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Big Man 04

Title: 빅맨 / Big Man
Genre: Melodrama, Revenge, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-28 to 2014-June-17
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


Kim Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan) doesn’t have parents and goes through a tough life. He then meets Dal Sook (Song Ok Sook) who runs a small restaurant at a traditional market. Kim Ji Hyuk follows her like his mother and settles down at the traditional market. He works hard to open up his own store within the traditional market. Suddenly, Kim Ji Hyuk becomes a hidden son from a family that owns Korea’s top company Hyunsung. He realizes though that there are impure intentions. Since that moment, Kim Ji Hyuk takes revenge upon the people at the Hyunsung company. He becomes romantically involved with a woman named So Mi Ra (Lee Da Hee) who he meets at the most important time in his life.

Meanwhile, Kang Dong Suk (Choi Daniel) is the one who grew up a chaebol his whole life. Kang Jin Ah (Jung So Min) is his sister.


Main cast

Kang Ji Hwan as Kim Ji Hyuk
Lee Tae Woo as Kim Ji Hyuk (young)
Lee Da Hee as So Mi Ra
Choi Da In as So Mi Ra (young)
Choi Daniel as Kang Dong Suk
Nam Da Reum as Kang Dong Suk (young)
Jung So Min as Kang Jin Ah

People around Kim Ji Hyuk

Song Ok Sook as Hong Dal Sook
Jang Tae Sung as Yang Dae Sup
Kwon Hae Hyo as Goo Duk Gyu
Kim Ji Hoon as Choi Yoo Jae
Lee Dae Yun as Kim Han Doo
Jang Hang Sun as Jo Hwa Soo
Kim Dae Ryung as Jo Bum Shik

People around So Mi Ra

Yoon So Hee as So Hye Ra
Kim Mi Kyung as Ahn Bong Rim

People around Kang Dong Suk

Uhm Hyo Sup as Kang Sung Wook
Cha Hwa Yun as Choi Yoon Jung
Han Sang Jin as Do Sang Ho


Lee Hae Woo as Moon Myung Ho
Na Seung Ho as Assistant Manager Lee
Choi Jung Hwa as journalist
Oh Dae Hwan as detective
Kim Jung Pal as Mr Park
Lee Hae Young as branch manager of Jericho
Kim Min Sang as detective
Jang Sung Bum as doctor


Lee Sung Min as high-ranking government official
Park Won Sang as homicide detective
Song Jae Rim as Park Dong Pal
Oh Sang Jin as news anchor
Jung Myung Joon (정명준) as lawyer
Kim Min Jae as Prosecutor Yong
Jung Dong Kyu as judge
Kim Seung Wook

Production Credits

Production Company: Kim Jong Hak Production, KBS Media
Chief Producer: Jung Hae Ryong
Producer: Ji Byung Hyun, Park Woo Ram
Director: Ji Young Soo
Screenwriter: Choi Jin Won


2014 KBS Drama Awards – Popularity Actress: Lee Da Hee (Big Man)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-04-28 1 5.2 6.0 6.0 6.0
2014-04-29 2 4.4 4.9 4.8 5.4
2014-05-05 3 6.2 6.6 8.0 (17th) 8.3 (17th)
2014-05-06 4 7.7 (19th) 9.4 (15th) 8.2 (18th) 9.2 (14th)
2014-05-12 5 6.9 7.1 9.7 (13th) 10.5 (10th)
2014-05-13 6 6.1 6.1 8.0 (15th) 8.8 (15th)
2014-05-19 7 6.4 7.1 8.1 8.5
2014-05-20 8 8.4 (15th) 9.1 (15th) 9.0 (16th) 9.8 (12th)
2014-05-26 9 8.8 (15th) 9.7 (13th) 10.3 (11th) 10.6 (11th)
2014-05-27 10 8.7 (12th) 8.7 (15th) 11.2 (8th) 11.5 (8th)
2014-06-02 11 8.0 (18th) 8.8 (16th) 10.0 (10th) 10.9 (9th)
2014-06-03 12 9.0 (14th) 10.0 (11th) 11.4 (10th) 13.2 (6th)
2014-06-09 13 8.3 (15th) 8.9 (14th) 10.7 (9th) 12.2 (7th)
2014-06-10 14 8.0 (15th) 9.3 (11th) 10.3 (10th) 11.2 (9th)
2014-06-16 15 8.1 (16th) 9.0 (14th) 10.8 (10th) 12.3 (8th)
2014-06-17 16 8.5 (14th) 9.4 (11th) 12.6 (7th) 14.0 (6th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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137 Responses to “Big Man”

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  1. 101
    Kaycee Says:

    Hotel King is a nice drama, and Roommate the reality show where celebreties living in one house

  2. 102
    eny Says:

    i agree with sandy about KJH n Choi danield, if you say choi leave not one screen to waste, Isee KJH too, if that scene doesn’t interest you , it was the writer n the pd who give that scene, i think both of them do good job
    I like all the lead cast of this drama

  3. 103
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 7 and episode 8 and it’s sad to see what’s happening at episode 8 , but, something strikes my attention on Jin Ah was that Jin Ah was sincere and kind and falling in love with Ji Hyuk.

