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Be Strong Geum Soon

Title: 굳세어라 금순아 / Be Strong Geum Soon
Chinese Title : 加油!金顺
Also known as: Aja, Geum Soon
Episodes: 163
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2005-Feb-14 to 2005-Sep-30
Air time: Monday-Friday 20:20


This is a story of a young widow, Geum-Soon, who never becomes discouraged or blames other people – no matter what happens in her life. The viewers will get both hope and comfort by watching her do her best in everything she does.

It is also a story of a family who loves and takes care of each other. You can always turn to your family and their love gives you the hope to get through the tough times. Sometimes, they seem to make your life more difficult, but they will always stand up for you and love you whatever you do.


Na Family

Han Hye Jin as Na Geum Soon (24)
Yoon Yuh Jung as Geum Soon’s grandmother
Lee Hee Do as Geum Soon’s uncle
Yang Hee Kyung as Sook Mo (Geum Soon’s uncle’s wife, Geum Ah’s mother)
Choi Ja Hye as Na Geum Ah (cousin, 24)

Goo family

Kang Ji Hwan as Goo Jae Hee (30)
Yoon Mi Ra as Oh Mi Ja (mother, 54)

Noh family

Kim Yoo Suk as Noh Si Wan (37)
Park In Hwan as Noh So Jang (father, 63)
Kim Ja Ok as Kim Jung Sim (mother, 56)
Lee Min Ki as Noh Tae Wan (brother, 26)
Lee Han as Noh Jung Wan (Geum Soon’s husband-to-be)

Jang family

Lee Se Eun as Jang Eun Joo (28)
Jang Yong as Jang Pak (father, 56)
Yang Mi Kyung as Young Ok (Eun Joo’s stepmother)

Other people

Kim Suh Hyung as Ha Sung Ran (32)
Wang Hee Ji as Yoon Shil Jang (Geum Soon’s hair salon teacher)
Chae Yoon Suh as Ahn Hye Mi (hair dresser trainee)
Lee Eun Soo as Noh Hui Sung (Geum Soon’s son)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Dae Young (이대영)
Producer: Jang Geun Soo
Screenwriter: Lee Jung Sun (이정선)

Official Site


  1. 1 : sweetJJ Says:

    Even if this series is long (as it’s a daily series), I love this series. Great acting by everyone…both the leads and the supporting casts. Kang Ji Hwan is so cute!!! It’s so funny how he smiles to himself whenever he thinks of Geum-soon, and Geum-soon is totally clueless about how he feels. And my heart went out to him when he tried to be mean to Geum-soon to try to forget her but he would feel so distressed afterwards…Very uplifting story…and even if there are very sad things which happen in the series…it’s good ending all the way

  2. 2 : kat Says:

    i want to watch this drama!

  3. 3 : pink Says:

    i think the drama was great and the actors in it was very handsome..especially the one who act as the doctor..he’s handsome and really knows how to act..besides that..the main character..the girl..she acts really well and she is so natural..i love this show alot and i give it full marks..

  4. 4 : hilarie_burton Says:

    i want to watch this one!!! especially han hye jin’s here!!!

  5. 5 : shahirah Says:

    i love it! It is very funny yet touching drama just like princess hours where she needs to find happinese by herself! i love all kind of korean drama has they all are very lovable!!!!! gd luck and smile bright shasha….

  6. 6 : miki Says:

    i know it is long and may be a bit draga BUT a really touching and funny drama to watch. you should try it out ppl!!!

  7. 7 : Metta Ni Xu Gang Says:

    This show is very nice I like it very much. But maybe you can put their names at the bottom of the screen.And I hope you will accept my comment.Your RATE will be 100/100!

  8. 8 : Metta Ni Xu Gang Says:

    This show is very nice I like it very much. But you can put the names at the bottom of the screen. Maybe you can make it even funnier! I hope you can accept my comments and your RATING is 100/100!

  9. 9 : yanling Says:

    where can i watch this drama online? please help…

  10. 10 : mya Says:

    At first i thought it was going to be a very draggy show since there’s like 163 episodes but now, i’m totally hooked on to it. Reason being, i was waiting for Kang Ji Hwan and Han Hye Jin to appear on the same scene. I think they really look sweet together and i think Kang Ji Hwan looks super cute when he smile to himself everytime he’s with and thinking about Han Hye Jin! Cool show. Should try watching it

  11. 11 : Liz Says:

    Just love this show. I’m seriously hooked! Does anybody know where I can buy the DVD with Eng subtitle?

