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Baker King, Kim Tak Goo @ Bread, Love and Dreams

Title: 제빵왕 김탁구 / Baker King, Kim Tak Goo
Chinese Title : 烘焙王金桌球
Also known as: King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo / Bread, Love and Dreams
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-June-09 to 2010-Sep-16
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Viewership ratings: Peak=50.8%, Avg=38.6% (TNS Media Korea)


Kim Tak Goo is the eldest son of Goo In Jong, the president of Samhwa Enterprise, a legend in the baking industry. Although he is an extremely talented baker and seemed destined to succeed his father as president, Goo In Jong’s family plotted to rob him of his inheritance because he was born to In Jong’s mistress. Tak Goo’s determination to become number one in the baking industry drives him to rebuild his career from scratch despite the many trials he faces.


Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim Tak Goo
Oh Jae Moo as Tak Goo (child)
Eugene as Shin Yoo Kyung
Jo Jung Eun as Yoo Kyung (child)

Goo family

Jun Kwang Ryul as Goo In Jong
Jun In Hwa as Seo In Sook
Joo Won as Goo Ma Joon
Shin Dong Woo as Ma Joon (child)
Choi Ja Hye as Goo Ja Kyung
Ha Seung Ri as Goo Ja Kyung (teen)
Choi Yoon Young as Goo Ja Rim
Kim So Hyun as Goo Ja Rim (child)

Yang family

Jang Hang Sun as Oh Doo Yong / Master Pal Bong
Park Sang Myun as Yang In Mok
Hwang Mi Sun as Oh Young Ja
Lee Young Ah as Yang Mi Sun

Other people

Jung Sung Mo as Han Seung Jae
Jun Mi Sun as Kim Mi Sun (Tak Goo’s mother)
Lee Han Wie as Heo Gap Soo
Park Sung Woong as Jo Jin Goo
Park Yong Jin as Go Jae Bok
Kim Jung Hak as Doctor Yoon
Jun Sung Ae (전성애) as woman from Gongju
Jung Hye Sun as Madam Hong
Choi Il Hwa as Park Choon Bae
Kim Sun Hwa as Tak Goo’s landlady
Kwon Yong Woon as Shin Bae (Yoo Kyung’s father)
Kim Hyun Ah as (Yoo Kyung’s mother)
Lee Gun as Secretary Cha
Jun Sung Hwan as fortune teller
Choi Eun Suk (최은석) as trouble-solving broker
Byun Shin Ho (변신호)
Jun Hae Ryong
Min Joon Hyun

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jung Sub
Sceenwriter: Kang Eun Kyung


– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award – Actress (Jun In Hwa)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series – Actor (Yoon Shi Yoon)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series – Actress (Eugene)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Writer Award (Kang Eun Kyung)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Youth Actor Award (Oh Jae Moo)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Young Ah)

Presidential Honors

On December 20, 2010, the series received presidential honors in a ceremony that thanked cultural content producers for their achievements. In its 2010 Republic of Korea Content Award ceremony, the state-run Korea Creative Content Agency named the year’s winner as a part of a ceremony which is given to those who contribute to the overseas boom of Korean pop culture. (Source)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-June-09 1 15.7 (6th) 16.3 (6th)
2010-June-10 2 16.9 (1st) 18.4 (1st)
2010-June-16 3 28.5 (1st) 29.1 (1st)
2010-June-17 4 25.3 (2nd) 26.4 (2nd)
2010-June-23 5 28.5 (2nd) 28.6 (2nd)
2010-June-24 6 32.2 (1st) 32.5 (1st)
2010-June-30 7 33.4 (1st) 33.6 (1st)
2010-July-01 8 35.8 (1st) 35.9 (1st)
2010-July-07 9 38.1 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
2010-July-08 10 34.5 (1st) 34.9 (1st)
2010-July-14 11 35.9 (1st) 35.2 (1st)
2010-July-15 12 36.9 (1st) 36.1 (1st)
2010-July-21 13 38.5 (1st) 37.7 (1st)
2010-July-22 14 38.4 (1st) 36.5 (1st)
2010-July-28 15 39.7 (1st) 39.2 (1st)
2010-July-29 16 39.9 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
2010-Aug-04 17 42.5 (1st) 42.3 (1st)
2010-Aug-05 18 44.4 (1st) 44.0 (1st)
2010-Aug-11 19 44.9 (1st) 44.0 (1st)
2010-Aug-12 20 44.6 (1st) 43.8 (1st)
2010-Aug-18 21 44.0 (1st) 42.6 (1st)
2010-Aug-19 22 43.7 (1st) 43.9 (1st)
2010-Aug-25 23 44.1 (1st) 44.1 (1st)
2010-Aug-26 24 44.7 (1st) 44.2 (1st)
2010-Sep-01 25 45.8 (1st) 44.9 (1st)
2010-Sep-02 26 48.4 (1st) 47.2 (1st)
2010-Sep-08 27 47.5 (1st) 47.0 (1st)
2010-Sep-09 28 48.2 (1st) 46.4 (1st)
2010-Sep-15 29 46.5 (1st) 45.5 (1st)
2010-Sep-16 30 50.8 (1st) 49.7 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : sarah Says:

    I’m looking forward to this drama! =D

  2. 2 : kim Says:

    oh lee young ah, ill watch this drama 🙂

  3. 3 : MARTHA TOBING Says:

    Eugene comeback again … saranghae onnie >___<

  4. 4 : metin2 yang Says:

    metin2 yang

  5. 5 : marylnn Says:

    I definitely will watch this drama. Lee Young Ah has come back into acting again since “Iljimae” which is 2 years ago. I am happy again to see her act in this new drama. She must have decided to act in this new drama after taking her english course in England. With her short hair, she looks cute.

  6. 6 : becky Says:

    omg….why is this show so long??? 36 episodes!!!! hopefully it is nice enough for me to endure 5 months of the same show…

  7. 7 : allkorean Says:

    korea drama, news, music –> http://allkorean.net/

  8. 8 : Basuha Says:

    I be watching this for Young Ah, love her!

  9. 9 : Lilian Says:

    Yeah, I also agree …why is the show so long? it will drag on and on…

  10. 10 : Felix Says:

    Yeah. Before it air we should not judge this drama based on how many episode. Just look The Son of Sol Pharmacy House and Queen Seon Duk both drama (Great Drama without to much dragging last year 2009) have more than 50 episode and people still watch causes the drama itself gain high rating. Please don’t made bad assumption just because it has a lot episode.

  11. 11 : twin brothers Says:

    but’ who will be yoon shi yoon’s love interest?

  12. 12 : indri Says:

    Can’t wait to see Eugene in action again!

  13. 13 : kris Says:

    love eugene!!! so pretty with long hair.hope he ends up with her!!!

  14. 14 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    This is one the best after Cinderella’s Sister and Personal Taste on Wed and Thursday spot. I just love the beginning twist. Check it out on

  15. 15 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  16. 16 : lena mcGRATH Says:

    I liked the korean drama. I love all of you people here.korean drama I want to thank all the people who have contributed

  17. 17 : kim rully jin Says:

    like my drama

  18. 18 : raz Says:

    The story so far is quite facinating and the plot development is tight.
    I love it and i’m going to watch it till the end.Good-luck with the raiting!!!

  19. 19 : anoymous Says:

    korean drama with 450p Han
    –> ko-drama.blogspot.com

    Megaupload is used for uploading.

  20. 20 : hendro Says:

    gonna dowload it..
    thanks for sharing..

  21. 21 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  22. 22 : super Says:

    This is one show where I want to see more of the child actors, especially the boy playing the role od young Tak Goo. For most other shows with child actors, I can’t wait for the main actors to take over…

  23. 23 : faty Says:

    I love you and i like your charater in films jumong and kingdom of winds. god bless you

  24. 24 : ardhan Says:

    when i saw that film, i cant imagine that taste, seems very nice to try

  25. 25 : happy Says:

    After being addicted watching OH! MY LADY starring CHOI SI WON and CHAE RIM with very adorable kid Kim Yoo Bin as Ye Eun,I think this will be an interesting drama to watch next….since it starred with an excellent actress EUGENE…

  26. 26 : nining Says:

    it’s seem giid,, i wanna watch it,,

  27. 27 : mel Says:

    looks like good drama..

  28. 28 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  29. 29 : nining Says:

    it’s seem good,, i wanna watch it,,

  30. 30 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  31. 31 : amethyst Says:

    best korean drama series, good casting and story, breath-catching in every scene, hope it will have an english sub. good rating from the start. good job….

  32. 32 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Baker King, Kim Tak Goo is my favorite of all these days!
    Tak Goo is all grown up and it’s getting more interesting. Check it out at http://dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Korean_drama74

  33. 33 : ok250682 Says:

    I watch this show only AFTER I have found out that Eugene is starring in it. I m Eugene’s Fan. I hope Kim Tak Goo will end up with her if not the show will be boring. So far episode 8 still no sign of Eugene. I m bored. Quick Eugene, come out please SOON……..

  34. 34 : OK250682 Says:

    Oh Eugene appear — last one minute of Episode 8. So disappointed that Eugene’s introduction rank Number 3. Is that mean she wont end up with Kim Tak Goo as a couple ?? Will be very disappointed.
    Please, please, I want Eugene to pair off with Kim Tak Goo with happy ending.

  35. 35 : amethyst Says:

    hope shin yoo kyung (eugene) will end up with kim tak goo… because in the first few episodes they’re being paired… please english subtitle please, i can’t understand what they are saying…. pls, pls, pls….

  36. 36 : Claire Says:

    to all those who want to watch with english subs…here’s the link
    hope it helps…:)

  37. 37 : eugene Says:

    This is really good. I’m watching it now. Can’t wait till the next episodes. Love all the casts

  38. 38 : amethyst Says:


    thank you very much… i’ve been waiting for this….

  39. 39 : eugene Says:

    Eugene will play role as Shin Yoo Kyung. She loves Kim Tak Goo but she gives up her love and marries Joo Won because she wants to pursue her ambition. Eventually, she got trap into a marriage without love

  40. 40 : lei Says:

    I’m so happy and excited that Eugene is in this drama but I’m not sure if she’s gonna end up with the lead actor so I’ll wait till the drama is finished to know if they will end up together because if not I will only be disappointed.

  41. 41 : Claire Says:

    i like eugene but in this is drama, i think lee young ah is more suitable as the love interest of kim tak goo…

  42. 42 : unik karlita Says:


    ratingnya bagus banget yah….

    belum masuk indonesia nih dvdnya…

    aku pasti nonton niih…

    i will wait for see this drama….

  43. 43 : Kelle Says:

    I am Eugene’s fan. Not gonna watch until I know for sure she is the love interest of Kim Tak Goo. She is one of the Superstar in Asia, so she should not be rank no 3. All her drama been widely watch all over asia especially Wonderful Life, Save the last dance, three dad.. , creating destiny..Not interested in any other drama but Eugene of course.
    Good luck Eugene .. From your fan here in U.S.A.

  44. 44 : eugene Says:

    Yes, Eugene will be love interest of Kim Tak Goo at the beginning but after she marries Ma Joon, Kim Tak Goo will be touched by Mi Sun’s sincerity

  45. 45 : ok250682 Says:

    Have you all notice? If the lead actor did not pair off with correct lead actress or someone with x-factor (whether she is pretty or not), the show ratings with be low even the story line is good. What I am saying is If Eugene didn’t act in this drama, I wont be watching at all because Lee Young Ah cannot catch my attention at all. Eugene has the Charisma


    I will quote the example : Que Sara Sara – Eric supposed to pair off with YEH but she cannot make it and some other actress acted – the show is a flop.

    A Men’s Story — Park Yong Ha & the lead actress — also a flop becoz the lead actress don’t have the x-factor to catch people’s attention.

    Cinderalla Man — So what if Kwon Sang Woo can act very well — the lead actress acting was horrible — so another flop

  46. 46 : ok250682 Says:

    I forgot to tell you the 3 shows I quoted as example Que Sara Sara, A Man’s Story & Cinderalla Man : I watch first few episode but could not carry on because either its the wrong pairing or the actress acting was horrible. Main reason is that they have chosen the wrong lead actress. They all don’t have the x-factor to attract you.

  47. 47 : Martins Says:

    I am happy a girl like LYA is the lead actress here. I have nothing against Eugene and I like her but I think this is a good change for Kdramas if a girl like LYA (simple looking, girl next door girl not necessarly beautiful) get the attention of the lead actor. Already in Iljimae I liked her better than Han Hyo Joo but the latter was loved by every boys in the drama and LYA was ignored. Plus Eugene and LYA are both “women”, Eungene is not “more” woman than LYA.

  48. 48 : Alex Says:

    In Iljimae, though LYA acted as a mischevious lively girl but I still don’t find LYA attractive at all.

    In Iljimae, many man likes HHC maybe she is pretty. But for Lee Jun Ki, he likes HHC is because she is also a kind hearted girl.

    LYA acted in Bride from Hanoi — most of my friends and colleagues didn’t want to watch or stop after a few episode because find that LYA don’t have the X-factor to attract people from watching further even they have the charming Lee Dong Wook as the male lead

  49. 49 : Alex Says:

    oops, sorry — what i meant is she acted in Golen bride and other lead actor

  50. 50 : Claire Says:

    hmmmn…i know there’s a lot of eugene’s fans out there (i’m one of you) but let’s not watch this drama just because of the characters or the actors and actresses and I’m sorry for a lot of people but I think LYA will really end up with kim tak goo..let’s not judge her, the storyline is good so let’s still watch…^_^

  51. 51 : ma hye ri Says:

    why this drama has higher rating than prosecutor princess? u do not know that prosecutor princess is the best drama of this year with KSY?

  52. 52 : jasmine Says:

    dear ma hye ri

    i thing the reason that drama takes high rate, beacuse of kim tak koo

    emotion,when he get angry you can see the real emotion in his eyes.

    the importent keys,to this drama is potentioal power to connect with

    pepole, so this drama made it happen.

    the actor and actress is playing good.also i like the music,its perfect match

    to each episode.

  53. 53 : Martin Says:

    LYA is not the attractive woman (the one every boy like at first glance and find pretty). She is petite but I think she has this kind of “safe” aura. She looks like the best friend you want to have and the faithful and genine girlfriend. And like I forsaw she is my fav character in the drama because she brings so much freshness in the drama ! She is so funny especially when she has fantasies about Majun she is so cute ! Eugene is beautiful in the drama and now I feel for her character. She acts very well too but LYA’s character please me more because I don’t know she does not sound brutal and I like her hairstyle now. I won’t be suprised when Tak Goo will fall for her because this is the girl you want to protect and she is fresh. This is this kind of vibe I feel from actresses like MGY or Seo Woo
    PS : in Iljimae HHC character was bland and useless.

  54. 54 : imbestigador Says:

    Unlike RN! and Bad Guy,Baker King si under-promoted,People doesn\’t have high expectations with the series,But now it gets high Ratings,Some say it\’s Kim Tak Goo fever killed the World Cup.

    Big expectations means bigger disappointments,That\’s what happened to RN1 and BG.

  55. 55 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Tak Goo is in love!
    Bakery or Yoo Kyung or both. It’s getting real interesting with the doctor’s in the house. Episode #12 is on http://www.dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Korean_drama74&wr_id=14

  56. 56 : Deaddolliie Says:

    At first i was quite disappointed when i knew Eugene won’t end up with Tak goo, cos i am her die hard fan! but slowly, i find LYA kinda of cute too.

    Anyway Joo won isn’t that bad too, he is just seeking his dad attention, more of a jealous brother than an evil one. one thing i likes about him is, he truly love Eugene! he is gonna treat her well i guess? i wish Eugene can likes him back a lil, cos he is quite pitiful too. cheers! :>

  57. 57 : byeok Says:

    baker king tak-goo is very fun and popular
    young people to old peole everyone likes tak-goo
    i can’t waiting next wednesday!!

  58. 58 : jasmine Says:

    wow!i like the cemera move when shows kim takoo mother face.also the

    music was perfect match for this secance.its wonderfull.i like to

    see, how takoo mothers back beacuse it seem she turn in to the powerful

    and reach woman,how she could became like this?? so lets waite and see.

  59. 59 : mj_112772 Says:

    i think it cause of this drama shown more sentimental value, more felling, more adorable…

  60. 60 : lili Says:

    i love this drama

  61. 61 : lovlyndar Says:

    i haven’t watch this drama, so i can’t comment more..
    but from thriler n the other things stuff..
    this drama looks good n curious to watching..
    i like yoon shi yoon in high kick..
    LYA n eugene,, i like both of them..
    but for this drama, i like LYA more than eugene..
    hope story lines is the LYA’s character w/ YSH’ character…

  62. 62 : uouo Says:

    I really like this drama I want see ep 11 with english subtitle please please please please

    can’t wait i wanna watch it …someone help me?

  63. 63 : chichaloca Says:

    i really love this drama..the plots were really interesting, that make me can\’t wait for the next episode..currently i watch from kbs and its now at episode 4..hope this drama will be more pretty cool.but its have too many epi ;(

  64. 64 : Seung-Hee Says:

    I like this drama

  65. 65 : ok250682 Says:

    I am curious why LYA has many fans in King Baker Kim Tae Goo and Eugene was recommended as 3rd lead role that leads me to Golden bride where LYA acted.
    I find Golden Bride very interesting and also with many good actresses and actors who can act very well. Total 64 Episode ?
    I find LYA still cannot attract me very much even now at Episode 42 ..
    I hope Song Chang Ui – the lead actor in Golden Bride – can have more chances in near future as a lead actor in other new drama because not only he is good looking – more important is he can act too.
    He got the lead actor potential. So disappointed he always act as supporting roles or 2nd lead actor in Cinderalla Man etc or his pairing partner is just so so only. Hope he can pair up with good leading actress. Song Chang Ui — All the best to you in your career – Hope you can shine brighter —– SOON – yr fan from Singapore

  66. 66 : jasmine Says:

    i know it.this drama gone be wondefull each week.good joob to every cast.now what happen in the episod 15.father and son finally see each other after 12 years.iwant to see what happen next.let see.

  67. 67 : Hane5 Says:

    Good job! Actress in short hair is lovely

  68. 68 : google Says:

    whay is no one Subtitles Episode 13 into Englsih ??

  69. 69 : King Says:

    Low budget, good storyline, high ratings. WELL DONE!

  70. 70 : via Says:

    I want Yoo Jin end up with the lead actor.. I love them both!!!

  71. 71 : kimchilee Says:

    I agree with ok250682.. wrong pairings of couple no matter how good the story is, will end up being a flop.. in fact, so many K-series I watch these days ended up half way through watching bec the pairing sucks.. so lost interest in Korean series these days.

    Now that I know they are not going to pair Eugene with Tak Goo.. how said is that? LYA dont have that x-factor in being the lead actress no matter how good she is.. but her hairstyle in this series suits her well.. still it sucks to know eugene wont end up with Tak Goo.. aarrrhhh… frustrating..

  72. 72 : File Recovery Says:

    Could you please tell me when will this drama aired, I just want to see what will happens with this girl?


    Data Recovery


  73. 73 : amethyst Says:

    pls pair eugene to kim tak goo… they have strong chemistry… many are disappointed that pairing was change… when they were small tak goo and eugene…. good team-up…. why when they grew up change of partner…. frustrating…. eugene’s acting has improved a lot and I consider her veteran in acting…. more power to eugene….

  74. 74 : Martins Says:

    Frustrated Eugene fans are ANNOYING. This is not because Eugene is conventionally “prettier” than LYA (I am sure this is the X-factor of some people) that she has to end with the lead male character. I like Eugene acting in the drama but please stop insulting LYA because she does not act bad here too. LYA has the X-factor in my view which lies on her look in an unconventional way. She is the girl who looks like any girl next door. If I had to compare her to a food it would be rice. She is at first glance simple, bland but her charm comes from this safe, friendly, you-can-see-yourself-in-her vibe she has.

  75. 75 : ok250682 Says:

    Kim Tak Goo’s father marry a woman (1st wife) he does not love and later had a son – KTG with his 1st love. The 1st wife is so bad that forces KTG to leave the home in search of his real mother. KTG leads a homeless life from age 12.

    KTG should end up with Eugene so the his father bad history wont repeat itself because Eugene is his 1st & true love.
    We are not insulting LYA. Its true fact that Eugene shines better than LYA not because she is just pretty but because Eugene can act too. If Eugene cannot act, do you think she can attract so many fans ??

    I have tried watching Golden Bride where LYA acted as lead actress. No matter how I tried, she still cannot attract me. I don’t find her likable.
    I mentioned this shows to my colleagues about this Golden bride drama, they told me they knew this drama long ago but they stopped watching after few episodes because they find that LYA dont have the X-factor to attract them.

    LYA fans might also like Eugene but Eugene’s Fans might not like LYA. That is X-factor. X-factor is very important in acting industry. So sorry to say that LYA still lacks. (my family and friend’s opinion)

    I believe many people watched this drama because Eugene was in it besides the story. (I am one of them). Majority viewers hopes that Eugene will end up with KTG.
    I stopped watching from Ep 10 already because if Eugene not ending up with KTG – I wont be continuing. Wasting my time. – Same like many of Eugene’s Fans

    So if you want to have BETTER PROFITS besides good ratings – PAIRING MUST BE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

  76. 76 : amethyst Says:

    i’m not against with LYA pairing with KTG… i’m just confused with the flow of the drama because if LYA is really the partner of KTG she should appear in the first few episodes but it is only Eugene who appear that’s why it gave me the impression that she will be the partner of KTG when they grow old. It also true reason why i”m watching this drama is because of Eugene. i really like her acting and i have watched most of her drama series. it amazed me that this drama stays in its 1st drama rating. if eugene will not end up with KTG it will be a waste of time watching this drama. pairing is really important in making a drama series that will attract the curiousity of the audience. i have watched many korean drama and once the lead actor and actress have good rapport i repeat watching the drama. still hoping that eugene will end up with KTG.

  77. 77 : melanie Says:

    This is one of the Best and my favorite Drama to watch!!!like the Happiness in the wind. Thank You KBS for the wonderful Drama you giving us to watch!!!!KBS is the BEST!!!

  78. 78 : ok250682 Says:

    Another nice MUST WATCH drama is Gumiho – Tale of the Fox’s child – Once you started – you will chase the show. ^.^ Also look out for this star Lee Min Ho (1993) – very charming guy

  79. 79 : Nicholas Says:

    Yes – Eugene should end up with KTG. Majority fans wants that if you want more viewers.
    If LYA came to KTG to comfort him because of his lost love and ends up that KTG falls in love with her, that type of script is so old fashion.
    LYA cannot be 1st lead female role if Eugene is in the same drama. Extremely weird.

  80. 80 : lei Says:

    I really hope that KTG will end up with Eugene. If not, I will not watch this drama. I’ll wait first for the ending before I start to watch.

  81. 81 : jo Says:

    Thanks for the comments. Now i know i will not watch this drama. I don’t watch drama that Eugene is not the lead actress. I will just regret it and waste of my precious time. I will just follow your future comments to see if the story line improves and she will end pairing with KTG.

  82. 82 : Mii Says:

    I think that,if lyA at the end with ktg its n0t a matter..lya hav a g00d acting too..she is succes in drama g0lden bride..Why just eugene sh0uld be the lead actres?that i think they also may be thr0ugh a s0me pr0cess to be a lead actres,n lya its better fr0m eugene??

  83. 83 : Vann lyda Says:

    Can anybody tell me that his mother(Tak koo’s mother)die or still alive?m so curious!since all he do is to find his mother,if c die it doesn’t make sense! right?and i12say that this very good!and also being so popular in Korea right now.

  84. 84 : Lyda Says:

    Oh and i12ask one more Q it’s that in d episode that a man catch Tak Goo’s mother,i wonder who that man to catch her?is it his father or that manager(his friend)?i don’t no.and i really want2no abt this too.

  85. 85 : emerald Says:

    i like the ending part of ep 18… it so touchy…. father and son meet at last after 14 long years…. can’t wait to see what will happen in the next episode….

  86. 86 : ok250682 Says:

    I have watched Golden bride so I will give some feedback why they hv gd ratings. I hv mge to watch till ep 44 not becoz of LYA but of these reasons.
    The script is not bad but most important – they have superb actresses like Kim Mi Sook (the bad mother in Shining Inheritance) & Kyun Mi Ri. The second lead actress Choi Yeo Jin & Song Jong Ho also performed very well. The rest of the actors also quite good. LYA acting – not consistent – sometime gd, sometime so so only. I don’t find her cute even she acted cute in the drama. My friends stopped watching the drama after a few episode becoz they find lead actress LYA cannot charm / attract them.

  87. 87 : cathy Says:

    wow. currently the number 1 series in Korea. got to watch this. im a big fan of eugene kim. her role is truly different from her past series. it showcases her acting into a higher level.

  88. 88 : jasmine Says:

    excelent serial.i love it. cant wait to watch next episode.

  89. 89 : celine Says:

    CONGRATS…4 being the highest rating korean drama now,i salute you guys…keep up the good work.

  90. 90 : Tazza Says:

    knock the door, let me join u, guys.

  91. 91 : Lyda Says:

    Yes of course Tazza u can join us!do u watch this drama too?if so wat ep a u on now?can u answer my Qs that was posted previous time?and all the characters in this drama is new 2me so i haven’t remembered their names yet!bt i really the main actress who is the childhood friend of Takgu!c’s very beautiful!and she plays her role very good!

  92. 92 : Ida Says:

    Can’t stand Ma Joon. He seems to be controlled by his mom. I like Eugene,LYA n of course our hero…Good drama but a bit to long.

  93. 93 : chester Says:

    May I ask who really are meant to be? Is it Kim Takgu and Eugene or Ma Joon and Eugene?

  94. 94 : anne Says:

    I don’t think the ratings will be that high if Eugene is not in the drama besides the good script. I only noticed this drama when I was searching for Eugene new shows.
    Eugene is so likeable that most of her fans said they will be very disappointed if Kim Tak Goo will not end up with her as a couple. Most fans including me have stopped watching this drama already.
    I will continue to watch again if Eugene is the lead actress and end up with Kim Tak Goo.

  95. 95 : kyuprincess Says:

    what korean accent did tak gu and his omoni used in this story??sound different to me..just want to know. ^_^

  96. 96 : chichaloca Says:

    Lee Young Ah is not pretty mebi bcoz of hair style…i guess
    i want takgu to ends up with Yoo Kyung..plz2

  97. 97 : grace Says:

    Hi Shi Yoon,
    i love your acting in Baker king kim tak goo. You did very well and please keep it up….i believe that you’ll be another Hallyu star in future…aza..aza.

  98. 98 : park sang Says:

    hi Kim Tak Goo!!!
    your acting is really mind blowing [email protected]! i love the way how you act accordingly, i like korean drama, till now king of baking is the best, but i wonder how the ending will be, hopefully there will be a happy ending. because from the beginning till now its so sad and having a hard life.

  99. 99 : neg Says:

    The main reason I stayed away from this drama is due to Eugene not being the lead actress. LYA is ugly. Seriously, who wanna watch ugly people on TV when you can see plenty of them just by looking your window. J/K

    I just think it’s weird. I don’t know why LYA is taking the leading role. On screen chemistry is very important; for someone who’s new like the actor to kick up and hold the rating.

    If there’s no twist here; it’s just a matter of time that the rating begin to fall like stocks .. lol Perhaps they should let someone else be the leading actor too if age is a concern.

  100. 100 : Lyda Says:

    Hay what a u talking about? Eugene will not end up with Takgu???!!!that’s impossible!!!! I don’t agree at all! but hay in the begining of ep14 he talked with the girl who has short hair that Eugene is the woman in his heart!!!why u guys said she will not end up with him??! no maybe it is not like this. U guys confuse! I just reached ep8 or 9 on KBS world!! and Secret Agent Miss Oh just finished last nite with unforgtble memories!!have anyone here watch that drama?

  101. 101 : vivi Says:

    @ 79. Nicholas
    not really, that kind of concept will be pretty fresh, knowing that ALL kdramas these days with childhood first love ends up with each other. if KTG & YK ends up with each other, that will be the same and typical kdrama that we’ve watched over and over. we need something fresh man :D!

    Eugene fans are getting SO ANNOYING. shut up about LYA being ugly, or Eugene is better then her. -__- you people are gonna hate her in the drama cause her face doesn’t please you? This actually makes me hope LYA would end up with KTG.

    Because a lot of fans wants this girl to end up with this guy, it doesn’t change the PD’s decision. Same goes to Coffee house, the majority of shippers who watched the drama were on the EUNJUNG/JIHWAN ship, but the PD still made Jihwan end up with shiyeon either way, no matter how many fans were against it.

  102. 102 : eugene Says:

    It’s so true about this drama. Shin Yoo Kyung will give Tak Goo to chase after fame and wealth. So that also means Kim Tak Goo later will fall for Lee Young Ah. Yoo Kyung later will get trap into a marriage without love.

  103. 103 : anne Says:

    Whether LYA is ugly or not is not important. Most importantly LEADING actors & actresses must have the X- factor to succeed in this industry. Fans must find your face soothing to them.
    B4 we watch or buy a drama, we always look out who is the leading actors or actresses. Is it a gd script or gd ending etc. If it is not what we like, we will not watch at all or stop half way. If it is what we like, we might repeat the show again.

    Eugene has the X-factor to succeed that is why she got so many fans all over the world.

    This drama, the ratings is high besides the gd script, most importantly Shin Yoon Shin (KTG) got the X-factor to please the viewers. I don’t hv to repeat here that Eugene got the X-factors.

    I notice that from China website, LYA’s name was not even mention in this drama that she acted. So all Eugene’s fans and viewers must hv thought that She will end up with Kim Tak Goo. — I hope so.

    All these comments started because Koreandrama.org place Eugene’s name third. If it is place after the leading actor’s name or 1st, there won’t be so many guessing.

    Please think why Goong and Iljimae is so successful in Part 1 whereas fail in part 2. (my opinion – I think becoz all lead actors & actresses changed & wrong matching)

  104. 104 : chichaloca Says:

    lyda i agree with u..i also watched this series tru kbs world…
    last nite episode was really sad and touched my heart,,episode 8 i guess whereby takgu had to kept his promise for not seeing yoo kyung..for 2 years…can’t wait for the next.And since agent miss oh had finished.i’m going to try for gumiho folk tales..hope its cool.i don’t watch agent miss oh coz it kinda bored 🙂

  105. 105 : Felix Says:

    Congratulation Baker King Kim Tak Goo for reaches NATIONAL DRAMA title. It deserve high rating. Hopefully list in 50 top peak rating Korean Drama of all time.

  106. 106 : Dandelion Says:

    YSY n KYJ, you hv both done a good job! Bravo. It’s really a record-breaking drama of all time!

  107. 107 : ok250682 Says:

    Latest News – Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, has announced that the drama will not be extended, and will end with 30 episodes on 24 Sept 2010, as scheduled. Hope that KTG will have a happy ending with Eugene.

  108. 108 : Lyda Says:

    @chichaloca thanks for talking to me. First I would like to say that Secret Agent Miss Oh is not boring at all! I really love this drama! cos it is sooo funny!! the way they make fun is not the same. By this I mean the way they make fun is different from time to time!! About Takgu! yes I also feel pity and nostagic for him. He can’t meet Eugene for 2years!! About new drama after SAMO, maybe I will not watch it cos I decided to reduce watching K-dramas cos I think m too addicted to it. So m gonna cut down. @anne what do u mean about x factor? I don’t understand about this! And I think think Misun is ugly!! she looks fine!! I like her too!
    @vivi it is so funny when I read your comment!You said “Eugene fans are getting SO ANNOYING. shut up about LYA being ugly, or Eugene is better then her. -__- you people are gonna hate her in the drama cause her face doesn’t please you? This actually makes me hope LYA would end up with KTG.” anyway, I know now that Takgu’s mother is still alive!! ah~~ it’s gonna be more interesting n interesting when his mother show up!!!

  109. 109 : Lyda Says:

    @ok250682 really that it was cut down to just 24 eps??!!! why??! in here it stated total eps is 36 ey!! why it is like that? where did u get the information?

  110. 110 : bugi Says:

    @ lyda No it will cut the episode to only 30 not 36.thankful coz i’m excited to watch the ending 🙂 24 sept was the last day for this drama.u can get the info via dramabeans.com

  111. 111 : rainbow Says:

    Thanks Kang Eun Kwung for the wonderful script. Without a great script that captures the hearts of viewers, no matter how handsome or pretty anyone is, the whole drama will fail! It’s always the script that makes the actors look cool playing the parts the writer wanted them to play in the story. Keep up the great stories Kang Eun Kwung. Hwaiting!

  112. 112 : ok250682 Says:

    X-Factor in very general term means the unknown factor or the unexplainable thing which adds a certain value to that object, element or a person.

    In relation to a person it is defined as the unexplainable element of a person’s attractiveness or sexiness.

    It means have you got the EXTRA bit or factor which makes you special.

    You not necessary to have to be beautiful or handsome but somehow you have that “special” something in you that makes people attracted to you. They are not tire to look at you. Correct me if I am wrong. ^.^

  113. 113 : Belle Says:

    @47 & 53 Martin’s comment – a girl like LYA (simple looking, girl next door girl not necessarly beautiful – Man would like to protect this type of girl …. (FYI – simple, Innocent look on the outside doesn’t mean she is a good girl) – now i know why some men died without knowing why ^.^

    You can see many dramas, some simple looking girl act innocent just to cover their evil plots. LYA in Baker King – she got so many people to protect her – her grandpa, father, mother, the workers. Whereas, Eugene – no mother and is bullied by her father. Who do think need protection here. Of course Eugene needs KTG to protect her.

    @56 Deaddolliie – you said Ma Joon isn’t that bad and truly loves Eugene n will treat her well. How to stay with someone you don’t love unless that heart already declare dead.

    Eugene is ambitious? No I don’t think so. KTG & Eugene are trying very hard to live their very best but they were forced to such miserable situation by all the evil people in this drama.

    Therefore – Fans of Eugene and I hope that KTG and Eugene will end up happily together.
    Fans from Singapore

  114. 114 : Martins Says:

    @ Belle
    Another shitty annoying Eugene fan… Eugene is not a better woman than LYA. GET A LIFE. Why should Eugene win TG at the end ? Because she is Eugene and she has more (stupid ?) fans ? So is Eugene more a woman than LYA ? LYA will win TG at the end hate it or love it…

  115. 115 : nadia Says:


  116. 116 : lili Says:

    Hi everybody! I have a question. I calculated the date of the last episode but my date is different as ok250682.
    It will end on 16 september, is that right?
    I hope you can help me! THX

  117. 117 : cathy Says:

    @ MARTIN
    saying stupid to belle makes u idiot. and that makes me moron. gets?
    we are all here to support baker king, kim tak goo. the fan of eugene and lya need not to fight.

  118. 118 : Martins Says:

    Yes maybe I am an idiot but Eugene fans have to stop making Eugene superior to LYA. LYA and Eugene are both women…

  119. 119 : becky Says:

    somehow, I feel that the child actor for Yoo Kyung resembles more of the adult Ja Kyung while the child actor for Ja Kyung looks more like the adult Yoo Kyung….hmmm….
    anyway, this story has a nice plot….the ad has a nice phrase….”when the fairytale (refering to Cinderella’s Sister) ends, reality steps in”….kudos to whoever who thought of it 🙂

  120. 120 : Lyda Says:

    @becky hay! I also think like u!! the adults characters looks like the child characters very much like Takgu, Misun, and Yoo Kyung, and other two girls who is Misun’s sisters. They looks very very similar right?! ow! the director is good at choosing the actors and actresses man~~

    @Martins&cathy and others: Yes! that’s right! there is no need to fight about that! For me I support both LYAand eugene. They a all beautiful!

    @lili : I don’t no but you can think it by yourself! it is played times eps a week…

    @Martins: hay~~!why u said like this?! it sounds not good. But whatever I still like this drama bcos it has a good plotting!

    @Belle: your comment is nice!! good anlaysis!!all u said is right! I agree with u!

    @ok250682: oh! is the X-factor really mean like that? I have never known about it at all! and I don’t no u a right or not! but yes at least want to say thank u for d answer!!

    @bugi: are u sure about this? is that really cut down to just 30eps??! but still I don’t believe about this!

    And yes finally I would like to ask some questions regarding about some eps in the drama! first Takgu’s mother is still alive and she come back and show up for sometime…I want to ask that what happened to her becos now she come back and c seems to become rich and looks like a lady of high standrad just like Misun’s mother…so what did she do??!!I can’t wait to see what happen when she meet Takgu….it must be so interesting!! And tonite will it ep 14 in my country…!
    Lyda, a fan from Cambodia!!!!

  121. 121 : Lyda Says:

    Hope I reply to all of ur comments here!!! and I want to said the OST in this drama is not bad! anyone know where I can download all those songs here?

  122. 122 : Van Says:

    Man….I don’t understand why so many ppl hating on LYA just cuz she’s the main actress?? It’s like wtf, just cuz Eugene ISNT the main girl doesn’t mean you have the right to make rude comments against LYA….. -.- I personally think LYA is a great actress and she’s beautiful in her own way. So ya’ll stop hating and just watch the dang drama and enjoy it peacefully…………. ^_^

  123. 123 : kimchilee Says:

    It’s not about being a fan of Eugene but about the X-FACTOR in an actress. LYA simply do not have it.. there are so many actresses who could and should have been put in LYA’s role, even Joo Kyung’s sister who has the X-Factor.. in any dramas, the pairing of couples are as important as the storyline. In this drama, LYA simply do not fit to be in Takyu’s girl… NO X-FACTOR. But if she ends up with Takyu, then it is indeed disappointing.

  124. 124 : JK Says:

    Well said – kimchilee : X-Factor.. in any dramas & the pairing of couples are as important as the storyline.

    Its not viewers hate LYA. Its Eugene’s fan supporting Eugene. Eugene gain popularity thru her performance and hard work. Watching her shows makes us happy so we in return support her.

    @ 122 Van – Who is rude here? why use vulgar words ??
    @ 114 Martin –why call Fans of Eugene “Stupid”

  125. 125 : LSC Says:

    if Eugene doesn’t hv a happy ending w KTG, I will be vvv disppointed w the script writer!

    Reason being how can PD projects Eugene as an intelligent lady w character to be so pitiful & ‘stupid’ to make such decision as to give in to her pride & revengeful as to marry Ma Joon whom she doesn’t love at all!!

    Infect, I hv stopped watching @ ep 18 cos I can’t bear to see her in that dire state of life. Her childhood & present state is alrdy v pitiful, please hv mercy on her & give her happiness & love by being w KTG.

    There are many who were watching & in the same state looking for hope & happiness in life – how can PD so cruelly smash all these from them??
    When we watch whatever dramas we are looking for happines, moral & hope to go on…….

  126. 126 : bugi a.k.a chichaloca Says:

    @lyda i read the info about the cut episode tru dramabean.com
    i’m not so sure but i think the info can be trust bcoz dramabean alwayz gave accurate info 🙂 just wait and see. and about takgu mother bcome rich, frankly said i didn’t know about that becoz i just see it at episode 14 in my country and it not reveal yet how his mother had alive and became rich. for ur info i’m a korean drama fans from malaysia. i watch dis series tru kbs world.i love kbs world.

  127. 127 : Martins Says:

    @124 JK
    why would’nt I call Eugene’s fans stupid ? Sorry but they are not annoying anymore…at this level they are stupid (maybe stupider than BOF’s fans or bollywood’s movies audiences). I mean, first, this is Eugene who chose this role

  128. 128 : Van Says:


    I OBVIOUSLY wasn’t saying YOU were the rude one……I mean seriously, have you seen the comments?? Apparently not since u dont consider the ppl who called LYA ugly “rude”…? I mean, if you support Eugene, then go ahead, i could care less. But some ppl dont have go and make such nasty comments……


    I like the way you think haha 🙂

  129. 129 : nian Says:

    hi everyone, u guyes make me crazy, i mean iam not fans of any of this accterss or actorss, but i watch it anyway. and i will say the truth now, Eugine in this drama has no passion i mean u can c that she dosnt like the role or the staff in this drama, ex, when u c ep 11 when she kiss tak goo she is like oh i have to do this, she dosnt like it, she dosnt have the passion for this drama like she had fo others, maybe she feel old against other staff coz both Eugine and lya are older than the boys, and u dont have to fight over hwo has the main role. and i know that the main role dosnt sutie lya neither but we cant change it. and Eugine cant have the main role all the time right? she have to try other roles 2 am i right? and its not her last drama

  130. 130 : Jazz Says:

    You are my : THE ONLY ONE

  131. 131 : Abbie Says:

    Please don’t hate us because we love Eugene. Even though some fans are being obsessive over Eugene but please do not generalize that “Eugene’s fans are stupid”. I personally like Eugene because she has the talent and the beauty that a successful actress needs to have. She has the charisma that many actors and actresses don’t. However, I don’t understand why Eugene accepted a third leading role in the first place. I have no doubt that she would has no problem of getting a leading role. And Because I love Eugene so much that I hate to see someone else steal the spotlight. I will cont. to watch this drama because I like her act. Kim Eugene you rock, keep up the good work and stay healthy.

  132. 132 : Lyda Says:

    @bugi a.k.a chichaloca: Thank u for ur reply(to me). U know what I tried and spent at least 30 minutes to reply to all the comments that people did here but in return they didn’t talk to me back at all! how rude they are!!! soo soo rude!! I want to discuss about this drama with u guys too but … let’s forget about it!! about that info, er haha I don’t know but I still think that they will not cut the epsiodes cos this drama is very popular. If it was cut, it might be distract d auidences!and yes that’s right! maybe it is like u said the truth hasn’t been revealed yet! I love KBS world too! and right now I study Korean!! I love this language very much!
    @Jazz: thank u for ur link!!:)

  133. 133 : Lyda Says:

    E.body don’t fight each other Eugene is also the leading actress in this drama!!! so don’t shout to each other anymore please!! please take this time to discuss some important events in this drama veng!! Ok?

  134. 134 : melanie Says:

    Thank You KBS for giving us onother very good Drama, KBS You’re the BEST!!!! and also to the wrirer of this drama Thank You and Goodluck on your career….Congratulations to all the actors on this Drama….I love this Drama so much!!!!!

  135. 135 : melanie Says:

    This is one of my favorite drama, I love it!!!!

  136. 136 : chichaloca Says:

    @lyda my pleasure dear. i love to talk about korean drama bcoz i’m addicted to it. hehe..oh u study korean lang??interesting..fighting 😉

  137. 137 : Alice Says:

    @ Martin
    Another shitty annoying LYA fan… LYA is not a better woman than EUGENE. GET A LIFE. Why should LYA win TG at the end ? Because she is LYA and she has some (stupid ?) fans ? So is LYA more a woman than EUGENE? EUGENE will win TG at the end hate it or love it…

  138. 138 : Alice Says:

    @ 114 Martin

  139. 139 : nona Says:

    I’m just startin to enjoyin this drama, but this dude is gettin beat up
    left to right, whatsup with that, n nobody ain’t tryna help him, but one
    girl, inquiry minds wants to kno, did his mom really died when she
    fell, that luks like a big mystery, hopefully she has a comeback, cuz
    he shud be dead by now, the way his gettin beat up, ooops I forgot,
    its only a drama, well kudos to all the actors and actress, ya doin a
    fine job in this drama

  140. 140 : Lyda Says:

    @chichaloca: Hay!how sweet u said to me!(Lyda my pleasure dear…!) hahah yes m studying Korean right now! it’s so interesting! thank u!
    no what when I watch this drama, I notice two strange thing.
    1. is that people doesn’t use morden hand phone
    2. The cars that they use are in old fashion! not a fancy car eventhough this drama is a morden drama. hahahha. By d way, chichaloca what epsiode a u watching now?

  141. 141 : chichaloca Says:

    @lyda hehe..i love making frenz especially to whom that share same interest with me 🙂 ohh..it bcoz the background of this drama was set on 70’s era. i watch their cast interview from entertainment weekly bfore this drama was premiered. i’m know at episode 14 same with u bcos we both watched it tru kbs world

  142. 142 : becky Says:

    I’m not Eugene’s or Lee Young Ah’s fan…I’m just saying this as a bystander….shouldn’t Eugene’s and LYA’s fans stop saying negative comments about these actresses? do you guys know the effects of all these comments on them? these comments could affect their performance in this drama….
    I’m sure Eugene and LYA have good reasons of choosing the role that they want to play…..and I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons is not because their characters could end up with Kim Takgu…we should just stop fighting against one another and just enjoy the show 🙂

  143. 143 : Lyda Says:

    @chichaloca:really?so u a like me,i like talking2person who has the same interesting as me too!hehe i’ve found another good f/d again hahah!no wat i’ve made one good f/d that i talked wit her in drama secret agent miss oh.did u watch it?it was a fantastic drama to me.anyway,abt Takgu,i don’t think it was set in the 70era bt maybe using morden hand phone n cars doesn’t fit in this drama.do u think like this too?haha:-) n hay do u no any video links which talk abt NG clips in this drama?since it’s the most popular drama right now so i want to no how they film this drama. Don’t 4get2come to this page again hor!:-)

  144. 144 : jo Says:

    Whats Eugene next drama?. Anybody knows? I will passed this one though. No matter what others says. I will only watch Eugene drama where she is a lead actress. I am still happy she got a unique role in this drama. Thats show your versatility and talent. Congrats to all actors and actresses. I will just read the story at the end.

  145. 145 : Martins Says:

    why are you so so so stupid ? Look at this topic here (and in other sites) and see how many stupid fans of Eugene like you complained. Everywhere I go to read some info about the drama all I read is Eugene fans trolling and messing BKKTG’s threads as if they are the only persons there…so stop being sh…y to not embarrasse Eugene your fav actress…

  146. 146 : eugene Says:

    I love Tak Goo and Yoo Kyung. I want them together at the end.

  147. 147 : kimchilee Says:

    everyone! please stop arguing over Eugene or LYA.. fact is fact.. Eugene’s got ex factor.. LYA does not.. Martin obviously got his eyes on LYA.. so they say.. beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. (who’s blind in one eye to be able to like LYA.. )

    Go watch the series ‘WILL IT SNOW IN CHRISTMAS”.. a wonderful love story with good chemistry between the hero, Go Su of Green Rose and Han Ye Seul (heroine in Double Troule).. that’s what i meant by when both hero and heroine has THE EX-FACTOR!!

  148. 148 : Alice Says:

    @47, 53, 114 , 127, & 145 Martin

    Y r u so so so stupid ? Look at this topic here n c how many X u hv scolded Eugene’s fans

    When Eugene’s fans don’t agree with yr comments (it becomes complaint – So are yrs !!), u will use yr shitty smelly stinky mouth with stupid brains to scold.

    U also preferred LYA over well like leading actress Han Hyo Joo in Iljimae with yr “special taste” – did we scold u out loud u r shitty & stupid? No!!! (we only think so privately).

    LYA – as what u said, guy like u want to protect a not so attractive beautiful simple girl next door. We think LYA will be too ashamed n embarrass a low class guy like u want to protect her becoz whenever u open yr mouth, all will smell yr stupid shitty breath…..
    Stop being a male Chauvinist. Now already in yr 2010 – please wake up.

    We are not so simple girls that u can scold whenever n whatever u like. (whether we r Eugene’s fans or not)
    P.S. –Many brave real men from all over the world would love n dare to protect Eugene becoz she is hardworking, intelligent , sexy n beautiful

  149. 149 : sushi Says:

    Watchable drama. May not be fantastic but has some great acting, especially by the older casts. Tak Goo’s father, the bread master, his step mum – simply superb!

    It’s a pity the younger casts can’t really match up, especially the lead & 2nd lead guys. One can see through their acting and it’s quite painful to watch at times. In fact the 2 young boys who played them when they were children were better than them!

    Fortunately the female leads were alright. Both Eugene and LYA put up credible performances. Suppose they are more experienced than the guys…

  150. 150 : tyrone Says:

    One of my favorites Korean drama. i hope this will be shown in the Philippines tv program. good thing we have cable at home so i can watch it every sunday. its very hard to watch it and a the same time looking at the caption. this korean drama is a very heartwarming, superb actors ( lovelots kim takgu ). I hope that ratings will soar high!

  151. 151 : Alice Says:

    @ kimchilee

    I wanted to say this to you long ago about your every comment here.
    Very articulate. Short & sharp and straight to the point.

  152. 152 : chichaloca Says:

    @kimchilee i agree with u now 🙂
    @ lyda this drama based on 70era.u can see their costume especially takgu and majun, but if i was wrong please other correct me. the pd had made this drama look modern 🙂 about secret agent miss oh, i didn’t watched it coz before this i stayed at my hostel and i need to focus on my study at my college so i didn’t have time to watch tv.now i’m free and have so many time to watch korean drama.now i will keep sticking with dis drama to the end and after that i’m going to watch sungkyunwan scandal after grudge of gumiho end. Now i’m realized instead of eugene i’m now had falling in love with LYA character so i will accept if takgu gonna end with her at last. but then if he end with eugene it also make me so so happy 🙂 Lastly about the link regarding this drama u can try to search at youtube. I believe there are some NG or fanmade vclip for dis drama series.

  153. 153 : chichaloca Says:

    pep free to make comment but avoid giving harsh word that can make some people getting hurt. we here free to comment. imagine that we are now a film criticizer. 🙂

  154. 154 : jinjer Says:

    I love this drama soo much !
    every episode is just full of excitement and joy, sometimes even sadness and mystery. It has everything 🙂 I recommend this drama to anyone!

  155. 155 : Martins Says:

    Wow Kimchilee and Alice, Eugene must be soo embarrassed with “fans”like you ! And Kimchilee you show more how mental you are when you say “Martin obviously got his eyes on LYA.. so they say.. beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. ” and at the same time “(who’s blind in one eye to be able to like LYA.. )”. This is no more about people opinions but how embarrassed Eugene would be if she ever met you. Plus when, in my comments, did I say I am a big fan of LYA ? I like the girl for who and what she is lookwise (she is cute but not your standart beauty) and she does not act bad here but I did not hate Eugene job in the drama. I still don’t hate her I just loathe her fans now who are messing every BKKTG’s threads (still thank God some fans calmed down to watch the drama quietly or stop watching). As far as Alice (in nightmareland) goes there is no more hope…this is the last time I even waste my time for one of her stupid comments. Girl must waste a lot of BKKTG’s threads…

  156. 156 : chonoh Says:

    i love this drama so much..

  157. 157 : kimchilee Says:

    WOOOWHEEEE! FINALLY, we manage to stop Martin from commenting here.. he (or she??) for bitching like a woman finally fell for our wonderful comments on Eugene.. hope he pukes a lot over our so called stupidity on Eugene ..

    meanwhile, let’s sit back and enjoy the show.. Eugene bad or good in this series still has the ex-factor.. LYA.. well.. just likeable. 😛

  158. 158 : Martins Says:

    @Kimchilee, not only you are mental but you cannot read…I give one more chance read again my post. If you are not stupid you will understand I have other things to do also than spending my time here all the day and my missing here has nothing to do with retard people like you…I seriously pity Eugene even more.

  159. 159 : Maggie Says:

    After reading all the threads here, NOBODY can beat Martin for his “STUPIDITY AND RUDENESS”

    @ Martin – Your comments is getting from bad to worse. Pls control yourself.
    If I am LYA, I will be embarassed by u even though u are not one of my big fans

  160. 160 : Martins Says:

    And Maggie I will be rude to stupid people who cannot read, mess threads by putting down one actress because they don’t think she deserves to be the lead since the other girl is “prettier” than her, all I want. I mean they don’t even analyse the characters and the acting or talk about the events. They just put down LYA and complain “why Eugene is not what I want”. I am not a LYA’s fan so if she embarrassd or not is not my problem but you a “moral” person like you did not react when Eugene fans did not stop wasting this topic with their idiotic and lower-than-the-floor complainings and when they insulted the girl. As long as I see Eugene fans thinking they are the only persons in BKKTG’s forums, and talking trash about the other girl and complaining I won’t stop being rude to them because they do not deserve respect of me (I mean even Eugene chose this role to improve her acting skills thus they don’t even respect their fav actress).
    At last LYA is a woman too who has her “cute” factor and who has her style. I respect that

  161. 161 : kimchilee Says:

    tsk! tsk! seems like Martin cannot keep his word saying it’ll be his LAST time WASTING his time over our comments .. So we are all stupid and mental to him and his stupidity is to still engage in bitching with all of us whom he believes to be stupid and mental.. obviously, he still cannot get enough of bitching here.. what are you Martin? Gay or what?

    Eugene will forever be Eugene with EX FACTOR and LYA will be who she will be albeit her good acting and up to fans to decide whoever they like.

  162. 162 : Jazz Says:

    Whats wrong if viewers want Eugene 2b lead actress. They wl bound2 hv such reqst agn if their well like fav actors/actresses (besides Eugene acted as 2nd lead (if 1st lead do not hv the Charisma / X-factor to win viewers).
    Even Kimchilee said that HanYS got x-factor who acted well in sad dr “WISI XMAS” which I stopped aft afew ep bcoz I’m not her fan & I love2 watch happy drama. It didn’t bother me at all @Kim’s comment. I just thought WOW they r ppl who appreciate HYS acting n HYS hv her own fan base2. Its in the eyes of e beholder.

    Bsides Eugene, I also like Jang Nara, Yoon Eun Hye, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Jung Eun, Chae Rim, Bae Doo Na, Choi Jin Shil, Ha Ji Won & manymore. If they acted 2gether, I wl hv a hard time who wl be lead actress bcoz 2me they r all in my AAAAA list
    All who commented here r based on their own opinions & preferences.
    It DOES NOT give u a right to scold these people Sh..y & Stp.

    Don’t do unto others what u dont want others do unto u. Eugene fans wl scold u bk “Shi.ty & Stupig” if u cont 2b rude & uncivilised. B a man. pls hv some respect.

  163. 163 : via Says:

    yes.. I agree with Jazz.. whats wrong if the viewers wants Eugene to be the 1st lead lady here? But its all depend on the storyline and the Director or the Producer to decide what best for this drama. It doesn’t mean I dont like this drama but I will lost half of my interest watching this drama if Lya will be the first leading lady here. Please don’t call me stupid because of that, I just showing how I feel about this drama. Btw Jazz, you are just like me, I also like those few actress that you told me here; Choi Ji woo, Chae rim, Song Hye Kyo, Yoon Eun Hye, Han Hyo Jo, Lee song Kyun etc.

  164. 164 : kim, Says:

    whats wrong with u people. huh? dnt waste ur time n talking shit on those acterss, they are both god, but im not fans of any of them. and LYA is as good as eugene so u dont have to fight, and if she is not as good as her that means thet she is a new acterss and eugene has acted for a long time now, and eugene must try other roles she cant be the lead one all the time. so lets just watch and enjoy it. dont let eugene and LYA regert on to be an acterss cuse im sure if the see this they will be very emberssed. watch it or leave it alone

  165. 165 : love Says:

    why dosnt anyone like kim hyun joo? she is the best, anyone????

  166. 166 : Martins Says:

    @Kimchilee your case is really desperate. You definitly cannot read. I thought you did it on purpose but now I know that you need some classes. Good luck to you…

    About the other Eugene fans please stop watching the drama if you cannot respect LYA. I repeat what I said Eugene is not a better woman than LYA…I mean I am amazed by the way Eugene fans messed BKKTG’s topics thanks to their stupid selfcentered behaviour. WOW ! The more I read you the more disgustingly selfcentered your comments are (that’s why I said you are not annoying anymore, you are stupid too). When I came here I have never thought that Eugene fans would mess this topic only because they “think” that Eugene has to end with the lead male actor (what means to them that Eugene is the first lead female). But they did not stop complaining and acting like they own the topic. What is more appalling here is these “moral” people here did NOTHING when the “mass” was talking rude about an actress like LYA and they are still rude about the girl when they try to look “moral” and “nice” in their posts to reply to my latest posts (talk about her as if she is nothing).

  167. 167 : hi Says:

    i like LYA and she is good, there is nothing wrong with her acting, and its not her fault that eugine didnt get the main roll, so pls stop talking shit about her for doing nothing wrong to u. and its not eugines last drama so stop it

  168. 168 : chonoh Says:

    I want to watch more eps.. Could you please put more eps.?

  169. 169 : kimchilee Says:

    @Martin – who’s not reading what here?

    Stop calling people stupid, mental or retard, its like calling yourself one in the end.

    I’m moving on.. don’t know why I bother commenting with someone who is obviously soo….. (gasp! gasp! speechless!!)…

  170. 170 : Jaja Says:

    I love this drama. Love Kim Tak Gu and the rest of the actor. The stepmom and her assistant (Ma Jun’s real father) are really mean. So mean and I hate them in this drama. Poor Tak Gu… but this shows that they are professional actors. Good job guys.. can’t wait until the last episode.

  171. 171 : kimchilee Says:

    I love the theme song here.. anyone can tell where to download this song? Thanks!

  172. 172 : ok250682 Says:

    These songs r fr youtube. Hope you like it (eng, chinese lyrics all mix)

    Super Junior Kyuhyun ; 희망은 잠들지 않는 꿈 (BKKTG OST) Dream that doesn’t Sleep (Eng Sub)

    BKKTG OST – Love you to death with lyrics. (eng sub – read at youtube comments

    Baker king Kim Tak Goo OST – Lee Seung Chul – Ki Saram with lyrics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCiYpU7gzvQ&NR=1

    Baker king Kim Tak Goo OST BAda – the only one with lyrics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTpJ9I4n58g&feature=related

  173. 173 : ok250682 Says:

    if u go thru the lyrics, you will notice that all these ost songs are specially written for KTG & Eugene love stories.
    my most fav songs are HOPE IN A DREAM THAT NEVER SLEEP by Kyu Hyun & 2ndly Gusaram by Lee Seung Chul ^6^

  174. 174 : Lucille Says:

    Eugene, many of yr fans n I r v disappointed that u act the role in BKKTG (BCOZ RUMOURS SAID THAT U WON’T END UP WITH KTG)
    Always beaten by yr dad. After u left yr dad, u study hard 2 gain scholarship so as to lead a better life. Unfortunately u were bullied by those rich & powerful evil ppl again & even force 2 break off with yr love the Lead actor KTG & marry some1 u don’t love. U acted so well that I feel for yr helplessness & sadness. I hv stopped watching at Ep 12 (where u were force to leave KTG for 2 yrs) bcoz it make me v v angry & stressful to c u suffer. I m already yr fan since u acted in LOVING U in 2002 bcoz u got Charisma & can act v well. Pls DO NOT act in this type of sad drama in future if there is NO GD ending for u. If the rumours is true that u won’t end up with yr only love KTG, we will be v sad & disappointed.
    So sorry that many of yr fans hv stopped watching this drama bcoz they cld not c u suffer. We will be waiting for yr next happy drama. Wish U all the best.

  175. 175 : kuutie Says:

    OMG! (
    Yoon Shi Yoon is so CUTE!! and Eugene is BEAUTIFUL.. <3

  176. 176 : chonoh Says:

    Thanks for more episode.. I wish if you have time could you please put more episode?.. Love this drama so much.
    thank you..

  177. 177 : kimchilee Says:

    Thank You OK! you made my day ! I’ll try to download the songs but from the last website given to me for Jumong soundtrack, I was unable to download it.

    Btw, have you watched “Will it Snow for Christmas?” Not a funny story.. rather serious.. just like this series here.. although for once in after a long time, the hero and heroine have good chemistry together. Personal Taste is also another to watch also the heroine is a bit old for Min Ho.

  178. 178 : oystercafe 오이스터카페 Says:

    숨막히는 교실과 지루한 교재를 버리고 온라인으로 새롭고 즐거운 방법으로 영어를 배워보세요. 오이스터카페와 함께 하면 이 세상은 진정 당신의 ‘진주’가 될 것입니다. 강사와 다른 학생들과 교류하면서 재미있고 친숙한 환경에서 영어공부를 하여 여러분의 일에서, 또 향후 수익 잠재력을 극대화할 수도 있고, 해외 여행을 훨씬 자신감을 가지고 하실 수 있을 것입니다.

  179. 179 : Syrena Says:

    Watched the drama for the first time having spent the last few months following Dong Yi and Cinderella’s Sister.

    I’d say that I enjoyed it very much and am now planning to watch as from Episode 1. It was silly of me to start from Episode 20!

    Is Eugene one of the villains?

  180. 180 : kimchilee Says:

    Hello OK, I’ve managed to download KI SARAM song and video but I am actually looking for this song to be able to download in my mp3 for listening and dreaming about Tak Goo all the way to work in the train.. any website to go to? Yes!! I love what you like too, my 2 favourite, Ki Saram (gusaram) and Hope In a Dream That Never Sleep!!

    Anyway, this Ki Saram video clippings is sad to watch Tak Goo cry over Eugene.. really wish the writer of this series had wrote Eugene as lead actress or Eugene did not choose to act in this role..it would have been a perfect drama series to watch.. if it is going to end as what I read in the thread here.. that Eugene was forced to be a bad person… anybody got any spoiler alert for the ending yet?

  181. 181 : ok250682 Says:

    Hi Kimchilee
    pls copy & paste 2go 2this link. I hope it helps 2yr Q. Gusaram mp3
    normally I type in singers name,song title & mp3 & search in e internet. i wont use those who ask 4my email add or join member bcoz afraid get many junk mails. Pls watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSWgAxbPBlw

    i hv stopwatching “WISIXMAS” aft 2or3 ep long ago bcoz its sad drama & i m not afan of HYS yet. I only watched her in Fantasy couple. I rechecked w my 2 sis recently aft yr comments, they said this drama not bad. Bcoz there r so many dramas in e net that Im spoilt 4 choices. I wl watch them again when I got e free time.
    I hv finished all e new dramas -1.Gumiho-tale of the fox’s child- v exciting. all acted v well incl. kids. 2.Personal Taste. 3.Cinderalla sister 4.Prosecutor Princess 5.Call of eCountry & 6Queen Seon Duk, 7Creating Destiny.
    Presently watching are Dong Yi, I am legend, Gloria, MGIA gumiho (v funny)

  182. 182 : ok250682 Says:

    I forgot 2mention I also watched Shining Inheritance – a must watch drama starring Han Hyo Joo & Lee Seung Gi. Now LSG acted with Shin Min Ah in MGIAGumiho – Their chemistry are excellent. Both got X-factor & Charisma. Their looks r so pleasing 2 the eyes.

  183. 183 : Jazz Says:

    @165 Love
    Yes my family & I also like Kim Hyun Joo v much. I hv watched most of her shows except Insoon is Pretty becoz i don’t really like the male lead. I didnt watch F4 becoz she is not the lead. Because we believe pairing of couples to viewers liking in a drama is extremely important.

  184. 184 : love Says:

    u r so right, she is one of the best korean acterss, iam so glad that u also are one of her fans, cuse she really can act, i havnt neither seen in soon cuse like u said i also didnt like the main lead, or we can say i havnt seen him before. hihi. but do u know anything new about her i mean if she have a new project or somthing, thnx

  185. 185 : kimchilee Says:

    Thank you for the tips to download..ok250682!
    Will It Snow for Christmas is not a sad series.. how shld i describe the show.. sad in the beginning, awkward in the centre but nice in the end.. hope you’ll get the chance to see it.. I watched Baker KTG at its 20 episode.. it is still a nice story altho very painful to watch KTG and LYA together.. and so very very sad to see Eugene & KTG story together.. gosh..

    I have watch Shining Inheritence halfway.. i am not really a fan of the hero altho i like the heroine. I only watch it bec Su Bin was acting in it.. remember the guy who acted as a gay in Jumong, Sayong? well, i love his acting so I watched it..

    Gumiho Tale of Fox Child looks interesting but the hero.. no hero here? I am currently following KBS channel. Will try to see others recommended by you.. you are right.. so many and spoilt for choices but none i want to watch if the pairings of hero and heroines are not to my liking.. I’ve bought Personal Taste and also watching it halfway now..

    Anyway, for this KTG website, i hope this series will end well for KTG and Eugene, whether they end up together or not.. hope the writers wont make either one of them die in the end!! Gosh, i wonder why LYA was chosen as lead actress.. even Majun’s elder sister has the ex-factor.. this series with its wonderful storyline would have been a hit!! sorry LYA, dont mean you cannot act.. just that you .. oh! I forgot .. you have a very strong admirer within this site.. better not say further less i be called stupid, mental or retard again.. 😛

  186. 186 : vivian Says:

    Hi! Where to download this drama OST? Thanks!

  187. 187 : ok250682 Says:

    @Kimchilee – You’re welcome. Im not gg 2watch KTG if he end up with L instead of E. Re Shining Inheritance hero Lee Seung Gi, I know him as a singer 1st n I like his songs v much especially title Yangpa. My other sisters do not know him n they also like Su Bin (also act in Dong Yi, as for gay in Jumong – i cant remember – will repeat if got time). But now they like LSG saying that he is gd in acting n cute altho he is not v v handsome type. Still can consider good looking lah. He got a character / face that is likeable. That is v important for a star – u shld watch MGISAGumiho – v nice. Drama – U don’t know woman – also v nice – I like actress Kim Ji Ho

  188. 188 : ok250682 Says:

    u asked who is the hero in Gumiho-Tale of the fox’s child. Infact the show is mainly the fox n her daughter. But there are 2 nice guy inside this drama. One who can’t talk – he likes the fox. The other guy is Lee Min Ho bd 28 June 1993 – a v charming guy – who likes the fox’s daughter. He looks a bit like Jae Hee (1 of my fav actor) but my sis said he is better looking. ^.^

  189. 189 : Roma Says:

    Hoorah!!! for KTG….the storyline is becoming more and more exciting for everyone, the 24th and 25th ep is really sad though…but it only shows that life is not always fun…we need to continue living and triumph at the end.there are 5 more episodes left and so far i have no idea what will be d ending..i hope that he will be the next president of GO SEUNG,and his stepmom,d manager and their son will all go to prison,hahaha! Expect more this week…BTW Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Playful Kiss will start its run this week too at lets see who can topple KTG in the chart! Guys is KBS the leading drama station in Korea?? It seems their dramas r really good…the last drama ive seen that gave them A+rating was CHUNO,now im just starting to enjoy PLS.MARRY ME.KBS good luck on all the dramas you will be producing in the future…With good storyline,brilliant casts to maintain the high ratings you’re enjoying right now.All i can say KEEP IT UP!and FIGHTING!!!

