama of Gong Yoo was very disappointing…I was enjoying the first episodes but when the female lead started to have feelings for the kid, boooo….. So what happened to his fiancee in the end?????? I hope Gong Yoo will star in another drama sooooo better than this one.

  931. 931 : jeffery Says:

    too bad for hong sisters…after a series of successful drama like Hong Gil Dong, Couple or Trouble, Rooftop Prince, My GF is Gumiho and D Greatest Love….but, im a little dissapointed with d ending of BIG drama….

  932. 932 : Patricia Says:

    I love this! Gong yoo and Lee min jung are a good match! Really good acting!

  933. 933 : phoesceia Says:

    even though the ending of this drama is disappointing, i must say that i enjoyed watching the whole drama a lot.. Gong Yoo portrayed both characters well.. I love this drama.. I love the OSTs.. and I love Gong Yoo! he’s still hot! he seems like his just in mid-20’s.. ♥♥♥

  934. 934 : phoesceia Says:

    PS: i also cried a lot.. cause it’s so touching..

  935. 935 : Cattus Mulier Says:

    love this drama but the ending was kind of a cliffhanger 🙁

  936. 936 : ryna ca'emmm Says:

    oppa gong yoo my like’s you

    pa lagi k,tika jd oppa han geu yool
    di big si ttp kece tp….. da tukeran arwah’y……
    it’s ok ttp ceruuuuuu……….

  937. 937 : Ragil Sucipto Says:

    the ending make me crazy!!! arrggggghhhh! please KBS2 make BIG Seasons 2 and complete the last of secret episode T_T

  938. 938 : jeffery Says:

    i think there a some part did mention about they are actually twins…it just that both of them were separated by years…

  939. 939 : miss noe Says:

    best drama but really frustrated ending…

  940. 940 : deez Says:

    suka sangatt drama inii..
    they are perfect couple !!
    love gong yoo lee min jung.. :*

  941. 941 : limitzi Says:

    the storyline is interesting to begin with however, the ending could be better .. more reality can be added in. Too little scene of the ‘real’ kyung jun .. he’s so cute … everyone played their character well ..

  942. 942 : Christine Says:

    Interesting story. Very innovative plot since its a not a realistic one. Not a fab one but the actors and actresses were all in characters as always. A so so drama but then it still brought Tears in my eyes. Ending however was not that clear.

  943. 943 : dinaz Says:

    after thinking and thinking about the end and after replaying i saw that the person’s face at the end is not shown so the person who returned is kyung joon coz da ran would never accept yun jae..so that makes me happy..
    i think they dint show shin won ho’s face coz most of gong yoo’s fans would be upset..loved gong yoo hope he acts in a great drama next time.. 🙂

  944. 944 : rina dewi Says:

    Love this drama,,, My Ahjushi really handsome :-*

  945. 945 : susantisusy Says:

    Saranghae Gong Yoo……hoy…..hoy…..fighting…….

  946. 946 : mona Says:

    for me this drama is just an average drama, it’s kind of sad ‘cus i was expecting more when gong yoo’s in it…..

    i hope they show the real kyung joon at the last scene, it seems that they made the same last scene with rooftop prince 😐

  947. 947 : Emily Says:

    Dear people Gill daran actually the one at the end is KKJ real body but Gill teacher thinked it as Seo yoon jae 😀

  948. 948 : novii Says:

    over all i love this drama…touching.make me laughing…but i’m very very very very very dissapointed with ending this drama !!!!!!! i swear zzzzzz

  949. 949 : farhanah Says:

    gong yoo oppa saranghae

  950. 950 : Nana Says:

    done watching this and I’m planning to watch it over and over again thanks to http://www.filebook.com.ph I got my copy there 🙂

  951. 951 : NoXx Says:

    jesus!!! this film is…
    so nice 🙂

  952. 952 : Chamiucan Says:

    This drama is very good, ,
    but i confusing about the ending
    , , anyway i still enjoy this drama, ,
    gong yoo oppa fighting, ,

  953. 953 : widya Says:

    oh owww gong yoo make me whatch this drama twice. oh myyy its such a nice dramaa 😀

  954. 954 : Innocent man fan! Says:

    The drama is overall good, keeps you interested, the ending is just a tad bit confusing. otherwise its a good drama. Cutie pie gong yoo is in it!!

