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Bad Guy

Title: 나쁜 남자 / Nappeun Namja / Bad Guy
Chinese Title : 坏小子
Also known as: Bad Man / Bad Boy
Genre: Thriller, melodrama, mystery
Episodes: 17
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-May-26 to 2010-Aug-5
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) plots revenge against the Haeshin Group, a large corporation to whom Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) is the heir.


Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook
Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child)
Han Ga In as Moon Jae In
Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung
Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child)
Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra
Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen)
Jung So Min as Hong Mo Ne
Jun Gook Hwan as President Hong
Kim Hye Ok as Mrs. Shin
Kim Jung Tae as Jang Kam Dok
Ha Joo Hee as Jun Hye Joo
Shim Eun Kyung as Moon Won In
Park Ah In as Da Rim
Jung Seong Woo as Uhm Sang Moo
Jun Min Seo as (Tae Ra’s daughter)
Kim Min Seo as Choi Sun Young
Lee Ji Eun as Sun Young (child)
Song Ji Eun as Gun Wook’s mother
Ji Hoo as Lee Bum Woo
Chae Gun as Bum Woo (child)
Song Joo Yeon as Song Joo Yeon
Baek Hyun Sook as Tae Sung’s biological mother
Kim Eung Soo
Chu Hun Yub
Go Eun Ah
Oh Dong Min as Hyun Bong

Production Credits

Producer: Goo Bon Geun
Director: Lee Hyung Min
Screenwriter: Kim Jae Eun

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-May-26 1 12.0 (7th) 12.4 (8th)
2010-May-27 2 12.8 (8th) 12.9 (9th)
2010-June-2 3 12.2 (12th) 12.5 (11th)
2010-June-9 4 14.2 (7th) 14.3 (7th)
2010-June-10 5 15.1 (6th) 15.5 (7th)
2010-June-30 6 7.2 (<7.8)
2010-July-1 7 8.3 (18th) 8.6 (15th)
2010-July-7 8 7.9 (16th) 8.1 (16th)
2010-July-8 9 8.7 (13th) 9.0 (13th)
2010-July-14 10 8.9 (12th) 9.9 (10th)
2010-July-15 11 8.1 (17th) 8.2 (16th)
2010-July-21 12 8.0 (15th) 8.3 (15th)
2010-July-22 13 8.9 (13th) 9.4 (13th)
2010-July-28 14 10.1 (11th) 10.4 (10th)
2010-July-29 15 (<7.1) (<7.0)
2010-Aug-04 16 8.8 (12th) 8.8 (12th)
2010-Aug-05 17 9.3 (11th) 9.4 (11th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : Risa Says:

    OMG been waitin for this forever!!!!!!!
    KIM NAM GIL……… I hope this drama is as good as the trailer looks!!!!!!!

  2. 2 : peter Says:

    I hope this will be a good drama. 🙂

  3. 3 : leidz Says:

    I hpe for the happy ending…I cant wait….i love KNG so much…

  4. 4 : leidz Says:

    hope for the happy ending..

  5. 5 : lolo Says:

    can’t wait for it 😀

  6. 6 : Ghefara Says:

    Whew…. Kim nam gil……

  7. 7 : jung Says:

    nice cast….long time no see han gain

  8. 8 : lyla Says:

    waiting 4 this drama,
    KNG miss you so much.

  9. 9 : honey b Says:

    can’t wait for kim nam gil….

  10. 10 : 52drama Says:

    This drama may be hot! The cast is great. I love both actors and actress in this drama. Looking forward to the first episode on May 26th 2010!

  11. 11 : bambie Says:

    oh…..my honey(kim nam gil)is here….weh…..your so handsome…can you be my husband?

  12. 12 : Lotta Says:

    when it comes to Kim Nam Gil, you can expect it be great…
    he’s a very talented actor and a very humble person…
    that’s why i adore so damn much!…

  13. 13 : Ifa Says:

    Luv U Kim Nam Gil oppa,,,i always waiting for ur acting in this drama..i miss u so much..

  14. 14 : hana Says:

    i can´t wait to see this drama!
    i have a feeling that this one will be really good!

  15. 15 : kysha Says:

    looks promising with a good cast.

    gosh KNG brought over his moustachy look from Queen SD.

  16. 16 : Atykah Aura Says:

    Ohhhh ok… its sound amazing korean drama.

  17. 17 : fetty arisandi Says:

    I verry like tis drama Kim Nam Gil is amazing actor!

  18. 18 : chey Says:

    OMG!!! nice to see Han Ga In, love her dearly….im excited now…

  19. 19 : HoneyCo Says:

    i’m excited for this.. Kim Nam Gil is such a good actor and he chooses his roles well… i hope this lives up to expectation since he came from a very good appearance in Queen Seon Duk… {he stole the show, right???}

  20. 20 : dephil Says:

    kim nam gil and kim jae wook…can’t wait to see

  21. 21 : grand Says:

    first episode’s rating is 11,7% (AGB Nielsen)


  22. 22 : hana Says:

    so guys did you watch the first episode
    whats your first impression?

  23. 23 : jan Says:

    I really wanna to watch it!!!!

  24. 24 : christian audigier Says:

    Coooooooooooooooool post,thank you for sharing!!

  25. 25 : jem Says:

    be it good or bad, if kim nam gil is in it
    then i’ll definitely watch it!
    but then again it’s kim nam gil!!!
    so what’s there to be expected but the best?

  26. 26 : HoneyCo Says:

    @Hana – i did!!! love it!!! Kim Nam Gil is damn hot and a very good actor at that… love it when he smiles and it disappears right away…

  27. 27 : kristine Says:

    love u KNG heheh ur so cute
    im ur no.1 fan

  28. 28 : bidam Says:

    i had a request;would you please put the summaries here if you have time? I dont have access to the series.
    thanks a lot.

  29. 29 : yiyin Says:

    kim nam gil……,,,
    i love you….

  30. 30 : momo Says:

    wait for drama…..
    hayaku…Kim Nam Gil…

  31. 31 : unik karlita Says:

    gak sabar pengen liat filmnya hahahahaha

    kim nam gil oppa… iam ur fans from indonesia, since ur drama the great queen seon deok hehehehe


  32. 32 : Marina Says:

    Just don’t change oppa. U must still down to earth.

    “Dimana langit dipijak disitu langit dijunjung”
    That’s Indonesian quote oppa.

    Love ya…

  33. 33 : lili Says:

    i love this drama .

  34. 34 : rainbow Says:

    hi. nice to watch “bad guy” on-line with english subtitle. i’m delighted to see kim nam gil again acting like a mysterious guy. i love his total personality…the way he smile, he stare, he talk, he dressed up…everything in him. wish he would have a lot of tv series in the future. Kin Nam Gil, i love u. just keep up the good work. God bless you always.

  35. 35 : rain Says:

    kim mam gil……i miss you so much…….

  36. 36 : Cristina Says:

    just finished episode 3… really nice plot and cast. looking forward how the series will unveil the stories. kim nam gil really rocks… hope he can do other characters or portrayals in near future.. wish we could see you in another period drama, but not too soon… GOODLUCK to the artists, staff and crew!

  37. 37 : vanz Says:

    can anyone else tell me wat site i can find the episode 3 and 4? pls…. im beging…

  38. 38 : vanz Says:

    kim nam gil…. i realy love ir dramas and movie.. im from philipiness… hope u have lot of show will come… keep up the good work.. god bless.. I LOVE YOU>>>>>

  39. 39 : wazabi Says:

    i love cool…absolutely like you opa kim nam gi…jongmal saranghamithda…..’

  40. 40 : novarani Says:

    Gosh! Really love this drama….
    I’m checking this website couple times everyday look for an update..
    Can’t wait for 4th episode…
    Kim Nam Gil, he’s rocks!

  41. 41 : rose Says:

    han ga in unnie….
    she appears again in this drama after her good acting in witch yoo he…
    but i’m little dissapoint because she’s not the main character…..
    i think you are more beautiful in the short hair rather than in long hair….

  42. 42 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Episode #6 is out!

  43. 43 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Actually, it’s episode #5!

  44. 44 : vanz Says:

    i can wait for episode 6! i miss u…. ur smile make my days complete.

  45. 45 : mutiara Says:

    waiting for the 6th episode.. 😀

  46. 46 : ramces Says:

    Luv to watch this drama co’z of KIM NAN GIL, only thing though i can’t open it up with Vikii plug-in blah..blah..i hope somebody would tell me where to watch it!! thanx..

  47. 47 : michelle Says:

    whooo!i really like the story and kim nam gil is really hot!gosh!can’t get over him.. hope it would be aired here in the philippines..:)

  48. 48 : michelle Says:

    im hoping there would be a site where i can watch this drama with english subtitles.. grrr… i can’t wait for the next episodes.. kim nam gil is really a good actor.. maybe the word “good” doesn’t really fit him because he’s more than that..

  49. 49 : indah Says:

    i like kim namgil and god actor.aq suka drama sama aktingnya.kapan ya ditayangin dramanya bad guy di indonesia

  50. 50 : anoymous Says:

    wanna watch this drama – bad guy?

    go and check it


  51. 51 : ivryn Says:

    wah!i like this drama so much…i love it soooooooooo much!!!kim nam gil u looks so great in this drama6 ^_^ but i don”t really like oh yun soo in this drama T_T…..

  52. 52 : criss Says:

    i love you…you are so COOL…i mean actors…pls come in Romania…i love you and i know that everyone loves you(everyone from Romania):))

  53. 53 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  54. 54 : ardhan Says:

    love melodrama film 😀

  55. 55 : arieff Says:

    bad guy..its really melow dramatic movie T_T

  56. 56 : nining Says:

    love this drama much…

  57. 57 : mel Says:

    i want to watch this movie soon..

  58. 58 : Avenshen Says:

    With Kim Nam Gil as the lead role, I’m sure this drama must be good. More power, Kim Nam Gil! We’ll support you always. Stay good and healthy.

  59. 59 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  60. 60 : des Says:

    i love kim nam gil since i’ve saw him in LOVERS,his only supporting role in that series,but he gave us mark in our memory…..
    and when i saw him again in queen seon deok i feel great for him,he his now a very good actor….you deserve that series and more project in the future…we love bidam oppa.

  61. 61 : nining Says:

    i love korean drama..

  62. 62 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  63. 63 : dwee_q Says:

    i love kim nam gil

  64. 64 : sangyoo Says:

    wow .. it seems its going to be a very long summer … so i’ll wait for all the ep. to be aired then am going to watch them … cuz i dont have sbs in my country and i really cant wait this long … i’ve been online for 4 days looking for ep 6 … then it seems that it wont be aired till 30th … yeah right ….

    anyway thanx for sharing this information with all…

    and i loved the first 5 ep. totally addicted on him

  65. 65 : won Says:

    when is going to be air ep 6? it has been more than two weeks; they haven’t released it yet. if somebody knows please inform me..