  190. 190 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Ok250682
    Thanks for the update.. its a pity they did not cast a better known actor in the Gumiho series.. the show would have received more ratings then.. there’s not much of chemistry between the fox and the master or the one who cannot talk.. one is either too young or too old but boy is ok. I think the children did wonders to the show.. they saved the show with starling performances.

    Yes.. KTG is getting exciting.. I love the go-getter attitude of KTG .. if the ending is good (KTG with Eugene) .. I will definitely buy the dvd to add to my collection.

  191. 191 : jo Says:

    Anybody know Eugene next drama? Anyway, everybody is entitled in their own opinion. So its funny some fans argue that we prefers Eugene than the other leading lady.( i don’t even know her name). We have been following Eugene’s drama since 2002. So of course we will support her. Although i have not watch this drama because of the fact that she is not the leading actress, i still like the fact that her drama is the number one.

  192. 192 : Martins Says:

    Tsk tsk tsk I am gone for a while and I comeback to see Eugene’s fans still wasting the thread instead of talking about complexity of the character or how the actor who acts Majun does a good job at portraying his character or how the latest episode was sad for exampe.

  193. 193 : jo Says:

    poor Martin. Get use to this thread. this site is Eugene fans site.(just kid..) Whereever Eugene starred there her followers will be. So you might as well enjoy our comments. LOL. In all seriousness, Martin, loosen up. Most of us fans of Eugene only meet here in cyberg and excited to talk about our favorites. Nothing personal. We are all over. I live here in the States so i am excited to read fellow asians making comments (good or bad) about our Eugene. I’m sure you do the same things. Keep updating us about the drama though. We want to hear your comments. Enjoy the drama.

  194. 194 : lei Says:

    I really wish that the lead actor will end up with Eugene……

  195. 195 : Martins Says:

    Go l… Eugene feet.

  196. 196 : star★ Says:

    i cant watch this drama through niether KBS WORLD nor INTERNET
    bcaz government doesnt allow us
    how poor we are!
    plz give another ferq. of KBS WORLD.
    I want to have this channel

  197. 197 : nawar Says:

    vary.vary.vary good drama

  198. 198 : toast Says:

    @195 Martin
    Wow, now we know you lic. LYA feet too. Not only your breath smelly, your tongue also dirty. Yaks !!!!!!!

  199. 199 : chononoh Says:

    love this drama so much.. I wish if you have time could you please put more episode?
    more thankful.

  200. 200 : Martinee Says:

    @192 Martin
    Since U call us Eugene’s Fans. Dont u know the meaning? R U Stu…
    It mean we only care about Eugene n her love interest KTG only.. Who cares about Majun & how he acted. Its in the eyes of the beholder. We hv eyes on Eugene & KTG only. Just like u hv eyes on LYA.

  201. 201 : Felix Says:

    Yesterday episode TNS rating nationwide 45.8% peak rating for now. Thus made this drama get in the list of Top 50 Peak Rating Korean Drama All Time place 48th. GO UP AGAIN Baker King Kim Tak Goo.

  202. 202 : Jaja Says:

    omg… I can’t wait until the next ep. I’ve watched until ep 22 so far..
    can anyone here tell me what happened in ep 23, 24 & 25??? please please please…
    Go Kim Tak Guuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. 203 : Mac Says:

    Ep 25 Kim Tak Goo takes over his father biz bcoz now in coma (KTG father wrote a will). Eugene decided to marry Majun becoz everyday he threaten her that he will never let her leave him. Majun plan to harm KTG now bcoz the father didn’t leave him any thing. LYA keep waiting only – for KTG. Can tell that KTG still longing for Eugene to come back to him. Hope KTG give Eugene enough courage to go back to him becoz Eugene’s fans love to see them together.

  204. 204 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi hi! Thank you so much for giving me the website to obtain the song for ki saram.. er.. so embarrassed to ask again of you but could you let me have the mp3 website to Dream that doesnt sleep by Kyuhyun.. I am not sure how to search for the songs you said to do.. do we have to enrol in that website to obtain all these?

    I just watch KTG just now over at KBS.. its still in its early stage..i did not see which chapter as i was a bit late..it ended with the father finding KTG and hugging him at last after KTG baked the barley buns for him.. wah.. its so painful to watch this nice series.. everyone seems to be suffering except for the mother and that stupid assistant.. i also pity Majun .. so full of hate bec of what the mother did and also a father who rejected him.. but he is really very bad.. ah.. even more painful to see Eugene and KTG suffering for each other .. LYA is cute but REALLY, she has no chemistry with KTG saved for the fact that she could be his little sister for her cuteness and all.. I just hope she can continue being just KTG’s friend but that should be all.. leave KTG with Eugene please.. let them end together for all the sufferings both of them went through… hope this will be a happy ending..

  205. 205 : chichaloca Says:


    i also watch baker kim takgu at episode 18 i guess via kbs world..haha now we got a spoil for episode 24..hurm.i’m cried a lot when i saw takgu met his father just now..my eyes was burst into tears. and surprisingly takgu was the former contestant of golden bell challenge during his high skul. i watch it in entertainment weekly.so cute 🙂

  206. 206 : ok250682 Says:

    You don’t hv to enrol for http://www.4shared.com (i thought u hv found the mp3 n already enjoy it long ago)

    Can u forward me the link where u watch yr drama fm kbs bcoz this thread i saw many people mention that they watch fm kbs….. Tks
    Yes, many Eugene Fans hope that KTG will end up with her so that they can buy the DVD for keeping bocoz of Eugene sweet ending Yoon Shin Yoon

  207. 207 : kimchilee Says:

    ah! so that was only episode 18!!! aiyoh.. still long way to watch.. ya.. its sad and rather painful the way majun faked kissing Eugene just to let Takyu watched and the mother torturing Eugene.. wah.. wonder how much more painful incidents we viewers have to endure which sadly, still want to watch.. aiyooooo.. hope it has a happy ending.. i dont mind spoiler alerts.. at least we get to know whether we shld continue watching it or not..

  208. 208 : All Eugene Fans Says:

    We hope the last episode, KTG can save Eugene out of the misery she is going thru because she has lost her beautiful smile ever since she acted in this drama. Hope KTG and Eugene can be together again as a loving couple and live happily ever after so that Eugene can show her beautiful smile again. Aja aja Eugene and KTG

  209. 209 : nee-ann Says:

    why i had this feeling if ktg will end up with lee young ah?? is it true or not????

  210. 210 : kimchilee Says:

    Thanks again OK.. I dont have the link to kbs.. I watched it on cable TV.. do you have it in your country? so sorry I am not able to help you in this.. is there any other thing I can help you with? You are watching KTG from this website are you not?

    @nee-ann.. true or not? some in this website said so.. but so many have hope she will not.. it will truly spoil this otherwise beautiful drama as the story is somewhat different.. although the bread making and competition part reminds me of the drama, Da Chang Jin.. the actress in that drama also lost her sense of taste and smell ..

  211. 211 : Lyda Says:

    @chichaloca: really?was he a former contestant in golden bell show?anyway,i12tell u that the drama called All about Marriage is also interesting!at first I don’t like that drama but now I seem2like it.i think u should have a try on this drama. About Takgu,yes I also reach ep18.Majun
    advice Eungen2marry him in order2against his mother n also maybe2use her2confuse takgu…

  212. 212 : ok250682 Says:

    Its alright. Bcoz I find that many viewers from these thread keep mention KBS world. I’m just curious only. Don’t worry, i hv my own way of watching. Sometimes if I like for example Eugene and her ending is good with leading actor, I will buy for collection also and will repeat the show. If not I will save the money for other dramas. ^.^

  213. 213 : kimchilee Says:

    @ok250682 .. ah.. like me too.. I’ll buy and keep as well if the ending is good! You’re watching I am legend.. is it good as they say over the website? I dont like the heroine bec her face is so plastically surgically stiff as in all her other dramas esp her lips.. but from the pictures, I see her quite transformed a bit.. the villain in that drama is Daeso, Jumong’s brother, right? He look rather funny without the beard..

    KTG fans, sorry about the comments above in this website.. am just trying to get this drama up to the topspot.. too good to be missed by most people.. better if the ending is what all of wished it to be.. ie. Eugene with KTG..

  214. 214 : eugene Says:

    I just hope that Eugene will end up with KTG instead with Ma Joon. Even he’s not really bad but still prefer Tak Goo with Yoo Kyung.

  215. 215 : ok Says:

    Presently Im watching a few dramas at 1go. I am Legend – my sis also don’t like her bc she said she looks plastic but i like her bc i find her a natural comedian. I like Kim Seung Soo – he is getting better looking than B4 – He is slimmer & younger now.

  216. 216 : ok Says:

    Now I m chasing – YOU DON’T KNOW WOMAN – i find its a very nice drama (hv watch ep 24 already @35mins each – total 100 ep – HOPE ITS A HAPPY ENDING). other dramas that r nice r —
    Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually e drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including e kids all acted v v well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice – u will keep laughing

  217. 217 : kimchilee Says:

    @ok.. yes I am following Gumiho-fox tale child and love the story so far.. really sorry but i still dont like the lead actress in I am Legend.. so cant find myself to watch her.. but Seung Soo looks ok there.. in modern clothes.. i do like his acting as well .. quite pitiful in Jumong.. come to think of it.. everything boils down to bad parenting.. just as in Jumong (the king showed more love for Jumong than Daeso) just as the father in KTG showed more love for KTG than Majun.. thus trigger the chain of hatred.. how sad..

  218. 218 : ok Says:

    Infact KTG father dotes on Majun when he is v young but his mother spoilt him that make him a rude child. KTG father even wanted to train Majun in bread making but he got no interest. Majun learn bread making after he found out that his real father is the assistant (the bad man). He got worried after that and wanted to compete with KTG that he force himself to learn so he can win his father and his inheritance…….
    All the fates here ended with writer’s pen. Anyway, just hope that the writer can hear our plea that make KTG and Eugene end up happily together.

  219. 219 : jo Says:

    My guess, majun will die at the end and KTG will marry Eugene and rescue her from misery or KTG will neighter marry Eugene nor LYE and just end up single. Happy Labor day everyone.

  220. 220 : Ko Fans Says:

    Yes, I also agree with you. Hope that KTG will marry Eugene and live happily ever after. If not meet another lady looks like Eugene or a prettier lady in future that can match with KTG (bc in this drama only Eugene can match) Last resort – stays single forever and ever.

  221. 221 : kimchilee Says:

    my wish for the ending.. the evil mother and assistant will die..majun marries LYA and open his own bakery shop and KTG rules his father’s business with the smart and intelligent Eugene!!!
    haha.. all our hopes now lies in the writers’ pen so says ok250682..

  222. 222 : chichaloca Says:

    @kimchilee yes i agree with u..let enjoy tis drama to the fullest.hope takgu and eugene be together 😛

    @lyda yes of cos..he’s former contestant of golden bell challenge 🙂
    i also wat all about marriage and i found it quite interesting family drama

  223. 223 : Lyda Says:

    @chichaloca:wow!so takgu is wonderful!All About Marriage is very interesting!i just watch it last time bcos I had nothing2watch so I watched that drama n I found it good. M so curious wat will happen next(ep17)!her husband called that girl2his room in the hotel n his wife n his mother come2visit him. No wat he looks so nervous.he started2feel uneasy cos that girl nearly arrive!n his wife just look sad. C’s always like that bcos of her husband never love her. M so pity her very much. It’s a good decision that c12get divorce!that would make him understand how it feel!

  224. 224 : Baker King, Kim Tak Goo « Leehaejung's Blog Says:

    […] by leehaejung in Drama Korea Klik dsni […]

  225. 225 : kimchilee Says:

    I just finished watch KTG episode 24.. the more I see Majun’s character the more I dislike him.. he is so full of hate .. and his face always wore that stupid frown ..uurggh..still ..can’t help but pity him as well..the turmoil he has to go through all his life.. his love hate relationship for his mother…

    I understand now why Eugene may end up with Majun…. maybe they deserve each other.. like she told Majun, how can they both be happy when she is using Majun to get back at his mother and how can majun be happy when he is using Eugene to get back at Takgu.. ya.. maybe they deserve each other.. AND LYA still has no chemistry with Takgu..!! she is just like a little sister to him.. from the way the story goes, Takgu is better off being a single, carefree happy rich man.. ya.. i hope the writers can do that even if they dont write Eugene ending happily with Takgu .. at least write with an ending that Takgu is a happy single rich man at last for his super effort of being able to succeed with determination..

  226. 226 : Match Maker Says:

    I keep laughing seeing the recent comments here – all the wishes……
    Just don’t understand why Eugene want to act in this role that make her fans miserable.

    Eugene marry KTG = Perfect Match from Heaven
    LYA marry Majun = Excellent (So that they don’t disturb e above couple)

    Script Writer – Please take note – these are all Eugene’s fan request.
    Thank you for your attention.

  227. 227 : Kim tak goo Says:

    i started to watch this drama 2 days ago, and now i’m on ep 23. lol, can’t stop watching..
    Eugene is doing really well in this drama. really beautiful.
    – the rating of Playfull kiss is quite disappointing. I think, it won’t go up til this drama ended. Sme with others.

    highly recommended..!

  228. 228 : Tak goo Says:

    The ratings of the drama r even higher than Queen Seon Deok..

  229. 229 : Shin Yoo Kyung (Eugene) Says:

    @ Kim Tak Goo
    I truly love you from the bottom of my heart. Can you please save me from my misery – Have some courage and be a true man. Tell me you want to marry me. I am waiting for you.

  230. 230 : Shin Yoo Kyung (Eugene) Says:

    @ Kim Tak Goo
    Oh yes, remember to do it right this time. Kiss me passionately. I am longing for your kisses.

  231. 231 : Tak goo Says:

    lol ^^

  232. 232 : Jaja Says:

    ep 23 & 24 are really sad…i can expect what is going to happened but the way they do it… it is really a touching moments. Can’t wait until the end… wow this drama really make my day.. no wonder the ratings is so high…

  233. 233 : Li Yong Ai (LYA) Says:

    @Tak Goo!!
    Dont forget about me..me..me … ME!! I also want your passionate kiss.. remember.. you may have to just love me in the end as much as I love you… I am waiting… just waiting for Eugene to jilt you for Majun..

  234. 234 : Tak Goo's mother Says:

    @ Li Yong Ai (LYA)
    Please don’t —- because history will repeat itself – you will end up like Majun’s mother.

    I don’t want my son to follow his father foot step. I want my son to be happily married. My rightful daughter-in-law is Eugene.

  235. 235 : Tak Goo's mother Says:

    @ 233 Li Yong Ai (LYA)
    See, now u show your true colour. Waiting for Eugene to jilt KTG?
    How vicious you are – a girl like you (simple looking, girl next door not necessarily beautiful – man would like to protect this type of girl ….my foot…All Men – pls open your eyes ok).

    LYA – you are being sheltered and protected since young that you know know how people suffer is it. You better leave KTG alone. KTG will never love a vicious girl like you. Tak Goo – open your eyes ok. Don’t waste all our time. Choose wisely.

  236. 236 : OMG Says:

    oh my GOD its full of children in here, hey ppl open ur eyes and dont day dream. everything is done and everyones destiny is done in the drama, so u dont have to fight over stupid things, u make the staff hate them self for begin acterss. so stop and enjoy it even if its painfull ending for eugine

  237. 237 : read me Says:

    eugine decide her destiny on her own, so u dont have to blame LYA for everything happning in her. go on youtube and se the vedios hwo shows how friendly the staff is together and the boys even calls the girls duna. wich means big sister. so they are all like siblings in reality. dont blame anyone go and blame the one hwom sett up those acterss in those rolls

  238. 238 : haha Says:

    not only children but more like pysikos , haha. grow up or seek for help. just leave the drama be. enjoy it or stop watching it if u dont stop complain. cant u just like the staff like each other and dont fight, cuss LYA and Eugine are friends in reality so if this dosnt matter for them why should it be bothering u? huh

  239. 239 : ok250682 Says:

    To all Eugene Fans

    Though I don’t know what Lee Seung Chul is singing – I enjoy watching Eugene beautiful Smile – Hope you like it too

  240. 240 : ok Says:

    Name: 주원 / Joo Won
    Real name: 문준원 / Moon Joon Won
    Profession: Actor
    Birthdate: 1987-Sep-30
    Height: 185cm
    Weight: 68kg

  241. 241 : Li Young Ai (LYA) Says:

    @Tak Goo’s Mother
    I didnt do anything to Tak Goo.. I am just waiting.. waiting can also be forever… I know your son still loves Eugene.. but there is always hope..Every girl is sweet and simpleminded.. until they meet mothers like you.. the way you write.. you sound like Majun’s mother.. so vicious.. no wonder they all become bad.. like Eugene after meeting Majun’s mother .. blink! blink!
    Tak Goo.. remember.. i will always wait for you… youuuu… I still like your mother bec she is still wayyyyy better than Majun’s mother.. blink! blink!

  242. 242 : kimchilee Says:

    haha! i love the funny trailers here.. Tak Goo, Shin Yu Kyung (Eugene) and Li Young Ai (LYA) and Tak Goo’s mother.. have fun everyone.. i just detect some jokes here.. no one is blaming who.. everyone’s just acting out .. relax!

  243. 243 : Li Young Ai (LYA) Says:

    @Tak Goo’s mother.. btw, you were also very sweet and soft spoken.. i never knew you could be so angry and say those things to me.. you are also showing your true colors.. but dont worry.. i am a simple sweet girl..i will never make Tak Goo hate you if Tak Goo ends up loving me in the end.. after all.. he spends 12 years looking for you.. see.. i am still very kind.. and cute.. 😉

  244. 244 : Lyda Says:

    A u guy crazy?it’s such a stupid acting!

  245. 245 : Lyda Says:

    And hay anyone here watch All About Marriage drama?i begin2like this drama now!

  246. 246 : Li Yong Ai (LYA) Says:

    Loosen up Lyda.. we’re all just play acting so that the comments will go up and moved into the most commented website here.. besides, we hope the writers will take note that almost everyone loves Eugene and KTG together.. my mind is so simple that it doesnt matter to me who ends up with who as long as I am still cute.. and the fact that KTG adores me and his mother notices me too!! I am so happy I could bake forever… 🙂

  247. 247 : eugene Says:

    I have a feeling tha KTG will end up with Eugene. I just hope so because right now KTG still has feeling for Yoo Kyung. If the drama doesn’t extend and will stop at 30, i think KTG will be with Yoo Kyung for sure. Just hope the next episodes, Yoo Kyung will change her mind and comes back to KTG as she still loves him. KTG & SYK fighting!!!!

  248. 248 : Lyda Says:

    @li yong ai:yes I no that u just try2act it4fun but I think it sounds silly silly.but sorry if it affects u. I just said the truth thing from my mind. Ok?:-Ddon’t get angry na!

  249. 249 : Li Young Ai (LYA) Says:

    @Lyda.. its ok.. i am never angry.. i am just being cute..
    @Eugene.. from what i see so far.. KTG treats me like a little sister.. so dont worry.. still got hope he will end up with you..

    @OK.. thank you for Eugene’s smiling scenes from YouTube and songs.. so nice..

  250. 250 : Jaja Says:

    Love Lee Seung Chul’s song – Ki Saram in this drama…

  251. 251 : Lucille Says:

    Rare picture – Eugene in short hair – she still looks beautiful

  252. 252 : Lyda Says:

    @li yong ai:thanks!anyway,i do love all the songs in this drama!like the song That Person,the only one,love u to death,n the theme song.n I think there a still other songs that a good but I haven’t downloaded them yet.
    2morrow will b ep 19&20.

  253. 253 : Li Young Ai (LYA) Says:

    hi Lyda, yes i do love all the songs and my favourite 2 is Ki Saram and Dream that dont sleep.. one of the fans here, OK250682 provided the website to download these 2 songs.. so beautiful..
    I’ve watched till ep 24 in this website cos i cant wait to see what happen whether KTG will end up with Eugene or me.. kekeke…

  254. 254 : kimchilee Says:

    Hey.. I also fast forward to watch Ep 24 bec i cant stand the suspense .. and it ended with more suspense.. cant wait for Ep 25 to come out.. I will continue watch ep 19 & 20 though.. this series is indeed very interesting..
    I notice that this is the only series where they dont have much drunken scene where they will drink that green bottle wine and get drunk silly.. unlike soooo many of the other dramas.. however, there is still the hospital scene..

  255. 255 : panda Says:

    does anyone have a link with ep 25 eng sub, because at mysoju.com there’s only for ep 26 ._.? and on the internet i can’t find it …. anyway first i didn’t like this drama but my mom kept watching, so i kept watching too XD now i am totally addicted to this drama 😀

  256. 256 : sandra Says:

    this drama is really cool… why???… because of their consistency in rating… congratulations to the staff and crew… job well done…

  257. 257 : jo Says:

    Whats new with this drama. I still keep my words not to watch this drama unless i know for sure the ending is good between KTG and Eugene. Eugene fans thru and thru till the end.

  258. 258 : ok Says:

    You deserved to be sheltered and loved.
    You have all our full support and blessings. Millions and Millions of them.

  259. 259 : Lyda Says:

    @LYA:Ya~i saw some fans put d links of some songs in this drama from youtube but just I haven’t gotten the time2have a [email protected] yet. By d way,where a u from?n do u watch another drama called All About Marriage?it’s also a good drama!

  260. 260 : Lyda Says:

    @panda:no I saw there is a ep25in mysoju.com. I just check on it. Maybe u got confuse or u saw it unclear…n y a u so hurry2 watch ep25 or 26?4me I just reach ep18. Don’t b so rush!take it easy ok?u will no wat will happen in this drama.

  261. 261 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee:u mean soju?ya~i always c people like drinking it very much even in dramas they also show it. I think maybe it’s their habit or culture!haha:-D

  262. 262 : kimchilee Says:

    @Lyda.. ya.. its soju.. all dramas have that drinking drunk sessions.. i also thought maybe its their culture.. but also all the dramas have hospital scene.. hahaha!

    oh.. i just watched ep 19.. aiyoh.. torture to watch Eugene and torture to watch what she is going to do to Takgu.. aigoooo Tak Goo.. tomorrow’s episode you will be even more hurt by Eugene.. she should have explained to you first why she is doing all these .. so painful for you..

    i think i know how the story will be if the writers will listen.. Eugene will get her revenge and make Majun her boyfriend and later when the mother finally accepts her.. she will dump Majun.. and goes back to Tak Goo.. who finally becomes chairman of the company. Meanwhile.. someone ought to explain the reason to Tak Goo so he will not misunderstand her.. aigooo.. so very sad for Tak Goo in tomorrow’s episode…aiigoooo.. dont know if i can bear to watch it.. plus he will lose his sense of smell and taste due to that hateful Majun..!! aigoo.. poor Tak Goo..

  263. 263 : Li Young Ai (LYA) Says:

    @Lyda.. All about Marriage? i think i dont like the actress there… i dont like the actors and actresses there so i dont watch whether the story interesting or not.. i only watch those whom i like.. like my Tak Goo .. I can watch him over and over again.. kekeke…

  264. 264 : clmania Says:

    where can i watch this with english subtitles? i checked soju last night but it jumped to 24 to 26 and today the last ep. went back to ep. 24 with ep. 26 removed. please give me a site where i can watch this with eng. sub. some sites says with eng. sub but when i go there there is no eng sub.

  265. 265 : panda Says:

    now even ep 26 has been removed T_T actually my mom forbid me to watch anymore drama’s xD she doesn’t want me to be a drama-addict like her XD but i still secretly do, mwuahaha >:D i hope it’s a good end :3

  266. 266 : sandra Says:

    you can watch in this link….

  267. 267 : ok Says:

    I stopped watching at Ep 12. Now I skip to see ep 27 whether KTG & Eugene will end up together –
    Ep 27 – Eugene resign bc getting married. Eugene bid farewell to KTG n they both hug n cry bc they still love each other so much. Majoon heard their conversation n still marry Eugene in Church. The amostphere is very sad & unhappy. (SO DISAPPOINTED THEY MARRY) —
    STILL, STILL. STILL …………………………….Hope Eugene & Majoon divorce n Eugene goes back to KTG.
    If not – save my money for other drama. (FRUSTRATED !!!!!!)

  268. 268 : Lyda Says:

    @Li Young Ai : The story line of that drama is good! y u said not good?! If u don’t believe me, try to watch it then u will like it! and u said u like watching Takgu right?! I think maybe fell in love with him so that u want to watch him over n over again?is that true?hahah m just kidding again, sorry.
    @kimchilee: ya~~ I think ur prediction make sense! so maybe it will be like that hahah. Ep 20 will be so painful for Takgu!Enguen decide to marry Majun to take a revenge to his mother who did that to her!! If I were her, I would also do that! and about Majun’s plan to make Takgu lose a sense of smell and taste, I don’t think it makes sense because if we say it in reality, no one can take s’o ability frm natural or from birth like in case takgu’s special ability to have a good smell or taste….but in this drama, I don’t no if the writer show that this action is right. But I just don’t agree.

  269. 269 : eugene Says:

    Just finished watching episode 27. So disappointed, Yoo Kyung and Majoon married. Is this really over between Yoo Kyung and Kim Tak Goo? So sad!!!!

  270. 270 : kimchilee Says:

    WHAT! WHAT!! Eugene got married to Majun!!?? NOOOOoooooo…. how much more will KTG have to endure before he can be happy!!?? Noo..noo.. but does KTG know why Eugene married Majun?? he deserves to know why.. Nooooo…. how can the writers do that.. !! I wish I can stop watching this now.. but the story is too compelling to be missed..

  271. 271 : chyin Says:

    I’m glad Eugene married Majun. I think they look better as a couple. Eugene’s too old for KTG. He’s better matched with Mi Sun. At least that’s what I think the director and scriptwriter wanted when they cast them.

  272. 272 : august Says:

    east of eden all over again same story different characters

  273. 273 : Abbie Says:

    Poor Eugene, what did she do to deserve this? i was up until chapter 22. my hope for Eugene and TakGoo was so high… so disappointed. Still gonna watch this… both Eugene, TakGoo and Majun are great actors… at least Majun loves Eugene… and hope he will treats her good because she deserves it.

  274. 274 : Princss Yul Says:

    I understand why eugene married to majun…she had so much pain in her life…she just want majun mother paid for wat she done to her…even she love takgu she must let go…majun is not a bad person..but other people pushing him to be dat kind of person…he love his father..but his father doesn’t care bout him..he just a poor child…even takgu lived poor but he have a lot of people love him…and i think takgu and misun look so nice together….And for Siyun…He’s a very good actor….i cried when saw him cried..

  275. 275 : Abbie Says:

    Sacrifice one’s love for revenge is not a smart thing to do, but I guess when you hit rock bottom, you’ll see things at a different perspective which will justify Eugene’s action in this drama. Even if Eugene and Tak Goo can’t be together, I still can’t see TakGoo and Mi Sun as a couple, frankly they just don’t have the chemistry … Since TakGoo was so much inloved with Eugene he can’t find himself of loving another person…. at least for now. I absolutely agreed with Princss yul that Ma Joon isn’t a bad egg to start with but he needs to take responsible for his action. His pettiness and malicious is proven that he is his mother’s child.

  276. 276 : Abbie Says:

    and for the Sceenwriter and Director of this drama, you need to put some happiness to Eugene’s role… we are missing her beautiful smile dearly.

    Eugene, you have successfully performed the role of a rightous and somewhat rebellion in away. great job Eugene…. for your next drama please take a happier role … as your fan, i’m missing your delightful smile.

  277. 277 : liyan Says:

    i like that

  278. 278 : ok Says:

    Now is the trend. Guys like older women nowadays. Age is no problem if u really love that person. U can c many new dramas that younger guy falling in love with older women.


    And moreover Eugene still looks so beautiful & sexy who can attract younger guys without much effort. Even girls are being attracted to her. I think many young guys will be happy if given a chance to have Eugene as their girlfriend.

    If Lee Young Ah acts as Shin Yoo Kyung and 2 lead guys KTG & MAJOON going crazy over her instead of Eugene- Do u think viewers find it convincing? U can count me out. And this drama rating will be more interesting. We can obviously see the ratings going freezing point instead of boiling point……..
    Anyway, I won’t be watching already since Eugene married to Majoon.

    Script writer – I am very sad & disappointed that Eugene & KTG didn’t end up together.

  279. 279 : ok Says:

    @ 271 chyin

  280. 280 : kimchilee Says:

    I agree with you and Princss Yul.. Majun is not a bad person like he did not intentionally let Takgu swallow that medicine to suppress his sense of smell and taste.. but he is still a rather unforgiving person.. even when Takgu tried to tell him to accept him as his brother.. and I cannot stand him always calling Takgu a beggar.. the director and writers of this show had better improve the story a bit.. its getting to be quite a torture to watch this forever hurtful characters.. yes.. we miss Eugene’s smile.. the least the writers could do is to let Eugene explain to Takgu why Eugene did what she had to.. haissshhh!!

  281. 281 : kimchilee Says:

    er.. anyone has any idea how i can watch the subtitles without that moving chinese or korean advertisement whatever you call it? it is so distracting to read the subtitles with the advertisements moving in the background.. would REALLY appreciate it if someone can tell me how??

  282. 282 : kimchilee Says:

    I just finished watching ep 25.. can’t bear to watch Takgu with Misun.. really.. its like watching brother and sister together.. so clear Takgu felt only brotherly love for Misun.. and Eugene.. everytime i watch the little affection she had for Takgu.. its painful to know she still ends up marrying Majun.. aargghh.. i suspect the way the story is going.. it will be the end of Eugene.. either killed by Majun or his mother.. but i would still hope that the writers will somehow give the story a twist.. like maybe Majun will kill the mother and the assistant, surrender Eugene back to Takgu and work side by side with Takgu..

    If this one ends with a lousy ending.. i will have lost my utter faith in K-series forever.. i hve yet to watch a perfect ending in all the series I have seen.. they either end too fast or the main character will die or they keep you guessing with an ending hanging in the air .. always disappointing..

  283. 283 : jo Says:

    I’m glad id did not watch this drama. It will really pissed me off knowing Eugene and Majun get married. It will really upset me and will ruin my day. I am not really good in watching K drama for this very reason. I involved myself to much. I will just wait for any new drama of Eugene. Hoping she will pick stories that will make us happy. I missed her pretty smile too.

  284. 284 : Abbie Says:

    @KimChelee, you are exactly right when you said the drama is getting to be “a torture to watch this forever hurtful characters.. ” people will lose interest due to this reason.

    @ jo: to be honest, i had the same thought at first when i know Eugene wasn’t the lead actress. I felt a bit rebel and wanted to boycott the drama but after a while, i would rather see Eugene than not seeing her at all. I guess a true fan would stick with her through thick and thin.

    3 mores painful episodes, hang in there….

  285. 285 : sara Says:

    after reading these comments,i wonder why you guys are so much against misun.what ‘s your problem with her really?what deos yukyung do for takgu,exept giving him trouble all the time.and ultimatly chooses money over him?their love has no root in presence and it ‘s just some remaining of the past and memories.this is really not the real love.it ‘s not in practice and is just in words.yukyung just wants a man to lean but misun is so lovely.she always helps takgu and shows her love.i love the scene when she leans takgu ‘s head on her shoulder.it ‘s very meaninigful , and symbolizes her sincere love for takgu and always does this without the hope of getting any love back.it ‘s not reall love?i ‘m for misun and hope she ends up with takgu.i don’t feel any sympathy for yukyung and don’t understand while she can let everything go and live in pease with takgu,chooses money over him and wants to get revenge

  286. 286 : Michelle Says:

    The reason is so obvious. Nothing against Misun. Its Misun face who cannot capture our heart. But Shin Yu Kyung face captures our heart.. X-FACTORS, X-FACTOR, X-FACTOR

  287. 287 : kimchilee Says:

    Agree.. agree.. X-FACTOR! X-FACTOR!! Misun..while okay with her acting .. NO X-FACTOR!

  288. 288 : lily Says:

    @285 Sara

    If I m in Misun position, with all the support & comfort of family, no worries in life except to capture the heart of my love, KTG, WHAT IS THERE THAT I CANNOT DO???

    What a shame, if KTG ends up with her, KTG will have a hard time because of her non-exposure of life………….

  289. 289 : na rim Says:

    woi ckp a2 bisai2 ckit. Mun nda suka nda pyh liat nda pyh kn mengucap org. Buat dosa sja.

  290. 290 : Abbie Says:

    Actually I have nothing against Mi sun. She is pretty and cute, and I bet there are many people are fond of her too. She isn’t a bad actress. But in this drama, we’re talking about the chemistry that doesn’t exist between them (tak goo and Mi sun). The reason could be that Takgoo and Eugene love are so strong, that there is no room left for Mi sun to get involved. We are talking about true love. The love that both of them have to struggle through since childhood. They have no family, all alone this dark world, they both being pushed to the edge of misery, and they are EVERYTHING to each other. Since their love is so great, I can’t see Tak Goo turns around and accepts Mi Sun. if the Writer wants Tak goo and Mi sun be together, it could be years later in their life time.

    Eugene is in our heart…. and why are we favoring Eugene? … because she’s Eugene. .. haha lol

    I find it’s okay to praise your favorite actor or actress, but please keep in mind, do not put down the others.

    stay healthy everyone…. 2 more episodes…. hang tight.

  291. 291 : kimchilee Says:

    I started watching KTG with him kneeling down in front of the bakery for the whole day and nite and after that.. cannot stop watching ever since.
    i am now going back to watch from the very beginning.. i understand now why Majun’s mother is who she is.. if you have a husband and mother in law like that..and her anger at KTG’s mother for being pregnant with KTG .. of course I will be so mad if my nanny were to have an affair with my husband …
    am still in episode 2.. ahh.. very painful to watch Majun even as a kid.. they really chose the kid so similar to Majun when he is an adult.. still that frowny cringed up face ..excellent acting by the kids.. I love the little girl who acted as the younger Eugene… cannot believe she has grown to be so big as i last saw her in Da Chang Jin.. she is as cute as ever and an excellent actress.. good luck to her career!

  292. 292 : Abbie Says:

    @ 278 OK, you have some good points there…specially this ” If Lee Young Ah acts as Shin Yoo Kyung and 2 lead guys KTG & MAJOON going crazy over her instead of Eugene- Do u think viewers find it convincing?” Now I am somewhat understand why Eugene agreed to play this role. Thanks Ok.

  293. 293 : Abbie Says:

    I read some earlier comments about soju, have anyone up here ever taste that “soju”? how does it taste… i want to try once so i can relate to… the drama better haha…. anyone want to join me for a bottle of soju? where can I find it here in the States?

  294. 294 : meme Says:

    I don’t care whether it’s Misun or Yookyung.

    The Quality of the Series is the Main reason why I watch it,Not the Characters,Pairs,etc….

  295. 295 : Norme Says:


    I love this drama, can’t wait. Good job guys. Love your views.

  296. 296 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee:that’s so simple n easy!watch this drama through KBS world!it doesn’t show ad like u said at all!i think maybe u it in mysoju.com right~ so that it’s a problem above?2b honest,in ep20 ,which Mijun called yo kyun n takgu2family meeting, is so funny!do u guys watch that part?it’s very very funny!i burst into laugher when I watch that scene!hope u guys0laugh too!

  297. 297 : ohayo say Says:

    I think the relationship between majun and Yookyung is very interesting, initially they both dislike each other, but majun’s determination to get yookyung must be get results even with the wealth, he was against his mother and protect her from his mother’s cunning. He has a lot of sacrifice for her. if yookyung back to guk, it like yookyung is badgirl. and majun’sacrifice mean nothing. poor for him, i am sorry for eugene’s fans, i dont humiliate her, i just give my opinion about story….

  298. 298 : ok Says:

    Majun know all the while that KTG & Yookyung loves each other so much. If Majoon really loves Yookyung, he can still protect her from getting hurt by all means and still let Eugene goes back to KTG (that is real love) instead of doing so many unscrupulous action – eg when he whisper to Eugene ‘s ear for a long time purposely and KTG thought that he is kissing Eugene. Do you think this is REAL LOVE????. Do you think this is call sacrifice? Majoon don’t deserve any love from Eugene because he is the one that cost her so much miserable for the misunderstanding. KTG is the one who sacrifice becoz he thoughts that Majoon is the one that Eugene love and he let her go with his blessing even he loves her deeply. That is true love. LOVE CANNOT BE FORCE

  299. 299 : ok Says:

    @293 Abbie
    Why don’t you type ” korean supermarket which sells soju in the united states” and google search and see any results. Hope it helps.

  300. 300 : kimchilee Says:

    Lyda.. I cant wait to watch this at KBS World..too slow.. i am watching it at Mysoju but alas!! the episodes 7&8 are broken.. any other websites i can view these 2 episodes? I really started watching KTG only from ep.9 I think or 8.. but oday.. i watch from beginning which i did not do so earlier and reached Ep 7.. frustrating that i cant get to see how Takgu found the guy with the tatoo on his hand..

    From beginning till ep 25.. the story is well crafted.. only frustrating thing is Eugene with Majun.. otherwise, this story would have been 100%perfect! I cant wait to see how it will end and at the same time.. quite scary Eugene will die..

  301. 301 : jo Says:

    What!!!!Eugene will die in the end!!Hwaaaaaa!!!!Cannot take this story. She end up with Majun and now she will die. That is so unfair. I’m glad i keep my word not to watch this drama until i know for sure the ending is good. I will be probably be crying like a baby. Hwwaaaaaaa!!!!!
    Anyway, i have to move forward and life goes on. Enjoy , k drama addicts. Wish you well with all your drama in life. I’m glad i’m not hooked with this drama yet. LOL…

  302. 302 : Abbie Says:

    No Jo, i think kimchilee was just speculating that Eugene will die in the end…. only speculation….. please, i would cry too if she does. hic hic

  303. 303 : Kokopuffs Says:

    this drama started out a little slow for the first few episodes, then picked up to number one in the ratings. Well done, but it’s a bit draggy in the middle. we can take only so much drama based on baking bread… what is this, some cooking show? bwahahahaha bread is bread. cut to the chase and get on with it already. aja fighting.

  304. 304 : kimchilee Says:

    oh.oh..sorry Jo..i didnt mean to discourage you .. i am only speculating.. of course i dont want her to die.. but judging from Korean dramas previously, the pairings of lead actor and actress were always lousy..the endings are always very bad with someone dying or unsatisfactory or ends very abruptly.. so my faith in K-dramas were lost for almost a year until I saw this KTG series and of course, Will it Snow for Christmas.. esp after watching Will It Snow.. it gave me some hope that KTG will not end that badly.

  305. 305 : paula Says:

    This is a great drama. I’m a fan of both Eugene and LYA so if either gets Tak Gu I will be happy with the ending. Eugene playing this hurtful role just shows how much talent she has as an actress and I think it opens up more roles for her in the future as she gets older.

    I think if KTG and SYK end up together they will be unhappy because she has too much emotional bagage. There is a saying that you should never marry a girl who has unresolved daddy issues, because the scar in her heart is too big for most men to fix. This is why SYK picks money over love because she loved her dad but he beat her up daily. Love does not guarante happiness, but with power you don’t have to be affraid anymore for the most part.

  306. 306 : ok Says:

    If KTG & SYK end up together they will be happy. Didnt you see, when they are both together, their eyes sparkle. And many tiimes you can see that they have smiles in their face. But too bad, Eugene already married to Majoon which is KTG half brother. Can Eugene still marries to KTG if Majoon dies ??

  307. 307 : leigh Says:

    It’s a good drama, with great storyline. Good powerful cast – they’ve chosen the best fittest antagonists to support the young leading actors & actresses, specifically the gorgeous Jun In Hwa, she’s the one who called my attention & i already watched her in k-drama ‘hateful but once again’, she’s also great there. I love to watch her whatever her role is, she ages gracefully, she has good manner of dressing and even good in maintaining her body figure. The way i look at her i’m seeing YEH to be like her when she grow older.

  308. 308 : kimchilee Says:

    Paula, didnt you watch carefully why Eugene ended with Majun..? it is simply bec of what the mother did to her and no other reason and certainly not bec of money. She loves Takgu.. Eugene’s relationship with her father made her stronger.. men who married her will be fortunate indeed as she is a go-getter like Takgu.. anyway, i wish the writers had written that Eugene will leave Majun after making him fall for her. It is men like Majun women shld avoid.. what they call them? Mummy’s boy! forever craving for attention!!

  309. 309 : zandy zain Says:

    Awww! I just already watch episode 16 On KBS World in Indonesia. i didn’t know the story goes like that (Yugyeong With Majun).

  310. 310 : Abbie Says:

    Eugene doesnt married Ma jun for money, DEFINATELY NOT FOR TH EMONEY, it’s the power and strenght that they’re looking for. They are married because they have a common enemy which Ma jun’s mother. Eugene and Majun wanted to team up, and gather all the power they need to go against this common enemy. She (Ma Jun’s mother) is the cause of their misery. Maybe what she does for Majoo was out of love and protection but it causes more harm and emotionally disturbant for Majoon than help. What she did to Eugene is purely out of meaness. she is a control freak in a way.

  311. 311 : Abbie Says:

    @OK 306, i don’t see Eugene and KTG together as a couple in the future as soon as she married Ma Jun. i bet at the end, someone will die and the person that live, will live with regret and stay single for life….. not looking forward to the ending at all.

    I want happy ending drama, it gives life a mean to live and something to look foward to.

  312. 312 : kimchilee Says:

    @Abbie.. i agree with you.. i think maybe there will be no good ending here .. after all the struggles and hardship.. someone is bound to die.. For sure the assistant or the mother will die but I worry for Eugene. With her being married to Majun, i dont see how she will end up with KTG in the end.. I’ve yet to watch Ep 27 where they said she will marry KTG.. it may be just too painful to watch.. just knowing she did marry Majun is already so painful..

    Still I cant help but wish that Majun’s sister, the eldest one, shld have been cast in LYA’s role.. then this would have made the story more exciting and bearable bec the eldest sister has ex-factor too. She with KTG may have chemistry too… I believe she will be the President of the company as she deserved.. as for Tak Gu.. well, maybe he might just be contented by being the head of Palbong bakery and sad to say, with LYA.. sigh.. sad indeed if this be the ending..

    to all the fans of KTG, sorry for the constant blabbering and harping on Eugene and KTG .. just want this series to be one of the most commented drama on the list.. so more people will notice this number 1 drama.. 🙂

  313. 313 : Lyda Says:

    I c e.1here is very [email protected] or analyizing this drama!oh!n comparing as well!it’s like this like that!n let’s me tell u sth especially kimchijee er u said u12make this page(kimtakgu’s page)2have alot of comments right?bt I think it’s impossible!bcos there is a drama that recieved the highest n too much comments already!do u no that drama yet?i’ll tell u d answer after u answer me first.anyway,i saw a new drama called Cloud Staircase. I think mayb it’s good but I don’t12 watch any of korean drama anymore.i only12finish Takgu n All About Marriage then that’ll b d end of watching k-drama…talking About k-drama, do any1of u no Secret group new song called Madonna?!wow!that song is song wonderful!n so sweet!i really love that song very much!tell me if u like that song too!

  314. 314 : Lyda Says:

    Sorry I mean k-music.

  315. 315 : Abbie Says:

    Since I heard the news that Eugene married MaJun, I predict the future won’t be pretty for Eugene and KTG, i had stopped watching this drama @ ep 22 with the suspecting of a heartbroken ending. Before i can continue, I like to know how the writer wrapup in the final episode i want to be emotionally prepared for the coming. It may be too much to take….

  316. 316 : JoanneTong Says:

    Gosh damn i LOVE this drama so much!!!!! It’s the best drama throughout the year. TakGoo’s childhood is really harsh & pity…T^T

  317. 317 : ohayo Says:

    that great majun with Yoo Kyung, i like that couple

  318. 318 : Norme Says:


    What Eugene is going to die….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOplease don’t. Can’t take this. Its too depressing….I for one love happy ending…Hope Majun die not Eugene…..

  319. 319 : Wedding pic Says:

    I went to kbs webpage and saw Eugene and Majun wedding pictures, OMG , she looks beautiful.

  320. 320 : lalami 2010 Says:

    Exactly i really like the chemistry between Misun & Tak goo but if they won’t end up together ,it’s ok for me.I feel that Tak goo really loves Eugene and no one can take her place ( what a pity girl misun is T-T) For Eugene i don’t have any comments for her b’coz i always press forward bottom when she show up in the drama.

    Love this drama. Hope there will be happy ending for evey Takgoo’s fans.

  321. 321 : Lyda Says:

    Again!new comers always keep talking the same n the same thing!pls stop it!e.1!n y stop watching just bcos of that?!(yo kyung ends up wit Majun)what’s the result of stop watching?it’s only make u lost a chance2watch this wonderful drama!Right?u consider by urself. N I think it’s very interesting wen the writer makes the storyline like this!it can make the audiences pay more attention2 this drama.so hope u understand about it. Good luck!don’t4get 2watch All About Marriage or Please Marry Me!;-)

  322. 322 : addict Says:

    When will the last episode air in Korea ? anyone know?

  323. 323 : kimchilee Says:

    Lyda.. everyone is entitled to their own opinions here.. dont stop them from visiting this website.. read them with open mind and heart as they are sincere in voicing their opinions and most of all, enjoy reading all the criticsms, jokes and all.. let them say as much as possible so that this drama can enter the most commented drama here.. let us just hope our favourite people dont die in the end, that’s all.
    @Lalami, the chemistry between Takgu and Misun is more of brother and younger sister.. it feels like that.. but not the love Takgu felt for Eugene.. i mean, this is just my opinion, that’s all. 🙂

  324. 324 : kimchilee Says:

    oh Lyda, i am so sorry.. i think i misunderstood your intention.. you told them to dont stop watching this drama not visiting the website.. my sincere sincere apologies.. a thousand millionth apologies..

  325. 325 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee:?well,that’s ok!n well,i do accept ur saying. I just mentioned it4fun!anyway,wat ep a u up to now?

  326. 326 : sara Says:

    yeah.you ‘re right.misun dosen’t have a hard life.but it doesn’t mean that she cannot love takgu as yukyung does.actually my view of love is diffrent.i believe what misun is showing to takgu is real love.it does’t have anything to do with whether she has a hard life or not.who says the one who just think about capturing her/his loved one ‘s heart.can do it?

  327. 327 : ok Says:

    Hi Everyone, if you like good ending love stories, you should watch “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” a comedy – by PARK SHIN HYE & JANG GEUN SUK. Its only 16 Episode. I bet you will enjoy it.
    The story is about a girl who wants to be a nun but was asked to take over her twin brother in a boy band group whose face has gone wrong with plastic surgery. She had to keep the secret that she is a girl inorder to join the band. Every guys in the band later fall in love with her one by one. They are so scared that they thought they are gay for falling in love with a boy…..

  328. 328 : kimchilee Says:

    @Lyda – I have finished Ep 25 but went back to start from Ep 1 to 6 which i missed. Ep 7&8 were broken and so was one of the chapter in Ep 10.. so frustrating to miss the part on how Takgu found or end up at Palbong Bakery..i am eagerly waiting for Episodes 26 &27 which some of the fans here have watched.

    @sara – I still cant feel any chemistry Takgu has for Misun.. each time Takgu looks at Misun.. its like a brother looking at his younger sister kind of look.. that’s the chemistry i get each time i see them together.

  329. 329 : kimchilee Says:

    @OK – I’ve watched You’re Beautiful and dont really like the actress who overacted her cuteness. Dislike her trying to be cute facial expression.. too exaggerating! The main actor to me although good looking, looks a bit sissy and way too skinny. The story had the lead actress dressed up like a boy but her acting is still like a girl..cant even walk properly or run naturally..again trying to be cute..so it is not a convincing story and unbelievable that the guys cannot tell she is a girl.
    But i like the jokes there and especially the guy Jeremy. He may not look good but he sure can act funny. Without the main characters in that series, the story is rather boring. Of course, i know this series is the number 1 on the most commented so it makes me think that no matter how bad the story is but if the directors casted those actors and actresses with good chemistry and X-FACTOR .. the drama will somehow get its attention.

    Soooo.. directors and writers here for KTG.. please remember.. try to have a happy ending with KTG and Eugene together..they have CHEMISTRY & EX-FACTOR together..

  330. 330 : paula Says:

    I don’t know how they are going to wrap this up in 3 more episodes! The chemistry with Majun and Eugene is perfect and now that they are married I don’t see her ending up with Takgu. SOooo looks like he will realize that his true love is the innocent and carefree Misun!

    In ep 7 when takgu saw the face of his mother (the person he wanted to see most in the world) but it turned out to be Misun, I knew then that they were soul mates. SYK was his first love but his true love will be Misun. SYK’s thirst for revenge was stronger than her love for takgu which I think was more of a childhood crush than anything, because when she found out that he did not know that Majun was pretending to be Seo she didn’t even bother to tell him that he was being deceived. I think true love would have compelled her to protect takgu instead of just letting things fall where they may. She could have even told him how to use the intercom at work instead of letting him embarrass himself all day and having people laugh about him behind his back. Unlike SYK, Misun protects takgu whether it was at the office or when he need help on learning how to bake bread, that is a true and unselfish love that takgu deserves. I’m just saying.

  331. 331 : kimchilee Says:

    Oh my gosh!! I just finished watching Ep 26!! the ending is so anticlimax!! so exciting!! When they said Eugene got married to Majun, does it mean they just saw her trying on the wedding dress or really gone through the wedding?? I hope she will not get married.. if she does, she will be heading for another disaster in her life for sure.. how can the writers made Eugene’s character, a supposedly graduate with top honours, go through a marriage with Majun even after Majun’s mother showed her what kind of life will she have after marriage.. arrrgghh.. i dont understand the logic behind Eugene’s intention so far! arrgghh.. so angry with her and Majun now..

  332. 332 : paula Says:

    Aaah! how can this end in only two more episodes! Episode 28 just makes me want to see more…yap for sure if this ends in two eps Eugene will not end up with KTG unless they rush a change of script but that is very unlikely. Is this drama 30 or 36episodes!

  333. 333 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee: oh so u’ve gone so far already. 4me,just ep20 cos I watch it through KBS world. I don’t have [email protected] hourse otherwise will watch d next ep.it serves me first. I also12 no wat’ll b happen next.n I missed two eps,15&16. Really 12 watch those missing eps bt just don’t have time. Maybe let’s it b!taking about takgu n Misun,yes I also think they look like brother n sister too. N I think syk shouldn’t have involved any business with Majun.he’s such a bad guy even some fans judge that it’s bcos of people around him pushing him 2do those bad things still he’s a bad person!n M so happy when in ep20takgu’s father met his mother!so I think c’ll b able 2 find or meet her son soon!n really want2no wat will he do with that manager who did that2him?!it’s b so interesting I think. Haha~:-D

  334. 334 : Lyda Says:

    4me I also want this drama 2end in a few more eps maybe 36!but wen I heard the news that it’s been reduced2just 30,i feel so disappointed!

  335. 335 : chiho Says:

    I haven’t watch this serial but I heard it’s get a good rating in korea so I searching about it. I love the idea about to pair up takgoo with mi sun (because I don’t like a mellow couple together). I still have bad impression watching yoon shi yoon love a mellow girl like shin she kyung (In high kigh through the roof). I prefer he end up with a lovely girl like misun this time.

  336. 336 : ohayo Says:

    sometimes people cant show their love like say “i like you” or orther words like that, they only show their contrasting attitudes, like say words can hurt their lover, like majun and Yoo Kyung, i think yoo kyung starts love majun, that is true yoo kyung like tak goo but not impossible if her heart has change. if not, why she want to married majun, cos she only want revenge with his mother, i dont think so, maybe there is love although just little, sometimes love is not sweet but hurt..maybe it is answer for @ ok, sorry if we have different opinion. it just opinion….its can be wrong…

  337. 337 : kimchilee Says:

    Folks.. guess we can say all we want about Eugene, Takgu and Misun.. just keep this site with more comments.. its going higher and higher.. which is good..

    My faith in Eugene’s love for Takgu is waivering now cos she is also making use of Majun’s love (altho I dont know whether Majun really loves her or not).. but I can see she is heading towards a great disaster if it is true she finally marries Majun .. how sad this story will be. But regardless of how Misun loves Takgu.. I hope Takgu will just be single and live with his mother. I have this feeling that Takgu’s mother will die in the end.. the writers have made this story so tragic already.. what’s one more tragedy for Takgu. With all the women in his life causing him so much pain, Eugene, Majun’s mother and his mother, I wont be surprised if he ends up happier being single and successful!

  338. 338 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee:i don’t think takgu’s mother will die in d end. NO WAY! Wat make u think like that kimchilee?

  339. 339 : kimchilee Says:

    @Lyda.. oh bec i watched till Ep 26 and the mother is in hospital.. so sickly.. Ep 26 is sooo terribly exciting and full of suspense.. and of course.. more painful scenes.. this series is full of painful events.. and yet we cannot stop watching.. I wonder why we have to torture ourselves to watch such dramas.. sigh..

  340. 340 : jo Says:

    Well, good you realize that this drama intention is to torture the viewers.LOL. I have not watch this drama but by just reading all your comment make mo more not to watch it. I want happy ending like creating destiny, wonderful life, save the last dance, three dad and one mom, paradise… I will just follow your comments to see if there is any changes in the storyline. My problem with watching sad ending drama is that i cannot sleep and cannot stop thinking about the ending part. Thats why i promise myself not to start watching drama if i know for sure that the it is a happy ending. Just my own opinion.

  341. 341 : ok Says:

    Why Ma Joon’s mother had affair with her husband assistant ? The motive is to try for a son even without love. Until now she still loves her husband. (@336 Ohayo)
    I stopped watching from Ep 12 & peep a little at Ep 27 because I CANNOT see Eugene suffer because i am her fan.
    Let’s be truthful. Actually majority of the comments here still think Misun’s face cannot capture their heart. If Eugene & Misun exchange role, then you will see that most comments here will hope that Eugene end up with KTG. (THAT IS MY OPINION)

  342. 342 : Lyda Says:

    @jo:how strange u a then!4me watever dramas,sad or happy ending,i still can sleep. Haha…
    @kimchilee:really?really that it’ll b like that!oh my god I cannot believe that!oh yes I remember that c’s a eyes disease. N has c met takgu yet in that ep?n how thing going on between SYK n Majun?

  343. 343 : kimchilee Says:

    @OK.. if you asked me.. I wish Misun’s role could switch with Majun’s eldest sister.. she is so much prettier and can suit KTG better.. but this is all talk.. no use.. LYA is Misun already.. the 2 sisters in the drama are like decorative items.. no say.. always look blank..

  344. 344 : Abbie Says:

    Majun loves Eugene, that is undeniable truth. For Majun to love is to posses (ownership of Eugene by having her at his side). He loves Eugene therefore he must have Eugene by all means. Majun and Eugene are like two wounded birds. I started to saw the chemistry between them… unfortunately… My heart was ached when Majun asked Eugene, how to find happiness and how to be happy. Eugene answered that because to motive of their marriage is to get revenge (Majun to KTG and Eugene to Majun’s Mother)… then how can they be happy. for these two happiness is a luxury that they don’t have. I guess the end would be, Majun will sacrifice his life for Eugene or at least the common good, and Eugene will be touch by his action and eventually love.

  345. 345 : Abbie Says:

    **** For Majun to love is to possess

  346. 346 : ok Says:

    @ 343 Kimchilee
    Yes, my sister agree with you. KTG elder sister is much more prettier than LYA. What other languages you can read besides English ?

    Did you watch? – The women who still want to marry by Kim Bum & Park Jin Hee. My opinion not bad because both leads I like.

    Presently I am watching YOU DON’T KNOW WOMEN – I am chasing it daily and hope its a happy ending. Will be greatly disappointed if its a sad and bad ending again.

    @ Abbie
    Yes, Majun love is to possess. That is only one sided love. What is the point of keeping someone who don’t love you and you make her miserable.

  347. 347 : ohayo Says:

    @ abbie i agree with you

  348. 348 : Abbie Says:

    even I realized there is a chemistry between Majun and Eugene, and Eugene somewhat is being waver by MaJun’s heart and his sincerity. I honestly couldn’t find the chemistry between KTG and Mi sun. Something is about these two (ktg $ MS) just didn’t click.

  349. 349 : kimchilee Says:

    well.. Abbie.. there is some truth in what you say.. two wounded souls coming together.. but Majun may just love Eugene bec she told him he was a coward when he was young and even after meeting him as an adult.. he also dont like to see Eugene with Takgu.. so he could just want Eugene by his side to show Takgu that he can take and take all he wants from Takgu.. Majun has no forgiving heart.. even for his own mother. So Eugene had better open her eyes big and see Majun for what he is..
    I wonder how she is going to react when she found out Majun is just an ordinary son of the assistant… so interesting to see the ending.. hope happy one.. sigh..

  350. 350 : kimchilee Says:

    @OK.. i can only understand english and Malay as I am a Malaysian.

    I have not watch all the dramas you mentioned.. I am now watch Personal Taste – it is rather interesting but draggy in the middle of the story.. towards the end.. it was much nicer and the ending is the nicest i have seen.. at least it does not end suddenly.. it lingers on to tell you what happen to each of the characters.. wonderful ending!

    I am also watch Dong Yi which i find it very interesting in terms of tradition and the child actor in the drama.. very good.. the rating is also #1.

    As for Eugene with KTG.. i now have my doubts.. the more the mother treated her badly..the more she goes to Majun.. i have lost my faith in her faith with Takgu.. she forget that she will also be hurting Majun as well..

  351. 351 : Abbie Says:

    Which episode are you watching at this moment kimchilee? At first i also strongly believed that Eugene deserves a much better person than Majun. I have always wished that Eugene and KTG be together, and that would be a happy ending. but by the time i reached to epi 28, where Eugene married Majun, i realized that Eugene and KTG being together is somewhat impossible. and by seeing how sincere Majun’s love toward Eugene and how Eugene started to waver, i am being persuaded that.. this could work out for Eugene and Majun.

    a great applause to Eugene and Majun, such great actor and actress in the last few chapters. They are able to persuade an audience like me has a change of heart. This is called great acting.

  352. 352 : kimchilee Says:

    i just finished ep 27.. soo sad.. Eugene did get married to Majun after all.. i see it with my own eyes now.. so sad.. and Takgu..very graciously let her go.. how can the writers do this to us.. is Misun going to end up with Takgu.. she is still like a little sister to him.. i cannot imagine Takgu kissing Misun.. arrgh.. i am going to puke.. uuekk..! aigoo.. aigoo.. such a big huge disappointment.. oh Takgu.. how painful i feel for you.. TAK GOO ahhhhh….

  353. 353 : kimchilee Says:

    oh Abbie.. i think I agree with you although it hurts a lot to see Majun and Eugene together.. it will mean a lot if Majun TRULY love Eugene but I cant help but feel he is doing it to spite his mother and the assistant and also Tak Goo.. but I admire the way he stood up against his mother and the assistant.. yeah.. he is a very good actor.. great at being the bad and fallen guy.. and Eugene.. what can i say.. she chose the unhappy path into Majun\’s family.. how stupid.. it makes me mad with her now. Her revenge motive has changed for the worse. I would have expected her to walk out of the altar to spite everyone in Majun\’s family. but nooooo.. the stupid writers have to let her get married.
    BUT admittedly.. this is one of the most interesting drama and story I have ever seen!! I cant wait to see the end.. !!

  354. 354 : Abbie Says:

    kimchilee, it would be typical if Eugene walk out altar don’t you think?. if so, Majun\’s would be happy with the result.

  355. 355 : Abbie Says:

    kimchilee, it would be typical if Eugene walk out the altar don’t you think?. If so, Majun’s mother would be happy with the result. … i was sleep walking and typing at the same time…

  356. 356 : M Says:

    Hi All, So will they extend the drama, if i am not wrong the next drama after this start on the 29th. there will be 2 more ep right? Meaning total 32???

  357. 357 : paula Says:

    LOL, this is a great and interesting drama and more enjoyable because I don’t have a bias against LYA character Misun in favor of Eugene’s character SYK. In my opinion just because you are “beautiful” doesn’t mean you are more deserving of love or more capable of loving someone than the average woman.

    In all honesty I am still trying to figure out what SYK has ever done for KTG that has demonstrated that she even loves him at all. In all the episodes I’ve seen them together KTG is always giving and giving and she is always taking and taking, never giving back anything in return not even the common courtesy of showing up on time to meet him.

    Misun’s character appeals to me more so than SYK based on substance rather than who is prettier. As an average woman myself if feel more of a connection to the underdog than just some pretty face. I think LYA is a beautiful person and plays her role well. There can’t be chemistry in a role unless the writers first writes such a scene(obviously). When KTG wants to find rest from his struggles, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen to his worries and someone to root for him even when no one is looking, he turns to Misun, because without knowing it he is already drawn to her, that’s why she has had such a great impact on him.

    To say that KTG deserves to live alone with only his mother just because his first love doesn’t work out is tragic. Just like you can fall in love with someone you can also fall out of love, and your first love doesn’t have to be your last love. I found this kind of twist from the typical Korean drama to be refreshing…….. I started watching this drama for Eugene and Lee Young Ah but became a fan of Yoon shi Yoon and will be looking forward to seeing them in more drama’s in the future.

  358. 358 : paula Says:

    M, from what I have heard this drama will end at episode 30 since they decided not to extend it to the 36 episodes I was hoping for. I did notice that there would be a 1 week lag between when this drama is scheduled to end and the 9/29/10 beginning for Plan B. I have been crossing my fingers that they would atleast extend it to 32 episodes because the ending is seemingly being rushed to end while the ratings are still high.

  359. 359 : kimchilee Says:

    @Paula, what you say is true but it does not change the fact that majority felt that there is no chemistry between KTG and Misun except sisterly brotherly feeling. When Takgu goes to the bakery place to rest, it is the only home he knows and to him.. they are all family – family love only. A truly good family who helps him through thick and thin.

    Still, there is no denying that this drama is wonderful but painful mostly for Takgoo and no one else. I love his steadfast attitude and no nonsense replies to those who goes against him.

    I have yet to watch ep.28 but like you said, if they rush through the ending, then it would be a very disappointing one as the whole story is so full of painful events, you just wonder when some happiness is going to happen to Takgu.

  360. 360 : sandy Says:

    Now that Eugene and Ma Jun got married, what will happen? A man and woman full of anger, resentment and in the shadow of yesterday can’t love truly each other. You see even on the night of their supposed to be honeymoon Ma Jun dumped Eugene and went to bar to hang out with other girls. Ma Jun even showed up to his mother and Eugene with other girl. I don’t know if it is still a part of their play towards Ma Jun mother.

  361. 361 : paula Says:

    Hmm…I do recall stating that what the writers don’t write in the script can’t be performed by the actors. The kissing scene with KTG and SYK was emotionally charged with angst but the kiss itself was not moving. KTG seems to have had a onsided love for SYK. Even while gazing at her after their reunion as adults, He looked like the same kid who looked into the bakers window, staring at all the treats he could never afford. In my opinion that is the sum of their relationship. On the other hand Majoon and SYK’s kiss was on fire both times.

    I’ve watched episode 28 for the second time and I am glad that SYK ended up with Majoon because they deserve each other. Finally she admits to herself that she and Majoon are cut from the same cloth and she gives into putting on her true face. I guess the saying ” you can fool some of the people some of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” is true in this case and she definately couldn’t keep fooling her self.

    Whether KTG and Misun end up together is up to the writers but I myself along with many others on different sites believe that KTG would find true happiness with a person as pure as Misun.

  362. 362 : OK Says:

    Ms Kim Ji Young all along had been playing supporting role for many years. Most of the time she acted as bad women who bullied others that makes viewers dislike her. She knew she is not so pretty type and willing to act in this drama – My Lovely Fool
    Chinese title : 我的爱丑八怪 / 我的爱丑小鸭 or My love, Ugly duckling
    She don’t mind to admit she is not pretty & more viewers willing to accept her (after so many years in acting industry). After this drama, she became more popular. Now she is acting leading role in Two Wives & Please Marry Me – script specially written for her. She had found role that is suitable to her.
    What I am saying is LYA has not found a role that is suitable for her ‘YET” which make MAJORITY of the viewers to accept her or like her. DEFINITELY NOT BECAUSE WHETHER SHE IS PRETTY OR NOT. ITS SOMETHING THAT SHE IS LACKING _—- X-FACTOR. If Eugene only have beauty but cannot act, I don’t think she will has many fans as of today. As I said, if Eugene & LYA exchange role, many viewers would still prefer KTG end up with Eugene because she is Eugene!!!!!

  363. 363 : paula Says:

    Ok, I don’t recall stating anything about Eugene not being able to act, but if you are refering to LYA. You are entitled to your opinion as am I. And whether or not a million people would rather see KTG end up with SYK, according to my taste in the personality of the “CHARACTERS” I prefer Misun to SYK. enough said.

    As I said in one of my earlier post I’m a fan of both Eugene and Lee Young Ah so if someone ever said anything about Eugene looking like an Ogre with a tooth-pick(note:this is an example) I would come to her defense as I am with Lee Young Ah.

    I won’t go there with you on making personal attacks on the actresses themselves as it seems when I mention the differences in the “Characters” you take it as a personal attack on the actress herself.

    Once again in my opinion Majoon and SYK are a perfect match (they deserve each other) they have on screen chemistry and the SYK “Character” has the ” X-factor” to change Majoon from being a rebellious brat as shown in episode 28 when he looks at his wedding ring and I could see he was beginning to feel guilty for his behavior.

  364. 364 : OK Says:

    When I wrote @362, I didn’t even attn to you @Paula. I am speaking on general terms base on the treads comments here. (If u hv read from 1st comment to present ) Its my own opinion & ITS NOT PERSONAL ATTACKS ON THE ACTRESSES OR VIEWERS’ COMMENTS.. I am just quoting an example of a real story base on Kim Ji Young that she had found a role suitable for her after so many years in acting that make her more popular now that she acted in lead role nowadays. Eg -2 wives …. Its about Ajuma with attraction (not without brain).
    I don’t think Kim Ji Young & LYA can consider as ugly. I consider them as likeable or unlikeable.
    GOLDEN BRIDE drama got my attn only after reading BKKTG drama blog which LYA acted in it. I was curious why GB got high ratings & went to watch it even I am not LYA’s fan. After watching, I find that LYA still cannot attract me bc most actors & actresses including those ajumas acted better than her. I was attracted by 2nd lead actress Choi Yeo Jin (who acted a very bad lady), Song Jong Ho, & Song Chang Ui instead (which I don’t really like CYJ & SJH before but they put up superb acting that make me change my opinion).
    I stopped watching GB at Ep 44 (total 64) because the excitement part had decreased becoz SJH found out that his wife CYJ is a bad woman & I am not interested to watch LYA how she became successful in her food business etc becoz ………
    Sorry to say – her acting is not consistent (my opinion).

