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Title: 비천무 / Bicheonmu
Also known as: Bichunmu / Bichunmoo / Dance in the Sky / Flying Heavenly Dance
Chinese title : 飛天舞
Genre: Fantasy, romance, action
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast year: 2008-Feb-01 to 2008-March-21
Air time: Fridays 20:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)


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Joo Jin Mo as Liu Zhenhe (Jin-ha) 劉珍河
Wang Ya Nan as Nangong Junguang (Namgong Jun-kwang) 南宮俊光
Park Ji Yoon as Xueli (So-lee) 雪莉
Niu Li as Chen Lizhen (Jin Yuh-jin) 陳麗珍
Kim Kang Woo as Shi Jun 史俊
Wang Zhi Hua as Huang Pu 皇埔
Park Shin Hye as A Li Shui 阿利水
Huang Da Liang as Nangong Yanji 南宮延吉
Yan Kuan as Liu Zhangyu 劉璋玉
Jiang Hong as Su Xian


Disputes over this drama were finally settled and this drama will be aired by SBS in 2008.
This drama was aired in China before it aired in Korea.

Production Credits

Original writing (manga): Bichunmoo (비천무) by Kim Hye Rin
Director: Yoon Sang Ho (운상호)
Scriptwriter: Kang Eun Gyung (강은경)
Action director: Ma Yu Cheng (马玉成)

Official Site


  1. 1 : bench Says:

    wow!!!!!! been waiting for this drama eversince i saw it on the net..

    of course, it’s another joo jin mo…

  2. 2 : Siu2 Says:

    I wonder if there is anybody subbing this drama? Can’t wait to see Joo Jin Mo.

  3. 3 : Kobe Says:

    Isn’t this a Chinese drama?

  4. 4 : WujouMao Says:

    i thought Bichunmoo was a chinese movie and a chinese non english subtitled drama? now its korea’s turn to re-work it?

  5. 5 : Cherrt Says:

    Can someone explain what this series is about?? I tried searching the net but it didn’t give me anything!

  6. 6 : sam Says:

    why don’t you have the DRAMA CALled ELEPHANT IT IS soooo funny

  7. 7 : jxbeaucp Says:

    wow, airing and speaking in Korean…..saw this drama speaking in chinese….would have prefer the korean translation….16 eps did they cut a lot from the chinese version? I mean I know that this is a korean drama, but it was probably release in chinese translation first so i alread saw it?

  8. 8 : CS Says:

    English Subtitle Please.
    I love the main actor. He is the one in Queen of the Game.

  9. 9 : KD fan Says:

    In fact, this serial was filmed before Queen of the game and was a combined production with the Chinese. The Chinese serial has over 33 episodes and the Korean one is a compressed version. I like the Chinese serial better cos’ at least it tells the whole story.

  10. 10 : aznchick Says:

    go to mysoju.com. it has subs

  11. 11 : irene Says:

    Can’t wait to watch Jo Jin Moo in Bichunmu.
    So are I have watched 2 episodes. Now waiting for downloading of the rest as currently this is being aired in Korea. Or maybe at time of writing, it is already over.
    I simply love Jo Jin Moo’s acting. He is so good and handsome.

  12. 12 : Dann C Says:

    It was a most entertaining drama ,a love story with plenty of swordplay etc and I have to say that out of all the dramas I have viewed that
    Park Ji Yoon is the most beautiful korean actress I have ever seen,she is a georgeous creature and Joo Jin Mo makes her and him the best looking couple I have seen. My only complaint on the drama is they had dubbed in chinese voices but overall it is worth watching.

  13. 13 : fiet.. Says:

    Yup, gw 100% setuju ma Dann C..
    Diantara serial sejarah korea spt jumong, damo, the legend, hong gil dong, gw lbh suka Bichunmu..
    Yg agak ngeganggu ya dubbingx chinese language, rasanya ga cocok deh…
    Joo jin moo tetep paling oke…

  14. 14 : joy Says:

    I enjoy watching this great drama. But I do not like the ladies’ dresses, too simple. At that period of time, clothes should be more tradition.

  15. 15 : Imay Says:

    Gw suka ma nie film, simple n enak ditonton. Still its a heart-wrenching drama. Ending nya sedih bgt..
    Tp lmyn lah smbil nunggu film2 bermutu yg bgs scr kualitas n cerita

  16. 16 : Nana Says:

    Imay.. maksud sedih tuh gimana yah?
    soalnya aku lg nonton ep 9 getu..
    ngga suka sad ending…
    mnrt kamu perlu ngga yah aku lanjutin?
    gw nyesel banget ntn hong gil dong, soalnya walopun awalnya bagus but still endingnya ngeselin…

  17. 17 : Imay Says:

    Dear Nana,
    Menurut gw sedih tuh krn jinha n solee dua2nya mati d akhir cerita daaan saat2 senengnya tuh bentar bgt tp ttp aj mnrt gw mending nonton ampe beres, ceritanya enak diliat n menghibur.
    Gw setuju bgt soal Hong Gil Dong, depannya asik tp ending nya bkn gw nyesel ud nonton dr awal.

  18. 18 : nilar Says:

    i like both this movie. I like and watch all the episodes till the end

  19. 19 : raz Says:

    As allways sad ending but what a great acting and excellent cast. JUST A

  20. 20 : KDfan Says:

    Anyone know a site that is hosting the OST for this drama? Please link the site. Thanks

  21. 21 : KimchiLee Says:

    Oh GAWD!! another sad korean drama ending…. i can’t TAKE IT!!!!

  22. 22 : delilah Says:

    I’m just watching this drama on dvd. For me its agood historical story though not as captivating as jumong, but still worth watching. From the remarks I understand that its gonna be another sad ending, which do affect my spirit greatly. really, really hope they can produce a great historical drama with really great ending.

  23. 23 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  24. 24 : mel Says:

    is it the drama with sad ending?

  25. 25 : nining Says:

    is it good drama?

  26. 26 : mulan Says:

    Very touchable. I’ve spent 2 days to watched this drama and for me it’s also entertaining. I’ve watched almost all of JJM dramas and movies. I really admire and love Joo Jin Mo.

    I like Park Ji Yoon she’s adorable while Park Shin is very cute.

  27. 27 : Rudy Bernstein Says:

    I enjoy this drama, best drama from the start to finish.
    I don’t know how to say BEST,BEST,BEST.
    I GIVE 5 STARS. Thank you to director and writer and cast.
    My name is Rudy Bernstein 928-387-1962

  28. 28 : Oyabun Says:

    The beginning of this drama is the end of the drama so after 15 minutes, you know the whole story already. Thats stupid and this is why this drama failed I guess.

  29. 29 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] يمشي حال   Beethoven Virus Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic Believe in Love Belle Bicheonmu Big Sister Billie Jean, Look at Me Bittersweet Life Blissful Woman Blue Fish Bodyguard ما […]

  30. 30 : Eri Says:

    Bicheonmu has a very sad story by sad ending but I enjoyed watching it.

  31. 31 : chen Says:

    it is a boring show. i could’t finish it. so far the movies that korean and chinese costarred is not that interesting.

  32. 32 : DANIEL Says:


  33. 33 : David Says:

    I really love the movie

  34. 34 : Angel Says:

    Great story of love jealousy and betrayal. The darker the main actors role became the better his acting skills were shown. The princess man actor role became dark and his acting skills was shown also

  35. 35 : jhon Says:

    por favor quiero ver esta serie completa con subtitulos en español donde la puedo descargar o ver online alguien me ayuda. Gracias

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