  955. 955 : Malieka Says:

    i love this series so much! at first i can’t believe the ending and i hated it, but when i watched it again i totally understand what the director’s trying to portray and i realized that it was the most perfect ending because it perfected the drama. it’s very good, keeps me interested throughout the series and all the actors and actresses are good actors and actresses. daebak, all in all, 9/10

  956. 956 : Malieka Says:

    oh man i seriously love BIG! just can’t get enough of it 😀

  957. 957 : christine Says:

    Love BIG. Gil Da Ran so beautiful ^_^
    Can’t wait BIG season 2 ^_^

  958. 958 : tiwi Says:

    I don’t like the last episode,, I wanna see how they change and so disappointed can’t see KKJ with gil da ram on umbrella scene :(,,

  959. 959 : sarang Says:

    love this drama but why is the rating too down???

  960. 960 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Ive got some issues in this drama. Ive finished this just today.

    1. The ending is justifiable but the “REAL KKJ” does not show. It still Gong Yoo’s face. Kinda puzzling my mind. In some point, it looks stupid to me.

    2. How come that KKJ is a cool teenager but when he switchd his soul to Yoon Jae, it became playful and childish?!

    3. Ma Ri emailed Da Ran that Yoon Jae and KKJ is doing good and back to normal but they seemed to remembered what had happened. But at nthe last episodes it looks like the KKJ is still using the body of Yoon Jae.

    Can any please enlighten me. This drama is perhaps underrated but worthy to watch. Im giving this 6.5/10.00

  961. 961 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    My bad. 3.Ma Ri emailed Da Ran that Yoon Jae and KKJ is doing good and back to normal but they DID NOT remember what had happened. But in the last episode it looks like the KKJ is still using the body of Yoon Jae. Confusing and a bit stupid for viewers.

  962. 962 : Malieka Says:

    In my point of view, KKJ’s hidden because the director is trying to tell the viewers that it doesn’t matter in whose body KKJ’s spirit is, although that is a bit of an anti-climax I must admit. And I think KKJ returned because he seems to be remembering everything back? But as you may notice, that is not the ending scene. Instead, the series end with their flashback, before KKJ went to Germany. GDR’s ‘confession’ to KKJ if he were to come back from Germany forgetting everything was shown (as it was not shown before that). This scene I think meant that it was as if nothing has changed from before KKJ went to Germany, as if he never went away, as if their love story were never discontinued and separated. Do you understand?

  963. 963 : chunlee Says:

    despite the confusing ending, i still find this drama entertaining and satisfying as well…its still a good drama for me..a must watch…i really like Gong Yo…i remember him so well in “Coffee Prince”…

  964. 964 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @962 nNop I don’t understand. It’s quite confusing and puzzling. Why use the face of Gong Yoo when Gil Da Ran fell in love with KKJ soul?! This is so ironic. Bae Suzy emails Gil Da Ran that both KKJ and Yoon Jae did not remember what happen. and by the time that KKJ came back to Seoul and meet Gil Da Ran, we can say that the memory is back. BUT why use Yoon Jae’s body? Just to emphasize the viewers that it was not a physical attraction why Gil Da Ran fell in love with him?! It’s FANTASY. Yeah this series is fantasy at all.

    It’s better to see the real and young KKJ than using Yoon Jae body as KKJ again and again.

  965. 965 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    and using Yoon Jae’s body at the last episode is very contradicting to the idea that Gil Da Ran all in love with KKJ as himself (soul) and his own physical features. Using Yoon Jae’s face tells me that Da Ran sees KKJ as a reflection of Yoon Jae. The directorm should use KKJ himself.

    and one thing lacking about this drama, is CLOSURE between Yoon Jae and Da Ran. Weeww!