  365. 365 : eugene Says:

    4 more episodes then we have to say farewell to BKKTG. I just want to see if Eugene will get back to KTG or she finally finds her happiness with Majoon. If i have to choose, i want her and KTG be together cuz they still have feeling for each other. I don’t want her to get trap into a marriage without love.

  366. 366 : ok Says:

    So you can’t read chinese? Too bad, if not you can hv 1st hand drama at xiaoli.cc website becoz they upload very fast.

    I agree with you. Majority of the viewers want KTG & Eugene together – no matter what role she played in BKKTG…… because she is Eugene!

  367. 367 : hi Says:

    hi everyone, pls watch this video, its amazing. im sure u will like it and the one whos act in it

  368. 368 : Abbie Says:

    Sept 16, two more days… what would be the end , who will die, and who will live… waiting impatiently… for the final episode

  369. 369 : hi Says:

    and pls tell me what u think even if u dont like her. she is so pretty with long hair. and u can also find it with ENG SUB, thnx for watching it

  370. 370 : Abbie Says:

    @hi, it was a nice video clip. She looks cute and pretty, but somehow. i like her face from the nose up. something about her smile, and her lower face mostly her mouth when she acts sad or smile, it doesn’t have the connection i am looking for. i really hate to compare one actress to another, or criticize a person look. since you’re asked. i tried to answer.

  371. 371 : hi Says:

    [email protected] i dont get it so u dont like her or what? thanx for watching it

  372. 372 : hi Says:

    @ abbie i gess u dont its okey thank u very much for watching it

  373. 373 : eugene Says:

    @ Ok
    I do admit that i love Eugene and i want her to be with KTG. A part of it is just like you said because she is Eugene but it also because her role in this drama is really get people’s attention and more attractive. That’s why i want her to have a happy ending with the one she loves

  374. 374 : yay Says:

    i think eugine is falling for ma joon. that what i saw on ep 27

  375. 375 : Abbie Says:

    @ 371 hi, it is not a matter of like or dislike. what i meant to say was that, i still have not find the connection in her acting from an audience to an actress point of views.

  376. 376 : riri21 Says:

    @ paula, I to for takgsun no so much lik eem the other girl. she to sad n boring. makin takgoo not happy but tearful }:(

  377. 377 : kimchilee Says:

    Sandy mentioned that Majun goes flirting after his wedding..is it true?? how more hurt can Eugene suffer in this drama.. that Majun.. (very good acting as the villain i must say). oh well, Eugene’s unwise choice. It goes to show how your fate will change if you choose the wrong path in life.

  378. 378 : riri21 Says:

    @riri21…. I think I have this drama on the brain because I just had a dream about it lastnight LOL!

    I guess you and I are happily in the minority group, I still don’t know how this will end for our Takgu but I just hope he finally gets to be happy. I couldn’t find another drama to catch my interest so I am going back to watch all the episodes with KTG and Misun.

    Now that I have watched til episode 28 my favorite characters are :

    Takgu=because he is a good guy and never give up even after all the pain he’s gone through he still stays an energetic/optimistic person….

    Misun=because she has a big heart and is very kind and I love to see her and Takgu fight, without these scenes the drama would have been too dark and depressing….

    Majoon= I feel sorry for him and wish he can find love that he did not receive at home which I think made him so bad….

    Bread=for looking so good it inspired me to try to make my own here at home!

  379. 379 : paula Says:

    @riri21 now you owe me a lot of spring rolls for helping you translate and you didn’t even put my name on your review silly! hahaha you put your own name. Send JoJo to my house i want to go buy the ingredience!

  380. 380 : rir21 Says:

    @paula hehe it tak me to long girl to much i write 2u thnks for u help no my reson big like u! takgmun 4evr!

  381. 381 : paula Says:

    @riri21 see writing a review is fun and you don’t have to make it like mine just do your own thing. Okay, I’m hungry now so I’m going to get something to eat.

  382. 382 : kimchilee Says:

    i saw KBS entertainment weekly last nite and they interviewed Majun. He sang in one of the theme songs here.. any idea which song is that? He is a rather talented singer and actor who acted in various broadway shows before!

  383. 383 : ok Says:



    @[email protected] Mun Joo Won (주원) – 내사랑 [Baker King, Kim Tak Goo OST]

    I think the title 내사랑 = My Love

    I like his voice too – he sings like a professional

  384. 384 : Abbie Says:

    today is the final episode am i correct? … at least in Korea, anyone know the end, please spoil it…. desperately waiting

  385. 385 : hello Says:

    hi, why did eugine marry ma jun when she is still in love with tak gu? pls answer my ques

  386. 386 : kimchilee Says:

    @hello.. here are some of the possible answers to your question:

    1) She married Majun out of spite for the mother who has been cruel to her and looks down on her;

    2) She married Majun to torture her sad life more;

    3) She married Majun bec she is greedy after a hard life;

    4) She loves Majun;

    5) She married him to torture Takgu;

    6) She is so stupid.

    Take a pick.. 🙂

  387. 387 : kimchilee Says:

    @OK.. as usual, you are so very kind to give all these info to me at my request.. very much appreciate it.. thank you!!

  388. 388 : hello Says:

    @kimchilee , thanx and wow

  389. 389 : hi Says:

    now we see the real Shin Yoo Kyung. she is dangerous. and tak gu dosnt think about her anymore. he is about forgeting her, sad 🙁

  390. 390 : diefan Says:

    watching it right now.. up to epi 28. I found this series very interesting drama.. though had lots of skipping done..nonethess is a great story line.. this drama done in the 80’s theme… b/c I don’t ever notice cell phones, the cars, the clothes,hairstyles and the funitures they used..they are very 80’s images.

    Well, I watch it b/c of LYA.. although I like Eugene very much, she’s veteran actress watched her lots kdramas, but I also thought Lee Young Ah is an awesome actress.. Watched her on the “Golden Bride”as lead actress. Good One, outstanding drama!! Though it seems LYA doesn’t use to much of her sex appeal in any of her dramas.. but I find her looks charming and gorgeous! she has charisma.

    oh I love the soundtrack. what an awesome themesong, has the right beat in it..

    haha at first read the name kim tak goo, its like an expression of ‘tim-bak-tu’

  391. 391 : den2 Says:

    in ep 29, takgu was kidnapped? really frustrated wait for ep 30,,

  392. 392 : Princess Yul Says:

    takgu please dun forget yoo kyung…~~~

  393. 393 : ok Says:

    Rest assured, Kim Tak Goo will never forget Shin Yu Kyung because………
    According to Soompi, the story is based on the real life story of Paris Baguette’s president, …..
    after so many years, its shown as drama……….

  394. 394 : hi Says:

    @ ok… there is no such a thing. oki what was the name of that president? well tak gu must have forgeting her cuse he was happy when he saw his mom and mi sun together. it hurting me to and alot , but all he has to do is moving on that what yoo kyung did. she could ha live a happy live with tak gu if she didnt want power instaid, tak gu would do everything for her but she just turned of and didnt care, that was so stupid of her. i really wanted her to be with tak gu cuse they loved each other

  395. 395 : ok Says:


    What I can say is up to individual to believe or not. Anyway, these information is from the internet.

  396. 396 : ok Says:


  397. 397 : kimchilee Says:

    @ok.. as always.. you are very resourceful. Oh no.. the story said Takgu will be betrayed by his first love and the second one will be loyal to him.. oh no.. what we feared has come true… its Misun then.. this is sad indeed.. but the website showed different actress.. it said Park Shin Hye.. how come LYA can take her place..? at least even her is better than LYA.. sigh.. this is a major disappointment to an otherwise beautiful story..

    and what this I read.. Takgu’s mother meeting Misun??? aiiigooooo… at this rate.. i am sure LYA has the last laugh.. 🙁

  398. 398 : hi Says:

    okey one ques. if park Shin Hye did had the the main role, would u still be on eugene s side or?

    @ kimchiilee are u not happy with the ending? not me neither but we all know whos fault it was, eugene ofcors how could she do this to tak gu and us? so sad 🙁

  399. 399 : why Says:

    why did they not choice park Shin Hye as the main role?

  400. 400 : hi Says:

    @ ok.. u need to watch the drama and read the info one more time to get it …. its not that hard

  401. 401 : Martins Says:

    I come back to read retard Eugene fans still wasting the topic. I really pity Eugene…

  402. 402 : jo Says:

    I am big Eugene’s fan and I am not retard. Though have not seen the entire drama because she is not the main role actress but i am still glad she pick this kind of role. We love to talk about our fav actress. i just wonder whats the ending story? Anybody seen it yet?

  403. 403 : hi Says:

    @ jo
    drear JO eugene is not that eugene w all know from other dramas. she is very dangerous. she dont carre about anyone not even tak gu. all she want is power.. that make me sad 🙁 but it was her choice to leave tak gu and leve in darknes, she is scarry

  404. 404 : hi Says:

    if park Shin Hye did had the the main role, would u still be on eugene s side or?

  405. 405 : Abbie Says:

    finally happy ending, Maju, Eugene, Takgoo… all smile at the end… love the ending….

    and Always on Eugene’s side….Eugene, you’re done with the dark side, please come back to be our gorgeous, sweet, innocent Eugene that we have known.

    Thanks Writer and Director and the whole casts for such a wonderful drama.

  406. 406 : Abbie Says:

    @ 402 hi

    Yeah, it isn’t that great, from an sweet and innocent Eugene, she has completely transformed herself into a dangerous, careless villain girl. That is called GREAT ACTING. she wanted to try out different role, and it showed that she has the ability and her performance exceed the expectation.

    However, I still hate to dislike her in a Drama… due to her role

    ahhh love the way she smiled at the end….

  407. 407 : becky Says:

    did anyone watched the ending??? can you please tell me???I want to know what happened…..

  408. 408 : Debra Says:

    If u r fan of LYA, by all means praise her openly, nobody will blame u bc its yr opinion but pls b truthful. Base on your comments, I find you v contradicting. (if i hv misnderstood u, then I am sorry)

    U mentioned u wish KTG & Eugene being 2gether bc u can feel that they love each other. On the other hand, u keep saying Eugene is dangerous at least 2X, want power blah……. u put all the blame on Eugene but not the evil people who lead her to this situation……

    @ 367 hi U even show a youtube link 4 pp 2 watch but didn’t mention that its LYA mv N said this MV is amazing….. (u afraid Eugene’s fan don’t want to watch?)

    I don’t know what LYA is trying 2 tell the story even replay it 4 a 2nd time. End part, when she is with her man, did she cry or laugh, is she happy or sad?? Cld u explain what is she trying 2 convey in this MV? She cannot lead me into her world on how she feel.I find her acting superficial only & I don’t find it amazing.

    U asked whose side we will b if Park Shin Hye & Eugene act together. FYI, there won’t be so many objections if PSH is Misun bc she is another well like popular actress (a soothing face) n we will definitely enjoy this drama much much better.

  409. 409 : rahayu Says:

    who has seen this ending drma? curious? please sombody tell me what happened?

  410. 410 : kimchilee Says:

    well said Debra!

    @Martins – go suck your stinky feet and tongue! >:(

  411. 411 : ok Says:

    Last episode (30)
    Majun reported police when his father tried to murder KTG by throwing him from highrise bldg. His father end up in prison.
    Eugene tried to agitate Majun’s mother & Majun asked her to stop all the revenge. Majun told her mum he & E will stay in other places for gd.
    Majun & Eugene left the house & Majun propose to tour Europe with Eugene for a while to forget all the pains they hv gone thru. M’s mum is left alone in the big mansion.
    KTG & Misun will marry
    KTG & Majun chose their elder sis to be their chairman.
    KTG will continue making bread. The End

  412. 412 : lili Says:

    I finished all 30 episodes!!! Huuuurraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!
    It’s one of the best drama I’ve already watched! The best happy ending ever! Everyone is happy beside Majun’s mom =(
    I have a bit pity on her…
    But the end is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  413. 413 : hi Says:

    @ Debra… ur right i blame eugene alot thats becose iam very mad about what happaened. she throw her life only becuse she wanted to revenge, but i am a big fan of euegen and u have missunderstand me. and why would i be afraid of not saying that iam a fan of LYA if i was. i dont like eugene s role in this drama thats all

    @ kimchiilee .. u wasnt also happy with eugenes role so why take sides and make us dislkie each other huh this is betwen us dont interput ur self,, thnx

  414. 414 : hi Says:

    @ Debra … but dont u agrre with me about eugenes role.L,but we havnt seen eugene so scary before. she saw majun craying and didnt carre. she deserve better, and that role dosnt sute her at all.. right?

  415. 415 : hi Says:

    @ debra in that video lya is craing becoze her boyfriend has a brain cancer, its not that hard to get it, if u look for the eng sub, and why do u guys hate LYA so much, and Lya is craying u can see the tears u cant be that blind
    i like the both acctress, like it or disslike it

  416. 416 : lol Says:

    kimchiilee and debra is the same person ,, haha i know that

  417. 417 : hi Says:

    @ Debra…. u make me cry with ur harsh words and i swear i dont lie. u wear very mean to me, all i say is thank you for beging like that and be so harsh without knowing what i really meant

  418. 418 : Debra Says:

    Mian ne, So sorry if harsh words & people misunderstood u that make u cry. Then put yourself in Shin Yu Kyung’s position. What a hard life she has to go thru. Yes, I admit SYK chose her path wrongly because of so many disturbances in her life…… (but in real life – Eugene really put up a gd performance – she is a PRO)

    I am puzzle if there is ANOTHER LINK WITH ENGLISH SUB why don’t u put that link instead of letting us guess what is she trying 2tell in this MV. Dont expect us to know there is Eng link if u don’t say or supply. I don’t understand Korean lang & I am not blind. I saw tears in her eyes, that’s why I am asking u did she cry 4 joy or is she sad bc of some other reasons. I will b scratching my head if u didn’t say her man got brain cancer bc can’t figure out even there is tears in her eyes when standing next to her man.
    I bet u don’t understand too if there is no English sub

    Kimchilee said that becoz I think she agrees with the last paragraph that she prefers Park Shin Hye. Nothing against u.
    Go watch “You’re beautiful” by Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye – a comedy drama – I enjoy it very much. Have a gd laugh & have a nice day.

  419. 419 : Felix Says:

    Final Episode reach 50.8% audience nationwide rating. Yes KBS Good Job. In three years 2008,2009 and 2010 Baker King Kim Tak Goo set record reach 50 percent rating. Congratulation for get place 26 in Top 50 Peak Rating Korean Drama of All Time.

  420. 420 : M Says:

    Hi All,

    I think all should agree that the drama is very good as the rating already proved it. The writers wrote the roles as it is to make us has a lot of feeling and emotion on the drama which make us continue watching it to the end.

    The actor and actress bring out the characters and their performance are very good.

    There is no point to argue on the roles and how it should end since the rating already prove that the drama is a sucess.

    To comment on how the roles and drama should end because of the actor and actress we support is a waste of time because we have already support them by watching the show …. more then 50% rating….

    Should it be?

  421. 421 : terre Says:

    the movie is great, really , really great. there’s no boring moments at all. thank you a lot writer for giving us a TWO THUMBS UP drama, congrats to all actors and actresses you made a good jobs

  422. 422 : abbie Says:

    I think the writer and director actually listen to their audiences, we wanted happy ending and yes, we got it…. I couldn’t help to say it again, such a wonderful drama. Love it, love it, love it….. Will watch the whole thing over again.

    by the way, if you see ill comments , i susgest you to ignore it. It wasn’t worth to read or reply, those people only look for attention.

  423. 423 : chichaloca Says:

    wah..i just reached episode 22 at kbs.n in korea dis drama had wrap up. happy ending..yuhuu,,can’t wait to watch it.quite sad bcoz takgu did not end with eugene. but i’m still ok and happy takgu ends up with misun 🙂

  424. 424 : eugene Says:

    This drama just finished today. I want to watch more. Good show indeed

  425. 425 : eugene Says:

    I thought Tak Goo would end up with YK but he didn’t. Quite sad!!!
    Tak Goo-Mi Sun
    Yoo Kyung- Majoon

  426. 426 : hi Says:

    @ Debra
    dear Debra all i wanted was to get the both actress fans to get together and don fight, i like both eugene and LYA, but eugene a bit more ofcours. iam not korean neither but iam a big fan of korean drama. and ur right i should have put that vedio with eng sub. and i am sorry i call u blind i didnt mean anything, u understand now what i meant by all that. i like them both and i dont want anyone to fight berwen them or chose betwen them, thnx

    here is the video with eng sub, when she read the massege then u will understand whats all about if u also read the massege, pls enjoy it

  427. 427 : hi Says:

    @ Debra
    dear Debra all i wanted was to get the both actress fans to get together and don fight, i like both eugene and LYA, but eugene a bit more ofcours. iam not korean neither but iam a big fan of korean drama. and ur right i should have put that vedio with eng sub. and i am sorry i call u blind i didnt mean anything, u understand now what i meant by all that. i like them both and i dont want anyone to fight berwen them or chose betwen them, thnx

    here is the video with eng sub, when she read the massege then u will understand whats all about if u also read the massege, pls enjoy it

  428. 428 : kimchilee Says:

    Debra and Hi,
    nothing against both of you.. just angry and upset with the pairing of couple that is all.. not taking sides BUT i cant help replying to someone here who is the most rude, calling people stupid and retard..

    anyway.. my guess is correct.. the elder sister be president. At least it is a happy ending and Majun became good.. may i know those who have watched the ending, what happen to KTG’s father and mother??

    arrghh.. cant believe KTG with Misun.. i will watch it but still painful.. like brother marrying the sister.. arrgh.. I have nothing against LYA but Park Shin Hye would have given this show the PERFECT RATING if only she had acted in this series. Well.. too bad..

  429. 429 : hi Says:

    @kimchilee .. hwo called u stupied? if someone call u that dont just sitt call him or she back why are we stupid if we like someone?. and i know u didnt mean anything bad but i dont want any one to fight, cuse all is done and we cant blame anyone anymore. at last eugene is happy that what is the most important thing ,right? and majun is not that bad, he is good looking and he looks like TOP. hihi

  430. 430 : Tarniie Says:

    YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! The drama have already finished, but it will stuck in my heart 4ever. Thanks the director for making a happy ending for Tak Gu & Misun. HAHA I hope that they will end up together, and my dream comes true hehe. Yoon Si Yoon, u born to be a star. love to see your smile. Lee Yong Ah, u r perfect with YSY, and love the way u cut ur hair(so cute).

  431. 431 : kimchilee Says:

    wow..i just finished ep 28 and its still as exciting as ever.. so please.. someone .. tell me what happen to the President.. dont tell me the assistant and mother kill him?? Majun also overheard them.. what happen!?

    I tried to like LYA when she was with Takgu and his mother.. I still can’t see Takgu and her as a couple.. they really are like brother and sister.. sigh..

  432. 432 : kimchilee Says:

    @Hi.. yes.. as long as Eugene is happy.. and Majun too .. i think they both suffered too much for far too long.. well.. have to accept they are together.. what to do.. it ended already.

    Actually, I pity Majun’s mother most of all bec she became who she is as she has a mother in law who is so demanding, and for the sake of getting a son, she had to go through bearing another man’s son and what did the son do to her after all her trouble.. he goes against her.. how sad can that be?

    And finally, Majun’s sister gets more attention now.. she is so pretty.. i wish she had played LYA’s role too but she is more suited to be a President.. got class.. i cannot imagine LYA in her role!

    when we fight.. its not like hate kind of fight.. just arguing for the sake of it and making more comments for this wonderful show.. it will be good for the rating..

  433. 433 : cathy Says:

    i literally watched more than 50 korean drama series to date. and i can say, this one is definitely one of the best. i can’t wait till i’ll have copy of the whole series. very interesting characters. it makes me love to hate SYK and hate to love majoon. or its the other way around. tak goo and misun deserves a happy ending. as for yoo kyung and majoon, that’s a better ending for them.

  434. 434 : paula Says:

    Best drama of the year so far! Everyone did a great job at making this drama a success, thank you actors and actresses for your hard work in playing your roles so well it inspired so many feelings from those watching!

    You’re all FANTASTIC and hope to see much such in your future roles.

  435. 435 : hi Says:

    @ kimchilee . ur right i also pity majuns mom it wasnt her fault for the misstake she did. they wanted a son and she couldnt have a son with her husband , it was like they forced her to sleep with another man just for making her husband happy . she did all that for the family but it wasnt her fault.
    may i know hwo called u stupid?
    and yeah LYA has still alot to learn and she is not good acterss as eugene ofcours but i still dont hate her. but i wish that eugene had the main role. all actor and acterss will find hardnes to get on the top so we will have to suport all of them cuse we like korean dramas. right?

  436. 436 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Cathy
    I agree with you.. this is the best drama I’ve watched since JUMONG. Do you know that Majun can sing very well? he has got a great voice! If you go to thread #383 sent by OK, you can listen to his soothing voice and if you like the 2 main theme songs which I find it so fantastic, go to thread #172.. also sent by our resourceful OK. wonderful songs!!

  437. 437 : Gracie Says:

    everything works out in the ending. no matter who you like or don’t like everyone who act in this drama made it’s high rating. Everyone end up with a smile on their face in the end so I’m happy.

  438. 438 : kimchilee Says:

    sorry.. i will not support LYA as she does not have the ex factor to play a leading role ..her acting is just ok to me. Anyway I wish her all the best.

    THAT person did not just call me stupid.. he said ALL EUGENE Fans here are stupid and retards.. that is very bad and he reminds me of Majun’s mother.. look down on people! But I will not say this anymore.. this drama has ended. Even as Eugene acted as a bad woman in this drama, she is still being praised to take on such role and on her good acting. And so.. she is still #1 in this drama. Eugene forever!!

  439. 439 : riri21 Says:

    heheheheheheheh!!!!! takgmun happy!!! ajajajajajaja i so happy! love @ Lee Young Ah so pretty i happy for u to get ur man!!! majoon happy for u to!! ajajajajaja

    @paula… girl we hav 2 drink tonght for happy end! ajajajajaja fightin!!!!

  440. 440 : hi Says:

    @kimchilee .. he is the one hwo is stupid for not liking eugene. if someone watch korean drama and dosnt like eugene then that person is missing somthing, u cant call us for stupid for u r the real stupid. i wont just sitt and say nothing for begin called stupid. that jerk sorry kimchi for the lang but iam mad and very angry

  441. 441 : sara Says:

    wow.so happy.misun and takgu end up together?really?i haven’t watched the episode yet.but this comments shows they end up together.wow.good.thank you team.you are the best.i love you YSY and LYA

  442. 442 : 네다★ Says:

    Tak Gu and Mi Sun!?
    Nery good
    I love this Couple more than Tak Gu and Yu Gyeong

  443. 443 : kimchilee Says:

    @Hi.. its ok.. no need to be angry.. I had my say and am moving on to other comments.. have you finished watching this drama? I am waiting for Ep 29… no one is telling what will happen to the President, Tak Goo’s father.. anyone? tell me?

  444. 444 : jo Says:

    @ Martin, you should stay away from this thread. You are agitating all Eugene fans. Now you are creating a havoc. Anyway, you should watch creating destiny, save the last dance and three dad,one man and of course our favorite of all time -Wonderful Life. The best drama ever. It makes me cry the whole time. Love you Eugene from your U.S.A fans here in the east coast.

  445. 445 : chichaloca Says:

    @jo don’t forget another eugene great drama “loving u ” with late park yong ha.it was a good drama 🙂

  446. 446 : eugene Says:

    @ Martin, whether you love Eugene or not, she’s still the best. She got people’s attention from the beginning until the end. I think Jo is right, you should stay away from here. You’re offending all Eugene’s fans here.

  447. 447 : Abbie Says:

    Can’t wait for Eugene next drama….

  448. 448 : Abbie Says:

    @ Jo
    Recently i just watched ” I really really like you”. I was completely inlove with the drama. Eugene, She was hilarious, funny, adorable and beautiful. She carried out the role of a country girl, yes not glamorous but appealing and captivating in her charming way. She has such a charisma that able to allurs the audiences’ heart. I found myself cried when she cried and, when she laughed, i laughed too. Lee Min Ki (bong-gi) was great too… love them both.

    Creating Destiny is also a great drama, highly recommended if you have not watched it yet. ….

  449. 449 : kimchilee Says:

    So great fans! another 51 more comments and this drama will be on the most commented list here.. lets comment more..!

    Yay to Eugene’s fan! Yay to KTG! Yay to Majun!! the 3 of you really made this drama with your great acting and kudos to the directors and especially the writers of this drama..

    My only complaint is it did not ended the way MOST of us want it to be.. KTG with Eugene!!

  450. 450 : ms jgs Says:

    I’m starting to watch this drama when it start but I stop coz I don’t want to watch then to bothered myself thinking what will happened next. I decided to stop and watching other drama.
    Then I start to watch from the beginning then I begun to hook on this drama ohhhh myyyyyy aigooo… I slept around 4 am in the morning then I have to go to work at 8 am really I cant sleep until I cant finish the series. I cried and I laugh on this series I remember the last time I cried when im watching silence ( Taiwanese drama) but in this drama is highly recommended really there is moral lesson and it can touch the heart of people when you watch this LOVE for the parents how he shows his love for his mother that for 12 years his looking for her mother. DIGNITY as a person he has dignity cannot break his promise stand where the truth is. PATIENCE, be positive, kind, understanding, helpful, Confidence and above all don’t give up on any trials that come on his way. This drama inspired me so much and teach some lesson in my life he touch my heart. That’s why the rating was so high because the drama was fabulous and amazing stories and of course the actor was so good and I admire him on his acting great performance for a new beginner and I hope looking forward for coming up movies and series because Yoon Si Yoon u is a good actor he make me cry.
    No wonder why Korean people love this drama AMAzing, WONDERFUL and 2 thumb up for the actor and actress and to all the staff.
    Congratulation to all the staff, actor and actress you did a good job you touch a millions peoples heart and to the writer keep up the good work and write wonderful stories that touch the peoples heart and give a moral lesson to all.

  451. 451 : ok Says:

    President, Tak Goo’s father – he didn’t die. After his assistant was put to jail, he told his wife : you can do anything you want. You can either leave this house – I won’t stop you. You can stay in this house, I will not bother you too. That’s all I remember

    I will wait for Eugene next drama becoz all her drama including the latest Creating Destiny I have watched. Some of her movies also very nice.

  452. 452 : hi Says:

    i love eugene from I Really Really Like You she is beutefull and very cute, i think that role really sutie her. ajaja unnie

  453. 453 : mie Says:



  454. 454 : ok Says:


  455. 455 : kimchilee Says:

    OK.. thanks for the info on the president. so glad he did not die. He was so great in Jumong too as a King.

    I am also in love with another hero, Go Su who acted in Green Rose and now, will it snow in Christmas.. he is so good looking too. I am trying to watch his movie, White Night.. but the site was broken at mysoju.. may i ask the you The ever Resourceful person to tell me which other website i can view this movie of him other than mysoju or youtube? cant find the movie in YouTube either.

  456. 456 : hi Says:

    @kimchilee … i slo like gu sso very much, have u ssen him in marriyng a millionare, that drama is sooo good, he is very cute there

  457. 457 : ok Says:


    I went to mysoju – it didn’t say the link is broken – maybe you can try again?


    another link for watching movies but don’t hv korean INTO THE WHITE NIGHT (SO SORRY)

  458. 458 : kimchilee Says:

    oh.. i finally got to watch White Night movie .. although Go Su looks damn hot and gorgeous in that movie, it has a sad ending and he died in the end.. so another sad soppy story.. quite typical of korean drama.. sigh..

  459. 459 : kimchilee Says:

    @HI, tried watching Marrying a Millionaire but website is broken. 🙁

    hey folks.. lets make more comments here so this drama can be on the most commented list.. about 43 more comments to go.. talk about this drama again..

    In the last 3 episodes, I thought Eugene looks so pretty and beautiful.. i love her in her bridal gown.. wow and the church scene was beautiful and touching.. I now understand why Majun flirted after his wedding.. it was bec Eugene hesitated to take her vows and he was hurt until Eugene explained to him the reason for his hesitation..

    oh.. what happen to KTG’s mother? did she finally go blind and hurt KTG again?

  460. 460 : Lyda Says:

    I’ve one questio2ask!y the president,Takgu’s father did that 2his mother?!i try2think n analyise of the reasons that lead him2do that2his mother bt i still cannot any reasons n i don’t understand.can anybody tell me abt this?

  461. 461 : JP Says:

    Can’t seem to get thru Dramacrazy to watch ep 29 & 30. Any other idea where else to watch these two episodes with Eng translation ASAP?

    This is only my personal opinion. Eugene looks more like an elder sis to KTG than gf eventhough I also a fan of Eugene. As the drama progresses, I kinda like Majun too with his acting skill and to have YK by his side.

    Overall, this drama is highly recommended to watch as it has many values/moral and quite inspirational!

  462. 462 : JP Says:

    Btw…also to add on the # of comments! All the songs r so so…so damn good!!! eventhough I do not understand.

  463. 463 : aSa!!! Says:

    YEaayyyy kim takgu… i’m gonna miss this drama…
    i am watching golden bride right now n LYA was great in it with song chang eui.

    Kim Tak Gu is the best!!!

  464. 464 : hi Says:

    @ aSa … i agree with u LYA was very good in golden bride and in Iljima she was very cute there. have u seen Iljima yet?

  465. 465 : hi Says:

    @ JP.. yeah both eugene and LYA are older than the boys. and we can see it. now days there are many korean drama there the main lead actress role is older than the main lead actor.
    but the best couple was kim hyun joo and lee dong wook.. even there was an age diffrence they look so good together. dont u agrre? they where both from Partner

  466. 466 : sophi Says:

    i really admire the director of this drama.i think this is the best tv drama that i watched from KBS. thanks for this woderful drana.i will never forget bread,loveand dreams

  467. 467 : Takit Says:

    This drama was excellent, loved the younger Takgu and Marjin, they handed off a beautifully cultivated part, at times the older version did not shine in my book, but the drama was good, sad Takgu and YK did not end up together, Marjin is not blood related to Takgu, as one of the leads he should of ended with YK, not that sappy pouter she should of been with Marjin better suited to make him decent.

    What happend to Takgu dad and mum? Anyone! Did not see the complete ending had to go to a wedding.

  468. 468 : chichaloca Says:

    any fan from kbs world?? Let makes this drama the most commented drama..hehe
    after this we go and make comment to sungkyunwan scandal after the grudge of gumiho ends 🙂

  469. 469 : kimchilee Says:

    oh.. I am having withdrawal symptoms .. after watching such a nice drama in KTG, i find others rather boring now.. I am still waiting for Ep 29 and 30 to be out and at the same time not really looking forward to it coz KTG and Eugene did not end up together.. and still dreading to see KTG loving Misun as a girlfriend.. better if she is accepted as his younger sister.

  470. 470 : Abbie Says:

    after finished this drama, i feel so empty. Have nothing else better to watch on my days off. does anyone have any ideal what is Eugene up to now? is she enrolling in another drama? or having any other plan… i am going through withdraw also…. i guess…. it’s time to watch Creating Destiny .. again.

  471. 471 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Abbie
    have you watched Green Rose? Lee Da Hae and Go Su acted in that show too.. its a thriller and love story too..
    I cannot think of anything I want to watch after KTG except Jumong now.. oh..actually i am watching AMCG now but a bit boring to me after KTG.. maybe its the withdrawal symptoms.. hahaha..
    Creating destiny.. let me try and watch if its nice.

  472. 472 : Abbie Says:

    Oh Kim
    If you have not watched Creating Destiny, you should. it is a bit long, like 36 episodes. but it is a must watch series if you’re a fan of Eugene. Eugene got her chance to speak english in the drama and her english is quite good.

    No i have not watched Green Rose… is it good?

  473. 473 : ok Says:

    Have you all watch Queen Seon Duk – its a very exciting drama. High Rating too. This drama makes Kim Nam Gil to stardom. He also acts in a korean Gay movie – No Regret. I have watched – Very nice – His body so sexy & manly. ^.^

  474. 474 : hi Says:

    iam watching realy really like u again, its very good and funny. eugene is so cute in there

  475. 475 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee:y u don’t talk 2me anymore?m so [email protected]!u no!:-(

  476. 476 : lovejoo Says:

    hello . can someone help me to like eugene, i dont like her yet and i dont know why 🙁 I think it is because she is a bit cocky in real life or is she? anyway i would be grateful if someone could help me to like her

  477. 477 : sara Says:

    you said exactly what i think.me either don’t like her at all.i saw her in one mom and three dad for the first time.but i didn’t like her.then i saw her in happy together from kbs world and she was i don’t know how to put it…somehow full of herself and sneaky.therefor i don’t like neither her nor yukyung.i don’t understand why her fans support yukyung so strongly,although she wasn’t likeable at all.if you don’t like her,nobody can help you love her

  478. 478 : sara Says:

    but guys it ‘s better to comment on drama from now on rather than love triangle between yukyung,takgu and misun.’cause the drama is over and we know what happens at the end

  479. 479 : Abbie Says:

    have anyone see this video clip of Eugene, she is adorable… no English sub sorry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EppFk–t4Mw

  480. 480 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie and Chicaloca. I did watch really ,really, like you and loving you. Love both drama, but my favorite was wonderful life and save the last dance. I wonder if Eugene has any plans to partner with Ji Sung. Both has charisma and magic.??

  481. 481 : lovejoo Says:

    @sara … you are so right no one can do anything about it exept me. Its somthing about her that make me dislike her. she think that there is no one but her. that what i see in her acting 2. what is it she is so proud of i dont know. there is much better acterss than her. but only becoze she is grown up in another contry and can speak good english so she think that there is no one better than her.. i dont like those kind of people.. and i dont get it how can she have so much fans when she is so cocky..

    so iam not alone about no loving her… sorry eugene fans dont missunderstand but i cant do anything about it, she is just to cocky and acterss shouldnt be like that, think about it and then decide if iam right or not

  482. 482 : kd Says:

    @ sara & lovejoo…
    I understand that nobody can force us to love the one they love like nobody can force me to love Song Hye Kyo and Yoon Eun Hye either. Everybody have their own opinion…
    I have rewatch Happy together and found nothing that can be called cocky or sneaky from her… Maybe you can’t differentiate between joke and reality in there (S.E.S. girls is known for their humor and jokes in their programs and interview). Actually Eugene and the MC’s are closed esp MC Yoo and Park Myung Soo. And for your info Eugene is MC Yoo’s co-MC in previous season of Happy together.
    I have watch tons of her program either dramas, movies including interviews from her SES days and found nothing that I can hate her. She has been in the industry for about 13 years now and do you think she will be loved until now if she has that kind of character?
    Here there is an experience from a fan who had met her personally http://sesalways.wordpress.com/i-met-eugene/
    However, I think it is better to talk about Eugene on her page rather than here:) http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=432

  483. 483 : cathy Says:

    somebody is trying to heat up a fight. @lovejoo, i think u r the one who’s being proud here. there’s no proof in your statement and how come u say that to EUGENE. generally, the people who are trying to pull down somebody with baseless accussations are insecure.

  484. 484 : ok Says:

    You are right.
    There is no proof that Eugene is being proud or what…… so far I didn’t read news or heard people say that she is such a person. Eugene DOES NOT need people like you @Sara & Lovejoo & those who don’t like her. My cousins & including myself over fifty people all loves Eugene very much. Most of my colleagues & friends always speaks well & wait for her new show. She has so many others fans from all over the world who loves her drama and her character so much. What to do — LOVE CANNOT BE FORCED!!!!!!
    Eugene — All the best to you. Waiting for your new drama. Fans from Singapore

  485. 485 : Eugene's fans Says:

    I didn’t know Eugene can speak English so well until I watched her in Creating Destiny. I like her even more – another plus point for her. How come I didn’t find her cocky at all before this drama. All along I find her a very lovely & charismatic lady & always looking forward for her show.
    An actress who is natural, versatile & can act very well. Who can bring you into her world when she is acting. This drama tells it all. She can be a good person, she also can act the opposite. This type of actress can & will go go go go very far in her career and many fans will still loves her for who she is.

  486. 486 : kimchilee Says:

    @lovejoo / sara
    what can i say except that your comments will definitely draw some flaks from Eugene fans here.. if you dont like her, then you dont.. dont ask someone to help you just bec majority like her does not mean you shld follow.
    Still, I am glad some Eugene fans here are trying to show you her good side. Hope you will like her acting eventually.

  487. 487 : kimchilee Says:

    @Lyda – are you THAT mad with me? really… then i wont talk to you. 😉 kekeke…

    @Abbie – do watch GREEN ROSE, its very nice and very good ending. Everyone acted very well and the story is also very exciting.

  488. 488 : kd Says:

    @all Eugene’s fan
    I have read the comments from earlier and I think some comments from Eugene’s fans are childish and harsh towards other actress. Let’s stop comparing Eugene and LYA because I am as Eugene fan also feel irritated with some of childish and repeated comments on the same issues. As we know, Eugene herself wants to challenge her acting ability with accepting a new role and her role in this drama is still can be accepted by me and I can understand Yu Kyung’s character rather than other villains in the other kdrama and if we take a look at her character in the drama, her screen time is more than LYA and more challenging in which from this she may accept more recognition in her career. If we look at Korean drama websites, Baker king official website, official poster, official opening clip, Eugene’s name came before LYA name which means she is the leading actress. I think this drama is one of the dramas where the hero did not end up with the main actress. So, I think it is better for us to understand Eugene’s character (Yu Kyung), make others to understand Yu Kyung more rather than comparing and bashing the other actress. Let’s be a supportive fans of her:)

  489. 489 : sara Says:

    it ‘s okay.everyone can express thier ideas.because she has fans here doesn’t mean nobody can’t say anything about her.i love park shin hye and yoon eun hye.but if somebody does’nt love them.it ‘s okay.you can defend your idol
    the same here

  490. 490 : ok Says:

    Majun & Shin Yu Kyung wedding photo


  491. 491 : Abbie Says:

    Eugene looks absolutely gorgeous in those photos… thanks.

  492. 492 : ms jgs Says:

    @ sara i love park shin hye and yoon eun hye good choice. hehehe.. i love them both. they really beautiful and good actress.

  493. 493 : ms jgs Says:

    BUT TODAY I LOVE YOON SHI YOON i love him KIM TAK GU very aspiring i hope that yoon shi yoon as tim tak gu same character in real life. fighting yoon shi yoon your so cute 🙂 good acting you share and very aspiring character.. love you… now i like you same as jang geun suk … keep up the good work.. FIGHTING..

  494. 494 : Mongolian human Says:

    Eugene mair huurhun yooy buur mair huurhun busgui. she is beutifull wonderwoman

  495. 495 : ok Says:

    Ladies & gentlemen.
    You are all lost what to watch after this drama BKKTG right? I would like to recommend this nice new drama – YOU DON’T KNOW WOMEN. Its about a lady lead actress Kim JI HO (the elder sis in Glass slippers) who cannot give birth for so many years that she was not treated very well by her husband & mother-in-law (bc her family is also not well off). Her husband later even got a mistress. KJH knew she was pregnant only after the divorced & manage to raise her son single handedly. Though the mistress manage to get pregnant & married to this family proudly, she had miscarriage again & again. Later a suave young rich man (GO SE WON) fall in love with KIM JI HO. This story is very nice. Hope you all like it but presently no Eng sub. Please request Mysoju for eng sub.

  496. 496 : Lyda Says:

    So that mean u will stop talking2me?!yes that’s right! up2u!

  497. 497 : kimchilee Says:

    Lyda! just joking.. why so serious.. ! are you having a bad day? have you finished watching KTG?

  498. 498 : kimchilee Says:

    hey.. a few more comments and this drama will be among the most commented list here.. come on fans of KtG.. more comments, good, bad, childish, hate or like.. never mind.. this drama is catching attention as it should be.

  499. 499 : Li Young Ai (LYA) Says:

    To the annoyance of Eugene’s fans.. hoorrah to me! I have the last laugh! I end up with KTG at last and to KTG’s mom – you see.. you like me too.. I am cute! 😉

  500. 500 : Audience Says:

    Hurray, you better stay with KTG forever. Then we don’t hv to watch you act cute in drama. What can you do beside acting cute???
    We know Eugene will have more drama to shoot because she has proven she is a professional actress…… A versatile natural lovely actress………

    KTG’s mom said : Oh I forgot – you think I like you ???? I cannot see properly already ——– because I have very poor eyesight now

  501. 501 : Audience Says:

    @ Kimchilee

    If i am not wrong, most commented drama are
    A MAN CALL GOD about 2900, You’re beautiful – about 1750

  502. 502 : kimchilee Says:

    wowww!! I have just finished ep 29.. it is still as exciting as ever!! and I love the scene that sees KTG and Majun together having heart to heart talk.. finally, Majun broke down and all his frustrations are poured out.. he really cried his heart out.. you can feel so much agony for him.. having to bear so much pain and grudge all his growing up years. And KTG, finally could be the elder brother for him .. what can I say.. i love the way KTG responded to Majun.. what is it that makes KTG smile all the time be it good or bad or have lost everything? It is bec we still have to live.. life goes on.. hurrah to the writers for writing such realistic words.. ! I am deeply moved by that scene.. lovely. just wonderful. :’)

    This drama is indeed the best. Hope it will win some awards!

  503. 503 : Li Young Ai (LYA) Says:

    Audience.. that’s alright.. I love staying with KTG forever.. i am a simple minded girl in a simple bakery shop doing things I love.. KTG’s mother dont hve to see me.. i can see her and KTG is good enough for me.. I am not only cute.. I am a simple girl too .. just the way KTG likes me.

  504. 504 : Kimchilee Says:

    Audience, You’re Beautiful tops the list now at 2964.. AMCG @ 1762.. could be more as it is not updated yet.. i am just trying to get this drama into the most commented as I saw the least commented drama appeared at 498… so by next week, this drama will be listed and more people will know about this well deserved to be viewed drama.

  505. 505 : lovejoo Says:

    like Sara said everyone can express thier ideas and say whatever they like, if me and Sara dosnt like Eugene thats mean there is a good reason for not liking her, and Sara park shin hye and yoon eun hye is one of the best acterss and there is also kim hyun joo , i like her very much. those actorss are not cocky and dont see them self over others like eugene dose. and to all eugenes fans u cant force us or say that we have made a wrong choice for not liking Eugene. thats how it is everybody has the right to choose who they like or dislike.. right?

    @cathy …. you are the one hwo is heating up a fight, i didnt talk to u i just said I DONT LIKE EUGENE .. i didnt say that to make her fans uppset i only did that becoze i dont like her. and we have the right to say how we feel towards other. i have tried and tried to like her but somthing about her just stopping me.. sorry for harsh words toward her but that how i feel.

  506. 506 : lovejoo Says:

    @kd.. no ill mean but thay way she act its like there is no one but her. thats how i see her and we all look different on people.. and you hwo are her fans dosnt make it easier for us to like her or give her dramas a chance. you heating up fight.. if u talk to us in a nice way then you will make Eugene look nicer. but you only make it worse for us. and i dont like Song Hye Kyo either see that how it is we cant like evryone thats how live works.
    and u all Eugene s fans dosnt make it easier for us to like her. u make her look very bad sorry like i said before no ill means but u have to let us say how we think. thanx

  507. 507 : hi Says:

    i dont care about what other say about Eugene i still like her or i can say i love her very much. i watching really really like you right now. and its very good. you all should watch this drama then i beat you will like her alot. cuse she is not cocky at all. she is very kind i saw a show of her in kbc and she was so cute and kind.. ajaja unnie

  508. 508 : jo Says:

    Eugene forever. Love all her drama. Love Ji Sung too. Also watch Ji Sung drama, new heart, swallow the sun. This two are my favorites korean actors.

  509. 509 : raz Says:


  510. 510 : sara Says:

    now guys more talk about yoon shi yoon and joo won than eugene.they are really good in the drama.solid performances and wonderful acting.but there is sth important about joo won and i wanna know how he can show that much hate in his eyes?
    @lovejoo,ms jgs
    yeah these actresses are the best.especially yoon eun hye she is so lovely and make every thing even a piece of trash bearable

  511. 511 : nona Says:

    Heyyy, I love this drama, does Majun end up with eugene????
    can’t wait to see the last episode

  512. 512 : lovejoo Says:

    @ sara … i alos like her alot she is very very good. but i havnt watch Take Care of the Young Lady yet, have you seen it? and if you have how was it? althought iam sure it was very good and worth to watch it. but still i want to know if it has a good ending? thanx .. 🙂

  513. 513 : TG Says:

    Please go and check the real meaning of CUTE. Pls don’t embarass the real LYA reputation and yourself over this blog. I am LYA’s fan also cannot stand you.

  514. 514 : sarang Says:

    @TG … i know exacly how you feel. she is not only cute but she has an inner beauty. I read on a site where it had written that she had taken care of a bird while they were filming this drama. she is very sweet and kind of the reality of difference from others. she fits perfect with kim tak gu.

  515. 515 : chichaloca Says:

    I’ll kept listening 2 takgu theme song “hope is a dream that doesn’t sleep”.
    the song blew me away. i’m feel sad every single time i heard that song even i did not understand korean. love this drama.takgu rules!!

  516. 516 : chichaloca Says:

    @jo the most eugene drama that i like was loving you, wonderful life and save your last dance for me.i did not watched creating destiny and i really2 like u..i will try it someday 🙂

  517. 517 : papalove Says:

    i hope tak gu and mi sun end up together….while ma joon and Yoo Kyung live happily ever after..that’s my wish!!!!

  518. 518 : cathy Says:

    to every haters (eugene or lya)

    though its true that we have the freedom to express our opinion, it doesn’t mean we have the liberty to say hurtful and degrading wordes to others. be sensitive.
    i really wished that this thread will serve as intreactive media to the followers of baker king kim tak goo. hope to see more comments directing to the series, the scenes, the characters, the plot.

  519. 519 : LYA Says:

    TG..Definition of Cute in dictionary.. adorable, delightful, charming, endearing, sweet, charming.. ah.. need i go on.. i didnt know I am all that..
    To the delight of Eugene’s fans.. I will not aggravate the people in this website anymore bec I already had my last laugh i.e. KTG ended with me in the end.. what more can I ask for… ah.. Tak Goo..

  520. 520 : kd Says:

    Lol @ lovejoo. Where did I heating up fight. I just response at your comment @ 476 where u did say “I would be grateful if someone could help me to like her” and I myself did not care if other people love her or not. Everyone have their own opinion. And my post @488, I have stated that I also irritate at some Eugene’s fans on their harsh and childish comments to the other actress. Is there anything wrong with those comments? My words maybe? English is not my 1st language and maybe I have used wrong words. Peace…

  521. 521 : Lyda Says:

    @Kimchilee: really?!a u just kidding with me?!! oh my god I thought it was real! ok, now I no. Sorry for my previous message to u. Well, I will take it all back. Er… about Takgu, I just reach ep24! but this week on wed will go to ep25 & 26! I watch it through KBS world. Oh hay I just saw a new drama called Big Fish! it is in this website! and what I pay attention to this drama is because Lee Soo Kyung is also the leading actress in this seri! u no Lee Soo Kyung? she has just played in a drama which I love the Most In My Life<>!!!have u ever heard or watched this drama? it was played on KBS world. It has just finished playing….Hope u know this drama. Ok Bye! and oh I forget to tell u that I don’t have a bad day or anything just too much love u that’s is y jealous when u don’t talk to me hahahaha~~~~

  522. 522 : Lyda Says:

    @Kimchilee: really?!a u just kidding with me?!! oh my god I thought it was real! ok, now I no. Sorry for my previous message to u. Well, I will take it all back. Er… about Takgu, I just reach ep24! but this week on wed will go to ep25 & 26! I watch it through KBS world. Oh hay I just saw a new drama called Big Fish! it is in this website! and what I pay attention to this drama is because Lee Soo Kyung is also the leading actress in this seri! u no Lee Soo Kyung? she has just played in a drama which I love the Most In My Life, Secret Agent Miss Oh!!!have u ever heard or watched this drama? it was played on KBS world. It has just finished playing….Hope u know this drama. Ok Bye! and oh I forget to tell u that I don’t have a bad day or anything just too much love u that’s is y jealous when u don’t talk to me hahahaha~~~~

  523. 523 : chichaloca Says:

    long time didn’t talk wif u..big fish??when..in kbs world malaysia no big fish had been premiered.ohh, in your country takgu had reach episode 25,26.but in my country we just reach episode 23,24 this week

  524. 524 : Lyda Says:

    @chinaloca:oh!hi chinaloca!ya~long time no c n didn’t talk2u too!do u miss me or not?4me,i always miss u.abt drama that i told u,big fish,it’s a newest drama.it hasn’t boardcasted yet.it’ll played on SBS not KBS World.do u no SBS?it’s another TV Station in Korea.our cable TV does’tn has this channel.do u no Lee soo kyung?wow!i’d say that c looks very beautiful in this seri!n about takgu,yes it’snearly finish!

  525. 525 : Kimchilee Says:

    hI Lyda.. of course I am kidding you.. didnt you see my smiley face there? you must read carefully the meaning behind some sentences.. BIg Fish.. let me check it out and tell you whether like like the hero or heroine first.. they matter to me more than the story..hehe..
    I will watch Takgu again tomorrow and Thurs in KBS world if i have time.. I like Majun’s mother’s dressing and hairstyle.. she is very classy for a woman her age.

    Hi Chichaloca.. I agree with you.. there are 2 songs in KTG that are so catchy i kept listening to it over and over so many times!! Ki Saram and Hope in a Dream that Never Dies.. its the nicest songs I’ve heard so far ever since Winter Sonata!!

  526. 526 : Kimchilee Says:

    Papalove – grrrrrr… aaarrrgghhhh… sad to say..your wish is granted.

  527. 527 : Kimchilee Says:

    Lyda.. i cannot find big fish.. i can only find blue fish, jungle fish but no Big fish drama.. Have you watch Green Rose..? I like the suspense and thriller in that show.

  528. 528 : lovejoo Says:

    @kd. i didnt mean that you heating up fight but other Eugene fans. i said you and all eugene s fans dosnt make it easier for us to like her i didnt only meant you i meant some of eugene fans.In english we can use (you )for one person or more. so it was a misunderstanding there. nothing ill against u. that what i meant hope u understand no. thnx

    @ cathy.. u said it ur self. you say that if we have the freedom to express our opinion. that dosnt mean we have liberty to say hurtful words. that’s exactly what eugene fans do ,all I see here is impatient orders Toward Lya. nobody is perfect and no one is awful. but everything I’ve read from all of Eugene’s fans are bad words against Lya, if you read a bit about what they wrote about Lya you’ll see what I mean. I’m not so big fan of Lya but she is not as bad as you eugene fans say. I have seen Iljima and she’s really good there.. thnx to u 2

  529. 529 : sara Says:

    yeah.i ‘ve watched it.it ‘s good but not good as coffee prince or goong.it ‘s lovely. ’cause it has eun hye and yoon sang hyun.a lot of people critisized eun hye for acting in this drama.but i think she ‘s good.you know i ‘m somehow biased.cause i love eun hye so much and love every character she plays

  530. 530 : sara Says:

    why you guys don’t stop takling about eugene?comment on the drama itself not only eugene please.every comment i read is about her.nobody is talking about yoon shi yoon or joo won or maybe it ‘ me who has’nt read all the comments.am i wrong?can somebody answer me please?

  531. 531 : jo Says:

    No offense but love to talk about Eugene in this drama. Actually, have not watch the entire drama, just the last part cause i always fast forward it if its not her scene. So i am not really connected to the drama itself. I just love to watch her beautiful face. If im going to have another baby, i will name her Eugene Kim. Anyway, just waiting for any news about her next drama, hopefully soon. Also Im wondering what happen to Spring Waltz actors . Have not seen his drama lately. Love also this drama. One of my drama collections.

  532. 532 : lovejoo Says:

    @sara .. thanx for telling me about the drama. and i will DEFINITELY watch that drama. i know goong and coffe house is the best drama i have ever seen. she makes the drama more lovely with her talent of acting she really can act. and your are right in here is all about Eugene. i also dont like to talk about her enough about her lets move on. lets talk about somthing more interesting..

  533. 533 : Joy Says:

    I agree, lets discuss the interesting topic. Anybody knows who is Eugene’s boyfriend. I know her ex boyfriend park yong ha committed sucide. Just wondering if Eugene has love interest.

  534. 534 : lol Says:

    Eugene has dated many many actor and only GOD knows how many ordinari men she has also dated. and that make her look so bad.. ouch, dont take it hard iam just telling the info i have about her keke

  535. 535 : love Says:

    Audience, lets share the love and nice words in this thread. We are all asians if not westerners. Though we are not Koreans but since we are avids fans of korean drama, lets not put the actors and actress down. Spreading bad humor and gossip will bite us one day. Kudos to the writers and directors , crews who really work hard for this drama to be most entertaining and most watched in Asia. Thanks to the dramastyle, my soju who let us watch this drama for free. thanks to the internet industry. I am from U.S. so we rely in our internet. Keep spreading pleasant comments.

  536. 536 : Abbie Says:

    @ LOL, you are being ridiculous, if you have problem with Eugene’s fans comments then talk directly to them. Do not make fault accusations toward Eugene. She has not said or done anything wrong here. She dated whom, or did what with her life is her personal business. You should stop all these childish comments here.

  537. 537 : ullah Says:

    ??????????????,..aku bingung mau ngomong ap soalx bagus sih.

  538. 538 : Eugene's Fan Says:

    @530 Sara
    Now you got it. You notice that all comments is mostly about EUGENE. You can see for yourself how popular she is. I came into this thread is also bc of Eugene.
    If there is no Eugene in this drama, then comments wont be that high besides the script (bc i don’t find this script very special – its usual family going after inheritance and there is bloodshed, then the good people will win the bad people in the end etc) – that is my view.
    Now you can see how many supporters she has all over the world with her pro acting. She has so many nice drama under her name & I enjoy everyone of it.

    I asked myself why the rating is so high besides this script & good performances by the actors & actresses…
    My reasons are : many are Eugene’s supporters.
    Many people are curious why Eugene want to act this role – not her usual lovely kind hearted characters etc
    Many are curious did Eugene end up with lead actor KTG.

    Why 36 Ep shorten to 30 Ep ?
    There are so many objections & disappointments when Eugene acted as a bad lady & also did not marry KTG.
    There will be even more objections if Eugene going to act more bad things after the marriage…. etc

    Since Eugene act as Shin Yu Kyung, she cannot end up with KTG because this drama is base TRUE STORY & many viewers did not realise it. Thats why there are so many Eugene’s fans wrote down their “wishes”

    I can guarantee you if this is not base on true strory, Eugene will definitely end up with lead actor. (my opinion)

  539. 539 : Eugene's Fan Says:

    @Joy & LOL (Same person ??? ) –

    Eugene is well love by most people be it boys or girls.

    Who cares how many boyfriend she has. This shows how attractive she is as a person that many men likes her & would love to go dates with her. That’s her personal affairs. Are you jealous ?

    To all NOT Eugene’s fans.
    Don’t keep saying we say bad things about others…
    Just go thru the thread & see what have written yourself.

    Use PYH as an attack on Eugene. What a shameless person.

  540. 540 : chichaloca Says:

    @kimchillee yes absolutely love the two song..i’ll keep hears that song.can’t wait for this night.to see takgu and majun battle in making bong bread.correct me if i’m wrong 🙂

    @lyda yes i’m noticed that drama.it’s not big fish dear but blue fish.it was premiered on sbs channel.i did not watch it yet.i’ll try to find it in internet soon. hehe.there are new drama on kbs which call jungle fish 2..and it will premier every saturday.but i guess it’s not start premier on kbs world yet.so we have to wait.

  541. 541 : chichaloca Says:

    kimchilee and lyda

    this is the teaser for kbs new drama jungle fish 2..
    here we go:

  542. 542 : sara Says:

    yeah.if being here is just for making this drama among most commented ones,it ‘s better we talk about our other actors and actresses.for example.yoon eun hye.you are so right.let ‘s speak about her and our other favs.you can watch take care of young lady.but don’t expect too much ’cause our eun hyelovely but not as usuall.i mean that lovel ,boyish easy-going character she always portrays.but all the dresses she is wearing make your eyes glare.it ‘ not a lie if i say she changes her dress in every scene.she is so lovely and can everything watchable.do u agree?

  543. 543 : sara Says:

    @Eugene’s Fan
    sorry.but i don’t agree.you mean most of the success of this drama is because of eugene?don’t you think you are so biased?i don’t like her.but if she has a good performance i can tell without involving my personal feeling about her.she is good in this drama.but drama is so well written and other actors and actresses have solid performances.everything is good in drama and the team work make this drama the one it is.not only because of eugene.i like that the writer breaks the usuall rules and the lead actor doesn’t end up with the lead actress.it ‘s so fresh and new.it ‘s diffrent.so that ‘s why people love the drama so much.also the theme of the drama is about bread baking sth that is not that much common in korea i think.’cause it ‘s western.there are many reason this drama become a smash hit not only because of her

  544. 544 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee n chinaloca: really?!the title is not big fish?!bt i saw it clearly.if u don’t believe me,go2the begining of koreandrama.org then u’ll c.n thank u4d info of this drama n jungle fish!i used2hear n c the drama that u said bt i never watched it.i no Lee Da Hae played in this drama.ok, good bye

  545. 545 : chichaloca Says:


    this is the link of the drama “blue fish”

    i found it in this website http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=408

  546. 546 : ok Says:

    News from internet :
    When Park Yong Ha was making Loving You in 2002, he fell for the co-star Eugene 柳真 of SES and then the management for Eugene forced her to choose between career & love. She said that she couldn’t leave PYH and he said that he really loved her and couldn’t let go of her. Therefore, both of them were frozen for a while.

    Shows industry has spent so much money in grooming actors & actresses. They will be very unhappy & will use all means to protect their interest since both have strong Market Value. The best way to warn them is to “FROZEN” them.
    Being frozen – means no income. No income can cause many problems. So no choice both Eugene & PYH broke up finally in 2004.

    Now i know why PYH why want to set up his own business – so that he won’t be “frozen” again…. . Too bad he got cheated by his partner.

  547. 547 : sara Says:

    is you news reliable?eugene was lee ji hoon ‘s girlfriend too?yeah?i loved park young ha but i heard eugene betrayed lee ji hoon whom she was with for 7 years and went to young ha.which one is corroct?you know?

  548. 548 : Lyda Says:

    @chachloca:haha i told u already that it’s not that drama blue fish bt big fish!!definately big fish!it’s a newest drama so it may hasn’t added in the list.

  549. 549 : Big Fish is here Says:

    Big Fish is also known as Dae Mul starring Kwon Sang Woo & Ko Hyun Jung & others


  550. 550 : kd Says:

    @528 lovejoo
    Ops….sorry for misunderstanding
    @534 lol
    Really? Where did you get that information because as I know she only dated Lee Ji Hoon and late Park Yong Ha. I did digging all information about her since her SES days and never found about that… As for the others esp her co-stars that is only rumors as their close friendships like other drama couples rumors such as Lee Dong Wook – Lee Da Hae, Rain – SHG etc…
    @547 Sara
    It’s 5 years relationship but kinda on-off relationships actually. Did you watch her drama ‘wonderful life’ where they act together and their behind the scene from that drama shows that they remain as close friends after what did happen before. So, who us to make a judgments on that, as they the one who really knows what really happen and can accepts it. Hope it helps your curiosity.
    @538 Eugene’s Fan
    I think your opinion is wrong. The rating of this drama so high is because of storyline and teamwork’s from all actors/actress and other staffs. Eugene herself in one of her interview has stated that “the drama baker king kim tak goo has been doing well without me, as I just started to make appearances now.” – she just started to appear from 8th ep while the drama get the high rating from the 1st ep.
    About shorten the drama from 36 to 30 eps. I don’t think it’s because of Eugene as for I know they really said that the eps is 30 and 36 is just rumors.
    I really hate to comment about Eugene in here but I think I have to clear the misunderstanding about her and the drama from both sides. I hope you guys stop fighting about the actress as they did not give any benefit to us except hatred towards each other….sorry.

  551. 551 : kimchilee Says:

    To all the “fishes” here.. i thought i saw the title Big Fish also known as Fugitive Plan B which is screening after KTG? Starring role are Rain and Henney .. wow.. wonder if its nice .. Rain..action packed drama… haha.. the fish is swimming around letting everyone guess what fish is that..

    I agree with some of the comments here which says this is a refreshing role where Eugene acts as a bad person (not really bad actually.. more to the mother) and also like Eugene’s fan said, based on true story.. that is why this story is good.. and well said that they could not continue further bec Eugene ended up marrying Majun instead and the writers cannot go on making her bad or the rating may drop for this drama.. So they ended it as it should while rating is still #1. So it is ok although disappointing but what to do.. history cannot be changed (but writers can change it what right??.. sigh..)
    ok..enough of Eugene for now.. lets talk more about both actors.. they are after all, the 2 main stars who made this drama so likeable.. KTG the go-getter happy person and Majun, the tortured villain who became good in the end.. it is a good drama..

    Tonite, KBS world showed the Palbong master died.. the death scene is so beautifully portrayed without over acting or over dramatic crying. so peaceful yet sad.. also a refreshing twist to death in any korean drama.. so sad and yet so deeply touched at the peaceful death the master died. Once again, the writers have written a beautiful ending to the death of this chapter in KTG’s life. So refreshing to watch!

  552. 552 : mie Says:

    kim tak goo saranghae :*

  553. 553 : lovejoo Says:

    @ sara… you are so right lets talk about our fav acterss and actors .. lets start with our lovely eun hye .. yes! I have also heard that she is not boyish like she was in coffe hos. i think the role she had in coffe house really suited her verymuch. I began to love her then. she was soo good. but i’m glad that she has tried a new role, a new one that is completely different from her other roles like you said she makes every rolls so lovely. we accept her in each role. even if she is not the main role, we will not reduce the other hwo have the lead role. it is so real fans is to like the person and not make her look bad.. right?

    @ ok… I have heard that she was with jI Sung and Lee Ji-hoon and obviously PYH. she dumped PYH for Lee Ji-hoon. I also heard that she broke up with Lee Ji-hoon coze PKY found it hard to let her go.believe me iam not making those info out just to make her look bad but im telling only the truth and what i have heard. and if I am wrong so I apologize. thats another reason for not liking her cuse she did that to those actors hwo i like alot. she played with them. sorry again for begin harsh but thats not the meaning

  554. 554 : sara Says:

    you are right.we should support her.i loved her since coffee prince too.then i watched goong.she was so lovely there.i always think that she is diffrent among other actresses.i don’t know why but she has a positive energy that makes the audiance feel good.i loved her naked and without make up face in coffe prince.i love that she always plays strong woman ‘s character who fight for her goal.that ‘s why i love her.also i heared she is so lovely and easy-going in real life.so it ‘s another reason for me to love her.what do you love about her?
    who are your fav. actores?i ‘m mad about bae yong joon and i love lee seung ki so much.if you love seung ki as much as i love him.we can comment on his page too.

  555. 555 : sara Says:

    i never made any judgment about her relationship with any one.you can read my comment again.i just heard some news from internet and i was curious.i don’t know anything about what has happend in her relationships and i never make any judgment

  556. 556 : sara Says:

    thank you.at last somebody talked about the drama itself not about eugene only.i agree with you.i watched the episode tonight.the death scence was so sad but it also showed his life wasn’t useless.and he transferd all his knowledge to some one reliable.as if he was relieved then died.i think he continues living in takgu.i loved this scene and the fighting scene between majun and takgu.it clearly showed that how pitiful majun is

  557. 557 : lovejoo Says:

    @ sara .. first of all sorry i said coffe house instaid for caoffe prince but i also watched coffe house and it wasnt long time ago thast why i said coffe house.. hihi sorry. but i like coffe prince more.. ofcours
    I alos like eun hye because she has a nice personality and is not at all cocky that’s why I love her as I mention before, I do not like People who are cocky and see themselves over other. and that’s one thing that dosnt exist in eun hye s personality. and yes lets suport her all the way cuse she deserve it. she had workde very hard and I think she has been very successful and she deserve all respect. but dont you think eun hye and park shin hye is are very similar. becoze of her i like PSH cuse they look alike with eun hye. i love them both.

    wow i alos love lee seung ki very much. he is so cute and a very good actor. by the way have you seen his new drama? and what do you think about it? i havnt seen it yet. and sure lets comment on his page to 🙂 and i also like Kim Rae Won.

  558. 558 : kimchilee Says:

    For those coffee prince fans.. shld go to the website to promote it so it can sustained its top comments.

    @Sara, ya.. i like it when KTG beats up Majun.. that guy altho pitiful, deserves some spanking.. he is so stubborn.. but later in the show, you can understand why Majun is like a walking timebomb.. he bottled up his sadness so much it became anger and hurt and venge it out on KTG.. but KTG still act like a big brother to him.. when we come to that scene, we talk more.. it was also one of the best part of the drama..

  559. 559 : kimchilee Says:

    oh btw, do you all know that Eun Hye had a short appearance at PERSONAL TASTE? She had long hair.. looks quite cute with Min Ho too…oops.. I shld be talking about Eugene here..

    Hi Eugene, you were wonderful acting out the bad lady in this drama..loved you! I also like the little girl who played your role when young.. she is the little girl who acted in Jewel of the Palace.. I’ve admired her acting since then.. I hope to see more of her talents!!

  560. 560 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee… i never like to start talk with u cuse u are so on with eugene stuff and do you own this website? cuse from what i know its free to comment about anyone. and eun hye has deserved to be reminded everywhere. dont you think? its better to talk about other things than eugene all the time wich i do now, iam so tired at talking about her. enough about her. poor eugene you make her look so cheap and bad ..

