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Auction House


Title: 옥션 하우스 / Auction House
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Sep-30 to 2007-Dec
Air time: Sundays 23:40 (11:40 Korean time)


The drama traces the problems faced by employees of an Auction House. Cha Yun Soo is a sweet girl, but is strong as well. She finds an advertisement for a job at an Auction House and applies for the job. But after meeting Min Soo Rin, she dedides to become an auctioneer like Soo Rin. Oh Yoon Jae is peculiar and cynnical but has a very strong pride. He’s a type of person who strictly focuses on his work. He was once a famous auctioneer, but due to an auction forgery, he quit his job. He is called back to help out Yun Soo.


Yoon So Yi as Cha Yun Soo
Jung Chan as Oh Yoon Jae
Kim Hye Ri as Min Soo Rin
Jung Sang Woon as Na Do Young
Lee Yoo Jung as Jung Na Kyung
Ok Ji Young as Yoo Min Young
Park Seung Tae as No Kyung Ja
Choi Jong Won as Huh Myung Hwan
Yoon Joo Sang as Son Chul Man

Production Credits

Script writer: Kim Nam Kyung, Jin Heon Soo, Kwon Ki Kyung
Producer: Kim Dae Jin, Lee Jung Hyo, Kang Dae Sun

Official Site

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  1. 1 : gina Says:

    This drama seems interesting, I wonder why there is no future subtitles. Anyway I look forward to see this drama=”.”=

  2. 2 : busybee Says:

    woah…*ucker, you are strange.
    you are not appropriate for this site…

    but anyways, it was okay…

  3. 3 : luv_rain_bi Says:

    when this drama is coming out?
    wanna watch!!!!~

    with english sub prefered!! thks

  4. 4 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Don’t know why but I’m interested in this, maybe because I’m in that business… but I do like Yoon So Yi, she was beautiful and sweet in Say You Love Me. I’m hoping it comes out soon with eng subs

  5. 5 : dongsoola Says:

    I saw this last weekend.

    i think the episode were 9th and 10th.

    I thought especially 9th episode were good where it shows each characters backgrund while going through same time frame.

  6. 6 : arnie Says:

    i like the story, not ordinary.

  7. 7 : Shower Screens Says:

    Food for thought.

  8. 8 : Shower Screens Says:

    I will come back

  9. 9 : Candace Caples Says:

    This blog is great. How did you come up witht he idea? 1 5 1

  10. 10 : the lowest bid auction Says:

    Most people would agree with this, in my opinion the author could not be more right.

  11. 11 : the lowest bid auction Says:

    You are right, everyone is intitled to their own opinion and I agree with the comment above me.

  12. 12 : mutiara Says:

    nice cover..

  13. 13 : mel Says:

    looks like interesting… want to watch..

  14. 14 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  15. 15 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    I will come back

  16. 16 : COFFEE Says:

    Is it any good? Pls comment. I love Don’t Hesitate tho it has low ratings.

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  19. 19 : Rose Says:

    I like this show. The episodes each week are different, interesting and they have different actors each week also w/the main actors.

  20. 20 : Nina Says:

    I love this show. Very different from most Kdramas.

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