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Autumn Shower

Title: 가을 소나기 / Autumn Shower
Chinese Title : 秋天的骤雨 / 秋日骤雨
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2005-Sep-21 to 2005-Nov-10
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


A story about a man, Choi Yoon-jae (Oh Ji Ho) who ends up getting into a car accident causing the passenger, who is his wife, Gyoo-eun (Kim So Yun) to end up in the hospital who now suffers from a coma. Park Yeon-seo (Jung Ryu Won) is Gyoo-euns bestfriend, who secretly is in love with Yoon-jae. While Gyoo-eun is in a coma, her husband and bestfriend starts an affair. Will Gyoo-eun ever wake up from her coma? If so what will happen?


Oh Ji Ho as Choi Yoon Jae
Kim So Yun as Lee Kyu Eun
Jung Ryu Won as Park Yeon Seo
Lee Chun Hee as Kim Soo Hyung
Oh Se Jung as a girl who likes Soo Hyung
Park Dong Choon as Yeon Seo’s father
Han Jung Hee as Yeon Seo’s mother
Kim Hye Ok as Nam Kyung Mi (Yeon Seo’s step mother, 48)
Han Jin Hee as Choi Suk Won (Yoon Jae’s father, 58-61)
Kim Young Ran as Kang Hyung Sook (Yoon Jae’s mother, 58-61)
Hwang Woo Jin as Hwang Park Soo

Production Credits

Planning: Kim Nam Won
Director: Yoon Jae Moon
Screenriter: Jo Myung Joo

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  1. 1 : chiqueeismyname Says:

    looks like a good movie! the storyline is great. hope someone could upload it at YOUTUBE or VEOH so that i could watch it!

    luv Jung ryeo won!


  2. 2 : MaNdY hEr Says:

    omg! i realli likes this movie..its kind of sad and romantic..ITS GREAT..I LUV IT SO MUCH…AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ITS THE BOMB!!!..

  3. 3 : love Says:


  4. 4 : haley Says:

    i hvnt watched it yet but im positive it v b a great show..it sounds real interesting… d 2 actresses r real pretty n d actor is kinda handsome…i wouldnt hu v d husband end up wif? hmmm…guess i v oni noe if i watch da show..i better..haha..all da best!

  5. 5 : joymarivic05 Says:

    yuwon (ryeo won) and yuwon’s brother, (seok won) are MY FRIENDS in friendster! and i’m sure, they are the real ones who own their account!!!!! whoa! yuwon’s photos uploaded up to 365 total photos!

  6. 6 : richrad dacera Says:

    Its like a bomb i relly appr8 this movie beco’z of meaning and have sense …..

  7. 7 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    I will watch it!!!!!

  8. 8 : shieraline Says:

    the best

  9. 9 : kookie Says:

    it was a great drama…. niec plots and twists… its the best…

  10. 10 : from HK with love Says:

    Good script!

  11. 11 : Sunfloray Says:

    I really want to watch it……someone, can you please upload with English subtitles?………. Thanks!

  12. 12 : meggie Says:

    good plot… love the movie…
    but, why it end up with no one???

  13. 13 : Maggie Kwok Says:

    Very good story since first 2 chapter……….I like them (^^!)

  14. 14 : veronica Says:

    like oh ji ho in this drama, ya, why end up with no one???? should end up with the friend(forgotten her name) since his ex-wife has forgiven them.
    hope oh ji ho will act opposite choi ( as in winter sonata) in his next drama

  15. 15 : Beth of LA Says:

    Love the drama good story to start with. Would recommend. OJH still as attractive as one can be. The 2 actresses are beautiful too.

  16. 16 : Emilza Agustiary S. Says:

    I already watched this series………
    In my opinion this drama was great, i like the story and the ending was good.
    Btw, Kim So Yoes was soooooooo……. beautiful.

  17. 17 : wniizzati Says:

    autumn shower megaupload download links will be available soon on http://dramaonmu.blogspot.com

    come n see

  18. 18 : lovestar Says:

    Love it. Beautiful storyline. Those 3 actors are lovely. Would recommend this drama.

  19. 19 : June Says:

    Autumn Shower…….A wonderful show that one would miss with regret. Great story line, excellent actors and actresses who not only are beautiful and handsome, (esp our dear Jiho) but fantastic in their acting skills. They break your heart as u see them suffer………all are victims of love and circumstances. This show is romantic, touching and very artistically filmed. A production that is of extreme high standard!