  561. 561 : lovejoo Says:

    I LOVE EUGENE VERY MUCH. I HAVE A DOUBLE PERSONALITY SO PARDON ME IF SAID OTHERWISE. I am drunk if i said something bad of Eugene. so read my lips. I am Eugene forever and forger Eun Hye whoever she is…

  562. 562 : ok Says:

    @lovejoo & Sara & lol & joy

    Sara, you said you like PHY & yet you don’t know the news? If you really like him, you should know & let him RIP and not attack the girl he loved. U are not fit to like PYH

    @lovejoo & all the name mentioned here
    You ALL are just a bunch of HYPOCRITES.

    No matter what you all hypocrites said, EUGENE is still loved by me and all Eugene’s fans.
    It makes me love & treasure her even more after what you all have said. BC there are full of evil people like you.

  563. 563 : lovejoo Says:

    his was not me another eugene fan hwo make her look chep (tI LOVE EUGENE VERY MUCH. I HAVE A DOUBLE PERSONALITY SO PARDON ME IF SAID OTHERWISE. I am drunk if i said something bad of Eugene. so read my lips. I am Eugene forever and forger Eun Hye whoever she is…) dont do this to me

  564. 564 : lovejoo Says:

    @feak lovejoo.. if you do love eugene so much then say who you are. kimchilii or ok.
    @ok.. if ur the other lovejoo then you make it easier for other to hate eugene. so stop begin childish and let the people be o say what ever they want. I HATE EUGENE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

  565. 565 : lovejoo Says:

    all eugene fans in here is so childish. why? why cant we express our feelings? dont bilive the other lovejo hwo says that i love eugene, I HATE HER.
    @ sara. it wasnt me lets leave those children be and lets comment in another website. cuse in here exept us all of them are children.


  566. 566 : BB Says:

    I love to watch drama especially Korean drama but not every dramas I will watch.
    WHY ?
    Whenever i choose a drama, my 1st priority is always to look for the leading actor & actress whom i love to watch or appealing to me. Supporting roles are secondary.
    No doubt the supporting roles are very important and can boost up the ratings with their superb acting but most important cast is still the leading actor or actress!
    They are the 1st reason that leads me into watching the drama

    If not then you or me or anybody also can act as leading role as long as you can act.

  567. 567 : Suh Do Young Says:

    Hi Jo

    You are looking for me? I am here. lead male star of Spring Waltz


  568. 568 : emerald Says:

    nice ending . . . like it . . .

  569. 569 : kimchilee Says:

    @lovejoo.. you cannot read english is it? tell me where did i say that made Eugene looked so cheap and bad… and.. who cares if you like to talk to me or not.. by all means if you want to talk about who you want, go ahead.. you are only promoting this drama on this website with more comments so it will be number #1. So thanks to you!!!

  570. 570 : BB Says:

    Eugene sii – Aja aja — Sarang hae

  571. 571 : sara Says:

    no.i haven’t watched his latest drama yet.but i read the recaps from drama beans and some videos from youtube.i think it ‘s wonderful and lovely.the best drama ever.me too love kim rae won.you are right maybe we should stop commenting on this page.i knew it wasn’t you.i see you in lee seung ki page.we can talk about this drama too.have you watched all kim tak gu ‘s episodes?
    it ‘s ok.you are right.let ‘s think i don’t fit to be his fan.may he rest in pease.sorry park yong ha i made your soul turtured ’cause these people love your love more than you did.i loved you but i don’t like you love.sorry.but i think we have the right to express aur ideas about someone freely and if you guys think this is attack.you are biased. i don’t want to talk about her ANYMORE.plaese go her page and leave comments unless the one who don’t love her could talk about every thing they want
    yeah.we talked about coffee prince.because it was as irrelated to this drama as your(i mean all guys) comments on eugene.you were the first one who talked about the drama itself.you know eugene ‘s fans can go and comment on her page.bad or good

  572. 572 : Abbie Says:

    You don’t like Eugene? I got it and I can totally understand your feeling because nobody is perfect. No one is 100% likeable. It doesn’t how flawless she is, there is always some flaw about her. , as I have said, nobody is perfect. That is fine if you don’t like Eugene. And you may not have a reason why you do not like her….it totally fine. However to fair, I bet 99.9% people here have not met her in person even once. And you are so free to criticize and to make accusation toward her like you know her all your life. It is very unethical. It is unethical to pass judgment on a person that you have not even met once. Before you criticize a person, please put yourself into that person shoes and think how you would feel when other people say unpleasant think about you. They worked really hard to put together is great drama and is this what they deserve? Don’t we need to be a little thoughtful and more appreciated for their hard work? We’re all adults here.. (I hope).. If not, please try to behave like one. I noticed the majority of the people here are Eugene’s fans. The reason they’re gathering here because Eugene is one of the lead actresses. Therefore wherever Eugene goes, her fans follow. It is that simple. So you have no right to ask people to stop comment on Eugene because you’re asking for the impossible. They’re here to support Eugene. As the same right for you to support your actors or actresses in this drama. Feel free to express your thoughts. Those are welcome. But it is not right to say hurtful things about someone that you don’t even know. If you cont. this behavour, I pity you. I find it’s perfectly fine to praise you favorite actor or actress but keep in mind that do not put down the others.

  573. 573 : Abbie Says:

    minor correction
    You don’t like Eugene? I got it and I can totally understand your feeling because nobody is perfect. No one is 100% likeable. It doesn’t how flawless she is, there is always some flaw about her. , as I have said, nobody is perfect. That is fine if you don’t like Eugene. And you may not have a reason why you do not like her….it totally fine. However to be fair, I bet 99.9% people here have not met her in person even once. And you are so free to criticize and to make accusation toward her like you know her all your life. It is very unethical. It is unethical to pass judgment on a person that you have not even met once. Before you criticize a person, please put yourself into that person shoes and think how you would feel when other people say unpleasant things about you. They worked really hard to put together this great drama and is this what they deserve? Don’t we need to be a little thoughtful and more appreciated for their hard work? We’re all adults here.. (I hope).. If not, please try to behave like one. I noticed the majority of the people here are Eugene’s fans. The reason they’re gathering here because Eugene is one of the lead actresses. Therefore wherever Eugene goes, her fans will follow. It is that simple. So you have no right to ask them to stop comment on Eugene because you’re asking for the impossible. They’re here to support Eugene. vice versa, the same right for you to support your actors or actresses in this drama. Feel free to express your thoughts toward your favorite. Those are welcome. But it is not right to say hurtful things about someone that you don’t even know. If you cont. this behavor, I pity you. I find it’s perfectly fine to praise you favorite actor or actress but keep in mind that do not put down the others.

  574. 574 : Abbie Says:

    It is a cowardly act to use multiple nicks to act disgraceful or use someone else’s nick and pretend to be that person. It is despicable.

  575. 575 : lovejoo Says:

    @Abbie … thank you i think so to. its so childish..

  576. 576 : lovejoo Says:

    @Abbie … thank you i think so to. its so childish that they use another ones nickname to say untrue things,
    so hwo ever you are you should stop with it cuse no one like it in here

  577. 577 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee n chichaloca:hay i saw ur comments in the drama that i told u,Big fish!bt y u said this drama is not avaliable?!i don’t no whether that drama is interesting or not bt wat i care n interested is Lee Soo Kyung,c plays in this drama.i like her very much!n ya abt Takgu,last nite was very interesting!Majun lost the cömpetition with takgu again n the master die hahaha!

  578. 578 : sara Says:

    i think you are adressing me.am i wrong?you read my comment carefully?did i say sth bad about her?did i disgrace her?did i insult her or used bad words.i just say this page is for the drama not hers.she has her own page.her fans here act like they are the only ones who can talk and if somebody does’t like her so he/she can’t express his/her ideas.we don’t use any bad word.we just say we don’t like her.is it disgracement?we are forced to love her and just compliment her?we said the drama team doesn’t work well?why you guys confuse everything?i love this drama so much.i have the right to comment about it and its artists.you have the right too.but this is really too much.read the comment and tell me how many comments here are about the drama,yoon shi yoon.joo won,their acting,the senario?not muh.because all are talking about eugene as if the drama fell without her.as if all the success of the drama is owend to her and other team members especially the lead actors ,are just minor things who helped her to lead the drama.this is my personal opinion.i ‘m sorry if you get mad.i ‘m sorry if you love her and i don’t.i understand what you feel.me too, defend my favourite actors and actresses.but attention,i never said she is a bad human.i don’t know her.but i ‘ve wathched some interviews and tv programs and it is my interpretation of her.that ‘s all.you can love her.you can defend her.but do it fairly.

  579. 579 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee .. nothing is wrong with my eng. and you make her look bad and cheap by talking about her all the time. why cant you try talk about the drama it self not only the actors and acterss. and if your goal is to make this drama among the most commentd dramas . then you will fail when other see what chaos there is in here. for it is about the same thing all the time. and no one will fall for this drama. so you should start talking about the drama it self more than other stuff. it will look more intressting to watch this drama. dont you think?

  580. 580 : hahaha.. Says:

    Reading all your comments is indeed intertaining. Better than the drama. I wonder any scriptwriter will be interested to blog and read all comments and put it in a story. Who knows Abbie and lovejoo lovelife will start in this thread or whoever he or she met like what people do . they look their partner in internet dating such as harmony.com and other site. I have 4 friends who met their spouses via internet and they have a happy ending. Just a thought..

  581. 581 : lovejoo Says:

    @hahaha.. haha how funny. its not. why did you mentioned me?

  582. 582 : hahaha.. Says:

    at lovejoo. You are the latest commentors in this thread. You are the lead actor and Abbie. You give life to this thread and so is Kimchilee and sarah, lol and others. If you are happily married then this in not you. I’m probably referring to others commentators who are single out there whose interest are the same. they both love korean dramas and so they can connect and make friends. I for one found a nice friend just making comments in other drama. Until now we are still friends and we connect in facebook too. She thought me how to cook and anything that i need advices , i just email her and she is really a good friends. So don’t close the possibility of meeting friends or spouses in this thread. Just a thought for today. I got to go, i am already late for work. Enjoy..

  583. 583 : lovejoo Says:

    @hahaha.. i have already find a friend in here. and iam a girl not a boy . and why not choose you self as the main character?what I see you fit perfect for the lead role. I am a writer and I also think that someone should make a movie of those comments. hihi

  584. 584 : Abbie Says:

    If i want to address my comment to you, i would had put this “@sara” in front of my comments. my intentions are to everyone here. Eugene’s fans or not. it is not important. I urged people not to put down another person. and yes. You have no right to ask people not to comment about eugene or to comment about Eugene. that is personal reference. as you said, you like to see more comment about the drama itself. then do it yourself. instead of asking other people to do so. there is a phrase, “if you want something done right, do it yoursel”. I am wondering if you’re familiar with it.

    and if you have time, to backtrack my comments, i wasn’t only praise Eugene but also the screenwriter, director, and the staff of this drama.
    I am not mad about you, there is nothing to be mad. did i mention that i was mad? i just said that i am pity the people who put down others.

    as a Eugene’s fan, i couldn’t help to boast about my favorite actress as long as i don’t hurt others. That is my right. are you familiar with the “freedom of speech’?

  585. 585 : kimchilee Says:

    @lovejoo.. by talking about Eugene ALL the time makes her sound cheap and bad?????? how is that interpreted as being cheap and bad???? Good Grief!!.. so if i talk about you all the time makes you cheap and bad too.. and what CHAOS ..?? this drama is interesting and wonderful and most of Eugene’s fan are just disappointed she did not end up with KTG and so its just that .. but we are still talking about Eugene’s wonderful acting bec we like her and bec this drama is about her too. I also talked about KTG, Majun and her mother.. no one is EXCLUSIVE .. and yes.. thanks again as you adding more and more comments to this site .. which is good! See how much HaHaHa is enjoying the comments.. no chaos at all..

  586. 586 : kimchilee Says:

    @Lyda – tonite’s KTG will be very sad as it is showing the funeral of the teacher.. i am watching it now as well.. as usual, that Majun always hide his true feelings even when he feels sad.. btw, I think KTG is the next Kwong Sang Woo.. he can sure cry a lot.. hahaha!! oops!
    @hahaha.. i can’t help now but think of you when I laugh.. just laughing.. hahaha.. oops! hahaha! oops! hahaha! oops! sorry.. I just cant help myself.. hahaha! oops..

    Lee Soo Kyung.. hmm.. let me google to see who she is.. and check out BIG FISH..

  587. 587 : kimchilee Says:

    hi Lyda, I found out the drama BiG fish.. ya..its also called Dae Mul, new drama by Kwong Sang WOO..! we’ll go to that website to talk more about the fish..

    Have you finished watching tonite’s KTG? I love the way KTG walked into the big house..? it will be interesting to see the reaction of everyone when he announce he is the acting President. And really.. Shi Yoon looks so almost the same as Lee Joon Ki except Shi Yoon is much darker. They should act as twin brothers in one drama one day! how interesting that would be!

  588. 588 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee….by talking about Eugene ALL the time makes it sound that she dosnt have any fans at all exepy you guys. and that you want to get her more fans, think about it. i dont like to fight. and i have to adimt one thing i havnt give her a chans yet to watch all of her dramas. but in a few interview i saw her she was so cooky that why i dont like her yet. thats how it was with eun hye to from the begining but sha has a very nice personality and i think u aggre 2 that how i start to love eun hye i gave her a chans when her fans didnt say anything when i said i dont like her, they took it with a open heart and that made eun hye look sooo good and thats how fans should be like right?. so if u stopp fighting and give us a chans 2 also like her then everyone will be very happy , but u guys only make it harder.

    and one more thing hahaha dosnt enjoy this he is probably laughing at us right now cuse we act like children and find it hard to get together

  589. 589 : jo Says:

    @ lovejoo. You are missing a lot if you have not watch Eugene drama. Save the last dance, wonderful life , creating destiny and on,,they were one of the top hits during those years and is still now. I heard they are still playing some of this drama to other country. Classic drama indeed. I have watch other drama but i love her drama better than the others. She is very consistent actress.

  590. 590 : sara Says:

    you are so cute.i love the way you answer the comment.i agree with you.hahaha is enjoying our comments.me too.i enjoy talking to my friend here to.at least bieng here gave us the chance to make friends
    ok.i talk about the drama.and if you read my comments,you can understand i ‘m one of the few people who talked about the drama itself.you have the right.you guys talk about her as much as you want.it ‘s not important for me any more.as kimchilee said it just makes the comments more and more.so it ‘s good

  591. 591 : sara Says:

    i watched the episode 24 tonight.it was really impressive.but my favourite scene was where takgu entered the house.he was so decisive.as if he has the confidence to overcome every hardship.the look on his face was just perfect.i loved that they compered his innocent childhood image with his present one and showed us how much he has changed.but hardships couden’t fade his innocence away.the scene was really outstanding in whole drama.i think it was symbolic too.

  592. 592 : lovejoo Says:

    @sara…tahnk you 😉 you are right at last somthing very good come out of those comments. making friends is the most important.

  593. 593 : fan of LYA Says:

    hi i am a big fan of LYA and i like her since love cant wait. she is not so good at acting as eugene but all of us should give her a chance. if you want to give her a chance then watch Iljima you will love her. thank you and lets not hate her just bcs she got tak gu not eugene it wasnt her fault. right?

  594. 594 : ok Says:

    @ fan of LYA

    You also agree that LYA acting is no so good right? Someone in this blog thought that she is a newcomer & ask the viewers to give her chance to improve. Infact she already started acting since 2005.
    I hv watched her in GB, Iljimae & Wedding starring Ryu Shi Won & Jang Nara (infact i like her in Wedding only bc she looks & act more natural in there – maybe she is not the main cast – not so stress?)

    Some may have watched her acted in other shows before BKKTG. I guess the MAIN reason could be her acting skills is not outstanding that many viewers did not take note of her.
    We got nothing against her. We hope that she can win our hearts by brushing up her acting skills so that she can put up more good show for us. Its a win win situation.
    We also hope she can succeed in this industry with more people praising her.
    In this industry – the most important weapon is — ACTING SKILL
    Just good looks is not enough to sustain your popularity.

  595. 595 : Bibimbap Says:

    @ 588 cocky lovejoo

    It really don’t bother us and nothing to loose whether you are going to watch Eugene’s Drama or not because there are still many others who loves to watch her show.

    We are NOT going to give you this chance !!

  596. 596 : Abbie Says:

    @ok 594
    Well said

  597. 597 : kimchilee Says:

    hoorrayyy! at last this drama made it to the most commented list here.. I love KTG!!

  598. 598 : chichaloca Says:

    u guys don’t forget to make frenz with me too..i’m a big fan of kim takgu.i noticed some loyal commenter here kimchilee,lyda, lovejoo,sara,haha and abbie.where martine?hehe..u guys hots!!

    for me the last 2 nite episode really touched my heart..especially when mr palbong dead and when he say his monologue:-

    “Life is like flowers in a field. It leaves no traces when it comes to end, like flowers are gone in an instant. But I was very happy to meet you towards the end of my life.”

    to sara and kimchilee i’m agree with u two guys..the ways takgu enter his room after leaving it for 14 years is very outstanding scene 🙂

  599. 599 : chichaloca Says:

    congrat guys for making dis drama the most commented drama.keep comment!!

    to lyda

    sory i’m just noticed that daemul is the same drama as big fish.don’t get mad dear. 🙂

  600. 600 : lovejoo Says:

    @Bibimbap… iam not cocky and you act like a kindergarden kid. i didnt ask you for given me a chance. i didnt even talk to you. and you dont seems like a real fans.. i really pity eugene. i wish all eugene fans where like eun hye s fans. they are all cute like eun hye, at last they dont jump at other

  601. 601 : sara Says:

    yeah.you are right.that scene also was impressive.i loved teacher so much.she was symbole of a teacher.not only baking teacher.but a guide.life teacher.he always ssaw and knew everything but never did anything in rush.i don’t know he had God-like character.the one who knows everthing but watches and does the wisest action.
    the second character i like,is president.he is so calm.but feeling guilty inside and just holds back his tears and sadness.he is not that kind to his children in outside but so kind and patient inside.

  602. 602 : sara Says:

    congeratulation guys.our takgu drama is in the list.keep commenting.we should raise the comments.thanks guys

  603. 603 : lovejoo Says:

    @chichaloca… i never say NO to more friends.. so sure 🙂

  604. 604 : Lyda Says:

    @chichaloca:oh no problem!i don’t mad at u just abt this! @kimchilee:ya~i did watch that ep!it was quite good!in the end of ep,takgu looks very confident!cos his father has given him e.thing(stockholder docuements…)n next ep he’ll meet his mother!oh my god! m so happy!i’ve been waiting4this scene 4 a long time.abt drama big fish ,m going2 love it!

  605. 605 : sara Says:

    you watched last night episode?it was so good.if you watched it,what ‘s you idea about kim tak gu ‘s entering the house after 14 years?

  606. 606 : [email protected] Says:

    hi girls im still watcing kim tak go on kbs world she so late ihope the and happy and comaoooh saraneh

  607. 607 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Lyda.. ya.. I love it when Takgu enter the house.. so confident and next week episode, we can see how he is going to run the company.. so interesting .. I love it when KTG answered back everyone who gave him shit.. he will always throw shit back at them! Oh how Majun is going to hate him even more to learn that he is going to be acting president..

    Hi Chichacola, no.. we not forget you ..

    Hi Dragon.. welcome to the website here.. hope you will enjoy this drama as much as we do.. !

    @Sara – I think in this drama, they make everyone quite pitiful and why they became very pitiful. Majun’s mother – no love from President, the President – no love from wife, the evil assistant – no love from Majun’s mother, KTG – lost the mother at such young age, KTG’s mother- bore the guilt of thinking KTG died for 14 years.. Majun-the most pitiful of all, have to bear the burden of knowing he is not the President’s son, Eugene – got beaten by the father all her young life. I think the most happiest ones in this drama are the family from Palbong Bakery!

  608. 608 : kimchilee Says:

    I am so upset and angry now! after watching all the episodes up till Ep 29, the last Episode 30 cannot be watched now as it said it is under copyright act by KBSi. What the heck? We have already watched almost the whole series and now they want to claim the last episode for copyright act???!! where else can i watch this besides at Mysoju via Youtube?

  609. 609 : lovejoo Says:

    i love when everyone now talk about the same thing. everyone agrees about the same thing. it keeps us together and it makes the drama looks so good and so lovely. dont you agree?. we should talk more about the drama it self and the roles ofcourse . I liked those first episodes. when everyone was a child and I loved her most who had Shin Yoo Kyung role as a child. she is so talented and she was from Dae jan geum. and also “majun as a child he had so much anger in his eyes even then. but I have not seen him hwo had tak gu’s role as a child before? anyone knows wich drama he has acted in. and lets stop fight

    thanks everyone.

  610. 610 : jo Says:

    Did you try dramastyle. They are up and running the last time i saw it. If not we will just tell the ending. ITs a happy ending for every one. I love Eugene in this last part drama where she lashed out with Majun and then later on they reconcile. She is really a good and talented actress. So far she superexceeded my expectations of her acting. I have been following her since with PYH drama .

  611. 611 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee… you can watch it here


  612. 612 : jo Says:

    I agree with lovejoo. Lets be happy and comment nice words. That makes me wants to visit this thread often. I love it when everyone is just friendly and accomodates others opinion. I for one will control myself in commenting more of my fav actress which is obvious. What can i do , i only watch her drama and nobody else. I guess , i will try to watch other drama for a change. Cause frankly, i don’t know anybody else actors and actresss except Eugene and his leading man. Their name is also hard to remember and pronounce. Thanks everyone for updates and making this thread alive and kicking.

  613. 613 : lovejoo Says:

    @jo… thank you. have you any other drama to watch after kim tak gu? cuse i know one. its also a family drama. its about a husband hwo cheat on his wife the name of drama is all about marrige or will you marry me. i recomend this drama cuse i watch it now and its pretty good but not as goo as this wonderfull drama..

  614. 614 : kimchilee Says:

    @lovejoo.. so finally we agree on something.. wasnt it fun while we “fight” for our rights..? it wasnt so bad.. just different likes and dislikes and dont take it so personally. It is just us being silly children who has nothing better to do than to come to this website to fight over silly things.. but still.. it was quite fun..dont you agree?

    But THANK YOU very much for the website.. I will watch it from there! and then tell you more about Eugene! hahaha! sorry.. just kidding.. or maybe not.. depending on how it ends… dont be mad ya? Fans of Eugene cannot stop talking about her lah. I will actually talk more of KTG bec I like him the most.

    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  615. 615 : lovejoo Says:

    @sara.. dear sara it was the best ep of them all. he is so good and what i love most about him is his wonderfull heart he dosnt hate anyone. and in the end he told majun that he is the older brother no matter what and he didnt hate majun becoze he took tak gus first love he just acted normal. and that evryone was happy after all.

  616. 616 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Jo – ya.. i dont really know the other actors except Eugene and LYA.. I’ve seen LYA’s father acting as My Girlfriend is a Gangster (that movie very funny).. other than these, the rest are pretty new.

    Majun has been in the industry for quite some time but I think after his acting here, he will also succeed in other dramas .. i can only see him acting as another villain though.. he has a talent for that look.. that frown, that anger, that hatred in his eyes.. so damn good acting! And KTG, he is also new.. he will sure gain more recognition for his superb role here.

    I will try dramastyle if Lovejoo’s site dont work. Thanks! you have a nice weekend too!! 🙂

  617. 617 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee .. i agree i was actully fun when we fight.. but lets stop. hihi. you are welcome and enjoy the las ep. and no no i want you guys to talk more about Eugene like i mention before i want to start like her. so if you start talk about her dramas and the best rolls of her then maybe we will start to love like you did. i said before that eun hye s fans made her look so lovely thats why i love her now. so maybe if you do the same hwo knows maybe i will also talk about her more that you guys do now. but i still dont like to fight. hehe
    thank you and same to you.

  618. 618 : jo Says:

    @lovejoo and Kimchilee. My mom loves Eun Hye because of her drama Goong. My mom is watching Smile you. Is that good?. My brother send it to her by mail. I have not watch it cause i have not heard about it.

    Ladies, do you know where is Kim Rae Won? Is he still in the military.?The last drama i have seen him is Which star are you from?

    AT baker king drama. I do not quiet understand why Majun mom was not put in prison. She is the accomplice of the crime to her husband mother? She should also be handcuffed with the president assistant. Nobody is above the law.

    by the way, Do you know they just handcuffed Lindsay Lohan because she failed the drug test and probation after her released. Sad actress. She is really hooked to drugs. I hope she will learned something while in prison.

  619. 619 : kimchilee Says:

    LoveJooooooooo… i just finished watching the last episode!!! it is soooo wonderful!! Perfect ending and the best ending in a korean series i’ve ever ever seen so far!! In the end, I am so glad for Majun and Eugene to find happiness together at last, and the eldest sister got her wish to be President too after all her patience. I can also pity Majun’s real father.. he did everything for him and yet still did not get Majun’s love. Majun really acted so well towards the end I am so glad he found happiness in the end.

    I just wish that both Majun and Eugene should have explained to KTG why they got together as KTG did not know what both of them have gone through and why Eugene left him for Majun.. they owed him an explanation.

    In all, I have to say sorry to LYA fans here but truly, when i see KTG with LYA together, not bec I dont like her but both KTG and LYA still look like brother and sister to me..as you can see at the end, even when they got together, their conversation was still awkward, holding hands was just that and leaning on KTG’s shoulder was also just that.. no chemistry but more brotherly love.. thank goodness KTG did not kiss LYA or i would have felt truly awkward!! Does anyone feel the same here??

    I really cannot feel KTG’s love for her there.. but like he told LYA, the heart is not like a switch where you can just turn on or off someone you loved before.. woww.. what a speech!! so true.. our KTG, forever steadfast and true!! I love this drama I cant wait to buy the DVD.

    Thanx LoveJoo and Jo as well that I got to watch this beautiful final episode..!! For those who are still watching.. please continue as the ending part gets more exciting and still the best part of the whole drama!!

  620. 620 : jo Says:

    @ Kimchilee. I agree with you, Its so awkward if KTG will kiss LYA. Good they have not kiss each other or it will look so funny or awkward. Anyway, their friendship will develop to love and it will take time of course. Majun and Eugene really has a good ending. THey deserve to be happy too. Majun will take care of Eugene and will take her to places. There is also chemistry between the two of them. It still end up good even though most of us are against it but as usual the writer well crafted the speech that made us change our mind about the two of them. Well done. This is the reason why we love korean drama than others. Their intelligence in writing is excellent in my opinion. So now we can all sleep and discussed what wrong and whats right with the drama.

  621. 621 : lovejoo Says:

    did the website i gave you work? so good. I also love the end of the drama because everyone was so happy and I smiled in every scene I saw happines.

    nothing against LYA but i would also apologize for LYA fans I did not see any chemistry between them either. all I saw was the sibling love. it was so cold between them.Actually I was disappointed because there was no kiss or hug at the end but everyone was happy. I was so happy for majun for he finds true love and I think he had every right to be happy because he went through much hardship. He saw the difficulty as a child when he knew that the prisedenten was not his real father. so I felt sorry for him. and I think he’s a very good actor. and i almost cried when i saw the scene between majun and tak gu. they were like real brothers.

  622. 622 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Jo.. I sooo agree with you that the incredible writers made us change our minds about Majun and Eugene together. Yeah.. those 2 did have chemistry at last.

    After all the breadmaking in this drama, I wonder if they all dont get sick of eating bread in the end!! hahaha! but it does inspire me to want to learn baking bread and buns.

    Kudos to all the writers! even the songs are so addictive!!! Now I can go and sleep and dream of KTG with Eugene in Part 2.. hehehe…

  623. 623 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Lovejoo, yes.. I love the scene when Majun cried his heart out with Takgu by his side and yet he did not tell Takgu why he cried so hard.. he kept his feelings very well and we could feel his pain.

    Its a good thing KTG did not hug LYA.. see it is even so awkward for him to hug her.. i remember last night scene at KBS world showing LYA’s grandfather just passed away and she sat and cried in front of his picture. KTG came in and saw her crying so hard and I thought he was going to hug her but he just put his hand on her shoulder.. see .. usually, other drama would have made the actor who loved the girl hug her at that sad stage but they just made KTG put his hand there..no hug. So cannot feel KTG for LYA at all.

    Well thanks again for introducing that website to me.. it was clearer too! goodnite and sweet dreams!

    @LyDA, sweet dreams to you too! 🙂

  624. 624 : jo Says:

    Good night??What time is it in their? Its 3:35 pm in our time here. anyway, good afternoon to all drama viewers. Hope your drama in life is not as bad as Kim tak goo. Lets have all enjoy the journey of our life. Que Sera, sera according to Mily Cyrus.

  625. 625 : sara Says:

    you are right.they are all pitiful.but majun is the worst one.at first i thought he was somehow like yeom moon character in “emperor of the sea”.and ’cause i loved him so much in that drama,i coulden’t hate nor love majun.i think they are somehow complicated and have internal conflicts.both of them wants to be good but they can’t.both wants to be loved,but their loved one falls for the other man.but there is something in majun that causes i don’t love him as i loved yeon moon.and that is his pitifulness.he is so pitiful and sometimes that much childish and stupid that you feel sorry for him.but i can’t hate him neither.because i think he is not as shallow as cliche negative evil characters we always have seen.so i just pitty for him.what ‘s your idea?
    what’s your idea about majun?

  626. 626 : lovejoo Says:

    @ sara… actually I think he’s pretty hot. haha. but his role in this drama made him look like an evil and hateful person. He was very selfish. but it was his mother’s fault that made him rude. He got everything he wanted as a child and his mother took always his side infornt of the elder . he was not interested in bread, but his mother wanted him to take over the company. and everything became more difficult when he find out that his real father was the servant and that his grandmother died in front of him because of him. & the killers were his real parents.. so his life wasnt easy. but he always did fight for what he wanted and sometimes he won. forexempel he did win eugene s heart at the end.. right?

  627. 627 : jo Says:

    The story will be boring without any villain actors and actress. What i like in most korean drama is that the villain are usually the hero or the third party are usually the one who makes all the sacrifices example in wonderful life lee jihoon is the third party and he is my hero in that drama. Creating destiny his other admirer is also the my hero, save the last dance and also the really love you.

  628. 628 : kimchilee Says:

    Good Morning LoveJoo and Jo, must be night time now for both of you there..
    I agree totally, Majun is a character you cannot ignore. You hate but like him at times but he himself made it painful for him. Did you both know he is a good singer? he sang in one of the songs in KTG. I am just glad the writers made him good in the end and also, no one dies in the drama bec it is always the case with Korean dramas, someone always dies in the end. But this one, the writers really ended the story well.

  629. 629 : Lyda Says:

    @Kimchilee&Chichaloca: Ya~!~~Takgu looks very very great in that scene!!! and I can’t wait to watch the next ep next week!! and one more thing I want to tell u that I like Lee Soo Kyung so much since she played in a seri called Secret Agent Miss Oh/Call of Country. Have u ever seen or watched it? Hum~~~I think u have not right?!! if so, u should watch that drama!! it is a very fantastic drama. It shows most of the time about high technology of inveestigation( by this I mean using computers,…..)

  630. 630 : chichaloca Says:

    wow kimchilee u had see the ending..so fast.hehe..i want to wait to see the ending on kbs world bcause my internet connection was quite slow for me to watch it via internet.even thought i’m dying to see the ending..

    hey u guys like parody video..there are one parody video that had made up for this drama.This parody video has been making the rounds, which mashes up the plot of two KBS hit dramas this year, Cinderella’s Sister and Baker King Kim Tak-gu. so funny..for those who miss kim takgu..here we go:


  631. 631 : chichaloca Says:

    sorry no subtitle..but at least u can see the parody video..bfore this i had seen the parody video that act by 2 pm for the drama u ur beutiful and cinderella stepsister 🙂

  632. 632 : chichaloca Says:

    lyda yes i know u love her since she play in my country [email protected] secret agents miss ohh..so u can’t miss daemul..hehe

  633. 633 : sara Says:

    right.but he always chooses the wrong way for getting what he wants.he does every thing on the basis of his hatred for tak gu.he thinks takgu has stolen every thing from him.but it ‘s not like it.i jus feel sorry for him.cause he has inferiority complex.he is exactly opposite of takgu.i havn’t watched the ending and just till episode 24 from kbs world.i don’t know how he changes as story process.is there any change at all in his character?have you watched all episodes?can some body tell me the answer about majun?

  634. 634 : Lyda Says:

    @Chichaloca: ya~~!!I do love her!!! hahah~~thanks for understand clearly about me/my heart. And I will definately watch it. And u do u like her?and will u watch this Big Fish/Dae Mul?

  635. 635 : lovejoo Says:

    @sara .. Actually no, I cheated and skipped a few EP . hihi. because I really wanted to see the end so I do not know how majun changed. but iam glad that he changed in the ned. cuse i liked him

  636. 636 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee…hello. I am also pleased that majun became a better person. because I did not hate him. I could not just but I confess that I disliked him in some ep because he behaved like a children. and in the end they look so good together with Eugene.

    and yes I have also heard him sing, I have also heard TKG but I thought more about majun’s voice sounds much better.

    and where are you from?

  637. 637 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Lyda – no I have not watch Secret Agent Ms Oh.. I only watch Korean dramas usually not bec of the actress but more to who the hero is.. if he is someone I like only then I will watch.. hehehe.. I may watch Dae Mul only bec my favourite actor is there, Kwon Sang Woo. But if the storyline is lousy or I see no chemistry, then I will stop watching it like I did in Bad Love or Cinderella Man.

    @Chichacola.. ya..I’ve actually watched most parts of the series and followed it to the end. And the ending is the best.. Majun’s character became very forgiveable in the end bec you will pity him the most. Even Eugene became good and found love with Majun. You could try watching the website that LoveJoo recommended.. it is easier to watch from there than in MySoju. But I will still come back to this website to comment as it is easier. Enjoy it!! its truly a beautiful drama and beautifully written script.

  638. 638 : lovejoo Says:

    Actually I liked this drama because everything was perfect. and one thing I really liked was that it was no ajussi in it. I mean that in korean drama usually the girl call the guy ajussi and I must say that I do not like it. and in this drama they called each other their own names. and that there was a happy ending for everyone. 🙂

  639. 639 : sara Says:

    how mujun chagnes at the end?i really want to know.i expected him to call takgu older brother.i haven’t watched the ending,but i wish there would be such a scene.

  640. 640 : lovejoo Says:

    @sara..they act like brothers Actually. majun tells KTG that they are not brothers, but TG says he should say so and that they are brothers no matter what.. that was really touching and a very beautiful scene. i just love that scene

  641. 641 : lovejoo Says:

    @ sara. sorry my misstake

    but TG says he should NOT say so and that they are brothers no matter what.. i forgot to wirte [not]

  642. 642 : Swastika Says:

    Wow i like this drama bread love and dreams, i dont know why i glue on the tv, if this drama started, evry wednesday and thursday, i love the story how nice all the character, i like to watch until the last episode 30, but i am traveling before end of october, i will miss the last episode, if someone see the last episode, could you at least recaps the last episode thanks and more power to cast, and director, writer have a nice day…

  643. 643 : sara Says:

    @love joo
    thanks for answering my question dear.but i hoped majun called himolder brother.what a waste writer.you should made majun do it.

  644. 644 : lovejoo Says:

    hi if you read those last comments its all about the last ep. and also you can watch the drama on this website .
    enjoy it

  645. 645 : lovejoo Says:

    why have you stopped with comments? come on lets make this drama to the top with our comments..

  646. 646 : lovejoo Says:

    today is Yoon Si-yoon birthday. congratulation Yoon Si-yoon shii

  647. 647 : sara Says:

    really?today is his birthday?oh.happy birthday super cute yoon shi yoon.maybe all guys are tired of commenting

  648. 648 : jo Says:

    @ Kimchilee..I wonder if Eugene has any plans for new drama?

  649. 649 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Everyone! Perhaps you all could go to Shi Yoon’s website to wish him well too bec his website is sadly has so few fans.

  650. 650 : Swastika Says:

    Thanks lovejoo, you are very nice, hope you have a nice day ahead of you…

  651. 651 : chichaloca Says:

    kimchilee: tq dear 🙂 i will cont watching this wednesday

    lyda: i will looking for it.since we did not have sbs channel so i have to watch it via my soju or youtube 🙂

  652. 652 : chichaloca Says:

    one more thing lyda did u watch daemul thriller yet?. i did watch it just now via u tube..i not really like the heroin..i just like kwan sang woo since he play in stairway to heaven and bout ur feveret actress Lee Soo Kyung, she become a villain character in this drama.she play a second heroin 🙂

  653. 653 : kimchilee Says:

    @chichaloca – Hi! I also agree with you I do not like the heroine in Daemul.. just as some here who do not like Eugene or LYA.. so, some like some no like.. it does not matter as long as we like the hero! hahaha! I love Kwon Sang Woo.. but i always hated his pairings with heroines.. so far, none really suits him except Lee Bo Young, the girl who acted in the Ballad of Seo Dong.. Both acted in the movie, A love Sadder than Sadness. They were pretty good together!

    Coming back to this KTG drama, I really wish the writers would at least wrote the script for Eugene or Majun to explain to KTG why Eugene ended with Majun. Its not fair to see Eugene leaving KTG for Majun without letting him know how bad the mother was to her that made her became like that. that’s the only dissatisfied part of the story here.

  654. 654 : lovejoo Says:

    yes they should explain why. they owe him an explanation. it was too much for TG that his first love left him for his brother. without telling him why. he would understand if they gave him an explanation. but in the end because of his wonderful heart, it was forgotten. He did not speak to his brother about why he took his girlfriend from him. that side of him was so great that he was a wonderful person and forgave other.. dont you agree?

  655. 655 : sara Says:

    i just can’t sympathize with majun’s mother.she is so pitiful,cuz her husband doen’t love her.but it seems she has inferiority complex and wants to get what she wants,whatever it takes.so cocky and hateful.i can’t feel her love for majun.she just thinks about her own benefits

  656. 656 : sara Says:

    takgu’s mother is kind and lovely.sometimes she shows how brave she is and how much she loves her son.but i don’t understand if she has loved president before his marriage?she can sacrifies herself for her son and unlike insook never seeks her own benefits.i think till ep.24 her best scene is when she tells president she can’t forget the past and when he holds her hand,doesn’t pay attention and goes.i think this scene shows how determined she is

  657. 657 : sara Says:

    but there’s something in this drama that i want to critisize.both wife and husband betray each other.but it seems the drama makes the feeling that the man has’t done anything wrong,but the woman has committed an unforgivable sin.while both of them do the wrong thing

  658. 658 : co Says:

    iam so so happy cuse eugene and tak gu didnt end up together, she was like a older sister to him. YAY soooooooooooo happppppy

  659. 659 : chichaloca Says:

    yes..meby i\’m not looking for that drama since i dont love the heroin and the drama like a political drama..so, i will leaves it and start to watch sungkyunwan scandal after gumiho-tale of fox chill wrap up. u should try it too because the hero is mickey from dbsk and the heroin is park min young from i am sam.she such a cute girl 🙂

    and for our drama kim takgu..i just wonder there is any other famous drama that was created by the pd or the scriptwriter..can someone tell me if u know 🙂

  660. 660 : chichaloca Says:

    @co i agree with u sometime eugene look like an older sister for kim takgu..but i happy if the end up together because she is his first love……

  661. 661 : chichaloca Says:

    i love to see lee yoong ah is dis photo..loke beautiful and matured

    link here

  662. 662 : kimchilee Says:

    @Sara, those days, men get away with what they do, take mistresses like nobody cares.. even till this day, men are still doing it and no one blames them, dont yu know that? Even the KINGS from those days till today also do that.. mistresses, concubines.. this world is so unfair isnt it? It is more acceptable for those rich or famous men in the olden days to have mistresses esp if their wives cannot give birth to sons.

    @chichaloca, you can also try watching an old drama called Green Rose.. very nice too.

  663. 663 : sara Says:

    you are right.it ‘s unfair.in this drama takgu is so lovely that you can’t help loveing him.he is so sweet and diligent.writer protrays him in a waty that as if his father has done the right thing to have him.but majun is so pitiful.miserable,cocky and sneaky.as if he never should have been born.i think this is one of the weak points of this drama

  664. 664 : Lyda Says:

    @chichaloca:yes of course I did!i did watch the thriller of this drama n I watch it again n again4nearly a hundred times already!n0my0my0look0only4Lee0Soo0Kyung0haha~u can say m so crazy abt her bt I must admit that I really her. Anyway,thank u4 staying by my side bcos u said u will watch this drama with me althought u n me don’t have SBS channel. Thanks!:-Dn have u no yet wat 2NE1 released new songs?i really like those new songs esp the song called Clap your hands!

  665. 665 : chichaloca Says:

    as usual i cried buckets when i see this drama..today’s episode 25..make me fell proud of takgu..see how determine he is when he want to act as his father proxy.pity of him when i see he sacrificed to stay at his father workshop..i hate goo family…also his elder sister…

    i know that drama..played by goo so and lee da hae right..i’m not watched it yet..gonna try it someday..it is melodrama??

    i dunno…the current song that i like now is madonna song by female group..”scarlet”..hehe

  666. 666 : sara Says:

    today ‘s episode/25 was really exellent.we could see a new image of takgu.ha always was diligent and sweet.but today ‘s episode showed how resposible and intelliget he can be.for 2 years he was protected by palbong family and now he wants to protect others.this is a new and more mature image of takgu that i loved so much.i love the way this boy is growing up in this drama

  667. 667 : sara Says:

    the same here.i hate his sisters too. i do’t know what role they play in this drama?there would be no diffrent,even if they were not in the drama.i don’t know what’s the gole of their existance

  668. 668 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Chichaloca.. yes.. acted by Go Soo and Da Hae.. its a love story, suspense and revenge… good ending too.

    Sara, I agree, the sisters are like shadows in background especially the younger sister who earlier had a role in introducing Eugene into the family but after that, she is practically non existence. Both sisters are like decorative items in the family but towards the end, at least they made the eldest sister someone important.

    KTG is simply a nice and inspiring person who speak the right things all the time.. the writers are good.

  669. 669 : Princess Yul Says:

    anyone had watched the final apisode???…im wondering if TG and YG be together at the end…so sad if they not together…they love each other so much…(=__=)…..i had skipped this week episode…but will catch back this sunday…Love Yun si Yun forever…heheeeeeeeeee

  670. 670 : Kelly Hoang Says:

    same, i like TG and YK so much, i can\’t remember how many times i cried when i watch their scenes , do you guys remember what YK said to MJ why she didn\’t come to TG although she love TG? she said she don\’t want TG know that in fact she\’s not good…
    omg, i think they will keep each other in their heart deeply!
    TG & YK forever !!!!!!!!!

  671. 671 : kimchilee Says:

    Princess Yul.. obviously you have not been following the numerous emails here where we all fought over Eugene with Majun.. there were alot of protest who Eugene ended up with and sadly, she ended up with Majun. However, you will come to like both of them together at the end as the writers were very witty in ending this wonderful drama. Our hearts broke when KTG did not end with Eugene but the writers made us understand why Eugene ended with Majun bec Majun really did love her in the end.

    Enjoy! 🙂

  672. 672 : Lyda Says:

    @Kimchilee: I see that the one who give alot of comments to this drama’s page is u Kimchilee!!! M so proud of u!!! I want to give u a big medal for this job!!! this is silimar to me. I discussed alot with my close friend( nickname called Agent Wee) in Secret agent Miss oh page. that time, I felt like it was so fun, this page is also like that! epecially I have known serveral good friends like u, Kimchille, Chichaloca, n others like sara, ok, lovejoo… that I never have a chance to talk to them. Sorry! If I have time, I will talk to u na.
    @Chichaloca: oh about that song, Ma mi ya~~x3 m going to tell u a secret, a u ready? Ma Ma Ma Madonna Madonna Madonna,…I really like that song and that group too!! their previous songs that I no are Magic, and I want u back!
    Talking about this takgu last nite ep 25, I hate Shin Yoo Kyung very much!she acts so agressive to Takgu! Everytime Takgu ask about her, she always said this is a workplace no time for private business,….so frustrated!!and m very curious about tonight! who will be the winner? Takgu or Majun????so nervous for them. And Takgu’s mother comes to the company to meet him.

  673. 673 : Lyda Says:

    @Chichaloca: anyway, u don’t no 2NE1 group? y? they a so famous group!

  674. 674 : mihomiho Says:

    i want to watch this…..

  675. 675 : Martins Says:

    And Eugene fans keep acting like they are some moral authority here who think since they don’t see chemistry between LYA-YSY will make other people cry. You don’t see any chemistry between them ? Good but they ended together. You can’t change nothing…What is this uneducated way of trating LYA as a subwoman compared to Eugene ? And they keep trashing this thread with their biased comments…

  676. 676 : sara Says:

    yeah ep.26 was good but not as much as ep.25.although it had some exellent moments.in my opinion one of he best moments was when takgu told majun that he should make yu kyung happy.what a romantic and sacrifying sentence.it was so good of takgu to just think bout what his love wants and his statement made majun so angry and jealouse.i love the way takgu is growing up in every episode.and the moment when his mother saw him after many years was so impressive

  677. 677 : lovejoo Says:

    i dont know why, but i still come back here to see the comments,,

    hi guys how are you doing?

  678. 678 : Tilney Says:

    Even the drama ended now but i’m still missing it. I miss Tak Goo, Yoon Kyung and Ma Joon. Definitely one of my fave K-drama with a great story line and excellent casts.

  679. 679 : eugene Says:

    I miss them now.They are so great in this drama.

  680. 680 : eugene Says:

    After watching this drama, I pity Ma Joon’s mother. She did many things but she ended up of losing everything. Her son turned against her. At the end, Tak Goo’s father told her, she can either stay in the house or leave. If she wants to leave, he will let her go. If she decides to stay, he won’t bother her. I just felt sad for her. Of course, Ma Joon’s mother did a great job in this show. I love everything about it.

  681. 681 : Hilda Says:

    Love this drama! Excellent storyline and director. The cast is good too! I can’t wait everyday going home to watch it. Love the boy who plays Tak Goo, he’s very cute and acts well too!

  682. 682 : kimchilee Says:

    @sara, you shld wait till a scene where Takgu got so fed up with Majun after the way he treated Eugene. He had a heart to heart talk with Majun inside the Palbong bakery.. that was one of the best scene too!!

    @lovejoo.. hi.. we miss each other’s comments, that’s why we kept coming back.. ya.. miss the “fighting” over Eugene.. hahaha..

    @Eugene.. yes.. i pity the mother too.. she is a great and elegant actress.. sophisticated and beautiful.. actually, she did not really kill the President’s mother.. she had wanted to help but the evil assistant stopped her.. so she suffered from that day on..

    how I miss watching it now..I cant wait for the DVD to be in the market so that I can watch it again!!

  683. 683 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee ..
    you are right we miss each others comments, but i actully dont miss the fights, did you know that majuns mother steps out of character… sad she is a very good acterss.

    @Martin.. i know that you are a fan of lya, we didint mean anything bad or we have nothing against lya but she still has much to learn and we didnt see any chemistry betwen them , sorry for saying that but we did not see it. she only can act cute maybe she will get better with year. and iam not fan of any of those acterss.

  684. 684 : mie Says:

    love this drama,

    kim tak goo,you’re very cute. love u :*

    ma jun, you are so cool.

  685. 685 : indah Says:

    cerita yang sungguh menarik namun sangat disayangkan kenapa yu kyung tidak jadi bersama tak goo

  686. 686 : eugene Says:

    This drama is one of my fav. K-dramas of 2010 with a great story line and excellent casts.

  687. 687 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Lovejoo! Majun’s mother is a wonderful actress! Those who can act as bad and cruel are great actors as they can really make you hate or dislike them.. just like Majun.. but glad they make him good in the end.

    Wah.. you still remember Martin hah? its ok if he does not like anyone or like anyone..but I still dont like the way he call fans of Eugene here. He is worst than Majun. hehe..

  688. 688 : chichaloca Says:

    wah martin is coming back..hehehe
    love u guys coz keep commented on this page.let’s make this drama to the top of the most commented drama..fighting!!

  689. 689 : lovejoo Says:

    hello kimchilee

    I havent talked to \’martin earlier and i dont know anything about his past comments. but I recently saw a coment from him. it was about us who wrote about LYA and TG\’s relationship, that we did not see any romance betwen them. Martin was against it. and I explained just how we thought hope he understands, he is a big fan of LYA and i cant help but say how i feel and see things. you know me ,, hehe

  690. 690 : eugene Says:

    Ma Joon’s mother is elegant and beautiful. I really like her. She did an excellent job in BKKTG. One of the candidates for KBS Daesang. Can it be possible?

  691. 691 : chichaloca Says:

    eugene: agree with you..she will get an award!!

  692. 692 : roy99 Says:

    this is what i want!!
    i really like it!!
    i think this is the BEST drama for 2010!!

  693. 693 : roy99 Says:

    this drama BKKTG better than you’re beautiful…

  694. 694 : eugene Says:

    Yes, I agree with all of you. The best out of the best

  695. 695 : kimchilee Says:

    Agree with all of you.. best of the best 2010! Majun’s mother should win award for best villain and actress! KTG shld win award for best inspiring and new comer award.

    @roy99 – You’re Beautiful drama – I dont really like it.. the acting there are all either over exaggerated (the actress) or quite stiff..the feeling is like they are acting only bec they are acting. the only natural one is Jeremy (no offence to those who like this drama)

    In KTG, you can feel for their characters bec their acting is so great that you felt that they are the story itself.. i dont know how to describe it though, its like you can feel for the characters when you see good acting.

  696. 696 : rhoda Says:

    the best k-drama of 2010! i hope it’ll be shown also here in the philippines.. i love the good-natured character of Kim Tak-gu, and the story line of the drama. Mabuhay

  697. 697 : ms. jgs Says:

    @ kimchie #695
    If you don’t like the actress don’t say anything bad about her
    For me she portrays her role at her best.

  698. 698 : Diah Says:

    Dear Lyda and Agent Wee..how r you..? Still remembe me? 🙂

  699. 699 : connie Says:

    For Ma Joon’s mother, if she can’t win KBS Daesang, at least she should get Top Excellent award because she was so good of performing her role as a villain in the drama

  700. 700 : connie Says:

    Many people like You are beautiful. Honestly, i’m not really like that drama. The casts, i feel like they were disconnecting to their roles. As a boy band group, why was always and only JGS sing while his singing skill could match with LHK? To be honest, I haven’t seen JYH singing in the drama except he sang the song with guitar. That drama was quite exaggerated than it supposed to be. Make sure that i’m not offending anyone here

  701. 701 : kimchilee Says:

    @Ms JGS,

    Ah! I see that I’ve offended a fan of You’re Beautiful.. my apologies..maybe you shld read again what i said. i did not say i dislike the actress.. only her ACTING in that drama. I prefer her natural acting in Stairways to Heaven and Tree to Heaven. At least she don’t pout her lips so much or walk or run so childishly and unnaturally like in You’re Beautiful. If you can’t see her over exaggerated acting in that drama, nothing wrong with that too. Your opinion against mine, that’s all.

    Perhaps she would have acted better if she had taken the role of LYA in Baker King here. This drama would have been even more popular.

  702. 702 : lovejoo Says:

    i agrre with thóse hwo say that this drama is better than you are beutifull i like park shin hye, but not in you are beutifull. cuse she act so childish and i dont like childish love, and i totaly agrre with kimchilee , i also prefer natural acting instaid for acting cute or childish, but i still love park shin hye cuse she reminds me of eun hye,

  703. 703 : kimchilee Says:

    @lovejoo.. I also agree with you.

    To add to my comments on Shin Hye’s acting in You’re Beautiful, she is already so cute itself so she need not over react her cuteness .. maybe her acting requires her to act cute in You’re Beautiful but to over exaggerate on one’s cuteness can kill the act itself.

    Anyway, i still like her nonetheless. I wish to see more of her in future.
    (pssst.. i still wish she had taken up LYA’s role!!) :p

  704. 704 : Lyda Says:

    @Diah:yes I still remember u!m fine.u?!agent wee didn’t come2this page!do u watch this drama?wat u think abt it?like or don’t like?

  705. 705 : chichaloca Says:


    lyda guess wat?? sbs channel had come to my country..but i need to subscribe it to my tv package that i already had because the channel is chargeable.it’s was known as 1S (SBS) huhu..i need to ask for my mom approval to subscribe this channel cos i’m not working yet..

  706. 706 : chichaloca Says:

    i also agree that dis drama is better than u ur beautiful..i’m not really like park shin hye in dis drama…Yoon Eun Hye act better than her as a boy in coffee prince..don’t get mad ar..does not mean i hate her.i’m still love her in tree in heaven and stairway to heaven…let’s make this drama on the of the most commented drama after u ur beautiful.and we can together enjoys it to the fullest!!!

  707. 707 : jo Says:

    My wish is that Eugene will paired up with Kwon Sang Woo or Kim Rae Woo. all actors she paired with becames popular like Ji Sung, PArk yong ha, lee jihoon. She needs to be paired with already popular actor instead of helping some new comers actors.

  708. 708 : Diah Says:

    Hi Lyda.
    Glad u still remember me..
    I love it very much…..chaiyook Takguya… 🙂
    and Joo Won, he brought his carecter well till I really hate Gu Majun him… he3x… to Gu majun fans…bianne yo…. :p

  709. 709 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee ..
    yeah she would totaly get this drama to the top if she got LYA s role. this drama would get more fans. she would look so good with TK and she act much better, and also short hair suite her alot.

    but why didnt she take the role? cuse there was rumors that she was going to act in this drama as the main role,

  710. 710 : kimchilee Says:

    @Lovejoo.. really? Shin Hye taking the role as lead actress initially? well, good thing she did not.. i cannot imagine her in Eugene’s role. She is better suited in LYA’s role.. she has that cheery look that KTG would love.. sigh.. if only.. anyway, no use wishing for it now.. lets hope she gets to pair up with KTG.. at least she may have chemistry with KTG ..

  711. 711 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee… there u missunderstod me, i meant she was going to take lya s role not eugenes , that what i heard. oh right my bad eugene has the main role here. i should have explain better sorry

  712. 712 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi LoveJoo..sorry for the misunderstanding! 🙂

    Hi Lyda / Chichaloca – hope both of you are doing well!

    Hi OK.. where are you..? Hope you are well..

  713. 713 : chichaloca Says:

    hai kimchilee

    hope u doing well 2 🙂 god bless..hehe
    erm..u watch Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child.last nite was the last episode…for me,it one of kbs best drama for 2010..the ending was really sad,,no one alive at the end accept a little child..cho ok..u should try it..
    and next week sungkyunwan scandal will be start airing..i’m going to watch it.how bout u kim and also u love joo??

    and back to our takgu..tonite takgu going to meet his mother right??can’t wait.i guess my eyes will burst into tears..huhu

  714. 714 : sara Says:

    hi all.last night i saw entertainment weeky from kbsworld and there was an interview with our cuttie kim tak gu/yoon shi yoon.it ‘s so obvious that how kim takgu ‘s role has affected his life.or mayebe his character is so similar to tagku that he could play the role that good.he was so humble thet makes you surperized.a lot of people were gathered to see him even boys screemed for him.he said he had grown up with his grandparents and in a country village.the most intersting thing was the footage they showed from when he was a high schooler.i can’t say how damn cute he has been back then.he said his eyes weren’t beautiful and he wished to be taller.he mentioned sin sekyung(not sure about spelling)as his ideal woman among all actresses he has played opposite them

  715. 715 : lovejoo Says:

    kimchilee .. its oki 😉

    well sara i think TK and SSK were a pair in High Kick Through the Roof

  716. 716 : lovejoo Says:

    @sara ..
    hi sis whats going on in lee seung ki s page, i cant wirte any comments anymore, do you have the same problem?

  717. 717 : kimchilee Says:

    oh nooooo! just when i missed entertainment weekly, they had to feature him! aaaghh.. heart pain.. they do not have repeats for entertainment weekly..

    yes.. KTG will finally meet his mother.. rather sad..

  718. 718 : chichaloca Says:

    sara: really..seem interesting

    kimchilee: thet didi not repeat intertainment weekly.in my country they repeat it this evening.i;m going to watch it 😛

  719. 719 : Abbie Says:

    Love the scene where Euguen had a heart to heart talk with Majun and explained why she loves takgoo and but agreed to marry Majun. she once thought that she could find happiness with him but… he turned out to be a “rotton jerk”. It was the turning point for the last couple final episodes.

  720. 720 : chichaloca Says:

    abbie when the since came??it is tonite on episode 28??

  721. 721 : chichaloca Says:

    i mean the scene..hehe

  722. 722 : Abbie Says:

    I can’t remember exactly which episode was that but this was after Eugene married Majun. if i’m not wrong, it would be epi 28 or 29. i will get back to you a bit later when i’m home. i’ll let you know the exact episode.

  723. 723 : Abbie Says:

    If you take a look at the pictures were posted on this website, where Eugene meet Majun’s mother in the restaurant at the hotel( eugene was sitting down, Majun stand behind her and his mother in front of her) where Eugene wear a white top and a red skirt , that is where the scene took place( just a moment, right after Majun’s mother leave).

  724. 724 : chichaloca Says:

    i see..thanx abbie..i had watched it just now.now i got y eugene wants to married majun..and for the moment takgu met up with her mother..i really touch my deeply heart 🙁 erm, wait for next week which is final week!

  725. 725 : lovejoo Says:

    hi. have you guys watched Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea yet?

  726. 726 : sara Says:

    episode 28.i really was hoping for some positive developement in majun character.i think i ‘m dissapointed at him being changed.he is still annoying,hatefull and gealous and it is episode 28.how the writer wnts to change him in just 2 episode?i don’t know.and why there ‘s no development in takgu and misun ‘s relationship,this too makes me dissapointed.and then,i don’t know why i fee this drama should have been at least 36 to show the characters better?.i ‘m so looking forward for the 2 next episodes.i hope they answer all my questions

    yeah sis.but it resolved today
    he was relly awsome.you had to see the look on his face after seeing that much fans.he was completely lost.he didn’t know what to do.but he looked so down to earth.you can’t help love this sweetie

  727. 727 : sara Says:

    sorry for my mistakes.i edit it as follow
    can’t love/can’t loving
    looking forward for/to

  728. 728 : kimchilee Says:

    aaaarrgghhh… sara… my heart is aching for missing that sweetie face of him looking at his fans in awe.. aarrhh…

    oh.. in the short 2 episodes, you can see Majun change to be a better man.. but not much development with Takgu and LYA,.. he still treating LYA like a sister to me.. he even told LYA that his heart is not like a switch where you can just turn off loving one person and turn on loving another.. so dont miss that last 2 episodes ya.. its the nicest part of the whole series..

  729. 729 : Lyda Says:

    Haha I notice that Majun has a chance2kiss yokyung4many times bt4Takgu can only once!haha so unfair4him.maybe he1some more as well!last ep 27,majun had a nice kissing scene with yokyung.did u all c it?they sleep together n which majun hold her tightly!after he talk2her,he kiss her…bt in ep28 he turn2b a bad man.wedding hasn’t finished yet he goes2the bar,kiss the girls there n bring her2the hotel where he stay…that’s unbelieveable of his behaviour!!

  730. 730 : chichaloca Says:

    kimchilee 🙁 i’ll also missed intertainment weekly yesterday.i forgot bout that and when i turn on the tv, the interview had passed by..oh miss out my takguya!!

    lovejoo: erm, haru??not yet..there are big stars in there right..i watch the making of it tru intertainment weekly while ago..and it seem interesting..the objective is to promote korean tourism.(correct me if i’m wrong)

  731. 731 : Abbie Says:

    @ 729- Lyda
    yeah, i love that scene too, where Majun holds Eugene in his arms soothing her through that difficult time. I was happy to see that Eugene and Majun were able to find comfort in each other. and at least once in her life time, Eugene actually has someone who care and love her.

  732. 732 : Lyda Says:

    @abbie:really?!u saw that scene too?it was great!i mean the kissing!i12experience that too haha just kidding maybe i’ll feel thrill if I do that…
    @chichaloca:i torn on KBS world by chance yesterday n saw d interview with Takgu on the street!wow!it was amazing!suprising!if I were there,i’d kiss n hold him tightly…they celebrated his birthday there too!n the MC asked him many things including the time he joint in golden bell competition…i nearly don’t believe that untill I saw it by my own eyes bcos s’o here used2tell me abt this too bt I don’t really believe.now I do.he looked so [email protected] time.haha next week this drama will come2an end!still i1this [email protected]!

  733. 733 : kimchilee Says:

    Lyda! I miss the interview of Takgu on the streets!!!??? aaaaaaaaarrhhh! how come KBS do not repeat entertainment weekly!!

    Yes.. i saw that scene where Majun kissed Eugene.. so touching.. he turned bad bec when during the wedding, he was hurt when Eugene stopped for a long time before saying “I do” during the wedding vow. He asked Eugene whether she was still thinking of Takgu at that time.. so he was hurt when Eugene did not answer him I think.. but later.. you can see Takgu so angry with him for drinking and not taking care of Eugene. You will see Takgu beat him and gave him very good brotherly advise.. that scene was the most nicest of all.. bec Majun finally showed his true feelings what he had been hiding inside him all the years.. he cried in front of Takgu!! so nice.. you must never missed that scene ok?

  734. 734 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee: oh really?!yes don’t worry!i’ll not miss the last two esp!!!it’s gonna b so great!bt how abt his work?will he success?hehe I think so!abt d interview, don’t b so upset!try2search in youtube maybe it’s available there!good luck!

  735. 735 : chichaloca Says:

    i wondered why kbs world in your country did not repeat i/w.the exact day for i/w in my country was on Monday nite.and the repeat is on Thursday evening 🙂

    so envy of u maa.yes together we watch the final episode..

  736. 736 : chichaloca Says:

    who’s intend to go to korea..let visit this place..here wre go..hehe


  737. 737 : lovejoo Says:

    @chichaloca.. yeah its kind like it i mean what i got of that drama wich is more like a short movie is if you take the train in korean you may have the chance to meet the charmy kim bum and do strange things with stranger, and alo eta icecream. but i like the bigbang part most, ohh TOP i just love him, he is so hot

  738. 738 : lovejoo Says:

    @chichaloca ….and also eat ice cream. my bad sorry

  739. 739 : Lyda Says:

    @chichaloca:y?!y envy me?!abt wat?n hay i12tell u that in the interview,d MC also asked him2sing one song of this drama that’s is That person,kim sarang!wow! I like his voice very much!it’s so sweet!

  740. 740 : Lyda Says:

    Do u notice in the drama,they always call takgu when they angry with him that “ya kim takgu nor!”in interview no the street they also make fun abt this phrase.kim takgu nor!majun nor!

  741. 741 : Lyda Says:

    N one more thing is That d MC asked him2sing!n he sung the song in this drama that is That person or kim sarang.wow!his voice is so sweet!i really it very much!
    Abt places in kr,i think there isn’t exciting or nice places2visit!new ad by 2pm with the song called Fly high show that kr doesn’t has beautiful places 2 go wat they show is just a shopping centers!any counties in the world also has…bt I like that song hehe fly2seoul again again~

  742. 742 : Lyda Says:

    Oh n I saw there is another korean channel that is available that’s MBC!how abt u guys?

  743. 743 : chichaloca Says:

    lovejoo: i’m will looking for that later.i love kim bum in bof..hehe.he’s cute
    lyda:really, takgu sang that song.wow,i should try and find it in u tube..
    erm,about the new channel.my country don not reach mbc channel yet.we just have SBS channel which is know as 1S.but i need to subscribe it feed to get the channel.i guest if i had sbs i dunno to choose which channel i could watch coz kbs and sbs always came up with a good drama..erm,,i also get information that beside my country sbs channel also will come to other asean country and so on..so just wait..

  744. 744 : chichaloca Says:

    sory for the typing error..hehe

  745. 745 : chichaloca Says:

    How do I love this drama. Let me count the ways.

    1. Your hero is cute and adorable
    2.Your actors and actress are damn cool
    3. Your story is touchable
    4.Your scenes made me cry buckets
    5.Your breads made me starving
    6. Your song made me fly to sky especially the “Hope that doesn’t sleep”
    7. And for takgu u do crazy thing but then u recover with the cute!!

  746. 746 : Lyda Says:

    @chichaloca:u have sbs channel so u can watch drama big fish!i c that it starts playing already right?have u seen it yet?n I c that mbc is not good as kbs.

  747. 747 : chichaloca Says:

    lyda: i dont subscribe it yet..first at all i have to subscribe it first to package that i already have..it is not free channel..hehe.but my cousin had already sbscribe it.she told me big fish not be premiered coz they still premier my gf is a gumiho.after the drama fnish the big fish will be take over.the concept also same like kbs channel.we left several episode from korea..hehe.i believe it will reach your country soon.don’t fget to sbscribe it..hehehe

  748. 748 : Lyda Says:

    So it mean that u’ve2subscribe it first b4 have the channel that u like?if so it’s different frm my country.in here I just pay4the cable TV fee then I have e.channels!

  749. 749 : lamia Says:

    is it good drama?

  750. 750 : chichaloca Says:

    lamia:much watch drama.u should try it out (,”)

  751. 751 : Abbie Says:

    good is not enough to describe this drama, it’s excellent in all aspects. it is a MUST watch drama.

  752. 752 : kimchilee Says:

    Abbie.. i agree.. i agree.. 🙂

  753. 753 : marzi Says:

    i like this drama too i miss for this film espically for takko

  754. 754 : Jena Says:

    I’m so glad that takgoo end up with Mi Sun. A fine ending i could tell. Awaiting for Yoon Shi Yoon’s and Lee Young Ah’s next drama.

  755. 755 : Jena Says:

    @kimchilee, in my opinion LYA is the best cast for Yang Mi Sun. this drama already popular, its the cast that is one of main factor. And i’m still keen on this drama because i love LYA’s interaction with Tak Goo.

  756. 756 : sos Says:

    @Jena .. hi me and my friends hwo used to be eugene fans are also sooooo happy for mi sun and tak gu, we dont like eugene anymore after what she did to tak gu. she showed that only bad roles suit her cuse she did a very good job as the bad woman, how could she do that to tak gu? ans also she have more unti fans now than ever,

  757. 757 : kimchilee Says:

    @Jena.. here we go again.. need I say more.. LYA is just like a little sister to Takgu.. besides, Takgu never openly declare his love for her.. he even had a hard time hugging her.. never kissed her (which I am so glad).. LYA can only be a sister to KTG .. All of you must know why Eugene become bad.. havent you all been following the story??

