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Title: 불량가족 / Bul Ryang Ga Jok / Bad Family
Chinese title : 不良家族
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2006-Mar-22 to 2006-May-11
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM


Na Rim (Lee Young Yoo), who came from a wealthy household, lost her family in a car accident when she was nine. After the accident, she suffered from amnesia so her uncle hired Oh Dal Gun (Kim Myung Min), an ex-ganster,to recreate a similar household with parents, sister, brother, grandparents and uncle in hopes that she would regain her memory. In a hurry, Oh Dal Gun ended up hiring all sorts of odd ball characters to act as members of Na Rim’s family. None got along at the start and hilarious situation arose when all members tried to cope in front of the little girl and also to protect her from the one who caused her family’s accident. Eventually they started to behave like a real family and cared for each other, proving that blood relation is not as important as a caring heart.


Kim Myung Min as Oh Dal Gun (Na Rim’s fake uncle)
Nam Sang Mi as Kim Yang Ah (Na Rim’s fake sister)
Im Hyun Sik as Jang Hang Gu (Na Rim’s fake grandfather)
Yeo Woon Kye as Park Bok Nyu (Na Rim’s fake grandmother)
Kang Nam Gil as Jo Gi Dong (Na Rim’s fake father)
Geum Bo Ra as Um Ji Sook (Na Rim’s fake mother)
Kim Hee Chul as Gong Min (Na Rim’s fake brother)
Hyun Young as Ha Bu Kyung (Niece of man that caused accident)
Park Jin Woo as Ha Tae Kyung (Son of man that caused accident)
Kim Gyu Chul as Ha In Soo
Lee Young Yoo as Baek Na Rim
Choi Ha Na as Noh Ah Na
Yoo Hyung Kwan (유형관) as Chief Byun
Oh Ji Eun

Production Credits

Director: Yoo In Shik
Writer: Lee Hee Myung


2006 SBS Drama Awards: PD Award Kim Myung Min
2006 SBS Drama Awards: Fighting Adversity Award (embarrassing/odd characters/scenes) Kim Myung Min


This drama is the second series in SBS’ “Bad” trilogy following Bad Housewife. Bad Couple completes the trilogy.

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67 Responses to “Bad Family”

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  1. 51
    Alice Kim Says:

    The drama is so sweet! So cute, apart from it being funny it wa also really touching and sad.
    The plot is really original as well!
    Love it to bits~one of the best drama EVER!
    It’s a wonder why it isn’t one of the top 10 dramas.

  2. 52
    ramces Says:

    I can’t fully appreciate the beauty of this series since most of the episodes are broken! I hope you could act immediately on this,thank you so much.

  3. 53
    mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  4. 54
    mel Says:

    looks like so funny… i want to watch this…

  5. 55
    nining Says:

    i like this so much,,,

  6. 56
    Lisa Says:

    I liked this drama a lot. It made me realize what a great actor Kim Myun Min is after having seen him in White Tower.

  7. 57
    koalagirl Says:

    A review of Bad Family for anyone curious as to what it’s about:


  8. 58
    Denny Says:

    I saw a couple of episodes of this with a friend online, and it is too funny!
    i have to watch some more over the weekend!!! I Definitely recommend watching this!! It gets really good!

  9. 59
    Rudy bernstein Says:

    I like it, it was funny from the first to the end it was great, the ending was great. I give 5 STARS to the writer and 5 STARS to the director

  10. 60
    Feruza Says:

    The Best,

  11. 61
    zannet Says:

    love it

  12. 62
    Avid lurker Says:

    watching right now…=)

  13. 63
    Bearhugs Says:

    nice story..:)

  14. 64
    KDaddict Says:

    Interesting drama. It’s warm, it’s different. Gangsters, misfits, and losers who help one another to rebuild a life together. None of that fancy polished chaebol stuff. I like it!
    This role suits Nam San Mi so well. Here she plays a girl whose parents own a fishing boat but died in a storm. She is burdened w 3 younger brothers; n ends up marrying a former gangster who goes back to junior high school in his 30s. She is quite likable in this role. There is something about her looks that is particularly suitable for playing girls from impoverished families, or fr the country side, or work in manual jobs. This role suits her better than any of her other roles.

  15. 65
    Nafisah Says:

    i’ve watch it for many times.. really good drama.

  16. 66
    winnie Says:

    I watched this only in parts, i’m looking for the complete episodes. the first few eps i watched are enjoyable. I just realized that Nam sang mi is the lead actress in this drama. She’s so sweet

  17. 67
    Ngân Nguyễn Says:

    Kim myung min là một dvien xuất sắc. Sau khi t đã xem rất nhiều bộ phim a đóng. Phải. Bậc thầy dxuat.

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