  12. 12 : Anna Says:

    Great story! This is one of the best funny romantic stories I’ve ever watched. It was long, but guess what, I watched it twice. In my opinion, it beats most of the other TV series.

  13. 13 : Louis Nicholas Says:

    This is also my fave show right now.
    I’ve been to almost all the video shops in Sg and I can’t find any with English subtitles. I would love to buy the DVD as leaving work at 6pm just to reach home at 7pm daily is not good 😛
    Do let me know if there are any sets that have the subtitles in English instead of Chinese.

  14. 14 : Lat Says:

    Be strong Geum-Soon is a great drama not to be missed. Kang Ji Hwan and Han Hye Jin are a great actor and actress. love to see Ji Hwan smile… he’s soo handsome.

  15. 15 : Cassandra Says:

    This is a great show with great actor and actress. Must watch!!!

  16. 16 : kedar Says:

    this is kinda my most fave show ^_^
    i know its at 7 pm evening weekdays,,but i come home at 8:30 pm daily,,
    so i miss it,,
    plss can u give me a website where i can see that show online,,WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES,,
    or do u know where can i buy a VCD of it in ENGLISH SUBTITLES in singapore?
    plss dont ignore me,,
    can email me at

    [email protected]


  17. 17 : lin jun hwan Says:

    i love this drama too much !!! the strory is very unbelieveble, naturaly and usually there are many unpredictable scene. its so different than other story.

  18. 18 : movieaddict Says:

    Hey people, where the hell did you all watch this drama at? everyone is commenting but no one says where i can watch it with english sub. please tell me.

  19. 19 : beaufly Says:

    this is one of the best korean drama tha i’ve watched. i really like kang jihwan’s acting. very funny when he smiled … good acting … should watch capital scandal, he starred in this too.

  20. 20 : Mark Says:

    I’m like this drama very much. This is the first korean drama that i watched. I was very attracted because it is very basic natural novel. This is showing a meaningful life because life is not always stable. I was inspire by this movie. Life will be up and down all the time and need to face all the condition (Be strong). Kang Ji Hwan and Han Hye Jin was struggle, look for solution and never give up. Both acting was very incredible. The writer Lee Jung Sun is good writing script. I hope i have another chance to see Lee Jung Sun movie.

  21. 21 : petite Says:

    In the beginning I thought this drama would be a kind of long and boring drama. But then after I watched it further, I found it was a very heart touching drama. The more you see it, the more you’ll get into it and can’t stop till the end.
    Love this drama very much !!!!!

  22. 22 : rosmiza Says:

    I just finish watched this drama. It quite good drama. i like the leading actress and actor.

  23. 23 : adeq Says:

    where i can buy this vcd around kuala lumpur plezz help me find it

  24. 24 : Goong Ju Says:

    It was a heartwarming drama but it turned out quite a dissapointing drama for me. Like the KANG JI HWAN’s acting

  25. 25 : addict Says:

    the best drama ever… the ending is great

  26. 26 : mygurl Says:

    i want watch this drama….

  27. 27 : meydiandra Says:

    Well, the main reason I watched this drama was KJH in it. But later I became hooked up to its touching storyline and shed a few tears. Well, I’ll recommend this drama. A very long episodes but good ones.

  28. 28 : yeri Says:

    I think this drama is one of the best ever! Every part is perfect, the scene, the story, the cast, though it’s a long episodes, but really it’s really worth watching!
    At first I hesitate to wach coz it’s such a long series, but from the first episode,i was hooked!
    Really inspiring to see Geum soon’s struggle,how she dealt with her in laws, I think she deserves that doctor’s heart. And that doctor had to fight for Geum soon’s heart too,wow, great script!
    So, don’t hesitate to watch this series, you won’t regret it!