    My only frustration with this story is the writers missed out this one crucial part of the story and that is, they failed to make Eugene explained to KTG why she and Majun got together.. why they purposely got together bec of what the mother did to her.. why it was in the beginning like that. that’s my only frustration about the show .. KTG deserves to be explained why he was treated as such.

    Still, KTG is the best .. he is still true to Eugene just like he told LYA that his heart is not like a switch where you can turn it off or on and fall for someone else so fast.. so that is why I say.. KTG is not yet ready for LYA.

    I Hope there is a part II.. KTG can fall for someone else.

  758. 758 : Lydia (Gamza Lover) Says:

    hey! the rating is really high!!! woah! must watch this!!!!

  759. 759 : sos Says:

    @kimchilee.. with all respect..
    iam going crazy about those empety talking, what is that supose to mean? i mean that eugene did that only bcz ma juns mom treated her bad?OH NO she did that cuse she was crazy about money and power i mean WHY is it so hard to understand? her past should have make her stronger and she should have chosen love instaid of money she should have learnd somthing from her past not make any misstakes. she even distroy ma jun poor majun he was blind for loving her.

    and if there is part 2 the only girl tak gu will fall for wich he has already is LYA. so forget about eugene cuse all she did was distroy tak gu. and she lost tak gu forever. so the winer is LYA… YAY.

    once again i have nothing against eugene fans , cuse i use to be one of you, but what i saw in this drama was the real real eugene, and if you watched again or think about it iam sure you will agree with me.

    and sorry ig i begin harsh…

  760. 760 : Abbie Says:

    to SOS 756
    You dislike Eugene because of her excellence performance in a role of a villain girl? Does it make sense to what you’re saying? It is understandable if you dislike her role, or her character in the Drama, but frankly to speak, you dislike because she was able to shake off her cuteness and innocent to be become a fierce and rebellion character in a drama? That is very childish of you SOS. These only show that she is a great actress. That is called “ACTING” SOS.

  761. 761 : Abbie Says:

    @ 759 SOS
    Since you said that you’re sorry for being “harsh”.
    Then you won’t mind if I speak to you in an honest and somewhat harshly manner. .
    Before I jump into conclusion, I want to ask you a few questions

    Do you watch this with English subtitle? Is it credible translation?
    Do you have problem to understand English? Or your thinking process is questionable.
    Did you reach to the final episode?

    Please answer those questions and I will tell you ‘Why it is so hard to understand?”

  762. 762 : Abbie Says:

    kimchilee I agreed with you…. “here we go again… “. LOL. We have an age limit on drinking and driving, should we propose to establish an age limit on internet usage because childish comments have gotten to my nerve. haha

  763. 763 : chichaloca Says:

    at first i love eugene to be with takgu..but when i see she betrayed her love to takgu because of majun mother i start to her.i mean her character.so, finally i just let takgu together with misun even tough at first i object both of them to bcome couple.

  764. 764 : Abbie Says:

    the Director and Screen writer did a great job. i had the same thought too. I used to dislike the wickedness character of Majun and thought he would not be a good fit for Yoo Kyung. however, from Chapter 27 to the final episode, my view has changed, Yoo Kyung and Majun is a much better couple. it was like two broken hearts beat in the same rhythm and two wounded birds find comfort within each others, They have great chemistry together.

    regardless of my changed of heart, i still don’t see the chemistry in ktg and misun.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joo Won (majun) takes leading roles in the near future dramas.

  765. 765 : Lyda Says:

    To nite it’ll b ep 29 n 30 tomorrow!!then it’s finish!!!wat else should v watch?!i just saw d drama plays on M&Tue is good!it’s a traditional kr drama call wat s…scandal…in the drama the girl makes up as a boy…

  766. 766 : kimchilee Says:

    hi Abbie, wow.. you do sound harsh.. haha.. but I guess SOS do not understand that Eugene did it just bec of the mother.. if she had been greedy, she would have left Majun and go back to KTG since he became president.. but she stayed by Majun till the end.

    No..the writers did not really do a good job.. like i said before, they forgot to let Eugene or Majun explained to KtG why they were together.. that is the saddest part I feel for KTG, lost Eugene to Majun without knowing why .. and the director who chose LYA made a mistake.. they shld have chosen Shin Hye instead .. too bad she dropped out.. even the eldest sister would have been better suited for KtG.

  767. 767 : sos Says:

    ´@Abbie .. let me ask you one ques.

    did eugene diserve tak gu? did she?
    and yeas i saw every ep of it and with eng sub

  768. 768 : kimchilee Says:

    SOS.. of course.. of course .. Eugene deserves Takgu..! what a silly thing to ask.

  769. 769 : sos Says:

    @kimchilee … what? she left him and still dose deserve him? how come? she left him for money.
    and why do you hate LYA so much, she can act and the prof for that is golden bride she did a great job and she learned vietnamis and acted like an vietnamis girl. i dont say dislike eugene but why hate LYA when she havnt done anything wrong? it wasnt her faul that the director chose her

  770. 770 : sara Says:

    ep.29.wow.exellent scene.majun finally showed his real self.he showed that side of himself,he always was trying hard to hide behind that arrogant mask.he just cried like crazy and for the first time in the drama i felt they are brothers and really felt sorry for him.he was really really pthetic.
    “i want to protect my TWO sons from you”
    what a line president said.i love it.he accepted majun as his son as well.i wish majun could hear what president said.

  771. 771 : sara Says:

    oh dear drama,you ‘re going to end.we lived with you for months.i ‘m really going to miss you.can Rain fill your void takgu-yah?

  772. 772 : chichaloca Says:

    morning guys!!
    I’m happy rather sad when i watched episode 29 last nite.Finally, the dirty plot or mr han and in sook had been revealed. I’m also glad to see majun and takgu talked heart to heart. Make me understand why yu geong came to majun life and she became the gift for majun loneliness life. Lastly, i love to see taksu smile when he bringing out his head out of the car window.Really2 cute~.tonite is the final, i’m going to miss all the scene and the cast of dis drama.

  773. 773 : chichaloca Says:


    i also watch monday and tuesday drama.syunkyunwan scandal..
    the concept of the stry is quite similar to hana kimi.japanese drama.

  774. 774 : Abbie Says:

    ahhh, the more i watch this drama, the cuter Majun got. i would pick Majun over ktg in a split second…. you’re too “dang” cute majun…. ah.. my heart was racing whenever i saw him …. have anyone watch the special interview on Baker King, KTG… it is a MUST watch too…. i couldn’t stop laughing… too funny.

    Majun and Yoo Kyung will make beautiful kids, both of them are drop dead gorgeous. Their smiles are to kill for. …. heart taking sighhhhh

    SOS, i have one suggestion for you, go back and “study” this drama again, pause if you must, try to read word by word… and please read between the lines (to find the hidden meanings). then you may not have such questions.

  775. 775 : nee-ann Says:

    from the 1st i saw the drama i know ktg will end up with lya cause whenever ktg having a trouble lya always on his side not eugene….

  776. 776 : Abbie Says:

    hi kimchilee
    For this one i disagreed with you. i think director and screen writer did a very good job. i don’t find the needs for Yoo Kyung to explain her decision to KGT. Something better left unsaid though. Remember the scene where Yoo Kyung met KTG in the office before the wedding day and this is what she told him, ….. “I will never forget you (KTG), and Forever you will be in my heart and I’m eternally being greatful to you, KTG…. ” then they hugged and cried ( this isn’t the exact phrase, I tried my best… to jog it down)

  777. 777 : chichaloca Says:

    this is the link where u guys can download baker kim takgu special


    U can see Yoon Shi Yoon sings his song “Only You” from the OST live.Kimchilee u must watch this since we both cannot see yoon shi yoon sang this song in intertainment weekly.

  778. 778 : chichaloca Says:

    yes i agreed with u abbie.the phrase had show that Takgu always in YK heart..

  779. 779 : Butter Says:

    Before I watch this drama BBKTG, i already knew that Yang Mi Sun will end up with KTG BECAUSE its a real life story. NOBODY can change it. Which ever actress act as Yang Mi Sun will surely end up with KTG.

  780. 780 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Abbie,
    oh ya.. I forgot about that scene..quite sad too when they hugged each other.. maybe you are right.. some things are better left unsaid..

    Chichaloca, thanks for the clips of the singing by Yoon shi.. aigooo.. so nice..

    Tonight will be the last series.. i cant bring myself to watch it bec of how it ends.. I have watched the ending over this website but will not watch it on KBS world .. Lyda.. I am sure you will be watching it.. ! how are you my friend?

    Butter, of course we know history cannot be changed.. we are just wishing that someone else play the role of LYA, that’s all.

  781. 781 : Abbie Says:

    kimchilee just to ease some of your anxiety, i like to let you know that there is no kissing scene between gtk and Misun. lol. you are too funny. I’m just happy that Majun and Eugene together. they are perfect together.

  782. 782 : sos Says:

    poor majun.. and yay for lya and tkg. no matter what you do and what you say the winer is LYA hahaha. and eugene iam afraid if you hang ur self on majun in real life cuse that is sooo you, hanging on the guy after each drama so cheap eew. majun is younger so you are like a older sis to him, eave him alone

  783. 783 : lala Says:

    dont you guys think that Eugene has a big nose? ugly.
    and Mi sun is so cute. TG need someone hwo is there for him not someone hwo runs after money,. if she really love TG like you say she would go back to him but like she said she is tooo bad wow . so why dont you guys give up already Eugene said it her self that she is to bad and that she need someone hwo is as bad as her. that all i have hope you get the situation.

    And ya sos she is very cheap . i mean having relationship with every actor you play a drama with is very ……. iam sure everyone look down on her now in korea. SO SHE SHOULD GO BACK WHERE SHE COME FROM. CUSE SHE HAVE BEEN DATING EVERYONE NOW AND THAT WATH SHE WANTED

  784. 784 : sara Says:

    finally.episode 30
    everything fell back to its place.shadows of
    sadness faded away and dream came true with love and bread.thesymbole of misery(the bracelet)returend to its owner and all majun ‘s miseries ended and he begun traveling the symbole of hi being free of disappointment,darkness and inferiority complex.he could smile and i could like him after 29 episodes.yeah,he can be sweet too.
    takgu has grwon to a mature,protective man from a hopeless,lonely boy.he even can help majun’s mother.i love all these developments in these two boys characters

  785. 785 : sara Says:

    and this is my prediction for the awards this
    drama will recieve in KBS 2010 drama awards

    1.the most popular actor:yoon si yoon
    2.the best newcomer actor:joo won
    3.the best supportive role male actor:Jun Kwang Ryul and Jung Sung Mo
    4.the best supportive role female actor:Jun Mi Sun
    5.the most popular drama of the year

  786. 786 : glitzy Says:

    i watch this drama from the start to the end WITHOUT SKIPPING!! no boring scene like the other korean dramas.i didn’t even blink my eyes afraid that i would missed a single line of the script!! and the script has no nonsense at all! Great story, loving it!! I hope this drama will win great awards.

  787. 787 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Everyone.. yes.. perfect ending to the character development of KTG and Majun.. well said Sara.

    Yes Abbie.. the writers somehow made us like Majun back in just 1 last episode alone.. really felt relieved for him. And Eugene, well, she can also finally be at peace with her past and with Majun.

    KTG.. i am hoping for a Part II where you will meet someone else.. and this time, not according to history but the writers own imagination for another chapter of his life.

  788. 788 : jo Says:

    Eugene is a famous and the best actress in Korea and all Asia. We will continue to watch her drama and movie. People just so jealous of her talent that they took it personal to cricize. Personally, we can criticize the acting but not their personal life. None of us even see her in person. so how can we critize her personal life. Anyway, i just stop by to read latest comments and so dissappointed to read some ugly statements. Anyway, enjoy.

  789. 789 : kd Says:

    I think because of my age I start to watch and understand a drama from different view. Every character has their own life with different personality and way of thinking just like us. So, I did not totally adore the protagonist (e.g Tak Goo) until I must hate the antagonist who make him sad (e.g Ma Jun, Yu Kyung, Seo In Sook). I had to confess that these 3 characters (Ma Jun, Yu Kyung, Seo In Sook) are the one who keep me watching this drama, not tak goo, mi sun or his mom as their story is not appeal to me as I can expect that in the end he would be a king of baking, reunited with his mom and together with mi sun at the end.
    I agree with Jeon In-hwa’s answer in her interview “What fun would it be if there were only young, handsome male characters like Tak-goo?” Haha… This is that interview: http://www.hancinema.net/actress-steps-out-of-character-25240.html

    Anyway, this is some of their projects after baker king:
    (Joo Won, Jun Kwang Ryul, Eugene)

    @ sos & lala
    Hope you happy with what you are doing

  790. 790 : Eugene's fan Says:

    SOS & Lala

    Why I don’t like LYA

    You FORCE me to say this bcoz u all like to ask why we don’t like LYA. This is MY opinion & I believe that SOME of them think the same way too but they “try” not to be too “harsh”. But you or LYA’s fan keep asking & asking until I fed up – Don’t speak out also cannot.

    1) To me, LYA can’t act well. (Even you tell me Golden Bride ratings is good) – what i can say is there are other factors to consider too to make this drama rating high – eg great performance from male lead actor & 2nd lead actor actress. Ajumas & ahjoshi & other actors & the storyline) I can also tell you if LYA didn’t act in GB – the rating might be even higher – sounds harsh ???

    My standard on the actors’ & actresses’ performance are very high so as not to waste my time watching their drama.

    2) I don’t like LYA face (I might like her in future if somehow somewhere what she does that makes me likes her).

    I don’t care what actors or actresses do in their personal life because we don’t see them in person & it won’t affect my life at all as some said.
    None of our business.

    If Eugene can date so many different guy, that means she is an attractive person enough to attract. You think men are stupid or blind – they have no eyes to see for themselves?

    KTG & Majun going after Eugene in this drama sounds logic. Imagine if KTG & Majun going after LYA ???

    Lala – You said her nose is big -ugly – wow then its beautiful to me – How i wish I can look exactly like her. I’m too afraid to go under knife – if not I will tell my plastic surgeon – I want to look like Eugene.

    SOS – You said LYA is a winner in this drama becoz she ends up with KTG. LYA ends up with KTG is because Eugene choose Majun. If Eugene also give up Majun, I don’t think Majun want to go dating with you also. I think Men still prefer older girls like Eugene than you.

    If you have followed this drama news :
    BEFORE, DURING & AFTER this drama introduction – You will realised that in the BEGINNING, Eugene’s name is AFTER LYA (that is where many Eugene’s fan makes lots of guessing whether she will end up with KTG or not – becoz the placing of an actor or actress names in the introduction page tells a person popularity or the importance of a role)

    Whereas DURING this drama – Eugene’s name has been reshuffled to 2nd, just after KTG (Yoon Shi Yoon’s name) – Eugene’s name could have been placed 1st but this is the true life story of KTG – that is why his name is placed in the 1st position.
    Pls refer page 20 – number 488 – KD’s comment. KD didn’t realise that Eugene’s name is after LYA’s name before Eugene in the beginning of the drama’s introduction. (I have taken notes of these dramas news very closely before the drama starts airing)

    The shuffling of Eugene’s name to 2nds tells us that Eugene’s is STILL or EVEN MORE POPULAR than before even she acted as a rebellious lady. Eugene had earned her popularity through her superb performance again – not just a pretty face.

    Where is LYA’s name now??????

    If you have time please read thru all the comments starting from No. 1

  791. 791 : Abbie Says:

    Being in the entertainment business is already stressful; please give them a break by leaving their personal life alone. Many actors and actresses committed suicide due this type of Netizens. Lala and SOS, if you have nothing good to say, then just zip it. Celebrities are human too, they have flesh and blood. What did they do with their lives and their decision, stay away from their closet. Why keep on sticking your noses into their personal business. They are not your slave, and they don’t have to live up to your standard. And personally, from the way you talk, you sound even cheaper. So stop badmouthing, it only makes you look filthier.

  792. 792 : kd Says:

    I did realize about shifting position of the order of their name but I think it is not important so did not mention about that before. Before the drama started, I always go to Eugene’s fan Café (before they completely shut it off to non members) and views some of her fan from China said that her Chinese fans did not like about her taking villain role and asking if she is the heroin, and her Korean fan said yes. But they also did not know why her name came after LYA. But then after sometimes, the order is changing to the 2nd one.

    If we want to compare who more popular in Korea; of course its goes to Eugene. We can see it from her projects during and after Baker King. This is some of them:
    MC for Get it Beauty (Olive TV) – 14/07/2010 till now.
    Hello TV magazine
    August issue of High Cut Magazine.
    Cosmopolitan Magazine
    October edition of “My Wedding”
    October issue of High Cut Magazine.
    Sorry not really know about LYA so ‘Lala’ maybe you can write it down here to make a better comparison to prove your statement @783 “I am sure everyone look down on her now in Korea.” If LYA have triple or even double projects more than Eugene’s than your statement may be considered as true.

    About her personal life, I don’t think she’s dating all her co star. It is so absurd. So, does it means, after the drama ended, she must completely cut off relationship with her co stars? Cannot befriend with them? If their relationship is good means she dates them? If the fans just hoping for that like between her and Ji Sung (STLD), Lee Min Ki (RRLY), Ki Tae Young (CD) then is it her fault? It’s so ridiculous of you antifan… I think it is the same about the other actress/actors also after their drama. The fans just hoping for them to date in real life, such as Rain and SHG (Full House), YEH and JJH (Goong), LDW and LDH (My Girl) and many other drama couples; where the fans just creates rumors about their relationship in order to make it reality. Then, is it actor/actress fault when it didn’t really happen?

    About the ending of the drama, I like it but I have a question. Why did KTG still using the cap from Yu Kyung? Did they forget about it or something?? Anyway I like Yu Kyung with Ma Jun way better than with Tak Gu. Haha…

  793. 793 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee:yes f/d m fine!thanks4asking abt me!i did watch the final ep last nite!vov!it was great!takgu n majun looks good together.they don’t argue with each other anymore haha…n the relationship btw KG N LYA just show in d end oh my god!bt i’d say e.thing is good!n i12ask u that wat will u watch next?tell me!

  794. 794 : sos Says:

    @Eugene..i actully asked kimchillee that ques. hmmm you are exposed. you are the same person with kimchilee. arnt you? oh my GOD. wow cant belive it

  795. 795 : sos Says:

    hahaha you are right lala she dose have a big nose. hahaha soooooooooooo damn ugly

  796. 796 : sos Says:


  797. 797 : chichaloca Says:

    hai abbie,sara,lovejoe,lyda and kimchilee

    i can’t believe my feveret kim takgu had finish..huhu.
    thanx mr director, u make such a great ending..to kimchilee, after watched final episode last nite, i’m still felt that takgu and lya just like brother and sister.i’m still want him end up with eugene.but wat can i say.bcos it based from the true story.otherwise, i’m still ok takgu with misun.happy for them. and for majun and yugeoung they suit each other and i love the last scene of them.look so sweet together at the field 🙂 i going to miss dis drama 🙁

  798. 798 : kimchilee Says:

    SOS and LALA…Oh GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD MOUTH RUBBISH.. you better mean it when you said goodbye.. ! Me & Eugene same person!?? Then I’d say you and that stinky mouth Martin are the same.. Good Riddance to 3 of you..!!

  799. 799 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Lyda/Abbie/Lovejoo/Sara/Chicaloca..

    I am so going to miss all of you who have strongly supported this drama .. and go through all the insults and happiness alike by supporting Eugene and KTG .. yes.. we will definitely miss this drama bec we got together for this..

    I am watching Shining Inheritance or Brilliant Legacy, depending on what it is called in your country.. it is also quite nice… at the same time, I am watching DONG YI. It is a historical drama if that appeals to some of you. I love all the children in DOng Yi bec they are such great actress. I also wish the main actress Han Hye Jo could star in LYA’s role too.. hehehe..

  800. 800 : chichaloca Says:

    don’t worry i will keep coming here.hope u guys too.that bcoz i really adore this drama and i want to make dis drama the most commented comment over u are beautiful.hehe.erm.i already watch brillian legacy 2 month ago.my freind had downloaded it for me.the drama also been aired in my country last 2 month i guess 🙂 yes, one of the best drama.but i like liove,bread and dream most.hehe.i also love Han Hye Jo.i love to see her acting in spring waltz.

  801. 801 : chichaloca Says:

    interview with yun syi yoon


  802. 802 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Chichaloca

    Ah.. ya.. Bread Love and Dreams.. I’ve been listening to the 2 main songs everyday that even when i switched off the music.. I keep hearing it in my mind.. even the songs are so nice.. very catchy..

    I came across Han Hye Jo acting in a movie with some Japanese guy.. erm.. Postman or something..you can find that movie in Dramacrazy website.. have you seen her in Dong Yi.. ? she also look so good and her acting superb. Spring Waltz? Is it a good story.. ?

  803. 803 : lovejoo Says:

    pleae read this …. specilay made for eugene fans.. i would be gratefull if you did. thank you

    hey guys, I sincerely apologize because I have not been able to be here and write more often. but I’m working nonstop and I miss you so much that you can not imagine how. you know that I am your friend even though we have fought and have not had a good time together for the first time we talked but I like you very much.

    and I came in again today and I happened to read the horrible reviews. hey come on you can not be violated by nasty comments. I mean the hell with those who write that kind of orders. which themselves deserve. SOS you should be ashamed for being so full in the mouth, and here there is no room for people like you. so the hell with you. and you play two roles here. I do not know what to say about it. it is terribly childish. ugh

    I know that many eugene fans are surprised by my orders, but I swear these words are from my heart. I now know how it feels when someone speaks ill of one’s favorite star. for it happened to me a few days ago. someone wrote a comment that hurt. I think I now understand all eugene fans that you love her and is at her side as I love my biggest star KIM HYUN JOO. I love her and you should love your star like everyone else and you have every right to it. I apologize if I have offended you in any way. I DID NOT MEAN THAT

  804. 804 : lovejoo Says:

    @KD .. when I saw the SOS’s comment that she / he is the same person with (telling truth). I found no such name on this page so I tried on TG, LYA, MAJUN and eugene page. I saw that you had written about me being the horrible person who called sos. how can you write that? it was so wrong of you. why me? I’m not the only one who is Eugene non-fans. and what I believe I have not been as hard on you guys and eugene. if you read a bit back here and you’ll see that there are many who write worse much worse for the difference from my comments.

    so I would really like you to explain why me?

  805. 805 : lovejoo Says:

    sorry guys my english is not so good. hihi. so be patient with me.. thnx

  806. 806 : kd Says:

    Sorry if ‘telling truth’ and you are different person. I asked that question because his/her name have the same url with you ‘http://lovejoo’. Maybe she/he just using the same one and I’m just guessing that. Maybe you should ask her/him why she/he use the same url as you and made the others mistaken you. Sorry once again.

  807. 807 : lovejoo Says:

    @kd… OH my God. i really didnt know that. you have to belive me, iam sure she or he did that cuse iam also one of non-fans of eugene. you all guys have to belive me. i dont do such a thing. and i didnt like the comments she or he left here and on eugene fans site. but ofcorse i will ask that B…… why do such a thing. sorry i didnt watch the url at all.

  808. 808 : chichaloca Says:

    hai back kimchilee

    yes i also keep hearing for the song.u have all the soundtrack list?

    erm, back to the drama spring waltz.believe me it one of a good drama to be watch beside the hero is also handsome.u know Seo Do Young?? and the second hero also. i’m sure u know him.he is Daniel Henney. try check it out dear~

  809. 809 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi LoveJoo,
    its good to hear from you again.. does not matter really, whether we fought over who before or even in future but it is all over who likes who better. But it does not mean hate or stupid as some insensitive people here wrote. Calling those who like an actor or actress stupid or whatever circumstances that made us like that star is like inviting more nasty remarks.

    Anyway, hope to see you in one of the drama websites one day where we can still have some healthy disagreements over some issues in the drama.. it was fun.

  810. 810 : kimchilee Says:

    hi chichaloca! yes .. i will definitely check out spring waltz since you said the hero is handsome!! hahaha! thanks!

  811. 811 : kimchilee Says:

    oh.. I dont have all the soundtrack list but i only like that particular 2 songs, Ki Saram and Love in a Dream that Never Dies.. 2 of the best. I have listened to the rest and they are not as engrossing as these 2.

    I am looking for the soundtrack of Dong Yi.. any idea where?

  812. 812 : tim Says:


  813. 813 : sonnyunara Says:

    only the parts with Kim Tak Goo in it are interesting. I\’m only watching this drama for him, and am disappointed that he ends up with Misun because Tak Goo deserves are pretty girl.

  814. 814 : Abbie Says:

    The downside after finished a great drama is that nothing else can match up. What is the next best drama to watch? can someone recommend?

  815. 815 : ok Says:

    To : Jo & those who are new comer in korean dramas

    Hi Jo, came across yr comment at 612, you mentioned you only know Eugene & his lead actors. I wld like to recommend these nice dramas to u & others who don’t know what nice drama to watch (all these are about 16 to 20 episodes)

    Here are the list of korean dramas which I find worth watching – mostly romance drama – majority with good ending. For Autumn Tale – you need to prepare lots of tissue to wipe off your tears but its one of korean drama big hits. (No. 1 to 5 – all big hits in year 2000)

    1 Winter Sonata – (Bae Yong Jun & Choi Ji Woo) – my very 1st korean drama that got me attracted.
    2 All In (Lee Byung Hun & Song Hyu Gyo & Ji Sung) -LBH – superb actor
    3 Autumn Tale (Song Seung Hun & Song Hye Kyo)
    4 All about EVE (chae Rim & Jang Dong Gun)
    5 Glass Slippers (Kim Ji Ho & Kim Hyun Joo)

    6 Delightful Girl Chunhyang or Sassy Girl Choonhyang (Jae Hee & Han Chae Young)
    7 Only you (Jo Hyun Jae & Han Chae Young)
    8 Full House (Rain & Song Hyu Gyo)
    9 Coffee Prince (YEH & Gong Yi)

    10 Dal Ja’s Spring (Chae Rim & Lee Min Ki)
    11 Air city (Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jung Jae)
    12 Wedding (Jang Nara & Ryu Shi Won)
    – infact 1 of Dong Yi ost is sang by Jang Nara

    There are still many other nice drama (since you hv already watched Eugene’s drama which are all nice to me – so I won’t repeat here)

    If you all like me to recommend others which i hv watched, I can do so

  816. 816 : ok Says:

    Hi Abbie

    After what I uploaded my comment at 815, I then read your comment that you asked anything to recommend.
    You may go thru what I have recommended. Hope you all enjoy it.
    There are still many more nice korean dramas I have watched which I didn’t recommend yet – I need to go thru all the drama title list. I have watched over one hundred of korean dramas but I think still less than 2 hundred.

  817. 817 : ok Says:

    Oh I forgot

    Stairways to Heaven – also nice except the ending. By Kwon Sang Woo & Choi Ji Woo – Worth watching.

  818. 818 : chichaloca Says:

    hey u all.plz someone give me a kiss.i just pass my driving license test this morning.fell like want to screaming out.hehe
    yes kimchilee, i also love the two that u had mentioned:) about dong yi soundtrack, sory i have no idea.

    abbie: i recommended u to watch sungkyunwan scandal on monday- tuesday via kbs world! and one more thing did u love japanese drama, if u do love it, u should try the drama called “buzzer beat”. its really a nice drama about a guy who play basketball and her heroin who play violin.the combination of music and sport.interesting rite??hehe.i recently watch it in my local tv drama.i’m not japanese.if u like to try, try to search it via mysoju,that all 🙂

  819. 819 : chichaloca Says:


    i mean the two song that u had mentioned.

  820. 820 : ok Says:

    Big Hits in 2002 by Jang Nara & other male leads (comedy)

    My Love Patzzi (MBC, 2002) (Starring Kim Jae Won & Kim Rae Won)
    Successful Story of a Bright Girl (SBS, 2002) by Jang Hyuk

    If i go thru the drama list again, I am afraid i will go non stop – there are really really many nice ones

  821. 821 : chichaloca Says:


    yes stairway to heaven is also one of my feveret drama ever.kwang sang woo and choi jin woo make up a good couple.i cried a lot when i watch dis drama.huhu.now, i’m watching the filipino drama remake for stairway to heaven.it also good even though i’ll already know the storyline.

    the others korean drama that i want to recommend are

    1.snow queen plays by hyun bin and song yuri (sad but love to see both of them)

    2.fantasy couple plays by oh jiho sorry i forgot the name of the heroin (funny and interesting)

    3.take care of the young lady (love to see Yoon Eun Hye)

  822. 822 : Abbie Says:

    woah,What a nice list, thanks a bunch to OK and Chichaloca. Yup, i watched all Eugene’s Dramas and Movies. I am currently watching Wonderful Life … for the 204853rd times. hehe, i couldn’t helped it. i sure will go through your list one by one. thanks.

  823. 823 : ok Says:


    Her name is Han Ye Seul – I also forgot her name – she is one of Kimchilee fav actress – I think. BC she always recommend the drama – Will it snow in christmas. ha ha

  824. 824 : peter Says:

    Almost finish watching this k-drama. I must say the characters are good, but I find the story to many loopholes, maybe because the writer wants to make it light than other drama with tragic scenes. The lead actor is good and the young child portraying the kim tak gu is also good. Worth to watch.

  825. 825 : becky Says:

    OMG!!!!! the ending was perfect!!!! usually, most dramas just flop because of their finale(eg. PT)….but this show provided one of the best finale I’ve ever watched in a long time….it ended perfectly, that I couldn’t help myself watching it for the second time….thank you to all the cast members and ppl who are involved in this show…I really hope they win some major awards at the coming KBS Drama Awards… They really deserve it!!! 🙂

  826. 826 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi OK.. welcome back..! been wondering what happen to you.. so glad to see you back with full of recommendations.. haha.. you even remembered I like Han Ye Sul and recommended the drama Will in Snow in Christmas.. well.. she is just one of the few actresses I like.. there is a flaw in the drama Will in Snow for Christmas.. the first half of it was very nice but the second half was a bit weird. Too bad the writers made the story go awry on the second half of it .. otherwise, it would have been a wonderful story.

    I also want to recommend Green Rose to anyone who have not watch this drama yet. I just finished watching Dong Yi and Shining Inheritance.. both are so wonderful. I am watching Temptation of an Angel now.. its quite disturbing to watch it as it is so full of vengeance that drama is.

  827. 827 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Chichaloca.. Kiss! Kiss! kiss! hahaha.. congratulations for passing your driving test. remember to be a good driver!

    I tried watching Spring Waltz but the website is out.. 🙁 tried this website and dramacrazy.. the host website – Tudou.. very slow to download.. it does not download at all.. 🙁

  828. 828 : jo Says:

    @ ok. I have watch some Korean drama like winter sonata and others but i end up skipping them or just watch tid bits. My Mom has a lot of collections korean drama but i just prefers to watch Eugene drama. Since i had watch save the last dance i know she is my fav actress since then,her acting have not dissappoint me ever since especially the wonderful life, i really, really like you, three dad and one mom and creating destiny. With the exception of one drama that i really like . Spring Waltz. Love this drama too. I also watch stairway to heaven but have not finished it cause its sooo sad. I cannot watch those kind of trauma. My mom is an avid fan of korean drama and has dozens of collections but i only prefers to watch Eugene. She is beautiful and talented.

  829. 829 : ok Says:

    I have just repeated this drama – Delightful Girl Choonyhyang because it is acted by one of my fav male lead – Jae Hee. (I also like when he acted in Witch Yoo Hee (witch amusement)

    Both leads put up a very good show – Jae Hee & Han Chae Young. They can bring you into their world be it sad or happy just by their expressions.

    Its a comedy & with good ending. I think I will repeat it in future again. I am not tired to watch them with their superb acting especially Jae Hee.

    I never left this thread. Sometimes I just browse thru without commenting.

    @790 that is exactly what i want to write. BC fed up that “they” keep asking the same question & unscrupulous remarks. Any Eugene fans also can tell them why.
    Till now i did not continue to watch this drama after ep 12 even you all said how good it is.

  830. 830 : Abbie Says:

    i have the same thought with Jo too… i don’t really favor traumatic drama. it rather too sad to absorb, i rather something else that’s meaningful and able to laugh with. life is hard already, i just want to watch something that’s uplifting and entertaining. My knowledge on Korean drama is very limited. I got to know Eugene in Creating Destiny (which is very recently) but i had backtracking to most of her works, including, her first ever drama “loving You” to the latest BK-KTG. I also listened/watched most if not all of her debut as a singer, and her two Music Video… and all the interviews… ect… all those available that i could get my hand on. so you can tell that my one and only favorite actress is Eugene. so I a bit sensitive when people talk down on her. i know a bit about LBH+KTH (IRIS), SHK+HB(the World within/full house), Kim Ha Neul (On Air), Sung Yuri(1Fineday and snow Queen) and Choi Ji woo. I like them all but i wouldn’t say they’re my favorite. they’re talented but i guess you can only have one “favorite” right? i am in the process of watching Spring Waltz. Hope i won’t be disappointed.

    * OK i watched the first few episode of Delightful Girl Choonyhyang too, i like the male lead actor too, but the lead actress wasn’t my cup of tea so i ended up stopped after a few episode.

  831. 831 : chichaloca Says:


    i catch ur kiss.hee.thanx a millions
    why don’t u try mysoju.com

  832. 832 : ok Says:

    @ Abbie

    No, you can have many favourites. I have many favourite korean actors & actresses. But if they match with wrong partner in a drama or the story is uninteresting, I won’t watch it.

  833. 833 : April Says:

    This is an awesome Drama. people should watch this, the way they act seems real and skilled. Love this fantastic drama!!

  834. 834 : ok Says:

    Since you know Lee Byung Hun in IRIS, then you should watch him in ALL IN – he is so stylo in there. I find this drama is much better than IRIS. There are also Ji Sung & Song Hye Kyo in ALL IN drama. Don’t tell me you have not watch Winter Sonata? Its another big hits that everyone wants to know more about South Korea since then.

    I highly recommend these 2 dramas for new korean drama fans.

  835. 835 : Abbie Says:

    No i have not watched either Winter Sonata or All In. since you’re highly recommended, All In will be my project for next week on my days off. Winter Sonata i heard it ‘s a rather sad drama, does it has good ending? I’m a bit hesitant .

    Thanks OK.

  836. 836 : Felix Says:

    @ Abbie
    It is happy ending. Don’t worry about Winter Sonata. Just enjoy watch it. The very first korean drama I watch which leading me to watch another korean drama. Baker King Kim Tak Goo Fighting.

  837. 837 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie. You will love Spring Waltz. I watch it twice. Anyway, Eugene had awards with her Wonderful life and save the last dance. This two drama were really good. I am just like you. I tried to keep myself updated with Eugene’s movements and whereabouts. We are truly an avid fan. My husband already booked me to tour Korea early next year. Hopefully, any Korean reader will give me advice where to tour studios and any beautiful places to visits.

    @ ok. Thanks for the recommendations. Appreciate it.

  838. 838 : kimchilee Says:

    OK.. you must watch Baker King some day, ok? its really really good! superb ending too!

    I am glad you never left this site.. do you like historical drama? if so, go watch Dong Yi.. the child actress is the girl who acted in Gumiho-Revenge of the Foxtail.. she’s really the greatest child actress i’ve seen so far. But the ending of Dong Yi although not a sad one, was too abrupt like all Korean dramas.. so KTG’s ending here is one of the best ending I’ve watched in any Korean drama. There’s also another good one, Kim Soo Rak.. the hero is the one who acted in Saved the Last Dance. I’ve not started watching it yet but there’s good reviews for it.

    I also hope to enlist your technical expertise to ask you for a proper website to download mp3 songs of Dong Yi.. the other day, i went to the 4Player website and tried to download it and my pc was corrupted with virus.. it is still down.. i am using my office computer since .. 🙁

  839. 839 : chichaloca Says:

    Wow, even though our drama had close its curtain, u guys still came to this thread.i’m proud of you guys.keep supporting and be frenz..hehe
    erm, i’m currently watching korean drama “style”.i just reach episode 2..and i’ll love to keep watching.starring ryu shi won and lee jiah 🙂

    and for and back to dis drama.i really can’t wait to see yun syi yoon in new drama.hope he can be the leading actor agains. 🙂

  840. 840 : ok Says:

    Hi Kimchilee

    Hope these got no virus

    Jang Na Ra -(장나라) Dong yi ost – 천애지아 (하늘 끝에 이르는 바람).mp3 (10,848 KB)

    Song by Jang Yoon Jeong (장윤정) ~ Dong Yi (동이) OST Part.3

    There is another one Saprano type – I didn’t come across yet. I also scared of saprano type of song.
    I hv watched Dong Yi till Ep 48 quite sometime ago but at that time all actors want to go on strike bc I heard they hv not been paid & the drama also wanted to extend from 50 ep to don’t know 60 or 70 that I put on brake. I started to watch is bc at 1st they said is 50ep.
    FYI, I preferred Queen Seon Duk & hv finished it. Infact I watched is because of Ko Hyun Jung (Queen Misil) 1of my fav actress. I also don’t really like the other female lead that I hesitate a while but for this drama, she acted as a smart girl – so all turn out not bad. This drama made Kim Nam Gil to stardom. High ratings!

  841. 841 : ok Says:

    Abbie & others who have missed these dramas mentioned below :

    Tell u abt my story how I ended up watching Korean dramas.
    B4 watching Kdramas, my family use 2watch Cantonese drama fm HK since young and its a very popular hobby for us.
    Around yr 2000, when Kdrama just started to get more n more popular, my sisters changed their interests fm HK drama to Kdrama & they watched till 3 to 4 am most of the time even they hv 2 work the next morning.

    I thought KDrama always cry & cry which I don’t like sad drama.
    BC One afternoon, I saw our TV was showing Winter Sonata & Choi Ji Woo was crying in a snow scene at skiing resort.

    My sis even BEG me 2 watch the dvd she own. I was thinking they r all crazy people. I told my sis I don’t like Kdrama bc it always cry & cry even she said its not. But i thought I saw it with my own eyes in the TV & thought she want to trick me into watching it.. At times she will suggest again but i just ignore her.

    3, 4 yrs later, I ran out of HK drama & I tell myself why not try & see how is it bc my sisters hv been enjoying it so much n since the vcd has been lying in my bedroom for so long.
    I was charmed instantly by Choi Ji Woo liveliness bc I thought she only know how to cry. She n Bae Yong Jun acted very well (they can really bring u into their world just by expressions) . Park Yong Ha & all other actors actresses also acted very well. So sad, PYH is gone. (May the angels be with him always)

    Since then, there is no turning back. These top hits you must not miss. All good ending except 3 but still worth to watch. These dramas are so popular that South Korea attracts so many visitors to their drama scene.
    I hv visited SK in year Dec 2004 & hv visited Nami Island (W.sonata popular scene) My family still looking forward to visit S.Korea soonest possible…..
    1 Winter Sonata
    2 All In
    3 Autumn Tale (warning – this is sad but very well known)
    4 All about Eve
    5 Glass Slippers

  842. 842 : ok Says:


    Re BKKTG, I know e ending bc I scan thru e last 2 episode. Still disappointed. (wasted – 1drama acted by Eugene – which i will not b watching for the time being) U & I know e reasons. “I cannot overcome this type of ending/pairing yet” ha ha

    I hv just watched Dae Mul till ep 4 in 1day on Sun. Every episode is interesting & exciting with my fav Ko Hyun Jung & Kwan Sang Woo (This time round, he got KHJ who can act as gd or better than him – not like in Cinderella Man- which i stopped at Ep 10.. Hope its a gd ending. ^.^
    Now watching Snow Queen – this vcd has been in my hse for so many years but put on hold bc I know the female lead will die. (now watching disc 4)

  843. 843 : ok Says:

    Eugene movie which I hv watched – not bad. Both leads are my fav.

  844. 844 : Abbie Says:

    i watched that movie a few months ago. it’s called “heartbreaking library”. i love it very much, it’s a very genuine movie, has a very nice touch to it. One disappointment I had, was the kissing scene in the Library with the Short Hair Eugene as i saw on the Poster but… none ever existed … quite misleading

    Ok, Snow Queen has sad ending but it isn’t a bad ending. worth to see.

  845. 845 : Abbie Says:

    Jo, I’m envy of your future trip to Korean, I’ve been to Korea twice already but only for overnight staying, spent my both times in the hotel. i didn’t care much for Korean drama at that time. it always seem cold and wet, i am regretting right now. Take me along with you, will you? can you? … just joking…no..really take me ha ha .. . would like to visit Korea sometime in the near future…, please update me about your trip and how it goes… I am exciting for you…. You have a wonderful husband there, i can tell.

  846. 846 : roy99 Says:

    BKKTG is a drama in full of suspence!!
    i really like it!!
    i want to watch it twice!!

  847. 847 : mademoiselle M Says:

    Bread, Love and Dreams..

    In my opinion this drama is really good and best story ever, love the actor and actresses..

    I learn a lot of lessons through this film…
    A lot of touchable episodes and really *teary*

    really suggested to watch this drama

    ~~LOVE IT!!

  848. 848 : kimchilee Says:

    OK!! you’re the best.. was quite scared to download at first but the want is more than scared of virus.. hahaha.. luckily it was not corrupted.. I got the first song which I like but not the second one.. will try to look from there to see if i can find the one with the children singing.. the start of Dong Yi’s introductory song. Dong Yi’s drama concluded at episode 60. The ending is rather abrupt. dont like the ending although it did not show you the sad ending. After episode 55 or so.. the story began to get draggy a bit. But watching Han Hye Jo is never boring.

    I was also introduced to K-drama when the TV showed Stairways to Heaven.. i just happened to chance upon it one day and the moment i saw Kwon Sang Woo fell onto the road bec he thought Choi Ji had died of accident.. i was hooked, line and sinker!! since then, i did not look back .. saw great K-dramas but my most memorable ones are just very few which i will watch repeatedly..

    1. Stairways to Heaven
    2. Winter Sonata
    3. Jumong
    4. Green Rose

    Those I like but yet to watch repeats:
    5. 18 year old bride
    6. Saved the last Dance
    7. Sad Love Story
    8. Kingdom of Winds
    9. Hotel (Bae Yong Jun)
    10. All In
    11. Jewel in the Palace

    I’ve heard so much about Autumn Tale.. I will watch it soon. Thank you for the recommendations.. and many thanks again OK for helping me to get the songs I love.

  849. 849 : lovejoo Says:

    @ok…. you also like Glass Slippers? i love it. and thanx to kim hyun joo i start to watch k drama

  850. 850 : JangHee Says:

    I just finished with this drama…it’s really incrediblw..
    I don’t know how I should describe this great impression after I’ve watched this.! It’s one of my favourite korean dramas..

    The ones who often watch korean dramas and know many of them maybe would agree with me that “King of Baking” is one of the dramas with the best storyline. I mean it. I also enjoyed watching the dramas like “BOF” or “Goong” “Coffee Prince” and so on.. but they were nearly all the same.. I mean in reference to the lovestory between female and male characters. But in this drama there are so many different themes! I did really lern a lot from this drama.. it’s so impressive.. There are many lines in this drama e.g. from Teacher Pal Bong – they’re useful in everyday life for everyone. All that stuff – these family problems – that could be in real life too – are sometimes so touching. It really touched me especially the scenes of Tak Gu with his father or the scenes between Tak Gu, Yu kyung and Ma Jun!!

    of course the actors were also very good!!!! ^-^

  851. 851 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie. Yea, i will keep you posted. Kind of excited. I am surfing places to visits Seoul and they have some recommendations iteniraries too. I would love to visits Eugene’s mother studio or office which i think is impossible.
    I have no plans to watch korean drama for now. I will wait for Eugene next project. Besides, my mom korean collection DVD is collecting dust that i will probably sooner or later watch. She has Winter Sonata, fine or Beautiful Day, Autumn tale, Prosecutor princess, Stairway to Heaven, Jewel in the palace, Goong, Cinderella sisters, Moments to remember, Only you, lovers in paris…Not watch it yet.

  852. 852 : chichaloca Says:

    i alwayz dream to go on vacation to korea.since i’m not working yet and don’t have money to go..where u guys from asian country or where??

  853. 853 : bidam Says:

    I’ve finished the drama. it was nice so far, but nothing was really special that i haven’t already seen in other series except making bread.
    the motives of yu kyung was really nonsense to me.
    she gave up her love (tak goo) because of high skills and revenge. at first i thought with more skills she would help the poor people or something like that. but what did she achieved at the very end? nothing! just tak goo’s evil brother ma yoon. in my opinion she wasn’t that smart.

  854. 854 : bidam Says:

    if you like to watch a tear jerker drama, i recommend “loving you a thousand times”. this series has a very nice story which is really autentic.

  855. 855 : ok Says:


    I can’t remember that there are children song bc hv stopped watching Dong Yi quite sometime. I went to search since you mentioned.

    Various Artists – 부용화 (Buyounghwa/Lotus) (11,325 KB) -sang by children (Lotus Flower)


    The writer wanted to write stories of these 4 seasons.
    Winter & Autumn – very successful (high ratings) follow by summer scent. Spring Waltz – a bit disappointment. All the leads have become very famous except Spring Waltz – the lead guy – Seo Do Young. (Some viewers complained that he is not good looking enough)

  856. 856 : jasmine Says:

    4 me Seo Do Young is very handsome.he also a model..urm i watched all 4 season drama accept summer scene(not so like)

  857. 857 : ok Says:

    Oh Yes

    Beautiful Days by Lee Byung Hun & Choi Ji Woo & Ryu Shi Won – also very very popular at that time. Most of the people talk about this drama.

  858. 858 : ok Says:


    Yes, my family likes Kim Ji Ho & Kim Hyun Joo after watching glass slippers.
    Hv finished watching KHJ in Partners with Lee Dong Wook. This script so so only. Hope she can choose a better script to act in near future so that we can repeat the drama again & again.
    Presently I am watching a few drama n 1 of them is YOU DON’T KNOW WOMEN by KIM JI HO & GO SE WON. My family, friends and myself think that this drama very nice. I chase it every day.

    @ Kimchilee
    Yes, Hotel by Bae Yong Jun & Song Yun Ah – I wanted to repeat it recently but choose Snow Queen instead bc I hv not watch before.

  859. 859 : larrie Says:

    i just gone tru playful kiss thread just now.and one of the commenter wrote that they want to beat baker kim takgu comments.so guys keep on comment ya.hwaiting!!

  860. 860 : kimchilee Says:

    ah OK!! That various artists song of Dong Yi is precisely what I am looking for!! Thank you.. its bec they all sounded like children singing.. you know.. like the songs from Jewel in the Palace. Thank you so much.

    I have Snow Queen.. the story to me is just so so .. i watch it bec of Hyun Bin.. hey!! tonite at KBS, they are screen the new Rain drama, Fugitive Plan B.. hope its good!!

    I saw you at Daemul website too.. will visit there soon and will talk about it with you.. like you.. I only watch those dramas which both actor and actress are compatible.. i am not too keen on the heroine in Daemul though.. she somehow has that “auntie” look.. just like the actress in Bad Love with Kwon Sang Woo.. as well as the actress in Kim Sam Soon.. you know.. that auntie look.. er sorry.. no offence.. that’s why I had hope KSW will act with someone better.

  861. 861 : kimchilee Says:

    No way are we going to let that Playful Kiss beat this website.. let’s keep those comments coming in…

    KTG.. best drama .. best dialogues.. best songs.. best of the best ending.. 🙂

  862. 862 : ok Says:

    Hi Kimchilee

    You’re welcome. ^.^

    Do you know this is the very 1st time i hv commented in this blog after watching K dramas for so many years.

    I asked the question why Eugene name is behind LYA and it got me stuck here. Since then I hv put comments in some other dramas.

    Previously, I used to browse thru this website just to see what are the latest drama on the way but didn’t comment anything.

    I hope i will get out of here soon and just concentrate on watching k drama like before.

  863. 863 : Messi Says:

    This drama is great.

  864. 864 : larrie Says:


    i love your comment “I saw you at Daemul website too.. will visit there soon and will talk about it with you.. like you.. I only watch those dramas which both actor and actress are compatible.. i am not too keen on the heroine in Daemul though.. she somehow has that “auntie” look.. just like the actress in Bad Love with Kwon Sang Woo.. as well as the actress in Kim Sam Soon.. you know.. that auntie look.. er sorry.. no offence.. that’s why I had hope KSW will act with someone better.” sori for copying ur comment.hehe OK say hi 2 me!!hehe

  865. 865 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee.. iam with you. icant let playful kiss win over KTG . and we have to comments more and more cmon guys lets do it

  866. 866 : Abbie Says:

    playful kiss or BK-KBG who has the most comments are not important, but i was curious because people posted a challenge so i went over to Playful Kiss page and looked over their comments. I’m very proud to say the BK-BKG isn’t have more comments but also has more quality comments. These comments are written by someone who cared and put thoughts into their words…. not empty words or phrases. This showed how much the drama means to us as a view by the way we commented it. You guys have done a great job so far… no sweat.

  867. 867 : Lyda Says:

    @kimchilee/chichaloca/abbie/ok/jo/lovejoo…:now m watching S…wan scandal!it’7 a kind of traditional kr.in fact i don’t t/kr bt just in this drama,the girl makes up herself as a boy n go2study n live with the other boys…so i think it must b interesting2watch right?!do u guys watch it too?i hope so:)

  868. 868 : Lyda Says:

    4the drama big fish,i haven’t watched it yet just download ep1p12day…bt i c it show some kind of polictic business alot…

  869. 869 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie , Chichaloca and others. I agreed i went to visit Playful kiss and only 2 person keep commenting there which i think is the same person who just want to increase their comments. So deceitful. their comments are all empty so i dont care if they passed this site. At least the commentors here are very wise, sincere and we have improve a lot as i observe and as far as friendship, attitude and we watch our mouth too. I mean no mean and ugly words. Except for one or two which i think is the same person .

    @ Abbie. I am Asians but living here in Western country. So our time is so different. Our time here l:00 pm.

    Anyway, trying to visits this site from time to time to catch up any news with our fav actress Eugene.

  870. 870 : Abbie Says:

    I’m an Asian and live in a Western Country too. It’s only 10:45AM here. … can’t help but to love Eugene. I’m watching Creating Destiny again. … there are times i wish they did the whole series in English…much easier to understand. Eugene looks so beautiful, refreshing and eye pleasing in this drama. She and Ki Tae Young look nice together. Kang Byul (sister) is adorable too.

  871. 871 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie. OMG so we are the only one in the cyberg Abbie. The rest of our colleague are sleeping. LOL. Im guessing you live in central area and im here in the eastern area that why our time 3 hours different.
    Anyway, me too, love Eugene. I watch CD 3x already but my fav is Save the last dance and wonderful life. She is so pretty. Her beauty is so different from other Korean beauties. I heard KTY his partner in CD gained popularity after that drama but have not seen him lately. Did you watch Wonderful life?? yet. Don’t missed it. the child actress is very good.

  872. 872 : Abbie Says:

    Actually I’m from the West coast. yeah, 3 hours different. yup, I’ve watched, Wonderful life and Save the last dance many times. oh, i love the song Changing partner in Save the last dance, such a wonderful song. i was singing along with it when they danced, so nice.

  873. 873 : jo Says:

    I have been in California area visiting their Disneyland and Universal Studio. We stayed in Orange country during our vacation. Thats the only place i visited in western area.
    I overuse my Save the last dance DVD. I’m glad i lost it cause i have not watch again.

  874. 874 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie. I’m glad i lost the save the last dance DVD cause i worn out that DVD very much. Thats one of my favorite drama and 2nd Wonderful life then creating destiny.

  875. 875 : chichaloca Says:

    abbie and jo oh u also asian.i tot u guys western,u guys work there or working??i always dreaming to go to the overseas.but for now i’m just not affords.huhu.i’m asian.now my time here is 10.08 am (Thursday) 🙂

    lyda: yes i currently watch skk scandal.i love the storyline.the story is quite similar with taiwan drama hanazakarino kimitachi.and for the big fish.i think i don’t want to see it bcos i don’t like the heroin.quite old for me eventhough she’s famous.huhu.

    and for the comment of playful kiss.i will going to the thread after i watch the drama coz i intends to watch the drama.i’m a big fan of kim hyung joon since he acts in bof..but i love to came here more coz i love making frenz with u guys. and our comments are very sincere.come from our heart.

  876. 876 : chichaloca Says:

    did u guys watch fugitive(plan b).i decided not to watch it last nite coz i’m not really like action drama.who watch it??did it ok? for now i just can’t wait to watch mary stayed out all nite.

  877. 877 : Abbie Says:

    For some reasons, I can’t leave this site; BK-KTG is such a great drama.

    Jo, that’s nice to know, I’ve been to CA multiple times, Disney, LA, SD, SJ all over the place but I’m from Seattle Washington where Hyun Bin just finished filming the movie “Late Autumn”.

    Chichaloca, come over, I can be your tour guide anytime. No I live, for almost 20 years now. Where are you Chilaloca?

  878. 878 : Abbie Says:

    ** I live here (correction) 🙂 my hands were faster than my eyes.

  879. 879 : chichaloca Says:

    abbie: i’m here in malaysia.u live there for almost 20 year??wow quite a long time.did u miss your mother country.hehe..i’ll make sure i will reach there one day.disneyland meby.i need to get married first and ask my husband to bring me there.hehe.

  880. 880 : chichaloca Says:

    abbie: btw do you know malaysia??

  881. 881 : Abbie Says:

    I heard of Malaysia but have not been there, i heard it is a beautiful country.

  882. 882 : chichaloca Says:

    yes.u should come here for at least once.malaysia is a near singapore.the beach here is very awesome.hehe..just to promote 🙂

  883. 883 : messi Says:

    i like the acting of majun . he should get award for his performance

  884. 884 : messi Says:

    i’ve been following all the comments here and enjoyed the way all share their feelings about happenings in drama. I really admire kimchilee,abbie,lyda all

  885. 885 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Messi, welcome to this website.. yes.. Majun shld also win award for the best tortured villain.. he is like suffering throughout the whole series until the end.. poor guy.. but I still like KTG best.. he shld win new comer award!

    Hi Chicaloca,

    I watched the Part 1 of Fugitive.. dont think i like it.. Rain’s acting not so good there.. too fake.. i also dont understand the way the story goes.. too complicated for a simple minded person like me..hehehe.. but maybe its just the beginning.. will watch to see how it progress.. i am already quite irritated with his girl assistant’s acting whoever she is..

    Hi ABBIEEEE… you are right.. for some reason.. i also cannot seem to leave this website.. will sort of browse through it even though no comments.. 😛

  886. 886 : chichaloca Says:

    messy so let join us frequently..yes i also happy to read thier comment every time each of takgu episode end.hehe

  887. 887 : chichaloca Says:


    i try check it out dis coming sunday.i not really like action drama.u want to see yoon shi yoon photoshoot.take a look at this link.he look different.enjoy!


  888. 888 : chichaloca Says:

    btw i’m not really like him in that style of photo shoot.look bizarre.hmm

  889. 889 : Abbie Says:

    Plan B is fake alright, i watched the first episode too. Not just his acting but also the motion pictures are fake too. the way he rode his motobike was totally outdated. seems like It tried to copy 007 but… did a bad job. However, i still think Rain is totally a cutie, … will cont to watch PlanB… and wish it’ll get any better.

    Messi & kimchilee, in my dream land

    – Yoon Shi Yoon will win new comer award.
    – Joo Won will get best supporting actor award.
    – Eugene and Joo won will win Best Couple award.

  890. 890 : chichaloca Says:

    abbie: really??i love too see rain in ninja assassin. i love his figthing!!

  891. 891 : Abbie Says:

    huh? chichaloca i was talking about PlanB. they tried too hard to the point it looks fake.

    Rain was awesome in Ninja assassin and full house. No objection there.

  892. 892 : kimchilee Says:

    Chichaloca, I agree.. Fugitive Plan B.. first episode a bit disappointing.. was so looking forward to it.. its old fashion yet trying to be modern.. cant help but think the setting also like A Man called God.. old fashion.. why cant they stick to the usual police and bad guy story.. too many scene switching .. oh.. we shld go to that website to comment.. 😛 here.. exclusively but not totally for KTG.. hehe..

    Abbie.. yes! Eugene and Yoon Shi best couple.. KTG and Eugene can also be best couple.

  893. 893 : kimchilee Says:

    hi Lyda.. how’s scandal? i dont watch it cos i dont like the leading actor/actress.. 😛

    oh btw, Chichaloca.. thanks for the photo of yoon shi.. sure dont look like him in vogue! gosh.. ! he looks tougher and better here..

  894. 894 : lovejoo Says:

    no one talk ti me anymore. me sad:(

  895. 895 : cici Says:

    This drama is awsome. Come on guys lets make it the most commented drama in here. who is with me’??????

  896. 896 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie. Never been in Seattle Washington. I heard the weather is always cold. CA is the farthest place i visited so far. Been to Arizona, Texas, but thats about. The rest i live here in Eastern part NewYork for 3 years, 6 years in Washington DC and the rest here in Hampton.
    @Chichaloca. don’t rush to find a husband. Take your time. It will come. Enjoy being single. Once you got married it is so hard to watch Korean drama. LOL. I’m serious between taking care with your husband and the kids your hands is so full hardly time to sit in the television. Anyway, don’t hooked yourself though with korean drama. Too much is dangerous. Just pick the nice one and one at a time. I got hooked one time with Eugene drama and guess what not a good scenario at home. LOL.
    @ Lovejo. Love to talk to you but you will be bored cause i only know Eugene drama, Ji Sung and Seo Doo young, Ki tae Young and thats about it.

  897. 897 : messi Says:

    @cici yes lets keep the comments coming.

  898. 898 : lalit Says:

    i love majun
    Dear admin. Please include his page in list of actors

  899. 899 : messi Says:

    yes lalit, i agree im also fan of juwon. he is very talented

  900. 900 : messi Says:

    comment no. 900 yes!!!

  901. 901 : lalit Says:

    hi everybody!! i am new to this website. watching kdrama through kbs world

  902. 902 : Abbie Says:

    Hi Lalit, welcome to BK-KTG homepage. What do you think of this drama? have you finished the series?

  903. 903 : lalit Says:

    yes abbie i have finished this drama. it is a nice drama. reality shown, no fantasy

  904. 904 : eminem Says:

    love this drama.

  905. 905 : john cena Says:


  906. 906 : john cena Says:


  907. 907 : messi Says:

    this drama gives hope. kim takgu shows how u can get anything u want with positive attitude.

  908. 908 : lovejoo Says:

    Jo.. hey i wont be bored iam sure of it. cuse like i said before i like to know Eugene more and maybe in a soon future i also will like her hwo knows? hihi. and i also like Ji sung alot.

    are you married? its ok you dont have to answear that ques if you dont like to

  909. 909 : jo Says:

    @ lovejo. Happily married with kids. Living here in Western part of the world, USA. Have to be choosy in watching korean drama cause my hands full already between work, social life, family and entertainment combined. Pretty much very busy. As i told earlier in my comment, my husband booked me already to travel to Korea early next year. Hopefully be able to see beautiful places where i always see in korean drama. Ji Sung Swallow the sun is a good drama too and newheart. Awesome drama. Newheart is really good. I appreciate it very much since i work in a medical field.
    Keep in touch.

  910. 910 : nadia Says:

    best drama of 2010

  911. 911 : nadia Says:

    wish men like takgu exist in real world !! so adorable

  912. 912 : martha Says:

    nadia i noticed u in playful kiss thread.really loyal commenter
    (correct me if i’m wrong).yes baker kim takgu the best drama in 2010

  913. 913 : chichaloca Says:

    welcome lalit.let’s join our family.how do think about this drama??share your opinion with us

  914. 914 : chichaloca Says:


    yes jo.i enjoy being single bcos i\’m not ready to get married since i just graduate from university.huhu.thanx for your advice noona.hehe

    abbie and kimchille:i agree with u guys about the fugitive.the actions were sometime very faked especially whenrain rain toward the window on episode 2.look really.i\’m not interested to discuss about dis drama.let end here 🙂

    love joo: we love to talk to you

  915. 915 : hallyu lover Says:

    wow….the ratings are incredibly good…i’ve never seen drama with such high ratings

  916. 916 : messi Says:

    hi lalit, i have also joined this recently. all ppl here so good

  917. 917 : ok Says:

    @ Abbie & Kimchilee

    Can you please write your comments after watching those drama I hv recommended.

    Abbie — eg : All In & Winter Sonata etc

    Kimchilee – eg : Autumn Tale (you will see Moon Geun In acting as Song Hye Kyo child’s role)

    Kindly comment in that drama’s blog please bc its an old drama and there are few comments there so its easier to find. If you comment in BKKTG blog, I will hv a hard time searching it bc too many already. Thank you.
    Hope you all enjoy it & have a nice weekend.

  918. 918 : ok Says:


    Correction. Autumn Tale – I mean Moon Geun Young acted as Song Hye Kyo child’s role.

  919. 919 : lalit Says:

    thnx chichaloca and messi this drama is nice. actualy this is 1st kdrama i watched. i was changing channels on tv and i found kbs world. bkktg was playing on it. so addictive channel. good shows

  920. 920 : Abbie Says:

    sure i will do just that for YOU. 🙂 after today i’ll have 5 days off. ALL IN is my project. looking forward to that drama.

    is it me or not: Moon Geun In looks better when she was young right? (as in Autumn Tale) … ??

    btw, Young KTG is a good dancer, saw him on BK-KTG special… cute little boy.

  921. 921 : TOP Says:

    good drama. storyline is great . love the 2 Lead actors and BREAD

  922. 922 : TOP Says:

    young actors have done great job. they were the reason i continue to watch this. wish for their bright future…

  923. 923 : TOP Says:

    hope takgu and eugene work together in another drama in future and end up as a couple.

  924. 924 : dad Says:

    this drama is for OLD people

  925. 925 : dad Says:

    too much emotional ! ahh

  926. 926 : TOP Says:

    @lalit where r u from?

  927. 927 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi OK.. I tried Autumn Tale website but unable to watch it.. site seems broken at Tudou host.. 🙁 if i am able to do that, i will certainly make my comments there.. i’ve heard alot about it so i am curious about it as well.


  928. 928 : kimchilee Says:

    @Dad.. if this drama is for old people, then i’d suggest you go watch You’re Beautiful or Mischievous Kiss or Boys over Flowers as those are for teenagers.. but most teenagers with grown up minds are also opened to watching such meaningful drama like KTG.. a more sensible drama.

  929. 929 : Abbie Says:

    totally agreed that young actors did a great job. they were able to double up the rating in the first 7 episodes. they set a great start for their seniors. (i couldn’t help to laugh by using the word senior). I do hope them with Bright Future.

  930. 930 : ok Says:

    Hi Kimchilee

    Re : Autumn Tale

    Do you watch from veoh website bc I don’t. I didn’t download their software etc, therefore i can only watch 5mins only per episode only.
    If yes, you may watch all episodes from here.


  931. 931 : ok Says:

    Hi Kimchilee

    Re : Autumn Tale from dramacrazy.net

    I tried to watch episode 8 from here, i think spoilt or video taken out already.
    Maybe you can try Lovejoo recommendation website – I can’t remember which website.

    So sorry.

  932. 932 : lalit Says:

    Hi top, im from india its south asian country. i think am only one from india m on this website

  933. 933 : ok Says:

    Hi Kimchilee

    I think i found another new website for english sub.

    Please watch – Autumn Tale from her. I hope it works smooth & well


  934. 934 : marrys26 Says:

    super amazing u yoon si-yoon…super i like ur smile…

  935. 935 : lovejoo Says:

    @dad … i really pitty you. how can you say that this drama is for old people? its the best drama ever much much better than BBF and YB and defenetly better than palyfull kiss. those dramas are very childish and no good meaning . but this drama give hope and make you understand live much better. so you should watch the whole drama before you say so.

    the best drama ever.

  936. 936 : messi Says:

    @dad. i think dads r also mature and old. haha . so this drama is for u. im 18 yr old but enjoyed every aspect of this. u shld try it.

  937. 937 : eminem Says:

    very high ratings *50%* OMG

  938. 938 : chichaloca Says:


    i’m a teenager.”IM YOUNG”.i watch dis drama.so what

  939. 939 : chichaloca Says:

    i tot u already watch autumn tale coz is very famous drama while ago till now.since u want to watch it.so don’t forget to prepare much tissue.miss the drama 2

  940. 940 : chichaloca Says:

    my comment below for kimchilee

  941. 941 : chichaloca Says:

    lalit.welcome.happy friendship here.u suppose to found this channel earlier.once u start watch Korean drama u will be falling in love with it..hehe.after that u should try boy before flower and many more nice korean drama

  942. 942 : eminem Says:

    @dad only just old ppl cant contribute 50% ratings and more than 900 comments. u must too ‘young’ to realise that. piss

  943. 943 : lovejoo Says:

    Jo…. iam also married. and very happy hihi. you are right when you got married you dont find much time to spend watching korean drama. its difecult actully. i have also watched newheart and i really like it iam a nurse so iam kind into medical drama.

  944. 944 : lovejoo Says:

    chichaloca .. thnx dear. what drama are you watching now?

  945. 945 : jasmine Says:


    i’m afraid to get married.i’m a tv addicted..hehe..

  946. 946 : jasmine Says:

    now i’m currently watching sungkyunwan scandal.and japanese drama buzzer beat.u should try buzzer beat.if u dont mind to watch jp drama.it a good story and skwan scandal as usual watch from kbs world.n just reach episode 4.i found it a nice drama.but baker kim takgu become the first in my heart.hee

  947. 947 : jasmine Says:

    love joo sory i forgot to change my nickname cos i use this name= jasmine in other thread.just remain as chichaloca here.sory.hehe

  948. 948 : lovejoo Says:

    hi dear. there is no need to be afraid of marriage. i am also dependent on tv, but my husband doesnt mind it. I dont think there is anyone that is not dependent on tv. but dont marry too early. enjoy life while you can because it is the responsibility of being married..

  949. 949 : lovejoo Says:

    chichaloca- jasmine.. its oki 😉

  950. 950 : jo Says:

    @ Jasmine or Chichaloca. What part in Malaysia do you think is good for tour. I’m planning to reroute to Malaysia from Korea. How can you find a husband when you are glued in Television. Be balance and don’t waste too much time in TV. Not healtly. Just noona advice. My goal is only to spend one hour a day in TV and not to exceed from that or else its called addiction. Since you are just graduated involve yourself more in social activities that promotes health, helping mankind. You will enjoy it. I met my husband during those social gatherings and productive cost fundraising and missions.