  66. 66 : womy Says:

    Because of World cup, SBS, which has monopoly right to broadcast 2010 World cup, haven’ televised “BAD GUY” and other many dramas. Yesterday, june 30, ep6 was aird in Korea.

  67. 67 : korean drama lover Says:

    i wonder why the rating isnt good,
    since i havent watch it yet..
    but the cast are good i think, the story also kinda unusual..
    anyway, nappeun namja hwaiting!!

  68. 68 : christin Says:

    OMG!!!! i love this drama!!! i kno the guys look sooo ugly right now… but i swear that later ur gona love them!!!!! theyre like soooo freaken HOTT!!!! especially KIM NAM GIL!!!!!! aghhh i sooo love him!!! 🙂 GREAT DRAMA!!!

  69. 69 : elijahh loverr Says:

    i cant wait till the next episode comes out!!!! the endings arent that intense but the preview they make after make it sooo intense that i really reallyyy want to watch!! aghhh why couldnt it be over so i could watch it all at once T.T

  70. 70 : mikkki Says:

    i hope this drama does GREAT!!!! coz it better do great!!!!!!!!! its really really good i think (:

  71. 71 : high kickks Says:

    iloveu kim nam gil
    iloveu the way u smile,,the way you stare at the camera,,,
    your my inspiration,,,iloveyou more than myself,,
    ilove you very much,,,iwish you would visit phillipines,,,
    take care always,,,more projects to come and good luck to your carrer,,,mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh????????

  72. 72 : nikkah Says:

    wow hes suchaaa playaaaa!!! hes got like 4 girls with him!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. 73 : heheaimf Says:

    Ahhmmm….there are lots of things I want to say about you”kim nam gil” but as I read these comments, they just said it…hmmm…what more can I say…they already said that they love you, and I Love You, too….don’t laugh at me ok? hmm…and more over they said that you are handsome, indeed you are, hahayyzzz…maybe what I can only say is that…I love your voice when you speak…heheh..it’s true..hoping someday we’ll meet…even in my dreams..I don’t care if it will be a nightmare…

  74. 74 : toenail Says:

    wow i never knew lots of people liked kim nam gil… i didnt kno him and thought he was ugly… but NOW im like in love with him <3 <3 <3 ahhhhhhh love this drama soo much!! love his personality!!! hes cold kind loving funny self ^^ 사랑해요!!

  75. 75 : britney Says:

    i think the ratings went down because some episodes didnt come out for like 2weeks so people were like wtf!! and decided to stop watching?? idk….. but i hope they go up!! coz this drama is HOTTT!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! people must watch it ):

    i dont get why poeple dont watch this…. other stories are madd boriing!! this is like the best for me… i cant watch other dramas.. theyre soo immature no offense…

    also i think this drama is soooo great!!! and unusual so it wont always be the same as other dramas!! who knos how itll end!!!!

    one weird thing is that he is sucha playarrr ahahahah i love that though~!!!!



    I RATE THIS an A++++++++++++++ 😉

  76. 76 : dddongkooo Says:

    (^^^) 😉 🙂 🙁 >:) :O

    jus wanted to see if this worked hehe but,…. the other comments already told wat i wanted to sayyyy ): soooo not wasting time heehehehehe
    i love this dramaaa jus sayyiiing <3

  77. 77 : bittss Says:

    ahhhhhhh i never knew KIM NAM GIL was the one who acted at LOVERS!!!! i love that dramaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I HOPE this dramas great!! looking over the comments here!! ppl say it is goood sooo im really looking forward to it!!!
    he looks so different ahhahaha I LOVE HIM!!

  78. 78 : unik karlita Says:

    kok turun sih ratingnya??????


    i miss KIM NAM GIL…


  79. 79 : anzie Says:

    just wonder why d rating is getting lower… the fact is… this is one damn good drama !! it keeps me wanting more and more… i’m loving every minute of it…. it is one of the best dramas on air.. SBS don’t be discouraged with d rating.. we represent audience fr all over the world !!!

  80. 80 : rainbow Says:

    KNG is superb. He deserves the top acting award. HGI acting as Jae In is the 1st horrid leading lady I’ve seen in any kdrama. She’s greedy and manipulative. Her face, voice and acting is bad. She’s also not as pretty as the unni Tae Ra. I hope Tae Ra changes into a good person, change GW, kicks out her cold husband-in-name-only and forever be with GW. Just my dream which I doubt will come true. Will be great if the leading lady can be changed at this point, but again doubt that will happen.

  81. 81 : Lee Jaemin Says:

    This KDrama rocks!!! Its now the best KDrama I’ve ever watched of all time. Story is getting more interesting per episode. You’re the best SBS!!! Please don’t get discouraged in producing high-quality dramas like this just because of the ratings. Ratings are just figures and we truly appreciate all of the efforts your production team has invested in this drama. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more high-quality dramas from you in the future.

    Han Ga In is so cute in her role here.

  82. 82 : anonymous Says:

    GAHHH KimNamGil is super hot! In every scene, I can’t get my eyes off of him! especially when he cries and looks sad, his eyes are sooooo pretty! and HanGaIn is so pretty ;] gosh i really hope they get together soon! it’s frustrating how she doesn’t know the way namgil is looking at her!!! gunwook and jaein <3

  83. 83 : NY Says:

    I agree, don’t know why the rating is such as it is. the show is super great! Just hope there will be no downfall when they are shooting it in a hurry and cutting the number of episodes becuase of the army call.

    @rainbow to be with the person who did nothing when the child was chased on the street in a rain? Why not let evil win in the world also.

  84. 84 : Imee Says:

    It’s a great story. Great acting by Kim Nam Gil! Hope he gets an award for it. More power, Kim Nam Gil. Good luck to your military training. Looking forward to your return in showbiz after that. Take care!

  85. 85 : KEVIN LAMMMM HOMIE Says:

    THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST DRAMA IVE EVER WATCHED. HANDS DOWN. every episode ive watched so far has got me gripping for more. the previews are just insane @@ i love the cast



  87. 87 : jhen dela cruz Says:

    the best drama series i’ve ever watched!im an avid fan of KNG here in the Philiipines…hope he could come here sometime….many Filipinos loves him dearly!!!great actor!

  88. 88 : wazabi Says:

    i love this drama very much….kim nam gil sarangheyo….

  89. 89 : nana Says:

    I hope the rating goes up. It is a great drama…

  90. 90 : white flag Says:

    From the best korean drama i have ever seen , kim nam gil acting impressed me , i saw him in “Lovers” and i never thought that he will be such a good actor like that , Ga In is so beautiful :d and a good actress as well and that’s her role so plz don’t write negative comments about her..
    Recommend it .. wish the ending impressed us as well..

  91. 91 : Aven Says:

    Hoping for a happy ending. Please don’t die again in this drama, Kim Nam Gil. Many people love you. You’re a kind hearted actor. Will support all your dramas, movies, whatevermore. Take care always. May you have excellent health while training in the military.

  92. 92 : Imee Says:

    After watching the last episodes, I do find this story very interesting and unique. Hoping for a happy ending. KNG is really a great actor. I like Tae Ra, too. Both make a great couple; great chemistry.

  93. 93 : vivian cañete Says:

    HGI is just doing her role. . .she’s great. .cute & sexy. .just hoping there will be more shoots with KNG & her and so with the leading lady of Queen shondok. Tae Ra is old enough for KNG in that bad guy but she’s great & sexy too. KNG is really superb!. . he’s so irresistible! goodluck KNG on your military training. . praying here for your good health. . take care. . we’ll miss you guy!

  94. 94 : Seung-Hee Says:

    I like this drama & recommend it.

  95. 95 : NTx3 Says:

    just finished ep 11 and i have to say this is one amazing drama……it’s so intense making me want to watch more and more <3333
    I'm loving KNG in this..what a cutie :]]

  96. 96 : Ning Says:

    sigh… angst-fest, but it’s executed very well it was soo good!

  97. 97 : aja Says:

    The best drama i watched every episode is gripping, intense and superbly acted. The characters are twisted and real. I hope goon wook finds justice and redemption in the end without sacrificing true love because he deserves to be happy after all the pain and injustice he’s been through, if jae in ever finds the truth i hope she grows up instead of being self centered, greedy and instead support goon wook to turn revenge into redeeming himself sometimes i just wish he would end up with tae ra although we know he loves jae in. i recommend this drama great story great actors. ratings are BS!!!

  98. 98 : nana Says:

    really love it…luv u Appa

  99. 99 : sylvia navarro Says:

    It seems that they cut down the episodes to only 17 probably because of Kim Nam Gils sudden call for mlitary service. Anyway, it’s just another great performance from Kim Nam Gil, although his role makes him bad but you just can’t help to love everthing about him. The way he smiles, the way he makes faces and even the way he makes a bad look, you can’t help but admire him. Too bad that after this I will missed him for 2 years r more before he could act on another drama again but I will surely wait for his comeback. I hope that the ending won’t be so bad. Congratulations- Goon Wook Oppa.

  100. 100 : unik karlita Says:

    is bad rating…

    but i will see it…

    cause i luv you kim nam gil…

  101. 101 : mystery Says:

    i dont get why people dont want to watch this drama?? this drama is perfect!!!!!!!! very intense and i love thatt!!
    the guy is hottt
    and the girl is pretty!!
    AGH i love this drama!!!!! is soo mysteryy!!

  102. 102 : sdd Says:

    wow he looks like hes a very good kisserr!!
    i wish he could be mine!!
    hes got the goood bodyyy! me wanna touch :p
    omg lolll and aghhh this dramas amazing!!
    i wish this drama didnt end and was always onn!
    hehe i love him!!
    n to hear hes leaving…. awww thatss sadd!!
    i need him to act once moreee ㅠㅠ !!

  103. 103 : aoi Says:

    I totally recommend this drama.
    the story itself is fascinating and suspensful, and thrilling too. The director did an excellent job filming this and I hope it gets better. Kim nam gil’s acting is just amazing! I watch this mainly because of him 😉
    the chemistry between taesung and jaein is cute too, so funny together. xD

  104. 104 : tim Says:

    does anyone know where I can watch it with english subtitles?

  105. 105 : google Says:

    You can watch it her

  106. 106 : kdrama_fan Says:

    I am not sure if I like the ending of the drama. I am still waiting for the final episode. But the OSTs of the drama are gem. I enjoy listening to many of them. The tracks 1 through 10 are very pleasing.

  107. 107 : Cristina Says:

    I’ll guess, the ending SUCKS! i hope it doesn’t. it has a very good storyline, how come it will end just like….. i wish wit will have a 2nd season, when Kim Nam Gil is able to come… anyway itwas nice watching the actors and actresses.

  108. 108 : rainbow Says:

    Wish KNG all the best for his army service. He’s really good to watch for his expression of character in the drama. 17 episodes are definitely too short. Wish his hairstyle could be better, but because he’s so good, who cares about the hair! Story is great thanks to director Lee and writer Kim Jae Eun. I seldom praise the production people, but I feel they really deserve it so far. Gun Wook and Tae Ra are fantastic pair for their tension.