  966. 966 : Malieka Says:


    LOL okay chill, you’ll just have to think this series as one of those artistically twisted type i guess? i was outraged with the ending too at first, but then i figured out like what i told you i figured out and i just accept it. everything was so perfect, i had very high hopes towards the ending, and i find myself a headache thinking how the director is going to get out of this one. and so because of that, when i did reach the ending, i came to the conclusion to just accept it for i sure as hell will be hysterical if i kept thinking how poor the ending is, because this is one of many series that is near and dear to my heart. i’m sorry it didn’t work out well with you though. but i am being a bit bias i must admit, because i’ll love this series no matter what anyway, just because gong yoo is in it and damn, he really is a good actor. nonetheless, i really love this series, poor ending or not 🙂

  967. 967 : Malieka Says:

    [spoiler]and yes, i agree, i really hated how Da Ran and Yoon Jae never got any closure between those two because Yoon Jae really did loved her sincerely, and he was SO cute when he was shyly chasing Da Ran. agh all the scenes when Yoon Jae first noticed Da Ran was very VERY romantic. i love it. too much, i think. i kind of rooted for Yoon Jae, whenever i thought of him[/spoiler]

  968. 968 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @967 yeah. CLOSURE between the two should have been tackled. But i love this drama. i just have some issues at the ending and the closure thing. But as a whole I Like the drama. And since the ending is somewhat puzzling can we expect a part 2. jejeje

  969. 969 : sisilia Says:

    Really like this drama.. It has its flaws but it also has lots of great moments. The idea of a teacher loving her 18 y.o student is rationally n morally wrong but this is dramaland afterall n to think that it is ‘fate’ or should i said ‘medical technology’ that being a part of the age gap, i think it could make it more acceptable to me.;
    N btw GY is def a hottie <3 he n LMJ look god damn adorable 2gether

  970. 970 : Matt Says:


    The reason why KKJ in the end was in SYJ’s body was cause he suddenly grew up in the space of one year, and they are meant to look exactly the same as each other, as they are twins (unrealistic, I totally agree).

    On the second point is that before KKJ went back to his own body, he told Da Ran that when they met again to never let go of him, and to love him. This scene looks exactly the same as the first one when they first met, and it is the beginning of their own love story, in which KKJ in his real body falls in love with Da Ran…

  971. 971 : kazzan_girl Says:

    i love this drama ,, favorite drama …

  972. 972 : itsuka Says:

    for all i love this drama.. of course because of gong yoo but i don’t understand the ending.. why has been KKJ big???

  973. 973 : Ragil Sucipto Says:

    I want to see Big Seasons 2 and want to complete all of episodes! ^^

  974. 974 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    all i really want is Closure from Yoon Jae and Da Ran. Ok just forget the body issue but the closure needs to be done. 🙂

  975. 975 : iya27 Says:

    Just stopping by here to read some spoiller and after i read few comments, i think i should prepare myself for the worst. I wil still continue to watch it anyway because the story keeps me interested.

  976. 976 : Malieka Says:

    @970 Matt

    Dude that’s great insight! I didn’t thought if it that way, thanks for the broaden of view. There are so many theories to the ending, and it made me realize, what if the Director or whoever made the ending like that to make us think, you know? To make us make this drama alive, to let this drama be ours. I like it, this drama, my version of its ending, your version of its ending, it’s all flawed perfectly 🙂

  977. 977 : kal Says:

    bad ending :S the ending was so horrible

  978. 978 : ty Says:

    i still love this drama although the ending is confusing. Gong Yoo daebak!! the soundtrack is also really good!

  979. 979 : bernie Says:

    This drama was totally amazing the first 14/15 episodes!! I was completely hooked onto the relationship between the main characters >< although the ending was confusing this drama is definitely worth watching!!! XD

  980. 980 : Jake Says:

    I really want to watch a second part of this show, i’m from the Philippines and so many Filipino liked this tv show…. and i really love Lee Min Jung.. The Best

  981. 981 : Jake Says:

    the ending was good, the writer was very protective and safe guarding the law of teacher and student affair that is why the ending is like that…. This is Epic

  982. 982 : jardeus Says:

    just finished watching the drama.. honestly.. I watch this bcoz of Suzy and minjung.. but the ending was terrible… very.. my asdvice is.. watch episode 1 and and skip episode 3–>13…

  983. 983 : upie Says:

    sadly, the ending is bad, 🙁

  984. 984 : huey Says:

    Frustrating scenario, weak plots. So tiring to watch this drama till finish.
    A child whom born to be donor, usually suffers from many surgeries. Ever seen the movie “My sister’s Keeper” ? The film presents a nightmarish medical situation for two sisters. Anna who was 11 years old was struggling whether to donor her kidney to Kate her elder sister with acute disease after years she suffered from surgery in order to donor bone marrow to Kate.