  29. 29 : miria Says:

    i absolutely recommend this
    one of mosT recommended Drama to see The best one
    REally inspiring even in Indonesia Drama Named “Intan” cheated from this Drama..cool really

  30. 30 : Dee Says:

    This series is really cool. Geum soon reminds me a lot of myself. and i love it because Se7en is in it! The plot and theme really fits together. ^_^

  31. 31 : Mike Says:

    This was well done. The acting was great. Geum Soon, the grandma were outstanding. All the others were very talented too.

    I watched this whole series in about 3 weeks. A few days after it ended I actually missed the people in it. They almost make you part of there family.

    I like how they took there time and told the story in it’s entirety.

    As far as Korean dramas go, I rate it near the top of the dozen or so I have seen…

  32. 32 : gaby Says:


  33. 33 : neeca Says:

    ni haw ma….wow i think this series is really interesting. will we love to wacth this series with my family. we wacth here every afternon here in philippines monday to friday broadcast by GMA.like u said geum soon is good actress.keep up the good work..first time i see u acting in jumong..keep up the good work more power to you and stay healthy always.take care.sarang hae.hehhhehe

  34. 34 : faye Says:

    it’s very nice to watch a story like this because in this story, you’re going to see how a guy copes with his one-sided love and how he successfully achieve Geum Soon’s heart!!!

    Because in other dramas, the girl lead is always the one who is having a secret feeling with the guy, but in here, Kang Ji-hwan is excellent!!!

    He acts very natural and even me, who is hooked with it, acts childishly and laugh out loud whenever i saw him smiling whenever he thinks of Geum Soon…

    It is currently shown here in the Philippines via GMA Network and I’m always watching it and I’m very shocked when I knew that it is up to 163 episodes so I surf in this website to affirm if it is really true….

    I’m still looking for a dvd series of this drama because i really, really want to watch….

    I already saw a website which they view the whole story so I spoiled it and tada! I knew it already and I’m still looking forward to watch it on dvd in advance because I really love to see Kang Ji- hwan whenever he smiles….hehehe

    I’m hooked to him since April when I had Hong Gil Dong DVD series and it is the first dvd series that I had watched without pressing the “fast forward button” because the story is very nice! And I’m looking forward to feel that chills again here in Be Strong Geum Soon…..

    Hong Gil Dong, Dr. Goo Jae-hee, Kang Ji- hwan, sarangheyo!!!jiayou!!!god bless….(^_^)

  35. 35 : lyn Says:

    ang tagal naman mag end nito….

  36. 36 : rain Says:

    i like the drama.. it shows a lot of family factor… i just wonder how geum soon handle all the situation coming in her life…

  37. 37 : bleuzelle Says:

    Arghhhh! where can i watch this drama on9????? Check mysoju-nada; dramacrazy.net also nada :’-( I so wanna see this drama. Fall in love with KJH after watching Hong Gil Dong – love his facial expressions; the way he smiles, the way his eyes tears up and even the way he shouts!

  38. 38 : Stella Tan Says:

    I love this drama very very much!!! It’s the best Korean drama i’ve watched. It’s rather comical yet touching.

  39. 39 : jonas glenn Says:

    no.1 fan ako ni ms.han hye jin..
    crush na crush ko siya..
    shi is my dream2 “girlfriend”

    i wish to see her personal….

  40. 40 : Tserilu Says:

    I am about to finish this superb and excellent novel work!
    I really don’t wanna miss the fun to be with in each episode.
    I wish it were longer. Hihi! I’m totally hooked!
    I do enjoy the tandem of the lead roles… Makes my heart beat sooo fast! Not only touching, but also moving! I admit, got teary eyes whenever possible.
    I wish I could get the chance to meet them in person esp Geum-soon’s husband-to-be. He’s really cute and ideal hubby! Pls, write to me!!!
    I’m mighty proud of u all!

  41. 41 : ory Says:

    ” If you want to buy this dvd you can buy this in Hidalgo, Quiapo. There are plenty of dvds there. Happy watching.

  42. 42 : koreandramaAdiktus Says:

    I love this drama. Its really long but then its really worth watching!!! It’ll make you smile, laugh, cry, angry, fall in love and most especially it’ll make you see the goodness in people. I love the cast but there’s 3 people that i love the most.

