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Ballad Of Seo Dong


Title: 서동요 / Seo Dong Yo / Ballad of Seo Dong
Chinese Title : 薯童謠
Also known as: Seo Dong’s Song / Song of the Prince
Genre: Historical Drama, romance
Episodes: 55
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-Sep-05 to 2006-Mar-21
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama is loosely based on one of Korea’s oldest folk songs. Suh Dong was the illegitimate son of the Paekche emperor and with the help of Princess Sonhwa, the daughter of the emporer of the Silla Kingdom, he went on to become the emporer of Paekche against all odds.


Jo Hyun Jae as Suh Dong (King Mu of Baekje)
Kim Suk as Suh Dong (young)
Lee Bo Young as Princess Sun Hwa of Shilla
Choi Seol Ri as Princess Sun Hwa (young)
Ryu Jin as Sa Taek Gi Ru / Kim Do Ham
Koo Hye Sun as Eun Jin
Han In Soo as Hae Do Joo
Baek Bong Ki as Bumro
Im Hyun Sik as Bumro’s dad
Lee Chang Hoon as Mok Ra Soo
Jung Sun Kyung as Mo Jin (Eun Jin’s mother)
Heo Young Ran as Princess Woo Young
Maeng Sang Hoon as Wang Goo
Lee Hee Do as Heuk Chi Pyeong
Choi Dong Joon as Jin Pyeong Wang
Lee Seung Ah as Woo Soo
Lee Sook as Kook Soo
Kim Yoo Jin as Joo Ri Young
Lee Il Hwa as Yeon Ka Mo (Suh Dong’s mother)
Ahn Yeo Jin as Bo Young
Shin Gook as Go Mo
Lee Kyung Hwa as Princess Chun Young
Seo Bum Shik as Seo Chung
Na Sung Kyoon as Kim Sa Heum
Kim Se Min as Jang Doo
Sung Chang Hoon as Koo San
Kim Jin Ho

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Young Hyun
Director: Lee Byung Hoon
Assistant director: Lee Jung Hyo, Song Ji Won

Official Site


  1. 1 : molly Says:

    BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!
    don’t even compare this to joo mong
    i like this one and hae shin, emperor of sea

  2. 2 : 진 사 민 Says:

    one of my favorites !!!! DEF. should be watched

  3. 3 : Faith from the West Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae is hot! The best acting I’ve seen him in a drama series. This historical drama tops JuMong and Emperor of the Sea. Love you Hyun Jae!!

  4. 4 : mai Says:

    i love jo hyun jea ever,, 4ever
    his so cute,, so handsome,,
    i love his serious face

    hope he get more project
    see yah

  5. 5 : bleuelle Says:

    yeah…JHJ is really the best there is!!! and Seo Dong Yo surely surpasses Emperor of the Sea and Jumong!!!

  6. 6 : h2 Says:

    This is a must see, really nice strory line with great love. Love love JHJ,love the actress LBY, and the rest of the cast.I dont really like period drama but fell in love
    with this one.Very touching drama, pleeeeeeeeeeeese dont miss this!!

  7. 7 : shin bi Says:

    korean epic dramas are really very incomparable… each one is a must see… i love them all…

  8. 8 : alvin(singapore) Says:

    i have never in my life bought or even watch a drama…… i find it a waste of time… but this is a fantastic drama…. a beautiful love story out of this world…. i never regret spending my time on this epic……. thumbs up……. korean are really good in expressing love in such wonderful way……. now i am so very much wish to know more about korean history…. everything about korea…… any korean out there whish to befriend me can e-mail me at———– [email protected]

  9. 9 : pazhong Says:

    great drama. this is one of my favorite. I’ve seen several of JHJ’s dramas and this is the one he stands out the most.

  10. 10 : Pak-Su-Hyun Says:

    Please make a drama like Song of the prince agin

  11. 11 : anna Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae so shuai shuai shuai in this show!!! Simply love him!!! AHHhhh…Seo dong yo

  12. 12 : VanillaGirl Says:

    I’ve just started to watch this drama… I think it’s pretty interesting…

  13. 13 : Lin Says:

    This is a very well done drama, my husband and I enjoyed it very much. THere’s no comparison from this one to Jumong which I believed it is over rated on Jumong! Didn’t know why it gets the top rated?!?

    The Ballard of Seo Dong’s cast are so great, particular Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Bo Ying are perfert match! I wish this drama will be the biggest hit like Dae Jang Geum to hit the whole Asia

    Thank you!

  14. 14 : Goody Says:

    I like this drama….the story is very good and JJH’s performance in this film are so great.

  15. 15 : yen Says:

    does anyone have the soundtrack of this series? i really love to have it, and it is a very good drama. I really love it!