    In order to continue to attract my interest to like this drama, the writer must change the romance of Ji Hyuk. Ji Hyuk should find his love with Jin Ah.

    Mi Ra a very selfish woman, she does not deserve love from Ji Hyuk and hopefully, Dong Suk will die because of sudden heart attack.

    The problem is, how to understand that Ji Hyuk can eventually becomes the big man ? And I am more interested in the romance between Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk. And I am praying hard that, the writer will not pair up the romance of Ji Hyuk with Mi Ra . Frankly speaking, I hate Mi Ra and I like Jin Ah. Jin Ah may not be prettier than Mi Ra, but, I really like Jin Ah loving Jin Hyuk with a sincere, innocent true heart.

    I like to watch Big Man and also Doctor Stranger, both are equally good. And I will continue to watch this drama and looking forward to watch episode 9 and episode 10.

  4. 104
    hny Jo Says:

    I’m start watch at ep 8…interesting! will continue ;))

  5. 105
    Carmen Says:

    OMG OMG OMG how he will come out of this one? all beating to dead and throw into the sea……I hope he teach all those people that you do not play with a person just because you have money…..and about Mira I think those people did what they want with her…since her dad die…she will open her eyes…..but in a way she did pay with the family when they want it his hearth…..this drama is getting really interesting….love it!

  6. 106
    hind Says:

    i would love if ji hyuk fall in love with jin ah

  7. 107
    khunsaul Says:

    Agree with @mml

    Many things happened in episode 9. Hoping to watch with sub.
    This drama has no wasted scenes. I am addicted to Big Man.

  8. 108
    Pikochot Says:

    Jung So Min is vogue, sexy & beautiful.

  9. 109
    peyutnduy Says:

    I haven’t seen Doctor Stranger and Triangle which are aired at the same time as Big Man. So I have no idea why they’re ratings are higher than Big Man. Perhaps ONLY because of the actors are much younger than KJH and CD?

  10. 110
    Nadege Says:

    Love psycho Jin Ah & hope she gets her man even thought it is not likely since she is the second female lead. They call pull off an “I hear your voice” where the main lead ends up with the second lead!!!

  11. 111
    Nudge Says:

    I thought he was just putting on the idiot bit just a little. And I credited the character with street-smarts which meant he’d know when he’s being played. But that wasn’t the case at all. In this, the latest episode, it turns out he really is a moron.

    And that duplicitous sly face that Ji Hwan puts on wasn’t that the character had something brewing at the back of his mind but was just lousy acting. Oh dear me, I’ve come this far and the story is interesting.

  12. 112
    Nudge Says:

    @hind, me too. It’d be interesting to see our hero (moron) get some back for what they’d done to him. I especially like to see our cardiac outpatient get his comeuppence.

  13. 113
    hz Says:

    more dramas for Song jae rim his acting is great!!

  14. 114
    julia Says:

    f ji hwan and so min at ,the end im going to watch it again

  15. 115
    Cyn Says:

    Haven’t watched this show yet, but I’ve been watching Doctor Stranger which is good. But I gave up on Triangle because the first few episodes bored me. Maybe I’ll give this one a shot.

  16. 116
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 9 and episode 10 and towards the ending episode 10, it’s so sweet to see Jin Ah happily hoping and wishing to have a wedding ring from Ji Hyuk. I will continue to watch episode 11 and episode 12 and hopefully oneday, Ji Hyuk will love and propose to Jin Ah.

  17. 117
    fragile Says:

    in fact i was waiting for this drama because of kjh.. But i couldnt complete it.. There is nothing new about it.. It is sooo boring.

  18. 118
    Waving not Drowning Says:

    @hz I agree, Song Jae Rim was awesome in Inspiring Generation.

  19. 119
    lclarakl Says:

    I just finished eps 11 and 12 and I’m a little confused. Why is MR going after DS and not his father? What has he did to her that she now hates him? I don’t get it.

  20. 120
    Drama Fan Says:

    Can anyone possibility like the main female leader???? She is terribly annoying…not a good person…how can he end up with someone who nearly killed him for his heart? If the producer wants higher ratings, focus more on the romance with Jin Ah. She totally deserve the love in the end!

  21. 121
    mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 11 and episode 12 and looking forward to watch episode 13 and episode 14, to find out on how can Ji Hyuk win his revenge ? And I hope that the writer better don’t arrange Ji Hyuk to pair with Mi Ra as a romance couple. I am getting very sick to see Mi Ra , I really hate Mi Ra very much in her character. I like to see Jin Ah with a pure sincere heart towards Ji Hyuk. I really hope that Ji Hyuk, should really consider and accept the love of Jin Ah.