    @ Abbie and Kimchillee and other commentors.
    Do you know my previous comments are now controversial in Playful kiss. So from now i am refraining from agreeing in negative comments. I have to stay low. I don’t know that some avid extreme fans really take comments seriously and very scary. We are just joking around and they really got offended. Wow, too extreme.LOL>>>

  951. 951 : jiji Says:

    guys we have to keep cominting. we dont have much time. we have to win this i love this drama and i dont want that a childish drama beat this wonderfull drama

  952. 952 : lovejoo Says:

    you are more mature than me. I have not been married long time so I must go away from the TV a bit. but now I do not spend much time on TV, I work a lot so I just want some time for me and my husband. and I have no children so Chichaloca you should listen to her more well maybe me too sometime hehe

  953. 953 : jo Says:

    @ lovejo. Yes girl. Your still in honeymoon. I agree with you. Just pick one drama at a time. Before i sit down to watch korean drama, i have to cook for my husband and kids first. On weekend , finished all the housechores firsts. I have just set our priorities right. Balance of course. Enjoy the company of your husband. They got so jealous easy. If they notice that you spend more time in watching TV , he will think you are not happy in your marriage and you try to pacify or hide it in korean drama. I sound like a psychologist. LOL. Don’t take korean drama so seriously.

  954. 954 : Abbie Says:

    LOL Jo, why must refraining yourself. ha ha it’s a free country, speak your mind as long as it isn’t offensive an demeaning.

  955. 955 : Abbie Says:

    by the way i love Eugene and MaJun wedding pictures… so beautiful… i said it before didn’t I?lol

  956. 956 : jo Says:

    Yes you did. Beautiful wedding picture. She is the best dresser award year 2005 i think.

  957. 957 : Abbie Says:

    Jo, are you studying Korean prior to your trip? at least know a few words and phrases right? it will be helpful when you get there.

  958. 958 : lovejoo Says:

    jo.. yah iam still in my honeymon. you are right men gets jealous easy. hihi and i agree with you we shouldnt take korean drama so seriously.

  959. 959 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchile.. hi where are you. i dont see much of your comments now days. busy?

  960. 960 : Abbie Says:

    i skimmed through BK-KTG again, omg, i didn’t realized how much beaten KTG had gotten during this whole series. does anyone know who real these fighting are? that poor KTG must has suffered from head injury after this drama.

  961. 961 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie and lovejoo. I already pick up some words like Ajumma and sarangheo, noona and kre. LOL. I will take your advice. I am going to teach myself korean phrases.
    KTG is beaten here real good. Is that for real he has head injury after the drama.? Men, feel sorry for him.

    Kimchilee is chillin out somewhere in other website.

    Jasmine and Chichaloca you will find her in Playful kiss website. The rest of us is still here in this website waiting for new drama with our fav actress. I am working right now that why i was able to visit our korean website during breaks of course.

  962. 962 : Messi Says:

    yoon shi yoon is best!! always keep *SMILING* iE

  963. 963 : Messi Says:

    missing this great drama. there r still 2 weeks before mary starts

  964. 964 : Abbie Says:

    for some reason, I’m hesitate to start on a new drama…. i still have the blue for this one….

  965. 965 : joo won's fan Says:

    how R U ? like u a lot.

  966. 966 : messi Says:

    hi abbie r u still here? i read few comments and it surprised me that u,lovejoo,jo all r married. u j all r most active here. did l

  967. 967 : Abbie Says:

    Hi Guys and Girls please help me out. I really REALLY like to own Eugene’s two Music Video “My True Story” and “810 303”. I know it’s old, late and there are clips available on youtube but I really like to have these two original MV. Any idea where can I find it? I searched on Amazon, Ebay, Craiglist, yesasia .. I couldn’t find any or no longer available.. Anyone kindly help? It’s okay if it’s used, as long as it functional, no copy though must be original..

  968. 968 : Abbie Says:

    i’m married? really messi?, i didn’t know that. last time i check, i’m still single. 🙂

  969. 969 : messi Says:

    SORRY Abbie! ! my mistake.

  970. 970 : messi Says:

    i just love this BKKTG pq page. keep coming here.

  971. 971 : jo Says:

    @ messi. Its okey messie nobodys perfect. Abbie is happy.

    @ Abbie. Hope i can help you but don’t know where to get those songs eighter. Love her songs The Best. Its my fav. Don’t get tired to listen to it in youtube. Just like you ,have no plan to watch any drama. I will probably will repeat watching Eugene movie something about Island. You can watch it in mysoju.

  972. 972 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Jo/LoveJoo/Abbie/Messi – I visit this website everyday and read all your comments.. they’re amusing and fun to read as you revealed more and more of yourselves.. Like Abbie, I cant seem to leave this website simply out of curiosity what all of you are going to say.. also, after this drama.. i was not sure what else to see as all those recommended ones are either with broken site or have seen them before.

    Sooo… i usually go back to one of my favourites, Jumong, website to make my comments. but for all of you who commented much on KTG, please also render support to Yoon shi Yoon’s personal website too. I will go there now to say hi to him.. 🙂

  973. 973 : messi Says:

    gud mrng evrybdy! its sunday YES! sun is shining. perfect day. o . whats adding more to this that im here.

  974. 974 : messi Says:

    watched repeat telecast of sunkyun.. scandal and fugitive on kbs world . ss is more appealing than fugitive. whats rain doing in this type of drama. so confusing. disapointed mainly with his fake expresions. pass

  975. 975 : messi Says:

    anybody here watch kbs world? apart from dramas their shows like entertainment weekly, happy togeder, 2 days 1 night r so entertaining. mmdd

  976. 976 : messi Says:

    and star golden bell challenge

  977. 977 : messi Says:

    talking about this drama, i was surprised with the change of majun’s character. upto 28 episodes, he was most hated. but wins everybody’s at the end. i think it was just too fast ending. 36 episodes would hb good.

  978. 978 : messi Says:

    ju won did a great job as majun. hope for a bright future. why isnt a homepage of juwon. coming mom!

  979. 979 : mangla Says:

    best drama of 2010. gr8 story, versatile actors. amazing ratings.

  980. 980 : kamini Says:

    wow never seen this much high ratings

  981. 981 : kamini Says:

    i want to watch this drama. must be good as ratings shows

  982. 982 : Abbie Says:

    i revisited BK-KTG earlier, KTG looks so young. how old is Yoon Shi Yoon anyone know? he looks 15 to me… i bet he has a bright future ahead of him. can’t wait to see more of his work

  983. 983 : Abbie Says:

    This is one of my favorite scene when Majun told his mother how much he loves Shin Yoo Kyung.

    ” I love that girl, I love Shin Yoo kyung, mom. I can’t live without her.
    If even for a moment, she is not with me. I get anxious and it drives me crazy. f i don’t see her, I miss her so much I can’t breathe, and at that moment, it feels as if I’m dying. Now i don’t have anyone, Shin Yoo Kyung is the only one i have left.”

    aw… heart breaking isn’t it…

  984. 984 : Abbie Says:

    oh that was in Chapter 24, right before Majun got arrested for speeding … love that scene if anyone interest

  985. 985 : messi Says:

    yes abbie, love that scene. and how about the scene when majun and takgu runs with their hands tied together

  986. 986 : messi Says:

    after that scene i thought majun will change but that wasnt enuff for him. most pitiful character. gifted with face. even at last

  987. 987 : someone Says:

    Hey abbie or messy.! i can bet that u r SAME person trying to increase d comments. do it do it. hahaha… ₯

  988. 988 : Abbie Says:

    the character of KGT is too heroic for me. he can never do wrong but for Majun, he is someone we all can relate. he has good and evil on his left and right shoulder. like the rest of us, he struggles through life. sometimes, the evil side takes a turn on him. but with his love and sincerity at the very end, the good takes over, that is when he find happiness. majun is a character that i love to hate. Joo Won has done a wonderful Job as Majun.

  989. 989 : Abbie Says:

    hi Someone

    nice to see you here…. how did you know? very smart of you. I’m sincerely applause you for your hideous brainless assumption.

  990. 990 : messi Says:

    totaly agreed, majun is the character that v all possess. takgu is too inocent to live in this world.

  991. 991 : Abbie Says:

    If I’m pitiful enough and really want to increase the number of comments, i would copy and paste every single link from BK-KTG episode here. let see the average is 5 links per episode , 5×31= 155 links = 155 comments right … ?… wow soon it will be the most commented drama. as you see. BK-KTG has 31 episode not 12…. so there are more links to post… LOL. childish.

  992. 992 : messi Says:

    @someone oh..! and thanks for writing a comment here. after all this is what v r trying to do. thanks again 4 ur comment. appreciate it. did u watch this drama? how was it? share with us.

  993. 993 : Abbie Says:

    the msg bellow was intended for * 987someone ONLY lol

  994. 994 : Abbie Says:

    Messi…. according to Someone you and I are the same person…. I’m wondering if we even lookalike?

  995. 995 : messi Says:

    Hi abbie, dont know if v r lookalike, r u boy or gal? im a boy lol

  996. 996 : Abbie Says:

    lol, we are not even the same gender , where are you messi?

  997. 997 : messi Says:

    hi again, im from india. 19 yr old, currently taking tech. degree in mech. engg. how about u?

  998. 998 : Abbie Says:

    I’m from the States. i’m much older than. graduated from a U and currently working.

  999. 999 : messi Says:

    my older brother lives in states, in nashville. i’ll be coming there after studies.

  1000. 1000 : Abbie Says:


  1001. 1001 : messi Says:

    r u asian, abbie?

  1002. 1002 : Ok Says:

    Hi Kimchilee — Did you miss my comment at #933

    I think i found another new website for english sub.

    Please watch – Autumn Tale from her. I hope it works smooth & well


  1003. 1003 : Abbie Says:

    Yes, I’m Asian Messi

  1004. 1004 : lovejoo Says:

    i think everyone is aisian in here.. am i wrong?

  1005. 1005 : messi Says:

    i visit MK page and they r ahead of us now. please keep commenting

  1006. 1006 : Abbie Says:

    Currently watching the last episode of BK-KTG … I had to pause the drama to share with you about his one emotional scene that Majun caused tear in my eyes. this happened is when Majun visited mr. Han in prison after reported him for double booking ledge.

    this is what Majun told Mr. Han (his biological father)

    –Even just one…. If you had shown me something in you I could respect… It would have been better… If that was the case, with even that one good memory… life would be a little better for me. and forgiving you would be much easier… With me there witnessing everything, You could have live your a little better. ……..this will be the last time you’re seeing me.. Ahjussi…

    MaJun was sobbing through tear with his words.. 🙁

  1007. 1007 : Abbie Says:

    nah, don’t worry about such thing Messi… it’s okay. just enjoy the drama. everything has it own audience, it is including the drama world. You can’t force a kid to watch adult movie and vice versa. i have not watch MK, but the poster looks nice. That drama was intended for younger audience and I’m not surprised if the majority of the view are High School students. because it was intended that way. If I’m if not wrong Its genre was School and Romance right? i would be drooling over it myself if it was played at the time i was in HS.

    However, due to the present time, i don’t think it suits my taste. I rather watching something a little more mature and practical to cultivate the mind.

  1008. 1008 : Abbie Says:

    Lovejoo, i can’t speak for everyone but i am sure one

  1009. 1009 : 22g Says:

    good drama with happy ending

  1010. 1010 : jasmine Says:

    hai jo.sory for late reply.a bit bz.due to your question bout which part of malaysia are most best to visit.there are many interesting place to visit.i suggest u to come to sabah.sabah is one of the country in malaysia that have many beautiful island.for example.pulau.the view is really fantastic and you can enjoy diving and snorkling there.for more info u can visit this page http://www.sipadan-resort.com/ ..hehe and other u should come is langkawi.there are many historical and beauty island there.u can also enjoy riding cabel car,banana boat and much more.come here once n u never be regret.i bet.the food here is also amazing.u can try east asian food. 🙂 and about getting married.i will think of that after i find a permanent job for now i’m still seek for that 🙂

  1011. 1011 : chichaloca Says:

    again i forgot to change my nickname.i love to use my nickname chichaloca.sory jo.1011 comment.wow amzing!!

  1012. 1012 : chichaloca Says:

    i mean sipadan island.forget to mantion

  1013. 1013 : chichaloca Says:

    abbie (1006): u remember every of the word on that episode.wow.awesome.fantastic fans!!:)

  1014. 1014 : nadine Says:

    one of the best drama in 2010.go go go baker kim takgu.

  1015. 1015 : 22g Says:

    great acting by all actors esp. majun and takgu

  1016. 1016 : Abbie Says:

    BK-KTG is the best drama in 2010 indeed.

  1017. 1017 : 22g Says:

    one of the classical korean dramas. good to c that now they r making dramas with happy endings. no more dying of lead actors or actresses.

  1018. 1018 : Abbie Says:


    if you backtrack all the comments, you would see how desperate we were hopping for a good ending. and indeed, the director and screenwriter didn’t disappoint US. I couldn’t imagine a better ending. great applause to anyone involved in this drama… you have contributed to the most wonderful if not the greatest drama of all time.

  1019. 1019 : Abbie Says:

    * hoping (lol not hopping)

  1020. 1020 : 22g Says:

    takgu gives hope 4 everyone. each 1 of us have their share of happy and sad moments. congrats for success of drama

  1021. 1021 : tin Says:

    Is it a good drama? 30 episodes is long

  1022. 1022 : nan aiury Says:

    can you help me where i can watch kim tak goo ep 7 with english sub, im a new for watching this drama, fist time i look this wow 30 ep ..i think bored…but not, this drama great and nice, pliz help me

  1023. 1023 : Abbie Says:

    nan here is one http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/king-of-baking-kim-tak-goo-episode-list/
    i’ll look into for more

    have you try mysoju.com?

  1024. 1024 : Abbie Says:

    i was surprised that crunchyroll didn’t have it but here is another site that i found, hope it help. http://www.dramasub.com/korean-drama-baker-king-kim-tak-goo-404.html

  1025. 1025 : Abbie Says:


    This is one of the most greatest Korean drama ever, the rating speaks for itself. I usually don’t believe in the rating system, but it does justice for this drama. i agreed that 30 episodes seem a bit long but once you started, you won’t regret it.

  1026. 1026 : messi Says:

    everybody who like kdramas should watch this Drams! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! go for it

  1027. 1027 : sonnyunara Says:

    this drama has changed me. Kim Tak Gu is such a good person, he has touched my heart to become a better person like him.

  1028. 1028 : coco Says:

    good drama !!!THUMBS UP!!!

  1029. 1029 : Abbie Says:

    This drama has taught us to live in the most righteous manner, treats others with kindness and sincere. Being mischievous and maliciously won’t get you anywhere.

  1030. 1030 : Abbie Says:

    * malicious

  1031. 1031 : Nadia Says:


  1032. 1032 : eminem Says:

    wonderful drama. really like the relationship bw takgu and mother. for takgu, mother was more important than yugeong. great son and understanding older brother. *kjl*

  1033. 1033 : messi Says:

    @Nadia, aren’t u from MK page. or u r other. correctt me if wrong

  1034. 1034 : soju Says:

    This drama’s one word definition is: adorable.

  1035. 1035 : jks lover Says:

    Is this drama’s story background from 70s? the cars were old type. so i guess. anyway love this drama sooo much. waiting 4 mary now

  1036. 1036 : jks lover Says:

    best ending. very satisfying indeed.

  1037. 1037 : coco Says:

    love this drama. it gives positive energy and lesson to become good person in life

  1038. 1038 : korean Says:

    good drama

  1039. 1039 : kamini Says:

    sarange takgu . LOVE U FOREVER!

  1040. 1040 : kamini Says:


  1041. 1041 : Abbie Says:

    definitely that, Joo Won deserves to have his own homepage… PLEASE… PLEASSSE ….PRETTY PLEASE. he he he I hope it works.

  1042. 1042 : Abbie Says:

    from BK-TKG Lee Young Ah’s well known line: “Tak Gu- Ah!”

  1043. 1043 : Abbie Says:

    Seo In Sook’s line (Majun’s mom) : “Ma Jun, Noh! (Ma Jun, You)

    clip from BK-KTG special… for a glimpse..


    .. you should catch the whole episode ( 1 hr) really nice.

  1044. 1044 : messi Says:

    i just went through all the comments and upto the time of 24 episodes the only TALK was that of X FACTOR of eugene and lya. LOL .

  1045. 1045 : messi Says:

    @lyda where r u? u were 1 of most loyal follower of this drama.

  1046. 1046 : messi Says:

    juwon’s own homepage pls..

  1047. 1047 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie, lovejo, kimchillee, jasmine and messi and supporters of KTG and Eugene. So funny. MK supporters thought they could outsmart the korean drama website by filling their comments with Viikii episodes. The website deleted it and they went back to some 900 from previous 1000 plus. So funny what can extreme behavior do to keep their their idol on top. I will be ashamed. LOL.

  1048. 1048 : messi Says:

    hi jo, glad to know that. so funny. i dont know why they want to beat us. even the genre of both dramas is diff. never mind. tg ir ghx

  1049. 1049 : Abbie Says:

    I noticed this a couple day ago, i didn’t mention anything because i feel bad when it happened. they put great effort in promoting this drama (MK). i have not watch MK so i can’t pass any judgment. My assumption is that to make its way to the most commented drama, MK must be a good drama.

  1050. 1050 : jo Says:

    @Abbie. Where is Jasmine, chichaloca, Kimchilee, Lyda, lovejo. Have not heard from them lately.

  1051. 1051 : Abbie Says:

    i have no idea. This drama has ended, so they must floating around somewhere else in the cyber space and drooling on some other drama.

  1052. 1052 : lovejoo Says:

    @Jo. i know i also saw it that they are back to 900 or somthing. i would also be very ashamed. i mean sending eps from viikii onley for making more comments thats so , i dont know what to say.

    and guys i will not leave this site so easy hihi. i will come back and comment allways. i will allways support this wonderfull derama 😉

  1053. 1053 : lovejoo Says:

    @messi. wow you are from indian. i like indian movie. and my fav stars is Kajol and sharukh khan. do you know those wonderfull stars?

  1054. 1054 : kimchilee Says:

    Hey Abbie/Jo.. i’ve always been to this website.. never leaving.. but yeah.. been to other dramas .. but will still be back here. I’ve seen most but this KTG has the best ending ever in a k-drama!

  1055. 1055 : messi Says:

    @lovejoo, glad to know that u like indian movies. ofcourse i know kajol and srk. they r best onscreen couple. their every movie is a hit. gg

  1056. 1056 : chichaloca Says:

    hai guys.i’m not forget dis thread.everyday i came here but sometime i didn’t drop any comment.i enjoy wat u guys post here.i also comment in other thread.messi:oh u from indian.while ago i love to watch srk and kajol hits movie.kuch2 hota hai and kabhi kushi kabhi gam.hehe

  1057. 1057 : chichaloca Says:

    say hai to my dearest lovejoo,jo,abbie,messi,lyda, kimchilee and all of u

  1058. 1058 : chichaloca Says:

    @jo did u read my suggestion about the place u can visit in my country at 1010 comment.hehe

  1059. 1059 : chichaloca Says:

    mary stayed out all night thriller is up.here we go

  1060. 1060 : ella Says:

    love this drama, even the lead actor is a man, its make me cry….

  1061. 1061 : tin Says:

    currently watching this drama. *SO EXCITING* . i wish i can taste their bread. haha

  1062. 1062 : tin Says:

    i didnt like the character of eugene. i mean that majun’s mother didnt do That MUCH wrong with her that she had to leave her love takgu and marry majun to take revenge. difficult to understand.

  1063. 1063 : chichaloca Says:

    finally i can download every instrumental ost of dis drama.hearing for each of the instrumental music from this drama make me remember every scene from which part dis instrumental appear.omg..awesome 🙂

  1064. 1064 : messi Says:


  1065. 1065 : Abbie Says:

    Yeah, Tin, Eugene belongs to the dark side in this drama. i know how you feel. But this girl can definatly ACT. i have not seen this side of her in any other drama.

  1066. 1066 : Abbie Says:

    Nice to hear from kimchilee, chichaloca, jo, and lovejoo again. i thought you lost your way back here.

    Have you seen OK? i want to tell he or she that i have watched “all in” it is a great drama. want to say thanks.

  1067. 1067 : Abbie Says:

    chichaloca? Mary Stayed Out all Night is a thriller? …. how could i missed that, i thought it was another cheesy love drama. i love the cast thought. that’s a definitely watch drama.

  1068. 1068 : messi Says:

    it is supposed to be trailer not thriller.

  1069. 1069 : messi Says:

    @tin. actually she loved majun from the begining. revenge was just am excuse . she was just n playing with him. all women are like that

  1070. 1070 : Abbie Says:

    No She didn’t love Majun in the beginning. She eventfully fall for him because of his sincerity and love. :d funny messi… sorry that was a spoiler.

  1071. 1071 : Abbie Says:

    Have anyone seen “happy Together” where Eugene, Yoon Shi Yoon, LYA from BK-KTG and the Supper Junior were the main Guess. It is a must see if you’re a BK-KTG fan

  1072. 1072 : messi Says:

    i know that abbie:-) i just write it for fun. sorry tin.

  1073. 1073 : kd Says:

    Hi everybody,
    Still in baker king mood.
    I have read some reviews about the drama and I just want to share with you guys some of those reviews:
    1. http://alexandral.livejournal.com/329401.html#comments
    2. http://dkwrkm.livejournal.com/68861.html#cutid1
    3. http://www.dramacafe.co.uk/drama/king-of-baking-kim-tak-goo-review/
    4. http://musthavesubs.livejournal.com/54854.html
    Anyway, everybody have their own opinion when watching a drama right?

  1074. 1074 : lovejoo Says:

    @chichaloca… oh i have seen those 2 movies and they are both great. i love to see kajol and srk together. cuse they make a great couple. you should watch those movies cuse they are soooo good.

  1075. 1075 : nan aiury Says:

    thanks you

  1076. 1076 : messi Says:

    @lovejoo. u have watched their latest movie MY NAME IS KHAN?. it is great a movie. gh

  1077. 1077 : messi Says:

    what are future projects of eugene, juwon, ysy? hope to see them them soon. anybody knows?

  1078. 1078 : messi Says:


  1079. 1079 : lei08 Says:

    A must watch drama.. I learned a lot from here, especially from tak gu.. he’s really nice and kind.. he does not keep anger or hatred in his heart against those people who wants to pull him down.. a very inpiring drama

  1080. 1080 : Abbie Says:

    Hi Mess
    Eugene was one of the two MCs on Asia Song Festival 2010 called Let’s Go on Oct. 23, 2010. a few clips currently available on You tube. go and check it out. If you can’t find it let me know, i will forward you the link

  1081. 1081 : Abbie Says:

    She also took the role of an announcer in English at the concert. It was fun to listen to her English.

  1082. 1082 : Nadia Says:

    HI messi…

    YES! i’m the same person! but.. what did you mean by asking
    that? is it wrong to be here!!! since i love this drama too!!!

  1083. 1083 : Abbie Says:

    Lei 08,

    indeed, there are many great lessons in this drama that i have learned Remember the scene where Majun and KTG in the bakery, Majun asked why KTG always smile when everything was taken away from him, including his mom, father, Shin Yoo Kyung and everything else. Majun added” are you dumb or you just don’t have a heart?” this is what KTG said, which i think every profound and it’s a great lesson for us all. He said ” how can I be okay? it’s not that I don’t feel anger or being unfair, nor that I can’t feel pain. It’s just because I need to live. While I’m alive, nothing is over. Good things and bad things, they all go away.”

    So don’t let bad things effects your life, they all go away, and you will forget it. Live your life the way it is intended, enjoy every second of it, weather it is good or bad.

  1084. 1084 : messi Says:

    Hi Nadia:-) u r always welcome!. why it would be wrong. i also like both the dramas. i asked because i was just curious u know.

  1085. 1085 : messi Says:

    abbie, that was so meaningful and adorable. very nice of u. i agree we can learn a lot from this drama.

  1086. 1086 : Abbie Says:

    Am I reading too much into this drama. Honestly it’s such a wonderful drama and that is why i can’t leave this site.

  1087. 1087 : jo Says:

    @ Chichaloca or Jasmine. I wrote it down. I am hoping to see Malaysia hopefully be able to stop over there for a day or two after korea tour. thanks for the website. Appreciate it very much.
    @ Kimchelli. Its hard to leave this website we had been communicating since July or August and we have so much fun with Abbie, Chichaloca, Lovejo, Jasmine, Nadia, Eugene and others .my other name is joy which i have not used since its very controversial. I use jo instead.

  1088. 1088 : jo Says:

    I forgot to mention Sara and Ok too. where are they now.?

    @ Abbie. Im glad to hear about Eugene MC. Is it really in youtube.?

  1089. 1089 : jo Says:

    I mean Sarah, Lydia, Nadia and ok.

  1090. 1090 : Abbie Says:

    it’s on You tube now Jo

    here is the 1/10 link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeoOHGRqsxo
    i hope you enjoy it.

  1091. 1091 : aichouss Says:


    this DRAMA is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    should watch this.

    my favorite in 2010!

  1092. 1092 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie. Thanks so much for sharing.

  1093. 1093 : lovejoo Says:

    messi.. no actully i havnt yet. it is no easy to find indian movie video here. so iam still looking for it here and there. i actully went to the capital city to look for the vedio there is many people from indian hwo lives there but i didnt find that movie. so i dont know what to do. i love kajol and srk as a couple they look so good together.

  1094. 1094 : lovejoo Says:

    @abbie. you also mention another program “happy Together” ? i cant find it can you pls send the link. cuse i really want to se it. and is it with eng sub?

  1095. 1095 : Abbie Says:


    here is the link http://alicechensworld.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010-08-08T18%3A45%3A00-04%3A00&max-results=6
    i hope it works, Episode 152, that was BK-KTG cast and super junior

    If that link doesn’t work, go to this homepage http://alicechensworld.blogspot.com and view older post, where you can find Happy Together episode 152

    it has English sub. you will enjoy it.

  1096. 1096 : kamini Says:


  1097. 1097 : kamini Says:


  1098. 1098 : kamini Says:

    really impressed by the acting skills of YSY and JUWON. great performance by both of them.

  1099. 1099 : kamini Says:

    but i didnt like the role of EUGENE. why she had to do this type of role. she looks good in roles like that in one mom and three dads.

  1100. 1100 : beauty Says:

    beautiful drama

  1101. 1101 : chichaloca Says:

    @abbie and messi

    hehe..now realized my eng is very poor.”trailer”.correct me if i’m wrong at the other time.my reason why i love to make comment here bcoz i love this thread most meanwhile i also want to improve my eng.when i’m here i need to communicate in eng so that way i can improve my eng.anyone with me??hehe

    lovejoo: my pleasure

    messi u ask about what eugene,ysy and junwoo feature project rite.i didn’t get any info bout them but for the other cast of baker kim new project.here their latest project:

    1.Choi Ja Hye a.k.a takgu elders sister.she will act in upcoming sbs drama alongsidemoon chae woon (brillian legacy), Kang Min-hyuk(CN Blue).she will plays a second female character.meby villain character

    2.Choi Yoon Young a.k.a takgu second sister.she recently acts in queen of reversal.

    3.last one is Park Sang Myun a.k.a yang in mok.recently shooting for mary stayed out all night.plays the father for mary.

    p/s hopes for takgu and majun new drama.plz2

  1102. 1102 : Nadia Says:

    The word Trust is d basis of all relatioas but a small mistake
    made, can change its entire meaning. Like just a
    missing ‘T’ can ‘RUST’ d relation! 😉

  1103. 1103 : coco Says:

    i like it. at first i thought it would be same old plot like family conflict, revenge, heir. all those cliches and it certainly have them but there is a special vibe in this drama that u cant seperate yourself from it and will eventually fall in love with it and the characters.

  1104. 1104 : 69 Says:

    nothing great whatsoever . just an AVERAGE drama. dont understand why ppl are bragging so mmuCh

  1105. 1105 : wan Says:


  1106. 1106 : Abbie Says:

    Your English is very good. i wasn’t meant to make any correction. i made lots of mistake myself. i actually thought you said it was a thriller and i didn’t even bother to check. Yup keep on communicate through English that is the best way to improve. sorry if i have caused any misunderstanding.

  1107. 1107 : roy99 Says:

    exactly,,beautiful drama…
    this is must watch drama for 2010!!!
    i really love it!!
    and all the characters…

  1108. 1108 : Abbie Says:


    I bet Joo Won will get his new leading role REAL soon. and it will be an excellent one to see…. I hope the director and screenwriter will get the pairing up part match up this time.

  1109. 1109 : ptsh836 Says:

    i am at episode 17 rite now whereby KTG reunites with his dad…so touching tt it brought tears to my eyes…yoon shi yoon is an excellent actor n he is able to bring to life the character of KTG be it goofy, innocent, stubborn or simply real to the screen…i admire joo won too for his incredible good looks n beautiful physique…such a handsome fellow.
    eugene however looks very much her age n when beside KTG; he looks like her little bro!! i can only admire lee young ah for her character coz she’s jus too plain looking here….the one i hate most is none other than ma jun’s mom n her sidekick; manager han!! they are both evil & hateful here…the world wld be a better place without them both…^^

  1110. 1110 : Abbie Says:

    Indeed the world will be a better place w/o them both but, remember the world is based on Yin/yan, good/evil. if not it will be either way too boring or too horrify . chapter 17 huh? be patient, It will get even better. while watching this drama, i have lots of frustration but no disappointment. I’m glad that you decided to check out this drama. you won’t regret it and that is a PROMISE>

  1111. 1111 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    @ Abbie 1096

    Thanks for the link you gave and its only can be watched through invitation.
    Its english sub and its so clear. I really enjoy the show in Happy Land. KTG is so shy. He is always disturb by that “aunty”. Ha ha.
    Want to date him some more. Saw KTG, Eugene & LYA dance in 3/7

    Just heard news of one of my idol — Ryu Shi Won. He got married yesterday and he is going to be a father soon….. Another one handsome guy unavailable …..

    I have to repeat typing OK so many times so its easier to find

  1112. 1112 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Jo

    Thanks for remembering me.
    I am still around but didn’t join in the comments because i didn’t watch all episode of BK-KTG. I stopped at ep 12.

    I think maybe Kimchilee is busy watching Autumn Tale???

    Have a nice day. Gd nite

  1113. 1113 : lovejoo Says:

    Abbie .. thnax you so much

  1114. 1114 : lovejoo Says:

    iam watching the last ep again and its sooo wonderful iam very touched. i love it, and i love kim tak gu but i onley wish tha there was anothe acterss instaid of lya. sorry lya but i cant see any chemistry betwen you and tg.

  1115. 1115 : Abbie Says:

    You’re welcome OK OK OK 🙂 it was great isn’t it. haha i love the Super Junior guys kept on saying that Eugene can’t get married because she’s a fairy lol. and the other guy was saying, if he reveals his love life it would turn the whole entertainment industrial up side down. :d They all are lovely people.

  1116. 1116 : Abbie Says:

    OK OK you better re-started the whole bk-kgt. trust me…. it only turns out for the better. watch the rest will ya

  1117. 1117 : messi Says:

    abbie thanks for the link. love them all. they work so hard for our entertainment.

  1118. 1118 : messi Says:

    @chichaloca. thanks for the info. will be watching the third one. MSOAN

  1119. 1119 : tin Says:

    just finished the last episode. happy ending.

  1120. 1120 : tin Says:

    i am not disappointed now that eugene didnt end up takgu with as i was before. majun was the right man for her. she looks better with him. they deserved each other.

  1121. 1121 : tin Says:

    misun was really really lucky that she got a man like takgu. they look cute together at last scenes. it was funny when he calls hir UGLY everytime. he gets a mother like girl.

  1122. 1122 : tin Says:

    hate the character of majun’s mother. even mr. han cried at the end in jail in front of majun. she got lot of pride. r

  1123. 1123 : tin Says:

    but u cant blame her also. if only that annoying grandmother not demanded son from her in first place. yet chairman thinks his o mother was great person. he should know that how badly she treated her daughter in law to become that hateful. i dont want to remember her face. argh…

  1124. 1124 : tin Says:

    and they should have reunited takgu’s mother and chairman to have precious time left in life spending together .

  1125. 1125 : Abbie Says:

    KTG’s father was disable at the end and wasn’t able to make bread again the one thing that he loves dearly in life. I think that’s what he deserves. He wasn’t a good father or a good husband at all. the slip through this whole drama without being judge for his actions. He cheated on his wife and ignored his children. I don’t think he deserves happiness at all. He and his lawful wife deserved the punishment they got at the end . While the wife lives in loneliness then he should reflects on his actions. He doesn’t only have KTG as his children. He has two daughters too who he was pretty much neglected throughout this whole series. (if not to mention Majun, who always look up at him for his approval) There are several times the eldest daughter reached out to him but in return she only get was a cold shoulder.

  1126. 1126 : Abbie Says:

    Yes Tin, i agreed that Majun and Eugene is a great match, not just for their appearance but because they can understand each other pain. Majun is the only one who can loves Eugene truly. it shows clearly in the drama.

  1127. 1127 : tin Says:

    Agree abbie. the chairman slip through wyo drama. very cold father. only shows affection towards takgu tt.

  1128. 1128 : tin Says:


  1129. 1129 : tin Says:


  1130. 1130 : tin Says:


  1131. 1131 : messi Says:

    @tin. yes juwon and eugene are indeed a great couple. i wish they act in future tohether. but in a light love story. already suffered a lot in this drama.

  1132. 1132 : messi Says:

    Hi everyone! how r u? umm… nothing to say. just want to keep supporting this drama.

  1133. 1133 : messi Says:

    well… what r u guys planning to watch next? secret garden or mary stayed out all night.

  1134. 1134 : messi Says:

    i tried again to watch the fugitive yesterday just because of rain. he is one of my favourite actors. but it didnt click again. cant find any connection with drama. so disappointed. had been waiting for long to see rain in new drama.

  1135. 1135 : Lyda Says:

    drama fugitive plan B and Sungkyunkwan Scandal are good to watch!!!

  1136. 1136 : messi Says:

    Lyda, agree with u on s. scandal it is a beautiful drama but not the fugitive. A POOR MAN’S IRIS.

  1137. 1137 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Messi/Lyda/Abbie! this drama’s rating is getting higher and higher so fast.. i am glad.. its all thanks to us!! hahaha!

    I am watching Dong Yi now.. so nice.. anyone watching Dae Mul (Big Fish) yet? heard it is good.. ya.. Fugitive very disappointing.. poor Rain.. i think he better stick to love stories..

  1138. 1138 : tin Says:

    Hi messi! i am gonna watch HARRY POTTER first. then mary stayed out all night. wdp. yes fugitive is a big disappointment.

  1139. 1139 : Abbie Says:

    tin Says
    Oh My god, i am totally agreed with you about that grandmother. The goo family is one dysfunctional family. This whole event could be prevented if the adults in the family behave in the rightful manner. It was started with the Grandmother, who witnessed her song cheated with the nanny but didn’t do anything. I think she was even encouraged him in a way because she wanted a grandson desperately. They was crazily wanted a son despite of any consequences. and how the Grandmother treated Majun’s mother to the point that she had to cheat to give them a Grandson (heir). Even though Majun’s mother did many wrongs but i am sympathy with her in that aspect. Of course there is no excuse to cheat but given in the situation i can understand why she did what she has done. She cheated on her husband even she loved her husband dearly but the pressure of having a son was so GReat that threaten her status as a wife and on the verge of losing her husband too.

  1140. 1140 : Abbie Says:

    * son (not song)

  1141. 1141 : liem_cin Says:

    This is the best korean drama I,ve ever seen..^_______^

  1142. 1142 : lovejoo Says:

    @kimchilee… thank alot. no thanx to me? 🙁

  1143. 1143 : tin Says:

    i am watching HAPPY TOGETHER right now on kbs world and Juwon and jingu are here.

  1144. 1144 : tin Says:

    BKKTG crew will go to thailand for trip.

  1145. 1145 : jaby Says:

    good drama with nice ending

  1146. 1146 : tin Says:

    juwon revealed on HAPPY TOGETHER that the last scene of drama was supposed to be filmed on takgu playing on beach with his son and misun. but they didnt filmed it because last episode’s length was already exceeded a limit.

  1147. 1147 : tin Says:

    it would have been more great ending with that scene.

  1148. 1148 : tin Says:

    juwon is a very good dancer and singer too. jingu said that juwon makes best bread out of all cast and our baker king takgtu was the worst. hehe

  1149. 1149 : Abbie Says:

    i thought they went Thailand after the last episode and back already.
    here is link for more detail Tin

  1150. 1150 : jaby Says:

    the characters and story is so well written. this drama is best.

  1151. 1151 : jaby Says:

    takgu and majun played their roles perfectly.

  1152. 1152 : jaby Says:

    surely the best drama of 2010.

  1153. 1153 : messi Says:

    @tin. yes that scene of takgu with his son would have given a more perfect ending. anyway its already a greatest ending.

  1154. 1154 : messi Says:

    i also gonna watch harry potter. cant wait for it. feels very empty after the end of this drama.

  1155. 1155 : chichaloca Says:

    just drop by to say hi to all my frenz here. currently out of my country.visiting my friend =-=

  1156. 1156 : kimchilee Says:

    oh hi LoveJoo…yes.. hi hi to you too!

    @Tin.. what! Takgu and son with LYA at the end? is that what happen in real life? gross…! 😛

  1157. 1157 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    I like when Juwon 주원 smiles – he looks handsome when he smiles.


  1158. 1158 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:


    I think the Writer hears us and knows what we want.
    That is why they stop BKKTG at Ep 30. If not you will see little kid running around. Ha Ha Ha

    I have watched Daemul – and am enjoying every episode. Nice drama.

    As for the Fugitive Plan B – I am a little disappointed for Ep 1 and stopped there. But my sisters say nice and they have been chasing the latest episode already.

  1159. 1159 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    Juwon singing & dancing in Happy Together.

    I really enjoy this clip. I keep laughing & laughing.

    “That Lady” expressions make this clip funny

  1160. 1160 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    Juwon Dancing & singing. This clip is better. Longer – more entertaining.

  1161. 1161 : messi Says:

    OMG! JUWON IS HILARIOUS. LOL! . I cant believe he is the same person who played vicious majun.

  1162. 1162 : messi Says:

    i feel bad for the kid who was picked to play son of tajku. it was a big opportunity for him to be a part of great drama. LOL

  1163. 1163 : messi Says:

    that scene of son would have make a way for them to make sequel of the drama. PRINCE OF BAKING~JUNIOR KIM TAKGU

  1164. 1164 : Abbie Says:

    no, next one will be Queen of Cake-Misun lead actress will lya. haha this one is for Kimchilee.

  1165. 1165 : Abbie Says:

    dang, i’m at work can’t watch those youtube clips, can’t wait to get home. Want to see Juwoon dace. i’m falling head over heels for him

  1166. 1166 : jilkjarder Says:

    this is the best drama i have watched this year.

  1167. 1167 : chichaloca Says:

    abbie @1165 haha..i giggling while reading your comment..haha
    kimchille how bout u?

  1168. 1168 : chichaloca Says:

    ok thanx for the clip juwon look so cute with his pretty smile and cute dance

  1169. 1169 : tin Says:

    is the sequel to this possible?

  1170. 1170 : messi Says:

    i dont think so. story is over completely.

  1171. 1171 : tin Says:

    dear admin. juwon’s homepage please. we are requesting for many days now. please please please please please. . . .

  1172. 1172 : Abbie Says:

    ahhh… watching the clip of majun in HT, he is wayyyyyyyyyy to cute.

  1173. 1173 : dreams Says:

    @Abbie .. that was really harsh against LYA. if other respect your fav acterss you should do the same. right?
    you to kimchi lee

  1174. 1174 : tin Says:

    Abbie that was very funny. O . QUEEN OF CAKE MISUN. hehe.

  1175. 1175 : Abbie Says:

    Dreams: i wasn’t meant to be harsh on your favorite, or i least i didn’t meant to. nothing against lya, people was talking about another sequence so I made a suggestion instead of PRINCE OF BAKING~JUNIOR KIM TAKGU why not Queen of Cake-Misun. Misun was a prodigy in baking right? And I was joking with kimchilee. i didn’t think i said anything that would offended her

  1176. 1176 : Abbie Says:

    chichaloca 1168
    i glad you have a good laugh girl. this is the best drama so far this year…. i have high expectation toward plan B but i stopped at epi #1. would return when time is allowed.

  1177. 1177 : Abbie Says:

    please check this out, clip tribute bk-My love sang by Joo won with English sub. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV1HO2h-bL0&feature=related the lyric almost like the story of their love

  1178. 1178 : chichaloca Says:

    i love to laugh.hehe
    yes i also watch fugitive but i`m stopped at the middle of first episode.not my cup of coffee la dear.eventhough there such a big star in the drama.i just stuck with sungkyunwan scandal now.i`m felt in love with the boys..hehe

  1179. 1179 : lovejoo Says:

    oh i really like ma jun. he is awsome. thnx guys for sharing his clips

  1180. 1180 : kimchilee Says:

    Abbie.. so funny.. queen of cake misun.. then maybe they will start to name misun cake, misun bun.. misun tarts.. just dont make any dramas on that.

    OK.. thanks again for the links showing Ju Won.. he looked so tortured all the while in KTG it was good to see him laughing and joking in those clips.. loved his dimples.. i believe Shi Yoon has dimples too.. any clippings of him from the interview or of him in Happy Together?

  1181. 1181 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    @ Kimchilee

    This is from Abbie 1096 (inside hv KTG, Eugene, LYA, Super Junior etc)

    here is the link http://alicechensworld.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010-08-08T18%3A45%3A00-04%3A00&max-results=6
    i hope it works, Episode 152, that was BK-KTG cast and super junior

    If that link doesn’t work, go to this homepage http://alicechensworld.blogspot.com and view older post, where you can find Happy Together episode 152

    it has English sub. you will enjoy it.

  1182. 1182 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Kimchilee — Did you miss my comment at #933 & #1002

    I think i found another new website for english sub.

    Please watch – Autumn Tale from her. I hope it works smooth & well


  1183. 1183 : JB Says:

    one of the good k dramas i ve watched. good in every aspect. story, acting, characters, pace, ending. ratings r amazing.

  1184. 1184 : kimchilee Says:

    argh..OK.. cant watch autumn tale.. website not working as well.. nvm, i will have to wait till the dvd is out in english subtitles.. thanks for trying to introduced me to the websites.. you have already made me very happy to get KTG’s songs, Dong Yi’s songs.. i listen to them everyday and thank you everyday for giving me such sweet songs.

    btw, have you visiting the website for Jumong? wonder why they have taken away our comments and Song Il Gook website is taken off.. we can no longer make comments in it.. so sad..

  1185. 1185 : JB Says:

    I LOVE U EUGENE* feel bad to see u suffer in this drama.

  1186. 1186 : lovejoo Says:

    Guys let us discuss this.. we can make more comments and its about the drama it self. Right?

    i like to sart to talk about every charcter in here. and becuse someone mentioned Mi sun then lets stat with her…

    please we all know that mi sun cant act. i mean she didnt show anything good in her acting here. i saw a few eps of Iljima she was much better in there but in this drama all i could see was a little girl hwo was looking for attention. but unfortunately she failed in her character. I think she is sweet but it did not help much.
    what do you think?

  1187. 1187 : ADMIN Says:

    @kimchilee comments are deleted when you write something which is unrelated to the drama. this is the rule. always try to write things that relates to the topic even if you are chatting with friends .

  1188. 1188 : lala Says:

    they like each other already. aww how cute


  1189. 1189 : lala Says:

    take a look at all of them while you are there. 😉

  1190. 1190 : lala Says:

    Lya and lee da hae. best frinz…


  1191. 1191 : lala Says:

    its gonna be a good ending with this couple…i like them. always looking forward and misun always so supportive and there for tak goo. 🙂 gogogogo….never liked the other girl….so mcuh i dnt even remmeber her name

  1192. 1192 : dreams Says:

    haha me 2! the other girl’s real name is Eugene…she plays “yu kyung” and to be honest, i don’t really like her much…i actualy really want Tak gu to like Mi sun…i hope it’s happy ending to both of them 🙂

    btw, the other guy “Ma Jun” is HOT! lol

  1193. 1193 : dreams Says:

    MI SUN AND TAK GU<3333333

  1194. 1194 : messi Says:

    i like j lya in this drama and she was good but to say that she is better than eugene is too much.tell me in which way w she is better, looks or acting? are u serious? stop being funny now. 1

  1195. 1195 : Lyda Says:

    Rain is always funny in e.drama that he act! I do laugh alot when I watch Fugitive plan B. [email protected]: I also don’t really understand about the story line as well. It seems to be complextated. But Rain acts very good in this drama, handsome, fancy, and smart. I love the way he escape hahah so fast. and Sungkyunkwan Scandal is interesting. I reach ep6 where crazy horse saw Kim Yuski had a bath. I think this is an interesting scen. You know m curious to no what will happen next? will the other two guys see it too or what? and I just fall in love with two guys in this seri one is Song Joong Ki whose face looks very very beautiful!more beautiful than a girl and Yoo Ah In whose name is crazy horse in this drama. But the man I like the most is Song Joong Ki. I just watched Entertainment Weekly yesterday n he had been interviewed….I really love his smile so cute!!!!
    Kim Takgu, I must say good bye to this drama!I gonna miss it too!

  1196. 1196 : tin Says:

    LYA is cute in this drama. guys lovejoo asked what we think about lya, not who is better.

  1197. 1197 : chichaloca Says:

    it is had batch scene in episode 6 of skk?..i did`t find it..

  1198. 1198 : kimchilee Says:

    @Admin.. please clarify rule of this website.. what do you mean my comments have been deleted that are not related to this drama.. lots of fans here also talk about other dramas other than this drama.. i also tried to keep my comments about this drama .. LOL!!

  1199. 1199 : Lyda Says:

    @Kimchille : hahahah what u said was very funny 🙂 anyway, don’t forget to watch that scene in ep7-8!!But first a u girl or boy? @ chichaloca : what do u mean by that?”it is had batch scene in ep6?I didn’t find it….”

  1200. 1200 : Lyda Says:

    @tin: yes that’s right!!!

  1201. 1201 : OK OKOK OK OK Says:

    @ Kimchilee

    I m also v curious what did u write that is being deleted by Admin.^.^

    As for Song Il Gook actor list – I think its being exploded with fans twelve over thousands love.

    Re Autumn Tale – Sorry can’t find eng sub website for you.

    As for English sub DVD I think you might have to buy thru internet bc this drama already 10 years old – since yr 2000.

  1202. 1202 : OK OKOK OK OK Says:


    What do you think of Winter Sonata?? Is this a very sad love story??
    No. Right? Abbie put on hold bc afraid is a full of sadness drama.

    The other time when she ask me is Winter Sonata is a sad drama, a guy name Peter / Felix answered that it is not — that is what i want to say.

    I thought – what a loss – if didn’t watch this drama – Winter Sonata. So many beautiful love songs — you will love love love it – By Singer RYU

  1203. 1203 : Abbie Says:

    Misun is a girl next door type of gals and KTG is a guy next door type of “boys”. both are much adorable. have to admit that Misun and KTG look good together. Misun and KTG is the cute and adorable couple. however, I would not describe them as attractive, sexy or glamorous. unlike, for Eugene and Majun, they are the attractive, sexy and glamorous couple. in this drama.

  1204. 1204 : kimchilee Says:

    @OK.. i am also curious what i said that my comments are being deleted.. I dont think a website can be exploded with so many comments.. You”re Beautiful had so many more comments.. so why cant Jumong or SIG websites be filled with that too? so unfair!! I think its bec we dont talk about the drama on the website that it was meant to be .. that is why Admin went to delete it.. but that’s how we promote K-drama what!!

    Winter Sonata is not sad at all, just very slow moving.. i only watch it bec of Baeyong Jun.. he looks the best in Winter Sonata.. I love his dressing in Winter .. loved the songs.. i do have all the songs.. its also one of the best..

    The market do sell Autumn tale but only in Chinese subtitles.. i cannot read or understand Chinese.. I hear good story about this drama.. its also the best .. oops! we are not talking about KTG here.. surely Admin will delete it.. 😛

    @Lyda, of course I am a girl.. which boy will watch such dramas like us girls and go ga-ga over KTG or Majun or Kwong Sang Woo or Ill Gook..

  1205. 1205 : Abbie Says:

    the moderator is holding on my comment again, i think i have too many DESCRIPTION words that are being screened.

  1206. 1206 : Abbie Says:

    with this rate ( of commenting) bk-ktg will be the top 3 of the MOST commented pretty soon.

  1207. 1207 : OK OKOK OK OK Says:

    @ Kimchilee

    There is a difference between Drama List & Actor List

    Jumong Site – you still can comment – bc i hv tried tdy — testing….
    Song Il Gook site – too many fans already.
    Jang Geun Suk site – still a little behind SIG — but its chasing up…. sooner or later

    I am curious – are you a chinese who study Malay & English?
    May I know what is your race ??

  1208. 1208 : tin Says:

    my below comments are related to this drama. please dont delete them.

  1209. 1209 : Sister L Says:

    I like Joo Won when he smiles…………………………………………….

    Thanks for Joo Won clip in Happy Together

  1210. 1210 : Abbie Says:

    Joo won is so handsome

  1211. 1211 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    I am so impressed — Yoon Shi Yoon singing.


    YSY – his brown pant don’t match his upper attire – looks weird to me.

  1212. 1212 : Abbie Says:

    yes, tin. that was great of him isn’t it? remember how we used to hate him so much of all his evil deeds and yes, now we are all falling for him.

  1213. 1213 : Abbie Says:

    I can’t wait to see Joo Won in a new series.

  1214. 1214 : Abbie Says:

    at the matter of fact, why don’t they just do TV shows “Everybody Loves Joo Won”, just like the one they have in the States “Everybody Loves Raymond”

  1215. 1215 : messi Says:


  1216. 1216 : lovejoo Says:

    @messi.. i only asked what do you think about LYA. not wich acterss is better.

  1217. 1217 : messi Says:

    lovejoo sorry, i know that but i didnt start. firstly some lmola said that she/ he didnt like eugene.

  1218. 1218 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    @ Kimchilee, Abbie, Jo, KD, Chicholoca, Lovejoo, Lyda, Hi & all fans of this drama (sorry if i miss some of the names we hv spoken earlier)

    Weekends gift from me

    English sub – 15 Minutes……… Enjoyed !!!!!!!!

  1219. 1219 : Abbie Says:

    Thanks Messi for the update on Joo Won’s homepage, greatly appreciated.

  1220. 1220 : OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    @ Abbie

    Sorry, its me who have submitted Joo Won Picture & info for his homepage today but I didn’t expected to be upload so soon.

    I thought they will complete it on Sunday.

    It took me quite some time to search for his pictures too. It will be up soon – more pictures. Hope you guys like the picture with his 2 hands holding the bread – smiling. BC I like to see him smiles………………………….

  1221. 1221 : lovejoo Says:

    @OK OK OK OK OK… Oh thank you thank you thank you. i love it love it love it. waiting for part 2. pls inform us if part 2 also comes

  1222. 1222 : chichaloca Says:

    ok thanx for the clip.i did enjoy it :0

  1223. 1223 : messi Says:

    thanks ok for clip and juwon’s homepage.

  1224. 1224 : lovejoo Says:

    well all of oss dosnt have to like Eugene. right? like i mention before untill now i still dont see her as her fans dose.

  1225. 1225 : kimchilee Says:

    JKSFan.. you are right.. the admin are so biased.. see… if i say this.. they will delete my comments.. then i will know that they are REALLY BIASED!! I cant understand why must a website be taken off when he has too many fans… they shld increase the website space to accommodate more fans request.. we are promoters of the drama in case they forget.

    OK.. I am a Chinese and study only English and Malay.. I did not go to Chinese school bec I do not like to learn Chinese.

    I am sad.. everyone seems to have abandon Yoon Shi.. KTG.. I get neck ache everytime i look at Majun.. he is so tall!!

  1226. 1226 : Abbie Says:

    Thank OK OK for the clip , can’t wait for the following even though i saw the whole episode w/o sub. thanks for the pics too that is every nice of you

  1227. 1227 : kimchilee Says:

    OK..hi again.. just wanted to thank you for the clips on Tak Goo singing.. i did not know he could sing! wow.. such good potential he has.. hope he will have a lot of fan supporters for him from now on..

  1228. 1228 : lovejoo Says:

    kimchilee .. what? you are chinese? wow. i like chinese ppl

  1229. 1229 : kd Says:

    Thanks OK OK OK for the clips. Keep checking WITHS2 everyday but they still not done yet.

  1230. 1230 : lovejoo Says:

    guys i keep hearing that eugene has a movie or a drama who everyone calls SES. wich one is it?

  1231. 1231 : kd Says:

    SES is one of the old idol group in Korea stand for Sea Eugene Shoo.
    This is an article about them

  1232. 1232 : lovejoo Says:

    kd .. oh thanks alot. i didnt know that. i thought that it was a drama or a movie. cuse they talked about it on the show the one OK send. they said that we know Eugene hwo was fiary in SES and in BKKTBG she is the bad woman. and i was like what are they talking about what is SES?
    well thanx anyway it is good to know

  1233. 1233 : kd Says:

    lovejoo…it’s alright:) It’s normal you don’t know them as they have disbanded long time ago.

  1234. 1234 : Abbie Says:

    LoveJoo truy to discover SES and Eugene as Singer(S) from Youtube, it will very nice and rewarding project for you this weekend.

  1235. 1235 : Abbie Says:

    *try (misspelled)

  1236. 1236 : wow Says:

    Eugene idial man is Ryu Shi Won.

  1237. 1237 : lovejoo Says:

    Abbie… i will try 😉

  1238. 1238 : messi Says:

    @ok thanks for juwon’s homepage.

  1239. 1239 : Abbie Says:

    Joo Won seems to be wise and has a good personality. I hope he won’t changed as he gets more popular. and yes, those dimples are to kill for.
    OK he Does has nice smiles.

  1240. 1240 : Abbie Says:

    trick or treat? happy halloween everyone

  1241. 1241 : Lyda Says:

    @Kimchillee: hahah 🙂 anyway pls tell me ur facebook address is it ok? I want to add u as a friend in that site. n do u watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal ?what ep a u up to now? n do u like this drama?let’s go to Sungkyunkwan Scandal page&the Fugitive plan B to have further discuss ok?

  1242. 1242 : Abbie Says:

    Does anyone have any thought about Kim Mi Sun (Tak Goo’s mother)? I will give my two cents about this Character later. i back track to all the comments, i don’t think we ever discuss about this character ever before. it would be interesting to see how you guys feel about her as her role of KTG’s mother.

  1243. 1243 : OK OK OK Says:

    You all are most welcome.

    Here is another clip – how Eugene & the other girls go for their audition and form the band group SES

    Eugene is very cute.

  1244. 1244 : OK OK OK Says:

    Kimchilee – you got a msg from Dae Mul drama

    eunice Says:
    October 31st, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    To Kimchilee, Go Hyun-jung character is really older than Ha Do-Ya played by Kwon Sang-Woo.

    Dae Mul is getting better and better each week and I’m craving for more. I wonder if Kang Tae-San would also fall for Seo Hye-Rim. This series is worth the wait ^_^

  1245. 1245 : OK OK OK Says:


    Please do not waste your leave — please go and watch Winter Sonata.

    I guarantee you will like it. Che bal — puta imnida —- ha ha ha

  1246. 1246 : messi Says:

    @abbie. she was good mother for her son like every mother. the writer of drama portrays her as very innocent person but i think she was wrong to bear a son with chairman. but them, she also suffers a lot for that.

  1247. 1247 : OK OK OK Says:

    This is what is saw in Park Yong Ha homepage & I was very sad.

    208 Joyce Choong Said :

    The father of the late Park Yong Ha, Park Seung In left earth to be with his son, on October 22, 2010. The late Park Seung In died of stomach cancer. May their souls rest in peace. May God comfort Mrs Park. He was laid to rest on Sunday, October 24. So Ji Seop was in attendance on behalf of his good friend, Park Yong Ha.

  1248. 1248 : Abbie Says:

    Che bal — puta imnida ^%[email protected]$? what was that? Winter Sonata huh? .. i’ll think about it…. it doesn’t look appealing though.

    OK OK OK ….Oh since you brought up the topic of Park Yong Ha, have you seen this Music Video clip?

    i know this video was made under other occasion and have different purpose, but i couldn’t help to think of the current situation, and tearing is unpreventable.

  1249. 1249 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Abbie

    I always hear this when they BEG people to do something :
    Chebal- puta imnida. I think that’s e meaning. Hope i didn’t hear wrongly

    Why not you just invest 1 hr just for the 1st episode for Winter Sonata and if you think its not nice, then you stop – brilliant suggestion ????

    Happy watching.

  1250. 1250 : OK OK OK Says:

    I saw the MV of PYHa & Eugene. I hv a thinking that if we love someone, then don’t sing or act something sad like that. It seems that the MV tell the story of what happen to them now. So sad. I also learn that if both party are in love with each other, then don’t care about what others said. Now its already too late.

  1251. 1251 : OK OK OK Says:

    Whoever like Lee Byung Hun – you may listen to him here.

    Lee Byung Hun sings – 10 years ago — I was touched by his singing

  1252. 1252 : Abbie Says:

    OK OK OK, i think that MV was about the love of two people, then she got into an accident and lost her memory. then later in years, she showed up at his galery, saw pictures of her. the moment he pulled her arm and broke the watch, the memories came back but by that time it was too late cuz she has someone or already married someone else… that is my speculation …sorry sometimes, my imagination gone wild.

  1253. 1253 : Abbie Says:

    yeah, as i said the music video was made under other occasion and have different purposes, however due to the current situation, it just break my heart whenever see this video. they are such lovely people ……. and of course this is only on the surface, i don’t want to get into details cuz i know zip nadah about their personal life.

    I always feel sad when people i know and like are being unhappy for any reason.

  1254. 1254 : chichaloca Says:

    abbie no runway is not supposed to be iris 2.there are other drama will be air by sbs call athene is the iris 2.but the change the title and make some different in term of story and cast.it will be air on dec

  1255. 1255 : messi Says:

    @abbie. below is link for iris 2 http://www.google.co.in/gwt/x?source=m&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dramabeans.com/2010/03/iris-2-unveils-its-leads/&wsi=d7dd81ee4a357104&ei=yV_OTL77A8-jkAWJtsHQBA&wsc=tb&whp=3Acomments

  1256. 1256 : Abbie Says:

    Thanks chichaloca for your input regarding to KTG’s mother and thanks Messi for the link. you guys are being so helpful

  1257. 1257 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi Everyone! Sorry.. I was out of “action” for a while bec i was upset about one of my favourite drama hero being taken out of the website comments. I lost my mood to write.. but hearing my name being called by Lyda and OK OK, guess i cannot ignore you all for long!! and i know i just have to keep coming back to this website to find you all.

    OK.. really? Daemul getting better and better? I dont know.. the heroine there puts me off.. maybe one day when i truly crave watching KSW, then i will go there to watch..

    LYDA, sorry.. i dont have a facebook account and do not really like to communicate through facebook.. I am contented to be friends here and wherever we find common in any korean drama website.

  1258. 1258 : Abbie Says:

    juwon and eugene will win best couple award


  1259. 1259 : Abbie Says:

    Does anyone know if Eugene, JooWon, or Yoon Shi Yoon is casting in any new drama…. ? they are good actors and actress, those directors and screenwriters better should cast them when they still have the chance.

  1260. 1260 : Abbie Says:

    i scanned over the first 4 episodes of I really really like you just to see Eugene, i couldn’t help to laugh when i see a k-pop girl acts as a hillbilly..Just way too cute.

  1261. 1261 : Jane Says:

    Best Drama of 2010! \m/

  1262. 1262 : Abbie Says:

    LoveJoo how is your experience with SES so far?

  1263. 1263 : lovejoo Says:

    Abbie .. i actully have just started. i havnt had time yet. but so far i like them. they re very good. every member is cute on their own ways . i will tell you more when i start to love their songs and them self 😉

  1264. 1264 : kd Says:

    for those who still haven’t watch Happy Together with Joo Won, you can watch it here:

  1265. 1265 : pho Says:

    I think it is a good drama
    and i wll watch it again

  1266. 1266 : gaga Says:

    This drama is awesome. I love it.

  1267. 1267 : mey Says:

    its great.. best drama
    i love kim tak goo

  1268. 1268 : misa Says:

    is there any other current drama worth watching that is as good as BakerKing?

  1269. 1269 : koreandramAdiktus Says:

    This is one good drama. 🙂 Worth watching. The actors were good. Yoon Shi Yoon’s portrayal of Kim Tak Gu was great. 🙂

    By the way, Kim nam Gil and Yoon Shi Yoon can be mistaken as siblings. 🙂

  1270. 1270 : roy99 Says:

    fugitive plan b great! action+comedy
    but, baker king always better…
    bcoz baker king is the best drama of 2010!!

  1271. 1271 : Abbie Says:

    To all BK-KTG fans. Older sister of KTG get married, here is the link, she looks absolutely beautiful. http://www.allkpop.com/2010/11/baker-king-kim-tak-gu-actress-choi-ja-hye-gets-married

  1272. 1272 : roy99 Says:

    i can’t wait to watch it again!!
    im going crazy!!

  1273. 1273 : lovejoo Says:

    Abbie … thnx for sharing. she look soooo beautiful and at the same time cute. perfect couple

  1274. 1274 : Abbie Says:

    🙂 where is everyone?
    Choi Ja Hye looked so ordinary in bk-ktb but she really shines in her wedding pictures. congrats Choi Ja Hye, I wish you an ever lasting love in your marriage life.

  1275. 1275 : chichaloca Says:

    rely miss my frenz in dis thread :)hai guys

  1276. 1276 : chichaloca Says:

    wonders y my previous comments had been deleted??

  1277. 1277 : cindy Says:

    best drama of 2010!! the actors n actresses were really great!! love joo won and eugene!!!

  1278. 1278 : ratih Says:

    Baker King – Kim Tak Goo is different from the other

  1279. 1279 : sonnyunara Says:

    best drama in 2010, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal too~

  1280. 1280 : roy99 Says:

    amazing drama!!
    i think takgu & misun is really cute couple..

  1281. 1281 : kd Says:

    kim tak goo, The last shot (Behind the scene):

    I like the last part of the clip where Goo family taking picture together. What a happy family will they have if the husband loves his wife and did not cheat on her (as it is clearly that she loves him and only cheat on him after he cheated her) and if the father can show that he loves his children as all fathers should:)

  1282. 1282 : Abbie Says:

    awesome KG, I saw this clip before but It is still heart breaking to see Eugene cried so intensively from 03:30 to 05:40. It is as real as it can gets. God such great acting, she couldn’t stopped her tear and emotion when when the director called out “cut”.

  1283. 1283 : Abbie Says:

    ** KD (must give the credit where credit is due)

  1284. 1284 : chichaloca Says:

    where the others frend kimchilee,lovejoo,joe and lyda.going to visit another drama thread perhap??hee

  1285. 1285 : liar Says:

    love SHK n KTG…kadang Apa Yang Kita Inginkan Bukan Apa yang Kita butuhkan…itulah HIDUP

  1286. 1286 : chichaloca Says:

    liar:setuju ng kamo

  1287. 1287 : Abbie Says:

    Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Won who is better? … Simply can’t compare apples and oranges.

    Basically Yoon Shi Yoon is charming and cute and Joo Won is manly and sexy, who do I refer? of course Joo Won… He is a type a guy, who can makes your heart skips a beat with just a smile or a wink.

  1288. 1288 : Messi Says:

    Hi everyone. came here to check comments and surprisingly many are deleted. anyway that doesnt matter. just happy to be a part of page. i am proud of this drama. best for me. will watch it again in holidays. goodbye

  1289. 1289 : lovejoo Says:

    abbie….i think she still cries for park young ha. cuse at that time park young ha had just passed away

  1290. 1290 : Abbie Says:


    (comment is regrading to kd 1284 clip from 03:30 to 05:40. and Lovejoo 1288)

    I have no idea whose her tears for, but it makes me feel rather sad seeing Eugene in such an emotion. This scene had me realized acting is much harder than it looks. It is not just appearances that are being captured but also the emotion stage that this actress has gone through to give us such a great Art.

  1291. 1291 : Abbie Says:

    Lately i have seen lot of complaints regarding to their comments are being deleted. I don’t realized if mine was deleted for any reasons because i wrote so many that i can’t even keep track. However, i thought the rules are very clear and simple “no chitchat of unrelated topic” right? so when you write your comments, do not forget to mention a little about the drama or actor/actress involved in that drama. For sure it won’t get deleted. please let me know if I’m wrong. Have a great time commenting everyone.

    Always a fan of bk-ktg.

  1292. 1292 : chichaloca Says:

    hai messy your comments also been deleted same like me??nevermine.erm,wonder what the next project of yun syi yon,ju won and eugene.can’t wait.

  1293. 1293 : chichaloca Says:

    new project for Jeon Gwang-ryul a.k.a takgu father.his recent new drama will be medical investigation drama call “heaven”.the drama will be air at sbs channel after daemul

    info/source from dramabeans

  1294. 1294 : roy99 Says:

    very worthwhile drama..
    i dont feel bored to watch it twice!!
    listen to BKKTG OST by kyu hyun,,very touchful song!! i love it!!
    this drama also touchful when yu kyung leave tak gu..so sad..

  1295. 1295 : lovejoo Says:

    guys i forgot to tell you that today was young tak gus birthday.

    well happy birthday to you young kim tak gu

  1296. 1296 : Abbie Says:

    Happy Birthday Kim Tak Gu….

  1297. 1297 : mecchi Says:

    kim tak gu… you’re so awesome… the best drama in 2010 !! high recomended to watch 😀

  1298. 1298 : chichaloca Says:

    happy buday young takgu!!u ur really talented 😛

  1299. 1299 : roy99 Says:

    4ever be the best drama!!
    i really enjoy watch it!!
    triple amazing drama..not bored!!
    i give 5 star!!