    Han Hye Jin – I saw her in Jumong, ( but I haven’t watched it yet) her role’s a little bit serious in jumong, and I was pleasantly surprised at her role in Guem-soon. She delivered her role so well that you would want to protect her and give her the world. Proof? Goo Jae-Hae, halmunyi (grandma) and the other people who’s loves her. Just like what her father-in-law told Goo Jae-hae, she’s a rare gem. 🙂 If the role calls for her to be funny, she is, and you’ll really smile or laugh with her. And this girl made me cry so much. Hahahaha!!! There’s just so much goodness in her that you would want to cry with her when her heart’s breaking.

    Kang Ji Hwan – Goo Jae Hae – I love this guy. LOL! He’s really really good. Gosh! the way he cries as if his heart is breaking… It’ll make you love him really. There’s just so much emotion inside of him.

    Continue later…

  43. 43 : koreandramaAdiktus Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan – And you’ll really really feel so blessed being loved by this guy. He’s playing a mature role but then you could still see the child in him! hahaha!!! being the only son and cuddled and cared for by his mother. Spoiled brat!!! But despite that, his heart is a gem. 🙂

    Lee Min Ki – Nog Tae-wan . This guy rocks. 🙂 at first he seems to be without direction. It’s as if his role is something forgettable… But then as the story progress, you’ll like him. He knows what he wants, and he may be rude but he’s got a true heart. He protects what is his and that includes his dreams and his family. 🙂

  44. 44 : Toh Yew Seng Says:

    I like Korean Drama calls ” Be Strong Geum Soon ” because it is interesting, nice and lovely drama and the total episodes is 163.

  45. 45 : Weng Says:

    I am currently watching it right now and I am hooked. Well, it may be long but it’s worth it. I guess I am still far from the most exciting scenes, but every epi becomes interesting as I proceed watching it….

  46. 46 : Poptropica Says:

    I’ve watched it over and over again. Geum Soon is so funny when she first appears needing to go to the toilet during her hair styling examination! 😀

  47. 47 : arnie Says:

    han hye jin face is sweet and angelic. the story of the trials and triumphs of the widow.

  48. 48 : eugene Says:

    I love this drama. Well done Jae Hee and Geum Soon!!!!!! A happy marriage and happy life with family. I love this couple

  49. 49 : des Says:

    i never imagine i can finish the whole series, but i did. very good drama… very entertaining

  50. 50 : loveeable Says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch the complete drama with eng subs? Mysoju only goes to 30 eps. I love this drama and I’m going crazy not being able to watch past eps 30. Please do let me know. Thanks

  51. 51 : iheartkdrama Says:


  52. 52 : iheartkdrama Says:


  53. 53 : Вениамин Says:

    Данный пост реально помог мне принять очень важное для себя решение. За что автору отдельное спасибо! С большим нетерпением жду от Вас новых постов!

  54. 54 : shellysoo Says:

    Love is so strong in this drama. Will miss watching it tv.
    Great story!

    Hi iheartkdrama,
    wish to buy be strong geum soon drama. kindly reply my email.

  55. 55 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  56. 56 : mel Says:

    looks like so interesting.. i want to watch this movie….

  57. 57 : nining Says:

    apakah film ini bgus?

  58. 58 : nikkyp28 Says:

    another well produced korean drama….
    very good actors and well-written storyline
    Very long 163 episode/30 min each but well so worth it.
    Have a strong family value/morale theme on top of the romantic
    comedy feel to it between the two leads. Plus the fact that it
    ended on one very happy ever after note. I’m one happy viewer
    entertain by this drama…so well worth the buy. (“,)

  59. 59 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buT exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – also very nice. YOU WILL KEEP LAUGHING

  60. 60 : bebe Says:

    i just started watching this & didn’t realize it’s a good one! i just wondered though why the synopsis states she’s a young widow, cld it be that kim nam gil’s character here died early on, i suppose? i can’t wait for the nxt epis.