    What Gil Da Ran really loves is Seo Yoon Jae looks. If KKJ return to his own body with his 19 years old face, do you think GDR will love him like when he occupied Yoon Jae’s body? The ending of this movie is trying to make it acceptable for a mature woman to have love relationship with a teenager boy.

    It will be more heart touching if the soul of Yoon Jae return his own body and he struggles from beginning again to win the wavered GDR’s heart. While KKJ watching painfully on the reunion of the couple and he surrenders to Jang Mari’s dominion.

  985. 985 : @iloveKdramas Says:

    today,is BIG day.it airs today at philippines at GMA. ‘n reviewing all ur comments,i’ve become more interested 2 watch it.loOKIng 4rwrd 2 it!!!

  986. 986 : janine anonsawon Says:

    itz, very nice!!!!!!!!!!!! xuperb,,,!,,,

  987. 987 : nha Says:

    I love gong yoo oppa
    But sadly very bad ending 🙁

  988. 988 : Big (KBS2)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  989. 989 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    Daebaek!!!! I really like this drama. Suzy♥♡

  990. 990 : nyarnick Says:

    watching it over and over again~ ignore all the bad opins.

  991. 991 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    I really like this Korean drama. 😀
    I laughed, cried, and I was impressed because of the cast who really did their best to make us happy. I love the couple (Gong Yoo and Lee Min-Jung)
    and the other actors and actresses who were part of the TV Series like Bae Suzy. I already knew her because of Dream High. ^_^
    I wish that I will be given a chance to visit Korea so that I will see the cast of Big whom I idolize.
    Good job ! 🙂 🙂

  992. 992 : Anica Says:

    wow this koreandrama is the most pretty for me bec.it has all types of a drama like comedy,lovestory and of course drama,
    wish to have part 2,
    i really really like this drama super duper!!!especially the rule of Shin Won Ho and Lee Min Jung….

  993. 993 : Princess Joyce Says:

    wow this koreandrama is the most pretty for me bec.it has all types of a drama ,
    wish to have part 2,
    i really really like this drama super duper!!!especially the rule of Shin Won Ho and Lee Min Jung….

  994. 994 : me Says:

    the ending was perfect! just think about it a little and you will see that if the ending was like you wanted it to be you were not even thinking about this drama a day after she was ending and when it end like this you are just cant get it out of your head!!!!!!!

  995. 995 : bigpanatic Says:

    please have a part 2
    hong jun yon please have a part 2

  996. 996 : jewel yzavel Says:

    wow! this will be my favorite koreandrama.it s romantic, comedy and fantasy. when im watching this i always smile because of the girl & gong yoo.

  997. 997 : Jhames Lee Fuentabella Says:

    Yoboseo! Hello There! WOW! BiG ~ Korean Drama was my Second Best korean Drama, first is Smile Donghae, but this Drama was not Great yet it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.. Hello sa mga FILIPINO diyan. Kaway Kaway La La La La.. ^3^ This Drama was so very interesting to watch and I’ve learn many things. This is now Airing here in the Philippines and I am Very thankful ♥ Lots of Love.. Godbless All.. Twitter Twitter din pag may time!