  20. 20 : cutee18 Says:

    Nice show. Highly recommended.

  21. 21 : Mandi Says:

    am surprise not many people noticed this show. very romantic and artistic. Was it because of low promotion by the tv station?

  22. 22 : Sway Says:

    Really Great Movie. But I Hate The Ending. Yoon Jae Should Be With Yeon Seo. They Were Meant To Be Together. Can You See? Every Episodes Are Really Touching. Especially When Both Of Them Really Wanted To Be Together But End Up Separated Because They Still Care About Kyu-eun’s Feelings..Anyhow It’s Worth Watching It Hehe I Love Ryeo Wonnnnnnnnnn~~~~

  23. 23 : cute18 Says:

    Sway, i agree with you. Yoon Jao & Yeon Seo so pitiful, although i also like Kyu-eun.

  24. 24 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Please see comments on AUTUMN SHOWER via


    posts 334, 336-337, 391-340, 345-348, 351, 355, 363, 365, 383, 385, 387, 404, 407.

    Hope more of you will enjoy this superb drama!

  25. 25 : les burnes Says:

    Fantastic. I have never seen anything better. I wood rike to join the tv cast but it’s only a dream!!!

  26. 26 : Anne Says:

    hi….. ive just watch the drama series in a dvd…omg i really like it. I love Oh Ji Hoo his so cute

  27. 27 : meirav Says:

    the drama is at viiki

  28. 28 : siewpeng Says:

    i like the story line..very realistic and romantic drama. it is love , friendship, obligation , duty all rolled into one. but the ending was not what i expected. Would be good to end up with yeon seo. so sad…

  29. 29 : sadig Says:

    thanks for site

  30. 30 : betty Says:

    it is the best but it is so sad.

  31. 31 : slun Says:

    I love Oh Ji Ho and Kim So Yun, they are suit eachother.. I

    hate Ryu Won. Should end up with Gyoo-eun. So sad

  32. 32 : slun Says:

    I love Oh Ji Ho and Kim So yun , they are suit eachother but I hate Ryu Won. Should end up with Gyoo- eun. So sad…

  33. 33 : slun Says:

    I love Oh Ji Ho ang Kim So Yun..they are suit eachother , but I hate Ryu Won. Should end up with Gyoo-eun . So sad…

  34. 34 : slun Says:

    I hate Ryu Won, should end up with Gyoo-eun , they are suit eachother.so sad…

  35. 35 : fetty arisandi Says:

    good film I very exited!!

  36. 36 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  37. 37 : mel Says:

    looks like so interesting.. i want to watch this movie….

  38. 38 : nining Says:

    love it,,

  39. 39 : sam Says:

    i love ryu won…

  40. 40 : zannet Says:

    its ok

  41. 41 : dinna Says:

    A must seen drama. KSY is my most fav actress in korea.

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  43. 43 : bee Says:

    i love Ruy won, wouid be end up with yeon seo and yoon jae

  44. 44 : AUTUMN SHOWER Says:

    Autumn Shower
    Synopsis by: Sukting (2006)

    Yun Zai (Oh Ji-ho), a gorgeous but introverted architect, is admiring the lovely marine life when he hears Yan Xu (Jung Ryeo-won) talking over her cellular phone about an important interview. She rushes off, leaving her construction design plans at the aquarium. He sees them and gets impressed. He waits for her to come back and recommends her to work in another company. He tells her to look for Shi Hao but the latter is not aware of this and tells her to wait for news at home. Yan Xu gets angry and thinks she is being ridiculed.

    Gui En (Kim So-yeon) works in the laboratory. Yun Zai is mistaken as a thief while checking the building. She uses the fire extinguisher on him. The poor man’s hair is dirtied and he has trouble opening his eyes. Later on, he watches his father conducting a musical concert. The whole family has dinner together. They are overjoyed when he jokes that he is in love.

    Yan Xu meets Yun Zai working at a construction site and he realizes what has happened. It is his fault for not telling Shi Hao in advance. He tells her to go again. Yan Xu accidentally injures her arm and has to put on cast. Yun Zai cares for her and writes on her construction cap – they have met each other twice and he hopes they will meet again the third time. Yan Xu starts to like him but hesitates upon seeing a photo of him and a girl enclosed in a heart-shaped photo frame.