  61. 61 : louis vuitton wallet Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  62. 62 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] ما عجبني  Bad Love Bad Woman, Good Woman Baker King, Kim Tak Goo Ballad Of Seo Dong Be Strong Geum Soon Beating Heart حليو يمشي حال   Beethoven Virus Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic […]

  63. 63 : JJ Says:

    i’ve been watching this nice drama & each epis gets interesting & i can hardly wait to see Jae hee & geum soon to date officially! she’s one strong young lady & this drama even though it’s lengthy is really worth your while! i’m really liking it, one of the best kdramas i’ve seen! i’m now on epi 90 & counting! 🙂

  64. 64 : JJ Says:

    i’m now on epi 147 & i hope this isn’t a spoiler here for what i have to say, but i think geum soon’s parents in law are crossing the line, especially her mom in law, she’s so strict, uptight & this time geum soon got their permission to remarry Jae hee but it seems they don’t want geum soon to have her son when they marry! how selfish can this family be? she’s still young & jae hee is a good man, for goodness sake she may not have another chance to find a perfect match made in heaven….i feel for her! this drama gets better each time, i just can’t get enough of it! one of da best kdramas i’ve seen! it may be lengthy & i’m not one of those who would sit & watch a long drama but this one is exceptional! i highly recommend this if you out there haven’t seen it!
    what a good production, PD did a great job & all the actors too!

  65. 65 : jinjoo Says:

    i’m really impressed with the production of this kdrama, i regret not watching this when i was supposed to (i meant to say while it was still airing)…it may be lengthy but my goodness every minute hour of your time will be worth it! han hye jin & kang ji hwan are great actors, they performed their roles topnotch! what a story, you’ll get hooked just like me, i find myself wanting to go home from work or wherever i am to continue watching this drama! geum soon is a pretty strong young lady fighting for what is right & jae hee what a sweet sweet man, i think geum soon is crazy if she doesn’t fall for him, what more can she ask for i mean he’s handsome, he’s a good doctor & he promises to take care of her son as his own! he’s extraordinary guy! i can go on & on talking about how good this drama is & i intend to buy the dvd for my collection! great great story! loving it to da max!

  66. 66 : diefan Says:

    really really love this drama… you’ve gotta love this drama… really inspiring and romantic at the same time. love all actors characters everyone justified all their roles. 5out of 5. Awesome Awesome.
    although it says 163 episodes its OK coz per episode only show 30 mins long.

  67. 67 : jinjoo Says:

    @diefan….i cldn’t agree with you any better than that like u said even tho it’s 163 epis yeah it’s only 1/2 hour each time hence it went longer, however every min every hr spent was worth it! i just finished watching & i so love this drama…one of the best i’ve seen in kdramas! the actors all delivered their roles excellently including that child actor who’s super cute & quite good in his role as Hwee san! i luv the happy ending in dramas & this is one that got what it takes! awesome awesome i’m lost in words and now have the urge to buy this dvd 🙂 one prob i have is i’m kinda sad that it’s finished for me kinda withdrawal syndrome experience everytime i watch a drama that’s this good you feel so connected with the story & characters that you’ve gotten used to having them with you for those days/nights you spent watching this! kang ji hwan & han hye ji are awesome & i hope they team up again in the not too distant future! great actors what can i say? on a scale of 1 to 10 i’d give this drama with good PD & actors a whopping TEN (10)!!
    I highly recommend this, two thumbs up way way up! i can’t seem to get enough of it! i plan to rewatch it after a few months perhaps 🙂 LOL

  68. 68 : Arumi Says:

    How to get this drama? i am not yet watching this drama… i love Kang Ji Hwan acting

  69. 69 : hirmah Says:

    really good drama..i cried a lot…i love this drama…i give 8/10

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  71. 71 : racheldolma Says:

    Really, really very beautiful drama! One of the best! KANG JI HWAN, as usual, is mindblowing with his acting- humour and all. Same goes for HAN HYE JIN. Grandmother’s words of wisdom to be kept in mind. And TAE WAN, the clown who makes me laugh with his unpredictable behaviour. Though 10 years too late in watching this production(2005), I am so glad I did!!

  72. 72 : graciela Says:

    donde se puede ver o comprar este drama!

  73. 73 : Be Strong Geum Soon 2005 Complete DVDRip - Asiautaf Says:

    […] Strong Geum Soon 2005 Complete DVDRip Subtitle: English (Hardsub) koreandrama.org/be-strong-geum-soon/ asianwiki.com/Be_Strong,_Geum-Soon! […]

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