  1300. 1300 : Lyda Says:

    @Chichaloca: 12th Novermber is Takgu’s birthday?!

  1301. 1301 : Abbie Says:

    way to go BK-KTG for a job well done… excellent to the casts, directors, screenwritters and those who are involved in this project. Proud of you.

    Always a fan of Eugene…. Because of you, i watched BK-KTG and yes, another great drama.

  1302. 1302 : chichaloca Says:

    Lyda:the birthday for young takgu dear not big takgu.hehe.i read lovejoo.so i also wish him.ya 12 nov 🙂

  1303. 1303 : Lyda Says:

    @Chichaloca: R I c.

  1304. 1304 : ali Says:

    What more can I say about this drama? It’s like eating a complete meal and you could not ask for more……and it felt good afterwards.

    Excellent. The best among the best.

  1305. 1305 : asa Says:

    I am watchin this all over again for the 2nd time. IT’s the best drama for 2010. Also watching Daemul and Fugitive and really hooked on both. However the main reason I need to watch Baker King again becos I’m totally turned off by M Kiss and need an antidote of good story and acting to cure the bad image! So I’m turning back to Baker King for my treatment from drama diahrrea by M.Kiss! I gave that up in ep 10.

  1306. 1306 : Abbie Says:

    I couldn’t help but to laugh on asa’s comment. How funny that you used BK-KTG as an antidote for M-kiss. LOL, i’m happy that i didn’t even started it. thanks for the warning.

  1307. 1307 : messi Says:

    MK is a good entertaining drama.

  1308. 1308 : OK OK OK Says:

    pls watch ASAP before its being deleted. Happy Watching. ^-^


  1309. 1309 : jo Says:

    Hello Chichaloca, lovejoo, Abbie, Jasmine, ok ok, messi and everybody. Any news yet if Eugene has a new drama. You will only see me in Eugene drama, other than that, i am nowhere to be found. So , pllllsssss update me if you hear anything new. The baker king is a good drama for everybody and the chemistry is just right for each couple. Anyway, see you soon when that new drama comes to air.

  1310. 1310 : Abbie Says:

    Hi Jo, it has been a while but recently i ran into Eugene’s documentary mission regarding to her trip to Bangladesh. it sure showed that Eugene with golden heart. i don’t have the link with me but if you’re interesting, i will try to find one for you

  1311. 1311 : po cai Says:

    i love yoo kyung and majun so much. Very attractive and hot couple. ..Lov 🙂

  1312. 1312 : roy99 Says:

    joo won acting was good!!
    i really hate him in this drama..
    however,this drama is the best!! 4ever!! i like it!! :DD

  1313. 1313 : sendoh Says:

    This is great Drama….from the beginning to the end…but in the middle episode i really hate Shin Yoo Kyung to give up her Love for Kim Tak Guu and choosing to get married with Ma Jun.

    but this is the great drama

  1314. 1314 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie. I’m glad to hear Eugene is busy doing good deeds. People look up to her too. She is a good model to single women. You will not see her in the news doing wild party. I’m sure she will have a new drama next year. Hope she will reunite with Ji Sung and popular actor not just the newbies actors. Why cant she paired with Kwon Sang woo or Rain, Daniel Henney and the one who act in Winter Sonata. Love to see her with popular actor.

  1315. 1315 : takgu94 Says:

    best drama 4ever!!
    i really really like it!!
    very beautiful drama..
    better than ur beautiful..

  1316. 1316 : Urock Says:

    love it, love it. best drama ever

  1317. 1317 : arie Says:

    brilliant cast, story , director, and scriptwriter.
    keep me wondering story goes since first episode.

  1318. 1318 : Felix Says:

    Really the Best Korean drama of the year 2010. Really hope can win several award in KBS Award and Baeksang Award. Yeeee Haaaaa!!!!

  1319. 1319 : Abbie Says:

    Thanks OK for updating us with BK-KTG team activities beyond this drama. thanks for the Link on HAPPY TOGETHER SEASON 3, it gives me a good laugh. thanks again. please keep on updating us if you can

  1320. 1320 : messi Says:

    @felix, definitely it will win every possible award this year. it was huge success. i think this drama is one of few which reached 50% ratings in many years. GOOD LUCK!

  1321. 1321 : wiiee Says:

    waaaw.. i haven’t known before that the rating of this korean drama was so high..
    i haven’t watched ever although i have this DVD…
    fighting, start this night to watch all 30 episodes.. thanks for the information 🙂

  1322. 1322 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Abbie

    You can thank me by watching WINTER SONATA. Starring Bae Yong Jun & Choi Ji Woo. I am telling the truth — its not a sad story and its good ending. HA…..HA…..HA…………..

    Now I am enjoying SECRET GARDEN – by HYUN BIN & HA JI WON

  1323. 1323 : Abbie Says:

    OK 🙂 woah, i know you love winter sonata but didn’t know you love it that much. I will sure try to watch it in the near by future. it’s so cold here. still autumn, another month away from winter, and it’s already snowing.

    BK-KTG…will sure get multiple awards … and I hope our Eugene will get a couple for her too.

  1324. 1324 : OK OK OK Says:

    I guarantee Eugene will get awards because her name raise from bottom to top. ^.^

    When she is sad we feel sad, when she is happy we feel happy. Her acting can bring us into her world. That is professional acting. Sure she will get awards.

  1325. 1325 : OK OK OK Says:



  1326. 1326 : toh quan ming Says:

    i find this korean drama is very interesting and nice but anyway i am waiting for this korean drama dvd to be released so that i can rent and watch it.

  1327. 1327 : park Says:


  1328. 1328 : takgu99 Says:

    who doesn’t watch this drama…is loss
    what such a worthwhile drama..very very very interesting..
    sad story & happy ending..
    no 1 drama for this year & forever!! i love this drama so much!!
    in my opinion..no. 1 korean drama was ‘my girl’ 😀
    no 2 this drama..^O^
    no 3 – ur beautiful..

  1329. 1329 : Maggie Says:

    Their ratings is really high!!! when you watch this you will know why. Very good one. I can highly recommend this very heart warming series.
    Good actors, director and script writer. Good material.

  1330. 1330 : takgu99 Says:

    make part 2 for this drama please..
    i really love this drama..
    what happened to seo in sook who doesn’t realize??
    i want the part 2 for this drama..really really want to watch part 2..:D:D

  1331. 1331 : messi Says:

    Hi BK~ KTG fans! please watch drama SECRET GARDEN. Its really good.

  1332. 1332 : lin lin Says:

    hi,, I’m from Singapore. I just watched till chapter 3 today. quite touching. still watching.

  1333. 1333 : aichouss Says:


    u guys must watch this.
    so full of emotionsssss
    one of the best!

  1334. 1334 : Abbie Says:

    I’m following Secret Garden too Messi. I’m totally in love with it…. but BK-KTG is still the best in 2010.

  1335. 1335 : maureen Says:

    I really loves this drama, from the first until the end.
    U MUST watch it. The best story, the good ost and act, and absolutely the best rating film ever had.
    10 thumbs up for Baker King Kim Tak Goo!!!

  1336. 1336 : saba Says:

    just finished this drama and I loved it.best ending ever no wonder the rating was high.I wish to find something like this to watch.

  1337. 1337 : takgu99 Says:

    saba..i agree with that!!
    the best drama for this year & forever..!! i love it!! 😀

  1338. 1338 : kd Says:

    The other review about this drama:

    I think I have almost the same feeling with that blogger when watching BK before.

  1339. 1339 : roy99 Says:

    kd:what so amazing about kim hyun joong!!
    he’s fuck!!
    baker king is far better than playful kiss that acting by fuck kim hyun joong who has plastic face..he’s fuck n sucks!!

  1340. 1340 : Abbie Says:

    Oh woah…. Joo Woon pictures form KB’s link are so hot… yup, yup, if you or know anyone how has a face OR a body like him, Please feel free to contact me, so we can get more personal. … joking… lol

  1341. 1341 : Abbie Says:

    personally i don’t care much for Yoon Shi Yoon , but Joo Won, he defincately is a piece of ART.

  1342. 1342 : messi Says:

    @kd, thanks for the link . agree with every pt. there. it was a drama with cast which was not familiar to me except eugene.

  1343. 1343 : messi Says:

    @roy99, Sorry in advance but please dont use abusive words on this page. i hope u avoid that.

  1344. 1344 : kd Says:

    Oops, sorry! What I mean about having almost the same feeling with the blogger is about the characters in BK-KTG. Same as you, I never attracted to PK though but not because of the actor but because of the storyline.

    About BK-KTG itself, in the beginning, the title and synopsis did not attract me at all but it is in the must watch list as Eugene is in there. But the rating made me curious and picks it up without waiting the complete episodes as I planned. Anyway I’m glad with my decision as BK-KTG is different from other KDramas.

    Anyway, I agree with [email protected]

  1345. 1345 : kd Says:

    Same with Abbie, I also did not care much about Yoon Si Yoon but more on Joo Won. It’s normal right? The weird thing is I can feel sorry to Ma Jun’s mom and not Tak Gu’s mom. May be because of their acting? I don’t know but Jun In Hwa’s acting is superb. I can feel sorry and angry at her at the same time…

  1346. 1346 : roy99 Says:

    sorry if im use a harsh word..

  1347. 1347 : Abbie Says:

    KD’s “The weird thing is I can feel sorry to Ma Jun’s mom and not Tak Gu’s mom.” No it is nothing weird about it. The reason you (I do too) feel sorry for Majun’s mom because she was cheated by her husband and the nanny in her own house. Where, the grandmother witnessed the whole scene and didn’t do anything to prevent it. I somewhat thought that she (the grandmother) actually encouraged the adultery because she wanted an Heir (a grandson) so bad. They drama made takgoo’s mom looked like a victim but the real victim is Ma Jun’s mom. Tak goo’s mom and the chair man should be the ones at fault because one cheated on his wife and the other cheated with a married man. There is no excuse for Takgoo’s mom, she was an adult when it happened and she shouldn’t feel ashamed for her behavior. Of course, what she did with her revenge is unwise and hash but as a woman I.

  1348. 1348 : Abbie Says:

    ** she should feel ashamed for her behavior

  1349. 1349 : Abbie Says:

    excuse me for my sloppiness from my writting, here is the second version.
    KD’s “The weird thing is I can feel sorry to Ma Jun’s mom and not Tak Gu’s mom.” No it is nothing weird about it. The reason you (I do too) feel sorry for Majun’s mom because she was cheated by her husband and the nanny in her own house. Where, the grandmother witnessed the whole scene and didn’t do a thing to prevent it. I somewhat thought that she (the grandmother) actually encouraged the adultery because she wanted an Heir (a grandson) so bad. They drama made takgoo’s mom looked like a victim but the real victim is Ma Jun’s mom. Tak goo’s mom and the chair man should be the ones at fault because one cheated on his wife and the other cheated with a married man (these two will make a perfect couple). There is no excuse for Takgoo’s mom action, she was an adult when it happened and she should feel ashamed for her behavior. A simple scream, could had stopped all these from happening. For Majun’s Mom, as a woman I feel sympathetic for her. However, what she did for revenge is despicable, hash and rude, especially toward our lovely Eugene.

  1350. 1350 : Abbie Says:

    Entertainment weekly on BK-KTG with english sub guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsBrD0TU5ik&feature=related

  1351. 1351 : Abbie Says:

    Baker King Special part 2 with translation is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPK93HN8qDs&feature=feedu

    Majoon was so cute when he replay the act of “be my woman” and Eugene looked so “dang” sexy when she said “maJoon ni no ” … “majoon you”

    those are my favorite scene, hope you guys can enjoy it like I do tool

    here is part 1 , which was posted by KD a while ago. just re-post if you have not had a chance to watch it yet.

  1352. 1352 : via Says:

    I love this story a lot, at first i dont want to watch it because of Eugene didn’t end up with Tak Gu, but then I feel glad that I have watch it now. I can understand how Yun Kyung (Eugene) feel being poor and humiliated all the time, no wonder she wants to pay them back and she use Ma jun for her goal. I would probably choose to be that way either. I don’t think she didn’t believe that love will heal her pain after being abused by her father since she was a little girl, and live as an orphan and having nobody around her but herself to support her life. If i am in her position, I will do what she’s did, marrying Ma jun, get my self a sweet revenge, and if I can find happiness in the process i will be very glad, but if I don’t I will try to accept that situation and probably back from my position before. I mean it wasn’t all about money, I am glad that Yun kyung did it based on a revenge for this Ma jun family especially his mother who had humiliate her and hurt her feelings so much. Well that is how I feel to Yun Kyung situation, I am now understand now.. love this show so much and love Eugene so much .. glad she is finally end up with Ma jun that finally love her and not because he wants to win over Tak Gu. Nice ending..

  1353. 1353 : kd Says:

    @ 1349 Abbie,
    Agree with you. I think I’m weird because most of the comments about BK-KTG are about their hatred towards Seo In Sook while for me the one I really hate is the Grandmother and secondly is the president. The entire problem occurs because of them. Even when Seo In Sook is so harsh and rude towards Yu Kyung, I still thinking some reason for her such as ‘she hate Yu Kyung because she wants Ma Jun to marry someone from higher status for his success’ or ‘she hate Yu Kyung because she don’t want her history where the president marry her because of her wealth will not happen to her son where she believe Yu Kyung is only towards Ma Jun’s status not because of love’. However, this doesn’t means what she has done is acceptable but just pity her and understand why she became like that.

  1354. 1354 : kd Says:

    Abbie, thanks for the link of Baker King special part 2. The link of the part 1 is from OK OK not me 🙂

    Anyway, Joo Won have participated in S.M. The Ballad “Miss You” MV

  1355. 1355 : kd Says:

    I somewhat delay watching BK-KTG few weeks after their airing because of Eugene’s status in this drama as a villain (I usually watch Eugene’s drama just days later) thinking that she will be an irritating character just like other villain in KDrama.
    After watching this, I don’t feel that Yu Kyung is a villain. She just stands for herself. Same with you, I would probably choose to be that way either. Many BK-KTG fans said that Yu Kyung is selfish by choosing Ma Jun rather than Tak Gu, but for me, I think she did love Ma Jun, that’s why she did not leave him even after Tak Gu successful and have higher status compare to Ma Jun. She just comfortable with Ma Jun as she can be herself. May be at first she did it because of her revenge but she did married Ma Jun because she wants to be with him I think.
    For me, Tak Gu may be a very kind person but it is not enough in love. He must be very very loved her but he cannot see her miserable life. For e.g. in one of the episode he did said that he believes in her so doesn’t need for her to explain why she chose to work at Geo Song Food. I think it is one of his mistakes as if he allows her to explain, then she will expose all difficulties in her life then relief, but it did not happen and she has to face the problems all alone. Even in earlier episode when Yu Kyung is late for their date because of Seo In Sook, he just happy, not even bother to ask why did she late? Is she faced a problem? I don’t want that kind of bf. Haha…While for Ma Jun, by seeing her face, he knows she’s having a problem.

  1356. 1356 : tin Says:

    @ kd 1353, agree with u on that point but only if president and grandmother had not done that , how could our hero takgu tt born?? LOL

  1357. 1357 : tin Says:

    @kd 1353, i agree with u on that point but only if grandmother and president had not done that, how could our heroes takgu and majun born??!! LOL

  1358. 1358 : abbie Says:

    I woudn’t call Ma joon a hero … he is too s.exy to be a hero 🙂

  1359. 1359 : messi Says:

    Of course majun is a hero and heroes can be sexy too:-)

  1360. 1360 : jack Says:

    below is the link of juwon’s photo shoot . he is looking good. http://www.google.co.in/m/url?ei=OfXQTJjfMcefrAfSqJl5&q=http://www.allkpop.com/2010/08/joo-won-for-vogue-girl&ved=0CAgQFjAB&usg=AFQjCNGFRhcHMZX2MAMFZsrm43ms2is7Og

  1361. 1361 : messi Says:

    Of course majun is a hero and heroes can be s.exy ww 🙂

  1362. 1362 : tin Says:

    majun’s character had such an impact on me towards the end of drama that i didnt care or bother about main lead takgu, that he will meet his mother or not and how he will act as ceo of company. only thing i cared was how the relationship between majun and eugene will proceed towards the end of drama. ,

  1363. 1363 : Abbie Says:

    Still can’t see Majoon as a hero, he is too sneaky to be a hero… sneaky in the most attractive way that it can possibly be 🙂

  1364. 1364 : messi Says:

    @tin, you call takgu your hero and didnt even care about him?!!. LOL. q poor takgu:-)

  1365. 1365 : via Says:

    @ KD
    you are right.. I think at first Yu Kyung didn’t really love Ma jun, but when she’s getting close with him, she probably getting to know him more and realized that they are having the same situation and pain during their childhood life. Both are not happy with their life. Remember when The President (Ma jun’s Dad) is in coma, and Ma jun feel very sad about it, Yun kyung stay beside him all the time. It means that she already open her heart for Ma jun. Its true I didn’t really interesting with Tak Gu or his mother. Although I didn’t really agree for what Ma jun’s mom have done, but I agree that the president shouldn’t having an affair at the first time and its bad for wanting a son till they didn’t really care about the daughter. Remember when Ma jun’s mom give birth to her second daugther, The president doesnt even bother to visit his wife at the hospital when he knew she’s having a daugther not a son. But Ma jun mom is very demanding person I supposed, she really wants everything for her, her husband love, her husband wealth, her husband affection, her son’s love, that what is bad for her, because she just too greedy. But you are right, I feel sorry for Ma jun moms, since she wants everything in her life but she can’t get what she wants.

  1366. 1366 : liz Says:

    The best drama in 2010! Looking forward for this drama to garner awards which it deserves. Congratulations!!!

  1367. 1367 : tin Says:

    SORRY takguA! i shouldn have said that i dont care about u but i wanted to say that i love majun more. i hope u understand, u r such a cute boy! MESSI YOU!!!

  1368. 1368 : tin Says:

    @jack. thanks for the link of juwon’s photo shoot. he is not only looking good but damn sexy.

  1369. 1369 : messi Says:

    I think the characters with shady personalities make a story more interesting rather than innocent characters. and this drama had more bad persons.

  1370. 1370 : oyabun Says:

    I dropped this drama at the end of ep10. The main guy Tak Gu really upsets me. He can not stay quiet 5 minutes before he starts yelling, crying, whinning, howling, kicking, beating like a dumb guy hitting a tree… Even the bad guy Ma Joon is more interesting and subtle. I know korean dramas love to turn good for nothing guys into not so bad guys but OK, I can not stand his face any more. I want him to die so I imagined at the end of ep10, he put his head into the bread oven and push the button “on” and Eugene becomes a nun.

  1371. 1371 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  1372. 1372 : takgu99 Says:

    i agree 100% what jeena says!!!
    vote this drama!! best drama of 2010..

  1373. 1373 : tiffany Says:

    woah you all , you all only do choose only the main characters. can you guys be more connective and specific ? what the entire problem caused by the grandmother or the president? they do need a son , a legit son because they need someone to inherit the properties of the family.

    this story is really dramatic , if you guys don’t agree , don’t poll for this.
    i will rather give my 5hours to poll to this if i can give more than one

  1374. 1374 : chichaloca Says:

    long time not dropping some comment here.how u are u guy specially kimchilee,jo,love joo, lyda,messy and abbie.and for u guys dont forget to vote for baker kim takgu to win best drama of 2010.keep voting.fighting..baker rules!!!!!!!!

  1375. 1375 : Abbie Says:

    VOTED, thanks everyone for the reminder

  1376. 1376 : OK OK OK Says:

    @1351 Abbie

    Thanks for the links Baker King Special Part 2. I have watched it today and enjoyed it very much. Waiting for part 3…………………….

  1377. 1377 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 1354 KD

    Thanks for Joo Won links in the S.M. ballad. Wow all the guys sings so well. They have crystal clear voice. I will search more for Kyuhun’s songs becoz he sang a song in this drama and many people love it including me. HOPE IS A DREAM THAT NEVER SLEEPS.

    Joo Won next drama – he can act as a rich ‘PLAY BOY’ already. He looks like one in this MV with his curly hair. I like his image.
    Sorry to say that – I don’t really like the lead girl Lee Yeon Hee. She is the lead actress in East of Eden. I stopped at Ep 51 because LYH cannot attracts me and also Song Seung Hun died in the end.

  1378. 1378 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Guys

    If you like a girl and you want her to propose to her, use this magic words.

    NOOR ! YOJA YA. ^.^ hope it works.

  1379. 1379 : chichaloca Says:

    for those who miss Oh Jae Moo a.k.a young takgu acting.he now currently acts in weekend kbs drama called believe in love.wait for this drama

  1380. 1380 : messi Says:

    Hi Ok! whats the meaning of these words?

  1381. 1381 : takgu99 Says:

    VOTE!!! VOTE!!!
    VOTE for this drama..

  1382. 1382 : Abbie Says:

    has anyone follow Athena: Goddess of War? or know any actor or actress in that new coming drama. I’m not familiar with any of them. willing to give it a try… but… to be honest, i don’t have much faith in with. i think they will have a tough time to meet the expectation specially following the previous IRIS.

  1383. 1383 : OK OK OK Says:

    @1380 Messi

    Good morning. If you have watched the Baker king Special Part 2 links provided by @1351 Abbie, you will know what it means.

    This this the sentence Joo Won said to Eugene.

    and Eugene ends up marrying Joo Won. ^.^

  1384. 1384 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 1382 Abbie

    Athena – Godness of War. I know Choi Siwon – Super Junior Member is one of the actor. He is so cute & charming in OH MY LADY – acted with Chae Rim. I have just repeated the second time last week and enjoyed it very much. A little girl Kim Yoo Bin acted as Choi Si won daughter – she was so so so so cute.

    For Athena, I prefer Soo Ae than Lee Ji Ah. LJA was chosen as a lead actress acting along with Bae Yong Jun in – THE STORY OF THE FIRST KING’S 4 GODS. I heard that Ha Ji Won, Kim Tae Hee & Kim Ha Nuel who went for audition but didn’t get the role. The rating will be better if any of the 3 actresses acted in it. (I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED) I FORCED MYSELF TO WATCH THE “4 GODS” BC OF BAE YONG JUN

    As for the rest, I know few of the leading role but you can go to their actors list for more detail.

    And you can watch Chae Rim along with Jang Dong Gun — ALL ABOUT EVE. (MBC 2000 production)
    A very popular and well known drama in year 2000. I was so surprised Koreandrama.org did not have this title. I have 3 sisters who bought this drama for safe keeping. My house at least have 3 sets of the same drama. So you know how popular this drama is. Its talks of the town at that time.

  1385. 1385 : van Says:

    i really love this drama. super duper loooove it. i really enjoyed every episode. i would be better if in the end, (eugene) and tak gu end up together not eugene with with ma jun. amp.

  1386. 1386 : Abbie Says:

    I had the same expectation with Van up up the last 10 episodes, i grew to love Yoo Kyung and Ma Jun as a couple. They fit each other perfectly. they both were hurt, disappointed, neglected and finally they found love and comfort within each other. as KD said earlier in (his/her comment), just a glance at Yoo Kyung’s face, Majoon knows exactly what she needs. And for Yoo kyung, Just by looking into Ma Jun’s eyes, Yoo Kyung, can see herself and the pain that he’s going through. They are the prefect match in this drama, with great chemistry. i can’t say the same to takgu and Masun….

  1387. 1387 : Abbie Says:

    thanks 1384 OK OK OK for that great comment. This will be a great opportunity for those casts to excel their acting ability because the drama itself is a big investment. I’m crossing my fingers and put my faith in the whole production team. Hopefully they will once again bring us another great drama, like Baker King or at least equally match IRIS.

  1388. 1388 : ok ok ok Says:

    @ Abbie or those interested to know more about WINTER SONATA

    I was trying to search ALL ABOUT EVE info and I found this. Its just a short video from WINTER SONATA episode 1. It was this 1st 10 minutes that got me attracted to this drama.
    As for 2nd links – its just a short video summary – lead actress Choi Ji Woo saw Bae Yong Jun (after a separation of 10 years – BYJ has lost his memory and forgot about her) he came back as a suave young modern boss.


  1389. 1389 : ok ok ok Says:

    @ Abbie

    Winter Sonata – this link – no crying at all. Both playing and smiling. Its a happy ending. Both so cute

  1390. 1390 : ok ok ok Says:

    @ Abbie

    Oh, Winter Sonata – I manage to find English subtitles here (1st episode 10 minutes

  1391. 1391 : tin Says:

    Winter Sonata is a great drama. One of those dramas which initiated the korean wave like Autumn Tale, All in, All about eve, Full house, etc. u .

  1392. 1392 : ok ok ok Says:

    NG NG — Winter Sonata NG – English subs (Part 1 & 2) – So Funny



    Bae Yong Jun & Choi Ji woo & Park Yong Ha are one of my favorite actors actress

  1393. 1393 : luvkimtakgoo Says:

    i luv this drama!!
    DAEBAK.n the ending is great.happy endings for everyone.awhh

  1394. 1394 : ptsh836 Says:

    @oyabun (#1370): gud gawd u gave up after epi 10? ur not even halfway there before more theatrics were thrown in by ktg, yoo kyung, ma joon, his mom & her sidekick, manager han.

    n every1 is rooting for yoo kyung-ma joon pairing. i dun understand why?? was it bcoz they look gud tog or bcoz they share the same kind of pain growing up?? normally couples who are extreme opposites will attract n form a successful pairing but in this case, both of them are almost identical in character n nursing the same kind of hurt fr the past…so how can they end up with each other?? the scriptwriter must hv messed up somewhere along the way…

    if i were the scriptwriter, i wouldnt put them tog coz the reason for their marrying was not solely out of luv; basically for yoo kyung it was to get back at ma joon’s mom after suffering much humiliation at her hands; did she really luv ma joon then altho she did slowly uncovered the real him behind his mask… i think she loved tak goo more but decided to let him go instead jus so that she can carry out her own revenge of sorts… so distorted was she by her own schemes tt things did backfire on her wedding nite…ma joon left her on her own n went out clubbing with frens n stayed out just to spite her…now why did ma joon want to marry yoo kyung in the first place?? jus so tt tak goo cant hv her or to satisfy his own sadistic ideals of torturing her for rejecting him at first….

    i wld think tt both yoo kyung n ma joon are two vry complex n deep characters n a bit twisted in viewing the world ard them coz of their tough n unhappy childhood; ma joon craves the attention not given by his dad n upon learning tt manager han was his real dad…n also having witnessed his grandma’s unfortunate death which had involved his mom n his real dad… no wonder he grew up with so much hate n distrust in ever1 ard him…the final straw wld be for not getting acknowledgment fr chairman goo.

    i hv yet to finish the last epi n im dragging my feet coz its getting a bit tiring waiting for karma to rear its head; tak goo had suffered more thn enough n things shld start looking gud for him n to see manager han’s evil face still feeling triumphant n unrepentent is too much to bear…how i hate the man; i wld luv to hv his head in the bread oven instead of tak goo!!!

  1395. 1395 : takgu99 Says:

    vote this drama!!
    the best drama of 2010…
    amazing n better than other drama…100% the BEST!!!

  1396. 1396 : Vittoria Says:

    This koreanovela made me cry a lot. Very good acting for the performers and very good story with many twists.

  1397. 1397 : lin lin Says:

    (from Singapore)
    just finished watching chapter 23. I am watching the show in Korean language with chinese subtitle over the China website (tu dou). so sad.. the bread teacher died. now… tears are dropping.

  1398. 1398 : Abbie Says:

    lin lin, Chapter 23, the good part has yet to come. it only gets better from chapter 23

  1399. 1399 : rihana Says:

    Very best drama .although makes me cry a lot during some parts.1

  1400. 1400 : rihana Says:

    Currently watching this drama and enjoying it. hope it gets even better till the end.

  1401. 1401 : rihana Says:

    Can the voting be done only once for one drama? please tell me: : ))

  1402. 1402 : chichaloca Says:


    i’m not sure.first i try to votr for this drama and the when i tried it for the second time i cannot do the vote coz it just display the result.plz admin anwers this.i just want to vote for this drama again and again..plz other fans do the vote also.make this drama vote high

  1403. 1403 : beautiful Says:

    Very nice drama, good story till thi end.

  1404. 1404 : beautiful Says:

    Takgu-Misun are such a cute couple, they are made for each other. I not understand why people here on this page not like them.

  1405. 1405 : via Says:

    @beautiful: I just don’t think that mi sun and takgo actually had a chemistry here, I dont know why, they not really like a couple that falling in love with each other. Seems like tak go accept the fact that he can not be with yun kyung so he rather be with mi sun not because he love her like the way he love yun kyung but because he feel comfortable around her and the fact that she like him. Just wanna say: no chemistry at all.. that’s all!!!

  1406. 1406 : takgu99 Says:

    i hope next year part 2 will be ON AIR…

  1407. 1407 : lin lin Says:

    (from Singapore)
    Just finished watching this show. Unexpected ending. Kim Tak Goo is too kind. I like to watch korean romantic drama. But this one is different, unlike the usual romantic drama. As this show has a very high rating in Korea, therefore I chose to watch. I was curious about what kind of show the koreans like to watch.

  1408. 1408 : lin lin Says:

    (from Singapore)

    Voted. Now is 7 per cent.

  1409. 1409 : GMA Says:

    This series will finally air on GMA NETWORK Philippines by January 2011.

  1410. 1410 : Gigi Says:

    For crying out loud this is wonderful drama! make me cry huhuhuhuhhh.

  1411. 1411 : emma Says:

    @beautiful … i also like them as a couple you are not the onley one. im sure many others likes them as well but they just cant adimt cuse they like Eugene more. and mi sun YOUNG AH is much better. with all respect

  1412. 1412 : takgu99 Says:

    @lin lin
    i agree what you says..this drama is different from the others..
    the BEST!! don’t forget to VOTE!!

  1413. 1413 : Leslie Says:

    Both actors here absolutely MAGNETIC! make me cry. Hope they can make more series. Fighting!

  1414. 1414 : Leslie Says:

    Eugene is beautiful like her ALOT!!!! she’s wonderful actress weather comedy, romance, drama can’t missed all her series and she can speak english fluently. love you Eugene.

  1415. 1415 : Abbie Says:

    to compare Eugene to Lee Young Ah, is like comparing apples to oranges, they each have their unique trace. Just enjoy the drama and their acting. however, I’m favorite Eugene. She is the reason I’m interesting in Korean dramas and music.

  1416. 1416 : via Says:

    I am a big fan of Eugene now, she is very smart and have a very unique face, love her when she’s smile.. hope to see her again in another project after Baker King..

  1417. 1417 : takgu99 Says:

    eugene is wonderful actress..
    her acting very professional!!
    all the characters she can do..

  1418. 1418 : yuli jo Says:

    bravo !!! best k-drama – i like it !!
    all the actress and actor very talented
    excellent for the screenwriter and director too

    all the character in this drama very emotional and touching.
    good ending too *_^
    success for joo won the new actor can’t wait to see you in another drama/movie

  1419. 1419 : kimcheejoy43 Says:

    I find this drama so cute.. especially the ending of Choi Ja Hye… it will be soon showing at Philippines this Janaury 2011… 😀

  1420. 1420 : dennise Says:

    i think Pk is much better than this drama !

  1421. 1421 : Korean Social Media Round-up Says:

    […] all in there (as is Twitter!). For those unfamiliar with them, No 1 and No 2 are smash hit dramas Baker King, Kim Tak Goo and Sungkyungwan […]

  1422. 1422 : Anonymous Says:

    dennise I totally agreed with you!

  1423. 1423 : Korean Social Media Round-up | Nanoomi.net Says:

    […] all in there (as is Twitter!). For those unfamiliar with them, No 1 and No 2 are smash hit dramas Baker King, Kim Tak Goo and Sungkyungwan […]

  1424. 1424 : Abbie Says:

    It takes great courage for Dennise and Anonymous to said that “Pk is much be better than BK-KTG”, it’s quite bold of you to said such words. This reminds me of the phrases “You are, What you think” and “You are, What you say” . I’m glad to know your point of views as well as to know WHO YOU ARE.

  1425. 1425 : jo Says:

    @ Abbie. Did you watch Narnia part 3 movie. Love the 3d narnia. So touching. Kids love it.

    any news of our dear Eugene lately? Have not heard if she has a new project yet.

  1426. 1426 : Lydia Says:

    wow! see the rating! get me interested to watch it!

  1427. 1427 : Abbie Says:

    Hi Jo
    From Eugene Twitter, i know she just finished filming her last episode of Get it Beauty. Don’t know if She has plan anything else. The last i know of her that she was at the @ MCM 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER 2010 COLLECTION in Nov. and she also made her appearance at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards Red Carpet in Macau, she took part in presenting an award to the iME music group.

  1428. 1428 : Abbie Says:

    No Jo, i have not watched Narnia 3, I’m glad that you enjoyed it. here is the link i found, and wanted to share so you can have a glimpse of our beloved Eugene

    Eugene meets actress So Yoo Jin at 2010 MAMA


    credit to .allkpop.com

  1429. 1429 : Abbie Says:

    Joo Won, our beloved Majun really into baking, the following is the hilarious AD, have fun watching

  1430. 1430 : takgu99 Says:

    keep voting!!!

  1431. 1431 : kd Says:

    Baker King Special part 3 (eng sub)

  1432. 1432 : kd Says:

    @ Anonymous & dennise,
    Everybody have their own taste. Some may say BK is the best while the other say it is not. I think most of the international viewers tend to choose the drama based on the casts. That’s why we can see a totally flop drama in Korea is a hits on the net…

  1433. 1433 : takgu99 Says:

    i agree with kd..

    @ anonymous & denise..
    if u dont like this drama..just click PK/MK..
    then u can comment there..

  1434. 1434 : Abbie Says:

    Thanks KD for part 3 of BK-KTG special…. i enjoyed it very much. Thanks.

  1435. 1435 : jena Says:

    I’m one JGS fan, but I also love this drama, me and my friends vote for this drama besides MSOAN. I honestly hurt by PK drama fans. they talk spicy, they mention that the baker king and MSOAN is bad drama. I think, if the baker king called a bad drama and how about PK drama?? they should call the drama is a very bad way.
    keep spirit baker king, I’ve been watching this drama and I really liked. I will vote for this drama.well i should say, the PK drama is not level with baker king. so keep the spirit !!

  1436. 1436 : takgu99 Says:

    same with you..
    i really really hate PK fans!! they all very rude!!
    i agree 100% what you says…PK was BAD & bored..
    PK never can challenge baker king…
    baker king NO. 1 kdrama for this year

    i also enjoy MSOAN…i love moon geun young
    MSOAN is far better than PK..
    i vote for both drama..i hope MSOAN will win!!

  1437. 1437 : ccr Says:

    What? PK fans are not rude. I have read nearly every comment on PK and have not seen but very few comments saying anything but that they love PK and KHJ. But some other people kept coming over there and cutting down PK and KHJ. They asked them to just leave and go comment on the dramas that they like but they kept coming back and made even more rude comments. So if you want to say PK fans are rude then you have to be honest and say the rudeness goes both ways. To think all I wanted to do was come here and say I liked this drama. Sad that people have to just cut each other down instead of taking the higher road. Oh and that goes for all fans of all dramas!

  1438. 1438 : chichaloca Says:

    i wonder why this drama only get 1% vote.before that it used to be 15%.so sad.where is this drama fan??did u vote for this drama for becoming best korean drama of 2010 🙁

  1439. 1439 : jena Says:

    I want this drama to be one of high drama that got votes as well .. we should still vote. sad to see this drama now only get a vote of 1% .. aaggrrhh! keep vote baker king … i will from support u!

  1440. 1440 : lalalala Says:

    only got 1%???!!! I think this drama is not popular, like characters. new people who are not good at acting!
    don’t dream of being the best drama. PK least now higher in the most commented list of the baker king also the vote … so shut your mouths. because PK was the best dramas!

  1441. 1441 : hmpt Says:

    dont be [email protected] bout that poll.it can be manipulated. Just CLEAR COOKIES or CACHE and you can vote as many times as you want.

  1442. 1442 : Abbie Says:

    To answer chichaloca why this drama only gets 1% and some unnamed and unknown drama got to the top of the poll. The answer is easy to figure. They found the rack in the system and cheat. Each of person supposed to vote only 1 time, as it was intended. But some went beyond and abuse this flaw in the system and voted as many times as they wished, by either reset their IP or deleted cookies… ect. Some even mentioned dedicate their nights, days and if not weeks with one purpose only is to CHEAT. You know thyself very well when I say this. So, it doesn’t matter what the number shows. Cheaters never win. Shame on you (whoever you are, you know it). These only show your insecurity and lack of confidence in your own idol.

  1443. 1443 : Abbie Says:

    What must I say, we can treat illnesses but we can’t cure stupid. lalalala, you are incurable.

  1444. 1444 : taChan Says:

    waaaooo … finally Baker King Kim Tak Goo will broadcast in Indonesia … i’m so EXCITED … hope DAEBAK too in INDONESIA ^^

  1445. 1445 : sarah Says:

    @abbie.. i know its frustrating. Baker king got so high ratings but i guess the leads dont have much fan following.. i wonder why??
    but voting multiple times is legal.. the organisers themselves said that the voters can vote multiple times.. and can choose more than 1 drama.. it doesnt matter how fans can vote multiple times
    This is not cheating.. i wish had more fans voting here.. i loved this drama..

  1446. 1446 : Abbie Says:


    After I read your comment, I doubt myself so I went back and re-read the fine print, it has never said you can vote multiple times. it said, you can choose more than one favorite drama. That is why after you’re done voting and revisit the page, it only show the result of the poll and doesn’t allow you to vote unless you manipulate the system by different means.

    Please enlighten me or guide me to the place it said you can vote multiple times, I’ll be greatly appreciated.
    and yes, it’s cheating when you manipulated the system.

  1447. 1447 : takgu99 Says:

    i love this drama so much!! i think this is the best drama for this year..
    but i dont expect this drama can win!!
    bcoz PK fan are really hardworking to votes PK drama…
    PK fans dont know how to evaluate a drama..
    i votes this drama many times..but the votes doesn’t increase..
    i still votes this drama… keep voting guys!!

  1448. 1448 : sarah Says:


    It specifically said.. ” every time u vote”.. which basically means u can more than once.. i cant prove it though coz they have new instructions now..

    I dont know why u r making a big fuss.. Everyone knows that everyone votes more than once.. if they wanted a single vote rule they would have made a poll like the current one.. and this too allows multiple votes but with time restriction… read it says.. u can vote 1 every 24 hours.. its in simple english.. u dont have to think too hard..

  1449. 1449 : kd Says:

    For me, this voting is nothing. Nothing can be proven through this voting as everyone can vote as much as they want just by clearing the cookies or after 24 hrs for the new vote. The only answer for this vote is which actors have the most fanatic fan and not which one is more popular. Haha…

  1450. 1450 : kd Says:

    In my opinion, the results from this poll also may be called as a cheating as the other kdrama fans who really want to know which drama is the best for 2010 will get the wrong answer as what they got is actually which drama have the most fanatic fans 🙂

  1451. 1451 : sarah Says:

    Kd.. u r right.. the polls are just for crazy fans.. but this drama sure will get awards coz it’s very gud…

  1452. 1452 : takgu99 Says:

    ur right!! ireally agree…

  1453. 1453 : weng Says:

    Look Queen Seon Deok highest rating of 2009.sadly, did not recogninze nor win as Best Koreandrama Here.but they bagged In the recent Baeksang Awards the most prestigious Award in Korea.

    Im Hoping, Baker King will also get recognition at Baekseng Awards.

  1454. 1454 : Jenny Says:

    I am more of a Mischievous Kiss/Mary Stayed Out all Night Fan !
    I don’t get why this drama wasn’t even close to winnin The Best korean Drama of 2010 poll :S
    Weird .. ppl come on show yur love for the show!
    It had such high ratings !

  1455. 1455 : Mc Child Says:

    I love MSOAN bec. both of the actors and actresses are amazing specially JGS not only his acting but his attitude towards life and his fans are great but everytime I vote on this site I also vote for Baker King bec. objectively I know Baker King is one of the Best Drama for 2010.

  1456. 1456 : diana henry Says:

    so..dramatic! full of intrict!
    you can crying if watch this..
    and falling in love wiht the sweetes “tak gu” (like i do..)
    30 epsd its so long but not for this series..im be enjoying every part!

    really really…good movie

  1457. 1457 : diana henry Says:

    so dramatic! full of intrict!!
    you will crying watch this and
    will be falling in love with sweetest “tak gu” (like i do)
    30 epsd is so long drama but not for this one….
    im enjoying every part and done this series in 3 days.

    great drama!

  1458. 1458 : Jane Says:

    Becoz you just only want to watch popularity over best acting and ROMANCE over QUALITY STORY. lol. Just look the ratings. MILES MILES MILES AWAY.hahaha.

  1459. 1459 : takgu99 Says:

    every scene in this drama was important!!!
    u dont get it if u missed…

  1460. 1460 : Koreanatics Says:

    my rating is 10 of 10. Excellent! Baker King.

  1461. 1461 : hmpt Says:

    anyone pls upload BK, KTG on youtube.tnx

  1462. 1462 : hmpt Says:

    takgu99 Says: December 21st, 2010 at 3:18 pm every scene in this drama was important!!!
    u dont get it if u missed…

    yeah ure right.

  1463. 1463 : hmpt Says:

    sarah Says: December 19th, 2010 at 2:35 pm Kd.. u r right.. the polls are just for crazy fans.. but this drama sure will get awards coz it ’s very gud …

    voting should be done on facebook by liking their choice(s).

  1464. 1464 : hmpt Says:

    sarah Says: December 19th, 2010 at 2:35 pm Kd.. u r right.. the polls are just for crazy fans.. but this drama sure will get awards coz it ’s very gud …

    voting should be done on facebook by liking their choice(s). 1 vote per fb acount. Koreandrama’s Poll is not credible.

  1465. 1465 : Lydia Says:

    honestly, im not too much mad of MSOAN… i watched it becoz there is Moon Geun Young. honestly, i prefer this drama!!! have good story!!!!!

  1466. 1466 : takgu99 Says:

    this is the best drama for this year…:D
    but,many fans votes for stupid drama like PK…

  1467. 1467 : Messi Says:

    Hi bakers! how r u? really sad about the voting because logicaly speaking, this is the best drama of year. i think it was our bad luck because we were against the dramas whose leaders have the biggest fan base on internet. So who u r voting for now in knock ovt?

  1468. 1468 : judy Says:

    ill watch this today.

  1469. 1469 : takgu99 Says:

    i’ll watch it again….very interesting!!! best ever!!!

  1470. 1470 : kurt Says:

    im from philippines.im glad, i found this cool site. XD

  1471. 1471 : _Mrdth_ Says:

    wow! this drama was playing in my country! (INDONESIA) I’m very curious My Friends at this JGS page say baker king is good drama, god story! Really? but the rating is extraordinary?wow!!! can I asked for recommendations all of you. I really want to watch this drama. it is serious drama? or there are elements of comedy? happy ending or bad? sorry I’m so curious .. want to know … thank you for your recommendation. after seeing your recommendation I will immediately buy this DVD. but I think this a good drama. all my friends on the JGS page recommend this drama .. wow! i’m so happy this drama was play in my country.
    today is episode 1, so I’m very curious. I wanted to buy this DVD, please recommend my friends, pliss give me a little synopsis. thank you very very much !

  1472. 1472 : takgu99 Says:

    this drama was very good…best drama for this year…
    very worthwhile drama…u just watch it…then u never regret….
    amazing storyline..

  1473. 1473 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Greetings to Fans of Baker King, Kim Tak Goo,

    Please join in the Battle of votes for Best Drama of 2010. Please vote for Playful Kiss. Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, all!


  1474. 1474 : _Mrdth_ Says:

    thx takgu99..
    i will watch this drama 🙂

  1475. 1475 : jena Says:

    after you insult baker king as ugly drama and not worthy of mention as the best drama in 2010 and now you ask us to support the PK? sorry but you unreasonable.thx

    you must watch, I’ve watched it 3 times, and still want to watch again, this is good drama. I highly recommend.

  1476. 1476 : star_of_D Says:

    i can’t belive, baker king is not the winner of the best drama in 2010… ;<

    where is the fans of kim tak goo..? are you not give your vote for baker king..?

  1477. 1477 : Mc Child Says:

    To all Baker King Fans,

    Pls don’t call us crazy fans, we also know that Baker King is Best Drama for 2010, as a matter of fact I have a copy of dvd tape of this drama and I even promote this drama to my officemate and lend to them my dvd tape, I also voted this drama together w/ MSOAN when the 1st poll start, I always voted this everytime I vote for MSOAN before. We JGS fans also know that this is best drama for 2010 but as a fans we also need to support MSOAN especially that the competition is very tough, beside MSOAN is also nice drama, this drama put smile on my face. Merry Christmas to all and don’t forget the reason for this season!!! God loves us so much!!!!

  1478. 1478 : bk ktg Says:

    merry christmas.

  1479. 1479 : takgu99 Says:


    just stop & dont waste ur time!
    u write the same at every page to promote the bad drama for this year…
    i hope MSOAN will beat PK…

  1480. 1480 : Takgu Says:

    Hi bakers! lets support MSOAN on poll. PK SUCKS!

  1481. 1481 : abbie Says:

    RIGHT ON Jenna and tagku99, i have been busy with Xmas shopping and packing presents, but as a BAKER fan, I’m supporting MSOAN even I’ve not watched either PK or MSOAN. I voted 3 times already, and will continuous to vote for MSOAN until the end.

  1482. 1482 : Vote4MSOAN Says:

    Hello Viewers

    Moon Geun Yuong, also known as Korean little sister, who has not disappointed us in her acting as a child actor as well as in her adult acting career. She was great in Painter of The Wind recently as well as Young Eun Suh in Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart in the past. Currently, there is competition going on Between MSOAN and PK for the Best Drama of 2010. It is an undeniable true that MGY is a great actress who has real talent; she doesn’t just depend on her look to get famous. These have proven in her past series as well as the current one (MSOAN). I know for sure that MSOAN is far better than PK in both acting skill and the storylines. I am asking for your vote on MSOAN, and if you have any doubt, Please watch both MSOAN and PK and place your vote.

    Thanks all and Happy Holidays.

  1483. 1483 : mala Says:

    Baker King Kim Tak Gu is the best korean drama 2010… best story, best actor and actress, best of the best…

  1484. 1484 : picaz Says:

    you’re as crazy as supporting MSOAN drama. I wonder this drama can get a good rating. This drama is very boring. I even could only see 30 minutes at first episode. This drama is very boring! and you support MSOAN .. Well indeed, poor fellow drama should be mutually supportive. HAHAHA
    unfortunate .. even you did not get into the vote.
    you’re all hypocrites .. you should open your eyes.
    you all wants to support MSOAN?? I saw a name takgu99 on MSOAN page . very crazy! but I’m not surprised, because the drama is the same boring and bad like MSOAN. i think you guys are crazy. can not see a good drama.
    SO I suggest OPEN YOUR EYES! poor u all.. MSOAN is gonna lose and PK gonna win !!!!!!

  1485. 1485 : Lia101 Says:

    Is This drama good?
    Wow. The ratings is really high:)

  1486. 1486 : takgu99 Says:

    ur the one who dont know how to evaluate drama…
    u just watch 30 minutes then u says this drama was boring?
    u must watch till end then,u have the right to judge a drama..
    u should open ur eyes…u says PK was very good?…
    come on la..all people here know that PK was really really BAD!!
    u can’t accept the fact?
    realize la…this is just a drama…why do we have to fight?
    dont be emo & dont leave bad comment here..

  1487. 1487 : Thomas Hasan Says:

    Baker King is the Best…
    I am fans from Indonesia…and I enjoy this drama…seharusnya drama ini dapat peringkat 1!!!

  1488. 1488 : Mc Child Says:

    I 100% disagree with you bec. all my Chinese Officemate even a man who borrowed my Baker King DVD tapes always said to me that this is the best korean drama they borrowed to me, I have lots of collection of Korean Drama even PK I have. I believe they judged it fairly bec. they are not fans of JGS or KHJ and they even commented that they keep watching the drama until dawn bec. there was no boring episode.
    I like MSOAN and Baker King.

  1489. 1489 : abbie Says:

    From the TEXT, i would say that picaz is suffering from an illness called ADD. The reason he or she keep on blabbering all these nonesense because he/she is seeking for attention. Cuz in real life, he/she couldn’t get any. Picaz, “OPEN YOUR EYES” and look into a mirror, You will see that “CRAZY” person that you’re talking about. Stop all that yapping, and if you want to talk trash, go back to your Favorite drama called PK and YAP there.

  1490. 1490 : takgu99 Says:

    brilliant comment..i like!

  1491. 1491 : takgu99 Says:

    no.1 korean drama for this year!! 😀
    no.2 korean drama in my life!!

  1492. 1492 : benj Says:

    this series is officially start on january 3 2011 here in the philippines on GMA 7 Network. Kdrama here in the philippines is popular specially Fullhouse with song hye kyo and rain, the endless love series 1 and 2 or autumn in my heart and winter sonata, my name is kim sams0on and coffe prince, the epic series of the jewel in the palace, jum0ng, hwang jini and queen seon deok. . Temptation of a wife is currently airing here and thats war number 1 in her timeslot. Looking forward this series..

  1493. 1493 : SAVANNAH Says:

    u r such a funny ignoramus and stupid fellah LOLzzz

  1494. 1494 : ca ai la (Philippines) Says:

    i already watched BAKER KING, PLAYFUL KISS, and still finishing the MARY STAYED ALL NIGHT…i do love watching this KDRAMA, i really enjoyed it…i just hope you guys will stop comparing them because the chracters in each drama have their own way of acting, and we have different taste so just enjoy watching what you really like…

    PEACE to EVERYONE!>>:)

  1495. 1495 : Arjay Says:

    Yehey! Finally, the 1st offering of GMA (Philippines) for this coming 2011, is none other than the BAKER KING, it will air on Jan.3.

  1496. 1496 : tery Says:

    my fav drama

  1497. 1497 : OK Says:

    @picaz. You are so stupid like Jung So Min in PK. PK was the dirtiest drama in Korea. How dare are you comparing with Bakers. Didn’t you see the viewer rate in Korea. All Pkers have dirty minds like PK contents. You just have in your head kissing, hugging, and bed scenes, so you cannot distinguish what is the value in drama. PK was abandanted by Korean people because it shows the only dirty secens. The acting from Jung So Min was suck. She is also sucker and tries to seduce KHJ. PKers, you, and Jun So Min gave viewers adversion effects. All Baker fans please support MASON. Alos, there is the best couple voting at MBC. Please vote for Lee Min Hoo and Son Ye Jin couple. Here is the web site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/event/2010mbc/couple/

  1498. 1498 : OK you need help! Says:

    @Ok you are not ok. You really need to chill out. Why are you going on all the other dramas and bothering them about Playful Kiss? Besides PK is not dirty and neither is Jung So Min. PK was a very tame drama compared to a lot of others I have watched. What are you? A jealous joongbo fan or just a jealous person period? You might want to get out a bit and see the real world. lol

  1499. 1499 : conan Says:

    all i can say is… SUPERB!

  1500. 1500 : conan Says:

    PK is a flop show in Korea. While BAKER KING reached the 50percent peak rating. And BAKER KING will air in other Countries like China, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines.

  1501. 1501 : sher Says:

    the main cast looks like Kim Bum.lol

  1502. 1502 : sher Says:

    the main cast looks like Kim Bum.lol happy new year

  1503. 1503 : sher Says:

    does baking is very unusual in Korea?

  1504. 1504 : sher Says:

    and also where i can download all OSTs? Its not complete in the posted link above this comment page.tnx

  1505. 1505 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen

    I was shocked to see that someone uses the initial OK.
    Just to clarify —- 1 OK and 3 OK is different person (sometimes I use 5 OK) hahahaha

    I like Jang Geun Suk & Kim Hyun Joong

    Thank you for your attention.

  1506. 1506 : takgu99 Says:

    u can download OSTs at alicechensworld.blogspot…

  1507. 1507 : christine Says:

    looks intersting! the promotions of gma7 is very catchy so i searched for it in the net and i guess it is great coz it is number 1 in korea for 2010. feel lke it is worth watching.

  1508. 1508 : JGS Says:

    I am really exited to watch this drama on GMA. the trailers looks amazing

  1509. 1509 : sher Says:

    thank you takgu99. 🙂

  1510. 1510 : bonakiddo Says:

    ang lufet….kakaiyak din ito!!!
    pogi ni tak gu….

  1511. 1511 : suzakoyeoja Says:

    WOW!!! This drama series is really good! Especially that it’ll be shown on GMA.. WOOHOO!!! My family is so excited to stay up late night from Mondays-Fridays.. Congratulations in advance KAPUSO!!

  1512. 1512 : Baker King, Kim Tak Goo (Bread, Love, and Dream) « Rahajengh's Blog Says:

    […] By: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=2072 […]

  1513. 1513 : _Mrdth_JGS_ Says:

    woy.. i love this drama.. the story…!!
    what can i say… WOW !!

  1514. 1514 : dhianne Says:

    Im looking forward in this drama ….

  1515. 1515 : sher Says:

    happy new year bk ktg fans. 🙂

  1516. 1516 : LOLA Says:


  1517. 1517 : ratu meilinda Says:

    good korean drama,.
    Happy New Year 2011

  1518. 1518 : ratu meilinda Says:

    Good korean drama..
    Happy New Year

  1519. 1519 : takgu99 Says:

    happy new year to all BKKTG fans….
    have a nice day!!! 😀

    i wonder why this drama didn’t have many fans like MSOAN & PK..
    i think this drama is really really better than MSOAN & PK..
    such a superb drama!!
    hope fans will increase.. 😀

  1520. 1520 : meliasna oktavia Says:

    this film is good,,,,

  1521. 1521 : meliasna oktavia Says:

    To:Yoon Shi Yoon

    when you will come to Indonesia?

  1522. 1522 : kd Says:

    2010 KBS Drama Award winners (BK-KTG part only)

    Top Excellence Award Actress = Jeon In Hwa
    Excellence Award Actor (Full-length) = Yoon Shi Yoon
    Excellence Award Actress (Full-length) = Yoo Jin/Eugene
    Child Acting Award Actor = Oh Jae Mo
    Best Couple Award = Yoon Shi Yoon-Lee Young Ah
    Writer Award = Kang Eun Kyung

  1523. 1523 : deezart Says:

    keren bgt ni drama….
    telat bgt di tayangn di Indonesia..
    haha.. tpi ga papa lah..
    Love,Bread, and Dreams.. is the best..

  1524. 1524 : kd Says:

    Video of Eugene and Yoon Si Yoon accepting their awards

  1525. 1525 : chyntia Says:

    ak suka drama korea ni.. ngangenin gmna gt…??! bkin pnasaran jg critanya.., siiipph deh..!!!! >.< apalg actor actress nyo,, hmmph ^^ hehe=p

  1526. 1526 : Abbie Says:

    Congratulation to the BAKERs, especially our beloved Eugene who won the best actress award… wayyyy to go, I’m so proud of you…. in my heart you and ma joon won the best couple award…i wish you lots of love on the coming year

  1527. 1527 : kd Says:

    Yup, Ma Jun – Yu Kyung did win my heart too 🙂

    Anyway, this is a clip of BK-KTG casts performance at KBS 2010 Drama Awards

  1528. 1528 : KAPUSO07 Says:

    BK, KTG premieres January 3, 2011 on GMA Network Philippines. 🙂

  1529. 1529 : sher Says:

    great drama

  1530. 1530 : meredithLOVEsukkie Says:

    wow…. i really love this drama…!!
    what a story !!
    i love it very much..

  1531. 1531 : Abbie Says:

    Yes, i am so inlove with this drama too…. go BAKERssssss

  1532. 1532 : Abbie Says:

    Happy New Year everyone, I wish you a prosperous New Year with LOTs of LOVE

  1533. 1533 : takgu99 Says:

    congratulation to all BAKERs..
    won 2010 KBS drama award…

  1534. 1534 : angela Says:

    it will be aired tomorrow here in the philippines via GMA 7 NETWORK.. GOODLUCK BAKER KING!

  1535. 1535 : lovebee Says:

    @angela Yeah! It’s airing here in the Philippines! I’m excited as well! 😀 What time is it though? 😛

  1536. 1536 : azira Says:

    i like it. the story make me feel curiuos

  1537. 1537 : jena Says:

    i really like the best couple..
    they win with ..
    jang geun suk – moon geun young..
    song joong ki – yoo ah in..
    park yochun – park min young..
    lee dae he – … ( i can’t remember)

    yoo shi yoon and lee young ah… (what a couple)
    i love them..

  1538. 1538 : KAPUSO07 Says:

    @lovebee 10pm PH Time.

  1539. 1539 : lyn Says:

    I’m from the Philippines and I have finished watching this great Korean drama. This is highly recommended… From the first episode down to the last, you’ll get entertained watching it. No doubts, the drama got very high ratings in Korea and garnered several awards which it only deserves.

  1540. 1540 : [email protected] Says:

    I’m gonna watch it over GMA7 here in the Philippines! I love Korean drama so much [specially kpop]. I watched Boys Over Flowers before[watched it on dvd bcoz the i dont like the network who have the tv rights here in the Philippines(their dubbing SUCKS!)] and i like it so much. I’m an avid fan of Korean drama… Jewel in the Palace, Jumong, Coffee Prince, My name is Kim San Soon & Queen Seon Deok to name a few….
    A korean friend recommended me The Baker King as a must see tv series. I wanna watch it on dvd but i cant find some… [even pirated one] .huhu.

  1541. 1541 : rocky Says:

    dear andheeregal

    you can find it in quiapo near jollibee and beside ministop in front of the quiapo church where thsy sell dvds. you go look for kamal he’s the second stall.

  1542. 1542 : chia irsya Says:


  1543. 1543 : chia irsya Says:


  1544. 1544 : takgu99 Says:

    to all joo won fans…
    here the video of joo won act in music video…
    best video..
    title-miss you (by SM the ballad)

  1545. 1545 : violin427 Says:

    Even by just looking at the chart providing information regarding viewer %, it’s obvious that this drama is excellent (seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen such popularly watched drama – 1st place practically for every episode, and very close to 50% (that’s half!) viewers?! Many dramas are happy to just get above 10%).

    The plot is excellent – good weave of mystery, action, romance, comedy (well, more like humor moments), drama, etc. The acting was definitely quite decent and the music was good too. I would highly recommend it for anyone.

  1546. 1546 : great Says:

    worth series ive watched.very inspiring.

  1547. 1547 : great Says:

    actors are not well known, but look at those figures, you’d really want to watch this show. Congratulations to all BK Cast who won at KBS AWARDS 2010, you did really deserve it all, even the Writer superb.

  1548. 1548 : Abbie Says:

    all the the 2010 dramas, Bakerking and Secret Garden are my favorite.

  1549. 1549 : sher Says:

    hello bakers, what is the title of the instrumental song often played during they Show the CAST OF CHARACTERS. Reply please.tnx

  1550. 1550 : sher Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&client=mv-google&hl=en&v=PjYi31ZGxBc here is the vid.where i can download that instrumental song?

  1551. 1551 : jhed Says:

    i watch Baker king here in the Philippines and i luv it! it was interesting and exciting everynight 🙂

  1552. 1552 : joship Says:


  1553. 1553 : sher Says:

    still waiting.hope someone knows.

  1554. 1554 : takgu99 Says:


    the opening title is ‘king of baking kim tak goo’
    this instrumental has 2 version..
    part 1 -short
    part 2 -long
    part 2 is better..

  1555. 1555 : sher Says:

    tnx takgu99 🙂 where can i download? I cant find here (kdrama.org). 🙁

  1556. 1556 : charlie Says:

    Yoon shi Yoon…i like ur act, naturally, funny in Baker King as Kim Tak Goo…. i love uuuu. sarang haeyooo

  1557. 1557 : June Castillo Says:

    Drama is typical korean drama that makes the characters stupid and helpless. The problems are simple which can easily be solved if they just reported to the police or to the big boss what manager han has been doing. Even after the mother of tak gu became rich, she is still stupid. All she has to do is go to the media to look for his son. Also, the shares of stocks can easily be transferred by mere possession, which is not really the case. The certificates were stolen which can easily be reported but nobody even dared to do it, which is really really stupid! The mother did not even asked the father where is tak gu the first time they met.

  1558. 1558 : phyomyatzin Says:

    in sook is very lonely

  1559. 1559 : wilma Says:

    ONce again Drama at it’s best for 2010……

    Nevertheless the story is great,really great…story for 2010…
    never a dull moment…
    All character did a very good job…especially the main characters….
    Kim tak gu is indeed charming….goes the same with my favorite EUGENE…
    Love it…..nothing left to say but my favorite for 2010….

    aja ja fighting …..c:

  1560. 1560 : YAZZY Says:


  1561. 1561 : chow Says:

    love the story

  1562. 1562 : takgu99 Says:


    u can dwload here…


    then u click MF for MP3 version..

  1563. 1563 : sher Says:

    thanks again takgu99.

  1564. 1564 : sher Says:

    You tried to access the address http://download607.mediafire. … which is currently unavailable. Please
    make sure that the Web address (URL)
    is correctly spelled and punctuated,
    then try reloading the page.

    ill try to visit again later. >.<

  1565. 1565 : Jullyta Says:

    I like this Drama story, Because the story give a learn for apologized and don’t hate anyone.

    Good Story
    Good Acting for actor & actris in the Story!!!


  1566. 1566 : Jullyta Says:

    I like the Story, because the story give learn for apologized and don’t hate anyone

    GOOD Story
    Good Acting

  1567. 1567 : elaine tamayo Says:


  1568. 1568 : janericafort30 Says:

    napakaganda ng kwento d best

  1569. 1569 : Maricar Says:

    the baker king…very inspiring and nice to watch…worthy ang puyat kahit umaga pa ang work sa office….

  1570. 1570 : chaimoon Says:


  1571. 1571 : irene Says:

    i really love Gu Ma Jun character,,
    his attitude, his voice, i love him..
    and i love this ost, KyuHyun’s song, “hope, is dream when you are not sleeping”
    download it here http://www.fullsongs.net/source/6/aHR0cDovL2RsLm1wMy56ZG4udm4vZnNmc2RmZHNmZHNlcndyd3EzLzdiZDQ2ZDU4YjRhNTNhYzc4YzRhNzIxNGU4ODNkYmUxLzRkMmQzNTUwLzAvNjIvMDYyNGM4N2NjNTFmYzM5OGZlMTE1MTU3ZmYxNjI3Y2QubXAzP2ZpbGVuYW1lPUt5dWh5dW4tcy1PU1QtZnJvbS1CYWtlci1LaW5nLUt5dS1IeXVuLm1wMw==/download/Kyu_Hyun__-_Kyuhyun's_Ost_From_Baker_King.html

  1572. 1572 : xing_jyue16 Says:

    I really like this drama! ♥

    Yoon Shi Yoon.. FIGHTING ! 😉

  1573. 1573 : mirani Says:

    i love this drama..
    what a story… in indonesia today was play episode 18.. and i criying … omaygat !! tak gu and his father.. what a scene.. huaaa..
    i hate ma joon !

  1574. 1574 : jhed Says:


  1575. 1575 : Noui Says:

    airing now in indonesia…it’s episode 18 now..but, i’ve finished watch this through DVD…I like Ma joon character…his voice, his attitude… although he plays antagonist character, it doesn’t matter…i really like everything of him…I’m glad that the story is ends up like what i expected..yoo kyung choose ma joon as her boyfriend and become her husband later…even at the first, she choose ma joon and used him only to take revenge to his mother…but, their relationship become deeper and complicated…until finally, yoo kyung can understand ma joon’s heart.. but at the same time ma joon plays yoo kyung’s feeling….*ooh,,it’s make me angry*…but ma joon actually do this to keeps his heart from getting hurt..because he really loves yoo kyung..I like the scene when ma joon finally said sorry to yoo kyung and said that he really loves her….I hope there is another film that joo won and eugene play together…i like ’em very much….they said that joo won look like kang dong won..yeah, that’s true…

  1576. 1576 : enrijane ong Says:

    i love baker king even it’s late to watch it…..even i’m tired i’m inspired….kim tak goo i love u as an actor God bless always your welcome here in the Philippines….:) like dae jang geum and juang jinhi

  1577. 1577 : janericafort30 Says:

    d best drama….

  1578. 1578 : sher Says:

    finally. I have my own instrumental copies of this show. Thanks again to takgu99.cool.

  1579. 1579 : sher Says:

    but there is problem the 9 ins songs are not complete.and it has weird sound.

  1580. 1580 : leli Says:

    kira-kira episod terakhirnya gimana yach?????
    apakah tak goo ma mi sun atau ma sin hyu kyung

  1581. 1581 : gnet Says:

    That’s how i like korean novel..they always have a team…this novel so inspiring not only…everyday as i watch this series..it always offer a moral lesson..on how you should live a life …….and deal..with life uncertanities…..Kudos…to baker’s king…..you gave inspiration to every filipino fun….

  1582. 1582 : chika Says:

    @leli takgu sama mi sun and shin kyung sama majun endingnya nati

  1583. 1583 : obrie Says:

    the best for me is kim tak goo

  1584. 1584 : kiki Says:

    kim tak goo and mi sun is the best couple

  1585. 1585 : roms Says:

    the best korean drama so far… I’m still at episode 10 but i don’t know how many times i have cried.. the story really touches my heart.. the love the mother has to her child and the strength the child possess to look for his mom after a very long time.. very inspiring.. Kudos to the writers and the artists as well. The kid playing Tak Gu is very talented and effective.. keep it up!

  1586. 1586 : violet Says:

    i think..
    this drama should be best drama on 2010 instead of MSOAN.
    the script and the entire characters are really good.

  1587. 1587 : jonald sanchez Says:

    hi.. good day to everyone!
    .. as i watched this great tv show, i start to love koreanovelas such as this show definitely and also east of eden but sadly.. it camed to its end.. ilove you SHIN DONG WOO.. i want to invite you here in the philippines..
    love yah..
    more power to you..

  1588. 1588 : takgu99 Says:

    @ violet

    agree with u…
    this drama really2 should be the best drama for 2010….
    i have watch MSOAN…& i think this drama is 1000 times better…
    hope fans will increase… 😀

  1589. 1589 : eyen Says:

    it’s very nice koreanovela i’ll it!