  109. 109 : mariel Says:

    Since the story is about vengeance, the title did not suit on the storyline… the writer could possibly name it “the day the stars fell on my feet” or ” I’ll get up just to destroy you! The lead stars gave great performance, although there are lope holes in the story but its still ok. The soundtracks are excellent.

  110. 110 : ok250682 Says:

    Another nice MUST WATCH drama is Gumiho – Tale of the Fox’s child – Once you started – you will chase the show. ^.^ Also look out for this star Lee Min Ho (1993) – very charming guy – Hope he can have more lead roles with good script in the future.

  111. 111 : carmelita Says:

    Good series. Just they have to shorten the episodes because of Kim Nam Gil entering the Military. I am still watching for the ending. I really like his acting since Lovers, Queen Seo Deok and now this. So in two years we won;t see him in any movie or series.

  112. 112 : David Says:

    does anyone know where to get just a chinese subtitle for this series?
    i have got all the series but without subs and dont really want to watch poor quality online if i can please email me if you know!!!

    [email protected]

  113. 113 : jh Says:

    Bad guy is the best drama ever!!! Lovin it!

  114. 114 : beng Says:

    you can watch this drama with eng and chinese sub at http://www.jacinda1st.com

  115. 115 : ok250682 Says:

    When the ratings are poor, it doesn’t mean the drama is no good. For example — You’re beautiful by Jang Geun Suk. The ratings so so only but my family, friends and colleagues are enjoying it so much after I recommend them to watch.
    In Korea, maybe they don’t like this kind of funny comedy like we do but its well received by other parts of the world. ^.^
    Moreover, they have so many other channels competing at the same time.

    Please watch — Gumiho – Tale of the Fox’s Child – Once you start – you will chase. Look out for this star — Lee Min Ho (born 1993) – a very charming guy.

  116. 116 : Trixie Says:

    Im so addicted to this drama, I watched it until 4-5 in the morning. Just took me two days to finish the epi1-epi15 since I only watch around 9pm. Now im can’t wait for episode 16 and 17 to come out. I wants to know the ending now so bad. Hope he will get the girl and live happily ever after.

    I highly recommended this drama.

  117. 117 : Nigar Says:

    i love kimnamgil,althought i haven’t seen the movie yet,but i know that if kimnamgil is there it must be a cool movie

  118. 118 : nicole Says:

    After watching Kim-Nam Gil play Bi-dam in the Drama Queen Seon Duk,(whose ending by the way made me cry and sleepless for 2 weeks),I just couldn’t help but search for other dramas or movies that he was part of.Then Ive read that he has a new show,Bad Guy.I along with millions of KNG fans was excited.

    I started watching this drama 2 months ago but unluckily,I couldn’t find English subtitle of other episodes till the other day.Ive been patiently waiting for the videos to buffer just to able to watch this drama.As a matter of fact,I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep yesterday and 4 hours of sleep today.

    I wanted to know what will happen to Gun-Wook since I’ve read that Kim Nam Gil joined the military earlier than expected.When I got to the part where Gun-Wook met an accident,I said to myself,”ok,so this is how his character is going to exit.But isn’t it a bit common?”..Now after watching episode 15,I can’t hide my excitement on what will happen to Gun-wook’s character.I know for a fact that most korean drama/movies have tragic/sad endings but I just hope that Gun- Wook and Jae-In would end up together.

    This is such a Good Drama and I would definitely recommend this to my friends! ^^

    By the way, will this drama have 17 episodes instead of 20?

  119. 119 : bma Says:

    it was so nice.i live it

  120. 120 : dreamboy82 Says:

    I can’t believe that it’s over!
    It’s so twisted.

    Complete episodes are on http://dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Korean_drama69

  121. 121 : SuMMeR_23 Says:

    After watching the final episode it was a bit disappointment. The acting was great and the plot from the beggining was great but the ending it SUCKS. It should been great success, and interesting drama, if the plot or ideas had better conclusions, not some kind of lame ideas at the end of this drama where it should have a connections between the lines. No offense, but hopefully in the next drama, the plot should all connected where people could enjoy and be satisfied with where the drama is going…

  122. 122 : christine Says:

    i dont like the ending

    why did KNG have to died…

  123. 123 : mariel Says:

    I was so frustrated with the final episode. After seeing the the drama from the beginning I am looking forward for a nice ending to lift everybody’s spirit but what you gave us a heart attacked. It seems the drama is in a hurry to finish. Now I know why my friend said that I should not watch it… The ending should indicates positive values like justice is serve…. because that what is being asked in the storyline.

  124. 124 : Flecya Lee Says:

    Regarding from me, this movie is not so bad. All the actor and actress at this movie is very good. Also the movie song, it seem like so touch it, and l like it very much. Specially for Kim Nam Gil oppa, l hope you are enjoy with your military tranning, and l hope that l can see your movie again. your movie let me remember someone. Thank you oppa. l hope you will be the brightly star than any star. Kam pa Tei.

  125. 125 : ilkng Says:

    OMG i can;t believe that gonwook died ..i really don;t like the endng..hmmm whatever i’ve waiting next drama or movie of shim nam gil can’t wait

  126. 126 : Flecya Lee Says:

    Lee was little dissapointed about this ending movie, so sad. After take the revenge should be done, but why should be die. l like happy ending story, but sometime sad stories also good, just l can ‘t image Oppa was die in this movie, very surprising me. You got my heart. Btw, if lam not wrong l have to wait after 2 year to wacthing your new movie? Actually l don’t know if you gonna continues with your proffesion actor or not, but l will watch your movie once you been play it. You got my promise. Kam pa Tei.

  127. 127 : mulan Says:

    how i wish to watch this drama? anyway if got time i’ll try to see it.

  128. 128 : jh Says:

    ahhh! y does it have to end liddat!!!!!! sad!

  129. 129 : sad Says:

    I was disappointed in the final movie.
    It does not make sense so much.

  130. 130 : zieda2009 Says:

    The storyline was interesting at the beginning but im so disappointed tne ending. After all nobody knows what hapen to him. They beleive Gun Wook doing well instead of died.

  131. 131 : neg Says:

    I really like this drama until the ending. Not because it’s a sad ending since that’s the best resolve for Kim Nam Gil’s role.

    To me, it’s pathetic how the sis ended up killing her own brother and didn’t know about it. Also, who was the one that sent out those gifts? Don’t make any sense .. seriously, could he have done all that? He could’ve hit the hospital and get treatment for self inflicted wound ..not ran off and died in mid of nowhere.

    Personally, this could’ve been a great, unique, and interesting drama; however, the bad ending script ruined it for me. I can accept a sad ending but not a bad written one.

  132. 132 : SOSAD Says:

    Ilove this drama so much that even though have to work in the morning, I still stay up until 5am for 3 days to finish this drama, but the ending is so disappiontment , then I spend 2 sleepless night thinking about this drama and kim nam gil , I dont know why it get into me like this ….,

  133. 133 : aja Says:

    It was a great drama with great actors particularly Kim Nam Gil and Han Ga in delivered. The ending was a disappointment though, doesn’t make sense that he was shot by his avenging sister who we all know is studying in the US upon her return! It’s a bit retarded,some wise guy probably submitted the idea to the creative team and since everything seems to be in a rush and everyone is drained because of KNG’s military call’ it was approved. They could have an alternative ending…huhuhu But i will still watched the DVD it wasgreat from episode 1 to 16

  134. 134 : LAURA Says:

    it was great drama really :)……
    but the the last ep. wasn’t and it’s to bad 🙁
    why they didn’t live him in life ????????????????

  135. 135 : adeline Says:

    One word “wow”….it’s all that I can say about this drama…. I really couldn’t saparate the character of Bidam on Kil Nam Gil’s role this time… But one thing though, he’s a good actor and I think he’s a korean one of a kind…

  136. 136 : nenex Says:

    gooddddd filmmmm
    the actor are handsomeeeee especially Kim nam gil
    the actress are beautifullllll

    but i really dont like the ending
    because it was saddddddddddddd endinggggg
    Shim Gun Wook has died because of a silly shot by Hong mo neeeee

    i hate her alottttttttttttttttt

  137. 137 : Babygirl Says:

    I really love this drama I can’t even stop watching it is getting good.

  138. 138 : loren Says:

    What the hell is this?? One second of recklessness destroyed a great series!! To two recent episodes, so I’m asking again what happened you lost your minds??? I know you were under pressure to end the series but why would you have to kill him why not sent it to the U.S. with JIN HOO or other end that would leave him alive??? What happened at the end it’s that the real bad guys won and the good lost. To judge the series … the series superb all actors presented an impressive game, but in my opinion, the series hit the rope end I hated the ending hope for a happy ending … i just get angry, I had high expectations at the end and crashed to the ground thanks to you.

  139. 139 : Flecya Lee Says:

    l wish to watch your new drama, but l don’t when? After back from your military, are you going to make any drama again? we wish your new drama, and hope this time would be sad ending again..^.^

  140. 140 : melody Says:

    the best drama that i have watched…..but why sad ending……?
    KIM NAM GIL and HAN GA IN are g8…..I wish see them together again…

  141. 141 : ehd Says:


  142. 142 : ehd Says:

    i hope i can watch dis. i hope you enter philippines.so filipinos can watch.

  143. 143 : wania Says:

    ohh.. this is a very great series i have ever watched!! all the actors/actresses were very good in playing their roles.. and i love them all especially kim nam gil and han ga in..

    for me, this is the best drama series this year :).
    best wishes and thank you to all who was involved in this series.. u guys are great!!!

  144. 144 : carmen Says:

    On this drama there is too much going back on time and the acting is like with there eye and gesture, they need to put more action, the scene are great

  145. 145 : hamed Says:

    I’m from Iran
    This series/IRIS was really beautiful

  146. 146 : hamed Says:

    and about bad guy…was really nice…..i love it

  147. 147 : hamed Says:

    I watched it in internet with sub…..so great

  148. 148 : mihad Says:

    perfect! Bad Guy is the phenomenon!but I dont like sad ending ?!!!!
    kim nam gil had good acting

  149. 149 : apr_pl Says:

    Fantastic drama show! so breath taking. awesome and worth the time watching

  150. 150 : GUZHNA Says:

    this is the best korean dorama!

  151. 151 : GUZHNA Says:

    BAD GUY!!!!!

  152. 152 : GUZHNA Says:


  153. 153 : sasan Says:

    actually that is a good drama…
    I like it,,
    but the ending make me so angry…

  154. 154 : Naaz Says:

    Bad Guy is GREAT & all team (casts, directors, writer, etc…), all contribute their parts to create such a great drama.
    especially Han Ga In and Kim Nam Gil…..I wish see them together again
    I hate Jung So Min….how can I watch mischievous kiss with her!!!!