  998. 998 : Lee_Ballesteros Says:

    Hayss.. Hello sa mga Filipino Out there ♥ kaway yung mga Nanunuod ng BIG hahaha.. Follow us on twitter? twitter.com/Lee_Ballesteros Thanks ♥ Also Twitter.com/EtherealLee Mwapss.. #HeyU #Saranghanikka ^___^

  999. 999 : Leia Says:

    I already watch this in dvd… And this is good but the ending… What happen? Who is he already? Kyung joon or Yoon jae… Just asking… But i like it 😉

  1000. 1000 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    LoL ! I really like the songs of this Kdrama !
    To all the Filipinos there in Korea, Hi ! I want to go there too. Hihihi 🙂

  1001. 1001 : Bae Suzy | Catatan Harian Says:

    […] The Beginning (MBC, 2013)Big (KBS2, 2012)I Need a Fairy (KBS2, 2012) cameoHuman Casino (KBS2, 2011)Dream High Season 2 (KBS2, […]

  1002. 1002 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    OMG! Every time I think that this Kdrama will end later in Philippine TV, I can’t stop myself from being sad. I really love this drama. There are times that I cry, I laugh, and I really love Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung. I hope that they will make new projects together to make millions of Filipino happy. Goodluck 🙂

  1003. 1003 : xiu tang bee pollen Says:

    es lo mejor que he conseguido para vajar de peso

  1004. 1004 : flip-flonq Says:

    i really like their movie … i hope many projects 2 come in your life both Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo … i really love korean drama ..i can’t stop my self 4 being sad when both of them have quiet misuderstanding…! i hope many projects you will make as one another..!so that many of Filipino’s will be happy. GOODLUCK…!

  1005. 1005 : deeAn Says:

    it was annoying. In the end of drama, why the face of true KKJ hidden by umbrella

  1006. 1006 : deeAn Says:

    this drama was unsolved story. very dissapointing. BIIIIIIIGG question in the end. so waste time,watching this drama

  1007. 1007 : Rain Ahmad Says:

    I Love This Drama it’s so Fictional and away from reality I Like that 🙂

  1008. 1008 : rein Says:

    i love this drama. funny but i dont like the ending.

  1009. 1009 : jewles Says:

    Worst ending EVER! Big Disappointment!!

  1010. 1010 : Chan Wah Says:

    i really like the drama…its interesting..!!! SHIN WON HO has a bright future… Wish you All The Best !!!

  1011. 1011 : diiitaam Says:

    i just see this drama because of suzy because the story so weird for me and also ending of this story make me dissapointing

  1012. 1012 : oumaima Says:

    i love this drama

  1013. 1013 : chaima Says:

    I did not understand completely.Are returned qq c? please how

  1014. 1014 : chaima Says:

    Is Darren with the Kyung Gyi or Young Gyi.?In the end.

  1015. 1015 : nikki Says:

    for the ending this is how i think it was ..
    it was Kyung joon at the end not yoon jae
    but because they are brothers the make it look like kyung joon looks like yoon jae when he grows up.

  1016. 1016 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

    […] Dream High 2 (KBS2) Pasta (MBC) Mary Stayed Out All Night (KBS2) The King 2hearts (MBC) Faith (SBS) Big (KBS2) You’re Beautiful (SBS) May Queen (MBC) To the Beautiful You (SBS) KangChi, The Beginning (MBC) […]

  1017. 1017 : ashley Says:

    The ending should not be like that…its very disappointing. I dont understand why you let that ending be. All i want the whole time while watching the series is to find out what yoon jae really feels and the anwer to da ran. You should have make season 2 of big because the ending is hanging…it is unsolved. We would like to know what will happen next to yoon jae and da ran together with kyung joon. And also their family. THERE MUST BE SEASON 2!!! Im happy that I enjoyed the series.but sad cause the ending is a mess. I should have watch the ending first to make sure that the series is worth watching.

  1018. 1018 : Zeez22 Says:

    I think this drama is worth watching… Thou the ending can be a bit better… 🙂

  1019. 1019 : asma Says:

    i like this series because it is funny. there must be season 2

  1020. 1020 : Sara Says:

    I loved the drama, but the ending >_< aaah!

  1021. 1021 : einneuq naej Says:

    i love dis story <3
    and i miss it ^_^


  1022. 1022 : kathryn Says:

    I love KKJ! how i hope he will be mine!!

  1023. 1023 : Vania Says:

    Bad ending…!
    That why it has bad rating 😮

  1024. 1024 : Georgina Says:

    Eventhough I was confused with the ending.. I still love this drama! The casts really portrayed their roles very well. And i just love love Gong Yoo & Lee min jung’s chemistry. 🙂

  1025. 1025 : pipay Says:

    i love the artist, great acting…. ending was not good….