    The laboratory suddenly has a blackout. Yun Zai comes to check on it as he is the designer. Gui En gives him a treat in return. He is captivated by her beauty when she lets down her hair and removes her spectacles. They quickly become a couple. Yan Xu goes to a book shop and is shocked when skimming through a construction design book. She realizes that Yun Zai is a top architect. She goes to the firm and chides him for not telling her that he is the director. He hires her because he admires her designs.

    The two women start to like Yun Zai and tell each other about it. However, they do not know that they like the same man. The two stay together and Gui En even washes Yan Xu’s hair when her arm is put in a cast.

    Gui En is disappointed when Yun Zai hasn’t called her for two days so she comes to the construction site. He has intended to call her after his project completion and to invite her to go to Chun Chuan with him for a holiday two days later. She isn’t happy to see the photo in the vehicle too but is relieved to know the woman is his sister who is eight years his junior. Yan Xu realizes that they are a couple and keeps her feelings to herself.

    Xu Wei returns home from the USA to work as a doctor and the women go to welcome him. They have known each other since high school. Xu Wei hopes that he will be able to win Yan Xu’s heart. To Yun Zai, he is like a younger brother; both only get to know each other when the four meet up.

    Work suddenly crops up and Yun Zai can’t contact Gui En who is waiting for him; both workaholics have promised not to bring their cellphones along to ruin their holiday or to get distracted by work. It is nighttime when he reaches the train station but she is still there. He is touched as she isn’t angry and hugs her. He promises not to let her wait again and both really enjoy their holiday. However, he likes snorkeling while she doesn’t know how to swim. Slowly, she develops the interest and both eat at the beach.

    Yun Zai and Yan Xu go for community work and later have to stay at Chun Chuan when a sick baby has to be hospitalized. Gui En happens to find the construction cap and sees Yun Zai’s handwriting. She gathers what happens but Yan Xu dismisses it, saying that she will find another man soon. When Gui En returns home, Yun Zai appears with a model house. He asks whether she would like her home to be like that ten years later. Gui En accepts the proposal but Yan Xu feels down.

    The two get married and go for their honeymoon in Saipan. Yan Xu prepares a cake for celebration and puts it into the fridge. However, Yun Zai forgets his amulet which is left at the hotel so he turns back. He insists on having it back because it has saved his life a few times. The couple misses the bus so he rents a car. However, he drives too fast and loses control of the vehicle, causing Gui En to have head injuries. She is sent home by air. Yan Xu rushes to the hospital after learning the sad news.

    Gui En survives but she is in a coma. Yun Zai is devastated but promises to wait for her recovery. He brings her home to make her happier. This is a wrong choice as she keeps developing pneumonia. She ends up being in and out of hospital. His parents see little hope for Gui En’s recovery and wants him to give up. He should stay with them but he refuses. Yun Zai nearly loses a deal when he rushes to hospital because of her. Yan Xu is displeased to see him drinking to please the client to win the deal back.

    Yun Xi (Yun Zai’s younger sister) meets Xu Wei when bringing some clean clothes to Yun Zai and she becomes interested in him. Seeing her pulling his arm right outside their home in a daring manner, her parents mistake them for a couple.

    Yun Zai discovers from Xu Wei that Yan Xu likes him; however, Xu Wei doesn’t know it is actually Yun Zai that she likes. One evening, Yan Xu and Yun Zai are caught in a storm. Both sit in the land-cruiser and they start to look into each other’s eyes. Yan Xu feels guilty and begs for Gui En’s forgiveness; a tear rolls down Gui En’s cheek. Yun Zai also feels sorry for his deed.

    Yan Xu goes to Australia to further her studies. Two years later, she returns and wishes to join another company. However, Yun Zai still hires her.

    Yun Zai experiences a lot of pressure watching the honeymoon tape and wonders whether she is suffering. He decides to end her life but Yan Xu manages to change his mind. Yan Xu accepts Xu Wei’s proposal
    in order to forget Yun Zai. He gives her a ring. She feels pressured after he has met her mother; he wants her to meet his parents. Yun Zai is unhappy over Yan Xu’s engagement; the two finally hug each other and end up spending the night together in her apartment.

    Yun Xi isn’t happy that Xu Wei likes Yan Xu, but she refuses to give up. Yan Xu calls the engagement off, so Xu Wei is heartbroken. While drinking with Yun Zai, he wonders why many women change their heart very easily. Xu Wei decides to fight for his chance after knowing the love affair from Yun Xi. Upon seeing the two together outside her apartment, he hits Yun Zai on the face.