  155. 155 : GUZHNA Says:


  156. 156 : lita Says:

    i dont like the ending,….not happy ending

  157. 157 : melodia Says:


  158. 158 : melodia Says:

    GUZHNA I agree with uuuu….i love kim nam gil and han ga in together tooooo

  159. 159 : melodia Says:


  160. 160 : GUZHNA Says:

    ohhhh…me toooo melodia……i wish watch new drama that they play together..

  161. 161 : mina Says:

    i have not finished this drama yet.
    of course I know that it has sad ending and GUN WOOK will die.i dont like sad ending.
    do you think i watch this or not?

  162. 162 : melodia Says:

    of course……u should watch it…it is sooooo nice….

  163. 163 : melodia Says:


  164. 164 : HASTAN Says:

    Yeah Bad Guy is definitely a hit drama! people have to watch it! Kim nam gil is just mazing and hot! If u want action, romance and suspens watch it!^^

  165. 165 : GUZHNA Says:

    BAD GUY!!!!! Love it

  166. 166 : melodia Says:

    GUZHNA,I love Bad Guy toooo!

  167. 167 : Baby face Says:

    I like this drama.KNG is baby face.I very love him.

  168. 168 : abbie Says:

    Han Ga In and Sung Yuri look alike don’t you guys think so?

  169. 169 : adeline Says:

    I can’t tell the differences between Han Ga In and Son Yeh Jin… Their face have the same ough I don’t really know what to call it… So not different!!!

  170. 170 : aja Says:

    the only other drama that reallymade me cry other than in soo is pretty

  171. 171 : Liz Says:

    I like this drama. Simply because I ‘m familiar with the main characters.

    This is a very interesting drama, the story is tragic with a twist. Though, I prefer a happy ending, I understand why it ended like that. because if Kim Nam Gil lived, it will be complicated after what happened to his family, specially what he did with the two ladies. To those who finished watching they ‘ll understand what i mean. i don’t want to elaborate it because It’s for the viewers to find out.

    I just wished they could have been more specific about Kim Nam Gil’s background, I mean how He became rich and successful.

    To the 3 beautiful ladies, I really admire all of them. They simply has this extraordinary looks which differs to each of them. And their acting skills are also great. Kim Jae Wook is also amazing acting a very lonley character.

    I was so impress with KIM NAM GIL ‘s acting skills , and his image changed, He’s not the clean and innocent man before in LOVERS , where the 1st and the last time I’ve watched him. I never thought he’s this good. This drama is a good opportunity for him to show that He could also has it takes to have his own big role.

    Good luck and I’m hoping for your next projects.! Ajah!

  172. 172 : sarah Says:

    hi, The series was great and kim nam gil is realy handsome and great .
    I was confused about the end of the series because if kim nam gil die, who send the gifts to ga in and te ra !! and write a special memories that only he and them (ga in and te ra ) know about it !!!

    I prefer to understand that kim nam gil didn’t die and he disappeared .

    I love you kim nam gil .

  173. 173 : Aji Says:


    Ugh…Sad Ending…

  174. 174 : Jen Says:

    did he die or disappear? cause in the end of the drama he went on a abulance…. but then who sent all the gifts? im so confused 😛 hope he didn’t die because they were all waiting for him to come back T_T

  175. 175 : honey b Says:

    Shim Gun Wok die (why…..)
    and the one who sent the gift, I think is hong tae sung (kim Jae wook).
    anyway, it’s really cool drama. I really enjoyed it.

  176. 176 : Ang Meng So Says:

    Must watch but hate the ending. Hope Gun Wook didn’t die but disappear..
    Kim NG is charming and his acting is brillant. Can’t wait to see his new show and with good ending please <3

  177. 177 : melodia Says:


  178. 178 : loli Says:

    I love this drama.but why it has sad ending?!!!

  179. 179 : loli Says:

    love han ga in and kim nam gil …… forever

  180. 180 : anurag Says:

    Love Bad Guy……
    but please give happy ending……
    love kim nam gil

  181. 181 : fred Says:

    I like bad guy….but I didn’t like the end…..!!!
    I love Kim nam gil…..Han ga in was nice with him…

  182. 182 : ali Says:

    I like BG. it doesn’t sad end…..but so nice.How can anyone say it’s a stupid drama?

  183. 183 : ali Says:


  184. 184 : ali Says:

    I am Iranian…..I have watched it recently…..I have fallen in love of it…..
    I love acting…..it was not stupid ending…..It has unbelievable ending…

  185. 185 : melodia Says:

    ali,dar morede bad guy dorost gofti…..the film vaghesn gheire montazere bood!

  186. 186 : melodia Says:

    Love bad Guy………

  187. 187 : kalli Says:

    I don’t like this drama ending couse my prince dead..Kim Nam Gil..I love you so much.

  188. 188 : kalli Says:

    I love kim nam gil

  189. 189 : ali Says:

    melodia, man asheghe in film shodam…akharesh ajib bood ama ali bood…..

  190. 190 : xmas Says:

    kim nam gil is cool…. GREAT ACTING!! but i hate the writter so much!!! stupid ending!!

  191. 191 : jenny Says:

    OMG. This was the WORST ending ever. I loved the drama till this episode! Why did they choose this freaking ending? I was in love with this drama…now i HATE it.

  192. 192 : chantal Says:

    I love this drama. Although the ending is very sad and kinda frustrating, but it doesn’t change my love for the whole drama. I admire the beautiful visual, wonderful music and certainly KNG’s awesome performance. Miss him a lot.

  193. 193 : bahareh Says:

    I love this drama sooooooooooooooooooo much…..it was sooo nice…..although it had sad ending….
    I love Han Ga In with Kim Nam Gil…..They are g8 Couple..

  194. 194 : Hannah Says:

    Sigh. Not gonna lie, it sucked bad, but now that I take it less seriously (or, like, at all), I’m glad I got the angsty hotness of Tae Sung.

  195. 195 : katie Says:

    I was really thinking about watching this show, because I have heard so much about it, but when I read about how it ends? No way! Ok, it’s true. I like the ending to be nicely tied up, where the main characters end happy and they get married and have babies. Not die. And end up sad and alone. I’ll admit, the concept was good. Maybe for a movie (one that only wastes about two hours of your life), it would be ok to kill off the main character in the finale. It is a good statement, and leaves the watcher thinking. But after watching it for 17 hours?!?!?

  196. 196 : katie Says:

    By then you are emotionally invested! You LOVE the main guy! You want them to be happy! And they just let him DIE? Nope. Not gonna happen. So again, thanks for the reviews. I’m glad I didn’t watch it, simply for my own anger with unhappy endings. I hope you guys liked it better then I think I would

  197. 197 : Anonymous Says:

    i really can’t find any reasonable explanation for what happened in the last two episodes. even when i heard gun wook dies in the end, i couldn’t imagine sth stupid like this. i just think that both the writer and director watched lots of chan wook park films (as you said). i really can’t understand sth so pessimistic. when i first started watching bad guy i thought it was a drama like “cain and abel” but now i found out that it is really far from being even that logical. especially when i think about the ending. i didn’t expect a happily ever after finale, but this is too much. i think that the aim of the director is just making viewers cry, that’s it! it’s just agitation. sorry but ending is the most important thing for me while watching sth and if i hate it, i can easily hate the whole thing.

    ohh i can talk about this for hours you know.
    i think that even nam gil isn’t pleased with the ending, nor the others!

    lastly, thanks for all these recaps, we really appreciate it^^

  198. 198 : imaddictedtoyou Says:

    is this the end?? im not the kind who always like ‘the happy ever after’ ending. some twisted ending can be amazingly great but this… making me furious! im burning!! breathing with flames and smoke.. headache.

  199. 199 : chamitoo Says:

    I love very much this drama.because of directing,music and acting!
    the story has unbelievable ending! but we can not renounce good acting…..all cast were fantastic…..KNG,KSH.HGI these all act very well…..
    I love the main couple in this drama ….means HGI and KNG

  200. 200 : nabi Says:

    I’m actually okay with how the drama ended.. that nobody got what they deserved and how Gun-wook dies. It’s the most depressing ending I’ve seen in a drama and I wasn’t too happy with it, but for me it was less ridiculous than how Song Seung-heon dies in Autumn in My Heart or how SJS dies in Misa. I guess this ending wasn’t very shocking to me cuz I kinda expected that KNG would die. Sure I’m bitter about Madam Shin but that’s how it is in real life. I know there are many holes in this drama but I enjoyed watching it because of the directing, music and acting.

  201. 201 : rouby Says:

    I’m not yet finish this drama( I’m in exam),,,, and when I read your recaps,,its make me never won’t to finish watching bad guy…..
    Why…why… KNG must die again??,,,, i love him since queen seon deok,,, and now in bad guy,,( I think he’s great ),,,, but why the ending always sad and he must die,,,AGAIN………..
    Thanks JB for your recaps,,,
    And kim nam gil oppa,,, I really2 miss U,,,2 years….

  202. 202 : melodia Says:

    heyyyy.what is your problem with this drama….the story was bad not acting……KNG was g8…..believe me guys….

  203. 203 : melodia Says:

    rouby,u should watched it….gooooo…..it is soooo nice but sad ending

  204. 204 : Mray Says:

    before watching this drama i thought that KNG is awful and ugly and i hated him. but after watching i have found he is very handsome means I have fallen in love him.hahahahahaha
    he had good partner in BG.
    HGN and KNG were beautiful and attractive.

  205. 205 : melodia Says:

    dear Mray, I agree with u…..KNG is so attractive and handsome
    love him

  206. 206 : kng Says:

    to me, kim nam gil shi acting was awesome.
    not all korean actor can play this character well.
    before this, i really hate him because i think he was ugly among other actors like won bin, lee dong wook and cha seung won. but after i watch this drama, myself seem starting to love him…so, i think this is because of gun wook character in this drama. so, his acting skill in this drama should be praised………
    zoe – i totally agreed with you.

  207. 207 : night Says:

    I don’t what some of u say.!!!! i had good feeling when i watched Bag Guy.
    I agree with u that ending was sad but the all things in that drama were g8 and i love it especially acting.
    i like this drama.we should accept that some times we watched series with sad ending….

  208. 208 : night Says:

    that was interesting..

  209. 209 : Roni Says:

    I loved the drama despite the expected tragic ending. Brilliant actor and actors/actresses, absolutely loved Kim Nam Gil’s captivating acting.
    loved Han Ga In too.

  210. 210 : leo Says:

    All are victims and the evil Mrs shin won… so evil won over good? What a refreshing and different story. This drama had the best acting, Kudos all the casts esp. Kim Nam Gil.