  22. 122
    Sweetpea Says:

    Drama Fan and mml, I so agree with the two of you. JH likes her, but he doesn’t even know she tried to kill him. I was reading some comments on Soompi regarding MR and it’s amazing how people try to justify MRs actions as being brained washed by DS. I do believe DS was unconscious when she made the decision on her own that she wanted to kill JH for his heart. JA has been faithful to him from the beginning. She even turned her back on her family.

    Lclarakl@119, good question. I had not thought about it. I really have no idea why MR is going after DS other than she likes JH. It was DS father who slandered her father and her mother took money to keep quiet about it. Why isn’t see going after them?

  23. 123
    So Ra ra Says:

    Ahh. . So hard for hate Kang Dong Suk aka Choi Daniel. And I like So Much So Mi Ra aka Lee Da Hee.

  24. 124
    Sandy 3 Says:

    I like Jin Ah and hate that JH is in love with MR.

  25. 125
    may170 Says:

    @Lclarakl (119) & @Sweetpea (122)
    MR hates DS and all his family, she wants to revenges to Hyun Su Company, because after his father die because car accident, the family using that incident to use MR’s father name that her father steal the money from company.

    Because her father dead, they used her father name to clear their BAD action because they loose money in investment and government try to look out the money was.

    Thats why MR hates DS so much because he make her father a criminal.

  26. 126
    may170 Says:

    g that incident to use MR’s father name that her father steal the mon@Lclarakl (119) & @Sweetpea (122)
    MR hates DS and all his family, she wants to revenges to Hyun Su Company, because after his father die because car accident, the family usiney from company.

    Because her father dead, they used her father name to clear their BAD action because they loose money in investment and government try to look out the money was.

    Thats why MR hates DS so much because he make her father a criminal.

  27. 127
    Waving not Drowning Says:

    This drama appears to be propaganda promoting socialism/communism. I don’t know if it was intentional. Just my impression.

    Sadly I think the evil Dong Suk is to varying degrees closer to how we are as humans. He coveted and was filled with false pride. And he was willing to step on others to acquire what he desired.

    On the other hand our protagonist Ji Hyuk, probably reflects the writer’s own understanding of a good person — pretentious and vacuous.

  28. 128
    lclarakl Says:

    Mary170 @ 126, I understand that MR is taking revenge on DS because his father framed her deceased father for embezzlement–they weren’t responsible for his death. It does not make sense that she’s taking revenge on DS for something his father did. She supposedly has been dating DS since high school (over 10 years), and yet she falls out of love with him in 2 months for someone she barely knows. Even worse, she never tried to help him see that his behavior was wrong.

    I think the writers did not do a good job defining MR. More than that, I think Lee Da Hee was not lead actress material for this drama. She didn’t know how to truly portray her character or the conflict she was feeling. In my opinion, she kept trying to look pretty not realizing in order to really portray her character she has to make some ugly facial expressions at time.

    Jung So Min, I have to give two thumbs up!!! She out acted Lee Da Hee hands down. There was so much chemistry between JH and Jin Ah. The casting director selected the wrong person. MR was supposed to be cool but very passionate and later she was supposed to become fiery. LOL!! I only saw cool. The other 2 characteristics never made an appearance.

  29. 129
    peyutnduy Says:

    Satisfying ending… I liked it except that KJH wore a pair of white leather shoes😠 to (mis)match with his cool dark blue suits😕

  30. 130
    key Says:

    Is it a good drama?

  31. 131
    lovetheheirs Says:

    Is this drama worth watching? Thanks

  32. 132
    1Reviewer Says:

    So Mira character ruined the drama for me, it is so inconsistent. one of the worst written character ever.

  33. 133
    Thara Says:

    The first 8 episodes are beyond amazing for me but the latter parts, I skipped everything to finish it.

  34. 134
    cleverfool Says:

    watched 10eps and then aft JH came out of “prison” and he try to take revenge the whole story seems to become draggy… ffwd some of the part… overall a nice drama!

  35. 135
    Sandy Says:

    1Reviewer @132, I agreed with this comment concerning So Mira, then I saw the drama Temptation. The husband is the worse written character. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure the writer of that drama didn’t take characters and plots from different dramas and meshed them into Temptation which is the worse drama ever. No words can describe it other than it made me not ever want to watch the two leads ever again in another drama together or separately. The writer I will never watch another drama written by him.

    Back to Big Man, they could have hit it out of the park if they had switched the main female lead with the second and changed up the plot. The revenge plot line for MR was too weak and ridiculous. I could understand if she was going after the father. She faulted her fiancé for what his father did and she wasn’t’ much better than him. Instead of siding with her, I found her role more traitor. Yes she was helping the male lead, but the way her character was written, it her unlikable for me.

  36. 136
    Doris Aguirre Says:

    Lack of chemistry among the casts. Good series but wrong casts.

  37. 137
    Sweetpeaga Says:

    The cast was okay, but the wrong female lead. They should have switched the second female and made her lead and the lead female should have been second lead.

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