  1590. 1590 : jho Says:

    all the cast of the baker king was really good and every scene was inspiring me. i really love kim tak gu the way he fight for his right….! keep it up yoon shi yoon ur the best

  1591. 1591 : jinjoo Says:

    i just started watching this on dvd & i can’t seem to stop! it’s one of the best kdramas i’ve seen/liked! oh jae moo as kim tak gu (child) was just superb in acting as well as yoon shi yoo! i can hardly wait to finish the series, all episodes are exciting & interesting! it’s no surprise the ratings were high! a must-see!

  1592. 1592 : takgu99 Says:

    MUST WATCH kdrama for 2010…
    i also cry when takgu hug his father in ep 18 or 19….
    really touch..

  1593. 1593 : melay Says:

    number1 koreandrama on philippine primetime

  1594. 1594 : sher Says:

    im planning to have a copy of BK.

  1595. 1595 : sher Says:

    osts are so good

  1596. 1596 : julaira Says:

    yeahh right! tak-goo and mi sun are the best couple!!!
    I wonder if there’s a part of baker king???!!

  1597. 1597 : jeth Says:

    I didn’t like the character of Yoo kyung…i wonder why the writer end up the story matching ma jun and yoo kyung and another one, i didn’ t see that the characters are using any mobile phone in the whole drama series..hahah..but anyway the story is inspiring..I cried, i laugh and I learned how to deal with my everyday life with a happy smile…thanks to Kim Tak Goo!!!!….

  1598. 1598 : dewi kirana Says:

    i love tak goo..

  1599. 1599 : dewi kirana Says:


  1600. 1600 : rhayde Says:

    the reason that the series or this sort of koreanovela didnt use cellphone kc po ung settings ng date….so i think it start from 1950’s era pa….think that there is also a korean war at that time…ung ng30yrs ung geosong compamy correct if im arong,,, eh nkgay sa invitation eh 1987….after that pinakita pa ung busan olympics that i think mtgal na nagyri ^^

  1601. 1601 : pyopyo Says:

    love this drama! ^3^
    tak Goo and Yang Mi Sun, cute couple..

  1602. 1602 : pyopyo Says:

    love this drama! ^3^
    tak goo and yang misun, cute couple..

  1603. 1603 : takgu99 Says:


    if u find web for dwlod BKKTG OST VOL.1….
    just tell me…i didn’t find it..
    i just find for vol.2..
    i want the MP3 ver. for vol.1…not windows media audio…

    to others also..
    if u find..tell me..

  1604. 1604 : janine Says:

    great….great…great…drama…the most wonderful drama i’ve seen on my entire life…it not only moved me but i guess it will change me as a person…congratulations to the writer…you’re brilliant…to the director who executed the story very well and the actors who made each character oustanding..again congratulations!!!!I salute everyone of you!!!!

  1605. 1605 : janine Says:

    i also want to give credit…this is the first time i saw a movie that has no guns and knife used by kidnappers or gangsters …you could see that violence are extremely considered in the drama,,there are beatings but it was repeatedly emphasis on dialogs that FISt must be used as last resort….congratulations really to the director!!!

  1606. 1606 : lani Says:

    congratulations to Kang Eun Kyung for the wonderful drama…i hope you have good health always and be inspired to make wonderful stories like this..but of course without the director Lee Jung Sub, i don’t think the drama will come out great from paper to screen….i wonder why the director didn’t win?

  1607. 1607 : cynthia Says:

    very nice drama.ang galing just finished it now kahit mapuyat ako.nothing to say but the best.congrats to all the stars. …die hard fan of korean dramas from italy,since i saw one i begun to love watching……

  1608. 1608 : ma christina miranda Says:

    it is really great drama.i love korean drama and this is the best for me…go go go kim tak go….nice acting yoon shi yoon ur the best..a must see drama.

  1609. 1609 : fjc Says:

    watch this one,.u’ll love it. its really inspiring..i’ve watched it during my darkest time of my life it really helped me to feel ok and not to be hopeless. Go TAK GU..

  1610. 1610 : lem99erz Says:

    wahahah mahilig ako sa tinapay kaya ako ang nag-iisang BAKER KING

    nc nc talaga kahit puyat ako okie lng sulit kc

  1611. 1611 : lem99erz Says:

    cute ng nanay ni tak goo ahaha at nung tatay ni eula nyahahah xD

  1612. 1612 : dolly Says:

    Go……….. KIM TAK GOO, i like you (child version) very good. WINNER. you’re truly a VERY GOOD child actor. keep it up. I LOVE YOU and more projects to come because you deserve it.


  1613. 1613 : sansan Says:

    Love u Kim Tak Goo.. ^_^
    Very inspiring drama..make us think to always be a good person..

  1614. 1614 : ayohj Says:

    i love you takgu ^^very nice drama.. ever

  1615. 1615 : james Says:

    this is really good series. it made me cry, smile and learn so much in life. congrats!

  1616. 1616 : james Says:

    i love tak gu

  1617. 1617 : rosefil Says:

    this is the best drama i’ve ever watched..they are all great specially my KIM TAK GOO!!! i jst finished watching it & i was really inspired. Love yah Tak Goo!!!!

  1618. 1618 : darille Says:

    You really move my heart Kim Tak Gu, i wish you are a true to life to many of us but the indeed, u sow kim tak gu life in each everyone viewers… Best Series in korean series I’ve ever watch so far.

  1619. 1619 : hazel meraiz bermundo Says:

    hey,,,its very nice to watch baker king,,,,even if its just the beginning of the story I was amazed by his principles in life just like my favorite queen seon deok,,,koreanz are definitely smart to publish this very awesome episodes….thanks….

  1620. 1620 : hazel meraiz bermundo Says:


  1621. 1621 : hazel meraiz bermundo Says:

    love it…………

  1622. 1622 : takgu99 Says:

    i’d watch it 3 times…but still not bored…very interesting…
    kdrama like this that viewers want…not the stupid one.. 😀

  1623. 1623 : sher Says:

    @takgu99 i cant find yet of that instrumental,huhuhu.

  1624. 1624 : jei dee Says:

    I always wanted watching Korean dramas and baker king is one of the best..the series is really inspiring and it made me cry a lot,,episode 24 as I remembered burst out my tears and I can’t help it..jei dee..

  1625. 1625 : Mary Joy Lacaba Says:

    I love theBaker King,,KIM TAK GOO

  1626. 1626 : Rosana Morante Says:

    Yes, I agree the writer of this series is so Brilliant! I cried a lot becoz I was so touched by the stories. very Inspirational & admirable Kim Tak Goo! as a Mother I will do everything to protect my son. I truly love Korean Drama…

  1627. 1627 : takgu99 Says:

    best ever… 😀 😀 😀
    i love this drama very2 much!!!

  1628. 1628 : dee jae.pinOy pride Says:

    GMA7 is giving the best dubbing for asian dramas unlike abs-cbn…

    buti nlng may pirated dvd’s kac ung mga diko napanuod na kdramas na pinalabas sa abs..sa dvd nlng…..at thanks sa GMA..sa mga no.1 dramas na pinapalabas nila at hindi puro pa cute lng,..

  1629. 1629 : dee jae.pinOy pride Says:



  1630. 1630 : kakah Says:

    i love baker soooo much!!.. i love all the actors…. i love the story… the lesson of the story… baker king is the best korean drama ever..!!!

  1631. 1631 : kakah Says:

    ilove everything about baker king

  1632. 1632 : lhot gonzaga Says:

    i love korean movies as well as korean dramas so much..BAKER KING, is one of the best, it truly touches my heart,,from the beginning to last..congratulations!! i love you YOO SHI YOO..hehe

  1633. 1633 : takgu99 Says:

    i can’t stop crying when i watch it again… 🙁
    especially ep 18 & 23..
    very2 touch….good job to the director n scriptwriter…u r the best!!
    the cast also… 😀

  1634. 1634 : Jaime Says:

    I just finished my DVD last night. Its one of the best Koreanovela I’ve Watched (ie; Queen Seon Duk, Jumong).. Koreanovelas are best.. I hope my country could produce this heart touching kind of drama (not the usual predicted ones & extended (not planned just because it attained high ratings)..
    I cried in the eppisode when Tak Goo & his father met … They are good actors. Best of luck to the casts… I hope you could visit our country..:)

  1635. 1635 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Helo everyone bk has superb ratings,, its curently airing in my country and gues what we have baker king fever now

    i would recomend yah all to watch sungkyunkwan scandal, yah gona love it too
    @takgu thnks for visiting yb page

  1636. 1636 : mae Says:

    i love baker king ang cute nilang
    lahat gravehhh!!!!!!

  1637. 1637 : Shi Chan Chan Says:

    my friend ask to watch it and then i really prove that it was nice…
    just i say:WOW!!!
    I’m just like my friend too “I’M K-POP fANATIC !!!

  1638. 1638 : accolang Says:

    Wow! very touching stories… i recommend it to my friend to watch “The Baker King” its really nice. Good job “TIM KAK GOO” more power to you and to all staff of the BAKER KING. God Bless You all.

  1639. 1639 : Criselda Tanzon Says:

    anu pa ba title ng team song nila un tagalog?

  1640. 1640 : accolang Says:

    Anu nga ba? Parang wla pa me naririnig ng team song? meron n b?

  1641. 1641 : ms25 Says:

    love it…although i was hoping that somehow tak goo and yoo kyung ended up together…
    love the story..love the characters…
    love the actors, especially ms. Eugene and Yoon Shi Yoon…:)
    except for the ending..:(

  1642. 1642 : chichaloca Says:

    i noticed many filipino here recenly since this drama now airing on your contry.i had fnished watch dis drama and i hope you guys enjiy dis drama to the fullest 🙂 i also a fan of flipino drama since pangako sayo and sanay wala ng wakas.

  1643. 1643 : takgu99 Says:

    wow!! the fans increase…
    many filipino likes this drama…. 😀

  1644. 1644 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @chicaloca ive watch those filipino drama before,, from what country are you?

  1645. 1645 : sangjhoon Says:

    one of the best kdramas i’ve seen….highly recommended! i luv takgu & mi sun couple! this drama made me cry a lot & laughed too!

  1646. 1646 : James Jhones Says:

    this drama is very impressive whole part are admirable . this is great job done by the writer . i really like it..

  1647. 1647 : jarmin Says:

    this drama is the best,,,its so great,,,,,,i like the way the characters act,,,good job kim tak gu,,

  1648. 1648 : mhel Says:

    i love this drama…
    its so very nice and i really really love yoon shi yoon or kim tak gu.
    your such a great actor:)

  1649. 1649 : amink Says:

    for me,this is the best korean drama………

  1650. 1650 : violet Says:

    this film is great..fabulous..

  1651. 1651 : kizzyCalista Says:

    love it..sooooooo beautiful

  1652. 1652 : Elmer Says:

    I like this drama! I just finish watching this evening! This is one of the best! Unexpected ending! I keep on guessing what is the ending but not as I expected… so those who are currently watching…. watch it till the end!

  1653. 1653 : kaizo Says:

    Very nice drama. nice line.. ” sa Incheon may libring softdrinks pero pag wala kang dalang tasa di ka makakainom, malulungkot ka. bumtarat pakiakia, bumtarat pakiakia.” Great job Kim Tak Goo!

  1654. 1654 : takgu99 Says:

    at first..when i haven’t watch it yet…
    i think this drama was bored n slow bcoz it have 30 ep & the poster show the cast that i dont know…only eugene that i knew..
    after that,, i try to watch at KBS world until ep 30…
    what can i say..WOW!! amazing storyline….

    & now..i watch for 3rd roung…very interesting…not boring at all..
    this is the best drama for 2010… 😀

    i also recommend this drama to viewers who haven’t watched this drama..

  1655. 1655 : enjishak Says:

    i like this movie….i do not want to be disturbed if this film start 🙂 sometimes i tell my mom to look this movie,,character of kim tak goo inspired me to be like him.although this movie length episode, but did not make me bored to watch it..당신을 위해 성공들

  1656. 1656 : boss dennis Says:

    wla bang part 2 ang baker king?
    the # 1 drama hit in phuilippines yan ….

  1657. 1657 : mel_bernard Says:

    hey, just finished watching Baker King within 3 days (thanks to a friend who lent me the dvd ^^,)! tear-jerker aside, the series is high-spirited and real inspiring!!! the unveiling of the story is thrilling.

    I love the acting of Yang Mi Sun! She and Tak Gu have a chemistry!!!


    nice ending..at first I wanted Yu Kyung and Tak Gu, but she pissed me off.tsk

    <3 <3 <3 ",)

  1658. 1658 : aljake Says:


  1659. 1659 : aljake Says:

    January 28, 2011 TNS Philippines/KANTAR Nationwide Rating
    The Baker King (GMA-7) : 17.6%
    Cinderella’s Sister (ABS-CBN) : 12.6%

  1660. 1660 : Dana Says:

    , i really really love this drama. .i cried so many times, i can feel every emotions. .gosh..this is the best among all the korean drama that i have watched. .i finished all the episodes within 2 days. .i didn’t even slept for one night. .upto now, im still carried away from the story. . it’s sure the no# 1 korean drama here in the philippines. .well, for me, perfect match is the second. .and then, endless love , save the last dance for me, only you, boys over flowers.. .and many more. ..i love korean drama more than philippine made, ,.. ^_^ i have a crush to kim tak goo, the child and the adult. .they look very much the same. .it’s as if the young kim tak goo really grew up.

  1661. 1661 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Ang dami pinoy, helo mga kapuso, baker king fever

  1662. 1662 : syu Says:

    i luv this drama… wow…congrate to all involved in this drama….. who this drama achive >49% who view dis drama…
    i like character kim takgu n yang sung min… both has chemistry~!!!….i been watching this drama over n over~~~ well donE!

  1663. 1663 : SHEM Says:

    The ULTIMATE NO.1 Korean DRAMA in 2010 in KOREA and now spreading the mania in the PHILIPPINE TV….

    I enormously LOVED this drama. Great casts, AWESOME plot, everything is just so perfect!! I did recommend this drama to my friends and students ’cause the moral value in life is totally shown here.

    Mostly I LOVE YOON SI YOON!!!!!!! ‘Twas my first time to seen him in a drama and for sure he has a long journey to go in his acting career.

    Fighting YSY!!! God bless you more!!!

  1664. 1664 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Its baker king vs cinderellas sister in the philipines,, baker king winning, cinderellas sister loosing =(

  1665. 1665 : benjie Says:

    i love you majun.hahaha.

  1666. 1666 : KTG Says:

    Sa Incheong… May libreng softdrinks. Pero kung wala kang dalang tasa. Hindi ka makakainom. Malulungkot ka. …Boom-tarat tatiya-tiya !!! Boom-tarat tatiya-tiya !!! (Filipino Version)

  1667. 1667 : mgc Says:

    I just finished watching baker king in dvd!! Its really really nice 🙂 I love the story and aside from that it really is very inspiring. Im pissed off with Yu Kyung too. I thought she had no one in mind except for Tak Gu? then how come she got in a relationship with Ma Jun and even got married. all of that is just for revenge? THen its not really love for Tak Gu is it? aww, but Tak Gu is better off with Mi Sun, Yu Kyung is very ambitious. eeew 🙁 They look cute together. 🙂 Love this series!! GReat !!

  1668. 1668 : hamitaru Says:

    two thumbs up baker king! nakakaiyak talaga to and ang ganda ng istorya…

  1669. 1669 : Mokha Says:

    yoon shi yoon i love uuuuuu…..sarangheee

  1670. 1670 : nhola Says:

    I like this movie,,,,
    yooon si yoon i like you??????? 🙂

  1671. 1671 : PONG Says:

    baker king is the most beautiful and i think the best korean drama ever…. Everything is excellent from the cast to the story… very inspiring and heart moving…I just finished watching the entire series…and i really cried for so many times…hehehe I was also touch by the character of tak gu because of his positivity amidst difficulties… he can smile and love even he experienced many troubles and difficulties living alone to look for his mother…I salute you KIM TAK GU….

  1672. 1672 : mel_bernard Says:

    @mgc: great taste! 😀

    goodbye Yoo Kyung! Tak Gu is better with Mi Sun! and yeah, they’re cute together! 😉

  1673. 1673 : volta Says:

    the best drama

  1674. 1674 : volta Says:

    so inspiring

  1675. 1675 : mel_bernard Says:

    @sungkyunkwan: cinderella’S Sister and baker king don’t really make a rivalry becauSe they have a different timeSlot. BK is aired a bit earlier than CS (after kriStine). i love CS, too..both BK and CS became top-rating in Korea. 😀

  1676. 1676 : Irene Says:

    really really inspiring story… good lesson and recommend to watch for young one..

  1677. 1677 : jrlreyes13 Says:

    started watching this series last monday and honestly every after episode we wanted to keep on watching but of course to to work we to stop and just resume watching the next day. im surprised that even the indian cadet liked this series. usually its only me watching in the crew day room since im the only 1 watching korean series on board.
    i didn’t know that this series is presently aired in the philippines. good to know that GMA7 got it 1st.

  1678. 1678 : KTG Says:

    hello bakers xD

  1679. 1679 : virgil Says:

    the movie so good

  1680. 1680 : takgu99 Says:

    what u all says about yu kyung was true..
    she’s very2 bored….takgu & her look awkward..

    i love the ending bcoz takgu with mi sun…very2 cute
    the ending also different from others kdrama…
    best drama for 2010…

  1681. 1681 : Phie Says:

    Really love this drama. Touching and inspiring… The best drama ever…!

    In Indonesia, this series just ended. I had enjoyable afternoon watching this series. But, now it’s over… I will miss Kim Tak Goo. Can’t hardly wait for the next Yoon Si Yoon next drama/movie…

  1682. 1682 : lovely Says:

    i love dis drama

  1683. 1683 : mel_bernard Says:

    yes, the ending is unexpectedly unexpected!

    only In Sook remains the same..perhaps Tak Gu needs to influence her more!hehe, her conviction to her ideals in the end makes me wonder if there will be a secong part! 😀

    hope there is…

  1684. 1684 : mel_bernard Says:

    *second part

  1685. 1685 : czarina0825 Says:

    i really really love this korean drama…very inspirational… every episode makes me cry… i love kim tak goo so much ….

  1686. 1686 : Lil Says:




    !!!!! =D

  1687. 1687 : kriztin Says:

    even though im very tired,i still manage to watch this, i love cooking and baking and most of all i really like the story…..huuurrrrrrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for kim tak gu. sa inchon me libreng softdrinks pag wala kang tasa malulungkot ka,,,,,boom tiya pakiya kiya…………..

  1688. 1688 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Eugene is beautiful

  1689. 1689 : cris Says:

    kung hindi dahil sa baker king hind sya mag ka award…

  1690. 1690 : lovely Says:

    love u so much tak gu

  1691. 1691 : bulateworm Says:

    napakaimposible nmn na d nila makilala ang isat isa nun magkita ulit sila. hay!!

  1692. 1692 : arminda Says:

    ito na siguro ung pinakamagandang story na npanood ko. get ready to cry… best korean drama of all time. galing ng buong cast and more values to learn fr the story. panalo talaga ang mbait in the end

  1693. 1693 : takgu99 Says:

    very agree what mel_bernard says…
    i think i want the second part…
    can’t wait!! 😀

  1694. 1694 : cris Says:

    grabeh…sobrang ganda ng storya ng baker king… sana may part 2…

  1695. 1695 : Mamu Says:

    I love you, Joo Won! you are oozing with sex appeal and masculinity!

  1696. 1696 : jay Says:


    so NIce!

  1697. 1697 : chichaloca Says:

    @sungkyunkwan scholar sory late reply.i’m from malaysia.i enjoys the filipinos drama that i mentioned before 🙂

  1698. 1698 : kristan Says:

    ang ganda ganda ng baker king 🙂

    it was really the best drama ever for me..

    kim tak gu moved me with his story so much..

    hoping that there are people like him in this world and i’m willing to meet them if possible 😀

    for yoon shi yoon .. wishing you more project and GOD bless you 🙂 i am always here to support your drama or movies hehehe 😀

    to all cast JOB WELL DONE!!!!

  1699. 1699 : mercy flores Says:

    tak goo nomo nomo saranghe….kim tak goo tabong yo….nomo pogoshiposo……

  1700. 1700 : mercy flores Says:

    nomo sarang he kimtak goo…tabong yo…pogoshiposo…

  1701. 1701 : edgarreyes0221 Says:

    first time i got hooked on a drama series…sobrang ganda and very real. worth watching….i always look forwaed to every episode…
    keep it up and hope there will be more like this…

  1702. 1702 : leann Says:


  1703. 1703 : trisni Says:

    i love this drama, n never bore to watch again again n again

  1704. 1704 : tin Says:

    it’s a really good movie. =] i learned a lot from it.

  1705. 1705 : karl Says:

    this drama drives me crazy more than a week already…ive already watched the 29 episode but wasnt able to watch the final one because i know ill just feel down that the story is now over…i keep on searching videos and pictures of yoon shi yoon everyday,,,im an addict fan right now…

  1706. 1706 : vivian Says:


  1707. 1707 : Kim Dee Says:

    I love it! i can relate to the story, I’m no baker but still I’m studying at a culinary school here in the Philippines, and Kim Tak Goo is my idol!

  1708. 1708 : vetchai Says:

    a lot of lessons about life can be learned, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to all walks of life…he can touch the heart of the most stone-hearted person..and its Great!

  1709. 1709 : mikiboto ♂ Says:


  1710. 1710 : brenitt Says:

    halu yoon shi yoon.im your fun.you are a good actor.you are the best!the story of beaker king is really touch my heart and seoul.for me beaker king is no.1 korean drama.

  1711. 1711 : iced Says:

    ahh. The only Korean drama that really made me cry. you’ll learned a lot of lessons about life, love family etc.. two thumbs up!!

  1712. 1712 : see Says:

    tak goo is an excellent example of a positive person, he is always upbeat, optimistic and energetic, sunny disposition etc… he could be down and weary after a moment of trial but always, at the of the day, he would rebound and for him, things are.. something (or someone) to be enthusiastic about. i love his character. as the comments posted here, he could inspire people..

  1713. 1713 : LILIPUT Says:

    NUMBER -1!!!

  1714. 1714 : mata11 Says:

    tak gu i love you..♥♥♥

  1715. 1715 : mata11 Says:

    guys keep ur comments comming..lets make baker king and tak gu as the most commented drama here!!

  1716. 1716 : mata11 Says:


  1717. 1717 : fleen Says:


  1718. 1718 : rio shi yoon Says:

    l loved this story the best story talaga,my rating isssss > 100%.very nice that’s all l can say,hope yoon shin yoon will visit us here in the Philippines.pls.

  1719. 1719 : azsein Says:

    i fall inlove mmmm………
    napupuyat aq sa show na toH!!!!!!!!

  1720. 1720 : azsein Says:

    sana wala ending heheh!!!
    nkakamisz kc my kim tak goO e,, HAIST”

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    Pass this website to your favorite drama:)
    and this drama is one of the best:)


    Visit this website:)

  1722. 1722 : Sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Omg ! That was a hard kiss by joo won to eugene!

  1723. 1723 : glessy Says:

    Dont miss it is so nice story,,, nakakaiyak

  1724. 1724 : glessy Says:

    Dont miss it,its a nice story i already watch it in hanguel story nakakaiyak, Thanks to GMA…

  1725. 1725 : Good enough is not good enough | Jef Menguin: Passion for People Excellence Says:

    […] happens when you always do your best. I was watching the Baker King earlier and I believe many of us can learn from Tak Goo’s determination to become number 1. […]

  1726. 1726 : KeNju :) Says:

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  1727. 1727 : Mokha Says:

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  1729. 1729 : alekz Says:


  1730. 1730 : vanti Says:

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  1732. 1732 : mikiboto Says:

    guys Let us bring Baker King’s actors and actress in the Philippines.. pls. vote for them here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=189303191100256&id=122689254429964


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  1734. 1734 : claudia♥♥♥ Says:

    Hi Guys!! I desperately need help here.. This may sound over the top already to some of you Guys and cliché to some but i beg you Guys..Pls. I know this is the only posible way, I think’ that can give way to a reality.. I know we, ..all of us here love Baker King, Kim Tak Gu, and every character in the soap.. Guys please help me flod requests to GMA Network, GMA News, and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) Facebook Act. [[ just copy and paste Username on the search box on top of your profile then LIKE and pls. Post your REQUEST. ]] and other Forums and Sites that you know GMA7 would see..THAT for them to bring The Cast of BAKER KING here in the Philippines. pls!!! or if its really not possible.. for Jesica to Interview the cast in KOREA for their Filipino Fans. Pls. I know you would also LOVE that to happen..Please Guys!!! TANKS and Love you ALL!!!

  1735. 1735 : claudia♥♥♥ Says:

    guys Let us bring Baker King’s actors and actresses in the Philippines.. pls. vote for them here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=189303191100256&id=122689254429964


  1736. 1736 : clau♥♥♥ Says:

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  1737. 1737 : takgu99 Says:

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    but i still want to watch it again…..
    i really2 miss this drama so much!! 😀
    BKKTG NO. 1 drama!!!!

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  1739. 1739 : guillen Says:

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  1740. 1740 : guillen Says:

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  1741. 1741 : ravel Says:

    …’ i really love this drama! i almost cant never sleep everytime i misses an episode….
    …’ i will really also miss Kim Tak Goo’s smile!!!! Good luck and more projects to come for all of the casts!!!!
    …’ GOD BLESS to all!!! -ravel talagtag fr. PHIL.

  1742. 1742 : ravel Says:

    …’ i really love this drama.., i cn’t never sleep everytime i misses any single episode. i will surely miss kim tak goo’s smile! more projects to cum!

  1743. 1743 : cris Says:

    there was a news from abante that yoon shi yoon (kim tak gu) will come here, in the philippines…

  1744. 1744 : zohre Says:

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    it was really really soooooooo great…
    i was touched times and times.
    it changed my mind and so all my life
    i really really love this drama

  1745. 1745 : lucky Says:

    This drama is now here in the Philippines… and it fills our nights…. of the thoughts of what will happen next….
    This is really great…
    The writer is really good as well as the actors and actresses…
    i really love it….
    이런 좋은 드라마를 만들기위한 감사합니다.
    Keep it up….

  1746. 1746 : karin Says:

    untuk yang orang indonesia, silahkan kunjungi
    saya baru bikin tapi mohon dukungannya.. leave comment yahhh..

  1747. 1747 : joelbernardo Says:

    Sobrang ganda ng istorya… ilang beses akong umiyak at tumawa dahil kay tak goo… sobrang daming matututuhan. Ang galing mo tak goo! mabuhay ka!

  1748. 1748 : adolf nicolas Says:

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  1749. 1749 : kristel ann mangulad Says:

    this is the most interesting korean movie that i ever watch,i love it!!!!!:))

  1750. 1750 : jhentel Says:

    i like baker king. . .#1 here in the philippines

  1751. 1751 : kris Says:

    go kim tak goo. . .plsssssss.watch this korean drama movie,hindi kayo magsisisi,promise,:))<3<3<3

  1752. 1752 : tel Says:

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  1753. 1753 : takgu99 Says:

    anybody know the ending song for ep 9?
    i dont know the title & dont know where it come from…
    the OST doesn’t have that song…can anybody know please tell me…
    especially korean…please.. i want that song.. 😀

  1754. 1754 : als Says:

    cool and inspiring series, hahahaha!!!!

  1755. 1755 : mel_bernard Says:

    hey bakers! i miss commenting on this page.:DD

    still cant let go of baker king! the best!

    go,go,go Tak Gu!

  1756. 1756 : Nate Says:

    is a sequel possible???? I wantttt moreee
    more LEE YOUNG AH pleeeeeaaaaassssssseeeee
    she is so CUTE

  1757. 1757 : takgu99 Says:

    love this drama so much!!!!!!! 😀

  1758. 1758 : carol costa Says:

    kim tak goo… you are the real “baker king”.

  1759. 1759 : carol costa Says:

    kim tak goo.. me and my sisteret juzhel valdez really loves you… go go go mr. “baker king”.

  1760. 1760 : Yoon Si Yoon Says:

    Hi^^ thank you for your support in my films, I sorry my english is bed, don’t worry I will do my best to become much good actor. I will soon open a facebook account so that I will keep you updated. Let’s work harder, we have to take care of our generation. I love you all^^^^^^

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  1762. 1762 : coralou Says:

    baker king is now aired here in the Philippines at last. the story is very interesting. and again i have to stay up late just to watch this korean drama. hope the ending will be a happy one especially for kim tak goo.:)

  1763. 1763 : carol costa Says:

    tak goo.. my sisteret marygrace selda also loves your bread… hmmm yummy daw… LOL

  1764. 1764 : Yoon Si Yoon Says:

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  1768. 1768 : takgu99 Says:

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    i download the best quality to make my own collection….
    highly recommended…… 😀

  1769. 1769 : takgu99 Says:

    to malaysian fans…
    baker king will be airing at 8TV on june/july/august maybe…not sure..
    very2 late….

  1770. 1770 : cris Says:

    @ Yoon Shi Yoon..are you true?…you know, baker king is no.1 even though it is aired at the late night….

  1771. 1771 : mike Says:

    kktapos ko lang mapanood ng buong episode n2 up to episode 30 cxa… and i must say what a wonderful and great episodes it was teary eyes, goosebumps and smile(specially Melissa) always every time Kim Tak Goo show how humble heart he has indeed, abngan niyo ung scene na magtagpo cla ng tatay niya at ng mamatay c ______ maiiyak ka talaga…standing ovation, 2 thumbs up great great!

  1772. 1772 : mike Says:

    Aigoo..I think the most memorable thoughts brought by this Drama Series are the copious lessons we\’ve learn, \”the world\’s most filling dread\” (when we think of others), \”the world\’s most amazing bread\” (when we enjoy and learn) and lastly the most important \”the world\’s most happiest bread\” (when we have that grateful heart that gives us the smile of happiness)! Yoon Shi Yoon Thank you!

  1773. 1773 : doris cera Says:

    Aside from Shining Inheritance, this certainly is one of the best korean tv series that I have enjoyed most. Great job more to come- i hope?! Keep on fighting Tak Goo!

  1774. 1774 : doris cera Says:

    Aside from Shining Inheritance, this certainly is one of the best korean tv series that I have enjoyed most. Great job more to come – i hope?! Mga kwentong di dapat palampasin! Fighting Tak Goo!

  1775. 1775 : dinaz Says:

    lovely drama,realy deserves d high rating..bt gu ma jun ws good too sadly he didnt gt an award..d most touching scene was whn pal bong teacher died it ws too sad i cried so mch it ws sch a natural scene..great acting by d whl cast..but d only thing i didnt like was thy didnt shw ny love between tak gu and mi sun..it ws a 30 episode shw thy cud shw a little bit of love between thm!!otherwise great shw..

  1776. 1776 : Marilyn Says:

    I loved it from the start…..Heartbreaking…Inspiring…..

  1777. 1777 : takgu99 Says:

    best3…ever….worthwhile & amazing!!! 😀
    i love & like this drama….
    i have watched it almost 3 times….
    highly recommended to others who didn;t watch this drama…..10/10

  1778. 1778 : takgu99 Says:

    anybody here know the title of ending song for ep9?
    i want that song…pls…..

  1779. 1779 : andrea Says:

    super love it……..i love kim tak goo

  1780. 1780 : andrea Says:

    very inspiring story….superb actors……in short perfect series……

  1781. 1781 : garnette Says:

    like it so much,…. Kim tak goo, so cute guy… more drama series to Yoon Shin Yoon, pls….

  1782. 1782 : leann Says:

    Anyone save me from my Korean drama addiction!!!

  1783. 1783 : takgu99 Says:

    to baker king fans….especially who have KBS world….
    try to watch oh! my school every tuesday…..such a great & fun show…
    i really enjoy!! 😀

    or try to download at..


  1784. 1784 : messi Says:

    @takgu99, yes oh! my school is a nice show. i also enjoyed it. all other shows on kbs world r great like 2 days 1 night, happy together. 1 5

  1785. 1785 : costinarie Says:

    wow! they are very good dramatics..

  1786. 1786 : Jojo Says:

    This drama is way overrated.

  1787. 1787 : mae Says:

    I love the way played their role……..super …….touhing…….

  1788. 1788 : joy lawther Says:

    hello, Baker king.. im so really inlove to watch with you guys.. i can learn more and more how to love the work, and we could not take out our HOPES in life.. there is a lots of things i can learn it… we love you guys .. good luck ..

  1789. 1789 : joy lawther Says:

    its so amazing guys…. i love it to watch… i love the way wen you are doing to your job guys..

  1790. 1790 : marielle bayaua Says:

    I LOVE this show ! realy
    i kove you kim tak goo ! ^_^

  1791. 1791 : marielle bayaua Says:

    i love this show !
    and i love kim tak goo ! ^_^

  1792. 1792 : takgu99 Says:

    who knows the ending song for ep 9? tell me…

  1793. 1793 : ricalyn marquez cunanan Says:

    …………this telenovela is truly inspiring to those people like me…………
    …………..hard working is a key to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………

  1794. 1794 : cris Says:

    kailan pupunta si yoon shi yoon sa pilipinas…?

  1795. 1795 : cris Says:

    ang galing sa nag dub in tagalog version ng baker king…bagay sa kanya ang boses para kay tak gu…

  1796. 1796 : Jill Says:

    The dama series is highly recommendable to all ages. Kim tak goo smile, his action are so great.

    Just a little disappointed with the ending as it should be tak goo who should inherit the company and remain as the successor of the President (he is too good I think)
    and he lost his real love SHin yu Kyung. I hope the viewers will realize somehow that it is tak goo and May Yang Mi soon at the end of the story as it is not very clear in their last conversation at the end.

    Over all the movie is top rated in the Phils.

  1797. 1797 : mel_bernard Says:

    hey bakers! im back 😀

    so nice nice to read lots of comments bout Baker King! really this one is the best!!!

    just have a question…why do the language in Full House and My Girl sound different (like japanese) from that in Baker King and Cinderella’s sister? are they not korean drama too? im not an expert but i can really distinguish the difference between their language like the word sarangye is in Baker King but gwa aine in full House…etc. why is that so?hehe

  1798. 1798 : takgu99 Says:

    hi BK fans…. 😀
    try to watch ‘loving u thousand times’
    i really enjoy….best storyline!! really good…

  1799. 1799 : anna may Says:

    hi !!

    love u kim tang go your super cute :))

  1800. 1800 : _eden_ Says:

    i love this drama!the story so nice it gives u a lot of moral values & it is so inspiring…congratulations 2 all the cast of this drama…you made it to the top! Sarang hae Kim Tak Goo ^_^

  1801. 1801 : takgu99 Says:

    love this drama so much!!
    the BEST storyline……the BEST in korea….
    but,1 thing i dont like about this drama bcoz of this drama doesn’t show the real love btween takgu & misun….so sad bcoz they r cute couple!!
    hope part2 will release….maybe next year

    im happy this drama has many fans 😀
    hope fans increase!!!

  1802. 1802 : aljohn chris imbol Says:

    I love your drama !!!! Its getting me addicted to it!

  1803. 1803 : Danna Says:

    This is the best drama i have ever seen. GREAT:)

  1804. 1804 : Danna Says:

    and also i like the character of N majun. i think he done a good job in the end.

  1805. 1805 : Amg1 Says:

    The best storyline i have ever seen. this drama is the best.

  1806. 1806 : yum Says:

    love the story so much

    hope there is part 2

  1807. 1807 : takgu99 Says:

    very2 sad when the mr. palbong passed away….also when takgu hug his fathers….very emotion…i love this drama so much…

    try to watch loving u thousand times….very interesting story…

  1808. 1808 : JHONN LESTER Says:

    love this drama so much!!
    the BEST storyline……the BEST in korea….
    but,1 thing i dont like about this drama bcoz of this drama doesn’t show the real love btween takgu & misun….so sad bcoz they r cute couple!!
    hope part2 will release….maybe next year

    im happy this drama has many fans
    hope fans increase!!!

  1809. 1809 : lucille Says:

    I’m from the philippines and im quite fond of watching kdrama…
    i havent seen giant/donyi/the president(but ill try to see these), though ive seen baker king and secret garden…
    call me biased but ive never seen a unique and heart warming series that will make you laugh, cry, and get addicted to the characters… so im all in for SECRET GARDEN (from hajiwon/hyunbin to supports, director, production, and writer)…
    the mere fact that people cant get over yet about the story and its character, is proof enough that the story, actors, and actions (which makes you smile throughout)are good enough to make it win and be memorable to all of us (may you be a critic, an anti, or a fan –because the bottom line is youve watched the series from beginning to end for you to be able to comment good or bad about this series).. 🙂

    LETS VOTE FOR SG for Baeksang award… fighting!!!

  1810. 1810 : Reese Says:

    This story is very inspiring! This is the kind of series that you will never forget. I hope the Philippines would come up with something like this. Kudos to Korea

  1811. 1811 : cris Says:

    AGB Mega Manila TV Rating
    April 5, 2011: Tuesday


    TOP 10:
    1. GMA – The Baker King 27.7
    2. GMA – Eat Bulaga 26.5
    3. ABS CBN – Mara Clara 25.7
    4. GMA – I Heart You Pare 23.5 and GMA – Dwarfina 23.5
    5. GMA – Captain Barbell 22.8
    6. GMA – 24 Oras 22.2
    7.ABS CBN – Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin 21.6 and ABS CBN – Mutya 21.6
    8. GMA – Temptation of Wife 21.5
    9. ABS CBN – TV Patrol 20
    10. GMA – Magic Palayok 18.9

  1812. 1812 : cris Says:

    AGB Mega Manila TV Rating
    April 5, 2011: Tuesday


    TOP 10:
    1. GMA – The Baker King 14.5
    2. GMA – Dwarfina 13.1
    3. ABS CBN – Mara Clara 13
    4. GMA – I Heart You Pare 12.8
    5. GMA – Captain Barbell 12.5
    6. GMA – Eat Bulaga 12
    7. ABS CBN – Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin 11.1
    8. ABS CBN – Mutya 11
    9. GMA – 24 Oras 10.7
    10. GMA – Temptation of Wife 9

  1813. 1813 : cris Says:

    agb household ratings april 6

    The Baker King 27
    Green Rose 11.4

    kantar-tns household rating april 5 and 6(nationwide)

    Green Rose 12.1
    The Baker King 17.2

    Green Rose 11.5
    The Baker King 17.5

  1814. 1814 : takgu99 Says:

    my opinion says both baker king & my girl have same stars….
    both i give 5 stars…

  1815. 1815 : marie Says:

    the story of this drama is very good….because they give us inspired,they are very diff the characters are alive…they can act very well i love this drama =] my rating 100%

  1816. 1816 : sexy m Says:

    nice abs sbn the best ever i also like baker king

  1817. 1817 : lizelle Says:

    i love…………….baker king!!!!!!!!
    i love joo won!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love yoon shi yoon!!!!!!!!!

  1818. 1818 : monique Says:

    this is one of the best drama ever …..love this show the plot was very good and interesting keep u coming back for more even in the final end…..

  1819. 1819 : cris Says:

    baker king was nominated in 2011 banff world media award…i hope baker king will win…

  1820. 1820 : takgu99 Says:

    best drama….100%

  1821. 1821 : kimkiy Says:

    wow,, wonderful story

  1822. 1822 : china may Says:

    the best!!!

  1823. 1823 : manila Says:

    AcCOUW [BAkEr.kInG] LANg PInA kA MagandAnG Na PaNoOD KoNg Drama… pahrAj acKIn 100% 1ST ….

  1824. 1824 : so me Says:

    This drama very entertaining through the end.

  1825. 1825 : cristi_tak [email protected] Says:

    I’m from the philippines and i am a fan of kim tak goo. baker king is the best korean drama so far..it is very family oriented and full of moral values. it is unique in it own way. baker king did not focus on romance but rather it focused on family friendship and dreams. kim tak goo has become my model in life and i really hope that someone like really do exist. i salute korean film makers, actors and actresses for their outstanding performance in their movies and soap operas.please continue in entertaining people

  1826. 1826 : ManilaPHL Says:

    Final week of The Baker King here in the Philippines next week. . .we will missed takgu watching him every night. . Secret Garden will replaced The Baker King starting May 2.

  1827. 1827 : cris Says:

    we will miss baker king here in the philippines…final week next week…

  1828. 1828 : rosie Says:

    very beautiful all I can say is Outstanding. Bravo to all cast of Baker King especially, Kim tak Gu. Congratulation to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1829. 1829 : cris Says:

    tak gu punta ka sa pinas…

  1830. 1830 : christelle Says:

    `yeah.. i will miss the baker king here in the philippines.. but there is an awaited korean drama series that we should watch.. it is the “SECRET GARDEN”.

  1831. 1831 : yoon shi yoon Says:

    베이커는 왕이 엄청나

  1832. 1832 : keyrein Says:

    The Baker King touches every Filipinos’ lives. One of a kind series. And I also love Tak Gu.

  1833. 1833 : icefire Says:

    A beautiful series that crying felt really good. The story flow was really exceptional and I am surprised that it did not get much fave coverage in my searches for best korean dramas. I like the drama because of the life’s lesson it has given me which was timely and right for me.

  1834. 1834 : cris Says:

    finale ngayon ng baker king….

  1835. 1835 : sheng of inec Says:

    congrats to all of the casts!!!! hope na may part2!! KIM TAK GU , you’ve our hearts… and will never forget this kind of korean drama!!!! GOD BLESS TO ALL!!!!

  1836. 1836 : cris Says:

    people of the philippines misses baker king….tak gu punta ka sa pinas…maraming nag aabang sayo dito…

  1837. 1837 : Fiel Tan Aswe Says:


  1838. 1838 : joe Says:

    Great Korean series that touches Filipinos heart, Realiastic…..Love it…..

  1839. 1839 : Angela Lugtu Says:

    IT ‘S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All the students in our school were very amazed with tak gu!!!!!!!!!!!!you’re relly a good person!!!!!! we love Tak Gu and Mi Sun!!!!!Hi master Pal Bong!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gu Ma Jun please take care of Shin Yu Kyung…..:}

  1840. 1840 : Koreandrama Says:

    Shin yoo kyung end up liking ma jun? Is it true? Pls tell me!! She turned bad? Poor tak goo!! Please tell me!!

  1841. 1841 : takgu99 Says:

    yes @koreandrama…..
    yu kyung end up with majun bcoz misunderstanding btween takgu & them….
    have u done watching it?

  1842. 1842 : mitch Says:

    2nd weeks now TBK ends here in the philipines,,i miss you so much yoon shi [email protected] young ah!!!!i’ve always remember the time that takgu confess his feeling to misun,,,how “KILIG”…hope there’s part 2,

  1843. 1843 : tak gu Says:

    we miss u…..

  1844. 1844 : takgu99 Says:

    try to watch 49 days….very interesting drama….

  1845. 1845 : Bread, Love and Dreams | Hello Awesome World Says:

    […] nurse I worked with in Ericsson, Sheann, had been hooked on the Korean Drama, The Baker King. When she was watching an episode in YouTube, I would just glance at the computer and would smile […]

  1846. 1846 : MehrBanoo Says:

    nice and gentek…..tanx

  1847. 1847 : yobi Says:

    i totally love this drama. two of my best dramas of all time and the other is Dae Jang Geum. there is no negative comment i could possible say for this series. if you havent watched it yet PLZ WATCH THIS DRAMA or else you are missing a lot. 🙂

  1848. 1848 : takgu99 Says:

    agree with u..
    who haven’t watch this drama is very2 loss….
    such a great great great great great great great great great great great great great & amazing amazing drama!!! superb!!!!
    i love this drama so much!!! XOXO
    10/10, 5 stars, full marks, excellent!!
    i watched 3 times already….still not bored n want to watch it again n again…..miss this drama so much!!

  1849. 1849 : takgu99 Says:

    3 scene in this drama makes me cried a lot…my tears falling down non-stop……
    1-takgu hug his father…when his father just know tthat tak gu was his son…
    2-when the teacher/mr. palbong passed away…i touched when mr. palbong said “i still happy to see u….” waaa…very2 sad
    3-when all people miss mr. palbong when he dies…
    4- i love this drama very much!! 😀

  1850. 1850 : takgu99 Says:

    joo won very successful actor…
    bcoz his acting in this drama makes me want to kill him!!
    very2 bad person…
    not like yoon shi yoon….i watch death bell 2 n baker king..his acting was same…
    by the way…i really like moon geun young acting….i think she is no.1 succesfull actress in korea…
    her acting really different when i watch cinderella sister n MSOAN….
    in MSOAN-her acting was so cute n childish
    in CS-her acting more matured n furious…
    the different of her acting was very2 far…
    i dont see eun jo in MSOAN…n also i dont see mae ri in CS…

  1851. 1851 : takgu99 Says:

    why this page is not working as before…
    where kim tak gu fans….
    im very upset guys… 🙁

    I hope one day many people love this drama….
    hope fans increase again!! 😀

  1852. 1852 : Miimii Says:

    I Miss Kim Takgu soooooo much!!
    One of the greatest Dramas of all time 🙂 🙂
    Highly recommended!!
    Btw i miss the OSTs Too haha.. Whenever Lsn to them a flashback of the drama comes to my mind

  1853. 1853 : takgu99 Says:

    best drama ever….

  1854. 1854 : takgu99 Says:

    miss this drama…

  1855. 1855 : shila Says:

    waaa!! what can i say!!! WOW!!! superb!!!
    this drama very interesting n really2 touch..
    my tears can’t stop falling down…
    5 stars!!! love this ma..

  1856. 1856 : takgu99 Says:


  1857. 1857 : joonshu Says:

    i can’t say anything for this dramaa……Perfectttttttttttttttt….5 starts for this darma….

    i Really like story line…..i like the osts..i like all all from this drama…

    i really like the character of KIM TA GOO..he is Patient, calm, gentle, Mature…

    sorry i can’t say anything, only one words ” PERFECT”

  1858. 1858 : Mercy Says:

    I Really like the Characters og Kim Ta Goo…..the best movie foreverrrr…
    Sorry Endless Love my heart already change to this movie……but Endless Love also good, but this one much better….

  1859. 1859 : Joonshu Says:

    loveeeeeee this Movieeee so Muchhhhhhhhhhhhh……thank you because i learnt alot from this movie………………….

    best for everrrrr………..

  1860. 1860 : KimTaGoo Fan Says:

    to : Yoon Si Yoon
    If you read this Forum, i just want to say that i really like your acting in this movie…..

    Many thanks for this movie, because i learnt alot from this movie….5 thumbs up and 5 star fro this movie..the best forever…..

    Actually, before i don’t know who you are ( yoon Si Yoon), because your face is not familiar in korean movie,and i’m one of fans of Song Hye gyo and Song seung Hoen, but when i saw your acting in this movie i really suprised to your acting, and i ilke it…..and you know i will be become your new fan forever…so if you have another drama, i will support you brooo…..keep fighting and move….God Blee you…

    I’m your Fan From Indonesia……

  1861. 1861 : KimTaFaninindonesia Says:

    keep fighting KIm Ta Gooo..i really like your acting in this movie..you are great Actor Brother……Keep Fight Broo..i support you from Indonesia…..
    Great, Great, and amazing movie…..i can take some moral values from your movie……..

    story line, osst, rating, actor, and actriss you have it…..hope you will play in other movie soon……i will be become your fan…..

  1862. 1862 : joonshu Says:

    Great, great, great,and greatt movieee….i love it..the best foreverrrr…..this movie will become my favourite movie forever……

    God Bless you Kim ta Goo……………

  1863. 1863 : SSHfan Says:

    this movie muchh..muchh..much better thannn Secret Garden and My Princess……omg…why there is such movie like thiss…..i’m going to crazyyy because of this movie……

    Good jobbb Kim ta Gu….You aree Greaaaaaaaaatttt Actorrrrrrrrrr…..

  1864. 1864 : Andi Says:

    Great Movie…..
    Great Actors and Actriss. No wonder it’s called “The National Drama of Korea” and won lots of awards. The story is very rich, it entertains and inspires you at the same time. It touches and some times Funny ………..
    100 Thumbs up for this movie…..

    Good Job Kim Ta Goo, Mi sun, Ma Jun, Sun yung kyung……..

    Love this drama so Muchhhh…….the Best Movie foreverrr….

  1865. 1865 : Meggy Says:

    SO BAD..FANSSS…!!!!!!!!!!!CKCKCK

  1866. 1866 : Andi Says:

    Information for Baker King fans:

    Along with Baker King Kim Tak Goo current success, as king of it’s homeland rating, some neighbor countries attracted and signed the sales contract.
    They are China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia.
    Some other countries also in talks to buy the rights, such as Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia.


  1867. 1867 : Andi Says:

    Kim ta gooo you are Greattt Actorrrrr….Keepp Movingg Broo….i Support you from Indonesia…….

    This movie Greattt, Greattt, and Greatttttt…..no comment for this movie…..

    Funny, Melodrama, courages…….greatttt…..Bread, Love , and dream…..

  1868. 1868 : Andi Says:

    Drama hit KBS “The King of Baking: Kim Tak-goo” (yang dibintangi oleh Yoon Si-yoon, Yoo Jin, Joo Won) dan “Bolts & Blip” (seri animasi 3-D) yang banyak dijual di luar negeri, dianugerahi penghargaan presiden dalam suatu upacara yang digelar pada hari Senin dan mengucapkan terima kasih kepada produser yang telah menuangkan konten budaya untuk prestasi mereka.

    Di ajang penghargaan “2010 Republic of Korea Content Award”, yang dikelola oleh Korea Creative Content Agency, pemenang tahun ini menerima penghargaan dari Presiden, Perdana menteri dan Menteri budaya, yang diberikan kepada mereka yang berkontribusi pada budaya Kore yang booming di luar negeri.
    selamattt yahhhh…

    Pemenang yang mendapat pengakuan presiden ini adalah di bidang karakter kartun, animasi dan animasinya adalah “Moss,” sebuah kartun internet yang dibuat menjadi sebuah film dengan judul yang sama pada tahun 2010.

  1869. 1869 : Joonshu Says:

    The best movie foreverrr…….no one can compete this movie………
    Great, Great, and Great…..
    Amazing, Amazing, and Amazing…..
    wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful…….

    you deserve to get high rating…..

    To Kim ta Goo:
    I heard that you will play in new Movie??? What movie??? i want to watchhhhh

  1870. 1870 : minsufan Says:

    Min Suuu you are so cuteeeeee……….

    love this dramaaa…..amazinggg strory line…..5 thumbs up for this drama……

    Good job Mi Sun and Ta Goo

  1871. 1871 : minsufan Says:

    the besttt drama foreverrr……

  1872. 1872 : aIGOO Says:

    Eugene as Shin Yoo Kyung

    but tak goo the best…

  1873. 1873 : aIGOO Says:

    tak goo…tak goo…ohhh..nomu..nomu…cuaa..

    minsufan : Lee Young Ah as Yang Mi Sun cute with short hair, beautiful with long hair…hhee..
    watch iljimae…lee young ah..good actrees….n_n

  1874. 1874 : minsufan Says:

    @ aIGO
    yOU ARE right..Mi Sun is sooo cuteeee with short hair…she is sooo Hottt……..
    I’m gonna miss this drama so muchhhhh…….Ta Go oh Tagoo…i like your acting in this drama….you and Mi Sun Greatttt Actor and Actrissss………

    i Hope you will be with Mi SUn for ever……..

  1875. 1875 : Joonshu Says:

    I miss this drama……Greatt drama…..i really like the characterr of Kim Ta Goo…….

    Yoo si Yoon you are greattt actorrr broooo..keepppp Moving and Fighting…….

    1000000 Thumbs up for this drama……..no one can compete with this drama…..

    Great, Great, and Amazing…….

  1876. 1876 : Joonshu Says:

    To Baker King Lovers and Fans:

    Any body here know what is the new Drama series For Yoo SI Yoo ( kIm Ta Goo)???? i hear that he play in new Drama???? Please tell me…..i want to watch it………

    To Yoo Si Yoo: i just want to say: Keep Fighting Broo….you are great actorrr…..What is your new Drama series beside Death Bell 2????

  1877. 1877 : Joonshu Says:

    any body know what is new drama seriess from Yoo sin Yoon????
    I want to watch it….

    He is great actorr…..

    This drama great, great, and greatt…..

    God Bless you Yoo si Yoon…..

  1878. 1878 : Joonshu Says:

    Yoon Si-yoon becomes promotion ambassador for famine organization..

    You deserve to receive it brooo……

  1879. 1879 : Breadlovedreamfan Says:

    The best drama forever……Number 1 koread Drama Series in 2010….
    Kim Ta Goo and Gu Ma jun you are great and amazing actor…you just new comer in drama series, but you great guys……
    Really like your drama series…………wonderful..very inspiring……and educate me…..

    Thanks to all Baker King Kim Ta Goo Crew……………Greatt job…..

    10 Thumbs up for this movie……

  1880. 1880 : Breadlovedreamfan Says:

    No other drama can compete with this drama even Secreat Garden and My princes…

    Really..really..really greattt drama…..this drama is not only talking about love …but also talking about how to reach our dream in proper way ( like Ta Goo) , how to love our familiy, hoe to solve problems, how to face problems, and teaches us how to live with passion…really, really educate us…..

    we can learn some moral values from this drama series…really, really, really greatttttttttttttttttt…..

    Best Korean Drama series forever……………..

  1881. 1881 : Breadlovedreamfan Says:

    i Just read Some Articles in Internet….Yoo si Yoon is very Humble person……..

  1882. 1882 : Breadlovedreamfan Says:

    I was crying when i listen to the osts of this movie…..
    I was crying when i think about Kim Ta Goo Characters in this movie…..his spirit……
    My ters are fall down…….

    Oh Kim Ta Goo you make me Crying every day when i watch again this movie……………

  1883. 1883 : harith :D Says:

    oh!!! i miss this drama so much…
    i want to watch it again soon….

    this is the BEST drama to me…..superb!!! perfect!!!
    ommo2….i really love this drama……..

  1884. 1884 : takgu99 Says:

    firstly…i reset my heart to not watch this drama….bcoz i think it’s really bored….it’s long story n had 30 ep..
    but,im curious,,lastly, i try watch at KBSWORLD….
    what can i say…WOW!!! after i’ve done watch until ep 30…..
    i cried, laugh, upset, pity, attracted….many more….
    this drama had all emotions like many in one….
    n also had many2 moral values…..like it!!! 😀
    no wonder the ratings really high…this dram was different n perfect….
    different love stories, different ending, different themes…
    some people maybe think this drama was bored bcoz the theme is bread…
    dont try to judge when u havven’t watch it….bcoz its not only about bread…..its about love..family….manners…..n many more!!!
    ohh!! i dont want to say anything…..this drama was no.1 in korea for 2010….n no.1 in my heart for a long2 time…
    hope fans increase!!!! more n more!! 😀

  1885. 1885 : takgu99 Says:

    im easily cry when i listen the instrumental OST for this drama title ‘unforgettable memories’…
    when i listen to it…it remind me of kindheart of tak gu…let go the loves one…oh!!…my tears easily falling down….

  1886. 1886 : mi sun Says:

    miss kim tak goo,, n also miss takgu n misun couple, so cute!!!
    love this drama so much. THE BEST from korean!!!!!!
    no.1 in my top list!! ottoke!! i really falling in love with this drama…..

  1887. 1887 : pyan Says:

    the what i ever hate in this drama when their change main actor and main actress love story, the worst drama i ever watched in my life

  1888. 1888 : YU kyung ah!! Says:

    LOVE this drama SO MUCH!!!
    i love watching lee young ah acting…she’s very cute…
    this DRAMA was superb!!! 5 stars..
    no wonder the rating very2 high!!!

  1889. 1889 : lindaw Says:

    The Best Korean Drama Forever……………….
    Five stars for this drama…this drama perfect and greatt….not only talking about love between man and Women but also also talking about struggle of life of Kim tak Goo….how he struggled to live and find his mother….how he love his family…how her passion in life even though he was in the hurt…………really greatttt, greattt movie…..
    You deserve to get high rating…………..
    Best movie forever…..
    Goo Job Yoo Shi Yoon..you are great actor………
    This Drama much, much,much better than Secreat Garden, My Princes, 49 Days, Fullhouse…………..every body must watch this drama……….

  1890. 1890 : kristalia Says:

    The best forever……i have been watch korean drama since 2000 until 2011…this is the bestttt so far….endless love also good, but this is much better……….

    i really like the characters of Kim Tak Goo..greattt actor…i think he is newcomer yah?????

    i hope you will be more succes in the future…..

  1891. 1891 : adam Says:

    Good Drama Forever……actually i don’t like korean drama, but when i watch this drama, i really love this drama…..amazing story line …i also like the man who play Kim Tak Goo….he is so natural and Great actor………..

    Five stars for this drama………….

  1892. 1892 : catherine Says:

    Great, amazing, and Verry good drama to watch very worth it….

  1893. 1893 : Joonshu Says:

    Really, really like this drama so muchhhhhhhhh….the Best Drama Forever………..

    five stars for this drama……….

    Go Kim Tak goo…go Kim Tak Gooo………

    very Complete Drama……….

  1894. 1894 : Joonshu Says:

    Greattttttttttttttttt Koreannnnnnnnnn Dramaaaaaaaaaaa forever…………….

    Much,much,much better than Secreat Garden, My Princes, and 49 Days………………………belive me……..just watch it……………

  1895. 1895 : Joonshu Says:

    Great, Great,great korean drama…i like the story line, i like the Osts, i like all……..perfect korean drama………..the best for ever, not only in 2010 ………………………

  1896. 1896 : 49daysfan Says:

    Great Drama, i already watch it……..perfect story line…..Romance, action, familiy, Comedy, Melodrama Complete in one Drama..great…
    Actually iam fan of 49 days korean drama, but i can’t lie to my self that this drama really, really greattt………..

    Highly recomended to watchhhhhhh……

  1897. 1897 : Joonshu Says:

    You are right @ 49Daysfan..this korean drama really, really greatt….i like the character of Kim Tak Goo…..he is gret actor…..
    i also like 49 Days korean Drama…..the story line greatt…………..

    But i can’t lie to my self too that baker King Kim Tak goo and 49 days MUCH

  1898. 1898 : mike Says:

    I really like this korean drama….perfect story line……complete koran drama….Romance, Action, Melodrama, Commedy in one Drama….complete…………………….

    i like Yoon Shi Yoon in playing the character of Kim Tak Goo………..he is really naturalllllllll…………

    Te best korean drama that i ever watch since 2002………

    Greatttt Korean drama……..five Thumbs up for this Korean drama………..

  1899. 1899 : mike Says:

    love the character of Kim Tak Goo….really inspire me……….i hate Gu Ma Jun…i want to kill you…hahahahahah….just Kidding…both of them are great actor……………..

    The Best Korean drama…………

  1900. 1900 : KimMinJung Says:

    I defenitely Agree with all of you Guys…..this is The best Korean Drama that i ever watch…and this Drama very famous in my countries ( south Korea) at that time ….More famous than SeGa, Bad Guy, My Girlfriends is Gumiho, and Playfull Kiss…….
    I’m new fan of Yoon Shi yoon…go tak goo, go tak goo…..The story line was Perfect…..Yoon Shi Yoon very Great in Playing the charater of Kim tak Goo………..
    in my countries this Drama become ” National Drama” and this Drama receive Award Directly From President Of South Korea….Amazinggg….
    Finally, I fall in love with this Korean Drama……………

  1901. 1901 : KimMinJung Says:

    i also like Kim Mi Sun……….perfect couple with tak Goo………she is so cuteee……..i hate the charater of eugene in this Drama……why she left Tak goo???? but it is ok….Tak goo will fall in love with mi Sun……….

  1902. 1902 : leeyongD Says:

    No comment for this Drama…..

    Greatt, Great, and Great …………

    Perfect, Perfect, and Perfect Drama…………

    Amazing, Amazing, and Amazing Drama…………….

    5 Thumbs up for this Drama……..

    The Best Forevermore………….No other korean Drama can compete This drama…..

    Story Line —–> Perfect
    Osts ——-> Amazing
    Yoo Shin Yoon ——> Amazing….

  1903. 1903 : takgu99 Says:

    i dont know what to say!! superb!!
    best ever drama!! no 1 in korea….exactly no 1 in my heart for really2 long time………
    i like love story in this drama….
    n i really sad 🙁 bcoz this drama doesn’t show love btween takgu n misun….
    it’s show only in last ep…its okay if the director added the episode bcome 35 or 40 to show more love btween this cute couple…
    this is the BEST present from korea to me n all kim tak gu fans….I LOVE IT!!!
    still,miss this drama SO MUCH!!!
    i fell in love wt this drama for a long2 time since august last year when tried to watch this drama at KBSWORLD!!!
    baker king!!!! nomu nomu chua!!!! saranghae!!!

  1904. 1904 : leeyongD Says:

    I’m totaly in Love with this Drama………….

    i want to tell to every body to watch this drama, very Inspiring drama…..

    Love, Dream, Familiy, Romance, Comedy, Melodrama, Action, Care, Spirit….Complete in one drama….

    I really like the character of Tak Goo…His Love, His Spirit, His Action, his crying, his Smile, his Laugh……

  1905. 1905 : leeyongD Says:


    Do you Know How to get the Osts for this Great Korean Drama?????

    I don’t know how to find……the songs really, really good……….

    Please help me….i’m totally desperate for this drama………..

  1906. 1906 : telur Says:

    no one drama can challenge baker king!!!
    best drama!! i love it!!

    A GOOD JOB!! to alll krew.. make this amazing drama!!
    N the director n screenwriter really awesome!!!
    A best,interesting, good, amazing,wahh! i dont know what to say…

  1907. 1907 : takgu99 Says:

    @ lee young D…

    U can dwlod from alicechensworld.blogspot…i get it from here..
    or u can dwload it from ihoneydew….

  1908. 1908 : leeyongD Says:

    Pleaseee answer me @takgu99…………….

  1909. 1909 : Yongdae Says:

    One thing that i can’t forget from Kim Tak Goo, His passion,His Spirit , and His Smile ,throughout life…..
    Yoo Shi Yoon is Great Actor…..
    i Hope i can have such characters…..and also hope that Yoo Shi Yoon Has such characters too…..
    This is Perfet korean Drama ….Melodrama, Romance, Commedy, Love, Action are together in one……five in one…….i also like the osts song….

    The best korean drama that i ever watch since 2004……i think that Fullhouse dan SeGa is better but when i watch this drama, i can’t say more just Perfect, Amazing, and Excelent Drama…if Fullhouse 9.5 stars out of 10 , SeGa 9 stars out of 10……this drama 10 Stars out of 10….
    i adore Yoo Shi yoon, he is realy excelent in playing the Characters of Kim Tak goo……

    ANY body here know what is other korean drama from Yoo Shi Yoon???? please help Me………….

    I’m Baker King Fan From Indonesia…….

  1910. 1910 : Yongdae Says:


    Yoo shi Yoon many love from Indonesia to you…………….

    can’t wait for your next project…………

  1911. 1911 : takgu99 Says:

    yoon shi yoon drama other than bk is high kick through the roof…
    but he’s not the main actor….

  1912. 1912 : lee hya na Says:

    SORRY..my english is poor…

  1913. 1913 : Yongdae Says:

    Really???? where i can find it????? but i feel so sad because you said that Yoo shi yoon is not the main actor….Do you know what else beside that one???

    He is Really great actor…………

  1914. 1914 : yooshiyoonfanfanatics Says:


    Hi, I’m yoo shi yoon New fan…..i like his acting in this Drama. He is perfect in the play the characters of Kim tak goo…..I hope i can watch his next project….

    this drama very inspire me……

    This drama the best drama for me since i become koreanholic in 2003….the best korean drama that i ever watch……all genre in one drama ( complete)……Love, sad, spirit,familiy, friendship,romance, action together in one drama………….

  1915. 1915 : yooshiyoonfanfanatics Says:

    Love this drama so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  1916. 1916 : UEE Says:

    for me PK n MARRY ME MARRY shouldn’t be topped…
    bcoz both drama was bad3……ever!!
    ur beautiful also can’t challenge BK…
    BAKER KING should be topped!!
    becoz the story was amazing,THE BEST n very worthwhile than others..

    to all baker king fans……
    lets give comment more n more until this drama reach the top!!!!
    until this drama bcome HIGHEST COMMENT at this website….
    fighting!!!! GO GO GO 😀

  1917. 1917 : Michaelfromsingapore Says:

    Admin…Where is my comment previously? i think i give comment related to the topics and i follow the comment rules?
    you are not respecting me and my comment. i will not come to this forum again.
    i realy disappointed to this forum and admin.

    i just want to share that: This is the best drama that i ever watch.

  1918. 1918 : admin Says:

    Hi Michaelfromsingapore,

    You know why we deleted your comments?

    Because you are try to push up the ranking of this drama by using the different name, this is the name you have use for posting comments – yooshiyoonfanfanatics, Yongdae, leeyongD, Michaelfromsingapore,echan and others.

    this is against our rules.

  1919. 1919 : tasya Says:

    i watched this drama, i like it but this drama just not into me.. anyway, my husband (who said that korean dramas are suck) is very hooked with this drama. so funny :p

  1920. 1920 : Goura goura Says:

    takgu ya!!!

  1921. 1921 : bunny Says:

    The story ok, the actors ok.. But tak gu’s love story is dissapointed… weeeww…

  1922. 1922 : UEE Says:


  1923. 1923 : takgu99 Says:

    anybody here from hong kong,taiwan or china….?
    who knows fe mao! what is the title for ‘fe mao’ drama..?
    i want it bcoz i like that drama…plz..who’s know??

  1924. 1924 : Roket Says:


  1925. 1925 : Roket Says:


  1926. 1926 : Alex Says:

    The conflict becomes a bit annoying because it is repeated many times throughout the series. Overall, it’s a good drama. 8/10. Secret Garden is still my #1. And I’ve watched all the most talked about dramas.

  1927. 1927 : V3 Says:

    I’ve watched this drama 2 times..yes overall awesome…n_n
    same as wth alex’s opinion…n_n

  1928. 1928 : Roket Says:


  1929. 1929 : Roket Says:



  1930. 1930 : Roket Says:


  1931. 1931 : I’m only afraid of 2 things…. « 내 마음의열쇠 Says:

    […] Gwang Ryeol played good both in Sign and Baker Ki