  211. 211 : bahareh Says:

    i lone bad guy very much…..not the end of courese

  212. 212 : rose Says:

    i really like this drama because of kng,great actor and all the others except monet, the older sister is tolerable, this finale really happen in real life but i watch drama to feel good and not to be face with reality , if i want real story i watch the news so i clamor for a happy ending not a so real to life ending

  213. 213 : chloe Says:

    This drama is very different compared to the k dramas that I’ve watched. The ending left me with an overwhelming feeling of sadness, emptiness, kinda lost…..but not angry or mad…In fact I will remember this drama for a long time because of the tragic ending.
    And Kim Nam Gil’s acting is wonderful in this drama….
    makes me craving for more of him….Miss you KNG

  214. 214 : steve Says:

    I loved the drama despite the expected tragic ending. Brilliant actor and actors/actresses, absolutely loved Kim Nam Gil’s captivating acting

  215. 215 : minoo Says:

    bad guy…so exciting
    love it

  216. 216 : minoo Says:

    hey why some of u has negative opinion???
    this drama was so interesting!!!

  217. 217 : zoe Says:

    all i can say is KIM NAM GIL is the best actor..
    he portrayed well the role of Gunwook..
    If you have problem with the story..well its the writer to blame..

  218. 218 : Bahareh Says:

    minoo,these are their own opinion.take it easy
    i believe BAD GUY was so interesting too

  219. 219 : minoo Says:

    yes I know…..but If the end has problem we shouldnt say that the drama wasn’t good

  220. 220 : minoo Says:

    bahareh are u iranian?

  221. 221 : minoo Says:

    Love bad guy and Kim nam gil and han ga in

  222. 222 : 4everlove Says:

    I just finished watching the final episode. The ending was awfully sad and left me with a big why, but having read some of the comments posted in here make it easier for me.
    Above all, Kim Nam Gil has made such a strong impression for me. He was awesome all the way through and finish it with a brilliant performance in the final episode. His acting was so deep and intense,that I suffer along with him. And when GW is gone, it feels like KNG is the one who is gone, it hurts a lot. Glad it’s just a drama.
    I agree that KNG’s performance should be praised.
    @ Joy,thanks for the link.Reading the interview made me marvel him even more and become his fan.
    I miss KNG already

  223. 223 : lone girl Says:

    All I can say is that Kim Nam Gil has really captured my heart in the last episode. Not that he didn’t do a good job in the previous ones, because he acted excellently from the start. But in the last episode he was really truly extraordinarily awesome.
    still can’t shake off his heart wrenching performance from my head

  224. 224 : sushi Says:

    this ending was just depressed me!! I even can’t sleep for many days!!
    but I love KNG and HGI

  225. 225 : sushi Says:

    i hate the end

  226. 226 : Married2ahero Says:

    i’ll take the ending as a muddled social commentary and leave it at that. i enjoyed this drama

  227. 227 : nigar Says:

    please answer my question
    why kimnamgil always must die at the end
    i can’t understand it is written in his face? hmmmmmmmmmm
    still i can’t accept the death of Bidam
    and now Gun-wook
    this scenario writers don’t like him
    or hates him cause they always want his death
    so unmeaning ending

  228. 228 : chamitoo Says:

    I love very much this drama.because of directing,music and acting!
    the story has unbelievable ending! but we can not renounce good acting…..all cast were fantastic…..KNG,KSH.HGI these all act very well…..
    I love the main couple in this drama ….means HGI and KNG

  229. 229 : gaia Says:

    Just why did GW have to end his own life like that? He should have got angrier instead of feeling so devastatingly guilty. He didn’t do anything that was against the law anyway…and he was the one who had suffered all this time. I just don’t understand. And even if he felt guilty, he knew that his father loved and forgave him, also Tae ra.Probably the one that had not forgiven him was mo ne,but at that time she didn’t know the fact yet. So sad why someone as smart and strong as GW ended up like that.
    I do love KNG’s acting though, but it makes me even sadder.

  230. 230 : yoni Says:

    I love this drama a lot despite the sad ending.
    Adore KNG for his sexy charm and mostly for his brilliant acting.
    I love KNG and his partener in this drama means HGI…..
    Directing is very wellin BG….

  231. 231 : bahareh Says:

    are minoo jan manam irani hastam. az esmam maloomeh dige!!!!
    age khaste nazarato farsi taip kon!

  232. 232 : daniel Says:

    The biggest impact that this drama had on me is that I got to know KNG, amazed by his wonderful acting,his intense eyes and facial expressions, and also his charisma. I think this is the first time I got a crush on a K-drama actor. Can’t wait until he returns with a new drama. Love you KNG.
    It has sad ending but has good music and acting.all actor and actress were nice

  233. 233 : Bahareh Says:

    daniel I agree with u, acting and music were g8…..I love them too.

  234. 234 : Bahareh Says:

    love bad guy
    love kim nam gil

  235. 235 : chantal Says:

    The biggest impact that this drama had on me is that I got to know KNG, amazed by his wonderful acting,his intense eyes and facial expressions, and also his charisma. I think this is the first time I got a crush on a K-drama actor. Can’t wait until he returns with a new drama. Love you KNG

  236. 236 : twitter Says:

    i love this drama…so romantic… and mystery
    i like kim nam gil as shim goon wook and han ga in as moon jae in thwy are so beautiful
    ofcourse i didn’t like the ending but i like the whole story….

  237. 237 : minoo Says:

    salam bahareh jan.rastesh man bad guy m ke didam kheyli khosham umad.dark nemikonam ke chera ye edde migan bad bude…albateh manam tahesho dust nadashtam amma vaghen bazigarash ali boodan

  238. 238 : minoo Says:

    daniel,I agree with u about his intense eyes and facial expressions, and also his charisma…..
    I love him too.his wonderful acting

  239. 239 : hanyyy Says:

    “Kim Jae-wook, his character was much better written, and therefore his performance had greater impact for me than hers did, because I felt for Tae-sung. That was a trait missing from everyone else, which may explain why there was so much praise directed his way” —> Oh really, have u counted the votes judge???

    “HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE. WHAT IN THE HELL. WHY DID I WATCH YOU” —> I’ve watched 2 biased & lost recappers.

  240. 240 : dramagassi Says:

    KNG’s acting is just awesome. He makes up for all the sub-par (un)talented pretty faces who calls themselves actors in the Korean entertainment industry.

    Can’t wait for his return!

  241. 241 : rob Says:

    -female villain goes crazy and then goes to prison – STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN
    -scene in snow on a bridge with hot guys – IRIS
    -scene with shocked girl when she sees that her man went crazy – I’M SORRY I LOVE YOU
    -character who shots other character out of jealousy – WHAT HAPPENED IN BALI
    -poor family sends little son to a rich family because he will have a better life – ILJIMAE,SPRING WALTZ

    i could go on like this for another 10 minutes.
    I think that this series is good only for those who are not familiar with kdramas. But for those with experience, this is a big cliched kdrama.

  242. 242 : fish name sepat Says:

    I’m not Korean but I love Korean drama… so far, I’ve watched many other Korean drama/movie that have character dying/die.. But so far all are ok, with reasonable reason and situation. But this one???? We are so frustrating, so tired, so devastated. This is the worst…

    How could you be so cruel killing our bad guy like that while he is even not that bad at all. He was being love by the entire fan and the character in the drama itself. After giving us a very good and addicted storyline at the beginning of the drama, you killed our enthusiasm and spirit with the ending! It’s ok he die at the end.. But please……….. Please make him die with dignity. Why so cruel killing our bad guy like some kind of dirt when everybody not even now he is suffering. Even his body is not recognized??? This is the cruelest ending you know… why he have to die that way.. why not while trying to endure the pain (at hospital etc) his family come and apologizing so at least he know everybody love him at the end and at least everybody know he is dying.

    I don’t know how to describe the drama…. It is good? Is it bad?? How would I describe it? I like it but I hate it? Until episode 16, I still consider it one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched… But after the final episode… I don’t know. From all the comments, some of the fan didn’t even want to watch it after the final review. How sad… this is because of the poor ending. See… it cannot be help. I want people to watch this drama but at the same time feeling guilty because they will get frustrated just like me… so frustrated you know. This drama has kept me in bad mood for days… why SGW had to die like that. Total insane!!

  243. 243 : bahareh Says:

    fish name sepat,
    you know I think we should sometimes accept the drama with all problems….why we think that the drama should have our opinion or our favorite ending?! bad guy like other series isn’t perfect but we know it has nice story ,good acting,good music
    hten i think we shouldn’t say our opinion jsn’t according last episode.then forget the last episode.

  244. 244 : bahareh Says:

    love Bad Guy!

  245. 245 : bahareh Says:

    Kim Nam Gil is the best Actor

  246. 246 : Bahareh Says:

    definitely all actors and actress were g8 in BG…..
    especially Kim Nam GIL

  247. 247 : chloe Says:

    This drama is very different compared to the k dramas that I’ve watched. The ending left me with an overwhelming feeling of sadness, emptiness, kinda lost…..but not angry or mad…In fact I will remember this drama for a long time because of the tragic ending.
    And Kim Nam Gil’s acting is wonderful in this drama….
    makes me craving for more of him….Miss you KN

  248. 248 : my view Says:

    fish name sepat , So sorry to interrupt, but this is my view, if SGW dies in the hospital or even at his house then Monet will find out that she’d actually killed her step-brother. Monet sure has turned bad but not insane/loopy, thus she might feel guilty for the rest of her life. This is not what SGW wanted, the last thing he wanted to do for his family was to protect his sister from trouble whom he’d destroyed her innocence. SGW was shattered and felt too shameful and guilty to carry on, thus if he wanted to end his life, there’s no other way around it. He must die alone without anybody knowing. That’s why this thoughtful, caring and calculative man had to make all the effort to run to the river to decompose of his body so no one can recognize it.

    “Where did Gun-wook, who charmed everyone but ended up destroying himself, head toward — heaven or hell?” — it’s peace in heaven!!!

  249. 249 : fish name sepat Says:

    To 248 my view
    Emm… I like your theory, it make sense… I was too emotional to think like that. Actually I think the drama was so infectiousness to our emotion after all, right? So it is a success?… after a week, I think the bad mood will change to love again and I will think as you do. KNG and the casts of bad guy, it is the best. Sob… sob… (still trying to soothe the feeling). Thank you dear ‘my view’.

  250. 250 : Angelique Says:

    Dear fish name sepat
    The ending of this drama has been bugging me for days too. This is the first time ever,a drama has taken my mind more that it should have. I’ve tried to understand, been reading all the comments here and other places. But still, I don’t quite have all the answer yet. Or perhaps it should be left just like that. I kinda wonder what was the intention of the PD and writers to have the ending like that, because I do believe that it meant to be made like that,and not because the drama had to be shortened due to KNG leaving for MS.Everything that was in the final episode had been carefully showed one by one since the first episode, like the crane,the poem,the glass mask and the dirty dancing DVD. However, reading some of the comments here,which were beautifully written and very meaningful, have been such a comfort for me.I hope you’ll find it that way too.

  251. 251 : FATOO Says:

    i must say that we didnt expect this drama, but still it ended so well … he was the bad guy and he got what he deserved at the end … so i dont have any regrets watching it ….

    i loved KNG in his role … and will miss him so much

  252. 252 : puput Says:

    I love this drama so much, but feel sad in the end. I hope that Gun Wook can live and have a happy life with jae in. Hope in the future I can see Kim Nam Gil drama where he has a happy ending life.
    But, still I love this drama so much. Waiting for another Kim Nam Gil drama

  253. 253 : indigowine Says:

    I’d still love this drama nonetheless, I luuurve tragic ending and ironic portray of a scene..