  16. 16 : cherry Says:

    i heard that jo hyun jae will be starring in the drama father 3 mother1 in korea and also the movie GP506 in 2008.
    i look foward soo much
    but he has changed so much from seo dong yo ㅠㅠ

  17. 17 : OrAnGe Says:

    THIS IS seriously my FAVORITE drama of all those ones i watch…
    i am a drama fan….infact i probably watched over 100 so far in my life
    but this is NUMBER 1
    and it is true that jo hyun jae is starred in the drama: 3 fathers 1 mother….but he comes out as a 짠돌이 ㅋㅋㅋ
    sodongyo is wayy better than that father3 mother blahbllahblah
    if you don’t watch sodongyo, i believe there is no point living watching other dramas
    you’lll regret in ur life if u don’t watch it
    its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than jumong
    and a bit better than taewongsashingi 태왕사신기
    and sunhwa princess is soo pretty ^^ 선하공주짱이뻐
    she is a very pretty unni
    and sodongyo is a very hot obba
    and this drama is a 100 star drama
    but so sad in the end ㅠㅠ
    i was crying like crazyyyyy

  18. 18 : sleepless Says:

    Loved it too and loved Jo Hyun Jae more. A must watch drama series.

  19. 19 : sleepless Says:

    It did have sort of a sad ending. Now that he becomes King and gets settled in the Kingdom, the Queen dies. A sweeter way to end it would have been that they lived and loved for many more years to come.

    What I’d like to know is on how much of the film is fact and fiction. Was there really a ballad, and was there a real King Seoh Dong?

  20. 20 : Lumi Says:

    I had this drama gathering dust in my closet for almost two years because the English subtitles are barely understandable. I was about to get rid of it when I decided to give it a chance. I am glad I did. It is one of the best overall k-dramas I’ve seen. Although the ending is sad, it sums up beautifully what it was really about: love. This very moving, bitter sweet ending is the best of all the historical dramas I’ve seen (Jewel in the Palace/Dae Jang Geum, Emperor of the Sea/Sea God, Jumong, Dae Jo Young, and The Legend of the King and the Four Gods).
    I must see drama.

  21. 21 : Luna Says:

    This is a great drama, with superb acting and a wonderful cast of actors.
    I suppose it didn’t a big buget as other dramas, nevertheless, it is not lacking in any way. I highly recommend it.

  22. 22 : Vivian Says:

    i really like Jo Hyun Jae..in seodongyo..couldn’t get enough of him..went to buy Only You and finish it within 3 days..its very nice too..:)

  23. 23 : Matt Matt Says:

    YES! This is truly a great show! It is wonderful and romantic. Unlike dramas like Jumong and Kingdom of the Winds, the storyline is very exciting, and full with suspense. I watched it again and again. Cant get enough of it. I love the soundtrack as well. Read the history, too bad he is the 2nd last King of Paekae Kingdom as the empire ended when his son took over.

  24. 24 : Lisa Says:

    This is the drama that made me notice Jo Hyun Jae (I had seen ONLY YOU and forgotten about it) and I started to watch as much as I could of the movies and dramas he has been in. I was particularly moved by LOVE LETTER; no other drama has made me cry this much.

    The Ballad of Seo Dong is a very good historial drama. You can tell that the budget was small, but they did very well with what they had.

    Eventhough it is 55 episodes long, I did not feel that it dragged or was boring, on the contrary. There is a pletora of emotions and values being tested, and a lot of exciting scenes . The cast is very good. Ryu Jin’s acting ( in my opinion) is outstanding.

    I highly recommend this series.

  25. 25 : juliusroot Says:

    I totally loved it. It’s the best korean drama series i have ever watched. Its soundtracks are very captivating as well as its storyline. Once you start watching, you can never leave the TV screen. 🙂

  26. 26 : chloe Says:

    I cannot remember exactly when i started watching Korean Drama, but i came to be hooked on it and even started to buy DVD copies when i saw Spring Waltz Dec 2007..

    Way back, before Nov 2007, I remember i fell in love with Go Soo in “Green Rose”, Jo Hyun Jae in “Only You”, Kim Sung Joo in “Stained Glass”..

    The whole year of 2008 i had accumulated around 48 DVD copies of Korean Dramas.. I also came to watch other dramas and Korean Movies in the internet..

    Now i came to be familiarized and be in love with lots of Korean Actors and Actresses.. At times i am reminded of previous Dramas shown, where they were included in the cast, but i hardly knew them then..

    I will search for “Ballad of Seo Dong” and see if it is really that nice..

  27. 27 : Matt Matt Says:

    For those who has or going to watch this drama, after u have done so u may look forward to another new drama that will be starting soon titled “Queen Seon Duk”. It is about Princess Sunhwa’s sister becoming the Queen of Silla. Hope it is as nice as Ballad of Seo Dong.