    Yan Xu’s mother is extremely angry with her daughter for rejecting Xu Wei to be with Yun Zai, a married man who also happens to be her best friend’s husband. Xu Wei decides to give Yan Xu time to change her mind. He refuses to take back the ring. Unlike the others, Yun Xi wants to support Yan Xu as she wants Xu Wei for herself.

    Yun Zai and Yan Xu bring Gui En out for a picnic. The two wash their hands by the stream but get uneasy when Gui En stares at them. They suddenly find her gripping the wheelchair with her right hand so they rush her to the hospital, hoping for a miracle. However, the doctor dashes their hopes, saying that her organs are functioning increasingly slower and she might leave them anytime. Xu Wei still makes house visits, hoping that she will recover soon to stop the pair from being together.

    Yan Xu and Yun Zai go on a holiday together. Yun Zai goes out to get flowers for her while Yan Xu shops for food. She is stunned to know from a television broadcast that Gui En has woken up. She informs Yun Zai the news and he is trapped. She tells him to drop her further down the road on their way back. How can they return, and be seen, together?

    Everybody decides to keep Yun Zai’s affair a secret. The poor woman is being deceived – she looks at their wedding photo lovingly when wheeled home. Yun Zai’s father warns him to control his feelings and be a devoted husband from then onward. The doctor wants him to show more concern to Gui En as she needs time to adapt to life now. Xu Wei finds it neither fine for him to be friends with Yan Xu nor to love her again. He bursts into tears.

    He also warns Yun Zai to treat Gui En well as she can’t take any more shocks. Yan Xu decides to resign from her job and Yun Zai tries in vain to keep her back. Yan Xu suddenly feels sick and Xu Wei sends her to the hospital. He is shocked to know that she nearly has had a miscarriage. Although she wants him to keep it a secret, he gets so angry that he grabs Yun Zai by the collar and gives him a severe warning. He also blurts out the truth.

    Gui En is recovering and can now walk slowly. She suspects that Yun Zai has a woman upon seeing a purple scarf in the vehicle. She asks Yan Xu about it; she still doesn’t suspect anything after seeing the same scarf in a photo of Yan Xu’s. Gui En notices that Yun Zai gets easily distracted. She visits Yan Xu and is dismayed to know that she is pregnant. Of course, she gets no answer from the men when she wants to know who her lover is. Yun Zai confronts Yan Xu but she lies that she has aborted the child.

    Gui En finds a tape in Yan Xu’s apartment and plays it. She is shocked to hear the love exchange sentences. Upon arrival, the two do not know how to face her as she is in tears. She leaves home to stay with Xu Wei but Yun Zai manages to get her home.

    Both decide to start everything afresh. Yan Xu resigns from her job and wants to return to her hometown. Yun Zai happens to see the scanned photo of the fetus and runs after her. Yan Xu’s mother is disappointed that she has lied about having an abortion but has to leave it at that. Nevertheless, she understands her and gives her support but doesn’t want Yun Zai to see her again.

    Gui En is devastated that they still see each other. She requests Yan Xu not to see Yun Zai again; moreover, both are going to England soon for her new job attachment. Yan Xu agrees but suddenly has stomachache. Gui En is shocked as Yan Xu has a miscarriage. Yun Zai is also sad upon knowing it. After seeing this, Gui En realizes how much they love each other. She suggests a divorce; however, Yan Xu still leaves home after that.

    Three years later, Gun En returns to Korea. Yan Xu helps in her mother’s bakery. Xu Wei comes often to see her but still fails to win her heart. The two women finally meet and forgive each other. Neither one ends up with Yun Zai again. One day, Yun Zai meets Yan Xu at a book shop and they exchange greetings. Finally, Yun Zai hides from an autumn shower and recalls his relationship with the two women. (http://www.spcnet.tv…iew-r1167.html/Sukting 2006)


  45. 45 : eryn Says:

    It is a waste of So Yeon’s talents to act as a vegetable in most episodes. This is very disappointing as I have expected So Yeon to have a meatier role.While Ji Ho’s acting is only passable. His crying scenes aren’t impressive at all. The drama has an unattractive plot and most actor/actress are too inexperienced to do a good job.

    ONLY WATCH if you are the actresses’ die hard fans. They are pretty looking and they do dress nicely in this drama. Other than that, there is nothing more it can offer.

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