    I digg it especially when Jae-In(Han Ga In) stood in front of Announcement Board.. hehehehe, that’s just sad

  254. 254 : sona Says:

    I love the ending. Fittingly depressive.

  255. 255 : joly Says:

    Everything is nice from begining but the end so disappoint.

    May be the limitted of time with Kim nam gil.

  256. 256 : bahareh Says:

    love kim nam gil and han ga in

  257. 257 : minoo Says:

    Bahareh hi I read that story thank u for ur suggestion!
    oneof friend finished watching bad guy yesterday she has fallen in love KNG…. hehehe

  258. 258 : ptsh836 Says:

    kim jae wook as hong tae song; his acting is great…improved a lot after coffee prince. he looks so cool & handsome here. oh yun soo as his elder sis is getting herself stereotype casted as the sexually depraved middle-aged woman…thought i had enough of her in bittersweet love!! & jung so min as mo ne; she’s too plain looking…can’t imagine her acting opp kim hyun joong in mischievous kiss eeoowww!!!

  259. 259 : cinta Says:

    i love kim nam gil..

  260. 260 : wilma Says:

    It was an amazing story…the twist and turns are unexpected…

    The characters did an excellent acting on this one specially Kim Nam Gil and Han Gai I cant imagine how more can they give but here in these series I must say they did justice to their role by a mile….

    But on a bad note the ending for me is a disapointment;Ive watched a hundred of series now and it could have been on the top of my list for 2010…
    He’s selfish on the last part were he let himself die,how about the woman he loves who loves him dearly and the family that is willing to wait for him to start a new life…
    Yes there is an awful encounter between his family especially to his stepsisters that due to his revenge they got hurt and the aukward feeling in those sort of things….but then again there are always ways to solve it…
    Im thinking maybe he just left to another country and start a new life with his love one and forget the past and come back when its all settled and done….

    But having said that It was an excellent story it reminds me of east of eden when i watched it i couldnt stop thinking about it and commending on its greatness and excellency….GOOD JOB…

    Aja aja fighting c:

  261. 261 : Nice drama Says:



  262. 262 : nellam Says:

    i like this drama
    great story
    and sad ending

  263. 263 : bebo Says:

    I loved this drama so much, it’s so good

    never mind the low ratings.

  264. 264 : freek Says:

    love u kim jae wook as hong tae sung (i mean acting). so dont be so makkha.jk i like u. dont say utsav or else he will shout at me okay. lol

  265. 265 : cosi Says:

    Episode 9, at that scene (at charity exihibition; wook and tae-ra alone in the room), there is a song playing background. I guess italian or smthg european classical music. same musci plays in episode 10 while tae-ra is in gym center

    Anybody knows the name of the music? Please email me at [email protected] or write down here please please

  266. 266 : Trixie Says:

    Love the drama but hate the ending. So disappoint.

  267. 267 : kysha Says:

    Great drama. Kudos to KNG for his brilliant acting. Outstanding OST that continues to haunt me long after I finish watching the drama.

  268. 268 : lisa Says:

    It’s a very nice story , excellent ,KNG’s acting was very excellent too ..
    He left a very strong impression , so deep ..
    But it’ a very tragic ending , I can’t accept gun wook death , so sad he just death with no one know , without id .. So poor ..
    On the other side ga in still waiting him ..

    It looks like the scripwriter doesn’t like nam gil oppa , he always die in the end .
    First on queen seon deok , now on bud guy , I heard that he die too on his film portraits of a beauty ..

    Oppa nam gil sarangheyo..

  269. 269 : cosi Says:

    Episode 9, at that scene (at charity exihibition; wook and tae-ra alone in the room), there is a song playing background. I guess italian or smthg european classical music. same musci plays in episode 10 while tae-ra is in gym center

    Anybody knows the name of the music? Please email me at [email protected] or write down here please please


    Do you know the name of the song?

  270. 270 : nina Says:

    love it but i dislike the ending. so sad

  271. 271 : chazzy Says:

    I love this drama but why does it have such a sad ending……could someone name a series where kim nam-gil doesn’t die

  272. 272 : ledhumour Says:

    Absolutely fantastic drama

  273. 273 : Hilda Says:

    Love this drama so far (on episode #13), good story and great actors. I’d say it’s much more superior than East of Eden as far as director, actors and script go.

    Cosi (#268), you asked for the name of the song on that episode, I think it’s Ave Maria (I might be wrong, have to go back to that episode again). I might mix up with another classical piece that has been playing in the drama many times together with Ave Maria.

  274. 274 : cosi Says:

    Hilda (#284)

    i have found the music, in fact i found its name and downloaded its older versions. Song name is “Lascia ch’io pianga” I don’t know which version they used in drama. But, the version I like best is sung by Cecilia Bartoli.

    However, i want to find the exact version used in drama. I guess the second one used in drama is remix. First one is classical.

    Classical one is played in episode 10 while tae-ra is in gym center, it is a short video about 45 seconds

    Remixed one is played in episode 9 while wook and tae-ra are in a room at charity exhibition scene

    I could not find both exact version until now.

  275. 275 : cosi Says:

    the episode I like best is nine

  276. 276 : cennie Says:

    awesome drama!!! Nam Gil oppa you’re so cool!! Ga In unnie you’re beautiful princess! love this drama!

  277. 277 : cham Says:

    really love kim nam gil!!god he\’s just so hot!!please return as soon as possible…
    i love this drama

  278. 278 : cham Says:

    the best episode is 10

  279. 279 : cham Says:

    I have memorized all dialogs and senses !

  280. 280 : sanny Says:

    Love this drama, but sad ending.
    love acting and music

  281. 281 : sara Says:

    Absolutely fantastic drama

  282. 282 : eq_cubz Says:

    Looooveeee this drama..
    nam gil appa looks like handsome and so cool..
    ga in unni,so prety..
    best couple both of u..
    i think,it will be part two of bad guy,cz i believe gun wook didn’t die..

  283. 283 : zizi Says:

    i love this drama so much.it was one of the best drama that i have ever seen.good acting, directing and nice music.

  284. 284 : zizi Says:

    i think it could have part 2 cuz gun wook didn’t die.

  285. 285 : zizi Says:

    I like all episodes that my lovely couple are there! means kim nam gil and han ga in…..their hug and kiss and joy

  286. 286 : zizi Says:

    love bad guy forever

  287. 287 : bahareh Says:

    i love all episodes

  288. 288 : bidam Says:

    nice story. but the japan trip for the glass mask was a draggy part. no wonder the ratings were fallen down rapidly.
    the best scene from the japan trip was the fight on the bridge.
    the 3 guys scared me. they were like zombies. they felt no pain. haha.
    … i liked the romantic parts with Tae Ra. she had an erotic expression.
    and i felt sorry for her and her siblings mo ne and tae sung. they all needed love and caring, they’ve never got from their evil mother.

  289. 289 : so0om Says:

    I like the drama alot but the ending was so sad

  290. 290 : Na Sang Shil Says:

    Perfect drama I watched in a few days. The story’s very good make and no boring at all. My favorit part is on EP9 part A because this scene is out of control. Beautiful instrumental OST. The character of Sim Gun Wook is passionate THE BEST

  291. 291 : loren-saranghae Says:

    I like all episode bad guy but the ending was so sad ‎​‎​​ЋìK’s°º:'(:(:'(º◦… ‎​ЋìK’s°º:'(:(:'(º◦…

  292. 292 : Jae In Says:

    Love this drama. especially moments Shim Gun Wook with Moon Jae In. they are a Lovely couple. i don’t mind the ending is sad … best !!!

  293. 293 : st1990 Says:

    m fucking pissed with the ending tooo darn ! why does it have to end like that ….. shit **

  294. 294 : Mai say: Says:

    Kim Jae Wook I love you!Your acting rocks even tho you’re the bad guy in this drama^_^my feelings for you and your acting will never change for me:-)Keep up the good work^_^
    You number one fan girl Mai

  295. 295 : MARTHA TOBING Says:

    bener-bener drama yang bagus, berharap diputar di Indonesia … hiks.hiks bisa membuat aQ menangis dan sebel,itulah drama yang bagus, tapi kenapa harus sad ending ??? aQ gemess kenapa harus endingnya SHIM GUN WOOK mati ???

  296. 296 : rien cute Says:

    TOP d to nie drma….oc bener,,,tp koq ending na gitu,,,,,

    han ga in unnie you’re beautiful girl n cute abiz dee… 🙂

    kim nam gil napa ci tiap drma lo harus matieee…..huhuhu

  297. 297 : KDrama Fan Says:

    I’m watching this drama right now.. interesting. everyone acted so well.. Kim Nam Gil.. you’re performance never change.. as good as always.. 🙂 fighting everyone

  298. 298 : tri Says:

    awesome in every episode!!!!…….. 2 thumbs for casts

  299. 299 : sufi Says:

    love this drama

  300. 300 : sufi Says:

    I cant forget KNG acting….!love him

  301. 301 : sufi Says:

    best couple 2010 : Han Ga In & Kim Nam Gil

  302. 302 : toh quan ming Says:

    when is this korean drama dvd to be released?

  303. 303 : tri Says:

    good story…a heartbeat every episode…

  304. 304 : Cha O Says:

    Nice plot I just hate the ending…I love the way Kim Nam Gil played the role…. he’s very good at being bad. He’s just an excellent actor and he should be nominated for the best actor award and well, best couple with Han Ga In …. 🙂 ….

    I like the the child who played for the young Tae Song …. I love Tae Ra, So Dam and Won In too 🙂

  305. 305 : Cha O Says:

    @axel – I should agree with that I’m thinking of that too… but I wish he’ll be coupled again with Lee Yo Won shen comes back …. hehehe (love them)

  306. 306 : kikster Says:

    nice twist to the story but very sad ending….

  307. 307 : minminnie Says:

    hi i actually need help…
    i don’t understand the real son of haeshin group is actually kim nam gil or kim jae wook?

    can anyone answer? i just a bit confuse about it…
    thank you

  308. 308 : Kikzster Says:

    the real son of the haeshin group is Shim Gun Wook

  309. 309 : rISa_lMot Says:

    tragic drama . . . but love it!!

  310. 310 : Eddy Says:

    it’s a good story with sad ending

  311. 311 : rose Says:

    i give 7.5 out of 10…..
    good acting for kim na gil oppa…
    he is so cool…

    about the story….
    i think the story is so-so…
    to much talking….
    especially to reveal who is the real son of the haeshin group…..
    and the most disappointed is the ending…
    why shim gun wook must die????
    bad ending………….