  1026. 1026 : NNN Says:

    The story was good but in the end such of nothing ewh when i thought the story was so exciting

  1027. 1027 : Nia Says:

    I think the ending is good..why yoon jae appear is because he explain to da ran before he go in the past, and in the present da ran remember what kkj said in yoon jae’s body..so da ran never let it go kkj in his real body

  1028. 1028 : Daehan Ana Says:

    This drama is so good. And I really liked the ending although everybody seem to hate it hihi ^^ The soundtrack is awesome and the story is capturing. I cried and laughed a lot while watching it. =^.^=

  1029. 1029 : cheri_philippines Says:


  1030. 1030 : ery chris Says:

    I was just finished watching this drama. I was too late watch this drama. Over all i very like this drama and enjoy every minute…it was cute, funny but so romantic.. and the ending i like it because da ran is comeback with KKJ. .although i feel sorry 4 YoonJae because the writer didnt tell more about him in the future after he wake up in his real body..KKJ in the ending is described as YOONJAE look like because he is Yoonjae’s brother so when he grows up i think he will look like as Yoon Jae…ahhhhh will miss this drama so muchhhh….

  1031. 1031 : minjung Says:

    did anyone know the instrument played in episode 4 when Ma Ri in hospital with Kyung Joon and wanna kiss him??
    i found that piano instrument so familiar but couldn’t find it!
    anyone know? thanks a bunch !!

  1032. 1032 : park ae ran Says:

    This drama is very UNRECOMENDED to watch.. because the ending is very suck. At the endingep16 they change their soul , but the face same (-___-‘!!) KKJ not getting older, or different outfit style. Its very PLAIN, disappointed, and then SYJ never appear, so we didnt know how about him live.

    My english in very bad, im apologize :*

  1033. 1033 : pearl cylfanie Says:

    Ah I love Gong Yoo body and Lee Min Jung is so pretty. The story line in this drama is soooooo good. I love it and I appreciate the drama writer. But in the last episode, I wish KKJ was still in SYJ’s body.

  1034. 1034 : note Says:

    What I note is how when KKJ bid goodbye, still in SYJ’s body, said that when he returns, several years later, even if he does not really remember GDR, no matter how he behaves etc, he told GDR to never let him go, because he does love her and it was pretty much love at first sight…..
    Similar thing happened in Secret Garden between KJW and GRI characters, he pretty much ‘fell in like’ with her at the first sight and words of the OST is: …my heart knows you first…..(tho KJW did say that when a man said that it was love at first sight it only means that he just want to get to bed with you as quick as possible 🙂 )
    Such romantic romance! In real life…..that kind is almost extinct….you have break ups, divorces…. 🙂
    But then of course the ‘dream’ is always bigger…

  1035. 1035 : Amwn Says:

    I love the drama. Funny and romantic. Both Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung portrays KKJ and Da Ran perfectly. I’m just a bit disappointed with KKJ and Yoon Jae age gap. It makes a little bit odd for Da Ran to fall for a high school student. But I still love the storyline though. And Gong Yoo.. I think he’s the sexiest korean male actor so far.

  1036. 1036 : Rose Says:

    Weird – is all I can say. Shin Won Ho -(KKJ) laid in the bed the whole time and never throughout the whole show got to say anything. Stupid.

    And Yoon Jae — when he came back into his body — there is no explanation of him and Gil Daran breaking up, if he loved her or what????

    I was expecting KKJ – (Shin Won Ho) to show up at the end when they met with the umbrella. Strange ending with some questions unanswered.

    Story line was good though – but kind of let down at the end as I was hoping to see KKJ actually be up and about and being there with Gil Daran at the end..

  1037. 1037 : JJ Says:

    very nice story, i watched it with interest and excitement……… but the end was a HUGE DISAPOINTMENT … :((

  1038. 1038 : Sesli Says:

    Story line was good though – but kind of let down at the end as I was hoping to see KKJ actually be up and about and being there with Gil Daran at the end..

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