  28. 28 : Tyrone E. Holt Says:

    I truly enjoy this tv drama. I truly cried like a baby. I feel in love with the song “Flower Hue”. I was truly sadded at the end of the series the Queen died. This story is truly about two persons in love. True love of majestic sacrifices. As an American, I have been able to enjoy the ancient Korean tv dramas and movies. Believe me, the tragic ends keeps me crying. As I have been going through pains of love and betrayal, through this tv drama, God is showing me that even in today’s constant changes and tests that test the souls of men; love truly conquers hate. So as I sing the song of saddness, “Flower Hue”, I recreated special sacred words of healing and love. For Love is the prescious gift in the world that God has given to us all. However, I want to purchase this tv drama and others in their complete episodes. There are too many different showings of this drama. Have Great Years of Life.

  29. 29 : lufanda Says:

    so cool… i love the love story..

  30. 30 : lufanda Says:

    yow… PHILIPPINEs.. anyone..from GMA network… plss. show this drama here in the philippines.. if jumong, huang gini, jang guem, love of condor heroes, and 4gods… gave GMA high rating thing one will too… soo plss. show this…

  31. 31 : lufanda Says:

    Mr. Tyrone? wow you were really carried away on this drama hah.. hmm.. i only watched the first 12 episodes and i guess yea i think i will love it till it ends.

  32. 32 : Tyrone E. Holt Says:

    To Lufanda:

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I do get carried away when there is a good show/drama. I truly believe that we all can learn from all cultures of life. At times certain dramas may seem to harsh while others present messages that only you in particular are suppose to know and understand. When I watch the Ballad of Seo Dong, I truly marvel at the prescious love the two actors are portraying. These are deep emotions that I truly appreciate. Now I am trying to purchase this video. In a few months I am going to take classes in Korea, Japanese, Cantonnese Chinese. Right now, I love all the customs, costumes, music, and messages of these shows. So God Bless Live a Blessed Life. I am off to listen and watch the song Flower Hue. May God Love Us All.

  33. 33 : Marv Says:

    It’s a really great drama, never feel bored to watch over and over again…love it so much

  34. 34 : eugene Says:

    The princess died at the end. The song during her funeral was really sad.

  35. 35 : shaygan Says:

    hi this serial is very good

  36. 36 : aurie Says:

    To: Lufanda,

    Hello, this korean novela “Song of Prince” is showing at qtv channel 11 3:00 pm. from monday to friday. Happy watching!!!

  37. 37 : jenneve Says:

    i luv it… d best drama…of ol..

    jhj….s d best..
    & jo boo young..s great…

  38. 38 : a00za Says:

    dose anyone have MU links for the last 3 eps

  39. 39 : coralou Says:

    i just finished watching this drama in our local network here though this drama was made in 2005. the story is very touching because of the struggle of a young boy who does not even know that he is a prince. and not to mention the love between sodong (later king mu) and the princess of shilla. this love between the two can be said as…love against all odds! but at the end of the day he has earned his place in his father’s kingdom and got to marry the love of his life. unfortunately king mu’s queen died in the story and what a tragic ending. anyway the story depicts of success and sadness in once life.

    but of course as most viewers would want to see that the story should have ended on a happy note. nevertheless i enjoyed watching it. congratulations!

  40. 40 : ziena Says:

    since iam in love with LBY ill try this one

  41. 41 : sayan Says:

    i love this drama but i dont like the ending.very sad…i love jo hyun jae and lee bo young

  42. 42 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  43. 43 : PVL Says:

    Yes – this is a good drama – I must have cried a bucket while watching it – sad but heart warming love story

  44. 44 : mel Says:

    i love korean drama…

  45. 45 : nining Says:

    wanna watch it again,,

  46. 46 : Tyrone Says:

    They have taken the videos of the song “Flower Hue and othes due to copyright of SBSi. Do anyone know what this company website is. I truly, truly appreciate this wonderful drama. I am writing special healing prayers from two of the songs in this series. Oh God, How I Hate the 20, 21st Century. I truly hope that those who have true love as the couple in this drama portrays cheriish for life. And when we pass away and reach heaven; may we all bowed down to God to give special thanks for love and not hate. I love this show. Fortunately, I have found another show that is great. It is Dong Yi. I have one question: Do anyone know what episode that Jang goes to rescue the Princess? I only see brief trailers of him riding to find her and then they both are walking beside the horse near the sea or ocean. There are too many different scenes that are showning now from the previous show. Alson Si Yan is a great show. Well, let me cry once more time at the ending of this show. Take care everyone. God Bless You All.

  47. 47 : hermes bags Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  48. 48 : Sabrina Says:

    Do you know when Han Bo bae comes in what episode?