  312. 312 : Noviana Says:

    OMG..this is the first drama that can make me like each of single episodes..although there are so many talking scene but i don’t know why i’m not get bored at all…great job for all the casts ^^ especially kim nam gil…he’s soooooooooo damn HOT…he act is looks sooo real…like him very much…

    for the ending i like to see a scene when gun wook smile so brightly with all his beloved person..not die in the middle of no where like that T.T because although he’s a bad guy, but actually he is a kind hearted person deep in side…

    nam gil oppa !! i can’t wait to watch your next 2 years drama !!! i hope u can’t finish your army training and come back to give your best shotssss !!

  313. 313 : tlov3 Says:

    OMG!!! Still crying! *sighs* LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!

  314. 314 : kiraq8 Says:

    great drama great music looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this drama great acting the best drama for 2010 i think the best music for 2010 it have to be 🙂 and the best main actor 2010 it should go for Kim Nam Gil the best support acting Kim Jae Wook best main female acter Han Ga In excellent drama:)

  315. 315 : Michelle Says:

    tragic.. but i love Kim Nam Gil’s master piece..!!! mwaH!!!

  316. 316 : Fritzei Says:

    can’t get over with it!!
    I don’t understand…,
    why is gun-wook and tae-ra are brother and sister????
    I love gun-wook and tae-ra!!!

  317. 317 : Nurstarz Says:

    Tragic family tale..in the end goom yuk die..sigh..i feel sad..i don’t like sad ending..*sob sob..gives me a bad feeling bad..

  318. 318 : ADANI Says:

    very sad ending………

  319. 319 : hong88 Says:

    why did he have to die at the end?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! omg! he coulda just went to the freakin hospital and spent rest of his life with the girl!!!! ugh stupid ending!

  320. 320 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Goddess of War Attic Cat Auction House Autumn Shower Autumn Tale B Bad Couple Bad Family Bad Girls Bad Guy Bad Housewife ابدا مو حليو ما عجبني  Bad Love Bad Woman, Good Woman Baker King, […]

  321. 321 : hana Says:

    it was a great drama, one of the best in 2010 but the ending was really awful, it made me feel bad for days after watching the last episode.

  322. 322 : hunnieB Says:

    story plot is ok, since i’ve already know it will ends like that.. ahhh maybe i watched too much hong kong drama since i was a kid 😀

    but kim nam gil blew me away with his acting that’s what keep me watch this drama till the end… he’s soo goood!! thumbs up! almost the same level like park shin yang! TOP STAR!!!

  323. 323 : shariii_83 Says:

    kim nam gil u’r sooooo hot… soo curious to watch till end, but not happy ending.. coz he’s a bad guy … great movie 🙂

  324. 324 : luna Says:

    Good story….but i dont like this ending,way……way…….really,really ,really bad…….

  325. 325 : wanti Says:

    love this drama… Full Sad. perfect acting kim nam gil. love love so much.

  326. 326 : nita Says:

    why did this drama end sadly..
    gun wook was the real tae song, then he passed away..

  327. 327 : melai Says:

    really like kim nam gil he really act very well in this drama even in Queen seon deok! NICE ABS!!

  328. 328 : Dhani nan gil Says:

    Oppa nan gil saranghae
    i really…..really like you
    you’re my prince in korea..

  329. 329 : mona Says:

    a little too late for me to watch this drama hahahaha… but it’s better late than never…… btw, i like the cast 🙂

  330. 330 : Lydia Says:

    gees! this drama make me cry! trully a melodrama like CS! i love all the casts, all the osts, and stories of course! i love Han Ga In

  331. 331 : Mas Says:

    Please..im begging,after he has finish his military training..PLEASE!do the continuation of BB part 2..pity his gf,without knowing that her bf passed away..

  332. 332 : viya Says:

    I’d be very disappointed if eventually gun wook die …….

  333. 333 : keiko Says:

    this drama like im sorry i love you drama.., isn it…

  334. 334 : wonder Says:

    am from indonesia, this series is currently aired here. because korean films are usually dubbed (not subtitled) and sometimes the local station cuts a bit “arbitrarily” along the process, the “links” – storyline – sometimes get a bit blurry and i just wonder in this series a son from a “mistress” (?) – tae sung is being “planted” into the biological father’s house, the same case with Kim Tak Goo in Baker King – is that a usual custom in korea? if so, isnt that sort of breeding troubles? both tak goo and tae sung were described as not openly warmly “embraced” as family, and in here even created deep seated hatred within gun wook, something that i also cant comprehend because he is actually doing ok with an MBA from USA, good job etc and yet still so very much vengeful…very much the opposite of tak goo.

  335. 335 : joo ra im Says:

    wonder : tae sung memang anak kandungnya tapi ibu tirinya gak trima jadi dia malsuin hasil DNA,buat tae sung palsu n bunuh ibu n ayah tiri tae sung.Tae sung lalu balas dendam tapi sudah terlambat saat tahu kebenarannya.

  336. 336 : leann Says:

    The Drama is really good…like what they said, bit dissapointed on the last minute of ending….

    Im not satisfied on the ratingS above….it should be on 2nd…THE DRAMA IS REALLY GOOD…..

  337. 337 : yolanda Says:

    good story but the end of the less exciting…
    why gun wook and jae in no happy ending???

  338. 338 : yuyq12345??? Says:

    I can’t belive he die…..and u make me dazed and confused for long..long time why why he must die, please give me reason??…Or because he bad guy! Come and Gone and Die young huuh

  339. 339 : cinta Says:

    i like it,,
    and goon wook i love u

  340. 340 : ratih Says:

    I like this story, and two tumbs for all stars…

  341. 341 : uti3x Says:

    why gunwook died in those way?! That’s too cruel!
    why don’t make him dying like oh seung ha in The Devil? at least make him “human” as he is real taesung.
    Aaargh….i’m so frustrated for the ending!

  342. 342 : agathakyu Says:

    what a great melodrama! the OSTs also great!!aah….watching this makes me cry all the time… :((((

  343. 343 : eva Says:

    really damn love to kim nam gil
    the way he act in bad guy was amazed
    love kim nam gil so much,,this is d’best favorite drama ever well i still hope good ending for this film,,this film made me cry a lot,,so touchy

  344. 344 : Nobi n' Ayyie Says:

    KIM NAM GIL…………………
    YOU’RE SO COOL !!!!!!!

  345. 345 : Sintia Sari Says:

    I LoPEcH U. . .KIM NAM GIL. . .YoU aRe 5o 5WeeT

  346. 346 : JJ21 Says:


  347. 347 : ♥KHJ Says:



  348. 348 : Amaya Says:

    I hope they will air it too in PH…. 🙁 Miss Nam Gil so much….

  349. 349 : kimnamgillove Says:

    I love Kim Nam Gil so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh

  350. 350 : hellonaa Says:

    i really LIKE THis drama

    ooh the story so Specta !!
    and kim nam gil act so GREAT !!
    love this drama………….!!

  351. 351 : sharita Says:

    -.- looooove
    the music is the best. it makes me cry…
    i just cant find it anywhere other than this show….

  352. 352 : im kylie, angal? Says:

    wth??? i dont even care about that f**kin’ ratin’..!!! hay naku…whatever u say, im still gonna watch bad guy, mataas man ang rating o hindi…who cares??? ! coz all i now is, i really love kim nam gil…and thats all that matters…..PAKE KO BA SA RATING ng shows nya…?????!

  353. 353 : Bad Guy | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] tadi baru selesai menonton satu lagi drama korea “Bad Guy“. Aku rasa selama aku menonton drama korea sepanjang cuti ini, “Bad Guy” cerita […]

  354. 354 : oneSIGfan Says:

    this is good drama. the rating doesn’t mean anything. just watch it for at least a couple of episodes, it doesn’t hurt to try.
    the idiotic script writer force the ending to be a bad one: the evil won over the good. a person who killed her adopted kid’s parents then kicked him out of the house on a rainy night. 20 yrs later made another attempt to kill the kid again and kicked out another substitute adopted son of hers and ended up to have everything her way. the ending could be a happy one, the evil woman should at least get a life sentence and the real kid of her husband should get reunited with his family to make up for his suffering and losses in the past or at least still lives happily with his lover. I suspect that the script writer used to have criminal charges for murdering that’s why he is on the evil’s side to give the evil person her way.

  355. 355 : shakespeare Says:

    me too, it’s the best Korean drama a watched. i don’t care about its rating. i just watched it over and over and it’s really entertaining, the plot is good. the director made a good job there. the incorporation of the soundtrack is awesome. i just love everything about this drama, and besides, i love kim nam gil oppa;) and the beautiful three ladies there. its perfect combination, and kim jae wook. . .

  356. 356 : Venus Says:

    As I love KNG, HGI, and am not surprised with the rating this drama is so boring sorry you guys, its my taste only.

  357. 357 : elizabeth Says:

    i totally love kim nam gil oppa as well. i’ll watch all his movies and koreanovelas. never mind the ratings. he’s all i ever wanted anyway.

  358. 358 : sara Says:

    I don’t think that ratings are always the best judge. I loved the drama jejungwon even though it had very low ratings I hated secret garden even though it had very good ratings

  359. 359 : ericka Says:

    gayun sana..!if u like KIM NAM GIL,.you will also like this one,.,for others it may be boring but for others its good,.,we have diff. taste,likes preferences and opinions.,its up to you guys.,,. but for me.,.i like it,.,.,

  360. 360 : meia Says:

    This drama is really2 great! The plots are nicely done BUT the ending sucks! Why army don’t let KNG extend to finish this drama? I think if it complete 20 eps, I won’t be this disappointed! I couldn’t sleep thinking of the ending..if he disappear and move on, I cn take it..but the dead guy found in the river..ughh..I wish they can make ‘Bad guy SP’ to end this drama nicely..if I hv to wait for 2 yr to watch it, I cn. Jap drama cn make it, why not korean? I really2 want better ending…:-(

  361. 361 : K-DRAMA Says:

    this drama is good!! love the story and the cast!!!

  362. 362 : K-DRAMA Says:

    I hate the ending grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. why is it that Shim Gun Wook died!!! grrrrrrrrrrr….

  363. 363 : Ebony Says:

    This was THE best and most tragic drama I have ever seen in my whole life and i’m not exaggerating. This movie made the Titanic look like a freakin muppet movie. The ending was so horrible I could slap the screenwriter.

  364. 364 : K-DRAMA Says:

    I love the story its so unique, you dont know what well happen next. Kim Nam Gil is the best actor! he do it very well aside from being handsome. He perform very well on this drama.. one thing that i hate on this drama is that Kim Nam Gil died . He suffered a lot but what happen till the end he suffered. He deserved to be happy they should be happy with his love one. I hate the writer. This is the 2nd tragic ending that i ever seen the 1st one is the Memories in Bali ,Ha Ji Won is one of the cast!!

  365. 365 : angelene mitchell Says:

    I love bad guy, but the ending was disappointing. Since his face wasn’t shone maybe when he return from military duty he can be raised from the dead, like american soaps

  366. 366 : Bjm Says:

    I’ve watch this drama up to epsd 8, but the comments given by the fans is very frigthening to me to watch until the last epsd..

  367. 367 : Bjm Says:

    well, i managed to watching until the end even though already know the ending is sad. For me, what disappointed me was SGW dead, but Mdm Shin did not receive appropriate punishment. furthermore, Mo Ne does not know what going on with her family..

  368. 368 : amaemiya Says:

    i still love this drama even the ending sucks…
    one of the best drama ever..
    i agree with some of the commentators, this drama really needs special episode. love kim nam gil, he’s so great in this.. cant wait for his other drama.

  369. 369 : bsd Says:

    yeaaaaaa it’s because his duty to go to military so the ending is irrelevant but it’ll done this year right? so i hope there’ll be bad guy 2 with same cast because this is the best drama i’ve ever seen

    The story, plot and ost are very good as well as the main cast
    KNG and HGI is good couple but it’s dissapointed when the they scene together is lack, it sud be more when they’re together or at least they be a couple in the drama ;( ;(

    i hope there’ll be a bad guy 2 so muuuuuuucccccccch :3

  370. 370 : baby Says:

    plot, story line, actor, are awesome.. am to stuning with the action.. kim nam gil do very good act.. dae bak..

  371. 371 : Vivi Says:

    falling in love with this one….everything, the story, music, character, players….especially Kim Na Gil…love him so much…
    please make Bad Guy 2 with happy ending and of course with Kim Na Gil and Han Ga In..

  372. 372 : bsd Says:

    yeaaaa i agree with vivi. we want bad guy 2 and also kim nam gil and han ga in couple >o< pliisssssss

  373. 373 : Norlela Says:

    The ending is suckkk!!!

  374. 374 : teresa a Says:

    very disappointing end, the evil mother should have died instead of the young man who suffered so many injustice.
    she distroyed everyones lives even her own children
    its only a moves series but it shows that these kind of action and behavior
    please make a bad guy 2 with the same cast.” He was badly injured but not
    dead and he live to enjoyed a peaceful life for once”

  375. 375 : Khejel Zed Says:

    ya i agree with teresa very very very disappointing end, that evil mother should get punishment, at least she should feel what she did wrong, she should suffer like KNG .
    After 20 yr suffering like that , why he had to die like that? he did nothing wrong, why he get that ending ? which is so embrassing n sad.
    I don’t agree with scriptwriter he should write new script as you sade Bad Guy 2.
    that end shows evil win b’cos she said “i win”. so pls make bad guy where evil get punishment and innocent get love n care.

  376. 376 : Tony Leung Says:

    Hey, I really curious about what ringtone shim gun wook use in his phone? Had looked all over the net and hasn’t found yet, does anyone know? Thank you very much

  377. 377 : WEW12 Says:

    If this drama not cut down to 3 episode I’m sure that it will have happy for all of the characters but still I’m very disappointed. But I think jae-in and president hong suffered the most. President hong want to have a complete family.

  378. 378 : calvin Says:

    where can i download all the music that was played in the drama Bad Guys series? I love the movie and music.

  379. 379 : GiRl Says:

    one of the best drama that i have ever seen

  380. 380 : ema Says:

    a beautiful drama…very disappointed in the end…hope to an alternate end of this drama

  381. 381 : yon Says:

  382. 382 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Bad Guy Rating : 2,5 out of 5 […]

  383. 383 : sheto Says:

    saya benar-benar terkesan dengan film ini,saya suka dengan peran yang di mainkan oleh kim nam gil.

  384. 384 : jojo Says:

    sad ending,…hate that.

  385. 385 : khan Says:

    althought sad ending but i really love bad guy drama.i love all actors and actress except madam shin(too selfish,narrow heart).i watch many asian drama and see many korean dramas had a sad ending.i also love kng’s acting,his acting is superb,he got charisma and very charming.

  386. 386 : Rhoxley Says:

    I love the series a unique drama with a tragic ending…. Not a typical one… though it is sad. But it puts justice to the ending…. Nobody can feed happy after ruining your own family…

  387. 387 : Alireza Says:

    Can you guys tell what me, What is the Rigntone of Gunk wook here? I Cant find it.

    Also IF there is a site for the Sky cellphone to order?


  388. 388 : sunflower93230 Says:

    This was an awesome drama but heart-rending to watch! You know the actors are good when you either really love them or hate them. Loved Kim NamGil, hated Kim Hye Ok :). The ending is not for the faint-hearted, but honestly you kinda see it coming.

  389. 389 : usa-mary Says:

    I just started looking at this drama and it is so intriguing!

    @388 sunflower93230: “The ending is not for the faint-hearted!” Looks like the chaebols’ are going to take advantage of innocence once again! Or could it be that justice will prevail?

    By the way…what’s with this older man going after a teenager (Mo Ne) yuck, yuck, pooeeeh…pooeeeh! Are the parents (the Hongs’) of this young miss that desparate to merge with this Haeshin family group for further financial gain! Talking about sacrifical lamb!!! This guy looks about 30ish while she’s 18 or 19 years old!!! He’s been more than around the block!

  390. 390 : tola ola Says:

    i like the drama but the ending is not good that about the season three i like korean drama keep it up thanx

  391. 391 : [TERBARU] Drama Korea BAD BOY RP.30.000(ADA 3DVD),Subt:Indonesia,Format DVD Player - Ceriwis - Indonesian Community Says:

    […] […]

  392. 392 : Tamera Sun Jin Says:

    Every single Korean drama I have ever seen has bad or weak endings. Maybe by the end, these Korean writers are so tired they do a weak ending.

  393. 393 : mie Says:

    sad ending..yup..i see it coming though..nobody can be happy after ruining own family..but i wonder why hong tae seung said to taera that taera doesnt have blood relation with gun wook in ep 16/17?did i miss something?the most suffered is the fake hong tae seung and taera..and of course gun wook

  394. 394 : putri Says:

    i’m one of kim nam gil’s fans. 2 thumbs up for his actings (queen seon duk & bad guy).

    yes this is one of the best korean dramas, but i was disappointed with the ending.

    about the ost, i found a song titled ‘Thorn Flower’ sung by Jung Yup.

  395. 395 : daryl Says:

    i love this drama, though the ending is tragic but still find this drama worth watching. i love kim nam gil!!!!!

  396. 396 : nalynn Says:

    Gun wook and hong tae ra doesnt have blood related because tae ra is madam shin daughter with other man , she already pregnant b4 getting married with gun wook appa, gun wook real brother is only mo ne and his brother that already pass away,

    P/s: yup. Its great dramas, poor gun wook because of the evil madam shin, he became the one that seek revenge to his own family 🙁

  397. 397 : bevelyn Says:

    guys, check niyo ang mga movie ni KIM NAM GIL..lalo na ang PORTRAIT OF BEAUTY…it’s really amazing at saka maka-heart-attack siya….sa totoo lang talaga ang husay at ang galing ni Kim Nam Gil umarte…DI KATULAD NG IBANG ACTOR DIYAN….HMPPPP…..haneppppp….thousand thumbs up ako sa kanya……

  398. 398 : bevelyn Says:

    love you KIM NAM GIL.THE BEST KA TALAGA ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  399. 399 : bevelyn Says:


  400. 400 : Gentle Says:

    Watch this drama because of KNG. As expected, good acting from him, he is HOT! Charismatic actor, no doubt.
    However the ending is ridiculously stupid. Cannot comprehend why Gun Wook could walked that far without asking anyone’s help or seeking treatment, well unless he wants to commit suicide, but why?

  401. 401 : tiptop Says:

    BAD GUY is one of the best korean dramas … but i don’t like the ending .., i don’t want K N G to die at the ending … i like KIM NAM GIL character in BAD GUY very much … both all actors and actresses are talented … i hate sad-ending … i hope to watch KIM NAM GIL (main character) new movie with very happy happy ending …. BEST DRAMA .. WATCH THIS 🙂 🙂 :-)…

  402. 402 : To to ro Says:

    Tiptop you idiot for spoiling the show. your response was the first reply I’ve read…I do not want to find out who dies in the drama. Why do you have to ruin it for the rest of us?

  403. 403 : laura Says:

    kim Nam Gil.. love u much.. the best actor and i love this movie so much.. Han Ga In with Kim Nam is the best couple 😀

  404. 404 : laura Says:

    good movie .. and high recommended .. but just a little bit comment for Han Ga in.. she’s not really good for crying.. i mean her face.. cant showed that she really sad or when she cried .. she didn’t cried to much.. but over all.. she’s beauty and perfect …i like her.. and i like Kim nam Gil.. hope the can be couple ..heheheee

  405. 405 : nicesagi Says:

    I really hated at the end this movie, how could he die without certainty ? it seems the story is not finished yet or in forced finished … but still love Kim Nam Gil with naughty smiles….

  406. 406 : laura Says:

    i still watched this movie many times.. 😀 and i still fall in love wth kim nam gil..

  407. 407 : Freckles Says:

    This is the first time I saw Kim Nam Gil in this drama and surprisingly to see how good he acted. Of course I like his special outlook, long hair but I prefer to tied up, nice body and smile. Please shoot more drama in future. Other actors and actresses are acting perfectly to their roles, good work. Story is attractive but the ending could be better if not died, after all his life is so miserable already.

  408. 408 : rannemawanhaf Says:

    LOVED this drama! Kim Jae Wook is <3

  409. 409 : shno Says:

    i like kim nam gil in the bad guy but i really hate the ending he dyed alone without anuone knows about it is really sad and the movies of kim nam gil that i watched i dont know they are all with a sad ending i like to see him in the happy ending this time in shark

  410. 410 : cherry Says:

    i like this drama so much,,but in the end im a little bit disapointed!
    story is attractive but in the end could be better if not died,i love this
    couple as in!!!

  411. 411 : s.e. townsend Says:

    are you kidding me with this ending???!! chincha

  412. 412 : s.e. townsend Says:

    oh, and who or when did whoever mail the items to so dam and the glass mask to jai in? what does this mean?” was it tae sang or gun wook? if gun wook when did he have time or is he not dead??

  413. 413 : bb Says:

    Bad guy was jst too intresting with the worst ending ever bt It should have won lots of awards.

  414. 414 : gud news Says:

    Really luv d show just dat the ending is so disapointing. Gun wook shouldn’t hv died that way

  415. 415 : MayaF Says:

    I like this drama.. Just hate the ending but I understand why he choice the way like that.. Coz he is bad guy..

  416. 416 : Azziris Says:

    I like this drama, but i disappointed for ending

  417. 417 : DeAngela Says:

    Loved the series. What is the name of the song that plays at the end of each series?

  418. 418 : Drama "Deserving of the Name" ni-l readuce pe Kim Nam Gil pe micile ecrane - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] actor cunoscut de publicul roman mai ales datorita rolurilor din “Shark” (KBS2, 2013), “Bad Guy” (SBS, 2010), “Personal Preference” (MBC, 2010) – cameo), “Queen Seon Deok” (MBC, 2009), “When […]

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