  49. 49 : chyinje Says:

    Great to know that this drama is still being shown. Love this drama n I’ve watched it at least 3 times. Bought the original to keep so that I can watch it whenever I want!

  50. 50 : Suki Says:

    I love this drama so much. I’ve watched it a few time. Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Bo Young were acting very good in the drama. They are a perfect couple and look very sweet together. I hope to see them act together again in near future.

  51. 51 : honey Says:

    love this movie
    hate the ending so very2x sad

  52. 52 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] ابدا مو حليو ما عجبني  Bad Love Bad Woman, Good Woman Baker King, Kim Tak Goo Ballad Of Seo Dong Be Strong Geum Soon Beating Heart حليو يمشي حال   Beethoven Virus Before and After: […]

  53. 53 : Janai Says:

    With the bases loaded you strcuk us out with that answer!

  54. 54 : blank Says:

    love this drama so muchhhh….just watch until 16th episode….can’t wait for watching next one….

  55. 55 : Aprille Blas Says:

    love this kdrama so much…

  56. 56 : marie Says:

    I love this kdrama so much
    The best of all korean dramas I’ve ever watch. it touches me.
    It shows how their research, innovation and technologies develop. And how does the life of the Illegitimate prince goes thru until became king. Of course, the princess of Shilla were always there to support him. Wow! they showed the power of love. Congratulations to all the cast. Its great!

  57. 57 : varandhorn Says:

    Seo Dong Yo is my favorite drama and Jo Hyun Jae is my favorite actor too.

  58. 58 : Jennie Says:

    Six years have passed since I first watched this but it still remains one of my favourite dramas. I love how the leads love each other and their love story is soooo romantic. This is Jo Hyun Jae’s best drama. I love the ost too especially Hae Mil. I still have it on my phone!

  59. 59 : gale Says:

    does anyone know where i can watch this with eng subs? i cant find it any where

  60. 60 : sema Says:

    harika bir dizi türkiyede 5 yıl sonra izlemek tuhaf keske daha önce yayınlansaydı izleseydim.suan 28.bölümdeyiz aile ile izliyoruz

  61. 61 : » Ballad Of Seo Dong » Korean Drama | SEOdienste.com Infromation Blog | Free SEO Tips and Resources | Says:

    […] Seo Dong » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=233 » Ballad Of Seo Dong » Korean Drama Synopsis, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama […]

  62. 62 : kim Says:

    where can you watch it with english subtitles?

  63. 63 : Micc Says:

    A beautiful drama! It’s sad at the end but their love survived all obstacles!

  64. 64 : DWornock Says:

    Basically a very good drama and story. However, it would have been twice as good if it was 25 instead 55 episodes. About 30 hours of the drama was composed of lengthy delays at the beginning and through many of the scenes and, to extend the drama, the drama was also full of very farfetched and unrealistic scenes that added nothing to the drama.

  65. 65 : berna Says:

    I loved K historicals…it was just unfortunate of me not being able to watch this drama. I came to know Jo Hyun Jae in Only You but never chanced to get to know him & his other dramas before. Then came 49 days.. it was for me his best drama ever. Then I came to find a blog (Simply Jo Hyun Jae) & realized how good this actor really is at acting. I’ve searched for his previous dramas which some I did find already like Love Letter, 3 dads 1 mom & forbidden love. Just felt so bad that I couldn’t find a copy of Seo Dong Yo & Shining Days. SDY was as I’ve heard his best work. Hopefully, I can still get a chance to watch this. Anyone would like to share the links, please?!!

  66. 66 : Seo Dong Yo - trondolo site - trondolo site Says:

    […] » ballad seo dong » korean drama – koreandrama.org, » ballad seo dong » korean drama synopsis, details, cast info korean drama tv series. File Name : » Ballad Of Seo Dong » Korean Drama – KoreanDrama.org Source :www.koreandrama.org Download :» ballad of seo dong » korean drama – koreandrama.org […]

  67. 67 : [email protected] Says:

    @berna 65

  68. 68 : test Says:

    lookie here

  69. 69 : DWornock Says:

    This drama if full of action and adventure, much of which is extremely far fetched and unrealistic; in fact I would say near impossible. Nevertheless, it is very good drama.

    It is also a love story for the ages. A beautiful princess that gives up everything for her love, a commoner and for a while even lives with him as a commoner; doing all the hard work living the very hard life that commoners had at that time.

    It is not until much later she discovers that he is actually an illegitimate prince. Nevertheless, she puts him before his family and country even violating the laws of her and his country to be near him and to protect him. And, he loves her just as much. The ending is very sad; lots of tears. However, unlike most Korean dramas, the ending wasn’t rushed.

  70. 70 : Jane Says:

    I want to download this, but I didn’t know how?

  71. 71 : Jane Says:

    Please help me to tag these in my FB Jane oyamat… Please!

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